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Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses -- and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person "being" a genius, all of us "have" a genius. It's a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk.

If I should have a daughter ... | Sarah Kay -

  Neil Harbisson: I listen to color

--- 100 Most Viewed Ted Talks
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02 Jill Bolte Taylor's ::: stroke of insight.mp4
03 Simon Sinek ::: How great leaders inspire action.mp4
04 Steve Jobs' ::: 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.mp4
05 Pranav Mistry ::: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology.mp4
06 Brene Brown ::: The power of vulnerability.mp4
07 David Gallo ::: shows underwater astonishments.mp4
08 Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry ::: demo SixthSense.mp4
09 Bobby McFerrin ::: Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale.mp4
100 Beau Lotto ::: Optical illusions show how we see.mp4
10 Dan Pink ::: on the surprising science of motivation.mp4
11 Amy Cuddy ::: Your body language shapes who you are.mp4
12 Hans Rosling :::vshows the best stats you've ever seen.mp4
13 Elizabeth Gilbert ::: Your elusive creative genius.mp4
14 Dan Gilbert ::: asks, Why are we happy_.mp4
15 Arthur Benjamin :::does _Mathemagic_.mp4
16 Susan Cain ::: The power of introverts.mp4
17 Bunker Roy ::: Learning from a barefoot movement.mp4
18 Shawn Achor ::: The happy secret to better work.mp4
19 Keith Barry ::: does brain magic.mp4
20 Richard St. John's ::: 8 secrets of success.mp4
21 Chimamanda Adichie ::: The danger of a single story.mp4
22 Sir Ken Robinson ::: Bring on the learning revolution!.mp4
23 Matt Cutts ::: Try something new for 30 days.mp4
24 Benjamin Zander ::: on music and passion.mp4
25 Mary Roach ::: 10 things you didn't know about orgasm.mp4
26 Ric Elias ::: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed.mp4
27 Barry Schwartz ::: on the paradox of choice.mp4
28 Johnny Lee ::: demos Wii Remote hacks.mp4
29 Blaise Aguera y Arcas ::: demos Photosynth.mp4
30 Marco Tempest ::: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods).mp4
31 Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish ::: Teach every child about food.mp4
32 Jane McGonigal ::: Gaming can make a better world.mp4
33 Derek Sivers ::: How to start a movement.mp4
34 Jay Walker ::: on the world's English mania.mp4
35 Tony Robbins ::: asks why we do what we do.mp4
36 Helen Fisher ::: tells us why we love + cheat.mp4
37 Sarah Kay ::: If I should have a daughter ....mp4
38 Malcolm Gladwell ::: on spaghetti sauce.mp4
39 Philip Zimbardo ::: shows how people become monsters ... or heroes.mp4
40 Sheryl Sandberg ::: Why we have too few women leaders.mp4
41 Salman Khan ::: Let's use video to reinvent education.mp4
42 Adora Svitak ::: What adults can learn from kids.mp4
43 Jeff Han ::: demos his breakthrough touchscreen.mp4
44 Taylor Wilson ::: Yup, I built a nuclear fusion reactor.mp4
45 Brene Brown ::: Listening to shame.mp4
46 Pamela Meyer ::: How to spot a liar.mp4
47 Isabel Allende ::: tells tales of passion.mp4
48 Clay Shirky ::: Why SOPA is a bad idea.mp4
49 Alexander Tsiaras ::: Conception to birth -- visualized.mp4
50 Amanda Palmer ::: The art of asking.mp4
51 Markus Fischer ::: A robot that flies like a bird.mp4
52 Gary Kovacs ::: Tracking the trackers.mp4
53 Eli Pariser ::: Beware online _filter bubbles_.mp4
54 Jane Fonda ::: Life's third act.mp4
55 William Li ::: Can we eat to starve cancer_.mp4
56 Matt Ridley ::: When ideas have sex.mp4
57 Theo Jansen creates new creatures.mp4
58 Candy Chang ::: Before I die I want to....mp4
59 Vijay Kumar ::: Robots that fly ... and cooperate.mp4
60 Dan Ariely ::: asks, Are we in control of our own decisions_.mp4
61 Hans Rosling's new insights on poverty.mp4
62 VS Ramachandran ::: 3 clues to understanding your brain.mp4
63 Derek Sivers ::: Keep your goals to yourself.mp4
64 Cameron Russell ::: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model..mp4
65 Jason Fried ::: Why work doesn't happen at work.mp4
66 Alain de Botton ::: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success.mp4
67 Richard Dawkins ::: on militant atheism.mp4
68 Matthieu Ricard ::: on the habits of happiness.mp4
69 John Wooden ::: on true success.mp4
70 Louie Schwartzberg ::: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude..mp4
71 Brian Greene ::: on string theory.mp4
72 Joshua Klein ::: on the intelligence of crows.mp4
73 Graham Hill ::: Less stuff, more happiness.mp4
74 Gever Tulley ::: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do.mp4
75 Deb Roy ::: The birth of a word.mp4
76 Jane McGonigal ::: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life.mp4
77 Michael Shermer ::: on strange beliefs.mp4
78 Dan Pallotta ::: The way we think about charity is dead wrong.mp4
79 Richard Wilkinson ::: How economic inequality harms societies.mp4
80 David Blaine ::: How I held my breath for 17 min.mp4
81 Jennifer Pahlka ::: Coding a better government.mp4
82 Kevin Slavin ::: How algorithms shape our world.mp4
83 Terry Moore ::: How to tie your shoes.mp4
84 Temple Grandin ::: The world needs all kinds of minds.mp4
85 Seth Godin ::: on standing out.mp4
86 Oliver Sacks ::: What hallucination reveals about our minds.mp4
87 Sherry Turkle ::: Connected, but alone_.mp4
88 Esther Perel ::: The secret to desire in a long-term relationship.mp4
89 Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science.mp4
90 Rory Sutherl and ::: Life lessons from an ad man.mp4
91 Neil Pasricha ::: The 3 A's of awesome.mp4
92 Larry Smith ::: Why you will fail to have a great career.mp4
93 Julian Treasure ::: 5 ways to listen better.mp4
94 Charlie Todd ::: The shared experience of absurdity.mp4
95 Al Gore ::: Averting the climate crisis.mp4
96 Paul Stamets ::: on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world.mp4
97 Sir Ken Robinson ::: - Changing Education Paradigms (RSA Animate).mp4
98 Nigel Marsh ::: How to make work-life balance work.mp4
99 Jonathan Haidt ::: on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives.mp4

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1:Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. ~ Erin Watt,
2:Jennifer Senior in her 2014 TED Talk ~ Julie Lythcott Haims,
3:Tim’s TED Talk, “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator, ~ Timothy Ferriss,
4:Ted Talk by Aaron O’Connell entitled “Making Sense of a Visible Quantum Object. ~ Blake Crouch,
5:The psychologist Philip Zimbardo gave a TED talk last year on this subject. His definition ~ William Wright,
6:What's important to me is that I put messages out, whether it's a TED talk, whether it's a book. ~ Simon Sinek,
7:(Bonus points if the presentation is already available via a TED Talk, and they still asked you to perform in person.) ~ Anonymous,
8:Maybe we should stop asking how do we get people to pay for music, and start asking how do we let them pay for music? from Ted Talk ~ Amanda Palmer,
9:The psychologist Philip Zimbardo gave a TED talk last year on this subject. His definition of evil is the exercise of power to intentionally harm another. ~ William Wright,
10:The psychologist Philip Zimbardo gave a TED talk last year on this subject. His definition of evil is the exercise of power to intentionally harm another. Works for me. ~ William Wright,
11:If you had a chance to do a TED talk, what would it be about? What have you discovered, what do you know, what can you teach? You should do one. Even if you don’t do one, you should be prepared to do one. ~ Seth Godin,
12:The reason I wrote Lean In is I think people weren't actually noticing that we had stopped making progress. I gave a TED talk and said: "It turns out men still run the world." And the audience gasped as if that was news. ~ Sheryl Sandberg,
13:I saw the first one [video with Hans Rosling ] when he did - I think it was his first one - in 2006, a TED Talk. And for the first time in my life, I thought here's someone who can take statistics that most people regard as dull and boring and bring it alive. ~ Keith Devlin,
14:Seventy-five percent of success is predicted by your optimism level, your social support, and (perhaps most of all for entrepreneurs) your ability to see stress as a challenge instead of as a threat, according to Shawn Achor in a fabulous TED talk called “The Happy Secret to Better Work. ~ Brian Cohen,
15:oo many people are profoundly illiterate in power (TED Talk: Why ordinary people need to understand power). As a result, it’s become ever easier for those who do understand how power operates in civic life to wield a disproportionate influence and fill the void created by the ignorance of the majority. ~ Eric Liu,
16:Life is long. And it’s getting longer for most of us. Most people in this country will have three or four marriages in their lifetime. Each one will challenge them and suit them in a different way. The lucky few, the ones who are willing to work at it, will have a handful of very different marriages, all with the same person. —Constance Waverly TED Talk ~ Sarah Dunn,
17:Yochai Benkler likens cultural creation to blood drives: the quality of donations increases when organizers stop paying.12 “Remember, money isn’t always the best motivator,” Benkler said, reiterating the point during a TED Talk touching on similar themes. “If you leave a fifty dollar check after dinner with friends, you don’t increase the probability of being invited back. And if dinner isn’t entirely obvious, think of sex. ~ Anonymous,
18:Learning is available at the library for free; under a tree with a dog-eared paperback; at a job with a boss who gives you responsibility and mentorship; while traveling; while leading a cause, movement, or charity; while writing a novel or composing a poem or crafting a song; while interning, apprenticing, or volunteering; while playing a sport or immersing yourself in a language; while starting a business; and now, while watching a TED talk or taking a Khan Academy class. ~ Michael Ellsberg,
19:Research shows that, for some, the idea of helping a person who is suffering or in need can feel daunting. One may feel overwhelmed by the situation and wish to get away from it. In her books and TED talk, Brené Brown52 encapsulates this experience with one term: vulnerability. Being faced with another person’s pain is difficult. Being compassionate toward that person may make you feel uncomfortable. It will require you to display deep authenticity, and we’re not used to displaying vulnerability at work. Yet it’s worth it. ~ Emma Sepp l,
20:The pinnacle of the struggle for attention, which we are promised will surely pay off through wealth and fame, is the TED Talk. Purposely informal and limited to eighteen minutes, these punchy, pithy talks are meant to inspire and entertain. They don’t invite deliberation or debate. They don’t demand immersion or even background reading. They are capsules of knowledge. To deliver a TED Talk, however, is the apex of self-branding. And, not coincidentally, one of the major ways people discover TED Talks and other self-promotional videos is through Facebook. ~ Siva Vaidhyanathan,
21:I can tell you that the comfort zone has many upsides. It may be associated with sloth and cowardice and any number of paralyzing, irrational phobias. It may be a dark abyss where misunderstood people lie around in fading recliners listening to outdated music. But I’m convinced that, when handled responsibly, the comfort zone can be as useful and productive as a well-oiled industrial zone. I am convinced that excellence comes not from overcoming limitations but from embracing them. At least that’s what I’d say if I were delivering a TED Talk. I’d never say such a douchy thing in private conversation. ~ Meghan Daum,
22:In a 2011 TED Talk in San Francisco, author and speaker Mel Robbins talked about how the chances that you are you are about 1 in 400 trillion. (Yes, that’s a four hundred followed by twelve zeros.) This takes into account the chance of your parents meeting out of all the people on the planet, the chance of them reproducing, the chance of you being born at the exact moment that you were, and every other wildly improbable factor that goes into each individual person. The whole point of her crazy calculation was that we should take the sheer improbability of our own existence as a kick in the butt to get out of bed in the morning. ~ Sophia Amoruso,
23:Not long into his 2010 TED talk on creativity and leadership, Derek Sivers plays a video clip of a crowd at an outdoor concert. A young man without a shirt starts dancing by himself. The audience members seated nearby look on curiously. “A leader needs the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous,” Derek says. Soon, however, a second young man joins the first and starts dancing. “Now comes the first follower with a crucial role … the first follower transforms the lone nut into a leader.” As the video continues, a few more dancers join the group. Then several more. Around the two-minute mark, the dancers have grown into a crowd. “And ladies and gentlemen, that’s how a movement is made.”1 ~ Cal Newport,
24:As I detailed in my TED Talk, I think we all have two main characters in our heads: a rational decision-maker (the adult in your head) and an instant gratification monkey (the child in your head who doesn’t care about consequences and just wants to maximize the ease and pleasure of the current moment). For me, these two are in a constant battle, and the monkey usually wins. But I’ve found that if I turn life into a yin-yang situation—e.g., “work till 6 today, then no work till tomorrow”—it’s much easier to control the monkey in the work period. Knowing he has something fun to look forward to later makes him much more likely to cooperate. In my old system, the monkey was in a constant state of rebellion against a system that never really gave him any dedicated time. ~ Timothy Ferriss,
25:The most popular TED speakers give presentations that stand out in a sea of ideas. As Daniel Pink notes in To Sell Is Human, “Like it or not, we’re all in sales now.”4 If you’ve been invited to give a TED talk, this book is your bible. If you haven’t been invited to give a TED talk and have no intention of doing so, this book is still among the most valuable books you’ll ever read because it will teach you how to sell yourself and your ideas more persuasively than you’ve ever imagined. It will teach you how to incorporate the elements that all inspiring presentations share, and it will show you how to reimagine the way you see yourself as a leader and a communicator. Remember, if you can’t inspire anyone else with your ideas, it won’t matter how great those ideas are. Ideas are only as good as the actions that follow the communication of those ideas. ~ Carmine Gallo,
26:I got a book deal, I told Neil grumpily. I’m going to write a book about the TED talk. And all the…other stuff I couldn’t fit into twelve minutes. He was writing at the kitchen table and looked up with delight. Of course you did. They’re paying me an actual advance, I said. I can pay you back now. That’s wonderful, my clever wife. I told you it would all work out. But I’ve never written a book. How could they pay me to write a book? I don’t know how to write a book. You’re the writer. You’re hopeless, my darling, he said. I glared at him. Just write the book, Amanda. Do what I do: finish your tour, go away somewhere, and write it all down in one sitting. They’ll get you an editor. You’re a songwriter. You blog. A book is just…longer. You’ll have fun. Fine, I’ll write it, I said, crossing my arms. And I’m putting EVERYTHING in it. And then everyone will know what an asshole I truly am for having a best-selling novelist husband who covered my ass while I waited for the check to clear while writing the ridiculous self-absorbed nonfiction book about how you should be able to take help from everybody. You realize you’re a walking contradiction, right? he asked. So? I contain multitudes. Can’t you just let me cling to my own misery? He looked at me. Sure, darling. If that’s what you want. I stood there, fuming. He sighed. I love you, miserable wife. Would you like to go out to dinner to maybe celebrate your book deal? NO! I DON’T WANT TO CELEBRATE. IT’S ALL MEANINGLESS! DON’T YOU SEE? I give up, he said, and walked out of the room. GOOD! I shouted after him. YOU SHOULD GIVE UP! THIS IS A HOPELESS FUCKING SITUATION! I AM A TOTALLY WORTHLESS FRAUD AND THIS BOOK DEAL PROVES IT. Darling, he called from the other room, are you maybe expecting your period? NO. MAYBE. I DON’T KNOW! DON’T EVEN FUCKING ASK ME THAT. GOD. Just checking, he said. I got my period a few days later. I really hate him sometimes. ~ Amanda Palmer,
27:Do I feel empathy for Trump voters? That’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot. It’s complicated. It’s relatively easy to empathize with hardworking, warmhearted people who decided they couldn’t in good conscience vote for me after reading that letter from Jim Comey . . . or who don’t think any party should control the White House for more than eight years at a time . . . or who have a deeply held belief in limited government, or an overriding moral objection to abortion. I also feel sympathy for people who believed Trump’s promises and are now terrified that he’s trying to take away their health care, not make it better, and cut taxes for the superrich, not invest in infrastructure. I get it. But I have no tolerance for intolerance. None. Bullying disgusts me. I look at the people at Trump’s rallies, cheering for his hateful rants, and I wonder: Where’s their empathy and understanding? Why are they allowed to close their hearts to the striving immigrant father and the grieving black mother, or the LGBT teenager who’s bullied at school and thinking of suicide? Why doesn’t the press write think pieces about Trump voters trying to understand why most Americans rejected their candidate? Why is the burden of opening our hearts only on half the country? And yet I’ve come to believe that for me personally and for our country generally, we have no choice but to try. In the spring of 2017, Pope Francis gave a TED Talk. Yes, a TED Talk. It was amazing. This is the same pope whom Donald Trump attacked on Twitter during the campaign. He called for a “revolution of tenderness.” What a phrase! He said, “We all need each other, none of us is an island, an autonomous and independent ‘I,’ separated from the other, and we can only build the future by standing together, including everyone.” He said that tenderness “means to use our eyes to see the other, our ears to hear the other, to listen to the children, the poor, those who are afraid of the future. ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton,



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TED Talks India Nayi Soch

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