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humility ::: n. --> The state or quality of being humble; freedom from pride and arrogance; lowliness of mind; a modest estimate of one&


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KEYS (10k)

   6 The Mother
   4 Saint Augustine of Hippo
   3 ?
   2 Sri Aurobindo
   2 Saint Vincent de Paul
   2 Hazrat Inayat Khan
   1 Thomas Keating
   1 The Mother?
   1 Sri Ramakrishna
   1 Saint Thomas Aquinas
   1 Saint Teresa of Avila
   1 Saint John Climacus
   1 Saint Bonaventure
   1 Saint Benedict of Nursia
   1 Saint Augustine
   1 Murali Sivaramakrishnan
   1 John Steinbeck
   1 G K Chesterton
   1 Aleister Crowley


   19 Frederick Lenz
   13 Anonymous
   10 C S Lewis
   7 Idries Shah
   7 Bryant McGill
   6 Charles Spurgeon
   5 Saint Augustine
   5 Rick Warren
   5 Andrew Murray
   4 Thomas Merton
   4 Simone Weil
   4 John C Maxwell
   4 John Climacus
   4 James MacDonald
   4 G K Chesterton
   4 Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
   4 Charles Haddon Spurgeon
   3 Sri Ramana Maharshi
   3 Shannon L Alder
   3 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

1:Humility is the forgetfulness of self. ~ Thomas Keating,
2:Humility is the mark of a genuine disciple. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas,
3:Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying. ~ Saint Vincent de Paul,
4:Pride changes angels into devils, humility makes man into angels. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
5:The first degree of humility is prompt obedience. ~ Saint Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict,
6:Humility is the mother of giants. One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak. ~ G K Chesterton, [T5],
7:Should you ask me what is the first thing in religion, I should reply that the first, second, and third thing therein is humility. ~ Saint Augustine,
8:Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
9:God, before He comes to the heart, sends servants to make it ready for His coming. And who are those servants? Purity, chastity, humility, loving-kindness. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
10:The aim of the Mystic is to stretch his range of Consciousness as widely as possible, so that he may touch the highest pride and the deepest humility.
   ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan,
11:Let your old age be childlike, and your childhood like old age; that is, so that neither may your wisdom be with pride, nor your humility without wisdom. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
12:The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility. For, as he does not know at all how to employ it, neither does he know how to defend himself from it. ~ Saint Vincent de Paul,
13:Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
14:The Twelve Powers of the Mother manifested for Her Work: Sincerity, Peace, Equality, Generosity, Goodness, Courage, Progress, Receptivity, Aspiration, Perserverance, Gratitude, Humility
   ~ The Mother?,
15:Do not think yourself big or small, very important or very unimportant; for we are nothing in ourselves. We must only live to become what the Divine wills of us.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Humility and Modesty,
Thou who pervadest all the worlds below,
Yet sitst above,
Master of all who work and rule and know,
Servant of Love!

Thou who disdainest not the worm to be
Nor even the clod,
Therefore we know by that humility
That thou art God. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems,
17:Sincerity, Aspiration, Faith, Devotion and Self-Giving, Surrender to the Divine Will, Love, Openness and Receptivity, Purity and Humility, Gratitude and Faithfulness, Will and Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Hope and Straightforwardness, Happiness and Joy, Heroism and Bravery, Prudence and Balance, Truth and Speech ~ ?, toc,
18:To be humble means for the mind, the vital and the body never to forget that without the Divine they know nothing, are nothing and can do nothing; without the Divine they are nothing but ignorance, chaos and impotence. The Divine alone is Truth, Life, Power, Love, Felicity.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Purity and Humility, 152,
19:Let us not believe that it is enough to read without unction, to speculate without devotion, to investigate without wonder, to observe without joy, to act without godly zeal, to know without love, to understand without humility, to strive without divine grace, or to reflect as a mirror without divinely inspired wisdom. ~ Saint Bonaventure, The Journey of the Mind into God / Feast Day July 15th,
20:All was abolished save her naked self
And the prostrate yearning of her surrendered heart:
There was no strength in her, no pride of force;
The lofty burning of desire had sunk
Ashamed, a vanity of separate self,
The hope of spiritual greatness fled,
Salvation she asked not nor a heavenly crown:
Humility seemed now too proud a state. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Finding of the Soul,
21:Some dislike prayer; if they entered deep into their heart, they would find it was pride — worse than that, vanity. And then there are those who have no aspiration, they try and they cannot aspire; it is because they do not have the flame of the will, it is because they do not have the flame of humility. Both are needed. There must be a very great humility and a very great will to change one’s Karma. ~ The Mother,
22:True humility is humility before the Divine, that is, a precise, exact, living sense that one is nothing, one can do nothing, understand nothing without the Divine, that even if one is exceptionally intelligent and capable, this is nothing in comparison with the divine Consciousness, and this sense one must always keep, because then one always has the true attitude of receptivity - a humble receptivity that does not put personal pretensions in opposition to the Divine. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1953,
23:To read Savitri is to witness a tremendous adventure in the interior realms; to witness and participate in a multidimensional quest. Because Savitri is cast in the mould of epic poetry or mahakavya, the requisite state of mind is one of openness and humility, similar to that of prayer. Each word and each phrase should ring in a 'solitude and an immensity', be heard in the 'listening spaces of the soul' and the 'inner acoustic space', and be seized by the deeper self when the mantric evocations come into effect. ~ Murali Sivaramakrishnan,
24:The centre of the Mother's symbol represent the Divine Consciousness, the Supreme Mother, the Mahashakti.
   The four petals of the Mother's symbol represent the four Aspects or Personalities of the Mother; Maheshwari (Wisdom), Mahalakshmi(Harmony), Mahakali(Strength) and Mahasaraswati (Perfection).
   The twelve petals of the Mother's symbol represent; Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude, Perseverance, Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress, Courage, Goodness, Generosity, Equality, Peace.
   ~ ?,, [T5],
25:Now as always-humility and terror. Fear that the working of my pen cannot capture the grinding of my brain. It is so easy to understand why the ancients prayed for the help of a Muse. And the Muse came and stood beside them, and we, heaven help us, do not believe in Muses. We have nothing to fall back on but our craftsmanship and it, as modern literature attests, is inadequate. May I be honest; may I be decent; may I be unaffected by the technique of hucksters. If invocation is required, let this be my invocation-may I be strong and yet gentle, tender and yet wise, wise and yet tolerant. May I for a little while, only for a little while, see with the inflamed eyes of a God. ~ John Steinbeck,
26:10.: I do not know whether I have put this clearly; self-knowledge is of such consequence that I would not have you careless of it, though you may be lifted to heaven in prayer, because while on earth nothing is more needful than humility. Therefore, I repeat, not only a good way, but the best of all ways, is to endeavour to enter first by the room where humility is practised, which is far better than at once rushing on to the others. This is the right road;-if we know how easy and safe it is to walk by it, why ask for wings with which to fly? Let us rather try to learn how to advance quickly. I believe we shall never learn to know ourselves except by endeavouring to know God, for, beholding His greatness we are struck by our own baseness, His purity shows our foulness, and by meditating on His humility we find how very far we are from being humble. ~ Saint Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle, 1.02,
27:Do not be over-eager for experience, - for experiences you can always get, having once broken the barrier between the physical mind and the subtle planes. What you have to aspire for most is the improved quality of the recipient consciousness in you - discrimination in the mind, the unattached impersonal Witness look on all that goes on in you and around you, purity in the vital, calm equanimity, enduring patience, absence of pride and the sense of greatness - and more especially, the development of the psychic being in you - surrender, self-giving, psychic humility, devotion. It is a consciousness made up of these things, cast in this mould that can bear without breaking, stumbling or deviation into error the rush of lights, powers and experiences from the supraphysical planes. An entire perfection in these respects is hardly possible until the whole nature from the highest mind to the subconscient physical is made one in the light that is greater than Mind; but a sufficient foundation and a consciousness always self-observant, vigilant and growing in these things is indispensable
   - for perfect purification is the basis of the perfect siddhi. ~ ?,
28:I have loved in life and I have been loved.
I have drunk the bowl of poison from the hands of love as nectar,
and have been raised above life's joy and sorrow.
My heart, aflame in love, set afire every heart that came in touch with it.
My heart has been rent and joined again;
My heart has been broken and again made whole;
My heart has been wounded and healed again;
A thousand deaths my heart has died, and thanks be to love, it lives yet.
I went through hell and saw there love's raging fire,
and I entered heaven illumined with the light of love.
I wept in love and made all weep with me;
I mourned in love and pierced the hearts of men;
And when my fiery glance fell on the rocks, the rocks burst forth as volcanoes.
The whole world sank in the flood caused by my one tear;
With my deep sigh the earth trembled, and when I cried aloud the name of my beloved,
I shook the throne of God in heaven.
I bowed my head low in humility, and on my knees I begged of love,
"Disclose to me, I pray thee, O love, thy secret."
She took me gently by my arms and lifted me above the earth, and spoke softly in my ear,
"My dear one, thou thyself art love, art lover,
and thyself art the beloved whom thou hast adored. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan,
29:The third operation in any magical ceremony is the oath or proclamation. The Magician, armed and ready, stands in the centre of the Circle, and strikes once upon the bell as if to call the attention of the Universe. He then declares who he is, reciting his magical history by the proclamation of the grades which he has attained, giving the signs and words of those grades. He then states the purpose of the ceremony, and proves that it is necessary to perform it and to succeed in its performance. He then takes an oath before the Lord of the Universe (not before the particular Lord whom he is invoking) as if to call Him to witness the act. He swears solemnly that he will perform it-that nothing shall prevent him from performing it-that he will not leave the operation until it is successfully performed-and once again he strikes upon the bell. Yet, having demonstrated himself in that position at once infinitely lofty and infinitely unimportant, the instrument of destiny, he balances this by the Confession, in which there is again an infinite exaltation harmonised with an infinite humility. He admits himself to be a weak human being humbly aspiring to something higher; a creature of circumstance utterly dependent-even for the breath of life-upon a series of fortunate accidents.
   ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA,
30:The Examiners
The integral yoga consists of an uninterrupted series of examinations that one has to undergo without any previous warning, thus obliging you to be constantly on the alert and attentive.

   Three groups of examiners set us these tests. They appear to have nothing to do with one another, and their methods are so different, sometimes even so apparently contradictory, that it seems as if they could not possibly be leading towards the same goal. Nevertheless, they complement one another, work towards the same end, and are all indispensable to the completeness of the result.

   The three types of examination are: those set by the forces of Nature, those set by spiritual and divine forces, and those set by hostile forces. These last are the most deceptive in their appearance and to avoid being caught unawares and unprepared requires a state of constant watchfulness, sincerity and humility.

   The most commonplace circumstances, the events of everyday life, the most apparently insignificant people and things all belong to one or other of these three kinds of examiners. In this vast and complex organisation of tests, those events that are generally considered the most important in life are the easiest examinations to undergo, because they find you ready and on your guard. It is easier to stumble over the little stones in your path, because they attract no attention.

   Endurance and plasticity, cheerfulness and fearlessness are the qualities specially needed for the examinations of physical nature.

   Aspiration, trust, idealism, enthusiasm and generous self-giving, for spiritual examinations.

   Vigilance, sincerity and humility for the examinations from hostile forces.

   And do not imagine that there are on the one hand people who undergo the examinations and on the other people who set them. Depending on the circumstances and the moment we are all both examiners and examinees, and it may even happen that one is at the same time both examiner and examinee. And the benefit one derives from this depends, both in quality and in quantity, on the intensity of one's aspiration and the awakening of one's consciousness.

   To conclude, a final piece of advice: never set yourself up as an examiner. For while it is good to remember constantly that one may be undergoing a very important examination, it is extremely dangerous to imagine that one is responsible for setting examinations for others. That is the open door to the most ridiculous and harmful kinds of vanity. It is the Supreme Wisdom which decides these things, and not the ignorant human will. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
31:It does not matter if you do not understand it - Savitri, read it always. You will see that every time you read it, something new will be revealed to you. Each time you will get a new glimpse, each time a new experience; things which were not there, things you did not understand arise and suddenly become clear. Always an unexpected vision comes up through the words and lines. Every time you try to read and understand, you will see that something is added, something which was hidden behind is revealed clearly and vividly. I tell you the very verses you have read once before, will appear to you in a different light each time you re-read them. This is what happens invariably. Always your experience is enriched, it is a revelation at each step.

But you must not read it as you read other books or newspapers. You must read with an empty head, a blank and vacant mind, without there being any other thought; you must concentrate much, remain empty, calm and open; then the words, rhythms, vibrations will penetrate directly to this white page, will put their stamp upon the brain, will explain themselves without your making any effort.

Savitri alone is sufficient to make you climb to the highest peaks. If truly one knows how to meditate on Savitri, one will receive all the help one needs. For him who wishes to follow this path, it is a concrete help as though the Lord himself were taking you by the hand and leading you to the destined goal. And then, every question, however personal it may be, has its answer here, every difficulty finds its solution herein; indeed there is everything that is necessary for doing the Yoga.

*He has crammed the whole universe in a single book.* It is a marvellous work, magnificent and of an incomparable perfection.

You know, before writing Savitri Sri Aurobindo said to me, *I am impelled to launch on a new adventure; I was hesitant in the beginning, but now I am decided. Still, I do not know how far I shall succeed. I pray for help.* And you know what it was? It was - before beginning, I warn you in advance - it was His way of speaking, so full of divine humility and modesty. He never... *asserted Himself*. And the day He actually began it, He told me: *I have launched myself in a rudderless boat upon the vastness of the Infinite.* And once having started, He wrote page after page without intermission, as though it were a thing already complete up there and He had only to transcribe it in ink down here on these pages.

In truth, the entire form of Savitri has descended "en masse" from the highest region and Sri Aurobindo with His genius only arranged the lines - in a superb and magnificent style. Sometimes entire lines were revealed and He has left them intact; He worked hard, untiringly, so that the inspiration could come from the highest possible summit. And what a work He has created! Yes, it is a true creation in itself. It is an unequalled work. Everything is there, and it is put in such a simple, such a clear form; verses perfectly harmonious, limpid and eternally true. My child, I have read so many things, but I have never come across anything which could be compared with Savitri. I have studied the best works in Greek, Latin, English and of course French literature, also in German and all the great creations of the West and the East, including the great epics; but I repeat it, I have not found anywhere anything comparable with Savitri. All these literary works seems to me empty, flat, hollow, without any deep reality - apart from a few rare exceptions, and these too represent only a small fraction of what Savitri is. What grandeur, what amplitude, what reality: it is something immortal and eternal He has created. I tell you once again there is nothing like in it the whole world. Even if one puts aside the vision of the reality, that is, the essential substance which is the heart of the inspiration, and considers only the lines in themselves, one will find them unique, of the highest classical kind. What He has created is something man cannot imagine. For, everything is there, everything.

It may then be said that Savitri is a revelation, it is a meditation, it is a quest of the Infinite, the Eternal. If it is read with this aspiration for Immortality, the reading itself will serve as a guide to Immortality. To read Savitri is indeed to practice Yoga, spiritual concentration; one can find there all that is needed to realise the Divine. Each step of Yoga is noted here, including the secret of all other Yogas. Surely, if one sincerely follows what is revealed here in each line one will reach finally the transformation of the Supramental Yoga. It is truly the infallible guide who never abandons you; its support is always there for him who wants to follow the path. Each verse of Savitri is like a revealed Mantra which surpasses all that man possessed by way of knowledge, and I repeat this, the words are expressed and arranged in such a way that the sonority of the rhythm leads you to the origin of sound, which is OM.

My child, yes, everything is there: mysticism, occultism, philosophy, the history of evolution, the history of man, of the gods, of creation, of Nature. How the universe was created, why, for what purpose, what destiny - all is there. You can find all the answers to all your questions there. Everything is explained, even the future of man and of the evolution, all that nobody yet knows. He has described it all in beautiful and clear words so that spiritual adventurers who wish to solve the mysteries of the world may understand it more easily. But this mystery is well hidden behind the words and lines and one must rise to the required level of true consciousness to discover it. All prophesies, all that is going to come is presented with the precise and wonderful clarity. Sri Aurobindo gives you here the key to find the Truth, to discover the Consciousness, to solve the problem of what the universe is. He has also indicated how to open the door of the Inconscience so that the light may penetrate there and transform it. He has shown the path, the way to liberate oneself from the ignorance and climb up to the superconscience; each stage, each plane of consciousness, how they can be scaled, how one can cross even the barrier of death and attain immortality. You will find the whole journey in detail, and as you go forward you can discover things altogether unknown to man. That is Savitri and much more yet. It is a real experience - reading Savitri. All the secrets that man possessed, He has revealed, - as well as all that awaits him in the future; all this is found in the depth of Savitri. But one must have the knowledge to discover it all, the experience of the planes of consciousness, the experience of the Supermind, even the experience of the conquest of Death. He has noted all the stages, marked each step in order to advance integrally in the integral Yoga.

All this is His own experience, and what is most surprising is that it is my own experience also. It is my sadhana which He has worked out. Each object, each event, each realisation, all the descriptions, even the colours are exactly what I saw and the words, phrases are also exactly what I heard. And all this before having read the book. I read Savitri many times afterwards, but earlier, when He was writing He used to read it to me. Every morning I used to hear Him read Savitri. During the night He would write and in the morning read it to me. And I observed something curious, that day after day the experiences He read out to me in the morning were those I had had the previous night, word by word. Yes, all the descriptions, the colours, the pictures I had seen, the words I had heard, all, all, I heard it all, put by Him into poetry, into miraculous poetry. Yes, they were exactly my experiences of the previous night which He read out to me the following morning. And it was not just one day by chance, but for days and days together. And every time I used to compare what He said with my previous experiences and they were always the same. I repeat, it was not that I had told Him my experiences and that He had noted them down afterwards, no, He knew already what I had seen. It is my experiences He has presented at length and they were His experiences also. It is, moreover, the picture of Our joint adventure into the unknown or rather into the Supermind.

These are experiences lived by Him, realities, supracosmic truths. He experienced all these as one experiences joy or sorrow, physically. He walked in the darkness of inconscience, even in the neighborhood of death, endured the sufferings of perdition, and emerged from the mud, the world-misery to breathe the sovereign plenitude and enter the supreme Ananda. He crossed all these realms, went through the consequences, suffered and endured physically what one cannot imagine. Nobody till today has suffered like Him. He accepted suffering to transform suffering into the joy of union with the Supreme. It is something unique and incomparable in the history of the world. It is something that has never happened before, He is the first to have traced the path in the Unknown, so that we may be able to walk with certitude towards the Supermind. He has made the work easy for us. Savitri is His whole Yoga of transformation, and this Yoga appears now for the first time in the earth-consciousness.

And I think that man is not yet ready to receive it. It is too high and too vast for him. He cannot understand it, grasp it, for it is not by the mind that one can understand Savitri. One needs spiritual experiences in order to understand and assimilate it. The farther one advances on the path of Yoga, the more does one assimilate and the better. No, it is something which will be appreciated only in the future, it is the poetry of tomorrow of which He has spoken in The Future Poetry. It is too subtle, too refined, - it is not in the mind or through the mind, it is in meditation that Savitri is revealed.

And men have the audacity to compare it with the work of Virgil or Homer and to find it inferior. They do not understand, they cannot understand. What do they know? Nothing at all. And it is useless to try to make them understand. Men will know what it is, but in a distant future. It is only the new race with a new consciousness which will be able to understand. I assure you there is nothing under the blue sky to compare with Savitri. It is the mystery of mysteries. It is a *super-epic,* it is super-literature, super-poetry, super-vision, it is a super-work even if one considers the number of lines He has written. No, these human words are not adequate to describe Savitri. Yes, one needs superlatives, hyperboles to describe it. It is a hyper-epic. No, words express nothing of what Savitri is, at least I do not find them. It is of immense value - spiritual value and all other values; it is eternal in its subject, and infinite in its appeal, miraculous in its mode and power of execution; it is a unique thing, the more you come into contact with it, the higher will you be uplifted. Ah, truly it is something! It is the most beautiful thing He has left for man, the highest possible. What is it? When will man know it? When is he going to lead a life of truth? When is he going to accept this in his life? This yet remains to be seen.

My child, every day you are going to read Savitri; read properly, with the right attitude, concentrating a little before opening the pages and trying to keep the mind as empty as possible, absolutely without a thought. The direct road is through the heart. I tell you, if you try to really concentrate with this aspiration you can light the flame, the psychic flame, the flame of purification in a very short time, perhaps in a few days. What you cannot do normally, you can do with the help of Savitri. Try and you will see how very different it is, how new, if you read with this attitude, with this something at the back of your consciousness; as though it were an offering to Sri Aurobindo. You know it is charged, fully charged with consciousness; as if Savitri were a being, a real guide. I tell you, whoever, wanting to practice Yoga, tries sincerely and feels the necessity for it, will be able to climb with the help of Savitri to the highest rung of the ladder of Yoga, will be able to find the secret that Savitri represents. And this without the help of a Guru. And he will be able to practice it anywhere. For him Savitri alone will be the guide, for all that he needs he will find Savitri. If he remains very quiet when before a difficulty, or when he does not know where to turn to go forward and how to overcome obstacles, for all these hesitations and incertitudes which overwhelm us at every moment, he will have the necessary indications, and the necessary concrete help. If he remains very calm, open, if he aspires sincerely, always he will be as if lead by the hand. If he has faith, the will to give himself and essential sincerity he will reach the final goal.

Indeed, Savitri is something concrete, living, it is all replete, packed with consciousness, it is the supreme knowledge above all human philosophies and religions. It is the spiritual path, it is Yoga, Tapasya, Sadhana, in its single body. Savitri has an extraordinary power, it gives out vibrations for him who can receive them, the true vibrations of each stage of consciousness. It is incomparable, it is truth in its plenitude, the Truth Sri Aurobindo brought down on the earth. My child, one must try to find the secret that Savitri represents, the prophetic message Sri Aurobindo reveals there for us. This is the work before you, it is hard but it is worth the trouble. - 5 November 1967

~ The Mother, Sweet Mother, The Mother to Mona Sarkar, [T0],
32:"The lessening of evil breeds abstinence from evil; and
abstinence from evil is the beginning of repentance; and
the beginning of repentance is the beginning of salvation; and
the beginning of salvation is a good resolve; and
a good resolve is the mother of labors. And
the beginning of labors is the virtues; and
the beginning of the virtues is a flowering, and
the flowering of virtue is the beginning of activity. And
the offspring of virtue is perseverance; and
the fruit and offspring of persevering practice is habit, and
the child of habit is character. And
good character is the mother of fear; and
fear gives birth to the keeping of commandments in which I include both Heavenly and earthly. And
the keeping of the commandments is a sign of love; and
the beginning of love is an abundance of humility; and
an abundance of humility is the daughter of dispassion; and
the acquisition of the latter is the fullness of love, that is to say, the perfect indwelling of God in those who through dispassion are pure in heart, for they shall see God.
And to Him the glory for all eternity. Amen" ~ Saint John Climacus, The Ladder of Divine Ascent,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:Greatness is humility. ~ Kyle Idleman
2:Experience prefers humility. ~ Toba Beta
3:Travel is an act of humility ~ Pico Iyer
4:Humility is self-forgetfulness. ~ C S Lewis
5:Humility is the key. ~ Alcoholics Anonymous
6:Humility was never a loser. ~ Thomas Watson
7:Humility is a difficult lesson. ~ Carol Berg
8:Humility is the key to liberation. ~ Ma Jaya
9:Humility is always one play away. ~ Tim Foley
10:Humility is attentive patience. ~ Simone Weil
11:My power will be in humility. ~ Walter Russell
12:The noble must make humility his root. ~ Laozi
13:Do not practise excessive humility. ~ John Todd
14:Humility is the daughter of truth. ~ Anne Truitt
15:Exercise humility and restraint. ~ Warren Buffett
16:When would he learn humility? ~ Mary Alice Monroe
17:Humility has to precede instruction. ~ Idries Shah
18:I have a healthy amount of humility. ~ Seth Gordon
19:It ain't the heat, it's the humility. ~ Yogi Berra
20:Disasters teach us humility. ~ Anselm of Canterbury
21:humility is the greatest of virtues, ~ David Brooks
22:Life is a long lesson in humility. ~ James M Barrie
23:Perfect humility dispenses with modesty. ~ C S Lewis
24:The humility of wonder opens everything. ~ Mark Nepo
25:True humility is contentment. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel
26:Humility has the toughest hide. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
27:... humility + humor = humanity. ~ Kathie Lee Gifford
28:Humility is a virtue, not a neurosis. ~ Thomas Merton
29:Humility is the light of understanding. ~ John Bunyan
30:Love's humility is love's true pride. ~ Bayard Taylor
31:Modesty is humility expressed in dress. ~ C J Mahaney
32:Dialogue cannot exist without humility. ~ Paulo Freire
33:Do not confuse humility with humiliation. ~ Alan Cohen
34:Do not try to be humble: learn humility. ~ Idries Shah
35:Pride divides the men, humility joins them. ~ Socrates
36:Pride sings and dances; humility sighs. ~ Mason Cooley
37:There is no gardening without humility ~ Alfred Austin
38:Humility is the forgetfulness of self. ~ Thomas Keating
39:humility is the mother of all virtues ~ Stephen R Covey
40:Modest humility is beauty's crown. ~ Friedrich Schiller
41:Practice humility and patience. ~ Saint Vincent de Paul
42:True humility means giving joy to others. ~ Sri Chinmoy
43:Humility is a virtue; timidity is an illness. ~ Jim Rohn
44:Humility is the forgetfulness of self. ~ Thomas Keating,
45:Humility is the mother of giants. ~ Gilbert K Chesterton
46:Humility is the surest sign of strength. ~ Thomas Merton
47:Humility opens the door of opportunity. ~ Lysa TerKeurst
48:Humility opens the ears of opportunity. ~ Lysa TerKeurst
49:If we learn not humility, we learn nothing. ~ John Dewey
50:Compassion directed to oneself is humility. ~ Simone Weil
51:Humility can only be born out of humiliation ~ Jean Genet
52:Humility is the light of the understanding. ~ John Bunyan
53:Humility is the secret of the wise. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
54:Humility, humility, humility, and humility. ~ Peter Kreeft
55:Humility is the cornerstone of leadership. ~ John G Miller
56:Humility moves more mountains than arrogance. ~ Alan Cohen
57:Humility neither falls far, nor heavily. ~ Publilius Syrus
58:A humble man speaks not of his own humility ~ Jeremy Aldana
59:Community is where humility and glory touch. ~ Henri Nouwen
60:Humility enables us to learn from each other. ~ Bill Hybels
61:Humility is a byproduct of enduring success. ~ Iimani David
62:Humility is a virtue when you have no other. ~ Edward Abbey
63:humility is the true measure of wisdom. ~ Devdutt Pattanaik
64:In humility imitate Jesus and Socrates. ~ Benjamin Franklin
65:True intimacy with God always brings humility. ~ Beth Moore
66:Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. ~ Confucius
67:Nonviolence is impossible without humility. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
68:Where there is humility, there is no story. ~ John de Ruiter
69:Ah, the first step in humility: Listening. ~ Michael Beckwith
70:God will bless us if we walk in humility. ~ Gordon B Hinckley
71:Humility and resignation are our prime virtues. ~ John Dryden
72:Humility is the beginning of true intelligence. ~ John Calvin
73:If there is no humility, love remains blocked. ~ Pope Francis
74:Some people are proud of their humility. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
75:Barbaric accuracy - whimpering humility. ~ Georg C Lichtenberg
76:Humility is a very important trait in a critic. ~ Gary Giddins
77:Humility is the earmark of God's genuine servant. ~ Beth Moore
78:Humility is the proper estimate of oneself. ~ Charles Spurgeon
79:Power is dangerous unless you have humility. ~ Richard J Daley
80:True love is the parent of humility. ~ William Ellery Channing
81:Your own humility endorses your integrity! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
82:Bear in mind that humility is not timidity. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
83:Church unity comes from corporate humility. ~ Leonard Ravenhill
84:Hope will only grow in the ground of humility. ~ Edward T Welch
85:The first product of self-knowledge is humility, ~ Ryan Holiday
86:"The greatest patience is humility." ~ Atiśa Dīpa kara Śrījñāna
87:False humility is more insulting than open pride! ~ Brandon Mull
88:Humility, after the first shock, is cheerful virtue. ~ C S Lewis
89:Humility and full consciousness are inseparable. ~ Bryant McGill
90:Humility is considered an un-masculine quality. ~ David Duchovny
91:Humility saves man: pride makes him lose his way. ~ Pope Francis
92:It's all about humanity, humility, and integrity. ~ Debra Wilson
93:Love teaches you humility—patience—understanding. ~ Charles Todd
94:Without humility, all spiritual progress stops. ~ Frederick Lenz
95:False humility is better than no humility at all. ~ Paul Krassner
96:Humility is no substitute for a good personality. ~ Fran Lebowitz
97:Pride makes us artificial; humility makes us real ~ Thomas Merton
98:The first product of self-knowledge is humility, ~ Cheryl Strayed
99:Compassion directed toward oneself is true humility. ~ Simone Weil
100:Have the humility to learn from those around you. ~ John C Maxwell
101:Humility and full consciousness are inseparable. ~ Bryant H McGill
102:Humility is not weakness, but strength under control ~ A R Bernard
103:Humility is the mark of a genuine disciple. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas
104:The secret of life lies in laughter and humility. ~ G K Chesterton
105:A vale of humility between two mountains of conceit. ~ Tony Horwitz
106:Humility is not a trait I often associate with America. ~ Mira Nair
107:Humility is the mark of a genuine disciple. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas,
108:I feel coming on a strange disease - humility. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
109:Knowledge cannot be attained except through humility. ~ Idries Shah
110:Learning is the very essence of humility . . . ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
111:Vanity is a mark of humility rather than of pride. ~ Jonathan Swift
112:Accepting things as they are is true humility. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
113:Sense shines with double lustre when set in humility. ~ William Penn
114:Speaking absolutely, humility excels virginity. ~ Thomas the Apostle
115:The first product of self-knowledge is humility. ~ Flannery O Connor
116:By bringing nature into our lives, we invite humility. ~ Richard Louv
117:Humility is a virtue Scotsmen require to be taught. ~ Dorothy Dunnett
118:humility is the first and greatest of virtues. ~ Doris Kearns Goodwin
119:Humility is the only thing that no devil can imitate. ~ John Climacus
120:Humility is the worst form of conceit. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld
121:Humility leads to an open mind and a forgiving heart. ~ Eric Greitens
122:Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real. ~ Thomas Merton
123:Service without humility is selfishness and egotism. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
124:The “gift” of tragedy is not destruction, but humility ~ James Hollis
125:The oars game me power but also taught me humility. ~ Barry S Strauss
126:With humor and humility you can withstand anything. ~ Shannon L Alder
127:An actor should always let humility outweigh ambition. ~ Anna Kendrick
128:Comedy - and I say this with humility - comedy needs me. ~ Joan Rivers
129:Humility and self-restraint is the True Objective of Kenpo ~ Ed Parker
130:Humility is first, second and third in Christianity. ~ Saint Augustine
131:Humility is losing yourself in the doing of serving. ~ James MacDonald
132:Humility is to make a right estimate of one's self. ~ Charles Spurgeon
133:I have sounded the very base-string of humility. ~ William Shakespeare
134:Imagination takes humility, love and great courage. ~ Carson McCullers
135:Sarcasm doesn't grow on the same stalk as humility. ~ Elizabeth Goudge
136:Walking is the exact balance between spirit and humility. ~ Gary Snyder
137:You cannot attain to charity except through humility. ~ Saint Augustine
138:Humility is, in a sense, admitting how egotistical you are. ~ Criss Jami
139:I think being vulnerable paves the way for humility. ~ Jonathan Sadowski
140:Never curse a fall. The ground is where humility lives. ~ Yasmin Mogahed
141:Nothing is more deceitful than the appearance of humility. ~ Jane Austen
142:True humility means total dependence on God for everything. ~ T B Joshua
143:Truth without humility would be an arrogant caricature. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
144:Humility is a virtue, and it is a virtue innate in guests. ~ Max Beerbohm
145:Humility is constant forgetfulness of one's achievements. ~ John Climacus
146:Humility like darkness reveals the heavenly lights. ~ Henry David Thoreau
147:Humility with energy is often mistaken for pride. ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater
148:If you have humility you are halfway to God-realization. ~ Frederick Lenz
149:No one reaches the kingdom of Heaven except by humility ~ Saint Augustine
150:Pride builds walls between people; humility builds bridges. ~ Rick Warren
151:True humility is a flower which will adorn any garden. ~ Charles Spurgeon
152:A dose of humility goes a long way in life and in politics. ~ Ron Fournier
153:Astronomy, as nothing else can do, teaches men humility. ~ Arthur C Clarke
154:Humility is a flower which does not grow in everyone's garden. ~ Aristotle
155:Humility is to make a right estimate of oneself. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
156:I've met some people who were very proud of their humility. ~ Michael Catt
157:pride comes, disgrace follows, but with humility comes wisdom. ~ Anonymous
158:Empowerment is the algebraic outcome of curiosity and humility. ~ Anonymous
159:Hard work and humility are essential for spiritual sadhana. ~ B K S Iyengar
160:Humility is essential greatness, the inside of grandeur. ~ George MacDonald
161:The churches must learn humility as well as teach it. ~ George Bernard Shaw
162:Humility is the time that you spend in love with existence. ~ Frederick Lenz
163:The first degree of humility is prompt obedience. ~ Saint Benedict of Nursia
164:We learn humility through accepting humiliations cheerfully. ~ Mother Teresa
165:We must not confuse humility with false modesty or servility. ~ Paulo Coelho
166:A man is never so proud as when striking an attitude of humility. ~ C S Lewis
167:humility comes before honor and a haughty spirit before a fall. ~ John Bunyan
168:Humility in furs is better than pride in tunics. ~ Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
169:Humility is the proper estimate of oneself.” CHARLES SPURGEON ~ Andrew Murray
170:Humility is to make a right estimate of one’s self. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
171:I will not through humility become the devil's attorney ~ Henry David Thoreau
172:Let us preach grace till humility just starts to grow in us. ~ Timothy Keller
173:Obedience to the word in humility of mind never confuses. ~ John Nelson Darby
174:Pride perceiving humility honorable, often borrows her cloak. ~ Thomas Fuller
175:True humility is more like self-forgetfulness than false modesty. ~ C S Lewis
176:We must in strength and humility meet hate with love. ~ Martin Luther King Jr
177:A book tour is, first and foremost, an exercise in humility. ~ Alice McDermott
178:Humility is probably the most difficult virtue to realize. ~ Thomas Yellowtail
179:Humility is so shy. If you begin talking about it, it leaves. ~ Timothy Keller
180:Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it. ~ David Richo
181:I'm coming from a place of total strength and humility now. ~ Robert Downey Jr
182:I'm so humble it's crazy. I'm like the Kanye West of humility. ~ Anna Kendrick
183:True humility scarcely ever utters words of humility. ~ Saint Francis de Sales
184:A man who knows what it is to have humility is a vain man. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
185:deep humility. There is nothing the arrogant hate more. ~ Stephen Harrod Buhner
186:God hath sworn to lift on high Who sinks himself by true humility. ~ John Keble
187:Humility, if it comes at all, almost always comes too late. ~ Stephen R Lawhead
188:Humility is really important because it keeps you fresh and new. ~ Steven Tyler
189:I believe the first test of a truly great man is in his humility. ~ John Ruskin
190:I'm grateful for my brokenness. I'm grateful for my humility. ~ James McGreevey
191:industry, compassion, humility, patience, honesty and courage. ~ Robin S Sharma
192:The only way you will advance spiritually is through humility. ~ Frederick Lenz
193:There is something in humility which strangely exalts the heart. ~ Jeff Wheeler
194:You can't govern without loving the people and without humility! ~ Pope Francis
195:Don't kill the game with your 'funk', elevate it with your humility. ~ T F Hodge
196:False humility is thinly veiled ego disguised as self confidence. ~ Dov Davidoff
197:History, well read, is simply humility well told, in many manners. ~ Adam Gopnik
198:Humility is so shy. If you begin talking about it, it leaves. ~ Timothy J Keller
199:Humility is the displacement of self by the enthronement of God. ~ Andrew Murray
200:Iris Murdoch defined humility as a “selfless respect for reality. ~ Joan Halifax
201:It is impossible without humility to enjoy anything—even pride. ~ G K Chesterton
202:The world can be better if there's love, tolerance and humility. ~ Irena Sendler
203:The x factor of a great leader is humility combined with will. ~ James C Collins
204:True humility is a flower which will adorn any garden. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
205:Yogi Berra reportedly said, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humility. ~ Paul Levine
206:Your life is pure joy, pure ecstasy, when you live in humility. ~ Frederick Lenz
207:Have we the humility to thank our Father for the gift of pain? ~ Elisabeth Elliot
208:Humility is courage, the open acceptance of your own perfection. ~ Frederick Lenz
209:Humility is measured by how quickly you can admit that you are wrong. ~ Eric Ludy
210:Humility makes us ready to be blessed by the God of all grace. ~ Charles Spurgeon
211:humility must not be equated to mediocrity and cowardice ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
212:If you start with humility, you see every person as your teacher. ~ Eric Greitens
213:Meditation is humility - the absence of thought, doubt, and ego. ~ Frederick Lenz
214:The invincible weapon against all our enemies is humility. ~ Theophan the Recluse
215:The path marked Humility will take you to the manger of the Messiah. ~ Max Lucado
216:The proud man can learn humility, but he will be proud of it. ~ Mignon McLaughlin
217:We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
218:Humility and patience are the surest proofs of the increase of love. ~ John Wesley
219:Humility is not disgraceful, and carries no loss of true pride. ~ Ernest Hemingway
220:It is impossible without humility to enjoy anything - even pride. ~ G K Chesterton
221:It takes true courage and real humility to say NO or YES! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
222:Knowledge of God and knowlegde of self give birth to humility. ~ Joan D Chittister
223:Only humility will lead us to unity, and unity will lead to peace. ~ Mother Teresa
224:The indispensible judicial requisite is intellectual humility. ~ Felix Frankfurter
225:When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. ~ Anonymous
226:Faith gets the most; love works the most; but humility keeps the most. ~ R A Torrey
227:Humility and self-effacement ... get a person [little] in this life. ~ Daniel Keyes
228:Humility before God is nothing if not proved in humility before men ~ Andrew Murray
229:Humility is the ultimate standard of greatness in the Kingdom of God. ~ Mike Bickle
230:Humility, which is a virtue, is always fruitful in good works. ~ Thomas the Apostle
231:Nothing can be further apart than true humility and servility. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
232:We love those people who give with humility, or who accept with ease. ~ Freya Stark
233:Beginning of all knowledge comes from humility. ~ A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
234:Humility and Gratitude are the twin characteristics of happiness. ~ Richard C Edgley
235:Humility is not a virtue in a writer, it is an absolute necessity. ~ James Lee Burke
236:Humility is not thinking less of myself, but thinking about myself less. ~ Anonymous
237:I think people would be surprised by his [Alessandro Michele] humility. ~ Jared Leto
238:It is impossible without humility to enjoy anything—even pride. But ~ G K Chesterton
239:Pride first, then the crash, but humility is precursor to honor. ~ Eugene H Peterson
240:There's a different kind of beauty that comes with humility and honesty ~ Kiera Cass
241:Holy Purity is granted by God when it is asked for with humility. ~ Josemaria Escriva
242:Humility is a teacher of itself. It is learnt by means of its practise. ~ Idries Shah
243:I learned a lot about humility and patience, keeping my mouth shut. ~ Madonna Ciccone
244:Insecurity was never humility; just as arrogance was never success. ~ Shannon L Alder
245:My likeness to Jesus must be through suffering and humility. ~ Mary Faustina Kowalska
246:Obedience is the burial of the will and the resurrection of humility. ~ John Climacus
247:There is no respect for others without humility in one's self. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel
248:A selfless leader is one that models grace and humility day in and day out ~ Anonymous
249:A true hero protects his identiy, not out of fear, but out of humility. ~ Jessica Jung
250:Heart and humor and humility, he said will lighten up your heavy load. ~ Joni Mitchell
251:Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying. ~ Saint Vincent de Paul
252:Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It's thinking of yourself less. ~ C S Lewis
253:Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less. ~ C S Lewis
254:I have no use for humility. I am a fellow with an exceptional talent. ~ Jackie Gleason
255:In success be moderate. Humility makes great men twice honourable. ~ Benjamin Franklin
256:... It is humility which has access to the highest regions. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo
257:It was a typical point, made in typical style, mixing pride and humility. ~ H W Brands
258:My very first art teacher told me that there’s greatness in humility. ~ Deborah Bladon
259:Nothing is more scandalous than a man that is proud of his humility. ~ Marcus Aurelius
260:Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil's reach as humility. ~ Jonathan Edwards
261:The difference between a good leader and a great leader is humility. ~ James C Collins
262:The knowledge of how little you can do alone teaches you humility. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
263:The language of love is the language of humility or humbleness. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
264:True humility doesn't kill our dreams; it provides a guardrail for them. ~ Dave Harvey
265:a refusal to make moral judgments is not humility. It is insanity. ~ R Albert Mohler Jr
266:God is better disposed towards those who feign the right humility. ~ Adrian Tchaikovsky
267:Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying. ~ Saint Vincent de Paul,
268:Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less. ~ Anonymous
269:Humility is simply accepting the reality of who God is and who you are. ~ John Townsend
270:Humility is the marriage bond of Heaven. Pride is the frigidity of Hell. ~ Peter Kreeft
271:Humility is what you strive for when you've failed at everything else. ~ Stephan Pastis
272:In humility, there is faith. When there is faith, there is no fear. ~ Devdutt Pattanaik
273:The Bible reminds us that on the other side of humility we find wisdom ~ Lysa TerKeurst
274:Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less. ~ Rick Warren
275:Humility makes us ready to be blessed by the God of all grace. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
276:It is impossible without humility to enjoy anything - even pride. ~ Gilbert K Chesterton
277:Surrender is not a weakness, but rather an empowering state of humility. ~ Bryant McGill
278:Those whom God designs for preferment he clothes with humility; the most ~ Matthew Henry
279:Ego, being love's kryptonite; two souls must be on the same page of humility. ~ T F Hodge
280:Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility. ~ Nelson Mandela
281:Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. ~ Rick Warren
282:Humility means you're willing to give someone a bigger slice of the pie. ~ Frederick Lenz
283:Humility raises us not by human arrogance but by divine grace. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo
284:Knowledge is courage; understanding brings calmness and humility ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
285:listen with humility and accept with an open heart all that our brothers say. ~ Anonymous
286:May I deal with honour
May I act with courage
May I achieve humility ~ Dick Francis
287:Satan's number one weapon is pride. God's number one defense is humility. ~ Larry Burkett
288:Success is born out of arrogance, but greatness comes from humility. ~ Marco Pierre White
289:True love is quiescent, except in the nascent moments of true humility. ~ Bryant H McGill
290:You just don't understand humility until you have children and get divorced. ~ Val Kilmer
291:Let us be humble and keep ourselves down: - Obedience! Humility! Detachment! ~ Philip Neri
292:When there's nothing but humility, there's nothing but spiritual oneness. ~ Frederick Lenz
293:Conceit is a sure sign of insecurity; humility denotes awareness. ~ Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
294:Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. ~ Patrick Lencioni
295:I warn people, your 40s will require massive amounts of humor and humility. ~ Henry Rollins
296:Nothing sets a Christian so much out of the devil's reach than humility. ~ Jonathan Edwards
297:Pride goeth before destruction, but before honour is humility. ~ Proverbs XVI. 18: XVII. 12
298:Racing ultras requires absolute confidence tempered with intense humility. To ~ Scott Jurek
299:Real humility is graceful power, not a mandate to be victimized and abused. ~ Bryant McGill
300:self-confidence should always ride side by side with a strong sense of humility. ~ Xenophon
301:The ego seeks fame and fortune. Humility doesn't seek at all - it accepts. ~ Frederick Lenz
302:...If humility does not precede all that we do, our efforts are fruitless. ~ Saint Augustine
303:If pain doesn't lead to humility, you have wasted your suffering. ~ Katerina Stoykova Klemer
304:Perhaps elements like tenacity and humility combine to form a heroic compound. ~ Brad Herzog
305:True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. ~ C S Lewis
306:For most leaders, humility comes only by wounds suffered from foolish falls. ~ Dan B Allender
307:Humility and pride will forever battle whenever or wherever love is concerned ~ Jeremy Aldana
308:Humility is the conscious awareness and acceptance of eternity as your body. ~ Frederick Lenz
309:Pride changes angels into devils, humility makes man into angels. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
310:The personal interiorization of the practice of humiliation is called humility. ~ Kathy Acker
311:To the extent we behave with humility, to that extent good will result. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
312:33The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom, And before honor is humility. ~ Anonymous
313:Humility is the virtue that requires the greatest amount of effort. ~ Rose Philippine Duchesne
314:Let gratitude be awakened; let humility be deepened; let love be quickened. ~ Charles Spurgeon
315:Love begets courage, moderation creates abundance and humility generates power ~ B K S Iyengar
316:Proverbs 15:33 33 Fear of the LORD teaches wisdom;        humility precedes honor. ~ Anonymous
317:Strength, confidence, humility and love. Hector Ricardo's four tenets of life. ~ Pittacus Lore
318:Those who travel the high road of humility are not troubled by heavy traffic. ~ Alan K Simpson
319:True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. ~ Rick Warren
320:Until you have suffered much in your heart, you cannot learn humility. ~ Thaddeus of Vitovnica
321:When pride comes, disgrace follows, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2 ~ Beth Moore
322:When we see the faults of others, we are to forgive and forbear in humility. ~ James MacDonald
323:wisdom begins with the humility to say there’s a great deal I don’t understand. ~ Randy Alcorn
324:2to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men. ~ Anonymous
325:Humility is a do thing, not a feel thing. Humility is an action, not a style. ~ James MacDonald
326:Humility is simply the disposition which prepares the soul for living on trust. ~ Andrew Murray
327:Humility is the key to finishing well and passing the torch on to our successors. ~ Hans Finzel
328:Humility, never me; it is a characteristic I expect to find in other people. ~ Elizabeth Taylor
329:If humility is always desirable, generous humility is still more so. ~ Rose Philippine Duchesne
330:Love begets courage, moderation creates abundance and humility generates power. ~ B K S Iyengar
331:The people that I admire have a wonderful balance of self-belief and humility. ~ Mahershala Ali
332:Humility is nothing but the disappearance of self in the vision that God is all. ~ Andrew Murray
333:Humility is the prize of the leaf-world. Vain-glory is the bane of us, the humans. ~ Mary Oliver
334:It pays to know humility, lest the delusion of control, of mastery, overwhelms. ~ Steven Erikson
335:Real humility is not about denying the gifts you are offered; it is accepting them. ~ Alan Cohen
336:The vanity of the selfless, even those who practice utmost humility, is boundless. ~ Eric Hoffer
337:Value the wisdom of humility, as well as the sense of perspective it gives you. ~ Chris Hadfield
338:What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left. ~ Oscar Levant
339:What the world needs is more geniuses with humility; there are so few of us left. ~ Oscar Levant
340:33. The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility. ~ Anonymous
341:Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire. ~ William Penn
342:Humility is a fantastic trait and is one of the most important things we can have ~ Dennis Prager
343:Humility means that you have the courage to accept that you are eternity itself. ~ Frederick Lenz
344:If success attend me, grant me humility; If failure, resignation to Thy will. ~ David Livingstone
345:In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility. ~ William Shakespeare
346:Your heart is the center of humility, your mind could be the source of arrogance. ~ Tariq Ramadan
347:And the Devil did grin, for his darling sin is pride that apes humility. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
348:Discard yourself and thereby regain yourself. Spread the trap of humility and ensnare love. ~ Rumi
349:Few men speak humbly of humility, chastely of chastity, skeptically of skepticism. ~ Blaise Pascal
350:Humility is not renunciation of pride but the substitution of one pride for another. ~ Eric Hoffer
351:If you have humility, you are willing to undertake anything to spread the dharma. ~ Frederick Lenz
352:Selflessness. Humility. Truthfulness. These are the three marks of an honorable man. ~ Suzy Kassem
353:Superficial knowledge breeds arrogance; true knowledge induces humility. ~ Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
354:The fruit of love's great tree is poverty; Whoever knows this knows humility. ~ Farid al Din Attar
355:There’s nothing more insufferable than people who boast about their own humility ~ Marcus Aurelius
356:True humility is a kind of self-annihilation; and this is the centre of all virtues. ~ John Wesley
357:Without humility you can't love. Love means looking beyond the self to the other. ~ Frederick Lenz
358:All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power. ~ Laozi
359:Humility does not mean to think yourself less, but to less think of yourself. ~ Bhakti Tirtha Swami
360:Humility is a virtue all preach, none practice; and yet everybody is content to hear. ~ John Selden
361:Humility is often a false front we employ to gain power over others. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld
362:Humility is patient because it is neither past nor forward seeking — it is content. ~ Bryant McGill
363:Humility is something we should constantly pray for, yet never thank God that we have. ~ M R DeHaan
364:Never be proud but show humility towards others, true wisdom lies in being humble. ~ Shri Radhe Maa
365:The three most important virtues are humility, humility, and humility. ~ Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
366:What am I to learn?” puts you in a position of humility and authority in any instance. ~ Paul Selig
367:as a leader, you have to have the humility to understand that your power is limited. ~ Eric Greitens
368:For there is no obedience without humility, nor humility without charity. ~ Saint Catherine of Siena
369:I saw that we're all doing the best we can. This is how a lifetime of humility begins. ~ Byron Katie
370:Learning is impossible without humility. We encourage confidence, not cockiness. ~ Patrick Van Horne
371:Our Father, grant us humility, that in our lowliness we behold your exalted grace. Amen. ~ Chad Bird
372:Pride works frequently under a dense mask, and will often assume the garb of humility. ~ Adam Clarke
373:Repentance lifts a man up. Mourning knocks at heaven's gate. Holy humility opens it. ~ John Climacus
374:Three of our core corporate values are inclusiveness, collaboration, and humility. ~ Scott D Anthony
375:When someone offends me, I think it’s a gift from Allah (god). He (Allah) is teaching me humility. ~
376:Extremes meet, and there is no better example than the naughtiness of humility. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
377:Humility is honestly assessing ourselves in light of God’s holiness and our sinfulness. ~ C J Mahaney
378:Humility is the embarrassment you feel when you tell people how wonderful you are. ~ Laurence J Peter
379:The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless. ~ T S Eliot
380:There is no knowing for a fact. The only dependable things are humility and looking. ~ Richard Powers
381:UGLINESS, n. A gift of the gods to certain women, entailing virtue without humility. ~ Ambrose Bierce
382:Heights of the spirit can only be climbed by passing through the portals of humility. ~ Rudolf Steiner
383:How can there be pride in a contrite heart? Humility is the earliest fruit of religion. ~ Hosea Ballou
384:If arrogance is the heady wine of youth, then humility must be its eternal hangover. ~ Helen Van Slyke
385:The fear of the LORD is instruction in wisdom,         and  k humility comes before honor. ~ Anonymous
386:True greatness demands humility; the journey draws it from your struggling soul. ~ Richelle E Goodrich
387:Ugliness, n.: A gift of the gods to certain women, entailing virtue without humility. ~ Ambrose Bierce
388:Attitude is an accurate monitor of where we fall on the spectrum of pride and humility. ~ Erwin McManus
389:Discourses on humility are a source of pride in the vain and of humility in the humble. ~ Blaise Pascal
390:Humility and purity are the wings which carry us to God and make us almost divine. ~ Pio of Pietrelcina
391:Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less. ~ Ken Blanchard
392:Humility is just as much the opposite of self-abasement as it is of self-exaltation. ~ Dag Hammarskjold
393:Humility is my best friend, I've always valued it above all other spiritual qualities. ~ Frederick Lenz
394:The deeper the humility with which we conduct ourselves, the better it is for us. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
395:The most powerful tools of revolution through intention are humility and consciousness. ~ Bryant McGill
396:Voices are plentiful; followers are not. Strong opinions are applauded; humility is not. ~ Francis Chan
397:God loves us; we need only to summon up the humility to allow ourselves to be loved. ~ Pope Benedict XVI
398:Humility is not an exaggeratedly low opinion of yourself. Humility is self-forgetfulness. ~ Peter Kreeft
399:If you wish to cultivate humility, then you should associate with those who are humble. ~ Frederick Lenz
400:I love humility in a woman. It's so rare. With man, of course, it is practically extinct. ~ Ethel M Dell
401:It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. ~ Saint Augustine
402:Knowing that we don't know it's humility; thinking that we know what we don't know, is sickness. ~ Laozi
403:One who understands splendor while holding to humility acts in accord with eternal power. ~ Wayne W Dyer
404:People with humility don't think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less. ~ Ken Blanchard
405:Saying of the Prophet
Humility and courtesy are themselves a part of piety. ~ Idries Shah
406:The wise humble themselves—
and because of their humility,
they are worthy of praise. ~ Lao Tzu
407:academics must maintain a delicate balance between necessary humility and the determination ~ Jean Tirole
408:Being business minded requires you to always approach things with humility and respect. ~ Strive Masiyiwa
409:Clarity and consistency are not enough: the quest for truth requires humility and effort. ~ Tariq Ramadan
410:Humility is even more pleasing in people in whom arrogance would be understandable. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
411:Humility is not just declaring that you are not God. It is deciding daily to not be God. ~ Darrin Patrick
412:Humility is the doorway 2 truth & clarity of objectives... it's the doorway 2 learning. ~ Wynton Marsalis
413:Humility is the only thing that can restore a relationship, when respect has been lost. ~ Shannon L Alder
414:Humility makes our lives acceptable to God, meekness makes us acceptable to men. ~ Saint Francis de Sales
415:I'd rather be around broken people who have a degree of humility, and just get on with their work. ~ Moby
416:It is a fault, not a virtue, to wish your humility recognized and applauded. ~ Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
417:People with humility don’t think less of themselves; they just think of themselves less. ~ John C Maxwell
418:Pride will tell you, you don't need crutches, but humility is more powerful than pride. ~ Lorilyn Roberts
419:Recite your Rosary with faith, with humility, with confidence, and with perseverance. ~ Louis de Montfort
420:The first degree of humility is prompt obedience. ~ Saint Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict,
421:The most powerful tools of revolution through intention are humility and consciousness. ~ Bryant H McGill
422:The only wisdom we can hope to acquire Is the wisdom of humility.… —T. S. Eliot, East Coker ~ Dean Koontz
423:You cannot produce trust just like you cannot 'do' humility. It either is or is not. ~ William Paul Young
424:He had the arrogance of the believer, but none of the humility of the deeply religious. ~ V S Ramachandran
425:In democracy, people's verdict is always final and we all have to accept it with humility. ~ Narendra Modi
426:It is, indeed, a trial to maintain the virtue of humility when one can't help being right. ~ Judith Martin
427:It takes generosity to be the one teaching, and humility to be the one being taught. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
428:Self-confident moralism promotes pride, and sanctification promotes humility and contrition. ~ John Murray
429:What you need is a fundamental humility - the belief that you can learn from anyone. ~ Clayton Christensen
430:You always have to measure your desires and goals against your ego and your humility. ~ Sebastian Copeland
431:Augustine wrote that humility is the source of all virtue, and pride the root of all evil. ~ Melvin R Starr
432:Humility rests upon the shores of your sorrows and blossoms upon the mountain of your faith ~ Jeremy Aldana
433:If you seek eternity and light and luminosity, seek humility first ... first things first. ~ Frederick Lenz
434:My name had been on those lips between laughs and tears and rage and humility. I turned my face ~ C D Reiss
435:Obedience is the road to freedom, humility the road to pleasure, unity the road to personality. ~ C S Lewis
436:Real genius is nothing else but the supernatural virtue of humility in the domain of thought. ~ Simone Weil
437:Religion in its humility restores man to his only dignity, the courage to live by grace. ~ George Santayana
438:Shame isn't bad, her voice from somewhere else insists. Nor the humility that is its gift. ~ William Trevor
439:Thus there will be three effects of nearness to Jesus humility, happiness, and holiness. ~ Charles Spurgeon
440:Worship means reverence and humility it means revering your real self and humbling delusions. ~ Bodhidharma
441:Accepting both the opportunity and the responsibility evokes a great deal of humility. ~ Carol Ann Tomlinson
442:But she’d learned the humility of scholars: that the more she knew, the more she did not know. ~ Sarah Perry
443:Give a man a car of his own and he leaves humility and common sense behind him in the garage. ~ John le Carr
444:He who wants to learn true humility should reflect upon the Passion of Jesus. (267) ~ Mary Faustina Kowalska
445:Humility accepts the very nature of a human being is complete, unadulterated, ecstatic joy. ~ Frederick Lenz
446:Humility simply means that you do a great job at everything and it isn't really a big deal. ~ Frederick Lenz
447:I believe humility is a virtue, but I prefer not to use it unless it is absolutely necessary. ~ Helen Keller
448:Jesus washing the disciples feet is the most supreme act of humility in all of God’s word. ~ James MacDonald
449:One way to appreciate C.S. Lewis is to see how his Christian humility shaped his life and work. ~ John Piper
450:Where God's Spirit does not reign, there is no humility, and men ever swell with inward pride. ~ John Calvin
451:As pride sometimes is hid under humility, idleness if often covered by turbulence and hurry. ~ Samuel Johnson
452:Give a man a car of his own and he leaves humility and common sense behind him in the garage. ~ John le Carre
453:God will snatch away the forgiveness which our repentance, humility, and obedience made possible. ~ Chad Bird
454:Humility comes from how you come at the world. Confidence comes from how you come at yourself. ~ Greg Jackson
455:Humility is indeed beatness, a compulsory virtue that no one exhibits unless he has to. ~ William S Burroughs
456:Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.

-Rick Warren ~ Rick Warren
457:Humility is throwing oneself away in complete concentration on something or someone else. ~ Madeleine L Engle
458:Influence requires humility. The essence of influence is others. The key word is relationships. ~ Johnny Hunt
459:Now that I have and I'm not a have-not, I've learned how important it is to maintain humility. ~ Shania Twain
460:The proper line, that of accepted scientific humility, was, “on the shoulders of giants, ~ Adrian Tchaikovsky
461:Those who lack humility are dogmatic and egotistical. That masks a deep sense of insecurity. ~ John C Maxwell
462:To get even near humility, even for a moment, is like a drink of cold water to a man in a desert. ~ C S Lewis
463:When humility is exercised, people begin to realise that they do not, as it were, exist at all. ~ Idries Shah
464:Appreciate, Let purpose inspire action, Learn with humility, Go beyond .. all in Here & Now. ~ Neena Verma
465:Both partners describe one of their own character flaws. Humility resolves self-righteousness. ~ Mark Goulston
466:Ever doubt that God answers your prayers? Pray (sincerely) for humility... and watch what happens. ~ Mark Hart
467:False humility is quite like the worst of both worlds: both that of Meekness and that of Conceit. ~ Criss Jami
468:False modesty is an attempt to tear yourself down. True humility focuses more on build up others. ~ Tony Dungy
469:Humility adds lessons to our pain and suffering, turning the seemingly senseless into meaning. ~ Bryant McGill
470:Humility is a great quality of leadership which derives respect and not just fear or hatred. ~ Yousef Munayyer
471:Humility is the key characteristic of a worship leader. Actually, the key for any great leader. ~ Chris Tomlin
472:It has truly been said that 'Humility is not so much a virtue as a necessity, in order to learn. ~ Idries Shah
473:It takes an enormous humility to die. The strange thing is that everyone turns out to have it! ~ Emil M Cioran
474:Self-confidence may be mistaken for egotism if it is not accompanied by humility of the heart. ~ Napoleon Hill
475:To be a preacher requires two apparently contradictory qualities: confidence and humility. ~ Timothy Radcliffe
476:3Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. ~ Anonymous
477:Attitude is an accurate monitor of where we fall on the spectrum of pride and humility. ~ Erwin Raphael McManus
478:Evil and faults are corrected by good, by love, kindness, meekness, humility, and patience. ~ John of Kronstadt
479:Humility comes from understanding that the obstacles in front of you are not going to go away. ~ Sarah Ferguson
480:Humility forms the basis of honor, just as the low ground forms the foundation of a high elevation. ~ Bruce Lee
481:I cannot understand how humility exists, or can exist, without love, or love without humility, ~ Teresa of vila
482:It takes courage with true humility and steadfastness to win confidence and admiration ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
483:The humility to recognize the truth that makes demands on me and that I do not choose for myself ~ Benedict XVI
484:When the humility of someone is undermined, whether I like it or not mine is undermined as well. ~ Desmond Tutu
485:by now, he is well acquainted with humility. It is the one piece of luggage he has not lost. ~ Andrew Sean Greer
486:Economics teaches humility because it teaches us more about what we can't do than what we can do ~ Peter Boettke
487:I thought the fear of the Lord was the beginning of wisdom."

"It's the same thing. Humility. ~ Harper Lee
488:I will seek out, in modesty and humility, but incessantly and vigorously, those who love truth. ~ John A Widtsoe
489:Modern science has been a voyage into the unknown, with a lesson in humility waiting at every stop. ~ Carl Sagan
490:Self-seeking, self-glory, that is not me. No. Many people say I embarrass them with my humility. ~ Peter Akinola
491:Uncertainty is a sign of humility, and humility is just the ability or the willingness to learn. ~ Charlie Sheen
492:We must first create within ourselves a true humility before we can know the liberating truth. We ~ Paul Brunton
493:What moves the soul through each death are the keys of humility, desire, choice and prayer. ~ Padma Aon Prakasha
494:Humility is an interesting virtue because if you don't have It, sooner or later it's given to you. ~ Nick Vujicic
495:Humility is an interesting virtue because if you don’t have it, sooner or later it’s given to you. ~ Nick Vujicic
496:Humility puts others first because "first" takes on new meaning through the practice of humility. ~ Bryant McGill
497:If you pair excellence with humility, people not only won’t run over you, they will respect you. ~ John C Maxwell
498:I like the humility that comes from being hated. Hopefully some humility and compassion comes out of that. ~ Moby
499:It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo
500:Pride and humility seem two sides of the same state—of taking oneself as an individual seriously. ~ Rodney Collin


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00.01 - The Mother on Savitri, #Sweet Mother - Harmonies of Light, #unset, #Kabbalah
  You know, before writing Savitri Sri Aurobindo said to me, *I am impelled to launch on a new adventure; I was hesitant in the beginning, but now I am decided. Still, I do not know how far I shall succeed. I pray for help.* And you know what it was? It was - before beginning, I warn you in advance - it was His way of speaking, so full of divine Humility and modesty. He never... *asserted Himself*. And the day He actually began it, He told me: *I have launched myself in a rudderless boat upon the vastness of the Infinite.* And once having started, He wrote page after page without intermission, as though it were a thing already complete up there and He had only to transcribe it in ink down here on these pages.

0.06 - Letters to a Young Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  An excessive depreciation is no better than an excessive praise.
  True Humility lies in not judging oneself and in letting the Divine
  determine our real worth.
  Perhaps my vanity was better than this Humility which
  so casts me down.

0.09 - Letters to a Young Teacher, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  To receive the divine grace, not only must one have a great
  aspiration, but also a sincere Humility and an absolute trust.
  17 October 1960

0.14 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Sincerity, Humility, perseverance and an insatiable thirst for
  progress are essential for a happy and fruitful life. Above all, one

03.10 - Sincerity, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Sectarianism or Loyalty True Humility
   Other Authors Nolini Kanta Gupta Part ThreeSincerity
   Sectarianism or Loyalty True Humility

03.11 - True Humility, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
  object:03.11 - True Humility
  author class:Nolini Kanta Gupta
   Sincerity The Spirit of Tapasya
   Other Authors Nolini Kanta Gupta Part ThreeTrue Humility
   True Humility
   It is not by repeating mea culpa ad infinitum that one can show one's true Humility. In owning too much and too often one's sins, one may be just on the wrong side of virtue. There lurks a strain of vanity in self-maceration: the sinner in an overdose of self-pity almost feels himself saintly. Certainly, one must stand before oneself face to face, not hide or minimise or explain away one's errors and lapses, all one's omissions and commissions. But one need not brood over them, merely repenting and repining. One sees steadily, without flinching, what one actually is and then resolutely and sincerely takes to the ways and means of changing it, becoming what one has to be. A fall, the discovery of a new frailty should be an occasion not to chastise and punish yourself, thus to depress yourself and harden your nature, but to enthuse you with a fresh resolution, to rekindle your aspiration so that you may take another step forward. And, naturally, this you must do not with the sense that you can succeed or move forward by any inherent capacity of yoursyour failures are there always as standing eye-openers to you. No, it is not your self but the Divine Self that will come to your succour and lift you up tameva ea vute tanum swam to him alone it unveils its own body. That is the Humility to be learnt. But it does not mean that you are to remain merely passive, inert you cannot but be that if you are only a weeping willow a dead-weight upon the force of Grace that would carry you up. Rather you should throw your weight, whatever it is, on the side of the Divine. An atmosphere of alacrity and happiness and goodwill goes a long way to the redemption and regeneration of the consciousness. This is demanded of you; the rest is the work of the Divine. It is under such conditions that the Divine's help becomes all the more speedy and effective. Otherwise, mere contrition and lamentation and self-torture mean, as I have said, a ballast, a burden upon the force of progress and purification; as Sri Krishna says in the Gita, by oppressing oneself one oppresses only the Divine within. Humility, in order to be true and sincere, need not be sour and dour in appearance or go about in sack-cloth and ashes. On the contrary, it can be smiling and buoyant: and it is so, because it is at ease, knowing that things will be donesome things naturally will be undone tooquietly, quickly, if necessary, and inevitably, provided the right consciousness, the right will within is maintained. The humble consciousness does not, of course, take credit for what is being done for it, nor does it concentrate wholly or chiefly on its utter futility and smallness. It feels small or helpless not in the sense as when one one feels weak and miserable and almost undone, but as a child feels, naturally and innocently, in the lap of it mother: only I perhaps it is more awake and self-conscious than the child mentality.
   Humility is unreservedly humble, as it envisages the immensity of the labour the Divine has undertaken, sees the Grace, infinite and inscrutable, working miracles every moment: and it is full of gratitude and thanksgiving and quiet trust and hopefulness. Certainly, it means self-forgetfulness and selflessness, as it cannot co-exist with the sense of personal worth and merit, with any appreciation of one's own tapasya and achievement, even as it thrives ill upon self-abasement and self-denigration, for if one is rajasic, the other is tamasic egoismegoism, in any case. Absolute nullity of the egoistic self is the condition needed, but anything less than that, any lowering of the consciousness beyond this zero point means reaffirming the ego in a wrong direction. True Humility has an unostentatious quietness, as it has a living and secret contact with the divine consciousness.

03.12 - The Spirit of Tapasya, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   True Humility Dynamic Fatalism
   Other Authors Nolini Kanta Gupta Part ThreeThe Spirit of Tapasya
   True Humility Dynamic Fatalism

04.26 - To the Heights-XXVI, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Lord, thou hast made me humble,
   But I have known to be humble with Humility.

05.01 - Man and the Gods, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Man possesses characters that mark him as an entity sui generis and give him the value that is his. First, toil and suffering and more failures than success have given him the quality of endurance and patience, of Humility and quietness. That is the quality of earth-natureearth is always spoken of by the poets and seers as all-bearing and all-forgiving. She never protests under any load put upon her, never rises in revolt, never in a hurry or in worry, she goes on with her appointed labour silently, steadily, calmly, unflinchingly. Human consciousness can take infinite pains, go through the infinite details of execution, through countless repetitions and mazes: patience and perseverance are the very badge and blazon of the tribe. Ribhus, the artisans of immortalitychildren of Mahasaraswatiwere originally men, men who have laboured into godhood. Human nature knows to wait, wait infinitely, as it has all the eternity before it and can afford and is prepared to continue and persist life after life. I do not say that all men can do it and are of this nature; but there is this essential capacity in human nature. The gods, who are usually described as the very embodiment of calmness and firmness, of a serene and concentrated will to achieve, nevertheless suffer ill any delay or hindrance to their work. Man has not perhaps the even tenor, the steadiness of their movement, even though intense and fast flowing; but what man possesses is persistence through ups and downshis path is rugged with rise and fall, as the poet says. The steadiness or the staying power of the gods contains something of the nature of indifference, something hard in its grain, not unlike a crystal or a diamond. But human patience, when it has formed and taken shape, possesses a mellowness, an understanding, a sweet reasonableness and a resilience all its own. And because of its intimacy with the tears of things, because of its long travail and calvary, human consciousness is suffused with a quality that is peculiarly human and humane that of sympathy, compassion, comprehension, the psychic feeling of closeness and oneness. The gods are, after all, egoistic; unless in their supreme supramental status where they are one and identical with the Divine himself; on the lower levels, in their own domains, they are separate, more or less immiscible entities, as it were; greater stress is laid here upon their individual functioning and fulfilment than upon their solidarity. Even if they have not the egoism of the Asuras that sets itself in revolt and antagonism to the Divine, still they have to the fullest extent the sense of a separate mission that each has to fulfil, which none else can fulfil and so each is bound rigidly to its own orbit of activity. There is no mixture in their workingsna me thate, as the Vedas say; the conflict of the later gods, the apple of discord that drove each to establish his hegemony over the rest, as narrated in the mythologies and popular legends, carry the difference to a degree natural to the human level and human modes and reactions. The egoism of the gods may have the gait of aristocracy about it, it has the aloofness and indifference and calm nonchalance that go often with nobility: it has a family likeness to the egoism of an ascetic, of a saintit is sttwic; still it is egoism. It may prove even more difficult to break and dissolve than the violent and ebullient rjasicpride of a vital being. Human failings in this respect are generally more complex and contain all shades and rhythms. And yet that is not the whole or dominant mystery of man's nature. His egoism is thwarted at every stepfrom outside, by, the force of circumstances, the force of counter-egoisms, and from inside, for there is there the thin little voice that always cuts across egoism's play and takes away from it something of its elemental blind momentum. The gods know not of this division in their nature, this schizophrenia, as the malady is termed nowadays, which is the source of the eternal strain of melancholy in human nature of which Matthew Arnold speaks, of the Shelleyan saddest thoughts: Nietzsche need not have gone elsewhere in his quest for the origin and birth of Tragedy. A Socrates discontented, the Christ as the Man of Sorrows, and Amitabha, the soul of pity and compassion are peculiarly human phenomena. They are not merely human weaknesses and failings that are to be brushed aside with a godlike disdain; but they contain and yield a deeper sap of life and out of them a richer fulfilment is being elaborated.

05.09 - The Changed Scientific Outlook, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Science has not spiritualised (or idealised or mentalised) the world; it has not spiritualised itself. Agreed. But what it has done is remarkable. First, with its new outlook it has cut away the ground from where it was wont to give battle to religion and spirituality, it has abjured its cast-iron strait-jacket mentality which considered that senses and syllogism encompass all knowledge and objects of knowledge. It has learnt Humility and admits of the possibility of more things there being in heaven and earth which are not amenable to its fixed co-ordinates. Secondly, it has gone at times even beyond this attitude of benevolent neutrality. For certain of its conclusions, certain ways of formulation seem to echo other truths, other manners. That is to say, if Science by itself is unable to reach or envisage the spiritual outlook, yet the position it has reached, the vistas it envisages seem to be not perhaps exactly one with, but in line with what our vision (of the scientific world) would be like if once we possess the spiritual eye. Matter, Science says today, is energy and forms of matter, objects, are various vibrations of this one energy. What is this energy? According to science, it is electrical, radiant, ethereal (Einstein replaces "ether" by "field")biological science would venture to call it life energy. You have only to move one step farther and arrive at the greater and deeper generalisationMatter is a mode of the energy of consciousness, all forms of Matter are vibrations of consciousness.

05.22 - Success and its Conditions, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Yoga brings in a different line and scheme of life. For it is built upon soul-consciousness, upon Divine Nature which means another history of individual destiny. Even then tranquillity and self-confidence are at the basis of a Yogic life also and a new degree of modesty and Humility.

07.24 - Meditation and Meditation, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Meditation will come to you as much as is necessary for you. When it comes it seizes you; then you should not resist. You sit down and go within yourself, withdraw yourself inside and you make the needed inner advance. When that is done you come out and start again with your work. But above all, do not be vain. People who believe they are exceptional creatures and have more merit, put a bar to all their progress. I must insist on the need of Humility. People have often spoken much about it but without understanding it very well. Be humble, but in the right way. If you could but root out this weed that is vanity! How difficult it is, yes, how difficult! You cannot do a single good thing, make the slightest progress, without being puffed up secretly somewhere, cherishing a hidden self-satisfaction! You have to deal hammer blows to break that hard core of egoism. You have to work all your life to destroy this poisonous herb. You think you have done it and you are so satisfied with the idea of having done it at last.

07.40 - Service Human and Divine, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It is this self-discovery that will give you the basic knowledge, the foundation of your life, the discovery that your self as yourself does not exist, you are indeed nothing. This sense of nothingness must pervade your being, fill all the elements of your being before the truth can dawn upon you and the Divine Presence can be felt. And what you have been doing all along is the very contrary thing, asserting your egoism, your vanitypretending that you were somebody, you could do something, that the world needed your help and you could give that help. Nothing of the kind. When you discover this truth and accept it, when you are humbled and in true Humility you approach life and reality, you will find your real career and vocation.

08.17 - Psychological Perfection, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Or you say, you have faith in the Divine, but as to this world, you know what it is and you put no trust in it. You say: "In the first instance, I suffer much, I am unlucky, much more unlucky than any other person"one is always more miserable than one's neighbour, be sure"life has been unkind to me. Now, if the Divine is divine, all kindness, all generosity, all love and harmony, how is it that I am so unfortunate? The Divine must then be powerless. Otherwise, how can he leave me in unhappiness, if he is so kind?" That is the second stumbling-block. The third one is this. There are people who are too modest, full of an excessive and misguided Humility, who say: "Surely the Divine has rejected me, I am good for nothing, He can do nothing with me, it is better for me to give it all up." Such difficulties will always crop up, if along with faith you do not have complete trust in the Divine.

08.28 - Prayer and Aspiration, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   There are some who detest prayers. If they entered d their heart, they would see that it is pride, even worse than that vanity. There are people who have no aspiration, they try but they are not able to aspire. They are not able to aspire, because they have not the flame of the will, nor have they the flame of Humility. Both are necessary. To change one's Karma one needs a great Humility and a great will-power.

09.13 - On Teachers and Teaching, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It is a pity! But how can you hope for it otherwise? When you have an undisciplined, disobedient, insolent student, it means a certain vibration in the atmosphere which is unfortunately very contagious. If you do not have in yourself the contrary vibration, the vibration of discipline, order, Humility, calmness, peace that nothing disturbs, how can you hope, I say, to have an influence? You may tell the student that such a thing should not be done; but the result may be worse or he may mock at you. And if, on top of it, you do not know how to control yourself, but get into a temper, well, you may be done for, you may lose for your whole life all possibility of controlling your students.

10.04 - The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A curve of the calm hauteur of far heaven
  Descending into earth's Humility,
  Her forehead's span vaulted the Omniscient's gaze,

1.00b - INTRODUCTION, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  Reality as can be directly apprehended by a mind in a state of detachment, charity
  and Humility. Natural science is empirical; but it does not confine itself to the
  experience of human beings in their merely human and unmodified condition. Why

1.00 - Gospel Preface, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  "M", as the author modestly styles himself, was peculiarly qualified for his task. To a reverent love for his master, to a deep and experiential knowledge of that master's teaching, he added a prodigious memory for the small happenings of each day and a happy gift for recording them in an interesting and realistic way. Making good use of his natural gifts and of the circumstances in which he found himself, "M" produced a book unique, so far as my knowledge goes, in the literature of hagiography. No other saint has had so able and indefatigable a Boswell. Never have the small events of a contemplative's daily life been described with such a wealth of intimate detail. Never have the casual and unstudied utterances of a great religious teacher been set down with so minute a fidelity. To Western readers, it is true, this fidelity and this wealth of detail are sometimes a trifle disconcerting; for the social, religious and intellectual frames of reference within which Sri Ramakrishna did his thinking and expressed his feelings were entirely Indian. But after the first few surprises and bewilderments, we begin to find something peculiarly stimulating and instructive about the very strangeness and, to our eyes, the eccentricity of the man revealed to us in "M's" narrative. What a scholastic philosopher would call the "accidents" of Ramakrishna's life were intensely Hindu and therefore, so far as we in the West are concerned, unfamiliar and hard to understand; its "essence", however, was intensely mystical and therefore universal. To read through these conversations in which mystical doctrine alternates with an unfamiliar kind of humour, and where discussions of the oddest aspects of Hindu mythology give place to the most profound and subtle utterances about the nature of Ultimate Reality, is in itself a liberal, education in Humility, tolerance and suspense of judgment. We must be grateful to the translator for his excellent version of a book so curious and delightful as a biographical document, so precious, at the same time, for what it teaches us of the life of the spirit.
  During the Master's lifetime M. does not seem to have revealed the contents of his diary to any one. There is an unconfirmed tradition that when the Master saw him taking notes, he expressed apprehension at the possibility of his utilising these to publicise him like Keshab Sen; for the Great Master was so full of the spirit of renunciation and Humility that he disliked being lionised. It must be for this reason that no one knew about this precious diary of M. for a decade until he brought out selections from it as a pamphlet in English in 1897 with the Holy Mother's blessings and permission. The Holy Mother, being very much pleased to hear parts of the diary read to her in Bengali, wrote to M.: "When I heard the Kathmrita, (Bengali name of the book) I felt as if it was he, the Master, who was saying all that." ( Ibid Part I. P 37.)

1.01 - Description of the Castle, #The Interior Castle or The Mansions, #Saint Teresa of Avila, #Christianity
  5.: I feel sure that vexation at thinking that during our life on earth God can bestow these graces on the souls of others shows a want of Humility and charity for one's neighbour, for why should we not feel glad at a brother's receiving divine favours which do not deprive us of our own share? Should we not rather rejoice at His Majesty's thus manifesting His greatness wherever He chooses?8' Sometimes our Lord acts thus solely for the sake of showing His power, as He declared when the Apostles questioned whether the blind man whom He cured had been suffering for his own or his parents' sins.9' God does not bestow soul speaks of that sovereign grace of God in taking it into the house of His love, which is the union or transformation of love in God . . . The cellar is the highest degree of love to which the soul can attain in this life, and is therefore said to be the inner. It follows from this that there are other cellars not so interior; that is, the degrees of love by which souls reach to this, the last. These cellars are seven in number, and the soul has entered them all when it has in perfection the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, so far as it is possible for it. . . . Many souls reach and enter the first cellar, each according to the perfection of its love, but the last and inmost cellar is entered by few in this world, because therein is wrought the perfect union with God, the union of the spiritual marriage.' A Spiritual Canticle, stanza xxvi. 1-3. Concept. ch. vi. (Minor Works of St. Teresa.) these favours on certain souls because they are more holy than others who do not receive them, but to manifest His greatness, as in the case of St. Paul and St. Mary Magdalen, and that we may glorify Him in His creatures.

1.01 - Economy, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  Notwithstanding much cant and hypocrisy,chaff which I find it difficult to separate from my wheat, but for which I am as sorry as any man,I will brea the freely and stretch myself in this respect, it is such a relief to both the moral and physical system; and I am resolved that I will not through Humility become the devils attorney. I will endeavor to speak a good word for the truth. At Cambridge College the mere rent of a students room, which is only a little larger than my own, is thirty dollars each year, though the corporation had the advantage of building thirty-two side by side and under one roof, and the occupant suffers the inconvenience of many and noisy neighbors, and perhaps a residence in the fourth story. I cannot but think that if we had more true wisdom in these respects, not only less education would be needed, because, forsooth, more would already have been acquired, but the pecuniary expense of getting an education would in a great measure vanish. Those conveniences which the student requires at
  Cambridge or elsewhere cost him or somebody else ten times as great a sacrifice of life as they would with proper management on both sides.

1.01 - How is Knowledge Of The Higher Worlds Attained?, #Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, #Rudolf Steiner, #Occultism
  If we do not develop within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve to something higher. The initiate has only acquired the strength to lift his head to the heights of knowledge by guiding his heart to the depths of veneration and devotion. The heights of the spirit can only be climbed by passing through the portals of Humility. You can only acquire right knowledge when you have learnt to esteem it. Man has certainly the right to turn his eyes to the light, but he must first acquire this right. There are laws in the spiritual life, as in the physical life. Rub a glass rod with an appropriate material and it will become electric, that is, it will receive the power of attracting small bodies. This is in keeping with a law of nature. It is known to all who have learnt a little physics. Similarly, acquaintance with the first principles of spiritual science shows that every
   p. 8

1.01 - MAPS OF EXPERIENCE - OBJECT AND MEANING, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  Tao can, after all, be to some extent characterized: the way is specifically the way of the valley, the
  direction taken by Humility, self-effacement, and the kind of relaxation, or non-action, that makes all
  action effective.22

1.01 - MAXIMS AND MISSILES, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  reduces its chances of being trodden upon again. In the language of
  morality: Humility.--

1.01 - On renunciation of the world, #The Ladder of Divine Ascent, #Saint John of Climacus, #unset
  Our God and King is good, ultra-good and all-good (it is best to begin with God in writing to the servants of God). Of the rational beings created by Him and honoured with the dignity of free-will, some are His friends, others are His true servants, some are worthless, some are completely estranged from God, and others, though feeble creatures are equally His opponents. By friends of God, dear and holy Father,1 we simple people mean, properly speaking, those intellectual and incorporeal beings which surround God. By true servants of God we mean all those who tirelessly and unremittingly do and have done His will. By worthless servants we mean those who think of themselves as having been granted baptism, but have not faithfully kept the vows they made to God. By those estranged from God and alienated from Him, we mean those who are unbelievers or heretics. Finally, the enemies of God are those who have not only evaded and rejected the Lords commandment themselves, but who also wage bitter war on those who are fulfilling it.
  Each of the classes mentioned above might well have a special treatise devoted to it. But for simple folk like us it would not be profitable at this point to enter into such lengthy investigations. Come then, in unquestioning obedience let us stretch out our unworthy hand to the true servants of God who devoutly compel us and in their faith constrain us by their commands. Let us write this treatise with a pen taken from their knowledge and dipped in the ink of Humility which is both subdued yet radiant. Then let us apply it to the smooth white paper of their hearts, or rather rest it on the tablets of the spirit, and let us inscribe the divine words (or rather sow the seeds).2 And let us begin like this.
  God belongs to all free beings. He is the life of all, the salvation of allfaithful and unfaithful, just and unjust, pious and impious, passionate and dispassionate, monks and seculars, wise and simple, healthy and sick, young and oldjust as the diffusion of light, the sight of the sun, and the changes of the weather are for all alike; for there is no respect of persons with God.3
  Those of us who wish to go out of Egypt and to fly from Pharaoh, certainly need some Moses as a mediator with God and from God, who, standing between action and contemplation, will raise hands of prayer for us to God, so that guided by Him we may cross the sea of sin and rout the Amalek of the passions.4 That is why those who have surrendered themselves to God, deceive themselves if they suppose that they have no need of a director. Those who came out of Egypt had Moses as their guide, and those who fled from Sodom had an angel.5 The former are like those who are healed of the passions of the soul by the care of physicians: these are they who come out of Egypt. The latter are like those who long to put off the uncleanness of the wretched body. That is why they need a helper, an angel, so to speak, or at least one equal to an angel. For in proportion to the corruption of our wounds we need a director who is indeed an expert and a physician.
  Those who aim at ascending with the body to heaven, need violence indeed and constant suffering6 especially in the early stages of their renunciation, until our pleasure-loving dispositions and unfeeling hearts attain to love of God and chastity by visible sorrow. A great toil, very great indeed, with much unseen suffering, especially for those who live carelessly, until by simplicity, deep angerlessness and diligence, we make our mind, which is a greedy kitchen dog addicted to barking, a lover of chastity and watchfulness. But let us who are weak and passionate have the courage to offer our infirmity and natural weakness to Christ with unhesitating faith, and confess it to Him; and we shall be certain to obtain His help, even beyond our merit, if only we unceasingly go right down to the depth of Humility.
  All who enter upon the good fight, which is hard and narrow, but also easy, must realize that they must leap into the fire, if they really expect the celestial fire to dwell in them. But, let everyone examine himself, and so let him eat the bread of it with its bitter herbs, and let him drink the cup of it with its

1.01 - Soul and God, #The Red Book Liber Novus, #unset, #Kabbalah
   completely subjugated, utterly obedient. The spirit of the depths taught me to say: I am the servant of a child. Through this dictum
  I learn above all the most extreme Humility, as what I most need.

1.01 - THAT ARE THOU, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  Philo was the exponent of the Hellenistic Mystery Religion which grew up, as Professor Goodenough has shown, among the Jews of the Dispersion, between about 200 B. C. and 100 A. D. Reinterpreting the Pentateuch in terms of a metaphysical system derived from Platonism, Neo-Pythagoreanism and Stoicism, Philo transformed the wholly transcendental and almost anthropomorphically personal God of the Old Testament into the immanent-transcendent Absolute Mind of the Perennial Philosophy. But even from the orthodox scribes and Pharisees of that momentous century which witnessed, along with the dissemination of Philos doctrines, the first beginnings of Christianity and the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem, even from the guardians of the Law we hear significantly mystical utterances. Hillel, the great rabbi whose teachings on Humility and the love of God and man read like an earlier, cruder version of some of the Gospel sermons, is reported to have spoken these words to an assemblage in the courts of the Temple. If I am here, (it is Jehovah who is speaking through the mouth of his prophet) everyone is here. If I am not here, no one is here.

1.02 - MAPS OF MEANING - THREE LEVELS OF ANALYSIS, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  spirit is, above all, humble which is a very paradoxical term, in this context. Arrogance is belief in
  personal omniscience. Heroic Humility, set against such arrogance, means recognition of constant personal
  error, conjoined with belief in the ability to transcend that error (to face the unknown, and to update fallible

1.02 - Meditating on Tara, #How to Free Your Mind - Tara the Liberator, #Thubten Chodron, #unset
  and other unhealthy psychological machinations that prevent us from being
  honest with ourselves. Revealing our errors cultivates honesty and Humility.
  The fourth, rejoicing in our own and others virtues, cuts jealousy and develops delight in the goodness and attainments of others. The fth and sixth

1.02 - Of certain spiritual imperfections which beginners have with respect to the habit of pride., #Dark Night of the Soul, #Saint John of the Cross, #Christianity
  AS these beginners feel themselves to be very fervent and diligent in spiritual things and devout exercises, from this prosperity (although it is true that holy things of their own nature cause Humility) there often comes to them, through their imperfections, a certain kind of secret pride, whence they come to have some degree of satisfaction with their works and with themselves. And hence there comes to them likewise a certain desire, which is somewhat vain, and at times very vain, to speak of spiritual things in the presence of others, and sometimes even to teach such things rather than to learn them. They condemn others in their heart when they see that they have not the kind of devotion which they themselves desire; and sometimes they even say this in words, herein resembling the Pharisee, who boasted of himself, praising God for his own good works and despising the publican.21
  4. Many such persons desire to be the favourites of their confessors and to become intimate with them, as a result of which there beset them continual occasions of envy and disquiet.26 They are too much embarrassed to confess their sins nakedly, lest their confessors should think less of them, so they palliate them and make them appear less evil, and thus it is to excuse themselves rather than to accuse themselves that they go to confession. And sometimes they seek another confessor to tell the wrongs that they have done, so that their own confessor shall think they have done nothing wrong at all, but only good; and thus they always take pleasure in telling him what is good, and sometimes in such terms as make it appear to be greater than it is rather than less, desiring that he may think them to be good, when it would be greater Humility in them, as we shall say, to depreciate it, and to desire that neither he nor anyone else should consider them of account.
  6. From these imperfections some souls go on to develop28 many very grave ones, which do them great harm. But some have fewer and some more, and some, only the first motions thereof or little beyond these; and there are hardly any such beginners who, at the time of these signs of fervour,29 fall not into some of these errors.30 But those who at this time are going on to perfection proceed very differently and with quite another temper of spirit; for they progress by means of Humility and are greatly edified, not only thinking naught of their own affairs, but having very little satisfaction with themselves; they consider all others as far better, and usually have a holy envy of them, and an eagerness to serve God as they do. For the greater is their fervour, and the more numerous are the works that they perform, and the greater is the pleasure that they take in them, as they progress in Humility, the more do they realize how much God deserves of them, and how little is all that they do for His sake; and thus, the more they do, the less are they satisfied.
  8. These souls will give their heart's blood to anyone that serves God, and will help others to serve Him as much as in them lies. The imperfections into which they see themselves fall they bear with Humility, meekness of spirit and a loving fear of God, hoping in Him. But souls who in the beginning journey with this kind of perfection are, as I understand, and as has been said, a minority, and very few are those who we can be glad do not fall into the opposite errors. For this reason, as we shall afterwards say, God leads into the dark night those whom He desires to purify from all these imperfections so that He may bring them farther onward.


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