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All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
Divine Grace
Falling Into Grace Insights on the End of Suffering
Grace of God
It is by God's Grace that you think of God!
the Divine Grace


Grace (.Divine Grace)::: Have faith and unshaken confidence. The Divine Grace will do the rest.

Grace (Divine Grace) ::: the help of a higher Divine Force other than the force of Karma, which can lift the sadhak beyond the present possibilities of his nature.

Grace Hopper
US Navy Rear Admiral Grace Brewster Hopper
(1906-12-09 to 1992-01-01), née Grace Brewster Murray.
Hopper is believed to have concieved the concept of the
{compiler} with the {A-0} in 1952. She also developed the
first commercial {high-level language}, which eventually
evolved into {COBOL}. She worked on the {Mark I} computer
with Howard Aiken and with {BINAC} in 1949.
She is credited with having coined the term "debug", and the
adage "it is always easier to ask forgiveness than it is to
get permission" (with various wordings), which has been the
guiding principle in {sysadmin} decisions ever since.
See also the entries {debug} and {bug}.
Hopper is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. In 1994, the
US Navy named a new ship, the guided-missile destroyer {USS
Hopper (}, after her.

Grace Hopper ::: (person) US Navy Rear Admiral Grace Brewster Hopper (1906-12-09 to 1992-01-01), n�e Grace Brewster Murray.Hopper is believed to have concieved the concept of the compiler with the A-0 in 1952. She also developed the first commercial high-level language, which eventually evolved into COBOL. She worked on the Mark I computer with Howard Aiken and with BINAC in 1949.She is credited with having coined the term debug, and the adage it is always easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission (with various wordings), which has been the guiding principle in sysadmin decisions ever since.See also the entries debug and bug.Hopper is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. In 1994, the US Navy named a new ship, the guided-missile destroyer (1999-06-29)

Grace intervenes, and also, after U has intervened, one has still to put in a good deal of work to keep and develop what one has got.

Grace is something spontaneous which welis out from'tl^

Grace may sometimes bring undeserved or apparently unde- served fruits, but one cannot demand Grace as a right and privi-

Grace period - The period or length of time between the date on your statement and the date payment is due.


grace, and I require thee, Adonay, Amay, Horta,

GRACE. ::: Grace is a fact of spiritual experience.

GrAce de Dieu

graced ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Grace ::: a. --> Endowed with grace; beautiful; full of graces; honorable.

graceful ::: a. --> Displaying grace or beauty in form or action; elegant; easy; agreeable in appearance; as, a graceful walk, deportment, speaker, air, act, speech.

graceless ::: a. --> Wanting in grace or excellence; departed from, or deprived of, divine grace; hence, depraved; corrupt.
Unfortunate. Cf. Grace, n., 4.

grace ::: n. **1. Elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action. 2. Favour or goodwill. 3. A manifestation of favour, especially by a superior. 4. Theol. a. The freely given, unmerited favour and love of God. b. The influence or spirit of God operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them. c. A virtue or excellence of divine origin. d. The condition of being in God’s favour or one of the elect. 5. Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people. v. 6. To lend or add grace to; adorn. graced, graceful, graceless.**

grace ::: n. --> The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another; favor bestowed or privilege conferred.
The divine favor toward man; the mercy of God, as distinguished from His justice; also, any benefits His mercy imparts; divine love or pardon; a state of acceptance with God; enjoyment of the divine favor.
The prerogative of mercy execised by the executive, as pardon.

grace ::: Sri Aurobindo: “Grace is something spontaneous which wells out from the Divine Consciousness as a free flow of its being. ::: It is a power that is superior to any rule, even to the Cosmic Law — for all spiritual seers have distinguished between the Law and Grace. Yet it is not indiscriminate — only it has a discrimination of its own which sees things and persons and the right times and seasons with another vision than that of the Mind or any other normal Power. A state of Grace is prepared in the individual often behind thick veils by means not calculable by the mind and when the state of Grace comes, then the Grace itself acts. ” *Letters on Yoga

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KEYS (10k)

   67 The Mother
   50 Sri Aurobindo
   13 Sri Ramana Maharshi
   7 Sri Ramakrishna
   4 Joseph Campbell
   2 Swami Vivekananda
   2 Jetsun Milarepa
   2 Jalaluddin Rumi
   2 Hermann Hesse
   2 Anonymous
   2 Aeschylus
   2 ?
   1 Virginia Woolf
   1 Thomas Merton
   1 Thomas Keating
   1 The Sophia of Jesus (excerpt)
   1 The Book of Thomas
   1 Swami Satyananda Saraswati
   1 Stephen LaBerge
   1 Shinran
   1 Saint John of the Cross
   1 Saint Bonaventure
   1 Robert Burton
   1 Richard Brautigan
   1 Reverend Chad Ripperger
   1 Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange
   1 Rabindranath Tagore
   1 Proverbs
   1 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
   1 Phillip Yancey
   1 Peter J Carroll
   1 Owen Barfield
   1 Nolini Kanta Gupta
   1 Nirodbaran
   1 Nichiren
   1 Michael J. Gelb
   1 James W Fowler
   1 Guru Nanak
   1 G K Chesterton
   1 Friedrich Schiller
   1 Ella Wheeler Wilcox
   1 Dr Alok Pandey


   15 Grace Kelly
   14 Anonymous
   13 John Green
   12 Nancy Grace
   11 William Shakespeare
   10 Max Lucado
   9 Grace Slick
   8 Sri Ramana Maharshi
   8 Grace Lin
   7 Grace Jones
   7 Grace Draven
   6 Celina Grace
   5 Rumi
   5 Grace Paley
   5 Grace Hopper
   4 Topher Grace
   4 Ti Grace Atkinson
   4 Rick Riordan
   4 Philip Yancey
   4 George Herbert

1:We all have the right to ask for Grace
   ~ Swami Vivekananda, [T6],
2:With faith in the Divine Grace, all difficulties are solved.
   ~ The Mother,
3:The thought of God is Divine Favor! He is by nature Grace. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi,
4:the uniting of man and God, the two sides of the transformation. Effort and Grace.
   ~ ?,
5:It is by God's grace that you think of God! ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks, 29, [T5],
6:Keep the mind quiet. That is enough. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Surpassing Love and Grace, Ch 9,
7:Guru's Grace is like a hand extended to help you out of water. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks, 398,
8:Let's ask God to help us to self-control for one who lacks it, lacks his grace. ~ Jalaluddin Rumi,
9:By its breath of grace our lives abide. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Pursuit of the Unknowable,
10:Nobody can say, 'there is no hope for me.' because the Divine Grace is there.
   ~ The Mother, White Roses,
11:Grace is ever present. All that is necessary is that you surrender to it.
   ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks, 472,
12:One cannot demand or compel grace. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, Bhakti Yoga and Vaishnavism,
13:Faith is spontaneous knowledge in the psychic.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith and the Divine Grace, Faith,
14:The Divine Grace comes in to help and save. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
15:The best way of meeting difficulties is a quiet and calm confidence in the Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
16:With trust in the Divines Grace all obstacles can be surmounted. with my blessings
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
17:The breeze of grace is always blowing on you. You have to open the sails and your boat will move forward. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
18:His Grace is always with those who want to progress and realise the Truth of tomorrow.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother I,
19:Sraddha: the soul's belief in the Divine's existence, wisdom, power, love and grace.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II,
20:Say-'I have received his Grace: I must be worthy of it', and then all will be well.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, [T1],
21:It is never in vain that an ardent and sincere prayer is addressed to the Divine's Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III,
22:But for one who has faith in the Divine Grace, the return to the Light becomes easy.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1953, [T7],
23:Let us give ourselves without reserve to the Divine, so best shall we receive the Divine Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
24:The Grace, the Grace alone can act. That alone can open the way, that alone can do the miracle.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
25:If the unripe mind does not feel his Grace, it does not mean that God's Grace is absent. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Marharshi's Gospel, [T5],
26:The Grace is infinite for him who sincerely trusts the Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Trust in the Divine Grace and Help,
27:Whatever happens we must remain quiet and trust the Divine's Grace. With my blessings.
   ~ The Mother, Mantras Of The Mother, 25 October,
28:Any advice?

   Be steady and confident.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Elements of Yoga, Faith and the Divine Grace, Confidence,
29:One has not only to be sincere but to be faithful through all. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
30:Faith is the surest guide in the darkest days. 16 August 1954
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith and the Divine Grace, FAITH [79],
31:It is only the Grace that can bring the real supramental change. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - I, The Supramental Transformation,
32:But within there is a soul and above there is Grace. 'This is all you know or need to know'
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Poetry And Art, [T5],
33:Nobody can really help—only the Divine Grace. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - IV, Interactions with Others and the Practice of Yoga,
34:The difference between knowledge and ignorance is a grace of the Spirit. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, The Master of the Work,
35:However long the journey may be and however great the traveller, at the end is always found exclusive reliance on the Divine Grace. ~ The Mother,
36:It is only when God Himself by His grace draws the mind inwards that complete surrender can be acheived. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Day by Day, 27-6-46,
37:I give peace to the humble and the great,
And shed my grace on the foolish and the wise. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
38:Be confident, you will become what you have to be and achieve what you have to do.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith and the Divine Grace,
39:The Grace will never fail us - such is the faith we must keep constantly in our heart. With my blessings
   ~ The Mother, Mantras Of The Mother, 10 May,
40:One attains God through japa. By repeating the name of God secretly and in solitude one receives divine grace. Then comes His vision. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
41:The proof of spiritual maturity is not how pure you are but awareness of your impurity. That very awareness opens the door to grace.
   ~ Phillip Yancey,
42:It is indispensable to keep the faith and the will to conquer. 2 May 1949
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith and the Divine Grace, FAITH [80],
43:To perish is better for man or for nation
Nobly in battle, nor end disgraced by disease or subjection. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, Ilion,
44:In the present growing conflict what should be our attitude?

   Faith and total confidence in the Divine's Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
45:This world behind is made of truer stuff
        Than the manufactured tissue of earth’s grace. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, The Inner Fields,
46:If you seek God with your whole heart, then you may be assured that Grace of God is also seeking you. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Conscious Immortality, Ch 7, [T5],
47:At each moment of our life, in all circumstance the Grace is there helping us to surmount all difficulties. With my blessings
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
48:It can come early or it can come late, but come it will if one is faithful in one’s call. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
49:So long as there is complete sincerity, the Divine Grace will be there and assist at every moment on the way. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, Sincerity,
50:Leave all care to the Divine Grace, including your progress, and you will be in peace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Trust in the Divine Grace and Help, [T2],
51:Gratitude: it is you who open all the closed doors and let the Grace which saves penetrate deeply.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Gratitude and Faithfulness, [T5],
52:It is the Divine Grace that must be prayed for-if justice were to manifest, very few would be those who could stand in front of it.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
53:The Divine knows best and one has to have trust in His wisdom and attune oneself with His will. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
54:Sri Aurobindo is always with us, enlightening, guiding, protecting. We must answer to his grace by a perfect faithfulness.
   ~ The Mother, Mantras Of The Mother, 14 AUGUST, [T1],
55:Let us unite our will in a great aspiration; let us pray for an intervention of the Grace. A miracle can always happen. Faith has a sovereign power. ~ The Mother, On Education, [T5],
56:Grace is something spontaneous which wells out from the Divine Consciousness as a free flower of its being. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, Bhakti Yoga and Vaishnavism,
57:As for withdrawal of Grace, it might be said that few are those from whom the Grace withdraws, but many are those who withdraw from the Grace.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II,
58:Mother, What is the rationale of Divine Grace? Is not the Supreme Mother always ready with Her Grace for those who can call it down?

   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
59:The very best happens always to those who have put their entire trust in the Divine and in the Divine alone.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Trust in the Divine Grace and Help,
60:It is only the Divine's Grace that can give peace, happiness, power, light, knowledge, beatitude and love in their essence and their truth.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, [T5],
61:When we trust in the Divine's Grace we get an unfailing courage. 15 May 1954
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith and the Divine Grace, TRUST IN THE DIVINE GRACE AND HELP [92],
62:The Grace is something that pushes you towards the goal to be attained....The Grace is that which makes you march swiftly towards the realisation.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
63:The word, the form, the charm, the glory and grace
Are missioned sparks from a stupendous Fire; ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Nirvana and the Discovery of the All-Negating Absolute,
64:It is when all seems lost that all can be saved. When you have lost confidence in your personal power, then you should have faith in the Divine Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
65:The Divine's Grace is wonderful and almighty. And the ways of working of the Lord are full of a delightful sense of humour...
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, the Ways of Working of the Lord,
66:The word is the Guru, The Guru is the Word, For all nectar is enshrined in the world Blessed is the word which reveal the Lord's name But more is the one who knows by the Guru's grace. ~ Guru Nanak,
67:Without the Grace of the Divine nothing can be done, but for the full Grace to manifest the sadhak must make himself ready. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
68:God is very merciful to those whom He sees struggling heart and soul for spiritual realization. But remain idle, without any struggle, and you will see that His grace will never come. ~ Swami Vivekananda,
69:...everything really depends on the Divine Grace and we should look towards the future with confidence and serenity, at the same time progressing as fast as we can.
   ~ The Mother, On Thoughts And Aphorisms,
70:Confident of His grace, expect His will;
Let Him lead; though hidden be the bourne,
See Him in all that happens; that fulfil
For which thou wert born. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, To R.,
71:An absolute faith and trust in the Grace is, in the last analysis, the Supreme Wisdom. 15 August 1956
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith and the Divine Grace, FAITH IN THE DIVINE AND HELP [106], [T9],
72:So can we conclude that Divine Grace works best when it is established in the earth consciousness? Is it the aim of your endeavour to establish it permanently?

   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
73:Very few are those who can stand firm on the rock of their faith and trust in the Divine.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Elements of Yoga, Faith and the Divine Grace, Trust in the Divine Grace and Help,
74:The Grace and the help are always there for all who aspire for them and their power is limitless when received with faith and confidence.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith in the Divine Grace and Help,
75:He who learns must suffer. Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart
until, in our own despair, against our will,
comes wisdom through the awful grace of God. ~ Aeschylus,
76:And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.
   ~ Anonymous, The Bible, 1 Peter 5:10,
77:Length of time is no proof of an ultimate incapacity to arrive—it is only a sign that there is something in oneself which has to be overcome. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
78:He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God. ~ Aeschylus, Agamemnon, l. 177,
79:Like the child who does not reason and has no care, trust thyself to the Divine that His will may be done.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Elements of Yoga, Faith and the Divine Grace, Trust in the Divine Grace and Help,
80:Grace may sometimes bring undeserved or apparently undeserved fruits, but one can’t demand Grace as a right and privilege—for then it would not be Grace. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
81:I like to think (it has to be!) of a cybernetic ecology where we are free of our labors and joined back to nature, returned to our mammal brothers and sisters, and all watched over by machines of loving grace.
   ~ Richard Brautigan,
82:It is by the Grace of the Divine and the aid of a Force greater than your own, not by personal capacity and worth that you can attain the goal of the sadhana. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Call and the Capacity,
83:And if it is a play of the All-Existence, then we may well consent to play out our part in it with grace and courage, well take delight in the game along with our divine Playmate. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, Renunciation,
84:Men hail in my coming the Almighty's force
   Or praise with thankful tears his saviour Grace.
   I smite the Titan who bestrides the world
   And slay the ogre in his blood-stained den.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
85:Endure and you will triumph. Victory goes to the most enduring. And with the Grace and divine love nothing is impossible. My force and love are with you. At the end of the struggle there is Victory
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
86:A man can reach God if he follows one path rightly. Then he can learn about all the other paths. A devotee can know everything when God's grace descends on him. If you but realize Him, you will be able to know all about Him. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
87:In that fair subtle realm behind our own
The form is all, and physical gods are kings.
The inspiring Light plays in fine boundaries;
A faultless beauty comes by Nature’s grace; ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Kingdom of Subtle Matter,
88:It is not one’s personal fitness and worthiness that makes one succeed, but the Mother’s grace and power and the consent of the soul to her grace and the workings of her Force. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Call and the Capacity,
89:There's a community of the spirit, join it and feel the delight of walking in the noisy street and being the noise. Drink all your passion and be disgraced. Close both eyes to see with the other one. Open your hands if you want to be held. ~ Jalaluddin Rumi,
90:Actual grace is constantly offered to us for the accomplishment of the duty of the present moment, just as air comes constantly into our lungs to permit us to breathe. ~ Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, The Three Ages of the Interior Life: Prelude of Eternal Life,
91:God has to work in the soul in secret and in darkness because if we fully knew what was happening, and what Mystery, transformation, God and Grace will eventually ask of us, we would either try to take charge or stop the whole process. ~ Saint John of the Cross,
92:Who is worthy or unworthy in front of the Divine Grace?

   All are children of the one and the same Mother. Her love is equally spread over all of them. But to each one She gives according to his nature and receptivity.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
93:With each person the guidance works differently according to his nature, the conditions of his life, his cast of consciousness, his stage of development, his need of farther experience. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II, The Divine Grace and Guidance,
94:And from this point of view no formulation is better than any other; the best of all is the one that helps each one to remember, that is, the way in which the intervention of the Grace has crystallised in the thought.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1957-1958,
95:If part of the being surrenders, but another part reserves itself, follows its own way or makes its own conditions, then each time that that happens, you are yourself pushing the divine Grace away from you.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother, [T6],
96:Yes, my child, the Nature can change, completely change with the practice of Yoga - nothing is impossible for the Divine Grace - it can transform a being so totally that all that seemed for it completely impossible becomes not only possible but done. ~ The Mother, White Roses, Huta, 12,
97:They thought that it would be a disgrace to go forth as a group. Each entered the forest at a point that he himself had chosen, where it was darkest and there was no path. If there is a path it is someone else's path and you are not on the adventure. ~ Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey,
98:There are two powers that alone can effect in their conjunction the great and difficult thing which is the aim of our endeavour, a fixed and unfailing aspiration that calls from below and a supreme Grace from above that answers.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother, [T4],
99:Behold the beginning of wisdom; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding. Exalt her and she shall promote thee. She shall bring thee to honour, when thou dost embrace her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace; a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. ~ Proverbs,
100:The word, the form, the charm, the glory and grace
   Are missioned sparks from a stupendous Fire;
   A sample from the laboratory of God
   Of which he holds the patent upon earth,
   Comes to him wrapped in golden coverings
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Nirvana and the Discovery of the All-Negating Absolute,
101:You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink. ~ G K Chesterton,
102:A loving recognition of the Grace received from the Divine.
   A humble recognition of all that the Divine has done and is doing for you.
   The spontaneous feeling of obligation to the Divine, which makes you do your best to become less unworthy of what the Divine is doing for you.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
103:Its touch can turn difficulties into opportunities, failure into success and weakness into unfaultering strength. For the grace of the Divine Mother is the sanction of the Supreme and now or tomorrow its effect is sure, a thing decreed, inevitable and irresistible.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother,
104:Worthy persons deserve to be called so because they are not carried away by the eight winds: prosperity, decline, disgrace, honor, praise, censure,suffering, and pleasure. They are neither elated by prosperity nor grieved by decline. The heavenly gods will surely protect one who is unbending before the eight winds. ~ Nichiren,
105:I have had to experience so much stupidity, so many vices, so much error, so much nausea, disillusionment and sorrow, just in order to become a child again and begin anew. I had to experience despair, I had to sink to the greatest mental depths, to thoughts of suicide, in order to experience grace. ~ Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha,
106:182. To mingle the right action with the action that is not akin to it is called the confused practice. The man that erreth therein hath not attained unto the single heart. He knoweth not thankfulness for the grace of the Enlightened One. ~ Shinran, Wisdom of the East Buddhist Psalms translated from the Japanese of Shinran Shonin,
107:One of two things must be done. Either surrender because you admit your inability and require a higher power to help you, or investigate the cause of misery by going to the source and merging into the Self. Either way you will be free from misery. God never forsakes one who has surrendered. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Surpassing Love and Grace,
108:Young women... you are, in my opinion, disgracefully ignorant. You have never made a discovery of any sort of importance. You have never shaken an empire or led an army into battle. The plays by Shakespeare are not by you, and you have never introduced a barbarous race to the blessings of civilization. What is your excuse? ~ Virginia Woolf,
109:Let us not believe that it is enough to read without unction, to speculate without devotion, to investigate without wonder, to observe without joy, to act without godly zeal, to know without love, to understand without humility, to strive without divine grace, or to reflect as a mirror without divinely inspired wisdom. ~ Saint Bonaventure, The Journey of the Mind into God / Feast Day July 15th,
110:Psychic life in the universe is a work of the divine Grace. Psychic growth is a work of the divine Grace and the ultimate power of the psychic being over the physical-being will also be a result of the divine Grace. And the mind, if it wants to be at all useful, has only to remain very quiet, as quiet as it can, because if it meddles in it, it is sure to spoil everything.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1955,
111:The Divine Grace and Power can do anything, but with the full assent of the sadhak.
   To learn to give the full assent, is the whole meaning of the sadhana. It may take time either because of ideas in the mind, desires in the vital or inertia in the physical consciousness, but these things have to be and can be removed with the aid or by calling in the action of the Divine Force.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II, [T9],
112:The Divine Grace alone has the power to intervene and change the course of Universal Justice. The great work of the Avatar is to manifest the Divine Grace upon earth. To be a disciple of the Avatar is to become an instrument of the Divine Grace. The Mother is the great dispensatrix-through identity-of the Divine Grace, with a perfect knowledge-through identity-of the absolute mechanism of Universal Justice.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
113:Watch and pray that you not come to be in the flesh, but rather that you come forth from the bondage of the bitterness of this life. And as you pray, you will find rest, for you have left behind the suffering and the disgrace. For when you come forth from the sufferings and passions of the body, you will receive rest from the good one, and you will reign with the King, you joined with Him and He with you, from now on, for ever and ever, Amen. ~ The Book of Thomas,
114:You cannot do anything alone. You must put yourself into the hands of the Divine Grace. When you feel lonely, miserable, and upset, at once you should call the Divine Grace and pray sincerely to the Grace to help and to do everything for you, because it is the Divine Grace which can do everything.

If you put everything into the hands of the Divine Grace, and worry less, you will be all right much quicker. 09-03-1957. ~ The Mother, MOTHER YOU SAID SO, BY HUTA (Page no.45),
115:It sullies with its mire heaven's messengers:
Its thorns of fallen nature are the defence
It turns against the saviour hands of Grace;
It meets the sons of God with death and pain.
A glory of lightnings traversing the earth-scene,
Their sun-thoughts fading, darkened by ignorant minds,
Their work betrayed, their good to evil turned,
The cross their payment for the crown they gave,
Only they leave behind a splendid Name.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, A Symbol Dawn,
116:To me any activity is more important than its cost to me, even if the cost is unreasonable. Money should never be the criterion for such decisions. If we say we can't have something because of its cost, we limit our receptivity to the Grace and hamper its workings. Money is only a medium of exchange, it is all relative and the Divine resources are inexhaustible. Is this attitude a correct one?

   You are quite right and I approve of your attitude.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III,
117:7. Don't entertain such thoughts of imperfection, lack of qualities, etc. You are already perfect. Get rid of the ideas of imperfection and need for development. There is nothing to realize or annihilate. You are the Self. The ego does not exist. Pursue the enquiry and see if there is anything to be realised or annihilated. See if there is any mind to be controlled. Even the effort is being made by the mind which does not exist. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Surpassing Love and Grace An Offering from His Devotees,
118:First, once and for all, you should know that luck, good or bad, does not exist. What to our ignorance looks like luck is simply the result of causes we know nothing about. It is certain that for someone who has desires, when his desires are not satisfied, it is a sign that the Divine Grace is with him and wants, through experience, to make him progress rapidly, by teaching him that a willing and spontaneous surrender to the Divine Will is a much surer way to be happy in peace and light than the satisfaction of any desire.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo,
   When the heart is hard and parched up, come upon me with a shower of mercy.
   When grace is lost from life, come with a burst of song.
   When tumultuous work raises its din on all sides shutting me out from beyond, come to me, my lord of silence, with thy peace and rest.
   When my beggarly heart sits crouched, shut up in a corner, break open the door, my king, and come with the ceremony of a king.
   When desire blinds the mind with delusion and dust, O thou holy one, thou wakeful, come with thy light and thy thunder.
   ~ Rabindranath Tagore,
120:These questionings and depressions are very foolish movements of the mind. If you were not open to the Grace, you would not have had these descents or experiences and there would have been no such progress as you have made. You have not to put such questions but to take it as a settled fact, and with full faith in the Mother and her working in you go on with your sadhana. Whatever difficulties there may be, will be solved in time by the natural progress of the sadhana. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - IV, Dealing with Depression and Despondency,
121:D.: Impurities of limitation, ignorance and desire (anava, mayika, and kamya) place obstacles in the way of meditation. How to conquer them?
M.: Not to be swayed by them.
D.: Grace is necessary.
M.: Yes, Grace is both the beginning and the end. Introversion is due to Grace: Perseverance is Grace; and Realisation is Grace. That is the reason for the statement: Mamekam saranam vraja (only surrender to Me). If one has entirely surrendered oneself is there any part left to ask for Grace? He is swallowed up by Grace. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks, 319,
122:I feel sincerely that I want the Divine and nothing else. But when I am in contact with other people, when I am busy with things without any value, I naturally forget the Divine, my one goal. Is it insincerity? If not, then what does it mean?

   Yes. It is insincerity of the being, in which one part wants the Divine and another part wants something else. It is through ignorance and stupidity that the being is insincere. But with a persevering will and an absolute confidence in the Divine Grace, one can cure this insincerity.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
123:"The thing is somehow to unite the mind with God. You must not forget Him, not even once. Your thought of Him should be like the flow of oil, without any interruption. If you worship with love even a brick or stone as God, then through His grace you can see Him.

"Remember what I have just said to you. One should perform such worship as the Śiva Puja. Once the mind has become mature, one doesn't have to continue formal worship for long. The mind then always remains united with God; meditation and contemplation become a constant habit of mind." ~ Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Gospel of Ramakrishna,
124:I believe faith is a human universal. We are endowed at birth with nascent capacities for faith. How these capacities are activated and grow depends to a large extent on how we are welcomed into the world and what kinds of environments we grow in. Faith is interactive and social; it requires community, language, ritual and nurture. Faith is also shaped by initiatives from beyond us and other people, initiatives of spirit or grace. How these latter initiatives are recognized and imaged, or unperceived and ignored, powerfully affects the shape of faith in our lives.
   ~ James W Fowler, Stages Of Faith,
125:What we call destiny is only in fact the result of the present condition of the being and the nature and energies it has accumulated in the past acting on each other and determining the present attempts and their future results. But as soon as one enters the path of spiritual life, this old predetermined destiny begins to recede. There comes in a new factor, the Divine Grace, the help of a higher Divine Force other than the force of Karma, which can lift the sadhak beyond the present possibilities of his nature. One's spiritual destiny is then the divine election which ensures the future.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - I, [T1],
126:Thus slowly I lift man's soul nearer the Light.
   But human mind clings to its ignorance
   And to its littleness the human heart
   And to its right to grief the earthly life.
   Only when Eternity takes Time by the hand,
   Only when infinity weds the finite's thought,
   Can man be free from himself and live with God.
   I bring meanwhile the gods upon the earth;
   I bring back hope to the despairing heart;
   I give peace to the humble and the great,
   And shed my grace on the foolish and the wise.
   I shall save earth, if earth consents to be saved.
   Then Love shall at last unwounded tread earth's soil;
   Man's mind shall admit the sovereignty of Truth
   And body bear the immense descent of God."
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
127:If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for . . . To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything He has given us - and He has given us everything. Every breath we draw is a gift of His love, every moment of existence is a grace, for it brings with it immense graces from Him.

Gratitude therefore takes nothing for granted, is never unresponsive, is constantly awakening to new wonder and to praise of the goodness of God. For the grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience. And that is what makes all the difference. ~ Thomas Merton,
128:Why does one feel afraid?

   I suppose it is because one is egoistic.
   There are three reasons. First, an excessive concern about one's security. Next, what one does not know always gives an uneasy feeling which is translated in the consciousness by fear. And above all, one doesn't have the habit of a spontaneous trust in the Divine. If you look into things sufficiently deeply, this is the true reason. There are people who do not even know that That exists, but one could tell them in other words, 'You have no faith in your destiny' or 'You know nothing about Grace' - anything whatever, you may put it as you like, but the root of the matter is a lack of trust. If one always had the feeling that it is the best that happens in all circumstances, one would not be afraid
   ~ The Mother,
129:The more complete your faith, sincerity and surrender, the more will grace and protection be with you. And when the grace and protection of the Divine Mother are with you, what is there that can touch you or whom need you fear? A little of it even will carry you through all difficulties, obstacles and dangers, surrounded by its full presence you can go securely on your way because it is hers, careless of all menace, unaffected by any hostility however powerful, whether from this world or from worlds invisible. Its touch can turn difficulties into opportunities, failure into success and weakness into unfaltering strength. For the grace of the Divine Mother is the sanction of the Supreme and now or tomorrow its effect is sure, a thing decreed, inevitable and irresistible.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother,
130:For throughout its life, without knowing it or with some presentiment of it, it was Thou whom it was seeking; in all its passions, all its enthusiasms, all its hopes and disillusionments, all its sufferings and all its joys, it was Thou whom it ardently wanted. And now that it has found Thee, now that it possesses Thee in a supreme Peace and Felicity, it wonders that it should have needed so many sensations, emotions, experiences to discover Thee.
   But all this, which was a struggle, a turmoil, a perpetual effort, has become through the sovereign grace of Thy conscious Presence, a priceless fortune which the being rejoices to offer as its gift to Thee. The purifying flame of Thy illumination has turned it into jewels of price laid down as a living holocaust on the altar of my heart.
   ~ The Mother, Prayers And Meditations, 322, [T1],
131:11. The Ultimate Boon:The gods and goddesses then are to be understood as embodiments and custodians of the elixir of Imperishable Being but not themselves the Ultimate in its primary state. What the hero seeks through his intercourse with them is therefore not finally themselves, but their grace, i.e., the power of their sustaining substance. This miraculous energy-substance and this alone is the Imperishable; the names and forms of the deities who everywhere embody, dispense, and represent it come and go. This is the miraculous energy of the thunderbolts of Zeus, Yahweh, and the Supreme Buddha, the fertility of the rain of Viracocha, the virtue announced by the bell rung in the Mass at the consecration, and the light of the ultimate illumination of the saint and sage. Its guardians dare release it only to the duly proven. ~ Joseph Campbell,
132:God doesn't easily appear in the heart of a man who feels himself to be his own master. But God can be seen the moment His grace descends. He is the Sun of Knowledge. One single ray of His has illumined the world with the light of knowledge. That is how we are able to see one another and acquire varied knowledge. One can see God only if He turns His light toward His own face.

The police sergeant goes his rounds in the dark of night with a lantern in his hand. No one sees his face; but with the help of that light the sergeant sees everybody's face, and others, too, can see one another. If you want to see the sergeant, however, you must pray to him: 'Sir, please turn the light on your own face. Let me see you.' In the same way one must pray to God: 'O Lord, be gracious and turn the light of knowledge on Thyself, that I may see Thy face.' ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
133:PURANI: There was some effort. Only, you can say that the effort was negligible in proportion to the success.
   SRI AUROBINDO: It is not a question of proportion. One may have put in a great deal of effort and yet there could be no result because there was not a complete and total sincerity. On the other hand, when the result comes with little effort it is because the whole being has responded-- and Grace found it possible to act. All the same, effort is a contributory factor. Sometimes one goes on making an effort with no result or even the condition becomes worse. And when one has given it up, one finds suddenly that the result has come. It may be that the effort was keeping up the resistance too. And when the effort is given up, the resistance says, "This fellow has given up effort. What is the use of resisting anymore?" ( Laughter ) ~ Nirodbaran, TALKS WITH SRI AUROBINDO VOLUME 1, 405,
134:Above all, trust in the slow work of God. We are quite naturally impatient in everything to reach the end without delay. We should like to skip the intermediate stages. We are impatient of being on the way to something unknown, something new. And yet it is the law of all progress that it is made by passing through some stages of instability- and that it may take a very long time. And so I think it is with you; your ideas mature gradually-let them grow, let them shape themselves, without undue haste. Don't try to force them on, as though you could be today what time (that is to say, grace and circumstances acting on your own good will) will make of you tomorrow. Only God could say what this new spirit gradually forming within you will be. Give Our Lord the benefit of believing that his hand is leading you, and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself in suspense and incomplete.
   ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,
135:Maheshwari can appear too calm and great and distant for the littleness of earthly nature to approach or contain her, Mahakali too swift and formidable for its weakness to bear; but all turn with joy and longing to Mahalakshmi.
   For she throws the spell of the intoxicating sweetness of the Divine: to be close to her is a profound happiness and to feel her within the heart is to make the existence a rapture and a marvel; grace and charm and tenderness flow from her like the light from the sun and wherever she fixes her wonderful gaze or lets fall of the loveliness of her smile, the soul is seized and made captive and plunged into the depths of an unfathomable bliss.
   Magnetic is the touch of her hands and their occult and delicate influence refines the mind and life and body and where she presses her feet course miraculous streams of an entrancing Ananda.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother,
136:The Seven Da Vincian Principles are:
   Curiosità - An insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.
   Dimostrazione - A commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes.
   Sensazione - The continual refinement of the senses, especially sight, as the means to enliven experience.
   Sfumato (literally "Going up in Smoke") - A willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty.
   Arte/Scienza - The development of the balance between science and art, logic and imagination. "Whole-brain" thinking.
   Corporalità - The cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, and poise.
   Connessione - A recognition of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena. Systems thinking.
   ~ Michael J. Gelb, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day,
137:Part 3 - Return
12. Refusal of the Return:When the hero-quest has been accomplished, through penetration to the source, or through the grace of some male or female, human or animal, personification, the adventurer still must return with his life-transmuting trophy. The full round, the norm of the monomyth, requires that the hero shall now begin the labor of bringing the runes of wisdom, the Golden Fleece, or his sleeping princess, back into the kingdom of humanity, where the boon may redound to the renewing of the community, the nation, the planet or the ten thousand worlds. But the responsibility has been frequently refused. Even Gautama Buddha, after his triumph, doubted whether the message of realization could be communicated, and saints are reported to have died while in the supernal ecstasy. Numerous indeed are the heroes fabled to have taken up residence forever in the blessed isle of the unaging Goddess of Immortal Being. ~ Joseph Campbell,
138:The hostile forces have a certain self-chosen function: it is to test the condition of the individual, of the work, of the earth itself and their readiness for the spiritual descent and fulfilment. At every step of the journey, they are there attacking furiously, criticising, suggesting, imposing despondency or inciting to revolt, raising unbelief, amassing difficulties. No doubt, they put a very exaggerated interpretation on the rights given them by their function, making mountains even out of what seems to us a mole-hill. A little trifling false step or mistake and they appear on the road and clap a whole Himalaya as a barrier across it. But this opposition has been permitted from of old not merely as a test or ordeal, but as a compulsion on us to seek a greater strength, a more perfect self-knowledge, an intenser purity and force of aspiration, a faith that nothing can crush, a more powerful descent of the Divine Grace.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - IV,
139:Metamorphosis: The transmutation of the mind to magical consciousness has often been called the Great Work. It has a far-reaching purpose leading eventually to the discovery of the True Will. Even a slight ability to change oneself is more valuable than any power over the external universe.
   Metamorphosis is an exercise in willed restructuring of the mind. All attempts to reorganize the mind involve a duality between conditions as they are and the preferred condition. Thus it is impossible to cultivate any virtue like spontaneity, joy, pious, pride, grace or omnipotence without involving oneself in more conventionality, sorrow, guilt, sin and impotence in the process. Religions are founded on the fallacy that one can or ought to have one without the other.
   High magic recognizes the dualistic condition but does not care whether life is bittersweet or sweet and sour; rather it seeks to achieve any arbitrary perceptual perspective at will.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber MMM,
140:[E]very man hath liberty to write, but few ability. Heretofore learning was graced by judicious scholars, but now noble sciences are vilified by base and illiterate scribblers, that either write for vain-glory, need, to get money, or as Parasites to flatter and collogue with some great men, they put out trifles, rubbish and trash. Among so many thousand Authors you shall scarce find one by reading of whom you shall be any whit better, but rather much worse; by which he is rather infected than any way perfected...
   What a catalogue of new books this year, all his age (I say) have our Frankfurt Marts, our domestic Marts, brought out. Twice a year we stretch out wits out and set them to sale; after great toil we attain nothing...What a glut of books! Who can read them? As already, we shall have a vast Chaos and confusion of Books, we are oppressed with them, our eyes ache with reading, our fingers with turning. For my part I am one of the number-one of the many-I do not deny it... ~ Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy,
141:There is nothing unintelligible in what I say about strength and Grace. Strength has a value for spiritual realisation, but to say that it can be done by strength only and by no other means is a violent exaggeration. Grace is not an invention, it is a face of spiritual experience. Many who would be considered as mere nothings by the wise and strong have attained by Grace; illiterate, without mental power or training, without "strength" of character or will, they have yet aspired and suddenly or rapidly grown into spiritual realisation, because they had faith or because they were sincere. ...

   Strength, if it is spiritual, is a power for spiritual realisation; a greater power is sincerity; the greatest power of all is Grace. I have said times without number that if a man is sincere, he will go through in spite of long delay and overwhelming difficulties. I have repeatedly spoken of the Divine Grace. I have referred any number of times to the line of the Gita:

   "I will deliver thee from all sin and evil, do not grieve." ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II,
142:Sails across the sea of life in the twinkling of an eye.' One attains the vision of God if Mahamaya steps aside from the door. Mahamaya's grace is necessary: hence the worship of Sakti. You see, God is near us, but it is not possible to know Him because Mahamaya stands between. Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita were walking along. Rama walked ahead, Sita in the middle, and Lakshmana last. Lakshmana was only two and a half cubits away from Rama, but he couldn't see Rama because Sita - Mahamaya - was in the way.
"While worshipping God, one should assume a definite attitude. I have three attitudes: the attitude of a child, the attitude or a maidservant, and the attitude of a friend. For a long time I regarded myself as a maidservant and a woman companion of God; at that time I used to wear skirts and ornaments, like a woman. The attitude of a child is very good.
"The attitude of a 'hero' is not good. Some people cherish it. They regard themselves as Purusha and woman as Prakriti; they want to propitiate woman through intercourse with her. But this method often causes disaster. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
   Sweet Mother, Sri Aurobindo has said somewhere that if one surrenders to the Divine Grace, it will do everything for us. Therefore, what value has tapasya?

If you want to know what Sri Aurobindo has said on a given subject, you must at least read all that he has written on that subject. You will then see that he has apparently said the most contradictory things. But when one has read everything, and understood a little, one perceives that all the contradictions complement each other and are organised and unified into an integral synthesis. Here is another quotation from Sri Aurobindo which will show you that your question is based on ignorance. There are many others which you can read with interest and which will make your intelligence more supple: 'If there is not a complete surrender, then it is not possible to adopt the baby cat attitude; it becomes mere tamasic passivity calling itself surrender. If a complete surrender is not possible in the beginning, it follows that personal effort is necessary.' 16 December 1964
   ~ The Mother, Some Answers From The Mother, 308,
144:Four Powers Of The Mother
   In talking about the four powers of the Mother, it helps to know that in India, traditionally, the evolutionary principle of creation is approached, and adored, as the great Mother. Sri Aurobindo distinguishes four main powers and personalities through which this evolutionary force manifests.
   Maheshwari - One is her personality of calm wideness and comprehending wisdom and tranquil benignity and inexhaustible compassion and sovereign and surpassing majesty and all-ruling greatness.
   Mahakali - Another embodies her power of splendid strength and irresistible passion, her warrior mood, her overwhelming will, her impetuous swiftness and world-shaking force.
   Mahalakshmi - A third is vivid and sweet and wonderful with her deep secret of beauty and harmony and fine rhythm, her intricate and subtle opulence, her compelling attraction and captivating grace.
   Mahasaraswati - The fourth is equipped with her close and profound capacity of intimate knowledge and careful flawless work and quiet and exact perfection in all things.
   ~ ?,,
145:It proceeds by a personal effort to a conversion through a divine influence and possession; but this divine grace, if we may so call it, is not simply a mysterious flow or touch coming from above, but the all-pervading act of a divine presence which we come to know within as the power of the highest Self and Master of our being entering into the soul and so possessing it that we not only feel it close to us and pressing upon our mortal nature, but live in its law, know that law, possess it as the whole power of our spiritualised nature. The conversion its action will effect is an integral conversion of our ethical being into the Truth and Right of the divine nature, of our intellectual into the illumination of divine knowledge, our emotional into the divine love and unity, our dynamic and volitional into a working of the divine power, our aesthetic into a plenary reception and a creative enjoyment of divine beauty, not excluding even in the end a divine conversion of the vital and physical being. It regards all the previous life as an involuntary and unconscious or half-conscious preparatory growing towards this change and Yoga as the voluntary and conscious
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga,
146:"Q: What is the right attitude to stick on to this path till the Supramental Truth is realised?

"A: There is the psychic condition and sincerity and devotion to the Mother."

What is "the psychic condition"?

The psychic condition? That means being in relation with one's psychic, I suppose, being governed by one's psychic being.

Sweet Mother, I don't understand very clearly the difference between faith, belief and confidence.

But Sri Aurobindo has given the full explanation here. If you don't understand, then...

He has written "Faith is a feeling in the whole being."

The whole being, yes. Faith, that's the whole being at once. He says that belief is something that occurs in the head, that is purely mental; and confidence is quite different. Confidence - one can have confidence in life, trust in the Divine, trust in others, trust in one's own destiny, that is, one has the feeling that everything is going to help him, to do what he wants to do.

Faith is a certitude without any proof.

Mother, on what does faith depend?

Probably on Divine Grace. Some people have it spontaneously. There are others who need to make a great effort to have it.
~ The Mother, Question and Answers, Volume-6, page no.120,
147:Endure and you will triumph. Victory goes to the most enduring. And with the Grace and divine love nothing is impossible. My force and love are with you. At the end of the struggle there is Victory And so we find once more that the Ego-idea must be ruthlessly rooted out before Understanding can be attained The emptiness that you described in your letter yesterday was not a bad thing - it is this emptiness inward and outward that often in Yoga becomes the first step towards a new consciousness. Man's nature is like a cup of dirty water - the water has to be thrown out, the cup left clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it. The difficulty is that the human physical consciousness feels it difficult to bear this emptiness - it is accustomed to be occupied by all sorts of little mental and vital movements which keep it interested and amused or even if in trouble and sorrow still active. The cessation of these things is hard to bear for it. It begins to feel dull and restless and eager for the old interests and movements. But by this restlessness it disturbs the quietude and brings back the things that had been thrown out. It is this that is creating the difficulty and the obstruction for the moment. If you can accept emptiness as a passage to the true consciousness and true movements, then it will be easier to get rid of the obstacle.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - III,
148:The Song Of View, Practice, And Action :::
Oh, my Guru! The Exemplar of the View, Practice, and Action,
Pray vouchsafe me your grace, and enable me
To be absorbed in the realm of Self-nature!

For the View, Practice, Action, and Accomplishment
There are three Key-points you should know:

All the manifestation, the Universe itself, is contained in the mind;
The nature of Mind is the realm of illumination
Which can neither be conceived nor touched.
These are the Key-points of the View.

Errant thoughts are liberated in the Dharmakaya;
The awareness, the illumination, is always blissful;
Meditate in a manner of non-doing and non-effort.
These are the Key-points of Practice.

In the action of naturalness
The Ten Virtues spontaneously grow;
All the Ten Vices are thus purified.
By corrections or remedies
The Illuminating Void is ne'er disturbed.
These are the Key-points of Action.

There is no Nivana to attain beyond;
There is no Samsara here to renounce;
Truly to know the Self-mind
It is to be the Buddha Himself.
These are the Key-points of Accomplishment.

Reduce inwardly the Three Key-points to One.
This One is the Void Nature of Being,
Which only a wondrous Guru
Can clearly illustrate.

Much activity is of no avail;
If one sees the Simultaneously Born Wisdom,
He reaches the goal.

For all practioners of Dharma
The preaching is a precious gem;
It is my direct experience from yogic meditation.
Think carefully and bear it in your minds,
Oh, my children and disciples. ~ Jetsun Milarepa,
   How can one "learn of pure delight"?

First of all, to begin with, one must through an attentive observation grow aware that desires and the satisfaction of desires give only a vague, uncertain pleasure, mixed, fugitive and altogether unsatisfactory. That is usually the starting-point.

   Then, if one is a reasonable being, one must learn to discern what is desire and refrain from doing anything that may satisfy one's desires. One must reject them without trying to satisfy them. And so the first result is exactly one of the first observations stated by the Buddha in his teaching: there is an infinitely greater delight in conquering and eliminating a desire than in satisfying it. Every sincere and steadfast seeker will realise after some time, sooner or later, at times very soon, that this is an absolute truth, and that the delight felt in overcoming a desire is incomparably higher than the small pleasure, so fleeting and mixed, which may be found in the satisfaction of his desires. That is the second step.

   Naturally, with this continuous discipline, in a very short time the desires will keep their distance and will no longer bother you. So you will be free to enter a little more deeply into your being and open yourself in an aspiration to... the Giver of Delight, the divine Element, the divine Grace. And if this is done with a sincere self-giving - something that gives itself, offers itself and expects nothing in exchange for its offering - one will feel that kind of sweet warmth, comfortable, intimate, radiant, which fills the heart and is the herald of Delight.    After this, the path is easy.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1957-1958,
150:Sweet Mother, how can we cut the knot of the ego?
   How to cut it? Take a sword and strike it (laughter), when one becomes conscious of it. For usually one is not; we think it quite normal, what happens to us; and in fact it is very normal but we think it quite good also. So to begin with one must have a great clear-sightedness to become aware that one is enclosed in all these knots which hold one in bondage. And then, when one is aware that there's something altogether tightly closed in there - so tightly that one has tried in vain to move it - then one imagines one's will to be a very sharp sword-blade, and with all one's force one strikes a blow on this knot (imaginary, of course, one doesn't take up a sword in fact), and this produces a result. Of course you can do this work from the psychological point of view, discovering all the elements constituting this knot, the whole set of resistances, habits, preferences, of all that holds you narrowly closed in. So when you grow aware of this, you can concentrate and call the divine Force and the Grace and strike a good blow on this formation, these things so closely held, like that, that nothing can separate them. And at that moment you must resolve that you will no longer listen to these things, that you will listen only to the divine Consciousness and will do no other work except the divine work without worrying about personal results, free from all attachment, free from all preference, free from all wish for success, power, satisfaction, vanity, all this.... All this must disappear and you must see only the divine Will incarnated in your will and making you act. Then, in this way, you are cured.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1954,
151:Sweet Mother, how can we cut the knot of the ego?

   How to cut it? Take a sword and strike it (laughter), when one becomes conscious of it. For usually one is not; we think it quite normal, what happens to us; and in fact it is very normal but we think it quite good also. So to begin with one must have a great clear-sightedness to become aware that one is enclosed in all these knots which hold one in bondage. And then, when one is aware that there's something altogether tightly closed in there - so tightly that one has tried in vain to move it - then one imagines one's will to be a very sharp sword-blade, and with all one's force one strikes a blow on this knot (imaginary, of course, one doesn't take up a sword in fact), and this produces a result. Of course you can do this work from the psychological point of view, discovering all the elements constituting this knot, the whole set of resistances, habits, preferences, of all that holds you narrowly closed in. So when you grow aware of this, you can concentrate and call the divine Force and the Grace and strike a good blow on this formation, these things so closely held, like that, that nothing can separate them. And at that moment you must resolve that you will no longer listen to these things, that you will listen only to the divine Consciousness and will do no other work except the divine work without worrying about personal results, free from all attachment, free from all preference, free from all wish for success, power, satisfaction, vanity, all this.... All this must disappear and you must see only the divine Will incarnated in your will and making you act. Then, in this way, you are cured.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1954,
   How shall I welcome not this light
   Or, wakened by it, greet with doubt
   This beam as palpable to sight
   As visible to touch? How not,
   Old as I am and (some say) wise,
   Revive beneath her summer eyes?
   How not have all my nights and days,
   My spirit ranging far and wide,
   By recollections of her grace
   Enlightened and preoccupied?
   Preoccupied: the Morning Star
   How near the Sun and yet how far!
   Enlightened: true, but more than true,
   Or why must I discover there
   The meaning in this taintless dew,
   The dancing wave, this blessed air
   Enchanting in its morning dress
   And calm as everlastingness?
   The flame that in the heart resides
   Is parcel of that central Fire
   Whose energy is winds and tides-
   Is rooted deep in the Desire
   That smilingly unseals its power
   Each summer in each springing flower.
   Oh Lady Nature-Proserpine,
   Mistress of Gender, star-crowned Queen!
   Ah Rose of Sharon-Mistress mine,
   My teacher ere I turned fourteen,
   When first I hallowed from afar
   Your Beautyship in avatar!
   I sense the hidden thing you say,
   Your subtle whisper how the Word
   From Alpha on to Omega
   Made all things-you confide my Lord
   Himself-all, all this potent Frame,
   All save the riddle of your name.
   Wisdom! I heard a voice that said:
   "What riddle? What is that to you?
   How! By my follower betrayed!
   Look up-for shame! Now tell me true:
   Where meet you light, with love and grace?
   Still unacquainted with my face?"
   Dear God, the erring heart must live-
   Through strength and weakness, calm and glow-
   That answer Wisdom scorns to give.
   Much have I learned. One problem, though,
   I never shall unlock: Who then,
   Who made Sophia feminine?
   ~ Owen Barfield, 1978,
153:Sweet Mother, You have asked the teachers "to think with ideas instead of with words".4 You have also said that later on you will ask them to think with experiences. Will you throw some light on these three ways of thinking?
Our house has a very high tower; at the very top of this tower there is a bright and bare room, the last before we emerge into the open air, into the full light.

   Sometimes, when we are free to do so, we climb up to this bright room, and there, if we remain very quiet, one or more visitors come to call on us; some are tall, others small, some single, others in groups; all are bright and graceful.

   Usually, in our joy at their arrival and our haste to welcome them, we lose our tranquillity and come galloping down to rush into the great hall that forms the base of the tower and is the storeroom of words. Here, more or less excited, we select, reject, assemble, combine, disarrange, rearrange all the words in our reach, in an attempt to portray this or that visitor who has come to us. But most often, the picture we succeed in making of our visitor is more like a caricature than a portrait.

   And yet if we were wiser, we would remain up above, at the summit of the tower, quite calm, in joyful contemplation.

   Then, after a certain length of time, we would see the visitors themselves slowly, gracefully, calmly descend, without losing anything of their elegance or beauty and, as they cross the storeroom of words, clothe themselves effortlessly, automatically, with the words needed to make themselves perceptible even in the material house.

   This is what I call thinking with ideas.

   When this process is no longer mysterious to you, I shall explain what is meant by thinking with experiences. ~ The Mother, Some Answers From The Mother,
154:Hence, it's obvious to see why in AA the community is so important; we are powerless over ourselves. Since we don't have immediate awareness of the Higher Power and how it works, we need to be constantly reminded of our commitment to freedom and liberation. The old patterns are so seductive that as they go off, they set off the association of ideas and the desire to give in to our addiction with an enormous force that we can't handle. The renewal of defeat often leads to despair. At the same time, it's a source of hope for those who have a spiritual view of the process. Because it reminds us that we have to renew once again our total dependence on the Higher Power. This is not just a notional acknowledgment of our need. We feel it from the very depths of our being. Something in us causes our whole being to cry out, "Help!" That's when the steps begin to work. And that, I might add, is when the spiritual journey begins to work. A lot of activities that people in that category regard as spiritual are not communicating to them experientially their profound dependence on the grace of God to go anywhere with their spiritual practices or observances. That's why religious practice can be so ineffective. The real spiritual journey depends on our acknowledging the unmanageability of our lives. The love of God or the Higher Power is what heals us. Nobody becomes a full human being without love. It brings to life people who are most damaged. The steps are really an engagement in an ever-deepening relationship with God. Divine love picks us up when we sincerely believe nobody else will. We then begin to experience freedom, peace, calm, equanimity, and liberation from cravings for what we have come to know are damaging-cravings that cannot bring happiness, but at best only momentary relief that makes the real problem worse. ~ Thomas Keating, Divine Therapy and Addiction,
155:When, in last week's aphorism, Sri Aurobindo opposed - as one might say - "knowledge" to "Wisdom", he was speaking of knowledge as it is lived in the average human consciousness, the knowledge which is obtained through effort and mental development, whereas here, on the contrary, the knowledge he speaks of is the essential Knowledge, the supramental divine Knowledge, Knowledge by identity. And this is why he describes it here as "vast and eternal", which clearly indicates that it is not human knowledge as we normally understand it.
Many people have asked why Sri Aurobindo said that the river is "slender". This is an expressive image which creates a striking contrast between the immensity of the divine, supramental Knowledge - the origin of this inspiration, which is infinite - and what a human mind can perceive of it and receive from it.
Even when you are in contact with these domains, the portion, so to say, which you perceive, is minimal, slender. It is like a tiny little stream or a few falling drops and these drops are so pure, so brilliant, so complete in themselves, that they give you the sense of a marvellous inspiration, the impression that you have reached infinite domains and risen very high above the ordinary human condition. And yet this is nothing in comparison with what is still to be perceived.
I have also been asked if the psychic being or psychic consciousness is the medium through which the inspiration is perceived.
Generally, yes. The first contact you have with higher regions is a psychic one. Certainly, before an inner psychic opening is achieved, it is difficult to have these inspirations. It can happen as an exception and under exceptional conditions as a grace, but the true contact comes through the psychic; because the psychic consciousness is certainly the medium with the greatest affinity with the divine Truth. ~ The Mother, On Thoughts And Aphorisms,
156:Man's refusal of the Divine Grace has been depicted very beautifully and graphically in a perfect dramatic form by Sri Aurobindo in Savitri. The refusal comes one by one from the three constituent parts of the human being. First of all man is a material being, a bodily creature, as such he is a being of ignorance and misery, of brutish blindness . He does not know that there is something other than his present state of misfortune and dark fate. He is not even aware that there may be anything higher or nobler than the ugliness he is steeped in. He lives on earth-life with an earth-consciousness, moves mechanically and helplessly through vicissitudes over which he has no control. Even so the material life is not a mere despicable thing; behind its darkness, behind its sadness, behind all its infirmities, the Divine Mother is there upholding it and infusing into it her grace and beauty. Indeed, she is one with this world of sorrows, she has in effect become it in her infinite pity and love so that this material body of hers may become conscious of its divine substance and manifest her true form. But the human being individualised and separated in egoistic consciousness has lost the sense of its inner reality and is vocal only in regard to its outward formulation. It is natural for physical man therefore to reject and deny the physical Godhead in him, he even curses it and wants to continue as he is.
He yells therefore in ignorance and anguish:
I am the Man of Sorrows, I am he
Who is nailed on the wide cross of the Universe . . .
I toil like the animal, like the animal die.
I am man the rebel, man the helpless serf...
I know my fate will ever be the same.
It is my Nature' s work that cannot change . . .
I was made for evil, evil is my lot;
Evil I must be and by evil live;
Nought other can I do but be myself;
What Nature made, that I must remain.2' ~ Nolini Kanta Gupta, On Savitri, 13,
157:I have already told you this several times. When you are in a particular set of circumstances and certain events take place, these events often oppose your desire or what seems best to you, and often you happen to regret this and say to yourself, "Ah! how good it would have been if it were otherwise, if it had been like this or like that", for little things and big things.... Then years pass by, events are unfolded; you progress, become more conscious, understand better, and when you look back, you notice―first with astonishment, then later with a smile―that those very circumstances which seemed to you quite disastrous or unfavourable, were exactly the best thing that could have happened to you to make you progress as you should have. And if you are the least bit wise you tell yourself, "Truly, the divine Grace is infinite."

So, when this sort of thing has happened to you a number of times, you begin to understand that in spite of the blindness of man and deceptive appearances, the Grace is at work everywhere, so that at every moment it is the best possible thing that happens in the state the world is in at that moment. It is because our vision is limited or even because we are blinded by our own preferences that we cannot discern that things are like this.

But when one begins to see it, one enters upon a state of wonder which nothing can describe. For behind the appearances one perceives this Grace―infinite, wonderful, all-powerful―which knows all, organises all, arranges all, and leads us, whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, towards the supreme goal, that is, union with the Divine, the awareness of the Godhead and union with Him.

Then one lives in the Action and Presence of the Grace a life full of joy, of wonder, with the feeling of a marvellous strength, and at the same time with a trust so calm, so complete, that nothing can shake it any longer. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1956, 8 August 1956,
   Should not one be born with a great aspiration?

No, aspiration is a thing to be developed, educated, like all activities of the being. One may be born with a very slight aspiration and develop it so much that it becomes very great. One may be born with a very small will and develop it and make it strong. It is a ridiculous idea to believe that things come to you like that, through a sort of grace, that if you are not given aspiration, you don't have it - this is not true. It is precisely upon this that Sri Aurobindo has insisted in his letter and in the passage I am going to read to you in a minute. He says you must choose, and the choice is constantly put before you and constantly you must choose, and if you do not choose, well, you will not be able to advance. You must choose; there is no "force like that" which chooses for you, or chance or luck or fate - this is not true. Your will is free, it is deliberately left free and you have to choose. It is you who decide whether to seek the Light or not, whether to be the servitor of the Truth or not - it is you. Or whether to have an aspiration or not, it is you who choose. And even when you are told, "Make your surrender total and the work will be done for you", it is quite all right, but to make your surrender total, every day and at every moment you must choose to make your surrender total, otherwise you will not do it, it will not get done by itself. It is you who must want to do it. When it is done, all goes well, when you have the Knowledge also, all goes well, and when you are identified with the Divine, all goes even better, but till then you must will, choose and decide. Don't go to sleep lazily, saying, "Oh! The work will be done for me, I have nothing to do but let myself glide along with the stream." Besides, it is not true, the work is not done by itself, because if the least little thing thwarts your little will, it says, "No, not that!..." Then?
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1950-1951,
159:See how, like lightest waves at play, the airy dancers fleet;
   And scarcely feels the floor the wings of those harmonious feet.
   Ob, are they flying shadows from their native forms set free?
   Or phantoms in the fairy ring that summer moonbeams see?
   As, by the gentle zephyr blown, some light mist flees in air,
   As skiffs that skim adown the tide, when silver waves are fair,
   So sports the docile footstep to the heave of that sweet measure,
   As music wafts the form aloft at its melodious pleasure,
   Now breaking through the woven chain of the entangled dance,
   From where the ranks the thickest press, a bolder pair advance,
   The path they leave behind them lost--wide open the path beyond,
   The way unfolds or closes up as by a magic wand.
   See now, they vanish from the gaze in wild confusion blended;
   All, in sweet chaos whirled again, that gentle world is ended!
   No!--disentangled glides the knot, the gay disorder ranges--
   The only system ruling here, a grace that ever changes.
   For ay destroyed--for ay renewed, whirls on that fair creation;
   And yet one peaceful law can still pervade in each mutation.
   And what can to the reeling maze breathe harmony and vigor,
   And give an order and repose to every gliding figure?
   That each a ruler to himself doth but himself obey,
   Yet through the hurrying course still keeps his own appointed way.
   What, would'st thou know? It is in truth the mighty power of tune,
   A power that every step obeys, as tides obey the moon;
   That threadeth with a golden clue the intricate employment,
   Curbs bounding strength to tranquil grace, and tames the wild enjoyment.
   And comes the world's wide harmony in vain upon thine ears?
   The stream of music borne aloft from yonder choral spheres?
   And feel'st thou not the measure which eternal Nature keeps?
   The whirling dance forever held in yonder azure deeps?
   The suns that wheel in varying maze?--That music thou discernest?
   No! Thou canst honor that in sport which thou forgettest in earnest.
   ~ Friedrich Schiller,
160:the omnipresent Trinity :::
   In practice three conceptions are necessary before there can be any possibility of Yoga; there must be, as it were, three consenting parties to the effort,-God, Nature and the human soul or, in more abstract language, the Transcendental, the Universal and the Individual. If the individual and Nature are left to themselves, the one is bound to the other and unable to exceed appreciably her lingering march. Something transcendent is needed, free from her and greater, which will act upon us and her, attracting us upward to Itself and securing from her by good grace or by force her consent to the individual ascension. It is this truth which makes necessary to every philosophy of Yoga the conception of the Ishwara, Lord, supreme Soul or supreme Self, towards whom the effort is directed and who gives the illuminating touch and the strength to attain. Equally true is the complementary idea so often enforced by the Yoga of devotion that as the Transcendent is necessary to the individual and sought after by him, so also the individual is necessary in a sense to the Transcendent and sought after by It. If the Bhakta seeks and yearns after Bhagavan, Bhagavan also seeks and yearns after the Bhakta. There can be no Yoga of knowledge without a human seeker of the knowledge, the supreme subject of knowledge and the divine use by the individual of the universal faculties of knowledge; no Yoga of devotion without the human God-lover, the supreme object of love and delight and the divine use by the individual of the universal faculties of spiritual, emotional and aesthetic enjoyment; no Yoga of works without the human worker, the supreme Will, Master of all works and sacrifices, and the divine use by the individual of the universal faculties of power and action. However Monistic maybe our intellectual conception of the highest truth of things, in practice we are compelled to accept this omnipresent Trinity.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, Introduction - The Conditions of the Synthesis, The Systems of Yoga,
161:Nati is the submission of the soul to the will of God; its acceptance of all touches as His touches, of all experience as His play with the soul of man. Nati may be with titiksha, feeling the sorrow but accepting it as God's will, or with udasinata, rising superior to it and regarding joy and sorrow equally as God's working in these lower instruments, or with ananda, receiving everything as the play of Krishna and therefore in itself delightful. The last is the state of the complete Yogin, for by this continual joyous or anandamaya namaskara to God constantly practised we arrive eventually at the entire elimination of grief, pain etc, the entire freedom from the dwandwas, and find the Brahmananda in every smallest, most trivial, most apparently discordant detail of life & experience in this human body. We get rid entirely of fear and suffering; Anandam Brahmano vidvan na bibheti kutaschana. We may have to begin with titiksha and udasinata but it is in this ananda that we must consummate the siddhi of samata. The Yogin receives victory and defeat, success and ill-success, pleasure and pain, honour and disgrace with an equal, a sama ananda, first by buddhi-yoga, separating himself from his habitual mental & nervous reactions & insisting by vichara on the true nature of the experience itself and of his own soul which is secretly anandamaya, full of the sama ananda in all things. He comes to change all the ordinary values of experience; amangala reveals itself to him as mangala, defeat & ill-success as the fulfilment of God's immediate purpose and a step towards ultimate victory, grief and pain as concealed and perverse forms of pleasure. A stage arrives even, when physical pain itself, the hardest thing for material man to bear, changes its nature in experience and becomes physical ananda; but this is only at the end when this human being, imprisoned in matter, subjected to mind, emerges from his subjection, conquers his mind and delivers himself utterly in his body, realising his true anandamaya self in every part of the adhara.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Record Of Yoga,
   Sweet Mother, here it is written: "There is a Yoga-Shakti lying coiled or asleep..." How can it be awakened?
I think it awakens quite naturally the moment one takes the resolution to do the yoga. If the resolution is sincere and one has an aspiration, it wakes up by itself.

   In fact, it is perhaps its awakening which gives the aspiration to do yoga.

   It is possible that it is a result of the Grace... or after some conversation or reading, something that has suddenly given you the idea and aspiration to know what yoga is and to practise it. Sometimes just a simple conversation with someone is enough or a passage one reads from a book; well, it awakens this Yoga-Shakti and it is this which makes you do your yoga.

   One is not aware of it at first - except that something has changed in our life, a new decision is taken, a turning.

   What is it, this Yoga-Shakti, Sweet Mother?

   It is the energy of progress. It is the energy which makes you do the yoga, precisely, makes you progress - consciously. It is a conscious energy.

   In fact, the Yoga-Shakti is the power to do yoga.

   Sweet Mother, isn't it more difficult to draw the divine forces from below?

   I think it is absolutely useless.

   Some people think that there are more reserves of energy - I have heard this very often: a great reserve of energy - in the earth, and that if they draw this energy into themselves they will be able to do things; but it is always mixed.

   The divine Presence is everywhere, that's well understood. And in fact, there is neither above nor below. What is called above and below, I think that is rather the expression of a degree of consciousness or a degree of materiality; there is the more unconscious and the less unconscious, there is what is subconscious and what is superconscious, and so we say above and below for the facility of speech.

   But in fact, the idea is to draw from the energies of the earth which, when you are standing up, are under your feet, that is, below in relation to you. But these energies are always mixed, and mostly they are terribly dark.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1955,
163:Many Blows are Needed:

Mother, even when one tries to think that one is powerless, there is something which believes one is powerful. So?

Ah, yes, ah yes! Ah, it is very difficult to be sincere.... That is why blows multiply and sometimes become terrible, because that's the only thing which breaks your stupidity. This is the justification of calamities. Only when you are in an acutely painful situation and indeed before something that affects you deeply, then that makes the stupidity melt away a little. But as you say, even when there is something that melts, there is still a little something which remains inside. And that is why it lasts so long... How many blows are needed in life for one to know to the very depths that one is nothing, that one can do nothing, that one does not exist, that one is nothing, that there is no entity without the divine Consciousness and the Grace. From the moment one knows it, it is over; all difficulties have gone. When one knows it integrally and there is nothing which resists... but till that moment... And it takes very long.

   Why doesn't the blow come all at once?

   Because that would kill you. For if the blow is strong enough to cure you, it would simply crush you, it would reduce you to pulp. It is only by proceeding little by little, little by little, very gradually, that you can continue to exist. Naturally this depends on the inner strength, the inner sincerity, and on the capacity for progress, for profiting by experience and, as I said a while ago, on not forgetting. If one is lucky enough not to forget, then one goes much faster. One can go very fast. And if at the same time one has that inner moral strength which, when the red-hot iron is at hand, does not extinguish it by trying to pour water over it, but instead goes to the very core of the abscess, then in this case things go very fast also. But not many people are strong enough for this. On the contrary, they very quickly do this (gesture), like this, like this, in order to hide, to hide from themselves. How many pretty little explanations one gives oneself, how many excuses one piles up for all the foolishnesses one has committed.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1954,
164:I know perfectly well that pain and suffering and struggle and excesses of despair are natural - though not inevitable - on the way, - not because they are helps, but because they are imposed on us by the darkness of this human nature out of which we have to struggle into the Light. . . .

The dark path is there and there are many who make like the Christians a gospel of spiritual suffering; many hold it to be the unavoidable price of victory. It may be so under certain circumstances, as it has been in so many lives at least at the beginning, or one may choose to make it so. But then the price has to be paid with resignation, fortitude or a tenacious resilience. I admit that if borne in that way the attacks of the Dark Forces or the ordeals they impose have a meaning. After each victory gained over them, there is then a sensible advance; often they seem to show us the difficulties in ourselves which we have to overcome and to say, "Here you must conquer us and here."

But all the same it is a too dark and difficult way which nobody should follow on whom the necessity does not lie.

In any case one thing can never help and that is to despond always and say, "I am unfit; I am not meant for the Yoga." And worse still are these perilous mental formations such as you are always accepting that you must fare like X (one whose difficulty of exaggerated ambition was quite different from yours) and that you have only six years etc. These are clear formations of the Dark Forces seeking not only to sterilise your aspiration but to lead you away and so prevent your sharing in the fruit of the victory hereafter. I do not know what Krishnaprem has said but his injunction, if you have rightly understood it, is one that cannot stand as valid, since so many have done Yoga relying on tapasya or anything else but not confident of any Divine Grace. It is not that, but the soul's demand for a higher Truth or a higher life that is indispensable. Where that is, the Divine Grace whether believed in or not, will intervene. If you believe, that hastens and facilitates things; if you cannot yet believe, still the soul's aspiration will justify itself with whatever difficulty and struggle. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - IV,
165:But now thou askest me how thou mayest destroy this naked knowing and feeling of thine own being. For peradventure thou thinkest that if it were destroyed, all other hindrances were destroyed ; and if thou thinkest thus, thou thinkest right truly. But to this I answer thee and I say, that without a full special grace full freely given by God, and also a full according ableness on thy part to receive this grace, this naked knowing and feeling of thy being may in nowise be destroyed. And this ableness is nought else but a strong and a deep ghostly sorrow. ... All men have matter of sorrow; but most specially he feeleth matter of sorrow that knoweth and feeleth that he is. All other sorrows in comparison to this be but as it were game to earnest. For he may make sorrow earnestly that knoweth and feeleth not only what he is, but that he is. And whoso felt never this sorrow, let him make sorrow; for he hath never yet felt perfect sorrow. This sorrow, when it is had, cleanseth the soul, not only of sin, but also of pain that it hath deserved for sin ; and also it maketh a soul able to receive that joy, the which reave th from a man all knowing and feeling of his being. This sorrow, if it be truly conceived, is full of holy desire; and else a man might never in this life abide it or bear it. For were it not that a soul were somewhat fed with a manner of comfort by his right working, he should not be able to bear that pain that he hath by the knowing and feeling of his being. For as oft as he would have a true knowing and a feeling of his God in purity of spirit (as it may be here), and then feeleth that he may not for he findeth evermore his knowing and his feeling as it were occupied and filled with a foul stinking lump of himself, the which must always be hated and despised and forsaken, if he shall be God's perfect disciple, taught by Himself in the mount of perfection so oft he goeth nigh mad for sorrow. . . . This sorrow and this desire must every soul have and feel in itself (either in this manner or in another), as God vouchsafed! to teach his ghostly disciples according to his good will and their according ableness in body and in soul, in degree and disposition, ere the time be that they may perfectly be oned unto God in perfect charity such as may be had here, if God vouchsafed!.
   ~ Anonymous, The Cloud Of Unknowing,
166:"Now I have taught you about Immortal Man and have loosed the bonds of the robbers from him. I have broken the gates of the pitiless ones in their presence. I have humiliated their malicious intent, and they all have been shamed and have risen from their ignorance. Because of this, then, I came here, that they might be joined with that Spirit and Breath, [III continues:] and might from two become one, just as from the first, that you might yield much fruit and go up to Him Who Is from the Beginning, in ineffable joy and glory and honor and grace of the Father of the Universe.

"Whoever, then, knows the Father in pure knowledge will depart to the Father and repose in Unbegotten Father. But whoever knows him defectively will depart to the defect and the rest of the Eighth. Now whoever knows Immortal Spirit of Light in silence, through reflecting and consent in the truth, let him bring me signs of the Invisible One, and he will become a light in the Spirit of Silence. Whoever knows Son of Man in knowledge and love, let him bring me a sign of Son of Man, that he might depart to the dwelling-places with those in the Eighth.

"Behold, I have revealed to you the name of the Perfect One, the whole will of the Mother of the Holy Angels, that the masculine multitude may be completed here, that there might appear in the aeons, the infinities and those that came to be in the untraceable wealth of the Great Invisible Spirit, that they all might take from his goodness, even the wealth of their rest that has no kingdom over it. I came from First Who Was Sent, that I might reveal to you Him Who Is from the Beginning, because of the arrogance of Arch-Begetter and his angels, since they say about themselves that they are gods. And I came to remove them from their blindness, that I might tell everyone about the God who is above the universe. Therefore, tread upon their graves, humiliate their malicious intent, and break their yoke and arouse my own. I have given you authority over all things as Sons of Light, that you might tread upon their power with your feet."

These are the things the blessed Savior said, and he disappeared from them. Then all the disciples were in great, ineffable joy in the spirit from that day on. And his disciples began to preach the Gospel of God, the eternal, imperishable spirit. Amen.
~ The Sophia of Jesus (excerpt), The Nag Hamadi Library,
167:Imperial Maheshwari is seated in the wideness above the thinking mind and will and sublimates and greatens them into wisdom and largeness or floods with a splendour beyond them. For she is the mighty and wise One who opens us to supramental infinities and the cosmic vastness, to the grandeur of the supreme Light, to a treasure-house of miraculous knowledge, to the measureless movement of the Mother's eternal forces. Tranquil is she and wonderful, great and calm for ever. Nothing can move her because all wisdom is in her; nothing is hidden from her that she chooses to know; she comprehends all things and all beings and their nature and what moves them and the law of the world and its times and how all was and is and must be. A strength is in her that meets everything and masters and none can prevail in the end against her vast intangible wisdom and high tranquil power. Equal, patient, unalterable in her will she deals with men according to their nature and with things and happenings according to their Force and truth that is in them. Partiality she has none, but she follows the decrees of the Supreme and some she raises up and some she casts down or puts away into the darkness. To the wise she gives a greater and more luminous wisdom; those that have vision she admits to her counsels; on the hostile she imposes the consequence of their hostility; the ignorant and foolish she leads them according to their blindness. In each man she answers and handles the different elements of his nature according to their need and their urge and the return they call for, puts on them the required pressure or leaves them to their cherished liberty to prosper in the ways of the Ignorance or to perish. For she is above all, bound by nothing, attached to nothing in the universe. Yet she has more than any other the heart of the universal Mother. For her compassion is endless and inexhaustible; all are to her eyes her children and portions of the One, even the Asura and Rakshasa and Pisacha and those that are revolted and hostile. Even her rejections are only a postponement, even her punishments are a grace. But her compassion does not blind her wisdom or turn her action from the course decreed; for the Truth of things is her one concern, knowledge her centre of power and to build our soul and our nature into the divine Truth her mission and her labour.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother, [39],
168:It is your birthday tomorrow?
Yes, Mother.

How old will you be?
Twenty-six, Mother.

I shall see you tomorrow and give you something special. You will see, I am not speaking of anything material- that, I shall give you a card and all that- but of something...You will see, tomorrow, now go home and prepare yourself quietly so that you may be ready to receive it.
Yes, Mother.

You know, my child, what "Bonne Fete" signifies, that is, the birthday we wish here?
Like that, I know what it means, Mother, but not the special significance you want to tell me.

Yes, it is truly a special day in one's life. It is one of those days in the year when the Supreme descends into us- or when we are face to face with the Eternal- one of those days when our soul comes in contact with the Eternal and, if we remain a little conscious, we can feel His Presence within us. If we make a little effort on this day, we accomplish the work of many lives as in a lightning flash. That is why I give so much importance to the birthday- because what one gains in one day is truly something incomparable. And it is for this that I also work to open the consciousness a little towards what is above so that one may come before the Eternal. My child, it is a very, very special day, for it is the day of decision, the day one can unite with the Supreme Consciousness. For the Lord lifts us on this day to the highest region possible so that our soul which is a portion of that Eternal Flame, may be united and identified with its Origin.

This day is truly an opportunity in life. One is so open and so receptive that one can assimilate all that is given. I can do many things, that is why it is important.

It is one of those days when the Lord Himself opens the doors wide for us. It is as though He were inviting us to rekindle more powerfully the flame of aspiration. It is one of those days which He gives us. We too, by our personal effort, could attain to this, but it would be long, hard and not so easy. And this- this is a real chance in life- the day of Grace.

It is an occult phenomenon that occurs invariably, without our knowledge, on this particular day of the year. The soul leaves behind the body and journeys up and up till it merges into the Source in order to replenish itself and absorb from the Supreme Its Power, Light and Ananda and comes down charged for a whole year to pass. Then again and again... it continues like this year after year. ~ The Mother, Sweet Mother, Mona Sarkar,
169:The Song Of Food And Dwelling :::
I bow down at the feet of the wish-fulfilling Guru.
Pray vouchsafe me your grace in bestowing beneficial food,
Pray make me realize my own body as the house of Buddha,
Pray grant me this knowledge.

I built the house through fear,
The house of Sunyata, the void nature of being;
Now I have no fear of its collapsing.
I, the Yogi with the wish-fulfilling gem,
Feel happiness and joy where'er I stay.

Because of the fear of cold, I sought for clothes;
The clothing I found is the Ah Shea Vital Heat.
Now I have no fear of coldness.

Because of the fear of poverty, I sought for riches;
The riches I found are the inexhaustible Seven Holy Jewels.
Now I have no fear of poverty.

Because of the fear of hunger, I sought for food;
The food I found is the Samadhi of Suchness.
Now I have no fear of hunger.

Because of the fear of thirst, I sought for drink;
The heavenly drink I found is the wine of mindfulness.
Now I have no fear of thirst.

Because of the fear of loneliness, I searched for a friend;
The friend I found is the bliss of perpetual Sunyata.
Now I have no fear of loneliness.

Because of the fear of going astray,
I sought for the right path to follow.
The wide path I found is the Path of Two-in-One.
Now I do not fear to lose my way.

I am a yogi with all desirable possessions,
A man always happy where'er he stays.

Here at Yolmo Tagpu Senge Tson,
The tigress howling with a pathetic, trembling cry,
Reminds me that her helpless cubs are innocently playing.
I cannot help but feel a great compassion for them,
I cannot help but practice more diligently,
I cannot help but augment thus my Bodhi-Mind.

The touching cry of the monkey,
So impressive and so moving,
Cannot help but raise in me deep pity.
The little monkey's chattering is amusing and pathetic;
As I hear it, I cannot but think of it with compassion.

The voice of the cuckoo is so moving,
And so tuneful is the lark's sweet singing,
That when I hear them I cannot help but listen
When I listen to them,
I cannot help but shed tears.

The varied cries and cawings of the crow,
Are a good and helpful friend unto the yogi.
Even without a single friend,
To remain here is a pleasure.
With joy flowing from my heart, I sing this happy song;
May the dark shadow of all men's sorrows
Be dispelled by my joyful singing. ~ Jetsun Milarepa,
170:How can one become conscious of Divine Love and an instrument of its expression?
   First, to become conscious of anything whatever, you must will it. And when I say "will it", I don't mean saying one day, "Oh! I would like it very much", then two days later completely forgetting it.
   To will it is a constant, sustained, concentrated aspiration, an almost exclusive occupation of the consciousness. This is the first step. There are many others: a very attentive observation, a very persistent analysis, a very keen discernment of what is pure in the movement and what is not. If you have an imaginative faculty, you may try to imagine and see if your imagination tallies with reality. There are people who believe that it is enough to wake up one day in a particular mood and say, "Ah! How I wish to be conscious of divine Love, how I wish to manifest divine Love...." Note, I don't know how many millions of times one feels within a little stirring up of human instinct and imagines that if one had at one's disposal divine Love, great things could be accomplished, and one says, "I am going to try and find divine Love and we shall see the result." This is the worst possible way. Because, before having even touched the very beginning of realisation you have spoilt the result. You must take up your search with a purity of aspiration and surrender which in themselves are already difficult to acquire. You must have worked much on yourself only to be ready to aspire to this Love. If you look at yourself very sincerely, very straight, you will see that as soon as you begin to think of Love it is always your little inner tumult which starts whirling. All that aspires in you wants certain vibrations. It is almost impossible, without being far advanced on the yogic path, to separate the vital essence, the vital vibration from your conception of Love. What I say is founded on an assiduous experience of human beings. Well, for you, in the state in which you are, as you are, if you had a contact with pure divine Love, it would seem to you colder than ice, or so far-off, so high that you would not be able to breathe; it would be like the mountain-top where you would feel frozen and find it difficult to breathe, so very far would it be from what you normally feel. Divine Love, if not clothed with a psychic or vital vibration, is difficult for a human being to perceive. One can have an impression of grace, of a grace which is something so far, so high, so pure, so impersonal that... yes, one can have the feeling of grace, but it is with difficulty that one feels Love.
   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1950-1951,
   "Without conscious occult powers, is it possible to help or protect from a distance somebody in difficulty or danger? If so, what is the practical procedure?"

Then a sub-question:

   "What can thought do?"

We are not going to speak of occult processes at all; although, to tell the truth, everything that happens in the invisible world is occult, by definition. But still, practically, there are two processes which do not exclude but complete each other, but which may be used separately according to one's preference.

   It is obvious that thought forms a part of one of the methods, quite an important part. I have already told you several times that if one thinks clearly and powerfully, one makes a mental formation, and that every mental formation is an entity independent of its fashioner, having its own life and tending to realise itself in the mental world - I don't mean that you see your formation with your physical eyes, but it exists in the mental world, it has its own particular independent existence. If you have made a formation with a definite aim, its whole life will tend to the realisation of this aim. Therefore, if you want to help someone at a distance, you have only to formulate very clearly, very precisely and strongly the kind of help you want to give and the result you wish to obtain. That will have its effect. I cannot say that it will be all-powerful, for the mental world is full of innumerable formations of this kind and naturally they clash and contradict one another; hence the strongest and the most persistent will have the best of it.

   Now, what is it that gives strength and persistence to mental formations? - It is emotion and will. If you know how to add to your mental formation an emotion, affection, tenderness, love, and an intensity of will, a dynamism, it will have a much greater chance of success. That is the first method. It is within the scope of all those who know how to think, and even more of those who know how to love. But as I said, the power is limited and there is great competition in that world.

   Therefore, even if one has no knowledge at all but has trust in the divine Grace, if one has the faith that there is something in the world like the divine Grace, and that this something can answer a prayer, an aspiration, an invocation, then, after making one's mental formation, if one offers it to the Grace and puts one's trust in it, asks it to intervene and has the faith that it will intervene, then indeed one has a chance of success.

   Try, and you will surely see the result.

   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1956, 253,
172:He continuously reflected on her image and attributes, day and night. His bhakti was such that he could not stop thinking of her. Eventually, he saw her everywhere and in everything. This was his path to illumination.

   He was often asked by people: what is the way to the supreme? His answer was sharp and definite: bhakti yoga. He said time and time again that bhakti yoga is the best sadhana for the Kali Yuga (Dark Age) of the present.

   His bhakti is illustrated by the following statement he made to a disciple:

   To my divine mother I prayed only for pure love.
At her lotus feet I offered a few flowers and I prayed:

   Mother! here is virtue and here is vice;
   Take them both from me.
   Grant me only love, pure love for Thee.
   Mother! here is knowledge and here is ignorance;
   Take them both from me.
   Grant me only love, pure love for Thee.
   Mother! here is purity and impurity;
   Take them both from me.
   Grant me only love, pure love for Thee.

Ramakrishna, like Kabir, was a practical man.
He said: "So long as passions are directed towards the world and its objects, they are enemies. But when they are directed towards a deity, then they become the best of friends to man, for they take him to illumination. The desire for worldly things must be changed into longing for the supreme; the anger which you feel for fellow man must be directed towards the supreme for not manifesting himself to you . . . and so on, with all other emotions. The passions cannot be eradicated, but they can be turned into new directions."

   A disciple once asked him: "How can one conquer the weaknesses within us?" He answered: "When the fruit grows out of the flower, the petals drop off themselves. So when divinity in you increases, the weaknesses of human nature will vanish of their own accord." He emphasized that the aspirant should not give up his practices. "If a single dive into the sea does not bring you a pearl, do not conclude that there are no pearls in the sea. There are countless pearls hidden in the sea.

   So if you fail to merge with the supreme during devotional practices, do not lose heart. Go on patiently with the practices, and in time you will invoke divine grace." It does not matter what form you care to worship. He said: "Many are the names of the supreme and infinite are the forms through which he may be approached. In whatever name and form you choose to worship him, through that he will be realized by you." He indicated the importance of surrender on the path of bhakti when he said:

   ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati, A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya,
173:10000 :::
   The Only Way Out:

... Once you have no more desires, no more attachments, once you have given up all necessity of receiving a reward from human beings, whoever they are - knowing that the only reward that is worth getting is the one that comes from the Supreme and that never fails - once you give up attachment to all exterior beings and things, you at once feel in your heart this Presence, this Force, this Grace that is always with you. And there is no other remedy. It's the only remedy, for everybody without exception. To all those who suffer, for the same thing that has to be said: all suffering is the sign that the surrender is not total. Then, when you feel in you a 'bang' like that, instead of saying, 'Oh, this is bad' or 'This circumstance is difficult,' you say, 'My surrender is not perfect.' Then it's all right. And then you feel the Grace that helps you and leads you, and you go on. And one day you emerge into that peace that nothing can trouble.
You answer to all the contrary forces, the contrary movements, the attacks, the misunderstandings, the bad wills, with the same smile that comes from full confidence in the Divine Grace. And that is the only way out, there is no other.

But where to get such a strength?

   Within you. The Divine Presence is in you. It is in you. You look for it outside; look inside. It is in you. The Presence is there. You want the appreciation of others to get strength - you will never get it. The strength is in you. If you want, you can aspire for what seems to you the supreme goal, supreme light, supreme knowledge, supreme love. But it is in you - otherwise you would never be able to contact it. If you go deep enough inside you, you will find it there, like a flame that is always burning straight up. And don't believe that it is difficult to do. It is because the look is always turned outside that you don't feel the Presence. But if, instead of looking outside for support, you concentrate and you pray - inside, to the supreme knowledge - to know at each moment what is to be done, the way to do it, and if you give all you are, all you do in order to acquire perfection, you will feel that the support is always there, always guiding, showing the way. And if there is a difficulty, then instead of wanting to fight, you hand it over, hand it over to the supreme wisdom to deal with it - to deal with all the bad wills, all the misunderstandings, all the bad reactions. If you surrender completely, it is no more your concern: it's the concern of the Supreme who takes it up and knows better than anybody else what is to be done. That is the only way out, only way out. There, my child
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III, [T1],
174:Workshops, churches, and palaces were full of these fatal works of art; he had even helped with a few himself. They were deeply disappointing be­ cause they aroused the desire for the highest and did not fulfill it. They lacked the most essential thing-mystery. That was what dreams and truly great works of art had in common : mystery. Goldmund continued his thought: It is mystery I love and pursue. Several times I have seen it beginning to take shape; as an artist, I would like to capture and express it. Some day, perhaps, I'll be able to. The figure of the universal mother, the great birthgiver, for example. Unlike other fi gures, her mystery does not consist of this or that detail, of a particular voluptuousness or sparseness, coarseness or delicacy, power or gracefulness. It consists of a fusion of the greatest contrasts of the world, those that cannot otherwise be combined, that have made peace only in this figure. They live in it together: birth and death, tenderness and cruelty, life and destruction. If I only imagined this fi gure, and were she merely the play of my thoughts, it would not matter about her, I could dismiss her as a mistake and forget about heR But the universal mother is not an idea of mine; I did not think her up, I saw her! She lives inside me. I've met her again and again. She appeared to me one winter night in a village when I was asked to hold a light over the bed of a peasant woman giving birth: that's when the image came to life within me. I often lose it; for long periods it re­ mains remote; but suddenly it Hashes clear again, as it did today. The image of my own mother, whom I loved most of all, has transformed itself into this new image, and lies encased within the new one like the pit in the cherry.

   As his present situation became clear to him, Goldmund was afraid to make a decision. It was as difficult as when he had said farewell to Narcissus and to the cloister. Once more he was on an impor­ tant road : the road to his mother. Would this mother-image one day take shape, a work of his hands, and become visible to all? Perhaps that was his goal, the hidden meaning of his life. Perhaps; he didn't know. But one thing he did know : it was good to travel toward his mother, to be drawn and called by her. He felt alive. Perhaps he'd never be able to shape her image, perhaps she'd always remain a dream, an intuition, a golden shimmer, a sacred mystery. At any rate, he had to follow her and submit his fate to her. She was his star.

   And now the decision was at his fingertips; everything had become clear. Art was a beautiful thing, but it was no goddess, no goal-not for him. He was not to follow art, but only the call of his mother.

   ~ Hermann Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund,
175:Worthy The Name Of Sir Knight
Sir Knight of the world's oldest order,
Sir Knight of the Army of God,
You have crossed the strange mystical border,
The ground floor of truth you have trod;
You have entered the sanctum sanctorum,
Which leads to the temple above,
Where you come as a stone, and a Christ-chosen one,
In the kingdom of Friendship and Love.
As you stand in this new realm of beauty,
Where each man you meet is your friend,
Think not that your promise of duty
In hall, or asylum, shall end;
Outside, in the great world of pleasure,
Beyond, in the clamor of trade,
In the battle of life and its coarse daily strife
Remember the vows you have made.
Your service, majestic and solemn,
Your symbols, suggestive and sweet,
Your uniformed phalanx in column
On gala days marching the street;
Your sword and your plume and your helmet,
Your 'secrets' hid from the world's sight;
These things are the small, lesser parts of the all
Which are needed to form the true Knight.
The martyrs who perished rejoicing
In Templary's glorious laws,
Who died 'midst the fagots while voicing
The glory and worth of their cause-
They honored the title of 'Templar'
No more than the Knight of to-day
Who mars not the name with one blemish of shame,
But carries it clean through life's fray.
To live for a cause, to endeavor
To make your deeds grace it, to try
And uphold its precepts forever,
Is harder by far than to die.
For the battle of life is unending,
The enemy, Self, never tires,
And the true Knight must slay that sly foe every day
Ere he reaches the heights he desires.
Sir Knight, have you pondered the meaning
Of all you have heard and been told?
Have you strengthened your heart for its weaning
From vices and faults loved of old?
Will you honor, in hours of temptation,
Your promises noble and grand?
Will your spirit be strong to do battle with wrong,
'And having done all, to stand?'
Will you ever be true to a brother
In actions as well as in creed?
Will you stand by his side as no other
Could stand in the hour of his need?
Will you boldly defend him from peril,
And lift him from poverty's curseWill the promise of aid which you willingly made,
Reach down from your lips to your purse?
The world's battle field is before you!
Let Wisdom walk close by your side,
Let Faith spread her snowy wings o'er you,
Let Truth be your comrade and guide;
Let Fortitude, Justice and Mercy
Direct all your conduct aright,
And let each word and act tell to men the proud fact,
You are worthy the name of 'Sir Knight'.
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox,
176:Apotheosis ::: One of the most powerful and beloved of the Bodhisattvas of the Mahayana Buddhism of Tibet, China, and Japan is the Lotus Bearer, Avalokiteshvara, "The Lord Looking Down in Pity," so called because he regards with compassion all sentient creatures suffering the evils of existence. To him goes the millionfold repeated prayer of the prayer wheels and temple gongs of Tibet: Om mani padme hum, "The jewel is in the lotus." To him go perhaps more prayers per minute than to any single divinity known to man; for when, during his final life on earth as a human being, he shattered for himself the bounds of the last threshold (which moment opened to him the timelessness of the void beyond the frustrating mirage-enigmas of the named and bounded cosmos), he paused: he made a vow that before entering the void he would bring all creatures without exception to enlightenment; and since then he has permeated the whole texture of existence with the divine grace of his assisting presence, so that the least prayer addressed to him, throughout the vast spiritual empire of the Buddha, is graciously heard. Under differing forms he traverses the ten thousand worlds, and appears in the hour of need and prayer. He reveals himself in human form with two arms, in superhuman forms with four arms, or with six, or twelve, or a thousand, and he holds in one of his left hands the lotus of the world.

Like the Buddha himself, this godlike being is a pattern of the divine state to which the human hero attains who has gone beyond the last terrors of ignorance. "When the envelopment of consciousness has been annihilated, then he becomes free of all fear, beyond the reach of change." This is the release potential within us all, and which anyone can attain-through herohood; for, as we read: "All things are Buddha-things"; or again (and this is the other way of making the same statement) : "All beings are without self."

The world is filled and illumined by, but does not hold, the Bodhisattva ("he whose being is enlightenment"); rather, it is he who holds the world, the lotus. Pain and pleasure do not enclose him, he encloses them-and with profound repose. And since he is what all of us may be, his presence, his image, the mere naming of him, helps. "He wears a garland of eight thousand rays, in which is seen fully reflected a state of perfect beauty.

The color of his body is purple gold. His palms have the mixed color of five hundred lotuses, while each finger tip has eighty-four thousand signet-marks, and each mark eighty-four thousand colors; each color has eighty-four thousand rays which are soft and mild and shine over all things that exist. With these jewel hands he draws and embraces all beings. The halo surrounding his head is studded with five hundred Buddhas, miraculously transformed, each attended by five hundred Bodhisattvas, who are attended, in turn, by numberless gods. And when he puts his feet down to the ground, the flowers of diamonds and jewels that are scattered cover everything in all directions. The color of his face is gold. While in his towering crown of gems stands a Buddha, two hundred and fifty miles high." - Amitayur-Dhyana Sutra, 19; ibid., pp. 182-183. ~ Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Apotheosis,
An open reply by Dr Alok Pandey to a fellow devotee

Most of all enjoy Savitri. It is Sri Aurobindo's gift of Love to the world. Read it from the heart with love and gratitude as companions and drown in its fiery bliss. That is the true understanding rather than one that comes by a constant churning of words in the head.

Best would be to fix a time that works for you. One can always take out some time for the reading, even if it be late at night when one is done with all the daily works. Of course, a certain receptivity is needed. If one is too tired or the reading becomes too mechanical as a ritual routine to be somehow finished it tends to be less effective, as with anything else. Hence the advice is to read in a quiet receptive state.

As to the pace of reading it is best to slowly build up and keep it steady. To read a page or a passage daily is better than reading many pages one day and then few lines or none for days. This brings a certain discipline in the consciousness which makes one receptive. What it means is that one should fix up that one would read a few passages or a page or two daily, and then if an odd day one is enjoying and spontaneously wants to read more then one can go by the flow.

It is best to read at least once from cover to cover. But if one is not feeling inclined for that do read some of the beautiful cantos and passages whose reference one can find in various places. This helps us familiarise with the epic and the style of poetry. Later one can go for the cover to cover reading.

One can read it silently. Loud reading is needed only if one is unable to focus with silent reading. A mantra is more potent when read subtly. I am aware that some people recommend reading it aloud which is fine if that helps one better. A certain flexibility in these things is always good and rigid rules either ways are not helpful.

One can also write some of the beautiful passages with which one feels suddenly connected. It is a help in the yoga since such a writing involves the pouring in of the consciousness of Savitri through the brain and nerves and the hand.

Reflecting upon some of these magnificent lines and passages while one is engaged in one\s daily activities helps to create a background state for our inner being to get absorbed in Savitri more and more.

It is helpful if a brief background about the Canto is known. This helps the mind top focus and also to keep in sync with the overall scene and sense of what is being read.

But it is best not to keep referring to the dictionary while reading. Let the overall sense emerge. Specifics can be done during a detailed reading later and it may not be necessary at all. Besides the sense that Sri Aurobindo has given to many words may not be accurately conveyed by the standard dictionaries. A flexibility is required to understand the subtle suggestions hinted at by the Master-poet.

In this sense Savitri is in the line of Vedic poetry using images that are at once profound as well as commonplace. That is the beauty of mystic poetry. These are things actually experienced and seen by Sri Aurobindo, and ultimately it is Their Grace that alone can reveal the intrinsic sense of this supreme revelation of the Supreme. ~ Dr Alok Pandey,
   In the lower planes can't one say what will happen at a particular moment?

That depends. On certain planes there are consciousnesses that form, that make formations and try to send them down to earth and manifest them. These are planes where the great forces are at play, forces struggling with each other to organise things in one way or another. On these planes all the possibilities are there, all the possibilities that present themselves but have not yet come to a decision as to which will come down.... Suppose a plane full of the imaginations of people who want certain things to be realised upon earth - they invent a novel, narrate stories, produce all kinds of phenomena; it amuses them very much. It is a plane of form-makers and they are there imagining all kinds of circumstances and events; they play with the forces; they are like the authors of a drama and they prepare everything there and see what is going to happen. All these formations are facing each other; and it is those which are the strongest, the most successful or the most persistent or those that have the advantage of a favourable set of circumstances which dominate. They meet and out of the conflict yet another thing results: you lose one thing and take up another, you make a new combination; and then all of a sudden, you find, pluff! it is coming down. Now, if it comes down with a sufficient force, it sets moving the earth atmosphere and things combine; as for instance, when with your fist you thump the saw-dust, you know surely what happens, don't you? You lift your hand, give a formidable blow: all the dust gets organised around your fist. Well, it is like that. These formations come down into matter with that force, and everything organises itself automatically, mechanically as around the striking fist. And there's your wished object about to be realised, sometimes with small deformations because of the resistance, but it will be realised finally, even as the person narrating the story up above wanted it more or less to be realised. If then you are for some reason or other in the secret of the person who has constructed the story and if you follow the way in which he creates his path to reach down to the earth and if you see how a blow with the fist acts on earthly matter, then you are able to tell what is going to happen, because you have seen it in the world above, and as it takes some time to make the whole journey, you see in advance. And the higher you rise, the more you foresee in advance what is going to happen. And if you pass far beyond, go still farther, then everything is possible.
   It is an unfolding that follows a wide road which is for you unknowable; for all will be unfolded in the universe, but in what order and in what way? There are decisions that are taken up there which escape our ordinary consciousness, and so it is very difficult to foresee. But there also, if you enter consciously and if you can be present up there... How shall I explain that to you? All is there, absolute, static, eternal: but all that will be unfolded in the material world, naturally more or less one thing after another; for in the static existence all can be there, but in the becoming all becomes in time, that is, one thing after another. Well, what path will the unfolding follow? Up there is the domain of absolute freedom.... Who says that a sufficiently sincere aspiration, a sufficiently intense prayer is not capable of changing the path of the unfolding?
   This means that all is possible.
   Now, one must have a sufficient aspiration and a prayer that's sufficiently intense. But that has been given to human nature. It is one of the marvellous gifts of grace given to human nature; only, one does not know how to make use of it. This comes to saying that in spite of the most absolute determinisms in the horizontal line, if one knows how to cross all these horizontal lines and reach the highest Point of consciousness, one is able to make things change, things apparently absolutely determined. So you may call it by any name you like, but it is a kind of combination of an absolute determinism with an absolute freedom. You may pull yourself out of it in any way you like, but it is like that.
   I forgot to say in that book (perhaps I did not forget but just felt that it was useless to say it) that all these theories are only theories, that is, mental conceptions which are merely more or less imaged representations of the reality; but it is not the reality at all. When you say "determinism" and when you say "freedom", you say only words and all that is only a very incomplete, very approximate and very weak description of what is in reality within you, around you and everywhere; and to be able to begin to understand what the universe is, you must come out of your mental formulas, otherwise you will never understand anything.
   To tell the truth, if you live only a moment, just a tiny moment, of this absolutely sincere aspiration or this sufficiently intense prayer, you will know more things than by meditating for hours.

~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1953,
179:Thought's long far-circling journey touched its close
And ineffective paused the actor Will.
The symbol modes of being helped no more,
The structures Nescience builds collapsing failed,
All glory of outline, sweetness of harmony,
Rejected like a grace of trivial notes,
Expunged from Being's silence nude, austere,
Died into a fine and blissful Nothingness.
The Demiurges lost their names and forms,
The great schemed worlds that they had planned and wrought
Passed, taken and abolished one by one.
The universe removed its coloured veil,
And at the unimaginable end
Of the huge riddle of created things
Appeared the far-seen Godhead of the whole,
His feet firm-based on Life's stupendous wings,
Omnipotent, a lonely seer of Time,
Inward, inscrutable, with diamond gaze.
Attracted by the unfathomable regard
The unsolved slow cycles to their fount returned
To rise again from that invisible sea.
All from his puissance born was now undone;
Nothing remained the cosmic Mind conceives.
Eternity prepared to fade and seemed
A hue and imposition on the Void,
Space was the fluttering of a dream that sank
Before its ending into Nothing's deeps.
The spirit that dies not and the Godhead's self
Seemed myths projected from the Unknowable;
From It all sprang, in It is called to cease.
But what That was, no thought nor sight could tell.
Only a formless Form of self was left,
A tenuous ghost of something that had been,
The last experience of a lapsing wave ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, 3:1,
180:Some young men who had come with an introduction from the Ramakrishna Mission at Madras asked Bhagavan, “Which is the proper path for us to follow?”

Bhagavan: When you speak of a path, where are you now? and where do you want to go? If these are known, then we can talk of the path. Know first where you are and what you are. There is nothing to be reached. You are always as you really are. But you don’t realise it. That is all.

A little while after, one of the visitors asked Bhagavan, “I am now following the path of japa. Is that all right?”

Bhagavan: Yes. It is quite good. You can continue in that. The gentleman who asked about creation said, “I never thought I was going to have the good fortune of visiting Bhagavan. But circumstances have brought me here and I find in his presence, without any effort on my part, I am having santi. Apparently, getting peace does not depend on our effort.

It seems to come only as the result of grace!” Bhagavan was silent. Meanwhile, another visitor remarked, “No. Our effort is also necessary, though no one can do without grace.” After some time, Bhagavan remarked, “Mantra japa, after a time, leads to a stage when you become Mantra maya i.e., you become that whose name you have been repeating or chanting.

First you repeat the mantra by mouth; later you do it mentally.

First, you do this dhyana with breaks. Later, you do it without any break. At that stage you realise you do dhyana without any effort on your part, that dhyana is your real nature. Till then, effort is necessary.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Day By Day,
181:The members of the Brahmo Samaj sing the name of Hari. That is very good. Through earnest prayer one receives the grace of God and realizes Him. God can be realized by means of all paths. The same God is invoked by different names. ~ Sri Ramakrishna, The Gospel of Ramakrishna,
182:Attention on Hypnagogic Imagery The most common strategy for inducing WILDs is to fall asleep while focusing on the hypnagogic imagery that accompanies sleep onset. Initially, you are likely to see relatively simple images, flashes of light, geometric patterns, and the like.

Gradually more complicated forms appear: faces, people, and finally entire scenes. 6

The following account of what the Russian philosopher P. D. Ouspensky called “half-dream states” provides a vivid example of what hypnagogic imagery can be like:

I am falling asleep. Golden dots, sparks and tiny stars appear and disappear before my eyes. These sparks and stars gradually merge into a golden net with diagonal meshes which moves slowly and regularly in rhythm with the beating of my heart, which I feel quite distinctly. The next moment the golden net is transformed into rows of brass helmets belonging to Roman soldiers marching along the street below. I hear their measured tread and watch them from the window of a high house in Galata, in Constantinople, in a narrow lane, one end of which leads to the old wharf and the Golden Horn with its ships and steamers and the minarets of Stamboul behind them. I hear their heavy measured tread, and see the sun shining on their helmets. Then suddenly I detach myself from the window sill on which I am lying, and in the same reclining position fly slowly over the lane, over the houses, and then over the Golden Horn in the direction of Stamboul. I smell the sea, feel the wind, the warm sun. This flying gives me a wonderfully pleasant sensation, and I cannot help opening my eyes. 7

Ouspensky’s half-dream states developed out of a habit of observing the contents of his mind while falling asleep or in half-sleep after awakening from a dream. He notes that they were much easier to observe in the morning after awakening than before sleep at the beginning of the night and did not occur at all “without definite efforts.” 8

Dr. Nathan Rapport, an American psychiatrist, cultivated an approach to lucid dreaming very similar to Ouspensky’s: “While in bed awaiting sleep, the experimenter interrupts his thoughts every few minutes with an effort to recall the mental item vanishing before each intrusion that inquisitive attention.” 9 This habit is continued sleep itself, with results like the following:

Brilliant lights flashed, and a myriad of sparkles twinkled from a magnificent cut glass chandelier. Interesting as any stage extravaganza were the many quaintly detailed figurines upon a mantel against the distant, paneled wall adorned in rococo.

At the right a merry group of beauties and gallants in the most elegant attire of Victorian England idled away a pleasant occasion. This scene continued for [a] period of I was not aware, before I discovered that it was not reality, but a mental picture and that I was viewing it. Instantly it became an incommunicably beautiful vision. It was with the greatest stealth that my vaguely awakened mind began to peep: for I knew that these glorious shows end abruptly because of such intrusions.

I thought, “Have I here one of those mind pictures that are without motion?” As if in reply, one of the young ladies gracefully waltzed about the room. She returned to the group and immobility, with a smile lighting her pretty face, which was turned over her shoulder toward me. The entire color scheme was unobtrusive despite the kaleidoscopic sparkles of the chandelier, the exquisite blues and creamy pinks of the rich settings and costumes. I felt that only my interest in dreams brought my notice to the tints – delicate, yet all alive as if with inner illumination. 10

Hypnagogic Imagery Technique

1. Relax completely

While lying in bed, gently close your eyes and relax your head, neck, back, arms, and legs. Completely let go of all muscular and mental tension, and breathe slowly and restfully. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and let go of your thoughts, worries, and concerns. If you have just awakened from sleep, you are probably sufficiently relaxed.

Otherwise, you may use either the progressive relaxation exercise (page 33) or the 61-point relaxation exercise (page 34) to relax more deeply. Let everything wind down,

slower and slower, more and more relaxed, until your mind becomes as serene as the calmest sea.

2. Observe the visual images

Gently focus your attention on the visual images that will gradually appear before your mind’s eye. Watch how the images begin and end. Try to observe the images as delicately as possible, allowing them to be passively reflected in your mind as they unfold. Do not attempt to hold onto the images, but instead just watch without attachment or desire for action. While doing this, try to take the perspective of a detached observer as much as possible. At first you will see a sequence of disconnected, fleeting patterns and images. The images will gradually develop into scenes that become more and more complex, finally joining into extended sequences.

3. Enter the dream

When the imagery becomes a moving, vivid scenario, you should allow yourself to be passively drawn into the dream world. Do not try to actively enter the dream scene,

but instead continue to take a detached interest in the imagery. Let your involvement with what is happening draw you into the dream. But be careful of too much involvement and too little attention. Don’t forget that you are dreaming now!


Probably the most difficult part of this technique to master is entering the dream at Step 3. The challenge is to develop a delicate vigilance, an unobtrusive observer perspective, from which you let yourself be drawn into the dream. As Paul Tholey has emphasized, “It is not desirable to want actively to enter into the scenery,

since such an intention as a rule causes the scenery to disappear.” 11 A passive volition similar to that described in the section on autosuggestion in the previous chapter is required: in Tholey’s words, “Instead of actively wanting to enter into the scenery, the subject should attempt to let himself be carried into it passively.” 12 A Tibetan teacher advises a similar frame of mind: “While delicately observing the mind, lead it gently into the dream state, as though you were leading a child by the hand.” 13

Another risk is that, once you have entered into the dream, the world can seem so realistic that it is easy to lose lucidity, as happened in the beginning of Rapport’s WILD described above. As insurance in case this happens, Tholey recommends that you resolve to carry out a particular action in the dream, so that if you momentarily lose lucidity, you may remember your intention to carry out the action and thereby regain lucidity.
~ Stephen LaBerge, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming,
183:The supreme Form is then made visible. It is that of the infinite Godhead whose faces are everywhere and in whom are all the wonders of existence, who multiplies unendingly all the many marvellous revelations of his being, a world-wide Divinity seeing with innumerable eyes, speaking from innumerable mouths, armed for battle with numberless divine uplifted weapons, glorious with divine ornaments of beauty, robed in heavenly raiment of deity, lovely with garlands of divine flowers, fragrant with divine perfumes. Such is the light of this body of God as if a thousand suns had risen at once in heaven. The whole world multitudinously divided and yet unified is visible in the body of the God of Gods. Arjuna sees him, God magnificent and beautiful and terrible, the Lord of souls who has manifested in the glory and greatness of his spirit this wild and monstrous and orderly and wonderful and sweet and terrible world, and overcome with marvel and joy and fear he bows down and adores with words of awe and with clasped hands the tremendous vision. "I see" he cries "all the gods in thy body, O God, and different companies of beings, Brahma the creating lord seated in the Lotus, and the Rishis and the race of the divine Serpents. I see numberless arms and bellies and eyes and faces, I see thy infinite forms on every side, but I see not thy end nor thy middle nor thy beginning, O Lord of the universe, O Form universal. I see thee crowned and with thy mace and thy discus, hard to discern because thou art a luminous mass of energy on all sides of me, an encompassing blaze, a sun-bright fire-bright Immeasurable. Thou art the supreme Immutable whom we have to know, thou art the high foundation and abode of the universe, thou art the imperishable guardian of the eternal laws, thou art the sempiternal soul of existence."

But in the greatness of this vision there is too the terrific image of the Destroyer. This Immeasurable without end or middle or beginning is he in whom all things begin and exist and end.

This Godhead who embraces the worlds with his numberless arms and destroys with his million hands, whose eyes are suns and moons, has a face of blazing fire and is ever burning up the whole universe with the flame of his energy. The form of him is fierce and marvellous and alone it fills all the regions and occupies the whole space between earth and heaven. The companies of the gods enter it, afraid, adoring; the Rishis and the Siddhas crying "May there be peace and weal" praise it with many praises; the eyes of Gods and Titans and Giants are fixed on it in amazement. It has enormous burning eyes; it has mouths that gape to devour, terrible with many tusks of destruction; it has faces like the fires of Death and Time. The kings and the captains and the heroes on both sides of the world-battle are hastening into its tusked and terrible jaws and some are seen with crushed and bleeding heads caught between its teeth of power; the nations are rushing to destruction with helpless speed into its mouths of flame like many rivers hurrying in their course towards the ocean or like moths that cast themselves on a kindled fire. With those burning mouths the Form of Dread is licking all the regions around; the whole world is full of his burning energies and baked in the fierceness of his lustres. The world and its nations are shaken and in anguish with the terror of destruction and Arjuna shares in the trouble and panic around him; troubled and in pain is the soul within him and he finds no peace or gladness. He cries to the dreadful Godhead, "Declare to me who thou art that wearest this form of fierceness. Salutation to thee, O thou great Godhead, turn thy heart to grace. I would know who thou art who wast from the beginning, for I know not the will of thy workings." ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays On The Gita, 2.10_-_The_Vision_of_the_World-Spirit_-_Time_the_Destroyer,
184:"People have to start educating themselves more in the faith. It is not enough just to go to mass anymore. You can't do that... We don't live at a time in which one can spiritually survive and be intellectually not very good. Maybe a few older ladies who have the extraordinary graces can get away with it. But modernism is such a toxic heresy that [you need] a lot of educational background--which you should work on anyway, because everybody has an obligation to continue educating themselves according to their state in life... They need to be reading more. They can listen to interviews and podcasts, that's fine. But at some point you've got to encounter the books. You've got to start reading them and educating yourself and getting a deeper understanding of the faith so that when you hear the nonsense from the secular media, [and even] from members of the magisterium now, you can keep your focus. ~ Reverend Chad Ripperger, transcribed from interview with Taylor Marshall
185:Grace is within you; Grace is the Self. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks, 251,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:Intellectual disgrace ~ W H Auden
2:Grace will hold you ~ John Friend
3:Amazing Grace.” Esben ~ Jessica Park
4:BOOKS CHANGE LIVES. ~ Grace Burrowes
5:Grace always wins. ~ Jefferson Bethke
6:I'm very fond of drugs. ~ Grace Slick
7:Never attack in anger, ~ Grace Draven
8:Apologizing with grace ~ Nicole Fenton
9:bhastaird mór, ~ Heather Grace Stewart
10:Grace always is. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
11:Grace only exists to be ~ Glen Duncan
12:wrapped the sheet around ~ Alexa Grace
13:Dita’s death?” “Well, no ~ Celina Grace
14:Grace is a feminine quality. ~ Rajneesh
15:Grace is a God who stoops. ~ Max Lucado
16:Grace was a good man, ~ Walter Isaacson
17:Praise and disgrace cause fear. ~ Laozi
18:Whenever I see grace, I’m moved. ~ Bono
19:Grace grows best in winter. ~ Peter Enns
20:Grace under pressure. ~ Ernest Hemingway
21:Grace, which is charity, ~ Thomas Merton
22:If wishes were horses.... ~ Grace Greene
23:Roses denote grace. ~ Luis Alberto Urrea
24:A tearful queen was being led ~ Grace Lin
25:brook such disgrace ~ William Shakespeare
26:Grief is not graceful. ~ Mariette Hartley
27:I'm all about the crockpot. ~ Nancy Grace
28:I really need a therapist. ~ Topher Grace
29:For me, every hour is grace. ~ Elie Wiesel
30:Give us grace to listen well. ~ John Keble
31:Grace glanced around; just a ~ Peter James
32:I'm a runner. I like to run. ~ Nancy Grace
33:I think all politicians lie. ~ Nancy Grace
34:love in grace and truth. ~ Karen Kingsbury
35:Manage things. Lead people. ~ Grace Hopper
36:My nerves could use a drink. ~ Grace Kelly
37:Order is the greatest grace. ~ John Dryden
38:Slow as your own dubious grace. ~ Joe Meno
39:És una bona vida, Hazel Grace. ~ John Green
40:I do not favor the gag order. ~ Nancy Grace
41:I praise the God of grace; ~ Horatius Bonar
42:It's a good life, Hazel Grace. ~ John Green
43:Merely a storm in a tea-cup. ~ Celina Grace
44:Preach 90% Law and 10% grace. ~ John Wesley
45:Stories are not a waste of time ~ Grace Lin
46:The Graces sought some holy ground, ~ Plato
47:Ye gods and little fishes. ~ Grace Burrowes
48:11. You can get it at Target. ~ Grace Helbig
49:Grace does not make sin safe ~ Matt Chandler
50:I'm on a search for the truth. ~ Nancy Grace
51:It is a good life, Hazel Grace. ~ John Green
52:You only lose what you cling to. ~ Grace Lin
53:You’re my first muse, Grace. ~ Renee Carlino
54:Divine grace was never slow. ~ George Herbert
55:Grace is power, not just pardon. ~ John Piper
56:hand and raced down the stairs. ~ Alexa Grace
57:By the grace of god I feel you. ~ Truth Devour
58:Grace flows through wounds. ~ Christopher West
59:Grace is always present. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
60:I am not anti-cop, I am pro-cop. ~ Nancy Grace
61:I believe in aging gracefully ~ Tatjana Patitz
62:I have faith in the jury system. ~ Nancy Grace
63:I’m just a sinner saved by grace. ~ Tim LaHaye
64:Joy is the grace we say to God. ~ Ray Bradbury
65:The grace of God is courtesy. ~ Hilaire Belloc
66:was just bad-tempered. I stayed ~ Grace Greene
67:By the grace of God I am what I am ~ Mark Dever
68:regret with dignity and grace. ~ Dalai Lama XIV
69:The king-becoming graces, ~ William Shakespeare
70:The secret to peace is forgiveness. ~ Grace Lin
71:What grace I have is enough. ~ Theodore Roethke
72:God gives enabling grace to go on. ~ Johnny Hunt
73:Grace and mercy are never deserved. ~ R C Sproul
74:Grace can and does have a history. ~ Karl Rahner
75:grace in a silver-grey suit, dark ~ Faith Martin
76:Grace is gratuitous; it is a gift. ~ Octavio Paz
77:Grace is the unmerited favor of God. ~ Anonymous
78:Grace means forgiveness-period. ~ David Jeremiah
79:The Grace of God is in courtesy’; ~ Evelyn Waugh
80:The Rosary is a treasure of graces ~ Pope Paul V
81:But by God's grace, I am what I am! ~ Jenna Black
82:Do we not have moments of grace? ~ Rebecca Maizel
83:My name at the first was Graceless. ~ John Bunyan
84:Not grace to bar what is not bliss, ~ John Piper
85:still loved but deprived of grace ~ Flann O Brien
86:the mad have a grace all their own ~ Kim Harrison
88:Those who are content suffer no disgrace. ~ Laozi
89:Truth is narrow, but grace is wide. ~ Alan Hirsch
90:We cannot get grace from gadgets. ~ J B Priestley
91:What colour was Millie’s room, Grace? ~ B A Paris
92:You manage things and lead people. ~ Grace Hopper
93:Conformity is an imitation of grace. ~ Simone Weil
94:Grace is free, but it's not cheap. ~ Kevin DeYoung
95:I don't like people who hide things. ~ Grace Jones
96:It's like a mathematical law, Grace. ~ Paul Auster
97:I wish for you to grow old with me. ~ Grace Draven
98:there but for the grace of God go I. ~ Laura Bates
99:Your highest female grace is silence. ~ Ben Jonson
100:A courteous, yet harrowing Grace, ~ Emily Dickinson
101:Ah … yes. John Green.’ ‘Jason Grace. ~ Rick Riordan
102:Constantly strive for mastery and grace. ~ Dan John
103:Courage is grace under pressure. ~ Ernest Hemingway
104:Disgrace is not to fall but to lie. ~ Anthony Doerr
105:Getting angry doesn't solve anything. ~ Grace Kelly
106:Grace is always a punishment for us. ~ Richard Rohr
107:Grace O'Malley is a crafty devil. ~ Morgan Llywelyn
108:Grace was only a few months old and ~ Steena Holmes
109:Guru’s grace is always there. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
110:Our best pictures happen by grace. ~ Joyce Tenneson
111:Silence gives the proper grace to women ~ Sophocles
112:The mad have a grace all their own". ~ Kim Harrison
113:The Moon for all her light and grace ~ Robert Frost
114:True modesty is a discerning grace ~ William Cowper
115:When grace moves in... guilt moves out ~ Max Lucado
116:Without sin, what grace has forgiveness ~ Anonymous
117:You feel good in my arms," she said. ~ Grace Draven
118:And there but for the grace of God go I, ~ Anonymous
119:But by the grace of God I am what I am ~ John Newton
120:Drink all your passion,
and be a disgrace. ~ Rumi
121:Grace will take you places hustling can ~ Bren Brown
122:I think the truth is black-and-white . ~ Nancy Grace
123:My ultimate style icon is Grace Jones. ~ Nick Rhodes
124:Thy will, not ours, be done. ~ Grace Livingston Hill
125:Wait here. I'll be right back," Hux ~ Grace Callaway
126:We should die relying on grace alone ~ Martin Luther
127:come. They accept death with a grace that ~ Anonymous
128:For a woman, forty is torture, the end. ~ Grace Kelly
129:Grace comes to forgive and then forgive again. ~ Rumi
130:Grace sat down where the chair wasn't. ~ Ellen Raskin
131:Hannah had been encouraging Grace to ~ Joan Medlicott
132:I am an actress first, a singer second. ~ Grace Jones
133:If fucking were graceful,desire an alibi. ~ Rita Dove
134:If you want to enter a state of grace, ~ Byron Katie
135:I'm not a rock star, I'm a soft person. ~ Grace Jones
136:Lean back into the arms of grace. ~ Cheryl Richardson
137:Lissy always thought she knew everything. ~ Grace Lin
138:Maybe I’ll be graceful in my next life. ~ Ellen Dugan
139:Strictly excel in what is excellence with grace ~ GZA
140:The art of illusion is grace itself. ~ Steven Erikson
141:To so perverse a sex all grace is vain. ~ John Dryden
142:We all need grace in the face of each other. ~ LeCrae
143:What does it matter, all is grace. ~ Georges Bernanos
144:Who cares?' said Judy, who didn't care. ~ Grace Paley
145:A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls. ~ Grace Kelly
146:Everything begins and ends with grace. ~ Jocelyn Green
147:Grace has a grand laughter in it. ~ Marilynne Robinson
148:If it isn't bolted down, bring it home. ~ Grace Hopper
149:John Martyn on instead, Grace and Danger, ~ Ian Rankin
150:No one ever fell in love gracefully. ~ Connie Brockway
151:O momentary grace of mortal men, ~ William Shakespeare
152:Prayer is the thermometer of grace. ~ Charles Spurgeon
153:She truly has grace under pressure, ~ Mary Ann Shaffer
154:She yawned gracefully in my face. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
155:there but for the grace of God go I. The ~ Laura Bates
156:To women silence gives their proper grace. ~ Sophocles
157:ye are not under the law, but under grace. ~ Anonymous
158:You have been all my moments of grace. ~ Sherry Thomas
159:A beaten general is disgraced forever. ~ Ferdinand Foch
160:A graceful heart is a virtue of the meek. ~ Suzy Kassem
161:By the grace of God, I'll be that man. ~ Dwight L Moody
162:Every natural action is graceful. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
163:For the mighty, even to give away is grace. ~ Aeschylus
164:God’s grace always precedes his call. ~ Brennan Manning
165:Grace is a person. And his name is Jesus. ~ Judah Smith
166:Grace only sticks to our imperfections. ~ Donald Miller
167:Grace will take you places hustling can’t. ~ Bren Brown
168:May my living be grace to those behind me. ~ N D Wilson
169:Misplaced hate makes disgrace the races. ~ Tupac Shakur
170:We ran, as graceful as a burst beetroot. ~ Kate Griffin
171:Without Grace you cannot do anything. ~ Sathya Sai Baba
172:Anger and anger can not solve any problem. ~ Grace Kelly
173:collaborating with Grace. It was more ~ Elin Hilderbrand
174:Disgrace is the synonym of discovery. ~ Alfred de Musset
175:Heaven gave to woman the peculiar grace ~ Alexander Pope
176:Her name is Grace, and she is on fire. ~ Victoria Schwab
177:I began to blush. “Oh yes. What an idiot. ~ Celina Grace
178:I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace ~ John Green
179:I'm a Jane Austen/Jane Eyre kind of girl. ~ Maggie Grace
180:I'm partly obsessed by aging gracefully. ~ Dave Matthews
181:I shall be the epitome of gentle good grace, ~ Anonymous
182:It is impossible to win gracefully at chess. ~ A A Milne
183:Moralism apart from grace solves little. ~ Philip Yancey
184:ramp, it’s one of the social graces. ~ Rosamunde Pilcher
185:see past the surface to the tides below.  ~ Grace Draven
186:Some men fall from grace. Some are pushed. ~ Jim Butcher
187:Sorrow opens the gate to the Grace of God ~ Tim Willocks
188:Talk of heaven! ye disgrace earth. ~ Henry David Thoreau
189:The man who dies rich, dies disgraced. ~ Andrew Carnegie
190:There is no graceful way to carry hatred. ~ Alice Walker
191:You are beyond my imagination, Grace Astor. ~ Louise Bay
192:Be attentive to the voice of grace. ~ Elizabeth Ann Seton
193:But for the grace of God, that could be me. ~ Joel Osteen
194:By "guts" I mean, grace under pressure ~ Ernest Hemingway
195:Grace in the soul is heaven in that soul. ~ Matthew Henry
196:I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace. ~ John Green
197:Immerse yourself in the curriculum of grace. ~ Max Lucado
198:In your eyes I have always found grace. ~ Cassandra Clare
199:Laughter is grace in its gaseous form. ~ Cathleen Falsani
200:Laughter is the key that grace has arrived. ~ Anne Lamott
201:Life is about losing everything, gracefully. ~ Mia Farrow
202:Revenue and wealth do not bring disgrace. ~ Bruno Kreisky
203:The Divine Grace alone shall be our support. ~ The Mother
204:The divine Grace alone shall be our support. ~ The Mother
205:What I am looking for is a certain grace. ~ Scott Schuman
206:And grace that won who saw to wish her stay. ~ John Milton
207:Coasting to the bottom is the only disgrace. ~ John Popper
208:God hath his mysteries of grace, ~ Cecil Frances Alexander
209:I do what I love to do, what I choose to do. ~ Grace Slick
210:It seemed too good to be true. That's grace. ~ Judah Smith
211:Knowledge is folly unless grace guide it. ~ George Herbert
212:Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent-minded. ~ Rumi
213:Life is about loosing, everything, gracefully ~ Mia Farrow
214:Repentance is a gift of God's grace. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
215:The lily in splendor, the vine in her grace, ~ Ruth Pitter
216:This is one night I wish I smoked and drank. ~ Grace Kelly
217:We will find grace to help us when we need it ~ Max Lucado
218:By the grace of God, we won the Cold War. ~ George H W Bush
219:Claire was de rigeuer even in disgrace. ~ Tracy Anne Warren
220:Comport yourself with grace under pressure. ~ Bryant McGill
221:God's reckless grace is our greatest hope. ~ Timothy Keller
222:Grace and remembrance be to you both. ~ William Shakespeare
223:Grace is God-given power to live differently. ~ Judah Smith
224:I am one imperfect man saved by God's grace. ~ Mark Sanford
225:It lit up like a Christmas Tree Hazel Grace... ~ John Green
226:May God give you more and more grace and peace. ~ Anonymous
227:Not grace, or zeal, love only was my call, ~ Alexander Pope
228:Our life dictates a certain kind of wardrobe. ~ Grace Kelly
229:The Highest Form of Grace is Silence. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
230:Unconstraint is the grace of conversation. ~ Samuel Johnson
231:We are grace. We are power. We are RiverClan. ~ Erin Hunter
232:Whatever; bling always has something to hide. ~ Grace Jones
233:You can't expect your children to be perfect. ~ Grace Jones
234:You only need a heart full of grace ~ Martin Luther King Jr
235:All writing comes by the grace of God. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
236:But where sin abounded, grace superabounded. ~ Jerry Bridges
237:Courage is grace under pressure.’” “Hemingway! ~ Roxy Sloane
238:Feed your head. Feed your head. Feed your head ~ Grace Slick
239:For no life disgraced is life.— ~ Pedro Calder n de la Barca
240:God is sovereign. His grace cannot be tamed. ~ R Kent Hughes
241:God's grace is painted on the canvas of despair. ~ T D Jakes
242:Grace changes us and change is painful". ~ Flannery O Connor
243:Grace in the soul is a new life in the soul. ~ Matthew Henry
244:Grace is only ever attractive to sinners. ~ Paul David Tripp
245:Grace is opposed to earning, not to effort. ~ Dallas Willard
246:Grace, like water, flows to the lowest part. ~ Philip Yancey
247:I never say 'never,' and I never say 'always.' ~ Grace Kelly
248:In school [I wanted] to be an English teacher. ~ Nancy Grace
249:I refuse to age disgracefully in rock 'n' roll. ~ Ben Harper
250:I think that grace and love always rattle people. ~ Rob Bell
251:Lord Our God Your Grace is a purifying fire. ~ Anthony Doerr
252:Oh foul magnificence, sublime disgrace. ~ Charles Baudelaire
253:Stick around long enough, you'll get some grace. ~ Spike Lee
254:The law detects, grace alone conquers sin. ~ Saint Augustine
255:The mind WILL be free, or it will be dead. ~ Grace Llewellyn
256:To love God is to cooperate with His grace. ~ Lysa TerKeurst
257:You do not know how to shut me up, Hazel Grace. ~ John Green
258:A line only gets grace when it curves, you know. ~ Leif Enger
259:Every act of seizure is an act of grace. ~ Jen Pollock Michel
260:Grace in women has more effect than beauty. ~ William Hazlitt
261:Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues. ~ John Stott
262:Grace is within you; Grace is the Self. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
263:Grace is within you. Grace is the Self. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
264:Grace saved my life; it can revolutionize yours. ~ Jay Bakker
265:his facetious grace in writing,” and much else. ~ Bill Bryson
266:I have a rule that I won't Google my own name. ~ Topher Grace
267:I'm a commercial artist, both in music and art. ~ Grace Slick
268:I think of moving as a kind of saving grace. ~ Martin Puryear
269:it takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations ~ Rupi Kaur
270:Losing is no disgrace if you've given your best. ~ Jim Palmer
271:Love cannot be learned or taught. Love comes as Grace. ~ Rumi
272:Patience, obedience, submission, grace. She ~ Claire Thompson
273:There but for the grace of God, goes God. ~ Winston Churchill
274:There can be no great love without exclusivity. ~ Carol Grace
275:When I was fair and young, and favor graced me, ~ Elizabeth I
276:and measured swords with their eyes as ~ Grace Livingston Hill
277:Angels and ministers of grace defend us! ~ William Shakespeare
278:Angels and ministers of grace defend us. ~ William Shakespeare
279:Be the weirdest little weird in all Weird Town. ~ Grace Helbig
280:Favour and disgrace would seem equally to be feared; ~ Lao Tzu
281:I did not know I needed grace until I met you. ~ Thea Harrison
282:it takes grace to remains kind in cruel situations ~ Rupi Kaur
283:Open to the Divine Grace and thou shalt endure. ~ ~ The Mother
284:The curse turned to grace when the hurt turned to faith. ~ DMX
285:the laughable is a species of what is disgraceful. ~ Aristotle
286:The only recognizable feature of hope is action. ~ Grace Paley
287:There’s no skill and no grace to it, but you ~ Georges Simenon
288:To do injustice is more disgraceful than to suffer it. ~ Plato
289:We do not live by justice, but by grace. ~ Henry David Thoreau
290:We respond to healing grace by giving it away. ~ Philip Yancey
291:When in doubt, start from the top. -Jason Grace ~ Rick Riordan
292:Wisdom is an ornament of grace to the soul. ~ Elizabeth George
293:You’ve had a day of it,” he said. “Don’t worry. ~ Celina Grace
294:A still heart quickens as beauty graces the foul. ~ A L Jackson
295:Be calm in the face of all common disgraces. ~ Gordon Lightfoot
296:Be not proud of race, face, place, or grace. ~ Charles Spurgeon
297:blue rice bowl with the white rabbit painted on it. ~ Grace Lin
298:Dig -- the mostly uncouth -- language of grace. ~ Geoffrey Hill
299:God answers the mess of life with one word: Grace. ~ Max Lucado
300:God answers the mess of life with one word: grace. ~ Max Lucado
301:God grant me grace my prayers to say: ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
302:Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle; ~ William Shakespeare
303:Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle. ~ William Shakespeare
304:I can look at a fur and tell if it's good or not. ~ Grace Jones
305:I give grace because I so desperately need it. ~ Lysa TerKeurst
306:I often get too emotionally involved in my cases. ~ Nancy Grace
307:Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God. ~ Karl Barth
308:Losing gracefully is commended but never chosen. ~ Mason Cooley
309:Many thanks to all the following splendid souls: ~ Celina Grace
310:No matter what is going on, everything is grace. ~ Martin Sheen
311:Sincere prayer is answered by unfailing grace. ~ Shri Radhe Maa
312:The arts have always been in and around my life. ~ Grace Gummer
313:There is nothing free except the Grace of God. ~ Charles Portis
314:What will happen can't be stopped. Aim for Grace. ~ Ann Beattie
315:All you have to do is breathe, and you seduce me. ~ Grace Draven
316:But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:  ~ Anonymous
317:Cheap grace is grace without discipleship. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
318:Don’t borrow worries. It’s a waste of your time. ~ Graceley Knox
319:Grace Hopper develops first computer compiler. ~ Walter Isaacson
320:Grace is opposed to earning, but not to effort. ~ Dallas Willard
321:Hazel Grace, I love it when you talk medical to me. ~ John Green
322:Hearthstone Passes Out Even More than Jason Grace ~ Rick Riordan
323:I didn't want to write a book. They made me do it. ~ Grace Slick
324:I don't like defensive shots-you can only get threes ~ W G Grace
325:It is easier to apologize than to get permission. ~ Grace Hopper
326:It's easier to apologize than ask for permission. ~ Grace Hopper
327:I would far rather convey grace than explain it. ~ Philip Yancey
328:Love is the victim's response to the rapist. ~ Ti Grace Atkinson
329:To love God is to cooperate with His grace. And ~ Lysa TerKeurst
330:Will is to grace as the horse is to the rider. ~ Saint Augustine
331:Without grace, everyone is running from something. ~ Terry Hayes
332:Disgraces are like cherries, one drawes another. ~ George Herbert
333:Faith is the work of God's grace in us. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
334:Grace alone brings about every good work in us. ~ Saint Augustine
335:guess all that sinuous grace and exotic beauty can ~ Lisa Shearin
336:He specialized in the murder of dreams, Hazel Grace. ~ John Green
337:How do you find the grace to face
the shadows? ~ Sherry Thomas
338:Humbleness is always grace; always dignity ~ James Russell Lowell
339:I have the social graces of a pole-dancing T-Rex, ~ Bella Forrest
340:I'll bridge these hills with graceful arches ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
341:It is by God’s Grace that you think of God. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
342:May God grant us the grace to laugh at ourselves. ~ Ray Blackston
343:Nothing fosters courage like a clear grasp of grace. ~ Max Lucado
344:Nothing is more graceful than habitual cheerfulness. ~ Adam Smith
345:Story is a way to find grace in the chaos. ~ Patti Callahan Henry
346:The hallmark of grace is an obedient heart. ~ John F MacArthur Jr
347:The more my prayer, the lesser is my grace. ~ William Shakespeare
348:Thus all below is strength, and all above is grace. ~ John Dryden
349:To those whose God is honor; only disgrace is a sin. ~ David Hare
350:When in doubt, start from the top.
-Jason Grace ~ Rick Riordan
351:Work is no disgrace: it is idleness which is a disgrace. ~ Hesiod
352:You do know when people say 'chic,' they mean thin. ~ Carol Grace
353:As an unmarried woman, I was thought to be a danger. ~ Grace Kelly
354:August passed like a dancer, graceful and sweating. ~ Laura London
355:Beauty loses its relish; the graces never. ~ Henry Home Lord Kames
356:But the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair ~ Relient K
357:Each given of life comes to us trailing many graces. ~ David Richo
358:God resists the proud, But †gives grace to the humble. ~ Anonymous
359:Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving. ~ B B Warfield
360:Grace is the permanent climate of divine kindness ~ John O’Donohue
361:Grace is when you know you're loved exactly as you are. ~ Rob Bell
362:Grace misunderstood will always lead to jealousy. ~ Ravi Zacharias
363:He burned as if with fever, and she burned for him. ~ Grace Draven
364:I am disgraced, impeached, and baffled here, ~ William Shakespeare
365:I don't talk about my personal life with the press. ~ Topher Grace
366:I don t wanna see old people on a rock & roll stage. ~ Grace Slick
367:I think forever is an incorrect concept"- Hazel Grace ~ John Green
368:The abundance mindset makes it easier to be graceful. ~ Seth Godin
369:There's a certain grace to having your heart broken. ~ Lena Dunham
370:There were shipwrecks more graceful than Tella. ~ Stephanie Garber
371:They say, Disgrace is not to fall but to lie. They ~ Anthony Doerr
372:Truth is, we don’t get grace. But it sure can get us. ~ Max Lucado
373:TV has been my goal since before I started YouTube. ~ Grace Helbig
374:We can grow gracefully, or gorgeously. I pick both. ~ Diane Keaton
375:What I've been saying to people is that I write it. ~ Topher Grace
376:When you learn that a truth is a lie, anger follows. ~ Grace Slick
377:Write what will stop your breath if you don’t write. ~ Grace Paley
378:All human endeavors depend on God’s common grace. ~ Nancy R Pearcey
379:All is grace only because all can transfigure. ~ Ann Voskamp
380:Cheap grace is the mortal enemy of the church ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
381:Each of us is born with an incorruptible spot of grace. ~ Mark Nepo
382:Faith's only function is to receive what grace offers. ~ John Stott
383:Feminism is a theory, lesbianism is a practice. ~ Ti Grace Atkinson
384:Flirting was new to me, but I liked it." - Hazel Grace ~ John Green
385:God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”a ~ Anonymous
386:Grace and gratitude go together like heaven and earth. ~ Karl Barth
387:Grace / to be born and live as variously as possible ~ Frank O Hara
388:Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace. ~ Paul Theroux
389:He said, where there is love, there is my grace. ~ Christopher Pike
390:He specialized in the murder of dreams, Hazel Grace... ~ John Green
391:I don't believe in America, but I believe in people. ~ Grace Dunham
392:I don`t want to dress up a picture with just my face. ~ Grace Kelly
393:I said I'd be honest, I never said I'd be consistant. ~ Grace Slick
394:I think of Grace and feel a sharp pain in my chest. ~ Lauren Oliver
395:It is a sure mark of grace to desire more. ~ Robert Murray M Cheyne
396:It is better not to live at all than to live disgraced. ~ Sophocles
397:it takes grace
to remain kind
in cruel situations ~ Rupi Kaur
398:Love will wash you clean in the nights disgrace. ~ Rickie Lee Jones
399:Obvious effort is the antithesis of grace. ~ Baldassare Castiglione
400:People, it came to Grace, disappeared into people. ~ Joseph McElroy
401:The gifts of grace increase as the sorrows increase. ~ Rose of Lima
402:The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. ~ Grace Kelly
403:The wrong word is like a lie jammed inside the story. ~ Grace Paley
404:We all have the right to ask for Grace
   ~ Swami Vivekananda, [T6],
405:Women's natural role is to be a pillar of the family. ~ Grace Kelly
406:You’ve disgraced yourself like the lowest of hussies. ~ Leo Tolstoy
407:At the root of all real experience of grace and true ~ Andrew Murray
408:Being broke is not a disgrace, it is only a catastrophe. ~ Rex Stout
409:Grace is the outcome of inward harmony. ~ Marie von Ebner Eschenbach
410:He moves with the predatory grace of a penguin. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
411:He will be the last to discover the disgrace of his house. ~ Juvenal
412:Joseph Williams, Style: Ten lessons in clarity and grace ~ Anonymous
413:Man's will and God's grace rise and fall together ~ Evelyn Underhill
414:Nature hath meal and bran, contempt and grace. ~ William Shakespeare
415:Part of being human is being on the verge of disgrace. ~ John Updike
416:She was a Canadian and had all their easy social graces. ~ Anonymous
417:The most important thing is growing old gracefully. ~ Audrey Hepburn
418:We are often deterred from crime by the disgrace of others. ~ Horace
419:Action has magic, grace and power in it. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
420:Courage has been described as “grace under pressure". ~ Joe Schreiber
421:Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery. ~ Grace Kelly
422:Faith is a living, daring, confidence in God's grace. ~ Martin Luther
423:Forgive me if I am wary of your goodwill, Your Grace. ~ Sarah MacLean
424:Grace does not destroy nature, it perfects it. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas
425:Grace makes you gracious. The Giver makes you give. ~ E Stanley Jones
426:Grace thou thy house and let not that grace thee. ~ Benjamin Franklin
427:I don't like yelling and fighting, and I can't quarrel. ~ Grace Kelly
428:I don't think 'pop' should mean that you had no talent. ~ Grace Jones
429:I live in a state of grace, where I don't have to know. ~ Byron Katie
430:It's hard for me to believe someone could harm a child. ~ Nancy Grace
431:I would say my sense of adventure outweighs my grace. ~ Kathy Ireland
432:Knowledge is but folly unless it is guided by grace. ~ George Herbert
433:Mercy and compassion are all the grace left to us. ~ Jacqueline Carey
434:Modesty's no credit to anyone-it's just a social grace. ~ Dawn Powell
435:Nothing is more disgraceful than insincerity. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
436:Our Income Tax System is a disgrace to the human race. ~ Jimmy Carter
437:Shame is an ornament to the young; a disgrace to the old. ~ Aristotle
438:Sisterhood is powerful. It kills. Mostly sisters. ~ Ti Grace Atkinson
439:slowly, “You care too much, Will. Do not let His Grace ~ Karen Harper
440:Strange that such a small kindness felt like grace. ~ Madeline Miller
441:The glory of God is that you can't outs in His grace. ~ Matt Chandler
442:The grace of God is a wind which is always blowing. ~ Sri Ramakrishna
443:The hangman is a disgrace to any civilized country. ~ Arthur Koestler
444:There is a long time in me between knowing and telling. ~ Grace Paley
445:Third rule of combat: fight with purpose, not emotion. ~ Grace Draven
446:Through the grace of God,I'm a victor not a victim. ~ Christy Barritt
447:We must explain the truth: There is no free lunch. ~ Grace Napolitano
448:You can be a warrior and be full of grace and class. ~ Drew Barrymore
449:Action has magic, grace, and power in it. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
450:activism can be the journey rather than the arrival; ~ Grace Lee Boggs
451:And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do. ~ Edward Everett
452:Art is the sole means of grace in our fallen state. ~ Marshall McLuhan
453:Grace does not choose a man and leave him as he is. ~ Charles Spurgeon
454:Guilt sucks the life out of our souls. Grace restores it. ~ Max Lucado
455:I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories to regrets. ~ Grace Kelly
456:I collect stuffed animals, and toy stores make me happy. ~ Grace Slick
457:I welcome all creatures of the world with grace. ~ Hildegard of Bingen
458:My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness. ~ Anonymous
459:My mind to me an empire is,While grace affordeth health. ~ Edward Dyer
460:Sería un honor tener el corazón roto por ti, Hazel Grace. ~ John Green
461:Sin is sovereign till sovereign grace dethrones it. ~ Charles Spurgeon
462:Skating can make you feel athletic, graceful, beautiful. ~ Gracie Gold
463:There was a knock on the door and Matt’s voice outside. ~ Celina Grace
464:The rose that grows in grace will blossom into beauty ~ Nancy B Brewer
465:Your Grace:
Others come. Prepare for Invasion.
—M. ~ Shana Abe
466:Álbum para «activarse»: «One-X», de Three Days Grace. ~ Timothy Ferriss
467:An acronym for grace is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. ~ Renee Swope
468:Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice. ~ Ti Grace Atkinson
469:God has the final word on your life and His word is grace. ~ Max Lucado
470:How beautiful, the grace of women; how soft their charity. ~ Donna Leon
471:Illness has always brought me nearer to a state of grace. ~ Abbe Pierre
472:I love to be with my twins. They are my true joy in life. ~ Nancy Grace
473:I'm at a place of deep cynicism about American politics. ~ Grace Dunham
474:It is too difficult a Grace-
To justify the Dream- ~ Emily Dickinson
475:I wanted to be an Olympic swimmer when I was growing up. ~ Grace Gummer
476:No grace can save any man unless he helps himself. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
477:No law is an issue until someone tries to enforce it. ~ Grace Llewellyn
478:O my Lord, with your help and grace what is there to fear! ~ The Mother
479:Politics is about putting yourself in a state of grace. ~ Paddy Ashdown
480:Stand and face me, my love,and scatter the grace in your eyes. ~ Sappho
481:That is a question you have to ask the Old Man of the Moon. ~ Grace Lin
482:We pray to God for Bliss and receive it by Grace. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
483:You cannot learn about Love, LOVE appears on the wings of grace. ~ Rumi
484:All it takes is one bad apple to disgrace the whole tree. ~ Chris Colfer
485:Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
486:Bung upwards, she means, Your Grace," a tart called out. ~ Loretta Chase
487:Disgrace is immortal, and living even when one thinks it dead. ~ Plautus
488:For today, all you need is the grace to begin beginning. ~ Julia Cameron
489:For to die with honour is far better than to live disgraced. ~ Anonymous
490:God's grace is the oil that fills the lamp of love. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
491:Grace, who haunted my thoughts when I couldn’t dream ~ Maggie Stiefvater
492:Hell strives with grace for conquest in my breast. ~ Christopher Marlowe
493:I have the grace of providence to be poor. ~ Antonio de Oliveira Salazar
494:I rather mistrust young men who slip into life gracefully. ~ E M Forster
495:Little pieces of grace were everywhere if you looked. ~ Michael Connelly
496:Morning dawns when the grace overcomes nature. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
497:My hand aching because grace wasn't underneath it 3! ~ Maggie Stiefvater
498:…possessed of that indescribable charm called grace. ~ Louisa May Alcott
499:Prayer is the exercise of drawing on the grace of God. ~ Oswald Chambers
500:Rise and find the grace, for it is all around you. ~ Tyler Knott Gregson


  525 Integral Yoga
  329 Poetry
   58 Fiction
   50 Christianity
   47 Philosophy
   26 Occultism
   24 Psychology
   15 Mythology
   14 Philsophy
   9 Mysticism
   8 Yoga
   8 Science
   7 Education
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   1 Alchemy

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   2 Book of Certitude

00.01 - The Approach to Mysticism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   There are modes of knowledge that are occultand to that extent mystic and can be mastered by practices in which the heart has no share. But they have not the saving Grace that comes by the touch of the Divine. They are not truly mystic the truly mystic belongs to the ultimate realities, the deepest and the highest,they, on the other hand, are transverse and tangential movements belonging to an intermediate region where light and obscurity are mixed up and even for the greater part the light is swallowed up in the obscurity or utilised by it.

0.02 - II - The Home of the Guru, #Evening Talks With Sri Aurobindo, #unset, #Kabbalah
   The Master, the Guru, set at rest the puzzled human mind by his illuminating answers, perhaps even more by his silent consciousness, so that it might be able to pursue unhampered the path of realisation of the Truth. Those ancient discourses answer the mind of man today even across the ages. They have rightly acquired as everything of the past does a certain sanctity. But sometimes that very reverence prevents men from properly evaluating, and living in, the present. This happens when the mind instead of seeking the Spirit looks at the form. For instance, it is not necessary for such discourses that they take place in forest-groves in order to be highly spiritual. Wherever the Master is, there is Light. And guru-griha the house of the Master can be his private dwelling place. So much was this feeling a part of Sri Aurobindo's nature and so particular was he to maintain the personal character of his work that during the first few years after 1923 he did not like his house to be called an 'Ashram', as the word had acquired the sense of a public institution to the modern mind. But there was no doubt that the flower of Divinity had blossomed in him; and disciples, like bees seeking honey, came to him. It is no exaggeration to say that these Evening Talks were to the small company of disciples what the Aranyakas were to the ancient seekers. Seeking the Light, they came to the dwelling place of their Guru, the greatest seer of the age, and found it their spiritual home the home of their parents, for the Mother, his companion in the great mission, had come. And these spiritual parents bestowed upon the disciples freely of their Light, their Consciousness, their Power and their Grace. The modern reader may find that the form of these discourses differs from those of the past but it was bound to be so for the simple reason that the times have changed and the problems that puzzle the modern mind are so different. Even though the disciples may be very imperfect representations of what he aimed at in them, still they are his creations. It is in order to repay, in however infinitesimal a degree, the debt which we owe to him that the effort is made to partake of the joy of his company the Evening Talks with a larger public.

0.02 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Why, when you get into trouble, do you no longer ask for the
  help of the Divine Grace? Yet you know from experience that
  the result is unfailing and marvellous!
  action of Saint Genevieve who, by the ardour of her prayers,
  obtained the intervention of the Divine Grace. This prompted
  Attila to alter the route of his troops, and so he gave the city a
  O Sweet Mother, I assure You, I promise You, that with
  Your Grace I will be myself again within a short time.
  A year of silence and expectation... let us find, O Lord, our entire
  support in Thy Grace alone.

0.03 - Letters to My little smile, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  You must keep your aspiration intact and your will to conquer all obstacles; you must have an unshakable faith in the
  divine Grace and the sure victory.
  Sri Aurobindo is working for your transformation — how

0.04 - The Systems of Yoga, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The Conditions of the Synthesis
   and the Individual. If the individual and Nature are left to themselves, the one is bound to the other and unable to exceed appreciably her lingering march. Something transcendent is needed, free from her and greater, which will act upon us and her, attracting us upward to Itself and securing from her by good Grace or by force her consent to the individual ascension.

0.06 - INTRODUCTION, #Dark Night of the Soul, #Saint John of the Cross, #Christianity
  abundance than before. The Saint here postulates a principle of dogmatic theology
  that by himself, and with the ordinary aid of Grace, man cannot attain to that
  degree of purgation which is essential to his transformation in God. He needs
  him seem particularly so. These treatises are a wonderful illustration of the
  theological truth that Grace, far from destroying nature, ennobles and dignifies it,
  and of the agreement always found between the natural and the supernatural

0.06 - Letters to a Young Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Certainly the Divine Grace is always at work, it is the material
  world and the men living there that do not want it!
  who think that You call only those sadhaks who cannot
  receive Your Grace from afar; and that it is a sign of
  weakness on the part of those who see You from time to
  attract the Marvellous Presence. One must know how to pay
  this supreme Grace the price it deserves.
  Or, better still, not to have thought at all but contemplated the
  Divine Grace.
  Have faith in the Divine Grace and the hour of liberation will
  be hastened.
  All my power is with you to help you; open yourself with a
  calm confidence, have faith in the Divine Grace, and you will
  overcome all your difficulties.
  and it is fear which makes healing so difficult. All fear must be
  overcome and replaced by a complete trust in the divine Grace.

0.07 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  of all your creation and many are your children. But
  your Grace is our sole refuge and to whom shall we
  turn but to you for our protection? But may your Grace
  now intervene in a more overt form so that my earthly
  spite of the dull and heavy veil which lies thick upon
  them. And may your Grace open up fully the lotus
  of my heart so that I may be blessed with a vision
  like me to aspire for?
  Faith in the Divine’s Grace and its power to transform you.
  Love and blessings to my dear child.
  The Divine’s Grace is there — open your door and welcome it.
  With my love and blessings.

0.09 - Letters to a Young Teacher, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  visitors come to call on us; some are tall, others small, some
  single, others in groups; all are bright and Graceful.
  Usually, in our joy at their arrival and our haste to welcome
  Then, after a certain length of time, we would see the visitors
  themselves slowly, Gracefully, calmly descend, without losing
  anything of their elegance or beauty and, as they cross the
  Sweet Mother,
  Sri Aurobindo tells us: “God’s Grace is more difficult
  to have or to keep than the nectar of the Immortals.”7
  What does this mean? Doesn’t the Divine Grace always
  pour down on us, depending only on our receptivity?
  The Grace is always there, eternally present and active, but Sri
  Aurobindo says that it is extremely difficult for us to be in a
  drink from the cup of the gods who are immortal.
  To receive the divine Grace, not only must one have a great
  aspiration, but also a sincere humility and an absolute trust.

01.01 - A Yoga of the Art of Life, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It is not my purpose here to enter into details as to the exact meaning of the descent, how it happens and what are its lines of activity and the results brought about. For it is indeed an actual descent that happens: the Divine Light leans down first into the mind and begins its purificatory work therealthough it is always the inner heart which first recognises the Divine Presence and gives its assent to the Divine action for the mind, the higher mind that is to say, is the summit of the ordinary human consciousness and receives more easily and readily the Radiances that descend. From the Mind the Light filters into the denser regions of the emotions and desires, of life activity and vital dynamism; finally, it gets into brute Matter itself, the hard and obscure rock of the physical body, for that too has to be illumined and made the very form and figure of the Light supernal. The Divine in his descending Grace is the Master-Architect who is building slowly and surely the many-chambered and many-storeyed edifice that is human nature and human life into the mould of the Divine Truth in its perfect play and supreme expression. But this is a matter which can be closely considered when one is already well within the mystery of the path and has acquired the elementary essentials of an initiate.

01.01 - The Symbol Dawn, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  As if solicited in an alien world
  With timid and hazardous instinctive Grace,
  Orphaned and driven out to seek a home,
  Its thorns of fallen nature are the defence
  It turns against the saviour hands of Grace;
  It meets the sons of God with death and pain.

01.03 - The Yoga of the King The Yoga of the Souls Release, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A heavenlier function with a finer mode
  Lit with its Grace man's outward earthliness;
  The soul's experience of its deeper sheaths

01.04 - The Poetry in the Making, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   That is what is wanted at present in the artistic world the true inspiration, the breath from higher altitudes. And here comes the role of the mystic, the Yogi. The sense of evolution, the march of human consciousness demands and prophesies that the future poet has to be a mysticin him will be fulfilled the travail of man's conscious working. The self-conscious craftsman, the tireless experimenter with his adventurous analytic mind has sharpened his instrument, made it supple and elastic, tempered, refined and enriched it; that is comparable to what we call the aspiration or call from below. Now the Grace must descend and fulfil. And when one rises into this higher consciousness beyond the brain and mind, when one lives there habitually, one knows the why and the how of things, one becomes a perfectly conscious operator and still retains all spontaneity and freshness and wonder and magic that are usually associated with inconscience and irreflection. As there is a spontaneity of instinct, there is likewise also a spontaneity of vision: a child is spontaneous in its movements, even so a seer. Not only so, the higher spontaneity is more spontaneous, for the higher consciousness means not only awareness but the free and untrammelled activity and expression of the truth and reality it is.

01.04 - The Secret Knowledge, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Or through the earthly coverings something breaks,
  A Grace and beauty of spiritual light,
  The murmuring tongue of a celestial fire.
  Offering his life, a splendour of sacrifice.
  A rapt solicitor for her love and Grace,
  His bliss in her to him is his whole world:

01.05 - Rabindranath Tagore: A Great Poet, a Great Man, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Tagore is in direct line with those bards who have sung of the Spirit, who always soared high above the falsehoods and uglinesses of a merely mundane life and lived in the undecaying delights and beauties of a diviner consciousness. Spiritual reality was the central theme of his poetic creation: only and naturally he viewed it in a special way and endowed it with a special Grace. We know of another God-intoxicated man, the Jewish philosopher Spinoza, who saw things sub specie aeternitatis, under the figure or mode of eternity. Well, Tagore can be said to see things, in their essential spiritual reality, under the figure or mode of beauty. Keats indeed spoke of truth being beauty and beauty truth. But there is a great difference in the outlook and inner experience. A worshipper of beauty, unless he rises to the Upanishadic norm, is prone to become sensuous and pagan. Keats was that, Kalidasa was that, even Shelley was not far different. The spiritual vein in all these poets remains secondary. In the old Indian master, it is part of his intellectual equipment, no doubt, but nothing much more than that. In the other two it comes in as strange flashes from an unknown country, as a sort of irruption or on the peak of the poetic afflatus or enthousiasmos.

01.07 - Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   But the pressure upon his dynamic and heated brain the fiery zeal in his mindwas already proving too much and he was advised medically to take complete rest. Thereupon followed what was known as Pascal's mundane lifea period of distraction and dissipation; but this did not last long nor was it of a serious nature. The inner fire could brook no delay, it was eager and impatient to englobe other fields and domains. Indeed, it turned to its own field the heart. Pascal became initiated into the mystery of Faith and Grace. Still he had to pass through a terrible period of dejection and despair: the life of the world had given him no rest or relaxation, it served only to fill his cup of misery to the brim. But the hour of final relief was not long postponed: the Grace came to him, even as it came to Moses or St. Paul as a sudden flare of fire which burnt up the Dark Night and opened out the portals of Morning Glory.
   And the reason is his metaphysics. It is the Jansenist conception of God and human nature that inspired and coloured all his experience and consciousness. According to it, as according to the Calvinist conception, man is a corrupt being, corroded to the core, original sin has branded his very soul. Only Grace saves him and releases him. The order of sin and the order of Grace are distinct and disparate worlds and yet they complement each other and need each other. Greatness and misery are intertwined, united, unified with each other in him. Here is an echo of the Manichean position which also involves an abyss. But even then God's Grace is not a free agent, as Jesuits declare; there is a predestination that guides and controls it. This was one of the main subjects he treated in his famous open letters (Les Provinciales) that brought him renown almost overnight. Eternal hell is a possible prospect that faces the Jansenist. That was why a Night always over-shadowed the Day in Pascal's soul.
   "The infinite distance of the body from the mind images the distance infinitely more infinite of the mind from Charity (Divine Grace, Faith)."9

01.08 - Walter Hilton: The Scale of Perfection, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   From the twentieth century back to the fourteenth is a far cry: a far cry indeed from the modern scientific illumination to mediaeval superstition, from logical positivists and mathematical rationalists to visionary mystics, from Russell and Huxley to Ruysbroeck and Hilton. The mystic lore, the Holy Writ, the mediaeval sage says, echoing almost the very words of the Eastern Masters, "may not be got by study nor through man's travail only, but principally by the Grace of the Holy Ghost." As for the men living and moving in the worldly way, there are "so mickle din and crying in their heart and vain thoughts and fleshly desires" that it is impossible for them to listen or understand the still small voice. It is the pure soul touched by the Grace that alone "seeth soothfastness of Holy Writ wonderly shewed and opened, above study and travail and reason of man's kindly (i.e. natural) wit."
   This spiritual march or progress can also be described as a growing into the likeness of the Lord. His true self, his own image is implanted within us; he is there in the profoundest depth of our being as Jesus, our beloved and our soul rests in him in utmost bliss. We are aware neither of Jesus nor of his spouse, our soul, because of the obsession of the flesh, the turmoil raised by the senses, the blindness of pride and egoism. All that constitutes the first or old Adam, the image of Nought, the body of death which means at bottom the "false misruled love in to thyself." This self-love is the mother of sin, is sin itself. What it has to be replaced by is charity that is the true meaning of Christian charity, forgetfulness of self. "What is sin but a wanting and a forbearing of God." And the whole task, the discipline consists in "the shaping of Christ in you, the casting of sin through Christ." Who then is Christ, what is he? This knowledge you get as you advance from your sense-bound perception towards the inner and inmost seeing. As your outer nature gets purified, you approach gradually your soul, the scales fall off from your eyes too and you have the knowledge and "ghostly vision." Here too there are three degrees; first, you start with faith the senses can do nothing better than have faith; next, you rise to imagination which gives a sort of indirect touch or inkling of the truth; finally, you have the "understanding", the direct vision. "If he first trow it, he shall afterwards through Grace feel it, and finally understand it."
   The characteristic then of the path is a one-pointed concentration. Great stress is laid upon "oneliness", "onedness":that is to say, a perfect and complete withdrawal from the outside and the world; an unmixed solitude is required for the true experience and realisation to come. "A full forsaking in will of the soul for the love of Him, and a living of the heart to Him. This asks He, for this gave He." The rigorous exclusion, the uncompromising asceticism, the voluntary self-torture, the cruel dark night and the arid desert are necessary conditions that lead to the "onlyness of soul", what another prophet (Isaiah, XXIV, 16) describes as "My privity to me". In that secreted solitude, the "onlistead"the graphic language of the author calls itis found "that dignity and that ghostly fairness which a soul had by kind and shall have by Grace." The utter beauty of the soul and its absolute love for her deity within her (which has the fair name of Jhesu), the exclusive concentration of the whole of the being upon one point, the divine core, the manifest Grace of God, justifies the annihilation of the world and life's manifold existence. Indeed, the image of the Beloved is always within, from the beginning to the end. It is that that keeps one up in the terrible struggle with one's nature and the world. The image depends upon the consciousness which we have at the moment, that is to say, upon the stage or the degree we have ascended to. At the outset, when we can only look through the senses, when the flesh is our master, we give the image a crude form and character; but even that helps. Gradually, as we rise, with the clearing of our nature, the image too slowly regains its original and true shape. Finally, in the inmost soul we find Jesus as he truly is: "an unchangeable being, a sovereign might, a sovereign soothfastness, sovereign goodness, a blessed life and endless bliss." Does not the Gita too say: "As one approaches Me, so do I appear to him."Ye yath mm prapadyante.
   This will elucidate another point of difference between the Christian's and the Vaishnava's love of God, for both are characterised by an extreme intensity and sweetness and exquisiteness of that divine feeling. This Christian's, however, is the union of the soul in its absolute purity and simplicity and "privacy" with her lord and master; the soul is shred here of all earthly vesture and goes innocent and naked into the embrace of her Beloved. The Vaishnava feeling is richer and seems to possess more amplitude; it is more concrete and less ethereal. The Vaishnava in his passionate yearning seeks to carry as it were the whole world with him to his Lord: for he sees and feels Him not only in the inmost chamber of his soul, but meets Him also in and I through his senses and in and through the world and its objects around. In psychological terms one can say that the Christian realisation, at its very source, is that of the inmost soul, what we call the "psychic being" pure and simple, referred to in the book we are considering; as: "His sweet privy voice... stirreth thine heart full stilly." Whereas the Vaishnava reaches out to his Lord with his outer heart too aflame with passion; not only his inmost being but his vital being also seeks the Divine. This bears upon the occult story of man's spiritual evolution upon earth. The Divine Grace descends from the highest into the deepest and from the deepest to the outer ranges of human nature, so that the whole of it may be illumined and transformed and one day man can embody in his earthly life the integral manifestation of God, the perfect Epiphany. Each religion, each line of spiritual discipline takes up one limb of manone level or mode of his being and consciousness purifies it and suffuses it with the spiritual and divine consciousness, so that in the end the whole of man, in his integral living, is recast and remoulded: each discipline is in charge of one thread as it were, all together weave the warp and woof in the evolution of the perfect pattern of a spiritualised and divinised humanity.
   The conception of original sin is a cardinal factor in Christian discipline. The conception, of sinfulness is the very motive-power that drives the aspirant. "Seek tensely," it is said, "sorrow and sigh deep, mourn still, and stoop low till thine eye water for anguish and for pain." Remorse and grief are necessary attendants; the way of the cross is naturally the calvary strewn with pain and sorrow. It is the very opposite of what is termed the "sunlit path" in spiritual ascension. Christian mystics have made a glorious spectacle of the process of "dying to the world." Evidently, all do not go the whole length. There are less gloomy and happier temperaments, like the present one, for example, who show an unusual balance, a sturdy common sense even in the midst of their darkest nights, who have chalked out as much of the sunlit path as is possible in this line. Thus this old-world mystic says: it is true one must see and admit one's sinfulness, the grosser and apparent and more violent ones as well as all the subtle varieties of it that are in you or rise up in you or come from the Enemy. They pursue you till the very end of your journey. Still you need not feel overwhelmed or completely desperate. Once you recognise the sin in you, even the bare fact of recognition means for you half the victory. The mystic says, "It is no sin as thou feelest them." The day Jesus gave himself away on the Cross, since that very day you are free, potentially free from the bondage of sin. Once you give your adherence to Him, the Enemies are rendered powerless. "They tease the soul, but they harm not the soul". Or again, as the mystic graphically phrases it: "This soul is not borne in this image of sin as a sick man, though he feel it; but he beareth it." The best way of dealing with one's enemies is not to struggle and "strive with them." The aspirant, the lover of Jesus, must remember: "He is through Grace reformed to the likeness of God ('in the privy substance of his soul within') though he neither feel it nor see it."
   Indeed, there are one or two points, notes for the guidance of the aspirant, which I would like to mention here for their striking appositeness and simple "soothfastness." First of all with regard to the restless enthusiasm and eagerness of a novice, here is the advice given: "The fervour is so mickle in outward showing, is not only for mickleness of love that they have; but it is for littleness and weakness of their souls, that they may not bear a little touching of God.. afterward when love hath boiled out all the uncleanliness, then is the love clear and standeth still, and then is both the body and the soul mickle more in peace, and yet hath the self soul mickle more love than it had before, though it shew less outward." And again: "without any fervour outward shewed, and the less it thinketh that it loveth or seeth God, the nearer it nigheth" ('it' naturally refers to the soul). The statement is beautifully self-luminous, no explanation is required. Another hurdle that an aspirant has to face often in the passage through the Dark Night is that you are left all alone, that you are deserted by your God, that the Grace no longer favours you. Here is however the truth of the matter; "when I fall down to my frailty, then Grace withdraweth: for my falling is cause there-of, and not his fleeing." In fact, the Grace never withdraws, it is we who withdraw and think otherwise. One more difficulty that troubles the beginner especially is with regard to the false light. The being of darkness comes in the form of the angel of light, imitates the tone of the still small voice; how to recognise, how to distinguish the two? The false light, the "feigned sun" is always found "atwixt two black rainy clouds" : they are "highing" of oneself and "lowing" of others. When you feel flattered and elated, beware it is the siren voice tempting you. The true light brings you soothing peace and meekness: the other light brings always a trail of darknessf you are soothfast and sincere you will discover it if not near you, somewhere at a distance lurking.
   The ultimate truth is that God is the sole doer and the best we can do is to let him do freely without let or hindrance. "He that through Grace may see Jhesu, how that He doth all and himself doth right nought but suffereth Jhesu work in him what him liketh, he is meek." And yet one does not arrive at that condition from the beginning or all at once. "The work is not of the hour nor of a day, but of many days and years." And for a long time one has to take up one's burden and work, co-operate with the Divine working. In the process there is this double movement necessary for the full achievement. "Neither Grace only without full working of a soul that in it is nor working done without Grace bringeth a soul to reforming but that one joined to that other." Mysticism is not all eccentricity and irrationality: on the contrary, sanity seems to be the very character of the higher mysticism. And it is this sanity, and even a happy sense of humour accompanying it, that makes the genuine mystic teacher say: "It is no mastery to me for to say it, but for to do it there is mastery." Amen.

0.10 - Letters to a Young Captain, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Come with the aspiration to give yourself, to offer your whole
  being, without reserve, to the Divine Grace, and you will feel
  the felicity for which you aspire.
  feeling and turned into a ritual. It is much better to read
  one of Your prayers and then invoke the Divine Grace
  in silence, each in his own way, for the departed person,
  immediately to dispel my psychological pain. For something tells me: “All that happens is done for your own
  good and is done by the Divine Grace.” Is it good, is it
  healthy to think like this?
  The best way for everyone is self-giving to the Divine and
  trust in His infinite Grace.
  13 May 1964
  One must live in the consciousness of the Divine Unity to
  see the Grace behind everything.
  5 August 1964
  Sweet Mother,
  Sri Aurobindo has said somewhere that if we surrender to the Divine Grace, it will do everything for us.
  Then what is the value of tapasya?
  Because it is not a question of merit but of Grace.
  6 October 1965
  seriously is not considerable...
  But the Divine Grace is infinite!
  20 July 1966
  I feel it is most shameful on our part to waste the
  Divine Grace, to misuse this unique privilege granted to
  In the Darshan message of November 24th, Sri
  Aurobindo speaks of the influence of the Divine Compassion and the Divine Grace.32 But what is the difference between the two?
  The compassion seeks to relieve the suffering of all, whether
  they deserve it or not.
  The Grace does not recognise the right of suffering to exist
  and abolishes it.
  Divine Compassion acting on as many as it can reach through the nets of the Law and
  giving them their chance; (3) the Divine Grace which acts more incalculably but also
  more irresistibly than the others.” — Letters on Yoga, SABCL, Vol. 23, p. 609.
  Sincerity, courage, discipline, endurance, absolute faith in the
  Divine work and unshakable trust in the Divine Grace. All
  this must be accompanied by a sustained, ardent, persevering

01.11 - The Basis of Unity, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   In Europe such a contingency did not arise, because the religious spirit, rampant in the days of Inquisitions and St. Bartholomews, died away: it died, and (or, because) it was replaced by a spirit that was felt as being equally, if not more, au thentic and, which for the moment, suffused the whole consciousness with a large and high afflatus, commensurate with the amplitude of man's aspiration. I refer, of course, to the spirit of the Renaissance. It was a spirit profane and secular, no doubt, but on that level it brought a catholicity of temper and a richness in varied interesta humanistic culture, as it is calledwhich constituted a living and unifying ideal for Europe. That spirit culminated in the great French Revolution which was the final coup de Grace to all that still remained of mediaevalism, even in its outer structure, political and economical.

01.12 - Goethe, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Satan proposes to lead man down into hell through a sure means, nothing more sure, according to him, viz., love for a woman and a woman's love in return. Nothing like that to make man earth-bound or hell-bound and force out of him the nostalgic cry, "Time must have a stop." A most simple, primal and primeval lyric love will most suit Satan's purpose. Hence the Margaret episode. Love=Passion=Lust=Hell; that is the inevitable equation sequence, and through which runs the magic thread of infatuation. And that charm is invincible. Satan did succeed and was within an ace, as they say, of the final and definitive triumph: but that was not to be, for he left out of account an incalculable element. Love, even human love has, at least can have, a wonderful power, the potency of reversing the natural decree and bring about a supernatural intervention. Human love can at a crucial momentin extremiscall down the Divine Grace, which means God's love for man. And the soul meant for perdition and about to be seized and carried away by Satan finds itself suddenly free and lifted up and borne by Heaven's messengers. Human Jove is divine love itself in earthly form and figure and whatever its apparent aberrations it is in soul and substance that thing. Satan is hoisted with his own petard. That is God's irony.
   The angels weave the symphony that is creation. They represent the various notes and rhythmsin their higher and purer degrees that make up the grand harmony of the spheres. It is magnificent, this music that moves the cosmos, and wonderful the glory of God manifest therein. But is it absolutely perfect? Is there nowhere any flaw in it? There is a doubting voice that enters a dissenting note. That is Satan, the Antagonist, the Evil One. Man is the weakest link in the chain of the apparently all-perfect harmony. And Satan boldly proposes to snap it if God only let him do so. He can prove to God that the true nature of his creation is not cosmos but chaos not a harmony in peace and light, but a confusion, a Walpurgis Night. God acquiesces in the play of this apparent breach and proves in the end that it is part of a wider scheme, a vaster harmony. Evil is rounded off by Grace.

01.13 - T. S. Eliot: Four Quartets, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Yes, that is the condition demanded, an entire vacuity in which nothing moves. That is the real Dark Night of the Soul. It is then only that the Grace leans down and descends, then only beams in the sweet Light of lights. Eliot has expressed the experience in these lines of rare beauty and sincerity :
   But Thompson was not an intellectual, his doubts and despondencies were not of the mental order, he was a boiling, swelling life-surge, a geyser, a volcano. He, too, crossed the Night and saw the light of Day, but in a different way. Well, I he did not march into the day, it was the Day that marched I into him! Yes, the Divine Grace came and seized him from behind with violence. A modern, a modernist consciousness cannot expect that indulgence. God meets him only halfway, he has to work up himself the other half. He has laid so many demands and conditions: the knots in his case are not cut asunder but slowly disengaged.

01.14 - Nicholas Roerich, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   A Russian artist (Monsieur Benois) has stressed upon the primitivealmost aboriginalelement in Roerich and was not happy over it. Well, as has been pointed out by other prophets and thinkers, man today happens to be so sophisticated, artificial, material, cerebral that a [all-back seems to be necessary for him to take a new leap forward on to a higher ground. The pure aesthete is a closed system, with a consciousness immured in an ivory tower; but man is something more. A curious paradox. Man can reach the highest, realise the integral truth when he takes his leap, not from the relatively higher levels of his consciousness his intellectual and aesthetic and even moral status but when he can do so from his lower levels, when the physico-vital element in him serves as the springing-board. The decent and the beautiful the classic Grace and aristocracyform one aspect of man, the aspect of "light"; but the aspect of energy and power lies precisely in him where the aboriginal and the barbarian find also a lodging. Man as a mental being is naturally sattwic, but prone to passivity and weakness; his physico-vital reactions, on the other hand, are obscure and crude, simple and vehement, but they have life and energy and creative power, they are there to be trained and transfigured, made effective instruments of a higher illumination.

0.11 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The Grace is there to solve it.
  1 May 1967
  I have begun to see that both the personal effort of the
  sadhak and its result depend on the Divine Grace.
  About this, one could say humorously that we are all divine, but
  By Your Grace, my body is now collaborating to get rid
  of its laziness. That even the body has a will of its own
  I have forgotten the Divine for so long in this life and in
  former lives. But a drop of Your Grace can enable me to
  make up for all the lost time.
  have actually been there for a long time and that now
  Your Grace has brought them to my notice so that the
  next step may be taken.
  aspiration of the day and undo its work.
  Vigilance, sincerity, continuity of effort, and the Grace will
  do the rest.
  When one is living among men with all their miseries, it is only
  the Grace that can bestow this state — even in those who by
  Tapasya have abolished their ego.
  Through Krishna’s Grace, Arjuna realised the cosmic
  Divine and Virat in the twinkling of an eye. What a

0.14 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  have driven all defeatism out of our consciousness.
  It is by perfecting our faith in the Divine Grace that we shall
  be able to conquer the defeatism of the subconscient.

02.01 - The World War, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The fate of India too is being decided in this world-crisison the plains of Flanders, on the steppes of Ukraine, on the farthest expanses of the Pacific. The freedom of India will become inevitable and even imminent in proportion as she becomes cognizant of the underlying character and significance of the present struggle, deliberately takes the side of the evolutionary force, works for the gods, in proportion as she grows to be an instrument of the Divine Power. The instrument that the Divine chooses is often, to all appearances, faulty and defective, but since it has this higher and mightier support, it will surely outgrow all its drawbacks and lapses, it will surmount all dangers and obstacles and become unconquerable. Thisis what the spiritual seeker means by saying that the Divine Grace can make the lame leap across the mountain. India's destiny today hangs in the balance; it lies in the choice of her path.

02.02 - Rishi Dirghatama, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Indeed the darkness and the blindness seem to have been the Divine's Grace upon him, for his eyes turned inward to other domains and saw strange truths and stranger facts. We remember in this connection another blind old poet who even though fallen on such evil days composed the world famous epic poem (I am referring obviously to Milton and his Paradise Lost). We remember also here the deaf incomparable master of music Beethoven. Many of the sayings of Dirghatama have become so current that they are now familiar even to the common man. They are mottoes and proverbs we all quote at all times. "Truth is one, the wise call it in different ways"the mantra is from Dirghatama. "Heaven is my father, Earth my mother"this is also from Dirghatama. The famous figure of two birds with beautiful wing dwelling on the same tree comes also from Dirghatama. There are a good many sayings of this kind that have become intimate companions to our lips of which the source we do not know. When we read the mantras of Dirghatama we are likely to exclaim even as the villager did when he first saw Hamlet played in London, "It is full of quotations."

02.02 - The Kingdom of Subtle Matter, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Thence exiled here consents to an earthly tinge.
  Whatever is here of visible charm and Grace
  Finds there its faultless and immortal lines;
  And fascinating eyes to perilous Gods,
  Invests with Grace the demon and the snake.
  Its trance imposes earth's inconscience,
  The inspiring Light plays in fine boundaries;
  A faultless beauty comes by Nature's Grace;
  There liberty is perfection's guarantee:
  It was a world that could not fear nor grieve.
  It had no Grace of error or defeat,
  It had no room for fault, no power to fail.

02.02 - The Message of the Atomic Bomb, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The Bomb has shaken the physical atmosphere of the earth as no other engine has done. It has shaken the moral atmosphere too not in a lesser degree. Reason and moral sense could not move man, so Fear has been sent by the Divine Grace. Dante said that God created Hell in his mood of infinite love and justice that seems to be the inevitable gate through which one has to pass to arrive at the Divine. We are indeed in hell today upon earth, a worse can hardly be tolerated.

02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A thousand Edens she could build nor pause;
  No bound was set to her greatness and to her Grace
  And to her heavenly variety.

02.04 - The Kingdoms of the Little Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The grovel of a strength once half divine,
  The Graceless squalor of her beast desires,
  The staring visage of her ignorance,


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Wikipedia - 3000 Miles to Graceland -- 2001 American crime film by Demian Lichtenstein
Wikipedia - ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award
Wikipedia - Actual grace
Wikipedia - A. Grace Cook -- British astronomer
Wikipedia - Alfred Augustus Grace -- NZ teacher, journalist, writer
Wikipedia - Alias Grace -- 1996 novel by Margaret Atwood
Wikipedia - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (poetry collection) -- Book by Richard Brautigan
Wikipedia - Amazing Grace (1974 film) -- 1974 film
Wikipedia - Amazing Grace (2018 film) -- 2018 American documentary film featuring Aretha Franklin
Wikipedia - Amazing Grace and Chuck -- 1987 film
Wikipedia - Amazing Grace (Australian TV series) -- Upcoming Australian television drama series
Wikipedia - Amazing Grace (ship) -- Topsail schooner ship
Wikipedia - Amazing Grace -- Christian hymn
Wikipedia - Anna Graceman -- American musician
Wikipedia - AnnaGrace -- Belgian trance group
Wikipedia - A Touch of Grace -- Television series
Wikipedia - Baker Grace -- American singer
Wikipedia - Blessing -- Rite that should bring persons or property share in divine power or grace
Wikipedia - By the Grace of God
Wikipedia - By the Grace of the Gods -- Japanese novel series
Wikipedia - Captured by Grace -- 2015 American documentary
Wikipedia - Carol Grace -- American actress and author
Wikipedia - Caroline Grace Cassidy -- Irish actress and author
Wikipedia - Castles in the Sky (song) -- 2000 single by AnnaGrace
Wikipedia - Category:Grace Murray Hopper Award laureates
Wikipedia - Category:Knights of Grace of the Order of St John
Wikipedia - Chamaenerion angustifolium -- species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Chamaenerion fleischeri -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Chamaenerion latifolium -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Chamaenerion -- Genus of flowering plants in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Charger (song) -- 2017 song by Gorillaz and Grace Jones
Wikipedia - Charlotte Grace O'Brien -- Irish writer, activist and philanthropist
Wikipedia - ChloM-CM-+ Grace Moretz -- American actress
Wikipedia - Chris Grace (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Circaea alpina -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Circaea canadensis -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Circaea lutetiana -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Clarkia unguiculata -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Clarkia -- Genus of flowering plants in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Coma Girl: The State of Grace -- 2005 film by Dina Jacobsen
Wikipedia - Cromwell's Act of Grace -- Act of Parliament
Wikipedia - Cyril Smith -- Disgraced UK politician & sex offender (1928-2010)
Wikipedia - Cyrus Grace Dunham -- American writer and activist
Wikipedia - Days of Grace (film) -- 2011 film
Wikipedia - Disgrace (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - Disgraced! -- 1933 film by Erle C. Kenton
Wikipedia - Disgraced -- One-act play
Wikipedia - Disgrace -- Novel by J. M. Coetzee
Wikipedia - Divine grace -- Theological term
Wikipedia - Douglas Gracey -- British Indian Army general
Wikipedia - Edith Grace White -- American zoologist
Wikipedia - Emilie Grace Briggs -- Theologian
Wikipedia - Emily Grace Creswell -- British artist
Wikipedia - Epilobium alsinifolium -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium anagallidifolium -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium brachycarpum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium brunnescens -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium canum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium ciliatum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium clavatum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium cleistogamum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium densiflorum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium foliosum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium glaberrimum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium halleanum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium hirsutum -- Species of flowering plant in the family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium hirtigerum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium howellii -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium lactiflorum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium lanceolatum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium leptophyllum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium minutum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium montanum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium nevadense -- species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium nivium -- species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium obcordatum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium oreganum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium oregonense -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium pallidum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium parviflorum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium pedunculare -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium pygmaeum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium rigidum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium septentrionale -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium siskiyouense -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium tetragonum -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium torreyi -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epilobium -- genus of flowering plants in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Eucharidium -- Genus of flowering plants in the willowherb and evening primrose family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Fade from Grace -- Five-part comic series
Wikipedia - Fanny Grace Plimsoll -- British painter
Wikipedia - Free Grace theology
Wikipedia - Free grace theology
Wikipedia - Gayophytum -- Genus of flowering plants in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Glennis Grace -- Dutch singer
Wikipedia - Good works -- Person's (exterior) actions or deeds, in contrast to inner qualities such as grace or faith
Wikipedia - Grace (2009 film) -- 2009 American film by Paul Solet
Wikipedia - Grace Abbott -- American social worker
Wikipedia - Grace Addo -- Ghanaian politician
Wikipedia - Grace Adler -- Fictional character from Will & Grace played by Debra Messing
Wikipedia - Grace Alatta Bell -- Bermudian politician
Wikipedia - Grace Alele-Williams -- Mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace Alexandra Rood -- New Zealand school dental nurse
Wikipedia - Grace and anor v An Bord Pleanala & ors -- Irish Supreme Court case
Wikipedia - GRACE and GRACE-FO -- Joint American-German space mission to map Earth's gravitational field
Wikipedia - Grace Andreacchi -- American-born author
Wikipedia - Grace Andrews (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace and St. Peter's Church (Baltimore, Maryland)
Wikipedia - Graceanna Lewis
Wikipedia - Grace Anozie -- Nigerian Paralympic powerlifter
Wikipedia - Grace Antony -- Indian actor
Wikipedia - Grace Apiafi -- Nigerian athletics competitor
Wikipedia - Grace Arabell Goldsmith -- American physician and researcher on nutritional deficiency diseases
Wikipedia - Grace Arents
Wikipedia - Grace Armah -- Ghanaian athletics competitor
Wikipedia - Grace Ayensu -- Ghanaian politician
Wikipedia - Grace Bardsley -- Australian Indigenous rights activist
Wikipedia - Grace Bates -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Graceba Total Communications
Wikipedia - Grace Bauer -- American poet
Wikipedia - Grace Bawden -- Australian classical crossover singer
Wikipedia - Grace Beacham Freeman
Wikipedia - Grace Bedell -- Correspondent with Abraham Lincoln
Wikipedia - Grace Bediako
Wikipedia - Grace Benham -- American silent film actress
Wikipedia - Grace Benny -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Grace Berlin -- American ecologist, ornithologist and historian
Wikipedia - Grace Blakeley -- British economics commentator and author
Wikipedia - Grace Boachie -- Ghanaian politician
Wikipedia - Grace Boelke -- Australian medical doctor
Wikipedia - Grace Bol -- South Sudanese fashion model
Wikipedia - Grace Bowman (equestrian) -- Australian equestrian
Wikipedia - Grace Building, Sydney -- Historic building in Sydney
Wikipedia - Grace Bumbry -- American opera singer
Wikipedia - Grace Burbridge -- British suffragette
Wikipedia - Grace Butler -- New Zealand artist (1886-1962)
Wikipedia - Grace Byers -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Cadell -- Early woman Scottish doctor
Wikipedia - Grace Campbell (author) -- Canadian novelist
Wikipedia - Grace Carley Harriman -- American philanthropist
Wikipedia - Grace Carney -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Carter (singer) -- British singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - Grace Cavalieri -- American poet
Wikipedia - Grace Chatto -- British musician and singer (born 1985)
Wikipedia - Grace Chisholm Young -- English mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace Chiumia -- Malawian politician
Wikipedia - Grace Christian College -- Filipino Born Again Christina high school
Wikipedia - Grace (Christianity)
Wikipedia - Grace Christian University -- Private university
Wikipedia - Grace Church (Providence, Rhode Island) -- Historic church in Providence, Rhode Island
Wikipedia - Grace Ciao -- Fashion illustrator from Singapore
Wikipedia - Grace College, Hilton -- High school in Hilton, South Africa
Wikipedia - Grace Communion International -- Formerly the Worldwide Church of God
Wikipedia - Grace Cossington Smith -- Australian artist
Wikipedia - Grace Cottage, Krishnanagar -- Heritage building in West Bengal
Wikipedia - Grace Crowley -- Australian artist
Wikipedia - Grace Cunard -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Dammann -- American educator and civil rights activist
Wikipedia - Grace Darling -- British lighthouse keeper
Wikipedia - Grace Davie -- British sociologist
Wikipedia - Grace Deeb -- Lebanese singer
Wikipedia - Grace de Laguna
Wikipedia - Grace Dent -- English columnist, broadcaster and author
Wikipedia - Grace Diaz -- American politician
Wikipedia - Grace Dieu Abbey -- Augustine female religious institution, County Dublin, Ireland
Wikipedia - Grace Dieu Manor -- Country house in Belton, Leicestershire, UK
Wikipedia - Grace Dieu Priory -- Human settlement in United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Grace Dove -- Canadian actress and television host
Wikipedia - Grace Durand -- American clubwoman, business owner, and temperance activist
Wikipedia - Grace Ebun Delano -- Nigerian nurse and midwife
Wikipedia - Grace E. Harris -- American university administrator
Wikipedia - Grace E. Kissling -- Biostatistician
Wikipedia - Grace Eldering -- American public health scientist
Wikipedia - Grace Elizabeth -- American model
Wikipedia - Grace Ellery Channing -- American writer, poet (1862 - 1937)
Wikipedia - Grace Elliott -- Scottish socialite, courtesan and memoirist
Wikipedia - Grace E. Pickford -- American biologist and endocrinologist
Wikipedia - Grace-Evangeline Mason -- British composer
Wikipedia - Grace Evelyn Pickford
Wikipedia - Grace family -- English cricketing family
Wikipedia - Grace Farms -- Public space in New Canaan, Connecticut
Wikipedia - Grace Fernald -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Grace Filkins -- Actor
Wikipedia - Grace Foster Herben -- American educator and missionary (1864-1938)
Wikipedia - Grace Frankland -- English microbiologist
Wikipedia - Graceful degradation
Wikipedia - Graceful exit
Wikipedia - Graceful Explosion Machine -- 2017 2-D, side-scrolling shoot 'em up game
Wikipedia - Graceful failure
Wikipedia - Graceful Family -- 2019 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - Graceful Friends -- 2020 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - Grace Fulton -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Fu -- Singaporean politician
Wikipedia - Grace Gao (activist) -- Chinese human rights activist
Wikipedia - Grace Garba -- The first female Senior Non-Commissioned Officer to be promoted to the post of Air Warrant Officer in Nigerian Air Force
Wikipedia - Grace Garland (film editor) -- British film editor
Wikipedia - Grace Gates -- Gates to Lord's Cricket Ground, London
Wikipedia - Grace G. Costavas Murphy -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Grace Glenn -- American artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Grace Gobbo -- Botanist
Wikipedia - Grace Golden Clayton -- First person to suggest fathers' day
Wikipedia - Grace Gospel Fellowship -- A Christian denomination associated with the Grace Movement
Wikipedia - Grace Grace -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Grace Gregory -- American set decorator
Wikipedia - Grace Greylock Niles -- American botanist, author, and artist
Wikipedia - Grace Gummer -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Halsell -- American journalist and writer
Wikipedia - Grace Harriet Warrack
Wikipedia - Grace Helbig -- American comedian, actress and YouTube personality
Wikipedia - Grace Helen Kent -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Grace Henderson -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Henry -- Scottish artist
Wikipedia - Grace Hickling -- British ornithologist
Wikipedia - Grace Hightower -- An American philanthropist, socialite, actress, and singer
Wikipedia - Grace Hirst -- New Zealand businesswoman, farmer, nurse, midwife
Wikipedia - Grace Hoadley Dodge -- American philanthropist
Wikipedia - Grace Hoffman -- Hungarian-American singer
Wikipedia - Grace Holloway -- Fictional character in the television movie Doctor Who
Wikipedia - Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing -- American conference for women in computing
Wikipedia - Grace Hopper College
Wikipedia - Grace Hopper (submarine communications cable) -- Transatlantic communications cable connecting the US to UK and Spain
Wikipedia - Grace Hopper -- American computer scientist and US Navy admiral (1906-1992)
Wikipedia - Grace in Christianity
Wikipedia - Grace James -- English writer and folklorist
Wikipedia - Grace Jantzen
Wikipedia - Grace (Jeff Buckley album) -- 1994 album by Jeff Buckley
Wikipedia - Grace Jewett -- American architect
Wikipedia - Grace Jividen -- American judoka
Wikipedia - Grace Jones -- Jamaican singer, actress and model
Wikipedia - Grace Karskens -- Australian historian
Wikipedia - Grace Kaufman -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Kelley -- American politician
Wikipedia - Grace Kelly (film) -- 1983 television film by Anthony Page
Wikipedia - Grace Kelly (musician) -- American jazz musician
Wikipedia - Grace Kelly (song) -- 2007 single by Mika
Wikipedia - Grace Kelly -- American actress and Princess of Monaco
Wikipedia - GraceKennedy -- International conglomerate
Wikipedia - Grace King -- American novelist, biographer, historian
Wikipedia - Grace Kirby -- English film and television actress
Wikipedia - Grace Knowlton -- American sculptor
Wikipedia - Grace K. Obermann -- American judge
Wikipedia - Grace Kodindo -- Chadian obstetrician-gynecologist
Wikipedia - Grace Krilanovich -- American writer
Wikipedia - Graceland (Paul Simon album)
Wikipedia - Graceland (TV series) -- American TV series
Wikipedia - Graceland Wedding Chapel -- Las Vegas wedding chapel
Wikipedia - Graceland -- Historic estate and former home of Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee
Wikipedia - Grace Lau -- Hong Kong karateka
Wikipedia - Grace L. Drake -- American politician
Wikipedia - Grace Lee Boggs -- American social activist, philosopher, feminist, and author
Wikipedia - Grace Lee Whitney -- American actress and entertainer
Wikipedia - Grace Lee -- Korean television host and radio disc jockey
Wikipedia - Grace Legote -- South African rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Grace Lenczyk -- American amateur golfer
Wikipedia - Grace (Lil Baby song) -- 2020 song by Lil Baby and 42 Dugg
Wikipedia - Grace Lin -- American children's writer and illustrator
Wikipedia - Grace Llewellyn
Wikipedia - Gracelock, Minnesota -- Unincorporated community in Minnesota, US
Wikipedia - Grace Lorch -- American civil rights activist
Wikipedia - Grace Lynne Haynes -- American visual artist
Wikipedia - Gracelyn Smallwood -- Australian professor of nursing and midwifery
Wikipedia - Grace Macurdy -- American classical philologist (1866-1946)
Wikipedia - Grace Madden -- American figure skater
Wikipedia - Grace Mann Brown
Wikipedia - Grace Manson -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Grace Marie Bareis -- 20th-century American mathematician
Wikipedia - Grace Marilynn James -- American pediatrician
Wikipedia - Grace Matthews -- radio actress
Wikipedia - Grace M. Bolen -- American ragtime composer
Wikipedia - Grace McCallum -- American artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Grace McCarthy -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Grace McKeaney -- Television writer
Wikipedia - Grace McLaughlin -- American artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Grace McLean
Wikipedia - Grace Medes -- American biochemist
Wikipedia - Grace Mellman Community Library -- Public library in Temecula, California, United States
Wikipedia - Grace Meng -- American politician representing New York's 6th district
Wikipedia - Grace M. Hopper
Wikipedia - Grace MontaM-CM-1ez Davis -- American politician
Wikipedia - Gracemont (microarchitecture)
Wikipedia - Grace Morley -- American museologist
Wikipedia - Grace Morrison -- Aviator from Florida
Wikipedia - Gracemount Edinburgh Handball Club -- Scottish handball club
Wikipedia - Grace Mugabe -- First lady of Zimbabwe; wife of Robert Mugabe
Wikipedia - Grace Mukomberanwa -- Zimbabwean sculptor
Wikipedia - Grace Murray Hopper Award -- Computer science award
Wikipedia - Grace Murray Hopper Park
Wikipedia - Grace Murray Hopper
Wikipedia - Grace Museum of America -- History museum in Arizona, US
Wikipedia - Grace Musgrove -- Australian triathlete
Wikipedia - Grace Nail Johnson -- African-American civil rights activist and art patron
Wikipedia - Grace Ndiritu -- UK artist
Wikipedia - Grace Neutral -- British television presenter, model, and tattoo artist (born 1989)
Wikipedia - Gracen Hirschy -- American ice hockey forward
Wikipedia - Grace Nicholson -- American art collector and dealer
Wikipedia - Grace Nichols -- Guyanese poet
Wikipedia - Grace Noll Crowell -- American writer
Wikipedia - Grace Norman -- American Paralympic triathlete
Wikipedia - Grace Nortey -- Veteran Ghanaian Actress
Wikipedia - Gracenote -- American data company
Wikipedia - Grace O'Flanagan -- Ireland women's hockey international
Wikipedia - Grace Ogot
Wikipedia - Grace Oladunni Taylor -- Nigerian biochemist (born 1937)
Wikipedia - Grace Olive Wiley -- American herpetologist
Wikipedia - Grace O'Malley -- Pirate, Queen of Umaill, chieftain of the M-CM-^S Maille clan
Wikipedia - Grace Oyelude -- Nigerian model
Wikipedia - Grace Paley
Wikipedia - Grace Park (actress) -- Korean American-Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Grace Park (golfer) -- South Korean golfer
Wikipedia - Grace Paterson -- Scottish suffragist, temperance activist and educationalist.
Wikipedia - Grace Peixotto -- American madam
Wikipedia - Grace Perkins -- American screenwriter
Wikipedia - Grace Phipps -- American actress and singer
Wikipedia - GracePointe Church -- Church in Nashville, Tennessee
Wikipedia - Grace Potter -- American singer-songwriter and musician
Wikipedia - Grace (prayer)
Wikipedia - Grace Randolph -- American comic book writer, host, and YouTuber
Wikipedia - Grace Rawlings -- British psychologist
Wikipedia - Grace Reid -- Scottish diver
Wikipedia - Grace / Ride the Storm -- Single by Simon Webbe
Wikipedia - Grace Road Church -- South Korean religious movement
Wikipedia - Grace Road -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Grace Robinson -- Australian athlete
Wikipedia - Grace Ross -- American activist
Wikipedia - Grace Sanderson Michie -- American screenwriter
Wikipedia - Grace Sandhouse -- American entomologist (1896-1940)
Wikipedia - Grace Santana Balado -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Grace Sherwood -- American woman, convicted and posthumously pardoned for witchcraft
Wikipedia - Grace Shimm Cummings -- Educator
Wikipedia - Grace Skogstad -- Political scientist
Wikipedia - Grace Slick -- American singer-songwriter, artist, and former model (born 1939)
Wikipedia - Grace's Old Castle -- Historic castle and civic building in Kilkenny, Ireland
Wikipedia - Grace Spicer -- English Muay Thai
Wikipedia - Grace Stafford -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Stone Coates
Wikipedia - Grace Sturtevant -- Early 20th century iris breeder
Wikipedia - Grace Tabor -- American landscape architect and author
Wikipedia - Grace Talbot -- American sculptor
Wikipedia - Grace Taylor (poet) -- New Zealand poet
Wikipedia - Grace Tubwita -- Ugandan politician
Wikipedia - Grace Under Fire -- American sitcom
Wikipedia - Grace Under Pressure (Rush album) -- 1984 album by Rush
Wikipedia - Grace Upshaw -- American track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Grace VanderWaal -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Grace Van Patten -- American actress
Wikipedia - Grace Victoria Cox -- American actress
Wikipedia - Graceville, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Graceville Township, Big Stone County, Minnesota -- Township in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Grace Wahba -- American statistician
Wikipedia - Grace Wang -- Chinese engineer and academic administrator
Wikipedia - Grace Wanjiru -- Kenyan race walker
Wikipedia - Grace Waterhouse -- British mycologist
Wikipedia - Grace Winifred Green -- NZ radio broadcaster, journalist (1907-1976)
Wikipedia - Grace Woodbridge Geer -- American artist
Wikipedia - Grace Wyndham Goldie
Wikipedia - Grace Wynne-Jones -- Irish journalist and writer
Wikipedia - Grace Yang -- Chinese statistician
Wikipedia - Granny Grace -- Mystery short stories
Wikipedia - Gratia non tollit naturam, sed perficit -- 'Grace does not destroy nature, but perfects it,' phrase by Thomas Aquinas
Wikipedia - Hand in Hand (Grace song) -- single by Grace
Wikipedia - Hatton's Grace Hurdle -- Hurdle horse race in Ireland
Wikipedia - He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms... -- 2000 album
Wikipedia - Henry Grace a Dieu -- 16th century carrack of English construction, flagship of Henry VIII
Wikipedia - Henry Grace -- Set decorator
Wikipedia - Her Grace Commands -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Hierarchical modulation -- Signal processing technique for multiplexing/modulating multiple data streams into one stream, where base- and enhancement-layer symbols are synchronously overplayed before transmission; used in digital TV broadcast for graceful degradation
Wikipedia - His Grace Gives Notice (1924 film) -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - Hurricane Grace -- Category 2 Atlantic hurricane in 1991
Wikipedia - If I Should Fall from Grace with God (song) -- 1988 song performed by The Pogues
Wikipedia - Ijeoma Grace Agu -- Nigerian actress
Wikipedia - In the Green -- 2019 musical by Grace McLean
Wikipedia - Irresistible grace
Wikipedia - Isabella Mulvany -- One of the Nine Graces
Wikipedia - Jack McFarland -- Fictional character from Will and Grace
Wikipedia - Jadagrace -- American actress, dancer, and singer
Wikipedia - Janet Grace Akech Okori-Moe -- Ugandan teacher and legislator
Wikipedia - Jazmin Grace Grimaldi -- Illegitimate child of Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Wikipedia - Joey Graceffa -- American YouTuber
Wikipedia - Josh Grace -- Olympic sailor from Australia
Wikipedia - J. Peter Grace
Wikipedia - Karen Walker (Will & Grace) -- Fictional character in Will and Grace
Wikipedia - Katja Grace
Wikipedia - Knight of Grace of the Order of St John
Wikipedia - Kohai Grace -- Weaver
Wikipedia - Lady Grace Mysteries -- Historical detective fiction series
Wikipedia - Larry Taunton -- Author of The Grace Effect and Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation
Wikipedia - Leslie Grace -- Dominican-American singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by Saving Grace (TV series) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by Will & Grace -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of first-class cricket centuries by W. G. Grace -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Grace and Frankie episodes -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Graceland episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Grace Under Fire characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Grace Under Fire episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of guest stars on Will > Grace
Wikipedia - List of Saving Grace characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Saving Grace episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Will & Grace characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Will & Grace episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Looking for Grace -- 2015 film
Wikipedia - Lucille May Grace -- American politician
Wikipedia - Lucy Grace Allen -- American chef and author
Wikipedia - Ludwigia alternifolia -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Ludwigia grandiflora -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Ludwigia hexapetala -- Species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Ludwigia (plant) -- Genus of flowering plants in the willowherb or evening primrose family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Lulu Grace Graves -- American dietitian
Wikipedia - Maggie Grace -- American actress and model
Wikipedia - Maria Full of Grace -- 2004 film by Joshua Marston
Wikipedia - Mary Grace Canfield -- American actress
Wikipedia - Mary Grace O'Brien -- American judge from Virginia
Wikipedia - Mary Grace Quackenbos -- United States Attorney
Wikipedia - Mary, Mother of Grace
Wikipedia - Max Clifford -- Disgraced publicist and convicted sex offender
Wikipedia - Mckenna Grace -- American child actress
Wikipedia - Means of Grace
Wikipedia - Means of grace
Wikipedia - Mediatrix of all graces
Wikipedia - Michael Gracey -- Australian director
Wikipedia - Moments in Grace -- American rock band
Wikipedia - Monastery of Mary, Mother of Grace
Wikipedia - Murder of Grace Brown -- American murder
Wikipedia - Murder of Grace Millane -- Crime in New Zealand, 2018
Wikipedia - Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope -- Infrared space observatory
Wikipedia - Nancy Grace Roman
Wikipedia - Nancy Grace -- American legal commentator, television host, television journalist, and former prosecutor
Wikipedia - Nellie Grace Ibbott -- Australian mayor
Wikipedia - Nine Graces -- The first women to receive degrees at the Royal University of Ireland
Wikipedia - Norman Grace -- English cricketer and Royal Navy officer
Wikipedia - Not Over Yet -- 1993 single by Grace
Wikipedia - Novena of Grace
Wikipedia - Oenothera parviflora -- | Species of plant in the family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - On the Death of His Grace, the Duke of Albemarle -- Song
Wikipedia - Our Lady of Grace (Encino) -- Catholic church and elementary school in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Our Lady of Grace
Wikipedia - Patricia Grace -- New Zealand writer
Wikipedia - Peter Gracey -- English cricketer, soldier
Wikipedia - Pilgrimage of Grace -- 1536 uprising against Henry VIII in England
Wikipedia - Prevenient Grace
Wikipedia - Prevenient grace
Wikipedia - Princess StM-CM-)phanie of Monaco -- Younger daughter of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and Grace Kelly; younger sister of Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Wikipedia - Riot (Three Days Grace song) -- 2007 single by Three Days Grace
Wikipedia - Robert Grace (singer) -- Irish singer
Wikipedia - Royal Decree of Graces of 1815 -- Legal order approved by the Spanish Crown
Wikipedia - Running for Grace -- 2018 Family Movie directed by David L. Cunningham
Wikipedia - SaGa: Scarlet Grace -- 2016 role-playing video game
Wikipedia - Saline Grace -- German band
Wikipedia - Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces of Onuva
Wikipedia - Saving Grace (2000 film) -- 2000 film by Nigel Cole
Wikipedia - Saygrace -- Australian singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - Saying Grace (Chardin) -- Painting by Jean SimM-CM-)on Chardin
Wikipedia - Second work of grace -- In Christian theology, a transforming interaction with God which may occur in the life of an individual Christian
Wikipedia - Sermon on Indulgences and Grace
Wikipedia - Sermon on Law and Grace
Wikipedia - Seven Days Grace -- 1969 film
Wikipedia - Silent Grace -- 2001 film directed by Maeve Murphy
Wikipedia - Sina Grace -- American comics writer and artist
Wikipedia - Sophia Grace & Rosie -- British duo-singers
Wikipedia - Sovereign Grace Churches
Wikipedia - State of Grace (Taylor Swift song) -- 2012 song by Taylor Swift
Wikipedia - Stover Country Park -- Woodland park in Teigngrace, Devon, England
Wikipedia - Sue Grace -- American politician
Wikipedia - Sylvia Grace Borda -- Canadian artist
Wikipedia - Ted Grace -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - The Amazing Grace -- 2006 British-Nigerian historical drama film
Wikipedia - The Grace (group) -- South Korean girl group
Wikipedia - The Grace (song) -- 2005 song performed by Neverending White Lights
Wikipedia - The Greatest Showman -- 2017 film by Michael Gracey
Wikipedia - The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories -- 2006 short story collection by Susanna Clarke
Wikipedia - Theodosia Grace Ammons -- American suffragist
Wikipedia - The Possession of Hannah Grace -- 2018 American horror thriller film
Wikipedia - The Princess Grace Hospital -- hospital in London, England
Wikipedia - The White Eagle Lodge -- Spiritual organisation founded by Grace and Ivan Cooke in 1936
Wikipedia - Thomas Grace (Bishop of Saint Paul)
Wikipedia - Topher Grace -- American actor
Wikipedia - Totino-Grace High School -- private Catholic high school in Fridley, Minnesota, USA
Wikipedia - Tropical Storm Grace (2009) -- Atlantic tropical storm in 2009
Wikipedia - Two or Three Graces
Wikipedia - W. G. Grace -- English amateur cricketer (1848-1915)
Wikipedia - What's So Amazing About Grace? -- Book by Philip Yancey
Wikipedia - WHGM -- Radio station in Havre De Grace, Maryland
Wikipedia - Will & Grace -- American sitcom
Wikipedia - William Russell Grace
Wikipedia - Will I? -- 2001 single by AnnaGrace
Wikipedia - W. R. Grace and Company -- American chemical company
Wikipedia - WTID (FM) -- Radio station in Graceville, Florida
Wikipedia - WWDD-LD -- Daystar TV station in Havre de Grace-Baltimore, Maryland
Wikipedia - WXCY-FM -- Radio station in Havre de Grace, Maryland
Are You Being Served? (1972 - 1985) - Grace brothers department store, one of the last remnants of an older era. This show followed the events of the mens and womens departments who were forced to share a floor of the store.
Will & Grace (1998 - 2006) - Now entering its eighth season, the Emmy Award-winning comedy series has remained one of television's highest-rated and most upscale comedies throughout its network run. For the 2004-05 television season, "Will & Grace" averaged a 4.5 rating, 12 share in adults 18-49 and 10.0 million viewers overall...
Grace Under Fire (1993 - 1998) - want to know the name of the shows theme song for Grace Uner Fire
Martial Law (1998 - 2000) - Sammo Law is a Shanghai cop who is transfered in the U.S.A. to the LAPD, with his parther and pupil, Grace Chen "Pei-Pei" investigative any case of the police
Grace & Favour (1992 - 1993) - Mr. Humphries, Miss Brahms, Mrs. Slocombe, Captain Peacock and Mr. Rumbold are back in this fantastic british follow-up to Are You Being Served?. While on holiday in the Carribean with his secretary, Miss Lovelock, young Mr. Grace sadly passes away. In young Mr. Graces will, it states that Mr. Grac...
Castlevania (2017 - Current) - Inspired by the popular video game series, this anime series is a dark medieval fantasy. It follows the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hands of Vlad Dracula Tepes. As Dracula and his legion of vampires prepare...
Grey's Anatomy (2005 - Current) - A medical based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring surgeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.
Godzilla vs Hedorah(1971) - One of the worst Godzilla films in the series. The King of the Monsters versus a beast spawned from pollution by the name of Hedorah. I don't know about you I think the writers were on acid or LSD when it comes to making a film like this. This disgraceful monster movie features musical numbers (e.g...
Are You Being Served: The Movie(1977) - While Grace Brothers is being remodeled, the staff of the 3rd floor (Mrs. Slocombe, Captain Peacock, Mr. Humphries, Mr.Lucas, Mr. Grainger, Miss Brahms, Mr. Rumbold, and Mr. Harman) are off to Costa Plonka for vacation where they find themselves n the middle of a revolution.
State of Grace(1990) - This directorial effort from Phil Joanou stars Sean Penn as an Irish-American undercover cop working the Hell's Kitchen beat. Penn is ostensibly on a sentimental journey to his old neighborhood. Actually he's been assigned to infiltrate a criminal gang led by Ed Harris, the brother of Sean's best fr...
Any Given Sunday(1999) - Oliver Stone takes on professional football, a sport whose grace and delicacy are a good match for his filmmaking style. Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino), the head coach of the Miami Sharks, won back-to-back championships four years ago. But new team owner Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz) has little enthu...
Babycakes(1989) - Plus-sized Grace is just an ordinary girl who works as a cosmetician in a mortuary. Outside of giving beauty to the deceased, life is dull for Grace spending most of her time in bed with food and the TV as her constant companions. She dreams of love, but those around her -- including her father an...
Bruce Almighty(2003) - Bruce Nolan toils as a "human interest" television reporter in Buffalo, N.Y. Despite his high ratings and the love of his beautiful girlfriend, Grace, Bruce remains unfulfilled. At the end of the worst day in his life, he angrily ridicules God -- and the Almighty responds, endowing Bruce with all of...
8 Million Ways To Die(1986) - An alcoholic, disgraced detective named Matt Scudder (Jeff Bridges) ends up in the middle of a complex case involving sex, drugs and lots o
The Blood of Heroes(1990) - A Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic world provides the backdrop for a brutal, futuristic game (which is played with the skull of a dog). Rutger Hauer plays a disgraced former 'Jugger' leading a rag tag group of "Juggers" to one of the remaining Nine Cities for glory an
I Wanna Hold Your Hand(1978) - It's February, 1964 and America has come down with Beatlemania. Six friends from Maplewood, New Jersey make the wildest road trip to New York City in the hopes to catch The Fab Four's big debut on The Ed Sullivan Show and everyone has their own agenda...Grace wants to gets exclusive photos of The Be...
Crying Freeman(1995) - A lethal assassin for a secret Chinese organisation, who sheds tears of regret each time he kills, is seen swiftly and mercilessly executing three Yakuza gangsters by a beautiful artist. She is captivated by the grace of his kill and later falls in love with him. An intense power struggle for the le...
Redemption(2002) - Agent John Sato, leader of an assault team of LAPD, is considered responsible for the death of a colleague that took place in the course of action. Expelled from the force and disgraced, John enters the employ of the gangster Tony Leggio.
The Longest Yard (2005)(2005) - The Longest Yard is a 2005 American sports comedy film, a remake of the 1974 film of the same name. Adam Sandler plays the protagonist, Paul Crewe, a disgraced former professional quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, who is forced to form a team from the prison inmates to play footbal...
Miss Congeniality(2000) - FBI agent Gracie Hart is neither graceful nor ladylike but she is a smart & capable at her work. When faced with disciplinary action for a bungled operation, Gracie is recruited to go undercover for an assignment to take down a terrorist coined "The Citizen" whose next target is the Miss United Stat...
The Armstrong Lie(2013) - A documentary chronicling sports legend Lance Armstrong's improbable rise and ultimate fall from grace.
Sisters(1973) - The Staten Island apartment of lovely model Danielle becomes the scene of a grisly murder that is witnessed by her neighbor, Grace, a reporter. But the police don't believe her story, so it's up to Grace to solve the murder mystery on her own.
Death to Smoochy(2002) - "Rainbow Randolph" Smiley, a happily corrupt children's television host, is disgraced by an FBI sting for making deals with parents who want their kids on the show. He is replaced by the "squeaky clean" Sheldon Mopes and his character, Smoochy the Rhino. Mopes is uniquely sincere and thoroughly inte...
In Good Company(2004) - In Good Company is a 2004 American comedy film written and directed by Paul Weitz, and starring Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, and Scarlett Johansson. The film is about a middle-aged advertising executive whose company is bought out by a large international corporation leaving him with a new boss who i...
The Spiderwick Chronicles(2008) - Recently divorced Mrs. Grace moves into the Spiderwick Estate with her children when it is given to her by her elderly aunt Lucinda, though identical twins Jared and Simon and their older sister Mallory do not want to move from the city. When Jared uncovers a dumbwaiter system behind a wall, Jared f...
White Chicks(2004) - Two disgraced FBI agents go way undercover in an effort to protect hotel heiresses the Wilson Sisters from a kidnapping plot.
Happily N'Ever After 2(2009) - The direct-to-video sequel to the 2006 film. Snow White and her family, Queen Grace and King Cole are going around the city waving at people. Queen Grace shows Snow White how to help peasants. In her room, Queen Grace quotes "Remember, the mirror tells half the story" as "beauty is given by helping...
Hannibal(2001) - Hannibal returns to America and attempts to make contact with disgraced Agent Starling and survive a vengeful victim's plan.
Amazing Grace And Chuck(1987) - A little league player named Chuck refuses to ever pitch again until nuclear weapons are disarmed. Basketball star "Amazing Grace" Smith follows the boy's example, and starts a trend.
Corridors of Blood(1958) - Set during the 1840's, Dr. Thomas Bolton begins early experimentation with Anesthesia. However one of his first demonstration turns out to be a failure in front of peers. After this disgrace he ends having to leave his position and having to involved with criminals. Bolton also becomes addicted to g...
Pete's Dragon (2016)(2016) - Mr. Meacham (Robert Redford), a woodcarver, delights local children with stories of a mysterious dragon that lives deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. His daughter Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) believes these are just tall tales, until she meets Pete (Oakes Fegley), a 10-year-old orphan who sa...
Ready or Not(2019) - Grace has just gotten married to Alex LeDomas and joined his familys gaming "dominion". On the night of their wedding, Alexs family has Grace join their tradition of playing a game. She draws a card for Hide and Seek, and she is told she must stay hidden until dawn. Grace soon learns that the fami...
Almost Christmas(2016) - Walter Meyers is a retired automotive engineer who lost his wife Grace 10 months earlier. Now that the holiday season is here, he invites his four grown children and the rest of the family to his house for a traditional celebration. The family soon learns that they may not have everything in common...
The Happytime Murders(2018) - In a World... where puppets live alongside the humans as second-class citizens, among them is Phil Phillips: a disgraced cop turned private eye. When a new client who's being blackmailed leads him to investigate a porno store that gets hit as a robbery gone wrong... Phil's convinced it was a planned...
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Goodreads author - Grace_Bridges -- Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural -- Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace ::: 1h | Documentary | TV Mini-Series (2011) Episode Guide 3 episodes All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace Poster A series of films about how humans have been colonized by the machines we have built. Although we don't realize it, the way we see everything in the world today is through the eyes of the computers. Stars: Adam Curtis, Stewart Brand, Peder Anker
Amazing Grace (2006) ::: 7.4/10 -- PG | 1h 58min | Biography, Drama, History | 23 February 2007 (USA) -- The idealist William Wilberforce (Ioan Gruffudd) maneuvers his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade. Director: Michael Apted Writer:
Child 44 (2015) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 2h 17min | Crime, Drama, History | 17 April 2015 (Canada) -- A disgraced member of the Russian military police investigates a series of child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union. Director: Daniel Espinosa Writers: Richard Price (screenplay), Tom Rob Smith (novel)
Clear History (2013) ::: 6.5/10 -- TV-MA | 1h 41min | Comedy | TV Movie 10 August 2013 -- A disgraced former marketing executive plots revenge against his former boss, who made billions from the electric car company they had started together. Director: Greg Mottola Writers:
Death to Smoochy (2002) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 49min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 29 March 2002 (USA) -- A kids show host, Rainbow Randolph, is fired in disgrace while his replacement, Sheldon Mopes, aka Smoochy the Rhino, finds himself a rising star. Unfortunately for Sheldon, the business of kids television isn't all child's play. Director: Danny DeVito Writer:
Deca-Dence ::: TV-14 | 23min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (2020) Episode Guide 12 episodes Deca-Dence Poster Humanity was driven to the brink of extinction by unknown life forms Gadoll. Until one day, Natsume, a girl who dreams of becoming a warriors meets Kaburagi, an armor repairman. They will shake the future of this world. Stars: Dani Chambers, Kimberly Grace, Gabe Kunda
Disgrace (2008) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 1h 59min | Drama | 18 June 2009 (Australia) -- After having an affair with a student, a Cape Town professor moves to the Eastern Cape, where he gets caught up in a mess of post-apartheid politics. Director: Steve Jacobs Writers:
Goliath ::: TV-MA | 1h | Drama | TV Series (2016 ) -- A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him. Creators:
Good Witch ::: TV-PG | 48min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | TV Series (2015 ) -- "Good Witch" will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace. When Dr. Sam Radford moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the 'magical' mother-daughter duo. Creators:
Grace and Frankie ::: TV-MA | 30min | Comedy | TV Series (2015 ) -- Finding out that their husbands are not just work partners, but have also been romantically involved for the last twenty years, two women with an already strained relationship try to cope with the circumstances together. Creators:
Grace Is Gone (2007) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 25min | Drama, War | 10 January 2008 (Israel) -- Upon hearing his wife was killed in the Iraq war, a father takes his two daughters on a road trip. Director: Jim Strouse (as James C. Strouse) Writer: Jim Strouse (as James C. Strouse)
Graceland -- 42min | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (20132015) ::: A rookie FBI agent is sent to a house for undercover agents in Southern California, where he is trained by a former legend FBI agent. Creator: Jeff Eastin
Grace of My Heart (1996) ::: 6.7/10 -- R | 1h 56min | Comedy, Drama, Music | 13 September 1996 (USA) -- Edna wins a recording contract singing her own song at a competition in 1958. After trying to make it as a singer/songwriter for 11 months in NYC, she has success writing songs for others at the Brill Building. Director: Allison Anders Writer:
Grace Under Fire ::: TV-PG | 30min | Comedy, Romance | TV Series (19931998) -- Grace is a recovering alcoholic, now divorced from an abusive husband, struggling to bring up three children on her own. Creator: Chuck Lorre
Hannibal (2001) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 2h 11min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 9 February 2001 (USA) -- Living in exile, Dr. Hannibal Lecter tries to reconnect with now disgraced F.B.I. Agent Clarice Starling, and finds himself a target for revenge from a powerful victim. Director: Ridley Scott Writers:
Hannibal (2001) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 2h 11min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 9 February 2001 (USA) -- Living in exile, Dr. Hannibal Lecter tries to reconnect with now disgraced F.B.I. Agent Clarice Starling, and finds himself a target for revenge from a powerful victim.
I Am the Night ::: TV-MA | 1h | Crime, Drama, Mystery | TV Series (2019) -- In early 1960s, a teenage girl looking for her real father and a disgraced journalist seeking closure find themselves drawn into a web of secrets revolving around L.A.'s most infamous cold case, the Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short) murder. Creator:
Insatiable ::: TV-MA | 45min | Comedy, Drama, Thriller | TV Series (20182019) -- A disgraced, dissatisfied civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach takes on a vengeful, bullied teenager as his client and has no idea what he's about to unleash upon the world. Creators:
Jack Goes Boating (2010) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 29min | Drama, Romance | 29 December 2010 (France) -- A limo driver's blind date sparks a tale of love, betrayal, friendship, and grace centered around two working-class New York City couples. Director: Philip Seymour Hoffman Writers: Robert Glaudini (screenplay) (as Bob Glaudini), Robert Glaudini (play)
Killer Elite (2011) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 56min | Action, Crime, Thriller | 23 September 2011 (USA) -- When his mentor is taken captive by a disgraced Arab sheik, a killer-for-hire is forced into action. His mission: kill three members of Britain's elite Special Air Service responsible for the death of his sons. Director: Gary McKendry Writers:
Kite Liberator (2007) ::: 5.6/10 -- Not Rated | 58min | Animation, Action, Crime | Video 25 March 2008 -- A teenage assassin is cleaning up the streets of Tokyo. The police call her the Angel of Death, an unfeeling assassin who eliminates targets with grace and precision, leaving only a flurry ... S Director: Yasuomi Umetsu Writer: Yasuomi Umetsu (screenplay) Stars:
Little Children (2006) ::: 7.5/10 -- R | 2h 17min | Drama, Romance | 9 February 2007 (USA) -- The lives of two lovelorn spouses from separate marriages, a registered sex offender, and a disgraced ex-police officer intersect as they struggle to resist their vulnerabilities and temptations in suburban Massachusetts. Director: Todd Field Writers:
Maria Full of Grace (2004) ::: 7.4/10 -- R | 1h 41min | Crime, Drama | 6 August 2004 (USA) -- A pregnant Colombian teenager becomes a drug mule to make some desperately needed money for her family. Director: Joshua Marston Writer: Joshua Marston Stars:
Mr. Bean: The Animated Series ::: TV-Y7 | 11min | Animation, Comedy, Family | TV Series (20022019) -- A clueless yet clever loner bungles his way through life in London. Stars: Rowan Atkinson, Jon Glover, Sally Grace Available on Amazon
Night Nurse (1931) ::: 7.0/10 -- Passed | 1h 12min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 8 August 1931 (USA) -- A nurse enlists the help of a petty criminal to foil a sinister plot to murder two children. Director: William A. Wellman Writers: Grace Perkins (from the novel by) (as Dora Macy), Oliver H.P. Garrett
Peyton Place (1957) ::: 7.2/10 -- Approved | 2h 37min | Drama, Romance | 3 March 1958 (Sweden) -- A peaceful New England town hides secrets and scandals. Director: Mark Robson Writers: John Michael Hayes (screenplay), Grace Metalious (from the novel by)
Pocket Listing (2015) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 32min | Comedy, Crime, Thriller | 1 December 2016 (USA) -- Double crosses, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, and revenge ensue when a mysterious power player and his sultry wife hire a disgraced Los Angeles property broker to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa. Director: Conor Allyn Writer:
ReBoot ::: TV-Y7 | 30min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (19942001) -- In the inner computer world of Mainframe, a guardian program sprite and his friends defend the system from threats from viruses and the User. Creators: Gavin Blair, John Grace, Philip Mitchell | 1 more credit
Robin and Marian (1976) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG | 1h 46min | Adventure, Drama, Romance | 12 March 1976 (USA) -- Robin Hood, aging none too gracefully, returns exhausted from the Crusades to woo and win Maid Marian one last time. Director: Richard Lester Writer: James Goldman
Saving Grace (2000) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 1h 33min | Comedy, Crime | 1 September 2000 (USA) -- A small-town English widow, facing financial troubles after her husband's suicide, turns to agriculture of an illegal kind. Director: Nigel Cole
Saving Grace (2000) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 1h 33min | Comedy, Crime | 1 September 2000 (USA) -- A small-town English widow, facing financial troubles after her husband's suicide, turns to agriculture of an illegal kind. Director: Nigel Cole Writers: Mark Crowdy (story), Craig Ferguson (screenplay) | 1 more credit Stars:
Saving Grace ::: TV-MA | 1h | Drama, Fantasy | TV Series (20072010) -- An angel offers a jaded Oklahoma City police detective the chance to redeem her life. Creator: Nancy Miller
Shattered Glass (2003) ::: 7.1/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 34min | Drama, History | 26 November 2003 (USA) -- The story of a young journalist who fell from grace when it was discovered he fabricated over half of his articles from the publication The New Republic magazine. Director: Billy Ray Writers:
State of Grace (1990) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 2h 14min | Action, Crime, Drama | 14 September 1990 (USA) -- A New York cop is recruited to return to his hometown and infiltrate the mob ran by his best friend's brother. Director: Phil Joanou Writer: Dennis McIntyre
The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1932) ::: 7.0/10 -- Approved | 1h 28min | Drama, Romance, War | 6 January 1933 (USA) -- A Chinese warlord and an engaged Christian missionary fall in love. Director: Frank Capra (as Frank R. Capra) Writers: Grace Zaring Stone (from the story by), Edward E. Paramore Jr. (screen play) (as Edward Paramore) Stars:
The Chaser (2008) ::: 7.8/10 -- Chugyeokja (original title) -- Korea) The Chaser Poster -- A disgraced ex-policeman who runs a small ring of prostitutes finds himself in a race against time when one of his women goes missing. Director: Hong-jin Na Writers:
The Element of Crime (1984) ::: 6.8/10 -- Forbrydelsens element (original title) -- The Element of Crime Poster A cop in a dystopian Europe investigates a serial killings suspect using controversial methods written by his now disgraced former mentor. Director: Lars von Trier (as Lars Von Trier) Writers: Niels Vrsel, William Quarshie (dialogue translation) | 2 more credits
The Good Cop ::: TV-PG | 1h | Comedy, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2018) -- A disgraced former NYPD officer lives with his son, an earnest, obsessively honest NYPD detective. Creator: Andy Breckman
The Greatest Showman (2017) ::: 7.6/10 -- PG | 1h 45min | Biography, Drama, Musical | 20 December 2017 (USA) -- Celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. Director: Michael Gracey Writers: Jenny Bicks (screenplay by), Bill Condon (screenplay by) | 1 more
The Hippopotamus (2017) ::: 6.4/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 29min | Comedy | 1 August 2017 (USA) -- Disgraced poet Ted Wallace is summoned to his friend's country manor to investigate a series of unexplained miracles. Director: John Jencks Writers: Stephen Fry (based on the novel by), Blanche McIntyre | 3 more
The League of Gentlemen (1960) ::: 7.3/10 -- Unrated | 1h 56min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 24 January 1961 (USA) -- A disgruntled veteran recruits a group of disgraced colleagues to perform a bank robbery with military precision. Director: Basil Dearden Writers: John Boland (novel), Bryan Forbes (screenplay) Stars:
The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG | 1h 36min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 14 February 2008 (USA) -- Upon moving into the run-down Spiderwick Estate with their mother, twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, along with their sister Mallory, find themselves pulled into an alternate world full of faeries and other creatures. Director: Mark Waters Writers:
The Woody Woodpecker Show ::: TV-G | 30min | Animation, Comedy, Family | TV Series (19401972) A various of incredible adventures involving a cheerful woodpecker with an unforgettable laugh. Stars: Walter Lantz, Grace Stafford, Daws Butler  
Unconditional Love (2002) ::: 6.8/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 4min | Comedy, Drama, Musical | 23 August 2002 (UK) -- After her husband unexpectedly leaves her, Grace Beasley (Kathy Bates) spontaneously travels to Great Britain to attend the funeral of Victor Fox (Jonathan Pryce), a singer she adored. ... S Director: P.J. Hogan Writers:
Unconditional Love (2002) ::: 6.8/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 4min | Comedy, Drama, Musical | 23 August 2002 (UK) -- After her husband unexpectedly leaves her, Grace Beasley (Kathy Bates) spontaneously travels to Great Britain to attend the funeral of Victor Fox (Jonathan Pryce), a singer she adored. ... S
Under Suspicion (1991) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 39min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 28 February 1992 (USA) -- In Brighton in 1959, disgraced cop turned private detective Tony Aaron works largely on falsifying adulteries for use as evidence in divorce cases. He involves his wife as the fictional ... S Director: Simon Moore Writer: Simon Moore Stars:
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) ::: 6.2/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 13min | Drama | 24 September 2010 (USA) -- Now out of prison but still disgraced by his peers, Gordon Gekko works his future son-in-law, an idealistic stock broker, when he sees an opportunity to take down a Wall Street enemy and rebuild his empire. Director: Oliver Stone Writers:
Will & Grace ::: TV-14 | 22min | Comedy, Romance | TV Series (19982020) -- Gay lawyer Will and straight interior designer Grace share a New York City apartment. Their best friends are gleeful and proud gay Jack and charismatic, filthy-rich, amoral socialite Karen. Creators:'s's_Legends_of_Tomorrow_(TV_Series)_Episode:_Amazing_Grace'_Grace's_Grace's_Grace_(power)'s_grace's_Grace's_Grace's_Grace's_Grace!'s_Birthday_Party's_Grace's_Grace's_Grace's_Grace_+1'_Grace's_grace's_grace's_grace_(feat)'s_grace'it's_Drag_Race's_Drag_Race's_Drag_Race_All_Stars's_Drag_Race_All_Stars_(Season_1)'s_Drag_Race_All_Stars_(Season_2)'s_Drag_Race_All_Stars_(Season_3)'s_Drag_Race_All_Stars_(Season_4)'s_Drag_Race_All_Stars_(Season_5)'s_Drag_Race_All_Stars_(Season_6)'s_Drag_Race_Dictionary's_Drag_Race_Down_Under's_Drag_Race_Down_Under_(Season_1)'s_Drag_Race_International_All_Stars_(Season_1)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_10)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_11)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_12)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_13)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_4)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_5)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_6)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_7)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_8)'s_Drag_Race_(Season_9)'s_Drag_Race_UK's_Drag_Race_UK_(Season_1)'s_Drag_Race_UK_(Season_2)'s_Drag_Race_UK_(Season_3)'s_Drag_Race_Wiki's_Drag_Race_Wiki:Administrators's_Drag_Race_Wiki:Blog_Rules's_Drag_Race_Wiki:Commenting_Rules's_Drag_Race_Wiki:Editing_Rules's_Drag_Race_Wiki:Forum_Rules'_Dragula'Brien'Brien's_funeral's_house's_apartment's_Shows'Angelo's_apartment's_Grace's_Grace
Air Master -- -- Toei Animation -- 27 eps -- Manga -- Action Comedy Martial Arts Seinen -- Air Master Air Master -- A former gymnast, Aikawa Maki has turned her skills to a different way of life—street fighting. The only thing that truly makes her feel alive is violence. With amazing power and grace, she fights opponent after opponent, repeatedly demonstrating the gymnastic talent that earns her her nom de guerre, "Airmaster." -- -- Licensor: -- Geneon Entertainment USA -- TV - Apr 2, 2003 -- 33,351 7.01
Bananya -- -- Gathering -- 13 eps -- Original -- Slice of Life Comedy Kids -- Bananya Bananya -- Above a nondescript kitchen counter quietly hangs a bunch of ripe, yellow bananas. Suddenly, one of the slender fruits begins to shake, gently at first but slowly increasing in ferocity until it tears itself away from the rest. With a graceful landing, the long and curvy edible gradually rolls back its golden peels, revealing what lies beneath its firm covering to be... a cat? -- -- This mysterious feline-fruit hybrid is named Bananya. Carefree and gentle, the adorable creature dreams of one day becoming a luscious bananya bathed in chocolate. Together with his fellow bananya, this kitten cloaked in yellow passes its days without a care in the world, enjoying a rather calm and peaceful existence as it experiences what the world has to offer. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Discotek Media -- 55,806 6.73
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gaiden -- -- Artland, Magic Bus -- 24 eps -- Novel -- Action Military Sci-Fi Space Drama -- Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gaiden Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gaiden -- Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gaiden is the first of two OVA adaptations of side stories from the Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu novel series. This first adaptation follows the achievements of Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis of the Galactic Empire before the fateful Battle of Astarte. -- -- The Silver-White Valley -- Reinhard and Kircheis graduate from their military academy and are immediately sent to the frozen frontier planet Kapche-Lanka. Unbeknownst to them, their new superior schemes to kill Reinhard on behalf of a rival of Reinhard's sister Annerose von Grünewald. -- -- Dreams of the Morning, Songs of the Night -- Reinhard and Kircheis are assigned to the Imperial Military Police, where they uncover the corrupt and oppressive practices of the Empire's law enforcement. They are soon ordered to investigate the murder of a student at their alma mater. -- -- Dishonor -- As Reinhard awaits the bestowal of his new title of Count von Lohengramm, he sends Kircheis to the artificial resort satellite Kreuznach III for a vacation. Restless from the lack of work, Kircheis assists the local police with a drug trafficking case related to an attack on a disgraced former Vice Admiral. -- -- A Hundred Billion Stars, a Hundred Billion Lights -- While Reinhard is still a commodore in charge of only a single squadron, he laments the incompetence of his superiors during a battle against the Free Planets Alliance. Amassing military successes under the direct command of Vice Admiral Richard von Grimmelshausen, Reinhard repeatedly clashes with Hermann von Lüneburg, a commodore and former regimental commander of the Alliance's infamous Rosen Ritter. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Sentai Filmworks -- OVA - Feb 9, 1998 -- 18,932 8.15
Healin' Good♡Precure -- -- Toei Animation -- 45 eps -- Original -- Action Magic Fantasy Shoujo -- Healin' Good♡Precure Healin' Good♡Precure -- Sickly but optimistic middle school student Nodoka Hanadera has just moved to Sukoyaka City, a place famous for its healthy atmosphere. She immediately befriends two of her classmates: the gentle but athletic Chiyu Sawaizumi, whose family runs a hot spring inn, and the bubbly and fashionable daughter of a vet, Hinata Hiramitsu. -- -- Soon after arriving, Nodoka finds an ill puppy in a forest, surrounded by three magical talking animals: Rabbirin, Penguitan, and Nyatoran. They tell her that the puppy, Princess Latte, can only be cured by defeating a nearby monster known as a "Mega Byogen" and purifying the land it has corrupted. Despite being powerless, Nodoka refuses to give up and let Latte suffer. -- -- Moved by her determination, Rabbirin forms a pact with Nodoka, allowing her to transform into a hero known as a Precure. Assuming the persona of "Cure Grace," the energized Nodoka fights off the Byogen and heals the earth, curing Latte. -- -- As the Byogen and their leaders continue their attacks, Penguitan and Nyatoran also find their partners in Chiyu and Hinata, giving them the powers of "Cure Fontaine" and "Cure Sparkle" respectively. Now, it's up to the three Precure and their animal friends to stop the Byogen and protect the earth from their infections! -- -- 6,876 6.75
Inukami! -- -- Seven Arcs -- 26 eps -- Light novel -- Comedy Ecchi Romance Shounen Supernatural -- Inukami! Inukami! -- Kawahira Keita is a descendant of a historic Inukami tamer family; however, because he lacked in its ability, he was forsaken by the family. One day, an Inukami named Youko came. She looked graceful, obedient, above all, beautiful. Soon he contracted with her, and she paid homage to him. However, she was a problematic Inukami that no one had been able to control. -- -- This is a slap stick comedy of an Inukami Tamer, Keita and an Inukami, Youko. Keita is a man of worldly passions, and he likes money and girls very much. On the other hand, Youko likes to destroy things and is very jealous. -- -- (Source: AnimeNfo) -- -- Licensor: -- Discotek Media -- TV - Apr 6, 2006 -- 63,310 7.27
Inukami! -- -- Seven Arcs -- 26 eps -- Light novel -- Comedy Ecchi Romance Shounen Supernatural -- Inukami! Inukami! -- Kawahira Keita is a descendant of a historic Inukami tamer family; however, because he lacked in its ability, he was forsaken by the family. One day, an Inukami named Youko came. She looked graceful, obedient, above all, beautiful. Soon he contracted with her, and she paid homage to him. However, she was a problematic Inukami that no one had been able to control. -- -- This is a slap stick comedy of an Inukami Tamer, Keita and an Inukami, Youko. Keita is a man of worldly passions, and he likes money and girls very much. On the other hand, Youko likes to destroy things and is very jealous. -- -- (Source: AnimeNfo) -- TV - Apr 6, 2006 -- 63,310 7.27
Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko -- -- Maho Film -- 12 eps -- Light novel -- Adventure Slice of Life Magic Fantasy -- Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko -- Deep in the forest, far from any human contact, there lives a child named Ryouma Takebayashi. He engages in the rather strange hobby of keeping various types of slimes as pets. Furthermore, despite his young age, he has a sturdy physique and good compatibility for magic. All of this is because, having endured much hardship in his previous life, three gods grace Ryouma with a second chance to pursue one goal: savor the wonders of life. -- -- After three years of comfortable solitude pass by, Ryouma meets people that will change his current life forever. When he encounters and helps some soldiers tend to their wounded comrade, the group convinces him to accompany them to visit the nearby town's ducal family. Ryouma agrees and soon embarks on a journey to explore the vast world beyond his home. -- -- 97,612 6.88
Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko -- -- Maho Film -- 12 eps -- Light novel -- Adventure Slice of Life Magic Fantasy -- Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko -- Deep in the forest, far from any human contact, there lives a child named Ryouma Takebayashi. He engages in the rather strange hobby of keeping various types of slimes as pets. Furthermore, despite his young age, he has a sturdy physique and good compatibility for magic. All of this is because, having endured much hardship in his previous life, three gods grace Ryouma with a second chance to pursue one goal: savor the wonders of life. -- -- After three years of comfortable solitude pass by, Ryouma meets people that will change his current life forever. When he encounters and helps some soldiers tend to their wounded comrade, the group convinces him to accompany them to visit the nearby town's ducal family. Ryouma agrees and soon embarks on a journey to explore the vast world beyond his home. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- 97,612 6.88
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou -- -- Gainax, J.C.Staff -- 26 eps -- Manga -- Comedy Drama Romance School Shoujo Slice of Life -- Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou -- Yukino Miyazawa is the female representative for her class and the most popular girl among the freshmen at her high school. Good at both academics and sports on top of being elegant and sociable, she has been an object of admiration all her life. However, in reality, she is an incredibly vain person who toils relentlessly to maintain her good grades, athleticism, and graceful appearance. She wants nothing more than to be the center of attention and praise—which is why she cannot stand Soichiro Arima, the male representative for her class and the only person more perfect than her. Since the first day of high school, she has struggled to steal the spotlight from her new rival but to no avail. -- -- At last, on the midterm exams, Yukino gets the top score and beats Soichiro. But, to her surprise, he congratulates her on her achievement, leading her to question her deceptive lifestyle. When Soichiro confesses his love to Yukino, she turns him down and gloats about it at home with only a hint of regret. But the very next day, Soichiro visits Yukino house to bring her a CD and sees her uninhibited self in action; now equipped with the truth, he blackmails her into completing his student council duties. Coerced into spending time with Soichiro, Yukino learns that she is not the only one hiding secrets. -- -- 175,571 7.61
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou -- -- Gainax, J.C.Staff -- 26 eps -- Manga -- Comedy Drama Romance School Shoujo Slice of Life -- Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou -- Yukino Miyazawa is the female representative for her class and the most popular girl among the freshmen at her high school. Good at both academics and sports on top of being elegant and sociable, she has been an object of admiration all her life. However, in reality, she is an incredibly vain person who toils relentlessly to maintain her good grades, athleticism, and graceful appearance. She wants nothing more than to be the center of attention and praise—which is why she cannot stand Soichiro Arima, the male representative for her class and the only person more perfect than her. Since the first day of high school, she has struggled to steal the spotlight from her new rival but to no avail. -- -- At last, on the midterm exams, Yukino gets the top score and beats Soichiro. But, to her surprise, he congratulates her on her achievement, leading her to question her deceptive lifestyle. When Soichiro confesses his love to Yukino, she turns him down and gloats about it at home with only a hint of regret. But the very next day, Soichiro visits Yukino house to bring her a CD and sees her uninhibited self in action; now equipped with the truth, he blackmails her into completing his student council duties. Coerced into spending time with Soichiro, Yukino learns that she is not the only one hiding secrets. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Nozomi Entertainment -- 175,571 7.61
Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor -- -- Studio Deen -- 7 eps -- Original -- Comedy Mecha Police Sci-Fi -- Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor -- As the human race evolves, so does its technology. Engineers have successfully created robots dubbed "Labors" for mass distribution, utilized by society for a number of everyday tasks. However, there are criminals who manage to get their hands on these Labors, using them for their own nefarious means. -- -- To combat this new form of delinquency, police around the world begin using "Patrol Labors" or "Patlabors" to put a stop to Labor-related crimes. Rookie police officer Noa Izumi is drafted into a special Patlabor unit, getting her own mechanical suit to fight crime. Naming this machine Alphonse, Izumi works tirelessly alongside her peers to keep civilization safe from those who would use this advanced technology to harm others. -- -- As Izumi becomes further ingrained within her unit, she must also learn how to navigate both her social and professional spheres with grace and wit. She befriends the aloof Asuma Shinohara, fellow pilot Isao Oota, and the other members of her brigade as she helps them to combat conspiratorial plots, workplace revolts, and supernatural beings. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Central Park Media, Maiden Japan -- OVA - Apr 25, 1988 -- 25,666 7.29
Kite Liberator -- -- Arms -- 1 ep -- Original -- Action Sci-Fi Drama -- Kite Liberator Kite Liberator -- In the previous series "Kite," a killer—Sawa—suddenly disappears after she avenges her parents' death, and no one knows where she is. -- -- Several years later, a figure dances airily on the dark side of a big city. She is an angel of death, killing her victim gracefully and disappearing. -- -- Monaka is a normal high school student, though this quiet and modest life has a darker side. An angel of death is Monaka's other persona. -- -- Licensor: -- Media Blasters -- OVA - Mar 21, 2008 -- 23,588 6.33
Kite Liberator -- -- Arms -- 1 ep -- Original -- Action Sci-Fi Drama -- Kite Liberator Kite Liberator -- In the previous series "Kite," a killer—Sawa—suddenly disappears after she avenges her parents' death, and no one knows where she is. -- -- Several years later, a figure dances airily on the dark side of a big city. She is an angel of death, killing her victim gracefully and disappearing. -- -- Monaka is a normal high school student, though this quiet and modest life has a darker side. An angel of death is Monaka's other persona. -- OVA - Mar 21, 2008 -- 23,588 6.33
Kurokami The Animation -- -- Sunrise -- 23 eps -- Manga -- Action Super Power Martial Arts Seinen -- Kurokami The Animation Kurokami The Animation -- High school student Ibuki Keita has been haunted by misfortune for as long as he can remember. For no apparent reason, everyone around him dies tragically. Ultimately, he refuses to become too close to anyone, even his childhood friend Akane. This leaves Keita alone in a life full of misery and disgrace. -- -- While eating at his favorite ramen shop one evening, Keita meets a strange young girl named Kuro. Possessing abilities that surpass that of a normal human being, Kuro classifies herself as a Mototsumitama. She explains to Keita about "Terra," a life-energy force split between three identical looking people; a global phenomenon dubbed the "Doppeliner System." As a Mototsumitama, Kuro guards the "Coexistence Equilibrium," the beings that protect the flow of Terra around the world. Keita refuses to believe her story, until he is caught up in the crossfire of this hidden world. On the verge of death, he makes a contract with Kuro, unbeknownst to its true meaning. Now he is bound to Kuro, and must be with her at all times. Could Keita's misfortune possibly get any greater? -- -- -- Licensor: -- Bandai Entertainment, NYAV Post, Sentai Filmworks -- 108,073 7.16
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note -- -- TROYCA -- 13 eps -- Light novel -- Fantasy Mystery Supernatural -- Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note -- Ten years after facing defeat in the Fourth Holy Grail War, Waver Velvet, now Lord El Melloi II, teaches classes at the Clock Tower—the center of education for mages. However, his new status as "Lord" comes with a caveat: obey the orders of Reines, the younger sister of the deceased Kayneth El Melloi, until she is old enough to rule the House of El Melloi. -- -- Waver, along with his mysterious apprentice Gray, takes on a series of cases assigned by Reines and the Mages Association. With each case proving to be more complex than the last, could there be more to the Clock Tower than meets the eye, and what secrets does Reines hide? -- -- 112,244 7.36
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note -- -- TROYCA -- 13 eps -- Light novel -- Fantasy Mystery Supernatural -- Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note -- Ten years after facing defeat in the Fourth Holy Grail War, Waver Velvet, now Lord El Melloi II, teaches classes at the Clock Tower—the center of education for mages. However, his new status as "Lord" comes with a caveat: obey the orders of Reines, the younger sister of the deceased Kayneth El Melloi, until she is old enough to rule the House of El Melloi. -- -- Waver, along with his mysterious apprentice Gray, takes on a series of cases assigned by Reines and the Mages Association. With each case proving to be more complex than the last, could there be more to the Clock Tower than meets the eye, and what secrets does Reines hide? -- -- -- Licensor: -- Aniplex of America -- 112,244 7.36
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Hakamori to Neko to Majutsushi -- -- TROYCA -- 1 ep -- Light novel -- Fantasy Mystery Supernatural -- Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Hakamori to Neko to Majutsushi Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Hakamori to Neko to Majutsushi -- Years after the Fourth Holy Grail War, Waver Velvet becomes the head of the Modern Magecraft Theories department at the Clock Tower, succeeding the title of Lord El-Melloi II. Waver and his apprentice Gray set out to find the truth behind a mysterious shadow that stalks them, while trouble brews among the mages of the Association. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Aniplex of America -- Special - Dec 31, 2018 -- 43,361 7.10
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Hakamori to Neko to Majutsushi -- -- TROYCA -- 1 ep -- Light novel -- Fantasy Mystery Supernatural -- Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Hakamori to Neko to Majutsushi Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Hakamori to Neko to Majutsushi -- Years after the Fourth Holy Grail War, Waver Velvet becomes the head of the Modern Magecraft Theories department at the Clock Tower, succeeding the title of Lord El-Melloi II. Waver and his apprentice Gray set out to find the truth behind a mysterious shadow that stalks them, while trouble brews among the mages of the Association. -- -- Special - Dec 31, 2018 -- 43,361 7.10
Love Lab -- -- Doga Kobo -- 13 eps -- Manga -- Comedy Romance School -- Love Lab Love Lab -- At Fujisaki Girls Academy, student council president Natsuo Maki is the epitome of grace and perfection, admired by all the young girls who attend the school. One day, Riko Kurahashi walks into the student council room on an errand, only to discover Natsuo practicing her kissing techniques on a pillow, an act that is neither graceful nor elegant. Riko soon discovers that Natsuo desires more romance in her life, leading her to practice "romantic situations" in secret. -- -- Sympathizing with her, Riko agrees to help Natsuo with her love research. Named "Love Lab," the project practices the essentials of love and romance, such as bumping into each other "accidentally" and holding hands. Soon, the entire student council joins in on the fun in the Love Lab too! Through their research and real life encounters, what will they learn about romance? -- -- Weaving together funny characters and comedic situations, Love Lab builds a story of friendship and romance, while never missing a beat with the laughter. -- -- 164,263 7.35
Mo Dao Zu Shi 2nd Season -- -- B.CMAY PICTURES -- 8 eps -- Novel -- Action Mystery Historical Supernatural -- Mo Dao Zu Shi 2nd Season Mo Dao Zu Shi 2nd Season -- Continuing his masquerade as the deranged lunatic from the Lanling Jin Clan, Wei Wuxian resides in the Cloud Recesses while his former cultivation classmate, Lan Wangji, searches for answers about the demonic severed arm they have in custody. With an overwhelming dark energy emanating from the arm, the two are forced to work together in order to keep it contained. However, the demonic arm is not the only dark force lurking in the region, and as spiritual tensions rise in the mountains of the Gusu Lan Clan, it is up to the two of them to try and restore the natural order. -- -- The story of Wei Wuxian's fall from grace continues as more light is shed on his descent into the path of demonic cultivation. The demonic arm only further strains his mischievous spirit. This is the time for him to prove that he has truly broken free from the forbidden path and is not the maniacal sorcerer that everyone remembers him to be. -- -- ONA - Aug 3, 2019 -- 58,081 8.43
Omae Umasou da na -- -- Ajia-Do -- 1 ep -- Picture book -- Action Adventure Fantasy Kids -- Omae Umasou da na Omae Umasou da na -- By a twist of fate, a herbivorous dinosaur finds a lost egg and brings it back to her nest. When the egg hatches, however, a carnivorous dinosaur emerges. Unable to abandon the child, she names him "Heart" and raises him in exile alongside her own child. As Heart comes of age, he struggles to eat the same food as his family and runs away in disgrace when he learns that he cannot live properly without meat. -- -- Years later, the now feared predator Heart encounters a situation similar to his past—he spots a dinosaur egg opposite his kind. As it emerges, Heart remarks that the newborn is delicious-looking. The newborn herbivore thinks that Heart is his father and takes delicious-looking, or "Umasou," as his name. Unable to eat a newborn who loves him, Heart reluctantly decides to raise Umasou as his own. As he nurtures a forbidden child like his mother before him, Heart struggles to deal with an unforgiving world and the true natures of predator and prey. -- -- Movie - Oct 16, 2010 -- 14,519 8.02
Oniisama e... -- -- Tezuka Productions -- 39 eps -- Manga -- Psychological Drama School Shoujo Shoujo Ai -- Oniisama e... Oniisama e... -- When 16-year-old Nanako Misonoo enters the prestigious all-girls Seiran Academy, she believes a bright future awaits her. Instead, the unlucky girl finds herself dragged into a web of deceit, misery, and jealousy. On top of that, she is chosen as the newest inductee of the Sorority, an elite group whose members are the envy of the entire school. Having none of the grace, wealth, or talent of the other members, Nanako quickly draws the ire of her jealous classmates—especially the fierce Aya Misaki. -- -- To cope with her increasingly difficult school life, Nanako recalls her days through letters to her former teacher, Takehiko Henmi, whom she affectionately calls "onii-sama" (big brother). She also finds comfort with her four closest friends: her childhood friend Tomoko Arikura, the sociable but erratic Mariko Shinobu, the troubled musician Rei Asaka, and the athletic tomboy Kaoru Orihara. -- -- An impassioned drama about the hardships of bullying, Oniisama e... chronicles a young girl's harsh life at her new school, as she endures cruel rumours, heartless classmates, and countless social trials. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Discotek Media -- TV - Jul 14, 1991 -- 30,596 7.79
Oniisama e... -- -- Tezuka Productions -- 39 eps -- Manga -- Psychological Drama School Shoujo Shoujo Ai -- Oniisama e... Oniisama e... -- When 16-year-old Nanako Misonoo enters the prestigious all-girls Seiran Academy, she believes a bright future awaits her. Instead, the unlucky girl finds herself dragged into a web of deceit, misery, and jealousy. On top of that, she is chosen as the newest inductee of the Sorority, an elite group whose members are the envy of the entire school. Having none of the grace, wealth, or talent of the other members, Nanako quickly draws the ire of her jealous classmates—especially the fierce Aya Misaki. -- -- To cope with her increasingly difficult school life, Nanako recalls her days through letters to her former teacher, Takehiko Henmi, whom she affectionately calls "onii-sama" (big brother). She also finds comfort with her four closest friends: her childhood friend Tomoko Arikura, the sociable but erratic Mariko Shinobu, the troubled musician Rei Asaka, and the athletic tomboy Kaoru Orihara. -- -- An impassioned drama about the hardships of bullying, Oniisama e... chronicles a young girl's harsh life at her new school, as she endures cruel rumours, heartless classmates, and countless social trials. -- -- TV - Jul 14, 1991 -- 30,596 7.79
Oshiete! Galko-chan -- -- feel. -- 12 eps -- Digital manga -- Slice of Life Comedy School -- Oshiete! Galko-chan Oshiete! Galko-chan -- At first glance, Galko, Otako, and Ojou are three high school girls who seem like they wouldn’t have anything to do with each other. Galko is a social butterfly with a reputation for being a party animal, even though she is actually innocent and good-hearted despite her appearance. Otako is a plain-looking girl with a sarcastic personality and a rabid love of manga. And Ojou is a wealthy young lady with excellent social graces, though she can be a bit absent-minded at times. Despite their differences, the three are best friends, and together they love to talk about various myths and ask candid questions about the female body. -- -- Oshiete! Galko-chan is a lighthearted and humorous look at three very different girls and their frank conversations about themselves and everyday life. No topic is too safe or too sensitive for them to joke about—even though every so often, Galko seems to get a bit embarrassed by their discussions! -- -- 144,170 7.10
Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru -- -- SILVER LINK., Studio Palette -- ? eps -- Light novel -- Action Fantasy -- Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru -- "I'm going to live for myself!" -- -- The greatest assassin on Earth knew only how to live as a tool for his employers—until they stopped letting him live. Reborn by the grace of a goddess into a world of swords and sorcery, he's offered a chance to do things differently this time around, but there's a catch...He has to eliminate a super-powerful hero who will bring about the end of the world unless he is stopped. -- -- Now known as Lugh Tuatha Dé, the master assassin certainly has his hands full, particularly because of all the beautiful girls who constantly surround him. Lugh may have been an incomparable killer, but how will he fare against foes with powerful magic? -- -- (Source: Yen Press) -- TV - Jul ??, 2021 -- 10,570 N/A -- -- Karen Senki -- -- Next Media Animation -- 11 eps -- Original -- Action Sci-Fi -- Karen Senki Karen Senki -- In the post-apocalyptic aftermath of a war between machines and their creators, machines rule while humans exist in a state of servitude. Titular character Karen leads Resistance Group 11, an eclectic group of humans who find themselves fighting for their lives as they are hunted by the robots in each episode. Is this the end of humanity? Are they fighting a losing battle? -- -- Through Karen, we delve into a struggle between right and wrong, between indifference and love that explores some of the deepest questions about humanity. What is the difference between a thinking machine and a human being? What is a soul? -- -- (Source: Crunchyroll) -- ONA - Sep 27, 2014 -- 10,550 5.78
Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru -- -- White Fox -- 12 eps -- Light novel -- Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy -- Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru -- There is a popular saying: "you can never be too careful." It is very important to prepare for every situation you may face, even if it seems like an unnecessary waste of time. Also, in games like RPGs, it is good to exceed the level of your enemies to achieve total victory. -- -- These words describe Seiya Ryuuguuin a little too perfectly. After being summoned by the goddess Ristarte to save the world of Gaeabrande from destruction, the hero prepares himself for his noble journey. While this might be normal, he spends a very long time training himself, despite having overpowered stats. He fights weak enemies using his strongest skills and buys excessive amounts of supplies and potions—all to stay safe. -- -- While his attitude may be a bit annoying, it might just be the saving grace of Gaeabrande, especially considering that it is a world where the forces of evil dominate each and every expectation. -- -- 383,578 7.53
Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru -- -- White Fox -- 12 eps -- Light novel -- Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy -- Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru -- There is a popular saying: "you can never be too careful." It is very important to prepare for every situation you may face, even if it seems like an unnecessary waste of time. Also, in games like RPGs, it is good to exceed the level of your enemies to achieve total victory. -- -- These words describe Seiya Ryuuguuin a little too perfectly. After being summoned by the goddess Ristarte to save the world of Gaeabrande from destruction, the hero prepares himself for his noble journey. While this might be normal, he spends a very long time training himself, despite having overpowered stats. He fights weak enemies using his strongest skills and buys excessive amounts of supplies and potions—all to stay safe. -- -- While his attitude may be a bit annoying, it might just be the saving grace of Gaeabrande, especially considering that it is a world where the forces of evil dominate each and every expectation. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- 383,578 7.53
Wild Arms: Twilight Venom -- -- Bee Train -- 22 eps -- Game -- Action Sci-Fi Adventure Magic Vampire Fantasy -- Wild Arms: Twilight Venom Wild Arms: Twilight Venom -- This anime is based on a playstation game under the same title. The story is about four people who travel the desolated land of Filgaea and carve themselves a legendary story while they're at it. These adventurers are Sheyenne Rainstorm, a gunslinger who holds the legendary weapon called ARMs; Kiel Aromax, a scientist who looks like he should be carrying a sword; Roleta Oratorio the Crest Sorceress, a magic-user who uses cards called Crests to cast spells; and Mirabelle Graceland, one of the Noble Red, which are a family of vampiric creatures who live alongside human beings They also travel with cute little intelligent furry things, from the Popepi Pipepo Tribe, named Isaac and Jerusha. -- -- (Source: AniDB) -- -- Licensor: -- ADV Films -- 6,817 6.65
Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season -- -- CloverWorks -- 11 eps -- Manga -- Sci-Fi Mystery Psychological Thriller Shounen -- Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season -- Emma, Ray, and the rest of the older children have escaped the confines of the Grace Field House. However, with relentless demons set on capturing them, their arduous battle for freedom has only just begun. -- -- Despite venturing into the treacherous wilderness, the children remain optimistic due to their possession of books written by William Minerva. Coded within his books are messages detailing the world outside the farm—information that can help them survive with the limited resources they have. But when their pursuers draw near, the children soon encounter their most dreadful situation yet. -- -- In Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season, the children struggle to survive in the strange ruthless world, striving to find a sanctuary they can truly call home. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Aniplex of America -- 595,931 5.72
Yakusoku no Neverland -- -- CloverWorks -- 12 eps -- Manga -- Sci-Fi Mystery Horror Psychological Thriller Shounen -- Yakusoku no Neverland Yakusoku no Neverland -- Surrounded by a forest and a gated entrance, the Grace Field House is inhabited by orphans happily living together as one big family, looked after by their "Mama," Isabella. Although they are required to take tests daily, the children are free to spend their time as they see fit, usually playing outside, as long as they do not venture too far from the orphanage—a rule they are expected to follow no matter what. However, all good times must come to an end, as every few months, a child is adopted and sent to live with their new family, never to be heard from again. -- -- However, the three oldest siblings have their suspicions about what is actually happening at the orphanage, and they are about to discover the cruel fate that awaits the children living at Grace Field, including the twisted nature of their beloved Mama. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Aniplex of America -- 1,256,617 8.63
Yami wo Mitsumeru Hane -- -- - -- 1 ep -- Original -- Dementia -- Yami wo Mitsumeru Hane Yami wo Mitsumeru Hane -- A story set in a world before ours. A world in chaos where forces of good and evil fight and mingle. By doing so, it creates the chance to give birth to the new world. -- -- A couple of winged beings make love and fly away. They bear a child in an egg, and when the child opens its eyes they are immediately destroyed, one consumed by fire and the other by water. -- -- Mythical, elemental and mysterious, the world created by Tsuji is dangerous, menacing and suffuse with signs of apocalypse, but somehow simultaneously tender and compassionate. A Feather Stare at the Dark captures simple gestures and primal feelings and amplifies them, realising the non-verbal and non-literal with remarkable grace. -- Movie - ??? ??, 2003 -- 1,043 5.08
Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou -- -- Nomad -- 12 eps -- Light novel -- Comedy Magic -- Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou -- Life hasn't been fair to Koyomi Morishita. Even though she's in high school, she's so short that everyone assumes she's still in grade school. The boys and girls in her school tease her mercilessly, and she's not exactly graceful either. On the other hand, she's still better off than Yumiko, who has a magician trying to kill her. Or at least Koyomi was until their paths crossed! -- -- Fortunately, salvation arrives in the form of master mage and graduate student Misa Anehara, who agrees to take Koyomi under her wing in learning the new style of magic, which breaks enchantment down into sequences of code. That'll be quite a task, given that so far Koyomi's talent seems to consist of making washbasins randomly fall out of the sky. But if it was easy, it wouldn't be magic, would it? -- -- (Source: Sentai Filmworks) -- 22,876 6.46
Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo Picture Drama -- -- J.C.Staff -- 7 eps -- Light novel -- Action Adventure Comedy Drama Ecchi Fantasy Harem Magic Romance School -- Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo Picture Drama Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo Picture Drama -- Picture Drama episodes included in each DVD volumes of Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo. -- -- Episode Titles: -- vol.1 「Maid's Afternoon: Whip of Love」(メイドの午後 愛のムチ編) -- vol.2 「Maid's Afternoon: Afternoon for Two」(メイドの午後 二人きりの昼下がり編) -- vol.3 「Maid's Afternoon: The Last Night」 (メイドの午後 最後の夜編) -- vol.4 「Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day」 Prologue (バタフライ伯爵夫人の優� -- な一日 序章) -- vol.5 「Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day」 Chapter 1 (バタフライ伯爵夫人の優� -- な一日 第1章) -- vol.6 「Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day」 Chapter 2 (バタフライ伯爵夫人の優� -- な一日 第2章) -- vol.7 「Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day」 The Last Chapter (バタフライ伯爵夫人の優� -- な一日 最終章) -- Special - Sep 25, 2008 -- 42,343 6.95"Hexa_Grace"_by_Victor_Vasarely,_A_free_and_rational_account_of_the_gift,_grace,_and_spirit_of_prayer;_with_plain_directions_how_every_Christian_may_attain_them_(1800)_(14783149385).jpg'A_Kamaaina'_by_Grace_Hudson,_painting_-196.jpg'Kelso_Grace'_souvenir_cup.jpg'Little_Girl_in_the_Sand'_by_Grace_Hudson,_painting_-202,_photo_.jpg,_hexa_grace,_by_vasarely,_auditorium_rainier_III_(3977727954).jpg"-_so_Skiffy-Skipt-on,_with_his_wonted_grace-"_(BM_1851,0901.1013).jpg"-_so_Skiffy-Skipt-on,_with_his_wonted_grace-"_(BM_1868,0808.6849).jpg"Hexa_Grace"_by_Victor_Vasarely"Hexa_Grace"_by_Victor_Vasarely"Hexa_Grace"_by_Victor_Vasarely"Hexa+Grace"+by+Victor+Vasarely"Hexa+Grace"+by+Victor+Vasarely"Hexa_Grace"_by_Victor_Vasarely"Hexa+Grace"+by+Victor+Vasarely
3000 Miles to Graceland
Abundant Grace Academy
Act of Grace
Adam Grace
A Fall from Grace
A Fatal Grace
A. Grace Cook
A. Grace Lee Mims
Alana Grace
Alias Grace (miniseries)
A Lineage of Grace
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (disambiguation)
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (poetry collection)
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (TV series)
Alma Grace McDonough Health and Recreation Center
Alonzo G. Grace
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace (2018 film)
Amazing Grace and Chuck
Amazing Grace (disambiguation)
Amazing Grace (musical)
Amazing Grace (score)
Amazing Grace (ship)
Amazing Grace: Songs for Christmas
Amazing Grace (soundtrack)
Amazing Grace (The Badlees album)
Amazingrace Coffeehouse
A National Disgrace
Animal Grace
Anna Grace Christiansen
Anna Graceman
Anne DeGrace
Annie Ryder Gracey
Ark Evelyn Grace Academy
Arthur Grace
Ashley Grace
Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East)
At Grace Cathedral
Basilica of Our Lady of Graces
Beauty Has Grace
Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
Bitter Grace
Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands
BlueGrace Logistics
Bobby Grace
Bridge to Grace
Bud Grace
But for the Grace of God
Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace)
By the Grace of God
By the Grace of God (film)
By the Grace of God (song)
By the Grace of the Gods
Captured by Grace
Carol Grace
Cecil Grace
Charles and Grace Parker House
Charles Grace
Charlie Grace
Charlie Grace (TV series)
Charlotte Grace O'Brien
Chlo Grace Moretz
Chris Grace
Church and Monastery of Our Lady of Grace
Clara Grace Thornton
Clarence Gracey
Common grace
Common Grace (Australia)
Coup de Grace (Plasmatics album)
Coup de Grace (The Stranglers album)
Cromwell's Act of Grace
Crush (Grace Jones song)
CurtisGrace House
Cyrus Grace Dunham
David Grace
Days of Grace
Dear... (The Grace album)
Death of Hana Grace-Rose Williams
December (Gabrielle Aplin and Hannah Grace EP)
Del LaGrace Volcano
Demi Grace
Dick Grace (Tullaroan)
Disgrace (1929 film)
Disgrace (disambiguation)
Disgraceland (album)
Disgrace of Gijn
Divine grace
Divine Grace and Human Agency
Don't Need Love (220 Kid and Gracey song)
Donald J. Grace
Do or Die (Grace Jones song)
Dorothy-Grace Elder
Dorothy Grace Waring
Douglas Gracey
Draft:Alexandra Grace Saad
Dreams (Grace Slick album)
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Edith Grace Coombs
Edith Grace Wheatley
Edith Grace White
Elizabeth Grace
Elizabeth Gracen
E. M. Grace
Emilie Grace Briggs
Emily Grace Reaves
Eugene Grace
Fade from Grace
Fallen Angel (Three Days Grace song)
Fallen from Grace
Fallen Grace
Fall from grace
Fall from Grace (House)
Fall from Grace (Infernal album)
Falling for Grace
Falling from Grace
Falling from Grace (EP)
Falling from Grace (film)
Falling from Grace (novel)
Fall to Grace
Fall to Grace (film)
Fame (Grace Jones album)
Five Disciplines, Four Graces and Three Loves
Fontvieille Park and Princess Grace Rose Garden
Franklyn Gracesqui
Fred Grace
Free grace theology
Free Grace United
Funeral of Grace, Princess of Monaco
Game of graces
Girls of Grace
Glennis Grace
God's Grace
Grace's Amazing Machines
Grace's warbler
Grace (2009 film)
Grace (2014 film)
Grace Abbott
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
Grace Academy
Grace Academy, Coventry
Grace Academy, Darlaston
Grace Academy, Solihull
Grace A. Channon (schooner)
Grace Adams East
Grace A. Dow
Grace A. Dow Memorial Library
Grace Akallo
Grace Akello
Grace Albee
Grace Alderman
Grace Alele-Williams
Grace & Charm
Grace & Favour
Grace and Danger
Grace and favour
Grace and Frankie
Grace and Gratitude
Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral (Kansas City, Missouri)
Grace and Pride: The Anthology 20041984
Grace Andreacchi
Grace Andrews
Grace and Thomaston Buildings
Grace Anigbata
Graceanna Lewis
Grace-Ann Dinkins
Grace Annie Lockhart
Grace Anozie
Grace Bailey
Grace Bailey (schooner)
Grace (band)
Grace Banker
Grace Banu
Grace Baptist
Grace Baptist Church (Spokane, Washington)
Grace Bardsley
Grace Barnsley
Grace baronets
Grace Bates
Grace Bedell
Grace Bennett
Grace Benny
Grace Berlin
Grace Bio-Labs
Grace Boelke
Grace Bol
Grace Bowman
Grace Bros.
Grace Brown
Grace Building
Grace Building, Sydney
Grace Bullen
Grace Burbridge
Grace Burgess
Grace Bussell
Grace Butler
Grace Byers
Grace Cadell
Grace Campbell
Grace (Canadian singer)
Grace Carley Harriman
Grace Carlson
Grace Carter
Grace Carter (singer)
Grace Cathedral
Grace Chadbourne
Grace Chandler
Grace Chang
Grace Chia
Grace Chisholm Young
Grace Choi
Grace Christian Academy (Texas)
Grace Christian College
Grace Christian University
Grace Church
Grace Church (Boston)
Grace Church (Buena Vista, Colorado)
Grace Church (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Grace Church Complex (Massapequa, New York)
Grace Church (Manhattan)
Grace Church (Newark)
Grace Church on-the-Hill
Grace Church (Rutland, Vermont)
Gracechurch Street
Grace Ciao
Grace City, North Dakota
Grace Clements (artist)
Grace College & Seminary
Grace College, Gateshead
Grace Colman
Grace (comics)
Grace Communion International
Grace Community Church
Grace Conkling
Grace Cook
Grace Coolidge
Grace Covenant
Grace Coyle
Grace Crosby Hamman
Grace Crowley
Grace Curzon, Marchioness Curzon of Kedleston
Grace Cuthbert-Browne
Grace d'Almeida
Grace Dane Mazur
Grace Dangmei
Grace Darling
Grace Darling (disambiguation)
Grace Davies
Grace de Laguna
Grace DeMoss
Grace Dent
Grace Dieu
Grace Dieu (ship)
Grace Dillon
Grace Douglass
Grace Drayton
Grace Duffie Boylan
Grace E. Harris
Grace Eleanor Hadow
Grace Elliott
Grace Ellison
Grace Eniola Soyinka
Grace E. Pickford
Grace Episcopal Church
Grace Episcopal Church and Guild Hall (Port Orange, Florida)
Grace Episcopal Church (Astoria, Oregon)
Grace Episcopal Church (Bronx)
Grace Episcopal Church (Chicago)
Grace Episcopal Church (Chillicothe, Missouri)
Grace Episcopal Church Complex (Queens)
Grace Episcopal Church (Galena, Illinois)
Grace Episcopal Church (Georgetown, Colorado)
Grace Episcopal Church (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)
Grace Episcopal Church (Washington, D.C.)
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (Highland Park, Michigan)
Grace Evangelical Society
Grace-Evangeline Mason
Grace Farms
Grace Fernald
Gracefield, New Zealand
Gracefield, Quebec
Grace F. Knoche
Grace Flandrau
Grace Folashade Bent
Grace (food company)
Grace for Drowning
Grace Fortescue
Grace: For the Moment
Grace Foster Herben
Grace Frankland
Grace Fu
Graceful 4
Graceful catshark
Graceful chameleon
Graceful clam shrimp
Graceful exit
Graceful grenadier
Graceful honeyeater
Graceful labeling
Graceful leaf-toed gecko
Graceful Madagascar ground gecko
Graceful mountain snake
Graceful pitta
Graceful priapella
Graceful prinia
Graceful shark
Graceful splayfoot salamander
Graceful wattle
Grace Gabriel
Grace Gallatin Seton Thompson
Grace Gao
Grace Gao (activist)
Grace Gao (badminton)
Grace Geyoro
Grace Gibson
Grace Gifford
Grace Gill
Grace Glueck
Grace Golden
Grace Golden Clayton
Grace Grace
Grace Greenwood
Grace Greylock Niles
Graceham, Maryland
Graceham Moravian Church and Parsonage
Grace Harbour
Grace Hartigan
Grace Hartman
Grace Hartman (trade unionist)
Grace Hazard
Grace Hazen
Grace Helbig
Grace Helen Bailey
Grace Helen Kent
Grace Helen Mowat
Grace Heritage Center
Grace Hightower
Grace Hirst
Grace Hoadley Dodge
Grace Hoffman
Grace Holloway
Grace Hopkinson Eliot Hall
Grace Hopper
Grace Hopper College
Grace Hospital
Grace Hudson
Grace Hudson Museum
Grace Human
Grace, Idaho
Grace in Christianity
Grace Ingalls
Grace Is Gone
Grace Jackson
Grace Jale
Grace Jane Wallace
Grace (Jeff Buckley album)
Grace Jeffers
Grace Joel
Grace Jones
Grace Jones discography
Grace Jones Morgan
Grace Jordan
Grace Julian Clarke
Grace Julia Parker Drummond
Grace Kamaikui
Grace Kara
Grace Keiser Maring Library
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly (film)
Grace Kelly (musician)
Grace Kelly (song)
Grace Kennedy
Grace Kennedy (singer)
Grace, Kentucky
Grace (Ketil Bjrnstad album)
Grace Kim
Grace Kimmins
Grace King
Grace Knapp
Graceland (album)
Graceland Cemetery
Graceland Park, Baltimore
Graceland Too
Graceland (TV series)
Graceland University
Graceland Yellowjackets
Grace La Rue
Grace Lau
Grace L. Drake
Grace Leboy
Grace Lee
Grace Lee Boggs
Grace Lee Whitney
Grace Lenczyk
Graceless (audio drama series)
Grace Like Rain (song)
Grace Like Winter
Grace Livingston Hill
Grace Llewellyn
Gracelock, Minnesota
Grace Lotowycz
Grace Lutheran Church
Grace Lutheran Church (Uniontown, Missouri)
Grace MacInnis
Grace Macintyre
Grace Macurdy
Grace Mahary
Grace Manson
Grace Marguerite Hay Drummond-Hay
Grace Marie Bareis
Grace Mary Crowfoot
Grace May North
Grace M. Bolen
Grace McCarthy
Grace McDaniels
Grace McDougall
Grace Medical Center (Baltimore)
Grace Medicine Flower
Grace Memorial Episcopal Church
Grace Meng
Grace Mera Molisa
Gracemere Homestead
Gracemere, Queensland
Grace Metalious
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church (Newport, Kentucky)
Grace Mildmay
Grace Minor
Grace, Mississippi
Grace (Miss Kittin song)
Grace Momanyi
Grace Montaez Davis
Gracemont, Oklahoma
Grace Morgan
Grace Morley
Grace Morris Craig
Grace Mott Johnson
Grace Mugabe
Grace Murray Hopper Award
Grace Museum of America
Grace Nail Johnson
Grace Nakibaala
Grace Napolitano
Grace Ndiritu
Grace Neill
Grace Nono
Grace note
Grace note (disambiguation)
Gracenote licensing controversy
Grace O'Malley
Grace Oakeshott
Grace of My Heart
Grace Ogot
Grace Oladunni Taylor
Grace Olive Wiley
Grace Onyango
GRACE (organization)
Grace Padaca
Grace Pailthorpe
Grace Paine Terzian
Grace Paley
Grace Parbery
Grace Park
Grace Park (actress)
Grace Parra
Grace Paull
Grace Peak
Grace Peixotto
Grace Perreiah
Grace (photograph)
Grace P. Johnson Stadium
Grace (plotting tool)
Grace Poe
Grace Poe 2016 presidential campaign
GracePointe Church
Grace Potter
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (album)
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals discography
Grace (prayer)
Grace Prendergast
Grace Presbyterian Church
Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand
Grace Prestwich
Grace Quigley
Grace Randolph
Grace Raymond Hebard
Grace Reformed Church
Grace Reformed Church (Washington, D.C.)
Grace Rhys
Grace / Ride the Storm
Grace Rioza-Plazo
Grace Rogers Spalding
Grace Rohrer
Grace Sanderson Michie
Grace Sandhouse
Grace Schneiders-Howard
Grace Scobie
Grace Sherwood
Grace Skogstad
Grace Slick
Grace Snyder
Grace Spicer
Grace S. Richmond
Grace Sseruwagi
Grace Stafford
Grace Stewart
Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Grace Street
Grace Street (album)
Grace (style)
Grace Summerhayes
Grace Tabor
Grace Talbot
Grace (Tasha Cobbs album)
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor (poet)
Grace Tebbutt
Grace Theological Journal
Grace Toronto Church
Grace Towns Hamilton
Gracetown, Western Australia
Grace Tubwita
Grace Turnbull
Grace Under Fire
Grace Under Fire (2011 TV series)
Grace Under Pressure
Grace Under Pressure (Rush album)
Grace Under Pressure Tour
Grace Under Pressure Tour (video)
Grace United Methodist Church
Grace United Methodist Church (Dallas)
Grace Universalist Church
Grace University
Grace University Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Grace Unplugged
Grace Vanderbilt
Grace VanderWaal
Grace Van Patten
Grace Van Pelt
Grace Vaughan
Graceville, Florida
Graceville Memorial Park
Graceville, Minnesota
Graceville Oilers
Grace V. Kelly
GraceWalshSzeg theorem
Grace Wanjiru
Grace Warrack
Grace Waterhouse
Grace Weber
Grace Widdowson
Grace Wilson
Grace Wong
Grace Woodhead
Grace Woodroofe
Grace Woodward
Grace (yacht)
Gracey (novel)
Grace Zaring Stone
Greater Grace World Outreach
Hannah Grace
Harbour Grace
Harbour Grace Airport
Harbour Grace CeeBee Stars
Harbour Grace South
Havre de Grace
Havre de Grace Handicap
Havre de Grace Historic District
Havre de Grace, Maryland
He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms...
Helen Grace (director)
Helen Grace Scott Keenan
Henry Grace
Henry Grace Dieu
Henry Grace (Royal Navy officer)
Henry Mildmay (of Graces)
Herb of grace
Here (The Grace song)
Her Grace Commands
His Grace Gives Notice
Home for the Holidays (Point of Grace album)
Home (Three Days Grace song)
Htel-Dieu Grace Healthcare
Howard 'Grace' Cup
Hurricane Grace
Hurricane (Grace Jones album)
If I Should Fall from Grace with God
If I Should Fall from Grace with God (song)
Ilma Grace Stone
Inside Story (Grace Jones album)
International Grace of God Church
In the Grace of Your Love
Irresistible grace
Jamie Grace
Jazmin Grace Grimaldi
Jean-Yann de Grace
Jim Grace
Joey Graceffa
John Grace
John Hilton Grace
John P. Grace Memorial Bridge
Joseph Grace
Joseph Peter Grace Sr.
Judith Grace Gonzlez
Julia Grace Wales
Just Like You (Three Days Grace song)
Just the Beginning (Grace VanderWaal album)
Karen Walker (Will & Grace)
L'tat de Grace
Lake Grace North
Lake Grace South
Lake Grace, Western Australia
Lateysha Grace
Laura Jane Grace
Lawrence Grace
Lay Down Your Arms (The Graces song)
Leela and Ellie Grace
Leslie Grace
Leslie Grace (album)
L. Grace Dibble
Lindsay Grace
List of awards and nominations received by Saving Grace (TV series)
List of awards and nominations received by Will & Grace
List of first-class cricket centuries by W. G. Grace
List of Graceland episodes
List of Grace Under Fire episodes
List of Saving Grace episodes
List of Will & Grace characters
List of Will & Grace episodes
Lithacodes gracea
Lost in You (Three Days Grace song)
Love Bites (Grace Jones song)
Love by Grace
Lucia's Grace
Lulu Grace Graves
Machines of Grace
Machines of Grace (album)
Machines of Loving Grace
Maggie Grace
Marcella Grace Eiler
Maria Full of Grace
Mark Grace
Marquis of Extended Grace
Mary Grace Quackenbos
Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace
Means of grace
Mediatrix of all graces
Michael Grace
Michael Grace Phipps
Michael Gracey
Michael P. Grace
Miss Grace's Lane
Moments in Grace
Monastery of Mary, Mother of Grace
Monsters of Grace
...More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace
Mount Grace
Mount Grace Priory
MS Viking Grace
Murder of Grace Millane
Muse (Grace Jones album)
MV VOS Grace
Nadie Como T (Leslie Grace song)
Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
Nancy Grace (TV program)
Nancy McCampbell Grace
Nearing Grace
Neely Spence Gracey
Neoregelia 'Golden Grace'
Neoregelia 'Grace Goode'
Never Too Late (Three Days Grace song)
Newton's Grace
Nightclubbing (Grace Jones album)
Nightmare on Grace Street
No Place for Disgrace
Notre-Dame-de-Grace Maple Leafs
Novena of Grace
Of Dirt and Grace: Live from the Land
Old Grace Episcopal Church Rectory
Oliver Grace
Olympics of Grace
On Grace and Dignity
Origins (Bridge to Grace album)
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church (Greensboro, North Carolina)
Our Lady of Grace Church
Our Lady of Graces
Pain (Three Days Grace song)
Pan American-Grace Airways
Party Girl (Grace Jones song)
Passion, Grace and Fire
Patricia Grace
Patrick Grace
Patrick H. Grace
Paul and Win Grace
Perpetual Grace, LTD
PiaGrace Moon
Pilgrimage of Grace
Pilot (Will & Grace)
Point of Grace
Portals of Grace
Portfolio (Grace Jones album)
Prevenient grace
Princess Grace Foundation-USA
Princess Grace Hospital Centre
Pseudotelphusa quercinigracella
Purpose + Grace
Raid on Havre de Grace
Regan Grace
Return to Grace
Richard Grace
Riot (Three Days Grace song)
Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Robert Grace
Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award
Royal Decree of Graces of 1815
Royal House of Grace International Church
SaGa: Scarlet Grace
Sara Grace Wallerstedt
Saving Grace
Saving Grace (1986 film)
Saving Grace (2000 film)
Saving Grace (band)
Saving Grace B. Jones
Saving Grace (song)
Saving Grace (TV series)
Saying grace
Saying Grace (Chardin)
Scumbag (Goody Grace song)
Second work of grace
See Grace Fly
Seoul Grace Church
Sermon on Indulgences and Grace
Seven Days Grace
Sex Drive (Grace Jones song)
Sherry Grace
Shire of Lake Grace
Sina Grace
Sinai-Grace Hospital
Sophia Grace & Rosie
Sophie-Grace Chappell
Sorry (Grace Jones song)
Southern by the Grace of God
Sovereign Christian Grace Academy
Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony
Sovereign Grace Churches
SS Gracechurch
Stars (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals song)
St Benet Gracechurch
Steve Grace
Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace
Tailcoat for Scapegrace
Tales of Graces
Teddy Grace
Ted Grace
Thalia (Grace)
Thtre Princesse Grace
The Beauty of Grace
The Dawn of Grace
The Days of His Grace
The Ghost and the Grace
The Good Life (Three Days Grace song)
The Grace
The Grace Commission
The Grace (group)
The Grace Museum
The Grace Thrillers
The Lord Gives Me Grace and the Devil Gives Me Style
The Pas/Grace Lake Airport
The Pas/Grace Lake Water Aerodrome
The Possession of Hannah Grace
The Princess Grace Hospital
There's No Disgrace Like Home
There by the Grace of God
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
The Shape of Grace
The Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Grace
The Three Graces
The Three Graces (Whitney)
The Ultimate Collection (Grace Jones album)
The Ultimate (Grace Jones album)
The Universal Masters Collection (Grace Jones album)
The Whole Truth (Point of Grace album)
This Nation's Saving Grace
Thomas Grace
Thomas Grace (Archdeacon of Ardfert)
Thomas Grace (Archdeacon of Marlborough)
Thomas Grace (bishop of Sacramento)
Thomas Grace (bishop of Saint Paul)
Thomas Grace (missionary)
Thomas Percy (Pilgrimage of Grace)
Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace (album)
Three Days Grace discography
Ti-Grace Atkinson
Tillandsia 'Graceful'
Times of Grace
Tom Grace
Topher Grace
Toronto Grace Health Centre
USCGC Point Grace (WPB-82323)
Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman
Veronica Grace Boland
Wedding dress of Grace Kelly
Wedding of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and Grace Kelly
W. G. Grace
W. G. Grace's cricket career (1864 to 1870)
W. G. Grace's cricket career (1872 to 1873)
W. G. Grace's cricket career (1896 to 1899)
W. G. Grace's cricket career (1900 to 1908)
W. G. Grace Jr
What's So Amazing About Grace?
Wild Child (Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter song)
Will & Grace
William Grace
William Russell Grace
World So Cold (Three Days Grace song)
W. R. Grace and Company
W. R. Grace Building
Years of Grace
You Make Me Feel (AnnaGrace song)
Yours Is No Disgrace

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