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Born ::: in Karlsruhe, Germany, June 26, 1947
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Genre ::: Philosophy, Nonfiction
Influences ::: Klaus Briegleb, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Michel Foucault ...more

Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher, cultural theorist, television host and columnist. He is a professor of philosophy and media theory at the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe.

Peter Sloterdijk studied philosophy, Germanistics and history at the University of Munich. In 1975 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg. Since 1980 he has published many philosophical works, including the Critique of Cynical Reason. In 2001 he was named president of the State Academy of Design, part of the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. In 2002 he began to co-host Das Philosophische Quartett, a show on the German ZDF television channel devoted to discussing key issues affecting present-day society.

The Kritik der Zynischen Vernunft (Critique of Cynical Reason), published by Suhrkamp in 1983, became the best-selling philosophical book in the German language since the Second World War and launched Sloterdijk's career as an author.

The trilogy Spheres is the philosopher's magnum opus. The first volume was published in 1998, the second in 1999, and the last in 2004.

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Peter Sloterdijk


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1:We are in an outside that carries inner worlds. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
2:Ventilation is the profound secret of existence. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
3:In this distinctive world, elusive quantities flash at the edge of conventional logic. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
4:The disciple of philosophy must present itself, first as a way of thinking and then as a way of life. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
5:Ȋn mediul celor avuți, insațiabili, “interesul pentru artă nu e, de regulă, decât fața duminicală a lăcomiei". ~ Peter Sloterdijk
6:Gardens are enclosed areas in which plants and arts meet. They form 'cultures' in an uncompromised sense of the word. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
7:La cultura de masas presupone el fracaso de todo intento de hacer de uno alguien interesante, lo que significa hacerse mejor que los otros ~ Peter Sloterdijk
8:Os colarinhos-brancos, os moderadores e críticos cresceram em quase toda parte à custa dos criativos e deixam-se festejar como os verdadeiros criadores. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
9:Talvez, por menos oportuno que possa parecer, se devesse dizer mais uma vez: no mundo que sucedeu à graça, a arte foi o asilo das exceções que restaram. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
10:In the wall-less house of sounds, humans became the animals that come together by listening. Whatever else they might be, they are sonospheric communards. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
11:Consequently, immune systems at this level can be defined a priori as embodied expectations of injury and the corresponding programmes of protection and repair. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
12:Mysticism is the acquired immunodeficiency of regional ontologies; one catches it through unprotected thought intercourse with the stirred-up concept of the infinite. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
13:When everything has become the center, there is no longer any valid center; when everything is transmitting, the allegedly central transmitter is lost in the tangle of messages. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
14:Alors que ce mauvais siècle approche de sa fin, le pressentiment se répand que l’idée de faire histoire n’était qu’un prétexte. Le sujet décisif de la modernité, c’est de faire nature. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
15:Wherever one encounters members of the human race, they always show the traits of a being that is condemned to surrealistic effort. Whoever goes in search of humans will find acrobats. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
16:It is not sufficient, he emphasized, to colour (colorare) the mind with wisdom; it must be pickled (macerare) in it, as it were, soaked in it (inficere), and entirely transformed by it. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
17:Aus heutiger Sicht lag die 68er-Bewegung exakt in dem Trend, der zur Konsumgesellschaft führt. Ohne es zu ahnen, waren wir, die westdeutschen Früh-Hedonisten, die Labormäuse des totalen Konsumismus. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
18:Repetition plus translation plus generalization results, with the correct calculation, in clarification. If there is such a thing as 'progress in religion', it can only manifest itself as increasing explicitness. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
19:The impact of the sense of vision on philosophy is well summed up by Peter Sloterdijk: 'The eyes are the organic prototype of philosophy. Their enigma is that they not only can see but are also able to see themselves seeing. ~ Juhani Pallasmaa
20:As in the days of the first Merovingian, who pledged allegiance to the cross because of a victorious battle, today's children of the banalized Enlightenment are likewise meant to burn what they worshipped and worship what they burned. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
21:As long as no more than a small minority are capable of reading and writing, universal alphabetization seems like a messianic project. Only once everyone has this ability does one notice the catastrophe that almost no one can do it properly. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
22:Din marele elan al transformării egalitariste a umanității nu a rămas, până la urmă, mult mai mult decât autoprivilegierea nedisimulată a funcționarilor – ca să nu mai vorbim de paralizia, resemnarea și cinismul pe care le-a lăsat moștenire. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
23:Being-‘subject’ means taking up a position from which an actor can make the transition from theory to practice. This transition usually takes place once an actor has found the motive that liberates them from hesitation and disinhibits them for action. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
24:A massa pós-moderna é massa sem potencial, uma soma de microanarquias e solidões que mal lembram o tempo em que - incitada e conscientizada pelos seus porta-vozes e secretários-gerais - deveria e queria fazer história como coletivo prenhe de expressão. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
25:A aptidão de Hitler para o seu papel no psicodrama alemão não se baseava em capacidades incomuns ou carismas brilhando ao longe, mas em sua vulgaridade inatingivelmente evidente e na disposição resultante de berrar do fundo da alma para grandes multidões. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
26:Nietzsche is no more or less than the Schliemann of asceticisms. In the midst of the excavation sites, surrounded by the psychopathic rubble of millennia and the ruins of morbid palaces, he was completely right to assume the triumphant expression of a discoverer. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
27:El secreto de la modernidad se esconde en su capacidad de reclutar personas de cualquier origen y cualquier confesión para que formen parte de la más grande de las campañas militares, la campaña por el alivio progresivo del estrés anónimo surgido de la opresión de lo real. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
28:An ideology critique that does not clearly accept its identity as satire can, however, easily be transformed from an instrument in the search for truth into one of dogmatism. All too often, it interferes with the capacity for dialogue instead of opening up new paths for it. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
29:As a system of hybrid communicating vessels, the human interior consists of paradoxical or autogenous hollow bodies that are at once tight and leaky, that must alternate between the roles of container and content, and which simultaneously have properties of inner and outer walls. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
30:The spaces that humans allow to contain them have their own history - albeit a history that has never been told, and whose heroes are eo ipso not humans themselves, but rather the topoi and spheres as whose function humans flourish, and from which they fall if their unfolding fails. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
31:A philosopher is one who, as an athlete of totality, is laden with the weight of the world. The essence of philosophy as a form of living is philponia — friendship with the entirety of weighty and worth things. The love of wisdom and the love of the weight of the one whole are unified. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
32:This much should be clear by now: the term 'renaissance' can only remain fruitful and demanding as long as it refers to a far-reaching idea: that it is the fate of Europeans to develop life and forms of life according to and alongside the Christian definitions of life and forms of life. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
33:How much truth is contained in something can be best determined by making it thoroughly laughable and then watching to see how much joking around it can take. For truth is a matter that can withstand mockery, that is freshened by any ironic gesture directed at it. Whatever cannot withstand satire is false. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
34:In the midst of the ubiquitous dealings with prostituted signs, the thing-poem was capable of opening up the prospect of returning to credible experiences of meaning. It did this by tying language to the gold standard of what things themselves communicate. Where randomness is disabled, authority should shine forth. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
35:The violent, antirationalistic impulse in Western countries is reacting to an intellectual state of affairs in which all thinking has become strategy; this impulse shows a disgust for a certain form of self-preservation. It is a sensitive shivering from the cold breath of a reality where knowledge is power and power is knowledge. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
36:In his field, and with his means, Rilke carries out an operation that one could philosophically describe as the 'transformation of being into message' (more commonly, 'linguistic turn'). 'Being that can be be understood is language', Heidegger would later state - which conversely implies that language abandoned by being becomes mere chatter. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
37:The human being does not hop out of the magician's hat in the way that the ape climbs down from the tree; he also does not emerge from the hand of a creator who surveys everything in advance with his foreknowledge. He is the product of a production that is not itself a human being. The human being was not yet what he would become before he became it. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
38:A massa não reunida e não reunível na sociedade pós-moderna não possui mais, por essa razão, um sentimento de corpo e espaço próprios; ela não se vê mais confluir e agir, não sente mais sua natureza pulsante; não produz mais um grito conjunto. Distancia-se cada vez mais da possibilidade de passar de suas rotinas práticas e indolentes para um aguçamento revolucionário. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
39:In Nietzsche's usage, the word 'Christianity' does not even refer primarily to the religion; using it like a code word, he is thinking more of a particular religio-metaphysically influenced disposition, an ascetically (in the penitent and self-denying sense) defined attitude to the world, an unfortunate form of life deferral, focus on the hereafter and quarrel with secular facts ~ Peter Sloterdijk
40:Not until Plato’s Republic was a type of politician created who would no longer serve as a loudspeaker, but rather as a receiver of quiet ideas – with little success, as we know, as the introduction of the quiet politician is yet to come. It would be a contradiction in terms, for politics, as the art of what is possible in noise, remains assigned to the loud side of the phonotope ~ Peter Sloterdijk
41:Above all: only grant the suspicion that sport is a pastime for the most stupid as much space as it deserves, do not misuse it as a pretext to drift further in your customary state of self-neglect, distrust the philistine in yourself who thinks you are just fine as you are! Hear the voice from the stone, do not resist the call to get in shape! Seize the chance to train with a god! ~ Peter Sloterdijk
42:It illustrates the process of intelligence in relation to non-transparent factors on the basis of five typical configurations that I shall call: the grave; the body; the book; the bureaucracy; the complex machine. It would be an accidental but not undesirable effect if people recognize this series as a progressive approach to the living environment, or, rather, the box environment of modernity. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
43:What early Christianity meant by 'faith' (pistis) was initially nothing other than running ahead and clinging to a model or idea whose attainability was still uncertain. Faith is purely anticipatory, in the sense that it already has an effect when it mobilizes the existence of the anticipatory towards the goal through anticipation. In analogy for the placebo effect, one would have to call this the movebo effect. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
44:We know from accounts of Rilke's life that his stay in Rodin's workshops taught him how modern sculpture had advanced to the genre of the autonomous torso. The poet's view of the mutilated body thus has nothing to do with the previous century's Romanticism of fragments and ruins; it is part of the breakthrough in modern art to the concept of the object that states itself with authority and the body that publicizes itself with authorization. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
45:[Nietzsche's] questions - transcend, but where to; ascend, but to what height? - would have answered themselves if he had calmly kept both feet on the ascetic ground. He was too sick to follow his most important insight: that the main thing in life is to take the minor things seriously. When minor things grow stronger, the danger posed by the main thing is contained; then climbing higher in the minor things means advancing in the main thing. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
46:As the activity culture of modernity constitutes itself against heteronomy, however, it will seek and find methods to place the commanding authority inside the hearer of the command themselves, so that they seem only to be obeying their inner voice when they submit. In this way, the fact of ‘subjectivity’ is demanded, created and fulfilled. What is meant, then, is the individual's co-determination of the authority that can give them commands. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
47:[...] aquellos grandes cuerpos políticos que antes llamábamos pueblos y hoy, a razón de una dudosa convención semántica, denominamos "sociedades". Cuando decimos esta palabra solemos pensar en las poblaciones de los estados-nación modernos, por tanto en unidades políticas grandes y muy grandes con volúmenes demográficos de entre unos cuantos millones y mil millones de miembros. [...] el animal fabuloso "sociedad", [...] lo aceptamos como una cosa obvia. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
48:In his treatise on the battles between the gods underlying ancient Dionysian theatre, the young Nietzsche notes: 'Alas! The magic of these struggles is such, that he who sees them must also take part in them.' Similarly, an anthropology of the practising life is infected by its subject. Dealing with practices, asceticisms and exercises, whether or not they are declared as such, the theorist inevitably encounters his own inner constitution, beyond affirmation and denial. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
49:But if man genuinely produces man, it is precisely not through work and it's concrete results, not even the 'work on oneself' so widely praised in recent times, let alone through the alternatively invoked phenomena of 'interaction' or 'communication': it is through life in forms of practice. Practice is defined here as any operation that provides or improves the actor's qualification for the next performance of the same operation, whether it is declared as practice or not. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
50:Ȋn timp ce economia obișnuită, dictată de "erosul inferior", se bazează pe afectele voinței de a avea, economia thymotică se sprijină pe mândria celor care se simt liberi să dăruiască. ... utilizarea thymotică a bogăției ȋn lumea anglo-saxonă, și mai ales ȋn SUA, a devenit un fapt civilizator garantat, ȋn timp ce pe continentul european – din cauza unor tradiții bazate pe ȋncrederea ȋn stat, pe subvenționism și pe mizerabilism – n-a reușit să se aclimatizeze cu adevărat nici până ȋn ziua de azi. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
51:Only the artistic will to transform the future into a space of unlimited art-elevating chances enables us to understand the core of the procreation rule: 'a creator shall you create [...] a self-propelling wheel, a first movement'. This rule contains no less than Nietzsche's theology after the death of God: there will continue to be a God and gods, but only humanity-immanent ones, and only to the extent that there are creators who follow on from what has been achieved in order to go higher, faster and further. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
52:Something is indeed returning today - but the conventional wisdom that this is religion making its reappearance is insufficient to satisfy critical inquiries. Nor is it the return of a factor that had vanished, but, rather a shift of emphasis in a continuum that was never interrupted. The genuinely recurring element that would merit our full intellectual attention is more anthropological than 'religious' in its implications - it is, in a nutshell, the recognition of the immunitary constitution of human beings. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
53:Cultele memoriei de orice natură, indiferent dacă se prezintă ȋn veșminte religioase, civilizatoare sau politice, trebuie privite... cu neȋncredere și asta fără excepție: sub pretextul unei comemorări purificatoare, eliberatoare sau fie și numai fondatoare de identitate, ele dau inevitabil apă la moară unei tendințe ascunse de repetare și repunere ȋn scenă. ... măsurile de stingere sau de domolire a flăcării mocnite cu care ard amintirile suferințelor trebuie să facă parte din regulile de ȋnțelepciune ale oricărei civilizații, ~ Peter Sloterdijk
54:The reason for the existence of the perfection conjured up in these fourteen lines is that it possesses ... the authorization to form a message that appeals from within itself. This power of appeal is exquisitely evident in the object evoked here. The perfect thing is that which articulates an entire principle of being. The poem has to perform no more and no less than to perceive the principle of being in the thing and adapt it to its own existence - with the aim of becoming a construct with an equal power to convey a message. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
55:In truth, philosophy is the mode of thought shaped by the most radical form of prejudice: the passion of being-in-the-world. With the sole exception of specialists in the field, virtually everyone senses that anything which offers less than this passion play remains philosophically trivial. Cultural anthropologists suggest the appealing term 'deep play' for the comprehensively absorbing preoccupations of human beings. From the perspective of a theory of the practising life we would add: the deep plays are those which are moved by the heights. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
56:It is not only the weary Homo faber, who objectifies the world in the 'doing' mode, who must vacate his place on the logical stage; the time has also come for Homo religiosus, who turns to the world above in surreal rites, to bid a deserved farewell. Together, workers and believers come into a new category. It is time to reveal humans as the beings who result from repetition. Just as the nineteenth century stood cognitively under the sign of production and the twentieth under that of reflexivity, the future should present itself under the sign of the exercise. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
57:The constant back and forth between the poles of the android id and the human ego gave rise to the soul drama of the mid-Modern Age, which was simultaneously a technical drama. Its topic is best summarized in a theory of convergence, where the android moves towards its animation while increasing parts of real human existence are demystified as higher forms of mechanics. The uncanny (which Freud knew something about) and the disappointing (on which he chose to remain silent) move towards each other. The ensoulment of the machine is strictly proportional to the desoulment of humans. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
58:For many intelligences,the thought of homely intimacies is associated with a spontaneous disgust at too much sweetness-which is why there is neither a philosophy of sweetness nor an elaborated ontology of the intimate. One must assess the nature of this resistance if one is to get past typical initial aversions. From a distance,the subject appears so unattractive and inconsequential that for the time being,only suckers for harmony or theophilic eunuchs would get stuck on it. An intellect that spends its energy on worthy objects usually prefers the sharp to the sweet; one does not offer candy to heroes ~ Peter Sloterdijk
59:Hence there is no free admission to the process of enlightenment - it is always paid at a psycho-traumatic cost. Only such individuals as always already bring along much more injury than could be caused by mere cognitive attacks on their narcissistic system have an apparently free backstage pass to it. Such candidates, like the highly talented of a special type, obtain their degree in wound studies free of charge. For them psychical sacrifices that only affect the cognitive immunity-shield appear to be forms of relief - for which reason they move about in the region of obscure theory like fish in water. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
60:The Enlightenment, finally, invented progressive 'history' as an inner-worldly purgatory in order to develop the conditions of possibility of a perfected 'society'. This provided the required setting for the aggressive social theology of the Modern Age to drive out the political theology of the imperial eras. What was the Enlightenment in its deep structure if not an attempt to translate the ancient rhyme on learning and suffering - mathein pathein - into a collective and species-wide phenomenon? Was its aim not to persuade the many to expose themselves to transitional ordeals that would precede the great optimization of all things? ~ Peter Sloterdijk
61:It is clear enough that not every something can be elevated to the rank of a thing - otherwise everything and everyone would be speaking once more, and the chatter would spread from humans to things. Rilke privileges two categories of 'entities' [Seienden), to express it in the papery diction of philosophy, that are eligible for the lofty task of acting as message-things - artifices and living creatures - with the latter gaining their particular quality from the former, as if animals were being's highest works of art before humans. Inherent to both is a message energy that does not activate itself, but requires the poet as a decoder and messenger. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
62:In the foam worlds, however, no bubble can be expanded into an absolutely centered, all-encompassing, amphiscopic org; no central light penetrates the entire foam in its dynamic murkiness. Hence the ethics of the decentered, small and middle-sized bubbles in the world foam includes the effort to move about in an unprecedentedly spacious world with an unprecedentedly modest circumspection; in the foam, discrete and polyvalent games of reason must develop that learn to live with a shimmering diversity of perspectives , and dispense with the illusion of the one lordly point of view. Most roads do not lead to Rome-that is the situation, European: recognize it. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
63:The biggest and, outwardly, most trustful banker in history is God, the administrator delegated to eternity. And his credit institute is Paradise. Billions of faithfuls, for centuries, have invested in the hope of God, expecting redemption in eternal life. And since the celestial agency is going bankrupt, nothing is left of its capital, on which the hopes of six billion faithful consumers rely. Capitalism is a project of universal anthropology. Humans primarily are beings who desire. Not in an hedonistic, but in a materialistic sense: in the modern period, Westerners have looked for felicity through the possession of objects and the consumption of commodities. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
64:In his differentiation between asceticisms, Nietzsche posited a clear divide between the priestly varieties on the one side, illuminated by his vicious gaze, and the disciplinary rules of intellectual workers, philosophers and artists as well as the exercises of warriors and athletes on the other side. If the former are concerned with what one might call a pathogogical asceticism - an artful self-violation among an elite of sufferers that empowers them to lead other sufferers and induce the healthy to become co-sick - the latter only impose their regulations on themselves because they see them as a means of reaching their optimum as thinkers and creators of works. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
65:His concept of allochrony - initially introduced shyly as 'untimeliness', then later radicalized to an exit from modernity - is based on the idea, as suggestive as it is fantastic, that antiquity has no need of repetitions enacted in subsequent periods, because it 'essentially' returns constantly on its own strength. In other words, antiquity - or the ancient - is not an overcome phase of cultural development that is only represented in the collective memory and can be summoned by the wilfulness of education. It is rather a kind of constant present - a depth time, a nature time, a time of being - that continues underneath the theatre of memory and innovation that occupies cultural time. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
66:In the wake of his new division of ascetic opinion, Nietzsche not only stumbles upon the fundamental meaning of the practising life for the development of styles of existence or 'cultures'. He puts his finger on what he sees as the decisive separation for all moralities, namely into the asceticisms of the healthy and those of the sick, though he does not show any reservations about presenting the antithesis with an almost caricatural harshness. The healthy - a word that has long been subjected to countless deconstructions - are those who, because they are healthy, want to grow through good asceticisms; and the sick are those who, because they are sick, plot revenge with bad asceticisms. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
67:The aesthetic construct, and nothing else, has taught us to expose ourselves to a non-enslaving experience of rank differences. The work of art is even allowed to 'tell' us, those who have run away from form, something, because it quite obviously does not embody the intention to confine us. 'La poesie ne s'impose plus, elle s'expose' Something that exposes itself and proves itself in this test gains unpresumed authority. In the space of aesthetic simulation, which is at once the emergency space for the success and failure of the artistic construct, the powerless superiority of the works can affect observers who otherwise take pains to ensure that they have no lord, old or new, above them. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
68:...only very few - only humans, as far as we know - achieve the second level of transcendent movement. Through this, the environment is de-restricted to become the world as an integral whole of manifest and latent elements. The second step is the work of language. This not only builds the 'house of being' - Heidegger took this phrase from Zarathustra's animals, which inform the convalescent: 'the house of being rebuilds itself eternally'; it is also the vehicle for the tendencies to run away from that house with which, by means of its inner surpluses, humans move towards the open. It need hardly be explained why the oldest parasite in the world, the world above, only appears with the second transcendence. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
69:I am already living, but something is telling me with unchallengeable authority: you are not living properly. The numinous authority of form enjoys the prerogative of being able to tell me 'You must'.
It is the authority of a different life in this life. This authority touches on a subtle insufficiency within me that is older and freer than sin; it is my innermost not-yet. In my most conscious moment, I am affected by the absolute objection to my status quo: my change is the one thing that is necessary. If you do indeed subsequently change your life, what you are doing is no different from what you desire with your whole will as soon as you feel how a vertical tension that is valid for you unhinges your life. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
70:Give up your attachment to comfortable ways of living - show yourself in the gymnasium (gymnos = 'naked'), prove that you are not indifferent to the difference between perfect and imperfect, demonstrate to us that achievement - excellence, arete, virtu - has not remained a foreign word to you, admit that you have motives for new endeavours! Above all: only grant the suspicion that sport is a pastime for the most stupid as much space as it deserves, do not misuse it as a pretext to drift further in your customary state of self-neglect, distrust the philistine in yourself who thinks you are just fine as you are! Hear the voice from the stone, do not resist the call to get in shape! Seize the chance to train with a god! ~ Peter Sloterdijk
71:The de-spiritualization of asceticisms is probably the event in the current intellectual history of mankind that is the most comprehensive and, because of its large scale, the hardest to perceive, yet at once the most palpable and atmospherically powerful. Its counterpart is the informalization of spirituality - accompanied by its commercialization in the corresponding subcultures. The threshold values for these two tendencies provide the intellectual landmarks for the twentieth century: the first tendency is represented by sport, which has become a metaphor for achievement as such, and the second by popular music, that devotio postmoderna which covers the lives of contemporary individuals with unpredictable flashes of inner emergency. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
72:There is no 'eugenics' in Nietzsche - despite occasional references to 'breeding'- at least no more than is implicit in the recommendation to choose a partner under decent lightning conditions and with one's self-respect intact. Everything else falls under training, discipline, education and self-design - the Übermensch implies not a biological but an artistic, not to say an acrobatic programme. The only thought-provoking aspect of the marriage recommendation quoted above is the difference between onward and upward propagation. This coincides with a critique of mere repetition - obviously it will no longer suffice in future for children, as one says, to 'return' in their children. There may be a right to imperfection, but not to triviality. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
73:The extension of the moral-historical perspective makes the meaning of the thesis of the athletic and somatic renaissance apparent. At the transition from the nineteenth to the twentieth century, the phenomenon labelled the 'rebirth of antiquity' in the language regulations of art history entered a phase that fundamentally modified the motives of our identification with cultural relics from antiquity, even from the early classical period. Here, as we have seen, one finds a regression to a time in which the changing of life had not yet fallen under the command of life-denying asceticisms. This 'supra-epochal' time could just as easily be called the future, and what seems like a regression towards it could also be conceived of as a leap forwards. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
74:From the perspective of the radicals, the habitus basis of human existence is, as a whole, no more than a spiritually worthless puppet theatre into which a free ego-soul must be implanted after the fact, and through the greatest effort. If this fails, one experiences an effect in most people that is familiar from many athletes and models: they make a promising visual impression - but if one knocks, no one is at home. According to these doctrines, the adept can only rid themselves of their baggage by subjecting their life to a rigorous practice regime by which they can de-automize their behaviour in all important dimensions. At the same time, they must re-automatize their newly acquired behaviour so that what they want to be or represent becomes second nature. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
75:We can trace the communitarian fantasy that lies at the root of all humanism back to the model of a literary society, in which participation through reading the canon reveals a common love of inspiring messages. At the heart of humanism so understood we discover a cult or club fantasy: the dream of the portentous solidarity of those who have been chosen to be allowed to read. In the ancient world—indeed, until the dawn of the modern nation-states—the power of reading actually did mean something like membership of a secret elite; linguistic knowledge once counted in many places as the provenance of sorcery. In Middle English the word 'glamour' developed out of the word 'grammar'. The person who could read would be thought easily capable of other impossibilities. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
76:A completely different aspect, however, the thoroughly incommensurable one, lies in the imposition of accepting that the torso sees me while I observe it - indeed, that it eyes me more sharply than I can look at it.

The ability to perform the inner gesture with which one makes space for this improbability inside oneself most probably consists precisely in the talent that Max Weber denied having. This talent is 'religiosity', understood as an innate disposition and a talent that can be developed, making it comparable to musicality. One can practise it, just as one practises melodic passages or syntactic patterns. In this sense, religiosity is congruent with a certain grammatical promiscuity. Where it operates, objects elastically exchange places with subjects. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
77:Clinically speaking, hysteria is - not only among the religious - the ability to somatize figures of speech; from a philosophical perspective, one could say that hysterics are individuals who delay their coming-into-the-world until they can exit into overheated language games; their manner of existence is the epitome of metaphysical neurosis. The hysterics move without any interlude, as it were, or after a long period of latency somewhere inconspicuous, from the womb into the house of language - or the hall of sounds and grand acoustic gestures. Through language and gestures, they hope to skip the phase of pre-linguistic forlornness, the infant trauma, and make it never have happened. Hence, perhaps, their ability to make verbal expressions glow in their own bodies. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
78:In this book, we will naturally be dealing primarily with the manifestations of the third level of immunity. I gather material on the biography of Homo immunologicus, guided by the assumption that this is where to find the stuff from which the forms of anthropotechnics are made. By this I mean the methods of mental and physical practising by which humans from the most diverse cultures have attempted to optimize their cosmic and immunological status in the face of vague risks of living and acute certainties of death. Only when these procedures have been grasped in a broad tableau of human 'work on oneself' can we evaluate the newest experiments in genetic engineering, to which, in the current debate, many have reduced the term 'anthropotechnics', reintroduced in 1997. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
79:The stakes in this game are not low. Our enterprise is no less than the introduction of an alternative language, and with the language an altered perspective, for a group of phenomena that tradition tended to refer to with such words as 'spirituality', 'piety', 'morality', 'ethics' and 'asceticism'. If the manoeuvre succeeds, the conventional concept of religion, that ill-fated bugbear from the prop studios of modern Europe, will emerge from these investigations as the great loser. Certainly intellectual history has always resembled a refuge for malformed concepts - and after the following journey through the various stations, one will not only see through the concept of 'religion' in its failed design, a concept whose crookedness is second only to the hyper-bugbear that is 'culture'. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
80:What the poet has to say to the torso of the supposed Apollo, however, is more than a note on an excursion to the antiquities collection. The author's point is not that the thing depicts an extinct god who might be of interest to the humanistically educated, but that the god in the stone constitutes a thing-construct that is still on air. We are dealing with a document of how newer message ontology outgrew traditional theologies. Here, being itself is understood as having more power to speak and transmit, and more potent authority, than God, the ruling idol of religions. In modern times, even a God can find himself among the pretty figures that no longer mean anything to us - assuming they do not become openly irksome. The thing filled with being, however, does not cease to speak to us when its moment has come. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
81:I receive the reward for my willingness to participate in the object-subject reversal in the form of a private illumination - in the present case, as an aesthetic movedness. The torso, which has no place that does not see me, likewise does not impose itself - it exposes itself. It exposes itself by testing whether I will recognize it as a seer. Acknowledging it as a seer essentially means 'believing' in it, where believing, as noted above, refers to the inner operations that are necessary to conceive of the vital principle in the stone as a sender of discrete addressed energies. If I somehow succeed in this, I am also able to take the glow of subjectivity away from the stone. I tentatively accept the way it stands there in exemplary radiance, and receive the starlike eruption of its surplus of authority and soul. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
82:A mi entender, hay que concebir los macrocuerpos políticos que llamamos sociedades en primer lugar como campos de fuerzas integradas por el estrés, más precisamente como sistemas de preocupaciones que se autoestresan y que se precipitan siempre hacia adelante. Estos sistemas solo existen en la medida que consiguen mantener su 'tonus' específico de intranquilidad mientras los temas cambian diariamente y anualmente. Desde este punto de vista una nación es una colectividad que consigue conservar en común la ausencia de calma. Un flujo constante, más o menos intenso, de temas estresantes ha de encargarse de sincronizar las consciencias para integrar la población en una comunidad de preocupaciones y excitaciones que se regenera día tras día. Es por eso que los medios de información modernos son absolutamente imprescindibles [...] ~ Peter Sloterdijk
83:Such immune systems could equally be described as organismic early forms of a feeling for transcendence: thanks to the efficiency of these devices, which are constantly at the ready, the organism actively confronts the potential bringers of its death, opposing them with its endogenous capacity to overcome the lethal. Such functions have earned immune systems of this type comparisons to a ‘body police’ or border patrol. But as the concern, already at this level, is to work out a modus vivendi with foreign and invisible powers – and, in so far as these can bring death, ‘higher’ and ‘supernatural’ ones – this is a preliminary stage to the behaviour one is accustomed to terming religious or spiritual in human contexts. For every organism, its environment is its transcendence, and the more abstract and unknown the danger from that environment, the more transcendent it appears. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
84:If we extrapolate this position as a constant factor at work in the background character of twentieth-century culture, it is clear why a system like Steiner’s has always risked being marginalized. After all, in many ways it is the epitome of uncoolness. Coolness will have nothing to do with improving life and the world. As soon as a dogooder enters the room, the coolness enthusiasts leave. KRIES: Has that changed today? SLOTERDIJK: Today’s zeitgeist allows more scope to specific forms of uncoolness again. Many years ago I read Nietzsche’s Zarathustra with my American students. I was afraid it would be too full of pathos for them. But they simply read the whole thing right through like a rap. They didn’t find it at all bombastic and overblown. They had no trouble reading Nietzsche’s extreme flights of rhapsodic style, which are difficult for people educated in old Europe, straight off the page. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
85:Desde hace unas cuantas décadas es una moda intelectual llamar construcciones a todas las entidades posibles de este mundo en que vivimos para desproveérlos de la apariencia de entidades naturales y evidentes en sí mismas. Y siempre se presenta "la sociedad" como el constructor general. [...] En la cultura moderna de la reflexión se quería ver el sujeto activo implicado de repente en todos los asuntos que antes se dejaban al buen criterio de la "naturaleza" o del "ser objetivo". [...] las referencias a la construcción social de la realidad tienen un sentido bien diferente del que pretenden los que se sirven del argot constructivista. En la edad moderna, la realidad es efectivamente una construcción, pero no precisamente una construcción del sujeto, sino una construcción de los defensores de la objetividad que no sirve para otro fin que evitar que el sujeto se evada de la realidad estresante común. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
86:Vitality, understood both somatically and mentally, is itself the medium that contains a gradient between more and less. It therefore contains the vertical component that guides ascents within itself, and has no need of additional external or metaphysical attractors. That God is supposedly dead is irrelevant in this context. With or without God, each person will only get as far as their form carries them.

Naturally 'God', during the time of his effective cultural representation, was the most convincing attractor for those forms of life and practice which strove 'towards Him' - and this towards-Him was identical to 'upwards'. Nietzsche's concern to preserve vertical tension after the death of God proves how seriously he took his task as the 'last metaphysician', without overlooking the comical aspect of his mission. He had found his great role as a witness to the vertical dimension without God. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
87:As we know, Rilke, under the influence of Auguste Rodin, whom he had assisted between 1905 and 1906 in Meudon as a private secretary, turned away from the art nouveau-like, sensitized-atmospheric poetic approach of his early years to pursue a view of art determined more strongly by the priority of the object. The proto-modern pathos of making way for the object without depicting it in a manner 'true to nature', like that of the old masters, led in Rilke's case to the concept of the thing-poem - and thus to a temporarily convincing new answer to the question of the source of aesthetic and ethical authority. From that point, it would be the things themselves from which all authority would come - or rather: from this respectively current singular thing that turns to me by demanding my full gaze. This is only possible because thing-being would now no longer mean anything but this: having something to say. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
88:In ihrer älteren Version (Adorno) war die Frankfurter Schule ein gnostischer George-Kreis von links; sie lancierte die wunderbar hochmütige Initiative, eine ganze Generation in verfeinernder Absicht zu verführen. Sie löste eine tiefe Wirkung aus, die wir unter der Formel vom Eingedenken der Natur im Subjekt zusammenfassen können. In ihrer jüngeren Version (Habermas) war sie ein in Latenz gehaltener Jakobinismus - eine sozialliberale Version der Tugenddiktatur (in Verbindung mit journalistischem und akademischem Karrierismus). Beide Systeme, wenn sie mächtig werden, stellen für normale Demokratien Gefährdungsfaktoren dar - das ältere in nur geringem Maß, weil es aus inneren Gründen nie populär werden kann, das jüngere jedoch umso mehr, weil es überaus häufige und populäre Affekte - das Ressentiment und die Lust am Bessersein - organisiert. Für noch nicht normale Demokratien sind sie hingegen genau das Richtige. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
89:Via the mediation of the Enlightenment, this movement had changed from a hobby among a tiny literate elite and their secretaries, an ostentatious amusement among princely and mercantile art patrons and their masterly suppliers (who established a first 'art system'), into a national, a European, indeed a planetary matter. In order to spread from the few to the many, the renaissance had to discard its humanistic exterior and reveal itself as the return of ancient mass culture. The true renaissance question, reformulated in the terminology of practical philosophy - namely, whether other forms of life are possible and permissible for us alongside and after Christianity, especially ones whose patterns are derived from Greek and Roman (perhaps even Egyptian or Indian) antiquity - was no longer a secret discourse or an academic exercise in the nineteenth century, but rather an epochal passion, an inescapable pro nobis. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
90:The ascetic planet he sights is the planet of the practising as a whole, the planet of advanced-civilized humans, the planet of those who have begun to give their existence forms and contents under vertical tensions in countless programmes of effort, some more and some less strictly coded. When Nietzsche speaks of the ascetic planet, it is not because he would rather have been born on a more relaxed star. His antiquity-instinct tells him that every heavenly body worth inhabiting must - correctly understood - be an ascetic planet inhabited by the practising, the aspiring and the virtuosos. What is antiquity for him but the code word for the age in which humans had to become strong enough for a sacred-imperial image of the whole? Inherent in the great worldviews of antiquity was the intention of showing mortals how they could live in harmony with the 'universe', even and especially when that whole showed them its baffling side, its lack of consideration for individuals. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
91:It is not only through their complexity that the immune systems confuse their owners' longing for security; they cause even more perplexity through their immanent paradox, as their successes, if they become too thorough, are perverted to become their own kind of reasons for illness: the growing universe of auto-immune pathologies illustrates the dangerous tendency of the own to win itself to death in the battle against the other.
It is no coincidence that recent interpretations of the immunity phenomenon exhibit a tendency to assign far greater significance to the presence of the foreign amidst the own than was intended in traditional identitary understandings of a monolithically closed organismic self - one could almost speak of a post-structuralist turn in biology. In the light of this, the patrol of antibodies in an organism seems less like a police force applying a rigid immigration policy than a theater troupe parodying its invaders and performing as their transvestites. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
92:The hero of the following account, Homo immunologicus, who must give his life, with all its dangers and surfeits, a symbolic framework, is the human being that struggles with itself in concern for its form. We will characterize it more closely as the ethical human being, or rather Homo repetitious, Homo artista, the human in training. None of the circulating theories of behaviour or action is capable of grasping the practising human - on the contrary: we will understand why previous theories had to make it vanish systematically, regardless of whether they divided the field of observation into work and interaction, processes and communications, or active and contemplative life. With a concept of practice based on a broad anthropological foundation, we finally have the right instrument to overcome the gap, supposedly unbridgeable by methodological means, between biological and cultural phenomena of immunity - that is, between natural processes on the one hand and actions on the other. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
93:La primera forma de falta de libertad la experimentamos como opresión política, la segunda como una opresión impuesta por aquella realidad que, con razón o sin, llamamos externa. [...] un tercer frente de la falta de libertad [...] resulta de la esclavización de los hombres por falsas imágenes de sí mismos. [...] una revuelta antitiránica representa una "cooperación de estrés máximo" entre los dominados con la finalidad de eliminar una carga generada por el poder que se ha vuelto inaceptable. Las revoluciones estallan cuando las colectividades, en momentos críticos, calculan de nuevo su balance de estrés y llegan a la conclusión de que [...] una existencia dedicada a evitar sumisamente el estrés sale más cara que el estrés de la revuelta. En el caso más extremo, el cálculo dice: mejor morir que continuar siendo esclavo. [...] las dictaduras más suaves son las más duraderas. [...] Es por eso que Kant podía decir que un gobierno paternalista es "el despotismo más grande que se puede imaginar". ~ Peter Sloterdijk
94:Written culture itself, up to its recently implemented universal literacy, has had sharply selective effects. It has riven its host societies and formed a divide between literate and illiterate human beings, whose unbridgeability almost attained the firmness of a species differentiation. If one wished, despite Heidegger’s dissuasions, to speak anthropologically again, then the human beings of historical times could be defined as the animals of whom some can read and write while the others cannot. From here it is only a single step, if a demanding one, to the thesis that human beings are the animals of whom some breed those like them, while the others are bred—a thought that belongs to the pastoral folklore of Europeans since the time of Plato’s reflections on education and the state. Something of this is still heard in Nietzsche’s statement that few of the human beings in the small houses will, but most are willed. But to be only willed means to exist merely as an object, not as a subject, of selection. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
95:The lively thought-image of foam serves to recover the premetaphysical pluralism of world-inventions postmetaphysically. It helps us to enter the element of a manifold thought undeterred by the nihilistic pathos that involuntarily accompanied a reflection disappointed by the monological metaphysics during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It explains once again what this liveliness is about: “God is dead” is affirmed as the good news of the present day. One could reformulate it thus: “So the One Orb has imploded – now the foams are alive” When the mechanisms of cooption through simplifying globes and imperial totalizations have been seen through, this is precisely not a reason to abandon everything that was considered great, inspiring and valuable. Claiming that he harmful god of consensus has died means declaring which energies are required to resume work: it can only be those that were bound by metaphysical hyperbole. Once a great exaggeration becomes obsolete, swarms of more discrete upsurges arise. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
96:The lively thought-image of foam serves to recover the premetaphysical pluralism of world-inventions postmetaphysically. It helps us to enter the element of a manifold thought undeterred by the nihilistic pathos that involuntarily accompanied a reflection disappointed by the monological metaphysics during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It explains once again what this liveliness is about: “God is dead” is affirmed as the good news of the present day. One could reformulate it thus: “So the One Orb has imploded – now the foams are alive” When the mechanisms of cooption through simplifying globes and imperial totalizations have been seen through, this is precisely not a reason to abandon everything that was considered great, inspiring and valuable. Claiming that the harmful god of consensus has died means declaring which energies are required to resume work: it can only be those that were bound by metaphysical hyperbole. Once a great exaggeration becomes obsolete, swarms of more discrete upsurges arise. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
97:With this project, Plato bears witness to an intellectual unrest in the human park, which could never again be entirely pacified. Ever since the Politikos and the Politeia [The Republic], there have been discourses in the world that speak of the human community as of a zoological park that is at the same time a theme park. Keeping human beings in parks or cities from now on appears to be a zoöpolitical task. Whatever purports to be a reflection on politics is in truth a fundamental reflection on rules for the operation of human parks. If there is a dignity of the human being that merits being expressed in philosophical reflection, then this is above all because human beings are not only kept in political theme parks, but keep themselves there. Human beings are self-nurturing, self-tending beings that—wherever they live—produce parks around themselves. Whether in city parks, national parks, state parks, or eco-parks—everywhere, human beings must form an opinion about how their self-maintenance is to be regulated. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
98:Devi cambiare la tua vita! Questo è l'imperativo che supera l'alternativa tra ipotetico e categorico, l'imperativo assoluto, il comando metanoico per eccellenza. Esso fornisce la parola chiave per la rivoluzione, declinata alla seconda persona singolare. Esso definisce la vita come un dislivello tra le sue forme più elevate e quelle più basse. Io vivo, ma qualcosa mi dice con autorità inconfutabile: non vivi ancora correttamente. L'autorità numinosa della forma gode del privilegio dei rivolgersi a me con un "tu devi": è l'autorità di una vita diversa in questa vita. Questa autorità coglie in me una sottile insufficienza, che è più antica e più libera della colpa. Si tratta del mio più intimo non-ancora. Nel mio istante più cosciente vengo colto dalla protesta assoluta contro il mio status quo. Cambiare me stesso è ciò di cui ho bisogno. Se tu dunque cambi veramente la tua vita, non faresti che dare retta alla tua migliore volontà, non appena capisci che una tensione verticale, a te favorevole, sta scardinando la tua vita. (33) ~ Peter Sloterdijk
99:The domestication of the human being is the great unthought; it is that before which humanism from antiquity to the present day has averted its eyes. To appreciate this is sufficient to find oneself in deep water. Where we can no longer stand, the evidence rises over our heads that the educational taming and befriending of the human being could never have been accomplished with letters and words alone. To be sure, reading [Lesen] was a great formative power for human beings—and it still is, within more modest dimensions. Yet selection [Auslesen]—however it may have been carried out—was always in play as the power behind the power. Readings and selections [Lektionen und Selektionen] have more to do with each other than any cultural historian was willing and able to consider, and if it also appears to us for the time being to be impossible to reconstruct with sufficient precision the connection between reading and selection [Lesen und Auslesen], it is nevertheless more than a tentative hunch that there is something real about it. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
100:Regarding the Platonic zoo and its new establishment, what is at issue is thus to learn for all the world whether between the population and the director ship there is merely a difference of degree or a difference in species. According to the first assumption, the distance between those who tend human beings and their fosterlings would obviously only be a contingent and pragmatic one—in this case, one could attribute to the herd the capacity to periodically rotate their herders. However, if a difference in species prevails between the managers of the zoo and its inhabitants, then they would be so fundamentally different from each other that an elected directorship would not be advisable, but rather only a directorship based on insight. Only the false zoo directors, the pseudo-statesmen, and political sophists would then tout themselves with the argument that they are just like their herds, while the one who truly tends the body politic would focus on difference and make it discreetly understood that, because he acts from insight, he stands closer to the gods than to the confused living beings whom he guides. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
101:Let me repeat: the stakes are high. We must confront one of the most massive pseudo-evidences in recent intellectual history: the belief, rampant in Europe since only two or three centuries ago, in the existence of 'religions' - and more than that, against the unverified faith in the existence of faith. Faith in the existence of 'religion' is the element that unites believers and non-believers, in the present as much as in the past. It displays a single-mindedness that would make any prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome green with envy. No one who overcame religion ever doubted its existence, even if they opposed every single one of its dogmas. No denial ever confronted the denier with the question of whether its name was justified, and whether it had any lasting value in such a form. It is only because society has grown accustomed to a comparatively recent fiction - it did not come into use until the seventeenth century - that one can speak today of a 'return of religion'.' It is the unbroken faith in religion as a constant and universal factor which can vanish and return that forms the foundation of the current legend. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
102:Statements such as ‘There are systems, there are memories, there are cultures, there is artificial intelligence’76 depend on the statement ‘There is information.’ Also the statement ‘There are genes’ can only be understood as a product of the new situation—it indicates the leap of the principle of information into the sphere of nature. On the basis of these gains in concepts that are capable of seizing hold of reality, the interest in traditional figures of theory such as the subject-object relation fades. The constellation of ego and world has lost its sheen, to say nothing of the polarity of individual and society that has become completely lusterless. What is crucial is that with the idea of really existing memories and self-organizing systems the metaphysical distinction between nature and culture becomes untenable, because both sides of the difference only present regional states of information and its processing. One must brace oneself for the fact that understanding this insight will be especially difficult for intellectuals who have made their living on positioning culture against nature, and now suddenly find themselves in a reactive situation. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
103:Fatally, the term 'barbarian' is the password that opens up the archives of the twentieth century. It refers to the despiser of achievement, the vandal, the status denier, the iconoclast, who refuses to acknowledge any ranking rules or hierarchy. Whoever wishes to understand the twentieth century must always keep the barbaric factor in view. Precisely in more recent modernity, it was and still is typical to allow an alliance between barbarism and success before a large audience, initially more in the form of insensitive imperialism, and today in the costumes of that invasive vulgarity which advances into virtually all areas through the vehicle of popular culture. That the barbaric position in twentieth-century Europe was even considered the way forward among the purveyors of high culture for a time, extending to a messianism of uneducatedness, indeed the utopia of a new beginning on the clean slate of ignorance, illustrates the extent of the civilizatory crisis this continent has gone through in the last century and a half - including the cultural revolution downwards, which runs through the twentieth century in our climes and casts its shadow ahead onto the twenty-first. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
104:In the monotheistic age, God was viewed as the one who causes and does everything, and hence humans were not entitled to make something, let alone a great deal, of themselves. In humanistic epochs, by contrast, man is considered the being responsible for causing and doing everything - but consequently no longer has the right to make little or nothing of himself. Whether people now make nothing or much of themselves, they commit - according to traditional forms of logic - an inexplicable and unpardonable error. There is always a surplus of differences that cannot be integrated into any of the prescribed systems of life-interpretation. In a world that belongs to God, human beings make too much of themselves as soon as they raise their heads; in a world that belongs to humans, they repeatedly make too little of themselves. The possibility that the inequality between humans might be due to their asceticisms, their different stances towards the challenges of the practising life - this idea has never been formulated in the history of investigations into the ultimate causes of difference between humans. If one follows this trail, it opens up perspectives that, being unthought-of, are literally unheard-of. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
105:In truth, the crossing from nature to culture and vice versa has always stood wide open. It leads across an easily accessible bridge: the practising life. People have committed themselves to its construction since they came into existence - or rather, people only came into existence by applying themselves to the building of said bridge. The human being is the pontifical creature that, from its earliest evolutionary stages, has created tradition-compatible connections between the bridgeheads in the bodily realm and those in cultural programes. From the start, nature and culture are linked by a broad middle ground of embodied practices - containing languages, rituals and technical skills, in so far as these factors constitute the universal forms of automatized artificialities. This intermediate zone forms a morphologically rich, variable and stable region that can, for the time being, be referred to sufficiently clearly with such conventional categories as education, etiquette, custom, habit formation, training and exercise - without needing to wait for the purveyors of the 'human sciences', who, with all their bluster about culture, create the confusion for whose resolution they subsequently offer their services. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
106:What appears in the former statue of Apollo, however, cannot simply be equated with the Olympian of the same name, who had to ensure light, contours, foreknowledge and security of form in his days of completeness. Rather, as the poem's title implies, he stands for something much older, something rising from prehistoric sources. He symbolizes a divine magma in which something of the first ordering force, as old as the world itself, becomes manifest. There is no doubt that memories of Rodin and his cyclopian work ethic had an effect on Rilke here. During his work with the great artist, he experienced what it means to work on the surfaces of bodies until they are nothing but a fabric of carefully shaped, luminous, almost seeing 'places'. A few years earlier, he had written of Rodin's sculptures that 'there were endless places, and none of them did not have something happening in them'. Each place is a point at which Apollo, the god of forms and surfaces, makes a visually intense and haptically palpable compromise with his older opponent Dionysus, the god of urges and currents. That this energized Apollo embodies a manifestation of Dionysus is indicated by the statement that the stone glistens 'like wild beasts' fur'. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
107:The novelty of the new, as noted earlier, stems from the unfolding of the known into larger, brighter, more richly contoured surfaces. Consequently, it can never be innovative in an absolute sense; in part, it is always the continuation of the cognitively existent by other means. Here, novelty and greater explicitness amount to the same thing. We can therefore say that the higher the degree of explicitness, the deeper the possible, indeed inevitable disconcertment caused by the newly acquired knowledge. I have previously accepted as a conventional fact that this table is made of cherrywood; I acknowledge with the tolerance of the educated that the cherrywood consists of atoms, even though these oft-cited atoms, these epistemological contemporaries of the twentieth century, possess no greater reality for me than unicorn powder or Saturnian influences. That these cherrywood atoms dissolve into a mist of sub-atomic almost-nothings upon further explication - this is something that I, as an end consumer of physical Enlightenment, must accept, even if it goes decisively against my assumptions about the substantiality of substance. The final explanation illustrates most emphatically how the later knowledge tends to be the more disconcerting. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
108:This gesture is one of the motifs of modernity's turn against the principle of imitating nature, that is to say, imitating predefined morphological expectations. It is still capable of perceiving message-totalities and autonomous thing-signals when no morphologically intact figures are left - indeed, precisely then. The sense for perfection withdraws from the forms of nature - probably because nature itself is in the process of losing its ontological authority. The popularization of photography also increasingly devalues the standard views of things. As the first edition of the visible, nature comes into discredit. It can no longer assert its authority as the sender of binding messages - for reasons that ultimately come from its disenchantment through being scientifically explored and technically outdone. After this shift, 'being perfect' takes on an altered meaning: it means having something to say that is more meaningful than the chatter of conventional totalities. Now the torsos and their ilk have their turn: the hour of those forms that do not remind us of anything has come. Fragments, cripples and hybrids formulate something that cannot be conveyed by the common whole forms and happy integrities; intensity beats standard perfection. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
109:This background enables us to understand a fact that is symptomatic of the current phase of saturation: there are countless people who want to withdraw from the omnipresence of advertising, who even avoid it like the plague. Here too, it is helpful to distinguish between the states before and after. From the perspective of the burgeoning world of products, advertising could be justified by the argument that spreading the word about the existence of new means of life improvements was indispensable, as the populations of industrial and trading nations would otherwise have been cheated of major knowledge about discreet improvements to the world. As the ambassador of new bringers of advantage, early advertising was the general training medium for contemporary performance collectives thoughtlessly denounced in culture-conservative milieus as 'consumer societies'. The aversion to advertising that pervades the saturated infospheres of the present, however, is based on the correct intuition that, in most of its manifestations, it has long since become a form of downward training. It no longer passes on what people should know in order to access advantageous innovations; it creates illusions of purchasable self-elevations that de facto usually lead to weakenings. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
110:The history of the own that is grasped on too small a scale and the foreign that is treated too badly reaches an end at the moment when a global co-immunity structure is born, with a respectful inclusion of individual cultures, particular interests and local solidarities. This structure would take on planetary dimensions at the moment when the earth spanned by networks and built over by foams, was conceived as the own, and the previously dominant exploitative excess as the foreign. With this turn, the concretely universal would become operational. The helpless whole is transformed into a unity capable of being protected. A romanticism of brotherliness is replaced by a cooperative logic. Humanity becomes a political concept. Its members are no longer travellers on the ship of fools that is abstract universalism, but workers on the consistently concrete and discrete project of a global immune design. Although communism was a conglomeration of a few correct ideas and many wrong ones, its reasonable part - the understanding that shared life interests of the highest order can only be realized within a horizon of universal co-operative asceticisms - will have to assert itself anew sooner or later. It presses for a macrostructure of global immunizations : co-immunism. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
111:Viewed in this light, life itself appears as a dynamics of integration that is equipped with auto-therapeutic or 'endo-clinical' competencies and refers to a species-specific space of surprise. It has an equally innate and - in higher organisms - adaptively acquired responsibility for the injuries and invasions it regularly encounters in its permanently allocated environment or conquered surroundings. Such immune systems could equally be described as organismic early forms of a feeling for transcendence: thanks to the efficiency of these devices, which are constantly at the ready, the organism actively confronts the potential bringers of its death, opposing them with its endogenous capacity to overcome the lethal. Such functions have earned immune systems of this type comparisons to a 'body police' or border patrol. But as the concern, already at this level, is to work out a modus vivendi with foreign and invisible powers - and, in so far as these can bring death, 'higher' and 'supernatural' ones - this is a preliminary stage to the behaviour one is accustomed to terming religious or spiritual in human contexts. For every organism, its environment is its transcendence, and the more abstract and unknown the danger from that environment, the more transcendent it appears. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
112:Here we should quote especially those sections from Nietzsche's central morality-critical work The Genealogy of Morals that deal with their subject in a diction of Olympian clarity. In the decisive passage he discusses the practice forms of that life-denial or world-weariness which, according to Nietzsche, exemplifies the morphological circle of sick asceticisms in general:

'The ascetic [of the priestly-sick type] treats life as a wrong path on which one must walk backwards till one comes to the place where it starts; or he treats it as an error which one may, nay must, refute by action: for he demands that he should be followed; he enforces, where he can, his valuation of existence. What does this mean? Such a monstrous valuation is not an exceptional care, or a curiosity recorded in human history: it is one of the broadest and longest facts that exist. Reading from the vantage point of a distant star the capital letters of our earthly life would perchance lead to the conclusion that the earth was the truly ascetic planet, a den of discontented, arrogant and repulsive creature creatures, who never got rid of a deep disgust of themselves, of the
world, of all life, and did themselves as much hurt as possible out of pleasure in hurting - presumably their one and only pleasure. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
113:It is not an overstatement if one characterizes this revision of the false metaphysical classification of beings as the contemporary gigantomachy that reaches deeply into ingrained human self-relations. Very many view this revision suspiciously as an expropriation of the self and condemn it as technological devilry. The uncanniness of the process is not to be denied, precisely because it impresses by means of its results. The humanistically minded observer cannot withdraw his fascination because everything that happens on the technological front leads to consequences for human self-understanding. In the progress of technological evolution the citadel of subjectivity, that is to say, the thinking and experiencing ego, is impinged on, and to be sure not only by symbolic deconstructions that were, incidentally, anticipated in various ways in regional high cultures—one might think here of the mystical and yogic systems, of negative theology and Romantic irony—but also by material modifications, for instance, the alteration of mental states with the help of psychotropic substances (a procedure that for millennia has been common in drug cultures, and for decades in Western psychiatry). In addition, a time is foreseeable when the contents of ideas and experience will be induced by means of nootropic substances. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
114:If Enlightenment in a technical sense is the programmatic word for progress in the awareness of explicitness, one can say without fear of grand formulas that rendering the implicit explicit is the cognitive form of fate. Were this not the case, one would never have had cause to believe that later knowledge would necessarily be better knowledge - for, as we know, everything that has been termed 'research' in the last centuries has rested on this assumption. Only when the inward-folded 'things' or facts are by their nature subject to a tendency to unfold themselves and become more comprehensible for us can one - provided the unfolding succeeds - speak of a true increase in knowledge. Only if the 'matters' are spontaneously prepared (or can be forced by imposed examination) to come to light in magnified and better-illuminated areas can one seriously - which here means with ontological emphasis - state that there is science in progress, there are real knowledge gains, there are expeditions in which we, the epistemically committed collective, advance to hidden continents of knowledge by making thematic what was previously unthematic, bringing to light what is yet unknown, and transforming vague cognizance into definite knowledge. In this manner we increase the cognitive capital of our society - the latter word without quotation marks in this case. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
115:Cultural criticism always attacks the mass media. I don't think that makes sense. We should look more closely at the work of deformation that starts deeper down, especially because it involves so much demoralization. Something gets destroyed there that should not be destroyed under any circumstances - THE AWARENESS THAT KNOWLEDGE IS BORN OUT OF EUPHORIA AND THAT INTELLIGENCE IS A RELATIONSHIP OF THE HAPPY CONSCIOUSNESS WITH ITSELF. And that intelligence partly consists in the ability to find our own ways of overcoming the boredom that develops in an under-used brain. Across society as a whole, the most disturbing symptom is that people are no longer ambitious enough to plumb the limits of understanding within themselves. INTELLIGENCE IS THE LAST UTOPIAN POTENTIAL. THE ONLY TERRA INCOGNITA HUMANKIND STILL OWNS ARE THE GALAXIES OF THE BRAIN, THE MILKY WAYS OF INTELLIGENCE. And there is hardly any any convincing space travel in them. Incidentally, this internal astronautics is the only alternative to a consumerist perspective. It is the only thing that could explain to people in the future that their intelligence space is so immense that they can experiment with themselves for millennia without becoming exhausted. The really good news is that there is something breathtakingly great that is called intelligence and is uncharted. ARE YOU WILLING TO VOLUNTEER ? ~ Peter Sloterdijk
116:As the following pages deal with the practising life, they lead - in accordance with their topic - to an expedition into the little-explored universe of human vertical tensions. The Platonic Socrates had opened up the phenomenon for occidental culture when he stated expressis verbis that man is a being potentially 'superior to himself'. I translate this remark into the observation that all 'cultures', 'subcultures' or 'scenes' are based on central distinctions by which the field of human behavioural possibilities is subdivided into polarized classes. Thus the ascetic 'cultures' know the central distinction of complete versus incomplete, the religious 'cultures' that of sacred versus profane, the aristocratic 'cultures' that of noble versus common, the military 'cultures' that of brave versus cowardly, the political 'cultures' that of powerful versus powerless, the administrative 'cultures' that of superior versus subordinate, the athletic 'cultures' that of excellence versus mediocrity, the economic 'cultures' that of wealth versus lack, the cognitive 'cultures' that of knowledge versus ignorance, and the sapiental 'cultures' that of illumination versus blindness. What all these differentiations have in common is the espousal of the first value, which is considered the attractor in the respective field, while the second pole consistently functions as a factor of repulsion or object of avoidance. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
117:If these civilizing potentials were to be generalized, then the homeotechnological era would be distinguished by the fact that in it spaces of leeway for errancy become narrower while spaces of leeway for gratification and positive association grow. Advanced biotechnology and nootechnology groom a refined, cooperative subject who plays with himself, who is formed in association with complex texts and hyper-complex contexts. Here emerges the matrix of a humanism after humanism. Domination must tend in the direction of ceasing because, as crudeness, it makes itself impossible. In the interconnected, inter-intelligently condensed world masters and violators only still have chances for success that last little more than a moment, while cooperators, promoters, and enrichers—at least in their contexts—find more numerous, more adequate, more sustainable connections. After the abolition of slavery in the nineteenth century a more extensive dissolution of the remnants of domination looms for the twenty-first or twenty-second—no one will believe that this can happen without intense conflicts. One cannot rule out the possibility that reactionary domination will once again band together with the mass ressentiments of losers to form a new mode of fascism. The ingredients for this are above all present in the mass culture of the United States of America. But like their rise, the foundering of such reactions is foreseeable. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
118:Eighty-five years after the storms of steel of the German-French fronts, sixty-five years after the peak of the Stalinist mass exterminations, fifty-five years after the liberation of Auschwitz, and just as long after the bombardments of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, the swinging back of the Zeitgeist to the preference for middling circumstances is to be understood as a tribute to normalization. In this regard, it has an unconditionally affirmative civilizing value. Furthermore, democracy per se presupposes the cultivation of middling circumstances. As is well known, spirit spits what is lukewarm out of its mouth; in contrast, pragmatism holds that the temperature of life is lukewarm. Thus the impulse toward the middle, the cardinal symptom of the fin de siècle, does not have only political motives. It symbolizes the weariness of apocalypse felt by a society that has had to hear too much of revolutions and paradigm shifts. But above all it expresses the general pull toward the conversion of the drama of history into the insurance industry. Insurance policies anchor antiextremism in the routines of the post-radical society. The insurance industry is humanism minus book culture. It brings into shape the insight that human beings as a rule do not wish to be revolutionized, but rather to be safeguarded. Whoever understands this will bank on the fact that in the future contra-innovative revolts from out of the spirit of the insurance claim are most probable of all. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
119:The anti-technological hysteria that holds broad sections of the Western world in its grip is a product of metaphysics’ decay: it is betrayed by the fact that it clings to false classifications of beings in order to revolt against processes in which the overcoming of these classifications has already been carried out. It is reactionary in the essential sense of the word, because it expresses the ressentiment of obsolete bivalence against a polyvalence that it does not understand. That holds above all for the habits of the critique of power, which are always still unconsciously motivated by metaphysics. Under the old metaphysical schema the division of beings into subject and object is mirrored in the descending grade between master and slave and between worker and material. Within this disposition the critique of power can only be articulated as the resistance of the oppressed object-slave-material side to the subject-master-worker side. But ever since the statement ‘There is information,’ alias ‘There are systems,’ has been in power this opposition has lost its meaning and develops more and more into a playground for pseudo-conflicts. In fact, the hysteria amounts to searching for a master so as to be able to rise up against him. One cannot rule out the possibility that the effect, i.e., the master, has long been on the verge of dissolving and for the most part remains alive as a postulate of the slave fixated on rebellion—as a historicized Left and as a museum humanism. In contrast, a living leftist principle would have to prove itself anew by a creative dissidence, just as the thinking of homo humanus asserts itself in the poetic resistance to the metaphysical and technocratic reflexes of humanolatry. ~ Peter Sloterdijk
120:The notion that property is the means to all other means was ruled out by the new radicals. The deep seated ressentiment towards private property, indeed towards anything private, blocked the conclusion that follows from any impartial examination of wealth-producing and freedom-favouring mechanisms: an effective world improvement would call for the most general possible propertization. Instead, the political metanoeticians enthused over general dispossession, akin to the founders of Christian orders who wanted to own everything communally and nothing individually. The most important insight into the dynamics of economic modernization remained inaccessible to them: money created by lending on property is the universal means of world improvement. They are all the blinder to the fact that for the meantime, only the modern tax state, the anonymous hyper-billionaire, can act as a general world-improver, naturally in alliance with the local meliorists - not only because of its traditional school power, but most of all thanks to its redistributive power, which took on unbelievable proportions in the course of the twentieth century. The current tax state, for its part, can only survive as long as it is based on a property economy whose actors put up no resistance when half of their total product is taken away, year after year, by the very visible hand of the national treasury for the sake of communal tasks. What the un-calm understands least of all is the simple fact that when government expenditures constitute almost 50 per cent of the gross national product, this fulfills the requirements of actually existing liberal-fiscal semi-socialism, regardless of what label is used to describe this situation - whether people call it the New Deal, 'social market economy' or 'neoliberalism'. What the system lacks for total perfection is a homogeneous worldwide tax sphere and the long-overdue propertization of the impoverished world. ~ Peter Sloterdijk



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auromere - understanding-the-sexual-urge
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selforum - fundamental lack in buddhism
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Wikipedia - 100 FM-CM-$uste und ein Vaterunser -- 1972 film
Wikipedia - 102nd Street chemical landfill -- Superfund site in New York, US
Wikipedia - 10 Rules for Sleeping Around -- 2013 film by Leslie Greif
Wikipedia - 10th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1989
Wikipedia - 1,1,1,2-Tetrachloroethane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1.1.1-Propellane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 111 West 57th Street -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 11-Deoxycorticosterone -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 11 Hoyt -- Skyscraper under construction in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - 11-Ketodihydrotestosterone -- Organic chemical compound
Wikipedia - 11th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1990
Wikipedia - 121 East 22nd -- Building under development in Manhattan
Wikipedia - 125 Greenwich Street -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 1,2-Benzoquinone -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 12-Hydroxyheptadecatrienoic acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 12th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1991
Wikipedia - 130 William -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 1,3,5-Trithiane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1,3-Propanedithiol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 13th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1992
Wikipedia - 140 Days Under the World -- 1964 film
Wikipedia - 1,4,6-Androstatriene-3,17-dione -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1,4-Benzoquinone -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1,4-Bis(diphenylphosphino)butane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1,4-Dichlorobut-2-ene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 14th CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship
Wikipedia - 14th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1993
Wikipedia - 15 Khordad Foundation -- Iranian government organization (e. 1982)
Wikipedia - 15th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1994
Wikipedia - 16-Dehydropregnenolone acetate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1,7-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1,4,6-heptatrien-3-one -- Natural product found in turmeric and ginger
Wikipedia - 17M-NM-1-Methylprogesterone -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 17M-NM-2-Aminoestrogen -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - 1899 Puerto Rico Census -- First census held in Porto Rico under U.S. control for the U.S. War Department
Wikipedia - 1,8-Diazabicyclo(5.4.0)undec-7-ene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 18-pounder long gun
Wikipedia - 18th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 1997
Wikipedia - 1936 Bundaberg distillery fire -- Fire in Queensland, Australia
Wikipedia - 1951 English Greyhound Derby -- Greyhound racing event
Wikipedia - 1958 Pakistani coup d'etat -- Events surrounding the deposing of Pakistani President Iskander Mirza by Ayub Khan, Pakistani Army Commander-in-Chief
Wikipedia - 1967 Palestinian exodus -- Flight of around 280,000 to 325,000 Palestinians out of the territories captured by Israel during and in the aftermath of the Six-Day War
Wikipedia - 1975 Piccadilly bombing -- Bomb attack near Green Park Underground station, London
Wikipedia - 1976 Rothmans Sun-7 Series -- A motor racing competition for Touring Cars of under 3 litre capacity
Wikipedia - 1978-79 Bundesliga -- 16th season of the Bundesliga
Wikipedia - 1979 Arizona Republic / Jimmy Bryan 150 -- First round of the 1979 IndyCar season
Wikipedia - 1988-89 Eintracht Frankfurt season -- Bundesliga season
Wikipedia - 1:99 Concert -- Fund raiser concert for victims of the 2003 SARS outbreak at the Hong Kong Stadium
Wikipedia - 19th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 1998
Wikipedia - 1-Bromohexane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1-Butanol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1M-CM-7x=1 (Undivided) -- album by South Korean boy group Wanna One
Wikipedia - 1-Methylcytosine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1P-ETH-LAD -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 1-Propanol -- Primary alcohol compound
Wikipedia - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916 film) -- 1916 movie from Stuart Paton
Wikipedia - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954 film) -- 1954 film
Wikipedia - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1985 film) -- 1985 film
Wikipedia - 2002 Gran Premio Telmex-Gigante -- Final round of the 2002 CART FedEx Champ Car World Series
Wikipedia - 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami -- Megathrust underwater earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the Indian Ocean
Wikipedia - 2005 Melbourne thunderstorm -- Severe weather event affecting parts of Victoria, Australia
Wikipedia - 2005 Molson Indy Montreal -- 10th round of 2005 Champ Car season
Wikipedia - 2006 New York Underground Film Festival -- 2006 film festival edition
Wikipedia - 2009 USS Port Royal grounding -- 2009 shipwreck
Wikipedia - 200 Amsterdam -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 2010 Brno Formula Two round -- Formula Two race in 2010
Wikipedia - 2010 Kyalami Superbike World Championship round
Wikipedia - 2010 Oschersleben Formula Two round -- Formula Two race in 2010
Wikipedia - 2010 Suzuka GT 300km -- First round of 2010 Super GT season
Wikipedia - 2011 Boundary Ford Curling Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - 2011 CAF Confederation Cup group stage -- The group stage featured the eight winners from the play-off round.
Wikipedia - 2012 AFL Under 18 Championships
Wikipedia - 2012 Boundary Ford Curling Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - 2012 Kermadec Islands eruption -- A major undersea volcanic eruption in the Kermadec Islands of New Zealand
Wikipedia - 2012 phenomenon -- Range of eschatological beliefs surrounding the date 21 December 2012
Wikipedia - 2013-14 Segunda Division de Futsal -- 21st season of second-tier futsal in Spain
Wikipedia - 2013 Huangpu River dead pigs incident -- 16,000 dead pigs found in a Chinese river
Wikipedia - 2014 Malta migrant shipwreck -- Ship that sank off the coast of Malta, killing around 500
Wikipedia - 2015 Sundance Film Festival
Wikipedia - 2016-17 UEFA Women's Champions League qualifying round -- Women's Champions League
Wikipedia - 2017-18 2. Bundesliga -- 44th edition of 2. Bundesliga
Wikipedia - 2017 Boundary Ford Curling Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - 2017 LFA Segunda -- Second season of the Liga Futebol Amadora Segunda Divisao
Wikipedia - 2018-19 2. Bundesliga -- 45th edition of 2. Bundesliga
Wikipedia - 2018 Sunda Strait tsunami -- Tsunami in coastal regions of Banten and Lampung, Indonesia
Wikipedia - 2019-20 2. Bundesliga -- 46th edition of 2. Bundesliga
Wikipedia - 2019-20 Bundesliga -- 57th season of the Bundesliga
Wikipedia - 2019 Campeonato Paulista Serie A3 -- The 26th season of Campeonato Paulista Serie A3 under its current title and the 66th season under its current league division format
Wikipedia - 2019 Monza Formula 2 round -- 2019 Monza Formula
Wikipedia - 2019 Spa-Francorchamps Formula 2 round -- Formula 2 race
Wikipedia - 2019 Sundance Film Festival -- Film festival
Wikipedia - 2019 Sunda Strait earthquake -- 7 July 2019, earthquakes in Indonesia
Wikipedia - 2020 California Proposition 16 -- California ballot measure to undo the state's ban on affirmative action
Wikipedia - 2020 Campeonato Paulista Serie A2 -- The 27th season of Campeonato Paulista Serie A2 under its current title and the 97th season under its current league division format
Wikipedia - 2020 Campeonato Paulista Serie A3 -- The 27th season of Campeonato Paulista Serie A3 under its current title and the 67th season under its current league division format
Wikipedia - 2020 Irish Greyhound Derby -- 2020 edition of the Irish Greyhound Derby competition
Wikipedia - 2020 Monza Formula 2 round -- 2019 Monza Formula 2
Wikipedia - 2020 Mugello Formula 2 round -- 2019 Monza Formula 2
Wikipedia - 2020 Spielberg Formula 3 round -- 2020 Red Bull Ring FIA Formula 3 round
Wikipedia - 2020 Sundance Film Festival -- Film festival
Wikipedia - 2021 in Burundi
Wikipedia - 2021 Sundance Film Festival -- Film festival
Wikipedia - 20-Hydroxyecdysone -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - 20-pounder Parrott rifle -- Type of Rifled cannon
Wikipedia - 2.0 (soundtrack) -- 2017 soundtrack album by A. R. Rahman
Wikipedia - 20th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 1999
Wikipedia - 21st Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2000
Wikipedia - 21st Panzer Brigade (Bundeswehr) -- Brigade
Wikipedia - 2.2.2-Propellane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 22.2 surround sound -- Surround sound component of Super Hi-Vision
Wikipedia - 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-2H-benzotriazoles -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - 22nd Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2001
Wikipedia - 22nd Street station (SEPTA) -- Underground trolley station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - 23rd Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2002
Wikipedia - 2,4,6-Tribromoaniline -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2,4,6-Trichloroaniline -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2,4,6-Tris(trinitromethyl)-1,3,5-triazine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 24th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2003
Wikipedia - 25CN-NBOH -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2,5-Dihydrofuran -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 25 Kille -- 2016 film directed by Simranjit Singh Hundal
Wikipedia - 25th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2004
Wikipedia - 2600: The Hacker Quarterly -- American underground technology publication
Wikipedia - 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (diamond) -- Largest diamond ever found in Russia or the former USSR as of 2016
Wikipedia - 26th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2005
Wikipedia - 27th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2006
Wikipedia - 28 Fundamental Beliefs -- Core beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Wikipedia - 28 generals of the Cloud Terrace -- portraits on the Cloud Terrace of the founding generals of the Eastern Han dynasty (60 AD)
Wikipedia - 28th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2007
Wikipedia - 2-Bromobutyric acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2-Butoxyethanol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2C-B -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2channel -- Anonymous Japanese textboard founded in 1999
Wikipedia - 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2C-T-16 -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2-Ethyl-4,5-dimethylphenol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2-Hydroxy-5-methoxybenzaldehyde -- Organic compound and isomer of vanillin
Wikipedia - 2-Methyltridecane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 2nd Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1981
Wikipedia - 2nd Jebtsundamba Khutughtu
Wikipedia - 2nd Tank Division (Soviet Union) -- Division of the Red Army and Soviet Ground Forces
Wikipedia - 2nd Time Around (album) -- 1970 album by The Spinners
Wikipedia - 2Sum -- Algorithm to compute rounding error
Wikipedia - 30,000 Miles Under the Sea -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - 30,000 Pounds of Bananas -- Song performed by Harry Chapin
Wikipedia - 30th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2009
Wikipedia - 312 RiverRun -- Chicago public park under construction
Wikipedia - 31st Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2010
Wikipedia - 32nd Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2011
Wikipedia - 3,3'-Diindolylmethane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2012
Wikipedia - 3,4-Methylenedioxyphentermine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 34th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation for worst cinematic under-achievements in 2013
Wikipedia - 35th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2014
Wikipedia - 36th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2015
Wikipedia - 37th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation for worst cinematic under-achievements in 2016
Wikipedia - 38th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2017
Wikipedia - 3,9-Diethylidene-2,4,8,10-tetraoxaspiro(5.5)undecane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 39ers gang -- Drug clan named for its stronghold around Third and Galvez streets in Central City, New Orleans, US
Wikipedia - 39th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2018
Wikipedia - 3C-DFE -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 3C-P -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 3D audio effect -- Class of sound effect
Wikipedia - 3 Hudson Boulevard -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 3M-NM-2-Androstenol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 3rd Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1982
Wikipedia - 3rd Jebtsundamba Khutughtu
Wikipedia - 3 Turken und ein Baby -- 2015 film directed by Sinan AkkuM-EM-^_
Wikipedia - 40 Pounds of Trouble -- 1962 film
Wikipedia - 40th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award ceremony presented by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in 2019
Wikipedia - 40 Under 40 -- Annual Fortune magazine list
Wikipedia - 425 Park Avenue -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 45:33 -- Extended play by LCD Soundsystem
Wikipedia - 45 Broad Street -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 4-Acetoxy-MiPT -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 4-Aminodiphenylamine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 4BU -- Radio station in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Wikipedia - 4-Chloroaniline -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 4-Ethylamphetamine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 4-HO-MiPT -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 4mat -- British electronic musician, sound designer, and video game composer
Wikipedia - 4-Methylamphetamine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 4M-NM-1-Methylfecosterol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 4th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1983
Wikipedia - 505 Dundas -- Streetcar route in Toronto, Canada
Wikipedia - 50 Hudson Yards -- Office skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 5-APB -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 5-MeO-DALT -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 5-MeO-DMT -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 5-Methylcytidine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 5th Brigade (Japan) -- Japan Ground Self-Defense Force infantry brigade
Wikipedia - 5th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1984
Wikipedia - 601 West 29th Street -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 606 West 30th Street -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 60th Street Tunnel -- Tunnel under the East River in New York City
Wikipedia - 63rd Street Tunnel -- Tunnel under the East River in New York City
Wikipedia - 6 Feet Underground -- Single by Ja Rule
Wikipedia - 6th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1985
Wikipedia - 6th Jebtsundamba Khutughtu
Wikipedia - 6 Underground (film) -- American action film
Wikipedia - 77185 Cherryh -- Background asteroid
Wikipedia - 7-Hydroxymitragynine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - 7SK RNA -- Small nuclear RNA found in metazoans
Wikipedia - 7th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1986
Wikipedia - 800 Pound Gorilla Records -- American comedy record label based in Nashville
Wikipedia - 800-pound gorilla -- American English expression
Wikipedia - 8A4-class ROUV -- A Chinese work class remotely operated underwater vehicle
Wikipedia - 8th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1987
Wikipedia - 8-track tape -- Magnetic tape sound recording format
Wikipedia - 929 Algunde -- Main-belt asteroid
Wikipedia - 99 Songs (soundtrack) -- 2020 soundtrack album by A.R. Rahman
Wikipedia - 9 de Julio (Line D Buenos Aires Underground) -- Metro station in Buenos Aires
Wikipedia - 9 DeKalb Avenue -- Under-construction skyscraper in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - 9th Golden Raspberry Awards -- Award for worst cinematic under-achievements in 1988
Wikipedia - 9th Jebtsundamba Khutughtu
Wikipedia - A1237 road -- Part of the ring road around York, England
Wikipedia - A-90 Orlyonok -- Ground effect vehicle
Wikipedia - Aadhavan Sundaram -- Indian writer
Wikipedia - AAI underwater revolver -- Six-round amphibious revolver for naval use
Wikipedia - Aanund Hylland -- Norwegian economist
Wikipedia - Aaron ben Moses ben Asher -- Jewish scribe who refined the Tiberian system of writing vowel sounds in Hebrew
Wikipedia - Aaron Rochin -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Aarundivide Chodikkan -- 1986 film directed by Manoj Babu
Wikipedia - Aase Lundsteen -- Danish painter
Wikipedia - Aasha Sundari -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - Aasmund Brynildsen
Wikipedia - Aasmund Frisak -- Norwegian politician (1852-1935)
Wikipedia - Aasmund Kulien -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Aasmund Olavsson Vinje -- Norwegian poet and journalist (1818-1870)
Wikipedia - Abacavir/lamivudine/zidovudine -- Mixture of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Abacavir -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Abacetus belli -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Abacetus carinifer -- Species of insect (ground beetle)
Wikipedia - Abahuza -- Political party in Burundi
Wikipedia - Abandonment (legal) -- Relinquishment under law
Wikipedia - Abaoji -- Emperor of the Khitans and founder of the Liao dynasty (872-926)
Wikipedia - Abaz Kupi -- Albanian military officer, anti-communist politician and founder of the Legaility Movement (1892-1976)
Wikipedia - Abbas Ahmad Akhoundi -- Iranian politician
Wikipedia - Abbas al-Musawi -- Lebanese Shia cleric and co-founder and Secretary General of Hezbollah (1952-1992)
Wikipedia - Abbey -- Monastery or convent, under the authority of an abbot or an abbess
Wikipedia - ABCG1 -- Mammalian protein found in Homo sapiens
Wikipedia - Abd al-Karim al-Jundi -- Syrian military officer and founding member of the Ba'ath Party's Military Committee (1932-1969)
Wikipedia - Abdallah al-Mahdi Billah -- Founder of the Fatimid Caliphate
Wikipedia - Abd al-Rahman I -- Founder of the Emirate of Cordoba
Wikipedia - Abdominal obesity -- Excess fat around the stomach and abdomen
Wikipedia - Abdullah Yusuf Azzam -- Palestinian Sunni Islamic scholar and theologian and founding member of al-Qaeda
Wikipedia - Abdul Latif Ibrahimi -- Former Governor of the Afghan Provinces Kunduz, Faryab and Takhar
Wikipedia - Abdulmunir Mundoc Arbison -- Filipino politician
Wikipedia - Aberdeen Proving Ground
Wikipedia - Abeti Masikini: Le Combat d'Une Femme -- 2015 film by Ne Kunda Nlaba
Wikipedia - ABIM Foundation
Wikipedia - ABISMO -- Japanese remotely operated underwater vehicle for deep sea exploration
Wikipedia - Abortive flower -- Flower that has a stamen but an under developed, or no pistil
Wikipedia - Abraham Chiron -- founder of Freemasonry in South Africa
Wikipedia - Abraham Lincoln Bridge -- Cable-stayed bridge carrying northbound I-65 across the Ohio River at Louisville
Wikipedia - Absa Puk Oval -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Ab Saunders -- American cowboy and gunfighter
Wikipedia - Absinthiana -- The accoutrements surrounding the drink absinthe and its preparation
Wikipedia - Absolute space and time -- Theoretical foundation of Newtonian mechanics
Wikipedia - Absolute threshold of hearing -- minimum sound level that an average human can hear
Wikipedia - Abstract Speed + Sound -- painting by Giacomo Balla
Wikipedia - ABT-737 -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Abubakar Kundiri -- Nigerian university professor of soil science
Wikipedia - Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili -- Founder of the Shadhili Sufi order
Wikipedia - Abundance (ecology) -- Relative representation of a species in anr ecosystem
Wikipedia - Abundance of elements in Earth's crust -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Abundance of Life -- 1950 film
Wikipedia - Abundance of the chemical elements -- Abundance at scales including the Universe, the Earth and the human body
Wikipedia - Abundances of the elements (data page)
Wikipedia - Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Wikipedia - Abundantia -- Roman personification of abundance
Wikipedia - Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party -- Political party in Nigeria
Wikipedia - Abundant number -- Number that is smaller than the sum of its proper divisors
Wikipedia - Abundius and Abundantius
Wikipedia - Abundius and Irenaeus
Wikipedia - Abundius (given name)
Wikipedia - Abundius of Umbria
Wikipedia - Abundius
Wikipedia - A Bundle of Asparagus -- 1880 painting by Manet
Wikipedia - Abu Nidal -- Palestinian militant, founder of Fatah (1937-2002)
Wikipedia - Abyssal fan -- Underwater geological structures associated with large-scale sediment deposition
Wikipedia - Abyssinian ground hornbill -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Academic minor -- Secondary undergraduate academic discipline
Wikipedia - Academy Award for Best Sound Editing
Wikipedia - Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing
Wikipedia - Academy Award for Best Sound -- Award for excellence in sound mixing in film
Wikipedia - Academy (English school) -- English school directly funded by central government
Wikipedia - Academy of Finance -- Finance-based high school education program sponsored by the National Academy Foundation
Wikipedia - Academy of Gundishapur
Wikipedia - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation -- Charitable arm of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Wikipedia - Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences
Wikipedia - ACA-KDCA Cricket Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Acanthamoeba -- Genus of protozoans found in soil, fresh water and other habitats
Wikipedia - Acanthomyrmex careoscrobis -- a species of ant found in Indonesia
Wikipedia - A cappella -- Group or solo singing without instrumental sound
Wikipedia - Acaprazine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada -- Indian spiritual teacher and the founder-preceptor of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (1896-1977)
Wikipedia - Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia -- Public tertiary academy of art in Venice, Italy, founded in 1750
Wikipedia - Accessory bone -- Additional bone found in some people
Wikipedia - Accessory spleen -- Small nodule found apart from the main body of the spleen
Wikipedia - Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority -- Statutory board under ministry of finance in Singapore
Wikipedia - Accounting equation -- Fundamental equation relating accounting quantities
Wikipedia - Accretionary wedge -- The sediments accreted onto the non-subducting tectonic plate at a convergent plate boundary
Wikipedia - Accretion disk -- Structure formed by diffuse material in orbital motion around a massive central body
Wikipedia - Ace Frehley -- American musician best known as the former lead guitarist and founding member of the rock band Kiss
Wikipedia - Acer negundo 'Pendulum' -- Weeping tree
Wikipedia - Acesulfame potassium -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ace the Bat-Hound -- DC Comics character
Wikipedia - Acetic acid -- Colorless and faint organic acid found in vinegar
Wikipedia - Acetone imine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Acetone thiosemicarbazone -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Acetylation -- Reaction that introduces an acetyl functional group into a chemical compound.
Wikipedia - Acetyldihydrocodeine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - AC Greyhound -- British automobile
Wikipedia - Achaemenid Empire -- First Iranian empire, founded by Cyrus the Great from c. 550-330 BC
Wikipedia - Acianthera subrotundifolia -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Acke M-CM-^Eslund -- Swedish painter
Wikipedia - Acleris undulana -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Acleros bibundica -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Aconcagua mummy -- Incan capacocha mummy of a seven-year-old boy, dated to around 1500 AD
Wikipedia - A Cool Sound from Hell -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - Acoustically Navigated Geological Underwater Survey -- A deep-towed still-camera sled operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in the early 1970s
Wikipedia - Acoustical oceanography -- The use of underwater sound to study the sea, its boundaries and its contents
Wikipedia - Acoustic ecology -- Studies the relationship, mediated through sound, between human beings and their environment
Wikipedia - Acoustic foam -- Open celled foam used for soundproofing
Wikipedia - Acoustic phonetics -- Linguistic subfield studying speech sound
Wikipedia - Acoustic plaster -- sound absorbent coating
Wikipedia - Acoustic radiometer -- Device used to measure elements of sound
Wikipedia - Acoustic reflex -- Small muscle contraction in the middle ear in response to loud sound
Wikipedia - Acoustic signature -- Characteristic combination of sound emissons
Wikipedia - Acoustic space -- An acoustic environment in which sound can be heard by an observer
Wikipedia - Acoyte (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Acra (fortress) -- A fortified compound in Jerusalem built by Antiochus Epiphanes
Wikipedia - Acromyrmex lundii -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Acrophialophora fusispora -- Species of ascomycete fungus found in soil, air and various plants
Wikipedia - Acropolis -- Defensive settlement built on high ground
Wikipedia - Acrosome reaction -- The discharge, by sperm, of a single, anterior secretory granule following the sperm's attachment to the zona pellucida surrounding the oocyte. The process begins with the fusion of the outer acrosomal membrane with the sperm plasma membrane and ends
Wikipedia - Acrylamide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Actinomyces naeslundii -- Species of bacterium
Wikipedia - Action (2019 film) -- Tamil action film directed by Sundar C
Wikipedia - Active camouflage -- Camouflage changing continually to match background
Wikipedia - Active reserve (KGB) -- Member of the KGB undercover in the Soviet Union
Wikipedia - Acton Town tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Acumen Fund
Wikipedia - Ada Lundver -- Estonian actress
Wikipedia - Adam Foundation Prize in Creative Writing -- International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington Prize
Wikipedia - Adam Jackson (greyhound trainer) -- Irish greyhound trainer
Wikipedia - Adam Viaduct -- Grade II listed railway underbridge in Wigan, England
Wikipedia - Adam Weishaupt -- German philosopher and founder of the Order of Illuminati
Wikipedia - Adam Wiltzie -- American sound engineer and composer
Wikipedia - Additions to Daniel -- Three chapters of the Book of Daniel, found in the Septuagint but not in the Hebrew and Aramaic; regarded as canonical in several Christian traditions, incl. Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, but not in Judaism or most forms of Protestantism
Wikipedia - Additive number theory -- Study of subsets of integers and behavior under addition
Wikipedia - Additive synthesis -- Sound synthesis technique
Wikipedia - Adebola Babatunde Ekanola -- Acting Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan
Wikipedia - Adegramotide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Adekundo Adesoji -- Nigerian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Adelaide, Countess of Burgundy -- Countess suo jure of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Adelaide Underhill -- American librarian
Wikipedia - Adelheid und ihre Morder -- 1993-2007 German comedy-drama television series
Wikipedia - Adena Mound -- Archaeological type site
Wikipedia - Adenike Oyetunde -- Nigerian founder of amputees united
Wikipedia - Adenosine triphosphate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Adenosine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Aden-Owen-Carlsberg Triple Junction -- The junction of three tectonic plate boundaries in the northwest Indian Ocean
Wikipedia - Adesmia argyrophylla -- Endemic perennial shrub found in North and Central Chile
Wikipedia - Ad eundem degree
Wikipedia - Ad Fundum -- 1993 film
Wikipedia - Adhithan Kanavu -- 1948 Tamil film directed by T. R. Sundaram
Wikipedia - Adiabatic process -- Thermodynamic process in which no mass or heat is exchanged with surroundings
Wikipedia - Adiantum viridimontanum -- A rare fern found only in outcrops of serpentine rock in New England and Eastern Canada
Wikipedia - Adinazolam -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Adler Apotheke (Dortmund) -- Pharmacy in Dortmund
Wikipedia - Administrative units of Pakistan -- Provinces and territories under the administrative authority of Pakistan
Wikipedia - Admiral Hood Monument -- Memorial column on a hill near Butleigh, Compton Dundon, Somerset, England
Wikipedia - Adolf H. Lundin -- Swedish entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Adolf Wahrmund
Wikipedia - Adolf Wiklund (biathlete) -- Swedish biathlete
Wikipedia - Adolf Wiklund -- Swedish composer
Wikipedia - Adrenochrome -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Adrian Carmack -- Video game artist and co-founder of id Software
Wikipedia - Adrian Willaert -- French-Flemish composer and founder of the Venetian School
Wikipedia - Advanced Landing Ground -- Temporary advance airfields
Wikipedia - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture -- Software framework
Wikipedia - Advancing Women Artists Foundation -- Foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana and Florence, Italy for women artists, by Jane Fortune
Wikipedia - Advent Sunday
Wikipedia - Adverse effect -- Undesired harmful effect resulting from a medication or other medical intervention
Wikipedia - Adyghe phonology -- System of sounds for the Adyghe language
Wikipedia - AEE788 -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Aegan -- 2008 film by Raju Sundaram
Wikipedia - A. E. Kaye -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Aeolochroma mniaria -- Moth species found in Australia
Wikipedia - Aeoloplides rotundipennis -- Species of grasshopper
Wikipedia - Aerial photography -- Taking images of the ground from the air
Wikipedia - Aerial root -- Root which grows above the ground
Wikipedia - Aerolineas Mundo -- Cargo airline out of Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Wikipedia - Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado -- Satellite ground station operated by the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office
Wikipedia - Aerospace Data Facility-Southwest -- Satellite ground station operated by the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office
Wikipedia - A. E. Sunderland -- American politician (1866-1940)
Wikipedia - Aethes moribundana -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Affadilla Deaver -- Conductor on the Underground Railroad
Wikipedia - Affective computing -- Area of research in computer science aiming to understand the emotional state of users
Wikipedia - Affies Park -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Affine bundle -- Type of fiber bundle
Wikipedia - African Artists' Foundation -- Organization
Wikipedia - African Continental Free Trade Area -- free trade area founded in 2018 with trade commencing as of 1 January 2021
Wikipedia - African Union Mission in Burundi -- African Union military force deployed to Burundi in 2003
Wikipedia - Africa Tsoai -- South African actor and sound engineer
Wikipedia - A Frightful Blunder -- 1913 film
Wikipedia - Afrikaans phonology -- System of sounds for the Afrikaans language
Wikipedia - Afro-textured hair -- Hair texture found in multiple populations around the world
Wikipedia - Against Malaria Foundation
Wikipedia - Against the Dying of the Light -- 2001 film about the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales
Wikipedia - Aga Khan Sports Club Ground -- Cricket ground in Nairobi, Kenya
Wikipedia - Agaram Foundation -- An Educational Foundation in Tamilnadu, India
Wikipedia - Age of Steam Roundhouse -- Locomotive roundhouse museum in Sugarcreek, Ohio
Wikipedia - A Girl in the Street, Two Coaches in the Background -- Painting by Vincent van Gogh
Wikipedia - Agnelli family -- Italian industrial family founded by Giovanni Agnelli (1866-1945)
Wikipedia - Agnes Freund -- German stage actress
Wikipedia - Agnes Hundoegger -- German musician and music educator
Wikipedia - Agnes of France, Duchess of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Agness Underwood -- American journalist and newspaper editor
Wikipedia - Agomelatine -- Chemical compound and antidepressant drug
Wikipedia - Agonopterix rotundella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - A Good Ground -- Album by Oxford Collapse
Wikipedia - Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation -- International agricultural organization
Wikipedia - Aguero (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Agulhas Current -- Western boundary current of the southwest Indian Ocean that flows down the east coast of Africa
Wikipedia - Ahead of Time (film) -- 2004 Icelandic film by M-CM-^Agust GuM-CM-0mundsson
Wikipedia - Ah! La Barbe -- 1905 film by Segundo de Chomon
Wikipedia - Ahmad al-Badawi -- Muslim founder of the Badawiyyah Sufi order
Wikipedia - Ahmad al-RifaM-JM-=i -- Founder of Rifa'i Sufi Order
Wikipedia - Ahmad Shah Durrani -- Founder of Afghanistan
Wikipedia - Ahmad Surkati -- Founder of Arab Association for Reform and Guidance
Wikipedia - A House Without Boundaries -- 1972 film
Wikipedia - A Hundred Hardanger Tunes -- Collection of folk songs arranged for orchestra by Geirr Tveitt
Wikipedia - Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences -- Medical school in Khuzestan Province of Iran
Wikipedia - Aigburth Cricket Ground, Liverpool -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Ai-Ling Lee -- Singaporean sound editor
Wikipedia - Airburst round -- Tactical explosive ammunition
Wikipedia - Airfone -- Air-ground radiotelephone service
Wikipedia - Air-line diving -- Type of underwater diving
Wikipedia - Air lock diving-bell plant -- An underwater work support barge used at Gibraltar
Wikipedia - Air Vanuatu -- National airline of Vanuatu, founded in 1981
Wikipedia - Airware -- American venture-funded startup
Wikipedia - Air Whitsunday -- Australian charter airline
Wikipedia - Aita -- Etruscan underworld deity
Wikipedia - Ait -- Islands found on the River Thames and its tributaries in England
Wikipedia - AI winter -- Period of reduced funding and interest in AI research
Wikipedia - Ajahn Sundara -- Buddhist monastic
Wikipedia - Ajas Pasha -- Bosnian sanjak-bey, founder of Visoko
Wikipedia - Ajayan Adat -- Audio engineer and sound designer
Wikipedia - Aji dulce -- Sweet perennial peppers found in Latin America and the Caribbean
Wikipedia - A. J. Mundella -- British politician
Wikipedia - Aka Gunduz -- Turkish poet, composer and politician
Wikipedia - Akakor -- Mythical South American underground city
Wikipedia - Akan Drum -- African-made archaeological object found in North America
Wikipedia - Akash Pandurang Fundkar -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Aker (deity) -- Ancient Egyptian earth and underworld god
Wikipedia - Akhundzada Saif-ur-Rahman Mubarak -- 20th and 21st-century founder of Silsila saifia
Wikipedia - Akio Morita -- 20th-century Japanese businessman and co-founder of Sony
Wikipedia - Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant -- Nuclear power plant under construction in Turkey
Wikipedia - Akodon spegazzinii -- a rodent in the family Cricetidae found in northwestern Argentina.
Wikipedia - Akshaya Patra Foundation -- Indian non-profit organization
Wikipedia - Akugyo -- enormous species of mermaid found in the waters surrounding Japan
Wikipedia - Alachlor -- Chemical compound; herbicide
Wikipedia - Aladdin (1992 soundtrack) -- 1992 soundtrack album by various artists
Wikipedia - Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni -- Burundian politician
Wikipedia - Alak Jigme Thinley Lhundup Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Al Amerat Cricket Stadium -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Alan Bundy
Wikipedia - Alan Crundwell -- British bryologist
Wikipedia - Al-Andalus -- The territories of the Iberian Peninsula under Moorish rule between 711 and 1492
Wikipedia - Alan Dundes
Wikipedia - Alan Munde -- American musician
Wikipedia - Alan Saunders (broadcaster) -- British-Australian broadcaster, philosopher, and writer
Wikipedia - Alan Saunders (public servant) -- English cricketer and businessman
Wikipedia - Alan Tracy -- Fictional character from the Thunderbirds franchise
Wikipedia - Alaska boundary dispute
Wikipedia - Alaska Permanent Fund -- Permanent fund of oil revenues managed by the State of Alaska
Wikipedia - Al-Askar -- First capital of Egypt under Muslim rule, in Old Cairo
Wikipedia - Alaska Thunderfuck -- American drag performer and recording artist
Wikipedia - Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (soundtrack) -- 2020 soundtrack album by S. Thaman
Wikipedia - Albatrellus subrubescens -- Species of fungus in the family Albatrellaceae found in Asia, Europe and North America
Wikipedia - Albatross -- Large flying birds in the order Procellariiformes found in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific
Wikipedia - Albemarle Sound -- An estuary on the coast of North Carolina, United States
Wikipedia - Albert Hertzog -- South African politician, founder of Herstigte Nasionale Party
Wikipedia - Alberti (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Albert Ludwig Sigesmund Neisser -- German physician
Wikipedia - Albertslund Municipality
Wikipedia - Albertslund station
Wikipedia - Albertslund
Wikipedia - Albert Tillman -- American educator and underwater diver.
Wikipedia - Albin (meteorite) -- Meteorite found in Laramie County, Wyoming
Wikipedia - Album -- Collection of recorded music, words, sounds
Wikipedia - Alchmund of Derby
Wikipedia - Alchmund of Hexham -- 8th-century Bishop of Hexham
Wikipedia - Alchornea floribunda -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Alcmund of Hexham
Wikipedia - Alcohol and Drug Foundation -- Australian not-for-profit organisation aiming to minimise harms from alcohol and other drugs
Wikipedia - Alcohol -- Type of organic compound
Wikipedia - Alcor Life Extension Foundation -- American nonprofit organization
Wikipedia - ALD-52 -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Aldehyde -- Type of carbonyl coumpound
Wikipedia - Alden Global Capital -- American hedge fund
Wikipedia - Alderman's Barrow -- burial mound on Exmoor
Wikipedia - Aldgate East tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Aldgate tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Aldicarb -- Chemical compound (insecticide)
Wikipedia - Aldwych tube station -- Closed London Underground station
Wikipedia - Alec Oxenford -- Co-founder of online marketplace
Wikipedia - Aleeta -- Genus of insects found in Australia
Wikipedia - Alekanovo inscription -- Undeciphered script
Wikipedia - A'Lelia Bundles -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Alessio Sundas -- Sports agent
Wikipedia - Alethea Howard, Countess of Arundel -- English noble and art patron
Wikipedia - Aleutian subduction zone -- Convergence boundary between the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate, that extends from the Alaska Range to the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Wikipedia - Alex Algard -- High tech entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Whitepages
Wikipedia - Alexandar Soundarrajan -- Tamil actors
Wikipedia - Alexander Charles Vasa -- The fifth son of King Sigismund III Vasa and his wife Constance of Austria
Wikipedia - Alexander Gesmundo -- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines
Wikipedia - Alexander Hamilton -- American founding father and statesman
Wikipedia - Alexander Kundin -- Israeli chess player
Wikipedia - Alexander Lion -- Co-founder of the German scout movement
Wikipedia - Alexander Mack -- Co-founder and first pastor of the Schwarzenau Brethren
Wikipedia - Alexander Maunder -- British sports shooter
Wikipedia - Alexander McNaughton -- Founder of Argyle NY and judge (b. 1693, d. 1784)
Wikipedia - Alexander Pushkin (diamond) -- The 2nd largest diamond ever found in Russia or the territory of the former USSR, as of 2016
Wikipedia - Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute -- Colombian publicly funded biological research institute
Wikipedia - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Wikipedia - Alexandra Elbakyan -- Kazakh computer scientist, founder of Sci-Hub
Wikipedia - Alexandre Varela Da Veiga -- French-American record producer, sound designer, artist and DJ
Wikipedia - Alexis Ohanian -- American entrepreneur, investor, and Reddit co-founder
Wikipedia - Alfred Berglund -- Norwegian admiral
Wikipedia - Alfred Lundberg -- Swedish actor
Wikipedia - Alfred P. Sloan Foundation -- American philanthropic nonprofit organization
Wikipedia - Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation -- Foundation
Wikipedia - Algae scrubber -- A biological water filter that uses light to grow algae which removes undesirable chemicals from aquarium water
Wikipedia - Algebraically closed field -- Algebraic structure for which the fundamental theorem of algebra is true
Wikipedia - Alginic acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Algorithmic paradigm -- Technique or strategy underlying a variety of algorithms
Wikipedia - Al-Hiwar (magazine) -- Arabic magazine funded by the CIA
Wikipedia - Ali Abdo -- Founder of Persepolis Athletic and Cultural Club
Wikipedia - Ali-Baba Bound -- 1940 film
Wikipedia - Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum (1956 film) -- 1956 film by T. R. Sundaram
Wikipedia - Ali bin Abdurrahman al-Habsyi -- Founder of Majelis Taklim Kwitang, Islamic Center Indonesia
Wikipedia - Alice in Blunderland: An Iridescent Dream
Wikipedia - Alice M. Ditson Fund -- Music foundation
Wikipedia - Alice's Adventures Under Ground (opera)
Wikipedia - Alicia Garza -- Co-founder of the Black Lives Matter International movement
Wikipedia - Alicyclic compound
Wikipedia - Alien Thunder -- 1974 film
Wikipedia - A Life of Sundays -- 1990 song by The Waterboys
Wikipedia - Ali KM-CM-+lcyra -- Albanian politician and co-founder of the Balli KombM-CM-+tar (1891-1963)
Wikipedia - Aliphatic compound
Wikipedia - Alison Lundergan Grimes -- American politician
Wikipedia - Alison Saunders -- British barrister
Wikipedia - A Little Piece of Ground -- 2003 book by Elizabeth Laird
Wikipedia - Alizarin Red S -- Chemical compound and histologic dye
Wikipedia - Alizarin -- Chemical compound and histologic stain
Wikipedia - Al Jazeera Media Network -- Qatari state-funded multimedia company
Wikipedia - Alkaloid -- Class of naturally occurring chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Alkene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Alkmund of Derby
Wikipedia - All-American Girl (song) -- 2007 single by Carrie Underwood
Wikipedia - Allan Blunden -- British translator
Wikipedia - Allan Border Field -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Allan Ekelund -- Swedish film producer
Wikipedia - All Around Frying Pan -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - All Around the Town -- 1948 Caldecott picture book
Wikipedia - All Around the World Productions -- British electronic music record label
Wikipedia - Allegany County Transit -- Publicly funded, general-public bus system in Maryland, US
Wikipedia - Allegheny mound ant -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Allegory of Fertility and Abundance -- Painting by Luca Signorelli
Wikipedia - Allen Hawley -- American fundraising administrator
Wikipedia - Allen Saunders -- American cartoonist, 1899-1986
Wikipedia - Alligator Effigy Mound -- Effigy mound in Granville, Ohio, United States
Wikipedia - All Is Found -- 2019 song by Evan Rachel Wood
Wikipedia - Allistatin -- Chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Allography -- Term with several meanings all related to how words and sounds are written down
Wikipedia - Allopregnane -- Steroid chemical compound
Wikipedia - All-Out Sundays -- Philippine television show
Wikipedia - Alloxylon pinnatum -- Tree of the family Proteaceae found in south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
Wikipedia - All Species Foundation
Wikipedia - All That I Am (novel) -- novel by Australian writer Anna Funder
Wikipedia - All Under Heaven
Wikipedia - Allylestrenol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ally Lundstrom -- Swedish figure skater
Wikipedia - Al Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art -- Art museum in Jerusalem
Wikipedia - Alma Sundquist -- Swedish physician and gynaecologist
Wikipedia - Almelund, Minnesota -- Unincorporated community in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Almighty Black P. Stone Nation -- American street gang founded in Chicago
Wikipedia - Almo Sounds -- Record label
Wikipedia - Alnon -- island in Sundsvall Municipality, Sweden
Wikipedia - Along the Sundown Trail -- 1942 film
Wikipedia - Al Overton Jr. -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Alpelisib -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Alperton tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Alpha-1 antitrypsin -- Mammalian protein found in Homo sapiens
Wikipedia - Alpha-Amanitin -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Alpha factor -- Factors found in materials science
Wikipedia - Alpha-keratin -- Type of keratin found in vertebrates
Wikipedia - Alpha Ridge -- A major volcanic ridge under the Arctic Ocean
Wikipedia - Alpha-synuclein -- Protein encoded by the SNCA gene found in humans
Wikipedia - Alpine Glow in Dirndlrock -- 1974 film by Sigi Rothemund
Wikipedia - Alpine tundra -- Biome found at high altitudes
Wikipedia - Alsergrund
Wikipedia - Alsunde -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Altaf Khanani -- Pakistani convicted in the U.S. of money laundering
Wikipedia - Altazores -- A Chilean rock band founded in 2004 by the multi - instrumentalist Chilean composer Mauricio Herrera.
Wikipedia - Altes Stadthaus, Dortmund -- German office block built in 1899
Wikipedia - Altiplano Cundiboyacense -- Plateau in the Columbian Andes
Wikipedia - Altitude diving -- Underwater diving at altitudes above 300 m
Wikipedia - A Lume Spento -- 1908 self-published poetry collection by Ezra Pound
Wikipedia - Aluminate -- Compound containing an oxyanion of aluminum
Wikipedia - Aluminium bromide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Aluminium chloride -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Aluminium halide -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Aluminium iodide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Aluminium oxide -- Chemical compound with formula Al2O3
Wikipedia - Aluminium sulfate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Alveolar ejective fricative -- Consonantal sound
Wikipedia - Alvin Ng -- Hong Kong male singer, host and actor under Voice Entertainment
Wikipedia - Alvin Saunders Johnson
Wikipedia - Alvy Ray Smith -- American filmmaker, Pixar cofounder
Wikipedia - Alwar Sundell -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - Alyoshenka -- Putative premature baby corpse found in Russia in 1996
Wikipedia - Alzheimer's Foundation of America -- Non-profit organisation in the USA
Wikipedia - Amafufunyana -- Culture-bound syndrome
Wikipedia - Amal Amjahid -- Belgian ground grappler
Wikipedia - Amanda Brundage -- American MMA fighter
Wikipedia - Amaranth Advisors -- American multi-strategy hedge fund
Wikipedia - Amber Midthunder -- American actress
Wikipedia - Ambient pressure diving -- Underwater diving where the diver is exposed to the ambient pressure
Wikipedia - Ambient pressure -- Pressure of the surrounding medium
Wikipedia - Ambient space -- The space surrounding an object
Wikipedia - Ambrose Hundley Sevier -- American politician
Wikipedia - Ambroxide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ambulance -- Vehicle equipped for transporting and care for ill and wounded people
Wikipedia - AM-CM-0alheiM-CM-0ur GuM-CM-0mundsdottir -- Icelandic academic
Wikipedia - Amedee Bollee -- French bellfounder and inventor (1844-1917)
Wikipedia - Amelia Hundley -- American artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Amelie Lundahl -- Finnish painter
Wikipedia - AM-EM-^_aM-DM-^_imollahasan hoyuk -- Mound in Turkey
Wikipedia - Amendments to the Constitution of Ireland -- Changes to the fundamental law of Ireland by referendum
Wikipedia - Amen -- Declaration of affirmation found in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament
Wikipedia - America First Party (1943) -- American political party founded in 1943
Wikipedia - America-Israel Cultural Foundation -- Organization
Wikipedia - American Academy of Underwater Sciences -- Organization responsible for standards for American scientific diving certification and operation of scientific diving programs
Wikipedia - American Airlines -- Flag-Carrier and Major airline of the United States; founding member of Oneworld
Wikipedia - American Bar Foundation
Wikipedia - American Canadian Underwater Certifications -- Recreational diver training and certification agency
Wikipedia - American Civil Liberties Union v. Schundler -- United States federal case establishing standards for a government-sponsored holiday display to contain religious symbols
Wikipedia - American depositary receipt -- Security representing ownership of an underlying number of shares of a foreign company
Wikipedia - American Educational Trust -- Non-profitable foundation in Washington, D.C
Wikipedia - American Enterprise Institute -- American conservative think tank founded in 1938
Wikipedia - American Family Association -- American nonprofit organization promoting fundamentalist Christian values
Wikipedia - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Wikipedia - American Foxhound -- American dog breed used for hunting by scent
Wikipedia - American frontier -- Undeveloped territory of the United States, c. 1607-1912
Wikipedia - American Himalayan Foundation -- Non-profit organization in San Francisco, United States
Wikipedia - American Institute of Mathematics -- NSF-funded mathematical institute
Wikipedia - American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine -- Medical organization
Wikipedia - American IV: The Man Comes Around -- Album by Johnny Cash
Wikipedia - American Mental Health Foundation
Wikipedia - American Psychological Foundation -- Psychology-oriented philanthropic organization
Wikipedia - American red squirrel -- Species of pine squirrel found in North America
Wikipedia - American Scout Seamount -- A seamount that appeared on charts, but was later not found to exist at the position given
Wikipedia - American Slavery, American Freedom -- book by Edmund Morgan
Wikipedia - American Theater Hall of Fame -- Hall of Fame in New York City founded in 1972
Wikipedia - American Type Founders -- American typography company
Wikipedia - American Underslung -- Innovative automobile of 1905-1914 made in Indianapolis
Wikipedia - Amersham station -- London Underground and National Rail station
Wikipedia - Amherst Street station -- Underground station on the Buffalo Metro Rail
Wikipedia - Amiantofusus gloriabundus -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Ami Aspelund -- Finnish singer
Wikipedia - Amide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Amine -- Organic compound that is a derivative of ammonia
Wikipedia - Amino acid -- Organic compounds containing amine and carboxylic groups
Wikipedia - Amir Ansari -- Co-founder:venture capital firm Prodea Systems Inc
Wikipedia - Amisos Treasure -- Treasure trove found in Turkey
Wikipedia - Amisulpride -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - A Misunderstood Boy -- 1913 film
Wikipedia - Amity International School Vasundhara -- Primary and secondary schools in India
Wikipedia - Amman Kovil Kizhakale -- 1986 film by R. Sundarrajan
Wikipedia - Ammelide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ammon Bundy -- American activist
Wikipedia - Ammonia solution -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ammonia -- Chemical compound of nitrogen and hydrogen
Wikipedia - Ammonium bituminosulfonate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ammonium fluorosilicate -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ammonium fumarate -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ammonium nitrate -- Chemical compound with formula NH4NO3
Wikipedia - Ammonium uranyl carbonate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ammonium -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Amol Dighe -- Professor of Physics in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
Wikipedia - A Month of Sundays (2001 film) -- 2001 film by Stewart Raffill
Wikipedia - Amphiphile -- Hydrophilic and lipophilic chemical compound
Wikipedia - Amsterdam Declaration -- 2002 statement of the fundamental principles of modern humanism
Wikipedia - Amund Gismervik -- Norwegian Olympic diver
Wikipedia - Amund Nokleby Bentzen -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Amundsen Coast -- Segment of Antarctic coast
Wikipedia - Amundsen (film) -- Norwegian movie from 2019
Wikipedia - Amundsen Gulf -- A gulf in the Northwest Territories, Canada
Wikipedia - Amundsen Sea -- An arm of the Southern Ocean off Marie Byrd Land in western Antarctica between Cape Flying Fish to the east and Cape Dart on Siple Island to the west
Wikipedia - Amundsen's South Pole expedition -- First expedition to reach the geographic South Pole
Wikipedia - Amund Sjobrend -- Norwegian speed skater
Wikipedia - Amund Venger -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Amurensin K -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Anabel Englund -- American singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - An Act to extend the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 for 10 years -- US law
Wikipedia - Anagyrine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Ana Kasparian -- American political pundit, online news show host and producer
Wikipedia - Anak Krakatoa -- Volcanic island in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra in Indonesia
Wikipedia - Anan ben David -- Major founder of the Karaite movement of Judaism
Wikipedia - Anandamide -- Chemical compound (fatty acid neurotransmitter)
Wikipedia - Anand Lal Shimpi -- American technology journalist and founder of AnandTech
Wikipedia - Anastasia Dzyundzyak -- Uzbekstani artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anastasia (soundtrack) -- Soundtrack for the 1997 Fox Animation Studios film Anastasia
Wikipedia - A Nation Under Our Feet -- 2003 book by Steven Hahn
Wikipedia - Anbe Sivam -- 2003 Indian Tamil-language comedy-drama film by Sundar C.
Wikipedia - Ancestral background of presidents of the United States -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Anchal College, Padampur -- Undergraduate college under Odisha Government
Wikipedia - Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy -- 2004 American comedy film directed by Adam McKay
Wikipedia - Anchovy essence -- A thick, oily sauce of pounded anchovies and spices
Wikipedia - Ancient Greek philosophy -- Philosophical origins and foundation of western civilization
Wikipedia - Ancient Greek -- Forms of Greek used from around the 9th century BC to the 6th century AD
Wikipedia - Ancient Mesopotamian underworld -- concept of the underworld in ancient Mesopotamian culture
Wikipedia - Ancylostoma duodenale -- species of the roundworm genus Ancylostoma
Wikipedia - Anders Anundsen -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Anders Gidlund -- Swedish male curler
Wikipedia - Anders Haglund -- Swedish professional golfer
Wikipedia - Anders Lundgren -- Norwegian sailor
Wikipedia - Anderson Sunda-Meya -- Congolese-American physicist
Wikipedia - Anders Vilhelm Lundstedt
Wikipedia - An der Via Egnatia - Historisches und Heutiges uber Stadt und Messe -- 1957 film
Wikipedia - Andha Naal -- 1954 film by Sundaram Balachander
Wikipedia - Andha Oru Nimidam -- 1985 film by Major Sundarrajan
Wikipedia - Andrea Adamo (racing manager) -- Team Principal of Hyundai World Rally Team
Wikipedia - Andreas Hagelund -- Norwegian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Andreas Kundert -- Swiss hurdler
Wikipedia - Andreas Petrus Lundin -- American engineer
Wikipedia - Andre Gunder Frank
Wikipedia - Andre R. Guttfreund -- Salvadoran film director
Wikipedia - Andres GuM-CM-0mundsson -- Icelandic strongman
Wikipedia - Andrew Barroway -- American hedge fund manager
Wikipedia - Andrew Duncan (physician, born 1744) -- Scottish physician and founder of Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Wikipedia - Andrew Feldman, Baron Feldman of Elstree -- British barrister, businessman, and Conservative fundraiser and politician
Wikipedia - Andrew Saunders -- British military historian
Wikipedia - Andrew Schlafly -- American lawyer, founder of Conservapedia
Wikipedia - Andrew Winch -- Designer and Founder of the award winning British Design studio, Andrew Winch Designs
Wikipedia - Andronicus of Cyrrhus -- Macedonian astronomer around 100 BC
Wikipedia - Andy Barker (philanthropist) -- American theme town founder (1924-2011)
Wikipedia - Andy Bechtolsheim -- German electrical engineer and co-founder of Sun Microsystems
Wikipedia - Andy Blunden
Wikipedia - Andy Nelson (sound engineer) -- British sound engineer
Wikipedia - Andy Partridge -- English musician and XTC founder
Wikipedia - Andy Wright (sound engineer) -- Australian supervising sound editor
Wikipedia - Anelka: Misunderstood -- 2020 documentary film
Wikipedia - An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding
Wikipedia - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding -- Philosophical book by David Hume
Wikipedia - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding -- Philosophical work by John Locke
Wikipedia - Angela Bundalovic -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Angela Dwamena-Aboagye -- Ghanaian lawyer, gender activist, and an Executive Director of The Ark Foundation Ghana.
Wikipedia - Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground -- 1981 single by Willie Nelson
Wikipedia - Angelica Esperanza Dacunda -- Argentine politician
Wikipedia - Angelica M-CM-^Vstlund -- Swedish ice hockey forward
Wikipedia - Angelina Keeley -- American nonprofit founder and CEO and political activist
Wikipedia - Angelo Dundee -- American boxing trainer
Wikipedia - Angel tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Anglican Church in North America -- Christian denomination in the Anglican tradition in North America, founded in 2009 by those dissatisfied with doctrines of the Episcopal Church / Anglican Church of Canada
Wikipedia - Anglo-Persian Oil Company -- English energy company founded in 1908
Wikipedia - Anglo-Saxon pound -- Unit of account in Anglo-Saxon England
Wikipedia - Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660) -- 1654-1660 war between the English Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell and Spain
Wikipedia - Angus Loughran -- British sports commentator and pundit
Wikipedia - Anigozanthos flavidus -- Species of plant found in Southwest Australia
Wikipedia - Aniline -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Animal echolocation -- Method used by several animal species to determine location using sound
Wikipedia - Animal Kingdom Foundation -- Filipino animal welfare organization
Wikipedia - Animal Legal Defense Fund
Wikipedia - Animal pound -- Place where stray livestock were impounded
Wikipedia - Anima mundi (spirit)
Wikipedia - Anima mundi -- According to several systems of thought, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet
Wikipedia - Aniseed ball -- Hard round sweet
Wikipedia - Anita Lett -- Irish activist who founded the Irish Countrywomen's Association
Wikipedia - Anita M-CM-^Vstlund -- Swedish figure skater
Wikipedia - Anja Lundqvist -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Ankle brace -- Support worn around the ankle to protect it or for immobilization while allowing it to heal
Wikipedia - Anna Baright Curry -- American educator, founder of Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts
Wikipedia - Anna Behlmer -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Anna Davenport Raines -- Founding member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy
Wikipedia - Anna Gronlund Krantz -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Anna-Lena Strindlund -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Anna-Lisa Berglund -- Swedish archer
Wikipedia - Anna Lundstrom -- Swedish figure skater
Wikipedia - Anna Rosling Ronnlund -- Swedish designer
Wikipedia - Anna Sophia Berglund -- American model
Wikipedia - Anna Sundstrand -- Swedish singer
Wikipedia - Anna Sundstrm
Wikipedia - Ann Clarke (immunologist) -- British immunologist and co-founder of the Frozen Ark project
Wikipedia - Anne Arundel Community College -- Educational institution in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States
Wikipedia - Anne Arundel County, Maryland -- County in Maryland, US
Wikipedia - Anne Arundel Stakes -- American Thoroughbred horse race
Wikipedia - Anne Barbara Underhill -- Canadian astrophysicist
Wikipedia - Anne Cofell Saunders -- American television writer and producer
Wikipedia - Annecy Round -- International trade negotiation, adopted in 1949
Wikipedia - Anne Glover (venture capitalist) -- CEO and co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners
Wikipedia - Anne Holmlund -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - Anne Loreille Saunders -- English historian
Wikipedia - Anne Lundmark -- Swedish orienteering competitor
Wikipedia - Anne-Marie Berglund -- Swedish writer
Wikipedia - Anne-Marie Eklund Lowinder -- Swedish Internet expert
Wikipedia - Anne-Marie Eklund Lwinder
Wikipedia - Annemund
Wikipedia - Anne of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Anne Sundberg -- American film director, screenwriter and producer
Wikipedia - Annie E. Casey Foundation -- American charitable foundation
Wikipedia - Annie Scott Dill Maunder
Wikipedia - Annie S. D. Maunder -- British astronomer
Wikipedia - Annis Mound and Village Site -- Archaeological site in Kentucky, US
Wikipedia - Ann Lee -- founder of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (Shakers)
Wikipedia - Ann-Louise Skoglund -- Swedish hurdler
Wikipedia - Anno Mundi -- Calendar era
Wikipedia - Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group
Wikipedia - Annulus (zoology) -- An external circular ring found in segmented animals such as earthworms and leeches
Wikipedia - Anonymous function -- Function definition that is not bound to an identifier
Wikipedia - Another Round (film) -- 2020 film
Wikipedia - Another Round (podcast) -- Culture podcast
Wikipedia - Anoxic waters -- Areas of sea water, fresh water, or groundwater that are depleted of dissolved oxygen
Wikipedia - Anropar forsvunnen -- 2000 song by Hanna Hedlund
Wikipedia - -- Q&A site founded in 1999
Wikipedia - Antalarmin -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Antarctic bottom water -- A cold, dense, water mass originating in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica
Wikipedia - Antarctic Circle -- Boundary of the Antarctic
Wikipedia - Antarctic Circumpolar Current -- Ocean current that flows clockwise from west to east around Antarctica
Wikipedia - Antarctic Intermediate Water -- A cold, relatively low salinity water mass found mostly at intermediate depths in the Southern Ocean
Wikipedia - Antarctic Plate -- A tectonic plate containing the continent of Antarctica and extending outward under the surrounding oceans
Wikipedia - Antariya -- A wrap around for lower body
Wikipedia - Antbird -- passerine bird family found across subtropical and tropical Central and South America
Wikipedia - Ant colony -- Underground lair where ants live, eat, and tend eggs
Wikipedia - Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe -- 2020 song by Residente
Wikipedia - Antes Que o Mundo Acabe -- 2009 film directed by Ana Luiza Azevedo
Wikipedia - A.N.T. Farm (soundtrack) -- 2011 soundtrack album by China Anne McClain
Wikipedia - Anthela rubicunda -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury -- English politician and founder of the Whig party (1621-1683)
Wikipedia - Anthony Chiasson -- American hedge fund manager
Wikipedia - Anthony Munday -- 16th/17th-century English playwright
Wikipedia - Anthony Saunders -- American academic
Wikipedia - Anthroposophy -- Philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner
Wikipedia - Antibubble -- Droplet of liquid surrounded by a thin film of gas
Wikipedia - Anticipatory Systems; Philosophical, Mathematical, and Methodological Foundations
Wikipedia - Anticyclone -- Weather phenomenon of wind circulating round a high-pressure area
Wikipedia - Anti-Federalist Papers -- Essays by American founding fathers opposed to the federal constitution
Wikipedia - Anti-foundationalism -- Term applied to any philosophy which rejects a foundationalist approach
Wikipedia - Anti-gliadin antibodies -- Prolamin found in wheat
Wikipedia - Antioxidant -- Compound that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules
Wikipedia - Antiozonant -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Anti-Rightist Campaign -- Chinese political campaign under Mao Zedong
Wikipedia - Antiscience -- A philosophy that rejects science and the scientific method as an inherently limited means to reach understanding of reality
Wikipedia - Antisemitism in Christianity -- Antisemitism found in Christian faiths
Wikipedia - Antisthenes -- Ancient Greek Philosopher, founder of Cynicism
Wikipedia - Antoinette Batumubwira -- Burundian politician
Wikipedia - Antoinette Gasongo -- Burundian judoka
Wikipedia - Antonio Fagundes -- Brazilian actor
Wikipedia - Antonio Hidalgo Lopez -- Undersecretary of the Spanish presidency
Wikipedia - Antonio Velez Alvarado -- Father of the Puerto Rican Flag and co-founder of Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
Wikipedia - Antoni Zygmund
Wikipedia - Anton LaVey -- Founder of the Church of Satan, author of the Satanic Bible
Wikipedia - Antonov/Taqnia An-132 -- Military transport aircraft under development by Antonov and Taqnia
Wikipedia - Antony Underwood
Wikipedia - AN/TPQ-53 Quick Reaction Capability Radar -- Ground radar system
Wikipedia - Anundshog -- Tumulus in VM-CM-$stmanland, Sweden
Wikipedia - Anund -- Semi-legendary Swedish king
Wikipedia - Any Given Sunday -- 1999 film by Oliver Stone
Wikipedia - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) -- 1964 song written by Jeannie Seely and Randy Newman
Wikipedia - Anything for You (Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine song) -- 1988 single by Gloria Estefan
Wikipedia - Aotea railway station -- Station under construction in Auckland, NZ
Wikipedia - Apache Bloodhound
Wikipedia - Apache Foundation
Wikipedia - Apache Software Foundation
Wikipedia - Apache Traffic Server -- Proxy server developed by the Apache Software Foundation
Wikipedia - A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary: Biography of Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart
Wikipedia - AP Diving -- British manufacturer of underwater diving equipment
Wikipedia - Apostolic see -- Episcopal see whose foundation is attributed to one or more of the apostles of Jesus or to one of their close associates
Wikipedia - Apostolic United Brethren -- Polygamous Mormon fundamentalist church
Wikipedia - Appaloosa Management -- American hedge fund
Wikipedia - Appell-Humbert theorem -- Describes the line bundles on a complex torus or complex abelian variety
Wikipedia - Apple Corps -- Multimedia company founded by The Beatles
Wikipedia - Apple electric car project -- Electric car project undergoing research and development by Apple Inc.
Wikipedia - Apple Look Around
Wikipedia - Apple One (service) -- Apple subscription bundle
Wikipedia - Applique -- Piece of textile ornament, or work created by applying such ornaments to a ground fabric
Wikipedia - Apprehension (understanding)
Wikipedia - Approaching Thunder Storm -- Painting by Martin Johnson Heade
Wikipedia - Appropriate technology -- Technological choice and application that is small-scale, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and locally autonomous
Wikipedia - APS underwater rifle
Wikipedia - Aquanauts -- Diver who remains at depth underwater for longer than 24 hours
Wikipedia - Aquanaut -- Diver who remains at depth underwater for longer than 24 hours
Wikipedia - Aquarius Reef Base -- An underwater habitat off Key Largo in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Wikipedia - Aquascope -- underwater viewing device
Wikipedia - Aquathlon (underwater wrestling) -- Competitive underwater wrestling
Wikipedia - A Quinzaine for this Yule -- Collection of poetry by Ezra Pound
Wikipedia - Arabella Churchill (charity founder) -- English charity founder, festival co-founder, and fundraiser (1949-2007)
Wikipedia - Arabism Egypt Party -- Political party in Egypt founded by Sami Anan
Wikipedia - Arafundi River -- river in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - Arbeitslager -- Compound noun meaning "labor camp" in the German language
Wikipedia - Arbitration Committee -- dispute resolution panel of editors on several Wikimedia Foundation projects
Wikipedia - Arcesilaus -- Hellenistic Philosopher, founder of Academic Skepticism
Wikipedia - Archaeological tourism -- Tourism around buildings and archaeological sites
Wikipedia - Archana Ramasundaram -- Indian police officer
Wikipedia - Archbishop of Lund
Wikipedia - Archdiocese of Lund
Wikipedia - Archery at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Men's double American round -- Archery at the Olympics
Wikipedia - Archery at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Men's double York round -- Archery at the Olympics
Wikipedia - Archery at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Men's team round -- Archery at the Olympics
Wikipedia - Archery at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Women's double Columbia round -- Archery at the Olympics
Wikipedia - Archery at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Women's team round -- Archery at the Olympics
Wikipedia - Archery at the 1908 Summer Olympics - Men's double York round -- Archery at the Olympics
Wikipedia - Archery at the 1908 Summer Olympics - Women's double National round -- Archery at the Olympics
Wikipedia - Archibald H. Sunderland -- United States Army general
Wikipedia - Archipelagic apron -- A fan-shaped gently sloping region of sea floor found around oceanic islands
Wikipedia - Architecture of Ethiopia -- Architecture originating in and around the region of Ethiopia, incorporating various styles and techniques
Wikipedia - Architecture of the Philippines -- Architectural styles and elements found in the Philippine archipelago
Wikipedia - Archiv fur Molluskenkunde -- Academic journal
Wikipedia - Archivolt -- An ornamental molding or band following the curve on the underside of an arch
Wikipedia - Arch Mission Foundation -- Knowledge preservation project
Wikipedia - Archway tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - ARCS Foundation -- American nonprofit volunteer women's organization
Wikipedia - Arctic Circle -- Boundary of the Arctic
Wikipedia - Arctic sanctuary -- A proposed marine protected area around the North Pole
Wikipedia - Arction Ltd -- Software company founded in Kuopio, Finland
Wikipedia - Ardagh-Johnson Line -- Boundary line in Aksai Chin
Wikipedia - Ardashir I -- Founder of the Sassanid Empire
Wikipedia - Ardcarn Mound -- Mound and ringfort in Ireland
Wikipedia - Arden of Faversham -- 1592 English play of undetermined authorship
Wikipedia - Area code 765 -- Area code that serves a horseshoe-shaped region of 20 counties surrounding the Indianapolis area
Wikipedia - Aregund
Wikipedia - Areocentric orbit -- Orbit around the planet Mars
Wikipedia - Arequipa-Antofalla -- A basement unit underlying the central Andes in northwestern Argentina, western Bolivia, northern Chile and southern Peru
Wikipedia - Argon compounds -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Argonium -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Argument to moderation -- Informal fallacy which asserts that the truth can be found as a compromise between two opposite positions
Wikipedia - Argyresthia fundella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Argyrol -- Antiseptic containing compounded solutions of mild silver protein
Wikipedia - Ariane 6 -- European launch vehicle (under development)
Wikipedia - Ariel (detergent) -- Laundry detergent trademark
Wikipedia - Arild Amundsen -- Norwegian sailor
Wikipedia - Arild Lund -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Arild Underdal -- Norwegian political scientist
Wikipedia - Arinbjorn GuM-CM-0mundsson -- Icelandic chess player
Wikipedia - Arindam Chaudhuri -- Indian businessman, founder of a diploma-mill.
Wikipedia - Ariolimax columbianus -- Species of slug found on the Pacific coast of North America known as the Pacific banana slug
Wikipedia - Aripiprazole/sertraline -- Medication under development by Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Wikipedia - Aristippus -- Ancient Greek philosopher, founder of Cyrenaicism
Wikipedia - Aristotle -- Classical Greek philosopher and polymath, founder of the Peripatetic School
Wikipedia - Arithmetic underflow
Wikipedia - Arizona Bound (1927 film) -- 1927 film by John Waters
Wikipedia - Arizona Bound (1941 film) -- 1941 film by Spencer Gordon Bennet
Wikipedia - Arizona Roundup -- 1942 film
Wikipedia - Arizona State Fairgrounds -- American entertainment complex
Wikipedia - Arjun Munda -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Arkeon -- Italian personal growth movement founded by Vito Carlo Moccia
Wikipedia - Arlan Hamilton -- American investment fund founder
Wikipedia - Arlene Saunders -- American singer
Wikipedia - Armenian-occupied territories surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh -- Formerly occupied territories of Azerbaijan
Wikipedia - Arms Around the World -- 1997 single by Louise
Wikipedia - Army Bound -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - Army engineer diver -- Members of national armies who are trained to undertake reconnaissance, demolition, and salvage tasks underwater
Wikipedia - Army of the Republic of Vietnam -- Former ground forces of the South Vietnamese military
Wikipedia - Army -- Military branch for ground warfare
Wikipedia - Arne Asplund
Wikipedia - Arne Sund -- Norwegian military psychiatrist
Wikipedia - Arnie Sundberg -- American weightlifter
Wikipedia - Arniston (East Indiaman) -- Ship operating under charter to the British East India Company
Wikipedia - Arnold Janssen -- German-Dutch Roman Catholic priest and missionary and founder of the Society of the Divine Word in Steyl, Netherlands
Wikipedia - Arnold's Bar and Grill -- Restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, founded 1838
Wikipedia - Arnos Grove tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Arnulf Sunde -- Norwegian speed skater
Wikipedia - A Rockin' Good Way (to Mess Around and Fall in Love) -- Single
Wikipedia - Aroma compound -- Chemical compound that has a smell or odor
Wikipedia - Aromatic compound -- Compound containing rings with delocalized pi electrons
Wikipedia - Aromaticity -- Phenomenon providing chemical stability in resonating hybrids of cyclic organic compounds
Wikipedia - Around a Million -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - Around a Small Mountain -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - Around the Beatles -- 1964 television special featuring the Beatles, produced by Jack Good for ITV/Rediffusion London
Wikipedia - Around the Boree Log -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - Around the Clock (song) -- Nothing's Carved in Stone song
Wikipedia - A-round the Corner (Beneath the Berry Tree) -- 1952 song
Wikipedia - Around the Corner -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - Around the World (1943 film) -- 1943 American comedy film produced and directed by Allan Dwan
Wikipedia - Around the World (East 17 song) -- 1994 single by East 17
Wikipedia - Around the World in 18 Days -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - Around the World in 80 Days (1956 film) -- 1956 film by Michael Anderson
Wikipedia - Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film) -- 2004 film by Frank Coraci
Wikipedia - Around the World in 80 Days (board game) -- 2004 board game
Wikipedia - Around the World in 80 Minutes with Douglas Fairbanks -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Around the World in Eighty Days (1919 film) -- 1919 film
Wikipedia - Around the World (Red Hot Chili Peppers song) -- 1999 single by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Wikipedia - Around the World with Orson Welles -- 1955 television film by Orson Welles
Wikipedia - Around the World with Peynet's Lovers -- 1974 film
Wikipedia - Arratzua-Ubarrundia -- Municipality of Spain
Wikipedia - Arrow Air Flight 1285 -- December 1985 plane crash in Newfoundland, Canada
Wikipedia - Arrows of the Thunder Dragon -- 2013 film
Wikipedia - Arsenal tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Arsenite -- Chemical compounds containing arsenic at oxidation state +3
Wikipedia - Arsine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Arsonic acids -- subset of organoarsenic compounds defined as oxyacids
Wikipedia - Artemisin -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Artesian aquifer -- A confined aquifer containing groundwater under positive pressure
Wikipedia - Art Fund -- United Kingdom art charity
Wikipedia - Arthur Amundsen -- Norwegian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Arthur B. Sleigh -- British army officer, founder of The Daily Telegraph
Wikipedia - Arthur Cuming Ringland -- Conservationist and co-founder of CARE (1882 - 1981)
Wikipedia - Arthur E. Andersen -- Accountant firm founder
Wikipedia - Arthur Edmund Carewe -- American actor
Wikipedia - Arthur Edmund Seaman
Wikipedia - Arthur Griffith -- Irish politician and writer, founder of Sinn Fein
Wikipedia - Arthur Johns -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Arthur McBride -- Folk song found in Ireland, Scotland and England with slight variations
Wikipedia - Arthur Mund -- German diver
Wikipedia - Arthur Piantadosi -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Arthur Sundbye -- American gymnast
Wikipedia - Arthur Sundt -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Arthur Talmadge -- Founder of Mercury Records
Wikipedia - Artificial gills (human) -- Hypothetical devices to allow a human to take in oxygen from surrounding water
Wikipedia - Artificial reef -- A human-created underwater structure, typically built to promote marine life, control erosion, block ship passage, block the use of trawling nets, or improve surfing
Wikipedia - Artists Under the Big Top: Perplexed -- 1968 film
Wikipedia - Art of Living Foundation
Wikipedia - Artognou stone -- Latin inscription found in Tintagel Castle
Wikipedia - Art Rochester -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - ArtSound FM -- Community radio station in Canberra, Australia
Wikipedia - Artur Hazelius -- Swedish folkorist and museum founder
Wikipedia - Artur Lundkvist
Wikipedia - Arunachalam (film) -- 1997 film by Sundar C.
Wikipedia - Arundathi Nag -- Indian actress, theatre personality
Wikipedia - Arundel Castle Cricket Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Arundel Castle -- Castle in West Sussex, England
Wikipedia - Arundel Gardens
Wikipedia - Arundel Mills -- Shopping mall in Maryland, U.S.
Wikipedia - Arundel Park -- Biological Site of Special Scientific Interest north of Arundel in West Sussex
Wikipedia - Arundel railway station -- Railway station in West Sussex, England
Wikipedia - Arundel Terrace -- Road in Brighton, England
Wikipedia - Arundel
Wikipedia - Arundhathi Subramaniam -- English language Indian poet
Wikipedia - Arundhati Devi
Wikipedia - Arundhati Ghose -- Indian diplomat
Wikipedia - Arundhati (Hinduism)
Wikipedia - Arundhati Roy -- Indian novelist, essayist, and activist (BORN 1961)
Wikipedia - Arundika Fernando -- Sri Lankan politician
Wikipedia - Arundinaria gigantea -- Species of bamboo from North America known as river cane
Wikipedia - Arundinaria -- Genus of bamboo including American river canes
Wikipedia - Arundo donax -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Arussi Unda -- Activist related to violence against women
Wikipedia - Arvid Hoflund -- Swedish sports shooter
Wikipedia - Arvidsjaur porphyry -- Igneous rocks found in northernmost Sweden
Wikipedia - Ascariasis -- A disease caused by the parasitic roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides
Wikipedia - Ascending and descending (diving) -- Procedures for safe ascent and descent in underwater diving
Wikipedia - Ascension Parish Burial Ground, Cambridge
Wikipedia - ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution -- ASEAN environment agreement
Wikipedia - Asemia -- Inability to understand or express any signs or symbols
Wikipedia - Asger Lund Christiansen -- Danish cellist (1927-1998)
Wikipedia - Ashiko -- Tapered drum traditionally found in West Africa and part of the Americas
Wikipedia - A Ship Bound for India -- 1947 film
Wikipedia - Ashleypark Burial Mound -- Tomb in Ireland
Wikipedia - Ashokasundari -- Hindu goddess, daughter of deities Shiva and Parvati
Wikipedia - Ashton-under-Hill railway station -- Former railway station in Worcestershire, England
Wikipedia - Ashton-Under-Lyne
Wikipedia - Ashton-under-Lyne -- Market town in the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, Greater Manchester, England
Wikipedia - Asian American movement -- Social movement surrounding Asian Americans originating in the United States
Wikipedia - Asian Dub Foundation -- English electronica band
Wikipedia - Asian Institute of Technology Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Asian Pacific American Bar Association Educational Fund -- Non-profitable organization
Wikipedia - Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada -- Canadian think tank
Wikipedia - Asilomar Conference Grounds
Wikipedia - Askari (film) -- 2001 film by John Cundill
Wikipedia - Asker Hundred -- Former subdivision of Sweden
Wikipedia - Askersund -- Place in NM-CM-$rke, Sweden
Wikipedia - ASL Airlines Ireland -- Irish freight and passenger airline founded in 1972
Wikipedia - Asle Amundsen -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - ASM-DT amphibious rifle -- Russian folding stock underwater firearm
Wikipedia - Asmund Eirik Soelseth -- Norwegian judge
Wikipedia - Asmund Enger -- Norwegian sports shooter
Wikipedia - A Song Goes Round the World (1958 film) -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - A Song Goes Round the World -- 1933 film
Wikipedia - A Sound of Thunder (film) -- 2005 film by Peter Hyams
Wikipedia - A Sound of Thunder -- Short story by Ray Bradbury
Wikipedia - Asp (character) -- Fictional character under Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Asphaltene -- Heavy organic molecular substances that are found in crude oil
Wikipedia - Asphodel Meadows -- Section of the Greek underworld
Wikipedia - Assassination of Ingimundr -- Norwegian royal delegate
Wikipedia - Assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira -- 1994 shooting down of a plane carrying the Rwandan and Burundian presidents
Wikipedia - Assassination of Orhan Gunduz -- Assassination of a Turkish diplomat
Wikipedia - Assembly of Captive European Nations -- Coalition of representatives from nations in Central and Eastern Europe under Soviet domination (1954-1972)
Wikipedia - Assignment: Underwater -- American adventure television series from 1960 to 1961
Wikipedia - Assistant United States Attorney -- Attorney employed by the Federal government of the United States and working under the supervision of a United States Attorney
Wikipedia - Associate degree -- Undergraduate academic degree
Wikipedia - Associated-Rediffusion -- British ITV contractor for London and parts of the surrounding counties
Wikipedia - Association of Independent Methodists -- Methodist Christian denomination founded in 1965
Wikipedia - Association to Unite the Democracies -- Organization founded 1939
Wikipedia - Assonance -- Repetition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyming
Wikipedia - As-Sunnah Foundation of America -- Sufi Islamic Organization of America
Wikipedia - Astound Broadband
Wikipedia - Astounding Award for Best New Writer -- Writing award
Wikipedia - Astragaloside -- Group of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Astragalus brachycalyx -- Species of legume found on mountains in western Asia
Wikipedia - Astragalus subsecundus -- species of plant in the family Fabaceae
Wikipedia - Astraphobia -- Abnormal fear of thunder and lightning
Wikipedia - Astrid M. Funderich -- German actress
Wikipedia - Astropia -- 2007 Icelandic film by Gunnar B. GuM-CM-0mundsson
Wikipedia - A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte -- Painting by Georges Seurat
Wikipedia - Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress -- 2015 album by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Wikipedia - Atal Bhujal Yojana -- National groundwater management scheme in India
Wikipedia - Atal Tunnel -- Leh-Manali Highway tunnel built under the Rohtang Pass in the eastern Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas
Wikipedia - Atchafalaya Basin Mounds -- Archaeological site in Louisiana, US
Wikipedia - Ateneo de El Salvador -- Cultural institution in El Salvador founded in 1912
Wikipedia - Ateneo Graduate School of Business -- Graduate business school under Ateneo de Manila University
Wikipedia - Ateneo PuertorriqueM-CM-1o -- Cultural institution in Puerto Rico founded in 1876
Wikipedia - Ateneo School of Government -- Graduate school under the Ateneo de Manila University
Wikipedia - ATHENA (European cultural heritage project) -- European Union funded project which aims to provide content to Europeana
Wikipedia - Athenian coup of 411 BC -- 411 BC coup in which the Athenian democratic government was replaced by the Four Hundred
Wikipedia - Athens, Georgia: Over/Under -- 2020 film by Thomas Bauer
Wikipedia - Atiyah-Bott formula -- On the cohomology ring of the moduli stack of principal bundles
Wikipedia - Atlantic Council -- American Atlanticist think tank founded in 1961
Wikipedia - Atlantic Meridional Transect -- A multi-decadal oceanographic programme that undertakes biological, chemical and physical research during annual voyages between the UK and destinations in the South Atlantic
Wikipedia - Atlantis ROV Team -- A high-school underwater robotics team from Whidbey Island, Washington, United States
Wikipedia - Atlas Mill, Ashton-under-Lyne -- Cotton mill in Greater Manchester, England
Wikipedia - Atle Haglund -- Norwegian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Atmosphere of Earth -- Gas layer surrounding Earth: Mostly nitrogen, uniquely high in oxygen, with trace amounts of other molecules
Wikipedia - Atmosphere of Jupiter -- Layer of gases surrounding the planet Jupiter
Wikipedia - Atmosphere of the Moon -- Very scant presence of gases surrounding the Moon
Wikipedia - Atmosphere -- Layer of gases surrounding an astronomical body held by gravity
Wikipedia - Atmospheric diving suit -- Articulated pressure resistant anthropomorphic housing for an underwater diver
Wikipedia - Atomic carbon -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Atomic chess -- chess variant where pieces "explode" upon capture, also removing surrounding pieces
Wikipedia - Atomic Heritage Foundation
Wikipedia - Atomic nucleus -- Core of the atom; composed of bound nucleons (protons and neutrons)
Wikipedia - Atomic number -- Number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom
Wikipedia - Atomic theory -- Model for understanding elemental particles
Wikipedia - Atorolimumab -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Atrocities in the Congo Free State -- Atrocities perpetrated in the Congo Free State under the personal rule of King Leopold II of Belgium
Wikipedia - Attack aircraft -- Tactical military aircraft that have a primary role of attacking targets on the ground or sea
Wikipedia - Attack helicopter -- Military helicopter with the primary role of attacking targets on the ground
Wikipedia - Attention (bugle call) -- Bugle call sounded as a warning that troops are about to be called to attention.
Wikipedia - Attestation clause -- In statutory law, a type of clause found in wills
Wikipedia - Attitude object -- Concept around which an attitude is formed and changes over time
Wikipedia - Auburn station (Sound Transit) -- Commuter train station in Auburn, Washington
Wikipedia - Aud Gaundal -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Audio engineer -- Engineers involved in the recording, reproduction or reinforcement of sound
Wikipedia - Audio equipment -- Devices that reproduce, record, or process sound
Wikipedia - Audio frequency -- Sound whose frequency is audible to the average human.
Wikipedia - Audio mixing -- Process by which multiple input sources or sounds are combined into one or more output channels
Wikipedia - Audio Playground -- Canadian dance-pop band
Wikipedia - Audio signal -- A representation of sound, typically as an electrical voltage
Wikipedia - Audio Stream Input/Output -- Computer sound card driver protocol
Wikipedia - Auditory hallucination -- Form of hallucination that involves perceiving sounds without auditory stimulus
Wikipedia - Auguste Denayrouze -- French inventor of a demand air supply regulator for underwater diving
Wikipedia - August Herman Pfund
Wikipedia - August Horch -- German automobile engineer, founder of Audi
Wikipedia - August Kundt -- German physicist
Wikipedia - August Underground's Mordum -- 2003 film
Wikipedia - August Underground -- 2001 film by Fred Vogel
Wikipedia - Augustus Bridle -- British home child and founder of The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto
Wikipedia - Aulus Gabinius Secundus (consul 35) -- 1st century AD Roman senator and general
Wikipedia - Aundhe Khurd -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Aundh Experiment -- Early test of village-level self-government in British India
Wikipedia - Aundholi -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Aundh, Pune -- Suburb of Pune city in Maharashtra, India
Wikipedia - Aundh, Satara -- Town in Satara, Maharashtra, India
Wikipedia - Aundh State -- Maratha princely state in the British Raj
Wikipedia - Aundrea Fimbres -- American singer and dancer
Wikipedia - Aurelius Capital Management -- American hedge fund
Wikipedia - Ausbund
Wikipedia - Austin Energy -- Publicly owned utility providing electrical power to the city of Austin, Texas and surrounding areas
Wikipedia - Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair! -- 2000 video game
Wikipedia - Australasian Mediterranean Sea -- the sea enclosed by the Sunda Islands and the Philippines
Wikipedia - Australian Film Development Corporation -- Film funding body set up by the Australian government
Wikipedia - Australian Indigenous Education Foundation -- Non-profit organisation
Wikipedia - Australian one-hundred-dollar note -- Current denomination of Australian currency
Wikipedia - Australian round fifty-cent coin -- Discontinued Australian coin design
Wikipedia - AustralianSuper -- Australian superannuation and pension fund
Wikipedia - Australian Underwater Federation -- The governing body for underwater sports in Australia
Wikipedia - Austria victim theory -- Ideological basis for Austria under allied occupation and in the Second Austrian Republic until the 1980s
Wikipedia - Austria women's national under-18 volleyball team -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - AUTOEXEC.BAT -- initial batchjob run by command-line processor under DOS
Wikipedia - Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System -- American military aviation safety
Wikipedia - Automotive head unit -- Centerpiece of the car's sound and information system
Wikipedia - Auto Motor und Sport -- German automobile magazine
Wikipedia - Autonomous Robotics Ltd -- UK company developing an autonomous underwater vehicle
Wikipedia - Autonomous system (Internet) -- Collection of connected Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes under the control of one or more network operators
Wikipedia - Autonomous underwater vehicle -- Unmanned underwater vehicle with autonomous guidance system
Wikipedia - Autotroph -- Any organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple substances present in its surroundings
Wikipedia - Autumn Sonata (opera) -- Opera by Sebastian Fagerlund
Wikipedia - AUV-150 -- An unmanned underwater vehicle in development in by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Wikipedia - AUV Abyss -- An autonomous underwater vehicle for mapping of the seabed and water column data collection
Wikipedia - Auzatellodes theafundum -- Species of hook-tip moth
Wikipedia - Avadh Akhbar -- Urdu newspaper founded by Munshi Nawal Kishore
Wikipedia - Avalonia -- Microcontinent in the Paleozoic era named for the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland
Wikipedia - Avalon Peninsula -- Peninsula on the island of Newfoundland
Wikipedia - Avan Amaran -- 1958 film by Sundaram Balachander
Wikipedia - Avengers: Endgame (soundtrack)
Wikipedia - Avengers Undercover -- Marvel comic book series
Wikipedia - Avenida de Mayo (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Avenida La Plata (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - AverStar -- Software company in Cambridge, Massachusetts (founded as Intermetrics 1969)
Wikipedia - Avery Brundage -- American sports executive and 5th president of the International Olympic Committee
Wikipedia - AVFoundation
Wikipedia - Avicenna Cultural and Scientific Foundation
Wikipedia - Avijaja Lund JM-CM-$rund -- Danish female curler and coach
Wikipedia - A. Vilhelm Lundstedt
Wikipedia - Avogadro constant -- Fundamental physical constant (symbols: L,NM-aM-4M-^@) representing the molar number of entities
Wikipedia - Avoirdupois system -- System of weights (more properly, mass) based on a pound of 16 ounces
Wikipedia - A.V. Undercover -- American live music web series
Wikipedia - AWA Super Sunday -- Professional wrestling show
Wikipedia - A-weighting -- Curves used to weigh sound pressure level
Wikipedia - A Woman Misunderstood -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - A Woman Who Understood -- 1920 film by William Parke
Wikipedia - A. W. Watkins -- English sound engineer
Wikipedia - Axehandle hound -- Mythical creature from American folklore
Wikipedia - Axis mundi
Wikipedia - Ayesha Chundrigar -- Pakistani activist
Wikipedia - Ayisha Osori -- CEO of the Nigerian WomenM-bM-^@M-^Ys Trust Fund
Wikipedia - Ayya Vaikundar
Wikipedia - Ayyubid dynasty -- Kurdish Muslim dynasty, founded by Saladin and centered in Egypt
Wikipedia - Azatadine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Azerbaijan State Film Fund -- Azerbaijani government organization
Wikipedia - Azhagana Naatkal -- 2001 film by Sundar C.
Wikipedia - Azimuth thruster -- Steerable propulsion pod under a watercraft
Wikipedia - Azo compound -- Class of organic compounds
Wikipedia - Azores Current -- A generally eastward to southeastward-flowing current in the North Atlantic, originating near the Grand Banks of Newfoundland where it splits from Gulf Stream
Wikipedia - Azores Triple Junction -- Place where the boundaries of the North American, the Eurasian and the African tectonic plates intersect
Wikipedia - Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (soundtrack) -- 2017 album
Wikipedia - Baal Shem Tov -- Jewish mystical rabbi from Poland, founder of Hasidic Judaism
Wikipedia - Baba Kundan Singh Memorial Law College -- Law college in Punjab, India
Wikipedia - Babatunde Adewale Ajayi -- Nigerian king
Wikipedia - Babatunde Fashola -- Nigerian politician
Wikipedia - Babatunde Gbadamosi -- Nigerian politician
Wikipedia - Babatunde Kwaku Adadevoh -- Nigerian physician
Wikipedia - Babatunde Lawal -- Nigerian art historian
Wikipedia - Babatunde Olatunji -- Nigerian percussionist
Wikipedia - Babatunde
Wikipedia - Babe's Blues -- album by The Three Sounds
Wikipedia - Bab's house -- Home of Seyed Ali Mohammad Bab, founder of the Babism religion
Wikipedia - Baburnama -- Memoirs of Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire
Wikipedia - Babur -- founder of the Mughal Empire and first Emperor of the Mughal dynasty
Wikipedia - Bab -- Iranian prophet and founder of Babism, also venerated in the BahaM-JM-
Wikipedia - Babylon Graundfote -- English poitician
Wikipedia - BAC Credomatic -- Central American financial institution founded in 1952
Wikipedia - Bachelor of Arts -- Bachelor's degree awarded for undergraduate study in liberal arts, the sciences or both
Wikipedia - Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery -- Undergraduate medical degree in countries
Wikipedia - Bachelor of Engineering -- Undergraduate academic degree
Wikipedia - Bachelor of Laws -- Undergraduate degree in law
Wikipedia - Bachelor of Science in Nursing -- Undergraduate degree in nursing
Wikipedia - Bachelor's degree -- Undergraduate academic degree
Wikipedia - Bachmann's bundle -- Anatomical cardiac structure
Wikipedia - Backbone chain -- Series of covalently bounded atoms
Wikipedia - Background (1953 film) -- 1953 film by Daniel Birt
Wikipedia - Background (1973 film) -- 1973 film
Wikipedia - Background and causes of the Iranian Revolution -- Causes of the Iranian Revolution
Wikipedia - Background check
Wikipedia - Background independence
Wikipedia - Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Wikipedia - Background music
Wikipedia - Background noise
Wikipedia - Background of the Spanish Civil War -- historical context leading to the Spanish Civil War
Wikipedia - Background process
Wikipedia - Background radiation -- Measure of ionizing radiation in the environment
Wikipedia - Background score
Wikipedia - Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women -- 1991 book by Susan Faludi
Wikipedia - Back to the Future (soundtrack) -- Album with the soundtrack of the 1985 film
Wikipedia - Backyard Worlds -- NASA-funded citizen science project
Wikipedia - Bacterioplankton counting methods -- Methods for the estimation of the abundance of bacterioplankton in a specific body of water
Wikipedia - Badger (automobile company) -- Car company of Columbus, Wisconsin, United States,[1] was an automobile company founded in 1910.
Wikipedia - Badger Pot -- Caves found in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Wikipedia - Bad Grund -- Place in Lower Saxony, Germany
Wikipedia - BAFTA Award for Best Sound
Wikipedia - Bagnolo stele -- Stone boulders found in Italy with Chalcolithic engravings
Wikipedia - Bagpipe theorem -- On structure of M-OM-^I-bounded connected surfaces
Wikipedia - Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Co -- Bahamian brewery founded in 2007
Wikipedia - BahaM-JM- -- Monotheistic religion founded by BahaM-JM-
Wikipedia - BahaM-JM- -- Family of Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'i Faith
Wikipedia - BahaM-JM- -- Founder of the BahaM-JM-
Wikipedia - Bahiyyih Khanum -- Daughter of BahaM-JM-
Wikipedia - Baihetan Dam -- Large hydroelectric dam under construction in China
Wikipedia - Baited remote underwater video -- Equipment for estimating fish populations
Wikipedia - Baiyundadaobei station -- Guangzhou Metro station
Wikipedia - Bakala Foundation -- Supports Czech students
Wikipedia - Bakerloo line extension -- Proposed southern extension of the London Underground
Wikipedia - Baker's theorem -- Lower bound for absolute value of linear combinations of logarithms of algebraic numbers
Wikipedia - Baker Street and Waterloo Railway -- Underground railway company in London
Wikipedia - Baker Street tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Balasaheb Thorat -- Indian politician, agricultural cooperative and reforestation movement founder
Wikipedia - Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound
Wikipedia - Balekundri (K.H.) -- Village in Karnataka, India
Wikipedia - Balham station -- London Underground and railway station
Wikipedia - Bali tiger -- Extinct tiger population in Sunda Island Bali
Wikipedia - Balkan sprachbund -- Sprachbund
Wikipedia - Ball-and-socket joint -- Ball-shaped surface of one rounded bone fits into the cup-like depression of another bone
Wikipedia - Ballavarry Burial Mound -- Bronze Age burial mound in the parish of Andreas on the Isle of Man
Wikipedia - Ballota undulata -- Species of flowering plants in the sage family Lamiaceae
Wikipedia - Ball -- Round object
Wikipedia - Ballyregan Bob -- Greyhound
Wikipedia - Baloskion gracile -- Perennial herb found near Sydney in Australia
Wikipedia - Balthild -- Wife of Clovis II, Queen consort of Burgundy and Neustria, Christian saint
Wikipedia - Baltic flounder -- Species of fish
Wikipedia - Balwinder Singh Bhunder -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Banana Sundae -- Philippine comedy gag show
Wikipedia - Banania -- A chocolate drink found most widely distributed in France
Wikipedia - Banc Capel -- A guyot, or flat-topped underwater volcano, in the Coral Sea
Wikipedia - Banda Sea Plate -- A minor tectonic plate underlying the Banda Sea in southeast Asia
Wikipedia - Banda Sea Triple Junction -- Point where the boundaries of the Indo-Australian Plate, the Pacific Plate and the Eurasian Plate meet
Wikipedia - Banded honeyeater -- Species of honeyeater in the family Meliphagidae with a characteristic narrow black band across its white underparts. It is endemic to tropical northern Australia.
Wikipedia - Bando OsmeM-CM-1a - Pundok Kauswagan -- Political party in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Bandra Kurla Complex Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Bangabasi Morning College -- Undergraduate college affiliated with the University of Calcutta, India
Wikipedia - Bang (company) -- Music and sound production company
Wikipedia - Bangladesh Army -- Ground warfare branch of the Bangladesh Armed Forces
Wikipedia - Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan cricket grounds -- Cricket grounds
Wikipedia - Banihal Qazigund Road Tunnel -- It is an 8.45 km road tunnel in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir connecting Banihal and Qazigand.
Wikipedia - Bank and Monument stations -- London Underground and DLR stations
Wikipedia - Banker's rounding
Wikipedia - Banknotes of the pound sterling -- Promissory notes denominated in pounds sterling
Wikipedia - Banksia aemula -- A shrub of the family Proteaceae found on the Australian east coast
Wikipedia - Banksia attenuata -- A species of plant in the family Proteaceae found across much of the southwest of Western Australia
Wikipedia - Banksia canei -- Shrub in the family Proteaceae found in subalpine areas of the Great Dividing Range in southeastern Australia.
Wikipedia - Banksia ericifolia -- A woody shrub of the family Proteaceae native to Australia and found in Central and Northern New South Wales
Wikipedia - Banksia kingii -- Extinct species of tree or shrub in the family Proteaceae found in Tasmania
Wikipedia - Banksia longicarpa -- Fossil species of tree or shrub in the family Proteaceae found in South Australia
Wikipedia - Banksia marginata -- Tree or woody shrub in the family Proteaceae found throughout much of southeastern Australia
Wikipedia - Banksia novae-zelandiae -- Extinct species of shrub in the family Proteceae found in the South Island of New Zealand
Wikipedia - Banksia oblongifolia -- A flowering plant in the family Proteaceae found along the eastern coast of Australia in New South Wales and Queensland
Wikipedia - Banksia seminuda -- Species of tree in the family Proteaceae found in south west Western Australia
Wikipedia - Banksia speciosa -- Large shrub or small tree in the family Proteaceae found on the south coast of Western Australia
Wikipedia - Banksia undata var. splendens -- Variety of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to Western Australia
Wikipedia - Banksia undata var. undata -- Variety of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to Western Australia
Wikipedia - Banksia undata -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to Western Australia.
Wikipedia - Banksia violacea -- A shrub or tree in the family Proteaceae found in low shrubland in southern regions of Western Australia
Wikipedia - Bannerman Park -- Public park in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Banque Misr -- Egyptian bank founded by industrialist Talaat Pasha Harb in 1920
Wikipedia - Banteng -- A species of wild cattle found in Southeast Asia
Wikipedia - Barbara Corlett -- Founded the first technical college for women in Ireland
Wikipedia - Barbara G. Peters -- Founder of The Poisoned Pen mystery bookstore
Wikipedia - Barbara Hund -- Swiss chess player
Wikipedia - Barbara Kegerreis Lunde -- American physicist and electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Barbara Nekesa Oundo -- Ugandan politician and diplomat
Wikipedia - Barbara Retz -- Founder member of the Dublin Latter Day Saints
Wikipedia - Barbara Underhill -- Canadian pair skater
Wikipedia - Barbara Underwood -- Solicitor General
Wikipedia - Barbican tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Barbital -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bard Nordlund -- American curler
Wikipedia - Bare-faced ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Barefoot Foundation -- Colombian charity in aid of poor children
Wikipedia - Barhaspatya sutras -- Foundational texts of the nastika Carvaka school
Wikipedia - Barium carbide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Barium fluoride -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Barium star -- Spectral class G to K giants, whose spectra indicate an overabundance of s-process elements by the presence of singly ionized barium
Wikipedia - Barium sulfate -- Inorganic compound
Wikipedia - Barjeel Art Foundation
Wikipedia - Barking dog reaction -- Combustion reaction known for the sound it makes
Wikipedia - Barkingside tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bark Mitzvah -- Observance and celebration of a dog's coming of age, sometimes held around the Jewish festival of Purim for fun
Wikipedia - Barmati Panth -- Religion founded by Dhani Matang Dev around 1100 AD
Wikipedia - Barnes Foundation
Wikipedia - Barnhart Brothers & Spindler -- American type foundry
Wikipedia - Barnhill railway station (Angus) -- Disused railway station in Dundee, Scotland
Wikipedia - Barons Court tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Barrakunda Falls -- Waterfall located in Senegal
Wikipedia - Barry Sage -- British sound engineer
Wikipedia - Barry Thomas (sound engineer) -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Bartle Bogle Hegarty -- British global advertising agency founded in 1982
Wikipedia - Bartolome Gamundi -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Baryon asymmetry -- Abundance of matter (baryons) and lack of antimatter (antibaryons) in our Observable Universe
Wikipedia - Basal body -- Protein structure found at the base of cilium or flagellum).
Wikipedia - Bas-Cuvier -- Climbing area found in France
Wikipedia - Basement high -- A portion of the basement in a sedimentary basin that is higher than its surroundings
Wikipedia - Basement -- Below-ground floor of a building
Wikipedia - Base pair -- Unit consisting of two nucleobases bound to each other by hydrogen bonds
Wikipedia - Baserri -- Traditional half-timbered or stone-built type of housebarn farmhouse found in the Basque Country in Northern Spain and Southwestern France
Wikipedia - Basic belief -- The axioms under the epistemological view called foundationalism
Wikipedia - Basic income around the world
Wikipedia - Basilideans -- Gnostic sect founded by Basilides in the 2nd century
Wikipedia - Basis point -- One hundredth of a percent
Wikipedia - BasnM-CM-&s -- Manor house near Kalundborg, Denmark
Wikipedia - Bass Brewery -- British Brewery founded 1777
Wikipedia - Bass-Quillen conjecture -- Would relate vector bundles over a regular Noetherian ring and over a polynomial ring
Wikipedia - Bass (sound) -- Tone of low frequency or range
Wikipedia - Basundhara Bhusal -- Nepali movie and theater actor
Wikipedia - Batajnica mass graves -- |mass grave, found in 2001 in Serbia, near Belgrade
Wikipedia - Batey (sugar workers' town) -- Settlement built around a sugar mill, in the Caribbean
Wikipedia - Bat hawk -- Species of raptor found in sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia to New Guinea. It is named for its diet, which consists mainly of bats
Wikipedia - Bathymetry -- The study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors
Wikipedia - Batman Begins (soundtrack) -- 2005 soundtrack album to the Batman Begins film
Wikipedia - Batman: Under the Red Hood -- 2010 direct-to-video animated superhero film directed by Brandon Vietti
Wikipedia - Baton round -- Impact munition used in riot control
Wikipedia - Battery Park Underpass -- Tunnel in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Battleground (2013) -- 2013 WWE pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Battleground (2014) -- 2014 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event
Wikipedia - Battleground (2015) -- 2015 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event
Wikipedia - Battleground (2016) -- 2016 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event
Wikipedia - Battleground (2017) -- 2017 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event
Wikipedia - Battleground (film) -- 1949 film
Wikipedia - Battle Ground (The Dresden Files) -- Book by Jim Butcher
Wikipedia - Battle of Agincourt -- English victory in the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Ardres -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Arundel Island -- Battle of the New Georgia campaign during World War II
Wikipedia - Battle of Auberoche -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War (1345)
Wikipedia - Battle of Bergerac -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Blackett Strait -- Naval battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, in the Blackett Strait between Kolombangara islands and Arundel Island in the Solomon Islands
Wikipedia - Battle of Blanchetaque -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Bound Brook -- Battle of the American Revolutionary War
Wikipedia - Battle of Cadzand -- One of the first battles of the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Caen (1346) -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Calais -- Battle of the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Castillon -- Battle that ended the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Chiset -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Courtrai (1918) -- battle of the Hundred Days Offensive of World War I
Wikipedia - Battle of Cravant -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Crecy -- English victory during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Drobak Sound -- Battle of World War II in the Norwegian Campaign
Wikipedia - Battle of Formigny -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Gerberoy -- Battle of the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Grandson -- Swiss victory in the Burgundian Wars, 2 March 1476
Wikipedia - Battle of Hundsfeld
Wikipedia - Battle of Ichogil Bund -- Skirmish of the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965
Wikipedia - Battle of Kohima -- 1944 battle around Kohima, Nagaland, India
Wikipedia - Battle of La Brossiniere -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Lunalonge -- 1349 battle of the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Lundy's Lane -- War of 1812 battle
Wikipedia - Battle of Margate -- A naval battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Mello -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Meung-sur-Loire -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Morat -- Swiss victory in the Burgundian Wars, 22 June 1476
Wikipedia - Battle of Morlaix -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Nancy -- Decisive Burgundian defeat in the Burgundian Wars, 5 January 1477
Wikipedia - Battle of Patay -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Poitiers -- Battle in 1356 during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Pontvallain -- Battle in the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Roundway Down -- A Battle that took place in 1643 during the First English Civil War
Wikipedia - Battle of Saintes -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Saint-Omer -- Major field battle of the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Seneffe -- Between a French army under the command of Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Conde and the Dutch-Habsburg army under the Dutch Stadtholder William III of Orange
Wikipedia - Battle of Sluys -- Naval battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of St. James -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of the Herrings -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Ulundi -- Last major battle of the Anglo-Zulu War
Wikipedia - Battle of Valmont -- A battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Verneuil -- Battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle of Winchelsea -- Naval battle during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Battle record -- Component found in DJing and the remix culture
Wikipedia - Bauhaus Foundation Tel Aviv -- Museum dedicated to the Bauhaus movement
Wikipedia - Baupost Group -- American hedge fund firm
Wikipedia - Bawn -- Defensive wall surrounding an Irish tower house
Wikipedia - Bayajidda -- Legendary founder of the Hausa states
Wikipedia - Bayan -- Scripture in Babism, written by the Bab around 1848
Wikipedia - Baya weaver -- Species of bird found in southeast Asia
Wikipedia - Bayerischer Rundfunk -- public-service radio and television broadcaster based in Munich
Wikipedia - Bay Le Moine -- Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Bay of Fundy -- Bay on the east coast of North America
Wikipedia - Bayou -- French term for a body of water typically found in flat, low-lying area
Wikipedia - Bay Oval -- Cricket ground in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand
Wikipedia - Bayram Khwaja -- Founder of the Kara Koyunlu
Wikipedia - Bayswater tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bayview, Newfoundland and Labrador -- Group of fishing communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - BBC News -- News division of the publicly funded British Broadcasting Corporation
Wikipedia - BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards
Wikipedia - BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award
Wikipedia - BD1060 -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - BE-4 -- Large staged combustion rocket engine under development by Blue Origin
Wikipedia - Beacon Hill station (Sound Transit) -- Light rail station in Seattle, Washington
Wikipedia - Beagle -- A breed of small scent hound developed primarily for hunting hare
Wikipedia - Beanie (seamed cap) -- Small round skullcaps, often colorful
Wikipedia - Bear Brook murders -- Four murder victims found in Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire
Wikipedia - Bear Seamount -- A flat-topped underwater volcano in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the oldest of the New England Seamounts
Wikipedia - Beate Heieren Hundhammer -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Beatrice Ayuru Byaruhanga -- Ugandan entrepreneur and school founder
Wikipedia - Beatrice, Countess of Arundel -- Portuguese noble
Wikipedia - Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy -- 12th century empress of the Holy Roman Empire
Wikipedia - Beatrice of Burgundy, Lady of Bourbon
Wikipedia - Beautiful Sunday (song) -- 1972 single by Daniel Boone
Wikipedia - Beaver Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador -- Wikimedia disambiguation page
Wikipedia - Beaver Township, Grundy County, Iowa -- Township in Iowa, USA
Wikipedia - Becket Fund for Religious Liberty -- Nonprofit organization in Washington D.C., United States
Wikipedia - Beck's theorem (geometry) -- On lower bounds on the number of lines determined by a set of points in the plane
Wikipedia - Becky Sullivan -- Sound editor
Wikipedia - Becky Sundstrom -- American speed skater
Wikipedia - Becontree tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust -- NHS foundation trust
Wikipedia - Bed-mould -- A kind of moulding under a cornice
Wikipedia - Beehive anti-personnel round -- Artillery round
Wikipedia - Been Away Too Long -- single by Soundgarden
Wikipedia - Bee sting -- Puncture wound caused by a bee's stinger
Wikipedia - Before He Cheats -- 2006 single by Carrie Underwood
Wikipedia - Before Present -- Calendar based on 1950 CE (around when radiocarbon dating was developed and nuclear weapons testing artificially altered the proportion of carbon isotopes)
Wikipedia - Before Sundown -- 1956 film
Wikipedia - Behaviorism -- A systematic approach to understanding the behavior of humans and other animals
Wikipedia - Behind the Headlines (1956 film) -- 1956 film by Charles Saunders
Wikipedia - Bei Mir Bistu Shein -- Yiddish song by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda
Wikipedia - Being Human Foundation -- Charitable foundation in India founded by Salman Khan
Wikipedia - Bekenstein bound
Wikipedia - Bela Ervin Graf und Freiherr von Bothmer zu Schwegerhoff -- Hungarian military officer
Wikipedia - Belgica Guyot -- An undersea tablemount named for the Belgian research ship Belgica
Wikipedia - Belgo-Congolese Round Table Conference -- 1960 meeting between Belgian and Congolese leaders
Wikipedia - Belgrano (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Bell barrow -- Type of burial mound surrouonded by ditch with flat berm resembling a flattened bell
Wikipedia - Bellfounder
Wikipedia - Bellfounding -- Practice of casting and tuning bells
Wikipedia - Bellis rotundifolia -- species of plant in the family Asteraceae
Wikipedia - Bell of Batoche -- 20-pound silver-plated church bell
Wikipedia - Bell's Weekly Messenger -- British Sunday newspaper
Wikipedia - Bell X-1 -- Experimental rocket-powered aircraft, the first airplane to break the sound barrier in level flight
Wikipedia - Below the Sahara -- 1953 American documentary film which follows the filmmaking couple Armand and Michaela Denis around Africa
Wikipedia - Belsize Park tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bembidion tetracolum -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Ben Burtt -- American sound designer, film editor, director, screenwriter, and voice actor
Wikipedia - Bench (geology) -- A long, relatively narrow land bounded by distinctly steeper slopes above and below
Wikipedia - Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello -- Italian saint, nun and foundress
Wikipedia - Benedicte Mundele -- DR Congo businesswoman
Wikipedia - Benedictive -- Grammatical mood rarely found in Sanskrit, expressing a blessing or wish
Wikipedia - Bengal Cricket Academy Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - BENGAL (project) -- A three-year multidisciplinary study of the abyssal benthic boundary layer in the northeast Atlantic
Wikipedia - Bengt Eklund -- Swedish actor
Wikipedia - Bengt Westerlund
Wikipedia - Benigno M-CM-^Alvares -- Leader and founder of Galician Communist Party
Wikipedia - Benign water diving -- Diving in environments of low risk, where it is extremely unlikely or impossible for the diver to get lost or entrapped, or be exposed to hazards other than the basic underwater environment
Wikipedia - Benito Lertxundi -- Basque singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Benjamin A. Burtt -- American sound editor
Wikipedia - Benjamin Altman -- Art collector of New York CIty and founder B. Altman & Co.
Wikipedia - Benjamin Franklin -- American polymath and a Founding Father of the United States
Wikipedia - Benjamin Gaither -- Founder of Gaithersburg (c. 1784-1838)
Wikipedia - Benjamin Greene -- Founder of Greene King breweries
Wikipedia - Benjamin Pogrund -- South African journalist
Wikipedia - Benmoreite -- A silica-undersaturated volcanic rock of intermediate composition
Wikipedia - Bennett Greenspan -- Founder of Family Tree DNA
Wikipedia - Benny M-CM-^Vstlund -- Swedish sports shooter
Wikipedia - Ben Saunders (fighter) -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Benthic boundary layer -- The layer of water directly above the sediment at the bottom of a river, lake or sea
Wikipedia - Benthic comb jelly -- A comb jelly found in the Ryukyu Trench near Japan
Wikipedia - Bent M-CM-^Enund Ramsfjell -- Norwegian curler
Wikipedia - Benue Trough -- A major geological structure underlying a large part of Nigeria and extending from the Bight of Benin to Lake Chad
Wikipedia - Ben Winkler -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Benz(e)acephenanthrylene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzenediazonium chloride -- Organic compound
Wikipedia - Benzenoid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(a)fluoranthene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(a)fluorene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(c)cinnoline -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(c)fluorene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(c)phenanthrene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(c)thiophene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(e)pyrene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(ghi)perylene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzoic acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(j)fluoranthene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzo(k)fluoranthene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzothiazole -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Benzothiophene -- aromatic organic compound
Wikipedia - Benzoylurea -- chemical compound
Wikipedia - Berar Province -- British Indian province under the nominal sovereignty of Hyderabad State
Wikipedia - Bergen Teknikersamfund -- Norwegian student organisation
Wikipedia - Berger-Kazdan comparison theorem -- Gives a lower bound on the volume of a Riemannian manifold
Wikipedia - Bergschrund -- A crevasse between moving glacier ice and the stagnant ice or firn above
Wikipedia - Berkeley Physics Course -- Series of textbooks intended for an undergraduate course about physics
Wikipedia - Berkelium compounds -- Any chemical compound having at least one berkelium atom
Wikipedia - Berla Mundi -- Media personality
Wikipedia - Berliner Gesellschaft fr Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte
Wikipedia - Berliner griechische Urkunden
Wikipedia - Berlin S-Bahn -- Rapid transit railway system in and around Berlin
Wikipedia - Bermondsey tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bernard B. Brown -- American Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Bernard Bududira -- Burundian clergyman and bishop
Wikipedia - Bernard Busokoza -- Burundi Vice President between October 2013 and February 1, 2014
Wikipedia - Bernard Edmunds -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Bernard of Clairvaux -- Burgundian saint, abbot and theologian (1090-1153)
Wikipedia - Bernhard Lund -- Norwegian yacht racer
Wikipedia - Bernie Krause -- American musician, author, soundscape recordist and bio-acoustician (*1938)
Wikipedia - Bernina Pass -- Mountain pass in Graubunden, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Bernina railway -- Railway line in Graubunden, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Bern zinc tablet -- Metal sheet found in Switzerland.
Wikipedia - Bert Grund -- German composer
Wikipedia - Bertha of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Bert Sutcliffe Oval -- New Zealand Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Beryllium sulfide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Besshatyr Burial Ground -- Burial mounds in Kazakhstan
Wikipedia - Beta-Carboline -- Chemical compound also known as norharmane
Wikipedia - Beta cell -- Type of cell found in pancreatic islets
Wikipedia - Beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bethanechol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bethel Foundation -- Psychiatric hospital in Bielefeld, Germany
Wikipedia - Beth Garmai -- Historical region around the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq
Wikipedia - Bethnal Green tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Beth Underhill -- Canadian equestrian
Wikipedia - BeTV (Burundi) -- Burundian television channel
Wikipedia - Beuchat -- French manufacturer of underwater diving equipment
Wikipedia - Beyond the Pleasure Principle -- 1920 essay by Sigmund Freud
Wikipedia - BGS Groundhog Desktop -- Free geomodelling software
Wikipedia - Bhaaryaye Aavashyamundu -- 1975 film
Wikipedia - Bhakta Pundalik -- 1975 film
Wikipedia - Bhambi Sindhi Mochi -- Hindu caste found in Gujarat, India
Wikipedia - Bharat Sundari -- Indian beauty pageant
Wikipedia - Bharat Sundar -- Indian singer
Wikipedia - Bharwad -- Hindu caste found in the state of Gujarat in India
Wikipedia - BHR Partners -- Private investment fund based in China
Wikipedia - BIAM Foundation -- Research institute in Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Bible Student movement -- Christian movement founded by Charles Taze Russell
Wikipedia - Biblical apocrypha -- Collection of ancient books found in some editions of Christian Bibles
Wikipedia - Bibliography of E. T. Whittaker -- Bibliography of Sir Edmund T Whittaker
Wikipedia - Bicyclo(1.1.1)pentane -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bidyanondo Foundation -- Bangladeshi non-profit social organization
Wikipedia - Bidya Sundar Shakya -- Nepali politician
Wikipedia - Biefeld-Brown effect -- Electrical phenomenon that produces an ionic wind that transfers its momentum to surrounding neutral particles
Wikipedia - Bierzo Edict -- The Edict of Augustus from El Bierzo is a controversial document dated to 15 BC found in Spain in 1000 AD
Wikipedia - Biferrocene -- Organometallic compound
Wikipedia - Bifidus factor -- Compound that specifically enhances the growth of bifidobacteria in either a product or in the intestines of humans
Wikipedia - Big Green (non-profit company) -- non-profit organization founded by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson
Wikipedia - Bigil (soundtrack) -- 2019 soundtrack album by A. R. Rahman
Wikipedia - Big Mound Key-Boggess Ridge Archeological District -- Archaeological site in Florida, US
Wikipedia - Biguanide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Big Woods -- Type of temperate hardwood forest ecoregion found in western Wisconsin and south-central Minnesota, US
Wikipedia - Bilabial click -- Consonantal sound
Wikipedia - Bilal Philips -- Canadian Muslim teacher, speaker, author, and founder/chancellor of the Islamic Online University
Wikipedia - Bile acid -- steroid acid found predominantly in the bile of mammals and other vertebrates
Wikipedia - Bilingual Evaluation Understudy
Wikipedia - Bilingual evaluation understudy
Wikipedia - Bill Ackman -- American hedge fund manager and investor
Wikipedia - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -- Private foundation founded by Bill and Melinda Gates
Wikipedia - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Wikipedia - Bill Dundon -- American bobsledder
Wikipedia - Bill Grundy -- English television presenter
Wikipedia - Billing and settlement plan -- Electronic billing system designed to facilitate the flow of data and funds between travel agencies and airlines
Wikipedia - Bill Joy -- American computer scientist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems
Wikipedia - Bill Lunde -- American professional golfer
Wikipedia - Bill > Melinda Gates Foundation
Wikipedia - Bill Rowe (sound engineer) -- English sound engineer
Wikipedia - Bill W. -- Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
Wikipedia - Billy Ray Thunder -- American rodeo performer
Wikipedia - Billy the Kid's Round-Up -- 1941 film by Sam Newfield
Wikipedia - Bimini Road -- Underwater rock formation near North Bimini island in the Bahamas
Wikipedia - Binny & Ronaldson -- Former type foundry
Wikipedia - Binocular vision -- Ability to perceive a single three-dimensional image of surroundings with two eyes
Wikipedia - Bio-energy with carbon capture and storage -- Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by growing plants, and then putting it permanently underground
Wikipedia - Biofact (archaeology) -- Found organic material of archaeological significance
Wikipedia - Biogeography of Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystems -- Project to determine the biogeography and understand the processes driving these systems
Wikipedia - Biological dark matter -- An informal term for unclassified or poorly understood genetic material
Wikipedia - BioLogos Foundation
Wikipedia - Biomonitoring -- Measurement of the body burden of toxic chemical compounds, elements, or their metabolites, in biological substances
Wikipedia - Biophysical environment -- Surrounding of an organism or population
Wikipedia - Biophysical profile -- Prenatal ultrasound evaluation of fetal well-being
Wikipedia - Bipolaron -- Class of chemical compound
Wikipedia - Birchon -- Booklet of prayers based around a particular event such as the Jewish sabbath
Wikipedia - Bird vocalization -- Sounds birds use to communicate
Wikipedia - Birkhill Castle -- The residence of the Earl of Dundee
Wikipedia - Birkhoff-Grothendieck theorem -- Classifies holomorphic vector bundles over the complex projective line
Wikipedia - Birmingham International Raceway -- 5/8-mile oval paved racetrack located at the Alabama State Fairgrounds
Wikipedia - Birotunda
Wikipedia - Birsa Munda Airport -- Indian airport serving the city of Ranchi
Wikipedia - Birsa Munda Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Birsa Munda -- Indian tribal freedom fighter, religious leader
Wikipedia - Bir Silgi Bir Kalem -- Turkish crowdfunding platform
Wikipedia - Biryu -- Second son of Jumong and So Seo-no, and older brother of Onjo, the traditionally recognized founder of Baekje
Wikipedia - Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate -- Organic compound used as a plasticizer to soften polymer matrix
Wikipedia - Bishop-Gromov inequality -- On volumes in complete Riemannian n-manifolds whose Ricci curvature has a lower bound
Wikipedia - Bishop of Lund
Wikipedia - Bishops of Rome under Constantine the Great
Wikipedia - Bishuo language -- Moribund Southern Bantoid language of Cameroon
Wikipedia - Bishwoshundori -- upcoming Bangladeshi film
Wikipedia - Bismarck brown Y -- Chemical compound and histologic dye
Wikipedia - Bismuthine -- Chemical compound of bismuth and hydrogen
Wikipedia - Bisphenol A -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bis(trimethylsilyl)acetamide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bitcoin Foundation -- Organization
Wikipedia - Biting -- Behaviour of opening and closing the jaw found in many animals
Wikipedia - Biz Stone -- American blogger; co-founder of Twitter
Wikipedia - Bjarke Refslund -- Danish mountain bike orienteer
Wikipedia - Bjerknes force -- Translational forces on bubbles in a sound wave
Wikipedia - Bjorn Berglund -- Swedish actor
Wikipedia - Bjorn Forslund (speed skater) -- Swedish speed skater
Wikipedia - Black and white cookie -- A round cookie iced or frosted on one half with vanilla and on the other with chocolate
Wikipedia - Black Brant (rocket) -- Family of Canadian-designed sounding rockets
Wikipedia - Black Duck Cove, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador -- Settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Black-faced antthrush -- Species of bird found in Central America and northern South America
Wikipedia - Black Forest house -- Type of house found in southwestern Germany
Wikipedia - Blackfriars station -- London Underground and railway station
Wikipedia - Black Grave -- Largest burial mound in Chernihiv, Ukraine
Wikipedia - Black Hawk Township, Grundy County, Iowa -- Township in Iowa, USA
Wikipedia - Black Hole Sun -- 1994 single by Soundgarden
Wikipedia - Blackhorse Road station -- London Overground and London Underground station
Wikipedia - Black Liberation Army -- American underground, black nationalist militant organization
Wikipedia - Black Panther (soundtrack) -- soundtrack album by Kendrick Lamar and score by Ludwig Goransson
Wikipedia - Black pepper -- pepper is the ground fruit of the family Piperaceae
Wikipedia - Black Rain (Soundgarden song) -- Song by Soundgarden
Wikipedia - Black River, Newfoundland and Labrador -- Settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Black Sea undersea river -- A current of particularly saline water flowing through the Bosphorus Strait and along the seabed of the Black Sea
Wikipedia - Black-shouldered kite -- small raptor found in open habitat throughout Australia
Wikipedia - Black Sunday (1960 film)
Wikipedia - Black Sunday (1977 film) -- 1977 film by John Frankenheimer
Wikipedia - Black Swan fund -- An investment fund that prepares for sharp market downturns.
Wikipedia - Black Thunder (chocolate bar) -- Japanese chocolate bar
Wikipedia - Blackwall Tunnel -- Pair of road tunnels underneath the River Thames in London
Wikipedia - Black-winged ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Blade Runner 2049 (soundtrack)
Wikipedia - Blade Runner (soundtrack)
Wikipedia - Blaine Saunders -- American actress
Wikipedia - Blake Island -- Island in the Puget Sound, Washington, U.S.
Wikipedia - Blame It On the Streets -- 2014 soundtrack album and short film by YG
Wikipedia - Blankney Hunt -- English foxhound pack
Wikipedia - Blastocyst -- Structure formed around day 5 of mammalian embryonic development
Wikipedia - BLC 15-pounder gun -- British light field gun
Wikipedia - Bleeding Kansas -- Violent political confrontations in the United States centered around slavery
Wikipedia - Bleed Together -- Song by Soundgarden
Wikipedia - Bleep censor -- Replacement of offensive language (swear words) or personal details with a beep sound
Wikipedia - Blender Foundation
Wikipedia - Blepharophimosis, ptosis, epicanthus inversus syndrome -- Rare genetic condition involving underdeveloped eyelids
Wikipedia - Blessed Gerard -- Founder of the Knights Hospitaller
Wikipedia - Blethisa catenaria -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Blethisa hudsonica -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Blethisa julii -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Blethisa multipunctata -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Blethisa oregonensis -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Blethisa quadricollis -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Blethisa -- Genus of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Bletting -- A process of softening that certain fleshy fruits undergo, beyond ripening
Wikipedia - Blind corner -- A corner around which the view is obstructed
Wikipedia - BlinkNow Foundation -- nonprofit organization
Wikipedia - Bloch's theorem -- Fundamental theorem in condensed matter physics
Wikipedia - Block Island Sound -- A strait in the Atlantic Ocean separating Block Island from the coast of mainland Rhode Island in the United States
Wikipedia - Bloodbound -- Swedish heavy metal band
Wikipedia - Bloodhound (missile) -- Surface-to-air missile system
Wikipedia - Bloodhound mysteries -- imprint of Duell, Sloan & Pearce
Wikipedia - Bloodhound Mystery -- Novel series
Wikipedia - Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989 film) -- 1989 film by Howard Brookner
Wikipedia - Bloodhounds of the North -- 1913 film by Allan Dwan
Wikipedia - Bloodhound -- Dog breed used for tracking by scent
Wikipedia - Bloodhound (yacht) -- Ocean racing yacht
Wikipedia - Bloods -- Street gang founded in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Bloody Code -- English criminal law from around 1700 to 1823
Wikipedia - Bloody Sunday (1905)
Wikipedia - Bloody Sunday (1939) -- Massacre in Poland during the 1939 invasion by Nazi Germany
Wikipedia - Bloody Sunday (1972) -- 1972 shooting in Derry, Northern Ireland, by British soldiers
Wikipedia - Bloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry -- Play written by Richard Norton-Taylor
Wikipedia - Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club Ground -- Cricket stadium in Sri Lanka
Wikipedia - Bloomsbury Publishing -- British worldwide publishing house founded in 1986
Wikipedia - Bloom syndrome protein -- Mammalian protein found in humans
Wikipedia - Bloop -- Sound detected in 1997 from a non-tectonic cryoseism (ice quake)
Wikipedia - Blotniak -- A one-man wet cabin underwater craft designed in Poland in 1978
Wikipedia - Blow Up the Outside World -- Song by Soundgarden
Wikipedia - Blubber -- Thick layer of vascularized adipose tissue found under the skin of all cetaceans, pinnipeds and sirenians
Wikipedia - Blue Cloud Ventures -- American venture capital fund
Wikipedia - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation -- Non-profit organization promoting health access in Massachusetts
Wikipedia - Blue dot triplefin -- Species of fish in the family Tripterygiidae found off the east side of the North Island of New Zealand
Wikipedia - Blue-eyed ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Bluefin-21 -- Autonomous underwater vehicle
Wikipedia - Blue ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Blue laws in the United States -- Laws restricting Sunday activities for religious reasons
Wikipedia - Blue law -- Legal restrictions designated for Sunday activity
Wikipedia - Blue Line (New York State) -- Traditional term for the boundaries of the two designated Forest Preserve areas of New York State
Wikipedia - Blue Mound State Park -- State park in Wisconsin, United States
Wikipedia - Blue Origin -- American privately-funded aerospace developer and manufacturer
Wikipedia - Blue Riband -- Unofficial accolade given to the passenger liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean westbound in regular service with the record highest speed
Wikipedia - Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation -- NPO in America
Wikipedia - Blues Hall of Fame -- Award by Blues Foundation, since 2015 also a music museum in Memphis, Tennessee
Wikipedia - Blue-water diving -- Underwater diving in mid-water where the bottom is not visible and is out of diving range
Wikipedia - Bluey: The Album -- 2021 soundtrack album
Wikipedia - Blundell's School
Wikipedia - Blunderbore
Wikipedia - Blunder (chess) -- Chess error
Wikipedia - Blunder of the century
Wikipedia - Blut und Boden - Grundlagen zum neuen Reich -- 1933 film
Wikipedia - Blythe Intaglios -- Group of gigantic figures incised on the ground in the Colorado Desert, United States
Wikipedia - BMY-14802 -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - BN-1200 reactor -- Fast breeder nuclear reactor under development in Russia
Wikipedia - Board mix -- recording from mixing console with real-time audio/sound mixing
Wikipedia - Bob Backlund -- American professional wrestler and actor
Wikipedia - Bob Beemer -- American sound mixer
Wikipedia - Bobbin -- A spool or cylinder around which thread, line or wire is coiled.
Wikipedia - Bobbitt's salt -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bobby Goldsmith Foundation -- Australian HIV charity
Wikipedia - Bobby Henderson (activist) -- Founder of Pastafarianism
Wikipedia - Bobby Seale -- Co-founder of the Black Panther Party
Wikipedia - Bo Berglund (canoeist) -- Swedish sprint canoeist
Wikipedia - Bob Graham Round -- English Lakeland fell-running challenge
Wikipedia - Bob Hallett -- Canadian musician and founding member of the Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea
Wikipedia - Bob Halstead -- Underwater photographer, author, journalist and commentator on the recreational diving industry.
Wikipedia - Bob Jones (sound engineer) -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Bob Minkler -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Bob Pridden -- English sound engineer
Wikipedia - Bo Brundin -- Swedish actor
Wikipedia - Bob Saunders (politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Bochner-Kodaira-Nakano identity -- Expression for the antiholomorphic Laplacian of a vector bundle over a hermitian manifold
Wikipedia - Bodil Kaalund -- Danish textile artist and illustrator
Wikipedia - BODIPY -- Parent chemical compound of the BODYPY fluorescent dyes
Wikipedia - Boedo (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Boeing 737 MAX groundings -- Worldwide grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX following two fatal crashes in five months
Wikipedia - Boeing Pelican -- Proposed ground effect fixed-wing aircraft under study
Wikipedia - Bog butter -- Ancient substance found in peat bogs
Wikipedia - Bogoljub KujundM-EM->ic -- Serbian politician
Wikipedia - Bogomilism -- Christian neo-Gnostic sect founded in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 10th century
Wikipedia - Bohemian Rhapsody: The Original Soundtrack -- Soundtrack from the 2018 film, Bohemian Rhapsody
Wikipedia - Bohemund II of Antioch
Wikipedia - Boiled in Lead -- Celtic-rock/worldbeat band from Minneapolis, founded 1983
Wikipedia - Boiling-point elevation -- Elevation of boiling point due to addition of a compound
Wikipedia - Boletus aereus -- Edible species of fungus in the family Boletaceae found in Central and Southern Europe and North Africa
Wikipedia - Bolitophila saundersii -- Species of fly
Wikipedia - Bolivar (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Bolivia and the International Monetary Fund -- Overview of the relationship between Bolivia and the International Monetary Fund
Wikipedia - Bollingen Foundation
Wikipedia - Bologna sausage -- Finely ground pork sausage
Wikipedia - Bo Lundgren -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem -- A bounded sequence in finite-dimensional Euclidean space has a convergent subsequence
Wikipedia - Bomber -- Heavy ground attack aircraft
Wikipedia - Bombshell (Smash album) -- Soundtrack album from the American series Smash
Wikipedia - Bombycomorpha bifascia -- Species of moth found in southern Africa
Wikipedia - Bommai -- 1964 film by Sundaram Balachander
Wikipedia - Bommarillu (soundtrack) -- 2006 soundtrack album by Devi Sri Prasad
Wikipedia - Bommireddy Sundara Rami Reddy -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Bonanza: Under Attack -- 1995 television film directed by Mark Tinker
Wikipedia - Bonavista Peninsula -- Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - Bonbibi -- Guardian spirit venerated by both Hindu and Muslim residents of the Sundarbans, Bengal
Wikipedia - Bond Street tube station -- London Underground and railway station
Wikipedia - Bondy's theorem -- Bounds the number of elements needed to distinguish the sets in a family of sets
Wikipedia - Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards -- 2005 graphic novel by Jim Ottaviani
Wikipedia - Bongkrek acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bonita V. Saunders -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Bonnet theorem -- The first and second fundamental forms determine a surface in R3 up to a rigid motion
Wikipedia - Book Depository -- UK-based online book seller (founded in 2004)
Wikipedia - Boortsog -- Traditional fried dough food found in Central Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines
Wikipedia - Booth Newspapers -- Media company of Grand Rapids, Michigan, founded 1893
Wikipedia - Borax -- Boron compound, a salt of boric acid
Wikipedia - Border Roundup -- Film directed by Sam Newfield
Wikipedia - Borders of India -- Political boundaries between India and neighboring territories
Wikipedia - Borders of Israel -- Political boundaries between Israel and neighboring states
Wikipedia - Border town -- Town or city close to the boundary between two countries, states or regions
Wikipedia - Border -- Geographic boundary of a political entity or legal jurisdiction
Wikipedia - Bordoll -- Brothel in Dortmund, Germany
Wikipedia - Boris Vengerovsky -- Russian sound engineer
Wikipedia - Borje Vestlund -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Bornean tiger -- Tiger population from Sunda island
Wikipedia - Born Slippy .NUXX -- 1996 single by Underworld
Wikipedia - Born Under a Bad Neon Sign -- Album by The Flaming Stars
Wikipedia - Boron carbide -- Extremely hard ceramic compound
Wikipedia - Boron nitride -- Refractory compound with formula BN
Wikipedia - Boron tribromide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Borough tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Borremose bodies -- Three bog bodies that were found in the Borremose peat bog in Himmerland, Denmark
Wikipedia - Borre mound cemetery -- Burial mound site in Norway
Wikipedia - Borsuk's conjecture -- Can every bounded subset of Rn be partitioned into (n+1) smaller diameter sets?
Wikipedia - Bortezomib -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Borundi -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Borussia Dortmund -- German professional sports club based in Dortmund
Wikipedia - Bosiliack Barrow -- Ancient burial mound in Cornwall, England
Wikipedia - Boston Manor tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Boston Store (Wisconsin) -- Department store, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Bothriomyrmex saundersi -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Bottom crawler -- An underwater exploration and recovery vehicle that moves about on the bottom with wheels or tracks
Wikipedia - Bottom timer -- An electronic instrument that records depth and elapsed time data on an underwater dive
Wikipedia - Bouba/kiki effect -- Non-arbitrary attachment of sounds to object shapes
Wikipedia - Bought deal -- Financial underwriting contract
Wikipedia - Boulder clay -- A deposit of clay, often full of boulders, formed from the ground moraine material of glaciers and ice-sheets
Wikipedia - Bound (1996 film) -- 1996 American film directed by The Wachowskis
Wikipedia - Bound (2015 film) -- 2015 film directed by Jared Cohn
Wikipedia - Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty) -- 2000 single by Oxide & Neutrino
Wikipedia - Bound and Gagged (serial) -- 1919 film directed by George B. Seitz
Wikipedia - Boundaries (2016 film) -- 2016 film directed by Chloe Robichaud
Wikipedia - Boundary Bay -- Bay on the Canada-United States border
Wikipedia - Boundary Central Secondary School -- High school in Midway, British Columbia
Wikipedia - Boundary condition
Wikipedia - Boundary County, Idaho -- County in Idaho, US
Wikipedia - Boundary current -- Ocean current with dynamics determined by the presence of a coastline
Wikipedia - Boundary Dam Power Station
Wikipedia - Boundary Ford Curling Classic -- World Curling Tour event
Wikipedia - Boundary Park Stadium -- Former greyhound racing stadium in Norwich, England
Wikipedia - Boundary Ranges -- Subrange of the Coast Mountains in Alaska, British Columbia, and Yukon
Wikipedia - Boundary representation
Wikipedia - Boundary Stelae of Akhenaten -- Group of royal monuments in Upper Egypt
Wikipedia - Boundary Street -- Street in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Boundary (topology)
Wikipedia - Boundary value analysis
Wikipedia - Boundary value problem
Wikipedia - Boundary Waters-Canadian derecho -- Weather event
Wikipedia - Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness -- Wilderness area in Minnesota
Wikipedia - Boundary-work
Wikipedia - Bound Brook High School -- High school in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Bound Brook, New Jersey -- Borough in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Bound current
Wikipedia - Bounded arithmetic
Wikipedia - Bounded buffer problem
Wikipedia - Bounded emotionality
Wikipedia - Bounded-error probabilistic polynomial
Wikipedia - Bounded expansion
Wikipedia - Bounded growth -- function increasing at a decreasing rate of increase
Wikipedia - Bounded linear operator
Wikipedia - Bounded operator
Wikipedia - Bounded rationality
Wikipedia - Bounded set (topological vector space)
Wikipedia - Bounded set
Wikipedia - Bounded variation
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (1975 film) -- 1975 film
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2005) -- 2005 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2006) -- 2006 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2007) -- 2007 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2009) -- 2009 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2010) -- 2010 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2011) -- 2011 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2012) -- 2012 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2013) -- 2013 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2014) -- 2014 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2015) -- 2015 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2016) -- 2016 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2017) -- 2017 Impact Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2018) -- 2018 Impact Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2019) -- 2019 Impact Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (2020) -- 2020 Impact Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory IV -- 2008 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Bound for Glory (wrestling pay-per-view) -- Impact Wrestling pay-per-view event series
Wikipedia - Bounding box
Wikipedia - Bounding Home -- American Thoroughbred racehorse
Wikipedia - Bounding volume hierarchy -- Graphics structure
Wikipedia - Bound in Morocco -- 1918 film by Allan Dwan
Wikipedia - Boundin'
Wikipedia - Boundless (company)
Wikipedia - Boundless Informant
Wikipedia - Boundless (production company) -- British television production company, part of RTL Group's Fremantle
Wikipedia - Bound morphemes
Wikipedia - Bound morpheme
Wikipedia - Bound on the Wheel -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - Bounds-checking elimination
Wikipedia - Bounds checking
Wikipedia - Bounds Green TMD -- Railway depot situated in North London
Wikipedia - Bounds Green tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bound state -- System where a particle is subject to a potential such that the particle has a tendency to remain localised in one or more regions of space
Wikipedia - Bound variable pronoun
Wikipedia - Bound variable
Wikipedia - Bourbon Reforms -- Set of economic and political legislation promulgated by the Spanish Crown under various kings of the House of Bourbon, mainly in the 18th century
Wikipedia - Bourgeois nationalism -- Nationalism of the ruling class under capitalism.
Wikipedia - Bouvet Triple Junction -- Meeting point of the boundaries of the South American Plate, the African Plate, and the Antarctic Plate
Wikipedia - Bowl barrow -- Ancient funerary monument, the most numerous form of round barrow
Wikipedia - Bowler hat -- Hard, round-crowned hat with a narrow rolled brim
Wikipedia - Bow Road tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bow shock -- Boundary between a magnetosphere and an ambient magnetized medium
Wikipedia - Bow Street Runners -- London police force founded in 1749
Wikipedia - Bow stroke -- Movement of the bow on a bowed string instrument to produce sound
Wikipedia - Boxer briefs -- Type of form-fitting underpants for men
Wikipedia - Boxer shorts -- Men's loose-fitting underpants
Wikipedia - Boxey, Newfoundland and Labrador -- Settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Boy Abunda -- Filipino television host, publicist, talent manager and celebrity endorser
Wikipedia - Boyka: Undisputed -- 2017 film by Isaac Florentine
Wikipedia - Boyundurcak, TaM-EM-^_kopru -- Village in Turkey
Wikipedia - Boyzone -- Irish boyband, founded 1993
Wikipedia - Bracket turn -- Element found in figure skating
Wikipedia - Bradley Foundation -- Charitable foundation based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Brain > Behavior Research Foundation
Wikipedia - Brain Preservation Foundation -- American research and development nonprofit
Wikipedia - Brain Tumor Funders' Collaborative -- Medical organization
Wikipedia - Branaplam -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Branch and bound
Wikipedia - Branch-and-bound
Wikipedia - Branchial heart -- Accessory pump found in the heart of some cephalopods
Wikipedia - Brassey Institute -- An institute dedicated to study of arts and science founded by Thomas Brassey
Wikipedia - Brauer's theorem on induced characters -- A fundamental result in the branch of mathematics known as character theory
Wikipedia - Brazilian Carnival Ball -- Annual fundraising event in Toronto, Canada
Wikipedia - Brazilian jiu-jitsu -- Brazilian martial art focusing on grappling and ground fighting
Wikipedia - Brazzaville Foundation -- London non-profit organisation
Wikipedia - Brderbund
Wikipedia - Bread bowl -- A round loaf of bread which has had a large portion of the middle cut out to create an edible bowl
Wikipedia - Bread dildo -- Dildo prepared using bread, allegedly made in the Greco-Roman era around 2,000 years ago
Wikipedia - Breadpig -- Publisher/charity founded by Alexis Ohanian
Wikipedia - Bready Cricket Club Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Breaking the Ice (organization) -- Peace project founded by Heskel Nathaniel
Wikipedia - Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics -- Science award
Wikipedia - Breast binding -- Undergarment used for flattening breasts
Wikipedia - Breast ironing -- Pounding and massaging of a pubescent girl's breasts, using hard or heated objects, to try to make them stop developing or disappear
Wikipedia - Breast mass -- Localized swellings that feel different from the surrounding tissue
Wikipedia - Brendan Iribe -- American game programmer and founder
Wikipedia - Brennan's Criterion Bar -- Former Irish pub in Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland
Wikipedia - Brent Cross tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Brett Blundy -- Australian billionaire businessman
Wikipedia - Brevetoxin -- Class of chemical compounds produced naturally
Wikipedia - Brewster Kahle -- American computer engineer, founder of the Internet Archive
Wikipedia - Brian Acton -- American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur, co-founder of WhatsApp
Wikipedia - Brian Jones -- British multi-instrumentalist, founding member of the Rolling Stones
Wikipedia - Brian Kolfage -- US Air Force veteran and political fundraiser
Wikipedia - Brian Lundberg -- Canadian ice hockey defenceman
Wikipedia - Brian Simmons (sound engineer) -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Bricha -- Underground organized effort that helped Jewish Holocaust survivors illegally escape post-World War II Europe to the British Mandate for Palestine
Wikipedia - Bridges Fund Management -- British fund manager firm
Wikipedia - Brigandage -- Life and practice of highway robbery and plunder
Wikipedia - Brigette Lundy-Paine -- American actor
Wikipedia - Brightwell Barrow -- Bronze Age round barrow
Wikipedia - Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport -- Public sector undertaking to supply power and run bus services in Mumbai
Wikipedia - Brilliant Anti-Tank -- submunition round developed by Northrop Grumman
Wikipedia - Bristol Marunde -- American mixed martial arts fighter and television personality
Wikipedia - Britannia Secunda
Wikipedia - British Agricultural Revolution -- Mid-17th to 19th century revolution centred around agriculture
Wikipedia - British Bulldog (game) -- Playground game
Wikipedia - British Library Sound Archive
Wikipedia - British Newfoundland Development Corporation -- company
Wikipedia - British Octopush Association -- National body for underwater hockey in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - British pound
Wikipedia - British Psychotherapy Foundation -- Organisation in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - British Underwater Sports Association -- British affiliate to the world underwater federation sports committee.
Wikipedia - Brixton tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - BRL-44408 -- Chemical compound (drug)
Wikipedia - Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland -- Public broadcaster of the Dominion of Newfoundland
Wikipedia - Broadcom Foundation -- Public-benefit nonprofit corporation
Wikipedia - Broad Creek (Bogue Sound) -- Stream in North Carolina, USA
Wikipedia - Broadhalfpenny Down -- Historic cricket ground in Hambledon, Hampshire
Wikipedia - Broadway Records (1947) -- American record label founded in 1947
Wikipedia - Broadway Records (2012) -- American record label founded in 2012
Wikipedia - Bromhexine -- Chemical compound (mucolytic drug)
Wikipedia - Bromley-by-Bow tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bromomethane -- Organobromine chemical compound
Wikipedia - Brompheniramine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Brompton Road tube station -- Closed London Underground station
Wikipedia - Bronlund Fjord Group -- Geologic formation in Greenland
Wikipedia - Bronze ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Brooke Bundy -- American actress
Wikipedia - Brookwood Cemetery -- Burial ground in Surrey, England
Wikipedia - Brotherhood of the Cross and Star -- Religious organisation founded in 1956 by Olumba Olumba in Nigeria
Wikipedia - Brothers Under the Chin -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - Brothers Under the Skin -- 1922 film by E. Mason Hopper
Wikipedia - Brown Bear Seamount -- An underwater volcano west of the coast of Oregon. It is connected to the larger Axial Seamount by a small ridge
Wikipedia - Brown bear -- Species of bear found across Eurasia and North America.
Wikipedia - Brown-dwarf desert -- Theorized range of orbits around a star on which brown dwarfs cannot exist as a companion object
Wikipedia - Bruce Pavitt -- Founder of Sub Pop
Wikipedia - Bruce R. Katz -- American entrepreneur and co-founder of Rockport Shoe Company
Wikipedia - Brucke zwischen gestern und morgen -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - BRUIE -- Autonomous underwater vehicle
Wikipedia - Brumer bound -- A bound for the rank of an elliptic curve
Wikipedia - Brundidge, Alabama -- City in Alabama, United States
Wikipedia - Brundisium
Wikipedia - Brundtland Commission
Wikipedia - Brunninghausen -- Quarter of Dortmund, Germany
Wikipedia - Bruno Fagundes -- Brazilian actor
Wikipedia - Brunton Memorial Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Brussels Independent Film Festival -- Belgian film festival founded in 1974
Wikipedia - Bryan Lewis Saunders -- American artist
Wikipedia - Bryna Productions -- Film production company founded by Kirk Douglas
Wikipedia - BSPP (drug) -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - BT Sport ESPN -- Sports tv channel from BT Consumer under licence from ESPN
Wikipedia - BTS World: Original Soundtrack -- 2019 mobile game soundtrack album by various artists
Wikipedia - Bubanza Province -- Province of Burundi
Wikipedia - Bubble curtain -- System that produces bubbles under water
Wikipedia - Bubbling Under Hot 100 -- Billboard top songs chart
Wikipedia - Buckhounds Stakes -- Flat horse race in Britain
Wikipedia - Buckhurst Hill tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Buckingham Hundred -- Historical region in England
Wikipedia - Buckling -- Sudden change in shape of a structural component under load
Wikipedia - Budan's theorem -- Upper bound and parity of the number of real roots of a polynomial in an interval
Wikipedia - Buddhism in Morocco -- Buddhism as found in the country of Morocco
Wikipedia - Buddhist Society of India -- Buddhist organization in India, founded by B. R. Ambedkar
Wikipedia - Buddy line -- A line physically tethering two scuba divers together underwater to avoid separation in low visibility conditions
Wikipedia - Bud Saunders -- American sports coach and administrator
Wikipedia - Buffalo Park -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Bufotenin -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Bujumbura Mairie Province -- Province of Burundi
Wikipedia - Bujumbura Rural Province -- Province of Burundi
Wikipedia - Bujumbura -- Largest city of Burundi
Wikipedia - Bulbophyllum aundense -- Species of orchid
Wikipedia - Bulbophyllum simulacrum -- Orchid species found in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Bullnose -- Rounded convex trim in masonry and ceramic tile
Wikipedia - Bulnes (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Bulundi -- 1981 film by Esmayeel Shroff
Wikipedia - Bumin Qaghan -- Founder of the Turkic Khaganate
Wikipedia - Bundaberg Rum -- brand of rum
Wikipedia - Bundahishn -- Collection of Zoroastrian cosmogony and cosmology
Wikipedia - Bundang -- Urban area in Seongnam, South Korea
Wikipedia - Bundaran HI MRT station -- MRT station in Jakarta, Indonesia
Wikipedia - Bundarra-Barraba Important Bird Area -- Important Bird Area in New South Wales, Australia
Wikipedia - Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend -- German youth organization
Wikipedia - Bundelia -- Genus of insects
Wikipedia - Bundelkhand Expressway -- Indian expressway connecting Chitrakoot and Etawah
Wikipedia - Bundelkhand Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology -- Engineering college in Uttar Pradesh
Wikipedia - Bunde, Minnesota -- Unincorporated community in Minnesota, US
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 10 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 1 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 293 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 648 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 64 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 7 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 995 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesautobahn 99 -- Federal motorway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesgrenzschutz -- Federal police organization in Western Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesjugendorchester -- German national youth orchestra
Wikipedia - Bundesnachrichtendienst
Wikipedia - Bundesplatz
Wikipedia - Bundesrat of Germany -- Legislative body representing the German federated states since 1949
Wikipedia - BundesstraM-CM-^_e 14 -- Federal highway in Germany
Wikipedia - BundesstraM-CM-^_e 178 -- Federal highway in Germany
Wikipedia - BundesstraM-CM-^_e 2 R -- Federal highway in Germany
Wikipedia - BundesstraM-CM-^_e 2 -- Federal highway in Germany
Wikipedia - BundesstraM-CM-^_e 6 -- Federal highway in Germany
Wikipedia - BundesstraM-CM-^_e 9 -- Federal highway in Germany
Wikipedia - Bundestag -- Federal parliament of Germany
Wikipedia - Bundesverdienstkreuz
Wikipedia - Bundeswehr University Munich
Wikipedia - Bundeswehr -- Armed forces of Germany
Wikipedia - Bundevara -- Serbian dish
Wikipedia - Bundi Rural LLG -- Local-level government in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - Bundism -- Secular Jewish socialist movement
Wikipedia - Bundit Ungrangsee -- Thai conductor (born 1970)
Wikipedia - Bundjalung people
Wikipedia - Bundle bone -- Histologic term in dentistry
Wikipedia - Bundle (macOS)
Wikipedia - Bundle of Joy -- 1956 film directed by Norman Taurog
Wikipedia - Bundle theory
Wikipedia - Bundling of Microsoft Windows
Wikipedia - Bundy Manufacturing Company -- American manufacturing company
Wikipedia - Bundy Report -- 1960s New York City school decentralization proposal
Wikipedia - Burden in My Hand -- Song by Soundgarden
Wikipedia - BurgfriedensM-CM-$ule -- Boundary stones in Germany
Wikipedia - Burgundian Circle
Wikipedia - Burgundian Netherlands -- The Netherlands from 1384 to 1482
Wikipedia - Burgundian (party)
Wikipedia - Burgundian State -- Historical government in what is now France and the Netherlands
Wikipedia - Burgundians -- Historical East Germanic ethnic group
Wikipedia - Burgundio of Pisa
Wikipedia - Burgundio
Wikipedia - Burgundofara -- Frankish Abbess
Wikipedia - Burgundy (color) -- Dark red color
Wikipedia - Burgundy (French region)
Wikipedia - Burgundy (historical region)
Wikipedia - Burgundy (region)
Wikipedia - Burgundy region
Wikipedia - Burgundy
Wikipedia - Burial places of founders of world religions
Wikipedia - Burial -- Ritual act of placing a dead person into the ground
Wikipedia - Burkinabe Party for Refoundation -- Political party in Burkina Faso
Wikipedia - Burnt mound
Wikipedia - Burnt Oak tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Burroughs Wellcome Fund -- American non-profit medical research organization
Wikipedia - Burston Strike School -- School and museum founded as consequence of strike in Norfolk, UK
Wikipedia - Burundi Tribune -- Newspaper in Bujumbura, Burundi
Wikipedia - Burundi -- landlocked country in eastern Central Africa
Wikipedia - Burundo-African Alliance for Salvation -- Political party in Burundi
Wikipedia - Burunduk Khan -- Khan of the Khazakh Khanate (15-16th centuries BC)
Wikipedia - Bururi Province -- Province of Burundi
Wikipedia - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (film) -- 2007 US TV film directed by Yves Simoneau
Wikipedia - Bury St Edmunds Abbey
Wikipedia - Bury St Edmunds railway station -- Grade II listed railway station in Suffolk, England
Wikipedia - Bury St Edmunds -- Town in Suffolk, England
Wikipedia - Bury St Edmunds witch trials
Wikipedia - Buses in Milton Keynes -- Bus services in and around Milton Keynes, England
Wikipedia - Bush Pioneer -- Political bundlers supporting George W. Bush
Wikipedia - Business Link -- UK government-funded business advice and guidance service
Wikipedia - Business Post -- Irish national financial Sunday newspaper
Wikipedia - Business Under Distress -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Business -- Organization undertaking commercial, industrial, or professional activity
Wikipedia - Bust (magazine) -- American women's lifestyle magazine founded in 1993
Wikipedia - Busuu language -- Moribund Southern Bantoid language of Cameroon
Wikipedia - Butacaine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Butane -- organic compound
Wikipedia - Butanol -- Chemical compound family
Wikipedia - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid -- 1969 American Western film directed by George Roy Hill
Wikipedia - Butenafine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Butter Pot Provincial Park -- Provincial Park on the Avalon Peninsula of the island of Newfoundland, Canada
Wikipedia - Buttery (room) -- Originally a room under a monastery, in which food and drink were stored
Wikipedia - Butyl iodide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Butyrolactol A -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Buzzco Associates -- Animation studio founded in 1968
Wikipedia - Buzzin' Around -- 1933 film
Wikipedia - Byakuren Kaikan -- Full contact karate style founded in 1984 by Sugihara Masayasu
Wikipedia - By Crooked Steps -- Song by Soundgarden
Wikipedia - Byerley Turk -- 17th- and 18th-century stallion and one of the foundation stallions of the Thoroughbred breed
Wikipedia - Byju Raveendran -- Founder and CEO of BYJU's
Wikipedia - By Schism Rent Asunder -- Novel by David Weber
Wikipedia - Byzantine Empire under the Justinian dynasty
Wikipedia - Byzantine Empire under the Palaiologos dynasty
Wikipedia - Byzantium under the Justinian dynasty
Wikipedia - Byzas -- Greek mythical character, founder of Byzantium
Wikipedia - C418 -- German independent musician, composer and sound engineer
Wikipedia - Cabazitaxel -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cabled observatory -- Seabed oceanographic research platforms connected to the surface by undersea cables
Wikipedia - Cabmen's Shelter Fund -- Fund to run shelters for cab drivers in London
Wikipedia - Caccioppoli set -- Region with boundary of finite measure
Wikipedia - CAC/PAC JF-17 Thunder -- Chinese/Pakistani combat aircraft
Wikipedia - Cadastre -- Comprehensive register of the real estate or real property's metes-and-bounds of a country
Wikipedia - Cadaverine -- A foul-smelling diamine compound produced by the putrefaction of animal tissue
Wikipedia - Cadet's fuming liquid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cadmium oxide -- An inorganic compound with the formula CdO
Wikipedia - Cadmium phosphide -- Chemical compound of cadmium and phosphorus
Wikipedia - Cadmus -- Greek mythology character, founder of Thebes
Wikipedia - Caecilius Iucundus Metellus -- 1st century AD son of a Pompeian banker, Lucius Caecilius Iucundus
Wikipedia - Cafe Bustelo -- US brand of espresso-ground coffee beans
Wikipedia - Cafundo (film) -- 2005 film directed by Paulo Betti
Wikipedia - Cagliatscha Castle -- A ruined castle in the municipality of Andeer in the canton of Graubunden in Switzerland
Wikipedia - Cai Gundelach -- Danish equestrian
Wikipedia - Caithness - Moray Link -- Undersea HVDC power transmission cable in Scotland
Wikipedia - Caixa 2 -- Type of slush fund in Brazil
Wikipedia - Cajundome -- Arena in Louisiana, United States
Wikipedia - Cake Shop NYC -- Music venue featuring underground pop music
Wikipedia - Calathus (beetle) -- Genus of ground beetles
Wikipedia - Calathus mirei -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Calcifediol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium acetate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium benzoate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium borate -- A bluish white crystal found in some minerals
Wikipedia - Calcium carbide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium carbonate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium caseinate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium chloride -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium ferrocyanide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium hydrosulfide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium phosphate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcium sorbate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calconcarboxylic acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Calcutta Girls' College -- Women's undergraduate college in Kolkata, India
Wikipedia - Caledonian Road tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Calendar round
Wikipedia - Calia secundiflora
Wikipedia - Calicene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - California High-Speed Rail -- System under construction and planning in the United States
Wikipedia - California quail -- Small ground-dwelling bird in the New World quail family.
Wikipedia - California thrasher -- Species of passerine bird found in chaparral habitats
Wikipedia - Callao (Line B Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Callao (Line D Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Calliteara pudibunda -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Callundine lacordairei -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Calneh -- City founded by Nimrod
Wikipedia - Calosoma reitteri -- A species of ground beetle in the subfamily of Carabinae
Wikipedia - Cal Turner -- Founder of American business Dollar General
Wikipedia - Cambridge Camden Society -- A learned architectural society founded in 1839
Wikipedia - Camden Town tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Camel's nose -- Metaphor for a situation where the permitting of a small, seemingly innocuous act will open the door for larger, clearly undesirable actions
Wikipedia - Camilla Lunden -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Camilla Lund -- Norwegian speed skater
Wikipedia - Campanian Ignimbrite eruption -- VEI 7.7-7.8 Volcanic eruption around 40,000 years BP
Wikipedia - Campania Sound -- Sound in British Columbia, Canada
Wikipedia - Campaniform sensilla -- |Class of mechanoreceptors found in insects
Wikipedia - Campanula rotundifolia -- Species of flowering plant in the bellflower family Campanulaceae
Wikipedia - Camp Bloomfield -- Former campground in Santa Monica Mountains, California
Wikipedia - Camperdown Country Park -- public park in the Camperdown area of Dundee
Wikipedia - Camphor -- waxy transparent aromatic organic compound
Wikipedia - Campus El Segundo Athletic Fields -- Athletic field in El Segundo, California
Wikipedia - Canada Media Fund -- Canadian filmed content public-private partnership
Wikipedia - Canada national under-19 cricket team -- Cricket team
Wikipedia - Canada Water station -- London Underground and London Overground station
Wikipedia - Canadian allocations changes under NARBA -- Changes in radio station allotments in Canada resulting from the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement
Wikipedia - Canadian Armed Forces Divers -- Underwater divers employed by any of the Canadian armed forces
Wikipedia - Canadian Car and Foundry -- Transportation vehicle manufacturer in Canada, 1909-1980s
Wikipedia - Canal pound -- Stretch of level water impounded between two canal locks
Wikipedia - Canary Wharf tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Cancer Prevention Foundation -- Russian non-profit organization
Wikipedia - Cancer stem cell -- Possess characteristics associated with normal stem cells, specifically the ability to give rise to all cell types found in a particular cancer sample. C
Wikipedia - Cancn Underwater Museum
Wikipedia - Can Dundar -- Turkish journalist
Wikipedia - Canebrake groundcreeper -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Cane (grass) -- Genera Arundinaria and Arundo
Wikipedia - Cankuzo Province -- Province of Burundi
Wikipedia - Cannabigerolic acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cannabinoid receptor -- Group of receptors to cannabinoid compounds
Wikipedia - Cannabis in Burundi -- Use of Cannabis in Burundi
Wikipedia - Canning Town station -- London Underground and Docklands Light Railway station
Wikipedia - Cannon Street station -- London railway and Underground station
Wikipedia - Canons Park tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Canons regular -- Roman Catholic priests living in community under a religious rule
Wikipedia - Canopy (biology) -- Aboveground portion of a plant community or crop
Wikipedia - Can't Be Sure -- 1989 single by The Sundays
Wikipedia - Canyon Productions -- Video-production company founded in 1992
Wikipedia - Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 47 -- Sounding rocket launch complex at Cape Canaveral, Florida
Wikipedia - Cape Dutch architecture -- A traditional Afrikaner architectural style found mostly in the Western Cape of South Africa
Wikipedia - Cape Flats Dune Strandveld -- Endangered vegetation type endemic to the coastal areas around Cape Town
Wikipedia - Cape ground squirrel -- Species of mammal
Wikipedia - Cape Horn Current -- A cold water current that flows west-to-east around Cape Horn
Wikipedia - Cape Race -- Cape in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Capillary fringe -- The subsurface layer in which groundwater seeps up from a water table by capillary action
Wikipedia - Capital D (rapper) -- American underground rapper and lawyer
Wikipedia - Capital region -- Region or district surrounding the capital city of a country or another administrative division
Wikipedia - Caplacizumab -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Capricorn Plate -- Proposed minor tectonic plate under the Indian Ocean
Wikipedia - Capsaicin -- Pungent chemical compound in chili peppers
Wikipedia - Capstan equation -- Relates the hold-force to the load-force if a flexible line is wound around a cylinder
Wikipedia - Captain America: Civil War (soundtrack)
Wikipedia - Captain America: The First Avenger (soundtrack)
Wikipedia - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (soundtrack)
Wikipedia - Captain Thunderbolt -- Australian bushranger (1835-1870)
Wikipedia - Captain Thunder (film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space (and the Subsequent Assault of the Equally-Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds) {{DISPLAYTITLE:''Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space (and the Subsequent Assault of the Equally-Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds)'' -- Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space (and the Subsequent Assault of the Equally-Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds) {{DISPLAYTITLE:''Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space (and the Subsequent Assault of the Equally-Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds)''
Wikipedia - Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie -- 2017 film by David Soren
Wikipedia - Caput Mundi -- Latin expression
Wikipedia - Carabobo (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Carabus exiguus absconditus -- Subspecies of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Carbaminohemoglobin -- Compound of hemoglobin and carbon dioxide; one form in which carbon dioxide exists in the blood
Wikipedia - Carbapenam -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carbide -- Inorganic compound group
Wikipedia - Carbocyclic nucleoside -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Carbohydrate -- Organic compound that consists only of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
Wikipedia - Carbohydride -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Carbonate chloride -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Carbon black -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carbon dioxide -- Chemical compound with formula COM-bM-^BM-^B
Wikipedia - Carbon fixation -- Conversion of carbon from CO2 to organic compounds
Wikipedia - Carbonic acid -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carbon monofluoride -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carbon pentoxide -- Chemical compound, unstable molecular oxide of carbon
Wikipedia - Carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenyl hydrazone -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carboxylic acid -- organic compound
Wikipedia - Carbyl sulfate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cardinal Kung Foundation -- Organization
Wikipedia - Card Sound Bridge -- Bridge in Florida, United States of America
Wikipedia - Carenum laevigatum -- Species of ground beetle
Wikipedia - Carfentanil -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Caribbean amber -- Amber found in the Caribbean area
Wikipedia - Caribbean Sea -- A sea of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by North, Central and South America
Wikipedia - Carina Round -- English musician
Wikipedia - Cariprazine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carl August Kronlund -- Swedish curler and Olympic medalist
Wikipedia - Carl August Lundstrom -- Finnish entomologist
Wikipedia - Carl Berglund -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Carl Copeland Cundiff -- American diplomat
Wikipedia - Carl Emil Mundt -- Danish politician
Wikipedia - Carl-Erik Asplund -- Swedish speed skater
Wikipedia - Carl Haglund -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - Carl Heinrich Edmund von Berg -- German forester
Wikipedia - Carlia wundalthini -- Species of reptile
Wikipedia - Carl Jakob Sundevall -- Swedish zoologist
Wikipedia - Carl-Johan Sund -- Swedish sports shooter
Wikipedia - Carl Lindstrom Company -- German record company founded by Swedish industrialist Carl Lindstrom
Wikipedia - Carl Lundstrom -- Swedish businessman
Wikipedia - Carl Menger -- Founder of the Austrian School of economics
Wikipedia - Carl Morten Amundsen -- Norwegian dramaturg and theatre director
Wikipedia - Carlos Borunda Zaragoza -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Carlos Chavez -- Mexican composer, conductor, music theorist, educator, journalist, and founder of the Mexican Symphonic Orchestra (1899-1978)
Wikipedia - Carlos Delarios -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Carlos Gardel (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Carlos Manuel Rosario -- Founder of the Latino Festival in Washington, DC
Wikipedia - Carlos Pellegrini (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Carl R. Eklund -- American ornithologist
Wikipedia - Carl Sigismund Kunth -- German botanist (1788-1850)
Wikipedia - Carl Sundin -- Swedish canoeist
Wikipedia - Carlton W. Faulkner -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Carl Wilhelm Orlamundt -- Danish actor
Wikipedia - Carly Patterson -- 2004 Olympic gymnastics all-around champion
Wikipedia - CarmiM-CM-1a LondoM-CM-1o -- Director of the National Science Foundation
Wikipedia - Carnegie Foundation (Netherlands) -- Foundation based in The Hague, Netherlands
Wikipedia - Carnegie Hero Fund -- Recognize persons who perform extraordinary acts of heroism in civilian life
Wikipedia - Carnegie Mellon University -- Private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US (founded 1900)
Wikipedia - Carnitine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carnllundain -- Hill in Wales
Wikipedia - Carnosine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Carole Mundell -- Observational astrophysicist
Wikipedia - Caroline Meriwether Goodlett -- Founding president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy
Wikipedia - Caroline Pounds -- Irish botanical painter in Australia
Wikipedia - Carolingian dynasty -- Frankish noble family founded by Charles Martel
Wikipedia - Carpophorus, Exanthus, Cassius, Severinus, Secundus, and Licinius
Wikipedia - Carrie Anne Philbin -- Director of Educator Support at the Raspberry Pi Foundation
Wikipedia - Carrie Lightbound -- Canadian canoeist
Wikipedia - Carrie Underwood discography -- Artist discography
Wikipedia - Carrie Underwood -- American country music singer
Wikipedia - Carsten Bjornlund -- Danish actor
Wikipedia - Carsten Lund
Wikipedia - Cartamundi -- Belgian game publisher and package manufacturer
Wikipedia - Carthage Treasure -- Important Roman silver hoard found in Carthage
Wikipedia - Carthusians -- Catholic Church religious order founded in 1084
Wikipedia - Carver Federal Savings Bank -- Black-operated 1948-founded NYC-based bank
Wikipedia - Carver State Bank -- Black-operated 1927-founded bank in Georgia, USA
Wikipedia - Cas9 -- Microbial protein found in Streptococcus pyogenes M1 GAS
Wikipedia - Casa de las Americas -- An organization that was founded by the Cuban Government in April 1959
Wikipedia - Cascadia subduction zone -- Convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island to Northern California
Wikipedia - Case Jaundice -- Indian web series
Wikipedia - Caseros (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Casperius Aelianus -- Praetorian Prefect under the Roman emperors Domitian and Nerva (13-98 AD)
Wikipedia - Caspian Sea Monster -- Soviet ground-effect aircraft
Wikipedia - Castle Avenue, Dublin -- Clontarf Cricket Club Ground, Dublin, Ireland
Wikipedia - Castle Blunden -- Historic house in County Kilkenny, Ireland
Wikipedia - Castle Ground -- Former sports arena in England
Wikipedia - Castle thunder (sound effect) -- Recording of thunder used as a sound effect
Wikipedia - Castro Barros (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Catacombs of Paris -- Underground ossuary in Paris, France
Wikipedia - Catarina Eklund -- Swedish biathlete
Wikipedia - Catarina Fagundes -- Portuguese sailor
Wikipedia - Catecholamine -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Catedral (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - Categories for the Working Mathematician -- Book by Saunders Mac Lane
Wikipedia - Categories of the understanding
Wikipedia - Category:2. Bundesliga managers
Wikipedia - Category:6th-century Burgundian bishops
Wikipedia - Category:7th-century Burgundian bishops
Wikipedia - Category:Alkaloids found in Erythroxylum coca
Wikipedia - Category:Alkaloids found in Euphorbiaceae
Wikipedia - Category:Alkaloids found in Nicotiana
Wikipedia - Category:Alkaloids found in Rauvolfia
Wikipedia - Category:Alumni of St Edmund Hall, Oxford
Wikipedia - Category:Alumni of the University of Dundee
Wikipedia - Category:Alumni of the University of Sunderland
Wikipedia - Category:American company founders
Wikipedia - Category:American founders of automobile manufacturers
Wikipedia - Category:American founders
Wikipedia - Category:American hedge fund managers
Wikipedia - Category:American Internet company founders
Wikipedia - Category:American political party founders
Wikipedia - Category:American technology company founders
Wikipedia - Category:Analysands of Sigmund Freud
Wikipedia - Category:Apache Software Foundation members
Wikipedia - Category:Apache Software Foundation projects
Wikipedia - Category:Apache Software Foundation
Wikipedia - Category:Baghdad under the Abbasid Caliphate
Wikipedia - Category:Bill > Melinda Gates Foundation people
Wikipedia - Category:British company founders
Wikipedia - Category:British technology company founders
Wikipedia - Category:Burgundian monks
Wikipedia - Category:Burgundian women
Wikipedia - Category:Bury St Edmunds
Wikipedia - Category:Charles H. Revson Foundation
Wikipedia - Category:Christian denominations founded in Great Britain
Wikipedia - Category:Dimethylamino compounds
Wikipedia - Category:Edmund Husserl
Wikipedia - Category:Electronic funds transfer
Wikipedia - Category:Films that won the Best Sound Editing Academy Award
Wikipedia - Category:Films that won the Best Sound Mixing Academy Award
Wikipedia - Category:Financial company founders
Wikipedia - Category:Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients
Wikipedia - Category:Foundationalism
Wikipedia - Category:Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of Buddhist sects
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of Catholic religious communities
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of Christian monasteries
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of Eastern Catholic religious communities
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of English schools and colleges
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of Indian schools and colleges
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of new religious movements
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of philosophical traditions
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of religions
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of Sufi orders
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of the British Psychological Society
Wikipedia - Category:Founders of utopian communities
Wikipedia - Category:Founding members of the World Cultural Council
Wikipedia - Category:Founding monarchs
Wikipedia - Category:Free Software Foundation
Wikipedia - Category:French prisoners of war in the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Category:History of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Category:III-V compounds
Wikipedia - Category:Internet company founders
Wikipedia - Category:Jebtsundamba Khutuktus
Wikipedia - Category:Linux Foundation projects
Wikipedia - Category:Martial arts school founders
Wikipedia - Category:Members of the Free Software Foundation board of directors
Wikipedia - Category:Members of the Royal Physiographic Society in Lund
Wikipedia - Category:Norwegian company founders
Wikipedia - Category:Pages using collapsible list with both background and text-align in titlestyle
Wikipedia - Category:People educated at Blundell's School
Wikipedia - Category:People executed under Elizabeth I by hanging, drawing and quartering
Wikipedia - Category:People executed under Elizabeth I
Wikipedia - Category:People executed under Henry VIII
Wikipedia - Category:People executed under the Lancastrians
Wikipedia - Category:People executed under the Stuarts for treason against England
Wikipedia - Category:People executed under the Tudors for treason against England
Wikipedia - Category:People from Sunderland
Wikipedia - Category:People prosecuted under anti-homosexuality laws
Wikipedia - Category:Portals under construction
Wikipedia - Category:Redundant infobox title param
Wikipedia - Category:Romanian magazine founders
Wikipedia - Category:Romanian newspaper founders
Wikipedia - Category:Russell Sage Foundation
Wikipedia - Category:Sigmund Freud
Wikipedia - Category:Sound poets
Wikipedia - Category:South African company founders
Wikipedia - Category:Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund members
Wikipedia - Category:Sportspeople from Thunder Bay
Wikipedia - Category talk:Jebtsundamba Khutuktus
Wikipedia - Category:Tata Institute of Fundamental Research alumni
Wikipedia - Category:Tata Institute of Fundamental Research faculty
Wikipedia - Category:Technical University of Dortmund alumni
Wikipedia - Category:Technology company founders
Wikipedia - Category:Three Hundred Tang Poems poets
Wikipedia - Category:Translators of Sigmund Freud
Wikipedia - Category:Undecidable problems
Wikipedia - Category:Underwater diving
Wikipedia - Category:Underwater occupations
Wikipedia - Category:Video games with underwater settings
Wikipedia - Category:Wikimedia Foundation Advisory Board members
Wikipedia - Category:Wikimedia Foundation staff members
Wikipedia - Category:Wikipedia articles with undisclosed paid content from January 2021
Wikipedia - Category:Women founders
Wikipedia - Category:Works published under a pseudonym
Wikipedia - Caterina Coromina i Agusti -- 19th-century Spanish Catholic nun and religious founder
Wikipedia - Cathay (poetry collection) -- Poetry collection by Ezra Pound
Wikipedia - Catherine Booth -- Englishwoman who co-founded The Salvation Army with her husband William
Wikipedia - Catherine Byron -- Irish poet who often collaborates with visual and sound artists
Wikipedia - Catherine de' Medici's building projects -- Architecture under Catherine's patronage
Wikipedia - Catherine Ferguson Academy -- Publicly funded charter school in Detroit, Michigan (USA)
Wikipedia - Catherine Lundoff -- American writer, editor, and publisher
Wikipedia - Catherine Murphy (politician) -- Irish politician, co-founder of the Social Democrats
Wikipedia - Catholic Church in Burundi
Wikipedia - Catholic Church of St Oswald and St Edmund Arrowsmith
Wikipedia - Cato Institute -- American libertarian think tank founded in 1974
Wikipedia - Catrin Westerlund -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Cats: Highlights from the Motion Picture Soundtrack -- 2019 soundtrack by various artists
Wikipedia - Cattle mutilation -- killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual and anomalous circumstances
Wikipedia - Cauchy principal value -- Method for assigning values to certain improper integrals which would otherwise be undefined
Wikipedia - Caught in Berlin's Underworld -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - Caulk -- Flexible sealing compounds
Wikipedia - Caveasphaera -- Possible very early animal found in ancient rocks
Wikipedia - Cave diving -- Underwater diving in water-filled caves
Wikipedia - Cavendish Mill, Ashton-under-Lyne -- Cotton mill in Greater Manchester, England
Wikipedia - Cavern deities of the underworld
Wikipedia - Cavern diver -- Diving under a natural overhead within the zone of natural light
Wikipedia - Cave -- Natural underground space large enough for a human to enter
Wikipedia - Cavium ThunderX2
Wikipedia - Cavium ThunderX
Wikipedia - Caxton Associates -- London-based hedge fund
Wikipedia - Cayman Ridge -- An undersea mountain range on the northern margin of the Cayman Trough in the Caribbean Sea
Wikipedia - Cayson Mound and Village Site -- Archaeological site
Wikipedia - CBDQ-FM -- CBC Radio One station in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CBG (AM) -- CBC Radio One station in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CBN (AM) -- CBC Radio One station in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CBN-FM -- CBC Music station in Saint John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CBNLT -- Former CBC television station in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - CBQ-FM -- CBC Music station in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CBQT-FM -- CBC Radio One station in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CBS World News Roundup -- Twice-daily radio newscast; broadcast continuously over the CBS Radio Network since 1938
Wikipedia - CBT (AM) -- CBC Radio One station in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - Cbus -- Superannuation fund for the building and construction industries in Australia
Wikipedia - CBYT (TV) -- Former CBC television station in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - CBY -- CBC Radio One station in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CCH Pounder -- Guyanese American actor
Wikipedia - CD2 -- Cell adhesion molecule found on the surface of T cells and natural killer
Wikipedia - Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. -- Collegiate athletic association in Cebu province, Philippines
Wikipedia - Cecilia Ekelundh -- Swedish golfer
Wikipedia - Cecilia Fire Thunder -- Native American activist, leader of the Oglala Sioux
Wikipedia - Cecilia M-CM-^Vstlund -- Swedish curler
Wikipedia - Celine Gounder -- American medical doctor and medical journalist
Wikipedia - Cell adhesion -- The attachment of a cell, either to another cell or to an underlying substrate such as the extracellular matrix, via cell adhesion molecules.
Wikipedia - Cellchrome -- Japanese rock band under the Being label
Wikipedia - Cell culture -- Process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions
Wikipedia - Cell nucleus -- Eukaryotic membrane-bounded organelle containing DNA
Wikipedia - Cellulose acetate -- Chemical compound refers to any acetate ester of cellulose, usually cellulose diacetate.
Wikipedia - Cellulose diacetate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cementerio Civil de Ponce -- Historic burial ground in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Cemetery Sunday -- Annual ancestor veneration observance of the Roman Catholic church
Wikipedia - CENBOL -- Region of an accretion flow around a black hole
Wikipedia - Cenote -- A natural pit, or sinkhole, that exposes groundwater underneath
Wikipedia - Centennial Circle -- Roundabout in New york
Wikipedia - Centennial Park group -- Fundamentalist Mormon community
Wikipedia - Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation -- An educational institution in Israel where Christians can study the Hebrew Bible and learn about the Hebraic roots of Christianity
Wikipedia - Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education -- A research and education organization established in 2006 as a National Science Foundation funded Science and Technology Center
Wikipedia - Center for the Fundamental Laws of Nature -- Physics research center at Harvard
Wikipedia - Centers for Space Oceanography -- An operating division of the Argos Foundation, Inc
Wikipedia - Central canal -- Cerebrospinal fluid-filled space around the spinal cord
Wikipedia - Central conceit -- The underlying fictitious assumption of a work of fiction
Wikipedia - Central Fund (Ireland) -- State account at the Central Bank
Wikipedia - Central London Railway -- Underground railway company in London
Wikipedia - Central Park Tower -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Central serous retinopathy -- Eye disease characterized by leakage of fluid under the retina
Wikipedia - Central Sundbyberg -- Urban district in Sundbyberg municipality, Sweden
Wikipedia - Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway -- Highway under construction in Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Centre for High North Logistics -- Norwegian foundation focusing on logistics solutions in the Arctic region
Wikipedia - Centrum Wiskunde > Informatica
Wikipedia - Centurion Park -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Ceolmund (bishop of Hereford)
Wikipedia - Ceolmund (bishop of Rochester)
Wikipedia - Cerata -- Anatomical structures found in nudibranch sea slugs
Wikipedia - Ceratomia undulosa -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Cereal Killer Soundtrack -- 1993 studio album by Green JellM-CM-?
Wikipedia - Cerebral angiography -- Angiography that produces images of blood vessels in and around the brain
Wikipedia - Cerebrospinal fluid -- Clear, colorless bodily fluid found in the brain and spinal cord
Wikipedia - CERN ritual hoax -- Hoax in which an occult ritual is performed on the grounds of CERN
Wikipedia - Cerveza Quilmes -- Argentinian brewery founded in 1888
Wikipedia - Cesarewitch (greyhounds) -- Greyhound racing competition
Wikipedia - Cesarewitch (Irish greyhounds) -- Greyhound racing competition in Ireland
Wikipedia - Cessna 408 SkyCourier -- Utility aircraft under development by Cessna
Wikipedia - CFAI-FM -- Radio station in Edmundston, New Brunswick
Wikipedia - CFCB -- Radio station in Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Wikipedia - CFGB-FM -- CBC Radio One station in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CFGN-FM -- VOCM radio station in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - CFLA-TV -- Former CBC television station in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - CFOS -- Radio station in Owen Sound, Ontario
Wikipedia - CFSX -- Radio station in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - Chabad on Campus International Foundation -- Jewish college organization.
Wikipedia - Chad Hurley -- American businessman, co-founder of YouTube
Wikipedia - Chael Sonnen's Wrestling Underground -- Amateur wrestling competitions
Wikipedia - Chakhil-i-Ghoundi Stupa -- Ancient stupa
Wikipedia - Chakir Hussain -- Indian sound engineer (born 1991)
Wikipedia - Chalav Yisrael -- Dairy products, including cheese and non-fat dry milk powder, which derive from milk that has been milked under the supervision of a religiously observant Jew
Wikipedia - Chalciporus piperatus -- Species of fungus in the family Boletaceae found in mixed woodland in Europe and North America
Wikipedia - Chalfont & Latimer station -- London Underground and railway station
Wikipedia - Chalk Farm tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Challenge fund -- Scheme for competitive public funding
Wikipedia - Chambered cairn -- Burial monument, usually constructed during the Neolithic, consisting of a sizeable (usually stone) chamber around and over which a cairn of stones was constructed
Wikipedia - Champion Hurdle (greyhounds) -- Greyhound racing competition
Wikipedia - Champion Records (Richmond, Indiana) -- Record label in Richmond, Indiana, founded in 1925
Wikipedia - Champlin Foundations -- The oldest philanthropic organization groups in Rhode Island
Wikipedia - Chamunda -- Hindu goddess
Wikipedia - Chamundeshwari Studios -- Film studio in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Wikipedia - Chamundi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chamundi Hills -- Hill east of Mysore in Karnataka, India
Wikipedia - Chancery Lane tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Chand Par Chadayee -- 1967 film by T. P. Sundaram
Wikipedia - Chandragupta Maurya -- founder of ancient Mauryan empire
Wikipedia - Chandra Khonnokyoong -- Thai nun and co-founder of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, a Thai Buddhist temple
Wikipedia - Chandranath Hill -- Hill in Sitakunda, Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Changsha Kingdom -- kingdom within the Han Empire located in present-day Hunan and surrounding areas
Wikipedia - Channel Tunnel -- Undersea rail tunnel linking France and England
Wikipedia - Chant -- Rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds
Wikipedia - Chaourse Treasure -- Roman hoard found in France
Wikipedia - Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway -- Underground railway company in London
Wikipedia - Charing Cross tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Charity auction -- Fundraising event
Wikipedia - Charles Almanzo Babcock -- Educator and founder of Bird Day (1847-1922)
Wikipedia - Charles and Augustus Storrs -- American brothers who co-founded the University of Connecticut
Wikipedia - Charles Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador -- Settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Charles Buell Anderson -- Founder of the Endeavor Academy
Wikipedia - Charles Burt Sumner -- Founding trustee of Pomona College
Wikipedia - Charles Colston, 1st Baron Roundway -- British politician
Wikipedia - Charles Cooke (Grampound MP) -- Businessperson and Sheriff of London
Wikipedia - Charles Douglass -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Charles Edmund Ford
Wikipedia - Charles Grenzbach -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Charles Island -- Tidal island off the coast of Milford, Connecticut, in Long Island Sound
Wikipedia - Charles J. Bell (businessman) -- Irish-born American and Canadian businessman, co-founder of the National Geographic Society
Wikipedia - Charles K. Edmunds -- President of Pomona College
Wikipedia - Charles L. Lootens -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Charles Lundgren -- American male curler
Wikipedia - Charles Lundmark -- American canoeist
Wikipedia - Charles Minot Dole -- Founder of the American National Ski Patrol
Wikipedia - Charles Rice (sound engineer) -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Charles Ritchie, 1st Baron Ritchie of Dundee -- British politician
Wikipedia - Charles Rolls -- English motoring and aviation pioneer, co-founder of Rolls-Royce
Wikipedia - Charles R. Saunders -- American writer
Wikipedia - Charles Rudolph Walgreen -- founder of Walgreens
Wikipedia - Charles Sanders Peirce -- American philosopher, logician, mathematician, and scientist who founded pragmatism
Wikipedia - Charles Savile Roundell -- English cricketer, lawyer, and politician
Wikipedia - Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Building -- High rise building in Flint, Michigan
Wikipedia - Charles Stewart Mott Foundation -- Private foundation based in Flint, Michigan, United States
Wikipedia - Charles Taze Russell -- Founder of the Bible Student movement
Wikipedia - Charles the Bold -- 15th-century Duke of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Charles T. Meide -- American underwater archaeologist
Wikipedia - Charles Tooth -- Anglican clergyman and founder of St Mark's English Church, Florence
Wikipedia - Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor -- 16th-century Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, Archduke of Austria, and Duke of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Charlie Bauerfeind -- German sound engineer and producer
Wikipedia - Charlie Brown's Roundabout -- Road junction on the North Circular Road in London, England
Wikipedia - Charlie's Angels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack -- 2019 soundtrack by various artists
Wikipedia - Charlotte Baldwin Allen -- Wife of a co-founder of Houston, Texas
Wikipedia - Charlotte Cushman Foundation -- American philanthropic organization
Wikipedia - Charlotte whale -- Whale fossil found in Vermont, United States
Wikipedia - Charnel ground
Wikipedia - Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
Wikipedia - Chauga Mound -- An archaeological site
Wikipedia - CHBI-FM -- Community radio station in Burnt Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CHCM -- VOCM radio station in Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Chebogue Cemetery -- oldest burial ground in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Wikipedia - Cheddar Man -- Remains of a 8150 BC human male found in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England
Wikipedia - Cheetah Preservation Foundation -- South African conservation organisation
Wikipedia - Cheetah Sound Sampler -- Defunct sound sampler program used in the 1980s
Wikipedia - Cheetara (ThunderCats) -- Fictional character of the ThunderCats franchise
Wikipedia - Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (soundtrack) -- 2018 soundtrack album by A. R. Rahman
Wikipedia - Chemical bond -- Lasting attraction between atoms that enables the formation of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chemical energy -- Potential of a chemical substance to undergo a transformation through a chemical reaction to transform other chemical substances
Wikipedia - Chemical formula -- Compact notation for chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Chemical Heritage Foundation
Wikipedia - Chemically peculiar star -- Stars with distinctly unusual metal abundances
Wikipedia - Chemise -- Loose-fitting, straight-hanging shirtlike underwear with or without sleeve
Wikipedia - Chemosynthesis -- Biological process building organic matter using inorganic compounds as the energy source
Wikipedia - Cheonan Hyundai Capital Skywalkers -- South Korean professional volleyball team
Wikipedia - Cheribundi -- Cherry drink company
Wikipedia - Chesham tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Chess annotation symbols -- Notation indicating how good a move is: M-bM-^@M-< (brilliant), ! (good), M-bM-^AM-^I (interesting), M-bM-^AM-^H (dubious), ? (mistake), M-bM-^AM-^G (blunder)
Wikipedia - Chester Road North Ground, Kidderminster -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Chevrolet Orlando -- car manufactured by GM Korea under the Chevrolet division
Wikipedia - Chevron (land form) -- A wedge-shaped sediment deposit observed on coastlines and continental interiors around the world
Wikipedia - Cheyenne Roundup -- 1943 film by Ray Taylor
Wikipedia - CHFD-DT -- Global affiliate in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - Chhundo -- Kind of Indian pickle from Gujarat
Wikipedia - Chiasmatic groove -- Groove whose anterior border is a ridge bounding the sphenoid bone
Wikipedia - Chicago Film Archives -- Regional moving image archive founded in 2003
Wikipedia - Chicago Tunnel Company -- Narrow gauge underground railway
Wikipedia - Chicago Underground Film Festival
Wikipedia - Chicxulub crater -- Prehistoric impact crater buried underneath the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico
Wikipedia - Chiefdom of Yongning -- Mosuo chiefdom under Chinese Tusi system
Wikipedia - Chief Thundercloud -- American actor
Wikipedia - Chigwell tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Chilaw Marians Cricket Club Ground -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Children Under a Palm -- Painting by Winslow Homer
Wikipedia - Children Underground -- 2001 film by Edet Belzberg
Wikipedia - Child's slave -- Term for parents in China under childraising pressure
Wikipedia - Chile Fracture Zone -- A major strike slip fault and fracture zone on the Antarctic-Nazca Plate boundary
Wikipedia - Chile Rise -- An oceanic ridge at the tectonic divergent plate boundary between the Nazca and Antarctic plates
Wikipedia - Chilperic II of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Chiltern Hundreds -- Obsolete administrative area in England
Wikipedia - Chimney fire -- Undesirable burning of residue deposits inside a chimney
Wikipedia - China Bound -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - China Open (pool) -- Professional pool event, founded 2009
Wikipedia - Chinese Foundation Secondary School -- Secondary school in Siu Sai Wan, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees -- Racist playground chant
Wikipedia - Chinna Gounder -- 1992 film by R. V. Udayakumar
Wikipedia - Chinna Muthu -- 1994 film by Shanmuga Sundaram
Wikipedia - Chiswick Park tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Chit fund -- Savings and credit system in India
Wikipedia - Chlorantraniliprole -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chlorate -- An anion and term for chemical compounds containing it
Wikipedia - Chlorella rotunda -- Species of green alga
Wikipedia - Chloride sulfite -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Chlorine dioxide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chlorine pentafluoride -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chlorine trifluoride -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chloroclystis ambundata -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Chloroethane -- Chemical compound commonly known as ethyl chloride
Wikipedia - Chloroform -- Organic compound with the formula CHCl3
Wikipedia - Chlorophyll -- Green pigments found in the mesosomes of cyanobacteria
Wikipedia - Chlorosarin -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chlortalidone -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - CHLR-FM -- First Nations community radio station in Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - ChM-EM-+M-EM-^M Shinkansen -- Maglev high-speed train line under construction in Japan
Wikipedia - CHMR-FM -- Radio station at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - Choe Je-u -- The founder of Donghak
Wikipedia - Choi Bo-min (archer) -- South Korean compound archer
Wikipedia - Choi Hung Road Playground -- Park in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation
Wikipedia - Cholecalciferol -- Vitamin D3, a chemical compound
Wikipedia - Choline -- Chemical compound that is an essential nutrient for humans and many other animals
Wikipedia - Chorion -- Outermost fetal membrane around the embryo in amniotes
Wikipedia - Chorleywood station -- London Underground and railway station
Wikipedia - CHOZ-FM -- Radio station in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - Chris & Julia's Sunday Night Takeaway -- Television show
Wikipedia - Chris Carpenter (sound engineer) -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Chris David (sound engineer) -- English sound engineer
Wikipedia - Chris Duesterdiek -- Canadian Production sound mixer
Wikipedia - Chris James (audio engineer) -- American sound engineer and music producer
Wikipedia - Chris Jenkins (sound engineer) -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Chris Marchant -- Co-founder of string quartet Well-Strung
Wikipedia - Chris Munro -- British sound engineer
Wikipedia - Chris Saunders (headmaster) -- English cricketer and headmaster
Wikipedia - Chris Saunders (mixed martial artist) -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Chrissie Hynde -- Rock singer-songwriter and founder of Pretenders
Wikipedia - Christ Gospel Churches International -- Fundamentalist, Pentecostal Christian denomination
Wikipedia - Christian fundamentalism -- British and American Protestant movement opposed to modernist theology
Wikipedia - Christian fundamentalist
Wikipedia - Christian Hebraist -- Scholar of Hebrew who comes from a Christian background
Wikipedia - Christian I of Denmark -- Scandinavian monarch under the Kalmar Union (1426-1481)
Wikipedia - Christianity in Burundi
Wikipedia - Christian-Jewish reconciliation -- Efforts that are being made to improve understanding and acceptance between Christians and Jews
Wikipedia - Christian Rosenkreuz -- Founder of the Rosicrucian Order
Wikipedia - Christian Sundman -- Finnish philatelist
Wikipedia - Christie Colin -- American compound archer
Wikipedia - Christina Eklund -- Swedish biathlete
Wikipedia - Christina Lund Madsen -- Danish bridge player and journalist
Wikipedia - Christine Bakundufite -- Rwandan politician and economist
Wikipedia - Christine Blundell -- British make-up artist
Wikipedia - Christine Lund -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Christinelund -- Manor house near PrM-CM-&sto, Denmark
Wikipedia - Christine Peterson -- American nanotechnologist and co-founder of Foresight Institute
Wikipedia - Christine Sun Kim -- American sound artist
Wikipedia - Christine und die Storche -- 1962 film
Wikipedia - Christ is Made the Sure Foundation -- Christian hymn by John Mason Neale
Wikipedia - Christmas at Ground Zero -- 1986 single by "Weird Al" Yankovic
Wikipedia - Christmas cracker -- Table decorations that make a snapping sound when pulled
Wikipedia - Christmas gift-bringers around the world
Wikipedia - Christmas Under Fire -- 1941 film
Wikipedia - Christoffer Edlund -- Swedish bandy player
Wikipedia - Christoffer Sundby -- Norwegian sailor
Wikipedia - Christoffer Sundgren -- Swedish curler
Wikipedia - Christopher Boyes -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Christopher Gundersen -- Norwegian sailor
Wikipedia - Christ treading on the beasts -- Subject found in Late Antique and Early Medieval art
Wikipedia - Chris Underwood -- American sales manager and reality television personality
Wikipedia - Chris Wanstrath -- American technology entrepreneur and co-founder and former CEO of GitHub
Wikipedia - Chris Wright (music industry executive) -- British businessman, founder of Chrysalis
Wikipedia - Chris Yonge -- Canadian rapper and sound producer
Wikipedia - Chromate ester -- Class of chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Chromatophore -- Pigment-containing cells found in a wide range of animals
Wikipedia - Chromium(III) nitrate -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chromogen -- chemical compound that can be converted into a dye or pigment
Wikipedia - Chronic granulomatous disease -- Diverse group of hereditary diseases in which certain cells of the immune system have difficulty forming the reactive oxygen compounds used to kill certain ingested pathogens.
Wikipedia - Chronicle of San Juan de la PeM-CM-1a -- Aragonese chronicle written in Latin around before 1359
Wikipedia - Chrysene -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Chthonic -- Deities or spirits of the underworld
Wikipedia - Chuck Brown -- American musician and singer, founder of go-go music
Wikipedia - CHUG (AM) -- Community radio station in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - Chukchi Peninsula tundra -- Ecoregion
Wikipedia - Church of God of Prophecy -- Pentecostal Holiness denomination founded 1923
Wikipedia - Church of God of the Original Mountain Assembly -- holiness denomination founded in 1946
Wikipedia - Church of Science -- A fictional religion from Isaac Asimov's Foundation series
Wikipedia - Church of the Condemnation -- Roman Catholic church located within the Franciscan compound in the old city of Jerusalem
Wikipedia - Church of the Firstborn (LeBaron family) -- Grouping of competing factions of a Mormon fundamentalist religious lineage
Wikipedia - Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God -- Violent religious group founded by Ervil LeBaron, responsible for dozens of deaths
Wikipedia - Church Street Park -- cricket ground
Wikipedia - Chur -- Capital of Grisons/Graubunden, Switzerland
Wikipedia - CHVO-FM -- Radio station in Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - Cibaciba and Drakulu -- Two cave entrances to the underworld in Fijian mythology
Wikipedia - Cibitoke Province -- Province of Burundi
Wikipedia - Cicely Saunders
Wikipedia - Cielito del Mundo -- singer, actress, civil leader, politician and television host
Wikipedia - CIFX-FM -- Former radio station in Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada
Wikipedia - Cigar band -- Loop of paper or foil that surrounds a cigar
Wikipedia - Cigar -- A rolled bundle of tobacco
Wikipedia - Cilazapril -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - CILU-FM -- Radio station at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CIML-FM -- First Nations community radio station in Makkovik, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - Cinder cone -- A steep conical hill of loose pyroclastic fragments around a volcanic vent
Wikipedia - Cinema for Peace Foundation -- Organization based in Berlin, Germany supporting film-based projects dealing with global humanitarian and environmental issues
Wikipedia - Cinnamon ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Cinnamon sugar -- A spice mix made up of ground cinnamon and granulated sugar
Wikipedia - Cinnoline -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cinyras -- Mythical founder of the city of Paphos in Greek mythology
Wikipedia - Cipha Sounds -- American record producer (born 1976)
Wikipedia - Circle line (London Underground) -- London Underground line
Wikipedia - Circotettix undulatus -- Species of grasshopper
Wikipedia - Circulant graph -- Undirected graph acted on by a vertex-transitive cyclic group of symmetries
Wikipedia - Circular RNA -- Type of RNA found in cells
Wikipedia - Circular search -- A search pattern where the diver swims at a series of distances around a fixed reference point
Wikipedia - Circulation (physics) -- Line integral of the fluid velocity around a closed curve
Wikipedia - Circumplanetary disk -- moon-forming accumulation of particles around a planet
Wikipedia - Circumstellar habitable zone -- Zone around a star where surface liquid water may exist on a planet
Wikipedia - Cis-Inositol -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cision -- American media company founded in 1867
Wikipedia - Citizens in Charge Foundation -- American non-profit advocacy organization
Wikipedia - City and South London Railway -- Underground railway company in London
Wikipedia - City limits -- Defined boundary or border of a city
Wikipedia - City Line (Spokane, Washington) -- Under-construction bus rapid transit line in Spokane, Washington, United States
Wikipedia - City of London Electric Lighting Company -- British electricity undertaking
Wikipedia - City Oval -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - City proper -- The geographical area contained within the defined boundary of a city
Wikipedia - City's Cash -- An endowment fund of the City of London
Wikipedia - City Stadium, Norwich -- Former greyhound racing stadium in Norwich, England
Wikipedia - Ciudad Deportiva Millito Navarro -- Multi-sport complex currently under construction in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Ciudad Deportiva Rafael Gomez -- Training ground of Cordoba CF
Wikipedia - Cives Mundi -- Organization
Wikipedia - Civil partnership in the United Kingdom -- Form of civil union granted under the Civil Partnership Act 2004
Wikipedia - Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987 -- law requiring federally funded institutions to comply with civil rights law
Wikipedia - CivilWarLand in Bad Decline -- Collection of George Saunders short stories published 1992-1995
Wikipedia - CIXK-FM -- Radio station in Owen Sound, Ontario
Wikipedia - CJBI-FM -- Communtiyr adio station in Bell Island, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CJEM-FM -- Radio station in Edmundston, New Brunswick
Wikipedia - CJIK-FM -- First Nations community radio station in Sheshatshiu, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CJOA-FM -- Radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CJON-DT -- Independent TV station in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CJPL-FM -- First Nations community radio station in Postville, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CJSD-FM -- Radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CJUK-FM -- Radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - C-Jun N-terminal kinases -- Chemical compounds
Wikipedia - CJYQ -- Radio station in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CK-12 Foundation -- California-based non-profitable organization
Wikipedia - CKCM -- Radio station in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKGA -- Radio station in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKIX-FM -- Radio station in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKLP-FM -- Radio station in Parry Sound, Ontario
Wikipedia - CKOH-FM -- Community radio station in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - CKPR-DT -- CTV affiliate in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CKPR-FM -- Radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CKSJ-FM -- Radio station in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKTG-FM -- Radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Wikipedia - CKVB-FM -- Radio station in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKVO -- VOCM radio station in Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Wikipedia - CKXD-FM -- Radio station in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKXG-FM -- Radio station in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKXX-FM -- Radio station in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Wikipedia - CKYC-FM -- Radio station in Owen Sound, Ontario
Wikipedia - Claes Berglund -- Swedish ski orienteer
Wikipedia - Claire Lehmann -- Australian writer and founder of Quillette
Wikipedia - Claire Underwood -- Fictional character from House of Cards
Wikipedia - ClaM-CM-+s Rundberg -- Swedish sport shooter
Wikipedia - Clan Dundas -- Scottish clan
Wikipedia - Clapham Common tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Clapham North tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Clapham South tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Clara Barton -- American Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross
Wikipedia - Clara Haskil International Piano Competition -- International piano competition founded in memory of Clara Haskil
Wikipedia - Clara in Blunderland
Wikipedia - Clarence 13X -- Founder of The Nation of Gods and Earths
Wikipedia - Clarisse Iribagiza -- Rwandan CEO and co-founder of HeHe Limited
Wikipedia - Clarke number -- relative abundance of elements in Earth's crust
Wikipedia - Classical compound -- Classical compounds and neoclassical compounds are compound words composed from combining forms (which act as affixes or stems) derived from classical Latin or ancient Greek roots
Wikipedia - Classical Marxism -- Economic, philosophical, and sociological theories expounded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Wikipedia - Classical mechanics -- branch of physics concerned with the set of classical laws describing the non-relativistic motion of bodies under the action of a system of forces
Wikipedia - Classical physics -- Physics as understood pre-1900
Wikipedia - Claudia (1943 film) -- 1943 film by Edmund Goulding
Wikipedia - Claudio Pafundi -- Argentine archer
Wikipedia - Claus Wunderlich -- German sailor
Wikipedia - Clay Township, Grundy County, Iowa -- Township in Iowa, USA
Wikipedia - Clearance diving -- Military diving work involving underwater demolition and work with explosives
Wikipedia - ClearFoundation -- Non-profit organization supporting the development of ClearOS
Wikipedia - Clementia of Burgundy
Wikipedia - Cleora munditibia -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Clerk Saunders -- Traditional song
Wikipedia - Click consonant -- Consonantal sound
Wikipedia - Clifford Edmund Bosworth
Wikipedia - Clinton Bush Haiti Fund -- Founded by former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, to aid the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake
Wikipedia - Clinton Foundation -- Non-profit organisation in the USA
Wikipedia - Clipper route -- Sailing route around the world
Wikipedia - Clive Cussler -- American adventure novelist and underwater explorer
Wikipedia - Cliven Bundy -- American cattle rancher
Wikipedia - Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. -- Filipino filmmaker
Wikipedia - Cloeon simile -- Species of insect (mayfly) found in Europe
Wikipedia - Cloister -- Open space surrounded by covered walks or open galleries
Wikipedia - Clomipramine -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Close air support -- Air missions coordinated with ground combat
Wikipedia - Close back rounded vowel
Wikipedia - Closed on Sunday -- 2019 song by Kanye West
Wikipedia - Closed under
Wikipedia - Close front unrounded vowel
Wikipedia - Close-mid back rounded vowel
Wikipedia - Close-mid front rounded vowel
Wikipedia - Close-mid front unrounded vowel -- Vowel sound used in some spoken languages
Wikipedia - Cloud2Ground -- American music duo
Wikipedia - Cloud Foundry -- An open source, multi-cloud application platform as a service
Wikipedia - Cloud Native Computing Foundation -- Linux Foundation project
Wikipedia - Cloyne Round Tower -- A round tower
Wikipedia - CMLL 86th Anniversary Show -- 2019 Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre show
Wikipedia - CMLL 87th Anniversary Show -- 2020 Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre show
Wikipedia - CMLL International Gran Prix (2019) -- 2019 Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre professional wrestling show
Wikipedia - CMLL Leyendas Mexicanas (2018) -- 2018 Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre event
Wikipedia - CMLL Torneo Nacional de Parejas Increibles (2017) -- 2017 Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre event
Wikipedia - Cnemaspis avasabinae -- Species of gecko found in India
Wikipedia - CNIB Foundation -- organization for the blind
Wikipedia - Coal mining in the United Kingdom -- Fossil fuel from underground
Wikipedia - Coal mining -- Process of getting coal out of the ground
Wikipedia - Coal-seam fire -- Underground smouldering of a coal deposit
Wikipedia - Coastal upwelling of the South Eastern Arabian Sea -- A typical eastern boundary upwelling system
Wikipedia - Coatomer -- Protein complex that coats membrane-bound transport vesicles
Wikipedia - Coatzacoalcos Underwater Tunnel -- Tunnel under the Coatzacoalcos River in Veracruz, Mexico
Wikipedia - Cobb-Eickelberg Seamount chain -- A range of undersea mountains formed by volcanic activity of the Cobb hotspot in the Pacific Ocean
Wikipedia - Cobb Seamount -- Underwater volcano west of Grays Harbor, Washington, United States
Wikipedia - Cobham Oval -- New Zealand Cricket ground
Wikipedia - Coccus -- Round shape of certain bacteria or archaea
Wikipedia - Cochlin -- Protein highly abundant in the cochlea and vestibule of the inner ear
Wikipedia - Cochylimorpha jucundana -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Cockfosters tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Cocking Foundry -- Historical industrial site
Wikipedia - Codex Burgundus -- 15th century illuminated manuscript
Wikipedia - Cod Grounds Marine Park -- Australian marine park off Laurieton, New South Wales
Wikipedia - Coe Mound -- Native American burial mound in Columbus, Ohio.
Wikipedia - Coenzyme Q10 -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Cofactor (biochemistry) -- A non-protein chemical compound or metallic ion
Wikipedia - Co-founder
Wikipedia - Cognitivism (psychology) -- A theoretical framework for understanding the mind
Wikipedia - Cognized environment -- Concept of how the peopleM-bM-^@M-^Ys culture understands nature, contrating with the operational environment
Wikipedia - Cohoba -- Taino term for a ceremony in which the ground seeds of the cojobana tree were inhaled
Wikipedia - Coins of the Jersey pound
Wikipedia - Coins of the pound sterling -- British current and historic coinage
Wikipedia - Coins of the South African pound -- Obsolete currency
Wikipedia - Coin -- A small, flat and usually round piece of material used as money
Wikipedia - Coke bottle styling -- Automotive body design with a narrow center surrounded by flaring fenders
Wikipedia - Cold War playground equipment -- Playground equipment during the space race
Wikipedia - Cold-water diving -- Underwater diving in water that is cold enough to require special equipment
Wikipedia - Colfax Township, Grundy County, Iowa -- Township in Iowa, USA
Wikipedia - Colindale tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Colin Leonard -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Colin Maiden Park -- Sports ground
Wikipedia - Collar (clothing) -- Shaped neckwear that fastens around or frames the neck, either attached to a garment or as a separate accessory
Wikipedia - College Field, Saint Peter Port -- Cricket ground
Wikipedia - College of the University of Chicago -- Undergraduate school of the University of Chicago
Wikipedia - Collegio Ghislieri (Rome) -- College grounded by Giuseppe Ghislieri
Wikipedia - Colliers Wood tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Collines of Burundi
Wikipedia - Collings Foundation -- Aviation and automotive preservation foundation in Massachusetts, United States
Wikipedia - Colmar Treasure -- Treasure hoard found in France
Wikipedia - Colobopsis saundersi -- Species of Asian ant
Wikipedia - Colombo Cricket Club Ground -- Cricket stadium in Sri Lanka
Wikipedia - Colonia Dignidad -- Secretive colony founded by Germans in Chile, formerly torture center
Wikipedia - Colonial American military history -- Military record of the Thirteen Colonies from their founding to the American Revolution in 1775
Wikipedia - Colonial Assam -- Period when Assam was under British rule
Wikipedia - Colonial Williamsburg -- Living-history museum and private foundation presenting part of a historic district in the city of Williamsburg, VA
Wikipedia - Colony -- Territory under the political control of an overseas state, generally with its own subordinate colonial government
Wikipedia - Color theory -- Principles around the use of color in visual arts
Wikipedia - Colossally abundant number
Wikipedia - Colts Cricket Club Ground -- Cricket stadium in Sri Lanka
Wikipedia - Columbia College (New York) -- Oldest undergraduate college of Columbia University
Wikipedia - Columbus Country Club Mound -- Native American burial mound in Columbus, Ohio
Wikipedia - Columbus Foundation -- Organization in Columbus, Ohio
Wikipedia - Columbus Landmarks -- Historic preservation foundation in Ohio
Wikipedia - Combat operations process -- Undertaken by armed forces
Wikipedia - Comedy Underground with Dave Attell -- US television program
Wikipedia - Come Sunday (film) -- 2018 film by Joshua Marston
Wikipedia - Come Sunday -- 1943 jazz standard by Duke Ellington
Wikipedia - Come Undone (Robbie Williams song) -- 2003 single by Robbie Williams
Wikipedia - Comhairle Fo-Thuinn -- governing body for recreational diving and underwater hockey in Ireland
Wikipedia - Coming Home (New Found Glory album)
Wikipedia - Comin' Round the Mountain (1936 film) -- 1936 film by Mack V. Wright
Wikipedia - Command General Staff College Foundation -- Educational non-profit
Wikipedia - Commando (company) -- American underwear company
Wikipedia - Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Headquarters -- Skyscraper under construction in Addis Ababa
Wikipedia - Commercial playgrounds -- Type of playground
Wikipedia - Commodity chemicals -- Group of industrial chemical compounds
Wikipedia - Common Address Redundancy Protocol
Wikipedia - Common chiffchaff -- A small migratory passerine bird found in Europe, Asia and north Africa
Wikipedia - Common contractual fund -- Irish tax free structure
Wikipedia - Common Front -- Defunct political alliance in Burundi
Wikipedia - Commonfund -- U.S. based investment management firm
Wikipedia - Common Ground (1916 film) -- 1916 silent film drama by William C. deMille
Wikipedia - Common ground dove -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Common Ground Festival -- Punk rock festival held in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Common Ground (memoir) -- Memoir by Justin Trudeau
Wikipedia - Common house martin -- A migratory passerine bird of the swallow family found in Europe, Africa and Asia
Wikipedia - Common sense -- Sound practical judgement concerning everyday matters; basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge
Wikipedia - Commonwealth Foundation -- Intergovernmental organisation
Wikipedia - Commonwealth Fund -- U.S. foundation
Wikipedia - Commonwealth -- Term for a political community founded for the common good
Wikipedia - Common year starting on Sunday -- Type of year A on a solar calendar according to its starting and ending days in the week
Wikipedia - Communes of Burundi
Wikipedia - Communications panel -- Surface control panel for underwater diving voice communications system
Wikipedia - Communication -- Act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and rules
Wikipedia - Communion under both kinds -- In Christianity, reception of both the consecrated bread and wine of the Eucharist
Wikipedia - Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) -- Nepalese political party founded in 2014
Wikipedia - Communist Party of Spain -- Communist party of Spain founded in 1921
Wikipedia - Communist Refoundation Party -- Italian political party
Wikipedia - Community foundation -- Pooled donations for improvement of a local society
Wikipedia - Community Services Block Grant -- Federal Community Action Agency funding
Wikipedia - Com-Pac Sunday Cat -- Sailboat class
Wikipedia - Comparison of the Amundsen and Scott expeditions -- Analysis of two expeditions to the South Pole.
Wikipedia - Compay Segundo -- Cuban trova guitarist, singer and composer
Wikipedia - Composite fermion -- The topological bound state of an electron
Wikipedia - Composite overwrapped pressure vessel -- A vessel consisting of a thin, non-structural liner wrapped with a structural fiber composite, designed to hold a fluid under pressure
Wikipedia - Compound annual growth rate