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Guan Hanqing (c. 1241-1320), sobriquet "the Oldman of the Studio" ( Zhisu), was a notable Chinese playwright and poet in the Yuan Dynasty. He has been described as among the most prolific and highly regarded dramatists of the Yuan period.[1]

Guan spent much of his later life in Dadu and produced about 65 plays, mostly in the vernacular of the time. Fourteen of his plays are extant, including:

  The Injustice to Dou E a.k.a. Snow in Midsummer ( Gn Tin Dng D Du Yun)
  Saving the Dusty-windy a.k.a. Saving the Prostitute a.k.a. Rescued by a Coquette (
Zho Pn r Fng Yu Ji Fng Chn)
  The Conference of a Single Dao a.k.a. Meeting the Enemies Alone a.k.a. Lord Guan Goes to the Feast ( Gun D Wng D F Dn Do Hu)
  The Pavilion of Moon-Worship ( Gu Yun Ji Rn Bi Yu Tng)
  The Butterfly Dream (

Bo Di Zh Sn Kn H Di Mng)
  The Wife-Snatcher (

Bo Di Zh Zh Zhn L Zhi Lng)
  The Riverside Pavilion ( Wng Jing Tng Zhng Qi Qi Kui Dn)
  The Jade Mirror-Stand ( Wn Ti Zhn Y Jng Ti)
  Death of the Winged-Tiger General ( Dng F Rn K Tng K Cn Xio)

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Kuan Han-Ching


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1:this autumn scene's worth words paint red leaves fill up the mountain stream the path through the pines is set just so chrysanthemums glow gold around the eastern hedge I raise this very proper goblet, drain the dregs the commoner who offers you the cup's fit for high post, but what's the use get back I'll study T'ao Ch'ien, learn to be drunk as he was. [2276.jpg] -- from Wine of Endless Life: Taoist Drinking Songs from the Yuan Dynasty, Edited by Jerome P. Seaton

~ Kuan Han-Ching, this autumn scenes worth words paint

2:go where my mind will sit when my heart's still drink when I'm thirsty and sing when I'm drunk when hard times come I find a pile of grass and sleep the days and months are long the world is vast and idleness is happiness toss off the vintage wine use up the raw laugh beside the earthen pot ha, ha, ha, hum harmonies together with this rude old mountain bonz he has a pair of chickens I've brought along a duck and idleness is happiness I've reined mind's horses locked up my monkey heart leapt up from red dust and evil-mannered wind who woke me from my shady dreams of Empire? I've left the field of honor and wormed into a nest of joys where idleness is happiness he's ploughed the southern field and slept among the eastern hills I've been the way the world goes, often vainly measured bygones in my mind he's the saint and I'm the fool who'd argue that? [2276.jpg] -- from Wine of Endless Life: Taoist Drinking Songs from the Yuan Dynasty, Edited by Jerome P. Seaton

~ Kuan Han-Ching, Idle Wandering



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