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Hermann Karl Hesse (2 July 1877 9 August 1962) was a German-born Swiss poet, novelist, and painter. His best-known works include Demian, Steppenwolf, Siddhartha, and The Glass Bead Game, each of which explores an individual's search for au thenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality. In 1946, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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Hermann Hesse


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1:If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.
   ~ Hermann Hesse,
2:I have had to experience so much stupidity, so many vices, so much error, so much nausea, disillusionment and sorrow, just in order to become a child again and begin anew. I had to experience despair, I had to sink to the greatest mental depths, to thoughts of suicide, in order to experience grace. ~ Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha,
3:My lie has been miserable and difficult, and yet to others and sometimes to myself, it has seemed rich and wonderful. Man's life seems to me like a long, weary night that would be intolerable if there were not occasionally flashes of light, the sudden brightness of which is so comforting and wonderful, that the moments of their appearance cancel out and justify the years of darkness. ~ Hermann Hesse,
4:Often he went to the workshop, to encourage the assistant Erich, who continued working at the altar and eagerly awaited his master's return. Sometimes the Abbot unlocked Goldmund's room, where the Mary figure stood, lifted the cloth from the figure carefully and stayed with her awhile. He knew nothing of the figure's origin; Goldmund had never told him Lydia's story. But he felt everything; he saw that the girl's form had long lived in Goldmund's heart. Perhaps he had seduced her, perhaps betrayed and left heR But, truer than the most faithful husband, he had taken her along in his soul, preserving her image until finally, perhaps after many years in which he had never seen her again, he had fashioned this beautiful, touching statue of a girl and captured in her face, her bear­ ing, her hands all the tenderness, admiration, and longing of their love.

   ~ Hermann Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund,
5:reading :::
   50 Spiritual Classics: List of Books Covered:
   Muhammad Asad - The Road To Mecca (1954)
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   Paramahansa Yogananda - Autobiography of a Yogi (1974)
   Gary Zukav - The Seat of the Soul (1990)
   ~ Tom Butler-Bowdon, 50 Spirital Classics (2017 Edition),
6:Workshops, churches, and palaces were full of these fatal works of art; he had even helped with a few himself. They were deeply disappointing be­ cause they aroused the desire for the highest and did not fulfill it. They lacked the most essential thing-mystery. That was what dreams and truly great works of art had in common : mystery. Goldmund continued his thought: It is mystery I love and pursue. Several times I have seen it beginning to take shape; as an artist, I would like to capture and express it. Some day, perhaps, I'll be able to. The figure of the universal mother, the great birthgiver, for example. Unlike other fi gures, her mystery does not consist of this or that detail, of a particular voluptuousness or sparseness, coarseness or delicacy, power or gracefulness. It consists of a fusion of the greatest contrasts of the world, those that cannot otherwise be combined, that have made peace only in this figure. They live in it together: birth and death, tenderness and cruelty, life and destruction. If I only imagined this fi gure, and were she merely the play of my thoughts, it would not matter about her, I could dismiss her as a mistake and forget about heR But the universal mother is not an idea of mine; I did not think her up, I saw her! She lives inside me. I've met her again and again. She appeared to me one winter night in a village when I was asked to hold a light over the bed of a peasant woman giving birth: that's when the image came to life within me. I often lose it; for long periods it re­ mains remote; but suddenly it Hashes clear again, as it did today. The image of my own mother, whom I loved most of all, has transformed itself into this new image, and lies encased within the new one like the pit in the cherry.

   As his present situation became clear to him, Goldmund was afraid to make a decision. It was as difficult as when he had said farewell to Narcissus and to the cloister. Once more he was on an impor­ tant road : the road to his mother. Would this mother-image one day take shape, a work of his hands, and become visible to all? Perhaps that was his goal, the hidden meaning of his life. Perhaps; he didn't know. But one thing he did know : it was good to travel toward his mother, to be drawn and called by her. He felt alive. Perhaps he'd never be able to shape her image, perhaps she'd always remain a dream, an intuition, a golden shimmer, a sacred mystery. At any rate, he had to follow her and submit his fate to her. She was his star.

   And now the decision was at his fingertips; everything had become clear. Art was a beautiful thing, but it was no goddess, no goal-not for him. He was not to follow art, but only the call of his mother.

   ~ Hermann Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund,
7:On that spring day in the park I saw a young woman who attracted me. She was tall and slender, elegantly dressed, and had an intelligent and boyish face. I liked her at once. She was my type and began to fill my imagination. She probably was not much older than I but seemed far more mature, well-defined, a full-grown woman, but with a touch of exuberance and boyishness in her face, and this was what I liked above all .

   I had never managed to approach a girl with whom I had fallen in love, nor did I manage in this case. But the impression she made on me was deeper than any previous one had been and the infatuation had a profound influence on my life.

   Suddenly a new image had risen up before me, a lofty and cherished image. And no need, no urge was as deep or as fervent within me as the craving to worship and admire. I gave her the name Beatrice, for, even though I had not read Dante, I knew about Beatrice from an English painting of which I owned a reproduction. It showed a young pre-Raphaelite woman, long-limbed and slender, with long head and etherealized hands and features. My beautiful young woman did not quite resemble her, even though she, too, revealed that slender and boyish figure which I loved, and something of the ethereal, soulful quality of her face.

   Although I never addressed a single word to Beatrice, she exerted a profound influence on me at that time. She raised her image before me, she gave me access to a holy shrine, she transformed me into a worshiper in a temple.

   From one day to the next I stayed clear of all bars and nocturnal exploits. I could be alone with myself again and enjoyed reading and going for long walks.

   My sudden conversion drew a good deal of mockery in its wake. But now I had something I loved and venerated, I had an ideal again, life was rich with intimations of mystery and a feeling of dawn that made me immune to all taunts. I had come home again to myself, even if only as the slave and servant of a cherished image.

   I find it difficult to think back to that time without a certain fondness. Once more I was trying most strenuously to construct an intimate "world of light" for myself out of the shambles of a period of devastation; once more I sacrificed everything within me to the aim of banishing darkness and evil from myself. And, furthermore, this present "world of light" was to some extent my own creation; it was no longer an escape, no crawling back to -nether and the safety of irresponsibility; it was a new duty, one I had invented and desired on my own, with responsibility and self-control. My sexuality, a torment from which I was in constant flight, was to be transfigured nto spirituality and devotion by this holy fire. Everything :brk and hateful was to be banished, there were to be no more tortured nights, no excitement before lascivious picures, no eavesdropping at forbidden doors, no lust. In place of all this I raised my altar to the image of Beatrice, :.. and by consecrating myself to her I consecrated myself to the spirit and to the gods, sacrificing that part of life which I withdrew from the forces of darkness to those of light. My goal was not joy but purity, not happiness but beauty, and spirituality.

   This cult of Beatrice completely changed my life.

   ~ Hermann Hesse, Demian,
8:We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps. ~ Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha,

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1:Enough! Or too much. ~ Hermann Hesse
2:Did all this make sense? ~ Hermann Hesse
3:The river is everywhere. ~ Hermann Hesse
4:Solitude is independence. ~ Hermann Hesse
5:Anyone who has hope is happy ~ Hermann Hesse
6:Be aware of too much wisdom! ~ Hermann Hesse
7:La eternidad es un instante. ~ Hermann Hesse
8:با مهر مرگ جاودانه خواهم کرد ~ Hermann Hesse
9:لا يفهم شيئا, لكن يحس بكل شئ ~ Hermann Hesse
10:Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, ~ Robin S Sharma
11:Your soul is the whole world. ~ Hermann Hesse
12:In the beginning was the myth. ~ Hermann Hesse
13:كل خطيئة تحمل في طياتها نعمتها ~ Hermann Hesse
14:Love is stronger than violence. ~ Hermann Hesse
15:[make] Sundays out of weekdays. ~ Hermann Hesse
16:The truth is lived, not taught. ~ Hermann Hesse
17:Wer lieben kann, ist glusklick. ~ Hermann Hesse
18:Դու ինքնասպանի կյանք ես վարում: ~ Hermann Hesse
19:Happiness is love, nothing else. ~ Hermann Hesse
20:The tree does not die, it waits. ~ Hermann Hesse
21:Without a mother you cannot die. ~ Hermann Hesse
22:Om is the bow, the arrow is soul, ~ Hermann Hesse
23:Om is the bow, the arrow is soul. ~ Hermann Hesse
24:شادی در دلمان با درد آمیخته است ـ ~ Hermann Hesse
25:لقد أتت هذه الأشياء كلها و أخذتني ~ Hermann Hesse
26:شاید غم انگیز باشد اما زیبا هم هست ~ Hermann Hesse
27:Is not every life, every work fine? ~ Hermann Hesse
28:Rece ca aştrii râdem etern în înalt ~ Hermann Hesse
29:I can think. I can wait. I can fast. ~ Hermann Hesse
30:در آغوش او بودن هم عبادت بود هم گناه ~ Hermann Hesse
31:I can Learn, I can Wait, I can Fast... ~ Hermann Hesse
32:I paint because I have no tail to wag. ~ Hermann Hesse
33:هیچ چیز تا از بین نرود به هستی نمی آید ~ Hermann Hesse
34:daemon and mother, destiny and beloved. ~ Hermann Hesse
35:Every life has its radiance and beauty. ~ Hermann Hesse
36:Todos quitan, todos dan: esa es la vida ~ Hermann Hesse
37:Bir şeyi sevebilmek - ne büyük kurtuluş! ~ Hermann Hesse
38:Faith is stronger than so-called reason. ~ Hermann Hesse
39:Jis tavim gėrėsis, išmoks tave mintinai. ~ Hermann Hesse
40:Oh, don't make a song of your sufferings ~ Hermann Hesse
41:passacaglia by the old master Buxtehude. ~ Hermann Hesse
42:The ideas we really live have any value. ~ Hermann Hesse
43:انظر أي قرود نحن.. انظر.. هذا هو الإنسان ~ Hermann Hesse
44:desires are not killed by fulfilling them ~ Hermann Hesse
45:Faith is stronger than so-called reality. ~ Hermann Hesse
46:There is a miracle in every new beginning ~ Hermann Hesse
47:They were … neither beautiful nor ugly[.] ~ Hermann Hesse
48:Every experience has its element of magic. ~ Hermann Hesse
49:genius in love is the yearning to handover ~ Hermann Hesse
50:Io so pensare. So aspettare. So digiunare. ~ Hermann Hesse
51:Knowledge can communicated but not wisdom. ~ Hermann Hesse
52:Never is a man wholly a saint or a sinner. ~ Hermann Hesse
53:Words can not express the joy of new life. ~ Hermann Hesse
54:Charm me. Furiously. Torment me. In detail. ~ Hermann Hesse
55:Friendship is identification and difference ~ Hermann Hesse
56:Siddhartha; Aquel que alcanzo sus objetivos ~ Hermann Hesse
57:Vienatvė - tai nepriklausomybė, <...> ~ Hermann Hesse
58:الأفكار التي نعيشها هي وحدها التي لها قيمة. ~ Hermann Hesse
59:In every truth the opposite is equally true. ~ Hermann Hesse
60:In my brain were stored a thousand pictures. ~ Hermann Hesse
61:The opposite of every truth is just as true. ~ Hermann Hesse
62:Too much thinking was still not good for me. ~ Hermann Hesse
63:As a body everyone is single, as a soul never ~ Hermann Hesse
64:Everyone takes, everyone gives, such is life. ~ Hermann Hesse
65:I am not going anywhere. I am only on my way. ~ Hermann Hesse
66:If I know what love is, it is because of you. ~ Hermann Hesse
67:Ölümlü nesneler, hızlı bir değişim içindedir. ~ Hermann Hesse
68:Only the weak are put on paths without peril. ~ Hermann Hesse
69:Quem quiser nascer tem que destruir um mundo. ~ Hermann Hesse
70:The art of love-giving and taking become one. ~ Hermann Hesse
71:With a thousand eyes, the river looked at him ~ Hermann Hesse
72:نجاح عن طريق شئ بسيط,و في الثبات خلاص الجوّال ~ Hermann Hesse
73:As a body everyone is single, as a soul never. ~ Hermann Hesse
74:For every truth, the opposite is equally true! ~ Hermann Hesse
75:... ir jo balsas pasidarė duslus nuo švelnumo. ~ Hermann Hesse
76:Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. ~ Hermann Hesse
77:Mirtis kvepėjo lietaus lašais pakelės lapuose. ~ Hermann Hesse
78:Nur das Denken, das wir leben, hat einen Wert. ~ Hermann Hesse
79:seriousness, young man, is an accident of time ~ Hermann Hesse
80:Somente as idéias que vivemos é que têm valor. ~ Hermann Hesse
81:These people are rare who knows how to listen. ~ Hermann Hesse
82:Ամբողջ իմաստը ընկնելու վճիռ կայացնելու մեջ էր: ~ Hermann Hesse
83:Abraxas was the god who was both god and devil. ~ Hermann Hesse
84:As a body, everyone is single, as a soul never. ~ Hermann Hesse
85:El que quiere nacer, tiene que romper un mundo. ~ Hermann Hesse
86:I still believed firmly in chance at that time. ~ Hermann Hesse
87:I will not make a gift of myself, I must be won ~ Hermann Hesse
88:Kūnu kiekvienas žmogus vientisas, o siela - ne. ~ Hermann Hesse
89:Let every reader do as his conscience bids him. ~ Hermann Hesse
90:Let us enjoy this fruit and await further ones, ~ Hermann Hesse
91:Most men will not swim before they are able to. ~ Hermann Hesse
92:We are created and resurrected with our dreams. ~ Hermann Hesse
93:Als Körper ist jeder Mensch eins, als Selle nie. ~ Hermann Hesse
94:Božansko je u tebi, a ne u pojmovima i knjigama. ~ Hermann Hesse
95:Era linistitor sa stiu ca seara nu voi mai trai. ~ Hermann Hesse
96:Intensiv leben kann man nur auf Kosten des Ichs. ~ Hermann Hesse
97:It isn't down in any map; true places never are. ~ Hermann Hesse
98:What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us. ~ Hermann Hesse
99:نحن الآثمون الحقيقيون نحن أصحاب المعرفة والفكر.. ~ Hermann Hesse
100:وفي كل بداية سحر*** يحمينا ويساعدنا على الحياة.. ~ Hermann Hesse
101:Պետք է, որ մարդս միայնակ կախված լինի տիեզերքում: ~ Hermann Hesse
102:Each man's life represents a road toward himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
103:I had to become a fool to find Atman in me again. ~ Hermann Hesse
104:Lacrimile sunt gheaţa sufletului care se topeşte. ~ Hermann Hesse
105:People like best what is hard for them to obtain. ~ Hermann Hesse
106:Sí, con todo, sé lo que es el amor, lo sé por ti. ~ Hermann Hesse
107:Cine vrea să fie născut trebuie să distrugă o lume ~ Hermann Hesse
108:Mozart is waiting for me. Pablo is waiting for me. ~ Hermann Hesse
109:Only the ideas that we really live have any value. ~ Hermann Hesse
110:Only the thoughts that we live out have any value. ~ Hermann Hesse
111:The morality of artists is replaced by aesthetics. ~ Hermann Hesse
112:a person is never entirely holy or entirely sinful. ~ Hermann Hesse
113:eternally revolving wheel of avidity and suffering; ~ Hermann Hesse
114:I meditated upon it and found myself to be a riddle ~ Hermann Hesse
115:Love of God is not always the same as love of good. ~ Hermann Hesse
116:همه آن چیزهایی که در دنیا هست در آدمی نیز وجود دارد ~ Hermann Hesse
117:A mere nothing suffices — and the lightning strikes. ~ Hermann Hesse
118:Fire worship wasn't the dumbest thing ever invented. ~ Hermann Hesse
119:I do not want to kill and dissect myself any longer, ~ Hermann Hesse
120:Suffering was life, full of suffering was the world. ~ Hermann Hesse
121:The cup was emptied and would never be filled again. ~ Hermann Hesse
122:You are willing to die, you coward, but not to live. ~ Hermann Hesse
123:You must find your dream, then the way becomes easy. ~ Hermann Hesse
124:تعلّم ما يجب أن تتناوله بجديّة ومن ثم إضحك من الباقي ~ Hermann Hesse
125:Water wants to join water. Youth wants to join youth. ~ Hermann Hesse
126:به تعالیمی توجه دارم که از «جوهرِ جانم» نشات می گیرند ~ Hermann Hesse
127:فقط یک چیز برایم حقیقت داشت: آوای درونم، رویای نهانیم ~ Hermann Hesse
128:لقد كنت بين يدي القدر. و كان من العبث أن أحاول الفرار ~ Hermann Hesse
129:[N]ature could not care less what we think about it[.] ~ Hermann Hesse
130:Niente è più odioso dei confini, niente è più stupido. ~ Hermann Hesse
131:Only the ideas that we actually live are of any value. ~ Hermann Hesse
132:Sólo el tiempo separa al hombre de todo lo que anhela. ~ Hermann Hesse
133:You have done so by your own seeking, in your own way. ~ Hermann Hesse
134:You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible ~ Hermann Hesse
135:All of this had always existed, and he had not seen it; ~ Hermann Hesse
136:Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke. ~ Hermann Hesse
137:People who don’t run after the herd are rare everywhere ~ Hermann Hesse
138:That life is difficult, I have often bitterly realized. ~ Hermann Hesse
139:There is no reality except the one contained within us. ~ Hermann Hesse
140:You can ride, you can travel with a friend of your own; ~ Hermann Hesse
141:كانت قبلتها من العذوبة والحنان بحيث حزنت من فرط السعادة ~ Hermann Hesse
142:نمی توانی چیزی را که روح تو بدان تمایل دارد ممنوع بدانی ~ Hermann Hesse
143:Happiness is a how, not a what. A talent, not an object. ~ Hermann Hesse
144:Happiness is a how; not a what. A talent, not an object. ~ Hermann Hesse
145:I cannot tell my story without reaching a long way back. ~ Hermann Hesse
146:I don’t want to make a gift of myself, I want to be won. ~ Hermann Hesse
147:I’ve always derived nothing but suffering from morality. ~ Hermann Hesse
148:Observa bien a un hombre y sabras de él más que él mismo ~ Hermann Hesse
149:Yo no puedo darle nada que no exista ya dentro de usted. ~ Hermann Hesse
150:فقط افکاری ارزش دارند که بتوان با آنها به واقع زندگی کرد ~ Hermann Hesse
151:والحق أنه لم يفن قط فناء تامًا فى شخص آخر بحيث ينسي نفسه ~ Hermann Hesse
152:والحق أنه لم يفن قط فناء تامًا فى شخص آخر بحيث ينسى نفسه ~ Hermann Hesse
153:Fate and character are different names for the same idea. ~ Hermann Hesse
154:. . . nobody will obtain salvation by means of teachings! ~ Hermann Hesse
155:Observa bien a un hombre y sabrás de él más que él mismo. ~ Hermann Hesse
156:"We are a wave that flows to fit whatever form it finds." ~ Hermann Hesse
157:We create gods and struggle with them, and they bless us. ~ Hermann Hesse
158:A person is afraid only when he isn’t at one with himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
159:Art is the contemplation of the world in a state of grace. ~ Hermann Hesse
160:But I am so voluntarily, and therefore I am not destitute. ~ Hermann Hesse
161:Creamos dioses y luchamos con ellos; y ellos nos bendicen. ~ Hermann Hesse
162:Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest. ~ Hermann Hesse
163:madness, in a higher sense, is the beginning of all wisdom ~ Hermann Hesse
164:Nada fue, ni será; todo es, todo tiene esencia y presente. ~ Hermann Hesse
165:Njen miris, čitavo njeno biće bili su u znaku leta i ruža. ~ Hermann Hesse
166:The world was beautiful when one just looked at it without ~ Hermann Hesse
167:When the suffering becomes acute enough, one goes forward. ~ Hermann Hesse
168:Завжди потрібно і запитувати, і вагатися.
(Макс Деміан) ~ Hermann Hesse
169:Нікому не сниться те, що його не зачіпає.
(Макс Деміан) ~ Hermann Hesse
170:The true profession of a man is to find his way to himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
171:The truth has a million faces, but there is only one truth. ~ Hermann Hesse
172:The voices of all creatures are in the voices of the river. ~ Hermann Hesse
173:This too I have learned from the river: Everything returns! ~ Hermann Hesse
174:لا يمكن أن يتكلم المرء عن الموسيقي إلا مع من عرف روح الدنيا ~ Hermann Hesse
175:Bilinmesi gereken şeyleri insanın kendisinin tatması iyidir. ~ Hermann Hesse
176:content with small pleasures and yet never really satisfied! ~ Hermann Hesse
177:Everyone can reach his goal, if he can think, wait and fast. ~ Hermann Hesse
178:I'm going nowhere. I'm just travelling. I'm on a pilgrimage. ~ Hermann Hesse
179:You are only afraid if you are not in harmony with yourself. ~ Hermann Hesse
180:اگر طبیعت تو را به صورت خفاش ساخته نباید سعی کنی شترمرغ بشوی ~ Hermann Hesse
181:جادو و «افسون» پیشینه ای اصیل در فلسفه و اندیشه های ژرف دارد ~ Hermann Hesse
182:Go now and kiss your mother, tell her where you are going to. ~ Hermann Hesse
183:Good that you ask. You should always ask, always have doubts. ~ Hermann Hesse
184:La moral no me ha procurado nunca nada que no fuera doloroso. ~ Hermann Hesse
185:Mit Kummer, und doch auch mit Lachen, gedachte er jener Zeit. ~ Hermann Hesse
186:Patria non è qua o là. Patria è dentro te, o in nessun luogo. ~ Hermann Hesse
187:Pripremi se na borbu, Josefe Knechte, već vidim da je počela. ~ Hermann Hesse
188:wieviel Gramm Pulver man braucht, um einen Menschen zu töten, ~ Hermann Hesse
189:صدایش گرم و دلنشین بود و همچون شرابی گوارا بر جانم اثر می کرد ~ Hermann Hesse
190:But we'll never again be so young … Or don't you like dancing? ~ Hermann Hesse
191:devoted to small details exalts us and increases our strength. ~ Hermann Hesse
192:Es wird immer gleich ein wenig anders, wenn man es ausspricht. ~ Hermann Hesse
193:For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. ~ Hermann Hesse
194:Las palabras son nocivas para el sentido secreto de las cosas. ~ Hermann Hesse
195:O verdadeiro ofício de cada um era apenas chegar até si mesmo. ~ Hermann Hesse
196:All higher humor begins with ceasing to take oneself seriously. ~ Hermann Hesse
197:Good that you ask -- you should always ask, always have doubts. ~ Hermann Hesse
198:Her gaze spelled fulfillment, her welcome signified homecoming. ~ Hermann Hesse
199:You're free this evening, Barbele. You just don't want to come. ~ Hermann Hesse
200:Люди, які не біжать за стадом, всюди рідкість.
(Макс Деміан) ~ Hermann Hesse
201:I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me. ~ Hermann Hesse
202:Man muss das Unmögliche versuchen, um das Mögliche zu erreichen. ~ Hermann Hesse
203:الحقيقي في حكاية من الحكايات هو دائماً الشيء الذي يصدقه المستمع. ~ Hermann Hesse
204:انچه یکی را گنجینه حکمت است، در گوش دیگری طنین یاوه و ترفند دارد ~ Hermann Hesse
205:كل الدروب تؤدي إلى الوطن، كل خطوة ولادة، كل خطوة موت، وكل قبر أم ~ Hermann Hesse
206:how easy human frailties could thrive under the cover of idealism ~ Hermann Hesse
207:Nothing was, nothing will be, everything has reality and presence ~ Hermann Hesse
208:The wheel of physical manifestations is turning quickly, Govinda. ~ Hermann Hesse
209:A man’s fate and his character are two names for the same concept. ~ Hermann Hesse
210:Each man had only one genuine vocation to find the way to himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
211:Nothing was, nothing will be, everything has reality and presence. ~ Hermann Hesse
212:Now true humor begins when a man ceases to take himself seriously. ~ Hermann Hesse
213:Only within yourself exists that other reality for which you long. ~ Hermann Hesse
214:This are things, and things can be loved. But I cannot love words. ~ Hermann Hesse
215:قلت السعادة التي أحس بها تجاه ما سيحدث, عن سعادته في المرة السابقة ~ Hermann Hesse
216:and the town was rid of one more pensioner, which no one regretted. ~ Hermann Hesse
217:El verdadero oficio de cada uno era tan sólo llegar hasta sí mismo. ~ Hermann Hesse
218:People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest. ~ Hermann Hesse
219:Were not the gods forms created like me and you, mortal, transient? ~ Hermann Hesse
220:What are reason and sobriety without the knowledge of intoxication? ~ Hermann Hesse
221:Every day I did something wrong, and in the end I began to enjoy it. ~ Hermann Hesse
222:People with courage and character always seem weird to other people. ~ Hermann Hesse
223:this wonderful passage through the woods had to be painted with love ~ Hermann Hesse
224:Without a mother, one cannot love. Without a mother, one cannot die. ~ Hermann Hesse
225:خير للإنسان أن يموت على يد الفاشيين من أن يتحول هو إلى أحد الفاشيين. ~ Hermann Hesse
226:If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the smartest thing he can do. ~ Hermann Hesse
227:In eternity there is no time, only an instant long enough for a joke. ~ Hermann Hesse
228:It's good to realize there is someone within us who knows everything. ~ Hermann Hesse
229:Many people have to change a great deal and wear all sorts of clothes ~ Hermann Hesse
230:Quien no lleva dentro un lobo no tiene por eso que ser feliz tampoco. ~ Hermann Hesse
231:The world, as it is now, wants to die, wants to perish — and it will. ~ Hermann Hesse
232:Die meisten Menschen wollen nicht eher schwimmen als bis sie es können ~ Hermann Hesse
233:Es bueno –pensó– probar personalmente todo lo que hace falta aprender. ~ Hermann Hesse
234:Those who love nothing and hate nothing in the world, have no fetters. ~ Hermann Hesse
235:Whenever he is hungry and opens his bag, there are only pearls inside. ~ Hermann Hesse
236:When two cultures collide is the only time when true suffering exists. ~ Hermann Hesse
237:Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud. ~ Hermann Hesse
238:gentleness is stronger than severity, that water is stronger than rock, ~ Hermann Hesse
239:Happiness is love, nothing else. A man who is capable of love is happy. ~ Hermann Hesse
240:Loneliness is the wa by which destiny endeavors to lead man to himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
241:Making music together is the best way for two people to become friends. ~ Hermann Hesse
242:Then it seems that I, who wanted to watch over you, fell asleep myself. ~ Hermann Hesse
243:When dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be sane. ~ Hermann Hesse
244:Yumuşak serrten güçlüdür, su kayadan güçlü, sevgi zorbalıktan güçlüdür. ~ Hermann Hesse
245:على المرء أن يكون قادرًا على التسلسل إلى داخل نفسه تمامًا مثل السلحفاة. ~ Hermann Hesse
246:A magic dwells in each beginning, protecting us, telling us how to live. ~ Hermann Hesse
247:I lived again through all the loves of my life - but under hapier stars. ~ Hermann Hesse
248:Loneliness is the way by which destiny endeavors to lead man to himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
249:Nieko nebuvo, nieko nebus; visa, kas yra, gyvena ir priklauso dabarčiai. ~ Hermann Hesse
250:To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible again and again. ~ Hermann Hesse
251:Yes, I am going into the woods; I am going into the unity of all things. ~ Hermann Hesse
252:Youth ends when egotism does; maturity begins when one lives for others. ~ Hermann Hesse
253:Այս կենսուրախ մարդկանց շրջապատը նրա ի՞նչ խելքի բանն էր: Սա նրա տեղը չէր: ~ Hermann Hesse
254:All men of goodwill have this in common - that our works put us to shame. ~ Hermann Hesse
255:Čovek je lukovica sastavljena od stotinu ljuski, tkanina od bezbroj niti. ~ Hermann Hesse
256:It’s so good to know that inside us there’s a self that knows everything! ~ Hermann Hesse
257:We can understand one another, but each of us can only interpret himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
258:أين هو المكان الذي يمكن لقواه أن تخدم فيه علي أحسن وجه و تثمر أحسن ثمرة؟؟ ~ Hermann Hesse
259:می توانیم یکدیگر را درک کنیم؛ ولی هر یک از ما فقط می تواند خودش را بشناسد ~ Hermann Hesse
260:All this seemed a decorative newly painted picture behind clear new glass. ~ Hermann Hesse
262:Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go ~ Hermann Hesse
263:We’re human beings. We create gods and fight with them, and they bless us. ~ Hermann Hesse
264:وكنت بهذا اكتسب بالتدريج سمعة كرجل من الممكن أن يتكلم معه الآخرون كلام عقل ~ Hermann Hesse
265:Destino e Espírito são nomes de um mesmo conceito.' Agora eu a compreendia. ~ Hermann Hesse
266:El mundo quiere renovarse. Huele a muerte. No hay nada nuevo sin la muerte. ~ Hermann Hesse
267:He had loved and he had found himself. Most people love to lose themselves. ~ Hermann Hesse
268:I have always thirsted for knowledge, I have always been full of questions. ~ Hermann Hesse
269:I like music very much, I think, because it’s so unconcerned with morality. ~ Hermann Hesse
270:In the shade of the house, in the sunshine of the riverbank near the boats, ~ Hermann Hesse
271:Straight lines evidently belonged only to geometry, not to nature and life. ~ Hermann Hesse
272:the mind wasn’t satisfied, the soul wasn’t quiet, the heart wasn’t stilled. ~ Hermann Hesse
273:Ты слишком много ищешь; из-за чрезмерного искания ты не успеваешь находить. ~ Hermann Hesse
274:All life was a breath exhaled by God. All dying was a breath inhaled by God. ~ Hermann Hesse
275:Dù bị đau đớn quằn quại, tôi vẫn tha thiết yêu thương trần gian điên dại này ~ Hermann Hesse
276:Hiç kimse bir başkasının yürüdüğü yolda ne kadar ilerlemiş olduğunu göremez. ~ Hermann Hesse
277:It’s so good to know that inside us there’s a self that knows everything!” I ~ Hermann Hesse
278:Sadly, I swallowed my tea and stared at the crowd of second-rate elegance... ~ Hermann Hesse
279:Siempre es difícil nacer. El pájaro tiene que penar para salir del cascarón. ~ Hermann Hesse
280:Slowly the disease of the soul, which rich people have, grabbed hold of him. ~ Hermann Hesse
281:Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go. ~ Hermann Hesse
282:The deity is within you, not in ideas and books. Truth is lived, not taught. ~ Hermann Hesse
283:To us every credo, every doctrine of salvation seemed stillborn and useless. ~ Hermann Hesse
284:We are human beings. We make gods and do battle with them and they bless us. ~ Hermann Hesse
285:We can understand one another; but each one is able to explain only himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
286:We marked men were not at all worried about the shape the future would take. ~ Hermann Hesse
287:Writing is good, thinking is better. Cleverness is good, patience is better. ~ Hermann Hesse
288:هیچ چیز در جهان برای بشر ناگوارتر از طی مسیری نیست که به ضمیر او راه می یابد ~ Hermann Hesse
289:... and out of the awareness of sameness grew the desire for differentiation. ~ Hermann Hesse
290:Damit das Mögliche entsteht, muß immer wieder das Unmögliche versucht werden. ~ Hermann Hesse
291:Durch sein Auge lief Licht und Schatten, durch sein Herz lief Stern und Mond. ~ Hermann Hesse
292:If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the most intelligent thing he can do. ~ Hermann Hesse
293:Õppige seda tõsiselt võtma, mis on tõsiselt võtmist väärt, ja muu üle naerma! ~ Hermann Hesse
294:People with courage and character are always called peculiar by other people. ~ Hermann Hesse
295:The mind cannot live in nature, only against nature, only as its counterpart. ~ Hermann Hesse
296:Wer nicht in die Welt passt, der ist immer nahe daran, sich selber zu finden. ~ Hermann Hesse
297:اگر مستی فقط یک شب باشد و زیر نور مشعلهای فروزان میکده ای، یک مستیِ واقعی است ~ Hermann Hesse
298:Every healthy person must have a goal in life and that life must have content. ~ Hermann Hesse
299:Home is neither here nor there. Home is within you, or home is nowhere at all. ~ Hermann Hesse
300:I felt knowledge and the unity of the world circulate in me like my own blood. ~ Hermann Hesse
301:Manche denken, Festhalten macht uns stark. Aber manchmal ist es das Loslassen. ~ Hermann Hesse
302:Never again!" commanded his will.

"Again! Tomorrow!" begged his heart. ~ Hermann Hesse
303:No permanence is ours, we are a wave that flows to fit whatever form it finds. ~ Hermann Hesse
304:Siddhartha stopped fighting his fate this very hour, and he stopped suffering. ~ Hermann Hesse
305:But each one is a gamble of Nature, a hopeful attempt at forming a human being. ~ Hermann Hesse
306:Even those who have average gifts, given a few hundred years, come to maturity. ~ Hermann Hesse
307:Hesse began to explore the writings of Freud and Jung on dreams and archetypes. ~ Hermann Hesse
308:It is possible for one never to transgress a single law and still be a bastard. ~ Hermann Hesse
309:La belleza no hacía feliz al que la tenía, sino al que sabía amarla y venerarla ~ Hermann Hesse
310:Perhaps people like us cannot love. Ordinary people can - that is their secret. ~ Hermann Hesse
311:Quando temos medo de alguém é porque demos a esse alguém algum poder sobre nós. ~ Hermann Hesse
312:Slowly the disease of the soul, which rich people have, grabbed hold
of him. ~ Hermann Hesse
313:The town in which … I had spent my youth … had nothing to give me but memories. ~ Hermann Hesse
314:Yazmak iyidir, ama düşünmek daha iyi; akıllılık iyidir, ama sabretmek daha iyi. ~ Hermann Hesse
315:Your soul has fallen to bits and pieces. Good. Rearrange them to suit yourself. ~ Hermann Hesse
316:إذا كرهت شخصاً فإنك تكره شيئاً فيه هو جزء منك أنت, و ما ليس جزءاً منا لا يزعجنا ~ Hermann Hesse
317:Cualquier hombre con carácter y valor siempre ha sido inquetante para los demás. ~ Hermann Hesse
318:No debemos temer ni creer ilícito nada de lo que nuestra alma desea en nosotros. ~ Hermann Hesse
319:No permanence is ours; we are a wave
That flows to fit whatever form it finds ~ Hermann Hesse
320:she wanted once more to extract the last sweet drop from this fleeting pleasure. ~ Hermann Hesse
321:The river taught us how to listen with a silent heart, with a waiting open soul. ~ Hermann Hesse
322:the world melted away all around him, when he stood alone like a star in the sky ~ Hermann Hesse
323:من فقط خواستم آن طور که در کنه وجودم هستم،زندگی کنم.چرا این کار آنقدر مشکل بود؟؟ ~ Hermann Hesse
324:Examine a person closely enough and you know more about him than he does himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
325:Examine a person closely enough and you know more about him that he does himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
326:that perhaps you seek too much, that as a result of your seeking you cannot find. ~ Hermann Hesse
327:There are many ways in which the god can make us lonely and lead us to ourselves. ~ Hermann Hesse
328:All I wanted was to try and realize whatever was in me. Why was that so difficult? ~ Hermann Hesse
329:It was very uncomfortable to have a race of fearless, weird people running around. ~ Hermann Hesse
330:Lernen Sie ernst nehmen, was des Ernstnehmens wert ist, und lachen über das andre! ~ Hermann Hesse
331:nos propuso con las pupilas brillantes celebrar una orgía erótica los tres juntos. ~ Hermann Hesse
332:soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rock, love stronger than violence. ~ Hermann Hesse
333:Um guia abandonou-me. Ando nas trevas. Não consigo dar um passo sozinho. Ajuda-me! ~ Hermann Hesse
334:Who travels far will often see things Far removed from what was believed as Truth. ~ Hermann Hesse
335:Writing is good, thinking is better. Being smart is good, being patient is better. ~ Hermann Hesse
336:...your tranquil yes to the changing over into the formless void of the unlimited. ~ Hermann Hesse
337:Вони не знають навіть, як хоча б якусь годину бути вмиротвореним.
(Макс Деміан) ~ Hermann Hesse
338:– Вы так несчастны, это нехорошо, так не надо. Мне жаль. Выкурите трубочку опиума. ~ Hermann Hesse
339:У своєму сп'янінні він ішов, можливо, більш правильним шляхом, ніж я у своїй тузі. ~ Hermann Hesse
340:Anyone can reach his goals if he can think, if he can wait, if he can fast.” Kamala ~ Hermann Hesse
341:I am much inclined to live from my rucksack, and let my trousers fray as they like. ~ Hermann Hesse
342:Nada hay más molesto para el hombre que seguir el camino que le conduce a sí mismo. ~ Hermann Hesse
343:Ono što za jednog čoveka predstavlja blago i mudrost, drugom uvek zvuči kao ludost. ~ Hermann Hesse
344:Siempre he tenido sed de conocimientos, siempre he estado lleno de interrogaciones. ~ Hermann Hesse
345:Svijet je lijep, kada se posmatra bez želje za traganjem, jednostavno i kao dijete. ~ Hermann Hesse
346:The teachers apparently regarded a dead student very differently from a living one. ~ Hermann Hesse
347:A person can neither think what he wants to nor can I make him think what I want to. ~ Hermann Hesse
348:My goal was not pleasure, but purity; not happiness, but beauty and intellectuality. ~ Hermann Hesse
349:my path had led me at that time into a new life, which had now grown old and is dead ~ Hermann Hesse
350:Often it is the most deserving people who cannot help loving those who destroy them. ~ Hermann Hesse
351:Solitude is independence. It had been my wish and with the years I have attained it. ~ Hermann Hesse
352:حياة كل انسان عبارة عن طريق نحو نفسه .. لم يسبق لانسان ان كان نفسه تماما و بشكل كامل ~ Hermann Hesse
353:How foolish to wear oneself out in vain longing for warmth! Solitude is independence. ~ Hermann Hesse
354:...inasmuch as every man takes the sufferings that fall to his share as the greatest. ~ Hermann Hesse
355:Nothing was. Nothing will be. Everything is. Everything has existence and is present. ~ Hermann Hesse
356:Nothing was, nothing will be; everything is, everything has existence and is present. ~ Hermann Hesse
357:Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne, der uns beschützt und der uns hilft zu leben. ~ Hermann Hesse
358:Writing is good, thinking is better. Being smart is
good, being patient is better. ~ Hermann Hesse
359:أنا أعيش في أحلامي. إن الآخرين يعيشون في الأحلام و لكن ليس في أحلامهم. و هذ هو الفارق ~ Hermann Hesse
360:During this long … journey, I realised the impossibility of running away and escaping. ~ Hermann Hesse
361:Love between young people and love after many years of marriage is not the same thing. ~ Hermann Hesse
362:Perhaps it is this which keeps you from finding
peace, perhaps it is the many words ~ Hermann Hesse
363:Perhaps, people of our kind can't love. The childlike people can; that's their secret. ~ Hermann Hesse
364:Perhaps, people of our kind can’t love. The childlike people can; that’s their secret. ~ Hermann Hesse
365:Podemos comprendernos unos a otros, pero sólo a sí mismo puede interpretarse cada uno. ~ Hermann Hesse
366:Podemos comprendernos unos a otros, pero sólo a si mísmo puede interpretarse cada uno. ~ Hermann Hesse
367:Prin ochiul său se strecurau lumina și umbra, în inima sa pătrundeau stelele și luna.. ~ Hermann Hesse
368:That seems to be the way of things. Everyone takes, everyone gives. Life is like that. ~ Hermann Hesse
369:You should not take old people who are already dead seriously. It does them injustice. ~ Hermann Hesse
370:ما أعجب السير في الضباب
الحياة وحدة
فليس هناك إنسان يعرف الآخر
كل إنسان وحيد ~ Hermann Hesse
371:Мужні, та ще й з характером - такі завжди дуже незручні для оточення.
(Макс Деміан) ~ Hermann Hesse
372:A longing to wander tears my heart when I hear trees rustling in the wind at evening... ~ Hermann Hesse
373:"Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin." ~ Hermann Hesse
374:Conocer a un individuo es descubrir en él aquellas notas que lo distinguen de los demás ~ Hermann Hesse
375:lucid and quiet his voice hovered above the listeners, like a light, like a starry sky. ~ Hermann Hesse
376:The dream of death is only the dark smoke
Under which the fires of life are burning. ~ Hermann Hesse
377:قلة من الناس في عصرنا الحالي يعرفون ماهو الانسان وكثيرون يحسون بهذا الجهل فيموتون بسببه ~ Hermann Hesse
378:Ми прагнемо зрозуміти одне одного, але пояснити кожен може тільки себе. (Еміль Сінклер) ~ Hermann Hesse
379:Cuando se teme a alguien es porque a ese alguien le hemos concedido poder sobre nosotros ~ Hermann Hesse
380:Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach his goal, if he can think, wait and fast. ~ Hermann Hesse
381:He sat thus, lost in meditation, thinking Om, his soul as the arrow directed at Brahman. ~ Hermann Hesse
382:I will no longer mutilate and destroy myself in order to find a secret behind the ruins. ~ Hermann Hesse
383:O mundo era belo quando visto desta maneira, tão sem desejos, tão simples, tão inocente. ~ Hermann Hesse
384:Searching means having a goal, but finding means being free, being open, having no goal. ~ Hermann Hesse
385:Se per la tua gioia hai bisogno del permesso degli altri, sei proprio un povero sciocco. ~ Hermann Hesse
386:Youth is the hardest time in life. One seldom hears of an old person committing suicide. ~ Hermann Hesse
387:در هر انسانی مخلوقی در رنج است، و در ضمیر هر کسی نجات دهنده یی با میخ بر صلیب کوبیده شده ~ Hermann Hesse
388:ﻟﻢ ﺃﻛﻦ ﺃﺭﻳﺪ ﺇﻻ ﺃﻥ ﺃﻋﻴﺶ ﻭﻓﻖ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﺍﻓﻊ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ تنبع ﻣﻦ ﻧﻔﺴﻲ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﻴﻘﻴﺔ. ﻓﻠﻢ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺫﻟﻚ ﺑﻬﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﺼﻌﻮﺑﺔ؟ ~ Hermann Hesse
389:I do not seek to walk on water," said Siddhartha. "Let [them] be content with such feats! ~ Hermann Hesse
390:I realised that all this talk was of no value and at its best only led to clever phrases. ~ Hermann Hesse
391:Love is like death. It is fulfillment and an evening after which nothing more may follow. ~ Hermann Hesse
392:Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne,
Der uns beschützt und der uns hilft, zu leben. ~ Hermann Hesse
393:لم اكن اريد إلا أن أعيش وفق الدوافع التي تنبع من نفسي الحقيقية ، فلم كان ذلك بهذه الصعوبة ~ Hermann Hesse
394:مرز یا محدوده ای ما را از اکثریت مردم جدا نمی ساخت بلکه این تمایز سر در شیوه تفکر ما داشت ~ Hermann Hesse
395:Це велика різниця - чи ви тільки носите світ у собі, чи ви ще й це знаєте!
(Пісторіус) ~ Hermann Hesse
396:But if you were to die ten times for him, you would not alter his destiny in the slightest ~ Hermann Hesse
397:Nessuno è nato sotto una cattiva stella, ci sono semmai uomini che guardano male il cielo. ~ Hermann Hesse
398:Searching means: having a goal. But finding means: being free, being open, having no goal. ~ Hermann Hesse
399:كانت تستطيع أن تحول نفسها إلى كل فكرة من أفكاري, و كل فكرة من أفكاري كانت تتجسد في هيئتها. ~ Hermann Hesse
400:Що це таке - справжня жива людина, - сьогодні знають менше, ніж будь-коли. (Еміль Сінклер) ~ Hermann Hesse
401:and the river’s voice was full of longing, full of smarting woe, full of insatiable desire. ~ Hermann Hesse
402:Every path leads homeward, every step is birth, every step is death, every grave is mother. ~ Hermann Hesse
403:How foolish it is to wear oneself out in vain longing for warmth! Solitude is independence. ~ Hermann Hesse
404:It was one of the ferryman’s greatest virtues that, like few people, he knew how to listen. ~ Hermann Hesse
405:Je ne voulais qu'essayer de vivre ce que je portais en moi. Pourquoi était-ce si difficile? ~ Hermann Hesse
406:Schön war die Welt, wenn man sie so betrachtete, so ohne Suchen, so einfach, so kinderhaft. ~ Hermann Hesse
407:What he had not learned, however, was this: to find contentment in himself and his own life ~ Hermann Hesse
408:اگر چیزی بخواهد به واقع جدید و متفاوت باشد باید از خاکی تازه سربرآورد نه از موزه و کتابخانه ~ Hermann Hesse
409:والحياة أمرها هكذا : الحياة تحب أن تضع بجانب الأحداث الجادة والانفعالات العميقة،عنصر الهزل. ~ Hermann Hesse
410:Не треба боятися і вважати забороненим нічого з того, чого прагне наша душа.
(Пісторіус) ~ Hermann Hesse
411:But it's a poor fellow who can't take his pleasure without asking other people's permission. ~ Hermann Hesse
412:I hope death will be a great happiness, a happiness as great as that of love, fulfilled love ~ Hermann Hesse
413:Nothing was and nothing will be: everything is, and everything is present and has existence. ~ Hermann Hesse
414:Those who cannot think or take responsibility for themselves need, and clamor for, a leader. ~ Hermann Hesse
415:كتبت على ورقة: قائد تخلى عنى, و أنا غارق في الظلمه. لا أستطيع أن أمشي خطوه أخرى وحدي, ساعدني ~ Hermann Hesse
416:¡Aprenda a tomar en serio lo que es digno de que se tome en serio, y ríase usted de lo demás! ~ Hermann Hesse
417:Beautiful was this world, looking at it thus, without searching, thus simply, thus childlike. ~ Hermann Hesse
418:But be warned, oh seeker of knowledge, of the thicket of opinions and of arguing about words. ~ Hermann Hesse
419:He’s a man of character, and people of character generally get short shrift in Bible stories. ~ Hermann Hesse
420:I will learn from myself, be my own pupil; I will learn from myself the secret of Siddhartha. ~ Hermann Hesse
421:Ljubav se može isprositi, kupiti, dobiti na poklon, naći na ulici ali se ne može silom oteti. ~ Hermann Hesse
422:<...>, kad iškerojo šis noras, tasai vaikiškas troškimas rasti ramybę sunaikinant kūną! ~ Hermann Hesse
423:Never had it been so strangely clear to Siddhartha, how closely related passion was to death. ~ Hermann Hesse
424:Oh, love isn't there to make us happy. I believe it exists to show us how much we can endure. ~ Hermann Hesse
425:One can beg, buy, be presented with and find love in the streets, but it can never be stolen. ~ Hermann Hesse
426:when a great talker grows silent, it means that he is well on the road toward the churchyard. ~ Hermann Hesse
427:wisdom cannot be taught. If a wise man tries to teach wisdom it will always sound like folly. ~ Hermann Hesse
428:ظاهرة الموسيقي الكلاسيكية تعني:العلم بمأساة الإنسانية و قبول مصير الإنسان, و الشجاعة, والصفاء ~ Hermann Hesse
429:موسیقی بی قید و شرط یعنی موسیقی ای که احساس کنی کسی با سازش بهشت و جهنم را به لرزه در می آورد ~ Hermann Hesse
430:В един свят на скитници, когато пътеките се пресекат, светът поне за малко се усеща като дом. ~ Hermann Hesse
431:Ich will mich nicht mehr töten und zerstücken, um hinter den Trümmern ein Geheimnis zu finden. ~ Hermann Hesse
432:Not in his speech, not in his thoughts, I see his greatness, only in his actions, in his life. ~ Hermann Hesse
433:... sonsuzluk dediğimiz yalnızca bir an'dır, bir şakanın yer alacağı kadar uzun bir süre yani. ~ Hermann Hesse
434:There are few people who know how to listen and I have not met anybody who can do so like you. ~ Hermann Hesse
435:إنهم يتطلعون إلا المُثل التي لم تعد مُثلاً, و لكنهم سوف يطاردون حتى الموت من يطرح مُثلاً جديده ~ Hermann Hesse
436:But though the ways led away from the self, their end nevertheless always led back to the self. ~ Hermann Hesse
437:Había amado y, a través del amor, se había encontrado a sí mismo. La mayoría ama para perderse. ~ Hermann Hesse
438:. . . he preferred the suffering and worries of love over happiness and
joy without the boy. ~ Hermann Hesse
439:Let's practice a little philosophy now; that is, let's shut up, lie on our stomachs, and think. ~ Hermann Hesse
440:Meaning and reality were not hidden somewhere behind things, they were in them, in all of them. ~ Hermann Hesse
441:Seeking means; to have a goal; but finding means; to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal. ~ Hermann Hesse
442:Seeking means: to have a goal; but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal. ~ Hermann Hesse
443:Sin dudas, la vida siempre es terrible. No podemos evitarlo y, sin embargo, somos responsables. ~ Hermann Hesse
444:الأشياء التي نراها هي الأشياء ذاتها التي نحملها في أعماقنا. ولا حقيقة إلا تلك التي نحملها فينا. ~ Hermann Hesse
445:لم يوجد الحب ليجعلنا سعداء، بل أنا أعتقد أن الحب وجد ليبين لنا مدى قوتنا على المعاناة والاحتمال ~ Hermann Hesse
446:Він кохав і при цьому віднайшов себе. А більшість кохає так, що при цьому губить себе самого... ~ Hermann Hesse
447:Escribir es cosa buena, pero mejor es pensar. La prudencia es buena, pero la paciencia es mejor. ~ Hermann Hesse
448:God does not send us despair in order to kill us; he sends it in order to awaken us to new life. ~ Hermann Hesse
449:He already knew to feel Atman in the depths of his being, indestructible, one with the universe. ~ Hermann Hesse
450:It is a pity that you students aren't fully aware of the luxury and abundance in which you live. ~ Hermann Hesse
451:Meilę galima iškaulyti, nupirkti, gauti dovanų, atrasti gatvėje, bet jėga jos išplėšti negalima. ~ Hermann Hesse
452:Nothing in the world is more distasteful to a man than to follow the path that leads to himself. ~ Hermann Hesse
453:Statt seine Persönlichkeit zu vernichten, war es nur gelungen, ihn sich selbst hassen zu lehren. ~ Hermann Hesse
454:Theory is knowledge that doesn't work. Practice is when everything works and you don't know why. ~ Hermann Hesse
455:The world was beautiful when looked at in this way-without any seeking, so simple, so childlike. ~ Hermann Hesse
456:The world was beautiful when looked at in this way—without any seeking, so simple, so childlike. ~ Hermann Hesse
457:what is one man's treasure and wisdom always sounds like foolishness to another person." Govinda ~ Hermann Hesse
458:You are clever, O Samana,” said the Illustrious One, “you know how to speak cleverly, my friend. ~ Hermann Hesse
459:Youth is the most difficult time of life. For example, suicide rarely occurs amongst old people. ~ Hermann Hesse
460:إن من لا يستطيع أن ينال نصيبه من المتعة إلا بعد أن يحصل على الإذن من بقية الناس لهو إنسان مسكين. ~ Hermann Hesse
461:All I wanted to do was live the life that was inside me, trying to get out. Why was that so hard? ~ Hermann Hesse
462:Ella podía transformarse en cada uno de mis pensamientos, y cada uno de mis pensamientos en ella. ~ Hermann Hesse
463:El pájaro rompe el cascarón. El huevo es el mundo. el que quiere nacer tiene que romper un mundo. ~ Hermann Hesse
464:Er hat geliebt und dabei sich selbst gefunden. Die meisten aber lieben um sich dabei zu verlieren ~ Hermann Hesse
465:He has robbed me, yet he has given me something of greater value . . . he has given to me myself. ~ Hermann Hesse
466:I realised that the pure and eternal source of all things would not be illuminated in this temple ~ Hermann Hesse
467:Look at a person carefully long enough, and you’ll know more about him than he himself does.” The ~ Hermann Hesse
468:Nothing was, nothing will be; everything is, everything has existence and is present.” Siddhartha ~ Hermann Hesse
469:To him, art and craftmanship were usless unless they burned like the sun and had power of storms. ~ Hermann Hesse
470:To study history means submitting to chaos and nevertheless retaining faith in order and meaning. ~ Hermann Hesse
471:Wisdom cannot be communicated. Wisdom that a wise man tries to communicate always sounds foolish. ~ Hermann Hesse
472:Young people have many pleasures and many sorrows, because they have only themselves to think of. ~ Hermann Hesse
473:An occasionally, I became very sad over that happiness, because I was well aware it couldn't last. ~ Hermann Hesse
474:Gratitude is not a virtue I believe in, and to me it seems hypocritical to expect it from a child. ~ Hermann Hesse
475:He’s trying once more to escape into society, he’s even become a taverngoer; but he won’t succeed. ~ Hermann Hesse
476:His goal attracts him, because he doesn't let anything enter his soul which might oppose the goal. ~ Hermann Hesse
477:nothing in the world is more repugnant to a man than following the path that leads him to himself! ~ Hermann Hesse
478:We are sun and moon, dear friend; we are sea and land... each the other’s opposite and complement. ~ Hermann Hesse
479:What you call passion is not spiritual force, but friction between the soul and the outside world. ~ Hermann Hesse
480:Wisdom is not communicable. The wisdom which a wise man tries to communicate always sound foolish. ~ Hermann Hesse
481:Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself ~ Hermann Hesse
482:... you know that soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rocks, love stronger than force. ~ Hermann Hesse
483:you know that ‘soft’ is stronger than ‘hard,’ water stronger than rocks, love stronger than force. ~ Hermann Hesse
484:لم أكن أريد إلاّ أن أعيش وفق الدّوافع الحقيقيّة الّتي تنبع من داخلي، فلما كان الأمر بعذه الصّعوبة؟ ~ Hermann Hesse
485:لم أكن أريد إلاّ أن أعيش وفق الدّوافع الحقيقيّة الّتي تنبع من داخلي، فلما كان الأمر بهذه الصّعوبة؟ ~ Hermann Hesse
486:A thousand times I was ready to regret and take back my rash statement - yet it had been the truth. ~ Hermann Hesse
487:Chaos demands to be recognized and experienced before letting itself be converted into a new order. ~ Hermann Hesse
488:Dar niciodată nu-și aflase sinele cu adevărat, și asta fiindcă voise să-l prindă în plasa gândului. ~ Hermann Hesse
489:Each of us has to find out for himself what is permitted and what is forbidden - forbidden for him. ~ Hermann Hesse
490:Everyone can reach his goals, if he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast. ~ Hermann Hesse
491:He had loved and, by doing so, had found himself. But most people love in order to lose themselves. ~ Hermann Hesse
492:If that was love, with cruelty here and humiliation there, then it was better to live without love. ~ Hermann Hesse
493:Wisdom is not communicable. The wisdom which a wise man tries to communicate always sounds foolish. ~ Hermann Hesse
494:Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself ~ Hermann Hesse
495:می روم تا همه ی اصول و عقاید و همه ی معلمان را ترک کنم و خود به تنهایی یا هدفم را بیابم و یا بمیرم. ~ Hermann Hesse
496:Ողջը ձանձրալի էր ու զզվելի, ազատ շունչ քաշելու ու թեթևանալու հնար չկար,ինչպես նա այդ բանը կուզենար: ~ Hermann Hesse
497:It seems to have been my bad luck always to receive more than I could return, from life and friends. ~ Hermann Hesse
498:Nunca como en esta hora me parecía que me había hecho tanto daño la simple razón de tener que vivir. ~ Hermann Hesse
499:Obeying is like eating and drinking. There's nothing like it if you've been without it for too long. ~ Hermann Hesse
500:Om is the bow, the arrow is soul, The Brahman is the arrow's target that one should incessantly hit. ~ Hermann Hesse



--- Overview of noun hermann_hesse

The noun hermann hesse has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)
1. Hesse, Hermann Hesse ::: (Swiss writer (born in Germany) whose novels and poems express his interests in eastern spiritual values (1877-1962))

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun hermann_hesse

1 sense of hermann hesse                        

Sense 1
Hesse, Hermann Hesse
   INSTANCE OF=> writer, author
     => communicator
       => person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soul
         => organism, being
           => living thing, animate thing
             => whole, unit
               => object, physical object
                 => physical entity
                   => entity
         => causal agent, cause, causal agency
           => physical entity
             => entity

--- Hyponyms of noun hermann_hesse

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun hermann_hesse

1 sense of hermann hesse                        

Sense 1
Hesse, Hermann Hesse
   INSTANCE OF=> writer, author

--- Coordinate Terms (sisters) of noun hermann_hesse

1 sense of hermann hesse                        

Sense 1
Hesse, Hermann Hesse
  -> writer, author
   => abstractor, abstracter
   => alliterator
   => authoress
   => biographer
   => coauthor, joint author
   => commentator, reviewer
   => compiler
   => contributor
   => cyberpunk
   => drafter
   => dramatist, playwright
   => essayist, litterateur
   => folk writer
   => framer
   => gagman, gagster, gagwriter
   => ghostwriter, ghost
   => Gothic romancer
   => hack, hack writer, literary hack
   => journalist
   => librettist
   => lyricist, lyrist
   => novelist
   => pamphleteer
   => paragrapher
   => poet
   => polemicist, polemist, polemic
   => rhymer, rhymester, versifier, poetizer, poetiser
   => scenarist
   => scriptwriter
   => space writer
   => speechwriter
   => tragedian
   => wordmonger
   => word-painter
   => wordsmith
   HAS INSTANCE=> Aiken, Conrad Aiken, Conrad Potter Aiken
   HAS INSTANCE=> Alger, Horatio Alger
   HAS INSTANCE=> Algren, Nelson Algren
   HAS INSTANCE=> Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Anderson, Sherwood Anderson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Aragon, Louis Aragon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Asch, Sholem Asch, Shalom Asch, Sholom Asch
   HAS INSTANCE=> Asimov, Isaac Asimov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Auchincloss, Louis Auchincloss, Louis Stanton Auchincloss
   HAS INSTANCE=> Austen, Jane Austen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Baldwin, James Baldwin, James Arthur Baldwin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Baraka, Imamu Amiri Baraka, LeRoi Jones
   HAS INSTANCE=> Barth, John Barth, John Simmons Barth
   HAS INSTANCE=> Barthelme, Donald Barthelme
   HAS INSTANCE=> Baum, Frank Baum, Lyman Frank Brown
   HAS INSTANCE=> Beauvoir, Simone de Beauvoir
   HAS INSTANCE=> Beckett, Samuel Beckett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Beerbohm, Max Beerbohm, Sir Henry Maxmilian Beerbohm
   HAS INSTANCE=> Belloc, Hilaire Belloc, Joseph Hilaire Peter Belloc
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bellow, Saul Bellow, Solomon Bellow
   HAS INSTANCE=> Benchley, Robert Benchley, Robert Charles Benchley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Benet, William Rose Benet
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bierce, Ambrose Bierce, Ambrose Gwinett Bierce
   HAS INSTANCE=> Boell, Heinrich Boell, Heinrich Theodor Boell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bontemps, Arna Wendell Bontemps
   HAS INSTANCE=> Borges, Jorge Borges, Jorge Luis Borges
   HAS INSTANCE=> Boswell, James Boswell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Boyle, Kay Boyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bradbury, Ray Bradbury, Ray Douglas Bradbury
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bronte, Charlotte Bronte
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bronte, Emily Bronte, Emily Jane Bronte, Currer Bell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bronte, Anne Bronte
   HAS INSTANCE=> Browne, Charles Farrar Browne, Artemus Ward
   HAS INSTANCE=> Buck, Pearl Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bunyan, John Bunyan
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burgess, Anthony Burgess
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burnett, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burroughs, Edgar Rice Burroughs
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burroughs, William Burroughs, William S. Burroughs, William Seward Burroughs
   HAS INSTANCE=> Butler, Samuel Butler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cabell, James Branch Cabell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Caldwell, Erskine Caldwell, Erskine Preston Caldwell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Calvino, Italo Calvino
   HAS INSTANCE=> Camus, Albert Camus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Canetti, Elias Canetti
   HAS INSTANCE=> Capek, Karel Capek
   HAS INSTANCE=> Carroll, Lewis Carroll, Dodgson, Reverend Dodgson, Charles Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cather, Willa Cather, Willa Sibert Cather
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cervantes, Miguel de Cervantes, Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chandler, Raymond Chandler, Raymond Thornton Chandler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chateaubriand, Francois Rene Chateaubriand, Vicomte de Chateaubriand
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cheever, John Cheever
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton, Gilbert Keith Chesterton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chopin, Kate Chopin, Kate O'Flaherty Chopin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Christie, Agatha Christie, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie
   HAS INSTANCE=> Churchill, Winston Churchill, Winston S. Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill
   HAS INSTANCE=> Clemens, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Mark Twain
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cocteau, Jean Cocteau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle Claudine Colette
   HAS INSTANCE=> Collins, Wilkie Collins, William Wilkie Collins
   HAS INSTANCE=> Conan Doyle, A. Conan Doyle, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Conrad, Joseph Conrad, Teodor Josef Konrad Korzeniowski
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cooper, James Fenimore Cooper
   HAS INSTANCE=> Crane, Stephen Crane
   HAS INSTANCE=> cummings, e. e. cummings, Edward Estlin Cummings
   HAS INSTANCE=> Day, Clarence Day, Clarence Shepard Day Jr.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Defoe, Daniel Defoe
   HAS INSTANCE=> De Quincey, Thomas De Quincey
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dickens, Charles Dickens, Charles John Huffam Dickens
   HAS INSTANCE=> Didion, Joan Didion
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dinesen, Isak Dinesen, Blixen, Karen Blixen, Baroness Karen Blixen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Doctorow, E. L. Doctorow, Edgard Lawrence Doctorow
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dos Passos, John Dos Passos, John Roderigo Dos Passos
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dostoyevsky, Dostoevski, Dostoevsky, Feodor Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Feodor Dostoevski, Fyodor Dostoevski, Feodor Dostoevsky, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevski, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevski, Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dreiser, Theodore Dreiser, Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dumas, Alexandre Dumas
   HAS INSTANCE=> du Maurier, George du Maurier, George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier
   HAS INSTANCE=> du Maurier, Daphne du Maurier, Dame Daphne du Maurier
   HAS INSTANCE=> Durrell, Lawrence Durrell, Lawrence George Durrell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ehrenberg, Ilya Ehrenberg, Ilya Grigorievich Ehrenberg
   HAS INSTANCE=> Eliot, George Eliot, Mary Ann Evans
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ellison, Ralph Ellison, Ralph Waldo Ellison
   HAS INSTANCE=> Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Farrell, James Thomas Farrell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ferber, Edna Ferber
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fielding, Henry Fielding
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
   HAS INSTANCE=> Flaubert, Gustave Flaubert
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fleming, Ian Fleming, Ian Lancaster Fleming
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ford, Ford Madox Ford, Ford Hermann Hueffer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Forester, C. S. Forester, Cecil Scott Forester
   HAS INSTANCE=> France, Anatole France, Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault
   HAS INSTANCE=> Franklin, Benjamin Franklin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fuentes, Carlos Fuentes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gaboriau, Emile Gaboriau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Galsworthy, John Galsworthy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gardner, Erle Stanley Gardner
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gaskell, Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson Gaskell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Geisel, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. Seuss
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gibran, Kahlil Gibran
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gide, Andre Gide, Andre Paul Guillaume Gide
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gjellerup, Karl Gjellerup
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
   HAS INSTANCE=> Golding, William Golding, Sir William Gerald Golding
   HAS INSTANCE=> Goldsmith, Oliver Goldsmith
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gombrowicz, Witold Gombrowicz
   HAS INSTANCE=> Goncourt, Edmond de Goncourt, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de Goncourt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Goncourt, Jules de Goncourt, Jules Alfred Huot de Goncourt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gordimer, Nadine Gordimer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gorky, Maksim Gorky, Gorki, Maxim Gorki, Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov, Aleksey Maximovich Peshkov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grahame, Kenneth Grahame
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grass, Gunter Grass, Gunter Wilhelm Grass
   HAS INSTANCE=> Graves, Robert Graves, Robert Ranke Graves
   HAS INSTANCE=> Greene, Graham Greene, Henry Graham Greene
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grey, Zane Grey
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grimm, Jakob Grimm, Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Wilhelm Karl Grimm
   HAS INSTANCE=> Haggard, Rider Haggard, Sir Henry Rider Haggard
   HAS INSTANCE=> Haldane, Elizabeth Haldane, Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hale, Edward Everett Hale
   HAS INSTANCE=> Haley, Alex Haley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hall, Radclyffe Hall, Marguerite Radclyffe Hall
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hammett, Dashiell Hammett, Samuel Dashiell Hammett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hamsun, Knut Hamsun, Knut Pedersen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hardy, Thomas Hardy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Harris, Frank Harris, James Thomas Harris
   HAS INSTANCE=> Harris, Joel Harris, Joel Chandler Harris
   HAS INSTANCE=> Harte, Bret Harte
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hasek, Jaroslav Hasek
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hawthorne, Nathaniel Hawthorne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hecht, Ben Hecht
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heinlein, Robert A. Heinlein, Robert Anson Heinlein
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heller, Joseph Heller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hesse, Hermann Hesse
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heyse, Paul Heyse, Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heyward, DuBois Heyward, Edwin DuBois Hayward
   HAS INSTANCE=> Higginson, Thomas Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Storrow Higginson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hoffmann, E. T. A. Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann
   HAS INSTANCE=> Holmes, Oliver Wendell Holmes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Howells, William Dean Howells
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hoyle, Edmond Hoyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hughes, Langston Hughes, James Langston Hughes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hunt, Leigh Hunt, James Henry Leigh Hunt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Huxley, Aldous Huxley, Aldous Leonard Huxley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Irving, John Irving
   HAS INSTANCE=> Irving, Washington Irving
   HAS INSTANCE=> Isherwood, Christopher Isherwood, Christopher William Bradshaw Isherwood
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jackson, Helen Hunt Jackson, Helen Maria Fiske Hunt Jackson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jacobs, Jane Jacobs
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jacobs, W. W. Jacobs, William Wymark Jacobs
   HAS INSTANCE=> James, Henry James
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jensen, Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Dr. Johnson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jong, Erica Jong
   HAS INSTANCE=> Joyce, James Joyce, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kafka, Franz Kafka
   HAS INSTANCE=> Keller, Helen Keller, Helen Adams Keller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kerouac, Jack Kerouac, Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kesey, Ken Kesey, Ken Elton Kesey
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kipling, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Rudyard Kipling
   HAS INSTANCE=> Koestler, Arthur Koestler
   HAS INSTANCE=> La Fontaine, Jean de La Fontaine
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lardner, Ring Lardner, Ringgold Wilmer Lardner
   HAS INSTANCE=> La Rochefoucauld, Francois de La Rochefoucauld
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lawrence, D. H. Lawrence, David Herbert Lawrence
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lawrence, T. E. Lawrence, Thomas Edward Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia
   HAS INSTANCE=> le Carre, John le Carre, David John Moore Cornwell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Leonard, Elmore Leonard, Elmore John Leonard, Dutch Leonard
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lermontov, Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lessing, Doris Lessing, Doris May Lessing
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lewis, C. S. Lewis, Clive Staples Lewis
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, Harry Sinclair Lewis
   HAS INSTANCE=> London, Jack London, John Griffith Chaney
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lowry, Malcolm Lowry, Clarence Malcolm Lowry
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lyly, John Lyly
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lytton, First Baron Lytton, Bulwer-Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mailer, Norman Mailer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Malamud, Bernard Malamud
   HAS INSTANCE=> Malory, Thomas Malory, Sir Thomas Malory
   HAS INSTANCE=> Malraux, Andre Malraux
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mann, Thomas Mann
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mansfield, Katherine Mansfield, Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp
   HAS INSTANCE=> Manzoni, Alessandro Manzoni
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marquand, John Marquand, John Philip Marquand
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marsh, Ngaio Marsh
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mason, A. E. W. Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley Mason
   HAS INSTANCE=> Maugham, Somerset Maugham, W. Somerset Maugham, William Somerset Maugham
   HAS INSTANCE=> Maupassant, Guy de Maupassant, Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mauriac, Francois Mauriac, Francois Charles Mauriac
   HAS INSTANCE=> Maurois, Andre Maurois, Emile Herzog
   HAS INSTANCE=> McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, Mary Therese McCarthy
   HAS INSTANCE=> McCullers, Carson McCullers, Carson Smith McCullers
   HAS INSTANCE=> McLuhan, Marshall McLuhan, Herbert Marshall McLuhan
   HAS INSTANCE=> Melville, Herman Melville
   HAS INSTANCE=> Merton, Thomas Merton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Michener, James Michener, James Albert Michener
   HAS INSTANCE=> Miller, Henry Miller, Henry Valentine Miller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Milne, A. A. Milne, Alan Alexander Milne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mitchell, Margaret Mitchell, Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mitford, Nancy Mitford, Nancy Freeman Mitford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mitford, Jessica Mitford, Jessica Lucy Mitford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Montaigne, Michel Montaigne, Michel Eyquem Montaigne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Montgomery, L. M. Montgomery, Lucy Maud Montgomery
   HAS INSTANCE=> More, Thomas More, Sir Thomas More
   HAS INSTANCE=> Morrison, Toni Morrison, Chloe Anthony Wofford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Munro, H. H. Munro, Hector Hugh Munro, Saki
   HAS INSTANCE=> Murdoch, Iris Murdoch, Dame Jean Iris Murdoch
   HAS INSTANCE=> Musset, Alfred de Musset, Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
   HAS INSTANCE=> Nabokov, Vladimir Nabokov, Vladimir vladimirovich Nabokov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Nash, Ogden Nash
   HAS INSTANCE=> Nicolson, Harold Nicolson, Sir Harold George Nicolson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Norris, Frank Norris, Benjamin Franklin Norris Jr.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Oates, Joyce Carol Oates
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Brien, Edna O'Brien
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Connor, Flannery O'Connor, Mary Flannery O'Connor
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Flaherty, Liam O'Flaherty
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Hara, John Henry O'Hara
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ondaatje, Michael Ondaatje, Philip Michael Ondaatje
   HAS INSTANCE=> Orczy, Baroness Emmusca Orczy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Orwell, George Orwell, Eric Blair, Eric Arthur Blair
   HAS INSTANCE=> Page, Thomas Nelson Page
   HAS INSTANCE=> Parker, Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Rothschild Parker
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pasternak, Boris Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich Pasternak
   HAS INSTANCE=> Paton, Alan Paton, Alan Stewart Paton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Percy, Walker Percy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Petronius, Gaius Petronius, Petronius Arbiter
   HAS INSTANCE=> Plath, Sylvia Plath
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pliny, Pliny the Elder, Gaius Plinius Secundus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pliny, Pliny the Younger, Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Poe, Edgar Allan Poe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Porter, William Sydney Porter, O. Henry
   HAS INSTANCE=> Porter, Katherine Anne Porter
   HAS INSTANCE=> Post, Emily Post, Emily Price Post
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pound, Ezra Pound, Ezra Loomis Pound
   HAS INSTANCE=> Powys, John Cowper Powys
   HAS INSTANCE=> Powys, Theodore Francis Powys
   HAS INSTANCE=> Powys, Llewelyn Powys
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pyle, Howard Pyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pynchon, Thomas Pynchon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rand, Ayn Rand
   HAS INSTANCE=> Richler, Mordecai Richler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Roberts, Kenneth Roberts
   HAS INSTANCE=> Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Roth, Philip Roth, Philip Milton Roth
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Rousseau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Runyon, Damon Runyon, Alfred Damon Runyon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rushdie, Salman Rushdie, Ahmed Salman Rushdie
   HAS INSTANCE=> Russell, George William Russell, A.E.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sade, de Sade, Comte Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, Marquis de Sade
   HAS INSTANCE=> Salinger, J. D. Salinger, Jerome David Salinger
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sand, George Sand, Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, Baroness Dudevant
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sandburg, Carl Sandburg
   HAS INSTANCE=> Saroyan, William Saroyan
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sayers, Dorothy Sayers, Dorothy L. Sayers, Dorothy Leigh Sayers
   HAS INSTANCE=> Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Scott, Walter Scott, Sir Walter Scott
   HAS INSTANCE=> Service, Robert William Service
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shaw, G. B. Shaw, George Bernard Shaw
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shelley, Mary Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Mary Godwin Wollstonecraft Shelley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shute, Nevil Shute, Nevil Shute Norway
   HAS INSTANCE=> Simenon, Georges Simenon, Georges Joseph Christian Simenon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sinclair, Upton Sinclair, Upton Beall Sinclair
   HAS INSTANCE=> Singer, Isaac Bashevis Singer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Smollett, Tobias Smollett, Tobias George Smollett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Snow, C. P. Snow, Charles Percy Snow, Baron Snow of Leicester
   HAS INSTANCE=> Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sontag, Susan Sontag
   HAS INSTANCE=> Spark, Muriel Spark, Dame Muriel Spark, Muriel Sarah Spark
   HAS INSTANCE=> Spillane, Mickey Spillane, Frank Morrison Spillane
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stael, Madame de Stael, Baronne Anne Louise Germaine Necker de Steal-Holstein
   HAS INSTANCE=> Steele, Sir Richrd Steele
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stein, Gertrude Stein
   HAS INSTANCE=> Steinbeck, John Steinbeck, John Ernst Steinbeck
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stendhal, Marie Henri Beyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stephen, Sir Leslie Stephen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sterne, Laurence Sterne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stockton, Frank Stockton, Francis Richard Stockton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stoker, Bram Stoker, Abraham Stoker
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stowe, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Styron, William Styron
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sue, Eugene Sue
   HAS INSTANCE=> Symonds, John Addington Symonds
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Rabindranath Tagore
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tarbell, Ida Tarbell, Ida M. Tarbell, Ida Minerva Tarbell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Thackeray, William Makepeace Thackeray
   HAS INSTANCE=> Thoreau, Henry David Thoreau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tocqueville, Alexis de Tocqueville, Alexis Charles Henri Maurice de Tocqueville
   HAS INSTANCE=> Toklas, Alice B. Toklas
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy, Count Lev Nikolayevitch Tolstoy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Trollope, Anthony Trollope
   HAS INSTANCE=> Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev
   HAS INSTANCE=> Undset, Sigrid Undset
   HAS INSTANCE=> Untermeyer, Louis Untermeyer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Updike, John Updike, John Hoyer Updike
   HAS INSTANCE=> Van Doren, Carl Van Doren, Carl Clinton Van Doren
   HAS INSTANCE=> Vargas Llosa, Mario Vargas Llosa, Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa
   HAS INSTANCE=> Verne, Jules Verne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Vidal, Gore Vidal, Eugene Luther Vidal
   HAS INSTANCE=> Voltaire, Arouet, Francois-Marie Arouet
   HAS INSTANCE=> Vonnegut, Kurt Vonnegut
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wain, John Wain, John Barrington Wain
   HAS INSTANCE=> Walker, Alice Walker, Alice Malsenior Walker
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wallace, Edgar Wallace, Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace
   HAS INSTANCE=> Walpole, Horace Walpole, Horatio Walpole, Fourth Earl of Orford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Walton, Izaak Walton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ward, Mrs. Humphrey Ward, Mary Augusta Arnold Ward
   HAS INSTANCE=> Warren, Robert Penn Warren
   HAS INSTANCE=> Waugh, Evelyn Waugh, Evelyn Arthur Saint John Waugh
   HAS INSTANCE=> Webb, Beatrice Webb, Martha Beatrice Potter Webb
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wells, H. G. Wells, Herbert George Wells
   HAS INSTANCE=> Welty, Eudora Welty
   HAS INSTANCE=> Werfel, Franz Werfel
   HAS INSTANCE=> West, Rebecca West, Dame Rebecca West, Cicily Isabel Fairfield
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wharton, Edith Wharton, Edith Newbold Jones Wharton
   HAS INSTANCE=> White, E. B. White, Elwyn Brooks White
   HAS INSTANCE=> White, Patrick White, Patrick Victor Martindale White
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wiesel, Elie Wiesel, Eliezer Wiesel
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilde, Oscar Wilde, Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilder, Thornton Wilder, Thornton Niven Wilder
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilson, Sir Angus Wilson, Angus Frank Johnstone Wilson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilson, Harriet Wilson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wister, Owen Wister
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wodehouse, P. G. Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe, Thomas Clayton Wolfe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wolfe, Tom Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe, Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wollstonecraft, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wood, Mrs. Henry Wood, Ellen Price Wood
   HAS INSTANCE=> Woolf, Virginia Woolf, Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wouk, Herman Wouk
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wright, Richard Wright
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wright, Willard Huntington Wright, S. S. Van Dine
   HAS INSTANCE=> Zangwill, Israel Zangwill
   HAS INSTANCE=> Zweig, Stefan Zweig

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