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Judah Halevi




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1:My pen is my harp and my lyre; my library is my garden and my orchard. ~ Judah Halevi,
2:Zion, thou art doubtless anxious for news of thy captives; they ask after thee, they who are the remainder of thy flock. ~ Judah Halevi,
3:Lord, where shall I find you? Your place is lofty and secret. And where shall I not find you? The whole earth is full of your glory! You are found in our innermost heart, yet you fixed earth's boundaries. You are a strong tower for those who are near and the trust of those who go far. I have sought to come near you; I have called to you with all my heart; and when I went out towards you, I found you coming towards me. ~ Judah Halevi,
4:O My Lord, Your dwelling places are lovely Your Presence is manifest, not in mystery. My dream brought me to the Temple of God And I praised its delightful servants, And the burnt offering, its meal and libation Which rose up in great pillars of smoke. I delighted in the song of the Levites, In their secrets of the sacrificial service. Then I woke, and still I was with you, O Lord, And I gave thanks -- for to You it is pleasant to give thanks! [bk1sm.gif] -- from A Treasury of Jewish Poetry: From Biblical Times to the Present, Edited by Nathan Ausubel / Edited by Marynn Ausubel

~ Judah Halevi, O My Lord, Your dwelling places are lovely
5:Lord, where shall I find You? Your place is lofty and secret. And where shall I not find You? The whole earth is full of Your glory! You are found in man's innermost heart, yet You fixed earth's boundaries. You are a strong tower for those who are near, and the trust of those who are far. You are enthroned on the cherubim, yet You dwell in the heights of heaven. You are praised by Your hosts, but even their praise is not worthy of You. The sphere of heaven cannot contain You; how much less the chambers of the Temple! Even when You rise above Your hosts on a throne, high and exalted, You are nearer to them than their own bodies and souls. Their mouths attest that they have no Maker except You. Who shall not fear You? All bear the yoke of Your kingdom. And who shall not call to You? It is You who give them their food. I have sought to come near You, I have called to You with all my heart; and when I went out towards You, I found You coming towards me. I look upon Your wondrous power and awe. Who can say that he has not seen You? The heavens and their legions proclaim Your dread -- without a sound. [1835.jpg] -- from The Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse, Edited by T. Carmi

~ Judah Halevi, Lord, Where Shall I Find You?



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