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aard-wolf ::: n. --> A carnivorous quadruped (Proteles Lalandii), of South Africa, resembling the fox and hyena. See Proteles. html{color:

achillean ::: a. --> Resembling Achilles, the hero of the Iliad; invincible. html{color:

adagio ::: a. & adv. --> Slow; slowly, leisurely, and gracefully. When repeated, adagio, adagio, it directs the movement to be very slow. ::: n. --> A piece of music in adagio time; a slow movement; as, an adagio of Haydn. html{color:

addendum ::: n. --> A thing to be added; an appendix or addition. html{color:

adder ::: n. --> One who, or that which, adds; esp., a machine for adding numbers.
A serpent.
A small venomous serpent of the genus Vipera. The common European adder is the Vipera (/ Pelias) berus. The puff adders of Africa are species of Clotho.
In America, the term is commonly applied to several harmless snakes, as the milk adder, puffing adder, etc. html{color:

adding ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Add html{color:

aiblins ::: adv. --> Alt. of Ablins html{color:

aimless ::: a. --> Without aim or purpose; as, an aimless life. html{color:

alectoromancy ::: n. --> See Alectryomancy. html{color:

alength ::: adv. --> At full length; lengthwise. html{color:

alleyway ::: n. --> An alley. html{color:

all-possessed ::: a. --> Controlled by an evil spirit or by evil passions; wild. html{color:

all saints ::: --> Alt. of All Saints&

amzel ::: n. --> The European ring ousel (Turdus torquatus). html{color:

anthomania ::: n. --> A extravagant fondness for flowers. html{color:

aristotelic ::: a. --> Pertaining to Aristotle or to his philosophy. html{color:

asquint ::: adv. --> With the eye directed to one side; not in the straight line of vision; obliquely; awry, so as to see distortedly; as, to look asquint. html{color:

bacharach ::: n. --> Alt. of Backarack html{color:

ballista ::: n. --> An ancient military engine, in the form of a crossbow, used for hurling large missiles. html{color:

barkentine ::: n. --> A threemasted vessel, having the foremast square-rigged, and the others schooner-rigged. [Spelled also barquentine, barkantine, etc.] See Illust. in Append. html{color:

based ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Base ::: a. --> Having a base, or having as a base; supported; as, broad-based. ::: n. html{color:

basylous ::: a. --> Pertaining to, or having the nature of, a basyle; electro-positive; basic; -- opposed to chlorous. html{color:

bean trefoil ::: --> A leguminous shrub of southern Europe, with trifoliate leaves (Anagyris foetida). html{color:

beggable ::: a. --> Capable of being begged. html{color:

<img align="middle" alt=" " height="11" src="images/script/brahma.gif" width="20">

<img align="middle" alt=" " height="12" src="images/script/brahman.gif" width="29">

<img align="middle" alt=" " height="12" src="images/script/buddha.gif" width="18">

<img align="middle" alt=" " height="12" src="images/script/budh.gif" width="18">

<img align="middle" alt=" " height="14" src="images/script/charagh.gif" width="23">

<img align="middle" alt=" " height="16" src="images/script/bhagavad-gita.gif" width="58">

<img align="middle" alt=" " height="16" src="images/script/brahmin.gif" width="33">

<img alt=" " height="12" src="images/script/bhakti.gif" width="29">

<img alt=" " height="12" src="images/script/bodhi.gif" width="26">

<img alt=" " height="12" src="images/script/bodhisattva.gif" width="50">

<img alt=" " height="12" src="images/script/chaitanya.gif" width="32">

<img alt=" " height="13" src="images/script/chela.gif" width="24">

<img alt=" " height="45" src="images/script/allah_33w.gif" width="33">

<img alt=" " height="8" src="images/script/bhavasagara.gif" width="47">

<img alt=" " height="8" src="images/script/chakra.gif" width="21">

<img src = "divination_biblecode2.gif" width = "82" align = "right" title = "The Bible Code 2 by Michael Drosnin">A book was published in 1997 which changed the way the world looked at prediction. This book was The Bible Code written by Michael Drosnin (which was followed by The Bible Code 2: The Countdown in 2002). In The Bible Code, Drosnin tells us of a code that exists within the Holy Bible (written 3000 years ago) which predicts events that (in retrospect) have already happened, are happening now, and are still to happen. The Code was deciphered by an Israeli mathematician (Dr Eliyahu Rips), using a computer-programmed 'skip sequence', which, after eliminating all spaces between words, then looked for key words encoded in the text. Book 2 opens with the predicted destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York on 11 September 2001. A third book, The Bible Code: The Quest was scheduled to be released in October 2007. It was eventually released in October 2010 under a new subtitle of Saving the World. The whole concept of a code hidden within the text of the Bible is by no means new. Sir Isaac Newton, also convinced of its existence, was still searching for a Bible Code when he died.

<img src = "divination_biblecode3a.gif" width = "82" height = "118" align = "right" title = "The Actual Bible Code 3 by Michael Drosnin">

<img src = "divination_biblecode3.gif" width = "82" align = "right" title = "The Originally Scheduled Bible Code 3 by Michael Drosnin">

birching ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Birch html{color:

bish ::: n. --> Same as Bikh. html{color:

blindly ::: adv. --> Without sight, discernment, or understanding; without thought, investigation, knowledge, or purpose of one&

boilingly ::: adv. --> With boiling or ebullition. html{color:

boyism ::: n. --> Boyhood.
The nature of a boy; childishness. html{color:

brigge ::: n. --> A bridge. html{color:

buchu ::: n. --> A South African shrub (Barosma) with small leaves that are dotted with oil glands; also, the leaves themselves, which are used in medicine for diseases of the urinary organs, etc. Several species furnish the leaves. html{color:

budh ::: Sanskrit <img align="middle" alt=" " height="16" src="images/script/buddhi.gif" width="22">

bulky ::: a. --> Of great bulk or dimensions; of great size; large; thick; massive; as, bulky volumes. html{color:

bull-necked ::: a. --> Having a short and thick neck like that of a bull. html{color:

bunodonts ::: n. pl. --> A division of the herbivorous mammals including the hogs and hippopotami; -- so called because the teeth are tuberculated. html{color:

but ::: adv. & conj. --> Except with; unless with; without.
Except; besides; save.
Excepting or excluding the fact that; save that; were it not that; unless; -- elliptical, for but that.
Otherwise than that; that not; -- commonly, after a negative, with that.
Only; solely; merely.
On the contrary; on the other hand; only; yet; html{color:

camwood ::: n. --> See Barwood. html{color:

casus ::: n. --> An event; an occurrence; an occasion; a combination of circumstances; a case; an act of God. See the Note under Accident. html{color:

catnip ::: n. --> Alt. of Catmint html{color:

charger ::: n. --> One who, or that which charges.
An instrument for measuring or inserting a charge.
A large dish.
A horse for battle or parade. html{color:

charge ::: v. t. --> To lay on or impose, as a load, tax, or burden; to load; to fill.
To lay on or impose, as a task, duty, or trust; to command, instruct, or exhort with authority; to enjoin; to urge earnestly; as, to charge a jury; to charge the clergy of a diocese; to charge an agent.
To lay on, impose, or make subject to or liable for.
To fix or demand as a price; as, he charges two dollars html{color:

charlatanry ::: n. --> Undue pretensions to skill; quackery; wheedling; empiricism. html{color:

chef ::: n. --> A chief of head person.
The head cook of large establishment, as a club, a family, etc.
Same as Chief. html{color:

chrisom ::: n. --> A white cloth, anointed with chrism, or a white mantle thrown over a child when baptized or christened.
A child which died within a month after its baptism; -- so called from the chrisom cloth which was used as a shroud for it. html{color:

chuckling ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Chuckle html{color:

colstaff ::: n. --> A staff by means of which a burden is borne by two persons on their shoulders. html{color:

contour ::: n. --> The outline of a figure or body, or the line or lines representing such an outline; the line that bounds; periphery.
The outline of a horizontal section of the ground, or of works of fortification. html{color:

cornicular ::: n. --> A secretary or clerk. html{color:

covinous ::: a. --> Deceitful; collusive; fraudulent; dishonest. html{color:

cowpea ::: n. --> The seed of one or more leguminous plants of the genus Dolichos; also, the plant itself. Many varieties are cultivated in the southern part of the United States. html{color:

cran ::: n. --> Alt. of Crane html{color:

crazy ::: a. --> Characterized by weakness or feebleness; decrepit; broken; falling to decay; shaky; unsafe.
Broken, weakened, or dissordered in intellect; shattered; demented; deranged.
Inordinately desirous; foolishly eager. html{color:

crouton ::: n. --> Bread cut in various forms, and fried lightly in butter or oil, to garnish hashes, etc. html{color:

cucking stool ::: --> A kind of chair formerly used for punishing scolds, and also dishonest tradesmen, by fastening them in it, usually in front of their doors, to be pelted and hooted at by the mob, but sometimes to be taken to the water and ducked; -- called also a castigatory, a tumbrel, and a trebuchet; and often, but not so correctly, a ducking stool. html{color:

deas ::: n. --> See Dais. html{color:

deep-waisted ::: a. --> Having a deep waist, as when, in a ship, the poop and forecastle are much elevated above the deck. html{color:

dendritic ::: a. --> Alt. of Dendritical html{color:

devi ::: n. --> ; fem. of Deva. A goddess. html{color:

di- ::: --> A prefix, signifying twofold, double, twice
denoting two atoms, radicals, groups, or equivalents, as the case may be. See Bi-, 2.
A prefix denoting through; also, between, apart, asunder, across. Before a vowel dia-becomes di-; as, diactinic; dielectric, etc. html{color:

diplanar ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to two planes. html{color:

dipped ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Dip html{color:

dispersive ::: a. --> Tending to disperse. html{color:

doffing ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Doff html{color:

douter ::: n. --> An extinguisher for candles. html{color:

dout ::: v. t. --> To put out. html{color:

dove plant ::: --> A Central American orchid (Peristeria elata), having a flower stem five or six feet high, with numerous globose white fragrant flowers. The column in the center of the flower resembles a dove; -- called also Holy Spirit plant. html{color:

dragomans ::: pl. --> of Dragoman html{color:

drank ::: imp. --> of Drink.
of Drink ::: n. --> Wild oats, or darnel grass. See Drake a plant. html{color:

duchess ::: n. --> The wife or widow of a duke; also, a lady who has the sovereignty of a duchy in her own right. html{color:

duchy ::: n. --> The territory or dominions of a duke; a dukedom. html{color:

dziggetai ::: n. --> The kiang, a wild horse or wild ass of Thibet (Asinus hemionus). E () The fifth letter of the English alphabet. html{color:

element 1. "data, programming" One of the items of data in an {array}. 2. "language, text" One kind of node in an {SGML}, {HTML}, or {XML} {document} {tree}. An SGML element is typically represented by a start {tag} (""p"") and an end tag (""/p""). In some SGML implementations, some tags are omissible, as with ""/p"" in {HTML}. The start tag can contain {attributes} (""p lang="en-UK" class='stuff'""), which are an unordered set of key-value bindings for that element. Both the start tag and end tag for an element typically contain the "tag name" (also called the "{GI}" or generic identifier) for that element. In {XML}, an element is always represented either by an explicit start tag and end tag, or by an empty element tag (""img src='thing.{png}' alt='a dodad' /""). Other kinds of SGML node are: a section of character data ("foo"), a comment (""!-- bar --""), a markup declaration (""!ENTITY reg CDATA '&

element ::: 1. (data, programming) One of the items of data in an array.2. (language, text) One kind of node in an SGML, HTML, or XML document tree. An SGML element is typically represented by a start tag (p>) and an end tag (/p>). In some SGML implementations, some tags are omissible, as with /p> in HTML.The start tag can contain attributes (p lang=en-UK class='stuff'>), which are an unordered set of key-value bindings for that element. Both the start tag and end tag for an element typically contain the tag name (also called the GI or generic identifier) for that element.In XML, an element is always represented either by an explicit start tag and end tag, or by an empty element tag (img src='thing.png' alt='a dodad' />).Other kinds of SGML node are: a section of character data (foo), a comment (!-- bar -->), a markup declaration (!ENTITY reg CDATA '&

elmen ::: a. --> Belonging to elms. html{color:

entozoon ::: n. --> One of the Entozoa. html{color:

exclusive or "logic" (XOR, EOR) /X or, E or/ A two-input {Boolean logic} {function} whose result is true if one input is true and the other is false. The {truth table} is A | B | A xor B --+---+-------- F | F |  F F | T |  T T | F |  T T | T |  F The output is thus true if the inputs are not equal. If one input is false, the other is passed unchanged whereas if one input is true, the other is inverted. In Boolean algebra, exclusive or is often written as a plus in a circle: "⊕". The circle may be omitted suggesting addition {modulo} two. In {digital logic}, an exclusive or {logic gate} is drawn like a normal {inclusive or} gate but with a curved line across both inputs: {exclusive or gate (img:}. (2006-12-13)

eyght ::: n. --> An island. See Eyot. html{color:

eyot ::: n. --> A little island in a river or lake. See Ait. html{color:

feathered ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Feather ::: a. --> Clothed, covered, or fitted with (or as with) feathers or wings; as, a feathered animal; a feathered arrow.

Furnished with anything featherlike; ornamented; fringed; as, land feathered with trees. html{color:

feather ::: n. --> One of the peculiar dermal appendages, of several kinds, belonging to birds, as contour feathers, quills, and down.

Kind; nature; species; -- from the proverbial phrase, "Birds of a feather," that is, of the same species.
The fringe of long hair on the legs of the setter and some other dogs.
A tuft of peculiar, long, frizzly hair on a horse.
One of the fins or wings on the shaft of an arrow. html{color:

feat ::: n. --> An act; a deed; an exploit.
A striking act of strength, skill, or cunning; a trick; as, feats of horsemanship, or of dexterity.
Dexterous in movements or service; skillful; neat; nice; pretty. ::: v. t. html{color:

fecundity ::: n. --> The quality or power of producing fruit; fruitfulness; especially (Biol.), the quality in female organisms of reproducing rapidly and in great numbers.
The power of germinating; as in seeds.
The power of bringing forth in abundance; fertility; richness of invention; as, the fecundity of God&

fnese ::: v. i. --> To breathe heavily; to snort. html{color:

foisty ::: a. --> Fusty; musty. html{color:

fo ::: n. --> The Chinese name of Buddha. html{color:

fourneau ::: n. --> The chamber of a mine in which the powder is placed. html{color:

fowled ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Fowl html{color:

frere ::: n. --> A friar. html{color:

frippery ::: n. --> Coast-off clothes.
Hence: Secondhand finery; cheap and tawdry decoration; affected elegance.
A place where old clothes are sold.
The trade or traffic in old clothes. ::: a. html{color:

friskful ::: a. --> Brisk; lively; frolicsome. html{color:

fromwards ::: prep. --> A way from; -- the contrary of toward. html{color:

frugivorous ::: a. --> Feeding on fruit, as birds and other animals. html{color:

gairishly ::: n. --> Alt. of Gairish/ness html{color:

genre ::: n. --> A style of painting, sculpture, or other imitative art, which illustrates everyday life and manners. html{color:

glabella ::: n. --> The space between the eyebrows, also including the corresponding part of the frontal bone; the mesophryon. ::: pl. --> of Glabellum html{color:

glatified ::: a. --> Pleased; indulged according to desire. html{color:

globigerina ::: n. --> A genus of small Foraminifera, which live abundantly at or near the surface of the sea. Their dead shells, falling to the bottom, make up a large part of the soft mud, generally found in depths below 3,000 feet, and called globigerina ooze. See Illust. of Foraminifera. html{color:

gonotheca ::: n. --> A capsule developed on certain hydroids (Thecaphora), inclosing the blastostyle upon which the medusoid buds or gonophores are developed; -- called also gonangium, and teleophore. See Hydroidea, and Illust. of Campanularian. html{color:

gravery ::: n. --> The act, process, or art, of graving or carving; engraving. html{color:

gudgeon ::: n. --> A small European freshwater fish (Gobio fluviatilis), allied to the carp. It is easily caught and often used for food and for bait. In America the killifishes or minnows are often called gudgeons.
What may be got without skill or merit.
A person easily duped or cheated.
The pin of iron fastened in the end of a wooden shaft or axle, on which it turns; formerly, any journal, or pivot, or bearing, as the pintle and eye of a hinge, but esp. the end journal of a html{color:

gue ::: n. --> A sharper; a rogue. html{color:

gunstome ::: n. --> A cannon ball; -- so called because originally made of stone. html{color:

gynophore ::: n. --> The pedicel raising the pistil or ovary above the stamens, as in the passion flower.
One of the branches bearing the female gonophores, in certain Siphonophora. html{color:

haily ::: a. --> Of hail. html{color:

haitic ::: a. --> Pertaining to Ham or his descendants. html{color:

hakim ::: n. --> A wise man; a physician, esp. a Mohammedan.
A Mohammedan title for a ruler; a judge. html{color:

hamulus ::: n. --> A hook, or hooklike process.
A hooked barbicel of a feather. html{color:

hanuman ::: n. --> See Hoonoomaun. html{color:

hardy ::: a. --> Bold; brave; stout; daring; resolu?e; intrepid.
Confident; full of assurance; in a bad sense, morally hardened; shameless.
Strong; firm; compact.
Inured to fatigue or hardships; strong; capable of endurance; as, a hardy veteran; a hardy mariner.
Able to withstand the cold of winter. html{color:

harslet ::: n. --> See Haslet. html{color:

hearselike ::: a. --> Suitable to a funeral. html{color:

hemuse ::: n. --> The roebuck in its third year. html{color:

hoboy ::: n. --> A hautboy or oboe. html{color:

hodgepodge ::: n. --> A mixed mass; a medley. See Hotchpot. html{color:

hoful ::: a. --> Careful; wary. html{color:

hook-billed ::: a. --> Having a strongly curved bill. html{color:

hoplite ::: n. --> A heavy-armed infantry soldier. html{color:

hoult ::: n. --> A piece of woodland; a small wood. [Obs.] See Holt. html{color:

hunks ::: n. --> A covetous, sordid man; a miser; a niggard. html{color:

hythe ::: n. --> A small haven. See Hithe. I () I, the ninth letter of the English alphabet, takes its form from the Phoenician, through the Latin and the Greek. The Phoenician letter was probably of Egyptian origin. Its original value was nearly the same as that of the Italian I, or long e as in mete. Etymologically I is most closely related to e, y, j, g; as in dint, dent, beverage, L. bibere; E. kin, AS. cynn; E. thin, AS. /ynne; E. dominion, donjon, dungeon. html{color:

IBM 1620 "computer" A computer built by {IBM} and released in late 1959. The 1620 cost from around $85,000(?) up to hundreds of thousands of dollars(?) according to the configuration. It was billed as a "small scientific computer" to distinguish it from the business-oriented {IBM 1401}. It was regarded as inexpensive, and many schools started out with one. It was either developed for the US Navy to teach computing, or as a replacement for the very successful {IBM 650} which did quite well in the low end scientific market. Rumour has it that the Navy called this computer the CADET - Can't Add, Doesn't Even Try. The {ALU} used lookup tables to add, subtract and multiply but it could do address increments and the like without the tables. You could change the number base by adjusting the tables, which were input during the boot sequence from {Hollerith} cards. The divide instruction required additional hardware, as did {floating point} operations. The basic machine had 20,000 decimal digits of {ferrite core memory} arranged as a 100 by 100 array of 12-bit locations, each holding two digits. Each digit was stored as four numeric bits, one flag bit and one parity bit. The numeric bits stored a decimal digit (values above nine were illegal). Memory was logically divided into fields. On the high-order digit of a field the flag bit indicated the end of the field. On the low-order digit it indicated a negative number. A flag bit on the low order of the address indicated {indirect addressing} if you had that option installed. A few "illegal" bit combinations were used to store things like record marks and "numeric blanks". On a {subroutine} call it stored the {return address} in the five digits just before the entry point to the routine, so you had to build your own {stack} to do {recursion}. The enclosure was grey, and the core was about four or five inches across. The core memory was kept cool inside a temperature-controlled box. The machine took a few minutes to warm up after power on before you could use it. If it got too hot there was a thermal cut-out switch that would shut it down. Memory could be expanded up to 100,000 digits in a second cabinet. The cheapest package used {paper tape} for I/O. You could also get {punched cards} and later models could be hooked up to a 1311 {disk drive} (a two-{megabyte} {washing machine}), a 1627 {plotter}, and a 1443 {line printer}. Because the 1620 was popular with colleges, IBM ran a clearing house of software for a nominal cost such as {Snobol}, {COBOL}, chess games, etc. The model II, released about three years later, could add and subtract without tables. The {clock period} decreased from 20 to 10 microseconds, instruction fetch sped up by a few cycles and it added {index registers} of some sort. Some of the model I's options were standard on the model II, like {indirect addressing} and the {console} {teletype} changed from a model C to a {Selectric}. Later still, IBM marketed the {IBM 1710}. A favorite use was to tune a FM radio to pick up the "interference" from the lights on the console. With the right delay loops you could generate musical notes. Hackers wrote {interpreters} that played music from notation like "C44". {IBM 1620 console (img:/pub/misc/IBM1620-console.jpg)} 1620 consoles were used as props to represent {Colossus} in the film "The Forbin Project", though most of the machines had been scrapped by the time the film was made. {A fully configured 1620 (}. {IBM 1620 at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA (/pub/misc/IBM1620-Tuck1960s.jpg)} (Thanks Victor E. McGee, pictured). ["Basic Programming Concepts and the IBM 1620 Computer", Leeson and Dimitry, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1962]. (2018-09-11)

inline element "web" Any {HTML element} that is rendered in the same position as normal plain text, i.e. to the right of the preceding text (for left-to-right scripts). This contrasts with a {block-level elements} that is always placed below the preceding text line. Inline elements typically specify formatting, e.g. "B" ({bold}), "SMALL" or the kind of content, e.g. "CODE", "KBD", though they also include things like {inline images} ("IMG") and {text areas} ("TEXTAREA"). {(} (2011-01-04)

inline image "web" An image that appears within the body of a {web page}. Most graphical {web browsers} display images inline (with an option to turn off inline images, to speed up the display of web pages). Other {image formats} may have to be displayed in a separate {window} and/or by another {application program}. An inline image in a web page is specified with the "IMG" {HTML} {tag}, which can take many {attributes}, the most important of which is the SRC attribute that gives the {URL} from which to fetch the image. The ALT attribute gives text to display in place of the image for users with images disabled or who are using text-only browsers or text-to-speech convertors (e.g. blind users). (2011-01-04)

inline image ::: (World-Wide Web) An image that appears within the body of a web page. Most graphical web browsers can display both GIF and JPG images inline. The web browser may give the user an option to turn off inline images, to speed up the display of web pages.Other image formats may have to be displayed in a separate window and/or by another application program.An inline image in a web page is achieved with the IMG> HTML tag, which can take many attributes. The SRC attribute gives the URL from which to fetch the users with images disabled or who are using text-only browsers or text-to-speech convertors (e.g. blind users). (1999-10-27)

irvingite ::: n. --> The common designation of one a sect founded by the Rev. Edward Irving (about 1830), who call themselves the Catholic Apostolic Church. They are highly ritualistic in worship, have an elaborate hierarchy of apostles, prophets, etc., and look for the speedy coming of Christ. html{color:

ISMAP (web) An attribute of the {HTML} tag "IMG" (inline image) which specifies that if the image is selected, the {browser} will generate a request indicating the coordinates of the point which was clicked. This request is then interpreted by the server by mapping certain regions of the image to certain actions. {Documentation (}. (1995-02-14)

ISMAP ::: (World-Wide Web) An attribute of the HTML tag IMG> (inline image) which specifies that if the image is selected, the browser will generate a request interpreted by the server by mapping certain regions of the image to certain actions. . (1995-02-14)

jackmen ::: pl. --> of Jackman html{color:

jamdani ::: n. --> A silk fabric, with a woven pattern of sprigs of flowers. html{color:

jet-black ::: a. --> Black as jet; deep black. html{color:

jetsam ::: n. --> Alt. of Jetson html{color:

jetty ::: a. --> Made of jet, or like jet in color. ::: n. --> A part of a building that jets or projects beyond the rest, and overhangs the wall below.
A wharf or pier extending from the shore.
A structure of wood or stone extended into the sea to html{color:

johannisberger ::: n. --> A fine white wine produced on the estate of Schloss (or Castle) Johannisberg, on the Rhine. html{color:

jorum ::: n. --> A large drinking vessel; also, its contents. html{color:

kinetogenesis ::: n. --> An instrument for producing curves by the combination of circular movements; -- called also kinescope. html{color:

kytoplasma ::: n. --> See Karyoplasma. L () L is the twelfth letter of the English alphabet, and a vocal consonant. It is usually called a semivowel or liquid. Its form and value are from the Greek, through the Latin, the form of the Greek letter being from the Phoenician, and the ultimate origin prob. Egyptian. Etymologically, it is most closely related to r and u; as in pilgrim, peregrine, couch (fr. collocare), aubura (fr. LL. alburnus). html{color:

labara ::: pl. --> of Labarum html{color:

ladied ::: a. --> Ladylike; not rough; gentle. html{color:

ladrone ::: n. --> A robber; a pirate; hence, loosely, a rogue or rascal. html{color:

LAGHISiA. The power of getimg fighter.

lamasery ::: n. --> A monastery or convent of lamas, in Thibet, Mongolia, etc. html{color:

languaging ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Language html{color:

larixinic ::: a. --> Of, or derived from, the larch (Larix); as, larixinic acid. html{color:

lavrock ::: n. --> Same as Laverock. html{color:

leontodon ::: n. --> A genus of liguliflorous composite plants, including the fall dandelion (L. autumnale), and formerly the true dandelion; -- called also lion&

libatory ::: a. --> Pertaining to libation. html{color:

lid ::: n. --> That which covers the opening of a vessel or box, etc.; a movable cover; as, the lid of a chest or trunk.
The cover of the eye; an eyelid.
The cover of the spore cases of mosses.
A calyx which separates from the flower, and falls off in a single piece, as in the Australian Eucalypti.
The top of an ovary which opens transversely, as in the fruit of the purslane and the tree which yields Brazil nuts. html{color:

lightning ::: n. --> A discharge of atmospheric electricity, accompanied by a vivid flash of light, commonly from one cloud to another, sometimes from a cloud to the earth. The sound produced by the electricity in passing rapidly through the atmosphere constitutes thunder.
The act of making bright, or the state of being made bright; enlightenment; brightening, as of the mental powers. ::: vb. n. html{color:

liman ::: n. --> The deposit of slime at the mouth of a river; slime. html{color:

linum ::: n. --> A genus of herbaceous plants including the flax (Linum usitatissimum). html{color:

lionly ::: a. --> Like a lion; fierce. html{color:

liza ::: n. --> The American white mullet (Mugil curema). html{color:

llanos ::: pl. --> of Llano html{color:

loess ::: n. --> A quaternary deposit, usually consisting of a fine yellowish earth, on the banks of the Rhine and other large rivers. html{color:

lough ::: n. --> A loch or lake; -- so spelt in Ireland. ::: obs. strong imp. --> of Laugh. html{color:

lytta ::: n. --> A fibrous and muscular band lying within the longitudinal axis of the tongue in many mammals, as the dog. M () M, the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a vocal consonant, and from the manner of its formation, is called the labio-nasal consonant. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 178-180, 242. html{color:

maian ::: n. --> Any spider crab of the genus Maia, or family Maiadae. html{color:

mardi gras ::: n. --> The last day of Carnival; Shrove Tuesday; -- in some cities a great day of carnival and merrymaking. html{color:

marionette ::: n. --> A puppet moved by strings, as in a puppet show.
The buffel duck. html{color:

meliaceous ::: a. --> Pertaining to a natural order (Meliacae) of plants of which the genus Melia is the type. It includes the mahogany and the Spanish cedar. html{color:

melon ::: n. --> The juicy fruit of certain cucurbitaceous plants, as the muskmelon, watermelon, and citron melon; also, the plant that produces the fruit.
A large, ornamental, marine, univalve shell of the genus Melo. html{color:

menial ::: n. --> Belonging to a retinue or train of servants; performing servile office; serving.
Pertaining to servants, esp. domestic servants; servile; low; mean.
A domestic servant or retainer, esp. one of humble rank; one employed in low or servile offices.
A person of a servile character or disposition. html{color:

mercat ::: n. --> Market; trade. html{color:

mesal ::: a. --> Same as Mesial. html{color:

mesogastrium ::: n. --> The umbilical region.
The mesogaster. html{color:

mesonotum ::: n. --> The dorsal portion of the mesothorax of insects. html{color:

mida ::: n. --> The larva of the bean fly. html{color:

minimizimg ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Minimize

mittent ::: a. --> Sending forth; emitting. html{color:

monitrix ::: n. --> A female monitor. html{color:

monkery ::: n. --> The life of monks; monastic life; monastic usage or customs; -- now usually applied by way of reproach.
A collective body of monks. html{color:

monseigneur ::: n. --> My lord; -- a title in France of a person of high birth or rank; as, Monseigneur the Prince, or Monseigneur the Archibishop. It was given, specifically, to the dauphin, before the Revolution of 1789. (Abbrev. Mgr.) html{color:

mrs. ::: --> The customary abbreviation of Mistress when used as a title of courtesy, in writing and printing. html{color:

Muyong Suyon. (無用秀演) (1651-1719). Korean scholastic (KYO) monk of the Choson dynasty. Muyong lost both parents at the age of thirteen and lived with his elder brother, until he decided in 1669 to become a monk at the monastery of SONGGWANGSA. Three years later, he went to the monastery of SoNAMSA to continue his studies under Ch'imgoeng Hyonbyon (1616-1684). At Ch'imgoeng's recommendation, Muyong became a disciple of the eminent SoN master PAEGAM SoNGCH'ONG (1631-1700) at Songgwangsa. In 1680, Muyong held a public lecture at Sinsonam in the vicinity of Chinggwangsa. In order to accommodate the large number of people coming to his lectures, Muyong is said to have moved back to the larger monasteries of Sonamsa and Songgwangsa. Muyong at one point went into retreat to meditate, but he was forced to return to teaching at the request of all those people who wished to attend his lectures. He also assisted in Paegam's publication of Buddhist scriptures. After Paegam's death, he taught at the hermitage of Ch'ilburam. In 1719, when his disciple Yakt'an (1668-1754) organized a great assembly to study Hwaom (C. HUAYAN) doctrine and verse commentaries to the public cases (K. kongan; C. GONG'AN) of the Chan masters of old, Muyong was asked to preside. His essays, letters, and poems are collected in the Muyongdang chip.

naphthyl ::: n. --> A hydrocarbon radical regarded as the essential residue of naphthalene. html{color:

natant ::: a. --> Floating in water, as the leaves of water lilies, or submersed, as those of many aquatic plants.
Placed horizontally across the field, as if swimmimg toward the dexter side; said of all sorts of fishes except the flying fish.

nazirite ::: n. --> A Nazarite. html{color:

newtonian ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to Sir Isaac Newton, or his discoveries. ::: n. --> A follower of Newton. html{color:

nomad ::: n. --> One of a race or tribe that has no fixed location, but wanders from place to place in search of pasture or game. ::: a. --> Roving; nomadic. html{color:

nucha ::: n. --> The back or upper part of the neck; the nape. html{color:

nyula ::: n. --> A species of ichneumon (Herpestes nyula). Its fur is beautifully variegated by closely set zigzag markings. O () O, the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet, derives its form, value, and name from the Greek O, through the Latin. The letter came into the Greek from the Ph/nician, which possibly derived it ultimately from the Egyptian. Etymologically, the letter o is most closely related to a, e, and u; as in E. bone, AS. ban; E. stone, AS. stan; E. broke, AS. brecan to break; E. bore, AS. beran to bear; E. dove, AS. d/fe; E. html{color:

orthopinacoid ::: n. --> A name given to the two planes in the monoclinic system which are parallel to the vertical and orthodiagonal axes. html{color:

otopathy ::: n. --> A diseased condition of the ear. html{color:

parrock ::: n. --> A croft, or small field; a paddock. html{color:

pexity ::: n. --> Nap of cloth. html{color:

pitmen ::: pl. --> of Pitman html{color:

plim ::: v. i. --> To swell, as grain or wood with water. html{color:

point-blank ::: n. --> The white spot on a target, at which an arrow or other missile is aimed.
With all small arms, the second point in which the natural line of sight, when horizontal, cuts the trajectory.
With artillery, the point where the projectile first strikes the horizontal plane on which the gun stands, the axis of the piece being horizontal. html{color:

pot-sure ::: a. --> Made confident by drink. html{color:

pounding ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Pound ::: n. --> The act of beating, bruising, or breaking up; a beating.
A pounded or pulverized substance. html{color:

pounds ::: pl. --> of Pound
of Pound html{color:

precogitate ::: v. t. --> To cogitate beforehand. html{color:

prosopolepsy ::: n. --> Respect of persons; especially, a premature opinion or prejudice against a person, formed from his external appearance. html{color:

proved ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Prove html{color:

pseudofilaria ::: n. --> One of the two elongated vibratile young formed by fission of the embryo during the development of certain Gregarinae. html{color:

purity ::: n. --> The condition of being pure.
freedom from foreign admixture or deleterious matter; as, the purity of water, of wine, of drugs, of metals.
Cleanness; freedom from foulness or dirt.
Freedom from guilt or the defilement of sin; innocence; chastity; as, purity of heart or of life.
Freedom from any sinister or improper motives or views.
Freedom from foreign idioms, or from barbarous or improper html{color:

raglan ::: n. --> A loose overcoat with large sleeves; -- named from Lord Raglan, an English general. html{color:

ravel ::: v. t. --> To separate or undo the texture of; to take apart; to untwist; to unweave or unknit; -- often followed by out; as, to ravel a twist; to ravel out a stocking.
To undo the intricacies of; to disentangle.
To pull apart, as the threads of a texture, and let them fall into a tangled mass; hence, to entangle; to make intricate; to involve. html{color:

reis ::: pl. --> of Rei ::: n. --> The word is used as a Portuguese designation of money of account, one hundred reis being about equal in value to eleven cents.
A common title in the East for a person in authority, especially the captain of a ship. html{color:

reviewal ::: n. --> A review. html{color:

rhotacism ::: n. --> An oversounding, or a misuse, of the letter r; specifically (Phylol.), the tendency, exhibited in the Indo-European languages, to change s to r, as wese to were. html{color:

ropalic ::: a. --> See Rhopalic. html{color:

rosemary ::: n. --> A labiate shrub (Rosmarinus officinalis) with narrow grayish leaves, growing native in the southern part of France, Spain, and Italy, also in Asia Minor and in China. It has a fragrant smell, and a warm, pungent, bitterish taste. It is used in cookery, perfumery, etc., and is an emblem of fidelity or constancy. html{color:

rugulose ::: a. --> Somewhat rugose. html{color:

rupellary ::: n. --> Rocky. html{color:

schedule ::: n. --> A written or printed scroll or sheet of paper; a document; especially, a formal list or inventory; a list or catalogue annexed to a larger document, as to a will, a lease, a statute, etc. ::: v. t. --> To form into, or place in, a schedule. html{color:

schooling ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of School ::: n. --> Instruction in school; tuition; education in an institution of learning; act of teaching.
Discipline; reproof; reprimand; as, he gave his son a good schooling. html{color:

schrode ::: n. --> See Scrod. html{color:

sham ::: n. --> That which deceives expectation; any trick, fraud, or device that deludes and disappoint; a make-believe; delusion; imposture, humbug.
A false front, or removable ornamental covering. ::: a. --> False; counterfeit; pretended; feigned; unreal; as, a sham html{color:

sheeny ::: a. --> Bright; shining; radiant; sheen. html{color:

short-dated ::: a. --> Having little time to run from the date. html{color:

snail ::: n. --> Any one of numerous species of terrestrial air-breathing gastropods belonging to the genus Helix and many allied genera of the family Helicidae. They are abundant in nearly all parts of the world except the arctic regions, and feed almost entirely on vegetation; a land snail.
Any gastropod having a general resemblance to the true snails, including fresh-water and marine species. See Pond snail, under Pond, and Sea snail. html{color:

Soltu Yuhyong. (雪竇有炯) (1824-1889). Korean SoN master of the Choson dynasty, also known as Pongmun and Ponggi. In 1842, Soltu entered the monastery under the guidance of Chonggwan K'waeil (d.u.) on Mt. Paegyang, and the following year he received the precepts from Ch'immyong Hansong (1801-1876). Soltu studied at various places throughout the country before visiting the Son master PAEKP'A KŬNGSoN. In 1870, Soltu began restoration of the monastery of Pulgapsa on Mt. Moak. In 1889, he taught Son meditation at the monastery of Ponginsa at the request of Hwanong Hwanjin (1824-1904). Soltu became ill shortly after his trip to Ponginsa, so he entrusted his robe and bowl to his disciple Soryu Ch'omyong (1858-1903) and retired to the hermitage of Sorimgul, where he passed away in 1889. Soltu was a prolific writer whose works include the Haejong nok, T'ongbang chongan, Sonwon soryu, Soltu sijip and others. His Sonwon soryu was written as a response to CH'OŬI ŬISUN (1786-1866) and UDAM HONGGI (1822-1881) who criticized Paekp'a's influential treatise, Sonmun sugyong ("Hand Mirror of the Son School").

spicy ::: superl. --> Flavored with, or containing, spice or spices; fragrant; aromatic; as, spicy breezes.
Producing, or abounding with, spices.
Fig.: Piquant; racy; as, a spicy debate. html{color:

STRAIGHT ROAD. ::: Take the psychic attitude ; follow the stimght sunlit path, with the Divine openly and secretly upbear- ing you — if secretly, he will yet show himself in good lime.

stum ::: n. --> Unfermented grape juice or wine, often used to raise fermentation in dead or vapid wines; must.
Wine revived by new fermentation, reulting from the admixture of must. ::: v. t. --> To renew, as wine, by mixing must with it and raising a html{color:

tablecloth ::: n. --> A cloth for covering a table, especially one with which a table is covered before the dishes, etc., are set on for meals. html{color:

tabler ::: n. --> One who boards.
One who boards others for hire. html{color:

tartary ::: n. --> Tartarus. html{color:

tennu ::: n. --> The tapir. html{color:

thomite ::: n. --> A Thomaean. html{color:

thriving ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Thrive html{color:

tigelle ::: n. --> Same as Tigella. html{color:

toxiphobia ::: n. --> An insane or greatly exaggerated dread of poisons. html{color:

tracer ::: n. --> One who, or that which, traces. html{color:

trichromic ::: a. --> Of, pertaining to, or consisting of, three colors or color sensations.
Containing three atoms of chromium. html{color:

turn-buckle ::: n. --> A loop or sleeve with a screw thread at one end and a swivel at the other, -- used for tightening a rod, stay, etc.
A gravitating catch, as for fastening a shutter, the end of a chain, or a hasp. html{color:

VAIRACYA. ::: A liberating distaste. The vaimgya of one who has tasted the world’s gifts or prizes but found them insufficient or tasteless and turns away towards a higher ideal or the vaiVngya of one who has done his part in life’s battles but seen that some- thing greater is demanded of the soul, is perfectly helpful and a good gate to the yoga.

vallecula ::: n. --> A groove; a fossa; as, the vallecula, or fossa, which separates the hemispheres of the cerebellum.
One of the grooves, or hollows, between the ribs of the fruit of umbelliferous plants. html{color:

vouchment ::: n. --> A solemn assertion. html{color:

vying ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Vie ::: --> a. & n. from Vie. W () the twenty-third letter of the English alphabet, is usually a consonant, but sometimes it is a vowel, forming the second element of certain diphthongs, as in few, how. It takes its written form and its html{color:

warbling ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Warble html{color:

wayz-goose ::: n. --> A stubble goose.
An annual feast of the persons employed in a printing office. html{color:

welding ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Weld html{color:

wharves ::: pl. --> of Wharf html{color:

whatnot ::: n. --> A kind of stand, or piece of furniture, having shelves for books, ornaments, etc.; an etagere. html{color:

wheatsel bird ::: --> The male of the chaffinch. html{color:

when ::: adv. --> At what time; -- used interrogatively.
At what time; at, during, or after the time that; at or just after, the moment that; -- used relatively.
While; whereas; although; -- used in the manner of a conjunction to introduce a dependent adverbial sentence or clause, having a causal, conditional, or adversative relation to the principal proposition; as, he chose to turn highwayman when he might have continued an honest man; he removed the tree when it was the best in html{color:

whence ::: adv. --> From what place; hence, from what or which source, origin, antecedent, premise, or the like; how; -- used interrogatively.
From what or which place, source, material, cause, etc.; the place, source, etc., from which; -- used relatively. html{color:

whereret ::: v. t. --> To hurry; to trouble; to tease.
To box (one) on the ear; to strike or box. (the ear); as, to wherret a child. html{color:

williwaw ::: n. --> Alt. of Willywaw html{color:

winsome ::: a. --> Cheerful; merry; gay; light-hearted.
Causing joy or pleasure; gladsome; pleasant. html{color:

wold ::: n. --> A wood; a forest.
A plain, or low hill; a country without wood, whether hilly or not.
See Weld. html{color:

women ::: pl. --> of Herdswoman
of Woman ::: n. --> pl. of Woman. html{color:

won ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Win ::: --> imp. & p. p. of Win. ::: v. i. html{color:

xyst ::: n. --> Alt. of Xystus html{color:

zuisin ::: n. --> The American widgeon. html{color:

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"Snow was falling,
so much like stars
filling the dark trees
that one could easily imagine
its reason for being was nothing more
than prettiness. ~ Mary Oliver,
17:Every insurance company is different, and you should look around to see what companies offer and which are best for your trip. For that, I highly recommend the website Insure My Trip ( They compare insurance policies for more than twenty insurance providers, and because they let you compare plans in a grid layout, it’s easy to see exactly what each company covers. You’ll be able to compare medical coverage limits, emergency evacuation coverage, trip cancellation coverage, dental coverage, disaster coverage, and everything else under the sun. Some of the most popular travel insurance companies include STA Travel Insurance (, World Nomads (worldnomads .com), MedEx (, MedjetAssist (, and IMG ( ~ Matt Kepnes,
18:If we put aside the self-awareness standard -- and really, how arbitrary and arrogant is that, to take the attribute of consciousness we happen to possess over all creatures and set it atop the hierarchy,  proclaiming it the very definition of consciousness (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg wrote something wise in his notebooks, to the effect of: only a man can draw a self-portrait, but only a man wants to) -- it becomes possible to say at least the following: the overwhelming tendency of all this scientific work, of its results, has been toward more consciousness. More species having it, and species having more of it than assumed. This was made boldly clear when the 'Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness' pointed out that those 'neurological substrates' necessary for consciousness (whatever 'consciousness' is) belong to 'all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses.' The animal kingdom is symphonic with mental activity, and of its millions of wavelengths, we’re born able to understand the minutest sliver. The least we can do is have a proper respect for our ignorance.

"The philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote an essay in 1974 titled, 'What Is It Like To Be a Bat?,' in which he put forward perhaps the least overweening, most useful definition of 'animal consciousness' ever written, one that channels Spinoza’s phrase about 'that nature belonging to him wherein he has his being.' Animal consciousness occurs, Nagel wrote, when 'there is something that it is to be that organism -- something it islike for the organism.' The strangeness of his syntax carries the genuine texture of the problem. We’ll probably never be able to step far enough outside of our species-reality to say much about what is going on with them, beyond saying how like or unlike us they are. Many things are conscious on the earth, and we are one, and our consciousness feels likethis; one of the things it causes us to do is doubt the existence of the consciousness of the other millions of species. But it also allows us to imagine a time when we might stop doing that. ~ John Jeremiah Sullivan,



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Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions ::: Hai to gens no Grimgar (original tit ::: TV-14 | 24min | Animation, Adventure, Drama | TV Series (2016) Episode Guide 13 episodes Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions Poster Haruhiro suddenly wakes up, with no memory but his name. There are a lot of people around, but noone seems to know anything. Haruhiro forms a party of some of the people and start exploring. Stars: Ricco Fajardo, Jarrod Greene, Orion Pitts's_Chamber,_Chant,_Prayer,_Awaken't_Mean_You're_Weak._Enduring_Doesn't_Mean_You're_Strong's,_Chant,_Prayer,_Awaken't_Always_Go_Your_Way,_and_Try_Not_to_Laugh'_Guild's'_Guild's's_Tavern's'_Guild'_Guild
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar -- -- A-1 Pictures -- 12 eps -- Light novel -- Action Adventure Drama Fantasy -- Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Hai to Gensou no Grimgar -- Fear, survival, instinct. Thrown into a foreign land with nothing but hazy memories and the knowledge of their name, they can feel only these three emotions resonating deep within their souls. A group of strangers is given no other choice than to accept the only paying job in this game-like world—the role of a soldier in the Reserve Army—and eliminate anything that threatens the peace in their new world, Grimgar. -- -- When all of the stronger candidates join together, those left behind must create a party together to survive: Manato, a charismatic leader and priest; Haruhiro, a nervous thief; Yume, a cheerful hunter; Shihoru, a shy mage; Mogzo, a kind warrior; and Ranta, a rowdy dark knight. Despite its resemblance to one, this is no game—there are no redos or respawns; it is kill or be killed. -- -- It is now up to this ragtag group of unlikely fighters to survive together in a world where life and death are separated only by a fine line. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- 564,145 7.68
Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars -- -- Actas -- 13 eps -- Original -- Action Sci-Fi Mecha -- Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars -- In the country of Rimguard, a mysterious event shook the country and its people just 12 years prior. As time passed, memory of the incident began to fade while peace reigned over the land. Sisters Yui and Rena live a quiet life in the Enastria Empire until a large mecha suddenly attacks their peaceful home, changing everything. The girls become caught in a vortex of destiny and godly revival. -- -- (Source: FUNimation) -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- 26,299 5.99"Adoration_of_Shepherds"_at_Brooklyn_Museum_IMG_3840.JPG,_imgp8105_(2013-08).jpg's_March_IMG_6228.jpg's_March_IMG_6258.jpg's_March_IMG_6552.jpg's_March_IMG_6553.jpg's_March_IMG_6554.jpg's_March_IMG_6555.jpg's_March_IMG_6639.jpg's_March_IMG_6675.jpg's_March_IMG_6676.jpg"Bathtub"_wall_at_9-11_Memorial_in_NYC_IMG_5776.JPG,_Berlin-Dahlem_-_view_-_IMG_8665.JPG,_TX_IMG_0027.JPG,Str.Bisericii_Ortodoxe,nr.10-Biserica_Sf.Treime-IMG_1183.jpg,Str.Bisericii_Ortodoxe,nr.10-Biserica_Sf.Treime-IMG_1205.JPG,Str.Bisericii_Ortodoxe,nr.10-Biserica_Sf.Treime-IMG_1208.JPG,Str.Bisericii_Ortodoxe,nr.10-Biserica_Sf.Treime-IMG_1212.jpg,Str.Bisericii_Ortodoxe,nr.10-Biserica_Sf.Treime-IMG_1227.JPG,Str.Bisericii_Ortodoxe,nr.10-Biserica_Sf.Treime-IMG_1233.JPG,Str.Bisericii_Ortodoxe,nr.10-Biserica_Sf.Treime-IMG_1241.jpg"Courthouse_under_the_Oaks"_historical_marker,_Athens,_TX_IMG_0577.JPG"Embarkation_of_Pilgrims"_by_Robert_Weir_IMG_3882.JPG"Food_Is_Essential_to_Life"_IMG_5013.JPG"Freedom_Is_Never_Free",_Wisner,_LA_IMG_0301.JPG"God_who_gave_us_life"_at_Jefferson_Memorial_IMG_4728.JPG"Guardian_Lion"_at_Brooklyn_Museum_IMG_3865.JPG"Hereford_Brand"_newspaper_office,_Hereford,_TX_IMG_4894.JPG'Eustorgio_-_Lapide_inquisitore_Francesco_Cuccino,_1651_-_Foto_Giovanni_Dall'Orto_-_1-Mar-2007.jpg'Orto_-_8-Mar-2007.jpg,_imgp9961_(2017-10).jpg"Justice_to_All_Mankind",_Perryton,_TX_IMG_6027.JPG's_Day_IMG_1810_(32657205480).jpg's_Day_IMG_1811_(32912872261).jpg,_Janakpur-September_22,_2016-IMG_7437.jpg,_Jabalpur_-_Madhya_Pradesh_-_IMG_20210406_201834.jpg,_7_November_2020_Biden_-_Harris_Victory_Celebrations_@_1600_block_of_I_Street,_NW,_Washington_DC_IMG_0243_(50590420136).jpg's_Day_2017_march_on_campus_of_EMU_IMG_8094.jpg's_Day_2017_march_on_campus_of_EMU_IMG_8095.jpg
Abzal Rakimgaliev
Al-Ameen Academy Badarpur, Karimgnaj
Allium tschimganicum
Anvar Ibragimgadzhiyev
BarharwaAzimganjKatwa loop
Bhimgarh Fort
Bhimgoda Barrage
Brian Scrimgeour
Cicindela duodecimguttata
Colin Scrimgeour
Coup d'etat (Muslimgauze album)
EphraimGibraltar Airport
Eupithecia tshimganica
Francis Alexander Caron Scrimger
Garmin .img
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Halyzia sedecimguttata
Heimgarten (mountain)
Henry Scrimgeour
HowrahAzimganj Kavi Guru Express
HowrahMalda Town Intercity Express (via Azimganj)
Imgenes (band)
Imgenes (Lourdes Robles album)
IMG Academy
IMG Academy Bradenton
IMG (company)
IMG (file format)
Imghad Tuareg Self-Defense Group and Allies
IMG International Tour Tennis
IMG Worlds of Adventure
INS Himgiri
Jiaganj Azimganj
John Scrimgeour
Karimganj district
Karimganj (Lok Sabha constituency)
Karl Prsimgi
Katarina Timglas
Latrodectus tredecimguttatus
Learfield IMG College
LeimgruberBatcho indole synthesis
Lhachen Dpalgyimgon
Mireille Nguimgo
NalhatiAzimganj branch line
Primghar, Iowa
Ramkrishna Nagar, Karimganj
Ray Timgren
Richard Scrimger
Rimgaila Salys
Robert Himgi
SangeminiTrevigianiMG.K Vis
Semagystia tsimgana
Sheldon-Primghar Hyphens
Sid Meier's SimGolf
Simge ebnem Akz
Simge (singer)
Simge Tertemiz
Smith New Court Securities Ltd v Scrimgeour Vickers (Asset Management) Ltd
Stanley Dimgba
Taavi Veskimgi
Tatjana Kivimgi
TIMGlobal Media
UCLA IMG Program
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User:GuyHimGuy/Falsely Accused/doc
Uusvada ludimgi

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