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projected ::: thrust outward or forward; hurled.

projected ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Project

projectile ::: a. --> Projecting or impelling forward; as, a projectile force.
Caused or imparted by impulse or projection; impelled forward; as, projectile motion. ::: n. --> A body projected, or impelled forward, by force;

projecting ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Project

projection ::: n. --> The act of throwing or shooting forward.
A jutting out; also, a part jutting out, as of a building; an extension beyond something else.
The act of scheming or planning; also, that which is planned; contrivance; design; plan.
The representation of something; delineation; plan; especially, the representation of any object on a perspective plane, or such a delineation as would result were the chief points of the object

projectment ::: n. --> Design; contrivance; projection.

projector ::: n. --> One who projects a scheme or design; hence, one who forms fanciful or chimerical schemes.

project ::: n. --> The place from which a thing projects, or starts forth.
That which is projected or designed; something intended or devised; a scheme; a design; a plan.
An idle scheme; an impracticable design; as, a man given to projects. ::: v. t.

projecture ::: n. --> A jutting out beyond a surface.

Projection ::: In Psychoanalytic Theory, the defense mechanism whereby we transfer or project our feelings about one person onto another.

Projective Techniques ::: A generic term for the psychological procedures used to measure personality which rely on ambiguous stimuli.

Projection: (Lat. projectio, from projicere, to throw forward) The mental act of attributing to sensations or sense qualia, an external and independent existence. The projection theory of Condillac and other sensationalists (see Sensationalism) asserts that sensations are first experienced as subjective states and are subsequently externalized by a special act of mind. Helmholtz restricted projection to spatial projection (the localization of sensations in space at a certain distance from the body) but the more general usage is preferable. -- L.W.

Project method: An education method which makes use of practical activities, organizing the scholastic work of the child about complex enterprises, such as making a garden, planning a circus. -- J.E.B.

Subsystem of ICES. Sammet 1969, p.616.

project assurance
The process of specifying the support system: techniques,
internal standards, measurements, tools, and training for a
project; counselling the project team in the application of
these elements and monitoring the adherence to the standards.

Project Athena
<project> A {distributed system} project for support of
educational and research computing at {MIT}. Much of the
software developed is now in wider use, especially the {X
Window System}.

Project Guardian
<project, security> A project which grew out of the {ARPA}
support for {Multics} and the sale of Multics systems to the
US Air Force. The USAF wanted a system that could be used to
handle more than one security classification of data at a
time. They contracted with {Honeywell} and {MITRE
Corporation} to figure out how to do this. Project Guardian
led to the creation of the {Access Isolation Mechanism}, the
forerunner of the {B2} labeling and star property support in
Multics. The {DoD Orange Book} was influenced by the
experience in building secure systems gained in Project

In domain theory, a {function}, f, which is (a)
{idempotent}, i.e. f(f(x))=f(x) and (b) whose result is no
more defined than its argument. E.g. F(x)=bottom or F(x)=x.
In {reduction} systems, a function which returns some
{component} of its argument. E.g. head, tail, \ (x,y) . x.
In a {graph reduction} system the function can just return a
pointer to part of its argument and does not need to build any
new graph.

projective plane
The space of {equivalence classes} of {vectors}
under non-zero {scalar} multiplication. Elements are sets of
the form
{kv: k != 0, k scalar, v != O, v a vector}
where O is the origin. v is a representative member of this
equivalence class.
The projective plane of a {vector space} is the collection of
its 1-dimensional {subspaces}. The properties of the vector
space induce a {topology} and notions of {smoothness} on the
projective plane.
A projective plane is in no meaningful sense a plane and would
therefore be (but isn't) better described as a "projective

Project MAC
<project> A project suggested by J C R Licklider; its founding
director was {MIT} Prof. Robert M Fano. MAC stood for
Multiple Access Computers on the 5th floor of Tech Square, and
Man and Computer on the 9th floor. The major efforts were
Corbato's {Multics} development and {Marvin Minsky}'s
{Artificial Intelligence} Laboratory. In 1963 Project MAC
hosted a summer study, which brought many well-known computer
scientists to Cambridge to use {CTSS} and to discuss the
future of computing.
Funding for Project MAC was provided by the Information
Processing Techniques Office of the {Advanced Research
Projects Agency} (ARPA) of the US Department of Defense.
See also {Early PL/I}, {MacLisp}, {MACSYMA}, {MDL},
{Multipop-68}, {OCAL}.

project management
<project, job> The process of planning, organising, staffing,
directing and controlling the production of a system.
Software tools are available to help with this, e.g. {PERT}
chart editors.

project planning
{project management}

projected ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Project

projectile ::: a. --> Projecting or impelling forward; as, a projectile force.
Caused or imparted by impulse or projection; impelled forward; as, projectile motion. ::: n. --> A body projected, or impelled forward, by force;

projecting ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Project

projection ::: n. --> The act of throwing or shooting forward.
A jutting out; also, a part jutting out, as of a building; an extension beyond something else.
The act of scheming or planning; also, that which is planned; contrivance; design; plan.
The representation of something; delineation; plan; especially, the representation of any object on a perspective plane, or such a delineation as would result were the chief points of the object

projectment ::: n. --> Design; contrivance; projection.

projector ::: n. --> One who projects a scheme or design; hence, one who forms fanciful or chimerical schemes.

project ::: n. --> The place from which a thing projects, or starts forth.
That which is projected or designed; something intended or devised; a scheme; a design; a plan.
An idle scheme; an impracticable design; as, a man given to projects. ::: v. t.

projecture ::: n. --> A jutting out beyond a surface.

Projection: In occult terminology, the releasing of the astral body from limitations of time and space. (See: astray projection.)

project assurance ::: The process of specifying the support system: techniques, internal standards, measurements, tools, and training for a project; counselling the project team in the application of these elements and monitoring the adherence to the standards.

Project Athena ::: (project) A distributed system project for support of educational and research computing at MIT. Much of the software developed is now in wider use, especially the X Window System.(2000-02-24)

Project Guardian ::: (project, security) A project which grew out of the ARPA support for Multics and the sale of Multics systems to the US Air Force. The USAF wanted a Multics. The DoD Orange Book was influenced by the experience in building secure systems gained in Project Guardian. (1997-01-29)

projection ::: (theory) In domain theory, a function, f, which is (a) idempotent, i.e. f(f(x))=f(x) and (b) whose result is no more defined than its argument. E.g. F(x)=bottom or F(x)=x.In reduction systems, a function which returns some component of its argument. E.g. head, tail, \ (x,y) . x. In a graph reduction system the function can just return a pointer to part of its argument and does not need to build any new graph. (1997-01-29)

projective plane ::: (mathematics) The space of equivalence classes of vectors under non-zero scalar multiplication. Elements are sets of the form {kv: k != 0, k scalar, v != O, v a vector} where O is the origin. v is a representative member of this equivalence class.The projective plane of a vector space is the collection of its 1-dimensional subspaces. The properties of the vector space induce a topology and notions of smoothness on the projective plane.A projective plane is in no meaningful sense a plane and would therefore be (but isn't) better described as a projective space. (1996-09-28)

Project MAC ::: (project) A project suggested by J C R Licklider; its founding director was MIT Prof. Robert M Fano. MAC stood for Multiple Access Computers on the 5th well-known computer scientists to Cambridge to use CTSS and to discuss the future of computing.Funding for Project MAC was provided by the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the US Department of Defense.See also Early PL/I, MacLisp, MACSYMA, MDL, Multipop-68, OCAL. (1997-01-29)

project management ::: (project, job) The process of planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling the production of a system. Software tools are available to help with this, e.g. PERT chart editors. (1998-12-12)

PROJECT ::: Subsystem of ICES. Sammet 1969, p.616.

Project - A broad, complex, multidisciplinary approach to the production of a good or service.

Project costing - A cost system that collects information on activities and costs associated with a specific activity, project, or program.

Projection - An approximation or prediction of future events. Usually a projection is based on the known information and then used to estimate a future period but also taking into consideration events that could affect or influence the possible outcomes.

projectile: An object purturbed from stationary by a force before being subjected to air resistance and gravity only - where the effects of air resistance is generally understood to not reduce the speed of the object.

projection: Along a line, a mapping that identifies all points on the line to be the same point and applying the same to all lines parallel to the original line.

projection: defence mechanisms whereby which unwanted thoughts are externalised or projected onto someone else.

projective test: a type of personality assessment during which an individual is asked to interpret an ambiguous, abstract stimulus and an individuals response will reveal unconscious and hidden feelings, motives and conflicts.

Project Invictus: Secret group of Technocratic idealists purging Nephandic infection and hubris from within the Union. (See Friends of Courage.)

projected ::: thrust outward or forward; hurled.

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KEYS (10k)

   5 Sri Aurobindo
   5 Ken Wilber
   4 The Mother
   2 Carl Jung
   1 Yamamoto Tsunetomo
   1 Robert Anton Wilson
   1 Publilius Syrus
   1 Phil Hine
   1 Peter J Carroll
   1 Patrul Rinpoche
   1 Padmasambhava
   1 Nisargadatta
   1 Marcus Tomlinson
   1 Mage 20th Anniversary Edition
   1 Kwn Wilber
   1 John Myrdhin
   1 Jean Baudrillard
   1 Ibn Arabi
   1 Howard Gardner
   1 Frank Visser
   1 Eliphas Levi
   1 Charles F Haanel
   1 Charles Eisenstein
   1 Buckminster Fuller


   9 Anonymous

   8 Project Itoh

   8 Carl Jung

   5 Gene Kim

   5 David Allen

   4 Seth Godin

   2 Walt Disney

   2 Vin Diesel

   2 Victor Hugo

   2 Tyler Perry

   2 Tom Peters

   2 Susan Sontag

   2 Steve McConnell

   2 Simon Sinek

   2 Ryan Holiday

   2 Rosabeth Moss Kanter

   2 Robert C Martin

   2 Randall Munroe

   2 Project Pat

   2 Patti Smith

   2 Nathan Hill

   2 Moliere

   2 Marcel Proust

   2 Marc Almond

   2 Kevin Hart

   2 Ken Jeong

   2 Kellan Lutz

   2 Joseph M Juran

   2 Jodi Picoult

   2 Jesse Ventura

   2 Jennifer Niven

   2 Jaggi Vasudev

   2 H P Albarelli

   2 Graeme Simsion

   2 Frederick P Brooks Jr

   2 Fred Brooks

   2 Drake

   2 Debbie Ford

   2 Chuck Palahniuk

   2 Christopher McDougall

   2 Byron Katie

   2 Bob Goff

   2 Arianna Huffington

1:Amid a multitude of projects, no plan is devised. ~ Publilius Syrus,
2:The higher we project our view and our aspiration, the greater the Truth that seeks to descend upon us. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine 1.27 - The Sevenfold Chord of Being,
3:Human thought creates what it imagines; the phantoms of superstition project their deformities on the astral light, and live upon the same terrors which give them birth. ~ Eliphas Levi,
4:A 'tulpa' is a consciously-projected thought-form or servitor, which may perform a particular task for a magician or act as a general 'helper'. They are of a similar nature to Spirit Desire-Forms. ~ Phil Hine, Aspects of Evocation ,
5:Creation is not a making of something out of nothing or of one thing out of another, but a self-projection of Brahman into the conditions of Space and Time ~ Sri Aurobindo, Isha Upanishad: Brahman Oneness of God and the World,
6:Nothing is impossible in this world. Firm determination, it is said, can move heaven and earth. Things appear far beyond one's power, because one cannot set his heart on any arduous project due to want of strong will. ~ Yamamoto Tsunetomo,
7:A Nirmita (sprul-pa) is an emanation or a manifestation. A Buddha or other realized being is able to project many such Nirmitas simultaneously in an infinite variety of forms. ~ John Myrdhin, The Golden Letters: The Three Statements of Garab Dorje ,
8:What we want... is for students to get more interested in things, more involved in them, more engaged in wanting to know; to have projects that they can get excited about and work on over long periods of time, to be stimulated to find things out on their own. ~ Howard Gardner,
9:A hundred things may be explained to you, a thousand things told, but one thing only should you grasp. Know one thing and everything is freed- remain within your inner nature, your Awareness. May I recognize all the manifestations that appear to me in the bardo (intermediate state) as being my own projections; emanations of my own mind. ~ Padmasambhava,
10:You need an infinite stretch of time ahead of you to start to think, infinite energy to make the smallest decision. The world is getting denser. The immense number of useless projects is bewildering. Too many things have to be put in to balance up an uncertain scale. You can't disappear anymore. You die in a state of total indecision. ~ Jean Baudrillard,
11:We need way more intimacy than nearly anyone considers normal. Always hungry for it, we seek solace and sustenance in the closest available substitutes: television, shopping, pornography, conspicuous consumption - anything to ease the hurt, to feel connected, or to project an image by which we might be seen and known, or at least see and know ourselves. ~ Charles Eisenstein,
12:To put it all very plainly, evolution can continue. It has already brought forth humans from amoebas- why on earth should we think that after that prodigious feat lasting billions of years, evolution just petered out and wound down? And if the ratio "amoeba to human" is repeated, the result could only be God. The mystics simply show us the stages of higher evolution leading to that Summit. ~ Ken Wilber, The Atman Project ,
13:Our mind is spinning around,About carrying out a lot of useless projects.It's a waste! Give it up!Thinking about the hundred plans you want to accomplish,With never enough time to finish them,Just weighs down your mind.You are completely distracted,By all of these projects, which never come to an end,But keep spreading out more, like ripples in water.Don't be a fool. For once, just sit tight. ~ Patrul Rinpoche,
14:The High-Subtle Self ::: "...cognitive style- actual intuition and literal inspiration, archetypal Form, audible illumination, revelations of light and sound affective elements- rapture, bliss, ecstatic release into superconsciousness motivational/conative factors-karuna, compassion, overwhelming love and gratefulness temporal mode- transtemporal, moving into eternity mode of self- archetypal-divine, overself, overmind." ~ Ken Wilber, The Atman Project pg.80 ,
15:You only know the universe according to the amount you know the shadows, and you are ignorant of the Real according to what you do not know of the person on which that shadow depends. Inasmuch as He has a shadow, He is known, and inasmuch as one is ignorant of what is in the essence of the shadow of the form which projects the shadow, he is ignorant of Allah. For that reason, we say that Allah is known to us from one aspect and not known to us from another aspect. ~ Ibn Arabi,
16:I AM NOW CLOSE TO 88 and I am confident that the only thing important about me is that I am an average healthy human. I am also a living case history of a thoroughly documented, half-century, search-and-research project designed to discover what, if anything, an unknown, moneyless individual, with a dependent wife and newborn child, might be able to do effectively on behalf of all humanity that could not be accomplished by great nations, great religions or private enterprise, no matter how rich or powerfully armed. ~ Buckminster Fuller, 1983 ,
17:She follows to the goal of those that are passing on beyond, she is the first in the eternal succession of the dawns that are coming, - Usha widens bringing out that which lives, awakening someone who was dead. . . . What is her scope when she harmonises with the dawns that shone out before and those that now must shine? She desires the ancient mornings and fulfils their light; projecting forwards her illumination she enters into communion with the rest that are to come. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine [Kutsu Angirasa - Rig Veda I. 113. 8,
18:The aim of a complete course of development is to divest the basic structures of any sense of exclusive self, and thus free the basic needs from their contamination by the needs of the separate self sense. When the basic structures are freed from the immortality projects of the separate self, they are free to return to their natural functional relationships .... when hungry, we eat; when tired, we sleep. The self has been returned to the Self, all self-needs have been met and discarded; and the basic needs alone remain. ~ Kwn Wilber, Integral Psychology p. 253,
19:Imaginary Bondage ::: Once you realize that all comes from within, that the world in which you live has not been projected onto you but by you, your fear comes to an end. Without this realization you identify yourself with externals, like the body, the mind, society, nation, humanity, even God or the Absolute. But these are all escapes from fear. It is only when you fully accept your responsibility for the little world in which you live and watch the process of its creation, preservation, and destruction, that you may be free from your imaginary bondage. ~ Nisargadatta, I Am That Talks with Sri Nisargadatta,
20:A bit of Prime, a bit of Matter, and a fair understanding of Life installs cybernetic devices and allows them to function; a blend of Forces and Prime conjures fire, wind, and light. With Correspondence alone, a skilled mage can step from one place to another without passing through the intervening space; add Time, and she can see past events in a distant place as well; add Forces, and she could project the images she sees upon a wall; use Matter and Correspondence instead, and she could open a door in one place, open another door in the next, and step between two doors that had not existed - and could not have existed - until that moment. ~ Mage 20th Anniversary Edition,
21:Although, with insight and good will, the shadow can to some extent be assimilated into the conscious personality, experience shows that there are certain features which offer the most obstinate resistance to moral control and prove almost impossible to influence. These resistances are usually bound up with projections, which are not recognized as such, and their recognition is a moral achievement beyond the ordinary. While some traits peculiar to the shadow can be recognized without too much difficulty as one's personal qualities, in this case both insight and good will are unavailing because the cause of the emotion appears to lie, beyond all possibility of doubt, in the other person. ~ Carl Jung, CW 9ii par. 16.,
22:The wand weapon similarily appears in a profusion of forms. As an instrument to assist the projection of the magical will onto the aetheric and material planes, it could be a general purpose sigil, an amulet, a ring, an enchanting mantra, or even an act or gesture one performs. As with the pentacle, there is a virtue in having a small, portable, and permanent device of this class, for power accrues to it with use. As with the cup, the power of the wand is partly to fascinate the surface functions of the mind and channel the forces concealed in the depths. Like the sword, the wand is manipulated in such a way as to describe vividly to the will and subconscious what is required of them. ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null ,
23:Imagine now that you're in your dream job. As you visualise it, try to write down as many key characteristics you envision the job to have. What type of company do you work for? Where is the company geographically based? What is your job title? What kind of projects do you work on? Which parts of those projects are you responsible for? How big is the team you're in? Who do you report to? Does anyone report to you? It's ok if you can't answer all of these right now, the aim here is to try and paint a picture of the type of job you're looking for. Even if that picture is still somewhat blurry after this exercise, at least you will have a canvas on which to start filling in the gaps. ~ Marcus Tomlinson, How to become an Expert Software Engineer ,
24:For primitive man the world is full of demons and mysterious powers which he fears; the whole of Nature is animated by these forces, which are nothing but man's own inner powers projected into the outside world. Christianity and modern science have de-demonized Nature, which means that the European has consistently taken back the demonic powers out of the world into himself, and has steadily loaded his unconscious with them. Out of man himself the demonic powers rise up in revolt against the supposed spiritual constraints of Christianity. The demons begin to break out in Baroque art: the columns writhe, the furniture sprouts satyr's feet. Man is slowly transformed into a uroboros, the "tail-eater" who devours himself, from ancient times a symbol of the demon-ridden man. ~ Carl Jung,
25:We already saw that in evolution each of these structures emerges as a substitute gratification, and is abandoned when it ceases to gratify. And we can see now that each of them emerges as a substitute in evolution because each was created as substitute in involution. The self can climb back up this involved chain of substitutes only by tasting them, finding them lacking, accepting their death, and thus transcending them (all of which the self in involution refused to do). But the self will evolve up the chain of being only to the point at which it will accept the substitute gratifications as satisfactory (bodily substitutes, or mental substitutes, or subtle ones, or causal ones). At that particular level, its incest settles in, it accepts its substitutes as real, its Eros wins out over Thanatos, it will not undergo the separation anxiety of transcending and dying to that level, and so evolution stops cold (for this lifetime). The self has, in this life, gotten as close as it can to the Source (while still imagining it is the Source) ~ Ken Wilber, The Atman Project ,
26:Integral Psychology presents a very complex picture of the individual. As he did previously in The Atman Project, at the back of the book Wilber has included numerous charts showing how his model relates to the work of a hundred or so different authors from East and West.5757. Wilber compares the models of Huston Smith, Plotinus, Buddhism, Stan Grof, John Battista, kundalini yoga, the Great Chain of Being, James Mark Baldwin, Aurobindo, the Kabbalah, Vedanta, William Tiller, Leadbeater, Adi Da, Piaget, Commons and Richards, Kurt Fisher, Alexander, Pascual-Leone, Herb Koplowitz, Patricia Arlin, Gisela Labouvie-Vief, Jan Sinnot, Michael Basseches, Jane Loevinger, John Broughton, Sullivan, Grant and Grant, Jenny Wade, Michael Washburn, Erik Erikson, Neumann, Scheler, Karl Jaspers, Rudolf Steiner, Don Beck, Suzanne Cook-Greuter, Clare Graves, Robert Kegan, Kohlberg, Torbert, Blanchard-Fields, Kitchener and King, Deirdre Kramer, William Perry, Turner and Powell, Cheryl Armon, Peck, Howe, Rawls, Piaget, Selman, Gilligan, Hazrat Inayat Khan, mahamudra meditation, Fowler, Underhill, Helminiak, Funk, Daniel Brown, Muhyddin Ibn 'Arabi, St. Palamas, classical yoga, highest tantra yoga, St Teresa, Chirban, St Dionysius, Patanjali, St Gregory of Nyssa, transcendental meditation, Fortune, Maslow, Chinen, Benack, Gardner, Melvin Miller, Habermas, Jean Houston, G. Heard, Lenski, Jean Gebser, A. Taylor, Jay Early, Robert Bellah, and Duane Elgin. ~ Frank Visser, Ken Wilber Thought as Passion ,
27:The second condition of consciousness is potential only to the human being and gained by an inner enlightening and transformation of the mind of ignorance; it is that in which the mind seeks for its source of knowledge rather within than without and becomes to its own feeling and self-experience, by whatever means, a mind, not of original ignorance, but of self-forgetful knowledge. This mind is conscious that the knowledge of all things is hidden within it or at least somewhere in the being, but as if veiled and forgotten, and the knowledge comes to it not as a thing acquired from outside, but always secretly there and now remembered and known at once to be true, - each thing in its own place, degree, manner and measure. This is its attitude to knowledge even when the occasion of knowing is some external experience, sign or indication, because that is to it only the occasion and its reliance for the truth of the knowledge is not on the external indication or evidence but on the inner confirming witness. The true mind is the universal within us and the individual is only a projection on the surface, and therefore this second state of consciousness we have either when the individual mind goes more and more inward and is always consciously or subconsciously near and sensitive to the touches of the universal mentality in which all is contained, received, capable of being made manifest, or, still more powerfully, when we live in the consciousness of universal mind with the personal mentality only as a projection, a marking board or a communicating switch on the surface. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga Towards the Supramental Time Vision,
28:30. Take the same position as heretofore and visualize a Battleship; see the grim monster floating on the surface of the water; there appears to be no life anywhere about; all is silence; you know that by far the largest part of the vessel is under water; out of sight; you know that the ship is as large and as heavy as a twenty-story skyscraper; you know that there are hundreds of men ready to spring to their appointed task instantly; you know that every department is in charge of able, trained, skilled officials who have proven themselves competent to take charge of this marvelous piece of mechanism; you know that although it lies apparently oblivious to everything else, it has eyes which see everything for miles around, and nothing is permitted to escape its watchful vision; you know that while it appears quiet, submissive and innocent, it is prepared to hurl a steel projectile weighing thousands of pounds at an enemy many miles away; this and much more you can bring to mind with comparatively no effort whateveR But how did the battleship come to be where it is; how did it come into existence in the first place? All of this you want to know if you are a careful observer. 31. Follow the great steel plates through the foundries, see the thousands of men employed in their production; go still further back, and see the ore as it comes from the mine, see it loaded on barges or cars, see it melted and properly treated; go back still further and see the architect and engineers who planned the vessel; let the thought carry you back still further in order to determine why they planned the vessel; you will see that you are now so far back that the vessel is something intangible, it no longer exists, it is now only a thought existing in the brain of the architect; but from where did the order come to plan the vessel? Probably from the Secretary of Defense; but probably this vessel was planned long before the war was thought of, and that Congress had to pass a bill appropriating the money; possibly there was opposition, and speeches for or against the bill. Whom do these Congressmen represent? They represent you and me, so that our line of thought begins with the Battleship and ends with ourselves, and we find in the last analysis that our own thought is responsible for this and many other things, of which we seldom think, and a little further reflection will develop the most important fact of all and that is, if someone had not discovered the law by which this tremendous mass of steel and iron could be made to float upon the water, instead of immediately going to the bottom, the battleship could not have come into existence at all. ~ Charles F Haanel, The Master Key System ,
29:Something happened to you before you were born, and this is what it was: STAGE ONE: THE CHIKHAI The events of the 49-day Bardo period are divided into three major stages, the Chikhai, the Chonyid, and the Sidpa (in that order). Immediately following physical death, the soul enters the Chikhai, which is simply the state of the immaculate and luminous Dharmakaya, the ultimate Consciousness, the BrahmanAtman. This ultimate state is given, as a gift, to all individuals: they are plunged straight into ultimate reality and exist as the ultimate Dharmakaya. "At this moment," says the Bardo Thotrol, "the first glimpsing of the Bardo of the Clear Light of Reality, which is the Infallible Mind of the Dharmakaya, is experienced by all sentient beings.''110 Or, to put it a different way, the Thotrol tells us that "Thine own consciousness, shining, void, and inseparable from the Great Body of Radiance, hath no birth, nor death, and is the Immutable Light-Buddha Amitabha. Knowing this is sufficient. Recognizing the voidness of thine own intellect to be Buddhahood ... is to keep thyself in the Divine Mind."110 In short, immediately following physical death, the soul is absorbed in and as the ultimate-causal body (if we may treat them together). Interspersed with this brief summary of the Bardo Thotrol, I will add my commentaries on involution and on the nature of the Atman project in involution. And we begin by noting that at the start of the Bardo experience, the soul is elevated to the utter heights of Being, to the ultimate state of Oneness-that is, he starts his Bardo career at the top. But, at the top is usually not where he remains, and the Thotrol tells us why. In Evans-Wentz's words, "In the realm of the Clear Light [the highest Chikhai stage] the mentality of a person . . . momentarily enjoys a condition of balance, of perfect equilibrium, and of [ultimate] oneness. Owing to unfamiliarity with such a state, which is an ecstatic state of non-ego, of [causal] consciousness, the . . . average human being lacks the power to function in it; karmic propensities becloud the consciousness-principle with thoughts of personality, of individualized being, of dualism, and, losing equilibrium, the consciousness-principle falls away from the Clear Light." The soul falls away from the ultimate Oneness because "karmic propensities cloud consciousness"-"karmic propensities'' means seeking, grasping, desiring; means, in fact, Eros. And as this Erosseeking develops, the state of perfect Oneness starts to "break down" (illusorily). Or, from a different angle, because the individual cannot stand the intensity of pure Oneness ("owing to unfamiliarity with such a state"), he contracts away from it, tries to ''dilute it," tries to extricate himself from Perfect Intensity in Atman. Contracting in the face of infinity, he turns instead to forms of seeking, desire, karma, and grasping, trying to "search out" a state of equilibrium. Contraction and Eros-these karmic propensities couple and conspire to drive the soul away from pure consciousness and downwards into multiplicity, into less intense and less real states of being. ~ Ken Wilber, The Atman Project ,
30:28 August 1957Mother, Sri Aurobindo says here: "Whether the whole of humanity would be touched [by the Supramental influence] or only a part of it ready for the change would depend on what was intended or possible in the continued order of the universe."The Supramental Manifestation, SABCL, Vol. 16, p. 56What is meant by "what was intended or possible"? The two things are different. So far you have said that if humanity changes, if it wants to participate in the new birth...It is the same thing. But when you look at an object on a certain plane, you see it horizontally, and when you look at the same object from another plane, you see it vertically. (Mother shows the cover and the back of her book.) So, if one looks from above, one says "intended"; if one looks from below, one says "possible".... But it is absolutely the same thing, only the point of view is different.But in that case, it is not our incapacity or lack of will to change that makes any difference.We have already said this many a time. If you remain in a consciousness which functions mentally, even if it is the highest mind, you have the notion of an absolute determinism of cause and effect and feel that things are what they are because they are what they are and cannot be otherwise.It is only when you come out of the mental consciousness completely and enter a higher perception of things - which you may call spiritual or divine - that you suddenly find yourself in a state of perfect freedom where everything is possible.(Silence)Those who have contacted that state or lived in it, even if only for a moment, try to describe it as a feeling of an absolute Will in action, which immediately gives to the human mentality the feeling of being arbitrary. And because of that distortion there arises the idea - which I might call traditional - of a supreme and arbitrary God, which is something most unacceptable to every enlightened mind. I suppose that this experience badly expressed is at the origin of this notion. And in fact it is incorrect to express it as an absolute Will: it is very, very, very different. It is something else altogether. For, what man understands by "Will" is a decision that is taken and carried out. We are obliged to use the word "will", but in its truth the Will acting in the universe is neither a choice nor a decision that is taken. What seems to me the closest expression is "vision". Things are because they are seen. But of course "seen", not seen as we see with these eyes.(Mother touches her eyes...) All the same, it is the nearest thing.It is a vision - a vision unfolding itself.The universe becomes objective as it is progressively seen.And that is why Sri Aurobindo has said "intended or possible". It is neither one nor the other. All that can be said is a distortion.(Silence)Objectivisation - universal objectivisation - is something like a projection in space and time, like a living image of what is from all eternity. And as the image is gradually projected on the screen of time and space, it becomes objective:The Supreme contemplating His own Image. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1957-1958 ,
31:"The beings who were always appearing and speaking to Jeanne d'Arc would, if seen by an Indian, have quite a different appearance; for when one sees, one projects the forms of one's mind.... You have the vision of one in India whom you call the Divine Mother; the Catholics say it is the Virgin Mary, and the Japanese call it Kwannon, the Goddess of Mercy; and others would give other names. It is the same force, the same power, but the images made of it are different in different faiths." Questions and Answers 1929 - 1931 (21 April 1929)And then? You are not very talkative today! Is that all? You say that "each person has his own world of dreamimagery peculiar to himself." Ibid.Each individual has his own way of expressing, thinking, speaking, feeling, understanding. It is the combination of all these ways of being that makes the individual. That is why everyone can understand only according to his own nature. As long as you are shut up in your own nature, you can know only what is in your consciousness. All depends upon the height of the nature of your consciousness. Your world is limited to what you have in your consciousness. If you have a very small consciousness, you will understand only a few things. When your consciousness is very vast, universal, only then will you understand the world. If the consciousness is limited to your little ego, all the rest will escape you.... There are people whose brain and consciousness are smaller than a walnut. You know that a walnut resembles the brain; well these people look at things and don't understand them. They can understand nothing else except what is in direct contact with their senses. For them only what they taste, what they see, hear, touch has a reality, and all the rest simply does not exist, and they accuse us of speaking fancifully! "What I cannot touch does not exist", they say. But the only answer to give them is: "It does not exist for you, but there's no reason why it shouldn't exist for others." You must not insist with these people, and you must not forget that the smaller they are the greater is the audacity in their assertions. One's cocksureness is in proportion to one's unconsciousness; the more unconscious one is, the more is one sure of oneself. The most foolish are always the most vain. Your stupidity is in proportion to your vanity. The more one knows... In fact, there is a time when one is quite convinced that one knows nothing at all. There's not a moment in the world which does not bring something new, for the world is perpetually growing. If one is conscious of that, one has always something new to learn. But one can become conscious of it only gradually. One's conviction that one knows is in direct proportion to one's ignorance and stupidity. Mother, have the scientists, then, a very small consciousness? Why? All scientists are not like that. If you meet a true scientist who has worked hard, he will tell you: "We know nothing. What we know today is nothing beside what we shall know tomorrow. This year's discoveries will be left behind next year." A real scientist knows very well that there are many more things he doesn't know than those he knows. And this is true of all branches of human activity. I have never met a scientist worthy of the name who was proud. I have never met a man of some worth who has told me: "I know everything." Those I have seen have always confessed: "In short, I know nothing." After having spoken of all that he has done, all that he has achieved, he tells you very quietly: "After all, I know nothing." ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1953 ,
32:This greater Force is that of the Illumined Mind, a Mind no longer of higher Thought, but of spiritual light. Here the clarity of the spiritual intelligence, its tranquil daylight, gives place or subordinates itself to an intense lustre, a splendour and illumination of the spirit: a play of lightnings of spiritual truth and power breaks from above into the consciousness and adds to the calm and wide enlightenment and the vast descent of peace which characterise or accompany the action of the larger conceptual-spiritual principle, a fiery ardour of realisation and a rapturous ecstasy of knowledge. A downpour of inwardly visible Light very usually envelops this action; for it must be noted that, contrary to our ordinary conceptions, light is not primarily a material creation and the sense or vision of light accompanying the inner illumination is not merely a subjective visual image or a symbolic phenomenon: light is primarily a spiritual manifestation of the Divine Reality illuminative and creative; material light is a subsequent representation or conversion of it into Matter for the purposes of the material Energy. There is also in this descent the arrival of a greater dynamic, a golden drive, a luminous enthousiasmos of inner force and power which replaces the comparatively slow and deliberate process of the Higher Mind by a swift, sometimes a vehement, almost a violent impetus of rapid transformation. But these two stages of the ascent enjoy their authority and can get their own united completeness only by a reference to a third level; for it is from the higher summits where dwells the intuitional being that they derive the knowledge which they turn into thought or sight and bring down to us for the mind's transmutation. Intuition is a power of consciousness nearer and more intimate to the original knowledge by identity; for it is always something that leaps out direct from a concealed identity. It is when the consciousness of the subject meets with the consciousness in the object, penetrates it and sees, feels or vibrates with the truth of what it contacts, that the intuition leaps out like a spark or lightning-flash from the shock of the meeting; or when the consciousness, even without any such meeting, looks into itself and feels directly and intimately the truth or the truths that are there or so contacts the hidden forces behind appearances, then also there is the outbreak of an intuitive light; or, again, when the consciousness meets the Supreme Reality or the spiritual reality of things and beings and has a contactual union with it, then the spark, the flash or the blaze of intimate truth-perception is lit in its depths. This close perception is more than sight, more than conception: it is the result of a penetrating and revealing touch which carries in it sight and conception as part of itself or as its natural consequence. A concealed or slumbering identity, not yet recovering itself, still remembers or conveys by the intuition its own contents and the intimacy of its self-feeling and self-vision of things, its light of truth, its overwhelming and automatic certitude. ... Intuition is always an edge or ray or outleap of a superior light; it is in us a projecting blade, edge or point of a far-off supermind light entering into and modified by some intermediate truth-mind substance above us and, so modified, again entering into and very much blinded by our ordinary or ignorant mind substance; but on that higher level to which it is native its light is unmixed and therefore entirely and purely veridical, and its rays are not separated but connected or massed together in a play of waves of what might almost be called in the Sanskrit poetic figure a sea or mass of stable lightnings. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine ,
33:STAGE TWO: THE CHONYID The Chonyid is the period of the appearance of the peaceful and wrathful deities-that is to say, the subtle realm, the Sambhogakaya. When the Clear Light of the causal realm is resisted and contracted against, then that Reality is transformed into the primordial seed forms of the peaceful deities (ishtadevas of the subtle sphere), and these in turn, if resisted and denied, are transformed into the wrathful deities. The peaceful deities appear first: through seven successive substages, there appear various forms of the tathagatas, dakinis, and vidyadharas, all accompanied by the most dazzlingly brilliant colors and aweinspiring suprahuman sounds. One after another, the divine visions, lights, and subtle luminous sounds cascade through awareness. They are presented, given, to the individual openly, freely, fully, and completely: visions of God in almost painful intensity and brilliance. How the individual handles these divine visions and sounds (nada) is of the utmost significance, because each divine scenario is accompanied by a much less intense vision, by a region of relative dullness and blunted illuminations. These concomitant dull and blunted visions represent the first glimmerings of the world of samsara, of the six realms of egoic grasping, of the dim world of duality and fragmentation and primitive forms of low-level unity. According to the Thotrol. most individuals simply recoil in the face of these divine illuminations- they contract into less intense and more manageable forms of experience. Fleeing divine illumination, they glide towards the fragmented-and thus less intense-realm of duality and multiplicity. But it's not just that they recoil against divinity-it is that they are attracted to the lower realms, drawn to them, and find satisfaction in them. The Thotrol says they are actually "attracted to the impure lights." As we have put it, these lower realms are substitute gratifications. The individual thinks that they are just what he wants, these lower realms of denseness. But just because these realms are indeed dimmer and less intense, they eventually prove to be worlds without bliss, without illumination, shot through with pain and suffering. How ironic: as a substitute for God, individuals create and latch onto Hell, known as samsara, maya, dismay. In Christian theology it is said that the flames of Hell are God's love (Agape) denied. Thus the message is repeated over and over again in the Chonyid stage: abide in the lights of the Five Wisdoms and subtle tathagatas, look not at the duller lights of samsara. of the six realms, of safe illusions and egoic dullness. As but one example: Thereupon, because of the power of bad karma, the glorious blue light of the Wisdom of the Dharmadhatu will produce in thee fear and terror, and thou wilt wish to flee from it. Thou wilt begat a fondness for the dull white light of the devas [one of the lower realms]. At this stage, thou must not be awed by the divine blue light which will appear shining, dazzling, and glorious; and be not startled by it. That is the light of the Tathagata called the Light of the Wisdom of the Dharmadhatu. Be not fond of the dull white light of the devas. Be not attached to it; be not weak. If thou be attached to it, thou wilt wander into the abodes of the devas and be drawn into the whirl of the Six Lokas. The point is this: ''If thou are frightened by the pure radiances of Wisdom and attracted by the impure lights of the Six Lokas [lower realms], then thou wilt assume a body in any of the Six Lokas and suffer samsaric miseries; and thou wilt never be emancipated from the Ocean of Samsara, wherein thou wilt be whirled round and round and made to taste the sufferings thereof." But here is what is happening: in effect, we are seeing the primal and original form of the Atman project in its negative and contracting aspects. In this second stage (the Chonyid), there is already some sort of boundary in awareness, there is already some sort of subject-object duality superimposed upon the original Wholeness and Oneness of the Chikhai Dharmakaya. So now there is boundary-and wherever there is boundary, there is the Atman project. ~ Ken Wilber, The Atman Project 129,
34:For instance, a popular game with California occultists-I do not know its inventor-involves a Magic Room, much like the Pleasure Dome discussed earlier except that this Magic Room contains an Omniscient Computer. To play this game, you simply "astrally project" into the Magic Room. Do not ask what "astral projection" means, and do not assume it is metaphysical (and therefore either impossible, if you are a materialist, or very difficult, if you are a mystic). Just assume this is a gedankenexperiment, a "mind game." Project yourself, in imagination, into this Magic Room and visualize vividly the Omniscient Computer, using the details you need to make such a super-information-processor real to your fantasy. You do not need any knowledge of programming to handle this astral computer. It exists early in the next century; you are getting to use it by a species of time-travel, if that metaphor is amusing and helpful to you. It is so built that it responds immediately to human brain-waves, "reading" them and decoding their meaning. (Crude prototypes of such computers already exist.) So, when you are in this magic room, you can ask this Computer anything, just by thinking of what you want to know. It will read your thought, and project into your brain, by a laser ray, the correct answer. There is one slight problem. The computer is very sensitive to all brain-waves. If you have any doubts, it registers them as negative commands, meaning "Do not answer my question." So, the way to use it is to start simply, with "easy" questions. Ask it to dig out of the archives the name of your second-grade teacher. (Almost everybody remembers the name of their first grade teacher-imprint vulnerability again-but that of the second grade teacher tends to get lost.) When the computer has dug out the name of your second grade teacher, try it on a harder question, but not one that is too hard. It is very easy to sabotage this machine, but you don't want to sabotage it during these experiments. You want to see how well it can be made to perform. It is wise to ask only one question at a time, since it requires concentration to keep this magic computer real on the field of your perception. Do not exhaust your capacities for imagination and visualization on your first trial runs. After a few trivial experiments of the second-grade-teacher variety, you can try more interesting programs. Take a person toward whom you have negative feelings, such as anger, disappointment, feeling-of-betrayal, jealousy or whatever interferes with the smooth, tranquil operation of your own bio-computer. Ask the Magic Computer to explain that other person to you; to translate you into their reality-tunnel long enough for you to understand how events seem to them. Especially, ask how you seem to them. This computer will do that job for you; but be prepared for some shocks which might be disagreeable at first. This super-brain can also perform exegesis on ideas that seem obscure, paradoxical or enigmatic to us. For instance, early experiments with this computer can very profitably turn on asking it to explain some of the propositions in this book which may seem inexplicable or perversely wrong-headed to you, such as "We are all greater artists than we realize" or "What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves" or "mind and its contents are functionally identical." This computer is much more powerful and scientifically advanced than the rapture-machine in the neurosomatic circuit. It has total access to all the earlier, primitive circuits, and overrules any of them. That is, if you put a meta-programming instruction into this computer; it will relay it downward to the old circuits and cancel contradictory programs left over from the past. For instance, try feeding it on such meta-programming instructions as: 1. I am at cause over my body. 2. I am at cause over my imagination. 3.1 am at cause over my future. 4. My mind abounds with beauty and power. 5.1 like people, and people like me. Remember that this computer is only a few decades ahead of present technology, so it cannot "understand" your commands if you harbor any doubts about them. Doubts tell it not to perform. Work always from what you can believe in, extending the area of belief only as results encourage you to try for more dramatic transformations of your past reality-tunnels. This represents cybernetic consciousness; the programmer becoming self-programmer, self-metaprogrammer, meta-metaprogrammer, etc. Just as the emotional compulsions of the second circuit seem primitive, mechanical and, ultimately, silly to the neurosomatic consciousness, so, too, the reality maps of the third circuit become comic, relativistic, game-like to the metaprogrammer. "Whatever you say it is, it isn't, " Korzybski, the semanticist, repeated endlessly in his seminars, trying to make clear that third-circuit semantic maps are not the territories they represent; that we can always make maps of our maps, revisions of our revisions, meta-selves of our selves. "Neti, neti" (not that, not that), Hindu teachers traditionally say when asked what "God" is or what "Reality" is. Yogis, mathematicians and musicians seem more inclined to develop meta-programming consciousness than most of humanity. Korzybski even claimed that the use of mathematical scripts is an aid to developing this circuit, for as soon as you think of your mind as mind 1, and the mind which contemplates that mind as mind2 and the mind which contemplates mind2 contemplating mind 1 as mind3, you are well on your way to meta-programming awareness. Alice in Wonderland is a masterful guide to the metaprogramming circuit (written by one of the founders of mathematical logic) and Aleister Crowley soberly urged its study upon all students of yoga. ~ Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising ,
35:Mother, when one imagines something, does it not exist?When you imagine something, it means that you make a mental formation which may be close to the truth or far from the truth - it also depends upon the quality of your formation. You make a mental formation and there are people who have such a power of formation that they succeed in making what they imagine real. There are not many of these but there are some. They imagine something and their formation is so well made and so powerful that it succeeds in being realised. These are creators; there are not many of them but there are some. If one thinks of someone who doesn't exist or who is dead?Ah! What do you mean? What have you just said? Someone who doesn't exist or someone who is dead? These are two absolutely different things. I mean someone who is dead.Someone who is dead! If this person has remained in the mental domain, you can find him immediately. Naturally if he is no longer in the mental domain, if he is in the psychic domain, to think of him is not enough. You must know how to go into the psychic domain to find him. But if he has remained in the mental domain and you think of him, you can find him immediately, and not only that, but you can have a mental contact with him and a kind of mental vision of his existence. The mind has a capacity of vision of its own and it is not the same vision as with these eyes, but it is a vision, it is a perception in forms. But this is not imagination. It has nothing to do with imagination. Imagination, for instance, is when you begin to picture to yourself an ideal being to whom you apply all your conceptions, and when you tell yourself, "Why, it should be like this, like that, its form should be like this, its thought like that, its character like that," when you see all the details and build up the being. Now, writers do this all the time because when they write a novel, they imagine. There are those who take things from life but there are those who are imaginative, creators; they create a character, a personage and then put him in their book later. This is to imagine. To imagine, for example, a whole concurrence of circumstances, a set of events, this is what I call telling a story to oneself. But it can be put down on paper, and then one becomes a novelist. There are very different kinds of writers. Some imagine everything, some gather all sorts of observations from life and construct their book with them. There are a hundred ways of writing a book. But indeed some writers imagine everything from beginning to end. It all comes out of their head and they construct even their whole story without any support in things physically observed. This truly is imagination. But as I say, if they are very powerful and have a considerable capacity for creation, it is possible that one day or other there will be a physical human being who realises their creation. This too is true. What do you suppose imagination is, eh? Have you never imagined anything, you? And what happens? All that one imagines.You mean that you imagine something and it happens like that, eh? Or it is in a dream... What is the function, the use of the imagination?If one knows how to use it, as I said, one can create for oneself his own inner and outer life; one can build his own existence with his imagination, if one knows how to use it and has a power. In fact it is an elementary way of creating, of forming things in the world. I have always felt that if one didn't have the capacity of imagination he would not make any progress. Your imagination always goes ahead of your life. When you think of yourself, usually you imagine what you want to be, don't you, and this goes ahead, then you follow, then it continues to go ahead and you follow. Imagination opens for you the path of realisation. People who are not imaginative - it is very difficult to make them move; they see just what is there before their nose, they feel just what they are moment by moment and they cannot go forward because they are clamped by the immediate thing. It depends a good deal on what one calls imagination. However... Men of science must be having imagination!A lot. Otherwise they would never discover anything. In fact, what is called imagination is a capacity to project oneself outside realised things and towards things realisable, and then to draw them by the projection. One can obviously have progressive and regressive imaginations. There are people who always imagine all the catastrophes possible, and unfortunately they also have the power of making them come. It's like the antennae going into a world that's not yet realised, catching something there and drawing it here. Then naturally it is an addition to the earth atmosphere and these things tend towards manifestation. It is an instrument which can be disciplined, can be used at will; one can discipline it, direct it, orientate it. It is one of the faculties one can develop in himself and render serviceable, that is, use it for definite purposes. Sweet Mother, can one imagine the Divine and have the contact?Certainly if you succeed in imagining the Divine you have the contact, and you can have the contact with what you imagine, in any case. In fact it is absolutely impossible to imagine something which doesn't exist somewhere. You cannot imagine anything at all which doesn't exist somewhere. It is possible that it doesn't exist on the earth, it is possible that it's elsewhere, but it is impossible for you to imagine something which is not already contained in principle in the universe; otherwise it could not occur. Then, Sweet Mother, this means that in the created universe nothing new is added?In the created universe? Yes. The universe is progressive; we said that constantly things manifest, more and more. But for your imagination to be able to go and seek beyond the manifestation something which will be manifested, well, it may happen, in fact it does - I was going to tell you that it is in this way that some beings can cause considerable progress to be made in the world, because they have the capacity of imagining something that's not yet manifested. But there are not many. One must first be capable of going beyond the manifested universe to be able to imagine something which is not there. There are already many things which can be imagined. What is our terrestrial world in the universe? A very small thing. Simply to have the capacity of imagining something which does not exist in the terrestrial manifestation is already very difficult, very difficult. For how many billions of years hasn't it existed, this little earth? And there have been no two identical things. That's much. It is very difficult to go out from the earth atmosphere with one's mind; one can, but it is very difficult. And then if one wants to go out, not only from the earth atmosphere but from the universal life! To be able simply to enter into contact with the life of the earth in its totality from the formation of the earth until now, what can this mean? And then to go beyond this and enter into contact with universal life from its beginnings up to now... and then again to be able to bring something new into the universe, one must go still farther beyond. Not easy! That's all? (To the child) Convinced? ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1955 ,
36:The whole question. The whole question? And now, do you understand?... Not quite? I told you that you did not understand because it was muddled up; in one question three different ideas were included. So naturally it created a confusion. But taken separately they are what I explained to you just now, most probably; that is to say, one has this altogether ignorant and obliterated consciousness and is convinced that he is the cause and effect, the origin and result of himself, separate from all others, separate with a limited power to act upon others and a little greater capacity to be set in movement by others or to react to others' influence. That is how people think usually, something like that, isn't that so? How do you feel, you? What effect do you have upon yourself? And you? And you?... You have never thought about it? You have never looked into yourself to see what effect you exercise upon yourself? Never thought over it? No? How do you feel? Nobody will tell me? Come, you tell me that. Never tried to understand how you feel? Yes? No? How strange! Never sought to understand how, for example, decisions take place in you? From where do they come? What makes you decide one thing rather than another? And what is the relation between a decision of yours and your action? And to what extent do you have the freedom of choice between one thing and another? And how far do you feel you are able to, you are free to do this or that or that other or nothing at all?... You have pondered over that? Yes? Is there any one among the students who has thought over it? No? Nobody put the question to himself? You? You?... Even if one thinks over it, perhaps one is not able to answer! One cannot explain? No. It is difficult to explain? Even this simple little thing, to see where in your consciousness the wills that come from outside meet your will (which you call yours, which comes from within), at what place the two join together and to what extent the one from outside acts upon that from within and the one from within acts upon that from outside? You have never tried to find this out? It has never seemed to you unbearable that a will from outside should have an action upon your will? No? I do not know. Oh! I am putting very difficult problems! But, my children, I was preoccupied with that when I was a child of five!... So I thought you must have been preoccupied with it since a long time. In oneself, there are contradictory wills. Yes, many. That is one of the very first discoveries. There is one part which wants things this way; and then at another moment, another way, and a third time, one wants still another thing! Besides, there is even this: something that wants and another which says no. So? But it is exactly that which has to be found if you wish in the least to organise yourself. Why not project yourself upon a screen, as in the cinema, and then look at yourself moving on it? How interesting it is! This is the first step. You project yourself on the screen and then observe and see all that is moving there and how it moves and what happens. You make a little diagram, it becomes so interesting then. And then, after a while, when you are quite accustomed to seeing, you can go one step further and take a decision. Or even a still greater step: you organise - arrange, take up all that, put each thing in its place, organise in such a way that you begin to have a straight movement with an inner meaning. And then you become conscious of your direction and are able to say: "Very well, it will be thus; my life will develop in that way, because that is the logic of my being. Now, I have arranged all that within me, each thing has been put in its place, and so naturally a central orientation is forming. I am following this orientation. One step more and I know what will happen to me for I myself am deciding it...." I do not know, I am telling you this; to me it seemed terribly interesting, the most interesting thing in the world. There was nothing, no other thing that interested me more than that. This happened to me.... I was five or six or seven years old (at seven the thing became quite serious) and I had a father who loved the circus, and he came and told me: "Come with me, I am going to the circus on Sunday." I said: "No, I am doing something much more interesting than going to the circus!" Or again, young friends invited me to attend a meeting where we were to play together, enjoy together: "No, I enjoy here much more...." And it was quite sincere. It was not a pose: for me, it was like this, it was true. There was nothing in the world more enjoyable than that. And I am so convinced that anybody who does it in that way, with the same freshness and sincerity, will obtain most interesting results.... To put all that on a screen in front of yourself and look at what is happening. And the first step is to know all that is happening and then you must not try to shut your eyes when something does not appear pleasant to you! You must keep them wide open and put each thing in that way before the screen. Then you make quite an interesting discovery. And then the next step is to start telling yourself: "Since all that is happening within me, why should I not put this thing in this way and then that thing in that way and then this other in this way and thus wouldn't I be doing something logical that has a meaning? Why should I not remove that thing which stands obstructing the way, these conflicting wills? Why? And what does that represent in the being? Why is it there? If it were put there, would it not help instead of harming me?" And so on. And little by little, little by little, you see clearer and then you see why you are made like that, what is the thing you have got to do - that for which you are born. And then, quite naturally, since all is organised for this thing to happen, the path becomes straight and you can say beforehand: "It is in this way that it will happen." And when things come from outside to try and upset all that, you are able to say: "No, I accept this, for it helps; I reject that, for that harms." And then, after a few years, you curb yourself as you curb a horse: you do whatever you like, in the way you like and you go wherever you like. It seems to me this is worth the trouble. I believe it is the most interesting thing. ...You must have a great deal of sincerity, a little courage and perseverance and then a sort of mental curiosity, you understand, curious, seeking to know, interested, wanting to learn. To love to learn: that, one must have in one's nature. To find it impossible to stand before something grey, all hazy, in which nothing is seen clearly and which gives you quite an unpleasant feeling, for you do not know where you begin and where you end, what is yours and what is not yours and what is settled and what is not settled - what is this pulp-like thing you call yourself in which things get intermingled and act upon one another without even your being aware of it? You ask yourself: "But why have I done this?" You know nothing about it. "And why have I felt that?" You don't know that, either. And then, you are thrown into a world outside that is only fog and you are thrown into a world inside that is also for you another kind of fog, still more impenetrable, in which you live, like a cork thrown upon the waters and the waves carry it away or cast it into the air, and it drops and rolls on. That is quite an unpleasant state. I do not know, but to me it appears unpleasant. To see clearly, to see one's way, where one is going, why one is going there, how one is to go there and what one is going to do and what is the kind of relation with others... But that is a problem so wonderfully interesting - it is interesting - and you can always discover things every minute! One's work is never finished. There is a time, there is a certain state of consciousness when you have the feeling that you are in that condition with all the weight of the world lying heavy upon you and besides you are going in blinkers and do not know where you are going, but there is something which is pushing you. And that is truly a very unpleasant condition. And there is another moment when one draws oneself up and is able to see what is there above, and one becomes it; then one looks at the world as though from the top of a very very high mountain and one sees all that is happening below; then one can choose one's way and follow it. That is a more pleasant condition. This then is truly the truth, you are upon earth for that, surely. All individual beings and all the little concentrations of consciousness were created to do this work. It is the very reason for existence: to be able to become fully conscious of a certain sum of vibrations representing an individual being and put order there and find one's way and follow it. And so, as men do not know it and do not do it, life comes and gives them a blow here: "Oh! that hurts", then a blow there: "Ah! that's hurting me." And the thing goes on like that and all the time it is like that. And all the time they are getting pain somewhere. They suffer, they cry, they groan. But it is simply due to that reason, there is no other: it is that they have not done that little work. If, when they were quite young, there had been someone to teach them to do the work and they had done it without losing time, they could have gone through life gloriously and instead of suffering they would have been all-powerful masters of their destiny. This is not to say that necessarily all things would become pleasant. It is not at all that. But your reaction towards things becomes the true reaction and instead of suffering, you learn; instead of being miserable, you go forward and progress. After all, I believe it is for this that you are here - so that there is someone who can tell you: "There, well, try that. It is worth trying." ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1953 199,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:The Projects List(s) ~ David Allen
2:You are your projects! ~ Tom Peters
3:I like involved projects. ~ Tori Amos
4:Opinions are projections. ~ Tucker Max
5:business project work as one. ~ Gene Kim
6:Shall I project a world? ~ Thomas Pynchon
7:What we project, we get back. ~ Tony Clark
8:A wanton waste of projectiles. ~ Mark Twain
9:business projects, like Phoenix, ~ Gene Kim
10:Digital Youth Project by Mizuko ~ Henry Jenkins
11:Each project changes you a bit. ~ Kit Harington
12:People don’t want to be projects. ~ Tim Chester
13:projection is perception. ~ Gabrielle Bernstein
14:Errors make excellent projectiles. ~ Victor Hugo
15:I like playing in other projects. ~ Jesse Harris
16:I wasn't a project; I was his friend. ~ Bob Goff
17:Making Group Projects Suck Less I ~ Thomas Frank
18:I get beat up on every project. ~ Casper Van Dien
19:Every project starts with a story. ~ Colleen Atwood
20:Head Start and Follow Through projects. ~ Anonymous
21:Humans can't live without projects. ~ Kathryn Davis
22:Sanctification is a community project. ~ John Piper
23:There are no problems, only projects. ~ David Allen
24:Life is too short for non-WOW projects. ~ Tom Peters
25:Projective geometry is all geometry. ~ Arthur Cayley
26:Mega rail project set to link East Africa ~ Anonymous
27:all honest trades are equally honorable ~ Project Itoh
28:Spring is the time of plans and projects. ~ Leo Tolstoy
29:The sunset looks beautiful over the projects... ~ Prodigy
30:Boys do what they can; men do what they want ~ Project Pat
31:Project VOTE!, had begun saying privately ~ Michelle Obama
32:I’m more of a project than a person, really. ~ Amy Spalding
33:My whole damn life
is my passion project. ~ Alicia Cook
34:Aikido is based on the projection of love. ~ Morihei Ueshiba
35:I see dull people as projects ... to be reformed ~ Ben Elton
36:My body is a projection of my consciousness. ~ Deepak Chopra
37:My favorite project is always the next one. ~ Michael Graves
38:Project X now, but it started as a Hunger Game. ~ Joe Budden
39:Your parents are your projection-nothing more. ~ Byron Katie
40:No one who waves a big flag is up to any good. ~ Project Itoh
41:The future projects light, the past only clouds ~ Eileen Gray
42:The road is long fro the project to its completion. ~ Moliere
43:This project of theirs was about resetting life. ~ Hugh Howey
44:I put projects together. I put people together. ~ Bill Laswell
45:I'll tell him I astral-projected. Butt-head. ~ Scott Westerfeld
46:I'm very confident in how I project my personality. ~ Megan Fox
47:Project Hot To Trot

Operation Sex Appeal ~ Rachel Harris
48:What You Project Will Always Come Back to You ~ Joshua P Warren
49:You can complete a project by dropping it. ~ Arianna Huffington
50:A consultant is only as good as their last project. ~ Jon Taffer
51:An interior is the natural projection of the soul. ~ Coco Chanel
52:I like to do projects I feel some connection to. ~ Mark Wahlberg
53:Small projects need much more help than great. ~ Dante Alighieri
54:It's important in any project to remain focused. ~ Jehane Noujaim
55:For me marketing is about how to present a project. ~ Pedro Winter
56:I'm just happy to do projects I'm passionate about. ~ Selena Gomez
57:It is a fact that you project what you are. ~ Norman Vincent Peale
58:I wait and take on projects that I think can work. ~ Kevin Costner
59:I wish I could just project everything on the paper, ~ Patti Smith
60:I wish I could just project everything on the paper. ~ Patti Smith
61:Man is the being whose project it is to be God. ~ Jean Paul Sartre
62:Passion isn’t project-specific. It’s people-specific. ~ Seth Godin
63:Project Hollywood had reached a new nadir. MYSTERY: ~ Neil Strauss
64:Projections are just bullshit. They’re just guesses. ~ Jason Fried
65:World peace is one project that we have to do together. ~ Yoko Ono
66:Amid a multitude of projects, no plan is devised. ~ Publilius Syrus
67:If you believe in the project, you have to support it. ~ Vin Diesel
68:I think that I'm always open to any kind of project. ~ Katie Holmes
69:The EU project is to create a country called Europe. ~ John Redwood
70:A dream project is anything I do when I'm awake. ~ Charles Fleischer
71:Amid a multitude of projects, no plan is devised. ~ Publilius Syrus,
72:Seeing ourselves clearly is the project of a lifetime. ~ Nathan Hill
73:The best project is one that asks a novel question. ~ Walter Gilbert
74:But then again, what do I know. I project. Then I judge. ~ Marc Maron
75:Find a happy person, and you will find a project. ~ Sonja Lyubomirsky
76:I'm my own worst enemy sometimes when I pick projects. ~ Kim Basinger
77:It's not what you project... it's what you don't show. ~ Lisa Kleypas
78:It was like a class project in the structure of reality. ~ Don DeLillo
79:My fun is working on a project and solving the problems. ~ Walt Disney
80:My music has always been important regardless of other projects. ~ Mya
81:Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later ~ Fred Brooks
82:I'm spending all my time and energy on the project at hand. ~ Eric Bana
83:Only in death are we no longer part of project mayhem ~ Chuck Palahniuk
84:Smiling back at her seemed like such a huge project, ~ Jessica Sorensen
85:supports controversial rail project on Florida's east coast ~ Anonymous
86:Always write from your gut, no matter what the project is. ~ Paul Haggis
87:Becoming me was the greatest creative project of my life. ~ Lev Grossman
88:I did not seem to have any special project to animate me. ~ Oliver Sacks
89:Jesus's resurrection is the beginning of God's new project. ~ N T Wright
90:Scholars, street knowledge, Carter kids stuck in the projects. ~ Big Pun
91:The aim of art is to project an inner vision into the world. ~ Bruce Lee
92:The future is an imagined Now, a projection of the mind. ~ Eckhart Tolle
93:Every time you do a project, you learn something new. ~ Justin Timberlake
94:My ultimate life dream project is my kids. My family. ~ Denzel Washington
95:the books shot off the shelf like academic projectile puke. ~ Leigh Evans
96:You can't put out projects that you don't use yourself. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
97:Building a project should be a single trivial operation. ~ Robert C Martin
98:I enjoy creating new ideas, working on new creative projects. ~ Paul Allen
99:I'm actually developing a project so that I can have a lead. ~ Rachel True
100:My first payback to society in life, was The Dolphin Project. ~ Rick Danko
101:...nature starts many more projects than she can ever finish. ~ Ariel Levy
102:Time and space are just projections of your consciousness. ~ Jaggi Vasudev
103:taking on projects that were beyond his current comfort zone; ~ Cal Newport
104:The first thing we know about any project is the deadline—at ~ Ron Jeffries
105:But she projected vitality - you knew that she was there. ~ Charles Bukowski
106:See your enemies, not as God's failures, but as God's projects. ~ Max Lucado
107:The best way to get a project done faster is to start sooner ~ Jim Highsmith
108:Truth resists being projected into the realm of knowledge. ~ Walter Benjamin
109:Violet Markey, I’d like to be your partner on this project. ~ Jennifer Niven
110:You wouldn't recognize me from one project to the next. ~ Rachael Leigh Cook
111:A model needs to know how to project herself into the camera. ~ China Machado
112:Any project can be estimated accurately (once it’s completed). ~ Peter Taylor
113:I'm a workaholic, I always try to fill my time with projects. ~ Teresa Palmer
114:no project is completed until its objective has been achieved. ~ Paulo Coelho
115:Two things I ain't ever seen, a U.F.O. and a hoe that won't go. ~ Project Pat
116:Your dislike for the project will be duly noted, and ignored. ~ John Flanagan
117:I've never really been a part of anything but my own project. ~ Lady Sovereign
118:the house picked up again its long, slow project of decay. ~ Diane Setterfield
119:You are an endless project...changing, evolving, surprising. ~ James Patterson
120:You've no future unless you add value, create projects. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter
121:Don’t stop paying attention to a project because it gets boring. ~ Guy Kawasaki
122:Every person is, in part, 'his own project' and makes himself. ~ Abraham Maslow
123:I enjoy working on a number of projects - books - at once. ~ Rigoberto Gonzalez
124:Isn´t it cool? Words, books, fiction all have the power to kill. ~ Project Itoh
125:It's really a drag to do the same project over and over again. ~ David Johansen
126:The project you are most resisting carries your greatest growth. ~ Robin Sharma
127:What we experience is our state of mind projected outward. ~ Gerald G Jampolsky
128:A car is a 2,000 pound projectile that can go 100 miles an hour. ~ Jesse Ventura
129:All improvement happens project by project and in no other way. ~ Joseph M Juran
130:Every meaning is a projection of the viewer's inarticulate moods. ~ James Elkins
131:Every project you do, you hope you learn something more as an actor. ~ Ken Jeong
132:God has made us study partner. We need to talk about our project. ~ Isaac Marion
133:I am prone to get carried away thinking about creative projects. ~ Michael Sheen
134:I'm trying to simplify my life, I guess that's my latest project. ~ Jeremy Jones
135:I only play projects with weird interpretations of presidents. ~ Benjamin Walker
136:I usually have pretty good intuition on projects that I work on. ~ Joel Kinnaman
137:Rumor has it that Palpatine has some secret project in the works. ~ James Luceno
138:There's always a project around, but you have to pick and choose. ~ Dustin Clare
139:The whole project of European Union is one in deep trouble. ~ Timothy Garton Ash
140:What others say and do is a projection of their own reality. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
141:You never know when you start a project just how good it can be. ~ Jenifer Lewis
142:Bad leaders believe that they have to project control at all times. ~ Simon Sinek
143:I'm very focused on projects that help people, not just help me. ~ LeToya Luckett
144:My goal, whenever entering a project, is always to gain 12 pounds. ~ Bob Odenkirk
145:"Projection makes the whole world a replica of our own unknown face." ~ Carl Jung
146:Schleip, head of the Fascia Research Project at Germany’s ~ Christopher McDougall
147:The project you are most resisting carries your greatest growth. ~ Robin S Sharma
148:Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. ~ Frederick P Brooks Jr
149:Do you know what it takes to do [a global art project]? People, energy, glue. ~ JR
150:Every writing project must be reduced before you start to write. ~ William Zinsser
151:I actually built a tiny computer as a junior high school project. ~ Mitchell Kapor
152:I can wait for film projects without having to do things to live. ~ Clemence Poesy
153:I like to do projects that are off-the-wall and on top-of-the-wall. ~ Meital Dohan
154:I'm going to have a project-based life rather than a job-based life. ~ David Plotz
155:I'm not lying, every single project I've done, they've all been great. ~ Ken Jeong
156:Never worry about the facts. Just project an image to the public. ~ Diana Vreeland
157:The world is a projection of our thoughts - the thoughts we believe. ~ Byron Katie
158:When I've finished one project, I start thinking about the next. ~ Mike Rutherford
159:Adding manpower to a late software project, makes it later. ~ Frederick P Brooks Jr
160:This living, this living, this living Was never a project of mine. ~ Dorothy Parker
161:And if it was a project, would it be a chance to show his talent? ~ Charles Belfoure
162:I always think that the project I'm working on will be the best. ~ Patricia Urquiola
163:I have to be more universal than my projects, but no less innovative. ~ Ian Schrager
164:I'm a project manager, not a magician. Magicians have way cooler hats. ~ Merlin Mann
165:I really put a lot of and emotion into my project in order to evoke emotion. ~ Drake
166:The middle of every successful project looks like a disaster. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter
167:The reality we can accept is limited to our consciousness, after all. ~ Project Itoh
168:We are all expressions of our own minds, projected onto the world. ~ Daniel H Wilson
169:Would you believe, I am still offered scripts and projects all the time? ~ Doris Day
170:Group projects are the exception in school, but they should be the norm. ~ Seth Godin
171:How does a project get to be a year behind schedule? One day at a time. ~ Fred Brooks
172:I dont like talking about any projects till they solidify and take off. ~ Nita Ambani
173:Most projects start out slowly - and then sort of taper off. ~ Norman Ralph Augustine
174:No matter what it is, pick yourself up and go on to the next project ~ Shelley Duvall
175:The audience is the source of the energy that I project back to them. ~ Blixa Bargeld
176:The Mozilla project is big in terms of lines of code and complexity. ~ Mitchell Baker
177:too are better served by allowing projects to unfold as context demands. ~ Jim Benson
178:A long time ago, I stopped trying to look at projects as genre exercises. ~ Ron Howard
179:Anything that I'm doing I'm writing specifically for a particular project. ~ Nick Cave
180:Hell is oneself, Hell is alone, the other figures in it merely projections ~ T S Eliot
181:I like projects in which I can really act and not be me all the time. ~ Emmanuel Lewis
182:"Projections change the world into the replica of one's own unknown face." ~ Carl Jung
183:“Projections change the world into the replica of one’s own unknown face.” ~ Carl Jung
184:Project Johnathon Lee Ashfield, AKA Sade. That answered a lot for Mercy. ~ Lucian Bane
185:The best projects are likely to be overlooked, not trumpeted by a crowd; ~ Peter Thiel
186:The road is a long one from the projection of a thing to its accomplishment. ~ Moliere
187:The role of the painter . . . is to project that which sees itself in him. ~ Max Ernst
188:The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection. ~ Carl Jung
189:[When I photograph] I project what I'm not. What I would like to be. ~ Lillian Bassman
190:away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included ~ Anonymous
191:I gotta say, it feel good coming back home to the projects. Where I belong. ~ Coe Booth
192:I'm trying to do the kind of projects that I want to see in the theatre. ~ Nicholas Lea
193:Life gets more complicated and projects get more complicated after that. ~ Rupert Wyatt
194:She felt it snap into her head like a slide loading into a projector. ~ Karin Slaughter
195:The Japanese have a saying that all honest trades are equally honorable. ~ Project Itoh
196:The more we love ourselves, the less we project our pain onto the world. ~ Louise L Hay
197:When you have small children, packing is a challenge, a project, an ordeal ~ Kim Brooks
198:You're never done. You're not done until it's projecting in the theater. ~ Roberto Orci
199:You should've seen my big hair in the 80's, that was a real project. ~ Mariska Hargitay
200:All public projects are mausoleums, not always in shapes, but always in cost. ~ Ayn Rand
201:Brook’s Law: “Adding more programmers to a late project makes it later. ~ Eric S Raymond
202:Errors are excllent projectiles... Factions are blind men who aim straight ~ Victor Hugo
203:I always listen to a lot of different music when I am working on a project. ~ Bill Wyman
204:I like a lot of different kinds of music. I like strong projects, big music. ~ James Iha
205:I project a definite innocence. A lot of that is just the way I grew up. ~ River Phoenix
206:I think painting has that unique potential to project opposing viewpoints. ~ Joe Bradley
207:My end goal is just to do projects at the end of the day that I'm proud of. ~ Aaron Paul
208:My mission is to create a world where there are no problems only projects. ~ David Allen
209:The other person merely mirrors back what we are projecting onto them. ~ David R Hawkins
210:To move Nigeria forward, we must define our interest in the Nigeria project ~ Okey Ndibe
211:We are just collections of DNA optimized for particular places and times. ~ Project Itoh
212:All the firefighting displaced all the planned work, both projects and changes ~ Gene Kim
213:Brilliant. The Ontology Project is a post-graduate course in card magic. ~ Jim Steinmeyer
214:Even the Jonestown Peoples’ Temple Agricultural Project built community. ~ Leigh Phillips
215:Heaven, for me, is one focused project - it's like a weird form of autism. ~ Jon Krakauer
216:I don't try to project any image at all, other than the person that I am. ~ Tracy Chapman
217:If there's somebody you love, tell them. The world always needs more love. ~ Project Itoh
218:I'm only interested in people engaged in a project of self-transformation. ~ Susan Sontag
219:In big companies projects have to scale and Lean Startup help us to do it ~ Beth Comstock
220:Magic is the projection of natural energies to produce needed effects. ~ Scott Cunningham
221:Smokin weed on the star projectors, I guess we'll never know what Harvard gets us ~ Drake
222:Tests are stories we tell the next generation of programmers on a project. ~ Roy Osherove
223:What people project to the world never shows what's lurking on the inside ~ Katie McGarry
224:You'll get more support on a hard, important, project than a derivative one. ~ Sam Altman
225:Anger, then, is only for the engaged; for those with projects that matter. ~ Adam Phillips
226:Has given me no choice but to advocate for the termination of this project. ~ Greg Nickels
227:I am only interested in people engaged in a project of self-transformation. ~ Susan Sontag
228:I hibernate. I hibernate until the next project takes shape in my mind. ~ Paolo Sorrentino
229:I never apologize for my efforts to support worthy projects that Alabama. ~ Richard Shelby
230:I probably have the most fun on projects where there's some room to improvise. ~ Andy Daly
231:Large-scale public projects require the agreement of large numbers of people. ~ Thom Mayne
232:On the other hand, I have no project. My project is to live until I die. ~ Esm Weijun Wang
233:Some people talk about Haiti as being the graveyard of development projects. ~ Paul Farmer
234:the attempt to become a compassionate human being is a lifelong project. ~ Karen Armstrong
235:These days i tend to use one project I do as a kind of offshoot to the next. ~ Marc Almond
236:After two weeks of working on a project, you know whether it will work or not. ~ Bill Budge
237:Difficulties are inevitable,” I said. “Major projects require persistence. ~ Graeme Simsion
238:Don't make your own life your project in your own life: total waste of time. ~ Lorrie Moore
239:Instead, he would make death his final project, the center point of his days. ~ Mitch Albom
240:to DNA, our most complex programming projects are like pocket calculators. ~ Randall Munroe
241:We try to do different types of projects and last time was a fun event . ~ Henrik Lundqvist
242:What you meet in another being is the projection of your own level of evolution. ~ Ram Dass
243:As soon as one project is finished I like to go straight on to something else. ~ Marc Almond
244:critical path is the shortest sequence of work that can complete the project. ~ Scott Berkun
245:Every year I'm doing different projects, concerts, touring, open-air festivals. ~ Nina Hagen
246:Get yourself a goal worth working for. Better still, get yourself a project. ~ Maxwell Maltz
247:I like the team effort of everyone pulling together to make one good project. ~ Gregg Sulkin
248:Writing a novel is not so much a project as a journey, a voyage, an adventure. ~ Tom Robbins
249:You do not equal the project. Criticism of the project is not criticism of you. ~ Seth Godin
250:Cavanagh had made over fifty trips overseas related to CIA Project ARTICHOKE. ~ H P Albarelli
251:Compliments and criticism are all ultimately based on some form of projection. ~ Billy Corgan
252:Fashion never stops. There is always the new project, the new opportunity. ~ Carolina Herrera
253:It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project. ~ Napoleon Hill
254:Pain and suffering that are not transformed are usually projected onto others. ~ Richard Rohr
255:The majority of the cost of a software project is in long-term maintenance. ~ Robert C Martin
256:Waking up and having a project to work on is one of life's great pleasures. ~ Kelly Reichardt
257:Americans have started a lot of projects around the world and I am one of them. ~ Emilio Pucci
258:Believing in the project to a certain extent always makes things more affordable. ~ Steve Pink
259:Don't wait for someone to green light your project, build your own intersection. ~ Tyler Perry
260:I admire the ambition of the project, and the generosity of many of the lines. ~ Robert Fagles
261:I'd much rather do an obviously commercial writing project than get a day job. ~ Poppy Z Brite
262:I generally make a sort of playlist for my iPod for whatever project I'm doing. ~ Carla Gugino
263:I lived in the projects and the ghetto, and turned the negative into a positive. ~ Wyclef Jean
264:I’ve learned to envision the ideal end to any project before I begin it now— ~ Timothy Ferriss
265:I want another idea, another project, but you can't make them up. They show up. ~ Greil Marcus
266:One can't dull a project better than by discussing it repeatedly. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
267:Painting is the pattern of one's own nervous system being projected on canvas. ~ Francis Bacon
268:Project is a self-contained phrase and may or may not be capable of elaboration. ~ R K Narayan
269:Trainers give of themselves. So, I learned and I projected it with my fighter. ~ Angelo Dundee
270:We do. Or re-create the ones we have, and project. My whole life is projection. ~ James Ellroy
271:After you finish the first 90% of a project, you have to finish the other 90%. ~ Michael Abrash
272:Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible. ~ Edwin Land
273:Every baby is born beautiful. It's what we project on them that makes them ugly. ~ Jodi Picoult
274:every baby is born beautiful. It’s what we project on them that makes them ugly. ~ Jodi Picoult
275:I grew up in the projects and I know how important it is for kids to have hope. ~ Carlos Mencia
276:I hope to do films. Right now I'm just doing projects that are interesting. ~ Melissa Joan Hart
277:Is there a better example of natural selection in action than 'Project Runway?' ~ Jamais Cascio
278:I've done a variety of projects in different areas of the entertainment industry. ~ Jodi Benson
279:The larger the project, the more dead code you’ll have. It’s not a sign of failure. ~ Anonymous
280:The middle of every successful project looks like a disaster. —Rosabeth Moss Cantor ~ Anonymous
281:The way I look at a solo project is, I create what I want with whoever I want. ~ Sebastian Bach
282:What gets projects done for me is not inspiration. It's curiosity and rigor. ~ Andrew Zuckerman
283:You have experience in C programming?  That’s mainly what we need on that project. ~ Mike Wells
284:All space projects push the frontiers of technology and are drivers of innovation. ~ Martin Rees
285:But now I really don't want to work unless I really, really care about a project. ~ Jodie Foster
286:I have a level of fear going into every project, and that's what keeps me going. ~ Gerard Butler
287:It is always said that Europe is a project of the elite. That's incorrect. ~ Jean Claude Juncker
288:Pareto's Principle: you generally spend 80% of your time on 20% of the project. ~ Joseph M Juran
289:The challenge with being an initiator of projects is that you are never, ever done. ~ Seth Godin
290:Unlike flying or astral projection, walking through walls is an earthbound pursuit. ~ Chris Rock
291:You provoke a “No” with this one-sentence email. Have you given up on this project? ~ Chris Voss
292:A lack of patience in trifling matters might lead to the disruption of great project. ~ Confucius
293:By signing up for the project you agreed to do whatever was necessary for success. ~ Tracy Kidder
294:I always need a couple of highlights to really spark the passion for a project. ~ Lasse Hallstrom
295:If you listen to one project and think that's everything I do, you're completely wrong. ~ Klayton
296:If you're going to undertake any project, like a book, you have to show up to give. ~ Simon Sinek
297:I may have had many projects, but I never was free to carry out any of them. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
298:Making movies can be a creative exciting project for director and rest of staff. ~ Philip Kaufman
299:Making movies is never going to get better than working on a Coen brothers project. ~ Sam Elliott
300:One of an actor's fears is that your current project could be your last project. ~ Katharine Ross
301:The future is needed as a space to project your desires. To project, future is needed. ~ Rajneesh
302:The mind is only a projection from the Self, appearing in the waking state. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
303:True friends... face in the same direction, toward common projects, interests, goals. ~ C S Lewis
304:What you don't see and don't acknowledge in yourself, you project onto someone else. ~ Gary Zukav
305:Working on new projects gives you the opportunity to learn and absorb new things. ~ Michelle Ryan
306:aken’ is a really difficult project because it was a big surprise for everybody. ~ Olivier Megaton
307:Every time I'm not on a project, I'm writing or in the studio or doing gigs DJing. ~ Taryn Manning
308:I have the attention span of a 2-year-old. I like to jump from project-to-project. ~ Reba McEntire
309:I only get involved with projects as a producer if I feel creatively inspired. ~ Peter Billingsley
310:Men, through the ideas they have, project a field of attention that limits women. ~ Frederick Lenz
311:My great project is to undo the moral and intellectual damage of most universities ~ Dennis Prager
312:My system for staying young is to work a lot, to always have a project on the go. ~ Carlos Fuentes
313:Of course, love has no respect for questionnaires. As The Rosie Project tells us. ~ Graeme Simsion
314:Project Runway, chocolate and margaritas and suddenly all is right with the world ~ Sarah Pekkanen
315:She was not much for bargains. Group projects, in general, were not her thing. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
316:To recreate a new aristocracy is the eternal task of every revolutionary project. ~ Guillaume Faye
317:We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects. ~ Ron Paul
318:What really excites me in a project is when it goes in a way you haven't been before. ~ Idris Elba
319:You cannot make promises because you never know what your next project will be. ~ Denis Villeneuve
320:developer testing should probably take 8 to 25 percent of the total project time. ~ Steve McConnell
321:Even if you’re surrounded by people you love, figuring out grief is a solo project. ~ Nora McInerny
322:Every time you start a project, you're hopeful that the critics receive it warmly. ~ Bryan Cranston
323:I love thinking about the film, the project and committing myself as much as possible. ~ Vin Diesel
324:I'm always on the lookout for projects with a strong moral and inspirational core. ~ Neal McDonough
325:I think, retrospectivety helps to hone your ideas for future projects. I like it. ~ Seamus McGarvey
326:It is the energy projected by an individual's own mind which creates his experience. ~ Hua Ching Ni
327:It’s never clear what turns a space into a home, and a life-project into a life. ~ Valeria Luiselli
328:Kindness was her new project. She hoped it might be gentler on the soul than anger. ~ Paula Hawkins
329:Most of my projects seem to start as exploratory journeys with no visible end in sight. ~ Alex Webb
330:Nor had I realized until that moment how much of a group project it was to grow up.  ~ Rose Christo
331:Preston Nichols and Peter Moon’s 1992 book The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time ~ David Wilcock
332:Projection [of our own shadow] makes the whole world a replica of our own unknown face. ~ Carl Jung
333:The constant project of our girl selves seeming to require odd and precise attentions. ~ Emma Cline
334:The Fairness Project is endeavoring to try to do what we can to make a fairer society. ~ Mike Lowry
335:three of the four categories of work: business projects, internal projects, and changes. ~ Gene Kim
336:We have to embrace the good over the bad. That has to be one's personal project. ~ Yusef Komunyakaa
337:We’re on the hook for a huge number of projects. So, let’s look at what our capacity is. ~ Gene Kim
338:You just see a good project and want to be involved in it, and thats what Dexter was. ~ David Zayas
339:absolutes in performance benchmarks are as elusive as consensus in open source projects! ~ Mark Lutz
340:All its dimensions with their projected geometries are those of an unrealisible dream. ~ John Berger
341:Dendera's circular zodiac projected the theological landscape of the Giza Plateau. ~ Ibrahim Ibrahim
342:Every medium has its own projection, and I find animation is much bigger than normal. ~ Cheech Marin
343:Imaginative writers often project their own monsters and meanings on basic facts. ~ Christopher Bram
344:I'm not in a hurry to do a lot of projects. I am very resolved in each project I take on. ~ Maya Lin
345:I think I'm always drawn to projects that help me understand something about myself. ~ Sofia Coppola
346:My faith is very personal. It's not something that I want to project on other people. ~ Jim Gaffigan
347:Some writing and production projects will be a great way to spend my elderly rock years. ~ Geddy Lee
348:The more people you have to ask for permission, the more dangerous a project gets. ~ Alain de Botton
349:The thing to judge in any jazz artist is, does the man project and does he have ideas. ~ Miles Davis
350:They gave the impression of unnaturally halted motion, like film caught in a projector. ~ Kenzabur e
351:When I was eleven, I got cast in the last directorial project of Christopher Reeve. ~ Vanessa Marano
352:Any time we have projects that we haven't begun or completed, they drain energy. ~ Arianna Huffington
353:Every project and goal deserves an approach fitted perfectly to what needs to be done. ~ Ryan Holiday
354:Every project has its own challenges and rewards. If it's not challenging, why do it? ~ Howard Berger
355:I face every project the same way - do it right and give 110%. 100% isn't good enough. ~ Debra Wilson
356:Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about. ~ Stephen Richards
357:stories of evil can be projected on them with as little difficulty as stories of good. ~ Mohsin Hamid
358:Strategic planning for projects management using a project management maturity model ~ Harold Kerzner
359:We lived in a housing project graced by the architectural style of Early Chicken Coop. ~ Clara Fraser
360:We project our ideas about ourselves into the heavens and call them ideas about God. ~ Richard Curtis
361:With classical singing you have to put out so much air - you project, you emit force. ~ Renee Fleming
362:With each project, whether it's an album or a mixtape, I try to learn more in the process. ~ Yo Gotti
363:How to manage a project: Limit it in scope. Make it simple. Get success. Then iterate. ~ Auren Hoffman
364:If the project piques my interest and scares me a little bit, then it's got me hooked. ~ Ray Stevenson
365:I'm always working on many new projects that I can't talk about because of NDA's. ~ Robin Atkin Downes
366:I tend to think of writing as a more collaborative project than I think some people do. ~ Emily Barton
367:It is not the project but the living process that will be the measure of our actions. ~ David Holmgren
368:Now we asked them to list specific projects, their roles, and what they accomplished. We ~ Laszlo Bock
369:To carry out any project to which you attach your own name you have to love yourself. ~ Elena Ferrante
370:We do not project power from bankruptcy court. We're borrowing a million dollars a minute. ~ Rand Paul
371:You could do a hundred projects and still not have the fans that are there for Twilight. ~ Kellan Lutz
372:I do like to pop in and help my friends out when I can, or be a part of their projects. ~ Busy Philipps
373:I've done TV and I've done film, and I'm not snobby about it. It's about the project. ~ Kelly Macdonald
374:I was never an actor. I had done one or two random projects in my advertising career. ~ Steve Dildarian
375:I work on multiple projects at a time because it keeps me from getting writer's block. ~ Diana Gabaldon
376:I wouldn't take on the project unless I could have complete creative control in casting. ~ Craig Brewer
377:Love is the perception of perfection beyond the protection of our projection. ~ Eric Micha el Leventhal
378:one of the quirkier cognitive disorders to which software project management is prone. ~ Charles Stross
379:People who take on complicated creative projects become lost at some point in the process. ~ Ed Catmull
380:The average human's fundamental project is to find someone else to blame for their problems. ~ Jim Goad
381:Violating human rights is integral to the project of neoliberalism and global hegemony. ~ Arundhati Roy
382:But Josh was no less concerned about the mishap occurring under his nose, to his project. ~ Molly McLain
383:Expect to get more than you expected [from Crash Landing project]. Expect more than a mixtape. ~ Kid Ink
384:I don't have a dream project. I don't really think in those terms, to tell you the truth. ~ Robert Barry
385:I love the producer, Joel Rice. We worked together years ago putting a project together. ~ Marilu Henner
386:I think I've been able to be in some really good projects with some really good people. ~ Peter Jacobson
387:It is easy to have a lot of paintings or projects hanging around that are 'almost done. ~ Thomas Kinkade
388:It is still important that every project I do I do something real, that feels true to me. ~ Garance Dore
389:Prince Charming, in truth, is nothing more than a projection of our disowned selves. He ~ Barbara Stanny
390:Robert Schleip, head of the Fascia Research Project at Germany’s Ulm University, ~ Christopher McDougall
391:The first projectile hit the sea wall of Gaza City's little harbour just after four o'clock. ~ Anonymous
392:When you're working on a project, make sure at least one person knows what they are doing. ~ Walt Disney
393:Whoever came up with the idea of group projects, may he die a slow and torturous death. ~ Heidi Cullinan
394:A little of the infinite is projected into consciousness, and that we call our world. ~ Swami Vivekananda
395:Eighty percent of the errors are found in 20 percent of a project's classes or routines ~ Steve McConnell
396:I am a star because I have always felt so alienated and I project this feeling to others. ~ Candy Darling
397:I am confident only when I am constantly in motion. Between projects, the doubt creeps in. ~ Willem Dafoe
398:I am not a finisher, I am a starter. And I am always thinking, what is the next project. ~ Peter Eisenman
399:I don't like having too many projects in the pipeline. I like to focus on what's at hand. ~ Jean Dujardin
400:If you don't have people that care about usability on your project, your project is doomed. ~ Jeff Atwood
401:Men despise great projects when they do not feel themselves capable of great successes. ~ Luc de Clapiers
402:This new project of hers was in experimental theology. But so is all of science she thought. ~ Carl Sagan
403:When you're a kid in a one-bedroom in the projects, rich is the best thing anybody can be. ~ Angie Thomas
404:Confrontation is something that I accept as part of the project though not its purpose. ~ Andy Goldsworthy
405:God didn’t give us neighbors to be our projects; He surrounded us with them to be our teachers. ~ Bob Goff
406:Higher projected corporate and personal income tax receipts and lower public debt charges. ~ Ralph Goodale
407:His projected face bony and intense, Garth peered out of his booth like an aroused turtle. ~ Philip K Dick
408:I already have a production company called J Squared and we're working on two projects. ~ Jordana Brewster
409:If transport, housing and Olympic projects do not work, I will crawl away under a stone. ~ Ken Livingstone
410:I'm always trying to find something unique or a project that I can do something unique in. ~ Josh Hartnett
411:I'm really grateful for all the projects I've been involved in and the parts I've played. ~ Elaine Cassidy
412:I'm so beyond genre, drama, comedies, I just want to do really good, interesting projects. ~ Patton Oswalt
413:Is this part of the geography project? Are you wandering the riverbed or just each other? ~ Jennifer Niven
414:Malice is of the boomerang character, and is apt to turn upon the projector. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray
415:Maybe I should start my happiness project by trying to be more grateful for what I’ve got, ~ Helen Russell
416:See Bible verse 1 Kings 19:7 in reference to the HOUSE OF HOPE INTERNATIONAL COOKBOOK project. ~ Anonymous
417:She cannot love, nor take no shape nor project or affection, she is so self-endeared ~ William Shakespeare
418:Smile, look invested, and when you hand in certain projects, say you enjoyed working on them. ~ Kate White
419:Suppose we blasted all politicians into space. Would the SETI project find even one of them? ~ Erik Naggum
420:The day Tarzan opened in London, I sat in a hotel room and discussed the project in detail. ~ Phil Collins
421:"The whole of mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious." ~ Carl Jung
422:To self-righteously project without a thought of listening is a form of constant selfishness ~ Paul Isaacs
423:You do projects with the hope they will be big and hope they will go beyond what you imagine. ~ Kevin Hart
424:Each one projects his own defects over the others, each one see in other his own defects. ~ Samael Aun Weor
425:For a mother the project of raising a boy is the most fulfilling project she can hope for. ~ Andrea Dworkin
426:Good actors need better projects, and these days there aren't enough going round. ~ Stephen Humphrey Bogart
427:I developed some unique software to public it on the web that I call the Folklore Project. ~ Andy Hertzfeld
428:I find the best things are done for yourself or start as a small project and become a big thing. ~ Tom Lenk
429:I have done lots of music projects in my life and some of them I am more proud of than others. ~ Ben Barnes
430:Maybe in the future I'll put out someone's one-off project, but generally I don't have time. ~ Michael Gira
431:Most projects start with high ambitions, and an imperfect understanding of the problem at hand. ~ Anonymous
432:One of the blessings and curses of my life is that I carry so many projects at the same time. ~ Kwame Dawes
433:Society needs people who can manage projects in addition to handling individual tasks. ~ Marilyn vos Savant
434:Something that I like in movies, and I dislike too, is that they can't be projected well. ~ Jean Luc Godard
435:Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you. ~ Rumi
436:The Venus Project is not about new cities or new architecture. It's about a way of thinking ~ Jacque Fresco
437:When energy prices go up, the difficulty of projecting demand also goes up - uncertainty goes up. ~ Al Gore
438:(1) give me a project to keep me occupied so he could have Benny all to himself over Christmas ~ Rachel Cohn
439:Do you know what's the politics? -It's a big project for sale a conscience, buy a position and make money! ~
440:Film is the best way to capture an image and project that image. It just is, hands down. ~ Christopher Nolan
441:...if you project the image you wish the world to see, eventually it will become reality. ~ Tera Lynn Childs
442:If you want the world to pay for projects, you have to be able to display why you're worthy. ~ Amanda Palmer
443:In the nine years I’d known Snake, this was the first time I’d heard him reference Star Wars. ~ Project Itoh
444:Project Orion, is detailed in the excellent book of the same name by Freeman’s son, George. ~ Randall Munroe
445:The two sides projected competing nightmares of what would happen if the other side prevailed. ~ Ron Chernow
446:Every time he’s fired someone and taken their job, he’s delivered on whatever the project was. ~ Ashlee Vance
447:If I could do shoes for anyone, it would be a special project for the Queen of England. ~ Christian Louboutin
448:If you say someone is thrilled, it implies talk of an exciting project. I'm wary of such talk. ~ Frank Dobson
449:I have other projects to do. I try not to let that documentation interfere with my present day. ~ Ian MacKaye
450:I played with the image, because I think image is temporary. It's a projection. It's illusory. ~ Annie Lennox
451:I think it's the most extraordinary studio around. I would love to do my next project with Pixar. ~ Brad Bird
452:Karl remembered his great truth, learned in the project: Never pass by a chance to shut up. ~ Gregory Benford
453:The excitement level for me working on projects is really not a bit different from when I was 26. ~ Amar Bose
454:The projects I look for to produce or direct would not be ones in which I would want to act. ~ John Malkovich
455:Undertake a quest or any long, challenging project, and you won't come out of it the same. ~ Chris Guillebeau
456:We each project to others a reflection of the world which includes our choices of perception. ~ Bryant McGill
457:When you just cannot stop working. When completing this one project is all you can imagine. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
458:At times as an actor, it's often times unclear as to what the directors envision for a project. ~ Carmen Ejogo
459:Awareness means grasping life just the way it is, without contamination by mental projections. ~ Jaggi Vasudev
460:Each project matters, and the only degrading part is giving less than one is capable of giving. ~ Ryan Holiday
461:If the government mandates anything with a price tag on it, then it ought to fund the project. ~ Jesse Ventura
462:I'm for sure a workaholic. I'm a complete control freak and I take on way too many projects. ~ Janet Evanovich
463:I prefer consider Stromae as a collective project. Stromae is not me. Or at least it is not only me. ~ Stromae
464:I wanna produce, write, and direct my own projects, and eventually fund them. I wanna be a mogul. ~ Kevin Hart
465:"Nothing promotes understanding and rapprochement more than the mutual withdrawal of projections." ~ Carl Jung
466:this thought has met with the fate of many other useful projects, of being applauded and neglected. ~ Voltaire
467:When a project has an ample budget, I am interested now in using bigger units of materials. ~ Yoshio Taniguchi
468:Will she ever understand this? Who knows. Seeing ourselves clearly is the project of a lifetime. ~ Nathan Hill
469:You know, I do projects that I really care about. I hope I'll stand by that until the day I die! ~ Juno Temple
470:anyone can download and use the code, and new projects migrate from the edges to the center as a ~ Tim O Reilly
471:A project such as this depends heavily on the expertise and toil of archivists and librarians. ~ Niall Ferguson
472:EFR has incredible leverage to the rising uranium price and its projects have massive potential. ~ David Talbot
473:Everyone sees other people differently because everyone is projecting aspects of him or her self. ~ Debbie Ford
474:Getting a project started is like moving a ship. It takes a lot of energy to build up momentum. ~ Susan Collins
475:He was a good boy and ‘projected’ goodness – which later would be the downfall of many a person. ~ Edmund White
476:I project myself so deeply into the characters in novels that I'm not thinking about my own life. ~ Paul Auster
477:I stay true, because whatever the project is, I'm still looking for inside of that character. ~ Forest Whitaker
478:I want to do different projects and be versatile. I don't want to get fixed into narrative comedy. ~ Jason Gann
479:Private companies have a lot of capital. They can run things efficiently and get projects built. ~ Steve Martin
480:Richard Helms, had reconstituted the MKULTRA Project and changed its name to Project MK-SEARCH. ~ H P Albarelli
481:'Twilight' is such an amazing project, and I think it opened up doors for all of us cast members. ~ Kellan Lutz
482:What is seen by mind, is an environmental image that projected by public consciousness in vicinity. ~ Toba Beta
483:An hour is not merely an hour, it is a vase full of scents and sounds and projects and climates. ~ Marcel Proust
484:An hour is not merely an hour; it is a vase full of scents and sounds and projects and climates. ~ Marcel Proust
485:Anybody who becomes a movie star becomes successful at projecting a certain image to the public. ~ Jay McInerney
486:Between them an image is projected: a single, winking cursor. It wants a code. It wants the code. ~ Chuck Wendig
487:I float from one project to another project, so you miss people and you don't see them for years. ~ Ciaran Hinds
488:If you don't have that trust in the backbone of the project, you may not know what you're making. ~ Lily Collins
489:In an ideal world, I'd bounce between big projects and no-budget TV dramas with fantastic scripts. ~ David Yates
490:In fact, the whole of mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious ~ Carl Jung
491:Meetings that do not come off keep a character of their own. They stay as they were projected. ~ Elizabeth Bowen
492:People think a lot, but most of that thinking is of a problem, project or situation - not about it ~ David Allen
493:People think a lot, but most of that thinking is of a problem, project, or situation—not about it. ~ David Allen
494:Project Xanadu is essentially my trademark. It was originally, and has returned to my arms as that. ~ Ted Nelson
495:Take on jobs, projects and challenges that frighten you. It's the best way to get rid of fear. ~ Catherine Mayer
496:Taking back our light from those we’ve projected it onto opens the door to an unimaginable future. ~ Debbie Ford
497:The fifth risk did not put him at risk of revealing classified information. “Project management, ~ Michael Lewis
498:The wedding and family photography paid the bills, but the artistic projects fed her soul. ~ Denise Grover Swank
499:We don't have to wait for people to green light our projects, we can create our own intersections. ~ Tyler Perry
500:With every project I start out on, there's no footage. It's always a big slog to find the footage. ~ Alex Gibney

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00.04_-_The_Beautiful_in_the_Upanishads, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The form of a thing can be beautiful; but the formless too has its beauty. Indeed, the beauty of the formless, that is to say, the very sum and substance, the ultimate essence, the soul of beauty that is what suffuses, with in-gathered colour and enthusiasm, the realisation and poetic creation of the Upanishadic seer. All the forms that are scattered abroad in their myriad manifest beauty hold within themselves a secret Beauty and are reflected or projected out of it. This veiled Name of Beauty can be compared to nothing on the phenomenal hemisphere of Nature; it has no adequate image or representation below:

0.01f_-_FOREWARD, #The Phenomenon of Man, #Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, #Christianity
  about the degree of reality which I accord to the different parts of
  the film I am projecting. When 1 try to picture the world before
  the dawn of life, or life in the Palaeozoic era, I do not forget that

01.04_-_The_Poetry_in_the_Making, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   In other words, the tension in the human consciousness has been raised to the nth power, the heat of a brooding consciousness is about to lead it to an outburst of new creationsah tapastaptva. Human self-consciousness, the turning of oneself upon oneself, the probing and projecting of oneself into oneselfself-consciousness raised so often to the degree of self-torture, marks the acute travail of the spirit. The thousand "isms" and "logies" that pullulate in all fields of life, from the political to the artistic or even the religious and the spiritual indicate how the human laboratory is working at white heat. They are breaches in the circuit of the consciousness, volcanic eruptions from below or cosmic-ray irruptions from above, tearing open the normal limit and boundaryBaudelaire's couvercle or the "golden lid" of the Upanishads-disclosing and bringing into the light of common day realities beyond and unseen till now.

01.05_-_The_Yoga_of_the_King_The_Yoga_of_the_Spirits_Freedom_and_Greatness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Its foreheads glowing with the Oversoul,
    Its forms projected from the Unknowable,
    Its eyes dreaming of the Ineffable,

01.12_-_Goethe, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The total eradication of Evil from the world and human nature and the remoulding of a terrestrial life in the substance and pattern of the Highest Good that is beyond all dualities is a conception which it was not for Goe the to envisage. In the order of reality or existence, first there is the consciousness of division, of trenchant separation in which Good is equated with not-evil and evil with not-good. This is the outlook of individualised consciousness. Next, as the consciousness grows and envelops the whole existence, good and evil are both embraced and are found to form a secret and magic harmony. That is the universal or cosmic consciousness. And Goethe's genius seems to be an outflowering of something of this status of consciousness. But there is still a higher status, the status of transcendence in which evil is not simply embraced but dissolved and even transmuted into a supreme reality of which it is an aberration, a reflection or projection, a lower formulation. That is the mystery of a spiritual realisation to which Goe the aspired perhaps, but had not the necessary initiation to enter into.

02.02_-_Lines_of_the_Descent_of_Consciousness, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The next stage of devolution is the Mind proper. There or perhaps even before, on the lower reaches of the Overmind, the gods have become all quite separate, self-centred, each bounded in his own particular sphere and horizon. The overmind gods the true godsare creators in a world of balanced or harmoniously held difference; they are powers that fashion each a special fulfilment, enhancing one another at the same time (parasparam bhvayantah). Between the Overmind and the Mind there is a class of lesser godsthey have been called formateurs; they do not create in the strict sense of the term, they give form to what the anterior gods have created and projected. These form-makers that consolidate the encasement, fix definitely the image, have most probably been envisaged in the Indian dhynamrtis. But in the Mind the gods become still more fixed and rigid, stereotyped; the mental gods inspire exclusive systems, extreme and abstract generalisations, theories and principles and formulae that, even when they seek to force and englobe all in their cast-iron mould, can hardly understand or tolerate each other.
   The formulation or revelation of the Psyche marks another line of what we have been describing as the Descent of Consciousness. The phenomenon of individualisation has at its back the phenomenon of the growth of the Psyche. It is originally a spark or nucleus of consciousness thrown into Matter that starts growing and organising itself behind the veil, in and through the movements and activities of the apparent vehicle consisting of the triple nexus of Body (Matter) and Life and Mind. The extreme root of the psychic growth extends perhaps right into the body, consciousness of Matter, but its real physical basis and tenement is found only with the growth and formation of the physical heart. And yet the psychic individuality behind the animal organisation is very rudimentary. All that can be said is that it is there, in potentia, it exists, it is simple being: it has not started becoming. This is man's speciality: in him the psychic begins to be dynamic; to be organised and to organise, it is a psychic personality that he possesses. Now this flowering of the psychic personality is due to an especial Descent, the descent of a Person from another level of consciousness. That Person (or Superperson) is the jvatman, the Individual Self, the central being of each individual formation. The Jivas are centres of multiplicity thrown up in the bosom of the infinite Consciousness: it is the supreme Consciousness eddying in unit formations to serve as the basis for the play of manifestation. They are not within the frame of manifestation (as the typal formations in the Supermind are), they are above or beyond or beside it and stand there eternally and invariably in and as part and parcel of the one supreme RealitySachchidananda. But the Jivatman from its own status casts its projection, representation, delegated formulationemanation, in the phraseology of the neo-Platonistsinto the manifestation of the triple complex of mind, life and body, that is to say, into the human vehicle, and thus stands behind as the psychic personality or the soul. This soul, we have seen, is a developing, organising focus of consciousness growing from below and comes to its own in the human being: or we can put it the other way, that is to say, when it comes to its own, then the human being appears. And it has come to its own precisely by a descent of its own self from above, in the same manner as with the other descents already described. Now, this coming to its own means that it begins henceforth to exercise its royal power, its natural and inherent divine right, viz, of consciously and directly controlling and organising its terrestrial kingdom which is the body and life and mind. The exercise of conscious directive will, supported and illumined by a self-consciousness, I that occurs with the advent of the Mind is a function of the I Purusha, the self-conscious being, in the Mind; but this self-conscious being has been able to come up, manifest itself and be active, because of pressure of the underlying psychic personality that has formed here.
   We have spoken of four lines of Descent in the evolution and organisation of consciousness. There yet remains a fifth line. It is more occult. It is really the secret of secrets, the Supreme Secret. It is the descent of the Divine himself. The Divine, the supreme Person himself descends, not indirectly through emanations, projections, partial or lesser formulations, but directly in his own plenary self. He descends not as a disembodied force acting as a general movement, possessing, at the most, other objects and persons as its medium or instrument, but in an embodied form and in the fullness of his consciousness. The Indian word for Divine Incarnation, avatra, literally means he who has descended. The Divine comes down himself as a terrestrial being, on this material plane of ours, in order to raise the terrestrial and material Nature to a new status in her evolutionary courseeven so He incarnated as the Great Boar who, with his mighty tusk, lifted a solid mass of earth from out of the waters of the Deluge. It is his purpose to effect ascension of consciousness, a transmutation of being, to establish a truly New Order, a New Dharma, as it is termed dharmasamsthpanrthya. On the human level, he appears as a human person for two purposes. First of all, he shows, by example, how the ascension, the transmutation is to be effected, how a normal human being can rise from a lower status of consciousness to a higher one. The Divine is therefore known as the Lord of Yoga for Yoga is the means and method by which one consciously uplifts oneself, unites oneself with the Higher Reality. The embodied Divine is the ideal and pattern: he shows the path, himself walks the path and man can follow, if he chooses. The Biblical conception of the Son of GodGod made fleshas the intermediary between the human and the Divine, declaring, I am the Way and the Goal, expresses a very similar truth. The Divine takes a body for anotheroccultreason also. It is this: Matter or terrestrial life cannot be changedchanged radically, that is to say, transformed by the pure spiritual consciousness alone, lying above or within; also it is not sufficient to bring about only that much of change in terrestrial life which can be effected by the mere spiritual force acting in a general way. It looks as if the physical transformation which is what is meant by an ascension or emergence in the evolutionary gradient were possible only by a physical impact embodying and canalising the spiritual force: it is with his physical body that the Divine Incarnation seems to push and lift up physical Nature to a new and higher status.

02.05_-_Robert_Graves, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Here in this connection one is naturally reminded of Sri Aurobindo's The Other Earths. The poem reveals other earths like this earth of ours as reflections or projections or prototypes: like the concretely visible earth here, they too are equally beautiful, with million colours and shades. We are blind and cannot see them. But when we learn to see with the eye of our eye there appear clear before us

03.01_-_The_Pursuit_of_the_Unknowable, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The spirit that dies not and the Godhead's self
  Seemed myths projected from the Unknowable;
  From It all sprang, in It is called to cease.

03.02_-_The_Gradations_of_Consciousness_The_Gradation_of_Planes, #The Integral Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  If we regard the gradation of worlds or planes as a whole, we see them as a great connected complex movement; the higher precipitate their influences on the lower, the lower react to the higher and develop or manifest in themselves within their own formula something that corresponds to the superior power and its action. The material world has evolved life in obedience to a pressure from the vital plane, mind in obedience to a pressure from the mental plane. It is now trying to evolve supermind in obedience to a pressure from the supramental plane. In more detail, particular forces, movements, powers, beings of a higher world can throw themselves on the lower to establish appropriate and corresponding forms which will connect them with the material domain and, as it were, reproduce or project their action here. And each thing created here has, supporting it, subtler envelopes or forms of itself which make it subsist and connect it with forces acting from above. Man, for instance, has, besides his gross physical body, subtler sheaths or bodies by which he lives behind the veil in direct connection with supraphysical planes of consciousness and can be influenced by their powers, movements and beings. What takes place in life has always behind it preexistent movements and forms in the occult vital planes; what takes place in mind presupposes preexistent movements and forms in the occult mental planes. That is an aspect of things which becomes more and more evident, insistent and important, the more we progress in a dynamic Yoga.

03.03_-_The_House_of_the_Spirit_and_the_New_Creation, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Harmonised a Oneness deep, immeasurable.
  In these new worlds projected he became
  A portion of the universal gaze,

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Wikipedia - Master of Science in Project Management
Wikipedia - Mathematics Genealogy Project -- Web-based database for the academic genealogy of mathematicians
Wikipedia - Megaproject -- Extremely large-scale investment project
Wikipedia - Megaprojects
Wikipedia - Mental projection
Wikipedia - Metallurgical Laboratory -- Former laboratory at the University of Chicago, part of the Manhattan Project
Wikipedia - Metasploit Project -- Computer security testing tool
Wikipedia - Meta-Wiki -- Wikimedia project
Wikipedia - Metro Tunnel -- Underground railway project in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Wikipedia - Michigan Digitization Project
Wikipedia - Milestone (project management)
Wikipedia - Million Book Project -- Book digitization project
Wikipedia - MISTIC (AI project)
Wikipedia - MIT Cog project
Wikipedia - Mojave Solar Project
Wikipedia - Mono (software) -- Computer software project
Wikipedia - Montauk Project -- UFO conspiracy theory
Wikipedia - Motor neuron -- Neuron whose cell body is located in the motor cortex, brainstem or the spinal cord, and whose axon projects to the spinal cord or outside of the spinal cord to directly or indirectly control effector organs, mainly muscles and glands
Wikipedia - Mozilla Calendar Project
Wikipedia - Mutopia Project
Wikipedia - NATO Submarine Rescue System -- Project to develop an international submarine rescue system
Wikipedia - NECA Project
Wikipedia - Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project
Wikipedia - Netfilter -- Packet alteration framework for Linux and the umbrella project for software of the same
Wikipedia - Next Generation Air Transportation System -- Modernization project of the United States' National Airspace System
Wikipedia - Nizkor Project
Wikipedia - Ohio River Bridges Project -- Project to add two new bridges over the Ohio River at Louisville and reconstruct Interstate highway interchanges
Wikipedia - Oil megaprojects
Wikipedia - Old Man River's City project
Wikipedia - Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project
Wikipedia - Open Compute Project -- Organization that shares designs of data center products
Wikipedia - Open Library -- Online project for book data of the Internet Archive
Wikipedia - Open Mind Common Sense -- Artificial intelligence project
Wikipedia - Open Philanthropy Project
Wikipedia - OpenZFS -- Umbrella project that develops the ZFS filesystem as an open-source project
Wikipedia - Operating System Projects
Wikipedia - Operation Leakspin -- Project coordinated by the hacker group Anonymous
Wikipedia - Opte Project
Wikipedia - Orbot -- Free software project to provide anonymity on the Internet from a Google Android smartphone.
Wikipedia - Orthographic projection
Wikipedia - Overhead projector
Wikipedia - P-9 Project -- Codename given during World War II to the Manhattan Project's heavy water production program
Wikipedia - Penny Black (research project)
Wikipedia - Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams
Wikipedia - Perseus Project -- Digital library project of Tufts University
Wikipedia - Personal Genome Project -- Cohort study sequencing genomes of 100,000 volunteers
Wikipedia - Perspective (graphical) -- Form of graphical projection where the projection lines converge to one or more points
Wikipedia - Pew Research Religion > Public Life Project
Wikipedia - Pi (art project)
Wikipedia - Planar projection
Wikipedia - PlatBox Project
Wikipedia - Portal:Christianity/Projects
Wikipedia - POSSE project
Wikipedia - Power projection
Wikipedia - Primate Freedom Project
Wikipedia - Princess Projectra -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Prison-Ashram Project
Wikipedia - Prison University Project
Wikipedia - Product breakdown structure -- Tool for analysing, documenting and communicating the outcomes of a project
Wikipedia - Project
Wikipedia - Project-706
Wikipedia - Project A119
Wikipedia - Project accounting
Wikipedia - Project AGILE
Wikipedia - Project Alberta
Wikipedia - Project Apollo
Wikipedia - Project Ara -- Project for a modular smartphone by Google
Wikipedia - Project ARMS
Wikipedia - Project Athena
Wikipedia - Project AWARE -- Marine conservation non-profit organization for recreational divers
Wikipedia - Project Azorian -- 1974 CIA project to recover the sunken Soviet submarine K-129
Wikipedia - Project-based learning -- Student-centered pedagogy
Wikipedia - Project Blue Book -- Systematic study of unidentified flying objects
Wikipedia - Project Cadmus
Wikipedia - Project Camel -- Caltech work supporting the WW II Manhattan Project
Wikipedia - Project Camelot
Wikipedia - Project Chanology -- Protest movement against the practices of the Church of Scientology
Wikipedia - Project charter
Wikipedia - Project Coast -- A 1980s top-secret chemical and biological weapons (CBW) program
Wikipedia - Project Connect
Wikipedia - Project cost management
Wikipedia - Project Cybersyn
Wikipedia - Project Cyclops
Wikipedia - Project Daedalus -- 1970's proposal for a large fusion powered unmanned interstellar probe
Wikipedia - Project Debater
Wikipedia - Project Denver
Wikipedia - Project diary
Wikipedia - Project Digits
Wikipedia - Project engineer
Wikipedia - Project Fi
Wikipedia - Project for Public Spaces
Wikipedia - Project Gemini
Wikipedia - Project Genie
Wikipedia - Project Genoa
Wikipedia - Project Genoa II
Wikipedia - Project Glass
Wikipedia - Project governance -- Management framework
Wikipedia - Project Gutenberg -- Online digital book library
Wikipedia - Project Gutenberg Australia
Wikipedia - Project Gutenberg Canada
Wikipedia - Project Highrise
Wikipedia - Project Hula -- operation to transfer US Navy vessels to the Soviet Union during WWII
Wikipedia - Projectile
Wikipedia - Projectile point
Wikipedia - Project Initiation Documentation
Wikipedia - Projection (alchemy)
Wikipedia - Projectional radiography -- Formation of 2D images using X-rays
Wikipedia - Projection augmented model
Wikipedia - Projection (linear algebra)
Wikipedia - Projection (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Projection pursuit
Wikipedia - Projection (relational algebra)
Wikipedia - Projective geometry
Wikipedia - Projective hierarchy -- descriptive set theory concept
Wikipedia - Projective identification
Wikipedia - Projective method
Wikipedia - Projective plane
Wikipedia - Projective representation
Wikipedia - Projective space -- Completion of the usual space with "points at infinity"
Wikipedia - Projective test
Wikipedia - Projectivism
Wikipedia - Project Joshua Blue
Wikipedia - Project Jupyter -- Nonprofit organization developing open-source software
Wikipedia - Project Longshot -- Design for a 400 tonne nuclear pulse propelled unmanned probe to reach and orbit Alpha Centauri
Wikipedia - Project Looking Glass
Wikipedia - Project MAC
Wikipedia - Project management -- Practice of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and criteria at a specified time
Wikipedia - Project Management Body of Knowledge
Wikipedia - Project management information system
Wikipedia - Project Management Institute
Wikipedia - Project management plan
Wikipedia - Project Management Professional
Wikipedia - Project management simulation
Wikipedia - Project management software
Wikipedia - Project management triangle
Wikipedia - Project manager
Wikipedia - Project MATCH
Wikipedia - Project Maven
Wikipedia - Project Mercury
Wikipedia - Project MINARET
Wikipedia - Project MKULTRA
Wikipedia - Project MKUltra -- CIA program experiments on human subjects
Wikipedia - Project Monterey -- 1990s UNIX coalition
Wikipedia - Project Mu
Wikipedia - Project MUSE -- Online database of journals and ebooks
Wikipedia - Project Nightingale
Wikipedia - Project Oberon
Wikipedia - Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies
Wikipedia - Projector -- Optical device that projects an image or moving images onto a surface
Wikipedia - Project Orion (nuclear propulsion) -- Nuclear explosion-powered spacecraft
Wikipedia - Project Oxygen
Wikipedia - Project Ozma -- 1960 SETI experiment
Wikipedia - Project Phoenix (SETI)
Wikipedia - Project Pigeon
Wikipedia - Project plan
Wikipedia - Project planning
Wikipedia - Project portfolio management
Wikipedia - Project Production Management
Wikipedia - Project production management
Wikipedia - Project risk management
Wikipedia - Project Serpo
Wikipedia - Project SHAMROCK -- Cold-War era US espionage exercise
Wikipedia - Project Shield
Wikipedia - Project Sign -- U.S. government study of UFOs
Wikipedia - Project Spitfire
Wikipedia - Project stakeholder
Wikipedia - Project stakeholders
Wikipedia - Project Starfighter -- 2001 video game
Wikipedia - Project Steve -- Humorous list of scientists named Steve who support evolution
Wikipedia - Project Sunroof
Wikipedia - Project Talent
Wikipedia - Project team -- Cross-functional team formed to complete a specific project
Wikipedia - Project Timescape
Wikipedia - Project Trillian
Wikipedia - Project Vanguard -- U.S. Navy satellite program
Wikipedia - Project Verona
Wikipedia - Project Whirlwind
Wikipedia - Project workforce management
Wikipedia - Project Xanadu
Wikipedia - Project Y -- Secret laboratory established by the Manhattan Project
Wikipedia - Project Zero
Wikipedia - Project Zero (Google)
Wikipedia - Psychological projection -- Psychological defense mechanism of blaming one's impulses, qualities and actions on others
Wikipedia - Ptolemy Project
Wikipedia - Public works -- Broad category of infrastructure projects, financed and constructed by the government
Wikipedia - QED project
Wikipedia - Qt Project -- Collaborative effort to develop the Qt software framework
Wikipedia - Quality control -- Project management process making sure produced products are good
Wikipedia - Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project
Wikipedia - Real projective plane -- A compact non-orientable two-dimensional manifold
Wikipedia - Real projective space
Wikipedia - Reflections Projections
Wikipedia - RepRap project
Wikipedia - Reproducibility Project
Wikipedia - Research project
Wikipedia - Resource (project management) -- In project management, resources are required to carry out the project tasks
Wikipedia - Retinal projection
Wikipedia - Rosetta Project -- Language preservation project
Wikipedia - R-Project
Wikipedia - S-50 (Manhattan Project) -- Manhattan Project uranium enrichment facility
Wikipedia - SAGE Project
Wikipedia - Sahara Sea -- Engineering project to flood parts of the Sahara Desert with sea water.
Wikipedia - Sakai Project
Wikipedia - Schedule (project management)
Wikipedia - Science > Environmental Policy Project
Wikipedia - Scope creep -- Continuous or uncontrolled growth in a project's scope, at any point after the project begins
Wikipedia - Scope (project management)
Wikipedia - SCP Foundation -- Online community web-based collaborative writing project
Wikipedia - SeaKeys -- Collaborative marine biodiversity project in South Africa
Wikipedia - Shadowsocks -- free and open-source encrypted proxy project
Wikipedia - Shield -- Item of armour carried to intercept attacks or projectiles
Wikipedia - Shpongle -- English psychedelic electronic music project
Wikipedia - Silverplate -- Code reference for the US Army Air Forces' role in the Manhattan Project
Wikipedia - Skunkworks project -- Type of research and development project.
Wikipedia - SLAM project
Wikipedia - Slide projector
Wikipedia - Small-scale project management
Wikipedia - Smyth Report -- First official account of the Manhattan Project
Wikipedia - Social projection
Wikipedia - Software project management
Wikipedia - Solid (web decentralization project)
Wikipedia - Soviet atomic bomb project
Wikipedia - Spear-thrower -- Tool to give more leverage when throwing a dart-like projectile
Wikipedia - Spiral project
Wikipedia - Spring project
Wikipedia - Stanford Exploration Project
Wikipedia - Stargate Project -- U.S. Army investigations of psychic phenomena
Wikipedia - Stereographic projection -- Particular mapping that projects a sphere onto a plane
Wikipedia - STIX Fonts project
Wikipedia - Stolperstein -- Project created by Gunter Demnig for honoring victims of Nazism
Wikipedia - Supernova Cosmology Project -- Cosmology group
Wikipedia - Supporting Healthy Marriage Project
Wikipedia - Talaria projector
Wikipedia - Tame Impala -- Australian psychedelic music project
Wikipedia - Tango Desktop Project
Wikipedia - Targeted projection pursuit
Wikipedia - Task (project management) -- Activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time
Wikipedia - Telecom Infra Project
Wikipedia - Template talk:Active Wiki Fixup Projects
Wikipedia - Template talk:BBC Computer Literacy Project
Wikipedia - Template talk:Manhattan Project
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Biography
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Buddhism
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Christianity
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Cognitive science
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Computer science
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Computing
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Footer
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Indexes
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Islam
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Lists
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Philosophy
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Poetry
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Psychology
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Religion
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Science
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Skepticism
Wikipedia - Template talk:WikiProject Tibet
Wikipedia - The Ada Project
Wikipedia - The Alan Parsons Project
Wikipedia - The Arcades Project
Wikipedia - The Blair Witch Project -- Film by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez
Wikipedia - The Bubble Project
Wikipedia - The Computer Language Benchmarks Game -- Free software project
Wikipedia - The Freesound Project
Wikipedia - The GNOME Project
Wikipedia - The GNU Project
Wikipedia - The Good Judgment Project
Wikipedia - The Guardian Project (comics)
Wikipedia - The Guardian Project (software)
Wikipedia - The Hunger Project
Wikipedia - The Leaf (AI) Project
Wikipedia - The Linux Documentation Project
Wikipedia - The Linux Schools Project
Wikipedia - The My Hero Project
Wikipedia - The Natural Edge Project
Wikipedia - Theo de Raadt -- Leader of the OpenBSD project
Wikipedia - Theoi Project
Wikipedia - The P.L.A.Y. Project
Wikipedia - The Slave Route Project
Wikipedia - The Spamhaus Project
Wikipedia - The Sphere College Project -- Adult school
Wikipedia - The Threshold HouseBoys Choir -- Musical project by Peter Christopherson
Wikipedia - The Tor Project -- Free and open-source software project for enabling anonymous communication
Wikipedia - The Tor Project, Inc
Wikipedia - The Trevor Project
Wikipedia - The Undoing Project
Wikipedia - The Universo Project
Wikipedia - The Venus Project
Wikipedia - The Wil Wheaton Project
Wikipedia - The Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Wikipedia - The Zeta Project -- American television series
Wikipedia - Timeline of project management
Wikipedia - Timeline of the far future -- Scientific projections regarding the far future
Wikipedia - Timeline of the Manhattan Project
Wikipedia - Tomographic reconstruction -- Estimate object properties from a finite number of projections
Wikipedia - Torrent Project
Wikipedia - TOVE Project
Wikipedia - Trailblazer Project
Wikipedia - Translation project
Wikipedia - Travis CI -- Continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub
Wikipedia - Tumbler (Project Xanadu)
Wikipedia - Turret -- small tower that projects vertically from a building's wall, often a fortification
Wikipedia - Two-dimensional space -- Geometric model of the planar projection of the physical universe
Wikipedia - Unicorn -- Legendary horse-like creature with a large horn projecting from forehead
Wikipedia - United Devices Cancer Research Project
Wikipedia - United States Navy Special Projects Office
Wikipedia - UV mapping -- The process of projecting a 2D image to a 3D model's surface for texture mapping
Wikipedia - Vassar Haiti Project
Wikipedia - Vector projection
Wikipedia - Venona project
Wikipedia - VLSI Project
Wikipedia - VLSI project
Wikipedia - Washington County Closed-Circuit Educational Television Project
Wikipedia - Web Standards Project
Wikipedia - Whitehead Research Project
Wikipedia - Wikifunctions -- Wikimedia Foundation project
Wikipedia - Wikimedia project
Wikipedia - Wikimedia projects
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Biography
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Christianity
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Computer science
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Computing
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Council
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Golf
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Islam
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Lists
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Logic
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Philosophy
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Philosophy/Article alerts
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Poetry
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Psychology
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Saints/Archive5
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Science
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Skepticism
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Spam
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Spirituality
Wikipedia - Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Tibet
Wikipedia - WikiProject -- Working groups on Wikimedia projects
Wikipedia - Wikisource -- Wikimedia project, an online digital library of free content textual sources on a wiki
Wikipedia - Wikispecies -- Wiki-based online project for Linnaean taxonomy
Wikipedia - William Blake Archive -- Digital Humanities project first created in 1994
Wikipedia - Winkel tripel projection -- Compromise map projection defined as the arithmetic mean of the equirectangular projection and the Aitoff projection
Wikipedia - Wizards Project
Wikipedia - Wolfram Demonstrations Project -- Organized and open-source collection of interactive programs representing ideas from a range of fields
Wikipedia - Wolfram Physics Project
Wikipedia - Women in Red -- WikiProject to address the systemic gender bias in Wikipedia
Wikipedia - Woodville Karst Plain Project -- A project and organization to map the underwater cave systems of the Woodville Karst Plain
Wikipedia - Works Projects Administration
Wikipedia - XITS font project
Wikipedia - Yocto Project
Wikipedia - Zihuatanejo Project
Wikipedia - Zone to Defend -- French sites occupied by citizens to resist development projects
Wikipedia - Zooniverse (citizen science project)
Wikipedia - Zveno project
The Powerpuff Girls (1998 - 2005) - The Powerpuff Girls, created by Craig McCracken, was originally conceived as the Whoopass Girls in McCracken's college animation project dating from 1992. In 1995, what would later become a full animated series was only a short featured in the Cartoon Network original series "What a Cartoon!" with d...
M.A.S.K. (1985 - 1987) - Basically... A group of Special Ops heros under the project named M.A.S.K. that all wear, you guessed it, masks. They ride in super hot tricked out vehicles (especially the red Camaro with the DeLorean doors that open up, enabling flight.) and saves the day from the evil organization called V.E.N....
Punky Brewster (1984 - 1988) - An abandoned waif and her dog are taken in by a cranky apartment manager who becomes her guardian in this family-friendly sitcom. This was a pet project of sorts for NBC programming head Brandon Tartikoff, who had a crush on a girl named Punky when he was young. (The dog on the show was named Brando...
The PJs (1999 - 2001) - The Emmy Award winning PJ's was the first primetime stop-motion series produced for television. Thurgood Stubbs lives with his wife Muriel in the housing project where he is the chief superintendent. The show, created by Eddie Murphy (who provides Stubbs' voice), follows the adventures of the Stubbs...
Quantum Leap (1989 - 1993) - Theorizing that one could time-travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett led an elite group of scientists into the desert to develop a top secret project known as Quantum Leap. Pressured to prove his theories or lose funding, Dr. Beckett prematurely stepped into the project accelerator... and...
Jem (1985 - 1988) - Jem & the Holograms. Jerrica Benton inherits half of her father's company, Starlight music. Eric Raymond has the other half. Eric wants to exploit Starlight topromote "The Misfits" Jerrica can't do anything until she discovers synergi. synergi is a computer her father invented. She projects lif...
Street Hawk (1985 - 1985) - When Jessie Mach is crippled after an assault by an old enemy, his position as motorcycle cop seems finished. That was before a computer technician named Tuttle recruits him for a special government project. He is to be the test pilot for the Street Hawk, an advanced motorcycle that carried tremendo...
Bionic Woman (1976 - 1978) - Starring Lindsay Wagner as Jamie Sommers. A retired pro tennis player turned Californian middle school teacher experiences a parachute failure and the accident renders her a tomato. The government takes the opportunity to turn her into a government project and replaces her most damaged limbs and p...
Project G.eeK.eR. (1996 - 1997) - Mister Moloch is the CEO of Moloch Industries, the giga-corporation which owns and operates most of the Earth (not to mention the moon, mars, and most of the more upscale parts of the asteroid belt). Moloch is one small step from world domination. And that's a step he's eager to take.
Babylon 5 (1994 - 1998) - It was the dawn of the third age of mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. The Babylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It's a port of call, home away from home for diplo...
Stargate SG-1 (1997 - 2007) - The story of a secret military project that uses an ancient device called the "Stargate" to explore the universe and fight evil aliens bent on destroying humanity.
Dead at 21 (1994 - 1994) - A secret government project put microchips in babies' brains, and they all grew up to be geniuses. Only problem is, the chips start to break down, causing intense dreams which slowly drive them mad, and none of the kids survives past their 21st birthday. Ed finds out about it on his 20th. Agent Wins...
The Osmonds (1972 - 1974) - Following the heels of the successful Jackson 5 cartoon, Rankin/Bass created another cartoon series based on another hit-making sibling group, The Osmonds. The show follows the family act (minus Marie) as they travel around the world as part of a musical people-to-people project set up by the U.S. M...
Phineas and Ferb (2007 - 2015) - Meet Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, two boys wanting to get the best out of their summer vacation. The boys always embark on a grand new project, which annoys their older sister Candace (who always tries to bust them and fails). Meanwhile, their pet platypus Perry secretly becomes Agent P, a spy t...
Victorious (2010 - 2013) - Tori Vega is a teenage girl who is accepted into Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school for talented teens. The show follows Tori and her friends as she finds her place within Hollywood Arts, completing school projects that usually involve musical and theatrical performances, and overcoming u...
You and Me, Kid (1983 - 1991) - You and Me, Kid was a television series that aired on The Disney Channel in 1983. It was hosted by Sonny Melendez. It helped parents and their kids with things such as exercising, fun projects, artwork, and fun stuff.
7 Days (1998 - 2001) - This TV science fiction action drama is based on the familiar fantasy notion: what if it were possible to go back and do it all over again, minus mistakes? Ex-CIA agent Frank Parker (Jonathan LaPaglia) is yanked from a mental institution and assigned to a top-secret project engineered from a Roswell...
Bimble's Bucket (1996 - 1998) - Cult CITV children's Animated Series from the mid 1990s. Created by Mike Jupp and Martin Gates Productions as a Spiritual Successor to their previous project The Dreamstone.
Dave the Barbarian (2004 - 2005) - Dave the Barbarian is an American animated television series created by Doug Langdale, co-creator of Project G.e.e.K.e.R., and creator of The Weekenders, that premiered on January 23, 2004. The show follows a barbarian named Dave, his sisters, uncle, talking sword, and pet dragon on their daily adve...
What A Cartoon! (1995 - 2002) - An American animation showcase series created by Fred Seibert for Hanna-Barbera Cartoons which aired on Cartoon Network. The project consisted of 79 short cartoons, many of which became hit shows for Cartoon Network including Johnny Bravo, The PowerPuff Girls, Courage The Cowardly Dog, and the Seth...
Adventures in Odyssey (1991 - 2003) - Based from Christian Radio Drama and Comedy series created by Focus on the Family. The first Adventures in Odyssey video was released in 1991. This series was created following the success of Focus on the Family's involvement in Tyndale House's video project, McGee and Me. Originally, the Odyssey vi...
The Zeta Project (2001 - 2003) - A short-lived Kids' WB series from the team behind Batman Beyond.
Alam Simsim (2000 - Current) - an Arabic language Egyptian-made adaptation of the format used in the children's television series Sesame Street. Alam Simsim is Arabic for "Sesame World".The show, funded by the U.S. Government's U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is a cooperative project between Egypt's Al Karma Ed...
Ghost Hound (2007 - 2008) - is an anime television series, created by Production I.G and Masamune Shirow, noted for being the creator of the Ghost in the Shell series.[2] The original concept and design was first developed by Shirow in 1987.[3] It is Production I.G's 20th anniversary project and was first announced at the 2007...
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (2016 - 2017) - an American action comedy animated series created by Ian Jones-Quartey for Cartoon Network.The show is based on Jones-Quartey's pilot Lakewood Plaza Turbo, which was released as part of Cartoon Network's 2013 Summer Shorts project. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The web series premiered...
Godannar (2003 - 2004) - Shinkon Gattai Gdan'n!!, sold as Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!! in North America) is an anime series created by Yasuchika Nagaoka, Anime International Company and Project Godannar, which consists of IMAGICA Entertainment, Taki Corporation, KlockWorx, NTT Data Contents Planing, Sojitz and Orient...
Yurikuma Arashi (2015 - Current) - lit. "Lily Bear Storm"[2][3]) is a Japanese yuri anime television series produced by Silver Link and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. The series was first announced via a website in August 2012, where it was referred to as the "Kunihiko Ikuhara/Penguinbear Project." The series first aired in Japan betw...
Valkyria Chronicles (2009 - 2011) - The anime adaptation of the first game premiered on April 4, 2009[16] and was produced by Aniplex's A-1 Pictures.[17][18] The series was directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto[19] and written by Michiko Yokote under the Project Valkyria Group.[19] Valkyria Chronicles was aired on Animax, Tokyo MX, MBS, CBC,...
Strike Witches (2008 - 2019) - (Japanese: Hepburn: Sutoraiku Witchzu) is a mixed-media project originally created by Fumikane Shimada via a series of magazine illustration columns. The franchise has since been adapted into several light novel, manga, and anime series and various video games. The series revolves aroun...
SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden (2019 - Current) - an upcoming Japanese media project by Sunrise and Bandai Spirits and a reboot of the BB Senshi Sangokuden franchise, based on the long-running Gundam media franchise.[1] Created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gundam,[2] it is also loosely based on the Chinese historical novel Romance of the Th...
Jetter Mars (1977 - Current) - an anime series directed by Rintaro and written by Osamu Tezuka. Originally planned by Tezuka as a full-color remake of the original anime adaptation of his popular manga series Astro Boy, unfavorable circumstances during the pre-production phase of the project led him to abandon it temporarily and...
Beyond the Boundary (2013 - 2014) - Hepburn: Kykai no Kanata. An anime television series adaptation, produced by Kyoto Animation, aired in Japan between October and December 2013. An original video animation episode was released in July 2014. A two-part anime film project premiered in March and April 2015.One day, high school student...
Magical Project S (1996 - 1997) - a 26-episode anime television series produced by AIC and Pioneer LDC. It is based on the Pretty Sammy character and the OVA series.The series was released in the United States on VHS in 1999 and on DVD in 2002, only in a subtitled format. All instances of the word, "Sexy", were changed into "Lovely"...
Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! (2007 - Current) - often shortened to Manabi Straight!) is a Japanese multimedia project co-developed by the animation studio Ufotable and MediaWorks. The project revolves around a group of high school girls in the year 2035 when the birth rate has dropped dramatically. It launched in August 2004 in MediaWorks' Dengek...
Hime-chan's Ribbon (1992 - 1993) - a 61 episode anime series, produced by Studio Gallop, that aired from October 2, 1992 to December 3, 1993. Hajime Watanabe's first project as a character designer was with Hime-chan no Ribbon. The manga series was collected into ten volumes in Japan, where it received a full anime DVD release.[1] A...
DD Fist of the North Star (2013) (2013 - 2013) - It's a special project commemorating the 30th anniversary of Hokuto no Ken.
Hometime (1986 - 2016) - Hometime is a how-to show on PBS demonstrating both do-it-yourself and contractor preformed projects ranging from simple weekend projects to the building or remodeling of entire houses. The show has always been hosted by contractor Dean Johnson who had a series of co-hosts throughout the show's run,...
El Hazard: The Wanderers (1995 - 1996) - High school science-whiz Makoto Mizuhara is working on his newest project in preparation for the school festival, alongside his best friend Nanami Jinnai. Nanami's brother and Makoto's lifelong rival, the unscrupulous student council president Katsuhiko Jinnai, is under scrutiny for mishandling the...
The Blair Witch Project(1999) - Combining Hi-8 video with black and white 16mm film, this film presents a raw look at what can happen when college students forego common sense and enter the world of voodoo and witchcraft. Presented as a straight-forward documentary, the film opens with a title card explaining that in 1994, three s...
Hellraiser II: Hellbound(1988) - Horror fantasist Clive Barker, director of the original Hellraiser, maintained creative control over this worthy sequel as Executive Producer, but was unable to occupy the director's chair due to his involvement on other projects. His creative touch is still quite evident here, as the original film'...
Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning(1985) - After a few years in the Unger Institute for Mental Health Tommy Jarvis is deemed fit to be a part of an experimental social project for mentally ill teens. It is a camp where their freedoms are more open and they are trained to re enter society by partaking in a family setting. But Tommy is still s...
Remote(1993) - This lively children's comedy centers upon a 13-year-old electronic whiz with a knack for building clever remote control gadgets. Young Randy gets into big trouble after one of his inventions destroys his buddy's science project. Afterward, his parents attempt to get him to find other interests. Its...
Project X(1987) - A young inductee into the military is given the task of looking after some chimpanzees used in the mysterious "Project X". Getting to know the chimps fairly well, he begins to suspect there is more to the secret project than he is being told
I'm Bout It(1997) - Rapper and underground hip-hop mogul Master P made his film debut with this low-budget drama shot on the mean streets of New Orleans, LA. Perry McKnight (Master P) grew up in a run-down housing project in the Crescent City, where as a boy he began working as a drug runner for Friendly (Moon Jones),...
Project: ALF(1996) - Six years ago, the space alien, ALF, was on his way back to his new home...When the Alien Task Force finally caught him. Now, the story continues to where the series ended. ALF is now protected by the Alien Task Force, but the leader wants to terminate ALF. So two officers decide to save ALF by taki...
The Towering Inferno(1974) - Doug Roberts (Paul Newman) is chief architect for Duncan Enterprises, an architectural firm specializing in skyscrappers. Their greatest project, the Glass Tower, is 1,800 feet high and set for dedication in San Francisco, and a lavish ceremony is scheduled to include Mayor Robert Ramsey (Jack Coll...
Chain Reaction(1996) - Two researchers in a green alternative energy project are put on the run when they are framed for murder and treason.
Corvette Summer(1978) - Ken loves to design and build exotic cars. When the High School shop class project car, a fully tricked out dream Corvette, is stolen, he begins searching for it. His search leads him to Las Vegas, where Vanessa, a teenaged prostitute wannabe, helps him try to track it down.
Colossus: The Forbin Project(1970) - "We built a super computer with a mind of its own and now we must fight it for the world
Honkey Tonk Freeway(1981) - Ticlaw, a small town in Florida, has only one attraction: a safari park. The government constructs a freeway that passes near Ticlaw, but decides not to put an exit into the town. The people of Ticlaw, leaded by it's Mayor, will do anything in order to convince the governor to alter the project.
2012(2009) - Jackson Curtis is a science-fiction writer that works as a part-time limousine driver for a Russian billionaire. A friend of his explains the theory of polar shift, which is due to occur, and the resulting cataclysm it will cause. They find out about a project to build arks so that the humans have a...
My Science Project(1985) - Michael and Ellie break into a military junkyard to find a science project for Michael's class, and discover a strange glowing orb which absorbs electricity. When the orb begins to blend past, present, and future, its up to Michael and Ellie to stop the orb and save mankind.
Sleeper(1973) - Miles Monroe is awakened 200 years from a cryogenic sleep and used as an agaent to infiltrate the government and find out the secret behind something called The Aires Project. He meets a women named Luna (played by Diane Keaton) who is at first frightened of him, but soon begins to trust him and eve...
Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business(1998) - This action-packed second sequel to The Universal Soldier has the title character and his lady friend searching for the doctor who possesses the information they need to expose the CIA's sinister Soldier Project to the public. Meanwhile, the two are stalked by a man who must kill them both before he...
The Bogus Witch Project(1999) - In the spring of 1999, two filmmakers entered the Maryland woods to shoot a mock-documentary called The Blair Witch Project. It quickly became one of the most profitable independent films of all times. A number of other filmmakers soon followed the original filmmakers into the woods, creating a numb...
Project: Shadowchaser 2(1994) - A renegade android and his group of terrorists takes over a private nuclear base and threatens to bomb Washington DC in this action movie, the sequel of 1991's Project: Shadowchaser. The android stages his take-over during Christmas after the President ordered the base to disarm it's arsenal. It is...
Project: Shadowchaser(1992) - In this exciting sci-fi thriller, a newly designed and extremely expensive android with plenty of strength but neither emotions nor a conscience busts out of a secret government lab and ends up in the hands of terrorists who commandeer the top story of a hospital and hold the daughter of the Preside...
Project: Eliminator(1991) - In this action thriller, Dr. Markson is a scientist working in weapons technology research, but he has grown disillusioned with his employers and the corruption within the defense industry so much so that he chooses to destroy his latest creation, a laser weapon employing state-of-the-art arti...
Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault(1999) - Marc Roper's action film Operation Delta Force IV: Deep Fault finds the heroic Delta Force attempting to recover scientists who have been kidnapped. During the mission, however, they learn of Project Zeus, and now must risk their lives before Zeus destroys the planet. The cast includes Justin Willia...
Puppet Master 4(1993) - A young scientist working on an artificial intelligence project is the target of strange gremlin-like creatures, who are out to kill him and thus terminate his research. By coincidence, in one of the rooms he uses, there's a mysterious case containing the puppets of the "puppet master". When the pup...
Babylon 5: The Gathering(1993) - This TV movie is the pilot for the "Babylon 5" TV series. Set on a space station in the late 23rd Century, Babylon 5 is a centre of diplomacy and trade, in neutral space located between many rival space empires. The project's success, already shaky, is put further in doubt when incoming Commander Je...
The Projectionist(1971) - A projectionist bored with his everyday life begins fantasizing about his being one of the superheroes he sees in the movies he shows. Clown Chuck McCann plays the title role..the film also features Rodney Dangerfield.
The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper(1981) - Treat Williams plays the famed hijacker who escaped a plane with thousands of dollars on his person, while Robert Duvall plays Gruen, the man tracking him down, in this movie that projects what happened to Cooper once he bailed.
The Emerald Forest(1985) - An engineer is working on a dam project in brazil, during a picnic with his family he loses his 7 year old son Tommy. He starts a tiring search that lasts 10 years.
Of Unknown Origin(1983) - Businessman Bart Hughes stay home alone when his family goes on vacation to work on a big project that will get him a promotion at work. However one night he finds out he has a over-sized rat that has invaded his home. He becomes obsessive on killing the rodent studying everything there is to know a...
Dreamscape(1984) - Alex Gardner is a down on his luck psychic whogambles . After a run in with a gangster named Sneed,Gardner joins his former mentor Dr. Paul Novotny for a university project:a way to project the minds of certain individuals into the dreams of others.He uses this gift to help those troubled by disturb...
Project A(1983) - In late 19th Century Hong Kong the British may rule the land, but the pirates rule the waters. Reluctantly, the Coast Guard is given money to fight these pirates, but the pirates themselves have many contacts (that is, bribed officials) in the government, and seek to thwart the Coast Guard's efforts...
Naked in New York(1993) - The sponsorship of noted filmmaker Martin Scorsese helped the novice filmmakers making this film get it produced and receive mainstream distribution. In addition, it features a vast number of appearances by well-known performers, who took an interest in the project, taking union minimum pay. In the...
Lockdown(2000) - prison drama centering on the travails of three friends unjustly imprisoned for a crime they didn't commit, Lockdown opens with Avery (Richard T. Jones), a talented young swimmer who desperately wants to free himself, his wife Krista (Melissa De Sousa), and their infant son from life in the project...
Jem: the movie(1985) - Jerrica Benton is the owner of Starlight Music and the Starlight Foundation, which is a foster home for young girls. But by using her earrings to project a holographic image over herself, she is transformed into her alter ego Jem, the lead singer for the successful music group, Jem and the Holograms...
It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown(1976) - To celebrate Arbor Day, the gang decide to do a great gardening project for Charlie Brown. Unfortunately, Charlie Brown learns that they did it in his baseball diamond, turning it in to a lush garden. With no alternative, he is forced to play against Peppermint Patty's team in that field. However, t...
Blondie and Dagwood: Second Wedding Workout(1989) - Blondie and Dagwood's 20th anniversary is coming up, and Dagwood has two conflicting projects: a renovation project on a building and his 20-year vow renewal. Everyone pitches in to work, but will everything turn out well in the end? The answer is revealed during their wedding!
Tom & Jerry: The Magic Ring(2002) - Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring is a 2002 animated direct-to-video film starring Tom and Jerry. This was the first made-for-video attempt to recapture the style of Hanna and Barbera's original film shorts. Also, it was the final project and the last Tom and Jerry production to be executive produced by...
Arthur Christmas(2011) - Arthur Christmas is a 2011 British-American 3D computer animated Christmas comedy film, produced by Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures Animation as their first collaborative project. The film was released on November 11, 2011 in the UK, and on November 23, 2011 in th
The Wolfpack(2015) - Confined in an apartment from a New York housing project, the six Angulo brothers learned everything they know about the world through watching films and spend their time reenacting their favorite movies with intricate homemade costumes.
Cinema Paradiso(1988) - A filmmaker recalls his childhood when falling in love with the pictures at the cinema of his home village and forms a deep friendship with the cinema's projectionist.
Patlabor: The Movie(1989) - The year is 1999 and Tokyos Mobile Police have a new weapon in the war on crimeadvanced robots called Labors are used to combat criminals who would use the new technology for illegal means. The suicide of a mysterious man on the massive Babylon Project construction site sets off a cascade of event...
The Manhattan Project(1986) - A teen and his girlfriend make an atomic bomb with plutonium stolen from a scientist dating his mother.
Sherlock Jr.(1924) - A kindly movie projectionist (Buster Keaton) longs to be a detective. When his fiance (Kathryn McGuire) is robbed by a local thief (Ward Crane), the poor projectionist is framed for the crime. Using his amateur detective skills, the projectionist follows the thief to the train station -- only to fi...
You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown(1972) - Sally seems to have a problem at school, she is too small to reach her locker, and is too frustrated about it to go back to school. With her show-and-tell project stuck inside, Sally decides to use Charlie Brown as her project. After an embarrassing ordeal for him, he notices that student body elect...
Clockstoppers(2002) - The NSA-funded QT(Quantum Tech) Corporation has developed a new project for hyper-time, by slowing down the user's molecules to the point where time appears to stand still to them. It turns out the project is further along than first believed, and QT's leader Henry Gates plans to use it for world do...
Jetsons: The Movie(1990) - In the late 21st century, Spacely Sprockets and Spindles has opened a new mining colony on an asteroid. The proposed project is meant to produce product at 1/10 the cost of making the items on Earth. However, the factory continues to be sabotaged by someone or something. As Cosmo Spacely (voiced by...
Titan A.E.(2000) - In the year 3028. an energy based species of aliens known as the Drej attack and destroy Earth. Professor Sam Tucker is leader of the Titan Project sends his son Cale with a ring and puts him on one of th evacuation ships. Sam also escape with the ship known as the Titan as the Earth is destroyed....
Captain America: The First Avenger(2011) - After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending the USA's ideals.
The Mummy's Curse(1944) - An irrigation project in the rural bayous of Louisiana unearths Kharis the living mummy (Lon Chaney Jr.), who was buried in quicksand 25 years earlier.
The Internecine Project(1974) - Former secret agent Robert Elliot will be promoted to government adviser. In order to make sure no one will ever know about his dirty past, he has invented a very ingenious plan to get rid of his four helpers: he gets them all to unknowingly kill each other in the course of a single night.
Project Moon Base(1953) - A saboteur posing as a scientist strives to destroy the world's first space station.
Project Ninja Daredevils(1986) - Two brothers, Warren and David, try to defeat the evil forger who is making their lives a misery.
Death Machine(1994) - Chaank Armaments is experimenting with the ultimate fighting machine which is part human - part machine. So far, the Hardman project has been unreliable and has killed a number of innocent people. The genius behind this project is Jack who lives in a world of models, toys and magazines. When he is f...
Shadowzone(1990) - After someone is killed in the subterranean project called "Shadowzone," a NASA captain is called in to investigate. In the project, sleeping subjects are induced into a deep EDS state whereby they become portals to a parallel universe. Unfortunately this causes adverse reactions in the subject, and...
Shredderman Rules(2007) - Devon Werkheiser plays Nolan Byrd, an 8th grader who, along with many other kids, is bullied by Bubba Bixby (Andrew Caldwell) When his teacher, Mr. Green (Tim Meadows) announces that he wants his class to do a multimedia project, Nolan decides to do his project on Bubba. Nolan goes undercover, spies...
Alexandra's Project(2003) - A husband who hasn't been especially attentive to his wife comes home from work one day to find his wife and their two children gone, the house in darkness and a video that his wife made waiting for him...
Southland Tales(2006) - During a three day heat wave just before a huge 4th of July celebration, an action star stricken with amnesia meets up with a porn star who is developing her own reality TV project, and a policeman who holds the key to a vast conspiracy.
Brass Target(1978) - This American post-World War II suspense film, based on the novel The Algonquin Project by Frederick Nolan.
Blast Off!(1967) - In Victorian England, an American showman uses a wealthy Frenchman's finances to build a German explosives expert's giant cannon designed to fire a people-filled projectile to the Moon but spies and saboteurs endanger the project.
J. Edgar(2011) - As head of the FBI for nearly 50 years, J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) becomes one of America's most-powerful men. Serving through eight presidents and three wars, Hoover utilizes methods both ruthless and heroic to keep his country safe. Projecting a guarded persona in public and in private, h...
Pokmon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram(2011) - A Pikachu the Movie project with Reshiram
Pokmon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom(2011) - A Pikachu the Movie project with Zekrom.
Goodreads author - Icarus_Project
Goodreads author - Project_Itoh -- -- Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen -- Action, Cars, Sports, Drama, Seinen -- Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Super Power -- Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Super Power -- Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Super Power -- Music, Fantasy -- Action, Martial Arts, Super Power -- Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Super Power, School -- Music, Slice of Life, School -- Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Drama, Mecha -- Music, School, Slice of Life -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Comedy -- Action, Mecha -- Music, Shoujo -- Music, Shoujo -- Music, Slice of Life, School -- Action, Super Power -- Drama, Music -- Sci-Fi, Harem, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, Shounen -- Fantasy, Magic
Alexandra's Project (2003) ::: 6.5/10 -- Unrated | 1h 43min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 19 December 2003 (USA) -- A regular suburban family man comes home from work on his birthday to find a deserted house and a videotape waiting to be played... Director: Rolf de Heer Writer: Rolf de Heer
Clockers (1995) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 2h 8min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 13 September 1995 (USA) -- Young drug pushers in the projects of Brooklyn live hard dangerous lives, trapped between their drug bosses and the detectives out to stop them. Director: Spike Lee Writers:
Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) ::: 7.1/10 -- M | 1h 40min | Sci-Fi, Thriller | 8 April 1970 (USA) -- Thinking this will prevent war, the US government gives an impenetrable supercomputer total control over launching nuclear missiles. But what the computer does with the power is unimaginable to its creators. Director: Joseph Sargent Writers:
Dark Angel ::: TV-14 | 1h | Action, Drama, Mystery | TV Series (20002002) A group of genetically-enhanced children escape from a lab project. Years later we meet Max, one of the escapees who now works for a
Dark Angel ::: TV-14 | 1h | Action, Drama, Mystery | TV Series (20002002) A group of genetically-enhanced children escape from a lab project. Years later we meet Max, one of the escapees who now works for a messenger service in the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. Creators: James Cameron, Charles H. Eglee Stars:
Director: ::: Untitled Labyrinth Project -- Scott Derrickson -- Writer: Maggie Levin (screenplay) [u4ZG4O9Kh-h0yDb.png] View production, box office, & company info [mGkoj7mMfYpKOdk.png] Add to Watchlist Child Stars, Then and Now [MV5BNzcyOGU0OWEtYzJiNC00OGY2LWE4MDktYTJjZDI5YmYyY2JhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMT
Down in the Valley (2005) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 54min | Drama, Romance, Thriller | 9 December 2005 (Sweden) -- Set in the present-day San Fernando Valley, the project revolves around a delusional man who believes he's a cowboy and the relationship that he starts with a rebellious young woman. Director: David Jacobson Writer:
Entourage (2015) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 1h 44min | Comedy, Drama | 3 June 2015 (USA) -- Movie star Vincent Chase, together with his boys Eric, Turtle, and Johnny, are back - and back in business with super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold on a risky project that will serve as Vince's directorial debut. Director: Doug Ellin Writers:
Extreme Engineering ::: 50min | Documentary | TV Series (2003- ) Episode Guide 77 episodes Extreme Engineering Poster Each episode of Extreme Engineering features a major construction and engineering project. Some projects are completed ones, like the new Hong Kong airport. Other projects are those under ... S Stars: Danny Forster, Joseph Giotta, Larc Spies Available on Amazon
Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 7min | Biography, Drama, History | 20 October 1989 (USA) -- This film reenacts the Manhattan Project, the secret wartime project in New Mexico where the first atomic bombs were designed and built. Director: Roland Joff Writers: Bruce Robinson (story), Bruce Robinson (screenplay) | 1 more credit
Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy (1994) ::: 7.6/10 -- La cit de la peur (original title) -- Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy Poster -- A second-class horror movie has to be shown at Cannes Film Festival, but, before each screening, the projectionist is killed by a mysterious fellow, with hammer and sickle, just as it happens in the film to be shown. Director: Alain Berbrian
Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) ::: 6.4/10 -- Gojira: Fainaru uzu (original title) -- Godzilla: Final Wars Poster -- Godzilla's fiftieth Anniversary project, in which Godzilla travels around the world to fight his old foes and his allies plus a new, mysterious monster named Monster X. Directors: Ryhei Kitamura, Koji Hashimoto (uncredited) | 6 more credits Writers:
Hardball (2001) ::: 6.4/10 -- Hard Ball (original title) -- Hardball Poster -- An aimless young man who is scalping tickets, gambling, and drinking, agrees to coach a Little League team from the Cabrini Green housing project in Chicago as a condition of getting a loan from a friend. Director: Brian Robbins Writers:
I Love Dick ::: TV-MA | 32min | Comedy | TV Series (20162017) -- In an arty Texas town in the desert a woman becomes obsessed with a colleague of her husband's and creates an art project around it, a series of letters that start "Dear Dick..." Creators:
Key and Peele ::: TV-14 | 30min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | TV Series (2012-2015) Episode Guide 55 episodes Key and Peele Poster -- Project sees Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in front of a live studio audience bantering about a topic weaved between filmed shorts and sketches. Creators:
Key and Peele ::: TV-14 | 30min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | TV Series (20122015) -- Project sees Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in front of a live studio audience bantering about a topic weaved between filmed shorts and sketches. Creators:
Kings of the Road (1976) ::: 7.8/10 -- Im Lauf der Zeit (original title) -- Kings of the Road Poster -- A traveling projection-equipment mechanic works in Western Germany along the East-German border, visiting worn-out theatres. He meets with a depressed young man whose marriage has just broken up, and the two decide to travel together. Director: Wim Wenders
Madeline's Madeline (2018) ::: 6.4/10 -- Unrated | 1h 33min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 10 August 2018 (USA) -- A theatre director's latest project takes on a life of its own when her young star takes her performance too seriously. Director: Josephine Decker Writers: Josephine Decker, Gail Segal (story consultant) | 3 more credits
Manhattan ::: TV-14 | 55min | Drama, History, War | TV Series (20142015) -- In 1943, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, a team of government scientists is working on the top secret Manhattan Project in a race to produce an atomic bomb before the Nazis. Meanwhile, their families adjust to a life on the military base. Creator:
NCIS: Los Angeles ::: TV-14 | 43min | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2009 ) -- The Naval Criminal Investigation Service's Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack cases in LA. Key agents are G. Callen and Sam Hanna, streets kids risen through the ranks. Creator:
Parks and Recreation ::: TV-14 | 22min | Comedy | TV Series (20092020) -- The absurd antics of an Indiana town's public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place. Creators: Greg Daniels, Michael Schur
Project A (1983) ::: 7.4/10 -- A gai waak (original title) -- Project A Poster -- Fighting against pirates at the turn of the 20th century, the Hong Kong navy are failing miserably. It's up to Sergeant Lung (Jackie Chan) to take matters into his own hands. Directors: Jackie Chan, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung (uncredited) Writers:
Project Almanac (2015) ::: 6.4/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 46min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi | 30 January 2015 (USA) -- A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control. Director: Dean Israelite Writers: Jason Pagan (as Jason Harry Pagan), Andrew Deutschman
Project Blue Book ::: TV-14 | 45min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi | TV Series (20192020) -- A tough US Air Force officer and a skeptical scientist investigate UFO and alien conspiracies as Cold War paranoia spreads. Creator: David O'Leary
Project Gutenberg (2018) ::: 6.9/10 -- Mou seung (original title) -- Project Gutenberg Poster -- The Hong Kong police are hunting a counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind code-named "Painter". In order to crack the true identity of him, the police recruits gang member Lee Man to unmask "Painter's" secret identity. Director: Felix Chong
Project Runway ::: TV-PG | 1h | Game-Show, Reality-TV | TV Series (2004 ) -- Aspiring fashion designers compete for a chance to break into the industry in this reality competition. Each week, a designer is eliminated from the competition after exhibiting their work in front of a judges' panel. Stars:
Project X (2012) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 1h 28min | Comedy | 2 March 2012 (USA) -- 3 high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads. Director: Nima Nourizadeh Writers:
Quatermass 2 (1957) ::: 6.9/10 -- Approved | 1h 25min | Sci-Fi, Horror | September 1957 (USA) -- Professor Quatermass, trying to gather support for his Lunar colonisation project, is intrigued by mysterious traces that have been showing up. Director: Val Guest Writers:
Real Genius (1985) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG | 1h 48min | Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi | 7 August 1985 (USA) -- Teenage geniuses deal with their abilities while developing a high-powered laser for a university project. When their professor intends to turn their work into a military weapon, they decide to ruin his plans. Director: Martha Coolidge Writers:
Sherlock Jr. (1924) ::: 8.2/10 -- Passed | 45min | Action, Comedy, Romance | 11 May 1924 (USA) -- A film projectionist longs to be a detective, and puts his meagre skills to work when he is framed by a rival for stealing his girlfriend's father's pocketwatch. Director: Buster Keaton Writers:
That's What I Am (2011) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG | 1h 41min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 29 April 2011 (USA) -- In 1965, 13 y.o. paperboy Andy is paired up with a geek on a project in the popular junior high teacher's class. Andy learns and grows from it. Director: Michael Pavone (as Mike Pavone) Writer: Michael Pavone (as Mike Pavone)
The Beautiful Troublemaker (1991) ::: 7.6/10 -- La Belle Noiseuse (original title) -- The Beautiful Troublemaker Poster -- The former famous painter Frenhofer revisits an abandoned project using the girlfriend of a young visiting artist. Questions about truth, life, and artistic limits are explored. Director: Jacques Rivette Writers:
The Blair Witch Project (1999) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 21min | Horror, Mystery | 30 July 1999 (USA) -- Three film students vanish after traveling into a Maryland forest to film a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend, leaving only their footage behind. Directors: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Snchez (as Eduardo Sanchez) Writers:
The Blair Witch Project (1999) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 21min | Horror, Mystery | 30 July 1999 (USA) -- Three film students vanish after traveling into a Maryland forest to film a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend, leaving only their footage behind.
The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971) ::: 6.7/10 -- Il gatto a nove code (original title) -- The Cat o' Nine Tails Poster A newspaper reporter and a retired, blind journalist try to solve a series of killings connected to a pharmaceutical company's experimental, top-secret research projects and in so doing, both become targets of the killer. Director: Dario Argento Writers: Dario Argento (based on a story by), Luigi Cozzi (based on a story by)
The Florida Project (2017) ::: 7.6/10 -- R | 1h 51min | Drama | 10 November 2017 (UK) -- Set over one summer, the film follows precocious six-year-old Moonee as she courts mischief and adventure with her ragtag playmates and bonds with her rebellious but caring mother, all while living in the shadows of Walt Disney World. Director: Sean Baker Writers:
The Intouchables (2011) ::: 8.5/10 -- Intouchables (original title) -- The Intouchables Poster -- After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caregiver. Directors: Olivier Nakache, ric Toledano Writers:
The Laramie Project (2002) ::: 7.1/10 -- TV-14 | 1h 37min | Crime, Drama, History | TV Movie 9 March 2002 -- The true story of an American town in the wake of the murder of Matthew Shepard. Director: Moiss Kaufman Writers: Moiss Kaufman (play), Moiss Kaufman (screenplay) | 20 more credits
The Mindy Project ::: TV-14 | 30min | Comedy | TV Series (20122017) -- A young Ob/Gyn doctor balances her personal and professional life, surrounded by quirky co-workers in a small office. Creator: Mindy Kaling
The Monster Project (2017) ::: 4.5/10 -- 1h 39min | Action, Fantasy, Horror | 18 August 2017 (USA) -- A recovering drug addict takes a job with a documentary crew who plans to interview three subjects who claim to be real life monsters. Director: Victor Mathieu Writers: Corbin Billings (screenplay by), Shariya Lynn (screenplay by) | 3 more
The PJs ::: TV-14 | 30min | Animation, Comedy | TV Series (19992001) The lives of occupants of an inner-city housing project. Creators: Eddie Murphy, Steve Tompkins, Larry Wilmore Stars: Loretta Devine, Ja'net DuBois, Michele Morgan
Treadstone ::: TV-MA | 44min | Action | TV Series (2019) -- The Treadstone project, having created super spy Jason Bourne, turns its attention on a new protocol to develop unstoppable superhuman assassins. Creator:
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