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It is always our weaknesses that make us sad, and we can easily recover by advancing one step more on the way.

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sadness ::: n. --> Heaviness; firmness.
Seriousness; gravity; discretion.
Quality of being sad, or unhappy; gloominess; sorrowfulness; dejection.

SADNESS. ::: Sadness is of no use ; it Is itself a form of famas

QUOTES [10 / 10 - 500 / 4235]

KEYS (10k)

   1 Vincent van Gogh
   1 Sri Aurobindo
   1 Saint Francis of Assisi
   1 Rainer Maria Rilke
   1 Peter J Carroll
   1 Pablo Neruda
   1 Nolini Kanta Gupta
   1 Marianne Williamson
   1 Lewis Carroll
   1 encompass'd d quiet never echoes to a sound.
As I walk


   10 Jonathan Safran Foer
   7 Paulo Coelho
   7 Anonymous
   5 Jasmine Warga
   5 Elizabeth Gilbert
   4 William Shakespeare
   4 Rupi Kaur
   4 Rajneesh
   4 Nayyirah Waheed
   4 Mehmet Murat ildan
   4 Lori Lansens
   4 David Levithan
   3 Ruth Hogan
   3 Ray Bradbury
   3 Lang Leav
   3 Jomny Sun
   3 Iris Murdoch
   3 Haruki Murakami
   3 Frank Herbert
   3 David Nicholls

1:La tristesse durera toujours.[The sadness will last forever.] ~ Vincent van Gogh,
2:Cynicism, sadness or laughter is the magicians privilege.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
3:I remembered you with my soul clenched
in that sadness of mine that you know. ~ Pablo Neruda,
4:Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love, Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sadness, joy.
   ~ Saint Francis of Assisi,
5:Accepting the universe as her body of woe,
The Mother of the seven sorrows bore
The seven stabs that pierced her bleeding heart:
The beauty of sadness lingered on her face,
Her eyes were dim with the ancient stain of tears.
Her heart was riven wi ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
6:The soul theoretically is the purview of religion. But in today's society, relatively few people look to religion to truly heal their despair - and for understandable reason. In most ways organized religion has abdicated its role of spiritual comforter, if not through its own malfeasance, the at least through dissociation from the soulfulness at the core of its mission.

Modern psychotherapy has taken up some the slack, and yet it too fails deliver when it doesn the soult necessary to heal our emotional pain. The psychotherapeutic profession has now turned to the pharmaceutical industry to compensate for its frequent lack of effectiveness, yet the pharmaceutical industry lacks the ability to do more about our sadness than to numb it. ~ Marianne Williamson,
7:... although there is almost nothing I can say that will help you, and I can harly find one useful word. You have had many sadnesses, large ones, which passed. And you say that even this passing was difficult and upsetting for you. But please, ask yourself whether these large sadnesses haven't rather gone right through you. Perhaps many things inside you have been transformed; perhaps somewhere, deep inside your being, you have undergone important changes while you were sad. The only sadnesses that are dangerous and unhealthy are the ones that we carry around in public in order to drown them out with the noise; like diseases that are treated superficially and foolishly, they just withdraw and after a short interval break out again all the more terribly; and gather inside us and are life, are life that is unlived, rejected, lost, life that we can die of. If only it were possible for us to see farther than our knowledge reaches, and even a little beyond the outworks of our presentiment, perhaps we would bear our sadnesses with greater trust than we have in our joys. For they are the moments when something new has entered us, something unknown; our feelings grow mute in shy embarrassment, everything in us withdraws, a silence arises, and the new experience, which no one knows, stands in the midst of it all and says nothing. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, August 12, 1904,
8:Man's refusal of the Divine Grace has been depicted very beautifully and graphically in a perfect dramatic form by Sri Aurobindo in Savitri. The refusal comes one by one from the three constituent parts of the human being. First of all man is a material being, a bodily creature, as such he is a being of ignorance and misery, of brutish blindness . He does not know that there is something other than his present state of misfortune and dark fate. He is not even aware that there may be anything higher or nobler than the ugliness he is steeped in. He lives on earth-life with an earth-consciousness, moves mechanically and helplessly through vicissitudes over which he has no control. Even so the material life is not a mere despicable thing; behind its darkness, behind its sadness, behind all its infirmities, the Divine Mother is there upholding it and infusing into it her grace and beauty. Indeed, she is one with this world of sorrows, she has in effect become it in her infinite pity and love so that this material body of hers may become conscious of its divine substance and manifest her true form. But the human being individualised and separated in egoistic consciousness has lost the sense of its inner reality and is vocal only in regard to its outward formulation. It is natural for physical man therefore to reject and deny the physical Godhead in him, he even curses it and wants to continue as he is.
He yells therefore in ignorance and anguish:
I am the Man of Sorrows, I am he
Who is nailed on the wide cross of the Universe . . .
I toil like the animal, like the animal die.
I am man the rebel, man the helpless serf...
I know my fate will ever be the same.
It is my Nature' s work that cannot change . . .
I was made for evil, evil is my lot;
Evil I must be and by evil live;
Nought other can I do but be myself;
What Nature made, that I must remain.2' ~ Nolini Kanta Gupta, On Savitri, 13,
9:One little picture in this book, the Magic Locket, was drawn by 'Miss Alice Havers.' I did not state this on the title-page, since it seemed only due, to the artist of all these (to my mind) wonderful pictures, that his name should stand there alone.
The descriptions, of Sunday as spent by children of the last generation, are quoted verbatim from a speech made to me by a child-friend and a letter written to me by a lady-friend.
The Chapters, headed 'Fairy Sylvie' and 'Bruno's Revenge,' are a reprint, with a few alterations, of a little fairy-tale which I wrote in the year 1867, at the request of the late Mrs. Gatty, for 'Aunt Judy's Magazine,' which she was then editing.
It was in 1874, I believe, that the idea first occurred to me of making it the nucleus of a longer story.
As the years went on, I jotted down, at odd moments, all sorts of odd ideas, and fragments of dialogue, that occurred to me--who knows how?--with a transitory suddenness that left me no choice but either to record them then and there, or to abandon them to oblivion. Sometimes one could trace to their source these random flashes of thought--as being suggested by the book one was reading, or struck out from the 'flint' of one's own mind by the 'steel' of a friend's chance remark but they had also a way of their own, of occurring, a propos of nothing --specimens of that hopelessly illogical phenomenon, 'an effect without a cause.' Such, for example, was the last line of 'The Hunting of the Snark,' which came into my head (as I have already related in 'The Theatre' for April, 1887) quite suddenly, during a solitary walk: and such, again, have been passages which occurred in dreams, and which I cannot trace to any antecedent cause whatever. There are at least two instances of such dream-suggestions in this book--one, my Lady's remark, 'it often runs in families, just as a love for pastry does', the other, Eric Lindon's badinage about having been in domestic service.

And thus it came to pass that I found myself at last in possession of a huge unwieldy mass of litterature--if the reader will kindly excuse the spelling --which only needed stringing together, upon the thread of a consecutive story, to constitute the book I hoped to write. Only! The task, at first, seemed absolutely hopeless, and gave me a far clearer idea, than I ever had before, of the meaning of the word 'chaos': and I think it must have been ten years, or more, before I had succeeded in classifying these odds-and-ends sufficiently to see what sort of a story they indicated: for the story had to grow out of the incidents, not the incidents out of the story I am telling all this, in no spirit of egoism, but because I really believe that some of my readers will be interested in these details of the 'genesis' of a book, which looks so simple and straight-forward a matter, when completed, that they might suppose it to have been written straight off, page by page, as one would write a letter, beginning at the beginning; and ending at the end.

It is, no doubt, possible to write a story in that way: and, if it be not vanity to say so, I believe that I could, myself,--if I were in the unfortunate position (for I do hold it to be a real misfortune) of being obliged to produce a given amount of fiction in a given time,--that I could 'fulfil my task,' and produce my 'tale of bricks,' as other slaves have done. One thing, at any rate, I could guarantee as to the story so produced--that it should be utterly commonplace, should contain no new ideas whatever, and should be very very weary reading!
This species of literature has received the very appropriate name of 'padding' which might fitly be defined as 'that which all can write and none can read.' That the present volume contains no such writing I dare not avow: sometimes, in order to bring a picture into its proper place, it has been necessary to eke out a page with two or three extra lines : but I can honestly say I have put in no more than I was absolutely compelled to do.
My readers may perhaps like to amuse themselves by trying to detect, in a given passage, the one piece of 'padding' it contains. While arranging the 'slips' into pages, I found that the passage was 3 lines too short. I supplied the deficiency, not by interpolating a word here and a word there, but by writing in 3 consecutive lines. Now can my readers guess which they are?

A harder puzzle if a harder be desired would be to determine, as to the Gardener's Song, in which cases (if any) the stanza was adapted to the surrounding text, and in which (if any) the text was adapted to the stanza.
Perhaps the hardest thing in all literature--at least I have found it so: by no voluntary effort can I accomplish it: I have to take it as it come's is to write anything original. And perhaps the easiest is, when once an original line has been struck out, to follow it up, and to write any amount more to the same tune. I do not know if 'Alice in Wonderland' was an original story--I was, at least, no conscious imitator in writing it--but I do know that, since it came out, something like a dozen storybooks have appeared, on identically the same pattern. The path I timidly explored believing myself to be 'the first that ever burst into that silent sea'--is now a beaten high-road: all the way-side flowers have long ago been trampled into the dust: and it would be courting disaster for me to attempt that style again.

Hence it is that, in 'Sylvie and Bruno,' I have striven with I know not what success to strike out yet another new path: be it bad or good, it is the best I can do. It is written, not for money, and not for fame, but in the hope of supplying, for the children whom I love, some thoughts that may suit those hours of innocent merriment which are the very life of Childhood; and also in the hope of suggesting, to them and to others, some thoughts that may prove, I would fain hope, not wholly out of harmony with the graver cadences of Life.
If I have not already exhausted the patience of my readers, I would like to seize this opportunity perhaps the last I shall have of addressing so many friends at once of putting on record some ideas that have occurred to me, as to books desirable to be written--which I should much like to attempt, but may not ever have the time or power to carry through--in the hope that, if I should fail (and the years are gliding away very fast) to finish the task I have set myself, other hands may take it up.
First, a Child's Bible. The only real essentials of this would be, carefully selected passages, suitable for a child's reading, and pictures. One principle of selection, which I would adopt, would be that Religion should be put before a child as a revelation of love--no need to pain and puzzle the young mind with the history of crime and punishment. (On such a principle I should, for example, omit the history of the Flood.) The supplying of the pictures would involve no great difficulty: no new ones would be needed : hundreds of excellent pictures already exist, the copyright of which has long ago expired, and which simply need photo-zincography, or some similar process, for their successful reproduction. The book should be handy in size with a pretty attractive looking cover--in a clear legible type--and, above all, with abundance of pictures, pictures, pictures!
Secondly, a book of pieces selected from the Bible--not single texts, but passages of from 10 to 20 verses each--to be committed to memory. Such passages would be found useful, to repeat to one's self and to ponder over, on many occasions when reading is difficult, if not impossible: for instance, when lying awake at night--on a railway-journey --when taking a solitary walk-in old age, when eyesight is failing or wholly lost--and, best of all, when illness, while incapacitating us for reading or any other occupation, condemns us to lie awake through many weary silent hours: at such a time how keenly one may realise the truth of David's rapturous cry "O how sweet are thy words unto my throat: yea, sweeter than honey unto my mouth!"
I have said 'passages,' rather than single texts, because we have no means of recalling single texts: memory needs links, and here are none: one may have a hundred texts stored in the memory, and not be able to recall, at will, more than half-a-dozen--and those by mere chance: whereas, once get hold of any portion of a chapter that has been committed to memory, and the whole can be recovered: all hangs together.
Thirdly, a collection of passages, both prose and verse, from books other than the Bible. There is not perhaps much, in what is called 'un-inspired' literature (a misnomer, I hold: if Shakespeare was not inspired, one may well doubt if any man ever was), that will bear the process of being pondered over, a hundred times: still there are such passages--enough, I think, to make a goodly store for the memory.
These two books of sacred, and secular, passages for memory--will serve other good purposes besides merely occupying vacant hours: they will help to keep at bay many anxious thoughts, worrying thoughts, uncharitable thoughts, unholy thoughts. Let me say this, in better words than my own, by copying a passage from that most interesting book, Robertson's Lectures on the Epistles to the Corinthians, Lecture XLIX. "If a man finds himself haunted by evil desires and unholy images, which will generally be at periodical hours, let him commit to memory passages of Scripture, or passages from the best writers in verse or prose. Let him store his mind with these, as safeguards to repeat when he lies awake in some restless night, or when despairing imaginations, or gloomy, suicidal thoughts, beset him. Let these be to him the sword, turning everywhere to keep the way of the Garden of Life from the intrusion of profaner footsteps."
Fourthly, a "Shakespeare" for girls: that is, an edition in which everything, not suitable for the perusal of girls of (say) from 10 to 17, should be omitted. Few children under 10 would be likely to understand or enjoy the greatest of poets: and those, who have passed out of girlhood, may safely be left to read Shakespeare, in any edition, 'expurgated' or not, that they may prefer: but it seems a pity that so many children, in the intermediate stage, should be debarred from a great pleasure for want of an edition suitable to them. Neither Bowdler's, Chambers's, Brandram's, nor Cundell's 'Boudoir' Shakespeare, seems to me to meet the want: they are not sufficiently 'expurgated.' Bowdler's is the most extraordinary of all: looking through it, I am filled with a deep sense of wonder, considering what he has left in, that he should have cut anything out! Besides relentlessly erasing all that is unsuitable on the score of reverence or decency, I should be inclined to omit also all that seems too difficult, or not likely to interest young readers. The resulting book might be slightly fragmentary: but it would be a real treasure to all British maidens who have any taste for poetry.
If it be needful to apologize to any one for the new departure I have taken in this story--by introducing, along with what will, I hope, prove to be acceptable nonsense for children, some of the graver thoughts of human life--it must be to one who has learned the Art of keeping such thoughts wholly at a distance in hours of mirth and careless ease. To him such a mixture will seem, no doubt, ill-judged and repulsive. And that such an Art exists I do not dispute: with youth, good health, and sufficient money, it seems quite possible to lead, for years together, a life of unmixed gaiety--with the exception of one solemn fact, with which we are liable to be confronted at any moment, even in the midst of the most brilliant company or the most sparkling entertainment. A man may fix his own times for admitting serious thought, for attending public worship, for prayer, for reading the Bible: all such matters he can defer to that 'convenient season', which is so apt never to occur at all: but he cannot defer, for one single moment, the necessity of attending to a message, which may come before he has finished reading this page,' this night shalt thy soul be required of thee.'
The ever-present sense of this grim possibility has been, in all ages, 1 an incubus that men have striven to shake off. Few more interesting subjects of enquiry could be found, by a student of history, than the various weapons that have been used against this shadowy foe. Saddest of all must have been the thoughts of those who saw indeed an existence beyond the grave, but an existence far more terrible than annihilation--an existence as filmy, impalpable, all but invisible spectres, drifting about, through endless ages, in a world of shadows, with nothing to do, nothing to hope for, nothing to love! In the midst of the gay verses of that genial 'bon vivant' Horace, there stands one dreary word whose utter sadness goes to one's heart. It is the word 'exilium' in the well-known passage

Omnes eodem cogimur, omnium
Versatur urna serius ocius
Sors exitura et nos in aeternum
Exilium impositura cymbae.

Yes, to him this present life--spite of all its weariness and all its sorrow--was the only life worth having: all else was 'exile'! Does it not seem almost incredible that one, holding such a creed, should ever have smiled?
And many in this day, I fear, even though believing in an existence beyond the grave far more real than Horace ever dreamed of, yet regard it as a sort of 'exile' from all the joys of life, and so adopt Horace's theory, and say 'let us eat and drink, for to-morrow we die.'
We go to entertainments, such as the theatre--I say 'we', for I also go to the play, whenever I get a chance of seeing a really good one and keep at arm's length, if possible, the thought that we may not return alive. Yet how do you know--dear friend, whose patience has carried you through this garrulous preface that it may not be your lot, when mirth is fastest and most furious, to feel the sharp pang, or the deadly faintness, which heralds the final crisis--to see, with vague wonder, anxious friends bending over you to hear their troubled whispers perhaps yourself to shape the question, with trembling lips, "Is it serious?", and to be told "Yes: the end is near" (and oh, how different all Life will look when those words are said!)--how do you know, I say, that all this may not happen to you, this night?
And dare you, knowing this, say to yourself "Well, perhaps it is an immoral play: perhaps the situations are a little too 'risky', the dialogue a little too strong, the 'business' a little too suggestive.
I don't say that conscience is quite easy: but the piece is so clever, I must see it this once! I'll begin a stricter life to-morrow." To-morrow, and to-morrow, and tomorrow!

"Who sins in hope, who, sinning, says,
'Sorrow for sin God's judgement stays!'
Against God's Spirit he lies; quite stops Mercy with insult; dares, and drops,
Like a scorch'd fly, that spins in vain
Upon the axis of its pain,
Then takes its doom, to limp and crawl,
Blind and forgot, from fall to fall."

Let me pause for a moment to say that I believe this thought, of the possibility of death--if calmly realised, and steadily faced would be one of the best possible tests as to our going to any scene of amusement being right or wrong. If the thought of sudden death acquires, for you, a special horror when imagined as happening in a theatre, then be very sure the theatre is harmful for you, however harmless it may be for others; and that you are incurring a deadly peril in going. Be sure the safest rule is that we should not dare to live in any scene in which we dare not die.
But, once realise what the true object is in life--that it is not pleasure, not knowledge, not even fame itself, 'that last infirmity of noble minds'--but that it is the development of character, the rising to a higher, nobler, purer standard, the building-up of the perfect Man--and then, so long as we feel that this is going on, and will (we trust) go on for evermore, death has for us no terror; it is not a shadow, but a light; not an end, but a beginning!
One other matter may perhaps seem to call for apology--that I should have treated with such entire want of sympathy the British passion for 'Sport', which no doubt has been in by-gone days, and is still, in some forms of it, an excellent school for hardihood and for coolness in moments of danger.
But I am not entirely without sympathy for genuine 'Sport': I can heartily admire the courage of the man who, with severe bodily toil, and at the risk of his life, hunts down some 'man-eating' tiger: and I can heartily sympathize with him when he exults in the glorious excitement of the chase and the hand-to-hand struggle with the monster brought to bay. But I can but look with deep wonder and sorrow on the hunter who, at his ease and in safety, can find pleasure in what involves, for some defenceless creature, wild terror and a death of agony: deeper, if the hunter be one who has pledged himself to preach to men the Religion of universal Love: deepest of all, if it be one of those 'tender and delicate' beings, whose very name serves as a symbol of Love--'thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women'--whose mission here is surely to help and comfort all that are in pain or sorrow!

'Farewell, farewell! but this I tell
To thee, thou Wedding-Guest!
He prayeth well, who loveth well
Both man and bird and beast.
He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.' ~ Lewis Carroll, Sylvie and Bruno,
10:The Garden ::: There's an ancient, ancient garden that I see sometimes in dreams,
Where the very Maytime sunlight plays and glows with spectral gleams;
Where the gaudy-tinted blossoms seem to wither into grey,
And the crumbling walls and pillars waken thoughts of yesterday.
There are vines in nooks and crannies, and there's moss about the pool,
And the tangled weedy thicket chokes the arbour dark and cool:
In the silent sunken pathways springs a herbage sparse and spare,
Where the musty scent of dead things dulls the fragrance of the air.
There is not a living creature in the lonely space arouna,
And the hedge~encompass'd d quiet never echoes to a sound.
As I walk, and wait, and listen, I will often seek to find
When it was I knew that garden in an age long left behind;
I will oft conjure a vision of a day that is no more,
As I gaze upon the grey, grey scenes I feel I knew before.
Then a sadness settles o'er me, and a tremor seems to start -
For I know the flow'rs are shrivell'd hopes - the garden is my heart. ~ H P Lovecraft,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:Sadness is a vice. ~ Gustave Flaubert
2:i am thankful for sadness. ~ Jomny Sun
3:All sadness is a tantrum. ~ Byron Katie
4:Sadness is a state of sin. ~ Andre Gide
5:Normalness leads to sadness. ~ Phil Lester
6:Sadness was so claustrophobic. ~ Kiran Desai
7:Sadness is also a kind of defence. ~ Ivo Andric
8:Sadness isn't a natural response. ~ Byron Katie
9:Sadness was a very heavy thing. ~ Arthur Golden
10:Depression is sadness gone wrong ~ Lewis Wolpert
11:The sadness will last forever. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
12:The sadness will last forever. ~ Vincent van Gogh
13:You are lucky to feel sadness. ~ John O Callaghan
14:Art, and sadness, which last forever. ~ Sara Baume
15:fighting sadness is necessary war. ~ Upile Chisala
16:I will be stronger than my sadness ~ Jasmine Warga
17:own fire hath sadness in it. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
18:Sadness diminishes a man's powers ~ Baruch Spinoza
19:But with the freedom came a sadness. ~ Daniel Keyes
20:I will be stronger than my sadness. ~ Jasmine Warga
21:The easiest thing to feel is sadness. ~ Justin Vernon
23:Be wise, Oh my sadness, be calmer. ~ Charles Baudelaire
24:Sadness of love without release. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
25:the wine the sadness and the night ~ Alejandra Pizarnik
26:Own the sadness, don’t let it own you. ~ Kwame Alexander
27:Sadness is what holds our bones in place. ~ Miriam Toews
28:The sadness felt familiar, felt normal. ~ David Gatewood
29:An Hour of Bliss and Many Hours of Sadness ~ Thomas Hardy
30:A place where hearts only know sadness. ~ Haruki Murakami
31:Beauty and sadness always go together. ~ George MacDonald
32:I give her sadness and the gift of pain, ~ Dorothy Parker
33:I leave with sadness, but also with pride. ~ Rahul Dravid
34:Memories were just future sadness stored away ~ Matt Haig
35:mono no aware, the sadness of being human, ~ Barry Eisler
36:We all harbour a great sadness in our soul ~ Paulo Coelho
37:A man can smell a woman's sadness ~ Jill Alexander Essbaum
38:Sadness is but a wall between two gardens. ~ Khalil Gibran
39:She seemed imprisoned in her sadness. ~ Sena Jeter Naslund
40:The power of sadness has always amazed me. ~ Vanessa Woods
41:You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness, ~ Gotye
42:What sadness lengthens Romeo’s hours? ~ William Shakespeare
43:Anger is manageable; sadness is heartbreaking. ~ Cat Patrick
44:as if sadness were as treatable as common cold ~ Mitch Albom
45:Humor without sadness is just pie in the face ~ Cath Crowley
46:Walt Disney was not a merchant of sadness. ~ James MacArthur
47:Don't make everyone know about your sadness. ~ John Steinbeck
48:No sadness, my soul’s no more of this world. ~ Anna Akhmatova
49:There would be no sequel to the sadness ~ Salvador Plascencia
50:Behind every crime is a story of sadness. ~ Enrique Pena Nieto
51:Childrens' laughter is like medicine to sadness. ~ Tyler Perry
52:Family likeness has often a deep sadness in it. ~ George Eliot
53:Infinite sadness is not to trust an old friend. ~ Dick Francis
54:I tend to equate sadness with intelligence. ~ Chuck Klosterman
55:Life is too tragic for sadness: Let us rejoice. ~ Edward Abbey
56:Sadness flies away on the wings of time. ~ Jean de La Fontaine
57:The best cure for sadness is doing something. ~ Nancy E Turner
58:The weight of sadness was in wonder lost. ~ William Wordsworth
59:And happiness is always louder than sadness. ~ Deborah Harkness
60:And I grew in depth through sadness and self-doubt. ~ Ana s Nin
61:Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire. ~ Patti Smith
62:Only survivors are allowed the luxury of sadness. ~ Mike Mullin
63:Sadness flies away on the wings of time. ~ Jean de La Fontaine
64:A feeling of sadness that only bus stations have. ~ Jack Kerouac
65:i ache from the weight of all the sadness in my heart. ~ R H Sin
66:Maybe the sadness comes just before the insanity ~ Jasmine Warga
67:A small happiness can make a big sadness less sad. ~ Rachel Simon
68:How do you file a restraining order against sadness? ~ Alex Adams
69:Maybe the sadness comes just before the insanity. ~ Jasmine Warga
70:Nay, do not grieve tho' life be full of sadness, ~ Sarojini Naidu
71:Our sadness is not sad, but our cheap joys. ~ Henry David Thoreau
72:What is the opposite of happiness? Sadness? No. ~ Timothy Ferriss
73:Even your joy is like a flame coming off of sadness ~ D H Lawrence
74:How often is immense sadness mistaken for courage? ~ Anthony Marra
75:It was so gorgeous it almost felt like sadness. ~ Banana Yoshimoto
76:Melancholy is sadness that has taken on lightness. ~ Italo Calvino
77:People do not die from suicide; they die from sadness. ~ Anonymous
78:Perhaps to be flawless was another kind of sadness. ~ Clive Barker
79:Sadness in autumn is an autumn within autumn! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
80:The ground of all great thoughts is sadness. ~ Philip James Bailey
81:There was sadness in her eyes, a tired resignation. ~ Ronald Malfi
82:What is it about sadness that can be so fulfilling? ~ Lori Lansens
83:As long as we stick together , we can smash the sadness ~ Mikey Way
84:Her grief is replaced with a useful sadness. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
85:I love sad. Sadness makes you feel more than anything. ~ Jeff Ament
86:In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends. ~ Kakuz Okakura
87:Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue. ~ Andr Gide
88:Intoxicated with madness, I'm in love with my sadness ~ Sylvia Plath
89:One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness. ~ Jackie Kennedy
90:Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue. ~ Andre Gide
91:you have sadness living in places sadness shouldn’t live ~ Rupi Kaur
92:In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends. ~ Okakura Kakuzo
93:I’ve created the most beautiful things out of my sadness. ~ Anonymous
94:May the angels protect you, and sadness forget you. ~ Madonna Ciccone
95:The cursor changed to the spinning wheel of sadness. ~ Madeleine Roux
96:You have sadness living in places sadness shouldn't live. ~ Rupi Kaur
97:His face was marked with sadness but still very handsome. ~ Kiera Cass
98:I'll be damned if death wears my sadness as glad rags.  ~ Ray Bradbury
99:I'll be damned if death wears my sadness for glad rags. ~ Ray Bradbury
100:My sadness ebbed, replaced by fearlessness and anger. ~ Mishka Shubaly
101:Sadness takes up the pen more readily than joy. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel
102:What signifies sadness, sir; a man grows lean on it. ~ Henry Mackenzie
103:[The blues] is the antidote for sadness and depression. ~ Warren Haynes
104:Even among the angels, there is the sadness of division. ~ Nicole Krauss
105:expect sadness like you expect rain. both cleanse you. ~ Nayyirah Waheed
106:God must have something to do with joy ... and with sadness. ~ Joan Baez
107:Hate is a place where a man who can't stand sadness goes ~ Kentaro Miura
108:Life is directly proportional to happiness and sadness. ~ Santosh Kalwar
109:sadness is nothing a little Veuve Clicquot can’t fix. ~ Elin Hilderbrand
110:The happier people become the more I noticed my sadness. ~ Donna Freitas
111:A sharp blade of sadness goes through me, deep and quick. ~ Lauren Oliver
112:Hate is a place where a man who can’t stand sadness goes. ~ Kentaro Miura
113:Her tears were as much anger and frustration as sadness. ~ Anamika Mishra
114:My country's main exports are stolen cars and sadness. ~ Aleksandar Hemon
115:The only way to overcome sadness is to consume it. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
116:We can endure any amount of sadness for the people we love. ~ Rin Chupeco
117:Forlorness. An unspoken sadness that required no words. ~ Christi Caldwell
118:If you never get sadness, how do you know what happy is like? ~ Ruth Hogan
119:Our infinite sadness can only be cured by an infinite love. ~ Pope Francis
120:Parting with people is a sadness; a place is only a place. ~ Frank Herbert
121:Sadness is a wall between two gardens. —Kahlil Gibran ~ William Paul Young
122:The human body is mostly blood and mystery and sadness. ~ Charles Bukowski
123:The memory stirs sadness. It scatters around me like dust. ~ Ellen Hopkins
124:you have sadness
living in places
sadness shouldn't live ~ Rupi Kaur
125:you have sadness
living in places
sadness shouldn’t live ~ Rupi Kaur
126:Forget your sadness, anger, grudges, and hatred. Let them ~ Masaaki Hatsumi
127:His sapphire eyes were bright with his love and his sadness. ~ Andrea Smith
128:In deep sadness there is no place for sentimentality. ~ William S Burroughs
129:I think often sadness is a great place to get songs from. ~ Sarah McLachlan
130:Nothing, not even sadness could be greater than the sum of us. ~ Emery Lord
131:Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place. ~ Frank Herbert
132:... what an ennobling sadness you lent to my evening's enjoyment. ~ Colette
133:expect sadness like you expect rain. both cleanse you. – natural ~ Anonymous
134:Gratitude and sadness were strange but familiar companions. ~ Stella Cameron
135:Happy sadness, sad happiness, the story of my life and loves ~ John Banville
136:His sadness resonated with me and we were drawn to one another. ~ Pam Jenoff
137:tears are probably the best cure for a touch of sadness. ~ Marion Dane Bauer
138:the winter always bears away with it a portion of our sadness; ~ Victor Hugo
139:Be of good cheer, for sadness cannot heal the national wounds. ~ Dorothea Dix
140:I'd love to wrap myself inside your sadness and pretend it is mine ~ Amy Reed
141:Music expresses first of all sadness rather than joy. ~ Ignacy Jan Paderewski
142:No wonder sorrow doesn’t smile much. No wonder sadness is so sad. ~ Nick Cave
143:People who are prone to sadness are more likely to pick up a pen. ~ Lang Leav
144:Sadness and love and pain, they're easy to feel- but not luck. ~ S D Crockett
145:She despised the sadness that hung inside her like old lace. ~ Sonya Hartnett
146:She wore her sadness on the outside, like a heavy winter coat. ~ Beth Hoffman
147:The world doesn't need any more sadness than it's already got. ~ Hiro Mashima
148:You get used to sadness, growing up in the mountains, I guess. ~ Loretta Lynn
149:It's a time of sorrow and sadness when we lose a loss of life. ~ George W Bush
150:Sadness of feeling the need to create beautiful things; ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
151:the sadness will ebb
the trouble is the time it might take ~ David Levithan
152:When you feel sadness inside,
wipe it away by cries and tears! ~ Toba Beta
153:Don't dwell on sadness. Joy will take you where you want to go. ~ Bryant McGill
154:Everybody has their sadness. And most people are scared of it. ~ Mary Gaitskill
155:His sadness was of the kind that is patient and without hope. ~ William Maxwell
156:Most comedians come from a dark past and have a lot of sadness. ~ Molly Shannon
157:My soul is melting in sadness but I still keep smiling for you. ~ M F Moonzajer
158:nodded and knocked. Ava saw the flicker of sadness that crossed ~ Kendra Elliot
159:sadness is not the absence of happiness, but the opposite of it. ~ Marlon James
160:The face of poverty is a mixture of sincerity and sadness! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
161:Allow beauty and sadness to touch you. This is love, not fear. ~ Colleen Saidman
162:Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness is its poison. ~ Lord Chesterfield
163:Literature offered a safe circumscribed outlet for sadness. ~ Richard Brookhiser
164:Oh the piercing sadness of life in the midst of its ordinariness! ~ Iris Murdoch
165:Some sadness has no remedy. Some sadness you can’t make better. ~ Laurie Frankel
166:There are so many sad people nowadays that sadness looks normal. ~ Kate Saunders
167:We all have sadness in our life and things that we can draw upon ~ Sherilyn Fenn
168:An autumn garden has a sadness when the sun is not shining. ~ Francis Brett Young
169:expect sadness like you expect rain. both cleanse you. –natural ~ Nayyirah Waheed
170:Sadness has got to flow out or it gets stuck and turns bitter. ~ Jonathan Renshaw
171:Sadness seemed to me like a disease, and I worried it was contagious. ~ Matt Haig
172:The perennial sadness of a girl who is both death and the maiden. ~ Angela Carter
173:We held each other in mutual sadness, in changes that came too fast. ~ Sarah Jude
174:Come to earth to taste our sadness, he whose glories knew no end; ~ Charles Wesley
175:expect sadness like you expect rain. both cleanse you. – natural ~ Nayyirah Waheed
176:He was the kind of man people liked to entrust with their sadnesses. ~ Donna Tartt
177:In this world there is no place for sadness. No place; not one. ~ Banana Yoshimoto
178:I think there is something beautiful in reveling in sadness ~ Joseph Gordon Levitt
179:Sometimes you feel so happy, it feels almost the same as sadness. ~ Nick Alexander
180:The real problem is when people flinch from the sadness and hide. ~ Tom McAllister
181:There is nothing so cleansing or reassuring as a vicarious sadness. ~ David Rakoff
182:When sadness was the sea, you were the one that taught me to swim ~ pleasefindthis
183:For each door of sadness that opens, there are a thousand means of shutting it... ~
184:No sadness is greater than in misery to rehearse memories of joy. ~ Dante Alighieri
185:Sadness is no more than a bit of acid transfixed in the cerebellum. ~ Alan Lightman
186:She's my alpha," he murmured, with a haunting sadness in his voice. ~ Marissa Meyer
187:So sadness is a place?
Sometimes people live there for years ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
188:Success will (, ameliorate all the years of your sadness. ~ Jon Jones
189:The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy. ~ Jim Rohn
190:Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
191:Alice dropped her head, because sadness had left hinges in her bones. ~ Tahereh Mafi
192:I feel infinite sadness at seeing how few people are genuinely kind. ~ Marcel Proust
193:I immediately target sadness and conflict and disruption in life. ~ Rachael Yamagata
194:Sadness is a little like darkness. They both begin the same way. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
195:The way sadness works is one of the strangest riddles of the world. ~ Daniel Handler
196:Two of them there drinking red liquor like it was sadness medicine. ~ Thomas Pynchon
197:Was a sadness so profound that the mind sought escape into fantasy? ~ Lorraine Heath
198:You had to run with a night like this, so the sadness could not hurt. ~ Ray Bradbury
199:A person's sadness didn't always take a form that others could see. ~ Keigo Higashino
200:As the Sun rises,so shall the sadness disappear.It's like the mist ~ Ernest Hemingway
201:expect sadness
you expect rain.
cleanse you. ~ Nayyirah Waheed
202:It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate. ~ Gwyneth Paltrow
203:Life speeds by and no matter how much joy there is, there is sadness. ~ Penn Jillette
204:Sadness is only ugly, and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t get it. ~ Jasmine Warga
205:Sadness is the heart withdrawing to seek shelter from the pain. ~ Richelle E Goodrich
206:and in its way too much happiness was as dangerous as too much sadness. ~ Lev Grossman
207:If you never get sadness, how do you know what happy is like?” she asked. ~ Ruth Hogan
208:In her eyes, the sadness sings—of one who was destined, for better things. ~ Lang Leav
209:Of course. My sadness has become a routine that no one notices anymore. ~ Paulo Coelho
210:Sadness of not knowing enough words to [express what you mean]. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
211:She is so lost in her sadness that she has no idea how visible it is. ~ David Levithan
212:Vegas means comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness all at the same time. ~ Artie Lange
213:An ounce of cheerfulness is worth a pound of sadness to serve God with. ~ Thomas Fuller
214:Crying is cleansing. There's a reason for tears, happiness or sadness. ~ Dionne Warwick
215:I convinced myself that sadness and compromise were the ways of the world. ~ Erica Jong
216:My mother's mild-eyed sadness looks at me from the eyes of those I love. ~ Mason Cooley
217:Real artists take the misery and sadness of life and translate it into art. ~ Josh Peck
218:There isn't anyone who doesn't feel regret or sadness. (Lavi Bookman) ~ Katsura Hoshino
219:The same energy not allowed to move becomes stagnant, stale, creates sadness ~ Rajneesh
220:"The word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness." ~ Carl Jung
221:But once Violet saw the inherent sadness in one thing, she couldn't stop. ~ Maria Semple
222:I'd choked back so many tears, they'd become a lake of sadness in my belly. ~ Julia Karr
223:Joy moves faster than sadness or disgust, but nothing is speedier than rage. ~ Anonymous
224:La tristesse durera toujours.[The sadness will last forever.] ~ Vincent van Gogh,
225:Sadness is never bad," said Amparo. "Sadness is the mirror of being happy ~ Tim Willocks
226:She is so lost in her sadness that she has no idea how visible it is. I ~ David Levithan
227:The trouble with a great sadness is that it doesn't fit inside your body. ~ Manuel Rivas
228:Around the corner from happiness, sadness is sitting on the porch ~ Lauren Francis Sharma
229:Comfort is beauty muted by heroin. Sadness is beauty drained by lack of it. ~ Luke Davies
230:He had a powerful kind of ache inside him, half joy, half terrible sadness. ~ J K Rowling
231:He thought about himself and to the young that always brings sadness. ~ Sherwood Anderson
232:There was so much sadness in everything, even when things worked. Then ~ Charles Bukowski
233:The window of her sadness was so vast that it almost opened a path to her soul. ~ Ondjaki
234:Cynicism, sadness or laughter is the magicians privilege.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
235:God is in the sadness and the laughter, in the bitter and the sweet. ~ Neale Donald Walsch
236:Goodness comes out of sadness. Strength comes out of difficult situations. ~ Rashmi Bansal
237:Sadness had reigned in undisputed sovereignty over his shadowed childhood. ~ Marcel Proust
238:Sad? Nonsense! Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place. ~ Frank Herbert
239:Sickness awakens sadness sleeps- Moments of aloneness results into peace. ~ Santosh Kalwar
240:the kind of sadness we tolerate because it appears at happy moments ~ Juan Gabriel V squez
241:alone with her sadness . . .” “Curran, stop while you’re ahead, or I swear, ~ Ilona Andrews
242:Are you crying?"
"Only a little."
"Generalized sadness. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
243:Books hold our culture, our past, other worlds, the antidote for sadness. ~ Anjali Banerjee
244:If you want to learn how to be happy, you have to know what is sadness first. ~ Etgar Keret
245:In my deepest parts of sadness, I'm always making a joke or being sarcastic. ~ Lea Thompson
246:No reason to be angry. Anger just distracts from the all-encompassing sadness. ~ John Green
247:...Sadness of not knowing enough words to [express what you mean]... ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
248:Alas, the very name of picture produces a sadness of heart I cannot describe. ~ Samuel Morse
249:I am intrigued by the smile upon your face, and the sadness within your eyes ~ Jeremy Aldana
250:I know a cure for sadness: Let our hands touch something that makes your eyes smile. ~ Meera
251:Isolation of the caretaker role is a real danger. That way lies sadness. ~ Christopher Noxon
252:Nothing can rightly compel a simple and brave man to a vulgar sadness. ~ Henry David Thoreau
253:Sadness can find you anywhere, anytime, so you better have fun when you can. ~ Rebecca Wells
254:She sinks. She sinks in holy sadness. Like an Ophelia in tears she sinks ~ Georges Rodenbach
255:The sadness which reigned everywhere was but an excuse for unfailing kindness. ~ Victor Hugo
256:"The word happiness’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness." ~ Carl Jung
257:Unhappy is he to whom the memories of childhood bring only fear and sadness. ~ H P Lovecraft
258:I carry a deep sadness of the heart which must now and then break out in sound. ~ Franz Liszt
259:I never seemed to learn from joy; I earned my portion of wisdom through sadness. ~ Pat Conroy
260:I oscillate between life and death, happiness and sadness, good and evil. ~ Alexander McQueen
261:Our life is...a time in which sadness and joy kiss each other at every moment. ~ Henri Nouwen
262:Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never ­being satisfied. ~ Zadie Smith
263:…there should be a lot of fun and no more sadness than absolutely necessary. ~ David Nicholls
264:The sadness of life. That was another conundrum he would occasionally ponder. ~ Julian Barnes
265:"The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness." ~ Carl Jung
266:Time heals many wounds but this loss becomes the defining sadness of your life. ~ Claire Cook
267:We never do anything consciously for the last time without sadness of heart. ~ Samuel Johnson
268:You can dig a hole in my heart and bury all your sadness. I'll be your grave. ~ Vaddey Ratner
269:Experiencing deep sadness can, sometimes, heighten your ability to feel joy. ~ Marketa Irglova
270:No one should applaud this. We should bow our heads not in thanks but in sadness. ~ Hugh Howey
271:...sadness is a powerful foe, maybe harder to keep down than happiness... ~ Katherine Hannigan
272:Sadness was the driver, the motor of his invention, the engine of his creativity. ~ Charles Yu
273:And just remember that sadness is like rain. Keep reminding yourself it’ll pass. ~ Cara McKenna
274:Each night about this time he puts on sadness like a garment and goes on writing. ~ Anne Carson
275:let the stress and the sadness and the anger go. It’s time to do epic again, dude. ~ Kim Holden
276:Maybe sadness was a kind of hunger, she thought. Maybe the two went together. ~ Margaret Atwood
277:So tremendous, sadness
doesn't know where the world ends
and my body begins. ~ Amber Dawn
278:tears are probably the best cure for a touch of sadness."
The Blue Ghost ~ Marion Dane Bauer
279:Terrible sadness, dread, an agonizing desire for happiness swelled in his heart. ~ Iris Murdoch
280:Tis a dream that I in sadness
Here am bound, the scorn of fate; ~ Pedro Calder n de la Barca
281:To overcome the sadness of our hearts, we must remember the joys of our lives. ~ Imania Margria
282:We never taste a perfect joy; our happiest successes are mixed with sadness. ~ Pierre Corneille
283:With the great sadness of the loss, one can live an even more meaningful life. ~ Dalai Lama XIV
284:A groundless sadness called forth in a person’s heart by a pastoral landscape. ~ Haruki Murakami
285:Anyone who has known happiness will never again be able humbly to accept sadness. ~ Paulo Coelho
286:A small vine of sadness appeared beneath her ribs and blossomed into compassion ~ Kerrigan Byrne
287:Beautiful sadness is a myth. Sadness turns our features to clay, not porcelain. ~ David Levithan
288:God can and will wipe all that shame and sadness away if you will only repent. ~ James MacDonald
289:In an expression of true gratitude, sadness is conspicuous only by its absence ~ Marcus Aurelius
290:I remembered you with my soul clenched
in that sadness of mine that you know. ~ Pablo Neruda,
291:It doesn’t kill you, sadness. It won’t be the only sadness. Just the first one. ~ Rosalind James
292:Olanna felt the slow sadness of missing a person who was still there. ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
293:The important thing in this life is to link your sadness to the sadness of others. ~ Sh saku End
294:There is healing, after all, in sadness, and sometimes only tears will bring it. ~ Shawn Smucker
295:but there’s a surprising sadness in his eyes. As much as I try, I can’t ignore ~ Victoria Aveyard
296:Conscience,' Hobbey said with infinite sadness. 'I had one once. Ambition killed it. ~ C J Sansom
297:I felt a tremendous sadness for men who can't deal with a woman of their own age. ~ Michael Caine
298:Sadness is not necessarily something bad. Don't judge it as a bad or negative quality. ~ Rajneesh
299:She cried until the tears were no longer able to meet the demands of her sadness ~ Elliot Perlman
300:The joy you bring us is so much greater than the sadness we feel about your illness. ~ John Green
301:The PCT would lead me to an otherworld, through the sadness I felt here, out of it. ~ Aspen Matis
302:There was sadness in his eyes, a sadness so profound it was almost frightening. ~ Cassandra Clare
303:We can all of us be hurt, and no one is exclusively safe from worry and sadness. ~ Patrick deWitt
304:Anger can give you a false sense of direction when sadness makes you feel lost. ~ Christopher Rice
305:Don't stay in one place too long. It was the only way to stay ahead of the sadness. ~ Rick Riordan
306:He had a hundred merry crinkles at his eyes and a long-haul sadness in his shoulders. ~ Leif Enger
307:I learned from him that sadness is the hardest thing to breed out of a bloodline. ~ Rivers Solomon
308:I will learn your anger. I will lick your sadness.
I will feast on your hunger. ~ Caitlyn Siehl
309:Joy never denies the sadness, but transforms it to a fertile soil for more joy. ~ Henri J M Nouwen
310:mostly I have found myself resisting their sadness when I have so much of my own. ~ Jami Attenberg
311:The sadness inherent in any memory comes from the fact that its object is forgetting. ~ C sar Aira
312:We’ve run out of ways to weaponize sadness, and so it becomes an actual weapon. ~ Hanif Abdurraqib
313:A deep aura of sadness surrounding him, as if he had seen heaven and had been sent away. ~ Joe Hart
314:How can money be the root of all evil when shopping is the cure for all sadness? ~ Elizabeth Taylor
315:I'm a poet,' the young man said, 'And it's my job to remember the sadness of things. ~ Clive Barker
316:Most of the time people don't mean to be rude, it's just their sadness showing through. ~ Sarah Jio
317:There’s a moment of profound sadness that can be dispelled only by summoning my anger. ~ Libba Bray
318:Melancholy held me hostage, and the bees built a hive of sadness in my soul. ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
319:most of the time, people don’t mean to be rude; it’s just their sadness showing through. ~ Sarah Jio
320:perhaps we would bear our sadnesses with greater trust than we have in our joys ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
321:So it was that we soaped ourselves in sadness and we rinsed ourselves with hope, ~ Viet Thanh Nguyen
322:Soon, sweet madness
was poured upon my heart, a soft and thrilling sadness ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
323:That is why I write - to try to turn sadness into longing, solitude into remembrance. ~ Paulo Coelho
324:There's such a thing as too much happiness and sadness. What I'm after is contentment. ~ Ray Charles
325:The so-called Real World. Human misery and sadness. Blind politics and general cruelty. ~ Tanith Lee
326:Behind every sweet smile, there is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see and feel. ~ Tupac Shakur
327:Happiness, sadness, loss and gain all pass away. What they do to us is what remains. ~ Yasmin Mogahed
328:It's strange how sometimes you can be so happy it goes all the way round to sadness. ~ David Walliams
329:My tidyness and untidyness are full of complicated feelings of regret and sadness. ~ Natalia Ginzburg
330:The sadness of the incomplete, the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art. ~ E M Forster
331:Aberbargoed was a grim place a century ago, a brooding village of coal-dusted sadness. ~ Ben Macintyre
332:All the room darkened and my heart again sank; inexpressible sadness weighed it down ~ Charlotte Bront
333:If you don't enjoy your life, sorrow, sadness, suffering, fear, shame and guilt will. ~ Iyanla Vanzant
334:In Moscow there were a hundred different words for sadness, and one of them was joy. ~ Heather O Neill
335:Nobody but a Southerner knows the wrenching rinsing sadness of the cities of the North. ~ Walker Percy
336:of one’s own troubles, worries, and sadness come from self-cherishing, self-centeredness. ~ Dan Harris
337:One day you look in the mirror and you see your parents' sadness in your eyes. ~ Hannah Lillith Assadi
338:Serve God joyfully. Let there be no sadness in your life: the only true sorrow is sin. ~ Mother Teresa
339:What good is always being happy? Sadness hints at the possibility of a future reward. ~ Daniel Wallace
340:You can die of sadness? thinks Juliet; the idea encrusts a soft centre of pure terror. ~ Carrie Snyder
341:Caught baffled by the perplexing slow-release of sadness for ever and ever and ever. Which ~ Max Porter
342:Everything's complicated, even those things that seem flat in their bleakness or sadness. ~ Nick Hornby
343:happiness is accepting that sadness will always exist and then deciding to be happy anyway. ~ Jomny Sun
344:Her father propped his sadness on a pew, but she put her sad in places no one could see. ~ Brit Bennett
345:I'm unhappy as Dylan Thomas was, because I'm not, but I've had my brushes with sadness. ~ Tom Hollander
346:No man should be asked to live with so much sadness, and with so little promise of relief. ~ Naomi Wood
347:Sadness at being caught, at the incontrovertibe knowledge that she will never forgive you. ~ Junot D az
348:Sadness at being caught, at the incontrovertibe knowledge that she will never forgive you. ~ Junot Diaz
349:She was a prism through with sadness could be divided into its infinite spectrum ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
350:She was just so sad. Her whole face hung with it, like sadness was her personal gravity. ~ Michelle Tea
351:Sleep comes, no matter how deep the sadness cuts. It’s like a gift from the universe. ~ Corey Ann Haydu
352:The best kind of Happiness has a little bit of Sadness in it as well. I’m not making Bliss. ~ Emma Hamm
353:The sadness of churches at night moves me; I feel in them the grandeur of nothingness. ~ Anatole France
354:. . . the superiority of some infinite reserve and the mystery of some infinite sadness. ~ Iris Murdoch
355:You cain’t dwell on sadness, oh, it’ll make you sick faster than anything in this world. ~ Fannie Flagg
356:Don't let the sadness from the past and fear of the future ruin the happiness of the present. ~ Kid Cudi
357:Don’t think about him. You promised, Ry. No boys. No sadness. No penis perturbance allowed. ~ K Bromberg
358:I'm still sad, but you've given my sadness a richness and depth it has never known before. ~ Don DeLillo
359:Pain could be killed. Sadness could not, but the drugs did shut its mouth for a time. ~ Colson Whitehead
360:Sadness was a very heavy thing. My body weighed twice what it had only a moment earlier. ~ Arthur Golden
361:And it’s important to experience sadness, to embrace it in order to truly know happiness. ~ Tarryn Fisher
362:A wonderful book . . . Full of sadness, hope, and ultimately love. I found it very moving. ~ Esther Freud
363:but truly there were times when the sadness of this world was scarcely to be endured, ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
364:She was a prism through which sadness could be divided into its infinite spectrum. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
365:Together, we'll live with the sadness. I'll love you with all the madness in my soul. ~ Bruce Springsteen
366:Travel, leave everything, copy the birds. The home is one of civilization’s sadnesses. ~ Gustave Flaubert
367:We must walk the path of sadness in order to appreciate truly the path of happiness. ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
368:When you get older you think of sadness in a different way. You don't judge it so harshly. ~ Lori Lansens
369:Again he expected rage and got the indulgent laugh, with its undertones of knowing sadness. ~ Stephen King
370:Beware the faces that bare the most smiles.
For they are the ones who hide the most sadness—. ~ A R Von
371:Do you know most of the Jewish songs have the same trend of sadness as Negro spirituals? ~ Mahalia Jackson
372:People are not theirs thoughts, they think they are, and it brings them all kinds of sadness. ~ Nick Nolte
373:The people who are happy for your happiness and sad for your sadness... keep them around. ~ Steve Maraboli
374:...too much sadness hath congealed your blood,And melancholy is the nurse of frenzy. ~ William Shakespeare
375:When you get older, you think of sadness in a different way. You don't judge it so harshly. ~ Lori Lansens
376:Wow. Forty, getting divorced, and out of a job. It's like you're the poster girl for sadness. ~ Lucy Sykes
377:Appalling things can happen to children. And even a happy childhood is filled with sadnesses. ~ Mark Haddon
378:I sometimes use a lot of light greens and greys when I feel there is sadness in the painting. ~ Robert Ryan
379:Most of one’s own troubles, worries, and sadness come from self-cherishing, self-centeredness. ~ Dan Harris
380:Sadness does not last forever when we walk in the direction of that which we always desired. ~ Paulo Coelho
381:Sorrow is better than laughter; for, by the sadness of the countenance, the heart is made better. ~ Solomon
382:So sadness is a place?' Giovanni asked. 'Sometimes people live there for years,'I said. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
383:You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
384:But I saw the pain and sadness in everything, and swirled it round my mouth like a fine wine. ~ Emma Forrest
385:Did we salivate for sadness, or had we only learned to enjoy what we were forced to eat? ~ Viet Thanh Nguyen
386:...grief is as much about regret for what you've never had as sadness for what you've lost. ~ David Nicholls
387:I thought, We can all of us be hurt, and no one is exclusively safe from worry and sadness. ~ Patrick deWitt
388:It was paranoia and it was part of her special gift of depression, along with sadness and fear. ~ Sonali Dev
389:Like dark, soft water, sadness took over Aomame's heart, soundlessly, and with no warning. ~ Haruki Murakami
390:One of the failures of cellular communication is that tiredness often comes across as sadness. ~ Rachel Cohn
391:Adults . . . they’re like this messy tangle of anger and phobias and sadness . . . hopelessness. ~ Alex Flinn
392:Anger will come and go and the watcher abides. Sadness comes and passes by and the witness remains ~ Rajneesh
393:It was definitely finished, and for one moment the sadness of completion overtook the Hemulen. ~ Tove Jansson
394:On the way home I felt a great and simple sadness. I missed my dad. I missed him very much. ~ Helen Macdonald
395:Sadness flies on the wings of the morning, and out of the heart of darkness comes the light. ~ Jean Giraudoux
396:There are many sadnesses in the hearts of men who are far away from their countries. ~ Alexander McCall Smith
397:When she released him, James looked stunned. “Still?” She suppressed a swell of sadness. “Always. ~ S M Reine
398:And when it came down to it, what was the point in re-examining your sadness all the time anyway? ~ Jojo Moyes
399:A person can't know what happiness is without experiencing sadness. And I think that's healthy. ~ Jai Courtney
400:Guests aren't trouble[...]they're a blessing. Having no one to cook for, now, that's a sadness. ~ Laini Taylor
401:It's a sadness that has been knocking at my door for a long time, and I finally let it in. ~ Francisco X Stork
402:man is, truly, an animal, / and yet, on turning round, he hits me in the head with his sadness ~ C sar Vallejo
403:Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present. ~ Anonymous
404:So sadness is a place?' Giovanni asked.
'Sometimes people live there for years,'I said. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
405:[A cat] will make itself the companion of your hours of work, of loneliness, or of sadness. ~ Theophile Gautier
406:Her initial elation had given way to something unexpected: a heightened sadness. Even depression. ~ Mitch Albom
407:I don't know whether there is anyone else at all who remembers my noble father with such sadness ~ Egon Schiele
408:I feel empty, not because of sadness, but because of relief, all the tension flowing out of me. ~ Veronica Roth
409:Sometimes happiness comes, sometimes sadness, anger, jealousy - you need not make them your problems ~ Rajneesh
410:The bar was stuffy and melancholy. It was full of the sadness inherent in all deracinated things. ~ Paul Bowles
411:Being in the depths of sadness is just as important an experience as being exuberantly happy. ~ Marlene Dietrich
412:despite Rio’s glorious sunshine, the atmosphere is of fear and sadness for a city of such potential. ~ Anonymous
413:Happiness is doubled when you share them together and sadness is halved when you share them together. ~ Im Yoona
414:if you were this fish, would you prefer me to be eating you with sadness or with delight? ~ Jos Eduardo Agualusa
415:People who make time for the sadness in your life, not just the joy, are worth keeping around. ~ Catherine Doyle
416:The start of any new journey is usually met with sadness for the things and people we will miss. ~ Katie Salidas
417:What a little vessel of sadness we are, sailing in this muffled silence through the autumn dark. ~ John Banville
418:When a person has lived generously and fought fiercely, she deserves more than sadness at the end. ~ Ruth Reichl
419:Every life, even the best ones, ends in sadness. Books hold out hope that things may end otherwise. ~ Joe Queenan
420:Everyone has sadness-I just get mine out in my music so that I can laugh and joke and flirt with you! ~ Sam Smith
421:He talked and talked, his words fell through him, trying to find the floor of his sadness. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
422:I'm trying to make sure that there's comedy as well as sadness. It makes the sadness more memorable. ~ Rick Moody
423:I noticed something in his eyes that reminded me of myself– the sadness, the insecurity, the fatigue. ~ Seth King
424:Sadness comes long after all of the other, more difficult and destructive emotions have passed ~ Elin Hilderbrand
425:Some women's faces are, in their brightness, a prophecy; and some, in their sadness, a history. ~ Charles Dickens
426:The big difference between human happiness and sadness? Thirty-seven freakin' vibrations. ~ Michael Tilson Thomas
427:The only defence against raw, naked feeling was reason. Understanding made sadness easier to bear. ~ Damon Galgut
428:There is no measure in the occasion that breeds;
therefore the sadness is without limit. ~ William Shakespeare
429:(...) too much sadness hath congealed your blood,
And melancholy is the nurse of frenzy. ~ William Shakespeare
430:You need to stop this defeatist aura around you. When you project sadness, you push people away. ~ Felice Stevens
431:all emotions are derivations of five core feelings: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and shame. ~ Travis Bradberry
432:But God gave us tears because he knew that sometimes we would need to let out some of our sadness. ~ Ann H Gabhart
433:Her gaze was direct, full of a sadness so raw and crystallized that I could see the shape of it. ~ Brenna Yovanoff
434:I hope you’ll never know how sadness can twist your heart, and make you a stranger to yourself. ~ Amanda Eyre Ward
435:It's raining in my heart, like it's raining in the city. What is this sadness that pierces my heart? ~ Sonya Sones
436:Love has, at its best, made the inherent sadness of life bearable, and its beauty manifest. ~ Kay Redfield Jamison
437:One's suffering disappears when one lets oneself go, when one yields - even to sadness. ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery
438:. . . owning a dog always ended with this sadness because dogs just don't live as long as people do. ~ John Grogan
439:slowly fell into himself, a sandstone sculpture of sadness, comatose, wearing away in a coarse wind. ~ Bobby Adair
440:A flood of emotions rushes into me. Pain and anger. Sadness and pity. But most surprising of all, hope. ~ Jay Asher
441:I have in my heart three feelings with which one can never be bored: sadness, love and gratitude. ~ Alexandre Dumas
442:I thank God for happiness and sadnessIf you are never sad you will never know how good happiness is ~ Shahrukh Khan
443:Mostly I have felt myself becoming a servant of sadness. I am still looking for the beauty in that. ~ Maggie Nelson
444:On a street of right and wrong in every inch of sadness, rocks and tanks go hand in hand with madness. ~ Elton John
445:Photos which captures human sadness are the noblest and the most meaningful of all the photos! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
446:She reeks of sadness, of indecision and guilt. And desire, of course. It's even stronger than yours. ~ Julie Kagawa
447:The only real sadness, the only real failure, the only great tragedy in life, is not to become a saint. ~ Leon Bloy
448:The only real sadness, the only real failure, the only great tragedy in life, is not to become a saint. ~ L on Bloy
449:There will always be sadness, child, but until you're dead life goes on. Don't waste it lying in bed. ~ Megg Jensen
450:(All the grief she had suffered over her lifetime had moulded her face into a mask of eternal sadness) ~ Jean Sasson
451:For a human being, sadness is as powerful as terror. Sadness makes a warrior shed tears of blood. ~ Carlos Castaneda
452:Sadness and pain are things you have to sit with and get to know or you’ll never be able to move on. ~ Rachel Hollis
453:Sadness is more or less like a head cold - with patience, it passes. Depression is like cancer. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
454:Sadness is simply something to be treated with antidepressant meds and otherwise need not be spoken of. ~ Rick Moody
455:Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. ~ Anonymous
456:The sadness you feel is not your own. It's his sadness you feel in your heart, Amy, for missing you. ~ Justin Cronin
457:When sadness happens in the middle of work, I separate my personal grief from my train of thought. ~ Sergio Aragones
458:You said my sadness was like the sun, beautiful from a distance but it hurt you too much to come closer. ~ Lang Leav
459:Don't dwell on things. Don't stay in one place too long. It was the only way to stay ahead of sadness. ~ Rick Riordan
460:if ur always hapy are u ever truly hapy, or is hapiness only somthing we see in u becuase we know sadness ~ Jomny Sun
461:I’m not clear enough in the head to feel anything but varieties of dull anger and arrows of sadness. ~ Virginia Woolf
462:It's easier to believe in this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness, that brings me to my knees. ~ Sarah McLachlan
463:Look deep inside, and when you locate the sadness, give it a vacation, and focus on the simple things. ~ Larry Norman
464:My homesickness is a tangible thing, like a cannon ball of sadness, just pushing into my heart. ~ Heather Day Gilbert
465:She felt happy these days, yet there was always an undercurrent of sadness just below the surface ~ Diane Chamberlain
466:the culture with the most peace, money, and leisure is also the one with the most malignant sadness. ~ Edward T Welch
467:There’s sickness, and there’s sadness. But the thing is, there’s love, too. I try never to forget that. ~ Will Walton
468:But the barb of betrayal was buried deep, and it made my heart ache with sadness whenever I looked at her. ~ T M Logan
469:don’t always understand what God has in store for us, but even through our sadness, He is in control. ~ Rosalind Lauer
470:I do not know the meaning of my sadness; there is an old fairy tale that I cannot get out of my mind. ~ Heinrich Heine
471:I rush into his hold and let my sadness flow. I let him be my rock, the rock I have needed for so long. ~ Harper Sloan
472:Well, the musicals give emphasis to love, longing, melancholy, sadness. All of that is always there. ~ Ismail Merchant
473:Wine refreshes the stomach, sharpens the appetite, blunts care and sadness, and conduces to slumber. ~ Pliny the Elder
474:You know that sadness and rage you feel about your money? That's the way some of us feel about people. ~ Larry Wilmore
475:Away from the bright motion of the party, she carried her sadness like a dark stone clenched in her palm. ~ Kim Edwards
476:Every heart has a layer of sadness, whether deeply buried or covering the surface for all to see. ~ Richelle E Goodrich
477:If you never get sadness, how do you know what happy is like?’ she asked. ‘And by the way, everybody dies. ~ Ruth Hogan
478:I rose as from the death that wipes out the sadness of life, and then dies itself in the new morrow. ~ George MacDonald
479:Tears are words that need to be shed. Without them, joy loses all its brilliance and sadness has no end. ~ Paulo Coelho
480:There is a kind of sadness in not wanting the things that give so many other people their life’s meaning. ~ Sheila Heti
481:We met in a school elevator, and he could tell from the way I spoke that we had some sadness in common. ~ Kenny Porpora
482:Yes, you should talk,” he said. “Sometimes a sad man can talk the sadness right out through his mouth. ~ John Steinbeck
483:I face away from her for a long time so that she won't see my sadness. To be held like that, to be let go. ~ Nina LaCour
484:sadness is eternal, that weakness is another word for humanity, and that all will pass, all will pass. She ~ Joseph Fink
485:The comic impulse is sometimes a reaction to sadness. You feel like you can make one choice or the other. ~ Harold Ramis
486:There is enough sadness in life without having fellows like Gussie Fink-Nottle going about in sea boots. ~ P G Wodehouse
487:What if there was another way to right the wrongs? What if happiness was the trajectory, and not sadness? ~ Sejal Badani
488:I want to believe that happiness might at least be possible later on in life for people prone to sadness. ~ Matthew Quick
489:Looking for happiness is a sure way to sadness, I think. You have to take each moment as it comes. ~ Benedict Cumberbatch
490:The only real sadness, the only real failure, the only great tragedy in life, is not to become a saint.”7 As ~ Rod Dreher
491:There are seven different micro-emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, contempt, and fear. ~ Ken Dickson
492:Wayan laughed and kissed her daughter, all the sadness about the divorce suddenly gone from her face. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
493:All the joy and color was washed from her face, and at first the sadness only made her more beautiful. But ~ Peter V Brett
494:Because I would rather see the sadness in your eyes now than resentment in your eyes months or years from now ~ Penny Reid
495:From that moment our love became sad, and sadness is a disease which gives the death-blow to affection. ~ Giacomo Casanova
496:I’m glad to be part of the war on sadness. I’m a part time employee of the illusion that keeps people stupid. ~ Marc Maron
497:It’s not that you like being sad, but you start to see the value of it. You don’t judge sadness so harshly. ~ Lori Lansens
498:I was caught in a private cycle of sadness and the only conceivable relief I could find was in the telling. ~ Kate Mulgrew
499:Things should look right, Fun; there should be a lot of fun and no more sadness than absolutely necessary ~ David Nicholls
500:We have to take love where we find it. Even if that means hours, days, weeks of disappointment and sadness. ~ Paulo Coelho


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   3 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04
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0.03 - Letters to My little smile, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  it was you who had such a sad little face and it is probably your
  own sadness that you saw reflected in my eyes. I know life too
  well for your confessions to make me “serious”. Besides, your
  Psychological diseases are diseases of the thoughts and feelings,
  such as depression, revolt, sadness, etc. Physical diseases are
  those of the body.
  and if I can’t ever be happy, it will soon be impossible
  for me to live. During these two days, in this sadness
  and despair, I had the idea of committing suicide. (Don’t
  These suggestions of sadness, despair and suicide come from
  them (the thieves of the vital world), because it is when you are

0.05 - Letters to a Child, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  My child, my child, why this great sadness? Is it because someone to whom you had given your friendship has withdrawn for
  reasons that he thinks are very profound?
  Sweet mother,
  I want to be happy, but how? sadness comes during
  my work; I cannot forget it. My dear mother, be with
  My dear child,
  This causeless sadness may also come while you work, but
  if you didn’t work it would be far worse. It is in work that one

0.06 - Letters to a Young Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  move away from me. The Divine is not sad and to realise the
  Divine you must reject far from yourself all sadness and all
  sentimental weakness.

01.06 - Vivekananda, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   A personal reminiscence. A young man in prison, accused of conspiracy and waging war against the British Empire. If convicted he might have to suffer the extreme penalty, at least, transportation to the Andamans. The case is dragging on for long months. And the young man is in a solitary cell. He cannot always keep up his spirits high. Moments of sadness and gloom and despair come and almost overwhelm him. Who was there to console and cheer him up? Vivekananda. Vivekananda's speeches, From Colombo to Almora, came, as a godsend, into the hands of the young man. Invariably, when the period of despondency came he used to open the book, read a few pages, read them over again, and the cloud was there no longer. Instead there was hope and courage and faith and future and light and air.

02.06 - Boris Pasternak, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Pasternak's poetry is characterized by this tragic sensitivity, a nostalgia woven into the fabric of the utterance, its rhythm and imagery, its thought and phrasing. "The eternal note of sadness" which Arnold heard and felt in the lines of Sophocles, we hear in the verses of Pasternak as well. Almost echoing the psalmist's cry of Vanity of vanities, Pasternak sings:

02.06 - The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Transmuted are past suffering's memories
  Into an old sadness's sweet escaping trail:
  Turned are her tears to gems of diamond pain,

03.09 - Art and Katharsis, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   even if they make us sad do not depress the soul; it is a divine sadness fraught with a profound calm and a strange poignant sweetness of secret delight. The rhythm and the sound and the suggestions so insinuate themselves into our nerve and blood that these seem to be sublimatedas if by a process of oxygenationto a finer substance, a purer and more limpid and vibrant valency. A consciousness opens in our very flesh and marrow that enables us to pierce the veil of things and pass beyond and understandsee and experience the why and the how and the whither of it all. It is a consciousness cosmic in its purview and disposition, which even like the Creator could contemplate all and declare it all as good. Indeed, this is the Good which Art at its highest seeks to envisage and embody the summum bonum that accompanies a summit consciousness. It is idle to say that all or most poets have this revelatory vision of the SeerRishi but a poet is a poet in so far as he is capable of this vision; otherwise he remains more or less either a moralist or a mere sthete.

07.04 - The Triple Soul-Forces, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The seven stabs that pierced her bleeding heart:
  The beauty of sadness lingered on her face,
  Her eyes were dim with the ancient stain of tears.

09.01 - Towards the Black Void, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Yet a dread cry behind the uttered sounds,
  Echoing all sadness and immortal scorn,
  Moaned like a hunger of far wandering waves.

10.01 - The Dream Twilight of the Ideal, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Even the dreadful majesty of Death's face
  And its sombre sadness could not darken nor slay
  The intangible lustre of those fleeting skies.

1.00 - Main, #Book of Certitude, #Baha u llah, #Baha i
  Ye have been forbidden in the Book of God to engage in contention and conflict, to strike another, or to commit similar acts whereby hearts and souls may be saddened. A fine of nineteen mithqals of gold had formerly been prescribed by Him Who is the Lord of all mankind for anyone who was the cause of sadness to another; in this Dispensation, however, He hath absolved you thereof and exhorteth you to show forth righteousness and piety. Such is the commandment which He hath enjoined upon you in this resplendent Tablet. Wish not for others what ye wish not for yourselves; fear God, and be not of the prideful. Ye are all created out of water, and unto dust shall ye return. Reflect upon the end that awaiteth you, and walk not in the ways of the oppressor. Give ear unto the verses of God which He Who is the sacred Lote-Tree reciteth unto you. They are assuredly the infallible balance, established by God, the Lord of this world and the next. Through them the soul of man is caused to wing its flight towards the Dayspring of Revelation, and the heart of every true believer is suffused with light. Such are the laws which God hath enjoined upon you, such His commandments prescribed unto you in His Holy Tablet; obey them with joy and gladness, for this is best for you, did ye but know.

1.00 - The way of what is to come, #The Red Book Liber Novus, #unset, #Kabbalah
    And how did I find you? How strange my journey was! What words should I use to tell you on what twisted paths a good star has guided me to you? Give me your hand, my almost forgotten soul. How warm the joy at seeing you again, you long disavowed soul. Life has led me back to you. Let us thank the life I have lived for all the happy and all the sad hours, for every joy, for every sadness. My soul, my journey should continue with you. I will wander with you and ascend to my solitude. 36

10.14 - Night and Day, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   To have control over the night one must, first of all, be conscious of what happens in the night, that is to say, one must remember the events that occur in sleep. Usually one forgets and cannot recall easily the experiences that one has gone through while asleep. The first exercise then is, as soon as you awake, to retain whatever happens to linger still in memory, and then with this as the leading string to go backward to happenings associated with it. Even otherwise when you cannot recall any particular happening or experience, you can begin your enquiry by noting the nature of the feeling that the experiences have left on you, that is to say, you note whether you passed a good night or a bad night. A bad night means either a tamasic state or a disturbed state. Tamasic means when you get up you feel inert, heavy, depressed, still feeling like going to sleep again. The disturbed state is one in which you feel agitated, unable to control, unable to do any organised work. Instead of this unhappy condition the night may bring to you peace and happiness, a positively pleasurable sensation. That is the first step of the discipline of what I may call night-control viz. to distinguish these two states and react accordingly through your conscious will. The next step would be to distinguish two other categories of the experiences. The one is the confused and chaotic condition in which sensations and ideas and impulsions are in a jumble, a meaningless whirl or otherwise you find your sensations or notions or impulsions moving in an organised and purposeful way. The first naturally brings you discomfort and sadness, the second, on the contrary, gives you a sense of uncommon happiness.

1.01 - Tara the Divine, #Tara - The Feminine Divine, #unset, #Kabbalah
  Lamas, monks were performing rituals in his honor.
  Their throats choked with sadness, they had
  difficulties uttering his name when it occurred in the

10.24 - Savitri, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Mans refusal of the Divine Grace has been depicted very beautifully and graphically in a perfect dramatic form by Sri Aurobindo in Savitri. The refusal comes one by one from the three constituent parts of the human being. First of all man is a material being, a bodily creature, as such he is a being of ignorance and misery, of brutish blindness. He does not know that there is something other than his present state of misfortune and dark fate. He is not even aware that there may be anything higher or nobler than the ugliness he is steeped in. He lives on earth-life with an earth-consciousness, moves mechanically and helplessly through vicissitudes over which he has no control. Even so the material life is not a mere despicable thing; behind its darkness, behind its sadness, behind all its infirmities, the Divine Mother is there upholding it and infusing into it her grace and beauty. Indeed, she is one with this world of sorrows, she has in effect become it in her infinite pity and love so that this material body of hers may become conscious of its divine substance and manifest her true form. But the human being individualised and separated in egoistic consciousness has lost the sense of its inner reality and is vocal only in regard to its outward formulation. It is natural for physical man therefore to reject and deny the physical Godhead in him, he even curses it and wants to continue as he is. He yells therefore in ignorance and anguish:

1.03 - THE GRAND OPTION, #The Future of Man, #Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, #Christianity
  means no more and is no more controllable than a tendency of the
  spirit toward sadness or joy, music or geometry A comfortable ex-
  planation, since it renders discussion unnecessary; but an inade-

1.04 - The Crossing of the First Threshold, #The Hero with a Thousand Faces, #Joseph Campbell, #Mythology
  panies him he pays richly with silver and gold. His beautiful
  daughters, tall, pale, and with an air of sadness, transparently
  costumed in green, torture and torment the drowned. They like

1.05 - Solitude, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  Yet I experienced sometimes that the most sweet and tender, the most innocent and encouraging society may be found in any natural object, even for the poor misanthrope and most melancholy man. There can be no very black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of Nature and has his senses still. There was never yet such a storm but it was olian music to a healthy and innocent ear. Nothing can rightly compel a simple and brave man to a vulgar sadness. While I enjoy the friendship of the seasons I trust that nothing can make life a burden to me. The gentle rain which waters my beans and keeps me in the house to-day is not drear and melancholy, but good for me too. Though it prevents my hoeing them, it is of far more worth than my hoeing. If it should continue so long as to cause the seeds to rot in the ground and destroy the potatoes in the low lands, it would still be good for the grass on the uplands, and, being good for the grass, it would be good for me.

1.05 - THE HOSTILE BROTHERS - ARCHETYPES OF RESPONSE TO THE UNKNOWN, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  world, and this not only for forty days and nights, or years, but often for the whole duration of his life;
  so much so that he experiences more heartache in his life than comfort and joy, and more sadness than
  pleasure.... Through this spiritual death his soul is entirely freed. Evidently the nigredo brought about a
  Where does one not encounter that veiled glance which burdens one with a profound sadness, that
  inward-turned glance of the born failure which betrays how such a man speaks to himself that glance
  Moods, arriving upon the stage of consciousness, influence perception, memory, cognition and behaviour,
  producing perplexing outbursts of sadness and rage on the part of the person who is so influenced (Jung identified the
  anima, the archetype of the feminine, with mood [see Jung. C.G. (1968a). p. 70]). Active imagination [see Jung.

1.06 - ON THE PALE CRIMINAL, #Thus Spoke Zarathustra, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  justify life It is not enough to make your peace with
  the man you kill. Your sadness shall be love of the
  overman: thus you shall justify your living on.

1.06 - Quieting the Vital, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  much as joy, deprivation as much as abundance, hatred as much as love, torture as much as ecstasy. It thrives in every case. This is because it is a Force, the same Force in pain as in pleasure. We are thus bluntly confronted with the absolute ambivalence of all the feelings that make up the niceties of our frontal personality. Every one of our feelings is the reverse of another; at any moment it may change into its "opposite": the disillusioned philanthropist (or, rather, the disillusioned vital in the philanthropist) becomes a pessimist, the zealous apostle retires to the desert, the staunch unbeliever becomes a sectarian, and the virtuous man is scandalized by all the things he does not dare to do. Here we uncover another feature of the surface vital: it is an incorrigible charlatan,71 a shameless impersonator. (We are not even sure that our own mother's death escapes its pleasure.) Each time we cry in disapproval or in pain (any crying at all), there is a monkey snickering in us. We all know this, yet we remain as sentimental as ever. To top it all, the vital excels in befogging everything. It is fog incarnate; it mistakes the force of its feelings for the force of truth, and substitutes for the heights a smoky volcano summit in the abyss.72
  Another observation, which follows from the first, becomes plainly apparent: that of the utter powerlessness of the vital to help others, or even simply to communicate with others, except when there is a meeting of egos. There is not a single vital vibration emanating from us, or relayed by us, that cannot immediately change into its opposite in the other person. We need only wish someone well for the corresponding ill feeling or resistance or opposite reaction to awaken automatically, as if it were being received at the same time as the other; the process seems as spontaneous and inevitable as a chemical reaction. Indeed, the vital does not seek to help, it always seeks to take, in every possible manner. All our feelings are tainted with grabbing. Our feeling of sadness any sadness at a friend's betrayal,
  for example, is the sure sign of our ego's involvement, for if we truly loved people for themselves, and not for ourselves, we would love them in any circumstances, even as adversaries; we would feel the joy of their existence in all cases. Our sorrows and sufferings are actually 71

1.06 - The Third Circle The Gluttonous. Cerberus. The Eternal Rain. Ciacco. Florence., #The Divine Comedy, #Dante Alighieri, #Christianity
  Before the pity of those two relations,
  Which utterly with sadness had confused me,
  New torments I behold, and new tormented

1.07 - Bridge across the Afterlife, #Preparing for the Miraculous, #George Van Vrekhem, #unset
  What I felt then was not something I know how to describe.
  It wasnt just sadness, or disappointment it was a long
  feeling of loss ... To this day I think that I felt things in those

1.07 - On mourning which causes joy., #The Ladder of Divine Ascent, #Saint John of Climacus, #unset
  Mourning, according to God, is sadness of soul, and the disposition of a sorrowing heart, which ever madly seeks that for which it thirsts; and when it fails in its quest, it painfully pursues it, and follows in its wake grievously lamenting. Or thus: mourning is a golden spur in a soul which is stripped of all attachment and of all ties, fixed by holy sorrow to watch over the heart.
  Compunction is a perennial testing of the conscience which brings about the cooling of the fire of the heart through spiritual confession. And confession is a forgetfulness of nature, if anyone because of this really forgot to eat his bread.1

1.10 - The Revolutionary Yogi, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  depression of the body which they animate is a small matter, for they know well how to transmigrate. Germany overthrew the Napoleonic spirit in France in 1813 and broke the remnants of her European leadership in 1870; the same Germany became the incarnation of that which it had overthrown. The phenomenon is easily capable of renewal on a more formidable scale.7 We now know that the old gods are capable of transmigrating. Seeing all the years of nonviolence ending in the terrible violence that marked the partition of India in 1947, Gandhi himself said with a touch of sadness just before his death, "The attitude of violence we have secretly harbored comes back on us, and we fly at each other's throats when the question of distri bution of power arises. . . . Now that the yoke of subjection is lifted, all the forces of evil have come to the surface." For neither violence nor nonviolence goes to the root of Evil. Right in the middle of the Second World War, while Sri Aurobindo was taking a public stand in favor of the Allies,109 because it was the only practical thing to do, he wrote to a disciple: You write as if what is going on in Europe were a war between the powers of the Light and the powers of Darkness but that is no more so than during the Great War. It is a fight between two kinds of Ignorance. . . . The eye of the yogin sees not only the outward events and persons and causes, but the enormous forces which precipitate them into action. If the men who fought were instruments in the hands of rulers and financiers, etc.,
  these in turn were mere puppets in the clutch of these forces. When one is habituated to see the things behind, one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes.110 Sri Aurobindo had become aware of these "enormous forces" behind, of the constant infiltration of the supraphysical into the physical. His energies were not focused on a moral problem violence versus nonviolence which after all would be rather superficial, but on a problem of effectiveness. He saw clearly, again through experience, that in order to cure the world's evil it is first necessary to cure "what is at its roots in man." Nothing can 109

1.12 - The Sociology of Superman, #On the Way to Supermanhood, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  The child of that City will be born with a flame, consciously, voluntarily, without having to undo millennia of animality or abysses of prejudice. He will not be told incessantly that he has to earn a living, for nobody will earn a living in the City of the Future, nobody will have money. Living will be devoted to serving the Truth, each according to his capacity or talent, and the only earnings will be joy. He will not be deluged with musts and must-nots; he will only be shown the immediate sadness of not listening to the right little note. He will not be tormented with the idea of finding a job, being a success, outranking others, passing or failing grades, for nobody succeeds or fails in the City of the Future, nobody has a job, nobody takes precedence over anybody; one does the one job of pursuing a clear little note that lights up everything, does everything for one, takes care of everything for one, unites everything in its tranquil harmony, and whose only success is to be in accord with itself and with the whole. He will not learn to depend on a teacher, a book or a machine, but to rely on that little flame inside, that sprightly little flowing that guides his steps, prompts a discovery, leads by chance to an experience and brings out knowledge effortlessly. And he will learn to cultivate the powers of his body the way others today cultivate the powers of push buttons. His faculties will not be confined in ready-made forms of vision and comprehension; in him will be fostered a vision that has nothing to do with the eyes, a comprehension that is not from books, dreams of other worlds that prepare tomorrow's, direct communications and instant intuitions and subtle senses. And if machines are still used in the City of the Future, he will be told that they are temporary crutches until we find in our own heart the source of the pure Power which will one day transmute matter as we now transmute a blank sheet of paper into a green prairie with the stroke of a pencil. He will be taught the Look, the true and potent look, the look that creates, that changes everything he will be taught to use his own powers and to believe in his power of truth, and that the purer and clearer he is, in harmony with the Law, the more matter responds to Truth. And, instead of entering a prison, the child will grow up in an atmosphere of natural oneness, free of you, me, yours or mine, where he will not have been taught constantly to put up screens and mental barriers, but to be consciously what he unconsciously has been since the beginning of time: to extend himself into all that is and lives, to feel in all that feels, to comprehend through an identical more profound breathing, through a silence that carries everything, to recognize the same little flame everywhere, to love the same clear little flowing everywhere, and to be the self everywhere, behind a thousand different faces and in a thousand musics that are a single music.

1.12 - TIME AND ETERNITY, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  This emptying of the memory, though the advantages of it are not so great as those of the state of union, yet merely because it delivers souls from much sorrow, grief and sadness, besides imperfections and sins, is in reality a great good.

12.09 - The Story of Dr. Faustus Retold, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   In the meanwhile, somewhere in the background of his mind, he felt a little queer, just a twitch, felt the presence of something, even perhaps saw a figure deep inside or far off on the horizon. The other one that was talking to him was a dark black huge, even ominous shape. But this one, although somewhat vague, was robed in white and luminous, even soft like a moonbeam. The Doctor, a little stunned, gazed and gazed at the luminous spot, rubbed his eyes, heaved a sigh, and said: "It is nothing, just an illusion", but it was his soul visiting him to give him a warning. He however turned away and looked at the tempter and with a snatch of bravado declared: "I am ready. Take my soul and give me all that you promise", and thus with his consent, through his free choice, the Devil approached him, opened his breast and took out his soul. As the operation was being done, he felt a great shadow, an infinite sadness invading him but he pushed it away and told his master: "Now bring me all that I want and all that you promised." Henceforth he virtually became lord of all things, he was taken to all kinds of worlds, offered all kinds of powers and all enjoyments, the aa-siddhi of our Indian yogalevitation, gravitation, telekinesisaim, laghim etc.were within his grasp. Even then at times a great dissatisfaction rose within him as from a secret fount and he found himself unconsciously uttering "Oh God! Oh God!". And he used to glimpse at a distance that white vague moonlight-figure. But the Devil used to reappear immediately and threaten him: "You are going to lose everything, drive away all those illusions, be your normal self, come with me, I will show you greater miracles. " He was taken to the world of beauty and beauties, the source of poignant delight, even the most poignant of all, a human physical love. He saw there rising before his eyes her who was the most beautiful woman in the world. Bewitched, beside himself, he cried out:

1.2.11 - Patience and Perseverance, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  You will say it is a mere candle that is lit - nothing at all? But in these matters, when the darkness of human mind and life and body has to be dissipated, a candle is always a beginning - a lamp can follow and afterwards a sun - but the beginning must be allowed to have a sequel - not get cut off from its natural sequelae by chinks of sadness and doubt and despair. At the beginning and for a long time the experiences do usually come in little quanta with empty spaces between - but, if allowed their way, the spaces will diminish and the quantum theory give way to the Newtonian continuity of the spirit. But you have never yet given it a real chance. The empty spaces have become peopled with doubts and denials and so the quanta have become rare, the beginnings remain beginnings. Other difficulties you have faced and rejected, but this difficulty you dandled too much for a long time and it has become strong - it must be dealt with by a persevering effort. I do not say that all doubts must disappear before anything comes - that would be to make sadhana impossible, for doubt is the mind's persistent assailant.
  All I say is, don't allow the assailant to become a companion, don't give him the open door and the fireside seat. Above all don't drive away the incoming Divine with that dispiriting wet blanket of sadness and despair!
  To put it more soberly, - accept once for all that this thing has to be done, that it is the only thing left for yourself or the earth. Outside are earthquakes and Hitlers and a collapsing civilisation and - generally speaking - the jackal in the flood?

1.22 - Ciampolo, Friar Gomita, and Michael Zanche. The Malabranche quarrel., #The Divine Comedy, #Dante Alighieri, #Christianity
    Responded: "I by far too cunning am,
    When I procure for mine a greater sadness."
    Alichin held not in, but running counter


IN WEBGEN [10000/50]
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Garo: Honoo no Kokuin -- -- MAPPA -- 24 eps -- Original -- Action Demons Fantasy Magic Supernatural -- Garo: Honoo no Kokuin Garo: Honoo no Kokuin -- In the name of the king, the Valiante Kingdom launched hunts to exterminate users of witchcraft. Seventeen years later, their pursuit is still growing in both size and brutality. Unbeknownst to the citizens, the targets of these witch hunts are the secret protectors of humanity. Known as the Makai Knights and Alchemists, they have a strong will to protect people from Horrors, demons who possess souls plagued by sadness and pain. -- -- One such Makai Knight is 17-year-old Leon Luis who inherits the legendary armor of the Golden Knight Garo from his mother. Though he possesses great power, he struggles to overcome the hatred he bears from his mother's death at the hands of the kingdom. His father German, known as Zoro the Shadow Cutting Knight, is still training Leon when he is called to investigate the upsurge of Horrors in the kingdom's capital. Although German knows Leon's will is wavering, he decides to bring Leon along to continue his training. -- -- As German and Leon head to the capital, the king's amiable son Alfonso San Valiante struggles to find a solution to the growing Horror threat. But before he can do so, he is double-crossed and banished from his own kingdom. To return home, Alfonso sets out to find the help and strength he needs to reclaim the throne. During his search, he comes across Leon, whose interactions with the prince will forever change both of their fates. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- 123,260 7.40
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