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A military is a heavily armed, highly organised force primarily intended for [29]warfare, also known collectively as armed forces. It is typically officially authorized and maintained by a [30]sovereign state, with its members identifiable by their distinct [31]military uniform. It may consist of one or more [32]military branches such as an
[33]army, [34]navy, [35]air force, [36]space force, [37]marines, or [38]coast guard. The main task of the military is usually defined as defence of the state and its interests against external armed threats

so I am not interested in it necessarily for being heavily armed, but highly organised force. so good.
reminds me also of corporations like google. a giant force. probably very difficult to get something so big and it not turn to shit when power parasites weasel their asses in. there needs to be some black box and locks out even the creator imo. a self-sustaining thing that is as protected as possible. or I dont know.
the idea of military also reminds me of guerilla resistances. how can citizens make change? what is the purpose of the military? who runs it? why? is it an entity in itself?
and both aside


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  - I came across a passage on Quora, the Q being about crying during bootcamp, the answerer said, in passing perhaps, about the average person being lazy and unmotivated?
  - "Truth is, drill sergeants are simply executing a meticulously crafted training plan designed to make Soldiers out of fresh recruits in every which way possible. The service indoctrination program is intended to break recruits of the old habits they formed over their lifetime and teach them new habits which will be needed during their service. The vast majority of recruits who enter into the service are lazy and undisciplined in comparison to what the Army actually needs and often refuse to change willingly."
  - there we go.. lazy and undisiciplined. a strong will can do wonders. and the military seems like a powerhouse of power, will, determination, execution, efficiency though also tied with knowledge. though perhaps lacking in wisdom. there is some allure to it. like.. how much knowledge do they have? what amazing information?

see also ::: Corporate-Entities, Mega-Corporations, training

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Military Government ::: Israel established a military government in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the Six Day War in 1967. The governor was responsible for security and civic administration.

military ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to soldiers, to arms, or to war; belonging to, engaged in, or appropriate to, the affairs of war; as, a military parade; military discipline; military bravery; military conduct; military renown.
Performed or made by soldiers; as, a military election; a military expedition. ::: n.

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   1 William Gibson
   1 Wikipedia
   1 Stephen Brust
   1 Noam Chomsky
   1 Nadabindu-Upanishad
   1 Fred Hosea
   1 Frank Zappa
   1 Carl Sagan
   1 A N Wilson


   22 Donald Trump
   8 Barack Obama
   7 George W Bush
   6 Dwight D Eisenhower
   6 Anonymous
   5 Sun Tzu
   5 John F Kerry
   4 Jeb Bush
   4 Albert Einstein
   3 Wesley Clark
   3 Rush Limbaugh
   3 Robert A Heinlein
   3 Neal Stephenson
   3 Napoleon Bonaparte
   3 Mitt Romney
   3 Michelle Obama
   3 Henry A Kissinger
   3 Guido Westerwelle
   3 Eric Bolling
   3 Corinne Michaels

1:According to some estimates, almost half the scientists and high technologists on Earth are employed full- or part-time on military matters. ~ Carl Sagan,
2:Student debt is structured to be a burden for life. The indebted cannot declare bankruptcy, unlike Donald Trump. Current student debt is estimated to be over $1.45 trillion. There are ample resources for that simply from waste, including the bloated military and the enormous concentrated private wealth that has accumulated in the financial and general corporate sector under neoliberal policies. There is no economic reason why free education cannot flourish from schools through colleges and university. The barriers are not economic but rather political decisions. ~ Noam Chomsky,
3:The Yogi should always listen to the sound (nada) in the interior of his right ear. This sound, when constantly practiced, will drown every sound (dhvani from outside .... By persisting ... the sound will be heard subtler and subtler. At first, it will be like what is produced by the ocean (jaladhi), the cloud (jimuta), the kettle-drum (bheri), and the water-fall (nirjhara) . ... A little later it will be like the sound produced by a tabor (mardala, or small drum), a big bell (ghanta), and a military drum (kahala); and finally like the sound of the tinkling bell (kinkin), the bamboo-flute (vamsa), the harp (vina) and the bee (bhramara).
   ~ Nadabindu-Upanishad, (verses 31-41),
4:All literature consists of whatever the writer thinks is cool. The reader will like the book to the degree that he agrees with the writer about what's cool. And that works all the way from the external trappings to the level of metaphor, subtext, and the way one uses words. In other words, I happen not to think that full-plate armor and great big honking greatswords are cool. I don't like 'em. I like cloaks and rapiers. So I write stories with a lot of cloaks and rapiers in 'em, 'cause that's cool. Guys who like military hardware, who think advanced military hardware is cool, are not gonna jump all over my books, because they have other ideas about what's cool. ~ Stephen Brust,
5:From what we've seen in sci-fi movies and literature and generally xenophobic public behavior about Others (immigrants, apostates, and liberals, e.g.,), and the primordial urges to solve imagined or perceived threats with military force, I think the only possibly positive version of alien visitations would be if (a) they're sufficiently evolved to be able to understand the utter primitivity of human behavior as collectives, and (b) they're sufficiently caring to treat Earth as a planet of ill-bred children, mostly incapable of acting, as a collective -- on their higher natures. It seems far more likely that we would be perceived as a vastly inferior species of antlike primitives, warring uselessly amongst ourselves with robotic persistence over millennia.

If, based on their other cosmic travels and intergalactic species science, the extraterrestrials are able to have undeservedly benign interventions with humans without somehow provoking paranoid hysteria, religious panics and miitary holocaust, then we might have something to look forward to; but this, unfortunately, is placing a huge gamble on extraterrestrials to be the prevailingly benign moderators of our fate than we ourselves are ever likely to be as a species. ~ Fred Hosea,
6:`No. Stay, doesn't matter.' He settled the black terry sweatband across his forehead, careful not to disturb the flat Sendai dermatrodes [1]. He stared at the deck on his lap, not really seeing it, seeing instead the shop window on Ninsei, the chromed shuriken burning with reflected neon. He glanced up; on the wall, just above the Sony, he'd hung her gift, tacking it there with a yellow-headed drawing pin through the hole at its center.

He closed his eyes.

Found the ridged face of the power stud.

And in the bloodlit dark behind his eyes, silver phosphenes boiling in from the edge of space, hypnagogic images jerking past like film compiled from random frames.

Symbols, figures, faces, a blurred, fragmented mandala of visual information.

Please, he prayed, now --

A gray disk, the color of Chiba sky.

Now --

Disk beginning to rotate, faster, becoming a sphere of paler gray. Expanding --And flowed, flowered for him, fluid neon origami trick, the unfolding of his distanceless home, his country, transparent 3D chessboard extending to infinity. Inner eye opening to the stepped scarlet pyramid of the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority burning beyond the green cubes of Mitsubishi Bank of America, and high and very far away he saw the spiral arms of military systems, forever beyond his reach. ~ William Gibson, Neuromancer,
7:Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex. ~ Frank Zappa,
8:John Ruskin did not go to school. Nor did Queen Victoria, nor John Stuart Mill, George Eliot or Harriet Martineau. It would be absurd to suggest that Disraeli, Dickens, Newman or Darwin, to name four very different figures, who attended various schools for short spells in their boyhood, owed very much to their schooling. Had they been born in a later generation, school would have loomed much larger in their psychological stories, if only because they would have spent so much longer there, and found themselves preparing for public examinations. It is hard not to feel that a strong ‘syllabus’, or a school ethos, might have cramped the style of all four and that in their different ways – Disraeli, comparatively rich, anarchically foppish, indiscriminately bookish; Darwin, considered a dunce, but clearly – as he excitedly learned to shoot, to fish and to bird-watch – beginning his revolutionary relationship with the natural world; Newman, imagining himself an angel; Dickens, escaping the ignominy of his circumstances through theatrical and comedic internalized role-play – they were lucky to have been born before the Age of Control. For the well-meaning educational reforms of the 1860s were the ultimate extension of those Benthamite exercises in control which had begun in the 1820s and 1830s. Having exercised their sway over the poor, the criminals, the agricultural and industrial classes, the civil service and – this was next – the military, the controllers had turned to the last free spirits left, the last potential anarchists: the children. ~ A N Wilson,
9:Kusanagi is a leading expert in fourth-generation warfare and cyberbrain combative warfare. As the most heavily mechanized member of Section 9, she is regarded amongst her peers as the best hand-to-hand melee fighter and the most skilled "hacker and net diver." Chief Aramaki described her abilities as "...rarer than 'ESP'; the kind of person that government agencies hire to assassinate without leaving a trace." Classified as "Wizard Class" grey hat, her computer security hacking skills allow her brain–computer interface consciousness to control two-external humanoid "drone"-robots remotely with the ability to move her "ghost" from host to host. Kusanagi repeatedly demonstrates uncanny ability to hack people's wetware protected with military-grade malware protection and counter-measures, allowing her to "see through their eyes," disable their vocal systems, or even take control of their bodies altogether. As a cyborg, Kusanagi is able to perform numerous superhuman feats, such as demonstrating superhuman strength, leaping between skyscrapers, advanced acrobatics, or shooting down a bullet after it was fired at mid-range. ~ Wikipedia, Motoko Kusangi,

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1:I never saw no military solution ~ Sting
2:Love is a kind of military service ~ Ovid
3:Our military is a disaster. ~ Donald Trump
4:I come from a military family. ~ Brittany Murphy
5:Don't disparage America's military. ~ Eric Bolling
6:a military base, to check out the story. ~ Greg Iles
7:be a military lawyer or something. ~ Lynn Raye Harris
8:I really like visiting military bases. ~ Stacy Keibler
9:Can’t you tell the military to buzz off? ~ Elicia Hyder
10:Conquer land like Napoleon, military bomb fest ~ U God
11:I think military is a very special thing. ~ Donald Trump
12:promised that any British military involvement ~ Anonymous
13:We have the best military in the world. ~ Kimberly Guilfoyle
14:Beware the military-industrial complex. ~ Dwight D Eisenhower
15:owned zoo in an occupied country. Military ~ Lawrence Anthony
16:It’s a sisterhood, being a military spouse. ~ Corinne Michaels
17:Military men are the scourges of the world. ~ Guy de Maupassant
18:We have to have the strongest military by far... ~ Donald Trump
19:The military is already sexually integrated. ~ Elizabeth Edwards
20:Even a pacifist should admire the military virtues. ~ John Keegan
21:For us military men, it is impossible to forget. ~ Andrei Grechko
22:Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. ~ Groucho Marx
23:Roman military expansion drove Roman sophistication. ~ Mary Beard
24:We have great people, we have a depleted military. ~ Donald Trump
25:It's a depleted - we have a very depleted military. ~ Donald Trump
26:Military police is very timely for our army. ~ Vladimir Zhirinovsky
27:My trophy value exceeded my military usefulness. ~ Lord Mountbatten
28:Often times the best military leaders were soldiers. ~ Jim Caviezel
29:appeared on Fox News as a military analyst, and this is ~ Brian Haig
30:I would be so happy if we never had to use [military]. ~ Donald Trump
31:Jesus' military career has never compelled my belief. ~ Wendell Berry
32:Military surge in Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban. ~ Barack Obama
33:Spending on the military doesn't increase the deficit. ~ Ronald Reagan
34:I have drawn a very close bond to all the military people. ~ Toby Keith
35:Military preparedness is absolutely a form of strength. ~ Rachel Maddow
36:The EU is a community of values, not military buildups. ~ Martin Schulz
37:I have always had a particular antagonism for the military. ~ Donna Leon
38:Military wives aren’t strong because they want to be. ~ Corinne Michaels
39:Reducing military presence has never in history won a war. ~ John McCain
40:Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value. ~ Ferdinand Foch
41:I think civilian Americans support the military very much. ~ Thad Cochran
42:Military missions are not democratic development aid. ~ Guido Westerwelle
43:Military tribunals to lock people up the way Lincoln did. ~ Newt Gingrich
44:There's nobody bigger or better at the military than I am. ~ Donald Trump
45:We must maintain strong defenses, military and spiritual. ~ Prescott Bush
46:If we don't get the military right nothing else matters. ~ Benjamin Carson
47:I had other priorities in the sixties than military service. ~ Dick Cheney
48:I'm an entertainer in the military-entertainment complex. ~ Bruce Sterling
49:My parents were incredibly strict, almost military style. ~ John Leguizamo
50:The disconnect between America and its military is shocking. ~ John Oliver
51:The military ain't there for the people's protection, ~ Immortal Technique
52:Where the Government is weak, military sway prevails. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
53:Military or dictatorial rule is not good for our Pakistan. ~ Benazir Bhutto
54:Reduce US military presence in Iraq; and bring in neighbors. ~ John F Kerry
55:I thought what the military was doing was unconstitutional. ~ Fred Korematsu
56:Maintenance and resupply are the backbone of any military. ~ Robert Ferrigno
57:Most goat-related military activity is still highly classified. ~ Jon Ronson
58:out-of-date military tactics could not break through for most of ~ Anonymous
59:piggy piggy: U.S. turns to military gear in hunt for feral swine ~ Anonymous
60:If you don't want gays in the military, make the uniforms ugly. ~ Joan Rivers
61:Keeping our military strong means keepin' our families strong. ~ Barack Obama
62:Military action without politics is like a tree without a root. ~ Ho Chi Minh
63:The military don't start wars. Politicians start wars. ~ William Westmoreland
64:They believe the military is immoral and intellectually inferior ~ Ben Carson
65:Beware the influence of the military-industrial complex. ~ Dwight D Eisenhower
66:Cinematography, a military art. Prepare a film like a battle. ~ Robert Bresson
67:Military investigations are designed not to find anyone guilty. ~ Jon Krakauer
68:Military justice is to justice what military music is to music. ~ Groucho Marx
69:Military strategy...has become the diplomacy of violence. ~ Thomas C Schelling
70:Sergeant Bergdahl may have broken any number of military laws. ~ Alex Berenson
71:The biggest mistake of my life was taking a military education. ~ Robert E Lee
72:The military is a machine of war. Not a law enforcement agency. ~ Hank Johnson
73:Military power wins battles, but spiritual power wins wars. ~ George C Marshall
74:Military troops were withdrawn from Chechnya on Dec. 31, 1996. ~ Akhmad Kadyrov
75:noted the military guards posted out front to secure the crime ~ David Baldacci
76:Remember that the military used wind-up radios for years. ~ Nicholas Negroponte
77:The military has a very prickly relationship with the press. ~ Tim Hetherington
78:Military solution in Iraq has been disproven and discredited. ~ Christopher Dodd
79:Air superiority is the ultimate expression of military power. ~ Winston Churchill
80:But no one told me that when you're in the military, they own you. ~ Nelsan Ellis
81:I take care of military families. Their sacrifices are very real. ~ Mark Vonnegut
82:Medic, geek, badass ex-military guy? Is there anything you can't do? ~ Maya Banks
83:Most of my young years were spent under the boots of the military. ~ Paulo Coelho
84:I joined the military because there is someone I have to protect. ~ Hiromu Arakawa
85:Military intelligence was as nothing to military stupidity. ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
86:Commerce diminishes the spirit both patriotism and military defense. ~ Thomas Paine
87:Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II ~ William Blum
88:Military families so much appreciate the love, support and prayers. ~ Bob McDonnell
89:States have two kinds of power: latent power and military power. ~ John Mearsheimer
90:Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower. ~ Barack Obama
91:Backs dialogue for solving disputes and not military power and threats. ~ Amr Moussa
92:aimed not at military concentrations, but at total populations. He ~ Clifford D Simak
93:atomic power, radar, and the Internet—were spawned by the military. ~ Walter Isaacson
94:I think General Pershing was the most military figure I've ever seen. ~ Frank Buckles
95:So the important thing in a military operation is victory, not persistence. ~ Sun Tzu
96:Democracy and dependence on the military and police are incompatible. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
97:These military devices, leading to victory, must not be divulged beforehand. ~ Sun Tzu
98:The truth is, that the military people are so important to our country. ~ Donald Trump
99:The world has nothing to fear from military ambition in our Government. ~ James K Polk
100:We will fight with full force and might of the United States military. ~ George W Bush
101:A lot of wonderful people love their country and hate the military. ~ William J Clinton
102:Being in the military is amazing; you give orders, and things happen. ~ Neal Stephenson
103:Commerce diminishes the spirit, both of patriotism and military defence. ~ Thomas Paine
104:I co-founded the DNC Veterans and Military Families Council in 2005. ~ Christine Pelosi
105:Man is a military animal, glories in gunpowder, and loves parade. ~ Philip James Bailey
106:Military discipline is merely a perfection of social servitude. ~ Alexis de Tocqueville
107:No police or military in the world can protect people who are cowards. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
108:The military wants a system that protects its policies and privileges. ~ Benazir Bhutto
109:The skin of all of us is responsive to gypsy songs and military marches. ~ Jean Cocteau
110:Commercial conquest is far more thorough and final than military defeat. ~ Wendell Berry
111:General James Mattis is a storied and much-respected military leader. ~ Michele Flournoy
112:I didn't choose to write a military man as much as Vince Haven chose me. ~ Rachel Gibson
113:My own military background is wholly un-distinguished. I was a sergeant. ~ W E B Griffin
114:The immediate cause of World War III is the military preparation of it. ~ C Wright Mills
115:There was the unspeakable neatness of military preparation for violence ~ Louise Erdrich
116:A change of opinions is almost unknown in an elderly military man. ~ Gilbert K Chesterton
117:Diplomacy without military might is like music without instruments. ~ Frederick The Great
118:I'm inclined to think that a military background wouldn't hurt anyone. ~ William Faulkner
119:I'm not a military man. I wish I were, then maybe I could give some advice. ~ Elie Wiesel
120:Military wives aren’t strong because they want to be. They have to be. ~ Corinne Michaels
121:Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex. ~ Frank Zappa,
122:The ultimate Form of devaluation is military confrontation and global war. ~ David Harvey
123:You know things have gone bad when military marches pass for pop music. ~ James Patterson
124:For a military cop, walking into a bar is like a batter stepping to the plate. ~ Lee Child
125:Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex. ~ Frank Zappa
126:I can say that American men and women in the Military are damn impressive. ~ Henry Rollins
127:Isn't it a shame military doctors couldn't be as good as military sunglasses? ~ Pat Conroy
128:Military simulation is an important way of training people for an emergency ~ Greg Gutfeld
129:The military destabilised my government on politically motivated charges. ~ Benazir Bhutto
130:Whenever I deal with children or the military, that becomes special to me. ~ Robert Irvine
131:America needs a military where our breast and brightest are proud to serve. ~ George W Bush
132:Believe me that every man you see in a military uniform is not a hero. ~ Duke of Wellington
133:Christian Dresner could design a hell of a nasty military app. “Okay, Duane. I ~ Kyle Mills
134:paramilitary police officers believed the Punjab police were on Bhindranwale's ~ Mark Tully
135:The military's job is to win the war. A president's job is to win the peace. ~ John F Kerry
136:The military was all about hierarchies, who urinated highest on the hydrant ~ Justin Cronin
137:The spirit of this country is totally adverse to a large military force. ~ Thomas Jefferson
138:War is much too serious a thing to be left to military men. ~ Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
139:You should have long since gotten rid of military-industrial complexes. ~ Arkady Strugatsky
140:[Adolf] Hitler didn't discuss politics or military with Eva [Braun]. Not once. ~ Gretl Braun
141:He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign. ~ Sun Tzu
142:military service was one of them. She knew he had served but he had never ~ Michael Connelly
143:The military played polo. Polo, really, started as a game to train for war. ~ Nacho Figueras
144:A piece of spaghetti or a military unit can only be led from the front end. ~ George S Patton
145:In America, we have a depleted military. It has to be helped, has to be fixed. ~ Donald Trump
146:It is a major sin to break a contract, especially in military situations. ~ John Walker Lindh
147:Most people associate command and control leadership with the military. ~ Margaret J Wheatley
148:Riot – A popular entertainment given to the military by innocent bystanders. ~ Ambrose Bierce
149:the essence of a reliable and stable military lay in a contented peasantry. ~ Rajmohan Gandhi
150:The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service. ~ Albert Einstein
151:He has a kind of exaggerated politeness that is kind of like a military man. ~ Neal Stephenson
152:I am fully supportive of 'open service' and committed to LGBT military families. ~ Chuck Hagel
153:In some sense, the military is the most modern part of a developing country. ~ George Friedman
154:It is of first importance that the military be subordinate to civilian government ~ John Rawls
155:the Pentagon actually donates military equipment to the police, including tanks. ~ Matt Ridley
156:A lot of guns there's no need for civilians to own those those are for military ~ Willie Nelson
157:Do wars support the military-industrial complex and therefore support the people? ~ James Rosen
158:I have no problem with women in the military, if that's what they want to do. ~ Lorraine Bracco
159:It’s good to have an ally in the military who understands what I’m doing. ~ John Jackson Miller
160:Next to Valour, the best qualities in a military man are vigilance and caution. ~ John Jennings
161:Odyssey Dawn? That's not a military operation. That's a Carnival Cruise ship. ~ Stephen Colbert
162:What I learned in the military is that gossip starts early and it stays forever. ~ Wesley Clark
163:Would that it were so! ... That the American military were targeting journalists. ~ Ann Coulter
164:Is America what it says it is if the military refuses to help its people?” 33 ~ Douglas Brinkley
165:I will insist on a military so powerful no one would ever think of challenging it. ~ Mitt Romney
166:I would say any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military. ~ Rick Santorum
167:Promoting a record on a major label is like running a minor military campaign. ~ Robyn Hitchcock
168:We have employed every police and military unit at our dispo—” “NOT GOOD ENOUGH. ~ Marissa Meyer
169:And as a result of the United States military, Taliban no longer is in existence. ~ George W Bush
170:If worse comes to worst, I say clearly - a soldier must follow military orders. ~ Naftali Bennett
171:I think employers need help in understanding how to translate a military career. ~ Michelle Obama
172:Our military has been greatly weakened by a lot of bad decisions and other things. ~ Donald Trump
173:That's my attitude on the military. I don't like telling the enemy what I'm doing. ~ Donald Trump
174:The power of our example is more important than the strength of our military. ~ William J Clinton
175:There are many different ways that a military person's career can be translated. ~ Michelle Obama
176:from being a military doctrine, counterinsurgency has become a principle of government ~ Anonymous
177:If it wasn't for the military I probably would not have ever come to Bosnia for vacation. ~ Coolio
178:I have the complete support of the military. I personally served in the navy. ~ Juan Manuel Santos
179:I love working out. It's my release. I've done it since I've been in the military. ~ Robert Irvine
180:Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity. ~ Carl von Clausewitz
181:Only about one in a thousand of DACA’s participants had joined the military. ~ Victor Davis Hanson
182:The military lead turbulent lives, but they are people like everybody else. ~ William Westmoreland
183:The United States faces no serious military threats today, yet is constantly at war. ~ Doug Bandow
184:Voroshilov was a hard-riding, hard-drinking military crony of civil-war days. ~ Kliment Voroshilov
185:Wealth, religion, military victory have more rhetorical than efficacious worth. ~ George Santayana
186:At the root of great military leaders is their ability to genuinely care for people. ~ Bob Knowling
187:Be a military flier or be in a band; those were the two hippest things I could imagine. ~ Nick Lowe
188:I decided to join the military to give back to my country and help pay for college. ~ Steve Stivers
189:If the military contractors are out of Afghanistan, Karzai is out 15 minutes later. ~ Rachel Maddow
190:In a military operation, the command and control elements are a legitimate target. ~ Stephen Hadley
191:I respect people in the military. And I always have, at least since I've been there. ~ Donald Trump
192:Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. ~ Henry Kissinger
193:Nothing so comforts the military mind as the maxim of a great but dead general. ~ Barbara W Tuchman
194:After I was discharged from the military, it was difficult trying to become a civilian. ~ Chris Kyle
195:Any lie by anyone who hated the military was repeated endlessly. Any truth was ignored. ~ John Ringo
196:History causes the military problem to become the essence of the political problem. ~ Vladimir Lenin
197:If Russia had the same military power that America did, earth would be called Russia. ~ Greg Gutfeld
198:In war, numbers alone confer no advantage. Do not advance relying on sheer military power. ~ Sun Tzu
199:It's clear that the United States has more to give the world than military bases. ~ Cynthia McKinney
200:Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. ~ Deanna Spingola
201:On weekends his idea of rest was to read military history aloud to his daughters. ~ Joseph E Persico
202:The Kingdom of Heaven is a military autocracy and there is no public opinion in it. ~ Anatole France
203:The military caste did not originate as a party of patriots, but as a party of bandits ~ H L Mencken
204:The military state is the final form to which every planned economy tends rapidly. ~ Isabel Paterson
205:We would take millions [of undocumented illegal] if they would serve in the military. ~ Eric Bolling
206:When it comes to the military, we have no choice. We cannot have a depleted military. ~ Donald Trump
207:Why do we have to be a military superpower? Why can't we be a humanitarian superpower? ~ Howard Zinn
208:With the exception of the military industrial complex, we all want a more peaceful world. ~ Ron Paul
209:I spent 22 years in the United States military, so I'm a pretty strategic level thinker. ~ Allen West
210:It was unworthy of our military sources that they were the first to weaken. ~ Mohammed Saeed al Sahaf
211:Military despotism represses generous sentiments, priestly tyranny stifles them. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
212:Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. ~ Henry A Kissinger
213:We had a military and political leadership at that period which was genuinely deluded. ~ Neil Sheehan
214:It's a chief principle in military affairs to go where ye are least expected. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
215:The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution. ~ John F Kennedy
216:The first thing we need to do to make America stronger is to strengthen our military. ~ Chris Christie
217:If they listen to the military people, we probably wouldn't be having an ISIS right now. ~ Donald Trump
218:No economic, political or military power can compare with the power of a change of mind ~ Willis Harman
219:Once a major military confrontation occurs, North Korea will definitely be annihilated. ~ Kim Young sam
220:The heels of military boots, striking marble floors, made a sound like thrown stones. ~ Gregory Maguire
221:There is a price you pay if you want to train military personnel - they don't all come back. ~ Dan John
222:Hell, was no military man; was computer technician who had bumbled into wrong field. ~ Robert A Heinlein
223:There is nearly always uh, a process of wanting contingency plans made in the military. ~ McGeorge Bundy
224:We have the greatest people on Earth in our military. We don't take care of our veterans. ~ Donald Trump
225:A certain grasp of military affairs is vital for those in charge of general policy. ~ Carl von Clausewitz
226:[Barack] Obama has betrayed Israel, gutted the military, and apologized on ten world tours. ~ Marco Rubio
227:Everybody in the military has a reputation, and usually it doesn't come out to the public. ~ Wesley Clark
228:I believe demolishing Hussein's military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk. ~ Kenneth Adelman
229:The military do so love shiny new technology, there's always so many ways to abuse it. ~ Peter F Hamilton
230:The reduction in world conflicts led to defense budget cuts that hurt military contractors. ~ Max Tegmark
231:There's an old military saying...If at first you don't succeed, call in an air strike. ~ Jonathan Maberry
232:All military and most commercial aircraft use our designs that process power from jet engines. ~ Amar Bose
233:Dresden, which I am told presents no military or industrial targets whatsoever for the RAF. ~ Paul Russell
234:I'm not sure how paying for transgender surgery [in the military] makes our country safer. ~ Mike Huckabee
235:Military-grade laser,” Conti said. “Very powerful, yet more precise than a jeweler’s file. ~ Lincoln Child
236:My father and all my uncles on both sides served in the military in World War II and Korea. ~ Darrell Issa
237:My mother did all she could to control me, but at age 14 she sent me to a military school. ~ Sam Donaldson
238:Whoring is like military service...okay in the upper brackets, not so good lower down. ~ Robert A Heinlein
239:A political problem thought of in military terms eventually becomes a military problem. ~ George C Marshall
240:If there is one basic element in our Constitution, it is civilian control of the military. ~ Harry S Truman
241:United States military involvement in Syria has deepened since President Trump took office. ~ Judy Woodruff
242:Using the ‘military decision-making process’ is extremely valuable when making policy decisions. ~ Joe Heck
243:WHEN we don't get the results we want in our military endeavors, we don't blame the soldiers. ~ Dave Eggers
244:A military leader thinks about casualties and losses, but a strategic one only aims the win. ~ M F Moonzajer
245:Are you in the military?"
"No, I'm a grad student. I used to be a boy scout, if that helps. ~ Anna Durand
246:I don't think a wise thing at this moment is for Israel to launch a military attack on Iran. ~ William Hague
247:I'm completely opposed to the idea of becoming accustomed to foreign military campaigns. ~ Guido Westerwelle
248:I often wonder what I will be remembered in history for. Scholar? Military hero? Builder? ~ Ferdinand Marcos
249:Statistics have shown that mortality increases perceptibly in the military during wartime. ~ Alphonse Allais
250:The necessary and wise subordination of the military to civil power must be sustained. ~ Dwight D Eisenhower
251:The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service. ~ Albert Einstein
252:You know as well as I do that counterinsurgency is a very nuanced type of military operation. ~ John Abizaid
253:America has the mightiest military on the planet, and they didn't get there with entertainers. ~ Dick Gregory
254:Both sides think they are about to lose. They are both correct.” —Old military proverb ~ Michael Z Williamson
255:Can the military art be learned in the games and hunts in which you pass your youth?” The ~ Barbara W Tuchman
256:I don't think that witchcraft is a religion. I wish the military would rethink this decision. ~ George W Bush
257:If diplomacy has any chance to work, it must be coupled with a credible military threat. ~ Benjamin Netanyahu
258:I had examined myself pretty thoroughly and discovered that I was unfit for military service. ~ Joseph Heller
259:I think that our American people will welcome a Russian military force for peace-keeping purposes. ~ Sam Nunn
260:Keep in mind that without the law, we’re not a military, just an armed gang that dresses alike. ~ Marko Kloos
261:Slowly but surely, the U.S. military is being converted into a global oil-protection service. ~ Michael Klare
262:Their skins were different colors but they all belonged to the same ethnic group: Military. ~ Neal Stephenson
263:The military has a very long relationship with Hollywood that dates back to the silent film era. ~ Nick Turse
264:War does not determine who is right, but who is left.” —old military proverb Caledonia ~ Michael Z Williamson
265:We don't thrive on military acts. We do them because we have to, and thank God we are efficient. ~ Golda Meir
266:We have an authorization to use military force against terrorists. We passed it after 9/11. ~ Hillary Clinton
267:As journalist, I'm responsible to the American people, not to the military of the United States. ~ Amy Goodman
268:In military school, on day one you must memorize the mission of the Merchant Marine Academy. ~ Robert Kiyosaki
269:It's important. One of the principles in the United States is civilian control of the military. ~ Wesley Clark
270:• • • Military history is the story of the terrible murder of beautiful plans by ugly facts. ~ Gregory Benford
271:such a state of obligatory and irreproachable idleness is the lot of a whole class—the military. ~ Leo Tolstoy
272:Washington's defeat in 1754 was followed by active military preparations on both sides. ~ Albert Bushnell Hart
273:A major power can afford a military debacle only when it looks like a political victory. ~ Friedrich Durrenmatt
274:Arts is just as important as military defense, you know? Emotional defense is just as important. ~ Quincy Jones
275:Even limited military actions end up carrying with them great costs and unintended consequences. ~ Barack Obama
276:it isn’t fair, but if you think life has a bad reputation for that, the military puts it to shame. ~ Hugh Howey
277:The two terms are mutually exclusive. Like military intelligence. An oxymoron, emphasis on moron. ~ Mary Hughes
278:The U.S. must renounce any U.S. interest in constructing permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq. ~ Peter DeFazio
279:But anytime you really want a situation to get all screwed up, just throw the military into the mix. ~ Mark Tufo
280:Civilians had a tendency to fetishize military dead without ever considering how and why they died. ~ Tanya Huff
281:During the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the military conducted only a handful of drone missions. ~ Michael Hastings
282:people who have spent their lives in the military have trouble adjusting to civilian life afterward. ~ Lee Child
283:There is nothing like a parade to elicit the proper respect for the military from the populace. ~ Irving Kristol
284:We need to increase our military spending. We need to deal with a no- fly zone in Syria, a safe zone. ~ Jeb Bush
285:We're going to take care of our military - the people in our military, the finest people we have. ~ Donald Trump
286:You could hardly find an entity more at odds with military discipline than a Trump organization. ~ Michael Wolff
287:Barack Obama's a terrible commander-in-chief. He is gutting our military. It's not an exaggeration. ~ Marco Rubio
288:Form up," I murmured, because it sounded more military and tougher than saying, "You guys go first. ~ Jim Butcher
289:Gays are now allowed to serve openly in the military. So maybe our next war could be a musical. ~ David Letterman
290:Having been in the military myself, there is an awful moment when you're in this moment of conflict. ~ Gavin Hood
291:I went to school on a military base in Germany. I got a lot of my clothes at the army surplus store. ~ Debby Ryan
292:States care about relative wealth, because economic might is the foundation of military might. ~ John Mearsheimer
293:The aim of military training is not just to prepare men for battle, but to make them long for it. ~ Louis Simpson
294:The only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind is to get an old one out. ~ B H Liddell Hart
295:There hasn't been a military force like the United States of America in the history of the world. ~ Rush Limbaugh
296:The study of history lies at the foundation of all sound military conclusions and practice. ~ Alfred Thayer Mahan
297:What if he thought I looked like some military psycho? Or worse—a hipster, thanks to this beard? ~ Megan Erickson
298:A country is only as strong as its military, and only as moral as the men who serve in its ranks. ~ Michelle Moran
299:Air power is the most difficult of military force to measure or even express in precise terms. ~ Winston Churchill
300:As was easily foreseeable, the unprovoked military adventure empowered anti-American terrorists. ~ Andrew McCarthy
301:I do think that I have a better sense of how military action can result in unintended consequences. ~ Barack Obama
302:If military action in Iraq is launched without a new U.N. resolution, Canada will not participate. ~ Jean Chretien
303:I was the only person in the world who thought it was a military duty to appear to be in a good mood. ~ Pat Conroy
304:I would no more teach children military training than teach them arson, robbery, or assassination. ~ Eugene V Debs
305:Most of wars or military coups or invasions are done in the name of democracy against democracy. ~ Eduardo Galeano
306:She was like Oscar the Grouch, if Oscar had military training and a penchant for stabbing things. ~ James A Hunter
307:When the military man approaches, the world locks up its spoons and packs off its womankind. ~ George Bernard Shaw
308:You don't have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight. ~ Barry Goldwater
309:A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. ~ James Madison
310:Feith had achieved the reputation in some military circles as 'the dumbest . . . guy on the planet.' ~ Tommy Franks
311:Politics must drive military strategy as strategy drives tactics. Only when politics fail do we fight. ~ B V Larson
312:Stately as a galleon, I sail across the floor,Doing the military two-step, as in the days of yore. ~ Joyce Grenfell
313:We have a politically correct military and it's getting more and more politically correct every day. ~ Donald Trump
314:As far as military necessity will permit, religiously respect the constitutional rights of all. ~ George B McClellan
315:I have in mind repeated statements by Japanese military men containing threats against other states. ~ Joseph Stalin
316:I went to military college in Canada and graduated as an officer in the Navy but also as an engineer. ~ Marc Garneau
317:The fight against drug trafficking is a false pretext for the United States to install military bases. ~ Evo Morales
318:Anyone who's not military knows this fact. Why do you use chemical weapons while you're advancing ? ~ Bashar al Assad
319:For me, it's an honor for the military to ask me to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, or GITMO. I'm happy to go. ~ R Lee Ermey
320:For me, Sun Tzu's statement that military force is based upon deception is an extraordinary statement. ~ Paul Virilio
321:It [military action on Iraq] makes me feel ashamed to come from the United States. It is humiliating. ~ Jessica Lange
322:I would rather go to bed with Lillian Russell stark naked than Ulysses S Grant in full military regalia. ~ Mark Twain
323:Non-cooperation in military matters should be an essential moral principle for all true scientists. ~ Albert Einstein
324:She was like Oscar the Grouch, if Oscar had military training and a penchant for stabbing things. It ~ James A Hunter
325:The military code of justice sets out exactly what type of charges are available for specific acts. ~ Saxby Chambliss
326:The military is not a social experiment. The purpose of the military is kill people and break things. ~ Mike Huckabee
327:We don't know what may yet happen to us, what military and political defeats we may yet have to face. ~ Moshe Sharett
328:We need to unleash the military in unison with our partners in Europe and the Middle East to be effective. ~ Jeb Bush
329:best student essay with an imagined-future work called “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012. ~ Anonymous
330:[Donald] Trump's establishing his bona fides on military preparedness. No histrionics, just the facts. ~ Rush Limbaugh
331:Do you know the rate of military enlistment among Hispanics is higher than any demographic in this country? ~ Ted Cruz
332:I have two brothers buried in the military cemetery in Texas. I don't want to see any more of that. ~ F Murray Abraham
333:It was not the military prowess of the Germani that kept them outside the Empire, but their poverty.11 ~ Peter Heather
334:Military school was great and especially great for leadership and then I spent two years in Vietnam. ~ Robert Kiyosaki
335:Shade appears behind her, solidifying out of thin air, and wraps her up in an expert military hold. ~ Victoria Aveyard
336:The best military policy is to attack strategies; the next to attack alliances; the next to attack soldiers. ~ Sun Tzu
337:The Colonel owns the military bearing, strong jaw and frank unblinking eyes of a truly accomplished crook. ~ Anonymous
338:The Second Amendment was designed explicitly to protect weapons that would be useful in a military context. ~ Ted Cruz
339:Each suba contained a dozen or so sarkars, each of them led by a faujdar, usually a military officer. ~ Rajmohan Gandhi
340:Generals disobeyed the president because he hadn’t served in the military, and they didn’t respect him. ~ Victor Methos
341:Iran's military hardware is less than a fraction of that of any of the countries in this region. ~ Mohammad Javad Zarif
342:Military commanders do not want to be tried for war crimes, even if those crimes are committed online. ~ Evgeny Morozov
343:Military missions cannot be a normal tool of politics, but instead must remain the great exception. ~ Guido Westerwelle
344:Our military doesn't defend our American people. Our military is the strong-arm muscle of corporations. ~ Jesse Ventura
345:Our military should be trained and structured around missions, not the elements of air, water, and land. ~ Lou Gerstner
346:Strength respects strength and not weakness. Strength means military might and economic prosperity. ~ A P J Abdul Kalam
347:The sound of the drum drives out thought; for that very reason it is the most military of instruments. ~ Joseph Joubert
348:The United States is a violent military state. It's been involved in military action all over the place. ~ Noam Chomsky
349:U.S. military action in Iraq: It sure didn't work out well last time. Let's not make that mistake again. ~ Alan Grayson
350:We need to focus on building a military that is second-to-none ... so that we can destroy Islamic terrorism. ~ Jeb Bush
351:We should be more modest in our belief that we can impose democracy on a country through military force. ~ Barack Obama
352:West Virginia is among the nation’s leaders in military service, in killed in action, in medals for valor. ~ Rick Bragg
353:A lot of military kids make a lot of moves but I only made the one, so it wasn't really an issue for me. ~ Robbie Lawler
354:climate-change scenarios are already playing a large and increasing role in the military planning process. ~ Gwynne Dyer
355:How do you feel?" he asked him. "Like a military academy," said Arthur. "Bits of me keep on passing out. ~ Douglas Adams
356:I give extraordinary attention to military active duty, reserve and National Guard, and their families. ~ Sanford Bishop
357:North Carolina, particularly the 8th District, has long played a key role in our Nation's military forces. ~ Robin Hayes
358:Rehearsals and this band are two words that don't really go together, kinda like Military Intelligence. ~ Jerry Cantrell
359:The alliance between the US and Pakistan is thus predominantly between the US and the Pakistani military. ~ Mohsin Hamid
360:The number one priority of President Trump is to rebuild our military, to restore the arsenal of democracy. ~ Mike Pence
361:Violence was what the military existed for. Controlled violence directed against appropriate targets. ~ Orson Scott Card
362:We have a president [Barack Obama] that doesn't know what's happening, and when it comes to the military. ~ Donald Trump
363:We need a smaller and elite military, as [Donald]Rumsfeld said - and also a smaller and elite foreign policy. ~ Ron Paul
364:We've got to make sure that our economy is strong at home so that we can project military power overseas. ~ Barack Obama
365:When they arrived, they arrived in force- a dozen military ships surrounding the safe house, guns drawn. ~ Marissa Meyer
366:Women are needed in the military because there aren't enough soldiers, and we're seeing more women serve. ~ Gail Collins
367:I am an Air Force brat - that's the terminology they use for military kids who are traveling constantly. ~ Vanessa Lachey
368:In time, the church will actually be organized more as a military force with an army, navy, air force, etc. ~ Rick Joyner
369:Members of the media-monetary-military-congressional complex are immoral and have an allergy to the truth. ~ Ilana Mercer
370:ROTC programs at Ivy League campuses would liberalize the military. That can only be good for this country. ~ Evan Wright
371:Streamlining the army with Chinese characteristics is the right choice for China in military modernization. ~ Jiang Zemin
372:The application of military force, or the prospect of such application, inhibits terrorist violence. ~ Benjamin Netanyahu
373:The domestic career is no more natural to all women than the military career is natural to all men. ~ George Bernard Shaw
374:training in the military was all about using the bodyweight to build a strong, fatigue resistant physique. ~ Ashley Kalym
375:Washington is like a self-sealing tank on a military aircraft. When a bullet passes through, it closes up. ~ Dean Acheson
376:All military regimes use security as the reason why they should remain in power. It's nothing original. ~ Aung San Suu Kyi
377:basic military rule: you manage your anger by kicking ass, not by rearranging the furniture in your room. ~ Mohammed Hanif
378:Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar. ~ Barry Goldwater
379:The American military will never lose the war in Iraqif lost, it will be lost by a lack of political will. ~ Joe Lieberman
380:To imagine that it is possible to perform great military deeds without fighting is just empty dreams. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
381:When military men take over, honest men dance to the strings they pull.
Your life is no longer your own. ~ Howard Fast
382:America must always be the world's paramount military power. But we can magnify our power through alliances. ~ John F Kerry
383:an officer and a gentleman by an act of Congress, but an asshole by choice.” The military also discourages ~ Nelson DeMille
384:[Donald Trump] gets a 19 percent higher approval rating than [Hillary Clinton] does ,among military members. ~ Eric Bolling
385:How do you feel?" he asked him.
"Like a military academy," said Arthur. "Bits of me keep on passing out. ~ Douglas Adams
386:One was to be a cowboy and another was to be in the military. I grew up extremely patriotic and riding horses. ~ Chris Kyle
387:Our poetry emulates the recent progress in military strategy: Our army's strength is the foot soldiers. ~ Franz Grillparzer
388:The U.S.'s major strength factor and weapon is its economy. If you cripple it, you cripple the military. ~ Chester W Nimitz
389:When Numa died, Rome by the twin disciplines of peace and war was as eminent for self-mastery as for military power. ~ Livy
390:I support allowing homosexuals to serve openly in our military and eliminating the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. ~ Ed Case
391:It may affront the military-minded person to suggest a regime that does not maintain any military secrets. ~ Albert Einstein
392:Nor should the U.S. military be forced to remain in Iraq essentially as an army for one side of a civil war. ~ Peter DeFazio
393:The American people have no control over what the military does. We have no say in American foreign policy. ~ Aaron McGruder
394:When treatment for health issues is conducted like a military operation, our body-minds become a battlefield. ~ Heidi DuPree
395:Any time in America when the military has to stand in opposition of their own citizenry, something is wrong. ~ Iyanla Vanzant
396:A person who doesn't shiver during a rifle salute or when Taps is played at a military funeral isn't human. ~ Johnny B Truant
397:I don't want to do a lot of talking on the military. I want to talk after it's finished, not before it starts. ~ Donald Trump
398:If you don’t have a good idea of what to do next after using military force, then don’t use it in the first place. ~ Ted Lieu
399:The military system of a nation is not an independent section of the social system but an aspect of its totality. ~ Tony Judt
400:the military system of a nation is not an independent section of the social system but an aspect of its totality. ~ Tony Judt
401:the one loophole that military wisdom can never quite button up—the sympathy of the downtrodden for each other. ~ Herman Wouk
402:The rapid rise of the People's Republic of China as a military and economic power is challenging the status quo. ~ Dan Quayle
403:The scale and grandeur of the Russian effort mark it as the greatest military achievement in all history. ~ Douglas MacArthur
404:When people have a sense of our military capability, nobody will ever dare to cast an evil eye on our nation. ~ Narendra Modi
405:World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation. ~ Marshall McLuhan
406:Conquest is the missionary of valor, and the hard impact of military virtues beats meanness out of the world. ~ Walter Bagehot
407:Henceforth the adequacy of any military establishment will be tested by its ability to preserve the peace. ~ Henry A Kissinger
408:In total war it is quite impossible to draw any precise line between military and non-military problems. ~ Winston S Churchill
409:The military was providing him (George H.W. Bush) with an education that was not available at Andover or Yale. ~ George W Bush
410:A business suit, Didier once said to me, is nothing but a military uniform, stripped of its honour. And ~ Gregory David Roberts
411:convince you there’s life after the military, though,” Tyler added. Joe towered behind his wife’s chair, massaging ~ Kate Aster
412:Himmler and these men are all members of a Nazi paramilitary organization known in German as the Schutzstaffel. ~ Bill O Reilly
413:If money or military might would change that part of the world... we would have done it by now. Enough is enough. ~ Joe Manchin
414:Not every action requires military action. As a matter of fact, military action is the very last resort for us. ~ George W Bush
415:One thing I don't want around me is a military intellectual. I don't have to worry about you on that score. ~ Henry A Kissinger
416:(Some points of similarity can be found between the military systems of the British and Carthaginian empires.) ~ Ernle Bradford
417:There are some who've forgotten why we have a military. It's not to promote war, it's to be prepared for peace. ~ Ronald Reagan
418:The U.S. has subsidized the armies of other countries while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military. ~ Donald Trump
419:After all this time and all this, quote, "experience," how is she [Hillary Clinton] not better at this [military]? ~ John McCain
420:A nation may be moved by its statesmen and defined by its military but it's usually remembered for its artists. ~ John Steinbeck
421:Before a war military science seems a real science, like astronomy; but after a war it seems more like astrology. ~ Rebecca West
422:For all that Starfleet insisted on military protocol, their officers had a tiresome tendency to question everything. ~ S D Perry
423:He had always had a gift for conjuring images in his mind's eye. It was one of the secrets of his military success. ~ H W Brands
424:In the military, as in any organization, giving the order might be the easiest part. Execution is the real game. ~ Russel Honore
425:I think the decision that's been made with respect to allowing gays to serve openly in the military is a good one. ~ Dick Cheney
426:It was not the lack of technology, weaponry, or troops that threatened his country’s military. It was corruption. ~ Marc Cameron
427:Peace cannot be achieved except after the cessation of military escalation and the economic and financial siege. ~ Yasser Arafat
428:The first thing I am going to tell my successor is, don't trust the military men – even on military matters." JFK ~ David Talbot
429:There's an explosion of Indian fiction of all kinds, from military thrillers to chicklit. I think that's exciting. ~ Hari Kunzru
430:Without a doubt, psychological warfare has proven its right to a place of dignity in our military arsenal. ~ Dwight D Eisenhower
431:[Every age], however destitute of science or virtue, sufficiently abounds with acts of blood and military renown. ~ Edward Gibbon
432:Getting a lot of applause, announcing military reforms and upgrades. It's a really good speech [of Donald Trump]. ~ Rush Limbaugh
433:ISIS has a caliphate the size of Indiana! Also, US military has been totally gutted. Can't even project power anymore. ~ Jeb Bush
434:I think I'm probably more typical of the average American who doesn't have a connection to a military community. ~ Michelle Obama
435:Russia has two bases outside of Russia. America has 178 military bases throughout the world. Who's the aggressor? ~ Jesse Ventura
436:Some of the American military obviously were thinking in terms of fighting a nuclear war. I was opposed to that. ~ Helmut Schmidt
437:The military and National Guard were deployed to prevent things that often existed largely in their imagination. ~ Rebecca Solnit
438:We've got to strengthen our military long-term. We don't know what the world is going to throw at us down the road. ~ Mitt Romney
439:Military men would always overthrow one another, because they could, because they were all power drunk. ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
440:no one deserved the finest the American public could give more than the men and women who served in the military. ~ Heather Graham
441:...the role of the military is to fight and win war and, therefore, prevent war from happening in the first place. ~ George W Bush
442:The United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike military targets of the Assad regime. ~ Mike Pence
443:We're going to rebuild our military. Our military is depleted. Our military is frankly, our military is in trouble. ~ Donald Trump
444:As Americans we've gotta make sure that we begin to rebuild and get our military the resources they need to defend us. ~ Liz Cheney
445:A troop surge in Baghdad would put more American troops at risk to address a problem that is not a military problem. ~ Norm Coleman
446:In the military we always say we don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training, ~ David Goggins
447:I think I have a repressed bent for the military, I like discipline without question, specific schedules and duties. ~ Anne Desclos
448:The men with stars on their shoulders supporting gays serving in the military is going to have a profound impact. ~ Norah O Donnell
449:The most expensive thing in the world is a second-best military establishment, good but not good enough to win. ~ Robert A Heinlein
450:A military leader often faces a situation he has to deal with, but because it is his duty, no court can try him. ~ Albert Kesselring
451:Before the war on terror, the U.S. military had a well-earned reputation for the humane treatment of prisoners of war. ~ James Risen
452:I believe German soldiers are good and decent, and if they did anything wrong it was because of military necessity. ~ Wilhelm Keitel
453:I have against me the bourgeois, the military and the diplomats, and for me, only the people who take the Métro. ~ Charles de Gaulle
454:I was surprised how open and unguarded the military was. I expected more scrutiny, more supervision from command. ~ Sebastian Junger
455:Jon Spiro might have “stuff ” that the military didn’t have, but Artemis Fowl had “stuff ” that humans had never seen. ~ Eoin Colfer
456:Military glory-that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood-that serpent's eye, that charms to destroy. ~ Abraham Lincoln
457:The military is very constitutionalist, and I have my faith in them and in the cooler heads of the people. ~ Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
458:We are not afraid of economic sanctions or military intervention. What we are afraid of is Western universities. ~ Ruhollah Khomeini
459:We must achieve both security and solvency. In fact, the foundation of military strength is economic strength, ~ Dwight D Eisenhower
460:We must achieve both security and solvency. In fact, the foundation of military strength is economic strength. ~ Dwight D Eisenhower
461:As students of military history, Rone and Oz could rattle off examples through the ages of attacks at first light. ~ Mitchell Zuckoff
462:However formidable a military power you may be, you cannot impose upon a people anything against their will. ~ Velupillai Prabhakaran
463:I am convinced that military action will not prevent further acts of international terrorism against the United States. ~ Barbara Lee
464:In social affairs, I'm an optimist. I really do believe that our military- industrial civilization will soon collapse. ~ Edward Abbey
465:In the 1990s, global military expenditures declined by perhaps 40 percent, and stocks of weapons of all kinds fell. ~ David Christian
466:It won't take weeks... Our military machine will crush Iraq in a matter of days and there's no question that it will. ~ Bill O Reilly
467:I would sincerely regret, and which never shall happen whilst I am in office, a military guard around the President. ~ Andrew Jackson
468:Putting women in military combat is the cutting edge of the feminist goal to force us into an androgynous society. ~ Phyllis Schlafly
469:Resistane violence may help unite the putschists' basic supporters and military forces against the ‪anti coup‬ defenders ~ Gene Sharp
470:The chief attraction of military service has consisted and will consist in this compulsory and irreproachable idleness. ~ Leo Tolstoy
471:... then unleashed Stargate's 18 sex-starved men on our women, compliant and promiscuous by military custom and law... ~ Joe Haldeman
472:You're the reason why selfless soldiers won't be kicked out of the military because of who they are or who they love. ~ Barack Obama
473:A military exists to kill the enemy. When it is used to keep order among its own people, the people become the enemy. ~ Mark E Henshaw
474:He was a graduate of West Point, which is military academy that turns young men into homicidal maniacs for use in war. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
475:in Lebanon in 1983, I was sent to Saudi Arabia as part of the military response deployed to stabilize the region. You’d ~ Zach Fortier
476:I was like, ‘Wow,’ but I got it. I had come out of a military culture, and you just have to make your objective happen. ~ Ashlee Vance
477:Many public servants retire earning much more than military veterans who risked their lives serving their country. ~ Robert T Kiyosaki
478:War on terror is far less of a military operation and far more of an intelligence-gathering, law-enforcement operation. ~ John F Kerry
479:We have to stand for our principles, stand for our allies, stand for a strong military and stand for a stronger economy. ~ Mitt Romney
480:Along the borders to Ethiopia and Somalia, anarchy reigns, the police and military have retreated quite some distance. ~ Richard Leakey
481:Every time she ate the head off one soldier, another grew up in its place, with a green military coat and a yellow busby. ~ P L Travers
482:I don't underrate the value of military knowledge, but if men make war in slavish obedience to rules, they will fail. ~ Ulysses S Grant
483:I'm 100 percent serious. I've been fighting for equality for women's issues my entire life, in the military included. ~ Paula Broadwell
484:In the literary as well as military world, most powerful abilities will often be found concealed under a rustic garb. ~ Pliny the Elder
485:Israel gets more than half of all the military purchasing assistance that America gives to all the nations in the world. ~ John F Kerry
486:The Canadian Prime Minister said Canada would lend the U.S. its full military support. You know what that means: Both tanks. ~ Jay Leno
487:The cult of military obedience and the cult of weapons of mass destruction are the two great follies of the modern age. ~ Freeman Dyson
488:The military preferred - invariably - those who could be readily defined, assigned roles, understood, and controlled. ~ Guy Gavriel Kay
489:We have the world's best military, even though he (President Barack Obama) has done everything he can to diminish it. ~ Benjamin Carson
490:We're going to make him the best military commander in history. And then put the fate of the world on his shoulders. ~ Orson Scott Card
491:I think it's going to be a pivot of spirit for the country, a period of smart deals for the country, a stronger military. ~ Donald Trump
492:Military glory--that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood--that serpent's eye, that charms to destroy... ~ Abraham Lincoln
493:Sadistic military barbers intent on revealing the contours of their skulls for some nefarious phrenological purpose. ~ Viet Thanh Nguyen
494:We must learn from history, there is no military solution for the Kashmir issue...we have to understand this reality. ~ Pervez Musharraf
495:With regard to military discipline, I may safely say that no such thing existed in the Continental Army. ~ Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben have been fraternizing with warewolves overmuch! Military men can be terribly bad for one's verbal concatenation! ~ Gail Carriger
497:An important sign of the collapse of the rule of law is the rise of a paramilitary and its merger with government power. ~ Timothy Snyder
498:He knew, too, that nukes were locked in on Area X from the nearest silos, military satellites keeping watch from above. ~ Jeff VanderMeer
499:I think it's OK to talk about your military service, but there's a fine line between, you know, too much and just about right. ~ Bob Dole
500:So long as nuclear weapons continue to exist, so will the temptation to threaten others with overwhelming military force. ~ Daisaku Ikeda


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0.10 - Letters to a Young Captain, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  and functions are organised according to individual ability, with
  a leader at the centre. A Military organisation, for example, is a

01.11 - The Basis of Unity, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   In India the spirit of renascence came very late, late almost by three centuries; and even then it could not flood the whole of the continent in all its nooks and corners, psychological and physical. There were any number of pockets (to use a current Military phrase) left behind which guarded the spirit of the past and offered persistent and obdurate resistance. Perhaps, such a dispensation was needed in India and inevitable also; inevitable, because the religious spirit is closest to India's soul and is its most direct expression and cannot be uprooted so easily; needed, because India's and the world's future demands it and depends upon it.

02.01 - The World War, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   "Since the end of the Middle Ages, conquerors did harm perhaps to civilization, but they never claimed to bring it into question. They ascribed their excesses and crimes to motives of necessity, but never dreamed for a moment to hold them up as exemplary actions on which subject nations were called upon to fashion their morality, their code, their gospel.. . Since the dawn of modern times the accidents of Military history in Europe have never meant for her the end of her most precious spiritual and moral values and a sudden annulment of all the work done by the past generations in the direction of mutual respect, equity, goodwillor, to put all into a single word, in the direction of humanity."

02.13 - On Social Reconstruction, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Fundamentally all human society is built upon this pattern which is psychological and which seems to be Nature's own life-plan. There is always this fourfold stratification or classification of members in any collective human grouping: the Intellectual (taken in the broadest sense) or the Intelligentsia, the Military, the Trader and the Labourer. In the earlier civilisationswhen civilisation was being formedespecially in the East, it ,was the first class that took precedence over the rest and was especially honoured; for it is they who give the tone and temper and frame of life in the society. In later epochs, in the mediaeval age for example, the age of conquerors and conquistadors, and of Digvijaya, man as the warrior, the Kshattriya, the Samurai or the Chivalry was given the place of honour. Next came the age of traders and merchants, and the industrial age with the invention of machines. Today the labourer is rising in his turn to take the prime place.

02.14 - Panacea of Isms, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Communism cannot save humanity. For if it means the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, well, a healthy normal society will not bear or tolerate it longno Dictatorship, whether of one or of many, is likely to endure or bring in the millennium. In that sense communism is only a fascismo of small people fighting against a fascismo of big people. A society is not normally made up of proletarians only: it does not consist merely of lotus-eaters nor does it consist of hewers of wood and drawers of water (peasants and labourers) alone. Even a proletariate society will slowly and inevitably gravitate towards a stratification of its own. In its very bosom the bureaucracy, the Military, the officialdom of a closed body will form a class of its own. A Lenin cannot prevent the advent of a Stalin. Even if the proletarians form the majority, by far a very large majority, even then the tyranny of the majority is as reprehensible as the tyranny of the minority. Communism pins its faith on struggle the class struggle, it says, is historically true and morally justifiable. But this is a postulate all are not bound to accept. Then again, if communism means also materialism (dialectical or any other), that also cannot meet and satisfy all the needs and urges of man, indeed it leaves out of account all the deeper yearnings that lie imbedded in him and that cannot be obliterated by a mere denial. For surely man does not live by bread alone, however indispensable that article may be to him: not even culture the kind admitted by communism, severely intellectual, rational, scientific, pragmaticcan be the be-all and end-all of human civilisation. Communistic Russia attempted to sweep away all traces of religion and church and piety; the attempt does not seem to have been very successful.

03.11 - Modernist Poetry, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   In general, however, and as we come down to more and more recent times we find we have missed the track. As in the material field today, we seek to create and achieve by science and organisation, by a Teutonic regimentation, as in the moral life we try to save our souls by attending to rules and regulations, codes and codicils of conduct, even so a like habit and practice we have brought over into our sthetic world. But we must remember that Napoleon became the invincible Military genius he was, not because he followed the art of war in accordance with laws and canons set down by Military experts; neither did Buddha become the Enlightened because of his scrupulous adherence to the edicts which Asoka engraved centuries later on rocks and pillars, nor was Jesus the Christ because of his being an exemplar of the Sermon on the Mount.

1.00 - Gospel, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  In 1757 English traders laid the foundation of British rule in India. Gradually the Government was systematized and lawlessness suppressed. The Hindus were much impressed by the Military power and political acumen of the new rulers. In the wake of the merchants came the English educators, and social reformers, and Christian missionaries - all bearing a culture completely alien to the Hindu mind. In different parts of the country educational institutions were set up and Christian churches established.

1.01 - MAXIMS AND MISSILES, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  _From the Military school of life._--That which does not kill me, makes
  me stronger.

1.02 - MAPS OF MEANING - THREE LEVELS OF ANALYSIS, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  familiar; as security and tyranny simultaneously. The Great Father is patriarchal society, tradition, pomp
  and circumstance, Military-industrial complex, and super-ego: demanding, rigid, unjust, dangerous and
  necessary. He is ambivalent, in precisely the same manner as the Great Mother, his wife. In the guise of

1.03 - PERSONALITY, SANCTITY, DIVINE INCARNATION, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  The saint is one who knows that every moment of our human life is a moment of crisis; for at every moment we are called upon to make an all-important decisionto choose between the way that leads to death and spiritual darkness and the way that leads towards light and life; between interests exclusively temporal and the eternal order; between our personal will, or the will of some projection of our personality, and the will of God. In order to fit himself to deal with the emergencies of his way of life, the saint undertakes appropriate training of mind and body, just as the solther does. But whereas the objectives of Military training are limited and very simple, namely, to make men courageous, cool-headed and co-operatively efficient in the business of killing other men, with whom, personally, they have no quarrel, the objectives of spiritual training are much less narrowly specialized. Here the aim is primarily to bring human beings to a state in which, because there are no longer any God-eclipsing obstacles between themselves and Reality, they are able to be aware continuously of the divine Ground of their own and all other beings; secondarily, as a means to this end, to meet all, even the most trivial circumstances of daily living without malice, greed, self-assertion or voluntary ignorance, but consistently with love and understanding. Because its objectives are not limited, because, for the lover of God, every moment is a moment of crisis, spiritual training is incomparably more difficult and searching than Military training. There are many good solthers, few saints.
  We have seen that, in critical emergencies, solthers specifically trained to cope with that kind of thing tend to forget the inborn and acquired idiosyncrasies with which they normally identify their being and, transcending selfness, to behave in the same, one-pointed, better-than-personal way. What is true of solthers is also true of saints, but with this important difference that the aim of spiritual training is to make people become selfless in every circumstance of life, while the aim of Military training is to make them selfless only in certain very special circumstances and in relation to only certain classes of human beings. This could not be otherwise; for all that we are and will and do depends, in the last analysis, upon what we believe the Nature of Things to be. The philosophy that rationalizes power politics and justifies war and Military training is always (whatever the official religion of the politicians and war makers) some wildly unrealistic doctrine of national, racial or ideological idolatry, having, as its inevitable corollaries, the notions of Herrenvolk and the lesser breeds without the Law.

1.04 - The Crossing of the First Threshold, #The Hero with a Thousand Faces, #Joseph Campbell, #Mythology
  The second story is of a different style. It is told of a young
  prince who had just completed his Military studies under a
  world-renowned teacher. Having received, as a symbol of his

1.05 - CHARITY, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  The distinguishing marks of charity are disinterestedness, tranquillity and humility. But where there is disinterestedness there is neither greed for personal advantage nor fear for personal loss or punishment; where there is tranquillity, there is neither craving nor aversion, but a steady will to conform to the divine Tao or Logos on every level of existence and a steady awareness of the divine Suchness and what should be ones own relations to it; and where there is humility there is no censoriousness and no glorification of the ego or any projected alter-ego at the expense of others, who are recognized as having the same weaknesses and faults, but also the same capacity for transcending them in the unitive knowledge of God, as one has oneself. From all this it follows that charity is the root and substance of morality, and that where there is little charity there will be much avoidable evil. All this has been summed up in Augustines formula: Love, and do what you like. Among the later elaborations of the Augustinian theme we may cite the following from the writings of John Everard, one of those spiritually minded seventeenth-century divines whose teachings fell on the deaf ears of warring factions and, when the revolution and the Military dictatorship were at an end, on the even deafer ears of Restoration clergymen and their successors in the Augustan age. (Just how deaf those ears could be we may judge by what Swift wrote of his beloved and morally perfect Houyhnhnms. The subject matter of their conversations, as of their poetry, consisted of such things as friendship and benevolence, the visible operations of nature or ancient traditions; the bounds and limits of virtue, the unerring rules of reason. Never once do the ideas of God, or charity, or deliverance engage their minds. Which shows sufficiently clearly what the Dean of St. Patricks thought of the religion by which he made his money.)

1.05 - THE HOSTILE BROTHERS - ARCHETYPES OF RESPONSE TO THE UNKNOWN, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  The very name has an uncanny aspect: horrifying, ironical, allegorical. Camp that is summer sun and
  holiday, satirical comedy and masquerade, Military rule, obedience and efficiency: death camp the very
  devils idea of a joke, of camp; black humor and vacation paradise; the dystopian state induced in reality by
  the transitions to democracy characteristic of the last 30 years have been voluntary transferrals of power on the part
  of Military strong-men, unable to believe in the justice of their own strength. See Fukuyama, F. (1993).

1.05 - True and False Subjectivism, #The Human Cycle, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Secondly, since the State is supreme, the representative of the Divine or the highest realised functioning of human existence, and has a divine right to the obedience, the unquestioning service and the whole activity of the individual, the service of State and community is the only absolute rule of morality. Within the State this may include and sanction all other moral rules because there no rebel egoism can be allowed, for the individual ego must be lost in that of the State or become part of it and all condition of covert or overt war must be abrogated in obedience to the collective good as determined by the collective will. But in relation to other States, to other collective egos the general condition, the effective law is still that of war, of strife between sharply divided egoisms each seeking to fulfil itself, each hampered and restricted in its field by the others. War then is the whole business of the State in its relation to other States, a war of arms, a war of commerce, a war of ideas and cultures, a war of collective personalities each seeking to possess the world or at least to dominate and be first in the world. Here there can enter no morality except that of success, though the pretence of morality may be a useful stratagem of war. To serve the State, the German collectivity which is his greater and real self is the business of the German individual whether at home or abroad, and to that end everything which succeeds is justifiable. Inefficiency, incompetence, failure are the only immorality. In war every method is justified which leads to the Military success of the State, in peace every method which prepares it; for peace between nations is only a covert state of war. And as war is the means of physical survival and domination, so commerce is the means of economic survival and domination; it is in fact only another kind of war, another department of the struggle to live, one physical, the other vital. And the life and the body are, so Science has assured us, the whole of existence.
  It is necessary, if we are not to deceive ourselves, to note that even in this field what Germany has done is to systematise certain strong actual tendencies and principles of international action to the exclusion of all that either professed to resist or did actually modify them. If a sacred egoism and the expression did not come from Teutonic lipsis to govern international relations, then it is difficult to deny the force of the German position. The theory of inferior and decadent races was loudly proclaimed by other than German thinkers and has governed, with whatever assuaging scruples, the general practice of Military domination and commercial exploitation of the weak by the strong; all that Germany has done is to attempt to give it a wider extension and more rigorous execution and apply it to European as well as to Asiatic and African peoples. Even the severity or brutality of her Military methods or of her ways of colonial or internal political repression, taken at their worst, for much once stated against her has been proved and admitted to be deliberate lies manufactured by her enemies, was only a crystallising of certain recent tendencies towards the revival of ancient and mediaeval hardheartedness in the race. The use and even the justification of massacre and atrocious cruelty in war on the ground of Military exigency and in the course of commercial exploitation or in the repression of revolt and disorder has been quite recently witnessed in the other continents, to say nothing of certain outskirts of Europe.9 From one point of view, it is well that terrible examples of the utmost logic of these things should be prominently forced on the attention of mankind; for by showing the evil stripped of all veils the choice between good and evil instead of a halting between the two will be forced on the human conscience. Woe to the race if it blinds its conscience and buttresses up its animal egoism with the old justifications; for the gods have shown that Karma is not a jest.

1.05 - War And Politics, #Twelve Years With Sri Aurobindo, #Nirodbaran, #Integral Yoga
  An account of what was said and done in Sri Aurobindo's room during this period will be revelatory in many respects. First of all, it will dispel the prevailing universal misconception that Sri Aurobindo was a world-shunning Yogi immersed in his own sadhana. It will show, on the contrary, how much he was concerned with the "good of humanity". Far from taking only a passive interest in the vast conflict, the modern Kurukshetra, where the fate of the entire world was being decided, he actively participated in it with his spiritual Force and directed that very fate to a victorious consummation. The account will also bring to light Sri Aurobindo's acute political insight and wide knowledge of Military affairs. Although he had left public life in 1910 and lived thereafter in seclusion for nearly half a century, he always kept in touch with all world-movements through outer and inner means. Perhaps people will find it difficult to believe and many will flatly deny that such a spiritual force exists; and it will be hard for them to swallow that, if at all it exists, a man acquiring and possessing it can apply it to an individual or cosmic purpose. But fortunately we have Sri Aurobindo's own word for it and our personal experience in its support. In fact his integral Yoga aims at nothing less than bringing down the supramental consciousness and changing the present terrestrial consciousness by its dynamic power and light. We shall also witness Sri Aurobindo's vital interest in India's struggle for freedom, for which he had himself launched the first movement, awakening the country to her birthright and aiding her later by his decisive spiritual force towards its achievement.
  These two long extracts are enoughto show clearly Sri Aurobindo's vision of the play of forces, how they try through the use of human instruments to fulfil their purpose and also what Sri Aurobindo's part was in this mysterious play. I shall now give some extracts from our talks to demonstrate Sri Aurobindo's close watch on the trend of the War, his comments on the Military movements of the contending parties, sometimes his anticipation of their strategic moves and the consequences that would ensue, or his own suggestions about the courses that could be followed. And all this came enlivened with a sense of quiet humour that made the grimness of the War itself appear light, even an enjoyable game of forces.
  Some Military correspondent wrote that Britain could take the offensive and invade Germany through the Adriatic. Sri Aurobindo remarked: "They are looking far ahead. But where will they land their troops? In Yugoslavia? That means violating Balkan independence. In that case with their troops in Palestine they can take Syria and then with Turkey siding with them they can proceed towards Germany. That would be much easier than through the Adriatic which is guarded by the Italians."
  Well, these long extracts sum up Sri Aurobindo's vision of the War. They embody his active interest and participation by his spiritual Force in it. One wonders what would have been the fate of the world without Sri Aurobindo's actual intervention. I often marvelled at the grasp he showed of Military affairs. Once I asked him in my letter whether he had any latent Military capacity in him, his reply was, "Not in this life." When somebody asked the Mother why England was meeting reverses in spite of Sri Aurobindo's support, she replied, "If he had not helped Britain, she would have been swallowed up by Hitler long ago." Unfortunately I haven't kept further record of the talks on the War. When America joined the Allies and Hitler attacked Russia there was no doubt that behind both these movements, Sri Aurobindo's divine diplomacy played a great part just as his intervention or what he called the Divine Intervention saved England from invasion by Hitler. In October 1939, Sri Aurobindo wrote a poem on Hitler in which what he predicted came so literally true!
  Along with the European war, India's political problem naturally played a prominent part in our discussion, Mahatma Gandhi's attitude, the Congress policy, the Hindu-Muslim problem, Jinnah's intransigence and the Viceroy's role as the peace-maker, all this complicated politics and our Himalayan blunders leading to the rejection of the famous Cripps' Proposals, were within our constant purview.... The upshot of the whole discussion till the arrival of the Cripps' Mission can be put in a few words; the Congress made a big mistake by resigning from the Ministry. The Government was ready to offer us Dominion Status which we should have accepted, for it was virtually a step towards independence. We should have joined the war-effort. That would have created an opportunity to enter into all Military departments and operations in air, on sea and land; hold positions, become efficient and thus enforce our natural right for freedom.
  He was carrying with him an urgent appeal by Sri Aurobindo to the Congress Working Committee. Sisir Kumar Mitra reports in The Liberator, "the viewpoints which Sri Aurobindo instructed his envoy to place before the Congress leaders...(1) Japan's imperialism being young and based on industrial and Military power and moving westward, was a greater menace to India than the British imperialism which was old, which the country had learnt to deal with and which was on the way to elimination. (2) It would be better to get into the saddle and not be particular about the legal basis of the power. Once the power came into our hands and we occupied seats of power, we could establish our positions and assert ourselves. (3) The proposed Cabinet would provide opportunities for the Congress and the Muslims to understand each other and pull together for the country's good, especially at that time of the crisis. (4) The Hindu Mahasabha also being represented, the Hindus, as such would have a chance of proving their capacity to govern India not only for the benefit of the Hindus but for the whole country. (5) The main problem was to organise the strength of India in order to repel the threatened aggression."
  The other causes then could be considered no more than contributory, even if indispensable factors. Out of all these, I may make some comment on the claims of the I. N. A. Whatever significance there may be in its claims, the role it played was fraught with most dangerous consequences. I wonder how our countrymen had no apprehension of them. It was a fatal game the I.N.A. played, thinking that the Japanese, after the conquest of India, would peacefully leave the country letting the I.N.A. enjoy the fruit of its victory, or that India would be able to fight and drive them out. Sri Aurobindo pointing out what would have been our condition, had Japan entered India, said, "Japan's imperialism being young and based on industrial and Military power and moving westward, was a greater menace to India than the British imperialism which was old, which the country had learnt to deal with and which was on the way to elimination."

1.07 - Bridge across the Afterlife, #Preparing for the Miraculous, #George Van Vrekhem, #unset
  uncountable lives, Military and civilian? Why was he, at
  that tragic juncture, sent back even against his own will?

1.08 - Attendants, #Twelve Years With Sri Aurobindo, #Nirodbaran, #Integral Yoga
  Purani, the last to be mentioned of our group, was one of the old guards associated with Sri Aurobindo from the twenties. I shall not speak much about him because his own books tell in every line what profound love and adoration he bore for the Master for whose sake he would do anything. Full of life and gusto, he added a liveliness to our company. His choice of the unearthly hours from 2 a.m. to 6.30 a.m. for service was a great relief to us. He would surge up from the bosom of the night and say, "Here I am!" He had the entire period to himself and kept awake while we were contentedly sleeping and snoring by his side. Now and then we used to hear, as if in a dream, Sri Aurobindo's soft voice asking for something and Purani with Military steps advancing and responding to the call of the General. If you happened to wake up by some inadvertent noise, you would find a different figure altogether, moving in the penumbra. No longer that lively, youngish spirit, but a very serious face that does not recognise anything else but the work, and brooks no meddling in his duty when Sri Aurobindo is his sole monopoly. I realised then why he chose that hour for service. He could be concentrated, watchful and all alone with the Master. The midnight surely affects all of us with its portentous weight. Another distinctive feature in his service was his physical strength without which it would have been difficult to lift or carry Sri Aurobindo during the early days of the accident. We have seen how he served as a solid human crutch on Sri Aurobindo's right side and later on, his giant manipulation of the large hand-fan was no less an achievement.

1.08 - RELIGION AND TEMPERAMENT, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  So far as the achievement of mans final end is concerned, it is as much of a handicap to be an extreme cerebrotonic or an extreme viscerotonic as it is to be an extreme somatotonic. But whereas the cerebrotonic and the viscerotonic cannot do much harm except to themselves and those in immediate contact with them, the extreme somatotonic, with his native aggressiveness, plays havoc with whole societies. From one point of view civilization may be defined as a complex of religious, legal and educational devices for preventing extreme somatotonics from doing too much mischief, and for directing their irrepressible energies into socially desirable channels. Confucianism and Chinese culture have sought to achieve this end by inculcating filial piety, good manners and an amiably viscerotonic epicureanism the whole reinforced somewhat incongruously by the cerebrotonic spirituality and restraints of Buddhism and classical Taoism. In India the caste system represents an attempt to subordinate Military, political and financial power to spiritual authority; and the education given to all classes still insists so strongly upon the fact that mans final end is unitive knowledge of God that even at the present time, even after nearly two hundred years of gradually accelerating Europeanization, successful somatotonics will, in middle life, give up wealth, position and power to end their days as humble seekers after enlightenment. In Catholic Europe, as in India, there was an effort to subordinate temporal power to spiritual authority; but since the Church itself exercised temporal power through the agency of political prelates and mitred business men, the effort was never more than partially successful. After the Reformation even the pious wish to limit temporal power by means of spiritual authority was completely abandoned. Henry VIII made himself, in Stubbss words, the Pope, the whole Pope, and something more than the Pope, and his example has been followed by most heads of states ever since. Power has been limited only by other powers, not by an appeal to first principles as interpreted by those who are morally and spiritually qualified to know what they are talking about. Meanwhile, the interest in religion has everywhere declined and even among believing Christians the Perennial Philosophy has been to a great extent replaced by a metaphysic of inevitable progress and an evolving God, by a passionate concern, not with eternity, but with future time. And almost suddenly, within the last quarter of a century, there has been consummated what Sheldon calls a somatotonic revolution, directed against all that is characteristically cerebrotonic in the theory and practice of traditional Christian culture. Here are a few symptoms of this somatotonic revolution.

1.08 - SOME REFLECTIONS ON THE SPIRITUAL REPERCUSSIONS OF THE ATOM BOMB, #The Future of Man, #Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, #Christianity
  us of one mind. The atomic age is not the age of destruction but
  of union in research. For all their Military trappings, the recent ex-
  plosions at Bikini herald the birth into the world of a Mankind

1.08 - THINGS THE GERMANS LACK, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  or in economy, or in universal commerce, or in parliamentarism, or
  in Military interests--if you dissipate the modicum of reason, of
  earnestness, of will, and of self-control that constitutes your nature
  "general," _common._ Nor must it be forgotten that the privileges of
  the Military profession by urging many too many to attend the higher
  schools, involve the downfall of the latter. In modern Germany nobody

1.09 - SKIRMISHES IN A WAY WITH THE AGE, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  to its members themselves, have been destroyed root and branch. The
  working-man has been declared fit for Military service; he has been
  granted the right of combination, and of voting: can it be wondered at
  Napoleon was an example of a "return to nature," as I understand it
  (for instance _in rebus tacticis,_ and still more, as Military experts
  know, in strategy). But Rousseau--whither did he want to return?

1.09 - The Secret Chiefs, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  More largely, one cannot judge how a plan is progressing when one has no precise idea what it is. A soldier is told to "attack;" he may be intended to win through, to cover a general retreat, or to gain time by deliberate sacrifice. Only the Commander in Chief knows what the order means, or why he issues it; and even he does not know the issue, or whether it will display and justify his Military skill and judgment.

1.11 - Oneness, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  then why the mask? If it is only an illusion, then why this cruel game?
  Perhaps it is a blessing after all that the Lord did not make the world according to our idea of perfection, because we have so many ideas about what is "perfect," about what God should be, and especially about what He should not be, that there would be nothing left in our world after we had whittled away everything that protrudes, except for one big Zero that would not tolerate even the impurity of our own existence or perhaps a Military camp. Virtue, the Mother observed,
  has always suppressed elements of life; if all the virtues of the different countries in the world were joined together, there would be hardly anything left of life. Indeed, we still know only one kind of perfection, that which eliminates, not that which embraces all; yet perfection is totality. Because we see only one instant of Eternity at a time, and because that instant fails to contain what we wanted to see or to have, we complain and declare this world erroneously built; but when we emerge from our instantaneity and enter the Totality,

1.11 - The Kalki Avatar, #Preparing for the Miraculous, #George Van Vrekhem, #unset
  to destroy the unrighteous oppression of Ravana, of Par-
  ashurama to destroy the unrighteous license of the Military
  and princely caste, the Kshatriyas, of the dwarf Vamana to

1.12 - The Office and Limitations of the Reason, #The Human Cycle, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is not only that he has to contrive continually some new harmony between the various elements of his being, physical, vitalistic, practical and dynamic, aesthetic, emotional and hedonistic, ethical, intellectual, but each of them again has to arrive at some order of its own disparate materials. In his ethics he is divided by different moral tendencies, justice and charity, self-help and altruism, self-increase and self-abnegation, the tendencies of strength and the tendencies of love, the moral rule of activism and the moral rule of quietism. His emotions are necessary to his development and their indulgence essential to the outflowering of his rich humanity; yet is he constantly called upon to coerce and deny them, nor is there any sure rule to guide him in the perplexity of this twofold need. His hedonistic impulse is called many ways by different fields, objects, ideals of self-satisfaction. His aesthetic enjoyment, his aesthetic creation forms for itself under the stress of the intelligence different laws and forms; each seeks to impose itself as the best and the standard, yet each, if its claim were allowed, would by its unjust victory impoverish and imprison his faculty and his felicity in its exercise. His politics and society are a series of adventures and experiments among various possibilities of autocracy, monarchism, Military aristocracy, mercantile oligarchy, open or veiled plutocracy, pseudo-democracy of various kinds, bourgeois or proletarian, individualistic or collectivist or bureaucratic, socialism awaiting him, anarchism looming beyond it; and all these correspond to some truth of his social being, some need of his complex social nature, some instinct or force in it which demands that form for its effectuation. Mankind works out these difficulties under the stress of the spirit within it by throwing out a constant variation of types, types of character and temperament, types of practical activity, aesthetic creation, polity, society, ethical order, intellectual system, which vary from the pure to the mixed, from the simple harmony to the complex; each and all of these are so many experiments of individual and collective self-formation in the light of a progressive and increasing knowledge. That knowledge is governed by a number of conflicting ideas and ideals around which these experiments group themselves: each of them is gradually pushed as far as possible in its purity and again mixed and combined as much as possible with others so that there may be a more complex form and an enriched action. Each type has to be broken in turn to yield place to new types and each combination has to give way to the possibility of a new combination. Through it all there is growing an accumulating stock of self-experience and self-actualisation of which the ordinary man accepts some current formulation conventionally as if it were an absolute law and truth,often enough he even thinks it to be that,but which the more developed human being seeks always either to break or to enlarge and make more profound or subtle in order to increase or make room for an increase of human capacity, perfectibility, happiness.

1.13 - Under the Auspices of the Gods, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  after many failures, but of what other greater triumph are we not the failure? Is this a chronology of victories or of defeats? Life seems made of a hopelessly distorting substance; everything gets swallowed up in it as in the sands of Egypt, leveled by some irresistible gravitational pull. It is clear, Sri Aurobindo remarked, that Mind has not been able to change human nature radically. You can go on changing human institutions infinitely and yet the imperfection will break through all your institutions. . . . It must be another power that can not only resist but overcome that downward pull.210
  Even if our ideas reached life in their pure form, they would still be incapable of creating anything other than a Military order or perhaps a holy, comfortable, religious order, but an order all the same,
  because the Mind can only devise systems and seek to confine everything in them. The reason of man struggling with life becomes either an empiric or a doctrinaire. 211 It seizes upon a bit of truth, one drop of divine illumination, and makes it a universal law; it constantly confuses unity with uniformity. Even when it is capable of 210

1.14 - The Succesion to the Kingdom in Ancient Latium, #The Golden Bough, #unset, #Kabbalah
  performance of those sacred rites and ceremonies on which, even more
  than on the despatch of his civil and Military duties, the safety
  and prosperity of the community were believed to depend. And it

1.17 - The Divine Birth and Divine Works, #Essays On The Gita, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Essays on the Gita
   in Duryodhana and his brothers became so great a burden to the earth that she had to call upon God to descend and lighten her load; accordingly Vishnu incarnated as Krishna, delivered the oppressed Pandavas and destroyed the unjust Kauravas. A similar account is given of the descent of the previous Vishnu avatars, of Rama to destroy the unrighteous oppression of Ravana, of Parashurama to destroy the unrighteous license of the Military and princely caste, the Kshatriyas, of the dwarf Vamana to destroy the rule of the Titan Bali. But obviously the purely practical, ethical or social and political mission of the Avatar which is thus thrown into popular and mythical form, does not give a right account of the phenomenon of Avatarhood. It does not cover its spiritual sense, and if this outward utility were all, we should have to exclude Buddha and Christ whose mission was not at all to destroy evil-doers and deliver the good, but to bring to all men a new spiritual message and a new law of divine growth and spiritual realisation. On the other hand, if we give to the word dharma only its religious sense, in which it means a law of religious and spiritual life, we shall indeed get to the kernel of the matter, but we shall be in danger of excluding a most important part of the work done by the Avatar. Always we see in the history of the divine incarnations the double work, and inevitably, because the Avatar takes up the workings of God in human life, the way of the divine Will and Wisdom in the world, and that always fulfils itself externally as well as internally, by inner progress in the soul and by an outer change in the life.

1.201 - Socrates, #Symposium, #unset, #Kabbalah
  This word in Greek, eitheos, is an editors emendation of the manuscripts theios, divinely inspired; in the view of other editors the reading divinely inspired makes better sense.
  Lycurgus was the legendary founder of the Spartan legal and Military systems. The defeat of the invading Persians by the Spartan army in the Persian Wars could be said to have saved
  Greece from conquest in the early fifth century BC. For Lycurgus see Glossary of names.

1.20 - The End of the Curve of Reason, #The Human Cycle, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  If it be objected that to bring about this result in its completeness the liberty of the individual will have to be destroyed or reduced to an almost vanishing quantity, it might be answered that the right of the individual to any kind of egoistic freedom as against the State which represents the mind, the will, the good and interest of the whole community, sarva brahma, is a dangerous fiction, a baneful myth. Individual liberty of life and actioneven if liberty of thought and speech is for a time conceded, though this too can hardly remain unimpaired when once the socialistic State has laid its grip firmly on the individual,may well mean in practice an undue freedom given to his infrarational parts of nature, and is not that precisely the thing in him that has to be thoroughly controlled, if not entirely suppressed, if he is to become a reasonable being leading a reasonable life? This control can be most wisely and effectively carried out by the collective reason and will of the State which is larger, better, more enlightened than the individuals; for it profits, as the average individual cannot do, by all the available wisdom and aspiration in the society. Indeed, the enlightened individual may well come to regard this collective reason and will as his own larger mind, will and conscience and find in a happy obedience to it a strong delivery from his own smaller and less rational self and therefore a more real freedom than any now claimed by his little separate ego. It used already to be argued that the disciplined German obeying the least gesture of the policeman, the State official, the Military officer was really the freest, happiest and most moral individual in all Europe and therefore in the whole world. The same reasoning in a heightened form might perhaps be applied to the drilled felicities of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. The State, educating and governing the individual, undertakes to intellectualise, ethicise, practicalise and generally perfect him and to see to it that he remains, whether he will or no, always and in all thingsstrictly on the lines approved by the Stateintellectual, ethical, practical and thoroughly perfect.


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Wimmer (SS member)'s_Station's_Distinguished_Service_Award,_2001_attacks'_Group_Life_Insurance'_War'_Rebellion's_company,_Lazica's_Creed,_Pacific,title's_ten_blows's_Armed_Forces,_Evasion,_Resistance_and_Escape!