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The Principia Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
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Mathadhipati (Sanskrit) Maṭhādhipati [from maṭha a seat of learning, instruction, or training + adhipati chief or ruler] The head or chief of a center of mystical instruction and training; hence also the principal of a college.

Mathakasa: Space bounded by a temple or a house or a room.

Matha (Sanskrit) Maṭha A seat of learning or instruction and training, especially for young Brahmins; or occasionally a temple. Also a hut or cottage, particularly of an ascetic, as a center of mystical training.

Mathcad ::: A symbolic mathematics environment.

A {symbolic mathematics} environment.

A popular {symbolic mathematics} and
graphics system, developed in 1988 by Stephen Wolfram and sold
by {Wolfram Research}. The language emphasises rules and
{pattern-matching}. The name was suggested by {Steve Jobs}.
{Stanford FTP (}, {NCSA FTP
Mailing list:
{Usenet} newsgroup: {news:comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica}.
["Mathematica: A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer",
Stephen Wolfram, A-W 1988].

Mathematical Analysis without Programming
(MAP) An On-line system for mathematics under {CTSS}.
[Sammet 1969, p. 240].

Mathematical Analysis without Programming ::: (MAP) An On-line system for mathematics under CTSS.[Sammet 1969, p. 240]. (1995-02-10)

Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator and Computer
(MANIAC, Or "Mathematical Analyzer, Numerator,
Integrator, and Computer") An early computer, built for the {Los
Alamos Scientific Laboratory}. MANIAC began operation in March
1952. Typical of early computers, it ran its own propriatery
language. It was succeeded by {MANIAC II} in 1957. A {MANIAC
III} was built at the University of Chicago in 1964.
Contrary to legend, MANIAC did not run {MAD} ({Michigan Algorithm
Decoder}), which was not invented until 1959.

Mathematical Point. See POINT; PRIMORDIAL POINT

Mathematica ::: (tool, mathematics) A popular symbolic mathematics and graphics system, developed in 1988 by Stephen Wolfram and sold by Wolfram Research. The language emphasises rules and pattern-matching. The name was suggested by Steve Jobs. . .Mailing list: Usenet newsgroup: comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica.[Mathematica: A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer, Stephen Wolfram, A-W 1988]. (1995-05-01)

Mathematics in Recognizable Form Automatically Compiled
(MIRFAC) An early interactive system resembling
{BASIC} using typewriter output with special mathematical
[Sammet 1969, pp. 281-284].

Mathematics in Recognizable Form Automatically Compiled ::: (language) (MIRFAC) An early interactive system resembling BASIC using typewriter output with special mathematical symbols.[Sammet 1969, pp. 281-284]. (1997-08-01)

Mathematics: The traditional definition of mathematics as "the science of quantity" or "the science of discrete and continuous magnitude" is today inadequate, in that modern mathematics, while clearly in some sense a single connected whole, includes many branches which do not come under this head. Contemporary accounts of the nature of mathematics tend to characterize it rather by its method than by its subject matter.

Mathers. [Rf. Westcott, The Study of the Kabalah,

Mathers, S. L. MacGregor (ed.). The Almadel of Solomon

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon; also the

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon, p. 112, and

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon, p. 63. In

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon, p. 80.]

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon .]

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.]

Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon .] Yahel is also

Mathers, The Kabbalah Unveiled.] In the tables

Mathers was published in London, 1887, by George

Mathey, then the presiding spirit is Sammael.

Math fab Mathonwy was a famous enchanter; in the mabinogi he is the teacher of Gwydion. Men are “enchanted by Math before” they “become immortal,” then by Gwydion the Initiator.

Mathiel— in de Abano, The Heptameron,

Mathiel is an angel serving in the 5th Heaven. He

A {JavaScript} {library} for rendering
{mathematical symbols} in {web browsers} using {CSS} with {web
fonts} or {SVG}. Input can be in {MathML}, {TeX} or
{MathJax Home (}.

Mathlai is a resident of the 2nd Heaven, and in¬

Mathlai —one of the spirits of the planet

Mathurā. [alt. Madhurā] (T. Bcom rlag; C. Motouluo; J. Machūra; K. Mat’ura 摩偸羅). North central Indian city on the Yamunā River, located approximately thirty miles (fifty kms.) north of Agra, and renowned as the birthplace of Kṛṣṇa. During the time of the Buddha, it was the capital of Śurasena and was ruled by King Avantiputra. The Buddha seems to have visited the city but did not preach there. Indeed, he seems to have disliked it; in the Madhurasutta, he enumerates its five disadvantages: uneven ground, excessive dust, fierce dogs, bestial spirits (YAKṢA), and difficulty in obtaining alms. Buddhism gained favor there in later years, and Mathurā became one of the major scholastic centers of the SARVĀSTIVĀDA and/or MŪLASARVĀSTIVĀDA school; both FAXIAN and XUANZANG describe it as a flourishing Buddhist city.

Mathura ::: [a town near Agra in North India, the birth-place of Krsna].

Mathura (Sanskrit) Mathurā The birthplace of Krishna, situated in the province of Agra on the right bank of the Yamuna River.


{The MathWorks, Inc.}

matha ::: [monastery, hermitage].

mathematical ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to mathematics; according to mathematics; hence, theoretically precise; accurate; as, mathematical geography; mathematical instruments; mathematical exactness.

mathematical equations, to wit: Haniel = Anael = Anfiel = Aniyel = Anafiel = Onoel =

mathematic ::: a. --> See Mathematical.

mathematician ::: n. --> One versed in mathematics.

mathematics and can make men invisible. He

mathematics. He can render people invisible;

mathematics ::: n. --> That science, or class of sciences, which treats of the exact relations existing between quantities or magnitudes, and of the methods by which, in accordance with these relations, quantities sought are deducible from other quantities known or supposed; the science of spatial and quantitative relations.

mathematises ::: to reduce to or as if to mathematical formulas.

mather ::: n. --> See Madder.

mathesis ::: n. --> Learning; especially, mathematics.

mathes ::: n. --> The mayweed. Cf. Maghet.

Symbolic math system, MITRE, 1964. Later version: MATHLAB 68
(PDP-6, 1967).
["The Legacy of MATHLAB 68", C. Engelman, Proc 2nd Symp on
Symbolic and Algebraic Manip, ACM (Mar 1971)].
[Sammet 1969, p. 498].

MATHLAB ::: Symbolic math system, MITRE, 1964. Later version: MATHLAB 68 (PDP-6, 1967).[The Legacy of MATHLAB 68, C. Engelman, Proc 2nd Symp on Symbolic and Algebraic Manip, ACM (Mar 1971)].[Sammet 1969, p. 498].

MATH-MATIC or MATHMATIC ::: Alternate name for AT-3. Early, pre-Fortran language for UNIVAC I or II. Sammet 1969.

Alternate name for AT-3. Early, pre-Fortran
language for UNIVAC I or II. Sammet 1969.

math ::: n. --> A mowing, or that which is gathered by mowing; -- chiefly used in composition; as, an aftermath.

(Possibly from "white-out", the blizzard variety) A paper or
presentation so encrusted with mathematical or other formal
notation as to be incomprehensible. This may be a device for
concealing the fact that it is actually {content-free}.
See also {numbers}, {social science number}.
[{Jargon File}]

math-out ::: (Possibly from white-out, the blizzard variety) A paper or presentation so encrusted with mathematical or other formal notation as to be incomprehensible. This may be a device for concealing the fact that it is actually content-free.See also numbers, social science number.[Jargon File] (1994-12-14)


mathurin ::: n. --> See Trinitarian.

mathusian ::: n. --> A follower of Malthus.

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   4 Alfred Korzybski
   2 William Gibson
   2 Wikipedia
   2 Aleister Crowley
   1 William S Anglin
   1 website
   1 Vladimir Voevodsky
   1 Sri Ramakrishna
   1 site
   1 Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson
   1 Saul Williams
   1 Robert Anton Wilson
   1 Richard P Feynman
   1 Richard Dawkins
   1 Proclus
   1 Peter J Carroll
   1 Neil deGrasse Tyson
   1 Mortimer J Adler
   1 MacGregor Mathers
   1  Leonard Adleman
   1 Jonathan Swift
   1 James Clerk Maxwell
   1  Israel Gelfand
   1 Howard Gardner
   1 Georg C Lichtenberg
   1 Galileo Galilei
   1 Eugene Paul Wigner
   1 E T Bell
   1 Editors of Discovery Magazine
   1 Dr. John Dee
   1 Def
   1 Carl Sagan
   1  Bertrand Russell
   1 Bertrand Russell
   1 Archimedes
   1  Albert Einstein


   34 Richard Matheson
   34 Mathias Malzieu
   32 Matthew Mather
   15 R L Mathewson
   8 Taran Matharu
   8 Albert Einstein
   6 G H Hardy
   5 Henri Poincare
   5 Galileo Galilei
   4 Plato
   4 Paul Halmos
   4 Lauren Groff
   4 Francine Mathews
   3 Ross Mathews
   3 Richard Christian Matheson
   3 Rene Descartes
   3 Paul Dirac
   3 Nicolaus Copernicus
   3 Mireille Mathieu
   3 Ludwig Wittgenstein

1:The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics. ~ Galileo Galilei,
2:This therefore is Mathematics: She reminds you of the invisible forms of the soul; She gives life to her own discoveraies; She awakens the mind and purifies the intellect; She brings light to our intrinsic ideas; She abolishes oblivion and ignorance which are ours by birth. ~ Proclus,
3:Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty. ~ Archimedes,
4:Mathematics is a language plus reasoning; it is like a language plus logic. Mathematics is a tool for reasoning. ~ Richard P Feynman, The Character of Physical Law,
5:To present a whole world that doesn't exist and make it seem real, we have to more or less pretend we're polymaths. That's just the act of all good writing.
   ~ William Gibson, [T5],
6:Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little; it is only its mathematical properties that we can discover. ~ Bertrand Russell,
7:There is only one thing which is more unreasonable than the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in physics, and this is the unreasonable ineffectiveness of mathematics in biology. ~ Israel Gelfand,
8:All mathematical laws which we find in Nature are always suspect to me, in spite of their beauty. They give me no pleasure. They are merely auxiliaries. At close range it is all not true. ~ Georg C Lichtenberg,
9:The harmony of the world is made manifest in form and number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of natural philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty. ~ Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson,
10:Magnitude: A mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself; Electricity supply; Possession of controlling influence; Possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done ~ Def,
11:If humans do not understand a proof, then it doesn't count as maths, says Voevodsky. 'The future of mathematics is more a spiritual discipline than an applied art. One of the important functions of mathematics is the development of the human mind.'
   ~ Vladimir Voevodsky,
12:Mathematics is not a careful march down a well-cleared highway, but a journey into a strange wilderness, where the explorers often get lost. Rigour should be a signal to the historian that the maps have been made, and the real explorers have gone elsewhere.
   ~ William S Anglin,
13:I am convinced that the act of thinking logically cannot possibly be natural to the human mind. If it were, then mathematics would be everybody's easiest course at school and our species would not have taken several millennia to figure out the scientific method. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson,
14:Paracelcus, Eliphas Levi, MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley, Austin Spare, and Michael Moorcock all fed ideas into Chaos Magic. Plus it made some acknowledgement to the ideas of Quantum Physics and other bits of strange science.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, The Octavo: A sorcerer-scientist's grimoire,
15:Russell commented that the development of such gifted individuals (referring to polymaths) required a childhood period in which there was little or no pressure for conformity, a time in which the child could develop and pursue his or her own interests no matter how unusual or bizarre. ~ Carl Sagan,
16:That is precisely what common sense is for, to be jarred into uncommon sense. One of the chief services which mathematics has rendered the human race in the past century is to put 'common sense' where it belongs, on the topmost shelf next to the dusty canister labeled 'discarded nonsense.' (23) ~ E T Bell,
17:andai on Oct 28, 2017 | parent | favorite | on: Alan Kay on Lisp\nI wonder if LISP and LSD encourage similar ways of thinking.\n\ntempodox on Oct 28, 2017 [-]\nBased on my own experiences with both, I'd say: Yes. Although I'm sure you couldn't prove it mathematically (yet). ~ website,,
18:How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality? [...] In my opinion the answer to this question is, briefly, this: As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. ~ Albert Einstein,
19:Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts... A graphic representation of data abstracted from banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding... ~ William Gibson,
20:If thou shalt perfectly observe these rules, all the following Symbols and an infinitude of others will be granted unto thee by thy Holy Guardian Angel; thou thus living for the Honour and Glory of the True and only God, for thine own good, and that of thy neighbour. Let the Fear of God be ever before the eyes and the heart of him who shall possess this Divine Wisdom and Sacred Magic. ~ MacGregor Mathers, The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage,
21:Alan Mathison Turing OBE FRS (/ˈtjʊərɪŋ/; 23 June 1912 - 7 June 1954) was an English computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist. He was highly influential in the development of theoretical computer science, providing a formalisation of the concepts of algorithm and computation with the Turing machine, which can be considered a model of a general purpose computer.[2][3][4] Turing is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.[5]
   ~ Wikipedia,
22:nabla9 on July 15, 2018 [-] \n\nCommon Lisp as hackish vs protective is nice way to describe it.\n\nAnother way to describe it exploratory vs implementatory.\n\nIn some ways Common Lisp is like Mathematica for programming. It's a language for a computer architect to develop and explore high level concept. It's not a accident that early Javascript prototype was done in common lisp or that metaobject protocols, aspect-oriented programming, etc. were first implemented and experimented with Common Lisp. ~ site,,
23:In mathematics, students are at the mercy of rigidly applied algorithms. They learn to use certain formalisms in certain ways, often effectively, if provided with a pre-arranged signal that a particular formalism is wanted.

In social studies and the humanities, the enemies of understanding are scripts and stereotypes. Students readily believe that events occur in typical ways, and they evoke these scripts even inappropriately. For example, they regard struggles between two parties in a dispute as a "good guy versus bad guy" movie script. ~ Howard Gardner,
24:You could give Aristotle a tutorial. And you could thrill him to the core of his being. Aristotle was an encyclopedic polymath, an all time intellect. Yet not only can you know more than him about the world. You also can have a deeper understanding of how everything works. Such is the privilege of living after Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Planck, Watson, Crick and their colleagues. I'm not saying you're more intelligent than Aristotle, or wiser. For all I know, Aristotle's the cleverest person who ever lived. That's not the point. The point is only that science is cumulative, and we live later.
   ~ Richard Dawkins,
25:John von Neumann (/vɒn ˈnɔɪmən/; Hungarian: Neumann Janos Lajos, pronounced [ˈnɒjmɒn ˈjaːnoʃ ˈlɒjoʃ]; December 28, 1903 - February 8, 1957) was a Hungarian-American mathematician, physicist, inventor, computer scientist, and polymath. He made major contributions to a number of fields, including mathematics (foundations of mathematics, functional analysis, ergodic theory, geometry, topology, and numerical analysis), physics (quantum mechanics, hydrodynamics, and quantum statistical mechanics), economics (game theory), computing (Von Neumann architecture, linear programming, self-replicating machines, stochastic computing), and statistics.
   ~ Wikipedia,
26:Sciences reach a point where they become mathematized..the central issues in the field become sufficiently understood that they can be thought about mathematically..[by the early 1990s] biology was no longer the science of things that smelled funny in refrigerators (my view from undergraduate days in the 1960s)..The field was undergoing a revolution and was rapidly acquiring the depth and power previously associated exclusively with the physical sciences. Biology was now the study of information stored in DNA - strings of four letters: A, T, G, and C..and the transformations that information undergoes in the cell. There was mathematics here! ~ Leonard Adleman,
27:But it is evident that all analogies of this kind depend on principles of a more fundamental nature; and that, if we had a true mathematical classification of quantities, we should be able at once to detect the analogy between any system of quantities presented to us and other systems of quantities in known sciences, so that we should lose no time in availing ourselves of the mathematical labors of those who had already solved problems essentially the same. [...] At the same time, I think that the progress of science, both in the way of discovery, and in the way of diffusion, would be greatly aided if more attention were paid in a direct way to the classification of quantities. ~ James Clerk Maxwell, Remarks on the mathematical classification of physical quantities, Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 1871,
28:On the exoteric side if necessary the mind should be trained by the study of any well-developed science, such as chemistry, or mathematics. The idea of organization is the first step, that of interpretation the second. The Master of the Temple, whose grade corresponds to Binah, is sworn to interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with his soul. {85} But even the beginner may attempt this practice with advantage. Either a fact fits in or it does not; if it does not, harmony is broken; and as the Universal harmony cannot be broken, the discord must be in the mind of the student, thus showing that he is not in tune with that Universal choir. Let him then puzzle out first the great facts, then the little; until one summer, when he is bald and lethargic after lunch, he understands and appreciates the existence of flies!
   ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA, Book 4, Part II, The Cup,
29:Sri Ramakrishna has described the incident: "The Divine Mother revealed to me in the Kāli temple that it was She who had become everything. She showed me that everything was full of Consciousness. The image was Consciousness, the Altar was Consciousness, the water-vessels were Consciousness, the door-sill was Consciousness, the marble floor was Consciousness - all was Consciousness. I found everything inside the room soaked, as it were, in Bliss - the Bliss of God. I saw a wicked man in front of the Kāli temple; but in him also I saw the power of the Divine Mother vibrating. That was why I fed a cat with the food that was to be offered to the Divine Mother. I clearly perceived that all this was the Divine Mother - even the cat. The manager of the temple garden wrote to Mathur Bābu saying that I was feeding the cat with the offering intended for the Divine Mother. ~ Sri Ramakrishna, Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna,
30:Every human acheivement, be it a scientific discovery, a picture, a statue, a temple, a home or a bridge, has to be conceived in the mind first-the plan thought out-before it can be made a reality, and when anything is to be attempted that involves any number of individuals-methods of coordination have to be considered-the methods have to be the best suited for such undertakings are engineering methods-the engineering of an idea towards a complete realization. Every engineer has to know the materials with which he has to work and the natural laws of these materials, as discovered by observation and experiment and formulated by mathematics and mechanics else he can not calculate the forces at his disposal; he can not compute the resistance of his materials; he can not determine the capacity and requirements of his power plant; in short, he can not make the most profitable use of his resources. ~ Alfred Korzybski, Manhood of Humanity,
31:Here I want to make it very clear that mathematics is not what many people think it is; it is not a system of mere formulas and theorems; but as beautifully defined by Professor Cassius J. Keyser, in his book The Human Worth of Rigorous Thinking (Columbia University Press, 1916), mathematics is the science of "Exact thought or rigorous thinking," and one of its distinctive characteristics is "precision, sharpness, completeness of definitions." This quality alone is sufficient to explain why people generally do not like mathematics and why even some scientists bluntly refuse to have anything to do with problems wherein mathematical reasoning is involved. In the meantime, mathematical philosophy has very little, if anything, to do with mere calculations or with numbers as such or with formulas; it is a philosophy wherein precise, sharp and rigorous thinking is essential. Those who deliberately refuse to think "rigorously"-that is mathematically-in connections where such thinking is possible, commit the sin of preferring the worse to the better; they deliberately violate the supreme law of intellectual rectitude. ~ Alfred Korzybski, Manhood of Humanity,
32:Considered from this point of view, the fact that some of the theories which we know to be false give such amazingly accurate results is an adverse factor. Had we somewhat less knowledge, the group of phenomena which these "false" theories explain would appear to us to be large enough to "prove" these theories. However, these theories are considered to be "false" by us just for the reason that they are, in ultimate analysis, incompatible with more encompassing pictures and, if sufficiently many such false theories are discovered, they are bound to prove also to be in conflict with each other. Similarly, it is possible that the theories, which we consider to be "proved" by a number of numerical agreements which appears to be large enough for us, are false because they are in conflict with a possible more encompassing theory which is beyond our means of discovery. If this were true, we would have to expect conflicts between our theories as soon as their number grows beyond a certain point and as soon as they cover a sufficiently large number of groups of phenomena. In contrast to the article of faith of the theoretical physicist mentioned before, this is the nightmare of the theorist. ~ Eugene Paul Wigner, The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences,
33:"Who does not understand should either learn, or be silent."
"Perspective is an Art Mathematical which demonstrates the manner and properties of all radiations direct, broken and reflected."
"Neither the circle without the line, nor the line without the point, can be artificially produced. It is, therefore, by virtue of the point and the Monad that all things commence to emerge in principle. That which is affected at the periphery, however large it may be, cannot in any way lack the support of the central point."
"Therefore, the central point which we see in the centre of the hieroglyphic Monad produces the Earth , round which the Sun , the Moon , and the other planets follow their respective paths. The Sun has the supreme dignity , and we represent him by a circle having a visible centre."
There is (gentle reader) nothing (the works of God only set apart) which so much beautifies and adorns the soul and mind of man as does knowledge of the good arts and sciences . Many arts there are which beautify the mind of man; but of all none do more garnish and beautify it than those arts which are called mathematical , unto the knowledge of which no man can attain, without perfect knowledge and instruction of the principles, grounds, and Elements of Geometry." ~ Dr. John Dee, The Hieroglyphic Monad,
34:... Every one knew how laborious the usual method is of attaining to arts and sciences; whereas, by his contrivance, the most ignorant person, at a reasonable charge, and with a little bodily labour, might write books in philosophy, poetry, politics, laws, mathematics, and theology, without the least assistance from genius or study." He then led me to the frame, about the sides, whereof all his pupils stood in ranks. It was twenty feet square, placed in the middle of the room. The superfices was composed of several bits of wood, about the bigness of a die, but some larger than others. They were all linked together by slender wires. These bits of wood were covered, on every square, with paper pasted on them; and on these papers were written all the words of their language, in their several moods, tenses, and declensions; but without any order. The professor then desired me "to observe; for he was going to set his engine at work." The pupils, at his command, took each of them hold of an iron handle, whereof there were forty fixed round the edges of the frame; and giving them a sudden turn, the whole disposition of the words was entirely changed. He then commanded six-and-thirty of the lads, to read the several lines softly, as they appeared upon the frame; and where they found three or four words together that might make part of a sentence, they dictated to the four remaining boys, who were scribes. This work was repeated three or four times, and at every turn, the engine was so contrived, that the words shifted into new places, as the square bits of wood moved upside down. ~ Jonathan Swift, Gullivers Travels,
35:Philosophy, like all other studies, aims primarily at knowledge. The knowledge it aims at is the kind of knowledge which gives unity and system to the body of the sciences, and the kind which results from a critical examination of the grounds of our convictions, prejudices, and beliefs. But it cannot be maintained that philosophy has had any very great measure of success in its attempts to provide definite answers to its questions. If you ask a mathematician, a mineralogist, a historian, or any other man of learning, what definite body of truths has been ascertained by his science, his answer will last as long as you are willing to listen. But if you put the same question to a philosopher, he will, if he is candid, have to confess that his study has not achieved positive results such as have been achieved by other sciences. It is true that this is partly accounted for by the fact that, as soon as definite knowledge concerning any subject becomes possible, this subject ceases to be called philosophy, and becomes a separate science. The whole study of the heavens, which now belongs to astronomy, was once included in philosophy; Newton's great work was called 'the mathematical principles of natural philosophy'. Similarly, the study of the human mind, which was a part of philosophy, has now been separated from philosophy and has become the science of psychology. Thus, to a great extent, the uncertainty of philosophy is more apparent than real: those questions which are already capable of definite answers are placed in the sciences, while those only to which, at present, no definite answer can be given, remain to form the residue which is called philosophy.
   ~ Bertrand Russell,
36:science reading list :::
   1. and 2. The Voyage of the Beagle (1845) and The Origin of Species (1859) by Charles Darwin [tie
   3. Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy) by Isaac Newton (1687)
   4. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems by Galileo Galilei (1632)
   5. De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres) by Nicolaus Copernicus (1543)
   6. Physica (Physics) by Aristotle (circa 330 B.C.)
   7. De Humani Corporis Fabrica (On the Fabric of the Human Body) by Andreas Vesalius (1543)
   8. Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein (1916)
   9. The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (1976)
   10. One Two Three . . . Infinity by George Gamow (1947)
   11. The Double Helix by James D. Watson (1968)
   12. What Is Life? by Erwin Schrodinger (1944)
   13. The Cosmic Connection by Carl Sagan (1973)
   14. The Insect Societies by Edward O. Wilson (1971)
   15. The First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg (1977)
   16. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962)
   17. The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould (1981)
   18. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks (1985)
   19. The Journals of Lewis and Clark by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (1814)
   20. The Feynman Lectures on Physics by Richard P Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, and Matthew Sands (1963)
   21. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male by Alfred C. Kinsey et al. (1948)
   22. Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey (1983)
   23. Under a Lucky Star by Roy Chapman Andrews (1943)
   24. Micrographia by Robert Hooke (1665)
   25. Gaia by James Lovelock (1979)
   ~ Editors of Discovery Magazine, Website,
37:To analyse the classes of life we have to consider two very different kinds of phenomena: the one embraced under the collective name-Inorganic chemistry-the other under the collective nameOrganic chemistry, or the chemistry of hydro-carbons. These divisions are made because of the peculiar properties of the elements chiefly involved in the second class. The properties of matter are so distributed among the elements that three of them- Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon-possess an ensemble of unique characteristics. The number of reactions in inorganic chemistry are relatively few, but in organic chemistry-in the chemistry of these three elements the number of different compounds is practically unlimited. Up to 1910, we knew of more than 79 elements of which the whole number of reactions amounted to only a few hundreds, but among the remaining three elements-Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen-the reactions were known to be practically unlimited in number and possibilities; this fact must have very far reaching consequences. As far as energies are concerned, we have to take them as nature reveals them to us. Here more than ever, mathematical thinking is essential and will help enormously. The reactions in inorganic chemistry always involve the phenomenon of heat, sometimes light, and in some instances an unusual energy is produced called electricity. Until now, the radioactive elements represent a group too insufficiently known for an enlargement here upon this subject.
   The organic compounds being unlimited in number and possibilities and with their unique characteristics, represent of course, a different class of phenomena, but being, at the same time, chemical they include the basic chemical phenomena involved in all chemical reactions, but being unique in many other respects, they also have an infinitely vast field of unique characteristics. ~ Alfred Korzybski, Manhood of Humanity, 53,
38:If we analyse the classes of life, we readily find that there are three cardinal classes which are radically distinct in function. A short analysis will disclose to us that, though minerals have various activities, they are not "living." The plants have a very definite and well known function-the transformation of solar energy into organic chemical energy. They are a class of life which appropriates one kind of energy, converts it into another kind and stores it up; in that sense they are a kind of storage battery for the solar energy; and so I define THE PLANTS AS THE CHEMISTRY-BINDING class of life.
   The animals use the highly dynamic products of the chemistry-binding class-the plants-as food, and those products-the results of plant-transformation-undergo in animals a further transformation into yet higher forms; and the animals are correspondingly a more dynamic class of life; their energy is kinetic; they have a remarkable freedom and power which the plants do not possess-I mean the freedom and faculty to move about in space; and so I define ANIMALS AS THE SPACE-BINDING CLASS OF LIFE.
   And now what shall we say of human beings? What is to be our definition of Man? Like the animals, human beings do indeed possess the space-binding capacity but, over and above that, human beings possess a most remarkable capacity which is entirely peculiar to them-I mean the capacity to summarise, digest and appropriate the labors and experiences of the past; I mean the capacity to use the fruits of past labors and experiences as intellectual or spiritual capital for developments in the present; I mean the capacity to employ as instruments of increasing power the accumulated achievements of the all-precious lives of the past generations spent in trial and error, trial and success; I mean the capacity of human beings to conduct their lives in the ever increasing light of inherited wisdom; I mean the capacity in virtue of which man is at once the heritor of the by-gone ages and the trustee of posterity. And because humanity is just this magnificent natural agency by which the past lives in the present and the present for the future, I define HUMANITY, in the universal tongue of mathematics and mechanics, to be the TIME-BINDING CLASS OF LIFE. ~ Alfred Korzybski, Manhood of Humanity,
39:Reading list (1972 edition)[edit]
1. Homer - Iliad, Odyssey
2. The Old Testament
3. Aeschylus - Tragedies
4. Sophocles - Tragedies
5. Herodotus - Histories
6. Euripides - Tragedies
7. Thucydides - History of the Peloponnesian War
8. Hippocrates - Medical Writings
9. Aristophanes - Comedies
10. Plato - Dialogues
11. Aristotle - Works
12. Epicurus - Letter to Herodotus; Letter to Menoecus
13. Euclid - Elements
14.Archimedes - Works
15. Apollonius of Perga - Conic Sections
16. Cicero - Works
17. Lucretius - On the Nature of Things
18. Virgil - Works
19. Horace - Works
20. Livy - History of Rome
21. Ovid - Works
22. Plutarch - Parallel Lives; Moralia
23. Tacitus - Histories; Annals; Agricola Germania
24. Nicomachus of Gerasa - Introduction to Arithmetic
25. Epictetus - Discourses; Encheiridion
26. Ptolemy - Almagest
27. Lucian - Works
28. Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
29. Galen - On the Natural Faculties
30. The New Testament
31. Plotinus - The Enneads
32. St. Augustine - On the Teacher; Confessions; City of God; On Christian Doctrine
33. The Song of Roland
34. The Nibelungenlied
35. The Saga of Burnt Njal
36. St. Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologica
37. Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy;The New Life; On Monarchy
38. Geoffrey Chaucer - Troilus and Criseyde; The Canterbury Tales
39. Leonardo da Vinci - Notebooks
40. Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince; Discourses on the First Ten Books of Livy
41. Desiderius Erasmus - The Praise of Folly
42. Nicolaus Copernicus - On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
43. Thomas More - Utopia
44. Martin Luther - Table Talk; Three Treatises
45. François Rabelais - Gargantua and Pantagruel
46. John Calvin - Institutes of the Christian Religion
47. Michel de Montaigne - Essays
48. William Gilbert - On the Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies
49. Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote
50. Edmund Spenser - Prothalamion; The Faerie Queene
51. Francis Bacon - Essays; Advancement of Learning; Novum Organum, New Atlantis
52. William Shakespeare - Poetry and Plays
53. Galileo Galilei - Starry Messenger; Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences
54. Johannes Kepler - Epitome of Copernican Astronomy; Concerning the Harmonies of the World
55. William Harvey - On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals; On the Circulation of the Blood; On the Generation of Animals
56. Thomas Hobbes - Leviathan
57. René Descartes - Rules for the Direction of the Mind; Discourse on the Method; Geometry; Meditations on First Philosophy
58. John Milton - Works
59. Molière - Comedies
60. Blaise Pascal - The Provincial Letters; Pensees; Scientific Treatises
61. Christiaan Huygens - Treatise on Light
62. Benedict de Spinoza - Ethics
63. John Locke - Letter Concerning Toleration; Of Civil Government; Essay Concerning Human Understanding;Thoughts Concerning Education
64. Jean Baptiste Racine - Tragedies
65. Isaac Newton - Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy; Optics
66. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - Discourse on Metaphysics; New Essays Concerning Human Understanding;Monadology
67.Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe
68. Jonathan Swift - A Tale of a Tub; Journal to Stella; Gulliver's Travels; A Modest Proposal
69. William Congreve - The Way of the World
70. George Berkeley - Principles of Human Knowledge
71. Alexander Pope - Essay on Criticism; Rape of the Lock; Essay on Man
72. Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu - Persian Letters; Spirit of Laws
73. Voltaire - Letters on the English; Candide; Philosophical Dictionary
74. Henry Fielding - Joseph Andrews; Tom Jones
75. Samuel Johnson - The Vanity of Human Wishes; Dictionary; Rasselas; The Lives of the Poets
   ~ Mortimer J Adler,
40:Coded Language

Whereas, breakbeats have been the missing link connecting the diasporic community to its drum woven past

Whereas the quantised drum has allowed the whirling mathematicians to calculate the ever changing distance between rock and stardom.

Whereas the velocity of the spinning vinyl, cross-faded, spun backwards, and re-released at the same given moment of recorded history , yet at a different moment in time's continuum has allowed history to catch up with the present.

We do hereby declare reality unkempt by the changing standards of dialogue.

Statements, such as, "keep it real", especially when punctuating or anticipating modes of ultra-violence inflicted psychologically or physically or depicting an unchanging rule of events will hence forth be seen as retro-active and not representative of the individually determined is.

Furthermore, as determined by the collective consciousness of this state of being and the lessened distance between thought patterns and their secular manifestations, the role of men as listening receptacles is to be increased by a number no less than 70 percent of the current enlisted as vocal aggressors.

Motherfuckers better realize, now is the time to self-actualize

We have found evidence that hip hops standard 85 rpm when increased by a number as least half the rate of it's standard or decreased at ¾ of it's speed may be a determining factor in heightening consciousness.

Studies show that when a given norm is changed in the face of the unchanging, the remaining contradictions will parallel the truth.

Equate rhyme with reason, Sun with season

Our cyclical relationship to phenomenon has encouraged scholars to erase the centers of periods, thus symbolizing the non-linear character of cause and effect

Reject mediocrity!

Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which as been given for you to understand.

The current standard is the equivalent of an adolescent restricted to the diet of an infant.

The rapidly changing body would acquire dysfunctional and deformative symptoms and could not properly mature on a diet of apple sauce and crushed pears

Light years are interchangeable with years of living in darkness.

The role of darkness is not to be seen as, or equated with, Ignorance, but with the unknown, and the mysteries of the unseen.

Thus, in the name of:


We claim the present as the pre-sent, as the hereafter.

We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the sun.

We are not afraid of the darkness, we trust that the moon shall guide us.

We are determining the future at this very moment.

We now know that the heart is the philosophers' stone

Our music is our alchemy

We stand as the manifested equivalent of 3 buckets of water and a hand full of minerals, thus realizing that those very buckets turned upside down supply the percussion factor of forever.

If you must count to keep the beat then count.

Find you mantra and awaken your subconscious.

Curve you circles counterclockwise

Use your cipher to decipher, Coded Language, man made laws.

Climb waterfalls and trees, commune with nature, snakes and bees.

Let your children name themselves and claim themselves as the new day for today we are determined to be the channelers of these changing frequencies into songs, paintings, writings, dance, drama, photography, carpentry, crafts, love, and love.

We enlist every instrument: Acoustic, electronic.

Every so-called race, gender, and sexual preference.

Every per-son as beings of sound to acknowledge their responsibility to uplift the consciousness of the entire fucking World.

Any utterance will be un-aimed, will be disclaimed - two rappers slain

Any utterance will be un-aimed, will be disclaimed - two rappers slain
~ Saul Williams,
41:For instance, a popular game with California occultists-I do not know its inventor-involves a Magic Room, much like the Pleasure Dome discussed earlier except that this Magic Room contains an Omniscient Computer.
   To play this game, you simply "astrally project" into the Magic Room. Do not ask what "astral projection" means, and do not assume it is metaphysical (and therefore either impossible, if you are a materialist, or very difficult, if you are a mystic). Just assume this is a gedankenexperiment, a "mind game." Project yourself, in imagination, into this Magic Room and visualize vividly the Omniscient Computer, using the details you need to make such a super-information-processor real to your fantasy. You do not need any knowledge of programming to handle this astral computer. It exists early in the next century; you are getting to use it by a species of time-travel, if that metaphor is amusing and helpful to you. It is so built that it responds immediately to human brain-waves, "reading" them and decoding their meaning. (Crude prototypes of such computers already exist.) So, when you are in this magic room, you can ask this Computer anything, just by thinking of what you want to know. It will read your thought, and project into your brain, by a laser ray, the correct answer.
   There is one slight problem. The computer is very sensitive to all brain-waves. If you have any doubts, it registers them as negative commands, meaning "Do not answer my question." So, the way to use it is to start simply, with "easy" questions. Ask it to dig out of the archives the name of your second-grade teacher. (Almost everybody remembers the name of their first grade teacher-imprint vulnerability again-but that of the second grade teacher tends to get lost.)
   When the computer has dug out the name of your second grade teacher, try it on a harder question, but not one that is too hard. It is very easy to sabotage this machine, but you don't want to sabotage it during these experiments. You want to see how well it can be made to perform.
   It is wise to ask only one question at a time, since it requires concentration to keep this magic computer real on the field of your perception. Do not exhaust your capacities for imagination and visualization on your first trial runs.
   After a few trivial experiments of the second-grade-teacher variety, you can try more interesting programs. Take a person toward whom you have negative feelings, such as anger, disappointment, feeling-of-betrayal, jealousy or whatever interferes with the smooth, tranquil operation of your own bio-computer. Ask the Magic Computer to explain that other person to you; to translate you into their reality-tunnel long enough for you to understand how events seem to them. Especially, ask how you seem to them.
   This computer will do that job for you; but be prepared for some shocks which might be disagreeable at first. This super-brain can also perform exegesis on ideas that seem obscure, paradoxical or enigmatic to us. For instance, early experiments with this computer can very profitably turn on asking it to explain some of the propositions in this book which may seem inexplicable or perversely wrong-headed to you, such as "We are all greater artists than we realize" or "What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves" or "mind and its contents are functionally identical."
   This computer is much more powerful and scientifically advanced than the rapture-machine in the neurosomatic circuit. It has total access to all the earlier, primitive circuits, and overrules any of them. That is, if you put a meta-programming instruction into this computer; it will relay it downward to the old circuits and cancel contradictory programs left over from the past. For instance, try feeding it on such meta-programming instructions as: 1. I am at cause over my body. 2. I am at cause over my imagination. 3.1 am at cause over my future. 4. My mind abounds with beauty and power. 5.1 like people, and people like me.
   Remember that this computer is only a few decades ahead of present technology, so it cannot "understand" your commands if you harbor any doubts about them. Doubts tell it not to perform. Work always from what you can believe in, extending the area of belief only as results encourage you to try for more dramatic transformations of your past reality-tunnels.
   This represents cybernetic consciousness; the programmer becoming self-programmer, self-metaprogrammer, meta-metaprogrammer, etc. Just as the emotional compulsions of the second circuit seem primitive, mechanical and, ultimately, silly to the neurosomatic consciousness, so, too, the reality maps of the third circuit become comic, relativistic, game-like to the metaprogrammer. "Whatever you say it is, it isn't, " Korzybski, the semanticist, repeated endlessly in his seminars, trying to make clear that third-circuit semantic maps are not the territories they represent; that we can always make maps of our maps, revisions of our revisions, meta-selves of our selves. "Neti, neti" (not that, not that), Hindu teachers traditionally say when asked what "God" is or what "Reality" is. Yogis, mathematicians and musicians seem more inclined to develop meta-programming consciousness than most of humanity. Korzybski even claimed that the use of mathematical scripts is an aid to developing this circuit, for as soon as you think of your mind as mind 1 , and the mind which contemplates that mind as mind2 and the mind which contemplates mind2 contemplating mind 1 as mind3, you are well on your way to meta-programming awareness. Alice in Wonderland is a masterful guide to the metaprogramming circuit (written by one of the founders of mathematical logic) and Aleister Crowley soberly urged its study upon all students of yoga. ~ Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising,
42:SECTION 1. Books for Serious Study
   Liber CCXX. (Liber AL vel Legis.) The Book of the Law. This book is the foundation of the New Æon, and thus of the whole of our work.
   The Equinox. The standard Work of Reference in all occult matters. The Encyclopaedia of Initiation.
   Liber ABA (Book 4). A general account in elementary terms of magical and mystical powers. In four parts: (1) Mysticism (2) Magical (Elementary Theory) (3) Magick in Theory and Practice (this book) (4) The Law.
   Liber II. The Message of the Master Therion. Explains the essence of the new Law in a very simple manner.
   Liber DCCCXXXVIII. The Law of Liberty. A further explanation of The Book of the Law in reference to certain ethical problems.
   Collected Works of A. Crowley. These works contain many mystical and magical secrets, both stated clearly in prose, and woven into the Robe of sublimest poesy.
   The Yi King. (S. B. E. Series [vol. XVI], Oxford University Press.) The "Classic of Changes"; give the initiated Chinese system of Magick.
   The Tao Teh King. (S. B. E. Series [vol. XXXIX].) Gives the initiated Chinese system of Mysticism.
   Tannhäuser, by A. Crowley. An allegorical drama concerning the Progress of the Soul; the Tannhäuser story slightly remodelled.
   The Upanishads. (S. B. E. Series [vols. I & XV.) The Classical Basis of Vedantism, the best-known form of Hindu Mysticism.
   The Bhagavad-gita. A dialogue in which Krishna, the Hindu "Christ", expounds a system of Attainment.
   The Voice of the Silence, by H.P. Blavatsky, with an elaborate commentary by Frater O.M. Frater O.M., 7°=48, is the most learned of all the Brethren of the Order; he has given eighteen years to the study of this masterpiece.
   Raja-Yoga, by Swami Vivekananda. An excellent elementary study of Hindu mysticism. His Bhakti-Yoga is also good.
   The Shiva Samhita. An account of various physical means of assisting the discipline of initiation. A famous Hindu treatise on certain physical practices.
   The Hathayoga Pradipika. Similar to the Shiva Samhita.
   The Aphorisms of Patanjali. A valuable collection of precepts pertaining to mystical attainment.
   The Sword of Song. A study of Christian theology and ethics, with a statement and solution of the deepest philosophical problems. Also contains the best account extant of Buddhism, compared with modern science.
   The Book of the Dead. A collection of Egyptian magical rituals.
   Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, by Eliphas Levi. The best general textbook of magical theory and practice for beginners. Written in an easy popular style.
   The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. The best exoteric account of the Great Work, with careful instructions in procedure. This Book influenced and helped the Master Therion more than any other.
   The Goetia. The most intelligible of all the mediæval rituals of Evocation. Contains also the favourite Invocation of the Master Therion.
   Erdmann's History of Philosophy. A compendious account of philosophy from the earliest times. Most valuable as a general education of the mind.
   The Spiritual Guide of [Miguel de] Molinos. A simple manual of Christian Mysticism.
   The Star in the West. (Captain Fuller). An introduction to the study of the Works of Aleister Crowley.
   The Dhammapada. (S. B. E. Series [vol. X], Oxford University Press). The best of the Buddhist classics.
   The Questions of King Milinda. (S. B. E. Series [vols. XXXV & XXXVI].) Technical points of Buddhist dogma, illustrated bydialogues.
   Liber 777 vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticæ Viæ Explicandæ, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicam Sanctissimorum Scientiæ Summæ. A complete Dictionary of the Correspondences of all magical elements, reprinted with extensive additions, making it the only standard comprehensive book of reference ever published. It is to the language of Occultism what Webster or Murray is to the English language.
   Varieties of Religious Experience (William James). Valuable as showing the uniformity of mystical attainment.
   Kabbala Denudata, von Rosenroth: also The Kabbalah Unveiled, by S.L. Mathers. The text of the Qabalah, with commentary. A good elementary introduction to the subject.
   Konx Om Pax [by Aleister Crowley]. Four invaluable treatises and a preface on Mysticism and Magick.
   The Pistis Sophia [translated by G.R.S. Mead or Violet McDermot]. An admirable introduction to the study of Gnosticism.
   The Oracles of Zoroaster [Chaldæan Oracles]. An invaluable collection of precepts mystical and magical.
   The Dream of Scipio, by Cicero. Excellent for its Vision and its Philosophy.
   The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, by Fabre d'Olivet. An interesting study of the exoteric doctrines of this Master.
   The Divine Pymander, by Hermes Trismegistus. Invaluable as bearing on the Gnostic Philosophy.
   The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians, reprint of Franz Hartmann. An invaluable compendium.
   Scrutinium Chymicum [Atalanta Fugiens]¸ by Michael Maier. One of the best treatises on alchemy.
   Science and the Infinite, by Sidney Klein. One of the best essays written in recent years.
   Two Essays on the Worship of Priapus [A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus &c. &c. &c.], by Richard Payne Knight [and Thomas Wright]. Invaluable to all students.
   The Golden Bough, by J.G. Frazer. The textbook of Folk Lore. Invaluable to all students.
   The Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine. Excellent, though elementary, as a corrective to superstition.
   Rivers of Life, by General Forlong. An invaluable textbook of old systems of initiation.
   Three Dialogues, by Bishop Berkeley. The Classic of Subjective Idealism.
   Essays of David Hume. The Classic of Academic Scepticism.
   First Principles by Herbert Spencer. The Classic of Agnosticism.
   Prolegomena [to any future Metaphysics], by Immanuel Kant. The best introduction to Metaphysics.
   The Canon [by William Stirling]. The best textbook of Applied Qabalah.
   The Fourth Dimension, by [Charles] H. Hinton. The best essay on the subject.
   The Essays of Thomas Henry Huxley. Masterpieces of philosophy, as of prose.
   ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA, Appendix I: Literature Recommended to Aspirants

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:I like Mutemath a lot. ~ Kris Allen
2:= 1 is a mathematician. ~ Brahmagupta
3:Come out, Neville. ~ Richard Matheson
4:Fun math is an oxymoron. ~ Kiera Cass
5:No baby, I’m not gay. ~ R L Mathewson
6:serenity (shamatha) ~ Thubten Chodron
7:Right … let’s kill him. ~ Taran Matharu
8:Everything is mental, ~ Richard Matheson
9:Mathildes Hænder
~ Christian Winther
10:I just am not good at math. ~ Phil McGraw
11:Mathematics should be fun. ~ Peter Hilton
12:I am big into aromatherapy. ~ Sharon Stone
13:I’m addicted to food. The ~ Matthew Mather
14:It’s not like you need it. ~ R L Mathewson
15:She made amazing borscht, ~ Matthew Mather
16:Shimmer by Matthew Mather ~ David Gatewood
17:The atmosphere in here— ~ Richard Matheson
18:Mathematics is a language ~ J Willard Gibbs
19:Baseball is like live math. ~ Alyson Richman
20:Math is easy; design is hard. ~ Jeffrey Veen
21:Mi corazón no late, baila. ~ Mathias Malzieu
22:Nobody knows the aftermath. ~ Santosh Kalwar
23:Amazon began with a math error.) ~ Brad Stone
24:Fourier is a mathematical poem. ~ Lord Kelvin
25:Mathematics is as old as Man. ~ Stefan Banach
26:One should never say never. ~ Mathias Dopfner
27:Restrictions will set you free. ~ W A Mathieu
28:Don’t fight hard. Fight smart. ~ Taran Matharu
29:Mathematics is for lazy people. ~ Peter Hilton
30:Mathematics is the Life of the Gods. ~ Novalis
31:Molluscs aren’t mathematicians. ~ Helen Scales
32:Nobody listens to mathematicians. ~ Carl Sagan
33:Who rebels with mathematics? ~ Khaled Hosseini
34:You know math isn’t my thing. ~ Carolyn J Rose
35:All science requires mathematics. ~ Roger Bacon
36:EVEN AS THE WORDS LEFT Didric’s ~ Taran Matharu
37:Let this hell be our heaven. ~ Richard Matheson ~ Matthew Mather
39:We’re going to enter the ether. ~ Taran Matharu
40:I am better at math than spelling. ~ Spike Jonze
41:Life was a suitcase. “That’ll ~ Francine Mathews
42:Marriage is the aftermath of love. ~ Noel Coward
43:Pain and fear cleanse the mind, ~ Matthew Mather
44:Set a thief to catch a thief, ~ Francine Mathews
45:The camera is the eye of history. ~ Mathew Brady
46:The universe is math on fire. ~ Scott Westerfeld
47:π is a mathematician’s dessert ~ Neve Maslakovic
48:I can, you know, do math and stuff. ~ J K Rowling
49:I don't believe in mathematics. ~ Albert Einstein
50:I stood there feeling nowhere. ~ Richard Matheson
51:Math doesn't lie. Our emotions do. ~ Claudia Gray
52:Me siento invenciblemente feliz ~ Mathias Malzieu
53:Nothing worth doing right is easy. ~ Mike Matheny
54:Omnia apud me mathematica fiunt. ~ Rene Descartes
55:Without mathematics, we are blind. ~ Alain Badiou
56:Am I really a good mathematician? ~ Norbert Wiener
57:i hate math, but i love counting money ~ Anonymous
58:It's like a mathematical law, Grace. ~ Paul Auster
59:The math is stark: cut the ~ Christopher McDougall
60:We mathematicans are all a bit crazy. ~ Lev Landau
61:All mathematics is tautology. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein
62:Cierro los ojos para verte mejor. ~ Mathias Malzieu
63:Mathematicians are born, not made. ~ Henri Poincare
64:Math - it's not my best subject. ~ Heather O Rourke
65:Poetry isn't math was our battle cry ~ Gayle Forman
66:Stupid, toe curling kissing bastard ~ R L Mathewson
67:There are no creeds in mathematics. ~ Peter Drucker
68:to them having no one else—but all ~ Matthew Mather
69:Without mathematics there is no art. ~ Luca Pacioli
70:Hatred, slavery's inevitable aftermath. ~ Jose Marti
71:I can get pissed off very easily. ~ Richard Matheson
72:I was just kind of doing the math. ~ Clayton Kershaw
73:Mathematics is not a spectator sport! ~ George Polya
74:The mathematics of high achievement ~ Thomas Carlyle
75:This is not class warfare. It’s math. ~ Barack Obama
76:Brev Fra Kiel Til Anna Mathea
~ Christian Winther
77:Mathematical reasoning may be regarded. ~ Alan Turing
78:Math is the language of the universe. ~ Lucas Grabeel
79:Maths is at only one remove from magic. ~ Neel Burton
80:She's made for wrapping around you. ~ Mathias Malzieu
81:The aftermath of a personal tragedy ~ Robyn Schneider
82:Un bombón relleno de néctar de beso ~ Mathias Malzieu
83:ahh, calculus. the mathematics of change ~ Nicola Yoon
84:How is error possible in mathematics? ~ Henri Poincare
85:La vida se desperdicia con los vivos ~ Mathias Malzieu
86:Let no one ignorant of Mathematics enter here. ~ Plato
87:Life... by Marshall Mathers... What is life ? ~ Eminem
88:Mathematics is the art of explanation. ~ Paul Lockhart
89:Math has never made any sense to me. ~ Stephen Chbosky
90:Math is one of my favorite subjects. ~ Macaulay Culkin
91:The falling snowflakes were hypnotic. ~ Matthew Mather
92:Exponentials are the devils of mathematics. ~ Liu Cixin
93:felt something stir inside of me. “You ~ Matthew Mather
94:Love is dangerous por your tiny heart ~ Mathias Malzieu
95:Mathemata mathematicis scribuntur ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
96:Mathematicians practice absolute freedom. ~ Henry Adams
97:Mathematics is the only good metaphysics. ~ Lord Kelvin
98:Mathematics is the only true metaphysics. ~ Lord Kelvin
99:Pain is not an evolutionary error. ~ Mathis Wackernagel
100:The heart of mathematics is its problems. ~ Paul Halmos
101:You have me, Joe! You’ve always had me. ~ R L Mathewson
102:Слеп лишь тот, кто не желает видеть. ~ Richard Matheson
103:At its heart, music is all higher mathematics. ~ Mos Def
104:communication specialist Elin Cuijpers. ~ Matthew Mather
105:Forget math and peotry. Especially poetry. ~ C J Redwine
106:Love is dangerous for your tiny heart. ~ Mathias Malzieu
107:Mathemata mathematicis scribuntur. ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
108:Now when I die, I shall only be dead. ~ Richard Matheson
109:Also, librarians aren’t that good at math. ~ Annie Spence
110:A mathematical equation stands forever. ~ Albert Einstein
111:Gods, I love it when you talk mathy to me. ~ Kresley Cole
112:I just love math and most people don't. ~ Danica McKellar
113:In Mathematics it is always best to cheat. ~ Herbert Wilf
114:Mathematics is the gate and key to science. ~ Roger Bacon
115:How long did it take for a past to die? ~ Richard Matheson
116:I am never going to sound like Johnny Mathis. ~ Clay Aiken
117:I don the robe of hermit without a cry. ~ Richard Matheson
118:If God exists, what is He but a mathematician? ~ Matt Haig
119:All of mathematics is a tale about groups. ~ Henri Poincare
120:A mathematics teacher is a midwife to ideas. ~ George Polya
121:If there is a God, he's a great mathematician. ~ Paul Dirac
122:My heart was deep space and my head was maths ~ Steven Hall
123:Oh great, you broke him! Are you happy now? ~ R L Mathewson
124:On A Beautiful Mind, there was a wall of math. ~ Josh Lucas
125:Physics without mathematics is meaningless. ~ Edward Teller
126:The highest form of pure thought is in mathematics. ~ Plato
127:With me, everything turns into mathematics. ~ Ren Descartes
128:Does mathematics carry its own ontological clout? ~ Jim Holt
129:Heaven would never be heaven without you. ~ Richard Matheson
130:If you love movies, then you love America. ~ Mathieu Amalric
131:Mathematics is not yet ready for such problems. ~ Paul Erdos
132:Mathematics is really an art, not a science. ~ Freeman Dyson
133:Mathematics is the music of reason. ~ James Joseph Sylvester
134:Maybe it’s a false alarm.” The commentators ~ Matthew Mather
135:My success rate is 100 percent. Do the math. ~ Charlie Sheen
136:obelus, the mathematical sign for division, ~ Robert Masello
137:Some humans are mathematicians-others aren't. ~ Jane Goodall
138:That which you believe becomes your world ~ Richard Matheson
139:The aftermath of joy is not usually more joy. ~ Mason Cooley
140:The library is the mathematician's laboratory. ~ Paul Halmos
141:There's math, and everything else is debatable! ~ Chris Rock
142:We don’t talk, we just catch fire instead. ~ Mathias Malzieu
143:With me, everything turns into mathematics. ~ Rene Descartes
144:A physical law must possess mathematical beauty. ~ Paul Dirac
145:Chess problems are the hymn-tunes of mathematics. ~ G H Hardy
146:Continúa soldando tus sueños a la realidad. ~ Mathias Malzieu
long did it take for a past to die? ~ Richard Matheson
148:If Math was a woman, we'd be married already. ~ Mark Gonzales
149:In the end, climate change is a math problem. ~ Bill McKibben
150:Math-i-tude Mom- and Dad-i-tude Mad-i-tude A ~ Megan McDonald
151:Nature is written in mathematical language. ~ Galileo Galilei
152:Our opportunities to do good are our talents. ~ Cotton Mather
153:That which you believe becomes your world. ~ Richard Matheson
154:Where there is no math, there is no freedom. ~ Edward Frenkel
155:You can’t protect freedom by giving it away. ~ Matthew Mather
156:Your boobs or your ass, Kasey. Make a choice. ~ R L Mathewson
157:A falta de hablar con ella, hablaba de ella. ~ Mathias Malzieu
158:Alexandre Grothendieck : mort d'un génie des maths ~ Anonymous
159:Goddamn your bones, that is the first step. ~ Richard Matheson
160:In the blue time, math kicked ass.
-Dess ~ Scott Westerfeld
161:Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math. ~ Ambrose Bierce
162:mathematical models were opaque, their workings ~ Cathy O Neil
163:matter what. I loved you, Haley, and I thought ~ R L Mathewson
164:„No amount of reasonable threats prevailed. ~ Richard Matheson
165:Sex is for anyone; the aftermath is for lovers. ~ Harlan Coben
166:She nudged me with a phantom for a stimshare. ~ Matthew Mather
167:The computer is important, but not for mathematics ~ Anonymous
168:Yes, I was really good in physics and in math. ~ Eva Herzigova
169:All problems in mathematics are psychological. ~ Pierre Deligne
170:A mathematical proof must be perspicuous. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein
171:Chuck out his hand in the pocket of his parka, ~ Matthew Mather
172:If you haven't seen me lasso, you haven't lived. ~ Ross Mathews
173:It's so infectious to watch people having fun. ~ Mathew Baynton
174:Mason stumbled just once … they would all fall. ~ Taran Matharu
175:Mathematics has no symbols for confused ideas. ~ George Stigler
176:Mathilde. She was French. Quite pretty. We kissed ~ Lisa Jewell
177:No hay nada más divertido que la imprudencia. ~ Mathias Malzieu
178:Any time you put Matheny in, that's good managing. ~ Felipe Alou
179:Damn, women truly could be cold-hearted bitches. ~ R L Mathewson
180:Early in my career, I wanted to be a mathematician. ~ Jerry Buss
181:God is an awesome mathematician and physicist. ~ Francis Collins
182:I am an Engineer. I don't do Math, I tweak it. ~ Ibrahim Ibrahim
183:Mathematics allows for no hypocrisy and no vagueness. ~ Stendhal
184:Mathematics is an art of human understanding. ~ William Thurston
185:Mathematics is the queen of the sciences. ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss
186:Mathematics is written for mathematicians. ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
187:Nature's great book is written in mathematics. ~ Galileo Galilei
188:Newton's health, and confusion to mathematics. ~ Benjamin Haydon
189:That whole shoulder length hair thing is a thing! ~ Ross Mathews
190:The computer is important, but not to mathematics. ~ Paul Halmos
191:The copy price of the future is the copyright. ~ Mathias Dopfner
192:The sky is where mathematics and magic become one. ~ Tony Abbott
193:Who did this to us? Who turned us into animals? ~ Matthew Mather
194:You know, I loved math. My mom was a math teacher. ~ Joan Cusack
195:То, во что ты веришь, становится твоим миром. ~ Richard Matheson
196:A man could get used to anything if he had to. ~ Richard Matheson
197:Even paradise needed correctional services. Yes, ~ Matthew Mather
198:Even the creative things feel mathematic, almost. ~ Morgan Saylor
199:For him the word 'horror' had become obsolete. ~ Richard Matheson
200:Has the mathematical abilities of a Clydesdale. ~ David Letterman
201:He had the mathematics of fighting down to a science. ~ R F Kuang
202:I like Math because there's only one right answer. ~ Brendan Fehr
203:In the struggle to save myself, I’d been reborn. ~ Matthew Mather
204:It is hard for westerners to realize that math ~ Daniel L Everett
205:Jason bitch slapped his hand away with the dough. ~ R L Mathewson
206:Let the jagged edge of sobriety be now dulled. ~ Richard Matheson
207:Math is sometimes called the science of patterns. ~ Ronald Graham
208:Miniture protoplasm, the dirty little bastard! ~ Richard Matheson
209:Murder math?’ Yeah, doing murder math in your head. ~ Elliott Kay
210:All musicians are subconsciously mathematicians. ~ Thelonious Monk
211:De qué tengo miedo? De ti, en fin, de mi sin ti. ~ Mathias Malzieu
212:Digital death followed long after physical death. ~ Matthew Mather
214:God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world. ~ Paul Dirac
215:I am interested in mathematics only as a creative art. ~ G H Hardy
216:I love only nature, and I hate mathematicians. ~ Richard P Feynman
217:Mathematics is the key and door to the sciences. ~ Galileo Galilei
218:Mathematics is the supreme nostalgia of our time. ~ Michael Marcus
219:Math, it's a puzzle to me. I love figuring out puzzles. ~ Maya Lin
220:Music is the best way for me to say I love you. ~ Mireille Mathieu
221:Music is what mathematics does on a Satruday night. ~ Aaron Sorkin
222:Music is what mathematics does on a Saturday night. ~ Aaron Sorkin
223:Pop songs now, they're about the aftermath of love. ~ Parker Posey
224:What, they want to turn Pluto back into a planet? ~ Matthew Mather
225:You’re nuts.” “Genius is often described as such. ~ Matthew Mather
226:For as long as you want me, Madison. I am your man. ~ R L Mathewson
227:I left Princeton, but I graduated Harvard, in 1952. ~ Harry Mathews
228:Irrefragability, thy name is mathematics. ~ Willard Van Orman Quine
229:Mom was a math teacher, but reading was her great love ~ John Green
230:Music is a science, in many ways it's mathematical. ~ Steve Winwood
231:No old Men (excepting Dr. Wallis) love Mathematicks. ~ Isaac Newton
232:Randomness is the true foundation of mathematics. ~ Gregory Chaitin
233:The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary. ~ Gerard Way
234:This is the time for obscure Italian mathematicians ~ Gail Carriger
235:Whatever use double maths has in life is beyond me. ~ Cecelia Ahern
236:And how they built the pyramids is still lost tech. ~ Matthew Mather
237:A surfeiting of terror soon made terror a cliché. ~ Richard Matheson
238:Building Oracle is like doing math puzzles as a kid. ~ Larry Ellison
239:[Complex, our Mathilde; she can bear contradictions.] ~ Lauren Groff
240:De quoi ai-je peur? De toi, enfin de moi sans toi. ~ Mathias Malzieu
241:Did wanting a man she was pissed at make her a slut? ~ R L Mathewson
242:In death, the aftermath is worse tham=n the crash. ~ Chelsea Handler
243:In math you always check your work. In medicine, no. ~ Michael Lewis
244:My whole world was lying on the bed in front of me. ~ Matthew Mather
245:Rigour is to the mathematician what morality is to men. ~ Andre Weil
246:she watched the storm move off on lightning legs. ~ Richard Matheson
247:Tengo que resucitar imperiosamente antes de morir. ~ Mathias Malzieu
248:That’s my job; to bring adventure into your life. ~ Richard Matheson
249:The mathematicians are the priests of the modern world. ~ Bill Gaede
250:Where there is no mathematics, there is no freedom. ~ Edward Frenkel
251:Habla muy deprisa, como si el silencio la asustara. ~ Mathias Malzieu
252:History is the story of events, with praise or blame. ~ Cotton Mather
253:I don't need encouraging. I do well enough on my own. ~ R L Mathewson
254:Integers are the fountainhead of all mathematics. ~ Hermann Minkowski
255:Mathematics is the language in which the gods talk to people. ~ Plato
256:Nothing is impossible, only mathematically improbable. ~ Sean Connery
257:Obvious is the most dangerous word in mathematics. ~ Eric Temple Bell
258:Once you absorb the maths, it’s all perfectly clear. ~ Elizabeth Bear
259:... pleasure is a lightning-bolt that leaves no trace… ~ Mathias nard
260:Sex is for anyone; the aftermath is for lovers. Pretty ~ Harlan Coben
261:She's saving the world one fashion disaster at a time! ~ Ross Mathews
262:The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God. ~ Euclid
263:The mathematics is not there till we put it there. ~ Arthur Eddington
264:The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics. ~ Paul Halmos
265:We are servants rather than masters in mathematics. ~ Charles Hermite
266:A chess problem is simply an exercise in pure mathematics. ~ G H Hardy
267:„Another day. Another collection of wracking hours. ~ Richard Matheson
268:Dull minds are never either intuitive or mathematical. ~ Blaise Pascal
269:How could something so wrong feel so good , so right ? ~ R L Mathewson
270:I had to go. A spirit in my feet said 'go,' and I went. ~ Mathew Brady
271:In mathematics there are no true controversies. ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss
272:I studied mathematics which is the madness of reason. ~ Benjamin Moser
273:Mathematicians stand on each other's shoulders. ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss
274:Mathematics is not a contemplative but a creative subject. ~ G H Hardy
275:Mathematics: silent harmonies. Music: sounding numbers. ~ Mason Cooley
276:Music at times is more like perfume than mathematics. ~ Gabriel Marcel
277:Obvious" is the most dangerous word in mathematics. ~ Eric Temple Bell
278:One cannot really argue with a mathematical theorem. ~ Stephen Hawking
279:People are not punished for their deeds but by them ~ Richard Matheson
280:society is unconcerned with the aftermath of sensation. ~ John le Carr
281:There should be no such thing as boring mathematics. ~ Edsger Dijkstra
282:Too much math and science isn't nourishing to the soul. ~ Brodi Ashton
283:You can fuck your math teacher but you can't fuck math. ~ Scott Sigler
284:Homeopathy seemed . . . both mathematical and poetic. ~ Scarlett Thomas
285:Ignorance is the Mother not of Devotion, but of Heresy. ~ Cotton Mather
286:I'm a mathematician because I'm too slow to be a writer. ~ Jack Edmonds
287:I was particularly good at math and science. ~ William Standish Knowles
288:Los días pasan, la noche permanece. Te echo de menos. ~ Mathias Malzieu
289:Mathematics is about making up rules and seeing what happens. ~ Vi Hart
290:Quiet is here and all in me. ("Dress of White Silk") ~ Richard Matheson
291:Beauty in mathematics is seeing the truth without effort. ~ George P lya
292:Beauty in mathematics is seeing the truth without effort. ~ George Polya
293:I could never have been an accountant. I got a D in math. ~ Rob Marshall
294:If you look deeply into my eyes, you will see my eyeballs. ~ M R Mathias
295:I'm not a math problem." "But I'll still solve you." Neil ~ Nora Sakavic
296:Just for a screen. ~ Robert Burns, Epistle to Rev. John M'Math, Stanza 8
297:Our external physical reality is a mathematical structure. ~ Max Tegmark
298:The essence of mathematics lies precisely in its freedom. ~ Georg Cantor
299:There is a logic of language and a logic of mathematics. ~ Thomas Merton
300:When you mathematize something you distill its essence. ~ W Brian Arthur
301:100% of the people who give 110% do not understand math. ~ Demetri Martin
302:Der Satz der Mathematik drückt keinen Gedanken aus. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein
303:Extraordinary how mathematics help you to know yourself. ~ Samuel Beckett
304:I don't like mixing up moralities with mathematics. ~ Winston S Churchill
305:If you don’t pay for a product, then you are the product ~ Matthew Mather
306:It was like trying to solve a math equation with a poem. ~ Mara Purnhagen
307:lottery was just a tax on people who weren’t good at math. ~ Cindi Madsen
308:Mathematical Analysis is as extensive as nature herself. ~ Joseph Fourier
309:Mathematics is as little a science as grammar is a language. ~ Ernst Mayr
310:The mathematical expectation of the speculator is zero. ~ Louis Bachelier
311:... where there's one there's ten.'
That's crazy math. ~ Emma Donoghue
312:Alice smiled her wide smile. The crooked incisor smile. ~ Jennifer Mathieu
313:A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems. ~ Paul Erdos
314:An accomplished mathematician, i.e. a most wretched orator. ~ Isaac Barrow
315:As a purely mathematical fact, people who sleep less live more. ~ Amy Chua
316:Behavior is math: Truth is found in the sum of its parts. ~ Steve Maraboli
317:Even the wisest counsel is useless when it is unheeded. ~ Francine Mathews
318:I can't do that," Harry said. "I don't have the math for it. ~ John Scalzi
319:If you don’t pay for a product, then you are the product. ~ Matthew Mather
320:Math and science were my favorite subjects besides theater. ~ Jason Earles
321:Mathematics is a collection of cheap tricks and dirty jokes. ~ Lipman Bers
322:Mathematics is not only real, but it is the only reality. ~ Martin Gardner
323:One sample is poor statistics, my math prof used to say. ~ Arthur C Clarke
324:Physics is to mathematics what sex is to masturbation. ~ Richard P Feynman
325:Programming is much much harder than doing mathematics. ~ Doron Zeilberger
326:With comedy, you really want to work things out beforehand. ~ Tim Matheson
327:Смерть - всего лишь продолжение жизни на другом уровне. ~ Richard Matheson
328:Being a father makes everything in the world make sense. ~ Cameron Mathison
329:everything of any importance is founded on mathematics. ~ Robert A Heinlein
330:Growth comes in the aftermath of failure, not wild success. ~ Mary E DeMuth
331:If a man's wit be wandering, let him study the mathematics. ~ Francis Bacon
332:I hope you’re happy!” Brad yelled at Mitch. “You broke him! ~ R L Mathewson
333:I really, really enjoy music and that's why I do what I do. ~ Johnny Mathis
334:Just because it isn't perfect, doesn't mean it isn't awesome. ~ M R Mathias
335:La mecánica del corazón no puede funcionar sin emociones. ~ Mathias Malzieu
336:No wonder Sherlock Holmes did all that coke. Math is hard. ~ Richard Kadrey
337:There’s no there with who’s been threatening Anne Mathews. ~ LaShawn Vasser
338:You can’t hate me, Mathilde, when I say no. This is my work. ~ Lauren Groff
339:A bullet was not an appropriate first diplomatic handshake. ~ Matthew Mather
340:A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems. ~ Simon Singh
341:A warrior's greatest enemy can also be his greatest teacher. ~ Taran Matharu
342:Character is forged not on the mountaintop but in the valley. ~ Mike Matheny
343:had killed three people in the past day. What was one more? ~ Matthew Mather
344:Mathematics is concerned with "all possible worlds." ~ David Malet Armstrong
345:Math?” “Yeah, math. Aren’t all you Asians really good at math? ~ Rick Yancey
346:Spaceships are for acrobats who are also mathematicians. ~ Robert A Heinlein
347:What exactly is mathematics? Many have tried but nobody has ~ Stanislaw Ulam
348:What would a Mohammedan vampire do if faced with a cross? ~ Richard Matheson
349:And then Satan said, ‘Put the alphabet in math…’ -Coffee Cup ~ Lani Lynn Vale
350:But in my opinion, all things in nature occur mathematically. ~ Ren Descartes
351:Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is ~ Maria Montessori
352:I live monastically,” Mathilde said, meaning, of course, more. ~ Lauren Groff
353:In my experience most mathematicians are intellectually lazy. ~ Francis Crick
354:Mathematicians do not write for the circulating library. ~ George Henry Lewes
355:Mathematics is the poetry of logic and the music of reason. ~ Albert Einstein
356:Math is a product of human minds but not bendable to human will ~ Ian Stewart
357:My songs always speak of love, that's the way I like them. ~ Mireille Mathieu
358:Pure mathematics is in its way the poetry of logical ideas. ~ Albert Einstein
359:the artes liberales: music, mathematics, history, and so on. ~ Elizabeth Moon
360:The creative principle [of science] resides in mathematics. ~ Albert Einstein
361:The manuscript looks chaotic, even by mathematics standards. ~ George Andrews
362:With great powers, they said, came strange responsibilities, ~ Matthew Mather
363:A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns. ~ G H Hardy
364:But in my opinion, all things in nature occur mathematically. ~ Rene Descartes
365:I always like a good math solution to any love problem. ~ Michael Patrick King
366:I am a mathematician, sir. I never permit myself to think. ~ John Dickson Carr
367:I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning. ~ Plato
368:I knew that he was as reliable as a mathematical formula. ~ Augusten Burroughs
369:In mathematics our role is more that of servant than master. ~ Charles Hermite
370:I think situations are more important than plot and character. ~ Harry Mathews
371:Proofs exist only in mathematics and logic, not in science. ~ Satoshi Kanazawa
372:So if a man's wit be wandering, let him study the mathematics. ~ Francis Bacon
373:What is this frog and mouse battle among the mathematicians? ~ Albert Einstein
374:Words are a pretty fuzzy substitute for mathematical equations. ~ Isaac Asimov
375:And the Satan said, 'Put the alphabet in math...' - coffee cup ~ Lani Lynn Vale
376:Defined broadly enough, mathematics encompasses everything. ~ John Allen Paulos
377:enough duct tape, you can fix anything,” he laughed. “Perfect. ~ Matthew Mather
378:However, one cannot really argue with a mathematical theorem. ~ Stephen Hawking
379:I did math in school, obviously. And I loved all my math teachers. ~ Jayma Mays
380:I joke around all the time, 'I'm Asian; I'm really good at math.' ~ Brenda Song
381:I wanted to become a mathematician, physicist or astronomer. ~ Philip Emeagwali
382:Mathematics is the extension of common sense by other means. ~ Jordan Ellenberg
383:Mathematics is the science which draws necessary conclusions. ~ Benjamin Peirce
384:Need we add that mathematicians themselves are not infallible? ~ Henri Poincare
385:No me queda sangre, tengo noche en las venas, negra y helada. ~ Mathias Malzieu
386:Nunca más volveré a verte, y tu nunca más volverás a ver nada ~ Mathias Malzieu
387:Poetry is the mathematics of writing and closely kin to music. ~ John Steinbeck
388:Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. ~ Albert Einstein
389:So really, children, mathematically, all of light is invisible. ~ Anthony Doerr
390:So really, children, mathematically, all the light is invisible ~ Anthony Doerr
391:The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics. ~ Galileo Galilei
392:The two-word definition of sustainability is 'one planet.' ~ Mathis Wackernagel
393:To Churchill, drinking is good manners, not a disease.” “Dad ~ Francine Mathews
394:tried to get the gun out, but it had fallen into the snow. The ~ Matthew Mather
395:You make something. You give up expressing and start inventing. ~ Harry Mathews
396:All of us have a path to follow and the path begins on earth. ~ Richard Matheson
397:Audre Lorde quote on them. YOUR SILENCE WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. ~ Jennifer Mathieu
398:Both my parents instilled an interest in science and mathematics. ~ George Smoot
399:Come on, let's go see if Aires taught you pool like he did math. ~ Katie McGarry
400:I believe that proving is not a natural activity for mathematicians. ~ Rene Thom
401:If you don’t pay for a product, then you are the product.” “How ~ Matthew Mather
402:I really wanted to be veterinarian, but I got a 410 on my math SATs. ~ Meg Cabot
403:I've always liked all the sciences like math, physics and biology ~ Sigrid Agren
404:Keep it up and I’m going to kick your ass with my fists of fury! ~ R L Mathewson
405:La temperatura de mi corazón ha caído bajo cero. Estás muerta. ~ Mathias Malzieu
406:Le but du jeu pour moi, c'est de rester vivant malgré la mort. ~ Mathias Malzieu
407:Mathematics and poetry are the two ways to drink the beauty of truth. ~ Amit Ray
408:Mathematics is the science which uses easy words for hard ideas. ~ Edward Kasner
409:Mathematics seems to endow one with something like a new sense. ~ Charles Darwin
410:Religion in the public square is becoming an endangered species. ~ Mathew Staver
411:The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics. ~ Galileo Galilei,
412:The experience of testifying and the aftermath have changed my life ~ Anita Hill
413:...the lottery was just a tax on people who weren't good at math. ~ Cindi Madsen
414:Whatever your problems in math are, I assure mine are greater. ~ Albert Einstein
415:What would a Mohammedan vampire do if faced with a cross? The ~ Richard Matheson
416:A theory is just a mathematical model to describe the observations. ~ Karl Popper
417:Dreams have a hard time surviving when confronted with reality. ~ Mathias Malzieu
418:Mathematics has given economics rigor, but alas, also mortis. ~ Robert Heilbroner
419:Mathematics is no more computation than typing is literature. ~ John Allen Paulos
420:Son las doce y diez de la noche, y hay un gigante en mi garaje. ~ Mathias Malzieu
421:The best result of mathematics is to be able to do without it. ~ Oliver Heaviside
422:The history of mathematics is a history of horrendously difficult ~ Freeman Dyson
423:The math is stark: cut the fat, and cut your cancer risk. ~ Christopher McDougall
424:There is coming an era for people with a mathematical state of mind ~ Yuri Milner
425:There is no perfect mathematical formula for pricing a business. ~ Warren Buffett
426:The torment of love can transform people into wretched monsters ~ Mathias Malzieu
427:The whole point of physics is to use maths to describe the universe. ~ Chad Orzel
428:You want to know how to rhyme, then learn how to add. It's mathematics. ~ Mos Def
429:an amazing 27-minute animated short called Donald in Mathmagic Land. ~ John Medina
430:I'm no mathematician, so I'm stuck with the graphic representations. ~ Hugh Hopper
431:Pure mathematics, may it never be of any use to anyone. ~ Henry John Stephen Smith
432:Sceptic, mathematician, Christian; doubt, affirmation, submission. ~ Blaise Pascal
433:The calendar was a mathematical progression with arbitrary surprises. ~ Paul Scott
434:The strength of the vampire is that no one will believe in him. ~ Richard Matheson
435:Tore up from the floor up. Followed by a big outtie.

John Mathew ~ J R Ward
436:A chemist who does not know mathematics is seriously handicapped. ~ Irving Langmuir
437:Everything about her is captivating, like the aftermath of a storm ~ Colleen Hoover
438:Genuine modesty looks best on the genuinely important. ~ Richard Christian Matheson
439:I could see ghostly green flakes of snow falling gently around me. ~ Matthew Mather
440:It is impossible to do math and be frightened at the same time. ~ Randy Wayne White
441:I've always had a more spatial mind, mathematical, than literal. ~ Portia Doubleday
442:I was 4 years old when I sang in public for the very first time. ~ Mireille Mathieu
443:I was fine with everything except Maths. I was terrible at Maths. ~ Charlie Simpson
444:Mathematics commands all my respect, but I have no use for engines. ~ Joseph Conrad
445:Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe ~ Galileo Galilei
446:...nothing is black and white except for mathematics and pandas. ~ Michael Robotham
447:Sin embargo, no soy ni un hámster ni un vampiro, solo un insomne. ~ Mathias Malzieu
448:The math could multiply the horseshit, but it could not decipher it. ~ Cathy O Neil
449:The proverbial ‘mad mathematician’ was more fact than fancy. ~ Apostolos K Doxiadis
450:There has to be a mathematical explanation for how bad that tie is. ~ Russell Crowe
451:There is an astonishing imagination, even in the science of mathematics. ~ Voltaire
452:the supposed Nomad object…” “You see?” Celeste walked over to Jess ~ Matthew Mather
453:Trust me, there is no formula for most things that are not math. ~ Daniel Pinkwater
454:We must decide for ourselves what to believe and what to cast out. ~ Matthew Mather
455:Y cuanto mas intensamente ames, más intenso será el dolor futuro. ~ Mathias Malzieu
456:Age is frequently beautiful, wisdom appearing like an aftermath. ~ Benjamin Disraeli
457:All the math you need in the stock market you get in the fourth grade. ~ Peter Lynch
458:A mathematician is an individual who proves his beliefs with equations. ~ Bill Gaede
459:Calculus was not math. It was a fucking science experiment gone wrong. ~ Abbi Glines
460:Jess stuck her bottom lip out. “That’s not what he said to me.” She ~ Matthew Mather
461:le rock' n' roll, c'est un oasis d'adrénaline pour enfants perdus. ~ Mathias Malzieu
462:Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things. ~ Henri Poincare
463:Math is the only place where truth and beauty mean the same thing. ~ Danica McKellar
464:My handicap will be a weapon of seduction? Do you really think so? ~ Mathias Malzieu
465:Neither concepts nor mathematical formulae can explain the infinite. ~ Eckhart Tolle
466:Proof is an idol before which the mathematician tortures himself. ~ Arthur Eddington
467:Real mathematics must be justified as art if it can be justified at all. ~ G H Hardy
468:Sometimes being famous gets in the way of doing what you want to do. ~ Johnny Mathis
469:The careful untangling of a legal issue. Like math, but with words. ~ Liane Moriarty
470:We cheated on our math tests, we carved some dirty words on the desk. ~ Alice Cooper
471:Yo la amaba, e incluso amándola al revés, no llegaba a detestarla. ~ Mathias Malzieu
472:You can not apply mathematics as long as words still becloud reality. ~ Hermann Weyl
473:A circle in a straight line is the mathematical symbol of miracle. ~ Ludwig Feuerbach
474:¡Aprenderás a masticar los cataclismos, pequeño, y te los tragarás! ~ Mathias Malzieu
475:arguing that our external physical reality is a mathematical structure, ~ Max Tegmark
476:Es el día mas frío de la historia. Y hoy es el día de mi nacimiento ~ Mathias Malzieu
477:How quickly one accepts the incredible if only one sees it enough! ~ Richard Matheson
478:How quickly one accepts the incredible if only one sees it enough. ~ Richard Matheson
479:I always thought the lottery was a tax on people with poor math skills, ~ Shay Savage
480:If I wanted to be a doctor today I'd go to math school not med school. ~ Vinod Khosla
481:It seems that jazz is more cerebral and more mathematical in a sense. ~ Rita Coolidge
482:Mathematics is less related to accounting than it is to philosophy. ~ Leonard Adleman
483:Muéstrale tu verdadero corazón, es el único truco de magia posible. ~ Mathias Malzieu
484:No one should be that good at math, even if they are a fiend from Hell. ~ Vivian Shaw
485:Por mucho que uno se deleite con la luna, también necesita del sol. ~ Mathias Malzieu
486:That's the inescapable math of tragedy and the multiplication of grief ~ Ben Sherwood
487:The understanding of mathematics is necessary for a sound grasp of ethics. ~ Socrates
488:We have all had stupid youths,' said Mathilde. 'I find them delicious. ~ Lauren Groff
489:Can I ask you about Caroline Mathers?" "And you say there's no afterlife. ~ John Green
490:Doing a piece on film is completely different from doing it onstage. ~ Samantha Mathis
491:Fight dirty, and go for the face. Gentlemen's rules are for gentlemen. ~ Taran Matharu
492:Fight dirty, and go for the face. Gentlemen’s rules are for gentlemen, ~ Taran Matharu
493:Has anyone ever told you you’re sexy as hell when you’re mathematizing? ~ Kresley Cole
494:How much did it hurt? It was like a million paper cuts on my heart. ~ Jennifer Mathieu
495:If you do the math, films featuring women are a good investment. ~ Geoffrey S Fletcher
496:I love JFK. My mother had been a worker on his campaign and adored him. ~ Tim Matheson
497:I studied in the mathema, even pieced together a little of their door. ~ Mark Lawrence
498:Let's face it, unsoothed by human kindness, souls recede. ~ Richard Christian Matheson
499:Logic and mathematics are nothing but specialised linguistic structures. ~ Jean Piaget
500:Mail-order, taken to heart, is not for the casual person. ~ Richard Christian Matheson


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   21 Magick Without Tears
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   9 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01
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00.01 - The Approach to Mysticism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Mystic realities cannot be reached by the scientific consciousness, because they are far more subtle than the subtlest object that science can contemplate. The neutrons and positrons are for science today the finest and profoundest object-forces; they belong, it is said, almost to a borderl and where physics ends. Nor for that reason is a mystic reality something like a Mathematical abstraction, -n for example. The mystic reality is subtler than the subtlest of physical things and yet, paradoxical to say, more concrete than the most concrete thing that the senses apprehend.

0.01 - Introduction, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  This AGENDA ... One day, another species among men will pore over this fabulous document as over the tumultuous drama that must have surrounded the birth of the first man among the hostile hordes of a great, delirious Paleozoic. A first man is the dangerous contradiction of a certain simian logic, a threat to the established order that so genteelly ran about amid the high, indefeasible ferns - and to begin with, it does not even know that it is a man. It wonders, indeed, what it is. Even to itself it is strange, distressing. It does not even know how to climb trees any longer in its usual way
  - and it is terribly disturbing for all those who still climb trees in the old, millennial way. Perhaps it is even a heresy. Unless it is some cerebral disorder? A first man in his little clearing had to have a great deal of courage. Even this little clearing was no longer so sure. A first man is a perpetual question. What am I, then, in the midst of all that? And where is my law? What is the law? And what if there were no more laws? ... It is terrifying. Mathematics - out of order. Astronomy and biology, too, are beginning to respond to mysterious influences. A tiny point huddled in the center of the world's great clearing. But what is all this, what if I were 'mad'? And then, claws all around, a lot of claws against this uncommon creature. A first man ... is very much alone. He is quite unbearable for the pre-human 'reason.' And the surrounding tribes growled like red monkies in the twilight of Guiana.
  Thus had we mused in the heart of our ancient forest while we were still hesitating between unlikely flakes of gold and a civilization that seemed to us quite toxic and obsolete, however Mathematical. But other Mathematics were flowing through our veins, an equation as yet unformed between this mammoth world and a little point replete with a light air and immense forebodings.

01.07 - Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   "The zeal for the Lord hath eaten me up." Such has indeed been the case with Pascal, almost literally. The fire that burned in him was too ardent and vehement for the vehicle, the material instrument, which was very soon used up and reduced to ashes. At twenty-four he was already a broken man, being struck with paralysis and neuras thenia; he died at the comparatively early age of 39, emulating, as it were, the life career of his Lord the Christ who died at 33. The Fire martyrised the body, but kindled and brought forth experiences and realisations that save and truths that abide. It was the Divine Fire whose vision and experience he had on the famous night of 23 November 1654 which brought about his final and definitive conversion. It was the same fire that had blazed up in his brain, while yet a boy, and made him a precocious genius, a marvel of intellectual power in the exact sciences. At 12 this prodigy discovered by himself the 32nd proposition of Euclid, Book I. At sixteen he wrote a treatise on conic sections. At nineteen he invented a calculating machine which, without the help of any Mathematical rule or process, gave absolutely accurate results. At twenty-three he published his experiments with vacuum. At twenty-five he conducted the well-known experiment from the tower of St. Jacques, proving the existence of atmospheric pressure. His studies in infinitesimal calculus were remarkably creative and original. And it might be said he was a pioneer in quite a new branch of Mathematics, viz., the Mathematical theory of probability. We shall see presently how his preoccupation with the Mathematics of chance and probability coloured and reinforced his metaphysics and theology.
   The process of conversion of the doubting mind, of the dry intellectual reason as propounded and perhaps practised by Pascal is also a characteristic mark of his nature and genius. It is explained in his famous letter on "bet" or "game of chance" (Le Pari). Here is how he puts the issue to the doubting mind (I am giving the substance, not his words): let us say then that in the world we are playing a game of chance. How do the chances stand? What are the gains and losses if God does not exist? What 'are the gains and losses if God does exist? If God exists, by accepting and reaching him what do we gain? All that man cares forhappiness, felicity. And what do we lose? We lose the world of misery. If, on the other 'hand, God does not exist, by believing him to exist, we lose nothing, we are not more miserable than what we are. If, however, God exists and we do not believe him, we gain this world of misery but we lose all that is worth having. Thus Pascal concludes that even from the standpoint of mere gain and loss, belief in God is more advantageous than unbelief. This is how he applied to metaphysics the Mathematics of probability.

01.08 - Walter Hilton: The Scale of Perfection, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   From the twentieth century back to the fourteenth is a far cry: a far cry indeed from the modern scientific illumination to mediaeval superstition, from logical positivists and Mathematical rationalists to visionary mystics, from Russell and Huxley to Ruysbroeck and Hilton. The mystic lore, the Holy Writ, the mediaeval sage says, echoing almost the very words of the Eastern Masters, "may not be got by study nor through man's travail only, but principally by the grace of the Holy Ghost." As for the men living and moving in the worldly way, there are "so mickle din and crying in their heart and vain thoughts and fleshly desires" that it is impossible for them to listen or understand the still small voice. It is the pure soul touched by the Grace that alone "seeth soothfastness of Holy Writ wonderly shewed and opened, above study and travail and reason of man's kindly (i.e. natural) wit."

0.10 - Letters to a Young Captain, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Sweet Mother,
  X told us the favourite story of Dr. Y, the Mathematics teacher: “A sculptor was working on a block of
  stone near a village. One by one the villagers gathered

02.02 - Lines of the Descent of Consciousness, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   We have, till now, spoken of the evolution of consciousness as a movement of ascension, consisting of a double process of sublimation and integration. But ascension itself is only one line of a yet another larger double process. For along with the visible movement of ascent, there is a hidden movement of descent. The ascent represents the pressure from below, the force of buoyancy exerted by the involved and secreted consciousness. But the mere drive from below is not sufficient all by itself to bring out or establish the higher status. The higher status itself has to descend in order to be manifest. The urge from below is an aspiration, a yearning to move ever upward and forward; but the precise goal, the status to be arrived at is not given there. The more or less vague and groping surge from below is canalised, if assumes a definite figure and shape, assumes a local habitation and a name when the higher descends at the crucial moment, takes the lower at its peak-tide and fixes upon it its own norm and form. We have said that all the levels of consciousness have been createdloosened outby a first Descent; but in the line of the first Descent the only level that stands in front at the outset is Matter all the other levels are created no doubt but remain invisible in the background, behind the gross veil of Matter. Each status stands confined, as it were, to its own region and bides its time when each will be summoned to concretise itself in Matter. Thus Life was already there on the plane of Life even when it did not manifest itself in Matter, when mere Matter, dead Matter was the only apparent reality on the material plane. When Matter was stirred and churned sufficiently so as to reach a certain tension and saturation, when it was raised to a certain degree of maturity, as it were, then Life appeared: Life appeared, not because that was the inevitable and unavoidable result of the churning, but because Life descended from its own level to the level of Matter and took Matter up in its embrace. The churning, the development in Matter was only the occasion, the condition precedent. For, however much one may shake or churn Matter, whatever change one may create in it by a shuffling and reshuffling of its elements, one can never produce Life by that alone. A new and unforeseen factor makes its appearance, precisely because it comes from elsewhere. It is true all the planes are imbedded, submerged, involved in the complex of Matter; but, in point of fact, all planes are involved in every other plane. The appearance or manifestation of a new plane is certainly prepared, made ready to the last the last but onedegree by the urge of the inner, the latent mode of consciousness that is to be; still the actualisation, the bursting forth happens only when the thing that has to manifest itself descends, the actual form and pattern can be imprinted and established by that alone. Thus, again, when Life attains a certain level of growth and maturity, a certain tension and orientationa definite vector, so to say, in the Mathematical languagewhen it has, for example, sufficiently organised itself as a vehicle of the psychic element of consciousness, then it buds forth into Mind, but only when the Mind has descended upon it and into it. As in the previous stage, here also Life cannot produce Mind, cannot develop into Mind by any amount of mechanical or chemical operations within itself, by any amount of permutation and combination or commutation and culture of its constituent elements, unless it is seized on by Mind itself. After the Mind, the next higher grade of consciousness shall come by the same method and process, viz. first by an uplifting of the mental consciousnessa certain widening and deepening and katharsis of the mental consciousness and then by a descent, gradual or sudden, of the level or levels that lie above it.

02.05 - The Godheads of the Little Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  As she pores on the record of her close survey
  And Mathematises her huge external world,
  To Reason bound within the circle of sense,

02.07 - India One and Indivisable, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It will do no good to anyone to try to Balkanise India. The Balkan malady is no longer tolerated even in its homeland; it cannot be transported to India in this century and after this Great War. To be and remain free and strong and invincible, India must be and remain indivisible. The strength of the United States of America, of the United Soviets of the Russias, of the British Commonwealth (pace Churchill) lies precisely in each one of them being a large unified aggregate, all members pooling their resources together. India cannot maintain her freedom, nor utilise her freedom to its utmost effectivity unless she is one and indivisible. The days of small peoples, of isolated independence are gonegone for ever even like Thebes and Nineveh, like Kosala of Dasarathi and Mathura of Yadupati.

02.10 - The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Little Mind, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The vast encyclopaedia of her thoughts;
  An algebra of her Mathematics' signs,
  Her numbers and unerring formulas

02.11 - The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Mind, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Its values weighed by the accountant Mind,
  Checked in his Mathematised omnipotence,
  Lost its divine aspect of miracle

03.02 - The Gradations of Consciousness The Gradation of Planes, #The Integral Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  But all this must not be taken in too rigid and mechanical a sense. It is an immense plastic movement full of the play of possibilities and must be seized by a flexible and subtle tact or sense in the seeing consciousness. It cannot be reduced to a too rigorous logical or Mathematical formula.

03.05 - Some Conceptions and Misconceptions, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The exclusive concentration was the logical and inevitable final term of a movement of separativity and exteriorisation. It had its necessity and utility. Its special function was utilised by Nature for precision and perfection in details of execution in the most material order of reality. Indeed, what can be more exact and accurate than the laws of physics, the Mathematical laws that govern the movements of the material particles? Furthermore, if we look at the scientist himself, do we not find in him an apt image of the same phenomenon? A scientist means a specialist the more specialised and restricted his view, the surer he is likely to be in his particular domain. And specialised knowledge means a withdrawal from other fields and viewpoints of knowledge, an ignorance of them. Likewise, a workman who moulds the head of a pin is all concentrated upon that single point of existencehe forgets the whole world and himself in that act whose perfect execution seems to depend upon the measure of his self-oblivion. But evidently this is not bound to be so. A one-pointed self-absorption that is Ignoranceis certainly an effective way of dealing with material objectsthings of Ignorance; but it is not the only way. It is a way or mechanism adopted by Nature in a certain status under certain conditions. One need not always forget oneself in the act in order to do the act perfectly. An unconscious instinctive act is not always best doneit can be done best consciously, intuitively. A wider knowledge, a greater acquaintance with objects and facts and truths of other domains too is being more and more insisted upon as a surer basis of specialisation. The pinpointed (one might almost say geometrically pointed) consciousness in Matter that resolves itself into unconsciousness acts perfectly but blindly; the vast consciousness also acts there with absolute perfection but consciouslyconscious in the highest degree.

03.09 - Buddhism and Hinduism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Buddhist logic considers negation as a simple contrary to affirmation; it is not an entity, it is the lack of entity. Zero or cypher means simple absence. Hindu logic makes of negation a positive statement but on the minus side, even as Hindu Mathematics did not consider a zero as valueless but gave a special value, a value of position to it. Do we not hear of negative positives (positron) in modern science today?

03.14 - Mater Dolorosa, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Doubters ask, however, if sinners alone suffered, one would not perhaps mind; but along with sinners why should innocents, nay even the virtuous, pass under the axe? What sins indeed babes commit? Are the sins of the fathers truly visited upon coming generations? A queer arrangement, to say the least, if there is a wise and just and benevolent God! Yes, how many honest people, people who strive to live piously, honestly and honourably, according to the law of righteousness, fail to escape! All equally undergo the same heavy punishment. Is it not then nearer the truth to say that a most mechanical Nature, a mere gamble of chance, a statistical equation, as Mathematicians say, moves the destiny of creatures and things in the universe, that there is nowhere a heart or consciousness in the whole business?

03.15 - Towards the Future, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Pursuing the Mathematical imagery we may describe the Buddhist equation as desire raised to the power of zero equals Nirvana: D=Zero. Buddha thought like that. He thought annihilation of desire means annihilation of existence, for he equated desire with existence. But Mathematics tells us that anything raised to the power of zero is not zero but one, that is, the unit, the pure existenceSat (or Sachchidananda as the Vedantists say.
   Science and Mathematics tell us today of a truth or just point to a truth which a spiritual realisation reveals. It is, as I have already said, the mystery of transformation, or transubstantiation as the Christian faith figures it.

04.02 - Human Progress, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It can be mentioned here that there can be a knowledge of ends without a corresponding knowledge of means, even there can be a control over ends without a preliminary control over meansperhaps not to perfection, but to a sufficient degree of practical utility. Much of the knowledgeespecially secular and scientificin ancient times was of this order; what we mean to say is that the knowledge was more instinctive or intuitive than rational or intellectual. In that knowledge the result only, the end that it to say, was the chief aim and concern, the means for attaining the end was, one cannot perhaps say, ignored, but slurred or slipped over as it were: the process was thus involved or understood, not expressed or detailed out. Thus we know of some Mathematical problems to which correct solutions were given of which the process is not extant or lost as some say. Our suggestion is that there was in fact very little of the process as we know it now the solution was reached per saltum, that is to say, somehow, in the same manner as we find it happening even today in child prodigies.

04.07 - Matter Aspires, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   For example, the computing machine. It has been developed to a marvellous extent. Not only big but complicated calculations are done by it, not only the four major arithmetical operations, but higher algebraic and trigonometrical problems too are tackled successfully. The electronic computer seems to possess a veritable Mathematical brain.
   It is asked now if the machine is capable of so much Mathematics, may it not be capable also of poetic creation? The possibility has been discussed in a very lively and interesting manner in The Hibbert Journal (October, '49 and January, '50). The writer Sir Robert Watson-Watt thinks it is not impossible, indeed quite possible, for a machine to write, for example, a sonnet. Only the question will be with regard to the kind the quality and standardof the poetic creation. What will come out of the machine will depend upon what has been put into it, that is to say, what the brain that constructed it succeeded in transplanting into it. The writer after weighing the pros and cons arrives at the remarkable and amusing conclusion that a machine built by a second class brain may succeed in producing a poem of third class merit, but it can never produce anything first class. To produce a first class poem through a machine at least a first class brain' must work at it. But the pity is that a Shakespeare or a Milton would prefer to write straight away a poem himself instead of trying to work it out through a machine which may give out in the end only a second class or worse production.

05.05 - In Quest of Reality, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Indeed the second way of approach to the problem is the positivist's own way. That is to say, let us take our stand on the terra firmaof the physical and probe into it and find out whether there are facts there which open the way or point to the other side of nature, whether there are signs, hints, intimations, factors involved there that lead to conclusions, if not inevitable, at least conformable to supraphysical truths. It is usually asserted, for example, that the scientist the positivist par excellencefollows a rigid process of ratiocination, of observation, analysis and judgment. He collects facts and a sufficient number of them made to yield a general law the probability of a generic factwhich is tested or exemplified by other correlate facts. This is however an ideal, a theoretical programme not borne out by actual practice, it is a rationalisation of a somewhat different actuality. The scientist, even the most hard-headed among them, the Mathematician, finds his laws often and perhaps usually not by a long process of observation and induction or deduction, but all on a sudden, in a flash of illumination. The famous story of Newton .and the falling apple, Kepler's happy guess of the elliptical orbit of the planetsand a host of examples can be cited as rather the rule than the exception for the methodology of scientific discovery. Prof. Hadamard, the great French Mathematician the French are well-known for their intransigent, logical and rational attitude in Science,has been compelled to admit the supreme role of an intuitive faculty in scientific enquiry. If it is argued that the so-called sudden intuition is nothing but the final outburst, the cumulative resultant of a long strenuous travail of thinking and reasoning and arguing, Prof. Hadamard says', in reply, that it does not often seem to be so, for the answer or solution that is suddenly found does not lie in the direction of or in conformity with the, conscious rational research but goes against it and its implications.
   Let us leave the domain, the domain of inorganic matter for a while and turn to another set of facts, those of organic matter, of life and its manifestation. The biological domain is a freak in the midst of what apears to be a rigidly mechanistic material universe. The laws of life are not the laws of matter, very often one contravenes the other. The two converging lenses of the two eyes do not make the image twice brighter than the one produced by a single lens. What is this alchemy that forms the equation 1=1 (we might as well put it as 1+1=1)? Again, a living wholea cellfissured and divided tends to live and grow whollyin each fragment. In life we have thus another strange equation: part=whole (although in the Mathematics of infinity such an equation is a normal phenomenon). The body (of a warm-blooded animal) maintaining a constant temperature whether it is at the Pole or at the Equator is a standing miracle which baffles mere physics and chemistry. Thirdly, life is immortal the law of entropy (of irrevocably diminishing energy) that governs the fate of matter does not seem to hold good here. The original life-cells are carried over physically from generation to generation and there is no end to the continuity of the series, if allowed to run its normal course. Material energy also, it is said, is indestructible; it is never destroyed, but changes form only. But the scientific conception of material energy puts a limit to its course, it proceeds, if we are to believe thermodynamics, towards a dead equilibrium there is no such thing as "perpetual movement" in the field of matter.
   Again the very characteristic of life is its diversity, its infinite variety of norms and forms and movements. The content and movement of material nature is calculable to a great extent. A few Mathematical equations or formulae can after all be made to cover all or most facts concerning it. But the laws of life refuse systematisation. A few laws purporting to govern the physical bases of life claim recognition, but they stand on precarious grounds. The laws of natural selection, of heredity or genetics are applicable within a very restricted frame of facts. The variety of material substances revolves upon the gamut of 92 elements based upon 4 or 5 ultimate types of electric unitand that is sufficient to make us wonder. But the variety in life-play is simply incalculablefrom the amoeba or virus cell to man, what a bewildering kaleidoscope and each individual in each group is unique in its way! The few chromosomes that seem to be the basis of all diversity do not explain the mystery the mystery becomes doubly mysterious: how does a tiny seed contain the thing that is to become a banyan tree, how does a speck of plasma bring forth from within an object of Hamletian dimensions! What then is this energy or substance of life welling out irrepressively into multitudinous forms and modes? The chemical elements composing an organic body do not wholly exhaust its composition; there is something else besides. At least in one field, the life element has received recognition and been given an independent name and existence. I am obviously referring to the life element in food-stuff which has been called vitamin.
   One remarkable thing in the material world that has always attracted and captivated man's attention, since almost the very dawn of his consciousness, is the existence of a pattern, of an artistic layout in the composition and movement of material things. When the Vedic Rishi sings out: "These countless stars that appear glistening night after night, where do they vanish during the day?" he is awed by the inviolable rhythm of the Universe, which other sages in other climes sang as the music of the spheres. The presence of Design in Nature has been in the eyes of Believers an incontrovertible proof of the existence of a Designer. What we want to say is not that a watch (if we regard the universe as a watch) presupposes the existence of a watch-maker: we say the pattern itself is the expression of an idea, it involves a conception not imposed or projected from outside but inherent in itself. The Greek view of the artist's mode of operation is very illuminating in this connection. The artist, according to this view, when he carves out a statue for example, does not impose upon the stone a figure that he has only in his mind, but that the stone itself contains the figure, the artist has the vision to see it, his chisel follows the lines he sees imbedded in the stone. It is why we say that the geometry in the structure of a crystal or an atom or an astronomical system, the balance and harmony, the symmetry and polarity that govern the composition of objects and their relations, the blend of colour schemes, the marshalling of lines and the building of volumes, in a word, the artistic make-up, perfect in detail and in the ensemble that characterise all nature's body and limbs and finally the Mathematical laws that embrace and picture as it were Nature's movements, all point to the existence of a truth, a reality whose characteristic marks are or are very much like those of consciousness and Idea-Force. We fight shy of the wordconsciousness for it brings in a whole association of anthropomorphism and pathetic fallacy. But in our anxiety to avoid a ditch let us not fall over a precipice. If it is blindness to see nothing but the spirit, it is not vision to see nothing but Matter.

05.06 - Physics or philosophy, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Jeans himself is on the horns of a dilemma.2 Being a scientist, and not primarily a Mathematician like Eddington, he cannot very well acquiesce in the liquidation of the material world; nor can he refute successfully the facts and arguments that Science itself has brought forward in favour of mentalism. He wishes to keep the question open for further light and surer grounds. In the meanwhile, however, he is reconciled to a modified form of mentalism. The laws of Nature, he says, are surely subjective in the sense that astronomical or geographical concepts, for example, such as the system of latitudes, longitudes, equator and axis, ellipse and quadrant and sextant, are subjective. These lines and figures are' not drawn physically upon the earth or in space: they are mental constructs, they are pointers or notations, but they note and point to the existence and the manner of existence of real objects in a real world.

05.07 - The Observer and the Observed, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Science means objectivity, that is to say, elimination of the personal elementtruth as pure fact without being distorted or coloured by the feelings and impressions and notions of the observer. It is the very opposite of the philosopher's standpoint who says that a thing exists because (and so long as) it is perceived. The scientist swears that a thing exists whether you perceive it or not, perception is possible because it exists, not the other way. And yet Descartes is considered not only as the father of modern philosophy, but also as the founder o( modern Mathematical science. But more of that anon. The scientific observer observes as a witness impartial and aloof: he is nothing more than a recording machine, a sort of passive mirror reflecting accurately and faithfully what is presented to it. This is indeed the great revolution brought about by Science in the world of human inquiry and in human consciousness, viz.,the isolation of the observer from the observed.
   But in the end a difficulty arose in the operation of observation. It proved to be not a simple process. The scientific observer requires for his observation the yard-stick and the time-piece. Now, we have been pushed to admit a queer phenomenon (partly by observation and partly by a compelling deduction) that these two measuring units are not constant; they change with the change of system, that is to say, according to the velocity of the system. In other words, each observer has his own unit of space and time measure. So the elimination of the personal element of the observer has become a complicated Mathematical problem, even if one is sure of it finally.

05.08 - An Age of Revolution, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The search for a universal principle of Nature is a meta-physical as well as a scientific preoccupation. In ancient days, fo example, we had the Water of Thales or the Fire of Heraclitus as the one original unifying principle of this kind. With the coming of the Renascence and the New Illumination we laughed them out and installed instead the mysterious Ether. For a long time this universalreigned supreme and now that too has gone the way of its predecessors. We thought for a time that we had found in Electric Energy the one sovereign principle in Nature. At a time when we had a few elementsdiscrete, different, fundamental units that in their varying combinations built up the composite structure of Nature, apart from the fact that they reposed finally on the ultimate unifying principle of Ether, it was found also that they all behaved in a uniform and identical and therefore predictable manner. The time and the place (and the mass) being given, everything went according to a pattern and a formula, definite, fixed, Mathematically rigid. Even the discovery of one element after another till the number reached the famous figure 92 (itself following a line of Mathematically precise and inevitable development) did not materially alter the situation and caused no tribulation. For on further scrutiny a closer unity revealed itself: the supposed disparity in the substance of the various elements was found to be an illusion, for they all appeared now as different organisations or dispositions of the same electric energy (although the identity of electric energy with radiant energy was not always very clear). Thus we could conclude that as the substance was the same, its mode of working also would be' uniform and patterned. In other words, the mechanistic conception still ruled our view' of Nature. That means, the ultimate units, the particles (of energy) that compose Nature are like sea-sands or water-drops, each one is fundamentally similar to any other and all behave similarly, reacting uniformly to the same forces that act upon them.

05.09 - The Changed Scientific Outlook, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Shall we elucidate a little? We were once upon a time materialists, that is to say, we had very definite and fixed notions about Matter: to Matter we gave certain invariable characteristics, inalienable properties. How many of them stand today unscathed on their legs? Take the very first, the crucial property ascribed to Matter: "Matter is that which has extension." Well, an electric charge, a unit energy of it, the ultimate constituent of Matter as discovered by Science today, can it be said to occupy space? In the early days of Science, one Boscovich advanced a theory according to which the ultimate material particle (a molecule, in his time) does not occupy space, it is a mere Mathematical point toward or from which certain forces act. The theory, naturally, was laughed out of consideration; but today we have come perilously near it. Again, another postulate describing Matter's dharma was: "two material particles cannot occupy the same place at the same time". Now what do you say of the neutron and proton that coalesce and form the unit of a modern atomic nucleus? Once more, the notion of the indestructibility of Matter has been considerably modified in view of the phenomenon of an electric particle (electron) being wholly transmuted ("dematerialised" as the scientists themselves say) into a light particle (photon). Lastly, the idea of the constancy of massa bed-rock of old-world physicsis considered today to be a superstition, an illusion. If after all these changes in the idea of Matter, a man still maintains that he is a materialist, as of old, well, I can only exclaim in the Shakespearean phrase: "Bottom, thou art translated"! What I want to say is that the changes that modern physics proposes to execute in its body are not mere amendments and emendations, but they mean a radical transfiguration, a subversion and a mutation. And more than the actual changes effected, the possibilities, the tendencies that have opened out, the lines along which further developments are proceeding do point not merely to a reformation, but a revolution.

05.12 - The Soul and its Journey, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   We may try to illustrate by examples, although it is a rather dangerous game and may tend to put into a too rigid and' Mathematical formula something that is living and variable. Still it will serve to give a clearer picture of the matter. Napoleon, evidently was a child of Mahakali; and Caesar seems to have been fashioned largely by the principle of Maheshwari; while Christ or Chaitanya are clearly emanations in the line of Mahalakshmi. Constructive geniuses, on the other hand, like the great statesman Colbert, for example, or Louis XIV, Ie grand monarque, himself belong to a family (or gotra, as we say in India) that originated from Mahasaraswati. Poets and artists again, although generally they belong to the clan of Mahalakshmi, can be regrouped according to the principle that predominates in each, the godhead that presides over the inspiration in each. The large breath in Homer and Valmiki, the high and noble style of their movement, the dignity and vastness that compose their consciousness affiliate them naturally to the Maheshwari line. A Dante, on the other hand, or a Byron has something in his matter and manner that make us think of the stamp of Mahakali. Virgil or Petrarch, Shelley or our Tagore seem to be emanations of Beauty, Harmony, LoveMahalakshmi. And the perfect artisanship of Mahasaraswati has found its especial embodiment in Horace and Racine and our Kalidasa. Michael Angelo in his fury of inspirations seems to have been impelled by Mahakali, while Mahalakshmi sheds her genial favour upon Raphael and Titian; and the meticulous care and the detailed surety in a Tintoretto makes us think of Mahasaraswati's grace. Mahasaraswati too seems to have especially favoured Leonardo da Vinci, although a brooding presence of Maheshwari also seems to be intermixed there.

05.28 - God Protects, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The conditions under which the Divine's protection can come are simple enough, but difficult to fulfil completely and thoroughly. The ideal conditions that ensure absolute safety are an absolute trust and reliance on the Divine Force, a tranquillity and fearlessness that nothing shakes, .whatever the appearances at the moment, the spirit and attitude of an unreserved self-giving that whatever one is and one has is God's. Between that perfect state at the peak of consciousness and the doubting and hesitant and timid mind at the lower end that of St. Peter, forexample, at his weakest moment there are various gradations of the conditions fulfilled and the protection given is variable accordingly. Not that the Divine Grace acts or has to act according to any such hard and fast rule of mechanics, there is no such Mathematical Law of Protection in the scheme of Providence. And yet on the whole and generally speaking Providence, Divine Intervention, acts more or less successfully according to the degree of the soul's wakefulness on the plane that needs and possesses the protection.

05.31 - Divine Intervention, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   What we have named Intervention is also known popularly as Providence. It is the element of the incalculable and the unforeseen in Nature. Nature, in one respect, seems to be a closed circle: it is a rigid mechanism and its movements are very definite and absolutely fixed admitting of no change or variation whatsoever. That was the idea which governed our earlier scientists when they spoke or the Law of Nature. Law of Nature was to them, in the great Sophoclean phrase, something indelible and inviolable, immemorially the same which no man or god dare alter or disobey. Laplace, one of the pioneers of the scientific outlook, said, in fact, that he could very well imagine a Mathematician recording and calculating all the forces that act and react in the world and from the present position of things foretell the time and place of each and every event in the cosmic field. The idea of Karma, or Kismet, is a parallel conception in the domain of human nature and character. The chain reaction of cause and effect" is rigorous and absolute, follows a single line of movement and possesses a rigidly predetermined disposition. The principle is equally applicable either to a phenomenon of the physical world or to that of man's inner consciousness.

09.11 - The Supramental Manifestation and World Change, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   I have been asked what difference the presence of the Supermind will make, in what way will it change the trend of events and how, since the Supramental manifestation, life has to be reviewed. I am asked to give practical examples. I do not know what this means, but here is what I have seen in a somewhat Mathematical mood. Although the Mathematical language is quite foreign to me, still I may call it a Mathematical mood, that is to say, a Mathematical way of looking at the problem.
   I believe you have done sufficient Mathematics to know the complexity of combinations that arises when you take as your basis some elements out of a sum total. To make it clearer I shall give you an example but without using the terms you have been taught at schoolfrom the letters of the alphabet. There are a certain number of letters. Now, if you want to calculate or know the number of combinations possible with these letters, taking all the letters together and organising them in as many ways as you can, as you have been taught, you will find that it runs into a fantastic figure.
   Similarly, take the material world and come down to the most minute particleyou know scientists have arrived at things that are absolutely invisible and incalculable and take this particle as your basis and the material world as the total and, further, imagine a Consciousness or a Will playing with these particles, making all sorts of possible combinations, never repeating the same combination. Of course, Mathematically they say that the number of particles is finite and therefore the number of combinations also is finite, but this is purely theoretical, and theory does not interest us. Coming to the practical, even if you suppose that these combinations follow each other in such a manner and at such a speed that the change from one to another is hardly perceptible, it is clear that the time needed for the working out of all these combinations would be, apparently, infinite. That is to say, the number of combinations would be so immense that practically no end could be assigned to it.
   Creation is the result not only of combinations on the surface but also of combinations in the depths of this surface: in other words, there are psychological factors. But I am looking at it from the purely Mathematical standpoint; although I do not speak the Mathematical language, it is still a Mathematical conception. Here is then the problem.

09.13 - On Teachers and Teaching, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   But when did I say that a student is free to come and go as he likes? You must not confuse matters. I said and I repeat that if a student feels that a particular subject is foreign to him, if for example, he has a capacity for literature and poetry and a disgust or even dislike for Mathematics, in that case, if the student comes and tells me, "I prefer not to follow the course of Mathematics", I cannot answer him, "No, you must absolutely do it". But once a student has decided to follow a class, it is quite an elementary discipline for him to follow the class, to attend it regularly, to behave decently while he is there. Otherwise it is not becoming of him to go to the school at all. I have never encouraged people to loiter about during class hours or to come one day and be absent the next day, never, for, to begin with, if you are not able to submit yourself to this very elementary discipline, you will never succeed in having the least control over yourself; you will be always the slave of every impulse and fancy of yours.

1.00a - Introduction, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  7. The Book of Thoth Surely all terms not in a good dictionary are explained in the text. I don't see what I can do about it, in any case; the same criticism would apply to (say) Bertr and Russell's Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, wouldn't it?

1.00d - Introduction, #On the Way to Supermanhood, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  Because Truth is simple. It is the simplest thing in the world that is why we do not see it. There is but one Thing in the world, not two, as the modern physicists and Mathematicians have begun to realize, and as a child well knows as he smiles at the waves on a sun-swept beach where the same foam seems to have rolled in since the beginning of time, recalling a great rhythm that wells up out of ancient memory and weaves days and sorrows into a single story, so old it feels like an unchanging presence, so encompassing in its immensity it even embraces the glides of a sea gull. And everything is contained in one second, the sum of all ages and all souls, all within one simple little point glistening for an instant on the wild foam. But we have lost that point, and that smile, and the singing second. So we have tried to restore that Oneness by addition: 1+1+1... like our computers, as if adding up all possible knowledge from every conceivable direction would finally yield the right note, the one note that brings forth song and moves the worlds and the heart of a forgotten child. We have tried to manufacture that Simplicity for every pocketbook, but the more we multiplied our clever push buttons, to simplify life, the farther away the bird flew, and the smile even the sparkling foam is polluted by our equations. We are not even entirely sure our body is still ours the beautiful Machine has devoured everything.

1.00 - Gospel, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  At that time there lived in Calcutta a rich widow named Rni Rsmani, belonging to the udr caste, and known far and wide not only for her business ability, courage, and intelligence, but also for her largeness of heart, piety, and devotion to God. She was assisted in the management of her vast property by her son-in-law Mathur Mohan.
  He objected also to the eating of the cooked offerings of the temple, since, according to orthodox Hindu custom, such food can be offered to the Deity only in the house of a brhmin. But the holy atmosphere of the temple grounds, the solitude of the surrounding wood, the loving care of his brother, the respect shown him by Rni Rsmani and Mathur Bbu, the living presence of the Goddess Kli in the temple, and, above all, the proximity of the sacred Ganges, which Sri Ramakrishna always held in the highest respect, gradually overcame his disapproval, and he began to feel at home.
  Within a very short time Sri Ramakrishna attracted the notice of Mathur Bbu, who was impressed by the young man's religious fervour and wanted him to participate in the worship in the Kli temple. But Sri Ramakrishna loved his freedom and was indifferent to any worldly career. The profession of the priesthood in a temple founded by a rich woman did not appeal to his mind. Further, he hesitated to take upon himself the responsibility for the ornaments and jewellery of the temple. Mathur had to wait for a suitable occasion.
  Unable to resist the persuasion of Mathur Bbu, Sri Ramakrishna at last entered the temple service, on condition that Hriday should be asked to assist him. His first duty was to dress and decorate the image of Kli.
  Let the image be repaired and worshipped as before." It was a simple, straightforward solution and was accepted by the Rni. Sri Ramakrishna himself mended the break. The priest was dismissed for his carelessness, and at Mathur Bbu's earnest request, Sri Ramakrishna accepted the Office of priest in the Radhknta temple.
   Mathur begged Sri Ramakrishna to take charge of the worship in the Kli temple. The young priest pleaded his incompetence and his ignorance of the scriptures. Mathur insisted that devotion and sincerity would more than compensate for any lack of formal knowledge and make the Divine Mother manifest Herself through the image. In the end, Sri Ramakrishna had to yield to Mathur's request. He became the priest of Kli.
  On a certain occasion Mathur Bbu stealthily entered the temple to watch the worship.
  Sri Ramakrishna one day fed a cat with the food that was to be offered to Kli. This was too much for the manager of the temple garden, who considered himself responsible for the proper conduct of the worship. He reported Sri Ramakrishna's insane behaviour to Mathur Bbu.
  Sri Ramakrishna has described the incident: "The Divine Mother revealed to me in the Kli temple that it was She who had become everything. She showed me that everything was full of Consciousness. The image was Consciousness, the altar was Consciousness, the water-vessels were Consciousness, the door-sill was Consciousness, the marble floor was Consciousness - all was Consciousness. I found everything inside the room soaked, as it were, in Bliss - the Bliss of God. I saw a wicked man in front of the Kli temple; but in him also I saw the power of the Divine Mother vibrating. That was why I fed a cat with the food that was to be offered to the Divine Mother. I clearly perceived that all this was the Divine Mother - even the cat. The manager of the temple garden wrote to Mathur Bbu saying that I was feeding the cat with the offering intended for the Divine Mother.
  But Mathur Bbu had insight into the state of my mind. He wrote back to the manager: 'Let him do whatever he likes. You must not say anything to him.' "
   Mathur had faith in the sincerity of Sri Ramakrishna's spiritual zeal, but began now to doubt his sanity. He had watched him jumping about like a monkey. One day, when Rni Rsmani was listening to Sri Ramakrishna's singing in the temple, the young priest abruptly turned and slapped her. Apparently listening to his song, she had actually been thinking of a lawsuit. She accepted the punishment as though the Divine Mother Herself had imposed it; but Mathur was distressed. He begged Sri Ramakrishna to keep his feelings under control and to heed the conventions of society. God Himself, he argued, follows laws. God never permitted, for instance, flowers of two colours to grow on the same stalk. The following day Sri Ramakrishna presented Mathur Bbu with two hibiscus flowers growing on the same stalk, one red and one white.
  In 1858 there came to Dakshinewar a cousin of Sri Ramakrishna, Haladhri by name, who was to remain there about eight years. On account of Sri Ramakrishna's indifferent health, Mathur appointed this man to the office of priest in the Kli temple. He was a complex character, versed in the letter of the scriptures, but hardly aware of their spirit.
  Rni Rsmani, the foundress of the temple garden, passed away in 1861. After her death her son-in-law Mathur became the sole executor of the estate. He placed himself and his resources at the disposal of Sri Ramakrishna and began to look after his physical comfort. Sri Ramakrishna later spoke of him as one of his five "suppliers of stores"
  appointed by the Divine Mother. Whenever a desire arose in his mind, Mathur fulfilled it without hesitation.
  When Sri Ramakrishna told Mathur what the Brhmani had said about him, Mathur shook his head in doubt. He was reluctant to accept him as an Incarnation of God, an Avatar comparable to Rm, Krishna, Buddha, and Chaitanya, though he admitted Sri Ramakrishna's extraordinary spirituality. Whereupon the Brhmani asked Mathur to arrange a conference of scholars who should discuss the matter with her. He agreed to the proposal and the meeting was arranged. It was to be held in the Natmandir in front of the Kli temple.
  Two famous pundits of the time were invited: Vaishnavcharan, the leader of the Vaishnava society, and Gauri. The first to arrive was Vaishnavcharan, with a distinguished company of scholars and devotees. The Brhmani, like a proud mother, proclaimed her view before him and supported it with quotations from the scriptures. As the pundits discussed the deep theological question, Sri Ramakrishna, perfectly indifferent to everything happening around him, sat in their midst like a child, immersed in his own thoughts, sometimes smiling, sometimes chewing a pinch of spices from a pouch, or again saying to Vaishnavcharan with a nudge: "Look here. Sometimes I feel like this, too." Presently Vaishnavcharan arose to declare himself in total agreement with the view of the Brhmani. He declared that Sri Ramakrishna had undoubtedly experienced Mah-bhva and that this was the certain sign of the rare manifestation of God in a man. The people assembled there, especially the officers of the temple garden, were struck dumb. Sri Ramakrishna said to Mathur, like a boy: "Just fancy, he too says so! Well, I am glad to learn that, after all, it is not a disease."
  While worshipping Ramll as the Divine Child, Sri Ramakrishna's heart became filled with motherly tenderness, and he began to regard himself as a woman. His speech and gestures changed. He began to move freely with the ladies of Mathur's family, who now looked upon him as one of their own sex. During this time he worshipped the Divine Mother as Her companion or handmaid.
  Sri Ramakrishna now devoted himself to scaling the most inaccessible and dizzy heights of dualistic worship, namely, the complete union with Sri Krishna as the Beloved of the heart. He regarded himself as one of the gopis of Vrindvan, mad with longing for her divine Sweetheart. At his request Mathur provided him with woman's dress and jewellery. In this love pursuit, food and drink were forgotten. Day and night he wept bitterly. The yearning turned into a mad frenzy; for the divine Krishna began to play with him the old tricks He had played with the gopis. He would tease and taunt, now and then revealing Himself, but always keeping at a distance. Sri Ramakrishna's anguish brought on a return of the old physical symptoms: the burning sensation, an oozing of blood through the pores, a loosening of the joints, and the stopping of physiological functions.
  From now on Sri Ramakrishna began to seek the company of devotees and holy men. He had gone through the storm and stress of spiritual disciplines and visions. Now he realized an inner calmness and appeared to others as a normal person. But he could not bear the company of worldly people or listen to their talk. Fortunately the holy atmosphere of Dakshinewar and the liberality of Mathur attracted monks and holy men from all parts of the country. Sdhus of all denominations - monists and dualists, Vaishnavas and Vedntists, kts and worshippers of Rm - flocked there in ever increasing numbers. Ascetics and visionaries came to seek Sri Ramakrishna's advice.
  Vaishnavas had come during the period of his Vaishnava sdhana, and Tntriks when he practised the disciplines of Tantra. Vedntists began to arrive after the departure of Totpuri. In the room of Sri Ramakrishna, who was then in bed with dysentery, the Vedntists engaged in scriptural discussions, and, forgetting his own physical suffering, he solved their doubts by referring directly to his own experiences. Many of the visitors were genuine spiritual souls, the unseen pillars of Hinduism, and their spiritual lives were quickened in no small measure by the sage of Dakshinewar. Sri Ramakrishna in turn learnt from them anecdotes concerning the ways and the conduct of holy men, which he subsequently narrated to his devotees and disciples. At his request Mathur provided him with large stores of foodstuffs, clothes, and so forth, for distri bution among the wandering monks.
  On January 27, 1868, Mathur Bbu with a party of some one hundred and twenty-five persons set out on a pilgrimage to the sacred places of northern India. At Vaidyanth in Behar, when the Master saw the inhabitants of a village reduced by poverty and starvation to mere skeletons, he requested his rich patron to feed the people and give each a piece of cloth. Mathur demurred at the added expense. The Master declared bitterly that he would not go on to Banras, but would live with the poor and share their miseries. He actually left Mathur and sat down with the villagers.
  Whereupon Mathur had to yield. On another occasion, two years later, Sri Ramakrishna showed a similar sentiment for the poor and needy. He accompanied Mathur on a tour to one of the latter's estates at the time of the collection of rents. For two years the harvests had failed and the tenants were in a state of extreme poverty. The Master asked Mathur to remit their rents, distri bute help to them, and in addition give the hungry people a sumptuous feast. When Mathur grumbled, the Master said: "You are only the steward of the Divine Mother. They are the Mother's tenants. You must spend the Mother's money. When they are suffering, how can you refuse to help them? You must help them." Again Mathur had to give in. Sri Ramakrishna's sympathy for the poor sprang from his perception of God in all created beings. His sentiment was not that of the humanist or philanthropist. To him the service of man was the same as the worship of God.
  Sri Ramakrishna visited Allahbad, at the confluence of the Ganges and the Jamuna, and then proceeded to Vrindvan and Mathura, hallowed by the legends, songs, and dramas about Krishna and the gopis. Here he had numerous visions and his heart overflowed with divine emotion. He wept and said: "O Krishna! Everything here is as it was in the olden days. You alone are absent." He visited the great woman saint Gangmyi, regarded by Vaishnava devotees as the reincarnation of an intimate attendant of Rdh.
  On the return journey Mathur wanted to visit Gay, but Sri Ramakrishna declined to go.
  He recalled his father's vision at Gay before his own birth and felt that in the temple of Vishnu he would become permanently absorbed in God. Mathur, honouring the Master's wish, returned with his party to Calcutta.
  Since then she had become even more gentle, tender, introspective, serious, and unselfish. She had heard many rumours about her husband's insanity. People had shown her pity in her misfortune. The more she thought, the more she felt that her duty was to be with him, giving him, in whatever measure she could, a wife's devoted service. She was now eighteen years old. Accompanied by her father, she arrived at Dakshinewar, having come on foot the distance of eighty miles. She had had an attack of fever on the way. When she arrived at the temple garden the Master said sorrowfully: "Ah! You have come too late. My Mathur is no longer here to look after you." Mathur had passed away the previous year.
  During this period Sri Ramakrishna suffered several bereavements. The first was the death of a nephew named, Akshay. After the young man's death Sri Ramakrishna said: "Akshay died before my very eyes. But it did not affect me in the least. I stood by and watched a man die. It was like a sword being drawn from its scabbard. I enjoyed the scene, and laughed and sang and danced over it. They removed the body and cremated it. But the next day as I stood there (pointing to the southeast verandah of his room), I felt a racking pain for the loss of Akshay, as if somebody were squeezing my heart like a wet towel. I wondered at it and thought that the Mother was teaching me a lesson. I was not much concerned even with my own body - much less with a relative. But if such was my pain at the loss of a nephew, how much more must be the grief of the householders at the loss of their near and dear ones!" In 1871 Mathur died, and some five years later ambhu Mallick - who, after Mathur's passing away, had taken care of the Master's comfort. In 1873 died his elder brother Rmewar, and in 1876, his beloved mother.
  His mother was steeped in the great Hindu epics, and his father, a distinguished attorney of the Calcutta High Court, was an agnostic about religion, a friend of the poor, and a mocker at social conventions. Even in his boyhood and youth Narendra possessed great physical courage and presence of mind, a vivid imagination, deep power of thought, keen intelligence, an extraordinary memory, a love of truth, a passion for purity, a spirit of independence, and a tender heart. An expert musician, he also acquired proficiency in physics, astronomy, Mathematics, philosophy, history, and literature. He grew up into an extremely handsome young man. Even as a child he practised meditation and showed great power of concentration. Though free and passionate in word and action, he took the vow of austere religious chastity and never allowed the fire of purity to be extinguished by the slightest defilement of body or soul.


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Wikipedia - 6M-bM-^BM-^C knot -- Mathematical knot with crossing number 6
Wikipedia - 6-sphere coordinates -- 3D coordinate system used in mathematics
Wikipedia - 7M-bM-^BM-^A knot -- Mathematical knot with crossing number 7
Wikipedia - Aaron Afia -- Greek scientist, mathematician, philosopher, and physician
Wikipedia - Aaron Galuten -- American mathematician and publisher
Wikipedia - Abdulalim A. Shabazz -- African American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abdul Jerri -- Iraqi mathematiican
Wikipedia - Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences -- University in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Wikipedia - Abe Gelbart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abelian group -- Commutative group (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Abel Klein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abel's binomial theorem -- A mathematical identity involving sums of binomial coefficients
Wikipedia - Abe Sklar -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der UniversitM-CM-$t Hamburg -- Peer-reviewed mathematics journal published by Springer Science+Business Media
Wikipedia - Abigail Thompson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - A Bird in Flight -- Bird-like geometric patterns introduced by mathematical artist Hamid Naderi Yeganeh
Wikipedia - AbM-EM-+ Sahl al-QM-EM-+hM-DM-+ -- 10th century Persian mathematician, physicist and astronomer
Wikipedia - Abraham Adrian Albert -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abraham Charnes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abraham Fraenkel -- German mathematician and early Zionist
Wikipedia - Abraham H. Taub -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abraham Nemeth -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abraham Plessner -- Russian-Jewish mathematician
Wikipedia - Abraham Robinson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abraham Seidenberg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Abramowitz and Stegun -- Mathematical reference work edited by M. Abramowitz and I. Stegun
Wikipedia - Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Absoluteness -- mathematical logic concept
Wikipedia - Abstract algebra -- Mathematical study of algebraic structures
Wikipedia - Abstract data type -- Mathematical model for data types
Wikipedia - Abstraction (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Abstract mathematics
Wikipedia - Abu al-Abbas Iranshahri -- 9th-century Persian mathematician, astronomer and philosopher
Wikipedia - Abu and the 7 Marvels -- 2002 novel by Richard Matheson
Wikipedia - Abu'l-Hasan Bayhaqi -- Iranian mathematician
Wikipedia - Abune Mathias -- 21st-century Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
Wikipedia - Acacia mathuataensis -- Species of legume
Wikipedia - Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering -- Magnet high school in Morris County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Achyut Godbole -- Inidan polymath and humanitarian
Wikipedia - ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
Wikipedia - A Course of Modern Analysis -- Landmark textbook in mathematical analysis by E. T. Whittaker, originally published in 1902 with four editions.
Wikipedia - Acta Mathematica
Wikipedia - Activated sludge model -- Group of mathematical methods coordinated by the International Water Association (IWA)
Wikipedia - Actuarial Society of South Africa HIV/AIDS models -- Actuarial mathematical models used in assessing the impact of the epidemic in South Africa
Wikipedia - Adam Harper -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Adam Logan -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Adam Spencer -- Australian mathematician, comedian and radio presenter
Wikipedia - Additive combinatorics -- An area of combinatorics in mathematics
Wikipedia - Adelaide Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Adela Ruiz de Royo -- Spanish-born Panamanian mathematics academic
Wikipedia - Adolf Hurwitz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Adolf Kneser -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Adolf Piltz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Adolph Gopel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Adolph Winkler Goodman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Adriaan van Roomen -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Adriana Neumann de Oliveira -- Brazilian mathematician
Wikipedia - Adrian Ioana -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Adrian KrzyM-EM- -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Adrian Lewis (mathematician) -- British-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Adrian Mathias
Wikipedia - Adriano Garsia -- mathematician
Wikipedia - Adrien-Marie Legendre -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Advaita Ashrama -- branch of the Ramakrishna Math
Wikipedia - Advances in Mathematics
Wikipedia - A. Edward Nussbaum -- German-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Affine Grassmannian (manifold) -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Aftermath (1927 film) -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - Aftermath (2017 film) -- 2017 American thriller film
Wikipedia - Aftermath Entertainment -- American record label
Wikipedia - Aftermath of Battles Without Honor and Humanity -- 1979 film by Eiichi Kudo
Wikipedia - Aftermath of the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol
Wikipedia - Aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire -- 2017 fire in West London
Wikipedia - Aftermath of the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 attack -- Consequences of an attempt to detonate an explosive in a civil flight
Wikipedia - Aftermath of the September 11 attacks -- Effects and subsequent events of the September 11 attacks
Wikipedia - Aftermath of World War II -- Events following the conclusion of World War II
Wikipedia - Aftermath of World War I -- Period after the conclusion of World War I
Wikipedia - Aftermath (R.E.M. song) -- Song by R.E.M.
Wikipedia - Aftermath: The Remnants of War -- 2001 film by Daniel Sekulich
Wikipedia - Aftermath! -- Science fiction tabletop role-playing game
Wikipedia - Agata Ciabattoni -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Agata Smoktunowicz -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - A. G. Mathews -- American politician
Wikipedia - Agner Krarup Erlang -- Danish mathematician, statistician and engineer
Wikipedia - Agnes Berger -- Hungarian American Mathematician
Wikipedia - Agnes E. Wells -- American mathematician, educator and women's rights activist (1876-1959)
Wikipedia - Agnes Sime Baxter -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - A. Harry Wheeler -- American mathematician, inventor, and mathematics teacher
Wikipedia - A History of Folding in Mathematics
Wikipedia - A History of Vector Analysis -- Book on the history of mathematics by Michael J. Crowe
Wikipedia - A. H. Lightstone -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ahmad al-Buni -- Arab mathematician, philosopher and Sufi
Wikipedia - Ahmed I. Zayed -- Egyptian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Aida Yasuaki -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Ailana Fraser -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ailsa Land -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Aimee Johnson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Aissa Wade -- Senegalese mathematician
Wikipedia - Ajima Naonobu -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Ajit Iqbal Singh -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Akif Jafar Hajiyev -- Azerbaijani mathematician
Wikipedia - Akihiro Kanamori -- Japanese-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Akram Aldroubi -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Aksel Frederik Andersen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Alain Bensoussan -- French Mathematician
Wikipedia - Alain Chenciner -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Alain Connes -- French mathematician (born 1947)
Wikipedia - Alain M. Robert -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Alain-Sol Sznitman -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Alambazar Math -- Second monastery of Ramakrishna Order, situated in Baranagar, India
Wikipedia - Alan Baker (mathematician) -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan C. Newell -- Irish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan D. Taylor -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan Frank Beardon -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan Hoffman (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Alan J. Goldman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan J. Hoffman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan Mathison Turing
Wikipedia - Alan Sokal -- American physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan Turing -- English mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Alan Weinstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alan Weiss (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alar Toomre -- American astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Baernstein II -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Charles Schaeffer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert ChM-CM-"telet -- French politician and mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Fathi -- Egyptian-French mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Hibbs -- American mathematician and scientist, The Voice of JPL
Wikipedia - Albert Marden -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Mathiez
Wikipedia - Albert Muchnik -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Nijenhuis -- Dutch-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alberto Collino -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alberto Tognoli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Pfluger -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Schwarz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Albin Gurklis -- Lithuanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Albin Herzog -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Al-Birjandi -- 16th-century Persian polymath
Wikipedia - Al-Biruni -- 11th-century Persian scholar and polymath
Wikipedia - Albrecht Beutelspacher -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Albrecht Bottcher -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Albrecht Dold -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Aldo Andreotti -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aldona AleM-EM-!keviM-DM-^MienM-DM-^W-StatuleviM-DM-^MienM-DM-^W -- Lithuanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aldridge Bousfield -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alejandro Adem -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksander Axer -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksander Pelczynski -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksandr Alekseevich Borovkov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksandr Korkin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksandr Kotelnikov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksandr Lyapunov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksandr Nekrasov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksei Pogorelov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aleksey Krylov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alemdar HasanoM-DM-^_lu -- Azerbaijani mathematician
Wikipedia - Alessandra Carbone -- Italian mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Alessandra Celletti (mathematician) -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alessandra Lunardi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alessio Figalli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Abian -- Iranian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Anderson (mathematician) -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Arhangelskii -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Barvinok -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Beilinson -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Braverman -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Brown (mathematician) -- (1877 - 1948) Scottish Mathematician and educator in South Africa
Wikipedia - Alexander Bruno -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Buchan (mathematician) -- (1904 - 1976) Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Doniphan Wallace -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Dranishnikov -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander D. Wentzell -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Dynin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Gamburd -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander G. Burgess -- (1872 - 1932) Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Grothendieck -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Kirillov Jr. -- Russian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Kiselev (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Kuznetsov (mathematician) -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander L. Rosenberg -- Russian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Mather -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - Alexander Mathis -- Alexander Mathis, Austrian computational neuroscientist
Wikipedia - Alexander Molev -- Russian-Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Nagel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Schmidt (mathematician) -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Soifer -- Russian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander V. Karzanov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Weinstein -- Russian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Yule Fraser -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexandra Bellow -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexandre Matheron -- French philosopher
Wikipedia - Alexandre Saverien -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexandroff plank -- A topological space mathematics
Wikipedia - Alexandrov's uniqueness theorem -- rigidity theorem in mathematics
Wikipedia - Alexandru Dimca -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexandru Ioan Lupas -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexandru Zaharescu -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexei Kostrikin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alex Eskin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alex F. T. W. Rosenberg -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexis Bonnet -- French mathematician and investor
Wikipedia - Alexis Clairaut -- French mathematician, astronomer, and geophysicist
Wikipedia - Alexis Hocquenghem -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexis-Jean-Pierre Paucton -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Alex James (mathematician) -- New Zealand mathematician and mathematical biologist
Wikipedia - Alfio Quarteroni -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Aeppli -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Brauer -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Brousseau -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Clebsch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Errera -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Foster (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Alfred Frolicher -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Gray (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Haar -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred H. Clifford -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Horn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Mathieu Giard -- French zoologist
Wikipedia - Alfred North Whitehead -- English mathematician and philosopher
Wikipedia - Alfredo Careaga -- Mexican engineer, physicist, mathematician, conservationist and ecologist
Wikipedia - Alfred Potier -- French polymath
Wikipedia - Alfreds Meders -- German-Latvian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred Tarski -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alfred W. Hales -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Algebraic fraction -- Sort of mathematical expression
Wikipedia - Algebraic geometry -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Algebraic interior -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Algebraic semantics (mathematical logic)
Wikipedia - Algebraic topology -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Algebraic variety -- Mathematical object studied in the field of algebraic geometry
Wikipedia - Algebra -- Study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating them
Wikipedia - Algorism -- Mathematical technique for arithmetic
Wikipedia - Ali Akansu -- Turkish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alia Sabur -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alice Guionnet -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Alice Lee (mathematician) -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Alice Mary Hilton -- British-American mathematician, academic and author
Wikipedia - Alice Rogers -- Emeritus professor of mathematics at King's College London
Wikipedia - Alice Roth -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Alice Silverberg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alice Slotsky -- American historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Alice T. Schafer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alicia Boole Stott -- Irish-English mathematician
Wikipedia - Alicia Dickenstein -- Argentine mathematician
Wikipedia - Ali M-CM-^\lger -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Alina Bucur -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alina Carmen Cojocaru -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Aline Bonami -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Aline Gouget -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Aliquot sequence -- Mathematical recursive sequence
Wikipedia - Ali Reza Ashrafi -- Iranian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alison Harcourt -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alison Marr -- American mathematician and mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Alison Miller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alissa Crans -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Al-Kindi -- Muslim Arab philosopher, mathematician, physician, and musician
Wikipedia - Allen Hatcher -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Allen Knutson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Allen R Miller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Allen Shields -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - All horses are the same color -- Paradox arising from an incorrect proof by mathematical induction
Wikipedia - Allison Henrich -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - AlM-DM-+ ibn Ahmad al-NasawM-DM-+ -- Persian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alona Ben-Tal -- Israeli and New Zealand applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Alonzo Church -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alp Eden -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Alston Scott Householder -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alvany Rocha -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Alwin Korselt -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Alwin Walther -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Amanda Chetwynd -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Amanda Folsom -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Amandine Aftalion -- French applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Amara Indumathi -- Sri Lankan Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - A Mathematical Theory of Communication -- Article about theory of communication by Claude Shannon
Wikipedia - A Mathematician's Apology -- 1940 essay by British mathematician G. H. Hardy
Wikipedia - A Mathematician's Miscellany -- Autobiography of John Edensor Littlewood
Wikipedia - Amathole Offshore Marine Protected Area -- A marine conservation area in the Eastern Cape in South Africa
Wikipedia - Amathusia -- Ancient Greek mythological epithet
Wikipedia - Amedee Mannheim -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Amedeo Agostini -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Amel Ben Abda -- Tunisian mathematician
Wikipedia - Amele El Mahdi -- Algerian writer, professor of mathematics
Wikipedia - American Cinematheque Award -- American award for film and television personnel
Wikipedia - American Institute of Mathematics -- NSF-funded mathematical institute
Wikipedia - American Invitational Mathematics Examination -- Mathematics test used to determine qualification for the U.S. Mathematical Olympiad
Wikipedia - American Journal of Mathematics
Wikipedia - American Mathematical Monthly
Wikipedia - American Mathematical Society -- Association of professional mathematicians
Wikipedia - Amir Aczel -- Israeli-born American lecturer in mathematics and the history of mathematics and science
Wikipedia - Ami Radunskaya -- American mathematician and musician
Wikipedia - Amy Cohen-Corwin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Amy Dahan -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Amy Langville -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Amy Shell-Gellasch -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Ana Cannas da Silva -- Portuguese mathematician
Wikipedia - Ana Caraiani -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Analysis (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Analytic continuation -- Extension of the domain of an analytic function (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Anandamath -- novel by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Wikipedia - Anand Kumar -- Indian mathematician and educationalist
Wikipedia - Anastasia Stavrova -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anatole Katok -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anatoliy Lure -- Soviet engineer and applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Anatoliy Skorokhod -- Ukrainian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anatol Rapoport -- Russian-born American mathematical psychologist
Wikipedia - Anatoly Mikhailovich Stepin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anatoly Samoilenko -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ancient Egyptian mathematics
Wikipedia - Ancient Greek mathematics
Wikipedia - Anders Spole -- Swedish mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Anders Szepessy -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Anders Wiman -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Andras Frank -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andras Gyarfas -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andras Kornai -- Hungarian mathematical linguist
Wikipedia - Andras Prekopa -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andras Sarkozy -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrea Argoli -- Italian mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Andrea Bertozzi -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrea R. Nahmod -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andreas Dress -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Andreas Floer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Andreas Seeger -- mathematician
Wikipedia - Andreas Stoberl -- Austrian astronomer, mathematician, and theologian
Wikipedia - Andreas Thom (mathematician) -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Andre Gerardin -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Andre Haefliger -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrei Gabrielov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrei Knyazev (mathematician) -- Russian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrei Krylov (mathematician) -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrei Toom -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrei Zelevinsky -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrej Dujella -- Croatian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andre Joyal -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrej Pazman -- Slovak mathematician
Wikipedia - Andre Neves -- Portuguese mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Barclay (mathematician) -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Beal -- American banker, businessman, investor, and amateur mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Booker (mathematician) -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Forsyth -- 19th and 20th-century British mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Granville -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Guinand -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew H. Wallace -- Scottish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew J. Sommese -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Kalotay -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Majda -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Masondo -- South African mathematician and general
Wikipedia - Andrew M. Bruckner -- American retired mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew M. Gleason -- American mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Andrew Neitzke -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Odlyzko -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Ogg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrew Sutherland (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Andrew Wiles -- British mathematician who proved Fermat's Last Theorem
Wikipedia - Andrew Young (mathematician) -- (1891-1968) Scottish mathematician, natural scientist and lawyer
Wikipedia - Andrey Kolmogorov -- Soviet mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrey Markov (Soviet mathematician)
Wikipedia - Andrey Markov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - AndriM-CM-+tte Bekker -- South African mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Andrzej Alexiewicz -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrzej Bialynicki-Birula -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrzej Schinzel -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Andrzej Trybulec -- Polish mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Andy Magid -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Angela Kunoth -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Angela McLean (biologist) -- British zoologist and Professor of Mathematical Biology
Wikipedia - Angela Slavova -- Bulgarian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Angela Spalsbury -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Angelika Bunse-Gerstner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Angelika Steger -- Mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Angelina Cabras -- Italian mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Angeline Stickney -- American suffragist, abolitionist, and mathematician
Wikipedia - Angelo Genocchi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Angie Turner King -- American chemist, mathematician, and educator
Wikipedia - Anil Kumar Gain -- Indian mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Anil Nerode -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics -- 2012 book by Mark Colyvan
Wikipedia - Anita Hansbo -- Swedish mathematician and academic administrator
Wikipedia - Anita Layton -- American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Anita Schobel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Anita Straker -- British mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Anna Barbara Reinhart -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Cartan -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna C. Gilbert -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Erschler -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Fino -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Irwin Young -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Johnson Pell Wheeler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna-Karin Tornberg -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Annalisa Buffa -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Annalisa Crannell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Annals of Mathematical Statistics
Wikipedia - Annals of Mathematics -- Journal
Wikipedia - Anna Maria Bigatti -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Mazzucato -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Mullikin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Nagurney -- Ukrainian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Panorska -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Stafford -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anna Wienhard -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Bosworth Focke -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Bourlioux -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Broadbent -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne C. Morel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Cobbe -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Gelb -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne-Laure Dalibard -- French mathematician working on asymptotic behavior of fluid equations occurring in oceanographic models
Wikipedia - Anne Lester Hudson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anneli Cahn Lax -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne M. Leggett -- American mathematical logician
Wikipedia - Anne Penfold Street -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Schilling -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Sjerp Troelstra -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Taormina -- Belgian mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Annette Huber-Klawitter -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Annette Imhausen -- German mathematician, archaeologist, historian of mathematics and egyptologist
Wikipedia - Annette Werner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ann E. Watkins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anne Watson (mathematics educator) -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Annie Dale Biddle Andrews -- (1885-1940) first woman to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley
Wikipedia - Annie Easley -- American mathematician and rocket scientist
Wikipedia - Annie Leuch-Reineck -- Swiss mathematician (1880-1978)
Wikipedia - Annie Marie Watkins Garraway -- American mathematician and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Annie Raoult -- French applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Annie Selden -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Ann Mather
Wikipedia - Ann S. Almgren -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ann Teresa Mathews
Wikipedia - Ann Trenk -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ansatz -- Initial estimate or framework to the solution of a mathematical problem
Wikipedia - Anthony Hilton -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Anthony James Merrill Spencer -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Anthony Joseph Tromba -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anthony Morse -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anthony W. Knapp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Anticipatory Systems; Philosophical, Mathematical, and Methodological Foundations
Wikipedia - Anticommutative property -- Mathematical property
Wikipedia - Antilinear map -- Mathematical map
Wikipedia - Antoine Andre Louis Reynaud -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Antoine Augustin Cournot -- French economist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Antoine Parent -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Antoine Song -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Antoinette Tordesillas -- Applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Anton Alekseev (mathematician) -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ant on a rubber rope -- Mathematics problem
Wikipedia - Anton Davidoglu -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Antonella Grassi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Antonella Zanna -- Italian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Antonia Ferrin Moreiras -- Mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Antoni M-EM-^Aomnicki -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Antonio Ambrosetti -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Antonio Auffinger -- Brazilian mathematician
Wikipedia - Antonio Cabreira -- Portuguese mathematician, polygraph and publicist (1868-1953)
Wikipedia - Antonio Cagnoli -- Italian astronomer, mathematician, and diplomat
Wikipedia - Anton Kotzig -- Slovak-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Antony Wassermann -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Anuar Dyusembaev -- Kazakh mathematician
Wikipedia - AnuM-EM-!ka Ferligoj -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Anuradha Das Mathur -- Indian businesswoman
Wikipedia - A. O. L. Atkin -- British-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Apala Majumdar -- British applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Aparna Higgins -- Indian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Apenas o Fim -- 2008 film directed by Matheus Souza
Wikipedia - Apparent infection rate -- Mathematical methodology of an infection
Wikipedia - Applied Biomathematics
Wikipedia - Applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - Applied mathematics -- Application of mathematical methods to other fields
Wikipedia - Approximate max-flow min-cut theorem -- Mathematical propositions in network flow theory
Wikipedia - Arabic mathematics
Wikipedia - Arab Winter -- Wide-scale violence and instability evolving in the aftermath of the Arab Spring
Wikipedia - Arappatta Kettiya Gramathil -- 1986 film by P. Padmarajan
Wikipedia - Archduchess Mathilda of Austria -- Austrian archduchess
Wikipedia - Archimedean property -- The absence of infintiesmals in a mathemaical system
Wikipedia - Archimedes -- Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer
Wikipedia - Archiv der Mathematik
Wikipedia - Areas of mathematics -- Grouping by subject of mathematics
Wikipedia - Arens square -- A topological space mathematics
Wikipedia - Argelia Velez-Rodriguez -- Cuban-American mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Arima Yoriyuki -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Aristotle -- Classical Greek philosopher and polymath, founder of the Peripatetic School
Wikipedia - Arithmetic -- Elementary branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Arivumathi -- Indian writer
Wikipedia - Arjen Lenstra -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Arlie Petters -- Belizean-American mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Armand Borel -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Armathwaite railway station -- Railway station in Cumbria, England
Wikipedia - Arnaud Beauville -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Arnaud Cheritat -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Arne Beurling -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Arne Broman -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Arne Meurman -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Arnfinn Laudal -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Arnold Dresden -- Dutch-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arnold Emch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arnold Oberschelp -- German mathematician and logician
Wikipedia - Arnold Ross -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arnon Avron -- Israeli mathematician.
Wikipedia - Aromatherapy -- Usage of aromatic materials for improving well-being
Wikipedia - A. Ross Eckler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arpad Elo -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ars inveniendi -- Mathesis universalis
Wikipedia - Ars Mathematica (organization)
Wikipedia - Artemas Martin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Bartels -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Bleksley -- South African professor of applied mathematics and an astronomer
Wikipedia - Arthur Burks -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Byron Coble -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Harold Stone -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Herbert Copeland -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Hirsch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Hobbs (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Jaffe -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Jolliffe -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Korn -- German physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Mathews (writer) -- Irish writer and actor
Wikipedia - Arthur Mattuck -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Milgram -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Ogus -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur P. Dempster -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Preston Mellish -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Rubin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Sard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Arthur Stafford Hathaway -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Artificial neuron -- Mathematical function conceived as a crude model
Wikipedia - Art of Mathura
Wikipedia - Arunas Rudvalis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Aryabhata -- Indian mathematician-astronomer
Wikipedia - Aryabhatiya -- Sanskrit astronomical treatise by the 5th century Indian mathematician Aryabhata
Wikipedia - Aryeh Dvoretzky -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Asana-Math
Wikipedia - Aschbacher block -- Finite group in mathematics
Wikipedia - AsciiMath -- Mathematical markup language
Wikipedia - Ashraf Huseynov -- Azerbaijani mathematician
Wikipedia - Ashta Mathas of Udupi
Wikipedia - Ashutosh Mukherjee -- Bengali educator, jurist, barrister and mathematician (1864-1924)
Wikipedia - Askold Vinogradov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Assignment (mathematical logic)
Wikipedia - Association for Women in Mathematics -- American professional society
Wikipedia - Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences
Wikipedia - Astrid an Huef -- German-born New Zealand mathematician
Wikipedia - Astrid Beckmann -- German mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Astroid -- Mathematical curve
Wikipedia - Asuman Aksoy -- Turkish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Athanassios S. Fokas -- Greek mathematician
Wikipedia - ATLAS of Finite Groups -- Mathematics book by John Conway
Wikipedia - Atle Selberg -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Atomic formula -- mathematical logic concept
Wikipedia - Aubrey J. Kempner -- English-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Aubrey Mather -- English actor
Wikipedia - Aubrey William Ingleton -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Audrey Terras -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Auguste Dick -- Austrian mathematician and historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - August Gutzmer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Augustin Banyaga -- Rwandan-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Augustin-Louis Cauchy -- French mathematician (1789-1857)
Wikipedia - August Leopold Crelle -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Augustus Edward Hough Love -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Aurahi, Saptari -- Dakneshwori Municipality in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Australian Mathematics Competition
Wikipedia - Automated Mathematician
Wikipedia - Automath
Wikipedia - Automorphism group -- Mathematical group formed from the automorphisms of an object
Wikipedia - Autonomous system (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Autumn Kent -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Avicenna -- Medieval Persian polymath, physician and philosopher (c.980-1037)
Wikipedia - Aviezri Fraenkel -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Avinash Kak -- Indian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Avner Ash -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Axel Borsch-Supan -- German mathematician and economist
Wikipedia - Axel Johannes Malmquist -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Axiomatic system -- Mathematical term; any set of axioms from which some or all axioms can be used in conjunction to logically derive theorems
Wikipedia - Axioms (journal) -- mathematics journal
Wikipedia - AyM-EM-^_e Sahin -- Turkish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - AyM-EM-^_e Soysal -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Babalwa Mathulelwa -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Babylonian mathematics
Wikipedia - Baddari Kamel -- Physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Baden Powell (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Bag (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Baha' al-din al-'Amili -- Iranian Shia Islamic scholar, philosopher, architect, mathematician, astronomer and poet
Wikipedia - Balazs Szegedy -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Balinski's theorem -- Mathematical theorem concerning the graph-theoretic structure of polyhedra and polytopes
Wikipedia - Balint Toth -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Balint Virag -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ball (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Banaula -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Banauli -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Banesh Hoffmann -- American mathematician and physicist (1906-1986)
Wikipedia - Bang-Yen Chen -- Taiwanese American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bankruptcy problem -- A problem in mathematical sociology
Wikipedia - Baranagar Math
Wikipedia - Barbara Abraham-Shrauner -- American physicist, applied mathematician, and electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Barbara Fantechi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara Gertrude Yates -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara Keyfitz -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara L. Osofsky -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara MacCluer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara McMartin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara Niethammer -- German mathematician and materials scientist
Wikipedia - Barbara Reys -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara R. Holland -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Barbara Wohlmuth -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Barhmapur -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Barry Arthur Cipra -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barry Edward Johnson -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Barry Mazur -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barry Simon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Barsain -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Bartel Leendert van der Waerden -- Dutch mathematician and historian of mathematics (1903-1996)
Wikipedia - Bartolomeo Sovero -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Barycentric coordinates (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Basbita -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Basil Gordon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Basilis Gidas -- Applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Beatrice Aitchison -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Beatrice Mabel Cave-Browne-Cave -- Mathematician, engineer
Wikipedia - Beatrice Pelloni -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Beatrice Riviere -- French applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Bela Andrasfai -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Bela Kerekjarto -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Belhi, Saptari -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Bella Subbotovskaya -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Belur Math railway station -- Railway station in West Bengal
Wikipedia - Belur Math -- Headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission in West Bengal, India
Wikipedia - Ben Delo -- British billionaire mathematician and programmer
Wikipedia - Benedict Freedman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Benedict Gross -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ben Green (mathematician) -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Benjamin Abram Bernstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Benjamin Batson -- American mathematician and historian
Wikipedia - Benjamin Finkel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Benjamin Franklin -- American polymath and a Founding Father of the United States
Wikipedia - Benjamin Galluzzo -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Benjamin Osgood Peirce -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Benjamin Rossman -- American-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Benjamin Williamson (mathematician) -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Beno Arbel -- Israeli mathematician.
Wikipedia - Beno Eckmann -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Benoit Mandelbrot -- French-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Benoit Perthame -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Benson Farb -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bent Fuglede -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Beppo Levi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Beraha constants -- Mathematical constants
Wikipedia - Beresford Parlett -- British applied mathematician (born 1932)
Wikipedia - Berit Stensones -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Dacorogna -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Dwork -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Epstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Galler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Helffer -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard J. Matkowsky -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Koopman -- French-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Malgrange -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Maskit -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernardo Uribe -- Colombian mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Roy -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Shiffman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernard Teissier -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernd Fischer (mathematician) -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernd Siebert -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernhard Friedrich Thibaut -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernhard Keller -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernhard Riemann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernold Fiedler -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernoulli family -- Swiss patrician family, notable for having produced eight mathematically gifted academics
Wikipedia - Bernt M-CM-^Xksendal -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Bernt Wahl -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Berrien Moore III -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bert Broer -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Bertil Gustafsson -- Swedish mathematician and numerical analyst
Wikipedia - Bertil Matern -- Swedish statistician and mathematician
Wikipedia - Bertram John Walsh -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bertram Kostant -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bertrand Russell -- British philosopher, mathematician, historian, writer, and activist
Wikipedia - Bertrand's box paradox -- Mathematical paradox
Wikipedia - Bethany Rose Marsh -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Bettye Anne Case -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Beverly Anderson -- American mathematician and academic
Wikipedia - Bhaagamathie -- 2018 Indian thriller film by G. Ashok
Wikipedia - Bhama Srinivasan -- Indian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bhamathan -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna -- 2020 romantic drama directed by Srikanth Nagothi
Wikipedia - Bhanumathi Ramakrishna
Wikipedia - Bhatt Mathuranath Shastri -- Sanskrit poet of 20th century
Wikipedia - Bhatt Mathura
Wikipedia - Bhubaneswar Mishra -- Indian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bhupati Mohan Sen -- Bengali Physicist and Mathematician
Wikipedia - Bianca Viray -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Big Green (non-profit company) -- non-profit organization founded by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson
Wikipedia - Bijection, injection and surjection -- Properties of mathematical functions
Wikipedia - Bijection -- Function that is one to one and onto (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Bill Casselman -- American Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Bill Gosper -- American mathematician and programmer
Wikipedia - Bill Mather-Brown -- Australian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Bill Parry (mathematician) -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Billy James Pettis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Binyamin Amira -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Biomathematics
Wikipedia - Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Birgit Speh -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Birthday problem -- Mathematical problem
Wikipedia - Bjorn Engquist -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Bjorn Poonen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Black-Scholes model -- Mathematical model
Wikipedia - Blackwell-Tapia prize -- Award in mathematics
Wikipedia - Blagovest Sendov -- Bulgarian mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Blaise Pascal -- French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Christian philosopher
Wikipedia - BlaM-EM->enka Divjak -- Croatian mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - B. L. S. Prakasa Rao -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - B.Math
Wikipedia - Boat (drawing) -- Set of boat-like works of mathematical art
Wikipedia - Bobby Hersom -- British mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Bobby Wilson (mathematics) -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Bo Berndtsson -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Bob Mathias -- American decathlete
Wikipedia - Bogdan Suceava -- Romanian mathematician and writer
Wikipedia - Bohumil BydM-EM->ovskM-CM-= -- Czech mathematician
Wikipedia - Bohuslav Balcar -- Czech mathematician
Wikipedia - Bohuslav DiviM-EM-! -- Czech mathematician
Wikipedia - Bonita V. Saunders -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bonnie Berger -- American mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Bonnie Gold -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Bonnie Mathieson -- American scientist
Wikipedia - Bonnie Stewart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Book on Numbers and Computation -- Chinese mathematical treatise written between 202 BC and 186 BC
Wikipedia - Boolean domain -- Concept in mathematical logic
Wikipedia - Borge Jessen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Borges and mathematics
Wikipedia - Boris Feigin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris Galerkin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris Kashin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris Khesin -- Russian-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris Komrakov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris Mityagin -- Russian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris Mordukhovich -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris M. Schein -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Boris Tsirelson -- Russian-Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Borromean rings -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Boustrophedon transform -- Mathematical transformation on sequences
Wikipedia - Boyd Crumrine Patterson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bozenna Pasik-Duncan -- Polish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bracket (mathematics) -- Brackets as used in mathematical notation
Wikipedia - Brahmagupta -- Indian mathematician and astronomer, 598-668
Wikipedia - Brauer's theorem on induced characters -- A fundamental result in the branch of mathematics known as character theory
Wikipedia - Brenda MacGibbon -- Canadian mathematician, statistician and decision scientist
Wikipedia - Brenda Mathevula -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Brendan Hassett -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brenda Strassfeld -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian Alspach -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian Bowditch -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian Conrad -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian Conrey -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian Goodwin -- Canadian mathematician and biologist
Wikipedia - Brian Greene -- American theoretical physicist, mathematician, and string theorist.
Wikipedia - Brian Hartley -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian H. Murdoch -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian Kennett -- Mathematical physicist and seismologist
Wikipedia - Brian Marcus -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brian Snow -- Mathematician, cryptographer
Wikipedia - Brian White (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brigitte Servatius -- Austrian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brillouin and Langevin functions -- Mathematical function, used to describe magnetization
Wikipedia - British Association of Dramatherapists -- Professional organization for Dramatherapists
Wikipedia - British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
Wikipedia - Britta Nestler -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Broadway Cinematheque -- Cinema in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Bronshtein and Semendyayev -- handbook of mathematics and table of formulas originating from Russia
Wikipedia - Brooke Shipley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Brook Taylor -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - B. Roy Frieden -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bruce C. Berndt -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bruce Kleiner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bruce Lee Rothschild -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bruce Mather -- Canadian composer
Wikipedia - Bruce Reznick -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bruce Sagan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bruno Courcelle -- French mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Bruno Mathieu -- French organist
Wikipedia - Bruno Nachtergaele -- Belgian mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Bryan Shader -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bryan Thwaites -- English mathematician and academic
Wikipedia - Bryant Tuckerman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bryna Kra -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bubacarr Bah -- Gambian mathematician
Wikipedia - Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Burkard Polster -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Burton Howard Camp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Burton Rodin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Burton Wadsworth Jones -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Burton Wendroff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Burt Totaro -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cabiria Andreian Cazacu -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Cadambathur Tiruvenkatacharlu Rajagopal -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Cahit Arf -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Caius Iacob -- Romanian mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Calculus -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Calcutta Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - California Mathematics Project -- K-16 network in California, United States
Wikipedia - Calvin C. Moore -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cambridge and Dublin Mathematical Journal
Wikipedia - Cambridge Mathematical Journal
Wikipedia - Cambridge Mathematical Tripos
Wikipedia - Camille Jordan -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Camille Mathei de Valfons -- French politician
Wikipedia - Camille McKayle -- Jamaican-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Camillo De Lellis -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Canadian Journal of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Candice Renee Price -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Caren Diefenderfer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carina Curto -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carla Cotwright-Williams -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl A. Wiley -- American mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Carl B. Allendoerfer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl Benjamin Boyer -- American mathematician and historian
Wikipedia - Carl Christoffer Georg AndrM-CM-& -- Danish politician and mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl D. Olds -- New Zealand-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl Fabian Bjorling -- Swedish mathematician and meteorologist
Wikipedia - Carl Friedrich Gauss -- German mathematician and physicist (1777-1855)
Wikipedia - Carl Georg Barth -- Norwegian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl-Gustav Esseen -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl H. Brans -- American mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Carl Hierholzer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl Hindenburg -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl Jockusch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl King-Millward -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl Kostka -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl Mathews -- American actor
Wikipedia - Carl M. Bender -- American mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Carl Neumann -- Prussian mathematician
Wikipedia - Carlo Ignazio Giulio -- Italian mathematician and mechanical engineer
Wikipedia - Carlos Alban -- Colombian inventor who specialized in mathematics, chemistry, medicine, and surgery
Wikipedia - Carlos Biggeri -- Argentine mathematician
Wikipedia - Carlos J. Moreno -- Colombian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carlos Kenig -- Argentine American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carlo Somigliana -- Italian mathematician and mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Carlos Simpson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carl S. Herz -- American-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Carmen Sandiego Math Detective -- 1998 video game
Wikipedia - Carme Torras -- Spanish mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Carola-Bibiane Schonlieb -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Carol A. Gotway Crawford -- American mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Carole Lacampagne -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carole Mathews -- American actress
Wikipedia - Carolina Araujo (mathematician) -- Brazilian mathematician
Wikipedia - Caroline Colijn -- Canadian mathematician and epidemiologist
Wikipedia - Caroline Klivans -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Caroline Series -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Carol Jane Anger Rieke -- American astronomer, computational chemist and mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Carol Karp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carol Schumacher -- Bolivian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carol S. Woodward -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carol Wood -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carolyn Kieran -- Canadian mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Carolyn Mahoney -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carolyn S. Gordon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Carrie Diaz Eaton -- Latinx mathematician
Wikipedia - Carrie Mathison -- fictional character on the American television/drama thriller Homeland
Wikipedia - Carsten Thomassen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Caryn Navy -- American mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Casey Mann -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cassini and Catalan identities -- Mathematical identities for the Fibonacci numbers
Wikipedia - Cassius Ionescu-Tulcea -- Romanian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cassius Jackson Keyser -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cataldo Agostinelli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Catastrophe theory -- Area of mathematics
Wikipedia - Categories for the Working Mathematician -- Book by Saunders Mac Lane
Wikipedia - Category:10th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:11th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:12th-century Indian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:12th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:13th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:15th-century Italian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:15th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:16th-century English mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:16th-century German mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:17th-century English mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:17th-century German mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:18th-century German mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:19th-century American mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:19th-century English mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:19th-century German mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century American mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century British mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century Dutch mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century English mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century German mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century Hungarian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century Indian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century Japanese mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century Pakistani mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century Russian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:20th-century women mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century American mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century British mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century German mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century Indian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century Japanese mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century Pakistani mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century Russian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:21st-century women mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:7th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:8th-century Indian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:8th-century mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:African-American mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:American mathematician stubs
Wikipedia - Category:American mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:American women mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Ancient Greek mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Applied mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Argentine mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Articles with math render errors
Wikipedia - Category:Austro-Hungarian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:British mathematician stubs
Wikipedia - Category:British mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:British women mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Canadian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Canadian women mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Chinese women mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences alumni
Wikipedia - Category:Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences faculty
Wikipedia - Category:Croatian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Date mathematics templates
Wikipedia - Category:Donegall Lecturers of Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin
Wikipedia - Category:Dutch mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:English mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Fellows of the American Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Category:Fellows of the Association for Women in Mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Fellows of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Wikipedia - Category:Fellows of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Fields of mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Fixed points (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Category:Flora of the Klamath Mountains
Wikipedia - Category:Historians of mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:History of mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Hungarian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:International Mathematical Olympiad participants
Wikipedia - Category:Iranian Azerbaijani mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Irish mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Israeli mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Lists of mathematicians by field
Wikipedia - Category:Lists of mathematicians by nationality
Wikipedia - Category:Lists of mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Lucasian Professors of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical analysts
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical and quantitative methods (economics)
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical artists
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical cognition researchers
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical economists
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical finance
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical formatting templates
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical logicians
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical logic
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical modeling
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical optimization software
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical optimization
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical physicists
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical physics
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical psychologists
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical psychology
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical science occupations
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical series
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical software
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematical tools
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians by field
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Alabama
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Budapest
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from California
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Illinois
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Iowa
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Jiangsu
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from London
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Louisiana
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Missouri
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from New York (state)
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Nishapur
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Philadelphia
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Washington, D.C.
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from West Virginia
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians from Wyoming
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics and art
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics and mysticism
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics books
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics education
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics educators
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics literature
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics of infinitesimals
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics popularizers
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics templates
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics
Wikipedia - Category (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematics writers
Wikipedia - Category:Mather High School alumni
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval English mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Nigerian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Norwegian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Pages that use a deprecated format of the math tags
Wikipedia - Category:People educated at Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School
Wikipedia - Category:Philosophers of mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Philosophy of mathematics literature
Wikipedia - Category:Philosophy of mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Polish mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Presidents of the American Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Category:Presidents of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Wikipedia - Category:Presidents of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Recipients of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in Mathematical Science
Wikipedia - Category:Recreational mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Recreational mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Russian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Scottish mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Serbian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Soviet mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Stanford University Department of Mathematics faculty
Wikipedia - Category theory -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Ukrainian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Unsolved problems in mathematics
Wikipedia - Category:Washington University in St. Louis mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Wikipedia articles incorporating text from PlanetMath
Wikipedia - Category:Wolf Prize in Mathematics laureates
Wikipedia - Category:Women mathematicians
Wikipedia - Caterina Consani -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Catherine A. Roberts -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Catherine Bandle -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Catherine de Parthenay -- French noblewoman and mathematician
Wikipedia - Catherine Goldstein -- French mathematician and historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Catherine Greenhill -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Catherine Jami -- French historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Catherine Mathevon -- French canoeist
Wikipedia - Catherine Meusburger -- Austrian mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Catherine Sulem -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Catherine Yan -- mathematician
Wikipedia - Cathleen Synge Morawetz -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Cathy Kessel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cathy O'Neil -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Causal perturbation theory -- A mathematically rigorous approach to renormalization theory
Wikipedia - Cayley's M-NM-) process -- Mathematical process
Wikipedia - C. Brian Haselgrove -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Cecile DeWitt-Morette -- French mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Cecilia Krieger -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Cedric Villani -- French mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Celia Grillo Borromeo -- Italian mathematician and scientist
Wikipedia - Celia Hoyles -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Cem Yildirim -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Wikipedia - Centre for Mathematical Sciences (Cambridge)
Wikipedia - Chaim Goodman-Strauss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Chalakuzhy Paulose Mathen -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Chamath Palihapitiya -- Sri Lankan-born Canadian-American billionaire businessman and CEO of Social Capital
Wikipedia - Championnat International de Jeux Mathematiques et Logiques -- International mathematics competition
Wikipedia - CHAMP (mathematics outreach program) -- Mathematics and STEM outreach program
Wikipedia - Chantal David -- French Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Chaos theory -- Field of mathematics
Wikipedia - Characterization (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Charalambos D. Aliprantis -- Greek-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Albert Noble -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Babbage -- English mathematician, philosopher, and engineer (1791-1871)
Wikipedia - Charles B. Morrey Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Brenner (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles C. Conley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Clayton Grove -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Cobb (economist) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Earl Rickart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Epstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles F. Dunkl -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Fefferman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Francis Richter -- Seismologist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Hellaby -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Hoskinson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Howard Hinton -- British mathematician and science fiction author
Wikipedia - Charles Lawrence (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles L. Bouton -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Loewner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Mathias -- American politician from Maryland
Wikipedia - Charles Mathiesen -- Norwegian speed skater
Wikipedia - Charles Meray -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Napoleon Moore -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Newton Little -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Proteus Steinmetz -- 19th and 20th-century mathematician and electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Charles Radin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles R. Doering -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Rezk -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Royal Johnson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Sanders Peirce -- American philosopher, logician, mathematician, and scientist who founded pragmatism
Wikipedia - Charles Sheffield -- English-born mathematician, physicist and science fiction writer
Wikipedia - Charles Sims (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles S. Peskin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Weibel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Wells (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Charlotte Barnum -- Mathematician and social activist
Wikipedia - Charlotte Elvira Pengra -- American mathematician (1875-1916)
Wikipedia - Charlotte Froese Fischer -- Canadian-American applied mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Charlotte Watts -- British mathematician, epidemiologist, and academic
Wikipedia - Charlotte Wedell -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Chart (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Chaudry Mohammad Aslam -- Pakistani mathematician
Wikipedia - Chaulakharka -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Chaurikharka -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Chauvenet Prize -- Math award
Wikipedia - Chawne Kimber -- African-American mathematician and quilter
Wikipedia - Chebyshev's inequality -- Mathematical theorem
Wikipedia - Chelsea Walton -- African-American mathematician & academic
Wikipedia - Chemical reaction model -- Mathematical modeling of chemical processes
Wikipedia - Chen Chung Chang -- Chinese American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cheng Qiuming -- Chinese mathematical geoscientist
Wikipedia - Chernobyl liquidators -- Civil and military force sent to deal with the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster
Wikipedia - Cheryl Praeger -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Chess'n Math Association -- Canadian chess organization
Wikipedia - Chester Snow -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Chhapra-Mathura Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chikako Mese -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Chinese mathematics
Wikipedia - Ching-Li Chai -- Taiwanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Chirality (mathematics) -- Property of an object that is not congruent to its mirror image
Wikipedia - Chitrapur Math -- Central community temple for the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin sect in Karnataka, India
Wikipedia - Chiu-Yen Kao -- Taiwanese-American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Chow test -- A mathematical test proposed by Gregory Chow
Wikipedia - Chrestomathy -- Collection of choice literary passages, used especially as an aid in learning a subject
Wikipedia - Chris Brink -- South African mathematician and academic administrator
Wikipedia - Chris Hall (cryptographer) -- American cryptographer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Chris Holmes (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Chris Matheson (politician) -- British Labour politician
Wikipedia - Chris Soteros -- Canadian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Chris Stevens (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Christel Rotthaus -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Christiaan Huygens -- 17th-century Dutch mathematician and natural philosopher
Wikipedia - Christian Beyel -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Christian BM-CM-$r -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Christian Doppler -- Austrian mathematician and physicist (1803-1853)
Wikipedia - Christiane Rousseau -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Christiane Tammer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Christiane Tretter -- German mathematician and mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Christian Goldbach -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Christian Juel -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Christian Kramp -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Christian Pommerenke -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Christina Birkenhake -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Christina Eubanks-Turner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Christina Goldschmidt -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Christina Pagel -- British German mathematician
Wikipedia - Christina Sormani -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine Bachoc -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine Bernardi -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine Darden -- American mathematician, aerospace engineer
Wikipedia - Christine De Mol -- Belgian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine Guenther -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine Hamill -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine Heitsch -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine O'Keefe -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Christine Proust -- French mathematician and historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Christine Riedtmann -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Christoffer Dybvad -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Christophe Breuil -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Christophe Gadbled -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Christopher Bronk Ramsey -- British physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Christopher Deninger -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Christopher D. Sogge -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Christopher J. Bishop -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Christoph Scriba -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Christos Papakyriakopoulos -- Greek mathematician
Wikipedia - Christy Mathewson Jr. -- American athlete and naval officer
Wikipedia - Chronology of ancient Greek mathematicians -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Chuan-Chih Hsiung -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Chudnovsky brothers -- American mathematicians
Wikipedia - Chung Tao Yang -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Chuu-Lian Terng -- Taiwanese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cinematheque de Saint-Etienne -- French public film organization
Wikipedia - Cinematheque de Tanger -- Art house movie theater in Tangier, Morocco
Wikipedia - Cinquefoil knot -- Mathematical knot with crossing number 5
Wikipedia - Ciprian Foias -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ciprian Manolescu -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Circle of a sphere -- Mathematical expression of circle like slices of sphere
Wikipedia - Cis (mathematics) -- alternate mathematical notation for cos x + i sin x
Wikipedia - Claiborne Latimer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Claire Mathieu -- French computer scientist
Wikipedia - Claire Voisin -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Clara Eliza Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clara Latimer Bacon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clarence Abiathar Waldo -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clarence F. Stephens -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clarence Lemuel Elisha Moore -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clarence Raymond Adams -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clare Parnell -- British astrophysicist and applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Claribel Kendall -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clark Kimberling -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Classical mathematics
Wikipedia - Class (set theory) -- Collection of sets in mathematics that can be defined based on a property of its members
Wikipedia - Claude Gaspar Bachet de Meziriac -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Claude-Louis Mathieu
Wikipedia - Claude Mydorge -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Claude Shannon -- American mathematician and information theorist (1916-2001)
Wikipedia - Claudia Kluppelberg -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Claudia Malvenuto -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Claudia Neuhauser -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Claudia Polini -- Italian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Claudia Sagastizabal -- Applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Claudia Valls -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Claudio Baiocchi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Clausius-Mossotti relation -- A mathematical equation for the dielectric constant (relative permittivity, M-NM-5r) of a material in terms of the atomic polarizibility, M-NM-1, of the material's constituent atoms and/or molecules.
Wikipedia - Clay Mathematics Institute
Wikipedia - Clemency Montelle -- New Zealand historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Cleve Moler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clever Hans -- Early 20th-century horse claimed to have been able to do mathematics
Wikipedia - Clifford John Earle Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clifford S. Gardner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clifford Taubes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Clifford Truesdell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cliodynamics -- Mathematical modeling of historical processes
Wikipedia - Clive Humby -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Clive W. Kilmister -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Closure (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Clyde E. Love -- American mathematician and author
Wikipedia - Clyde Foster -- American mathematician (1931-2017)
Wikipedia - C mathematical functions -- C standard library header file providing mathematical functions
Wikipedia - Codimension -- Difference between the dimensions of mathematical object and a sub-object
Wikipedia - Coefficient -- Multiplicative factor in a mathematical expression
Wikipedia - Cognitive science of mathematics
Wikipedia - Colette Guillope -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Colette Moeglin -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Colin Adams (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Colin Mathieson -- Canadian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Collatz conjecture -- Conjecture in mathematics that, starting with any positive integer n, if one halves it (if even) or triples it and adds one (if odd) and repeats this ad infinitum, then one eventually obtains 1
Wikipedia - Collette Coullard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Color appearance model -- Any mathematical model describing human perception of colors
Wikipedia - Color model -- Mathematical model describing colors as tuples of numbers
Wikipedia - Combinatorics -- Branch of discrete mathematics
Wikipedia - Commensurability (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici
Wikipedia - Common logarithm -- Mathematical function
Wikipedia - Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - Compactification (mathematics) -- Embedding a topological space into a compact space as a dense subset
Wikipedia - Compartmental models in epidemiology -- Type of mathematical model used for infectious diseases
Wikipedia - Computability theory -- Branch of mathematical logic, computer science, and the theory of computation studying computable functions and Turing degrees
Wikipedia - Computable function -- Mathematical function that can be computed by a program
Wikipedia - Computational complexity of mathematical operations
Wikipedia - Computational mathematics
Wikipedia - Computational science -- Field that uses computers and mathematical models to analyze and solve scientific problems
Wikipedia - Computer algebra -- Scientific area at the interface between computer science and mathematics
Wikipedia - Computer (job description) -- Person performing mathematical calculations, before electronic computers became available
Wikipedia - Computer simulation -- Process of mathematical modelling, performed on a computer
Wikipedia - Concepts of Modern Mathematics -- Book by Ian Stewart
Wikipedia - Concha Gomez -- Italian and Cuban-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry and Noncommutative Structures in Mathematics and Physics -- Mathematics and physics encyclopedia
Wikipedia - Concrete Mathematics
Wikipedia - Conformal bootstrap -- Mathematical method to constrain and solve conformal field theories
Wikipedia - Conjecture -- Proposition in mathematics that is unproven
Wikipedia - Connes embedding problem -- Mathematical problem in von Neumann algebra theory
Wikipedia - Conrad Dasypodius -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Conrad Habicht -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Consistency (mathematical logic)
Wikipedia - Constance Anne Herschel -- Scientist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Constance van Eeden -- Dutch mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Constantin Caratheodory -- Greek mathematician
Wikipedia - Constantine Samuel Rafinesque -- French polymath and naturalist (1783-1840)
Wikipedia - Constantin Le Paige -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Constant (mathematics) -- Function or value which does not change during a process
Wikipedia - Constraint (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Constructive mathematics
Wikipedia - Constructivism (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (math)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (philosophy of mathematics)
Wikipedia - Continuous function -- Mathematical function with no sudden changes in value
Wikipedia - Contributions of Leonhard Euler to mathematics -- Overview about the contributions of Leonhard Euler to mathematics
Wikipedia - Control theory -- Branch of engineering and mathematics that deals with the behavior of dynamical systems with inputs, and how their behavior is modified by feedback
Wikipedia - Convex optimization -- Subfield of mathematical optimization
Wikipedia - Convolution -- Binary mathematical operation on functions
Wikipedia - Cool Math Games -- Online math games portal
Wikipedia - Cora Barbara Hennel -- Indiana mathematician
Wikipedia - Coralia Cartis -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Coralie Colmez -- Mathematics tutor and author
Wikipedia - Cora Sadosky -- Argentine mathematician
Wikipedia - Cornelia Drutu -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Corona set -- Topology in mathematics
Wikipedia - Corrado Segre -- Italian mathematician (1863-1924)
Wikipedia - Coset -- Concept in mathematical group theory
Wikipedia - Cosmos Laundromat -- 2015 film directed by Mathieu Auvray
Wikipedia - Cotton Mather -- New England religious minister and scientific writer (1663-1728)
Wikipedia - Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences -- Division of New York University
Wikipedia - Craige Schensted -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Craig Huneke -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Craig L. Russell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Craig Mather -- British businessman
Wikipedia - Craig Tracy -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics -- Book by Eric W. Weisstein
Wikipedia - Crista Arangala -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cristian Dumitru Popescu -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cristina Pereyra -- Venezuelan American mathematician
Wikipedia - Critical mathematics pedagogy -- Liberation-focused math education
Wikipedia - Critical point (mathematics)
Wikipedia - C. Robin Graham -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cross of Mathilde
Wikipedia - Cross product -- Mathematical operation on two vectors in three-dimensional space
Wikipedia - C. R. Rao -- Indian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Crux Mathematicorum
Wikipedia - Cryptomathic
Wikipedia - C. S. Seshadri -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - C. Stanley Ogilvy -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Curl (mathematics) -- Operator describing the rotation at a point in a 3D vector field
Wikipedia - Curry-Howard correspondence -- Isomorphism between computer programs and constructive mathematical proofs
Wikipedia - Curtis Cooper (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Curtis Greene -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Curtis L. Meinert -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Curtis T. McMullen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Curt Meyer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Curve (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Curve -- Mathematical idealization of the trace left by a moving point
Wikipedia - Cyclic group -- Mathematical group that can be generated as the set of powers of a single element
Wikipedia - Cyclic order -- Alternative mathematical ordering
Wikipedia - Cyclic permutation -- Type of (mathematical) permutation with no fixed element
Wikipedia - Cynthia A. Phillips -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cynthia Bathurst -- American activist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Cynthia Mathis Beath
Wikipedia - Cynthia Wyels -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cyrus Colton MacDuffee -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cyrus Derman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Czeslaw Ryll-Nardzewski -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Dafydd Llwyd Mathau
Wikipedia - Dagmar R. Henney -- German American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dag Normann -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Dale Husemoller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dan Archdeacon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dan Freed -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dan Grimaldi -- American actor and mathematics professor
Wikipedia - Dan Hausel -- American polymath
Wikipedia - Danica McKellar -- American actress, mathematics writer, and education advocate
Wikipedia - Daniela Calvetti -- Italian-American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniela De Silva -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Afedzi Akyeampong -- Ghanaian mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniela Kuhn -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Allcock -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Bernoulli -- Swiss mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Daniel Biss -- American mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Daniel Bump -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Burrill Ray -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Friedrich Hecht -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Goldston -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Gorenstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Huybrechts -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Kane (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Kleitman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel K. Nakano -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Kubert -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Ocone -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Quillen -- American mathematician known for higher algebraic K-theory,
Wikipedia - Daniel Rider -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Wise (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel W. Stroock -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daniel Zelinsky -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dan Mathews
Wikipedia - Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics
Wikipedia - Danuta Gierulanka -- Polish mathematician, psychologist, and philosopher
Wikipedia - Danut Marcu -- Romanian mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Daoxing Xia -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Daphne L. Smith -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dario Graffi -- Italian mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Da Ruan -- Chinese-Belgian mathematician, scientist, and professor
Wikipedia - Dave Bayer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David A. Cox -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David A. Klarner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Alan Johnson -- Australian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Allen Hoffman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David B. Massey -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Borwein -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - David Brewster -- British astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - David Buchsbaum -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Candler -- Zimbabwean cricketer and mathematician and clergyman
Wikipedia - David Catlin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Clark Dobson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Conlon -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - David Crenshaw Barrow Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Crighton -- British mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - David Drasin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Drysdale (mathematician)
Wikipedia - David E. Barrett -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Edmunds -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - David Eisenbud -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David E. Muller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Eppstein -- American computer scientist and mathematician (born 1963)
Wikipedia - David E. Rowe -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Eugene Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Evans (mathematician and engineer) -- Australian mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - David Francis Barrow -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Gale -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Gieseker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Gilbarg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Goss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Gottlieb (mathematician) -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - David Gregory Ebin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Gregory (mathematician)
Wikipedia - David Harbater -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David H. Bailey (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Hilbert -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - David Hinkley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Jerison -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David J. Tweedie -- (1870-1926) Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - David Kent Harrison -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Khorol -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - David Kinderlehrer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Klein (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Mathers (curler) -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - David Mathews
Wikipedia - David Mathison
Wikipedia - David Mathis -- American golfer
Wikipedia - David McMath -- Scottish sport shooter
Wikipedia - David M. Goldschmidt -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Minda -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Mumford -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Nadler (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Pingree -- American mathematics historian (1933-2005)
Wikipedia - David P. Robbins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David P. Williamson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Raymond Curtiss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Richeson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David R. Morrison (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Ruelle -- Belgian-French mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - David Rytz -- Swiss mathematician and teacher
Wikipedia - David Schmeidler -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - David Schweickart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Shale -- New Zealander-American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Shanno -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Shmoys -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Slepian -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Spence (mathematician)
Wikipedia - David Spivak -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Sumner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Tweedie (mathematician) -- (1865-1934) Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - David Vogan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David Webb (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David W. Henderson -- American mathematician (1923-2018)
Wikipedia - David Widder -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - David William Boyd -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - David Wright (arranger) -- American mathematician and singer
Wikipedia - Dawn Lott -- African-American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Dazzling Killmen -- American math rock band
Wikipedia - DCT (math)
Wikipedia - Deane Montgomery -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Deanna Haunsperger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Death of Gareth Williams -- Death of Welsh mathematician and employee of GCHQ in 2010
Wikipedia - Deborah Frank Lockhart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Deborah Hughes Hallett -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Deborah Loewenberg Ball -- American mathematician and educational researcher
Wikipedia - Deborah Tepper Haimo -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - De Bruijn index -- Mathematical notation in lambda calculus
Wikipedia - Dedekind domain -- Ring with unique factorization for ideals (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Deepak Mathur -- Indian physicist (born 1952)
Wikipedia - Definitions of mathematics -- Proposed definitions of mathematics
Wikipedia - Degeneracy (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Degree of a polynomial -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - DeMatha Catholic High School
Wikipedia - Demetrios Christodoulou -- Greek mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Denis Blackmore -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Denis Henrion -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Dennis DeTurck -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dennis Gaitsgory -- Israeli American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dennis Hejhal -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dennis Johnson (composer) -- American mathematician and composer
Wikipedia - Dennis Sullivan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Densely defined operator -- Function that is defined almost everywhere (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Dependent and independent variables -- Concept in mathematical modeling, statistical modeling and experimental sciences
Wikipedia - Derrick Niederman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Derrick Norman Lehmer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Descent (mathematics) -- Mathematical concept that extends the intuitive idea of gluing in topology
Wikipedia - Descriptive set theory -- Subfield of mathematical logic
Wikipedia - Des MacHale -- Irish mathematician, academic
Wikipedia - Detlef Gromoll -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Deuri, Nepal -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Devdas (1935 film) -- 1935 Bengali film by Pramathesh Barua
Wikipedia - Devissage -- Mathematical technique in algebraic geometry
Wikipedia - Devon Mathis -- American politician from California
Wikipedia - Dharmathin Thalaivan -- 1988 film by SP. Muthuraman
Wikipedia - D. H. Lehmer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Diadochi -- Political rivals in the aftermath of Alexander the Great's death
Wikipedia - Diana Shelstad -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Diana Thomas -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Diane Henderson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Diane Maclagan -- Professor of mathematics
Wikipedia - Diane Mathis -- American immunologist
Wikipedia - Dianna Xu -- Mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Dianne P. O'Leary -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Didier Dubois (mathematician) -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Diederich Hinrichsen -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Diederick Charles Mathew -- St. Maartener politician
Wikipedia - Dieter Jungnickel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Dieter Kotschick -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Dieter Mathoi -- Austrian architect
Wikipedia - Dietrich Braess -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Differentiable function -- Mathematical function whose derivative exists
Wikipedia - Differential algebra -- Algebra with a formal derivation and relative area of mathematics
Wikipedia - Differential calculus -- Area of mathematics; subarea of calculus
Wikipedia - Differential equation -- Mathematical equation involving derivatives of an unknown function
Wikipedia - Differential geometry -- Branch of mathematics dealing with functions and geometric structures on differentiable manifolds
Wikipedia - Differential graded module -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Differential (mathematics) -- mathematical notion of infinitesimal difference
Wikipedia - Differentiation (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Differentiation of trigonometric functions -- Mathematical process of finding the derivative of a trigonometric function
Wikipedia - Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Wikipedia - Digital signal processing -- Mathematical signal manipulation by computers
Wikipedia - Dihua Jiang -- Mathematician at the University of Minnesota
Wikipedia - Diman, Nepal -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Dimension (mathematics and physics)
Wikipedia - Dimension of an algebraic variety -- Measure of a mathematical object studied in the field of algebraic geometry
Wikipedia - Dimension -- Maximum number of independent directions within a mathematical space
Wikipedia - Dimitrie Pompeiu -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Dimitri Leemans -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ding Xieping -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Dinh Tien-Cuong -- Vietnamese-French mathematician
Wikipedia - Diocles (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Diogo Kopke -- Portuguese mathematician and publisher
Wikipedia - Diophantus -- Alexandrian Greek mathematician
Wikipedia - Dirk van Dalen -- Dutch mathematician and historian of science
Wikipedia - Discontinuous group -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Wikipedia - Discrete Mathematics (journal)
Wikipedia - Discrete mathematics -- Study of discrete mathematical structures
Wikipedia - Discrete optimization -- branch of mathematical optimization
Wikipedia - Discrete transform -- mathematical transform on discrete signals
Wikipedia - Disk (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Disney's Math Quest with Aladdin -- 1997 video game
Wikipedia - Distribution (mathematics) -- Mathematical analysis term similar to generalized function
Wikipedia - Diversity factor -- Mathmetical operator in calculus
Wikipedia - Division (mathematics) -- Arithmetic operation
Wikipedia - Division sign -- Mathematical symbol for division: M-CM-7
Wikipedia - Divsha Amira -- Israeli mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Diwan (poetry) -- Collection of poems of one author, usually excluding his or her long poems (mathnawM-DM-+)
Wikipedia - DJ Patil -- American mathematician and computer scientist (born 1974)
Wikipedia - Dmitrii Menshov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Dmitry Chelkak -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Dmitry Gudkov (mathematician) -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Dmitry Kramkov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - D. M. Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dolores Richard Spikes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Domain of a function -- mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Domina Eberle Spencer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dominique de Caen -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Dominique Picard -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald A. Martin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald Aronson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald Burkholder -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald C. Spencer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald Dorfman -- mathematical psychologist and radiologist
Wikipedia - Donald G. Higman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald G. Saari -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald in Mathmagic Land -- 1959 Donald Duck cartoon
Wikipedia - Donald J. Newman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald John Lewis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald Knuth -- American computer scientist, mathematician, and professor emeritus at Stanford University
Wikipedia - Donald Samuel Ornstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donald W. Loveland -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dona Strauss -- South African mathematician
Wikipedia - Donatella Danielli -- Professor of mathematics
Wikipedia - Don Blasius -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Don Coppersmith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Donkey Kong Jr. Math -- 1983 edutainment video game by Nintendo
Wikipedia - Donna Testerman -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Don Zagier -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dora Musielak -- Mathematician & physicist
Wikipedia - Dorina Mitrea -- Romanian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Doris Cohen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Doris Fischer-Colbrie -- US ceramic artist and former mathematician
Wikipedia - Doris Schattschneider -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Doris Stockton -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorit S. Hochbaum -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothee Haroske -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothee Normand-Cyrot -- French applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothy Brady -- American mathematician and economist
Wikipedia - Dorothy Lewis Bernstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothy Maharam -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothy Maud Wrinch -- Mathematician and biochemical theorist
Wikipedia - Dorothy McCoy -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothy McFadden Hoover -- American physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothy Vaughan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothy Walcott Weeks -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorothy Wallace -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dorte Olesen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Doubtnut -- Interactive online tutoring platform which uses image recognition technologies, to provide solutions of some mathematical questions.
Wikipedia - Douglas Hartree -- British mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Douglas N. Arnold -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Douglas Quadling -- Mathematician and school master
Wikipedia - Douglas Ravenel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Douglas West (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Doug Lind -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dov Tamari -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Dowker-Thistlethwaite notation -- Mathematical notation for describing the structure of knots
Wikipedia - Draft:Babitha Mathew -- Indian Film Director
Wikipedia - Draft:Damir Filipovic -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Draft:Leonid Manevitch -- Russian physicist, mechanical engineer, and mathematician
Wikipedia - Draft:Luz Antonia Mendizabal Galvez de Rodriguez -- Peruvian, math educator, and leader
Wikipedia - Draft:Mathilda Mariam Gvarliani -- Georgian female model
Wikipedia - Draft:Olivia Caramello -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Draft:Oscar Garcia Prada -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Draft:Oscar Garcia-Prada -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Draft:Semjon Adlaj -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Draft:The Aftermath (Wage War song) -- Song by Wage War
Wikipedia - Dragoslav Mitrinovic -- Serbian mathematician
Wikipedia - Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath -- 1996 compilation album by Dr. Dre
Wikipedia - Dream Pool Essays -- Book written by the Han Chinese polymath, genius, scientist and statesman Shen Kuo
Wikipedia - D. R. Fulkerson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dromatheriidae -- Family of prozostrodontian cynodonts
Wikipedia - D. S. Malik -- Indian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dudley Weldon Woodard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Duke Mathematical Journal
Wikipedia - DuM-EM-!an RepovM-EM-! -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Duncan Gregory -- 19th-century Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Dunham Jackson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dusa McDuff -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Dwarkadheesh temple Mathura -- Hindu Temple in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Wikipedia - Dwight Duffus -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Dynamical system -- Mathematical model which describes the time dependence of a point in a geometrical space
Wikipedia - Dynamic energy budget theory -- Ecological mathematical model of metabolism
Wikipedia - Dysmathosoma -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - E6 (mathematics) -- 78-dimensional exceptional simple Lie group
Wikipedia - E7 (mathematics)
Wikipedia - E8 (mathematics) -- 248-dimensional exceptional simple Lie group
Wikipedia - Earl D. Rainville -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Earle Raymond Hedrick -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Earnshaw Cook -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eberhard Freitag -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Eberhard Hopf -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Eckart Viehweg -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Eckhard Meinrenken -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ecosystem model -- A typically mathematical representation of an ecological system
Wikipedia - Edgar Frisby -- British-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edgar Gilbert -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edgar H. Brown -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edgar Lorch -- Swiss American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edgar Odell Lovett -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edith Hirsch Luchins -- Polish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edith Stern -- American inventor and mathematician
Wikipedia - Edmond Halley -- English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist
Wikipedia - Edmund Byam Mathew-Lannowe -- British general
Wikipedia - Edmund F. Robertson -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Edmund Gunter -- English clergyman, mathematician, geometer and astronomer
Wikipedia - Edmund Hess -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Edmund Hlawka -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Edmund Landau -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Edmund Wingate -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Edna Grossman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edna Kramer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edoardo Vesentini -- Italian mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Edouard MathM-CM-) -- French actor
Wikipedia - Ed Pegg Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edray Herber Goins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ed Scheinerman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eduard Cech -- Czech mathematician
Wikipedia - Eduard Feireisl -- Czech mathematician
Wikipedia - Eduardo D. Sontag -- Argentine American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eduardo Espinoza -- Peruvian politician and Mathematician
Wikipedia - Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Eduard Stiefel -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Eduard Zehnder -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Baylis -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward B. Curtis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Belbruno -- German astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward B. Saff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Burger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Burr Van Vleck -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Charles Titchmarsh -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Collingwood -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward G. Begle -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward J. McShane -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Kasner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Kofler -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Marczewski -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Nelson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Norton Lorenz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Odell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward O. Thorp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward Vermilye Huntington -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edward W. Formanek -- American mathematician and chess player
Wikipedia - Edward Wright (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Edwin A. Maxwell -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Edwin Bidwell Wilson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edwin E. Floyd -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edwin E. Moise -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edwin Hewitt -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edwin Plimpton Adams -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Edwin Spanier -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Effects of Hurricane Isabel in Delaware -- aftermath of storm
Wikipedia - Efstratia Kalfagianni -- Greek American mathematician
Wikipedia - Egon Schulte -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Egon ZakrajM-EM-!ek -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Egyptian mathematics
Wikipedia - E. H. Moore -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eileen Poiani -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Einar Hille -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Einstein Institute of Mathematics -- Israeli scientific research center
Wikipedia - Eitan Tadmor -- Israeli American mathematician
Wikipedia - E. J. G. Pitman -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Elaine Cohen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elaine Koppelman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elayne Arrington -- American mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Elbert Frank Cox -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elchanan Mossel -- Israeli American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eldon Hansen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eleanor C. Pressly -- American mathematician and aeronautical engineer
Wikipedia - Eleanor Mollie Horadam -- English-Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Eleanor Pairman -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Eleanor Rieffel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eleanor Singer -- Austrian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Electron hole -- Conceptual and mathematical opposite of an electron
Wikipedia - Elementary function -- Mathematical function
Wikipedia - Elementary theory -- Mathematical logic
Wikipedia - Element (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Elena Braverman -- Russian, Israeli, and Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Elena Celledoni -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Elena Marchisotto -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elena Moldovan Popoviciu -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Elena Wexler-Kreindler -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Eleny Ionel -- Romanian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elgy Johnson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elham Kazemi -- Mathematics educator and educational psychologist
Wikipedia - Elias M. Stein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elisabeth Bouscaren -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Elisabeth Larsson (scientific computing) -- Swedish applied mathematician and numerical analyst
Wikipedia - Elisabeth Lutz -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Elisabeth M. Werner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elisenda Grigsby -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizabeth B. Dussan V. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Bradley (mathematician and rower)
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Buchanan Cowley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Louisa Foster Mather -- 19th-century American writer
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Mansfield (mathematician) -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Mathis -- American actor and television actor
Wikipedia - Elizabeth McHarg -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Meckes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizabeth S. Allman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Scott (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Wilmer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elizaveta Levina -- Russian and American mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Ellen Baake -- German mathematical biologist
Wikipedia - Ellen Gethner -- American mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Ellen Hayes -- American mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Ellen Kirkman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ellice Horsburgh -- Scottish engineer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Ellina Grigorieva -- Russian mathematician and mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Elliott H. Lieb -- American mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Elliott Ward Cheney Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elliott Waters Montroll -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elliptic curve point multiplication -- Mathematical operation on points on an elliptic curve
Wikipedia - Elliptic function -- Class of periodic mathematical functions
Wikipedia - Ellis Stouffer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Elumathur -- Township in Tamil Nadu
Wikipedia - Elwin Bruno Christoffel -- German mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Elwyn Berlekamp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emanuel Bjorling -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Emanuels GrM-DM-+nbergs -- Latvian mathematician
Wikipedia - E. Mark Gold -- American physicist, mathematician, and computer scientist
Wikipedia - E (mathematical constant) -- e M-bM-^IM-^H 2.71828..., base of the natural logarithm
Wikipedia - Ematheudes punctella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Emil Artin -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Emile Lemoine -- French mathematician and civil engineer (1840-1912)
Wikipedia - Emil Grosswald -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Emil Horozov -- Bulgarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Emilie du ChM-CM-"telet -- French mathematician, physicist, and author
Wikipedia - Emilie Martin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emilie Virginia Haynsworth -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emil J. Straube -- Swiss and American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emily Kathryn Wyant -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emily Riehl -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emily Willbanks -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emma Lehmer -- American mathematician (1906-2007)
Wikipedia - Emma McCoy -- British mathematician & academic
Wikipedia - Emmanuel Breuillard -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Emmanuel Grenier -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Emma Previato -- Italian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emmett Keeler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emmy Murphy -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Emmy Noether -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Empty product -- mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Empty set -- Mathematical set containing no elements
Wikipedia - Encyclopedia of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Endre Boros -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Enea Bortolotti -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ene-Margit Tiit -- Estonian mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Engineering mathematics
Wikipedia - Enrico Arbarello -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Enrico Bompiani -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Enrico D'Ovidio -- Mathematician and politician from Italy
Wikipedia - Enriqueta Gonzalez Baz -- Mexican mathematician
Wikipedia - Envelope (mathematics) -- Family of curves in geometry
Wikipedia - Enzo Martinelli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Epistemology of finance -- study of mathematical models in finance
Wikipedia - Epsilon numbers (mathematics) -- Type of transfinite numbers
Wikipedia - Equaliser (mathematics) -- Set of arguments where two or more functions have the same value
Wikipedia - Equality (mathematics) -- Relationship asserting that two quantities are the same
Wikipedia - Equations for a falling body -- Mathematical description of a body in free fall
Wikipedia - Equation -- Equality of two mathematical expressions
Wikipedia - Eratosthenes -- Greek mathematician, geographer, poet
Wikipedia - Ergodic sequence -- Interger sequence in mathematics
Wikipedia - Erhard Heinz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Erica Flapan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Erica Jen -- American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Erica Klarreich -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Anders Carlen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Erica N. Walker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Friedlander -- Puerto Rican mathematician
Wikipedia - Erich Hecke -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Jakeman -- British mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Eric-Jan Wagenmakers -- Dutch mathematical psychologist
Wikipedia - Eric Katz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Lander -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric M. Rains -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Priest -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Reissner -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Schechter -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Temple Bell -- Scottish-born mathematician and science fiction writer
Wikipedia - Eric van Douwen -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric W. Weisstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eric Zaslow -- American mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Erik Albert Holmgren -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Erik Alfsen -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Erika Pannwitz -- German mathematician and topologist
Wikipedia - Erika Tatiana Camacho -- Mexican mathematician
Wikipedia - Erik Ivar Fredholm -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Erin Mathews -- Voice actress
Wikipedia - Erland Samuel Bring -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Erling Folner -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Erling Stormer -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ermelinda DeLaViM-CM-1a -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Erna Schneider Hoover -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernest Barnes -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernest Esclangon -- French astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernest Julius Wilczynski -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernest Mathews -- English cricketer and barrister
Wikipedia - Ernest Mathijs -- Canadian professor and author
Wikipedia - Ernest Michael -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernest Preston Lane -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernest S. Croot III -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernests Fogels -- Latvian mathematician who specialized in number theory
Wikipedia - Ernest Vinberg -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst August WeiM-CM-^_ -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst Eduard Wiltheiss -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst Fiedler -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst G. Straus -- American-German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst Kummer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst Ruh -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst Specker -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst Steinitz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ernst Stueckelberg -- Swiss mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Errett Bishop -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Error analysis (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Erwin Engeler -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Eryngium mathiasiae -- Species of flowering plant in the celery family Apiaceae
Wikipedia - Esteban Terradas i Illa -- Spanish mathematician, scientist and engineer
Wikipedia - Estelle Basor -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Esther Arkin -- Israeli-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Esther Seiden -- Mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Esther Szekeres -- Hungarian-Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ethel M. Elderton -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Ethel Raybould -- Mathematician from Australia
Wikipedia - Ethics in mathematics -- An emerging field of applied ethics
Wikipedia - Ethnomathematics
Wikipedia - Etienne Fouvry -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Etienne Ghys -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Etienne Halphen -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Etienne Pascal -- French tax officer and mathematician
Wikipedia - E. T. Parker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Etta Zuber Falconer -- African American mathematician
Wikipedia - E. T. Whittaker -- British mathematician who contributed widely to applied mathematics, mathematical physics, the theory of special functions, and the history of physics
Wikipedia - Euclidean distance -- Conventional distance in mathematics and physics
Wikipedia - Euclidean geometry -- Mathematical system attributed to Euclid
Wikipedia - Euclid's Elements -- Mathematical treatise by Euclid
Wikipedia - Eugene Ehrhart -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Eugene Isaacson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eugene M. Luks -- American mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Eugene Rouche -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Eugene Salamin (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eugene Trubowitz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eugene Wigner -- Hungarian-American mathematician and Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Wikipedia - Eugenia Cheng -- English mathematician and pianist
Wikipedia - Eugenia Malinnikova -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Eugenie Hunsicker -- American mathematician and researcher
Wikipedia - Eugenio Calabi -- Italian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Euler operator -- One of several mathematical concepts
Wikipedia - Eumathes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Eu Nao Faco a Menor Ideia do que eu To Fazendo Com a Minha Vida -- 2012 film directed by Matheus Souza
Wikipedia - Euphemia Haynes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - European Mathematical Psychology Group
Wikipedia - European Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - European Society for Mathematics and the Arts
Wikipedia - Eva Kallin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Feichtner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Graefe -- German mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Eva Miranda -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Evariste Galois -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva Tardos -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva Vedel Jensen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva Viehmann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Evelyn Boyd Granville -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Evelyn Buckwar -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Evelyn Nelson (mathematician) -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Evelyn Silvia -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eve Oja -- Estonian mathematician
Wikipedia - Everett C. Dade -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Evgeny Golod -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Evolutionary dynamics -- The study of the mathematical principles according to which biological organisms and cultural ideas evolve
Wikipedia - Evolutionary invasion analysis -- Mathematical modeling techniques that use differential equations to study the long-term evolution of traits in asexually reproducing populations
Wikipedia - Ewa Damek -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Ewa Kubicka -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Experimental mathematics
Wikipedia - Exponential field -- Mathematical field equipped with an operation satisfying the functional equation of the exponential
Wikipedia - Exponentially equivalent measures -- equivalence relation on mathematical measures
Wikipedia - Exponentiation -- Mathematical operation
Wikipedia - Expression (mathematics) -- Formula that represents a mathematical object
Wikipedia - Extension (predicate logic) -- Set of tuples in mathematical logic that satisfy a predicate
Wikipedia - Extractor (mathematics) -- bipartite graph with nodes
Wikipedia - Extreme point -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Ezra Getzler -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - F4 (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Fabrice Bethuel -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Factorization -- (Mathematical) decomposition into a product
Wikipedia - Faculty of Mathematics, University of Cambridge
Wikipedia - Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University -- Medical school in Thailand
Wikipedia - Faina Mihajlovna Kirillova -- Soviet mathematician
Wikipedia - Falconer's formula -- Mathematical formula used to calculate heritability in twin studies
Wikipedia - Fan Chung -- Taiwanese-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fang Fuquan -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Fanghua Lin -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fanny Kassel -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Fantasia Mathematica -- Book by Clifton Fadiman
Wikipedia - Farideh Firoozbakht -- Iranian mathematician
Wikipedia - FASTT Math -- Video game
Wikipedia - Fathimath Azifa -- Maldivian film actress
Wikipedia - Fathimath Fareela -- Maldivian film actress
Wikipedia - Fathimath Zoona -- Maldivian female singer
Wikipedia - Fatma Moalla -- Tunisian mathematician
Wikipedia - F. Burton Jones -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - FC-group -- group in group theory mathematics
Wikipedia - F. David Mathews -- American academic
Wikipedia - Federico Ardila -- Colombian mathematician
Wikipedia - Federigo Enriques -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Fedor Bogomolov -- Russian and American mathematician
Wikipedia - Felice Casorati (mathematician) -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Feliks Baranski -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Felipe Cucker -- Uruguayan mathematician
Wikipedia - Felix Arscott -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Felix Behrend -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Felix Berezin -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Felix Bernstein (mathematician) -- German Jewish mathematician
Wikipedia - Felix Finster -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Felix Hausdorff -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Felix Mathe -- French politician
Wikipedia - Felix Otto (mathematician) -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Wikipedia - Feodor Deahna -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Feodor Theilheimer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ferdinand Georg Frobenius -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ferdinand Gonseth -- Swiss mathematician and philosopher
Wikipedia - Ferdinand Joachimsthal -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ferguson unrest -- Aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri
Wikipedia - Fernanda Botelho (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fernando Q. GouvM-CM-*a -- Brazilian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fern Hunt -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Feu Mathias Pascal -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - Feza Gursey -- Turkish mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Fiber (mathematics) -- The set of all points in a function's domain that all map to some single given point.
Wikipedia - Fielden Chair of Pure Mathematics
Wikipedia - Field (mathematics) -- Algebraic structure with addition, multiplication and division
Wikipedia - Fields Medal -- Prize for mathematicians
Wikipedia - Field theory (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Figure-eight knot (mathematics) -- Unique knot with a crossing number of four
Wikipedia - Filippo Antonio Revelli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Filter (mathematics) -- In mathematics, a special subset of a partially ordered set
Wikipedia - Filtration (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Finite group -- Mathematical group based upon a finite number of elements
Wikipedia - Finite mathematics
Wikipedia - Finiteness properties of groups -- Mathematical property
Wikipedia - Finite-state machine -- Mathematical model of computation
Wikipedia - Finitism -- Philosophy of mathematics that accepts the existence only of finite mathematical objects
Wikipedia - Fioralba Cakoni -- Albanian mathematician
Wikipedia - First-order logic -- Collection of formal systems used in mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science
Wikipedia - Fischer's inequality -- mathematical bound
Wikipedia - Fitting length -- Measurement in group theory algebra mathematics
Wikipedia - Fixed point (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Fizz buzz -- Group word game to teach mathematical division
Wikipedia - Flemming Topsoe -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Floor and ceiling functions -- Mathematical functions taking a real input and rounding it down or up, respectively
Wikipedia - Flora Sadler -- Scottish mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Florence Eliza Allen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Florence Lewis -- Mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Florence Marie Mears -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Florence Yeldham -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Florent Bureau -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Florian Cajori -- Swiss-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Florian Luca -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Floyd Williams -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - F. Michael Christ -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Font hinting -- Use of mathematical instructions to adjust the display of a font so it lines up with a rasterized grid
Wikipedia - Forcing (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Forder Lectureship -- Award conferred by the London Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Formal ball -- Mathematical ball with unbounded or negative radius
Wikipedia - Formalism in the philosophy of mathematics
Wikipedia - Formalism (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Formalism (philosophy of mathematics)
Wikipedia - Formalized mathematics
Wikipedia - Formal moduli -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Formal system -- Any well-defined system of abstract thought based on the model of mathematics
Wikipedia - Formula (mathematical logic)
Wikipedia - Formulario mathematico -- Book by Giuseppe Peano
Wikipedia - Fortunato Riccardo -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Foundation of mathematics
Wikipedia - Foundations of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Foundations of mathematics
Wikipedia - Four color theorem -- Statement in mathematics
Wikipedia - Fourier analysis -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Fourier transform -- Mathematical transform that expresses a function of time as a function of frequency
Wikipedia - Fractal curve -- Mathematical curve whose shape is a fractal, pathological irregularity, regardless of magnification. Each non-zero arc has infinite length
Wikipedia - Fractal -- Self similar mathematical structures
Wikipedia - Fractional calculus -- branch of mathematical analysis with fractional applications of derivatives and integrals
Wikipedia - Fraction (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Fraction -- Mathematical representation of a portion of a whole
Wikipedia - France KriM-EM->aniM-DM-^M -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Francesco Guerra -- Italian mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Francesco Maria De Regi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Frances Cope -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frances Hardcastle -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Frances Harshbarger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frances Kirwan -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Frances Kuo -- Taiwanese-born New Zealand mathematician
Wikipedia - Frances Yao -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis Alexander Tarleton -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis Allotey -- Ghanaian physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis B. Hildebrand -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis Buekenhout -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis Dominic Murnaghan (mathematician) -- Irish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis Galton -- English polymath: geographer, statistician, pioneer in eugenics (1822-1911)
Wikipedia - Francis Joseph Murray -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis Robbins Upton -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Francis Scheid -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Franciszek Leja -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Franck Barthe -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Franco Brezzi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois ChM-CM-"telet (mathematician) -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois Francais -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois Golse -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois Labourie -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois Lalonde -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois Loeser -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois Mathet -- French flat race horse trainer (1908-1983)
Wikipedia - Francois-Mathurin Gourves -- French priest
Wikipedia - Francois Mathy -- Belgian equestrian
Wikipedia - Francois Nicole -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Francois Viete -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Deutsch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Farris -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Forelli -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Grosshans -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Harary -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Hoppensteadt -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Jewett Mather -- American art critic and educator
Wikipedia - Frank Kelly (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Frank Lauren Hitchcock -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Franklin P. Peterson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Matthews Leslie -- Scottish mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Frank Morgan (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Morley -- English-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Natterer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Nelson Cole -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Quinn (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank Ramsey (mathematician) -- British mathematician, philosopher
Wikipedia - Frank Spitzer -- Austrian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frank W. Bubb Sr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Franz Alt (mathematician) -- Austrian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Franz Breisig -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Fraunhofer diffraction equation -- Mathematical explanation of far field diffraction
Wikipedia - Frederic Fitch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frederic Helein -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Frederick Gehring -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frederick J. Almgren Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frederick Mathesius -- American architect
Wikipedia - Frederick Purser -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Frederick Valentine Atkinson -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Frederique Lenger -- Belgian mathematician (1921-2005)
Wikipedia - Frederique Oggier -- Swiss and Singaporean mathematician and coding theorist
Wikipedia - Fred Galvin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fred S. Roberts -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fred van der Blij -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Freeman Dyson -- British theoretical physicist and mathematician (1923-2020)
Wikipedia - Free module -- In mathematics, a module that has a basis
Wikipedia - Freya Mathews
Wikipedia - Freydoon Shahidi -- Iranian mathematician
Wikipedia - Fridrikh Karpelevich -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Frieda Nugel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Frieda Zames -- American mathematician and disability rights activist
Wikipedia - Friederich Ignaz Mautner -- Austrian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Frieder Nake -- German mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Friedhelm Eicker -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Friedrich Bessel -- German astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Friedrich Dingeldey -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Friedrich Engel (mathematician) -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Friedrich Hirzebruch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Frits Beukers -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Fritz Carlson -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Fritz Herzog -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fritz John -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fritz Peter -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - F. Thomas Farrell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Fujita Sadasuke -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Functional analysis -- Branch of mathematical analysis
Wikipedia - Functional (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Function composition -- Operation on mathematical functions
Wikipedia - Function (mathematics) -- Mapping that associates a single output value to each input
Wikipedia - Function of a real variable -- Mathematical function
Wikipedia - Fundamental group -- Mathematical group of the homotopy classes of loops in a topological space
Wikipedia - Fundamenta Mathematicae
Wikipedia - Further Mathematics -- Certain type of mathematics from secondary school onwards
Wikipedia - Fuzzy mathematics
Wikipedia - G2 (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Gabor Domokos -- Hungarian mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Gabriel Bernardino -- Portuguese mathematician
Wikipedia - Gabriel Cramer -- Genevan mathematician
Wikipedia - Gabriele Kaiser -- German mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Gabriele Nebe -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gabriele Vezzosi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gabriella Tarantello -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gabriel Oltramare -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Gabriel Sudan -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gabrio Piola -- Italian mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Gail Carpenter -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gail F. Burrill -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gail Letzter -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Gail S. Nelson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Galileo Galilei -- Italian polymath
Wikipedia - Galina Tyurina -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Galois group -- Mathematical group
Wikipedia - Galois theory -- Mathematical connection between field theory and group theory
Wikipedia - Game theory -- The study of mathematical models of strategic interaction between rational decision-makers
Wikipedia - Garrett Birkhoff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gary Antonick -- American journalist and recreational mathematician
Wikipedia - Gary Chartrand -- American-born mathematician
Wikipedia - Gary L. Miller (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Gary Seitz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gaspard de Prony -- French mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis -- French mathematician, mechanical engineer, and scientist
Wikipedia - Gaspare Mainardi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gaspare Mignosi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gaston Floquet -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Gaston Tarry -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Gaudiya Math
Wikipedia - Gauge theory (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Gauss notation -- Notation for mathematical knots
Wikipedia - Gavin Brown (academic) -- Scottish-Australian mathematician and university administrator
Wikipedia - G. B. Halsted -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - G. B. Mathews
Wikipedia - Ge Jun -- Chinese mathematics professor (born 1964)
Wikipedia - Geminus -- Ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Gene Abrams -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gene Grabeel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gene H. Golub -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - General hypergeometric function -- Hypergeometric function in mathematics
Wikipedia - Generalized functional linear model -- Mathematical model for stochastic processes
Wikipedia - Generator (mathematics) -- Element of a generating set, a subset of an algebraic structure that allows specifying all elements of the structure
Wikipedia - Genevieve Gauthier -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Genevieve Grotjan Feinstein -- American mathematician and cryptanalyst, helped break PURPLE and VENONA ciphers
Wikipedia - Genevieve Guitel -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Genevieve M. Knight -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Genevieve Raugel -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Genius (mathematics software)
Wikipedia - Gentzen's consistency proof -- mathematical logic concept
Wikipedia - Genus (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Geoffrey Timms -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Geomathematics
Wikipedia - Geometric integrator -- Mathematical field of numerical ordinary differential equations
Wikipedia - Geometry -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Geordie Williamson -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Georg Cantor -- 19th and 20th-century German mathematician
Wikipedia - George Adam Pfeiffer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Adomian -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George A. Elliott -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - George Anderson (mathematician) -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - George Andrews (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Ballard Mathews -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - George Bergman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Biddell Airy -- English mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - George Blakley -- American mathematician and cryptographer
Wikipedia - George Boole -- English mathematician, philosopher and logician
Wikipedia - George Boolos -- American philosopher and mathematical logician
Wikipedia - George B. Thomas -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Chrystal -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - George Dantzig -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George David Birkhoff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George F. Carrier -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George F. D. Duff -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - George Fix -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George F. Simmons -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Glauberman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George G. Lorentz -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Green (mathematician) -- British mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - George GrM-CM-$tzer -- Hungarian-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - George Herbert Swift Jr -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Herbert Weiss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Jerrard -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - George Kempf -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Langdale -- English cricketer, schoolmaster, and writer on mathematics
Wikipedia - George Logemann -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Lusztig -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Mackey -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Maltese -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Marsaglia -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Mathews (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - George Mostow -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Murray Burnett -- Scottish mathematician and chemist
Wikipedia - George Newland (mathematician) -- British academic
Wikipedia - George Piranian -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Polya -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - George Roger Sell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George R. Price -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Georges de Rham -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - George Seligman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Georges Henri Halphen -- 19th century French mathematician
Wikipedia - Georges Mathe -- French oncologist and immunologist (1922-2010)
Wikipedia - Georges Poitou -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - George Springer (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George William Hill -- American mathematical astronomer
Wikipedia - George William Morgenthaler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George W. Myers -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George Woltman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - George W. Whitehead -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Georg Faber -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Georg Feigl -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Georg Hamel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Georgia Benkart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Georgia Caldwell Smith -- One of the first African-American women to gain a bachelor's degree in mathematics
Wikipedia - Georgii Polozii -- Soviet mathematician
Wikipedia - Georgii Suvorov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Georg Joseph Sidler -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Georg Nobeling -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Georg Simon Klugel -- German mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Georgy Adelson-Velsky -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Georgy Egorychev -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerald B. Whitham -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerald Folland -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerald Gardner (mathematician) -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Geraldine Claudette Darden -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Geraldine Norman -- Mathematician and writer
Wikipedia - Gerald James Whitrow -- British mathematician and historian of science
Wikipedia - Gerald John Mathias -- Indian Catholic priest
Wikipedia - Gerald L. Alexanderson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerard Cornuejols -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerard Iooss -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerard Murphy (mathematician) -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerardo Chowell -- American mathematical epidemiologist
Wikipedia - Gerard Washnitzer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerda de Vries -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerd Faltings -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerd Grubb -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerhard Frey -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerhard Geise -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerhard Gentzen -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerhard Hessenberg -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerhard Hochschild -- German-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerhard Hund -- German mathematician, computer scientist and chess player
Wikipedia - Gerhard Kowalewski -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerhard Ringel -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerlind Plonka -- German applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Germano D'Abramo -- Italian mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Germund Dahlquist -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Gerolamo Cardano -- Italian Renaissance mathematician, physician, astrologer
Wikipedia - Gershgorin circle theorem -- Mathematical theorem about eigenvalues
Wikipedia - Gertrude Blanch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gesellschaft fr Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
Wikipedia - Geza Fodor (mathematician) -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz -- STEM competition
Wikipedia - Gheorghe M-HM-^Ziteica -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gheorghe Mihoc -- Romanian mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Gheorghe Vranceanu -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - G. H. Hardy -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Ghumne Mechmathi Andho Manche -- Book by Bhupi Serchan
Wikipedia - Giacomo Bellacchi -- Italian mathematician (1838-1924)
Wikipedia - Gian-Carlo Rota -- Italian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gianni Dal Maso -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gideon Schechtman -- Israeli mathematician.
Wikipedia - Gigliola Staffilani -- Italian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gila Hanna -- Canadian mathematics educator and philosopher of mathematics
Wikipedia - Gilbert Ames Bliss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gilbert Baumslag -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gilbert de Beauregard Robinson -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gilbert Mathon -- French politician
Wikipedia - Gilbert Strang -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gil Kalai -- Israeli mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Gilles Lebeau -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Gillian Thornley -- New Zealand mathematician
Wikipedia - Gillie Larew -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ginestra Bianconi -- Network scientist and mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Giordano Bruno -- Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, cosmological theorist, and poet
Wikipedia - Giovanna Venetiglio Matheus -- Brazilian trampoline gymnast
Wikipedia - Giovanni Alberti (mathematician) -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Giovanni Bordiga -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Giovanni Domenico Cassini -- Italian/French mathematician, astronomer, engineer, and astrologer
Wikipedia - Giovanni Giambelli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Giovanni Prodi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gisela Engeln-Mullges -- German mathematician and artist
Wikipedia - Gisele Ruiz Goldstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gisiro Maruyama -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Gitta Kutyniok -- German applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Giulia Di Nunno -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Giuliana Davidoff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Giuseppe Basso -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Giuseppe Lauricella -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Giuseppe Peano -- Italian mathematician and glottologist
Wikipedia - Giuseppina Masotti Biggiogero -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gizem Karaali -- Turkish-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gladys West -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Glen Bredon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Glenda Lappan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Glen E. Baxter -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Glenn H. Stevens -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gloria Conyers Hewitt -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gloria Ford Gilmer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gloria Olive -- Academic mathematician from New Zealand
Wikipedia - Glossary of areas of mathematics
Wikipedia - Glossary of mathematics -- List of definitions of terms and concepts commonly used in mathematics
Wikipedia - Glossary of Principia Mathematica -- Wikipedia glossary
Wikipedia - Gluing schemes -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - G. Mike Reed -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - GNU MathProg
Wikipedia - Go and mathematics
Wikipedia - Goat problem -- A recreational mathematics planar boundary and area problem
Wikipedia - Goddard-Thorn theorem -- Result in the mathematics of string theory on a functor that quantizes bosonic strings
Wikipedia - Godel numbering -- Function in mathematical logic
Wikipedia - Gomathi Nayagam -- 2004 film directed by Ponvannan
Wikipedia - Gompertz-Makeham law of mortality -- Mathematical equation related to human death rate
Wikipedia - Gordana Matic -- Croatian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gordon Royle -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gordon Thomas Whyburn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Goro Azumaya -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Goro Nishida -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Goro Shimura -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Gosta Mittag-Leffler -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz -- German mathematician and philosopher
Wikipedia - Gotthold Eisenstein -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gottlob Frege -- German philosopher, logician, and mathematician
Wikipedia - Goudreau Museum of Mathematics in Art and Science
Wikipedia - Govardhana matha
Wikipedia - Govardhan Math -- Religious institution in Hinduism
Wikipedia - Government Museum, Mathura -- Museum in India
Wikipedia - Govindan Rangarajan -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Govind Mathur -- Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court
Wikipedia - Grace Alele-Williams -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace Andrews (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace Bates -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace Chisholm Young -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace Marie Bareis -- 20th-century American mathematician
Wikipedia - Graciela Boente -- Argentine mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Gradimir Milovanovic -- Serbian mathematician
Wikipedia - Graduate Studies in Mathematics
Wikipedia - Graduate Texts in Mathematics
Wikipedia - Graduate texts in mathematics
Wikipedia - Granny knot (mathematics) -- Connected sum of two trefoil knots with same chirality
Wikipedia - Granville Sewell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Graph database -- Database that uses mathematical graphs to store and search data
Wikipedia - Graph (discrete mathematics) -- Mathematical structure consisting of vertices and edges connecting some pairs of vertices
Wikipedia - Graph theory -- Area of discrete mathematics
Wikipedia - Greater-than sign -- Mathematical symbol representing the relation "greater than"
Wikipedia - Greek letters used in mathematics, science, and engineering
Wikipedia - Greek mathematics -- Mathematics of Ancient Greeks
Wikipedia - Gregg Zuckerman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Greg Kuperberg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gregory Beylkin -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gregory Chaitin -- Argentine-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gregory Mathews
Wikipedia - Greta Panova -- Bulgarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gretchen Matthews -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Grey box model -- Mathematical data production model with limited structure
Wikipedia - GridMathematica
Wikipedia - Griffith Baley Price -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Griffith C. Evans -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Grigori Perelman -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Grigory Margulis -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Group action (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Group action -- Operation of the elements of a group as transformations or automorphisms (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Group (mathematics) -- Algebraic structure with one binary operation
Wikipedia - Group theory -- Branch of mathematics that studies the properties of groups
Wikipedia - Grundlagen der Mathematik -- Two-volume work by David Hilbert and Paul Bernays
Wikipedia - Grzegorz Rempala -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Guarino Guarini -- Italian architect, priest, mathematician and writer
Wikipedia - Gudrun Kalmbach -- German mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Guergana Petrova -- Bulgarian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Guess 2/3 of the average -- Mathematical game
Wikipedia - Guidobaldo del Monte -- Italian mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Guido Mislin -- Swiss mathematician, academic and researcher
Wikipedia - Guido Weiss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Guillaume-Mathieu Dumas -- French general
Wikipedia - Guillermo Owen -- Colombian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gunnar Carlsson -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Gunter Harder -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gunter Malle -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Guoliang Yu -- Chinese American mathematician
Wikipedia - Guorong Wang -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Guozhen Lu -- Chinese American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustav A. Hedlund -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustave Dumas -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustave Juvet -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustave Malecot -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustave Solomon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustav Herglotz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustav Roch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustavus Simmons -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gustav von Escherich -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gusztav Rados -- Hungarian mathematician (b. 1862, d. 1942)
Wikipedia - Guy Henniart -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Guy Hirsch -- Belgian mathematician and professor
Wikipedia - Guy Tachard -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Guy Terjanian -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - GWR Mather, Dixon locomotives -- Class of British broad-gauge 2-2-2 locomotives
Wikipedia - Gwyneth Stallard -- Professor of pure mathematics
Wikipedia - Gyorgy Alexits -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gyrovector space -- Mathematical space used to study hyperbolic geometry
Wikipedia - Gyula Bereznai -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gyula J. Obadovics -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Gyula Pal -- Hungarian-Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - H4 (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Hadwiger-Nelson problem -- Mathematical problem
Wikipedia - Haesun Park -- South Korean American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ha Huy Khoai -- Vietnamese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hajer Bahouri -- French-Tunisian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hajnal Andreka -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hakan Hedenmalm -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Hal Abelson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Halayudha -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hale Trotter -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Halperin conjecture -- Mathematical conjecture
Wikipedia - Halsey Royden -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hamlet Isakhanli -- Azerbaijani mathematician
Wikipedia - Hamnet Holditch -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Hanan Mohamed Abdelrahman -- Egyptian-Norwegian mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Handedness and mathematical ability
Wikipedia - Hannah Fry -- British mathematician and TV presenter
Wikipedia - Hannah Markwig -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hanna Neumann -- German Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans-Bjorn Foxby -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Bruun Nielsen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Duistermaat -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Fitting -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Follmer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Frederick Blichfeldt -- Danish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Georg Feichtinger -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans G. Kaper -- Dutch-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Grauert -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Hahn (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Hans Hamburger -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans-Joachim Nastold -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans J. Reiter -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Lewy -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Matheson -- British actor
Wikipedia - Hans Munthe-Kaas -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Pietsch (mathematician) -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Riesel -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans RM-CM-%dstrom -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans-Rudolf Kunsch -- Swiss mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Hans Samelson -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Schneider (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans van Houwelingen -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Hans Werner Ballmann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Harald Bergstrom -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Harald Garcke -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Harish-Chandra -- Indian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hari Vishnu Kamath -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Harlan J. Brothers -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harley Flanders -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harmonic analysis (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Harmonic progression (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Harmonic series (mathematics) -- Infinite series of the reciprocals of the positive integers
Wikipedia - Harold A. Linstone -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Edwards (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Grad -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Levine -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold P. Boas -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Rosenberg (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold R. Parks -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Schoen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold S. Shapiro -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Stark -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Thayer Davis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harold Widom -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harriet Padberg -- American mathematician, composer
Wikipedia - Harriet Pollatsek -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harro Heuser -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Bateman -- British-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry C. Carver -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Clinton Gossard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Coonce -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Kesten -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Pollard (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Rauch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Vandiver -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harry Yandell Benedict -- American astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Hart F. Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hartmut Jurgens -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Haruzo Hida -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Harvey Dubner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Harvey Friedman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Haseen Dillruba -- 2020 murder mystery thriller film directed by Vinil Mathew
Wikipedia - Hasibun Naher -- Bangladeshi mathematics researcher
Wikipedia - Haskell Curry -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hassler Whitney -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hawkins-Simon condition -- Result in mathematical economics on existence of a non-negative equilibrium output vector
Wikipedia - Haya Freedman -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Haymarket affair -- 1886 aftermath of a bombing in Chicago, US
Wikipedia - Haynes Miller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hazel Perfect -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - H. Blaine Lawson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Heap (mathematics) -- Algebraic structure with a ternary operation
Wikipedia - Heather Harrington -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hector Chang (mathematician) -- Venezuelan mathematician
Wikipedia - Hedgehog (geometry) -- Type of mathematical plane curve
Wikipedia - Hee Oh -- South Korean American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hegarty Maths -- UK educational web site
Wikipedia - Heide Gluesing-Luerssen -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heidi Thornquist -- American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Height function -- Mathematical functions that quantify complexity
Wikipedia - Heike Fassbender -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heiko Harborth -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heiko Mathias Forster -- German conductor
Wikipedia - Heinrich Behmann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Behnke -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Brandt -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Burkhardt -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa -- German polymath, physician, legal scholar, soldier, theologian and occult writer (1486-1535)
Wikipedia - Heinrich Franz Friedrich Tietze -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Guggenheimer -- German-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Jung -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Kleisli -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Maschke -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinz Bauer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinz-Dieter Ebbinghaus -- German mathematician and logician
Wikipedia - Heinz Engl -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Heinz Hopf -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Heisuke Hironaka -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Helaman Ferguson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hel Braun -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Helen (2019 film) -- 2019 film by Mathukkutty Xavier
Wikipedia - Helen Abbot Merrill -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Helena Chmura Kraemer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Helena J. Nussenzveig Lopes -- Brazilian mathematician
Wikipedia - Helena Rasiowa -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Helen Brewster Owens -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Helen Byrne -- Professor of Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - Helene Barcelo -- mathematician
Wikipedia - Helene Bellosta -- French historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Helene Esnault -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Helene Frankowska -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Helene StM-CM-$helin -- Swiss mathematician, teacher and peace activist (1891-1970)
Wikipedia - Helen F. Cullen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Helen G. Grundman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Helen Moore (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Helen Popova Alderson -- Mathematician and translator
Wikipedia - Helen Wilson (mathematician) -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Helen Wily -- New Zealand statistician and mathematician
Wikipedia - Helga Baum -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Helge Holden -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Helge Tverberg -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Helicoid -- Mathematical shape
Wikipedia - Helios and Matheson Analytics -- American technology company
Wikipedia - Hellenistic mathematics
Wikipedia - Hellmuth Kneser -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Helmut Grunsky -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Helmut Hasse -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Helmut Koch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hema Srinivasan -- Indian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henda Swart -- South African mathematician
Wikipedia - Hendrik Lenstra -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Heneri Dzinotyiweyi -- Zimbabwean mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Henk J. M. Bos -- Dutch historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Henk Tijms -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Henning Haahr Andersen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Henri Berestycki -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Henricus Grammateus -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Henri Delannoy -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Henri Fehr -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Henrik Selberg -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Henri Mathe -- French politician
Wikipedia - Henri Moscovici -- Romanian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henri Pade -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Henri Poincare -- French mathematician, physicist, engineer, and philosopher of science
Wikipedia - Henry Briggs (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Henry Burchard Fine -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Cohn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Crapo (mathematician) -- American-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry C. Wente -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Dye -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Gellibrand -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Gordon Rice -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Heaton -- Amateur mathematician (1846-1927)
Wikipedia - Henry Helson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Landau -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Laufer -- American mathematician and businessman
Wikipedia - Henry L. Langhaar -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry McKean -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry O. Pollak -- Austrian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Pogorzelski -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Seely White -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Stapp -- American mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Henry Taber -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Thomas Herbert Piaggio -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry Wallman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry W. Gould -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert A. Hauptman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Busemann -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Clemens -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Enderton -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Federer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Fleischner -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Grotzsch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Keller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Koch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Robbins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Seifert -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Herbert Wilf -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herman Auerbach -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Herman Chernoff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herman Goldstine -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herman L. Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herman March -- German American mathematician
Wikipedia - Herman Muntz -- German-Jewish mathematician
Wikipedia - Hermann Bottenbruch -- German mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Hermann Hankel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hermann Kinkelin -- Swiss mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Hermann Minkowski -- German mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Hermann Rothe -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hermine Agavni Kalustyan -- Turkish mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Hermite reciprocity -- Invariant theory in mathematics
Wikipedia - Hermitian variety -- Mathematic variety
Wikipedia - Hero of Alexandria -- 1st century AD Greco-Egyptian mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Herta Freitag -- Austrian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hertha Ayrton -- English engineer, mathematician and inventor
Wikipedia - Hessian matrix -- (Mathematical) matrix of second derivatives
Wikipedia - Hettie Belle Ege -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hideo Shimizu -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hideya Matsumoto -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hierarchy (mathematics)
Wikipedia - High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College -- Specialized high school in New York City
Wikipedia - Hilary Ockendon -- British applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Hilary Putnam -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hilbert's tenth problem -- Mathematics problem
Wikipedia - Hilda Cerdeira -- Argentine mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Hilda Geiringer -- AM-YM-^Pustrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Hilda Phoebe Hudson -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Hillel Furstenberg -- American-Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Hinke Osinga -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Hiraku Nakajima -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hiroshi Haruki -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hiroshi Toda -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hisar Military Station -- Base headquarters of the 33rd Armoured Division of Mathura-headquartered I Corps
Wikipedia - Historia Mathematica
Wikipedia - History of algebra -- History of a branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - History of Mathematics
Wikipedia - History of mathematics -- Aspect of history
Wikipedia - History of the function concept -- Mathematical concept of a function
Wikipedia - H. J. Ryser -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - HM-CM-%kan Eliasson -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - HM-GM-AM-QM inequalities -- mathematical relationships
Wikipedia - Hoang TM-aM-;M-%y -- Vietnamese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hoang XuM-CM-"n Sinh -- Vietnamese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hodge theory -- Mathematical manifold theory
Wikipedia - Holbrook Mann MacNeille -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Holger Rootzen -- Swedish mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Holly Krieger -- Lecturer in mathematics
Wikipedia - Hollylynne Lee -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Holonomic function -- Type of functions, in mathematical analysis
Wikipedia - Homeomorphism -- Isomorphism of topological spaces in mathematics
Wikipedia - Homer E. Newell Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Homersham Cox (mathematician) -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Homological stability -- Type of mathematical theorem
Wikipedia - Homology (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Horace Lamb -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Horace Yomishi Mochizuki -- American mathematician known for his contributions to group theory
Wikipedia - Hormathophylla -- Genus of Brassicaceae plants
Wikipedia - Hormathus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Horng-Tzer Yau -- Taiwanese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Horst Herrlich -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Horst Knorrer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard Eves -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard Garland -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard G. Funkhouser -- American mathematician and historian
Wikipedia - Howard Hawks Mitchell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard Jerome Keisler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard Levi -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard Lincoln Hodgkins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard L. Resnikoff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard P. Robertson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard Wright Alexander -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hrvoje Kraljevic -- Croatian mathematician and politician
Wikipedia - Hsien Chung Wang -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Huai-Dong Cao -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hua Luogeng -- Chinese mathematician and politician (1910-1985)
Wikipedia - Hugh Jones (professor) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hugh Lowell Montgomery -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hugh Montgomery (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Hugh Sempill -- Scottish mathematician (between 1589 and 1596 - 1654)
Wikipedia - Hugo Hadwiger -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Hugo Rossi -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Huguette Delavault -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Hu Hesheng -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Hyman Bass -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Hypatia -- Neoplatonist philosopher and mathematician
Wikipedia - Hyperbolic functions -- Mathematical functions for hyperbolas similar to trigonometric functions for circles
Wikipedia - Hyperbolic group -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Hyung Ju Park -- South Korean mathematician
Wikipedia - Iain Gordon -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - I Am Legend (novel) -- Science fiction horror novel by Richard Matheson
Wikipedia - Ian Agol -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ian R. Porteous -- Scottish mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Ian Sloan (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Ian Stewart (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Iatromathematicians
Wikipedia - Ib Madsen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Ibn al-Banna' al-Marrakushi -- Moroccan mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Ibn al-Haytham -- Arab physicist, mathematician and astronomer (c. 965 - c. 1040)
Wikipedia - Ibn al-Samh -- Arab mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Ibn al-Tayyib -- 11th century writer, priest and polymath of the Church of the East
Wikipedia - Ibn MuM-JM-?adh al-JayyanM-DM-+ -- Andalusian philosopher and mathematician
Wikipedia - Ibn Sahl (mathematician) -- Mathematician (0940-1000)
Wikipedia - Ibn Tufail -- Arab Andalusian Muslim polymath
Wikipedia - IbrahM-DM-+m al-FazarM-DM-+ -- 8th-century mathematician, astronomer and translator
Wikipedia - Icosian game -- Mathematical game
Wikipedia - Ida Elizabeth Brandon Mathis -- Farmer and businesswoman
Wikipedia - Ida Rhodes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ideal gas -- Mathematical model which approximates the behavior of real gases
Wikipedia - Ideal theory -- Theory of ideals in commutative rings in mathematics
Wikipedia - Identity function -- In mathematics, a function that always returns the same value that was used as its argument
Wikipedia - Identity (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Idris Assani -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Idun Reiten -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ignatius Carbonnelle -- Belgian Jesuit and mathematician
Wikipedia - Igor Chueshov -- Ukrainian mathematician (b. 1951, d. 2016)
Wikipedia - Igor Dmitrievich Ado -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Igor Dolgachev -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Igor Girsanov -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Igor Kluvanek -- Slovak-Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Igor Shafarevich -- Soviet and Russian mathematician and political dissident
Wikipedia - Igusa variety -- Mathematical structure
Wikipedia - Igusa zeta-function -- Type of generating function in mathematics
Wikipedia - Ilan Amit -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Ileana Streinu -- Romanian-American computer scientist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Ilex mathewsii -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Ilka Agricola -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Illumination problem -- Mathematical problem studying illumination of rooms with mirrored walls
Wikipedia - Ilona Palasti -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ilse Fischer -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ilse Ipsen -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ilya M. Sobol -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Image (mathematics) -- The set of all values of a function
Wikipedia - Imaginary line -- A mathematical curve which does not physically exist
Wikipedia - Imhotep -- Egyptian polymath, later deified
Wikipedia - Immanuel Bomze -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Immersion (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Imre Barany -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ina Kersten -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Inarwa, Saptari -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Indagationes Mathematicae
Wikipedia - Independence (mathematical logic)
Wikipedia - Indian mathematics -- Development of mathematics in South Asia
Wikipedia - Indicator function -- A mathematical function
Wikipedia - Indiscernibles -- Concept in mathematical logic
Wikipedia - Indranil Biswas -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Indulata Sukla -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Indumadhab Mallick -- Indian polymath
Wikipedia - Ineke De Moortel -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Inequality (mathematics) -- Mathematical relation expressed by symbols < or M-bM-^IM-$
Wikipedia - Inequation -- Mathematical statement that two values are not equal
Wikipedia - Infinity -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Informal mathematics -- Any informal mathematical practices used in everyday life
Wikipedia - Inga Berre -- Norwegian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Ingebrigt Johansson -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ingrid Daubechies -- Belgian physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Ingrid Kristine Glad -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - In Pursuit of the Unknown -- 2012 nonfiction book by mathematician Ian Stewart
Wikipedia - In re Sears Holdings Management Corp. -- Legal complaint and aftermath
Wikipedia - Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics -- Research institute at Brown University
Wikipedia - Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics -- Mathematics institute
Wikipedia - Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
Wikipedia - Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Wikipedia - Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada -- Brazil's National Institute for mathematics
Wikipedia - Integral symbol -- Mathematical symbol used to denote integrals and antiderivatives
Wikipedia - Integration (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Intel 8231/8232 -- Early floating-point math coprocessor
Wikipedia - Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling -- Supercomputing and research data centre
Wikipedia - International Centre for Theoretical Physics -- International research institute for physical and mathematical sciences
Wikipedia - International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications -- Annual academic mathematics conference
Wikipedia - International Congress of Mathematicians
Wikipedia - International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - International Day of Mathematics -- Day celebrating mathematics on March 14
Wikipedia - International Mathematical Olympiad
Wikipedia - International Mathematical Union -- International non-governmental organisation
Wikipedia - International Society for Mathematical Sciences -- Organization
Wikipedia - Intersection (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Intersection -- Concept in mathematics
Wikipedia - Interval contractor -- mathematical construct
Wikipedia - Interval (mathematics) -- In mathematics, a set of real numbers that contains all numbers that lie between any two numbers in the set
Wikipedia - Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
Wikipedia - Intuitionism (philosophy of mathematics)
Wikipedia - Intuitionistic type theory -- Alternative foundation of mathematics
Wikipedia - Invariant (mathematics) -- Property of mathematical objects that remains unchanged for transformations applied to the objects
Wikipedia - Inventiones Mathematicae
Wikipedia - Inverse bundle -- Topology in mathematics
Wikipedia - Inverse function -- Mathematical concept
Wikipedia - Inverse hyperbolic functions -- Mathematical functions
Wikipedia - Involute -- Mathematical curve constructed from another curve
Wikipedia - Involution (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Ioana Dumitriu -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ira Gessel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Iranian Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Irena Lasiecka -- Polish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irena Peeva -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irena Swanson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irene Fischer -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Irene Fonseca -- Portuguese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irene Gijbels -- Mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Irene M. Gamba -- Argentine-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irene Moroz -- British applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Irene Mulvey -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irene Waldspurger -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Irina Mitrea -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Irina Shevtsova -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Iris Runge -- German mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Irit Dinur -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Irmgard Flugge-Lotz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Irvin Cohen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irving Reiner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irving Segal -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irving S. Reed -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irving Stringham -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Isaac Barrow -- English Christian theologian, and mathematician
Wikipedia - Isaac ben Moses Eli -- 15th-century Spanish Jewish mathematician
Wikipedia - Isaac Jacob Schoenberg -- Romanian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Isaac Namioka -- Japanese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Isabel Hubard Escalera -- Mexican mathematician
Wikipedia - Isabella Bashmakova -- Russian historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Isabella Novik -- Professor of mathematics
Wikipedia - Isabelle Gallagher -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Isabel Maddison -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Isadore Singer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Isador M. Sheffer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Isaiah Kantor -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Isenheim Altarpiece -- Painting by Mathias Grunewald
Wikipedia - Is Homosexuality a Menace? -- 1957 book by Arthur Guy Mathews
Wikipedia - Ising model -- Mathematical model of ferromagnetism in statistical mechanics
Wikipedia - Islamic mathematics
Wikipedia - Ismail al-Jazari -- Muslim mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Isobel Loutit -- Canadian mathematician, educator, inventor
Wikipedia - Isomorphism -- In mathematics, invertible homomorphism
Wikipedia - Israel Journal of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Israel Kleiner (mathematician) -- Canadian mathematician and historian
Wikipedia - Israel Mathematical Union -- Israeli professional mathematician association
Wikipedia - Istvan Gyongy -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Istvan Hatvani -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Istvan Juhasz (mathematician) -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ito's theorem -- Math theorem in the field of representation theory
Wikipedia - Ivan Cherednik -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ivan Corwin -- Professor of mathematics
Wikipedia - Ivan Vidav -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ivan Vsevolodovich Meshcherskiy -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Ivar Mathisen -- Norwegian canoeist
Wikipedia - Ivar Otto Bendixson -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Ivar Stakgold -- Norwegian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ivette Fuentes -- Mathematical Physics professor
Wikipedia - Ivo BabuM-EM-!ka -- Czech-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ivy Hooks -- Mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Iya Abubakar -- Nigerian politician and mathematician
Wikipedia - Izabela Abramowicz -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Izabella M-EM-^Aaba -- Polish-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jabir ibn Hayyan -- Persian polymath
Wikipedia - Jack Edmonds -- American/Canadian mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Jackie Stedall -- British mathematics historian
Wikipedia - Jack K. Hale -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jack Kiefer (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Jack Morava -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jack Silver -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jackson network -- Mathematical discipline
Wikipedia - Jacob Bernoulli -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacob Fox -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacobi triple product -- Mathematical identity found by Jacobi in 1829
Wikipedia - Jacob Korevaar -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacob Milich -- German astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacob Tamarkin -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacob T. Schwartz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacqueline Chen -- American applied mathematician and mechanical engineer
Wikipedia - Jacqueline Dewar -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacqueline Ferrand -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin -- American mathematician & academic
Wikipedia - Jacqueline Naze Tjotta -- Norwegian mathematician and professor
Wikipedia - Jacques Alexandre Le Tenneur -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques de Billy -- French Jesuit mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Deruyts -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Dixmier -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Hadamard -- 20th century French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Hurtubise (mathematician) -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Mathieu Delpech -- French surgeon
Wikipedia - Jacques Mathou -- French actor
Wikipedia - Jacques Pelletier du Mans -- Humanist, Poet, Mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Tits -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Touchard -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jafar Zafarani -- Iranian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jagadish Chandra Bose -- Bengali polymath
Wikipedia - Jagdish Prasad Mathur (Rajasthan politician) -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Jaime Escalante -- Bolivian educator, teacher and mathematician
Wikipedia - Jakob Horn -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Jakob Mathiasen -- Danish Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Jakob Philipp Kulik -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jakob Rosanes -- German mathematician and chess player
Wikipedia - Jakob Steiner -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Jakow Trachtenberg -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jalal Allakhverdiyev -- Azerbaijani mathematician
Wikipedia - James A. Clarkson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Alexander Shohat -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Arthur (mathematician) -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - James B. Carrell -- American and Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - James Caldwell (mathematician) -- Northern Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - James Colliander -- American-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - James Cooley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Crowley (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Cullen (mathematician) -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - James Demmel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Dodson (mathematician)
Wikipedia - James Dugundji -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James E. Humphreys -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Fields Smathers
Wikipedia - James Glimm -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Gregory (astronomer and mathematician)
Wikipedia - James Gregory (mathematician)
Wikipedia - James Hamilton (physicist) -- Irish mathematician and theoretical physicist
Wikipedia - James Harkness (mathematician) -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - James H. Bramble -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Henry Taylor -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Henry Weaver -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Ivory (mathematician) -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - James J. Andrews (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James J. Stoker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Jurin -- British mathematician and doctor
Wikipedia - James Lepowsky -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Lewin McGregor -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - James MacCullagh -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - James (Mac) Hyman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Mathewson -- Upper Canada politician
Wikipedia - James McFarlane Mathews -- American clergyman
Wikipedia - James McMahon (mathematician) -- Irish American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Michael Gardner Fell -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Milne (mathematician)
Wikipedia - James Munkres -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Murdoch Austin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James O. C. Ezeilo -- Nigerian mathematician
Wikipedia - James Oxley -- Australian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Pierpont (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James R. Norris -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - James Serrin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Sethian -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James Stirling (mathematician)
Wikipedia - James Thomson (mathematician) -- Irish mathematician, born 1786
Wikipedia - James Waddell Alexander II -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - James W. Cannon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - JamshM-DM-+d al-KashM-DM-+ -- Persian astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Denef -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jane Cronin Scanlon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jane Cullum -- American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Jane Heffernan -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jane M. Hawkins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jane Piore Gilman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan-Erik Roos -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jane Squire -- Mathematician and feminist
Wikipedia - Janet Barnett -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Janet Beery -- American mathematician and historian
Wikipedia - Janet Thomas -- Australian mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Jane Ye -- Chinese-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jang-Mei Wu -- Taiwanese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Hendrik Bruinier -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Jansz de Jonge Stampioen -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Kalicki -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Koenderink -- Dutch mathematician and psychologist
Wikipedia - Janko group J2 -- In mathematics, one of the sporadic simple groups
Wikipedia - Jan Mandel -- Czech-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Mathiasen -- Danish sailor
Wikipedia - Jan Sleszynski -- Polish-Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Mikusinski -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Mycielski -- Polish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Janos Aczel (mathematician) -- Hungarian-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Janos Kollar -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Janos Komlos (mathematician) -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Janos Korner -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Rajewski -- Polish mathematician and professor
Wikipedia - Jan Saxl -- Czech-British mathematician
Wikipedia - Janson inequality -- Mathematical theory
Wikipedia - Jan Spielrein -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Janusz Grabowski -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jan Vaerman -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Japanese mathematics -- The independent development of mathematics in Japan during the isolation of the Edo period.
Wikipedia - Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics -- Japanese counterpart of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - Jardine Cycle & Carriage -- Subsidiary of Jardine Matheson
Wikipedia - Jaroslav Hajek -- Czech mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Jaroslav Kurzweil -- Czech mathematician
Wikipedia - J. Arthur Seebach Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jason Behrstock -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jason Gaverick Matheny
Wikipedia - Jay Kappraff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jay M. Gould -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - J. Carson Mark -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean A. Larson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Baptiste Leblond -- French physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Baptiste Morin (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Jean Bourgain -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Christophe Yoccoz -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean Claude Bouquet -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean E. Rubin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeanette McLeod -- New Zealand mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeanette Scissum -- Mathematician and space scientist
Wikipedia - Jeanette Shakalli -- Panamanian mathematician (born 1985)
Wikipedia - Jean Ginibre -- French mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Jean Kuntzmann -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean le Rond d'Alembert -- French mathematician, mechanician, physicist, philosopher and music theorist (1717-1783)
Wikipedia - Jean-Louis Calandrini -- Genevan mathematician (1703-1758)
Wikipedia - Jean-Louis Koszul -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Louis Nicolas -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Loup Waldspurger -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Marie De Koninck -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean Mathieu de Chazelles
Wikipedia - Jean-Mathieu-Philibert Serurier -- French Marshal
Wikipedia - Jeanne LaDuke -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeanne N. Clelland -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Paul Benzecri -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Paul Pier -- Luxembourgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean Pedersen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Pierre Bourguignon -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Pierre Ramis -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Pierre Wintenberger -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean Taylor -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean Trembley -- Genevan mathematician (1749-1811)
Wikipedia - Jean Trenchant -- French 15th century mathematician
Wikipedia - Jean-Victor Poncelet -- 19th-century French engineer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeff Cheeger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeff Dinitz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeffery J. Leader -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeff Kahn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeff Paris (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Jeffrey Adams (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeffrey Hoffstein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeffrey H. Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeffrey Lagarias -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeffrey Rauch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeffrey Weeks (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Jekuthiel Ginsburg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - JenM-EM-^Q Hunyady -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jenna Carpenter -- American mathematician, academic and STEM researcher
Wikipedia - Jennifer Balakrishnan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Lawton -- Businesswoman and applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer McLoud-Mann -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Morse (mathematician) -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Mueller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Quinn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Schultens -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Scott (mathematician) -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Seberry -- Australian cryptographer, mathematician, and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Jennifer Switkes -- Canadian-American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Jennifer Tour Chayes -- American computer scientist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Jenny Harrison -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jens Carsten Jantzen -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Jens Franke -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Jens Marklof -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeong Han Kim -- South Korean mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerald Ericksen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeremiah Farrell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeremiah J. Callahan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeremy Avigad -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeremy Gray -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeremy Kahn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jeremy Quastel -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - J. Ernest Wilkins Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerome Cornfield -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerome Franel -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerome H. Friedman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerome Levine -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerrold B. Tunnell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerrold E. Marsden -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerry L. Bona -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerry Mathers
Wikipedia - Jerzy Browkin -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jerzy Neyman -- Polish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jessica Sklar -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jessie Forbes Cameron -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Jessie MacWilliams -- Mathematician, programmer
Wikipedia - Jessie Marie Jacobs -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jesus Ildefonso Diaz -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - J. Howard Redfield -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jiang Lifu -- Chinese mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Jiang Zehan -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Jill Adler -- South African mathematician
Wikipedia - Jill Britton -- Canadian mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Jill Mathis -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Jill Pipher -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jill P. Mesirov -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jil Matheson -- British statistician
Wikipedia - Jim Agler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jimbo Mathus -- American musician
Wikipedia - Jim Cooke -- Irish teacher of maths and physics
Wikipedia - Jim Matherly -- American politician
Wikipedia - Jim Propp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jim Simons (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jim Stasheff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jin Akiyama -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Jing-Rebecca Li -- Applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Jit Bose -- Canadian mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - J. Laurie Snell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - J. Malcolm Bird -- American mathematician and parapsychologist
Wikipedia - J. Michael Steele -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - J. Nathan Kutz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joachim Cuntz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Joan Birman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joan E. Walsh -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Joan Ferrini-Mundy -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Joan Hutchinson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joan Leitzel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joan L. Richards -- American historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Joan Moschovakis -- American logician and mathematician
Wikipedia - Joanne Elliott -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joanne Moldenhauer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joao Baptista Lavanha -- Portuguese cartographer, mathematician and geographer
Wikipedia - Joao Marques Silva -- Portuguese mathematician and researcher
Wikipedia - Joaquin Bustoz Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Job Mathew Raikes -- British merchant and banker
Wikipedia - Joceline Lega -- French physicist and applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Joe Harris (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joel Brawley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joel David Hamkins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joel Lee Brenner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jo Ellis-Monaghan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joel Shapiro (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joel Smoller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joel Spencer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joel Spruck -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Joe P. Buhler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Johan Jensen (mathematician) -- Danish mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Johanna G. NeM-EM-!lehova -- Czech mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Johanna Piesch -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Johanna Weber -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Johann Bernoulli -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Boersma -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Buchmann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Finsterbusch -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Hjelmslev -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Kemperman -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Kepler -- 17th-century German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer
Wikipedia - Johannes Mathesius
Wikipedia - Johannes Mollerup -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Sjostrand -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Johannes Valentinus Andreae -- German writer, mathematician and theologian (rosicrucian)
Wikipedia - Johann Friedrich Schultz -- German mathematician and theologian
Wikipedia - Johann Gustav Hermes -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Johann Heinrich Boeckler -- German historian and polymath (1611-1672)
Wikipedia - Johann Hommel -- German astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Johann Jakob Balmer -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Johann Jakob Rebstein -- Swiss mathematician and surveyor
Wikipedia - Johann Kies -- German astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Johann Rahn -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Johann Wilhelm Andreas Pfaff -- German mathematician and professor
Wikipedia - Johan WM-CM-$stlund -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - John Alexander Third -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - John Allen Paulos -- American mathematician and author
Wikipedia - John Andrew Strain -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Arndt Eiesland -- Norwegian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - John A. Thorpe -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Backus -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Barrow (historian) -- English mathematician, naval historian and lexicographer
Wikipedia - John B. Bell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John B. Conway -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Benedetto -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John B. Garnett -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Brian Helliwell -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John Brillhart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Bryce McLeod -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John Casey (mathematician)
Wikipedia - John Casti -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Challifour -- British mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - John Charles Fields -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - John C. Mather
Wikipedia - John Cocke -- American computer scientist and mathematician
Wikipedia - John Coleman Moore -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Collins (mathematician)
Wikipedia - John Corner -- British mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - John C. Oxtoby -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Craig (mathematician)
Wikipedia - John Crank -- English mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - John Dee (mathematician)
Wikipedia - John Dee -- English mathematician, astrologer and alchemist
Wikipedia - John E. Dennis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Edensor Littlewood -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John Edgar Ainsworth -- American physicist and polymath
Wikipedia - John Edwin Luecke -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John E. Osborn (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Forbes Nash Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Friedlander -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - John G. Bennett -- British mathematician and author
Wikipedia - John George Herriot -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Guckenheimer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Hammersley -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John Harnad -- Hungarian mathematical-physicist
Wikipedia - John Herschel -- 19th-century English polymath, mathematician, astronomer, chemist, inventor and photographer
Wikipedia - John H. Hubbard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Hinch (mathematician)
Wikipedia - John Horton Conway -- English mathematician (1937-2020)
Wikipedia - John Horvath (mathematician) -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Howard Van Amringe -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John H. Smith (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John H. Walter -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Irwin Hutchinson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Jay Gergen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John J. O'Connor (mathematician)
Wikipedia - John J. Turin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Landen -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - John Lennard-Jones -- English mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - John L. Kelley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Lott (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Mackintosh Howie -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John Macnaghten Whittaker -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John Mather (businessman) -- Canadian businessman
Wikipedia - John Mathew Gutch -- British historian and journalist
Wikipedia - John Mathew (MP) -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - John Mathias -- American sailor
Wikipedia - John Mathieson Anderson -- British linguist
Wikipedia - John Mathieson (computer scientist)
Wikipedia - John Mathwin -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - John M. Ball -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John McKay (mathematician) -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - John McNamara (mathematical biologist) -- English mathematical biologist
Wikipedia - John Milnor -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John M. Lee -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Morgan (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John M. Sullivan (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Napier -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - John N. Little -- Co-founder of MathWorks
Wikipedia - John N. Mather -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Johnny Mathis discography -- Catalogue of recordings by Johnny Mathis
Wikipedia - Johnny Mathis -- American singer
Wikipedia - John of Matha
Wikipedia - John Pelesko -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Pentland Mahaffy -- Irish classicist, polymathic scholar and wit
Wikipedia - John Rhodes (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John R. Isbell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Robert Kline -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Rogers Musselman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John R. Rice (computer scientist) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John R. Stallings -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Smith (British mathematician)
Wikipedia - John Stembridge -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Stillwell -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - John Taylor (mathematician) -- English mathematician and traveller
Wikipedia - John T. Lewis -- Welsh mathematical physicist, worked in Ireland
Wikipedia - John Trevor Stuart -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John Tukey -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John von Neumann -- mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - John W. Dawson Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John Williams Calkin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - John William Theodore Youngs -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jonas Kubilius -- Lithuanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jonathan Borwein -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jonathan Lazare Alperin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jonathan Lubin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jonathan Mboyo Esole -- Congolese mathematician
Wikipedia - Jonathan Mock Beck -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jonathan Rosenberg (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jon Barwise -- American mathematician, philosopher and logician
Wikipedia - Jon Folkman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jon Lee (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jon Mathews -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Jon T. Pitts -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jordan Ellenberg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jorge Luis Borges and mathematics
Wikipedia - Jorge Mathias -- Portuguese equestrian
Wikipedia - Jose Adem -- Mexican mathematician ( 1921-1991)
Wikipedia - Jose Celestino Mutis -- Spanish mathematician and botanist (1732-1808)
Wikipedia - Jose F. Escobar -- Colombian mathematician
Wikipedia - Josef Stefan -- Carinthian Slovene physicist, mathematician and poet
Wikipedia - Jose Luis Massera -- Uruguayan mathematician (1915-2002)
Wikipedia - Jose-Miguel Bernardo -- Spanish mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Joseph A. Ball (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Alphonso Pierce -- American mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Joseph-Andre-Mathurin Jacrau -- Canadian priest
Wikipedia - Joseph Arkin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph A. Wolf -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Bayma -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Dennis (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Fourier -- French mathematician and physicist (1768 - 1830)
Wikipedia - Joseph Gallian -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Gillis -- British-Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph H. Silverman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Josephine Burns Glasgow -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Josephine D. Edwards -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Josephine Guidy Wandja -- Ivorian mathematician
Wikipedia - Josephine Jue -- Chinese-American mathematician and programmer
Wikipedia - Joseph Keller -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Knar -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Konhauser -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Kouneiher -- French mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Joseph Kruskal -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph L. Doob -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Lehner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph L. Fleiss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph-Louis Lagrange -- Italian-French mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Joseph L. Taylor -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Ludwig Raabe -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph L. Walsh -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Madachy -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Matheny -- American writer and transmedia artist
Wikipedia - Joseph Mazur -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Miller Thomas -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Nicollet -- French geographer, astronomer, and mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph of Arimathea -- Man who assumed responsibility for the burial of Jesus after his crucifixion
Wikipedia - Joseph P. LaSalle -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Plateau -- Belgian physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Proudman -- British mathematician and oceanographer
Wikipedia - Joseph Ritt -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Saurin -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Sgro -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Shalika -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Slepian -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joseph Tilly -- Belgian mathematician and military man
Wikipedia - Josh Mathews -- American professional wrestler, professional wrestling announcer and commentator, and backstage interviewer
Wikipedia - Joshua Mathiot -- American politician
Wikipedia - Josiane Mathon-Poinat -- French politician
Wikipedia - Josif Shtokalo -- Ukrainian mathematician
Wikipedia - Josip Globevnik -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Josip PeM-DM-^Maric -- Croatian mathematician
Wikipedia - Josip Plemelj -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jos Murer -- Zurich poet, topographer, stained glass maker, and mathematician
Wikipedia - Josselin Garnier -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Journal fr die reine und angewandte Mathematik
Wikipedia - Journal of Mathematical Physics -- Peer-reviewed journal published monthly by the American Institute of Physics
Wikipedia - Journal of Mathematical Psychology
Wikipedia - Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
Wikipedia - Journal of Recreational Mathematics
Wikipedia - Journal of the London Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Jovan Karamata -- Serbian mathematician
Wikipedia - Joyce McLaughlin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Joy Mathew -- Indian actor and director
Wikipedia - Joy Morris -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jozef H. Przytycki -- Polish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jozef Marcinkiewicz -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jozef ZajM-DM-^Ec (mathematician) -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Jozsef Beck -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jozsef Kurschak -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Jozsef Solymosi -- Hungarian-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - J. Peter May -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Judita Cofman -- Yugoslav mathematician
Wikipedia - Judith Covington -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Judith D. Sally -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Judith Grabiner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Judith Q. Longyear -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Judith Roitman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Judith V. Field -- British historian of mathematics and art
Wikipedia - Judy Green (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Judy L. Walker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ju-Lee Kim -- South Korean-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julena Steinheider Duncombe -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Jules Haag -- French mathematician and horologist
Wikipedia - Jules Molk -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Jules Tannery -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Julia Chuzhoy -- Israeli mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Julia F. Knight -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julia Gog -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Julia Gordon -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Julian Coolidge -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julian Keilson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julianna Tymoczko -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julia Pevtsova -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
Wikipedia - Julia Robinson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julia Wolf -- British mathematician specialising in arithmetic combinatorics
Wikipedia - Julie Bergner -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Julie Lutz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Juliette Kennedy -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Julio Garavito Armero -- Colombian astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Julius August Christoph Zech -- German astronomer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Julius L. Shaneson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Julius Petersen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Julius Plucker -- German mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Julius Reichelt -- German mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Julius Richard Buchi -- Swiss logician and mathematician
Wikipedia - June Barrow-Green -- British mathematician and historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - June Huh -- Korean mathematician
Wikipedia - June Mathis -- American screenwriter, producer and film studio executive
Wikipedia - Jun Li (mathematician) -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Jun S. Liu -- American mathematician and statistician
Wikipedia - Jurgen GM-CM-$rtner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Jurgen Jost -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Jur Hronec -- Slovak mathematician
Wikipedia - Justin Jesse Price -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Justin T. Moore -- US mathematician
Wikipedia - Just Mathias Thiele
Wikipedia - J. W. Bruce -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - J. W. S. Cassels -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Jya, koti-jya and utkrama-jya -- Trigonometric functions introduced by Indian mathematicians and astronomers
Wikipedia - Jyotirmath
Wikipedia - Kadalikkattil Mathai Kathanar
Wikipedia - Kai Behrend -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Kaisa MatomM-CM-$ki -- Finnish mathematician
Wikipedia - Kaisa Miettinen -- Finnish mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Kajetan Garbinski -- Polish mathematician and professor
Wikipedia - Kaj Nystrom -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Kalyanpur Jabadi -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Kamalpur, Nepal -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Kampe de Feriet function -- Special function in mathematics
Wikipedia - Kamsa -- Tyrant ruler of Mathura in Hindu mythology
Wikipedia - Kanta Gupta -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse -- South African soccer agent
Wikipedia - Karen Aardal -- Norwegian and Dutch applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen D. King -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Karen E. Smith -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen L. Collins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen Marrongelle -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen M. Bliss -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen Parshall -- American historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Karen Rhea -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen Saxe -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen Uhlenbeck -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen Vogtmann -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karen Yeats -- Canadian mathematician and mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Kari Hag -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Karin Baur -- Swiss Mathematician
Wikipedia - Karine Beauchard -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Karine Chemla -- French mathematician and historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Karin Erdmann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Karin Melnick -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karin Reich -- German historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Karin Schnass -- Austrian mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Kari Vilonen -- Finnish mathematician (born 1955)
Wikipedia - Karl Adams (mathematician) -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl Bobek -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl Egil Aubert -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl F. Sundman -- Finnish mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl Heun -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Karlis Zalts -- Latvian mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl Menger -- Austrian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl Pearson -- English mathematician and biometrician
Wikipedia - Karl Reinhardt (mathematician) -- German mathematician (1895-1941)
Wikipedia - Karl Schwarzschild -- German physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl Weierstrass -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Karl Wilhelm Feuerbach -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Karma Dajani -- Lebanese-Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Karman-Howarth equation -- Mathematical equation
Wikipedia - Karoly Bezdek -- Hungarian-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Karoly Hadaly -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Karthika Mathew -- Indian actress
Wikipedia - Kasso Okoudjou -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Katalin Marton -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Katalin Vesztergombi -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Kate Smith-Miles -- Australian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathaleen Land -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Katharine Elizabeth O'Brien -- American mathematician, musician and poet
Wikipedia - Katharine Kniskern Mather -- American geologist with US Army
Wikipedia - Katherine Heinrich -- Australian mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Katherine Johnson -- African American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathleen Kavanagh -- American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathleen Madden -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathleen Ollerenshaw -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathrin Bringmann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathrin Klamroth -- German mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Kathryn E. Hare -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathryn Hess -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathryn Leonard -- American mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Kathryn Mann -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Kathy Horadam -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Kato theorem -- Mathematical theorem
Wikipedia - Katrin Leschke -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Katrin Tent -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Katrin Wendland -- German mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Katsumi Nomizu -- Japanese American mathematician
Wikipedia - Katya Scheinberg -- Russian-American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Kaye A. de Ruiz -- Mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Kaye Stacey -- Australian mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Kay Wingberg -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Kazimierz Abramowicz -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Kazimierz Cwojdzinski -- Polish mathematician and professor
Wikipedia - Kazuhiko Aomoto -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kazuoki Azuma -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - K. C. Nag -- Indian mathematician (1893-1987)
Wikipedia - Kefeng Liu -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Keith Briggs (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Keith Edward Bullen -- Australian mathematician and geophysicist
Wikipedia - Keith Stroyan -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Keith William Morton -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
Wikipedia - Kelly Miller (scientist) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kengo Hirachi -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenjiro Shoda -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenji Ueno -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenkichi Iwasawa -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth Appel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth A. Ross -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth Brown (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth Davidson (mathematician) -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth G. Matheson -- American academic administrator
Wikipedia - Kenneth I. Gross -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth Kunen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth Millett -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kenneth O. May -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ken Ono -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ken Ribet -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kentaro Yano (mathematician) -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kepler conjecture -- Mathematical theorem about sphere packing
Wikipedia - Kerim Erim -- Turkish mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Kerry Landman -- Australian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Kevin Buzzard -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Kevin Ford (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kevin McCrimmon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - K. G. Ramanathan -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Khalida Inayat Noor -- Pakistani mathematician
Wikipedia - Khanindra Chandra Chowdhury -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Kharkhana Zinda Tilismath -- Medicinal products
Wikipedia - Kharpa -- Village Development Committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Kieka Mynhardt -- South African and Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Kiger Stadium -- Stadium in Klamath Falls, Oregon
Wikipedia - Kiiti Morita -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kim-Chuan Toh -- Singaporean mathematician
Wikipedia - Kim Plofker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kim Yong-un -- South Korean mathematician and scholar
Wikipedia - King David (Stom) -- Painting by Mathias Stom
Wikipedia - Kinjil Mathur -- American entrepreneur and CMO of Squarespace
Wikipedia - Kiran Kedlaya -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kiran Matharu -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Kirsi Peltonen -- Finnish mathematician
Wikipedia - Kirsten EisentrM-CM-$ger -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kirsten Morris -- Canadian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Kirtley F. Mather -- American geologist
Wikipedia - Kiyoshi Igusa -- Japanese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Klamath (microprocessor)
Wikipedia - Klamath people
Wikipedia - Klamath smallscale sucker -- Species of fish
Wikipedia - Klamath Termination Act
Wikipedia - Klara Dan von Neumann -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Klara Lobenstein -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Klaus Roth -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Klavdija Kutnar -- Slovene mathematician
Wikipedia - Klavdiya Latysheva -- Soviet mathematician
Wikipedia - KM-CM-$te Fenchel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Knot theory -- Study of mathematical knots
Wikipedia - Koch snowflake -- Fractal and mathematical curve
Wikipedia - Kohji Matsumoto -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Koichiro Harada -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kokichi Sugihara -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Konrad Jorgens -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Konstantin Malkov -- American mathematician and businessman
Wikipedia - Korteweg-de Vries equation -- Mathematical model of waves on a shallow water surface
Wikipedia - KOTI (TV) -- NBC affiliate in Klamath Falls, Oregon
Wikipedia - K.Paramathy block -- Revenue block in India
Wikipedia - K. P. Mathur -- Politician
Wikipedia - K-regular sequence -- Mathematical sequence
Wikipedia - Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex -- Hindu Temple complex in Mathura, India believed as the place of birth of Krishna
Wikipedia - Krishna Mathoera -- Surinamese politician
Wikipedia - Krishnaswami Alladi -- Indian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kristen Nygaard -- Computer scientist, mathematician
Wikipedia - Kristian B. Dysthe -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Kristian Mathias Fimland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Kristina Reiss -- German mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Kruskal's tree theorem -- Mathematical theorem on well-quasi-ordering of finite trees
Wikipedia - Krystyna Kuperberg -- Polish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - K Sandeep -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - K. S. S. Nambooripad -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - K-theory -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - K-trivial set -- Type of set in mathematics
Wikipedia - Kumathe -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Kumiko Nishioka -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kunihiko Kodaira -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kunizo Yoneyama -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurt Godel -- logician and mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurt Hensel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurt Johansson (mathematician) -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurt Leichtweiss -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurt Otto Friedrichs -- German American mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurt Reidemeister -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurt Strebel -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Kurushima Kinai -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - K. V. Kamath
Wikipedia - Ladislaus Chernac -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - La GM-CM-)omM-CM-)trie -- Mathematical appendix to Descartes' Discourse on Method, published in 1637
Wikipedia - La Haine -- 1995 film directed by Mathieu Kassovitz
Wikipedia - Lai-Sang Young -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lajos Martin -- Hungarian mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Lajos Posa (mathematician) -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lajos Takacs -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lalapati -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Lambda calculus -- Formal mathematical logic system centered on function abstractions and applications
Wikipedia - Lamberto Cesari -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lambert series -- Mathematical term
Wikipedia - Lam Lay Yong -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Lane P. Hughston -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Langlands-Deligne local constant -- Elementary function in mathematics
Wikipedia - Language of mathematics
Wikipedia - Lao Genevra Simons -- American mathematician, writer
Wikipedia - Lara Alcock -- British mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Larisa Maksimova -- Russian mathematical logician
Wikipedia - Larry Mathews -- American actor
Wikipedia - Larry Wos -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lars Edvard PhragmM-CM-)n -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Lars GM-CM-%rding -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Lars Hesselholt -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Lars Hormander -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Laszlo Lempert -- Hungarian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Laszlo Lovasz -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Laszlo Pyber -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Laszlo Ratz -- Hungarian mathematics teacher
Wikipedia - Lattice (order) -- Abstract structure studied in the mathematical subdisciplines of order theory and abstract algebra
Wikipedia - Laura Grigori -- French applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Laura Guggenbuhl -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Laura Martignon -- Colombian and Italian mathematician; lives in Germany
Wikipedia - Laura Miller (mathematical biologist) -- American mathematical biologist
Wikipedia - Laura Overdeck -- American maths education entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Laura Person -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Laura Pisati -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Laura Taalman -- US mathematics professor
Wikipedia - Laura Toti Rigatelli -- Italian historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Laurence Broze -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Laurent Clozel -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Laurent Lafforgue -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Lauren Williams -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Laure Saint-Raymond -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Laurette Tuckerman -- American mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Laurie Heyer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence Biedenharn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence C. Evans -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence Crawford (mathematician) -- Scottish mathematician (1867-1951)
Wikipedia - Lawrence C. Washington -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence G. Brown -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence L. Larmore -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence Paul Horwitz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence Schovanec -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence Shepp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence Sirovich -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lazar Mathew -- Indian physician
Wikipedia - L. Christine Kinsey -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leah Berman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leah Keshet -- Israeli-Canadian mathematical biologist
Wikipedia - Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath -- American documentary series
Wikipedia - Ledyard Tucker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lee Albert Rubel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lee Lorch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lee Stiff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leif Arkeryd -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Leila Schneps -- American mathematician and novelist
Wikipedia - L. E. J. Brouwer -- Dutch mathematician and logician
Wikipedia - Lemma (mathematics) -- Theorem used to prove more complex theorems
Wikipedia - Lemniscatic elliptic function -- Mathematical function
Wikipedia - Lenhard Ng -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leningrad Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Lennart Carleson -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Lenore Blum -- American computer scientist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Lenore Cowen -- American mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Leo Corry -- Israeli historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Leo Harrington -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard Blumenthal -- Jewish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard Carlitz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard E. Baum -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard Eugene Dickson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard Gillman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard Gross -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard James Rogers -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard Nelson -- German philosopher and mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonardo da Vinci -- Italian Renaissance polymath
Wikipedia - Leonard Sarason -- American composer, a pianist, and, mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonard Schulman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leon Bankoff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leon Ehrenpreis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonhard Euler -- Swiss mathematician, physicist, and engineer (1707-1783)
Wikipedia - Leon Henkin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonidas Alaoglu -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonida Tonelli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonid Kantorovich -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Leonid Levin -- Soviet-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leon (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Leon M. Lederman -- American mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Leon Takhtajan -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Leopold Kronecker -- German mathematician (1823-1891)
Wikipedia - Leopold Schmetterer -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Leo the Mathematician -- Byzantine philosopher, mathematician and logician
Wikipedia - Leroy F. Meyers -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leroy Milton Kelly -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leroy P. Steele Prize -- Awarded every year by the American Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Lesley Sibner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lesley Ward -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Leslie Cheng -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leslie Colin Woods -- New Zealand mathematician
Wikipedia - Leslie Greengard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leslie Hogben -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leslie Mathews -- English cricketer and educator
Wikipedia - Leslie M. Smith -- American applied mathematician, mechanical engineer
Wikipedia - Less-than sign -- Mathematical symbol representing the relation "less than"
Wikipedia - Lester Dubins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lester R. Ford -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lester S. Hill -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Leticia Corral -- Mexican mathematician and materials scientist
Wikipedia - Letters to a Young Mathematician -- Book by Ian Stewart
Wikipedia - Levi L. Conant -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lev Kaluznin -- Soviet mathematician
Wikipedia - Lew Mathe -- American bridge player
Wikipedia - L'Hopital's rule -- Mathematical rule for evaluating certain limits
Wikipedia - Lia Bronsard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Liao Shantao -- Chinese mathematician (1920-1997)
Wikipedia - Liber Abaci -- Mathematics book written in 1202 by Fibonacci
Wikipedia - Libertina Amathila -- Namibian physician and politician
Wikipedia - Lida Barrett -- American mathematician and educator
Wikipedia - Liliana Borcea -- Romanian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lillian K. Bradley -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lillian Pierce -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lillian Rosanoff Lieber -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lily Serna -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Limit (mathematics) -- Value that a function or sequence "approaches" as the input or index approaches some value
Wikipedia - Lina Eckenstein -- German-British polymath and historian
Wikipedia - Linda B. Hayden -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Linda Gilbert Saucier -- American mathematician and textbook author
Wikipedia - Linda J. S. Allen -- Biomathematician from the United States
Wikipedia - Linda Keen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Linda Petzold -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Linda Preiss Rothschild -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Linear algebra -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Linear relation -- In mathematics, relation between elements of a ring or a module
Wikipedia - Ling Long (mathematician) -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lipman Bers -- Latvian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lipot Klug -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Li Rui (mathematician) -- Chinese mathematician
Wikipedia - Lisa Fauci -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lisa Goldberg -- Mathematical finance scholar and statistician
Wikipedia - Lisa Jeffrey -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lisa Lorentzen -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lisa Piccirillo -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lisa Sauermann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Lis Brack-Bernsen -- Danish and Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Lisette de Pillis -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lisl Gaal -- Austrian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lissajous curve -- Mathematical curve outputted from a specific pair of parametric equations
Wikipedia - List of African-American mathematicians -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of amateur mathematicians -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of American mathematicians -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of birds of the Klamath Basin -- Wikimedia list article
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Wikipedia - Literal (mathematical logic)
Wikipedia - Liu Xin (scholar) -- Chinese astronomer, mathematician, historian, librarian and politician (c. 50 BCE-23CE)
Wikipedia - LiveMath
Wikipedia - Lizhen Ji -- Chinese-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Llewellyn Thomas -- British physicist and applied mathematician of Thomas precession fame
Wikipedia - Lloyd Dines -- American-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lloyd Shapley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - LM-CM-* ThM-aM-;M-^K Thanh Nhan -- Vietnamese mathematician
Wikipedia - Locus (mathematics) -- Set of points that satisfy some specified conditions
Wikipedia - Lodovico Ferrari -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Logicism -- Programme in the philosophy of mathematics
Wikipedia - Lois Curfman McInnes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lois Wilfred Griffiths -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lokenath Debnath -- Indian American mathematician
Wikipedia - LoM-CM-/c Merel -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - London Institute for Mathematical Sciences -- Education organization in London, United Kingdom
Wikipedia - London Mathematical Society
Wikipedia - Lorenz Magaard -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lorenzo Mascheroni -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lori E. Dodd -- American mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Lorraine Foster -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lothar Collatz -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Lothar Gottsche -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Lotte Hollands -- Dutch mathematician and mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Louis Antoine -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Auslander -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Bachelier -- French pioneer in mathematical economics
Wikipedia - Louis Billera -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis CarrM-CM-) (mathematician) -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Charles Karpinski -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Crelier -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis de Branges de Bourcia -- French American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louise Doris Adams -- British mathematics educator and school inspector
Wikipedia - Louise Duffield Cummings -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louise Hay (mathematician) -- French-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louise Nixon Sutton -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louise PetrM-CM-)n-Overton -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis J. Gross -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Kauffman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Kollros -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Lazarus Silverman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Leithold -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Napoleon George Filon -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Nirenberg -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Norberg Howard -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Louis Shapiro (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Love, Math and Sex -- 1997 Film
Wikipedia - Lovisa Mathilda Nettelbladt -- Swedish writer
Wikipedia - Lowell E. Jones -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lowell Schoenfeld -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - L. R. Ford Jr. -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Luchezar L. Avramov -- Bulgarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lucia Caporaso -- Italian mathematician & academic
Wikipedia - Lucien BirgM-CM-) -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Lucien Godeaux -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lucien Szpiro -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Lucjan Bottcher -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Luc Mathieu -- French journalist
Wikipedia - Lucy Campbell (mathematician) -- Applied mathematician and numerical analyst
Wikipedia - Lucy Joan Slater -- British mathematician (1922-2008)
Wikipedia - Lucy R. Wyatt -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Ludovic Mathieu -- French speed skater
Wikipedia - Ludvig Oppermann -- Danish mathematician and philologist
Wikipedia - Ludwig Bieberbach -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ludwig Danzer -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ludwig Mehlhorn -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Ludwig SchlM-CM-$fli -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Ludwig Stickelberger -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy of mathematics
Wikipedia - Luigi Berzolari -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Luigi Cremona -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Luigi Fantappie -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Luigi Sante Da Rios -- Italian physicist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Luis Caffarelli -- Argentine mathematician
Wikipedia - Lukas Mathies -- Austrian snowboarder
Wikipedia - Luke Drury (astrophysicist) -- Irish mathematician and astrophysicist
Wikipedia - Luke's variational principle -- Mathematical description of the motion of surface waves on a fluid with a free surface, under the action of gravity.
Wikipedia - Luminita Vese -- Romanian professor of mathematics
Wikipedia - Luther P. Eisenhart -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - L. W. Beineke -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lww School of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Lynn Batten -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Lynne Butler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lynne H. Walling -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lynne McClure -- British mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Lynn Steen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Keldysh -- Soviet mathematician
Wikipedia - Maarconi Mathaai -- 2019 Malayalam film directed by Sanil Kalathil
Wikipedia - Mabel Gweneth Humphreys -- Canadian-American mathematician and academic
Wikipedia - Mabel Minerva Young -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maciej Zworski -- Polish-Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Mackenzie Weygandt Mathis -- American neuroscientist
Wikipedia - Mackey space -- Mathematics concept
Wikipedia - MacTutor History of Mathematics archive -- Online resource containing biographies of mathematicians
Wikipedia - Madar, Nepal -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Madeleine Mathiot -- American linguist
Wikipedia - Maeve McCarthy -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Magdalena Moujan -- Mathematician and author
Wikipedia - Magda Peligrad -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Magdolna Zimanyi -- Hungarian mathematician, computer scientist
Wikipedia - Maggie Cheng -- Applied mathematician, computer scientist, and network scientist
Wikipedia - Magic circle (mathematics) -- Arrangement of natural numbers on circles where the sum of the numbers on each circle and the sum of numbers on diameter are identical
Wikipedia - Magnhild Lien -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Magnitude (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Magnus Hestenes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Magnus Wenninger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Magroor (1950 film) -- 1950 film directed by R.D. Mathur
Wikipedia - Maheshpur Patari -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Mahilara Sarkar Math -- archaeological site located in Barishal District
Wikipedia - MahavM-DM-+ra (mathematician) -- 9th-century Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Maia Martcheva -- Bulgarian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mai Gehrke -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Maina Kaderi -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Maina Sahasrabahu -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Majhaura -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Malabika Pramanik -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Male Homosexuality in Four Societies -- 1985 book by Frederick L. Whitam and Robin Mathy
Wikipedia - Malgorzata Dubiel -- Polish mathematician and mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Malliavin's absolute continuity lemma -- Result due to the French mathematician Paul Malliavin that plays a foundational role in the regularity theorems of the Malliavin calculus
Wikipedia - Malwina Luczak -- Polish-Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Mamatha Poojary -- Indian kabaddi player
Wikipedia - Manasukkul Mathappu -- 1988 film directed by Robert-Rajasekar
Wikipedia - Mandelbrot set -- Fractal named after mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot
Wikipedia - Manfred Einsiedler -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Manfred W. Padberg -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Mangala Narlikar -- Indian mathematician
Wikipedia - Manjul Bhargava -- Canadian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Manmohan Mathur -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Map (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Mapping (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Mara Alagic -- Serbian mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Mara Mather -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Mara Neusel -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Marc Culler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marcel Berger -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marcel GuM-CM-)nin -- Swiss mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Marcia Ascher -- American ethnomathematician
Wikipedia - Marcia Groszek -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marcia P. Sward -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marc Krasner -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marc Levine (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marco Abate -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marcos Dajczer -- Argentine-born Brazilian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marc Rieffel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marcus Jordanus -- Danish cartographer and mathematician
Wikipedia - Marc van Leeuwen -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Marcy Barge -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marc Zamansky -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marek Kuczma -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Bayer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Brown (mathematics educator) -- British mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Margaret Cheney -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Clement -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Margarete Kahn -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Greig -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Gurney -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Hamilton (software engineer) -- American NASA scientist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Hayman -- British mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Margaret K. Butler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Maxfield -- American mathematician and maths book author
Wikipedia - Margaret Meyer -- British mathematical-astronomer
Wikipedia - Margaret M. Robinson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Rayner -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Margaret Wiecek -- Polish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Margherita Piazzola Beloch -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marginal value theorem -- Mathematical model of animal foraging behavior
Wikipedia - Margit Rosler -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Margit Voigt -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Marguerite Frank -- American-French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marguerite Lehr -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Andrea Casamayor -- Spanish mathematician and teacher
Wikipedia - Maria Angela Ardinghelli -- Italian mathematician, physicist, and translator
Wikipedia - Maria Assumpcio Catala i Poch -- Spanish mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Maria Bruna -- Spanish applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria-Carme Calderer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Chudnovsky -- Mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - Maria Cristina Villalobos -- American applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Deijfen -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Emelianenko -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria E. Schonbek -- Argentine-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Eulalia Vares -- Brazilian mathematical statistician and probability theorist
Wikipedia - Maria Gaetana Agnesi -- Italian mathematician and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Maria Gordina -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Hasse -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Heep-Altiner -- German mathematician (b. 1959)
Wikipedia - Maria Hoffmann-Ostenhof -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria J. Esteban -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Korovina -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Mariam al-Asturlabi -- Syrian scientist, mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Maria Manzano -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Marianna Csornyei -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marian Pour-El -- American mathematical logician
Wikipedia - Marian P. Roque -- Filipina mathematician
Wikipedia - Marian Rejewski -- Polish mathematician and cryptologist (1905-1980)
Wikipedia - Maria Pastori -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria-Pia Geppert -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Maria Reiche -- Peruvian archaeologist, mathematician and technical translator
Wikipedia - Marie-Alexandrine Mathieu -- French artist
Wikipedia - Marie A. Vitulli -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie Charpentier -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie-Claude Gaudel -- French mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Marie Crous -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie Farge -- French mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Marie-France VignM-CM-)ras -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie Francoise Ouedraogo -- BurkinabM-CM-) mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie-Francoise Roy -- French mathematician and academic
Wikipedia - Marie Gernet -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie-HM-CM-)lene Schwartz -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie Litzinger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie-Louise Dubreil-Jacotin -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Marie-Louise Michelsohn -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mariel Vazquez -- Mexican mathematical biologist
Wikipedia - Marie Rognes -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Mariette Yvinec -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Mari-Jo P. Ruiz -- Filipina mathematician
Wikipedia - Marilda Sotomayor -- Brazilian mathematician and economist
Wikipedia - Marilia Chaves Peixoto -- Brazilian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marilyn Breen -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Marilyn Strutchens -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marina Logares -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Marina Ratner -- Russian mathematician (1938-2017)
Wikipedia - Marin Mersenne -- French polymath
Wikipedia - Marino Pannelli -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marion Cameron Gray -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Marion Elizabeth Stark -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marion Lee Johnson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marion Scheepers -- (b.1957) South African-born mathematician at Boise State University
Wikipedia - Marion Walter -- German-born mathematician & academic
Wikipedia - Mario Pascal -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marius Crainic -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Mariusz Lemanczyk -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Mariya Shcherbina -- Ukrainian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marjorie Batchelor -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marjorie Devaney -- American mathematician, electrical engineer, and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Marjorie Lee Browne -- American mathematician, educator
Wikipedia - Marjorie Rice -- American amateur mathematician
Wikipedia - Marjorie Senechal -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marjorie V. Butcher -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark Braverman (mathematician) -- Israeli mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Mark Goresky -- Canadian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark Gross (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark Haiman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark J. Ablowitz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark Mahowald -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marko PetkovM-EM-!ek -- Slovenian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marko Tadic -- Croatian mathematician
Wikipedia - Markov chain -- Mathematical system
Wikipedia - Mark Ronan -- British American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark Sapir -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark Tomforde -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mark Vishik -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marlis Hochbruck -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Mar Mathew Makil
Wikipedia - Marshall Hall (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marshall Harvey Stone -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marston Conder -- New Zealand mathematician
Wikipedia - Marston Morse -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marta Civil -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Marta Lewicka -- Polish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marta Macho Stadler -- Spanish mathematics and scientific disseminator
Wikipedia - Marta Sanz-SolM-CM-) -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Marta SvM-CM-)d -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Martha Isabel FandiM-CM-1o Pinilla -- Colombian and Italian mathematician and author
Wikipedia - Martha Siegel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Aigner -- Austrian mathematician
Wikipedia - Martina ZM-CM-$hle -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Barner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin David Kruskal -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Davis (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Demaine -- American artist and mathematician
Wikipedia - Martine QueffM-CM-)lec -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Feinberg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Grotschel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Hairer -- Austrian-British mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Haspelmath
Wikipedia - Martin Isaacs -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Kneser -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Kutta -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Lo -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Mathias Secor -- 19th century American businessman and politician, 28th and 31st Mayor of Racine, Wisconsin.
Wikipedia - Martin Ohm -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Martin Scharlemann -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marton Balazs -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Marty Golubitsky -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marvin Greenberg -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marvin Knopp -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marvin Stein (computer scientist) -- Jewish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marwar Mathania railway station -- Railway station in Jodhpur district, Rajasthan
Wikipedia - Maryam Mirzakhani -- 21st-century Iranian mathematician
Wikipedia - Maryanne Tipler -- New Zealand mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Maryanthe Malliaris -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Beth Ruskai -- American mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Mary Bradburn -- British mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Mary Cannell -- English historian of mathematical physics
Wikipedia - Mary Celine Fasenmyer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Cleophas Garvin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Cordia Karl -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Deconge -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary de Lellis Gough -- Irish-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Domitilla Thuener -- Nun and mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Edwards (human computer) -- British mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Mary-Elizabeth Hamstrom -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Esther Trueblood -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Everest Boole -- Author of didactic works on mathematics
Wikipedia - Mary Flahive -- Professor of mathematics
Wikipedia - Mary Frances Winston Newson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Graustein -- American mathematician and academic
Wikipedia - Mary Jackson (engineer) -- American mathematician and aerospace engineer
Wikipedia - Mary Kay Stein -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary L. Boas -- American mathematician and physics professor
Wikipedia - Mary Lee Woods -- British mathematician and computer programmer
Wikipedia - Mary Leontius Schulte -- American mathematician, mathematical historian and nun
Wikipedia - Mary Lou Zeeman -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary McCammon -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Maryna Viazovska -- Ukrainian mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary N. Torrey -- Mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Mary P. Dolciani -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Perry Smith -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Mary Pugh -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Rees -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Schaps -- Israeli mathematician and novelist
Wikipedia - Mary Shore Walker -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Silber -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Tsingou -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary W. Gray -- American mathematician, statistician, and lawyer
Wikipedia - Mary Wheeler -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mary Wynne Warner -- Welsh mathematician
Wikipedia - Masanori Ohya -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Masatake Kuranishi -- Japanese American mathematician
Wikipedia - Masatoshi Gunduz Ikeda -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Masayoshi Nagata -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Mashallah ibn Athari -- Persian mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Mason Porter -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mata Amritanandamayi Math
Wikipedia - Matei Machedon -- Romanian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Matest M. Agrest -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Math 55
Wikipedia - Mathadana -- 2001 film by T. N. Seetharam
Wikipedia - Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
Wikipedia - Mathai Joseph
Wikipedia - Mathai Varghese
Wikipedia - Mathanavelu Pillai -- Indian playwright, actor and producer
Wikipedia - Mathapelo Siwisa -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Mathara in Numidia -- Diocese
Wikipedia - Mathar Bunnag -- Thai architect
Wikipedia - Mathar Kula Manikkam -- 1956 film by Tatineni Prakash Rao
Wikipedia - Matha Strait -- Strait in Antarctica
Wikipedia - Mathas
Wikipedia - Mathaux -- Commune in Grand Est, France
Wikipedia - Matha -- Hindu monastery
Wikipedia - Mathcad
Wikipedia - Math co-processor
Wikipedia - MATHCOUNTS
Wikipedia - Math Curse -- Book by Jon Scieszka
Wikipedia - Mathegujar -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Mathemagician -- A mathematician and magician
Wikipedia - Mathematica Applicanda -- Journal covering applied mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathematica: A World of Numbers... and Beyond
Wikipedia - Mathematica (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - Mathematical algorithm
Wikipedia - Mathematical analysis -- Branch of mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathematical and theoretical biology -- Branch of biology which employs theoretical analysis, mathematical models and abstractions of the living organisms
Wikipedia - Mathematical anti-realism
Wikipedia - Mathematical Association of America -- American organization that focuses on undergraduate-level mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathematical Association
Wikipedia - Mathematical beauty -- Notion that some mathematicians may derive aesthetic pleasure from mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathematical biologist
Wikipedia - Mathematical biology
Wikipedia - Mathematical Centre
Wikipedia - Mathematical chemistry
Wikipedia - Mathematical coincidence -- A coincidence in mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathematical conjecture
Wikipedia - Mathematical constant -- Fixed number that has received a name
Wikipedia - Mathematical constructivism
Wikipedia - Mathematical descriptions of the electromagnetic field
Wikipedia - Mathematical diagram
Wikipedia - Mathematical distribution
Wikipedia - Mathematical economics
Wikipedia - Mathematical economist
Wikipedia - Mathematical education
Wikipedia - Mathematical empiricism
Wikipedia - Mathematical expression
Wikipedia - Mathematical fallacy -- A certain type of mistaken proof
Wikipedia - Mathematical fictionalism
Wikipedia - Mathematical finance
Wikipedia - Mathematical folklore
Wikipedia - Mathematical formulae
Wikipedia - Mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics
Wikipedia - Mathematical formulation of the Standard Model -- The mathematics of a particle physics model
Wikipedia - Mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics
Wikipedia - Mathematical formula
Wikipedia - Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Wikipedia - Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics -- Book by John von Neumann
Wikipedia - Mathematical functions
Wikipedia - Mathematical function
Wikipedia - Mathematical Games (column)
Wikipedia - Mathematical Games column
Wikipedia - Mathematical geography
Wikipedia - Mathematical geophysics -- Mathematical methods for geophysics
Wikipedia - Mathematical induction -- Form of mathematical proof
Wikipedia - Mathematical infinity
Wikipedia - Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Wikipedia - Mathematical Intelligencer
Wikipedia - Mathematical intuitionism
Wikipedia - Mathematical joke -- Humor about mathematics or mathematicians
Wikipedia - Mathematical Kangaroo -- International mathematics competition
Wikipedia - Mathematical linguistics
Wikipedia - Mathematical logic -- Subfield of mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathematically
Wikipedia - Mathematical markup language
Wikipedia - Mathematical maturity
Wikipedia - Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences -- Book by Mary L. Boas
Wikipedia - Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics -- Mathematics book first published in Russian in 1974
Wikipedia - Mathematical modeling
Wikipedia - Mathematical model of computation
Wikipedia - Mathematical Models (Cundy and Rollett)
Wikipedia - Mathematical models of social learning
Wikipedia - Mathematical models
Wikipedia - Mathematical model -- Description of a system using mathematical concepts and language
Wikipedia - Mathematical multiverse hypothesis
Wikipedia - Mathematical notation
Wikipedia - Mathematical object -- Anything that can be mathematically defined and with which reasoning is possible
Wikipedia - Mathematical Optimization Society
Wikipedia - Mathematical optimization software
Wikipedia - Mathematical optimization -- Study of mathematical algorithms for optimization problems
Wikipedia - Mathematical origami
Wikipedia - Mathematical philosophy (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - Mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Mathematical physics -- Application of mathematical methods to problems in physics
Wikipedia - Mathematical Platonism
Wikipedia - Mathematical platonism
Wikipedia - Mathematical practice
Wikipedia - Mathematical problem
Wikipedia - Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
Wikipedia - Mathematical Programming Society
Wikipedia - Mathematical programming
Wikipedia - Mathematical proof -- Rigorous demonstration that a mathematical statement follows from its premises
Wikipedia - Mathematical psychology
Wikipedia - Mathematical realism
Wikipedia - Mathematical recreations
Wikipedia - Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach
Wikipedia - Mathematical Reviews -- Scientific journal
Wikipedia - Mathematical Sciences Research Institute -- Research institute
Wikipedia - Mathematical sciences -- Group of areas of study that are primarily mathematical
Wikipedia - Mathematical Science
Wikipedia - Mathematical science
Wikipedia - Mathematical sculpture
Wikipedia - Mathematical series
Wikipedia - Mathematical singularity
Wikipedia - Mathematical sociology
Wikipedia - Mathematical software
Wikipedia - Mathematical statistics
Wikipedia - Mathematical structuralism
Wikipedia - Mathematical structure
Wikipedia - Mathematical system theory
Wikipedia - Mathematical table
Wikipedia - Mathematical theorem
Wikipedia - Mathematical theory of democracy -- Social choice theories
Wikipedia - Mathematical theory -- Mathematical model that is based on axioms
Wikipedia - Mathematical Tripos
Wikipedia - Mathematical truth
Wikipedia - Mathematical universe hypothesis
Wikipedia - Mathematical visualization
Wikipedia - Mathematical
Wikipedia - Mathematica Policy Research
Wikipedia - Mathematica
Wikipedia - Mathematicians in Love
Wikipedia - Mathematicians
Wikipedia - Mathematician -- Person with an extensive knowledge of mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathematicism
Wikipedia - Mathematics and architecture
Wikipedia - Mathematics and art -- Relationship between mathematics and art
Wikipedia - Mathematics and fiber arts
Wikipedia - Mathematics and the Search for Knowledge -- Book by Morris Kline
Wikipedia - Mathematics as a language
Wikipedia - Mathematics disorder
Wikipedia - Mathematics education in the United States -- Overview of mathematics education in the United States
Wikipedia - Mathematics education -- Mathematics teaching, learning and scholarly research
Wikipedia - Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement -- Academic preparation program for pre-college
Wikipedia - Mathematics Genealogy Project -- Web-based database for the academic genealogy of mathematicians
Wikipedia - Mathematics in India
Wikipedia - Mathematics in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Mathematics Magazine
Wikipedia - Mathematics of artificial neural networks
Wikipedia - Mathematics of Computation
Wikipedia - Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems
Wikipedia - Mathematics of cyclic redundancy checks -- Methods of error detection and correction in communications
Wikipedia - Mathematics of general relativity -- Mathematical structures and techniques used in the theory of general relativity.
Wikipedia - Mathematics of paper folding -- Overview about the mathematics of paper folding
Wikipedia - Mathematics of Sudoku -- Mathematical investigation of Sudoku
Wikipedia - Mathematics Subject Classification -- Alphanumerical classification scheme used by many mathematics journals
Wikipedia - Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty -- Book by Morris Kline
Wikipedia - Mathematics Tripos
Wikipedia - Mathematics -- Field of study
Wikipedia - Mathematika
Wikipedia - Mathematisch Centrum
Wikipedia - Mathematische Annalen
Wikipedia - Mathematische Zeitschrift
Wikipedia - Matheme
Wikipedia - Mathenauts: Tales of Mathematical Wonder
Wikipedia - Mathenay -- Commune in Bourgogne-Franche-ComtM-CM-), France
Wikipedia - Mather High School
Wikipedia - Mather House (Harvard College) -- Residential House of Harvard College
Wikipedia - Mathers Bridge -- Bridge in Florida, United States of America
Wikipedia - Mathers Museum of World Cultures -- World Cultures
Wikipedia - Mather Stock Car Company -- Rolling stock manufacturer
Wikipedia - Mather Zickel -- American actor
Wikipedia - Mathesis universalis
Wikipedia - Matheson Bayley -- British musician
Wikipedia - Matheson History Museum -- History museum in Gainesville, Florida
Wikipedia - Matheson Lang -- Canadian actor
Wikipedia - Matheson (law firm) -- Irish corporate law firm
Wikipedia - Mathe's sign -- Medical sign for perinephric abscess
Wikipedia - Matheteus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Matheus Alueendo -- Namibian military officer
Wikipedia - Matheus & Kauan -- Brazilian pop group
Wikipedia - Matheus de Sancto Johanne
Wikipedia - Matheus Nicolau -- Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Mathew Ahmann -- American Catholic layman and civil rights activist
Wikipedia - Mathew Alpern -- American physiologist
Wikipedia - Mathew Anden -- German actor
Wikipedia - Mathew Anikuzhikattil -- 21st-century Indian Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Mathew Batsiua -- Nauruan politician
Wikipedia - Mathew Baynton -- English actor, writer, comedian, singer, and musician
Wikipedia - Mathew Belcher -- Australian sailor
Wikipedia - Mathew Bevan -- British computer hacker
Wikipedia - Mathew Bose -- Indian-British actor
Wikipedia - Mathew Brady -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Mathew Camm -- Canadian curler from Cornwall, Ontario
Wikipedia - Mathew Carey -- American publisher and economist
Wikipedia - Mathew Charles Lamb -- Canadian spree killer (1948-1976)
Wikipedia - Mathew Cullen -- American music video and film director
Wikipedia - Mathew Cuthbert -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Mathew de Redman -- English politician
Wikipedia - Mathew de Sechnan -- 13th-century English politician
Wikipedia - Mathew Goggin -- Australian professional golfer
Wikipedia - Mathew Harris -- Canadian male curler
Wikipedia - Mathew Hayman -- Australian road bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Mathew Helm -- Australian diver
Wikipedia - Mathew Hintz -- American painter
Wikipedia - Mathew Horne -- English actor
Wikipedia - Mathew H. Ritchey House -- Historic home in Missouri
Wikipedia - Mathew Kadalikkattil
Wikipedia - Mathew Kavukattu
Wikipedia - Mathew Knowles -- American music executive
Wikipedia - Mathew L. Golsteyn -- United States Army officer
Wikipedia - Mathew Madsen -- New Zealand weightlifter
Wikipedia - Mathew Makil
Wikipedia - Mathew Masonwells -- Australian archer
Wikipedia - Mathew Mossburg -- American politician
Wikipedia - Mathew Nabwiso -- Ugandan actor
Wikipedia - Mathew Samuel -- Indian journalist
Wikipedia - Mathews Bridge -- Bridge in Florida, United States of America
Wikipedia - Mathews Mar Athanasius Metropolitan
Wikipedia - Mathewson Point -- Headland of Antarctica
Wikipedia - Mathews Phosa -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Mathews Punza -- Zambian judoka
Wikipedia - Mathew St. Patrick -- American actor
Wikipedia - Mathew Street
Wikipedia - Mathew Thomas -- Indian actor
Wikipedia - Mathew Wollmann -- American politician
Wikipedia - Math Girls -- Book by Hiroshi YM-EM-+ki
Wikipedia - Math.h
Wikipedia - Mathias Balen -- Dutch historian
Wikipedia - Mathias Barrett
Wikipedia - Mathias Bau Hansen -- Danish professional ice hockey forward
Wikipedia - Mathias Behounek -- German snowboarder
Wikipedia - Mathias Bidstrup -- Danish architect
Wikipedia - Mathias Blad -- Swedish actor and singer, mainly
Wikipedia - Mathias Broothaerts -- Belgian athletics competitor
Wikipedia - Mathias Brugger -- German track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Mathias Brugman -- Puerto Rican activist
Wikipedia - Mathias Chikawe -- Tanzanian politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Claus -- German jazz pianist and composer
Wikipedia - Mathias Cormann -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Dahlgren -- Swedish chef
Wikipedia - Mathias De Clercq -- Flemish politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Denman -- Ohio pioneer
Wikipedia - Mathias Dzon -- Congolese politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Erang -- Luxembourgian gymnast
Wikipedia - Mathias Frank -- Swiss road bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Mathias Franz Graf von Chorinsky Freiherr von Ledske -- Czech bishop
Wikipedia - Mathias Gallo Cassarino -- Italian Muay Thai fighter
Wikipedia - Mathias Glomnes -- Norwegian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Mathias GnM-CM-$dinger -- Swiss actor
Wikipedia - Mathias Hauzeur
Wikipedia - Mathias Heinicke -- Bohemian violin maker
Wikipedia - Mathias Herrmann -- German actor
Wikipedia - Mathias Jamtvedt -- Norwegian gymnast
Wikipedia - Mathias J. Hoven -- American mayor
Wikipedia - Mathias Jucker -- Swiss neuroscientist (b. 1961)
Wikipedia - Mathias Jung -- East German biathlete
Wikipedia - Mathias Klotz -- Chilean architect
Wikipedia - Mathias Kneissl (film) -- 1971 film
Wikipedia - Mathias Kwame Ntow -- Ghanaian politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Larsen Blilie -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Lauridsen -- Danish male model
Wikipedia - Mathias Logelin -- Luxembourgian gymnast
Wikipedia - Mathias Loras
Wikipedia - Mathias Lundholm -- Swedish violinist and conductor
Wikipedia - Mathias Mabergs -- Swedish male curler
Wikipedia - Mathias Matthies -- German art director
Wikipedia - Mathias Mbundu -- Namibian politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Mester -- German Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Mathias Middelberg -- German politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Nilsson -- British chemist
Wikipedia - Mathias Pachler -- Danish singer
Wikipedia - Mathias Payer -- Liechtensteinian computer scientist
Wikipedia - Mathias Rust -- German activist, landed a plane near Red Square in Moscow in 1987
Wikipedia - Mathias Salas -- Papua New Guinean politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Sandorf (1921 film) -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - Mathias Shryock -- American architect
Wikipedia - Mathias Sommerhielm -- Danish-Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Spahlinger -- German composer
Wikipedia - Mathias Stein -- German politician
Wikipedia - Mathias Tallberg -- Finnish sailor
Wikipedia - Mathias Villasanti -- Es un futbolista paraguayo
Wikipedia - Mathias VostM-CM-) -- Belgian speed skater
Wikipedia - Mathias Weishaupt -- Luxembourgian gymnast
Wikipedia - Mathias Zahradka -- Austrian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Mathibeli Mokhothu -- Mosotho politician
Wikipedia - Mathieson Jacoby -- Australian politician and winemaker
Wikipedia - Mathieu Amalric -- French actor and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Mathieua -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Mathieu Bastareaud -- French rugby union centre
Wikipedia - Mathieu Biazizzo -- French slalom canoeist
Wikipedia - Mathieu Bilodeau -- Canadian racewalker
Wikipedia - Mathieu Blanchette -- Canadian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Mathieu Bock-CotM-CM-) -- Canadian journalist, columnist and essayist
Wikipedia - Mathieu Boogaerts -- French singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Mathieu Bozzetto -- French snowboarder
Wikipedia - Mathieu Carriere -- German actor
Wikipedia - Mathieu Cossou -- French karateka
Wikipedia - Mathieu Criaerd -- French master cabinetmaker
Wikipedia - Mathieu CrM-CM-)pel -- French snowboarder
Wikipedia - Mathieu Demy -- French actor, film director and producer
Wikipedia - Mathieu Doby -- French-born Belgian slalom canoeist
Wikipedia - Mathieu Dreyfus -- Alsatian Jewish industrialist and brother of Alfred Dreyfus
Wikipedia - Mathieu Drujon -- French road bicycle
Wikipedia - Mathieu Ferland -- Canadian video game producer
Wikipedia - Mathieu Ficheroux -- Dutch artist
Wikipedia - Mathieu Giroux -- Canadian speed skater
Wikipedia - Mathieu Goubel -- French canoeist
Wikipedia - Mathieu group M12
Wikipedia - Mathieu groupoid
Wikipedia - Mathieu Justafre -- French snowboarder
Wikipedia - Mathieu Kessels -- Dutch sculptor
Wikipedia - Mathieu Koffi M'Broh -- Ivorian canoeist
Wikipedia - Mathieu Lange -- German conductor
Wikipedia - Mathieu Lemoine -- French equestrian
Wikipedia - Mathieu LM-CM-)veillM-CM-) -- Canadian executioner
Wikipedia - Mathieu Loicq -- Belgian para table tennis
Wikipedia - Mathieu Marie de Lesseps -- French equestrian
Wikipedia - Mathieu Marineau -- Canadian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Mathieu Mille -- French ice hockey defenceman
Wikipedia - Mathieu Pacaud -- French chef
Wikipedia - Mathieu Parent -- Canadian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Mathieu Schiller -- French bodyboarder
Wikipedia - Mathieu Schneider
Wikipedia - Mathieu Tenant de la Tour -- French WWI flying ace (1883-1917)
Wikipedia - Mathieu Turcotte -- Canadian short-track speed skater
Wikipedia - Mathieu Turgeon -- Canadian trampoline gymnast
Wikipedia - Mathijs Bouman -- Dutch economist and journalist
Wikipedia - Mathilda Campbell, Duchess of Argyll -- Scottish noblewoman
Wikipedia - Mathilda Ebeling -- Swedish operatic soprano
Wikipedia - Mathilda May -- French actress
Wikipedia - Mathildana newmanella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Mathildana -- Genus of moths
Wikipedia - Mathilda (novella)
Wikipedia - Mathilda Paradeiser -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Mathilda Twomey -- Seychellois lawyer and academic
Wikipedia - Mathilde, Abbess of Essen
Wikipedia - Mathilde AndrouM-CM-+t -- French politician
Wikipedia - Mathilde Auguez -- French soprano
Wikipedia - Mathilde Baring -- American actress
Wikipedia - Mathilde Bataille -- French gymnast
Wikipedia - Mathilde Bensaude -- Portuguese phytopathologist and mycologist
Wikipedia - Mathilde Blind
Wikipedia - Mathilde Bonnefoy -- French film editor and director
Wikipedia - Mathilde Brundage -- American actress
Wikipedia - Mathilde Carmen Hertz -- German biologist
Wikipedia - Mathilde Comont -- French actress
Wikipedia - Mathilde de Kerangat -- French sailor
Wikipedia - Mathilde Esch -- Austrian genre painter
Wikipedia - Mathilde Fibiger -- Danish feminist, novelist, and telegraphist
Wikipedia - Mathilde Franck -- Pioneering French aviator
Wikipedia - Mathilde Frohlich -- Austrian soprano
Wikipedia - Mathilde GM-CM-)ron -- French sailor
Wikipedia - Mathilde Halse -- Danish curler
Wikipedia - Mathilde Julia Frachon -- French model
Wikipedia - Mathilde Krim
Wikipedia - Mathilde Kschessinska
Wikipedia - Mathilde Lamolle -- French sport shooter
Wikipedia - Mathilde Lange -- American biologist
Wikipedia - Mathilde Laurent -- French perfumer
Wikipedia - Mathilde Malling Hauschultz -- pioneering Danish female politician
Wikipedia - Mathilde Marchesi -- German mezzo-soprano
Wikipedia - Mathilde Mukantabana -- Rwandan diplomat, ambassador to the US
Wikipedia - Mathilde Nielsen -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Mathilde Norholt -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Mathilde Panot -- French politician
Wikipedia - Mathilde Pichery -- French canoeist
Wikipedia - Mathilde Puchberger -- Austrian hurdler
Wikipedia - Mathilde Rosa -- Italian canoeist
Wikipedia - Mathilde (song) -- 1966 song by Jacques Brel
Wikipedia - Mathilde Sussin -- Austrian actress
Wikipedia - Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Mathilde Valdenaire -- French canoeist
Wikipedia - Mathilde von Keller -- German lady-in-waiting
Wikipedia - Mathilde Weckerlin -- German operatic soprano (1848-1928)
Wikipedia - Mathilde Wesendonck -- German poet
Wikipedia - Mathilukal (film) -- 1989 Indian film
Wikipedia - Mathiness -- Economic misinformation based on distorted mathematics
Wikipedia - Mathira -- Pakistani model, actress
Wikipedia - Mathis Mootz -- German DJ
Wikipedia - Mathis Nitschke -- German composer
Wikipedia - MathJax
Wikipedia - Math Kernel Library
Wikipedia - MATHLAB -- Computer algebra system
Wikipedia - Math League -- Mathematics competition
Wikipedia - Mathletics (educational software) -- Mathematics education program
Wikipedia - MathMagic -- Software for editing mathematical equations
Wikipedia - MATH-MATIC
Wikipedia - MathM-CM-)o Jacquemoud -- French ski mountaineer
Wikipedia - MathM-CM-$ser -- Historic beer hall and cinema
Wikipedia - MathML -- Format for expressing mathematical formulae
Wikipedia - Math Mysteries -- Collection of five math-related educational video games
Wikipedia - Mathnawi (poetic form)
Wikipedia - Mathnawi -- Poetic genre
Wikipedia - Mathomatic
Wikipedia - Mathos -- Anti-Carthaginian rebel general active 241-238 BC
Wikipedia - MathOverflow
Wikipedia - Math Rabbit -- 1986 educational video game
Wikipedia - Math rock -- Style of rock music
Wikipedia - Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters -- Indian annual literary festival
Wikipedia - Mathrubhumi
Wikipedia - Mathrubhumi Yearbook -- Concise encyclopedia of current affairs
Wikipedia - MathSciNet
Wikipedia - Mathscinet
Wikipedia - Maths Mansion -- Educational children's television show
Wikipedia - Mathsoft
Wikipedia - Mathspace -- Online mathematics education program
Wikipedia - Math the Band -- American synthpunk band
Wikipedia - MathTime
Wikipedia - Math-Tinik -- Philippine educational television show
Wikipedia - Mathukumalli Vidyasagar
Wikipedia - Mathura-Bhiwani Passenger -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Mathura Cantt railway station -- Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh, India
Wikipedia - Mathura Das Mathur -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Mathura Junction railway station -- Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh, India
Wikipedia - Mathura (Lok Sabha constituency) -- Lok Sabha Constituency in Uttar Pradesh, India
Wikipedia - Mathuram Santosham -- American Indian physician and scientist
Wikipedia - Mathura Prasad Mishra -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Wikipedia - Mathura
Wikipedia - Mathurin Jacques Brisson
Wikipedia - Mathur Savani
Wikipedia - Math
Wikipedia - MathWorks -- Company that produces mathematical computing software
Wikipedia - MathWorld -- Online mathematics reference work
Wikipedia - Mathylde Frontus -- American politician
Wikipedia - Matilde Marcolli -- Italian mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Matrix (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Matrix(mathematics)
Wikipedia - Matrix multiplication -- Mathematical operation in linear algebra
Wikipedia - Matthew Cook -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Matthew Emerton -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Matthew Foreman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Matthew Stewart (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Matthew Wyatt Joseph Fry -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Matthias M-CM-^Arni Mathiesen -- Icelandic politician
Wikipedia - Matt Parker -- Australian comedian and math communicator
Wikipedia - Maura Mast -- Irish American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maurice Auslander -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maurice Gevrey -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Maurice Heins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maurice Kraitchik -- Belgian mathematician
Wikipedia - Maurice L'AbbM-CM-) -- Canadian academic and mathematician
Wikipedia - Maurice Sion -- Canadian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maurice Solovine -- Romanian philosopher and mathematician
Wikipedia - Mauro Francaviglia -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Maury Bramson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Born -- German physicist, mathematician and Nobel laureate
Wikipedia - Max Dehn -- German-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Deuring -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Gunzburger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Gut -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Maxime Bocher -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maximilian Herzberger -- German American mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Koecher -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Mason -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Mathews -- American pioneer in computer music
Wikipedia - Max Shiffman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maxwell Rosenlicht -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Max Wyman -- Canadian mathematician and academic administrator
Wikipedia - May Beenken -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mayme Logsdon -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - M-bM-^HM-^B -- The mathematical symbol "M-bM-^HM-^B", used for partial derivatives and other concepts
Wikipedia - M. B. W. Tent -- American mathematics educator and writer
Wikipedia - M. C. Escher -- Dutch graphic artist known for his mathematically-inspired works
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Adam Koranyi -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Agnes Szendrei -- Hungarian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Agoston Scholtz -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Akos Csaszar -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Arni Mathiesen -- Icelandic politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Arpad Varecza -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Eke Pleijel -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Xystein Ore -- Norwegian mathematician
Wikipedia - Measure (mathematics) -- Generalization of length, area, volume and integral
Wikipedia - Megumi Harada -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Mehmet Burak ErdoM-DM-^_an -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Mei-Chi Shaw -- Taiwanese American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mei-Chu Chang -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Meike Akveld -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Meinhard E. Mayer -- Romanian-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Melania Alvarez -- Canadian mathematician
Wikipedia - Melanie Mathys -- Swiss canoeist
Wikipedia - Melanie Wood -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Melba Roy Mouton -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Melbourne Cinematheque -- Australian film society
Wikipedia - Melih OnuM-EM-^_ -- Turkish mathematician
Wikipedia - Mellen Woodman Haskell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Melody Chan -- American mathematician and violinist
Wikipedia - Melvin Currie -- American mathematician and cryptographer
Wikipedia - Melvin Dresher -- Polish-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Melvin Hochster -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Melvyn B. Nathanson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - SrM-DM-+pati -- Indian mathematician and astronomer
Wikipedia - Menahem Max Schiffer -- German-born American mathematician
Wikipedia - Men of Mathematics -- Popular history of mathematics by E.T. Bell
Wikipedia - Merrilyn Goos -- Australian mathematician
Wikipedia - Merten M. Hasse Prize -- Mathematical Association of America award
Wikipedia - Mertens conjecture -- Disproved mathematical conjecture
Wikipedia - Messenger of Mathematics
Wikipedia - Metamathematics
Wikipedia - Metamath
Wikipedia - Methoden der mathematischen Physik -- Book by David Hilbert
Wikipedia - Method ringing -- Sounding continually changing mathematical permutations
Wikipedia - Metric (mathematics) -- Mathematical function defining distance
Wikipedia - Metric space -- Mathematical set defining distance
Wikipedia - Meyer Jerison -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Mia Hubert -- Belgian mathematical statistician
Wikipedia - Micaiah John Muller Hill -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Aizenman -- American-Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Artin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Aschbacher -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Atiyah -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Benedicks -- Swedish mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Boardman -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Cowling -- Australian pure mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael C. Reed -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael D. Fried -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael D. Morley -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Dorff -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael D. Plummer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Freedman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael F. Singer -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael G. Crandall -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Golomb -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Griebel -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Guy -- British mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Michael Handel -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Harris (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Hutchings (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Ian Shamos -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael J. Hopkins -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael J. Larsen -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Kapovich -- Russian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Katehakis -- Greek American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Lacey (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Lin (mathematician) -- Israeli mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Matheson (politician) -- Scottish National Party politician
Wikipedia - Michael Matheus
Wikipedia - Michael McQuillan (mathematician) -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Minovitch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael M. Richter -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael P. Brenner -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael P. Drazin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Rockner -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Rosen (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Saks (mathematician)
Wikipedia - Michael Schlessinger -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Scott Jacobson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Shackleford -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Shelley (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Shub -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Starbird -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Stillman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael T. Anderson -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Waidner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Walker (mathematician) -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Michael Waterman -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michal Misiurewicz -- Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Michel AndrM-CM-) (mathematician) -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Michel Balinski -- Swiss-born Polish mathematician
Wikipedia - Michel Demazure -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Michele Artigue -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Michele Audin -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Michele Cipolla -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Michele Raynaud -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Michele Vergne -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Michel Kervaire -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Michel Las Vergnas -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Michelle L. Wachs -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michelle Manes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michel Mathiot -- French gymnast
Wikipedia - Michel Plancherel -- Swiss mathematician
Wikipedia - Michel Van den Bergh -- Belgian mathematician and professor
Wikipedia - Michigan Mathematical Journal
Wikipedia - Michio Kuga -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Michio Suzuki (mathematician) -- Japanese mathematician
Wikipedia - Microsoft Mathematics -- MS Windows application for solving maths problems
Wikipedia - Miggy Biller -- British mathematics teacher
Wikipedia - Mihaela Ignatova -- Bulgarian mathematician