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Edward Young (c. 3 July 1683 5 April 1765) was an English poet, critic, philosopher and theologian, best remembered for Night-Thoughts.

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Edward Young


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1:Prayer ardent opens heaven. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
2:An undevout astronomer is mad. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
3:A God all mercy is a God unjust. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
4:Truth never was indebted to a lie. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
5:Virtue alone has majesty in death. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
6:In records that defy the tooth of time. ~ Edward Young, The Statesman's Creed.
7:A man of pleasure is a man of pains. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
8:’Tis impious in a good man to be sad ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
9:To waft a feather or to drown a fly. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
10:Be wise today; 'tis madness to defer. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
11:Procrastination is the thief of time. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
12:The man of wisdom is the man of years. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
13:What ardently we wish we soon believe. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
14:A death-bed ’s a detector of the heart. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
15:And waste their music on the savage race. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
16:Man wants little, nor that little long. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
17:The course of Nature is the art of God. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
18:The spirit walks of every day deceased. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
19:A Christian is the highest style of man. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
20:By night an atheist half believes a God. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
21:Revere thyself, and yet thyself despise. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
22:A friend is worth all hazards we can run. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
23:And all may do what has by man been done. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
24:None think the great unhappy but the great. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
25:Ambition! powerful source of good and ill! ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
26:Death loves a shining mark, a signal blow. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
27:Man makes a death which Nature never made. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
28:Poor pensioner on the bounties of an hour. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
29:The man that blushes is not quite a brute. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
30:Wishing, of all employments, is the worst. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
31:And feels a thousand deaths in fearing one. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
32:The house of laughter makes a house of woe. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
33:Tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep! ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
34:To frown at pleasure, and to smile in pain. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
35:All men think all men mortal but themselves. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
36:He mourns the dead who lives as they desire. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
37:Whose yesterdays look backwards with a smile. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
38:Less base the fear of death than fear of life. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
39:Men may live fools, but fools they cannot die. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
40:Too low they build who build beneath the stars. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
41:When the Law shows her teeth, but dares not bite. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
42:A dedication is a wooden leg. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728), Satire IV, line 192.
43:How blessings brighten as they take their flight! ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
44:That life is long which answers life's great end. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
45:And what its worth, ask death-beds; they can tell. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
46:A God all mercy is a God unjust. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-1745), Night IV, line 234
47:A God alone can comprehend a God. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-1745), Night LX, line 835
48:Great let me call him, for he conquered me.  ~ Edward Young, The Revenge (1721), Act I, sc. i.
49:Be wise with speed;  A fool at forty is a fool indeed. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
50:The man that makes a character makes foes.  ~ Edward Young, To Mr. Pope, epistle I, l. 28 (1730).
51:Final Ruin fiercely drives  Her plowshare o'er creation. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
52:By night an atheist half believes in God. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-1745), Night V, line 177
53:Like our shadows,  Our wishes lengthen as our sun declines. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
54:On reason build resolve,  that column of true majesty in man. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
55:Procrastination is, as Edward Young said in about sixteen ninety-five, the thief of time. ~ Patrick Taylor
56:Of all earth's madmen, most deserves a chain. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-45), Night VII, line 199
57:The bell strikes one. We take no note of time  But from its loss. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
58:Holds out this world, and, in her right, the next. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-45), Night IV, line 550
59:Thoughts shut up want air,  And spoil, like bales unopen’d to the sun. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
60:Time flies, death urges, knells call, Heaven invites,  Hell threatens. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
61:A soul without reflection, like a pile  Without inhabitant, to ruin runs. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
62:... life is most enjoy'd when courted least, most worth, when disesteemed,... ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
63:Souls made of fire, and children of the sun,  With whom revenge is virtue.  ~ Edward Young, The Revenge, Act V, sc. ii.
64:With skill she vibrates her eternal tongue,  Forever most divinely in the wrong. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
65:Unlearned men of books assume the care,  As eunuchs are the guardians of the fair. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
66:Life is the desert, life the solitude;  Death joins us to the great majority.  ~ Edward Young, The Revenge, Act IV, sc. i.
67:Where Nature’s end of language is declin’d,  And men talk only to conceal the mind. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
68:Ah, how unjust to Nature and himself  Is thoughtless, thankless, inconsistent man! ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
69:How commentators each dark passage shun,  And hold their farthing candle to the sun. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
70:For her own breakfast she'll project a scheme,  Nor take her tea without a strategem. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
71:The booby father craves a booby son,  And by Heaven’s blessing thinks himself undone. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
72:Time elaborately thrown away. ~ Edward Young, The Last Day, book i; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).
73:Titles are marks of honest men, and wise;  The fool or knave that wears a title lies. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
74:"I've lost a day!"—the prince who nobly cried,  Had been an emperor without his crown. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
75:They that on glorious ancestors enlarge,  Produce their debt instead of their discharge. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
76:Some for renown, on scraps of learning dote,  And think they grow immortal as they quote. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
77:'T is elder Scripture, writ by God's own hand,—  Scripture authentic! uncorrupt by man. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
78:Woes cluster. Rare are solitary woes;  They love a train, they tread each other’s heel. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
79:An angel's arm can't snatch me from the grave;  Legions of angels can't confine me there. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
80:Heaven’s Sovereign saves all beings but himself  That hideous sight,—a naked human heart. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
81:Much learning shows how little mortals know;  Much wealth, how little worldlings can enjoy. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
82:The love of praise, howe'er concealed by art,  Reigns more or less, and glows in ev'ry heart. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
83:'Tis greatly wise to talk with our past hours,  And ask them what report they bore to heaven. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
84:To patchwork learn'd quotations are allied,  Both strive to make our poverty our pride. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-28), Satire I.
85:Early, bright, transient, chaste as morning dew,  She sparkled, was exhal'd and went to heaven. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
86:And friend received with thumps upon the back. ~ Edward Young, Universal Passion; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).
87:Friendship's the wine of life; but friendship new  (Not such was his) is neither strong nor pure. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
88:There buds the promise of celestial worth. ~ Edward Young, The Last Day, book iii; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).
89:The blood will follow where the knife is driven,  The flesh will quiver where the pincers tear.  ~ Edward Young, The Revenge, Act V, sc. ii.
90:The knell, the shroud, the mattock, and the grave,  The deep damp vault, the darkness and the worm. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
91:Unlearned men of books assume the care,  As eunuchs are the guardians of the fair. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728), Satire II, line 83.
92:Life's cares are comforts; such by Heav'n design'd;  He that hath none must make them, or be wretched. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
93:Beautiful as sweet!  And young as beautiful! and soft as young!  And gay as soft! and innocent as gay. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
94:Were man to live coeval with the sun,  The patriarch-pupil would be learning still. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-1745), Night VII, line 86.
95:Some, for renown, on scraps of learning dote,  And think they grow immortal as they quote. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-28), Satire I, line 89.
96:Their feet through faithless leather met the dirt,  And oftener chang'd their principles than shirt.  ~ Edward Young, To Mr. Pope, epistle I, l. 277.
97:Much learning shows how little mortals know,  Much wealth, how little worldings can enjoy. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-1745), Night VI, line 519.
98:Think naught a trifle, though it small appear;  Small sands the mountain, moments make the year,  And trifles life. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
99:Too low they build who build beneath the stars.  ~ Edward Young, Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 206.
100:While man is growing, life is in decrease;  And cradles rock us nearer to the tomb.  Our birth is nothing but our death begun. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
101:Thy purpose firm is equal to the deed:  Who does the best his circumstance allows  Does well, acts nobly; angels could no more. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
102:Creation sleeps! 'Tis as the general pulse  Of life stood still, and Nature made a pause;  An awful pause! prophetic of her end. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
103:Night, sable goddess! from her ebon throne,  In rayless majesty, now stretches forth  Her leaden scepter o'er a slumbering world. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
104:Lovely in death the beauteous ruin lay;  And if in death still lovely, lovelier there;  Far lovelier! pity swells the tide of love. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
105:We see time’s furrows on another’s brow,  And death intrench’d, preparing his assault;  How few themselves in that just mirror see! ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
106:The chamber where the good man meets his fate  Is privileg’d beyond the common walk  Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of heaven. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
107:Though man sits still, and takes his ease,  God is at work on man;  No means, no moment unemploy'd,  To bless him, if he can. ~ Edward Young, Resignation, Part I, Stanza 119
108:In youth, what disappointments of our own making: in age, what disappointments from the nature of things.  ~ Edward Young, A Vindication of Providence; or, A True Estimate of Human Life (1728).
109:Insatiate archer! could not one suffice?  Thy shaft flew thrice, and thrice my peace was slain;  And thrice, ere thrice yon moon had filled her horn. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
Tired Nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep, He, like the world, his ready visit pays
Where fortune smiles: the wretched he forsakes,
And lights on lids unsullied by a tear.
~ Edward Young
111:A Deity believed, is joy begun;  A Deity adored, is joy advanced;  A Deity beloved, is joy matured.  Each branch of piety delight inspires. ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-1745), Night VIII, line 720
112:One to destroy, is murder by the law;  And gibbets keep the lifted hand in awe;  To murder thousands takes a specious name,  War's glorious art, and gives immortal fame. ~ Edward Young, Love of Fame (1725-1728)
113:Accept a miracle instead of wit,—  See two dull lines with Stanhope's pencil writ.  ~ Edward Young, Lines written with the Diamond Pencil of Lord Chesterfield; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).
114:As Love alone can exquisitely bless,  Love only feels the marvellous of pain;  Opens new veins of torture in the soul,  And wakes the nerve where agonies are born.  ~ Edward Young, The Brothers (1753), Act V, scene i.
115:Pygmies are pygmies still, though percht on Alps;  And pyramids are pyramids in vales.  Each man makes his own stature, builds himself.  Virtue alone outbuilds the Pyramids;  Her monuments shall last when Egypt’s fall. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
116:He weeps! the falling drop puts out the sun; He sighs! the sigh earth's deep foundation shakes. If in His love so terrible, what then His wrath inflamed?  ~ Edward Young, Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 271.
117:At thirty, man suspects himself a fool;  Knows it at forty, and reforms his plan;  At fifty chides his infamous delay,  Pushes his prudent purpose to resolve;  In all the magnanimity of thought  Resolves, and re-resolves; then dies the same. ~ Edward Young, Night-Thoughts (1742–1745)
118:Ah! what is human life?  How, like the dial's tardy-moving shade,  Day after day slides from us unperceiv'd!  The cunning fugitive is swift by stealth;  Too subtle is the movement to be seen;  Yet soon the hour is up—and we are gone.    ~ Edward Young, Busiris (1719), Act V, sc. i.
Great God!
Greater than greatest! better than the best!
Kinder than kindest! with soft pity's eye
Look down On a poor breathing particle of dust!
Or, lower, - an immortal in his crimes.
His crimes forgive, forgive his virtues too!
Those smaller faults, half converts to the right.
~ Edward Young
120:Thou, my all!  My theme! my inspiration! and my crown!  My strength in age—my rise in low estate!  My souls ambition, pleasure, wealth!—my world!  My light in darkness! and my life in death!  My boast through time! bliss through eternity!  Eternity, too short to speak thy praise!  Or fathom thy profound of love to man! ~ Edward Young, Night Thoughts (1742-1745), Night IV, line 586
121:Ocean: An Ode. Concluding With A Wish.
What do we see! Cato then become
A greater name in Britain than in Rome?
Does mankind now admire his virtues more,
Though Lucan, Horace, Virgil, wrote before?
How will posterity this truth explain?
"Cato begins to live in Anna's reign."
The world's great chiefs, in council or in arms,
Rise in your lines with more exalted charms;
Illustrious deeds in distant nations wrought,
And virtues by departed heroes taught,
Raise in your soul a pure immortal flame,
Adorn your life, and consecrate your fame;
To your renown all ages you subdue,
And Caesar fought, and Cato bled for you.
~ Edward Young
122:Night is fair Virtue's immemorial friend.
The conscious moon through every distant age
Has held a lamp to Wisdom, and let fall
On Contemplation's eye her purging ray.
The famed Athenian, he who wooed from heaven
Philosophy the fair, to dwell with men,
And form their manners, not inflame their pride;
While o'er his head, as fearful to molest
His laboring mind, the stars in silence slide,
And seem all gazing on their future guest,
See him soliciting his ardent suit,
In private audience; all the livelong night
Rigid in thought and motionless he stands,
Nor quits his theme or posture, till the sun
Disturbs his nobler intellectual beam,
And gives him to the tumult of the world.
~ Edward Young, Socrates

Night is fair Virtue's immemorial friend.
The conscious moon through every distant age
Has held a lamp to Wisdom, and let fall
On Contemplation's eye her purging ray.
The famed Athenian, he who wooed from heaven
Philosophy the fair, to dwell with men,
And form their manners, not inflame their pride;
While o'er his head, as fearful to molest
His laboring mind, the stars in silence slide,
And seem all gazing on their future guest,
See him soliciting his ardent suit,
In private audience; all the livelong night
Rigid in thought and motionless he stands,
Nor quits his theme or posture, till the sun
Disturbs his nobler intellectual beam,
And gives him to the tumult of the world.
~ Edward Young
124:The Last Day (Excerpt)
Sooner or later, in some future date,
(A dreadful secret in the book of Fate)
This hour, for aught all human wisdom knows,
Or when ten thousand harvests more have rose;
When scenes are chang'd on this revolving Earth,
Old empires fall, and give new empires birth;
While other Bourbons rule in other lands,
And, (if man's sin forbids not) other Annes;
While the still busy world is treading o'er
The paths they trod five thousand years before,
Thoughtless as those who now life's mazes run,
Of earth dissolv'd, or an extinguish'd sun;
(Ye sublunary worlds, awake, awake!
Ye rulers of the nation, hear and shake)
Thick clouds of darkness shall arise on day;
In sudden night all Earth's dominions lay;
Impetuous winds the scatter'd forests rend;
Eternal mountains, like their cedars, bend;
The valleys yawn, the troubled ocean roar
And break the bondage of his wonted shore;
A sanguine stain the silver moon o'erspread;
Darkness the circle of the sun invade;
From inmost Heaven incessant thunders roll
And the strong echo bound from pole to pole.
~ Edward Young
125:Love Of Fame, The Universal Passion (Excerpt)
Man's rich with little, were his judgment true;
Nature is frugal, and her wants are few;
Those few wants answer'd, bring sincere delights;
But fools create themselves new appetites:
Fancy and pride seek things at vast expense,
Which relish not to reason, nor to sense.
When surfeit, or unthankfulness, destroys,
In nature's narrow sphere, our solid joys,
In fancy's airy land of noise and show,
Where nought but dreams, no real pleasures grow;
Like cats in air-pumps, to subsist we strive
On joys too thin to keep the soul alive.
Lemira's sick; make haste; the doctor call:
He comes; but where's his patient? At the ball.
The doctor stares; her woman curt'sies low,
And cries, "My lady, sir, is always so:
Diversions put her maladies to flight;
True, she can't stand, but she can dance all night:
I've known my lady (for she loves a tune)
For fevers take an opera in June:
And, though perhaps you'll think the practice bold,
A midnight park is sovereign for a cold:
With colics, breakfasts of green fruit agree;
With indigestions, supper just at three."
A strange alternative, replied Sir Hans,
Must women have a doctor, or a dance?
Though sick to death, abroad they safely roam,
But droop and die, in perfect health, at home:
For want--but not of health, are ladies ill;
And tickets cure beyond the doctor's bill.
~ Edward Young
126:The Complaint: Or Night Thoughts (Excerpt)
By Nature's law, what may be, may be now;
There's no prerogative in human hours.
In human hearts what bolder thought can rise,
Than man's presumption on to-morrow's dawn?
Where is to-morrow? In another world.
For numbers this is certain; the reverse
Is sure to none; and yet on this perhaps,
This peradventure, infamous for lies,
As on a rock of adamant we build
Our mountain hopes, spin out eternal schemes
As we the Fatal Sisters could out-spin,
And big with life's futurities, expire.
Not ev'n Philander had bespoke his shroud,
Nor had he cause; a warning was deny'd:
How many fall as sudden, not as safe!
As sudden, though for years admonish'd home.
Of human ills the last extreme beware;
Beware, Lorenzo, a slow-sudden death.
How dreadful that deliberate surprise!
Be wise to-day; 'tis madness to defer;
Next day the fatal precedent will plead;
Thus on, till wisdom is push'd out of life.
Procrastination is the thief of time;
Year after year it steals, till all are fled,
And to the mercies of a moment leaves
The vast concerns of an eternal scene.
If not so frequent, would not this be strange?
That 'tis so frequent, this is stranger still.
Of man's miraculous mistakes this bears
The palm, "That all men are about to live,"
For ever on the brink of being born,
All pay themselves the compliment to think
They, one day, shall not drivel: and their pride
On this reversion takes up ready praise;
At least, their own; their future selves applauds;
How excellent that life they ne'er will lead!
Time lodg'd in their own hands is Folly's vails;
That lodg'd in Fate's to Wisdom they consign.
The thing they can't but purpose, they postpone.
'Tis not in folly not to scorn a fool,
And scarce in human wisdom to do more.
All promise is poor dilatory man,
And that through every stage; when young, indeed,
In full content we sometimes nobly rest,
Unanxious for ourselves; and only wish,
As duteous sons our fathers were more wise.
At thirty man suspects himself a fool,
Knows it at forty, and reforms his plan;
At fifty chides his infamous delay,
Pushes his prudent purpose to resolve;
In all the magnanimity of thought
Resolves, and re-resolves, then dies the same.
~ Edward Young
127:Ocean: An Ode. Concluding With A Wish.*
Sweet rural scene!
Of flocks and green!
At careless ease my limbs are spread;
All nature still
But yonder rill;
And listening pines not o'er my head:
In prospect wide,
The boundless tide!
Waves cease to foam, and winds to roar;
Without a breeze,
The curling seas
Dance on, in measure, to the shore.
Who sings the source
Of wealth and force?
Vast field of commerce and big war:
Where wonders dwell!
Where terrors swell!
And Neptune thunders from his car?
Where? where are they,
Whom Pean's ray
Has touch'd, and bid divinely rave?
What, none aspire?
I snatch the lyre,
And plunge into the foaming wave.
The wave resounds!
The rock rebounds!
The Nereids to my song reply!
I lead the choir,
And they conspire
With voice and shell to lift it high;
They spread in air
Their bosoms fair;
Their verdant tresses pour behind.
The billows beat
With nimble feet,
With notes triumphant swell the wind.
Who love the shore,
And they conspire
With voice and shell to lift it high;
Let those adore
The God Apollo, and his Nine,
Parnassus' hill,
And Orpheus' skill;
But let Arion's harp be mine.
The main! the main!
Is Britain's reign;
Her strength, her glory, is her fleet;
The main! the main!
Be Briton's strain;
As Triton's strong, as Syren's sweet.
Through nature wide,
Is nought descry'd
So rich in pleasure, or surprize;
When all-serene
How sweet the scene!
How dreadful, when the billows rise.
And storms deface
The fluid glass
In which ere-while Britannia fair
Look'd down with pride,
Like Ocean's bride,
Adjusting her majestic air.
When tempests cease,
And hush'd in peace
The flatten'd surges smoothly spread
Deep silence keep,
And seem to sleep
Recumbent on their oozy bed;
With what a trance
The level glance,
Unbroken, shoots along the seas!
Whichtempt from shore
the painted oar;
And every canvas courts the breeze!
When rushes forth
The frowning North
On blackening billows, with what dread
My shuddering soul
Beholds them roll,
And hears their roarings o'er my head!
With terror mark
Yon flying bark!
Now, center-deep descend the brave;
Now, toss'd on high
It takes the sky,
A feather on the towering wave!
Now, spins around
In whirls profound;
Now, whelm'd; now, pendant near the clouds;
Now, stunn'd, it reels
Midst thunder's peals;
And, now, fierce lightening fires the shrouds.
All aether burns!
Chaos returns!
And blends once more the seas and skies;
No space between
Thy bosom green,
O Deep! and the blue concave, lies.
The northern blast,
The shatter'd mast,
The fyrt, the whirlpool, and the rock,
The breaking spout,
the stars gone out,
The boiling sreight, the monsters shock.
Let others fear;
To Britain dear
What'er promotes her daring claim;
Those terrors charm,
Which keep her warm
In chace of honest gain or fame.
The stars are bright
To chear the night,
And shed, through shadows, temper'd fire;
And Phoebus flames
With burnish'd beams,
Which some adore, and all admire.
Are then the seas
Outshone by these?
Bright Thetys! thou art not outshone;
With kinder beams
And softer gleams,
Thy bosom wears them as thy own
There, set in green,
Gold-stars are seen,
A mantle rich! thy charms to wrap;
And when the sun
His race has run
He falls enamour'd in thy lap.
Those clouds, whose dyes
Adorn the skies,
That silver snow, that pearly rain;
Has Phoebus stole
To grace the pole,
The plunder of th' invaded main!
The gaudy bow,
Whose colours glow,
Whose arch with so much skill is bent,
To Phoebus' ray
Which paints so gay,
By thee the watery woof was lent.
In chambers deep,
Where waters sleep,
What unknown treasures pave the floor!
The pearl in rows
Pale lustre throws;
The wealth immense, which storms devour.
From Indian mines,
With proud designs,
the merchant, swoin, digs golden ore.
The tempests rise,
And seize the prize,
And toss him breathless on the shore.
His son complains
In pious strains
"Ah! cruel thirst of gold!" he cries;
Then ploughs the main,
In zeal for gain,
The tears yet swelling in his eyes.
Thou watery vast!
What mounds are cast
To bar thy dreadful flowings-o'er?
Thy proudest foam
Must know its home;
But rage of gold disdains a shore.
Gold Pleasure buys;
But Pleasure dies,
Too soon the tross fruition cloys:
Though raptures court,
The sense is short;
But Virtue kindles living joys;
Joys felt alone!
Joys ask'd of none!
Which Time's and Fortune's arrows miss;
Joys that subsist,
Though Fates resist,
And unprecarious endless bliss!
The soul refin'd
Is most inclin'd
To every moral excellence;
All Vice is dull,
A knave's a fool;
And Virtue is the child of Sense
The virtuous mind
Nor wave, nor wind,
Nor civil rage, nor tyrant's frown,
The shaken ball
Nor planets fall,
From its firm basis can dethrone.
This Britain knows,
And therefore glows
With generous passions, and expends
Her wealth and zeal
On public weal,
And brightens both by godlike ends.
What end so great,
As that which late
Awoke the Genius of the main,
Which towering rose
With George to close,
And rival great Eliza's reign?
A voice has flown
From Britain's throne
To reinflame a grand design;
That voice shall rear
Yon fabrick fair,1
As Nature's rose at the divine.
When nature sprung,
Blest angels sung,
And shouted o'er the rising balll;
For strains as high
As main's can fly,
These sea-devoted honours call.
From boisterous seas,
The lap of ease
Receives our wounded and our old;
High domes ascend!
Stretc'd arches bend!
Proud columns swell! wide gates unfold!
So sleeps the grain,
In fostering rain,
And vital beams, till Jove descend;
Then bursts the root!
the verdures shoot!
And earth enrich, adorn, defend!
Here, soft-reclin'd
From wave, from wind,
And Fortune's tempest safe ashore,
To cheat their care,
Of former war
They talk the pleasing shadows o'er.
In lengthen'd tales,
Our fleet prevails;
In tales the lenitives of age!
And, o'er the bowl,
They fire the soul
Of listening youth, to martial rage.
The story done,
Their setting sun,
Serenely smiling down the West,
In soft decay,
They drop away;
And Honour leads them to their rest.
Unhappy they!
And falsely gay!
Who bask for ever in success;
A constant feast
Quite palls the taste,
And long enjoyment is distress.
What charms us most,
Our joy, our boast,
Familiar, loses all its bloss;
And gold refin'd
The fated mind
Fastidious turns to perfect dross.
When, after toil,
His native soil
The panting mariner regains
What transport flows
From bare repose!
We reap our pleasure from our pains.
Ye warlike slain!
Beneath the main,
Wrapt in a watery winding sheet;
Who bought with blood
Your country's good,
Your country's full-blown glorys greet.
What powerful charm
Can death disarm?
Your long, your iron slumbers break?
By Jove, by Fame,
By George's name,
Awake! awake! awake!
Our joy so proud,
Our shout so loud,
Without a charm the dead might hear:
And see, they rouze!
Their awful brows,
Deep-scar'd, froomm oozy pillows rear!
With spiral shell,
Full-blasted, tell
That all your watery realms should sing;
Your pearl-alcoves,
Your coral-groves,
Should echo theirs, and Britain's king.
As long as stars
Guide mariners,
As Carolina's virtues please,
Or suns invite
The ravish'd sight,
The British flag shall sweep the seas.
Pecular both!
Our soil's strong growth,
And our bold natives hardy mind;
Sure Heaven bespoke
Our hearts, and oak,
To give a master to minkind.
That noblest birth
Of teaming earth,
Of forests fair that daughter proud,
To foreign coasts
Our grandeur boasts
And Britain's pleasure speaks aloud.
Now big with war
Sends Fate from far,
If rebel realms their Fate demand;
Now, sumptuous spoils
Of foreign soils
Pours in the bottom of our land.
Hence, Britain lays
In scales, and weighs
The fates of kingdoms and of kings;
And as she frowns
Or smiles, on crown
A night or day of glory springs.
Thus Ocean swells
The streams and rills,
And to their borders lifts them high;
Or else withdraws
The mighty cause,
And leaves their famish'd channels dry.
How mixt, how frail,
How sure to fail,
Is every pleasure of mankind!
A damp destroys
My blooming joys,
While Britain's glory fires my mind.
For who can gaze
On restless seas,
Unstruck with life's more restless state?
Where all are toss'd,
And most are lost
By tides of passion, blasts of fate?
The world's the main,
How vext! how vain!
Ambition swells, and Anger foams;
May good men find,
Beneath the wind,
A noiseless shore, unruffled homes!
The public scene
Of harden'd men
Teach me, O teach me to despise!
The world few know
But to their woe,
Our crimes with our experience rise;
All tender sense
Is banish'd thence,.
All maiden nature's first alarms;
What shock'd before
Disgusts no more,
And what disgusted has its charms
In landskips green
True Bliss is seen,
With Innocence, in shades, the sports;
In wealthy towns
Proud labour frowns,
And painted Sorrow smiles in courts.
These scenes untry'd
Seduc'd my pride,
To Fortune's arrows bar'd my breast;
Till Wisdom came,
A hoary dame!
And told me pleasure was in rest.
"O may I steal
"Along the vale
"Of humble life, secure from foes!
"My friend sincere!
"My judgment clear!
"And gentle business my repose!
~ Edward Young
128:To The Right Hon. Mr. Dodington
Long, Dodington, in debt, I long have sought
To ease the burden of my graceful thought:
And now a poet's gratitude you see:
Grant him two favours, and he'll ask for three:
For whose the present glory, or the gain?
You give protection, I a worthless strain.
You love and feel the poet's sacred flame,
And know the basis of a solid fame;
Though prone to like, yet cautious to commend,
You read with all the malice of a friend;
Nor favour my attempts that way alone,
But, more to raise my verse, conceal your own.
An ill-tim'd modesty! turn ages o'er,
When wanted Britain bright examples more?
Her learning, and her genius too, decays;
And dark and cold are her declining days;
As if men now were of another cast,
They meanly live on alms of ages past,
Men still are men; and they who boldly dare,
Shall triumph o'er the sons of cold despair;
Or, if they fail, they justly still take place
Of such who run in debt for their disgrace;
Who borrow much, then fairly make it known,
And damn it with improvements of their own.
We bring some new materials, and what's old
New cast with care, and in no borrow'd mould;
Late times the verse may read, if these refuse;
And from sour critics vindicate the Muse.
'Your work is long', the critics cry. 'Tis true,
And lengthens still, to take in fools like you:
Shorten my labour, if its length you blame:
For, grow but wise, you rob me of my game;
As haunted hags, who, while the dogs pursue,
Renounce their four legs, and start up on two.
Like the bold bird upon the banks of Nile
That picks the teeth of the dire crocodile,
Will I enjoy (dread feast!) the critic's rage,
And with the fell destroyer feed my page.
For what ambitious fools are more to blame,
Than those who thunder in the critic's name?
Good authors damn'd, have their revenge in this,
To see what wretches gain the praise they miss.
Balbutius, muffled in his sable cloak,
Like an old Druid from his hollow oak,
As ravens solemn, and as boding, cries,
'Ten thousand worlds for the three unities!'
Ye doctors sage, who through Parnassus teach,
Or quit the tub, or practise what you preach.
One judges as the weather dictates; right
The poem is at noon, and wrong at night:
Another judges by a surer gage,
An author's principles, or parentage;
Since his great ancestors in Flanders fell,
The poem doubtless must be written well.
Another judges by the writer's look;
Another judges, for he bought the book:
Some judge, their knack of judging wrong to keep;
Some judge, because it is too soon to sleep.
Thus all will judge, and with one single aim,
To gain themselves, not give the writer, fame.
The very best ambitiously advise,
Half to serve you, and half to pass for wise.
Critics on verse, as squibs on triumphs wait,
Proclaim the glory, and augment the state;
Hot, envious, noisy, proud, the scribbling fry
Burn, hiss, and bounce, waste paper, stink, and die.
Rail on, my friends! what more my verse can crown
Than Compton's smile, and your obliging frown?
Not all on books their criticism waste:
The genius of a dish some justly taste,
And eat their way to fame; with anxious thought
The salmon is refus'd, the turbot bought.
Impatient art rebukes the sun's delay
And bids December yield the fruits of May;
Their various cares in one great point combine
The business of their lives, that is--to dine.
Half of their precious day they give the feast;
And to a kind digestion spare the rest.
Apicius, here, the taster of the town,
Feeds twice a week, to settle their renown.
These worthies of the palate guard with care
The sacred annals of their bills of fare;
In those choice books their panegyrics read,
And scorn the creatures that for hunger feed.
If man by feeding well commences great,
Much more the worm to whom that man is meat.
To glory some advance a lying claim,
Thieves of renown, and pilferers of fame:
Their front supplies what their ambition lacks;
They know a thousand lords, behind their backs.
Cottil is apt to wink upon a peer,
When turn'd away, with a familiar leer;
And Harvey's eyes, unmercifully keen,
Have murdered fops, by whom she ne'er was seen.
Niger adopts stray libels; wisely prone,
To cover shame still greater than his own.
Bathyllus, in the winter of threescore,
Belies his innocence, and keeps a ----.
Absence of mind Brabantio turns to fame,
Learns to mistake, nor knows his brother's name;
Has words and thoughts in nice disorder set,
And takes a memorandum to forget.
Thus vain, not knowing what adorns or blots
Men forge the patents that create them sots.
As love of pleasure into pain betrays,
So most grow infamous through love of praise.
But whence for praise can such an ardour rise,
When those, who bring that incense, we despise?
For such the vanity of great and small,
Contempt goes round, and all men laugh at all.
Nor can even satire blame them; for 'tis true,
They have most ample cause for what they do
O fruitful Britain! doubtless thou wast meant
A nurse of fools, to stock the continent.
Though Phoebus and the Nine for ever mow,
Rank folly underneath the scythe will grow
The plenteous harvest calls me forward still,
Till I surpass in length my lawyer's bill;
A Welsh descent, which well-paid heralds damn;
Or, longer still, a Dutchman's epigram.
When, cloy'd, in fury I throw down my pen,
In comes a coxcomb, and I write again.
See Tityrus, with merriment possest,
Is burst with laughter, ere he hears the jest:
What need he stay? for when the jest is o'er,
His teeth will be no whiter than before.
Is there of thee, ye fair! so great a dearth,
That you need purchase monkeys for your mirth!
Some, vain of paintings, bid the world admire;
Of houses some; nay, houses that they hire:
Some (perfect wisdom!) of a beauteous wife;
And boast, like Cordeliers, a scourge for life.
Sometimes, through pride, the sexes change their airs;
My lord has vapours, and my lady swears;
Then, stranger still! on turning of the wind,
My lord wears breeches, and my lady's kind.
To show the strength, and infamy of pride,
By all 'tis follow'd, and by all denied.
What numbers are there, which at once pursue,
Praise, and the glory to contemn it, too?
Vincenna knows self-praise betrays to shame,
And therefore lays a stratagem for fame;
Makes his approach in modesty's disguise,
To win applause; and takes it by surprise.
'To err,' says he, 'in small things, is my fate.'
You know your answer, 'he's exact in great'.
'My style', says he, 'is rude and full of faults.'
'But oh! what sense! what energy of thoughts!'
That he wants algebra, he must confess;
'But not a soul to give our arms success'.
'Ah! that's an hit indeed,' Vincenna cries;
'But who in heat of blood was ever wise?
I own 'twas wrong, when thousands called me back
To make that hopeless, ill-advised attack;
All say, 'twas madness; nor dare I deny;
Sure never fool so well deserved to die.'
Could this deceive in others to be free,
It ne'er, Vincenna, could deceive in thee!
Whose conduct is a comment to thy tongue,
So clear, the dullest cannot take thee wrong.
Thou on one sleeve wilt thy revenues wear;
And haunt the court, without a prospect there.
Are these expedients for renown? Confess
Thy little self, that I may scorn thee less.
Be wise, Vincenna, and the court forsake;
Our fortunes there, nor thou, nor I, shall make.
Even men of merit, ere their point they gain,
In hardy service make a long campaign;
Most manfully besiege the patron's gate,
And oft repulsed, as oft attack the great
With painful art, and application warm.
And take, at last, some little place by storm;
Enough to keep two shoes on Sunday clean,
And starve upon discreetly, in Sheer-Lane.
Already this thy fortune can afford;
Then starve without the favour of my lord.
'Tis true, great fortunes some great men confer,
But often, even in doing right, they err:
From caprice, not from choice, their favours come:
They give, but think it toil to know to whom:
The man that's nearest, yawning, they advance:
'Tis inhumanity to bless by chance.
If merit sues, and greatness is so loth
To break its downy trance, I pity both.
Behold the masquerade's fantastic scene!
The Legislature join'd with Drury-Lane!
When Britain calls, th' embroider'd patriots run,
And serve their country--if the dance is done.
'Are we not then allow'd to be polite?'
Yes, doubtless; but first set your notions right.
Worth, of politeness is the needful ground;
Where that is wanting, this can ne'er be found.
Triflers not even in trifles can excel;
'Tis solid bodies only polish well.
Great, chosen prophet! for these latter days,
To turn a willing world from righteous ways!
Well, Heydegger, dost thou thy master serve;
Well has he seen his servant should not starve,
Thou to his name hast splendid temples raised
In various forms of worship seen him prais'd,
Gaudy devotion, like a Roman, shown,
And sung sweet anthems in a tongue unknown.
Inferior offerings to thy god of vice
Are duly paid, in fiddles, cards, and dice;
Thy sacrifice supreme, an hundred maids!
That solemn rite of midnight masquerades!
Though bold these truths, thou, Muse, with truths like these,
Wilt none offend, whom 'tis a praise to please;
Let others flatter to be flatter'd, thou
Like just tribunals, bend an awful brow.
How terrible it were to common-sense,
To write a satire, which gave none offence!
And, since from life I take the draughts you see.
If men dislike them, do they censure me?
The fool, and knave, 'tis glorious to offend,
And Godlike an attempt the world to mend,
The world, where lucky throws to blockheads fall,
Knaves know the game, and honest men pay all.
How hard for real worth to gain its price!
A man shall make his fortune in a trice,
If blest with pliant, though but slender, sense,
Feign'd modesty, and real impudence:
A supple knee, smooth tongue, an easy grace.
A curse within, a smile upon his face;
A beauteous sister, or convenient wife,
Are prizes in the lottery of life;
Genius and Virtue they will soon defeat,
And lodge you in the bosom of the great.
To merit, is but to provide a pain
For men's refusing what you ought to gain.
May, Dodington, this maxim fail in you,
Whom my presaging thoughts already view
By Walpole's conduct fired, and friendship grac'd,
Still higher in your Prince's favour plac'd:
And lending, here, those awful councils aid,
Which you, abroad, with such success obey'd!
Bear this from one, who holds your friendship dear;
What most we wish, with ease we fancy near.
~ Edward Young
129:A Poem On The Last Day - Book Iii
The book unfolding, the resplendent seat
Of saints and angels, the tremendous fate
Of guilty souls, the gloomy realms of woe,
And all the horrors of the world below,
I next presume to sing. What yet remains
Demands my last, but most exalted, strains.
And let the Muse or now affect the sky,
Or in inglorious shades for ever lie.
She kindles, she's inflamed so near the goal;
She mounts, she gains upon the starry pole;
The world grows less as she pursues her flight,
And the sun darkens to her distant sight.
Heaven, opening, all its sacred pomp displays,
And overwhelms her with the rushing blaze!
The triumph rings! archangels shout around!
And echoing Nature lengthens out the sound!
Ten thousand trumpets now at once advance;
Now deepest silence lulls the vast expanse;
So deep the silence, and so strong the blast,
As Nature died when she had groan'd her last.
Nor man nor angel moves: the Judge on high
Looks round, and with His glory fills the sky:
Then on the fatal book His hand He lays,
Which high to view supporting seraphs raise;
In solemn form the rituals are prepared,
The seal is broken, and a groan is heard.
And thou, my soul, (O fall to sudden prayer,
And let the thought sink deep!) shalt thou be there?
See on the left, (for by the great command
The throng divided falls on either hand,)
How weak, how pale, how haggard, how obscene!
What more than death in every face and mien!
With what distress, and glarings of affright,
They shock the heart, and turn away the sight!
In gloomy orbs their trembling eye-balls roll,
And tell the horrid secrets of the soul.
Each gesture mourns, each look is black with care,
And every groan is loaden with despair.
Reader, if guilty, spare the Muse, and find
A truer image pictured in thy mind.
Shouldst thou behold thy brother, father, wife,
And all the soft companions of thy life,
Whose blended interests levell'd at one aim,
Whose mix'd desires sent up one common flame,
Divided far; thy wretched self alone
Cast on the left, of all whom thou hast known;
How would it wound! What millions wouldst thou give
For one more trial, one day more to live!
Flung back in time an hour, a moment's space,
To grasp with eagerness the means of grace;
Contend for mercy with a pious rage,
And in that moment to redeem an age!
Drive back the tide, suspend a storm in air,
Arrest the sun; but still of this despair.
Mark, on the right, how amiable a grace!
Their Maker's image fresh in every face!
What purple bloom my ravish'd soul admires,
And their eyes sparkling with immortal fires!
Triumphant beauty! charms that rise above
This world, and in bless'd angels kindle love!
To the great Judge with holy pride they turn,
And dare behold the' Almighty's anger burn;
Its flash sustain, against its terror rise,
And on the dread tribunal fix their eyes.
Are these the forms that moulder'd in the dust?
O the transcendent glory of the just!
Yet still some thin remains of fear and doubt
The' infected brightness of their joy pollute.
Thus the chaste bridegroom, when the priest draws nigh,
Beholds his blessing with a trembling eye,
Feels doubtful passions throb in every vein,
And in his cheeks are mingled joy and pain,
Lest still some intervening chance should rise,
Leap forth at once, and snatch the golden prize;
Inflame his woe by bringing it so late,
And stab him in the crisis of his fate.
Since Adam's family, from first to last,
Now into one distinct survey is cast;
Look round, vain-glorious Muse, and you whoe'er
Devote yourselves to Fame, and think her fair;
Look round, and seek the lights of human race,
Whose shining acts Time's brightest annals grace;
Who founded sects; crowns conquer'd, or resign'd;
Gave names to nations, or famed empires join'd;
Who raised the vale, and laid the mountain low,
And taught obedient rivers where to flow;
Who with vast fleets, as with a mighty chain,
Could bind the madness of the roaring main:
All lost! all undistinguish'd! nowhere found!
How will this truth in Bourbon's palace sound?
That hour, on which the' Almighty King on high
From all eternity has fix'd His eye,
Whether His right hand favour'd, or annoy'd,
Continued, alter'd, threaten'd, or destroy'd;
Southern or eastern sceptre downward hurl'd,
Gave north or west dominion o'er the world;
The point of time, for which the world was built,
For which the blood of God Himself was spilt,
That dreadful moment is arrived.
Aloft, the seats of bliss their pomp display,
Brighter than brightness this distinguish'd day;
Less glorious, when of old the' eternal Son
From realms of night return'd with trophies won;
Through heaven's high gates when He triumphant rode,
And shouting angels hail'd the victor God.
Horrors, beneath, darkness in darkness, hell
Of hell, where torments behind torments dwell;
A furnace formidable, deep, and wide,
O'er-boiling with a mad sulphureous tide,
Expands its jaws, most dreadful to survey,
And roars outrageous for the destined prey.
The sons of light scarce unappall'd look down,
And nearer press Heaven's everlasting throne.
Such is the scene; and one short moment's space
Concludes the hopes and fears of human race.
Proceed who dares!-I tremble as I write;
The whole creation swims before my sight:
I see, I see, the Judge's frowning brow:
Say not, 'tis distant; I behold it now.
I faint, my tardy blood forgets to flow,
My soul recoils at the stupendous woe;
That woe, those pangs, which from the guilty breast,
In these, or words like these, shall be express'd:``Who burst the barriers of my peaceful grave?
Ah, cruel Death! that would no longer save,
But grudged me e'en that narrow dark abode,
And cast me out into the wrath of God;
Where shrieks, the roaring flame, the rattling chain,
And all the dreadful eloquence of pain,
Our only song; black fire's malignant light,
The sole refreshment of the blasted sight.
``Must all those powers Heaven gave me to supply
My soul with pleasure, and bring-in my joy,
Rise up in arms against me, join the foe,
Sense, Reason, Memory, increase my woe?
And shall my voice, ordain'd on hymns to dwell,
Corrupt to groans, and blow the fires of hell?
O! must I look with terror on my gain,
And with existence only measure pain?
What! no reprieve, no least indulgence given,
No beam of hope from any point of heaven?
Ah, Mercy! Mercy! art thou dead above?
Is love extinguish'd in the Source of Love?
``Bold that I am! did Heaven stoop down to hell?
The' expiring Lord of Life my ransom seal?
Have not I been industrious to provoke?
From His embraces obstinately broke?
Pursued, and panted for His mortal hate,
Earn'd my destruction, labour'd out my fate?
And dare I on extinguish'd love exclaim?
Take, take full vengeance, rouse the slackening flame;
Just is my lot-but O! must it transcend
The reach of time, despair a distant end?
With dreadful growth shoot forward, and arise,
Where Thought can't follow, and bold Fancy dies?
``NEVER! Where falls the soul at that dread sound?
Down an abyss how dark, and how profound!
Down, down, (I still am falling,-horrid pain!)
Ten thousand thousand fathoms still remain;
My plunge but still begun.-And this for sin?
Could I offend, if I had never been,
But still increased the senseless happy mass,
Flow'd in the stream, or shiver'd in the grass?
``Father of Mercies! why from silent earth
Didst Thou awake, and curse me into birth?
Tear me from quiet, ravish me from night,
And make a thankless present of Thy light?
Push into being a reverse of Thee,
And animate a clod with misery?
``The beasts are happy; they come forth, and keep
Short watch on earth, and then lie down to sleep.
Pain is for man; and O! how vast a pain,
For crimes which made the Godhead bleed in vain,
Annull'd His groans, as far as in them lay,
And flung His agonies and death away!
As our dire punishment for ever strong,
Our constitution too for ever young;
Cursed with returns of vigour, still the same,
Powerful to bear and satisfy the flame;
Still to be caught, and still to be pursued;
To perish still, and still to be renew'd!
``And this, my Help! my God! at Thy decree?
Nature is changed, and hell should succour me.
And canst Thou, then, look down from perfect bliss,
And see me plunging in the dark abyss?
Calling Thee Father in a sea of fire?
Or pouring blasphemies at Thy desire?
With mortals' anguish wilt Thou raise Thy name,
And by my pangs Omnipotence proclaim?
``Thou, who canst toss the planets to and fro,
Contract not Thy great vengeance to my woe;
Crush worlds; in hotter flames fallen angels lay:
On me Almighty wrath is cast away.
Call back Thy thunders, Lord, hold-in Thy rage,
Nor with a speck of wretchedness engage:
Forget me quite, nor stoop a worm to blame;
But lose me in the greatness of Thy name.
Thou art all love, all mercy, all Divine;
And shall I make those glories cease to shine?
Shall sinful man grow great by his offence,
And from its course turn back Omnipotence?
``Forbid it! and O! grant, great God, at least
This one, this slender, almost no request:
When I have wept a thousand lives away,
When torment is grown weary of its prey,
When I have raved ten thousand years in fire,
Ten thousand thousand, let me then expire.''
Deep anguish, but too late! The hopeless soul,
Bound to the bottom of the burning pool,
Though loath, and ever loud blaspheming, owns,
He's justly doom'd to pour eternal groans;
Enclosed with horrors, and transfix'd with pain,
Rolling in vengeance, struggling with his chain;
To talk to fiery tempests; to implore
The raging flame to give its burnings o'er;
To toss, to writhe, to pant beneath his load,
And bear the weight of an offended God.
The favour'd of their Judge in triumph move
To take possession of their thrones above;
Satan's accursed desertion to supply,
And fill the vacant stations of the sky;
Again to kindle long-extinguish'd rays,
And with new lights dilate the heavenly blaze;
To crop the roses of immortal youth,
And drink the fountain-head of sacred truth;
To swim in seas of bliss, to strike the string,
And lift the voice to their Almighty King;
To lose eternity in grateful lays,
And fill heaven's wide circumference with praise.
But I attempt the wondrous height in vain,
And leave unfinish'd the too lofty strain;
What boldly I begin, let others end;
My strength exhausted, fainting I descend,
And choose a less, but no ignoble, theme,Dissolving elements, and worlds in flame.
The fatal period, the great hour, is come,
And Nature shrinks at her approaching doom;
Loud peals of thunder give the sign, and all
Heaven's terrors in array surround the ball;
Sharp lightnings with the meteors' blaze conspire,
And, darted downward, set the world on fire;
Black rising clouds the thicken'd ether choke,
And spiry flames dart through the rolling smoke,
With keen vibrations cut the sullen night,
And strike the darken'd sky with dreadful light;
From heaven's four regions, with immortal force,
Angels drive-on the wind's impetuous course
To' enrage the flame: it spreads, it soars on high,
Swells in the storm, and billows through the sky:
Here winding pyramids of fire ascend,
Cities and deserts in one ruin blend;
Here blazing volumes, wafted, overwhelm
The spacious face of a far-distant realm;
There, undermined, down rush eternal hills,
The neighbouring vales the vast destruction fills.
Hear'st thou that dreadful crack? that sound which broke
Like peals of thunder, and the centre shook?
What wonders must that groan of Nature tell!
Olympus there, and mightier Atlas, fell;
Which seem'd above the reach of fate to stand,
A towering monument of God's right hand;
Now dust and smoke, whose brow so lately spread
O'er shelter'd countries its diffusive shade.
Show me that celebrated spot, where all
The various rulers of the sever'd ball
Have humbly sought wealth, honour, and redress,
That land which Heaven seem'd diligent to bless,
Once call'd Britannia: can her glories end?
And can't surrounding seas her realms defend?
Alas! in flames behold surrounding seas!
Like oil, their waters but augment the blaze.
Some angel say, Where ran proud Asia's bound?
Or where with fruits was fair Europa crown'd?
Where stretch'd waste Libya? Where did India's store
Sparkle in diamonds, and her golden ore?
Each lost in each, their mingling kingdoms glow,
And all, dissolved, one fiery deluge flow:
Thus earth's contending monarchies are join'd,
And a full period of ambition find.
And now whate'er or swims, or walks, or flies,
Inhabitants of sea, or earth, or skies;
All on whom Adam's wisdom fix'd a name;
All plunge and perish in the conquering flame.
This globe alone would but defraud the fire,
Starve its devouring rage: the flakes aspire,
And catch the clouds, and make the heavens their prey;
The sun, the moon, the stars, all melt away;
All, all is lost; no monument, no sign,
Where once so proudly blazed the gay machine.
So bubbles on the foaming stream expire,
So sparks that scatter from the kindling fire.
The devastations of one dreadful hour
The great Creator's six days' work devour.
A mighty, mighty ruin! yet one soul
Has more to boast, and far outweighs the whole;
Exalted in superior excellence,
Casts down to nothing such a vast expense.
Have you not seen the' eternal mountains nod,
An earth dissolving, a descending God?
What strange surprises through all nature ran!
For whom these revolutions, but for man?
For him, Omnipotence new measures takes,
For him, through all eternity awakes;
Pours on him gifts sufficient to supply
Heaven's loss, and with fresh glories fill the sky.
Think deeply then, O man, how great thou art;
Pay thyself homage with a trembling heart.
What angels guard, no longer dare neglect;
Slighting thyself, affront not God's respect.
Enter the sacred temple of thy breast,
And gaze, and wander there, a ravish'd guest;
Gaze on those hidden treasures thou shalt find,
Wander through all the glories of thy mind.
Of perfect knowledge, see, the dawning light
Foretells a noon most exquisitely bright!
Here springs of endless joy are breaking forth!
There buds the promise of celestial worth!
Worth, which must ripen in a happier clime,
And brighter sun, beyond the bounds of time.
Thou, minor, canst not guess thy vast estate,
What stores, on foreign coasts, thy landing wait:
Lose not thy claim: let virtue's path be trod;
Thus glad all heaven, and please that bounteous God,
Who, to light thee to pleasures, hung on high
Yon radiant orb, proud regent of the sky;
That service done, its beams shall fade away,
And God shine forth in one eternal day.
~ Edward Young
130:A Poem On The Last Day - Book Ii
Now man awakes, and from his silent bed,
Where he has slept for ages, lifts his head;
Shakes off the slumber of ten thousand years,
And on the borders of new worlds appears.
Whate'er the bold, the rash adventure cost,
In wide Eternity I dare be lost.
The Muse is wont in narrow bounds to sing,
To teach the swain, or celebrate the king.
I grasp the whole, no more to parts confined,
I lift my voice, and sing to human kind:
I sing to men and angels; angels join,
While such the theme, their sacred songs with mine.
Again the trumpet's intermitted sound
Rolls the wide circuit of creation round,
An universal concourse to prepare
Of all that ever breathed the vital air;
In some wide field, which active whirlwinds sweep,
Drive cities, forests, mountains to the deep,
To smooth and lengthen out the' unbounded space,
And spread an area for all human race.
Now monuments prove faithful to their trust,
And render back their long committed dust.
Now charnels rattle; scatter'd limbs, and all
The various bones, obsequious to the call,
Self-moved, advance; the neck perhaps to meet
The distant head; the distant legs, the feet.
Dreadful to view, see through the dusky sky
Fragments of bodies in confusion fly,
To distant regions journeying, there to claim
Deserted members, and complete the frame.
When the world bow'd to Rome's almighty sword,
Rome bow'd to Pompey, and confess'd her lord.
Yet, one day lost, this deity below
Became the scorn and pity of his foe.
His blood a traitor's sacrifice was made,
And smoked indignant on a ruffian's blade.
No trumpet's sound, no gasping army's yell,
Bid, with due horror, his great soul farewell.
Obscure his fall: all weltering in his gore,
His trunk was cast to perish on the shore!
While Julius frown'd the bloody monster dead,
Who brought the world in his great rival's head.
This sever'd head and trunk shall join once more,
Though realms now rise between, and oceans roar.
The trumpet's sound each vagrant-mote shall hear,
Or fix'd in earth, or if afloat in air,
Obey the signal wafted in the wind,
And not one sleeping atom lag behind.
So swarming bees, that, on a summer's day,
In airy rings and wild meanders play,
Charm'd with the brasen sound, their wanderings end,
And, gently circling, on a bough descend.
The body thus renew'd, the conscious soul,
Which has perhaps been fluttering near the pole,
Or midst the burning planets wondering stray'd,
Or hover'd o'er where her pale corpse was laid;
Or rather coasted on her final state,
And fear'd or wish'd for her appointed fate:
This soul, returning with a constant flame,
Now weds for ever her immortal frame.
Life, which ran down before, so high is wound,
The springs maintain an everlasting round.
Thus a frail model of the work design'd
First takes a copy of the builder's mind,
Before the structure firm with lasting oak,
And marble bowels of the solid rock,
Turns the strong arch, and bids the columns rise,
And bear the lofty palace to the skies;
The wrongs of Time enabled to surpass,
With bars of adamant, and ribs of brass.
That ancient, sacred, and illustrious dome,
Where soon or late fair Albion's heroes come,
From camps and courts, though great, or wise, or just,
To feed the worm, and moulder into dust;
That solemn mansion of the royal dead,
Where passing slaves o'er sleeping monarchs tread,
Now populous o'erflows: a numerous race
Of rising kings fill all the' extended space.
A life well-spent, not the victorious sword,
Awards the crown, and styles the greater lord.
Nor monuments alone, and burial earth,
Labour with man to this his second birth;
But where gay palaces in pomp arise,
And gilded theatres invade the skies,
Nations shall wake, whose unrespected bones
Support the pride of their luxurious sons.
The most magnificent and costly dome
Is but an upper chamber to a tomb.
No spot on earth but has supplied a grave,
And human skulls the spacious ocean pave.
All's full of man; and at this dreadful turn,
The swarm shall issue, and the hive shall burn.
Not all at once, nor in like manner, rise:
Some lift with pain their slow unwilling eyes;
Shrink backward from the terror of the light,
And bless the grave, and call for lasting night.
Others, whose long-attempted virtue stood
Fix'd as a rock, and broke the rushing flood;
Whose firm resolve nor beauty could melt down,
Nor raging tyrants from their posture frown:Such, in this day of horrors, shall be seen
To face the thunders with a godlike mien:
The planets drop, their thoughts are fix'd above;
The centre shakes, their hearts disdain to move:
An earth dissolving, and a heaven thrown wide,
A yawning gulf, and fiends on every side,
Serene they view, impatient of delay,
And bless the dawn of everlasting day.
Here greatness prostrate falls; there strength gives place:
Here lazars smile; there beauty hides her face.
Christians, and Jews, and Turks, and Pagans stand,
A blended throng, one undistinguish'd band.
Some who, perhaps, by mutual wounds expired,
With zeal for their distinct persuasions fired,
In mutual friendship their long slumber break,
And hand in hand their Saviour's love partake.
But none are flush'd with brighter joy, or, warm
With juster confidence, enjoy the storm,
Than those whose pious bounties, unconfined,
Have made them public fathers of mankind.
In that illustrious rank, what shining light
With such distinguish'd glory fills my sight?
Bend down, my grateful Muse, that homage show
Which to such worthies thou art proud to owe.
Wykeham, Fox, Chicheley! hail, illustrious names,
Who to far-distant times dispense your beams!
Beneath your shades, and near your crystal springs,
I first presumed to touch the trembling strings.
All hail, thrice-honour'd! 'Twas your great renown
To bless a people, and oblige a crown.
And now you rise, eternally to shine,
Eternally to drink the rays Divine.
Indulgent God! O how shall mortal raise
His soul to due returns of grateful praise,
For bounty so profuse to human kind,
Thy wondrous gift of an eternal mind?
Shall I, who, some few years ago, was less
Than worm, or mite, or shadow can express,Was nothing; shall I live, when every fire
And every star shall languish and expire?
When earth's no more, shall I survive above,
And through the radiant files of angels move?
Or, as before the throne of God I stand,
See new worlds rolling from His spacious hand,
Where our adventures shall perhaps be taught,
As we now tell how Michael sung or fought?
All that has being in full concert join,
And celebrate the depths of Love Divine!
But O! before this blissful state, before
The' aspiring soul this wondrous height can soar,
The Judge, descending, thunders from afar,
And all mankind is summon'd to the bar.
This mighty scene I next presume to draw:
Attend, great Anna, with religious awe.
Expect not here the known successful arts
To win attention, and command our hearts:
Fiction, be far away; let no machine
Descending here, no fabled God, be seen:
Behold the God of gods indeed descend,
And worlds unnumber'd His approach attend!
Lo! the wide theatre, whose ample space
Must entertain the whole of human race,
At Heaven's all-powerful edict is prepared,
And fenced around with an immortal guard.
Tribes, provinces, dominions, worlds o'erflow
The mighty plain, and deluge all below:
And every age and nation pours along;
Nimrod and Bourbon mingle in the throng;
Adam salutes his youngest son; no sign
Of all those ages which their births disjoin.
How empty learning, and how vain is art,
But as it mends the life, and guides the heart!
What volumes have been swell'd, what time been spent,
To fix a hero's birth-day or descent!
What joy must it now yield, what rapture raise,
To see the glorious race of ancient days!
To greet those worthies who perhaps have stood
Illustrious on record before the flood!
Alas! a nearer care your soul demands,
Caesar unnoted in your presence stands.
How vast the concourse! not in number more
The waves that break on the resounding shore,
The leaves that tremble in the shady grove,
The lamps that gild the spangled vault above.
Those overwhelming armies, whose command
Said to one empire, ``Fall;'' another, ``Stand;''
Whose rear lay wrapp'd in night, while breaking dawn
Roused the broad front, and call'd the battle on:
Great Xerxes' world in arms, proud Cannae's field,
Where Carthage taught victorious Rome to yield;
(Another blow had broke the Fates' decree,
And earth had wanted her fourth monarchy
Immortal Blenheim, famed Ramillia's host:They all are here, and here they all are lost:
Their millions swell to be discern'd in vain,
Lost as a billow in the' unbounded main.
This echoing voice now rends the yielding air,
For judgment, judgment, sons of men, prepare!
Earth shakes anew; I hear her groans profound;
And hell through all her trembling realms resound.
Whoe'er thou art, thou greatest power of earth,
Bless'd with most equal planets at thy birth:
Whose valour drew the most successful sword,
Most realms united in one common lord;
Who, on the day of triumph, saidst, ``Be Thine
The skies, Jehovah: all this world is mine:''
Dare not to lift thine eye.-Alas! my Muse,
How art thou lost! what numbers canst thou choose?
A sudden blush inflames the waving sky,
And now the crimson curtains open fly;
Lo! far within, and far above all height,
Where heaven's great Sovereign reigns in worlds of light;
Whence Nature He informs, and, with one ray
Shot from His eye, does all her works survey,
Creates, supports, confounds! where time, and place,
Matter, and form, and fortune, life, and grace,
Wait humbly at the footstool of their God,
And move obedient at His awful nod;
Whence He beholds us vagrant emmets crawl
At random on this air-suspended ball:
(Speck of creation!) if He pour one breath,
The bubble breaks, and 'tis eternal death.
Thence issuing I behold, (but mortal sight
Sustains not such a rushing sea of light!)
I see, on an empyreal flying throne
Sublimely raised, Heaven's everlasting Son;
Crown'd with that majesty which form'd the world,
And the grand rebel flaming downward hurl'd
Virtue, Dominion, Praise, Omnipotence,
Support the train of their triumphant Prince.
A zone, beyond the thought of angels bright,
Around Him, like the zodiac, winds its light.
Night shades the solemn arches of His brows,
And in His cheek the purple morning glows.
Where'er serene He turns propitious eyes,
Or we expect, or find, a Paradise:
But if resentment reddens their mild beams,
The Eden kindles, and the world's in flames.
On one hand, Knowledge shines in purest light;
On one, the sword of Justice, fiercely bright.
Now bend the knee in sport, present the reed;
Now tell the scourged impostor He shall bleed!
Thus glorious through the courts of heaven the Source
Of life and death eternal bends His course;
Loud thunders round Him roll, and lightnings play;
The' angelic host is ranged in bright array:
Some touch the string, some strike the sounding shell,
And mingling voices in rich concert swell;
Voices seraphic! bless'd with such a strain,
Could Satan hear, he were a god again.
Triumphant King of Glory! Soul of Bliss!
What a stupendous turn of fate is this!
O whither art thou raised above the scorn
And indigence of Him in Bethlem born!
A needless, helpless, unaccounted guest,
And but a second to the fodder'd beast!
How changed from Him who, meekly prostrate laid,
Vouchsafed to wash the feet Himself had made!
From Him who was betray'd, forsook, denied,
Wept, languish'd, pray'd, bled, thirsted, groan'd, and died;
Hung pierced and bare, insulted by the foe,
All heaven in tears above, earth unconcern'd below!
And was't enough to bid the sun retire?
Why did not Nature at Thy groan expire?
I see, I hear, I feel, the pangs Divine;
The world is vanish'd,-I am wholly Thine.
Mistaken Caiaphas! Ah! which blasphemed,Thou, or thy Prisoner? which shall be condemn'd?
Well mightst thou rend thy garments, well exclaim;
Deep are the horrors of eternal flame!
But God is good! 'Tis wondrous all! E'en He
Thou gavest to death, shame, torture, died for thee.
Now the descending triumph stops its flight
From earth full twice a planetary height.
There all the clouds, condensed, two columns raise
Distinct with orient veins, and golden blaze:
One fix'd on earth, and one in sea, and round
Its ample foot the swelling billows sound.
These an immeasurable arch support,
The grand tribunal of this awful court.
Sheets of bright azure, from the purest sky,
Stream from the crystal arch, and round the columns fly.
Death, wrapp'd in chains, low at the basis lies,
And on the point of his own arrow dies.
Here high-enthroned the' eternal Judge is placed,
With all the grandeur of His Godhead graced;
Stars on His robes in beauteous order meet,
And the sun burns beneath His awful feet.
Now an archangel eminently bright,
From off his silver staff of wondrous height,
Unfurls the Christian flag, which waving flies,
And shuts and opens more than half the skies:
The cross so strong a red, it sheds a stain,
Where'er it floats, on earth, and air, and main;
Flushes the hill, and sets on fire the wood,
And turns the deep-dyed ocean into blood.
O formidable Glory! dreadful bright!
Refulgent torture to the guilty sight.
Ah, turn, unwary Muse, nor dare reveal
What horrid thoughts with the polluted dwell.
Say not, (to make the Sun shrink in his beam,)
Dare not affirm, they wish it all a dream;
Wish, or their souls may with their limbs decay,
Or God be spoil'd of His eternal sway.
But rather, if thou know'st the means, unfold
How they with transport might the scene behold.
Ah how, but by repentance, by a mind
Quick and severe its own offence to find;
By tears, and groans, and never-ceasing care,
And all the pious violence of prayer?
Thus then, with fervency till now unknown,
I cast my heart before the' eternal throne,
In this great temple, which the skies surround,
For homage to its Lord a narrow bound:``O Thou! whose balance does the mountains weigh,
Whose will the wild tumultuous seas obey,
Whose breath can turn those watery worlds to flame,
That flame to tempest, and that tempest tame;
Earth's meanest son, all trembling, prostrate falls,
And on the Boundless of Thy goodness calls.
``O give the winds all past offence to sweep,
To scatter wide, or bury in the deep!
Thy power, my weakness, may I ever see,
And wholly dedicate my soul to Thee.
Reign o'er my will; my passions ebb and flow
At Thy command, nor human motive know.
If anger boil, let anger be my praise,
And sin the graceful indignation raise.
My love be warm to succour the distress'd,
And lift the burden from the soul oppress'd.
O may my understanding ever read
This glorious volume, which Thy wisdom made!
Who decks the maiden Spring with flowery pride?
Who calls forth Summer, like a sparkling bride?
Who joys the mother Autumn's bed to crown,
And bids old Winter lay her honours down?
Not the great Ottoman, or greater Czar,
Not Europe's arbitress of peace and war.
May sea and land, and earth and heaven, be join'd,
To bring the' eternal Author to my mind!
When oceans roar, or awful thunders roll,
May thoughts of Thy dread vengeance shake my soul!
When earth's in bloom, or planets proudly shine,
Adore, my heart, the Majesty Divine!
``Through every scene of life, or peace or war,
Plenty or want, Thy glory be my care!
Shine we in arms? or sing beneath our vine?
Thine is the vintage, and the conquest Thine:
Thy pleasure points the shaft, and bends the bow;
The cluster blasts, or bids it brightly glow:
'Tis Thou that lead'st our powerful armies forth,
And giv'st great Anne Thy sceptre o'er the north.
``Grant I may ever, at the morning ray,
Open with prayer the consecrated day;
Tune Thy great praise, and bid my soul arise,
And with the mounting sun ascend the skies:
As that advances, let my zeal improve,
And glow with ardour of consummate love;
Nor cease at eve, but with the setting sun
My endless worship shall be still begun.
``And O! permit the gloom of solemn night
To sacred thought may forcibly invite.
When this world's shut, and awful planets rise,
Call on our minds, and raise them to the skies;
Compose our souls with a less dazzling sight,
And show all nature in a milder light;
How every boisterous thought in calms subsides!
How the smooth'd spirit into goodness glides!
O how Divine! to tread the Milky Way,
To the bright palace of the Lord of Day;
His court admire, or for His favour sue,
Or leagues of friendship with His saints renew;
Pleased to look down, and see the world asleep,
While I long vigils to its Founder keep!
``Canst Thou not shake the centre? O control,
Subdue by force, the rebel in my soul!
Thou, who canst still the raging of the flood,
Restrain the various tumults of my blood;
Teach me, with equal firmness, to sustain
Alluring pleasure, and assaulting pain.
O may I pant for Thee in each desire!
And with strong faith foment the holy fire!
Stretch out my soul in hope, and grasp the prize
Which in Eternity's deep bosom lies!
At the great day of recompence behold,
Devoid of fear, the fatal book unfold!
Then, wafted upward to the blissful seat,
From age to age my grateful song repeat;
My Light, my Life, my God, my Saviour see,
And rival angels in the praise of Thee!''
~ Edward Young
131:Resignation Pt 1
The days how few, how short the years
Of man's too rapid race!
Each leaving, as it swiftly flies,
A shorter in its place.
They who the longest lease enjoy,
Have told us with a sigh,
That to be born seems little more
Than to begin to die.
Numbers there are who feel this truth
With fears alarm'd; and yet,
In life's delusions lull'd asleep,
This weighty truth forget:
And am not I to these akin?
Age slumbers o'er the quill;
Its honour blots, whate'er it writes,
And am I writing still?
Conscious of nature in decline,
And languor in my thoughts;
To soften censure, and abate
Its rigour on my faults
Permit me, madam! ere to you
The promis'd verse I pay,
To touch on felt infirmity,
Sad sister of decay.
One world deceas'd, another born,
Like Noah they behold,
O'er whose white hairs, and furrow'd brows,
Too many suns have roll'd:
Happy the patriarch! he rejoic'd
His second world to see:
My second world, though gay the scene,
Can boast no charms for me.
To me this brilliant age appears
With desolation spread;
Near all with whom I liv'd, and smil'd,
Whilst life was life, are dead;
And with them died my joys; the grave
Has broken nature's laws;
And clos'd, against this feeble frame,
Its partial cruel jaws;
Cruel to spare! condemn'd to life!
A cloud impairs my sight;
My weak hand disobeys my will,
And trembles as I write.
What shall I write? Thalia, tell;
Say, long abandon'd muse!
What field of fancy shall I range?
What subject shall I choose?
A choice of moment high inspire,
And rescue me from shame,
For doting on thy charms so late,
By grandeur in my theme.
the themes, which most admire,
dazzle, or amaze,
renown'd exploits of war,
charms, or empire's blaze,
Are themes, which, in a world of woe
Can best appease our pain;
And, in an age of gaudy guilt,
Gay folly's flood restrain;
Amidst the storms of life support
A calm, unshaken mind;
And with unfading laurels crown
The brow of the resign'd.
O resignation! yet unsung,
Untouch'd by former strains;
Though claiming every muse's smile,
And every poet's pains,
Beneath life's evening, solemn shade,
I dedicate my page
To thee, thou safest guard of youth!
Thou sole support of age!
All other duties crescents are
Of virtue faintly bright,
The glorious consummation, thou!
Which fills her orb with light:
How rarely fill'd! the love divine
In evils to discern,
This the first lesson which we want,
The latest, which we learn;
A melancholy truth! for know,
Could our proud hearts resign,
The distance greatly would decrease
'Twixt human and divine.
But though full noble is my theme,
Full urgent is my call
To soften sorrow, and forbid
The bursting tear to fall:
The task I dread; dare I to leave
Of humble prose the shore,
And put to sea? a dangerous sea?
What throngs have sunk before!
How proud the poet's billow swells!
The God! the God! his boast:
A boast how vain! What wrecks abound!
Dead bards stench every coast.
What then am I? Shall I presume,
On such a moulten wing,
Above the general wreck to rise,
And in my winter, sing;
When nightingales, when sweetest bards
Confine their charming song
To summer's animating heats,
Content to warble young?
Yet write I must; a lady(49) sues;
How shameful her request!
My brain in labour for dull rhyme!
Hers teeming with the best!
But you a stranger will excuse,
Nor scorn his feeble strain;
To you a stranger, but, through fate,
No stranger to your pain.
The ghost of grief deceas'd ascends,
His old wound bleeds anew;
His sorrows are recall'd to life
By those he sees in you;
Too well he knows the twisting strings
Of ardent hearts combin'd
When rent asunder, how they bleed,
How hard to be resign'd:
Those tears you pour, his eyes have shed;
The pang you feel, he felt;
Thus nature, loud as virtue, bids
His heart at yours to melt.
But what can heart, or head, suggest?
What sad experience say?
Through truths austere, to peace we work
Our rugged, gloomy way:
What are we? whence? for what? and whither?
Who know not, needs must mourn;
But thought, bright daughter of the skies!
Can tears to triumph turn.
Thought is our armour, 'tis the mind's
Impenetrable shield,
When, sent by fate, we meet our foes,
In sore affliction's field;
It plucks the frightful mask from ills,
Forbids pale fear to hide,
Beneath that dark disguise, a friend,
Which turns affection's tide.
Affection frail! train'd up by sense,
From reason's channel strays:
And whilst it blindly points at peace,
Our peace to pain betrays.
Thought winds its fond, erroneous stream
From daily dying flowers,
To nourish rich immortal blooms,
In amaranthine bowers;
Whence throngs, in ecstasy, look down
On what once shock'd their sight;
And thank the terrors of the past
For ages of delight.
All withers here; who most possess
Are losers by their gain,
Stung by full proof, that, bad at best,
Life's idle all is vain:
Vain, in its course, life's murmuring stream;
Did not its course offend,
But murmur cease; life, then, would seem
Still vainer, from its end.
How wretched! who, through cruel fate,
Have nothing to lament!
With the poor alms this world affords
Deplorably content!
Had not the Greek his world mistook,
His wish had been most wise;
To be content with but one world,
Like him, we should despise.
Of earth's revenue would you state
A full account and fair?
We hope; and hope; and hope; then cast
The total up--_Despair._
Since vain all here, all future, vast,
Embrace the lot assign'd;
Heaven wounds to heal; its frowns are friends;
Its stroke severe, most kind.
But in laps'd nature rooted deep,
Blind error domineers;
And on fools' errands, in the dark,
Sends out our hopes and fears;
Bids us for ever pains deplore,
Our pleasures overprize;
These oft persuade us to be weak;
Those urge us to be wise.
From virtue's rugged path to right
By pleasure are we brought,
To flowery fields of wrong, and there
Pain chides us for our fault:
Yet whilst it chides, it speaks of peace
If folly is withstood;
And says, time pays an easy price,
For our eternal good.
In earth's dark cot, and in an hour,
And in delusion great,
What an economist is man
To spend his whole estate,
And beggar an eternity!
For which as he was born,
More worlds than one against it weigh'd,
As feathers he should scorn.
Say not, your loss in triumph leads
Religion's feeble strife;
Joys future amply reimburse
Joys bankrupts of this life.
But not deferr'd your joy so long,
It bears an early date;
Affliction's ready pay in hand,
Befriends our present state;
What are the tears, which trickle down
Her melancholy face,
Like liquid pearl? Like pearls of price,
They purchase lasting peace.
Grief softens hearts, and curbs the will,
Impetuous passion tames,
And keeps insatiate, keen desire
From launching in extremes.
Through time's dark womb, our judgment right,
If our dim eye was thrown,
Clear should we see, the will divine
Has but forestall'd our own;
At variance with our future wish,
Self-sever'd we complain;
If so, the wounded, not the wound,
Must answer for the pain:
The day shall come, and swift of wing,
Though you may think it slow,
When, in the list of fortune's smiles,
You'll enter frowns of woe.
For mark the path of Providence;
This course it has pursued'Pain is the parent, woe the womb,
Of sound, important good:'
Our hearts are fasten'd to this world
By strong and endless ties:
And every sorrow cuts a string,
And urges us to rise:
'Twill sound severe-Yet rest assur'd
I'm studious of your peace;
Though I should dare to give you joyYes, joy of his decease:
An hour shall come, (you question this,)
An hour, when you shall bless,
Beyond the brightest beams of life,
Dark days of your distress.
Hear then without surprise a truth,
A daughter truth to this,
Swift turns of fortune often tie
A bleeding heart to bliss:
Esteem you this a paradox?
My sacred motto read;
A glorious truth! divinely sung
By one, whose heart had bled;
To resignation swift he flew,
In her a friend he found,
A friend, which bless'd him with a smile
When gasping with his wound.
On earth nought precious is obtain'd
But what is painful too;
By travel, and to travel born,
Our sabbaths are but few:
To real joy we work our way,
Encountering many a shock,
Ere found what truly charms; as found
A Venus in the block.
In some disaster, some severe
Appointment for our sins,
That mother blessing, (not so call'd,)
True happiness, begins.
No martyr e'er defied the flames,
By stings of life unvext;
First rose some quarrel with this world,
Then passion for the next.
You see, then, pangs are parent pangs,
The pangs of happy birth;
Pangs, by which only can be born
True happiness on earth.
The peopled earth look all around,
Or through time's records run!
And say, what is a man unstruck?
It is a man undone.
This moment, am I deeply stungMy bold pretence is tried;
When vain man boasts, heaven puts to proof
The vauntings of his pride;
Now need I, madam! your support.How exquisite the smart;
How critically tim'd the news(50)
Which strikes me to the heart!
The pangs of which I spoke, I feel:
If worth like thine is born,
O long-belov'd! I bless the blow,
And triumph, whilst I mourn.
Nor mourn I long; by grief subdued,
By reason's empire shown;
Deep anguish comes by heaven's decree,
Continues by our own;
And when continued past its point,
Indulg'd in length of time,
Grief is disgrac'd, and, what was fate,
Corrupts into a crime:
And shall I, criminally mean,
Myself and subject wrong?
No; my example shall support
The subject of my song.
Madam! I grant your loss is great;
Nor little is your gain?
Let that be weigh'd; when weigh'd aright,
It richly pays your pain:
When heaven would kindly set us free,
And earth's enchantment end;
It takes the most effectual means,
And robs us of a friend.
But such a friend! and sigh no more?
'Tis prudent; but severe:
Heaven aid my weakness, and I drop
All sorrow-with this tear.
Perhaps your settled grief to soothe,
I should not vainly strive,
But with soft balm your pain assuage,
Had he been still alive;
Whose frequent aid brought kind relief,
In my distress of thought,
Ting'd with his beams my cloudy page,
And beautified a fault:
To touch our passions' secret springs
Was his peculiar care;
And deep his happy genius div'd
In bosoms of the fair;
Nature, which favours to the few,
All art beyond, imparts,
To him presented, at his birth,
The key of human hearts.
But not to me by him bequeath'd
His gentle, smooth address;
His tender hand to touch the wound
In throbbing of distress;
Howe'er, proceed I must, unbless'd
With Esculapian art:
Know, love sometimes, mistaken love!
Plays disaffection's part:
Nor lands, nor seas, nor suns, nor stars,
Can soul from soul divide;
They correspond from distant worlds,
Though transports are denied:
Are you not, then, unkindly kind?
Is not your love severe?
O! stop that crystal source of woe;
Nor wound him with a tear.
As those above from human bliss
Receive increase of joy;
May not a stroke from human woe,
In part, their peace destroy?
He lives in those he left;-to what?
Your, now, paternal care,
Clear from its cloud your brighten'd eye,
It will discern him there;
In features, not of form alone,
But those, I trust, of mind;
Auspicious to the public weal,
And to their fate resign'd.
Think on the tempests he sustain'd;
Revolve his battles won;
And let those prophesy your joy
From such a father's son:
Is consolation what you seek?
Fan, then, his martial fire:
And animate to flame the sparks
Bequeath'd him by his sire:
As nothing great is born in haste,
Wise nature's time allow;
His father's laurels may descend,
And flourish on his brow.
Nor, madam! be surpris'd to hear
That laurels may be due
Not more to heroes of the field,
(Proud boasters!) than to you:
Tender as is the female frame,
Like that brave man you mourn,
You are a soldier, and to fight
Superior battles born;
Beneath a banner nobler far
Than ever was unfurl'd
In fields of blood; a banner bright!
High wav'd o'er all the world.
It, like a streaming meteor, casts
A universal light;
Sheds day, sheds more, eternal day
On nations whelm'd in night.
Beneath that banner, what exploit
Can mount our glory higher,
Than to sustain the dreadful blow,
When those we love expire?
Go forth a moral Amazon;
Arm'd with undaunted thought;
The battle won, though costing dear,
You'll think it cheaply bought:
The passive hero, who sits down
Unactive, and can smile
Beneath affliction's galling load,
Out-acts a Caesar's toil:
The billows stain'd by slaughter'd foes
Inferior praise afford;
Reason's a bloodless conqueror,
More glorious than the sword.
Nor can the thunders of huzzas,
From shouting nations, cause
Such sweet delight, as from your heart
Soft whispers of applause:
The dear deceas'd so fam'd in arms,
With what delight he'll view
His triumphs on the main outdone,
Thus conquer'd, twice, by you.
Share his delight; take heed to shun
Of bosoms most diseas'd
That odd distemper, an absurd
Reluctance to be pleas'd:
Some seem in love with sorrow's charms,
And that foul fiend embrace:
This temper let me justly brand,
And stamp it with disgrace:
Sorrow! of horrid parentage!
Thou second-born of hell!
Against heaven's endless mercies pour'd
How dar'st thou to rebel?
From black and noxious vapours bred,
And nurs'd by want of thought,
And to the door of phrensy's self
By perseverance brought,
Thy most inglorious, coward tears
From brutal eyes have ran:
Smiles, incommunicable smiles!
Are radiant marks of man;
They cast a sudden glory round
Th' illumin'd human face;
And light in sons of honest joy
Some beams of Moses' face:
Is resignation's lesson hard?
Examine, we shall find
That duty gives up little more
Than anguish of the mind;
Resign; and all the load of life
That moment you remove,
Its heavy tax, ten thousand cares
Devolve on one above;
Who bids us lay our burthen down
On his almighty hand,
Softens our duty to relief,
To blessing a command.
For joy what cause! how every sense
Is courted from above
The year around, with presents rich,
The growth of endless love!
But most o'erlook the blessings pour'd,
Forget the wonders done,
And terminate, wrapp'd up in sense,
Their prospect at the sun;
From that, their final point of view,
From that their radiant goal,
On travel infinite of thought,
Sets out the nobler soul,
Broke loose from time's tenacious ties,
And earth's involving gloom,
To range at last its vast domain,
And talk with worlds to come:
They let unmark'd, and unemploy'd,
Life's idle moments run;
And doing nothing for themselves,
Imagine nothing done;
Fatal mistake! their fate goes on,
Their dread account proceeds,
And their not doing is set down
Amongst their darkest deeds;
Though man sits still, and takes his ease;
God is at work on man;
No means, no moment unemployed,
To bless him, if he can.
But man consents not, boldly bent
To fashion his own fate;
Man, a mere bungler in the trade,
Repents his crime too late;
Hence loud laments: let me thy cause,
Indulgent father! plead;
Of all the wretches we deplore,
Not one by thee was made.
What is thy whole creation fair?
Of love divine the child;
Love brought it forth; and, from its birth,
Has o'er it fondly smil'd:
Now, and through periods distant far,
Long ere the world began,
Heaven is, and has in travail been,
Its birth the good of man;
Man holds in constant service bound
The blustering winds and seas;
Nor suns disdain to travel hard
Their master, man, to please:
To final good the worst events
Through secret channels run;
Finish for man their destin'd course,
As 'twas for man begun.
One point (observ'd, perhaps, by few)
Has often smote, and smites
My mind, as demonstration strong;
That heaven in man delights:
What's known to man of things unseen,
Of future worlds, or fates?
So much, nor more, than what to man's
Sublime affairs relates;
What's revelation then? a list,
An inventory just
Of that poor insect's goods, so late
Call'd out of night and dust.
What various motives to rejoice!
To render joy sincere,
Has this no weight? our joy is felt
Beyond this narrow sphere:
Would we in heaven new heaven create,
And double its delight?
A smiling world, when heaven looks down,
How pleasing in its sight!
Angels stoop forward from their thrones
To hear its joyful lays;
As incense sweet enjoy, and join,
Its aromatic praise:
Have we no cause to fear the stroke
Of heaven's avenging rod,
When we presume to counteract
A sympathetic God?
If we resign, our patience makes
His rod an armless wand;
If not, it darts a serpent's sting,
Like that in Moses' hand;
Like that, it swallows up whate'er
Earth's vain magicians bring,
Whose baffled arts would boast below
Of joys a rival spring.
Consummate love! the list how large
Of blessings from thy hand!
To banish sorrow, and be blest,
Is thy supreme command.
Are such commands but ill obey'd?
Of bliss, shall we complain?
The man, who dares to be a wretch,
Deserves still greater pain.
Joy is our duty, glory, health;
The sunshine of the soul;
Our best encomium on the power
Who sweetly plans the whole:
Joy is our Eden still possess'd:
Begone, ignoble grief!
'Tis joy makes gods, and men exalts,
Their nature, our relief;
Relief, for man to that must stoop,
And his due distance know;
Transport's the language of the sides,
Content the style below.
Content is joy, and joy in pain
Is joy and virtue too;
Thus, whilst good present we possess,
More precious we pursue:
Of joy the more we have in hand,
The more have we to come;
Joy, like our money, interest bears,
Which daily swells the sum.
'But how to smile; to stem the tide
Of nature in our veins;
Is it not hard to weep in joy?
What then to smile in pains?'
Victorious joy! which breaks the clouds,
And struggles through a storm;
Proclaims the mind as great, as good
And bids it doubly charm:
If doubly charming in our sex,
A sex, by nature, bold;
What then in yours? 'tis diamond there
Triumphant o'er our gold.
And should not this complaint repress,
And check the rising sigh?
Yet farther opiate to your pain
I labour to supply.
Since spirits greatly damp'd distort
Ideas of delight,
Look through the medium of a friend,
To set your notions right:
As tears the sight, grief dims the soul;
Its object dark appears;
True friendship, like a rising sun,
The soul's horizon clears.
A friend's an optic to the mind
With sorrow clouded o'er;
And gives it strength of sight to see
Redress unseen before.
Reason is somewhat rough in man;
Extremely smooth and fair,
When she, to grace her manly strength,
Assumes a female air:
A friend(51) you have, and I the same,
Whose prudent, soft address
Will bring to life those healing thoughts
Which died in your distress;
That friend, the spirit of my theme
Extracting for your ease,
Will leave to me the dreg, in thoughts
Too common; such as these:
Let those lament to whom full bowls
Of sparkling joys are given;
That triple bane inebriates life,
Imbitters death, and hazards heaven:
Woe to the soul at perfect ease!
'Tis brewing perfect pains;
Lull'd reason sleeps, the pulse is king;
Despotic body reigns;
Have you(52) ne'er pitied joy's gay scenes,
And deem'd their glory dark?
Alas! poor envy! she's stone-blind,
And quite mistakes her mark:
Her mark lies hid in sorrow's shades,
But sorrow well subdu'd;
And in proud fortune's frown defied
By meek, unborrow'd good.
By resignation; all in that
A double friend may find,
A wing to heaven, and, while on earth,
The pillow of mankind:
On pillows void of down, for rest
Our restless hopes we place;
When hopes of heaven lie warm at heart,
Our hearts repose in peace:
The peace, which resignation yields,
Who feel alone can guess;
'Tis disbeliev'd by murmuring minds,
They must conclude it less:
The loss, or gain, of that alone
Have we to hope or fear;
That fate controls, and can invert
The seasons of the year:
O! the dark days, the year around,
Of an impatient mind!
Thro' clouds, and storms, a summer breaks,
To shine on the resign'd:
While man by that of every grace,
And virtue, is possess'd;
Foul vice her pandaemonium builds
In the rebellious breast;
By resignation we defeat
The worst that can annoy;
And suffer, with far more repose,
Than worldlings can enjoy.
From small experience this I speak;
O! grant to those I love
Experience fuller far, ye powers,
Who form our fates above!
My love were due, if not to those
Who, leaving grandeur, came
To shine on age in mean recess,
And light me to my theme!
A theme themselves! A theme, how rare!
The charms, which they display,
To triumph over captive heads,
Are set in bright array:
With his own arms proud man's o'ercome,
His boasted laurels die:
Learning and genius, wiser grown,
To female bosoms fly.
This revolution, fix'd by fate,
In fable was foretold;
The dark prediction puzzled wits,
Nor could the learn'd unfold:
But as those ladies'(53) works I read,
They darted such a ray,
The latent sense burst out at once,
And shone in open day:
So burst, full ripe, distended fruits,
When strongly strikes the sun;
And from the purple grape unpress'd
Spontaneous nectars run.
Pallas, ('tis said,) when Jove grew dull,
Forsook his drowsy brain;
And sprightly leap'd into the throne
Of wisdom's brighter reign;
Her helmet took; that is, shot rays
Of formidable wit;
And lance,-or, genius most acute,
Which lines immortal writ;
And gorgon shield,-or, power to fright
Man's folly, dreadful shone,
And many a blockhead (easy change!)
Turn'd, instantly, to stone.
Our authors male, as, then, did Jove,
Now scratch a damag'd head,
And call for what once quarter'd there,
But find the goddess fled.
The fruit of knowledge, golden fruit!
That once forbidden tree,
Hedg'd-in by surly man, is now
To Britain's daughters free:
In Eve (we know) of fruit so fair
The noble thirst began;
And they, like her, have caus'd a fall,
A fall of fame in man:
And since of genius in our sex,
O Addison! with thee
The sun is set; how I rejoice
This sister lamp to see!
It sheds, like Cynthia, silver beams
On man's nocturnal state;
His lessen'd light, and languid powers,
I show, whilst I relate.
~ Edward Young
132:Resignation Pt 2
But what in either sex, beyond
All parts, our glory crowns?
'In ruffling seasons to be calm,
And smile, when fortune frowns.'
Heaven's choice is safer than our own;
Of ages past inquire,
What the most formidable fate?
'To have our own desire.'
If, in your wrath, the worst of foes
You wish extremely ill;
Expose him to the thunder's stroke,
Or that of his own will.
What numbers, rushing down the steep
Of inclination strong,
Have perish'd in their ardent wish!
Wish ardent, ever wrong!
'Tis resignation's full reverse,
Most wrong, as it implies
Error most fatal in our choice,
Detachment from the skies.
By closing with the skies, we make
Omnipotence our own;
That done, how formidable ill's
Whole army is o'erthrown!
No longer impotent, and frail,
Ourselves above we rise:
We scarce believe ourselves below!
We trespass on the skies!
The Lord, the soul, and source of all,
Whilst man enjoys his ease,
Is executing human will,
In earth, and air, and seas;
Beyond us, what can angels boast?
Archangels what require?
Whate'er below, above, is done,
Is done as-we desire.
What glory this for man so mean,
Whose life is but a span!
This is meridian majesty!
This, the sublime of man!
Beyond the boast of pagan song
My sacred subject shines!
And for a foil the lustre takes
Of Rome's exalted lines.
'All, that the sun surveys, subdued,
But Cato's mighty mind.'
How grand! most true; yet far beneath
The soul of the resign'd:
To more than kingdoms, more than worlds,
To passion that gives law;
Its matchless empire could have kept
Great Cato's pride in awe;
That fatal pride, whose cruel point
Transfix'd his noble breast;
Far nobler! if his fate sustain'd
And left to heaven the rest;
Then he the palm had borne away,
At distance Caesar thrown;
Put him off cheaply with the world,
And made the skies his own.
What cannot resignation do?
It wonders can perform;
That powerful charm, 'Thy will be done,'
Can lay the loudest storm.
Come, resignation! then, from fields,
Where, mounted on the wing,
A wing of flame, blest martyrs' souls
Ascended to their king.
Who is it calls thee? one whose need
Transcends the common size;
Who stands in front against a foe
To which no equal rise:
In front he stands, the brink he treads
Of an eternal state;
How dreadful his appointed post!
How strongly arm'd by fate:
His threatening foe! what shadows deep
O'erwhelm his gloomy brow!
His dart tremendous! -at fourscore
My sole asylum, thou!
Haste, then, O resignation! haste,
'Tis thine to reconcile
My foe, and me; at thy approach
My foe begins to smile:
O! for that summit of my wish,
Whilst here I draw my breath,
That promise of eternal life,
A glorious smile in death:
What sight, heaven's azure arch beneath,
Has most of heaven to boast?
The man resign'd; at once serene,
And giving up the ghost.
At death's arrival they shall smile,
Who, not in life o'er gay,
Serious and frequent thought send out
To meet him on his way:
My gay coevals! (such there are)
If happiness is dear;
Approaching death's alarming day
Discreetly let us fear:
The fear of death is truly wise,
Till wisdom can rise higher;
And, arm'd with pious fortitude,
Death dreaded once, desire:
Grand climacteric vanities
The vainest will despise;
Shock'd, when beneath the snow of age
Man immaturely dies:
But am not I myself the man?
No need abroad to roam
In quest of faults to be chastis'd;
What cause to blush at home?
In life's decline, when men relapse
Into the sports of youth,
The second child out-fools the first,
And tempts the lash of truth;
Shall a mere truant from the grave
With rival boys engage?
His trembling voice attempt to sing,
And ape the poet's rage?
Here, madam! let me visit one,
My fault who, partly, shares,
And tell myself, by telling him,
What more becomes our years;
And if your breast with prudent zeal
For resignation glows,
You will not disapprove a just
Resentment at its foes.
In youth, Voltaire! our foibles plead
For some indulgence due;
When heads are white, their thoughts and aims
Should change their colour too:
How are you cheated by your wit!
Old age is bound to pay,
By nature's law, a mind discreet,
For joys it takes away;
A mighty change is wrought by years,
Reversing human lot;
In age 'tis honour to lie hid,
'Tis praise to be forgot;
The wise, as flowers, which spread at noon,
And all their charms expose,
When evening damps and shades descend,
Their evolutions close.
What though your muse has nobly soar'd,
Is that our truth sublime?
Ours, hoary friend! is to prefer
Eternity to time:
Why close a life so justly fam'd
With such bold trash as this? (54)
This for renown? yes, such as makes
Obscurity a bliss:
Your trash, with mine, at open war,
Is obstinately bent,(55)
Like wits below, to sow your tares
Of gloom and discontent:
With so much sunshine at command,
Why light with darkness mix?
Why dash with pain our pleasure?
Your Helicon with Styx?
Your works in our divided minds
Repugnant passions raise,
Confound us with a double stroke,
We shudder whilst we praise;
A curious web, as finely wrought
As genius can inspire,
From a black bag of poison spun,
With horror we admire.
Mean as it is, if this is read
With a disdainful air,
I can't forgive so great a foe
To my dear friend Voltaire:
Early I knew him, early prais'd,
And long to praise him late;
His genius greatly I admire,
Nor would deplore his fate;
A fate how much to be deplor'd!
At which our nature starts;
Forbear to fall on your own sword.
To perish by your parts:
'But great your name'-To feed on air,
Were then immortals born?
Nothing is great, of which more great,
More glorious is the scorn.
Can fame your carcass from the worm
Which gnaws us in the grave,
Or soul from that which never dies,
Applauding Europe save?
But fame you lose; good sense alone
Your idol, praise, can claim;
When wild wit murders happiness,
It puts to death our fame!
Nor boast your genius, talents bright;
E'en dunces will despise,
If in your western beams is miss'd
A genius for the skies;
Your taste too fails; what most excels
True taste must relish most!
And what, to rival palms above,
Can proudest laurels boast?
Sound heads salvation's helmet seek,(56)
Resplendent are its rays,
Let that suffice; it needs no plume,
Of sublunary praise.
May this enable couch'd Voltaire
To see that-'All is right,'(57)
His eye, by flash of wit struck blind,
Restoring to its sight;
If so, all's well: who much have err'd,
That much have been forgiven;
I speak with joy, with joy he'll hear,
'Voltaires are, now, in heaven.'
Nay, such philanthropy divine,
So boundless in degree,
Its marvellous of love extends
(Stoops most profound!) to me:
Let others cruel stars arraign,
Or dwell on their distress;
But let my page, for mercies pour'd,
A grateful heart express:
Walking, the present God was seen,
Of old, in Eden fair;
The God as present, by plain steps
Of providential care,
I behold passing through my life;
His awful voice I hear;
And, conscious of my nakedness,
Would hide myself for fear:
But where the trees, or where the clouds,
Can cover from his sight?
Naked the centre to that eye,
To which the sun is night.
As yonder glittering lamps on high
Through night illumin'd roll;
My thoughts of him, by whom they shine,
Chase darkness from my soul;
My soul, which reads his hand as clear
In my minute affairs,
As in his ample manuscript
Of sun, and moon, and stars;
And knows him not more bent aright
To wield that vast machine,
Than to correct one erring thought
In my small world within;
A world, that shall survive the fall
Of all his wonders here;
Survive, when suns ten thousand drop,
And leave a darken'd sphere.
Yon matter gross, how bright it shines!
For time how great his care!
Sure spirit and eternity
Far richer glories share;
Let those our hearts impress, on those
Our contemplation dwell;
On those my thoughts how justly thrown,
By what I now shall tell:
When backward with attentive mind
Life's labyrinth I trace,
I find him far myself beyond
Propitious to my peace:
Through all the crooked paths I trod,
My folly he pursued;
My heart astray to quick return
Importunately woo'd;
Due resignation home to press
On my capricious will,
How many rescues did I meet,
Beneath the mask of ill!
How many foes in ambush laid
Beneath my soul's desire!
The deepest penitents are made
By what we most admire.
Have I not sometimes (real good
So little mortals know!)
Mounting the summit of my wish,
Profoundly plung'd in woe?
I rarely plann'd, but cause I found
My plan's defeat to bless:
Oft I lamented an event;
It turn'd to my success.
By sharpen'd appetite to give
To good intense delight,
Through dark and deep perplexities
He led me to the right.
And is not this the gloomy path,
Which you are treading now?
The path most gloomy leads to light,
When our proud passions bow:
When labouring under fancied ill,
My spirits to sustain,
He kindly cur'd with sovereign draughts
Of unimagin'd pain.
Pain'd sense from fancied tyranny
Alone can set us free;
A thousand miseries we feel,
Till sunk in misery.
Cloy'd with a glut of all we wish,
Our wish we relish less;
Success, a sort of suicide,
Is ruin'd by success:
Sometimes he led me near to death,
And, pointing to the grave,
Bid terror whisper kind advice;
And taught the tomb to save:
To raise my thoughts beyond where worlds
As spangles o'er us shine,
One day he gave, and bid the next
My soul's delight resign.
We to ourselves, but through the means
Of mirrors, are unknown;
In this my fate can you descry
No features of your own?
And if you can, let that excuse
These self-recording lines;
A record, modesty forbids,
Or to small bound confines:
In grief why deep ingulf'd? You see
You suffer nothing rare;
Uncommon grief for common fate!
That wisdom cannot bear.
When streams flow backward to their source,
And humbled flames descend,
And mountains wing'd shall fly aloft,
Then human sorrows end;
But human prudence too must cease,
When sorrows domineer,
When fortitude has lost its fire,
And freezes into fear:
The pang most poignant of my life
Now heightens my delight;
I see a fair creation rise
From chaos, and old night:
From what seem'd horror, and despair,
The richest harvest rose;
And gave me in the nod divine
An absolute repose.
Of all the plunders of mankind,
More gross, or frequent, none,
Than in their grief and joy misplac'd,
Eternally are shown.
But whither points all this parade?
It says, that near you lies
A book, perhaps yet unperus'd,
Which you should greatly prize:
Of self-perusal, science rare!
Few know the mighty gain;
Learn'd prelates, self-unread, may read
Their Bibles o'er in vain:
Self-knowledge, which from heaven itself
(So sages tell us) came,
What is it, but a daughter fair
Of my maternal theme?
Unletter'd and untravel'd men
An oracle might find,
Would they consult their own contents,
The Delphos of the mind.
Enter your bosom; there you'll meet
A revelation new,
A revelation personal;
Which none can read but you.
There will you clearly read reveal'd
In your enlighten'd thought,
By mercies manifold, through life,
To fresh remembrance brought,
A mighty Being! and in him
A complicated friend,
A father, brother, spouse; no dread
Of death, divorce, or end:
Who such a matchless friend embrace,
And lodge him in their heart,
Full well, from agonies exempt,
With other friends may part:
As when o'erloaded branches bear
Large clusters big with wine,
We scarce regret one falling leaf
From the luxuriant vine.
My short advice to you may sound
Obscure or somewhat odd,
Though 'tis the best that man can give,'E'en be content with God.'
Through love he gave you the deceas'd,
Through greater took him hence;
This reason fully could evince,
Though murmur'd at by sense.
This friend, far past the kindest kind,
Is past the greatest great;
His greatness let me touch in points
Not foreign to your state;
His eye, this instant, reads your heart;
A truth less obvious hear;
This instant its most secret thoughts
Are sounding in his ear:
Dispute you this? O! stand in awe,
And cease your sorrow; know,
That tears now trickling down, he saw
Ten thousand years ago;
And twice ten thousand hence, if you
Your temper reconcile
To reason's bound, will he behold
Your prudence with a smile;
A smile, which through eternity
Diffuses so bright rays,
The dimmest deifies e'en guilt,
If guilt, at last, obeys:
Your guilt (for guilt it is to mourn
When such a sovereign reigns) ,
Your guilt diminish; peace pursue;
How glorious peace in pains!
Here, then, your sorrows cease; if not,
Think how unhappy they,
Who guilt increase by streaming tears,
Which guilt should wash away;
Of tears that gush profuse restrain;
Whence burst those dismal sighs?
They from the throbbing breast of one
(Strange truth!) most happy rise;
Not angels (hear it, and exult!)
Enjoy a larger share
Than is indulg'd to you, and yours,
Of God's impartial care;
Anxious for each, as if on each
His care for all was thrown;
For all his care as absolute,
As all had been but one.
And is he then so near! so kind! How little then, and great,
That riddle, man! O! let me gaze
At wonders in his fate;
His fate, who yesterday did crawl
A worm from darkness deep,
And shall, with brother worms, beneath
A turf, to-morrow sleep;
How mean! -And yet, if well obey'd
His mighty Master's call,
The whole creation for mean man
Is deem'd a boon too small:
Too small the whole creation deem'd
For emmets in the dust!
Account amazing! yet most true;
My song is bold, yet just:
Man born for infinite, in whom
Nor period can destroy
The power, in exquisite extremes,
To suffer, or enjoy;
Give him earth's empire (if no more)
He's beggar'd, and undone!
Imprison'd in unbounded space!
Benighted by the sun!
For what the sun's meridian blaze
To the most feeble ray
Which glimmers from the distant dawn
Of uncreated day?
'Tis not the poet's rapture feign'd
Swells here the vain to please;
The mind most sober kindles most
At truths sublime as these;
They warm e'en me.-I dare not say,
Divine ambition strove
Not to bless only, but confound,
Nay, fright us with its love;
And yet so frightful what, or kind,
As that the rending rock,
The darken'd sun, and rising dead,
So formidable spoke?
And are we darker than that sun?
Than rocks more hard, and blind?
We are; -if not to such a God
In agonies resigned.
Yes, e'en in agonies forbear
To doubt almighty love;
Whate'er endears eternity,
Is mercy from above;
What most imbitters time, that most
Eternity endears,
And thus, by plunging in distress,
Exalts us to the spheres;
Joy's fountain head! where bliss o'er bliss,
O'er wonders wonders rise,
And an Omnipotence prepares
Its banquet for the wise:
Ambrosial banquet! rich in wines
Nectareous to the soul!
What transports sparkle from the stream,
As angels fill the bowl!
Fountain profuse of every bliss!
Good-will immense prevails;
Man's line can't fathom its profound
An angel's plummet fails.
Thy love and might, by what they know,
Who judge, nor dream of more;
They ask a drop, how deep the sea!
One sand, how wide the shore!
Of thy exuberant good-will,
Offended Deity!
The thousandth part who comprehends,
A deity is he.
How yonder ample azure field
With radiant worlds is sown!
How tubes astonish us with those
More deep in ether thrown!
And those beyond of brighter worlds
Why not a million more? -
In lieu of answer, let us all
Fall prostrate, and adore.
Since thou art infinite in power,
Nor thy indulgence less;
Since man, quite impotent and blind,
Oft drops into distress;
Say, what is resignation? 'T is
Man's weakness understood;
And wisdom grasping, with a hand
Far stronger, every good.
Let rash repiners stand appall'd,
In thee who dare not trust;
Whose abject souls, like demons dark,
Are murmuring in the dust;
For man to murmur, or repine
At what by thee is done,
No less absurd, than to complain
Of darkness in the sun.
Who would not, with a heart at ease,
Bright eye, unclouded brow,
Wisdom and goodness at the helm,
The roughest ocean plough?
What, though I'm swallow'd in the deep?
Though mountains o'er me roar?
Jehovah reigns! as Jonah safe,
I'm landed, and adore:
Thy will is welcome, let it wear
Its most tremendous form;
Roar, waves; rage, winds! I know that thou
Canst save me by a storm.
From the immortal spirits born,
To thee, their fountain, flow,
If wise; as curl'd around to theirs
Meandering streams below:
Not less compell'd by reason's call,
To thee our souls aspire,
Than to thy skies, by nature's law,
High mounts material fire;
To thee aspiring they exult,
I feel my spirits rise,
I feel myself thy son, and pant
For patrimonial skies;
Since ardent thirst of future good,
And generous sense of past,
To thee man's prudence strongly ties,
And binds affection fast;
Since great thy love, and great our want,
And men the wisest blind,
And bliss our aim; pronounce us all
Distracted, or resigned;
Resign'd through duty, interest, shame;
Deep shame! dare I complain,
When (wondrous truth!) in heaven itself
Joy ow'd its birth to pain?
And pain for me! for me was drain'd
Gall's overflowing bowl;
And shall one dropp to murmur bold
Provoke my guilty soul?
If pardon'd this, what cause, what crime
Can indignation raise?
The sun was lighted up to shine,
And man was born to praise;
And when to praise the man shall cease,
Or sun to strike the view;
A cloud dishonors both; but man's
The blacker of the two:
For oh! ingratitude how black!
With most profound amaze
At love, which man belov'd o'erlooks,
Astonish'd angels gaze.
Praise cheers, and warms, like generous wine;
Praise, more divine than prayer;
Prayer points our ready path to heaven;
Praise is already there.
Let plausive resignation rise,
And banish all complaint;
All virtues thronging into one,
It finishes the saint;
Makes the man bless'd, as man can be;
Life's labours renders light;
Darts beams through fate's incumbent gloom,
And lights our sun by night;
'T is nature's brightest ornament,
The richest gift of grace,
Rival of angels, and supreme
Proprietor of peace;
Nay, peace beyond, no small degree
Of rapture 't will impart;
Know, madam! when your heart's in heaven,
'All heaven is in your heart.'
But who to heaven their hearts can raise?
Denied divine support,
All virtue dies; support divine
The wise with ardour court:
When prayer partakes the seraph's fire,
'T is mounted on his wing,
Bursts thro' heaven's crystal gates, and
Sure audience of its king:
The labouring soul from sore distress
That bless'd expedient frees;
I see you far advanc'd in peace;
I see you on your knees:
How on that posture has the beam
Divine for ever shone!
An humble heart, God's other seat! (58)
The rival of his throne:
And stoops Omnipotence so low!
And condescends to dwell,
Eternity's inhabitant,
Well pleas'd, in such a cell?
Such honour how shall we repay?
How treat our guest divine?
The sacrifice supreme be slain!
Let self-will die: resign.
Thus far, at large, on our disease;
Now let the cause be shown,
Whence rises, and will ever rise,
The dismal human groan:
What our sole fountain of distress?
Strong passion for this scene;
That trifles make important, things
Of mighty moment mean:
When earth's dark maxims poison shed
On our polluted souls,
Our hearts and interests fly as far
Asunder, as the poles.
Like princes in a cottage nurs'd,
Unknown their royal race,
With abject aims, and sordid joys,
Our grandeur we disgrace;
O! for an Archimedes new,
Of moral powers possess'd,
The world to move, and quite expel
That traitor from the breast.
No small advantage may be reap'd
From thought whence we descend;
From weighing well, and prizing weigh'd
Our origin, and end:
From far above the glorious sun
To this dim scene we came:
And may, if wise, for ever bask
In great Jehovah's beam:
Let that bright beam on reason rous'd
In awful lustre rise,
Earth's giant ills are dwarf'd at once,
And all disquiet dies.
Earth's glories too their splendour lose,
Those phantoms charm no more;
Empire's a feather for a fool,
And Indian mines are poor:
Then levell'd quite, whilst yet alive,
The monarch and his slave;
Not wait enlighten'd minds to learn
That lesson from the grave:
A George the Third would then be low
As Lewis in renown,
Could he not boast of glory more
Than sparkles from a crown.
When human glory rises high
As human glory can;
When, though the king is truly great,
Still greater is the man;
The man is dead, where virtue fails;
And though the monarch proud
In grandeur shines, his gorgeous robe
Is but a gaudy shroud.
Wisdom! where art thou? None on earth,
Though grasping wealth, fame, power,
But what, O death! through thy approach,
Is wiser every hour;
Approach how swift, how unconfin'd!
Worms feast on viands rare,
Those little epicures have kings
To grace their bill of fare:
From kings what resignation due
To that almighty will,
Which thrones bestows, and, when they fail,
Can throne them higher still!
Who truly great? The good and brave,
The masters of a mind
The will divine to do resolv'd,
To suffer it resign'd.
Madam! if that may give it weight,
The trifle you receive
Is dated from a solemn scene,
The border of the grave;
Where strongly strikes the trembling soul
Eternity's dread power,
As bursting on it through the thin
Partition of an hour;
Hear this, Voltaire! but this, from me,
Runs hazard of your frown;
However, spare it; ere you die,
Such thoughts will be your own.
In mercy to yourself forbear
My notions to chastise,
Lest unawares the gay Voltaire
Should blame Voltaire the wise:
Fame's trumpet rattling in your ear,
Now, makes us disagree;
When a far louder trumpet sounds,
Voltaire will close with me:
How shocking is that modesty,
Which keeps some honest men
From urging what their hearts suggest,
When brav'd by folly's pen.
Assaulting truths, of which in all
Is sown the sacred seed!
Our constitution's orthodox,
And closes with our creed:
What then are they, whose proud conceits
Superior wisdom boast?
Wretches, who fight their own belief,
And labour to be lost!
Though vice by no superior joys
Her heroes keeps in pay;
Through pure disinterested love
Of ruin they obey!
Strict their devotion to the wrong,
Though tempted by no prize;
Hard their commandments, and their creed
A magazine of lies
From fancy's forge: gay fancy smiles
At reason plain, and cool;
Fancy, whose curious trade it is
To make the finest fool.
Voltaire! long life's the greatest curse
That mortals can receive,
When they imagine the chief end
Of living is to live;
Quite thoughtless of their day of death,
That birthday of their sorrow!
Knowing, it may be distant far,
Nor crush them till-to-morrow.
These are cold, northern thoughts, conceiv'd
Beneath an humble cot;
Not mine, your genius, or your state,
No castle is my lot:(59)
But soon, quite level shall we lie;
And, what pride most bemoans,
Our parts, in rank so distant now,
As level as our bones;
Hear you that sound? Alarming sound!
Prepare to meet your fate!
One, who writes finis to our works,
Is knocking at the gate;
Far other works will soon be weigh'd;
Far other judges sit;
Far other crowns be lost or won,
Than fire ambitious wit:
Their wit far brightest will be prov'd,
Who sunk it in good sense;
And veneration most profound
Of dread omnipotence.
'Tis that alone unlocks the gate
Of blest eternity;
O! mayst thou never, never lose
That more than golden key! (60)
Whate'er may seem too rough excuse,
Your good I have at heart:
Since from my soul I wish you well;
As yet we must not part:
Shall you, and I, in love with life,
Life's future schemes contrive,
The world in wonder not unjust,
That we are still alive?
What have we left? How mean in man
A shadow's shade to crave!
When life, so vain! is vainer still,
'Tis time to take your leave:
Happier, than happiest life, is death,
Who, falling in the field
Of conflict with his rebel will,
Writes vici, on his shield;
So falling man, immortal heir
Of an eternal prize;
Undaunted at the gloomy grave,
Descends into the skies.
O! how disorder'd our machine,
When contradictions mix!
When nature strikes no less than twelve,
And folly points at six!
To mend the moments of your heart,
How great is my delight
Gently to wind your morals up,
And set your hand aright!
That hand, which spread your wisdom wide
To poison distant lands:
Repent, recant; the tainted age
Your antidote demands;
To Satan dreadfully resign'd,
Whole herds rush down the steep
Of folly, by lewd wits possess'd,
And perish in the deep.
Men's praise your vanity pursues;
'Tis well, pursue it still;
But let it be of men deceas'd,
And you'll resign the will;
And how superior they to those
At whose applause you aim;
How very far superior they
In number, and in name!
~ Edward Young



--- Overview of noun edward_young

The noun edward young has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)
1. Young, Edward Young ::: (English poet (1683-1765))

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun edward_young

1 sense of edward young                        

Sense 1
Young, Edward Young
   INSTANCE OF=> poet
     => writer, author
       => communicator
         => person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soul
           => organism, being
             => living thing, animate thing
               => whole, unit
                 => object, physical object
                   => physical entity
                     => entity
           => causal agent, cause, causal agency
             => physical entity
               => entity

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--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun edward_young

1 sense of edward young                        

Sense 1
Young, Edward Young
   INSTANCE OF=> poet

--- Coordinate Terms (sisters) of noun edward_young

1 sense of edward young                        

Sense 1
Young, Edward Young
  -> poet
   => bard
   => elegist
   => odist
   => poetess
   => poet laureate
   => poet laureate
   => sonneteer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Alcaeus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Apollinaire, Guillaume Apollinaire, Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzki
   HAS INSTANCE=> Arnold, Matthew Arnold
   HAS INSTANCE=> Arp, Jean Arp, Hans Arp
   HAS INSTANCE=> Auden, W. H. Auden, Wystan Hugh Auden
   HAS INSTANCE=> Baudelaire, Charles Baudelaire, Charles Pierre Baudelaire
   HAS INSTANCE=> Benet, Stephen Vincent Benet
   HAS INSTANCE=> Blake, William Blake
   HAS INSTANCE=> Blok, Alexander Alexandrovich Blok, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
   HAS INSTANCE=> Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bradstreet, Anne Bradstreet, Anne Dudley Bradstreet
   HAS INSTANCE=> Brecht, Bertolt Brecht
   HAS INSTANCE=> Brooke, Rupert Brooke
   HAS INSTANCE=> Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning
   HAS INSTANCE=> Browning, Robert Browning
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burns, Robert Burns
   HAS INSTANCE=> Butler, Samuel Butler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Byron, Lord George Gordon Byron, Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale
   HAS INSTANCE=> Calderon, Calderon de la Barca, Pedro Calderon de la Barca
   HAS INSTANCE=> Carducci, Giosue Carducci
   HAS INSTANCE=> Carew, Thomas Carew
   HAS INSTANCE=> Catullus, Gaius Valerius Catullus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chaucer, Geoffrey Chaucer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ciardi, John Ciardi, John Anthony Ciardi
   HAS INSTANCE=> Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Coleridge
   HAS INSTANCE=> Corneille, Pierre Corneille
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cowper, William Cowper
   HAS INSTANCE=> Crane, Hart Crane, Harold Hart Crane
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cynewulf, Cynwulf
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dante, Dante Alighieri
   HAS INSTANCE=> de la Mare, Walter de la Mare, Walter John de la Mare
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dickinson, Emily Dickinson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Donne, John Donne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dryden, John Dryden
   HAS INSTANCE=> Eliot, T. S. Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fitzgerald, Edward Fitzgerald
   HAS INSTANCE=> Frost, Robert Frost, Robert Lee Frost
   HAS INSTANCE=> Garcia Lorca, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Lorca
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gilbert, William Gilbert, William S. Gilbert, William Schwenk Gilbert, Sir William Gilbert
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ginsberg, Allen Ginsberg
   HAS INSTANCE=> Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gongora, Luis de Gongora y Argote
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gray, Thomas Gray
   HAS INSTANCE=> Herrick, Robert Herrick
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hesiod
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hoffmannsthal, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hogg, James Hogg
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hopkins, Gerard Manley Hopkins
   HAS INSTANCE=> Horace
   HAS INSTANCE=> Housman, A. E. Housman, Alfred Edward Housman
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hughes, Ted Hughes, Edward James Hughes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hugo, Victor Hugo, Victor-Marie Hugo
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ibsen, Henrik Ibsen, Henrik Johan Ibsen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jarrell, Randall Jarrell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jeffers, Robinson Jeffers, John Robinson Jeffers
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jimenez, Juan Ramon Jimenez
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jonson, Ben Jonson, Benjamin Jonson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Karlfeldt, Erik Axel Karlfeldt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Keats, John Keats
   HAS INSTANCE=> Key, Francis Scott Key
   HAS INSTANCE=> Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lindsay, Vachel Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel Lindsay
   HAS INSTANCE=> Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lovelace, Richard Lovelace
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lowell, Amy Lowell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lowell, Robert Lowell, Robert Traill Spence Lowell Jr.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lucretius, Titus Lucretius Carus
   HAS INSTANCE=> MacLeish, Archibald MacLeish
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mallarme, Stephane Mallarme
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mandelstam, Osip Mandelstam, Osip Emilevich Mandelstam, Mandelshtam
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marini, Giambattista Marini, Marino, Giambattista Marino
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marlowe, Christopher Marlowe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marti, Jose Julian Marti
   HAS INSTANCE=> Martial
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marvell, Andrew Marvell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Masefield, John Masefield, John Edward Masefield
   HAS INSTANCE=> Masters, Edgar Lee Masters
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mayakovski, Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovski
   HAS INSTANCE=> Meredith, George Meredith
   HAS INSTANCE=> Milton, John Milton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Moore, Marianne Moore, Marianne Craig Moore
   HAS INSTANCE=> Moore, Thomas Moore
   HAS INSTANCE=> Morris, William Morris
   HAS INSTANCE=> Musset, Alfred de Musset, Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
   HAS INSTANCE=> Neruda, Pablo Neruda, Reyes, Neftali Ricardo Reyes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Noyes, Alfred Noyes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Omar Khayyam
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ovid, Publius Ovidius Naso
   HAS INSTANCE=> Palgrave, Francis Turner Palgrave
   HAS INSTANCE=> Petrarch, Petrarca, Francesco Petrarca
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pindar
   HAS INSTANCE=> Plath, Sylvia Plath
   HAS INSTANCE=> Poe, Edgar Allan Poe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pope, Alexander Pope
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pound, Ezra Pound, Ezra Loomis Pound
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pushkin, Alexander Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Racine, Jean Racine, Jean Baptiste Racine
   HAS INSTANCE=> Riley, James Whitcomb Riley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rilke, Rainer Maria Rilke
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rimbaud, Arthur Rimbaud, Jean Nicholas Arthur Rimbaud
   HAS INSTANCE=> Robinson, Edwin Arlington Robinson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rostand, Edmond Rostand
   HAS INSTANCE=> Seeger, Alan Seeger
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sexton, Anne Sexton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, Shakspere, William Shakspere, Bard of Avon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shevchenko, Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sidney, Sir Philip Sidney
   HAS INSTANCE=> Silverstein, Shel Silverstein, Shelby Silverstein
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sitwell, Dame Edith Sitwell, Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Southey, Robert Southey
   HAS INSTANCE=> Spender, Stephen Spender, Sir Stephen Harold Spender
   HAS INSTANCE=> Spenser, Edmund Spenser
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stevens, Wallace Stevens
   HAS INSTANCE=> Suckling, Sir John Suckling
   HAS INSTANCE=> Swinburne, Algernon Charles Swinburne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Symons, Arthur Symons
   HAS INSTANCE=> Synge, J. M. Synge, John Millington Synge, Edmund John Millington Synge
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tasso, Torquato Tasso
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tate, Allen Tate, John Orley Allen Tate
   HAS INSTANCE=> Teasdale, Sara Teasdale
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, First Baron Tennyson, Alfred Lord Tennyson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Thespis
   HAS INSTANCE=> Thomas, Dylan Thomas, Dylan Marlais Thomas
   HAS INSTANCE=> Trumbull, John Trumbull
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tzara, Tristan Tzara, Samuel Rosenstock
   HAS INSTANCE=> Uhland, Johann Ludwig Uhland
   HAS INSTANCE=> Verlaine, Paul Verlaine
   HAS INSTANCE=> Villon, Francois Villon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Virgil, Vergil, Publius Vergilius Maro
   HAS INSTANCE=> Voznesenski, Andrei Voznesenski
   HAS INSTANCE=> Warren, Robert Penn Warren
   HAS INSTANCE=> Watts, Isaac Watts
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wheatley, Phillis Wheatley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Whitman, Walt Whitman
   HAS INSTANCE=> Whittier, John Greenleaf Whittier
   HAS INSTANCE=> Williams, William Carlos Williams
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wordsworth, William Wordsworth
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wyatt, Sir Thomas Wyatt, Wyat, Sir Thomas Wyat
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wylie, Elinor Morton Hoyt Wylie
   HAS INSTANCE=> Yeats, William Butler Yeats, W. B. Yeats
   HAS INSTANCE=> Yevtushenko, Yevgeni Yevtushenko, Yevgeni Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko
   HAS INSTANCE=> Young, Edward Young

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White Pride vs. White Guilt in the #MeToo Era
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Wikipedia - 11B-X-1371 -- Short black and white Internet horror video released in 2015
Wikipedia - 1, 2, 3, 4 (Plain White T's song) -- 2008 single by Plain White T's
Wikipedia - 1600 Penn -- American single-camera sitcom series about a dysfunctional family living in the White House
Wikipedia - 16th Street Baptist Church bombing -- White supremacist terrorist attack
Wikipedia - 1910 London to Manchester air race -- Race between Claude Grahame-White and Louis Paulhan
Wikipedia - 1974 White House helicopter incident -- 1974 incident in which a U.S. Army pilot landed a stolen helicopter on the South Lawn of the White House
Wikipedia - 1975 Holton-Arms School senior prom -- 1975 high school dance held at the White House
Wikipedia - 1992 cageless shark-diving expedition -- First recorded cageless dive with great white sharks
Wikipedia - 1999 Whites Drug Store Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - 1st White Cloth Hall
Wikipedia - 2010 Whites Drug Store Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - 2011 Whites Drug Store Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - 2012 Bain murder-kidnappings -- In Whiteville, Tennessee, United States
Wikipedia - 2012 Whites Drug Store Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - 2014 White House intrusion -- Intrusion into the White House
Wikipedia - 2019 Whakaari / White Island eruption -- Volcanic eruption which killed or injured 47 people
Wikipedia - 211 Crew -- American white supremacist prison gang
Wikipedia - 2 White Street -- Historic house in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 88 Precepts -- White Nationalist manifesto written by David Lane
Wikipedia - A. Arnim White -- US Army general
Wikipedia - Abingdon-on-Thames -- Market town in Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire, England
Wikipedia - Acting white -- Pejorative term
Wikipedia - Adam White (zoologist)
Wikipedia - Additive white Gaussian noise -- Basic noise model used in Information theory to mimic the effect of many random processes that occur in nature
Wikipedia - Adrian White (equestrian) -- New Zealand equestrian
Wikipedia - Agnes Romilly White -- Irish novelist
Wikipedia - A Heart So White -- Book by Javier Marias
Wikipedia - Ahmed Al-Khabaz -- White hat hacker and entrepreneur (b. 1994)
Wikipedia - Akkawi -- Middle eastern white brine cheese
Wikipedia - Alan R. White -- Irish philosopher
Wikipedia - Alan White (American philosopher) -- American philosopher
Wikipedia - Alan Whitehead (cricketer) -- English cricketer and umpire
Wikipedia - Alan Whitehead -- British Labour politician
Wikipedia - Alan White (novelist) -- English novelist and journalist
Wikipedia - Alasdair A. K. White
Wikipedia - Alastair White -- Scottish composer and writer
Wikipedia - Albert White (diver) -- American diver
Wikipedia - Albino gaur -- Type of gaur with distinctive ash-grey color, also known as white bison
Wikipedia - Aldabra white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Alder-Reilly anomaly -- White blood cell abnormality
Wikipedia - Alex Algard -- High tech entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Whitepages
Wikipedia - Alexander disease -- Rare genetic disorder of the white matter of the brain
Wikipedia - Alex Hyde-White -- British-American actor
Wikipedia - Alex Linder -- American white supremicist leader
Wikipedia - Alex White (skateboarder) -- American skateboarder
Wikipedia - Alfred North Whitehead -- English mathematician and philosopher
Wikipedia - Alf White (gangster) -- English gangster
Wikipedia - Alice White -- American actress
Wikipedia - Alissa White-Gluz -- Canadian metal vocalist
Wikipedia - All-time Whitecaps FC 2 roster -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Alphitonia whitei -- Species of flowering tree, endemic to Queensland, Australia.
Wikipedia - Alt-right -- Loosely connected far-right, white nationalist movement based in the U.S.
Wikipedia - American Drug War: The Last White Hope -- 2007 documentary film
Wikipedia - American white ibis -- Bird in the ibis family
Wikipedia - American White Park -- Cattle breed
Wikipedia - American Whitewater -- Advocacy group for whitewater rivers in the United States
Wikipedia - Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo -- Black and white Bangladeshi Bengali language fictional-feature film
Wikipedia - Andrew Dickson White bibliography -- Wikipedia bibliography
Wikipedia - Andrew Dickson White
Wikipedia - Andrew John Whiteley -- English chess player
Wikipedia - Andrew White (Australian politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Andrew Whitehurst -- British visual effects artist
Wikipedia - Andrew Whiten
Wikipedia - Andrew White (priest)
Wikipedia - Andrew White (saxophonist) -- American musician
Wikipedia - Angela White -- Australian pornographic film actress and director
Wikipedia - Angelicque White -- American oceanographer
Wikipedia - Angels in White -- 2012 Israeli religious drama film by Tali Avrahami
Wikipedia - Angels Wear White -- 2017 film
Wikipedia - Angry white male -- Stereotype used to refer to a white male holding conservative viewpoint in the context of U.S. politics
Wikipedia - An Invitation to the White House -- Book by Hillary Clinton
Wikipedia - Anita White -- American blues singer and activist
Wikipedia - Annabelle White -- NZ food writer
Wikipedia - Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd -- American socialite and White House Social Secretary
Wikipedia - Anna Whitehead Bodeker
Wikipedia - Anna White -- Shaker eldress and social reformer
Wikipedia - Annie Chapman -- Whitechapel murder victim
Wikipedia - Annie White Baxter -- American politician
Wikipedia - Another Life (Motionless in White song) -- 2019 single by Motionless in White
Wikipedia - A. N. Sherwin-White -- British academic and ancient historian (1911-1993)
Wikipedia - Anthony C. White -- American electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Anti-flash white -- Paint designed to reflect some of the thermal radiation from a nuclear explosion
Wikipedia - Antioch Township, White County, Arkansas -- Township in Arkansas, United States
Wikipedia - Antonia White -- British writer
Wikipedia - A. N. Whitehead
Wikipedia - Aplastic anemia -- Anemia that is characterized by a deficiency of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets produced by bone marrow
Wikipedia - Appleton-with-Eaton -- Civil parish in Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire, England
Wikipedia - Aquafaba -- Residual water from cooking legumes, used in recipes to substitute egg whites
Wikipedia - Archibald White Maconochie -- British politician
Wikipedia - Archibald White (umpire) -- English cricket umpire
Wikipedia - Argentine black and white tegu -- Species of lizard which is the largest of the tegu lizards
Wikipedia - Arisa White -- American poet
Wikipedia - Arkie Whiteley -- Australian actress
Wikipedia - Arlo White -- British sports broadcaster
Wikipedia - Arnold White -- British racist politician
Wikipedia - Arthur Henry White -- American businessman and humanitarian (1924-2014)
Wikipedia - Arthur J. Jones -- American politician, white nationalist, and Holocaust denier
Wikipedia - Artie "Blues Boy" White -- American blues and soul singer and guitarist
Wikipedia - Artificial whitewater -- Artificially created water sports venue
Wikipedia - Aryan Circle -- White supremacist, neo-Nazi prison gang in the United States
Wikipedia - Aryan Nations -- White supremacist terrorist organization
Wikipedia - Asa White Kenney Billings -- American hydroelectric engineer and pioneer of electrification
Wikipedia - Ash Is Purest White -- 2018 film
Wikipedia - As White as in Snow -- 2001 film by Jan Troell
Wikipedia - Atlanta compromise -- Agreement between B.T. Washington, other Afro-American leaders, and Southern white leaders
Wikipedia - A Treatise on White Magic
Wikipedia - Augustus White -- New Zealand politician
Wikipedia - Aurora Lucero-White Lea -- American folklorist, author, and suffragist
Wikipedia - Australian magpie -- A medium-sized black and white passerine bird native to Australia and southern New Guinea.
Wikipedia - Australian White Ensign -- Naval ensign
Wikipedia - Avenue Range Station massacre -- Murder of a group of Aboriginal Australians by white settlers
Wikipedia - A Whiter Shade of Pale -- 1967 single by Procol Harum
Wikipedia - A White, White Day -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - AXN White -- Channel operated by Sony Pictures Television International Networks Europe
Wikipedia - A Yank in the R.A.F. -- 1941 American black-and-white war film directed by Henry King
Wikipedia - Azellia White -- First African-American woman aviator in Texas
Wikipedia - Baek Sang Eo (White Shark) torpedo -- South Korean submarine-launched torpedo
Wikipedia - Baishe Niangniang -- Character in the Legend of the White Snake
Wikipedia - BalkanskM-CM-= sM-CM-=r -- A white brined cheese from Czechia and Slovakia
Wikipedia - Banded honeyeater -- Species of honeyeater in the family Meliphagidae with a characteristic narrow black band across its white underparts. It is endemic to tropical northern Australia.
Wikipedia - Banker White -- American filmmaker and producer
Wikipedia - Banqueting House, Whitehall -- Former palace banqueting rooms, later chapel of Whitehall in London, England
Wikipedia - Barbara Harriss-White -- British economist
Wikipedia - Barb Whitehead -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Barry Lillywhite -- British modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Battle of White Mountain -- Battle that ended the Bohemian phase of the Thirty Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of White Oak Road -- Battle of the American Civil War
Wikipedia - Belinda White -- Australian softball player
Wikipedia - Benjamin Franklin White -- American hymn writer
Wikipedia - Benjamin F. White (Montana politician) -- American lawyer, banker, and politician from Montana
Wikipedia - Ben Rhodes (White House staffer)
Wikipedia - Bernice Smith White
Wikipedia - Bernie Madoff -- American former businessman and white collar criminal
Wikipedia - Betty White -- American actress
Wikipedia - Biddy White Lennon -- Irish actress and food writer
Wikipedia - Big Momma's House 2 -- 2006 film by John Whitesell
Wikipedia - Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son -- 2011 film by John Whitesel
Wikipedia - Bill Dvorak -- United States whitewater rafting guide
Wikipedia - Bill Shine -- Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff
Wikipedia - Bill White (bobsleigh) -- American bobsledder
Wikipedia - Bill White (neo-Nazi) -- Leader of the American National Socialist Workers' Party, and former administrator of
Wikipedia - Binary image -- image comprising exactly two colors, typically black and white
Wikipedia - Bingham Park and Whiteley Woods -- Park and woods in South Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Biscuit porcelain -- unglazed white porcelain
Wikipedia - Black & White (2008 Hindi film) -- 2008 Indian crime thriller film
Wikipedia - Black & White & Sex -- 2011 film by John Winter
Wikipedia - Black & White (Birmingham newspaper) -- Alternative weekly newspaper in Birmingham, Alabama
Wikipedia - Black and White (1913 film) -- 1913 film
Wikipedia - Black and White (1931 film) -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Black and White (1932 film) -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Black and White (1999 drama film) -- 1999 American film directed by James Toback
Wikipedia - Black-and-white colobus
Wikipedia - Black and white cookie -- A round cookie iced or frosted on one half with vanilla and on the other with chocolate
Wikipedia - Black-and-white dualism -- Metaphorical contrast of white and black
Wikipedia - Black and White Lodges -- Fictional setting from Twin Peaks
Wikipedia - Black and White (Niall Horan song) -- 2020 single by Niall Horan
Wikipedia - Black and white thinking
Wikipedia - Black and White (Three Dog Night song) -- Song by Three Dog Night
Wikipedia - Black and White Tour -- 2007 worldwide concert tour by Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin
Wikipedia - Black-and-white warbler -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Black and white -- Monochrome form in visual arts
Wikipedia - Black God, White Devil -- 1964 film directed by Glauber Rocha
Wikipedia - Blackie Whiteford -- American actor
Wikipedia - Black Is White -- 1920 film by Charles Giblyn
Wikipedia - Black Legion (political movement) -- American white supremacist terrorist organization active in the 1930s
Wikipedia - Black Mesa (Navajo County, Arizona) -- Mountain in the White Mountains of Navajo County, Arizona
Wikipedia - Black on White (1943 film) -- 1943 film
Wikipedia - Black or White (film) -- 2014 film
Wikipedia - Black or White -- 1991 single by Michael Jackson
Wikipedia - Blacks and Whites GAA -- Gaelic games club in County Kilkenny, Ireland
Wikipedia - Black Skin, White Masks -- 1952 book by Frantz Fanon
Wikipedia - Black Tie White Noise (song) -- Song by David Bowie
Wikipedia - Black Velvet (beer cocktail) -- Beer cocktail made from stout beer and white sparkling wine
Wikipedia - Black White + Gray -- 2007 documentary film
Wikipedia - Black > White (video game)
Wikipedia - Bleach -- number of chemicals which remove color, whiten, or disinfect, often via oxidation
Wikipedia - Bloomy rind -- Cheese rind that is soft and fluffy and white in color
Wikipedia - Blue and White (political alliance) -- Israeli political party
Wikipedia - Blue-and-white swallow -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Blue-eyed soul -- Term sometimes used for rhythm and blues and soul music performed by white artists
Wikipedia - Blue Sky with a White Sun -- National Emblem of Republic of China
Wikipedia - Blue, White and Perfect -- 1942 film by Herbert I. Leeds
Wikipedia - Blue-white screen -- DNA screening technique
Wikipedia - Bluing (fabric) -- Product used to improve optical whiteness of clothing or textiles
Wikipedia - Bob White (geophysicist) -- Geophysicist
Wikipedia - Bob W. White -- Canadian anthropologist
Wikipedia - Bodi White -- American politician
Wikipedia - Booth Branch (White Marsh Branch tributary) -- Stream in Delaware, USA
Wikipedia - Bordered white -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Brazilian whiteknee tarantula -- Species of arachnid
Wikipedia - Breaking the Code -- 1986 play written by Hugh Whitemore
Wikipedia - Brehon's Chair -- Megalithic site remnant in Whitechurch, Rathfarnham, County Dublin
Wikipedia - Brett Whiteley (politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Brian White (British politician) -- British Labour politician
Wikipedia - Brian White (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Broad-barred white -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Broad-ringed white-eye -- A bird species in the family Zosteropidae
Wikipedia - Bronx-Whitestone Bridge -- Bridge between Queens and the Bronx, New York
Wikipedia - Brooke White -- American musician
Wikipedia - Brudenell White -- Australian general
Wikipedia - Buck White (golfer) -- American professional golfer
Wikipedia - Bulstrode Whitelocke
Wikipedia - Bunny chow -- South African dish consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of white bread filled with curry
Wikipedia - Calcium borate -- A bluish white crystal found in some minerals
Wikipedia - Calling All Curs -- 1939 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Callistoctopus macropus -- Species of cephalopod known as the AtlantiC white-spotted octopus
Wikipedia - Canoe freestyle -- Discipline of whitewater kayaking or canoeing
Wikipedia - Canolfan Tryweryn -- White water sports venue near Bala in North Wales
Wikipedia - Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe -- 1974 single by Barry White
Wikipedia - Captain America: White -- Comic book series
Wikipedia - Carbon detonation -- Violent reignition of thermonuclear fusion in a white dwarf star
Wikipedia - Cardiff International White Water -- White water sports venue in Cardiff, Wales
Wikipedia - Cardington Artificial Slalom Course -- White water sports course in England
Wikipedia - Carla White -- American jazz singer
Wikipedia - Carl White -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Carnival in White -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - Cart with Red and White Ox -- Painting by Vincent van Gogh
Wikipedia - Category:Alfred North Whitehead
Wikipedia - Category:American white supremacists
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Minor White (astronomer)
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Robert J. Whiteley
Wikipedia - Category:Fictional white-collar criminals
Wikipedia - Category:People from White Pine County, Nevada
Wikipedia - Category:People from White Plains, New York
Wikipedia - Category:Recipients of the Order of the White Eagle (Russia)
Wikipedia - Category:Recipients of the Order of the White Star, 2nd Class
Wikipedia - Category:White Rhodesian people
Wikipedia - Category:White Rose members
Wikipedia - Category:White Russian emigrants to China
Wikipedia - Category:White Russian emigrants to the United States
Wikipedia - Category:White Russian emigrants to Yugoslavia
Wikipedia - Category:White supremacy in Africa
Wikipedia - Catherine Eddowes -- Whitechapel murder victim
Wikipedia - Cavehill and Whitewell Tramway -- Tram system in Northern Ireland, later part of Belfast Tramways
Wikipedia - Cecil Price -- American murderer and white supremacist
Wikipedia - Celia Whitelaw, Viscountess Whitelaw -- British viscountess
Wikipedia - Celia White Tabor -- American biochemist and physician-scientist
Wikipedia - C. Ferris White -- American architect
Wikipedia - CFWH-FM -- CBC Radio One station in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Wikipedia - CFWH-TV -- Former television station in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Wikipedia - CFXW-FM -- Radio station in Whitecourt, Alberta
Wikipedia - Chalk -- A soft, white, porous sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate
Wikipedia - Challenge to White Fang -- 1974 film directed by Lucio Fulci
Wikipedia - Charles Abiathar White
Wikipedia - Charles "Charlie" White -- American entertainer
Wikipedia - Charles Whitebread -- American legal scholar (1943 - 2008)
Wikipedia - Charlie White (figure skater) -- American ice dancer
Wikipedia - Charline White -- American politician
Wikipedia - Charlotte's Web -- Children's novel by E. B. White
Wikipedia - Cheddar cheese -- Type of relatively hard, off-white or orange English cheese
Wikipedia - Cheryl White (jockey) -- American horse racing jockey
Wikipedia - Chet "JR" White -- American record producer
Wikipedia - Chicago White Sox minor league players -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Chicago White Sox
Wikipedia - Chicks in White Satin -- 1994 film
Wikipedia - Chief Official White House Photographer -- Senior position appointed by the President of the United States
Wikipedia - Chip White -- American musician
Wikipedia - CHLA-FM -- Former legislative radio station in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Wikipedia - Chocolate-covered raisin -- Raisins coated in a shell of milk, dark or white chocolate.
Wikipedia - CHON-FM -- Radio station in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Wikipedia - Chrissie White -- British actress
Wikipedia - Christian Identity -- A racist, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist interpretation of Christianity
Wikipedia - Christian Whitehead -- Australian video game programmer
Wikipedia - Christine White (actress) -- American actress (1926-2013)
Wikipedia - Christopher White (ballad) -- Ballad
Wikipedia - Chris White (archer) -- British archer
Wikipedia - Churchill White Paper -- 1922 British Policy in Palestine
Wikipedia - Church of Jesus Christ-Christian -- American white supremacist church
Wikipedia - Ciabatta -- Italian white bread
Wikipedia - CIAY-FM -- Christian radio station in Whitehorse, Yukon
Wikipedia - Cibola White Ware -- Ceramic tradition in southwestern US
Wikipedia - Cindy Whitehead -- American professional skateboarder, sports stylist, and activist
Wikipedia - CIXM-FM -- Radio station in Whitecourt, Alberta
Wikipedia - CJUC-FM -- Radio station in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Wikipedia - CKRW-FM -- Radio station in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Wikipedia - Clarence Hudson White -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Claude Porter White -- American author and composer
Wikipedia - Clayton Sam White -- physician
Wikipedia - Clerk -- White-collar worker who conducts general office tasks
Wikipedia - Clive White (bowls) -- Australian lawn bowler
Wikipedia - Colfax massacre -- 1873 murder of black men by white militia in Colfax, Louisiana
Wikipedia - Colorist -- Responsible for adding color to black-and-white line art
Wikipedia - Colson Whitehead -- American novelist
Wikipedia - Colton White -- Ice hockey defenceman
Wikipedia - Common white wave -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Confederation of Unions for Professionals -- Trade union confederation for white collar workers in Norway
Wikipedia - Congenital sensorineural deafness in cats -- High rates of congenital deafness in white cats with light-coloured eyes
Wikipedia - Connected by Love -- 2018 single by Jack White
Wikipedia - Corpus callosum -- White matter tract connecting the two cerebral hemispheres
Wikipedia - Corticospinal tract -- Pyramidal white matter motor pathway
Wikipedia - Council of Conservative Citizens -- American white supremacist political group
Wikipedia - Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) -- 2002 country song by Toby Keith
Wikipedia - Cracker (term) -- Racial epithet for white people
Wikipedia - Craig Cobb -- White supremacist
Wikipedia - Crawford Notch -- Major pass through White Mountains in New Hampshire, US
Wikipedia - Crawford Path -- hiking trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
Wikipedia - Crested bobwhite -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Cricket whites -- White clothing worn in the sport of cricket
Wikipedia - Criticism of Ellen G. White
Wikipedia - Cropout -- Horse with spotting or white markings from parents of solid color.
Wikipedia - Crowds Running for Shelter When the Air-raid Alarm Sounded -- Black and white photograph
Wikipedia - Curtis White (author)
Wikipedia - Curt White -- American weightlifter
Wikipedia - Cy White -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Dakota Dunes Casino -- Casino in Whitecap, Saskatchewan, Canada
Wikipedia - Danny White (athletic director) -- American athletic director
Wikipedia - Dan White (magician) -- American magician
Wikipedia - Dan White -- American politician and assassin
Wikipedia - Darryl White (banker) -- Canadian banker
Wikipedia - David Duke -- American white supremacist, convicted felon, and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard
Wikipedia - David Frank White -- American politician
Wikipedia - David Gordon White
Wikipedia - David Hale (Whitewater) -- American judge
Wikipedia - David Lane (white supremacist) -- American white supremacist and convicted felon
Wikipedia - David R. White -- American dance artistic director and producer
Wikipedia - David Wayne Hull -- Leader of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Wikipedia - David White (musician) -- Singer and songwriter from the United States
Wikipedia - Davies White -- Landscape architects
Wikipedia - Davina Whitehouse -- New Zealander actor (1912-2002)
Wikipedia - Davis and White -- American ice dancers
Wikipedia - Dawson Five -- five African-American defendants charged with the 1976 murder of a white customer in a roadside convenience store in Dawson, GA
Wikipedia - Day and Night (cellular automaton) -- 2D cellular automaton with black/white reversal symmetry
Wikipedia - Dead Man Incorporated -- Predominantly white prison and street gang founded in Maryland, US
Wikipedia - Dead White Males (play) -- Play written by David Williamson
Wikipedia - Dear White People (TV series) -- American satirical comedy-drama television series
Wikipedia - Dear White People -- 2014 film by Justin Simien
Wikipedia - Debra White Plume -- Native American activist
Wikipedia - Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework -- American arts and crafts society, 1896-1926
Wikipedia - Dee White -- Australian writer
Wikipedia - Denise Crosswhite Hader -- American politician
Wikipedia - Denise White -- American business officer and pageant titleholder
Wikipedia - Densign White -- British judoka
Wikipedia - Deodoro Olympic Whitewater Stadium -- White water sports venue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wikipedia - Desiree Sayle -- American Republican political aide, served in the White House under George Bush and Donald Trump.
Wikipedia - Diamond White (singer) -- American singer and actress
Wikipedia - Dickerson Whitewater Course -- Artificial whitewater course in Maryland, United States
Wikipedia - Dirty White Boys -- Novel by Stephen Hunter
Wikipedia - Doda fallet -- A former whitewater rapid on the river IndalsM-CM-$lven, Sweden
Wikipedia - Dogmatix -- Fictional tiny white terrier dog who is a companion to Obelix in the Asterix comics
Wikipedia - Dogo Argentino -- white short-coated muscular dog bred for big-game hunting
Wikipedia - Dominican High School (Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin)
Wikipedia - Donald C. White -- American politician
Wikipedia - Donald R. Whitehead -- American entomologist (1938-1990)
Wikipedia - Don Andrews -- Canadian white supremacist
Wikipedia - Donna McDowell White -- American politician
Wikipedia - Donna White -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Dorothy Neal White -- New Zealand librarian, writer and collector
Wikipedia - Dorothy Whitelock
Wikipedia - Double Contact -- 1999 book by James White
Wikipedia - Douglas R. White
Wikipedia - Draft:2020 Lafayette Square protest -- Protest and subsequent act of force at the White House after the death of George Floyd
Wikipedia - Drew White -- Canadian lawyer
Wikipedia - Drummond White -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Duncan White -- Ceylonese athlete
Wikipedia - Dyani White Hawk -- American Contemporary Artist
Wikipedia - D'Ye Ken John Peel? -- 1935 British black-and-white historical adventure film by Henry Edwards
Wikipedia - Dying of Whiteness -- 2019 non-fiction book
Wikipedia - East Wing -- Structure part of the White House Complex, east of the Executive Residence
Wikipedia - E. B. White
Wikipedia - Edgar White -- American sailor
Wikipedia - Edith Grace White -- American zoologist
Wikipedia - Edmund White
Wikipedia - Edward Gates White -- American musician
Wikipedia - Edward Reed Fields -- American white supremacist and anti-Semitic political activist
Wikipedia - Edward White (Australian politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Edward White Benson
Wikipedia - Edward Whitehead Reid -- Pioneering British private aviator
Wikipedia - Ed White (astronaut) -- American astronaut
Wikipedia - Ed White (golfer) -- American golfer and engineer
Wikipedia - Edwin Q. White -- American journalist
Wikipedia - E. Frances White -- American historian
Wikipedia - Eilidh Whiteford -- SNP politician
Wikipedia - Electra (star) -- Blue-white giant star in the constellation of Taurus
Wikipedia - Elephant White -- 2011 film by Prachya Pinkaew
Wikipedia - Elijah V. White -- Confederate Army officer (1832 - 1907)
Wikipedia - Elijah White -- United States Indian agent and missionary
Wikipedia - Elise Fellows White -- American author, composer
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Augustus Whitehead -- American classical archaeologist
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Coleman White
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Stride -- Whitechapel murder victim
Wikipedia - Ellen Emerson White -- American writer
Wikipedia - Ellen G. White
Wikipedia - Ellie White (musician) -- Romanian singer
Wikipedia - El Paso, Arkansas -- An unincorporated community in southwestern White County, Arkansas
Wikipedia - Emily Jane White -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Emily Louisa Merielina White -- New Zealand gardener and writer
Wikipedia - Emily Whitehead -- Australian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Emily White -- American technology executive
Wikipedia - Emma Doyle -- White House Principal Deputy Chief of Staff
Wikipedia - Emma Elizabeth Smith -- Whitechapel murder victim
Wikipedia - Emma Whitelaw -- Australian molecular biologist
Wikipedia - Empire (1964 film) -- 1965 silent, black-and-white film made by Andy Warhol
Wikipedia - Encephalartos whitelockii -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Eoin MacWhite -- Irish diplomat, archaeologist, and scholar
Wikipedia - Erin White -- Canadian softball player
Wikipedia - Ethiopian white-footed mouse -- Species of rodent
Wikipedia - Eunice White Beecher -- American writer
Wikipedia - Europe-Action -- White nationalist French political mouvement
Wikipedia - European Kindred -- United States white supremacist prison and street gang
Wikipedia - Eustace White
Wikipedia - Executive Residence -- Central building of the White House complex
Wikipedia - Facts of Love -- 1986 single by Jeff Lorber featuring Karyn White
Wikipedia - Fallen Angel (1945 film) -- 1945 black-and-white film noir directed by Otto Preminger
Wikipedia - False White Mountain -- Mountain peak in northern Yosemite National Park, United States
Wikipedia - Family Dining Room -- Dining room located on the State Floor of the White House
Wikipedia - Family Portrait in Black and White -- 2011 Canadian documentary film
Wikipedia - Fanny White -- New York courtesan
Wikipedia - Feige 55 -- White dwarf in the constellation Ursa Major
Wikipedia - Felix White -- British musician
Wikipedia - Feta -- Brined curd white cheese from Greece
Wikipedia - Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow -- 2001 single by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Wikipedia - Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story -- 2008 British television film
Wikipedia - Fionn Whitehead -- British actor
Wikipedia - First Lady of the United States -- Hostess of the White House, usually the wife of the president of the United States
Wikipedia - First-move advantage in chess -- Advantage of White (plays first) over Black (plays second) in chess
Wikipedia - First White Terror
Wikipedia - Flags at the White House -- Flags displayed at the White House
Wikipedia - Flat white -- Drink made with espresso coffee and milk
Wikipedia - Flying Tigers (film) -- 1942 black-and-white war film directed by David Miller
Wikipedia - Fool for Your Loving -- 1980 single by Whitesnake
Wikipedia - Fort Washington State Park -- State park in Springfield and Whitemarsh, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States
Wikipedia - Fort White High School -- High school in Columbia County, Florida
Wikipedia - Foster/White Gallery -- American commercial art gallery
Wikipedia - Fourteen Words -- White nationalist slogan
Wikipedia - Frances Ha -- 2012 black and white comedy-drama film by Noah Baumbach
Wikipedia - Frances White (actress) -- English actress
Wikipedia - Francis Buchanan White
Wikipedia - Francis Goes to West Point -- 1952 American black-and-white comedy film
Wikipedia - Francis P. Whitehair Bridge -- Bridge in Florida, United States of America
Wikipedia - Francis S. White -- Democratic U.S. Senator from Alabama
Wikipedia - Frank D. White -- American politician
Wikipedia - Franklin White
Wikipedia - Frank T. M. White
Wikipedia - Frank White (Florida politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Franz Josef Muller -- Member of the White Rose dissident group (b. 1924, d. 2015)
Wikipedia - Freda White -- New Zealand equestrian
Wikipedia - Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park -- Rail trail and state park in Michigan, United States
Wikipedia - Fred White (scientist)
Wikipedia - Fred White (sportscaster) -- American sportscaster
Wikipedia - Frozen (2007 film) -- 2007 black-and-white Indian drama film
Wikipedia - Fruit whip -- Dessert made of pureed fruit and whipped egg whites
Wikipedia - G 29-38 -- White dwarf which undergoes characteristic variability
Wikipedia - Gabriel Over the White House -- 1933 pre-Code political fantasy film by Gregory La Cava
Wikipedia - Gandhi cap -- White coloured sidecap, pointed in front and back and having a wide band, worn in India
Wikipedia - Garett Whiteley -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Gaylord Starin White -- American social worker
Wikipedia - Gentlemen in White Vests -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - Geoffrey Saxton White -- Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Wikipedia - Geoffrey Whitehead -- English actor
Wikipedia - George L. White -- Former Canadian politician
Wikipedia - George M. Whitesides -- American chemist and professor of chemistry
Wikipedia - George T. Whitesides -- CEO of Virgin Galactic
Wikipedia - George White (artist) -- English engraver
Wikipedia - George White (Australian politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - George White (British Army officer) -- British Army general and recipient of the Victoria Cross
Wikipedia - George White (died 1584) -- English politician
Wikipedia - George Whitefield Chadwick -- American composer
Wikipedia - George Whitefield Davis -- US Army general, military Governor of Puerto Rico, and of the Panama Canal Zone
Wikipedia - George Whitefield -- 18th-century English minister and preacher
Wikipedia - George Whiteley, 1st Baron Marchamley -- British politician
Wikipedia - George White (Liberal politician) -- British politician
Wikipedia - George White's 1935 Scandals -- 1935 American musical film
Wikipedia - George White's Scandals (1934 film) -- 1934 film by George White
Wikipedia - George White's Scandals -- String of Broadway revues
Wikipedia - George W. Whitehead -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Ghost Diver -- 1957 American adventure film by Richard Einfeld and Merrill G. White
Wikipedia - Ghost skin -- A person who avoids public display of their white supremacism
Wikipedia - Gilbert F. White
Wikipedia - Gilbert White (British Army officer) -- English cricketer and British Army officer
Wikipedia - Gilbert White -- 18th-century English priest and naturalist
Wikipedia - Gillian White (sculptor) -- Swiss-based English sculptor
Wikipedia - Gillian White -- English novelist
Wikipedia - Girl in White Cotton -- Novel by Avni Doshi
Wikipedia - Girl in White in the Woods -- Painting by Vincent van Gogh
Wikipedia - Girls in White -- 1936 film
Wikipedia - Golden-crowned sifaka -- A medium-sized lemur with mostly white fur, prominent furry ears, and a golden-orange crown
Wikipedia - Golden white-eye -- A bird in the white-eye family from the Northern Mariana Islands
Wikipedia - Gordon White, Baron White of Hull -- British Baron and businessman
Wikipedia - Granulocyte transfusion -- Transfusion of white blood cells
Wikipedia - Granulocyte -- category of white blood cells
Wikipedia - Grayscale -- Image where each pixel's intensity is shown only achromatic values of black, gray, and white
Wikipedia - Great White Brotherhood
Wikipedia - Great white pelican -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Great White Shark (character)
Wikipedia - Great white shark -- Species of large lamniform shark
Wikipedia - Great White Wonder
Wikipedia - Green-and-white hummingbird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Green-white-checker finish -- Overtime finish in North American motorsports
Wikipedia - Green white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Green Wing: Original Television Soundtrack -- album by Jonathan Whitehead
Wikipedia - Greg Johnson (white nationalist) -- American white nationalist journalist
Wikipedia - Greg Whiteley -- American film director
Wikipedia - Grevillea whiteana -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to Queemsland, Australia
Wikipedia - Grey -- Intermediate color between black and white; color of a cloud-covered sky, ash and lead
Wikipedia - Groveland Four -- Four African-American men who were wrongfully accused of raping a 17-year-old white girl in 1949
Wikipedia - Groypers -- Loose group of white nationalist activists, provocateurs, and internet trolls
Wikipedia - H1504+65 -- White dwarf in Ursae Minoris constellation
Wikipedia - Hand Springs -- 1999 single by The White Stripes and The Dirtbombs
Wikipedia - Hans and Sophie Scholl -- Siblings in the White Rose nonviolent anti-Nazi movement
Wikipedia - Happy Valley (novel) -- 1939 novel by Patrick White
Wikipedia - Hard White (Up in the Club) -- 2011 single by Yelawolf
Wikipedia - Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle -- 2004 US stoner comedy film by Danny Leiner
Wikipedia - Harold C. Whitehouse -- American architect
Wikipedia - Harold White (English cricketer) -- English cricketer and clergyman
Wikipedia - Harrison White
Wikipedia - Harry White (musicologist) -- Irish musicologist and poet
Wikipedia - Harvey Whitehouse -- English anthropologist
Wikipedia - Hayden White
Wikipedia - Heather Whitestone -- American former beauty queen and conservative activist
Wikipedia - Heath Hitler -- White supremacist
Wikipedia - Hedebo embroidery -- Danish white embroidery
Wikipedia - Hedjet -- White Crown of Higher Egypt
Wikipedia - Helen C. White -- American English professor
Wikipedia - Helen Riaboff Whiteley -- American microbiologist
Wikipedia - Helen Whitener -- American judge
Wikipedia - Helen White (politician) -- New Zealand politician
Wikipedia - Hello Operator (song) -- 2000 single by The White Stripes
Wikipedia - Henrietta White -- Anglo-Irish educationist and college head
Wikipedia - Henry Jervis-White-Jervis -- British politician
Wikipedia - Henry Kirke White
Wikipedia - Henry Luke White
Wikipedia - Henry Seely White -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Henry S. White -- American lawyer and judge (1844-1901)
Wikipedia - Henry White (died 1570) -- English politician
Wikipedia - Henry White (diplomat) -- American diplomat
Wikipedia - Henry Whitehead (bishop)
Wikipedia - Henry Whitestone -- Irish, later American, architect
Wikipedia - Herbert Huntington-Whiteley -- British politician
Wikipedia - Herbert S. White -- American librarian
Wikipedia - Herbert White (cricketer) -- English cricketer and clergyman
Wikipedia - Here I Go Again -- 1982 single by Whitesnake
Wikipedia - Herman Lehmann -- White captive, adopted son of Quanah Parker
Wikipedia - Heuglin's white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - High Huts of the White Mountains -- Mountain huts in New Hampshire
Wikipedia - Hills Like White Elephants -- Short story by Ernest Hemingway
Wikipedia - Hilton House (White Lake, South Dakota) -- United States historic place
Wikipedia - Hokus Pokus (1949 film) -- 1949 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Holford White -- English cricketer and Royal Air Force officer
Wikipedia - Holsum Bread -- American brand of packaged sliced white bread
Wikipedia - Honky -- insult for white people
Wikipedia - Honorary whites -- Term used in apartheid era South Africa
Wikipedia - Honorary white
Wikipedia - Horace White -- American politician and governor
Wikipedia - Hospitals: The White Mafia -- 1973 film
Wikipedia - Hotel Yorba -- 2001 single by The White Stripes
Wikipedia - Howard White (writer) -- Canadian writer
Wikipedia - H. R. Haldeman -- White House Chief of Staff
Wikipedia - Hugh Edward White -- American architect
Wikipedia - Hugh Lawson White Hill -- American politician (1810-1892)
Wikipedia - Hugh Lawson White -- American judge and Senator from Tennessee
Wikipedia - Hugh Whitemore -- English playwright and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Hugh White (strategist) -- Australian defence analyst
Wikipedia - Humbert the White-Handed
Wikipedia - Hume's white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Hunter White -- Australian pastoralist, racehorse owner and breeder
Wikipedia - Ian Whitehead (luger) -- British luger
Wikipedia - Iceberg (killer whale) -- Orca, one of the first all-white male orca discovered in the wild
Wikipedia - Ida L. White -- Irish poet
Wikipedia - I Live on Danger -- 1942 film by Sam White
Wikipedia - I'll Never Heil Again -- 1941 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Interactive whiteboard
Wikipedia - Interleukin -- Group of cytokines (secreted proteins and signal molecules) that were first seen to be expressed by white blood cells
Wikipedia - In the Sweet Pie and Pie -- 1941 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - In the White City -- 1982 film
Wikipedia - In Your Wildest Dreams (song) -- 1996 single by Tina Turner and Barry White
Wikipedia - IPv6 brokenness and DNS whitelisting
Wikipedia - IRT White Plains Road Line -- New York City Subway line
Wikipedia - Isaac Whitehead -- Irish artist
Wikipedia - Isabella Whiteford Rogerson -- Newfoundland Poet
Wikipedia - Isabelle White -- British diver
Wikipedia - Isobel Mary White -- English-Australian anthropologist
Wikipedia - Israel Charles White
Wikipedia - It's okay to be white -- Slogan based on a poster campaign organized on the American imageboard 4chan's board /pol/ in 2017
Wikipedia - Jaboukie Young-White -- American comedian
Wikipedia - Jack White (film producer) -- film producer, director and writer
Wikipedia - Jack White (golfer) -- Scottish golfer
Wikipedia - Jack Whitehall -- English comedian, television presenter and actor
Wikipedia - Jack White -- American musician and record producer
Wikipedia - Jacob K. White -- American electronics engineer and professor
Wikipedia - Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie -- Canadian actor
Wikipedia - Jacob Whitesides -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Jacqueline Kennedy Garden -- Garden outside the White House in Washington, DC, United States
Wikipedia - Jacquie White -- Australian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Jaleel White -- American actor, comedian, producer and writer
Wikipedia - Jalonne White-Newsome -- American program officer and lecturer.
Wikipedia - Jamboard -- Digital whiteboard developed by Google
Wikipedia - James Baker -- Former U.S. Secretary of State and White House Chief of Staff
Wikipedia - James Brady -- White House Press Secretary under Ronald Reagan
Wikipedia - James B. Whiteside -- American ballet dancer
Wikipedia - James Lillywhite -- English cricketer and umpire
Wikipedia - James L. White (poet)
Wikipedia - James R. Venable -- White supremacist Georgia lawyer and Mayor of Stone Mountain
Wikipedia - James S. Brady Press Briefing Room -- Briefing room in the White House
Wikipedia - James White Award -- Speculative fiction short story competition for amateur writers
Wikipedia - James White (engineer) -- American scientist
Wikipedia - James Whitehead (poet) -- American poet and novelist
Wikipedia - James White McClung -- American lawyer and politician during the early days of Alabama statehood.
Wikipedia - James White (North Carolina politician) -- Politician
Wikipedia - James White (Scottish politician) -- British politician
Wikipedia - James Whiteside McCay -- Australian general and politician
Wikipedia - James Whiteside -- Irish politician and judge
Wikipedia - James White (Texas politician) -- American politician, born 1964
Wikipedia - James White (theologian) -- American theologian, born 1962
Wikipedia - Jane White Is Sick > Twisted
Wikipedia - Jane White -- Obie award-winning African-American actress
Wikipedia - Jan V. White -- Czech-American graphic designer
Wikipedia - Japanese white-eye in Hawaii -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Jared Taylor -- American white supremacist author
Wikipedia - Jarrolds Valley Subdivision -- Railroad line between Whitesville and Clear Creek in the U.S. state of West Virginia.
Wikipedia - Jarvis White -- American soldier and politician
Wikipedia - Jason Kessler -- American white supremacist and far-right political activist
Wikipedia - Jason White (musician) -- American punk rock musician
Wikipedia - Jason White (singer-songwriter) -- American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Ja, truchlivM-CM-= bM-EM-/h -- 1969 black-and-white Czech comedy film
Wikipedia - Jay Whitehead -- American publisher
Wikipedia - Jay White (mixed martial artist) -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Jean White-Haney -- Australian botanist
Wikipedia - Jean White -- British nurse and pastor
Wikipedia - Jenn White -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Jeremy Joyner White
Wikipedia - Jerry White (criminal) -- American murderer
Wikipedia - Jessie Whiteford -- Scottish curler
Wikipedia - J. Frank White Academy -- Private school in Harrogate, Tennessee, United States
Wikipedia - J. H. C. Whitehead
Wikipedia - Jim Crow (character) -- Blackface minstrel character created by Thomas D. Rice based on 19th-century White ideas of African-Americans
Wikipedia - Jimmy White's 2: Cueball -- 2000 video game
Wikipedia - Jim White (musician) -- American singer
Wikipedia - Jim White (presenter) -- British radio and television presenter
Wikipedia - Joan Little -- African-American woman acquitted in murder trial of a white prison guard
Wikipedia - Joanna White -- New Zealand sailor
Wikipedia - Jody Powell -- White House press secretary to President Jimmy Carter
Wikipedia - Joe E. White -- American educator and oil and gas investor
Wikipedia - John C. Whitehead -- American civil servant
Wikipedia - John Graham White -- Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Molecular Biology
Wikipedia - John Lillywhite -- English cricketer and umpire
Wikipedia - John L. Whitehead Jr. -- US Air Force officer, test pilot
Wikipedia - John Paul White -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - John Ruffo -- Former business executive, white-collar criminal and confidence man
Wikipedia - John Satterwhite -- American sport shooter
Wikipedia - John Sylvester White -- American actor (1919-1988)
Wikipedia - John Talbot White -- British academic and writer (1925-1983)
Wikipedia - John Tanton -- American white nationalist and anti-immigration activist
Wikipedia - John Two Guns White Calf -- |Blackfoot chief
Wikipedia - John White (bishop) -- English bishop
Wikipedia - John White (chemist)
Wikipedia - John White (Christian author) -- British Christian author in Canada
Wikipedia - John White (colonist and artist) -- English artist, and an early settler in the New World
Wikipedia - John White (composer)
Wikipedia - John Whitehead (public servant) -- New Zealand economist
Wikipedia - John Whitehead (singer) -- American singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - John Whiteley (politician) -- British politician
Wikipedia - John Whiteside Parsons
Wikipedia - John White (surgeon)
Wikipedia - John W. Whitehead
Wikipedia - Jonathan Whitesell -- Canadian actor
Wikipedia - Jon Whiteley -- Scottish child actor and historian
Wikipedia - Joseph Blanco White -- Spanish poet and theologian
Wikipedia - Joseph B. White -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Joseph Frederick Whiteaves
Wikipedia - Josephine Sophia White Griffing -- American activist
Wikipedia - Josephine White deLacour -- American physician and suffragist
Wikipedia - Joseph T. White -- American defector to North Korea
Wikipedia - Joshua Whitehead -- Two spirit poet and novelist
Wikipedia - Josh White (racing driver) -- American stock car driver and Marine
Wikipedia - Josh White -- American singer, guitarist, songwriter, actor, and civil rights activist
Wikipedia - Joyce White -- American archaeologist
Wikipedia - Jumeirah Beach -- White sand beach in Dubai
Wikipedia - Ju-On: White Ghost -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - KAPW -- Radio station in White Oak, Texas
Wikipedia - Karen White -- American writer
Wikipedia - Karsonya Wise Whitehead -- American educator, author and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Karyn White -- American singer
Wikipedia - Kasparov versus the World -- Game of chess played in 1999 over the Internet over 4 months, with Garry Kasparov (White) against the rest of the world (Black) in consultation, with the World Team moves decided by plurality vote; Kasparov won after 62 moves
Wikipedia - Kate White (politician) -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Katharine Sergeant Angell White -- writer and editor
Wikipedia - Kathryn White -- Kathryn White
Wikipedia - Kayleigh McEnany -- White House Press Secretary
Wikipedia - Keith White (yachtsman) -- Disabled British yachtsman
Wikipedia - Kevin Whitehead -- American jazz critic and author
Wikipedia - Key whitening
Wikipedia - Kilburn White Horse -- Horse figure in North Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Kimba the White Lion (TV series) -- 1965 Japanese television series
Wikipedia - Kim White -- American businessperson
Wikipedia - King Edward VII Jewish Memorial Drinking Fountain -- Drinking fountain in Whitechapel, London
Wikipedia - Kinism -- White supremacist religious movement
Wikipedia - Kir (cocktail) -- French cocktail with creme de cassis and white wine
Wikipedia - Kitty Foyle (dress) -- Dress style of the 1940s characterized by a dark fabric and contrasting light collar and cuffs, typically of navy blue and white
Wikipedia - Kodak T-MAX -- A family of tabular-grain panchromatic black and white films.
Wikipedia - Konrad X the White -- Silesian duke of the Piast dynasty
Wikipedia - Kosrae white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Kronach (White Main) -- River in Bavaria, Germany
Wikipedia - KSFR -- Public radio station in White Rock-Santa Fe, New Mexico
Wikipedia - Ku Klux Klan -- American white supremacist group
Wikipedia - Kyle Chapman (American activist) -- American white nationalist and alt-right activist
Wikipedia - Lake White State Park -- Park in Ohio, USA
Wikipedia - Lana Lokteff -- American white nationalist and white supremacist
Wikipedia - Lari White -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Larry Speakes -- Former White House spokesman
Wikipedia - Laura Weber White -- American country fiddler
Wikipedia - Laura Whitehorn -- American activist and terrorist
Wikipedia - Laura White -- English singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - League of the South -- White supremacist organization
Wikipedia - Lee C. White -- American presidential advisor
Wikipedia - Lee "Lasses" White -- American actor (1888-1949)
Wikipedia - Lee Valley White Water Centre -- White water sports venue in Hertfordshire, England
Wikipedia - Lee Whiteley -- British Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Lee White (sailor) -- Bermudian sailor
Wikipedia - Legend of the White Snake -- Chinese legend
Wikipedia - Lenny White -- American drummer
Wikipedia - Leo Felton -- Biracial white supremacist
Wikipedia - Leonid Teyf -- Russian-Israeli white collar criminal
Wikipedia - Leo White (judoka) -- American judoka
Wikipedia - Leo White -- German-American actor
Wikipedia - Leslie White
Wikipedia - Lesser white-fronted goose -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Lester White -- American cinematographer active 1930s-1950s
Wikipedia - Leszek I the White
Wikipedia - Leszek the White
Wikipedia - Lethal White -- 2018 detective novel by J. K. Rowling
Wikipedia - Let's Go Round Again -- 1980 single by Average White Band
Wikipedia - Let's Shake Hands -- 1998 single by The White Stripes
Wikipedia - Leukapheresis -- laboratory procedure in which white blood cells are separated from a sample of blood
Wikipedia - Leukaspides -- "White Shields
Wikipedia - Leukoaraiosis -- Type of white matter abnormality near the lateral ventricles
Wikipedia - Leukodystrophy -- Group of disorders characterised by degeneration of white matter in the brain
Wikipedia - Leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter -- Neurological disease
Wikipedia - Lewis White Beck
Wikipedia - Light Blue and White Union -- Argentine political party
Wikipedia - Lillias White -- American actress and singer
Wikipedia - Lillywhites -- A sports retailer based at Piccadilly Circus, London
Wikipedia - Lincoln in the White House -- 1939 film directed by William C. McGann
Wikipedia - Lisa McElwee-White -- American researcher and professor of chemistry
Wikipedia - List of animals referred to as white-lipped -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of artificial whitewater courses -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by Angela White -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Betty White's Off Their Rockers episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of black-and-white films produced since 1970 -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of black-and-white films that have been colorized -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox award winners and league leaders -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox broadcasters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox first-round draft picks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox managers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox minor league affiliates -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox no-hitters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox Opening Day starting pitchers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox owners and executives -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox seasons -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chicago White Sox team records -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of compositions by George Whitefield Chadwick -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ellen G. White writings -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of flags with blue, red, and white stripes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Kimba the White Lion episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of people known as the White -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of PokM-CM-)mon: Black & White episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of PokM-CM-)mon Black and White chapters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of public art in Whitehall -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of The White Shadow episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. cities with non-Hispanic white plurality populations in 2010 -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. states by non-Hispanic white population -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Vancouver Whitecaps FC players -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Vancouver Whitecaps Women players -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of White Airways destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of White Album episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of White Alice Communications System sites -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of White Collar characters -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of White Collar episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of white dwarfs -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of whitefly species -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of white nationalist organizations -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of White Sea biota species by phylum -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Whitest Kids U' Know episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Lists of U.S. cities with non-white majority populations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Lithopone -- Mixture of inorganic compounds, widely used as a white pigment powder
Wikipedia - Little White Dove -- 1973 film
Wikipedia - Live Nude Girls -- 1995 film by Steve White
Wikipedia - Lorenzo Gamboa -- Filipino-American man who was excluded from Australia under the White Australia policy, despite having an Australian wife and children
Wikipedia - Louis Beam -- American white nationalist
Wikipedia - Louis Caldera -- Former Director of the White House Military Office
Wikipedia - Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This -- 1987 single by Ricky Skaggs and The Whites
Wikipedia - Loyal Order of Moose -- American fraternal order that formerly restricted membership to white men
Wikipedia - Luisa Bradshaw-White -- British actress
Wikipedia - Luke White (English politician) -- British politician
Wikipedia - Lusaka Manifesto -- 1969 declaration of African heads of state on human rights and white supremacy rule
Wikipedia - Lydia White -- Canadian linguist
Wikipedia - Lymphocyte -- Subtype of white blood cell
Wikipedia - Lynching of Jay Lynch -- White man who was lynched in the U.S.
Wikipedia - Macron's oak -- Tree gifted by Emmanual Macron to the United States, planted at the White House by him and Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Macrophage -- Type of white blood cell
Wikipedia - Maggie Rogers (White House maid) -- housemaid in the White House
Wikipedia - Magical Negro -- Stock character; black man with special insight or mystical powers coming to the aid of the white protagonist
Wikipedia - Malibu's Most Wanted -- 2003 film directed by John Whitesell
Wikipedia - Marco Pierre White -- British chef and restaurateur
Wikipedia - Margaret Bourke-White -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Margaret White (meteorologist) -- British meteorologist
Wikipedia - Marian E. White -- American archaeologist
Wikipedia - Maria White Lowell
Wikipedia - Marie Antoinette syndrome -- Alleged condition of hair suddenly turning white
Wikipedia - Mariner's cap -- Cap with a soft dark blue or white crown and a stiff dark visor, often decorated with braid
Wikipedia - Mariniere -- French blue-and-white striped cotton shirt
Wikipedia - Marjorie White -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Mark Delaney (canoeist) -- British whitewater slalom canoeist
Wikipedia - Mark Meadows (North Carolina politician) -- 29th White House Chief of Staff
Wikipedia - Mark Whiteley -- American skateboarder, photographer, and magazine editor
Wikipedia - Marshall Applewhite -- American cult leader
Wikipedia - Martha Annie Whiteley -- English chemist
Wikipedia - Martha Tabram -- Whitechapel murder victim
Wikipedia - Martha White -- Brand of foods
Wikipedia - Martin White (Royal Navy officer) -- British admiral
Wikipedia - Mary Ann Nichols -- Whitechapel murder victim
Wikipedia - Mary E. White (palaeobotanist)
Wikipedia - Mary Jane Kelly -- Whitechapel victim
Wikipedia - Mary Jarrett White -- Early American woman voter
Wikipedia - Mastin G. White -- American judge
Wikipedia - Matilda White Riley -- American gerontologist
Wikipedia - Matthew E. White -- American singer-songwriter and music producer
Wikipedia - Matthew F. Hale -- White separatist religious leader
Wikipedia - Matthew White (journalist) -- Australian journalist
Wikipedia - Matthew White Ridley, 1st Viscount Ridley -- British politician
Wikipedia - Matthew White Ridley, 2nd Viscount Ridley -- British politician
Wikipedia - Maugrim -- Fictional character, head wolf in the service of the White Witch (Narnia, book 1)
Wikipedia - Maurice White -- American musician, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire
Wikipedia - May White -- Actress
Wikipedia - Mbulu white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - M. Christina White -- Greek-American chemist
Wikipedia - McKim, Mead & White -- American architectural firm
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Vlschnitz (White Main) -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Me and White Supremacy -- Me and White Supremacy
Wikipedia - MediaWiki talk:Spam-whitelist
Wikipedia - Megachile whiteana -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Meg White -- American musician
Wikipedia - Melodies of a White Night -- 1976 film by Sergei Solovyov
Wikipedia - Mel White -- American clergyman and author
Wikipedia - M-EM- erefudin's White Mosque -- Mosque located in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wikipedia - Men in White (1934 film) -- 1934 film directed by Ryszard Boleslawski
Wikipedia - Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-century Europe -- 1973 book by Hayden White
Wikipedia - Metol -- Reducing aromatic compound used as developing agent in black and white photography
Wikipedia - Mia and the White Lion -- 2018 film directed by Gilles de Maistre
Wikipedia - Micah M. White -- American activist
Wikipedia - Michael H. Hart -- American astrophysicist, author, and white separatist
Wikipedia - Michael Jai White -- American martial artist and actor
Wikipedia - Michael JD White
Wikipedia - Michael White (bobsleigh) -- Jamaican bobsledder
Wikipedia - Michael White (British Army officer) -- An officer of the East India Company's Bengal Army
Wikipedia - Michael White (clarinetist) -- American jazz clarinetist and educator
Wikipedia - Michael Whitehall -- British producer, talent agent, author and television personality
Wikipedia - Michael White (journalist) -- British journalist
Wikipedia - Michael White (judge) -- Irish solicitor, High Court judge since 2011
Wikipedia - Michael White (psychotherapist)
Wikipedia - Michael William Brescia -- American bank robber and white supremacist
Wikipedia - Michetta -- Italian white bread
Wikipedia - Mighty Joe Young (1949 film) -- 1949 US black-and-white fantasy film by Ernest B. Schoedsack
Wikipedia - Mike Enoch -- American white supremacist blogger and podcast host
Wikipedia - Mike McCurry (press secretary) -- White House press secretary
Wikipedia - Mike Whitehead -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Mike White (journalist) -- Journalist and author
Wikipedia - Mike White (softball) -- American softball coach
Wikipedia - Mike White (writer; filmmaker) -- Mike White (writer; filmmaker)
Wikipedia - Milk -- white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals
Wikipedia - Milky spots -- Very small white-coloured areas of lymphoid tissue, found in the peritoneal, pleural and pericardial cavities
Wikipedia - Minnie White -- American brothel owner
Wikipedia - Miracle of the White Suit -- 1956 film by Rafael Gil
Wikipedia - Missing white woman syndrome -- Extensive media coverage of missing white women
Wikipedia - Mitt (film) -- 2014 film by Greg Whiteley
Wikipedia - M'Lord of the White Road -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - Module:Citation/CS1/Whitelist
Wikipedia - Monica Lewinsky -- American activist and former White House intern
Wikipedia - Monobloc (chair) -- Heavy stackable polypropylene chair, usually white in color
Wikipedia - Morton White
Wikipedia - Motionless in White -- American metalcore band
Wikipedia - Mr. Black Mr. White -- 2008 film by Deepak Shivdasani
Wikipedia - Mshengu White Mambazo -- South african choral group
Wikipedia - Muscadelle -- White wine grape variety
Wikipedia - Nabulsi cheese -- A Palestinian white brined sheep and goat's milk cheese
Wikipedia - Nate White -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Nathaniel White -- American serial killer
Wikipedia - Nathan Larson (politician) -- American perennial candidate, pedophile and white supremacist
Wikipedia - Nathan White (journalist) -- Canadian journalist
Wikipedia - National Alliance (United States) -- White supremacist political organization in the USA
Wikipedia - National Christmas Tree (United States) -- Large Christmas tree near the White House in Washington, D.C.
Wikipedia - National Front (UK) -- British fascist and white supremacist political party
Wikipedia - Nationalist Front (United States) -- Loose coalition of white supremacist groups in the United States
Wikipedia - National Security Advisor (United States) -- White House advisory position
Wikipedia - National White Collar Crime Center
Wikipedia - Native Americans and World War II -- Served alongside white Americans
Wikipedia - Naval Ordnance Laboratory -- Disestablished United States naval laboratory at White Oak, Maryland
Wikipedia - Nene Whitewater Centre -- White water sports venue near Northampton, England
Wikipedia - Neutropenia -- Abnormally low concentration of neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) in the blood
Wikipedia - Neutrophil -- Most abundant type of granulocytes and the most abundant white blood cell
Wikipedia - Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown -- 2011 film by Michael Jai White
Wikipedia - Never Back Down: No Surrender -- 2016 film by Michael Jai White
Wikipedia - Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up -- song written, produced and recorded by Barry White
Wikipedia - Never Worn White -- 2020 single by Katy Perry
Wikipedia - New York Doll -- 2005 film by Greg Whiteley
Wikipedia - New Zealand White Ensign -- Naval ensign
Wikipedia - Nicki Whitehouse -- British archaeologist
Wikipedia - Nights in White Satin -- 1967 single by The Moody Blues
Wikipedia - Non-Hispanic White American
Wikipedia - Non-Hispanic whites -- Ethnic group
Wikipedia - Norman White (criminologist) -- American criminologist
Wikipedia - Northern bobwhite -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Northern Dvina -- River in northern Russia flowing into the White Sea
Wikipedia - Northern white-crowned tapaculo -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Northern white rhinoceros -- Subspecies of white rhinoceros
Wikipedia - Northwestern Army (Russia) -- White army during the Russian Civil War
Wikipedia - Northwest Territorial Imperative -- White separatist ethno-state project
Wikipedia - Nova -- Nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star
Wikipedia - Oasis: Supersonic -- 2016 film by Mat Whitecross
Wikipedia - Ocoee massacre -- White mob attack on African-American residents in Ocoee, Florida
Wikipedia - Office of Public Liaison -- White House office which acts as liaison with interest groups, NGOs, the public apart from the press.
Wikipedia - Off-White (company) -- Italian luxury fashion label
Wikipedia - Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise -- 1939 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Olaf the White -- Viking sea-king
Wikipedia - Olive-colored white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Olivia (dog) -- American West Highland White Terrier dog actress
Wikipedia - Ompong Galapong: May Ulo, Walang Tapon -- 1988 film starring Dolphy and Redford White
Wikipedia - Online Harms White Paper -- White paper produced by the British government
Wikipedia - Operation Snow White -- Criminal conspiracy by the Church of Scientology
Wikipedia - Operation Whitecoat
Wikipedia - Order of the White Eagle (Poland) -- Polish decoration of merit
Wikipedia - Order of the White Eagle (Russia)
Wikipedia - Order of the White Eagle (Serbia) -- Royal Order in the Kingdom of Serbia and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Wikipedia - Order of the White Elephant -- Thai award
Wikipedia - Order of the White Falcon
Wikipedia - Orra White Hitchcock
Wikipedia - Orrin Augustine White -- American painter
Wikipedia - Other White -- Ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census
Wikipedia - Ouija (2014 film) -- 2014 film by Stiles White
Wikipedia - Outsider in the White House -- book by Bernie Sanders
Wikipedia - Ovalbumin -- main protein found in egg white
Wikipedia - Oval Office -- Office of the President of the U.S. in the White House
Wikipedia - Owen White
Wikipedia - O. Z. Whitehead -- American actor
Wikipedia - Pae White -- American artist
Wikipedia - Palace of Whitehall -- building in the City of Westminster, London
Wikipedia - Pale white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Pallor mortis -- After-death paleness that occurs in those with light/white skin
Wikipedia - Pals and Gals -- 1954 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Pamela Cooper-White
Wikipedia - Panchromatic film -- Black-and-white photographic film sensitive to the whole visible light spectrum
Wikipedia - Pan-Slavic colors -- Red, blue and white
Wikipedia - Pan (White) -- Sculpture by Roger White (1980)
Wikipedia - Patricia Whitelock -- South African astrophysicist
Wikipedia - Patrick Whitehouse -- English railway preservation pioneer
Wikipedia - Patrick White (politician) -- Irish politician
Wikipedia - Patrick Whitesell -- American business man ,talent agent and executive chairman of Endeavor
Wikipedia - Patrick White -- English-born Australian writer
Wikipedia - Paula White -- American television evangelist
Wikipedia - Paul White, Baron Hanningfield -- British life peer
Wikipedia - Paul Whitehouse -- Welsh comedian and actor
Wikipedia - Paul White (journalist) -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Paul Whiteman -- American jazz musician and radio personality
Wikipedia - Pearl White -- American actress
Wikipedia - Peckerwood -- Ethnic slur for white people
Wikipedia - Penrith Whitewater Stadium -- White water sports venue near Sydney, Australia
Wikipedia - Percy Whitehead -- British sports shooter
Wikipedia - Periventricular leukomalacia -- Degeneration of white matter near the lateral ventricles of the brain
Wikipedia - Perry White
Wikipedia - Persia White -- American actress and singer
Wikipedia - Person of color -- Term for a person considered non-white
Wikipedia - Pest Man Wins -- 1951 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Peter J. White -- Political advisor to President Trump
Wikipedia - Peterson-Stein formula -- Describes the Spanier-Whitehead dual of a secondary cohomology operation
Wikipedia - Peter Whiteford -- Scottish professional golfer
Wikipedia - Peter Whitehead (runner) -- British athlete
Wikipedia - Peter Whitehouse -- English cricketer and British army officer
Wikipedia - Peter Whiteside -- British modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Phil White (politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Photochrom -- Process for producing colorized images from black-and-white photographies
Wikipedia - Pied butcherbird -- A black and white songbird native to Australia
Wikipedia - Pike Creek (White Clay Creek tributary) -- Creek tributary for White Clay Creek
Wikipedia - Pink and White Terraces -- Large silica sinter deposits in New Zealand destroyed in 1886 volcanic eruption
Wikipedia - Pink + White -- song by Frank Ocean
Wikipedia - Plain White T's -- American rock band
Wikipedia - Plasma cell -- White blood cell that secretes large volumes of antibodies
Wikipedia - Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School -- Public high school in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, United States
Wikipedia - PokM-CM-)mon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - PokM-CM-)mon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - PokM-CM-)mon: Black & White: Rival Destinies -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Pomors -- Ethnographic group descended from Russian settlers and living on the White Sea coasts
Wikipedia - Population White Paper -- Singapore government white paper on population
Wikipedia - Portia White -- Canadian opera singer
Wikipedia - Portland Timbers-Vancouver Whitecaps rivalry -- American soccer rivalry
Wikipedia - Powdermill Run (White Oak Run tributary) -- Stream in Pennsylvania, USA
Wikipedia - Presidential Determination -- Presidential directive issued by the White House
Wikipedia - Presidential Emergency Operations Center -- Bunker-like structure underneath the East Wing of the White House
Wikipedia - President's Dining Room -- Dining room in the northwest corner of the second floor of the White House
Wikipedia - Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) -- 1998 single by The Offspring
Wikipedia - Priscilla White (physician) -- American diabetologist
Wikipedia - Prisoners of a White God -- 2008 film
Wikipedia - Prosecco -- Italian white wine
Wikipedia - Provel cheese -- White processed cheese product
Wikipedia - PS Ireland -- Paddle wheel steamship of the White Star Line
Wikipedia - Public Enemy No. 1 (street gang) -- White prison and street gang
Wikipedia - Purple-bibbed whitetip -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Queens' Bedroom -- Bedroom on the second floor of the White House Executive Residence
Wikipedia - Rachel White (actress) -- American actress and model
Wikipedia - Racial segregation in the United States -- Historical separation of African Americans from American white society
Wikipedia - Rahm Emanuel -- American politician, investment banker, and White House Chief of Staff
Wikipedia - Rajesh De -- American lawyer, former White House Staff Secretary and General Counsel to the U.S. National Security Agency.
Wikipedia - RapidBlocs -- Obstacle system for artificial whitewater courses
Wikipedia - Raymond L. White
Wikipedia - Raymond Wilding-White -- American composer
Wikipedia - Ray White (politician) -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Rear-Admiral of the White -- Rank in the navy of Great Britain
Wikipedia - Reclaim (film) -- 2014 film by Alan White
Wikipedia - Red & White (food stores) -- Grocery store chain
Wikipedia - Red-and-white crake -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Redford White -- Filipino actor
Wikipedia - Red Hen restaurant controversy -- American political incident involving White House staffer
Wikipedia - Red Ice -- White supremacist media company
Wikipedia - Redneck -- Derogatory term applied to white person from the rural South of the United States
Wikipedia - Red onion -- Cultivar of the onion with purplish-red skin and white flesh tinged with red
Wikipedia - Red Rose White Rose -- 1994 film
Wikipedia - Red Summer -- Anti-black attacks by whites in 1919
Wikipedia - Red, White and Blue Blood -- film directed by Charles Brabin
Wikipedia - Red, White and Blue (film) -- 2020 film
Wikipedia - Red, White and Blue (ship) -- Lifeboat that crossed the Atlantic in 38 days in 1866
Wikipedia - Red, White and Water -- Upcoming film directed by Lila Neugebauer
Wikipedia - Red, White and Zero -- A portmanteau film made in 1967 by Woodfall Film Productions
Wikipedia - Reginald White (British Army officer) -- British Army officer
Wikipedia - Reg White -- British sailor
Wikipedia - Reincarnate (album) -- album by Motionless in White
Wikipedia - Reince Priebus -- American attorney and politician, White House chief of staff
Wikipedia - Renegade Tribune -- American white nationalist, conspiracy theorist and anti-Semitic media platform
Wikipedia - Resolved (film) -- 2007 film by Greg Whiteley
Wikipedia - Reverse racism -- Belief that affirmative action and similar programs constitute anti-white discrimination
Wikipedia - Rex Whitehead -- Australian cricket umpire
Wikipedia - Rhodamnia whiteana -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Richard B. Spencer -- American white supremacist
Wikipedia - Richard Butler (white supremacist) -- American white supremacist leader
Wikipedia - Richard Grant White -- 19th-century American literary scholar
Wikipedia - Richard M. White -- American electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Richard Snell (criminal) -- American spree killer and white supremacist
Wikipedia - Richard White, 2nd Earl of Bantry -- Irish peer
Wikipedia - Richard Whitehead (athlete) -- British Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Richard Whiteley -- British television personality
Wikipedia - Rich, White, Straight Men -- 2019 single by Kesha
Wikipedia - Rick Tyler -- American white supremacist
Wikipedia - Ride a White Horse -- 2006 single by Goldfrapp
Wikipedia - River bugging -- whitewater sport
Wikipedia - River rapids ride -- Amusement ride that simulates whitewater rafting
Wikipedia - Roan (horse) -- Horse coat color pattern characterized by an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the body
Wikipedia - Robert E. Kuttner -- American biologist and white supremacist
Wikipedia - Robert E. Miles -- white supremacist theologist and leader
Wikipedia - Robert Michael White -- US Air Force general
Wikipedia - Robert White (attorney general) -- American lawyer and politician
Wikipedia - Robert White (composer) -- English composer of liturgical music
Wikipedia - Robert White (cricketer) -- English cricketer and umpire
Wikipedia - Robert White (guitarist) -- American musician, born 1936
Wikipedia - Robert Whitehurst -- American sailor
Wikipedia - Robert White Johnson -- American musician
Wikipedia - Robert White (sailor) -- British sailor
Wikipedia - Robert Whiteside -- American jeweller
Wikipedia - Robert White (Washington, D.C. politician) -- Washington DC politician
Wikipedia - Robert Wilson Shufeldt -- American osteologist, myologist, museologist, ethnographer, and white supremacist (1850-1934)
Wikipedia - Robert W. White (psychologist)
Wikipedia - Robin Bantry White -- Irish Anglican priest:
Wikipedia - Rob Whiteford -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Rod White -- American archer
Wikipedia - Roger White (luger) -- Australian luger
Wikipedia - Ronald A. Senior-White -- British entomologist
Wikipedia - Ronald White -- American singer
Wikipedia - Ronnie White (golfer) -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Ron White -- American comedian
Wikipedia - Rosa 'Fourth of July' -- Red and white climbing rose
Wikipedia - Rosa 'Rockin Robin' -- Red, pink and white shrub rose
Wikipedia - Rose the Red and White Lily -- Traditional song
Wikipedia - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley -- English model and actress
Wikipedia - Ross Whitehead -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Roublot -- White wine grape variety
Wikipedia - Rufous-and-white wren -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Rufous-vented whitetip -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Russell White (politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Russian White goat -- Russian breed of dairy goat
Wikipedia - Ryan White -- AIDS spokesperson and "poster boy"
Wikipedia - Sack Full of Silver -- 1990 album by Thin White Rope
Wikipedia - Sack (wine) -- Historical term for white fortified wine from Spain or the Canary Islands
Wikipedia - Saint George's Cross -- Red cross on a white background
Wikipedia - Sallie J. Seals White -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Salt White -- 2011 film
Wikipedia - Sammy White (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Samuel A. White -- American politician
Wikipedia - Samuel K. Skinner -- White House chief of staff
Wikipedia - Sangkar white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Sarah Whitehead -- Mythical ghost that haunts the Bank of England
Wikipedia - Sarah Whiteling -- German-born American serial poisoner
Wikipedia - Scott R. White -- American engineer
Wikipedia - Sean J. White -- Irish writer and broadcaster (1927-1996)
Wikipedia - Secretary to the President of the United States -- Former White House position
Wikipedia - Secret Rendezvous (song) -- 1989 single by Karyn White
Wikipedia - Secret Warriors (Team White) -- Fictional comic book group
Wikipedia - See Spot Run -- 2001 film by John Whitesell
Wikipedia - Separating eggs -- Process, generally used in cooking, in which the egg yolk is removed from the egg white
Wikipedia - Sepiolite -- Soft and porous white magnesium silicate clay mineral
Wikipedia - Seven Nation Army -- 2003 single by the White Stripes
Wikipedia - Shades of white -- Range of color shades
Wikipedia - Shad White -- 42nd Auditor of Mississippi
Wikipedia - Shaun White -- American snowboarder and skateboarder
Wikipedia - Shawshank tree -- White oak located near Malabar Farm State Park near Lucas, Ohio
Wikipedia - Shea butter -- Off-white or ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree
Wikipedia - Sheila White (abolitionist) -- American activist
Wikipedia - Sheila White (actress) -- British film, television and stage actress (1948-2018)
Wikipedia - Shelby White -- American philanthropist
Wikipedia - Sheldon Whitehouse -- United States Senator from Rhode Island
Wikipedia - Shelley White-Means -- Economist
Wikipedia - Sidelines -- The white lines in a sports field
Wikipedia - Simone White -- American musician
Wikipedia - Simone White (writer) -- American poet
Wikipedia - Simon White -- British astronomer
Wikipedia - Single White Female -- 1992 film directed by Barbet Schroeder
Wikipedia - Skyler White -- Fictional character in the television drama series Breaking Bad
Wikipedia - Skyler White (writer) -- American novelist (born 1967)
Wikipedia - Smederevka -- White wine grape variety
Wikipedia - Snow White (1962 film) -- 1962 film
Wikipedia - Snow White (1967 novel) -- 1967 novel by Donald Barthelme
Wikipedia - Snow-White and Rose-Red -- German fairy tale
Wikipedia - Snow White and the Huntsman -- 2012 film by Rupert Sanders
Wikipedia - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film) -- 1937 Disney film
Wikipedia - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1955 film) -- 1955 film
Wikipedia - Snow White salad -- Bulgarian yogurt salad
Wikipedia - Snow White: The Fairest of Them All -- 2001 film directed by Caroline Thompson
Wikipedia - Snow White: The Sequel -- 2007 film directed by Picha
Wikipedia - Snow White -- German fairy tale
Wikipedia - Soldiers of Aryan Culture -- white supremacist prison gang in the United States
Wikipedia - So Long Mr. Chumps -- 1941 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Sophie Scholl -- German resistance fighter during the Nazi regime, member of the White Rose
Wikipedia - SoufflM-CM-) -- A baked egg-based dish using beaten egg whites to give an aerated texture
Wikipedia - Southern Unionist -- White Southerners living in the Confederate States of America, opposed to secession, and against the Civil War
Wikipedia - Southern white-crowned shrike -- African species of bird
Wikipedia - Southern white-spot octopus -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Southern yellow white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - South Lawn -- Location within the White House campus in Washington, DC
Wikipedia - South Russian Government -- Russian White movement government, 1920
Wikipedia - Speak White -- 1980 Quebec short film
Wikipedia - Spencer Smith-White
Wikipedia - Spot-bellied bobwhite -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Stanford White -- American architect
Wikipedia - Stanley Whitehead -- New Zealand politician
Wikipedia - Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal -- Ferry terminal in Lower Manhattan, New York City
Wikipedia - Statue of Edward Douglass White -- Bronze sculpture depicting the American politician and jurist of the same name by Arthur C. Morgan, installed in the United States Capitol Visitor Center, in Washington, D.C
Wikipedia - St Benedict's Catholic High School, Hensingham -- Comprehensive Secondary School in Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK
Wikipedia - Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner -- 2006 satirical speech
Wikipedia - Stephen D. White -- American historian
Wikipedia - Stephen White (author) -- American writer (born 1951)
Wikipedia - Steve Lillywhite -- English record producer
Wikipedia - Steven R. White -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Steve White (author) -- American writer
Wikipedia - Stochastic resonance -- Signal boosting phenomenon using white noise
Wikipedia - Stomp the Yard -- 2007 film by Sylvain White
Wikipedia - Stormfront (website) -- First major racial hate website, known for white supremacy, antisemitism, and Holocaust denial
Wikipedia - Stuart Little -- Children's novel by E. B. White
Wikipedia - Stuart White -- Australian environmentalist and researcher
Wikipedia - Sudan (rhinoceros) -- Northern white rhinoceros
Wikipedia - Sue Whitesides -- Canadian mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Sugarcane mill -- Factory that processes sugar cane to produce raw or white sugar
Wikipedia - Sugar cookie -- white cookie, plain and sweet
Wikipedia - Suidlanders -- South African right-wing white Afrikaner survivalist civil defence organisation
Wikipedia - Summer White -- 2020 Mexican drama film
Wikipedia - Sumner White -- American sailor
Wikipedia - Sundown town -- all-white municipalities that practice a form of racial segregation
Wikipedia - Swift water rescue -- Rescue techniques for white water river conditions
Wikipedia - Swinhoe's white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Sylvain White -- French film director
Wikipedia - Sylvia White -- American speed skater
Wikipedia - Talbot Whitehead -- British geologist
Wikipedia - Tales from the White Hart -- Collectin of short stories by Arthur C. Clarke
Wikipedia - Tanith Belbin White -- Canadian-American ice dancer
Wikipedia - Ted White (author)
Wikipedia - Tees Barrage International White Water Course -- White water sports venue in Stockton-on-Tees, England
Wikipedia - Tegelspreuken -- Decorative tiles inscribed with proverbs or aphorisms, often in blue-and-white Delftware style
Wikipedia - Terence de Vere White -- Irish writer and literary editor, and lawyer
Wikipedia - Terry White (sprint canoeist) -- American canoeist
Wikipedia - Terry White
Wikipedia - Tetsu no tsume -- 1951 black-and-white Japanese horror film
Wikipedia - Thea White -- American voice actress
Wikipedia - The Base (hate group) -- American neo-Nazi white separatist hate group
Wikipedia - The Beatles (album) -- 1968 double studio album by The Beatles, often known as the White Album
Wikipedia - The Betty White Show -- American television series
Wikipedia - The Big Three Killed My Baby -- 1999 single by The White Stripes
Wikipedia - The Birth of White Australia -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The Black Sheep of Whitehall -- 1942 film by Basil Dearden, Will Hay
Wikipedia - The Blue and White Lion -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - The Book of Merlyn -- Novel by T. H. White
Wikipedia - The Bride with White Hair -- 1993 Hong Kong wuxia film by Ronny Yu
Wikipedia - The Candle in the Wind -- Book by T.H. White
Wikipedia - The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire
Wikipedia - The Crimson Petal and the White (miniseries) -- 2011 short television series based on the Michel Faber novel
Wikipedia - The Crimson Petal and the White -- book by Michel Faber
Wikipedia - The Daily Stormer -- American neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and Holocaust denial commentary and message board website
Wikipedia - The Darling of Paris -- 1917 film by J. Gordon Edwards starring Theda Bara and Glen White
Wikipedia - The Death of the White Stallion -- 1985 film
Wikipedia - The Devil in the White City -- Book by Erik Larson
Wikipedia - The Encounter (2011 film) -- 2010 film by David A. R. White
Wikipedia - The Frogmen -- 1951 American black and white WWII drama film by Lloyd Bacon
Wikipedia - The Girl in White -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - The Grace (song) -- 2005 song performed by Neverending White Lights
Wikipedia - The Great White Silence -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The Great White Way (1924 film) -- 1924 film by E. Mason Hopper
Wikipedia - The Hardest Button to Button -- 2003 single by The White Stripes
Wikipedia - The History of White People -- Book by Nell Irvin Painter
Wikipedia - The Ill-Made Knight -- Novel by T. H. White
Wikipedia - The Journal News -- Newspaper in White Plains, New York
Wikipedia - The King of the White Elephant -- 1940 film
Wikipedia - The Kiss of Death (1957) -- 1957 black and white photograph
Wikipedia - The Lady in White -- 1938 film
Wikipedia - The Little White Bird
Wikipedia - The Little White Horse -- 1946 novel by Elizabeth Goudge
Wikipedia - Thelma White -- American actress
Wikipedia - The Lonely White Sail -- 1937 film by Vladimir Legoshin
Wikipedia - The Losers (film) -- 2010 film by Sylvain White
Wikipedia - The Man in the White Suit (play) -- play by Sean Foley
Wikipedia - The Man in the White Suit -- 1951 film by Alexander Mackendrick
Wikipedia - The Man Who Turned White -- 1919 film by Park Frame
Wikipedia - The Miniature White House -- Detailed miniature replica of the White House, in Clermont, Florida
Wikipedia - The Money-Order with White Genesis -- 1966 book by Ousmane Sembene
Wikipedia - The New Adventures of Snow White -- 1969 film directed by Rolf Thiele
Wikipedia - The Nickel Boys -- 2019 novel by Colson Whitehead
Wikipedia - The Occidental Quarterly -- American white nationalist magazine
Wikipedia - Theodore H. White -- American historian and author
Wikipedia - The Officer and the Lady -- 1941 film directed by Sam White
Wikipedia - The Order (white supremacist group) -- American white supremacist terrorist group
Wikipedia - The Postman's White Nights -- 2014 film
Wikipedia - The Queen of Air and Darkness -- Novel by T. H. White
Wikipedia - The Queen of Whitechapel -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - Therapont of White Lake
Wikipedia - The Right Stuff (blog) -- White supremacist, neo-fascist blog and podcast network
Wikipedia - The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy
Wikipedia - The Roman Father -- 1750 play by William Whitehead
Wikipedia - The Son of the White Mountain -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - The Sword in the Stone (novel) -- Novel by T. H. White
Wikipedia - The Underground Railroad (novel) -- 2016 novel by Colson Whitehead
Wikipedia - The Valley (Whitechapel album) -- | 2019 studio album by Whitechapel
Wikipedia - The Watch Below -- 1966 science fiction novel by James White
Wikipedia - The White Adventure -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - The White Album (band) -- Danish folk pop band
Wikipedia - The White Angel (1936 film) -- 1936 American film depicting Florence Nightingale directed by William Dieterle
Wikipedia - The White Black Sheep -- 1926 film by Sidney Olcott
Wikipedia - The White Bull
Wikipedia - The White Caravan -- 1963 film
Wikipedia - The White Cat (film) -- 1950 film
Wikipedia - The White Chamber
Wikipedia - The Whitechapel Horrors
Wikipedia - The White Circle -- 1920 film by Maurice Tourneur
Wikipedia - The White Cliffs of Dover (film) -- 1944 film by Clarence Brown
Wikipedia - The White Cockatoo -- 1935 American mystery film directed by Alan Crosland
Wikipedia - The White Company
Wikipedia - The White Death (film) -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - The White Desert (1922 film) -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - The White Desert -- 1925 film by Reginald Barker
Wikipedia - The White Devil (film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - The White Doe of Rylstone
Wikipedia - The White Door -- 2020 Dutch puzzle video game
Wikipedia - The White Dove (1920 film) -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - The White Dove (French fairy tale) -- French fairy tale
Wikipedia - The White Eagle Lodge -- Spiritual organisation founded by Grace and Ivan Cooke in 1936
Wikipedia - The White Eagle -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The White Ecstasy (film) -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - The White EP (Pop-O-Pies EP)
Wikipedia - The White Feather -- 1907 novel by P.G. Wodehouse
Wikipedia - The White Fisher -- Traditional song
Wikipedia - The White Flower -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - The White Geisha -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - The White Goddess
Wikipedia - The White Heather -- 1919 American silent drama film by Maurice Tourneur
Wikipedia - The White Hell of Pitz Palu (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - The White Hell of Pitz Palu (1950 film) -- 1950 film
Wikipedia - The White Hen -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - The White Hope (1922 film) -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - The White Horse Inn (1926 film) -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - The White Horse Inn (1952 film) -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - The White Horseman -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - The White House, Aston Munslow -- Grade II* listed building in Aston Munslow, Shropshire, England
Wikipedia - The Whitehouse (pub) -- Pub in Liverpool, England
Wikipedia - The White House
Wikipedia - The White Isle -- Book by Darrell Schweitzer
Wikipedia - The White Knight (book)
Wikipedia - The White Lady (Namibia) -- Ancient rock painting
Wikipedia - The White Lilac -- 1935 film
Wikipedia - The White Line -- 1950 film
Wikipedia - The White Lion -- Slave ship
Wikipedia - The White Man's Burden -- Poem by the English poet Rudyard Kipling
Wikipedia - The White Mercedes
Wikipedia - The White Moll -- 1920 film by Harry F. Millarde
Wikipedia - The White Monkey -- 1925 film directed by Phil Rosen
Wikipedia - The White Monk -- 1945 film by Julio Bracho
Wikipedia - The White Moor -- 1965 film
Wikipedia - The White Moth -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The White Negro -- 1957 essay by Norman Mailer
Wikipedia - The White Outlaw -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - The White Panther -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The White Parade -- 1934 film by Irving Cummings
Wikipedia - The White Paradise -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - The White Peacock (film) -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - The White Peacock -- 1911 book by D. H. Lawrence
Wikipedia - The White Pearl (1915 film) -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - The White People
Wikipedia - The White Raven (novel) -- Book by Robert Low
Wikipedia - The White Reindeer -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - The White Ribbon -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - The White Rose (1923 film) -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - The White Rose of the Wilds -- 1911 film
Wikipedia - The White Rose (play)
Wikipedia - The White Roses of Ravensberg (1919 film) -- 1919 film
Wikipedia - The White Roses of Ravensberg (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - The White Roses -- 1916 film
Wikipedia - The White Rosette -- 1916 film by Donald MacDonald
Wikipedia - The White Shadow (film) -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - The White Shadow (TV series) -- American television series 1978-1981
Wikipedia - The White Sheep -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The White Sheik (1928 film) -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The White Ship (1976 film) -- 1976 film
Wikipedia - The White Sin -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The White Sister (1933 film) -- 1933 film by Victor Fleming
Wikipedia - The White Slave (film) -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - The White Slave (TV series) -- Colombian telenovela
Wikipedia - The White Snake -- German fairy tale
Wikipedia - The White Sonata -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The White Spider (1927 film) -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - The White Spider (1963 film) -- 1963 film
Wikipedia - The White Squaw -- 1956 film by Ray Nazarro
Wikipedia - The White Stadium -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The Whitest Boy Alive -- German-Norwegian musical group
Wikipedia - The White Storm 2: Drug Lords -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - The White Storm -- 2013 Hong Kong-Chinese film
Wikipedia - The White Stripes -- American rock duo
Wikipedia - The White Suit -- 1999 film
Wikipedia - The White Terror (film) -- 1917 film
Wikipedia - The White, the Yellow, and the Black -- 1975 film directed by Sergio Corbucci
Wikipedia - The White Tiger (Adiga novel) -- 2008 novel by Arvind Adiga
Wikipedia - The White Tiger (film) -- 2020 film by Ramin Bahrani
Wikipedia - The White Trap -- 1959 film directed by Sidney Hayers
Wikipedia - The White Vault -- Found footage horror fiction podcast
Wikipedia - The White Viking -- 1991 film by Hrafn Gunnlaugsson
Wikipedia - The White Wall -- 1975 film
Wikipedia - The Windward School -- Independent day school for students with learning disabilities in White Plains & Manhattan, New York, United States
Wikipedia - The Woman in White (1921 film) -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - The Woman in White (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - Thomas Dixon Jr. -- American Baptist minister, writer, lawyer, politician, and white supremacist
Wikipedia - Thomas D. White -- US Air Force general
Wikipedia - Thomas H. White -- Cleveland, Ohio industrialist and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Thomas J. White -- American businessman and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Thomas North Whitehead
Wikipedia - Thomas White (Australian politician) -- Australian aviator and politician
Wikipedia - Thomas White (died 1542) -- English politician
Wikipedia - Thomas White (died 1558) -- English politician
Wikipedia - Thomas White (died 1590) -- English politician
Wikipedia - Thomas White (merchant)
Wikipedia - Thomas White (philosopher)
Wikipedia - Thomas White (speed skater) -- Canadian speed skater
Wikipedia - Three Days (of Hamlet) -- 2012 documentary film by Alex Hyde-White
Wikipedia - Three Sappy People -- 1939 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - T.H. White
Wikipedia - Timeline of white dwarfs, neutron stars, and supernovae -- Chronological list of developments in knowledge and records
Wikipedia - Timothy J. White -- Fleet Cyber Command commander
Wikipedia - Timothy White (abduction victim) -- American child kidnapping victim
Wikipedia - Tim White (artist) -- British artist
Wikipedia - Tints and shades -- Mixture of a color with white or black
Wikipedia - Tiny White (equestrian) -- New Zealand horsewoman
Wikipedia - Todd Whitener -- American musician
Wikipedia - Tom Metzger -- American white supremacist leader
Wikipedia - Tom Warren White -- Australian soldier and businessman
Wikipedia - Tom Whitehouse -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Tom Whitehurst -- American sailor
Wikipedia - Tom Whiteley -- English rugby union scrum half
Wikipedia - Tom Whiteside -- British mathematician and historian of mathematics
Wikipedia - Tooth whitening -- Process to lighten the colour of teeth
Wikipedia - Trayon White -- American politician
Wikipedia - Treasure Hill (White Pine County, Nevada) -- Site of 1860s silver mining boom
Wikipedia - Treatise on White Magic
Wikipedia - Trebgast (White Main) -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Trevor White (journalist) -- Irish food critic, publisher, writer and museum director
Wikipedia - Trimerotropis whitei -- Species of grasshopper
Wikipedia - Truth: Red, White > Black
Wikipedia - Tsinandali wine -- White wine from Georgia
Wikipedia - Two White Arms -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Tyler Bradt -- American whitewater kayaker
Wikipedia - Unbearably White -- 2019 single by Vampire Weekend
Wikipedia - Uncivil War Birds -- 1946 film by Jules White
Wikipedia - Under Great White Northern Lights -- 2009 rockumentary directed by The Malloys
Wikipedia - Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary -- 2017 documentary film directed by John Campopiano and Justin White
Wikipedia - Unite the Right 2 -- 2018 white supremacist rally in Washington, D.C.
Wikipedia - Unite the Right rally -- August 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia
Wikipedia - Universal Aryan Brotherhood -- white supremacist prison gang in the United States
Wikipedia - Universal White Brotherhood
Wikipedia - University of Wisconsin-Whitewater -- Public university in Whitewater, Wisconsin
Wikipedia - User talk:White whirlwind
Wikipedia - U.S. National Whitewater Center -- Sports venue in North Carolina, United States of America
Wikipedia - USS White Plains (CVE-66) -- Casablanca-class escort carrier of the United States Navy
Wikipedia - Vanguard America -- American white supremacist, neo-Nazi, neo-fascist organization
Wikipedia - Van Maanen 2 -- White dwarf
Wikipedia - Vanna White -- American model and game show hostess
Wikipedia - Vase with White and Red Carnations -- Painting by Vincent van Gogh
Wikipedia - VDARE -- American alt-right white nationalist website opposing immigration to the United States
Wikipedia - Vera White (artist) -- American artist
Wikipedia - Vernix caseosa -- Waxy white substance found coating the skin of newborn human babies
Wikipedia - Vernon White (fighter) -- American mixed martial artist
Wikipedia - Vernon White (theologian)
Wikipedia - Vice-admiral of the White -- Rank of the navy of the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Victor White (priest)
Wikipedia - Viena expedition -- Attempt by Finnish volunteers to annex White Karelia in 1918
Wikipedia - Vince (rhinoceros) -- Southern white rhinoceros killed by poachers
Wikipedia - Viola White -- American civil rights activist
Wikipedia - Violetta White Delafield -- American amateur mycologist
Wikipedia - Violet Whiteman -- English-born New Zealand artist
Wikipedia - Vira Boarman Whitehouse -- American suffragette
Wikipedia - Vision in White -- Book by Nora Roberts
Wikipedia - Voices (Motionless in White song) -- 2018 single by Motionless in White
Wikipedia - Wade White (curler) -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Wade White -- American snowboarder
Wikipedia - Walter Francis White -- American civil rights activist
Wikipedia - Walter Muir Whitehill -- Historian
Wikipedia - Walter White (Breaking Bad) -- Fictional character in the television drama series ''Breaking Bad''
Wikipedia - Walter Whitehead -- British surgeon
Wikipedia - Warbling white-eye -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Wayne White (artist) -- American art director, painter, printmaker
Wikipedia - WBBL (AM) -- Radio station in Whitehall, Michigan
Wikipedia - Weezer (White Album) -- 2016 album by Weezer
Wikipedia - Welcome to Lagos -- Statue of three Lagos white-cap chiefs in Lagos, Nigeria.
Wikipedia - Welker White -- American actress
Wikipedia - Westfield London -- Shopping centre in White City, London
Wikipedia - Wes Whitead -- American politician
Wikipedia - WFLM -- Urban adult contemporary radio station in White City, Florida, United States
Wikipedia - When a White Horse is Not a Horse
Wikipedia - When a white horse is not a horse -- Paradox in Chinese philosophy
Wikipedia - When the White Lilacs Bloom Again (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - White1 -- 2003 album by Sunn O)))
Wikipedia - White2 -- 2004 album by Sunn O)))
Wikipedia - White Acacia -- 1957 film by Georgi Natanson
Wikipedia - White Africans of European ancestry -- Demographic group in Africa
Wikipedia - White AM armoured car -- French First World War armoured car
Wikipedia - White America, Inc. -- Segregationist and white supremacist educational organization
Wikipedia - White Americans in California -- 36.5% of California's population
Wikipedia - White Americans -- People of the United States who are considered or consider themselves White
Wikipedia - White American
Wikipedia - White America (song) -- 2002 Song by Eminem
Wikipedia - White & Nerdy -- 2006 single by "Weird Al" Yankovic
Wikipedia - White and Unmarried -- 1921 film by Tom Forman
Wikipedia - White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Wikipedia - White-ankled mouse -- Species of mammal
Wikipedia - White Army
Wikipedia - White Australia policy -- Australian policy that intentionally favoured immigrants to Australia from some other English-speaking and other European countries
Wikipedia - White-backed duck -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-backed stilt -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-backed woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White backlash -- Response of some white people to racial progress of other ethnic groups
Wikipedia - White Badge -- 1992 film directed by Jeong Ji-yeong
Wikipedia - White Banners -- 1938 film by Edmund Goulding
Wikipedia - White-barred piculet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Barrow -- Long barrow in England
Wikipedia - Whitebeam -- Subgenus of flowering plants, the whitebeams, in the rose family Rosaceae
Wikipedia - White-bearded helmetcrest -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bearded hermit -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White bellbird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied bustard -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied chachalaca -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied emerald -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied go-away-bird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied green pigeon -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied hummingbird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied mountaingem -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied nothura -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied piculet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied seedsnipe -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bellied woodstar -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-bibbed fruit dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White bikini of Ursula Andress -- Bathing suit worn by Ursula Andress in the 1962 James Bond film, Dr. No
Wikipedia - White blackberry -- Variety of blackberry
Wikipedia - White blood cell -- Type of cells of the immunological system
Wikipedia - Whiteboard
Wikipedia - White Bondage -- 1937 American drama film directed by Nick Grinde
Wikipedia - White Book (CD standard) -- CD standard for storing still pictures and motion music
Wikipedia - White-booted racket-tail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White box (computer hardware)
Wikipedia - White box (software engineering) -- System whose internals can be viewed but not altered
Wikipedia - White-box testing -- Method of software testing of internal structure
Wikipedia - White Boy Posse -- Canadian neo-Nazi criminal organization
Wikipedia - White Boy Rick -- 2018 film directed by Yann Demange
Wikipedia - Whiteboys -- Secret Irish agrarian organisation in 18th-century Ireland
Wikipedia - Whiteboyz -- 1999 comedy film directed by Marc Levin
Wikipedia - White Brazilians -- Ethnic group
Wikipedia - White-breasted cormorant -- A member of the cormorant family Phalacrocoracidae from Sub-Saharan Africa
Wikipedia - White-breasted ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-breasted guineafowl -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-breasted mesite -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-breasted nigrita -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-breasted robin -- Species of songbird native to southwestern Australia
Wikipedia - White British -- Ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census
Wikipedia - White bronze -- Alloy
Wikipedia - White-browed coucal -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-browed crake -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-browed guan -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-browed hermit -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-browed nuthatch -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-browed piculet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-browed tit-warbler -- Songbird of the mountains of Tibet and China
Wikipedia - White Buffalo Calf Woman -- Sacred woman of supernatural origin, central to the Lakota religion
Wikipedia - White Buffalo (Cheyenne leader) -- Northern Cheyenne Chief
Wikipedia - White Buffalo Cow Society -- Native American women's society
Wikipedia - White buffalo -- American bison considered sacred in several Native American religions
Wikipedia - White cake -- Cake made without egg yolks
Wikipedia - White cane -- Distinctive cane used in walking by the blind
Wikipedia - White-capped bunting -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-capped fruit dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Cargo (1930 film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - White Cargo (1937 film) -- 1937 film by Robert Siodmak
Wikipedia - White Cargo (cocktail) -- Ice cream cocktail
Wikipedia - White Cargo -- 1942 film by Richard Thorpe
Wikipedia - White Castle (2013 film) -- 2013 Burmese film
Wikipedia - White Castle (restaurant) -- American fast food restaurant chain
Wikipedia - White Chamber (film) -- 2018 film directed by Paul Raschid
Wikipedia - White Chamber -- A dining hall and meeting place during Medieval times
Wikipedia - Whitechapel (band) -- | American deathcore band
Wikipedia - Whitechapel Bell Foundry -- Bell foundry, once the oldest manufacturing company in the UK, closed in 2017
Wikipedia - Whitechapel (film) -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - Whitechapel Mount -- Former artificial mound in London
Wikipedia - Whitechapel murders -- 1880s East End of London serial murders
Wikipedia - Whitechapel Road
Wikipedia - Whitechapel station -- London Underground and Overground station
Wikipedia - Whitechapel (TV series) -- Television series
Wikipedia - Whitechapel
Wikipedia - White-cheeked nuthatch -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-cheeked partridge -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-cheeked pintail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-cheeked tern -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-cheeked turaco -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-chested emerald -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-chested swift -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Chicks -- 2004 film by Keenen Ivory Wayans
Wikipedia - White-chinned sapphire -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-chinned swift -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White chocolate -- Confection made with cocoa butter that does not contain cocoa solids
Wikipedia - White Christmas (film) -- 1954 film directed by Michael Curtiz
Wikipedia - White Christmas (song) -- Original song written and composed by Irving Berlin
Wikipedia - White Christmas (weather) -- Christmas with the presence of snow, either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day
Wikipedia - White Church, Karan -- Serbian Orthodox church in Karan, Serbia
Wikipedia - White City Depot -- London Underground traction maintenance depot
Wikipedia - White City, London -- District in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England
Wikipedia - White City Stadium -- Former stadium at White City, London, UK
Wikipedia - White City tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design -- Private art school in Auckland, New Zealand
Wikipedia - White Cliffs of Dover -- England cliff shore
Wikipedia - White clothing -- Significance of white clothes
Wikipedia - White Cloud Monastery
Wikipedia - White Cloud Temple
Wikipedia - White Coffee Pot -- Former restaurant chain based in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Wikipedia - White-collar boxing -- Participation of white collar workers in boxing
Wikipedia - White-collar crime -- Financially motivated nonviolent crime committed by business and government professionals
Wikipedia - White-collared oliveback -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-collared pigeon -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-collared swift -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Collar: The American Middle Classes -- Book by Charles Wright Mills
Wikipedia - White Collar (TV series) -- American television series
Wikipedia - White-collar worker -- Social class; person who performs intellectual labor
Wikipedia - White Colombians -- Colombian descendants of Indigenous people
Wikipedia - White Coppice
Wikipedia - Whitecourt (provincial electoral district) -- Defunct provincial electoral district in Alberta
Wikipedia - Whitecraig -- Village in East Lothian, Scotland
Wikipedia - White-crested coquette -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-crested guan -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Croatia
Wikipedia - White Croats
Wikipedia - Whitecroft railway station -- Railway station in England
Wikipedia - White Crosses (song) -- 2010 single by Against Me!
Wikipedia - White-crowned cuckoo -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-crowned lapwing -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Crown
Wikipedia - White cube gallery -- Type of art gallery
Wikipedia - White Cube -- White Cube
Wikipedia - White currant -- Cultivars of Ribes rubrum, a species of flowering plant in the gooseberry family Grossulariaceae
Wikipedia - White Dacha -- Anton Chekhov's house in Yalta, Crimea
Wikipedia - Whitedale railway station -- Disused railway station in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Whitedamp -- Mixture of gases produced by combustion of coal.
Wikipedia - White Day: A Labyrinth Named School -- Video game
Wikipedia - White Day -- holiday in Asia
Wikipedia - White Deer Grotto Academy
Wikipedia - White Deer Hole Creek -- Tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River
Wikipedia - White Deer Plain (film) -- 2011 film
Wikipedia - White Defence League -- British far-right political organisation
Wikipedia - White defensiveness -- Common reaction to racial discrimination, structural racism, and white privilege
Wikipedia - White Denim discography -- Band discography
Wikipedia - White dog shaker syndrome -- A disease in dogs
Wikipedia - White Dog -- 1982 film by Samuel Fuller
Wikipedia - White Draw Fire -- White Draw Fire was a wildfire in South Dakota, United States
Wikipedia - White dress of Marilyn Monroe -- Dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch
Wikipedia - White Dwarf (magazine) -- Fantasy games magazine
Wikipedia - White dwarf stars
Wikipedia - White dwarf -- Type of stellar remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter
Wikipedia - White Eagle (1922 serial) -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - White Eagle (1941 serial) -- 1941 film by James W. Horne
Wikipedia - White-eared bronze cuckoo -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-eared brown dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-eared hummingbird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White eared pheasant -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Earth Indian Reservation -- Anishinaabe / Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota
Wikipedia - White Earth, Minnesota -- Census-designated place in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - White Elephant (2012 film) -- 2012 film
Wikipedia - White elephant (animal) -- Animal
Wikipedia - White elephant -- Idiom - name for large constructions that are not used
Wikipedia - White Ernz -- River in Luxembourg
Wikipedia - White ethnic
Wikipedia - White Event
Wikipedia - White-eyed grass -- Plant set index article
Wikipedia - White-eyed gull -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-eyed robin -- Species of songbird native to New Guinea
Wikipedia - White-eye -- Family of birds
Wikipedia - White-faced cuckoo-dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-faced quail-dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-faced robin -- Species of songbird native to Cape York (Australia) and New Guinea
Wikipedia - White-faced whistling duck -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Whiteface (performance) -- Theatrical performance using make-up to look white
Wikipedia - Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota -- Unorganized territory in Saint Louis County, Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - White Fang (1936 film) -- 1936 film by David Butler
Wikipedia - White Fang (1973 film) -- 1973 film directed by Lucio Fulci
Wikipedia - White Fathers
Wikipedia - White Fawn's Devotion -- 1910 silent short film
Wikipedia - White feminism
Wikipedia - Whitefield, Greater Manchester
Wikipedia - White Fire -- 1984 thriller film
Wikipedia - Whitefish Energy -- Holding company in Montana
Wikipedia - Whitefish Lake State Park -- Park in Montana, USA
Wikipedia - Whitefish, Montana -- City in Montana, United States
Wikipedia - Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve -- Reserve to protect and conserve shipwrecks and historical resources in Lake Superior
Wikipedia - White Flag (Dido song) -- Song by English singer-songwriter Dido
Wikipedia - White Flags -- Iraqi insurgent group
Wikipedia - White Flannels -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - White flight -- Term for the mass exodus of middle-class whites from cities in the mid-20th century
Wikipedia - White Flint Mall -- Former shopping mall in Montgomery County, Maryland
Wikipedia - White-footed mouse -- Species of mammal
Wikipedia - Whiteford Lighthouse
Wikipedia - Whiteford Sands
Wikipedia - White Fragility -- 2018 book by Robin DiAngelo
Wikipedia - Whitefriars College
Wikipedia - Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church
Wikipedia - White-fronted ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-fronted plover -- Species of shorebird of the family Charadriidae from Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar
Wikipedia - White-fronted quail-dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-fronted swift -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-fronted tern -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-fronted woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Front -- American chain of discount stores
Wikipedia - White gas -- Name for a number of flammable substances
Wikipedia - White gaze -- Sociological construct
Wikipedia - White Genocide (Armenians) -- Term used to describe the threat of assimilation in the Armenian diaspora, especially in the Western world
Wikipedia - White genocide conspiracy theory
Wikipedia - White Girl (2008 film) -- 2008 film by Hettie MacDonald
Wikipedia - White God -- 2014 film
Wikipedia - White Gold (1927 film) -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - White Gold (1949 film) -- 1949 film
Wikipedia - White Gold (TV series) -- 2017 English sitcom
Wikipedia - Whitegrass Airport -- Airport in Leersia virginica, Vanuatu
Wikipedia - White ground technique
Wikipedia - White Gypsy or Irish Traveller -- Ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census
Wikipedia - White Haitians -- Haitians of predominantly European and in some cases Levantine descent
Wikipedia - Whitehall, Dublin -- Northern suburb of Dublin, Ireland
Wikipedia - Whitehall, Georgia -- Neighborhood in Athens, Georgia
Wikipedia - Whitehall Guesthouse -- Early 20th century Australian guesthouse
Wikipedia - Whitehall, Liverpool -- Shopping street in Liverpool
Wikipedia - Whitehall Mystery -- Unsolved murder that took place in London in 1888
Wikipedia - Whitehall Street -- Street in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Whitehall Terrace -- Mansion in Durham, North Carolina
Wikipedia - Whitehall
Wikipedia - White Hand (Serbia)
Wikipedia - White Hart, Grays -- Grade-II-listed public house in Grays, Essex, England
Wikipedia - White Hart -- Heraldic badge of Richard II of England
Wikipedia - White hat (computer security) -- Computer hacker who hacks ethically (white hat hacker)
Wikipedia - Whitehaven railway station -- Railway station in Cumbria, England
Wikipedia - Whitehaven -- Town in Cumbria, England
Wikipedia - Whitehawk Camp -- Remains of 5500 year old causewayed enclosure
Wikipedia - White-headed duck -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-headed fruit dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-headed pigeon -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-headed woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-headed wren -- Species of bird native to South America
Wikipedia - Whitehead Hicks
Wikipedia - Whiteheadiana -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Whitehead Institute
Wikipedia - Whitehead link -- Two interlinked loops with five structural crossings
Wikipedia - Whitehead, Nova Scotia -- Human settlement in Canada
Wikipedia - Whitehead Research Project
Wikipedia - Whitehead's swiftlet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Whitehead's theory of gravitation
Wikipedia - Whitehead theorem -- When a mapping that induces isomorphisms on all homotopy groups is a homotopy equivalence
Wikipedia - White Heat (1926 film) -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - White Heat -- 1949 American film noir by Raoul Walsh
Wikipedia - White Helmets (Syrian Civil War) -- A volunteer civil defense organization
Wikipedia - White Hill Field -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Whitehill Formation -- Early Permian geological formation in South Africa
Wikipedia - Whitehill Lodge -- Building in Scotland
Wikipedia - White Hills (Santa Barbara County) -- County in Califotnia
Wikipedia - White Hill Studios -- Film studio in Mohali, Punjab, India
Wikipedia - White Hispanic and Latino Americans -- Racial category
Wikipedia - White hole (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - White hole -- Hypothetical region of spacetime and singularity which cannot be entered from the outside
Wikipedia - Whitehorn station -- Railway station in Alberta, Canada
Wikipedia - White Horse Hill National Game Preserve -- White Horse Hill National Game Preserve
Wikipedia - White Horse Lake (Arizona) -- Lake in Arizona
Wikipedia - White horse (mythology)
Wikipedia - White Horse of Kent -- Symbol of Kent, England
Wikipedia - White Horse Stone -- Two megaliths near Aylesford, Kent, England
Wikipedia - White Horse Tavern (Boston, Massachusetts) -- Former tavern in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Wikipedia - White Horse Tavern (Newport, Rhode Island) -- HIstoric place and possibly oldest tavern in the United States
Wikipedia - White Horse Tavern (New York City) -- Tavern in New York City
Wikipedia - White Horse (Taylor Swift song) -- 2008 single by Taylor Swift
Wikipedia - Whitehorse -- Territorial capital city in Canada
Wikipedia - Whitehouse and Whitton Division, Suffolk -- Electoral division of Suffolk, England
Wikipedia - Whitehouse (band) -- British power electronics band
Wikipedia - White House Black Market -- American women's clothing retailer
Wikipedia - White House Chief of Staff -- American Presidential appointee
Wikipedia - White House Communications Agency
Wikipedia - White House Communications Director -- U.S. presidential staff member in charge of the White House's media campaign
Wikipedia - -- Former adult entertainment website
Wikipedia - White House Conference on Aging
Wikipedia - White House Coronavirus Task Force -- United States Department of State task force to mitigate COVID-19
Wikipedia - White House Counsel -- Top presidential legal advisor
Wikipedia - White House COVID-19 outbreak -- October 2020 diagnosis of Donald Trump and associates
Wikipedia - White House Director of Strategic Communications -- U.S. presidential staff member in charge of messaging and media
Wikipedia - White House Down -- 2013 American film by Roland Emmerich
Wikipedia - White House Farm murders -- murders in England in 1985
Wikipedia - White House Farm (TV series) -- British crime drama TV miniseries
Wikipedia -
Wikipedia - White House High School -- Public high school in White House, Tennessee, United States
Wikipedia - White House Historical Association -- American educational organization
Wikipedia - White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics -- History of education in the United States
Wikipedia - White House Library -- Room in the White House, Washington D.C.
Wikipedia - White House Medical Unit -- Unit of the White House Military Office
Wikipedia - White House Military Office
Wikipedia - Whitehouse, Milton Keynes -- Civil parish in Milton Keynes, England
Wikipedia - White House (Moscow) -- Government building in Moscow
Wikipedia - White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs -- White House office which acts as liaison to U.S. state, county, local, and tribal governments and officials.
Wikipedia - White House Office of Management and Budget
Wikipedia - White House Office of Presidential Correspondence -- White House office responsible for handling the U.S. President's correspondence.
Wikipedia - White House Office of the Press Secretary -- Information provider to the U.S. president, White House staff, and the media
Wikipedia - White House Office of the Staff Secretary -- White House office responsible for managing paper flow to the President and circulating documents among senior staff
Wikipedia - White House Office -- Part of the Executive Office of the President of the U.S.
Wikipedia - -- Parody website
Wikipedia - White House Peace Vigil
Wikipedia - White House Police Force -- Defunct American security police force
Wikipedia - White House press corps -- Group of journalists or correspondents usually stationed at the White House in Washington, D.C.
Wikipedia - White House Press Secretary -- Chief spokesperson for the executive branch of the U.S. government
Wikipedia - White House Rose Garden -- Garden outside the White House in Washington, D.C., US
Wikipedia - White House Situation Room
Wikipedia - White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault -- U.S. federal task force to reduce sexual assault on U.S. colleges
Wikipedia - White House -- Official residence and workplace of the President of the United States
Wikipedia - White Huns -- Sub-group of the Huna
Wikipedia - White Hunter (film) -- 1936 film by Irving Cummings
Wikipedia - Whitehurst Freeway
Wikipedia - Whitehurst -- Whitehurst
Wikipedia - White Incarnation -- 1992 album by the Pillows
Wikipedia - White Inch -- Small river island near Glasgow, Scotland
Wikipedia - White Irish -- Ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census
Wikipedia - White Is for Witching -- 2009 novel by Helen Oyeyemi
Wikipedia - White Iverson -- 2015 debut single by Post Malone
Wikipedia - White Jazz -- Novel by James Ellroy
Wikipedia - Whitejets -- Former charter airline of Brazil
Wikipedia - White King (Through the Looking-Glass)
Wikipedia - Whitekirk and Tyninghame
Wikipedia - Whitekirk
Wikipedia - Whiteknights Park
Wikipedia - White Knight (Through the Looking-Glass) -- Fictional character in "Through the Looking-Glass" by Lewis Carroll
Wikipedia - White Knoll High School -- Public high school in Lexington, South Carolina
Wikipedia - White Kocher -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - White-label product
Wikipedia - White Lady (cocktail) -- Alcoholic beverage
Wikipedia - Whitelake River -- river in Somerset, United Kingdom
Wikipedia - White Lantern Corps
Wikipedia - White Latin Americans -- ethnic group of Latin America with European ancestry
Wikipedia - White Lauter -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - White League -- White paramilitary group from the United States
Wikipedia - White Legion (film) -- 1936 American drama film
Wikipedia - Whiteleg shrimp -- species of crustacean
Wikipedia - White Lies (1935 film) -- 1934 film
Wikipedia - White Light from the Mouth of Infinity -- Studio album by American experimental rock band Swans
Wikipedia - White Lightning (1953 film) -- 1953 film by Edward Bernds
Wikipedia - White Lightning (1973 film) -- 1973 film by Joseph Sargent
Wikipedia - White Lightning (cider) -- Discontinued UK white cider brand
Wikipedia - White Lightning (The Big Bopper song) -- 1959 single by George Jones
Wikipedia - White Light (novel)
Wikipedia - White Light/White Heat
Wikipedia - White Line (Long Island Rail Road) -- former Long Island Rail Road branch
Wikipedia - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) -- 1983 single by Melle Mel
Wikipedia - White Lion Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon -- historical inn in Stratford-upon-Avon
Wikipedia - White Lion Records -- Latin music record label
Wikipedia - White Lion -- Danish/American, hard rock/heavy metal band
Wikipedia - Whitelisting -- Practice of allowing people or entities, generally
Wikipedia - White Loch, Perth and Kinross -- Small lowland freshwater loch
Wikipedia - White Lotus Conglomerate -- Group of Indian companies
Wikipedia - White Lotus Rebellion
Wikipedia - White Lotus -- Religious and political movement in China
Wikipedia - Whitely King -- Australian trade unionist
Wikipedia - White magic -- Magic for selfless purposes
Wikipedia - White Main -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Whiteman Air Force Base -- US Air Force base near Knob Noster, Missouri, United States
Wikipedia - White Man (film) -- 1924 film by Louis J. Gasnier
Wikipedia - White Manna -- American fast food restaurant
Wikipedia - White Marc Bouwer dress of Angelina Jolie -- Dress designed by Marc Bouwer
Wikipedia - White marlin -- Species of fish
Wikipedia - White Marsh Branch (Nanticoke River tributary) -- Stream in Delaware, USA
Wikipedia - White Martian
Wikipedia - White Mass
Wikipedia - White matter -- Areas of myelinated axons in the brain
Wikipedia - White M-CM-)migrM-CM-) -- A Russian subject who emigrated from the territory of former Imperial Russia in the wake of the Russian Revolution (1917) and Russian Civil War
Wikipedia - White metal -- Eg. tin-based alloys
Wikipedia - White Mice (film) -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - White Mosque, Ramla -- Ancient Ummayad mosque in Ramla, Israel
Wikipedia - White Mountain Peak -- Mountain in California, USA
Wikipedia - Whitemouth Lake -- A freshwater lake in Manitoba
Wikipedia - White Movement
Wikipedia - White movement
Wikipedia - Whitemud Drive -- Highway in Alberta
Wikipedia - White Mughals
Wikipedia - White Music (record label) -- Thai record label
Wikipedia - White-naped crane -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-naped pigeon -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-naped swift -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-naped woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-naped xenopsaris -- Species of bird in South America
Wikipedia - White nationalism -- Ideology that seeks to develop a white national identity
Wikipedia - White Nationalist Party -- British neo-fascist political party
Wikipedia - White-necked coucal -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-necked jacobin -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-necked laughingthrush -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-necked rockfowl -- Species of bird found in West Africa
Wikipedia - Whiteness studies -- Study of white privilege
Wikipedia - Whiteness theory -- Sociological theory
Wikipedia - Whitenife -- Indian jewelry company
Wikipedia - White Night riots -- Series of riots in San Francisco, California
Wikipedia - White Nights (1985 film) -- 1985 film by Taylor Hackford
Wikipedia - White Night Wedding -- 2008 Icelandic film by Baltasar Kormakur
Wikipedia - White Nile (state) -- State of Sudan
Wikipedia - White Nile -- river originating Burundi or Rwanda
Wikipedia - Whitening transformation
Wikipedia - White Noise: A Cautionary Musical -- 2006 American stage musical
Wikipedia - White Noise (Disclosure song) -- 2013 single by Disclosure
Wikipedia - White Noise (novel) -- novel by Don DeLillo
Wikipedia - White noise -- Random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies, giving it a constant power spectral density
Wikipedia - White-nosed coati -- Species of mammal
Wikipedia - White Notley
Wikipedia - White Oak Conservation -- Wildlife and conservation center outside Yulee, Florida, US
Wikipedia - White Oak Creek (New Hope River tributary) -- Stream in North Carolina, USA
Wikipedia - White Oak (film) -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - White Oak Mountain -- Mountain in southeast Tennessee, United States
Wikipedia - White Oak, Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - White Oak Run (Loyalhanna Creek tributary) -- Stream in Pennsylvania, USA
Wikipedia - White-on-black
Wikipedia - White on White (film) -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - White Order of Thule -- U.S. white supremacist group
Wikipedia - Whiteout (2009 film) -- 2009 film by Len Wiseman, Dominic Sena, Stuart Baird
Wikipedia -
Wikipedia - White Pants Willie -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - White Paper of 1939 -- British policy paper regarding Palestine
Wikipedia - Whitepaper
Wikipedia - White Paradise -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - White Park Bay -- Beach in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland
Wikipedia - White Pass (Washington) -- Mountain pass in Washington, United States
Wikipedia - White Patriot Party -- Former American white supremacist paramilitary political party
Wikipedia - White Peak Loop Trail -- Recreational trail in the English Peak District
Wikipedia - White Pebbles -- 1927 film by Richard Thorpe
Wikipedia - White Penitents
Wikipedia - White People (film) -- 2015 American documentary film
Wikipedia - White people in Botswana -- Minority ethnic group in Botswana
Wikipedia - White people -- Racial classification for people of European descent
Wikipedia - White Pine, Tennessee -- Town in Jefferson and Hamblen counties in Tennessee, United States
Wikipedia - White Pine Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota -- Township in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - White Plains, Nevada -- Ghost Town in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - White Plains, New York
Wikipedia - White Plains Road -- Street in the Bronx, New York
Wikipedia - White Plum Asanga
Wikipedia - White Plume Mountain
Wikipedia - White point
Wikipedia - White Polish -- Ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census
Wikipedia - White power music
Wikipedia - White power skinhead -- Members of a neo-nazi, white supremacist and antisemitic offshoot of the skinhead subculture
Wikipedia - White pride -- Racial expression
Wikipedia - White privilege -- Societal privilege based on skin lightness
Wikipedia - White pudding -- Type of pudding
Wikipedia - White Puerto Ricans -- Puerto Ricans of European ancestry
Wikipedia - White Pyramid (Banff) -- Mountain in Banff NP, Alberta, Canada
Wikipedia - White Queen (Through the Looking-Glass) -- Fictional character from Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass
Wikipedia - White-quilled rock pigeon -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Rabbit (candy) -- Chinese brand of milk candy
Wikipedia - White Rabbit (comics)
Wikipedia - White Rabbit (Egypt Central album) -- studio album by Egypt Central
Wikipedia - White Rabbit Project (TV series) -- Netflix series
Wikipedia - White Rabbit Project -- Project to develop a deterministic real-time Ethernet-based network
Wikipedia - White Rabbit (song) -- Single by Jefferson Airplane
Wikipedia - White Rabbit
Wikipedia - White race
Wikipedia - White Rage -- 2016 book by Carol Anderson
Wikipedia - White Ravens -- Youth literature catalogue
Wikipedia - White Revolution (hate group) -- U.S. Neo-Nazi hate group
Wikipedia - White Rhino (brewery) -- Craft brewery in Malanpur, India
Wikipedia - White rice -- Milled rice that has had its husk, bran, and germ removed
Wikipedia - White River at Sharon -- 1937 painting by Edward Hopper
Wikipedia - White River Monster -- Large creature in Arkansas folklore reportedly spotted by White River near Newport
Wikipedia - White River National Fish Hatchery -- American fish production facility
Wikipedia - White River (Nevada) -- River in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - White River station -- Railway station in White River, Canada
Wikipedia - White Rock Beverages -- American beverage company
Wikipedia - White Rock, Minnesota -- Unincorporated community in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - White Rock River (New South Wales) -- River in Australia
Wikipedia - White Rock Whalers -- Ice hockey team in British Columbia, Canada.
Wikipedia - White Room (film) -- 1990 Canadian film by Patricia Rozema
Wikipedia - White Rose (film) -- 1919 film
Wikipedia - White Rose of York -- Symbol of the House of York and Yorkshire
Wikipedia - White Rose -- Resistance group in Nazi Germany
Wikipedia - White-rumped sandpiper -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-rumped spinetail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-rumped swallow -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-rumped swiftlet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-rumped swift -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Russian (cocktail) -- Cocktail made with vodka and coffee liqueur
Wikipedia - White Ruthenia -- Archaic name for a region of Belarus
Wikipedia - Whitesand First Nation -- First Nation of Ontario, Canada
Wikipedia - Whitesands language -- Austronesian language spoken in Vanuatu
Wikipedia - White Sands Missile Range -- Military testing area in New Mexico, US
Wikipedia - White Sands Space Harbor -- NASA training and research site
Wikipedia - White Sands Test Facility -- U.S. rocket engine test facility in New Mexico
Wikipedia - White savior narrative in film -- Cinematic racial trope
Wikipedia - Whites Cove, New Brunswick -- Human settlement in New Brunswick, Canada
Wikipedia - White's Creek Aqueduct -- Heritage-listed sewage aqueduct in Sydney, Australia
Wikipedia - Whites Creek (Hunter Creek tributary) -- Stream in Missouri
Wikipedia - Whites Drug Store Classic -- Former World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - White Sea -- A southern inlet of the Barents Sea in northwest Russia
Wikipedia - White Shadows in the South Seas -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - White Sheet Hill -- Hillfort in Wiltshire
Wikipedia - Whiteshell Provincial Park -- Provincial park in Manitoba, Canada
Wikipedia - White Shepherd -- Dog breed
Wikipedia - Whiteshift (book) -- 2018 book by Eric Kaufmann
Wikipedia - White shift dress of Jean Shrimpton -- Minidress worn by Jean Shrimpton in 1965
Wikipedia - Whiteshill, Gloucestershire -- Village in Gloucestershire, England
Wikipedia - White Ship -- Vessel
Wikipedia - White Shoal Light, Virginia -- Lighthouse in Virginia, United States
Wikipedia - White-shouldered house moth -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - White Shoulders (1922 film) -- 1922 film by Tom Forman
Wikipedia - White Shoulders -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - White Shroud Poems -- Book by Allen Ginsberg
Wikipedia - Whiteside County Courthouse -- local government building in the United States
Wikipedia - White-sided hillstar -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Whiteside Marsh -- Marsh and weltands in California
Wikipedia - White Site -- Archaeological site in Kentucky, US
Wikipedia - White slavery -- Enslavement of people of European descent
Wikipedia - White Slave Traffic -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - White Slippers -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - Whitesmiths
Wikipedia - White South Africans -- Ethnic group
Wikipedia - White South African
Wikipedia - Whitespace character -- Any character in typography representing a blank space
Wikipedia - Whitespace (computer science)
Wikipedia - Whitespace (programming language)
Wikipedia - White spaces (radio) -- Frequencies allocated to a broadcasting service but not used locally
Wikipedia - White spirit -- Petroleum-derived clear, transparent liquid
Wikipedia - White-spotted flufftail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-spotted woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White's Professor of Moral Philosophy
Wikipedia - White spruce
Wikipedia - White Squall (film) -- 1996 film by Ridley Scott
Wikipedia - White squall -- Sudden and violent windstorm at sea not accompanied by black clouds
Wikipedia - White Stains
Wikipedia - Whitestone Branch -- former Long Island Rail Road branch
Wikipedia - White stork -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Strait -- Strait in the Ross Archipelago
Wikipedia - White-striped forest rail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White sugar -- Refined sugar
Wikipedia - White Sulphur Springs, Montana -- City in Montana, United States
Wikipedia - White supremacist
Wikipedia - White supremacy -- Racist belief in the superiority of white people
Wikipedia - White swamphen -- Extinct species of rail from Lord Howe Island
Wikipedia - White Swan (prison) -- Federal prison in Russia
Wikipedia - White Swiss Shepherd Dog -- Swiss breed of dog
Wikipedia - White-tailed eagle -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed emerald -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed goldenthroat -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed hummingbird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed kite -- Raptor native to the Americas
Wikipedia - White-tailed lapwing -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed mongoose -- Species of mongoose from Africa
Wikipedia - White-tailed nightjar -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed nuthatch -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed ptarmigan -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed sabrewing -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed spider -- Species of arachnid
Wikipedia - White-tailed starfrontlet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tailed tropicbird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Tank Mountain Regional Park -- Regional park in Arizona, USA
Wikipedia - White Tara
Wikipedia - White Teeth -- 2000 novel by Zadie Smith
Wikipedia - White Tee -- 2004 single by Dem Franchize Boyz
Wikipedia - White tern -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Terror (Hungary)
Wikipedia - White Terror (Spain) -- Assassinations during the Spanish Civil War
Wikipedia - White Terror (Taiwan) -- Martial law and terror from Kuomintang government of Taiwan from 1949 to 1987
Wikipedia - White-throated caracara -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated crake -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated daggerbill -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated dipper -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated francolin -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated hummingbird -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated jay -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated kingfisher -- Species of bird from Asia
Wikipedia - White-throated mountaingem -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated needletail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated nightjar -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated quail-dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated rail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated robin-chat -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated tinamou -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-throated woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White tie
Wikipedia - White Tiger (1923 film) -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - White Tiger (2012 film) -- 2012 film
Wikipedia - White Tiger (Ava Ayala) -- Comic book character from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - White Tiger (Kasper Cole) -- Marvel comic book character
Wikipedia - White Tiger (mythology) -- One of Four Symbols of Chinese mythology
Wikipedia - White Tigers (gang) -- New York City Chinese street gang
Wikipedia - White tiger --  
Wikipedia - White tin -- Metallic allotrope of tin
Wikipedia - White-tipped dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tipped sicklebill -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tipped swift -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Whitetip -- Genus of birds
Wikipedia - Whitetop Mountain -- Mountain in Virginia, United States
Wikipedia - White Top -- West Virginia place listed on National Register of Historic Places
Wikipedia - White torture -- Method of psychological torture utilizing sensory deprivation
Wikipedia - White Tower Hamburgers -- Restaurant
Wikipedia - White Township, New Jersey -- Township in Warren County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - White trash -- American English slur for poor white people
Wikipedia - White truffle -- Species of truffle (Tuber magnatum)
Wikipedia - White-tufted grebe -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-tufted sunbeam -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White U House -- former building in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
Wikipedia - White van man -- Stereotypical British independent tradesman
Wikipedia - White-vented plumeleteer -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-vented violetear -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Vision -- World War II homing pigeon
Wikipedia - White Voices -- 1964 film
Wikipedia - White Volta -- Headstream of the Volta River
Wikipedia - White Walker -- Fictional entity in Game of Thrones
Wikipedia - Whitewall tire -- Tire with white sidewall
Wikipedia - White Wall -- Swedish-Finnish TV Series (2020- )
Wikipedia - Whitewash (book) -- Book by Carey Gillam
Wikipedia - Whitewash (censorship)
Wikipedia - Whitewashing (censorship) -- To sanitize and change hiding undesirable qualities
Wikipedia - Whitewashing in film -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Whitewash (sport) -- Sports term for series in which the winning team wins all the games
Wikipedia - Whitewater canoeing -- Paddling a canoe on a moving body of water
Wikipedia - Whitewater controversy -- United States political controversy
Wikipedia - Whitewater Creek (Colorado) -- River in Colorado, US
Wikipedia - Whitewater Falls, Minnesota -- Ghost town in Winona County, US
Wikipedia - Whitewater kayaking -- Type of water sport
Wikipedia - Whitewater Kings -- Canadian junior ice hockey team
Wikipedia - Whitewater River (Keowee River tributary) -- Stream in North Carolina, USA
Wikipedia - Whitewater Valley -- English Site of Special Scientific Interest
Wikipedia - Whitewater -- Turbulent and aerated water
Wikipedia - Whiteway Colony
Wikipedia - White Wedding (song) -- 1982 single by Billy Idol
Wikipedia - White wedding -- Traditional formal or semi-formal wedding originating in Great Britain
Wikipedia - White-wedged piculet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Whales (film) -- 1987 Icelandic film by FriM-CM-0rik M-CM-^^or FriM-CM-0riksson
Wikipedia - White-whiskered hermit -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White -- Color
Wikipedia - White Wilderness (film) -- 1958 documentary film directed by James Algar
Wikipedia - White Wind (EP) -- 2019 EP by Mamamoo
Wikipedia - White-winged collared dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged coot -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged dove -- Species of bird in North America, Caribbean
Wikipedia - White-winged duck -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged flufftail -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged guan -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged nightjar -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged potoo -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged scoter -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged tern -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White-winged woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - White Wings -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - White Witch (comics) -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - White witch
Wikipedia - White Wizard Games -- board and card game company
Wikipedia - White Wolf Publishing -- American roleplaying game and book publisher
Wikipedia - White Woman -- 1933 film by Stuart Walker
Wikipedia - White woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Whitey Abel -- American jockey, trainer, owner, and breeder of Thoroughbred racehorses
Wikipedia - Whitey Basson -- South African businessman
Wikipedia - Whitey Bulger -- American gangster and crime boss
Wikipedia - Whitey Ford
Wikipedia - Whitey Krakow -- American mobster
Wikipedia - Whitey on the Moon -- 1970 spoken word poem by Gil Scott-Heron
Wikipedia - White Youth -- 1920 film directed by Norman Dawn
Wikipedia - Whitey (slang) -- Pejorative term for a white person
Wikipedia - Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger -- 2014 documentary film directed by Joe Berlinger
Wikipedia - White Zombie (band) -- American heavy metal band
Wikipedia - White Zombie (film) -- 1932 film by Victor Hugo Halperin
Wikipedia - WHZN -- Shine.FM radio station in New Whiteland, Indiana
Wikipedia - Wigger -- Slang term for white person
Wikipedia - WIGO-FM -- Radio station in White Stone, Virginia
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:New pages patrol/Redirect whitelist -- A whitelist equivalent to autopatrol for redirects
Wikipedia - Wilbur C. Whitehead -- American bridge player
Wikipedia - Wildcat Brook -- Stream in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, United States
Wikipedia - Wilfred White (equestrian) -- British equestrian
Wikipedia - Wilfrid Hyde-White -- English stage, film and television actor
Wikipedia - William Alanson White Institute
Wikipedia - William Alanson White
Wikipedia - William Branwhite Clarke -- English geologist and clergyman
Wikipedia - William H. Crook -- Bodyguard for President Abraham Lincoln and White House employee
Wikipedia - William John Beattie -- Canadian white supremacist
Wikipedia - William White Anderson -- Scottish minister and chaplain
Wikipedia - William White Bent -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - William White (British Army officer) -- English cricketer and British Army officer
Wikipedia - William White (field hockey) -- British sportsman
Wikipedia - William Whitehall -- American politician
Wikipedia - William Whitehead House -- Historic building in Boise, Idaho
Wikipedia - William Whitehead (poet) -- 18th-century British Poet Laureate and playwright
Wikipedia - William Whitehead Watts
Wikipedia - William White (sport shooter) -- British sports shooter.
Wikipedia - Wilmington insurrection of 1898 -- 1898 white supremacist insurrection and coup d'M-CM-)tat in North Carolina, United States
Wikipedia - Wilson Roosevelt Jerman -- White House butler
Wikipedia - Winter white dwarf hamster -- Species of hamster kept as pets
Wikipedia - WKCJ -- Radio station in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Wikipedia - WKUW-LD -- WJFB translator in White House, Tennessee
Wikipedia - WLAW (FM) -- Radio station in Whitehall, Michigan
Wikipedia - WNHV -- Former radio station in White River Junction, Vermont
Wikipedia - WNYN-FM -- Variety hits radio station in Whitefield, New Hampshire
Wikipedia - Women of color -- USA term for a woman considered non-white
Wikipedia - Wotansvolk -- White nationalist neopagan movement
Wikipedia - W. T. White High School -- American public high school
Wikipedia - WTXY -- Radio station in Whiteville, North Carolina
Wikipedia - Wurzer (grape) -- German white wine variety
Wikipedia - Xenon arc lamp -- Gas discharge lamp that produces intense white light
Wikipedia - Xiaoqing (character) -- Character in the Legend of the White Snake
Wikipedia - Your Woman -- 1997 single by White Town
Wikipedia - You See the Trouble with Me -- 1976 single by Barry White and Ray Parker Jr.
Wikipedia - Ysie White -- Welsh lawn bowler
Wikipedia - Yucatan bobwhite -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Zebra -- Black and white striped animals in the horse family
Wikipedia - Zintkala Nuni -- "Lost Bird", infant survivor of the Wounded Knee Massacre who was taken by a white family
Bananas in Pajamas (1992 - 2012) - Preschoolers flip for this Australian show starring two bananas in blue-and-white striped pajamas, B1 and B2, who do goofy things. Pretty simple concept, really.
Looney Tunes On Nickelodeon (1988 - 1999) - Nickelodeon's TV spot for the Warner Brothers Looney Toons cartoons with a special intro. This presentation of Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies suffered from a small order of cartoon shorts. The 1994-1999 season expanded the stock of episodes to air, and dropped the Black and White cartoons (like Bo...
Adventures in Wonderland (1991 - 1995) -   A live-action tv series that aired on the original Disney Channel. Alice is a young girl who can travel through her mirror to Wonderlad, where she befriends a variety of characters: The Red Queen, the roller-skating White Rabbit, two rapping brothers Tweedle Dee and Dum, The Mad Hatter, March H...
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968 - 2001) - Originally titled "MisteRogers' Neighborhood" the show premired in 1968 on PBS's predesessor NET, first showing episodes in black & white and later in color. In each episode, long-time host and children's TV star Fred Rogers would talk with the viewer directly on camera about a wide range of topics...
Rupert The Bear! (1991 - 1997) - A white bear named Rupert the Bear with a big imagenary adventure
Diff'rent Strokes (1978 - 1986) - Brothers Arnold and Willis, orphaned African American children from Harlem, are adopted by Phillip Drummond, a rich white man from Manhattan, as a promise to their dying mother. The show focuses on the children's struggle to fit in and the lessons of growing up. Featured the popular catch phrase,...
B.J. and the Bear (1979 - 1981) - B.J. McCay was a good-looking young trucker who traveled around the country in his big red & white rig, with a single companion - his pet chimp, Bear. B.J. was based in rural Georgia and was confronted by a succession of corrupt local sheriffs - Elroy P. Lobo (who was later given his own series, Lob...
Who's the Boss? (1984 - 1992) - A former st. louis cardinals pitcher;Tony Micelli decides to take his daughter out of mean streets of brooklyn. So he takes his daughter; Samantha(Sam) Micelli to a white picket fenced house down in Connecticut to go and work for a Lady named Angela Bower and her son Jonathan Bower. At first, Tony'...
Passions (1999 - 2008) - Passions follows the lives and loves, and various romantic and paranormal adventures of the residents of Harmony. Story-lines center around the interactions among members of its multi-racial core families the African American Russells, white Cranes and Bennetts, and half-Mexican half-Irish Lopez-F...
Kimba the White Lion (1965 - 1993) - Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor in Japan) Was the first anime to ever be broadcast in color.This Series is about a Young, Friendly, Brave White Lion named kimba that has all kinds of adventures with his friends he has a big heart and doesnt believe in getting into Fights or Mischief and he's j...
In the Heat of the Night (1988 - 1993) - A white southern police chief and his new, African-American Chief of Detectives, forced on him by a mayor seeking the African-American vote, find they have more in common than they imagine in this moody crime series. Chief Bill Gillespie is a gruff old-timer who knows the streets and people of Spart...
The New Shmoo (1979 - 1980) - Al Capp's Lil Abner Comics from the late 1940s about the lovable shape shifting white seal-looking Shmoo. In this series, he is accompanied by three teenagers: Mickey, the logical thinker and somewhat leader of the group; Nina, the beauty of the group; and Billy Joe, the big, soft-hearted yet gulla...
Seabert (1987 - 1988) - A cute young white seal goes around helping people and the world. It was a 26 episode long Belgian based series that aired on HBO.
Fantasy Island (1977 - 1983) - Each week two guests came to "Fantasy Island" to get their wish/fantasy fulfilled. Their mysterious host, the debonair and suave white-suited Mr. Roarke, would do the sometimes impossible and grant them their wishes...but there was always some twist to the fantasy, letting the guest learn something...
Alice in Wonderland (1983 - 1984) - A retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of the young girl Alice, who follows a white rabbit into a hole, only to find herself in Wonderland, where she meets many interesting characters, both the mysterious Cheshire Cat and the terrible Queen of Hearts.
The White Shadow (1978 - 1981) - When a professional athlete busts his knee, there are a few vocational routes to take. There's sports commentary, the autobiography business, personal appearances at used car lot grand openings, and the lecture circuitall careers that A.E. Housman may have been thinking of when he wrote his poem "T...
The Golden Palace (1992 - 1993) - Spin off of The Golden Girls, featuring Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty, following Bea Arthur's departure in 1992 (Bea made an appearance on the Golden Palace in 1992). Only one season was made.
Capitol Critters (1995 - 1996) - A field mouse moves in the basement of the White House with various critters,the show pokes fun of things there. ABC cancelled the show after showing only 7 of the 13 episodes that were produced. The Cartoon Network picked up the series in 1995 and it ran there for most of 1996.
The Charmings (1987 - 1988) - "Once upon a time there was a vain queen who was so jealous of her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White, that she poisoned her with an apple. But a handsome prince came along and broke the spell. Snow White and Prince Charming threw the wicked stepmother down a bottomless pit and lived happily ever af...
Daniel Boone (1964 - 1970) - Daniel Boone is a frontier hero conducts surveys and expeditions around Boonesborough, running into both friendly and hostile Indians, just before and during the Revolutionary War. Born in 1964, their first episode was Ken-Tuck-E broadcast in black and white. The show was premiered in September 1964...
Darkroom (1981 - 1981) - An anthology horror/thriller series, along the same lines as "Twilight Zone" or "Night Gallery." Each week features a new story and a new cast, and was hosted by white-maned James Coburn. The 60-minute episodes feature two or three short tales, each with a twist in the ending.
Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983 - 1987) - A normal innocent housewife named Amanda King was walking down a subway platform until a man in a white tuxedo (whom happens to be a secret agent named Lee Stetson aka Scarecrow) stopped her a handed her a package. He told her to give the package to the man in a red hat on the train. Amanda reluctan...
The West Wing (1999 - Current) - This political drama features the lives of staffers in the west wing of the White House. It's been a called groundbreaking in that it ushered in a new type of political series that worked to show the complexity and contrasting simplicity of the day-to-day workings of modern politics, primarily in th...
The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993 - 1994) - The Animals of Fathing wood is about a herd of Animals who imegrate accross the country on a very long journey to a paradise called White deer park loved by all ages accross the world.
Bring 'Em Back Alive (1982 - 1983) - Pith-helmeted Frank Buck is a Great White Hunter who here (unlike the real one from the 1940s) works out of the Raffles Hotel bar in Singapore during the 1930s fighting all kinds of bad guys in pre-war Malaya.
The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer (1998 - 1998) - A black British noblemen and his dimwitted assitant are tricked into going to America where they become part of the staff at Abe Lincoln's White House during the Civl War.
Hi Honey, I'm Home! (1991 - 1992) - 1950's family when faced with modern issues timewarps themselves into a black and white leave it to beaver style enviroment.                                                        
Pretty Cure (2004 - Current) - Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro transform into Cure Black and Cure White to save the world from the evil Dark Zone. It also has spawned many spin-off series focusing on different groups of girls, as well as cross-over movies.
The Betty White Show (1977 - 1978) - Fresh off the Mary Tyler Moore show Betty White & Georgia Engel appeared in this 30 minute sitcom called The Betty White Show.
Hello Kitty (1929 - 2002) - Hello Kitty Was A Show About Hello Kitty And Friends. The Show Was Complete Of 2 15minute shows about sanaris hello kitty and friends went throug. Some Shows Were 30minutes becuase some were based on fairy tales like cinderella, snow white and more. Wonderful Show.
Moby Dick And Mighty Mightor (1967 - 1970) - When a typhoon suddenly strikes Tom and Tub are swept miles away from their uncle's vessel "The Sea Explorer" and find themselves in uncharted waters surrounded by menacing sharks. When all seems lost they are rescued by the giant white whale, Moby Dick. Tom and Tub happily realize they have found a...
Heavy Metal L-Gaim (1984 - 1985) - In the Pentagona System, a young man by the name of Daba Myroad leads a rebellion against Pentagona's leader, Oldna Poseidal. Daba's not alone however, meeting a large number of allies along his journey and having in his possession the powerful L-Gaim, a white Heavy Metal left to him by his father.
Mr.I.Magination (1949 - 1952) - CBS TV Network Sunday evenings and Saturday Mornings:Sunday April 24,1949-Saturday June 28,1952 Hosts/Performers/Instructors:"Mr.I"(Paul Tripp),Ruth Enders Tripp.Regulars:Joe Silver,Ted Tiller,Ruth White,Donnie Devlin,Simon Oakland,Walter Matthau,Richard Boone.
The Boondocks (2005 - 2014) - Based on the comic strip of the same name by series creator Aaron McGrudder, The Boondocks is all about an African-American family who moves to a town called Woodcrest to get acquainted with the white community.
Pocoyo (2005 - 2010) - Set in a 3D space, with a plain white background and usually no backdrops, it is about Pocoyo, a 3-year-old boy, interacting with his friends Pato (a duck), Elly (an elephant) and Loula (a dog). Viewers are encouraged to recognise situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or ar...
Once Upon a Time... Life (1987 - 1987) - The series Once Upon a Time... Life used the same characters from the other Once Upon a Time... seasons: the good characters represent the cells that make up the body's systems and defense mechanisms, such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, while the bad characters represent the vi...
Leo the Lion (1966 - 1967) - ( ! Shin Janguru Taitei: Susume Reo!, New Jungle Emperor: Move Ahead Leo!) is a sequel to the Japanese anime series Jungle Emperor, or Kimba the White Lion. Osamu Tezuka had always wanted his story of Kimba to follow Kimba's entire life, and the Jungle Emperor/Kimba series was such a hit...
Danger Mouse (2015) (2015 - Current) - Reboot of the 80's cartoon classic from England, where the White Wonder, Danger Mouse and the Hopeless Hamster, Penfold are back with new adventures as they thwart evil. Thrills and hilarity happen.
Chi's Sweet Home (2008 - 2016) - An anime adaptation lasting two seasons began airing on March 31, 2008 and concluded on September 25, 2009. A new 3DCG anime television adaptation began airing on October 2, 2016.A grey and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her mother and siblings one day while enjoying a walk outsid...
Steins;Gate (2011 - 2014) - a 2011 anime television series created by the animation studio White Fox based on 5pb. and Nitroplus's 2009 video game of the same name, and is part of the Science Adventure franchise along with Chaos;head and Robotics;notes. It is set in 2010, and follows Rintaro Okabe, who together with his friend...
Tears to Tiara (2009 - Current) - An anime adaptation aired based also on the PlayStation 3 port. The anime is directed by Tomoki Kobayashi and its series composition done by Tko Machida. The animation is done by White Fox and T3Works is the series' production committee.[15]
Wei Kreuz (1998 - 1998) - literally German for "White Cross", written "weies Kreuz" or "Weikreuz" in German) is a series about four assassins that work in a flower shopcalled "Kitty in the House". The assassins are members of a group called Wei (white), which is run by Persia of the mysterious Kritiker organization.he Wei...
King Arthur: Prince on White Horse (1980 - Current) - known in Japan as Moero Arthur Hakuba no ji ( Moero s Hakuba no ji, lit. Burn, Arthur: The Prince of the White Horse), is a Japanese anime series based on the Arthurian legend. It is a sequel to the earlier series King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, reworked in a futuris...
Casshern Sins (2008 - 2009) - In the distant future, where cyborgs and humans struggle to survive after the war which destroyed the world, a being in white suit awakens. His name is Casshern and he remembers nothing of his own past.
Diamond Daydreams (2004 - Current) - The series began with Kita e: White Illumination (White Illumination), which was released on March 18, 1999 for the Dreamcast. A fan disc, Kita e: Photo Memories (Photo Memories), was released on August 5 that same year. On October 30, 2003, the series hit the PlayStation 2 platform as Kita e....
The Porter Wagoner Show (1960 - 1981) - "The Porter Wagoner Show," hosted by country music superstar Porter Wagoner, was one of the first and ultimately most successful personality-driven country music television shows. For more than 20 years, the rhinestone suit-wearing, "Thin Man from White Plains" (Missouri) spun his humor and his bran...
Spiff and Hercules (1989 - 1989) - French animated series based on comic strip by Jos Cabrero Arnal. Its original title is "Pif et Hercule". It's a story about brown/yellow dog (Spiff) and black/white cat (Hercules), who are best friends but they fight all the time.
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968 - 2001) - Originally titled "MisteRogers' Neighborhood" the show premired in 1968 on PBS's predesessor NET, first showing episodes in black & white and later in color. In each episode, long-time host and children's TV star Fred Rogers would talk with the viewer directly on camera about a wide range of topics...
ChalkZone (2002 - 2008) - Based on the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short, 10-year-old Rudy Tabooite is an imaginative fifth grader with a cartoon-hating teacher. One day, after being punished by his teacher in class, Rudy discovers a piece of "White Lightning" chalk which allows him to access an alternate dimension known as ChalkZone,...
Late Night Black & White (1998 - 2000) - A Block That Showed Black & White Cartoons From The 1930s. The Block Includes Walter Lantz & Feischer Studio Cartoons.
The Baby Game (1967 - 1968) - The Baby Game is a 1967 Black and White TV show features a American Babysitter, Richard Hayes.
Drifters (2016 - 2016) - At the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, Toyohisa Shimazu is the rearguard for his retreating troops, and is critically wounded when he suddenly finds himself in a modern, gleaming white hallway. Faced with only a stoic man named Murasaki and hundreds of doors on both sides, Toyohisa is pulled into the...
L.A. Heat (1999 - 1999) - The action-packed cases of 2 cops, one white one black, in LA. A wisecracking combination, with plenty of action, chases and explosions thrown in for good measure.
The Legend of Snow White (1994 - 1995) - (Shirayuki Hime no Densetsu) is an Italian-Japanese anime series produced by Tatsunoko Production and Mondo TV, based on the European fairy tale.
The 7D (2014 - 2016) - A stand alone TV spin-off of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that follows the dwarfs and their adventures.
Misterjaw (1976 - 1976) - Misterjaw was a blue-colored great white shark who liked to leap out of the water and shout "Gotcha!" at unsuspecting folks who would run off in terror. He spoke with a German accent and was known to mispronounce words.
Jaws(1975) - Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Peter Benchley's novel of the same name. It tells the story of Police Chief of Amity Island, a fictional summer resort town, Martin Brody, in his quest to protect beachgoers from a great white shark by closing the beach. This is overruled by the town council...
Carrie(1976) - This terrifying adaptation of Stephen King's bestselling horror novel was directed by shock maestro Brian De Palma for maximum, no-holds-barred effect. Sissy Spacek stars as Carrie White, the beleaguered daughter of a religious kook (Piper Laurie) and a social outcast tormented by her cruel, insensi...
The Blair Witch Project(1999) - Combining Hi-8 video with black and white 16mm film, this film presents a raw look at what can happen when college students forego common sense and enter the world of voodoo and witchcraft. Presented as a straight-forward documentary, the film opens with a title card explaining that in 1994, three s...
The Jerk(1979) - On Navin Johnson's 18th birthday he discovers he was adopted. (Which should appear obvious since he's the only white person in an all black family.) Navin decides to move out and try to make it in the world. While on his adventure he works at a gas station. But because of an assassination attempt he...
Jaws: The Revenge(1987) - After another deadly shark attack, Ellen Brody decides she has had enough of New England's Amity Island and moves to the Caribbean to join her son, Michael, and his family. But a great white shark has followed her there, hungry for more lives.
Alice in Wonderland(1951) - A young girl named Alice dreams of a world where everything that shouldn't be, should. She follows a white rabbit down a hole into Wonderland. Her curiousity only finds her farther and farther away from home.
Disney's Halloween Treat(1982) - Celebrate a magical, high-spirited Halloween, with this collection of classic scenes, from Walt Disney's greatest animated feature films and cartoon shorts! Snow White and the seven dwarfs encounter the wicked Queen, in a breathtaking sequence from this Disney triumpth of art and imagination. Then,...
Coonskin(1975) - A VERY controversial film by Ralph Bakshi ( Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic), that is a violent , sexual retelling of Uncle Remus and the Brer Rabbit stories. The film stars Phillip Micheal Thomas, Scatman Crothers, and Barry White, and begins as Philip Micheal Thomas Character is locked up in jail wi...
Lady in White(1988) - Locked in a school closet during Halloween 1962, young Frank witnesses the ghost of a young girl and the man who murdered her years ago. Shortly afterward he finds himself stalked by the killer and is soon drawn to an old house where a mysterious Lady In White lives. As he discovers the secret of th...
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937) - A beautiful girl, Snow White, takes refuge in the forest in the house of seven dwarfs to hide from her stepmother, the wicked Queen. The Queen is jealous because she wants to be known as "the fairest in the land," and Snow White's beauty surpasses her own.
The Elephant Man(1981) - The biography of John Merrick (a/k/a the Elephant Man), his trials and tribulations to be accepted as a human being instead of a circus freak, and his triumph is being accepted into society. Filmed in black and white, this film is a true art form with exceptional documentation, graphic photographs,...
Night Of The Living Dead - 1990(1990) - Makeup wizard Tom Savini's color remake of George A. Romero's 1968 classic follows the original almost shot-for-shot, so quality comparisons are somewhat pointless. The film was clearly made for younger viewers who refuse to watch black-and-white films, no matter how good they may be. The result is...
The Ryan White Story(1989) - Made for TV movie about Ryan White, a 13-year-old hemopheliac who contracted AIDS from factor VIII, which was used to control this disorder.In 1985, not many people knew the truth about AIDS. Not very much was known about AIDS. Ryan faced a lot of discrimination, mostly based on the unknown. His sch...
The Big Lebowski(1998) - The plot of this Raymond Chandler-esque comedy crime caper from the Coen Brothers (Joel Coen and Ethan Coen) pivots around a case of mistaken identity complicated by extortion, double-crosses, deception, embezzlement, sex, pot, and gallons of White Russians (made with fresh cream, please). In 1991,...
The Doom Generation(1995) - Billed as "a heterosexual movie by Gregg Araki," The Doom Generation is the the director's self-styled bad taste teen film. Amy Blue (Rose McGowan) is an obnoxious teenage speed freak and her boyfriend Jordan White (James Duval) is a passive, slow-witted poseur who won't have sex with her because he...
Superman II(1980) - Three Escaped Criminals From The Planet Krypton Test Superman's Mettle, Led By General Zod, The Kryptonians Take Control Of The White House And They Partner Up With Lex Luthor To Destroy Superman And Rule Earth, But Superman Who Attempts To Make Himself Human In Order To Get Closer To Lois, He Reali...
Jaws 3-D(1983) - The plot of Jaws 3-D moves away from Amity Island to SeaWorld in Florida, a water theme-park with underwater tunnels and lagoons. As the park prepares to open, it is infiltrated by a baby great white shark which attacks and kills water-skiers and park employees. Once the baby shark is captured, it b...
Stone Cold(1991) - Detective Joe Huff (Brian Bosworth) goes undercover to take down a gang of drug-dealing white supremacist bikers.
The Howling(1981) - This groundbreaking, darkly-comic horror film from director Joe Dante changed the look and feel of werewolf movies in ways light-years distant from Universal's horror classic The Wolf Man. The story begins with television reporter/anchor Karen White (Dee Wallace) taking part in a dangerous police op...
White Water Summer(1987) - An experienced guide (Vic) accompanies a city boy (Alan) and his three friends on their first wilderness experience. Hoping to teach the four boys lessons not only about the wilderness, but about themselves, Vic pushes them to the limit. Soon after alienating the boys, Vic finds himself in desperate...
Bastard Out of Carolina(1996) - Accomplished actress Anjelica Huston, daughter of John Huston, made her directorial debut with this absorbing, often wrenching story of child abuse in the 1950s American South. Based on a novel by Dorothy Allison, the film (narrated by Laura Dern) tells the tale of Bone (Jena Malone), a poor white g...
CB4(1993) - Comedian Chris Rock stars in this scattershot satire of rap music in the vein of This Is Spinal Tap. This film within a film begins with A. White (Chris Elliot) screening a rough cut of a documentary he has made of the notorious CB4 rap group
Dick(1999) - The time is 1972 and The Watergate Scandal was brewing and teenage best friends Betsy and Arlene become unwittingly involved. The next day, during a class field trip of the White House, the ditzy duo wander off the tour and meet President Richard Nixon where he makes them official dog walkers to Che...
Snow White(1987) - A prince, seeking the greatest treasure, stumbles upon seven little men guarding a coffin. They tell him the story of Snow White, a beautiful princess who was forced to run away from home after her jealous stepmother tried to have her killed. When she realizes that the girl is still alive and living...
House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute(2001) - High school student Jon Jon Harris (Marques "Batman" Houston) sees a ripe opportunity for a major party when he snags the job house-sitting for his rich Uncle Charles (David Roberson). The mansion comes with a white Mercedes, and although Uncle Charles has told him not to drive the car or have peopl...
Cannon Movie Tales: Sleeping Beauty(1987) - Princess Rosebud (Tahnee Welch) is cursed with an evil spell that will bring her to her fate. Luckily, a white fairy (Jane Wiedlin) softens the curse by making it so that she will sleep for a hundred years.
Deep Impact(1998) - Mimi Leder (The Peacemaker) directed this science-fiction disaster drama about the possible extinction of human life after a comet is discovered headed toward Earth with the collision only one year away. Ambitious MSNBC reporter Jenny Lerner (Tea Leoni) stumbles onto the story, prompting a White Hou...
White Dog(1982) - Samuel Fuller is the Director of this Movie & Kristy McNichol was the Actor in thi
Super mario 3: snow white(1989) - Mario tells the story of snow white in this japan special only released i
White Fang(1991) - In Randal Kleiser's entertaining adaptation of Jack London's classic novel White Fang, Ethan Hawke plays Jack Conroy, a young man who travels to Alaska with the intent of finding his father's lost gold mine. During the course of his travels, he's accompanied by a big white wolf that he rescued from...
The River Wild(1994) - Gail, an expert at white water rafting, takes her family on a trip down the river to their family's house. Along the way, the family encounters two men who are unexperienced rafters that need to find their friends down river. Later, the family finds out that the pair of men are armed robbers. The me...
There's a Zulu on My Stoep(1993) - In this acclaimed South African comedy a pair of childhood friends--one black, one white, separated by apartheid--reunite unexpectedly twenty-five years later. Circumstances dictate that each just happens to be in the awkward position of masquerading as the other's race, and that's where the fun sta...
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle(2004) - Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (alternatively known as Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies) is a 2004 American stoner film and the first installment in the Harold & Kumar series. The film was written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, and directed by Dann
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold(1986) - After his brother Robeson disappears without a trace while exploring Africa in search of a legendary 'white tribe', Allan Quatermain decides to follow in his footsteps to learn what became of him. Soon after arriving, he discovers the Lost City of Gold, controlled by the evil lord Agon, and mined by...
National Lampoon's Men in White(1998) - Roy DuBro and Ed Klingbottom were just your ordinary trashmen until they are used to save Earth from an alien invasion becoming the Men in White. In other words, it's just a piss-poor spoof of Men in Black.
Slam Dunk Ernest(1995) - Poor Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney). All he wants is to be a real basketball player on the amateur team with all the other janitors from his workplace. Unfortunately, they have all told him over and over that white guys like him just can't jump. That turns out to be true until he receives divine ass...
White Mile(1994) - When a company-sponsored white-water rafting expedition turns into a nightmare, an advertising executive finds himself faced with a moral dilemma and an extremely guilty conscience.
The Bride with White Hair(1993) - Following on the success of 1987's Chinese Ghost Story, Hong Kong was inundated with romantically themed tales of the supernatural. Most were awful, but Ronny Yu's The Bride With White Hair has become a classic of the genre. Based on a two-volumed 1954 novel written by Leung Yu-Sang, the film tells...
White Hunter, Black Heart(1990) - Something of a sleeper in its 1990 release, White Hunter, Black Heart is one of Clint Eastwood's most engaging films. It is based on Peter Vietel's novel about the location shoot of John Huston's immortal The African Queen. But the focus is never on Bogie and Hepburn. Egomaniacal director John Wilso...
Basic Instinct(1992) - This cold, stylish erotic-thriller grossed over $100 million at the box-office despite vigorous protests at its depiction of gays and women. The shocking opening sequence features a graphic sexual encounter involving a rock-star bound with a white Hermes scarf by an unidentified blond woman. Despite...
Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf(1985) - The brother of a slain werewolf newscaster joins the battle against a lycanthropic femme fatale in this sequel to 1981's horror/humor update. Shortly after the events of the original The Howling, Ben White (Reb Brown) attends the funeral of his sister, journalist Karen White (played here by Hana Lud...
White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf(1994) - Disney filmed its version of the Jack London story in 1991 and followed with this sequel four years later. Besides the presence of a dog named White Fang and its setting in the Alaska Gold Rush days, the story bears no resemblance to London's original story. Jack Conroy (Ethan Hawke), the hero of th...
Viva San Isidro!(1995) - In this quirky comedy, a farmer living in a remote, primitive Mexican village finds a downed plane and assumes the fine, white powder inside is fertilizer. The tale begins as the villagers are celebrating a football victory with their star soccer player, Quintino, who scored the winning goal. The to...
Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise(1987) - Get out your white socks! This time our suave college heroes hit the road for fun and fraternity in Florida. Another opportunity for brains to triumph over brawn. How can the girls possibly resist their geek
Field of Dreams(1989) - Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice in his corn field tell him, "If you build it, he will come." He interprets this message as an instruction to build a baseball field on his farm, upon which appear the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven Chicago White Sox players banned from the g...
White Squall(1996) - Teenage boys discover discipline and camaraderie on an ill-fated sailing voyagee.
Wall Street(1987) - Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a man from a blue-collar family who enters the white-collar world of the stock market. His guide through this world is Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), one of the most avaricious men the world has ever seen. Much like the stock market in the year of this movie's release, Bu...
Jocks(1986) - Coach Bettlebom is an unmotivated college phys ed teacher who - in over ten years - hasn't once managed to win a sports trophy. His kids don't fare much better, and most of them aren't achieving much in terms of grades - to say the least. So when President White (Christopher Lee - yeah, THE Christop...
Single White Female(1992) - Traumatized by the discovery that her live-in fianc has cheated on her with his ex-wife, Allison Jones (Bridget Fonda) decides to find a roommate to share her apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. After interviewing candidates, beautiful, sophisticated career woman Allison settles on Hedra C...
Heavy Traffic(1973) - An animated feature which begins, ends and occasionally combines with, live-action filmed on location. A white dropout struggles to create comics and animated films, drawing inspiration from the harsh, gritty world around him. This was done by the same people that made Fritz the Cat. So expect carto...
The Lair Of The White Worm(1988) - In a remote corner of England's Peak District, a mysterious skull is unearthed. But even weirder is that Lady Sylvia steals the skull for use in worshiping - very erotically - her pagan god, The White Worm, who hungers for the taste of virginal flesh.
Year of the Dragon(1985) - Chinese Mafia head Joey Tai (John Lone) is raising Hell all over Chinatown, and troubled New York City police officer Stanley White (Mickey Rourke) has decided to take him down. As the body count escalates, the married White begins an affair with a lovely young reporter named Tracy Tzu (Ariane). It'...
At Close Range(1986) - A film based on a real life rural Pennsylvania crime family led by Brad Whitewood Sr., which operated during the 1960's and 1970's.
White Nights(1985) - Nikolai Rodchenko (Mikhail Baryshnikov) defected from Soviet Russia and became one of America's best ballet dancers. While on a plane for a trip, he flies over Russia. Unfortunately, when a malfunction happens to the plane, the plane must enter the land he exited. The government wants him to be part...
Beverly Hills Ninja(1997) - Haru (Chris Farley) is a white man raised by the Japanese. He's been trained to be a ninja, but he isn't that good at it. His skills will be called into action, though, when he returns to America to investigate a crime. His fellow ninja Gobei (Robin Shou) goes with him, and the two of them do what t...
Chained Heat(1983) - Carol (Linda Blair) accidentally killed a man, and as such, she must serve an 18 month jail sentence, despite the circumstances of the situation. Although her fellow inmates are very angry (Example: White prisoner Ericka [Sybil Danning] and black prisoner Dutchess [Tamara Dobson] seem to be engaged...
Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back(1995) - A martial arts instructor comes to the defense of a schoolteacher who has taken a stand against a local white supremacist organization.
White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild (1995)(1995) - "When a few troubled teenagers go on a conservation outreach program to rescue a pair of juvenile wolves in order to improve their school records they encounter unexpected challenges
The White Pony (1999)(1999) - "A fairyland adventure filled with magic, a leprechaun, a beautiful pony, and a princess. Fun for the whole family from Roger Corman's production company
White Fang to the Rescue (1974)(1974) - "When a young boy's life is threatened by gold thieves, White Fang must once again leap into action. Adapted from the Jack London story
A Hard Day's Night(1964) - A Hard Day's Night is a 1964 British black-and-white comedy film directed by Richard Lester and starring The BeatlesJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starrduring the height of Beatlemania. It was written by Alun Owen and originally released by United Artists. The film portrays...
West Side Story(1961) - West Side Story is the film adaptation of the popular Broadway musical of the same name from directors Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. The movie is the story of two rival gangs, the all-white Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks and their competition over love. The competition over which gang is better...
The Times of Harvey Milk(1984) - Member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by Supervisor Dan White on November 22, 1978. Milk's life leading up to his election, his successful efforts to politically represent San Francisco's gay community, and the city's re...
White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf (1997)(1997) - "When a plane crash strands three teens in an icy wilderness, they must summon their strength--and the powerful spirit of a legendary wolf--to survive the horrific ordeal. Winner of a Gold Medal from the American Family Film Council
White-Water Sam (1978)(1978) - "White-Water Sam and his Siberian Husky, Sybar, brave the dangers of the Pacific Northwest as they travel southward down the great river. Cougars, savage Indians, and starving wolves are among the many adventures white-water same courageously faces
Winterhawk (1975)(1975) - "he tribe of Chief Winterhawk are ill. His friend trapper Guthrie suggests to ask the white men in a near village for help - but they kill Winterhawk's companion..
The Great White Hype(1996) - Boxing is more than just a sport it's also a business and a con game in this satirical comedy. Rev. Fred Sultan (Samuel L. Jackson) is a shrewd boxing promoter and manager whose meal ticket is heavyweight champion James "The Grim Reaper" Roper (Damon Wayans), a fighter whose skill and confidence...
The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit(1998) - Fantasist Ray Bradbury wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of his 1957 Saturday Evening Post short story, "The Magic White Suit," previously adapted as a TV drama, a stage musical, and a play. Middle-aged Gomez (Joe Mantegna) hopes to own the beautiful white suit he spots in a store window. Sin...
Hoodlum(1997) - The white-run Mafia and the black-run numbers game meet head on with explosive impact in this period crime thriller. Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) is an African-American ex-con who, after a stay in prison, returns to Harlem at the height of its renaissance before World War II. Looki...
King Of New York(1990) - The gritty underbelly of New York's complex, ethnically divided criminal world is exposed in this dark drama from director Abel Ferrara. Christopher Walken stars as Frank White, a drug lord who's just been released from a long stint in prison. Aware that feeding off of society's depravity has made h...
Down and Out in Beverly Hills(1986) - Beverly Hills couple Barbara and Dave Whiteman are very rich but not happy Dave is a hard working business man, his wife is only interested in yoga, aerobics and other meditation classes, and he sleeps with the house maid. Their teenage son is confused about his sexuality and their daughter is suffe...
Whiteboyz(1999) - What do you do if you're a white guy in a white town who happens to love black music? Flip (Danny Hoch) is a middle-class kid from the Iowa corn belt, but he doesn't think of himself as just another guy from farm country. Flip loves hip-hop, and he longs to be respected as a hard-core rapper. But a...
Light Sleeper(1992) - Paul Schrader's brilliant study of another alienated urban denizen skirting the borderline of madness stars Willem Dafoe as John Le Tour, a rich, upscale drug dealer for Manhattan professionals "White drugs for white people," as he puts it. John is a recovering addict and for him it's the perfect...
Disney's Golden Anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1987) - The Evil Queen puts a curse on Grumpy and the other dwarves to retire now that they're 50, but host Dick Van Dyke foils the plot by showing them how much fun they had in "Snow White", featuring footage from the movie and topping it off with Linda Ronstadt singing "Someday My Prince Will Come". Also...
8 Mile(2002) - The setting is Detroit in 1995. The city is divided by 8 Mile, a road that splits the town in half along racial lines. A young white rapper, Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith Jr summons strength within himself to cross over these arbitrary boundaries to fulfill his dream of success in hip hop. With future and...
Happily Ever After(1993) - The Evil Queen is dead and Snow White is on her way to see the 7 dwarves when Lord Maliss, the Queen's brother, sees her in the looking glass. He attacks her in the form of a dragon, taking Snow White's prince to the Realm of Doom. Enlisting the aid of the dwarves' cousins, the dwarfells, Snow White...
The Mack(1973) - Goldie returns from five years at the state pen and winds up king of the pimping game. Trouble comes in the form of two corrupt white cops and a crime lord who wants him to return to the small time.
Snow White Christmas(1980) - A Snow White Christmas, released in 1980 is a Christmas cartoon-movie that is 50 minutes long and dedicated to the youn
Tekkonkinkreet(2006) - In Treasure Town, life can be both peaceful and violent. This is never truer than for our heroes, Black and White - two street kids who claim to traverse the urban city as if it were their own. But in this town, an undercurrent of evil exists and has its sights set on the pair of brothers, forcing t...
Guess Who(2005) - Percy and Marilyn are renewing their vows for their anniversary, and their daughter Theresa brings her boyfriend Simon for them to meet. Unbeknownst to her parents, the kids plan to announce their engagement during the weekend. The Jones family is Black; Theresa neglects to tell them Simon is White....
White Palace(1990) - A wealthy 27 year old advertising executive(James Spader)has a passionate affair with a 40 something fast food waitress(Susan Sarandon).The couples differences in age and differences in class backgrounds eventually causes problems.
White Lightning(1973) - An ex con teams up with federal agents to help them with breaking up a moonshine ring.
Last of the Mohicans(1977) - During the French and Indian War in colonial America, a white scout, with two of his Indian brothers, helps a British officer escort two women through dangerous territory, with both French troops and hostile Indians after them.
Escaflowne: The Movie(2000) - Hitomi Kanzaki is in a very depressed mood. She only wants to sleep and fade away. Her misery summons Lord Folken who sends her to Gaea. The people of Gaea think she is the Wing Goddess, who can call upon the legendary Dragon Armor called Escaflowne. On Gaea, King Van, the sole survior of the White...
Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit(1987) - Jordan White, a publisher friend of Perry, is called to a hotel where a guest, famous horror writer David Hall, has cleared out the hotel for a weekend and has called his "friends" - an actress, a fortune-teller, David's private assistant and the two remaining staff at the hotel to discuss business....
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song(1971) - Sweet Sweetback (Melvin Van Peebles) is a black orphan who, having grown up in a brothel, now works there as part of a sex show. When the police need a patsy for a murder in the black community, Sweetback's employer gives him up to two white cops, whom Sweetback ends up killing. Suddenly the target...
Disney's Sing-Along Songs: Heigh Ho(1987) - Heigh Ho was first volume of the Direct-to-Video series: Disney's Sing-Along Songs. And it was made to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Disney's first animated featured film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Song
Snow White & The Three Stooges(1961) - In this musical/fantasy film. "The Three Stooges" help "Prince Charming" (Edison Stroll) who lost his memory in an accident as a little boy. regain his memory and his title as a royal monarch and save his beloved "Snow White" (former Olympic Skating champ Carol Heiss) from being killed by her evil s...
White Christmas(1954) - White Christmas is a 1954 American musical romantic comedy film directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen, loosely based on the 1942 film Holiday Inn. Filmed in Technicolor, White Christmas features the songs of Irving Berlin, including the tit...
I Walked with a Zombie(1943) - Betsy is hired to care for the wife of Paul Holland (Tom Conway), a sugar plantation owner on the Caribbean island of Saint Sebastian. Saint Sebastian is inhabited by a small white community and descendants of African slaves. Betsy is told the story of how the Hollands brought slaves to the island,...
White Zombie(1932) - On arrival in Haiti, Madeleine Short reunites with her fianc Neil Parker, with imminent plans to be married. On the way to their lodging, the couple's coach passes Murder Legendre, an evil voodoo master, who observes them with interest and manages to grab Madeleine's scarf. Neil and Madeleine arriv...
Starsky & Hutch(2004) - Two streetwise cops bust criminals in their red-and-white Ford Torino with the help of police snitch called Huggy Bear.
They Drive By Night(1940) - They Drive by Night is a 1940 black-and-white film noir starring George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, and Humphrey Bogart, and directed by Raoul Walsh. The picture involves a pair of embattled truck drivers and was released in the UK under the title The Road to Frisco. The film was based on A. I....
Great White (a.k.a. The Last Shark)(1981) - A great white shark attacks the town of Port Harbor and it is up to the locals to sto
The Last Of His Tribe(1992) - Ishi, the last Yahi Indian of California, must leave his homeland and learn to navigate the world of the white man in order to survive.
Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules(1961) - Maciste arranges for himself and his new friend Bangor to be captured by a mysterious band of white-clad marauders and taken to an underground city. There the two are forced to turn an enormous wheel along with other captives as part of a gold-and-diamonds mining operation. The underground city's qu...
Snow White: The Sequel(2007) - It follows what happens to Snow White and Prince Charming after their marriage, including the Prince's sexual trysts with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Prince Charming was supposed to live long and happily with Snow White after kissing her back to life. However the jealous 'good' fairy decides tha...
Stuart Little(1999) - Stuart Little is a 1999 American family CGI animated/live-action comedy film loosely based on the 1945 novel of the same name by E. B. White. Directed by Rob Minkoff in his live-action debut, the screenplay was written by M. Night Shyamalan and Greg Brooker, and stars Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, and J...
White Heat(1949) - A psychopathic criminal with a mother complex makes a daring break from prison and leads his old gang in a chemical plant payroll heist. Shortly after the plan takes place, events take a crazy turn.
Flaming Star(1960) - Sam Burton's second wife Neddy is Indian, their son Pacer a half-breed. As struggle starts between the whites and the Kiowas, the Burton family is split between loyalties. Neddy and Sam are killed; Pacer sides with the Indians, his half-brother Clint with the whites.
The White Gorilla(1945) - A white gorilla is snubbed by black gorillas because he is the wrong color. Cut off from his tribe he becomes lonely and angry. After troubling hunters and natives, the white gorilla fights the king of the black gorillas while we are told by a narrator that the fate of Africa hangs in the balance. T...
The Black Godfather(1974) - J.J., a rising star in the black crime scene, is in the process of consolidating his power over the neighborhood. One of the only remaining obstacles is the white heroin cartel that is understandably reluctant to abandon such a lucrative market. Tensions rise between the two rivals, and people on bo...
Prehistoric Women(1967) - Jungle guide David Marchand is kidnapped by a tribe of natives who want to sacrifice him to their white rhino god. Just as he's about to be killed, however, he is thrown backwards in time to a kingdom of brunette women and their blonde slaves. David rejects the advances of Queen Kari and sides with...
Into The Homeland(1987) - In this HBO Original Film, a young girl falls in love with the son of a white supremacist.
Cut And Run(1985) - A reporter and her cameraman connect a surviving Jonestown leader and a TV exec's missing son to a drug war where jungle installations are being massacred by an army of natives and a skilled white assassin.
Invitation To Ruin(1968) - Pick-up artist Jerry Sloane is hired by mobster Ernie Pulaski to lure girls for his white slavery ring. Once Ernie gets his claws on them, the victims are turned over to mute Mama Lupo (she lost her tongue after tattling on some fellow schoolgirls), who tortures them in her dungeon and addicts them...
Osmosis Jones(2001) - Frank Detorre is the zookeeper at the Sucat Memorial Zoo in Rhode Island with a very disgusting and unhealthy lifestyle. Despite his daughter's advice, he eats very unhealthily, and eats a hard boiled egg that had been dropped in a chimpanzee's feces. Inside his body, Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones, a white b...
Yours, Mine, and Ours(2005) - A remake of the classic 1968 film. High school sweethearts Frank Beardsley, a widowed Coast Guard Admiral and Helen White, a widowed handbag designer, get re-united after Frank and his family of eight kids move into the neighborhood. Even with Helen and her ten kids, some biological and some adopted...
Soul Man(1986) - a young white man(C Thomas Howell) uses tanning pills to make himself look African American and gain a scholarship to Harvard. The man soon gets an education in the evils of discrimination.
The Mod Squad(1999) - Police Capt. Adam Greer (Dennis Farina) needs some new cops who can go where other cops can't. Greer finds three young people on their way to jail: Lincoln Hayes (Omar Epps), the black one, is up for arson; Pete Cochrane (Giovanni Ribisi), the white one, is up for robbery; and Julie Barnes (Claire D...
Baby M(1988) - When Betsy Stern was told she couldn't have a child, she and her husband Bill met with Mary Beth Whitehead who agreed to act as a surrogate mother. But after giving birth to a baby girl, Mary Beth changed her mind and wanted to keep the child. Based on the true story of the custody battle between W...
Boss N*****(1975) - Two black bounty hunters ride into a small town out West in pursuit of an outlaw. They discover that the town has no sheriff, and soon take over that position, much against the will of the mostly white townsfolk. They raise hell, chase women, and milk the locals for cash, while waiting for the oppor...
The Black Angels(1970) - When an African-American biker gang is tricked into believing that a white biker gang is planning a war, all hell breaks loose.
Warriors Of The Wasteland(1983) - Two mercenaries help wandering caravans fight off an evil and aimless band of white-clad bikers after the nuclear holocuast.
Planet 51(2009) - American astronaut Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker lands on Planet 51 thinking he's the first person to step foot on it. To his surprise, he finds that this planet is inhabited by little green people who are happily living in a white picket fence world, and whose only fear is that it will be overrun b...
Black Swan(2010) - A ballet dancer wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan - Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile, the Black Swan.
Sydney White(2007) - Sydney White is the daughter of a plumber, Paul White. Her mother, a Kappa Sorority member, died when Sydney was still young. She sets off to study in a SAU and to pledge to her mother's once dignified sorority.
White Men Can't Jump(1992) - Black and white basketball hustlers join forces to double their chances.
Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown(1980) - Snoopy is lying on top of his doghouse when he hears music. He follows the music and finds a circus unloading. Among other animals, he sees three poodles, and immediately latches onto the white one (whom the audience later learns is named Fifi). He follows her to the entrance of the big top with his...
Drum(1976) - A mid-19th century mulatto slave is torn between his success as a pit-fighter and the injustices of white society.
Empire(1964) - Empire is a 1964 American silent black-and-white film made by Andy Warhol. It consists of eight hours and five minutes of continuous slow motion footage of the Empire State Building in New York City. Abridged showings of the film were never allowed, and supposedly the very unwatchability of the film...
By The People: The Election Of Barack Obama(2009) - This was a 2009 documentary by HBO Films tracing Barack Obama's path to the White House.
Stomp the Yard(2007) - Stomp the Yard is a 2007 drama and dance film produced by Rainforest Films and released through Sony Pictures' Screen Gems division on January 12, 2007. Directed by Sylvain White, Stomp the Yard centers around DJ Williams, a college student at a fictional historically Black university who pledges to...
Imagine That(2009) - Evan Danielson is a very successful stockbroker, who had been working at the same securities firm for eight years as their top account manager, that is until Johnny Whitefeather was hired as his rival. Whitefeather seems to have the whole company under some spell as he spiels his nonsensical idioms...
Valiant(2005) - In May 1944, 5 years since the declaration of World War II, three Royal Homing Pigeon Service war pigeons are flying across the English Channel with the White Cliffs of Dover in sight, carrying vital messages to Great Britain. Despite the poor weather conditions the pigeons have nearly reached their...
The Spiral Staircase(1975) - Jacqueline Bisset and Christopher Plummer star in this horror movie based on Ethel Lina White's novel "Some Must Watch".
The Original Kings Of Comedy(2000) - February 26 and 27, 2000, the Original Kings of Comedy play Charlotte, NC. The themes are Blacks and Whites, men and women, old-school and hip-hop. Steve Harvey emcees, celebrates '70s music and lyrics of love, and pokes at folks in the front row. D.L. Hughley mines racial differences and talks abou...
I Bury The Living(1958) - Through a series of macabre "coincidences," the newly-elected director of a cemetery begins to believe that he can cause the deaths of living owners of burial plots by merely changing the push-pin color from white (living) to black (dead) on a large wall map of the cemetery that notes those plots
White Chicks(2004) - Two disgraced FBI agents go way undercover in an effort to protect hotel heiresses the Wilson Sisters from a kidnapping plot.
The Big White(2005) - To remedy his financial problems, a travel agent has his eye on a frozen corpse, which just happens to be sought after by two hitmen.
Happily N'Ever After 2(2009) - The direct-to-video sequel to the 2006 film. Snow White and her family, Queen Grace and King Cole are going around the city waving at people. Queen Grace shows Snow White how to help peasants. In her room, Queen Grace quotes "Remember, the mirror tells half the story" as "beauty is given by helping...
The Sword in the Stone(1963) - Disney's 18th animated feature based on T.H. White's novel of the same name, the film tells the story of young King Arthur who is always bossed around by his foster family, mentored by a kind wizard named Merlin, learning about the world around him, and soon rises to fame as the new king of England...
Ringmaster(1998) - A film starring Jerry Springer as-essentially himself- as Jerry Farrelly, host of a show similar to his own, in this case called simply Jerry. There are three ongoing plots in the film. The primary one surrounds a white trash, trailer park family in which the daughter is sleeping with her mother's h...
Save The Last Dance(2001) - A white midwestern girl moves to Chicago, where her new boyfriend is a black teen from the South Side with a rough, semi-criminal past.
I'm Going to Tell You a Secret(2005) - The second documentary movie about mega pop-star Madonna. Theis film followed the events of her 2004 Re-Invention World Tour. The film also followed the same styles as her film "Truth or Dare" with concert performances in color and backstage footage in black & white. The movie first showed on MTV in...
White Wilderness(1958) - Disney's very first nature documentary production about a group of lemmings who migrate to a far away place. The film is notorious for a scene where the lemmings jump into the arctic ocean in what is believed to be a mass suicide(but is not explained as such by the narrator).
Betrayed(1988) - An FBI agent posing as a combine driver becomes romantically involved with a Midwest farmer who lives a double life as a white supremacist.
The Emperor And The White Snake(2011) - A master monk tries to protect a naive young physician from a thousand-year-old snake demon. A contest of psychic powers results in mayhem.
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde(2003) - Elle Woods heads to Washington, D.C. to join the staff of a Representative in order to pass a bill to ban animal testing.
It Might Get Loud(2008) - A documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three significant rock musicians: The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White.
Vice Raid(1959) - Police Sgt. Whitey Brandon is taking down the leading criminal bosses in the city. However the crime syndicates decide to frame Brandon using a model Carol Hudson. She succeeds in framing him and getting him kicked off the Vice Squad. Carol enjoys the benefits of the criminal underworld but soon fin...
Ninja, Force Of Assassins(1988) - As gangster boss Cole continues his violent rivalry with the White Ninja, an interpol agent appears on the scene to try and put a stop to their antics.
The World's Greatest Athlete(1973) - A down on his luck coach travels to Africa where he spots the world's greatest athlete - a white Tarzan-type. The coach brings him back to the U.S. of A. to compete.
Dead Bang(1989) - A man kills a storekeeper and a cop. LASD homicide detective Jerry Beck gets the case. His murder suspect is connected to a heavily armed white supremacy group.
Nevada Smith(1966) - A half American Indian and half white teenager evolves into a hardened killer as he tracks down his parents' murderers.
Pokmon the Movie: Black & White(2011) - Shown in Japanese theaters in 2011 and coming to American theaters for the first time since the 5th movie, this movie was very uniquely released in two versions. During their travels through the Unova region, Ash and his friends Iris and Cilan arrive in Eindoak Town, built around a castle called the...
Kung Fu Panda 2(2011) - In the sequel to the smash-hit film, Po and the Furious Five battle an evil white peacock ruler named Lord Shen who has a powerful weapon that he plans to use to conquer China. Meanwhile, Po discovers a terrifying secret about his past, and discovers that Shen may have something to do with it. Compa...
Malibu's Most Wanted(2003) - A Warner Bros. Crime-edy set in Malibu Beach, CA. A senator arranges for his son, a rich white kid who fancies himself black, to be kidnapped by a couple of black actors pretending to be murderers to try and shock him out of his plans to become
White House Down(2013) - Capitol police officer John Cale (Channing Tatum) has just been denied his dream job of protecting President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) as a member of the Secret Service. Not wanting to disappoint his young daughter with the bad news, Cale takes her on a tour of the White House. While he and his daug...
Pokmon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom(2011) - A Pikachu the Movie project with Zekrom.
Red The Half Breed(1970) - A half-cast used cars salesman wants anything from the white society and is ready to do anything to get it. But when he is accused of murdering his half-sister who was killed with his rifle, he flees to an indian village. He doesn't feel any more at home there than in the white city. He decides to g...
Our Friend, Martin(1998) - DIC Entertainment has crafted Martin Luther King in animation for black (& white) people with real-life-inspired time-travel elements, Motown recording artists and archival footage of the real Dr. King (including his "I Have a Dream" speech). -- Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo, Supernatural -- Action, Fantasy, Kids -- Drama, Music, Romance, Slice of Life -- -- -- -- Music, Romance -- Music -- Music -- Drama, Harem, Music, Romance -- Adventure, Historical, Drama -- Drama, Harem, Music, Romance -- Comedy, Historical, Parody -- Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Kids
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995) ::: 6.4/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 30min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime | 10 November 1995 (USA) -- Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, returns from a spiritual quest to investigate the disappearance of a rare white bat, the sacred animal of a tribe in Africa. Director: Steve Oedekerk Writers:
A Dry White Season (1989) ::: 7.0/10 -- R | 1h 46min | Drama, Thriller | 20 September 1989 (USA) -- A white middle class South African suburbanite with no interest in politics agrees to help his black gardener find his jailed son. His investigation opens his eyes to the horrors committed by the secret police and turns him into a target. Director: Euzhan Palcy Writers: Andr P. Brink (novel) (as Andr Brink), Colin Welland (screenplay) | 1 more credit
A Ghost Story (2017) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 1h 32min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance | 27 July 2017 (Australia) -- In this singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence, a recently deceased, white-sheeted ghost returns to his suburban home to try to reconnect with his bereft wife. Director: David Lowery Writer:
Ali's Wedding (2017) ::: 6.9/10 -- TV-MA | 1h 50min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 8 June 2018 (USA) -- After telling a white lie which spirals out of control, a neurotic, naive, musically gifted Muslim cleric's eldest son must follow through with an arranged marriage, even though he's madly in love with an Australian born-Lebanese girl. Director: Jeffrey Walker Writers:
A Patch of Blue (1965) ::: 8.0/10 -- Unrated | 1h 45min | Drama, Romance | 10 December 1965 (USA) -- A blind, uneducated white girl is befriended by a black man, who becomes determined to help her escape her impoverished and abusive home life by introducing her to the outside world. Director: Guy Green Writers:
A Time to Kill (1996) ::: 7.5/10 -- R | 2h 29min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 24 July 1996 (USA) -- In Canton, Mississippi, a fearless young lawyer and his assistant defend a black man accused of murdering two white men who raped his ten-year-old daughter, inciting violent retribution and revenge from the Ku Klux Klan. Director: Joel Schumacher Writers:
A United Kingdom (2016) ::: 6.9/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 51min | Biography, Drama, History | 10 February 2017 (USA) -- The story of King Seretse Khama of Botswana and how his loving but controversial marriage to a British white woman, Ruth Williams, put his kingdom into political and diplomatic turmoil. Director: Amma Asante Writers:
Black-ish ::: TV-PG | 22min | Comedy | TV Series (2014 ) -- A family man struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising his kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood. Creator:
Black Mass (2015) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 2h 3min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 18 September 2015 (USA) -- The true story of Whitey Bulger, the brother of a state senator and the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston, who became an FBI informant to take down a Mafia family invading his turf. Director: Scott Cooper Writers:
Black or White (2014) ::: 6.6/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 1min | Drama | 30 January 2015 (USA) -- A grieving widower is drawn into a custody battle over his granddaughter, whom he helped raise her entire life. Director: Mike Binder Writer: Mike Binder
Blindness (2008) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 2h 1min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi | 3 October 2008 (USA) -- A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant white blindness. Director: Fernando Meirelles Writers: Jos Saramago (novel), Don McKellar (screenplay)
Brad's Status (2017) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 42min | Comedy, Drama, Music | 15 September 2017 (USA) -- A father takes his son to tour colleges on the East Coast and meets up with an old friend who makes him feel inferior about his life's choices. Director: Mike White Writer:
Carrie (1976) ::: 7.4/10 -- R | 1h 38min | Horror | 16 November 1976 (USA) -- Carrie White, a shy, friendless teenage girl who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother, unleashes her telekinetic powers after being humiliated by her classmates at her senior prom. Director: Brian De Palma Writers:
Cass (2008) ::: 6.5/10 -- 1h 48min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 1 August 2008 (UK) -- An orphaned Jamaican baby is adopted by an elderly white couple and brought up in an all white area of London and becomes one of the most feared and respected men in Britain. Based on a true story. Director: Jon S. Baird Writers:
Chuck & Buck (2000) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 36min | Comedy, Drama | 4 August 2000 (USA) -- An oddly naive man-child stalks his childhood best friend and tries to reconnect with their past. Director: Miguel Arteta Writer: Mike White
Countdown ::: 45min | Game-Show | TV Series (1982 ) The long-running words and numbers game. Stars: Carol Vorderman, Susie Dent, Richard Whiteley  Add to Watchlist
Dark 7 White -- 20min | Crime | TV Series (2020 ) ::: Yudi, a young politician, is murdered in broad daylight, which opens a can of worms. His closest friends become prime suspects, and as the mystery unfolds, many dark secrets unravel. Stars:
Death Parade ::: TV-MA | 24min | Animation, Drama, Horror | TV Mini-Series (2015) Episode Guide 12 episodes Death Parade Poster After death, humans go to either heaven or hell. But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at the Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim. Stars: Jamie Marchi, Tomoaki Maeno, Anastasia Munoz
Disjointed ::: TV-MA | 30min | Comedy | TV Series (20172018) -- Cannabis legend Ruth Whitefeather Feldman employs her newly graduated son and a team of young "budtenders" to help run her Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. Creators:
Eight Men Out (1988) ::: 7.2/10 -- PG | 1h 59min | Drama, History, Sport | 29 June 1989 (Australia) -- A dramatization of the Black Sox scandal when the underpaid Chicago White Sox accepted bribes to deliberately lose the 1919 World Series. Director: John Sayles Writers: Eliot Asinof (book), John Sayles (screenplay)
Enlightened ::: TV-MA | 28min | Comedy, Drama | TV Series (20112013) A self-destructive woman who has a spiritual awakening becomes determined to live an enlightened life, creating havoc at home and work. Creators: Laura Dern, Mike White Stars:
Everybody Hates Chris ::: TV-PG | 22min | Comedy, Drama, Music | TV Series (20052009) -- A young African-American teen attempts to survive with his dysfunctional family and his all-white school in the 1980s. Creators: Ali LeRoi, Chris Rock
Get Out (2017) ::: 7.7/10 -- R | 1h 44min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | 24 February 2017 (USA) -- A young African-American visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point. Director: Jordan Peele Writer:
Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 10min | Drama, History | 3 January 1997 (USA) -- A Mississippi district attorney and the widow of Medgar Evers struggle to finally bring a white racist to justice for the 1963 murder of the civil rights leader. Director: Rob Reiner Writer:
Goodbye Bafana (2007) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 1h 58min | Biography, Drama, History | 11 April 2007 (France) -- Goodbye Bafana is the true story of a white South African racist whose life was profoundly altered by the black prisoner he guarded for twenty years. The prisoner's name was Nelson Mandela. Director: Bille August Writers: Bille August, Bob Graham (book) | 3 more credits Stars:
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 1h 28min | Adventure, Comedy | 30 July 2004 (USA) -- A Korean-American office worker and his Indian-American stoner friend embark on a quest to satisfy their desire for White Castle burgers. Director: Danny Leiner Writers: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
House on Haunted Hill (1959) ::: 6.9/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 15min | Crime, Horror, Mystery | 17 February 1959 (USA) -- A millionaire offers $10,000 to five people who agree to be locked in a large, spooky, rented house overnight with him and his wife. Director: William Castle Writer: Robb White
Idiots and Angels (2008) ::: 7.0/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 18min | Animation, Comedy, Drama | 14 January 2009 -- Idiots and Angels Poster -- Much to his surprise, an utter misanthrope is transformed into a reluctant do-gooder, when a glorious pair of angelic snow-white wings sprouts up from his back. Now, everyone in town wants a piece of his feathered appendages. Director: Bill Plympton
Imitation of Life (1959) ::: 7.9/10 -- Not Rated | 2h 5min | Drama | 20 March 1959 (USA) -- An aspiring white actress takes in an African-American widow whose mixed-race daughter is desperate to be seen as white. Director: Douglas Sirk Writers: Eleanore Griffin (screenplay), Allan Scott (screenplay) | 1 more
Imperium (2016) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 49min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 19 August 2016 (USA) -- A young FBI agent, eager to prove himself in the field, goes undercover as a white supremacist. Director: Daniel Ragussis Writers: Michael German (story), Joe Turner Lin (Story Consultant) | 1 more
Into the Storm (2009) ::: 7.1/10 -- TV-PG | 1h 39min | Biography, Drama, History | TV Movie 31 May 2009 -- Continuing the storyline of The Gathering Storm (2002), Churchill at War is a look at the former British prime minister's life and career at the end of WWII. Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan Writer: Hugh Whitemore Stars:
Into the White (2012) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 1h 44min | Action, Biography, Drama | 12 April 2013 (USA) -- Norway, WWII: A group of British and German soldiers find themselves stranded in the wilderness after an aircraft battle. Finding shelter in the same cabin, they realize the only way to survive the winter is to place the rules of war aside. Director: Petter Nss Writers:
Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father ::: TV-MA | 30min | Documentary, Comedy | TV Series (2017 ) -- Follows Jack Whitehall as he embarks on the trip of a lifetime with his father, Michael. The two set off on a journey across South East Asia to partake in a series of adventures, mishaps and escapades with two very different perspectives. Stars:
James White (2015) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 1h 25min | Drama | 13 November 2015 (USA) -- James, a twenty-something New Yorker, struggles to take control of his self-destructive behavior in the face of momentous family challenges. Director: Josh Mond Writer: Josh Mond
Kitty Foyle (1940) ::: 7.0/10 -- Approved | 1h 48min | Drama, Romance | 27 December 1940 (USA) -- A hard-working, white-collar girl from a middle-class family meets and falls in love with a young socialite, but she soon clashes with his family. Director: Sam Wood Writers:
Lady in White (1988) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 53min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery | 22 April 1988 (USA) -- An author tells the story of how, as a young boy growing up in a 1960s small town, he was haunted after witnessing the murder of a little girl. Director: Frank LaLoggia Writer:
Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) ::: 7.2/10 -- The Butler (original title) -- Lee Daniels' The Butler Poster -- As Cecil Gaines serves eight presidents during his tenure as a butler at the White House, the civil rights movement, Vietnam, and other major events affect this man's life, family, and American society. Director: Lee Daniels Writers:
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (2020) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 1h 34min | Drama, Music | 18 December 2020 (USA) -- During a recording session, tensions rise between Ma Rainey, her ambitious horn player and the white management determined to control the uncontrollable "Mother of the Blues". Director: George C. Wolfe Writers:
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (2017) ::: 6.4/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 43min | Biography, Drama, History | 29 September 2017 (USA) -- The story of Mark Felt, who under the name "Deep Throat" helped journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal in 1972. Director: Peter Landesman Writers:
Mayhem (2017) ::: 6.4/10 -- Unrated | 1h 26min | Action, Comedy, Horror | 10 November 2017 (USA) -- A virus spreads through an office complex causing white collar workers to act out their worst impulses. Director: Joe Lynch Writer: Matias Caruso Stars:
McFarland, USA (2015) ::: 7.4/10 -- PG | 2h 9min | Biography, Drama, Sport | 20 February 2015 (USA) -- Jim White moves his family after losing his last job as a football coach, and at his new school he turns seven disappointing students into one of the best cross-country teams in the region. Director: Niki Caro Writers:
Mia and the White Lion (2018) ::: 6.5/10 -- Mia et le lion blanc (original title) -- Mia and the White Lion Poster -- Mia moves to South Africa with her family to manage a lion farm and develops a special bond with Charlie, a white lion cub. However, things change when she uncovers her father's secret. Director: Gilles de Maistre Writers:
Moby Dick (1956) ::: 7.3/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 56min | Adventure, Drama | 3 April 1959 (USA) -- The sole survivor of a lost whaling ship relates the tale of his captain's self-destructive obsession to hunt the white whale, Moby Dick. Director: John Huston Writers:
Mogambo (1953) ::: 6.7/10 -- Approved | 1h 56min | Adventure, Drama, Romance | 9 October 1953 (USA) -- On a Kenyan safari, white hunter Victor Marswell has a love triangle with seductive American socialite Eloise Kelly and anthropologist Donald Nordley's cheating wife Linda. Director: John Ford Writers:
Mr. Pip (2012) ::: 7.1/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 56min | Drama, War | 3 October 2013 (New Zealand) -- As a war rages on in the province of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, a young girl becomes transfixed by the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, which is being read at school by the only white man in the village. Director: Andrew Adamson Writers:
My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 1h 37min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 4 April 1986 (USA) -- An ambitious Pakistani Briton and his white boyfriend strive for success and hope when they open a glamorous laundromat. Director: Stephen Frears Writer: Hanif Kureishi (by) Stars:
My House in Umbria (2003) ::: 6.9/10 -- TV-14 | 1h 43min | Drama, Mystery, Romance | TV Movie 25 May 2003 -- An unlikely group of people find solace and friendship after being thrown together in the wake of a terrorist attack. Director: Richard Loncraine Writers: William Trevor (novel), Hugh Whitemore (teleplay) Stars:
Nativity! (2009) ::: 6.4/10 -- PG | 1h 45min | Comedy, Family | 27 November 2009 (UK) -- An uptight but secretly heartbroken primary school teacher's little white lie about Hollywood coming to see his class' nativity play grows like wildfire in his rag-tag school low on self-esteem. Director: Debbie Isitt Writer:
Nevada Smith (1966) ::: 6.9/10 -- Not Rated | 2h 8min | Western | 23 July 1966 (Japan) -- A half-American Indian and half-white teenager evolves into a hardened killer as he tracks down his parents' murderers. Director: Henry Hathaway Writers: Harold Robbins (based on the character in "The Carpetbaggers" created by), John Michael Hayes (screen story) | 1 more credit Stars:
No Way Out (1950) ::: 7.4/10 -- Passed | 1h 46min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir | September 1950 (USA) -- A black doctor is assigned to treat two white racist suspects who are brothers, and when one dies, it causes tension that could start a race riot. Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Writers:
Olympus Has Fallen (2013) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 59min | Action, Thriller | 22 March 2013 (USA) -- Secret Service agent Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack and works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers. Director: Antoine Fuqua Writers:
Once Upon a Time in China II (1992) ::: 7.4/10 -- Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung (original title) -- Once Upon a Time in China II Poster In the sequel to the Tsui Hark classic, Wong Fei-Hung faces The White Lotus society, a fanatical cult seeking to drive the Europeans out of China through violence, even attacking Chinese ... S Director: Hark Tsui Writers: Tin-suen Chan, Tan Cheung | 1 more credit
Pollock (2000) ::: 7.0/10 -- R | 2h 2min | Biography, Drama | 23 March 2001 (USA) -- A film about the life and career of the American painter, Jackson Pollock. Director: Ed Harris Writers: Steven Naifeh (book), Gregory White Smith (book) | 2 more credits
Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) ::: 7.4/10 -- PG | 1h 34min | Adventure, Biography, Drama | 31 January 2003 (USA) -- In 1931, three half-white, half-Aboriginal girls escape after being plucked from their houses to be trained as domestic staff, and set off on a journey across the Outback. Director: Phillip Noyce Writers:
Ragtime (1981) ::: 7.3/10 -- PG | 2h 35min | Drama | 25 December 1981 (USA) -- A young black pianist becomes embroiled in the lives of an upper-class white family set among the racial tensions, infidelity, violence, and other nostalgic events in early 1900s New York City. Director: Milos Forman Writers: E.L. Doctorow (based on the novel by), Michael Weller (screenplay) Stars:
Red White & Blue (2010) ::: 6.4/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 43min | Drama, History, Thriller | 8 October 2010 (USA) -- A woman attracts the attention of a psychopathic former Army interrogator and an emotionally fragile young man caring for his ailing mother. Director: Simon Rumley Writer:
Ripper Street ::: TV-MA | 59min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | TV Series (20122016) -- The streets of Whitechapel are the haunt of Detective Inspector Edmund Reid and his team of officers, who aim to maintain law and order in a place once terrorized by Jack the Ripper. Creator:
Scandal ::: TV-14 | 43min | Drama, Thriller | TV Series (20122018) -- A former White House Communications Director starts her own crisis management firm only to realize her clients are not the only ones with secrets. Creator:
Scarecrow (1973) ::: 7.3/10 -- R | 1h 52min | Drama | 11 April 1973 (USA) -- Max, an ex-con drifter with a penchant for brawling is amused by Lion, a homeless ex-sailor, and they partner up as they head east together. Director: Jerry Schatzberg Writer: Garry Michael White
Secrets & Lies (1996) ::: 8.0/10 -- R | 2h 16min | Comedy, Drama | 28 February 1997 (USA) -- Following the death of her adoptive parents, a successful young black optometrist establishes contact with her biological mother -- a lonely white factory worker living in poverty in East London. Director: Mike Leigh Writer:
Sergeant Rutledge (1960) ::: 7.4/10 -- Approved | 1h 51min | Crime, Western | 25 May 1960 (USA) -- Respected black cavalry Sergeant Brax Rutledge stands court-martial for raping and killing a white woman and murdering her father, his superior officer. Director: John Ford Writers:
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2010) ::: 6.6/10 -- TV-MA | 1h 55min | Biography, Drama, Music | 5 May 2010 (USA) -- A biography of Ian Dury, who was stricken with polio at a young age and defied expectations by becoming one of the founders of the punk-rock scene in Britain in the 1970s. Director: Mat Whitecross Writer:
Single White Female (1992) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 47min | Drama, Thriller | 14 August 1992 (USA) -- A woman advertising for a new roommate finds that something very strange is going on with the tenant who decides to move in. Director: Barbet Schroeder Writers: John Lutz (novel), Don Roos (screenplay)
Skin (2008) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 47min | Biography, Drama | 24 July 2009 (UK) -- Based on the true story of a black girl who was born to two white Afrikaner parents in South Africa during the apartheid era. Director: Anthony Fabian Writers: Helen Crawley (screenplay), Jessie Keyt (screenplay) | 1 more credit
Skin (2018) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 1h 58min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 26 July 2019 (USA) -- A destitute young man, raised by racist skinheads and notorious among white supremacists, turns his back on hatred and violence to transform his life, with the help of a black activist and the woman he loves. Director: Guy Nattiv Writer: Guy Nattiv Stars:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) ::: 7.6/10 -- Approved | 1h 23min | Animation, Family, Fantasy | 4 February 1938 -- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Poster -- Exiled into the dangerous forest by her wicked stepmother, a princess is rescued by seven dwarf miners who make her part of their household. Directors: William Cottrell, David Hand | 4 more credits Writers:
Somers Town (2008) ::: 6.9/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 11min | Comedy, Drama | 15 July 2009 (USA) -- A black-and-white study of a social environment in London, concentrating on a pair of unlikely new friends and the girl they both fancy. Director: Shane Meadows Writers:
Sweet Country (2017) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 1h 53min | Adventure, Crime, Drama | 6 April 2018 (USA) -- Australian western set on the Northern Territory frontier in the 1920s, where justice itself is put on trial when an aged Aboriginal farmhand shoots a white man in self-defense and goes on the run as a posse gathers to hunt him down. Director: Warwick Thornton Writers:
Symbol (2009) ::: 7.1/10 -- Shinboru (original title) -- (USA) Symbol Poster A man wakes up in a white room empty other than buttons on the walls, he must find out which button to push to get what he wants. Director: Hitoshi Matsumoto Writers: Hitoshi Matsumoto (screenplay), Mitsuyoshi Takasu (screenplay)
The Banker (2020) ::: 7.3/10 -- PG-13 | 2h | Biography, Drama | 20 March 2020 (USA) -- In the 1960s two African-American entrepreneurs hire a working-class white man to pretend to be the head of their business empire while they pose as a janitor and chauffeur. Director: George Nolfi Writers:
The Big White (2005) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 45min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 3 December 2005 (USA) -- To remedy his financial problems, a travel agent has his eye on a frozen corpse, which just happens to be sought after by two hitmen. Director: Mark Mylod Writer: Collin Friesen
The Color of Friendship (2000) ::: 7.2/10 -- TV-G | 1h 27min | Biography, Drama, Family | TV Movie 5 February 2000 -- A white South African girl finds herself in a difficult situation when she is sent to spend a term with a black family in America. Director: Kevin Hooks
The Color of Friendship (2000) ::: 7.2/10 -- TV-G | 1h 27min | Biography, Drama, Family | TV Movie 5 February 2000 -- A white South African girl finds herself in a difficult situation when she is sent to spend a term with a black family in America. Director: Kevin Hooks Writer: Paris Qualles Stars:
The Defiant Ones (1958) ::: 7.6/10 -- Approved | 1h 36min | Crime, Drama | 27 September 1958 (USA) -- Two escaped convicts chained together, white and black, must learn to get along in order to elude capture. Director: Stanley Kramer Writers: Nedrick Young, Harold Jacob Smith
The Encounter (2010) ::: 6.8/10 -- 1h 25min | Drama | 3 May 2011 (USA) -- The supernatural experience of five people sat an abandoned diner with the King of Kings...Jesus Christ. Director: David A.R. White Writers: Jason Cusick (story), Sean Paul Murphy | 3 more credits
The Fast Show ::: TV-14 | 30min | Comedy | TV Series (19942014) UK comedy sketch show depicting most forms of stereotypical British society. Stars: Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Arabella Weir Available on Amazon
The Four Feathers (1939) ::: 7.5/10 -- Passed | 2h 9min | Adventure, Drama, Romance | 4 August 1939 (USA) -- A timid British Army officer has quit and burns his last day summons to a war in Egypt. Calling him a coward, his girl friend and 3 officer friends give him a white feather. In redemption, he shadows his friends in war to save their lives. Director: Zoltan Korda Writers:
The Four Feathers (2002) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 12min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 20 September 2002 (USA) -- A British officer resigns his post just before battle and subsequently receives four white feathers from his friends and fiancee as symbols of what they believe to be his cowardice. Director: Shekhar Kapur Writers:
The Four Feathers (2002) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 12min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 20 September 2002 (USA) -- A British officer resigns his post just before battle and subsequently receives four white feathers from his friends and fiancee as symbols of what they believe to be his cowardice.
The Help (2011) ::: 8.0/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 26min | Drama | 10 August 2011 (USA) -- An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s decides to write a book detailing the African American maids' point of view on the white families for which they work, and the hardships they go through on a daily basis. Director: Tate Taylor Writers:
The Lady Vanishes (1938) ::: 7.8/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 36min | Mystery, Thriller | 1 November 1938 (USA) -- While travelling in continental Europe, a rich young playgirl realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the train. Director: Alfred Hitchcock Writers: Ethel Lina White (based upon the story by: "The Wheel Spins"), Sidney
The Long Walk Home (1990) ::: 7.3/10 -- PG | 1h 37min | Drama, History | 12 April 1991 (Brazil) -- Two women, black and white, in 1955 Montgomery Alabama, must decide what they are going to do in response to the famous bus boycott led by Martin Luther King. Director: Richard Pearce Writer:
The Man in the White Suit (1951) ::: 7.3/10 -- Approved | 1h 25min | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi | April 1952 (USA) -- An altruistic chemist invents a fabric which resists wear and stain as a boon to humanity, but big business and labor realize it must be suppressed for economic reasons. Director: Alexander Mackendrick Writers:
The Man Who Would Be King (1975) ::: 7.8/10 -- PG | 2h 9min | Adventure, History, War | 19 December 1975 (UK) -- Two British former soldiers decide to set themselves up as Kings in Kafiristan, a land where no white man has set foot since Alexander the Great. Director: John Huston Writers: John Huston (screenplay), Gladys Hill (screenplay) | 1 more credit Stars:
The One and Only Ivan (2020) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG | 1h 35min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | 21 August 2020 (USA) -- A gorilla named Ivan tries to piece together his past with the help of an elephant named Ruby as they hatch a plan to escape from captivity. Director: Thea Sharrock Writers: Mike White (screenplay by), Katherine Applegate (book)
The President's Analyst (1967) ::: 6.9/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 43min | Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 21 December 1967 -- The President's Analyst Poster -- When the overworked and stressed-out White House presidential shrink runs away, the CEA and the FBR scramble to retrieve him before he could be abducted by various competing foreign intelligence services. Director: Theodore J. Flicker Writer:
The Road to Guantanamo (2006) ::: 7.4/10 -- R | 1h 35min | Drama, War | 9 March 2006 (UK) -- Part drama, part documentary, The Road to Guantnamo focuses on the Tipton Three, a trio of British Muslims who were held in Guantanamo Bay for two years until they were released without charge. Directors: Mat Whitecross, Michael Winterbottom Stars:
The Spiral Staircase (1946) ::: 7.4/10 -- Approved | 1h 23min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | 7 February 1946 (USA) -- In 1916, a shadowy serial killer is targeting women with "afflictions"; one night during a thunderstorm, the mute Helen feels menaced. Director: Robert Siodmak Writers: Mel Dinelli (screenplay), Ethel Lina White (novel) Stars:
The Tingler (1959) ::: 6.7/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 22min | Horror | 29 July 1959 (USA) -- An obsessed pathologist discovers and captures a parasitic creature that grows when fear grips its host. Director: William Castle Writer: Robb White
The West Wing ::: TV-14 | 44min | Drama | TV Series (19992006) -- Inside the lives of staffers in the West Wing of the White House. Creator: Aaron Sorkin
The White Countess (2005) ::: 6.6/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 15min | Drama, History, Romance | 31 March 2006 (UK) -- Set in 1930s Shanghai, where a blind American diplomat develops a curious relationship with a young Russian refugee who works odd -- and sometimes illicit -- jobs to support members of her dead husband's aristocratic family. Director: James Ivory Writer:
The White Crow (2018) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 2h 7min | Biography, Drama | 22 March 2019 (UK) -- The story of Rudolf Nureyev's defection to the West. Director: Ralph Fiennes Writers: David Hare (screenplay), Julie Kavanagh (Inspired by her book: "Rudolf Nureyev: The Life")
The White Massai (2005) ::: 6.5/10 -- Die weie Massai (original title) -- The White Massai Poster A girl, Carola, whose vacation in Kenya takes an interesting turn when she becomes infatuated with a Masai. Carola decides to leave her boyfriend to stay with her lover. There, she has to ... S Director: Hermine Huntgeburth Writers: Corinne Hofmann (novel), Johannes W. Betz (screenplay) | 4 more
The White Princess ::: TV-MA | 1h | Drama, History, Romance | TV Mini-Series (2017) Episode Guide 8 episodes The White Princess Poster -- Based on the Philippa Gregory book of the same name, the story of Elizabeth of York, the White Queen's daughter, and her marriage to the Lancaster victor, Henry VII. Stars:
The White Queen ::: TV-MA | 1h | Drama, History, Romance | TV Mini-Series (2013) Episode Guide 10 episodes The White Queen Poster -- Three different, yet equally relentless women vie for the throne in 15th-century England. Stars: Aneurin Barnard, Rebecca Ferguson, Amanda Hale
The Whitest Kids U'Know ::: TV-MA | 15min | Comedy | TV Series (20072011) -- A sketch comedy show involving five friends. Creators: Sam Brown, Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore | 3 more credits
The White Tiger (2021) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 2h 5min | Crime, Drama | 22 January 2021 (USA) -- An ambitious Indian driver uses his wit and cunning to escape from poverty and rise to the top. An epic journey based on the New York Times bestseller. Director: Ramin Bahrani Writers:
Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) ::: 7.0/10 -- G | 2h 18min | Comedy, Musical, Romance | 22 March 1967 (USA) -- Millie Dillmount comes to town in the roaring twenties to encounter flappers, sexuality, and white slavers. Director: George Roy Hill Writer: Richard Morris
Three Colors: White (1994) ::: 7.6/10 -- Trois couleurs: Blanc (original title) -- Three Colors: White Poster -- After his wife divorces him, a Polish immigrant plots to get even with her. Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski Writers:
To Sir, with Love (1967) ::: 7.7/10 -- Approved | 1h 45min | Drama | 14 June 1967 (USA) -- Idealistic engineer-trainee and his experiences in teaching a group of rambunctious white high school students from the slums of London's East End. Director: James Clavell Writers:
Two Rode Together (1961) ::: 6.8/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 49min | Western | 28 June 1961 (USA) -- A corrupt marshal is pressured by his army friend into negotiating the release of white captives of the Comanches, but finds that their reintegration into society has its consequences. Director: John Ford Writers:
White Bird in a Blizzard (2014) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 31min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 25 September 2014 (USA) -- In 1988, a teenage girl's life is thrown into chaos when her mother disappears. Director: Gregg Araki Writers: Gregg Araki (screenplay by), Laura Kasischke (based on the novel by)
White Boy Rick (2018) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 51min | Crime, Drama | 14 September 2018 (USA) -- The story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison. Director: Yann Demange Writers:
Whitechapel ::: TV-14 | 3h | Crime, Mystery, Thriller | TV Series (20092013) -- A fast-tracked inspector, a hardened detective sergeant, and an expert in historical homicides investigate modern crimes with connections to the past in the Whitechapel district of London. Creators:
White Christmas (1954) ::: 7.6/10 -- Not Rated | 2h | Comedy, Musical, Romance | 15 November 1954 (Brazil) -- A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general. Director: Michael Curtiz Writers:
White Collar ::: TV-PG | 40min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | TV Series (20092014) -- A white-collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white-collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman. Creator:
White Collar ::: TV-PG | 40min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2009-2014) Episode Guide 81 episodes White Collar Poster -- A white-collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white-collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman. Creator:
White Dog (1982) ::: 7.1/10 -- PG | 1h 30min | Drama, Horror | 7 July 1982 (Brazil) -- A trainer attempts to retrain a vicious dog that's been raised to attack black people. Director: Samuel Fuller Writers: Romain Gary (story), Samuel Fuller (screenplay) | 1 more credit
White Fang (1991) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG | 1h 47min | Adventure, Drama | 18 January 1991 (USA) -- Jack London's classic adventure story about the friendship developed between a Yukon gold hunter and the mixed dog-wolf he rescues from the hands of a man who mistreats him. Director: Randal Kleiser Writers: Jack London (novel), Jeanne Rosenberg (screenplay) | 2 more credits Stars:
White Fang (2018) ::: 7.0/10 -- Croc-Blanc (original title) -- White Fang Poster -- Based on the timeless novel by Jack London. A loyal wolfdog's curiosity leads him on the adventure of a lifetime while serving a series of three distinctly different masters. Director: Alexandre Espigares Writers:
White God (2014) ::: 6.9/10 -- Fehr isten (original title) -- White God Poster -- Thirteen-year-old Lili fights to protect her dog Hagen. She is devastated when her father eventually sets Hagen free on the streets. Still innocently believing love can conquer any difficulty, Lili sets out to find her dog and save him. Director: Kornl Mundrucz
White Gold ::: TV-MA | 30min | Comedy | TV Series (20172019) -- The story of a double-glazing showroom in Essex in 1983, led by charismatic salesman Vincent who will happily break the rules if it guarantees a sale. Creator:
White Heat (1949) ::: 8.1/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 54min | Action, Crime, Drama | 3 September 1949 (USA) -- A psychopathic criminal with a mother complex makes a daring break from prison and leads his old gang in a chemical plant payroll heist. Director: Raoul Walsh Writers: Ivan Goff (screen play), Ben Roberts (screen play) | 1 more credit
White House Down (2013) ::: 6.4/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 11min | Action, Drama, Thriller | 28 June 2013 (USA) -- While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a Capitol policeman springs into action to save his child and protect the president from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders. Director: Roland Emmerich Writer:
White Hunter Black Heart (1990) ::: 6.6/10 -- PG | 1h 52min | Adventure, Drama | 14 September 1990 (USA) -- A thinly fictionalized account of a legendary movie director, whose desire to hunt down an animal turns into a grim situation with his movie crew in Africa. Director: Clint Eastwood Writers: Peter Viertel (novel), Peter Viertel (screenplay) | 2 more credits Stars:
White Lightning (1973) ::: 6.4/10 -- PG | 1h 41min | Action, Crime, Drama | 22 October 1973 (Sweden) -- An ex con teams up with federal agents to help them with breaking up a moonshine ring. Director: Joseph Sargent Writer: William W. Norton (as William Norton)
White Lines ::: TV-MA | 1h | Crime, Drama, Mystery | TV Series (2020) -- A woman tries to solve the mysterious death of her brother, a famous DJ who disappeared from Ibiza many years ago. Creator: lex Pina
White Men Can't Jump (1992) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 1h 55min | Comedy, Drama, Sport | 27 March 1992 (USA) -- Black and white basketball hustlers join forces to double their chances of winning money on the street courts and in a basketball tournament. Director: Ron Shelton Writer: Ron Shelton
White Nights (1985) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 16min | Drama, Music | 6 December 1985 (USA) -- A Russian American ballet dancer's airplane is forced to land in USSR, where he's "repatriated". He stays with an American man married to a Russian. Will the American help him flee USSR? Director: Taylor Hackford Writers:
White Oleander (2002) ::: 7.1/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 49min | Drama | 11 October 2002 (USA) -- A teenager journeys through a series of foster homes after her mother goes to prison for committing a crime of passion. Director: Peter Kosminsky Writers: Janet Fitch (novel), Mary Agnes Donoghue (screenplay)
White Palace (1990) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 43min | Drama, Romance | 26 October 1990 (USA) -- Lust turns to love for a 40-ish working-class woman and a 20-ish yuppie adman with little in common. Director: Luis Mandoki Writers: Glenn Savan (novel), Ted Tally (screenplay) | 1 more credit
White Squall (1996) ::: 6.6/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 9min | Adventure, Drama | 2 February 1996 (USA) -- Teenage boys discover discipline and camaraderie on an ill-fated sailing voyage. Director: Ridley Scott Writers: Charles Gieg Jr. (book), Felix Sutton (book) | 1 more credit
White: The Melody of the Curse (2011) ::: 6.0/10 -- Hwa-i-teu: Jeo-woo-eui mel-lo-di (original title) -- White: The Melody of the Curse Poster -- Girl group "Pink Dolls" is always pushed into the background by other popular idols. When the girls release their new song "White", a remake from unknown origins they become instant sensations. Directors: Gok Kim, Sun Kim Writers:
Woman Walks Ahead (2017) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 1h 41min | Biography, Drama, History | 29 June 2018 (USA) -- Catherine Weldon, a portrait painter from 1890s Brooklyn, travels to Dakota to paint a portrait of Sitting Bull and becomes embroiled in the Lakota peoples' struggle over the rights to their land. Director: Susanna White Writer:
Zulu (2013) ::: 6.7/10 -- R | 1h 50min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 31 August 2020 (USA) -- Policemen Ali Sokhela and Brian Epkeen investigate the brutal murder of a young white woman, apparently provoked by the availability of a new illegal drug and somehow connected to the disappearance of black street children. Director: Jrme Salle Writers:
https://whitewolf.fandom.ccom/wiki/Guild (mage),_Jr.,000-Djinni_Plague's_Feeding_Razor'aru_(MTC)'Adnun!!_books!_d20!_glossary!_Rulebook,_Chosen_of_Ash,_Rogue_Homunculus,_the_Lady_of_the_Well,_Forge_Goddess_of_Makelo,_the_Master_of_Cauldron_Valley,_Prodigal_Son_of_the_Swamps'mun'_Court'Asabiyya's_Right_Hand'al'a's_Guide's_Jyhad_Diary's_Brood'Anjou's_Keeper's_Codex'Bot's_Chosen:_The_Black_Hand's_Hand'sien'sien?'et