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Jigme Lingpa (17301798) was a Tibetan tertn of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He was the promulgator of the Longchen Nyingthik, the Heart Essence teachings of Longchenpa, from whom, according to tradition, he received a vision in which the teachings were revealed. The Longchen Nyingthik eventually became the most famous and widely practiced cycle of Dzogchen teachings.
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Jigme Lingpa




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1:If the meditator is able to use whatever occurs in his life as the path, his body becomes a retreat hut. ~ Jigme Lingpa,
2:Mesmerized by the huge variety of perceptions, which are like the illusory reflections of the moon in water, beings wander endlessly in samsara's vicious cycle. ~ Jigme Lingpa,
3:If the root of a tree is medicinal, then the fruit will be medicine. But if the root is poisonous, then the fruit will be poison. Likewise, positive and negative qualities come from one's motivation, and not from one's physical actions in themselves. ~ Jigme Lingpa,
4:True teachers who do not deceive on the supreme path, are like great ships that rescue beings from the ocean of existence. They are like rain of nectar that covers the flames of karma and defilements. And they are like the sun and moon that dispels the darkness of ignorance. ~ Jigme Lingpa,


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1:If the meditator is able to use whatever occurs in his life as the path, his body becomes a retreat hut. ~ Jigme Lingpa,
2:Mesmerized by the huge variety of perceptions, which are like the illusory reflections of the moon in water, beings wander endlessly in samsara's vicious cycle. ~ Jigme Lingpa,
3:If the root of a tree is medicinal, then the fruit will be medicine. But if the root is poisonous, then the fruit will be poison. Likewise, positive and negative qualities come from one's motivation, and not from one's physical actions in themselves. ~ Jigme Lingpa,
4:True teachers who do not deceive on the supreme path, are like great ships that rescue beings from the ocean of existence. They are like rain of nectar that covers the flames of karma and defilements. And they are like the sun and moon that dispels the darkness of ignorance. ~ Jigme Lingpa,
5:THE INNER BUDDHA As Jigme Lingpa said, the moon has all the qualities necessary for its reflection to appear on the surface of a clear lake. If the moon did not have a shape or substance, and if it didn’t reflect the light of the sun, it would not be possible for it to appear on the water’s surface. Furthermore, the quality of clear water is that it can reflect, and when the moon and the water—two entirely separate entities—are perfectly aligned without any obstruction between them, a reflection of the moon will appear effortlessly, without intention. Similarly, our inner Buddha has qualities that enable it to manifest effortlessly and without intention. When there are no obstacles, the Buddha will reflect spontaneously in sentient beings who have the merit. Some ~ Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse,



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Wikipedia - Antecedent (grammar) -- Expression that gives its meaning to a pro-form in grammar
Wikipedia - Antelope Hills expedition -- 1858 military campaign of the Texas Rangers against the Comanche and Kiowa peoples
Wikipedia - Anthelmintic -- Antiparasitic drugs that expel parasitic worms (helminths) from the body
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Wikipedia - Anticipation -- Emotion involving pleasure or anxiety in considering or awaiting an expected event
Wikipedia - Anti-flash white -- Paint designed to reflect some of the thermal radiation from a nuclear explosion
Wikipedia - Anti-humor -- Style of comedy that is deliberately awkward or experimental
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Wikipedia - Antoine Leroux -- American explorer and mountain man
Wikipedia - Antoine Thomson d'Abbadie -- Irish-born French explorer, geographer, ethnologist, linguist and astronomer
Wikipedia - Antonio Armijo -- Mexican explorer
Wikipedia - Antonio Asis -- Argentine painter, an exponent of Op Art
Wikipedia - Antonio da Silva Porto -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Antonio de Vea expedition -- Spanish expedition to Patagonia, 1675-1676
Wikipedia - Antonio Mota -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Antyodaya Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Anus -- Opening for waste expulsion at the end of an animal's digestive tract
Wikipedia - AOL Explorer
Wikipedia - Aomori Expressway -- A national expressway spur in Aomori, Aomori, Japan.
Wikipedia - Aorist -- Verb form that usually expresses perfective aspect and refers to past events
Wikipedia - Apache Nitrogen Products -- American explosives manufacturer
Wikipedia - A Panel of Experts -- Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Wikipedia - Apollo 12 Passive Seismic Experiment
Wikipedia - Apollo 14 Passive Seismic Experiment
Wikipedia - Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package -- Scientific instrument package left by the Apollo astronauts on the Moon
Wikipedia - Apophatic theology -- Way of describing the divine by explaining what God is not
Wikipedia - Aporia -- State of puzzlement or expression of doubt, in philosophy and rhetoric
Wikipedia - Apparitional experience
Wikipedia - Applause -- Form of appreciation or praise expressed by striking palms of hands together
Wikipedia - Apple Expo
Wikipedia - Applied Physics Express -- Scientific journal
Wikipedia - Arakkonam-Jolarpettai Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Aranyak Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - ArcExplorer -- Lightweight data viewer
Wikipedia - Archaeological excavation -- Exposure, processing and recording of archaeological remains
Wikipedia - Archaeological expeditions to Nubia -- Expeditions to Nubia
Wikipedia - Archaeo-optics -- Study of the experience and ritual use of light by ancient peoples
Wikipedia - Archana Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Archerfish expendable mine neutraliser -- Sea mine destroyer
Wikipedia - Arctic exploration
Wikipedia - Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition -- 1910s Russian sea expedion
Wikipedia - Ardito Desio -- Italian geologist and explorer
Wikipedia - Arelis Uribe -- Chilean journalist, writer, and communication expert
Wikipedia - Are You Experienced -- 1967 album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Wikipedia - Argument from religious experience
Wikipedia - Argument (linguistics) -- Expression that helps complete the meaning of a predicate, the latter referring in this context to a main verb and its auxiliaries. In this regard, the complement is a closely related concept
Wikipedia - Arithmetic expression
Wikipedia - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal -- American campaign medal
Wikipedia - Arms Export Control Act -- United States law preventing exported weapons from being used for aggressive warfare
Wikipedia - Armstrong Whitworth Ape -- Experimental British aeroplane built in the 1920s
Wikipedia - Arnarulunnguaq -- Native Greenlandic explorer
Wikipedia - Arne Zetterstrom -- Diver involved in experimental work with Hydrox breathing gas
Wikipedia - Arnold Spencer-Smith -- British explorer
Wikipedia - Arnoldus Schytte Blix -- Norwegian zoologist and Arctic explorer
Wikipedia - Art as Experience
Wikipedia - Artemis Spyrou -- Experimental nuclear astrophysicist
Wikipedia - Artemy Babinov -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Arthur Charles Fox-Davies -- British expert on heraldry
Wikipedia - Arthur Donaldson Smith -- American doctor, hunter, and explorer of Africa
Wikipedia - Arthur L. Howard -- American firearms expert
Wikipedia - Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights -- Article on freedom of expression in the European Convention of Human Rights
Wikipedia - Article 14 of the Constitution of Singapore -- Guarantee to the rights of freedom of speech and expressions, peaceful assembly without arms, and association
Wikipedia - Art of Cesar Department -- Expressions of art in the Colombian Department of Cesar in the Caribbean Region of Colombia
Wikipedia - Art pop -- pop music genre that emphasizes artistic styles over personal expressions
Wikipedia - Artur Chilingarov -- Armenian-Russian polar explorer
Wikipedia - Arunachal AC Superfast Express -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Asakusa Station (Tsukuba Express) -- Railway station in Tokyo, Japan
Wikipedia - Asansol-Gonda Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Asansol-Gorakhpur Express -- Indian express train route
Wikipedia - Asch conformity experiments -- Study of if and how individuals yielded to or defied a majority group
Wikipedia - Asemia -- Inability to understand or express any signs or symbols
Wikipedia - Ashley Horace Thorndike -- 19th/20th-century American educator and Shakespeare expert
Wikipedia - Ashpan Annie -- Halifax Explosion survivor
Wikipedia - Ashram Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - AsiaWorld-Expo station -- MTR station in the New Territories, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - AsiaWorld-Expo -- Convention and exhibition facility in Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Aso Boy -- Limited express train service in Kyushu, Japan
Wikipedia - Aspect's experiment -- Quantum mechanics experiment
Wikipedia - Aspects of Scientific Explanation -- 1965 book by Carl Gustav Hempel
Wikipedia - Assembly of Experts -- Iranian governmental body
Wikipedia - Asset -- Economic resource, from which future economic benefits are expected
Wikipedia - Association for Consciousness Exploration -- American organization
Wikipedia - Association for Experiential Education -- Nonprofitable professional membership
Wikipedia - Astral projection -- Controversial interpretation of out-of-body experiences
Wikipedia - Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets
Wikipedia - AstroFlight Sunrise -- 1974 experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate -- Physical science research facility at NASA's Johnson Space Center
Wikipedia - Asymptomatic -- Patient is a carrier for a disease or infection but experiences no symptoms
Wikipedia - ATEX directive -- EU ATEX Directive on workplaces with an explosive atmosphere
Wikipedia - Athena (rocket family) -- Lockheed Martin expendable launch system
Wikipedia - Atlantic City Expressway -- Highway in New Jersey
Wikipedia - ATLAS experiment -- CERN LHC experiment
Wikipedia - Atlas G -- Expendable launch vehicle
Wikipedia - Atlas H -- Expendable launch vehicle
Wikipedia - Atlas I -- Expendable launch system
Wikipedia - Atlas V -- Expendable launch system
Wikipedia - Atomic chess -- chess variant where pieces "explode" upon capture, also removing surrounding pieces
Wikipedia - Aton Edwards -- American sustainability expert
Wikipedia - Attributable fraction among the exposed
Wikipedia - Attribution (psychology) -- The process by which individuals explain the causes of behavior and events
Wikipedia - Attributive expression -- Adjective, noun, verb or phrase that modifies a noun
Wikipedia - Auguste Piccard -- Swiss physicist, inventor, and explorer
Wikipedia - Augustin Saint-Hilaire -- French explorer and botanist (1779-1853)
Wikipedia - Augustus Moore Herring -- Aircraft experimenter
Wikipedia - Aundh Experiment -- Early test of village-level self-government in British India
Wikipedia - Aunus expedition -- Attempt by Finnish volunteers to occupy East Karelia in 1919
Wikipedia - Aurangabad-Hazur Sahib Nanded Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Aurangabad-Renigunta Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Auroville -- experimental township in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, South India
Wikipedia - Australasian Antarctic Expedition -- Expedition to Antarctica led by Douglas Mawson, 1911-1914
Wikipedia - Australasian Society for Experimental Psychology
Wikipedia - Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force -- Australian Army and naval expeditionary force during World War I
Wikipedia - Austro-Hungarian North Pole expedition
Wikipedia - Autobahn -- National expressway in Germany
Wikipedia - AutoExpreso -- Electronic toll collection system used on tollways in Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Autoimmune regulator -- A transcription factor expressed in the medulla (inner part) of the thymus. It is part of the mechanism which eliminates self-reactive T cells that would cause autoimmune disease.
Wikipedia - Autological word -- A word that expresses a property it also possesses
Wikipedia - Automotive hacking -- The exploitation of vulnerabilities within the software, hardware, and communication systems of automobiles
Wikipedia - Avadh Assam Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Available expression
Wikipedia - Avalon explosion -- Proposed evolutionary event in the history of metazoa, producing the Ediacaran biota
Wikipedia - Avant-garde -- Works that are experimental or innovative
Wikipedia - Avantika Express -- Express train service between Mumbai Central and Indore Junction
Wikipedia - Avant-pop -- Popular music that is experimental, new and distinct from previous styles while retaining an immediate accessibility for the listener
Wikipedia - Avery-MacLeod-McCarty experiment
Wikipedia - Avion Express -- Airline based in Lithuania
Wikipedia - AVN Adult Entertainment Expo -- Trade fair in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Avonmouth explosion -- Explosion in Bristol, England
Wikipedia - A Woman of Experience -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Ayana Elizabeth Johnson -- Marine biologist, policy expert
Wikipedia - Ayer Rajah Expressway -- Expressway in Singapore
Wikipedia - Azad Hind Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Azazil -- The name of Iblis before he was expelled from heaven
Wikipedia - Azimabad Express -- Train of India
Wikipedia - BaBar experiment -- Nuclear physics experiment
Wikipedia - Back-fire -- Explosion that occurs within the exhaust pipes of an internal combustion engine rather than in the combustion chamber
Wikipedia - Bacterial murein precursor exporter -- Family of transport proteins
Wikipedia - Bagh Express -- Indian express train route
Wikipedia - Bailey-Morshead exploration of Tsangpo Gorge -- 1913 expedition that discovered route of Tsangpo River through Himalaya
Wikipedia - Balanced budget -- Financial plan where revenues equal expenses
Wikipedia - Balance of trade -- Difference between the monetary value of exports and imports
Wikipedia - Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal -- Expansion pack
Wikipedia - Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast -- Expansion pack
Wikipedia - Balinese dance -- Indonesian ancient performance and dance tradition that is part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people of Bali island
Wikipedia - Ballantine scale -- A biologically defined scale for measuring the degree of exposure level of wave action on a rocky shore
Wikipedia - Ballistite -- Smokeless propellant made from two high explosives
Wikipedia - Balloonist theory -- A theory in early neuroscience that attempted to explain muscle movement
Wikipedia - Balmis Expedition -- Research expedition
Wikipedia - Balurghat-Siliguri Intercity Express -- Train of India
Wikipedia - Bamlanivimab -- Experimental antibody treatment for COVID-19
Wikipedia - Banana equivalent dose -- Informal measurement of ionizing radiation exposure; approximately 0.1 microsievert
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Bhagat Ki Kothi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Bhavnagar Terminus Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Bhavnagar Terminus Weekly Superfast Express -- Indian train route
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Bikaner Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Dehradun Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Gandhidham Weekly Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Ghazipur City Weekly Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Gorakhpur Antyodaya Express -- Indian express train route
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Gorakhpur Avadh Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Haridwar Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Hisar Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Jaipur Weekly Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Jaisalmer Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Jamnagar Saurashtra Janta Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Lucknow Weekly Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Mahuva Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Mahuva Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Muzaffarpur Avadh Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Palitana Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Patna Weekly Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Ramnagar Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Udaipur Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Udaipur Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bandra Terminus-Veraval Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bangalore City-Hubli Jan Shatabdi Express -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Bangalore City-Kannur Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bangalore City-Karwar Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bangarapet-Bangalore City Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bangriposi-Bhubaneswar Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bantu expansion -- postulated millennia-long series of migrations of speakers of the original proto-Bantu language group
Wikipedia - Bapu Dham Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Barak-Brahmaputra Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Barauni-Gondia Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Barauni-Lucknow Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Barddhaman-Rampurhat Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Barmer-Guwahati Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bartholomew Gosnold -- English explorer
Wikipedia - Base (exponentiation) -- (in exponentiation), number b in an expression of the form b^n
Wikipedia - Basel Action Network -- Organization working to combat the export of toxic e-waste from industrialized societies to developing countries
Wikipedia - Base metal -- Common and inexpensive metal
Wikipedia - Basis expansion time-frequency analysis -- Time-frequency analysis
Wikipedia - Bassecourt railway station -- Railway station located on the S3 and RegioExpress
Wikipedia - Bat bomb -- Experimental World War II weapon in which bats carried incendiary devices
Wikipedia - Batch effect -- Non-biological variation in the results of biological experiments
Wikipedia - Bathinda-Jammu Tawi Express (via Firozpur) -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bathinda-Jammu Tawi Express (via Rajpura) -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Battle of Sempach -- Part of the expansion of the Swiss Confederation
Wikipedia - Battle of Yiwulu -- Battle during major Han dynasty expedition against the Xiongnu (73 CE)
Wikipedia - Bay Area Rapid Transit expansion -- Overview of the expansion of Bay Area Rapid Transit
Wikipedia - Bayes estimator -- Estimator or decision rule that minimizes the posterior expected value of a loss function
Wikipedia - Bayshore Route (Port of Osaka-Kansai International Airport) -- expressway in the Osaka area
Wikipedia - Bayshore Route (Port of Osaka-Kobe) -- expressway connecting the Osaka and Kobe areas
Wikipedia - BBC Allied Expeditionary Forces Programme -- Former British radio station during and shortly after World War II
Wikipedia - Beach Sand Minerals Exploitation Centre -- Research institute in Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Beate Hermelin -- German-born experimental psychologist
Wikipedia - Beatrix Bulstrode -- British journalist and explorer
Wikipedia - Beats Antique -- American-based experimental music group
Wikipedia - Beauty -- Characteristic of an animal, idea, object, person or place that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction.
Wikipedia - Beaux-Arts architecture -- Expresses the academic neoclassical architectural style
Wikipedia - Before the Sun Explodes -- 2016 2016 film directed by Debra Eisenstadt
Wikipedia - Before We Explode -- 2019 Canadian sex comedy film by Remi St-Michel
Wikipedia - Begampura Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Begging -- practice of imploring others to grant a favor with little or no expectation of reciprocation
Wikipedia - Begotten (film) -- 1989 experimental/horror film by E. Elias Merhige
Wikipedia - Belghoria Expressway -- Road in Kolkata, India
Wikipedia - Belgian Antarctic Expedition -- Late-19th century Antarctic expedition
Wikipedia - Bell test experiments
Wikipedia - Bell test -- Experiments to test Bell's theorem in quantum mechanics
Wikipedia - Bell X-14 -- Experimental vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet aircraft
Wikipedia - Bell X-16 -- Experimental high altitude aerial reconnaissance jet aircraft
Wikipedia - Bell X-1 -- Experimental rocket-powered aircraft, the first airplane to break the sound barrier in level flight
Wikipedia - Bell X-2 -- Experimental aircraft build to investigate flight characteristics in the Mach 2-3 range
Wikipedia - Bell X-5 -- Experimental aircraft to test variable sweep of wings
Wikipedia - Bell X-9 Shrike -- Experimental missile to test guidance and propulsion technology
Wikipedia - Bell XP-77 -- Experimental fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Bell XV-15 -- Experimental tiltrotor, used to demonstrate the concept's high speed performance relative to conventional helicopters
Wikipedia - Bell XV-3 -- Experimental tiltrotor aircraft to explore convertiplane technologies
Wikipedia - Benedict Arnold's expedition to Quebec -- expedition which was part of a two-pronged invasion of the British Province of Quebec (1775)
Wikipedia - Benedictive -- Grammatical mood rarely found in Sanskrit, expressing a blessing or wish
Wikipedia - Benign water diving -- Diving in environments of low risk, where it is extremely unlikely or impossible for the diver to get lost or entrapped, or be exposed to hazards other than the basic underwater environment
Wikipedia - Benin Bronzes -- metal plaques and sculptures seized during the British M-bM-^@M-^\punitive expeditionM-bM-^@M-^] against the Benin ruler in 1897
Wikipedia - Benin Expedition of 1897 -- 1897 punitive expedition by British forces against the Kingdom of Benin
Wikipedia - Benjamin Morrell -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Benjamin of Tudela -- Jewish explorer and writer
Wikipedia - Berkson's paradox -- The tendency to misinterpret statistical experiments involving conditional probabilities
Wikipedia - Berlin School of experimental psychology
Wikipedia - Bernard Buigues -- French explorer
Wikipedia - Bernoulli trial -- Any experiment with two possible random outcomes
Wikipedia - Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu -- Nigerian activist, fishery expert, and First Lady of the Ondo State
Wikipedia - Betty Harris (scientist) -- American explosives scientist (born 1940)
Wikipedia - Betwa Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagalpur-Ajmer Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagalpur-Jammu Tawi Amarnath Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagalpur-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagalpur-Muzaffarpur Jan Sewa Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagalpur-New Delhi Weekly Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagat Ki Kothi-Ahmedabad Weekly Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagat Ki Kothi-Bandra Terminus Express (via Bhildi) -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Bhagat Ki Kothi-Bilaspur Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagat Ki Kothi-Kamakhya Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagat Ki Kothi-Mannargudi Weekly Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagat Ki Kothi-Pune Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagirathi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhagmati Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bharatmala -- Indian highway and expressway construction project
Wikipedia - Bhavnagar Terminus-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Link Express -- Indian rail route
Wikipedia - Bhavnagar Terminus-Kakinada Port Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhavnagar Terminus-Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhilad-Vadodara Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhiwani-Kalka Ekta Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhopal Bharat Teerth Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhopal-Bilaspur Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhopal-Gwalior Intercity Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhopal-Indore AC Double Decker Express -- AC train service
Wikipedia - Bhopal-Jaipur Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhopal Janata Express -- Train service in India
Wikipedia - Bhopal-Lucknow Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhopal-Singrauli Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhrigu Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhubaneswar-Bangalore Cantonment Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhubaneswar-Bolangir Intercity Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhubaneswar-Chennai Central Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhubaneswar-Junagarh Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhubaneswar-Tirupati Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhuj-Pune Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bhusaval-Hazrat Nizamuddin Gondwana Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Biased exponent
Wikipedia - Bibliography of the Lewis and Clark Expedition -- Wikipedia bibliography
Wikipedia - Bidar-Kolhapur SCSMT Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Big Art Group -- Experimental performance ensemble
Wikipedia - Big Rip -- cosmological model based on an exponentially increasing rate of expansion
Wikipedia - Bikaner-Dadar Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bikaner-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Superfast Express -- Superfast express train in India
Wikipedia - Bikaner-Guwahati Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bikaner-Haridwar Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Bikaner-Puri Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bilaspur-Bikaner Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bilaspur-Chennai Central Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bilaspur-Pune Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bilaspur-Rewa Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bilaspur-Tirupati Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bill Root (bridge) -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Bill Steele (cave explorer) -- American academic
Wikipedia - Bill Todd -- Project Manager for Exploration Analogs at NASA's Johnson Space Center
Wikipedia - Bimal Mukherjee -- Indian explorer
Wikipedia - Bimbo's Express -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Binary number -- Number expressed though the symbols 0 and 1
Wikipedia - Binomial theorem -- Algebraic expansion of powers of a binomial
Wikipedia - Bion (satellite) -- Russian satellite aimed at biological experiments in space
Wikipedia - Bioprospecting -- Exploration of Nature for material with commercial potential
Wikipedia - BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea -- Episodic expansion to the first-person shooter video game "BioShock Infinite"
Wikipedia - Biosimilar -- A variant of a biopharmaceutical that is marketed following the expiry of the original patent.
Wikipedia - Biosocial criminology -- Field that aims to explain crime and antisocial behavior by exploring both biological factors and environmental factors
Wikipedia - Birds Jute and Export
Wikipedia - Birsa Munda Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bismarck Expressway -- Highway in North Dakota
Wikipedia - Bit rate -- Information transmission rate expressed in bits per second
Wikipedia - Bitter Ruin -- English "experimental pop" duo
Wikipedia - Black Diamond Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Black Moth Super Rainbow -- American experimental electronic band
Wikipedia - Black Tom explosion -- Munitions explosion via sabotage
Wikipedia - Blandford-Znajek process -- Best explanation for how quasars are powered
Wikipedia - Blasting machine -- Portable source of electric current for the detonation of an explosive
Wikipedia - Blast shelter -- Place where people can go to protect themselves from blasts and explosions
Wikipedia - Blended threat -- Software exploits combining attacks against different vulnerabilities
Wikipedia - Blinded experiment -- Experiment in which information about the test is masked to reduce bias
Wikipedia - Blind experiment
Wikipedia - Blondes for Export -- 1950 film by Eugen York
Wikipedia - Bloody -- Expletive
Wikipedia - Blossom Expedition -- ornithological expedition to Africa, South America, and islands of the South Atlantic
Wikipedia - Blue straggler -- A main sequence star that is more luminous and bluer than expected
Wikipedia - B movies (exploitation boom)
Wikipedia - Bobby Wolff -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Bobo doll experiment
Wikipedia - Bobo Explores Light -- 2011 educational book app for the iPad
Wikipedia - Bochner-Kodaira-Nakano identity -- Expression for the antiholomorphic Laplacian of a vector bundle over a hermitian manifold
Wikipedia - Body language of dogs -- Communication whereby dogs express emotions and intentions through bodily movements
Wikipedia - Boeing X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing -- Experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Boeing YB-40 Flying Fortress -- American experimental bomber escort
Wikipedia - Bohemian Crusade (1340) -- Military expedition
Wikipedia - Boiler explosion
Wikipedia - Bolivian Express -- English-language monthly magazine in Bolivia
Wikipedia - Boltzmann brain -- brain formed by thermodynamic fluctuation (thought experiment)
Wikipedia - Bombardier Global Express -- Large cabin business jet
Wikipedia - Bomb disposal -- Activity to dispose of and render safe explosive munitions and other materials
Wikipedia - Bomb suit -- Specialized body armor for protection from explosions
Wikipedia - Bomb -- explosive weapon that uses exothermic reaction
Wikipedia - Bookmarking (genetic) -- Mechanism of transmission of gene expression programs through cell division.
Wikipedia - Boolean expression
Wikipedia - BOOMERanG experiment
Wikipedia - Boredom -- Experienced when an individual is left without anything to do
Wikipedia - Borel's lemma -- Result used in the theory of asymptotic expansions and partial differential equations
Wikipedia - Borge Ousland -- Norwegian polar explorer, photographer and writer
Wikipedia - Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth -- A non-profit organization located in Boston that works to protect, expand, and raise awareness for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth (LGBTQ+)
Wikipedia - Boston Marathon bombing -- Deadly explosions during the 2013 Boston Marathon, and subsequent shooting and manhunt
Wikipedia - Botanical expedition -- Scientific voyage designed to explore the flora of a particular region
Wikipedia - Bottom crawler -- An underwater exploration and recovery vehicle that moves about on the bottom with wheels or tracks
Wikipedia - Boulton Paul P.111 -- Tailless delta experimental aircraft, United Kingdom, 1950
Wikipedia - Bounded expansion
Wikipedia - Bowing in Japan -- Custom in Japan, used as a salutation, a form of reverence, an apology or expression of gratitude
Wikipedia - Box-Behnken design -- Experimental designs for response surface methodology
Wikipedia - Box Codax -- Scottish experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Boyd Rice -- American experimental musician
Wikipedia - BPO standards and guidelines -- Commonly accepted standards and the best practices for broker price opinion (BPO) experts
Wikipedia - Brace expansion
Wikipedia - Braddock Expedition -- Military expedition during French and Indian War
Wikipedia - Brahmagupta-Fibonacci identity -- Expression of a product of sums of squares as a sum of squares
Wikipedia - Brain in a vat -- Philosophical thought experiment
Wikipedia - Branson Air Express -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Breaching experiment -- Sociology,social psychology experiment definition
Wikipedia - Bremer wall -- Type of barrier used to protect structures against damage from explosions
Wikipedia - Brenna Flaugher -- Experimental cosmologist
Wikipedia - Brewster McCloud -- 1970 US experimental comedy film by Robert Altman
Wikipedia - Brexpiprazole -- A dopamine D2 receptor partial agonist and "serotonin-dopamine activity modulator"
Wikipedia - Brian Birley Roberts -- Polar expert and ornithologist (1912-1978)
Wikipedia - Brian Cassin -- Irish businessman, the CEO of Experian
Wikipedia - Brindavan Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Brine rejection -- Process by which salts are expelled from freezing water
Wikipedia - British Arctic Expedition
Wikipedia - British Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition
Wikipedia - British Expeditionary Force (World War II) -- British Army in Western Europe from 1939 to 1940
Wikipedia - British Expeditionary Force (World War I)
Wikipedia - British Expedition to Abyssinia -- 1867-1868 war between the British and Ethiopian Empires
Wikipedia - British expedition to Tibet
Wikipedia - British Graham Land expedition
Wikipedia - Broken heart -- Metaphor for intense emotional/physical stress or pain one feels at experiencing longing
Wikipedia - Brooke Dolan II -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Brooke Owens -- American pilot and space policy expert
Wikipedia - Brook Farm -- 1840s utopian experiment in communal living in the United States
Wikipedia - Broom's Barn Experimental Station -- research institute in Suffolk, England
Wikipedia - Browser exploit
Wikipedia - Bruce Beasley -- American abstract expressionist sculptor
Wikipedia - Bruckner Expressway -- Highway in New York
Wikipedia - Brusilov expedition
Wikipedia - BTeV experiment -- high-energy particle physics experiment
Wikipedia - Buddhist philosophy -- Elaboration and explanation of the delivered teachings of the Buddha
Wikipedia - Budget -- Balance sheet or statement of estimated receipts and expenditures
Wikipedia - Budhpurnima Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Buffalo Courier-Express -- Newspaper in Buffalo, New York
Wikipedia - Bukit Timah Expressway -- Controlled-access highway
Wikipedia - Bull of Heaven (band) -- American experimental music group
Wikipedia - Bull v Hall -- UK discrimination and freedom of religious expression legal case
Wikipedia - Bundelkhand Expressway -- Indian expressway connecting Chitrakoot and Etawah
Wikipedia - Bundelkhand Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Bureau International des Expositions -- Organization to supervise international exhibitions
Wikipedia - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives -- United States law enforcement organization
Wikipedia - Burning Man -- Annual experimental festival based in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Bus factor -- A measurement of the risk of losing key technical experts
Wikipedia - Business Consulting International -- London-based investment company that collapsed after being exposed by a City of London Police investigation in 2008 as the United Kingdom's biggest ponzi scheme, estimated at M-BM-#115M
Wikipedia - Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker -- 1982 American exploitation horror film by William Asher
Wikipedia - Buttock cleavage -- A minor exposure of the buttocks
Wikipedia - BX (sternwheeler) -- Boat owned by Barnard's Express
Wikipedia - By administrative means -- Soviet Union expression
Wikipedia - Byford Dolphin diving bell accident -- Explosive decompression of an occupied saturation chamber
Wikipedia - C-4 (explosive) -- Variety of plastic explosive
Wikipedia - CADUCEUS (expert system)
Wikipedia - Cafe Express (film) -- 1980 film
Wikipedia - California Exposition -- Independent state agency in California
Wikipedia - California Freeway and Expressway System -- Highway system
Wikipedia - California Pacific International Exposition half dollar -- United States commemorative fifty-cent piece
Wikipedia - California Voting Rights Act -- Expands federal Voting Rights Act of 1965
Wikipedia - Calvert expedition -- 1896 exploring expedition in Australia
Wikipedia - Cambrian explosion
Wikipedia - Camouflet -- Artificial cavern created by an explosion
Wikipedia - Canadair CL-84 -- Canadian experimental tiltwing VSTOL aircraft
Wikipedia - Canadian exhibition at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition -- Canadian exhibition, 1904
Wikipedia - Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment -- Canadian radio telescope
Wikipedia - Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology
Wikipedia - Canadian Natural Resources -- Canadian hydrocarbon exploration company
Wikipedia - Canary trap -- Method for exposing an information leak
Wikipedia - Capital expenditures
Wikipedia - Capital Express (India) -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Capitulation of Saldanha Bay -- Surrender in 1796 to the British Royal Navy of a Dutch expeditionary force sent to recapture the Dutch Cape Colony
Wikipedia - Caproni Ca.10 -- 1910s Italian experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Caproni Ca.11 -- 1910s Italian experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Caproni Ca.12 -- 1910s Italian experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Caproni Ca.13 -- 1910s Italian experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Captain Marshall Field Expeditions -- Archaeological expeditions
Wikipedia - Capture of Montserrat -- 1782 French naval expedition against the British during the American Revolutionary War
Wikipedia - Caput Mundi -- Latin expression
Wikipedia - Car bomb -- Improvised explosive device
Wikipedia - Carbon footprint -- Total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organisation, or product, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent
Wikipedia - Carl Krebs -- Danish doctor, humanitarian aid worker and explorer
Wikipedia - Carlo Amoretti -- Italian explorer and scientist
Wikipedia - Carlo Franzinetti -- Italian experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Carl Rathjens -- German orientalist who explored Yemen's Jewish community
Wikipedia - Carl Weisbrod -- American civic planner and urban development expert
Wikipedia - Carmen Dominguez -- Spanish glaciologist and polar explorer
Wikipedia - Cartesian diver -- Classic science experiment demonstrating the Archimedes' principle and the ideal gas law
Wikipedia - Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion -- 2011 crossover fighting video game
Wikipedia - Casirivimab/imdevimab -- Experimental drug (antibody cocktail against SARS-CoV-2) developed by Regeneron
Wikipedia - Caspian expeditions of the Rus' -- Caspian Sea expeditions carried out by the Rus between the 9th and 11th centuries
Wikipedia - Castalia (spacecraft) -- Proposed comet/asteroid exploration spacecraft
Wikipedia - Castle Explorer -- 1996 video game
Wikipedia - Castles Made of Sand (song) -- Song by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Wikipedia - Catalogue Service for the Web -- Standard for exposing a catalogue of geospatial records in XML
Wikipedia - Catan: World Explorers -- location-based augmented reality mobile game
Wikipedia - Cataphile -- Illegal urban explorers of the Mines of Paris
Wikipedia - Cataphora -- Use of an expression or word that co-refers with a later, more specific, expression
Wikipedia - Catchphrase -- Phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance
Wikipedia - Catechism -- A summary or exposition of doctrine
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Wikipedia - Catherine Karita -- Kenyan lawyer and IT expert
Wikipedia - Cat senses -- The ways in which cats experience the world. (Smell, Sight, Touch, Taste, and Hearing)
Wikipedia - Caudate sonnet -- Expanded version of the sonnet, consisting of 14 lines followed by a coda
Wikipedia - Causal explanation
Wikipedia - Causes of sexual violence -- Different theories that lend some explanation to the causes of sexual violence
Wikipedia - Cavendish experiment -- Experiment to measure the gravitational force
Wikipedia - Caviar diplomacy -- Lobbying strategy of Azerbaijan, consisting of costly invitations of foreign politicians and employees of international organizations to Azerbaijan at the expense of the host country, including expensive gifts (such as caviar)
Wikipedia - CC-PP game -- A theoretical concept in resource allocation to explain economic decision-making
Wikipedia - CCR4-Not -- Multiprotein complex used in gene expression
Wikipedia - CeBIT -- Computer expo
Wikipedia - CECPQ1 -- An experimental post-quantum key exchange developed by Google
Wikipedia - Celebrity Expose -- American television series
Wikipedia - Celebrity Flora -- Expedition vessel
Wikipedia - Celivarone -- Experimental drug being tested for use in pharmacological antiarrhythmic therapy
Wikipedia - Cellere Codex -- 1524 manuscript describing Giovanni da Verrazzano's exploration of the American east coast
Wikipedia - Cell unroofing -- Methods to isolate and expose cell membranes
Wikipedia - CenM-DM-^[k ZahradniM-DM-^Mek -- Czech experimental film director, cinematographer, editor
Wikipedia - Cenote -- A natural pit, or sinkhole, that exposes groundwater underneath
Wikipedia - Censure -- expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism
Wikipedia - Central Circular Route -- circular expressway in the Greater Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Central dogma of molecular biology -- Explanation of the flow of genetic information within a biological system
Wikipedia - Central Expressway (Dallas) -- Highway in Dallas, Texas
Wikipedia - Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company -- Stagecoach line
Wikipedia - Centurion Card -- Invitation-only charge card issued by American Express
Wikipedia - Century 21 Exposition -- 1962 world's fair in Seattle
Wikipedia - Cephas Lumina -- Zambian lawyer and human rights expert
Wikipedia - CERN Axion Solar Telescope -- Experiment in astroparticle physics, sited at CERN in Switzerland
Wikipedia - Cesare Federici -- Venetian explorer
Wikipedia - CFexpress -- Memory card format
Wikipedia - Challenger expedition -- Oceanographic research expedition (1872-1876)
Wikipedia - Chamarajanagar-Tirupati Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chamundi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chandigarh-Bandra Terminus Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chandigarh-Firozpur Cantonment Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chang'e 5 -- Chinese lunar exploration mission
Wikipedia - Changsha Maglev Express
Wikipedia - Channel expansion theory -- A theory of communication media perceptions
Wikipedia - Chantal Kabore-Zoungrana -- Burkinese animal nutritionist and biosecurity expert
Wikipedia - Chapbook -- Short, inexpensive booklet
Wikipedia - Charged Particle Lunar Environment Experiment
Wikipedia - Charitable trusts in English law -- Express trusts dedicated to charitable goals in English law
Wikipedia - Charles Christopher Trowbridge -- Explorer, politician, businessman and ethnographer
Wikipedia - Charles Floyd (explorer) -- American explorer and member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Wikipedia - Charles Gifford (astronomer) -- New Zealand astronomer, explorer, and teacher
Wikipedia - Charles J. Solomon -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Charles Lindbergh -- American aviator, author, inventor, explorer, and right wing activist
Wikipedia - Charles Masson -- British East India Company soldier and explorer
Wikipedia - Charminar Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chauri Chaura Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Cheating (biology) -- Exploitive behavior in behavioral ecology
Wikipedia - Chemical hazard -- Type of hazard caused by exposure to chemicals
Wikipedia - Chemical Industries of Ethylene Oxide explosion -- Explosion in Tarragona, Spain
Wikipedia - Chemmozhi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chendur Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Central-Ahmedabad Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Central-Jaipur Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Central-Madurai AC Superfast Express -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Central-Mangaluru Superfast Express -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Central-Nagercoil Weekly Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Central-Tirupati Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Central-Vasco Da Gama Weekly Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai-Coimbatore Intercity Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai Egmore-Madurai Tejas Express -- Indian train route
Wikipedia - Chennai Express -- 2013 film directed by Rohit Shetty
Wikipedia - Chennai-Hyderabad Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai-Nagarsol Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai-New Jalpaiguri SF Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai-Sainagar Shirdi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai-Salem Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai-Sri Sathya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram AC Superfast Express -- Indian express train service
Wikipedia - Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chen Zijiang -- Chinese reproductive medicine expert
Wikipedia - Chesley Sullenberger -- American commercial airline pilot, safety expert and accident investigator
Wikipedia - Chhapra-Mathura Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chhapra-Nautanwa Intercity Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chhattisgarh Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Chicago-Kansas City Expressway -- Highway in Illinois and Missouri
Wikipedia - Chicanery -- American experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Chief experience officer
Wikipedia - Chien-Shiung Wu -- Chinese American experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Childbirth -- Expulsion of a fetus from the pregnant mother's uterus
Wikipedia - Childhood gender nonconformity -- Phenomenon in which prepubescent children do not conform to norms expected of their assigned gender.
Wikipedia - Child protection -- Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse
Wikipedia - Children's Crusade -- Attempted crusade by European Christians to expel Muslims from the Holy Land
Wikipedia - China Hands -- Experts in the language, culture, and people of China
Wikipedia - Chinatown -- Ethnic enclave of expatriate Chinese persons
Wikipedia - Chinese expedition to Tibet (1720)
Wikipedia - Chinese expedition to Tibet (1910)
Wikipedia - Chinese exploration
Wikipedia - Chinese Lunar Exploration Program -- Chinese lunar research program
Wikipedia - Chinese reusable experimental spacecraft -- Unofficial name of a secret spacecraft
Wikipedia - Chinese room -- Thought experiment on artifical intelligence by John Searle
Wikipedia - Chinese used vehicle exporting -- Chinese vehicle exports
Wikipedia - Chitrakoot Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chitral Expedition -- 1895 British military expedition
Wikipedia - Chittagong Elevated Expressway -- Expressway in Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Cholan Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Chris Duff -- American expedition sea kayaker
Wikipedia - Chris Krebs -- Cybersecurity and infrastructure security expert
Wikipedia - Chris Lewis (Usenet) -- Canadian Usenet expert
Wikipedia - Chris McCandless -- American hiker and explorer
Wikipedia - Christian IV's expeditions to Greenland
Wikipedia - Christian Wolff (composer) -- American composer of experimental classical music
Wikipedia - Christopher Brewin -- British academic and expert on Cyprus
Wikipedia - Christopher Columbus -- Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer
Wikipedia - Christopher Tignor -- American experimental composer
Wikipedia - Chronology of European exploration of Asia
Wikipedia - Chungking Express -- 1994 Hong Kong film
Wikipedia - Circar Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Circle of a sphere -- Mathematical expression of circle like slices of sphere
Wikipedia - Circle of competence -- The subject area which matches a person's skills or expertise
Wikipedia - Cislunar Explorers -- Pair of spacecraft
Wikipedia - City of New York (1885 ship) -- expedition ship
Wikipedia - Ciudad Expo (Seville Metro) -- Seville Metro station
Wikipedia - Clair du Boulay -- British expert in pathology and medical education
Wikipedia - Clarissa Explains It All -- Television series
Wikipedia - Clark Carter -- Australian explorer and [[filmmaker]]
Wikipedia - Class 951 Shinkansen -- Experimental Japanese shinkansen train
Wikipedia - Classical Marxism -- Economic, philosophical, and sociological theories expounded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Wikipedia - Claudius' expulsion of Jews from Rome -- Mid-1st century AD expulsion of Jews from Rome by Emperor Claudius
Wikipedia - Clayton Anderson -- Retired NASA astronaut and member of the ISS Expedition 15 crew
Wikipedia - Cleansing of the Temple -- Jesus expelling the merchants and the money changers from the Temple
Wikipedia - Clearance diver -- Navy diver specialist with explosives
Wikipedia - Clearance diving -- Military diving work involving underwater demolition and work with explosives
Wikipedia - Cleft sentence -- Complex sentence that has a meaning that could be expressed by a simple sentence
Wikipedia - Cleverpath AION Business Rules Expert
Wikipedia - Clifford Warren Ashley -- American artist, author, sailor, and knot expert
Wikipedia - Climate apocalypse -- Scenario in which human civilization experiences catastrophic events due to climate change
Wikipedia - Clive Cussler -- American adventure novelist and underwater explorer
Wikipedia - Closed-form expression
Wikipedia - Club Telex Noise Ensemble -- experimental music group
Wikipedia - Cluj Expres -- Free daily newspaper in Romania
Wikipedia - Cnidocyte -- Explosive cell containing one giant secretory organelle (cnida)
Wikipedia - CNN Freedom Project -- CNN project to expose modern-day slavery and human trafficking
Wikipedia - Coalfield Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Coalition for Deep Space Exploration -- US space advocacy organisation
Wikipedia - Cobra Mist -- Anglo-American experimental over-the-horizon radar station
Wikipedia - Cochinchina campaign -- 19th-century French/Spanish naval expedition into Vietnam
Wikipedia - Cocoa production in Ivory Coast -- Cote d'Ivoire leads the world in production and export of caramel
Wikipedia - Coded exposure photography -- Motion blur reduction technology
Wikipedia - Coefficient -- Multiplicative factor in a mathematical expression
Wikipedia - Cofetuzumab pelidotin -- Experimental cancer drug
Wikipedia - Coffin birth -- Expulsion of a nonviable fetus through the vaginal opening of the decomposing body of a deceased pregnant woman as a result of the increasing pressure of intra-abdominal gases.
Wikipedia - Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory
Wikipedia - Coherence (philosophical gambling strategy) -- A thought experiment, to justify Bayesian probability
Wikipedia - Coimbatore-Chennai Central Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Coke Studio Explorer -- Pakistani web television music series
Wikipedia - Colaeus -- Samian explorer
Wikipedia - Cold shock response -- Physiological response to sudden exposure to cold
Wikipedia - Cold weapon -- Weapon characterized by lack of fire or explosives
Wikipedia - Coleophora explorata -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Coleophora expressella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Colin Angus (explorer) -- Canadian author and adventurer
Wikipedia - Collect call -- Telephone call at the called party's expense
Wikipedia - Colobopsis explodens -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Colour fastness -- Property of colored materials such as textiles to resist fading and running when exposed to various agencies such as washing, rubbing, daylight, etc.
Wikipedia - Columbicella explanata -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Combinatorial explosion
Wikipedia - COMDEX -- Former computer expo
Wikipedia - Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath -- 2008 video game expansion pack
Wikipedia - Committee Against Torture -- UN body of human rights experts
Wikipedia - Commonsense knowledge (artificial intelligence) -- Facts about the everyday world that all humans are expected to know
Wikipedia - Common subexpression elimination
Wikipedia - Common table expressions
Wikipedia - Common table expression
Wikipedia - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures -- Catalogue of information security vulnerabilities
Wikipedia - Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Compact Muon Solenoid -- One of the two general-purposes experiment at the CERN's Large Hadron Collider
Wikipedia - Compagnie maritime d'expertises -- French offshore diving contractor
Wikipedia - Comparative -- Syntactic construction that serves to express a comparison
Wikipedia - Comparison of regular expression engines
Wikipedia - Comparison of regular-expression engines
Wikipedia - Comparison of the Amundsen and Scott expeditions -- Analysis of two expeditions to the South Pole.
Wikipedia - Concord Prison Experiment
Wikipedia - Condensation cloud -- Observable at large explosions in humid air
Wikipedia - Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair -- 1979 British sexploitation comedy film directed by Willy Roe
Wikipedia - Conformity experiments
Wikipedia - Congo Express (film) -- 1939 film
Wikipedia - Connectionism -- Approach in cognitive science that hopes to explain mental phenomena using artificial neural networks
Wikipedia - Connectionist expert system
Wikipedia - Connoisseur -- Subject-matter expert
Wikipedia - Connotation -- Cultural or emotional association that some word or phrase carries, in addition to the word's or phrase's explicit or literal meaning
Wikipedia - Conquistador -- Soldiers and explorers for the Spanish and Portuguese empires
Wikipedia - Conrad Schnitzler -- German experimental musician
Wikipedia - Consciousness Explained -- 1991 book by Daniel Dennett
Wikipedia - Conservation designation -- Name and/or acronym which explains the status of an area of land in terms of conservation or protection
Wikipedia - Consistency model -- A set of formally specified rules that guarantee (or explicitly disclaim) certain consistencies in the event of concurrent reads or writes to shared memory
Wikipedia - Conspiracy theory -- Explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy
Wikipedia - Constantine Phipps, 2nd Baron Mulgrave -- 18th-century British explorer and naval officer
Wikipedia - Constant of integration -- Constant expressing ambiguity from indefinite integrals
Wikipedia - Consultant -- Professional who provides advice in their specific field of expertise
Wikipedia - Consumer price index -- Statistic to indicate the change in typical household expenditure
Wikipedia - Content (media) -- Information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience
Wikipedia - Controlled Impact Demonstration -- Experiment involving purposeful crash of a Boeing 720, carried out for NASA and the FAA
Wikipedia - Control variable -- An experimental element which is not changed throughout the experiment.
Wikipedia - Conus explorator -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Convair X-6 -- Proposed experimental aircraft project to test nuclear powered flight, never built
Wikipedia - Convair XF-92 -- Experimental interceptor aircraft
Wikipedia - Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others -- United Nations General Assembly resolution adopted in 1949
Wikipedia - Cooking off -- Premature explosion of ammunition
Wikipedia - Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions -- Song performed by The Lonely Island
Wikipedia - Cooperative pulling paradigm -- Experimental design
Wikipedia - Copanarta sexpunctata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Coppermine expedition
Wikipedia - CORDIC -- Algorithm for computing trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic and exponential functions
Wikipedia - Coreference -- Two or more expressions in a text with the same referent
Wikipedia - Corinth Excavations -- Archaeological expeditions
Wikipedia - Coronavirus, Explained -- 2020 docu-series on Netflix
Wikipedia - Corporate synergy -- Financial benefit expected from corporate merger or acquisition
Wikipedia - Cosmic Background Explorer
Wikipedia - Cosmic Express -- 2017 puzzle mobile video game
Wikipedia - Cost overrun -- Unexpected incurred costs in excess of budgeted amounts
Wikipedia - Cough -- Sudden expulsion of air from the lungs as a reflex to clear irritants
Wikipedia - Cowspiracy -- 2014 documentary film exploring the impact of animal agriculture on the environment.
Wikipedia - Craig Baldwin -- American experimental filmmaker
Wikipedia - Craig Reynolds (computer graphics) -- American computer graphics expert
Wikipedia - Craig T. Mullen -- American deep-sea explorer, notable for his contributions to underwater exploration
Wikipedia - Cranfield experiments -- Information retrieval experiments
Wikipedia - Cranioschisis -- Neural tube defect in which the brain is exposed
Wikipedia - Crawford expedition -- 1781 campaign in the American Revolutionary War
Wikipedia - Credit score -- Numerical expression representing a person's creditworthiness
Wikipedia - Crew Exploration Vehicle -- Planned orbiter component of NASA's cancelled Project Constellation; became Orion crew vehicle
Wikipedia - Crick, Brenner et al. experiment
Wikipedia - Crickette Sanz -- Naturalist, explorer, and field biologist
Wikipedia - Cristovao de Mendonca -- Portuguese nobel and explorer
Wikipedia - Crook's 1862 Expedition -- American Civil War
Wikipedia - Cross-site tracing -- Network security vulnerability exploiting the HTTP TRACE method
Wikipedia - Crucero Express -- Former ferry service across the Darien Gap
Wikipedia - Crunchyroll Expo -- Anime convention in San Jose, California
Wikipedia - Cryogenic Dark Matter Search -- Physics exploration experiment
Wikipedia - CrystalExplorer -- Crystal structure analysis software
Wikipedia - Crystal Palace pneumatic railway -- Experimental atmospheric railway that ran in Crystal Palace Park in south London in 1864.
Wikipedia - CubeSat UV Experiment -- Space mission concept
Wikipedia - Culture and Expo Center station -- Suzhou Metro station
Wikipedia - Culture industry -- Expression suggesting that popular culture is used to manipulate mass society into passivity
Wikipedia - Culture shock -- Experience one may have when moving to a cultural environment which is different from one's own
Wikipedia - Curiosity (rover) -- NASA robotic rover exploring the crater Gale on Mars
Wikipedia - Curse of expertise -- Psychological concept where the intervention of experts may be counterproductive to acquiring new skills
Wikipedia - Curtiss P-36 Hawk -- 1935 fighter aircraft family by Curtiss; exported widely, most prominently to the French Air Force at the start of World War II
Wikipedia - Curtiss P-37 -- Experimental fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Curtiss Wanamaker Triplane -- Experimental four-engined triplane flying boat
Wikipedia - Curtiss-Wright X-19 -- Experimental VTOL tiltrotor quadcopter airplane
Wikipedia - Curtiss XP-22 Hawk -- Experimental biplane fighter
Wikipedia - Curvatures of the stomach -- Article explaining anatomy of the curves of the human stomach
Wikipedia - Cushing's syndrome -- Symptoms from excessive exposure to glucocorticoids such as cortisol
Wikipedia - Customer experience -- Interaction between an organization and a customer
Wikipedia - Custom house -- Government office building for import and export of goods
Wikipedia - Cuttanee -- Silk-and-cotton fabric produced in Gujarat for export in the 17th and 18th centuries
Wikipedia - Cutter Expansive Classification
Wikipedia - C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience -- Institute promoting research and study of American history and culture
Wikipedia - Cyanide & Happiness -- Webcomic series by Explosm Entertainment
Wikipedia - Cybersex trafficking -- Online sexual exploitation
Wikipedia - Cyclical theory (United States history) -- Model used to explain the fluctuations in politics throughout American history
Wikipedia - Cyclotomic identity -- Expresses 1/(1-az) as an infinite product using Moreau's necklace-counting function
Wikipedia - Cymmer Colliery explosion -- July 1856 mining disaster in Wales
Wikipedia - Cynthia Longfield -- Irish explorer and entomologist
Wikipedia - Cynthia Westcott -- Plant pathologist, author, and expert on roses
Wikipedia - Daallo Airlines Flight 159 -- Explosion on a passenger flight
Wikipedia - Dadar Central-Puducherry Chalukya Express -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Daggering -- Sexually explicit dance form from Jamaica
Wikipedia - Daiba Route -- expressway in the Greater Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Daily Express Building, Manchester -- Landmark modernist building in Manchester, England
Wikipedia - Daily Express -- Daily middle-market tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Dallmann Seamount -- A seamount named for polar explorer Eduard Dallmann
Wikipedia - Dan Buettner -- American explorer, author and film producer
Wikipedia - Danila Antsiferov -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Danmark (1906) -- Danish arctic expedition ship
Wikipedia - Dan Ryan Expressway -- Highway in Illinois
Wikipedia - Daphne Sounds Expensive -- British radio series
Wikipedia - Darbhanga-Varanasi City Antyodaya Express -- Indian express train route
Wikipedia - Darjeeling Mail -- Mail/express train in India
Wikipedia - Dark energy -- unknown property in cosmology that causes the expansion of the universe to accelerate.
Wikipedia - Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Expanded and Revised -- 1995 book by Bill Slavicsek
Wikipedia - DARPA Global autonomous language exploitation program -- DARPA-funded program
Wikipedia - Das Experiment -- 2001 German thriller film by Oliver Hirschbiegel
Wikipedia - Datsun -- Nissan's budget automobile marque; formerly Nissan's export market marque
Wikipedia - Daubert standard -- Expert witness evidence rule - U.S. Supreme Court
Wikipedia - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross -- American counter-terrorism expert and attorney
Wikipedia - Dave Hyatt -- American software engineer and a Shadowrun game expansion author
Wikipedia - David A. Lucht -- American engineer and fire safety expert
Wikipedia - David A. Westbrook -- German-born American legal expert
Wikipedia - David Blumenthal -- Physician and health care policy expert
Wikipedia - David Carnegie (explorer) -- English explorer in Western Australia
Wikipedia - David Clemmer -- Canadian born celebrity style expert
Wikipedia - David Dickinson -- English antiques expert, television presenter and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - David Kelly (weapons expert)
Wikipedia - David L. Heymann -- American infectious disease epidemiologist and public health expert
Wikipedia - David Livingstone -- Scottish explorer and missionary
Wikipedia - David Mordaunt -- English cricketer, teacher, and expeditioner
Wikipedia - David Nash (physician) -- American physician, scholar and public health expert
Wikipedia - David Thompson (explorer) -- British-Canadian fur trader, surveyor, and map-maker
Wikipedia - Daytime -- Period of a day in which a location experiences natural illumination
Wikipedia - Death Ambient -- American experimental and ambient music trio
Wikipedia - Death Force -- 1978 martial arts exploitation film by Cirio H. Santiago
Wikipedia - Death Grips -- American experimental hip-hop group
Wikipedia - Death of an Expert Witness -- 1977 Dalgliesh novel by P. D. James
Wikipedia - Death of Brian Wells -- American death by explosive collar
Wikipedia - De Christiana expeditione apud Sinas -- Book by Nicolas Trigault
Wikipedia - Decibel -- Logarithmic unit expressing the ratio of a physical quantity
Wikipedia - Decimal representation -- Expression of every real number as a sequence of digits
Wikipedia - Declaration of Helsinki -- document outlining the ethics of human medical experimentation
Wikipedia - Deco Dawson -- Canadian experimental filmmaker
Wikipedia - Decompression (diving) -- The reduction of ambient pressure on underwater divers after hyperbaric exposure and the elimination of dissolved gases from the diver's tissues
Wikipedia - Deconstructed club -- Experimental electronic music genre
Wikipedia - Deepnet Explorer
Wikipedia - Deep-sea exploration -- Investigation of physical, chemical, and biological conditions on the sea bed
Wikipedia - Deep Throat (Watergate) -- Alias of Mark Felt, the whistleblower who exposed the Watergate scandal
Wikipedia - Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
Wikipedia - De facto -- Latin expression, roughly meaning 'in fact'
Wikipedia - Defecation -- Expulsion of feces from the digestive tract via the anus
Wikipedia - Definition of music -- Endeavors to give an accurate and concise explanation of music's basic attributes or essential nature
Wikipedia - De Havilland Express
Wikipedia - Deja vu -- Psychological sensation that an event has been experienced in the past
Wikipedia - De jure -- Latin expression, roughly meaning 'by law'
Wikipedia - Delhi-Jaipur Expressway -- Expressway in India
Wikipedia - Delhi-Meerut Expressway -- Controlled-access expressway in India
Wikipedia - Delta IV -- active expendable launch system in the Delta rocket family
Wikipedia - Deltina Hay -- American author, publisher, web developer and social media expert
Wikipedia - Demid Pyanda -- Russia explorer
Wikipedia - Demon (thought experiment)
Wikipedia - Denis Jerome -- French experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Denominations (film) -- 2003 experimental short film
Wikipedia - Dental explorer -- instrument in dentistry
Wikipedia - Dependent and independent variables -- Concept in mathematical modeling, statistical modeling and experimental sciences
Wikipedia - Deplatforming -- Administrative or political action to deny access to a platform to express opinions
Wikipedia - DEPTHX -- Autonomous underwater vehicle for exploring sinkholes in Mexico
Wikipedia - Derivative work -- Expressive work created from a major part of a different, original artwork
Wikipedia - Desert exploration
Wikipedia - Desert Research and Technology Studies -- field trials of technologies for manned planetary exploration
Wikipedia - Design of experiments -- Design of tasks set to uncover answers
Wikipedia - Detonation -- Explosion at supersonic velocity
Wikipedia - Devin Sarno -- American experimental musician
Wikipedia - Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment -- 2002 compilation album by various hip hop artists
Wikipedia - DF-ZF -- Chinese experimental hypersonic glide vehicle
Wikipedia - Dhauli Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Dhirendra Premarshi -- Nepali author of Maithili language, cultural expert.
Wikipedia - DHL Express
Wikipedia - DHL -- Division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL providing international express mail services
Wikipedia - Dialectical monism -- Position that reality is ultimately a unified whole, distinguishing itself from monism by asserting that this whole necessarily expresses itself in dualistic terms.
Wikipedia - Diameter at breast height -- Standard method of expressing the diameter of the trunk or bole of a standing tree
Wikipedia - Diatreme -- A volcanic pipe formed by a gaseous explosion
Wikipedia - Diego Columbus -- Spanish explorer and son of Christopher Columbus
Wikipedia - Diego Garcia de Moguer -- Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Diffusion Inhibitor -- Experimental fusion power device
Wikipedia - Digital Technologies and the Museum Experience -- 2008 book
Wikipedia - Dilator -- Surgical instrument or medical implement used to expand an opening or passage
Wikipedia - Diogo Cao -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Diogo de Azambuja -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Diogo de Silves -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Diphasic sex expression -- Sex changes in plants
Wikipedia - Dirck Gerritsz Pomp -- Dutch explorer
Wikipedia - Direct and indirect realism -- Debate regarding corrospondence between experiences of the world and its reality
Wikipedia - Direct DNA damage -- Formation of pyrimidine dimers in DNA due to UVB exposure
Wikipedia - direct experience
Wikipedia - Direct therapeutic exposure
Wikipedia - Dirge -- Song that expresses lament or grief
Wikipedia - Dirtwire -- American experimental music band
Wikipedia - Disappointment -- Feeling of dissatisfaction following the failure of an expectation to manifest
Wikipedia - Disconfirmed expectancy
Wikipedia - Discourse on the Tides -- An essay by Galileo Galilei in 1616 that attempted to explain the motion of Earth's tides as a consequence of Earth's rotation and revolution around the sun
Wikipedia - Discovery Expedition -- British scientific expedition to Antarctica
Wikipedia - Disney Consumer Products -- Retailing and licensing subsidiary of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products
Wikipedia - Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 -- 2002 prequel video game tie-in to Lilo & Stitch
Wikipedia - Disorder of written expression
Wikipedia - Dissociation (psychology) -- Mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experience
Wikipedia - Diversification (finance) -- The process of allocating capital in a way that reduces the exposure to any one particular asset or risk
Wikipedia - Dive skins -- Thin exposure suit to protect the skin in warm water
Wikipedia - Divine light -- Ability of God, angels, or human beings to express themselves communicatively through spiritual means
Wikipedia - Divine madness -- Unconventional, outrageous, unexpected, or unpredictable behavior linked to religious or spiritual pursuits
Wikipedia - DIY ethic -- Do-It-Yourself: Self-sufficiency by completing tasks without the aid of a paid expert
Wikipedia - DMA attack -- Cyberattack exploiting high-speed expansion ports
Wikipedia - Dmitry Shparo -- Russian Arctic explorer, endurance skier, and author
Wikipedia - DMZ (computing) -- Subnetwork of a system exposed to external world
Wikipedia - DND Flyway -- Indian expressway connecting Delhi and Noida
Wikipedia - Doctor of Professional Studies -- Doctoral degree for experienced professionals
Wikipedia - Documentary hypothesis -- Hypothesis to explain the origins and composition of the Torah
Wikipedia - Document Exploitation (DOCEX)
Wikipedia - Document Exploitation -- United States Armed Forces procedures to use documents seized in combat
Wikipedia - Dog Star Man -- series of short American experimental films
Wikipedia - Do it yourself -- Building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals
Wikipedia - Dolichoderus explicans -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Domain drop catching -- Registering a domain name immediately after expiry of the previous registration
Wikipedia - Domain expert
Wikipedia - Domain name warehousing -- Acquisition of an expired domain name by the registrar it was registered with for its own uses
Wikipedia - Domesticated plants and animals of Austronesia -- Ancient expansion of agriculture
Wikipedia - Domingo Vandewalle -- Spanish explorer and military commander
Wikipedia - Dominick Fernow -- American experimental musician
Wikipedia - Dominique Collon -- Belgian expert on cylinder seals
Wikipedia - Donald Baxter MacMillan -- American explorer and sailor
Wikipedia - Donghae Expressway -- Road
Wikipedia - Don Lessem -- American dinosaur expert and author.
Wikipedia - Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater -- Idiomatic expression
Wikipedia - DOPE (Dartmouth Oversimplified Programming Experiment)
Wikipedia - Dora the Explorer -- American animated television series
Wikipedia - Dornier Do 29 (1934) -- 1930s experimental aircraft by Dornier
Wikipedia - Dorsland Trek -- Explorations of southern Africa by Boer settlers
Wikipedia - Dortmunder Export -- Type of pale lager beer brewed since 1873
Wikipedia - Double blind experiment
Wikipedia - Double exponential function -- Exponential function of an exponential function
Wikipedia - Double-slit experiment
Wikipedia - Douglas Brewer -- Welsh experimental physicist (1925-2018)
Wikipedia - Douglas Mawson -- Australian geologist and explorer of the Antarctic (1882-1958)
Wikipedia - Douglas X-3 Stiletto -- Experimental aircraft to test sustained supersonic flight
Wikipedia - Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster -- American experimental bomber aircraft
Wikipedia - Douglas XFD -- Experimental two-seat naval biplane fighter
Wikipedia - Draft:Bamlanivimab -- Experimental drug (antibody cocktail against SARS-CoV-2) developed by Eli Lilly and Company
Wikipedia - Draft:Complex Exponentiation -- Defiitions of the complex exponential
Wikipedia - Draft:Dr. Ananth Prabhu G -- Author | Cyber Law & Security Expert | Motivational Speaker
Wikipedia - Draft:Dwayne Fields -- Arctic explorer
Wikipedia - Draft:Expo (platform) -- Software platform for universal native apps
Wikipedia - Draft:Fadilu Barat Ajibola -- Digital Marketing Expert
Wikipedia - Draft:Future ISS expeditions -- Unicameral legislature of New Zealand
Wikipedia - Draft:ICEY ARTS -- international expo & festival
Wikipedia - Draft:Jamal Nasser -- Kenyan Politician, IT Expert and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Draft:List of prime ministers of the United Kingdom by previous experience -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Draft:Roberto Chalet -- Roberto Chalet is a Belgian artist, an exponent of Conceptual art
Wikipedia - Draft:Roberto chalet -- Roberto Chalet is a Belgian artist, an exponent of Conceptual art
Wikipedia - Draft:The Expired -- Upcoming American psychological horror film
Wikipedia - Drinking the Kool-Aid -- Expression
Wikipedia - Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist -- 2015 exploration video game
Wikipedia - Dr. Mario Express -- 2008 action puzzle video game published by Nintendo
Wikipedia - Drug Recognition Expert -- Law enforcement officer trained to identify people whose driving is impaired by drugs
Wikipedia - Dual inheritance theory -- Explanation of human behaviour in terms of genetic and cultural evolution
Wikipedia - Dualism (cybernetics) -- Systems or problems in which one or more intelligent adversaries attempt to exploit the weaknesses of the investigator
Wikipedia - Duarte Barbosa -- Portuguese explorer and writer
Wikipedia - Ducoudray Holstein Expedition -- Attempt by commercial interests to invade Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set -- Tabletop role-playing game supplement for Dungeons & Dragons
Wikipedia - Dungeons > Dragons Expert Set
Wikipedia - DuPont Experimental Station -- Research and development facility of DuPont
Wikipedia - Durgavati Express -- Durgavati Express
Wikipedia - Durg-Raipur-Arang Expressway -- Road in Chhattisgarh, India
Wikipedia - Duronto Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Dust explosion -- rapid combustion of fine particles suspended in the air
Wikipedia - Dynamite -- Explosive made using nitroglycerin
Wikipedia - Dynetics X-61 Gremlins -- American experimental UAV
Wikipedia - E0102 -- Remnant of a supernova that exploded in the Small Magellanic Cloud,
Wikipedia - E3 2020 -- Cancelled 26th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo
Wikipedia - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh -- Experimental Aircraft Association annual convention and air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Eaglexpress -- Airline
Wikipedia - Early hominin expansions out of Africa
Wikipedia - Earthquake bomb -- Explosive weapon concept
Wikipedia - EASE/ACCESS -- pair of Space Shuttle flight experiments
Wikipedia - East Bay Express -- Oakland-based weekly newspaper
Wikipedia - East Coast Expressway -- Road in Malaysia
Wikipedia - Eastern Express (newspaper) -- Defunct Hong Kong newspaper
Wikipedia - Eastern Express -- Railway line in Turkey
Wikipedia - E (band) -- Czech experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Ebb Cade -- African American victim of radiation experiment
Wikipedia - E. coli long-term evolution experiment -- Scientific study
Wikipedia - Ecosystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
Wikipedia - E. C. Row Expressway -- Highway in Ontario
Wikipedia - Ecstasy (emotion) -- Subjective experience of total involvement of subject with object of their awareness
Wikipedia - Eddington experiment
Wikipedia - Edict of Expulsion -- 1290 edict issued by King Edward I expelling all Jews from England
Wikipedia - E Dongchen -- Chinese earth scientist and polar explorer
Wikipedia - Eduard von Toll -- Russian geologist and polar explorer
Wikipedia - Edward Adrian Wilson -- English polar explorer
Wikipedia - Edward Frederick Robert Bage -- Australian polar explorer
Wikipedia - Edward Nicholas Kendall -- British explorer and hydrographer
Wikipedia - Edwards Spur -- A spur with a small rock exposure along its crest on Mount Koulton in Marie Byrd Land
Wikipedia - Edwin R. Heath -- American physician and explorer
Wikipedia - Effective evolutionary time -- Hypothesis offering a causal explanation of diversity gradients
Wikipedia - Effective nuclear charge -- Net positive charge experienced by an electron in a polyelectronic atom
Wikipedia - Effects of nuclear explosions -- Type and severity of damage caused by nuclear weapons
Wikipedia - Eichler-Shimura congruence relation -- Expresses the local L-function of a modular curve at a prime in terms of Hecke operators
Wikipedia - Eileen Lynn Kato -- Irish academic, expert in Japanese poetry and theatre
Wikipedia - Einstein's thought experiments -- Kinds of scientific mental experiments done by Einstein
Wikipedia - Einsturzende Neubauten -- Berlin-based German experimental post-industrial goth-pop musical group
Wikipedia - Elan vital -- Hypothetical explanation for evolution and development of organisms
Wikipedia - Electrical equipment in hazardous areas -- Electrical equipment in places where fire or explosion hazards may exist
Wikipedia - Electrical Experimenter
Wikipedia - Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014
Wikipedia - Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016
Wikipedia - Electronic Entertainment Expo
Wikipedia - Elena Aprile -- Italian experimental particle physicist
Wikipedia - Elisabeth Mann Borgese -- Canadian German-born expert in maritime law, ecologist
Wikipedia - Elisabet Rutstrom -- Swedish-born experimental economist
Wikipedia - Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester -- Quantum mechanics thought experiment
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Eames -- English archaeologist and expert on medieval tiles
Wikipedia - Elizabeth KapuM-JM-;uwailani Lindsey -- American explorer, anthropologist and actress
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Neumann -- American security expert
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Stasny -- Expert on survey methodology
Wikipedia - Elli Leadbeater -- British bee expert
Wikipedia - El Monte Busway -- Shared-use express bus corridor and high occupancy toll lanes running along Interstate 10 in the Los Angeles area.
Wikipedia - Eloisa Biasotto Mano -- Brazilian chemist, expert on polymers (1924-2019)
Wikipedia - EMD G8 -- Model of 875 hp American export model of diesel locomotive
Wikipedia - Emerging market -- Country's economy that was traditionally small, but is currently expanding rapidly
Wikipedia - Emerson C. Angell -- American Dentist who is known as the father of the rapid maxillary expansion
Wikipedia - Emirates Mars Mission -- Space exploration probe mission to Mars
Wikipedia - Emmanuelle Waeckerle -- Experimental musician
Wikipedia - Emmanuel Yao Adzator -- Ghanaian security expert
Wikipedia - Emoticon -- Pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters
Wikipedia - Emotional expression
Wikipedia - Emotional labor -- Work managing feelings and expressions
Wikipedia - Emotion -- Subjective, conscious experience characterised primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states
Wikipedia - Empathogen-entactogen -- Class of psychoactive drugs that produce empathic experiences
Wikipedia - Empathy -- The capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing
Wikipedia - Empiricism -- Theory that states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience
Wikipedia - Employee experience design
Wikipedia - Enceladus Explorer
Wikipedia - Endless Express -- 2014 first-person simulation video game
Wikipedia - Endophora -- Expressions that derive their reference from something within the surrounding text
Wikipedia - Endoplasmic reticulum -- Irregular network of membranes coterminous with the outer nuclear membrane in eukaryote cytoplasm that form a meshwork of tubular channels, often expanded into cisternae
Wikipedia - Enemy Expatriation Act -- Proposed law in the United States
Wikipedia - Energy in Afghanistan -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Afghanistan
Wikipedia - Energy in Africa -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Africa
Wikipedia - Energy in Angola -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Angola
Wikipedia - Energy in Armenia -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Armenia
Wikipedia - Energy in Australia -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Australia
Wikipedia - Energy in Austria -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Austria
Wikipedia - Energy in Belarus -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Belarus
Wikipedia - Energy in Brazil -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Brazil
Wikipedia - Energy in Chad -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Chad
Wikipedia - Energy in Denmark -- energy and electricity production, consumption, import and export in Denmark
Wikipedia - Energy in Ethiopia -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Ethiopia
Wikipedia - Energy in Finland -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Finland
Wikipedia - Energy in France -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in France
Wikipedia - Energy in Greece -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Greece
Wikipedia - Energy in India -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in India
Wikipedia - Energy in Indonesia -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Indonesia
Wikipedia - Energy in Iran -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Iran
Wikipedia - Energy in Italy -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Italy
Wikipedia - Energy in Japan -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Japan
Wikipedia - Energy in Luxembourg -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Luxembourg
Wikipedia - Energy in Mexico -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Mexico
Wikipedia - Energy in North Korea -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in North Korea
Wikipedia - Energy in Ohio -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Ohio
Wikipedia - Energy in Poland -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Poland
Wikipedia - Energy in Queensland -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Queensland
Wikipedia - Energy in Russia -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Russia
Wikipedia - Energy in Slovakia -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Slovakia
Wikipedia - Energy in Slovenia -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Slovenia
Wikipedia - Energy in South Korea -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in South Korea
Wikipedia - Energy in Spain -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Spain
Wikipedia - Energy in Sweden -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Sweden
Wikipedia - Energy in the United Arab Emirates -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in the United Arab Emirates
Wikipedia - Energy in Turkey -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity in Turkey
Wikipedia - Engadin window -- Exposure of penninic rock lying below the austroalpine rocks
Wikipedia - England expects that every man will do his duty -- Signal sent by Admiral Nelson before the Battle of Trafalgar 1805
Wikipedia - English expedition to Flanders (1297-98) -- English military campaign
Wikipedia - Enoch Steen -- United States Army officer and western explorer
Wikipedia - EnQuest -- British petroleum exploration and production company
Wikipedia - Enriched Xenon Observatory -- Particle physics experiment
Wikipedia - Entheogen -- Psychoactive substances that induce spiritual experiences
Wikipedia - Entity List -- List published by the Bureau of Industry and Security of businesses, research institutions, government and private organizations, individuals, and other types of legal persons subject to specific license requirements for the export, reexport and/or transfer of specified items
Wikipedia - Envelope glycoprotein GP120 -- Glycoprotein exposed on the surface of the HIV virus
Wikipedia - Epigenetics -- Study of heritable DNA and histone modifications that affect the expression of a gene without a change in its nucleotide sequence.
Wikipedia - Equation -- Equality of two mathematical expressions
Wikipedia - Erich Fischer -- German experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Eric Webb -- member of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Erik the Red -- Norse explorer
Wikipedia - Ernakulam-Banaswadi Superfast Express -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Ernest Ayscoghe Floyer -- English colonial official and explorer
Wikipedia - Ernest Crawley -- Ball game expert
Wikipedia - Ernest Joyce -- Royal Naval seaman and explorer
Wikipedia - Ernest Shackleton -- Anglo-Irish polar explorer (1874-1922)
Wikipedia - Ernest Wild -- British explorer
Wikipedia - Ernst Barlach -- German expressionist sculptor, printmaker and writer
Wikipedia - Error exponent
Wikipedia - Error guessing -- Software testing technique in which one establishes test cases based on prior experience
Wikipedia - Essie Sakhai -- Iranian expert on the Art form, Persian Carpets and Oriental Rugs
Wikipedia - Esteban Jose Martinez Fernandez y Martinez de la Sierra -- Spanish navigator and explorer
Wikipedia - Ester Exposito -- Spanish actress and model (born 2000)
Wikipedia - Estimated time of arrival -- The time when a means of transportation is expected to arrive at a certain place
Wikipedia - EstM-CM-*vao Gomes -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Et cetera -- Latin expression
Wikipedia - EternalBlue -- Computer security exploit
Wikipedia - Ethics committee -- Committee overseeing the conduct of medical research and other human experimentation
Wikipedia - Etienne BrM-CM-;lM-CM-) -- French explorer of Canada
Wikipedia - Eugen Zintgraff -- German explorer
Wikipedia - Eukaryotic initiation factor 4F -- Multiprotein complex used in gene expression
Wikipedia - Euler's formula -- Expression of the complex exponential in terms of sine and cosine
Wikipedia - Euler's infinite tetration theorem -- About the limit of iterated exponentiation
Wikipedia - Euphemism -- Innocuous word or expression used in place of one that may be found offensive
Wikipedia - Eupithecia expallidata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eupithecia inexpiata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eupithecia inexplicabilis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eupithecia sexpunctata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eupithecia transexpiata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eureka effect -- Human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept
Wikipedia - European Association of Experimental Social Psychology
Wikipedia - European exploration of Africa
Wikipedia - European exploration of Australia -- Overview of the European exploration of Australia
Wikipedia - European land exploration of Australia
Wikipedia - European maritime exploration of Australia
Wikipedia - European Space Agency -- Intergovernmental organisation dedicated to the exploration of space
Wikipedia - Eurythmy -- Expressive movement art associated with anthroposophy
Wikipedia - Evangelism Explosion -- Christian organization
Wikipedia - Event 0 -- 2016 independent first-person exploration video game developed and published by Ocelot Society
Wikipedia - Evermore Park -- Immersive experience park in Pleasant Grove, Utah
Wikipedia - Evil God Challenge -- Thought experiment in philosophy
Wikipedia - Evliya M-CM-^Gelebi -- Ottoman writer and explorer
Wikipedia - Evolutionary anachronism -- Attributes of living species that are best explained as having been favorably selected due to coevolution with other species that have since become extinct
Wikipedia - Evolutionary ethics -- Field of inquiry that explores how evolutionary theory might bear on our understanding of ethics or morality.
Wikipedia - EWR VJ 101 -- Experimental aircraft by Entwicklungsring Sud
Wikipedia - Excavations at Delphi -- Archaeological expeditions
Wikipedia - Exegesis -- Critical explanation or interpretation of a text
Wikipedia - Exercise Paddington Diamond -- A joint Bolivian-British-Swiss scuba diving expedition to Lake Titicaca
Wikipedia - Exhibit Columbus -- Annual exploration of architecture, art, design, and community in Columbus, Indiana
Wikipedia - Exhumation (geology) -- Process by which a parcel of rock approaches Earth's surface; explicitly measured relative to the surface of the Earth
Wikipedia - Exile Express -- 1939 film by Otis Garrett
Wikipedia - Existential migration -- Expatriates driven by non-economic motivation
Wikipedia - Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus -- Forced expulsion of Hindus from the Kashmir Valley
Wikipedia - Exo Planet 5 - Exploration -- 5th Concert tour of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO.
Wikipedia - Exoteric -- knowledge that is outside and independent from a person's experience
Wikipedia - ExPace -- A chinese state-owned company
Wikipedia - Expandable tubular technology
Wikipedia - Expandable water toy -- Type of toy made from superabsorbent polymers
Wikipedia - Expanded access -- Program providing access to unapproved drugs or medical devices
Wikipedia - Expanded Books
Wikipedia - Expanded clay aggregate -- Lightweight aggregate made by heating clay at high temperature in a rotary kiln
Wikipedia - Expanded metal -- Building material
Wikipedia - Expanded Psionics Handbook
Wikipedia - Expander cycle -- Rocket engine operation method
Wikipedia - Expander graph
Wikipedia - Expanding Earth
Wikipedia - Expanding universe
Wikipedia - Expansion card -- Circuit board able to be connected to a computer system to add functionality
Wikipedia - Expansion draft -- Method of creating new teams in sports
Wikipedia - Expansionism -- Consists of policies of governments and states that involve territorial or economic expansion
Wikipedia - Expansion microscopy -- Utilizing polymers to examine small biological samples
Wikipedia - Expansion of Heathrow Airport
Wikipedia - Expansion of space
Wikipedia - Expansion of the universe
Wikipedia - Expansion packs
Wikipedia - Expansion pack
Wikipedia - Expansion slot
Wikipedia - Expansion tank
Wikipedia - Expansion team -- Sports team added after the founding of its league
Wikipedia - Expansion valve (steam engine)
Wikipedia - Expansive clay
Wikipedia - ExPASy
Wikipedia - Expasy -- Expert Protein-Analysis System
Wikipedia - Expatica -- An online news and information portal
Wikipedia - Expat (library)
Wikipedia - Expatriate (band) -- Australian band
Wikipedia - Expatriate -- Individual temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than their native one
Wikipedia - Expectation (epistemic)
Wikipedia - Expectation-maximization algorithm -- Iterative method for finding maximum likelihood estimates in statistical models
Wikipedia - Expectation-maximization
Wikipedia - Expectation of privacy -- Legal test regarding privacy protections of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution
Wikipedia - Expectations (Bebe Rexha album) -- 2018 studio album by Bebe Rexha
Wikipedia - Expectations (song) -- 2018 single by Lauren Jauregui
Wikipedia - Expected Transmission Count
Wikipedia - Expected utility hypothesis
Wikipedia - Expected utility theory
Wikipedia - Expected value -- Long-run average value of a random variable
Wikipedia - Expecting a Miracle -- 2009 television film
Wikipedia - Expect
Wikipedia - Expedia Group -- US online travel shopping company
Wikipedia - Expedia -- Online travel agency and metasearch engine
Wikipedia - Expediency Discernment Council -- Advisory council to the Supreme Leader of Iran
Wikipedia - Expeditie Robinson 2019 -- Season of television series
Wikipedia - Expedition 13
Wikipedia - Expedition 26 -- Mission to the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Expedition 40
Wikipedia - Expedition 44
Wikipedia - Expedition 4
Wikipedia - Expedition 63 -- Long-duration mission to the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Expedition 64 -- Long-duration mission to the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Expedition 65 -- Long-duration mission to the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Expeditionary economics
Wikipedia - Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle -- Type of amphibious assault vehicle
Wikipedia - Expeditionary warfare -- Deployment of a state's military to fight abroad
Wikipedia - Expedition of Boleslaw to Kiev
Wikipedia - Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid (2nd Dumatul Jandal) -- Muslim military expedition to Dumatul Jandal in April 631 AD
Wikipedia - Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid (Banu Jadhimah) -- Muslim military expedition against Banu Jadhimah in January 630 AD
Wikipedia - Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid (Dumatul Jandal) -- Muslim military expedition to Dumatul Jandal in October 630 AD
Wikipedia - Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid (Nakhla) -- Muslim military expedition to Nakhla in January 630 AD
Wikipedia - Expedition of Tabuk
Wikipedia - Expedition of the Thousand
Wikipedia - Expedition Robinson -- Swedish reality television series
Wikipedia - Expeditions: Conquistador -- 2013 tactical role-playing video game
Wikipedia - Expedition to the Barrier Peaks -- Dungeons & Dragons module by Gary Gygax
Wikipedia - Expedition to the Demonweb Pits
Wikipedia - Expedition Unknown -- American reality television series
Wikipedia - Expeditors International
Wikipedia - Expeditus
Wikipedia - Expelled (film) -- 2014 film written and directed by Alex Goyette
Wikipedia - Expelled from Paradise -- 2014 Japanese animated science fiction film
Wikipedia - Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed -- 2008 film
Wikipedia - Expendable launch system
Wikipedia - Expendable (short story)
Wikipedia - Expense and Cost Recovery System (ECRS)
Wikipedia - Expense and cost recovery system (ECRS)
Wikipedia - Expense
Wikipedia - Expensive Desk Calculator -- Computer program
Wikipedia - Expensive Husbands -- 1937 film
Wikipedia - Expensive Tape Recorder -- Computer program
Wikipedia - Expensive (Ty Dolla Sign song) -- 2020 single by Ty Dolla Sign featuring Nicki Minaj
Wikipedia - Expensive Typewriter -- Computer program
Wikipedia - Expensive Women -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Experian -- Irish consumer credit reporting agency
Wikipedia - Experience (1921 film) -- 1921 film by George Fitzmaurice
Wikipedia - Experience and Education (book)
Wikipedia - Experience curve effects
Wikipedia - Experience design
Wikipedia - Experience (Emerson)
Wikipedia - Experience (essay)
Wikipedia - Experience Estabrook -- 19th century American attorney and legal administrator, 3rd Attorney General of Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Experience good
Wikipedia - Experience Hendrix LLC v PPX Enterprises Inc -- English contract law case
Wikipedia - Experience + Innocence Tour -- Concert tour by U2 in 2018
Wikipedia - Experience machine
Wikipedia - Experience management -- Effort by organizations to measure and improve the experiences they provide
Wikipedia - Experience point -- Role-playing game unit for measuring a character's progress
Wikipedia - Experience sampling method
Wikipedia - Experience
Wikipedia - Experiential avoidance -- Attempts to avoid internal experiences
Wikipedia - Experiential education -- A philosophy of education
Wikipedia - Experiential interior design
Wikipedia - Experientialism
Wikipedia - Experiential knowledge
Wikipedia - Experiential learning -- Learn by reflect on active involvement
Wikipedia - Experiential travel -- Tourism for tourists who want to participate in cultural activities
Wikipedia - Experiment (1943 film) -- 1943 film
Wikipedia - Experimental aesthetics
Wikipedia - Experimental aircraft -- Aircraft designed to test or develop new design or technology
Wikipedia - Experimental algorithmics
Wikipedia - Experimental analysis of behavior
Wikipedia - Experimental analysis of behaviour
Wikipedia - Experimental archaeology -- Archaeological sub-discipline
Wikipedia - Experimental Breeder Reactor II -- Experimental nuclear reactor
Wikipedia - EXperimental Computing Facility
Wikipedia - Experimental control
Wikipedia - Experimental Craft Hydrofoil No. 4 (XCH-4) -- High speed hydrofoil of the US Navy, built 1953
Wikipedia - Experimental design
Wikipedia - Experimental drug -- Medicinal product not yet approved for routine use
Wikipedia - Experimental economics
Wikipedia - Experimental error
Wikipedia - Experimental evolution -- Use of laboratory and field experiments to explore evolutionary dynamics
Wikipedia - Experimental film -- Cinematic works that are experimental form or content
Wikipedia - Experimental group
Wikipedia - Experimental hip hop
Wikipedia - Experimental languages
Wikipedia - Experimental language -- Constructed language designed for linguistics research
Wikipedia - Experimental Lecture -- English pornographic book published in 1878
Wikipedia - Experimental literature
Wikipedia - Experimental Marriage -- 1919 American silent romantic comedy film directed by Robert G. Vignola
Wikipedia - Experimental mathematics
Wikipedia - Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center -- Multi-venue arts center in Troy, NY
Wikipedia - Experimental medicine
Wikipedia - Experimental method
Wikipedia - Experimental Model 2 submachine gun -- Japanese submachine gun
Wikipedia - Experimental musical instrument
Wikipedia - Experimental music -- Music genre
Wikipedia - Experimental neurosis
Wikipedia - Experimental pathology -- Scientific study of disease
Wikipedia - Experimental philosophy
Wikipedia - Experimental physics
Wikipedia - Experimental political science
Wikipedia - Experimental pop -- Pop music that cannot be categorized within traditional musical boundaries
Wikipedia - Experimental psychologist
Wikipedia - Experimental Psychology Group
Wikipedia - Experimental Psychology (journal)
Wikipedia - Experimental Psychology Society
Wikipedia - Experimental Psychology
Wikipedia - Experimental psychology
Wikipedia - Experimental Remixes -- extended play by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Wikipedia - Experimental research
Wikipedia - Experimental rock -- Music genre
Wikipedia - Experimental software engineering
Wikipedia - Experimental SRCI radio stations in Yucatan -- Low-power radio stations operating at Mayan boarding schools in the Mexican state of Yucatan
Wikipedia - Experimental Study Group
Wikipedia - Experimental system
Wikipedia - Experimental techniques
Wikipedia - Experimental testing of time dilation -- Tests of special relativity
Wikipedia - Experimental theatre -- Genre of theater
Wikipedia - Experimental travel -- Unconventional tourism for tourists who avoid the tourist attractions
Wikipedia - Experimental use permit -- Pesticide permit
Wikipedia - Experimentation on prisoners
Wikipedia - Experimentation
Wikipedia - Experimenter bias
Wikipedia - Experimenter (film)
Wikipedia - Experimenter's bias
Wikipedia - Experiment (horse-powered boat) -- Horse-powered boat
Wikipedia - Experiment in International Living -- Voluntary association
Wikipedia - Experiments and Observations on Electricity -- Book by Benjamin Franklin
Wikipedia - Experiments on Plant Hybridization
Wikipedia - Experiment subject
Wikipedia - Experiments
Wikipedia - Experimentum crucis
Wikipedia - Experiment -- scientific procedure performed to validate a hypothesis
Wikipedia - Expert (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - Expert Global Solutions -- American company
Wikipedia - Expert Infantryman Badge -- Special skills badge of the United States Army
Wikipedia - Expertise
Wikipedia - Expert network -- Type of business
Wikipedia - Experto crede -- Latin motto which means Trust in one experienced
Wikipedia - Expertos en Pinchazos -- 1979 film by Hugo Sofovich
Wikipedia - Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It
Wikipedia - Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics > Outcomes Research
Wikipedia - Expert Software
Wikipedia - Expert's Opinion -- 1935 film
Wikipedia - Experts
Wikipedia - Expert systems for mortgages
Wikipedia - Expert systems
Wikipedia - Expert System
Wikipedia - Expert system
Wikipedia - Expert -- Person with broad and profound competence in a particular field
Wikipedia - Expert witnesses in English law -- Legal role of explaining difficult or technical topics in litigation
Wikipedia - Expert witness -- Witness who is found by a court to have expertise and specialised knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average person
Wikipedia - Expert wizard amendment -- Proposed amendment by New Mexico state senator Duncan Scott
Wikipedia - Expiation (film) -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - Explainable AI
Wikipedia - Explainable artificial intelligence -- Methods and techniques in the application of artificial intelligence technology
Wikipedia - Explained variance
Wikipedia - Explanation (poem) -- Poem by Wallace Stevens
Wikipedia - Explanation -- Set of statements constructed to describe a set of facts which clarifies causes
Wikipedia - Explanatory Dictionary of the Live Great Russian language
Wikipedia - Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language (Ushakov)
Wikipedia - Explanatory dictionary -- Dictionary that gives additional information, e. g. on pronunciation, grammar, meaning, etymology, etc.
Wikipedia - Explanatory gap -- Difficulty that physicalist theories have in explaining how physical properties give rise to the way things feel when they are experienced
Wikipedia - Explanatory power
Wikipedia - Explanatory style
Wikipedia - Expletive attributive
Wikipedia - Explication de Texte
Wikipedia - Explicit congestion notification
Wikipedia - Explicit Congestion Notification -- Extension to the Internet Protocol to signal network congestion
Wikipedia - Explicit data graph execution
Wikipedia - Explicit knowledge
Wikipedia - Explicitly parallel instruction computing -- Instruction set architecture
Wikipedia - Explicit memory
Wikipedia - Explicit parallelism
Wikipedia - Explicit substitution
Wikipedia - Explode Coracao -- Brazilian telenovela by Gloria Perez
Wikipedia - Exploded Drawing -- 1996 album by Polvo
Wikipedia - Explodera -- 2000 song by Staffan Hellstrand
Wikipedia - Exploding head syndrome -- Syndrome where people perceive loud imagined noises when falling asleep or waking up
Wikipedia - Exploding the Gene Myth -- 1993 book about human genetics
Wikipedia - Exploitation fiction -- Novels and magazines that exploit sex, violence, drugs, or other elements meant to attract readers
Wikipedia - Exploitation film -- Informal film genre
Wikipedia - Exploitation (Marxism)
Wikipedia - Exploitation of labour -- Economic phenomenon
Wikipedia - Exploitation of natural resources
Wikipedia - Exploit (computer security)
Wikipedia - Exploit kit -- Collection of security exploit tools
Wikipedia - Exploit (online gaming)
Wikipedia - Explorable explanation -- Form of informative media
Wikipedia - Exploration Gateway Platform -- Original station design concept of the Lunar Gateway
Wikipedia - Exploration geophysics -- Applied branch of geophysics and economic geology
Wikipedia - Exploration of Africa
Wikipedia - Exploration of Antarctica
Wikipedia - Exploration of North America
Wikipedia - Exploration of the Americas
Wikipedia - Exploration of the Moon -- Various missions to the Moon
Wikipedia - Exploration of the Pacific -- Overview of the exploration of the Pacific
Wikipedia - Exploration of Uranus -- Exploration in space
Wikipedia - Explorations (TV)
Wikipedia - Explorations Volume 2: Survival, Growth > Re-birth
Wikipedia - Exploration Team -- Novelette by Murray Leinster
Wikipedia - Exploration Upper Stage -- Rocket stage in NASA's Space Launch System
Wikipedia - Exploration -- Act of traveling and searching for resources or for information about the land or space itself
Wikipedia - Exploratorium (film) -- 1974 film
Wikipedia - Exploratorium -- Museum in San Francisco
Wikipedia - Exploratory Data Analysis
Wikipedia - Exploratory data analysis
Wikipedia - Exploratory engineering
Wikipedia - Exploratory factor analysis
Wikipedia - Exploratory research
Wikipedia - Exploratory testing
Wikipedia - Exploratory thought
Wikipedia - Explore Edmonton -- Destination marketing organization for Edmonton, Alberta
Wikipedia - Explorer-1 Prime -- Picosatellite built by the Space Science and Engineering Laboratory
Wikipedia - Explorer 1 -- First satellite launched by the United States (1958)
Wikipedia - Explorer 55 -- NASA satellite launched on November 20, 1975
Wikipedia - Explorer 5 -- United States satellite launched in 1958
Wikipedia - Explorer 60 -- NASA satellite launched on November 20, 1975
Wikipedia - Explorer AUV -- Autonomous underwater vehicle from People's Republic of China
Wikipedia - Explorer Hotel -- Prominent hotel in Yellowknife, Canada
Wikipedia - Explorer of Enceladus and Titan
Wikipedia - Explorer of the Seas -- Voyager-class cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean International
Wikipedia - Explorer Plate -- oceanic tectonic plate beneath the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada
Wikipedia - Explorer Ridge -- mid-ocean ridge west of British Columbia, Canada
Wikipedia - Explorer Scouts (The Scout Association) -- section of the Scout Association in the United Kingdom for 14- to 18-year-olds
Wikipedia - Explorer Seamount -- A seamount on the Explorer Ridge in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia, Canada
Wikipedia - Explorers (film) -- 1985 science fantasy film by Joe Dante
Wikipedia - Explorers Grand Slam -- Adventurering goal of Earth's Poles and Seven Summits
Wikipedia - Explorer's Guide to Wildemount -- Tabletop role-playing game supplement for Dungeons & Dragons
Wikipedia - Explorers Program -- United States space exploration program
Wikipedia - Explorers We
Wikipedia - Explorer
Wikipedia - Explore
Wikipedia - Exploria Stadium -- Soccer stadium in Orlando
Wikipedia - Exploring the Earth and the Cosmos -- Book by Isaac Asimov
Wikipedia - Exploring the Reef with Jean-Michel Cousteau
Wikipedia - Explosion (1923 film) -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - Explosion (1973 film) -- 1973 film
Wikipedia - Explosions (song) -- 2013 single by Ellie Goulding
Wikipedia - Explosion -- Sudden release of heat and gas
Wikipedia - Explosive cyclogenesis -- Rapidly deepening extratropical cyclonic low-pressure area
Wikipedia - Explosive detection
Wikipedia - Explosive eruption -- Type of volcanic eruption in which lava is violently expelled
Wikipedia - Explosive lens
Wikipedia - Explosively pumped flux compression generator
Wikipedia - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge -- A military badge of the United States Armed Forces for members qualified as explosive ordnance disposal technicians
Wikipedia - Explosive ordnance disposal (United States Navy) -- US Navy personnel who render safe or detonate unexploded ordnance
Wikipedia - Explosive rat -- Weapon developed by the British Special Operations Executive in World War II for use against Germany
Wikipedia - Explosive -- Substance that can explode
Wikipedia - Expo 17 -- Canadian non-profit organization
Wikipedia - Expo 2000 -- World exposition in Hanover, Germany in 2000
Wikipedia - Expo 2010 -- World Expo held in Shanghai, China
Wikipedia - Expo 2016 -- Horticultural exposition in Antalya, Turkey
Wikipedia - Expo 2020 -- World Expo in the United Arab Emirates
Wikipedia - Expo 67 -- 1967 world exposition in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wikipedia - Expo '70 -- World's fair held in Osaka
Wikipedia - Expo '85
Wikipedia - Expo 86 -- World's Fair held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Wikipedia - Expo '93 -- International exposition
Wikipedia - Expo 98
Wikipedia - Expo '98 -- 1998 World's Fair in Lisbon, Portugal
Wikipedia - Expobank CZ -- Czech bank (e. 1991)
Wikipedia - Expocentre -- Russian exhibition and conference company
Wikipedia - Expo Channel -- Australian television channel
Wikipedia - Expocode -- A unique alphanumeric identifier for cruise labels of research vessels to avoid confusion in oceanographic data management.
Wikipedia - Expo Express -- Former rapid transit system in Montreal, Quebec
Wikipedia - Expo Forum -- Arena in Sonora, Mexico
Wikipedia - Expo Line (SkyTrain) -- Rapid transit line in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Wikipedia - Expo MRT station -- MRT station in Singapore
Wikipedia - Exponent bias
Wikipedia - Exponent (consulting firm) -- American company
Wikipedia - Exponential backoff
Wikipedia - Exponential decay -- Probability density
Wikipedia - Exponential distribution -- Probability distribution
Wikipedia - Exponential family
Wikipedia - Exponential field -- Mathematical field equipped with an operation satisfying the functional equation of the exponential
Wikipedia - Exponential formula
Wikipedia - Exponential function
Wikipedia - Exponential-Golomb coding
Wikipedia - Exponential growth
Wikipedia - Exponential hierarchy
Wikipedia - Exponential-logarithmic distribution
Wikipedia - Exponentially distributed
Wikipedia - Exponentially equivalent measures -- equivalence relation on mathematical measures
Wikipedia - Exponential map (discrete dynamical systems)
Wikipedia - Exponential random graph models
Wikipedia - Exponential smoothing
Wikipedia - Exponential stability -- continuous-time linear system with only negative real parts
Wikipedia - Exponential tilting -- Monte Carlo distribution shifting technique
Wikipedia - Exponential time hypothesis
Wikipedia - Exponential time
Wikipedia - Exponential tree
Wikipedia - Exponential type -- type of complex function with growth bounded by an exponential function
Wikipedia - Exponentiation by squaring -- Algorithm for fast exponentiation
Wikipedia - Exponentiation -- Mathematical operation
Wikipedia - Exponent II -- Independent Latter-day Saint women's periodical (1974-), retreat program and blog
Wikipedia - Exponent of a group
Wikipedia - Exponent
Wikipedia - Expo Real -- Trade fair for real estate and investment located in Europe
Wikipedia - Exporo -- Crowdfunding platform
Wikipedia - Export Administration Regulations -- United States export guidelines and prohibitions
Wikipedia - Exportation (logic)
Wikipedia - Export Cola -- carbonated cola soft drink
Wikipedia - Export Development Bank of Iran -- Iranian banking and financial services corporation
Wikipedia - Exporter (computing) -- Video game development tool
Wikipedia - Export-Import Bank of the United States -- American public bank
Wikipedia - Export Land Model
Wikipedia - Export of cryptography from the United States -- Transfer from the United States to another country of devices and technology related to cryptography
Wikipedia - Export of cryptography in the United States
Wikipedia - Export of cryptography
Wikipedia - Export | Pico-8 Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Wikipedia - Export -- A good produced in one country that is sold into another country
Wikipedia - EXPORT -- Measuring instrument on the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Expo Science Park
Wikipedia - Exposcit debitum
Wikipedia - Exposed (1938 film) -- 1938 film by Harold D. Schuster
Wikipedia - Exposed (Kiss video) -- 1987 long form music video by Kiss
Wikipedia - Exposed node problem
Wikipedia - Exposed riverine sediments -- Sediments deposited by streams exposed when water level falls
Wikipedia - -- Website
Wikipedia - Exposed terminal problem
Wikipedia - Expose (group) -- American vocal group
Wikipedia - EXPOSE -- An external facility on the ISS dedicated to astrobiology experiments
Wikipedia - Exposiciones station -- Medellin metro station
Wikipedia - Exposicion metro station -- Monterrey metro station
Wikipedia - Exposing Microorganisms in the Stratosphere -- NASA research program to study the ability of microorganismas to survive in a Mars-like environment
Wikipedia - Exposition des primitifs flamands a Bruges -- Art exhibition of Early Netherlandish Painting in 1902
Wikipedia - Exposition (narrative) -- Background information within a narrative; one of four rhetorical modes
Wikipedia - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Wikipedia - Exposition Universelle (1855) -- Paris Exposition of 1855
Wikipedia - Exposition Universelle (1889)
Wikipedia - Exposition Universelle (1900)
Wikipedia - Expo Square Pavilion -- Multi-purpose arena
Wikipedia - Exposure and response prevention
Wikipedia - Exposure assessment -- A branch of environmental science and occupational hygiene
Wikipedia - Exposure (film) -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Exposure (heights) -- Climbing and hiking term; sections of a hiking path or climbing route are described as "exposed" if there is a high risk of injury in the event of a fall because of the steepness of the terrain
Wikipedia - Exposure Notification -- Initiative for mobile device-based privacy-preserving contact tracing
Wikipedia - Exposure (photography)
Wikipedia - Exposure suit -- Clothing to protect against an extreme environment
Wikipedia - Exposure therapy -- Treatment method for anxiety disorders
Wikipedia - Exposure value -- Measure of illuminance for a combination of a camera's shutter speed and f-number
Wikipedia - ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies -- Danish biotechnology company
Wikipedia - Express 13 -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Express 27 -- Sailboat class
Wikipedia - Express 34 -- Sailboat class
Wikipedia - Express 35 -- Sailboat class
Wikipedia - Express 37 -- Sailboat class
Wikipedia - Express bus service
Wikipedia - ExpressCard
Wikipedia - Express (Cologne newspaper) -- German newspaper
Wikipedia - EXPRESS (data modeling language)
Wikipedia - Express Data Path -- High performance packet data path in the Linux kernel
Wikipedia - Express (Dina Carroll song) -- 1993 single by Dina Carroll
Wikipedia - Expressed emotion
Wikipedia - Expressed sequence tag
Wikipedia - Express Entertainment -- Pakistani television channel
Wikipedia - Express Gazeta -- Russian weekly tabloid newspaper
Wikipedia - Expression (computer science)
Wikipedia - Expression index
Wikipedia - Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza
Wikipedia - Expressionism
Wikipedia - Expressionist architecture -- Architectural style
Wikipedia - Expressionist music
Wikipedia - Expressionist
Wikipedia - Expression (mathematics) -- Formula that represents a mathematical object
Wikipedia - Expression of genes
Wikipedia - Expression oriented language
Wikipedia - Expression-oriented programming languages
Wikipedia - Expression problem
Wikipedia - Expression (programming)
Wikipedia - Expression proteomics
Wikipedia - Expression quantitative trait loci -- Genomic loci that explain variation in mRNA expression levels
Wikipedia - Expression (song) -- 1989 single by Salt-n-Pepa
Wikipedia - Expressive aphasia -- Language disorder involving inability to produce language
Wikipedia - Expressive language disorder
Wikipedia - Expressive potential (electronic music) -- Musical expression
Wikipedia - Expressive power (computer science)
Wikipedia - Expressive suppression -- Willful curtailing of emotional visage
Wikipedia - Expressive therapies
Wikipedia - Expressive therapy
Wikipedia - Expressivism
Wikipedia - ExpressJet -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Express.js
Wikipedia - ExPRESS Logistics Carrier -- Module on the International Space Station
Wikipedia - Express News (TV channel) -- Pakistani Urdu-language TV news channel
Wikipedia - Express Publishing
Wikipedia - Express Train of Love -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - Express Tribune
Wikipedia - ExpressVPN -- Virtual private network service
Wikipedia - Expressway S50 (Poland) -- Planned motorway in Poland
Wikipedia - Expressways in South Korea -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Expressways of China -- Expressway network for the People's Republic of China
Wikipedia - Expressways of Pakistan -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Expressways of Vietnam
Wikipedia - Express Werke -- manufactured bicycles and motorcycles
Wikipedia - Express Wi-Fi
Wikipedia - Express Yourself (Madonna song) -- 1989 single by Madonna
Wikipedia - Expreszo -- Dutch-language LGBT-related magazine
Wikipedia - Expropriation
Wikipedia - Expropriative anarchism
Wikipedia - Expr
Wikipedia - EXPSPACE
Wikipedia - EXPTIME-complete
Wikipedia - EXPTIME -- Algorithmic complexity class
Wikipedia - Expulsion (academia)
Wikipedia - Expulsion (education) -- Removal of a student from an academic institution
Wikipedia - Expulsion of Asians from Uganda -- 1972 expulsion of a racial group
Wikipedia - Expulsion of Jews from Spain -- 15th century expulsion of Jews from Spain
Wikipedia - Expulsion of Karadak -- Catholic Albanians expelled between 1846 and 1847 in Gjilan
Wikipedia - Expulsion of the Acadians -- 18th century geopolitical event
Wikipedia - Expulsion of the Moriscos -- 17th century expulsion of Moriscos from Spain
Wikipedia - Expurgation -- A form of censorship of artistic or other media works
Wikipedia - Extended Backus-Naur form -- Family of metasyntax notations, any of which can be used to express a context-free grammar
Wikipedia - Extensor expansion -- Special connective attachments by which the extensor tendons insert into the phalanges
Wikipedia - Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law -- Regulations adopted by NASA to guard the Earth against any harmful contamination
Wikipedia - Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer -- Space telescope for ultraviolet astronomy
Wikipedia - Exxxotica Expo -- Adult entertainment industry convention
Wikipedia - Ezekiel Airship -- Early experimental aircraft inspired by and named after the Book of Ezekiel
Wikipedia - Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen -- 19th-century Russian Navy officer, cartographer, and explorer
Wikipedia - Facial expressions
Wikipedia - Facial expression
Wikipedia - Factorial experiment
Wikipedia - Factor of safety -- Factor by which an engineered system's capacity is higher than the expected load to ensure safety in case of error or uncertainty
Wikipedia - Facundo Astudillo Castro -- Unexplained disappearance in Argentina
Wikipedia - Failure to thrive -- Condition of children whose current weight or rate of weight gain is much lower than expected
Wikipedia - Falcon Air Express -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Fallen angel -- In Abrahamic religions, angels who were expelled from heaven
Wikipedia - Fallibilism -- Philosophical principle that human beings could be wrong about their beliefs, expectations, or their understanding of the world
Wikipedia - Fan Expo Canada -- Canadian media convention
Wikipedia - Fanny Bullock Workman -- American geographer, cartographer, explorer, travel writer, and mountaineer
Wikipedia - Far East Blues Experience -- compilation album by Gugun Power Trio
Wikipedia - Far Eastern Party -- Sledging component of the 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Fargo Express -- Film directed by Alan James
Wikipedia - Farm team -- Sports club whose role is to provide experience and training for young players
Wikipedia - Farthest North -- Most northerly latitude reached by explorers before the conquest of the North Pole
Wikipedia - Fastech 360 -- 2 Japanese experimental high speed trains
Wikipedia - FasTracks -- Transit expansion project in Denver, CO
Wikipedia - Fastrac (rocket engine) -- Pump-fed liquid rocket engine developed by NASA for use on small inexpensive, expendable rockets
Wikipedia - Fatih Birol -- Turkish economist and energy expert
Wikipedia - Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - Faversham explosives industry -- Explosives industry in Faversham, Kent, United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Favipiravir -- Experimental antiviral drug with potential activity against RNA viruses
Wikipedia - Federal Express (train) -- Boston, MA to Washington DC passenger train (1912-1971)
Wikipedia - Federal Way Link Extension -- Future light rail expansion in King County, Washington
Wikipedia - Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology -- Group of experts who review, analyze and discuss the terms of the morphological structures of the human body
Wikipedia - FedEx Express Flight 1478 -- Boeing 727 hull loss accident
Wikipedia - FedEx Express Flight 14 -- July 1997 plane crash in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Wikipedia - FedEx Express Flight 630 -- Regular scheduled cargo flight
Wikipedia - FedEx Express Flight 80 -- Aviation accident
Wikipedia - Feeling -- Conscious subjective experience of emotion
Wikipedia - Feihyla inexpectata -- Species of frog
Wikipedia - Felix Dubois -- French journalist and explorer
Wikipedia - Felix von Leitner -- German IT security expert
Wikipedia - Female ejaculation -- Expulsion of fluid during or before an orgasm
Wikipedia - Ferdinand KonM-EM-!M-DM-^Mak -- Croatian missionary and explorer
Wikipedia - Ferdinand Magellan -- Portuguese explorer who organised first circumnavigation of the Earth
Wikipedia - Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski -- Polish explorer and writer
Wikipedia - Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience -- Serbian metal band
Wikipedia - Ferruginous body -- Fnding in interstitial lung disease suggestive of significant asbestos exposure
Wikipedia - Festival Express -- 2003 rockumentary
Wikipedia - Fexpr
Wikipedia - Field experiment
Wikipedia - Fieseler F 3 -- German experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - File Explorer
Wikipedia - Filibuster (military) -- Leader of an unauthorized foreign military expedition
Wikipedia - Final Cut Express -- Former offshoot of Final Cut Pro
Wikipedia - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood -- 2017 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion pack
Wikipedia - Finance and Expenditure Committee -- Select committee of the New Zealand Parliament
Wikipedia - Fincastle Resolutions -- Statement expressing support for Congress' resistance to the Intolerable Acts
Wikipedia - Fine-tuned universe -- The hypothesis that life in the Universe depends upon certain physical constants having values within a narrow range and the belief that the observed values warrant an explanation.
Wikipedia - Fire and brimstone -- idiomatic expression referring to God's wrath in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the New Testament
Wikipedia - Firestone XR-9 -- 1940s American experimental helicopter
Wikipedia - First Australian Imperial Force -- Australian Army expeditionary force during World War I
Wikipedia - First Russian Antarctic Expedition -- 1819-1821 expedition to explore the Southern Ocean and Antarctica
Wikipedia - First voyage of James Cook -- Combined Royal Navy and Royal Society expedition to the south Pacific
Wikipedia - Fishing expedition -- Pejorative term for a non-specific search for information
Wikipedia - Fit in or fuck off -- Controversial expression of an organisational philosophy
Wikipedia - Fitness (biology) -- Expected reproductive success
Wikipedia - Fizeau experiment -- Experimant measuring the speed of light in moving water
Wikipedia - Flag (crater) -- Lunar crater explored on Apollo 16
Wikipedia - Flammagenitus cloud -- Cloud that forms from large fires or explosions
Wikipedia - Flatulence -- bodily function of expelling intestinal gas out of the anus
Wikipedia - Flight Express, Inc. -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Floating man -- Thought experiment
Wikipedia - Floralies Internationales de Montreal -- 1980 horticultural exposition
Wikipedia - Florence Blenkiron -- British medal-winning motorcyclist and explorer
Wikipedia - Fluid Science Laboratory -- Multi-user facility for fluid physics experiment in the Columbus module of ISS
Wikipedia - Fly Pan Am -- Canadian experimental rock band formed in Montreal in 1996
Wikipedia - Focal-plane shutter -- Mechanism that controls the exposure time in cameras
Wikipedia - Folgerphone -- Experimental wind instrument
Wikipedia - Folk Catholicism -- Variety of regional or ethnic expressions of Roman Catholicism
Wikipedia - Folklore -- Expressive culture shared by particular groups
Wikipedia - Folk religion -- Expressions of religion distinct from the official doctrines of organized religion
Wikipedia - Ford Explorer -- Range of SUVs manufactured by Ford Motor Company
Wikipedia - Foreign language anxiety -- feeling of unease and insecurity experienced in learning or using a foreign language
Wikipedia - Formula -- concise way of expressing information symbolically
Wikipedia - Fortune Express -- 1991 film
Wikipedia - Fourier transform -- Mathematical transform that expresses a function of time as a function of frequency
Wikipedia - Fourth German Inner Africa Research Expedition -- Expedition to Nigeria and Cameroon between 1910 and 1912
Wikipedia - Fram -- Norwegian polar exploration vessel
Wikipedia - Francisco Bahamonde de Lugo -- Spanish explorer and 25th governor of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Francisco de Lacerda -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Francisco Moreno -- Argentinian explorer
Wikipedia - Francisco Vazquez de Coronado -- Spanish explorer of the American southwest
Wikipedia - Francis Drake's circumnavigation -- 1577 trip by the English explorer
Wikipedia - Francis Joseph McCarty -- American radio experimenter
Wikipedia - Franck-Hertz experiment -- Experiment confirming quantisation of energy levels
Wikipedia - Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo -- Physician and fasting expert
Wikipedia - Francois Peron -- French naturalist and explorer
Wikipedia - Frank Aldous Girling -- East Anglian farmer, photographer and expert amateur archaeologist
Wikipedia - Frank Bickerton -- English explorer of the Antarctic
Wikipedia - Franklin's lost expedition -- British expedition of Arctic exploration
Wikipedia - Frankluquetia inexpectata -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Frank Worsley -- New Zealand sailor and explorer
Wikipedia - Fraunhofer diffraction equation -- Mathematical explanation of far field diffraction
Wikipedia - Frederick Burlingham -- American explorer and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Frederick Cook -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Frederick Slade Drake-Brockman -- Explorer
Wikipedia - Frederick Zugibe -- Chief medical examiner of Rockland County, New York and forensic expert (1928-2013)
Wikipedia - Frederic Le Junter -- French musician and experimental musical instrument builder
Wikipedia - Frederique Darragon -- French explorer
Wikipedia - Fred. Olsen Express -- Ferry service in the Canary Islands
Wikipedia - Freedom Airline Express -- Kenyan domestic scheduled and charter airline
Wikipedia - Freedom of Expression (book) -- 2005 book by Kembrew McLeod
Wikipedia - Freedom of expression
Wikipedia - Freedom of the press -- Freedom of communication and expression through mediums including various electronic media and published materials
Wikipedia - Free Expression Policy Project
Wikipedia - Free-orbit experiment with laser interferometry X-rays -- Belongs to a category of experiments
Wikipedia - Free Speech Flag -- A banner to symbolize free expression by encoding an illegal number
Wikipedia - Freight Runners Express -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Fremont Street Experience -- Pedestrian mall and attraction in Downtown Las Vegas
Wikipedia - French Antarctic Expedition -- Research expedition
Wikipedia - French conquest of Corsica -- French expedition
Wikipedia - French Expeditionary Corps (1943-44) -- French Expeditionary Corps during WWII
Wikipedia - French expedition to Ireland (1796) -- Failed attempt to invade Ireland by the French
Wikipedia - French expedition to Korea -- French military campaign
Wikipedia - French expedition to Sardinia
Wikipedia - French Geodesic Mission -- 18th-century expedition to present-day Ecuador
Wikipedia - French ship Experiment (1779) -- 50-gun ship of the line of the Royal Navy, captured and recommissioned in the French Navy
Wikipedia - Fresh expressions
Wikipedia - Fresh expression -- Form of church
Wikipedia - Fresh Kill -- 1994 US experimental film by Shu Lea Cheang
Wikipedia - Freya Stark -- British explorer and writer
Wikipedia - Fridtjof Nansen -- Norwegian polar explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize laureate (1861-1930)
Wikipedia - Friedrich Gerhard Rohlfs -- German geographer, explorer, writer and adventurer
Wikipedia - Fuck the System -- album by The Exploited
Wikipedia - Fukagawa Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Full Experience (album) -- album by Aura Lewis
Wikipedia - Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer -- Proposed satellite to determine positions of stars
Wikipedia - Funk Express -- album by Chuck Brown
Wikipedia - Further Explorations -- album by Horace Silver
Wikipedia - Future of an expanding universe -- Future scenario assuming that the expansion of the universe will continue forever
Wikipedia - G0423 Lechang-Guangzhou Expressway -- An expressway in Guangdong, China
Wikipedia - G1111 Hegang-Harbin Expressway -- Expressway in China
Wikipedia - G1521 Changshu-Jiashan Expressway -- Expressway in China
Wikipedia - G3002 Xi'an Ring Expressway -- Road in China
Wikipedia - G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway -- Road in western China
Wikipedia - Gad Gasatura -- Ugandan aviation expert
Wikipedia - Galactic Center GeV Excess -- Unexplained gamma-ray radiation in center of Milky Way galaxy
Wikipedia - Galactic tide -- Tidal force experienced by objects subject to the gravitational field of a galaxy
Wikipedia - Galathea expeditions -- A series of three Danish ship-based scientific research expeditions in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries
Wikipedia - Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment -- Celebrated demonstration of gravity
Wikipedia - Game Design Expo -- Recurring event in Vancouver
Wikipedia - Gamma 60 wind turbine -- Experimental wind turbine in Sardinia, Italy
Wikipedia - Gandhidham-Indore Weekly Express -- Indian train route
Wikipedia - Gandhidham-Puri Weekly Express -- Express train service between Gandhidham and Puri
Wikipedia - Ganzfeld experiment
Wikipedia - Garden Expo Park station -- Beijing Subway station
Wikipedia - Gardiner Expressway -- Highway in Toronto
Wikipedia - Gaspar Corte-Real -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Gaspar de Rodas -- Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Gateway Program (Northeast Corridor) -- Planned expansion of the U.S. Northeast rail Corridor
Wikipedia - Gatwick Express -- British high-frequency rail passenger service
Wikipedia - Gauge Change Train -- Experimental Japanese train class
Wikipedia - Gauge War -- Intense competition between expanding railway companies in 19th-century Great Britain
Wikipedia - Gauss expedition
Wikipedia - Gau wu -- Cantonese expression
Wikipedia - Gbomo Gbomo Express -- 2015 film
Wikipedia - Geek -- Expert or enthusiast obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit
Wikipedia - Geiger-Marsden experiment -- Experiments proving existence of atomic nuclei
Wikipedia - Gelignite -- Explosive material
Wikipedia - Gender and emotional expression
Wikipedia - Gender bender -- Person who "bends" expected gender roles
Wikipedia - Gender expression -- External manifestation of gender identity
Wikipedia - Gender in Dutch grammar -- Explanation of gender of Dutch words
Wikipedia - Gene expression programming
Wikipedia - Gene expression -- Conversion of a gene's sequence into a mature gene product or products
Wikipedia - Genesis I -- Experimental uncrewed space habitat
Wikipedia - Genetic expression
Wikipedia - Genetic reductionism -- Belief that genetics explains all aspects of human behavior
Wikipedia - Genomic imprinting -- Phenomenon that causes genes to be expressed in a parent-of-origin-specific manner
Wikipedia - Geographic data and information -- Data and information having an implicit or explicit association with a location
Wikipedia - Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration of Iran -- Iranian Geological & Mineral Exploration government agency
Wikipedia - Geophysical Service -- American oil and gas exploration company
Wikipedia - George Beto -- American criminal justice expert
Wikipedia - George Buckley (explorer) -- Explorer of Antarctica
Wikipedia - George Economou (Manhattan Project) -- optical systems expert
Wikipedia - George Fairweather Moonlight -- New Zealand gold miner, explorer and pioneer
Wikipedia - George Fleming (explorer) -- African-American explorer and trader
Wikipedia - George French Angas -- English explorer, naturalist and painter who emigrated to Australia
Wikipedia - George Grenfell -- Baptist missionary to Cameroon and explorer of Africa
Wikipedia - George Meegan -- British explorer, world record holder for longest distance walked, social, cultural, and educational activist
Wikipedia - George Nidever -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye -- 2004 experimental film
Wikipedia - Georges Destenave -- French explorer and general
Wikipedia - Georges Lecointe (explorer)
Wikipedia - George Sutherland Mackenzie -- British explorer and businessman
Wikipedia - Georgetown-IBM experiment
Wikipedia - George Vancouver -- 18th-century English naval explorer
Wikipedia - Georg Joos -- German experimental physicist
Wikipedia - GEOS-3 -- The third and final satellite of NASA's Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite/Geodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite program
Wikipedia - Geraldine Dillon -- Australian culinary expert
Wikipedia - Gerald W. Johnson (nuclear expert) -- American nuclear espert
Wikipedia - German Expressionism
Wikipedia - German expressionism
Wikipedia - German Expressionist
Wikipedia - German Inner Africa Research Expeditions -- Series of 14 expeditions to Africa carried out between 1904 and 1955
Wikipedia - German Meteor expedition -- An oceanographic expedition that explored the South Atlantic ocean from the equatorial region to Antarctica in 1925-192
Wikipedia - Gesa Kluth -- German biologist and wolf expert
Wikipedia - Get Out, Give In -- 2005 single by Expatriate
Wikipedia - Ghazipur City-Anand Vihar Terminal Express -- Passenger train in India
Wikipedia - Giant Powder Company -- Explosives manufacturing company in California, United States
Wikipedia - Gibbs paradox -- Thought experiment in statistical physics
Wikipedia - Gil Eanes -- Portuguese navigator and explorer
Wikipedia - Ginny Fiennes -- British explorer
Wikipedia - Giovanni da Verrazzano -- Florentine explorer of North America for France
Wikipedia - Girlfriend experience -- Commercial experience that blurs the boundaries between a financial transaction and a romantic relationship
Wikipedia - Girls Educational and Mentoring Services -- Non-profit organization that provides services to victims of sexual exploitation
Wikipedia - Gita Jayanti Express -- Indian railway service
Wikipedia - Giuseppe Acerbi -- Italian naturalist, explorer, composer (1773-1846)
Wikipedia - Glassblower's cataract -- Form of cataract due to an occupational exposure
Wikipedia - Global Explorer ROV -- A deep water science and survey remotely operated vehicle
Wikipedia - Global Ocean Sampling Expedition -- An ocean exploration genome project to assess genetic diversity in marine microbial communities
Wikipedia - Global Telecoms Exploitation -- Alleged British mass surveillance programme
Wikipedia - Global Underwater Explorers
Wikipedia - Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal -- American campaign medal
Wikipedia - Glomar Explorer -- Deep-sea drillship platform used by CIA to recover secretly a sunken Soviet submarine
Wikipedia - Gloria Cordes Larson -- American lawyer, public policy expert, and business leader
Wikipedia - Gloria Hollister -- American explorer, scientist
Wikipedia - Glossary of experimental design -- Wikipedia glossary
Wikipedia - Glossary of French expressions in English -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Glovelier railway station -- Railway station located on the S3 and RegioExpress
Wikipedia - God's Nightmares -- 2019 experimental short film
Wikipedia - Godspeed You! Black Emperor -- Canadian experimental music group
Wikipedia - Gokul Express -- Express Train in India
Wikipedia - Golden Age of Porn -- 15-year period in which sexually explicit films experienced mainstream success
Wikipedia - Golden Temple Mail -- express train in India
Wikipedia - Gomes de Sequeira -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Gomteshwara Express -- Express train in Karnataka, India
Wikipedia - Goncalo Coelho -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Goncalo de Sintra -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Goniothalamus expansus -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Good laboratory practice -- Quality control guidelines for chemical experiments
Wikipedia - Google Chrome Experiments -- Online showroom of web browser based experiments
Wikipedia - Google Chrome Frame -- Plug-in designed for Internet Explorer based on the open-source Chromium project
Wikipedia - Google Developer Expert
Wikipedia - Google Expeditions
Wikipedia - Google Express -- Same-day shopping service from Google
Wikipedia - Google Public Data Explorer
Wikipedia - Google Shopping Express
Wikipedia - Gorakhdham Express -- Indian Railways train service
Wikipedia - Gorakhpur Link Expressway -- | Indian expressway connecting Gorakhpur and Azamgarh
Wikipedia - Gorakhpur-Pune Express (via Lucknow) -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Gotha G.VI -- German experimental bomber plane from WW I
Wikipedia - GO Transit Regional Express Rail -- Canadian rail expansion project
Wikipedia - Gotta Get Home -- 2007 song performed by Expatriate
Wikipedia - Government final consumption expenditure
Wikipedia - Graceful Explosion Machine -- 2017 2-D, side-scrolling shoot 'em up game
Wikipedia - Graduated exposure therapy
Wikipedia - Grain of salt -- English idiom expressing skepticism
Wikipedia - Grand Luxe -- Miami, Florida-based luxury exposition yacht
Wikipedia - Grand Paris Express
Wikipedia - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned -- First of two episodic expansion packs for Grand Theft Auto IV
Wikipedia - Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony -- Second of the two episodic expansion packs for Grand Theft Auto IV
Wikipedia - Grand Tour program -- NASA's cancelled space program intended to explore the outer solar system
Wikipedia - Graph exploration algorithm
Wikipedia - Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer -- ESA satellite intended to map in the Earth's gravity field. Part of the Living Planet Programme
Wikipedia - Gravity Probe A -- Space-based experiment to test the theory of general relativity
Wikipedia - GRB 190114C -- notable high energy gamma ray burst explosion
Wikipedia - Greater Bangladesh -- A conspiracy theory about an expanded Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Great Expectations (1917 film) -- 1917 silent drama film
Wikipedia - Great Expectations (1934 film) -- 1934 film by Stuart Walker
Wikipedia - Great Expectations (1946 film) -- 1946 film by David Lean
Wikipedia - Great Expectations (1974 film) -- 1974 US/UK drama film by Joseph Hardy
Wikipedia - Great Expectations -- 1861 novel by Charles Dickens
Wikipedia - Great Northern Expedition
Wikipedia - Great Plains -- Broad expanse of flat land in western North America
Wikipedia - Greenline Express -- Bus company in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Greenwich Village townhouse explosion -- 1970 accidental detonation of bomb in New York City
Wikipedia - Greeting card -- Illustrated piece of card or high quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment
Wikipedia - Greeting -- Expression to acknowledge another person
Wikipedia - Greg Autry -- American space policy expert, author
Wikipedia - Grevillea exposita -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to Western Australia
Wikipedia - Griffith's experiment -- Experiment
Wikipedia - Grimm Grimm -- Experimental music project
Wikipedia - Grindhouse -- Low-budget movie theater that shows mainly exploitation films
Wikipedia - Gross-Koblitz formula -- Expresses a Gauss sum using a product of values of the p-adic gamma function
Wikipedia - Grothendieck trace formula -- Expresses the number of points of a variety over a finite field
Wikipedia - Ground expression
Wikipedia - Grumman X-29 -- 1984 experimental aircraft family by Grumman
Wikipedia - Guerrilla rainstorm -- Japanese expression to describe a short, localized downpour
Wikipedia - Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire -- Expansion pack for Guild Wars 2 released in 2017
Wikipedia - Guilt (emotion) -- Cognitive or an emotional experience
Wikipedia - Gunpowder -- Explosive once used as propellant in firearms
Wikipedia - Guo Kun -- Chinese polar explorer
Wikipedia - Guru -- Sanskrit term for a "teacher, guide, expert, or master" of certain knowledge or field
Wikipedia - Gustav Fechner -- German experimental psychologist,
Wikipedia - Gustav Fischer -- German explorer
Wikipedia - Gustav III of Sweden's coffee experiment -- Twin study
Wikipedia - Guthrie Corridor Expressway -- Road in Malaysia
Wikipedia - Guwahati-Silchar Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Gwalior-Ahmedabad Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Gyrodyne RON Rotorcycle -- Experimental US Navy & Marine Corps helicopter
Wikipedia - Habitat 67 -- Housing complex originally built for Expo 67 in Montreal
Wikipedia - Habung -- Expansive fortification of Assam
Wikipedia - Haciendas in the Valley of Ameca -- Comprise a series of expansive land estates awarded to Spanish soldiers for their services in the military during the conquest of New Spain
Wikipedia - Haldia-Asansol Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Half-time -- Time when half of the regular playing time has expired
Wikipedia - Halifax Explosion -- 1917 maritime disaster in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Wikipedia - Hamburg Express-class container ship -- Container ship class
Wikipedia - Hamilton-Scourge survey expedition -- Search for two shipwrecks in Lake Ontario
Wikipedia - Hampi Express -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Handley Page HP.115 -- 1961 experimental aircraft by Handley Page
Wikipedia - Haneda Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Hang fire -- Unexpected delay after firearm triggering
Wikipedia - Hanlon's razor -- Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
Wikipedia - Hannah Steinberg -- Austrian-born British pioneer of experimental psychopharmacology
Wikipedia - Hanno the Navigator -- Carthaginian explorer
Wikipedia - Hanshin Expressway -- Highway network in Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto in Japan
Wikipedia - Happy life expectancy -- Life expectancy multiplied by a happiness index
Wikipedia - Harbor Transitway -- Shared-use express bus corridor and high occupancy toll lanes running along Interstate 110 in the Los Angeles area.
Wikipedia - Harbour Expressway -- Highway in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Wikipedia - Hardcore pornography -- Explicit graphical depictions of sexual acts
Wikipedia - Hard to Explain -- 2001 single by The Strokes
Wikipedia - Haridwar-Jammu Tawi Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Hari Kishan Pippal -- A leather exporter
Wikipedia - Harmful algal bloom -- Population explosion of organisms (usually [[algae]]) that can severely lower oxygen levels in natural waters, killing marine life
Wikipedia - Harmony Express Men's Chorus -- Men chorus
Wikipedia - Harry Markopolos -- American accountant who exposed the Madoff investment scandal
Wikipedia - Harry McNish -- Scottish carpenter and participant in Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition
Wikipedia - Harumi Route -- expressway in the Greater Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Hassan Damluji -- British-Iraqi development expert
Wikipedia - Hastings mine explosion -- 1917 disaster in Colorado, US
Wikipedia - Hate Bazare Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Hatha Yoga: The Report of A Personal Experience
Wikipedia - Hatha Yoga: The Report of a Personal Experience
Wikipedia - Havana syndrome -- Set of medical signs and symptoms experienced by U.S. and Canadian embassy staff, reported in Cuba and China.
Wikipedia - Hawker P.1052 -- Experimental swept wing aircraft by Hawker
Wikipedia - Hawker Siddeley P.1127 -- 1957 experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Hawke's Bay Expressway -- Road in New Zealand
Wikipedia - Hayashiechthistatus inexpectus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Hazard Powder Company -- American manufacturer of gunpowder and explosives
Wikipedia - Hazrat Nizamuddin-Gwalior Express -- Former mail/express train of Indian Railways
Wikipedia - Hazur Sahib Nanded-Shri Ganganagar Superfast Express via Hanumangarh -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Hearst Expedition -- Archaeological expedition
Wikipedia - Heathrow Express -- Airport rail link in England
Wikipedia - Heat stroke -- Condition caused by exposure to the sun
Wikipedia - Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck -- US Army heavy tactical truck, in service since 1982
Wikipedia - Heidi Larson -- Anthropologist and immunisation expert
Wikipedia - Heike Vesper -- German marine conservation expert
Wikipedia - Heilmann locomotive -- Experimental steam locomotives with electric transmission.
Wikipedia - Heimatvertriebene -- Germans who fled or were expelled from territory annexed or occupied by the Soviet Union after World War II
Wikipedia - Heine's identity -- A Fourier expansion of a reciprocal square root
Wikipedia - Heinkel He 176 -- Experimental rocket plane
Wikipedia - Heinkel He 178 -- Experimental jet aircraft
Wikipedia - Heinkel He 280 -- Experimental jet aircraft
Wikipedia - Heinrich Barth -- German explorer
Wikipedia - Help:Books/for experts
Wikipedia - Help:Conditional expressions
Wikipedia - Help:Watchlist -- Wikipedia help page explaining the watchlist feature
Wikipedia - Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition -- Archaeological expedition
Wikipedia - Hemon de Molon -- French explorer and trader
Wikipedia - Hendrik Jacob Wikar -- Finnish explorer
Wikipedia - Henri Coudreau -- French geographer and explorer
Wikipedia - Henry Chichester Hart -- 19th/20th-century Anglo-Irish botanist, explorer, and editor
Wikipedia - Henry J. Aaron -- American economist and health care expert who works at the Brookings Institution
Wikipedia - Henry Larsen (explorer)
Wikipedia - Henry Morshead -- English surveyor, explorer and mountaineer
Wikipedia - Henry Morton Stanley -- Welsh journalist and explorer
Wikipedia - Henry Timberlake -- Colonial Anglo-American officer, journalist, cartographer, and explorer
Wikipedia - Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar -- Museum in York, England
Wikipedia - Henry Worsley (explorer) -- British explorer and British Army officer
Wikipedia - Herb Cohen (negotiator) -- American negotiation expert
Wikipedia - Her First Experience -- 1939 film
Wikipedia - Hermenegildo Capelo -- Portuguese Naval officer and explorer
Wikipedia - Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration
Wikipedia - Hershey-Chase experiment -- DNA experiment
Wikipedia - Hibernia Express -- Submarine communications cable system
Wikipedia - Hi-C (experiment)
Wikipedia - Hicksian demand function -- Demand of a consumer over a bundle of goods that minimizes their expenditure while delivering a fixed level of utility.
Wikipedia - Hierarchical mixture of experts
Wikipedia - Hierarchy of hazard controls -- System used in industry to eliminate or minimize exposure to hazards
Wikipedia - Higashi-Osaka Route -- Expressway in Osaka, Japan
Wikipedia - High Alpha Research Vehicle -- Experimental aircraft based on the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
Wikipedia - High Blast Explosive -- Type of explosive
Wikipedia - High Expectations -- 2019 studio album by Mabel
Wikipedia - High Explosive Research -- UK atomic bomb development project
Wikipedia - High School tram stop -- Tram stop on the Nottingham Express Transit tram system in Nottingham, England
Wikipedia - Hilde FM-CM-%lun Strom -- Explorer, polar ambassador and citizen scientist
Wikipedia - Hiller X-18 -- Experimental cargo transport aircraft designed to be the first testbed for tiltwing and V/STOL (vertical/short takeoff and landing) technology
Wikipedia - Hiller XH-44 -- American experimental helicopter
Wikipedia - Hippie exploitation films
Wikipedia - Hiram Bingham III -- American academic, explorer, treasure hunter and politician
Wikipedia - Historian -- Scholar who deals with the exploration and presentation of history
Wikipedia - History of art -- History of human creation of works for aesthetic, communicative, or expressive purposes
Wikipedia - History of California before 1900 -- Native inhabitants, European exploration and colonization
Wikipedia - History of European exploration in Tibet
Wikipedia - History of spaceflight -- Aspect of the history of astronautics, and of the exploration or conquest of outer space and of the solar system outside Earth
Wikipedia - Hjalti Skeggiason -- Icelandic explorer
Wikipedia - HMS Port Napier -- Royal Navy minelayer destroyed in Loch Alsh, Scotland, by an explosion following an engine room fire
Wikipedia - HMS Sidon (P259) -- Royal Navy submarine sunk in Portland Harbour by explosion of a faulty torpedo
Wikipedia - Hoda Muthana -- American expatriate who joined ISIS
Wikipedia - Hofling hospital experiment
Wikipedia - Hogwarts Express (Universal Orlando Resort) -- Attraction within Universal Orlando Resort
Wikipedia - Hohe Tauern window -- A region in the Austrian Central Eastern Alps where rocks of the underlying Penninic nappes ere exposed
Wikipedia - Hokuriku Expressway -- National expressway in Japan
Wikipedia - Hole-in-the-Ground -- Volcanic explosion crater in Oregon, USA
Wikipedia - Hollow-point bullet -- Type of expanding bullet used for controlled penetration
Wikipedia - Holy Thursday (Songs of Experience)
Wikipedia - Home (American band) -- Experimental pop band
Wikipedia - HOPE-X -- Japanese experimental spaceplane
Wikipedia - Horatio Thomas Austin -- Royal Navy officer and explorer
Wikipedia - Horizons: Exploring the Universe -- Astronomy textbook
Wikipedia - Horror on the Orient Express -- Horror tabletop role-playing game campaign
Wikipedia - Howard Schenken -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Howard Schmidt -- American computer security expert
Wikipedia - Howrah-Anand Vihar Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Howrah-Malda Town Intercity Express (via Azimganj) -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Howrah-Rampurhat Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Howrah-Sambalpur Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - How Strange, Innocence -- 2000 album by Explosions in the Sky
Wikipedia - HSR-350x -- South Korean experimental high speed train
Wikipedia - Hubballi-Kochuveli Superfast Express -- Express train belonging to South Western Railway zone in India
Wikipedia - Hubbard Medal -- Medal awarded by the National Geographic Society for distinction in exploration, discovery, and research
Wikipedia - Hubble Deep Field -- Multiple exposure image of deep space in the constellation Ursa Major
Wikipedia - Hugh Willoughby -- English polar explorer
Wikipedia - Human challenge study -- Intentional exposure of test subjects to a pathogen to test a vaccine or drug
Wikipedia - Human Development Index -- Composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income indices
Wikipedia - Human experimentation in North Korea
Wikipedia - Human experimentation in the United States
Wikipedia - Human experimentation
Wikipedia - Human radiation experiments
Wikipedia - Human sexuality -- The way people experience and express themselves sexually
Wikipedia - Human trafficking -- Trade of humans for the first book of forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation
Wikipedia - Humberto Vidal explosion -- Explosion in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico in 1996
Wikipedia - Humour -- tendency of experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement
Wikipedia - Humphrey Gilbert -- English explorer, politician and soldier
Wikipedia - Humphry Wakefield -- English baronet and expert on antiques and architecture
Wikipedia - Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis -- French loyalist army in the so-called 'Expedition of Spain'
Wikipedia - Hundry Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Hunger stone -- Stone that is normally covered by a body of water but exposed during periods of drought
Wikipedia - Hutt Expressway -- Road in New Zealand
Wikipedia - Hydraulic roughness -- A measure of frictional resistance water experiences when passing over land and channel features
Wikipedia - Hydrocarbon exploration
Wikipedia - Hydrogen embrittlement -- Embrittlement of a metal exposed to hydrogen
Wikipedia - Hydrothermal explosion -- Explosion of superheated ground water converting to steam
Wikipedia - Hydrox (breathing gas) -- Breathing gas mixture experimentally used for very deep diving
Wikipedia - Hyperbaric treatment schedules -- Planned sequences of hyperbaric pressure exposure using a specified breathing gas as medical treatment
Wikipedia - Hypereosinophilic syndrome -- unexplained chronic eosinophila
Wikipedia - Hyperexponential distribution
Wikipedia - Hyperoperation -- Generalization of addition, multiplication, exponentiation, tetration, etc.
Wikipedia - Hyperoxia -- Exposure of tissues to abnormally high concentrations of oxygen.
Wikipedia - Hypocenter -- Point of origin of an earthquake or a nuclear explosion
Wikipedia - Hypocrisy -- Pretense of virtue; failure to follow oneM-bM-^@M-^Ys own expressed moral principles
Wikipedia - Hypoexponential distribution
Wikipedia - Hypothesis -- Proposed explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem
Wikipedia - IBM 801 -- Experimental minicomputer by IBM
Wikipedia - IBM Q Experience
Wikipedia - IBM Quantum Experience
Wikipedia - IBM WebExplorer -- Discontinued web browser for IBM OS/2
Wikipedia - Ibn Battuta -- 14th century Muslim Berber Moroccan scholar and explorer
Wikipedia - IC3PEAK -- Russian experimental electronic band
Wikipedia - I Can Explain -- 1922 film by George D. Baker
Wikipedia - I Can't Explain -- Original song written and composed by Pete Townshend
Wikipedia - Ice jacking -- Structural damage caused by the expansion of freezing water in a confined space
Wikipedia - ICES Journal of Marine Science -- A peer-reviewed scientific journal covering oceanography and marine biology. It is published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
Wikipedia - Ici Explora -- Canadian French-language television channel
Wikipedia - Idaho Building (1905) -- Building built for the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Portland, Oregon
Wikipedia - Ida Laura Pfeiffer -- Austrian explorer and writer, editor
Wikipedia - Identity (social science) -- Qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that distinguish a person or group
Wikipedia - Idiom dictionary -- Dictionary or phrase book that lists and explains idioms
Wikipedia - I Don't Live Today -- Song with lyrics by Jimi Hendrix performed by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Wikipedia - IExpress
Wikipedia - If a tree falls in a forest -- Philosophical thought experiment
Wikipedia - Ifeoma Ozoma -- American policy expert and equity advocate
Wikipedia - Ignacio Pena Del Rio -- Cat burglar, scam artist, forger, identity thief, disguise expert and martial artist.
Wikipedia - Ignazio Dracopoli -- Anglo-French cartographer and explorer
Wikipedia - Ikebukuro Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Ikechi Uko -- Nigerian Tourism Development Expert
Wikipedia - Ikeda Route -- expressway in the Osaka area
Wikipedia - Iki (aesthetics) -- Japanese aesthetical concept of subdued expressions of taste and wealth
Wikipedia - I know it when I see it -- Colloquial expression
Wikipedia - Ilana Belmaker -- Israeli Physician, Public Health Expert
Wikipedia - Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS -- 1975 exploitation film by Don Edmonds
Wikipedia - I Marine Expeditionary Force -- military unit of the United States Marine Corps
Wikipedia - Immediately-invoked function expression
Wikipedia - Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition -- 1914-1917 expedition to Antarctica
Wikipedia - Implicate and explicate order -- Ontological concepts for quantum theory
Wikipedia - Implicit and explicit atheism
Wikipedia - Implicit bias training -- Programs to expose implicit bias and eliminate discriminatory behaviors
Wikipedia - Import-Export Clause -- Article I, M-BM-' 10, clause 2 of the United States Constitution
Wikipedia - Impossible differential cryptanalysis -- Form of differential cryptanalysis for block ciphers that exploits differences that cannot occur
Wikipedia - Impostor syndrome -- Psychological pattern of doubting one's accomplishments and fearing being exposed as a "fraud"
Wikipedia - Improvised explosive device -- Unconventionally produced bombs
Wikipedia - Imran Amed -- Canadian-British entrepreneur and fashion expert
Wikipedia - Incident pit -- Conceptual model for explaining incident development and recovery
Wikipedia - Inclusive management -- Pattern of practices by public managers that facilitate the inclusion of public employees, experts, the public, and politicians
Wikipedia - Indecent exposure -- Public indecency involving nudity of some sort
Wikipedia - Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority -- UK Parliament expenses oversight body
Wikipedia - Indian Express Limited -- Indian News publishing company
Wikipedia - Indians in Qatar -- Expatriate and ethnic community
Wikipedia - Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act -- Zimbabwean legislation for expropriation of foreign-owned companies
Wikipedia - Indigenous Defence Equipment Exporters Association -- Indian government agency
Wikipedia - Indo Defence Expo & Forum -- Biannual defense industry trade fair in Jakarta, Indonesia
Wikipedia - Indonesians in the Philippines -- Expatriates and immigrants from Indonesia residing in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Inducer -- Molecule that regulates gene expression
Wikipedia - Ineffability -- Something that cannot or should not be expressed in spoken words
Wikipedia - Inequality (mathematics) -- Mathematical relation expressed by symbols < or M-bM-^IM-$
Wikipedia - Ines Camilloni -- Argentinean scientist, climate change expert
Wikipedia - Inexpressible Island -- Island of Antarctica
Wikipedia - Inference to the best explanation
Wikipedia - Inline expansion
Wikipedia - Inner Circular Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Inner Experience -- 1943 book by Georges Bataille
Wikipedia - Innocence + Experience: Live in Paris -- 2016 concert video by U2
Wikipedia - Innocence + Experience Tour -- Concert tour by U2 in 2015
Wikipedia - Instalaza -- Spanish explosives manufacturer
Wikipedia - Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics -- Research institute at Brown University
Wikipedia - Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Wikipedia - Institute of Experimental Medicine
Wikipedia - Institute of Physics Michael Faraday Medal and Prize -- Award for outstanding contributions to experimental physics
Wikipedia - Institutional memory -- A collective set of facts, concepts, experiences and knowledge held by a group of people
Wikipedia - Instructional theory -- Theory that offers explicit guidance on how to better help people learn and develop
Wikipedia - Instrumentum regni -- The exploitation of religion by State or ecclesiastical polity as a means of controlling the masses
Wikipedia - Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Philippines -- Traditions and living expressions that are passed down from generation to generation within a particular community
Wikipedia - Intelligence explosion
Wikipedia - Intentionally blank page -- Page that is devoid of content and may be unexpected
Wikipedia - Intercity-Express
Wikipedia - Intercity Express -- German state-owned high-speed rail system
Wikipedia - Inter-city rail -- Express passenger train services that cover longer distances than commuter or regional trains
Wikipedia - Interjection -- Word or expression used to express an emotion or sentiment
Wikipedia - Interleukin -- Group of cytokines (secreted proteins and signal molecules) that were first seen to be expressed by white blood cells
Wikipedia - Interlinear gloss -- Explanatory matter inserted between a line of original text and its translation
Wikipedia - Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle -- A re-entry vehicle prototype by ESA for the development of the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle
Wikipedia - Intermediate luminosity optical transient -- explosive astronomical event
Wikipedia - Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty -- Expired agreement between the USA and USSR (later Russia) on nuclear arms control
Wikipedia - Intermittent explosive disorder
Wikipedia - International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
Wikipedia - International expansion of Netflix -- Expansion of Netflix
Wikipedia - International Indian Ocean Expedition -- A large scale multinational hydrographic survey of the Indian Ocean which took place from 1959 to 1965.
Wikipedia - International Lunar Resources Exploration Concept -- Lunar exploration concept
Wikipedia - International Megan's Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders -- American federal law
Wikipedia - International Press Institute World Press Freedom Heroes -- Individuals who have been recognized by the Vienna-based International Press Institute for "significant contributions to the maintenance of press freedom and freedom of expression
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 10
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 11 -- 2013 version of Internet Explorer
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 1
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 2
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 3
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 4 -- Web browser of Microsoft
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 5.0
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 5
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 6
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 7
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 8
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer 9
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer for Mac OS X -- Web browser by Microsoft from 1996 to 2003
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer for Mac
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer for UNIX -- Web browser by Microsoft for UNIX systems
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer Mobile
Wikipedia - Internet Explorer
Wikipedia - Interpretations of quantum mechanics -- Set of statements which attempt to explain how quantum mechanics informs our understanding of nature
Wikipedia - Intertidal zone -- Area of coast exposed only at low tide
Wikipedia - Int. Exposition Metro Station (Mashhad Metro) -- Mashhad Metro station
Wikipedia - In the Labyrinth (supplement) -- Fantasy tabletop role-playing game rules expansion
Wikipedia - Intrinsic value (animal ethics) -- The value a sentient being confers on itself by desiring its own lived experience as an end in itself
Wikipedia - Introductory diving -- Non-certification scuba diving experience
Wikipedia - Introductory scuba experience -- Non-certification scuba diving experience
Wikipedia - Invagination (philosophy) -- Term in philosophy to explain a special kind of metanarrative
Wikipedia - Invasion of the Cape Colony -- British military expedition in 1795 against the Dutch Cape Colony at the Cape of Good Hope
Wikipedia - Investor -- Person who allocates capital with the expectation of a financial return
Wikipedia - In Walked Love -- 1994 single by Expose
Wikipedia - Iosu Exposito -- Spanish musician
Wikipedia - Iosu Expsito
Wikipedia - IP Flow Information Export -- Internet Protocol Flow Information Export
Wikipedia - Iron Man Experience
Wikipedia - Irrational number -- Real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of integers
Wikipedia - Isaac Weld -- Irish explorer
Wikipedia - Isabel Burton -- English writer, explorer and adventurer
Wikipedia - Isabel de Urquiola -- 19th-century Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Isabella Bird -- British explorer (1831-1904)
Wikipedia - Isabelle Eberhardt -- 19th-century Swiss explorer and author
Wikipedia - Island Eastern Corridor -- Expressway in Eastern District, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Ispat Express -- Indian Railways train Kolkata to Titlagarth
Wikipedia - Israel Exploration Journal -- Journal
Wikipedia - Israel Export Institute -- Israeli government agency
Wikipedia - Israeli expropriation of Palestinian springs in the West Bank -- The expropriation of springs in the Israeli-occupied West Bank
Wikipedia - Is the glass half empty or half full? -- Common expression regarding optimism or pessimism
Wikipedia - Ivan Kupreyanov -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Izu-JM-EM-+kan Expressway -- Road in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
Wikipedia - Jabalpur-Santragachi Humsafar Express -- Fast express train of the Indian Railways
Wikipedia - Jackie Akhavan -- British chemist; expert in the chemistry of explosives
Wikipedia - Jackie-O Motherfucker -- American experimental rock group
Wikipedia - Jackie Ronne -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Jacksonville Expressway Authority -- Former Florida road and tolls and bridge authority
Wikipedia - Jacobi-Anger expansion -- An expansion of exponentials of trigonometric functions in the basis of their harmonics
Wikipedia - Jacques Cartier -- French explorer
Wikipedia - Jacques Mahu -- Dutch explorer
Wikipedia - Jai Hind -- salutation used to express patriotism in India
Wikipedia - Jaime Levy -- American interface designer and user experience strategists
Wikipedia - Jaisalmer-Lalgarh Express -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Jamais vu -- Phenomenon of experiencing a situation that one recognizes in some fashion, but nonetheless seems very unfamiliar
Wikipedia - James Charles Critchell-Bullock -- British soldier and explorer (1898-1953)
Wikipedia - James Clark (XML expert)
Wikipedia - James Cook -- 18th-century British explorer
Wikipedia - James Dolan (computer security expert) -- American computer security expert, co-developed SecureDrop
Wikipedia - James Hall (explorer)
Wikipedia - James Hutton -- Scottish geologist, physician, chemical manufacturer, naturalist, and experimental agriculturalist
Wikipedia - James Knight (explorer) -- English explorer and HBC director
Wikipedia - James P. Delgado -- American maritime archaeologist, explorer and author
Wikipedia - James Robertson (explorer) -- Explorer and pioneer, born 1742
Wikipedia - James Wordie -- Scottish polar explorer and geologist
Wikipedia - Jamie Hyneman -- Former-TV show host and special effects expert
Wikipedia - Jane Stephens -- Irish zoologist, expert on sponges
Wikipedia - Janet Conrad -- American experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Janet Russell Perkins -- American botanist and explorer (1853-1933)
Wikipedia - Jan van Ryen -- Dutch explorer
Wikipedia - Jan Wiegers -- Dutch expressionist painter
Wikipedia - Japan Amusement Expo -- Annual trade fair for amusement arcade products
Wikipedia - Japan Animator Expo -- Series of animated short films
Wikipedia - Japanese Antarctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Japanese folklore -- Folk traditions of Japan, expressed in oral traditions, customs, and material culture
Wikipedia - Japanese honorifics -- Explanation, uses of Japanese honorifics
Wikipedia - Japanese human experimentations
Wikipedia - Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1874) -- Punitive expedition
Wikipedia - Jason Bordoff -- American energy policy expert
Wikipedia - Jatari Indian Folk Association -- A Hungarian musical group exploring South American indigenous music
Wikipedia - JAXA Astronaut Corps -- Japanese space exploration unit
Wikipedia - Jaya Baloo -- Dutch cybersecurity expert
Wikipedia - Jean Baptiste Charbonneau -- American explorer, guide, fur trapper, and military scout
Wikipedia - Jean Dybowski -- French agronomist and explorer (1856-1928)
Wikipedia - Jean-Francois-Marie de Surville -- 18th-century French explorer and merchant captain
Wikipedia - Jean Louis Marie Poiret -- French clergyman, botanist, and explorer (1755-1834)
Wikipedia - Jeanne Smith -- Expert on sickle cell anemia
Wikipedia - Jeannette expedition -- Failed 19th-century polar expedition
Wikipedia - Jean-Pierre Pury -- Swiss explorer
Wikipedia - Jean Victor de Bruijn -- Dutch district officer, soldier, explorer
Wikipedia - Jennie Darlington -- Canadian explorer
Wikipedia - Jennifer Price -- Archaeologist, glass expert
Wikipedia - Jeremy Zawodny -- MySQL expert
Wikipedia - Jesse Handsley -- Able Seamen,Antarctic explorer
Wikipedia - Jessie Pavelka -- American fitness expert and television host
Wikipedia - Jesus H. Christ -- Expletive interjection referencing religious figure Jesus Christ
Wikipedia - Jhalawar City-Shri Ganganagar Superfast Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Jiayou -- Chinese expression of support
Wikipedia - Jim Bridger -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Jim Wigginton -- U.S. Marine and explorer
Wikipedia - Jiujiang Yangtze River Expressway Bridge -- Bridge in People's Republic of China
Wikipedia - JM-EM-^Mban Expressway -- A national expressway connecting the Tokyo and Sendai metropolitan areas in eastern Japan.
Wikipedia - Jnaneswari Express train derailment -- 2010 train accident in India
Wikipedia - Joanna Rutkowska -- Polish hacker and computer security expert
Wikipedia - Joao Afonso do Estreito -- Portuguese sailor and explorer
Wikipedia - Joao Cabral -- Portuguese missionary and explorer
Wikipedia - Joao da Gama -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao da Nova -- Portuguese-Galician explorer
Wikipedia - Joao de Lisboa -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao de Santarem -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao de Sa -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao Fernandes (explorer) -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao Fernandes Lavrador -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao Goncalves Zarco -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao Infante -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Joao M-CM-^Alvares Fagundes -- Portuguese explorer and shipowner
Wikipedia - Joao Vaz Corte-Real -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Jocelyn Monroe -- American experimental particle physicist
Wikipedia - Jochen Hasenmayer -- German cave diver and explorer
Wikipedia - Jody Bunting -- Diet & Fitness Expert
Wikipedia - Johan Ernst Nilson -- Swedish explorer
Wikipedia - Johannes Rebmann -- German missionary and African explorer
Wikipedia - John Batman -- Australian settler and explorer
Wikipedia - John Benjamin Charles Dore -- Carrier, tourist operator, government agent, explorer, guide
Wikipedia - John Brady (showman) -- Australian whip cracking expert
Wikipedia - John C. Fremont -- United States Army general and explorer
Wikipedia - John Cunningham (explorer)
Wikipedia - John Curran (Agatha Christie expert) -- Irish literary scholar and archivist
Wikipedia - John Davis (explorer) -- English explorer and navigator
Wikipedia - John Forbes Watson -- Scottish physician and expert on India (1827-1892)
Wikipedia - John Franklin -- British Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer
Wikipedia - John Gilbert (naturalist) -- English naturalist and explorer
Wikipedia - John Horgan (psychologist) -- Irish political psychologist and terrorism expert
Wikipedia - John Innes Kane -- American explorer, scientist, philanthropist
Wikipedia - John J. Pershing -- Commanding general of the American Expeditionary Force in World War I
Wikipedia - John King (explorer) -- Irish soldier and Australian explorer
Wikipedia - John Kirk (explorer) -- British physician, naturalist and administrator
Wikipedia - John Lederer -- German explorer
Wikipedia - John Lloyd Stephens -- American explorer, writer, and diplomat
Wikipedia - Johnny Jones Exposition -- Traveling railroad show
Wikipedia - Johnny Long -- American computer security expert
Wikipedia - John Palliser -- Irish-born British explorer
Wikipedia - John Rae (explorer) -- Scottish explorer
Wikipedia - John Rolfe -- 17th-century English explorer
Wikipedia - John Rut -- English explorer
Wikipedia - John Sandon -- British expert on ceramics and glass
Wikipedia - John Smith (explorer) -- English soldier, explorer, writer (1580-1631)
Wikipedia - John Walter Gregory -- British geologist and explorer
Wikipedia - John Williams Gunnison -- 19th-century American explorer
Wikipedia - Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group
Wikipedia - Joint Photographic Experts Group -- Non-profit organisation
Wikipedia - Joint Photography Experts Group
Wikipedia - Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience -- Concert film directed by Bruce Hendricks
Wikipedia - Jon Callas -- American computer security expert
Wikipedia - Jorge de Menezes -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Jose Antonio Exposito -- Spanish Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Josephine Culbertson -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Josephine Diebitsch Peary -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Joseph La France -- Fur trader and explorer of Canada
Wikipedia - Joseph Rock -- Austrian-American explorer
Wikipedia - Joseph Saumarez Smith -- British entrepreneur, journalist, and gambling expert
Wikipedia - Joseph Vandevelde -- Belgian soldier and explorer
Wikipedia - Jose Samanez -- Peruvian explorer
Wikipedia - Josh Gates -- American explorer and television host
Wikipedia - Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry -- Academic journal
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Biology
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Botany
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Psychology
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Psychopathology -- Peer-reviewed journal focused on psychopathology
Wikipedia - Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Wikipedia - Journal of Experiments in Fluid Mechanics -- Journal
Wikipedia - Journal of Scientific Exploration
Wikipedia - Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment -- Peer-reviewed scientific journal
Wikipedia - Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Wikipedia - JS Asuka -- Experimental ship ship Asuka
Wikipedia - JS Kurihama -- Experimental ship ship Kurihama
Wikipedia - Juan Bautista de Anza -- Basque explorer and governor
Wikipedia - Juan de Fuca -- Greek explorer in service of Spain
Wikipedia - Juan de Salazar de Espinosa -- Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Juan Jose Perez Hernandez -- Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Juan Pardo (explorer) -- Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Juan Ponce de Leon -- 16th-century Spanish explorer and conquistador
Wikipedia - Juan Rejon -- Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo -- Portuguese or Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Judith Miller (antiques expert) -- Scottish antiques expert, writer, and broadcaster
Wikipedia - Julius Popper -- Argentinian explorer
Wikipedia - Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer
Wikipedia - Just-so story -- Unverifiable narrative explanation
Wikipedia - Kabul Express -- 2006 film directed by Kabir Khan
Wikipedia - Kahuna -- Hawaiian word for expert in a profession
Wikipedia - KaikM-EM-^M ROV -- Japanese remotely operated underwater vehicle for deep sea exploration
Wikipedia - Kaisatsuko -- Experimental musical instrument
Wikipedia - Kalinin K-7 -- 1933 heavy experimental aircraft by Konstantin Kalinin
Wikipedia - Kalka-Barmer Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Kalyani Expressway
Wikipedia - Kampala-Jinja Expressway -- Road in Uganda
Wikipedia - Kam Yuen -- Martial arts expert
Wikipedia - Kandyan Wars -- British Army expeditionary campaigns
Wikipedia - Kan-etsu Expressway -- National expressway in Japan
Wikipedia - Kansas City Explorers -- World TeamTennis team that played at the Barney Allis Plaza in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Wikipedia - Kansas Expocentre -- Arena in Topeka, Kansas
Wikipedia - Kanyakumari-Mumbai Express -- Express service between Kanyakumari and Mumbai
Wikipedia - Kapiti Expressway -- Road in New Zealand
Wikipedia - Karen Miga -- American genomics expert
Wikipedia - Kariba Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Karl Ley -- British Army soldier and bomb disposal expert
Wikipedia - Karl von den Steinen -- German explorer
Wikipedia - Karl von Scherzer -- Austrian explorer and natural scientist
Wikipedia - Karl Weyprecht -- Austrian explorer
Wikipedia - Karnaugh map -- graphical method to simplify Boolean expressions
Wikipedia - Karyn Turner -- American martial art expert
Wikipedia - Kashi Patna Jan Shatabdi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Kate Nation -- English experimental psychologist
Wikipedia - Kate Watkins -- Experimental psychologist
Wikipedia - Kathryn Grove Shipp -- American organic chemist, specialising in explosives
Wikipedia - Katy Croff Bell -- American marine explorer
Wikipedia - Katy Payne -- Expert on animals' communication
Wikipedia - Kavi Guru Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Kawasaki Route -- A route of the Shuto Expressway in Kanagawa
Wikipedia - Kawtar Hafidi -- Moroccan-American experimental nuclear physicist
Wikipedia - Kazakhstan man-in-the-middle attack -- State-actor security exploit by the government of Kazakhstan
Wikipedia - KDPM (Cleveland) -- Former experimental shortwave radio station in Cleveland, Ohio
Wikipedia - KE2XCC -- Former experimental radio station in Alpine, New Jersey
Wikipedia - Ken-M-EM-^L Expressway -- External toll-access ring road, numbered as C4, around Tokyo, Japan
Wikipedia - Kennedy Expressway -- Highway in Illinois
Wikipedia - Kenneth Button -- British transport expert
Wikipedia - Kenneth William Donald -- British expert on underwater and exercise physiology.
Wikipedia - Kentaro Iwata -- Japanese physician and infectious diseases expert at Kobe University
Wikipedia - Kerala Express -- Indian Railways train
Wikipedia - Keren Elazari -- Cybersecurity expert
Wikipedia - Kernel (set theory) -- Equivalence relation expressing that two elements have the same image under a function
Wikipedia - Kerplunk experiment -- Experiment conducted on rats
Wikipedia - Kessleria inexpectata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - KEXP-FM -- Public radio station in Seattle
Wikipedia - Keyhole Markup Language -- Notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based maps
Wikipedia - Keyword (linguistics) -- Word which occurs in a text more often than we would expect to occur by chance alone
Wikipedia - Khajuraho-Hazrat Nizamuddin Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express -- Indian railway service
Wikipedia - Khandesh Express -- Indian express train route
Wikipedia - Kiev Expedition (1018)
Wikipedia - Kikokushijo -- Japanese expatriates who are partly or wholly educated outside of Japan
Wikipedia - Killingworth locomotives -- Early experimental steam locomotives
Wikipedia - Kim Hughes (British Army soldier) -- British Army bomb disposal expert
Wikipedia - Kimi Takesue -- Experimental filmmaker
Wikipedia - Kim Sunmin -- South Korean health care expert
Wikipedia - King Champion Sounds -- Experimental post-punk free jazz band
Wikipedia - Kiss -- Touch with the lips, usually to express love or affection, or as a greeting
Wikipedia - Kita-Kobe Route -- expressway in HyM-EM-^Mgo Prefecture, Japan
Wikipedia - Kite experiment -- Science experiment on lightning and electricity
Wikipedia - Kleene star -- Unary operation on sets of strings, used in regular expressions for "zero or more repetitions"
Wikipedia - Kleptocracy -- Government with exploitative rulers who seek to extend their personal wealth and power
Wikipedia - KlM-CM-$nge -- 1912 book by the Russian expressionist artist Wassily Kandinsky
Wikipedia - Knowledge argument -- Thought experiment
Wikipedia - Knowledge -- Familiarity, awareness, or understanding of information or skills acquired through experience or education
Wikipedia - Knytt Underground -- 2D adventure-exploration game
Wikipedia - Kobe Route -- Expressway connecting the Osaka and Kobe areas
Wikipedia - Kobe-Yamate Route -- expressway in HyM-EM-^Mgo Prefecture, Japan
Wikipedia - Kolb's experiential learning
Wikipedia - Kolkata-Jogbani Express -- Train of India
Wikipedia - Komatsugawa Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Kon-Tiki expedition -- 1947 journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands
Wikipedia - Korea Express Air -- Airline of South Korea
Wikipedia - Korean Destroyer eXperimental -- Shipbuilding program by the Republic of Korea Navy.
Wikipedia - Korea Train Express -- South Korean high-speed rail system
Wikipedia - Kota Bharu-Kuala Krai Expressway -- Road in Malaysia
Wikipedia - Kovai Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Krishak Express -- Indian Railways train
Wikipedia - K-Space (band) -- British-Siberian experimental music ensemble
Wikipedia - KSR Bengaluru-Nagercoil Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - KTU (band) -- Finnish-American progressive/experimental musical supergroup
Wikipedia - Kumaun Express -- Passenger Train in India
Wikipedia - Kunle Falodun -- Media expert from Nigeria
Wikipedia - Kyiv Boryspil Express -- Ukrainian railway airport rail link
Wikipedia - Kylie Moore-Gilbert -- Australian-British academic and expert on Islamic studies
Wikipedia - Kyrgyz Express Post -- Postal company in Kyrgyzstan
Wikipedia - La Belle (ship) -- One of Robert de La Salle's four ships when he explored the Gulf of Mexico
Wikipedia - Laboratoires Expanscience -- French pharmaceutical company
Wikipedia - Laboratory experiments of speciation
Wikipedia - Laboratory school -- School designed to facilitate experimentation and development in education
Wikipedia - Laboratory -- Facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.
Wikipedia - Lachnocnema inexpectata -- Species of butterfly
Wikipedia - Lady Franklin Bay Expedition
Wikipedia - Lady tasting tea -- Famous randomized experiment
Wikipedia - Lagrange inversion theorem -- Formula for the Taylor series expansion of the inverse function of an analytic function
Wikipedia - Lahore International Expo Centre -- Convention centre in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Wikipedia - Lake Express -- Ferry company across Lake Michigan
Wikipedia - Lamar Dixon Expo Center -- Multi-purpose event center in Gonzales, Louisiana
Wikipedia - Lambda expressions
Wikipedia - Land expropriation in the West Bank -- Israeli practices in seizing Palestinian owned land in the West Bank
Wikipedia - Land mine -- Explosive weapon, concealed under or on the ground
Wikipedia - Landscape Express -- CAD software application
Wikipedia - Landscape limnology -- The spatially explicit study of lakes, streams, and wetlands as they interact with freshwater, terrestrial, and human landscapes to determine the effects of pattern on ecosystem processes across temporal and spatial scales
Wikipedia - Language acquisition device -- Hypothetical module proposed by Noam Chomsky to explain children's ability to acquire language
Wikipedia - Language deprivation experiments
Wikipedia - Language-for-specific-purposes dictionary -- Dictionary that intends to describe a variety of one or more languages used by experts within a particular subject field
Wikipedia - Laplace expansion -- Expression of a determinant in terms of minors
Wikipedia - La Recherche Expedition -- Scientific expedition to the North Atlantic, Scandinavian islands and arctic between 1838-1840
Wikipedia - Largest artificial non-nuclear explosions -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Large strategic science missions -- Series of NASA missions to explore the Solar System
Wikipedia - Larocque's expedition to Yellowstone River -- Canadian expedition to the Yellowstone River
Wikipedia - Larry Gladney -- American experimental particle physicist and cosmologist
Wikipedia - Last voyage of the Karluk -- 1913 loss of flagship of the Canadian Arctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Latvian Wikipedia Marathon -- 2015 project to expand the Latvian Wikipedia
Wikipedia - Laughter -- Expression of amusement
Wikipedia - Laura Wattenberg -- American name expert, entrepreneur, and author
Wikipedia - Laurel-Burtonsville Express Line -- Bus route
Wikipedia - Laurence de la Ferriere -- French climber, explorer and Antarctic specialist
Wikipedia - Laurence Waddell -- British explorer, professor, amateur archaeologist and surgeon
Wikipedia - Lava -- Molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption
Wikipedia - Lawrence Ward (serjeant-at-arms) -- British security expert
Wikipedia - Laws of exponents
Wikipedia - Leads and lags -- Expediting or delaying of foreign exchange payments due to an expected change in exchange rates
Wikipedia - Learning cycle -- A concept of how people learn from experience
Wikipedia - Learning Express Toys -- American specialty toy, game and book retailer
Wikipedia - Learning -- Any process in an organism in which a relatively long-lasting adaptive behavioral change occurs as the result of experience
Wikipedia - Leaves of Grass -- Expansive Walt Whitman poetry collection
Wikipedia - Lee Eun-sook -- South Korean breast cancer expert
Wikipedia - Lee Krasner -- American abstract expressionist painter (1908-1984)
Wikipedia - Lee Roy Selmon Expressway -- Highway in Florida
Wikipedia - Lee v Ashers Baking Company Ltd and others -- Northern Ireland, UK discrimination, and freedom of speech and religious expression, legal case
Wikipedia - Legend of Diego Salcedo -- Semi-legendary Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Lego House (Billund) -- Lego experience centre in Billund, Denmark
Wikipedia - Leif Erikson Day -- Annual observance on October 9 in honor of the Norse explorer Leif Erikson
Wikipedia - Leif Erikson -- 10th century Norse explorer
Wikipedia - Leigh Bishop -- Diver known for shipwreck exploration and photography
Wikipedia - Leigh Vial -- Australian explorer
Wikipedia - Leipzig Human Rights Award -- Honor given by the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA, which recognizes "efforts towards human rights and freedom of expression in the USA" and actions against what the organization refers to as "human rights violations by the totalitarian Scientology.
Wikipedia - Lens space -- 3-manifold that is a quotient of SM-BM-3 by M-bM-^DM-$/p actions: (z,w) M-bM-^FM-& (exp(2M-OM-^@i/p)z, exp(2M-OM-^@iq/p)w)
Wikipedia - Leo Express -- Czech railway and bus company
Wikipedia - LeperKhanz -- Californian experimental music group
Wikipedia - LeRoy Apker -- American experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Lester Gertrude Ellen Rowntree -- American botanist, botanical collector, taxonomist and explorer
Wikipedia - Let expression
Wikipedia - Let Me Explain, Dear -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Let's Play Gaming Expo -- Annual gaming convention in Irving, Texas, US
Wikipedia - Letterbook of Explorers' Journals -- Collection of reports of exploration in Western Australia
Wikipedia - Lewis and Clark Exposition gold dollar -- Commemorative United States coin
Wikipedia - L'Expression de Mamy-Wata -- Weekly satirical newspaper published in Cameroon
Wikipedia - L'Express
Wikipedia - Leyland brothers -- Australian explorers
Wikipedia - LHCb experiment -- Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider
Wikipedia - Liberating Expedition of Peru -- Military forces assembled by revolutionary forces during the Spanish American Wars of Independence
Wikipedia - Lidia Brito -- Mozambiquan forestry expert and engineer
Wikipedia - Lidio Cipriani -- Italian explorer
Wikipedia - Lie Exposed -- 2019 Canadian drama film
Wikipedia - Lie product formula -- formula of matrix exponentials
Wikipedia - Lie-to-children -- A simplified explanation of technical or complex subjects as a teaching method for children and laypeople
Wikipedia - Life expectancy -- Measure of average lifespan in a given population
Wikipedia - Lifelike experience
Wikipedia - Lifeline Express -- Hospital train run by the Impact India Foundation
Wikipedia - Lightfastness -- Ability of a colorant or material to withstand change due to light exposure
Wikipedia - Lightning Express (professional wrestling) -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - Light therapy -- Treatment for seasonal affective disorder or exposure of the skin to specific wavelengths of light
Wikipedia - Like button -- Communication software feature used to express support
Wikipedia - Limestone pavement -- A natural karst landform consisting of a flat, incised surface of exposed limestone
Wikipedia - Lincoln Laboratory's Experimental Test Site
Wikipedia - Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem -- On algebraic independence of exponentials of linearly independent algebraic numbers over Q
Wikipedia - Lion Express -- Indian Hindi daily newspaper
Wikipedia - Liouville's theorem (differential algebra) -- Says when antiderivatives of elementary functions can expressed as elementary functions
Wikipedia - Lippisch Delta IV -- 1936 experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Liquid Tension Experiment -- American progressive metal supergroup
Wikipedia - Lisbeth Gronlund -- American physicist and nuclear disarmament expert
Wikipedia - List of abbreviations in oil and gas exploration and production -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Air India Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Airphil Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Altamont Corridor Express stations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of American Experience episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of American painters exhibited at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of American sculptors exhibited at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of America West Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Antarctic expeditions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Antarctic exploration ships from the Heroic Age, 1897-1922 -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of antiques experts -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Arctic expeditions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Arctic exploration vessels -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by American Experience -- Awards received by the television series American Experience
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by Northern Exposure -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of breakout characters -- Fictional characters who became more popular than their creators expected
Wikipedia - List of centenarians (explorers) -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of chairmen of the Assembly of Experts -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chinese administrative divisions by exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Clarissa Explains It All episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Continental Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by aircraft and spacecraft exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by aircraft component exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by aluminium exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by automotive component exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by car exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by coffee exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by computer exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by copper exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by diamond exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by electricity exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by engine exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by exports per capita -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by gas turbine exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by gold exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by household final consumption expenditure per capita -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by integrated circuit exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by iron-ore exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by life expectancy
Wikipedia - List of countries by live animal exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by maize exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by military expenditure per capita -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by natural gas exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by net exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by net oil exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by oil exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by past military expenditure -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by pharmaceutical exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by raw cotton exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by refined petroleum exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by ship exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by spending on education (% of government expenditure) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by telecommunications equipment exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by telephone exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by total health expenditure per capita -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by truck exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by wheat exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Delta Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of diving hazards and precautions -- List of the hazards to which an underwater diver may be exposed, their possible consequences and the common ways to manage the associated risk
Wikipedia - List of Dora the Explorer episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Dora the Explorer home media releases -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of DuPont Experimental Station inventions -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Dutch explorations
Wikipedia - List of economic expansions in the United States -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of European regions by life expectancy -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of expansion operations and planning of the Axis powers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of expatriate Irish populations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of expatriate players who have played in KBO League -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of expeditions of Muhammad -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of experimental aircraft -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of experimental cat breeds -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of experimental errors and frauds in physics -- List article
Wikipedia - List of experimental television stations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of experimental women writers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of experiments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of explorations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Explorers Program missions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of explorers -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of explosions -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exponential topics -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Export Promotion Organisations in India -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Afghanistan -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Albania -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Algeria -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Andorra -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Australia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Brazil -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Canada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of China -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of France -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Germany -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of India -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Italy -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Japan -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Poland -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Romania -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Russia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of South Korea -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of Spain -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of the United Kingdom -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of exports of the United States -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of express bus routes in New York City -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of expressions related to death -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of ExpressJet Airlines destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of expressways and highways in Malaysia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of famous experiments
Wikipedia - List of female explorers and travelers -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of fictional astronauts (exploration of inner Solar System) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of fictional astronauts (exploration of outer Solar System) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of fictional astronauts (futuristic exploration of Moon) -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of French explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of fusion experiments -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Galaxy Express 999 episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of gardener-botanist explorers of the Enlightenment -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of German expressions in English -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of German states by exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of haunted attractions -- List of simulated horror experiences
Wikipedia - List of integrals of exponential functions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Intercity-Express lines in Germany -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Intercity-Express railway stations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of International Space Station expeditions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Internet Explorer add-ons -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Italian explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Japanese sexploitation films -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of keratins expressed in the human integumentary system -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of lost expeditions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of lunar craters named for space explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Manitoba expressways -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of maritime explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Metro Express (Los Angeles County) bus routes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Mir expeditions {{DISPLAYTITLE:List of ''Mir'' expeditions -- List of Mir expeditions {{DISPLAYTITLE:List of ''Mir'' expeditions
Wikipedia - List of Montreal Expos broadcasters -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Montreal Expos Opening Day starting pitchers -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive animated films -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive books and manuscripts -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive buildings -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive cars sold at auction -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive cities for expatriate employees -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive coins -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of most expensive divorces -- Most Expensive Divorces
Wikipedia - List of most expensive domain names -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of most expensive Finnish films -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive Indian artists -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of most expensive Indian films -- Wikimedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of most expensive photographs -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of most expensive video game acquisitions -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of motorways and expressways in New Zealand -- wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Mount Everest expeditions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of New Zealand places named by James Cook -- List of geographic locations named by explorer James Cook
Wikipedia - List of Northern Exposure characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Northern Exposure episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of NTHS Expressways -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of oil exploration and production companies -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ontario expressways -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation member states by exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of polar explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidents of India by previous experience -- Presidents of India by previous experience
Wikipedia - List of presidents of the Philippines by previous executive experience -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidents of the United States by previous experience -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Quebec television series imports and exports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Regional Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Regional Expressways of China -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Romanian explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Russian explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Salyut expeditions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of scattering experiments -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Sky Express (Greece) destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of species described by the Lewis and Clark Expedition -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Tales of the Unexpected episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of TAP Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of The Expanse episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of The Expendables characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of undersea explorers -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of underwater divers -- List of underwater divers whose exploits have made them notable.
Wikipedia - List of unexplained sounds -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of University of Oxford people in sport, exploration, and adventuring -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. Air Force acronyms and expressions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of US Airways Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. counties with longest life expectancy -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. counties with shortest life expectancy -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. states and territories by exports and imports -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. states and territories by life expectancy -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. states by changes in life expectancy, 1985-2010 -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Virgin Express destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of women artists exhibited at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of world expositions -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Lists of most expensive items by category -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Lists of space exploration milestones, 1957-1969 -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Little Albert experiment -- Experiment providing information on classical conditioning of human infantile subject
Wikipedia - Little Battlers Experience -- 2011 video game series
Wikipedia - Little Prayers and Finite Experience -- Book by Paul Goodman
Wikipedia - Little Saigon -- ethnic enclaves of expatriate Vietnamese in some cities
Wikipedia - Littlewood's law -- A person can expect to experience events with odds of one in a million at the rate of about one per month.
Wikipedia - Lived religion -- The beliefs, practices, and everyday experiences of religious and spiritual persons
Wikipedia - Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment -- The Planetary Society's contribution to the failed Fobos-Grunt mission (2011)
Wikipedia - Lizzie Post -- American writer and expert on modern manners
Wikipedia - Lloyd Expressway -- Highway in Indiana
Wikipedia - Loaisa expedition -- Castilian travel to Southeast Asia in the 16th century
Wikipedia - Local-express lanes -- Arrangement of carriageways within a major highway
Wikipedia - Lochs's theorem -- On the rate of convergence of the continued fraction expansion of a typical real number
Wikipedia - Lockheed Have Blue -- Experimental stealth aircraft
Wikipedia - Lockheed L-1249 Super Constellation -- Experimental four-engine turboprop military transport
Wikipedia - Lockheed Martin X-55 -- Experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Lockheed Martin X-59 QueSST -- Experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Lockheed X-17 -- Experimental three-stage solid-fuel research rocket to test the effects of high mach atmospheric reentry
Wikipedia - Lockheed X-7 -- Experimental aircraft to test ramjet engines and missile guidance technology
Wikipedia - Lockheed XF-104 Starfighter -- Experimental fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Lockheed XF-90 -- Experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Logarithm -- Inverse of the exponential function, which maps products to sums
Wikipedia - Logic Express
Wikipedia - Logistics (film) -- 2012 Swedish experimental art film
Wikipedia - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Allahabad Duronto Express -- Indian express train service
Wikipedia - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Puri Superfast Express (via Titlagarh) -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Longevity escape velocity -- Hypothetical situation in which life expectancy is extended longer than the time that is passing
Wikipedia - Long Expedition -- 1819 rebellion led by James Long
Wikipedia - Long-exposure photography -- Photography using a long-duration shutter speed
Wikipedia - Long March (rocket family) -- class of Chinese rockets with expendable launch systems
Wikipedia - Long-string instrument -- Experimental musical instrument
Wikipedia - Long-term experiment -- Experimental study on the empirical extraction of information over a long period
Wikipedia - Lonnie Dupre -- American contemporary Arctic explorer
Wikipedia - Loop Route -- loop expressway in central Osaka
Wikipedia - Lopes Goncalves -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Lorenzo G. Vidino -- Italian expert on Islamism in Europe and North America
Wikipedia - Lost Experience -- Alternate reality game
Wikipedia - Louis Antoine de Bougainville -- French admiral and explorer
Wikipedia - Louise Arner Boyd -- American explorer (1887-1972)
Wikipedia - Louis Hennepin -- Belgian explorer and missionary
Wikipedia - Louisiana Purchase Exposition gold dollar -- United States commemorative coin
Wikipedia - Louisiana Purchase Exposition -- 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis
Wikipedia - Louis Jolliet -- Explorer of North America
Wikipedia - Louis Royaux -- Belgian soldier and explorer
Wikipedia - Louisville sewer explosions -- Series of explosions that destroyed streets in Louisville, USA in 1981
Wikipedia - Love Express (2016 film) -- 2016 film by Rajiv Kumar Biswas
Wikipedia - Loyce Pace -- American public healthy policy expert
Wikipedia - LTV XC-142 -- Experimental military tilt-wing aircraft
Wikipedia - Luck -- Concept that defines the experience of notably positive, negative, or improbable events
Wikipedia - Lucy Lee-Robbins -- Expatriate American painter living in Paris
Wikipedia - Ludovico di Varthema -- Italian explorer
Wikipedia - Ludwig Kohl-Larsen -- German physician, anthropologist and explorer (1884-1969)
Wikipedia - Ludwig Meidner -- German expressionist artist (1884-1966)
Wikipedia - Luise Druke -- German international relations expert
Wikipedia - Luis Filcer -- Mexican Expressionist painter
Wikipedia - Luis Marden -- American photographer, explorer, writer, filmmaker, diver, navigator, and linguist
Wikipedia - Luis Vaz de Torres -- 16th- and 17th-century Galician maritime explorer
Wikipedia - Luminescence dating -- Form of dating how long ago mineral grains had been last exposed to sunlight or heating
Wikipedia - Luna-Glob -- Moon exploration programme by the Russian Federal Space Agency
Wikipedia - Lunar Laser Ranging experiment
Wikipedia - Lung overexpansion injury -- Injury to the lungs caused by excessive internal pressure
Wikipedia - Lusitanops expansus -- species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Luther Price -- American experimental filmmaker
Wikipedia - LUX (British film company) -- Distributor of experimental film
Wikipedia - Lu Zhi (conservationist) -- Giant panda expert and Chinese conservationist
Wikipedia - Lyapunov exponent
Wikipedia - Lynnwood Link extension -- Future light rail expansion in Snohomish County, Washington
Wikipedia - Lynx Vilden -- British primitive survival expert
Wikipedia - M-100 (explosive) -- Pyrotechnic device
Wikipedia - M.2 -- Form factor for solid-state drives and miniature expansion cards
Wikipedia - M3 (Cape Town) -- Expressway in Cape Town, South Africa, between the City Bowl to the Southern Suburbs
Wikipedia - M-80 (explosive) -- Pyrotechnic device
Wikipedia - Machado-Joseph disease -- Autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia that is characterized by slow degeneration of the hindbrain and has material basis in expansion of CAG triplet repeats (glutamine) in the ATXN3 gene
Wikipedia - Machine learning -- Scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform tasks without explicit instructions
Wikipedia - Macro Express
Wikipedia - MacWorld Conference > Expo
Wikipedia - Macworld Conference > Expo
Wikipedia - MacWorld Expo
Wikipedia - Macworld Expo
Wikipedia - Magadh Express -- Train running between New Delhi and Islampur
Wikipedia - Magazine (artillery) -- Place of storage for ammunition or other explosive material
Wikipedia - Magellan's circumnavigation -- 16th-century Spanish maritime expedition
Wikipedia - Magic Mountain (British Columbia) -- Hydrothermal vent field on the Southern Explorer Ridge, west of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Wikipedia - Mahabodhi Express -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express -- Sampark Kranti Express between Bandra and Nizamuddin
Wikipedia - Mahjongg (band) -- American experimental rock band
Wikipedia - MairM-CM-)ad Dunlevy -- Museum curator and Irish costume expert
Wikipedia - Major explorations after the Age of Discovery
Wikipedia - Maksim Perfilyev -- Cossack explorer
Wikipedia - Maksim Yakubets -- Ukrainian national and a computer expert
Wikipedia - Malachy Postlethwayt -- British commerce expert and lexicographer
Wikipedia - Malaspina Expedition 2010 -- An interdisciplinary research project to assess the impact of global change on the oceans and explore their biodiversity
Wikipedia - Malaspina Expedition -- A five-year maritime scientific exploration commanded by Alessandro Malaspina and JosM-CM-) de Bustamante y Guerra
Wikipedia - Malda Town-Jamalpur Intercity Express -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Malik Zahoor Ahmad -- Pakistani diplomat and Middle East expert
Wikipedia - MalM-CM-)v Express -- Hungarian airline
Wikipedia - Malthusian growth model -- Exponential growth based on a constant rate
Wikipedia - Mana Expedition to Easter Island -- Archaeological expedition
Wikipedia - Mancusi v. DeForte -- 1968 U.S. Supreme Court case establishing that a reasonable expectation of privacy can exist in the workplace
Wikipedia - Mandip Singh Soin -- Indian explorer and mountaineer
Wikipedia - Mandore Express -- Indian passenger train
Wikipedia - Manifest destiny -- Cultural belief of 19th century American expansionists
Wikipedia - Marathwada Sampark Kranti Express -- Sampark Kranti Express between Nanded and Nizamuddin
Wikipedia - Marco Polo -- Italian explorer and merchant noted for travel to central and eastern Asia
Wikipedia - Marcus Horatius Pulvillus -- late 6th century BC Roman politician involved in the expulsion of Rome's last king
Wikipedia - Marcus Hutchins -- British IT security researcher and expert
Wikipedia - Marek Kaminski -- Polish explorer and businessman
Wikipedia - Margareta Wahlstrom -- Swedish disaster relief expert
Wikipedia - Margaret Dorothea Vernon -- British experimental psychologist
Wikipedia - Margaret Hayden Rorke -- American color standards expert, actress, and suffragist
Wikipedia - Maria Pronchishcheva -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Maria Weigert Brendel -- German classical art expert
Wikipedia - Marie Byles -- 20th-century Australian lawyer, explorer and conservationist
Wikipedia - Marie-ThM-CM-)ophile Griffon du Bellay -- French, physician, naval surgeon, explorer and ethnobotanist
Wikipedia - Marihuana (1936 film) -- 1936 exploitation film directed by Dwain Esper
Wikipedia - Marina Coastal Expressway -- Expressway in Singapore
Wikipedia - Marine regression -- A geological process of areas of submerged seafloor being exposed above the sea level.
Wikipedia - Marjorie Shapiro -- American experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Mark Boslough -- Physicist with expertise in planetary impacts and global catastrophes
Wikipedia - Mark Okerstrom -- President and COO of Convoy, former president of the Expedia Group
Wikipedia - Mark So -- American experimental composer
Wikipedia - Mark Wood (explorer) -- British explorer
Wikipedia - Marlborough Express -- New Zealand newspaper
Wikipedia - MARS-500 -- Psychosocial isolation experiment conducted between 2007 and 2011 by Russia, the European Space Agency and China.
Wikipedia - Mars Astrobiology Explorer-Cacher -- A cancelled NASA Mars rover concept
Wikipedia - Mars Exploration Rover
Wikipedia - Mars Express -- European Mars orbiter
Wikipedia - Marshall Miles -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Marsh Chapel Experiment
Wikipedia - Marshmallow experiment
Wikipedia - Martha Mitchell effect -- Labelling real experiences as delusional
Wikipedia - Martian Moons Exploration -- A planned sample-return mission by Japan to Phobos
Wikipedia - Martim Soares Moreno -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Martin Alonso Pinzon -- Spanish explorer, oldest of the Pinzon brothers
Wikipedia - Martin Daly (captain) -- Captain of the Indies Trader during its surf exploration trips
Wikipedia - Martin Fackler -- American Army officer, surgeon, and wound ballistics expert
Wikipedia - Martin von Baumgarten -- German explorer
Wikipedia - Marty Bergen (bridge) -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Marxist explanations of warfare
Wikipedia - Mary Bagot Stack -- Irish health and fitness expert
Wikipedia - Mary Caponegro -- American experimental fiction writer
Wikipedia - Mary E. Reuder -- American experimental psychologist, statistician
Wikipedia - Mary Killen -- etiquette expert
Wikipedia - Mary Kingsley -- English ethnographer, scientific writer and explorer
Wikipedia - Mary Moffat Livingstone -- Wife of explorer David Livingstone
Wikipedia - Mashallah -- Arabic phrase to express appreciation, joy, praise, or thankfulness
Wikipedia - Massacre (experimental band) -- American experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Master Instructor -- A certificate given in recognition of a minimum level of experience in training divers after certification as a Diving Instructor, issued by PADI and SSI
Wikipedia - Matariki -- Maori expression
Wikipedia - Materials Adherence Experiment -- 1997 science experiment conducted on Mars
Wikipedia - Mathematical expression
Wikipedia - MathML -- Format for expressing mathematical formulae
Wikipedia - Matrix-exponential distribution
Wikipedia - Matrix exponential
Wikipedia - Matsubara Route -- Expressway in Osaka, Japan
Wikipedia - Matt Graham (Scrabble) -- American comedian and Scrabble expert
Wikipedia - Matthew Henson -- American explorer (1866-1955)
Wikipedia - Matthias Marschik -- Austrian cultural studies scholar, media expert and sport historian
Wikipedia - Mattie Mitchell -- MiM-bM-^@M-^Ykmaq chieftain, guide & explorer
Wikipedia - Maurice's Balkan campaigns -- Military expeditions in the Balkans conducted by the Roman emperor Maurice (reigned 582-602) against the Avars and the Antae
Wikipedia - Maveli Express -- Express train service between Thiruvananthapuram Central and Mangalore Central
Wikipedia - Maven -- A trusted expert in a particular field
Wikipedia - Max Cosyns -- Belgian physicist and explorer
Wikipedia - Max Herrmann-Neisse -- German expressionist writer
Wikipedia - Maximum parsimony (phylogenetics) -- Optimality criterion in which the shortest possible tree that explains the data is considered best
Wikipedia - Maxwell's demon -- Thought experiment of 1867
Wikipedia - May 2017 Kabul bombing -- Car bomb explosion in the centre of Afghanistan, killing 100+ people
Wikipedia - Maybe Monday -- American experimental music group
Wikipedia - May De Silva -- Seychellois management expert
Wikipedia - Mayfair Exponential Game System
Wikipedia - Mayiladuthurai-Coimbatore Jan Shatabdi Express -- Jan Shatabdi Express between Mayiladuthurai and Coimbatore
Wikipedia - McBarge -- Former McDonald's floating restaurant at Expo 86 in Vancouver
Wikipedia - McClure Arctic expedition
Wikipedia - McCook Field -- US Army airfield and aviation experimentation station in Dayton, OH in use 1917-27
Wikipedia - McDonnell XF-85 Goblin -- Experimental parasite fighter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Alvar NuM-CM-1ez Cabeza de Vaca -- Spanish explorer of the New World
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Alvaro Martins -- 15th-century Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Vzlem Tureci -- Researcher, biotechnology expert and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch -- 2000 single by The Clark Family Experience
Wikipedia - Mechanical explanations of gravitation
Wikipedia - Medhat Haroun -- Egyptian-American expert on earthquake engineering
Wikipedia - Medical expenses
Wikipedia - Medical experimentation
Wikipedia - Medical explanations of bewitchment -- Reported symptom of bewitchment
Wikipedia - Meditation on Violence -- 1949 experimental short film
Wikipedia - Meeting engagement -- Unexpected military combat
Wikipedia - Megachile expleta -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile inexpectata -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Mega Man (1990 video game) -- 1990 action-platform video game published by Hi Tech Expressions and Capcom
Wikipedia - Megasthenes -- Ancient Greek ethnographer and explorer
Wikipedia - Meguma terrane -- A terrane exposed in southern Nova Scotia
Wikipedia - Mehr Express -- Pakistani passenger train
Wikipedia - Meissner effect -- Expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor during its transition to the superconducting state
Wikipedia - Mekong expedition of 1866-1868 -- 19th century exploration and scientific expedition of the Mekong River
Wikipedia - Melchor Diaz -- Spanish explorer
Wikipedia - Melodic expectation
Wikipedia - Melvin Goodman -- American national security and intelligence expert
Wikipedia - M-EM-^Lmiya Route -- expressway in the Greater Tokyo area
Wikipedia - M-EM-^LsakakM-EM-^M Route -- expressway in the Osaka area
Wikipedia - Memtransistor -- Experimental multi-terminal electronic component
Wikipedia - Men Explain Things to Me
Wikipedia - Mental model -- Explanation of someone's thought process about how something works in the real world
Wikipedia - Mercantilism -- Economic policy emphasizing exports
Wikipedia - Mere exposure effect
Wikipedia - Mere-exposure effect
Wikipedia - Meritocracy -- Political system in which capital is assigned on the basis of expertise
Wikipedia - Meriwether Lewis -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Merlin Express -- Airline of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Merrimack Valley gas explosions -- Dangerous multi-site fires from gas 13-09-2018
Wikipedia - Meselson-Stahl experiment
Wikipedia - Meshach Browning -- American pioneer, hunter and explorer (1781-1859)
Wikipedia - Messerschmitt P.1092 -- German experimental aircraft project
Wikipedia - Metamaterials: Physics and Engineering Explorations -- Book by Nader Engheta
Wikipedia - Metanarrative -- A theory that gives comprehensive interpretation to events or experiences based on a claim of universal truth
Wikipedia - Method (Experience Design Firm) -- Design firm with offices in San Francisco, New York City, and London
Wikipedia - Metric expansion of space
Wikipedia - Metroliner (train) -- Former express train between Washington, D.C., and New York City
Wikipedia - Metronome (film) -- 2002 experimental short film
Wikipedia - Metropolitan Filmexport -- French film distribution company
Wikipedia - Mexican music in Chile -- Music and musical traditions of Mexico expressed in Chile
Wikipedia - Mexico City fireworks disaster -- 1988 explosion and fire in Mexico City
Wikipedia - Mexploitation
Wikipedia - M-expression
Wikipedia - M-FM-^Q/8 and be there -- Expression used by photographers
Wikipedia - Michael Findlay (art expert) -- Art dealer and author residing in New York City
Wikipedia - Michael Jackson: The Experience -- 2010's game
Wikipedia - Michael Jackson (writer) -- beer and whisky expert
Wikipedia - Michael Mandelbaum -- American foreign policy expert and professor
Wikipedia - Michael Spender -- English explorer
Wikipedia - Microdosing -- Drug experimentation technique
Wikipedia - Microexpressions
Wikipedia - Microexpression
Wikipedia - Microsoft Expression Web
Wikipedia - Microsoft Internet Explorer
Wikipedia - Microsoft Live Labs Pivot -- Data exploration tool by Microsoft
Wikipedia - Microsoft Visual Studio Express
Wikipedia - Midcourse Space Experiment -- Space telescope
Wikipedia - Mid-Day Scot -- British express passenger train service
Wikipedia - Midy's theorem -- On decimal expansions of fractions with prime denominator and even repeat period
Wikipedia - Mier expedition -- American military operation
Wikipedia - Miguel Corte-Real -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Mihailesti explosion -- 2004 Romanian fertilizer truck accident
Wikipedia - Mike Lawrence (bridge) -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Mikhail Lazarev -- 19th-century Russian fleet commander and explorer
Wikipedia - Mikoyan-Gurevich I-75 -- Experimental interceptor designed by Mikoyan-Gurevich
Wikipedia - MilesExperience -- Filipino rock band
Wikipedia - Miles Yu -- U.S. government official, policy strategist, Chinese American expert on China
Wikipedia - Milgram Experiment
Wikipedia - Milgram experiment -- Series of social psychology experiments
Wikipedia - Miller-Urey experiment -- Chemical experiment that simulated conditions on the early Earth and tested the origin of life
Wikipedia - Mimika expedition -- Dutch anthropological expedition
Wikipedia - Mina Benson Hubbard -- Canadian explorer
Wikipedia - Minced oath -- Euphemistic expression
Wikipedia - Mindfulness -- Meditation practice to bring one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment
Wikipedia - Mind-wandering -- The experience of thoughts not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time
Wikipedia - Mineral exploration
Wikipedia - Mineral rights -- Property rights to exploit an area for the minerals
Wikipedia - Mines in the Battle of Messines (1917) -- Detonation of explosives by British forces
Wikipedia - Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment -- Government ministry of Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Minus Eighty Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS -- Experiment storage freezer for the ISS
Wikipedia - Minusheet perfusion culture system -- System used for advanced cell culture experiments
Wikipedia - Mirabilis expansa -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Miracle -- An event not explicable by natural or scientific laws
Wikipedia - Misato Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Mission 31 -- An undersea expedition organized by Fabien Cousteau in the undersea laboratory Aquarius in the Florida Keys, scuba diving to collect scientific data and IMAX footage
Wikipedia - Mission 66 -- Program to dramatically expand National Park Service visitor services
Wikipedia - MIT Daedalus -- Experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Mitigation banking -- Preservation, enhancement, restoration or creation of a wetland, stream, or habitat conservation area to offset expected degradation of a nearby area
Wikipedia - Mitsuzawa Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
Wikipedia - Mixture of experts
Wikipedia - Mobile computing -- Human-computer interaction in which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage
Wikipedia - Mockbuster -- A movie created with the intention of exploiting the publicity of another major motion picture with a similar title or subject
Wikipedia - Models of communication -- Conceptual model used to explain the human communication process
Wikipedia - Modernization theory -- Explanation for the process of modernization within societies
Wikipedia - Modified 5th Naval Armaments Supplement Programme -- Japanese armaments expansion plan
Wikipedia - Modular exponentiation
Wikipedia - Module:Effective protection expiry
Wikipedia - Moist desquamation -- Moist shedding of the skin following radiation exposure
Wikipedia - Mojave Experiment
Wikipedia - Mole fraction -- The proportion of a constituent to the total amount of all constituents in a mixture, expressed in mol/mol
Wikipedia - Mollie Hughes -- British sports adventurer and explorer
Wikipedia - Monas Hieroglyphica -- Esoteric symbol and explanatory text
Wikipedia - -- British consumer finance information and discussion website
Wikipedia - Mongol invasions and conquests -- Series of expeditionary wars, invasions and conquests, resulting in the vast Mongol Empire
Wikipedia - Monica Kristensen SolM-CM-%s -- Norwegian explorer
Wikipedia - Monique Marie Chouraeshkenazi -- American-Jewish author, professor, researcher, and homeland/national security expert
Wikipedia - Monitored Emergency Use of Unregistered and Investigational Interventions -- Ethical protocol to evaluate the potential use of experimental drugs in the event of public health emergencies
Wikipedia - Monument -- Type of structure either explicitly created to commemorate a person or important event
Wikipedia - Moon Express
Wikipedia - Moral explanation
Wikipedia - Moral realism -- Position that ethical sentences express propositions that refer to objective features of the world
Wikipedia - Morea expedition -- French invasion of the Peloponnese
Wikipedia - Moriguchi Route -- Expressway in Osaka, Japan
Wikipedia - Morningstar Air Express -- Canadian cargo airline
Wikipedia - Morogoro tanker explosion -- Road fuel tanker explosion in Tanzania
Wikipedia - Morris the Explainer -- American film industry term
Wikipedia - Mortar (weapon) -- Artillery weapon that launches explosive projectiles at high angles
Wikipedia - Mortimer McCarthy -- Polar explorer
Wikipedia - Mosun Belo-Olusoga -- Nigerian financial expert
Wikipedia - Mothercare -- British retail of products for expectant mothers
Wikipedia - Motion Picture Experts Group
Wikipedia - Motto -- Short sentence expressing a motivation
Wikipedia - Mountain guide -- Mountaineering expert who guides travellers or other mountaineers on their path
Wikipedia - Mount Everest reconnaissance from Nepal -- Post-WWII expeditions prior to first ascent
Wikipedia - Mount Underwood -- (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
Wikipedia - Moving magnet and conductor problem -- Thought experiment in physics
Wikipedia - Moving Picture Experts Group -- alliance of working groups to set standards for multimedia coding
Wikipedia - Moynihan Train Hall -- Expansion of New York Penn Station (opened 2021)
Wikipedia - Mrs Chippy -- Cat who accompanied Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Mr. Todd's Experiment -- Play by Walter C. Hackett
Wikipedia - Mu2e -- particle physics experiment
Wikipedia - Muhammad 'Abid al-Sindi -- Hanafi jurist and hadith expert
Wikipedia - Mukden Incident -- Railway explosion in Mukden (Shenyang) staged by the Japanese military
Wikipedia - Mukojima Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - MultiDimensional eXpressions
Wikipedia - Multidimensional Expressions
Wikipedia - Multi expression programming
Wikipedia - Multiple exposure -- Superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image
Wikipedia - Multiple inert gas elimination technique -- Medical technique for measuring the concentrations of various infused, inert gases in mixed venous blood, arterial blood, and expired gas
Wikipedia - Mumbai Rajdhani Express -- Rajdhani Express between New Delhi and Mumbai
Wikipedia - Munchhausen trilemma -- A thought experiment used to demonstrate the impossibility of proving any truth
Wikipedia - Mungo Park (explorer) -- Scottish naturalist and explorer of the African continent
Wikipedia - Murali Chemuturi -- Indian software development expert
Wikipedia - Murder on the Orient Express (2017 film) -- 2017 film by Kenneth Branagh
Wikipedia - Murder on the Orient Express -- 1934 Poirot novel by Agatha Christie
Wikipedia - Museo de la Exploracion Rudolph Amandus Philippi -- Museum in Valdivia, Chile
Wikipedia - Museo Experimental El Eco -- Art gallery in Mexico City
Wikipedia - Mushroom cloud -- Mushroom-shaped flammagenitus cloud of debris/smoke resulting from a large or nuclear explosion
Wikipedia - Music Express -- Amusement ride
Wikipedia - Music theatre -- Experimental performance genre
Wikipedia - Mustafa Azemmouri -- Moroccan explorer
Wikipedia - MV Indies Trader -- Surf exploration vessel, owned by Martin Daly
Wikipedia - MV Salem Express {{DISPLAYTITLE:MV ''Salem Express'' -- MV Salem Express {{DISPLAYTITLE:MV ''Salem Express''
Wikipedia - MV Salem Express
Wikipedia - MyLifeBits -- Life-logging experiment, 2001-
Wikipedia - Myron Avery -- American lawyer, hiker and explorer
Wikipedia - Myrtle Driver Johnson -- American Cherokee language expert
Wikipedia - Mystical experiences
Wikipedia - Mystical experience
Wikipedia - Mysticism -- Practice of religious experiences during alternate states of consciousness
Wikipedia - Mysuru-Renigunta Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - My two cents -- Idiomatic expression for expressing an unsolicited opinion
Wikipedia - My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected -- Japanese light novel series
Wikipedia - Nadia Heninger -- American cryptographer, computer security expert
Wikipedia - Naini Doon Jan Shatabdi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Nain Singh -- Pundit who explored the Himalayas for the British
Wikipedia - Naleszkiewicz JN 1 -- Polish experimental tailless sailplane
Wikipedia - Nansen's Fram expedition -- 1893-1896 attempt by Fridtjof Nansen to reach the North Pole
Wikipedia - Naomi Sager -- Computational linguistics expert
Wikipedia - Narcissistic number -- Integer expressible as the sum of the (number of digits)th power of each of its digits
Wikipedia - Narita Express -- Train from Narita airport to stations in Tokyo
Wikipedia - NASA Paresev -- An experimental NASA glider using the Rogallo airfoil
Wikipedia - NASA X-43 -- Unmanned US experimental hypersonic aircraft, 2001-2004
Wikipedia - NASA X-57 Maxwell -- experimental plane being developed by NASA
Wikipedia - Nashville SC -- Major League Soccer expansion franchise that began play in 2020
Wikipedia - Nasrollah Khadem -- An Iranian geological expert
Wikipedia - Natalie Roe -- Experimental particle physicist
Wikipedia - Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth -- American explorer and inventor
Wikipedia - Nathaniel P. Langford -- American explorer, businessman, historian and vigilante
Wikipedia - National Center on Sexual Exploitation -- American organization
Wikipedia - National Center on Time & Learning -- Boston-based non-profit dedicated to expanded learning time
Wikipedia - National Express East Anglia -- Former East Anglian train operating company
Wikipedia - National Express East Coast -- UK train operating company
Wikipedia - National Express West Midlands -- A British bus operator in the West Midlands, England
Wikipedia - National Geographic Explorer
Wikipedia - National Instant Criminal Background Check System -- U.S. system for determining if prospective firearms or explosives buyers are eligible to buy
Wikipedia - National Institute for Health Research -- Research and expert organisation in health and care in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - National memory -- Form of collective memory defined by shared experiences and culture
Wikipedia - National School Sailing Association -- NSSA promotes sailing as part of the educational experience of young people
Wikipedia - National Security Space Launch -- Expendable launch system program of the United States Space Force
Wikipedia - National Speleological Society -- Organization for exploration, conservation, and study of caves in the United States
Wikipedia - Natural experiments
Wikipedia - Natural experiment
Wikipedia - Natural exponential family
Wikipedia - Nazi exploitation
Wikipedia - Nazi human experimentation -- Unethical experiments on human subjects by Nazi Germany in its concentration camps
Wikipedia - Near-birth experience -- Alleged recollected event which occurred before or during one's own birth
Wikipedia - Near-death experience (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - Near death experiences
Wikipedia - Near death experience
Wikipedia - Near-death experience -- Personal experiences associated with impending death
Wikipedia - Neelachal Express -- Train route in India
Wikipedia - Negativland -- American experimental music group
Wikipedia - Neighbours: The Explosion -- Storyline from the Australian soap opera Neighbours
Wikipedia - Nellai Superfast Express -- Superfast train between Chennai Egmore and Tirunelveli
Wikipedia - Neo-expressionism
Wikipedia - NE Train -- Experimental Japanese train
Wikipedia - Nevertheless, she persisted -- Feminist expression
Wikipedia - Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker -- Expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights
Wikipedia - Nevsky Express -- Russian express train
Wikipedia - Newcomb's paradox -- Thought experiment
Wikipedia - New Copenhagen -- 17th-century expansion of Copenhagen, Denmark
Wikipedia - Newfield Exploration -- Former energy company; acquired by Encana
Wikipedia - New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Wikipedia - New Laws -- laws intended to prevent the exploitation and mistreatment of the indigenous peoples of the Americas
Wikipedia - New London School explosion -- Explosion at London School, New London, Texas
Wikipedia - New Objectivity -- 1920s German art movement against expressionism
Wikipedia - New People (Cambodia) -- Civilian Cambodians exploited by the Khmer Rouge
Wikipedia - New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Wikipedia - NEXPSPACE
Wikipedia - NEXPTIME
Wikipedia - NEXP
Wikipedia - Nickajack Expedition -- Battle between American frontiersmen and the Chickamauga Cherokee; also known as the "Last Battle of the Cherokee"
Wikipedia - Nicolas Baudin -- French explorer
Wikipedia - Nicolas de Ovando -- Spanish explorer, colonial governor
Wikipedia - Nicolau Coelho -- Portuguese navigator and explorer
Wikipedia - Nigel Williams (conservator) -- British conservator and expert on the restoration of ceramics and glass (1944-1992)
Wikipedia - Nigerian Coal Corporation -- Government parastatal corporation responsible for exporting coal
Wikipedia - Nigerian Customs Service -- Authority agency Nigeria responsible for export and import and anti-smuggling of goods in the country boarder
Wikipedia - Nigger in the woodpile -- Expression indicating something suspicious or wrong
Wikipedia - NikkM-EM-^M (train) -- Japanese limited express train service
Wikipedia - Nikolai Petrusevich -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Nikolay Przhevalsky -- Russian soldier, explorer, and geographer
Wikipedia - Nile Expedition -- Failed rescue mission
Wikipedia - Nili Cohen -- Israeli professor and legal expert
Wikipedia - Nimrod Expedition -- First of three Antarctic expeditions led by Ernest Shackleton
Wikipedia - Nina Tryggvadottir -- Abstract expressionist artist (1913-1968)
Wikipedia - Nion in the Kabaret de La Vita -- Canadian experimental short film directed by Jeremy Podeswa
Wikipedia - Nirenberg and Leder experiment
Wikipedia - Nirenberg and Matthaei experiment
Wikipedia - Nishi-Osaka Route -- Expressway in Osaka, Japan
Wikipedia - Nitrate -- Type of ion, commonly found in explosives and fertilisers
Wikipedia - No. 49 Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosive Wing -- CBRN Wing of Sri Lanka Air Force
Wikipedia - No. 7 Air Experience Flight RAF -- Air Cadets air experience flight
Wikipedia - NOAAS Okeanos Explorer Gulf of Mexico 2017 Expedition -- The first of three expeditions on the NOAAS Okeanos Explorer intended to increase the understanding of the deep-sea environment in the Gulf of Mexico
Wikipedia - NOAAS Okeanos Explorer Gulf of Mexico 2018 Expedition -- The final of three expeditions on the NOAAS Okeanos Explorer intended to increase the understanding of the deep-sea environment in the Gulf of Mexico
Wikipedia - NOAAS Okeanos Explorer -- An exploratory vessel for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Wikipedia - Noble train of artillery -- Expedition led by Henry Knox that dragged artillery through the snow in order to fortify Dorchester Heights and besiege Boston
Wikipedia - Nocturnal Doubling -- 2004 experimental short film
Wikipedia - No Decompression Limit -- Depth-time exposure limit for which no decompression stops are required
Wikipedia - Noise rock -- Experimental rock music mixed with noise
Wikipedia - Nominal fallacy -- Logical fallacy equating naming something with explaining it
Wikipedia - Non-apology apology -- Statement in the form of an apology that does not express remorse
Wikipedia - Non Expedit
Wikipedia - Non-explosive reactive armor -- Vehicle armor
Wikipedia - Non-human primate experiments
Wikipedia - No problem -- English expression, used as a response to thanks
Wikipedia - Norge (airship) -- Italian polar-expedition airship
Wikipedia - Norman D. Vaughan -- American dogsled driver and explorer
Wikipedia - Norman Elder -- Explorer, author, artist and equestrian
Wikipedia - Norna Robertson -- Professor of experimental physics
Wikipedia - North American Numbering Plan expansion -- Proposals to provide for more telephone numbers
Wikipedia - North American X-10 -- Experimental missile to test design features of the SM-64 Navaho missile
Wikipedia - North Atlantic Craton -- An Archaean craton exposed in southern West Greenland, the Nain Province in Labrador, and the Lewisian complex in northwestern Scotland
Wikipedia - Northern Expedition -- Kuomintang military campaign
Wikipedia - Northern Exposure -- American comedy-drama television series
Wikipedia - Northern Ireland fiscal deficit -- Portion of public expenditure in Northern Ireland not covered by local tax revenue
Wikipedia - North Express -- 1947 Finnish thriller film
Wikipedia - North International Expo Center station -- Station
Wikipedia - North Luzon Expressway -- Major controlled-access highway in the Philippines
Wikipedia - North Pacific Exploring and Surveying Expedition -- A United States scientific and exploring project from 1853 to 1856.
Wikipedia - Northrop N-1M -- American experimental flying wing
Wikipedia - Northrop X-4 Bantam -- Experimental small twin jet airplane
Wikipedia - Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet -- Experimental fighter intercepter aircraft by Northrop
Wikipedia - North-South Expressway northern route -- Major interstate expressway in Malaysia
Wikipedia - Norwegian Archaeological Expedition to Easter Island -- Archaeological expedition
Wikipedia - Norwegian Authors Union Freedom of Expression Prize -- Annual prize for writing
Wikipedia - Nothing comes from nothing -- Expression of a thesis first argued by Parmenides
Wikipedia - NOTS-EV-2 Caleb -- U.S. military expendable launch system
Wikipedia - Nottingham Express Transit -- Light-rail tramway in Nottingham, England
Wikipedia - Nouvelle ExpM-CM-)rience -- Cirque du Soleil show
Wikipedia - Nova -- Nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star
Wikipedia - Novel Coronavirus Expert Meeting -- Japanese advisory body
Wikipedia - Novelty (locomotive) -- Early experimental locomotive
Wikipedia - Nuclear diving -- Diving in an environment where there is a risk of exposure to radioactive materials
Wikipedia - Nuclear electromagnetic pulse -- Effect of a nuclear explosion on electronic equipment, and its use as a weapon
Wikipedia - Nuclear explosion -- Explosion that occurs as a result of rapid release of energy from a nuclear reaction (fission or fusion)
Wikipedia - Nuclear power in space -- Space exploration using nuclear energy
Wikipedia - Nuclear weapons testing -- Experiments carried out to determine the effectiveness, yield, and explosive capability of nuclear weapons
Wikipedia - Nuclear weapons tests in Australia -- List of atomic weapons exploded in Australia
Wikipedia - Nuclear weapon -- Explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions
Wikipedia - Nucleic acid structure determination -- experimental process
Wikipedia - Null-subject language -- Language whose grammar permits an independent clause to lack an explicit subject
Wikipedia - Numeral system -- Notation for expressing numbers
Wikipedia - Numinous experience
Wikipedia - Nunatak -- Exposed, often rocky element of a ridge, mountain, or peak not covered with ice or snow within an ice field or glacier
Wikipedia - Nurse with Wound -- British experimental band
Wikipedia - NVM Express -- Interface used for connecting storage devices
Wikipedia - Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View
Wikipedia - Observer-expectancy effect -- An experiment participant altering their behaviour in response to a researcher's expectation
Wikipedia - Occupational exposure banding -- Process to assign chemicals into categories corresponding to permissible exposure concentrations
Wikipedia - Occupational exposure limit -- Upper limit on the acceptable concentration of a hazardous substance
Wikipedia - Occupational hazards associated with exposure to human nail dust
Wikipedia - Occupational hazard -- Hazard experienced in the workplace
Wikipedia - Ocean color -- Explanation of the colour of oceans and ocean colour radiometry
Wikipedia - Ocean exploration -- Part of oceanography describing the exploration of ocean surfaces
Wikipedia - Ocean Network Express -- Singaporean container shipping company
Wikipedia - Ocean Worlds Exploration Program -- A NASA program for the exploration of water worlds in the Solar System
Wikipedia - Odakyu 3000 series SE -- Limited express electric multiple unit of Odakyu Electric Railway and M-EM-^Ligawa Railway
Wikipedia - Odd radio circle -- unexplained circular astronomical object detected only by radio waves
Wikipedia - Odeum Expo Center -- Convention center in Illinois, United States
Wikipedia - Office of Ocean Exploration and Research -- US government scientific agency
Wikipedia - Ohio Expo Center and State Fairgrounds -- Event venue in Columbus, Ohio
Wikipedia - Oil and gas exploration
Wikipedia - Oil drop experiment -- Experiment to measure elementary electric charge
Wikipedia - Oil exploration
Wikipedia - OK Soda -- Experimental soft drink
Wikipedia - Olav Bjaaland -- 20th-century Norwegian polar explorer
Wikipedia - Olga Fedchenko -- Russian botanist, explorer and artist
Wikipedia - Olha a Explosao -- 2016 funk paulista song
Wikipedia - Oliver Keith Baker -- American experimental particle physicist
Wikipedia - Olivia Troye -- American National Security expert
Wikipedia - Olivier Brunel -- Dutch merchant and explorer
Wikipedia - OLPC XO -- Inexpensive subnotebook computer intended to be distributed to children in developing countries around the world
Wikipedia - Olympics Triplecast -- 1992 experimental pay-per-view telecast of Olympic events in the United States
Wikipedia - Omid Kokabee -- Iranian experimental laser physicist
Wikipedia - Omnibus Judgeship Act of 1978 -- U.S. law expanding the federal judiciary
Wikipedia - ONO (band) -- experimental music group
Wikipedia - On Orbit Mission Control -- PicoSat experiment
Wikipedia - On the Road to Timbuktu: Explorers in Africa -- 1999 documentary film by Jean-Claude Lubtchansky
Wikipedia - Onufriy Stepanov -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - O/OREOS -- NASA nanosatellite with 2 astrobiology experiments on board
Wikipedia - Open field (animal test) -- An experimental animal test
Wikipedia - Openness to experience
Wikipedia - Open Orthodoxy -- Form of Judaism that emphasizes intellectual openness, a spiritual dimension, a broad concern for all Jews, and a more expansive role for women
Wikipedia - Operating temperature -- Temperature range in which the equipment is expected to function reliably
Wikipedia - Operation Nanook (1946) -- Arctic expedition by the US Navy in 1946
Wikipedia - Operation Windmill -- US Navy Antarctica expedition
Wikipedia - Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment -- Long-term variability sky survey
Wikipedia - Optimism bias -- Cognitive bias that causes someone to believe that they themselves are less likely to experience a negative event
Wikipedia - Oracle Application Express
Wikipedia - Oran Exposition -- 1930 French colonial exposition in Oran, Algeria
Wikipedia - Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex -- Proposed Russian space station
Wikipedia - OrbitBeyond -- Lunar exploration company
Wikipedia - Ordered exponential field -- ordered field with a function generalizing the exponential function
Wikipedia - Ordre National des Experts Comptables et Comptables AgrM-CM-)M-CM-)s du SM-CM-)nM-CM-)gal -- Professional organization of accountants in Senegal
Wikipedia - OREOcube -- ESA experiment investigating effects of cosmic radiation on organic compounds
Wikipedia - Oreoluwa Lesi -- Nigerian, UK trained economist and IT expert
Wikipedia - Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
Wikipedia - Organoleptic -- Aspects of food experienced through the senses
Wikipedia - Orhan DragaM-EM-! -- Serbian expert and writer
Wikipedia - Orient Express (1927 film) -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - Orient Express (1934 film) -- 1934 film by Paul Martin
Wikipedia - Orient Express (1944 film) -- 1944 film
Wikipedia - Orient Express -- A luxury passenger train service, originally between Paris and Constantinople (Istanbul)
Wikipedia - Oromo migrations -- 16-17th century northerly expansions of Oromo people in Ethiopia
Wikipedia - Otto Celera 500L -- Experimental high performance light aircraft
Wikipedia - Otto Lindner -- German engineer and explorer
Wikipedia - Otto von Kotzebue -- Russian naval officer and explorer
Wikipedia - Outer Ring Road, Patna -- Proposed expressway in India
Wikipedia - Outer Ring Road, Trivandrum -- Ring road expressway around capital city of Trivandrum, Kerala
Wikipedia - Outlaw Express -- Film directed by George Waggner
Wikipedia - Outline of space exploration
Wikipedia - Outlook Express
Wikipedia - Out-of-body experiences
Wikipedia - Out of body experience
Wikipedia - Out-of-body experience -- A phenomenon in which the soul (astral body) is said to exit the physical body
Wikipedia - Out of left field -- US slang expression
Wikipedia - Outrunner -- Type of BLDC motor whose rotor is exposed and forms the outer shell of the motor; the shell moves (spins) during operation
Wikipedia - Outward Bound -- International educational organization, originally British; creator of outdoor experiences
Wikipedia - Overexploitation -- Depleting a renewable resource
Wikipedia - Overlap (term rewriting) -- Situation in which there are contradictory ways of reducing a mathematical expression
Wikipedia - Overthrow of the Roman monarchy -- Political revolution (traditionally 509 BC) which expelled the last king of Rome and established the Roman Republic
Wikipedia - Oxyhydrogen -- Explosive mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases
Wikipedia - P53 (band) -- Experimental music group
Wikipedia - Packard X-2775 -- Experimental aircraft engine
Wikipedia - Palamu Express -- express train
Wikipedia - P. Allen Smith -- American TV host, designer, and gardening expert
Wikipedia - Palnadu Express -- Superfast express train in India
Wikipedia - Pam Allyn -- American literacy expert and author
Wikipedia - Panama Canal Expansion
Wikipedia - Panama-Pacific International Exposition -- 1915 world's fair held in San Francisco, California, United States
Wikipedia - Pancho Villa Expedition -- United States military operation
Wikipedia - Panchvati Express -- Indian superfast train between Mumbai and Manmad
Wikipedia - PandaX -- dark matter detection experiment
Wikipedia - Pan Island Expressway -- Road in Singapore
Wikipedia - Panjandrum -- British experimental rocket-propelled explosive cart of WW2
Wikipedia - PAN (record label) -- Experimental music record label (e. 2008)
Wikipedia - Panvel-Hazur Sahib Nanded Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Paradise Express -- 1937 film by Joseph Kane
Wikipedia - Paradoxical laughter -- Exaggerated expression of humour
Wikipedia - Parallel programming model -- Abstraction of parallel computer architecture, with which it is convenient to express algorithms and their composition in programs
Wikipedia - Parametrization (geometry) -- Expression of the position of a point as a function of auxiliary variables called parameter
Wikipedia - Paraphilia -- Experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, or individuals
Wikipedia - Parasocial interaction -- Psychological relationship experienced by an audience in their mediated encounters with performers in the mass media
Wikipedia - Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation -- Charitable organisation in England and Wales
Wikipedia - Paris syndrome -- Tourist experience of being overwhelmed by finally visiting Paris
Wikipedia - Park Express Stakes -- Flat horse race in Ireland
Wikipedia - Parkinson's law -- Work expands to fill the time available
Wikipedia - Parnall Prawn -- Experimental flying boat
Wikipedia - Parsing expression grammar -- Type of grammar for describing formal languages
Wikipedia - Parthian shot -- Expert mounted archery while fleeing
Wikipedia - Patina -- Change of object's surface through age and exposure
Wikipedia - Patna-Bhabua Road Intercity Express (via Gaya) -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Patriot Express -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Pat Yang -- Chinese-American rural education development expert
Wikipedia - Paul Bourdarie -- French explorer
Wikipedia - Paul Lamford -- Welsh gaming and gambling expert, author, publisher, and company director
Wikipedia - Paulo da Gama -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Paul Poberezny -- United States aviator, founder of Experimental Aircraft Association
Wikipedia - Pawnee Warrior -- Light experimental helicopter
Wikipedia - PCI Express -- Computer expansion bus standard
Wikipedia - Peak experiences
Wikipedia - Peak experience
Wikipedia - peak experience
Wikipedia - Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise -- 2016 book by K. Anders Ericsson
Wikipedia - Pechino Express -- Television series
Wikipedia - Pedro de Sintra -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Pedro M-CM-^Alvares Cabral -- Portuguese explorer (15th and 16th centuries)
Wikipedia - Pedro MenM-CM-)ndez de AvilM-CM-)s -- Spanish explorer and governor
Wikipedia - Peer support -- When people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other
Wikipedia - Peking Express (film) -- 1951 film
Wikipedia - Peninsula Expressway (Cape Town) -- Proposed road in South Africa
Wikipedia - Penitential Psalms -- Psalms expressive of sorrow for sin
Wikipedia - Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center -- Expo center in Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Penny Arcade Expo
Wikipedia - People Express Airlines (2010s) -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - PEPCON disaster -- 1988 explosion and fire at a Nevada chemical plant
Wikipedia - Percentage -- Number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100
Wikipedia - Percussion cap -- A gunlock mechanism that uses a small metallic cap or cup, usually of copper or brass, containing a shock-sensitive explosive compound that is struck by a hammer to initiate the ignition process of a caplock firearm
Wikipedia - Performing arts -- Art forms in which the body is used to convey artistic expression
Wikipedia - Perfumer -- Expert on creating perfume compositions
Wikipedia - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions -- Software library for interpreting regular expressions
Wikipedia - Permissible exposure limit
Wikipedia - Persecution of black people in Nazi Germany -- Experiences of black people in Germany under the rule of the Nazis
Wikipedia - Persecution of Jews and Muslims by Manuel I of Portugal -- Expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Portugal
Wikipedia - Persian Gulf campaign of 1809 -- British naval expedition against the Al-Qasimi family
Wikipedia - Personal budget -- Finance plan that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings and debt repayment
Wikipedia - Personal experience
Wikipedia - Petar Skok -- Croatian linguist and onomastics expert
Wikipedia - Peter Gaddum -- Expert in silk production
Wikipedia - Petroleum geology -- The study of the origin, occurrence, movement, accumulation, and exploration of hydrocarbon fuels
Wikipedia - Petsamo expeditions -- Finnish attempts to annex Petsamo in 1918 and 1920
Wikipedia - PF-00446687 -- Experimental erectile dysfunction drug
Wikipedia - Phantasiai -- Concept in Hellenistic philosophy representing information from sense experience
Wikipedia - Phenomenology (archaeology) -- In archaeology, use of sensory experiences to view and interpret an archaeological site or cultural landscape
Wikipedia - Phenomenology of religion -- Experiential aspect of religion
Wikipedia - Phenomenology (psychology) -- Psychological study of subjective experience
Wikipedia - Philadelphia Experiment -- Urban legend about a supposed US Naval experiment in 1943
Wikipedia - Phil Coy -- English artist and experimental filmmaker
Wikipedia - Philip Agee -- Former CIA officer; author; expatriate American
Wikipedia - Philippe DiolM-CM-) -- French author and undersea explorer
Wikipedia - Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea -- Philippine contingent of the UN forces during the Korean War
Wikipedia - Phil Nuytten -- Canadian deep-ocean explorer, scientist, and inventor of the Newtsuit
Wikipedia - Philodrill -- Publicly-listed petroleum exploration company in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Philosophical Explanations -- 1981 book by Robert Nozick
Wikipedia - Philosophical Explorations
Wikipedia - Philosophical razor -- Principle or rule of thumb that allows one to eliminate unlikely explanations for a phenomenon
Wikipedia - Philosophy of self -- Defines, among other things, the conditions of identity that make one subject of experience distinct from all others
Wikipedia - Phlegmatized explosive -- Explosive mixed with a stabilization or desensitization agent
Wikipedia - PH meter -- Instrument that indicates acidity or alkalinity in water-based solutions, expressed as pH
Wikipedia - Phono-semantic matching -- Multi-source neologism preserving both the meaning and the approximate sound of the source-language expression
Wikipedia - Phrases from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- Explanation of phrases from the book by Douglas Adams
Wikipedia - Phreaking -- Studying, experimenting with, and exploring telecommunication systems, often with the goal of making free calls
Wikipedia - Phreatic eruption -- Volcanic eruption caused by an explosion of steam
Wikipedia - Physics beyond the Standard Model -- Theories attempting to explain the deficiencies of the Standard Model, Quantum field theory and general relativity
Wikipedia - Physics of roller coasters -- Explanation of forces acting on roller coasters
Wikipedia - Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism -- Organization for the international promotion of Piedmont, Italy
Wikipedia - Pierre Edmond Boissier -- Swiss botanist, explorer and mathematician (1810-1885)
Wikipedia - Pilot experiment
Wikipedia - Pineapple Express -- A strong and persistent flow of moisture associated with heavy precipitation from the waters near the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific coast of North America
Wikipedia - Pinzon brothers -- Spanish sailors, pirates, explorers and fishermen
Wikipedia - Piper Alpha -- Oil platform destroyed by explosion and fire in 1988
Wikipedia - Place (Reddit) -- Online social experiment on Reddit
Wikipedia - Plank of Carneades -- Thought experiment proposed by Carneades of Cyrene
Wikipedia - Planning permission -- Government permission required for construction or expansion
Wikipedia - Plate glass university -- Group of universities established or expanded in the United Kingdom during the mid-twentieth century
Wikipedia - Playing doctor -- Juvenile exploratory play
Wikipedia - PlayStation Experience -- Annual event for the video game industry
Wikipedia - Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You -- 2019 Canadian short drama film
Wikipedia - Pleasure -- Broad class of mental states that humans and other animals experience as positive, enjoyable, or worth seeking
Wikipedia - Pleistocene Park -- Ecological experiment to make an Ice Age-Like Reserve
Wikipedia - Plenti -- Rewards program created by American Express
Wikipedia - Plestiodon inexpectatus -- Species of reptile
Wikipedia - PM-CM-*ro da Covilha -- Portuguese explorer and diplomat
Wikipedia - Pocket veto -- Veto that takes effect without explicit action
Wikipedia - Poe's law -- Confusion of parody and sincere expression
Wikipedia - Poisson's equation -- Expression frequently encountered in mathematical physics, generalization of Laplace's equation.
Wikipedia - Polar exploration -- Scientific exploration or research of arctic or antarctic regions
Wikipedia - Polaris expedition
Wikipedia - Polar Medal -- UK award for exceptional contribution to knowledge of polar regions and experienced their hazardous environments
Wikipedia - Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle -- Expendable system for launching satellites, developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation
Wikipedia - Politically exposed person -- Person with a prominent public function
Wikipedia - Polly Higgins -- Scottish advocate and expert in ecocide
Wikipedia - PollyVote -- Project is run by political science professors and forecasting experts
Wikipedia - Polonia-Express -- 1957 film
Wikipedia - POLYGON experiment -- An experiment in oceanography conducted in middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the 1970s
Wikipedia - Pontefract & Castleford Express -- Local British newspaper
Wikipedia - Pony Express Rider (1926 film) -- 1925 silent film
Wikipedia - Pony Express (TV series) -- Television series
Wikipedia - Pony Express -- 19th-century mail service in the US
Wikipedia - Poor door -- Separate entrance for those living in less expensive units of multifamily housing
Wikipedia - Poorvottar Sampark Kranti Express -- Indian Railway express train
Wikipedia - Popcorn -- variety of corn kernel which expands and puffs up when heated
Wikipedia - Popper's experiment
Wikipedia - Population explosion
Wikipedia - Pornographic magazine -- Magazines that contain content of an explicitly sexual nature
Wikipedia - Pornography -- Explicit portrayal of sexual acts and intercourse
Wikipedia - Portal:LGBT -- Wikipedia's portal for exploring content related to LGBT
Wikipedia - Portal:New South Wales -- Wikipedia's portal for exploring content related to New South Wales
Wikipedia - Portal:Outer space -- Wikipedia's portal for exploring content related to Outer space
Wikipedia - Portal:Schools -- Wikipedia's portal for exploring content related to Schools
Wikipedia - Portal:Transgender -- Portal for exploring content related to transgender people
Wikipedia - Portal:Viruses -- Wikipedia's portal for exploring content related to Viruses
Wikipedia - Port Chicago disaster -- 1944 explosion in California, United States
Wikipedia - Position effect -- Effect on the expression of a gene when its location in a chromosome is changed
Wikipedia - Positive end-expiratory pressure -- Pressure above atmospheric in the lungs at the end of expiration
Wikipedia - Positive psychology -- Scientific study of the positive aspects of the human experience that make life worth living
Wikipedia - Post-exposure prophylaxis -- Any preventive medical treatment started after exposure to a pathogen (such as a disease-causing virus), in order to prevent the infection from occurring
Wikipedia - Postgraduate Research Experience Survey -- Survey amongst British university graduates
Wikipedia - Post-transcriptional regulation -- Control of gene expression at the RNA level, between transcription and translation
Wikipedia - Post-traumatic stress disorder -- mental disorder that can develop after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying or life-threatening event
Wikipedia - Post-World War II economic expansion -- Long period of worldwide economic growth following World War II
Wikipedia - Potboiler -- Work of dubious artistic merit, whose purpose was to pay for the creator's daily expenses
Wikipedia - Poundage -- English import and export duty
Wikipedia - Powerama Motoring Expo -- Canadian auto show
Wikipedia - Powers of the president of the United States -- Powers explicitly granted by Article II of the United States Constitution to the president of the United States, powers granted by Acts of Congress
Wikipedia - Prambanan Express -- Indonesian commuter rail service
Wikipedia - Prayag Ghat-Kanpur Intercity Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Pre-exposure prophylaxis -- HIV prevention strategy using preventative medication for HIV-negative individuals
Wikipedia - Premium Residency -- Residence permit in Saudi Arabia grants expatriates
Wikipedia - Present value -- Economic concept denoting value of an expected income stream determined as of the date of valuation.
Wikipedia - Preventable fraction among the unexposed
Wikipedia - Priestly Code -- Body of laws expressed in the Torah which do not form part of the Holiness Code, the Covenant Code, the Ritual Decalogue, or the Ethical Decalogue
Wikipedia - Primary decomposition -- In algebra, expression of an ideal as the intersection of ideals of a specific type
Wikipedia - Primate experiments at Columbia University
Wikipedia - Prime signature -- Multiset of prime exponents in a prime factorization
Wikipedia - Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi -- Italian explorer
Wikipedia - Principle of explosion
Wikipedia - Prisoner of conscience -- Anyone imprisoned because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, or political views. It also refers to those who have been imprisoned and/or persecuted for the non-violent expression of their conscientiously held beliefs
Wikipedia - Privacy concerns regarding Google -- |Privacy concerns exist regarding the large amount of personal information that Google houses and cross-references between its services, which may be exposed to advertisers, to law enforcement, or to hackers in incidents similar to the 2009 infiltration of Google networks by Chinese operatives
Wikipedia - Privileged Iqama -- Residence permit in Saudi Arabia grants expatriates
Wikipedia - P. R. Krishna Kumar -- Indian Ayurveda expert
Wikipedia - Probability distribution -- Mathematical function for the probability a given outcome occurs in an experiment
Wikipedia - Production packer -- Isolation device with an expandable annular rubber sleeve for sealing a borehole section
Wikipedia - Product of Experts
Wikipedia - Professional services -- Services created by applying specialized abilities attained through experience and tertiary education
Wikipedia - Prognosis -- Medical term for predicting the likely or expected development of a disease
Wikipedia - Progress (spacecraft) -- Russian expendable freighter spacecraft
Wikipedia - Project Echo -- First passive communications satellite experiment
Wikipedia - Project Exploration -- Science education
Wikipedia - Project FAMOUS -- Marine scientific exploration by manned submersibles of a diverging tectonic plate boundary
Wikipedia - Project MKUltra -- CIA program experiments on human subjects
Wikipedia - Project Orion (nuclear propulsion) -- Nuclear explosion-powered spacecraft
Wikipedia - Project Ozma -- 1960 SETI experiment
Wikipedia - Project West Ford -- Experimental space-based radio communication project
Wikipedia - Prolita sexpunctella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Prolonged exposure therapy
Wikipedia - Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem for specific exponents -- Partial results found before the complete proof
Wikipedia - Proof of the Euler product formula for the Riemann zeta function -- Use of a Dirichlet series expansion to calculate the complex function
Wikipedia - Proskynesis -- Expression of respect
Wikipedia - Proteome -- Set of proteins that can be expressed by a genome, cell, tissue, or organism
Wikipedia - Proteus (video game) -- 2013 exploration video game
Wikipedia - Proverb -- Short traditional saying that expresses a perceived truth
Wikipedia - Proximity fuze -- Automatic fuze that detonates an explosive device based on predetermined distance
Wikipedia - Pseudo palladium -- Experimental binary alloy
Wikipedia - Pseudophilosophy -- A philosophical idea or system which does not meet an expected set of standards
Wikipedia - Psychedelic experiences
Wikipedia - Psychedelic experience
Wikipedia - Psychedelics in problem-solving experiment -- 1966 American study
Wikipedia - Psychologist's fallacy -- An observer assumes that their subjective experience reflects the true nature of an event
Wikipedia - Psychology of self -- The study of either the cognitive, conative or affective representation of one's identity, or the subject of experience
Wikipedia - Public Accounts Committee (United Kingdom) -- Select committee of the British House of Commons responsible for overseeing government expenditures
Wikipedia - Public Domain Day -- An observance of when copyrights expire and works enter into the public domain.
Wikipedia - Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses -- Public finance programme of the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Puerto Rico Automobile Accident Compensation Administration -- Government-owned organization in Puerto Rico to compensate expenses from traffic accidents
Wikipedia - Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting -- Pulitzer Prize category
Wikipedia - Pune-Danapur Superfast Express -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Punitive expedition -- Military journey undertaken to punish a state
Wikipedia - Purcell Sea Sprite -- Experimental homebuilt glider aircraft
Wikipedia - Pure sociology -- A sociological paradigm, strategy for explaining human behavior
Wikipedia - Purification theorem -- Mixed strategy equilibria explained as the limit of pure strategy equilibria
Wikipedia - Purple Haze -- Song first recorded by the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967
Wikipedia - Purvanchal Expressway -- Indian expressway connecting Lucknow and Ghazipur
Wikipedia - Pylos Regional Archaeological Project -- Archaeological expedition
Wikipedia - Pyotr Pakhtusov -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Pyroclastic shield -- Shield volcano formed mostly of pyroclastic and highly explosive eruptions
Wikipedia - Pyrotol -- explosive available for a time after World War I
Wikipedia - Pyrrhia exprimens -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Pythagorean expectation -- Sports formula
Wikipedia - Qased (rocket) -- Satellite expendable launch vehicle from Iran
Wikipedia - Q-exponential distribution
Wikipedia - Qualia -- Individual instances of subjective, conscious experience
Wikipedia - Quality of experience
Wikipedia - Quality time -- a term explaining keeping most time to oneself
Wikipedia - Qualtrics -- Experience management company
Wikipedia - Quantum eraser experiment
Wikipedia - Quantum suicide and immortality -- Thought experiment
Wikipedia - Quark-nova -- Hypothetical violent explosion resulting from conversion of a neutron star to a quark star
Wikipedia - Quarter-life crisis -- Anxiety over the direction of one's life experienced in the twenties to thirties
Wikipedia - Quasi-experimental design
Wikipedia - Quasi-experiments
Wikipedia - Quasi-experiment
Wikipedia - Quds Day -- Annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan that was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose Zionism and Israel
Wikipedia - Queen Charlotte Triple Junction -- Point where the Pacific Plate, the North American Plate, and the Explorer Plate meet
Wikipedia - Query expansion -- Text query method in information retrieval
Wikipedia - Questioning (sexuality and gender) -- Process of self-exploration
Wikipedia - Question Mark (aircraft) -- Early experimental aerial refueling aircraft
Wikipedia - Quickie Express -- 2007 film by Dimas Djayadiningrat
Wikipedia - Quintana Roo Speleological Survey -- A data repository for explored sites within the state of Quintana Roo
Wikipedia - Quotation -- Repetition of one expression as part of another one
Wikipedia - R1 King George Blvd -- Express bus service in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Wikipedia - R2 Marine Dr -- Express bus service in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Wikipedia - R3 Lougheed Hwy -- Express bus service in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Wikipedia - R4 41st Ave -- Express bus service in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Wikipedia - R5 Hastings St -- Express bus service in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Wikipedia - Race relations -- Sociological paradigm meant to explain racist violence
Wikipedia - Rachel Coldicutt -- British technology expert
Wikipedia - Rachel Sibande -- Malawian technology expert and computer scientist.
Wikipedia - Rachischisis -- Neural tube defect in which the spinal cord is exposed
Wikipedia - Racism: A History -- Television series exploring the impact of racism on a global scale
Wikipedia - Radiation Exposure Compensation Act -- US law
Wikipedia - Radiation pressure -- Pressure exerted upon any surface exposed to electromagnetic radiation
Wikipedia - RAF Fauld explosion -- 1944 military accident in Staffordshire, England
Wikipedia - Raid on Nakhla -- Muslim military expedition to Nakhla in October 623 AD
Wikipedia - Rail transport in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts -- Detailed listing of all rail transport installations in properties owned or licensed by Disney Parks, Experiences and Products
Wikipedia - Railway Station Pier -- Pier code N11 is a pier for Chao Phraya Express Boat
Wikipedia - Raised shoreline -- An ancient shoreline exposed above current water level.
Wikipedia - Raising Expectations -- Television series
Wikipedia - Rajya Rani Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - RaLa Experiment
Wikipedia - Ralph Lane -- 16th-century English politician and explorer
Wikipedia - Ramani Durvasula -- American psychologist, media expert, and author
Wikipedia - RAND Health Insurance Experiment -- US-based health care study in 1974-1982
Wikipedia - Randomized experiment -- Experiment using randomness in some aspect, usually to aid in removal of bias
Wikipedia - Range safety -- Spaceflight contigency to explosively terminate a failed launch
Wikipedia - Rangiya-New Tinsukia Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Ranulph Fiennes -- British explorer born 1944
Wikipedia - Rapatronic camera -- A high-speed camera with an exposure time as brief as 10 nanoseconds.
Wikipedia - Rape trauma syndrome -- Psychological trauma experienced by a rape victim
Wikipedia - RaphaM-CM-+l Domjan -- Swiss explorer and lecturer
Wikipedia - RapidBus (TransLink) -- Express bus service in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Wikipedia - Rapidly-exploring random tree
Wikipedia - Raspberry Pi -- Series of inexpensive single-board computers used for educational purposes and embedded systems
Wikipedia - Rate of exploitation
Wikipedia - Rational expectations
Wikipedia - RBMK -- Type of nuclear reactor, well known for having exploded in Chernobyl
Wikipedia - Reaction norm -- Pattern of phenotypic expression caused by a given genotype across a range of environments
Wikipedia - Reactogenicity -- expected reaction to a vaccine
Wikipedia - Reactor Experiment for Neutrino Oscillation -- Neutrino oscillation experiment in South Korea
Wikipedia - Realpolitik -- Politics based primarily on considerations of given circumstances and factors, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral and ethical premises
Wikipedia - Rebecca Bace -- American computer security expert
Wikipedia - Rebecca Mercuri -- American expert in computer security
Wikipedia - Rebekah Gee -- Physician and public health policy expert
Wikipedia - Receptor theory -- Receptor models to explain drug behavior
Wikipedia - Reciprocal altruism -- Behaviour whereby an organism acts in a manner that temporarily reduces its fitness while increasing another organism's fitness in the expectation of reciprocity
Wikipedia - Recommended exposure limit
Wikipedia - Recursive acronym -- Acronym whose expansion includes a copy of itself
Wikipedia - Red Ball Express (film) -- 1952 World War II film directed by Budd Boetticher
Wikipedia - Red Ball Express -- Allied convoy route during WWII
Wikipedia - Red Dog Experience
Wikipedia - Red House (song) -- Song first recorded by the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966
Wikipedia - Redshirt (stock character) -- Stock character; an expendable character who dies soon after being introduced
Wikipedia - Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu -- Indian explorer
Wikipedia - Referent -- Person or thing to which a linguistic expression or other symbol refers
Wikipedia - Referring expression -- Noun phrase, or surrogate, functioning to identify some individual object
Wikipedia - Reflection seismology -- Explore subsurface properties with seismology
Wikipedia - Regular expressions
Wikipedia - Regular Expression
Wikipedia - Regular expression
Wikipedia - Regulation of gene expression
Wikipedia - Regulatory sequence -- Segment of nucleic acid that affects the expression of associated genes
Wikipedia - Reinhold Messner -- Italian mountaineer, adventurer and explorer
Wikipedia - Relativistic quantum chemistry -- Theories of quantum chemistry explained via relativistic mechanics
Wikipedia - Relay program -- 1960s experimental communications satellites
Wikipedia - Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences
Wikipedia - Religious cosmology -- Explanation of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe, from a religious perspective.
Wikipedia - Religious ecstasy -- Altered state of consciousness characterized by greatly reduced external awareness and expanded interior mental and spiritual awareness
Wikipedia - Religious Experience Reconsidered
Wikipedia - Religious experiences
Wikipedia - Religious experience -- Experience which is interpreted within a religious framework
Wikipedia - Remorse -- Distressing emotion experienced by a person who regrets actions they have done in the past
Wikipedia - Remote ischemic conditioning -- Experimental medical procedure
Wikipedia - Renaissance exploration
Wikipedia - Renato Alessandrini -- Italian explorer
Wikipedia - Renault Express -- Panel van built by Renault
Wikipedia - Renewable energy in Germany -- Overview of the production, consumption, import and export of renewable energy and electricity in Germany
Wikipedia - RenM-CM-) CailliM-CM-) -- 19th-century French explorer
Wikipedia - Repeated-measures experiment
Wikipedia - Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech -- Experimental turboprop aircraft
Wikipedia - Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor -- Experimental interceptor aircraft
Wikipedia - Republic XP-72 -- 1944 experimental fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Resch Expo -- Convention center in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Residential Burglary Expert System -- First U.S. American offender profiling software for local crime investigation
Wikipedia - Residue (complex analysis) -- Coefficient of the term of order M-bM-^HM-^R1 in the Laurent expansion of a function holomorphic outside a point, whose value can be extracted by a contour integral
Wikipedia - Resort diving -- Introductory scuba diving experience
Wikipedia - Rest in peace -- Short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died
Wikipedia - Retrocausality -- A thought experiment in philosophy of science based on elements of physics, addressing whether the future can affect the present and whether the present can affect the past
Wikipedia - Reward (song) -- 1981 song by The Teardrop Explodes
Wikipedia - Rhein-Weser-Express -- Passenger train
Wikipedia - Riba -- Unjust, exploitative gains made in trade or business under Islamic law
Wikipedia - Richard A. Clarke -- American counter-terrorism expert
Wikipedia - Richard E. Byrd -- American naval officer and explorer
Wikipedia - Richard Francis Burton -- British explorer, geographer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, cartographer, ethnologist, spy, linguist, poet, fencer, and diplomat
Wikipedia - Richard Grenville -- English politician, soldier and explorer
Wikipedia - Richard H. Cruzen -- United States Navy officer and Antarctic explorer
Wikipedia - Richard Helms (naturalist) -- German born Australian/New Zealand botanist, entomologist, explorer and collector (1842-1914)
Wikipedia - Richard III Experience at Monk Bar -- Museum in the City of York, North Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Richard L. Frey -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Richmond Hill explosion -- 2012 explosion in Richmond Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana
Wikipedia - Riddles Wisely Expounded -- 1445 traditional song
Wikipedia - RigExpert -- Ukrainian electronics manufacturer
Wikipedia - Rights Expression Language
Wikipedia - Right to explanation -- Right to have algorithm explained
Wikipedia - Right-to-try law -- US laws allowing patients access to experimental drugs and therapies
Wikipedia - Ring expansion and contraction -- Chemical phenomenon within ring systems
Wikipedia - Risk assessment -- Estimation of risk associated with exposure to a given set of hazards
Wikipedia - Ritual Tension -- American experimental rock
Wikipedia - Riverfront Park (Spokane, Washington) -- Urban park and Expo '74 legacy site in Spokane, Washington, United States
Wikipedia - River island -- Exposed land within a river.
Wikipedia - RKK Energiya museum -- Museum dedicated to the early achievements of Russian space exploration programmes
Wikipedia - RM-CM-)seau express mM-CM-)tropolitain -- Rapid transit system under construction in Greater Montreal, Canada
Wikipedia - Road Runner Express (Six Flags Magic Mountain) -- Steel roller coaster
Wikipedia - Roads and expressways in Poland
Wikipedia - Robbie Vorhaus -- American crisis management expert
Wikipedia - Roberta Latow -- American art expert and erotic author
Wikipedia - Robert Bartlett (explorer)
Wikipedia - Robert Beavers -- American experimental filmmaker
Wikipedia - Robert Brown (botanist, born 1842) -- Scottish scientist, explorer and author (1842-1895)
Wikipedia - Robert C. Seacord -- American computer security expert
Wikipedia - Robert Dale -- English army officer and explorer
Wikipedia - Robert Dixon (explorer) -- Australian surveyor and explorer
Wikipedia - Robert Dopel -- German experimental nuclear physicist
Wikipedia - Robert Falcon Scott -- British explorer, leader of expeditions to the Antarctic
Wikipedia - Robert G. Dovers -- Australian explorer
Wikipedia - Robert Kupperman -- American mathematician and expert on terrorism
Wikipedia - Robert McCormick (explorer) -- Royal Navy surgeon and explorer
Wikipedia - Robert Mellors -- English expert in tropical agriculture
Wikipedia - Robert N. Rose -- American cybersecurity expert
Wikipedia - Roberto Ivens -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Robert S. Ellwood -- American academic, author and expert on world religions
Wikipedia - Robyn Blumner -- Journalist and civil rights law expert
Wikipedia - Robyn Millan -- American experimental physicist
Wikipedia - Rochester Express -- Professional softball team
Wikipedia - Rogers Birnie -- United States Army officer and explorer
Wikipedia - Rogue wave -- Unexpectedly large transient ocean surface wave
Wikipedia - Roland McMillan Harper -- American botanist, geographer, naturalist, explorer, and writer
Wikipedia - Role -- Set of behaviours, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms expected from an individual that has a certain social status
Wikipedia - Romancecar -- Generic name of the limited express trains of Odakyu Electric Railway
Wikipedia - Roman expansion in Italy -- History of Roman growth starting in the 5th century BCE
Wikipedia - Rome Express -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Romy Achituv -- Israeli experimental multimedia artist
Wikipedia - Ronke Ademiluyi -- Nigerian fashion expert and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition
Wikipedia - Rope trick effect -- "Spikes" emanating from suspended nuclear explosions
Wikipedia - Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway -- Linear park on former expressway in Boston, MA
Wikipedia - Rosenhan experiment -- Experiment to determine the validity of psychiatric diagnosis
Wikipedia - Ross expedition
Wikipedia - Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
Wikipedia - Route 210 (MTA Maryland) -- Maryland express bus route
Wikipedia - Rover (space exploration) -- Space exploration vehicle designed to move across the surface of a planet or other celestial body
Wikipedia - Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.9 -- British experimental reconnaissance aircraft
Wikipedia - Roy Fitzsimmons -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Roy Goodacre -- British Metabolomic expert and Mass Spectrometrist
Wikipedia - Royole FlexPai -- Foldable Android smartphone by Royole
Wikipedia - Roy Thomas Severn -- British civil engineer and earthquake engineering expert
Wikipedia - Rubber duck debugging -- Debugging method, in which a programmer explains code, line-by-line, to an inanimate object
Wikipedia - Ruhelkhand Express -- Mail Express train in India
Wikipedia - Rupashi Bangla Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Rusk County Expo Center -- Arena in Henderson, Texas, U.S.
Wikipedia - Russel Farnham -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Russell W. Porter -- American artist, astronomer, and explorer
Wikipedia - Rutherford Light Horse expedition -- A punitive military excursion launched against several Cherokee settlements
Wikipedia - Ruth Plummer -- Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine
Wikipedia - Ruy Lopez de Villalobos -- Spanish explorer (c.1500-1544)
Wikipedia - RVSV-ZEBOV vaccine -- Experimental vaccine against Ebola virus disease
Wikipedia - Ryan Maness -- American cybersecurity expert
Wikipedia - Ryan X-13 Vertijet -- Experimental vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet aircraft
Wikipedia - S-51 Self-Propelled Gun -- 1943 experimental Soviet gun
Wikipedia - Sack AS-6 -- German experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - Sacred mysteries -- Inexplicable or secret religious phenomena
Wikipedia - SAFE13 study -- Survey of sociological field experiences of academic scientists
Wikipedia - Safety of high-energy particle collision experiments
Wikipedia - Saga of Erik the Red -- Icelandic saga about the Norse exploration of North America
Wikipedia - Sagarika Express -- Bangladeshi passenger train
Wikipedia - Sago Mine disaster -- 2006 coal mine explosion in Sago, West Virginia, USA
Wikipedia - Sagon Penn -- San Diego martial arts expert
Wikipedia - Saharsa-Amritsar Jan Sewa Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Sainagar Shirdi-Pandharpur Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Saint Louis Exposition (annual fair)
Wikipedia - Sakai Route -- Expressway in Osaka, Japan
Wikipedia - Salome Maswime -- South African clinician and health expert
Wikipedia - Salt pan (geology) -- Flat expanse of ground covered with salt and other minerals
Wikipedia - Sambalpur-Jammu Tawi Express -- Train route in India
Wikipedia - Samir Alhafith -- Australian technical diver, cave explorer and adult underwater filmmaker
Wikipedia - Sam Jones Expressway -- 4-lane urban expressway in Indianapolis
Wikipedia - Samoa Expeditionary Force -- New Zealand Army and naval expeditionary force during World War I
Wikipedia - Samsara Blues Experiment -- German rock band
Wikipedia - Sam Stayman -- American bridge expert
Wikipedia - Samsung DeX -- Feature that enables users to extend their phone to a desktop-like experience
Wikipedia - Samsung Experience -- Software overlay by Samsung for its Galaxy devices
Wikipedia - Samuel Baker -- British explorer, officer and naturalist (1821-1893)
Wikipedia - Samuel de Champlain -- French explorer of North America
Wikipedia - Samuel Feltman -- American ballistics expert
Wikipedia - Samuel L. Bensusan -- English born author, playwright and expert on country matters
Wikipedia - Samuel van der Putte -- Dutch explorer
Wikipedia - San Antonio Express-News
Wikipedia - San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Boundary Expansion Act of 2013 -- Bill of US House of Representatives
Wikipedia - San Bruno pipeline explosion -- 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion which killed 8 people
Wikipedia - Sandwich degree -- Academic degree or higher education course involving practical work experience in addition to academic study
Wikipedia - San Salvador (Cabrillo's ship) -- Flagship of 16th-century Spanish/Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Santonin -- Drug used to expel parasitic worms by paralyzing them
Wikipedia - Santragachi-Habibganj Humsafar Express -- Fast express train of the Indian Railways
Wikipedia - Sarcasm -- Sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt
Wikipedia - Sardonicism -- Expressions of humor used during adversity: cynicism, derision, skepticism
Wikipedia - Saridegib -- Experimental drug
Wikipedia - Saturnalia -- ancient Roman festival in honour of the god Saturn held on December 17th and later expanded with festivities through December 25th
Wikipedia - Saturn V -- American expendable rocket
Wikipedia - Saudade -- Emotional experience similar to "bitter sweet"
Wikipedia - Sauna -- A small room or building designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions
Wikipedia - Savoyard crusade -- 14th-century military expedition
Wikipedia - Sayings of Jesus on the cross -- seven expressions of Jesus during his crucifixion
Wikipedia - SC250 bomb -- A general purpose high-explosive bomb
Wikipedia - Scanning voltage microscopy -- Scientific experimental technique
Wikipedia - Scarcity Of Tanks -- Experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Scarred: Experiments with Violence in Gujarat -- Non-fiction book
Wikipedia - Scholarly peer review -- Process of subjecting an author's scholarly work, or research to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field
Wikipedia - School life expectancy -- UNESCO development statistic
Wikipedia - Schrodinger's cat -- Thought experiment devised by the physicist Erwin Schrodinger
Wikipedia - Schuylkill Expressway -- Highway in Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Science communication -- Public communication of science-related topics to non-experts
Wikipedia - Science fiction as thought experiment
Wikipedia - Scientific experimentation
Wikipedia - Scientific explanation
Wikipedia - Scientific theory -- Explanation of some aspect of the natural world which can be tested and verified
Wikipedia - ScotRail (National Express) -- Scottish train operating company (1997-2004)
Wikipedia - Scottish expedition into Argyll (1221-22) -- Scottish military campaign
Wikipedia - Scottish National Antarctic Expedition -- Expedition to the Antarctic in 1902-04
Wikipedia - Sculptured -- American experimental death metal band
Wikipedia - Scylax of Caryanda -- Greek explorer and writer of the late 6th and early 5th centuries BCE
Wikipedia - Scythian campaign of Darius I -- Military expedition into European Scythia by Achaemenid king Darius I in 513 BC.
Wikipedia - Sealdah-Anand Vihar Terminal Express -- Superfast train in India
Wikipedia - Sealdah Rajdhani Express -- Express train connecting Sealdah (Kolkata) to New Delhi
Wikipedia - Sealdah-Varanasi Express -- Express train running between Sealdah and Varanasi Junction in India
Wikipedia - Second Aceh Expedition -- 1873 Dutch punitive expedition with officers recruited from Elmina
Wikipedia - Second American Civil War -- Expression comparing an event to the American Civil War
Wikipedia - Second Archipelago Expedition -- Expedition by the Russian Baltic Fleet during the Napoleonic Wars
Wikipedia - Secondary antisemitism -- Antisemitism explained as aftermath of the Holocaust
Wikipedia - Secondary predicate -- Predicative expression
Wikipedia - Second Australian Imperial Force -- Australian Army expeditionary force during World War II
Wikipedia - Second Grinnell expedition
Wikipedia - Second Session (Explanation) Act 1899 -- 19th century and early-20th century British law
Wikipedia - Secret Museum, Naples -- Collection of sexually explicit finds from Pompeii
Wikipedia - Secunderabad-Danapur Express -- Rail line in India
Wikipedia - Sede vacante -- Expression in Catholic and Anglican canon law referring to an episcopal vacancy
Wikipedia - Seibu 001 series -- A Japanese electric multiple unit limited express train type operated by Seibu
Wikipedia - Seismic tomography -- Technique for imaging the subsurface of the Earth with seismic waves produced by earthquakes or explosions
Wikipedia - Sejong-Pocheon Expressway -- Road in South Korea
Wikipedia - Selective exposure theory -- Theory in psychology referring to the tendency to favor information which reinforces pre-existing views
Wikipedia - Self-experimentation in medicine -- The practice of researchers trying procedures on themselves
Wikipedia - Selfish genetic element -- Genetic segments that can enhance their own transmission at the expense of other genes
Wikipedia - Semiconductor device -- Electronic component that exploits the electronic properties of semiconductor materials
Wikipedia - Senghenydd colliery disaster -- Mining explosion in 1913
Wikipedia - Sensemaking -- Process by which people give meaning to their collective experiences
Wikipedia - Sensory experience
Wikipedia - Sensory stimulation therapy -- Experimental therapy that aims to utilize neural plasticity mechanisms to aid in the recovery of somatosensory function after stroke or cognitive ageing
Wikipedia - Sentosa Express -- Monorail connecting Singapore with Sentosa
Wikipedia - Serengeti Express -- Narrow gauge heritage railway and attraction at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida
Wikipedia - Sergeant Floyd Monument -- Monument on the Missouri River at Floyd's Bluff in Sioux City, Iowa, USA to honor Charles Floyd of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Wikipedia - Serial analysis of gene expression
Wikipedia - Serial Experiments Lain
Wikipedia - Serpentwithfeet -- American experimental musician
Wikipedia - Servo (software) -- Experimental browser engine developed by Mozilla and Samsung
Wikipedia - Sethu Express -- Superfast Indian train route between Chennai Egmore and Rameswaram
Wikipedia - Seven Seas Explorer -- Cruise ship operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Wikipedia - Seventh German Inner Africa Research Expedition -- German espionage mission to Ethiopia, 1915
Wikipedia - Sex, Explained -- 2020 docu-series on Netflix
Wikipedia - Sex Express Coffee -- 2010 film
Wikipedia - Sexpedia -- Hong Kong television series
Wikipedia - Sexpionage
Wikipedia - Sexploitation film
Wikipedia - Sexpod -- punk rock band
Wikipedia - Sexposition -- Narrative technique in visual media
Wikipedia - S-expression
Wikipedia - Sexting -- Act of sending sexually explicit text messages between mobile phones
Wikipedia - Sexual dysfunction -- Difficulty experienced by humans during any stage of normal sexual activity
Wikipedia - Sexual exploration
Wikipedia - Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures -- Subcultures and communities composed of people who have shared experiences, backgrounds, or interests
Wikipedia - Sexually active life expectancy
Wikipedia - SF Express -- Chinese delivery services and logistics company
Wikipedia - Shabnam Asthana -- Indian public relations expert
Wikipedia - Shackleton-Rowett Expedition -- 1921-1922 three-month exploration cruise to the eastern Antarctic
Wikipedia - Shafey Kidwai -- Bilingual critic, scholar and communication expert
Wikipedia - Shaganappi Trail -- Major super-4 expressway in the northwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta
Wikipedia - Shah Alam Expressway -- Road in Malaysia
Wikipedia - Sha Lek Highway -- Designated expressway, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Shamrahayu A. Aziz -- Malaysian constitutional expert
Wikipedia - Shanghai Express (film) -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Shanghai New International Expo Center -- Convention center in Pudong, Shanghai, China
Wikipedia - Shannon Express -- British male barbershop chorus
Wikipedia - Shannon's expansion
Wikipedia - Shaped charge -- Explosive with focused effect
Wikipedia - Shaped Sonic Boom Demonstration -- Experimental derivative of Northrop F-5E fighter
Wikipedia - Sharifah Mazlina -- Malaysian explorer
Wikipedia - Sharp Edge Flight Experiment -- Program of the Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt
Wikipedia - Shashadhar Acharya -- Chhau dance exponent
Wikipedia - Sheetal Amte -- Indian public health expert
Wikipedia - Sheikh Madar -- 19th century Somali Sufi leader instrumental in the expansion of Hargeisa
Wikipedia - Shell shock -- Type of trauma experienced in World War One
Wikipedia - Shendan Expressway -- Expressway road
Wikipedia - Shield (geology) -- A large stable area of exposed Precambrian crystalline rock
Wikipedia - Shin-Kobe Tunnel -- expressway in Kobe
Wikipedia - Shipton-Tilman Nanda Devi expeditions -- Himalayan mountaineering expeditions in 1930s
Wikipedia - Shirley's Gold Coast expedition -- British operation in the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (1781)
Wikipedia - Shivamogga Town-Yesvantpur Janshatabdi Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Shooting and crying -- Expression used by Israel Defence Force soldiers
Wikipedia - Shotgun wedding -- American colloquial expression
Wikipedia - Shri Ganganagar-Sikar Express -- Expres train in India
Wikipedia - Shrinking cities -- Dense cities that have experienced notable population loss
Wikipedia - Shutter speed -- The length of time when the film or digital sensor inside a camera is exposed to light
Wikipedia - Shyam Sunder (economist) -- American accounting theorist and experimental economist
Wikipedia - Siamese Expeditionary Forces -- Siamese military unit in World War I
Wikipedia - Sian Proctor -- American explorer, scientist, STEM communicator
Wikipedia - Siboga expedition -- A Dutch zoological and hydrographic expedition to Indonesia from March 1899 to February 1900.
Wikipedia - Sicilian Expedition
Wikipedia - Sicilian expedition
Wikipedia - Siegel-Weil formula -- Expresses Eisenstein series as a weighted average of theta series of lattices in a genus
Wikipedia - Signs and Wonders -- Miracles are perceived to be normative in Christian experiences
Wikipedia - Sikkim expedition
Wikipedia - Sikorsky S-69 -- US experimental co-axial compound helicopter
Wikipedia - Sikorsky S-72 -- US experimental hybrid helicopter/fixed-wing aircraft
Wikipedia - Sikorsky S-7 -- Experimental Russian monoplane prototype from 1912
Wikipedia - Silurian hypothesis -- Thought experiment to assess ability to detect evidence of a prior advanced civilization
Wikipedia - Silvia Vasquez-Lavado -- Peruvian-American explorer, and mountaineer
Wikipedia - SimCity 4: Rush Hour -- Expansion pack for SimCity 4
Wikipedia - Simile -- Figure of speech marked by explicit comparison
Wikipedia - Simon Aranonu -- Nigerian accountant,banker and financial expert
Wikipedia - Simon Fraser (explorer) -- Scottish fur trader and British Columbia explorer
Wikipedia - Simon Kagugube -- Ugandan lawyer, banker and tax expert
Wikipedia - Simorgh (rocket) -- Iranian expendable launch vehicle
Wikipedia - Single-grain experiment
Wikipedia - Singularity (operating system) -- experimental operating system from Microsoft Research
Wikipedia - Sister Mary Explains It All -- 2001 television film directed by Marshall Brickman
Wikipedia - Six exponentials theorem -- Conditions guaranteeing the transcendence of at least one of a set of exponentials
Wikipedia - Six-hour day -- Experiments of working 6 hours a day, which resulted in decreases in sick leave, better self-reported health, as well as an increase in productivity.
Wikipedia - Ski film -- Type of motion picture with sequences of expedition, recreation, competition, or acrobatic exhibition on snow skis
Wikipedia - Skill (labor) -- Measure of the amount of worker's expertise, specialization, wages, and supervisory capacity
Wikipedia - Skipp Townsend -- American expert on gangs and former gang member
Wikipedia - Sky Express (Greece) -- Greek Private Commercial Airline
Wikipedia - SKYGLOW -- Project exploring light pollution
Wikipedia - SL-1 -- Former experimental nuclear power reactor
Wikipedia - Slab gap hypothesis -- Explanation for several instances of crustal extension that occur inland near former subduction zones
Wikipedia - Slice of life -- Depiction of everyday experience in art and entertainment
Wikipedia - Sliding filament theory -- Explanation of muscle contraction
Wikipedia - Slough experiment -- British road safety trial, 1955-1957
Wikipedia - Slut-shaming -- Practice of criticizing women and girls who are perceived to violate societal expectations
Wikipedia - Small-world experiment -- Experiments examining the average path length for social networks
Wikipedia - Smart BEST -- An experimental self-charging battery electric multiple unit (BEMU) train developed and built by Kinki Sharyo in Japan
Wikipedia - SMI Expanded -- Swiss stock index
Wikipedia - Smokeless powder -- Type of propellant used in firearms, artillery, rocketry, explosives, and pyrotechnics that produces negligible smoke when fired
Wikipedia - Smoking (cooking) -- Exposing food to the smoke to flavour or preserve it
Wikipedia - SN 2018cow -- Very powerful astronomical explosion, 10-100 times brighter than a normal [[supernova]]
Wikipedia - Snack bar -- Inexpensive food counter
Wikipedia - SNAP-10A -- Experimental nuclear-powered US Air Force satellite
Wikipedia - SNCASO Farfadet -- Experimental convertiplane
Wikipedia - SNCF 2D2 9100 -- French class of express passenger electric locomotives from the 1950s
Wikipedia - Sneeze -- Semi-autonomous, convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth
Wikipedia - Snellius Expedition -- A Dutch oceanographic expedition in the waters of eastern Indonesia.
Wikipedia - Snorri Thorfinnsson -- 11th-century Icelandic explorer
Wikipedia - Social connection -- Term in psychology referring to the experience of feeling close and connected to others
Wikipedia - Social effects of evolutionary theory -- The effects on human societies of the scientific explanation of life's diversity
Wikipedia - Social experiment -- Type of psychological or sociological research for testing peopleM-bM-^@M-^Ys reaction to certain situations or events
Wikipedia - Social pornography -- Journalism where persons are exposed in an intimate way for entertainment to satisfy a "peeping" mentality in the audience
Wikipedia - Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine -- Nonprofit scientific society
Wikipedia - Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science
Wikipedia - Society for Experimental Social Psychology
Wikipedia - Society for Scientific Exploration
Wikipedia - Society of Experimental Psychologists
Wikipedia - Society of Experimental Social Psychology
Wikipedia - Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Wikipedia - Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology
Wikipedia - Sociology of education -- The study of how public institutions and individual experiences affect education and its outcomes
Wikipedia - Solange Ghernaouti -- Swiss academic, international expert in cybersecurity and cyber defence
Wikipedia - Solar Anomalous and Magnetospheric Particle Explorer -- Space observatory
Wikipedia - Solar Wind Composition Experiment
Wikipedia - Somatic experiencing
Wikipedia - Songs of Experience
Wikipedia - Songs of Innocence and of Experience
Wikipedia - Son of man (Christianity) -- Expression in the sayings of Jesus in Christian writings
Wikipedia - Son of man -- Expression of the Bible
Wikipedia - Sophomore's dream -- Identity expressing an integral as a sum
Wikipedia - Sound Transit Express -- Express bus system in Seattle, Washington
Wikipedia - South American Explorers -- Magazine publishing companies of the United States
Wikipedia - South Central Florida Express, Inc. -- Shortline railroad in Florida
Wikipedia - Southern Airways Express -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Southern California Linux Expo
Wikipedia - Southern Cross Expedition -- 1898-1900 research expedition to Antarctica
Wikipedia - Southern Exposition -- Series of world's fairs held in of Louisville, Kentucky
Wikipedia - Southern Railway (U.S.) Class Ms-2 -- American 2-6-0 + 2-8-0 experimental locomotives
Wikipedia - South Georgia Survey -- Series of research expeditions
Wikipedia - South International Expo Center station -- Station
Wikipedia - South Luzon Expressway -- Major controlled-access highway in the Philippines
Wikipedia - South Turkmenistan Complex Archaeological Expedition -- Archaeological expedition
Wikipedia - Soviet Antarctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Soviet space program -- Space exploration program conducted by the Soviet Union from the 1950s to 1991.
Wikipedia - Soyokaze -- Express train service in Japan (1968-2012)
Wikipedia - Soyuz-2-1v -- Russian expendable carrier rocket
Wikipedia - Soyuz T-11 -- 1984 space expedition
Wikipedia - Soyuz TM-14 -- The 14th expedition to the Mir space station
Wikipedia - Space advocacy -- Advocacy for exploration and/or colonization of space
Wikipedia - Space exploration rover
Wikipedia - Space Exploration Vehicle -- Conceptual design for pressurized spacecraft
Wikipedia - Space exploration -- Discovery and exploration of outer space
Wikipedia - Space Launch System -- US Space Shuttle-derived super heavy-lift expendable launch vehicle
Wikipedia - Space probe -- Unmanned space exploration vehicle
Wikipedia - Space Race -- Competition between the USSR and the USA to explore space
Wikipedia - SPDY -- Google's experimental binary encoding of HTTP
Wikipedia - Specific phobia -- Phobic disorder that is characterized by an unreasonable or irrational fear related to exposure to specific objects or situations
Wikipedia - Speculative evolution -- science fiction genre exploring hypothetical scenarios in the evolution of life
Wikipedia - Speleonaut -- Diver propulsion vehicle designed for cave exploration by a disabled diver
Wikipedia - SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest -- 2019 video game expansion pack
Wikipedia - Spheres: Songs of Spacetime -- Virtual reality experience
Wikipedia - Spherical basis -- Basis used to express spherical tensors
Wikipedia - Sphragis (literary device) -- Explicit authorial statement in which an author identifies himself or herself
Wikipedia - Spice Harvest -- Board game expansion pack
Wikipedia - Spin model -- Mathematical model used to explain magnetism
Wikipedia - Spirit of Progress -- Victorian Railways express passenger train
Wikipedia - Spiritual experience
Wikipedia - Spiritual practice -- Regular or full-time performance of actions and activities undertaken for the purpose of inducing spiritual experiences and cultivating spiritual development
Wikipedia - Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion -- Expansion pack to Splatoon 2
Wikipedia - Spontaneous human combustion -- unexplained human incineration with no external ignition source
Wikipedia - Spook (crater) -- Lunar crater explored on Apollo 16
Wikipedia - Sports broadcasting contracts in the United Kingdom -- List explaining current sports broadcasting rights in the UK
Wikipedia - Sports Experts -- Canadian sporting goods retailer
Wikipedia - Spring Grove Experiment
Wikipedia - SQL Server Express -- Relational database management system
Wikipedia - Square (algebra) -- Result of multiplying a number, or other expression, by itself
Wikipedia - Sri Ganganagar-Tiruchirappalli Humsafar Express -- Humsafar Express between Shri Ganganagar and Tiruchirappalli
Wikipedia - Sri Jagannath Express -- Train of India
Wikipedia - Stagecoach Express (film) -- 1942 film by George Sherman
Wikipedia - Standing on the Corner (band) -- American experimental jazz and hip-hop group
Wikipedia - Stanford Exploration Project
Wikipedia - Stanford marshmallow experiment -- Study on delayed gratification by psychologist Walter Mischel
Wikipedia - Stanford prison experiment
Wikipedia - Stanley-Wilf conjecture -- Theorem that the growth rate of every proper permutation class is singly exponential
Wikipedia - Stansted Express -- Direct train service linking London Liverpool Street to London Stansted Airport
Wikipedia - STAR21 -- Experimental Japanese shinkansen trainset
Wikipedia - Staraya derevnya -- Experimental psychedelic band
Wikipedia - Star height problem -- Can all regular languages be expressed using regular expressions of limited star height?
Wikipedia - Startle response -- Action or movement due to the application of a sudden unexpected stimulus
Wikipedia - Star Trek: The Experience -- Former museum in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Star Wars expanded universe
Wikipedia - State explosion problem
Wikipedia - Static universe -- Cosmological model in which the universe does not expand
Wikipedia - Stefano Fratepietro -- Italian IT Security Expert
Wikipedia - Stenamma expolitum -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Stenoptilia inexpectata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Stephen Bishop (cave explorer) -- American cave explorer
Wikipedia - Stephen Tallents -- British civil servant and public relations expert
Wikipedia - Steve Elkins -- American cinematographer and explorer
Wikipedia - Stian Aker -- Norwegian polar explorer
Wikipedia - St. Louis City SC -- Major League Soccer expansion franchise that is expected to begin play in 2023
Wikipedia - Stray voltage -- Electrical potential between unexpected places
Wikipedia - Streamline Express -- 1935 American comedy drama film
Wikipedia - Stress exposure training -- Training in distracting circumstances to improve performance reliability
Wikipedia - Stress inoculation training -- Building resistance to stress through cognitive and behavioral skill training and exposure to stressful stimuli
Wikipedia - Stress (mechanics) -- Physical quantity that expresses internal forces in a continuous material
Wikipedia - Strontium unit -- Unit for radioactivity exposure
Wikipedia - Structured Stream Transport -- experimental transport protocol
Wikipedia - Student Spaceflight Experiments Program -- education outreach and spaceflight program
Wikipedia - StuffIt Expander -- File decompressor software utility
Wikipedia - Stupid Coalescing Becomers -- 2004 experimental short film
Wikipedia - Style sheet language -- Computer language that expresses the presentation of structured documents
Wikipedia - Sub-Antarctic Islands Scientific Expedition -- New Zealand scientific expedition
Wikipedia - Subject-expectancy effect
Wikipedia - Subjective character of experience
Wikipedia - Subjective expected utility
Wikipedia - Subjective experience
Wikipedia - Subjective video quality -- Assesment of video quality as experienced by humans
Wikipedia - Subject matter expert Turing test
Wikipedia - Subject-matter expert -- An authority in a particular area or topic
Wikipedia - Subject (philosophy) -- Being who has a unique consciousness and/or unique personal experiences, or an entity that has a relationship with another entity that exists outside of itself
Wikipedia - Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment -- Whole-body exposure suit that allows submariners to escape from a sunken submarine
Wikipedia - Suboxide -- Oxides containing less oxygen than normally expected
Wikipedia - Subsidence crater -- A hole or depression left on the surface over the site of an underground explosion.
Wikipedia - Substitution (algebra) -- Replacement in a mathematical expression of some variable by another expression
Wikipedia - Subtext -- Aspect of a creative work not explicitly announced
Wikipedia - Subtitle (titling) -- Explanatory or alternate title
Wikipedia - Subway Express -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Sudden cardiac death of athletes -- Natural, unexpected death from cardiac arrest of athletes
Wikipedia - Sudden infant death syndrome -- Sudden unexplained death of a child of less than one year of age
Wikipedia - Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy -- Fatal complication of epilepsy
Wikipedia - Sue Hendrickson -- American explorer and fossil collector
Wikipedia - Sukhoi Su-15 (1949) -- Experimental interceptor aircraft
Wikipedia - Sukhoi Su-37 -- Experimental thrust-vectoring version of the Su-35 fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Sukhoi Su-47 -- Experimental fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Sukhoi Su-9 (1946) -- Experimental fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Suleiman Abdu Kwari -- Nigerian politician and Public Finance Management Expert
Wikipedia - Sullivan Expedition -- Campaign during the American Revolutionary War
Wikipedia - Sun Air Express -- Airline of the United States
Wikipedia - Sunday Express
Wikipedia - Sunn O))) -- American experimental metal band
Wikipedia - Super Express (newspaper)
Wikipedia - Super Matsukaze -- Japanese limited express train service
Wikipedia - Supernova nucleosynthesis -- Production of the elements in a supernova explosion
Wikipedia - Supernova -- Star exploding at the end of its stellar evolution
Wikipedia - Supersingular isogeny graph -- Class of expander graphs arising in computational number theory
Wikipedia - Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
Wikipedia - Surprise (emotion) -- Emotional state experienced as the result of an unexpected event
Wikipedia - Survey (archaeology) -- Non-destructive exploration of the archaeological material in a given area
Wikipedia - Susan Cooper (physicist) -- Professor of Experimental Physics
Wikipedia - Susan Iversen -- British experimental psychologist
Wikipedia - Susan Morrice -- Geologist, explorer, and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Susanne Lanefelt -- Swedish health expert
Wikipedia - Suvidha Express -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Suzanne Perrottet -- Swiss expressionist dancer and musician
Wikipedia - Suzy Exposito -- American writer
Wikipedia - Sven Hedin -- Swedish geographer, topographer, explorer, photographer, travel writer and illustrator (1865-1952)
Wikipedia - Swans (band) -- American experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Swat Expressway -- Provincial expressway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Wikipedia - Swedish Antarctic Expedition
Wikipedia - Swedish Cyprus Expedition -- Archaeological expedition
Wikipedia - Swiss Leaks -- 2015 expose of tax avoidance scheme
Wikipedia - Switcheroo -- Sudden unexpected variation or reversal, often for a humorous purpose
Wikipedia - SY Aurora's drift -- 1915 event during Shackleton's antarctic expedition
Wikipedia - Syntactic expletive
Wikipedia - Syra Madad -- American pathogen preparedness expert
Wikipedia - T. A. Gillespie Company Shell Loading Plant explosion -- Explosion at an ammunition plant in Sayreville, New Jersey, United States in 1918
Wikipedia - Talaguppa-Mysore Intercity Express -- Indian train
Wikipedia - Talanga sexpunctalis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Tales of the Unexpected (TV series) -- 1979-1988 British television series
Wikipedia - Talisman Dungeon -- Expansion to Talisman board game
Wikipedia - Talisman The Adventure -- Expansion to Talisman board game
Wikipedia - Talking statues of Rome -- Method of anonymous political expression in Rome
Wikipedia - Tambaram-Jasidih Ratna Express -- Indian express train
Wikipedia - Tamil Nadu Express -- Express train between Chennai and New Delhi
Wikipedia - Tangra 2004/05 -- Bulgarian geographical expedition to Antarctica
Wikipedia - Tanja Bosak -- Croatian experimental geobiologist
Wikipedia - Tank Corps of the American Expeditionary Force
Wikipedia - Tannerite -- Brand of binary explosive targets
Wikipedia - Tanpopo (mission) -- ISS astrobiology experiment investigating the potential interplanetary transfer of life, organic compounds, and possible terrestrial particles in the low Earth orbit
Wikipedia - Tapioca Express -- Taiwanese-American fast food franchise chain
Wikipedia - Tarbell Cassette Interface -- Expansion card
Wikipedia - Tariff -- Tax on the import and export of goods
Wikipedia - Taurus Express -- Turkish passenger train
Wikipedia - Tautua -- Word in Samoan that expresses the cultural tradition of service to the family
Wikipedia - Taxation in South Africa -- Explanation of tax in South Africa with applicable tables
Wikipedia - Taxation in Sri Lanka -- Explanation of tax in Sri Lanka
Wikipedia - Taxil hoax -- 1890s hoax of exposure by LM-CM-)o Taxil
Wikipedia - Taylor expansion
Wikipedia - Taylor series -- Expression of a function as an infinite sum
Wikipedia - TCP Fast Open -- experimental TCP mechanism
Wikipedia - Tea Hong -- Exporter and online retailer of premium teas based in Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Technocracy -- Government by scientists, engineers and other experts
Wikipedia - Technopromexport
Wikipedia - Ted Atkins -- English explorer
Wikipedia - Tektite habitat -- Undersea laboratory and experimental habitat
Wikipedia - Telangana Express -- Indian superfast train
Wikipedia - TeleExpo -- Television channel in Moscow, Russia
Wikipedia - Temperature -- Physical quantity that expresses hot and cold
Wikipedia - Template talk:Exploration
Wikipedia - Template talk:Polar exploration
Wikipedia - Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor -- Church in Barcelona, Spain (European Union)
Wikipedia - Temple of Music -- Temporary concert hall in Buffalo, New York, erected for the Pan-American Exposition in 1901, site of the murder of president William McKinley
Wikipedia - Tense-aspect-mood -- Grammatical system of a language that covers the expression of tense, aspect, and mood
Wikipedia - Tepexpan man -- Pre-Columbian Mexican skeleton
Wikipedia - Tepexpan -- Town in the State of Mexico, Mexico
Wikipedia - Tera-hertz Explorer -- Mars lander and orbiter to investigate atmospheric chemistry
Wikipedia - Terracette -- A ridge on a hillside formed when saturated soil particles expand, then contract as they dry, causing them to move slowly downhill
Wikipedia - Terra Nova Expedition
Wikipedia - Terra X -- German documentary tv series brand, formerly "ZDF Expedition"
Wikipedia - Tests of general relativity -- Scientific experiments
Wikipedia - Test target -- Common feature on interplanetary landing craft such as the Viking Lander and Mars Exploration Rovers
Wikipedia - Texpark site -- Vacant lot in Halifax, Canada
Wikipedia - Texperts -- UK mobile search service
Wikipedia - ThaddM-CM-$us Haenke -- Czech botanist and explorer
Wikipedia - The 10,000 Year Explosion -- Book by Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending
Wikipedia - The All Night Express -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - The Angel (Songs of Experience)
Wikipedia - The Argument (with annotations) -- 2017 experimental short film
Wikipedia - The Arizona Express -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The Atheist Experience
Wikipedia - The Attic Expeditions -- 2001 film by Jeremy Kasten
Wikipedia - The Bad Idea Reunion -- 2010 experimental short film
Wikipedia - The Belko Experiment -- 2016 film directed by Greg McLean
Wikipedia - The birds and the bees -- An English-language idiomatic expression
Wikipedia - The BJ Shea Morning Experience -- American radio program
Wikipedia - The Black Diamond Express -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - The Blue Express -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - The Book of Giants -- Apocryphal Jewish book expanding a narrative in the Hebrew Bible, discovered at Qumran
Wikipedia - The Button (Reddit) -- Experimental meta-game on
Wikipedia - The Can-Am Express -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - The Charlotte Crosby Experience -- British reality series
Wikipedia - The Complex: An Insider Exposes the Covert World of the Church of Scientology
Wikipedia - The Convent School, or Early Experiences of A Young Flagellant -- 19th-century work of sado-masochistic pornography
Wikipedia - The Danish Experience -- 2003 film by Ali Idrees
Wikipedia - The Dawn Express -- 1942 film by Albert Herman
Wikipedia - The Day the Sky Exploded -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - The Death of Expertise -- Book by Tom Nichols
Wikipedia - The Death Valley expedition -- 1891 expedition
Wikipedia - The Design of Experiments -- Book by Ronald Aylmer Fisher
Wikipedia - The Dude's Experience with a Girl on a Tandem -- 1898 silent short film
Wikipedia - The Eastern States Exposition -- Annual agricultural fair in western Massachusetts for the six New England states
Wikipedia - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard -- Expansion for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Wikipedia - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire -- 2012 Skyrim Expansion
Wikipedia - The Electrical Experimenter -- Defunct American technical science magazine
Wikipedia - The Expanders -- American roots reggae band
Wikipedia - The Expanding Circle: Ethics and Sociobiology
Wikipedia - The Expanding Circle -- 1981 book by Peter Singer
Wikipedia - The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia -- 2020 American comedy streaming television series
Wikipedia - The Expanse (novel series) -- Series of space opera novels by James S. A. Corey
Wikipedia - The Expanse (TV series) -- 2015 American science fiction television series
Wikipedia - The Expendables (1989 film) -- Vietnam film directed by Cirio H. Santiago
Wikipedia - The Expendables (2010 film) -- 2010 first film of The Expendables series directed by Sylvester Stallone
Wikipedia - The Expendables 2 -- 2012 film: 2nd in The Expendables series by Sylvester Stallone
Wikipedia - The Expendables 3 -- 2014 film by Patrick Hughes
Wikipedia - The Expendables (franchise) -- Series of films in the 2010s
Wikipedia - The Experiences of Scientist Nunes & Robot Robino -- Television series
Wikipedia - The Experiment (1922 film) -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - The Experiment of Professor Mithrany -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - The Experiment
Wikipedia - The Expert (1932 film) -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - The Experts (1973 film) -- 1973 film
Wikipedia - The Experts (1989 film) -- 1989 film by Dave Thomas
Wikipedia - The Experts Network -- Interactive digital sports network
Wikipedia - The Experts (painting) -- Painting by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps
Wikipedia - The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes
Wikipedia - The Exploits of the Emden -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The Exploration of Africa: From Cairo to the Cape -- 1991 book by Anne Hugon
Wikipedia - The Explorer (film) -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - The Exponent Telegram -- Daily broadsheet newspaper serving Clarksburg, West Virginia
Wikipedia - The Expository Times
Wikipedia - The Expression Amrilato -- 2017 visual novel game
Wikipedia - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
Wikipedia - The Express Tribune -- Pakistani newspaper
Wikipedia - The Expropriation -- 1972 film
Wikipedia - The Expulsion (film) -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - The Expulsion from Paradise -- 1977 film
Wikipedia - The Family Shakespeare -- 19th-century expurgated edition of the plays of William Shakespeare
Wikipedia - The Fast Express -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The Financial Express (Bangladesh) -- English daily published in Dhaka
Wikipedia - The Financial Express (India) -- Indian English-language business newspaper
Wikipedia - The Garden (band) -- American experimental rock band
Wikipedia - The Girlfriend Experience (TV series) -- American television drama series
Wikipedia - The Girlfriend Experience -- 2009 film by Steven Soderbergh
Wikipedia - The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments -- Book by Robert Brent
Wikipedia - The Hand to Man Band -- American experimental music group
Wikipedia - The Harden-Murrumburrah Express -- Weekly newspaper in New South Wales, Australia
Wikipedia - The Hills Have Eyes (1977 film) -- 1977 American exploitation-horror film directed by Wes Craven
Wikipedia - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey -- 2012 fantasy film directed by Peter Jackson
Wikipedia - The Honeymoon Express -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) -- 2011 British-Dutch exploitation film directed by Tom Six
Wikipedia - The Hurricane Express -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - The Impostor (hello goodbye) -- 2003 experimental short film
Wikipedia - The Indian Express -- Daily broadsheet newspaper in India
Wikipedia - The Jeff Corwin Experience -- American TV wildlife documentary series
Wikipedia - The Joe Rogan Experience
Wikipedia - The Jones Expedition of 1873 -- An exploration of Yellowstone Northwestern Wyoming
Wikipedia - The Last Express (film) -- 1938 film by Otis Garrett
Wikipedia - The Last House on the Left -- 1972 exploitation-horror film by Wes Craven
Wikipedia - The Lazarus Experiment -- Episode of Doctor Who
Wikipedia - The Lightning Express -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - Thell Reed -- American exhibition shooter and firearms expert
Wikipedia - The Lost Express -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - The Love Expert -- 1920 film directed by David Kirkland
Wikipedia - The Love Express -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - The Lustful Turk -- British exploitation erotic epistolary novel
Wikipedia - The Mantaray (show rod) -- One-of-a-kind experimental car
Wikipedia - The Mathematical Experience -- Book by Philip J. Davis
Wikipedia - Theme from S-Express -- 1988 single by S'Express
Wikipedia - The Midnight Express (film) -- 1924 film by George W. Hill
Wikipedia - The Midnight Express (professional wrestling) -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - The Mind, Explained -- 2019 docu-series on Netflix
Wikipedia - The Museum Experience -- 1992 non-fiction book
Wikipedia - The New Exploits of Elaine -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - The New Indian Express -- Indian English-language daily newspaper
Wikipedia - The Now Explosion -- American television series
Wikipedia - Theo Burt -- British electronic musician and experimental multimedia artist
Wikipedia - Theodore X. Barber -- American hypnosis expert
Wikipedia - Theoretical foundations of evolutionary psychology -- The general and specific scientific theories that explain the ultimate origins of psychological traits in terms of evolution
Wikipedia - The Orient Express -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - Theory -- Supposition or system of ideas intended to explain something
Wikipedia - The Other Shoe (film) -- 2001 experimental short film
Wikipedia - The Other Side of the Underneath -- 1972 British experimental film written and directed by Jane Arden
Wikipedia - The Outlaw Express -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - The Overland Express -- 1938 film by Drew Eberson
Wikipedia - The Pace That Kills (1935 film) -- 1935 American exploitation film
Wikipedia - The Peckham Experiment -- Social experiment in public health
Wikipedia - The Phantom Express (1925 film) -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - The Phantom Express (1932 film) -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - The Philadelphia Experiment (2012 film) -- 2012 science fiction film directed by Paul Ziller
Wikipedia - The Philadelphia Experiment (film) -- 1984 science fiction film directed by Stewart Raffill
Wikipedia - The Polar Express (film) -- 2004 animated film directed by Robert Zemeckis
Wikipedia - The Polar Express
Wikipedia - The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise -- 1967 book by R. D. Laing
Wikipedia - The Pony Express (1925 film) -- 1925 film by James Cruze
Wikipedia - The Psychedelic Experience
Wikipedia - The Quatermass Experiment (film) -- 2005 live remake of the 1953 TV series directed by Sam Miller
Wikipedia - The Raincoats -- British experimental post-punk band
Wikipedia - Thermal expansion coefficients of the elements (data page)
Wikipedia - Thermal expansion valve
Wikipedia - Thermal expansion -- The tendency of matter to change volume in response to a change in temperature
Wikipedia - Thermal transmittance -- Rate of transfer of heat through matter, expressed as a U-value
Wikipedia - Thermobaric weapon -- Explosive that uses oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion
Wikipedia - The Rock 'n' Roll Express -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - The Runaway Express -- 1926 film by Edward Sedgwick
Wikipedia - The Sexplorer -- 1976 film by Derek Ford
Wikipedia - The Shetland Experience -- 1977 film
Wikipedia - The Silk Express -- 1933 film by Ray Enright
Wikipedia - The Sims 2: Apartment Life -- 2008 expansion pack for Sims
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Ambitions -- Expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Generations -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Into the Future -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Island Paradise -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Pets -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Seasons -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Showtime -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: Supernatural -- Expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: University Life -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 3: World Adventures -- expansion pack for The Sims 3
Wikipedia - The Sims 4: Island Living -- Video game expansion pack
Wikipedia - The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles -- 2011 expansion pack
Wikipedia - The Sirian Experiments -- 1980 novel by Doris Lessing
Wikipedia - The Snowfield -- 2011 experimental video game
Wikipedia - The Stanford Prison Experiment (film) -- 2015 film
Wikipedia - The Story of My Experiments with Truth -- Autobiography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Wikipedia - The Suckers -- 1972 American sexploitation film
Wikipedia - The Sugarland Express -- 1974 film
Wikipedia - The Ten (Expressionists) -- American art collective active during the Great Depression
Wikipedia - The Third Wave (experiment) -- Social experiment on the spread of Nazism
Wikipedia - The Tree of Life (film) -- 2011 American experimental drama film directed by Terrence Malick
Wikipedia - The Tyranny of Experts -- 2014 book by William Easterly
Wikipedia - The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience -- 2019 Netflix special by comedy rap group The Lonely Island
Wikipedia - The Underseas Explorers -- US television program
Wikipedia - The Unexpected Father -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - The Upuaut Project -- Exploration of the Great Pyramid
Wikipedia - The U.S. Express -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - The Varieties of Religious Experience -- Book by William James
Wikipedia - The Varieties of Scientific Experience -- 2006 book by Carl Sagan
Wikipedia - The Walt Disney World Explorer -- 1990s application detailing the Walt Disney World Resort
Wikipedia - The Whistles & The Bells -- American experimental alt-rock band
Wikipedia - The Wire (magazine) -- British experimental music magazine
Wikipedia - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine -- Second expansion pack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Wikipedia - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone -- expansion pack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Wikipedia - Third Stone from the Sun -- Mostly instrumental composition recorded by the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967
Wikipedia - Thiruvananthapuram Rajdhani Express -- Passenger train service in India
Wikipedia - Thomas Abernethy (explorer) -- Scottish seafarer and polar explorer (1803-1860)
Wikipedia - Thomas Doughty (explorer) -- English explorer executed by Francis Drake
Wikipedia - Thomas James (sea captain) -- Welsh sea captain and explorer
Wikipedia - Thomas Kerr Lynch -- Irish explorer
Wikipedia - Thomas Mitchell (explorer) -- Scottish surveyor and explorer of south-eastern Australia (1792-1855)
Wikipedia - Thomas Moody (British Army officer) -- British Colonial office agent and expert
Wikipedia - Thomas Simpson (explorer)
Wikipedia - Thor-Ablestar -- American expendable launch system
Wikipedia - Thor experiment -- Experiment aimed to investigate electrical activity
Wikipedia - Thoughtcrime -- Expression for unorthodox thoughts in the novel 1984
Wikipedia - Thought-experiment
Wikipedia - Thought experiment -- Considering hypothesis, theory, or principle for the purpose of thinking through its consequences
Wikipedia - Three-dimensional virtual tourism -- Releastic 3D geovisualisation and navigation of virtual reality environments for purposes of exploring physical places in space and time without physically traveling there
Wikipedia - Threshold limit value -- Upper limit on the acceptable exposure concentration of a hazardous substance in the workplace
Wikipedia - Thunder Bay Expressway -- Highway in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Wikipedia - TI Explorer
Wikipedia - Tilting Train Express -- Experimental train
Wikipedia - Timberlake Expedition -- 1761 peace mission into the Overhill Cherokee lands
Wikipedia - Time dilation -- Measured time difference as explained by relativity theory
Wikipedia - Timeline of European exploration
Wikipedia - Timeline of maritime migration and exploration
Wikipedia - Timeline of scientific experiments
Wikipedia - Timeline of space exploration -- Timeline
Wikipedia - Time Spiral -- Magic: The Gathering expansion block
Wikipedia - Tim Hodgkinson -- English experimental music composer and performer
Wikipedia - Tim Severin -- British explorer, historian, writer
Wikipedia - Tina Cooper -- Paediatrician and expert on child abuse
Wikipedia - Tirupathi Express (film) -- 2014 Kannada language film
Wikipedia - Tissue expansion -- Medical technique to grow tissues
Wikipedia - Titan II GLV -- expendable launch system
Wikipedia - Titan Mare Explorer
Wikipedia - TKM-Ebola -- Experimental antiviral drug for Ebola disease that failed
Wikipedia - TM-EM-^Mhoku Expressway -- A national expressway connecting the Tokyo metropolitan area to the cities Fukushima, Sendai, Morioka, and Aomori in the TM-EM-^Mhoku region of Japan.
Wikipedia - TM-EM-^Mkai (train) -- limited express train service between Tokyo and Shizuoka stations
Wikipedia - TM-EM-^Mmei Expressway -- National expressway on the island of HonshM-EM-+ in Japan
Wikipedia - TNT equivalent -- Class of units of measurement for explosive energy
Wikipedia - Toast -- Bread that has been exposed to dry, radiant heat
Wikipedia - Toby O'Brien -- British journalist, public relations expert and spy
Wikipedia - Tokai Arboretum -- Silviculture experimental station in Cape Town, South Africa
Wikipedia - Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor -- former experimental tokamak at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Wikipedia - Tom Crean (explorer) -- Irish explorer
Wikipedia - Tonnage and poundage -- English import and export duties
Wikipedia - Toplessness -- State in which the torso is exposed above the waist or hips
Wikipedia - Topyster Muga -- Kenyan IT expert
Wikipedia - Toronto Street News -- Conspiracy exposing tabloid newspaper based in Toronto
Wikipedia - Torpedo Experimental Establishment -- research department, British Royal Navy
Wikipedia - Touristic Eastern Express -- Railway line in Turkey
Wikipedia - Towering Inferno (band) -- English experimental music duo
Wikipedia - Toy camera -- Simple, inexpensive film camera
Wikipedia - Toychestra -- American experimental music group
Wikipedia - Toy model -- Deliberately simplistic model that can be used to explain a mechanism concisely
Wikipedia - TRACE -- Transition Region and Coronal Explorer, a NASA heliophysics and solar observatory 1998-2010
Wikipedia - Trafficking of children -- Form of human trafficking and is defined as the "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and/or receipt" of a child for the purpose of exploitation
Wikipedia - Train of thought -- Sequence of ideas expressed during a connected discourse or thought
Wikipedia - Transfiguration (religion) -- Experience of momentary divine radiance
Wikipedia - Transglobe Expedition -- Expedition from south to north poles using only surface transport
Wikipedia - Transgressive fiction -- Genre of literature which focuses on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who break free of those confines in unusual or illicit ways
Wikipedia - TransHab -- Expandable habitat concept
Wikipedia - Transignification -- Explanation of transubstantiation
Wikipedia - Trans-Manhattan Expressway -- Highway in New York
Wikipedia - Transmedicalism -- belief that being transgender is contingent upon experiencing gender dysphoria or undergoing medical treatment
Wikipedia - TransPennine Express -- British train operating company owned by FirstGroup operating the TransPennine Express franchise
Wikipedia - Transpersonal experience
Wikipedia - Transport express rM-CM-)gional -- French commuter rail
Wikipedia - Transsexual -- People experiencing a gender identity inconsistent with their assigned sex
Wikipedia - Traveller Adventure 6: Expedition to Zhodane -- Science-fiction role-playing game supplement
Wikipedia - TrawsCymru -- Express bus network connecting Wales
Wikipedia - Treaty -- Express agreement between nations under international law
Wikipedia - Trial by ordeal -- Ancient judicial practice to determine guilt through a life-threatening experience
Wikipedia - Trial diving -- Introductory scuba diving experience
Wikipedia - Tribes of Neurot -- Experimental music group
Wikipedia - Trinity Railway Express -- Commuter rail line in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
Wikipedia - Trinucleotide repeat expansion -- DNA mutation involving an increase in number of trinucleotide repeats
Wikipedia - Triple-negative breast cancer -- Type of breast cancer lacking certain gene expressions
Wikipedia - Tripura Sundari Express -- Indian weekly express train
Wikipedia - Trolley problem -- Thought experiment in ethics
Wikipedia - Troy Hunt -- Australian web security expert
Wikipedia - Trucker's Woman -- 1975 action / trucker / exploitation film by Will Zens
Wikipedia - True experiment
Wikipedia - True name -- Name of a thing or being that expresses its true nature
Wikipedia - Truman C. Everts -- Part of the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition (1816-1901)
Wikipedia - Trump wall -- Expansion of Mexico-United States barrier proposed by US President Donald Trump
Wikipedia - Tsunami (aircraft) -- Experimental purpose-built racing aircraft
Wikipedia - Tube (BBC Micro) -- BBC Micro expansion interface
Wikipedia - Turam method -- Geophysical electro-magnetic method used for mineral exploration
Wikipedia - Turbine engine failure -- Turbine engine unexpectedly stops producing power due to a malfunction other than fuel exhaustion
Wikipedia - TurboExpress
Wikipedia - Turkic migration -- Historical expansion of the Turkic tribes and Turkic languages into Central Asia, Eastern Europe and West Asia
Wikipedia - Turks in India -- Expatriate group
Wikipedia - Turlock Cal Express -- An American professional indoor soccer team based in Turlock, California
Wikipedia - Turquoise Hill Resources -- Canadian mineral exploration and development company
Wikipedia - Turtles all the way down -- An expression of the problem of infinite regress
Wikipedia - Tuskegee syphilis experiment
Wikipedia - Tuskegee Syphilis Study -- 1932-1972 human experiment in Alabama, USA
Wikipedia - Tussman Experimental College
Wikipedia - Tutor expertise in adult education
Wikipedia - TWA Flight 800 -- Flight that exploded and crashed in 1996 off the coast of New York
Wikipedia - Twilight Express Mizukaze -- Japanese luxury hybrid diesel multiple unit (DMU) sleeping-car excursion train
Wikipedia - Twin Earth thought experiment
Wikipedia - TWISTEX -- Tornado research experiment
Wikipedia - Twitch Plays PokM-CM-)mon -- social experiment and channel on Twitch
Wikipedia - Two Generals' Problem -- Thought experiment
Wikipedia - Type II supernova -- Explosion of a star 8 to 45 times the mass of the Sun
Wikipedia - Tyranny of the majority -- The situation in which decisions made by a majority place its interests above those and at the expense of an individual or minority group
Wikipedia - UA5 experiment -- Particle physics experiment at CERN
Wikipedia - UA8 experiment -- High-energy physics experiment at CERN
Wikipedia - Ubong King -- Business consultant, security expert and motivational speaker
Wikipedia - Ueno Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - UHTREX -- American Ultra-High Temperature Reactor Experiment (1959-1971)
Wikipedia - UK Export Finance -- United Kingdom government ministerial department
Wikipedia - Ukraine - North Pole - 2000 -- Ukrainian parachute expedition
Wikipedia - Ultimatum game -- A game in economic experiments
Wikipedia - Ultraista -- Experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Undead Nightmare -- 2010 expansion pack for Red Dead Redemption
Wikipedia - Underdog -- A person or group in a competition that is expected to lose
Wikipedia - Underwater exploration
Wikipedia - Underwater Explorers Club -- British diving club, now defunct
Wikipedia - Unemployment in the United States -- Explanation of unemployment in the United States, presently and historically
Wikipedia - Unethical human experimentation in the United States
Wikipedia - Unethical human experimentation -- Human experimentation that violates the principles of medical ethics
Wikipedia - Unexpected Father -- 1939 film by Charles Lamont
Wikipedia - Unexpected Fireworks -- 1905 film by Georges MM-CM-)lies
Wikipedia - Unexpected Guest (film) -- Hopalong Cassidy Western from 1947
Wikipedia - Unexpected hanging paradox -- Thought experiment in logic
Wikipedia - Unexpected (Michelle Williams album) -- 2008 studio album by Michelle Williams
Wikipedia - Unexpected Places (1918 film) -- 1918 US silent film directed by E. Mason Hopper
Wikipedia - Unexpected Q -- South Korean television program
Wikipedia - Unexpected Uncle -- 1941 film by Peter Godfrey
Wikipedia - Unexplained Fevers -- Book by Jeannine Hall Gailey
Wikipedia - Unexploded ordnance -- Explosives that have not fully detonated
Wikipedia - Unha -- North Korean expendable carrier rocket
Wikipedia - Uni Air Flight 873 -- 1999 Taiwanese flight that suffered an explosion after landing
Wikipedia - Union Pearson Express -- Airport rail link in Ontario, Canada
Wikipedia - Union Turnpike express buses -- Express bus routes in Queens and Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - United Airlines Flight 629 -- Flight that exploded over Longmont Colorado in November 1955.
Wikipedia - United Express Flight 3411 incident -- Incident in which a passenger was forcibly removed from an aircraft.
Wikipedia - United Express Flight 5925 -- 1996 aircraft accident in Illinois, United States
Wikipedia - United Express -- Regional airline branch of United Airlines
Wikipedia - United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal -- 2009 British political scandal
Wikipedia - United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names
Wikipedia - United States Exploring Expedition -- An American exploring and surveying expedition, 1838 to 1842
Wikipedia - United States Munitions List -- Export controlled weaponry in the United States
Wikipedia - United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit -- The primary source of diving and hyperbaric operational guidance for the US Navy
Wikipedia - United States v. One Book Called Ulysses -- 1934 US Appeals Court Case affirming free expression of coarse or sexual language in literature
Wikipedia - Uniting for Consensus -- Group of countries opposing UN Security Council expansion
Wikipedia - Unity in diversity -- Expression of harmony and unity between dissimilar individuals or groups
Wikipedia - Universal Darwinism -- An attempt to expand the application of Darwinian evolutionary theory to other fields
Wikipedia - University of Wisconsin Experimental College -- Two-year college designed and led by Alexander Meiklejohn
Wikipedia - University Statisticians of the Southern Experiment Stations
Wikipedia - Unparticle physics -- A speculative theory that conjectures a form of matter that cannot be explained in terms of particles
Wikipedia - Unto the ages of ages -- Expresses the idea of eternity
Wikipedia - Urban expansion
Wikipedia - Urban exploration
Wikipedia - Urban sprawl -- Expansion of auto-oriented, low-density development in suburbs
Wikipedia - Use of child suicide bombers by Palestinian militant groups -- Child exploitation by Palestinian militant groups
Wikipedia - User experience design -- Field of design focusing on the creation of user centered products and services
Wikipedia - User Experience
Wikipedia - User experience -- Person's behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service
Wikipedia - User talk:Explicit
Wikipedia - U.S. Rabbit Experimental Station -- California Historic Landmark
Wikipedia - USS Iowa turret explosion -- 1989 battleship explosion
Wikipedia - USS Mount Hood (AE-11) -- US Navy Mount Hood class ammunition ship in service 1944, exploded in New Guinea
Wikipedia - Utopian and dystopian fiction -- Genres of literature that explore social and political structures
Wikipedia - Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority -- Government agency in India
Wikipedia - UV exposure
Wikipedia - V451 vaccine -- Experimental vaccine targeting SARS-CoV-2
Wikipedia - Vacation Express -- Tour operator based in Atlanta, GA
Wikipedia - Vadodara-Rewa Mahamana Express -- Indian express train route
Wikipedia - Valdivia Expedition -- A scientific expedition organised and funded by the German Empire under Kaiser Wilhelm II and was named after the ship which was bought and outfitted for the expedition
Wikipedia - Valerie Speirs -- Professor of experimental pathology & oncology
Wikipedia - Valie Export -- Austrian media artist
Wikipedia - Valparaiso Express-class container ship -- Container ship class
Wikipedia - Value (computer science) -- Expression in computer science which cannot be evaluated further
Wikipedia - Vande Bharat Express -- Indian self propelled train
Wikipedia - Vardan Sedrakyan -- Armenian epic poetry expert
Wikipedia - Varieties of Anomalous Experience
Wikipedia - Varieties of Religious Experience
Wikipedia - Variety store -- Retail store that sells a wide range of inexpensive household goods
Wikipedia - Vasco da Gama -- Portuguese explorer
Wikipedia - Vasco NuM-CM-1ez de Balboa -- Spanish explorer, governor, and conquistador
Wikipedia - Vassili Poyarkov -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Vega Expedition
Wikipedia - Venera -- A Soviet program that explored Venus with multiple probes
Wikipedia - Venus In Situ Explorer
Wikipedia - Vera Luth -- Experimental particle physicist
Wikipedia - Vermiculite -- A hydrous phyllosilicate mineral which expands significantly when heated
Wikipedia - Verna Pratt -- American botanist, gardening expert, author
Wikipedia - Vertol VZ-2 -- Experimental helicopter by Vertol, later Boeing
Wikipedia - Via Pony Express -- 1933 film
Wikipedia - Viasat Explore -- Television channel in central and eastern Europe
Wikipedia - Vibrant Express
Wikipedia - Vicente YaM-CM-1ez Pinzon -- Spanish navigator, explorer
Wikipedia - Victor Deysun -- Ukrainian abstract expressionist painter
Wikipedia - Victor Henri -- French physical chemist, physiologist and experimental psychologist
Wikipedia - Victor Vescovo -- Undersea explorer
Wikipedia - Video card -- Expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display device
Wikipedia - Video Coding Experts Group
Wikipedia - Viena expedition -- Attempt by Finnish volunteers to annex White Karelia in 1918
Wikipedia - Vieux CarrM-CM-) Riverfront Expressway -- Highway in Louisiana
Wikipedia - Viking activity in the British Isles -- Aspect of Norsemen expansion
Wikipedia - Viking expansion -- Exploration, settlement, and raids performed by Norse population
Wikipedia - Viking lander biological experiments
Wikipedia - Vikings -- Norse explorers, raiders, merchants, and pirates
Wikipedia - Viktor Esbensen -- Norwegian explorer
Wikipedia - Villamil LibM-CM-)lula Viblandi -- Early Spanish experimental helicopter
Wikipedia - Vince Lee (explorer) -- American mountaineer (b. 1938)
Wikipedia - Vinland -- Area of coastal North America explored by Norse Vikings
Wikipedia - Violet Cressy-Marcks -- British explorer
Wikipedia - Viral interference -- Ihibition of virus growth caused by previous exposure of cells to another virus
Wikipedia - Viral phenomenon -- Objects or patterns that are able to replicate themselves or convert other objects into copies of themselves when these objects are exposed to them
Wikipedia - Virgin soil epidemic -- worse effects of disease to populations with no prior exposure
Wikipedia - Virtual Army Experience -- Mobile US Army simulator
Wikipedia - Virtual reality exposure therapy
Wikipedia - Virtual reality sickness -- Nausea caused by exposure to a VR environment
Wikipedia - Virtual reality therapy -- Alternative form of exposure therapy
Wikipedia - Virtue signalling -- Conspicuous expression of moral values
Wikipedia - Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada Uday Express -- Uday Express between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada
Wikipedia - Visual Expert
Wikipedia - Vital Alsar -- Spanish expedition leader
Wikipedia - Vitit Muntarbhorn -- Human rights expert
Wikipedia - Vivek Express
Wikipedia - V. K. Chaturvedi -- Indian mechanical engineer and nuclear power expert
Wikipedia - Vladimir Arsenyev -- Russian and Soviet explorer, ethnographer and writer
Wikipedia - Vladimir Dergachev -- Ukrainian expert in geopolitics
Wikipedia - VnExpress -- Vietnamese online newspaper
Wikipedia - Volcanic Explosivity Index -- Qualitative scale for explosiveness of volcanic eruptions
Wikipedia - Vollmer M35 -- Series of German experimental automatic rifles
Wikipedia - Vomiting -- Involuntary, forceful expulsion of stomach contents, typically via the mouth
Wikipedia - Vosoritide -- Experimental drug for the treatment of achondroplasia
Wikipedia - Voting -- Method for a group to make a collective decision or express an opinion
Wikipedia - Voyage to the Outer Planets -- Early multimedia experiment
Wikipedia - Vulgarism -- Expression considered non-standard or characteristic of uneducated speech or writing
Wikipedia - Vulnerability (computing) -- exploitable weakness in a computer system
Wikipedia - Vultee XA-41 -- 1944 experimental attack aircraft by Convair
Wikipedia - W2XMN -- Former experimental radio station in Alpine, New Jersey
Wikipedia - W4XA -- Former experimental radio broadcasting station in Nashville, Tennessee
Wikipedia - W8XH -- Former experimental radio broadcasting station in Buffalo, New York
Wikipedia - W8XWJ -- Former experimental radio broadcasting station in Detroit, Michigan
Wikipedia - WA2XMN -- Experimental FM radio station in Alpine, New Jersey
Wikipedia - WA89 experiment -- Physics experiment
Wikipedia - Waikato Expressway -- Road in New Zealand
Wikipedia - Wakefield Express -- British city newspaper
Wikipedia - Walk the Walk -- 1970 American exploitation film directed by Kroger Babb
Wikipedia - Walla Walla expeditions -- Movements of Indigenous peoples
Wikipedia - Wally Herbert -- British polar explorer
Wikipedia - Walter Raleigh -- English aristocrat, writer, poet, soldier, courtier, spy and explorer
Wikipedia - Wang Guangfa -- Chinese respiratory expert at Peking University First Hospital
Wikipedia - War artist -- Artist who records their experience of war
Wikipedia - War bond -- Government debt security issued to finance military operations and other wartime expenditure
Wikipedia - Warburg hypothesis -- Hypothesis explaining cancer
Wikipedia - Warburton Pike -- British explorer
Wikipedia - Warren A. Thompson -- American explorer
Wikipedia - Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition -- Research expedition in the US
Wikipedia - Wasn't Expecting That -- 2011 single by Jamie Lawson
Wikipedia - Watching paint dry -- Idiomatic English expression
Wikipedia - Water and Power -- 1989 experimental documentary film
Wikipedia - Water salute -- Salute when a vehicle travels under plumes of water expelled by one or more fire fighting vehicles
Wikipedia - Wavefront expansion algorithm -- path planner similar to potential field method with breadth first search modification
Wikipedia - WEAKEND -- 2003 experimental short film
Wikipedia - Weathering steel -- Group of steel alloys designed to form a rust-like finish when exposed to weather
Wikipedia - Web-based experiments
Wikipedia - Web content -- Content encountered as part of the user experience on websites
Wikipedia - Web Experimental Psychology Lab
Wikipedia - Web experiment list
Wikipedia - WebVR -- Experimental JavaScript API that provides support for virtual reality devices
Wikipedia - Weighted average cost of capital -- Rate that a company is expected to pay on average to all its security holders to finance its assets; firmM-bM-^@M-^Ys cost of capital
Wikipedia - Wendelstein 7-AS -- Stellarator for plasma fusion experiments (1988-2002)
Wikipedia - Wendy Taylor (physicist) -- Experimental particle physicist
Wikipedia - West Coast Expressway
Wikipedia - Western Design -- Cromwellian expedition to the Caribbean
Wikipedia - West Kowloon Highway -- Expressway in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Wikipedia - West Pharmaceutical Services explosion -- U.S. industrial disaster
Wikipedia - What happens on tour, stays on tour -- Phrase that means that all exploits during the tour must be kept strictly confidential
Wikipedia - What to Expect When You're Expecting (film) -- 2012 film by Kirk Jones
Wikipedia - Wheeler's delayed-choice experiment -- Number of quantum physics thought experiments
Wikipedia - White Light from the Mouth of Infinity -- Studio album by American experimental rock band Swans
Wikipedia - White pride -- Racial expression
Wikipedia - Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer -- NASA infrared-wavelength space telescope
Wikipedia - Wight Quadruplane -- British WWI quadruplane experimental fighter aircraft
Wikipedia - Wigner's friend -- Thought experiment in theoretical quantum physics
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents -- Page for discussing incidents that may require action by administrators and experienced editors
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Basic copyediting -- How-to guide explaining copyediting of articles
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Here to build an encyclopedia -- Wikipedia explanatory supplement
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Ignore all rules -- Wikipedia page explaining the policy that Wikipedia does not have firm rules
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Introduction (historical)/3 -- Page providing links to explore Wikipedia
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Welcoming committee -- WikiProject for improving new editors' experience
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:WikiProject Derbyshire -- Collaboration to improve and expand coverage of articles related to Derbyshire
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:WikiProject Explosives -- Wikimedia subject-area collaboration
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Writing better articles -- Explanatory supplement to the Wikipedia Manual of Style guideline
Wikipedia - Wild Africa Trek -- Experience at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States
Wikipedia - Wild animal suffering -- Suffering experienced by nonhuman animals in nature through causes such as disease, injury, starvation, natural disasters, and killings by other animals
Wikipedia - Wildlife Express Train -- Narrow gauge rail transport attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World
Wikipedia - Wilfred Thesiger -- British military officer, explorer, and writer.
Wikipedia - Wilhelm Loeser -- Chicago physician who was hired to perform experamental plastic surgery on John Dillinger and Homer Van Meter.
Wikipedia - Wilhelm Schneemelcher -- Theologian and expert on the New Testament Apocrypha (1914-2003)
Wikipedia - Willard Maas -- American experimental filmmaker and poet
Wikipedia - Willem Barentsz -- Dutch navigator, cartographer, and Arctic explorer
Wikipedia - Willem de Vlamingh -- Dutch explorer
Wikipedia - William A. Chanler -- American politician, soldier and explorer
Wikipedia - William Archer (architect) -- Australian architect and explorer
Wikipedia - William Beebe -- American ornithologist, marine biologist, entomologist, and explorer
Wikipedia - William Cameron (explorer) -- Scottish explorer
Wikipedia - William Dampier -- British scientist, pirate and explorer
Wikipedia - William F. Albright -- American archaeologist, biblical scholar, philologist, and expert on ceramics (1891-1971)
Wikipedia - William F. C. Nindemann -- German-American arctic explorer
Wikipedia - William Hepburn Russell -- Co-founder of the Pony Express
Wikipedia - William Hilton Jr -- 17th-century English explorer
Wikipedia - William H. McRaven -- Admiral, Navy Seal, author, foreign policy expert
Wikipedia - William Hogarth Main -- Cave diver and scuba configuration experimentalist
Wikipedia - William Kennedy (explorer)
Wikipedia - William Kennish -- Manx engineer, inventor, explorer, scientist, and poet
Wikipedia - William Lewis Herndon -- American explorer
Wikipedia - William Lincoln Bakewell -- American sailor and polar explorer
Wikipedia - William L. Uanna -- United States security expert
Wikipedia - William Ludlow -- American military officer and explorer
Wikipedia - William of Rubruck -- Flemish Franciscan missionary and explorer
Wikipedia - William Parry (explorer)
Wikipedia - William Paterson (explorer) -- Scottish soldier and botanist in Tasmania
Wikipedia - William Rich -- Botanist and explorer from the United States
Wikipedia - William Speirs Bruce -- Scottish marine biologist and antarctic explorer
Wikipedia - William Stone (caver) -- American engineer, caver and explorer
Wikipedia - William Strickland (navigator) -- English politician and explorer
Wikipedia - William Travers (New Zealand politician) -- New Zealand lawyer, politician, explorer, naturalist and photographer.(1819-1903)
Wikipedia - Wilson Popenoe -- American plant explorer (1892-1975)
Wikipedia - WIN350 -- Japanese experimental high-speed train type
Wikipedia - Windfall gain -- Unusually high income that is sudden and/or unexpected
Wikipedia - Window Observational Research Facility -- Experiment rack facility manufactured by the Brazilian Space Agency
Wikipedia - Windows Live Personalized Experience
Wikipedia - Window Snyder -- Computer security expert
Wikipedia - Windwatt -- A type of mudflat exposed as a result of wind action on water
Wikipedia - Wine and food pairing -- Process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience
Wikipedia - Winnas Expedition -- 1855 attack by the United States Army against the Snake Indians
Wikipedia - Wisdom -- The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight
Wikipedia - Wizard of Oz experiment
Wikipedia - WNDT-CD -- First Nations Experience affiliate in New York City
Wikipedia - Wojak -- Internet meme expressing sadness
Wikipedia - Wolfgang Gentner -- German experimental nuclear physicist
Wikipedia - Woman's Exponent -- Latter-Day Saint journal (1872-1914)
Wikipedia - Women's studies -- Academic field that places womenM-bM-^@M-^Ys lives and experiences at the center of study
Wikipedia - Womersley number -- A dimensionless expression of the pulsatile flow frequency in relation to viscous effects
Wikipedia - Womxn -- Alternative term for women, to explicitly include transgender women and women of color
Wikipedia - Word of the year -- Most important word or expression in the public sphere during a specific year
Wikipedia - Work Experience (film) -- 1989 film
Wikipedia - Work of breathing -- The energy expended to inhale and exhale a breathing gas
Wikipedia - Workplace health surveillance -- Ongoing systematic collection, analysis, and dissemination of exposure and health data on groups of workers
Wikipedia - World Expo 88 -- World's fair held in Brisbane, Australia in 1988
Wikipedia - World Expo Museum station -- Shanghai Metro station
Wikipedia - World Ocean Circulation Experiment -- A component of the international World Climate Research Program
Wikipedia - World's Columbian Exposition -- World's Fair held in Chicago in 1893
Wikipedia - World View Enterprises -- Private American near-space exploration and technology company
Wikipedia - World War II evacuation and expulsion
Wikipedia - Wrapped exponential distribution
Wikipedia - Writer's block -- Condition in which an author loses the ability to produce or experiences creative slowdown
Wikipedia - Wuest Expanded Translation -- Translation of the New Testament
Wikipedia - Wu experiment -- Nuclear physics experiment
Wikipedia - WWE Experience -- WWE television program
Wikipedia - Xanadu Houses -- Series of experimental homes
Wikipedia - XEXPUJ-AM -- SRCI radio station in Xpujil, Campeche
Wikipedia - X: Past Is Present -- 2014 Indian experimental film directed by Nalan Kumarasamy
Wikipedia - XTND -- Document import/export system
Wikipedia - X-treme Express -- 2001 racing video game
Wikipedia - Yaacov Agam -- Israeli sculptor and experimental artist
Wikipedia - Yakovlev Yak-60 -- Experimental helicopter design
Wikipedia - Yamal project -- Project to exploit the natural gas reserves in the Yamal Peninsula
Wikipedia - Yamatogawa Route -- Expressway connecting the Osaka and Kobe areas
Wikipedia - Yamuna Expressway -- Indian expressway connecting Greater Noida and Agra
Wikipedia - Yangon-Mandalay Expressway -- Road in Myanmar
Wikipedia - Yeasayer -- American experimental rock band from Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - Yeast expression platform -- strain of yeast used to produce large amounts of proteins, sugars, or other compounds
Wikipedia - Yegor Meyer -- Russian landscape painter and explorer
Wikipedia - Yellow Expedition -- French trans-Asian expedition
Wikipedia - Yeongdong Expressway -- Road
Wikipedia - Yermak Timofeyevich -- Russian cossack explorer and pirate
Wikipedia - Yerofey Khabarov -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Yesvantpur-Kacheguda Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Yesvantpur-Pandharpur Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Yesvantpur-Shivamogga Town Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Yodogawa-Sagan Route -- Expressway connecting the Osaka and Kobe areas
Wikipedia - Yokohama North Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Yokohama Northwest Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Yokohane Route -- expressway in the Tokyo area
Wikipedia - Yokosuka MXY1 -- 1930s Japanese experimental aircraft
Wikipedia - York (explorer) -- African American slave and explorer
Wikipedia - You kids get off my lawn! -- Stereotypical American expression
Wikipedia - Young's interference experiment -- 1801 double-slit experiment by Thomas Young
Wikipedia - Your papers, please -- expression associated with police state functionaries
Wikipedia - Yuri's Night -- Holiday to commemorate space exploration
Wikipedia - Yvette Borup Andrews -- American explorer, artist, scientific illustrator and photographer
Wikipedia - Zag and the Coloured Beads -- English experimental rock band
Wikipedia - Zebulon Pike -- Soldier and explorer from the United States
Wikipedia - ZETA (fusion reactor) -- Experimental fusion reactor in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - ZF expression
Wikipedia - Ziegler Polar Expedition -- Failed polar expedition, 1903-1905
Wikipedia - Zip Code Rapists -- Experimental rock band
Wikipedia - ZMapp -- Experimental treatment for Ebola virus disease
Fridtjof Nansen ::: Born: October 10, 1861; Died: May 13, 1930; Occupation: Explorer;
Robert Falcon Scott ::: Born: June 6, 1868; Died: March 29, 1912; Occupation: Explorer;
Ernest Shackleton ::: Born: February 15, 1874; Died: January 5, 1922; Occupation: Explorer;
Freya Stark ::: Born: January 31, 1893; Died: May 9, 1993; Occupation: Explorer;
Jean-Michel Cousteau ::: Born: May 6, 1938; Occupation: Explorer;
Zebulon Pike ::: Born: January 5, 1779; Died: April 27, 1813; Occupation: Explorer;
Ferdinand Magellan ::: Born: 1480; Died: April 27, 1521; Occupation: Explorer;
Jacques Cartier ::: Born: December 31, 1491; Died: September 1, 1557; Occupation: Explorer;
Leon M. Lederman ::: Born: July 15, 1922; Occupation: Experimenter;
Christopher Columbus ::: Born: 1451; Died: May 20, 1506; Occupation: Explorer;
James Cook ::: Born: November 7, 1728; Died: February 14, 1779; Occupation: Explorer;
Robert Peary ::: Born: May 6, 1856; Died: February 20, 1920; Occupation: Explorer;
Meriwether Lewis ::: Born: August 18, 1774; Died: October 11, 1809; Occupation: Explorer;
Viktor Schauberger ::: Born: June 30, 1885; Died: September 25, 1958; Occupation: Experimenter;
Henry Hudson ::: Born: September 22, 1570; Died: June 22, 1611; Occupation: Explorer;
Sylvia Earle ::: Born: August 30, 1935; Occupation: Explorer;
Vasco da Gama ::: Born: September 3, 1469; Died: December 24, 1524; Occupation: Explorer;
George Vancouver ::: Born: June 22, 1757; Died: May 10, 1798; Occupation: Explorer;
Chien-Shiung Wu ::: Born: May 31, 1912; Died: February 16, 1997; Occupation: Experimenter;
Christopher Page ::: Born: 1952; Occupation: Music expert;
Roald Amundsen ::: Born: July 16, 1872; Died: June 18, 1928; Occupation: Explorer;
Ibn Battuta ::: Born: February 25, 1304; Died: 1377; Occupation: Explorer;