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Herbert George Wells (21 September 1866 13 August 1946) was an English writer. Prolific in many genres, he wrote dozens of novels, short stories, and works of social commentary, history, satire, biography and autobiography. His work also included two books on recreational war games. Wells is now best remembered for his science fiction novels and is often called the "father of science fiction", along with Jules Verne and the publisher Hugo Gernsback. During his own lifetime, however, he was most prominent as a forward-looking, even prophetic social critic who devoted his literary talents to the development of a progressive vision on a global scale. A futurist, he wrote a number of utopian works and foresaw the advent of aircraft, tanks, space travel, nuclear weapons, satellite television and something resembling the World Wide Web. His science fiction imagined time travel, alien invasion, invisibility, and biological engineering. Brian Aldiss referred to Wells as the "Shakespeare of science fiction". Wells rendered his works convincing by instilling commonplace detail alongside a single extraordinary assumption dubbed Wellss law leading Joseph Conrad to hail him in 1898 as "O Realist of the Fantastic!". His most notable science fiction works include The Time Machine (1895), The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896), The Invisible Man (1897), The War of the Worlds (1898) and the military science fiction The War in the Air (1907). Wells was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times. Wells's earliest specialised training was in biology, and his thinking on ethical matters took place in a specifically and fundamentally Darwinian context. He was also from an early date an outspoken socialist, often (but not always, as at the beginning of the First World War) sympathising with pacifist views. His later works became increasingly political and didactic, and he wrote little science fiction, while he sometimes indicated on official documents that his profession was that of journalist. Novels such as Kipps and The History of Mr Polly, which describe lower-middle-class life, led to the suggestion that he was a worthy successor to Charles Dickens, but Wells described a range of social strata and even attempted, in Tono-Bungay (1909), a diagnosis of English society as a whole. Wells was a diabetic and co-founded the charity The Diabetic Association (known today as Diabetes UK) in 1934.

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H G Wells


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1:Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.
   ~ H G Wells,

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2:All passion is madness. ~ H G Wells
3:Go away... I'm alright. ~ H G Wells
4:...broken, but not beaten. ~ H G Wells
5:The War That Will End War. ~ H G Wells
6:Chess is a curse upon a man. ~ H G Wells
7:I hope, or I could not live. ~ H G Wells
8:I ran with all my might. All ~ H G Wells
9:Hunger makes a fool of a man. ~ H G Wells
10:This blessed gift of smoking! ~ H G Wells
11:Time is only a kind of Space. ~ H G Wells
12:Don't follow you,' said Filby. ~ H G Wells
13:Have you been time travelling? ~ H G Wells
14:What are the asses at now?” He ~ H G Wells
15:Advertising is legalized lying. ~ H G Wells
16:We are all members of one body. ~ H G Wells
17:Cynicism is humor in ill health. ~ H G Wells
18:Our true nationality is mankind. ~ H G Wells
19:Strength is the outcome of need; ~ H G Wells
20:Strength is the outcome of need. ~ H G Wells
21:Cynisism is humour in ill health. ~ H G Wells
22:For after the Battle comes quiet. ~ H G Wells
23:I write to cover a frame of ideas. ~ H G Wells
24:They say that terror is a disease, ~ H G Wells
25:Why not?' said the Time Traveller. ~ H G Wells
26:Are we all bubbles blown by a baby? ~ H G Wells
27:Cycle trails will abound in Utopia. ~ H G Wells
28:I'm a miserable tool," said Marvel. ~ H G Wells
29:We must end war before war ends us. ~ H G Wells
30:A boy is a creature of odd feelings. ~ H G Wells
31:Go away. I'm all right. [last words] ~ H G Wells
33:An invisible man is a man with power. ~ H G Wells
34:...fact takes no heed of human hopes. ~ H G Wells
35:If we don't end war, war will end us. ~ H G Wells
36:Ignorance is not an extension of time ~ H G Wells
37:There's truths you have to grow into. ~ H G Wells
38:ﺇﻥَّ مائة معلم لا يعادلون أباً واحداً ~ H G Wells
39:Security sets a premium on feebleness. ~ H G Wells
40:Beauty is in the heart of the beholder. ~ H G Wells
41:domestic economy for her private study. ~ H G Wells
42:Good books are the warehouses of ideas. ~ H G Wells
43:The stranger swore briefly but vividly. ~ H G Wells
44:To be honest, one must be inconsistent. ~ H G Wells
45:Griffin contra mundum… with a vengeance. ~ H G Wells
46:It is a mistake to do things too easily. ~ H G Wells
47:... life falls into place only with God. ~ H G Wells
48:The past is but the past of a beginning. ~ H G Wells
49:There is no way out or round or through. ~ H G Wells
50:The choice is: the Universe...or nothing. ~ H G Wells
51:You can't see beauty with miserable eyes. ~ H G Wells
52:Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo. ~ H G Wells
53:The future is the shape of things to come. ~ H G Wells
54:But giving drugs to a cat is no joke, Kemp! ~ H G Wells
55:If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. ~ H G Wells
56:I was a battleground of fear and curiosity. ~ H G Wells
57:Few people realize the immensity of vacancy. ~ H G Wells
58:The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow. ~ H G Wells
59:For neither do men live nor die in vain. Here ~ H G Wells
60:...he was not so much a human as a civil war. ~ H G Wells
61:plausible enough--as most wrong theories are! ~ H G Wells
62:There is no remorse like the remorse of Chess ~ H G Wells
63:We will peck them to death tomorrow, my dear. ~ H G Wells
64:All people fed mainly on scones become clever. ~ H G Wells
65:A young mistress is better than an old master. ~ H G Wells
66:Only people who are well off can be - complex. ~ H G Wells
67:We will peck them to death to-morrow, my dear. ~ H G Wells
68:Religions are such stuff as dreams are made of. ~ H G Wells
69:The man who raises a fist has run out of ideas. ~ H G Wells
70:Fools make researches and wise men exploit them. ~ H G Wells
71:They are mad; they are fools," said the Dog-man. ~ H G Wells
72:Am I dreaming? Has the world gone mad--or have I? ~ H G Wells
73:Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas. ~ H G Wells
74:There is no liberty save wisdom and self-control. ~ H G Wells
75:vivisectionist, and has no ambitions to take over ~ H G Wells
76:Yet so vain is man, and so blinded by his vanity, ~ H G Wells
77:A douche of spray blinded my brother for a moment. ~ H G Wells
78:Because this island is full of inimical phenomena. ~ H G Wells
79:I thought I was killing myself and I did not care. ~ H G Wells
80:Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger. ~ H G Wells
81:But wait a moment. Can an instantaneous cube exist? ~ H G Wells
82:I had rather be called a journalist than an artist. ~ H G Wells
83:Things that aren't nonsense are so hard to express. ~ H G Wells
84:We are always getting away from the present moment. ~ H G Wells
85:If anything is possible, then nothing is interesting ~ H G Wells
86:If the world does not please you, you can change it. ~ H G Wells
87:Non-violence is the policy of the vegetable kingdom. ~ H G Wells
88:El pasado no es más que el principio de un principio. ~ H G Wells
89:If anything is possible, then nothing is interesting. ~ H G Wells
90:The path of least resistance is the path of the loser ~ H G Wells
91:There are no social differences - till women come in. ~ H G Wells
92:...the sense of my utter loneliness had been agony... ~ H G Wells
93:What good is religion if it collapses under calamity? ~ H G Wells
94:You can't reach your hand into the space of tomorrow! ~ H G Wells
95:Civilization is a race between disaster and education. ~ H G Wells
96:Mankind has got to start getting the big things right. ~ H G Wells
97:Nobody read books, but women, parsons and idle people. ~ H G Wells
98:Nothing remains interesting where anything may happen. ~ H G Wells
99:The path of least resistance is the path of the loser. ~ H G Wells
100:What really matters is what you do with what you have. ~ H G Wells
101:It's no use locking the door after the steed is stolen. ~ H G Wells
102:It took two years to make,' retorted the Time Traveller ~ H G Wells
103:I am asking for Liberal Fascists, for enlightened Nazis. ~ H G Wells
104:Not to go on all-Fours; that is the Law. Are we not Men? ~ H G Wells
105:Thank no one. You had the need, and I had the knowledge; ~ H G Wells
106:What was needed now was not bravery, but circumspection. ~ H G Wells
107:extended my hands towards the sky and began thanking God. ~ H G Wells
108:His studies were pursued but never effectually overtaken. ~ H G Wells
109:shone kindly and steadily like the face of an old friend. ~ H G Wells
110:We are kept keen on the grindstone of pain and necessity. ~ H G Wells
111:Beauty doesn't make happiness; it only comes to the happy. ~ H G Wells
112:Everyone leaves the world a little better some by leaving. ~ H G Wells
113:I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own. ~ H G Wells
114:Night, the mother of fear and mystery, was coming upon me. ~ H G Wells
115:POMPEII  “Note the ruts in roadway worn by chariot wheels. ~ H G Wells
116:Will is stronger than fact: it can mold and overcome fact. ~ H G Wells
117:As if there wasn't a thousand things that were never heard. ~ H G Wells
118:But who shall dwell in these worlds if they be inhabited? . ~ H G Wells
119:I must confess that I lost faith in the sanity of the world ~ H G Wells
120:pointed out Mars, a bright dot of light creeping zenithward ~ H G Wells
121:The lawgiver, of all beings, most owes the law allegiance. ~ H G Wells
122:You've made a beast of yourself,- to the beasts you may go. ~ H G Wells
123:There were half a dozen villas burning on the Woking border. ~ H G Wells
124:What's it all for, Prendick? Are we bubbles blown by a baby? ~ H G Wells
125:A [national] flag has no real significance for peaceful uses. ~ H G Wells
126:Biologists can be just as sensitive to heresy as theologians. ~ H G Wells
127:I never blame anyone," said Kemp. "It's quite out of fashion. ~ H G Wells
128:It seems to me that I am more to the Left than you, Mr Stalin ~ H G Wells
129:The chances of anything man-like on Mars are a million to one ~ H G Wells
130:Was there, after all, ever any green door in the wall at all? ~ H G Wells
131:When a man realizes his littleness, his greatness can appear. ~ H G Wells
132:Men who think in lifetimes are of little use to statesmanship. ~ H G Wells
133:Night, the mother of fear and mystery,
was coming upon me. ~ H G Wells
134:No era el principio de un viaje; era el principio de un sueño. ~ H G Wells
135:no more hasty meals, and weary attendance on fitful old women, ~ H G Wells
136:Satan delights equally in statistics and in quoting scripture. ~ H G Wells
137:Heresies are experiments in man's unsatisfied search for truth. ~ H G Wells
138:indolent, and he was suffering greatly from gout. He abdicated. ~ H G Wells
139:Suddenly, like a thing falling upon me from without, came fear. ~ H G Wells
140:There’s some ex-traordinary things in books,” said the mariner. ~ H G Wells
141:Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative. ~ H G Wells
142:Everyone seemed eager to talk at once, and the result was Babel. ~ H G Wells
143:It is not much good thinking of a thing unless you think it out. ~ H G Wells
144:Looks to me like the sort of fellow one doesn't play cards with. ~ H G Wells
145:So long as there are sheep Nature will insist on beasts of prey. ~ H G Wells
146:We live in a world of unused and misapplied knowledge and skill. ~ H G Wells
147:Adapt or perish, now as ever, is Nature's inexcusable imperative. ~ H G Wells
148:And the great difference between man and monkey is in the larynx. ~ H G Wells
149:An idiot child screaming in a hospital." (on George Bernard Shaw) ~ H G Wells
150:It’s a beast of a country,” said the Voice. “And pigs for people. ~ H G Wells
151:Something—exactly like a finger and thumb it felt—nipped my nose. ~ H G Wells
152:The greatest task of democracy, its ritual and feast - is choice. ~ H G Wells
153:The religion of the atheist has a God-shaped blank at it's heart. ~ H G Wells
154:The study of Nature makes a man at last as remorseless as Nature. ~ H G Wells
155:He walked with just such a limp as I have seen in footsore tramps. ~ H G Wells
156:I saw huge buildings rise up faint and fair, and pass like dreams. ~ H G Wells
157:So utterly at variance is Destiny with all the little plans of men ~ H G Wells
158:They were put into my pockets by Weena, when I traveled into Time. ~ H G Wells
159:What is your theologian's ecstasy but Mahomet's houri in the dark? ~ H G Wells
160:الضرورة والألم يجعلان الإنسان ذكيا وقويا كما يسن حجر الشحذ السكين. ~ H G Wells
161:But wait until to-morrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning. ~ H G Wells
162:He was inordinately proud of England and he abused her incessantly. ~ H G Wells
163:So utterly at variance is Destiny with all the little plans of men. ~ H G Wells
164:The new century will see changes that will dwarf those of the last. ~ H G Wells
165:It is love and reason,' I said,'fleeing from all the madness of war. ~ H G Wells
166:No hay inteligencia allí donde no hay cambio ni necesidad de cambio. ~ H G Wells
167:The most evil institution in the world is the Roman Catholic Church. ~ H G Wells
168:All men, however highly educated, retain some superstitious inklings. ~ H G Wells
169:What a wonderfully complex thing! this simple seeming unity—the self! ~ H G Wells
170:An artist who theorizes about his work is no longer artist but critic. ~ H G Wells
171:Hunger and a lack of blood-corpuscles take all the manhood from a man. ~ H G Wells
172:States organized for war will make war as surely as hens will lay eggs. ~ H G Wells
173:Strength is the outcome of need; security sets a premium on feebleness. ~ H G Wells
174:Strychnine is a grand tonic, Kemp, to take the flabbiness out of a man. ~ H G Wells
175:The pain had passed. I thought I was killing myself and I did not care. ~ H G Wells
176:There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change ~ H G Wells
177:The Time Machine was left deserted on the turf among the rhododendrons. ~ H G Wells
178:Democracy's ceremonial, its feast, it's great function, is the election. ~ H G Wells
179:'It is love and reason,' I said, 'fleeing from all this madness of war.' ~ H G Wells
180:There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change. ~ H G Wells
181:It's against reason," said Filby. "What reason?" said the Time Traveller. ~ H G Wells
182:States organized for war will make war as surely as hens will lay eggs... ~ H G Wells
183:The uglier a man's legs are, the better he plays golf. It's almost a law. ~ H G Wells
184:If you do not want to explore an egoism you should not read autobiography. ~ H G Wells
185:Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. ~ H G Wells
186:The uglier a man's legs are, the better he plays golf - it's almost a law. ~ H G Wells
187:We're in a blessed drainpipe, and we've got to crawl along it till we die. ~ H G Wells
188:Books-bright windows in this life of ours, lit by the shining souls of men. ~ H G Wells
189:He who does not contemplate the future is destined to be overwhelmed by it. ~ H G Wells
190:I grew very weary and irritable with the curate’s perpetual ejaculations; I ~ H G Wells
191:The passion for playing Chess is one of the most unaccountable in the world ~ H G Wells
192:When Man realizes his littleness, his greatness can appear. But not before. ~ H G Wells
193:I saw a gray-haired man a figure of hale age, sitting at a desk and writing. ~ H G Wells
194:I surveyed the broad view of our old world under the sunset of that long day ~ H G Wells
195:It's against reason," said Filby.
"What reason?" said the Time Traveller. ~ H G Wells
196:I was never a great amorist, though I have loved several people very deeply. ~ H G Wells
197:The chances against anything manlike on Mars are a million to one,” he said. ~ H G Wells
198:Değişimin ve değişime gereksinimin olmadığı yerde akıl da yoktur. - Sayfa 124 ~ H G Wells
199:He liked to address every man in his own language, as a good European should. ~ H G Wells
200:Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. ~ H G Wells
201:If there is no God, nothing matters. If there is a God, nothing else matters. ~ H G Wells
202:It's chance, I tell you,' he interrupted, ' as everything is in a man's life. ~ H G Wells
203:One believes in Stephen Dedalus as one believes in few characters in fiction. ~ H G Wells
204:The air was full of sound, a defenning and confusing conflict of noises (...) ~ H G Wells
205:There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change. Only ~ H G Wells
206:No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft. ~ H G Wells
207:slain, after all man’s devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in ~ H G Wells
208:Alışkanlık ve içgüdü çaresiz kalmadıkça doğa zekaya asla başvurmaz. - Sayfa 124 ~ H G Wells
209:Life is real again, and the useless and cumbersome and mischievous have to die. ~ H G Wells
210:The path of social advancement is, and must be, strewn with broken friendships. ~ H G Wells
211:The sea was silent, the sky was silent; I was alone with the night and silence. ~ H G Wells
212:And you cannot move at all in Time, you cannot get away from the present moment. ~ H G Wells
213:Oh God, is there ever to be any age of happiness? Is there never to be any rest? ~ H G Wells
214:One may as well starve one's body out of a place as to starve one's soul in one. ~ H G Wells
215:he was one of those saturnine people who smile with the corners of the mouth down ~ H G Wells
216:Is it any wonder that to this day this Galilean is too much for our small hearts? ~ H G Wells
217:It was not like the beginning of a journey; it was like the beginning of a dream. ~ H G Wells
218:Lies are the mortar that binds the savage individual man into the social masonry. ~ H G Wells
219:One can't always be magnificent, but simplicity is always a possible alternative. ~ H G Wells
220:What on earth would a man do with himself, if something did not stand in his way? ~ H G Wells
221:You cannot imagine the strange colour-less delight of these intellectual desires. ~ H G Wells
222:A darkness, a flood of darkness that opened and spread and blotted out all things. ~ H G Wells
223:He was dressed in dark-blue serge, and had peculiarly thick, coarse, black hair. I ~ H G Wells
224:I can best express my state of mind by saying that I wanted to be in at the death. ~ H G Wells
225:I felt hopelessly cut off from my own kind - a strange animal in an unknown world. ~ H G Wells
226:One cannot always be magnificent, but simplicity is always a possible alternative. ~ H G Wells
227:They may once have been animals; but I never before saw an animal trying to think. ~ H G Wells
228:Very simple was my explanation, and plausible enough---as most wrong theories are! ~ H G Wells
229:Like a committee in a thieves' kitchen when someone has casually mentioned the law. ~ H G Wells
230:[N]othing is so pleasing to perplexed unhappy people as the denunciation of others, ~ H G Wells
231:That's what we are now—just ants. Only——"
"Yes," I said.
"We're eatable ants. ~ H G Wells
232:The teacher, whether mother, priest, or schoolmaster, is the real maker of history. ~ H G Wells
233:Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober; not to make us sorry but wise. ~ H G Wells
234:Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of the organized life. ~ H G Wells
235:Fine hospitality," said I, "to a man who has travelled innumerable years to see you. ~ H G Wells
236:I am a lone wolf, a solitary man, wandering through a world in which I have no part. ~ H G Wells
237:Man is the tool-using, fire-making animal. From the outset of his terrestrial career ~ H G Wells
238:When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~ H G Wells
239:You have learned something. That always feels at first as if you had lost something. ~ H G Wells
240:An animal may be ferocious and cunning enough, but it takes a real man to tell a lie. ~ H G Wells
241:He lit the dining-room lamp, got out a cigar, and began pacing the room, ejaculating. ~ H G Wells
242:Help me — and I will do great things for you. An invisible man is a man of power.” He ~ H G Wells
243:His grey eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated. ~ H G Wells
244:I had not, I said to myself, come into the future to carry on a miniature flirtation. ~ H G Wells
245:It was not the first time that conscience has turned against the methods of research. ~ H G Wells
246:No compulsion in the world is stronger than the urge to edit someone else's document. ~ H G Wells
247:One of the darkest evils of our world is surely the unteachable wildness of the Good. ~ H G Wells
248:We live in reference to past experience and not to future events, however inevitable. ~ H G Wells
249:Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad, but sober; not to make us sorry, but wise. ~ H G Wells
250:If my phrases shock the reader, that only shows it is high time he or she was shocked. ~ H G Wells
251:You can show black is white by argument,' said Filby, 'but you will never convince me. ~ H G Wells
252:You can show black is white by argument,” said Filby, “but you will never convince me. ~ H G Wells
253:Are we such apostles of mercy as to complain if the Martians warred in the same spirit? ~ H G Wells
254:But-! I say! The common conventions of humanity-' 'Are all very well for common people. ~ H G Wells
255:I felt amazingly confident,—it’s not particularly pleasant recalling that I was an ass. ~ H G Wells
256:It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men's lives should not stake their own. ~ H G Wells
257:The truly brave man is not the man who does not feel fear but the man who overcomes it. ~ H G Wells
258:Arson, after all, is an artificial crime...A large number of houses deserve to be burnt. ~ H G Wells
259:You are not mechanics, you are warriors. You have been trained, not to think, but to do. ~ H G Wells
260:Bah! The thing is not a nose at all, but a bit of primordial chaos clapped on to my face. ~ H G Wells
261:Nothing leads so straight to futility as literary ambitions without systematic knowledge. ~ H G Wells
262:The fertilising conflict of individualities is the ultimate meaning of the personal life. ~ H G Wells
263:A door onbust is always open to bustin’, but ye can’t onbust a door once you’ve busted en. ~ H G Wells
264:But-! I say! The common conventions of humanity-'
'Are all very well for common people. ~ H G Wells
265:I had made myself the most complicated and the most hopeless trap that ever a man devised. ~ H G Wells
266:It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men's lives should not pay with their own. ~ H G Wells
267:Hinduism is synonymous with humanism. That is its essence and its great liberating quality. ~ H G Wells
268:How small the vastest of human catastrophes may seem, at a distance of a few million miles. ~ H G Wells
269:Science has toiled too long forging weapons for fools to use. It is time she held her hand. ~ H G Wells
270:I suppose everything in existence takes its colour from the average hue of our surroundings. ~ H G Wells
271:Tell the truth and read story books;it will take you to the magical moment in a glory night. ~ H G Wells
272:we should remember how repulsive our carnivorous habits would seem to an intelligent rabbit. ~ H G Wells
273:Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. ~ H G Wells
274:Few people realise the immensity of vacancy in which the dust of the material universe swims. ~ H G Wells
275:In relation to law I am doubtful whether, even at the present time, science has fairly begun. ~ H G Wells
276:I suppose I am fairly alert and interested in people, and that is my most attractive quality. ~ H G Wells
277:Every conceivable sort of silly creature that has ever been created has been sent to cross me. ~ H G Wells
278:He staggered into the “Coach and Horses” more dead than alive, and flung his portmanteau down. ~ H G Wells
279:I ceased even to breathe. It was ridiculous, of course, but you know that ghost-story feeling. ~ H G Wells
280:What was this place?—this place that to his senses seemed subtly quivering like a thing alive? ~ H G Wells
281:Yeats wrote about, who rejected the real world as too coarse and stupid for the sensitive soul ~ H G Wells
282:But the Time Traveller had more than a touch of whim among his elements, and we distrusted him. ~ H G Wells
283:The forceps of our minds are clumsy forceps, and crush the truth a little in taking hold of it. ~ H G Wells
284:The sojers’ll stop ’em,” said a woman beside me, doubtfully. A haziness rose over the treetops. ~ H G Wells
285:اذا ذهب العقل والقوة فان الامتنان و الحب الرقيق
بين الانسان و الانسان سبيقيان فى قلب الانسان ~ H G Wells
286:In all ages, far back into prehistory, we find human beings have painted and adorned themselves. ~ H G Wells
287:I perceived with a sudden novel vividness the extraordinary folly of everything I had ever done. ~ H G Wells
288:Tenía que ser mi única esperanza, una mísera esperanza tal vez, pero mejor que la desesperación. ~ H G Wells
289:A world revolution to a higher social order, a world order, or utter downfall lies before us all. ~ H G Wells
290:I grieved to think how brief the dream of the human intellect had been. It had committed suicide. ~ H G Wells
291:In a moment my hand was on the lever, and I had placed a month between myself and these monsters. ~ H G Wells
292:Marriage isn't what it was. It's become a different thing because women have become human beings. ~ H G Wells
293:Sailors ought never to go to church. They ought to go to hell, where it is much more comfortable. ~ H G Wells
294:Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life. ~ H G Wells
295:You are trying to do a more difficult thing than record folk songs; you are trying to record life. ~ H G Wells
296:An unpleasant odour would not be objected to, it is not objected to now in many continental hotels. ~ H G Wells
297:It is when suffering finds a voice and sets our nerves quivering that this pity comes troubling us. ~ H G Wells
298:It was one of my uncle's profoundest remarks that human beings are the only unreasonable creatures. ~ H G Wells
299:We were not making war against Germany, we were being ordered about in the King's war with Germany. ~ H G Wells
300:A downtrodden class... will never be able to make an effective protest until it achieves solidarity. ~ H G Wells
301:He sighed and looked about him. 'This is no world for men,' he said. 'And yet in a appeals. ~ H G Wells
302:Mankind which began in a cave and behind a windbreak will end in the disease-soaked ruins of a slum. ~ H G Wells
303:There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time. ~ H G Wells
304:There is no remorse like a remorse of chess. It is a curse upon man. There is no happiness in chess. ~ H G Wells
305:THE SUN SNARERS Section 1 THE history of mankind is the history of the attainment of external power. ~ H G Wells
306:The crying sounded even louder out of doors. It was as if all the pain in the world had found a voice ~ H G Wells
307:It is when suffering finds a voice and
sets our nerves quivering that this pity comes troubling us. ~ H G Wells
308:It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning. ~ H G Wells
309:La pitié vient surtout nous bouleverser quand la souffrance trouve une voix pour tourmenter nos nerfs. ~ H G Wells
310:little suspecting the meaning of the minute gleam I had seen and all that it would presently bring me. ~ H G Wells
311:She always seemed to me, I fancy, more human than she was, perhaps because her affection was so human. ~ H G Wells
312:when mind and strength had gone, gratitude and a mutual tenderness still lived on in the heart of man. ~ H G Wells
313:I do not believe I have any immortality. The greatest evil in the world today is the Christian religion ~ H G Wells
314:The red tongues that went licking up my heap of wood were an altogether new and strange thing to Weena. ~ H G Wells
315:You teach them very litter?"
"Why should we? It only leads to trouble and discontent. We amuse them. ~ H G Wells
316:Beast!” said he. “You’re the beast. He takes his liquor like a Christian. Come out of the way, Prendick! ~ H G Wells
317:In politics, strangely enough, the best way to play your cards is to lay them face upwards on the table. ~ H G Wells
318:It continued to swear with that breadth and variety that distinguishes the swearing of a cultivated man. ~ H G Wells
319:I was grotesque to the theatrical pitch, a stage miser, but I was certainly not a physical impossibility ~ H G Wells
320:The crying sounded even louder out of doors. It was as if all the pain
in the world had found a voice ~ H G Wells
321:The past is the beginning of the beginning and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn. ~ H G Wells
322:Three-Dimensional representations of his Four-Dimensioned being, which is a fixed and unalterable thing. ~ H G Wells
323:A biography should be a dissection and demonstration of how a particular human being was made and worked. ~ H G Wells
324:I could work at a problem for years, but to wait inactive for twenty-four hours - that is another matter. ~ H G Wells
325:I do not propose to add anything to what has already been written concerning the loss of the "Lady Vain." ~ H G Wells
326:If your life doesn't end in failure, you haven't reached high enough. So it was failure I had to achieve. ~ H G Wells
327:The Athenian democracy suffered much from that narrowness of patriotism which is the ruin of all nations. ~ H G Wells
328:The true objection to slavery is not that it is unjust to the inferior but that it corrupts the superior. ~ H G Wells
329:And through it all, this destiny was before me," he said; "this vast inheritance of which I did not dream. ~ H G Wells
330:Losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But, losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel. ~ H G Wells
331:Room to swing a cat, it seemed was absolutely essential. It was an infrequent but indispensable operation. ~ H G Wells
332:Sometimes I rise above my level, sometimes I fall below it, but always I fall short of the things I dream. ~ H G Wells
333:There is no difference between Time and any of the three dimensions of Space except that our consciousness ~ H G Wells
334:The Time Traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us. ~ H G Wells
335:...whatever is more than animal within us must find its solace and it's hope. I HOPE, or I would not live. ~ H G Wells
336:Even when mind and strength had gone, gratitude and a mutual tenderness still lived on in the heart of man. ~ H G Wells
337:For all my desire to be interesting, I have to confess that for most things and people I don't give a damn. ~ H G Wells
338:His was a darkness unbroken by a ray of thought or sensation, a dreamless inanition, a vast space of peace. ~ H G Wells
339:The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn. ~ H G Wells
340:There is no remorse like the remorse of chess. [..] It is a curse upon man. There is no happiness in chess. ~ H G Wells
341:Zihinsel çok yönlülüğün değişim, tehlike ve belanın telafisi oluşu, gözden kaçırdığımız bir doğa yasasıdır. ~ H G Wells
342:His landlady came to the door, loosely wrapped in dressing gown and shawl; her husband followed ejaculating. ~ H G Wells
343:Leaders should lead as far as they can and then vanish. Their ashes should not choke the fire they have lit. ~ H G Wells
344:—Pura casualidad. Ya se lo he dicho —interrumpió—, como todo en esta vida. Sólo los tontos no se dan cuenta. ~ H G Wells
345:We were making the future and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is! ~ H G Wells
346:By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers. ~ H G Wells
347:Crime and bad lives are the measure of a State's failure, all crime in the end is the crime of the community. ~ H G Wells
348:I write as straight as I can, just as I walk as straight as I can, because that is the best way to get there. ~ H G Wells
349:once you lose yourself, you have two choices: find the person you used to be, or lose that person completely. ~ H G Wells
350:Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write! ~ H G Wells
351:Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write. ~ H G Wells
352:Endless conflicts. Endless misunderstanding. All life is that. Great and little cannot understand one another. ~ H G Wells
353:It was Plutarch, you know, and nothing intrinsically American that prevented George Washington being a King... ~ H G Wells
354:Mevcut edebiyatımız iyi durumda, buna şüphe yok; ama bir düşünür için, yazılmamış kitaplar çok daha çekicidir. ~ H G Wells
355:This is day one of year one of the new epoch, -- the Epoch of the Invisible Man. I am Invisible Man the First. ~ H G Wells
356:This isn't a war," said the artilleryman. "It never was a war, any more than there's war between man and ants. ~ H G Wells
357:Alone-- it is wonderful how little a man can do alone! To rob a little, to hurt a little, and there is the end. ~ H G Wells
358:I did not know it, but that was the last civilised dinner I was to eat for very many strange and terrible days. ~ H G Wells
359:I stood staring, not as yet realising that this was death leaping from man to man in that little distant crowd. ~ H G Wells
360:I've never really planned my life or set out to live. I happened; things happened to me. It's so with everyone. ~ H G Wells
361:There is no liberty, save wisdom and self-control. Liberty is within--not without. It is each man's own affair. ~ H G Wells
362:The third peculiarity of aerial warfare was that it was at once enormously destructive and entirely indecisive. ~ H G Wells
363:I went to a box room at the top of the house and locked myself in, in order to be alone with my aching miseries. ~ H G Wells – leastways we thought it was money till everything smashed up, and then seemingly it was jes’ paper... ~ H G Wells
365:one of those pertinacious tempers that would warm every day to a white heat and never again cool to forgiveness. ~ H G Wells
366:Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.
   ~ H G Wells,
367:The fever of war that would presently clog vein and artery, deaden nerve, and destroy brain, had yet to develop. ~ H G Wells
368:By our daylight standard he walked out of security into darkness, danger, and death.
But did he see like that? ~ H G Wells
369:[...] even when mind and strength had gone, gratitude and a mutual tenderness still lived on in the heart of man. ~ H G Wells
370:I did not feel a bit sorry for my father. He seemed to me to be the victim of his own foolish sentimentality. The ~ H G Wells
371:Here was the same beautiful scene, the same abundant foliage, the same splendid palaces and magnificent ruins, the ~ H G Wells
372:In all the round world there is no meat. There used to be. But now we cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses. ~ H G Wells
373:Mr. Thomas Marvel hated roomy shoes, but then he hated damp. He had never properly thought out which he hated most ~ H G Wells
374:No man goes out upon a novel expedition without misgivings.

The Secret Places of The Heart (Kindle Loc 245) ~ H G Wells
375:Every time Europe looks across the Atlantic to see the American Eagle, it observes only the rear end of an ostrich. ~ H G Wells
376:Il passato non è che l'inizio di un inizio, e tutto quel che è ed è stato non è altro che il crepuscolo di un'alba. ~ H G Wells
377:This little upset across the water doesn't mean anything. Threatened men live long and threatened wars never occur. ~ H G Wells
378:Very well," said the Voice, in a tone of relief. "Then I'm going to throw flints at you till you think differently. ~ H G Wells
379:Debemos reflexionar en lo repugnante que parecería a un conejo dotado de inteligencia nuestras costumbres carnívoras ~ H G Wells
380:Patriotism has become a mere national self assertion, a sentimentality of flag-cheering with no constructive duties. ~ H G Wells
381:There's something in this starlight that loosens one's tongue. I'm an ass, and yet somehow I would like to tell you. ~ H G Wells
382:فأنا لا أفهم لماذا لا نستطيع الاستمتاع بمثل هذه المتع البسيطة عندما نكبر؟ولماذا يتضمن نضوجنا نسيان الكثير من الأمور. ~ H G Wells
383:If we do not end war - war will end us. Everybody says that, millions of people believe it, and nobody does anything. ~ H G Wells
384:If you are in difficulties with a book, try the element of surprise: attack it at an hour when it isn't expecting it. ~ H G Wells
385:I suppose a suicide who holds a pistol to his skull feels much the same wonder at what will come next as I felt then. ~ H G Wells
386:It is a law of nature we overlook, that intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble. ~ H G Wells
387:Roman Catholicism is a broken and utterly desperate thing, capable only of malignant mischief in our awakening world. ~ H G Wells
388:Success is to be measured not by wealth, power, or fame, but by the ratio between what a man is and what he might be. ~ H G Wells
389:This has ever been the fate of energy in security; it takes to art and to eroticism, and then come languor and decay. ~ H G Wells
390:When the history of civilization is written, it will be a biological history and Margaret Sanger will be its heroine. ~ H G Wells
391:...and spend my days surrounded by wise books, - bright windows in this life of ours, lit by the shining souls of men. ~ H G Wells
392:Biologically the species is the accumulation of the experiments of all its successful individuals since the beginning. ~ H G Wells
393:Mi seguridad les hizo titubear. Los animales pueden ser muy astutos y feroces, pero sólo un hombre es capaz de mentir. ~ H G Wells
394:Suddenly," she said, "the interest goes out of him. He forgets you. He doesn't care a rap for you—under his very nose… ~ H G Wells
395:The immediate pressure of necessity has brightened their intellects, enlarged their powers, and hardened their hearts. ~ H G Wells
396:There were no object lessons, and the studies of bookkeeping and French were pursued (but never effectually overtaken. ~ H G Wells
397:This has ever been the fate of energy in security; it takes to art and to eroticism, and then comes languor and decay. ~ H G Wells
398:After people have repeated a phrase a great number of times, they begin to realize it has meaning and may even be true. ~ H G Wells
399:slain, after all man’s devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in his wisdom, has put upon this earth. For ~ H G Wells
400:We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery. ~ H G Wells
401:It is a law of nature we overlook, that intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble. An ~ H G Wells
402:(...) and spend my days surrounded by wise books, - bright windows in this life of ours, lit by the shining souls of men. ~ H G Wells
403:It's like that with some people,' he said; 'whenever I got into the examination-room or anywhere everything seemed to go. ~ H G Wells
404:It was this restlessness, this insecurity, perhaps, that drove me further and further afield in my exploring expeditions. ~ H G Wells
405:Learn its ways, watch it, be careful of too hasty guesses at its meaning. In the end you will find clues to it all.’ Then ~ H G Wells
406:For a time I believed that mankind had been swept out of existence, and that I stood there alone, the last man left alive. ~ H G Wells
407:No animal will change when its conditions are good enough for present survival. And in this matter man is still an animal. ~ H G Wells
408:There is no difference between Time and any of the three dimensions of Space except that our consciousness moves along it. ~ H G Wells
409:Things that would have made fame of a less clever man seemed tricks in his hands. It is a mistake to do things too easily. ~ H G Wells
410:Don't you think you would attract attention?' said the Medical Man. 'Our ancestors had no great tolerance for anachronisms. ~ H G Wells
411:He began to realize that you cannot even fight happily with creatures that stand upon a different mental basis to yourself. ~ H G Wells
412:She amuses me with her suspicions. Such odd ideas! In a Curate’s wife. But I hope it didn’t happen when you were in orders. ~ H G Wells
413:Surely, if we have learned nothing else, this war has taught us pity—pity for those witless souls that suffer our dominion. ~ H G Wells
414:The Anglo-Saxon genius for parliamentary government asserted itself; there was a great deal of talk and no decisive action. ~ H G Wells
415:Men fancied there might be other men upon Mars, perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welcome a missionary enterprise. ~ H G Wells
416:There is space in its philosophy for everyone which is one reason why India is a home to every single religion in the world. ~ H G Wells
417:Things have been, says the legal mind, and so we are here. The creative mind says we are here because things have yet to be. ~ H G Wells
418:We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams. ~ H G Wells
419:إن أسوأ الأشياء التي تخيف البشر الفانين.. هو الخوف! الخوف الذي لا ضوء له ولا صوت،الذي لا يخضع للمنطق،ولكنه يصم ويعمي ويسيطر. ~ H G Wells
420:But to me the future is still black and blank—is a vast ignorance, lit at a few casual places by the memory of his story. And ~ H G Wells
421:Great land of sublimated things, thou World of Books, happy asyluum, refreshment and refuge from the world of everyday! . . . ~ H G Wells
422:I felt all the wretcheder for the lack of a breakfast. Hunger and a lack of blood-corpuscles take all the manhood from a man. ~ H G Wells
423:كان يضربني بمخالبه في كل مكان من جسمي . هذا كل ما أعرفه عن الوحش . لقد كانت مناقشتنا حميمية،لكنها لم تكن صريحة وتوحي بالثقة . ~ H G Wells
424:All the English flowers came from Shakespeare. I don't know what we did before his time.

The Secret Places of the Heart ~ H G Wells
425:For the most part people went about their business with an entirely irresponsible confidence in the stability of the universe. ~ H G Wells
426:Go to the devil!” said the stranger in a tremendous voice, and “Shut that door after you.” So that brief interview terminated. ~ H G Wells
427:He wanted—what did he want most in life? I think his distinctive craving is best expressed as fun—fun in companionship. ~ H G Wells
428:There are kisses and kisses, I am told, and this must have been quite the other sort from Millie's resonant signals of regard. ~ H G Wells
429:If only I had thought of a Kodak! I could have flashed that glimpse of the Under-world in a second, and examined it at leisure. ~ H G Wells
430:I was to discover the atrocious folly of this proceeding, but it came to my mind as an ingenious move for covering our retreat. ~ H G Wells
431:After a lapse of fifteen years he rediscovered this interesting world, about which so many people go incredibly blind and bored. ~ H G Wells
432:...instead of offering me a Garibaldi biscuit, she asked me with that faint lisp of hers, to 'have some squashed flies, George'. ~ H G Wells
433:The man who had just entered the shop was a short, slight, hunched, beetle-browed man, with long arms and very short bandy legs. ~ H G Wells
434:There is only one sort of man who is absolutely to blame for his own misery, and that is the man who finds life dull and dreary. ~ H G Wells
435:Under the new conditions of perfect comfort and security, that restless energy, that with us is strength, would become weakness. ~ H G Wells
436:…growing a little tiresome on account of some mysterious internal discomfort that the local practitioner diagnosed as imagination ~ H G Wells
437:Utopia still made use of printed books ; books were still the simplest, clearest way of bringing statement before a tranquil mind. ~ H G Wells
438:What a huge inaccessible lumber-room of thought and experience we amounted to, I thought; how much we are, how little we transmit. ~ H G Wells
439:You see," I said, "I'm a socialist. I don't think this world was made for a small minority to dance on the faces of everyone else. ~ H G Wells
440:A mi alrededor mi imaginación encontró cientos de enemigos silenciosos moviéndose. El terror me sobrecogió, horror de mi temeridad. ~ H G Wells
441:It is the going out from oneself that is love and not the accident of its return. It is the expedition, whether it fail or succeed. ~ H G Wells
442:Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger. Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break. ~ H G Wells
443:Every economic dissertation and discussion reminds one more strongly than the last of the game of croquet Alice played in Wonderland ~ H G Wells
444:Face this world. Learn its ways, watch it, be careful of too hasty guesses at its meaning. In the end you will find clues to it all. ~ H G Wells
445:So, as I see it, the Upper-world man had drifted towards his feeble prettiness, and the Under-world to mere mechanical industry. But ~ H G Wells
446:The cat, which is a solitary beast, is single minded and goes its way alone, but, the dog, like his master, is confused in his mind. ~ H G Wells
447:Great and strange ideas transcending experience often have less effect upon men and women than smaller, more tangible considerations. ~ H G Wells
448:instantaneous cube exist?' 'Don't follow you,' said Filby. 'Can a cube that does not last for any time at all, have a real existence? ~ H G Wells
449:intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. ~ H G Wells
450:Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. There is no intelligence where there is no need of change. ~ H G Wells
451:but I know it was a dull white, and had strange large greyish-red eyes; also that there was flaxen hair on its head and down its back. ~ H G Wells
452:I don't think you fully appreciate the importance of Illusion in life, the Essential Nature of Lies and Deception of the body politic. ~ H G Wells
453:My pockets had always puzzled Weena, but at the last she had concluded that they were an eccentric kind of vase for floral decoration. ~ H G Wells
454:The man was running away with the rest, and selling his papers for a shilling each as he ran—a grotesque mingling of profit and panic. ~ H G Wells
455:I must confess that my imagination refuses to see any sort of submarine doing anything but suffocating its crew and floundering at sea. ~ H G Wells
456:...the voice was indisputable. It continued to swear with that breadth and variety that distinguishes the swearing of a cultivated man. ~ H G Wells
457:I never yet heard of a useless thing that was not ground out of existence by evolution sooner or later. Did you? And pain gets needless. ~ H G Wells
458:Money means in a thousand minds a thousand subtly different, roughly similar, systems of images, associations, suggestions and impulses. ~ H G Wells
459:There is, though I do not know how there is or why there is, a sense of infinite peace and protection in the glittering hosts of heaven. ~ H G Wells
460:To love is to go living radiantly through the world. To love and be loved is to be fearless of experience and "rich" in the power to give. ~ H G Wells
461:You may kill me, but I can hold you - and all the universe for that matter - in the grip of this small brain. I would not change. Even now ~ H G Wells
462:Great and strange ideas transcending experience often have less effect upon men and women than smaller, more tangible considerations. Iping ~ H G Wells
463:He blinked at the sun and dreamt that perhaps he might snare it and spare it as it went down to its resting place amidst the distant hills. ~ H G Wells
464:I never yet heard of a useless thing that was not ground out of
existence by evolution sooner or later. Did you? And pain gets needless. ~ H G Wells
465:Our challenge is not to educate the children we used to have or want to have, but to educate the children who come to the schoolhouse door. ~ H G Wells
466:the haunting memory of a beauty and a happiness that filled his heart with insatiable longings that made all the interests and spectacle of ~ H G Wells
467:This is the end and the beginning of an age. This is something far greater than the French Revolution or the Reformation and we live in it. ~ H G Wells
468:What I want to know is, in the Middle Ages, did they do anything for Housemaid's Knee? What did they put in their hot baths after jousting? ~ H G Wells
469:Yet the voice was indisputable. It continued to swear with that breadth and variety that distinguishes the swearing of a cultivated man. It ~ H G Wells
470:Even now, does not an East-end worker live in such artificial conditions as practically to be cut off from the natural surface of the earth? ~ H G Wells
471:London, ... like a bowl of viscid human fluid, boils sullenly over the rim of its encircling hills and slops messily into the home counties. ~ H G Wells
472:I am too Occidental for a long vigil. I could work at a problem for years, but to wait inactive for twenty-four hours—that is another matter. ~ H G Wells
473:La noche, madre del miedo y del misterio, se acercaba a mí; pero mientras la voz sonaba, a soledad y la desolación se hacían más soportables. ~ H G Wells
474:The establishment of the world community will surely exact a price – and who can tell what that price may be? – in toil, suffering and blood. ~ H G Wells
475:I am just a human being — solid, needing food and drink, needing covering too — But I’m invisible. You see? Invisible. Simple idea. Invisible. ~ H G Wells
476:So long as you are alive you are just the moment, perhaps, but when you are dead then you are all your life from the first moment to the last. ~ H G Wells
477:This is the only way I ever heard of research going. I asked a question, devised some method of getting an answer, and got - a fresh question. ~ H G Wells
478:A certain elementary training in statistical method is becoming as necessary for everyone living in this world of today as reading and writing. ~ H G Wells
479:It seems to me now almost incredibly wonderful that, with that swift fate hanging over us, men could go about their petty concerns as they did. ~ H G Wells
480:The great trouble with you Americans is that you are still under the influence of that second-rate - shall I say third-rate? - mind, Karl Marx. ~ H G Wells
481:Think of the men who have walked here!" said a tourist in the Roman Coliseum. It was a Futurist mind that answered: "Think of the men who will. ~ H G Wells
482:his lips moving as one who repeats mystic words. 'Yes, I think I see it now,' he said after some time, brightening in a quite transitory manner. ~ H G Wells
483:Once the command of the air is obtained by one of the contending armies, the war becomes a conflict between a seeing host and one that is blind. ~ H G Wells
484:until under the stimulus of accumulating material, accumulating investments or other circumstances, the tide of private enterprise flowed again. ~ H G Wells
485:With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter. ~ H G Wells
486:With wine and food, the confidence of my own table, and the necessity of reassuring my wife, I grew by insensible degrees courageous and secure. ~ H G Wells
487:I am for world-control of production and of trade and transport, for a world coinage, and the confederation of mankind. I am for the super-State. ~ H G Wells
488:Man is the unnatural animal, the rebel child of nature, and more and more does he turn himself against the harsh and fitful hand that reared him. ~ H G Wells
489:Our business here is to be Utopian, to make vivid and credible, if we can, first this facet and then that, of an imaginary whole and happy world. ~ H G Wells
490:To discover a society,' said I, `erected on a strictly communistic basis.'

`Of all the wild extravagant theories!' began the Psychologist. ~ H G Wells
491:But, as I say, I was too
full of excitement and (a true saying, though those who have never
known danger may doubt it) too desperate to die. ~ H G Wells
492:New and stirring things are belittled because if they are not belittled the humiliating question arises 'Why then are you not taking part in them? ~ H G Wells
493:The power of destruction which had once been the ultimate privilege of government was now the only power left in the world--and it was everywhere. ~ H G Wells
494:The State's your mother, your father, the totality of your interests. No discipline can be too severe for the man that denies thatby word or deed. ~ H G Wells
495:Religion is the first thing and the last thing, and until a man has found God and been found by God, he begins at no beginning, he works to no end. ~ H G Wells
496:إذا أرادت الحياة الحيوانية في "بورنيو" أن تطلعني على غرائبها وأسرارها،فإنني أفضل أن تفعل هذا،عندما لا أكون في داخل المرصد أؤدي عملي،وحيدا في الليل. ~ H G Wells
497:Ambition—what is the good of pride of place when you cannot appear there? What is the good of the love of woman when her name must needs be Delilah? ~ H G Wells
498:Human society is based on want. Life is based on want. Wild-eyed visionaries may dream of a world without need. Cloud-cuckoo-land. It can't be done. ~ H G Wells
499:Clearly,' the Time Traveller proceeded, 'any real body must have extension in four directions: it must have Length, Breadth, Thickness, and—Duration. ~ H G Wells
500:هل تقصد أن تقول أنكم تنتقلون من مكان إلى مكان فوق سطح عالمكم.. هذا العالم الذي بدأتم بالكاد في كشف ثرواته.. لتقتلون بعضكم بعضا من أجل بهائم تأكلونها؟ ~ H G Wells



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auromere - vedic-vak-four-levels-of-sound
auromere - how-to-develop-intuition
auromere - how-to-eat-like-a-yogi
auromere - explaining-out-of-body-and-near-death-experiences
auromere - integral-psychology-using-the-gita
auromere - types-of-meditation
auromere - vedic-vak-illustration-of-para-vak
auromere - epistemology-of-perception
auromere - how-does-a-guru-act
auromere - self-control-over-speech
auromere - gita-chapter-2-verse-69-inversion-of-day-and-night
auromere - gita-chapter-4-verse-18-action-and-inaction
auromere - gita-chapter-6-verse-5-uplift-the-self-by-the-self
auromere - mental-formations-powers-and-perils
auromere - sharing-spiritual-experiences-with-others
auromere - vidyas-in-the-upanishads
auromere - four-powers-of-intuition
auromere - man-shall-not-live-by-bread-alone
auromere - types-of-meditation
auromere - vedic-vak-illustration-of-para-vak
auromere - aspects-of-karma-yoga
auromere - ethical-logical-and-aesthetic-mind
auromere - gita-chapter-18-verse-60-61-illusion-of-free-will
auromere - states-of-self-realization-defined-in-the-gita
auromere - subtle-forms-of-the-ego
auromere - triple-movement-of-integral-yoga
auromere - signs-of-readiness-for-the-spiritual-path
auromere - ill-effects-of-television-on-yoga
auromere - various-ways-in-which-the-kundalini-rises
auromere - interplay-of-faith-and-doubt-in-yoga
auromere - taming-the-monkey-mind
auromere - videha-dharana-fixing-the-mind-outside-the-body
auromere - transcending-the-work-leisure-cycle-2
auromere - how-to-rawaken-the-soul-psychic-being
auromere - art-as-an-aid-in-yoga
auromere - study-of-science-as-an-aid-in-yoga
auromere - karma-can-be-changed-destiny-in-your-hands
auromere - aurobindonian-perspective-on-karma
auromere - why-the-future-is-veiled-from-us
auromere - art-as-an-aid-in-yoga
auromere - why-do-we-live-in-fear-and-awe-of-god
auromere - the-purpose-of-idolatry-and-its-limitations-2
auromere - meditation-techniques-from-the-yoga-upanishads
auromere - jnana-yoga-the-ego-blocks-that-have-to-be-dissolved
auromere - how-does-the-mind-change-with-yoga
auromere - syncretism-in-sri-aurobindos-thought-part-1
auromere - syncretism-in-sri-aurobindos-thought-part-2
auromere - vidyas-in-the-upanishads-part-2
auromere - the-greater-powers-of-the-sense-mind-manas
auromere - four-epistemic-methods-of-consciousness
auromere - vital-signs-during-sleep-or-coma
auromere - equanimity-as-the-foundation-of-integral-yoga
auromere - developing-discernment-on-which-actions-are-spiritual
auromere - liminality-or-negative-capability-required-in-yoga
auromere - are-earthquakes-divine-retribution
auromere - difference-between-religion-and-spirituality
auromere - cultivating-witness-consciousness-saksi-bhava-part
auromere - meditation-techniques-from-the-yoga-upanishads
auromere - the-subtle-sounds-which-indicate-progress-in-yoga
auromere - description
auromere - jnana-yoga-the-ego-blocks-that-have-to-be-dissolved
auromere - when-faced-with-a-serious-decision-how-to-make-the-right-choice
auromere - the-occult-spirits-which-influence-our-actions
auromere - twin-souls
auromere - how-does-the-mind-change-with-yoga
auromere - syncretism-in-sri-aurobindos-thought-part-1
auromere - sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother-on-astrology
auromere - books
auromere - syncretism-in-sri-aurobindos-thought-part-2
auromere - panchatattva-dharana-contemplation-on-the-five-elements
auromere - how-to-rise-above-the-ordinary-life
auromere - vidyas-in-the-upanishads-part-2
auromere - meditation
auromere - latent-consciousness-within-matter
auromere - spacetime-in-occult-worlds
auromere - cosmology
auromere - spacetime
auromere - the-transmutation-of-sexual-energy
auromere - aurobindonian-perspective-on-karma
auromere - bhagavad-gita
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - mental-sheath
auromere - pranamaya-kosha
auromere - cosmology
auromere - understanding-the-sexual-urge
auromere - subconscient
auromere - stabilizing-the-body-before-meditation
auromere - physical-culture
auromere - the-action-of-subliminal-memory
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - mental-sheath
auromere - posts-page
auromere - why-not-hate-the-sinner
auromere - the-greater-powers-of-the-sense-mind-manas
auromere - four-epistemic-methods-of-consciousnes
auromere - four-epistemic-methods-of-consciousness
auromere - the-foundation-of-spiritual-relationships
auromere - vital-signs-during-sleep-or-coma
auromere - life-divine
auromere - guidance-by-random-book-opening
auromere - how-to-read-holy-books
auromere - why-bad-things-happen-to-good-people
auromere - money-power
auromere - gita-chapter-4-verse-18-action-and-inaction
auromere - mental-formations-powers-and-perils
auromere - spiritual-ego
auromere - effort-was-the-helper-effort-is-the-bar
auromere - four-stages-of-human-love
auromere - self-control-over-speech
auromere - aspects-of-karma-yoga
auromere - how-to-know-the-divine-will
auromere - equanimity-as-the-foundation-of-integral-yoga
auromere - vital-immobility
auromere - how-religions-are-formed
auromere - developing-discernment-on-which-actions-are-spiritual
auromere - subconscient
auromere - life-divine
auromere - hermeneutics-how-to-read-holy-scriptures
auromere - the-age-of-economic-barbarism
auromere - distinguishing-between-stilling-the-mind-and-dynamizing-meditation
auromere - brain-not-mind-yoga-psycho
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - mental-sheath
auromere - explaining-the-ascent-descent-in-integral-yoga
auromere - life-divine
auromere - mental-sheath
auromere - pranamaya-kosha
auromere - cosmology
auromere - ascent-experience
auromere - descent-experience
auromere - the-spiritual-aptitude-adhikara-needed-for-yoga
auromere - meditation
auromere - on-some-customs-and-traditions-of-hinduism
auromere - descent-experience
auromere - the-occult-forces-behind-artistic-movements
auromere - why-are-artists-irregular-in-their-conduct
auromere - spirituality-between-morality-and-immorality
auromere - the-rationale-behind-vegetarianism
auromere - developing-ones-own-spiritual-atmosphere-gita-317
auromere - some-disciples-of-sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother
auromere - why-does-yoga-give-you-a-high
auromere - signs-of-spiritual-apitude
auromere - the-phenomenon-of-double-consciousness
auromere - disrupting-the-routines-of-life
auromere - receiving-guidance-from-masters-of-a-bygone-age
auromere - how-to-increase-will-power
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - circumconscient
auromere - how-to-act-in-a-unstable-world
auromere - on-being-truthful-in-speech
auromere - hardships-in-the-spiritual-path
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - summary-of-savitri-by-jyotipriya
auromere - savitri
auromere - upanishads
auromere - towards-more-conscious-sleep-and-dreaming
auromere - subconscient
auromere - cosmology
auromere - kundalini-in-ancient-greek-and-other-cultures
auromere - identifying-the-celestial-quality-in-music
auromere - similarities-between-sumerian-anki-and-vedic-agni-by-jean-yves-lung
auromere - perception-of-time-changes-with-the-concentration-of-consciousnes
auromere - perception-of-time-changes-with-the-concentration-of-consciousness
auromere - walking-with-eyes-unfocussed
auromere - raising-a-child-prodigy
auromere - sri-aurobindo-on-synchronicity
auromere - cosmology
auromere - The greater powers of the sense-mind (Manas
auromere - sleep-disorders-somnambulism-and-somniloquy
auromere - mental-sheath
auromere - obsessive-compulsive-spirituality
auromere - embodied-cognition-in-yoga-psychology
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - early-mystic-experiences-of-sri-aurobindo
auromere - how-can-we-see-in-our-dreams-when-our-eyes-are-closed
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - sleep-and-dreams
auromere - symbols-seen-during-spiritual-experiences
auromere - memory-transference-in-organ-transplant-recipients
auromere - pranamaya-kosha
auromere - can-a-brain-stroke-victim-experience-nirvana
auromere - the-teachings-of-paracelsus
auromere - circumconscient
auromere - stages-of-meditation
auromere - meditation
auromere - the-role-of-intellectual-development-in-the-spiritual-path
auromere - allusions-in-sri-aurobindos-savitri
auromere - savitr
auromere - are-indians-more-spiritual
auromere - subconscient
auromere - does-population-growth-invalidate-reincarnation
auromere - cases-of-reincarnation-across-religions
auromere - the-origin-of-the-sapta-chatusthaya
auromere - synthesis-of-yoga
auromere - sapta-chatushthaya
auromere - physical-marks-appearing-after-injuries-sustained-in-dreams
auromere - modalities-of-the-initiation-process-diksha
auromere - on-collective-prayer-and-meditation
auromere - identifying-the-signs-of-spiritual-progress
auromere - places-of-worship-relics-prayer-rooms
auromere - rising-above-ennui-or-boredom
auromere - practising-titiksha-with-marshmallows
auromere - sapta-chatushthaya
auromere - when-does-the-soul-enter-the-body
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - linguistic-abilities-of-babies
auromere - pancha-mahabhutas-the-five-subtle-constituents-of-matter
auromere - anandamayi-ma-as-the-guru
auromere - sri-aurobindos-1947-meeting-with-two-french-visitors
auromere - why-spiritual-experiences-do-not-repeat
auromere - why-the-future-is-veiled-from-us
auromere - does-dying-in-holy-cities-like-varanasi-bring-salvation
auromere - how-to-choose-the-right-life-partner
auromere - why-do-we-forget-our-vivid-dreams
auromere - on-absent-mindedness-instinctive-and-willful-actions
auromere - sri-aurobindos-interaction-with-an-american-soldier-during-world-war-ii
auromere - life-divine
auromere - savitri
auromere - life-divine
auromere - how-to-bring-up-a-child
auromere - allusions-in-savitri-part-2
auromere - the-mother-mirra-alfassa-as-a-guru
auromere - the-message-of-the-gita
auromere - somnambulists-who-do-creative-work-in-their-sleep
auromere - the-first-meeting-of-sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother-mirra-alfassa
auromere - brain-imaging-can-reveal-the-movies-in-our-mind
auromere - religious-mechanical-and-psychological-methods-of-self-realization
auromere - pranayama
auromere - birthmarks-due-to-reincarnation
auromere - munshis-visit-sri-aurobindo-ashram
auromere - emma-calves-interaction-with-swami-vivekananda
auromere - 200px-emma_calve_001
auromere - san_francisco-1900-seated-4
auromere - anandamayi-ma-as-the-guru
auromere - the-mother-mirra-alfassa-as-a-guru
auromere - the-story-of-a-soul
auromere - should-women-dress-modestly
auromere - further-remarks-on-sexuality
auromere - sri-aurobindo-on-lawyers-2
auromere - on-suicide-euthanasia-and-capital-punishment
auromere - on-death-burials-cremations-funerals-and-resurrection
auromere - cosmology
auromere - insights-into-animal-cognition
auromere - can-i-have-more-than-one-guru
auromere - gorakhnaths-enumeration-of-contemplation-methods
auromere - taming-the-monkey-mind
auromere - savitri
auromere - concentration-on-mothers-photograph
auromere - meditation
auromere - widen-the-consciousness
auromere - transformation
auromere - handling-rejection-by-the-guru
auromere - what-exactly-is-a-crush-or-love-at-first-sight
auromere - should-women-dress-modestly
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - pranamaya-kosha
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - progress-reports-of-sri-aurobindo
auromere - pranayama
auromere - does-nature-revolt-against-machinery
auromere - annual-report
auromere - 2011-in-review
auromere - my-words-will-remain-imprinted-on-your-soul
auromere - how-can-sri-aurobindo-smoke-and-drink-while-practising-yoga
auromere - life-divine
auromere - synthesis-of-yoga
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - a-mystical-incident-in-the-life-of-mughal-emperor-akbar
auromere - sattwic-ego-rajasic-ego-and-tamasic-ego
auromere - how-does-the-brain-absorb-new-ideas
auromere - the-nachiketa-fire-sacrifice
auromere - psychic
auromere - why-do-we-feel-afraid-and-how-to-overcome-it
auromere - man-the-microcosm-universe-the-macrocosm
auromere - subconscient
auromere - on-spirit-possession-and-mental-imbalances
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - cosmology
auromere - unpleasant-images-and-negative-thoughts-during-meditation
auromere - subconscient
auromere - meditation
auromere - pranayama
auromere - the-psychic-joy-derived-from-a-selfless-act
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - why-does-depression-last-longer-than-pleasure
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - the-equipoise-required-for-yoga
auromere - surrender
auromere - sufi-anecdotes-and-stories
auromere - dharana-shakti-the-capacity-to-sustain-spiritual-experiences
auromere - synthesis-of-yoga
auromere - physical-culture
auromere - on-spirit-possession-and-mental-imbalances
auromere - difference-between-genius-and-mysticism
auromere - on-multitasking-avadhana-kala-and-multiple-samyama
auromere - what-did-j-d-salinger-leo-tolstoy-and-sarah-bernhardt-have-in-common
auromere - isaac-newton-mind-reading-and-the-scholar-gypsy
auromere - the-rhythms-of-our-consciousness
auromere - sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother-on-anandamayi-ma
auromere - havent-i-seen-you-before
auromere - dalai-lama-on-women-and-temptation
auromere - the-genesis-of-sri-aurobindos-superman
auromere - subhas-chandra-bose-on-sri-aurobindo
auromere - how-an-egyptian-discovered-sri-aurobindo
auromere - life-divine
auromere - on-conservation-and-progress
auromere - introduction-to-the-upanishads
auromere - the-history-of-yoga
auromere - history-of-yoga-part-2
auromere - gender-differences-between-men-and-women
auromere - gender-differences-and-physical-training-for-women
auromere - a-movie-on-sri-kumare-the-guru
auromere - the-paradox-of-life
auromere - sri-aurobindos-prose-style-by-goutam-ghosal
auromere - spiritual-peace-is-unknown-to-theoretical-philosophers
auromere - the-nachiketa-fire-sacrifice
auromere - the-psychic-joy-derived-from-a-selfless-act
auromere - the-elusive-touch-of-the-psychic-being
auromere - parallels-between-buddha-and-jesus
auromere - predictions-of-sri-aurobindo
auromere - on-atheism-and-agnosticism-2
auromere - mental-awareness-in-comatose-patients-and-sleeping-newborn-infants
auromere - the-spiritual-dawn
auromere - reconciling-family-life-with-yoga
auromere - on-luck-superstitions-folk-tales-and-miracles
auromere - understanding-the-sexual-urge
auromere - a-contemplation-exercise-before-going-to-sleep
auromere - unpleasant-images-and-negative-thoughts-during-meditation
auromere - mahatma-gandhis-aborted-1934-attempt-to-meet-sri-aurobindo
auromere - the-vijnana-bhairava-tantra
auromere - Tantraloka of Abhinava Gupta, with commentary by Rajanaka Jayarath
auromere - relativity-of-detachment
auromere - reconciling-samkhya-vedanta-and-tantra
auromere - autobiographical-story-by-mirra-alfassa
auromere - three-occasions-when-mahatma-gandhi-evaded-prostitutes
auromere - gandhi-pupils-lookalikes
auromere - differentiating-between-need-and-desire
auromere - what-is-wrong-with-promiscuity
auromere - buddhist-monk-is-the-worlds-happiest-man
auromere - nepal-france-religion-buddhism-philosophy
auromere - ways-of-navigating-this-blog
auromere - the-milinda-panha
auromere - a-case-of-yogic-illness
auromere - priti-ghosh-auro
auromere - practicing-yoga-without-a-guru
auromere - whats-the-purpose-of-praying-in-temples
auromere - the-laissez-faire-approach-of-sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother
auromere - hands-can-become-independently-conscious
auromere - comparing-roger-penrose-and-sri-aurobindo-on-the-mind
auromere - how-do-movies-affect-yoga-practice
auromere - on-popular-music-and-movie-songs
auromere - sravana-manana-and-nidhidhyasana
auromere - 2012-in-review
auromere - annual-report
auromere - how-does-the-self-realized-person-speak-gita-254
auromere - rape-victims-and-karma
auromere - daily-quotation-from-sri-aurobindo
auromere - reading-and-writing-books-in-a-dream
auromere - sleep-learning-and-the-upanishads
auromere - sri-aurobindo-on-nationalism
auromere - mahabiplabi-arabindo-bengali-movie-on-sri-aurobindos-early-life
auromere - the-exchange-of-vital-forces-during-social-interactions
auromere - reminiscences-of-the-mothers-physician-dr-bisht
auromere - conversations-with-sri-aurobindo-recorded-by-anilbaran-roy
auromere - anything-that-shocks-you-is-the-very-thing-you-carry-in-yourself-the-mother
M-^D-a-chinese-disciple-of-sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother/">auromere - xu-fancheng-M-eM->M-^PM-fM-"M-5M-fM->M-^D-a-chinese-disciple-of-sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother
auromere - the-grace-is-at-work-everywhere
auromere - energy-but-it-is-not-my-energy
auromere - sri-aurobindos-influence-on-russians
auromere - a-book-on-sri-aurobindo-in-arabic
auromere - 0897449517
auromere - anecdotes-of-my-guru
auromere - 0897449517
auromere - 2013-in-review
auromere - annual-report
auromere - where-does-mathematics-come-from
auromere - to-love-man-manush-bhajan-by-nolini-kanta-gupta
auromere - hindu-devas-take-a-silk-road-trip-to-japan
auromere - 2014-in-review
auromere - annual-report
auromere - evolution-of-human-nature
auromere - hinduism-and-the-caste-system
auromere - how-to-utilize-money-to-grow-spiritually
auromere - bhagavad-gita-online
auromere - explaining-dreams-where-you-meet-a-known-person
auromere - can-reading-of-spiritual-books-become-counter-productive
auromere - five-signs-of-a-soul-turned-to-inner-wisdom
auromere - freedom-from-mental-constructions
auromere - sri-aurobindos-translation-of-tirukkural
auromere - munshis-visit-sri-aurobindo-ashram
auromere - sri-aurobindo-and-the-mother-on-clairvoyance
auromere - how-accurate-are-the-memories-of-past-incarnations
auromere - 0897449517
auromere - bhagavad-gita
auromere - indian-philosophy
auromere - life-divine
auromere - synthesis-of-yoga
auromere - sapta-chatushthaya
auromere - bible-books
auromere - buddhism-books
auromere - savitri-books
auromere - savitri
auromere - upanishads
auromere - vedas-books
auromere - 0897449517
auromere - auro-people
auromere - life-divine
auromere - life-divine
auromere - occultism-psychology
auromere - cosmology
auromere - society-and-culture
auromere - money
auromere - morality
auromere - 2
auromere - relationships
auromere - religious-traditions
auromere - spiritual-practice
auromere - auro
auromere - food
auromere - guru-spiritual-practice
auromere - jnana-yoga
auromere - karma-yoga
auromere - meditation
auromere - meditation
auromere - pranayama
auromere - 2
auromere - meditation
auromere - pranayama
auromere - 3
auromere - psychic
auromere - sex
auromere - speech
auromere - constitution-of-man
auromere - understanding-the-sexual-urge
auromere - central-being
auromere - chakras
auromere - circumconscient
auromere - mental-sheath
auromere - pranamaya-kosha
auromere - pranayama
auromere - vital-immobility
auromere - four-movements-of-consciousness
auromere - psychic-being
auromere - subconscient
auromere - sapta-chatushthaya
auromere - unpleasant-images-and-negative-thoughts-during-meditation
auromere - mental-awareness-in-comatose-patients-and-sleeping-newborn-infants
auromere - 24-hour-sadhana
auromere - aspiration-rejection-surrender
auromere - concentration-on-mothers-photograph
auromere - widen-the-consciousness
auromere - four-austerities-and-four-liberation
auromere - physical-culture
auromere - sleep-and-dreams
auromere - vital-immobility
auromere - widen-the-consciousness
auromere - ascent-experience
auromere - descent-experience
auromere - difference-between-vision-experience-and-realization
auromere - four-movements-of-consciousness
auromere - psychi
auromere - sapta-chatushthaya
auromere - symbols-seen-during-spiritual-experiences
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