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Italo Calvino


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1:A classic is the term given to any book which comes to represent the whole universe, a book on a par with ancient talismans. ~ Italo Calvino,
2:The city is redundant: it repeats itself so that something will stick in the mind.


Memory is redundant: it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist. ~ Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities,

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1:Đọc là niềm cô đơn. ~ Italo Calvino
2:Reading is solitude. ~ Italo Calvino
3:wrong: Penthesilea is ~ Italo Calvino
4:Readers are my vampires. ~ Italo Calvino
5:I am the I of the present ~ Italo Calvino
6:I read, therefore it writes ~ Italo Calvino
7:I desideri sono già ricordi. ~ Italo Calvino
8:Desires are already memories. ~ Italo Calvino
9:Fantasy is a place where it rains. ~ Italo Calvino
10:There is no language without deceit. ~ Italo Calvino
11:في الكتابةِ مَن يتكلَّم هو المَكبُوح ~ Italo Calvino
12:Contemporaries cannot be good judges. ~ Italo Calvino
13:الزيف في الأشياء، لا في الكلمات أبدًا ~ Italo Calvino
14:...Life is nothing but trading smells. ~ Italo Calvino
15:إنَّ الكاتبَ المستوحِد يُرى في مكتَبِه ~ Italo Calvino
16:Boys, the noodles I would make for you! ~ Italo Calvino
17:We'll invent new ways of being together. ~ Italo Calvino
18:... before, we swam, and now we are swum. ~ Italo Calvino
19:Il mio nome è al termine del mio viaggio. ~ Italo Calvino
20:Now, the old man happened to be the Lord. ~ Italo Calvino
21:How well I would write if I were not here! ~ Italo Calvino
22:I’m reading! I don’t want to be disturbed! ~ Italo Calvino
23:La fantasia è un posto dove ci piove dentro. ~ Italo Calvino
24:One reads alone, even in another's presence. ~ Italo Calvino
25:Falsehood is never in words; it is in things. ~ Italo Calvino
26:La menzogna non è nel discorso, è nelle cose. ~ Italo Calvino
27:I'm beginning to read Italo Calvino's new novel! ~ Italo Calvino
28:It is within you that the ghosts acquire voices. ~ Italo Calvino
29:An invisible landscape conditions the visible one ~ Italo Calvino
30:I've been in love for five hundred million years… ~ Italo Calvino
31:Lo que dirige el relato no es la voz: es el oído. ~ Italo Calvino
32:Melancholy is sadness that has taken on lightness. ~ Italo Calvino
33:time is a catastrophe, perpetual and irreversible. ~ Italo Calvino
34:Chi comanda al racconto non è la voce: è l’orecchio ~ Italo Calvino
35:Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears. ~ Italo Calvino
36:A veces uno se cree incompleto y es solamente joven. ~ Italo Calvino
37:A poor writer is one who names rather than represents. ~ Italo Calvino
38:A volte uno si crede incompleto ed è soltanto giovane. ~ Italo Calvino
39:Chi comanda alla racconto non è la voce: è l'orecchio. ~ Italo Calvino
40:Each city receives its form from the desert it opposes. ~ Italo Calvino
41:If this is what you believe, you are wrong: Penthesilea ~ Italo Calvino
42:One should be light like a bird and not like a feather. ~ Italo Calvino
43:Às vezes a gente se imagina incompleto e é apenas jovem. ~ Italo Calvino
44:In museums I always enjoy stopping at the Saint Jeromes. ~ Italo Calvino
45:Revolutionaries are more formalistic than conservatives. ~ Italo Calvino
46:Decide for yourself. Everybody reacts in a different way. ~ Italo Calvino
47:For the man who thought he was Man there is no salvation. ~ Italo Calvino
48:In general confusion youth recognizes itself and rejoices. ~ Italo Calvino
49:Memories images, once they are fixed in words, are erased. ~ Italo Calvino
50:Memory's images, once they are fixed in words, are erased. ~ Italo Calvino
51:Signs form a language, but not the one you think you know. ~ Italo Calvino
52:It is not the voice that commands the story; it is the ear. ~ Italo Calvino
53:It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear. ~ Italo Calvino
54:The author was an invisible point from which the books came ~ Italo Calvino
55:We all have a secret wound which we are fighting to avenge. ~ Italo Calvino
56:Sometimes one who thinks himself incomplete is merely young. ~ Italo Calvino
57:the cemetery is the home of those who are not here, come in. ~ Italo Calvino
58:You know that the best you can expect is to avoid the worst. ~ Italo Calvino
59:I felt cheated and I decided to demand justice of the sultan. ~ Italo Calvino
60:I ja także chcę tylko jednego: być kimś, kto wie, czego chce! ~ Italo Calvino
61:In the morning you wake from one bad dream and another begins. ~ Italo Calvino
62:The only truth I can write is that of the instant I am living. ~ Italo Calvino
63:What harbor can receive you more securely than a great library? ~ Italo Calvino
64:Amusement has always been the great moving force behind culture. ~ Italo Calvino
65:No puede haber amor si no se es uno mismo con todas sus fuerzas. ~ Italo Calvino
66:The only books I recognize as mine are those I must still write. ~ Italo Calvino
67:A classic is a book that has never finished what it wants to say. ~ Italo Calvino
68:[...] a życie to tylko tarzanie się między łóżkiem a trumną [...] ~ Italo Calvino
69:Los futuros no realizados son sólo ramas del pasado: ramas secas. ~ Italo Calvino
70:Reading is solitude. One reads alone, even in another's presence. ~ Italo Calvino
71:At times the mirror increases a thing’s value, at times denies it. ~ Italo Calvino
72:E combattendo, troveranno che le parole non hanno più significato. ~ Italo Calvino
73:Futures not achieved are only branches of the past: dead branches. ~ Italo Calvino
74:Knowledge of the world means dissolving the solidity of the world. ~ Italo Calvino
75:Photography has a meaning only if it exhausts all possible images. ~ Italo Calvino
76:You'll understand when you've forgotten what you understood before ~ Italo Calvino
77:È per smaltire un carico di nostalgia che sei andato tanto lontano! ~ Italo Calvino
78:La lettura è solitudine. Si legge da soli anche quando si è in due. ~ Italo Calvino
79:- Non sapevo che vi conosceste
- Ci siamo incontrati in un sogno ~ Italo Calvino
80:Os futuros não realizados são apenas ramos do passado: ramos secos. ~ Italo Calvino
81:Each second is a universe, the second I live is the second I live in ~ Italo Calvino
82:We live in a country where causes are always seen but never effects. ~ Italo Calvino
83:Novelists tell that piece of truth hidden at the bottom of every lie. ~ Italo Calvino
84:Reality, ugly or beautiful as it may be, is something I cannot change ~ Italo Calvino
85:Scrivere è sempre nascondere qualcosa in modo che venga poi scoperto. ~ Italo Calvino
86:Tutti abbiamo una ferita segreta per riscattare la quale combattiamo. ~ Italo Calvino
87:A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say. ~ Italo Calvino
88:In love, as in gluttony, pleasure is a matter of the utmost precision. ~ Italo Calvino
89:The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. ~ Italo Calvino
90:There is no better place to keep a secret than in an unfinished novel. ~ Italo Calvino
91:You are quick to catch the author's intentions and nothing escapes you ~ Italo Calvino
92:Chi vuole guardare bene la terra deve tenersi alla distanza necessaria. ~ Italo Calvino
93:I felt in harmony with the disharmony of others, myself, and the world. ~ Italo Calvino
94:Kedilerin kentiyle insanların kenti iç içeydi, ama aynı kent değildiler. ~ Italo Calvino
95:Tenere i piedi sollevati è la prima condizione per godere della lettura. ~ Italo Calvino
96:Un classico è un libro che non ha mai finito di dire quel che ha da dire ~ Italo Calvino
97:again I am torn between the necessity and the impossibility of answering. ~ Italo Calvino
98:Não há melhor lugar para se guardar um segredo que num romance inacabado. ~ Italo Calvino
99:Un classico è un libro che non ha mai finito di dire quel che ha da dire. ~ Italo Calvino
100:Memory is redundant- it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist. ~ Italo Calvino
101:Memory is redundant: it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist. ~ Italo Calvino
102:Of course, the ideal position for reading is something you can never find. ~ Italo Calvino
103:The difference between the true and the false is only a prejudice of ours. ~ Italo Calvino
104:To plan a book — or an escape — the first thing to know is what to exclude. ~ Italo Calvino
105:where the foreigner hesitating between two women always encounters a third, ~ Italo Calvino
106:When you’ve waited two hundred million years, you can also wait six hundred; ~ Italo Calvino
107:نظراً لقلة معرفتهم بكل ما هو خطيئة ,كانوا يضاعفون في الممنوعات حتى لا يخطئوا. ~ Italo Calvino
108:A gentleman, my Lord Father, is such whether he is on earth or on the treetops ~ Italo Calvino
109:A los duelos suceden tarde o temprano acontecimientos alegres, es ley de vida. ~ Italo Calvino
110:Sometimes one who thinks himself incomplete is merely young. —Italo Calvino ~ Kevin Brockmeier
111:In abortion, the person who is massacred, physically and morally, is the woman. ~ Italo Calvino
112:L'umano arriva dove arriva l'amore, non ha confini se non quelli che gli diamo. ~ Italo Calvino
113:Writing always means hiding something in such a way that it then is discovered. ~ Italo Calvino
114:Forse l'impero,pensò Kublai,non è altro che uno zodiaco di fantasmi della mente. ~ Italo Calvino
115:Nobody these days holds the written word in such high esteem as police states do. ~ Italo Calvino
116:Since I have become a slave of writing, the pleasure of reading has ended for me. ~ Italo Calvino
117:The soul is often in the surface, and the importance of 'depth' is overestimated. ~ Italo Calvino
118:Each sort of cheese reveals a pasture of a different green, under a different sky. ~ Italo Calvino
119:Leer es ir al encuentro de algo que está a punto de ser y aún nadie sabe qué será. ~ Italo Calvino
120:Novels as dull as dishwater, with the grease of random sentiments floating on top. ~ Italo Calvino
121:The novels I prefer, are those that make you feel uneasy from the very first page. ~ Italo Calvino
122:I will start out this evening with an assertion: fantasy is a place where it rains. ~ Italo Calvino
123:The city, however, does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand ~ Italo Calvino
124:Ogni libro nasce in presenza di altri libri, in rapporto e confronto ad altri libri. ~ Italo Calvino
125:Perhaps, Kublai thought, the empire is nothing but a zodiac of the mind’s phantasms. ~ Italo Calvino
126:Wojna to trochę rzeźnia, a trochę rutyna i nie ma co czepiać się zanadto szczegółów. ~ Italo Calvino
127:...eyes that, like those of children, look at an eternal present without forgiveness. ~ Italo Calvino
128:...only by having a clear idea what virtue is can I practice evil with a light heart. ~ Italo Calvino
129:¿Podré decir alguna vez: "hoy escribe", al igual que "hoy llueve", "hoy hace viento"? ~ Italo Calvino
130:The ideal place for me is the one in which it is most natural to live as a foreigner. ~ Italo Calvino
131:Yolcu sahip olduğu tenhayı tanır, sahip olmadığı ve olamayacağı kalabalığı keşfederek. ~ Italo Calvino
132:Bütün öykülerin ana fikrinin iki çehresi vardır: hayatın devamı; ölümün kaçınılmazlığı. ~ Italo Calvino
133:I dream of immense cosmologies, sagas and epics reduced to the dimension of an epigram. ~ Italo Calvino
134:... мечтая за безгранични космологии, саги и епопеи, затворени в размерите на епиграма. ~ Italo Calvino
135:I report to the revolutionaries infiltrated among the counterrevolutionary infiltrators. ~ Italo Calvino
136:მოგზაური იცნობს იმ ცოტას, რაც მისია და აღმოაჩენს იმ ბევრს, რაც არც ჰქონია და არც ექნება. ~ Italo Calvino
137:Forgive me if I have a kind of allergic reaction to all words that hint of nationalism... ~ Italo Calvino
138:No, memory is true as long as you do not set it, as long as it is not enclosed in a form. ~ Italo Calvino
139:The human race is a zone of living things that should be defined by tracing its confines. ~ Italo Calvino
140:We'll make an army in the trees and bring the earth and the people on it to their senses. ~ Italo Calvino
141:El viajero reconoce lo poco que es suyo al descubrir lo mucho qu eno ha tenido y no tendrá ~ Italo Calvino
142:Maybe you have to become a mother to get to the real sense of everything. Or a prostitute. ~ Italo Calvino
143:The obstinacy on which power is based is never so fragile as in the moment of its triumph. ~ Italo Calvino
144:...the world was trying to change its old face and show its underbelly of earth and roots. ~ Italo Calvino
145:..they live for each other; their eyes are interlocked but there is not love between them. ~ Italo Calvino
146:Il viaggiatore riconosce il poco che è suo, scoprendo il molto che non ha avuto e non avrà. ~ Italo Calvino
147:Life, thought the naked man, was a hell, with rare moments recalling some ancient paradise. ~ Italo Calvino
148:Escape, is one of those words I cannot hear without abandoning myself to endless ruminations ~ Italo Calvino
149:Reading is going toward something that is about to be, and no one yet knows what it will be. ~ Italo Calvino
150:You are about to begin reading Italo Calvino's new novel, If on a winter's night a traveler. ~ Italo Calvino
151:Gridò, se si può dir che gridi chi parla senza emetter quasi suono ma con tutta la sua forza. ~ Italo Calvino
152:L'universo esprimerà se stesso fin tanto che qualcuno potrà dire "io leggo dunque esso scrive ~ Italo Calvino
153:The sea where living creatures were at one time immersed is now enclosed within their bodies. ~ Italo Calvino
154:Животът, помисли си голият, е ад, с редки напомняния за райски блаженство от далечни времена. ~ Italo Calvino
155:É clássico aquilo que persiste como rumor mesmo onde predomina a atualidade mais incompatível. ~ Italo Calvino
156:Nada gusta más a los hombres como tener enemigos y ver luego si son como se los han imaginado. ~ Italo Calvino
157:Le imprese più ardite vanno vissute con l'animo più semplice. (Cosimo Piovasco Barone di Rondò) ~ Italo Calvino
158:Reading is going toward something that is about to be, and no one yet knows what it will be.... ~ Italo Calvino
159:The city must never be confused with the words that describe it.’’ —Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities ~ Anonymous
160:Will I ever be able to say, "Today it writes," just like "Today it rains," "Today it is windy"? ~ Italo Calvino
161:(your purchases and gadgets suggest elaborate and fanciful recipes, at least in your intentions ~ Italo Calvino
162:I am a Saturn who dreams of being a Mercury, and everything I write reflects these two impulses. ~ Italo Calvino
163:The city of cats and the city of men exist one inside the other, but they are not the same city. ~ Italo Calvino
164:And you say, "Just a moment, I've almost finished If on a winter's night a traveler by Italo Calvino. ~ Anonymous
165:Chi oserebbe condannarti alla perdita del tu, catastrofe non meno terribile della perdita dell'io? ~ Italo Calvino
166:Crecer en círculos concéntricos, como los troncos de los árboles que cada año aumentan una vuelta. ~ Italo Calvino
167:We could say, then, that man is an instrument the world employs to renew its own image constantly. ~ Italo Calvino
168:You hope to always to encounter true newness, which, having been new once, will continue to be so. ~ Italo Calvino
169:حرفةُ الكتابة تجعل المرءَ يعيش ضمنَ نسقٍ ، فرجلٌ جالسٌ في مكتبه يشبه أيَّ رجلٍ آخر جالس في مكتَبِه ~ Italo Calvino
170:Today each of you is the object of the other’s reading, one reads in the other the unwritten story. ~ Italo Calvino
171:It is only through the confining act of writing that the immensity of the nonwritten becomes legible ~ Italo Calvino
172:D'una città non godi le sette o le settantasette meraviglie, ma la risposta che dà a una tua domanda. ~ Italo Calvino
173:Every time I must find something to do that will look like something a little beyond my capabilities. ~ Italo Calvino
174:The universe is the mirror in which we can contemplate only what we have learned to know in ourselves ~ Italo Calvino
175:Es preciso que entre las cosas pensadas y las cosas no haya más diferencias. Entonces seremos felices. ~ Italo Calvino
176:The universe will express itself as long as somebody will be able to say, "I read, therefore it writes. ~ Italo Calvino
177:Forse un giorno si arriverà ad essere tutti sereni, e non capiremo più tante cose perché capiremo tutto. ~ Italo Calvino
178:On sober reflection, you prefer it this way, confronting something and not quite knowing yet what it is. ~ Italo Calvino
179:The traveler recognizes the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have. ~ Italo Calvino
180:This is what I wanted to hear from you: confess what you are smuggling: moods, states of grace, elegies! ~ Italo Calvino
181:Sentii subito che nell'ordine perfetto dell’universo s’era aperta una breccia, uno squarcio irreparabile. ~ Italo Calvino
182:A classic is a book which with each rereading offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first reading. ~ Italo Calvino
183:Mas a desgraça é que foi levado à loucura por Eros, deus pagão, que quanto mais reprimido, mais devasta... ~ Italo Calvino
184:The best novelist of my generation is an Italian living in Paris, still working and improving - Italo Calvino. ~ Gore Vidal
KUBLAI: We have proved that if we were here, we would not be.

POLO: And here, in fact, we are. ~ Italo Calvino
186:Leave me like this. I have come full circle and I understand. The world must be read backward. All is clear. ~ Italo Calvino
187:My empire has grown too far toward the outside. It is time,’ the Khan thought, ‘for it to grow within itself. ~ Italo Calvino
188:The best introduction to the psychological world of one of the most important and gifted writers of our time. ~ Italo Calvino
189:You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours. ~ Italo Calvino
190:La conoscenza del prossimo ha questo di speciale: passa necessariamente attraverso la conoscenza di se stesso. ~ Italo Calvino
191:L'estraneità di ciò che non sei più o non possiedi più t'aspetta al varco dei luoghi estranei e non posseduti. ~ Italo Calvino
192:Ali nije samo to: u dnevnoj svjetlosti u tom difuznom blijedom sjaju bez sjena nalazim tamu još gušću od noćne. ~ Italo Calvino
193:De una ciudad no disfrutas las siete o setenta y siete maravillas, sino la respuesta que da a una pregunta tuya ~ Italo Calvino
194:في القراءة، خُذها عني، ينبغي أن تبقى غافلاً، وفي أقصى درجات التأهب معاً، كما لو أنني شارد الذهن لكني مرهف السمع ~ Italo Calvino
195:And Polo answers, "Traveling, you realize that differences are lost: each city takes to resembling all cities... ~ Italo Calvino
196:No one, wise Kublai, knows better than you that the city must never be confused with the words that describe it. ~ Italo Calvino
197:And I see the houses of the human race perched on the edge of the sea, shipwrecked in their false neighborliness. ~ Italo Calvino
198:Every silence consists of the network of minuscule sounds that enfolds it."

- from "The Adventure of a Poet ~ Italo Calvino
199:The ultimate meaning to which all stories refer has two faces: the continuity of life, the inevitability of death. ~ Italo Calvino
200:It was the love which the hunter has for living things, and which he can only express by aiming his gun at them ... ~ Italo Calvino
201:La letteratura vive solo se si pone degli obbiettivi smisurati, anche al di là d'ogni possibilità di realizzazione. ~ Italo Calvino
202:La pagina ha il suo bene solo quando la volti e c'è la vita dietro che spinge e scompiglia tutti i fogli del libro. ~ Italo Calvino
203:Memory really matters...only if it enables us to become without ceasing to be, and to be without ceasing to become. ~ Italo Calvino
204:The world is so complicated, tangled, and overloaded that to see into it with any clarity you must prune and prune. ~ Italo Calvino
205:...And meanwhile the Galaxy ran through space and left behind those signs old and new and I still hadn't found mine. ~ Italo Calvino
206:Başka yer, negatif bir aynadır. Yolcu sahip olduğu tenhayı tanır, sahip olmadığı ve olmayacağı kalabalığı keşfederek. ~ Italo Calvino
207:Cercare e saper riconoscere chi e cosa, in mezzo all'inferno, non è inferno,
e farlo durare,
e dargli spazio. ~ Italo Calvino
208:[...] ma Pin non ha voglia di giocare e continua a camminare a perdifiato, con una tristezza che gli annuvola la gola. ~ Italo Calvino
209:The world is so complicated, tangled, and overloaded that to see into it with any clarity you must prune and prune. In ~ Italo Calvino
210:If the spark doesn't come, that's a pity; but we do not read the classics out of duty or respect, but only out of love. ~ Italo Calvino
211:Il mondo è così complicato, aggrovigliato e sovraccarico che per vederci un po' chiaro è necessario sfoltire, sfoltire. ~ Italo Calvino
212:It seems impossible, in a big city like Paris, but you can waste hours looking for the right place to burn up a corpse. ~ Italo Calvino
213:there can exist no dictionary that will translate into words the burden of obscure allusions that lurks in these things ~ Italo Calvino
214:There is still, in fact, in Calvino’s archive a drawer full of newspaper cuttings concerning scientific discoveries. As ~ Italo Calvino
215:A lição que se pode tirar de um mito reside na literalidade da narrativa, não nos acréscimos que lhe impomos do exterior. ~ Italo Calvino
216:Jego [cesarza] zadanie to prowadzić tę wojnę, która w danej chwili się toczy, i co najwyżej pomyśleć jeszcze o następnej. ~ Italo Calvino
217:The city does not consist of this, but of relationships between the measurements of its space and the events of its past: ~ Italo Calvino
218:Bir kentte hayran kaldığın şey onun yedi ya da yetmiş yedi harikası değil, senin ona sorduğun bir soruya verdiği yanıttır. ~ Italo Calvino
219:seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of inferno, are not inferno, then make them endure, give them space ~ Italo Calvino
220:Who are we, who is each one of us, if not a combinatoria of experiences, information, books we have read, things imagined? ~ Italo Calvino
221:كان عالم الأشياء أخرس بالنسبة لي. الكلمات التي تتدفق وتتدفق في رأسي لم تكن مرتكزة على موضوعات، بل على عواطف وخيالات وهواجس ~ Italo Calvino
222:as long as I know there is a woman who loves reading for reading’s sake, I can convince myself that the world continues.... ~ Italo Calvino
223:Il senso d'isolamento lo si prova soltanto durante il tragitto da un luogo all'altro, cioè quando non si è in nessun luogo. ~ Italo Calvino
224:A classic is the term given to any book which comes to represent the whole universe, a book on a par with ancient talismans. ~ Italo Calvino
225:بمقدورنا أن نمنع القراءة: لكن في المرسوم الذي يحظر القراءة سيبقى شيءٌ ما مقروءاً، من الحقيقة التي لا نريد لها أبداً أن تُقرأ ~ Italo Calvino
226:A classic is the term given to any book which comes to represent the whole universe, a book on a par with ancient talismans. ~ Italo Calvino,
227:And she knew him and so herself, for although she had always known herself she had never been able to recognize it until now. ~ Italo Calvino
228:La página tiene utilidad sólo cuando le das la vuelta y está detrás la vida que empuja y desordena todas las hojas del libro. ~ Italo Calvino
229:This thought has always filled me with terror: that I might be one of those people, that I might be only one of those people. ~ Italo Calvino
230:…we can not love or think except in fragments of time each of which goes along its own trajectory and immediately disappears. ~ Italo Calvino
231:لا جدوى من عناء التفكير في عذاب إعادة الساعات إلي الوراء، وقلب التقاويم للخلف علي أمل الوصول من جديد للحظة مضت و لن تعود أبدا ~ Italo Calvino
232:All this is like a dream which the word bears within itself and which, passing through him who writes, is freed and frees him. ~ Italo Calvino
233:Work stops at sunset. Darkness falls over the building site. The sky is filled with stars. "There is the blueprint," they say. ~ Italo Calvino
234:L'altrove è uno specchio in negativo. Il viaggiatore riconosce il poco che è suo,scoprendo il molto che non ha avuto e non avrà. ~ Italo Calvino
235:L’altrove è uno specchio in negativo. Il viaggiatore riconosce il poco che è suo, scoprendo il molto che non ha avuto e non avrà. ~ Italo Calvino
236:What if it were as they say? If, while I believe I am writing in fun, what I write were really dictated by the extraterrestrials? ~ Italo Calvino
237:Why do you speak to me of the stones? It is only the arch that matters to me.'
Polo answers: 'Without stones there is no arch. ~ Italo Calvino
238:yell: “I’m beginning to read Italo Calvino’s new novel!” Or if you prefer, don’t say anything; just hope they’ll leave you alone. ~ Italo Calvino
239:...Seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of the inferno, are not inferno, then make them endure, give them space. ~ Italo Calvino
240:these are people used to seeing one another daily year after year; everything they say is the continuation of things already said. ~ Italo Calvino
241:How? Well, if a girl has had enough of every man who exists, her only remaining desire could be for a man who doesn't exist at all… ~ Italo Calvino
242:If you want to know how much darkness there is around you, you must sharpen your eyes, peering at the faint lights in the distance. ~ Italo Calvino
243:... we cannot love or think except in fragments of time each of which goes off along its own trajectory and immediately disappears. ~ Italo Calvino
244:Everything can change, but not the language that we carry inside us, like a world more exclusive and final than one's mother's womb. ~ Italo Calvino
245:Minha confiança no futuro da literatura consiste em saber que há coisas que só a literatura com seus meios específicos nos pode dar. ~ Italo Calvino
246:[...] mi sembra che il linguaggio venga sempre usato in modo approssimativo, casuale, sbadato, e ne provo un fastidio intollerabile. ~ Italo Calvino
247:You reach a moment in life when, among the people you have known, the dead outnumber the living. And the mind refuses to accept more ~ Italo Calvino
248:The fact is that I find in the day's light, in this diffused, pale, almost shadowless luminosity, a darkness deeper than the night's. ~ Italo Calvino
249:Gerçek şu ki gündüzün ışığında, bu yayılmış, soluk, hemen hemen gölgesiz aydınlıkta geceninkinden de daha koyu bir karanlık buluyorum. ~ Italo Calvino
250:Il bassotto alzò il muso verso di lui, con lo sguardo dei cani quando non capiscono e non sanno che possono aver ragione a non capire. ~ Italo Calvino
251:There: the white butterfly has crossed the whole valley, and from the reader's book has flown here, to light on the page I am writing. ~ Italo Calvino
252:Todo o imaginável pode ser sonhado mas também o sonho mais inesperado é um enigma que oculta um desejo, ou o seu contrário, um terror. ~ Italo Calvino
253:What is more natural than that a solidarity, a complicity, a bond should be established between Reader and Reader, thanks to the book? ~ Italo Calvino
254:Kentliler sormuş olmalı:
"Neden korkuyorsun, ruhumuzun Şeytan'ın eline geçmesinden mi?"
"Hayır, ona verecek ruhumuz olmamasından. ~ Italo Calvino
255:As soon as I set foot there, everything I had imagined was forgotten; Pyrrha had become what is Pyrrha; and I thought I had always known ~ Italo Calvino
256:Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognizes the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have. ~ Italo Calvino
257:The more one was lost in unfamiliar quarters of distant cities, the more one understood the other cities he had crossed to arrive there. ~ Italo Calvino
258:My sister always says she loves novels where you feel an elemental strength, primordial, telluric. That's exactly what she says: telluric ~ Italo Calvino
259:Myśli te zaprawione były pewną goryczą ludzi starych, którzy więcej cierpią nad utratą rzeczy dawnych, niż cieszą się z nadejścia nowych. ~ Italo Calvino
260:Orlando, sevda ormanı sana göre yer değildir! Alçakça tuzaklarından seni hiçbir kalkanın koruyamayacağı bir düşmanın peşinden koşuyorsun. ~ Italo Calvino
261:It's better not to know authors personally, because the real person never corresponds to the image you form of him from reading his books. ~ Italo Calvino
262:La ciudad no cuenta su pasado, lo contiene como las líneas de una mano, escrito en las esquinas de las calles, en las rejas de las ventanas ~ Italo Calvino
263:La mia fiducia nel futuro della letteratura consiste nel sapere che ci sono cose che solo la letteratura può dare coi suoi mezzi specifici. ~ Italo Calvino
264:Suspended over the abyss, the life of Octavias inhabitants is less uncertain than in other cities. They know the net will last only so long. ~ Italo Calvino
265:The dream of being invisible . . . When I find myself in an environment where I can enjoy the illusion of being invisible, I am really happy. ~ Italo Calvino
266:-Avete paura che le nostre anime caschino in mano al Diavolo?
Avrebbero chiesto quelli della città
-No: che non abbiate anima da dargli. ~ Italo Calvino
267:But already ships were vanishing over the horizon and I was left behind, in this world of ours full of responsibilities and will-o'-the-wisps. ~ Italo Calvino
268:Each city receives its form from the desert it opposes; and so the camel driver and the sailor see Despina, a border city between two deserts. ~ Italo Calvino
269:تغيرتُ أنا، السينما تغيرت، تغيّر جوهرها وتغيرت بعلاقتها معي. تستأنف سيرة ارتيادي للسينما، لكنها سيرة ذلك المرتاد الذي لم يعد مجرد مرتاداً فقط. ~ Italo Calvino
270:Cada ciudad recibe su forma del desierto al que se opone; y así ven el camellero y el marinero a Despina, ciudad fronteriza entre dos desiertos. ~ Italo Calvino
271:every choice has its obverse, that is to say a renunciation, and so there is no difference between the act of choosing and the act of renouncing ~ Italo Calvino
272:I don't know if you believe in the Spirit, sir. I believe in it. I believe in the dialogue that the Spirit conducts uninterruptedly with itself. ~ Italo Calvino
273:Solo dopo aver conosciuto la superficie delle cose, ci si può spingere a cercare quel che c’è sotto. Ma la superficie delle cose è inesauribile. ~ Italo Calvino
274:The unconscious is the ocean of the unsayable, of what has been expelled from the land of language, removed as a result of ancient prohibitions. ~ Italo Calvino
275:Every choice has its obverse, that is to say a renunciation, and so there is no difference between the act of choosing and the act of renouncing. ~ Italo Calvino
276:-Hep başın arkaya dönük mü ilerlersin sen- ya da: -Gördüğün şey hep geride kalan mıdır?- ya da daha doğrusu: -Yalnız geçmişe mi senin yolculuğun? ~ Italo Calvino
277:Karta książki tylko wtedy jest coś warta, jeśli możesz ją odwrócić i dojrzeć za nią życie, które na nią napiera gwałtem i miesza wszystkie karty. ~ Italo Calvino
278:Nobody looks at the moon in the afternoon, and this is the moment when it would most require our attention, since its existence is still in doubt. ~ Italo Calvino
279:Se infelice è l’innamorato che invoca baci di cui non sa il sapore, mille volte più infelice è chi questo sapore gustò appena e poi gli fu negato. ~ Italo Calvino
280:We can prevent reading: but in the decree that forbids reading there will be still read something of the truth that we would wish never to be read ~ Italo Calvino
281:Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world. ~ Italo Calvino
282:- Hai paura che le nostre anime caschino nelle mani del Diavolo? - avrebbero chiesto quelli della Città.
- No: che non abbiate anima da dargli. ~ Italo Calvino
283:Lucretius wants to write the poem of matter, but he warns us from the start that the reality of matter is that it’s made of invisible particles. He ~ Italo Calvino
284:thế là cuối cùng, phải chăng chiến tranh chính là cái cuộc chuyền từ tay người này sang tay người kia các món đồ, mỗi lúc lại méo mó thêm một chút? ~ Italo Calvino
285:...Your labor which gives form to desire takes from desire its form, and you believe you are enjoying Anastasia wholly when you are only its slave. ~ Italo Calvino
286:ذكرياتي عن الحياة خلال هذه السنوات تغيرت أيضاً والكثير من الأشياء التي ظننتها روتينية وتافهة أصبحت الآن مزدحمة بالمعاني، التوتر، الأحاسيس والهواجس. ~ Italo Calvino
287:Everything has already begun before, the first line of the first page of every novel refers to something that has already happened outside the book. ~ Italo Calvino
288:My confidence in the future of literature consists in the knowledge that there are things that only literature can give us, by means specific to it. ~ Italo Calvino
289:Cái làm cho sự làm tình và sự đọc giống nhau nhất là, ở cả hai sự ấy, thời gian và không gian đều mở, khác với thời gian và không gian đo lường được. ~ Italo Calvino
290:Don't ask where the rest of this book is!" It is a shrill cry that comes from an undefined spot among the shelves. "All books continue in the beyond. ~ Italo Calvino
291:- Eu falo, falo - diz Marco -, mas quem me ouve retém somente as palavras que deseja. [...] Quem comanda a narração não é a voz: é o ouvido. (p. 129) ~ Italo Calvino
292:...if your cart is empty and the others are full, you can only hold out so long: then you're overwhelmed by envy, heartbreak, and you can't stand it. ~ Italo Calvino
293:though there are some foods you don’t know, mentioned by name, which the translator has decided to leave in the original; for example, schoëblintsjia ~ Italo Calvino
294:hasta que murió, sin haber comprendido, tras una vida entera dedicada a la fe, en qué creía, pero tratando de creer firmemente en ello hasta el final. ~ Italo Calvino
295:In gioventù ogni libro nuovo che si legge è come un nuovo occhio che si apre e modifica la vista degli altri occhi o libri-occhi che si avevano prima. ~ Italo Calvino
296:My faith in the future of literature rests on the knowledge that there are things that only literature, with its particular capacities, can give us. I ~ Italo Calvino
297:Don't ask where the rest of this book is!" It is a shrill cry that comes from an undefined spot among the shelves. "All books continue in the beyond... ~ Italo Calvino
298:If there is nothing that needs correcting in the world memory, the only thing left to do is to correct reality where it doesn't agree with that memory. ~ Italo Calvino
299:What makes lovemaking and reading resemble each other most is that within both of them times and spaces open, different from measurable time and space. ~ Italo Calvino
300:God knows wherebthey are now, the people I receive instructions, or rather-let's come right out and say it-take orders. It is obvious I'm a subordinate. ~ Italo Calvino
301:L'aspetto in cui l'amplesso e la lettura s'assomigliano di più è che al loro interno s'aprono tempi e spazi diversi dal tempo e dallo spazio misurabili. ~ Italo Calvino
302:كان حديث أحدنا مع الآخر صعباً، كلانا كان مسهباً بطبيعته، حائزاً على محيط من الكلمات، وفي حضرة أحدنا أمام الآخر كنا نصبح صامتين، ونسير بصمت جنباً إلى جنب ~ Italo Calvino
303:The one contains what is accepted as necessary when it is not yet so; the others, what is imagined as possible and, a moment later, is possible no longer. ~ Italo Calvino
304:When the olfactory alphabet, which made them so many words in a precious lexicon, is forgotten, perfumes will be left speechless, inarticulate, illegible. ~ Italo Calvino
305:Cosimo did not yet know love, and what is any experience without that? What point is there in risking life, when the real flavor of life is as yet unknown? ~ Italo Calvino
306:I felt a kind of vertigo, as if I were merely plunging from one world to another, and in each I arrived shortly after the end of the world had taken place. ~ Italo Calvino
307:But our mother, the most distant from him, perhaps, seemed the only one who could accept him as he was, maybe because she didn't try to find an explanation. ~ Italo Calvino
308:Fantasy is like jam. . . . You have to spread it on a solid piece of bread. If not, it remains a shapeless thing . . . out of which you can’t make anything. ~ Italo Calvino
309:Ogni vita è un enciclopedia, una biblioteca, un campionario di stili, dove tutto può essere continuamente rimescolato e riordinato in tutti i modi possibili ~ Italo Calvino
310:To be able to read the classics you have to know "from where" you are reading them; otherwise both the book and the reader will be lost in a timeless cloud. ~ Italo Calvino
311:Each new Clarice, compact as a living body with its smells and its breath, shows off, like a gem, what remains of the ancient Clarices, fragmentary and dead. ~ Italo Calvino
312:It is only after you have come to know the surface of things ... that you can venture to seek what is underneath. But the surface of things is inexhaustible. ~ Italo Calvino
313:You're the absolute protagonist of this book, very well; but do you believe that gives you the right to have carnal relations with all the female characters? ~ Italo Calvino
314:بالنسبة لعقلية والدي كان يجب أن تكون الكلمات إثباتاً للأشياء، وإشارات للحياة، أمّا بالنسبة لي فكانت تذوقاً مبدئياً لأشياء بالكاد ملموحة، ومحتملة وغير ممسوكة. ~ Italo Calvino
315:Il suo segreto è il modo in cui la vista scorre su figure che si succedono come in una partitura musicale nella quale non si può cambiare spostare nessuna nota ~ Italo Calvino
316:It’s not that you expect anything in particular from this particular book. You’re the sort of person who, on principle, no longer expects anything of anything. ~ Italo Calvino
317:A human being becomes human not through the casual convergence of certain biological conditions, but through an act of will and love on the part of other people. ~ Italo Calvino
318:And Marco's answer was: 'Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognizes the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have. ~ Italo Calvino
319:,There is never a moonlight night but wicked ideas in evil souls writhe like serpents in nests, and charitable ones sprout lilies of renunciation and dedication. ~ Italo Calvino
320:But who can say that the clock’s numbers aren’t peeping from rectangular windows, where I see every minute fall on me with a click like the blade of a guillotine? ~ Italo Calvino
321:onsuz yapamayacağın bir şeyi kenara bırakmayı bir kez başardığında, bir başka şey olmadan da yapabildiğini, sonra bir başka şeyden de sıyrılabildiğini göreceksin. ~ Italo Calvino
322:The moment that counts most for me is the one that precedes reading. At times a title is enough to kindle in me the desire for a book that perhaps does not exist. ~ Italo Calvino
323:They rebuild Ersilia elsewhere. They weave a similar pattern of strings which they would like to be more complex and at the same time more regular than the other. ~ Italo Calvino
324:What Romantic terminology called genius or talent or inspiration is nothing other than finding the right road empirically, following one's nose, taking shortcuts. ~ Italo Calvino
325:When examples of openness of thought come from a single ruler, they count for nothing, except to show that he alone can afford to be like that because he is king. ~ Italo Calvino
326:The novels that attract me most are those that create an illusion of transparency around a knot of human relationships as obscure, cruel, and perverse as possible. ~ Italo Calvino
327:En la plaza está la pequeña pared de los viejos que miran pasar la juventud; el hombre está sentado en fila con ellos. Los deseos son ya recuerdos. (Ciudad Isadora) ~ Italo Calvino
328:Alte zile decât astea ale noastre nu sunt, până o să intrăm în mormânt,[...]. De mi-o fi dat să nu le irosesc, să nu irosesc nimic din ce sunt și din ce-aș putea fi! ~ Italo Calvino
329:A me – dice – piacciono i libri in cui tutti i misteri e le angosce passano attraverso una mente esatta e fredda e senza ombre come quella d'un giocatore di scacchi. ~ Italo Calvino
330:The novel begins in a railway station, a locomotive huffs, steam from a piston covers the opening of the chapter, a cloud of smoke hides part of the first paragraph. ~ Italo Calvino
331:The novels that attract me most... are those that create an illusion of transperancy around a knot of human relationships as obscure, cruel and perverse as possible. ~ Italo Calvino
332:Biographical data, even those recorded in the public registers, are the most private things one has, and to declare them openly is rather like facing a psychoanalyst. ~ Italo Calvino
333:The word connects the visible trace with the invisible thing, the absent thing, the thing that is desired or feared, like a frail emergency bridge flung over an abyss. ~ Italo Calvino
334:جوانی... سنی که احساس ها هنوز حالتی مبهم دارند و خیر و شر هنوز مشخص نیست، سنی که عشق به زندگی به هر تجربه جدید، حتی غیر انسانی و مرگبار، حدت و جوش و خروش خاصی می بخشد. ~ Italo Calvino
335:If unhappy is the sweetheart who invokes kisses of which he does not know the flavour, a thousand times more unhappy is who this flavour tasted once and then was denied ~ Italo Calvino
336:The line between the reality that is photographed because it seems beautiful to us and the reality that seems beautiful because it has been photographed is very narrow. ~ Italo Calvino
337:La forza dell'eremita si misura non tanto da quanto lontano è andato a stare, ma dalla poca distanza che gli basta per staccarsi dalla città, senza mai perderla di vista ~ Italo Calvino
338:La realidad fotografiada asume en seguida un carácter nostálgico, de alegría desaparecida en alas del tiempo, un caracter conmemorativo, aunque sea una foto de anteayer. ~ Italo Calvino
339:My brother maintains," I answered, "that those who wish to look carefully at the earth should stay at the necessary distance," and Voltaire very much admired the answer. ~ Italo Calvino
340:With cities, it is as if with dreams: everything imaginable can be dreamed, but even the most unexpected dream is a rebus that conceals a desire or, its reverse, a fear. ~ Italo Calvino
341:Or else, given that there is world that side of the window and world this side, perhaps the "I," the ego, is simply the window through which the world looks at the world. ~ Italo Calvino
342:this lightness is something created in the writing, using the linguistic tools of the poet, independent of whatever philosophical doctrine the poet claims to be following. ~ Italo Calvino
343:All places communicate instantly with all other places, a sense of isolation is felt only during the trip between one place and the other, that is, when you are in no place. ~ Italo Calvino
344:If a lover is wretched who invokes kisses of which he knows not the flavor, a thousand times more wretched is he who has had a taste of the flavor and then had it denied him. ~ Italo Calvino
345:Nell’universo infinito della letteratura s’aprono sempre altre vie da esplorare, nuovissime o antichissime, stili e forme che possono cambiare la nostra immagine del mondo... ~ Italo Calvino
346:Erst wenn man die Oberfläche der Dinge kennen gelernt hat, kann man sich aufmachen, um herauszufinden, was darunter sein mag. Doch die Oberfläche der Dinge ist unerschöpflich. ~ Italo Calvino
347:The city is redundant: it repeats itself so that something will stick in the mind.


Memory is redundant: it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist. ~ Italo Calvino
348:Rimbaldo trascina un morto e pensa: "[...] per te i dadi hanno già dato i loro numeri. Per me ancora vorticano nel bussolotto. E io amo, o morto, la mia ansia, non la tua pace. ~ Italo Calvino
349:With the smell of beer I try to get the smell of death off me. And only the smell of death will get the smell of beer off you, like all the drinkers whose graves I have to dig. ~ Italo Calvino
350:Now that the book is finished, I know that this was not a hallucination, a sort of professional malady, but the confirmation of something I already suspected—folktales are real. ~ Italo Calvino
351:Sono convinto che scrivere prosa non dovrebbe essere diverso dallo scrivere poesia; in entrambi i casi è ricerca d’una espressione necessaria, unica, densa, concisa, memorabile. ~ Italo Calvino
352:Are you depressed or euphoric? The house, in its wisdom, seems to have taken advantage of your moments of euphoria to prepare itself to shelter you in your moments of depression. ~ Italo Calvino
353:...instead I find myself more and more outside; from one courtyard I move to another courtyard, as if in this palace all the doors served only for leaving and never for entering. ~ Italo Calvino
354:The facility of the entrance into another world is an illusion: you start writing in a rush, anticipating the happiness of a future reading, and the void yawns on the white page. ~ Italo Calvino
355:While the hemlock was being prepared, Socrates was learning a melody on the flute. “What use will that be to you?”, he was asked. “At least I will learn this melody before I die. ~ Italo Calvino
356:أنْ يكونَ السالبُ سالبًا ، و هذا ضروري ، إذ مِن دونه لا يكون الموجبُ موجبًا ، أو قد لا يكون السالبُ سالبًا أبدًا ، وَ السالبُ الوحيد - إنْ كان شيءٌ كذلك - هو ما تعتقد بأنّه موجبٌ ~ Italo Calvino
357:I am a prisoner of a gaudy and unlivable present, where all forms of human society have reached an extreme of their cycle and there is no imagining what new forms they may assume. ~ Italo Calvino
358:Reading is going toward something that is about to be, and no one yet knows what it will be. ~ Italo Calvino, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler (1979), translated by William Weaver (1981), p. 72.
359:I do not have any political commitments anymore. I'm politically a total agnostic; I'm one of the few writers in Italy who refuses to be identified with a specific political party. ~ Italo Calvino
360:The more time passed, the less happened. The more they felt something must happen, the more the bailiffs realized they had to do something but the less they understood what it was. ~ Italo Calvino
361:Si conobbero. Lui conobbe lei e se stesso, perché in verità non s'era mai saputo. E lei conobbe lui e se stessa, perché pur essendosi saputa sempre, mai s'era potuta riconoscere così. ~ Italo Calvino
362:Traveling, you realize that differences are lost: each city takes to resembling all cities, places exchange their form, order, distances, a shapeless dust cloud invades the continent. ~ Italo Calvino
363:When you're young, all evolution lies before you, every road is open to you, and at the same time you can enjoy the fact of being there on the rock, flat mollusk-pulp, damp and happy. ~ Italo Calvino
364:In seguito a una serie di disavventure intellettuali che non meritano d'essere ricordate, il signor Palomar ha deciso che la sua principale attività sarà guardare le cose dal di fuori. ~ Italo Calvino
365:Traveling, you realize that differences are lost: each city takes to resembling all cities, places exchange their form, order, distances, a shapeless dust cloud invades the continents. ~ Italo Calvino
366:In the midst of a thick forest, there was a castle that gave shelter to all travelers overtaken by night on their journey: lords and ladies, royalty and their retinue, humble wayfarers. ~ Italo Calvino
367:Italo Calvino quote, ‘A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.’ For I have read The Great Gatsby numerous times, and always discover new things in each reading. ~ Ann Hood
368:The catalogue of forms is endless: until every shape has found its city, new cities will continue to born. When the forms exhaust their variety and come apart, the end of cities begins. ~ Italo Calvino
369:The satirist is prevented by repulsion from gaining a better knowledge of the world he is attracted to, yet he is forced by attraction to concern himself with the world that repels him. ~ Italo Calvino
370:This – some say – confirms the hypothesis that each man bears in his mind a city made only of differences, a city without figures and without form, and the individual cities fill it up. ~ Italo Calvino
371:I'm accustomed to thinking of literature as a search for knowledge; in order to move onto existential terrain I need to consider it in relation to anthropology, ethnology, and mythology. ~ Italo Calvino
372:There is someone looking through the befogged glass, he opens the glass door of the bar, everything is misty, inside, too, as if seen by nearsighted eyes, or eyes irritated by coal dust. ~ Italo Calvino
373:When I'm writing a book I prefer not to speak about it, because only when the book is finished can I try to understand what I've really done and to compare my intentions with the result. ~ Italo Calvino
374:although science interests me just because of its efforts to escape from anthropomorphic knowledge, I am nonetheless convinced that our imagination cannot be anything but anthropomorphic. ~ Italo Calvino
375:We were peering into this darkness, crisscrossed with voices, when the change took place: the only real, great change I've ever happened to witness, and compared to it the rest is nothing ~ Italo Calvino
376:Esiste una leggerezza della pensosità, così come tutti sappiamo che esiste una leggerezza della frivolezza; anzi, la leggerezza pensosa può far apparire la frivolezza come pesante e opaca. ~ Italo Calvino
377:Overambitious projects may be objectionable in many fields, but not in literature. Literature remains alive only if we set ourselves immeasurable goals, far beyond all hope of achievement. ~ Italo Calvino
378:The catalogue of forms is endless: until every shape has found its city, new cities will continue to be born. When the forms exhaust their variety and come apart, the end of cities begins. ~ Italo Calvino
379:The espresso machines in station cafés boast their kinship with the locomotives, the espresso machines of yesterday and today with the locomotives and steam engines of today and yesterday. ~ Italo Calvino
380:Very often the effort men put into activities that seem completely useless turns out to be extremely important in ways no one could foresee. Play has always been the mainspring of culture. ~ Italo Calvino
381:Le città come i sogni sono costruite di desideri e di paure,anche se il filo del loro discorso è segreto,le loro regole assurde,le prospettive ingannevoli, e ogni cosa ne nasconde un'altra. ~ Italo Calvino
382:Questo è il significato della lotta, il significato vero, totale, al di là dei vari significati ufficiali. Una spinta di riscatto umano, elementare, anonimo, da tutte le nostre umiliazioni. ~ Italo Calvino
383:Try to foresee now everything that might make you interrupt your reading. Cigarettes within reach, if you smoke, and the ashtray. Anything else? Do you have to pee? All right, you know best. ~ Italo Calvino
384:La ciudad se te aparece como un todo en el que ningún deseo se pierde y del que tú formas parte, y como ella goza de todo lo que tú no gozas, no te queda sino habitar ese deseo y contentarte. ~ Italo Calvino
385:Cosimo stretched out his arms. 'I came up here before you, my lords, and here I will stay afterwards too!'
-'You want to withdraw!' cried El Conde.
-'No, to resist,' replied the Baron. ~ Italo Calvino
386:Her friends' lips were red, their teeth white, and their tongues and gums were pink. Pink, too, were the tips of their breasts. Their eyes were aquamarine blue, cherry-black, hazel and maroon. ~ Italo Calvino
387:Il vento, venendo in città da lontano, le porta doni inconsueti, di cui s'accorgono solo poche anime sensibili, come i raffreddati del fieno, che starnutano per pollini di fiori d'altre terre. ~ Italo Calvino
388:But he would continuously change them around, according to his studies and tastes of the moment, for he considered his books as rather like birds and it saddened him to see them caged or still. ~ Italo Calvino
389:How can you keep up with her, this woman who is always reading another book besides the one before her eyes, a book that does not yet exist, but which, since she wants it, cannot fail to exist? ~ Italo Calvino
390:In politics, as in every other sphere of life, there are two important principles for a man of any sense: don't cherish too many illusions, and never stop believing that every little bit helps. ~ Italo Calvino
391:Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else. ~ Italo Calvino
392:The city is redundant: it repeats itself so that something will stick in the mind.


Memory is redundant: it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist. ~ Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities,
393:Your case gives me new hope," I said to him. "With me, more and more often I happen to pick up a novel that has just appeared and I find myself reading the same book I have read a hundred times. ~ Italo Calvino
394:ქალაქები, სიზმრის მსგავსად, სურვილისა და შიშისგან არის ნაგები, თუნდაც მათი ურთიერთობის ძაფი საიდუმლო იყოს, მათი წესები - აბსურდული, პერსეპექტივები - მაცდური, და ყოველი საგანი რაღაც სხვას მალავს. ~ Italo Calvino
395:For years I have been coming to this library, and I explore it volume by volume, shelf by shelf, but I could demonstrate to you that I have done nothing but continue the reading of a single book. ~ Italo Calvino
396:what matters is not the enclosure of the work within a harmonious figure, but the centrifugal force produced by it -- a plurality of language as a guarantee of a truth that is not merely partial. ~ Italo Calvino
397:I rather enjoy that sense of bewilderment a novel gives you when you start reading it, but if the first effect is fog, I'm afraid the moment the fog lifts my pleasure in reading will be lost, too. ~ Italo Calvino
398:Who ever said this author had an unmistakable tone? On the contrary, he is known as an author who changes greatly from one book to the next. And in these very changes you recognize him as himself. ~ Italo Calvino
399:you come upon the ruins of the abandoned cities, without the walls which do not last, without the bones of the dead which the wind rolls away: spiderwebs of intricate relationships seeking a form. ~ Italo Calvino
400:He was staring hard, not at his wife and me but at his daughter watching us. In his cold pupil, in the firm twist of his lips, was reflected Madame Miyagi's orgasm reflected in her daughter's gaze. ~ Italo Calvino
401:I have tried to remove weight, sometimes from people, sometimes from heavenly bodies, sometimes from cities; above all I have tried to remove weight from the structure of stories and from language. ~ Italo Calvino
402:To explode or to implode – said Qfwfq – that is the question: whether 'tis nobler in the mind to expand one's energies in space without restraint, or to crush them into a dense inner concentration. ~ Italo Calvino
403:Bağışla beni efendimiz: er geç o rıhtıma çıkacağım kuşkusuz," der Marco, "ama dönüp sana anlatamayacağım onu. Böyle bir kent var, ve de basit bir sırrı var: yalnız gidişleri bilir, dönüşleri bilmez. ~ Italo Calvino
404:in his view, literature’s worth lies in its power of mystification, in mystification it has its truth; therefore a fake, as the mystification of a mystification, is tantamount to a truth squared. He ~ Italo Calvino
405:I sogni dei partigiani sono rari e corti, sogni nati dalle notti di fame, legati alla storia del cibo sempre poco e da dividere in tanti: sogni di pezzi di pane morsicati e poi chiusi in un cassetto ~ Italo Calvino
406:Perhaps nothing escapes this fate but the liveliness and nimbleness of the mind—the very qualities with which the novel is written, qualities that belong to a universe other than the one we live in. ~ Italo Calvino
407:Anyway, the conclusion to which all stories come is that the life a person has led is one and one alone, uniform and compact as a shrunken blanket where you can’t distinguish the fibers of the weave. ~ Italo Calvino
408:I thought: "Perhaps Adelma is the city where you arrive dying and where each finds again the people he has known. This means I, too, am dead." And I also thought: "This means the beyond is not happy. ~ Italo Calvino
409:The Sultan’s wife must never remain without books that please her: a clause in the marriage contract is involved, a condition the bride imposed on her august suitor before agreeing to the wedding.... ~ Italo Calvino
410:Beware of saying to them that sometimes different cities follow one another on the same site and under the same name, born and dying without knowing one another, without communication among themselves. ~ Italo Calvino
411:He knows the conspirators are waiting for a sign from the Sultana to light the fuse, but she has given orders never to disturb her while she is reading, not even if the palace were about to blow up.... ~ Italo Calvino
412:Does the written word tame passions? Or subdue the forces of nature? Or does it find a harmony with the inhumanity of the universe? Or incubate a violence, held back but always ready to spring, to claw? ~ Italo Calvino
413:And when my spirit wants no stimulus or nourishment save music, I know it is to be sought in cemeteries: the musicians hide in the tombs; from grave to grave flute trills, harp chords answer one another. ~ Italo Calvino
414:Myth is the hidden part of every story, the buried part, the region that is still unexplored because there are as yet no words to enable us to get there. Myth is nourished by silence as well as by words. ~ Italo Calvino
415:From this arid sphere every discourse and every poem sets forth; and every journey
through forests, battles, treasures, banquets, bedchambers, brings us back here, to the center
of an empty horizon. ~ Italo Calvino
416:Only in a superficial sense can lies be said to exclude the truth; you will be aware that in many cases lies- the patient's lies to the psychoanalyst- are just as revealing as the truth, if not more so... ~ Italo Calvino
417:Tengo un librito, mucho más breve que los de Aristóteles y Ovidio, en el que están contenidas todas las ciencias y cualquiera puede, con poquísimo estudio, formarse de él una idea perfecta: es el alfabeto; ~ Italo Calvino
418:But in vain I set out to visit the city: forced to remain motionless and always the same, in order to be more easily remembered, Zora has languished, disintegrated, disappeared. The earth has forgotten her. ~ Italo Calvino
419:Déblayer la neige n'est pas un jeu d'enfant, surtout quand on a l'estomac presque vide, mais pour Marcovaldo, la neige était comme une amie, comme un élément qui annulait les murs qui emprisonnaient sa vie. ~ Italo Calvino
420:The things that the novel does not say are necessarily more numerous than those it does say and only a special halo around what is written can give the illusion that you are reading also what is not written. ~ Italo Calvino
421:La Ciudad es una para el que pasa sin entrar, y otra para el que está preso en ella; una es la ciudad a la que se llega la primera vez, otra la que se deja para no volver, cada una merece un nombre diferente. ~ Italo Calvino
422:Mientras sé que en el mundo hay alguien que hace juegos de prestidigitación solo por amor al juego, mientras sé que hay una mujer que ama la lectura por la lectura, puedo convencerme de que el mundo continúa. ~ Italo Calvino
423:So you begin to wonder if Leonia's true passion is really, as they say, the enjoyment of new and different things, and not, instead, the joy of expelling, discarding, cleansing itself of a recurrent impurity. ~ Italo Calvino
424:So you begin to wonder if Leonia’s true passion is really, as they say, the enjoyment of new and different things, and not, instead, the joy of expelling, discarding, cleansing itself of a recurrent impurity. ~ Italo Calvino
425:Chegando a qualquer nova cidade o viajante reencontra o seu passado que já não sabia que tinha: a estranheza do que já não somos ou já não possuímos espera-nos ao caminho nos lugares estranhos e não possuídos. ~ Italo Calvino
426:If one starts to draw comparisons between what is and what is not, it is the poorer qualities of the former that strike you, the impurities, the flaws; in short, you can only really feel safe with nothingness. ~ Italo Calvino
427:Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places. ~ Italo Calvino
428:Every new book I read comes to be a part of that overall and unitary book that is the sum of my readings...if you need little to set the imagination going, I require even less: the promise of reading is enough. ~ Italo Calvino
429:It could be an important feature to be added to your portrait: your mind has interior walls that allow you to partition different times in which to stop or flow, to concentrate alternately on parallel channels. ~ Italo Calvino
430:Ecco, pensò Amerigo, quei due, così come sono, sono reciprocamente necessari. E pensò: ecco, questo modo d'essere è l'amore. E poi: l'umano arriva dove arriva l'amore; non ha confini se non quelli che gli diamo. ~ Italo Calvino
431:La fantasia è una specie di macchina elettronica che tiene conto di tutte le combinazioni possibili e sceglie quelle che rispondono ad un fine, o che semplicemente sono le più interessanti, piacevoli, divertenti. ~ Italo Calvino
432:[...] l'arte di scriver storie sta nel saper tirare fuori da quel nulla che si è capito della vita tutto il resto. ma finita la pagina si riprende la vita e ci s'accorge che quel che si sapeva è proprio un nulla. ~ Italo Calvino
433:Success consists in felicity of verbal expression, which every so often may result from a quick flash of inspiration but as a rule involves a patient search... for the sentence in which every word is unalterable. ~ Italo Calvino
434:When politicians and politically minded people pay too much attention to literature, it is a bad sign - a bad sign mostly for literature. But it is also a bad sign when they don't want to hear the word mentioned. ~ Italo Calvino
435:Her breast was young, the nipples rosy. Cosimo just grazed it with his lips, before Viola slid away over the branches as if she were flying, with him clambering after her, and that skirt of hers always in his face ~ Italo Calvino
436:Imagine I can see her, her or something of her, but only her, in a hundred, a thousand different vistas, she who makes the Moon and, whenever she is full, sets the dogs to howling all night long, and me with them. ~ Italo Calvino
437:I must, however, bear in mind that my every move to erase previous events provokes a rain of new events, which complicate the situation worse than before and which I will then, in their turn, have to try to erase. ~ Italo Calvino
438:La città per chi passa senza entrarci è una, e un'altra per chi ne è preso e non ne esce; una è la città in cui s'arriva la prima volta, un'altra quella che si lascia per non tornare; ognuna merita un nome diverso. ~ Italo Calvino
439:You explode, if that's more to your taste, shoot yourself all around in endless darts, be prodigal, spendthrift, reckless: I shall implode, collapse inside the abyss of myself, towards my buried centre, infinitely. ~ Italo Calvino
440:The art of writing tales consists in an ability to draw the rest of life from the little one has understood of it; but life begins again at the end of the page, and one realises that one has knew nothing whatsoever. ~ Italo Calvino
441:หิมะ!” มาร์โควัลโดตะโกนบอกเมีย ความจริงคือตั้งท่าจะตะโกน แต่เสียงดังออกมาแผ่ว ๆ หิมะตกใส่เสียง ไม่ใช่สิ ตกใส่ความเป็นไปได้ที่จะส่งเสียง เหมือนที่ตกใส่แนว
เส้น สีสัน และทิวทัศน์ เสียงในบริเวณที่มีอะไรหุ้มจึงไม่สั่น ~ Italo Calvino
442:The line between the reality that is photographed because it seems beautiful to us and the reality that seems beautiful because it has been photographed is very narrow."

- from "The Adventure of a Photographer ~ Italo Calvino
443:They knew each other. He knew her and so himself, for in truth he had never known himself. And she knew him and so herself, for although she had always known herself she had never been able to recognize it until now. ~ Italo Calvino
444:Perhaps, for each of them, I also resembled someone who was dead. I had barely arrived at Adelma and I was already one of them, I had gone over to their side, absorbed in that kaleidescope of eyes, wrinkles, grimaces. ~ Italo Calvino
445:- Quando sarai stanco di star lì cambierai idea! - gli gridò.
- Non cambierò mai idea, - fece mio fratello, dal ramo.
- Ti farò vedere io, appena scendi! -
- E io non scenderò più! -
E mantenne la parola. ~ Italo Calvino
446:يمكن أنْ تكونَ الكتابةُ هي طريقةَ قول أو فعل ما هو خطأ ، وَ من الأفضل كبتُ كلّ شيءٍ تحت ، بالأسفل ، و إلّا فهي بدلًا مِن ذلك قد تُكلِّف أكثر ، وَ ما دامت موجودةً فمِن الخير السماح لها بالظهور ، هما طريقتان لرؤية الشيء ~ Italo Calvino
447:A distanza di tanti anni, devo dire che questo spirito, che permise ai partigiani di fare le cose meravigliose che fecero, resta ancor oggi, per muoversi nella contrastata realtà del mondo, un atteggiamento umano senza ~ Italo Calvino
448:A obra literária é uma dessas mínimas porções nas quais o existente se cristaliza numa forma, adquire um sentido, que não é fixo, nem definido, nem enrijecido numa imobilidade mineral, mas tão vivo quanto um organismo. ~ Italo Calvino
449:With the revolution, there are people who change so much they become unrecognizable, and other people who feel they are the same selves as before. It must be a sign that they were prepared in advance for the new times. ~ Italo Calvino
450:Ci sono quelli che si condannano al grigiore della vita più mediocre perché hanno avuto un dolore, una sfortuna; ma ci sono anche quelli che lo fanno perché hanno avuto più fortuna di quella che si sentivano di reggere. ~ Italo Calvino
451:Memory's images, once they are fixed in words, are erased," Polo said. "Perhaps I am afraid of losing Venice all at once, if I speak of it, or perhaps, speaking of other cities, I have already lost it, little by little. ~ Italo Calvino
452:To write well about the elegant world you have to know it and experience it to the depths of your being... what matters is not whether you love it or hate it, but only to be quite clear about your position regarding it. ~ Italo Calvino
453:There is little I can tell you about Aglaura beyond the things its own inhabitants have always repeated: an array of proverbial virtues, of equally proverbial faults, a few eccentricities, some punctilious regard for rules. ~ Italo Calvino
454:Yo, al contrario, estoy convencido hace tiempo de que la perfección sólo se produce accesoriamente y por azar; por tanto no merece el menor interés, pues la verdadera naturaleza de las cosas sólo se revela en la destrucción ~ Italo Calvino
455:Long novels written today are perhaps a contradiction: the dimension of time has been shattered, we cannot love or think except in fragments of time each of which goes off along its own trajectory and immediately disappears. ~ Italo Calvino
456:Polo: "You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours."
Khan: "Or the question it asks you, forcing you to answer, like Thebes through the mouth of the Sphinx. ~ Italo Calvino
457:المدينة شئ بالنسبة إلى من يمر بها دون ان يدخلها ، وشئ آخر بالنسبة لمن يجد نفسه واقعا في شباكها ولا يخرج منها، المدينة شئ حين يوصل اليها لأول مرة، وشئ آخر تبدو بالنسبة لمن يغادرها دون رجعة ، كل واحدة جديرة أن تحمل اسما مختلفا ~ Italo Calvino
458:I, on the contrary, have been convinced for some time that perfection is not produced except marginally and by chance; therefore it deserves no interest at all, the true nature of things being revealed only in disintegration. ~ Italo Calvino
459:I will quote Cioran (who is not yet a classic but will become one): "While they were preparing the hemlock, Socrates was learning a tune on the flute. 'What good will it do you,' they asked, 'to know this tune before you die? ~ Italo Calvino
460:The proper use of language, for me personally, is one that enables us to approach things (present or absent) with discretion, attention, and caution, with respect for what things (present or absent) communicate without words. ~ Italo Calvino
461:Çevresini saran karanlık, kalleş dünya birden gizli zenginliklerini sunuyormuş, yaşamdan hala, toplu sözleşmenin saat ücreti, ek ücret,çocuk yardımı, pahalılık yardımı dışında da bir şey beklenebilirmiş gibi geldi Marcovaldo'ya. ~ Italo Calvino
462:Literature remains alive only if we set ourselves immeasurable goals, far beyond all hope of achievement. Only if poets and writers set themselves tasks that no one else dares imagine will literature continue to have a function. ~ Italo Calvino
463:Now she is inviting you to a seminar at the university, where books are analyzed according to all Codes, Conscious and Unconscious, and in which all Taboos are eliminated, the ones imposed by the dominant Sex, Class, and Culture. ~ Italo Calvino
464:Y ella se abandona a la corriente de la lectura como al único acto de vida posible en un mundo donde no queda sino arena árida sobre capas de betún oleoso y peligro de muerte por razón de Estado y reparto de fuentes de energía... ~ Italo Calvino archer, the moment he thinks he's experienced, is lost; every lion we encounter in our brief life is different from every other lion; woe to us if we stop to make comparisons, to deduce our movements from norms and premises. ~ Italo Calvino
466:The book should be the written counterpart of the unwritten world; its subject should be what does not exist and cannot exist except when written, but whose absence is obscurely felt by that which exists, in its own incompleteness. ~ Italo Calvino
467:Whether there is such a thing as Reality, of which the various levels are only partial aspects, or whether there are only levels, is something that literature cannot decide. Literature recognizes rather the *reality of the levels.* ~ Italo Calvino
468:In short, what you are doing is very beautiful but grammatically it doesn’t change a thing. At the moment when you most appear to be a united voi, a second person plural, you are two tu’s, more separate and circumscribed than before. ~ Italo Calvino
469:The struggle of literature is in fact a struggle to escape from the confines of language; it stretches out from the utmost limits of what can be said; what stirs literature is the call and attraction of what is not in the dictionary. ~ Italo Calvino
470:...his life was dominating by conflicting ideas, as often happens in periods of transition. The turbulence of the times makes some people feel a need to bestir themselves, but in the opposite direction, backwards rather than forwards; ~ Italo Calvino
471:Apart from religious ceremonies, triduums, novenas, gardening, harvesting, vintaging, whippings, slavery, incest, fires, hangings, invasion, sacking, rape and pestilence, we have had no experience. What can a poor nun know of the world? ~ Italo Calvino
472:Long-time inhabitant of steeples, accustomed to contemplating, from his perch on a rainspout, the expanse of roofs, he knew that the souls of cities are more substantial and more lasting than those of all their inhabitants put together. ~ Italo Calvino
473:nhưng có lúc ngòi bút chỉ rào rạo bụi mực, không lăn chảy bằng một giọt đời, và cuộc đời thì toàn bộ ởn goài kia, bên ngoài ô cửa sổ, bên ngoài bạn, và bạn cảm thấy mình sẽ không bao giờ còn có thể nương náu nơi trang giấy bạn đang viết ~ Italo Calvino
474:Açık konuşalım: Her rejim, hatta en otoriter olan bile değişken bir denge durumunda ayakta kalabilir, bu nedenle kendi baskı donanımının varlığını sürekli olarak haklı göstermesi gerekir ve baskı uygulayacak bir şeylere gereksinme duyar. ~ Italo Calvino
475:Raramente l'occhio si ferma su una cosa,ed è quando l'ha riconosciuta per il segno di un'altra cosa: un'impronta sulla sabbia indica il passaggio della tigre,un pantano annuncia una vena d'acqua,il fiore dell'ibisco la fine dell'inverno. ~ Italo Calvino
476:Quello che vorresti é l'aprirsi d'uno spazio e d'un tempo astratti ed assoluti in cui muoverti seguendo una traiettoria esatta e tesa; ma quando ti sembra di riuscirci t'accorgi d'esser fermo, bloccato, costretto a ripetere tutto da capo. ~ Italo Calvino
477:Il libro dovrebb'essere la controparte scritta del mondo non scritto; la sua materia dovrebbe essere ciò che non c'è né potrà esserci se non quando sarà scritto, ma di cui ciò che c'è sente oscuramente il vuoto nella propria incompletezza. ~ Italo Calvino
478:It is my image that I want to multiply, but not out of narcissism or megalomania, as could all too easily be believed: on the contrary, I want to conceal, in the midst of so many illusory ghosts of myself, the true me, who makes them move. ~ Italo Calvino
479:Memory really matters...only if it binds together the imprint of the past and the project of the future, if it enables us to act without forgetting what we wanted to do, to become without ceasing to be, and to be without ceasing to become. ~ Italo Calvino
480:The lawn mower attends with defeaning shudder to the tonsure; a light odor of fresh hay intoxicates the air; the leveled grass finds again a bristling infancy; but the bite of the blades reveals unevenness, mangy clearings, yellow patches. ~ Italo Calvino
481:All over the world great writers were dying young: Italo Calvino, Raymond Carver, and now here was Angela wrestling with the Reaper. A fatwa was not the only way to die. There were older types of death sentence that still worked very well. ~ Salman Rushdie
482:Cosimo sat in the ash tree every day, gazing at the meadow as if he could read in it something that had long been consuming him inside: the very idea of distance, of the gap that can't be bridged, of the wait that can last longer than life. ~ Italo Calvino
483:Everything in the garden was like that: lovely but impossible to enjoy properly, with that worrying feeling inside that they were only there through an odd stroke of luck, and the fear that they'd soon have to give an account of themselves. ~ Italo Calvino
484:Sözlerim, senin etrafında hangi ülkeyi kurarsa kursun, bu sarayın yerinde kazıklar üzerine kurulmuş bir köy de olsa, meltem sana çamur dolu bir nehir ağzının kokusunu da getirse sen, hep kendi durduğun yere benzer bir yerden göreceksin onu. ~ Italo Calvino
485:The living of Laudomia frequent the house of the unborn to interrogate them: footsteps echo beneath the hollow domes; the questions are asked in silence; and it is always about themselves that the living ask, not about those who are to come. ~ Italo Calvino
486:هو يواصل المجئ الي هذا المقهي كل مساء ليراها, لينكأ الجرح القديم من جديد,
وهي تأتي الي هذا المقهي كل مساء, ربما عمّدا لتوجعه, أو لعلها تأمل في أن تصبح عادة الوجع عنده عادة شأن أي عادة أخري, أن تتخذ طعم العدّم الذي غطي فمها وحياتها لسنوات. ~ Italo Calvino
487:Instead of making myself write the book I ought to write, the novel that was expected of me, I conjured up the book I myself would have liked to read, the sort by an unknown writer, from another age and another country, discovered in an attic. ~ Italo Calvino
488:La mia operazione è stata il più delle volte una sottrazione di peso; ho cercato di togliere peso ora alle figure umane, ora ai corpi celesti, ora alle città; soprattutto ho cercato di togliere peso alla struttura del racconto e al linguaggio. ~ Italo Calvino
489:Literature remains alive only if we set ourselves immeasurable goals, far beyond all hope of achievement. Only if poets and writers set themselves tasks that no one else dares imagine will literature continue to have function." — Italo Calvino ~ Italo Calvino
490:faced with a difficult choice. Either they must admit that all their calculations were wrong and their figures are unable to describe the heavens, or else they must reveal that the order of the gods is reflected exactly in the city of monsters. ~ Italo Calvino
491:Wciąż są w ruchu te same przedmioty, przechodząc z jednego obozu do innego, czy z jednego pułku do innego w tym samym obozie; czymże zresztą innym jest w ogóle wojna, jeśli nie przechodzeniem z rąk do rąk dobytku coraz bardziej sponiewieranego? ~ Italo Calvino
492:but the gods who live beneath names and above places have gone off without a word and outsiders have settled in their place. It is pointless to ask whether the new ones are better or worse than the old, since there is no connection between them, ~ Italo Calvino
493:Che ce ne importa di chi è già un eroe, di chi la coscienza ce l'ha già? E' il processo per arrivarci che si deve rappresentare! Finché resterà un solo individuo al di qua della coscienza, il nostro dovere sarà di occuparci di lui e solo di lui! ~ Italo Calvino
494:You are about to begin reading Italo Calvino's new novel, If on a Winter's Night a Traveller. Relax. Concentrate. Dispel every other thought. …Tell the others right away, "No, I don't want to watch TV!… I'm reading! I don't want to be disturbed! ~ Italo Calvino
495:Praise to be the stars that implode. A new freedom opens up within them: annulled from space, exonerated from time, existing at last, for themselves alone and no longer in relation to all the rest, perhaps only they can be sure they really exist. ~ Italo Calvino
496:In an existence like mine forecasts could not be made: I never know what could happen to me in the next half hour, I can't imagine a life all made up of minimal alternatives, carefully circumscribed, on which bets can be made: either this or that. ~ Italo Calvino
497:İnsanlar on bir ay boyunca kenti seviyorlar, kente toz kondurmuyorlardı; gökdelenler, otomatik sigara satıcıları, panoramik perdeli sinemalar sürekli bir çekicilik kaynağı sayılıyordu. Bu duyguyu kesinlikle paylaşmayan tek kişi ise Marcovaldo idi. ~ Italo Calvino
498:Read Emily Dickinson. Read Graham Greene. Read Italo Calvino. Read Maya Angelou. Read anything you want. Just read. Books are possibilities. They are Escape Routes. They give you options when you have none. Each one can be a home for an uprooted mind. ~ Matt Haig
499:Ogni incontro di due esseri umani al mondo è uno sbranarsi. Vieni con me, io ho la coscienza di questo male e sarai più sicura che con chiunque altro; perchè io faccio del male come tutti lo fanno, ma a differenza degli altri, io ho la mano sicura. ~ Italo Calvino
500:Cold has a thousand ways of moving in the world: on the sea it gallops like a troop of horses, on the countryside it falls like a swarm of locusts, in the cities like a knife-blade it slashes the streets and penetrates the chinks of unheated houses. ~ Italo Calvino


   1 Psychology

1.05 - THE HOSTILE BROTHERS - ARCHETYPES OF RESPONSE TO THE UNKNOWN, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  it we find that all we can really do is rehabilitate it.
  At this point another recent critical observation comes to hand, from Italo Calvinos posthumous Norton
  lectures, also a paradox, but an exhilarating one: Literature remains alive only if we set ourselves immeasurable


--- Overview of noun italo_calvino

The noun italo calvino has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)
1. Calvino, Italo Calvino ::: (Italian writer of novels and short stories (born in Cuba) (1923-1987))

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun italo_calvino

1 sense of italo calvino                        

Sense 1
Calvino, Italo Calvino
   INSTANCE OF=> writer, author
     => communicator
       => person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soul
         => organism, being
           => living thing, animate thing
             => whole, unit
               => object, physical object
                 => physical entity
                   => entity
         => causal agent, cause, causal agency
           => physical entity
             => entity

--- Hyponyms of noun italo_calvino

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun italo_calvino

1 sense of italo calvino                        

Sense 1
Calvino, Italo Calvino
   INSTANCE OF=> writer, author

--- Coordinate Terms (sisters) of noun italo_calvino

1 sense of italo calvino                        

Sense 1
Calvino, Italo Calvino
  -> writer, author
   => abstractor, abstracter
   => alliterator
   => authoress
   => biographer
   => coauthor, joint author
   => commentator, reviewer
   => compiler
   => contributor
   => cyberpunk
   => drafter
   => dramatist, playwright
   => essayist, litterateur
   => folk writer
   => framer
   => gagman, gagster, gagwriter
   => ghostwriter, ghost
   => Gothic romancer
   => hack, hack writer, literary hack
   => journalist
   => librettist
   => lyricist, lyrist
   => novelist
   => pamphleteer
   => paragrapher
   => poet
   => polemicist, polemist, polemic
   => rhymer, rhymester, versifier, poetizer, poetiser
   => scenarist
   => scriptwriter
   => space writer
   => speechwriter
   => tragedian
   => wordmonger
   => word-painter
   => wordsmith
   HAS INSTANCE=> Aiken, Conrad Aiken, Conrad Potter Aiken
   HAS INSTANCE=> Alger, Horatio Alger
   HAS INSTANCE=> Algren, Nelson Algren
   HAS INSTANCE=> Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Anderson, Sherwood Anderson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Aragon, Louis Aragon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Asch, Sholem Asch, Shalom Asch, Sholom Asch
   HAS INSTANCE=> Asimov, Isaac Asimov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Auchincloss, Louis Auchincloss, Louis Stanton Auchincloss
   HAS INSTANCE=> Austen, Jane Austen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Baldwin, James Baldwin, James Arthur Baldwin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Baraka, Imamu Amiri Baraka, LeRoi Jones
   HAS INSTANCE=> Barth, John Barth, John Simmons Barth
   HAS INSTANCE=> Barthelme, Donald Barthelme
   HAS INSTANCE=> Baum, Frank Baum, Lyman Frank Brown
   HAS INSTANCE=> Beauvoir, Simone de Beauvoir
   HAS INSTANCE=> Beckett, Samuel Beckett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Beerbohm, Max Beerbohm, Sir Henry Maxmilian Beerbohm
   HAS INSTANCE=> Belloc, Hilaire Belloc, Joseph Hilaire Peter Belloc
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bellow, Saul Bellow, Solomon Bellow
   HAS INSTANCE=> Benchley, Robert Benchley, Robert Charles Benchley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Benet, William Rose Benet
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bierce, Ambrose Bierce, Ambrose Gwinett Bierce
   HAS INSTANCE=> Boell, Heinrich Boell, Heinrich Theodor Boell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bontemps, Arna Wendell Bontemps
   HAS INSTANCE=> Borges, Jorge Borges, Jorge Luis Borges
   HAS INSTANCE=> Boswell, James Boswell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Boyle, Kay Boyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bradbury, Ray Bradbury, Ray Douglas Bradbury
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bronte, Charlotte Bronte
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bronte, Emily Bronte, Emily Jane Bronte, Currer Bell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bronte, Anne Bronte
   HAS INSTANCE=> Browne, Charles Farrar Browne, Artemus Ward
   HAS INSTANCE=> Buck, Pearl Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bunyan, John Bunyan
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burgess, Anthony Burgess
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burnett, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burroughs, Edgar Rice Burroughs
   HAS INSTANCE=> Burroughs, William Burroughs, William S. Burroughs, William Seward Burroughs
   HAS INSTANCE=> Butler, Samuel Butler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cabell, James Branch Cabell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Caldwell, Erskine Caldwell, Erskine Preston Caldwell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Calvino, Italo Calvino
   HAS INSTANCE=> Camus, Albert Camus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Canetti, Elias Canetti
   HAS INSTANCE=> Capek, Karel Capek
   HAS INSTANCE=> Carroll, Lewis Carroll, Dodgson, Reverend Dodgson, Charles Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cather, Willa Cather, Willa Sibert Cather
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cervantes, Miguel de Cervantes, Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chandler, Raymond Chandler, Raymond Thornton Chandler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chateaubriand, Francois Rene Chateaubriand, Vicomte de Chateaubriand
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cheever, John Cheever
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton, Gilbert Keith Chesterton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Chopin, Kate Chopin, Kate O'Flaherty Chopin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Christie, Agatha Christie, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie
   HAS INSTANCE=> Churchill, Winston Churchill, Winston S. Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill
   HAS INSTANCE=> Clemens, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Mark Twain
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cocteau, Jean Cocteau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle Claudine Colette
   HAS INSTANCE=> Collins, Wilkie Collins, William Wilkie Collins
   HAS INSTANCE=> Conan Doyle, A. Conan Doyle, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Conrad, Joseph Conrad, Teodor Josef Konrad Korzeniowski
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cooper, James Fenimore Cooper
   HAS INSTANCE=> Crane, Stephen Crane
   HAS INSTANCE=> cummings, e. e. cummings, Edward Estlin Cummings
   HAS INSTANCE=> Day, Clarence Day, Clarence Shepard Day Jr.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Defoe, Daniel Defoe
   HAS INSTANCE=> De Quincey, Thomas De Quincey
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dickens, Charles Dickens, Charles John Huffam Dickens
   HAS INSTANCE=> Didion, Joan Didion
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dinesen, Isak Dinesen, Blixen, Karen Blixen, Baroness Karen Blixen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Doctorow, E. L. Doctorow, Edgard Lawrence Doctorow
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dos Passos, John Dos Passos, John Roderigo Dos Passos
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dostoyevsky, Dostoevski, Dostoevsky, Feodor Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Feodor Dostoevski, Fyodor Dostoevski, Feodor Dostoevsky, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevski, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevski, Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dreiser, Theodore Dreiser, Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser
   HAS INSTANCE=> Dumas, Alexandre Dumas
   HAS INSTANCE=> du Maurier, George du Maurier, George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier
   HAS INSTANCE=> du Maurier, Daphne du Maurier, Dame Daphne du Maurier
   HAS INSTANCE=> Durrell, Lawrence Durrell, Lawrence George Durrell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ehrenberg, Ilya Ehrenberg, Ilya Grigorievich Ehrenberg
   HAS INSTANCE=> Eliot, George Eliot, Mary Ann Evans
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ellison, Ralph Ellison, Ralph Waldo Ellison
   HAS INSTANCE=> Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Farrell, James Thomas Farrell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ferber, Edna Ferber
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fielding, Henry Fielding
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
   HAS INSTANCE=> Flaubert, Gustave Flaubert
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fleming, Ian Fleming, Ian Lancaster Fleming
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ford, Ford Madox Ford, Ford Hermann Hueffer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Forester, C. S. Forester, Cecil Scott Forester
   HAS INSTANCE=> France, Anatole France, Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault
   HAS INSTANCE=> Franklin, Benjamin Franklin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Fuentes, Carlos Fuentes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gaboriau, Emile Gaboriau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Galsworthy, John Galsworthy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gardner, Erle Stanley Gardner
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gaskell, Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson Gaskell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Geisel, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. Seuss
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gibran, Kahlil Gibran
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gide, Andre Gide, Andre Paul Guillaume Gide
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gjellerup, Karl Gjellerup
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
   HAS INSTANCE=> Golding, William Golding, Sir William Gerald Golding
   HAS INSTANCE=> Goldsmith, Oliver Goldsmith
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gombrowicz, Witold Gombrowicz
   HAS INSTANCE=> Goncourt, Edmond de Goncourt, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de Goncourt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Goncourt, Jules de Goncourt, Jules Alfred Huot de Goncourt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gordimer, Nadine Gordimer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Gorky, Maksim Gorky, Gorki, Maxim Gorki, Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov, Aleksey Maximovich Peshkov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grahame, Kenneth Grahame
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grass, Gunter Grass, Gunter Wilhelm Grass
   HAS INSTANCE=> Graves, Robert Graves, Robert Ranke Graves
   HAS INSTANCE=> Greene, Graham Greene, Henry Graham Greene
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grey, Zane Grey
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grimm, Jakob Grimm, Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm
   HAS INSTANCE=> Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Wilhelm Karl Grimm
   HAS INSTANCE=> Haggard, Rider Haggard, Sir Henry Rider Haggard
   HAS INSTANCE=> Haldane, Elizabeth Haldane, Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hale, Edward Everett Hale
   HAS INSTANCE=> Haley, Alex Haley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hall, Radclyffe Hall, Marguerite Radclyffe Hall
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hammett, Dashiell Hammett, Samuel Dashiell Hammett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hamsun, Knut Hamsun, Knut Pedersen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hardy, Thomas Hardy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Harris, Frank Harris, James Thomas Harris
   HAS INSTANCE=> Harris, Joel Harris, Joel Chandler Harris
   HAS INSTANCE=> Harte, Bret Harte
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hasek, Jaroslav Hasek
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hawthorne, Nathaniel Hawthorne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hecht, Ben Hecht
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heinlein, Robert A. Heinlein, Robert Anson Heinlein
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heller, Joseph Heller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hesse, Hermann Hesse
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heyse, Paul Heyse, Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse
   HAS INSTANCE=> Heyward, DuBois Heyward, Edwin DuBois Hayward
   HAS INSTANCE=> Higginson, Thomas Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Storrow Higginson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hoffmann, E. T. A. Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann
   HAS INSTANCE=> Holmes, Oliver Wendell Holmes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Howells, William Dean Howells
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hoyle, Edmond Hoyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hughes, Langston Hughes, James Langston Hughes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hunt, Leigh Hunt, James Henry Leigh Hunt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Huxley, Aldous Huxley, Aldous Leonard Huxley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Irving, John Irving
   HAS INSTANCE=> Irving, Washington Irving
   HAS INSTANCE=> Isherwood, Christopher Isherwood, Christopher William Bradshaw Isherwood
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jackson, Helen Hunt Jackson, Helen Maria Fiske Hunt Jackson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jacobs, Jane Jacobs
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jacobs, W. W. Jacobs, William Wymark Jacobs
   HAS INSTANCE=> James, Henry James
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jensen, Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Dr. Johnson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Jong, Erica Jong
   HAS INSTANCE=> Joyce, James Joyce, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kafka, Franz Kafka
   HAS INSTANCE=> Keller, Helen Keller, Helen Adams Keller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kerouac, Jack Kerouac, Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kesey, Ken Kesey, Ken Elton Kesey
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kipling, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Rudyard Kipling
   HAS INSTANCE=> Koestler, Arthur Koestler
   HAS INSTANCE=> La Fontaine, Jean de La Fontaine
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lardner, Ring Lardner, Ringgold Wilmer Lardner
   HAS INSTANCE=> La Rochefoucauld, Francois de La Rochefoucauld
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lawrence, D. H. Lawrence, David Herbert Lawrence
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lawrence, T. E. Lawrence, Thomas Edward Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia
   HAS INSTANCE=> le Carre, John le Carre, David John Moore Cornwell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Leonard, Elmore Leonard, Elmore John Leonard, Dutch Leonard
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lermontov, Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lessing, Doris Lessing, Doris May Lessing
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lewis, C. S. Lewis, Clive Staples Lewis
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, Harry Sinclair Lewis
   HAS INSTANCE=> London, Jack London, John Griffith Chaney
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lowry, Malcolm Lowry, Clarence Malcolm Lowry
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lyly, John Lyly
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lytton, First Baron Lytton, Bulwer-Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mailer, Norman Mailer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Malamud, Bernard Malamud
   HAS INSTANCE=> Malory, Thomas Malory, Sir Thomas Malory
   HAS INSTANCE=> Malraux, Andre Malraux
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mann, Thomas Mann
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mansfield, Katherine Mansfield, Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp
   HAS INSTANCE=> Manzoni, Alessandro Manzoni
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marquand, John Marquand, John Philip Marquand
   HAS INSTANCE=> Marsh, Ngaio Marsh
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mason, A. E. W. Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley Mason
   HAS INSTANCE=> Maugham, Somerset Maugham, W. Somerset Maugham, William Somerset Maugham
   HAS INSTANCE=> Maupassant, Guy de Maupassant, Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mauriac, Francois Mauriac, Francois Charles Mauriac
   HAS INSTANCE=> Maurois, Andre Maurois, Emile Herzog
   HAS INSTANCE=> McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, Mary Therese McCarthy
   HAS INSTANCE=> McCullers, Carson McCullers, Carson Smith McCullers
   HAS INSTANCE=> McLuhan, Marshall McLuhan, Herbert Marshall McLuhan
   HAS INSTANCE=> Melville, Herman Melville
   HAS INSTANCE=> Merton, Thomas Merton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Michener, James Michener, James Albert Michener
   HAS INSTANCE=> Miller, Henry Miller, Henry Valentine Miller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Milne, A. A. Milne, Alan Alexander Milne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mitchell, Margaret Mitchell, Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mitford, Nancy Mitford, Nancy Freeman Mitford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mitford, Jessica Mitford, Jessica Lucy Mitford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Montaigne, Michel Montaigne, Michel Eyquem Montaigne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Montgomery, L. M. Montgomery, Lucy Maud Montgomery
   HAS INSTANCE=> More, Thomas More, Sir Thomas More
   HAS INSTANCE=> Morrison, Toni Morrison, Chloe Anthony Wofford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Munro, H. H. Munro, Hector Hugh Munro, Saki
   HAS INSTANCE=> Murdoch, Iris Murdoch, Dame Jean Iris Murdoch
   HAS INSTANCE=> Musset, Alfred de Musset, Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
   HAS INSTANCE=> Nabokov, Vladimir Nabokov, Vladimir vladimirovich Nabokov
   HAS INSTANCE=> Nash, Ogden Nash
   HAS INSTANCE=> Nicolson, Harold Nicolson, Sir Harold George Nicolson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Norris, Frank Norris, Benjamin Franklin Norris Jr.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Oates, Joyce Carol Oates
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Brien, Edna O'Brien
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Connor, Flannery O'Connor, Mary Flannery O'Connor
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Flaherty, Liam O'Flaherty
   HAS INSTANCE=> O'Hara, John Henry O'Hara
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ondaatje, Michael Ondaatje, Philip Michael Ondaatje
   HAS INSTANCE=> Orczy, Baroness Emmusca Orczy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Orwell, George Orwell, Eric Blair, Eric Arthur Blair
   HAS INSTANCE=> Page, Thomas Nelson Page
   HAS INSTANCE=> Parker, Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Rothschild Parker
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pasternak, Boris Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich Pasternak
   HAS INSTANCE=> Paton, Alan Paton, Alan Stewart Paton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Percy, Walker Percy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Petronius, Gaius Petronius, Petronius Arbiter
   HAS INSTANCE=> Plath, Sylvia Plath
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pliny, Pliny the Elder, Gaius Plinius Secundus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pliny, Pliny the Younger, Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Poe, Edgar Allan Poe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Porter, William Sydney Porter, O. Henry
   HAS INSTANCE=> Porter, Katherine Anne Porter
   HAS INSTANCE=> Post, Emily Post, Emily Price Post
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pound, Ezra Pound, Ezra Loomis Pound
   HAS INSTANCE=> Powys, John Cowper Powys
   HAS INSTANCE=> Powys, Theodore Francis Powys
   HAS INSTANCE=> Powys, Llewelyn Powys
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pyle, Howard Pyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Pynchon, Thomas Pynchon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rand, Ayn Rand
   HAS INSTANCE=> Richler, Mordecai Richler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Roberts, Kenneth Roberts
   HAS INSTANCE=> Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
   HAS INSTANCE=> Roth, Philip Roth, Philip Milton Roth
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Rousseau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Runyon, Damon Runyon, Alfred Damon Runyon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rushdie, Salman Rushdie, Ahmed Salman Rushdie
   HAS INSTANCE=> Russell, George William Russell, A.E.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sade, de Sade, Comte Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, Marquis de Sade
   HAS INSTANCE=> Salinger, J. D. Salinger, Jerome David Salinger
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sand, George Sand, Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, Baroness Dudevant
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sandburg, Carl Sandburg
   HAS INSTANCE=> Saroyan, William Saroyan
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sayers, Dorothy Sayers, Dorothy L. Sayers, Dorothy Leigh Sayers
   HAS INSTANCE=> Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller
   HAS INSTANCE=> Scott, Walter Scott, Sir Walter Scott
   HAS INSTANCE=> Service, Robert William Service
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shaw, G. B. Shaw, George Bernard Shaw
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shelley, Mary Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Mary Godwin Wollstonecraft Shelley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shute, Nevil Shute, Nevil Shute Norway
   HAS INSTANCE=> Simenon, Georges Simenon, Georges Joseph Christian Simenon
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sinclair, Upton Sinclair, Upton Beall Sinclair
   HAS INSTANCE=> Singer, Isaac Bashevis Singer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Smollett, Tobias Smollett, Tobias George Smollett
   HAS INSTANCE=> Snow, C. P. Snow, Charles Percy Snow, Baron Snow of Leicester
   HAS INSTANCE=> Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sontag, Susan Sontag
   HAS INSTANCE=> Spark, Muriel Spark, Dame Muriel Spark, Muriel Sarah Spark
   HAS INSTANCE=> Spillane, Mickey Spillane, Frank Morrison Spillane
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stael, Madame de Stael, Baronne Anne Louise Germaine Necker de Steal-Holstein
   HAS INSTANCE=> Steele, Sir Richrd Steele
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stein, Gertrude Stein
   HAS INSTANCE=> Steinbeck, John Steinbeck, John Ernst Steinbeck
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stendhal, Marie Henri Beyle
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stephen, Sir Leslie Stephen
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sterne, Laurence Sterne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stockton, Frank Stockton, Francis Richard Stockton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stoker, Bram Stoker, Abraham Stoker
   HAS INSTANCE=> Stowe, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Styron, William Styron
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sue, Eugene Sue
   HAS INSTANCE=> Symonds, John Addington Symonds
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Rabindranath Tagore
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tarbell, Ida Tarbell, Ida M. Tarbell, Ida Minerva Tarbell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Thackeray, William Makepeace Thackeray
   HAS INSTANCE=> Thoreau, Henry David Thoreau
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tocqueville, Alexis de Tocqueville, Alexis Charles Henri Maurice de Tocqueville
   HAS INSTANCE=> Toklas, Alice B. Toklas
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy, Count Lev Nikolayevitch Tolstoy
   HAS INSTANCE=> Trollope, Anthony Trollope
   HAS INSTANCE=> Turgenev, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev
   HAS INSTANCE=> Undset, Sigrid Undset
   HAS INSTANCE=> Untermeyer, Louis Untermeyer
   HAS INSTANCE=> Updike, John Updike, John Hoyer Updike
   HAS INSTANCE=> Van Doren, Carl Van Doren, Carl Clinton Van Doren
   HAS INSTANCE=> Vargas Llosa, Mario Vargas Llosa, Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa
   HAS INSTANCE=> Verne, Jules Verne
   HAS INSTANCE=> Vidal, Gore Vidal, Eugene Luther Vidal
   HAS INSTANCE=> Voltaire, Arouet, Francois-Marie Arouet
   HAS INSTANCE=> Vonnegut, Kurt Vonnegut
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wain, John Wain, John Barrington Wain
   HAS INSTANCE=> Walker, Alice Walker, Alice Malsenior Walker
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wallace, Edgar Wallace, Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace
   HAS INSTANCE=> Walpole, Horace Walpole, Horatio Walpole, Fourth Earl of Orford
   HAS INSTANCE=> Walton, Izaak Walton
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ward, Mrs. Humphrey Ward, Mary Augusta Arnold Ward
   HAS INSTANCE=> Warren, Robert Penn Warren
   HAS INSTANCE=> Waugh, Evelyn Waugh, Evelyn Arthur Saint John Waugh
   HAS INSTANCE=> Webb, Beatrice Webb, Martha Beatrice Potter Webb
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wells, H. G. Wells, Herbert George Wells
   HAS INSTANCE=> Welty, Eudora Welty
   HAS INSTANCE=> Werfel, Franz Werfel
   HAS INSTANCE=> West, Rebecca West, Dame Rebecca West, Cicily Isabel Fairfield
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wharton, Edith Wharton, Edith Newbold Jones Wharton
   HAS INSTANCE=> White, E. B. White, Elwyn Brooks White
   HAS INSTANCE=> White, Patrick White, Patrick Victor Martindale White
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wiesel, Elie Wiesel, Eliezer Wiesel
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilde, Oscar Wilde, Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilder, Thornton Wilder, Thornton Niven Wilder
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilson, Sir Angus Wilson, Angus Frank Johnstone Wilson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wilson, Harriet Wilson
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wister, Owen Wister
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wodehouse, P. G. Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe, Thomas Clayton Wolfe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wolfe, Tom Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe, Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr.
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wollstonecraft, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wood, Mrs. Henry Wood, Ellen Price Wood
   HAS INSTANCE=> Woolf, Virginia Woolf, Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wouk, Herman Wouk
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wright, Richard Wright
   HAS INSTANCE=> Wright, Willard Huntington Wright, S. S. Van Dine
   HAS INSTANCE=> Zangwill, Israel Zangwill
   HAS INSTANCE=> Zweig, Stefan Zweig

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