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  Cyberpunx is a comic book series produced by Image Comics. It is about a group of cyborg computer hacker warriors that enter into a virtual reality in order to stop an alien invasion by the Cyberlords. As a homage to Cyberpunk author William Gibson, the leading computer scientist in the story is named Karl Gibson.
  The first issue came out in March 1996. The creator of the series is Rob Liefeld; the script is by Robert Loren Fleming and the artwork is by Ching Lau.

  Brave Old World is a four issue comic book miniseries published by Vertigo Comics. It is about a group of computer hackers who at the turn of the year 2000 are working on a solution to the Y2K bug when they are transported back in time a hundred years to 1900.[1] The series follows their adventures as they try to build a computer using the technology of the time, in order to make their way back to their own time.
  The first issue came out in February 2000. The story is by William Messner-Loebs, and the artwork by Guy Davis and Phil Hester.[2]

see also ::: manga, books, media

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   7 Jack Kirby
   7 Brian Michael Bendis
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1:draw comics full-time, ~ Anonymous
2:Movies help the sales of the comics. ~ Stan Lee
3:Socrates should have written comics. ~ Mark Waid
4:I tend to stay away from the comics. ~ Idris Elba
5:Kid ... Comics will break your heart. ~ Jack Kirby
6:I don't laugh out loud at comics a lot. ~ Dane Cook
7:I used to read comics when I was a kid. ~ Jeff Bridges
8:Comics are a gateway drug to literacy. ~ Art Spiegelman
9:Comics are a gateway into literature. ~ Francoise Mouly
10:I'm with you until the end of the line. ~ Marvel Comics
11:So many comics have such low self-esteem. ~ Debra Wilson
12:Who needs girls when you've got comics? ~ Grant Morrison
13:Comics don't like to see other comics do well. ~ Carrot Top
14:My mother wouldn't even let me read DC Comics. ~ Wes Craven
15:Now we are living in the age of comics as air ~ Osamu Tezuka
16:Creativity and Innovation produces better comics. ~ Jamal Igle
17:Space does for comics what time does for film! ~ Scott McCloud
18:You and what army of snaggled toothed wine sots? ~ Marvel Comics
19:I hadn't read the Dr. Strange comics growing up. ~ Rachel McAdams
20:I've been ready to die since before you was Born! ~ Marvel Comics
21:I love to be able to support other women comics. ~ Rosie O Donnell
22:Superfast beings shouldn't piss off the comics geek-girl. ~ Gini Koch
23:People still go to Comic-Con because they love comics. ~ Rashida Jones
24:Comics is a great medium to get a lot of stories out. ~ Sergio Aragones
25:There is also a kind of mean-spiritedness with LA comics. ~ David Cross
26:We, the comics that we like, we're all, like, post-humor. ~ Tim Heidecker
27:I have 15,000 comics in a warehouse, all bagged individually. ~ Method Man
28:I was a Marvel guy. I started reading comics when I was a kid. ~ Marc Webb
29:I don't think I am a bible man, Alice--I love comics though. ~ Cameron Jace
30:Hanging out with comics, all they did was make fun of me. ~ Gabriel Iglesias
31:Comics just don't retire. They either die young or they go to 100. ~ Jeff Ross
32:Webcomics are much bigger than any one scene can circumscribe. ~ Scott McCloud
33:The comics are where all the crazy subconscious stuff comes out. ~ Robert Crumb
34:Comics also led a lot of young people to science fiction. ~ Kerry James Marshall
35:I'm not a big fan of the comics competing against each other. ~ Janeane Garofalo
36:That's what I really wanted to do when I was 16, be in comics! ~ Annalena McAfee
37:I read the comics long before I was ever involved with the films. ~ Shawn Ashmore
38:Comics definitely embody the importance of practicing free speech. ~ Ted Alexandro
39:If I die in a plane crash remember to always bag and board your comics. ~ Joe Hill
40:I never really read comics. I bought them, and I would draw them. ~ Bobby Moynihan
41:Jazz, rock and roll, movies and comics are the culture of America. ~ Bill Griffith
42:The only people who like to live alone more than comics are priests. ~ Colin Quinn
43:Comics seldom move me the way I would be moved by a novel or movie. ~ Daniel Clowes
44:I just really respond to comics. I find it a really exciting medium. ~ Ellen Forney
45:I think comics have far more potential than a lot of people realize. ~ Harvey Pekar
46:The most successful comics are always the hardest-working ones. ~ Marcus Brigstocke
47:At the end of the '60s, I was trying to enter the world of comics. ~ Sergio Aragones
48:I love comic book movies, and Marvel Comics obviously are the best. ~ Maria Menounos
49:I think comics have far more potential than a lot of people realize. ~ Harvey Pekar
50:Read comics. All comics. And then cut them open to steal their power. ~ Warren Ellis
51:I'm a comic geek, I love playing video games and I love reading comics. ~ Kellan Lutz
52:I love comics, but I'd rather cut off my thumbs than do nothing but. ~ Molly Crabapple
53:All through my comics career, I was always trying to reinvent the form. ~ Scott McCloud
54:I didn't know the Green Lantern comics at all. I was a Superman reader. ~ Geoffrey Rush
55:I'm a fan myself, so I try to write the kind of comics I want to read. ~ Grant Morrison
56:I wasn't ever a huge fan of comics. Just not one of those kids, you know? ~ Gary Oldman
57:I didn't read comics as a kid - though, obviously, I've read a lot since. ~ Henry Cavill
58:Comics don't usually have very long careers, and I'm 22 years into this. ~ Jeff Foxworthy
59:Comics is a language. It's a language most people understand intuitively. ~ Bill Griffith
60:It would take a lifetime to read all the webcomics published in one year. ~ Scott McCloud
61:While many comics have a secret persona, I fundamentally want to be myself. ~ Dana Carvey
62:Comics are words and pictures. You can do anything with words and pictures. ~ Harvey Pekar
63:I still collect comics. I still have a great love and respect for the genre. ~ Thomas Jane
64:Around comics, I've always been known for, oh, that's not dirty, this is dirty. ~ Bob Saget
65:I'm not opposed to comics on the Internet. It's just not interesting to me. ~ Daniel Clowes
66:It's definitely not the character who it is in the comics, I'll say that much. ~ James Gunn
67:My brother is a comic-book writer, and I was always in love with comics. ~ Adrianne Palicki
68:Well, don't tell Steve Niles but I just don't think horror works in comics. ~ Robert Kirkman
69:Comics can definitely be subversive on the whole, but it's a stylistic thing. ~ Ted Alexandro
70:The testosterone wafted off him like dirt off Pigpen from the Peanuts comics. ~ Susan Fanetti
71:I never read comics as a kid. I guess I was lazy and watched cartoons instead. ~ Kirsten Dunst
72:I'm in awe of comics that do things that I can't do, or haven't tried doing yet. ~ Brad Williams
73:My two biggest influences are Archie comics and Dennis the Menace. ~ Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
74:As a boy, I devoured comics but never saw what we now describe as a picture book. ~ Anthony Browne
75:If he ever got his hands on Scott, Jeremy would be drawing his comics from prison. ~ R G Alexander
76:It seems to be a common denominator with a lot of comics, this low self-esteem thing. ~ Ray Romano
77:The podcast movement was really a creative survival mechanism for standup comics. ~ Chris Hardwick
78:I think theres too much saturated color in comics, thanks to digital color techniques. ~ Ted Naifeh
79:Of course, I started really being a comics fan with the underground stuff in the '70s ~ Glenn Danzig
80:The comics were not only stories to enjoy for me they were drawings that possessed me. ~ Jean Giraud
81:comedians are people who say funny things, and comics are people who say things funny. ~ Staton Rabin
82:Everything you see that makes you think about the comics, I think you should read into it. ~ Avi Arad
83:I never read comics growing up. I didn't have money and I don't like to touch paper. ~ John McLaughlin
84:I was told I make intelligent comics, and then I made a comic about a horse that pooped. ~ Kate Beaton
85:If you look at Marvel Comics, there are very few Marvel characters I would like to write. ~ Garth Ennis
86:We are, in the comics, the last frontier of good, wholesome family humor and entertainment. ~ Bil Keane
87:I learned to read very early so I could read the comics, which I then started to draw. ~ Margaret Atwood
88:Maybe the best comics are written by people who really are at ease in the comic world. ~ Terry Pratchett
89:Deviants and losers and mutants and the loveless...were the proper readers of Marvel comics. ~ Rick Moody
90:If comics are modern mythology, then black participation and representation is crucial. ~ Reginald Hudlin
91:I have to confess I'm not a huge comics fan in the wider sense of comics as an art form. ~ Grant Morrison
92:Like a lot of young people who wanted to be artists, comics were a gateway for me. ~ Kerry James Marshall
93:A lot of comics just joke around, but it's just as important to get the truth out there. ~ Lisa Lampanelli
94:Comic-Con is definitely grown from just being about comics to being about all forms of media. ~ Eric Wight
95:The Pro (a creator-owned Eisner-nominated book for Image Comics, written by Garth Ennis). ~ Lynne M Thomas
96:The reason I started to do comics for kids, the real reason is because it worked for me. ~ Francoise Mouly
97:It's always fun when you see different comics at different weights or with different hair. ~ Hari Kondabolu
98:I've done illustration on the side. But other than that, comics have been my main things. ~ Jaime Hernandez
99:This gentleman is known the width and breadth of the comics world as "that bastard Klaw. ~ Michael Moorcock
100:Comics are actually dubbed by euphemistic label of graphic novel, which became a big deal. ~ Francoise Mouly
101:Comics have a caste system - an editor has to act in a certain way, an artist has to be humble. ~ Jack Kirby
102:I never liked my own species. On why so many of his comics are about animals, in an interview. ~ Gary Larson
103:It's important to continue to change and evolve in the way that the comics change and evolve. ~ David Hayter
104:There's 54 years of X-Men comics by now, so there are a lot of characters to explore. ~ Lauren Shuler Donner
105:I felt like I could never get enough of you even if I melted into you like snow on wet grass. ~ Marvel Comics
106:In the sixties and seventies you could probably name all the great comics. It was still special. ~ Marc Maron
107:I'd love to see more equal representation of female and male cartoonists on the comics page. ~ Cathy Guisewite
108:I'm a world expert on superhero comics. I think maybe only Michael Chabon knows more than me. ~ Salman Rushdie
109:Our hope is that the elementary reading of comics will lead to the joy of reading good books. ~ Nelson Mandela
110:Comedy and terror and autobiography and comics and literature-they're all the same thing. To me. ~ Patton Oswalt
111:Comics are drawings, not photographs, and as such they present a subjective view of reality. ~ Frederik L Schodt
112:I love the medium and I love individual comics, but the business is nothing I would be proud of. ~ Daniel Clowes
113:People have a hard time reading my comics. I think I leave things out, but I feel you should. ~ Brian Chippendale
114:I think the best thing I learned from drawing comics is that it's a great exercise in concision. ~ Patrice Leconte
115:What made me want to go into doing comics was I was working as a laborer with my father, a gardener. ~ Dan DeCarlo
116:I think as time goes by you'll get female comics who are weirder - you'll get a female Mighty Boosh. ~ Jenny Eclair
117:It wasn't until I discovered comics that I actually began to approach drawing as a possible career. ~ Scott McCloud
118:One of the things about comics is people can linger on images and words as long as they want. ~ Kelly Sue DeConnick
119:When anything doesn't hit with a huge laugh, as comics, it feels like, Oh no, oh no, we're sinking. ~ Tim Heidecker
120:Adam didn’t read any comics at all. They never lived up to the kind of things he could do in his head. ~ Neil Gaiman
121:I had no television when I was little, just a stack of old, beat-up comics from the 1950s and 1960s. ~ Daniel Clowes
122:Really, though, I just want to make the kind of comics I wouldn't be embarrassed to read in public. ~ Jamie McKelvie
123:In the comics, Supergirl is quite, um, I hope people won't come to the film expecting that. ~ Helen Slater
124:I've loved comics since I was a kid, collected them, I've always dreamed of being involved in comics. ~ Taika Waititi
125:We're comic. We're all comics. We live in a comic time. And the worse it gets the more comic we are. ~ William Gaddis
126:I don't think the potential for comics in nonfiction has been exploited nearly as much as it could be. ~ Scott McCloud
127:I tend to only read comics written by friends or people I've known. And I'm not a great comic reader. ~ Grant Morrison
128:A lot of the actresses who were around when I started, I don't know where they are. Comics stick around. ~ Margaret Cho
129:Anyone can read comics, and if you don't it's perfectly okay to enjoy the characters in other mediums. ~ Krista Ritchie
130:Comics is all about making it believable and helping people to get completely lost in a fictional world. ~ Dave Gibbons
131:I'd been a fanatic of movies since I was a wee lad, so I got into the films before I got into the comics. ~ Josh Helman
132:I have always loved Las Vegas. It's a traditional place for lounge comics to perform, and I love that. ~ Norm MacDonald
133:Good comics gravitate to each other; you know who's your type of person by watching them onstage, hopefully. ~ B J Novak
134:I'm just an actor who happened to love these [Marvel] comics when I was a kid, and got to rediscover them. ~ Clark Gregg
135:I'm very distanced from the comics industry. I love the comics medium, but I have no time for the industry. ~ Alan Moore
136:In comics at its best, words and pictures are like partners in a dancer and each one takes turns leading. ~ Scott McCloud
137:I try to do things in comics that cannot be repeated by television, by movies, by interactive entertainment. ~ Alan Moore
138:I've always said that I learned the English I know through two sources -- Marvel Comics and Finnegans Wake. ~ Umberto Eco
139:When I was a kid, I would always say I would grow up and make comics. I was right about one of those things. ~ Tim Seeley
140:I do get the comics online I guess but it's such a pain. I'd rather just get them in the paper and read them. ~ Drew Carey
141:It's business, selling comics, you work out what sells and you don't want to muck about with it too much. ~ Eddie Campbell
142:Then I abandoned comics for fine art because I had some romantic vision of being like Vincent Van Gogh Jr. ~ Bill Griffith
143:The main way I start to allocate color is that it comes from the comics. That's where it all starts from. ~ Alexandra Byrne
144:I feel like I understood the language of comics. I had a real fluidity with that medium at a very early age. ~ Daniel Clowes
145:I never go perform somewhere alone. I've done that since day one. I've always taken other comics with me. ~ Gabriel Iglesias
146:If you’ve read any comics, you know superheroes have a critical vulnerability: the society they protect. ~ Karen Marie Moning
147:There are really funny alternative comics and really funny straight comics who write and perform traditionally. ~ David Cross
149:I was cast in 'Thor' back in 2009, so it sort of took me out of the running for anything tied to DC Comics. ~ Jaimie Alexander
150:There were very few women comics when I started out doing stand-up. But I always saw that as a great advantage. ~ Carol Leifer
151:Comics can do any kind of story. It's words and pictures, the only things it can't do are sing and dance. ~ Sean Michael Wilson
152:If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time ~ Marvel Comics
153:In comedy timing is everything, but Betty White is the rarest of comics who seems to have mastered time itself. ~ Brian Williams
154:I was into comics because these were my real male role models, even though at the time, I didn't know it. ~ Brian Michael Bendis
155:There are 10-20 times more male comics than female comics; it's something to do with the social structure of society. ~ Jo Brand
156:Bring you comics in bed, scrape the mold off the bread, and serve you French toast again. Okay, I still get stoned. ~ Sheryl Crow
157:The funniest jokes you know aren't from comics but relatives, friends - from your life. That's the funniest stuff. ~ Dick Gregory
158:To the folks asking how they can become a comics writer if Marvel doesn't accept submissions... YOU WRITE COMICS!! ~ C B Cebulski
159:Comics, for me, is being able to sing alone in the shower. I find it freeing. You just pick up a pen and get to it. ~ Shia LaBeouf
160:I like collecting comics, I like buying comics, I like looking at comics, but I also read comics on digital readers. ~ Geoff Johns
161:Not everyone reads comics, although most people know the major superheroes, but the majority of people play video games. ~ Jim Lee
162:Publishing the lyric books, poetry or comics of other musicians I know. That's the thing I really want to break into! ~ Frank Iero
163:These days, you don't just break into comics once. You have to break in again and again after each job is finished. ~ C B Cebulski
164:You couldn't have small, dying children in a movie without really bringing everyone down, but you can in comics. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
165:Comics are stories; they're like novels or anything else. So the first thing you have to do is become a good storyteller. ~ Stan Lee
166:I'm basically stubborn. If anyone disapproved of my being influenced by comics, I simply ignored them. ~ Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
167:I wouldn't necessarily have been making books about how to make comics if I'd really felt I knew how to make comics. ~ Scott McCloud
168:We don't apologize for a joke. We are comics. We are here to make you laugh. If you don't get it, then don't watch us. ~ Joan Rivers
169:Comedy is a great tool. We [comics] are trying to find ways to use humor to enlighten people without preaching to them. ~ Trevor Noah
170:Scott Adams: From him, I learned how to write a three-panel comic. Probably the best pure writer on the comics page. ~ Stephan Pastis
171:Comedy is a socially acceptable form of hostility and aggression. That is what comics do, stand the world upside down. ~ George Carlin
172:I felt the comics grew because they became the common man's literature, the common man's art, the common man's publishing. ~ Jack Kirby
173:Some people are worried about the future of comics and some people are busy building it. That latter group are my heroes. ~ Gail Simone
174:I collect Wonder Woman - from comics to paraphernalia, and I even have a tattoo of her on my back. I'm a huge Wonder Woman fan! ~ Lights
175:Comics are an international language, they can cross boundaries and generations. Comics are a bridge between all cultures. ~ Osamu Tezuka
176:I enjoy the fact that we have these mobile comics now, which are sort of a cross between a comic book and an animated cartoon. ~ Stan Lee
177:I had a publisher who felt comics were just for little kiddies, so he never wanted me to use words of more than two syllables. ~ Stan Lee
178:I was not a giant comic book fan as a kid, but to the extent that I did read comics, Spider-Man was always my favorite guy. ~ J K Simmons
179:I'm a joke comic. I tell jokes. I like writing a joke, and I like when a joke works, and I like other comics who tell jokes. ~ Dave Attell
180:Children did not abandon comics; comics, in their drive to attain respect and artistic accomplishment, abandoned children. ~ Michael Chabon
181:Everybody that loves Nancy loves it in a slightly condescending way. Nancy is comics reduced to their most elemental level. ~ Bill Griffith
182:There's the shared imagery between hip-hop and comics, with some producers and emcees taking on super hero personas. ~ Ali Shaheed Muhammad
183:Today, comics is one of the very few forms of mass communication in which individual voices still have a chance to be heard. ~ Scott McCloud
184:And that's why people read comics, to get away from the way life works, which is quite cruel and unheroic and ends in death. ~ Grant Morrison
185:When you combine the great stories from the comics with the action and visual excitement of the movies, it doesn't get any better! ~ Stan Lee
186:When I was a kid, I read comics. But when I saw how funny it was, and how wonderfully absurd, I said, "You know, I gotta do this." ~ Adam West
187:I always drew. I don't remember a time when I didn't draw. And I actually drew comics from the age of maybe ten through twelve. ~ Trina Robbins
188:If you’re just getting into the comics, start with Runaways, a series about teenagers who discover their parents are supervillains. ~ Sam Maggs
189:The people who worked in comics were terrific guys. I had a good association with them, and I enjoyed comics for that very reason. ~ Jack Kirby
190:Because we're comics and we pass each other on campus, we know of each other, and a lot of the time there's a mutual respect there. ~ Marc Maron
191:In comics, collaboration saves your life. How well you can work with an artist, a colorist, a letterer, is how good your comic is. ~ Neil Gaiman
192:When I was writing songs, I always thought I'd make more of a career out of the drawings, the comics even more than the music. ~ Daniel Johnston
193:A nice, easy place for freedom of speech to be eroded is comics, because comics are a natural target whenever an election comes up. ~ Neil Gaiman
194:Comics are a particularly esoteric field where you really learn how to do it, by doing it or by learning from other practitioners. ~ Dave Gibbons
195:I am into belly dancing. I used to only hang with comics. Now I have friends who are dancers, and my whole house has a harem feel. ~ Margaret Cho
196:I have worked with a great many comedians as opposed to comics, although I have worked with comics as well, I make the distinction. ~ Bobby Darin
197:I've always been very forward-looking, and it was actually kind of difficult to turn my gaze backwards to look at comics history. ~ Scott McCloud
198:would listen to the radio on Sundays as the announcer read the comics aloud, and he would follow along on his own until he had ~ Malcolm Gladwell
199:Then I read Greg Rucka’s run on Detective Comics – when Batwoman had the lead role – and discovered the art of J.H. Williams III. ~ Lynne M Thomas
200:There's no rap against comics that isn't true. They were sexist, they were racist, you name it - and they kind of gloried in that. ~ Jules Feiffer
201:The way I process things, they way I express myself, is in comics, just as poets process things that they are trying to understand. ~ Ellen Forney
202:Through traditional realism, the comics artist can portray the world without--

--and through the cartoon, the world within. ~ Scott McCloud
203:Comics seemed to have a handle on things. They could sort of disarm and get control over reality. I found it very comforting to laugh. ~ Marc Maron
204:It's Christmas! You just got your Hogwarts acceptance letter, a copy of Action Comics #1, and a brand new car that runs on water! ~ Leah Rae Miller
205:One similarity I see between peers and some of the people who read my books is that comics were definitely an outlet for us. ~ Brian Michael Bendis
206:There's a lot of guy comics who I think are funny, but I generally am more excited about a special or a show where there are females. ~ Margaret Cho
207:The comics I hate are thieves. Nothing's more disgusting than a guy who steals another person's ideas and tries to claim them as his own. ~ Joe Rogan
208:I love getting on You Tube to look at the old comics. I am in my element seeing guys like Jack Benny and Phil Silvers give interviews. ~ Bruce Forsyth
209:It wasn’t until I became best friends with some fellow comics and performers that I realized being an introvert wasn’t a character flaw. ~ Amy Schumer
210:My first work in comics had an Adult theme and I had to create a nom du plume to separate that work and my Children's entertainment. ~ Holly Golightly
211:I have yet to see one of those Comedy Central shows with multiple standup comics that doesn't include someone the size of the Hindenburg. ~ Dick Cavett
212:I stopped doing comics because I found the pressure really high to nail it every time. It's really difficult to be creative all the time. ~ Kate Beaton
213:It's just an easy catchall to describe a style because there are a lot of alternative comics who are completely different from each other. ~ David Cross
214:I wanted to create comics as soon as a I learned humans were behind them, that they were not natural phenomena like trees and boulders. ~ Art Spiegelman
215:My wife and I take what we call our Friday comedy day off. We watch standup comics on TV. The raunchier the better. We love Eddie Izzard. ~ Gene Hackman
216:All comics want to be musicians. There's a part of me that wants to be a serious musician. I love songs about heartache and heartbreak. ~ Sarah Silverman
217:The anomaly is that, as a publishing venture, comics are not doing very well. As a venture that supplies other media, they're incredible. ~ Dennis O Neil
218:There's a Marvel superhero called Black Bolt & his real name is Blackagar Boltagon & that really tells you a lot about superhero comics. ~ Jamie McKelvie
219:The graphic style itself is influenced by a lot of very layered and detailed comics that I read as a kid, like Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue. ~ Toyin Odutola
220:Comedy is a blood sport. It flays the truth and spurts twisted logic. In America, people become comics because we don't have bullfighting. ~ Elayne Boosler
221:Comics were a place where captivating images lit your imagination and showed you that you can create new kinds of people and worlds. ~ Kerry James Marshall
222:There's so much I want to do. I love emotions, I love drama, I love comedy and I also want to take action up to another level, I love comics. ~ Gina Carano
223:That pompous phrase (graphic novel) was thought up by some idiot in the marketing department of DC. I prefer to call them Big Expensive Comics. ~ Alan Moore
224:There were never that many women stand-up comics in the past because the power to make people laugh is also a power that gets people upset. ~ Gloria Steinem
225:When you open box after box of old comics and they're ALL "Archie," you have suffered a trauma from which it is difficult to ever recover. ~ John McLaughlin
226:Women, it seemed, were obliged to be thick-skinned about their own rapes, while comics remained too thin-skinned to handle even mild criticism. ~ Lindy West
227:I've never done anything half-heartedly. It's the reason my comics did well. It's the reason my comics were drawn well. I can't do anything bad. ~ Jack Kirby
228:With comics, you always talk about a big break, but there are a lot of big breaks in your life and not one of them makes a big difference. ~ Anthony Jeselnik
229:If you want to draw comics, you really have to love to draw, as you will be spending many hours sitting down with a pencil or pen in your hand. ~ Dave Gibbons
230:I hate stand-up comics; I think funny is something you are, not something you desperately try to be in front of a roomful of obnoxious people. ~ Peter Cameron
231:Superstar comics artist Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn) even got her start in comics art by submitting outfit ideas to Katy’s 1980s reboot. Katy ~ Hope Nicholson
232:When I was a kid, I read many more Marvel comics than I did DC. As I got older, in high school and then in college, I started reading more DC. ~ David S Goyer
233:Women, it seemed, were obliged to be thick-skinned about their own rapes, while comics remained too thin-skinned to handle even mild criticism. I ~ Lindy West
234:Don't be a jerk to other comics and don't let the business beat you down, stay positive and if you work your ass off you're going to get somewhere. ~ Bill Burr
235:The ancestors of printed comics drew, painted and carved their time-paths from beginning to end, without interruption, ... the infinite canvas. ~ Scott McCloud
236:A lot of superhero stuff now looks great but it's so difficult to read if you don't know how to read comics. I deliberately focus on the story. ~ Jamie McKelvie
237:Comics know that time plus pain equals humor and that we can redeem even awful moments from the past by translating them into a shared experience. ~ Gina Barreca
238:There's a very big part of me that just wants to take all of comics history and toss it on the bonfire. I'd sort of like to get on to the future. ~ Scott McCloud
239:If you don't have that empty white space around everything in the comics, the border of the page, then it feels like you're a little claustrophobic. ~ Ed Brubaker
240:I think it's the fact that I do something different and that I actually have some success with it. That bothers a lot of people... especially comics. ~ Carrot Top
241:I think they [Judy Blume comics] are so different from the Dr. Strange ones are so different from the other, from the other comics which is nice. ~ Rachel McAdams
242:Too many comics today ramble. By the time they get to the punch line, the audience has either gone to sleep, gone to the bathroom or gone to bed. ~ Phyllis Diller
243:Comics? Honestly, that's more a matter of nostalgia for me. I think most of that energy has gone to my love of literature, and my love of film... ~ Jonathan Lethem
244:When you get into making movies, then the physical mundane reality of life must be presented. But in comics you can jack it up and work in shorthand. ~ Walter Hill
245:Playing video games and making comics didn’t look like raw materials for success. In fact, what we were doing looked very similar to fucking around. ~ Jerry Holkins
246:Mike Holmes is insanely talented and his work bristles with the kind of humanity and insight that is rare in comics – or in humans, for that matter. ~ Tom Scharpling
247:I love comics. All I've been doing is reading every day, sitting in the house. Because I've not been feeling too good, so I've been reading and reading. ~ Jason Mewes
248:I think that superhero comics in particular are really useful for talking about big emotions and feelings, and personifying and concretizing symbols. ~ Grant Morrison
249:What is there to say about ChUC other than it's a comedy show done the right way in the right space. Fantastic comics, welcoming audience. Always great. ~ Kyle Kinane
250:So I'm happiest when I'm working with artists and writers, and involved in stories, whether we're talking about animation or movies or comics or television. ~ Stan Lee
251:Certainly, my many years working in the comics industry, creating products that I do not own, has made me rather fierce on the subject of giving up rights. ~ Alan Moore
252:When you're drawing comics, you get very involved in how the story is going to develop and you spend more time daydreaming on that particular subject. ~ Sergio Aragones
253:I wasn't terribly aware of Catwoman. She was a DC comics character and as a kid, I wasn't terribly fond of the DC comics characters. I was a Marvel boy. ~ Benjamin Bratt
254:My monsters were lovable monsters. I gave them names - some were evil and some were good. They made sales, and that's always been my prime object in comics. ~ Jack Kirby
255:I have always loved horror very much. I used to write stories for DC's House of Mystery. It was one of my first jobs writing for comics, and I loved it. ~ Sergio Aragones
256:The misconception is that standup comics are always on. I don't know any really funny comics that are annoying and constantly trying to be funny all the time. ~ Joe Rogan
257:Black comics, they only watch Black comedians. You're a comedian; you're not just a Black comedian. You're a comedian. I try to get that through to everybody. ~ Chris Rock
258:I never think there's any competition between films. I root for everybody's films. I especially have a fond place in my heart for graphic novels and comics. ~ Bruce Willis
259:Marvel Comics announced that the next Captain America will be black. He has the same powers as white Captain America, except he has to show I.D. when he votes. ~ Bill Maher
260:They are not testing comics for drugs. If our job is dependent on that, there would be three working comics in the country, and two of them would have puppets. ~ Marc Maron
261:Comics write to their point of view. If you're an exceedingly irreverent comedian, you've got to see where that point of view fits or produces the most funny. ~ Jim Gaffigan
262:I'm excited for the new crop of gay comics who have never been closeted, who never thought that they needed to put on a dress to tell a joke, and it's exciting. ~ Guy Branum
263:My father was very funny, so I grew up with humor in the house. And I was always really attracted to comedies on TV. I was always really attracted to comics. ~ Susan Stroman
264:The German and the Brazilian market is small. When we went to France they know a lot more, than just the American comics. The audience there was much different. ~ Gabriel Ba
265:I got into underground comics fairly early on and kind of wandered away from the superhero stuff, but I was an art student and I was drawing a lot as a kid. ~ Jonathan Lethem
266:Nobody ever asked me to do anything. Nobody knew what to do. When comics were brand new, nobody knew what kind of comics to make. So you were mostly on your own. ~ Jack Kirby
267:I hated teenagers in comics because they were always sidekicks. And I always felt if I were a superhero, there's no way I'd pal around with some teenager, you know. ~ Stan Lee
268:I think that all comics or humorists, or whatever we are, ask questions. That's what we're supposed to do. But I not only ask the questions, I offer solutions. ~ Roseanne Barr
269:Seriously. Books like these, they want you to conform to their style. You don’t want to have to go make comics for a company that will control your work. ~ Jarrett J Krosoczka
270:There's a punk rock quality to Peter Parker, that I identified with when I read the comics [Spider-Man], and that I really liked. He has this chip on his shoulder. ~ Marc Webb
271:I was born in Detroit. I never really saw myself working in comics, I just fell into it. But it's been one of the best things to happen to a kid from Detroit. ~ Dwayne McDuffie
272:The main difference between illustration and comics is that comics are much, much more work. Every comics page is the equivalent of six to nine illustrations. ~ Molly Crabapple
273:It got to the point in the late 70s and early 80s that I was spending so much money buying golden age comics that I could only justify it if I got work in the media. ~ Bill Mumy
274:We grew out of the superhero comics, but we still liked comics, so we started putting our own experiences in the stories we were doing for our own amusement. ~ Gilberto Hernandez
275:What do the best stand-up comics have in common? They’re driven by obsession. The obsession with continuously refining a small thing can be a quest of its own. ~ Chris Guillebeau
276:I can't think I had much of a sense of humor as long as I remained the only child. When my brother Edward came along we both became comics, making each other laugh. ~ Eudora Welty
277:Talking about my personal life onstage, I've realized I'm not one of those comics who can do that. I can allude to it but I don't want to be a confessional performer. ~ David Rees
278:Comics are so full of amazing work. And I can’t look at a drawing of a woman without thinking of, for instance, Wallace Wood and his amazing way of capturing beauty. ~ Frank Miller
279:When I first got the audition for Shado, I went online and subscribed to DC Comics and read a bunch on Shado and the Yakuza, just to get to know her character better. ~ Celina Jade
280:I've learned a heck of a lot this way [making Dark Tower comics]. I've also learned a lot from the editors at Marvel, who are always an equal part in the creative team. ~ Robin Furth
281:I didn't read comics, growing up. I watched a lot of movies, and those were my comic books. And then, my exposure really increased by becoming affiliated with Spider-Man. ~ Emma Stone
282:I don't care how people read their comics, I want them to read comics. I don't care if they read them on an iPad or a phone or in store, I just want them to read comics. ~ Geoff Johns
283:I've seen too many comics who got their own shows and were undone because they worked for an executive producer who didn't understand their comedy or their sensibility. ~ Carol Leifer
284:There are comics who treat women fairly appallingly. But I can be great friends with them because I don't tend to do that ticking of boxes: it can make life too simplistic. ~ Jo Brand
285:When people say 'What are underground comics?' I think the best way you can define them is just the absolute freedom involved... we didn't have anyone standing over us. ~ Robert Crumb
286:I really believe in the power of comics as an educational thing, even ones as silly as mine, because they're a gateway to the actual thing. They're like an easy entrance. ~ Kate Beaton
287:I tried to get into comics initially after I graduated Clemson in 1994. I spent a year trying to get in, and I quit reading books because not getting in made me sad. ~ Jonathan Hickman
288:Your days of villainy are over, Nightmare."
She scoffed. "You sound like you've read too many comics."
"You sound like you think that's a bad thing," he retorted. ~ Marissa Meyer
289:I grew up reading comics. I was primarily an 'X-Men' fan, but I definitely dressed up as Spider-Man for Halloween when I was, like, 12 years old. Maybe younger than that. ~ Jake Epstein
290:There's two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works. Will Rogers The reason that there are so few women comics is that so few women can bear being laughed at. ~ Anna Russell
291:The reason I love comics more than anything else is that the longest story will be just a few pages. With a novel, it takes so many pages to get to one thing happening. ~ Sergio Aragones
292:I'm 44 now and have been working in comics for most of my adult life. I've been blessed to have had the career that I've had and worked with the many awesome creators I have. ~ Jamal Igle
293:I must have been 3 years old or less, and I remember paging through these comics, trying to figure out the stories. I couldn't read the words, so I made up my own stories. ~ Daniel Clowes
294:In the world of late-night comics, Letterman made us feel any hometown boy from Indianapolis could poke fun at celebrities and politicians and do it right to their faces. ~ Chris Matthews
295:Someone told me that there's a connection to Superman, that in an early edition of the Green Lantern comics, Tomar Re was the envoy to Krypton. That was fascinating to me. ~ Geoffrey Rush
296:The fundament of a superhero is the guy in tights saving innocent people from bad things. It's amazing how infrequently that seems to happen in superhero comics these days. ~ Frank Miller
297:The idea that comics stores, distributors and publishers simply 'give the customers what they want' is nonsense. What the customers wanted they didn't get - and they left. ~ Scott McCloud
298:if male comics want to play the “offended” game, I can’t think of anything more embarrassingly pee-pants than throwing a tantrum because someone didn’t like your fucking joke.) ~ Anonymous
299:I have a very low tolerance for animation. I'm used to the perfect integrity you get from drawing your own comics. There's something about that that animation always loses. ~ Daniel Clowes
300:Comics as art. I do comics as comics, and my opportunity to tell stories. Simple. Basic. Let the characters have the excitement, not the package. That's where I come from. ~ Jaime Hernandez
301:I remember being in a comic shop with my son, with my ten year-old son and he put his hand over my eyes. He was embarrassed about me seeing the comics at Forbidden Planet. ~ Francoise Mouly
302:To me it's so much like Spaced in that way. Um, which I love so much, so I think fans of that and fans of the comics are going to really see that up on the screen. ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead
303:In the comics, it always seems like they are trying to save
the world. It seemed like one should try to make the world a better place because the
inverse makes no sense. ~ Ashlee Vance
304:I've never done a comedy club in my life. It's weird because I don't have the same background as most comics. I don't have a history of going up and only doing eight minutes. ~ Billy Connolly
305:The one thing you don't want to be is a sucky clean comic. I hate sucky clean comics! It's like Christian rock, bro. I'd rather listen to gospel and Christian rock. That's cheating! ~ Godfrey
306:Your stage persona is usually a version of yourself, to varying degrees. Some folks do a full-on character, so that's different. But most comics do some version of themselves. ~ Ted Alexandro
307:I'm in a comic book now. That was cool. That's something that I'm still sorta reeling about, 'cause I read comics as a kid. Someone drew me, and actually did a pretty good job! ~ Rutina Wesley
308:Some comics don't like it when people talk during the set, and it does get a little bit annoying after awhile, but I basically let people dictate what jokes I'm going to do. ~ Gabriel Iglesias
309:I have this certain vision of the way I want my comics to look; this sort of photographic realism, but with a certain abstraction that comics can give. It's kind of a fine line. ~ Daniel Clowes
310:I'm going to take over on the Techno Comics so I'm going to be dealing in the children's merchandising type department. But that's just setting it up and having somebody run it. ~ Majel Barrett
311:Write comic books if you love comic books so much that you want to write them. Don't write them like movies. Comics can do a lot of things that movies can't do, and vice versa. ~ Grant Morrison
312:I was very influenced by comics. The drawing style, definitely, I was interested in. My style of drawing is largely a comic style, but it's also much more obvious than comics. ~ Raymond Pettibon
313:Some comics really thrive on being disrespectful, especially toward women, and it's somehow understood as edgy, but I'm the opposite. I've never liked curse words for that reason. ~ Bryan Callen
314:Gary Larson: The funniest cartoonist I’ve ever seen. His two-volume set (The Complete Far Side) should be the textbook in any course taught on how to be funny on the comics page. ~ Stephan Pastis
315:In the history of comics and movies and music too, it's always when things are at their bottomed-out, either creatively or financially, there's more chance-taking going on. ~ Brian Michael Bendis
316:I think all comics borrow from each other. Only a few have an original voice, and I wasn't one of them. In the end, I couldn't figure out who to steal from, so I stopped doing it. ~ Steve Buscemi
317:I was an 'Ironman' fan. It was in the '70s. I definitely liked comics and drew a lot of panels on my notebook when I should have been studying - probably why I ended up in the arts. ~ Clark Gregg
318:My perfect night would be going out to an awesome restaurant, then heading over to the Comedy Cellar to hang out with other comics, drinking beers and making fun of each other. ~ Anthony Jeselnik
319:Self-publishing is still my basic recommendation to anyone wanting to do comics. Do it. Do it until you get good. Do it after you get good. It's good for your spirit as a creator. ~ Kieron Gillen
320:When I started out, some women comics were jealous of other women comics, thinking, "If she gets "The Tonight Show," I can't." My philosophy always was, "If she did, I can too." ~ Rosie O Donnell
321:Besides, if comics have taught us anything, it's that death is rarely a permanent condition."
"But we're not superheroes," May argued.
"Speak for yourself," Jackdaw told her. ~ Cherie Priest
322:Just looking at pictures used to be considered cheating. No longer. The graphic novel is booming. Comics, heavily illustrated texts, books with no words are now accepted as reading. ~ Jon Scieszka
323:Stories were my passion, whether they were from books, comics or cartoons. I learned them all by heart and was as familiar with the characters as if they were members of my own family. ~ Paul Dini
324:I used to write bits and pieces of comedy material for various comics that were at the Windmill... as well as my film job, I was under contract, I was allowed to do that and everything. ~ Val Guest
325:I went to an art school in Brooklyn and painted Fine Art, if thats what youd call it for eight years in New York, until I saw the first underground comics in the East Village Other. ~ Bill Griffith
326:There are very few comics that understand about exciting the crowd, and that's what I always prided myself on: giving a more confident macho attitude towards delivering material. ~ Andrew Dice Clay
327:I'd say, don't listen to what anyone says: you're good. Go put your anorak on. Get your thick bottle-top specs. Draw your little cartoons and your comics and keep writing to the BBC. ~ Peter Capaldi
328:I wanted to reinvent horror comics. I felt like it was my mission to open people's eyes to the fact that horror comics could be so much more than the popular perception of them. ~ Stephen R Bissette
329:I did auditions at a club called the Comedy Connection. They wanted nothing to do with me. But one night they were doing a night of all women comics, and they invited me to do that. ~ Paula Poundstone
330:I think those with knowledge of the comics may expect things that will not be happening in the movies. Those who don't know what has happened in the comics will be shocked at what we do. ~ Kevin Feige
331:It was an unwritten law that black comics were not permitted to work white nightclubs. You could sing and you could dance, but you couldn't stand flat-footed and talk; that was a no-no. ~ Dick Gregory
332:The scene reminded Lita of a Marvel Comics movie where the hero tries to blend in among mortals, but is so obviously everyone’s savior. Her savior. If he would only allow himself to be. ~ Tessa Bailey
333:We thought everybody read comics. We didn't know we were weird. We didn't know people that collected comics were strange. It was as normal as listening to rock music on the radio. ~ Gilberto Hernandez
334:He has no interest in comics. He doesn’t understand the difference between serious graphic novels and Saturday-morning cartoons with wide-eyed tweetybirds and floppy-limbed cats. ~ Emily St John Mandel
335:I know a lot of people that still buy comics, go to the shop every week, I know people who read them on an iPad. My brother reads on an iPad every week, he downloads his comics every week. ~ Geoff Johns
336:A study last year showed that the page you turn to first in the newspaper can be a predictor of how long you will live. No surprise, turning first to the Comics Pages prolongs your life. ~ Elayne Boosler
337:For the record,” I interject, “I don’t agree with Lo. I’m not a comic book elitist.” Anyone can read comics, and if you don’t it’s perfectly okay to enjoy the characters in other mediums. ~ Krista Ritchie
338:Growing up devouring horror comics and novels, and being inspired to become a writer because of horror novels, movies, and comic books, I always knew I was going to write a horror novel. ~ Colson Whitehead
339:I remember 9/11; we had 'Comics Come Home' about a month after those events. That night, even the comedians were concerned. Would the audience be ready to laugh? It was a release for everyone. ~ Denis Leary
340:Clary had demanded that Simon accompany her to her bridesmaid's dress fitting so afterwards they could shop for comics and she can feel, in her words, like "less of a frilled-up girly-girl. ~ Cassandra Clare
341:Regular panelists on shows can be terrifying. They own that space, and many guest comics suspect they are favoured in the edit, while their own hilarious jokes end up being ejected into the ether. ~ Jo Brand
342:So many of these comics are just frustrated singers or actors - they want to get a gig doing a sitcom. It's paint-by-the-numbers comedy, lame joke-telling. They're drawn to it as a career move. ~ Sam Kinison
343:If a good cartoonist can make a living making his comics, he'll continue to do that; the lesser insincere cartoonist that gets a lot of press will fall by the wayside eventually. ~ Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
344:Comics, a lot of them, are really depressed people, and I happen to be somebody that does have a lot of confidence. That's the odd thing about my stand-up. I am very confident. I always was. ~ Andrew Dice Clay
345:Comics were going down for the second time and here, all of a sudden, came this thing and for the next fifteen years, romance comics were about the top sellers in the field; they outsold everything. ~ Gil Kane
346:Most - and I mean maybe 99% or more - graphic novels are simply fat comicbooks. The term is a bogus, cocked-up concept some marketing whizkid conceived to get comics on the shelves of bookstores. ~ Jim Steranko
347:Most of the comics that I talk to I've never talked to for more than ten minutes ever. So 95 percent of the time you're really hearing the first conversation between me and that guy on the podcast. ~ Marc Maron
348:[Comics] were viewed as the literary equivalent of bubblegum cards, meant to be poked into the spokes of a young mind where they would produce a satisfying but entirely bogus rumble of pleasure. ~ Michael Chabon
349:I don't think comics necessarily think in literary terms. There is an element of developing your stage persona and your comedic voice, but I don't think comics see it like a character in a novel. ~ Ted Alexandro
350:That's why when I talk to younger comics, and they say, 'Well I need this and this, and I need so and so,' I tell them they don't need nothing. All you need is some great idea and go shoot it. ~ Donnell Rawlings
351:The whole idea of comedy, there is nothing normal about going up on stage to make strangers laugh. But I'm also not an exhibitionist like other comics. I'm not up there talking about masturbating. ~ Jim Gaffigan
352:When I was nine years old I use to copy ( not trace ) the covers of the Donald Duck comics. Many years later I became a close friend of Jack Hannah, the director of the Donald Duck film shorts. ~ William Jackson
353:The Joker as sadistic chaos, the Batman as merciless order. This mirror-image theme would come to define the two characters' relationship in the comics and across all media for the next forty years. ~ Glen Weldon
354:When I was growing up in comedy, there were maybe 10 comics in the whole country. Everyone had a day job. You worked free for years in little clubs, then you got your big break and became a star. ~ Elayne Boosler
355:I do enjoy them. I get to meet the next generation of comics and help them out. Big comics doing small shows was something that used to happen a lot more back in the day. I wish there was more of that. ~ Bill Burr
356:When I was in the business as a young performer, it was a recognised fact that when you got to 60 you were out, because there'd be a new crop of comics coming up all the time, every 10 years or so. ~ Bruce Forsyth
357:I confess I didn't read the 'Green Arrow' comics before coming to play Shado. The comic books are not as easily accessible in Hong Kong as they are in the States. I do enjoy superhero fiction, though. ~ Celina Jade
358:I do know that people enjoy reading a comic book and saving it and collecting the comics. And sharing them and trading them with friends. That may be something you can't do as easily with digital comics. ~ Stan Lee
359:Whether I'm doing music or I'm walking down the street or I'm in a record store buying a record or I walk into a comic store and I'm buying comics or having a drink with my friends, it's the same me. ~ Glenn Danzig
360:I've been reading Ed Brubaker comics since the first appearance of Ed Brubaker comics and every single time he announces a new title I mutter to myself: ugh! I wish I would've thought of that! ~ Brian Michael Bendis
361:Like most comics, I tried to come up with a sitcom idea that was based around my life. And it didn't work out. But maybe because it didn't work out, that's why I ended up on 'Breaking Bad;' I don't know. ~ Bill Burr
362:I have a suspicion - I have to be careful what I say - that you might actually find the best comics actually written by people who are comics writers and who aren't setting out to do graphic novels. ~ Terry Pratchett
363:Once there was a time when more girls than boys read comics, a time when comics for girls sold in the millions, outnumbering every other kind of comic book.
And it all started with Archie. ~ Trina Robbins
364:With comics it's very close, like, "I don't want to say anything onstage that I wouldn't say offstage." Or vice versa. I say "faggot" in my special and in the joke I am the faggot, if that makes sense. ~ Neal Brennan
365:The world is full of terrible things, including rape, and it is okay to joke about them. But the best comics use their art to call bullshit on those terrible parts of life and make them better, not worse. ~ Lindy West
366:Whereas there are lots of good novels out there; there are a few good movies out there. People have been writing great poems for years, but there aren't a lot of good comics. I like trying to write them. ~ Neil Gaiman
367:I have read countless comics books while listening to hip hop, and as a young one, I wasted countless hours practicing nunchuks to Schoolly D's "Saturday Night." I would give anything for a video of that. ~ Axel Alonso
368:I started a radio show where I interviewed comics. And I interviewed Leno and Seinfeld and John Candy and Father Guido Sarducci and Garry Shandling, all when I was 16. And they kind of told me what to do. ~ Judd Apatow
369:The comics medium has some unusual features that do make it very different, in that it's combining a verbal narrative with a visual one that allows for much richer possibilities of transmitting information. ~ Alan Moore
370:It's a measure of how far I've come that I didn't bother to say, "This is impossible."

I'd gotten the hang of it now.

-Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (comics adaptation by Mike Carey and Glenn Fabry) ~ Mike Carey
371:I've always loved comic books. As a kid, I used to read cowboy stories and historical comics about other worlds, unknown places that would take me out of myself and which helped to develop my imagination. ~ James Herbert
372:In today's America He (Jesus) has moved from the central figure of world history to source material for late-night comics and pundits who would not dare treat other religious leaders with such disrespect. ~ David Jeremiah
373:I think most other comics are like, 'I'm going to do my fkin' act and that'll be that.' With me, it's like, 'What if I forget my jokes? What if I can't pull it together? This is going to be a fking disaster!' ~ Marc Maron
374:Male comics are always coming up to me and they're like 'Hey Natasha. Don't you think you're a little attractive to be a comedian?' and I'm like 'Don't you think you're a little ugly to be talking to me?' ~ Natasha Leggero
375:There is a visual narrative that is implicitly understandable even when you don't understand the words and in a good comic, and they are hard to find, but good comics have parallel intertwined narratives. ~ Francoise Mouly
376:A lot of comics claimed to be political comedians when George W. Bush was in office just by calling him an idiot. For me, Obama is actually more interesting comically, because not everybody can figure it out. ~ W Kamau Bell
377:Here's a tip for all you aspiring young comics: Don't beat up the customers. It is very difficult to get laughs from an audience when you've actually drawn blood from one of their number. It kills the mood. ~ Craig Ferguson
378:I don't want you to think that I'm up late reading a stack of Spider-Man comics and eating a tray of lemon cookies while sucking my thumb. I'm not doing that. But I am loyal to the influences of my childhood. ~ Nicolas Cage
379:One of my favorite comics is Love and Rockets by the Hernandez Brothers. They do such a wonderful job of showing you how the character of Maggie ages and really doesn't present that with any kind of judgment. ~ Cliff Chiang
380:The reason I love comics is that they DON'T move, and there is NO sound. As a creator I have to evoke those elements in the drawings and writing, and the reader has to create those elements in their own minds. ~ Dave McKean
381:There's quite an overlap between musicians - especially drummers - who have an affection and a proclivity towards comedy and comedians who fantasize about being in a band. And a lot of comics play instruments. ~ David Cross
382:Back when Jerry Seinfeld was just another comedian hanging around the clubs, I'd imitate him to amuse myself and the other comics. The club owners would say, 'What are you doing that for? Nobody knows him.' ~ Gilbert Gottfried
383:I would make a comic for Rolling Stone every two weeks, because they're biweekly. And then I would make weekly comics for my weekly papers. It was on two parallel tracks. And then they all got collected in a book. ~ David Rees
384:So the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is out there preserving and fighting for, and sometimes winning and sometimes losing, the fight for First Amendment rights in comics and, more generally, for freedom of speech. ~ Neil Gaiman
385:But I couldn't draw as fast as she requested. Thus, I tried to create the worst abomination of a comic that I could, so as to make her not want comics anymore. That abomination, my friends, was Happy Noodle Boy. ~ Jhonen V squez
386:Comics speak, without qualm or sophistication, to the innermost ears of the wishful self. The response is like that of a thirsty traveler who suddenly finds water in the desert - he drinks to satiation. ~ William Moulton Marston
387:I'm only 24 so I like to think I'm still close enough to 17 to still remember what it was like. Besides, I could just fake it and get away with it... it's not like there are any teenagers that still read comics. ~ Robert Kirkman
388:I think the genre of comics sometimes overtakes the medium, and people assume that they are kind of frivolous. If you have a good, strong story teller, they can be as affecting as any character in literature. Period. ~ Chip Kidd
389:I am new to superhero comics, though growing up I read Archie comics, religiously. I've been doing a lot of catching up, reading what's out there and it's been wonderful to see what's going on in contemporary comics. ~ Roxane Gay
390:Jeff Foxworthy had that whole "You might be a redneck" thing; Larry the Cable Guy had "Git-R-Done." Some comics have that hook. Dane Cook had that super finger. So I just caught on early on. I ran with "Fluffy." ~ Gabriel Iglesias
391:I always wanted to be a writer, but Alan Moore's work and help inspired me to write comics. In some ways the biggest influence on me writing was Punk. There was the idea that you could do something by simply doing it. ~ Neil Gaiman
392:I think I related more literally to the early 'Spider-Man' comics from Steve Ditko because it could be upfront and direct about the problems of being a kid. He captured being a teenager so beautifully. ~ Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
393:he beauty of this world [of comics] is there are so many stories to tell, and there's so many wonderful characters. Wonderful characters we haven't even begun to introduce - it's a world that is infinitely expandable. ~ Bruno Heller
394:A lot of comics are kind of vampire types; we do our shows and disappear into the night. My philosophy was, this is like politics, and if I want people to know about my campaign, I'm going to go out there and shake hands. ~ Dane Cook
395:The quickest way to defuse fear or insecurity or anger is usually humor. I think comics figure that out quickly, and, once you figure it out, you think, 'Hey, if I can do this and get paid, that would be kind of cool. ~ Billy Gardell
396:Comics, as good as they might be, they didn't know much about performance. There aren't too many comics you could watch for an hour without getting tired. They might have good material, but it's about theater to me. ~ Andrew Dice Clay
397:From my personal taste, it needed more of a visual style. It's so hard when you're adapting something that's so visually scrumptious like Mike Oeming's drawings. They're so unique to comics, but they're a voice. ~ Brian Michael Bendis
398:Al Plastino helped redefine Superman in the 1950s. His work on Supermans Girlfriend, Lois Lane, Adventure Comics and pretty much any title in the Superman family will be fondly remembered for years to come. He will be missed. ~ Jim Lee
399:In film, a lot of the time you're not as engaged, it is all being given to you, and you're accepting it as it comes in, but in comics, as a reader, you are going to have to work, your imagination needs to do an awful lot. ~ Neil Gaiman
400:I love meeting fans. The people who are fans of my books are really smart and dedicated, because some independent comics are hard to get. I will drive all the way to Pittsburgh or Detroit to put it in their hands. ~ Brian Michael Bendis
401:I tell young comics, 'Do you want this badly enough? It's there. But you have to go get it. And if you think I'm going to give you the key to the lock of that door, there is no key, there is no lock, and there is no door.' ~ Jerry Lewis
402:Maybe I read too many comics as a kid,” Musk said. “In the comics, it always seems like they are trying to save the world. It seemed like one should try to make the world a better place because the inverse makes no sense. ~ Ashlee Vance
403:Because of the failed take-over bid by Walt Disney Studios of Harvey Comics in 1955, the Disney studio began a rumor that Casper was the first child experimented on, and subsequently killed by, Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. ~ Conor Lastowka
404:As a small kid, I came across things like these early Edward Gorey books in department-store bookstores. These were these really unusual objects to me. I didn't know how they fit into the comic world or into newspaper comics. ~ Ben Katchor
405:I wouldn't want to be defined so much by comics or cartoons. My work is more narrative than that. If you take your basic cartoon, there's always a punchline or a joke at the end. My drawings don't depend on that so much. ~ Raymond Pettibon
406:I think comics in New York are interested in being comics. And there're comics in L.A. who are touring comics, who are certainly more interested in stand-up, but a lot of L.A. stand-ups are really looking to do something else. ~ Lewis Black
407:The only negative about doing stand-up is that you're on the road by yourself. When you're on the road with comics we just crack each other up every night going, "Can you believe they're paying us to do this? They're crazy. ~ Jeff Foxworthy
408:They lie on their stomachs and page through comics, feeling the pleasure of being outside of school, glancing at each other now and then as if curious to learn whether their friendship will continue to exist in another place. ~ Anthony Doerr
409:Comics in the United States have become such a caricature. You have to have incredible people doing incredible things, but in Japan it seems like the most popular comics are the comics of normal people doing normal things. ~ Frederik L Schodt
410:It has become cliché to say I laughed until I cried, but when I'm done reading one of [Kupperman's] underground comics my shirt is literally soaking wet. This guy may have one of the best comedy brains on the planet right now. ~ Conan O Brien
411:Though to the average person that you'll meet on an airplane, if you tell them you draw comics, they'll still have sort of the same response - not like that's seeped into the culture at large, that comics are not just for kids. ~ Daniel Clowes
412:You remember the comics in the Daily News? Dick Tracy’s wrist radio? it’ll be everywhere, the rubes’ll all be begging to wear one, handcuffs of the future. Terrific. What they dream about at the Pentagon, worldwide martial law. ~ Thomas Pynchon
413:And I've always loved commercials. I like working out how to organically weave a brand's message into the writing process. It's like an improv show, where comics ask the audience to throw out a word and a skit is built around it. ~ Jason Bateman
414:What I've found in my career is that 70 to 75 percent of comics are nice and have some sense of social skills, but there are those who end up in comedy because they don't know how to socialize. I don't want to deal with that group. ~ Lewis Black
415:The final two issues of the Englehart/Rogers/Austin collaboration, Detective Comics #475 and #476, are now esteemed alongside the greatest Batman stories ever created and would provide the seed for Tim Burton’s 1989 feature film. In ~ Glen Weldon
416:I grew up when comics were only sold in food markets and news stands, so the direct market is vital to me. The best way to make it stronger is if everybody buys my comics in multiple copies before they buy any others. ~ Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
417:Comic scripts are full-on collaborations, not only with your artist, but your editors and colorists and letterers and PR folks, etc. Writing comics reminds me of my days as a journalist, working on a staff of fun, smart people. ~ Duane Swierczynski
418:I love telling stories. And even in single images, I tend to have stories inside them. I've always loved film, but I was making drawings and paintings and photographs. And you put art and narrative together, and that really is comics. ~ Dave McKean
419:All the subject matter I talk about isn't new; all comics talk about the same things. But it's how you talk about them or present them or what you look like up there that makes the difference between an okay comic and a great one. ~ Andrew Dice Clay
420:I found one remaining box of comics which I had saved. When I opened it up and that smell came pouring out, that old paper smell, I was struck by a rush of memories, a sense of my childhood self that seemed to be contained in there. ~ Michael Chabon
421:Unfortunately, I am not one of those comics where it's guaranteed that I hit it out of the park every time. You know, I am not completely reliable. It's always different, and it's a complete crapshoot whether I'm going to do well. ~ Janeane Garofalo
422:Comics know that they do best. They might not be best to rewrite to another person's comedy, but they know what is best for them. Luckily, I come from both a writing background - with 'Workaholics' - and I also act in what I've written. ~ Adam DeVine
423:I prefer working out of strict continuity, because no normal human being can have a firm grip on the constantly shifting bardo-like territory of a comics universe, where entire histories can be erased by a strong enough super-sneeze. ~ Grant Morrison
424:I think comics will always be around. I think there's something nice about a comic book. People love to hold 'em, turn the pages, fold 'em up, roll 'em up, stick 'em in their back pocket, show 'em to a friend, and say, "Hey, look at this." ~ Stan Lee
425:You go, well you can't joke about race. Well if you're from a different race and that's your experience of the world and you want to talk about that, then fine. Or you can't talk about disability, but disabled comics can talk about that. ~ Jimmy Carr
426:A lot of comics aren't their on-screen personas; Chris Rock isn't always ranting and raving. What I do is make myself this over-the-top character that people either find endearing or they think is a joke. Then I can do anything I want. ~ Billy Eichner
427:Children read to learn - even when they are reading fantasy, nonsense, light verse, comics or the copy on cereal packets, they are expanding their minds all the time, enlarging their vocabulary, making discoveries - it is all new to them. ~ Joan Aiken
428:Any comic can get on the radio show and be funny. You can get that on any morning radio show or afternoon radio show. There are plenty of people who do that. It's not a difficult format, to sit around with two or three comics and be funny. ~ Marc Maron
429:I've been using easy-to-understand DC Comics-surrogates to describe him: imagine if Darkseid's son, Orion, joined the Green Lantern Corps to train them to stop Darkseid. That's essentially what Victory is doing in the Galactic Rangers. ~ Sterling Gates
430:The strange thing about Roman soldiers in the comics was the amount of trouble they took over their armor and their helmets, and then, after all that, they left their legs bare. It didn't make any sense at all. Weatherwise or otherwise. ~ Arundhati Roy
431:We as comics do want an immediate response from the audience. It's really quiet on the set, and there are only the producers, and the director, so a comic is looking for someone to give a reaction, even if it is the camera guy. ~ Cedric the Entertainer
432:Detective Comics first appeared in 1937. Superman, written and drawn by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, made his debut in Action Comics #1 in June 1938. Superman was unstoppable; soon, a million Superman comics were being sold every month.45 ~ Jill Lepore
433:The one difference between comics and, say, cinema or prose, is that you've only got so many pages, and publishers will work to a set page count. So you have to work out how many pages you actually have and how much to allow for each story. ~ Leah Moore
434:There's a great deal of disturbance in this country and how black feel about what happened in Katrina, and, you know, many of the comics, many of performers are in Las Vegas and New Orleans trying to raise money for what happened there ~ Michael Richards
435:When comics came along in the 1930s there was a talent pool waiting. And one reason is so many areas were closed to Jews. Colleges, advertising agencies, many of the corporations - the doors that were closed led to the one that was open. ~ Jerry Robinson
436:One of the wonderful things that I've always loved as an art student, what I always loved about comics, was that they are interpreted differently by different graphic artists all the time, so now film is doing that thanks to Marvel Studios. ~ Tilda Swinton
437:If you’re not falling, you’re not really trying hard enough. JOE QUESADA Joe Quesada is an award-winning comics creator and the chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment, who served as editor-in chief of Marvel for over a decade. ~ Brian Michael Bendis
438:Right from the outset, the prevailing mindset in British comics fandom was a radical and progressive one. We were all proto-hippies, and we all thought that comics would be greatly improved if everything was a bit psychedelic like Jim Steranko. ~ Alan Moore
439:I started on the original comics from Stan Lee and all the artists and storytellers did from there, and I got to the graphic novel that Chris Clairmont did, which is the one Stryker comes from - God Loves, Man Kills, which is a brilliant story. ~ Josh Helman
440:Others may dispute this, we have tried to keep that sense of experimentation and putting new people up alive. And we haven't become a show, where we're like, "We know the 20 comics who are good and we're just going to keep on recycling them." ~ Scott Aukerman
441:The good news is that the comics field is small enough and informal enough that once you have made a comic, you have achieved your dreams: you have broken into the comics industry. The problem with breaking in, though, is that staying in is harder. ~ Greg Pak
442:"Comic book" has come to mean a specific genre, not a story form, in people's minds. So someone will call Die Hard "a comic-book movie," when it has nothing to do with comic books. I'd rather have comics be the vehicle by which stories are told. ~ Frank Miller
443:Comics who grew up surviving their childhood by being able to be the first one to make the joke about their weight or their hairy arms - like me - whatever they're insecure about, whatever they're apologizing for, that becomes their strength. ~ Sarah Silverman
444:I'm still working! I think of all the other comics that didn't get the light shined on them, just because it's just how fame works, and it's unfortunate. But there are so many great comics out there who are still working, and I still see them. ~ Louie Anderson
445:In a funny way, you could say he taught me how to write super-hero comics. He said, “What you do is you take a soap opera, and you take out all the sex scenes and replace them with people punching each other. That’s it. It’s the same structure. ~ Patrick Meaney
446:I was a big TV kid.When I was a kid, I would go home at 3:00 and watch TV straight through to the end of Letterman at 1:30 in the morning.I was obsessed with comics.And I would watch Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno and study them as if it was Tolstoy. ~ Judd Apatow
447:I try not to see new comics - their acts or their films. Part of that is professional. I don't want to be influenced. But another part is fear and jealousy. I'm afraid to see how good they might be. I don't like that emotion, but it's part of me. ~ George Carlin
448:I don't think schooling of any sort really prepares you for real life. I don't know if art school would have prepared me to draw comics. Half of the people I know in comics went to art school, half of them didn't. Some of them went and dropped out. ~ Dave Gibbons
449:If you get a chance, whenever you're traveling, do go to the local boutique comic book shop and don't buy your comics online 'cause those guys are going to go extinct, in a minute here, and we want to be able to have those experiences with our kids. ~ Nicolas Cage
450:When I first got interested in comics at the time I was studying architecture and I discovered comics as a medium through listening to Art who was courting me by reading me Little Nemo and Krazy Kat by George Herriman. It was really very effective. ~ Francoise Mouly
451:I had been writing comic books for years and I was doing them to please a publisher, who felt that comics are only read by very young children or stupid adults. And therefore, we have to keep the stories very simplistic... And those were all things I hated. ~ Stan Lee
452:I'm a huge Marvel fan and the fact that they take the liberties that they do in filmmaking I think, if anything, that it dignifies the comics and it says, "Yeah. This is a strong enough, robust enough source. We can bend it, it's elastic. It's bouncy." ~ Tilda Swinton
453:It's too bad for us "literary" enthusiasts, but it's the truth nevertheless -- pictures tell any story more effectively than words . . . If children will read comics . . . why isn't it advisable to give them some constructive comics to read?. ~ William Moulton Marston
454:The magic of comics is that there are three people involved in any comic. There's whoever's writing it and whoever's drawing it. And then there's whoever's reading it because they are creating the movement. They are creating the illusion of time passing. ~ Neil Gaiman
455:To me, comedians are the last great storytellers because they depict their stories and create their effect with so few words. In the span of a couple minutes, stand-up comics can communicate more emotion than most novels do in hours worth of reading. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
456:The comics I read as a kid were much more influenced by TV and movies. Encountering superheroes as an adult without that kind of childhood sentimentality, it just doesn't allow you, or in my case at least, it wouldn't let me take the characters seriously. ~ Garth Ennis
457:There are certain comics that just seem like they have this perfect balance between dialogue and image that I can't not read. I'll want to save it for later, and the next thing I know, I'm reading it. That's what I'm kind of trying to do with my comics. ~ Daniel Clowes
458:I like doing whatever interests me. It's a challenge for me to try to make good comics out of any genre I tackle. I trust my instincts in getting me through the more difficult genres for modern readers, like violent crime or horror stories. ~ Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
459:I live making comics. Comics is an industrial art but less suffering, because comics are for young people who are more adventurous. I do that. I live off comics, and then I write books, but when you want movies, you cannot make movies without money. ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky
460:I went to art school, but I didn't last because in those days you couldn't take comics as a course. And they weren't even teaching you to draw real things, they were really into abstracts, and I was not into abstracts, so art school and I did not work out. ~ Trina Robbins
461:I personally have no need to make a strict definition of the medium. I am more interested in what can be done with comics than how it can be described, and if I want to remain truly open to the creative possibilities, the less I define the medium, the better. ~ Jason Lutes
462:It took Marvel Comics years to begin to put together any worthwhile superheroines. The first crop was, to a gal, embarrassingly disappointing. They had all the measly powers that fifties and sixties male chauvinism could contrive to bestow on a superwoman. ~ Michael Chabon
463:The strange thing about Roman soldiers in the comics, according to Rahel, was the amount of trouble they took over their armour and their helmets, and then, after all that, they left their legs bare. It didn’t make any sense at all. Weatherwise or otherwise. ~ Arundhati Roy
464:While we can generalize when describing a given medium as hot or cool, all media can be said to possess both hot and cool aspects to varying degrees, and part of what I try to do with comics is figure out when and how the temperature needs raising or lowering. ~ Jason Lutes
465:I have had issues with depression all my life, and it's probably true to say there was a tendency towards it even when I was very young, during my schooldays. There was often - and this is quite common with comics - a sense of not feeling as if I belonged anywhere. ~ Jack Dee
466:It's always interesting to see what the real enthusiasts think, but they're rarely representative of the tastes of the wider audience, so I tend to write for myself, for an imagined smart 14-year-old, and for a couple of friends who are still big comics fans. ~ Grant Morrison
467:He selected a honey-soaked pastry and asked for strong Greek coffee and ice water, then put three bucks in the newspaper machine and selected World, Local, and Comics. He read the comics first, as always, to fortify himself. The world news was predictably bleak. ~ Joe Haldeman
468:I didn't really get into underground comics, though I've liked some of what I've seen. Dame Darcy was very impressive to meet, really talented. In general, I've always been more interested in searching out music, so I think I miss out on a lot of underground art. ~ Neil Farber
469:I`ve not really been angling to be a comedian. I knew comics and I loved them and I loved being funny, but I didn't understand the whole concept of becoming one. My first couple of times on stage, I was like, "This is what I'm doing for sure." I was so excited. ~ Mitch Hedberg
470:There are a lot of comics at the top end making staggering amounts of money and selling out stadiums. I think stand-up is a more intimate thing than that. Maybe because of the kind of comedy I do. It's like a discussion, but I'm the one with the microphone. ~ Marcus Brigstocke
471:And as a stand-up comic, that's the one thing I'm a little uncomfortable with. I'm not uncomfortable with sincerity in my regular life, but, like in terms of my product that I offer, I think that it's weird, because comics used to be way more sincere in the '80s. ~ Moshe Kasher
472:[Being a good comedian] is a skill, but it's also a weird thing that only certain people can do. I always equate it to surgeons and how they can just cut people open and operate. Certain people are just wired differently, and I feel like comics are the same way. ~ Nick Swardson
473:I really like dating stories, like in Betty and Veronica comics; I like David Lynch and H.P. Lovecraft for the dark gut-wrenching stuff, and I'm inspired by Miyazaki's films for the subtle heart-warming moments, as well as the moments that blew up my imagination. ~ Fred Seibert
474:To me, Clark Kent in a phone booth and Houdini in a packing crate, they were one and the same thing," he would learnedly expound at WonderCon or Angoulême or to the editor of The Comics Journal . "You weren't the same person when you came out as when you went in. ~ Michael Chabon
475:Glenn and I were listening to a radio show in the car, and he said, "Glass Eye Pix should do radio plays." I loved the idea of working in a different medium. We've made comics, books, movies, video games, models, advent calendars, why wouldn't we try audio plays? ~ Larry Fessenden
476:Lo pitched Superheroes & Scones to his father as a marketing strategy for Halway Comics. But I know the idea has nothing to do with his company. What he did was buy me something of my own, something I could look forward to after college. He found me happiness… ~ Krista Ritchie
477:Some people are just really goofy kind of guitar acts, and they go out and do these colleges and start making a fortune pretty early on. And other people - I know guys who are great comics, who've done the Letterman show many times, who still barely pay their bills. ~ Greg Giraldo
478:What comics sacrifice and what lives they live - I know that most of their lives, their adult lives, they're sitting around or walking around with notebooks, writing things down. Usually they're fairly sensitive. Usually they're very bright. And that makes them poets. ~ Marc Maron
479:Certainly the goal with any sort of storytelling is to have an impact, to touch on some reader's life. And in some cases, there may be stories that actually have a particular goal like that in mind. So yeah, that sort of thing does happen in comics, fairly regularly. ~ Tom Brevoort
480:Sometimes I have young comics that ask me, "What should I do when I meet an agent or a manager and they ask me stuff?" And I say, "Well, they always usually ask, 'Where do you see yourself in five years, 10 years, 15 years?' And it's good to have an answer for that." ~ Baron Vaughn
481:There's plenty of ways you can go and encourage people. And you should do that. But don't demonize what you do, I do, what other comics are doing, when you see people showing up and listening and responding because they've heard the messaging in the new kind of way. ~ Lizz Winstead
482:The shows need youth. All of our comics are getting too famous to do the show regularly. The people who are regulars five years ago, a lot of them have moved on and can't do the show anymore. We can't really get Jim Gaffigan anymore, we can't get Nick Swardson anymore. ~ B J Porter
483:I entered high school she[ my mother] said, "Well, you're a teenager now, and comics are for kids, so you shouldn't read them anymore," and I went, "Oh, okay," and I gave away what, of course, would now be thousands of dollars worth of comics to the neighborhood kids. ~ Trina Robbins
484:I think that Spider-Man is a part of our culture. He's a perennial character. He's something that's constantly reexamined and there are so many versions of him in the comics that it was something that I thought that we could do cinematically. He belongs on the big screen. ~ Marc Webb
485:Over the last ten years, breaking into comics has changed so much. There used to be specific ways about how to do it ... and now, just like there are so many different ways people are getting exposed to comics, there's no single way that people are breaking in anymore. ~ C B Cebulski
486:I don't think stand-up is being appreciated as much as it could be and I don't think it has for a long time. There's some great stand-up comics who come to a town and if they're not a name, they don't attract a crowd but in reality there are brilliant people out there. ~ Mitch Hedberg
487:I do like to keep abreast of what the hardcore vocal members of the comics-reading audience are talking about on Internet message boards, but there are so few of them, as a percentage of the buying audience, that I can't allow their opinions to dictate story direction. ~ Grant Morrison
488:I grew up on the crime stuff. Spillane, Chandler, Jim Thompson, and noir movies like Fuller, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang. When I first showed up in New York to write comics back in the late 1970s, I came with a bunch of crime stories but everybody just wanted men in tights. ~ Frank Miller
489:We all have an aggressive dedication to the narrative arts - comics, film, electronic gaming, and more. We spend much of our time and effort exploring those forms and have an enormous investment in the arts. We're all part of the same brotherhood as far as I'm concerned. ~ Jim Steranko
490:The comics that are just conversing with you up there and drawing on their own life, yeah, I guess so. I guess some do political humor, some do topical humor, but the ones that I like, the ones that are appealing to me, were guys who were just talking to you about their life. ~ Ray Romano
491:In recent years I have become more interested in making the critical ideas that I love teaching and talking about available in more forms, because many people prefer to engage with ideas in films, infographics, comics and other forms that are not traditional books or articles. ~ Dean Spade
492:India is an incredibly vibrant market, which Virgin already, through Virgin Atlantic, has the pleasure of working in. I am delighted that Virgin Comics will not only help to launch the Indian comic market and spin it into the West, but will develop new and exciting talent. ~ Richard Branson
493:There's a widespread cultural barrenness across art and political culture. But there are some pockets of resistance on the extreme margins, like the techno-savvy protest movements, small press, the creator-owned comics, that seem to be getting some signs of hope for the future. ~ Alan Moore
494:I'm part of the first generation who grew up with manga [comics] and anime [animation], you know, after 'Godzilla.' I was absorbed with Ultraman on TV and in manga. The profession of game designer was created really recently. If it didn't exist, I'd probably be making anime. ~ Satoshi Tajiri
495:I saw a lot of lousy movies and watched a ton of crappy television and read a bunch of utterly forgettable books and comics and listened to hours of junk music as a kid. And I'm still drawing profitably in my own art on some of the tawdry treasure I stored up in those years. ~ Michael Chabon
496:I'm a spoilt brat. I thought I was just going to walk in and make movies. But I'd been my own boss for so long that all of a sudden to be facing a roomful of people who were niggling over every little scene... I just thought I'd go back and draw my comics and have a happy life. ~ Frank Miller
497:I'm not sure anybody's ready to see me in a drama. And loving movies so much, I've seen a lot of comics try to make that transition too fast, and it can be detrimental. And I don't think I've had as much success as I need in the comedy genre to open up those opportunities. ~ Sean William Scott
498:We didn't have television until I was about eight years old, so it was either the movies or radio. A lot of radio drama. That was our television, you know. We had to use our imagination. So it was really those two things, and the comics, that I immersed myself in as a child. ~ Jessica Hagedorn
499:It was cool to me, as a fan of the comics, to see some of the villains that end up finding them there, and the way that they abuse Coulson before the superheroes come. I'm always, in the movies or in the animated series, getting into trouble that a superhero has to bail me out of. ~ Clark Gregg
500:The thing that drives me crazy is when comics say 'I have low self-esteem.' No you don't. You're standing on stage asking people to pay. You don't play an instrument. You want people to pay to hear what's in your mind. You don't have low self-esteem. You might have other problems. ~ Colin Quinn


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Thus Spoke Zarathustra text, #Thus Spoke Zarathustra, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  Shaw has popularized the ironic word "superman," which
  has since become associated with Nietzsche and the comics
  without ever losing its sarcastic tinge. In the present translation the older term, "overman," has been reinstated: it


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Wikipedia - Amar Chitra Katha -- India based comic book series
Wikipedia - A Marvel Comics Super Special: Blade Runner
Wikipedia - Amazing-Man (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Amazing X-Men -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Amazons Attack! -- Comics storyline
Wikipedia - Amazons (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - American Century (comics) -- Comic
Wikipedia - American comic books
Wikipedia - American comic book -- Comic book originating in the USA
Wikipedia - American Comics Group -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - American Dream (comics)
Wikipedia - American Splendor -- Autobiographical comic books written by Harvey Pekar
Wikipedia - American Vampire -- American comic book series
Wikipedia - American Virgin (comics) -- American comic book series
Wikipedia - Amos Fortune (comics)
Wikipedia - Amy Chu -- comic book writer
Wikipedia - Anaconda (character) -- Fictional comic book villain
Wikipedia - Anaconda (comics)
Wikipedia - Anant Pai -- Indian Comic artist
Wikipedia - Ana Oncina -- Spanish comic book illustrator
Wikipedia - Anarky -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Andrea Di Vito -- Italian comic book artist
Wikipedia - Andre Cheret -- French comic book artist
Wikipedia - Andrew Cane -- English comic actor
Wikipedia - Andrew Hussie -- American author and webcomic artist
Wikipedia - Andromeda (Marvel Comics) -- Character from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Angela (comics)
Wikipedia - Angel: After the Fall -- Comic book continuation of Angel the series
Wikipedia - Anglo-American Publishing -- Defunct Canadian comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Animal Man (comic book) -- Comic
Wikipedia - Animal Man -- Superhero in the DC Comics Universe
Wikipedia - Anime and manga -- A portmanteau of animation and comics made in China
Wikipedia - Ani-Men -- Marvel comic books
Wikipedia - Anina Bennett -- American comics writer
Wikipedia - Anna Judic -- French comic actress
Wikipedia - Anna Watson (comics)
Wikipedia - Annihilation (comics) -- Crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics, highlighting several outer space-related characters in the Marvel Universe
Wikipedia - Annihilators (Marvel Comics) -- Fictional comic book team
Wikipedia - Ann Nocenti -- Comic book writer and editor, journalist and educator.
Wikipedia - Ann O'Brien -- Comic book superheroine
Wikipedia - Anole (comics) -- Marvel Comics superhero
Wikipedia - Anthony Flamini -- American freelance comic book writer
Wikipedia - Anti-Life Equation -- Fictional mind control formula in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Anti-Monitor -- Fictional DC comics superhero
Wikipedia - Antiphanes (comic poet)
Wikipedia - Ant-Man (Scott Lang) -- Marvel Comics superhero, the second character to use the name Ant-Man
Wikipedia - Antonio Lara de Gavilan -- Spanish graphic artist, editorial cartoonist and author of comic theatre
Wikipedia - Apartment 3-G -- 1961-2015 American soap opera comic strip
Wikipedia - Apocalypse (comics) -- Fictional character from the X-Men franchise
Wikipedia - Apocalypse (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Apokolips -- Planet in the DC Comics fictional shared Universe
Wikipedia - Apollo (comics) -- Fictional comic book superhero
Wikipedia - Aquaman -- Fictional superhero appearing in the DC Comics
Wikipedia - Arabian Nights (comics) -- Comic book version of One Thousand and One Nights
Wikipedia - Arak (character) -- Fictional character in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Arcade (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Archibald Higgins -- French science comic sereis
Wikipedia - Archie Comics -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Archie Goodwin (comics)
Wikipedia - Archie Horror -- |An imprint of Archie Comics Publications, Inc. focusing on the company's horror-related titles
Wikipedia - Archie vs. Predator II -- 2019 American comic book
Wikipedia - Archie vs. Predator -- 2015 American comic book
Wikipedia - Arclight (comics) -- Mutant super-villain character from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Arecomici -- Gallic tribe
Wikipedia - Ares (DC Comics) -- Fictional supervillain appearing in DC Comics publications and related media
Wikipedia - Ares (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - A.R.G.U.S. -- Fictional organization in DC comics
Wikipedia - Ariel (comics)
Wikipedia - Aristophanes -- ancient Athenian comic playwright
Wikipedia - Arkham Knight -- Fictional supervillain appearing in DC Comics media
Wikipedia - Armada (comics)
Wikipedia - Armadillo (comics) -- Fictional supervillain
Wikipedia - Armageddon (convention) -- New Zealand science fiction and comics convention
Wikipedia - Armor (comics)
Wikipedia - Armor (Marvel Comics character)
Wikipedia - Arnold Drake -- American comic book writer and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Arno Stark -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Aron (comics)
Wikipedia - Arrowverse -- Fictional DC comics television universe
Wikipedia - Arsenal (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Art Baltazar -- American comics artist and writer
Wikipedia - Artemis (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Arthur Adams (comics) -- American comic book artist and writer
Wikipedia - Arthur Sullivan -- English composer of Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas (1842-1900)
Wikipedia - Artie (comics)
Wikipedia - Artie Maddicks -- Fictional comic book character
Wikipedia - Aryan Brigade (comics)
Wikipedia - Asbestos Man -- Fictional character in Marvel Comics.
Wikipedia - Asgard (comics) -- Fictional realm in the Marvel Comics universe
Wikipedia - Asgardians of the Galaxy -- Fictional comic book superheroes
Wikipedia - Asgard (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Ashcan comic -- Comic book produced only for legal or promotional reasons
Wikipedia - Ashley A. Woods -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Asp (character) -- Fictional character under Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Asp (comics)
Wikipedia - Aspen Comics -- American entertainment company
Wikipedia - Asterix & Obelix XXL -- video game based on French comic book series
Wikipedia - Asterix and the Chieftain's Daughter -- 38th comic book in the Asterix series
Wikipedia - Asterix (character) -- Fictional character and the titular hero of the French comic book series Asterix
Wikipedia - Asterix Omnibus -- 2020 collection of Asterix comics
Wikipedia - Asterix -- Series of French comic books
Wikipedia - Astonishing X-Men -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Athena (Marvel Comics) -- A fictional deity
Wikipedia - Atlantis (Aquaman) -- Fictitious place in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Atlas (comic book series) -- Comic book series by Dylan Horrocks
Wikipedia - Atlas Comics (1950s) -- 1950s comic book publishing company
Wikipedia - Atlas (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Atlas/Seaboard Comics -- Term for line of 1970s comics
Wikipedia - Atom (character) -- Name shared by several fictional comic book superheroes from the DC Comics universe
Wikipedia - Atomic Skull -- Fictional characters in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Atom (Ray Palmer) -- Fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Attuma -- Fictional comic book supervillain
Wikipedia - Auberon (comics)
Wikipedia - Aurora (comics)
Wikipedia - Avalanche (comics)
Wikipedia - Avalon (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Ava's Demon -- 2012 science-fantasy webcomic
Wikipedia - Avengers A.I. -- Marvel comic book series
Wikipedia - Avengers Arena -- Marvel comic book series
Wikipedia - Avengers (comics) in other media -- Marvel Comics team in other media
Wikipedia - Avengers (comics) -- Comic book superhero team
Wikipedia - Avengers Undercover -- Marvel comic book series
Wikipedia - Avenging Spider-Man -- American comic book series from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - AWA Studios -- Comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Axe Cop -- American webcomic
Wikipedia - Axel Pressbutton -- Comics character
Wikipedia - AXIS (comics)
Wikipedia - A+X -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Ayla Ranzz -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Azazel (Marvel Comics) -- Marvel comics character
Wikipedia - Azrael (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Aztek (character) -- Name of two DC comics superheroes
Wikipedia - Bacchae (comics) -- Comic book characters
Wikipedia - Backlash (Marc Slayton) -- comic book character
Wikipedia - Bad girl art -- Comic book trend of the 1980s/90s
Wikipedia - Bad Reporter -- Editorial cartoon comic strip
Wikipedia - Bahadur (comics) -- Indian comic strip
Wikipedia - Baker Street (comics)
Wikipedia - Balamangalam -- Malayalam comic magazine published between 1980 and 2012
Wikipedia - Balder (comics) -- Marvel Comics character
Wikipedia - Bamf -- Comic books
Wikipedia - Bananaman -- British comic book character
Wikipedia - Bande dessinee -- Comic of the classical Franco-Belgian style
Wikipedia - Bane (comics)
Wikipedia - Bane (DC Comics) -- Fictional character in the DC Comics universe, a supervillain
Wikipedia - Bane in other media -- Depictions of Bane outside comic books
Wikipedia - Banshee (comics)
Wikipedia - Barbara Gordon -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Barbarella (character) -- French science fiction comic book series
Wikipedia - Barb Wire -- Dark Horse Comics superhero character
Wikipedia - Barney & Clyde -- Daily newspaper comic strip
Wikipedia - Baron Strucker -- Marvel Comics supervillain
Wikipedia - Barrie Appleby -- British comics artist
Wikipedia - Barry Blair -- Canadian comic book artist and writer
Wikipedia - Bart Allen -- Comics character
Wikipedia - Base (comics) -- Fictional character
Wikipedia - Bastion (comics)
Wikipedia - Batboat -- Fictional comics vehicle
Wikipedia - Batcave -- Secret headquarters of the fictional DC Comics superhero Batman
Wikipedia - Batcopter -- Fictional comic vehicle
Wikipedia - Batgirl -- Fictional characters in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Batman: A Death in the Family -- 1988 Batman comic book storyline
Wikipedia - Batman (comic book) -- American comic book series
Wikipedia - Batman: Damned -- American comic book
Wikipedia - Batman Eternal -- Comics series
Wikipedia - Batman: Hush -- Story arc in Batman comics
Wikipedia - Batman in film -- Film adaptations of the DC Comics superhero Batman
Wikipedia - Batman: No Man's Land -- American comic book crossover storyline
Wikipedia - Batman: NoM-CM-+l -- Comic
Wikipedia - Batman of Zur-En-Arrh -- Fictional character in DC Comics universe
Wikipedia - Batman: Shadow of the Bat -- comic book series by Alan Grant
Wikipedia - Batman: The Long Halloween -- Limited comic book series by Jeph Loeb (1996-1997)
Wikipedia - Batman: The Widening Gyre -- Comic book series by Kevin Smith
Wikipedia - Batman: Year One -- 1987 story arc in Batman comic book series
Wikipedia - Bat-Mite -- Fictional comic book character
Wikipedia - Batmobile -- Automobile of DC Comics superhero Batman
Wikipedia - Batroc the Leaper -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Battle Pope -- Comic book
Wikipedia - Battle Scars (comic book)
Wikipedia - Battlestar (comics)
Wikipedia - Battlestar Galactica (comics) -- Comics
Wikipedia - Batton Lash -- American comics creator
Wikipedia - Batwing (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Batwoman (Kathy Kane) -- Character appearing in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Batwoman -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Beagle Boys -- Disney comics characters
Wikipedia - Beast Boy -- DC comic character
Wikipedia - Beast (comics) -- Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Beau Smith -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Beaverdam Creek (Wicomico County) -- Small river in Wicomico County, Maryland
Wikipedia - Becky Cloonan -- American comic book creator
Wikipedia - Bedlam (comics)
Wikipedia - Bedside Press -- Canadian comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Beetle Bailey -- American comic strip
Wikipedia - Beetle (comics)
Wikipedia - Before 1900s in comics -- Before 1900s in comics
Wikipedia - Before Watchmen -- 2012 comic book series published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Behemoth Comics -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Belasco (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Bell Features -- Defunct Canadian comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Ben Dunn -- American comic book artist and publisher
Wikipedia - Benito Cereno (writer) -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Ben Templesmith -- British/Australian comic book artist and author
Wikipedia - Beppo (comics)
Wikipedia - Berlin (comics) -- Comic book series created by Jason Lutes
Wikipedia - Bernadeth -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Bernard Krigstein -- 20th-century American comics artist
Wikipedia - Bernie Wrightson -- American illustrator and comic artist
Wikipedia - Berserker (comics) -- American comic book series
Wikipedia - Beth Chapel -- DC Comics superhero
Wikipedia - Beth Sotelo -- American comic book colorist
Wikipedia - Betsy Ross (comics)
Wikipedia - Bette Kane -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Betty Clawman -- Fictional superhero in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Betty Cooper -- Archie Comics character
Wikipedia - Beyonders -- Fictional race in comics
Wikipedia - Beyonder -- Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Bibbo Bibbowski -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Big Apple Comix -- Independent comic publisher
Wikipedia - Big Bang Comics -- American comic book series
Wikipedia - Big Barda -- Fictional comic book character
Wikipedia - Big Bertha (comics)
Wikipedia - Big Comic Original
Wikipedia - Big Comic Spirits -- Manga magazine
Wikipedia - Big Comic Superior
Wikipedia - Big Comic -- Japanese manga magazine
Wikipedia - Big Hero 6 (comics) -- Comic book superhero team
Wikipedia - Big Man (comics)
Wikipedia - Big Nate -- An American comic strip by Lincoln Peirce
Wikipedia - Big Wheel (comics)
Wikipedia - Bill Draut -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Bill Finger Award -- American comic book award
Wikipedia - Bill Foster (comics)
Wikipedia - Bill Morrison (comics)
Wikipedia - Bill Parker (comics) -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Billy Connors (comics)
Wikipedia - Bird-Brain (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Birds of Prey (team) -- American comic series and superhero team
Wikipedia - Bishop (comics) -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Bizarro -- Supervillain seen in Superman comic books
Wikipedia - Black Adam -- Supervillain in DC Comics publications and media
Wikipedia - Black Air -- Fictional government department in comics
Wikipedia - Black Alice (comics)
Wikipedia - Blackbird (comics) -- Aircraft used by the fictional superhero team the X-Men
Wikipedia - Black Bolt -- fictional character in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Black Cat (Harvey Comics) -- Harvey comic book character
Wikipedia - Black Cat (Marvel Comics) -- Fictional character in the Marvel Universe
Wikipedia - Black comedy -- Comic work based on subject matter that is generally considered taboo
Wikipedia - Black Dragon Society (comics)
Wikipedia - Blackest Night -- Limited DC comics crossover series
Wikipedia - Black Eye Productions -- defunct Canadian comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Blackhawk (DC Comics) -- Fictional character
Wikipedia - Black Knight (comics character) -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Black Knight (comics)
Wikipedia - Black Knight (Dane Whitman) -- Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Black Lantern Corps -- Fictional organization appearing in comics published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Black Lightning -- Black comic book character
Wikipedia - Black Magic (comics) -- 1950 American comic book series
Wikipedia - Black Mamba (comics)
Wikipedia - Black Mask Studios -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Black Orchid (comic book) -- American comic book
Wikipedia - Black Orchid (comics) -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Black Order (comics) -- Marvel Comics supervillain team
Wikipedia - Blackout (Marcus Daniels) -- Name of two supervillains in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Black Panther (character) -- Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Black Panther (comics)
Wikipedia - Black Panther (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Black Racer (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Black Racer (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Black Widow (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Blade (character) -- Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Blade (franchise) -- Series of films and a television series based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Blade
Wikipedia - Blake and Mortimer -- Belgian comic series
Wikipedia - Blatant Comics -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Blexbolex -- French comics artist and illustrator
Wikipedia - Blindfold (comics)
Wikipedia - Blink (comics)
Wikipedia - Blizzard (comics)
Wikipedia - Blob (comics)
Wikipedia - Blockbuster (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Blok (comics) -- Fictional character in the DC Comics universe
Wikipedia - Blondie (1938 film) -- 1938 movie and first of a series of movies based on the comic strip Blondie directed by Frank R. Strayer
Wikipedia - Bloodaxe (comics)
Wikipedia - Blood Brothers (comics) -- Fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe
Wikipedia - Bloodlines (comics) -- 1993 DC Comics story arc
Wikipedia - Blood Red Dragon -- Comics series created by Stan Lee and Yoshiki
Wikipedia - Bloodshed (comics)
Wikipedia - Bloodshot (comics) -- Fictional superhero from Valiant Comics
Wikipedia - Bloodsport (character) -- Fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Bloom County -- American comic strip by Berkeley Breathed
Wikipedia - Blue Beetle -- Name of Multiple DC Comics Superheroes
Wikipedia - Bluebird (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Blue Bolt -- Comic book superhero created in 1940
Wikipedia - Blue Comics -- Brazilian publishing company
Wikipedia - Blue Diamond (comics) -- Marvel Comics Golden Age superhero
Wikipedia - Blue Streak (comics) -- Fictional comic book supervillains
Wikipedia - Bob Almond -- American comic book inker
Wikipedia - Bob Brown (comics) -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Bob Burden -- American comic book artist and writer
Wikipedia - Bob de Groot -- Belgian comics artist and writer
Wikipedia - Bob Fingerman -- American comic book writer/artist
Wikipedia - Bob Fujitani -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Bob Gregory (comics) -- American comics artist
Wikipedia - Bob Hall (comics) -- Writer
Wikipedia - Bob Haney -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Bob Kane -- American comic book artist, the creator of Batman
Wikipedia - Bob Lubbers -- American comic strip and comic book artist
Wikipedia - Bob McLeod (comics) -- Artist
Wikipedia - Bob Morane (comics) -- Belgian comic series
Wikipedia - Bolaji Amusan -- Comic actor
Wikipedia - Bone (comics) -- Comic book series by Jeff Smith
Wikipedia - Boo Cook -- British comic artist
Wikipedia - Boomerang (comics)
Wikipedia - Boomslang (comics)
Wikipedia - Boom! Studios -- American comic book and graphic novel publisher
Wikipedia - Boots and Pup -- 2005 science-fiction webcomic
Wikipedia - Boris the Bear -- American comic character
Wikipedia - Born Again (comics) -- Story arc in the comics series Daredevil
Wikipedia - Bouncing Boy -- DC Comics superhero
Wikipedia - Box (comics) -- Comic book superhero
Wikipedia - Box Office Poison -- Series of comic books
Wikipedia - Brad Neely -- American comics artist
Wikipedia - Brainiac 5 -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Brainiac 8 -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Brainiac (character) -- Recurring antagonist of DC Comics
Wikipedia - Brain Wave (character) -- DC Comics characters
Wikipedia - Brainwave (character) -- DC Comics characters
Wikipedia - Brandon Choi -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Brandon Graham (comics) -- American comic book creator
Wikipedia - Brandon Sheffield -- American video game producer and webcomic writer
Wikipedia - Branko PlavM-EM-!ic -- Serbian comic book artist
Wikipedia - Breathless Mahoney -- Femme fatale character in the American comic strip Dick Tracy
Wikipedia - Brecht Evens -- Belgian comic book writer
Wikipedia - Brent Anderson -- American comics artist
Wikipedia - Brett Matthews -- American comics/television writer
Wikipedia - Brian Augustyn -- American comic book editor and writer
Wikipedia - Brian Garvey (comics)
Wikipedia - Brian K. Vaughan -- American screenwriter, comic book creator
Wikipedia - Brian Michael Bendis -- American comic book writer and artist
Wikipedia - Brigade (comics) -- Comic book
Wikipedia - Brilliant (comics) -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - British comics -- Comics originating in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Bronze Age of Comic Books -- 70s-80s era of comic books
Wikipedia - Brood (comics)
Wikipedia - Brooke Roberts -- American television and comic-book writer
Wikipedia - Brothers Grimm (comics) -- fictional twin villains
Wikipedia - Bruno Madaule -- French comic book author
Wikipedia - Bucky Barnes -- Marvel Comics fictional superhero
Wikipedia - Bucky Bug -- Disney comics character
Wikipedia - Bucky (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Bud and Lou -- Fictional spotted hyenas from DC comics
Wikipedia - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Boom! Studios) -- US comic book series
Wikipedia - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Building Stories -- Comic
Wikipedia - Bulldozer (comics) -- Name of two fictional Marvel characters
Wikipedia - Bullet Points (comic)
Wikipedia - Bullseye (character) -- Marvel Comics supervillain
Wikipedia - Burglar (comics)
Wikipedia - Burner (comics)
Wikipedia - Bushmaster (Marvel Comics) -- Name of two Marvel supervillains
Wikipedia - Bushwacker (comics) -- Fictional comic book character
Wikipedia - Business of webcomics
Wikipedia - B. Virtanen -- Finnish comic strip written by Ilkka HeilM-CM-$
Wikipedia - Cabal (comics) -- Marvel Comics supervillain team
Wikipedia - Cable & Deadpool -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Cable and X-Force -- Comic book
Wikipedia - Cable (character) -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Cable (comics)
Wikipedia - Cadre (comics)
Wikipedia - Cain and Abel (comics)
Wikipedia - Calexit (comic) -- 2017 comic by Matteo Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan
Wikipedia - Caliban (comics)
Wikipedia - Caliban (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Caliber Comics -- Comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Callisto (comics)
Wikipedia - Call of Duty (comics) -- Series of Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Calvin and Hobbes -- Comic strip by Bill Watterson
Wikipedia - Calypso (comics)
Wikipedia - Camp Hammond (comics)
Wikipedia - Canadian comics -- Comic originating in Canada
Wikipedia - Cannonball (comics)
Wikipedia - Captain America (comic book)
Wikipedia - Captain America: White -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Captain America -- Fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Captain Atom -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Captain Battle -- Fictional superhero from the Golden Age of Comics
Wikipedia - Captain Boomerang -- Supervillain appearing in DC Comics publications and related media
Wikipedia - Captain Boom -- Filipino comic book character
Wikipedia - Captain Canuck -- Canadian comic book superhero
Wikipedia - Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Captain Cold -- Fictional DC comics supervillain
Wikipedia - Captain Marvel (DC Comics) -- Superhero
Wikipedia - Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics) -- Name of several superheroes appearing in Marvel Comics publications and related media
Wikipedia - Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) -- Superhero appearing in Marvel Comics publications and related media
Wikipedia - Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders -- World War II comic book
Wikipedia - Carbon Copy (horse) -- Australian horse winning Comic Court, Foxzami Vagabond and Bernbrook from 1948 to 1949
Wikipedia - Cardiac (comics)
Wikipedia - Caretaker (comics) -- Comics character
Wikipedia - Carla Berrocal -- Spanish comics illustrator
Wikipedia - Carl Grimes -- fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead
Wikipedia - Carlo Ambrosini -- Italian comic book artist and writer
Wikipedia - Carlo Boscarato -- Italian cartoonist and comics artist
Wikipedia - Carlo Padial -- Comics artist, writer, screenwriter, and film director
Wikipedia - Carlo Pagulayan -- Canadian-born comics artist
Wikipedia - Carlos Areces -- Spanish comics artist and actor
Wikipedia - Carlos Pacheco -- Spanish comics artist and penciller
Wikipedia - Carlos Roque -- Portuguese comics artist
Wikipedia - Carl Wessler -- American comics writer
Wikipedia - Carnage (comics) -- Fictional character in the Marvel Universe
Wikipedia - Carol Danvers -- Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Carrion (comics)
Wikipedia - Cary Bates -- American comic book, animation, television and film writer
Wikipedia - Casterman -- Belgian book/comics publisher
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Wikipedia - Category:Avengers (comics)
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Wikipedia - Category:Thor (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Category:Video games based on Hulk (comics)
Wikipedia - Category:Wolverine (comics)
Wikipedia - Cathy -- American comic strip
Wikipedia - Catman (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Cat-Man (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Catwoman -- fictional character associated with DC Comics' Batman franchise
Wikipedia - Celestial (comics) -- Group of fictional characters
Wikipedia - Cerebro -- Fictional device appearing in American comic books
Wikipedia - Cerebus the Aardvark -- Comic book
Wikipedia - Cerise (comics)
Wikipedia - Challenger (comics) -- Marvel Comics Golden Age superhero
Wikipedia - Chamber (comics)
Wikipedia - Chameleon (comics)
Wikipedia - Chameleon (Marvel Comics) -- fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Chan Mou -- Chinese comic artist from Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Chapterhouse Comics -- Canadian comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Charles Biro -- American comic book creator and cartoonist
Wikipedia - Charles Forsman -- American comics writer
Wikipedia - Charles McNider -- DC comics fictional superhero
Wikipedia - Charlie Adlard -- British comic book artist
Wikipedia - Charlie Brown -- Peanuts comic strip character
Wikipedia - Charlie Chaplin -- British comic actor and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Charlotte Fullerton -- American writer of television, novels, comic books and video games
Wikipedia - Charlton Bullseye (fanzine) -- Armature comics publication
Wikipedia - Charlton Comics -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Charlyne Yi -- American comic actress
Wikipedia - Chaste (Marvel Comics) -- Fictional mystical martial arts in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Checkmate (comics) -- Fictional covert operations agency featured in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Cheetah (character) -- DC Comics supervillain
Wikipedia - Cheetah (comics)
Wikipedia - Chemical King -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Chemo (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Cheri Oteri -- American comic actress
Wikipedia - Cheryl Blossom -- Fictional character of the Archie Comics universe
Wikipedia - Cheshire (comics) -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Chesty Sanchez -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Chic Young -- American comic strip cartoonist
Wikipedia - Children of the Vault -- Fictional species in Marvel comics
Wikipedia - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina -- 2014 American comic book
Wikipedia - Chimera (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Chionides -- Athenian comic poet
Wikipedia - Chon Kye-young -- South Korean web comic author
Wikipedia - Chris Bachalo -- Canadian comic book illustrator
Wikipedia - Chris Batista -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Chris Bunting -- British comic book writer
Wikipedia - Chris Claremont -- American comic book writer and novelist, known for creating numerous X-Men characters
Wikipedia - Chris Kent (character) -- Fictional superhero in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Chris King and Vicki Grant -- Characters from DC Comics
Wikipedia - Chris Monroe -- American cartoonist, illustrator, and author with weekly comic strip, Violet Days
Wikipedia - Christopher B. Wright -- American webcomic author
Wikipedia - Christopher Knowles (comics)
Wikipedia - Christopher Priest (comics) -- American writer of comic books
Wikipedia - Chuck Austen -- American comic book writer and artist
Wikipedia - Chuck Dixon -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Church of Humanity (comics) -- Fictional religious sect in comics
Wikipedia - Cipher (comics)
Wikipedia - Circe (character) -- Fictional character in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Civil War (comics) -- 2006-2007 Marvel Comics crossover storyline
Wikipedia - Civil War: Front Line -- Comic book event
Wikipedia - Clan Akkaba -- Fictional cult appearing in Marvel Comics, composed of the descendants of the mutant supervillain Apocalypse
Wikipedia - ClanDestine -- Superhero comic book series
Wikipedia - Clan McDuck -- Disney comics characters
Wikipedia - Clara de noche -- Spanish comic series
Wikipedia - Class Comics -- Canadian comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Classics Illustrated -- American comic book series
Wikipedia - Classic X-Men -- Comic book reprint
Wikipedia - Claude Laverdure (author) -- Belgian comics artist
Wikipedia - Claw the Unconquered -- Sword and sorcery character from DC Comics
Wikipedia - Cleopatra in Space -- 2014 comics series
Wikipedia - Cliff Richards -- Brazilian comic book artist
Wikipedia - Cloak and Dagger (comics) -- Marvel Comics characters
Wikipedia - Clock King -- Two fictional characters, supervillains published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Close to Home (comic strip) -- American comic strip
Wikipedia - Clown (comics)
Wikipedia - Clown -- A comic performer often for children's entertainment
Wikipedia - Coachwhip (character) -- Fictional comic book villain
Wikipedia - Coachwhip (comics)
Wikipedia - Cobra (Marvel Comics) -- Multiple characters in Marvel comics
Wikipedia - Code: Blue -- Fictional organization in comics
Wikipedia - Codename: Knockout -- Comic
Wikipedia - Collector (comics)
Wikipedia - Colossus (comics) -- Fictional superhero
Wikipedia - Comet (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Comet Queen -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Comic Arts Brooklyn -- Comic book festival in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - Comic Arts Los Angeles -- Comic book festival in Los Angeles, Californoa
Wikipedia - Comic ballet
Wikipedia - Comic book archive -- File format
Wikipedia - Comic book collecting -- Hobby that treats comic books and related items as collectibles or artwork to be sought after and preserved
Wikipedia - Comic book convention -- Event with a primary focus on comic books
Wikipedia - Comic book death -- Apparent death and subsequent return of a fictional character
Wikipedia - Comic Book Guy -- Fictional character from The Simpsons franchise
Wikipedia - Comic book letter column -- Column in a periodical where people get their letter answered
Wikipedia - Comic Book Resources
Wikipedia - Comic book therapy -- Use of comic books for rehab
Wikipedia - Comic-book
Wikipedia - Comic book -- Publication of comics art
Wikipedia - Comic-Con International: San Diego
Wikipedia - Comic Court -- Australian Thoroughbred racehorse
Wikipedia - Comic fantasy
Wikipedia - Comic Geek Speak -- Podcast about comics
Wikipedia - Comic King -- 2001 film by O Sing-Pui
Wikipedia - Comic magazine
Wikipedia - Comic Magazine -- 1986 film by YM-EM-^MjirM-EM-^M Takita
Wikipedia - Comic Neue
Wikipedia - Comic novel -- Novel-length work of humorous fiction
Wikipedia - Comic opera
Wikipedia - Comico: The Comic Company -- Comic publisher
Wikipedia - Comicpalooza -- Science fiction convention held in Houston, Texas
Wikipedia - Comic Relief -- British charity
Wikipedia - Comic relief -- The inclusion of a humorous character, scene, or witty dialogue in an otherwise serious work
Wikipedia - Comics and Sequential Art -- Book by Will Eisner
Wikipedia - Comic Sans -- typeface
Wikipedia - Comics anthology -- Collection of works in the medium of comics
Wikipedia - Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Awards -- Annual award (1982-2010)
Wikipedia - Comics Code Authority -- Voluntary code to self-regulate the content of comic books in the United States
Wikipedia - Comics Feature -- American magazine
Wikipedia - Comicsgate -- movement against progressivism in the comics industry
Wikipedia - Comics in education -- Comics in education
Wikipedia - Comics in Focus: Chris Claremont's X-Men -- 2013 film by Patrick Meaney
Wikipedia - Comics semiotics
Wikipedia - Comics studies -- Academic study of comics and graphic novels
Wikipedia - Comic strip switcheroo
Wikipedia - Comic strip -- Short serialized comics
Wikipedia - Comics -- Creative work in which pictures and text convey information such as narratives
Wikipedia - Comics writer
Wikipedia - Comic timing -- the use of timing to enhance a comedic purpose
Wikipedia - Comic Toranoana -- Japanese company
Wikipedia - Comic
Wikipedia - Composite Superman -- DC Comics supervillain, an enemy of Superman and Batman
Wikipedia - Computo (character) -- Fictional supervillain in DC comics universe
Wikipedia - Concerned -- 2005 parody webcomic
Wikipedia - Conspiracy (comics) -- Fictional villain group in comic books
Wikipedia - Constrictor (comics)
Wikipedia - Contemplator (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Content rating -- Rating of the suitability of TV broadcasts, movies, comic books, or video games to its audience
Wikipedia - Controller (Marvel Comics) -- Fictional character in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Controllers (DC Comics) -- Fictional extraterrestrial race existing in the DC Universe
Wikipedia - Convergence (comics) -- Comics
Wikipedia - Cooking manga -- Japanese comics genre
Wikipedia - Coppelia -- Comic ballet composed by Leo Delibes
Wikipedia - Copperhead (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Copperhead (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Copycat (Marvel Comics) -- Marvel Comics character
Wikipedia - CoroCoro Comic -- comic magazine
Wikipedia - Corporation (comics) -- fictional organization in Marvel comics
Wikipedia - Corsair (comics) -- Fictional superhero character in the Marvel universe
Wikipedia - Corto Maltese -- Comics series
Wikipedia - Cory Walker -- American comic book artist and penciler
Wikipedia - Cosmic Boy -- Fictional character, a DC Comics superhero
Wikipedia - Cosmic Odyssey (comics) -- 1988 DC Comics science fiction mini-series
Wikipedia - Cottonmouth (Burchell Clemens) -- Fictional comic book villain
Wikipedia - Countdown to Final Crisis -- Comic book limited series published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Counter-Earth (comics)
Wikipedia - Count Nefaria -- Fictional character from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Covid fan tutte -- 2020 comic opera
Wikipedia - Create a Comic Project -- Youth literacy program and webcomic
Wikipedia - Creator ownership in comics -- Business agreement for comic writer
Wikipedia - Creators (comics) -- Fictional organization in Marvel comics
Wikipedia - Creeper (DC Comics) -- fictional superhero appearing in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Creepshow (comics) -- 1982 graphic novella published by Plume
Wikipedia - Crime comics -- Comic genre
Wikipedia - Crime Doctor (comics)
Wikipedia - Crime Does Not Pay (comics) -- Comic book published by Lev Gleason Publications
Wikipedia - Crime SuspenStories -- Anthology crime comic
Wikipedia - Crimson (Wildstorm) -- Vampire comic book series
Wikipedia - Crippler (comics) -- Fictional comic book character
Wikipedia - Crisis on Infinite Earths -- Limited DC comic crossover series
Wikipedia - Crisse -- Belgian comics artist
Wikipedia - Crock (comic strip) -- American comic strip created by Bill Rechin and Brant Parker
Wikipedia - Crossbones (character) -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - CrossGen -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Crossover (Image Comics) -- American comic book series
Wikipedia - Cross Technological Enterprises -- Fictional corporation in the Marvel Comics universe
Wikipedia - Crow (comics) -- Fictional character from The Crow
Wikipedia - Crusaders (DC Comics) -- Team of DC Comics superheroes
Wikipedia - Crusaders (Marvel Comics) -- Group of fictional characters by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Crystal (comics)
Wikipedia - Cully Hamner -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Curtis Wilkins -- Protagonist of the comic strip Curtis
Wikipedia - Cutthroat (comics)
Wikipedia - Cyanide & Happiness -- Webcomic series by Explosm Entertainment
Wikipedia - Cyberella -- Science fiction comic
Wikipedia - Cyber (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Cyborg (comics) -- DC comics character
Wikipedia - Cyclone (Marvel Comics) -- Alias of a number of fictional characters in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Cyclops (Marvel Comics) -- Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Cypher (comics)
Wikipedia - Cypher (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Daddy Warbucks -- Fictional character from the comic strip Little Orphan Annie
Wikipedia - Daimon Hellstrom -- Fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Daken -- Marvel Comics supervillain
Wikipedia - Dakota North (comics) -- Fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
Wikipedia - Dale Eaglesham -- Canadian comic book illustrator
Wikipedia - Damage Control (comics) -- Fictional company appearing in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Dan Abnett -- British comic book writer and novelist
Wikipedia - Daniel West (character) -- Character appearing in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Dan Jurgens -- American comics artist and writer
Wikipedia - Dann Thomas -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Danny Fingeroth -- American comic book writer and editor
Wikipedia - Dan Panosian -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Dan Parsons -- American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Dan Slott -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Daredevil (film) -- 2003 film based on the comic book directed by Mark Steven Johnson
Wikipedia - Daredevil (Lev Gleason Publications) -- American comic book superhero
Wikipedia - Daredevil (Marvel Comics character) -- Fictional superhero
Wikipedia - Daredevil (Marvel Comics series)
Wikipedia - Dargaud -- Publisher of comics
Wikipedia - Darkforce -- Fictional concept appearing in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Dark Horse Comics -- American comic book and manga publisher
Wikipedia - Dark Matter (comics)
Wikipedia - Dark Nights: Metal -- DC Comics miniseries
Wikipedia - Dark Reign (comics)
Wikipedia - Dark Riders (comics)
Wikipedia - Darkseid War -- DC Comics limited series
Wikipedia - Darkseid -- Fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Darkstars -- Group of fictional intergalactic policemen that appeared in comic books published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Dark X-Men -- Fictional comic book characters
Wikipedia - Darren Close -- Australian comics creator
Wikipedia - Darren Cross -- Marvel Comics supervillain
Wikipedia - Darrin Bell -- American editorial cartoonist and comic strip creator
Wikipedia - Darwin (comics)
Wikipedia - Daughters of the Dragon -- Fictional comic book characters
Wikipedia - Dave Gibbons -- English comics artist and writer
Wikipedia - Dave Stewart (artist) -- American comic book colorist
Wikipedia - David Aja -- Spanish comic book artist
Wikipedia - David Cain (comics)
Wikipedia - David Finch (comics) -- Canadian-born comics artist
Wikipedia - David Henry Sterry -- Author, comic, activist, book doctor
Wikipedia - David Marquez (comics)
Wikipedia - David M-CM-^Alvarez (artist) -- Puerto Rican comic book artist
Wikipedia - David Michelinie -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - David North (comics) -- Mutant comic book character
Wikipedia - David Ossman -- American comic writer, member of The Firesign Theatre troupe
Wikipedia - David W. Mack -- American comic book artist and writer
Wikipedia - Dawn (comics) -- Comics character
Wikipedia - Dawn of X -- Comics event
Wikipedia - Dawnstar -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Dawud Anyabwile -- African American comic book artist
Wikipedia - Day of Judgment (comics) -- DC comic storyline
Wikipedia - Daytripper (DC Comics) -- Comic
Wikipedia - Dazzler (Marvel Comics) -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - DC Animated Universe (comics) -- Fictional comic book universe
Wikipedia - DC Black Label -- Imprint of DC comics
Wikipedia - DC Comics Absolute Edition -- Series of archival quality printings of graphic novels
Wikipedia - DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman -- Graphic novel
Wikipedia - DC Comics Presents -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - DC Comics
Wikipedia - DCeased -- 2019 comic book miniseries by DC Comics
Wikipedia - DC Extended Universe -- American superhero film franchise based on DC Comics
Wikipedia - DC FanDome -- Multi-genre entertainment and comic convention
Wikipedia - DC Implosion -- 1978 DC Comics cancellation purge
Wikipedia - DC One Million -- Crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled, weekly limited series and through special issues of almost all titles published by DC Comics in November 1998
Wikipedia - DC Rebirth -- 2016 DC Comics relaunch
Wikipedia - DC Universe (streaming service) -- Video on demand and digital comic book service
Wikipedia - DC Universe -- Shared universe of the comic stories published by DC Comics
Wikipedia - Deadenders -- Comic
Wikipedia - Deadline (Marvel Comics) -- 2002 Marvel Comics mini-series
Wikipedia - Deadman (comics) -- Fictional character
Wikipedia - Deadpool v. Gambit -- 2016 limited series published by Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Deadpool -- Character appearing in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Death Adder (character) -- Fictional supervillain from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Death Adder (comics)
Wikipedia - Deathbolt -- Fictional supervillain in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Death (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Deathlok -- Fictional character from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Death of Wolverine -- 2014 comic book storyline
Wikipedia - Death's Head -- Fictional character in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Debbie Isitt -- British comic writer, film director and performer
Wikipedia - Decay (DC Comics)
Wikipedia - Decimation (comics)
Wikipedia - Deep Six (comics) -- Wikimedia disambiguation page
Wikipedia - Defenders (comics) -- Group of fictional characters in Marvel Universe
Wikipedia - Dell Comics -- American comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Dell Publishing -- American publisher of books, magazines and comic books
Wikipedia - Demolition Man (comics)
Wikipedia - Demon (comics) -- Comic by Jason Shiga
Wikipedia - Demon in a Bottle -- A nine-issue story arc from the comic book series The Invincible Iron Man (vol. 1)
Wikipedia - Denise Millet -- Former French comic book artist
Wikipedia - Dennis O'Neil -- American comics writer
Wikipedia - Dennis the Menace and Gnasher -- British comic strip
Wikipedia - Derib -- Swiss francophone comics creator
Wikipedia - Desert Island (comic shop) -- Comic book shop in New York City
Wikipedia - Destroyer (Marvel Comics) -- Marvel Comics superhero
Wikipedia - Detective Comics 27 -- Comic book depicting the debut of fictional superhero Batman
Wikipedia - Detective Comics -- Title used for two American comic book series
Wikipedia - Devastator (comics) -- Marvel comic book characters
Wikipedia - Dev-Em -- Fictional character who appears in DC Comics
Wikipedia - Deviant (comics) -- Fictional comic book race of humanoids
Wikipedia - Dexter's Laboratory -- American comic science fiction animated television series
Wikipedia - Dez Skinn -- British comic/magazine editor and author
Wikipedia - Diablo (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Diamondback (Rachel Leighton) -- Comic book character from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Diamond Comic Distributors -- Comic book distribution company
Wikipedia - Diana Albers -- American comic book letterer
Wikipedia - Diana Palmer (The Phantom) -- Fictional character from The Phantom comic strip
Wikipedia - Diane Nelson (comics) -- American comic media executive
Wikipedia - Dick Matena -- Dutch comics writer and cartoonist
Wikipedia - Dick Tracy (character) -- Hero of the Dick Tracy comic strip
Wikipedia - Dick Tracy -- American comic strip starting 1931
Wikipedia - Diddl -- German fictional character and comic strip
Wikipedia - Didier Conrad -- French comics artist and writer
Wikipedia - Die Opernprobe -- Comic opera by Albert Lortzing, 1851
Wikipedia - Digital Comic Museum -- digital library of comic books
Wikipedia - Digital comic -- Comic released digitally
Wikipedia - Dilbert -- American comic strip
Wikipedia - Dino Attanasio -- Belgian author of comics
Wikipedia - Direct market -- Dominant distribution and retail network for American comic books, consisting of three distributors and specialty stores
Wikipedia - Dire Wraith -- Fictional species appearing in Rom the Spaceknight comics
Wikipedia - Disney Christmas Story -- 1960-1987 seasonal Disney comic strip
Wikipedia - Disney comics -- Comics featuring Walt Disney characters
Wikipedia - District X -- Fictional comic book location
Wikipedia - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (comic book)
Wikipedia - Doctor Doom -- Marvel Comics character
Wikipedia - Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) -- Comics character and superhero
Wikipedia - Doctor Faustus (comics)
Wikipedia - Doctor Hormone -- Fictional character published by Dell Comics in the 1940s
Wikipedia - Doctor Light (Arthur Light) -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Doctor Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross) -- DC Comics superhero
Wikipedia - Doctor Mid-Nite -- DC Comics superhero
Wikipedia - Doctor Phosphorus -- Fictional supervillain who appeared in Batman comics
Wikipedia - Doctor Strange -- Superhero appearing in Marvel Comics publications and related media
Wikipedia - Doctor Sun -- Fictional character in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Dogmatix -- Fictional tiny white terrier dog who is a companion to Obelix in the Asterix comics
Wikipedia - Dominators (DC Comics) -- Fictional alien race
Wikipedia - Dominic Fortune -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Domino (comics) -- Marvel comics character
Wikipedia - Donald Duck (American comic book) -- 1942-2017 American Disney comics magazine
Wikipedia - Donald Duck and the Mummy's Ring -- 1943 Donald Duck comic book story by Carl Barks
Wikipedia - Donald Duck (comic strip) -- 1938-1995 American comic strip
Wikipedia - Donald Duck Weekblad -- Dutch weekly comics magazine
Wikipedia - Don Heck -- American comics artist
Wikipedia - Donna Barr -- Comic book author and cartoonist
Wikipedia - Donna Troy -- DC Comics superheroine
Wikipedia - Don Rosa -- American comic book writer and illustrator
Wikipedia - Doom 2099 -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Doomsday Clock (comics) -- Comic
Wikipedia - Doomsday (comics)
Wikipedia - Doomsday (DC Comics) -- Fictional comic character
Wikipedia - Doonesbury -- Comic strip
Wikipedia - Doop (comics)
Wikipedia - Doorman (comics)
Wikipedia - Doppelganger (comics)
Wikipedia - Doug Brammer -- American comic book writer
Wikipedia - Doughboy (comics)
Wikipedia - DP 7 -- Fictional comic book series
Wikipedia - Dracula (comics) -- Index of articles associated with the same name
Wikipedia - Dracula (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Draft:Natacha Bustos -- Spanish comic book artist
Wikipedia - Draft:Symbiote Spider-Man -- Limited Marvel Comics series
Wikipedia - Draft:Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe -- American superhero film franchise based on Valiant Comics
Wikipedia - Dragon Lady Comics -- Comic book shop in Toronto, Canada
Wikipedia - Dragon Lady Press -- Defunct Canadian comic book publisher
Wikipedia - Dragon Man -- Fictional character in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Drax the Destroyer -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Dreadnought (comics)
Wikipedia - Dreadstar -- Comics
Wikipedia - Dream (character) -- Protagonist of the comic book series The Sandman
Wikipedia - Dream (comics)
Wikipedia - Dream of the Rarebit Fiend -- Early 20th century American comic strip
Wikipedia - Drew Hayes -- Comic creator
Wikipedia - Duck family (Disney) -- Disney comics characters
Wikipedia - Dudao -- Brazilian children's comic book series
Wikipedia - Dum Dum Dugan -- Fictional character appearing in publications from Marvel Comics