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1:Until you perfect the view, do not count your practice in years or months. But instead decide to dedicate the whole remainder of your life to Dharma practice. This is the approach of the very best practitioners. ~ Yangthang Rinpoche,


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1:Until you perfect the view, do not count your practice in years or months. But instead decide to dedicate the whole remainder of your life to Dharma practice. This is the approach of the very best practitioners. ~ Yangthang Rinpoche,



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Wikipedia - Ace Hardware -- American hardware cooperative
Wikipedia - Acer Inc. -- Taiwanese hardware and electronics corporation
Wikipedia - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface -- Standard firmware interface for hardware configuration and power management by operating systems
Wikipedia - Alienware -- American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, Inc.
Wikipedia - Alteon WebSystems -- Computer network hardware company
Wikipedia - Altera Hardware Description Language
Wikipedia - Amiga Sidecar -- Commodore expansion hardware device
Wikipedia - Analogue (company) -- American video game hardware company
Wikipedia - Andy and Bill's law -- Statement that new software consumes any increase in computing power that new hardware can provide
Wikipedia - Arcade cabinet -- Housing within which an arcade game's electronic hardware resides
Wikipedia - Arduino IDE -- Integrated development environment for Arduino hardware
Wikipedia - Arduino -- Open source hardware and software platform
Wikipedia - Artificial brain -- Software and hardware with cognitive abilities similar to those of the animal or human brain
Wikipedia - Autoconfig -- Amiga system for automatically setting up hardware peripherals
Wikipedia - Automatic test equipment -- Apparatus used in hardware testing that carries out a series of tests automatically
Wikipedia - Automotive hacking -- The exploitation of vulnerabilities within the software, hardware, and communication systems of automobiles
Wikipedia - AXIOM (camera) -- Series of open-hardware cinema cameras
Wikipedia - Bitmain -- Chinese software and hardware company
Wikipedia - Blaze Europe -- Former video game hardware and software developer
Wikipedia - Builders hardware
Wikipedia - Bunnings Warehouse -- Australian household hardware chain
Wikipedia - Category:Apollo program hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Apple Inc. hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Computer hardware companies
Wikipedia - Category:Computer hardware engineers
Wikipedia - Category:Computer hardware
Wikipedia - Category:DEC hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Defunct computer hardware companies
Wikipedia - Category:Educational hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Google hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Graphics hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Hardware acceleration
Wikipedia - Category:History of computing hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Home computer hardware companies
Wikipedia - Category:Lists of computer hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Networking hardware companies
Wikipedia - Category:Open hardware electronic devices
Wikipedia - Category:Open hardware organizations and companies
Wikipedia - Category:Open-source hardware
Wikipedia - Category:Server hardware
Wikipedia - Category:UNIVAC hardware
Wikipedia - Cerebra Computers -- Indian computer hardware company
Wikipedia - Client (computing) -- Piece of computer hardware or software accessing a server service
Wikipedia - Computer chess -- Computer hardware and software capable of playing chess
Wikipedia - Computer hardware platforms
Wikipedia - Computer hardware -- Physical components of a computer
Wikipedia - Computer keyboard -- Computer keyboard hardware
Wikipedia - Computer port (hardware) -- Computer hardware
Wikipedia - Computer security compromised by hardware failure
Wikipedia - Computer terminal -- Computer input/output device; an electronic or electromechanical hardware device that is used for entering data into, and displaying data from, a computer or a computing system update programming
Wikipedia - Computing hardware
Wikipedia - Cooler Master -- Taiwanese computer hardware company
Wikipedia - Corsair Gaming -- American computer peripherals and hardware company
Wikipedia - Coupling Facility -- Hardware that allows multiple processors to access the same data on IBM mainframes
Wikipedia - Custom hardware attack
Wikipedia - Dadda multiplier -- Hardware multiplier design
Wikipedia - Deltaco -- Swedish computer hardware company
Wikipedia - Diablo Data Systems -- Computer hardware company, printers, disk drives
Wikipedia - Digital differential analyzer (graphics algorithm) -- Hardware or software used for interpolation of variables over an interval
Wikipedia - Digital hardware
Wikipedia - Documation -- American computer hardware manufacturer
Wikipedia - Draft:Ambovent -- Open source hardware and software platform
Wikipedia - E.Bon Holdings -- Hardware and fixture company
Wikipedia - Electronic hardware
Wikipedia - Error message -- Message displayed on a monitor screen or printout indicating that an incorrect instruction has been given or that there is an error resulting from faulty software or hardware
Wikipedia - Evolvable hardware
Wikipedia - Firewall (computing) -- Software or hardware-based network security system
Wikipedia - Foreshadow -- Hardware vulnerability for Intel processors
Wikipedia - Form factor (design) -- aspect of design which defines the size, shape, and other physical specifications of hardware
Wikipedia - Free and open-source hardware
Wikipedia - Free hardware
Wikipedia - Garmin -- GPS software and hardware company
Wikipedia - Glossary of computer hardware terms
Wikipedia - Google Workspace -- Email, cloud storage, collaboration tools, hardware, administration, social media and other business apps
Wikipedia - Graphics hardware
Wikipedia - Hackaday -- A hardware hacking website
Wikipedia - Hardware abstraction layer
Wikipedia - Hardware abstraction
Wikipedia - Hardware acceleration -- Use of specialized computer hardware to perform some functions more efficiently than is possible in software running on a more general-purpose CPU
Wikipedia - Hardware backdoors
Wikipedia - Hardware-based full disk encryption
Wikipedia - Hardware cache
Wikipedia - Hardware description language -- Specialized computer language used to describe the structure and behavior of electronic circuits, and most commonly, digital logic circuits
Wikipedia - Hardware design
Wikipedia - Hardware emulation
Wikipedia - Hardware engineering
Wikipedia - Hardware engineer
Wikipedia - Hardware (film) -- 1990 film by Richard Stanley
Wikipedia - Hardware Freedom Day
Wikipedia - Hardware interface design
Wikipedia - Hardware-in-the-loop simulation -- Technique used in the development and test of complex real-time embedded systems
Wikipedia - Hardware overlay
Wikipedia - Hardware random number generator -- Cryptographic device
Wikipedia - Hardware register
Wikipedia - Hardware restrictions
Wikipedia - Hardware restriction -- Copy protection enforced by hardware
Wikipedia - Hardware scout
Wikipedia - Hardware security module
Wikipedia - Hardware security
Wikipedia - Hardware-software codesign
Wikipedia - Hardware store -- A store that sells household hardware for home improvement
Wikipedia - Hardware stress test
Wikipedia - Hardware Trojan
Wikipedia - Hardware verification
Wikipedia - Hardware virtualization -- The virtualization of computers or operating systems
Wikipedia - Hardware Wars -- 1977 film by Ernie Fosselius
Wikipedia - Hardware
Wikipedia - High-level programming language -- Programming language with strong abstraction from details of hardware
Wikipedia - History of computer hardware in Bulgaria
Wikipedia - History of computer hardware in Soviet Bloc countries
Wikipedia - History of computer hardware in Yugoslavia
Wikipedia - History of computer hardware
Wikipedia - History of computing hardware (1960s-present)
Wikipedia - History of computing hardware -- From early calculation aids to modern day computers
Wikipedia - Household hardware -- Equipment used for home repair and other work in the home
Wikipedia - Interrupt coalescing -- Technique in which events which would normally trigger a hardware interrupt are held back
Wikipedia - Interrupt request (PC architecture) -- Hardware signal sent to a processor to interrupt a running program and handle input
Wikipedia - ISO metric screw thread -- Hardware threading standard
Wikipedia - JBL -- American audio hardware company
Wikipedia - Kludge -- Unconventional solution for a hardware or software problem
Wikipedia - KVM switch -- Device that connects computer front-end hardware to multiple computers
Wikipedia - Lego Mindstorms -- Hardware and software platform by Lego
Wikipedia - Linux Hardware Solutions
Wikipedia - List of computer hardware manufacturers in the Soviet Union -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of computer hardware manufacturers -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of games with hardware-accelerated PhysX support -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of hardware and software that supports FLAC -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of hardware description languages
Wikipedia - List of home computers by video hardware -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of networked storage hardware platforms -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of open-source computing hardware -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of open-source hardware projects -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of open-source health hardware
Wikipedia - Locale (computer hardware)
Wikipedia - Lola (hardware description language)
Wikipedia - LPDDR -- Computer hardware
Wikipedia - Manumation -- Hardware control systems
Wikipedia - Maschine -- Hybrid hardware/software digital audio workstation by Native Instruments
Wikipedia - Memory management unit -- Hardware translating virtual addresses to physical address
Wikipedia - Microcom -- Modem hardware and software company
Wikipedia - Microsoft hardware
Wikipedia - Microsoft Home -- Defunct line of software applications and personal hardware products published by Microsoft
Wikipedia - MPC Corporation -- American computer hardware company
Wikipedia - Name server -- Computer hardware or software server
Wikipedia - Neo Geo -- Family of video game hardware
Wikipedia - Network administrator -- Individual that is responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software systems that make up a computer network
Wikipedia - Network hardware
Wikipedia - Networking hardware -- Devices that mediate data transmission in a computer network
Wikipedia - Network virtualization -- combining hardware and software network resources and network functionality into a single administrative entity
Wikipedia - Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clone -- Hardware clones of the Nintendo Entertainment System home video game console
Wikipedia - Nintendo Platform Technology Development -- Nintendo's hardware development division
Wikipedia - Nintendo Research & Engineering -- Former hardware development department by Nintendo
Wikipedia - Nitrokey -- Hardware authentication token
Wikipedia - Nut (hardware)
Wikipedia - Nvidia PureVideo -- Nvidia's hardware SIP core that performs video decoding
Wikipedia - OCZ -- Former American computer hardware manufacturer
Wikipedia - OpenCores -- open-source hardware community
Wikipedia - Open Hardware and Design Alliance
Wikipedia - Open hardware
Wikipedia - Open-source computing hardware
Wikipedia - Open Source Hardware Association
Wikipedia - Open-source hardware -- Hardware from the open-design movement
Wikipedia - Operating system -- Software that manages computer hardware resources
Wikipedia - Parallel computer hardware
Wikipedia - Personal computer hardware
Wikipedia - Pocket-sized computer -- Type of hardware devices
Wikipedia - Praetorian DASS -- Military airplane defensive hardware and software
Wikipedia - Precious Plastic -- Open hardware plastic recycling project .
Wikipedia - Programmer (hardware)
Wikipedia - Proprietary hardware
Wikipedia - Quanta Computer -- Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and other electronic hardware
Wikipedia - Randomized benchmarking -- Method for assessing quantum computer hardware capabilities
Wikipedia - Ray tracing hardware
Wikipedia - Ray-tracing hardware -- Type of 3D graphics accelerator
Wikipedia - RDRAND -- Computer instruction for returning hardware-generated random numbers
Wikipedia - Real-time computing -- Study of hardware and software systems that have a "real-time constraint"
Wikipedia - Refresh rate -- Frequency at which a display hardware updates its buffer
Wikipedia - RISC-V -- Open-source CPU hardware instruction set architecture
Wikipedia - Rodent Research Hardware System -- NASA research platform on the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Ruby (hardware description language)
Wikipedia - SACO Hardware -- Saudi Arabian hardware retailing and wholesaling business
Wikipedia - Security switch -- Hardware device to protect computers, laptops, smartphones and similar devices from unauthorized access or operation
Wikipedia - Silicon Graphics International -- Former computer hardware and software company
Wikipedia - Simmons Hardware Store -- Heritage-listed building in Hawkesbury, New South Wales, Australia
Wikipedia - Simon Brattel -- British hardware and software designer
Wikipedia - Softmod -- Method of using software to modify the intended behavior of hardware
Wikipedia - Software appliance -- Software application combined with just enough operating system to run optimally on industry-standard hardware
Wikipedia - SolidRun -- Israeli hardware developer
Wikipedia - Soyuz Kontakt -- Docking hardware of the Soviet crewed lunar spacecraft program
Wikipedia - Stanley Black & Decker -- American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware
Wikipedia - Steam Machine (hardware platform)
Wikipedia - Strategic Computing Initiative -- US government initiative related to developing computer hardware and artificial intelligence
Wikipedia - Sun Microsystems -- Defunct American computer hardware and software company
Wikipedia - Superplan -- Programming language with strong abstraction from details of hardware
Wikipedia - Supervisor Call instruction -- Hardware instruction in the System/360 family of IBM mainframe
Wikipedia - Template talk:Amiga hardware
Wikipedia - Template talk:Apollo program hardware
Wikipedia - Template talk:DEC hardware
Wikipedia - Template talk:Hardware acceleration
Wikipedia - Template talk:Major computer hardware companies
Wikipedia - Template talk:Sun hardware
Wikipedia - Thunderbolt (interface) -- Computer hardware interface
Wikipedia - Timeline of computing hardware before 1950 -- Timeline of events in the history of computing hardware: from prehistory until 1949
Wikipedia - Tivoization -- The practice of a hardware developer making only a specific version of free software runnable
Wikipedia - Toilet -- Piece of hardware for the collection or disposal of human excreta
Wikipedia - Tom's Hardware
Wikipedia - Tom West -- American computer hardware engineer
Wikipedia - Universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter -- Computer hardware device
Wikipedia - USB hardware -- Communication connector using the USB protocol
Wikipedia - Vashon Hardware Store -- Historical commercial building in Vashon, Washington
Wikipedia - Verilog -- Hardware description language
Wikipedia - Video Toaster -- Analog video hardware and software editing suite
Wikipedia - Voice changer -- Hardware device or software which changes the pitch or timbre of the user's voice
Wikipedia - Wallace tree -- Efficient hardware implementation of a digital multiplier
Wikipedia - Washer (hardware) -- Thin plate with a hole, normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener
Wikipedia - Western Telematic Inc -- Network hardware manufacturer
Wikipedia - White box (computer hardware)
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:WikiProject Computing/Computer hardware task force -- Sub-project of WikiProject Computing
Wikipedia - Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
Wikipedia - Windows Hardware Error Architecture
Wikipedia - Windows Hardware Lab Kit
Wikipedia - Wootware -- Online retailer of computer hardware and software based in Somerset West
Wikipedia - X86 virtualization -- Hardware-assisted virtualization on x86/x86-64 CPUs
Wikipedia - YubiKey -- Hardware authentication device supporting MFA
Wikipedia - Zenith Data Systems -- Computer hardware company founded by Zenith Electronics in 1979
Wikipedia - ZOTAC -- Hong Kong computer hardware company
Life with Lucy (1986 - 1986) - An aging widow (Lucille Ball), living with her daughter's family, runs her late husband's hardware store alongside her husband's crotchety business partner(Gale Gordon). The show was a ratings and critical disappointment, lasting only eight episodes, with 6 additional episodes never making it to the...
Hardware(1990) - The head of a cyborg reactivates, rebuilds itself, and goes on a violent rampage in a space marine's girlfriend's apartment.
Charlie Brown's All-Stars(1966) - After Charlie Brown's team loses their first game of the season (123-6), his team throws down their caps in disgust and quits. Frustrated and depressed, Charlie Brown wanders around aimlessly until Linus meets him with good news: Mr. Hennessey, operator of a local hardware store, is offering to spon...
Army of Darkness (1992) ::: 7.5/10 -- R | 1h 21min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | 19 February 1993 (USA) -- A sardonic hardware store clerk is accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., where he must retrieve the Necronomicon and battle an army of the dead so he can return home. Director: Sam Raimi Writers:'s_Hardware's_Hardware(company)'s_Hardware(company)
Big Wars: Kami Utsu Akaki Kouya ni -- -- Magic Bus -- 1 ep -- Novel -- Action Military Sci-Fi Space -- Big Wars: Kami Utsu Akaki Kouya ni Big Wars: Kami Utsu Akaki Kouya ni -- It is the dawn of the 21st century. Mankind has terraformed and colonized Mars. But we are not alone in the universe. An ancient race of alien beings, known only as "The Gods," has been watching mankind's progress ...and waiting. Now, these mysterious aliens have returned to halt mankind's expansion into space force. -- -- Now, the planet named after the God of War will become our final battlefield, as mankind fights a desperate battle with the latest in high-tech, military hardware: hyper-advanced aircraft, orbital fighters, and gigantic, desert battleships brimming with the most advanced weaponry. -- -- But will it be enough? The aliens have awesome, incredibly destructive weapons at their disposal—including "Hell"—an unstoppable stealth carrier. But the alien's primary weapon is insidiously quiet and invisible—a mind control plaque. Incurable. Inevitable. Contagious. Humans are powerless to resist its effects, which transforms even the most loyal soldiers into dangerous subversives. -- -- Our last hope lies with Captain Akuh and the crew of the Battleship Aoba. If his top-secret mission is successful, mankind will deal a decisive blow to the alien armada. But Akuh's girlfriend is showing signs of nymphomania—the first symptom of alien subversion! -- -- (Source: AnimeNfo) -- -- Licensor: -- Central Park Media -- OVA - Sep 25, 1993 -- 2,482 5.45
Samurai Gun -- -- Studio Egg -- 12 eps -- Manga -- Action Historical Seinen -- Samurai Gun Samurai Gun -- It is the beginning of the industrial revolution, and feudal Japan is in turmoil. The ruling Shogun are wielding their abusive powers to instill fear and dominance over their oppressed subjects. Beatings, imprisonment, rape and even murder are the adopted tactics chosen to maintain their reign. The bloodshed must end. A group of Samurai have banded together, and, with the development of new weapons and new technology, they have both the will and the hardware to stand up and fight. Ichimatsu is one of these fighters. By day, he works incognito at a local tavern, in the evenings he frequents the brothels, and by the dark of night, he doles out some big-time, gun-barrel justice. He is here to help. He is Samurai Gun. -- -- (Source: ANN) -- -- Licensor: -- ADV Films -- TV - Oct 4, 2004 -- 7,980 5.99
Ace Hardware
Aikenhead's Hardware
Altera Hardware Description Language
American Hardware Manufacturers Association
Atari 2600 hardware
Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company
BuhrmanPharr Hardware Company Historic District
Builders hardware
Caddy (hardware)
Call-recording hardware
Category:Music hardware
CERN Open Hardware Licence
Clube do Hardware
COM (hardware interface)
Computer hardware
Computer port (hardware)
Crossbar (computer hardware manufacturer)
Custom hardware attack
Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware
Drum hardware
Drum hardware pack
Electronic hardware
Floppy disk hardware emulator
Foster Hardware
Glossary of computer hardware terms
Graphics hardware
Hardware abstraction
Hardware acceleration
Hardware (album)
Hardware architect
Hardware architecture
Hardware-assisted virtualization
Hardware backdoor
Hardware-based encryption
Hardware-based full disk encryption
Hardware certification
Hardware (character)
Hardware code page
Hardware compatibility list
Hardware-dependent software
Hardware description language
Hardware disease
Hardware emulation
Hardware (film)
Hardware functionality scan
Hardware interface design
Hardware-in-the-loop simulation
Hardware keylogger
Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Hardware LDN
Hardware obfuscation
Hardware: Online Arena
Hardware performance counter
Hardware Ranch
Hardware random number generator
Hardware register
Hardware reset
Hardware restriction
Hardware scout
Hardware security module
Hardware store
Hardware stress test
Hardware Trojan
Hardware (TV series)
Hardware verification language
Hardware virtualization
Hardware Wars
Hardware watermarking
History of computer hardware in Soviet Bloc countries
History of computer hardware in Yugoslavia
History of computing hardware
History of computing hardware (1960spresent)
Home Hardware
Home Timber & Hardware
Household hardware
Hugus Hardware
IBM Hardware Management Console
Iran Software & Hardware Co. (NOSA)
John Pritzlaff Hardware Company
Journal of Open Hardware
J. Pascal's Hardware and Furniture
Kuehn Blacksmith ShopHardware Store
Lehman's Hardware
List of 8-bit computer hardware graphics
List of Ambisonic hardware
List of computer hardware manufacturers
List of IOMMU-supporting hardware
List of networked storage hardware platforms
List of networking hardware vendors
List of open-source computing hardware
List of open-source hardware projects
Macintosh hardware
Microsoft hardware
Mystic Warriors-based hardware
NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co.
Networking hardware
Newtown Hardware House
Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clone
N. P. Smith Pioneer Hardware Store
Nut (hardware)
Open Hardware License
Open-source hardware
Open Source Hardware Association
Orchard Supply Hardware
Programmer (hardware)
Proprietary hardware
Qi hardware
Radius (hardware company)
Ray-tracing hardware
Red Pitaya (hardware)
Richard Hardware
Richelieu Hardware
Rodent Research Hardware System
SACO Hardware
Salt Lake Hardware Building
Simmons Hardware Company Warehouse
SteinerLobman and Teague Hardware Buildings
The Hardware EP + The Warfare EP
Tie down hardware
Timeline of computing hardware before 1950
Tom's Hardware
Tupelo Hardware
Union Implement and Hardware Building-Masonic Temple
United Hardware Distributing Company
USB hardware
Vashon Hardware Store
Vonnegut Hardware Company
Washer (hardware)
Weeks Hardware
White box (computer hardware)
Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
Windows Hardware Lab Kit
Wingnut (hardware)
Word mark (computer hardware)
Zet (hardware)

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