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Yuval Noah Harari


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1:In the past, censorship worked by blocking the flow of information. In the twenty-first century, censorship works by flooding people with irrelevant information. People just don't know what to pay attention to, and they often spend their time investigating and debating side issues. In ancient times having power meant having access to data. Today having power means knowing what to ignore. ~ Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus,

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1:Biology enables, Culture forbids. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
2:Consistency is the playground of dull minds. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
3:We did not domesticate wheat. It domesticated us. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
4:Money is the most universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
5:Questions you cannot answer are usually far better for you than answers you cannot question. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
6:The most common reaction of the human mind to achievement is not satisfaction, but craving for more. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
7:Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don’t know what they want? ~ Yuval Noah Harari
8:One of history’s few iron laws is that luxuries tend to become necessities and to spawn new obligations. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
9:This is the essence of the Agricultural Revolution: the ability to keep more people alive under worse conditions. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
10:You could never convince a monkey to give you a banana by promising him limitless bananas after death in monkey heaven. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
11:History is something that very few people have been doing while everyone else was ploughing fields and carrying water buckets. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
12:Each year the US population spends more money on diets than the amount needed to feed all the hungry people in the rest of the world. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
13:How do you cause people to believe in an imagined order such as Christianity, democracy or capitalism? First, you never admit that the order is imagined. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
14:happiness does not really depend on objective conditions of either wealth, health or even community. Rather, it depends on the correlation between objective conditions and subjective expectations. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
15:Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlie Munger ~ Timothy Ferriss
16:We do not become satisfied by leading a peaceful and prosperous existence. Rather, we become satisfied when reality matches our expectations. The bad news is that as conditions improve, expectations balloon. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
17:We study history not to know the future but to widen our horizons, to understand that our present situation is neither natural nor inevitable, and that we consequently have many more possibilities before us than we imagine. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
18:As Yuval Noah Harari puts it in his book Homo Deus:4 “If any scientist wants to argue that subjective experiences are irrelevant, their challenge is to explain why torture or rape are wrong without reference to any subjective experience. ~ Max Tegmark
19:This is the best reason to learn history: not in order to predict the future, but to free yourself of the past and imagine alternative destinies. Of course this is not total freedom – we cannot avoid being shaped by the past. But some freedom is better than none. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
20:Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu (5 mentions) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (4) Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (4) Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (4) The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (4) The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (4) Dune by Frank Herbert (3) Influence by Robert Cialdini (3) ~ Timothy Ferriss
21:Large numbers of strangers can cooperate successfully by believing in common myths. Any large-scale human cooperation – whether a modern state, a medieval church, an ancient city or an archaic tribe – is rooted in common myths that exist only in people’s collective imagination. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
22:In 2012 about 56 million people died throughout the world; 620,000 of them died due to human violence (war killed 120,000 people, and crime killed another 500,000). In contrast, 800,000 committed suicide, and 1.5 million died of diabetes. Sugar is now more dangerous than gunpowder. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
23:Nothing captures the biological argument better than the famous New Age slogan: ‘Happiness begins within.’ Money, social status, plastic surgery, beautiful houses, powerful positions – none of these will bring you happiness. Lasting happiness comes only from serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
24:Culture tends to argue that it forbids only that which is unnatural. But from a biological perspective, nothing is unnatural. Whatever is possible is by definition also natural. A truly unnatural behaviour, one that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist, so it would need no prohibition. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
25:So, monotheism explains order, but is mystified by evil. Dualism explains evil, but is puzzled by order. There is one logical way of solving the riddle: to argue that there is a single omnipotent God who created the entire universe – and He’s evil. But nobody in history has had the stomach for such a belief. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
26:The romantic contrast between modern industry that “destroys nature” and our ancestors who “lived in harmony with nature” is groundless. Long before the Industrial Revolution, Homo sapiens held the record among all organisms for driving the most plant and animal species to their extinctions. We have the dubious distinction of being the deadliest species in the annals of life. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
27:Voltaire said about God that ‘there is no God, but don’t tell that to my servant, lest he murder me at night’. Hammurabi would have said the same about his principle of hierarchy, and Thomas Jefferson about human rights. Homo sapiens has no natural rights, just as spiders, hyenas and chimpanzees have no natural rights. But don’t tell that to our servants, lest they murder us at night. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
28:In the past, censorship worked by blocking the flow of information. In the twenty-first century, censorship works by flooding people with irrelevant information. People just don't know what to pay attention to, and they often spend their time investigating and debating side issues. In ancient times having power meant having access to data. Today having power means knowing what to ignore. ~ Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus,
29:Ever since the Cognitive Revolution, Sapiens have thus been living in a dual reality. On the one hand, the objective reality of rivers, trees and lions; and on the other hand, the imagined reality of gods, nations and corporations. As time went by, the imagined reality became ever more powerful, so that today the very survival of rivers, trees and lions depends on the grace of imagined entities such as the United States and Google. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
30:Transhumanism is a contemporary version of a modern project of human self-deification. One of the few to recognize this is the Israeli historian of science Yuval Noah Harari. In Sapiens: a brief history of humankind, first published in Hebrew in 2011, and Homo Deus: a brief history of tomorrow (2016), Harari suggests that the expanding powers that humankind is acquiring through the advance of science could end up bringing about human extinction ~ John N Gray
31:As far as we can tell from a purely scientific viewpoint, human life has absolutely no meaning. Humans are the outcome of blind evolutionary processes that operate without goal or purpose. Our actions are not part of some divine cosmic plan, and if planet earth were to blow up tomorrow morning, the universe would probably keep going about its business as usual. As far as we can tell at this point, human subjectivity would not be missed. Hence any meaning that people inscribe to their lives is just a delusion. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
32:How many young college graduates have taken demanding jobs in high-powered firms, vowing that they will work hard to earn money that will enable them to retire and pursue their real interests when they are thirty-five? But by the time they reach that age, they have large mortgages, children to school, houses in the suburbs that necessitate at least two cars per family, and a sense that life is not worth living without really good wine and expensive holidays abroad. What are they supposed to do, go back to digging up roots? No, they double their efforts and keep slaving away. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
33:How many young college graduates have taken demanding jobs in high-powered firms, vowing that they will work hard to earn money that will enable them to retire and pursue their real interests when they are thirty-five? But by the time they reach that age, they have large mortgages, children to school, houses in the suburbs that necessitate at least two cars per family, and a sense that life is not worth living without really good wine and expensive holidays abroad. What are they supposed to do, go back to digging up roots? No, they double their efforts and keep slaving away.’ —Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2011) ~ Matt Haig
34:How can we distinguish what is biologically determined from what people merely try to justify through biological myths? A good rule of thumb is ‘Biology enables, Culture forbids.’ Biology is willing to tolerate a very wide spectrum of possibilities. It’s culture that obliges people to realize some possibilities while forbidding others. Biology enables women to have children – some cultures oblige women to realize this possibility. Biology enables men to enjoy sex with one another – some cultures forbid them to realize this possibility. Culture tends to argue that it forbids only that which is unnatural. But from a biological perspective, nothing is unnatural. Whatever is possible is by definition also natural. A truly unnatural behavior, one that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
35:The capitalist and consumerist ethics are two sides of the same coin, a merger of two commandments. The supreme commandment of the rich is ‘Invest!’ The supreme commandment of the rest of us is ‘Buy!’ The capitalist–consumerist ethic is revolutionary in another respect. Most previous ethical systems presented people with a pretty tough deal. They were promised paradise, but only if they cultivated compassion and tolerance, overcame craving and anger, and restrained their selfish interests. This was too tough for most. The history of ethics is a sad tale of wonderful ideals that nobody can live up to. Most Christians did not imitate Christ, most Buddhists failed to follow Buddha, and most Confucians would have caused Confucius a temper tantrum. In contrast, most people today successfully live up to the capitalist–consumerist ideal. The new ethic promises paradise on condition that the rich remain greedy and spend their time making more money and that the masses give free reign to their cravings and passions and buy more and more. This is the first religion in history whose followers actually do what they are asked to do. How though do we know that we'll really get paradise in return? We've seen it on television. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
36:According to Buddhism, the root of suffering is neither the feeling of pain nor of sadness nor even of meaninglessness. Rather, the real root of suffering is this never-ending and pointless pursuit of ephemeral feelings, which causes us to be in a constant state of tension, restlessness and dissatisfaction. Due to this pursuit, the mind is never satisfied. Even when experiencing pleasure, it is not content, because it fears this feeling might soon disappear, and craves that this feeling should stay and intensify. People are liberated from suffering not when they experience this or that fleeting pleasure, but rather when they understand the impermanent nature of all their feelings, and stop craving them. This is the aim of Buddhist meditation practices. In meditation, you are supposed to closely observe your mind and body, witness the ceaseless arising and passing of all your feelings, and realise how pointless it is to pursue them. When the pursuit stops, the mind becomes very relaxed, clear and satisfied. All kinds of feelings go on arising and passing – joy, anger, boredom, lust – but once you stop craving particular feelings, you can just accept them for what they are. You live in the present moment instead of fantasising about what might have been. The resulting serenity is so profound that those who spend their lives in the frenzied pursuit of pleasant feelings can hardly imagine it. It is like a man standing for decades on the seashore, embracing certain ‘good’ waves and trying to prevent them from disintegrating, while simultaneously pushing back ‘bad’ waves to prevent them from getting near him. Day in, day out, the man stands on the beach, driving himself crazy with this fruitless exercise. Eventually, he sits down on the sand and just allows the waves to come and go as they please. How peaceful! ~ Yuval Noah Harari



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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - twotruths-tibet's_tweets't_Trust_the_B----_in_Apartment_23,_Bestanddeelnr_932-1199.jpg,_by_John_Trumbull.jpg,_circa_1792).jpg,_January_6_2021_0417PM_EST.webm,_3rd_Baron_Rayleigh's_Truth_or_Square,_VP's_presidency
Wikipedia - 111 West 57th Street -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 11 Hoyt -- Skyscraper under construction in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - 125 Greenwich Street -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 130 William -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 14th Street Tunnel shutdown -- Ongoing reconstruction of the New York City Subway's 14th Street Tunnel
Wikipedia - 1590 Neulengbach earthquake -- Destructive earthquake in 16th-century Austria
Wikipedia - 1678 Kediri campaign -- Military campaign in which Mataram and VOC forces took Kediri from Trunajaya
Wikipedia - 16S ribosomal RNA -- Gene region used in phylogenies reconstruction of prokaryotes (bacteria and archea) because of its slow evolution rate
Wikipedia - 1776 Commission -- Patriotic education commission created by Donald Trump
Wikipedia - 1787 Boricua earthquake -- Earthquake that struck Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - 1821: The Struggle for Freedom -- 2001 turn-based strategy video game
Wikipedia - 1833 Kunming earthquake -- Magnitude 8 earthquake that struck Kunming in Yunnan, China on September 6, 1833
Wikipedia - 18S ribosomal RNA -- Gene region used to reconstruct the evolutionary history of eukaryotes because of its slow evolution rate
Wikipedia - 18 Wheels of Steel -- Truck-simulation video game series
Wikipedia - 1900 Hull-Ottawa fire -- Destructive Canadian urban fire
Wikipedia - 1901 Black Sea earthquake -- Earthquake struck Dobrich Province, Bulgaria on March 31, 1901
Wikipedia - 1902 Ibrox disaster -- Stadium structural failure in Glasgow, Scotland
Wikipedia - 1906 San Francisco earthquake -- Major earthquake that struck San Francisco and the coast of Northern California
Wikipedia - 1913 Australian referendum (Trusts) -- Unsuccessful Australian referendum
Wikipedia - 1918 San Fermin earthquake -- Earthquake that struck Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - 1970 Bhola cyclone -- Tropical cyclone that struck East Pakistan in 1970
Wikipedia - 1972 Bean Station, Tennessee bus crash -- Bus/semi-truck collision in Bean Station, Tennessee
Wikipedia - 1993 World Trade Center bombing -- Truck bomb detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City
Wikipedia - 1998 (instrumental) -- Instrumental song
Wikipedia - 1999 Loomis truck robbery -- Robbery of a semi-trailer truck transporting money in California, US
Wikipedia - 19th century BC in architecture -- Building and structures in 19th century before Christ
Wikipedia - 1-bit computing -- Instruction set architecture for a processor
Wikipedia - 2002 Grozny truck bombing -- 2002 incident in Grozny, Chechnya
Wikipedia - 2003 Znamenskoye suicide bombing -- A truck bombing in Chechnya
Wikipedia - 2006 Pangandaran earthquake and tsunami -- Destructive tsunami earthquake south of Java Island
Wikipedia - 2009 structural changes to local government in England -- 2009 changes to the structure of state administration on a local level in England
Wikipedia - 200 Amsterdam -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 2013 Dar es Salaam building collapse -- Structural failure in Tanzania
Wikipedia - 2014 White House intrusion -- Intrusion into the White House
Wikipedia - 2016 Berlin truck attack
Wikipedia - 2016 Donald Trump Chicago rally protest -- Protest against Donald Trump at a scheduled rally
Wikipedia - 2016 Donald Trump Las Vegas rally incident -- Failed pistol grab at June 2016 Donald Trump Las Vegas rally
Wikipedia - 2016 Nice truck attack -- terrorist attack in France on 14 July 2016
Wikipedia - 2016 United States wireless spectrum auction -- Process of reassigning frequency bands for new uses
Wikipedia - 2017 New York City truck attack -- Vehicle-ramming attack in New York City on October 31, 2017
Wikipedia - 2017 Stockholm truck attack -- Terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden on 7 April 2017
Wikipedia - 2018 Brazil truck drivers' strike -- Strike involving truck drivers throughout Brazil in 2018
Wikipedia - 2018 North Korea-United States Singapore Summit -- Meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un
Wikipedia - 2018 Russia-United States summit -- meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on 16 July 2018
Wikipedia - 2019-2023 structural changes to local government in England -- Planned changes to local government authorities in England
Wikipedia - 2019 North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit -- Meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump
Wikipedia - 2019 opinion polling on the Donald Trump administration -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - 220 (album) -- 1996 instrumental album by Phil Keaggy
Wikipedia - 2M-BM-=-ton 6M-CM-^W6 truck -- Class of military medium duty trucks
Wikipedia - 310 helix -- Type of secondary structure
Wikipedia - 312 RiverRun -- Chicago public park under construction
Wikipedia - 33rd Street Railroad Bridge -- Truss bridge in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Wikipedia - 3D printer extruder
Wikipedia - 3D reconstruction
Wikipedia - 3 Hudson Boulevard -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 425 Park Avenue -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 45 Broad Street -- Residential skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 4QInstruction
Wikipedia - 50 Hudson Yards -- Office skyscraper under construction in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 551 Ortrud -- Main-belt asteroid in the Solar System
Wikipedia - 601 West 29th Street -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 606 West 30th Street -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - 6-ton 6M-CM-^W6 truck -- Type of 6-ton 6x6 truck
Wikipedia - 9/11 Truth movement -- Group of loosely affiliated 9/11 conspiracy theorists
Wikipedia - 9 DeKalb Avenue -- Under-construction skyscraper in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - A104 road (England) -- Trunk road in London
Wikipedia - Aaron D. Truesdell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Aastrup (manor house) -- Manor house near SkM-CM-&lskor, Denmark
Wikipedia - Aastrup -- Name of 5 settlements in Denmark
Wikipedia - Ababeel (NGO) -- Nonprofit medical, rescue, emergency, charitable trust and charitable organization
Wikipedia - Abaddon -- Place of destruction and the archangel of the abyss in the Hebrew Bible
Wikipedia - Abaji (Lebanese musician) -- Lebanese composer, multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Abby Lee Miller -- American dance instructor, choreographer, and owner of Reign Dance Productions
Wikipedia - Abdul Latif Jassim Kanoo -- Bahraini structural engineer
Wikipedia - Abecedarium (Trubar)
Wikipedia - Abelardo Sztrum -- Argentine canoeist
Wikipedia - Abel Trujillo -- American mixed martial artist
Wikipedia - Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966 -- Act of the Parliament of South Australia, the first major recognition of Aboriginal land rights in Australia
Wikipedia - Aboriginal Land Trust
Wikipedia - A Brave and Startling Truth -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Absolute truth
Wikipedia - Absorption band -- Range on the electromagnetic spectrum which are characteristic of a certain transition from initial to final state in a substance
Wikipedia - Absorption spectrum
Wikipedia - Abstract algebra -- Mathematical study of algebraic structures
Wikipedia - Abstract structuralism
Wikipedia - Abyssal fan -- Underwater geological structures associated with large-scale sediment deposition
Wikipedia - A cappella -- Group or solo singing without instrumental sound
Wikipedia - Accessory visual structures -- External parts of the eye including eyebrow, eyelid, and lacrimal apparatus
Wikipedia - Accompaniment -- Musical parts which provide the rhythmic and/or harmonic support for the melody or main themes of a song or instrumental piece
Wikipedia - Accordion -- Bellows-driven free-reed aerophone musical instrument
Wikipedia - Accretion disk -- Structure formed by diffuse material in orbital motion around a massive central body
Wikipedia - Accuracy and precision -- Closeness to true value or to each other
Wikipedia - Acentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Acorn Bank Garden & Watermill -- National Trust property near Penrith, England
Wikipedia - Acoustic-electric guitar -- String instrument
Wikipedia - Acoustic release -- An oceanographic device for the deployment and subsequent recovery of instrumentation from the sea floor, in which the recovery is triggered remotely by an acoustic command signal
Wikipedia - Act structure
Wikipedia - Adamantium -- Fictional, indestructible metal alloy
Wikipedia - Adaptive bias -- Idea that the human brain has evolved to reason adaptively, rather than truthfully or even rationally
Wikipedia - Additive Manufacturing by Material Extrusion of metals and ceramics
Wikipedia - ADESS AG -- German racecar constructor (company)
Wikipedia - ADHM construction
Wikipedia - A Different Kind of Truth -- 2012 album by Van Halen
Wikipedia - Adjacency list -- Data structure representing a graph
Wikipedia - Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias -- Operator of most of Spain's railway infrastructure
Wikipedia - Adolf Scherbaum -- German classical trumpet player
Wikipedia - Adolphe Sax -- Belgian musical instrument designer and musician
Wikipedia - Advanced Vector Extensions -- Extensions to the x86 instruction set architecture for microprocessors from Intel and AMD
Wikipedia - Aeciospore -- Reproductive structure of a fungus
Wikipedia - Aecium -- Reproductive structure of fungi producing aeciospores
Wikipedia - Aecon -- Canadian construction company
Wikipedia - Aegis Trust -- British anti-genocide NGO
Wikipedia - Aegocidnexocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Aerodynamic (instrumental) -- 2001 song by Daft Punk
Wikipedia - Aerostructure -- Component of an aircraft's airframe
Wikipedia - AES instruction set -- Extension to the x86 instruction set
Wikipedia - AES New Instructions
Wikipedia - Afcons Infrastructure -- Indian construction and engineering company
Wikipedia - Affective spectrum -- Spectrum of mood disorders
Wikipedia - Affine space -- Geometric structure that generalizes the Euclidean space
Wikipedia - Afghanistan-Pakistan barrier -- Border barrier being constructed by Pakistan at the Durand Line
Wikipedia - A Flickering Truth -- 2015 film by Pietra Brettkelly
Wikipedia - African Forum for Reconstruction -- Political party in Gabon
Wikipedia - Afrika-Studiecentrum, Leiden
Wikipedia - After the Truth -- 1999 German film
Wikipedia - After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News -- 2020 film by Andrew Rossi
Wikipedia - Agametrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Agatha and the Truth of Murder
Wikipedia - AGH Rostrum Club at Changi -- Rostrum Club formed during World War II at the Prisoner of War camp at Singapore's Changi Prison
Wikipedia - Agile construction
Wikipedia - Agnete BrM-CM-&strup -- Danish physician
Wikipedia - Agni Putrudu -- 1987 film
Wikipedia - Agnostrup -- Genus of Mecistocephalidae centipedes
Wikipedia - Agrotis trux -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Agulhas National Park -- National park on the coastal plain between Gansbaai and Struisbaai in the Western Cape, South Africa
Wikipedia - Aheng -- Instrumental ensemble
Wikipedia - Ahriman -- Personification of the "destructive spirit" in Zoroastrianism
Wikipedia - AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Aimco -- Real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Ain't I a Woman? -- 1851 speech by Sojourner Truth
Wikipedia - A Intrusa -- 1979 film directed by Carlos Hugo Christensen
Wikipedia - Airway management -- Medical procedure ensuring an unobstructed airway
Wikipedia - Airway obstruction -- Blockage in the respiratory system
Wikipedia - Aita -- Etruscan underworld deity
Wikipedia - Ajatashatru -- King of the Magadha Empire
Wikipedia - Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor -- Japanese light novel series
Wikipedia - Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant -- Nuclear power plant under construction in Turkey
Wikipedia - Alamgir Welfare Trust -- Social welfare organization in Pakistan
Wikipedia - Ala Moana Center -- Architectural structure and shopping mall in Honolulu, Hawaii
Wikipedia - Alan Truscott -- Bridge player and writer
Wikipedia - Alan Trustman -- Screenwriter
Wikipedia - Al-Bab truck bombing -- Attack in Syria
Wikipedia - Albanian tribes -- Historical Albanian social structure
Wikipedia - Albatross (instrumental)
Wikipedia - Alberta Carbon Trunk Line System -- {{co2
Wikipedia - Al-Bitruji
Wikipedia - Alderney Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Alderson disk -- A hypothetical artificial astronomical megastructure
Wikipedia - Aldetrude
Wikipedia - Ale-8-One -- Regional ginger and citrus flavored soft drink
Wikipedia - Alessandro Strumia -- Italian physicist
Wikipedia - Alexander du Toit -- A South African geologist instrumental in the development of plate tectonics
Wikipedia - Alexander Hamilton (Trumbull) -- 1792 portrait of Alexander Hamilton by John Trumbull
Wikipedia - Alexander Petrunkevitch
Wikipedia - Alexander's -- Real estate investment trust and former department store chain
Wikipedia - Alexandra Trusova -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Alexei Trupp
Wikipedia - Alex Trujillo (drug dealer) -- Puerto Rican drug dealer turned preacher
Wikipedia - Alfonso Lopez Trujillo -- Colombian Catholic cardinal
Wikipedia - Alfred McAlpine -- British construction company
Wikipedia - Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros -- Cuban jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Algebraically closed field -- Algebraic structure for which the fundamental theorem of algebra is true
Wikipedia - Algebraic structure -- Set with one or more operations that satisfy a given set of axioms
Wikipedia - Algirdas Petrulis -- Lithuanian painter
Wikipedia - Algorithmic Lovasz local lemma -- On constructing objects that obey a system of constraints with limited dependence
Wikipedia - A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman -- 2012 film
Wikipedia - Alien Intruder -- 1993 film
Wikipedia - Alina Dumitru -- Romanian judoka
Wikipedia - Alison Balsom -- English trumpet player (b1978)
Wikipedia - Alison Rodger -- Chemist specialising in biomacromolecular structures
Wikipedia - Alix Bidstrup -- Australian actress
Wikipedia - Allan Dean -- American trumpeter
Wikipedia - Allantois -- Embryonic structure
Wikipedia - Allegations of Obama spying on Trump -- Conspiracy theory claiming that President Obama spied on incoming President Trump
Wikipedia - Allele frequency spectrum
Wikipedia - Allen Organ Company -- musical instrument company which builds church organs, home organs and theatre organs
Wikipedia - Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction -- Political party in the Gambia
Wikipedia - Allie DiMeco -- American actress, reality television personality, and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - All Is True -- 2018 film by Kenneth Branagh
Wikipedia - All Strung Out Over You -- 1966 song by The Chambers Brothers
Wikipedia - Allyson Lawless -- South African structural engineer
Wikipedia - Almanzor -- Hajib of Caliph Hisham II, and the true ruler of the Caliphate of Cordoba
Wikipedia - Aloha Station Trust -- Privately owned divestiture trust for former Clear Channel Communications radio stations
Wikipedia - Al-Otrush Mosque
Wikipedia - Alpha helix -- Type of secondary structure of proteins
Wikipedia - Altar -- Structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes
Wikipedia - Altazores -- A Chilean rock band founded in 2004 by the multi - instrumentalist Chilean composer Mauricio Herrera.
Wikipedia - Altruism (biology)
Wikipedia - Altruism (ethical doctrine)
Wikipedia - Altruism (ethics)
Wikipedia - Altruism -- Principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others
Wikipedia - Altruistic suicide
Wikipedia - Altruistic
Wikipedia - Alvin V. Tollestrup -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Always Be True and Faithful -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - A Manifesto for a Re-appraisal of Sinology and Reconstruction of Chinese Culture
Wikipedia - Amasa Holcomb -- American manufacturer of surveying instruments and telescopes
Wikipedia - A Matter of Trust -- 1986 single by Billy Joel
Wikipedia - AM-bM-^HM-4AM-bM-^HM-4 -- Syncretic, initiatory magical order also known as Argenteum Astrum
Wikipedia - Ambrose Akinmusire -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Amenorrhea -- Absence of a menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age
Wikipedia - American Council of Trustees and Alumni -- American non-profitable organization
Wikipedia - American Educational Trust -- Non-profitable foundation in Washington, D.C
Wikipedia - American Hot Wax -- 1978 film by Floyd Mutrux
Wikipedia - American Institute of Constructors
Wikipedia - American LaFrance -- Defunct American firetruck manufacturer
Wikipedia - American Security and Trust Company Building -- Historic building in Washington, D.C
Wikipedia - American Tower -- American communications infrastructure company
Wikipedia - American Trucker -- American television series
Wikipedia - American Trucking Associations
Wikipedia - American Truck Simulator -- 2016 vehicle simulation game
Wikipedia - Amis des monuments rouennais -- French historic structure organization
Wikipedia - Among the Truthers -- Book by Jonathan Kay
Wikipedia - Amorphous metal -- Solid metallic material with disordered atomic-scale structure
Wikipedia - Amygdala -- Each of two small structures deep within the temporal lobe of complex vertebrates
Wikipedia - Anabolic steroid -- Steroidal androgen that is structurally related and has similar effects to testosterone
Wikipedia - Anabolism -- Set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller units
Wikipedia - Anacampseros telephiastrum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - An Allegory of Truth and Time -- Painting by Annibale Carracci
Wikipedia - Analytic truth
Wikipedia - Anandalahari -- Indian musical instrument
Wikipedia - Anarchist Struggle -- TekoM-EM-^ AnarM-EM-^
Wikipedia - Anastasia Dmitruk -- Ukrainian poet
Wikipedia - Anastasia Trubkina -- Russian orienteering competitor
Wikipedia - Anatomical plane -- Plane used to transect the human body, in order to describe the location of structures or the direction of movements
Wikipedia - Anatomical terms of microanatomy -- Anatomical terminology is used to describe microanatomical (or histological) structures
Wikipedia - Anatomy of the cerebellum -- Structures in the cerebellum, a part of the brain
Wikipedia - Anatomy -- Study of the structure of organisms and their parts
Wikipedia - Anaxyrus -- Genus of true toads in the family Bufonidae.
Wikipedia - Ancistrus leoni -- Species of catfish
Wikipedia - Anders Bergcrantz -- Swedish jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Anders Trulsson Bruland -- Norwegian civil servant and politician
Wikipedia - Andertons Music Co. -- English musical instrument retailer
Wikipedia - Andrea Motis -- Spanish jazz singer and trumpeter
Wikipedia - Andreas Petrus Lundin -- American engineer
Wikipedia - Andre Canniere -- American trumpet player and composer
Wikipedia - Andrew Bird -- American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Andrew Giuliani -- Public Liaison Assistant to President Trump
Wikipedia - Andrew Trull -- British chemist
Wikipedia - Andrew Whittaker (engineer) -- American structural engineer
Wikipedia - Andy Diagram -- British musician and trumpet player
Wikipedia - Andy Pratt (singer-songwriter) -- American rock music singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Andy Tofferl -- Austrian multi-instrumentalist, actor and entertainer
Wikipedia - Andy Truong -- Australian fashion designer
Wikipedia - Anemonastrum baicalense -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Anemonastrum canadense -- Species of flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae
Wikipedia - Anemonastrum -- Genus of Ranunculaceae plants
Wikipedia - An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth -- 1770 book by James Beattie
Wikipedia - Angela Gronenborn -- Molecular biophysicist, structural biologist
Wikipedia - Angela Truszkowska
Wikipedia - Angklung -- Indonesian musical instrument made of two-three bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame
Wikipedia - Angkouch -- A Cambodian musical instrument
Wikipedia - Anglicism -- Word or construction peculiar to or borrowed from the English language
Wikipedia - Angus Trudeau -- Canadian artist
Wikipedia - Animal Wall -- Grade I listed structure in Cardiff, Wales
Wikipedia - An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power -- 2017 American documentary film directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk about Al Gore
Wikipedia - An Inconvenient Truth -- 2006 film directed by Davis Guggenheim
Wikipedia - Anita Trumpe -- Latvian hurdler
Wikipedia - Anna Petrus -- Spanish sculptor and designer
Wikipedia - Anne Trubek -- American author and publisher
Wikipedia - Anne Truitt -- American artist (1921-2004)
Wikipedia - Annie Eliot Trumbull -- American author
Wikipedia - Annie Trumbull Slosson -- Entomologist and writer
Wikipedia - Anomaly-based intrusion detection system
Wikipedia - Anoplotrupes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Anorthosite -- A mafic intrusive igneous rock composed predominantly of plagioclase
Wikipedia - Anstrudis
Wikipedia - Anstruther Davidson -- Botanist and naturalist (1860-1932)
Wikipedia - Antennexocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction -- Surgical process
Wikipedia - Antetonitrus -- Sauropod dinosaur genus from Early Jurassic South Africa
Wikipedia - Ante Trumbic -- Croatian politician
Wikipedia - Anthony Trueman -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Anthony Valletta -- Maltese Natrulist
Wikipedia - Anthophyta -- Division of plants bearing flower-like structures
Wikipedia - Anti-citrullinated protein antibody -- Autoantibodies
Wikipedia - Antim: The Final Truth -- A film directed by Mahesh Manjrekar
Wikipedia - Anti-realism -- Truth of a statement rests on its demonstrability, not its correspondence to an external reality
Wikipedia - Antitrust case
Wikipedia - Antitrust (film) -- 2001 film by Peter Howitt
Wikipedia - Antitrust
Wikipedia - Antoine Cure -- French trumpeter
Wikipedia - Antonia Truppo -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Antonio Castillo Lastrucci -- Spanish sculptor
Wikipedia - Antonio Stradivari -- Italian stringed instrument maker
Wikipedia - Antrum (film) -- 2018 film directed by David Amito, Michael Laicini
Wikipedia - Anzi Destruction -- Finnish rock musician
Wikipedia - Aoki Corporation -- Defunct Japanese construction company
Wikipedia - Aotea railway station -- Station under construction in Auckland, NZ
Wikipedia - Apache (instrumental) -- Instrumental by Jerry Lordan
Wikipedia - Apache Struts 1
Wikipedia - Apache Struts 2
Wikipedia - Apache Struts
Wikipedia - A-P-A Transport Corp. -- Defunct trucking and shipping company in North Bergen, NJ
Wikipedia - A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction
Wikipedia - Aphaenogaster patruelis -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Aplectrum -- Genus of plants
Wikipedia - Aplite -- A fine-grained intrusive igneous rock type similar to granite
Wikipedia - Apodicticity -- Propositions that are demonstrably, necessarily or self-evidently true
Wikipedia - Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package -- Scientific instrument package left by the Apollo astronauts on the Moon
Wikipedia - Apollon (Formula One) -- Racing car constructor
Wikipedia - Apopestes spectrum -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Appalachian dulcimer -- fretted string instrument
Wikipedia - Appendage -- External body part or natural prolongation, that protrudes from an organism's body
Wikipedia - Appetite for Destruction -- 1987 debut studio album by Guns NM-bM-^@M-^Y Roses
Wikipedia - Apple strudel -- Traditional Austrian pastry
Wikipedia - Application-specific instruction set processor
Wikipedia - AppScale -- Software company offering cloud infrastructure software and services
Wikipedia - Aquarius (SAC-D instrument) -- NASA instrument aboard the Argentine SAC-D spacecraft
Wikipedia - Aqueduct (bridge) -- Structure constructed to convey water
Wikipedia - Aqueduct (water supply) -- Structure constructed to convey water
Wikipedia - A Question of Trust -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - Arachnoid (astrogeology) -- Large structure of unknown origin on Venus
Wikipedia - Arachnoid granulation -- Protrusions of the arachnoid mater for returning cerebrospinal fluid to circulation
Wikipedia - Archaeological open-air museum -- Non-profit permanent institution with outdoor true-to-scale architectural reconstructions
Wikipedia - Archicembalo -- musical instrument
Wikipedia - Archipendulum -- Builder's instrument for measuring inclination
Wikipedia - Archips semistructus -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Archirodon -- Greek construction company
Wikipedia - Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth -- Conspiracy theory organization
Wikipedia - Architectural style -- A specific method of construction
Wikipedia - Architectural terracotta -- Fired clay construction material
Wikipedia - Architecture -- The product and the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings and other structures.
Wikipedia - Architect -- Person trained to plan, design and oversee the construction of buildings
Wikipedia - Arch of Titus -- Triumphal arch in Rome (constructed c. 81 AD)
Wikipedia - Arch -- Curved structure that spans a space and may support a load
Wikipedia - Area postrema -- Medullary structure in the brain that controls vomiting
Wikipedia - Argument from ignorance -- Logical fallacy that, since proposition has not yet been proven false, it must be true
Wikipedia - Argument to moderation -- Informal fallacy which asserts that the truth can be found as a compromise between two opposite positions
Wikipedia - Argument -- Attempt to persuade or to determine the truth of a conclusion
Wikipedia - Arithmetic and logic structures
Wikipedia - Arkady and Boris Strugatsky -- Russian brothers, writer duo
Wikipedia - Arlington, Citrus County, Florida -- Former farming community in Inverness, Florida
Wikipedia - Army 2020 Refine -- Restructuring of the British Army
Wikipedia - Arnold Allen -- American instructor, public speaker, and writer
Wikipedia - Arnold Drive Bridge -- historic truss bridge in Eldridge, California, United States.
Wikipedia - Aron Cotrus -- Romanian poet and diplomat
Wikipedia - Arpeggione -- Bowed six-string musical instrument
Wikipedia - ARP Instruments -- Manufacturer of musical instruments
Wikipedia - Arqiva -- British telecommunications and broadcast infrastructure company
Wikipedia - Array data structure -- Type of data structure
Wikipedia - Arripis truttacea -- Species of marine ray-finned fish
Wikipedia - Arthur Elijah Trueman
Wikipedia - Arthur Murray -- American dance instructor (1895-1991)
Wikipedia - Article 41-bis prison regime -- Italian legal instrument
Wikipedia - Artificial island -- An island constructed by people
Wikipedia - Artificial reef -- A human-created underwater structure, typically built to promote marine life, control erosion, block ship passage, block the use of trawling nets, or improve surfing
Wikipedia - Art Instruction Schools -- Minnesota art education organization
Wikipedia - Artin-Verdier duality -- Theorem on constructible abelian sheaves over the spectrum of a ring of algebraic numbers
Wikipedia - Artists and Orphans: A True Drama -- 2001 film by Lianne Klapper McNally
Wikipedia - Artist Trust -- Non-profit organisation in the USA
Wikipedia - Art Scholl -- American acrobatic pilot, aerial cameraman, flight instructor and educator
Wikipedia - Artume -- Etruscan goddess of animals
Wikipedia - Arturo Sandoval -- Cuban jazz trumpeter, pianist and composer
Wikipedia - Arvid Noe -- Norwegian sailor and trucker, the earliest confirmed case of HIV/AIDS in Europe
Wikipedia - Asa'pili -- Constructed language by Hans Widmer
Wikipedia - A. S. Arya -- Indian structural engineer
Wikipedia - Asbestos -- Group of highly stable, non-flammable silicate minerals with a fibrous structure
Wikipedia - Ascog House -- Architectural structure in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK
Wikipedia - Ashridge -- National Trust country estate in England
Wikipedia - Asphalt -- Form of petroleum, primarily used in road construction
Wikipedia - Assertion (software development) -- In computer programming, statement that a predicate is always true at that point in code execution
Wikipedia - Asset classes -- group of financial instruments with similar behavior and characteristics
Wikipedia - Association of Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America -- Educational organization
Wikipedia - Asteroid impact avoidance -- Methods to prevent destructive asteroid hits
Wikipedia - Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum
Wikipedia - Astrocompass -- Tool for finding true north through the positions of astronomical bodies
Wikipedia - Astrolabe -- Astronomical instrument
Wikipedia - Astronomical rings -- Early astronomical instrument
Wikipedia - Astrud Gilberto -- Brazilian singer
Wikipedia - Ateliers des Constructions Electronique de Charleroi
Wikipedia - A Temporary Truce -- 1912 film
Wikipedia - Atlanta Bliss -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Atomic structure
Wikipedia - A Treatise on the Astrolabe -- Medieval instruction manual on the astrolabe by Geoffrey Chaucer
Wikipedia - A True Narrative of the Horrid Hellish Popish Plot -- Song
Wikipedia - A True Story -- Work by Lucian of Samosata
Wikipedia - A True Tale of Robin Hood -- Traditional song
Wikipedia - Atru railway station -- Railway station in Rajasthan, India
Wikipedia - Atrush Field -- Oilfield in Iraqi Kurdistan
Wikipedia - Attempted assassination of Harry S. Truman -- Assassination attempt on U.S. President Truman on 1 November 1950
Wikipedia - Attitude (psychology) -- Psychological construct, a mental and emotional entity that inheres in, or characterizes a person
Wikipedia - Auction rate security -- Debt instrument with a long-term nominal maturity with a regularly reset interest rate
Wikipedia - Audrey's Dance -- Instrumental song
Wikipedia - AUI (constructed language)
Wikipedia - Australian Rostrum -- Organization
Wikipedia - Australia's big things -- Novelty structures in Australia
Wikipedia - Austrumi Linux
Wikipedia - Authority for the Financing of the Infrastructure of Puerto Rico -- Government-owned corporation of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Autism spectrum disorders
Wikipedia - Autism spectrum disorder
Wikipedia - Autism-spectrum quotient
Wikipedia - Autism spectrum -- Range of neurodevelopmental disorders
Wikipedia - Autocar Company -- American truck manufacturer
Wikipedia - Automata construction
Wikipedia - Automatic taxonomy construction -- The use of software programs to generate taxonomical classifications from a body of texts
Wikipedia - Automation in construction -- The combination of methods, processes, and systems
Wikipedia - Automobili Turismo e Sport -- Italian auto racing constructor and team
Wikipedia - Autonomous building -- Building designed to be independent from public infrastructure
Wikipedia - Avatar Meher Baba Trust
Wikipedia - Avaz Twist Tower -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Avian immune system -- System of biological structures
Wikipedia - Aviation accidents and incidents -- Aviation occurrence involving serious injury, death, or destruction of aircraft
Wikipedia - Avon Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - A Warning (book) -- 2019 book on the Trump administration
Wikipedia - AWS-3 auction -- 2014 US telecomm spectrum auction
Wikipedia - Axe murder -- Murder in which the victim was struck and killed by an axe or hatchet
Wikipedia - Axial skeleton -- The part of the skeleton that consists of the bones of the head and trunk of a vertebrate
Wikipedia - Axiom of constructibility
Wikipedia - Axiom -- Statement that is taken to be true
Wikipedia - AY-3-8500 -- Integrated circuit by General Instrument
Wikipedia - Ayisha Osori -- CEO of the Nigerian WomenM-bM-^@M-^Ys Trust Fund
Wikipedia - Azteca constructor -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Aztec architecture -- Structural remains of the Aztec civilization
Wikipedia - Babak Azizzadeh -- American facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon
Wikipedia - Bachi -- Stick used with certain musical instruments
Wikipedia - Bachmann's bundle -- Anatomical cardiac structure
Wikipedia - Backbone chassis -- Automotive chassis based on a central structural tube
Wikipedia - Backpropagation through structure -- Technique for training recursive neural nets
Wikipedia - Bacterial cell structure -- The specialized anatomy and physiology of bacteria
Wikipedia - Bacterial microcompartment -- Organelle-like structure in bacteria with a protein shell containing enzymes
Wikipedia - Bagpipes -- |Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Bagpipe theorem -- On structure of M-OM-^I-bounded connected surfaces
Wikipedia - Bahamas National Trust -- Bahamian conservation organization
Wikipedia - Baihetan Dam -- Large hydroelectric dam under construction in China
Wikipedia - Baikida Carroll -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Bailey bridge -- Type of portable truss bridge
Wikipedia - Balaibalan -- Constructed language of certain Sufi sects
Wikipedia - Balalaika -- Russian stringed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Baleen -- Keratin structure in whales, used for flexible stiffening
Wikipedia - Balinski's theorem -- Mathematical theorem concerning the graph-theoretic structure of polyhedra and polytopes
Wikipedia - Ball Arena -- Multi-purpose arena architectural structure
Wikipedia - Ballast -- Material that is used to provide stability to a vehicle or structure
Wikipedia - Baltic psaltery -- Class of stringed musical instruments
Wikipedia - Bamboo flute -- Musical instruments, flutes, made of bamboo
Wikipedia - Bamboo musical instruments -- Musical instruments, commonly flutes, made of bamboo
Wikipedia - BaM-DM-^_lama -- Stringed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Banach algebra -- Particular kind of algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Banach-Tarski paradox -- Taking apart an object and constructing two identical copies of it from the pieces
Wikipedia - Bandwidth (signal processing) -- Difference between the upper and lower frequencies passed by a filter, communication channel, or signal spectrum
Wikipedia - Bangabandhu Science and Technology Fellowship Trust -- Research institute in Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Banjo -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Banksia sceptrum -- flowering shrub in the family Proteaceae from Western Australia
Wikipedia - Bank War -- Political struggle in the 19th-century United States
Wikipedia - Banner of Truth Trust
Wikipedia - Banner of Truth
Wikipedia - Barbara Gertrude Yates -- Irish mathematician
Wikipedia - Barometer -- Scientific instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure
Wikipedia - Baron Empain Palace -- Architectural structure in Heliopolis, a suburb near Cairo, Egypt
Wikipedia - Baron Strucker -- Marvel Comics supervillain
Wikipedia - Baron Trump novels -- 19th century children's novels by Ingersoll Lockwood
Wikipedia - Baron von Strucker
Wikipedia - Barostriction -- obstruction of pressure equalization passages
Wikipedia - Barrackpore Trunk Road -- Road in Kolkata, India
Wikipedia - Barrel vault -- Architectural element formed by the extrusion of a single curve
Wikipedia - Bartolomeo Cristofori -- Italian maker of musical instruments
Wikipedia - Baryancistrus -- Genus of fishes
Wikipedia - Bar zither -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Basal body -- Protein structure found at the base of cilium or flagellum).
Wikipedia - Basalt fan structure -- Rock formation composed of columnar jointed basalt columns that have slumped into a fan shape
Wikipedia - Basalt fiber -- Strucural fibres spun from melted basalt
Wikipedia - Basalt -- A magnesium- and iron-rich extrusive igneous rock
Wikipedia - Base and superstructure (Marxism)
Wikipedia - Base and superstructure
Wikipedia - Based on a True Story (film) -- 2017 film
Wikipedia - Basic helix-loop-helix -- Protein structural motif
Wikipedia - Basidiospore -- Reproductive structure of a fungus
Wikipedia - Basimah Yusuf Butrus -- Iraqi Assyrian politician
Wikipedia - Basket -- Container which is traditionally constructed from stiff fibres
Wikipedia - Basset clarinet -- Woodwind musical instrument
Wikipedia - Bass guitar -- electric instrument
Wikipedia - Bassist -- Musician who plays a bass instrument
Wikipedia - Bassoon -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Bass saxophone -- Wind instrument in BM-bM-^YM--
Wikipedia - Bastardiastrum -- Genus of Malvaceae plants
Wikipedia - Bastion of Truth Reformed Churches in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
Wikipedia - Bat for Lashes -- English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Batholith -- Large igneous rock intrusion
Wikipedia - Batman (truck) -- Monster truck
Wikipedia - Batten -- Construction material
Wikipedia - Battle of Chavez Ravine -- Removal people before Dodger Stadium was constructed
Wikipedia - Battle of Las Piedras (1811) -- Battle in the Uruguayan struggle for independence
Wikipedia - Battle of Newry Road -- Gun battle between British Army helicopters and Provisional IRA's armed trucks in 1993
Wikipedia - Battle of Nicopolis ad Istrum -- 250 CE battle of the Roman-Gothic and Roman-Germanic wars
Wikipedia - Battle of Silva Arsia -- Battle in c.509 BC between the Roman Republic and Etruscan Tarquinii and Veii forces
Wikipedia - Battle of Surabaya (1677) -- Battle during the Trunajaya rebellion
Wikipedia - Battle of Truillas
Wikipedia - Battles of Latrun (1948) -- Battles during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War
Wikipedia - Bazooka (instrument) -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Bear Brook (podcast) -- American true-crime podcast
Wikipedia - Bear Foot -- Monster truck
Wikipedia - Beat (drink) -- Citrus-flavored soda by The Coca-Cola Company
Wikipedia - Beatrice Trum Hunter -- American Natural foods campaigner and writer
Wikipedia - Beatrice Trussardi -- Italian businesswoman
Wikipedia - Bechtel -- American construction and civil engineering company.
Wikipedia - Beckman Instruments
Wikipedia - Beck's Bolero -- Instrumental first recorded by Jeff Beck in 1966
Wikipedia - Bedesten -- Type of commercial structure in Ottoman architecture
Wikipedia - Bedford MW -- British WWII truck
Wikipedia - Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust -- NHS foundation trust
Wikipedia - Bed Intruder Song -- 2010 single by Antoine Dodson and The Gregory Brothers
Wikipedia - Before I Self Destruct (film) -- 2009 film directed by 50 Cent
Wikipedia - Begonia truncatifolia -- Species of flowering plant
Wikipedia - Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism -- Literary work
Wikipedia - Behra-Porsche -- French racing car constructor
Wikipedia - Beijing National Aquatics Center -- Architectural structure created for the 2008 Summer Olympics
Wikipedia - Belinda Trussell -- Canadian dressage rider
Wikipedia - Belisarius -- 6th century Byzantine general instrumental in reconquest of much of the former Roman Mediterranean territories
Wikipedia - Belle Epoque (film) -- 1992 film by Fernando Trueba
Wikipedia - Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World -- 2018 documentary film directed by Carlos Oteyza
Wikipedia - Bell (instrument)
Wikipedia - Bell -- Percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Belvedere (structure) -- Architectural structure sited to take advantage of a fine or scenic view
Wikipedia - Ben Bowen (musician) -- Canadian trumpet player
Wikipedia - Benedetto Cotrugli -- Ragusan merchant, economist, scientist, diplomat and humanist
Wikipedia - Benedetto Pistrucci -- Italian engraver
Wikipedia - Benedikt Eppelsheim -- German maker of instruments
Wikipedia - Benjamin Lazar Davis -- American multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Benny Carter -- American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, trumpeter, composer, arranger, and bandleader
Wikipedia - Benue Trough -- A major geological structure underlying a large part of Nigeria and extending from the Bight of Benin to Lake Chad
Wikipedia - Benzodiazepine -- Class of psychoactive drugs with a core chemical structure of benzene and diazepine rings
Wikipedia - Bergamot orange -- cultivated variety of citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Berge equilibrium -- Solution concept capturing altruism in game theory
Wikipedia - Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Wikipedia - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Berlin Wall -- Barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic, enclosing West Berlin
Wikipedia - Bermuda National Trust -- Organization
Wikipedia - Bernard Anderson -- American jazz trumpeter and musician
Wikipedia - Bernard Soustrot -- French trumpeter
Wikipedia - Bernartice (Trutnov District) -- Village in Trutnov District of Hradec Kralove Region
Wikipedia - Bernhard Raestrup -- German politician
Wikipedia - Bess Truman -- First Lady of the United States (1885-1982)
Wikipedia - Beta-propeller -- Toroid protein structure formed from beta sheets
Wikipedia - Beta sheet -- Common motif of regular secondary structure in proteins; stretch of polypeptide chain typically 3 to 10 amino acids long with backbone in an extended conformation
Wikipedia - Betrayal -- Breaking or violation of a presumptive contract, trust, or confidence
Wikipedia - Beverage-can stove -- An alcohol stove of DIY construction
Wikipedia - Beverley Davis -- American golfer and instructor
Wikipedia - Bhaktivedanta Book Trust -- Publisher of books concerning Krishna and the philosophy, religion, and culture of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition
Wikipedia - Bharat Broadband Network -- Telecom infrastructure provider
Wikipedia - Bharatmala -- Indian highway and expressway construction project
Wikipedia - Bharti Infratel -- Indian telecommunications infrastructure company
Wikipedia - Bhartruhari Mahtab -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Biased random walk on a graph -- An approach for structural analysis of a network when it is too large or complex to be analyzed by statistical methods
Wikipedia - Bible conspiracy theory -- Conspiracy theory that what is known about the Bible is a deception to suppress ancient truths
Wikipedia - Biblical and Pentecostal College of Puerto Rico -- Christian, evangelical university in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Biblical cosmology -- Biblical writers' conception of the cosmos as an organised, structured entity
Wikipedia - Biblical infallibility -- Doctrine that what the Bible says regarding matters of faith and Christian practice is wholly useful and true
Wikipedia - Bibliography of Donald Trump -- List of books credited to or about Donald J. Trump
Wikipedia - Bibliography of Harry S. Truman -- Wikipedia bibliography
Wikipedia - Bibliography of the Reconstruction Era
Wikipedia - Bibliography of the Reconstruction era -- Wikipedia bibliography
Wikipedia - Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum
Wikipedia - Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks -- Animated children's television series
Wikipedia - Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder -- 2005 video game
Wikipedia - Big Mutha Truckers -- 2002 video game
Wikipedia - Big Sur Land Trust
Wikipedia - Bik Kwoon Tye -- Molecular geneticist and structural biologist
Wikipedia - Bil Clemons -- American structural biologist
Wikipedia - Bill Brochtrup -- American actor
Wikipedia - Bill Strum -- American male curler
Wikipedia - Biltmore stick -- Simple forestry tool for rough measurement of tree trunk diameter
Wikipedia - BIM Collaboration Format -- Structured file format
Wikipedia - Binary search tree -- Data structure in tree form sorted for fast lookup
Wikipedia - Biofeedback -- Process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will
Wikipedia - Biogenetic Structuralism
Wikipedia - Biological organisation -- Hierarchy of complex structures and systems within biological sciences
Wikipedia - Biomechanics -- Study of the structure and function of the mechanical aspects of biological systems
Wikipedia - BIOS parameter block -- Data structure holding volume geometry info in boot records of volumes with FAT, HPFS and NTFS file systems
Wikipedia - Bipolar spectrum diagnostic scale
Wikipedia - Bipolar spectrum
Wikipedia - Bird anatomy -- Physiological structure of birds' bodies
Wikipedia - Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Bit field -- Data structure used in computer programming
Wikipedia - Bitmap -- Data structure for mapping from some domain (for example, a range of integers) to bits
Wikipedia - Bitruncated cubic honeycomb
Wikipedia - Bjarne Stroustrup -- Danish computer scientist, creator of C++
Wikipedia - Bjornepatruljen -- 1956 film
Wikipedia - Blabicentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Blackbody spectrum
Wikipedia - Black Is the Color (of My True Love's Hair) -- American traditional song
Wikipedia - Black Mass Lucifer -- Electronic instrumental album by Mort Garson from 1971
Wikipedia - Black Mountain Side -- Instrumental rock song performed by Led Zeppelin
Wikipedia - Blastocyst -- Structure formed around day 5 of mammalian embryonic development
Wikipedia - Blind corner -- A corner around which the view is obstructed
Wikipedia - Blood & Truth -- 2019 video game
Wikipedia - Blood vessel -- Tubular structure of the circulatory system which transports blood
Wikipedia - Blowing horn -- Natural horn instrument
Wikipedia - Blue Bridge (Washington) -- Four-lane arch-truss bridge
Wikipedia - Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant -- Planned weapons destruction plant in Kentucky, U.S.
Wikipedia - Blunt instrument -- Any solid object used as a weapon
Wikipedia - Board of education -- Board of directors, board of trustees of a school, local school district or equivalent
Wikipedia - Bob Barnard (musician) -- Australian trumpet and cornet player
Wikipedia - Bobby Sherwood -- American guitarist and trumpeter
Wikipedia - Bob Struble -- Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Wikipedia - Bob Truel
Wikipedia - Bodstrup -- Danish manor house
Wikipedia - Body-on-frame -- Automobile construction method using a separate body on a structural frame
Wikipedia - Body shape -- General shape of a person defined by the molding of skeletal structures and the distribution of muscles and fat
Wikipedia - Body Talks -- 2018 single by The Struts & Kesha
Wikipedia - Boeing 787 Dreamliner -- Wide-body twin-engine jet airliner, first airliner to be constructed primarily of composite materials
Wikipedia - Bojan PostruM-EM->nik -- Slovenian archer
Wikipedia - Bolak language -- Constructed language
Wikipedia - Boletus gertrudiae -- Species of fungus
Wikipedia - Bollinger Bands -- Type of statistical chart characterizing the prices and volatility of a financial instrument or commodity
Wikipedia - Bombardier Guided Light Transit -- Guided bus technology and associated infrastructure
Wikipedia - Bomb-making instructions on the Internet -- The sharing of bomb production methods on the Internet
Wikipedia - Bond (finance) -- Instrument of indebtedness
Wikipedia - Boninite -- Ultramafic extrusive rock high in both magnesium and silica
Wikipedia - Booker T. Jones -- American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, record producer and arranger
Wikipedia - Booktrust Early Years Award -- Annual literary prizes for children's picture books
Wikipedia - Boolean algebra (structure) -- Algebraic structure modeling logical operations
Wikipedia - Boolean algebra -- Algebra involving variables containing only "true" and "false" (or 1 and 0) as values
Wikipedia - Boolean satisfiability problem -- Problem of determining if a Boolean formula could be made true
Wikipedia - Borge Moller Grimstrup -- Danish actor
Wikipedia - Borgward BE3000 -- German truck
Wikipedia - Boronia jensziae -- Species of plant in the citrus family
Wikipedia - Boti -- Instrument for cutting fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, most prevalent in the Bengal region of India
Wikipedia - Bottom timer -- An electronic instrument that records depth and elapsed time data on an underwater dive
Wikipedia - Boudinage -- Structures in rock caused by extension
Wikipedia - Bounding volume hierarchy -- Graphics structure
Wikipedia - Bouzouki -- Greek stringed instrument
Wikipedia - Bow (music) -- stick-shaped implement with hairs used to play a string musical instrument
Wikipedia - Bow stroke -- Movement of the bow on a bowed string instrument to produce sound
Wikipedia - Boxcar averager -- Electronic test instrument that averages an input according to the boxcar function
Wikipedia - Box score -- Structured summary of the results from a sport competition
Wikipedia - Boyd's Automatic tide signalling apparatus -- Architectural structure in North Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
Wikipedia - Bracteate -- Struck metal pendant medallion, or a coin made in imitation of these
Wikipedia - Brad Parscale -- Former campaign manager for Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Brad Turner (musician) -- Canadian composer and jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Braid -- Complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing two or more strands of flexible material
Wikipedia - Brain damage -- Destruction or degeneration of brain cells
Wikipedia - Brainstem -- Posterior part of the brain, adjoining and structurally continuous
Wikipedia - Brainstorm (1983 film) -- 1983 film by Douglas Trumbull
Wikipedia - Braithwaite, Burn > Jessop Construction Company
Wikipedia - Branch -- Woody structural part of plant anatomy
Wikipedia - Brass instrument -- Class of musical instruments
Wikipedia - Brass mill -- Infrastructure related to metallurgy
Wikipedia - Breakwater (structure) -- Structure constructed on coasts as part of coastal management or to protect an anchorage
Wikipedia - Bremer wall -- Type of barrier used to protect structures against damage from explosions
Wikipedia - Brian Jones -- British multi-instrumentalist, founding member of the Rolling Stones
Wikipedia - Brian Trubshaw -- British test pilot
Wikipedia - Brickelliastrum -- Genus of plants
Wikipedia - BrickerBot -- Destructive malware targeting IoT devices
Wikipedia - Brick -- Block or a single unit of a ceramic material used in masonry construction
Wikipedia - Bridge Constructor Portal -- 2018 engineering simulation puzzle video game
Wikipedia - Bridge House Estates -- UK charitable trust in London
Wikipedia - Bridge in Oil Creek Township -- Historic metal truss bridge in United States of America
Wikipedia - Bridgestone -- Multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer
Wikipedia - Bridge -- structure built to span physical obstacles
Wikipedia - Brigadeiro -- Brazilian chocolate truffle
Wikipedia - British Army Structure In 2010 -- Re-branding and re-organisation of the British Army in 2010
Wikipedia - British Columbia Social Constructive Party -- Defunct political party in British Columbia
Wikipedia - British Instructional Films -- Former British film production company
Wikipedia - British Racing Partnership -- British motor racing team and constructor
Wikipedia - BRM CostrucM-CM-5es Aeronauticas -- Portuguese aircraft manufacturer
Wikipedia - Broadcast license -- License granting permission to use radio frequency spectrum for broadcasting use
Wikipedia - Broadcast signal intrusion -- Type of intentional interference with wireless signals
Wikipedia - Broadspectrum -- Australian infrastructure maintenance services company
Wikipedia - Brockway Motor Company -- Builder of custom trucks in Cortland, New York, 1912-1977
Wikipedia - Bronchoscopy -- Procedure allowing a physician to look at a patient's airways through a thin viewing instrument called a bronchoscope
Wikipedia - Bronston v. United States -- 1972 U.S. Supreme Court decision holding that literally truthful testimony is not perjury
Wikipedia - Brookhaven Rail Terminal -- Truck-train trans-load facility on Long Island, New York
Wikipedia - Bruniquel Cave -- Cave and archaeological site in France with Neanderthal stalagmite structures
Wikipedia - Brunnian link -- Interlinked multi-loop construction where cutting one loop frees all the others
Wikipedia - B-tree -- A self-balancing, tree-based data structure, that allows read/write access in logarithmic time
Wikipedia - B*-tree -- A self-balancing, tree-based data structure, that allows read/write access in logarithmic time
Wikipedia - Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments
Wikipedia - Bucking the Truth -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - Buckling-restrained braced frame -- Structural steel frame that provides lateral resistance to buckling
Wikipedia - Buckling -- Sudden change in shape of a structural component under load
Wikipedia - Bud Brisbois -- American trumpeter {1937-1978)
Wikipedia - Buffie Carruth -- American model and fitness instructor
Wikipedia - Buggin -- 2000 single by True Steppers
Wikipedia - Bugle -- Brass musical instrument
Wikipedia - Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust -- British canal restoration organisation
Wikipedia - Building code -- Set of rules that specify the standards for constructed objects such as buildings and nonbuilding structures
Wikipedia - Building insulation -- Methods of minimizing heat transfer in constructions
Wikipedia - Building material -- Material which is used for construction purposes
Wikipedia - Building -- Structure, typically with a roof and walls, standing more or less permanently in one place
Wikipedia - Bulkhead (barrier) -- Anti-flooding structure
Wikipedia - Bungee jumping -- Activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord
Wikipedia - Buoy -- Floating structure or device
Wikipedia - Burchardi flood -- storm tide that struck 17th century North Frisia and Dithmarschen
Wikipedia - Burden of Truth (TV series) -- Canadian legal drama television series
Wikipedia - Burning of Parliament -- Destruction by fire in 1834 of the Houses of Parliament in London, England
Wikipedia - Burnin' (instrumental) -- 1997 song by Daft Punk
Wikipedia - Burtrum, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Burt's solar compass -- Surveying instrument that uses the sun's direction instead of magnetism
Wikipedia - Bushveld Igneous Complex -- Large early layered igneous intrusion
Wikipedia - Business career of Donald Trump -- Overview of Donald Trump's business career
Wikipedia - Business process -- Collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product for a particular customer or customers
Wikipedia - Bus Rapid Transit North -- South Yorkshire transport infrastructure
Wikipedia - Bus station -- Structure, larger than a bus stop, where city or intercity buses stop to pick up and drop off passengers
Wikipedia - Bust of Sojourner Truth (U.S. Capitol) -- Public artwork in the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, DC
Wikipedia - Butch Harmon -- Professional golfer, golf instructor, author
Wikipedia - Butch Trucks -- American musician
Wikipedia - Butrus al-Bustani
Wikipedia - Buttress -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Buxton Crescent -- Grade I listed architectural structure in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Byzantine lyra -- String instrument
Wikipedia - C23H35NO2 -- List of chemical structure articles associated with the same molecular formula
Wikipedia - C8H17NO3 -- list of chemical structure articles associated with the same molecular formula
Wikipedia - Cabane strut
Wikipedia - Cabinet of Donald Trump -- Members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet
Wikipedia - Cab over -- Truck with the cabin above the engine
Wikipedia - Caesar's Rhine bridges -- Roman construction, Gallic Wars
Wikipedia - Caesennia gens -- Etruscan and Roman family
Wikipedia - Cairn Homes -- Irish construction company
Wikipedia - Caisa (instrument) -- Musical instrument made of steel and wood
Wikipedia - Caisson (engineering) -- Rigid structure to provide workers with a dry working environment below water level
Wikipedia - Caitlin Clarke -- American actor, instructor (1952-2004)
Wikipedia - Cajon -- Box-shaped percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Calculus of constructions -- Type theory created by Thierry Coquand
Wikipedia - Caldwell & Drake -- Indiana construction company
Wikipedia - California High-Speed Rail -- System under construction and planning in the United States
Wikipedia - California Historical Landmark -- Buildings, structures, sites, or places in California determined to have historical significance
Wikipedia - Call stack -- Stack data structure that stores information about the active subroutines of a computer program
Wikipedia - Calvin Boze -- American trumpeter and bandleader
Wikipedia - Camco Drum Company -- Brand of musical instruments
Wikipedia - Cameron Lickle -- American Navy veteran, nuclear engineer, businessperson, and tennis instructor
Wikipedia - Camulodunum -- Roman castrum where Colchester, England now stands
Wikipedia - Canada Infrastructure Bank -- Canada Infrastructure Bank is a Crown Corporation that uses public-private partnerships for public infrastructure projects.
Wikipedia - Canadian Arctic Rift System -- North American geological structure
Wikipedia - Canal & River Trust -- Charitable trust that looks after the waterways of England and Wales
Wikipedia - Canavan disease -- Neurodegenerative disorder; its spectrum varies between severe forms with leukodystrophy, macrocephaly and severe developmental delay, and a very rare mild/juvenile form characterized by mild developmental delay
Wikipedia - Canopy (building) -- Structure providing shade or shelter
Wikipedia - Cantata -- Vocal composition with an instrumental accompaniment
Wikipedia - Cap d'Artrutx Lighthouse -- Lighthouse on Menorca, Spain
Wikipedia - Capital punishment in Vermont -- Struck down in 1972
Wikipedia - Capita Property and Infrastructure -- UK multidisciplinary consultancy firm
Wikipedia - Capitulary of Ver -- 9th century Frankish administrative instrument
Wikipedia - Capitulum of the humerus -- Structure of humerus
Wikipedia - Caponier -- Type ofM-BM- fortification structure
Wikipedia - Capon Lake Whipple Truss Bridge -- bridge in West Virginia
Wikipedia - Capo -- Common tool for players of guitars and other stringed instruments
Wikipedia - Capparidastrum -- Genus of Capparaceae plants
Wikipedia - Captain America and Nick Fury: Blood Truce
Wikipedia - Captain Midnight broadcast signal intrusion
Wikipedia - Carbon nanotube -- Allotropes of carbon with a cylindrical nanostructure
Wikipedia - Car dealership -- Business which sells, buys, and trades new and/or used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans
Wikipedia - Carel Struycken -- Dutch actor
Wikipedia - Carey Hart -- American freestyle motocross, motorcycle and off-road truck racer
Wikipedia - Carl Buchheister -- German constructivist artist
Wikipedia - Carl Culmann -- German structural engineer
Wikipedia - Carlos Holmes Trujillo -- Colombian politician, diplomat, scholar and attorney
Wikipedia - Carlotta Truman -- German singer
Wikipedia - Carlsfelder concertina -- Free-reed musical instrument from Germany
Wikipedia - Carl Zeiss -- German optician and optical instrument maker
Wikipedia - Carnegie UK Trust
Wikipedia - Caroline Eichler -- German instrument maker, designer and orthopedic technician
Wikipedia - Caroline Truong -- French ice dancer
Wikipedia - Carolyn Stanford Taylor -- American educator, 27th Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Carport -- Covered structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars, from rain and snow
Wikipedia - Carraizo Dam -- Dam in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Carraizo -- Barrio of Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Cary 14 Spectrophotometer -- UV-Vis spectrophotometer, scientific instrument
Wikipedia - Casillas de Camineros -- Structures built by the Spanish government in Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Casino Tower -- Structure in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Wikipedia - Casio VL-1 -- Electronic instrument
Wikipedia - Castanets -- Handheld percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Castelnuovo's contraction theorem -- Constructs the minimal model of a given smooth algebraic surface
Wikipedia - Castle -- Fortified residential structure of medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Cat Anderson -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Cat CT660 -- Heavy on-road truck
Wikipedia - Category:Aircraft instruments
Wikipedia - Category:American female flight instructors
Wikipedia - Category:American flight instructors
Wikipedia - Category:Amortized data structures
Wikipedia - Category:Ancient Greek buildings and structures in Athens
Wikipedia - Category:Ancient Greek buildings and structures
Wikipedia - Category:Buildings and structures in Monterey County, California
Wikipedia - Category:Buildings and structures in Pondicherry (city)
Wikipedia - Category:California Institute of Technology trustees
Wikipedia - Category:Christian buildings and structures
Wikipedia - Category:Compiler construction
Wikipedia - Category:Constructed language creators
Wikipedia - Category:Constructed languages introduced in the 1980s
Wikipedia - Category:Constructed languages
Wikipedia - Category:Construction and management simulation games
Wikipedia - Category:Construction
Wikipedia - Category:Constructivism (psychological school)
Wikipedia - Category:Data structures
Wikipedia - Category:Deconstruction
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Chad Trujillo
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Otto Struve
Wikipedia - Category:Harvard Summer School instructors
Wikipedia - Category:Heaps (data structures)
Wikipedia - Category:Infrastructure-related lists
Wikipedia - Category:Instruction processing
Wikipedia - Category:Instruction set architectures
Wikipedia - Category:Jamgon Kongtrul incarnations
Wikipedia - Category:Japanese family structure
Wikipedia - Category:Lists of buildings and structures
Wikipedia - Category:Logical truth
Wikipedia - Category:Poetry instructors
Wikipedia - Category:Portals under construction
Wikipedia - Category:Post-structuralism
Wikipedia - Category:Poststructuralists
Wikipedia - Category:Probabilistic data structures
Wikipedia - Category:Programming constructs
Wikipedia - Category:Proposed infrastructure
Wikipedia - Category:Questionnaire construction
Wikipedia - Category:Religious buildings and structures in Pakistan
Wikipedia - Category:Religious buildings and structures in Puducherry
Wikipedia - Category:Social constructionism
Wikipedia - Category:Spacecraft navigation instruments
Wikipedia - Category:Structural complexity theory
Wikipedia - Category:Structuralism
Wikipedia - Category:Structuralists
Wikipedia - Category:Structured programming languages
Wikipedia - Category:Structure
Wikipedia - Category:Struga Poetry Evenings Golden Wreath laureates
Wikipedia - Category:Substructural logic
Wikipedia - Category:Suicides by sharp instrument
Wikipedia - Category talk:Jamgon Kongtrul incarnations
Wikipedia - Category:Truth
Wikipedia - Caterpillar 797F -- Off-highway ultra class haul truck for mining and heavy-duty construction
Wikipedia - Caterpillar 797 -- Off-highway ultra class haul truck for mining and heavy-duty construction
Wikipedia - Catharine and Petruchio
Wikipedia - Cathedral of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, Strumica
Wikipedia - Catholic Truth Society -- Prints and publishes Catholic literature
Wikipedia - Cat organ -- Conjectural musical instrument
Wikipedia - Cat tree -- Artificial structure for cats
Wikipedia - Caudate nucleus -- Structure of the striatum in the basal ganglia of the brain
Wikipedia - Causal structure
Wikipedia - CBL Properties -- U.S. real estate investment trust that invests in shopping centers
Wikipedia - Cbus -- Superannuation fund for the building and construction industries in Australia
Wikipedia - Cecil Balmond -- Structural engineer, artist
Wikipedia - Cecil Bridgewater -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Cedar Realty Trust -- American real estate company
Wikipedia - Celastrus orbiculatus -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Celastrus -- Genus of plants
Wikipedia - Celesta -- Struck idiophone operated by a keyboard
Wikipedia - Cell (biology) -- Basic structural and functional unit of organisms
Wikipedia - Cello -- Bowed string musical instrument
Wikipedia - Cell site -- Cellular telephone site where antennae and electronic communications equipment are placed - typically on a radio mast, tower, or other raised structure - to create a cell (or adjacent cells) in a cellular network
Wikipedia - Cellular organizational structure -- Non-hierarchical organisational structure
Wikipedia - Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development -- R&D center in the University of Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Center for Instruction and Operations in the Caatinga -- Brazilian Army training center
Wikipedia - Central Committee of the South African Communist Party -- Decision making-structure of the South African Communist Party
Wikipedia - Central Energy Trust Arena -- Stadium in New Zealand
Wikipedia - Central of Georgia Railway -- Railroad constructed to join Macon, Georgia, and Savannah, Georgia
Wikipedia - Central Park Tower -- Under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway -- Highway under construction in Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Centre-right politics -- politics that lean to the right of the spectrum, but closer to center than others
Wikipedia - Centro EspaM-CM-1ol de Ponce -- Historic structure located in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Centrum Arena (Prestwick) -- Former ice hockey arena in South Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
Wikipedia - Centrum (multivitamin) -- A brand of multivitamins
Wikipedia - Centrum Wiskunde > Informatica
Wikipedia - Centruroides noxius -- Species of arachnid
Wikipedia - Centruroides tecomanus -- Species of scorpion
Wikipedia - Centruropsis dorcadionoides -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Cepstrum
Wikipedia - Cerata -- Anatomical structures found in nudibranch sea slugs
Wikipedia - Cerebellar peduncle -- Structure connecting the cerebellum to the brainstem
Wikipedia - Cerebellar vermis -- Structure connecting the two cerebellar hemispheres
Wikipedia - Cerebellum -- Structure at the rear of the vertebrate brain, beneath the cerebrum
Wikipedia - Certificate Transparency -- Internet security standard for auditing digital certificates by creating public logs recording certificates issued by publicly trusted certificate authorities
Wikipedia - Cestrum aurantiacum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Cestrum tomentosum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Ceterone -- Italian musical instrument
Wikipedia - Chad Trujillo -- American astronomer
Wikipedia - Chain of trust
Wikipedia - Chalaza -- Structure inside an egg that suspends the yolk
Wikipedia - Chalumeau -- Woodwind instrument; predecessor of modern clarinet
Wikipedia - Chambered cairn -- Burial monument, usually constructed during the Neolithic, consisting of a sizeable (usually stone) chamber around and over which a cairn of stones was constructed
Wikipedia - Chamberlin -- Keyboard instrument
Wikipedia - Chamber music -- Form of classical music composed for a small group of instruments
Wikipedia - Chamber tumulus -- Megalithic structure
Wikipedia - Chapman Stick -- Stringed instrument of the guitar family
Wikipedia - Character structure
Wikipedia - Charging station -- Infrastructure that supplies electricity for the recharging of electric vehicles
Wikipedia - Charitable gift annuity -- Charitable investment instrument
Wikipedia - Charitable trusts in English law -- Express trusts dedicated to charitable goals in English law
Wikipedia - Charles B. Thomsen -- American architect and construction manager
Wikipedia - Charles Burt Sumner -- Founding trustee of Pomona College
Wikipedia - Charles Clagget -- Irish composer and instrument maker
Wikipedia - Charles Edward Stephens -- English composer and instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Charles Hedley Strutt -- British politician
Wikipedia - Charles Wright (musician) -- American singer, instrumentalist and song writer
Wikipedia - Charlie Allen (trumpeter) -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Charlie Daniels -- American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Charlie Watkins (audio engineer) -- British audio engineer and musical instrument maker
Wikipedia - Charlotte Deane -- Professor of Structural Bioinformatics
Wikipedia - Charter Spectrum -- Brand of Charter Communications used to market communications services
Wikipedia - Charun -- Etruscan mythological figure
Wikipedia - Chase (instrumental) -- 1978 electronic instrumental by Giorgio Moroder
Wikipedia - Chassis -- Load-bearing framework of an artificial object, which structurally supports the object in its construction and function
Wikipedia - Cheap Truth
Wikipedia - Che Chen -- American composer and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Chemical structure -- An organized way in which molecules are ordered and sorted
Wikipedia - Chernobyl New Safe Confinement -- Containment structure for the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine
Wikipedia - Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant sarcophagus -- Structure enclosing the ruins of the nuclear reactor following the 1986 disaster
Wikipedia - Cherry Street Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge -- Bascule bridge in Toronto, Canada
Wikipedia - Cheshire Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Chet Baker -- American jazz trumpeter, flugelhornist and singer
Wikipedia - Chevalley's structure theorem -- Theorem in algebraic geometry.
Wikipedia - Chevrolet C/K (fourth generation) -- American truck series
Wikipedia - Chevrolet C/K (third generation) -- American truck series
Wikipedia - Chgyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Chgyam Trungpa
Wikipedia - Chiasmus -- Reversal of grammatical structures in successive phrases
Wikipedia - Chiastic structure -- Literary technique
Wikipedia - Chiba (instrument) -- Chinese woodwind instrument
Wikipedia - Chief Armourer of the Kingdom of Portugal -- Those trusted with a monarch's armour
Wikipedia - Chihuahua monster truck accident -- Fatal monster truck crash into spectators
Wikipedia - Childhood Autism Spectrum Test
Wikipedia - Chimera of Arezzo -- Ancient Etruscan artwork
Wikipedia - China and weapons of mass destruction -- Overview of the People's Republic of China and their weapons of mass destruction
Wikipedia - China Communications Construction Company -- Chinese construction company
Wikipedia - China Machinery Engineering Corporation -- Construction and engineering company
Wikipedia - China State Construction Engineering -- Largest construction company in the world by revenue
Wikipedia - Chinese social structure
Wikipedia - Chi Psi Fraternity House (Eugene, Oregon) -- 1935 Tudor style structure in Eugene, Oregon, United States
Wikipedia - Chloris truncata -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - ChM-EM-+M-EM-^M Shinkansen -- Maglev high-speed train line under construction in Japan
Wikipedia - CHN analyzer -- Scientific instrument used to measure carbon
Wikipedia - Chocolate truffle -- Type of chocolate confectionery
Wikipedia - Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Chogyam Trungpa -- Tibetan Buddhist lama and writer (1939-1987)
Wikipedia - Choking -- Mechanical obstruction of the flow of air from the environment into the lungs
Wikipedia - Choosing Truman: The Democratic Convention of 1944 -- 1994 book by historian Robert Hugh Ferrell
Wikipedia - Choseng Trungpa
Wikipedia - Chotrul Duchen
Wikipedia - Chris Anderson (trumpeter) -- American trumpeter
Wikipedia - Chris Batchelor -- British jazz trumpeter and composer
Wikipedia - Chris Botti -- American trumpeter and composer
Wikipedia - Chris Cook (racing driver) -- American race car driver and driving instructor
Wikipedia - Chris DeStefano -- American singer/songwriter, record producer and multi instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Chris Krebs -- Cybersecurity and infrastructure security expert
Wikipedia - Chris Lambert (musician) -- American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Chris Marchant -- Co-founder of string quartet Well-Strung
Wikipedia - Christian African Relief Trust -- Humanitarian agency
Wikipedia - Christian denomination -- Identifiable Christian body with common name, structure, and doctrine
Wikipedia - Christian Ingerslev Baastrup -- Danish physician
Wikipedia - Christian reconstructionism
Wikipedia - Christian Scott -- American jazz composer and trumpeter
Wikipedia - Christina Bertrup -- Swedish curler and Olympic medalist
Wikipedia - Christmas truce
Wikipedia - Chromosome abnormality -- Abnormal number or structure of chromosomes
Wikipedia - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -- Lung disease involving long-term poor airflow
Wikipedia - Chrystelle Trump Bond -- American dancer and historian
Wikipedia - Churches Conservation Trust
Wikipedia - Church of the Truth
Wikipedia - Cindy Struckman-Johnson -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Cintra -- Spanish transport infrastructure company
Wikipedia - CINU-FM -- Christian radio station in Truro, Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Cinzia Petrucci -- Italian shot putter
Wikipedia - Circle dance -- Style of dance done in a circle with rhythm instruments and singing
Wikipedia - Circuit breaker analyzer -- Instrument that measures the parameters of a circuit breaker
Wikipedia - Circular breathing -- Technique used by players of some wind instruments to produce a continuous tone without interruption
Wikipedia - Cirrus (biology) -- Long, thin structures in both vertebrate and invertebrate animals
Wikipedia - Cissy Strut -- 1969 single by The Meters
Wikipedia - Citron -- Species of citrus plant
Wikipedia - Citrullination -- Biological process
Wikipedia - Citrumelo -- Taxon
Wikipedia - Citrus australasica -- Citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Citrus black spot -- Fungal disease that affects citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Citrus County, Florida -- County in Florida, United States
Wikipedia - Citrus County School District -- School in Citrus County, Florida, United States
Wikipedia - Citrus exocortis -- Disease of citrus plants
Wikipedia - Citrus glauca -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Citrus Hills, Florida -- Census-designated place in Florida, US
Wikipedia - Citrus M-CM-^W sinensis -- Cultivated trees bearing sweet oranges
Wikipedia - Citrus production
Wikipedia - Citrus Project
Wikipedia - Citrus Springs, Florida -- Census-designated place in Florida, US
Wikipedia - Citrus Stadium -- Stadium
Wikipedia - Citrus taxonomy -- Botanical classification of the genus Citrus
Wikipedia - Citrus -- Genus of flowering plants in the rue family, Rutaceae
Wikipedia - City Line (Spokane, Washington) -- Under-construction bus rapid transit line in Spokane, Washington, United States
Wikipedia - Ciudad Deportiva Millito Navarro -- Multi-sport complex currently under construction in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Civic Tower (Castel Goffredo) -- Historic structure
Wikipedia - Civic Trust Awards -- British architectural and community award
Wikipedia - Civil engineering -- Engineering discipline focused on physical infrastructure
Wikipedia - Civil engineer -- Engineering of infrastructure
Wikipedia - CKTO-FM -- Radio station in Truro, Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - CKTY-FM -- Radio station in Truro, Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Cladding (construction)
Wikipedia - Clarinet -- type of woodwind instrument
Wikipedia - Clark Construction -- American construction company
Wikipedia - Classical guitar strings -- Part of a musical instrument
Wikipedia - Classification of Instructional Programs
Wikipedia - Class struggle
Wikipedia - Claustrum
Wikipedia - Claves -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Clavichord -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Clavicle -- Plain bone of short length that serves as a strut between the scapula and the sternum
Wikipedia - Clavinet -- Electric keyboard musical instrument
Wikipedia - Clay chemistry -- The chemical structures, properties and reactions of clay minerals
Wikipedia - Clayton Antitrust Act
Wikipedia - Clementine -- Hybrid citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Client-server model -- Distributed application structure in computing
Wikipedia - Clifford Truesdell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cliffs of Dover (composition) -- Instrumental composition by guitarist Eric Johnson
Wikipedia - Climbing wall -- Artificially constructed wall with grips for hands
Wikipedia - Clock cycles per instruction
Wikipedia - Closer to the Truth
Wikipedia - Closer to Truth
Wikipedia - Cloth menstrual pad -- Cloth pads to prevent menstrual fluid from leaking onto clothes
Wikipedia - Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface
Wikipedia - Clubbed to Death (instrumental) -- Single by Rob Dougan
Wikipedia - Clubs Are Trump -- 1917 film
Wikipedia - CMC Veryca -- Taiwanese truck
Wikipedia - CMOS -- Technology for constructing integrated circuits
Wikipedia - CNN v. Trump -- Lawsuit filed on November 13, 2018 in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia
Wikipedia - Coach (sport) -- Person involved in directing, instructing and training sportspeople
Wikipedia - Coastal Zone at Portrush -- Visitor centre, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Wikipedia - Code refactoring -- Restructuring existing computer code without changing its external behavior
Wikipedia - Coetus Internationalis Patrum
Wikipedia - Cofiroute USA -- Concession and construction group
Wikipedia - Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument -- Cognitive test screening for dementia
Wikipedia - Cognitive restructuring
Wikipedia - Cogswell Interchange -- Highway structure in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Coherence theory of truth
Wikipedia - Coherent ring -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Coja Petrus Uscan -- Armenian merchant
Wikipedia - Colchester Racing Developments -- British racing car constructor
Wikipedia - Cold Justice -- True crime television series
Wikipedia - Cole Block Building -- Historic structure in San Diego, California
Wikipedia - Coleophora etrusca -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Coleophora struella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Coleophora strutiella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Collagen -- Structural protein
Wikipedia - Collateralized loan obligation -- Financial instrument based on business loans.
Wikipedia - Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments
Wikipedia - Colletotrichum destructivum -- Fungal plant pathogen
Wikipedia - Collophore -- Body structure of springtails
Wikipedia - Collostructional analysis
Wikipedia - Coloboma -- Hole in one of the structures of the eye
Wikipedia - Colobopsis truncata -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Colobostruma -- Genus of ants
Wikipedia - Colors of noise -- Power spectrum of a noise signal (a signal produced by a stochastic process)
Wikipedia - Colostrum -- Form of milk produced after giving birth
Wikipedia - Column -- Structural element that transmits weight from above to below
Wikipedia - Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy -- Astronomical instrument
Wikipedia - Comitas exstructa -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Command and control structure of the European Union -- One of several HQs for EU military or civilian missions
Wikipedia - Command structure
Wikipedia - Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Headquarters -- Skyscraper under construction in Addis Ababa
Wikipedia - Commission of Inquiry in Algeria -- Truth commission in 2003 to investigate disappearances during the Algerian Civil War
Wikipedia - Common contractual fund -- Irish tax free structure
Wikipedia - Common Ground (memoir) -- Memoir by Justin Trudeau
Wikipedia - Common Language Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Communications infrastructure
Wikipedia - Community boards of New York City -- Structures in New York City's government
Wikipedia - Community structure
Wikipedia - Commutative ring -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Comparative -- Syntactic construction that serves to express a comparison
Wikipedia - Comparison of instruction set architectures
Wikipedia - Comparison of programming languages (basic instructions)
Wikipedia - Comparison of Texas Instruments graphing calculators
Wikipedia - Compass and straightedge constructions
Wikipedia - Compass -- Instrument used for navigation and orientation
Wikipedia - Competency dictionary -- A tool or data structure that includes all or most of the general competencies needed to cover all job families and competencies that are core or common to all jobs within an organization
Wikipedia - Compiler construction
Wikipedia - Complex Instruction Set Computer
Wikipedia - Complex instruction set computer -- a processor executing one instruction in multiple clock cycles
Wikipedia - Complex instruction set computing
Wikipedia - Composable disaggregated infrastructure -- data centers gain benefits of cloud computing with on-premises equipment
Wikipedia - Composite overwrapped pressure vessel -- A vessel consisting of a thin, non-structural liner wrapped with a structural fiber composite, designed to hold a fluid under pressure
Wikipedia - Composite structure diagram
Wikipedia - Comprehensive sex education -- Sex education instruction method
Wikipedia - Compressed data structures
Wikipedia - Compressed data structure
Wikipedia - Compressibility equation -- Equation which relates the isothermal compressibility to the structure of the liquid
Wikipedia - Compressive stress -- Structural failure in long, slender structural elements such as columns or truss bars
Wikipedia - Computational fluid dynamics -- Branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows
Wikipedia - Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics -- Organization that advances Earth science
Wikipedia - Computational semantics -- The study of how to automate the process of constructing and reasoning with meaning representations of natural language
Wikipedia - Computer-aided design -- Constructing a product by means of computer
Wikipedia - Computer program -- Instructions to be executed by a computer
Wikipedia - COM Structured Storage -- Computer technology developed by Microsoft
Wikipedia - Comsys -- Japanese telecommunications construction and engineering company
Wikipedia - Com Truise -- American electronic musician
Wikipedia - Concertina -- Free-reed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Conch (instrument) -- Musical instrument made from a seashell (conch)
Wikipedia - Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry and Noncommutative Structures in Mathematics and Physics -- Mathematics and physics encyclopedia
Wikipedia - Concrete masonry unit -- Rectangular block used in construction
Wikipedia - Concrete shell -- Structure composed of a relatively thin shell of concrete
Wikipedia - Concrete -- Composite construction material
Wikipedia - Concurrent data structure
Wikipedia - Conductorless orchestra -- Instrumental ensemble that functions as an orchestra but is not led or directed by a conductor
Wikipedia - Conexion Caribe -- 1984 film directed by Orestes Trucco
Wikipedia - Confessions of a Driving Instructor -- 1976 film by Norman Cohen
Wikipedia - Congenital heart defect -- Defect in the structure of the heart that is present at birth
Wikipedia - Congress of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands -- Legislative body
Wikipedia - Conical drum -- Class of musical instruments
Wikipedia - Connaught Engineering -- Formula One and sports car constructor from the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Connew -- British racing car constructor
Wikipedia - Consecration and entrustment to Mary
Wikipedia - Consensus theory of truth
Wikipedia - Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico -- Non-profit organization protecting natural areas
Wikipedia - Consideration and initiating structure
Wikipedia - Consigliere -- Position within the leadership structure of the Mafia
Wikipedia - Constant Gardener Trust -- Kenyan charity
Wikipedia - Constantin Dumitru -- Romanian athlete
Wikipedia - Constant structure -- Music composition and performance technique
Wikipedia - Constitutional amendment -- Modification to some constitutional instrument
Wikipedia - Constructed culture
Wikipedia - Constructed languages
Wikipedia - Constructed language -- Consciously devised language
Wikipedia - Constructed script -- New writing system specifically created by an individual or group, rather than having evolved as part of a language or culture like a natural script
Wikipedia - Constructed wetland -- An artificial wetland to treat municipal or industrial wastewater, greywater or stormwater runoff
Wikipedia - Construct (game engine)
Wikipedia - Constructible number -- Real number constructible via compass and straightedge
Wikipedia - Constructible polygon -- Regular polygon that can be constructed with compass and straightedge
Wikipedia - Constructible universe
Wikipedia - Constructing Post-Colonial India -- Book by Sanjay Srivastava
Wikipedia - Construction 3D printing
Wikipedia - Construction aggregate -- Coarse to fine grain rock materials used in concrete
Wikipedia - Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes
Wikipedia - Construction and management simulation game
Wikipedia - Construction and management simulation
Wikipedia - Construction and renovation fires -- Type of fire
Wikipedia - Construction bidding
Wikipedia - Construction (Cage)
Wikipedia - Construction collaboration technology
Wikipedia - Construction delay
Wikipedia - Construction engineering
Wikipedia - Construction equipment theft
Wikipedia - Construction foreman
Wikipedia - Construction Grammar
Wikipedia - Construction grammar
Wikipedia - Construction History Society
Wikipedia - Construction industry of India
Wikipedia - Construction industry of Iran
Wikipedia - Construction industry of Japan
Wikipedia - Construction industry of Romania
Wikipedia - Construction industry of the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Construction industry
Wikipedia - Constructionism (learning theory) -- learning theory involving the construction of mental models
Wikipedia - Constructionist learning
Wikipedia - Construction law
Wikipedia - Construction loan
Wikipedia - Construction Management Association of America
Wikipedia - Construction management
Wikipedia - Construction of electronic cigarettes
Wikipedia - Construction of Rockefeller Center -- Construction project in New York City (1931-1974)
Wikipedia - Construction of the real numbers -- Axiomatic definitions of the real numbers
Wikipedia - Construction of the World Trade Center -- Construction project in New York City (1968-1987)
Wikipedia - Construction site safety -- Risk management at the workplace
Wikipedia - Construction site -- Place at which a building or infrastructure is constructed
Wikipedia - Construction Specifications Institute
Wikipedia - Construction waste
Wikipedia - Construction -- Process of the building or assembling of a building or infrastructure
Wikipedia - Construction workers
Wikipedia - Construction worker
Wikipedia - Constructive alignment
Wikipedia - Constructive analysis
Wikipedia - Constructive criticism
Wikipedia - Constructive dilemma
Wikipedia - Constructive dismissal
Wikipedia - Constructive empiricism
Wikipedia - Constructive engagement
Wikipedia - Constructive heuristic
Wikipedia - Constructive logic
Wikipedia - Constructive mathematics
Wikipedia - Constructive memory
Wikipedia - Constructive nonstandard analysis
Wikipedia - Constructive perception
Wikipedia - Constructive proof
Wikipedia - Constructive realism
Wikipedia - Constructive research
Wikipedia - Constructive set theory
Wikipedia - Constructivism (art) -- Artistic and architectural philosophy originating in Russia
Wikipedia - Constructivism in Practical Philosophy -- 2012 book edited by James Lenman and Yonatan Shemmer
Wikipedia - Constructivism in science education -- Overview of constructivism in science education
Wikipedia - Constructivism (international relations)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (learning theory)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (math)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (philosophy of education) -- Philosophical viewpoint about the nature of knowledge; theory of knowledge
Wikipedia - Constructivism (philosophy of mathematics)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (philosophy of science)
Wikipedia - Constructivism (psychological school)
Wikipedia - Constructivist architecture -- Form of modern architecture that flourished in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and early 1930s
Wikipedia - Constructivist epistemology
Wikipedia - Constructivist Foundations -- Academic journal
Wikipedia - Constructivist teaching methods -- Overview of constructivist teaching methods
Wikipedia - Constructivist theory
Wikipedia - Constructivity Model Viewer -- Software for viewing Building Information Models
Wikipedia - Constructor (computer science)
Wikipedia - Constructor (object-oriented programming)
Wikipedia - Constructor (software) -- CAD software used in construction
Wikipedia - Constructor theory
Wikipedia - Construct (philosophy of science)
Wikipedia - Construct (philosophy)
Wikipedia - Construct (psychology)
Wikipedia - Construct Validity
Wikipedia - Construct validity
Wikipedia - Construx -- Plastic building toy brand
Wikipedia - Consuta -- Form of construction of watertight hulls
Wikipedia - Cons -- Function and primitive data structure in Lisp and other functional programming languages
Wikipedia - Contained earth -- Earthbag construction material and method
Wikipedia - Container (abstract data type) -- Software class, data structure, or abstract data type (ADT) whose instances are collections of other objects
Wikipedia - Container (data structure)
Wikipedia - Contemporary architecture -- Broad range of styles of recently built structures
Wikipedia - Contempt of Congress -- Act of obstructing the work of the United States Congress or one of its committees
Wikipedia - Content Disarm > Reconstruction
Wikipedia - Contingency (philosophy) -- Status of propositions that are neither always true nor always false
Wikipedia - Contrast agent -- Substance used in medical imaging to enhance the contrast of structures or fluids within the body
Wikipedia - Control structures
Wikipedia - Control structure
Wikipedia - Conus spectrum -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Convergent evolution -- Independent evolution of similar features in species of different lineages which creates analogous structures
Wikipedia - Conway circle theorem -- Geometrical construction based on extending the sides of a triangle
Wikipedia - Conway's law -- Adage stating that organizations design systems that mirror their own communication structure
Wikipedia - Cookie (video game) -- ZX Spectrum video game
Wikipedia - Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure (Singapore) -- Former Senior Cabinet position in the Government of Singapore
Wikipedia - Coracoid process -- A small hook-like structure on the lateral edge of the superior anterior portion of the scapula
Wikipedia - Cor anglais -- Woodwind musical instrument
Wikipedia - Core Infrastructure Initiative
Wikipedia - Cornea -- Structure of the eye
Wikipedia - Cornet -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Cornstalk fiddle -- Rudimentary folk instrument fashioned from a cornstalk
Wikipedia - Cornwall Terrace -- Grade I listed architectural structure in London
Wikipedia - Cornwall Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Coronal loop -- Structure in the lower corona and transition region of the Sun
Wikipedia - Coronary artery bypass surgery -- Surgical procedure to restore normal blood flow to an obstructed coronary artery
Wikipedia - Corporate headquarters -- Part of a corporate structure that deals with important tasks
Wikipedia - Corporate structure
Wikipedia - Corporate trust
Wikipedia - Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum -- Etruscan text collection
Wikipedia - Correspondence theory of truth -- Theory that the truth of a statement is determined only by how it relates to the world and whether it accurately describes that world
Wikipedia - Corrosion -- Gradual destruction of materials by chemical reaction with its environment
Wikipedia - Cosmic Ray Subsystem -- Instrument aboard the ''Voyager 1'' and ''Voyager 2'' spacecraft
Wikipedia - Country rock (geology) -- Rock types native to a specific area, as opposed to intrusions or sediments originating from other areas
Wikipedia - Courts of Judicial Magistrate of First Class -- Judicial structure in India
Wikipedia - Courts of Judicial Magistrate of Second Class -- Judicial structure in India
Wikipedia - Cousins Maine Lobster -- American franchise food truck business
Wikipedia - Covenant theology -- Protestant biblical interpretive framework for understanding the overall structure of the Bible
Wikipedia - Cover tree -- Type of data structure
Wikipedia - CPI Aerostructures -- American Aircraft manufacturer
Wikipedia - CPUID -- X86 instruction
Wikipedia - Crawl space -- Enclosed space below a structure that is too short to stand erect in
Wikipedia - Creative destruction -- Concept in economic theory
Wikipedia - Crematogaster constructor -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Crenshaw/LAX Line -- Under-construction light rail line in southwest Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Crime Junkie -- True crime podcast
Wikipedia - Criminal Confessions -- American true crime television series
Wikipedia - Criminal (podcast) -- American true crime podcast
Wikipedia - Crippled America -- Book by Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Cristal baschet -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Cristian Dumitru CriM-EM-^_an -- 21st-century Romanian Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Cristian Dumitru Popescu -- Romanian-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Cristocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Criteria of truth -- Standards and rules used to judge the accuracy of statements and claims
Wikipedia - Criterion of truth
Wikipedia - Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction
Wikipedia - Critical infrastructure
Wikipedia - Criticism of Islam -- Criticism of the current or historical Islamic religion, its actions, teachings, omissions, structure, or nature
Wikipedia - Crossfire Hurricane (FBI investigation) -- Covert counterintelligence investigation into links between Trump associates and Russian officials
Wikipedia - Cross Insurance Arena -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Crossrail Place -- Structure in the West India Docks, Canary Wharf, London
Wikipedia - Crown Castle -- American real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Crow's nest -- Structure in the upper part of the main mast of a ship, used as a lookout point
Wikipedia - Croydon PCT -- NHS primary healthcare trust
Wikipedia - Cruft -- Jargon word for redundant, obtrusive material, originally used in computing
Wikipedia - Crumhorn -- Double reed musical instrument of the woodwind family
Wikipedia - Crystal cluster -- A group of crystals formed in an open space with form determined by their internal crystal structure
Wikipedia - CrystalExplorer -- Crystal structure analysis software
Wikipedia - Crystallinity -- The degree of structural order in a solid
Wikipedia - Crystallization -- Process by which a solid with a highly organised atomic or molecular structure forms
Wikipedia - Crystallography -- scientific study of crystal structure
Wikipedia - Crystal structure of boron-rich metal borides -- Boron chemical complexes
Wikipedia - Crystal structure -- Ordered arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules in a crystalline material
Wikipedia - Crystal system -- Classification of crystalline materials by their three-dimensional structural geometry
Wikipedia - CTD (instrument) -- An oceanography instrument used to measure the conductivity, temperature, and pressure of seawater
Wikipedia - CTIL -- Radio mast infrastructure company in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Cuatro (instrument) -- Any of several Latin American instruments of the guitar or lute families
Wikipedia - Cuckoo Song (instrumental) -- 1977 single by Mike Oldfield
Wikipedia - Cue sports -- Games in which billiard balls are struck with a cue
Wikipedia - Cuevas, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico -- Barrio of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Culsans -- Etruscan deity
Wikipedia - Cultural construct
Wikipedia - Culture and menstruation -- Cultural aspects surrounding how society views menstruation
Wikipedia - Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America -- 1991 book
Wikipedia - Cumbria Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife trust covering Cumbria, England
Wikipedia - Cupola -- Dome-like architectural structure
Wikipedia - Cupriavidus-1 RNA motif -- Conserved non-coding RNA structure
Wikipedia - Curacao (liqueur) -- Liqueur made with the dried peels of the Laraha citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Cura (instrument) -- Turkish musical instrument
Wikipedia - Current Opinion in Structural Biology
Wikipedia - Curry-Howard correspondence -- Isomorphism between computer programs and constructive mathematical proofs
Wikipedia - Curtain wall (architecture) -- Outer non-structural walls of a building
Wikipedia - Curved space diamond structure -- Modular building system
Wikipedia - Cutout (espionage) -- Mutually trusted channel for the exchange of information between agents
Wikipedia - Cuttlebone -- A hard, brittle internal structure found in all members of the family Sepiidae
Wikipedia - Cyanea truncata -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency -- United States federal agency
Wikipedia - Cycles per instruction
Wikipedia - Cycling infrastructure -- facilities for use by cyclists
Wikipedia - Cyclohexane conformation -- Structures of cyclohexane
Wikipedia - Cyclol -- Structural model of a folded, globular protein
Wikipedia - Cyclone Idai -- Category 3 tropical cyclone that struck southern Africa in 2019
Wikipedia - Cyclone Kyrill -- Extratropical cyclone that struck northern Europe in 2007
Wikipedia - Cyclone Ockhi -- Category 3 tropical cyclone that struck Sri Lanka and India in 2017
Wikipedia - Cyclone Tracy -- Tropical cyclone that struck northern Australia in 1974
Wikipedia - Cymbal -- Percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Cynicism (contemporary) -- Attitude characterized by distrust
Wikipedia - Cynthia Wolberger -- American structural biologist
Wikipedia - Cypress knee -- A distinctive structure forming above the roots of a cypress tree
Wikipedia - Dacentrurus
Wikipedia - Dacia Pick-Up -- Range of pick-up trucks
Wikipedia - D'Addario (manufacturer) -- American company of musical instrument strings and accessories
Wikipedia - DAF Trucks -- Dutch truck manufacturing company
Wikipedia - Daily Mail and General Trust -- British media conglomerate
Wikipedia - Daiquiri -- Family of cocktails with rum, citrus and some sweetener
Wikipedia - Daisy a Day (album) -- 1973 album by Jud Strunk
Wikipedia - Dakota Access Pipeline protests -- Series of protests against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline
Wikipedia - Daksha yajna -- Hindu legend of the destruction of King Daksha's sacrifice
Wikipedia - Dalton Trumbo -- American screenwriter and novelist
Wikipedia - Damp proofing -- Type of moisture control in building construction
Wikipedia - Dance with the Devil (instrumental) -- Single by Cozy Powell
Wikipedia - Dan Ehrenkrantz -- American Reconstructionist rabbi
Wikipedia - D'Angelo -- American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Virginia
Wikipedia - Dan Gurney -- American racing driver, constructor and team owner
Wikipedia - Daniela Dumitru -- Romanian speed skater
Wikipedia - Daniela Rhodes -- British structural and molecular biologist
Wikipedia - Danielle Mone Truitt -- American actress
Wikipedia - Daniel Tashian -- Songwriter, producer and instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Daniel Truhitte -- American actor
Wikipedia - Daniel Trujillo -- Venezuelan sailor
Wikipedia - Danilo Petrucci -- Italian motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Dan Inosanto -- Filipino-American martial arts instructor
Wikipedia - Danmono -- Traditional Japanese style of instrumental music for the koto
Wikipedia - Dan Prestup -- American drummer, percussionist, and drum instructor
Wikipedia - Dan Scavino -- Assistant to U.S. president Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition -- algorithm for solving linear programming problems with special structure
Wikipedia - Daphnephila truncicola -- Species of fly
Wikipedia - Dar al-Muwaqqit -- Type of structure attached to a mosque
Wikipedia - Daria Trubnikova -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground -- Instrumental by Blind Willie Johnson
Wikipedia - Dark-winged trumpeter -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - D arm -- Tertiary structure of tRNA
Wikipedia - Database index -- Data structure for query optimization in databases
Wikipedia - Database storage structures
Wikipedia - Data definition language -- Syntax for defining data structures
Wikipedia - Data structure alignment -- The way data is arranged and accessed in computer memory, involving data alignment and data structure padding and packing, so that reads and writes to memory can be efficiently performed
Wikipedia - Data structure diagram
Wikipedia - Data structure (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - Data Structures
Wikipedia - Data structures
Wikipedia - Data Structure
Wikipedia - Data structure -- Particular way of storing and organizing data in a computer
Wikipedia - Data wrangling -- Restructuring data into a desired format
Wikipedia - Datsun Truck -- Compact pickup truck made by Nissan between 1955-97
Wikipedia - Datura metel -- Species of plant, commonly known as devil's trumpet and metel
Wikipedia - Dave Ballou -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Dave Keuning -- American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter
Wikipedia - Dave's Guitar Shop -- [[Musical Instrument]] store
Wikipedia - David Pietrusza -- American sports historian
Wikipedia - David Stuart (structural biologist) -- X-ray crystallographer
Wikipedia - David Trueba -- Spanish novelist and film director
Wikipedia - David Trujillo -- American businessman
Wikipedia - David Truman -- American academic
Wikipedia - David Whelan (golfer) -- English golfer and instructor
Wikipedia - Dawsons Music -- UK retailer of instruments and audio products
Wikipedia - Day for Night (film) -- 1973 French film directed by Francois Truffaut
Wikipedia - Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt -- 2012 graphic novel by Joe Sacco and Chris Hedges
Wikipedia - Day trading -- Buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day
Wikipedia - Dconstructed -- 2014 remix compilation album by Walt Disney Records
Wikipedia - Dear Bess -- 1983 book of Harry S. Truman writings, edited by historian Robert Hugh Ferrell
Wikipedia - De architectura -- Treatise on architecture by Vitruvius
Wikipedia - Death & Destruction -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - Death of Karen Fischer and Christian Struwe -- German journalists who were shot in Afghanistan
Wikipedia - Deborah Andollo -- Cuban free diver and diving instructor
Wikipedia - Decapod anatomy -- The entire structure of a decapod crustacean
Wikipedia - Decatastrophizing -- Cognitive restructuring technique to treat cognitive distortions
Wikipedia - Deception -- Act of propagating beliefs of things that are not true, or not the whole truth
Wikipedia - Deck (building) -- Surface similar to a floor, but typically constructed outdoors and connected to a building
Wikipedia - Declaration of Independence (Trumbull)
Wikipedia - Deconstructed club -- Experimental electronic music genre
Wikipedia - Deconstructing Harry -- 1997 film by Woody Allen
Wikipedia - Deconstruction (building)
Wikipedia - Deconstruction (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - Deconstructionism
Wikipedia - Deconstruction -- An approach to understanding the relationship between text and meaning
Wikipedia - Deconstructivism -- Architectural movement
Wikipedia - Dedekind cut -- Method of construction of the real numbers
Wikipedia - De De Pierce -- American jazz trumpeter and cornetist
Wikipedia - Deductive reasoning -- Method of reasoning by which premises understood to be true produce logically certain conclusions
Wikipedia - Deed of Grant in Trust -- System of community-level land trust established in Queensland to administer Aboriginal land
Wikipedia - Deed -- Type of legal instrument in Common law
Wikipedia - Deejay (Jamaican) -- Reggae or dancehall musician who sings and "toasts" to an instrumental riddim rhythm
Wikipedia - Deep Jyoti Stambh -- Architectural structure, usually found in Hindu temples, in the form of a column
Wikipedia - Deep structures and surface structures
Wikipedia - Default constructor
Wikipedia - Defeatism -- Acceptance of defeat without a struggle
Wikipedia - Deflationary theory of truth
Wikipedia - Degree of truth
Wikipedia - Degrees of truth
Wikipedia - Delaware Basin -- Geologic depositional and structural basin in West Texas and southern New Mexico, famous for holding large oil fields
Wikipedia - Delegated Path Discovery -- trusted-server-querying method for public key certificate information
Wikipedia - Delegated Path Validation -- public-key-certificate-validation-involved-work-offloading method to trusted server
Wikipedia - Demai -- Agricultural produce, the owner of which was not trusted with regard to the correct separation of tithe
Wikipedia - Demand destruction -- Permanent downward shift on the demand curve of a commodity
Wikipedia - Demerger -- Form of corporate restructuring
Wikipedia - Demihypercube -- Polytope constructed from alternation of an hypercube
Wikipedia - Democratic confederalism -- Political ideology and government structure
Wikipedia - Democratic Reconstruction -- Political party in Peru
Wikipedia - Demography -- The science that deals with populations and their structures, statistically and theoretically
Wikipedia - Demonstrations in support of Donald Trump -- Demonstrations in support of President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Dendritic spine -- Small protrusion on a dendrite that receives input from a single axon
Wikipedia - Denialism -- A person's choice to deny reality, as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth
Wikipedia - Denial -- Assertion that a statement or allegation is not true despite the existence or non-existence of evidence
Wikipedia - Denise Austin -- American fitness instructor, author, and columnist
Wikipedia - Dennis Trudeau -- Canadian news anchor
Wikipedia - Dental drill -- Dental instrument
Wikipedia - Dental explorer -- instrument in dentistry
Wikipedia - Dental instrument -- tools of the dental profession
Wikipedia - Dentures -- Prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth
Wikipedia - Department for Infrastructure and Transport -- South Australian government department
Wikipedia - Department of Agriculture appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Commerce appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Education appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Energy appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Health and Human Services appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Homeland Security appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Housing and Urban Development appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications -- Department of the Australian federal government
Wikipedia - Department of Justice appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Labor appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of State appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of the Interior appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of the Treasury appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Department of Transportation appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Deposit of faith -- The body of revealed truth in the Scriptures and Tradition proposed by the Roman Catholic Church
Wikipedia - Derancistrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Derek Trucks -- American guitarist, bandleader and songwriter
Wikipedia - Derivative (finance) -- Financial instrument
Wikipedia - Dermophis donaldtrumpi -- proposed species of amphibian
Wikipedia - Derrington-Francis -- British Formula One constructor
Wikipedia - Derrymore House -- National Trust property
Wikipedia - Design smell -- Structures in the design that indicate violation of fundamental design principles and negatively impact design quality
Wikipedia - Design structure matrix
Wikipedia - Design -- Drafting of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or of a system; process of creation; act of creativity and innovation
Wikipedia - Desiree Sayle -- American Republican political aide, served in the White House under George Bush and Donald Trump.
Wikipedia - Destructible environment
Wikipedia - Destruction '09 -- 2009 New Japan Pro-Wrestling pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Destruction (2016) -- 2016 New Japan Pro-Wrestling event series
Wikipedia - Destruction AllStars -- 2021 video game
Wikipedia - Destruction Derby 2 -- 1996 video game
Wikipedia - Destruction Derby -- 1995 video game
Wikipedia - Destruction (film) -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - Destruction in Okayama (2015) -- Professional wrestling event
Wikipedia - Destruction layer -- Stratum found in archaeological sites with evidences of destruction
Wikipedia - Destruction of cultural heritage by ISIL
Wikipedia - Destruction of early Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia
Wikipedia - Destruction of Jerusalem
Wikipedia - Destruction of libraries
Wikipedia - Destruction of Syria's chemical weapons -- Part of the Syrian peace process
Wikipedia - Destruction of the Library of Alexandria
Wikipedia - Destructive dilemma
Wikipedia - Destructive testing
Wikipedia - Destructoid
Wikipedia - Destructor (computer science)
Wikipedia - Destrudo
Wikipedia - Destruktion
Wikipedia - Detlef Struve -- German politician
Wikipedia - Detuner -- Mechanical device to alter the tuning of a stringed instrument
Wikipedia - Deutsches Theatrum Chemicum
Wikipedia - Deutschlandhalle -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Development West Coast -- New Zealand charitable trust
Wikipedia - Devi Putrudu -- 2001 Telugu film directed by Kodi Ramakrishna
Wikipedia - Devon Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Dewey Defeats Truman -- incorrect newspaper headline published by the Chicago Daily Tribune
Wikipedia - Dhantal -- Percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Diabase -- An intrusive mafic rock forming dykes or sills
Wikipedia - Diameter at breast height -- Standard method of expressing the diameter of the trunk or bole of a standing tree
Wikipedia - Diamond Dallas Page -- American professional wrestler and fitness instructor
Wikipedia - Diamond Trust of London -- 2012 turn-based strategy video game
Wikipedia - Diana Trujillo -- Colombian aerospace engineer
Wikipedia - Diaphragm (optics) -- Thin opaque structure with an opening (aperture) at its center
Wikipedia - Diapir -- A type of geologic intrusion in which a more mobile and ductily deformable material is forced into brittle overlying rocks
Wikipedia - Dick Collins -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Dick Harmon -- American golf instructor
Wikipedia - Dicranocephalus -- Genus of insects (type of true bugs)
Wikipedia - Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Wikipedia - Didgeridoo -- Traditional Australian musical instrument
Wikipedia - Difference list -- List data structure
Wikipedia - Difference (poststructuralism)
Wikipedia - Differentiable structure
Wikipedia - Differential geometry -- Branch of mathematics dealing with functions and geometric structures on differentiable manifolds
Wikipedia - Differentiated instruction -- Framework or philosophy for effective teaching
Wikipedia - Diffraction-limited system -- Optical system with resolution performance at the instrument's theoretical limit
Wikipedia - Digital India -- Campaign to ensure improved online infrastructure,more job opportunities and Internet connectivity in India
Wikipedia - DigitalOcean -- American cloud infrastructure provider
Wikipedia - Dii involuti -- Etruscan veiled gods
Wikipedia - Dike (construction)
Wikipedia - Dilapidation -- A destructive event to a building
Wikipedia - Dilator -- Surgical instrument or medical implement used to expand an opening or passage
Wikipedia - Dimension (data warehouse) -- Structure that categorizes facts and measures in a data warehouse
Wikipedia - Dinotrux -- Television series
Wikipedia - DIN sync -- Synchronization interface for electronic musical instruments
Wikipedia - Diode logic -- Constructs Boolean logic gates from diodes
Wikipedia - Dionysius Exiguus' Easter table -- Ecclesiastical table constructed in 525
Wikipedia - Diorite -- Intermediate intrusive igneous rock composed principally of plagioclase feldspar
Wikipedia - Diphasiastrum complanatum -- Species of clubmoss plant from coniferous forests
Wikipedia - Diphasiastrum digitatum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Diphasiastrum -- Genus of vascular plants in the clubmoss family Lycopodiaceae
Wikipedia - Diple -- Woodwind musical instrument
Wikipedia - Diplock court -- Structure of non-jury courts used in Northern Ireland, primarily 1973 to 2007 but still occasionally used
Wikipedia - Direct instruction
Wikipedia - Directive (programming) -- Language construct that specifies how a compiler should process its input
Wikipedia - Direct method in the calculus of variations -- Method for constructing existence proofs and calculating solutions in variational calculus
Wikipedia - Directory structure
Wikipedia - Direct Rendering Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Direct-sequence spread spectrum
Wikipedia - DirectX Graphics Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Dirk Jan Struik
Wikipedia - Dirty John (TV series) -- American true crime television series
Wikipedia - Disaster -- An event or combination of events resulting in major damage, destruction or death
Wikipedia - Discrete mathematics -- Study of discrete mathematical structures
Wikipedia - Discrete tomography -- Reconstruction of binary images from a small number of their projections
Wikipedia - Disenfranchisement after the Reconstruction era -- Post-civil war voter suppression efforts in the United States
Wikipedia - Disjoint-set data structure
Wikipedia - Dislocation (syntax) -- Sentence structure in which a constituent occurs outside the clause boundaries either to its left or to its right
Wikipedia - Disney Fairies: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Wikipedia - Dissipative structures
Wikipedia - Distance matrices in phylogeny -- Matrices used in construction of phylogenetic trees
Wikipedia - Distant Trumpet -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - Distributed Bragg reflector -- Structure used in waveguides
Wikipedia - Distributed learning -- Instructional model that allows instructor, students, and content to be located in different, noncentralized locations
Wikipedia - Distrust (video game) -- 2017 survival video game
Wikipedia - Distrust -- Not trusting
Wikipedia - Disulfide -- Chemical structure
Wikipedia - Dive computer -- Instrument to record dive profile and calculate decompression obligations in real time
Wikipedia - Diverticulum -- Medical or biological term for an outpouching of a hollow (or a fluid-filled) structure in the body
Wikipedia - Divided By (album) -- 2011 album by Structures
Wikipedia - Divine Truth
Wikipedia - Diving instructor -- Person who trains and assesses underwater divers
Wikipedia - Diving platform -- A type of structure used for competitive acrobatic diving
Wikipedia - Diwas -- Filipino bamboo wood instrument
Wikipedia - Dizi (instrument) -- Chinese transverse flute
Wikipedia - Dizzy Gillespie -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - D-loop -- DNA structure
Wikipedia - Dmitry Patrushev -- Russian politician; Minister of Agriculture (2018-present)
Wikipedia - Dmitry Trunenkov -- Russian bobsledder
Wikipedia - DNA code construction
Wikipedia - DNA nanotechnology -- The design and manufacture of artificial nucleic acid structures for technological uses
Wikipedia - Dni wiatru -- album by Scianka
Wikipedia - Docetism -- View that Jesus was mere semblance without any true reality
Wikipedia - Dock (maritime) -- Human-made structure involved in the handling of boats or ships
Wikipedia - Doc Severinsen -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights -- Libretto for an opera by Gertrude Stein
Wikipedia - Document-oriented database -- A document-oriented NoSQL database, or document store, is a computer program designed for storing, retrieving and managing semi-structured, document-oriented information.
Wikipedia - Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story -- 2004 film by Rawson Marshall Thurber
Wikipedia - Dodge WC series -- American WWII light military trucks
Wikipedia - Doe et al. v. Trump Corp. et al. -- US District Court case
Wikipedia - Dogma -- A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.
Wikipedia - Dog's bollocks (typography) -- typographical construction
Wikipedia - Dolby TrueHD -- Advanced lossless multi-channel audio codec
Wikipedia - Dolphin (structure) -- Man-made marine structure
Wikipedia - Dome (constructor) -- Japanese racing car manufacturer
Wikipedia - Dome (geology) -- geological deformation structure
Wikipedia - Domino tiling -- Geometric construct
Wikipedia - Dona Dumitru Siminica -- Romanian violinist and singer
Wikipedia - Donald J. Trump Foundation -- Former US-based private foundation founded and chaired by Donald Trump.
Wikipedia - Donald J. Trump State Park -- State park in New York, United States
Wikipedia - Donald J. Trump
Wikipedia - Donald L. Trump -- American oncologist
Wikipedia - Donald Struan Robertson -- British classical scholar and Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Cambridge (1885-1961)
Wikipedia - Donald Trump 2000 presidential campaign -- 2000 U.S. presidential campaign
Wikipedia - Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign -- Successful 2016 US presidential campaign
Wikipedia - Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign -- Political campaign
Wikipedia - Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape -- Recorded discussion between Donald Trump and Billy Bush in 2005
Wikipedia - Donald Trump and golf -- Donald Trump's association with golf
Wikipedia - Donald Trump filmography -- Film and TV featuring or about Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Donald Trump in music -- Overview of music referring to Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Donald Trump in popular culture -- Appearances of Donald Trump in popular culture
Wikipedia - Donald Trump Jr. -- Son of Donald Trump and American businessman
Wikipedia - Donald Trump judicial appointment controversies -- Overview about Donald Trump's judicial appointment controversies
Wikipedia - Donald Trump on social media -- Use of social media by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
Wikipedia - Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016
Wikipedia - Donald Trump's disclosures of classified information -- Overview of the disclosures of classified information by Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations -- Sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Donald Trump (song) -- 2011 song by American rapper Mac Miller
Wikipedia - Donald Trump's speech in Warsaw, Poland -- 2017 speech by Donald Trump in Warsaw
Wikipedia - Donald Trump Supreme Court candidates -- Persons nominated or considered for nomination
Wikipedia - Donald Trump -- 45th president of the United States
Wikipedia - Donald Trunkey -- American trauma surgeon
Wikipedia - Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium -- architectural structure
Wikipedia - Don Caballero -- American instrumental rock group
Wikipedia - Don Cherry (trumpeter) -- American jazz trumpeter (1936-1995)
Wikipedia - Don Goldie -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Don Lee (accordionist) -- American multi-instrumentalist, music teacher and music publisher
Wikipedia - Donna Richardson -- American fitness instructor
Wikipedia - Donner Pass -- mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevada above Donner Lake about 9 miles (14 km) west of Truckee, California
Wikipedia - Don't Buy This -- 1985 video game for Spectrum
Wikipedia - Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer -- 2019 American true crime documentary series
Wikipedia - Don't Trust Me -- 2008 single by 3OH!3
Wikipedia - Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 -- American sitcom
Wikipedia - Dooring -- Traffic collision in which a bicyclist (or other road user) rides or drives into a motor vehicle's door or is struck by a door that was opened quickly without due care.
Wikipedia - Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction -- South Korean company
Wikipedia - Doppler on Wheels -- Fleet of X-band radar trucks maintained by the Center for Severe Weather Research (CSWR)
Wikipedia - Dorin Dumitru Velicu -- Romanian skeleton racer
Wikipedia - Dormer -- Structural element of a building
Wikipedia - Dorothy Hayden Truscott -- American bridge player
Wikipedia - Dorothy Trump -- Physician
Wikipedia - Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust -- Healthcare organization in Dorchester, United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Dorset Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife and natural habitat charity
Wikipedia - Dorshei Derekh -- Reconstructionist Jewish congregation in Philadelphia, USA
Wikipedia - Dortberghaus -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Dos Bocas, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico -- Barrio of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Double bass -- Acoustic stringed instrument of the violin family
Wikipedia - Double negative -- Grammatical construction occurring when two forms of negation are used in the same sentence
Wikipedia - Double reed -- Type of reed used to produce sound in various wind instruments
Wikipedia - Double truth
Wikipedia - Doug Cox (musician) -- Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer
Wikipedia - Douglas Strutt Galton
Wikipedia - Douglas Trumbull -- American film director, special effects designer
Wikipedia - Dowker-Thistlethwaite notation -- Mathematical notation for describing the structure of knots
Wikipedia - Download The True Story of the Internet -- Television series
Wikipedia - Do You Trust This Computer?
Wikipedia - DPR Construction -- American construction firm
Wikipedia - Draft:Advanced Matrix Extensions -- Extensions to the x86 instruction set architecture for microprocessors from Intel and AMD
Wikipedia - Draft:Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation -- 2020 single player, business simulation tycoon video game
Wikipedia - Draft:CatchMark Timber Trust, Inc. -- U.S timber Real Estate Investment Trust
Wikipedia - Draft:Construction Information Systems, Inc. -- American Construction Project Leads Company
Wikipedia - Draft:Cyber Struggle AEGIS Certification -- Hybrid Certification for SOC Analysts certification by Cyber Struggle
Wikipedia - Draft:Dr. James F. Lane -- Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction
Wikipedia - Draft:Fred Truck -- American artist
Wikipedia - Draft:Marshall Vandruff -- American illustrator, and art instructor
Wikipedia - Draft:Misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic - restructure -- False information about the COVID-19 outbreak
Wikipedia - Draft:Montasser Construction Company -- Construction and civil engineering company
Wikipedia - Draft:Nogizaka Under Construction -- Japanese variety show
Wikipedia - Draft:Service Foods -- NewZealandfranchise food truck business
Wikipedia - Draft:Song for Denise (instrumental) -- 1985 single by Piano Fantasia
Wikipedia - Draft:True Faith Asociation of Jehovah's Witnesses -- Christian denomination
Wikipedia - Draft:TrueNxus -- project management software
Wikipedia - Draft:Trupti Toradmal -- Indian film actress
Wikipedia - Dragon curve -- Fractal constructible with L-systems
Wikipedia - Dramatic structure -- structure of a dramatic work such as a play or film
Wikipedia - Dr. Death (podcast) -- True crime podcast
Wikipedia - DRDO Technology Demonstration Vessel -- Missile range instrumentation ship
Wikipedia - Dreams Come True The Best! Watashi no Dorikamu -- 2015 album by Dreams Come True
Wikipedia - Dreams...Do Come True! -- 2005 film directed by Ashish Chanana
Wikipedia - Dr Hadwen Trust
Wikipedia - Drifter (floating device) -- An oceanographic instrument package floating freely on the surface to investigate ocean currents and other parameters like temperature or salinity
Wikipedia - Drill instructor -- Military training officer
Wikipedia - Drive-By Truckers -- American rock band
Wikipedia - Driving instructor -- Professional teacher of driving skills
Wikipedia - Dr. Matt Destruction -- Swedish musician
Wikipedia - Dr. Petrus Molemela Stadium -- Sports stadium in South Africa
Wikipedia - Drum and bugle corps (modern) -- Marching group of brass and percussion instrumentalists
Wikipedia - Drum machine -- Electronic musical instrument that creates percussion sounds
Wikipedia - Druze power struggle (1658-1667) -- Tribal disputes during Ottoman rule in the Levant
Wikipedia - Dry dam -- Flood control structure
Wikipedia - Dry stone -- Construction method
Wikipedia - Drywall -- Panel made of gypsum, used in interior construction
Wikipedia - Dubai Creek Tower -- Observation tower under construction in Dubai
Wikipedia - Dublin Civic Trust -- Architectural conservation and educational trust
Wikipedia - Dublin Landings -- Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Duda -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Dumitru Alexe -- Romanian canoeist
Wikipedia - Dumitru Berciu
Wikipedia - Dumitru Betiu -- Romanian canoeist
Wikipedia - Dumitru Burlan -- Romanian former Securitate officer
Wikipedia - Dumitru Captari -- Romanian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Dumitru Draghicescu
Wikipedia - Dumitru Focseneanu -- Romanian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Dumitru Fratila (sailor) -- Romanian sailor
Wikipedia - Dumitru Gheorghiu -- Romanian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Dumitru Ghizdavu -- Romanian chess player
Wikipedia - Dumitru Hubert -- Romanian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Dumitru Mazilu -- Romanian politician
Wikipedia - Dumitru M-HM-^Zintea -- Romanian modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Dumitru Noroc -- Moldovan politician
Wikipedia - Dumitru Paraschivescu -- Romanian racewalker
Wikipedia - Dumitru Pascu -- Romanian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Dumitru Peteu -- Romanian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Dumitru Popescu-Colibasi -- Romanian handball coach
Wikipedia - Dumitru SpM-CM-.rlea -- Romanian modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Dumitru Velea -- Romanian equestrian
Wikipedia - Dumitru Velicu -- Romanian equestrian
Wikipedia - Dumptruck (band) -- American rock band
Wikipedia - Dump truck -- Truck which can tip its bed, dumping its contents
Wikipedia - Dump Trump (statue) -- Statue of U.S. President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Dun a' Choin Duibh -- Architectural structure in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK
Wikipedia - Dungeons 3 -- 2017 Construction and management simulation video game
Wikipedia - Dunwich Forest -- Suffolk Wildlife Trust nature reserve
Wikipedia - Duo'Lectar -- Stringed instrument of the guitar family
Wikipedia - Durham Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Duthiastrum -- Plant genus
Wikipedia - Duxianqin -- Chinese plucked string instrument
Wikipedia - Dwelling -- Self-contained unit of accommodation (house, apartment, mobile home, houseboat or other structure) used as a home
Wikipedia - Dynamic data structures
Wikipedia - Dynamic deconstructive psychotherapy
Wikipedia - Dynamic infrastructure
Wikipedia - Dysmenorrhea -- Pain during menstruation
Wikipedia - Dyson sphere -- Hypothetical megastructure originally described by Freeman Dyson
Wikipedia - DySPAN -- Standards committee, develops standards for radio and spectrum management
Wikipedia - Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Dzigar Kongtrul
Wikipedia - Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche -- Tibetan lama, teacher, and author
Wikipedia - Eagle-bone whistle -- Religious musical instrument used in certain ceremonies in the Southwest and Plains Native American cultures, made from bones of the American bald eagle or the American golden eagle
Wikipedia - Earthbag construction -- Building method
Wikipedia - Earthquake-resistant structures -- Structures designed to protect buildings from earthquakes
Wikipedia - Earth structure -- A building or other structure made largely from soil.
Wikipedia - Eastern Busway, Auckland -- Busway project that is under construction
Wikipedia - Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor -- Dedicated freight railway under construction in India
Wikipedia - Eastern Orthodox Church organization -- Structure and organization of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Wikipedia - East Kowloon Corridor -- Trunk road in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - East Wing -- Structure part of the White House Complex, east of the Executive Residence
Wikipedia - Ecclesfield Feoffees -- Trustees for Ecclesfield in South Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Ecclesiastical polity -- Operational and governance structure of a church
Wikipedia - Echinomastus erectocentrus -- Species of cactus
Wikipedia - Ecole nationale supM-CM-)rieure d'ingM-CM-)nieurs de constructions aM-CM-)ronautiques -- French engineering scholl in Toulouse
Wikipedia - Ecological design -- Design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living processes
Wikipedia - Ecological engineering -- Use of ecology and engineering to predict, design, construct or restore, and manage ecosystems that integrate "human society with its natural environment for the benefit of both"
Wikipedia - Ecological succession -- The process of change in the species structure of an ecological community over time
Wikipedia - Economic policy of the Donald Trump administration -- Economic policies promoted by U.S. President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Economic Reconstruction Union -- Former German political party
Wikipedia - Ecotheology -- Form of constructive theology that focuses on the interrelationships of religion and nature, particularly in the light of environmental concerns
Wikipedia - Ecraseur -- Surgical instrument
Wikipedia - ECW vs. IWA vs. True FMW: Total War -- Professional wrestling event
Wikipedia - Ed Amatrudo -- American actor
Wikipedia - Eddie Calvert -- English trumpeter
Wikipedia - Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers -- British television documentary series
Wikipedia - Edge city -- New unstructured settlement created near a major city
Wikipedia - Edge list -- Graph data structure
Wikipedia - Edith Schultze-Westrum -- German actress
Wikipedia - Ed Struiksma -- American politician
Wikipedia - Edward J. Roye Building -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Edward Livingston Trudeau -- American doctor
Wikipedia - Edward Llewellyn (trumpeter) -- American trumpeter, cornetist, and composer
Wikipedia - Edward Strutt, 1st Baron Belper -- British politician
Wikipedia - Edward Tarr -- American trumpet player
Wikipedia - Edwin Belcher -- U.S politician during the Reconstruction Era
Wikipedia - Effective altruism -- Philosophy and social movement that applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to benefit others
Wikipedia - Efforts to impeach Donald Trump -- Talks and activities of attempted approaches into the possible impeachment of Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Egyptian pyramid construction techniques -- Overview about the Egyptian pyramid construction techniques
Wikipedia - Egyptian pyramids -- Ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt
Wikipedia - Egyptian temple -- Structures for official worship of the gods and commemoration of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt
Wikipedia - EIDAS -- electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services
Wikipedia - Eighth Wonder of the World -- Unofficial title sometimes given to places, buildings, structures, projects or designs
Wikipedia - Eilenberg-Ganea theorem -- On constructing an aspherical CW complex whose fundamental group is a given group
Wikipedia - Eisenacher Motorenwerk -- German automobile manufacturer and Formula One constructor
Wikipedia - Eissportzentrum Chemnitz -- Sports arena and indoor ice hockey venue
Wikipedia - Eissportzentrum Westfalenhallen -- Indoor sporting arena in Dortmund, Germany
Wikipedia - Ekman spiral -- A structure of currents or winds near a horizontal boundary in which the flow direction rotates as one moves away from the boundary
Wikipedia - Ekola -- Ovambo People musical instrument
Wikipedia - Elaeocarpus ganitrus -- Species of flowering plant in the family Elaeocarpaceae
Wikipedia - Elaiosome -- Fleshy structures attached to the seeds of plants
Wikipedia - El castillo de los monstruos (1958 film) -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - El castillo de los monstruos (1964 film) -- 1964 film
Wikipedia - Elderly Instruments -- American musical instrument retailer
Wikipedia - Eleazer Root -- American politician, 1st Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Electra Private Equity -- British investment trust specialising in private equity
Wikipedia - Electrical resistivity tomography -- A geophysical technique for imaging sub-surface structures
Wikipedia - Electric guitar -- Electrical string instrument
Wikipedia - Electric instrument -- Type of musical instrument
Wikipedia - Electricity Act 1957 -- UK legislation to restructure the electricity industry
Wikipedia - Electric organ -- Electronic keyboard instrument
Wikipedia - Electric reef -- Human-created underwater structure
Wikipedia - Electromagnetic spectrum -- Entire range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation
Wikipedia - Electronic band structure -- Describes the range of energies that an electron within the solid may have and ranges of energy that it may not have
Wikipedia - Electronic flight instrument system
Wikipedia - Electronic musical instrument
Wikipedia - Electronic structure
Wikipedia - Electron microprobe -- Instrument for the micro-chemical analysis of solids
Wikipedia - Electrum -- Alloy of gold and silver
Wikipedia - Elektron (company) -- Swedish musical instrument company
Wikipedia - Elementary particle -- Subatomic particle having no known substructure
Wikipedia - Elephant goad -- Instrument in training elephants
Wikipedia - Elephant -- Large terrestrial mammals with trunks, from Africa and Asia
Wikipedia - Elevator (dental) -- Dental instrument
Wikipedia - El Intruso (1999 film) -- 1999 film
Wikipedia - Elise Van Truyen -- Belgian athletics competitor
Wikipedia - Elixir Strings -- Brand of musical instrument strings
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Caroline Gray -- Author on the Etruscans, 1800-1887
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Christ Trump -- German-American businesswoman and paternal grandmother to Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Gertrude Britton -- American botanist
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Truswell -- Australian paleontologist
Wikipedia - Eliza Tibbets -- California founder of the citrus industry
Wikipedia - Ellie Mannette -- Trinidad and Tobago musician and instrument maker
Wikipedia - El patrullero 777 -- 1978 film by Miguel M. Delgado
Wikipedia - El Porvenir District, Trujillo -- District in La Libertad, Peru
Wikipedia - El Truco -- 2006 single by Daddy Yankee
Wikipedia - Elytrurini -- Tribe of beetles
Wikipedia - Emba Hunutlu power station -- Coal fired power station under construction in Turkey
Wikipedia - Embassy Hill -- British Formula One team/constructor
Wikipedia - Embedded instrumentation -- Test instrumentation embedded into discrete integrated circuits
Wikipedia - Embezzlement -- Theft of assets entrusted to another person by the person that the assets were entrusted to
Wikipedia - Emil Aarestrup -- Danish poet
Wikipedia - Emil Petrunov -- Bulgarian judoka
Wikipedia - Emil Truog
Wikipedia - Emily Strayer -- American songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - EMI schools -- Secondary schools in Hong Kong that use English as a medium of instruction
Wikipedia - Emma Farrell (freediver) -- British freediving instructor and author
Wikipedia - Empathy-altruism
Wikipedia - Empetrum nigrum -- Species of flowering plant in the heather family Ericaceae
Wikipedia - Empetrum -- Genus of flowering plants in the heath family Ericaceae
Wikipedia - Empis trunca -- Species of fly
Wikipedia - Empty lattice approximation -- A theoretical electronic band structure model in which the potential is periodic and weak
Wikipedia - Enamel lamellae -- Type of structure in teeth
Wikipedia - Enation -- Scaly leaflike structures, differing from leaves in their lack of vascular tissue
Wikipedia - Encapsulation (networking) -- Method of designing modular communication protocols in which separate functions are abstracted from their underlying structures
Wikipedia - Encephalocele -- Neural tube defect in which the brain protrudes out of the skull
Wikipedia - Endospore -- Protective structure formed by bacteria
Wikipedia - Energy principles in structural mechanics
Wikipedia - Enfield Primary Care NHS Trust -- Organization
Wikipedia - Enforcement Acts -- Laws aiming to combat resistance to reconstruction after the US Civil War
Wikipedia - Engineered wood -- Range of derivative wood products engineered for uniform and predictable structural performance
Wikipedia - English-medium education -- Medium of instruction
Wikipedia - Ensemble Weser-Renaissance Bremen -- German instrumental ensemble
Wikipedia - Ensoniq EPS -- Digital musical instrument
Wikipedia - Entraygues-sur-Truyere -- Commune in Occitanie, France
Wikipedia - Entrust
Wikipedia - Enyo -- Greek goddess of war and destruction
Wikipedia - Epaxial and hypaxial muscles -- Trunk muscles can be broadly divided into hypaxial muscles, which lie ventral to the horizontal septum of the vertebrae and epaxial muscles
Wikipedia - Epermenia petrusellus -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Epibenthic sled -- An instrument designed to collect benthic and benthopelagic faunas from the deep sea
Wikipedia - Epicranium -- Collection of structures covering the cranium
Wikipedia - EPICS -- Software infrastructure for building distributed control systems
Wikipedia - Epigenetic valley -- Valley created by erosion and with little or no sympathy for bedrock structure
Wikipedia - Epigonion -- Ancient Greek harp-like instrument
Wikipedia - Epiphone -- American musical instrument company
Wikipedia - Epistemic theories of truth
Wikipedia - Epopostruma -- Genus of ants
Wikipedia - Equation solving -- Finding values for variables that make an equation true
Wikipedia - Equatorial sextant -- Navigational instrument
Wikipedia - Equity One -- American real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Erentrude
Wikipedia - Erica Ollmann Saphire -- American structural biologist, immunologist and researcher
Wikipedia - Eric Trump -- American businessman and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Ericusa fulgetrum -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Erik Truffaz -- French trumpeter
Wikipedia - Erke -- Musical instrument of Bolivian origin
Wikipedia - Ernest Cook Trust
Wikipedia - Ernest Truex -- American actor
Wikipedia - Ernest Truman -- Australian composer
Wikipedia - Ernest Trumpp
Wikipedia - Ernst Strupler -- Swiss diver
Wikipedia - Error message -- Message displayed on a monitor screen or printout indicating that an incorrect instruction has been given or that there is an error resulting from faulty software or hardware
Wikipedia - Erskine Hawkins -- American trumpeter and big band leader
Wikipedia - Erucastrum rostratum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Eruption (instrumental) -- Composition by Eddie Van Halen
Wikipedia - Escape trunk -- Ambient pressure escape system for submarines
Wikipedia - Esmaeil Sedigh -- Iranian futsal coach and instructor
Wikipedia - Espen Rostrup Nakstad -- Norwegian medical doctor and lawyer
Wikipedia - Esperantido -- Type of constructed language, based on Esperanto
Wikipedia - Esperanto -- Constructed language
Wikipedia - Essays on Truth and Reality -- 1914 book by F. H. Bradley
Wikipedia - Essential complexity (numerical measure of "structuredness")
Wikipedia - Essex Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Essostrutha -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Essostruthella -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Estadio Mansiche -- Multi-purpose stadium in Trujillo, Peru
Wikipedia - Esteban Pavletich Trujillo -- Peruvian writer (1906-1981)
Wikipedia - Eszter Pecsi -- Hungarian architect, structural engineer
Wikipedia - Etching (microfabrication) -- Technique in microfabrication used to remove material and create structures
Wikipedia - Etienne Truteau -- Early French colonist of New France (Canada)
Wikipedia - Etna Turpentine Camp Archeological Site -- Historic site in the Withlacoochee State Forest, Citrus County, Florida
Wikipedia - Etruria Industrial Museum -- museum in Etruria, Staffordshire, England
Wikipedia - Etruria, Staffordshire -- suburb of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
Wikipedia - Etruscan alphabet -- The alphabet used by the Etruscans of central and northern Italy
Wikipedia - Etruscan architecture -- Architecture of the Etruscan civilization
Wikipedia - Etruscan art
Wikipedia - Etruscan civilization -- Pre-Roman civilization of ancient Italy
Wikipedia - Etruscan language -- Extinct language of ancient Italy
Wikipedia - Etruscan religion -- Stories, beliefs, and religious practices of the Etruscans
Wikipedia - Etruscan Well -- Ancient well in the old town of Perugia
Wikipedia - Etruscodytes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Eudonia truncicolella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eugene Ball -- Australian jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Eugene T. Maleska -- American crossword puzzle constructor and editor
Wikipedia - Eugene Trubowitz -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Euhirudinea -- True leeches
Wikipedia - Euphonia (device) -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Euphonium -- Brass instrument
Wikipedia - Eupithecia truncatipennis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eupithecia truschi -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - European Grid Infrastructure -- Effort to provide access to high-throughput computing resources across Europe
Wikipedia - European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column Observatory -- A large-scale European distributed Research Infrastructure for ocean observation
Wikipedia - European Statutory Instruments Committee -- Select committee in the UK Parliament
Wikipedia - European Union vs. Google -- EU's anti-trust campaign against Google
Wikipedia - Euro Truck Simulator 2 -- 2012 vehicle simulation video game made by SCS Software
Wikipedia - Euro Truck Simulator -- 2008 vehicle simulation video game made by SCS Software
Wikipedia - Eutaxitic texture -- Layered or banded texture in some extrusive rock bodies
Wikipedia - Eva Peron: The True Story -- 1996 film
Wikipedia - Eva Petrus-Pekny -- Austrian stage actress
Wikipedia - Everett True -- British journalist
Wikipedia - EverTrust Bank -- Chinese bank in the United States
Wikipedia - Evgenia Trushnikova -- Russian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Excavator -- Type of construction equipment
Wikipedia - Excite Truck -- Racing video game first published by Nintendo in 2006
Wikipedia - Exclusive or -- True when either but not both inputs are true
Wikipedia - Executive appointments by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Executive Order 13765 -- Executive order signed by U.S. President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Executive Order 13767 -- Executive order signed by U.S. President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Executive Order 13768 -- Executive order signed by U.S. President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Executive Order 9981 -- 1948 order by President Truman to abolish discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin in the US Armed Forces
Wikipedia - Executive order -- Federal administrative instruction issued by the President of the United States
Wikipedia - Exocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Exophthalmometer -- Ophthalmic instrument
Wikipedia - Experimental language -- Constructed language designed for linguistics research
Wikipedia - Experimental musical instrument
Wikipedia - Experto crede -- Latin motto which means Trust in one experienced
Wikipedia - Explanation -- Set of statements constructed to describe a set of facts which clarifies causes
Wikipedia - Explicitly parallel instruction computing -- Instruction set architecture
Wikipedia - EXPORT -- Measuring instrument on the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Extended X-ray absorption fine structure -- Measurement of X-ray absorption of a material as a function of energy
Wikipedia - Extensional tectonics -- Study of the structures formed by, and the processes associated with, the stretching of a planetary body's crust
Wikipedia - Exterior algebra -- Algebraic construction used in multilinear algebra and geometry
Wikipedia - Extracellular matrix -- Network of proteins and molecules outside cells that provides structural support for cells
Wikipedia - Extreme Light Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Extremely high frequency -- The range 30-300 GHz of the electromagnetic spectrum
Wikipedia - Extremely low frequency -- The range 3-30 Hz of the electromagnetic spectrum
Wikipedia - Extrusion -- Process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile
Wikipedia - Eyestalk -- Protrusion that extends the eye away from the body
Wikipedia - E. Yvonne Jones -- Director of the Cancer Research UK Receptor Structure Research Group
Wikipedia - Ezekiel's Temple -- Unbuilt temple structure described in the biblical Book of Ezekiel
Wikipedia - Fabrica ecclesiae -- Latin term describing the construction and maintenance of a church
Wikipedia - Fabrika automobila Priboj -- Serbian automotive manufacturer of military vehicles, buses and trucks
Wikipedia - Fabrik Heeder -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Facadism -- Preservation or reconstruction of a facade, but not the rest of the building
Wikipedia - Facing the Truth (film) -- 2002 film
Wikipedia - -- Website hosting a database of Donald Trump statements
Wikipedia - Factorio -- Construction and management simulation video game
Wikipedia - Faculty (instrument)
Wikipedia - Fail2ban -- Intrusion prevention software framework that protects computer servers from brute-force attacks
Wikipedia - Fairbank station -- Under-construction LRT station in Toronto, Canada
Wikipedia - Fairview Avenue North Bridge -- Bridge undergoing reconstruction in Seattle, Washington
Wikipedia - FairyTale: A True Story
Wikipedia - Faithfulness -- Act of remaining true to one's life partner
Wikipedia - Faith Wainwright -- British structural engineer
Wikipedia - Faith -- Confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept
Wikipedia - Fake & True -- 2019 single by Twice
Wikipedia - Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony) -- Instrumental composition by Brian Wilson
Wikipedia - False title -- Grammatical construct in English
Wikipedia - Falset (music) -- Pitch-control of a harmonic of a brass instrument
Wikipedia - False truffle -- Type of fungus with underground fruiting bodies resembling truffles
Wikipedia - False vacuum -- A hypothetical vacuum, less stable than true vacuum
Wikipedia - Falsexocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Falsochrobactrum ovis -- Species of bacterium
Wikipedia - Falsochrobactrum -- Genus of bacteria
Wikipedia - Family of Donald Trump -- Immediate family of Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles -- Series of US military vehicles (trucks)
Wikipedia - Family structure in the United States
Wikipedia - Family tree -- Chart representing family relationships in a conventional tree structure
Wikipedia - Fanfare trumpet -- variant of a trumpet
Wikipedia - Fanfare -- relatively short piece of music that is typically played brass instruments
Wikipedia - Far-left politics -- political views located further to the left on the left-right political spectrum than the standard political left
Wikipedia - Far-red -- Range of light at the extreme red end of the visible spectrum
Wikipedia - Fast Stories...from Kid Coma -- album by Truly
Wikipedia - Fats Navarro -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - FAW Jiefang -- Chinese truck manufacturing company
Wikipedia - FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate -- US FBI special division
Wikipedia - Feature structure
Wikipedia - FEC Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge -- Bridge in Florida, United States of America
Wikipedia - Federal Resume (United States) -- Type of resume constructed specifically to apply for United States federal government jobs
Wikipedia - Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology -- Group of experts who review, analyze and discuss the terms of the morphological structures of the human body
Wikipedia - Felix Trutat -- French painter
Wikipedia - Female body shape -- Cumulative product of the human female skeletal structure and distribution of muscle and fat
Wikipedia - Feminine hygiene -- Personal care products used by women for menstruation, vaginal discharge etc.
Wikipedia - Feminist constructivism
Wikipedia - Feminist post-structuralist discourse analysis
Wikipedia - Fences and pickets model of plasma membrane structure -- Concept of cell membrane structure
Wikipedia - Fence -- Freestanding structure preventing movement across a boundary
Wikipedia - Fengdu railway station -- Railway station under construction in Chongqing
Wikipedia - Fenglin Bridge -- 364-metre-high bridge under construction in the Guizhou province of China
Wikipedia - Fengtai railway station -- Beijing Subway and under-construction railway station
Wikipedia - Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina -- Italian journalist, writer and patriot (1815-1890)
Wikipedia - FESOM -- A multi-resolution ocean general circulation model that solves the equations of motion describing the ocean and sea ice using finite-element and finite-volume methods on unstructured computational grids
Wikipedia - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder -- Group of conditions resulting from maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy
Wikipedia - Fiat 619 -- A multi-purpose truck
Wikipedia - Fiat 626 -- Italian medium truck in World War II
Wikipedia - Fictionalism -- Pretending to treat something as literally true (a "useful fiction")
Wikipedia - Fictional language -- Constructed languages that have been created as part of a fictional setting
Wikipedia - Fiction and Other Truths: A Film About Jane Rule -- 1995 Canadian documentary film
Wikipedia - Ficus destruens -- Species of Australian fig tree
Wikipedia - Fiddle -- String instrument
Wikipedia - Fides (deity) -- Roman goddess of trust
Wikipedia - Field (mathematics) -- Algebraic structure with addition, multiplication and division
Wikipedia - Field-theoretic simulation -- Numerical strategy to calculate structure and physical properties of a many-particle system
Wikipedia - Fife (instrument) -- Woodwind musical instrument
Wikipedia - Fifth-wheel coupling -- Link between a semi-trailer and the towing truck
Wikipedia - Fifth World (mythology) -- The idea that the current world came into being after four other cycles of creation and destruction, found in Aztec, Navajo, and Hopi mythologies
Wikipedia - Filibuster in the United States Senate -- method of legislative obstruction in the US senate
Wikipedia - FilmStruck
Wikipedia - Financial instrument -- Monetary contract between parties
Wikipedia - Fine structure constant
Wikipedia - Fine-structure constant -- Dimensionless number that quantifies the strength of the electromagnetic interaction
Wikipedia - Finitary relation -- Property that assigns truth values to k-tuples of individuals
Wikipedia - Finite field -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Finite Volume Community Ocean Model -- A prognostic, unstructured-grid, free-surface, 3-D primitive equation coastal ocean circulation model
Wikipedia - Finsbury Growth & Income Trust -- British investment trust
Wikipedia - Finswimming in the United Kingdom -- Practice of the sport and supporting infrastructure
Wikipedia - Fiona Powrie -- Sidney Truelove Professor of Gastroenterology
Wikipedia - Fire safety -- Practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire
Wikipedia - First Human Giatrus -- Media franchise
Wikipedia - First inauguration of Harry S. Truman -- 7th United States intra-term presidential inauguration
Wikipedia - First Potomac Realty Trust -- Real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - First Working Group of Constructivists -- Group of artists
Wikipedia - Fisher Industries -- American construction company
Wikipedia - Fish fin -- Bony skin-covered spines or rays protruding from the body of a fish
Wikipedia - Fish ladder -- Structure to allow fish to migrate upriver around barriers
Wikipedia - Fist of the North Star: The Legends of the True Savior
Wikipedia - Fitz and the Tantrums -- American band
Wikipedia - Fitzroy Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe -- English baronet
Wikipedia - Flame cutting (firearms) -- destructive firearms phenomenon
Wikipedia - Flat-file database -- Database stored as an ordinary unstructured file
Wikipedia - Flat module -- Algebraic structure in ring theory
Wikipedia - FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction -- 2011 video game
Wikipedia - Flavan-3-ol -- Any chemical compound having a flavan skeleton as a core structure with a hydroxy group attached in 3 position
Wikipedia - Flexatone -- Modern percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Flight director (aeronautics) -- Flight instrument
Wikipedia - Flight instrument
Wikipedia - Flight of the Intruder -- 1991 American film directed by John Milius
Wikipedia - Flipped classroom -- instructional strategy delivering instructional content outside of the classroom and other reated activities into the classroom
Wikipedia - Flo (app) -- Menstruation and menopause tracking app
Wikipedia - Float (oceanographic instrument platform) -- An oceanographic instrument platform used for making subsurface measurements in the ocean
Wikipedia - Float-out -- Event during ship construction marking the first time the ship is floated
Wikipedia - Floor plate -- Embryonic structure
Wikipedia - Floppotron -- Musical instrument created by Polish engineer Pawel ZadroM-EM-
Wikipedia - Floral formula -- Floral formula is a means to represent the structure of a flower using numbers, letters and various symbols, presenting substantial information about the flower in a compact form.
Wikipedia - Florin -- Gold coin of the Republic of Florence, struck from 1250 (at least) to 1533
Wikipedia - Flower -- Structure found in some plants; aka: blossom
Wikipedia - Flugelhorn -- Brass musical instrument
Wikipedia - Fluid Construction Grammar
Wikipedia - Flute -- Musical instrument of the woodwind family
Wikipedia - Flutina -- Free-reed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Flying (Beatles instrumental) -- Original instrumental composed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr
Wikipedia - Flying Eagle cent -- A one-cent piece struck by the Mint of the United States
Wikipedia - FMA instruction set -- X86 instruction set extension developed by Intel
Wikipedia - Fogou -- Underground, dry-stone structures found on Iron Age or Romano-British-defended settlement sites in Cornwall
Wikipedia - Foidolite -- A rare coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock in which more than 60% of light-coloured minerals are feldspathoids
Wikipedia - Folgerphone -- Experimental wind instrument
Wikipedia - Folk instrument
Wikipedia - Folkspraak -- Pan-Germanic constructed language
Wikipedia - Follicular phase -- Phase of the estrous or menstrual cycle during which follicles in the ovary mature ending with ovulation
Wikipedia - Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas -- Construction company from Barcelona, Spain
Wikipedia - Font hinting -- Use of mathematical instructions to adjust the display of a font so it lines up with a rasterized grid
Wikipedia - Food trucks in South Korea -- Type of mobile catering vehicle
Wikipedia - Food truck -- Large motorized vehicle or trailer, equipped to cook, prepare, serve, and/or sell food
Wikipedia - Foot -- Anatomical structure found in vertebrates
Wikipedia - Forceps -- A handheld, hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects
Wikipedia - Ford F-MAX -- Ford Turkish truck
Wikipedia - Ford F-Series -- Series of full size pick-up trucks manufactured by Ford
Wikipedia - Ford Raptor -- US pickup truck
Wikipedia - Ford Super Duty -- Heavy-duty line of pickup trucks by Ford
Wikipedia - For Dummies -- Series of instructional/reference books
Wikipedia - Foreign policy of the Justin Trudeau government -- Canada's foreign policy since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2015
Wikipedia - Foreland basin -- A structural basin that develops adjacent and parallel to a mountain belt
Wikipedia - Forensic facial reconstruction -- Process of recreating the face of an individual from their skeletal remains through an amalgamation of artistry, anthropology, osteology, and anatomy
Wikipedia - Forensic Files -- American true-crime documentary series
Wikipedia - Forever Alien -- album by Spectrum
Wikipedia - Forklift -- Powered industrial truck
Wikipedia - Formal grammar -- Structure of a formal language
Wikipedia - Formica truncorum -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Forseti -- Norse god of peace, truth, and justice
Wikipedia - Fort Hommet 10.5 cm coastal defence gun casemate bunker -- a bunker on Guernsey, an island in the English Channel, constructed by Nazi Germany during World War II
Wikipedia - Fortifications of the Cape Peninsula -- List of historical military structures built to defend the region
Wikipedia - Fortification -- Military defensive construction
Wikipedia - Fort Myer Construction -- Construction company in Washington D.C., US
Wikipedia - Fort Pasir Panjang -- Colonial Singapore defensive structure
Wikipedia - Fort Prince George (South Carolina) -- Fort constructed in 1753 in northwest South Carolina
Wikipedia - Fort Tanjong Katong -- Colonial Singapore defensive structure
Wikipedia - Fort Trump -- Proposed United States military base in Poland
Wikipedia - Fosroc -- British construction chemicals company
Wikipedia - Foundation (engineering) -- Lowest and supporting layer of a structure
Wikipedia - Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Four noble truths
Wikipedia - Four Noble Truths -- Basic framework of Buddhist thought
Wikipedia - Four-part harmony -- Music written for four voices or instruments
Wikipedia - Four-valued logic -- Any logic with four truth values
Wikipedia - Fovea centralis -- Anatomical structure in the eye
Wikipedia - Fractal -- Self similar mathematical structures
Wikipedia - Fracture (geology) -- Geologic structure
Wikipedia - Fracture -- Split of materials or structures under stress
Wikipedia - Francesca Ridgway -- Scholar of Etruscan and Italic archaeology
Wikipedia - Frances Gertrude McGill -- 20th-century Canadian forensic pathologist
Wikipedia - Francis Crick -- British physicist,molecular biologist; co-discoverer of the structure of DNA
Wikipedia - Francis Joseph Bayldon -- Master mariner, nautical instructor
Wikipedia - Francis Williams (musician) -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits -- 1993 film
Wikipedia - Francois Truffaut -- French film director (1932-1984)
Wikipedia - Frankenstein: The True Story -- 1973 film
Wikipedia - Frankie Trumbauer -- American musician
Wikipedia - Frank Pietri -- American jazz instructor, choreographer, and performer
Wikipedia - Frank "Scoop" Vessels -- Off-road truck racer
Wikipedia - Freddie Hubbard -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Frederick Trumble -- English cricketer and Royal Navy officer
Wikipedia - Frederick Trump -- German-born American businessman; paternal grandfather of the 45th president of the United States
Wikipedia - Frederick W. True
Wikipedia - Frederic Le Junter -- French musician and experimental musical instrument builder
Wikipedia - Frederik Johnstrup
Wikipedia - Fredrick KumokM-aM-;M-%n Adedeji Haastrup -- Owa Obokun of Ilesa and Ijesaland
Wikipedia - Fred Trump Jr. -- Elder brother of Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Fred Trump -- American real estate developer (1905-1999)
Wikipedia - Free electron model -- A simple model for the behaviour of valence electrons in a crystal structure of a metallic solid
Wikipedia - Free thought -- positions regarding truth should be formed only on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism
Wikipedia - Freightliner Argosy -- Model line of cabover trucks
Wikipedia - Freightliner Trucks -- American truck brand
Wikipedia - Freiman's theorem -- On the approximate structure of sets whose sumset is small
Wikipedia - French battleship Jaureguiberry -- Pre-dreadnought battleship constructed for the French Navy
Wikipedia - French horn -- Type of brass instrument
Wikipedia - French post-structuralist feminism
Wikipedia - Freoexocentrus mirei -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Frequency-hopping spread spectrum
Wikipedia - Frequency response -- Quantitative measure of the output spectrum of a system or device in response to a stimulus
Wikipedia - Frequency spectrum
Wikipedia - Fresca -- Branded diet citrus soft drink
Wikipedia - Fried Egg structure -- An informal name for an underwater geomorphic structure in the North Atlantic that is a suspected impact crater
Wikipedia - Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve
Wikipedia - Friedrich Wilhelm Struve
Wikipedia - FrontRunner -- Commuter rail along the Wasatch Front in Utah, United States
Wikipedia - Frost damage (construction) -- Damages caused by water freezing can occur as cracks, stone splinters and swelling of the material
Wikipedia - Fry (racing team) -- British racing car constructor
Wikipedia - Fuego (Donald Byrd album) -- album by American trumpeter Donald Byrd
Wikipedia - Full-spectrum dominance
Wikipedia - Full Spectrum Warrior
Wikipedia - Fundamental theorem of Galois theory -- Theorem that describes the structure of certain types of field extensions
Wikipedia - Funnel-mantle locking apparatus -- Structure found in many cephalopods that connects the mantle and hyponome and restricts their movement relative to each other
Wikipedia - Fuso (company) -- German-owned Japanese truck and bus manufacturer
Wikipedia - Future Reconstructions - Ritual of the Solstice -- remix album by Hawkwind
Wikipedia - Fyodor Khitruk -- Russian animator and film director
Wikipedia - Gabbro -- A coarse-grained mafic intrusive rock
Wikipedia - Gabor Boldoczki -- Hungarian trumpeter
Wikipedia - Gabriela Trusca -- Romanian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Gabriel Johnson -- American trumpeter
Wikipedia - Gail Zappa -- trustee of the Zappa Family Trust
Wikipedia - Gaius Servilius Structus Ahala (consul 427 BC) -- Roman Republican consul
Wikipedia - Galaxy cluster -- Structure made up of a gravitationally-bound aggregation of hundreds of galaxies
Wikipedia - Galaxy filament -- Largest structures in the universe, made of galaxies
Wikipedia - Galaxy Trucker -- Science-fiction board game
Wikipedia - Galaxy -- Gravitationally bound astronomical structure
Wikipedia - Galilean transformation -- Transform between the coordinates of two reference frames which differ only by constant relative motion within the constructs of Newtonian physics
Wikipedia - Game mechanics -- Construct, rule, or method designed for interaction with a game's state
Wikipedia - Game -- structured form of play
Wikipedia - Gamma-150 RNA motif -- RNA Structure
Wikipedia - Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer -- balloon-borne gamma-ray spectrometer instrument
Wikipedia - Gammon Construction -- Hong Kong construction company
Wikipedia - G&L Musical Instruments -- American manufacturer of guitars and basses
Wikipedia - Gandhi's Truth -- Book by Erik Erikson on Mahatma Gandhi
Wikipedia - Gangstabilly -- album by Drive-By Truckers
Wikipedia - Gannochy Trust -- Scottish charity
Wikipedia - Garage (residential) -- Walled, roofed structure for storing vehicles
Wikipedia - Garbage truck -- Vehicle designed to transport municipal solid waste
Wikipedia - Garry Trudeau -- American cartoonist
Wikipedia - Garth Hudson -- Canadian multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Gary Alesbrook -- British trumpet player
Wikipedia - Gary Barone (musician) -- American jazz trumpeter and flugelhornist
Wikipedia - Gastrulation -- Stage in embryonic development in which germ layers form
Wikipedia - Gate of Glorious Harmony -- Historic structure in Beijing, China
Wikipedia - Gaylactic Spectrum Awards
Wikipedia - Gazamba -- An electromechanical instrument
Wikipedia - Gazebo -- Pavilion structure built in a park, garden or public area
Wikipedia - GC376 -- Broad-spectrum antiviral medication
Wikipedia - Geastrum quadrifidum -- Species of fungus in the family Geastraceaea
Wikipedia - Geastrum triplex -- Species of fungus in the family Geastraceae found in Asia, Australasia, Europe, North and South America
Wikipedia - Gecina -- French real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Geertruida de Haas-Lorentz
Wikipedia - Geertruida Wijsmuller-Meijer -- Dutch resistance fighter
Wikipedia - Geiger counter -- Instrument used for measuring ionizing radiation
Wikipedia - Geltrude Comensoli -- 19th-century Italian nun and saint
Wikipedia - Gendang beleq -- Indonesian traditional musical instrument
Wikipedia - Gender -- Indonesian musical instrument used in Gamelan
Wikipedia - Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle -- 1996 Japanese video game for the Sony PlayStation
Wikipedia - General Instruction of the Roman Missal
Wikipedia - General Instrument CP1600
Wikipedia - General Instrument SP0256
Wikipedia - General Instrument
Wikipedia - Generalised phrase structure grammar
Wikipedia - Generalized trust -- Trust that people have in members of society in general
Wikipedia - General-law municipality -- City or municipality whose governance and structure is defined by state law
Wikipedia - Generalmusic -- Italian musical instrument manufacturing company
Wikipedia - Generator (mathematics) -- Element of a generating set, a subset of an algebraic structure that allows specifying all elements of the structure
Wikipedia - Genetic structuralism
Wikipedia - Genocide -- The intentional destruction of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group
Wikipedia - Genome evolution -- The process by which a genome changes in structure or size over time
Wikipedia - Geodesic dome -- Spherical shell structure based on a geodesic polyhedron
Wikipedia - Geodetic airframe -- type of aircraft structure
Wikipedia - Geoff Bull -- Australian jazz trumpeter and bandleader
Wikipedia - Geology of India -- Geological origins and structure of India
Wikipedia - Geology of Mercury -- Geologic structure and composition of planet Mercury
Wikipedia - Geology of South Africa -- The origin and structure of the rock formations
Wikipedia - Geology of the Himalaya -- The origins and structure of the mountain range
Wikipedia - Geology of the Iberian Peninsula -- The origins, structure use and study of the rock formations of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar
Wikipedia - Geology of the Moon -- Structure and composition of the Moon
Wikipedia - Geology of Venus -- Geological structure and composition of the second planet from the Sun
Wikipedia - Geology -- Study of the composition, structure, physical properties, and history of Earth's components and processes
Wikipedia - Geometric algebra -- Algebraic structure designed for geometry
Wikipedia - Geometric Constructions
Wikipedia - Geopolitical imagination -- Constructed view of the world that reflect the vision of a placeM-bM-^@M-^Ys, a countryM-bM-^@M-^Ys or a societyM-bM-^@M-^Ys role within world politics
Wikipedia - George Bobolas -- Greek construction and media businessman
Wikipedia - George Truitt -- American politician
Wikipedia - George Trumbull Ladd
Wikipedia - George Vosburgh -- American classical trumpeter
Wikipedia - George Washington (John Trumbull, 1790) -- 1790 painting by John Trumbull
Wikipedia - George Washington Truett -- American clergyman
Wikipedia - George Washington (Trumbull) -- Painting by John Trumbull
Wikipedia - George W. Truett Theological Seminary -- School in Waco, Texas, United States at Baylor University
Wikipedia - Geotextile -- Textile material used in ground stabilization and construction
Wikipedia - Geothermobarometry -- The science of measuring the pressure and temperature history of a metamorphic or intrusive igneous rocks
Wikipedia - Geotrupes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Geotrupinae -- Subfamily of beetles
Wikipedia - GeoTrust -- Digital certificate provider
Wikipedia - Geraldine Weir-Rodgers v. SF Trust Ltd -- Irish supreme court case
Wikipedia - Gerald Wilson -- American trumpetist
Wikipedia - Gerard de Rooy -- Dutch truck racer
Wikipedia - Gerhard Strutz -- Austrian speed skater
Wikipedia - German Instrument of Surrender -- 1945 historical document
Wikipedia - German sentence structure -- Structure of sentences in the German language
Wikipedia - German Village (Dugway Proving Ground) -- Nickname for a range of mock houses constructed in 1943 by the U.S. Army in Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
Wikipedia - Gertrud Adelborg -- Swedish teacher, feminist and leading member of the women's rights movement.
Wikipedia - Gertruda UM-EM-^[cinska -- Polish political scientist
Wikipedia - Gertruda
Wikipedia - Gertrud Bacher -- Italian heptathlete
Wikipedia - Gertrud Caspari -- German children's illustrator and writer
Wikipedia - Gertrud Dahlgren -- Botanist (1931-2009)
Wikipedia - Gertrud de Lalsky -- German actress
Wikipedia - Gertrud Dempwolf -- German politician
Wikipedia - Gertrud Dorka -- German archaeologist and prehistorian
Wikipedia - Gertrude and Alice -- 1981 book by Diana Souhami
Wikipedia - Gertrude and Claudius
Wikipedia - Gertrude Appleyard -- British archer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Astor -- American actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Bacon -- British writer, aeronaut and botanist (1874-1949)
Wikipedia - Gertrude Bambrick -- American actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Baumstark -- Romanian and German chess player
Wikipedia - Gertrude B. Elion -- American biochemist and pharmacologist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Bell -- English writer, traveller, political officer and archaeologist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Benham -- English mountaineer, traveller and collector
Wikipedia - Gertrude Blanch -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Gertrude Bleiberg -- American artist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Bohnert -- Swiss painter
Wikipedia - Gertrude Caton Thompson -- British archaeologist
Wikipedia - Gertrude C. Bussey -- American philosopher and activist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Chataway
Wikipedia - Gertrude Clarke Nuttall -- British writer, botanist and lichenologist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Crawford -- Commandant of Women's Royal Air Force
Wikipedia - Gertrude Crotty Davenport -- American zoologist (1866-1946)
Wikipedia - Gertrude Eaton -- British musician, and suffragist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Ederle
Wikipedia - Gertrude Ellen Hayes -- British painter and etcher
Wikipedia - Gertrude Elliott -- Actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Eyifa-Dzidzienyo -- Ghanaian archaeologist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Falk -- American physiologist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Fehr -- German photographer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Foster Brown -- American concert pianist, teacher, and suffragette
Wikipedia - Gertrude Frohlich-Sandner -- Austrian politician
Wikipedia - Gertrude Gaffney -- Irish journalist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Greene -- American sculptor and painter
Wikipedia - Gertrude Gries -- Austrian gymnast
Wikipedia - Gertrude Guerin -- Chief of the Musqueam Indian Band
Wikipedia - Gertrude (Hamlet)
Wikipedia - Gertrude Harrison -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Hartland -- Irish artist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Helena Bone -- Edwardian writer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Herzfeld -- British doctor
Wikipedia - Gertrude Himmelfarb -- American historian
Wikipedia - Gertrude Hoffmann (actress) -- American actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Hull -- Teacher of history for over 40 years at the Milwaukee school system
Wikipedia - Gertrude Huston -- American artist and book designer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Kelly -- Irish-American surgeon and social activist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Kerbis -- American architect
Wikipedia - Gertrude Kinnaird -- English philanthropist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Kolar -- Austrian gymnast
Wikipedia - Gertrude Lawrence -- English actress, singer, dancer and musical comedy performer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Liebhart -- Austrian canoeist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Lilian Entwisle -- British electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Gertrude L. Pew -- American artist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Marvin Williams -- American biographer and journalist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Mary Cox -- American statistician
Wikipedia - Gertrude Maud Robinson -- British chemist
Wikipedia - Gertrude McCoy -- American actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude M. Clarke -- American educator
Wikipedia - Gertrude Meredith -- American figure skater
Wikipedia - Gertrude Murphy -- American sculptor
Wikipedia - Gertrude Mwangala -- Zambian systems engineer and academic
Wikipedia - Gertrude Neumark -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Nye Dorry -- Iranian-American linguist
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Aldenberg -- German noblewoman and abbess
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Altenberg
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Helfta
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Hohenberg
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Merania
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Nivelles -- 7th-century Benedictine abbess and saint
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Poland
Wikipedia - Gertrude of Saxony
Wikipedia - Gertrude Olmstead -- American actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Poe -- American former journalist, lawyer, real estate agent, insurance agent, and radio broadcaster
Wikipedia - Gertrude Porsche-Schinkeova -- Czech luger
Wikipedia - Gertrude Prosperi
Wikipedia - Gertrude Psalter
Wikipedia - Gertrude Purcell -- American screenwriter
Wikipedia - Gertrude Rand -- American research psychologist (1886-1970)
Wikipedia - Gertrude Robinson -- American actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Rush -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Rwakatare -- Tanzanian politician
Wikipedia - Gertrude Sanborn -- American writer
Wikipedia - Gertrude Scharff Goldhaber -- Nuclear physicist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Schoepperle -- American university teacher (1882-1921)
Wikipedia - Gertrude Schweitzer -- American artist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Scott Galloway -- American educator and administrator
Wikipedia - Gertrude Selma Sober -- American geologist and mining company executive
Wikipedia - Gertrude Short -- American actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Simmons Burlingham -- Early 20th-century American mycologist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Smith -- American classical philologist and jurist
Wikipedia - Gertrude's Puzzles -- 1982 video game by The Learning Company
Wikipedia - Gertrude Stein -- American author (1874-1946)
Wikipedia - Gertrude Stewart -- British suffragette
Wikipedia - Gertrude Stollner -- Austrian canoeist
Wikipedia - Gertrude the Great
Wikipedia - Gertrude Tompkins Silver -- WASP pilot
Wikipedia - Gertrude Torkornoo -- Ghanaian judge and author
Wikipedia - Gertrude Townend -- Nurse and suffragette
Wikipedia - Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell -- Austrian economist, former board member of the ECB
Wikipedia - Gertrude Vanderbilt (actress) -- American stage actress (1885-1960)
Wikipedia - Gertrude Van Wagenen -- American scientist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Walker -- American screenwriter
Wikipedia - Gertrude Weinstock -- American pianist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Welcker -- German actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Wilhelmsen -- American track & field athlete, discus thrower, javelin thrower, and softball player
Wikipedia - Gertrude Will -- Austrian canoeist
Wikipedia - Gertrude Winnige-Barosch -- Austrian gymnast
Wikipedia - Gertrude Yorkes -- Character from Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Gertrud Eysoldt -- German actress
Wikipedia - Gertrude Zakaria -- Ghanaian politician
Wikipedia - Gertrud (film) -- 1964 film
Wikipedia - Gertrud Fridh -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Gertrud Grunow
Wikipedia - Gertrud Hinz -- German film editor
Wikipedia - Gertrud Hurler -- German pediatrician
Wikipedia - Gertrudis de la Fuente -- Spanish biochemist
Wikipedia - Gertrudiskerk -- Church in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands
Wikipedia - Gertrud Jaklin -- Austrian judge (b. 1916, d. 1998)
Wikipedia - Gertrud Kille -- German shot putter
Wikipedia - Gertrud Kolmar
Wikipedia - Gertrud Kornfeld -- German chemist
Wikipedia - Gertrud Kuckelmann -- German actress
Wikipedia - Gertrud Maria Mell -- Swedish composer and choir director
Wikipedia - Gertrud Meissner -- German physician
Wikipedia - Gertrud Meyen -- German actress and voice actress
Wikipedia - Gertrud (novel)
Wikipedia - Gertrud PM-CM-%lson-Wettergren -- Swedish singer
Wikipedia - Gertrud PM-CM-$tsch -- German ethnologist and philologist
Wikipedia - Gertrud Rask -- Norwegian missionary to Greenland
Wikipedia - Gertrud Schiller
Wikipedia - Gertrud SchM-CM-$fer -- German shot putter
Wikipedia - Gertrud Schpbach
Wikipedia - Gertrud Seidmann -- Austrian-British art historian, glyptologist, writer and teacher
Wikipedia - Gertrud Spiess -- Swiss politician
Wikipedia - Gertrud Strom -- Swedish figure skater
Wikipedia - Gertrud Thausing -- Austrian Egyptologist
Wikipedia - Gertrud Theiler -- South African parasitologist
Wikipedia - Gertrud von Le Fort -- German writer of novels, poems and essays (1876-1971)
Wikipedia - Gertrud von Puttkamer -- 20th-century German writer and noblewoman
Wikipedia - Gertrud Woker -- Swiss scientist and suffragette
Wikipedia - Gertrud Wolle -- German actress
Wikipedia - Ghabbour Group -- Egyptian manufacturer of automobiles, buses, trucks and motorcycles located in Cairo
Wikipedia - Ghostrunner -- Cyberpunk video game
Wikipedia - Giannini -- Musical instrument manufacturer
Wikipedia - Gildas Arzel -- French singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Giles Martin -- English record producer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Gillian Trumper -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Giovanna Petrucci
Wikipedia - Giulio Carmassi -- Italian multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Giving What We Can -- English effective altruism organization
Wikipedia - Gladys Strum -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Glass cockpit -- Aircraft instrumentation system consisting primarily of multi-function electronic displays
Wikipedia - Glass harmonica -- Type of musical instrument
Wikipedia - Glass mosaic -- Traditional Burmese mosaic made with pieces of glass, used to embellish decorative art, structures, and furniture
Wikipedia - Glasspool Trust -- British charitable trust
Wikipedia - Gli anni struggenti -- 1979 film
Wikipedia - Glimcher Realty Trust -- Real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Global distance test -- A measure of similarity between two protein structures
Wikipedia - Global Village Construction Set
Wikipedia - Globe Investment Trust -- British investment trust
Wikipedia - Globus pallidus -- Structure of the basal ganglia of the brain
Wikipedia - Glockenspiel -- Percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Glossary of construction cost estimating -- Wikipedia glossary
Wikipedia - Glossary of Russian and USSR aviation acronyms: Avionics and instruments -- Wikipedia glossary
Wikipedia - Glossary of structural engineering -- List of definitions of terms and concepts commonly used in the study of structural engineering
Wikipedia - Glossary of the American trucking industry -- Wikipedia glossary
Wikipedia - Glostrup Hospital
Wikipedia - Glostrup Municipality
Wikipedia - Glostrup station
Wikipedia - Glostrup
Wikipedia - Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust -- Organization
Wikipedia - Glyphosate -- Broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant
Wikipedia - GMC (automobile) -- Division of General Motors focused on trucks and utility vehicles
Wikipedia - GMC Hummer EV -- American electric truck and SUV
Wikipedia - God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunija -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - Golden Wreath of Struga Poetry Evenings
Wikipedia - Goldschmidt tolerance factor -- Factor used to determine the compatibility of an ion with a crystal structure
Wikipedia - Goliath Atlas -- German truck
Wikipedia - Goliath GD750 -- German pickup truck
Wikipedia - Goliath Goli -- German pickup truck
Wikipedia - Goliath GV800 -- German truck
Wikipedia - Goniometer -- An instrument that either measures an angle or allows an object to be rotated to a precise angular position
Wikipedia - Good Men and True -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - Goodspeed Brothers Building -- Commercial structure in Grand Rapids
Wikipedia - Google Cloud Platform -- Cloud-based service and infrastructure
Wikipedia - Google Sites -- Structured wiki- and Web page-creation tool
Wikipedia - Gordon Arthur Riley -- An American marine biologist, instrumental in the development of plankton ecosystem models
Wikipedia - Gospel of Truth
Wikipedia - Gotz Heidelberg -- German constructing engineer and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Gourmand syndrome -- Rare eating disorder caused by injury to the frontal lobe or limbic structures
Wikipedia - Government of California -- Governmental structure of the U.S. state of California
Wikipedia - GPlates -- Open-source application software for interactive plate-tectonic reconstructions
Wikipedia - G-quadruplex -- Structure in molecular biology
Wikipedia - Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (book) -- Instructional book written by Helio Gracie, published in 2006
Wikipedia - Grader -- Construction machine
Wikipedia - Grading (earthworks) -- Civil engineering term; the work of ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope, for a construction work
Wikipedia - Grain (surfboard company) -- |American constructor of wooden surfboards
Wikipedia - Grammar -- Structural rules that govern the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in a natural language
Wikipedia - Grammatical modifier -- Optional element in phrase or clause structure
Wikipedia - Granada Bridge (Ormond Beach) -- Structure in Florida, United States
Wikipedia - Grand Egyptian Museum -- Museum under construction in al-Giza, Egypt
Wikipedia - Grand Trunk Road -- Ancient road from Afghanistan to Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Grand Trunk Western Railroad -- American railroad
Wikipedia - Granite -- common type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock with granular structure
Wikipedia - Granodiorite -- A phaneritic-textured intrusive igneous rock similar to granite
Wikipedia - Grantor retained annuity trust -- Financial instrument used in the US to make large, tax free financial gifts to family members
Wikipedia - Grapefruit spoon -- Kind of spoon intended for use with citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Grapefruit -- citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Graph (data structure)
Wikipedia - Graph data structure
Wikipedia - Graph (discrete mathematics) -- Mathematical structure consisting of vertices and edges connecting some pairs of vertices
Wikipedia - Gravimeter -- Instrument used to measure gravitational acceleration
Wikipedia - Great Appalachian Storm of 1950 -- Extratropical cyclone that struck the Eastern United States in 1950
Wikipedia - Great Pond (Massachusetts) -- A natural kettle pond in Truro, Barnstable County
Wikipedia - Great Stupa of Universal Compassion -- Buddhist monument under construction near Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Wikipedia - Great Western Ambulance Service -- Former NHS emergency services trust.
Wikipedia - Greek New Testament -- First published edition, the Novum Instrumentum omne, was produced by Erasmus in 1516
Wikipedia - Green-beard effect -- Hypothesis for altruism in evolutionary biology
Wikipedia - Green Line Extension -- Under-construction light rail line extension in Massachusetts
Wikipedia - Green Onions -- 1962 instrumental composition by Booker T. & the M.G.'s
Wikipedia - Greenport Basin and Construction Company -- Shipbuilder in the United States
Wikipedia - Greigite -- Iron sulfide mineral of spinel structure
Wikipedia - Grey box model -- Mathematical data production model with limited structure
Wikipedia - Grey-winged trumpeter -- Species of forest bird from the Amazon
Wikipedia - Grid compass -- A navigating instrument that facilitates steering a steady course
Wikipedia - Grid Security Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Grote Spectrum Encyclopedie -- Dutch encyclopedia
Wikipedia - Groundbreaking -- Ceremony celebrating the first day of construction for a building or other project
Wikipedia - Ground truth -- Information provided by direct observation
Wikipedia - Group (mathematics) -- Algebraic structure with one binary operation
Wikipedia - Groyne -- Structure extending into body of water to limit movement of sediment
Wikipedia - Grumman A-6 Intruder -- 1960 attack aircraft family by Grumman
Wikipedia - Guaranty Bank & Trust -- Bank based in Texas, USA
Wikipedia - Guard stone -- Architectural element intended to protect structures from damage from vehicle wheels
Wikipedia - Guayo -- Metal scraper used as a percussion instrument
Wikipedia - Gudastviri -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Gude House -- Historic structure in Maryland, U.S.
Wikipedia - Gudi (instrument)
Wikipedia - Guillermo Trujillo Duran -- Venezuelan poet and politician
Wikipedia - Guiro -- Latin-American percussion instrument, usually made from natural materials such as an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches cut in one side
Wikipedia - Guitar -- Fretted string instrument
Wikipedia - Gundestrup cauldron -- Silver cauldron from Denmark dating to 200 BC to 300 AD
Wikipedia - Gunman Taco Truck
Wikipedia - Gunnar Struckmann -- German sailor
Wikipedia - Gun truck -- Armored vehicle with a crew-served weapon
Wikipedia - Guqin construction
Wikipedia - Guqin -- Chinese stringed music instrument
Wikipedia - Gusle -- Single-stringed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Gustav Aarestrup -- Norwegian jurist and businessperson
Wikipedia - Gustavo Bergalli -- Argentine jazz trumpeter and bandleader
Wikipedia - Gustav Struve -- German surgeon, politician, lawyer and publicist, and a revolutionary during the German revolution of 1848-1849
Wikipedia - Gustav von Struensee -- German writer
Wikipedia - Gustav Wilhelm Ludwig Struve
Wikipedia - Gutbrod Atlas -- 1950s German van or pickup truck
Wikipedia - Guy Anstruther Knox Marshall
Wikipedia - Guyed mast -- Tall thin vertical structure that is supported by guy lines
Wikipedia - Guy Touvron -- French classical trumpet player and music teacher
Wikipedia - GVK Power & Infrastructure -- Indian conglomerate company
Wikipedia - Gyrodyne Company of America -- | real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Habban -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Habitat destruction -- Natural environment becomes unable to support its native species due to human activity
Wikipedia - Hacienda Los Torres -- Historic structure in Lares, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Hadano Castle -- Ruinous remains of a castle structure in Hadano City, Japan
Wikipedia - Hadassah (dancer) -- Jerusalem-born American dancer, choreographer, and instructor
Wikipedia - HAIFA construction -- Design method for cryptographic hash functions
Wikipedia - Hajime Kazumi -- Karate instructor
Wikipedia - Hakea strumosa -- Species of shrub in the family Proteacea endemic to Western Australia
Wikipedia - HaleM-JM-;akala -- Historic structure in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Wikipedia - Half a Truth -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - Halifax Town Hall -- Listed structure in Hallifax, Calderdale, United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Halli Meshtru -- 1992 film by Mohan-Manju
Wikipedia - Hammerbeam roof -- A decorative, open timber roof truss typical of English Gothic architecture
Wikipedia - Hammered dulcimer -- percussion-stringed instrument
Wikipedia - Hand truck -- L-shaped box-moving handcart
Wikipedia - Hangar -- Closed structure to hold aircraft or spacecraft in protective storage
Wikipedia - Hang (instrument) -- musical instrument
Wikipedia - Hank Petrusma -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Hank Williams III -- American musician, singer, and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Hans Herrman Strupp
Wikipedia - Hans Schwarzentruber -- Swiss gymnast
Wikipedia - Hans StruksnM-CM-&s -- Norwegian sailor
Wikipedia - Hans Tholstrup (sailor) -- Danish sailor
Wikipedia - Hans Tholstrup -- Danish adventurer
Wikipedia - Hans Trutz in the Land of Plenty -- 1917 film
Wikipedia - Hans Ustrud -- American politician
Wikipedia - Hara hachi bun me -- Confucian teaching that instructs people to eat until they are 80 percent full
Wikipedia - Harald Astrup -- Norwegian businessman
Wikipedia - Hardanger fiddle -- Traditional Norwegian stringed instrument
Wikipedia - Hardscape -- Hard landscape materials in the built environment structures
Wikipedia - Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel -- 2002 video game
Wikipedia - Hard Truck -- Video game series
Wikipedia - Hardware description language -- Specialized computer language used to describe the structure and behavior of electronic circuits, and most commonly, digital logic circuits
Wikipedia - Harish-Chandra isomorphism -- An isomorphism of commutative rings constructed in the theory of Lie algebras
Wikipedia - Harishchandra -- A truthful king in Indian Mythology
Wikipedia - Harmonica -- Free reed wind musical instrument
Wikipedia - Harmony Company models -- Musical instruments manufactured by the Harmony Company
Wikipedia - Harpoon -- Long spear-like instrument used in marine hunting
Wikipedia - Harpsichord -- Plucked-string keyboard instrument
Wikipedia - Harp -- Stringed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Harren Jhoti -- Indian-born structural biologist (1930-2004)
Wikipedia - Harriet Williams Bigelow -- American instructor and astronomer
Wikipedia - Harry James -- American trumpeter, big band leader
Wikipedia - Harry R. Truman -- American businessman and airman
Wikipedia - Harry S. Truman: A Life -- 1994 book by historian Robert Hugh Ferrell
Wikipedia - Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum -- Presidential library and museum for U.S. President Harry S. Truman, located in Independence, Missouri
Wikipedia - Harry S. Truman -- 33rd president of the United States from 1945 to 1953
Wikipedia - Harry Truman
Wikipedia - Harry W. KvebM-CM-&k -- Norwegian trumpet player
Wikipedia - Hasan al-Utrush
Wikipedia - Hash tree (persistent data structure)
Wikipedia - Hasmonean Baris -- Citadel constructed north of Jerusalem's Temple Mount in existence during the Hasmonean period
Wikipedia - Hathi Trust
Wikipedia - HathiTrust -- Digital library
Wikipedia - Hatrurim Formation -- Geologic formation in Israel and Jordan
Wikipedia - Hattori-Stong theorem -- Links the stable homotopy of a Thom spectrum and the primitive elements of its K-homology
Wikipedia - Haul truck -- Off-highway, rigid dump trucks specifically engineered for use in high-production mining and heavy-duty construction environments
Wikipedia - Haustorium -- Rootlike structure that grows into or around another structure to absorb water or nutrients
Wikipedia - Haustrum flindersi -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Haustrum scobina -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Hawk Conservancy Trust -- Bird park and conservation charity in Weyhill, Hampshire, England
Wikipedia - Hayman drum -- English musical instruments manufacturer
Wikipedia - Hazel Jane Raines -- American pioneer aviator and flight instructor
Wikipedia - Head-driven phrase structure grammar
Wikipedia - Healthcare proxy -- Legal instrument with which a patient appoints an agent to legally make healthcare decisions on their behalf
Wikipedia - Healthpeak Properties -- Real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Heap (data structure) -- Computer science data structure
Wikipedia - Heap (mathematics) -- Algebraic structure with a ternary operation
Wikipedia - Hearts Are Trumps (1920 American film) -- 1920 film by Rex Ingram
Wikipedia - Hearts Are Trumps (1920 German film) -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - Hearts Are Trumps (1934 film) -- 1934 film
Wikipedia - Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction -- Japanese hentai anime
Wikipedia - Heavy equipment -- Vehicles designed for executing construction tasks
Wikipedia - Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck -- US Army heavy tactical truck, in service since 1982
Wikipedia - Heckelphone -- Lower-pitched instrument of the oboe family
Wikipedia - Hector Trujillo -- President of the Dominican Republic from 1952 to 1960
Wikipedia - Hedy Lamarr -- American actress and co-inventor of an early technique for frequency hopping spread spectrum communications
Wikipedia - Heinrich Struck
Wikipedia - Heinz Eberhard Struning -- German painter, graphic artist and pastel painter.
Wikipedia - Heinz Melkus -- East-German race car driver and constructor of sport cars
Wikipedia - Heinz Struning -- German military aviator (1912-1944)
Wikipedia - Held In Trust -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - Helen Walden -- English structural biologist
Wikipedia - Helium analyzer -- Instrument to measure the concentration of helium in a gas mixture
Wikipedia - Helle Fastrup -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Helle Gotved -- Danish gymnastics instructor and writer
Wikipedia - Hellenic Polytheistic Reconstructionism
Wikipedia - Hellenism (religion) -- Hellenic polytheistic reconstructionism
Wikipedia - Helmut Gritscher -- Helmut Gritscher (6 June 1933 - 24 November 2015), Austrian-born skier, ski instructor and photographer who worked in Australia 1961-70.
Wikipedia - Helmut Schlegel -- German Franciscan, Catholic priest, meditation instructor, author, librettist and songwriter
Wikipedia - Help:Magic words -- Features of wiki markup that enable various instructions to be given to MediaWiki software
Wikipedia - Hempcrete -- Biocomposite material used for construction and insulation
Wikipedia - Henning Astrup -- Norwegian architect
Wikipedia - Henning Thorvaldsson Astrup -- Norwegian architect
Wikipedia - Henri Gautruche -- French architect
Wikipedia - Henry Atherton Frost -- American architect and instructor
Wikipedia - Henry Glover -- American songwriter, arranger, record producer and trumpet player
Wikipedia - Henry Grace a Dieu -- 16th century carrack of English construction, flagship of Henry VIII
Wikipedia - Henry G. Struve -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Henryk Struve -- Polish philosopher
Wikipedia - Henry L. Shrewsbury -- Member of the South Carolina House of Representatives during the Reconstruction era
Wikipedia - Henry Torrens Anstruther -- British politician
Wikipedia - Hepi Te Heuheu VII -- Ngati Tuwharetoa leader, trust board chairman
Wikipedia - Herbert Joos -- German trumpeter
Wikipedia - Herbrand structure
Wikipedia - Hercle -- Ancient Etruscan god
Wikipedia - Herennius Etruscus -- Roman emperor in 251
Wikipedia - Heritage Shunters Trust -- British railway preservation organisation
Wikipedia - Hermann Strutz -- Austrian speed skater
Wikipedia - Hermann Wulfing Luer -- German instrument maker
Wikipedia - Her Strut -- 1980 song by Bob Seger
Wikipedia - Heterochrony -- Evolutionary change in the rates or durations of developmental events, leading to structural changes
Wikipedia - Heterometrus bengalensis -- Species of scoprion
Wikipedia - Heterometrus swammerdami -- Species of arachnid
Wikipedia - Heterostructure barrier varactor
Wikipedia - Heterotypic cortex -- Areas of the neocortex that do not have the typical six-layered structure
Wikipedia - HEXACO model of personality structure
Wikipedia - Hierarchical cell structure
Wikipedia - Hierarchical structure of Feudal Japan
Wikipedia - Hierarchical Structure of the Big Five
Wikipedia - Higer Yujun -- Chinese pickup truck
Wikipedia - Higher-speed rail -- Type of railway with speeds approaching but less than that of true high speed rail
Wikipedia - High frequency -- The range 3-30 MHz of the electromagnetic spectrum
Wikipedia - High-performance instrumented airborne platform for environmental research -- Research aircraft
Wikipedia - High Speed LAN Instrument Protocol -- TCP/IP-based protocol for remote instrument control
Wikipedia - High-speed rail -- Significantly faster advanced rail transport and infrastructure systems
Wikipedia - High Strung (2016 film) -- 2016 American drama film
Wikipedia - High-Tech Employee Antitrust Litigation
Wikipedia - Hilaria Baldwin -- American yoga instructor and author
Wikipedia - Hilbert-Burch theorem -- Describes the structure of some free resolutions of a quotient of a local or graded ring
Wikipedia - Hilco Capital -- British company that specialises in restructuring and refinancing other companies
Wikipedia - Hilde Strum -- Austrian luger
Wikipedia - Hill-Burton Act -- 1946 US federal law for the construction of hospitals
Wikipedia - Hilo Masonic Lodge Hall-Bishop Trust Building -- Historic Place in Hawaii County, Hawaii
Wikipedia - Hiltrud Kier -- Austrian art historian
Wikipedia - Hino Dutro -- Medium-duty truck manufactured by Hino Motors
Wikipedia - Hip Hing Construction -- Hong Kong construction company
Wikipedia - Hippeastrum aulicum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Hippeastrum cybister -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Hippeastrum -- Genus of flowering plants in the family Amaryllidaceae
Wikipedia - Hipster Antitrust -- Political trend in the US
Wikipedia - Hirairi -- Japanese traditional architectural structure
Wikipedia - Hispanic Americans in World War II -- Military contrubutions of Hispanic Americans
Wikipedia - Histone H4 -- One of the five main histone proteins involved in the structure of chromatin
Wikipedia - Histone -- Family proteins package and order the DNA into structural units called nucleosomes.
Wikipedia - History of compiler construction
Wikipedia - History of construction
Wikipedia - History of geology -- History of the scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the Earth
Wikipedia - History of structural engineering
Wikipedia - History of Sudwestrundfunk -- Aspect of history
Wikipedia - His Trust Fulfilled -- 1911 film
Wikipedia - His Trust -- 1911 film
Wikipedia - Hitbodedut -- Unstructured, spontaneous and individualized form of prayer and meditation
Wikipedia - Hitchcock/Truffaut (film) -- 2015 film
Wikipedia - Hitchcock/Truffaut -- 1966 book by Francois Truffaut about Alfred Hitchcock
Wikipedia - HIV/AIDS -- Spectrum of conditions caused by HIV infection
Wikipedia - Hje-Taastrup Municipality
Wikipedia - Hje Taastrup station
Wikipedia - HMS Medway (1928) -- Submarine depot ship constructed for the Royal Navy
Wikipedia - HMS Trumpeter (D09) -- 1943 Ruler-class escort aircraft carrier
Wikipedia - HMS Trumpeter (P294) -- 1988 Archer-class patrol and training vessel
Wikipedia - HNTB -- American infrastructure design firm
Wikipedia - Hoax -- Deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as the truth
Wikipedia - HoBoLeMa -- Instrumental supergroup
Wikipedia - Hodge structure -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Hof M-CM-^Asatruarfelagsins -- Modern Pagan religious building
Wikipedia - Holdfast (biology) -- Root-like structure that anchors aquatic sessile organisms, such as seaweed
Wikipedia - Holliday junction -- Branched nucleic acid structure
Wikipedia - Hollow structural section -- Type of metal profile
Wikipedia - Holly Trusted -- Curator and academic
Wikipedia - Home construction
Wikipedia - Home of Truth
Wikipedia - Home Struck -- 1927 film by Ralph Ince
Wikipedia - Home Swinger -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Homology (biology) -- Shared ancestry between a pair of structures or genes in different taxa
Wikipedia - Homology modeling -- Method of protein structure prediction using other known proteins
Wikipedia - Homomorphism -- Structure-preserving map between two algebraic structures of the same type
Wikipedia - Honesty -- Moral quality of truthfulness
Wikipedia - Hong Kong Strategic Route and Exit Number System -- Trunk road numbering system in Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Honne and tatemae -- Distinction between true feelings and public behavior in Japan
Wikipedia - Hoover Tower -- 285-foot structure on the campus of Stanford University
Wikipedia - HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) Charitable Trust -- Humanitarian organisation
Wikipedia - Hope Memorial Bridge -- Art deco truss bridge crossing the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, US
Wikipedia - Horace Trumbauer -- American architect
Wikipedia - Horatius Cocles -- late 6th century BC Roman army officer who defended the Pons Sublicius against Lars Porsena's Etruscan army
Wikipedia - Horn analyzer -- Test instrument used to measure the resonance of components
Wikipedia - Hornbostel-Sachs -- Musical instrument classification system
Wikipedia - Horn (instrument) -- Family of wind instruments made of a tube
Wikipedia - Hornito -- Conical structures built up by lava ejected through an opening in the crust of a lava flow
Wikipedia - Host-based intrusion detection system
Wikipedia - HotRuby
Wikipedia - House for an Art Lover -- Architectural structure in Glasgow
Wikipedia - House of cards -- Construction set
Wikipedia - Housetrucker
Wikipedia - Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 -- British Act of Parliament
Wikipedia - Howard Truesdale -- American actor
Wikipedia - Howell Heflin Lock and Dam -- Lock and dam structures
Wikipedia - HT Motorsports -- American truck racing team
Wikipedia - HTS tentiQ -- German temporary structure company
Wikipedia - Huanchaco -- popular vacation beach town in the city of Trujillo, Peru
Wikipedia - Huanghai N1 -- Chinese pickup truck
Wikipedia - Huanghai Plutus -- Chinese compact pickup truck
Wikipedia - Hubertus Strughold
Wikipedia - Hudson Pacific Properties -- American real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Hugh Royer III -- American golfer and instructor
Wikipedia - Hugh Trumble
Wikipedia - Hugo Fattoruso -- Uruguayan composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist
Wikipedia - Hugo Herrestrup -- Danish actor
Wikipedia - Hui Xian REIT -- Real estate investment trust in Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Human epigenome -- complete set of structural modifications of chromatin and chemical modifications of histones and nucleotides
Wikipedia - Human Interference Task Force -- Task Force with the goal of reducing the likelihood of future humans unintentionally intruding on radioactive waste isolation systems.
Wikipedia - Humber Pig -- British lightly armoured truck
Wikipedia - Hummer -- Brand of trucks and SUVs 1992-2010, GMC sub-brand of trucks and SUVs 2021-
Wikipedia - Hungarian Spectrum -- Hungarian daily blog
Wikipedia - Hunt Construction Group -- American construction management company
Wikipedia - Hurdy-gurdy -- Stringed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Hussain Ahmed Madani -- Indian freedom struggle leader and scholar
Wikipedia - Hyatt Regency walkway collapse -- 1981 structural collapse in Kansas City, Missouri
Wikipedia - Hydraulic empire -- Social or government structure
Wikipedia - Hydraulophone -- Hydraulic musical instrument
Wikipedia - Hydrodynamic scour -- Removal of sediment near an obstruction by swiftly moving water
Wikipedia - Hydrostatic test -- Non-destructive test of pressure vessels
Wikipedia - Hyperbass flute -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Hyperboloid structure
Wikipedia - Hyperpallium -- Structure in the brains of birds
Wikipedia - Hyperspectral imaging -- Method to create a complete picture of the environment or various objects, each pixel containing a full visible, visible near infrared, near infrared, or infrared spectrum.
Wikipedia - Hypoplastic right heart syndrome -- Congenital heart disease characterized by underdevelopment of the structures on the right side of the heart commonly associated with atrial septal defect
Wikipedia - Hyundai Engineering & Construction -- South Korean construction company
Wikipedia - IA-64 -- Instruction set architecture of the Itanium family of 64-bit Intel microprocessors
Wikipedia - Iacono's working set structure
Wikipedia - Ian Anstruther -- English peer and history writer
Wikipedia - IBM POWER Instruction Set Architecture
Wikipedia - IBM POWER instruction set architecture -- Instruction set
Wikipedia - Ice bridge -- A frozen natural structure formed over seas, bays, rivers or lake surfaces
Wikipedia - Ice jacking -- Structural damage caused by the expansion of freezing water in a confined space
Wikipedia - Icelandic fiddle -- String instrument
Wikipedia - Ice pier -- A man-made structure used to assist the unloading of ships in Antarctica
Wikipedia - Ice Road Truckers -- US-Canadian reality television series
Wikipedia - ICG Enterprise Trust -- British investment company
Wikipedia - Icosahedral twins -- Aanostructure appearing for atomic clusters
Wikipedia - Ictineo I -- Pioneering submarine constructed in Barcelona, Spain in 1858-1859
Wikipedia - Iddaru Mitrulu (1999 film) -- 1999 Telugu film directed by K. Raghavendra Rao
Wikipedia - IdenTrust -- Digital certificate authority
Wikipedia - Idiom (language structure) -- Syntactical, grammatical, or structural form peculiar to a language
Wikipedia - Ido -- Constructed international auxiliary language
Wikipedia - IEEE Spectrum -- Magazine edited by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Wikipedia - I Entrust My Wife to You -- 1943 film
Wikipedia - If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope & Struggle -- album by Pete Seeger
Wikipedia - Igneous intrusion -- Body of intrusive igneous rocks
Wikipedia - Igor Trunov -- Ukrainian canoeist
Wikipedia - Igusa variety -- Mathematical structure
Wikipedia - Ihme-Zentrum -- Residential, business and shopping center in Hanover
Wikipedia - Ihsahn -- Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist
Wikipedia - II Tru -- American hip hop group
Wikipedia - Ikembe -- Type of musical instrument, lamellophone
Wikipedia - I Know This Much Is True (miniseries) -- American television miniseries
Wikipedia - I Know This Much Is True -- Book by Wally Lamb
Wikipedia - Ill-Advised: Presidential Health and Public Trust -- 1992 book by historian Robert Hugh Ferrell
Wikipedia - I'll Be Gone in the Dark (TV series) -- American true crime documentary series
Wikipedia - Illegal opcode -- An undocumented CPU instruction that has an effect
Wikipedia - Illimar Truverk -- Estonian architect
Wikipedia - Illusory truth effect
Wikipedia - Il Primo Libro delle Canzoni -- collection of instrumental canzonas by Girolamo Frescobaldi
Wikipedia - Image reconstruction
Wikipedia - Imagined community -- A nation as a socially constructed community, imagined by the people who perceive themselves as part of that group
Wikipedia - I'm On -- 2011 Trae the Truth single
Wikipedia - Impaction (animals) -- Intestinal obstruction
Wikipedia - Impeachment of Donald Trump -- 2019 United States presidential impeachment
Wikipedia - Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Wikipedia - Implant (medicine) -- Medical device manufactured to replace a missing biological structure, support a damaged biological structure, or enhance an existing biological structure
Wikipedia - Inauguration of Donald Trump -- 58th United States presidential inauguration
Wikipedia - Include guard -- Construct in C and C++
Wikipedia - Inclusivism -- Belief that many different sets of beliefs are true
Wikipedia - In Cold Blood -- Novel by Truman Capote
Wikipedia - Income trust -- A specialized type of trust
Wikipedia - Indefinability theory of truth
Wikipedia - Indestructible Man -- 1956 film by Jack Pollexfen
Wikipedia - Indestructible Record Company -- Defunct American music company that sold cylinder records
Wikipedia - Index of construction articles -- Wikipedia index
Wikipedia - Index of structural engineering articles -- Wikipedia index
Wikipedia - Indian vernacular architecture -- Informal, functional architecture of structures, often in rural areas of India, built of local materials
Wikipedia - Indicator (distance amplifying instrument) -- Distance amplifying instrument
Wikipedia - Indicator (metadata) -- Boolean value in metadata that may contain only the values true or false
Wikipedia - Indicator of compromise -- Artifact observed on a network or in an operating system that indicates a computer intrusion
Wikipedia - Individualized cancer immunotherapy -- Individualized cancer immunotherapy is a novel concept for therapeutic cancer vaccines that are truly personalized to a single individual
Wikipedia - Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle -- political party in Indonesia
Wikipedia - Indoor air quality -- Air quality within and around buildings and structures
Wikipedia - Inductive amplifier -- test instrument type in electric industries
Wikipedia - Industrial construction -- Construction relating to industrial applications
Wikipedia - Industrial organization -- Field that examins the structure of firms and markets
Wikipedia - I Need a Man Like You to Make My Dreams Come True -- 1986 Canadian short film
Wikipedia - Inference -- Act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true
Wikipedia - Infinite-valued logic -- Many-valued logic in which truth values comprise a continuous range
Wikipedia - Informatik Spektrum
Wikipedia - Information extraction -- Automatically extracting structured information from un- or semi-structured machine-readable documents, such as human language texts
Wikipedia - Information infrastructure
Wikipedia - Information structure
Wikipedia - Infraestruturas de Portugal -- public company administering road and rail infrastructure in Portugal
Wikipedia - Infrastructure as a service
Wikipedia - Infrastructure as code
Wikipedia - Infrastructure asset management -- Maintenance of public infrastructure assets
Wikipedia - Infrastructure In Africa
Wikipedia - Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services -- Infrastructure development and finance company
Wikipedia - Infrastructure New Zealand -- Industry association
Wikipedia - Infrastructure policy of Donald Trump -- President Trump's policies for physical infrastructure
Wikipedia - Infrastructure -- Facilities and systems serving society
Wikipedia - In God We Trust -- Official motto of the United States
Wikipedia - Ingrid Jensen -- Canadian jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - In Music We Trust -- American music webzine, publicity company, and record label
Wikipedia - Innerbelt Bridge -- A former truss arch bridge in Cleveland, Ohio
Wikipedia - Inode pointer structure -- Hierarchy/layout for directing inodes in a Unix File System
Wikipedia - Inode -- Data structure describing a file-system object (e.g. file, directory) that stores the attributes and disk block location(s) of the object data
Wikipedia - In re structuralism
Wikipedia - Insert (composites) -- Pins, bolts, screws, joints and other structures used with composite panels
Wikipedia - In Session (truTV)
Wikipedia - In Shifting Sands: The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq -- 2000 film by Scott Ritter
Wikipedia - Insolvency law of Switzerland -- Insolvency, foreclosure, bankruptcy and debt restructuring in Switzerland
Wikipedia - Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering -- Organization
Wikipedia - Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure -- 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Wikipedia - Institution -- Structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behaviour of a set of individuals within a given community
Wikipedia - Instructional designer
Wikipedia - Instructional design -- Process for design and development of learning resources
Wikipedia - Instructional scaffolding -- Support given to a student by an instructor throughout the learning process
Wikipedia - Instructional simulation
Wikipedia - Instructional Technology
Wikipedia - Instructional technology
Wikipedia - Instructional Television Fixed Service
Wikipedia - Instructional theory -- Theory that offers explicit guidance on how to better help people learn and develop
Wikipedia - Instruction cache
Wikipedia - Instruction (computer science)
Wikipedia - Instruction (computing)
Wikipedia - Instruction creep -- the usual increase in complex and number of rules
Wikipedia - Instruction cycle
Wikipedia - Instruction decoder
Wikipedia - Instruction fetch
Wikipedia - Instruction in Latin
Wikipedia - Instruction level parallelism
Wikipedia - Instruction-level parallelism
Wikipedia - Instruction path length
Wikipedia - Instruction per cycle
Wikipedia - Instruction pipeline
Wikipedia - Instruction pipelining
Wikipedia - Instruction pointer
Wikipedia - Instruction prefetch
Wikipedia - Instruction register
Wikipedia - Instruction relaxation
Wikipedia - Instruction scheduling
Wikipedia - Instruction selection
Wikipedia - Instruction set architectures
Wikipedia - Instruction Set Architecture
Wikipedia - Instruction set architecture -- Set of abstract symbols which describe a computer program's operations to a processor
Wikipedia - Instruction set simulator
Wikipedia - Instruction set
Wikipedia - Instructions of Shuruppak
Wikipedia - Instructions per cycle
Wikipedia - Instructions per joule
Wikipedia - Instructions per second
Wikipedia - Instruction unit
Wikipedia - Instruction window
Wikipedia - Instructor-led training
Wikipedia - Instructure -- American technology company
Wikipedia - Instrumental and value-rational action
Wikipedia - Instrumental case
Wikipedia - Instrumental chemistry
Wikipedia - Instrumental conception of technology
Wikipedia - Instrumental conditioning
Wikipedia - Instrumental convergence -- Hypothesis about intelligent agents
Wikipedia - Instrumentalism -- Position in the philosophy of science
Wikipedia - Instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Instrumentality of Mankind
Wikipedia - Instrumental Marxism
Wikipedia - Instrumental (My Bloody Valentine song) -- Song by Irish alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine
Wikipedia - Instrumental rationality
Wikipedia - Instrumental temperature record -- In situ measurements that provides theM-BM- temperatureM-BM- of Earth'sM-BM- climate system
Wikipedia - Instrumental value
Wikipedia - Instrumental -- Music without vocals
Wikipedia - Instrumentation and control
Wikipedia - Instrumentation (computer programming)
Wikipedia - Instrumentation engineering
Wikipedia - Instrumentation
Wikipedia - Instrument control -- Control of electronic test instruments
Wikipedia - Instrument Driver -- Software that facilitates remote control of electronic test instruments
Wikipedia - Instrument flight rules
Wikipedia - Instrument landing system localizer -- Horizontal guidance system
Wikipedia - Instrument Landing System
Wikipedia - Instrument landing system -- Ground-based visual aid for landing
Wikipedia - Instrument of Government (1772) -- Swedish law
Wikipedia - Instrument of Government -- 1653 constitution of England, Scotland and Ireland
Wikipedia - Instrument rating in the United States -- FAA-issued qualification for flight under IFR regulations
Wikipedia - Instrument rating -- Qualification to fly aircraft under IFR regulations
Wikipedia - Instruments (application)
Wikipedia - Instruments of the Passion
Wikipedia - Instruments (software)
Wikipedia - Instrumentum domesticum -- Tools for ordinary domestic use
Wikipedia - Instrumentum regni -- The exploitation of religion by State or ecclesiastical polity as a means of controlling the masses
Wikipedia - Intake -- An opening or structure through which a fluid is admitted to a space or machine
Wikipedia - Integral domain -- Algebraic structure with two binary operations
Wikipedia - Integrated Diver Display Mask -- Diving half-mask with integrated head-up instrument display
Wikipedia - Integrated standby instrument system
Wikipedia - Integrated Truss Structure -- Part of the International Space Station; sequence of connected trusses
Wikipedia - Intel SHA extensions -- Extensions to the x86 instruction set architecture
Wikipedia - Intercalation (chemistry) -- Reversible insertion of an ion into a material with layered structure
Wikipedia - Intercity Railway Connector -- High-speed rail under construction between Langfang East and the Beijing Daxing International Airport
Wikipedia - Interglossa -- Constructed language
Wikipedia - Interleukin 15 -- Cytokine with structural similarity to Interleukin-2
Wikipedia - Internal reconstruction
Wikipedia - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development -- The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development is one of the lending arm's of the World Bank Organization.
Wikipedia - International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination -- United Nations convention and human rights instrument
Wikipedia - International Geomagnetic Reference Field -- Standard model of the structure of Earth's magnetic field
Wikipedia - International Harvester Travelette -- American light-duty pickup truck
Wikipedia - International human rights instruments -- Treaties for the protection of human rights
Wikipedia - International Institute of Rural Reconstruction -- Philippine non-profit organization
Wikipedia - International League of Peoples' Struggle -- Political international
Wikipedia - International L series -- Type of truck
Wikipedia - International Maritime Security Construct -- Consortium
Wikipedia - International Transtar -- Truck range
Wikipedia - Internet of things -- Proposed Internet-like structure connecting everyday physical objects
Wikipedia - Internet of vehicles -- Proposed Internet-like structure connecting road vehicles
Wikipedia - Interpersonal reconstructive therapy
Wikipedia - Interplane strut
Wikipedia - Interpreter directive -- Computer language construct to control an interpreter
Wikipedia - Interrupt vector table -- Data structure
Wikipedia - Intertrust Technologies Corporation
Wikipedia - Interval contractor -- mathematical construct
Wikipedia - Interview -- Structured series of questions and answers
Wikipedia - In the Days of Struggle -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message -- Book by Oskar Ernst Bernhardt
Wikipedia - Intonarumori -- Musical instruments built by Luigi Russolo
Wikipedia - In Trance We Trust -- Dutch record label
Wikipedia - InTru3D
Wikipedia - Intruders (2013 film) -- 2013 film
Wikipedia - Intruder (song) -- 1980 song by the British singer Peter Gabriel
Wikipedia - Intrusion Detection System
Wikipedia - Intrusion detection system
Wikipedia - Intrusion-detection system
Wikipedia - Intrusion Detection
Wikipedia - Intrusion detection
Wikipedia - Intrusion prevention system
Wikipedia - Intrusion tolerance
Wikipedia - Intrusive research -- Gathering of data from individuals
Wikipedia - Intrusive rock -- Magmatic rock formed below the surface
Wikipedia - Intrusive Suite of Sonora Pass -- Intrusive Suite of Sonora Pass is one of several intrusive suites in Yosemite National Park
Wikipedia - Intrusive Suite of Yosemite Valley -- Intrusive Suite of Yosemite Valley is one of several intrusive suites in Yosemite National Park
Wikipedia - In Trust -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - Invention for Destruction -- 1958 film by Karel Zeman
Wikipedia - Inverleith House -- Architectural structure in City of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Wikipedia - Inversion (evolutionary biology) -- Hypothesis that during the course of chordate evolution, the structures along the dorsoventral axis have taken on an orientation opposite that of the ancestral form
Wikipedia - Inversion (geology) -- Relative uplift of a sedimentary basin or similar structure as a result of crustal shortening
Wikipedia - Inverted pyramid (architecture) -- Structure in the shape of an upside-down pyramid
Wikipedia - Inverted spectrum
Wikipedia - Involute -- Mathematical curve constructed from another curve
Wikipedia - Iowa 80 -- World's largest truck stop
Wikipedia - Iraq and weapons of mass destruction -- Research and development of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
Wikipedia - IRB Infrastructure -- Indian road infrastructure company
Wikipedia - Irgenhausen Castrum -- Former Roman fort in Irgenhausen, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Iribarren number -- A dimensionless parameter used to model several effects of breaking surface gravity waves on beaches and coastal structures.
Wikipedia - Irish Landmark Trust -- Architectural conservation organisation
Wikipedia - Irish Residential Properties REIT -- Irish listed residential property investment trust
Wikipedia - Irish Section 110 Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) -- Irish zero-tax legal structure
Wikipedia - Irudhi Suttru -- 2016 Indian sports action drama film
Wikipedia - Isabella quarter -- United States commemorative coin struck in 1893
Wikipedia - Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?
Wikipedia - Islands Trust -- Federation of local governments on islands in British Columbia
Wikipedia - Ismaning radio transmitter -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Isometrus thurstoni -- Species of arachnid (scopion)
Wikipedia - Isuzu D-Max -- Pickup truck manufactured by Isuzu Motors
Wikipedia - Isuzu Elf -- Medium duty truck
Wikipedia - Isuzu Panther -- A multi-purpose vehicle and pickup truck manufactured by Isuzu
Wikipedia - Isuzu Traga -- Cab over pickup truck
Wikipedia - Isuzu -- Japanese truck and bus and former car manufacturer
Wikipedia - It All Came True -- 1940 film by Lewis Seiler
Wikipedia - Itineraire a Grand Gabarit -- Water and road route in France to allow the transport structural sections of the Airbus A380 airliner to Toulouse for final assembly
Wikipedia - IT infrastructure deployment
Wikipedia - IT infrastructure
Wikipedia - I Trust -- 2020 EP by (G)I-dle
Wikipedia - It's All True (film) -- 1942 unfinished film directed by Norman Foster
Wikipedia - Ivana Trump -- Czechoslovakian-born businesswoman
Wikipedia - Ivanka Trump -- Daughter of Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Iveco EuroCargo -- Medium-duty truck
Wikipedia - Iveco Stralis -- A heavy-duty truck
Wikipedia - Iveco Trakker -- Construction truck
Wikipedia - Iway -- Highway construction project in Rhode Island
Wikipedia - Jacaranda Ensemble -- German instrumental ensemble
Wikipedia - Jac Berrocal -- French trumpeter, singer and composer
Wikipedia - Jackie Genova -- Australian exercise instructor
Wikipedia - Jack Rose (cocktail) -- Cocktail of applejack, grenadine and citrus juice popular in the 1920s and 1930s
Wikipedia - Jackson Structured Programming
Wikipedia - Jackson structured programming
Wikipedia - Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution -- 1976 true crime book by Stephen Knight
Wikipedia - Jacob Bronnum Scavenius Estrup -- Danish politician
Wikipedia - Jacob George Strutt -- British landscape painter and engraver
Wikipedia - Jacobo Bielak -- Mexican-born structural engineer
Wikipedia - Jacques Trullier, dit Lacombe -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Jacqui True -- Australian political scientist
Wikipedia - JAC Shuailing T6 -- Chinese pickup truck
Wikipedia - JAC Shuailing T8 -- Chinese pickup truck
Wikipedia - JAC V7 -- Chinese pickup truck
Wikipedia - Jaimie Branch -- American jazz trumpeter and composer
Wikipedia - Jairzinho Rozenstruik -- Surinamese mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Jakarta Struts
Wikipedia - Jakob Stoustrup
Wikipedia - Jam block -- Modern percussion instrument
Wikipedia - James Austin (musician) -- American trumpeter and teacher
Wikipedia - James Ayscough -- English optician and designer and maker of scientific instruments
Wikipedia - James Ingram -- American singer, songwriter, record producer and instrumentalist
Wikipedia - James Jessen Badal -- American true crime writer
Wikipedia - James "Bubber" Miley -- American jazz trumpet and cornet player, composer
Wikipedia - James Struzzi -- American politician
Wikipedia - James True -- American conspiracy theorist charged with sedition
Wikipedia - Jamgn Kongtrul
Wikipedia - Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Jamgon Kongtrul
Wikipedia - JamPlay -- Online instructional guitar-playing subscription service
Wikipedia - J&P AVAX -- Cypriot construction company
Wikipedia - Jan Allan -- Swedish jazz trumpeter and composer
Wikipedia - Jane Bidstrup -- Danish curler and Olympic medalist
Wikipedia - Jane Endicott -- Professor of Cancer Structural Biology
Wikipedia - Janet Trujillo -- American politician from Idaho
Wikipedia - Jane Wernick -- British construction engineer
Wikipedia - Jan Petrus Hoffman -- South African shot putter
Wikipedia - Jan Strube -- Dutch painter
Wikipedia - Jan Trussell -- Judoka
Wikipedia - Jan van Steenbergen -- Dutch journalist, translator, and language constructor
Wikipedia - Japanese destroyer Fumizuki (1926) -- Mutsuki-class destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy sunk at Truk
Wikipedia - Japanese Instrument of Surrender -- Was the written agreement that formalized the surrender of the Empire of Japan
Wikipedia - Japanese Village -- Nickname for a range of mock houses constructed in 1943 by the U.S. Army in Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
Wikipedia - Japetus Steenstrup
Wikipedia - Jared Kushner -- American investor, real-estate developer, newspaper publisher, and senior advisor to President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Jaroslav Otruba -- Czech architect, urban planner, designer and artist (1916-2007)
Wikipedia - Jason Strudwick -- Canadian ice hockey defenceman
Wikipedia - Jason White (singer-songwriter) -- American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Ja, truchlivM-CM-= bM-EM-/h -- 1969 black-and-white Czech comedy film
Wikipedia - Jaw -- Opposable articulated structure at the entrance of the mouth, typically used for grasping and manipulating food; structures constituting the vault of the mouth and serving to open and close it and is part of the body plan of most animals
Wikipedia - Jazz guitar -- Jazz instrument and associated playing style
Wikipedia - JBG Smith -- A real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - J. B. Hunt -- American trucking and transportation company
Wikipedia - Jean Astruc -- Professor of medicine:Montpellier/Paris/wrote the first great treatise on syphilis/venereal diseases
Wikipedia - Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington -- British politician (1922-2018)
Wikipedia - Jean MacIntosh Turfa -- Etruscologist and archaeologist
Wikipedia - Jean-Marie Binetruy -- French politician
Wikipedia - Jean Strunc -- French racewalker
Wikipedia - Jeddah Tower -- Skyscraper under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Wikipedia - Jeep DJ -- Truck model
Wikipedia - Jeep Gladiator (JT) -- Jeep mid-size pickup truck introduced 2020
Wikipedia - Jeep Gladiator (SJ) -- Series of Jeep pickup trucks
Wikipedia - Jefferson Bible -- 1820 book constructed by Thomas Jefferson
Wikipedia - Jeff Lynne -- British rock musician; songwriter, singer, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Jeff Truman -- Australian television writer
Wikipedia - JEOL -- Japanese manufacturer of scientific instruments
Wikipedia - Jeremy Farrar -- Epidemiologist and director of the Wellcome Trust
Wikipedia - Jernhatten -- a protected hill and view point on the peninsula, Djursland, in Denmark protruding into the sea, Kattegat between Denmark and Sweden
Wikipedia - Jerri Sloan Truhill -- American aviator
Wikipedia - Jessica Dobson -- American singer and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc. -- Organization for returning stolen Jewish cultural property after World War II
Wikipedia - Jewish Reconstructionist Federation -- Synagogue arm of Reconstructionist Judaism
Wikipedia - Jew's harp -- Lamellophone instrument
Wikipedia - JFFS -- Log-structured file system
Wikipedia - Jim Dvorak -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot -- 2018 Japanese-language comedy TV series on Netflix
Wikipedia - Jim Zub -- Canadian comic book writer, artist, and art instructor
Wikipedia - JMC Yuhu 7 -- Mid-sized pickup truck
Wikipedia - Janis Strupulis -- Latvian sculptor and graphical designer
Wikipedia - Jmol -- Jmol is an open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D
Wikipedia - Joan Myers Brown -- American dance instructor
Wikipedia - Joanna Truffaut -- French advisor, entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Joan Trumpauer Mulholland -- American activist
Wikipedia - Job van Oostrum -- Dutch bobsledder
Wikipedia - Jodocus Trutfetter
Wikipedia - Jody Sveistrup -- Canadian male curler
Wikipedia - Joe Strummer -- British musician, singer, actor and songwriter
Wikipedia - Joe Vitale (musician) -- American singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Joe Wilder -- American trumpeter
Wikipedia - Johanna Brunsson -- Swedish weaving arts instructor
Wikipedia - Johann Adam Heckel -- German musical instrument maker
Wikipedia - Johann Friedrich Struensee -- Danish physician, philosopher and statesman
Wikipedia - Johann Wilhelm Haas -- German trumpet maker and engraver
Wikipedia - John Allan Hill -- British structural engineer
Wikipedia - John Blanke -- English trumpeter
Wikipedia - John Browning (scientific instrument maker)
Wikipedia - John C. Truong -- Washington D.C. lawyer
Wikipedia - John Eacott -- British jazz trumpeter and composer
Wikipedia - John Fernandes -- American multi-instrumentalist musician
Wikipedia - John G. McMynn -- 19th century American educator and politician, Union Army colonel, 7th Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin
Wikipedia - John G. Trump -- American engineer and physicist
Wikipedia - John G. Truxal
Wikipedia - John Holland Group -- Infrastructure company based in Melbourne, Australia
Wikipedia - John Knox House -- Architectural structure in City of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Wikipedia - John "Bugs" Hamilton -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - John Rankin Lock -- Building and structure in Mississippi
Wikipedia - John Roberts (engineer) -- British structural engineer
Wikipedia - John Ryan (musician) -- American singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - John Shore (trumpeter) -- English musician
Wikipedia - John Strugnell
Wikipedia - John Struthers (anatomist)
Wikipedia - John Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh
Wikipedia - John Truman Stoddert -- American politician
Wikipedia - John Trumbull Robinson -- American attorney (1871-1937)
Wikipedia - John Trumbull -- American artist and Revolutionary War veteran
Wikipedia - John Truscott -- Production designer
Wikipedia - John Warhola -- Andy Warhol's brother and trustee of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Wikipedia - John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh -- English physicist
Wikipedia - John William Strutt
Wikipedia - Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Jon Amtrup -- Norwegian author, journalist and sailor
Wikipedia - Jon Davison -- American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist musician
Wikipedia - Jon Hassell -- American trumpeter
Wikipedia - Jon MacLennan -- Guitarist, instructor
Wikipedia - Jonny Browning -- American instrumental surf musician
Wikipedia - Joseph Strauss (engineer) -- American structural engineer
Wikipedia - Joseph Trumah Bayel -- Ghanaian politician|bot = PearBOT 5
Wikipedia - Josh Deutsch -- American trumpet player and composer
Wikipedia - Joshua ben Hananiah -- Leading tanna of the first half-century following the destruction of the Temple
Wikipedia - Jossie Esteban y la Patrulla 15 -- Merengue band from Dominican Republic
Wikipedia - Journaling file system -- File system that keeps track of not yet committed changes in a data structure called a M-bM-^@M-^\journalM-bM-^@M-^] (usually a circular log); when a system crash or power failure occurs, such file systems can be recovered online faster with less corruption
Wikipedia - Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation -- Singapore scientific journal
Wikipedia - Journal of Constructivist Psychology -- Psychology journal
Wikipedia - Joy (Apollo 100 song) -- 1972 instrumental Pop hit record by Apollo 100
Wikipedia - Jozef Petrulak -- Slovak luger
Wikipedia - Jrg Wrachtrup
Wikipedia - J Trust Bank -- Indonesian bank
Wikipedia - Juanchin Ramirez -- Puerto Rican trumpeter, bandleader and composer
Wikipedia - Juche Tower -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Juggernaut -- Literal or metaphoric force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable
Wikipedia - Julio Cesar Trujillo -- Ecuadorian politician
Wikipedia - Junauda Petrus -- US author, filmmaker, performance artist, and pleasure activist
Wikipedia - Jury instructions -- Legal rules from a judge to jurors
Wikipedia - Jury strut
Wikipedia - Justice and Construction Party -- Political party in Libya
Wikipedia - Justified true belief
Wikipedia - Justin Trudeau -- 23rd Prime Minister of Canada
Wikipedia - Kaatrukkenna Veli -- 2001 film by Pugazendhi Thangaraj
Wikipedia - Kaatru Veliyidai -- 2017 film by Mani Ratnam
Wikipedia - Kaba gaida -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Ka band -- Portion of the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum (26.5-40 gigahertz)
Wikipedia - Kabardian grammar -- system and structure of the Kabardian language
Wikipedia - Kaffir lime -- A citrus fruit native to tropical South Asia, Southeast Asia and southern China
Wikipedia - Kaisatsuko -- Experimental musical instrument
Wikipedia - Kamancheh -- Iranian bowed string instrument
Wikipedia - Kantonales Kulturzentrum Palais Besenval -- Cantonal cultural center of Solothurn
Wikipedia - Karachi Port Trust cricket team -- Cricket team
Wikipedia - Karaikal Airport -- airport under construction in Karaikal, Puducherry, India
Wikipedia - Karel Vladimir Truhlar
Wikipedia - Karen Pollock -- British writer and chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust
Wikipedia - Kari Mette Prestrud -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Karissa Sanbonmatsu -- American structural biologist
Wikipedia - Karlee Burgess -- Canadian curler from Truro, Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Karl Hermann Struve
Wikipedia - Karl Hugo Strunz
Wikipedia - Karl Struss -- American photographer and cinematographer
Wikipedia - Karnay -- Long trumpet used in Uzbekistan, Iran, and Tajikistan
Wikipedia - Karry Aika -- Chinese pick-up truck
Wikipedia - Karyorrhexis -- Destructive fragmentation of the nucleus of a dying cell
Wikipedia - Kasia Struss
Wikipedia - Katalepsis -- Stoic concept of the criterion of truth
Wikipedia - Katowice Steelworks -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Kattrup -- Historical property near Jyderyp, Denmark
Wikipedia - Kayfabe -- In American professional wrestling, the portrayal of staged events as if they were true
Wikipedia - Kaysie Lackey -- Food artist and cake decorating instructor
Wikipedia - Kazoo -- American musical instrument
Wikipedia - KBR (company) -- American engineering, procurement, and construction company.
Wikipedia - KdyM-EM-> struny lkaji -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - Kea Conservation Trust -- Environmental protection organization
Wikipedia - Keel laying -- Formal recognition of the start of a ship's construction
Wikipedia - Keelson -- Structural member in a wooden boat/ship
Wikipedia - Keel -- Lower centreline structural element of a ship or boat hull
Wikipedia - Kehilla (modern) -- Jewish communal structure
Wikipedia - Kehillat Israel -- Reconstructionist Jewish synagogue
Wikipedia - Keith Schiller -- Director of Oval Office Operations for President Trump and bodyguard
Wikipedia - Kell & Rigby -- Defunct Australian construction company
Wikipedia - Kelly Trump -- German pornographic actress & television personality
Wikipedia - Kenny Dorham -- American jazz trumpeter, singer, and composer
Wikipedia - KenshM-EM-^M -- "seeing one's (true) nature," that is, the Buddha-nature.
Wikipedia - Keratin -- One of a family of fibrous structural proteins; protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress
Wikipedia - Ketone -- Class of organic compounds having structure RCORM-BM-4
Wikipedia - Kevin Cobb -- American trumpet player
Wikipedia - Kevin Kadish -- American songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Kevin Trudeau -- American pseudoscientist
Wikipedia - Keyboard instrument
Wikipedia - Key (instrument) -- Part in certain musical instruments
Wikipedia - Khamak -- A string instrument close to ektara
Wikipedia - Khamtrul Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Khamtrul
Wikipedia - Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarters -- Iranian engineering firm
Wikipedia - Khentrul Jamphel Lodro Rinpoche -- Tibetan Buddhist Rime Master
Wikipedia - Khentrul Jamphel Lodr Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right
Wikipedia - Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez -- 2020 American true crime documentary series about Aaron Hernandez
Wikipedia - Kim Brandstrup -- Danish-born, British-based choreographer
Wikipedia - Kinetic bombardment -- Hypothetical weapon of mass destruction via orbital strikes of projectiles with incredible kinetic energy
Wikipedia - King Garcia -- Puerto Rican jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Kingri (string instrument) -- Indian string instrument
Wikipedia - Kirk-Holden war -- Struggle against the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina, U.S.
Wikipedia - Kirsten Hastrup -- Danish anthropologist and academic
Wikipedia - Kiyoshi Nagai -- Japanese structural biologist
Wikipedia - Klepierre -- French investment trust
Wikipedia - Klingon language -- Constructed language created for Star Trek
Wikipedia - KLVB -- K-Love radio station in Citrus Heights, California
Wikipedia - Knight Rider (1986 video game) -- 1986 video game released in Europe for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum
Wikipedia - Knowledge Acquisition and Documentation Structuring
Wikipedia - Knud Ejler Lgstrup
Wikipedia - Knud Nielsen Benstrup -- Danish naval officer
Wikipedia - KobaM-CM-/an -- Constructed language
Wikipedia - Kobelco Construction Machinery America -- Japanese-owned Americal heavy equipment manufacturer
Wikipedia - Koch Marshall Trio -- American instrumental three piece band
Wikipedia - Koji Chubachi -- Japanese instructor of Shotokan karate
Wikipedia - Kolkata Port Trust
Wikipedia - Kolmogorov structure function
Wikipedia - Komatsu 960E-1 -- Off-highway ultra class haul truck for mining and heavy-duty construction
Wikipedia - KongM-EM-^M Gumi -- Japanese construction company
Wikipedia - Kong ring -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Konstruk-Tubes -- tubular building set
Wikipedia - Kontrust -- Austrian crossover band
Wikipedia - Koro (medicine) -- Genital-related neurosis, in which an individual has an overpowering belief that his or her genitalia are retracting and will disappear, despite the lack of any true longstanding changes to the genitals
Wikipedia - Koszul complex -- Construction of homological algebra used in commutative agebra
Wikipedia - Kottabos -- Target game played by ancient Greeks and Etruscans
Wikipedia - Koza (bagpipe) -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Kreuzbach (Strudelbach) -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Kripke structure
Wikipedia - Kristen Cox -- University fellow, instructor, keynote speaker, author, trainer, and consultant
Wikipedia - Kristi Kang -- American voice actor/yoga instructor
Wikipedia - Kristrun Rut Antonsdottir -- Icelandic multi-sport athlete
Wikipedia - Krupp armour -- A type of steel armour used in the construction of capital ships
Wikipedia - Krystle McLaughlin -- Caribbean-American structural biophysicist
Wikipedia - Krystyna Strusiowna -- Polish noblewoman
Wikipedia - KSNM -- Radio station in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Wikipedia - KTRU-LP -- Radio station at Rice University in Houston
Wikipedia - KTRU Rice Radio
Wikipedia - KTRU -- Radio station in La Harpe, Kansas
Wikipedia - Kubota Beisen -- Japanese artist and art instructor in the Meiji period
Wikipedia - Kulturkampf -- Culture struggle on the part of the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck to subject the Roman Catholic church to state controls
Wikipedia - Kurdish tanbur -- Fretted string instrument
Wikipedia - Kurt Hohenberger -- German jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Kurzweil K250 -- First electronic musical instrument which produced sound from sampled sounds compressed in ROM
Wikipedia - Kurzweil Music Systems -- American electronic musical instrument manufacturer
Wikipedia - KUVI-DT -- True Crime Network affiliate in Bakersfield, California
Wikipedia - Kylix -- Ancient Greek or Etruscan drinking cup
Wikipedia - Laadan -- Constructed language
Wikipedia - Lac-des-Rouges-Truites -- Commune in Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France
Wikipedia - Lacrimal apparatus -- Physiological system containing the orbital structures for tear production and drainage
Wikipedia - La Gloria, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico -- Barrio of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Lamborghini LM002 -- Off-road truck built 1986-1993
Wikipedia - Lance Serrano -- Filipino actor, commercial model and gym instructor
Wikipedia - Lancet MMR autism fraud -- Fraudulent research claiming a link between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autistic spectrum disorder
Wikipedia - Lancia 3Ro -- Italian truck
Wikipedia - LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation -- Standard for controlling instrumentation and data acquisition instrumentation over Ethernet
Wikipedia - Langmuir turbulence -- A turbulent flow with coherent Langmuir circulation structures that exist and evolve over a range of spatial and temporal scales
Wikipedia - Langspil -- String instrument
Wikipedia - Language analysis for the determination of origin -- Instrument used in asylum cases to determine the national or ethnic origin of the asylum seeker
Wikipedia - Language construct
Wikipedia - Language immersion -- Technique used in bilingual language education in which two languages are used for instruction in a variety of topics
Wikipedia - Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada -- Canadian language education programme
Wikipedia - Language model -- Statistical model of structure of language
Wikipedia - Languages constructed by J. R. R. Tolkien -- Constructed languages of British author and philologist J.R.R. Tolkien
Wikipedia - Language, Truth and Logic
Wikipedia - Language, Truth, and Logic -- 1936 book by A. J. Ayer
Wikipedia - Lara Trump -- American television producer and wife of Eric Trump
Wikipedia - Large-scale structure of the cosmos
Wikipedia - Larry Campbell (musician) -- American multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Lars Porsena -- Late 6th century BC Etruscan king of Clusium involved in wars against the city of Rome
Wikipedia - Laryngeal theory -- Hypothesis that Proto-Indo-European had phonemes beyond those reconstructed through comparison
Wikipedia - Laser construction
Wikipedia - Laser level -- Control tool for surveying and construction
Wikipedia - Laser SETI -- Instrument for detecting brief laser pulses in the night sky
Wikipedia - Lasso of Truth -- Fictional lasso used by Wonder Woman
Wikipedia - La statue retrouvM-CM-)e -- short composition for trumpet and organ by Erik Satie for the ballet "Parade" (premiered 1923)
Wikipedia - Last Bastion Station Trust -- Divestiture trust owning former Citadel Broadcasting radio stations
Wikipedia - Lastrup, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Last Week Tonight segments about Donald Trump -- 2016 segments that featured Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Lateral epicondyle of the humerus -- Structure of humerus
Wikipedia - Lath -- Material used to span gaps in structural framing and form a base on which to apply plaster
Wikipedia - Latinism -- Word, idiom, or structure in a language other than Latin that is derived from, or suggestive of, the Latin language
Wikipedia - Latin Percussion -- Brand of percussion instruments
Wikipedia - Latrun
Wikipedia - Lattice girder -- A truss girder where the load is carried by a web of latticed metal
Wikipedia - Lattice (order) -- Abstract structure studied in the mathematical subdisciplines of order theory and abstract algebra
Wikipedia - Laura Garwin -- American trumpeter and former science journalist
Wikipedia - Lauren Lakis -- American film/stage actor, singer, and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Lava dome -- Roughly circular protrusion from slowly extruded viscous volcanic lava
Wikipedia - LaVaughn Robinson -- American dancer, choreographer, and instructor
Wikipedia - Law & Order True Crime -- 2017 American true crime anthology series
Wikipedia - Law Debenture -- British investment trust
Wikipedia - Law of the instrument -- cognitive bias
Wikipedia - Law of truly large numbers
Wikipedia - Lay trusteeism
Wikipedia - Lead frame -- Metal structure inside a chip package that carries signals from the die to the outside
Wikipedia - League for Social Reconstruction
Wikipedia - Lean-to -- Simple structure attached to another structure or a simple structure providing shelter with one side open
Wikipedia - Lebanese Council for Development and Reconstruction -- Lebanese governmental organisation involved in repairing infrastructure damaged by war
Wikipedia - Lecithocera structurata -- Species of moth in genus Lecithocera
Wikipedia - Leeds Civic Trust -- Voluntary organisation and registered charity
Wikipedia - Left-right political spectrum -- System of classifying political positions, ideologies and parties
Wikipedia - Legacy Trust UK -- UK charity, intended to create a legacy from the London 2012 games
Wikipedia - Legal affairs of Donald Trump -- Legal affairs of Donald Trump in his personal and business life
Wikipedia - Lego Juniors -- Product range of the Lego construction toy
Wikipedia - Lego -- Plastic construction toy
Wikipedia - Leg -- Weight bearing and locomotive anatomical structure
Wikipedia - Leibniz-Rechenzentrum
Wikipedia - Leica Biosystems -- German scientific instruments manufacturer
Wikipedia - Leinth -- Etruscan mythical character
Wikipedia - Lene Bidstrup -- Danish curler
Wikipedia - Lenin's Mausoleum -- Architectural structure in Red Square, in Moscow, Russia
Wikipedia - Lennart Axelsson (musician) -- Swedish trumpet player
Wikipedia - Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth -- 1998 film
Wikipedia - Lensmeter -- Ophthalmic instrument mainly used by optometrists and opticians
Wikipedia - Lentiform nucleus -- Structure in the basal ganglia of the brain
Wikipedia - Leopaard CT7 -- Chinese pickup truck
Wikipedia - Leprechaun economics -- Effect of Apple Inc.'s 2015 restructuring on Irish GDP
Wikipedia - Leslie Sansone -- American fitness instructor (b. 1961)
Wikipedia - Les Mistons -- 1957 film by Francois Truffaut
Wikipedia - Lesovsky -- Racing car constructor
Wikipedia - Lester Bowie -- American jazz trumpet player and composer (1941-1999)
Wikipedia - Lester Gertrude Ellen Rowntree -- American botanist, botanical collector, taxonomist and explorer
Wikipedia - Le Truel -- Commune in Occitanie, France
Wikipedia - Letters patent -- type of legal instrument in the form of a published written order
Wikipedia - Let Trump Be Trump -- 2017 memoir about the 2016 Trump presidential campaign
Wikipedia - Leucine zipper -- DNA-binding structural motif
Wikipedia - Leucospermum truncatulum -- The oval-leaf pincushion is a shrub in the family Proteaceae from the Western Cape of South Africa
Wikipedia - Leucospermum truncatum -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to South Africa
Wikipedia - Level Crossing Removal Project -- Infrastructure program of the government of Victoria, Australia
Wikipedia - Lewis structure -- Diagrams for the bonding between atoms of a molecule and lone pairs of electrons
Wikipedia - Leyland Hippo -- cargo truck
Wikipedia - Ley line -- Straight alignments between historic structures and landmarks
Wikipedia - LIAZ 300 series -- Truck manufactured in the Czech Republic
Wikipedia - Liberal Democrats' Rally for National Reconstruction - Vivoten -- Political party in Benin
Wikipedia - Liber Linteus -- Manuscript in Etruscan language
Wikipedia - Liberty Building (Casablanca) -- Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Liberty Property Trust -- American real estate company
Wikipedia - Library instruction
Wikipedia - Lie -- Intentionally false statement made by a person or group who knows it is not true
Wikipedia - Life Storage -- Investment trust headquartered in Williamsville, NY
Wikipedia - Life Through a Window -- 2014 album by Structures
Wikipedia - Lift strut
Wikipedia - Lighthouse -- Structure designed to emit light to aid navigation
Wikipedia - Lightning rod -- Metal rod intended to protect the structure from a lightning strike
Wikipedia - Lightweight markup language -- Markup language with simple, unobtrusive syntax
Wikipedia - Light -- Electromagnetic radiation in or near visible spectrum
Wikipedia - Lignin -- Structural phenolic polymer in plant cell walls
Wikipedia - Ligustrum M-CM-^W ibolium -- Nothospecies of flowering plant in the genus Ligustrum
Wikipedia - Ligustrum ovalifolium -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Ligustrum sinense -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Lillian Brown -- US radio and television producer, university administrator and instructor, author, makeup artist and image consultant
Wikipedia - Limb bud -- Structure formed early in vertebrate limb development
Wikipedia - Limbic system -- Set of brain structures involved in emotion and motivation
Wikipedia - Lime (fruit) -- citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Limnological tower -- Structure for the study of aquatic ecosystems
Wikipedia - Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Lincoln's New Salem -- historic reconstruction of 1830s village associated with Abraham Lincoln
Wikipedia - Lincos language -- Constructed language
Wikipedia - Linda G. Alvarado -- American construction executive
Wikipedia - Linda Liukas -- Finnish programming instructor and children's writer
Wikipedia - Line 2 (Sound Transit) -- Light rail line under construction in the Seattle metropolitan area
Wikipedia - Line 5 Eglinton -- Under-construction light rail line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wikipedia - Linear data structure
Wikipedia - Linear interpolation -- method of curve fitting to construct new data points within the range of known data points
Wikipedia - Linear octree -- Data structure tree
Wikipedia - Lingua Franca Nova -- Auxiliary constructed language
Wikipedia - Lingua Ignota (musician) -- American classically trained multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Linguistic determinism -- Idea that language and its structures limit and determine human knowledge or thought
Wikipedia - Linguistic reconstruction
Wikipedia - Lingwa de planeta -- Constructed language based on the most widely spoken languages
Wikipedia - Linked data structure
Wikipedia - Linked list -- Data structure which is a linear collection of data elements, called nodes, each pointing to the next node by means of a pointer
Wikipedia - Linking and intrusive R
Wikipedia - Link REIT -- Hong Kong real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Links between Trump associates and Russian officials -- Overview of the links between Trump associates and Russian officials
Wikipedia - Lintel -- Structural horizontal block that spans the space between two vertical supports
Wikipedia - Lint (software) -- Software tool which flags suspicious and non-portable constructs in source code
Wikipedia - Liposome -- Composite structures made of phospholipids and may contain small amounts of other molecules
Wikipedia - Lirimiris truncata -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Lisa Curtis -- Member of staff within the Trump administration
Wikipedia - Lisa Kelly (trucker) -- American truck driver known for her appearances on reality television shows
Wikipedia - Lise Baastrup -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Listed building -- Protected historic structure in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Listicle -- Short-form writing that uses a list as its thematic structure
Wikipedia - List of accidents and incidents involving the Grumman A-6 Intruder -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of accolades received by True Grit -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Air Nostrum destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of airports under construction -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of algebraic constructions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of algebraic structures
Wikipedia - List of Allied vessels struck by Japanese special attack weapons -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of American truck manufacturers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of astronomical instrument makers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of astronomical instruments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by True Blood -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by True Detective -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Berkeley, California Landmarks, Structures of Merit, and Historic Districts -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of biophysically important macromolecular crystal structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Brutalist structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of building or structure fires -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of buildings and structures in Cusco -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of buildings and structures in Hayward, California -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of buildings and structures in Puerto Rico -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of buildings and structures in Swansea -- wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of buildings and structures in Switzerland above 3000 m -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of buildings and structures
Wikipedia - List of California Institute of Technology trustees -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Catholic dioceses (structured view) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chevrolet pickup trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chinese musical instruments -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in Northern England -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in Southeast England -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in Southwest England -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in the East of England -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in the English Midlands -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of CIL instructions
Wikipedia - List of Citrus Bowl broadcasters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of citrus diseases -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of citrus fruits -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of citrus soft drinks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Clarion South Writers Workshop Instructors -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Clarion West Writers Workshop instructors -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Clarion Writers Workshop Instructors -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Closer to Truth episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Coca-Cola buildings and structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of conspiracy theories promoted by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of constructed languages -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of constructed scripts -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of construction methods
Wikipedia - List of construction trades
Wikipedia - List of countries by age structure -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by truck exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of county roads in Citrus County, Florida -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of data structures -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of deconstructionists
Wikipedia - List of Destination Truth episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Digging for the Truth episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Dinotrux episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign endorsements -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign primary endorsements -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of dump truck manufacturers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of economic advisors to Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of English words of Etruscan origin -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Erie Railroad structures documented by the Historic American Engineering Record -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Etruscan mythological figures -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Etruscan names for Greek heroes -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of executive actions by Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of federal judges appointed by Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of federal judges appointed by Harry S. Truman -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of films featuring the destruction of art and cultural heritage -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of films that depict class struggle -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of financial institutions that invest in infrastructure -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of food trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of former Trump administration officials who endorsed Joe Biden -- List of political endorsers
Wikipedia - List of Formula One constructor records -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Formula One constructors -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Formula One World Constructors' Champions -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Googie architecture structures (Canada) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Googie architecture structures (United States) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of governors of Trujillo -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Grand Trunk Pacific Railway stations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Grumman A-6 Intruder operators -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hippeastrum species -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of historical structures maintained by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of historic Structures in Oatman, Arizona -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Home Truly episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of honors and awards received by Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hypogastrura species -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ice Road Truckers episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Indian musical instruments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of instruction sets
Wikipedia - List of instrumental number ones on the UK Singles Chart -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of instrument-resolved minor planets -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of instruments used in otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of instruments
Wikipedia - List of International (brand) trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international cricket five-wicket hauls by Fred Trueman -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international instruments relevant to the worst forms of child labour -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international presidential trips made by Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of jazz trumpeters -- Wikipedia list of persons by occupation
Wikipedia - List of Karachi Port Trust cricketers -- List of cricketers
Wikipedia - List of large-scale temperature reconstructions of the last 2,000 years -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of largest cosmic structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of lawsuits involving Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of log-structured file systems -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of longest continuous truss bridge spans -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of lost buildings and structures in Toronto -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Low Cab Forward trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Mack Trucks products -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Macrocentrus species -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of main infrastructure projects in Indonesia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of medieval musical instruments
Wikipedia - List of Mercedes-Benz trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of military instructors and trainers of the Empire of Japan -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of military trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ministers of Infrastructure of the Netherlands -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ministers of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of monster trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of musical instruments by Hornbostel-Sachs number -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of musical instruments -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of national instruments (music) -- Wikipedia list
Wikipedia - List of National Trust for Scotland properties -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of National Trust land in England -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of National Trust properties in England -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of NHS trusts -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of NHS Wales trusts and health boards -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of nicknames used by Donald Trump -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of No Fear of Truth episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of North Dakota Superintendents of Public Instruction -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Northeast Corridor infrastructure -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of oldest buildings and structures in Halifax, Nova Scotia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of oldest buildings and structures in Kitchener-Waterloo area -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of oldest buildings and structures in Metro Manila -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of oldest buildings and structures in Montreal -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of oldest buildings and structures in Toronto -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of oldest structures in Atlanta -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of One True Love episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of order structures in mathematics -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of people granted executive clemency by Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of pickup trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of possible impact structures on Earth -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidential trips made by Donald Trump (2017) -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidential trips made by Donald Trump (2018) -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidential trips made by Donald Trump (2019) -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidential trips made by Donald Trump (2020-21) -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidential trips made by Donald Trump -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of primary care trusts in England -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of products manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of programs broadcast by True Crime Network -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of programs broadcast by TruTV -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of proposed and under-construction Kolkata metro stations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of protein structure prediction software -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of railroad truck parts -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of railway lines approved by the Queensland Parliament but never constructed -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of rallies for the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of rampage killers (home intruders in Asia) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of rampage killers (home intruders in Europe) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of rampage killers (home intruders in the United States) -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of rampage killers (home intruders) -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of religious buildings and structures of the Kingdom of Mysore -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Renaissance structures
Wikipedia - List of Republicans who opposed the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Republicans who opposed the Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of rock instrumentals -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Rush instrumentals -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Sands of Destruction episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of short-tenure Donald Trump political appointments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Sindhudesh Liberation Army attacks on Pakistan infrastructure in Sindh -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of software for nanostructures modeling
Wikipedia - List of Spanish words of Etruscan origin -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of state trunk highways in Wisconsin -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of state trunkline highways in Michigan -- list
Wikipedia - List of Statutory Instruments of the United Kingdom, 1976 -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Statutory Instruments of the United Kingdom, 2020 -- List article
Wikipedia - List of Statutory Instruments of the Welsh Assembly -- wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Stradivarius instruments -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Strange but True? episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of string instruments -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of structural engineering software -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of structural engineers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of structural failures and collapses
Wikipedia - List of structures in London -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Strumigenys species -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Struthioniformes by population -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of subcamps of Natzweiler-Struthof -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Superintendents of Public Instruction of Wisconsin -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Belfast -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Bristol -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Edinburgh -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Egypt -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Glasgow -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Ipswich -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Leeds -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Leicester -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Liverpool -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in London -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Newcastle upon Tyne -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Norwich -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Portsmouth -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Preston -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Sheffield -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in Southampton -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in the Indian subcontinent -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in the London Borough of Croydon -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures in the world
Wikipedia - List of tallest buildings and structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest destroyed buildings and structures in the United Kingdom -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest freestanding steel structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest freestanding structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures - 300 to 400 metres -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures - 400 to 500 metres -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures built before the 20th century -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures by country -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Africa -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Austria -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Central Asia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in China -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in India -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Iran -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Ireland -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Japan -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Kosovo -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in New Zealand -- wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Serbia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Thailand -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in the Commonwealth of Nations -- wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in the United Kingdom -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures in Uzbekistan -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest structures -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of tallest twin buildings and structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of telescope parts and construction -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of terms relating to algorithms and data structures
Wikipedia - List of The Naked Truth episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of the oldest buildings and structures in Hong Kong -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of The Other Truth characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of The Other Truth episodes -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of thinkers influenced by deconstruction
Wikipedia - List of Tru Calling characters -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of trucks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of truck types -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of true bantam chicken breeds -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of True Blood episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of True Crime Network affiliates -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of True Detective episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of true finch species -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of True Jackson, VP characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of True Jackson, VP episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of True Life episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of True Tears episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of TruJet destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Truman State University people -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Trump administration dismissals and resignations -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of trustees of the British Museum -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of unconstructed state highways in California -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. state instruments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of vehicle instruments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of visionary tall buildings and structures -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Volvo Trucks engines -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of weapons of mass destruction treaties -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of weather instruments
Wikipedia - List of women in leadership positions on astronomical instrumentation projects -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Yamaha signature instruments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of ZX Spectrum clones -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of ZX Spectrum games -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Lists of buildings and structures -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Lists of tuned and untuned percussion instruments -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Lithops pseudotruncatella -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary -- A level representing a mechanical difference between layers in EarthM-bM-^@M-^Ys inner structure
Wikipedia - Little Cross -- Architectural structure in Moray, Scotland, UK
Wikipedia - Little Essays Toward Truth
Wikipedia - Liturgical Struggle
Wikipedia - Liturgical struggle
Wikipedia - Liver of Piacenza -- Etruscan artifact
Wikipedia - Liz Truss -- British Conservative politician
Wikipedia - LNER P2 Class 2007 Prince of Wales -- British steam locomotive under construction
Wikipedia - Localization (commutative algebra) -- Construction of a ring of fractions, in commutative algebra
Wikipedia - Local municipality (South Africa) -- Third level government structure in South Africa by contrast to metropolitan municipality
Wikipedia - Logging truck
Wikipedia - Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Logical truth
Wikipedia - Logic analyzer -- Electronic test instrument that measures multiple signals from a circuit
Wikipedia - Logic: The Laws of Truth -- 2012 book by Nicholas J. Smith
Wikipedia - Logic -- The study of inference and truth
Wikipedia - Log-structured File System (BSD)
Wikipedia - Log-structured file system
Wikipedia - Log-structured merge-tree
Wikipedia - Loiza Lake -- Reservoir located in the municipality of Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Lojban -- Constructed human language based on predicate logic
Wikipedia - Lone Castrup Jorgensen -- Danish equestrian
Wikipedia - Longitudinal framing -- Type of ship hull structure
Wikipedia - Long-string instrument -- Experimental musical instrument
Wikipedia - Lopolith -- Lenticular igneous intrusion with a depressed central region
Wikipedia - Loren Bommelyn -- Tolowa traditionalist, language instructor, and basket weaver from California
Wikipedia - Lori Linstruth -- American guitarist, lyricist and manager
Wikipedia - Lossless compression -- Data compression approach allowing perfect reconstruction of the original data
Wikipedia - Lotus (American band) -- American instrumental electronic jam band
Wikipedia - Louis Abel-Truchet -- French painter
Wikipedia - Louis Armstrong -- American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer
Wikipedia - Louis Prima -- Sicilian American singer, actor, songwriter, and trumpeter
Wikipedia - Louis Truchy -- French engraver
Wikipedia - Love and Trumpets (1925 film) -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - Love and Trumpets (1954 film) -- 1954 film
Wikipedia - Lovestruck in the City -- 2020 South Korean romantic comedy web series
Wikipedia - Lovestruck (Madness song) -- 1999 single by Madness
Wikipedia - Lovestruck -- The state of obsessive euphoria often felt by those newly in love
Wikipedia - Love's -- American truck stop and convenience store company
Wikipedia - Low-energy electron diffraction -- A technique for the determination of the surface structure of single-crystalline materials
Wikipedia - Low frequency -- The range 30-300 kHz of the electromagnetic spectrum
Wikipedia - LTR MultiNet -- APCO-16 compliant LTR Trunked Radio Systems
Wikipedia - Lucila Santos Trujillo -- Ecuadorian First Lady
Wikipedia - Lucis Trust
Wikipedia - Ludus latrunculorum
Wikipedia - Luigi Petrucci -- Italian actor
Wikipedia - Luka PetruM-EM-!ic -- Croatian actor
Wikipedia - Lula Lake Land Trust -- Land trust near Lookout Mountain, Georgia, US
Wikipedia - Luogu -- Chinese musical instrument
Wikipedia - Lupophon -- Very low-pitched instrument of the oboe family
Wikipedia - Luria Petrucci -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Lusia Strus -- American writer and actor
Wikipedia - Lustrum -- Unit of time, usually a five year period
Wikipedia - Lute -- Plucked string musical instrument
Wikipedia - Luthier -- Craftsman of string musical instruments
Wikipedia - Lutz Trumper -- German politician
Wikipedia - Lyncar -- British racing car constructor
Wikipedia - Lyre -- Ancient Greek string instrument
Wikipedia - M520 Goer -- US Army heavy tactical truck, in service 1972-1982
Wikipedia - M915 (truck) -- Tractor unit used for line haul missions by the US Army
Wikipedia - Mabel Trunnelle -- American actress
Wikipedia - Macadam -- Type of road construction pioneered by Scottish engineer John Loudon McAdam
Wikipedia - Macedonian Catholic Eparchy of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed in Strumica-Skopje
Wikipedia - Machine code -- Set of instructions executed directly by a computer's central processing unit (CPU)
Wikipedia - Machine head -- Apparatus for tuning stringed musical instruments
Wikipedia - Machine instruction
Wikipedia - Machine learning -- Scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform tasks without explicit instructions
Wikipedia - Mack-Cali Realty Corporation -- American real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Mack model EH trucks -- American military truck
Wikipedia - Mack Super-Liner -- Class 8 heavy-duty truck
Wikipedia - Mack Trucks -- American truck manufacturing company
Wikipedia - Macro instruction
Wikipedia - Macron's oak -- Tree gifted by Emmanual Macron to the United States, planted at the White House by him and Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Maddala Keli -- Genre in Carnatic music, featuring a set of maddalam drums as the main instrument
Wikipedia - Madonna: Truth or Dare -- 1991 film by Alek Keshishian
Wikipedia - Mads Blangstrup -- Danish ballet dancer
Wikipedia - Magadis -- String instrument
Wikipedia - Magnis (Carvoran) -- Roman fort (castrum) on Hadrian's Wall in northern Britain
Wikipedia - Mahesh, Saranya Matrum Palar -- 2008 film by P. V. Ravi
Wikipedia - Mahindra Scorpio Getaway -- Pickup truck
Wikipedia - Maite HontelM-CM-) -- Dutch trumpeter
Wikipedia - Major Arcana -- Trump cards of tarot decks in occult practices
Wikipedia - Maj Toure -- American range instructor and rapper
Wikipedia - Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace
Wikipedia - Making a Murderer -- 2015 American true crime documentary series directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos
Wikipedia - Malay gamelan -- Malay musical instrument and dance
Wikipedia - Malvastrum coromandelianum -- Species of plant from the Americas
Wikipedia - Mamichula -- 2020 single by Trueno, Nicki Nicole and Bizarrap
Wikipedia - Mandolin -- Musical instrument in the lute family
Wikipedia - Mangerite -- A plutonic intrusive igneous rock, that is essentially a hypersthene-bearing monzonite
Wikipedia - Mangey -- Persussion instrument of Afghanistan and Pakistan
Wikipedia - Manifold (fluid mechanics) -- Structure that splits or combines fluid flow into channels
Wikipedia - Manin obstruction
Wikipedia - MAN Lion's City -- Range of low-floor and low-entry public buses built by German truck and bus manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus
Wikipedia - MAN Truck & Bus -- International manufacturer of commercial vehicles
Wikipedia - Mantus -- Etruscan underworld god
Wikipedia - Manuel Trujillo Duran -- Venezuelan filmmaker
Wikipedia - Manufacturers Trust Company Building -- Commercial building in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles -- Egyptian manufacturer of buses and trucks
Wikipedia - Marble Boat -- Structure in Beijing, China
Wikipedia - Marcello Truzzi
Wikipedia - Marcelo Trujillo -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Marcel Trudov -- Moldovan judoka
Wikipedia - Marcel van Vliet -- Dutch truck racer
Wikipedia - Marc Geujon -- French classical trumpeter
Wikipedia - March 2020 Oval Office Address -- On the Coronavirus Pandemic, was the second Oval Office address delivered during the presidency of Donald Trump
Wikipedia - March Engineering -- Former Formula One constructor
Wikipedia - Marching band -- Company of instrumental musicians
Wikipedia - Marching percussion -- Specially designed percussion instruments
Wikipedia - Marco Blaauw -- Dutch trumpeter
Wikipedia - Marconi Instruments
Wikipedia - Mare Nostrum (1926 film) -- 1926 film by Rex Ingram
Wikipedia - Mare Nostrum (1948 film) -- 1948 film
Wikipedia - Margaret Cunnison -- Scottish aviator and flying instructor
Wikipedia - Margaret Holtrust -- Dutch-American political scientist
Wikipedia - Margaret Tupper True -- American educator
Wikipedia - Marguerite Trussler -- served as the Canadian Province of Alberta's Ethics Commissioner
Wikipedia - Maria Amuchastegui -- Argentine television fitness instructor
Wikipedia - Maria Antonia Trujillo -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - Maria Gertrudis Barcelo -- American gambler
Wikipedia - Maria Rosa Cutrufelli -- Italian writer
Wikipedia - Marie Aarestrup -- Norwegian painter
Wikipedia - Marijke Abels -- Dutch visual artist and instructor
Wikipedia - Marilyn Strutchens -- African-American mathematician
Wikipedia - Marine engineering -- Engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs or other marine vessel or structure
Wikipedia - Marine geology -- The study of the history and structure of the ocean floor
Wikipedia - Marine optical buoy -- Instrumentation that measures light at and very near the sea surface in a specific location over a long period of time
Wikipedia - Mario Petrucci
Wikipedia - Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust -- Charitable trust in the UK
Wikipedia - Mari Winsor -- American fitness instructor
Wikipedia - Mariya Trubach -- Belarusian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Market cross -- Structure marking a market square
Wikipedia - Market microstructure -- Branch of finance
Wikipedia - Market structure
Wikipedia - Mark Haastrup -- Danish professional golfer
Wikipedia - Markholm Construction Co Ltd v Wellington City Council -- New Zealand contract law case
Wikipedia - Mark Wurtz -- American golfer and golf instructor
Wikipedia - Marland P. Billings -- American structural geologist
Wikipedia - Martha MacGuffie -- First woman reconstructive and plastic surgeon to graduate from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, in 1949
Wikipedia - Martial arts manual -- Instructions on how to fight
Wikipedia - Martijn van Oostrum -- Dutch judoka
Wikipedia - Martina Strutz -- German pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Martin Crandall -- American musician, multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Martin Truttmann -- Swiss sports shooter
Wikipedia - Martin Wave -- Swedish songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer & music producer
Wikipedia - Marty Sheller -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Mary Anne MacLeod Trump -- Mother of Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Maryanne Trump Barry -- American attorney and federal judge; sister of Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Mary E. P. Davis -- American nursing instructor
Wikipedia - Mary Esther Trueblood -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Maryland Salem Children's Trust -- Christian 501(c)(3) organization
Wikipedia - Mary Rose Trust -- Portsmouth base historical charitable trust
Wikipedia - Maschine -- Hybrid hardware/software digital audio workstation by Native Instruments
Wikipedia - Masonry -- The building of structures from individual units of stone, brick, or block
Wikipedia - Maspero demonstrations -- Demonstrations against the destruction of a church in Egypt
Wikipedia - Massad Ayoob -- American firearms and self-defence instructor
Wikipedia - Mass Destruction (song) -- 2004 single by Faithless
Wikipedia - Mass in B minor structure -- Structure of the movements in Bach's Mass in B minor
Wikipedia - Master Instructor -- A certificate given in recognition of a minimum level of experience in training divers after certification as a Diving Instructor, issued by PADI and SSI
Wikipedia - Master/slave (BDSM) -- consensual authority-exchange structured sexual relationship
Wikipedia - Mastery learning -- Instructional strategy and educational philosophy
Wikipedia - Mathematical constructivism
Wikipedia - Mathematical structuralism
Wikipedia - Mathematical structure
Wikipedia - Mathematical truth
Wikipedia - Mathematics of general relativity -- Mathematical structures and techniques used in the theory of general relativity.
Wikipedia - Mathematisch Centrum
Wikipedia - Mathias Bidstrup -- Danish architect
Wikipedia - Matrioshka brain -- hypothetical megastructure of immense computational capacity
Wikipedia - Matroid -- Abstract structure that models and generalizes linear independency
Wikipedia - Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola -- 2013 Indian Hindi black comedy film
Wikipedia - Matrullas River -- River of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Matruza Hossain Mollah -- Bangladeshi politician
Wikipedia - Matteo Strukul -- Italian writer
Wikipedia - Matter of Trust -- 1997 film by Joey Travolta
Wikipedia - Matt Gaffney -- American crossword constructor and author
Wikipedia - Matthew Arkin -- American actor and acting instructor
Wikipedia - Matthew Trundle -- New Zealand historian of ancient history
Wikipedia - Matthew Trupiano -- American mob boss
Wikipedia - Matthias Trubner -- East German bobsledder
Wikipedia - Maturity (finance) -- Date on which the final payment is due on a loan or other financial instrument
Wikipedia - Maurice Mounsdon -- RAF pilot and flying instructor
Wikipedia - Maurice W. Goding -- High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Wikipedia - Maven -- A trusted expert in a particular field
Wikipedia - Max Strub -- German violinist
Wikipedia - Maxus T70 -- Mid-size pickup truck
Wikipedia - Maxwell (musician) -- American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from New York
Wikipedia - Maxwell's theorem (geometry) -- Given a triangle and a point, constructs a second triangle with a special point
Wikipedia - Mazda B series -- a series of pickup trucks made by Mazda
Wikipedia - Mazda BT-50 -- A compact/mid-sized pickup truck produced by Mazda
Wikipedia - Mbira -- African musical instrument of the lamellophone family
Wikipedia - Mbiwi -- Traditional instrument accompanied by song and dance
Wikipedia - MC5: A True Testimonial -- 2002 film directed by David C. Thomas
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel de la Torre -- Spanish golfer and instructor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Animas Trujano (film) -- 1962 film
Wikipedia - M-CM-^AsatruarfM-CM-)lagiM-CM-0 -- Icelandic heathenry organization
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Esatrufellesskapet Bifrost -- Norwegian neopagan organisation
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Gifteli -- Plucked string instrument, with only two strings
Wikipedia - McMillions -- True crime documentary television series
Wikipedia - Meander (art) -- Decorative border motif constructed from a continuous line popular in Greek and Roman art
Wikipedia - Measuring instrument -- Device for measuring a physical quantity
Wikipedia - Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing -- Subfields of building design and construction
Wikipedia - Mechanics of structures
Wikipedia - Media career of Donald Trump -- Overview of Donald Trump's media career
Wikipedia - Median umbilical ligament -- Structure in human anatomy
Wikipedia - Medicago truncatula -- Species of legume
Wikipedia - Medical device -- Any instrument, apparatus, implant, in vitro reagent, or similar or related article used for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes
Wikipedia - Medium frequency -- The range 300-3000 kHz of the electromagnetic spectrum
Wikipedia - Mediums of instruction
Wikipedia - Meeli Truu -- Estonian architect
Wikipedia - Megachile constructrix -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile electrum -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile mastrucatella -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile structilis -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile strupigera -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile trucis -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile truncata -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile truncaticauda -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile truncaticeps -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megalithic architectural elements -- Architectural elements typical of European megalithic structures
Wikipedia - Megalith -- Large stone used to build a structure or monument
Wikipedia - Megastructure
Wikipedia - Megatar -- Stringed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Megathrust earthquake -- Type of earthquake that occurs at subduction zones at destructive convergent plate boundaries
Wikipedia - Mejoranera -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Melania Trump replacement conspiracy theory -- Conspiracy theory regarding the potential use of body doubles for public appearances by the American First Lady Melania Trump
Wikipedia - Melania Trump -- First Lady of the United States
Wikipedia - Melanoplus strumosus -- Species of grasshopper
Wikipedia - Melanoplus truncatus -- Species of grasshopper
Wikipedia - Mellotron -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - M-EM- argija -- Balkan stringed instrument
Wikipedia - Memotron -- Digital musical instrument
Wikipedia - MenM-CM-)tru-le-Vignoble -- Commune in Bourgogne-Franche-ComtM-CM-), France
Wikipedia - MenM-CM-)trux-en-Joux -- Commune in Bourgogne-Franche-ComtM-CM-), France
Wikipedia - Menopause -- When menstrual periods stop permanently
Wikipedia - Menrva -- Etruscan goddess of war, art, wisdom, and medicine
Wikipedia - Menstrual cup -- feminine hygiene device worn inside the vagina during menstruation
Wikipedia - Menstrual cycle -- A type of ovulation cycle where the endometrium is shed if pregnancy does not occur
Wikipedia - Menstrual Hygiene Day -- Annual awareness day to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management
Wikipedia - Menstrual hygiene management -- Access to menstrual hygiene products and disposal of used products
Wikipedia - Menstrual migraine -- Medical condition
Wikipedia - Menstrual period
Wikipedia - Menstruation -- Regular discharge of blood and tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina
Wikipedia - Mercedes-Benz L3000 -- German WWII truck
Wikipedia - Mercedes Schlapp -- American lobbyist, columnist, and Trump administration official
Wikipedia - Merchants of Truth -- 2019 book
Wikipedia - Merdeka 118 -- Skyscraper under construction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wikipedia - Meredith McIver -- Ghostwriter for Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Meritor -- American truck parts manufacturer
Wikipedia - Merkle-DamgM-CM-%rd construction -- Method of building collision-resistant cryptographic hash functions
Wikipedia - Merkle tree -- Type of data structure
Wikipedia - Mesocolpia protrusata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Mesostruma -- Genus of ants
Wikipedia - Messenger RNA decapping -- Removal of the 5' cap structure on mRNA
Wikipedia - Metamictisation -- Internal alpha irradiation due to radioactive elements leading to the destruction of a mineral's crystal structure
Wikipedia - Metamorphosis -- Profound change in body structure during the postembryonic development of an organism
Wikipedia - Metanarrative -- A theory that gives comprehensive interpretation to events or experiences based on a claim of universal truth
Wikipedia - Meteorological instrumentation
Wikipedia - Method (music) -- Textbook for a specified musical instrument or a selected problem of playing a certain instrument
Wikipedia - Metre (poetry) -- Basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse
Wikipedia - Metric Structures for Riemannian and Non-Riemannian Spaces -- Book by Michail Gromov
Wikipedia - MetroCentre (shopping centre) -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Mette Marie Astrup -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Mexican Revolution -- |major nationwide armed struggle in Mexico between 1910 and 1920
Wikipedia - Meyer lemon -- Citrus fruit
Wikipedia - M. Francesca Cotrufo -- Italian soil ecologist
Wikipedia - Michael Aastrup Jensen -- Danish politician
Wikipedia - Michael Boulos -- Lebanese business executive and Tiffany Trump's partner
Wikipedia - Michael Bumel -- German scientific instrument maker
Wikipedia - Michael Ellis (Trump administration official) -- American lawyer and government official
Wikipedia - Michael J. Truncale -- American judge
Wikipedia - Michael Levitt -- Nobel laureate, biophysicist and professor of structural biology
Wikipedia - Michael Trubner -- East German bobsledder
Wikipedia - Michell structures -- Structures that are optimal based on the criteria defined by A.G.M. Michell
Wikipedia - Michel Petrucciani -- French jazz pianist
Wikipedia - Michigan State Trunkline Highway System -- Highway system in Michigan
Wikipedia - Mick Ronson -- English guitarist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and record producer
Wikipedia - MIC (organization) -- Russian construction company group
Wikipedia - Microdistrict -- Residential complex-a primary structural element of the residential area construction in the Soviet Union
Wikipedia - Microinstruction
Wikipedia - Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems
Wikipedia - Microscope -- Scientific instrument
Wikipedia - Microstructure -- Very small scale structure of material
Wikipedia - Midas Civil -- Bridge structural modeling software
Wikipedia - Middelburg Bastion -- Historical structure in Malacca, Malaysia
Wikipedia - Midgut -- Embryonic structure from which most of the intestines develop
Wikipedia - MIDI -- Means of connecting electronic musical instruments
Wikipedia - Midnight Intruder -- 1938 film by Arthur Lubin
Wikipedia - Mieczyslaw Jastrun -- Polish poet and essayist
Wikipedia - Mihailesti explosion -- 2004 Romanian fertilizer truck accident
Wikipedia - Mijwiz -- Traditional Middle Eastern single-reed musical instrument
Wikipedia - Mike Mills -- Multi-instrumentalist for American alternative rock band R.E.M.
Wikipedia - Mike Oldfield -- British musician and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Mike Strum -- American curler
Wikipedia - Mikhail Nestruyev -- Russian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Milad PetruM-EM-!ic -- Yugoslav hurdler
Wikipedia - Milana Vayntrub -- American actress
Wikipedia - Military Engineer Services -- Military infrastructure organisation
Wikipedia - Military organization -- Structuring of armed forces of a state
Wikipedia - Milk-cream strudel -- Austrian pastry
Wikipedia - Million instructions per second
Wikipedia - Millwork (building material) -- Decorative woodmill-produced products for building construction
Wikipedia - Miloslav Petrusek
Wikipedia - Milt Larkin -- American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and singer
Wikipedia - Milton-Madison Bridge -- Continuous truss bridge that connects Milton, Kentucky and Madison, Indiana across the Ohio river
Wikipedia - Mimexocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Mimocentrura -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Mine countermeasures vessel -- Naval ship designed for the location of and destruction of naval mines which combines the role of a minesweeper and minehunter in one hull
Wikipedia - Miniflex -- X-ray diffraction analytical measuring instrument
Wikipedia - Minimal instruction set computer -- CPU architecture
Wikipedia - Minister for Building and Construction (New Zealand) -- New Zealand minister of the Crown
Wikipedia - Minister of Justice and Public Instruction (New South Wales) -- Government minister in the colony of New South Wales
Wikipedia - Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Saskatchewan) -- Ministry in Saskatchewan, Canada
Wikipedia - Ministry of Industrial Reconstruction (West Bengal) -- Government department of West Bengal
Wikipedia - Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy -- Government ministry of Kiribati
Wikipedia - Ministry of Infrastructure (Poland) -- Infrastructure ministry of Poland
Wikipedia - Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (Albania) -- Albanian government agency
Wikipedia - Minnesota functionals -- DFT methods developed by Donald Truhlar's research group
Wikipedia - MIPS architecture -- Instruction set architecture
Wikipedia - Mirror tree -- Family tree reconstructed through estimates of consanguinity
Wikipedia - Misrepresentation -- Untrue or misleading statement of fact made by one party to another in legal setting or during contract negotiation
Wikipedia - Mississippi Delta Levee Camps -- Camps constructed to house labor for the construction of levees on the Mississippi River
Wikipedia - Miss Truth -- Chinese television show
Wikipedia - MIT Instrumentation Laboratory
Wikipedia - Mitsubishi Delica -- Range of vans and pickup trucks
Wikipedia - Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter -- Truck
Wikipedia - Mitsubishi Mizushima -- Truck
Wikipedia - Mitt Romney's 2016 anti-Trump speech -- 2016 political speech
Wikipedia - Mixed Hodge structure -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust -- Charitable trust based in Vancouver, Washington
Wikipedia - MMR vaccine and autism -- False claims of a link between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autistic spectrum disorder
Wikipedia - MMX (instruction set)
Wikipedia - MnPASS -- Toll structure
Wikipedia - Mobile launcher platform -- Structure used to support large rockets during assembly, transportation to the launch pad, and during launch
Wikipedia - Model-specific register -- X86 instruction set control registers for CPU features
Wikipedia - Model theory -- Study of the structure of formal languages by means of their logical interpretation.
Wikipedia - Modern ruins -- Ruins of architecture constructed in the recent past
Wikipedia - Modular Approach to Software Construction Operation and Test
Wikipedia - Modular construction -- Structure of the building
Wikipedia - Mohr-Mascheroni theorem -- Constructions performed by a compass and straightedge can be performed by a compass alone
Wikipedia - MOL Campus -- Building under construction in Budapest, Hungary
Wikipedia - Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid
Wikipedia - Momma Miss America -- Instrumental song by Paul McCartney
Wikipedia - Monastery of the Virgins -- Structure uncovered during Benjamin Mazar's excavations south of Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Wikipedia - Mona Vangsaae -- Danish ballet dancer, choreographer and instructor
Wikipedia - Monnet Plan -- Reconstruction plan for France
Wikipedia - Monocentrum -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Monocrete construction
Wikipedia - Monoid ring -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Monoid -- Algebraic structure with an associative operation and an identity element
Wikipedia - Monopoly -- Market structure with a single firm dominating the market
Wikipedia - Monster Truck Madness -- 1996 racing video game
Wikipedia - Montana Management -- Trust fund formerly owned by Saddam Hussein
Wikipedia - Montaza Palace -- Architectural structure in Alexandria, Egypt
Wikipedia - Monterozzi necropolis -- Etruscan necropolis in Lazio, Italy
Wikipedia - MontrM-CM-)al-Trudeau International Airport -- International airport in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wikipedia - Monument to the children in Yad Vashem -- architectural structure in Israel
Wikipedia - Monument -- Type of structure either explicitly created to commemorate a person or important event
Wikipedia - Monus -- Truncating subtraction on natural numbers, or a generalization thereof
Wikipedia - Monzonite -- Igneous intrusive rock with low quartz and equal plagioclase and alkali feldspar
Wikipedia - Moog synthesizer -- Electronic musical instrument
Wikipedia - Moorabool Wind Farm -- Wind farm under construction in Victoria, Australia
Wikipedia - Mooring -- Any permanent structure to which a vessel may be secured
Wikipedia - Morby centrum metro station -- Stockholm Metro station
Wikipedia - More Truth Than Poetry -- 1917 silent film directed by Burton King
Wikipedia - Mormugao Port Trust -- Port in Goa, India
Wikipedia - Morphology (biology) -- In biology, the form and structure of organisms
Wikipedia - Morten Rostrup -- Norwegian physician
Wikipedia - Morten Veland -- Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, and producer
Wikipedia - Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital v. Mercury Construction Corp. -- 1983 U.S. Supreme Court arbitration-law case
Wikipedia - Motiwala Education and Welfare Trust -- Indian educational and welfare program
Wikipedia - Motorola 88000 -- RISC instruction set architecture
Wikipedia - Motru Coal Mine -- Coal mine in Gorj County, Romania
Wikipedia - Mouldy Old Dough -- Instrumental single; hit for Lieutenant Pigeon
Wikipedia - Mound Builders -- Pre-Columbian cultures of North America that constructed various styles of earthen mounds
Wikipedia - Mount Pierre Elliott Trudeau -- Mountain in British Columbia, Canada
Wikipedia - Mouthpiece (wind instrument) -- Part of some wind instruments
Wikipedia - Mouth trumpet -- Vocal technique
Wikipedia - MOV (x86 instruction)
Wikipedia - Moylist Construction Limited v Doheny -- 2016 Irish Supreme Court case
Wikipedia - Mr. Self Destruct -- Nine Inch Nails song
Wikipedia - MTA Capital Construction and Development Company -- Projects subsidiary of New York City's MTA
Wikipedia - Mugham triads -- Azerbaijani music triad who play traditional tar, kamancheh and daf instruments
Wikipedia - Mujahideen -- Arabic term for people engaged in jihad ("struggle")
Wikipedia - Muldamine -- Phytosterol alkaloid isolated from Veratrum californicum.
Wikipedia - Multibrot set -- Construct in mathematics
Wikipedia - Multi-carrier spread spectrum
Wikipedia - Multi-function structure
Wikipedia - Multiple patterning -- Technique used to increase the number of structures a microchip may contain
Wikipedia - Multiplex (company) -- International construction contractor
Wikipedia - Multiplicity (mathematics) -- Number of times an object must be counted for making true a general formula
Wikipedia - Multi-stop truck -- Truck used for local deliveries
Wikipedia - Multi-subject instructional period -- Instructional period
Wikipedia - Multitrait-multimethod matrix -- Statistical technique used to examine construct validity
Wikipedia - Mumbai Educational Trust -- Indian academic institution
Wikipedia - Munchhausen trilemma -- A thought experiment used to demonstrate the impossibility of proving any truth
Wikipedia - Municipal Inn -- Historic structure in Davenport, Iowa
Wikipedia - Municipality of M-EM- entrupert -- Municipality of Slovenia
Wikipedia - Mural instrument
Wikipedia - Murder Mountain (TV series) -- American true crime docu-series on Netflix
Wikipedia - Murder Uncovered -- Australian true-crime series
Wikipedia - Muscle spindle -- Innervated muscle structure involved in reflex actions and proprioception
Wikipedia - Musette de cour -- Musical instrument of the bagpipe family
Wikipedia - Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments
Wikipedia - Museum of Portuguese Music -- historic house now used as Portugal's only musical instrument museum
Wikipedia - Musical bow -- simple string musical instrument
Wikipedia - Musical ensemble -- Group of people who perform instrumental and/or vocal music, with the ensemble typically known by a distinct name
Wikipedia - Musical form -- Structure or plan of a piece of music
Wikipedia - Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Wikipedia - Musical instruments
Wikipedia - Musical instrument -- Device created or adapted to make musical sounds
Wikipedia - Musical saw -- Hand saw used as a musical instrument
Wikipedia - Music for the Royal Fireworks -- Suite for wind instruments by Handel
Wikipedia - Music instrument technology
Wikipedia - Music workstation -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Mutual assured destruction -- Doctrine of military strategy
Wikipedia - Mutual exclusivity -- Two propositions or events that cannot both be true
Wikipedia - Mutually assured destruction
Wikipedia - Mycotrupes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - My Favorite Murder -- Weekly true crime comedy podcast about murders and murderers
Wikipedia - Myromexocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Mysterious Intruder -- 1946 film
Wikipedia - Mytheme -- Fundamental generic unit of narrative structure
Wikipedia - Nagasuma Chandra -- Indian structural biologist
Wikipedia - Naikan -- Structured method of self-reflection developed by Yoshimoto Ishin
Wikipedia - Naked eye -- Human vision, unaided by optical instruments
Wikipedia - Named-entity recognition -- Extraction of named entity mentions in unstructured text into pre-defined categories
Wikipedia - Nanolithography -- Used to create structures that only measure nanometers
Wikipedia - Nanoscopic scale -- Refers to structures with a length scale applicable to nanotechnology, usually cited as 1-100 nanometers
Wikipedia - Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects -- Peer-reviewed scientific journal
Wikipedia - Nanostructures
Wikipedia - Napoleonite -- A variety of diorite with orbicular structure
Wikipedia - Narooma Terrane -- A geological structural region on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia
Wikipedia - Narrative structure -- Literary element
Wikipedia - Narrow-spectrum antibiotic -- Antibiotic that only kills a limited number of species of bacteria
Wikipedia - Nassarius protrusidens -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Nasty woman -- Phrase used by Donald Trump to describe Hillary Clinton
Wikipedia - Nat Adderley -- American jazz cornet and trumpet player
Wikipedia - Natalie Trundy -- American actress
Wikipedia - Natalya Petrusyova -- Soviet speed skater
Wikipedia - Nate Sallie -- American singer-songwriter, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and concert performer
Wikipedia - National Alliance of Democrats for Reconstruction -- Political party in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wikipedia - National Association of Underwater Instructors -- A non-profit training and certification agency association of scuba instructors
Wikipedia - National Association of Women in Construction
Wikipedia - National Childbirth Trust
Wikipedia - National Democratic Reconstruction -- Political party in Colombia
Wikipedia - National Diversity Coalition for Trump -- Defunct U.S. political organization
Wikipedia - National Emergency Concerning the Southern Border of the United States -- National Emergency declared by Donald Trump
Wikipedia - National Federation of Construction and Wood Workers -- Trade union in France
Wikipedia - National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited -- An Indian government owned company
Wikipedia - National Information Exchange Model -- Common vocabulary and structure for government information exchange
Wikipedia - National Information Infrastructure
Wikipedia - National Infrastructure Advisory Council
Wikipedia - National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre -- Inter-departmental centre of the UK government
Wikipedia - National Instruments
Wikipedia - National Network -- Network of approved state highways and interstates for commercial truck drivers in the United States
Wikipedia - National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association
Wikipedia - National Reconstruction Front (Ecuador) -- Political party in Ecuador
Wikipedia - National Register of Historic Places listings in Citrus County, Florida -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - National Trust for Historic Preservation -- US nonprofit organization for historic preservation
Wikipedia - National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty -- Conservation organisation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Wikipedia - National Trust for Scotland -- Conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural and cultural heritage
Wikipedia - National Trust of Australia -- Peak body of organisations promoting and conserving Indigenous, natural and historic heritage in Australia
Wikipedia - National Trust
Wikipedia - Nation-building -- Constructing or structuring a national identity using the power of the state
Wikipedia - Nations Trust Bank -- Sri Lankan commercial bank
Wikipedia - Native Plant Trust -- Non-profit organization in the USA
Wikipedia - Native Trust and Land Act, 1936
Wikipedia - Native Woodland Trust -- Irish reforestation organization
Wikipedia - Nativity (Christus) -- Oil on wood panel painting by Petrus Christus
Wikipedia - Natural heritage -- Elements of biodiversity, including flora and fauna, ecosystems and geological structures
Wikipedia - Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp
Wikipedia - Natzweiler-Struthof
Wikipedia - Nauvoo Temple -- Second temple constructed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Wikipedia - Naval architecture -- Engineering discipline dealing with the design and construction of marine vessels
Wikipedia - Near passerine -- Tree-dwelling birds believd to be related to the true passerines
Wikipedia - Neeraj Mehta -- Fitness instructor and nutritionist
Wikipedia - Negation -- Operation that takes a proposition p to another proposition "not p", written M-BM-,p, which is interpreted intuitively as being true when p is false, and false when p is true; unary (single-argument) logical connective
Wikipedia - Negau helmet -- Etruscan combat helmet
Wikipedia - Negotiable instrument -- Contract document exchangeable for money
Wikipedia - Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland -- 2000 book by Jan T. Gross
Wikipedia - Neil Trudinger
Wikipedia - Neil Truscott -- Australian public servant and diplomat
Wikipedia - Neil Young Trunk Show -- 2009 film by Jonathan Demme
Wikipedia - Neocortex -- Mammalian structure involved in higher-order brain functions
Wikipedia - Neo language -- Artificially constructed language
Wikipedia - Neoplectrura breedlovei -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Neotraditional country -- Style of country music emphasizing instrumental compositions and "traditional" vocal styles
Wikipedia - Nepenthes truncata -- Species of pitcher plant from the Philippines
Wikipedia - Nephelometer -- Instrument for measuring the concentration of suspended particulates
Wikipedia - Nephoscope -- Meteorological instrument for determining the direction and relative speed of clouds
Wikipedia - Nerve agent -- Class of organophosphates; classified as weapons of mass destruction
Wikipedia - NestlM-CM-) Smarties Book Prize -- Annual awards for British children's books, 1985-2007, administered by Booktrust, reader ages 0-5, 6-8, 9-11
Wikipedia - Nestor Principe -- Filipino activist, writer and martial arts instructor
Wikipedia - Nethuns -- Etruscan water god
Wikipedia - NetLink Trust -- Singaporean company
Wikipedia - Netrunner
Wikipedia - Network intrusion detection system
Wikipedia - Network Rail -- State-owned company that manages rail infrastructure in Great Britain
Wikipedia - Network topology -- Arrangement of the various elements of a computer network; topological structure of a network and may be depicted physically or logically
Wikipedia - Neural decoding -- Hypothetical reconstruction of information from the brain
Wikipedia - Neuroanatomy of memory -- Variety of structures in the brain related to memory
Wikipedia - NeuroNames -- An integrated nomenclature for structures in the brain and spinal cord of the four species most studied by neuroscientists: human, macaque, rat and mouse
Wikipedia - Neusis construction
Wikipedia - Neutron diffraction -- Application of neutron scattering to the determination of the atomic and/or magnetic structure of a material
Wikipedia - NeuvM-CM-)glise-sur-Truyere -- Commune in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France
Wikipedia - Never Trump movement -- Political resistance to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign
Wikipedia - Never Trust a Hippy (Adrian Sherwood album) -- 2003 album
Wikipedia - Never Trust a Woman -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - New Austrian tunnelling method -- Method of modern tunnel design and construction
Wikipedia - New children's hospital -- Paediatric hospital under construction in Dublin, Ireland
Wikipedia - New Family Structures Study -- Controversial study by Mark Regnerus
Wikipedia - New Haven Harbor Crossing Improvement Program -- Highway construction project
Wikipedia - Newport Chemical Depot -- Bulk chemical storage and destruction facility that was operated by the United States Army
Wikipedia - New York Pro Musica -- Vocal and instrumental ensemble
Wikipedia - New Zealand grapefruit -- citrus fruit
Wikipedia - New Zealand Infrastructure Commission -- National oversight and planning agency
Wikipedia - Nexhip Trungu Stadium -- Multi-use stadium in Elbasan County, Albania
Wikipedia - Next Generation 9-1-1 -- Initiative aimed at updating 9-1-1 service infrastructure
Wikipedia - Neyla Pekarek -- American multi-instrumentalist and composer
Wikipedia - Ney -- Wind instrument (type of flute)
Wikipedia - NguyM-aM-;M-^En TiM-aM-:M-?n Trung (sport shooter) -- Vietnamese sports shooter
Wikipedia - NguyM-aM-;M-^En Trung HiM-aM-:M-?u -- Vietnamese sports shooter
Wikipedia - NHS Foundation Trust
Wikipedia - NHS foundation trust -- Semi-autonomous organisational unit within the National Health Service in England
Wikipedia - NHS trust -- Self-governing administrative body within the National Health Service
Wikipedia - Nicentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Niche construction -- Process by which an organism shapes its environment
Wikipedia - Nicholas A. Trutanich -- American attorney
Wikipedia - Nicholas True, Baron True -- British politician, member House of Lords
Wikipedia - Nickel-Strunz classification -- Scheme for categorizing minerals
Wikipedia - Nicklaus Design -- Golf course design and construction company
Wikipedia - Nicolas Industrie -- French manufacturer of heavy trucks, trailers, and SPMTs
Wikipedia - Nicolaus Copernicus Monument, Montreal -- Structure in Montreal
Wikipedia - Nicolay Aarestrup -- Norwegian businessperson
Wikipedia - Nicoll Highway collapse -- 2004 construction accident in Singapore
Wikipedia - Niddah -- Woman with status of ritual uncleanness during and after menstruation in Jewish law
Wikipedia - Nieng Yan -- Structural biologist researcher
Wikipedia - Nightrunner (character) -- Fictional comic book character
Wikipedia - Nightrunners of Bengal -- 1951 book by John Masters
Wikipedia - Nikita KlM-CM-&strup -- Danish supermodel and political commentator
Wikipedia - Niklas Eklund -- Swedish trumpeter
Wikipedia - Nikola Badger -- Electric pickup truck
Wikipedia - Nikolai Astrup -- Norwegian painter (1880-1928)
Wikipedia - Nikolai Petrusevich -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Nikolai Trubetzkoy
Wikipedia - Nikolay Trubetzkoy
Wikipedia - Nikolay Trusov -- Russian road bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Nilometer -- Structure for measuring the Nile River's clarity and [[water level]] during the annual flood season
Wikipedia - Nilpotence theorem -- On when an element of the coefficient ring of a ring spectrum is nilpotent
Wikipedia - Nissan Navara -- Nissan pickup truck
Wikipedia - No Fear of Truth: Time to Rise Again -- 2020 Mexican television season
Wikipedia - No Fear of Truth: You Are No Longer Alone -- Mexican television series
Wikipedia - No instruction set computing
Wikipedia - Nolan Chart -- Political spectrum diagram
Wikipedia - Noncommutative ring -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Non-constructive proof
Wikipedia - Nondestructive testing -- Evaluating the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage
Wikipedia - Nonfiction -- Type of genre, true works
Wikipedia - Non-Instrumental Movement Inhibition
Wikipedia - Non-linear editing -- Non-destructive audio, video, or image editing
Wikipedia - Non-reformist reform -- Reforms that challenge the existing power structure
Wikipedia - Nonsense mutation -- Point mutation in a sequence of DNA that results in a premature stop codon, or a nonsense codon in the transcribed mRNA, and in a truncated, incomplete, and usually nonfunctional protein product
Wikipedia - Non-structured programming
Wikipedia - Norah Jones -- American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - North American Van Lines -- Trucking company
Wikipedia - North Island Main Trunk -- Railway line in New Zealand running between Auckland and Wellington
Wikipedia - North Korea and weapons of mass destruction -- North Korea's military development for weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical, and biological
Wikipedia - Norwegian language struggle
Wikipedia - Nothing but the Truth (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - Nothing but the Truth (1941 film) -- 1941 film by Elliott Nugent
Wikipedia - Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible -- 2014 book
Wikipedia - No true Scotsman -- Logical fallacy
Wikipedia - Notruf Hafenkante -- German television series
Wikipedia - Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust -- Wildlife conservation charity
Wikipedia - Noun adjunct -- grammatical construct in which a noun modifies another noun
Wikipedia - Nous -- The faculty of the human mind necessary for understanding what is true or real
Wikipedia - Nova Scotia Trunk 16 -- Highway in Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Nova Scotia Trunk 1 -- Highway in Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Nova Scotia Trunk 4 -- Highway in Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Nova Scotia Trunk 7 -- Highway in Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - November 2016 Hillah suicide truck bombing
Wikipedia - Novial -- Constructed language
Wikipedia - Novum Instrumentum omne -- First published New Testament in Greek
Wikipedia - NSP1 (rotavirus) -- Viral nonstructural protein
Wikipedia - NTRUEncrypt
Wikipedia - NTRUSign
Wikipedia - Nuclear Destruction -- Fantasy role-playing game
Wikipedia - Nuclear physics -- Field of physics that deals with the structure and behavior of atomic nuclei
Wikipedia - Nuclear structure -- The structure of the atomic nucleus
Wikipedia - Nuclear weapon -- Explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions
Wikipedia - Nucleic acid double helix -- Structure formed by double-stranded molecules
Wikipedia - Nucleic acid structure determination -- experimental process
Wikipedia - Nucleic acid structure prediction -- Computational prediction of nucleic acid structure
Wikipedia - Nucleolus -- Largest structure in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells
Wikipedia - Nur ad-Din al-Betrugi
Wikipedia - Nur ad-Din al-Bitruji
Wikipedia - Nur Ed-Din Al Betrugi
Wikipedia - Nussinov algorithm -- Nucleic acid structure prediction algorithm
Wikipedia - Nydam Mose -- Archaeological site at M-CM-^Xster Sottrup, Denmark
Wikipedia - N.Y., You Got Me Dancing -- 1977 song performed by Andrea True
Wikipedia - Obayashi Corporation -- Japanese construction company
Wikipedia - Obedience (human behavior) -- Yielding to instructions from an authority figure
Wikipedia - Obelisco de Buenos Aires -- Architectural structure
Wikipedia - Objective truth
Wikipedia - Objectivity (philosophy) -- Central philosophical concept, related to reality and truth
Wikipedia - Object-Oriented Software Construction
Wikipedia - Oboe -- Musical instrument of the woodwind family
Wikipedia - Obrom -- percussion musical instrument
Wikipedia - Obsessive Relational Intrusion (ORI)
Wikipedia - Obsessive relational intrusion -- Invading privacy
Wikipedia - Obstructive lung disease -- Category of respiratory disease characterized by airway obstruction
Wikipedia - Obstructive sleep apnea -- Obstruction of the upper airway during sleep
Wikipedia - Obstruent
Wikipedia - Ocarina -- Ancient wind musical instrument
Wikipedia - Ocean data acquisition system -- A set of instruments deployed at sea to collect as much meteorological and oceanographic data as possible.
Wikipedia - Ocean reanalysis -- A method of combining historical ocean observations with a general ocean model to reconstruct a historical state of the ocean
Wikipedia - OC Streetcar -- Under construction light rail line in Orange County, California
Wikipedia - Octant (instrument) -- Measuring instrument used primarily in navigation; type of reflecting instrument
Wikipedia - Octet truss
Wikipedia - Octostruma -- Genus of ants
Wikipedia - Ocular neuropathic pain -- Spectrum of disorders
Wikipedia - Offices in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth -- Organizational and administrative structure of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Wikipedia - Offshore construction -- Installation of structures and facilities in a marine environment
Wikipedia - Offshore geotechnical engineering -- A sub-field of engineering concerned with human-made structures in the sea
Wikipedia - Offshore radio -- Radio broadcasting from ships or fixed maritime structures
Wikipedia - Offshore Structures (Britain) Ltd. -- A marine offshore structure foundation manufacture
Wikipedia - Offshore wind power -- Use of wind turbines constructed in marine bodies of water to harvest wind energy to generate electricity
Wikipedia - Off-the-grid -- System and lifestyle designed to help people function without a remote infrastructure, such as an electrical grid
Wikipedia - Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman -- 1980 book of Truman's writings edited by historian Robert Hugh Ferrell
Wikipedia - Of True Religion
Wikipedia - Ohel (Chabad-Lubavitch) -- Open-air structure of graves of the last two Lubavitcher Rebbes in New York City, USA
Wikipedia - Ohio River Bridges Project -- Project to add two new bridges over the Ohio River at Louisville and reconstruct Interstate highway interchanges
Wikipedia - OHM (band) -- American instrumental rock/jazz fusion band
Wikipedia - Oil platform -- Large offshore structure with oil drilling and related facilities
Wikipedia - Oil rig -- Apparatus constructed for oil drilling
Wikipedia - Olav Rune Ekeland Bastrup -- Norwegian writer and historian
Wikipedia - Old wives' tale -- A supposed truth which is actually spurious or a superstition
Wikipedia - Ole Borud discography -- Discography of the Norwegian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Ole Borud
Wikipedia - Oleo strut
Wikipedia - Olifant (instrument)
Wikipedia - Oligarchy -- Form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people
Wikipedia - Oligia latruncula -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Olle Petrusson -- Swedish biathlete
Wikipedia - Omnichord -- Electronic musical instrument
Wikipedia - Omnitruncated 5-simplex honeycomb -- Five dimensional space-filling tessellation
Wikipedia - Once in Trubchevsk -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - Ondes Martenot -- Early electronic musical instrument
Wikipedia - Oneda Maryon Castillo -- Golf instructor
Wikipedia - One instruction set computer
Wikipedia - One-instruction set computer -- Abstract machine that uses only one instruction
Wikipedia - One Nation (infrastructure) -- Australian government infrastructure development program
Wikipedia - One true church
Wikipedia - One True King -- Gaming organization based in Austin, Texas
Wikipedia - One True Love (TV series) -- 2012 Philippine television series
Wikipedia - One True Thing -- 1998 American drama film
Wikipedia - One-way trunk -- telecommunication trunk
Wikipedia - Online Pornography (Commercial Basis) Regulations 2019 -- Statutory instrument intended to regulate access to pornographic websites in the UK
Wikipedia - Ontario Heritage Trust -- Non-profit heritage agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Wikipedia - On the Pathos of Truth
Wikipedia - Ontology language -- formal language used to construct ontologies
Wikipedia - On Trust -- American Thoroughbred racehorse
Wikipedia - On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense
Wikipedia - Opcode -- Part of a machine instruction
Wikipedia - OpenCola (drink) -- Brand of open cola where instructions for making are freely available
Wikipedia - Open Grid Services Infrastructure
Wikipedia - Open Management Infrastructure
Wikipedia - OpenNebula -- Cloud computing platform for managing heterogeneous distributed data center infrastructures
Wikipedia - Open protein structure annotation network
Wikipedia - OpenStructures
Wikipedia - Operation Inmate -- World War II attack against Japanese positions on Truk Atoll
Wikipedia - Operation Spectrum -- Covert security operation in Singapore
Wikipedia - Operator (computer programming) -- Construct associated with a mathematical operation in computer programs
Wikipedia - Operculum (gastropod) -- A hard structure which closes the aperture of a gastropod when the animal retreats into the shell
Wikipedia - Ophryotrocha langstrumpae -- Species of Polychaeta
Wikipedia - Opsonin -- Any molecule that identifies and marks cells or substances for destruction by the immune system
Wikipedia - Optical instrument -- Scientific instrument using light waves for image viewing
Wikipedia - Optic vesicle -- Sac that protrudes from the embryonic forebrain to form each eye
Wikipedia - Optimal substructure
Wikipedia - Opus latericium -- An ancient Roman form of construction in which coarse-laid brickwork is used to face a core of opus caementicium
Wikipedia - Opus mixtum -- Combination of Roman construction techniques
Wikipedia - Opus spicatum -- Herringbone pattern of masonry construction used in Roman and medieval times
Wikipedia - Opus vittatum -- Roman construction technique using horizontal courses of tuff blocks alternated with bricks
Wikipedia - Orange (colour) -- Colour, located between red and yellow in the spectrum of light
Wikipedia - Orange (fruit) -- Citrus fruit
Wikipedia - Orchestra -- Large instrumental ensemble
Wikipedia - Ordered semigroup -- Algebraic structure
Wikipedia - Order of Altruism -- Iranian award of honor
Wikipedia - Order of Construction -- Iranian award of honor
Wikipedia - Ordo Fratrum Minorum
Wikipedia - Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge -- Railway bridge in the United States
Wikipedia - O'Reilly Foundation -- Irish charitable trust
Wikipedia - Organizational structure
Wikipedia - Organ (music) -- Musical keyboard instrument
Wikipedia - Organ pipe -- Musical instrument part
Wikipedia - Oriastrum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Origins and architecture of the Taj Mahal -- History and construction of the Taj Mahal
Wikipedia - Ornette Coleman -- American jazz saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, and composer (1930-2015)
Wikipedia - Orphan structure -- Legal entity where the equity is owned by no-one
Wikipedia - Orthogonal instruction set
Wikipedia - Ortrud Oellermann -- South African mathematician
Wikipedia - Ortrun Enderlein -- East German luger
Wikipedia - Ortrun Landmann -- German librarian and music historian
Wikipedia - Oshawa Truck Assembly -- A defunct truck plant in Oshawa, Ontario
Wikipedia - Oslo Spektrum
Wikipedia - Ossi Runne -- Finnish trumpeter
Wikipedia - Osteoderm -- Bony structures in the dermis
Wikipedia - Osteotome -- Orthopaedic instrument
Wikipedia - Ostrich instruction -- Jury instruction
Wikipedia - Other Truths -- 2009 studio album by Do Make Say Think
Wikipedia - Othmar Ammann -- Swiss-American structural engineer
Wikipedia - Otto Lyudvigovich Struve
Wikipedia - Otto Struve
Wikipedia - Otto Wilhelm von Struve
Wikipedia - Oud -- Pear-shaped stringed instrument
Wikipedia - Outhouse -- Small structure, separate from a main building, which covers a toilet
Wikipedia - Outline of algebraic structures
Wikipedia - Outline of American politics -- Overview of political parties and government structure
Wikipedia - Outline of construction
Wikipedia - Outline of Washington infrastructure -- Overview of and topical guide to infrastructure of the U.S. state of Washington
Wikipedia - Out of True (film) -- 1951 film
Wikipedia - Outrigger -- Projecting structure on a boat
Wikipedia - OutRun 2019 -- 1993 video game
Wikipedia - Outrunner -- Type of BLDC motor whose rotor is exposed and forms the outer shell of the motor; the shell moves (spins) during operation
Wikipedia - Overhead power line -- Above-ground structure for bulk transfer and distribution of electricity
Wikipedia - Over My Dead Body (podcast) -- True crime podcast
Wikipedia - Overtoun Bridge -- category B-listed structure over the Overtoun Burn leading to Overtoun House
Wikipedia - Overture -- Instrumental introduction to an opera, ballet, or oratorio
Wikipedia - Ovipositor -- Anatomical structure for laying eggs
Wikipedia - Ovulatory shift hypothesis -- Hypothesis that female mating behavior changes throughout the menstrual cycle
Wikipedia - Owen Hall (Oregon State University) -- Instructional building of the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University's Corvallis campus
Wikipedia - Oxelytrum -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Oxford Instruments
Wikipedia - Oxygen analyser -- Instrument to measure partial pressure of oxygen in a gas mixture
Wikipedia - Pabstiella truncicola -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Paccar -- American truck manufacturer
Wikipedia - Pachyplectrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Pachystruthio -- Extinct genus of birds
Wikipedia - Pacific Bridge Company -- Former American engineering and construction company
Wikipedia - Pacific Construction Group -- Chinese construction company
Wikipedia - PAGEV RNA motif -- RNA structure
Wikipedia - Pagoda mast -- Distinctive superstructure of the Imperial Japanese Navy ships of World War II
Wikipedia - Pair-conversion -- Instrument in photonics
Wikipedia - Pakistan and weapons of mass destruction -- Pakistani nuclear weapons program
Wikipedia - Palace of Fine Arts -- Monumental structure in San Francisco, California
Wikipedia - Paleomap -- Map of continents and mountain ranges in the past based on plate reconstructions
Wikipedia - Palestine Arab Congress -- Formal structure representing Muslim-Christian Associations
Wikipedia - Pale-winged trumpeter -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Panchromatic film -- Black-and-white photographic film sensitive to the whole visible light spectrum
Wikipedia - Pandura -- Ancient string instrument
Wikipedia - Panel truck -- Van based on the chassis of a pickup truck
Wikipedia - Pan flute -- Musical instrument, typically made from bamboo
Wikipedia - Pan-Slavic language -- Type of constructed language
Wikipedia - Papa Celestin -- American jazz bandleader, trumpeter, cornetist and vocalist
Wikipedia - Parablabicentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Parable -- |Short didactic story which illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles
Wikipedia - Paracristocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Paracymoriza truncata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Paradidymocentrus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Parahypopta caestrum -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Parallel construction -- Law enforcement process that hides details of investigation
Wikipedia - Parallelodiplosis subtruncata -- Species of fly
Wikipedia - Paranoia -- Psychotic disorder characterized by delusions and irrational mistrust of others leading up to false accusations and attitudes
Wikipedia - Paranoid personality disorder -- Mental disorder involving paranoid delusions and mistrust of others
Wikipedia - Parenthesome -- Cell structure in fungi
Wikipedia - Parity Committee for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International -- political party
Wikipedia - Parkway Properties -- US real estate investment trust
Wikipedia - Parshall flume -- Hydraulic structure for measuring fluid flow
Wikipedia - Partially guyed tower -- Tower structure
Wikipedia - Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011 -- 2011 greatest hits album by R.E.M.
Wikipedia - Party for Peace, Democracy, Reconciliation, and Reconstruction -- Political party in Burundi
Wikipedia - Party for Truth and Development -- Political party in Senegal
Wikipedia - Party Line (Andrea True Connection song) -- Song by Gregg Diamond and performed by Andrea True
Wikipedia - Party of Construction and Labour -- Political party in Benin
Wikipedia - Paseo del Buen Pastor -- Structure in Cordoba, Argentina
Wikipedia - Passive-aggressive personality disorder -- Personality disorder characterized by procrastination, covert obstructionism, inefficiency and stubbornness
Wikipedia - Pasta processing -- Process in which wheat semolina or flour is mixed with water and the dough is extruded to a specific shape, dried and packaged
Wikipedia - Patagium -- Membranous structure that assists an animal in gliding or flight
Wikipedia - Patrick Mullany -- FBI profiler and instructor
Wikipedia - Patrick Strudwick -- British journalist
Wikipedia - Patrick Trueman -- Fictional character from EastEnders
Wikipedia - Patrul Rinpoche
Wikipedia - Patti Rizzo -- American golfer and golf instructor
Wikipedia - Paul Greifzu -- East German motorsport racer and constructor
Wikipedia - Paulo Miklos -- Brazilian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Wikipedia - Paul Sills -- American director and instructor
Wikipedia - Paul Trueman -- Fictional character from EastEnders
Wikipedia - Paul Y. Engineering -- Hong Kong construction company
Wikipedia - Pavement (architecture) -- Stone or tile structure which can serve as floor; pavement type with solid blocks
Wikipedia - Paver (vehicle) -- Construction equipment used to lay asphalt
Wikipedia - Pavlovian-instrumental transfer
Wikipedia - Pawn structure -- Configuration of pawns on the chessboard in a position
Wikipedia - Paxos Trust Company -- Financial technology company (e. 2012)
Wikipedia - Payment card interchange fee and merchant discount antitrust litigation -- United States class-action lawsuit filed in 2005
Wikipedia - Payun Matru -- Volcano in Argentina
Wikipedia - Peace and Truce of God -- Massive medieval Catholic-led peace movement
Wikipedia - Pecan truffle -- Species of truffle (Tuber lyonii)
Wikipedia - Pectin -- Structural heteropolysaccharide in the primary cell walls of land plants and some algae
Wikipedia - Pedestrian separation structure
Wikipedia - Pediasia truncatellus -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Pedicel (botany) -- A structure connecting flowers or fruit to the main stem of a plant
Wikipedia - Peggy Kirk Bell -- American golfer and golf instructor
Wikipedia - Pelagic zone -- The unobstructed water in the body of the sea that is neither close to the surface nor to the sea floor
Wikipedia - Peltotrupes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Pelvic floor -- Anatomical structure
Wikipedia - Pelvis -- Lower part of the trunk of the human body between the abdomen and the thighs
Wikipedia - Pena (musical instrument) -- Traditional musical instrument of Kangleipak
Wikipedia - Pen name -- Name that is used instead of an author's true name
Wikipedia - Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust -- U.S. real estate company
Wikipedia - Penstock -- Intake structure that controls water flow to turbines or sewerage systems
Wikipedia - Pentagon UFO videos -- Cockpit instrumentation display videos from US Navy jets, widely publicized as UFOs
Wikipedia - People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy -- Political party in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wikipedia - Percussion cap -- A gunlock mechanism that uses a small metallic cap or cup, usually of copper or brass, containing a shock-sensitive explosive compound that is struck by a hammer to initiate the ignition process of a caplock firearm
Wikipedia - Percussion instrument -- Type of musical instrument that produces a sound by being hit
Wikipedia - Perennial philosophy -- 15th-century philosophical idea that views all religious traditions as sharing a single truth or origin
Wikipedia - Perfect competition -- Market structure in which firms are price takers for a homogenous product
Wikipedia - Perineum -- Region of the body including the perineal body and surrounding structures
Wikipedia - Periodic table (crystal structure)
Wikipedia - Periscope -- Instrument for observation from a concealed position
Wikipedia - Perjury -- Act of swearing a false oath or falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth
Wikipedia - Perl language structure
Wikipedia - Per Nielsen (musician) -- Danish trumpet player
Wikipedia - Persephone (instrument) -- Analog fingerboard synthesizer
Wikipedia - Persian musical instruments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Persistent data structure -- Data structure that always preserves the previous version of itself when it is modified
Wikipedia - Personal construct psychology
Wikipedia - Personal construct theory
Wikipedia - Personalized System of Instruction
Wikipedia - Person, woman, man, camera, TV -- Phrase stated by Donald Trump on Fox News interview
Wikipedia - Peter Alma -- Figurative constructivist painter
Wikipedia - Peter Berngardovich Struve
Wikipedia - Peterbilt 379 -- Model of heavy semi-trailer truck
Wikipedia - Peter Culverhouse Memorial Trust -- Brtitish medical charity
Wikipedia - Peter Harlan -- German musical instrument maker and luth player
Wikipedia - Peter Head (civil engineer) -- Civil and structural engineer
Wikipedia - Peter J. White -- Political advisor to President Trump
Wikipedia - Peter Kostis -- American golf analyst and instructor
Wikipedia - Peter Navarro -- Economist and member of the Trump administration
Wikipedia - Peter Ostrum -- American child actor and veterinarian
Wikipedia - Peter Rice -- Irish structural engineer
Wikipedia - Petersen-Morley theorem -- Geometric construction regarding 3 skew lines in space
Wikipedia - Peter Struck (politician) -- German politician
Wikipedia - Peter Struycken
Wikipedia - Peter Trueman -- Canadian journalist
Wikipedia - Peter Trunk -- German composer
Wikipedia - Petra M-CM-^Vstergren -- Swedish feminist writer, debater, social commentator and instructor in self defense
Wikipedia - Petr-Douglas-Neumann theorem -- Construction on any polygon that yields a regular polygon with the same number of sides
Wikipedia - Petre Dumitru -- Romanian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Petrology -- The branch of geology that studies the origin, composition, distribution and structure of rocks
Wikipedia - Petru Bogatu -- Moldovan journalist
Wikipedia - Petruchio -- character in The Taming of the Shrew
Wikipedia - Petru Comarnescu
Wikipedia - Petru Groza -- 20th-century Romanian politician
Wikipedia - Petru HadM-CM-"rca -- Moldovan actor and director
Wikipedia - Petru III of Moldavia
Wikipedia - Petru II of Moldavia
Wikipedia - Petruk -- Character in Javanese puppetry
Wikipedia - Petru Maior
Wikipedia - Petru Manoliu
Wikipedia - Petru Mocanu -- Romanian mathematician
Wikipedia - Petrunino, Vladimir Oblast -- Village in Vladimir Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Petru Poni
Wikipedia - Petru Porime Tolan -- Romanian aerobic gymnast
Wikipedia - Petrus Alphonsi
Wikipedia - Petrus Andreas van Meeuwen -- Dutch politician
Wikipedia - Petrus Apianus -- 16th-century German astronomer, mathematician, and cartographer
Wikipedia - Petrus Augustus de GM-CM-)nestet -- Dutch writer
Wikipedia - Petrus Aureolus
Wikipedia - Petrus Benedicti -- Swedish bishop
Wikipedia - Petrus Beukers -- Dutch sailor
Wikipedia - Petrus Bonus
Wikipedia - Petrus Brovka
Wikipedia - Petrus Canisius Van Lierde
Wikipedia - Petrus Canisius
Wikipedia - Petrus Christus
Wikipedia - Petrus Comestor
Wikipedia - Petrus Cunaeus
Wikipedia - Petrus de Cruce
Wikipedia - Petrus de Goscalch
Wikipedia - Petrus de Ibernia
Wikipedia - Petrus Draghi Bartoli
Wikipedia - Petrus en Pauluskerk -- Church in Loppersum, Netherlands
Wikipedia - Petrus Federici -- Roman Catholic prelate
Wikipedia - Petrus Gavrila -- Romanian canoeist
Wikipedia - Petrus GrM-CM-$nebo -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Petrus GuM-CM-)rin du Rocher -- French Jesuit
Wikipedia - Petrus Hofstede de Groot -- Dutch theologian
Wikipedia - Petrus Jacobus Kipp
Wikipedia - Petrus Johann du Toit
Wikipedia - Petrus Johannes Meindaerts -- 18th-century Old Catholic Archbishop of Utrecht
Wikipedia - Petrus Johannes Waardenburg
Wikipedia - Petrus Kanisius Ojong -- Indonesian journalist and businessman
Wikipedia - Petrus Kastenman -- Swedish equestrian
Wikipedia - Petrus Patricius
Wikipedia - Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt
Wikipedia - Petrus Plancius
Wikipedia - Petrus Ramus
Wikipedia - Petru Stoianov -- Romanian composer
Wikipedia - Petrus Visagie -- Kenyan sports shooter
Wikipedia - Petrus von Hatzfeld -- German Roman Catholic priest and abbot
Wikipedia - Petrus Zhu Rixin
Wikipedia - Petru Vlah -- Moldovan politician
Wikipedia - Peugeot Hoggar (coupM-CM-) utility) -- Pickup truck
Wikipedia - Phaiogramma etruscaria -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Pharmacy stop -- Under-construction surface light rail transit stop in Toronto, Canada
Wikipedia - Pharyngeal arch -- Embryonic precursor structures in vertebrates
Wikipedia - Philharmonic Society of Selangor -- Choral and instrumental group
Wikipedia - Philippe Brun -- French jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Philosophy -- Study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct
Wikipedia - Phil Trumbo -- American graphic designer
Wikipedia - Philtrum -- Vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip, common to many mammals, extending in humans from the nasal septum to the tubercle of the upper lip
Wikipedia - Philtrust Bank -- Bank in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Phishing -- Act of attempting to acquire sensitive information by posing as a trustworthy entity
Wikipedia - PH meter -- Instrument that indicates acidity or alkalinity in water-based solutions, expressed as pH
Wikipedia - Phoma destructiva -- Species of fungus
Wikipedia - Phonehenge West -- Former folk art structure in Acton, California, USA
Wikipedia - Phoneutria nigriventer toxin-3 -- Broad-spectrum calcium channel blocker
Wikipedia - Phosphate mineral -- Nickel-Strunz 9 ed mineral class number 8 (isolated tetrahedral units, mainly)
Wikipedia - Photonic crystal -- Periodic optical nanostructure that affects the motion of photons
Wikipedia - Photonics and Nanostructures: Fundamentals and Applications -- Journal
Wikipedia - PhotoRC RNA motifs -- Conserved RNA structures related to photosynthesis
Wikipedia - Phrase structure grammar
Wikipedia - Phrase-structure grammar
Wikipedia - Phrase structure rules
Wikipedia - Phycobilisome -- Light-energy harvesting structure in cyanobacteria and red algae
Wikipedia - Physical symbol system -- System that takes physical patterns and combines them into structures and manipulates them
Wikipedia - Physiognotrace -- Drawing instrument
Wikipedia - Piano -- Musical instrument
Wikipedia - Pia Trulsen -- Norwegian curler
Wikipedia - Pickup truck -- Light-duty truck with an enclosed cab and an open cargo area
Wikipedia - Pieniny Klippen Belt -- Zone in the Western Carpathians, with a very complex geological structure
Wikipedia - Pierce Manufacturing -- American manufacturer of fire trucks
Wikipedia - Pier Matteo Petrucci -- 18th-century Catholic cardinal
Wikipedia - Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation -- Independent and non-partisan Canadian charity
Wikipedia - Pierre Truche -- Former French magistrate
Wikipedia - Pierre Trudeau -- 15th Prime Minister of Canada
Wikipedia - Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum -- An empirical relationship that defines the distribution of energy with frequency within the ocean
Wikipedia - Pier -- Raised structure in a body of water, typically supported by well-spaced piles or pillars
Wikipedia - Pietro Castrucci -- Italian violinist and composer (1679-1762)
Wikipedia - Pilot Flying J -- Chain of truck stops in the US and Canada
Wikipedia - Pilotrulleum -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Pine Ridge, Citrus County, Florida -- Census-designated place in Florida, US
Wikipedia - Ping Zhang (biologist) -- American structural biologist
Wikipedia - Pioneer (military) -- Soldier tasked with engineering and construction
Wikipedia - Pipe organ -- Wind instrument controlled by keyboard
Wikipedia - Piper Madison -- American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress
Wikipedia - Piping and instrumentation diagram -- Detailed diagram in the process industry
Wikipedia - Pissoir -- Structure that provides screening of urinals
Wikipedia - Pituitary stalk -- Anatomical structure
Wikipedia - Pizzicato -- Playing technique for string instruments
Wikipedia - Placental cotyledon -- Vascular structure in the placenta
Wikipedia - Placentation -- Formation and structure of the placenta
Wikipedia - Plain old data structure
Wikipedia - Planetary surface construction -- Construction of structures on planetary surface
Wikipedia - Plan for Destruction -- 1943 film
Wikipedia - Planned destruction of Warsaw
Wikipedia - Planning permission -- Government permission required for construction or expansion
Wikipedia - Plant anatomy -- Study of the internal structure of plants
Wikipedia - Plant stem -- structural axis of a vascular plant
Wikipedia - Plasma Instrument for Magnetic Sounding -- Faraday cup instrument for Europa Clipper
Wikipedia - Plasma Wave Subsystem -- Instrument on board the Voyager space probes
Wikipedia - Plasmodium (life cycle) -- Living structure of cytoplasm that contains many nuclei
Wikipedia - Plasmoid -- Coherent structure of plasma and magnetic fields
Wikipedia - Plastic bicycle -- Bicycle constructed from plastic or a plastic composite
Wikipedia - Plastic bottle -- Bottle constructed of plastic
Wikipedia - Plateau's laws -- Set of mathematical rules governing the structure of soap films
Wikipedia - Plate reconstruction -- The process of reconstructing the positions of tectonic plates in the geological past
Wikipedia - Platform cooperative -- Business structure type
Wikipedia - Platform mound -- Earthwork or mound intended to support a structure or activity
Wikipedia - Plato's unwritten doctrines -- Metaphysical theory, alleged by his pupils and others to be esoterically taught by Plato, but not clearly given in his writings; the Tubingen School reconstructs it to comprise The One-a monistic principle-and The Indefinite Dyad of indeterminacy
Wikipedia - Plectrude
Wikipedia - Plectrura -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Plectrurus -- Genus of burrowing snakes endemic to South India
Wikipedia - Pleurothallis trulla -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Pleurothallis trullifera -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Pleurothallis trullilabia -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Pleurothallis truncata -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Ploy (musical instrument) -- Cambodian musical instrument
Wikipedia - PM-CM-%l