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Confidence (bitachon) :::

Confidence Interval::: A range of values (a1 < a < a2) determined from a sample of definite rules so chosen that, in repeated random samples from the hypothesized population, an arbitrarily fixed proportion of that range will include the true value, x, of an estimated parameter. The limits, a1 and a2, are called confidence limits; the relative frequency with which these limits include a is called the confidence coefficient; and the complementary probability is called the confidence level. As with significance levels, confidence levels are commonly chosen as 0.05 or 0.01, the corresponding confidence coefficients being 0.95 or 0.99. Confidence intervals should not be interpreted as implying that the parameter itself has a range of values; it has only one value, a. On the other hand, the confidence limits (a1, a2) being derived from a sample, are random variables, the values of which on a particular sample either do or do not include the true value a of the parameter. However, in repeated samples, a certain proportion of these intervals will include a provided that the actual population satisfied the initial hypothesis.

Confidence Interval ::: The level of certainty that the true score falls within a specific range. The smaller the range the less the certainty.

Confidence in the Divine and the unshakable certitude of the

Confidence level - A statistical calculation which allows a business t

confidence ::: 1. Full trust or faith in a person or thing. 2. A feeling of assurance, especially of self-assurance.

confidence interval: An interval given as the estimate for a parameter, based on the theoretic value of the parameter given known information, while taking into account of the probability we require the actual parameter to be within the given interval.

confidence: is generally described as a state of being certain, either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct, or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective given the circumstances at the time.

confidence level: The probability with which a parameter should fall within the given confidence interval (Since we can never be certain due to natural variations in our observations.)

confidence limits: The endpoints of a confidence interval.

confidence ::: n. --> The act of confiding, trusting, or putting faith in; trust; reliance; belief; -- formerly followed by of, now commonly by in.
That in which faith is put or reliance had.
The state of mind characterized by one&

confidence region: Same as confidence interval.

confidence test "testing" Tests to confirm that the results of a program lie within certain ranges according to the expected probability distribution. (1997-10-27)

confidence test ::: (testing) Tests to confirm that the results of a program lie within certain ranges according to the expected probability distribution. (1997-10-27)

CONFIDENCE. ::: The sense of security that goes with trust.


1. faith/confidence (P. saddhā)

1. faith/confidence (S. sraddhā; T. dad pa; C. xin 信)

1. Subject to doubt or uncertainty; not fixed, sure, or certain; doubtful. 2. Lacking certainty, assurance, or confidence; not sure, assured, or certainly knowing; uncertain. 3. Marked or characterized by lack of sureness, assurance, or certainty.

(6) a proposition negating the sincerity, rectitude, or existence of motives of human conduct other than selfish or at least negating their significance in human affairs, or a proposition expressing lack of confidence in the worth or hope of success of any one or all of man's enterprises (cynicism), or an attitude, belief, postulate, assumption, assertion, or tendency favoring such propositions, or moroseness, surliness, or pessimism growing out of cynicism or any of the aforesaid attitudes, beliefs, etc. Confusion of cynicism with other conceptions of scepticism may result in great misunderstanding and harm. See Pyrrhonism, agnosticism. -- M.T.K.

a (abhayam, sahasa, atmaslagha, yasholipsa) ::: fearlessness, daring, self-confidence, the urge towards victory (the attributes of the ks.atriya). abhaya abhayam ṁ, ssahasam ahasaṁ, yasolips yasolipsa a, atmasl atmaslagha agha, iti ks ksatratejah . atratejah. (abhayam,

affiance ::: n. --> Plighted faith; marriage contract or promise.
Trust; reliance; faith; confidence. ::: v. t. --> To betroth; to pledge one&

affirm ::: v. t. --> to assert or confirm, as a judgment, decree, or order, brought before an appellate court for review.
To assert positively; to tell with confidence; to aver; to maintain as true; -- opposed to deny.
To declare, as a fact, solemnly, under judicial sanction. See Affirmation, 4. ::: v. i.

All can be done by the Divine — the heart and nature puri- fied, the inner consciousness awakened, the veils removed, — if one gives oneself to the Divine with trust and confidence and even xf one cannot do so fully at once, yet the more one does so, the more the inner help and guidance comes and the experi- ence of the Divine grows nithin. If the questioning mind becomes less active and humility and the will to surrender grow, this ought to be perfectly possible. No other strength and tapasya are then needed, but this alone.

Also note that another common use of the sign to indicate a range (such as a confidence interval is not a strict mathematical use. 45% ± 3%.

anusaMsa. [alt. AnusaMsa; AnusaMsA, etc.] (P. AnisaMsa; T. phan yon; C. gongde/liyi; J. kudoku/riyaku; K. kongdok/iik 功德/利益). In Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit, "blessing," "benefit," "reward," or "advantage" that accrues from leading a virtuous life or performing various types of virtuous actions. In the PAli MAHAPARINIBBANASUTTANTA, for example, while preaching on the benefits of moral rectitude to a gathering of lay disciples in the city of PAtaligAma (see PAtALIPUTRA), the Buddha enumerates five such blessings that a morally upright person can expect to acquire in this lifetime: first, great wealth (bhogakkhandha); second, a good reputation (kittisadda); third, self-confidence (visArada); fourth, a peaceful death (asammulho kAlaM karoti); and fifth, after he dies, a happy rebirth (saggaM lokaM upapajjati). In contrast, a morally dissolute person can expect in this lifetime: first, poverty due to sloth; second, a bad reputation; third, shame in the presence of others; fourth, an anxious death; and fifth, after he dies, an unhappy rebirth. In the so-called graduated discourse (P. ANUPUBBIKATHA), the Buddha also teaches the blessings of renunciation (nekkhamme AnisaMsa) as a prerequisite to understanding the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS. Different lists of five, ten, or eighteen such blessings appear in Sanskrit sources. The PRAJNAPARAMITA literature has long passages praising the merit gained from writing out in book form, reading, memorizing, and generally worshipping the prajNApAramitA as compared, in particular, to worshiping a STuPA containing the relics of a TATHAGATA, and the commentarial literature lists the benefits (anusaMsa) of the BODHISATTVA's path of vision (DARsANAMARGA) when compared with the earlier understanding of the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS.

Asraddhya. [alt. asrAddhya] (P. asaddhA/asaddhiya; T. ma dad pa; C. buxin; J. fushin; K. pulsin 不信). In Sanskrit, "lack of faith," "disbelief." In the roster of seventy-five factors (DHARMA) in the SARVASTIVADA school of ABHIDHARMA, Asraddhya is listed as the fourth of the six major afflicted factors of wide extent (KLEsAMAHABHuMIKA) that are associated with all defiled thoughts and afflictions (KLEsA), together with delusion (MOHA), heedlessness (PRAMADA), indolence (KAUSĪDYA), sloth (STYANA), and restlessness (AUDDHATYA). The YOGACARA school lists it in its roster of a hundred dharmas (C. BAIFA) as the thirteenth of the twenty secondary afflictions (UPAKLEsA). Asraddhya refers to the inability of a person to generate the tacit belief or confidence in a teacher and the doctrines that is necessary to undertake practice in earnest; it has a stronger affective dimension than the intellectual skepticism of the related term doubt (VICIKITSA).

assurance ::: n. --> The act of assuring; a declaration tending to inspire full confidence; that which is designed to give confidence.
The state of being assured; firm persuasion; full confidence or trust; freedom from doubt; certainty.
Firmness of mind; undoubting, steadiness; intrepidity; courage; confidence; self-reliance.
Excess of boldness; impudence; audacity; as, his assurance is intolerable.

assuredness ::: n. --> The state of being assured; certainty; full confidence.

assure ::: v. t. --> To make sure or certain; to render confident by a promise, declaration, or other evidence.
To declare to, solemnly; to assert to (any one) with the design of inspiring belief or confidence.
To confirm; to make certain or secure.
To affiance; to betroth.
To insure; to covenant to indemnify for loss, or to pay a specified sum at death. See Insure.

assuring ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Assure ::: a. --> That assures; tending to assure; giving confidence.

astavimoksa. (P. atthavimokkha; T. rnam par thar pa brgyad; C. ba jietuo; J. hachigedatsu; K. p'al haet'al 八解脱). In Sanskrit, "eight liberations"; referring to a systematic meditation practice for cultivating detachment and ultimately liberation (VIMOKsA). There are eight stages in the attenuation of consciousness that accompany the cultivation of increasingly deeper states of meditative absorption (DHYANA). In the first four dhyAnas of the realm of subtle materiality (RuPAVACARADHYANA), the first three stages entail (1) the perception of materiality (RuPA) in that plane of subtle materiality (S. rupasaMjNin, P. rupasaNNī), (2) the perception of external forms while not perceiving one's own form (S. arupasaMjNin, P. arupasaNNī), and (3) the developing of confidence through contemplating the beautiful (S. subha, P. subha). The next five stages transcend the realm of subtle materiality to take in the four immaterial dhyAnas (ARuPYAVACARADHYANA) and beyond: (4) passing beyond the material plane with the idea of "limitless space," one attains the plane of limitless space (AKAsANANTYAYATANA); (5) passing beyond the plane of limitless space with the idea of "limitless consciousness," one attains the plane of limitless consciousness (VIJNANANANTYAYATANA); (6) passing beyond the plane of limitless consciousness with the idea that "there is nothing," one attains the plane of nothingness (AKINCANYAYATANA); (7) passing beyond the plane of nothingness, one attains the plane of neither perception nor nonperception (NAIVASAMJNANASAMJNAYATANA); and (8) passing beyond the plane of neither perception nor nonperception, one attains the cessation of all perception and sensation (SAMJNAVEDAYITANIRODHA). ¶ The ABHIDHARMASAMUCCAYA and YOGACARABHuMIsASTRA give an explanation of the first three of the eight vimoksas within the larger context of bodhisattvas who compassionately manifest shapes, smells, and so on for the purpose of training others. Bodhisattvas who have reached any of the nine levels (the RuPADHATU, the four subtle-materiality DHYANAs, and four immaterial attainments) engage in this type of practice. In the first vimoksa, they destroy "form outside," i.e., those in the rupadhAtu who have not destroyed attachment to forms (to their own color, shape, smell, and so on) cultivate detachment to the forms they see outside. (Other bodhisattvas who have reached the first dhyAna and so on do this by relaxing their detachment for the duration of the meditation.) In the second vimoksa, they destroy the "form inside," i.e., they cultivate detachment to their own color and shape. (Again, others who have reached the immaterial attainments and have no attachment to their own form relax that detachment for the duration of the meditation.) In the third, they gain control over what they want to believe about forms by meditating on the relative nature of beauty, ugliness, and size. They destroy grasping at anything as having an absolute pleasant or unpleasant identity, and perceive them all as having the same taste as pleasant, or however else they want them to be. These texts finally give an explanation of the remaining five vimoksas, "to loosen the rope of craving for the taste of the immaterial levels."

atmaslagha (atmaslagha; atma slagha) ::: self-affirmation, "the high atmaslagha self-confidence of power, capacity, character and courage indispensable to the man of action", an attribute of the ks.atriya.

atmaslagha ::: self-pride, self-confidence, knowledge of one's own might; with purification it becomes the divine Self within rejoicing in the Shakti of God as it pours itself out through the human adhara.

audacity ::: n. --> Daring spirit, resolution, or confidence; venturesomeness.
Reckless daring; presumptuous impudence; -- implying a contempt of law or moral restraints.

aver ::: n. --> A work horse, or working ox. ::: v. t. --> To assert, or prove, the truth of.
To avouch or verify; to offer to verify; to prove or justify. See Averment.
To affirm with confidence; to declare in a positive

avowable ::: a. --> Capable of being avowed, or openly acknowledged, with confidence.

balaslagha ::: [boasting about (confidence in) one's strength].

Confidence (bitachon) :::

Confidence Interval::: A range of values (a1 < a < a2) determined from a sample of definite rules so chosen that, in repeated random samples from the hypothesized population, an arbitrarily fixed proportion of that range will include the true value, x, of an estimated parameter. The limits, a1 and a2, are called confidence limits; the relative frequency with which these limits include a is called the confidence coefficient; and the complementary probability is called the confidence level. As with significance levels, confidence levels are commonly chosen as 0.05 or 0.01, the corresponding confidence coefficients being 0.95 or 0.99. Confidence intervals should not be interpreted as implying that the parameter itself has a range of values; it has only one value, a. On the other hand, the confidence limits (a1, a2) being derived from a sample, are random variables, the values of which on a particular sample either do or do not include the true value a of the parameter. However, in repeated samples, a certain proportion of these intervals will include a provided that the actual population satisfied the initial hypothesis.

Confidence Interval ::: The level of certainty that the true score falls within a specific range. The smaller the range the less the certainty.

Confidence in the Divine and the unshakable certitude of the

Confidence level - A statistical calculation which allows a business t

belief ::: 1. Confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. 2. Trust or confidence, faith. 3. Something believed; an opinion or conviction. beliefs.

Question: "Sweet Mother, l don"t understand very clearly the difference between faith, belief and confidence.”

Mother: "But Sri Aurobindo has given the full explanation here. If you don"t understand, then. . . He has written ‘Faith is a feeling in the whole being." The whole being, yes. Faith, that"s the whole being at once. He says that belief is something that occurs in the head, that is purely mental; and confidence is quite different. Confidence, one can have confidence in life, trust in the Divine, trust in others, trust in one"s own destiny, that is, one has the feeling that everything is going to help him, to do what he wants to do. Faith is a certitude without any proof. Words of the Mother, MCW Vol. 6.

BELIEF—Confidence in the truth of a proposition which is felt to lack positive proof; acceptance without proof; that which is believed; a creed.

belief ::: n. --> Assent to a proposition or affirmation, or the acceptance of a fact, opinion, or assertion as real or true, without immediate personal knowledge; reliance upon word or testimony; partial or full assurance without positive knowledge or absolute certainty; persuasion; conviction; confidence; as, belief of a witness; the belief of our senses.
A persuasion of the truths of religion; faith.
The thing believed; the object of belief.

believe ::: n. --> To exercise belief in; to credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of, upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by circumstances other than personal knowledge; to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to think; to consider; as, to believe a person, a statement, or a doctrine. ::: v. i.

betray ::: 1. To be false or disloyal to. 2. To lead astray; deceive. 3. To divulge, disclose in a breach of confidence, a secret. 4. To show signs of; reveal; indicate. betrays, betrayed, betraying, moon-betrayed.

betray ::: v. t. --> To deliver into the hands of an enemy by treachery or fraud, in violation of trust; to give up treacherously or faithlessly; as, an officer betrayed the city.
To prove faithless or treacherous to, as to a trust or one who trusts; to be false to; to deceive; as, to betray a person or a cause.
To violate the confidence of, by disclosing a secret, or that which one is bound in honor not to make known.

Bitachon (&

Bodhyanga (Sanskrit) Bodhyaṅga [from bodhi wisdom + aṅga limb, portion, division] Limb or division of essential wisdom; often used collectively to signify the branches of esoteric knowledge or understanding, usually enumerated as seven: 1) smriti (memory); 2) dharma-pravichaya (investigation — hence correct understanding or discrimination of the Law); 3) virya (energy); 4) priti (spiritual joy); 5) prasrabdhi (confidence, tranquillity); 6) samadhi (absorption of the consciousness in a high spiritual and intellectual objective); and 7) upeksha (absolute indifference). Esoterically these correspond to seven states of consciousness (TG 59).

chanda. (T. 'dun pa; C. yu; J. yoku; K. yok 欲). In Sanskrit and PAli, "zeal" or "desire to act"; one of the ten mental factors or mental concomitants (CAITTA) of wide extent (MAHABHuMIKA) that the VAIBHAsIKA school of SARVASTIVADA ABHIDHARMA says accompany all consciousness activity; alternatively, it is listed as one of the five VINIYATA or pratiniyama mental factors of specific application according to the YOGACARA school, and one of the six pakinnaka (miscellaneous) CETASIKAs of the PAli abhidhamma. Chanda plays an important role in motivating all wholesome (and unwholesome) activity, and is particularly important in the cultivation of sAMATHA (serenity or calm abiding). According to the MADHYANTAVIBHAGA, there are eight forces that counteract five hindrances (NĪVARAnA) to reaching samatha. Chanda is called the ground of all eight forces because, based on sRADDHA (faith or confidence), it leads to a resolute effort (vyAyAma) to apply SMṚTI (mindfulness), SAMPRAJANYA (circumspection), and UPEKsA (equanimity) to reach the final goal.

checksum "storage, communications" A computed value which depends on the contents of a block of data and which is transmitted or stored along with the data in order to detect corruption of the data. The receiving system recomputes the checksum based upon the received data and compares this value with the one sent with the data. If the two values are the same, the receiver has some confidence that the data was received correctly. The checksum may be 8 bits (modulo 256 sum), 16, 32, or some other size. It is computed by summing the bytes or words of the data block ignoring {overflow}. The checksum may be negated so that the total of the data words plus the checksum is zero. {Internet} {packets} use a 32-bit checksum. See also {digital signature}, {cyclic redundancy check}. (1996-03-01)

checksum ::: (storage, communications) A computed value which depends on the contents of a block of data and which is transmitted or stored along with the data in with the data. If the two values are the same, the receiver has some confidence that the data was received correctly.The checksum may be 8 bits (modulo 256 sum), 16, 32, or some other size. It is computed by summing the bytes or words of the data block ignoring overflow. The checksum may be negated so that the total of the data words plus the checksum is zero.Internet packets use a 32-bit checksum.See also digital signature, cyclic redundancy check. (1996-03-01)

commend ::: v. t. --> To commit, intrust, or give in charge for care or preservation.
To recommend as worthy of confidence or regard; to present as worthy of notice or favorable attention.
To mention with approbation; to praise; as, to commend a person or an act.
To mention by way of courtesy, implying remembrance and good will.

commune ::: v. i. --> To converse together with sympathy and confidence; to interchange sentiments or feelings; to take counsel.
To receive the communion; to partake of the eucharist or Lord&

communion ::: n. --> The act of sharing; community; participation.
Intercourse between two or more persons; esp., intimate association and intercourse implying sympathy and confidence; interchange of thoughts, purposes, etc.; agreement; fellowship; as, the communion of saints.
A body of Christians having one common faith and discipline; as, the Presbyterian communion.
The sacrament of the eucharist; the celebration of the

compliment ::: n. --> An expression, by word or act, of approbation, regard, confidence, civility, or admiration; a flattering speech or attention; a ceremonious greeting; as, to send one&

confidence ::: 1. Full trust or faith in a person or thing. 2. A feeling of assurance, especially of self-assurance.

confidence interval: An interval given as the estimate for a parameter, based on the theoretic value of the parameter given known information, while taking into account of the probability we require the actual parameter to be within the given interval.

confidence: is generally described as a state of being certain, either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct, or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective given the circumstances at the time.

confidence level: The probability with which a parameter should fall within the given confidence interval (Since we can never be certain due to natural variations in our observations.)

confidence limits: The endpoints of a confidence interval.

confidence ::: n. --> The act of confiding, trusting, or putting faith in; trust; reliance; belief; -- formerly followed by of, now commonly by in.
That in which faith is put or reliance had.
The state of mind characterized by one&

confidence region: Same as confidence interval.

confidence test "testing" Tests to confirm that the results of a program lie within certain ranges according to the expected probability distribution. (1997-10-27)

confidence test ::: (testing) Tests to confirm that the results of a program lie within certain ranges according to the expected probability distribution. (1997-10-27)

CONFIDENCE. ::: The sense of security that goes with trust.

confident ::: 1. Having or showing confidence or certainty; sure. 2. Sure of oneself; having no uncertainty about one"s own abilities, correctness, successfulness, etc.; self-confident; bold.

confidential ::: a. --> Enjoying, or treated with, confidence; trusted in; trustworthy; as, a confidential servant or clerk.
Communicated in confidence; secret.

confidentially ::: adv. --> In confidence; in reliance on secrecy.

confidently ::: adv. --> With confidence; with strong assurance; positively.

confide ::: v. i. --> To put faith (in); to repose confidence; to trust; -- usually followed by in; as, the prince confides in his ministers. ::: v. t. --> To intrust; to give in charge; to commit to one&

courage ::: the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.

credence ::: n. --> Reliance of the mind on evidence of facts derived from other sources than personal knowledge; belief; credit; confidence.
That which gives a claim to credit, belief, or confidence; as, a letter of credence.
The small table by the side of the altar or communion table, on which the bread and wine are placed before being consecrated.
A cupboard, sideboard, or cabinet, particularly one intended for the display of rich vessels or plate, and consisting

credential ::: a. --> Giving a title or claim to credit or confidence; accrediting. ::: n. --> That which gives a title to credit or confidence.
Testimonials showing that a person is entitled to credit, or has right to exercise official power, as the letters given

credible ::: a. --> Capable of being credited or believed; worthy of belief; entitled to confidence; trustworthy.

credit ::: n. --> Reliance on the truth of something said or done; belief; faith; trust; confidence.
Reputation derived from the confidence of others; esteem; honor; good name; estimation.
A ground of, or title to, belief or confidence; authority derived from character or reputation.
That which tends to procure, or add to, reputation or esteem; an honor.

depend ::: v. i. --> To hang down; to be sustained by being fastened or attached to something above.
To hang in suspense; to be pending; to be undetermined or undecided; as, a cause depending in court.
To rely for support; to be conditioned or contingent; to be connected with anything, as a cause of existence, or as a necessary condition; -- followed by on or upon, formerly by of.
To trust; to rest with confidence; to rely; to confide;

Dhammakāya. (Thai, Thammakai). A Buddhist reform movement in Thailand that originated in 1916, when a monk named Luang Phor Sodh is said to have rediscovered a technique of meditation that had been lost since the time of the Buddha. The movement began to gain impetus in 1970, when one of the abbot's disciples, a nun known as Khun Yay Upāsika, founded Wat Phra Dhammakāya. Dhammakāya meditation practice consists of visualizing a small crystal sphere entering one's body through the nasal passage; the sphere settles in the solar plexus and eventually becomes transformed into a crystal image of the Buddha. While engaging in this visualization, the meditator is supposed to focus on the MANTRA "samma arahang." The practice is supposed to culminate in the ability to see a buddha image (the dhammakāya, or "truth body" of the Buddha; see DHARMAKĀYA) inside oneself, an experience compared to tasting NIRVĀnA in the present life. Meditation is the principal Dhammakāya practice, and the organization encourages its followers to meditate twice a day as a way of improving self-confidence and as a tool for success, well being, and fostering family life. Dhammakāya also offers group training courses for adults in the private and public sectors. Devotees dress in white, and temple buildings are simple in design. Dhammakāya is also known for organizing massive ceremonies involving several thousand monks and tens of thousands of laypeople on Buddhist holy days. Rather than following the traditional lunar calendar and practicing on the days of the waning and waxing moon, Dhammakāya practice is held every Sunday, with meditation in the morning, followed by a sermon on topics relevant to the problems and concerns of everyday life. Its adherents are also encouraged to take part in such activities as retreats, youth camps, and massive ordinations for college students during the summer break. The Dhammakāya movement also differs from mainstream Thai Buddhism in that it requires monks to be ordained for life rather than the temporary ordination that is common among Thai laymen. In addition to its massive WAT outside of Bangkok, it has established branches throughout Thailand and overseas. Many Thais, especially intellectuals who support the forest meditation tradition, criticize Dhammakāya for its "direct marketing" type of organization and its quick-fix solutions to complex problems.

dharmānusārin. (P. dhammānusāri; T. chos kyi rjes su 'brang ba; C. suifaxing; J. zuihogyo; K. subophaeng 隨法行). In Sanskrit, "follower of the dharma," one who arrives at a realization of the dharma or truth through his or her own analysis of the teachings; contrasted with "follower of faith" (sRADDHĀNUSĀRIN) whose religious experience is grounded in the faith or confidence in what others tell him about the dharma. The SARVĀSTIVĀDA (e.g., as described in the ABHIDHARMAKOsABHĀsYA) and THERAVĀDA (e.g., VISUDDHIMAGGA) schools of mainstream Buddhism both recognize seven types of noble ones (ĀRYA, P. ariya), listed in order of their intellectual superiority: (1) follower of faith (S. sraddhānusārin; P. saddhānusāri); (2) follower of the dharma (S. dharmānusārin; P. dhammānusāri); (3) one who is freed by faith (S. sRADDHĀVIMUKTA; P. saddhāvimutta); (4) one who has formed right view (S. DṚstIPRĀPTA; P. ditthippatta), by developing both faith and wisdom; (5) one who has bodily testimony (S. KĀYASĀKsIN; P. kāyasakkhi), viz., through the temporary suspension of mentality in the absorption of cessation (NIRODHASAMĀPATTI); (6) one who is freed by wisdom (S. PRAJNĀVIMUKTA; P. paNNāvimutta), by freeing oneself through analysis; and (7) one who is freed both ways (S. UBHAYATOBHĀGAVIMUKTA; P. ubhatobhāgavimutta), by freeing oneself through both meditative absorption and wisdom. According to the Sarvāstivāda VAIBHĀsIKA school of ABHIDHARMA, an ARHAT whose liberation is grounded in faith may be subject to backsliding from that state, whereas those who are dharmānusārin are unshakable (AKOPYA), because they have experienced the knowledge of nonproduction (ANUTPĀDAJNĀNA), viz., that the afflictions (klesa) can never occur again, the complement of the knowledge of extinction (KsAYAJNĀNA). ¶ The Theravāda school, which does not accept this dynamic interpretation of an arhat's spiritual experience, develops a rather different interpretation of these types of individuals. BUDDHAGHOSA explains in his VISUDDHIMAGGA that one who develops faith by contemplating the impermanent nature of things is a follower of faith at the moment of becoming a stream-enterer (sotāpanna; S. SROTAĀPANNA) and is one who is freed by faith at the subsequent moments of the fruition of the path; one who is tranquil and develops concentration by contemplating the impermanent nature of things is one who has bodily testimony at all moments; one who develops the immaterial meditative absorptions (arupajhāna; S. ARuPĀVACARADHYĀNA) is one freed both ways; one who develops wisdom is one who follows the dharma (dhammānusāri) at the moment of entry into the rank of stream-enterer and is one who has formed right view at the subsequent moments of path entry. When one achieves highest spiritual attainment, one is called freed by wisdom. In another classification of six individuals found in the Pāli CulAGOPĀLAKASUTTA, dhammānusāri is given as the fifth type, the other five being the worthy one (arahant; S. ARHAT), nonreturner (anāgāmi; S. ANĀGĀMIN), once-returner (sakadāgāmi; S. SAKṚDĀGĀMIN), stream-enterer (sotāpanna; S. srotaāpanna), and follower of faith (saddhānusāri). The IndriyasaMyutta in the SAMYUTTANIKĀYA also mentions these same six individuals and explains their differences in terms of their development of the five spiritual faculties (INDRIYA): faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom. An arahant has matured the five faculties; a nonreturner has all five faculties, but they are slightly less developed than in the arahant; a once-returner is slightly less developed than a nonreturner; a stream-enterer slightly less than a once-returner; a dhammānusāri slightly less than a stream-enterer; and a saddhānusāri slightly less than a dhammānusāri. The saddhāvimutta and dhammānusāri are also distinguished depending on when they reach higher spiritual attainment: one who is following faith at the moment of accessing the path (maggakkhana) is called saddhāvimutta, one liberated through faith; the other, who is following wisdom, is called dhammānusāri, one who is liberated by wisdom at the moment of attainment (phalakkhana). ¶ The dharmānusārin is also found in the list of the members of the saMgha when it is subdivided into twenty (VIMsATIPRABHEDASAMGHA). Among the dharmānusārin there are candidates for the fruit of stream-enterer (SROTAĀPANNAPRATIPANNAKA), once-returner (SAKṚDĀGĀMIPRATIPANNAKA), and nonreturner (ANĀGĀMIPRATIPANNAKA). The Mahāyāna carries over the division of dharmānusārin and sraddhānusārin into its discussion of the path to enlightenment. The PANCAVIMsATISĀHASRIKĀPRAJNĀPĀRAMITĀ takes the seven types of noble ones (ārya) listed in order of intellectual superiority, and the eight noble beings (stream-enterer and so on) as examples for bodhisattvas at different stages of the path; the dharmānusārin more quickly reaches the AVAIVARTIKA (irreversible) stage, the sraddhānusārin more slowly, based on the development of wisdom (PRAJNĀ) that has forbearance for the absence of any ultimately existing goal to be reached, and skillful means (UPĀYA) that places pride of place on the welfare of others (PARĀRTHA).

diffidence ::: n. --> The state of being diffident; distrust; want of confidence; doubt of the power, ability, or disposition of others.
Distrust of one&

diffident ::: a. --> Wanting confidence in others; distrustful.
Wanting confidence in one&

discard ::: v. t. --> To throw out of one&

discouraged ::: 1. Deprived of courage, hope, or confidence; disheartened; dispirited. 2. Obstructed by opposition or difficulty; hindered. discouraging.

discouragement ::: n. --> The act of discouraging, or the state of being discouraged; depression or weakening of confidence; dejection.
That which discourages; that which deters, or tends to deter, from an undertaking, or from the prosecution of anything; a determent; as, the revolution was commenced under every possible discouragement.

discourage ::: v. t. --> To extinguish the courage of; to dishearten; to depress the spirits of; to deprive of confidence; to deject; -- the opposite of encourage; as, he was discouraged in his undertaking; he need not be discouraged from a like attempt.
To dishearten one with respect to; to discountenance; to seek to check by disfavoring; to deter one from; as, they discouraged his efforts.

distrustful ::: a. --> Not confident; diffident; wanting confidence or thrust; modest; as, distrustful of ourselves, of one&

distrusting ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Distrust ::: a. --> That distrusts; suspicious; lacking confidence in.

distrust ::: lack of trust or confidence.

distrust ::: v. t. --> To feel absence of trust in; not to confide in or rely upon; to deem of questionable sufficiency or reality; to doubt; to be suspicious of; to mistrust. ::: n. --> Doubt of sufficiency, reality, or sincerity; want of confidence, faith, or reliance; as, distrust of one&

dogmatize ::: v. i. --> To assert positively; to teach magisterially or with bold and undue confidence; to advance with arrogance. ::: v. t. --> To deliver as a dogma.

Economic_forecasting ::: is the process of attempting to predict the future condition of the economy using a combination of important and widely followed indicators. Economic forecasting typically tries to come up with a future gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, involving the building of statistical models with inputs of several key variables, or indicators. Some of the primary economic indicators include inflation, interest rates, industrial production, consumer confidence, worker productivity, retail sales and unemployment rates, to name several.

elate ::: a. --> Lifted up; raised; elevated.
Having the spirits raised by success, or by hope; flushed or exalted with confidence; elated; exultant. ::: v. t. --> To raise; to exalt.
To exalt the spirit of; to fill with confidence or

encouragement ::: n. --> The act of encouraging; incitement to action or to practice; as, the encouragement of youth in generosity.
That which serves to incite, support, promote, or advance, as favor, countenance, reward, etc.; incentive; increase of confidence; as, the fine arts find little encouragement among a rude people.

encourage ::: v. t. --> To give courage to; to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope; to raise, or to increase, the confidence of; to animate; enhearten; to incite; to help forward; -- the opposite of discourage.

entire ::: a. --> Complete in all parts; undivided; undiminished; whole; full and perfect; not deficient; as, the entire control of a business; entire confidence, ignorance.
Without mixture or alloy of anything; unqualified; morally whole; pure; faithful.
Consisting of a single piece, as a corolla.
Having an evenly continuous edge, as a leaf which has no kind of teeth.

Error Level ::: The level of accepted error within a given set of data. The greater the error level, the wider the confidence interval.

estrange ::: v. t. --> To withdraw; to withhold; hence, reflexively, to keep at a distance; to cease to be familiar and friendly with.
To divert from its original use or purpose, or from its former possessor; to alienate.
To alienate the affections or confidence of; to turn from attachment to enmity or indifference.

euphoria: a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being sometimes exaggerated in mood disorders as mania.

expect ::: v. t. --> To wait for; to await.
To look for (mentally); to look forward to, as to something that is believed to be about to happen or come; to have a previous apprehension of, whether of good or evil; to look for with some confidence; to anticipate; -- often followed by an infinitive, sometimes by a clause (with, or without, that); as, I expect to receive wages; I expect that the troops will be defeated.
To wait; to stay.

fidiciary ::: a. --> Involving confidence or trust; confident; undoubting; faithful; firm; as, in a fiduciary capacity.
Holding, held, or founded, in trust.

fiducially ::: adv. --> With confidence.

forwardness ::: n. --> The quality of being forward; cheerful readiness; promtness; as, the forwardness of Christians in propagating the gospel.
An advanced stage of progress or of preparation; advancement; as, his measures were in great forwardness.
Eagerness; ardor; as, it is difficult to restrain the forwardness of youth.
Boldness; confidence; assurance; want of due reserve or modesty.

four fearlessnesses/self-confidences. (S. vaisāradya; T. mi 'jigs pa; C. wusuowei 無所畏)

full-hearted ::: a. --> Full of courage or confidence.

Grace (.Divine Grace) ::: Have faith and unshaken confidence. The Divine Grace will do the rest.

hope ::: n. --> A sloping plain between mountain ridges.
A small bay; an inlet; a haven.
A desire of some good, accompanied with an expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable; an expectation of something which is thought to be desirable; confidence; pleasing expectancy.
One who, or that which, gives hope, furnishes ground of expectation, or promises desired good.

:::   "Humility before the Divine is also a sine qua non of the spiritual life, and spiritual pride, arrogance, or vanity and self-assurance press always downward. But confidence in the Divine and a faith in one"s spiritual destiny (i.e. since my heart and soul seek for the Divine, I cannot fail one day to reach Him) are much needed in view of the difficulties of the Path.” Letters on Yoga

“Humility before the Divine is also a sine qua non of the spiritual life, and spiritual pride, arrogance, or vanity and self-assurance press always downward. But confidence in the Divine and a faith in one’s spiritual destiny (i.e. since my heart and soul seek for the Divine, I cannot fail one day to reach Him) are much needed in view of the difficulties of the Path.” Letters on Yoga

implicit ::: a. --> Infolded; entangled; complicated; involved.
Tacitly comprised; fairly to be understood, though not expressed in words; implied; as, an implicit contract or agreement.
Resting on another; trusting in the word or authority of another, without doubt or reserve; unquestioning; complete; as, implicit confidence; implicit obedience.

implicitly ::: adv. --> In an implicit manner; without reserve; with unreserved confidence.
By implication; impliedly; as, to deny the providence of God is implicitly to deny his existence.

incertitude ::: absence of confidence; doubt; uncertainty. incertitudes. ::: Sri Aurobindo: [referring to the line] "The incertitude of man"s proud confident thought.” ::: "‘Uncertainty" would mean that the thought was confident but uncertain of itself, which would be a contradiction. ‘Incertitude" means that its truth is uncertain in spite of its proud confidence in itself.” Letters on Savitri — 1936

In Germany, the movement was initiated by G. W. Leibniz whose writings reveal another motive for the cult of pure reason, i.e. the deep disappointment with the Reformation and the bloody religious wars among Christians who were accused of having forfeited the confidence of man in revealed religion. Hence the outstanding part played by the philosophers of ''natural law", Grotius, S. Pufendorf, and Chr. Thomasius, their theme being advanced by the contributions to a "natural religion" and tolerance by Chr. Wolff, G. E. Lessing, G. Herder, and the Prussian king Frederik II. Fr. v. Schiller's lyric and dramas served as a powerful commendation of ideal freedom, liberty, justice, and humanity. A group of educators (philanthropists) designed new methods and curricula for the advancement of public education, many of them, eg. Pestalozzi, Basedow, Cooper, A. H. Francke, and Fr. A. Wolf, the father of classic humanism, having achieved international recognition. Although in general agreement with th philosophical axioms of foreign enlighteners, the German philosophy decidedly opposed the English sensism (Hume) and French scepticism, and reached its height in Kant's Critiques. The radical rationalism, however, combined with its animosity against religion, brought about strong philosophical, theological, and literal opposition (Hamann, Jacobi, Lavater) which eventually led to its defeat. The ideals of the enlightenment period, the impassioned zeal for the materialization of the ideal man in an ideal society show clearly that it was basically related to the Renaissance and its continuation. See Aufklärung. Cf. J. G. Hibben, The Philosophy of the Enlightenment, 1910. -- S.v.F.

insecurity ::: n. --> The condition or quality of being insecure; want of safety; danger; hazard; as, the insecurity of a building liable to fire; insecurity of a debt.
The state of feeling insecure; uncertainty; want of confidence.

insinuating ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Insinuate ::: a. --> Winding, creeping, or flowing in, quietly or stealthily; suggesting; winning favor and confidence insensibly.

insinuative ::: a. --> Stealing on or into the confidence or affections; having power to gain favor.
Using insinuations; giving hints; insinuating; as, insinuative remark.

intrust ::: v. t. --> To deliver (something) to another in trust; to deliver to (another) something in trust; to commit or surrender (something) to another with a certain confidence regarding his care, use, or disposal of it; as, to intrust a servant with one&

i'tiqād ::: trust, dependence, faith, confidence, belief.

judgment ::: v. i. --> The act of judging; the operation of the mind, involving comparison and discrimination, by which a knowledge of the values and relations of thins, whether of moral qualities, intellectual concepts, logical propositions, or material facts, is obtained; as, by careful judgment he avoided the peril; by a series of wrong judgments he forfeited confidence.
The power or faculty of performing such operations (see 1); esp., when unqualified, the faculty of judging or deciding

kusalamahābhumika. (T. dge ba'i sa mang; C. da shandi fa; J. daizenjiho; K. tae sonji pop 大善地法). In Sanskrit, "wholesome factors of wide extent"; the principal factors (DHARMA) that ground all wholesome activities. In the SARVĀSTIVĀDA ABHIDHARMA system, ten specific forces associated with mentality (CITTASAMPRAYUKTASAMSKĀRA) are identified as accompanying all wholesome activities and therefore are described as "wholesome factors of wide extent." These ten dharma are (1) "confidence" or "faith" (sRADDHĀ), (2) "heedfulness" or "vigilance" (APRAMĀDA), (3) "tranquillity" or "pliancy" (PRAsRABDHI), (4) "equanimity" (UPEKsĀ), (5) "sense of shame" (HRĪ), (6) "fear of blame" (APATRĀPYA), (7) "absence of craving" (ALOBHA), (8) "absence of ill will" (ADVEsA), (9) "absence of harmful intentions" (AHIMSĀ), (10) and "vigor" or "effort" (VĪRYA).

Lower Confidence Limit ::: The lower limit of a confidence interval. If prediction states that the true score falls between 80 and 90, then the lower confidence level is 80.

Mahāsīhanādasutta. (C. Shenmao xishu jing; J. Shinmokijukyo; K. Sinmo hŭisu kyong 身毛喜豎經). In Pāli, the "Great Discourse on the Lion's Roar"; the twelfth sutta in the MAJJHIMANIKĀYA (Sanskrit fragments of small portions of the scripture are extant; no version is included in the Chinese translations of the ĀGAMAs, but there is an independent translation attributed to Weijing titled the Shenmao xishu jing, or "Horripilation Sutra"); preached by the Buddha to Sāriputta (sĀRIPUTRA) in response to criticisms made by Sunakkhatta, a former disciple who charged that the Buddha was not endowed with supranormal powers. The Buddha states that because of his limited capacities, Sunakkhatta was unable to perceive the Buddha's ten powers, four kinds of self-confidence, and the nondecline of his omniscience. He then describes the meritorious deeds that give rise to these powers and the wrong views of the naked JAINA ascetics with whom Sunakkhatta had taken up residence. The Buddha declares that those who claim that the Buddha's insights are simply his own ideas and that he lacks supranormal powers will be reborn in the hells. ¶ A different Mahāsīhanādasutta also appears as the eighth sutta in the Pāli DĪGHANIKĀYA, where it is an alternate title for the KASSAPASĪHANĀDASUTTANTA ("Lion's Roar of Kassapa/Kasyapa"); see KASSAPASĪHANĀDASUTTANTA.

Mahayana Sraddhotpada Sastra (Sanskrit) Mahāyāna Śraddhotpāda-śāstra Usually translated as “The Awakening Faith in Mahayana.” However, the word sraddha means more than simple faith — it means a certainty or confidence based on an unfoldment of inner experience.(FSO 45-6)

Manipura Chakra ::: The "Solar Plexus" chakra that is linked to one's center of self-confidence and achievement. Sometimes viewed as a major chakra, sometimes as more of a secondary chakra. Located around the solar plexus area below the Anahata Chakra and above the Svasthithana Chakra. It is thought to be the seat of the Astral Body and is the location where the Silver Cord, sometimes glimpsed by astral travelers, tethers the Astral Sheath to the Physical Sheath.

misconfident ::: a. --> Having a mistaken confidence; wrongly trusting.

misgive ::: v. t. --> To give or grant amiss.
Specifically: To give doubt and apprehension to, instead of confidence and courage; to impart fear to; to make irresolute; -- usually said of the mind or heart, and followed by the objective personal pronoun.
To suspect; to dread. ::: v. i.

misplace ::: v. t. --> To put in a wrong place; to set or place on an improper or unworthy object; as, he misplaced his confidence.

mistrust ::: n. --> Want of confidence or trust; suspicion; distrust. ::: v. t. --> To regard with jealousy or suspicion; to suspect; to doubt the integrity of; to distrust.
To forebode as near, or likely to occur; to surmise.

morale ::: a. --> The moral condition, or the condition in other respects, so far as it is affected by, or dependent upon, moral considerations, such as zeal, spirit, hope, and confidence; mental state, as of a body of men, an army, and the like.

n. 1. The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. 2. Something that is hoped for or desired. 3. A person or thing that gives cause for hope. hopes, hoping. v. 4. To feel that something desired may happen; to have trust or confidence (in). hopes, hoped, hoping, hopest.

negative emotions: can be described as any feeling which causes you to be miserable and sad. These emotions make you dislike yourself and others, and take away your confidence.

neighbor ::: n. --> A person who lives near another; one whose abode is not far off.
One who is near in sympathy or confidence.
One entitled to, or exhibiting, neighborly kindness; hence, one of the human race; a fellow being. ::: a.

o gauge the extent of its confidence in the results of research

On the other hand, we are morally obligated to help the sick and suffering in the right ways of treating the body, mind, and soul; right because involving the arousing of the patient’s own inner powers of spiritual, moral, and intellectual resistance against the weaknesses in himself. The wrong ways consist in the overpowering — however good the motive of the practitioner may be — of the moral instincts, will, and conscience of the sufferer, thereby rendering him weaker than before. In genuine mesmerism the vital emanation from a pure-minded, unselfish, healthy operator arouses the inert or disordered forces of the diseased organ or body, causing them to vibrate harmoniously and naturally. Thus the sufferer makes himself whole or healthy, and has no bad reaction. The best of all drugless healing methods is where the sufferer is brought into a state of hope, self-confidence, and the higher kind of resignation bringing peace and inner quiet, all of which works in harmony with the body’s natural resources of health and healing. This is the kind of faith-cure used by Jesus and others of similar spiritual and intellectual stature.

overconfidence ::: n. --> Excessive confidence; too great reliance or trust.

Overstay ::: refers to the act of holding an investment for too long. It often occurs when traders attempt to time the market by identifying the end of a price trend and the beginning of a new one, but, due to greed, fear or overconfidence, tend to overstay their positions. This usually results in reduced gains or, worse, further losses.

overtrust ::: n. --> Excessive confidence. ::: v. t. & i. --> To trust too much.

pamful, first, because it is obscure and docs not understand and, secondly, because there arc parts of it that want to be left to their crude notions and not to change. That is why the inter- vention of a psychic attitude is so heJpfuI. For the psychic has the happy confidence, the ready understanding and response, the spontaneous surrender ; it knows that the touch of the Guru is meant to help and not to hurt, or, like Radha in the poem, that whatever the Beloved does is meant to lead to the Divine

Panic_selling ::: refers to wide-scale selling of an investment, causing a sharp decline in price. In most instances of panic selling, investors just want to get out of the investment, with little regard for the price at which they sell.  BREAKING DOWN 'Panic Selling'   Panic selling can be caused by various factors. It can also range in severity. In some instances, panic selling may also be known as a selloff.  Panic Selling Catalysts  Panic selling is often triggered by an event that significantly decreases investor confidence in a stock. Events can be related to a variety of factors including sales growth, revenue levels, earnings, management changes or decisions, and more. Initial selling of an investment is typically triggered by decreased strength in its fundamentals. Further losses can accumulate from price point levels that trigger programmed market trading from stop loss orders. (See also: How to Profit from Panic Selling) A significant factor in panic selling can be irrational exuberance or highly emotional trading. These trades can be driven by fear, market sentiment and overreaction to news that may only have short-term affects.  Most major stock exchanges will use trading curbs and halts to limit panic selling. This allows people to digest information on why the selling is occurring. It also limits the downside losses an investor can incur in a single day and restores some degree of normalcy to the market.  Financial Market Selloffs  Selloffs are also a common occurrence in the financial markets that may be typically less severe than dramatic panic selling. In a selloff a particular sector may see widespread selling due to the negative press from only a few companies. Selloffs also occur broadly across the market when trends in various asset classes are reported. For example, higher yielding Treasuries can lead to a selloff in equities.  Opportunities in Losses  In some cases, panic selling and broad market selloffs can create buying opportunities. This is especially true when selling is caused by short-term indicators or uncertainty. Markets are often extremely volatile and views on unfolding events can alter the outlook drastically from day to day.  Many market traders watch for selling opportunities that may make the investment more attractive at its lower price. In technical analysis, the Exhausted Selling Model is one technique traders can use to identify the price trading trough for which a reversal is likely to follow. Prices will go through a number of phases as they descend from panic selling so this model relies on following a stock’s downward trend and skillfully identifying the trough buying opportunity.

perfidious ::: a. --> Guilty of perfidy; violating good faith or vows; false to trust or confidence reposed; teacherous; faithless; as, a perfidious friend.
Involving, or characterized by, perfidy.

phacker "communications, security" A telephone system {cracker}. A phacker may attempt to gain unauthorised access to a phone system in order to make free or untraceable calls or he may disrupt, alter or illegally tap phone systems via computer. The disruptions may include causing a phone line to be engaged so no calls go in or out, redirecting outgoing or incoming calls, as well as listening to actual calls made. Phackers are frequently confidence tricksters or phone freaks (nuisance callers who can only relate to other people by phone). Phackers are sometimes employed by illegal enterprises to conduct business using untraceable calls, or to disrupt, or follow legal authorities' investigations. Phackers interventions may be lethal to the person being phacked. A phacker may be a phone company employee, or usually, ex-employee who specialises in illegal phone system disruption, alteration or tapping via physically altering installations. A phacker is generally considered to be a socially and intellectually retarded cracker. See {Captain Crunch}. (1998-08-09)

phacker ::: (communications, security) A telephone system cracker. A phacker may attempt to gain unauthorised access to a phone system in order to make free or untraceable calls or he may disrupt, alter or illegally tap phone systems via computer.The disruptions may include causing a phone line to be engaged so no calls go in or out, redirecting outgoing or incoming calls, as well as listening to actual calls made.Phackers are frequently confidence tricksters or phone freaks (nuisance callers who can only relate to other people by phone). Phackers are sometimes employed disrupt, or follow legal authorities' investigations. Phackers interventions may be lethal to the person being phacked.A phacker may be a phone company employee, or usually, ex-employee who specialises in illegal phone system disruption, alteration or tapping via physically altering installations. A phacker is generally considered to be a socially and intellectually retarded cracker.See Captain Crunch. (1998-08-09)

positiveness ::: n. --> The quality or state of being positive; reality; actualness; certainty; confidence; peremptoriness; dogmatism. See Positive, a.

prepossessing ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Prepossess ::: a. --> Tending to invite favor; attracting confidence, favor, esteem, or love; attractive; as, a prepossessing manner.

presumptuous ::: a. --> Full of presumption; presuming; overconfident or venturesome; audacious; rash; taking liberties unduly; arrogant; insolent; as, a presumptuous commander; presumptuous conduct.
Founded on presumption; as, a presumptuous idea.
Done with hold design, rash confidence, or in violation of known duty; willful.

privity ::: a. --> Privacy; secrecy; confidence.
Private knowledge; joint knowledge with another of a private concern; cognizance implying consent or concurrence.
A private matter or business; a secret.
The genitals; the privates.
A connection, or bond of union, between parties, as to some particular transaction; mutual or successive relationship to the same rights of property.

quality assurance "testing" (QA) A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the product optimally fulfils customers' expectations, i.e. that it is problem-free and well able to perform the task it was designed for. The QA of a commercial product usually involves {alpha testing}, where an early version of the product is tested at the developer's site, and is then improved accordingly. Then, an almost complete version of the product is made available for {beta testing} by (selected) real users. Faults identified during beta testing should be fixed before the product is released for full scale manufacturing and distribution. (2001-04-21)

quality assurance ::: (testing) (QA) A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the product optimally fulfils customers' expectations, i.e. that it is problem-free and well able to perform the task it was designed for.The QA of a commercial product usually involves alpha testing, where an early version of the product is tested at the developer's site, and is then improved should be fixed before the product is released for full scale manufacturing and distribution.(2001-04-21)

quote :::Devotion requires an ideal, and the ideal of the Sufis is the God-ideal. They attain to this ideal by a gradual process. They first take bayat, initiation, from the hand of one whose presence gives them confidence that he will be a worthy counselor in life and a guide on the path as yet untrodden...

reassured ::: restored confidence to.

reassure ::: v. t. --> To assure anew; to restore confidence to; to free from fear or terror.
To reinsure.

recommend ::: v. t. --> To commend to the favorable notice of another; to commit to another&

Recurrence of doubts ::: In the nature of these recurrences there is usually a constant return of the same adverse experiences, the same adverse resistance, thoughts destructive of all belief and faith and confidence in the future of the sadhana, frustrating doubts of what one has known as the truth, urgings to abandon- ment of the yoga or to other disastrous counsels of decheance.

Reliability - 1. in auditing, confidence that the financial records have been properly prepared and that accounting procedures and internal controls are correctly functioning. Or 2. in financial accounting theory, term describing information that is reasonably free from error and bias and accurately presents the facts. Verifiabilityexists when a reconstruction of financial data, following acceptable accounting practices, results in the same actual results previously attained; further, two accountants working independently will come up with similar results. Or 3. probability that a product or process will perform satisfactorily over a period of time under specified operating conditions.

reliance ::: n. --> The act of relying, or the condition or quality of being reliant; dependence; confidence; trust; repose of mind upon what is deemed sufficient support or authority.
Anything on which to rely; dependence; ground of trust; as, the boat was a poor reliance.

relied ::: placed one"s faith or confidence in. relying.

rely ::: v. i. --> To rest with confidence, as when fully satisfied of the veracity, integrity, or ability of persons, or of the certainty of facts or of evidence; to have confidence; to trust; to depend; -- with on, formerly also with in.

retund ::: v. t. --> To blunt; to turn, as an edge; figuratively, to cause to be obtuse or dull; as, to retund confidence.

sādhumatī. (T. legs pa'i blo gros; C. shanhui di; J. zen'eji; K. sonhye chi 善慧地). In Sanskrit, "auspicious intellect," the ninth of the ten bodhisattva BHuMIs. A list of ten stages (DAsABHuMI) is most commonly enumerated, deriving from the DAsABHuMIKASuTRA ("Sutra on the Ten Bhumis"), a sutra that is later subsumed into the massive scriptural compilation, the AVATAMSAKASuTRA. The first bhumi coincides with the attainment of the path of vision (DARsANAMĀRGA) and the remaining nine to the path of cultivation (BHĀVANĀMĀRGA). Together with the eighth and tenth bhumis, this is one of the three "pure bhumis," because at the end of the seventh bhumi, the bodhisattva has abandoned all afflictions (KLEsA), and is devoted to destroying the remaining obstructions (ĀVARAnA). On this bhumi, the bodhisattva practices the ninth of the ten perfections, the perfection of power (BALAPĀRAMITĀ). This stage is called "auspicious intellect" because at this stage the bodhisattva gains a special understanding of the dharma, which allows him to teach others without error. This special understanding comes from his attainment of the four analytical knowledges (PRATISAMVID). By means of the analytical knowledge of phenomena or factors (dharmapratisaMvid; see DHARMA), he gains a thorough knowledge of the specific characteristics of all phenomena. By means of the analytical knowledge of meanings (arthapratisaMvid; see ARTHA), he gains a thorough knowledge of the categories of all phenomena. Through the analytical knowledge of etymology (niruktipratisaMvid; see NIRUKTI) he gains perfect facility in language so that he can teach without confusing doctrines. With the analytical knowledge of eloquence (pratibhānapratisaMvid; see PRATIBHĀNA), he is able to inspire others with his words. Another explanation says that through dharmapratisaMvid, the bodhisattva knows the words in the twelve branches of the Buddha's teaching (dharma); through arthapratisaMvid, he knows the content or meaning of the twelve branches of the Buddha's teaching (DVĀDAsĀnGA [PRAVACANA]); through niruktipratisaMvid, he knows the languages of each region (nirukti); and through pratibhānapratisaMvid, he possesses the above three knowledges and thus has confidence to teach others. The bodhisattva remains on this stage as long as he is unable to display the land, retinue, and emanations of a buddha, make full use of the qualities of a buddha, and bring sentient beings to spiritual maturity.

safety ::: n. --> The condition or state of being safe; freedom from danger or hazard; exemption from hurt, injury, or loss.
Freedom from whatever exposes one to danger or from liability to cause danger or harm; safeness; hence, the quality of making safe or secure, or of giving confidence, justifying trust, insuring against harm or loss, etc.
Preservation from escape; close custody.
Same as Safety touchdown, below.

sahasam, yasholipsa, atmaslagha, iti kshatratejah) ::: fearlessness, daring, the urge towards victory, self-confidence: these express the energy of the ks.atriya temperament.

sanfen kejing. (J. sanbunkakyo; K. sambun kwagyong 三分科經). In Chinese, "threefold division of a scripture," an exegetical technique developed by the pioneering scholiast and cataloguer DAO'AN (312-385) to analyze a specific SuTRA's narrative structure. Dao'an's scriptural commentaries posited the following three major sections that were common to all sutras: (1) the prefatory setting (C. xufen; S. nidāna), which specifies the time and place where the sutra was delivered; (2) the "text proper" (zhengzongfen), viz., the main body of the sutra, which relates the doctrines and practices that were the subject of the discourse; and (3) the "dissemination section" (liutongfen; S. parīndanā), which describes the confidence and insight the scripture inspired in its audience. This schema was frequently employed in subsequent scriptural exegesis of most of the major scholastic schools of East Asian Buddhism and is still widely used even today. See also NETTIPPAKARAnA; PEtAKOPADESA; VYĀKHYĀYUKTI; WUZHONG XUANYI.

saptadhana. (P. sattadhana; T. nor bdun; C. qi cai; J. shichizai; K. ch'il chae 七財). In Sanskrit, "seven kinds of riches [in the dharma]." They are: (1) faith or confidence (sRADDHĀ), (2) vigor or effort (VĪRYA), (3) virtue or moral restraint (sĪLA), (4) sense of shame (HRĪ) and fear of blame (APATRĀPYA), (5) listening to or learning the dharma (lit. "hearing," sruta), (6) relinquishment (PRAHĀnA), and (7) the wisdom arising from meditative training (BHĀVANĀMAYĪPRAJNĀ).

satisfactory ::: a. --> Giving or producing satisfaction; yielding content; especially, relieving the mind from doubt or uncertainty, and enabling it to rest with confidence; sufficient; as, a satisfactory account or explanation.
Making amends, indemnification, or recompense; causing to cease from claims and to rest content; compensating; atoning; as, to make satisfactory compensation, or a satisfactory apology.

secret ::: a. --> Hidden; concealed; as, secret treasure; secret plans; a secret vow.
Withdraw from general intercourse or notice; in retirement or secrecy; secluded.
Faithful to a secret; not inclined to divulge or betray confidence; secretive.
Separate; distinct.
Something studiously concealed; a thing kept from general

security ::: 1. Freedom from doubt, risk, danger, or fear. 2. Freedom from doubt; confidence, assurance. 3. Something that gives or assures safety.

security ::: n. --> The condition or quality of being secure; secureness.
Freedom from apprehension, anxiety, or care; confidence of power of safety; hence, assurance; certainty.
Hence, carelessness; negligence; heedlessness.
Freedom from risk; safety.
That which secures or makes safe; protection; guard; defense.
Something given, deposited, or pledged, to make certain

self-confidence ::: n. --> The quality or state of being self-confident; self-reliance.

self-distrust ::: n. --> Want of confidence in one&

self-sufficient ::: a. --> Sufficient for one&

siMhanāda. (P. sīhanāda; T. seng ge'i nga ro; C. shizi hu; J. shishiku; K. saja hu 師子吼). In Sanskrit, "lion's roar," a phrase commonly used to describe the teaching of the Buddha or his disciples. It is said that when the lion roars in the forest, all other animals become silent and listen; in the same way, the Buddha's proclamation of the DHARMA silences all non-Buddhist teachers (TĪRTHIKA), who are afraid to challenge him. The Buddha is often compared to a lion, the king of beasts: "lion among men" (S. narasiMha) is an epithet of the Buddha, the Buddha's seat is called the lion's throne (SIMHĀSANA), and his walk is called the lion's gait (siMhavikrānta). According to the Pāli commentaries, there are two kinds of lion's roar: that of the Buddha and that of his disciples. The former applies specifically to those cases in which the Buddha proclaims his own attainments or the power of the dharma. The latter refers to those cases when disciples announce their attainment of the rank of ARHAT and their subsequent inspiriational teachings. The Buddha declared that PIndOLA-BHĀRADVĀJA was the foremost lion-roarer (siMhanādin) among his disciples. These utterances are described as a lion's roar in the ĀGAMAs and Pāli NIKĀYAs because of their incontrovertible veracity, boundless self-confidence, and ability to inspire others to urgency in their practice. Just as the lion's roar may horrify other creatures, a lion's roar may also instill fear in lesser beings, such as teachings on impermanence that strike fear into the hearts of long-lived divinities (DEVA) who mistakenly presume they are immortal. One of the best-known siMhanāda in the literature (as recorded, e.g., in the NIDĀNAKATHĀ), is the lion's roar that GAUTAMA is said to have uttered immediately after his birth. Pointing to heaven and earth, he took seven steps and said: "I am the chief of the world." The term figures prominently in Buddhist literature, as in the MAHĀSĪHANĀDASUTTA and the CulASĪHANĀDASUTTA of the MAJJHIMANIKĀYA, and in the sRĪMĀLĀDEVĪSIMHANĀDASuTRA. It also occurs in the names of deities, such as Lokesvara SiMhanāda, a form of AVALOKITEsVARA.

skepticism ::: n. --> An undecided, inquiring state of mind; doubt; uncertainty.
The doctrine that no fact or principle can be certainly known; the tenet that all knowledge is uncertain; Pyrrohonism; universal doubt; the position that no fact or truth, however worthy of confidence, can be established on philosophical grounds; critical investigation or inquiry, as opposed to the positive assumption or assertion of certain principles.

slagha ::: praise, celebration; self-assertion; confidence.

slippery ::: a. --> Having the quality opposite to adhesiveness; allowing or causing anything to slip or move smoothly, rapidly, and easily upon the surface; smooth; glib; as, oily substances render things slippery.
Not affording firm ground for confidence; as, a slippery promise.
Not easily held; liable or apt to slip away.
Liable to slip; not standing firm.
Unstable; changeable; mutable; uncertain; inconstant;


sraddha. ::: earnestness; faith; faith in the scriptures and the Guru; confidence or assurance that arises from personal experience

sraddhā. (P. saddhā; T. dad pa; C. xin; J. shin; K. sin 信). In Sanskrit, "faith" or "confidence," a term that encompasses also the sense of "belief." Faith has a wide range of meanings in Buddhism, ranging from a kind of mental clarity and positive disposition toward the Buddha (which is often attributed to an encounter with a buddha or with the bodhisattva in a former life), to a sense of conviction about the efficacy of the Buddhist path (MĀRGA), to a commitment to follow that path. In addition to its cognitive dimensions, which will be described more fully below, faith also has important conative and affective dimensions that are frequently recounted in Buddhist literature. The conative is suggested in the compulsion towards alms-giving (DĀNA), as described for example in encounters with previous buddhas in the Pāli APADĀNA, or in the pilgrim's encounter with an object of devotion. The affective can be seen, perhaps most famously, in Ānanda's affection-driven attachment to the Buddha, which is described as a result of his deep devotion to, and faith in, the person of the Buddha. These multiple aspects of faith find arguably their fullest expression in the various accounts of the story of the Buddha's ARHAT disciple VAKKALI, who is said to have been completely enraptured with the Buddha and is described as foremost among his monk disciples in implicit faith. In the ABHIDHARMA, faith is listed as the first of the ten major omnipresent wholesome factors (KUsALAMAHĀBHuMIKA) in the seventy-five dharmas list of the SARVĀSTIVĀDA school and as a virtuous (KUsALA) mental factor (CAITTA) in the hundred-dharmas roster (BAIFA) of the YOGĀCĀRA school and in the Pāli abhidhamma. Faith is one of the foundational prerequisites of attainment, and its cognitive dimensions are described as a clarity of mind required for realization, as conviction that arises from the study of the dharma, and as a source of aspiration that encourages one to continue to develop the qualities of enlightenment. Faith is listed as the first of the five spiritual faculties (INDRIYA), together with diligence (VĪRYA), mindfulness (SMṚTI), concentration (SAMĀDHI), and wisdom (PRAJNĀ). The faculty of faith is usually considered to be the direct counteragent (PRATIPAKsA) of ill-will (DVEsA), not of doubt (VICIKITSĀ), demonstrating its affective dimension. Faith generates bliss (PRĪTI), by which brings about serenity of mind and thought; in addition, faith also produces self-confidence, engendering the conative characteristic of diligence (vīrya). Faith and wisdom (prajNā) were to be kept constantly counterpoised by the faculty of mindfulness (smṛti). By being balanced via mindfulness, faith would guard against excessive wisdom, which could lead to skepticism, while wisdom would protect against excessive faith, which could lead to blind, uncritical acceptance. Thus faith, in the context of the spiritual faculties, is a tacit acceptance of the soteriological value of specific beliefs, until such time as those beliefs are verified through practice and understood through one's own insight. There are four main soteriological objects of faith: (1) the efficacy of moral cause and effect (viz., KARMAN) and the prospect of continued rebirth (PUNARJANMAN) based on one's actions; (2) the core teachings about the conditioned nature of the world, such as dependent origination (PRATĪTYASAMUTPĀDA) and the three marks of existence (TRILAKsAnA), viz., impermanence (ANIYATA), suffering (DUḤKHA), nonself (ANĀTMAN); (3) the three jewels (RATNATRAYA) of the Buddha, DHARMA, and SAMGHA; and (4) the general soteriological outline of the path (MĀRGA) and the prospect of release from affliction through the experience of NIRVĀnA.

Sri Aurobindo: "Confidence — the sense of security that goes with trust.” Letters on Yoga

staggered ::: fig. Began to lose confidence or strength of purpose; wavered.

Statistical sampling – Is the method based on the assumption that, within a given confidence level and allowance for sampling risk, a randomly selected sample of items from a population will reflect the same characteristics that occur in the population.

Statistical Significance ::: The statistical significance determined by using appropriate standard techniques of statistical analysis with results interpreted at the stated confidence level and based on data relating species which are present in sufficient numbers at control areas to permit a valid statistical comparison with the areas being tested.

Subhasuttanta. (C. Yingwu jing; J. omukyo; K. Aengmu kyong 鸚鵡經). In Pāli, "Discourse to Subha"; tenth sutta of the DĪGHANIKĀYA (a related Pāli recension is included as the ninety-ninth sutra of the MAJJHIMANIKĀYA and a separate SARVĀSTIVĀDA recension as the 152nd sutra in the Chinese translation of the MADHYAMĀGAMA); preached by Ānanda at Sāvatthi (S. sRĀVASTĪ) to the brāhmana Subha Todeyyaputta shortly after the Buddha's demise. In content that is very similar to the SĀMANNAPHALASUTTANTA (S. srāmanyaphalasutra), Subha invites Ānanda to tell him what things the Buddha extolled, what he inspired others to follow, and what he established others in. Ānanda responds that there were three bodies, or categories, of things which the Buddha extolled, inspired others to follow, and established them in. These were the noble body of morality (P. ariyasīlakkhandha, S. āryasīlaskandha), the noble body of concentration (P. ariyasamādhikkhandha, S. āryasamādhiskandha), and the noble body of wisdom (P. ariyapaNNākkhandha, S. āryaprajNāskandha). Under the noble body of morality (sĪLA), Ānanda enumerates the following points: the appearance of the Buddha in the world, understanding his teachings and entering the Buddhist order, training in the restraint of action and speech, and observance of minor points of morality, all of which leads to an absence of fear and a confidence of heart. Under the noble body of concentration (SAMĀDHI), he enumerates guarding the senses, mindfulness, contentment with little, freedom from the five hindrances, joy and peace of mind, and the four meditative absorptions (P. JHĀNA, S. DHYĀNA). Under the noble body of wisdom (PRAJNĀ), he enumerates insight into the conditioned nature and impermanence of body and mind, the power to conjure up mind-made bodies (MANOMAYAKĀYA), knowledge of the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS, and destruction of the contaminants (P. āsava, S. ĀSRAVA).

SUNLIT PATH ::: There Is a sunlit path as well as a gloomy one and It Is the better of the two — a path In which one goes forward In absolute reliaoce on the Mother, fearing ootWng, sorrowing over nothing. Aspiration is needed but there can be a sunlit aspiration full of light and faith and confidence and joy.

test-driven development "programming, testing" (TDD) An iterative {software development} process where each iteration consists of the developer writing an automated {test case} for an unimplemented improvement or function, then producing code to pass that test and finally {refactoring} the code to acceptable standards. {Kent Beck}, who is credited with having developed or "rediscovered" the technique, stated in 2003 that TDD encourages simple designs and inspires confidence. TDD is related to the humourous definition of programming as the process of {debugging an empty file}. (2012-05-01)

The core of the inner surrender is trust and confidence in the

"There is a sunlit path as well as a gloomy one and it is the better of the two — a path in which one goes forward in absolute reliance on the Mother, fearing nothing, sorrowing over nothing. Aspiration is needed but there can be a sunlit aspiration full of light and faith and confidence and joy. If difficulty comes, even that can be faced with a smile.” Letters on Yoga

“There is a sunlit path as well as a gloomy one and it is the better of the two—a path in which one goes forward in absolute reliance on the Mother, fearing nothing, sorrowing over nothing. Aspiration is needed but there can be a sunlit aspiration full of light and faith and confidence and joy. If difficulty comes, even that can be faced with a smile.” Letters on Yoga

The strongest attitude to take is to regard these things as what they really are ::: incursions of dark forces from outside taking advantage of certain openings in the physical mind or the vital part, but not a real part of oneself or spontaneous creation in one’s own nature. To create a confusion and darkness in the physical mind and to throw into it or awake in it mistaken ideas, dark thoughts, false impressions is a favourite method of these assailants, and if they can get the support of this mind from over-confidence in its own correctness or the natural rightness of its impressions and inferences, then they can have a field-day until the true mind reasserts itself and blows the clouds away.

The Tathāgata's self-confidence derives from:

Those feeling do not really help, on the contrary, they are an immense obstacle and hamper the progress. They belong to the reli^ous, not to the yopc mentality. The yo^ should look on all the defects of the nature calmly, firmly and persistently with full confidence in the Divine Power — without weakness or dep- ression or negligence and without excitement, impatience or violence.

timid ::: lacking self-confidence; shy.

traitor ::: n. --> One who violates his allegiance and betrays his country; one guilty of treason; one who, in breach of trust, delivers his country to an enemy, or yields up any fort or place intrusted to his defense, or surrenders an army or body of troops to the enemy, unless when vanquished; also, one who takes arms and levies war against his country; or one who aids an enemy in conquering his country. See Treason.
Hence, one who betrays any confidence or trust; a

treacherous ::: 1. Marked by betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust; perfidious. 2. Dangerous or deceptive; not to be relied on; not dependable or trustworthy.

treachery ::: n. --> Violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence; treasonable or perfidious conduct; perfidy; treason.

treachery ::: willful betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust; perfidy. Treachery"s, treacheries.

treason ::: n. --> The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power; disloyalty; treachery.
Loosely, the betrayal of any trust or confidence; treachery; perfidy.

Troy, Trojans Since Schliemann rediscovered at Hissarlik the several superincumbent sites of ancient Troy, there has been increasing reason for placing confidence in the historicity of what have been regarded as fables. The Trojan War, for instance, is now known to be a historical fact, although according to The Secret Doctrine it should be dated much earlier than the 1200 BC or so at present allowed by archaeology. In Isis Unveiled the Homeric account of this war is described as a Greek counterpart of the Ramayana. Allegory and fact are curiously mixed in such narrations, but it is well known that mythoi were originally and intentionally built on a basis of former factual occurrences.

trust in, confidence in, depending upon; trust in God, resignation to the Divine Will.

trust ::: n. 1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. 2. The condition and resulting obligation of having confidence placed in one. 3. A person or thing in which confidence or faith is placed. v. 4. To have or place reliance; depend on someone or something; have faith in. trusted, trusting.

trust ::: n. --> Assured resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle, of another person; confidence; reliance; reliance.
Credit given; especially, delivery of property or merchandise in reliance upon future payment; exchange without immediate receipt of an equivalent; as, to sell or buy goods on trust.
Assured anticipation; dependence upon something future or contingent, as if present or actual; hope; belief.

trustworthy ::: a. --> Worthy of trust or confidence; trusty.

trusty ::: superl. --> Admitting of being safely trusted; justly deserving confidence; fit to be confided in; trustworthy; reliable.
Hence, not liable to fail; strong; firm.
Involving trust; as, a trusty business.

Ugra. (P. Ugga; T. Drag shul can; C. Yuqie; J. Ikuga/Ikuka; K. Ukka 郁伽). An eminent lay disciple of the Buddha whom he declared to be foremost among laymen who give pleasant gifts. According to the Pāli accounts, where he is known as Ugga, he was a householder who lived in Vesāli (S. VAIsĀLĪ). He became a stream-enterer (SROTAĀPANNA) when he saw the Buddha the first time and later became a nonreturner (ANĀGĀMIN). He vowed to give to the Buddha and his followers whatever they found most agreeable. The Buddha, reading his mind, appeared before him, whereupon he provided them with a sumptuous meal and communicated his intentions to the Buddha. The list of favorite things included rice cakes in the shape of sāla flowers, pork, and Kāsī cloth. He was possessed of six special qualities: steadfast confidence in the Buddha, his teachings, and the order, noble conduct, insight, and liberation. Ugga declared that there were eight wonderful things that happened to him and that he did in this life. The list is similar to what is found in the story of UDGATA and concludes with the freedom he achieved from the five lower fetters (SAMYOJANA) that bind living beings to the cycle of existence: belief in the existence of the body as a real person (P. sakkāyaditthi; S. SATKĀYADṚstI), doubt about the efficacy of the path (P. vicikicchā; S. VICIKITSĀ), clinging to the rules and rituals (P. sīlabbataparāmāsa; S. sĪLAVRATAPARĀMARsA), sensuous craving (KĀMARĀGA), and ill will (VYĀPĀDA). When Ugga died, he was reborn in the realm of subtle materiality (RuPALOKA) among the divinities who project mind-made bodies (MANOMAYAKĀYA). He visited the Buddha and informed him that he had attained arhatship in that existence.

unbosom ::: v. t. --> To disclose freely; to reveal in confidence, as secrets; to confess; -- often used reflexively; as, to unbosom one&

“‘Uncertainty’ would mean that the thought was confident but uncertain of itself, which would be a contradiction. ‘Incertitude’ means that its truth is uncertain in spite of its proud confidence in itself.” Letters on Savitri—1936

unconfidence ::: n. --> Absence of confidence; uncertainty; doubt.

unfaithful ::: a. --> Not faithful; not observant of promises, vows, allegiance, or duty; violating trust or confidence; treacherous; perfidious; as, an unfaithful subject; an unfaithful agent or servant.
Not possessing faith; infidel.

Upper Confidence Level ::: The upper limit of a confidence interval. If prediction states that the true score falls between 80 and 90, then the upper confidence level is 90.

vaisāradya. (P. vesārajja; T. mi 'jigs pa; C. wusuowei; J. mushoi; K. musooe 無所畏). In Sanskrit, "self-confidence," or "fearlessness"; one of the qualities of all buddhas, generally enumerated (with some variants) as four: (1) the confidence that he is fully enlightened with regard to all phenomena, (2) the confidence that he has destroyed all contamination, (3) the confidence that he has correctly identified all obstacles to liberation, and (4) the confidence that all marvelous qualities are achieved through the path.

Vatthupamasutta. (C. Shuijing fanzhi jing; J. Suijobonjikyo; K. Sujong pomji kyong 水淨梵志經). In Pāli, the "The Simile of the Cloth Discourse"; the seventh sutta in the MAJJHIMANIKĀYA (a separate SARVĀSTIVĀDA recension appears as the ninety-third SuTRA in the Chinese translation of the MADHYAMĀGAMA, as well as an unidentified recension in the Chinese translation of the EKOTTARĀGAMA); preached by the Buddha to a group of disciples in the JETAVANA grove in the town of Sāvatthi (S. sRĀVASTĪ). The Buddha describes the difference between a pure mind and a defiled mind by citing the example of cloth: just as only a clean cloth will absorb dye properly, so only a pure mind will be receptive to the dharma. The Buddha then lists a set of seventeen imperfections that defile the mind, which the monk must learn to abandon in order to gain confidence in the three jewels (RATNATRAYA) and ultimately liberation.

VīmaMsakasutta. (C. Qiujie jing; J. Gugekyo; K. Kuhae kyong 求解經). In Pāli, "Discourse on Investigation"; the forty-seventh sutta in the MAJJHIMANIKĀYA (a separate SARVĀSTIVĀDA recension appears as the 186th SuTRA in the Chinese translation of the MADHYAMĀGAMA); delivered by the Buddha to a gathering of monks in the JETAVANA grove at the town of Sāvatthi (sRĀVASTĪ). In this sutta, the Buddha describes specific means by which it may be determined whether or not the TATHĀGATA has in fact attained buddhahood. He directs the inquirer to rely on what he has seen and heard to determine whether the tathāgata possesses any defiled states, mixed states, or impure states; whether he possesses wholesome states; and whether he is free from the dangers of renown and fame, free from fear and sexual passion, and free from contempt for others due to their failings. Finally the Buddha states that the monk gains true confidence in the three jewels (RATNATRAYA) by learning the Buddha's teachings and confirming their truth through direct experience born of practice.

vimoksa. (P. vimokkha; T. rnam par thar pa; C. jietuo; J. gedatsu; K. haet'al 解). In Sanskrit, "liberation" or "deliverance"; the state of freedom from rebirth, achieved by the sRĀVAKA, PRATYEKABUDDHA, or BODHISATTVA paths (MĀRGA). In mainstream Buddhist literature, this liberation is said to be of three types, corresponding to the three "doors to deliverance" (VIMOKsAMUKHA): (1) emptiness (sUNYATĀ), (2) signlessness (ĀNIMITTA), and (3) wishlessness (APRAnIHITA). Another set of eight grades of liberation (vimoksa) is associated with the attainment of meditative absorption (DHYĀNA). In Pāli sources, these grades refer to eight levels in the extension of consciousness that accompany the cultivation of increasingly more advanced states of dhyāna (P. JHĀNA). The eight grades are (1) the perception of material form (RuPA) while remaining in the subtle-materiality realm; (2) the perception of external material forms while not perceiving one's own form; (3) the development of confidence through contemplating the beautiful; (4) passing beyond the material plane with the idea of "limitless space," one attains the plane of limitless space (ĀKĀsĀNANTYĀYATANA), the first level of the immaterial realm; (5) passing beyond the plane of limitless space with the idea of "limitless consciousness," one attains the plane of limitless consciousness (VIJNĀNĀNANTYĀYATANA); (6) passing beyond the plane of limitless consciousness with the idea "there is nothing," one attains the plane of nothingness (ĀKINCANYĀYATANA); (7) passing beyond the plane of nothingness one attains the plane of neither perception nor nonperception (NAIVASAMJNĀNĀSAMJNĀYATANA); and (8) passing beyond the plane of neither perception nor nonperception one attains the cessation of consciousness (viz., NIRODHASAMĀPATTI). In the Mahāyāna ABHIDHARMA, it is said that the first two grades enable bodhisattvas to manifest different forms for the sake of others, the third controls their attitude toward those forms (by seeing that beauty and ugliness are relative), and the remaining five enable them to live at ease in order to help others.

wantrust ::: n. --> Failing or diminishing trust; want of trust or confidence; distrust.

Whatever defects there arc would go much sooner, if you did not harp on them too much ; for by dwelling on them so much you lose confidence in yourself and in your power of openness to the Force — which is there all the same — and put unneces- sary difficulties in the way of its working-

wish ::: v. t. --> To have a desire or yearning; to long; to hanker.
To desire; to long for; to hanker after; to have a mind or disposition toward.
To frame or express desires concerning; to invoke in favor of, or against, any one; to attribute, or cal down, in desire; to invoke; to imprecate.
To recommend; to seek confidence or favor in behalf of.

yiqing. (J. gijo; K. ŭijong 疑情). In Chinese, lit. the "sensation of doubt," or simply "doubt"; a feeling of puzzlement and sense of questioning that is a crucial factor in the meditation technique of "questioning meditation" (KANHUA CHAN) as systematized by DAHUI ZONGGAO (1089-1163). In the kanhua technique, doubt refers to the puzzlement and perplexity that the meditator feels when trying to understand the conundrum that is the GONG'AN (public case) or HUATOU (meditative topic). This doubt arises from the inability to understand the significance of the huatou through rational thought. This loss of confidence in one's conceptual and intellectual faculties releases the mind from the false sense of security engendered through habitual ways of thinking, creating a feeling of frustration that is often compared to "a mosquito trying to bite an iron ox." The meditator's sense of self ultimately becomes so identified with the huatou that the intense pressure created by the doubt "explodes" (C. po), freeing the mind from the personal point of view that is the self. Hence, by cutting off conceptualization and producing a state of intense concentration, the sensation of doubt helps to impel meditation forward toward the experience of awakening (WU). The term "sensation of doubt" was not coined by Dahui. One of its earliest usages is in the enlightenment poem of Luohan Guichen (867-928), the teacher of FAYAN WENYI (885-958), which describes enlightenment as shattering the "ball of doubt" (YITUAN). Dahui's grandteacher, WUZU FAYAN (d. 1104), also taught his students to keep the great ball of doubt. But it was Dahui who put doubt at the core of his interpretation of kanhua Chan meditation; for him, the sensation of doubt becomes an effective antidote to conceptual thinking as well as the force that drives the student forward toward enlightenment. The Chinese term yi is also used as the translation for the Sanskrit term VICIKITSĀ, or skeptical doubt, which was one of the five hindrances (NĪVARAnA) to meditative absorption (DHYĀNA). But rather than being viewed as it had been in India as a hindrance, in Dahui's interpretation doubt instead plays a crucial role in the meditative process.

Zhi Qian. (J. Shi Ken; K. Chi Kyom 支謙) (fl. c. 220-252). Prolific earlier translator of Buddhist texts into Chinese. A descendant of an Indo-Scythian émigré from the KUSHAN kingdom in the KASHMIR-GANDHĀRA region of northwest India, Zhi Qian is said to have been fluent in six languages. Although never ordained as a monk, Zhi Qian studied under the guidance of Zhi Liang (d.u.), a disciple of the renowned Indo-Scythian translator LOKAKsEMA (fl. c. 178-198 CE). Zhi Qian fled northern China in the political chaos that accompanied the collapse of the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE), eventually migrating to the Wu Kingdom in the south. There, he settled first in Wuchang and later in the Wu capital of Jianye, which was where the majority of his translations appear to have been made. Zhi Qian was known to have been artistically talented, and many of his translations were noted for their fluent style that did not strive to adhere to the exact meaning of each word and phrase, but instead sought to convey the insights of the text in an accessible fashion for a Chinese audience. The fifty-three translations that are attributed to Zhi Qian range widely between ĀGAMA and didactic materials and early MAHĀYĀNA scriptural literature, but also include many spurious later attributions (see APOCRYPHA). Among the translations that may with confidence be ascribed to Zhi Qian are early renderings of the VIMALAKĪRTINIRDEsA, the PUSA BENYE JING, the SUKHĀVATĪVYuHASuTRA, the AstASĀHASRIKĀPRAJNĀPĀRAMITĀ, and a primitive recension of the AVATAMSAKASuTRA. Zhi Qian is also presumed to be one of the first Buddhist commentators in the East Asian tradition: DAO'AN (314-385) states in his scriptural catalogue ZONGLI ZHONGJING MULU (now embedded in the CHU SANZANG JIJI) that Zhi Qian wrote a commentary to the sĀLISTAMBASuTRA (C. Liaoben shengsi jing) while preparing its translation. Late in his life, Zhi Qian retired to Mt. Qionglong, where he is said to have passed away at the age of sixty.

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1:Have confidence in your ability to make the best of anything." ~ Ryan Holiday,
2:Confident people fail all the time. You just need to have the confidence to keep trying." ~ Mel Robbins,
3:You feel depressed because your faith is lukewarm. You must cultivate self-confidence. ~ Swami Saradananda,
4:Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. ~ Confucius,
5:Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace." ~ Confucius,
6:Prayers should be full of confidence without sorrow or lamenting. ~ Sri Aurobindo,
7:Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." ~ Helen Keller,
8:A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. ~ Brian Tracy,
9:With confidence we shall advance; with certitude we shall wait. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
10:Have confidence, I am near you.
With all my tender love. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother I, [T5],
11:Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. ~ Baruch Spinoza,
12:In sorrow and suffering, go straight to God with confidence, and you will be strengthened, enlightened and instructed. ~ Saint John of the Cross,
13:The best way of meeting difficulties is a quiet and calm confidence in the Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
14:Keep courage in spite of all difficulties. You are sure to reach the goal, and the more you keep confidence, the quicker it will come. ~ Mother Mirra,
15:There is a great power in the simple confidence of a child. With my blessings.
   ~ The Mother, Mantras Of The Mother, November 17th,
16:Any advice?

   Be steady and confident.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Elements of Yoga, Faith and the Divine Grace, Confidence,
17:In rest shall you be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be your strength. ~ Anonymous, The Bible, Isaiah, XXX, the Eternal Wisdom
18:Believe in your self! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble, but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy." ~ Norman Vincent Peale,
19:If you have faith and confidence, it is not the human form of the guru that you worship, but the Supreme Lord who manifests through him. ~ The Mother,
20:Confidence in help from outside brings with it distress. Only self-confidence gives force and joy. ~ Fo-tho-hing-tsang-king, the Eternal Wisdom
21:Have great confidence in God's goodness and mercy, and He will never abandon you; but don't neglect to embrace His holy cross because of this. ~ Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina,
22:Acquire the habit of speaking to God as if you were alone with Him, familiarly and with confidence and love, as to the dearest and most loving of friends. ~ Saint Alphonsus Ligouri,
23:In the present growing conflict what should be our attitude?

   Faith and total confidence in the Divine's Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
24:Even if things are not as they ought to be, worry does not help to make them better. A quiet confidence is the source of strength.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
25:Intense aspiration is always good, but let there also be calm and peace and joy in the mind and heart, and a confidence that all will be done in its due time. ~ SriAurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II,
26:The Divine is the perfection towards which we move. And if you like, I shall lead you to Him very willingly. Have confidence.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, "The Divine" and "Man",
27:It is when all seems lost that all can be saved. When you have lost confidence in your personal power, then you should have faith in the Divine Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
28:But you should have all the more confidence in your heavenly Mother! Look, with Me, at the times in which you are living and you will see the signs of my extraordinary intervention." ~ Our Lady to Father Stefano Gobbi ,
29:...everything really depends on the Divine Grace and we should look towards the future with confidence and serenity, at the same time progressing as fast as we can.
   ~ The Mother, On Thoughts And Aphorisms,
30:The builder Reason lost her confidence
In the successful sleight and turn of thought
That makes the soul the prisoner of a phrase. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, In the Self of Mind,
31:The Grace and the help are always there for all who aspire for them and their power is limitless when received with faith and confidence.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Faith in the Divine Grace and Help,
32:Have confidence in yourself! The mind must be made steady. Analyze it and find out if it wants what is right or if it is only trying to deceive you. As you continue to analyze in this manner, you will gain confidence in yourself. ~ Swami Turiyananda,
33:And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him. ~ Anonymous, The Bible, 1 John, 5:14-15,
34:'In order for an individual to consciously let go of a thing, he must have something that he feels is stronger to which he can anchor. As students become conscious of this, the confidence and strength will come to them to take the step.'
   ~ Saint Germain, The I am discourses,
35:The heart of our Divine Master has no more amiable law than that of sweetness, humility, charity. Often place your confidence in Divine Providence and be assured that sooner heaven and earth shall pass away than that the Lord neglect to protect you. ~ Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina,
36:There is no allegiance possible where there is no character in the leader, and perfect purity ensures the most lasting allegiance and confidence. There must not be a hade of jealousy or selfishness, then you are a leader. ~ Swami Vivekananda, (C.W. VI. 284),
37:Jul 9 First thing you should learn is how to be still physically. Take one month for stilling the body. You will find that you are able to easily arrest the twitching, tremors, & jerks. When the body is still, you will find great joy & confidence. Learn to enjoy that stillness.~ Swami Rama,
38:You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
39:Our Father: at this name love is aroused in us . . . and the confidence of obtaining what we are about to ask.... What would he not give to his children who ask, since he has already granted them the gift of being his children? ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
40:It has often and confidently been asserted, that man's origin can never be known: but ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. ~ Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man,
41:Someday you'll find the right person, and you'll learn to have a lot more confidence in yourself. That's what I think. So don't settle for anything less. In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It's important to combine the two in just the right amount. ~ Haruki Murakami,
42:True strength of will is calm; in calmness it is persevering so that it does not become discouraged by momentary lack of success or by any wounds received. No one is conquered until he has given up the struggle. And he who works for the Lord puts his confidence in God and not in himself. ~ Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, The Three Ages of the Interior Life: Prelude of Eternal Life,
43:Have confidence in the Mother and be sure that the liberation from these things will surely come. What the soul feels is the sign of the spiritual destiny as of the spiritual need. What opposes is a remnant of the nature of the human ignorance. Our help will be there with you fully to overcome it. 27 February 1935
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother,
44:If we are demoralized, sad and only complain, we'll not solve our problems. If we only pray for a solution, we'll not solve our problems. We need to face them, to deal with them without violence, but with confidence - and never give up. If you adopt a non-violent approach, but are also hesitant within, you'll not succeed. You have to have confidence and keep up your efforts - in other words, never give up. ~ Dalai Lama,
45:The guru is the equal of all the buddhas. To make any connection with him, whether through seeing him, hearing his voice, remembering him or being touched by his hand, will lead us toward liberation. To have full confidence in him is the sure way to progress toward enlightenment. The warmth of his wisdom and compassion will melt the ore of our being and release the gold of the buddha-nature within. ~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche,
46:It is when the contact with the psychic being is established that the heart feels this strange heaviness, the heaviness of all that is still in the Nature preventing the complete union with the soul - and this heaviness brings always tears in the eyes - but the tears are sweet and the heaviness itself is sweet if one keeps quiet and concentrated, turning inwards with surrender and confidence.
   ~ The Mother, White Roses,
47:I feel sincerely that I want the Divine and nothing else. But when I am in contact with other people, when I am busy with things without any value, I naturally forget the Divine, my one goal. Is it insincerity? If not, then what does it mean?

   Yes. It is insincerity of the being, in which one part wants the Divine and another part wants something else. It is through ignorance and stupidity that the being is insincere. But with a persevering will and an absolute confidence in the Divine Grace, one can cure this insincerity.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
48:Faith in its essence is a light in the soul which turns towards the truth even when the mind doubts or the vital revolts or the physical consciousness denies it. When this extends itself to the instruments, it becomes a fixed belief in the mind, a sort of inner knowledge which resists all apparent denial by circumstances or appearances, a complete confidence, trust, adhesion in the vital and in the physical consciousness, an invariable clinging to the truth in which one has faith even when all is dark around and no cause of hope seems to be there. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II,
49:The obstacles that we may face include having expectations, lack of self-confidence, indifference, and unwholesome distractions and activities. If we keep entertaining these negative acts and not believing in ourselves, thinking, "I'm not doing the practice well enough," "I'm not capable," "Everything is fated, so why should I try?"-at best, these acts and thoughts will divert us from our goal and slow down our spiritual progress. At worst, indulging in distractions, unwholesome activities, and negative attitudes will drag us on the wrong track and slowly lead us into the worst possible way of living, destroying all the possible fruits that this amazing human life could bring us.~ Tulku Thondup,
50:Sweet Mother,
   It is much easier for me to approach You than to approach Sri Aurobindo. Why? You are all that Sri Aurobindo is for us, as well as a divine and loving Mother. So is it necessary to try to establish the same relation with him?
   You yourself have answered your own question. I am for you a mother who is very close to you, who loves and understands you; that is why it is easy for you to approach me with a loving confidence, without fear and without hesitation. Sri Aurobindo is always there to help you and guide you; but it is natural that you should approach Him with the reverence due to the Master of Yoga. 3 July 1960
   ~ The Mother, Some Answers From The Mother, 243,
51:The ego cannot see where it is being led; it revolts against the leading, loses confidence, loses courage. These failings would not matter; for the divine Guide within is not offended by our revolt, not discouraged by our want of faith or repelled by our weakness; he has the entire love of the mother and the entire patience of the teacher. But by withdrawing our assent from the guidance we lose the consciousness, though not all the actuality-not, in any case, the eventuality -of its benefit. And we withdraw our assent because we fail to distinguish our higher Self from the lower through which he is preparing his self-revelation.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, The Four Aids, 64,
52:Happy is the man who can recognize in the work of to-day a connected portion of the work of life and an embodiment of the work of Eternity. The foundations of his confidence are unchangeable, for he has been made a partaker of Infinity. He strenuously works out his daily enterprises because the present is given him for a possession.
   Thus ought man to be an impersonation of the divine process of nature, and to show forth the union of the infinite with the finite, not slighting his temporal existence, remembering that in it only is individual action possible, nor yet shutting out from his view that which is eternal, knowing that Time is a mystery which man cannot endure to contemplate until eternal Truth enlighten it. ~ James Clerk Maxwell,
53:Faith :::
One must say, "Since I want only the Divine, my success is sure, I have only to walk forward in all confidence and His own Hand will be there secretly leading me to Him by His own way and at His own time." That is what you must keep as your constant mantra. Anything else one may doubt but that he who desires only the Divine shall reach the Divine is a certitude and more certain than two and two make four. That is the faith every sadhak must have at the bottom of his heart, supporting him through every stumble and blow and ordeal. It is only false ideas still casting their shadows on your mind that prevent you from having it. Push them aside and the back of the difficulty will be broken. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II,
54:From the start, every practice requires three steps: learning, reflection, and application. To begin with, we need to receive the teachings in an authentic way. Real learning involves gaining understanding about an instruction. To do this we need to hear it clearly from someone who is part of a living tradition, who has a true transmission for the teaching, and who can pass it on clearly.

Having received the teaching, we then need to reflect upon it for ourselves. We need to gain some confidence and conviction about the value and methods of the teaching.

Finally we need to put the teaching to use by familiarizing ourselves with the practice and integrating it into our life. I want to stress this: after understanding a teaching intellectually and establishing it with certainty, it is vital to clear up any misconceptions and doubts you may have about it. Then you must make use of it in a very personal and intimate way, by practising. This is where any teaching becomes effective - by actually practising it, not simply knowing about it.
~ Adeu Rinpoche,
55:It is necessary to observe and know the wrong movements in you; for they are the source of your trouble and have to be persistently rejected if you are to be free.
But do not be always thinking of your defects and wrong movements. Concentrate more upon what you are to be, on the ideal, with the faith that, since it is the goal before you, it must and will come.
To be always observing faults and wrong movements brings depression and discourages the faith. Turn your eyes more to the coming Light and less to any immediate darkness. Faith, cheerfulness, confidence in the ultimate victory are the things that help, - they make the progress easier and swifter. Make more of the good experiences that come to you; one experience of the kind is more important than the lapses and failures. When it ceases, do not repine or allow yourself to be discouraged, but be quiet within and aspire for its renewal in a stronger form leading to still deeper and fuller experience. Aspire always, but with more quietude, opening yourself to the Divine simply and wholly. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - IV,
56:Q: What is the right attitude to stick on to this path till the Supramental Truth is realised?

"A: There is the psychic condition and sincerity and devotion to the Mother."

What is "the psychic condition"?

The psychic condition? That means being in relation with one's psychic, I suppose, being governed by one's psychic being.

Sweet Mother, I don't understand very clearly the difference between faith, belief and confidence.

But Sri Aurobindo has given the full explanation here. If you don't understand, then...

He has written "Faith is a feeling in the whole being."

The whole being, yes. Faith, that's the whole being at once. He says that belief is something that occurs in the head, that is purely mental; and confidence is quite different. Confidence - one can have confidence in life, trust in the Divine, trust in others, trust in one's own destiny, that is, one has the feeling that everything is going to help him, to do what he wants to do.

Faith is a certitude without any proof.

Mother, on what does faith depend?

Probably on Divine Grace. Some people have it spontaneously. There are others who need to make a great effort to have it.
~ The Mother, Question and Answers, Volume-6, page no.120,
57:Sometimes when an adverse force attacks us and we come out successful, why are we attacked once again by the same force?
   Because something was left inside. We have said that the force can attack only when there is something which responds in the nature - however slight it may be. There is a kind of affinity, something corresponding, there is a disorder or an imperfection which attracts the adverse force by responding to it. So, if the attack comes, you must keep perfectly quiet and send it back, but it does not necessarily follow that you have got rid of that small part in you which allows the attack to come.
   You have something in you which attracts this force; take, for example (it is one of the most frequent things), the force of depression, that kind of attack of a wave of depression that falls upon you: you lose confidence, you lose hope, you have the feeling you will never be able to do anything, you are cast down.
   It means there is in your vital being something which is naturally egoistic, surely a little vain, which needs encouragement to remain in a good state. So it is like a little signal for those forces which intimates to them: "You can come, the door is open." But there is another part in the being that was watching when these forces arrived; instead of allowing them to enter, the part which... ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1953,
58:10000 :::
   The Only Way Out:

... Once you have no more desires, no more attachments, once you have given up all necessity of receiving a reward from human beings, whoever they are - knowing that the only reward that is worth getting is the one that comes from the Supreme and that never fails - once you give up attachment to all exterior beings and things, you at once feel in your heart this Presence, this Force, this Grace that is always with you. And there is no other remedy. It's the only remedy, for everybody without exception. To all those who suffer, for the same thing that has to be said: all suffering is the sign that the surrender is not total. Then, when you feel in you a 'bang' like that, instead of saying, 'Oh, this is bad' or 'This circumstance is difficult,' you say, 'My surrender is not perfect.' Then it's all right. And then you feel the Grace that helps you and leads you, and you go on. And one day you emerge into that peace that nothing can trouble.
You answer to all the contrary forces, the contrary movements, the attacks, the misunderstandings, the bad wills, with the same smile that comes from full confidence in the Divine Grace. And that is the only way out, there is no other.

But where to get such a strength?

   Within you. The Divine Presence is in you. It is in you. You look for it outside; look inside. It is in you. The Presence is there. You want the appreciation of others to get strength - you will never get it. The strength is in you. If you want, you can aspire for what seems to you the supreme goal, supreme light, supreme knowledge, supreme love. But it is in you - otherwise you would never be able to contact it. If you go deep enough inside you, you will find it there, like a flame that is always burning straight up. And don't believe that it is difficult to do. It is because the look is always turned outside that you don't feel the Presence. But if, instead of looking outside for support, you concentrate and you pray - inside, to the supreme knowledge - to know at each moment what is to be done, the way to do it, and if you give all you are, all you do in order to acquire perfection, you will feel that the support is always there, always guiding, showing the way. And if there is a difficulty, then instead of wanting to fight, you hand it over, hand it over to the supreme wisdom to deal with it - to deal with all the bad wills, all the misunderstandings, all the bad reactions. If you surrender completely, it is no more your concern: it's the concern of the Supreme who takes it up and knows better than anybody else what is to be done. That is the only way out, only way out. There, my child
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III, [T1],
   As an inner equality increases and with it the sense of the true vital being waiting for the greater direction it has to serve, as the psychic call too increases in all the members of our nature, That to which the call is addressed begins to reveal itself, descends to take possession of the life and its energies and fills them with the height, intimacy, vastness of its presence and its purpose. In many, if not most, it manifests something of itself even before the equality and the open psychic urge or guidance are there. A call of the veiled psychic element oppressed by the mass of the outer ignorance and crying for deliverance, a stress of eager meditation and seeking for knowledge, a longing of the heart, a passionate will ignorant yet but sincere may break the lid that shuts off that Higher from this Lower Nature and open the floodgates. A little of the Divine Person may reveal itself or some Light, Power, Bliss, Love out of the Infinite. This may be a momentary revelation, a flash or a brief-lived gleam that soon withdraws and waits for the preparation of the nature; but also it may repeat itself, grow, endure. A long and large and comprehensive working will then have begun, sometimes luminous or intense, sometimes slow and obscure. A Divine Power comes in front at times and leads and compels or instructs and enlightens; at others it withdraws into the background and seems to leave the being to its own resources. All that is ignorant, obscure, perverted or simply imperfect and inferior in the being is raised up, perhaps brought to its acme, dealt with, corrected, exhausted, shown its own disastrous results, compelled to call for its own cessation or transformation or expelled as worthless or incorrigible from the nature. This cannot be a smooth and even process; alternations there are of day and night, illumination and darkness, calm and construction or battle and upheaval, the presence of the growing Divine Consciousness and its absence, heights of hope and abysses of despair, the clasp of the Beloved and the anguish of its absence, the overwhelming invasion, the compelling deceit, the fierce opposition, the disabling mockery of hostile Powers or the help and comfort and communion of the Gods and the Divine Messengers. A great and long revolution and churning of the ocean of Life with strong emergences of its nectar and its poison is enforced till all is ready and the increasing Descent finds a being, a nature prepared and conditioned for its complete rule and its all-encompassing presence. But if the equality and the psychic light and will are already there, then this process, though it cannot be dispensed with, can still be much lightened and facilitated: it will be rid of its worst dangers; an inner calm, happiness, confidence will support the steps through all the difficulties and trials of the transformation and the growing Force profiting by the full assent of the nature will rapidly diminish and eliminate the power of the opposing forces. A sure guidance and protection will be present throughout, sometimes standing in front, sometimes working behind the veil, and the power of the end will be already there even in the beginning and in the long middle stages of the great endeavour. For at all times the seeker will be aware of the Divine Guide and Protector or the working of the supreme Mother-Force; he will know that all is done for the best, the progress assured, the victory inevitable. In either case the process is the same and unavoidable, a taking up of the whole nature, of the whole life, of the internal and of the external, to reveal and handle and transform its forces and their movements under the pressure of a diviner Life from above, until all here has been possessed by greater spiritual powers and made an instrumentation of a spiritual action and a divine purpose. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, The Ascent of the Sacrifice - 2, 179,
60:I have never been able to share your constantly recurring doubts about your capacity or the despair that arises in you so violently when there are these attacks, nor is their persistent recurrence a valid ground for believing that they can never be overcome. Such a persistent recurrence has been a feature in the sadhana of many who have finally emerged and reached the goal; even the sadhana of very great Yogis has not been exempt from such violent and constant recurrences; they have sometimes been special objects of such persistent assaults, as I have indeed indicated in Savitri in more places than one - and that was indeed founded on my own experience. In the nature of these recurrences there is usually a constant return of the same adverse experiences, the same adverse resistance, thoughts destructive of all belief and faith and confidence in the future of the sadhana, frustrating doubts of what one has known as the truth, voices of despondency and despair, urgings to abandonment of the Yoga or to suicide or else other disastrous counsels of déchéance. The course taken by the attacks is not indeed the same for all, but still they have strong family resemblance. One can eventually overcome if one begins to realise the nature and source of these assaults and acquires the faculty of observing them, bearing, without being involved or absorbed into their gulf, finally becoming the witness of their phenomena and understanding them and refusing the mind's sanction even when the vital is still tossed in the whirl or the most outward physical mind still reflects the adverse suggestions. In the end these attacks lose their power and fall away from the nature; the recurrence becomes feeble or has no power to last: even, if the detachment is strong enough, they can be cut out very soon or at once. The strongest attitude to take is to regard these things as what they really are, incursions of dark forces from outside taking advantage of certain openings in the physical mind or the vital part, but not a real part of oneself or spontaneous creation in one's own nature. To create a confusion and darkness in the physical mind and throw into it or awake in it mistaken ideas, dark thoughts, false impressions is a favourite method of these assailants, and if they can get the support of this mind from over-confidence in its own correctness or the natural rightness of its impressions and inferences, then they can have a field day until the true mind reasserts itself and blows the clouds away. Another device of theirs is to awake some hurt or rankling sense of grievance in the lower vital parts and keep them hurt or rankling as long as possible. In that case one has to discover these openings in one's nature and learn to close them permanently to such attacks or else to throw out intruders at once or as soon as possible. The recurrence is no proof of a fundamental incapacity; if one takes the right inner attitude, it can and will be overcome. The idea of suicide ought never to be accepted; there is no real ground for it and in any case it cannot be a remedy or a real escape: at most it can only be postponement of difficulties and the necessity for their solution under no better circumstances in another life. One must have faith in the Master of our life and works, even if for a long time he conceals himself, and then in his own right time he will reveal his Presence.
   I have tried to dispel all the misconceptions, explain things as they are and meet all the points at issue. It is not that you really cannot make progress or have not made any progress; on the contrary, you yourself have admitted that you have made a good advance in many directions and there is no reason why, if you persevere, the rest should not come. You have always believed in the Guruvada: I would ask you then to put your faith in the Guru and the guidance and rely on the Ishwara for the fulfilment, to have faith in my abiding love and affection, in the affection and divine goodwill and loving kindness of the Mother, stand firm against all attacks and go forward perseveringly towards the spiritual goal and the all-fulfilling and all-satisfying touch of the All-Blissful, the Ishwara.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - IV,
61:The Supreme Discovery
   IF WE want to progress integrally, we must build within our conscious being a strong and pure mental synthesis which can serve us as a protection against temptations from outside, as a landmark to prevent us from going astray, as a beacon to light our way across the moving ocean of life.
   Each individual should build up this mental synthesis according to his own tendencies and affinities and aspirations. But if we want it to be truly living and luminous, it must be centred on the idea that is the intellectual representation symbolising That which is at the centre of our being, That which is our life and our light.
   This idea, expressed in sublime words, has been taught in various forms by all the great Instructors in all lands and all ages.
   The Self of each one and the great universal Self are one. Since all that is exists from all eternity in its essence and principle, why make a distinction between the being and its origin, between ourselves and what we place at the beginning?
   The ancient traditions rightly said:
   "Our origin and ourselves, our God and ourselves are one."
   And this oneness should not be understood merely as a more or less close and intimate relationship of union, but as a true identity.
   Thus, when a man who seeks the Divine attempts to reascend by degrees towards the inaccessible, he forgets that all his knowledge and all his intuition cannot take him one step forward in this infinite; neither does he know that what he wants to attain, what he believes to be so far from him, is within him.
   For how could he know anything of the origin until he becomes conscious of this origin in himself?
   It is by understanding himself, by learning to know himself, that he can make the supreme discovery and cry out in wonder like the patriarch in the Bible, "The house of God is here and I knew it not."
   That is why we must express that sublime thought, creatrix of the material worlds, and make known to all the word that fills the heavens and the earth, "I am in all things and all beings."When all shall know this, the promised day of great transfigurations will be at hand. When in each atom of Matter men shall recognise the indwelling thought of God, when in each living creature they shall perceive some hint of a gesture of God, when each man can see God in his brother, then dawn will break, dispelling the darkness, the falsehood, the ignorance, the error and suffering that weigh upon all Nature. For, "all Nature suffers and laments as she awaits the revelation of the Sons of God."
   This indeed is the central thought epitomising all others, the thought which should be ever present to our remembrance as the sun that illumines all life.
   That is why I remind you of it today. For if we follow our path bearing this thought in our hearts like the rarest jewel, the most precious treasure, if we allow it to do its work of illumination and transfiguration within us, we shall know that it lives in the centre of all beings and all things, and in it we shall feel the marvellous oneness of the universe.
   Then we shall understand the vanity and childishness of our meagre satisfactions, our foolish quarrels, our petty passions, our blind indignations. We shall see the dissolution of our little faults, the crumbling of the last entrenchments of our limited personality and our obtuse egoism. We shall feel ourselves being swept along by this sublime current of true spirituality which will deliver us from our narrow limits and bounds.
   The individual Self and the universal Self are one; in every world, in every being, in every thing, in every atom is the Divine Presence, and man's mission is to manifest it.
   In order to do that, he must become conscious of this Divine Presence within him. Some individuals must undergo a real apprenticeship in order to achieve this: their egoistic being is too all-absorbing, too rigid, too conservative, and their struggles against it are long and painful. Others, on the contrary, who are more impersonal, more plastic, more spiritualised, come easily into contact with the inexhaustible divine source of their being.But let us not forget that they too should devote themselves daily, constantly, to a methodical effort of adaptation and transformation, so that nothing within them may ever again obscure the radiance of that pure light.
   But how greatly the standpoint changes once we attain this deeper consciousness! How understanding widens, how compassion grows!
   On this a sage has said:
   "I would like each one of us to come to the point where he perceives the inner God who dwells even in the vilest of human beings; instead of condemning him we would say, 'Arise, O resplendent Being, thou who art ever pure, who knowest neither birth nor death; arise, Almighty One, and manifest thy nature.'"
   Let us live by this beautiful utterance and we shall see everything around us transformed as if by miracle.
   This is the attitude of true, conscious and discerning love, the love which knows how to see behind appearances, understand in spite of words, and which, amid all obstacles, is in constant communion with the depths.
   What value have our impulses and our desires, our anguish and our violence, our sufferings and our struggles, all these inner vicissitudes unduly dramatised by our unruly imagination - what value do they have before this great, this sublime and divine love bending over us from the innermost depths of our being, bearing with our weaknesses, rectifying our errors, healing our wounds, bathing our whole being with its regenerating streams?
   For the inner Godhead never imposes herself, she neither demands nor threatens; she offers and gives herself, conceals and forgets herself in the heart of all beings and things; she never accuses, she neither judges nor curses nor condemns, but works unceasingly to perfect without constraint, to mend without reproach, to encourage without impatience, to enrich each one with all the wealth he can receive; she is the mother whose love bears fruit and nourishes, guards and protects, counsels and consoles; because she understands everything, she can endure everything, excuse and pardon everything, hope and prepare for everything; bearing everything within herself, she owns nothing that does not belong to all, and because she reigns over all, she is the servant of all; that is why all, great and small, who want to be kings with her and gods in her, become, like her, not despots but servitors among their brethren.
   How beautiful is this humble role of servant, the role of all who have been revealers and heralds of the God who is within all, of the Divine Love that animates all things....
   And until we can follow their example and become true servants even as they, let us allow ourselves to be penetrated and transformed by this Divine Love; let us offer Him, without reserve, this marvellous instrument, our physical organism. He shall make it yield its utmost on every plane of activity.
   To achieve this total self-consecration, all means are good, all methods have their value. The one thing needful is to persevere in our will to attain this goal. For then everything we study, every action we perform, every human being we meet, all come to bring us an indication, a help, a light to guide us on the path.
   Before I close, I shall add a few pages for those who have already made apparently fruitless efforts, for those who have encountered the pitfalls on the way and seen the measure of their weakness, for those who are in danger of losing their self-confidence and courage. These pages, intended to rekindle hope in the hearts of those who suffer, were written by a spiritual worker at a time when ordeals of every kind were sweeping down on him like purifying flames.
   You who are weary, downcast and bruised, you who fall, who think perhaps that you are defeated, hear the voice of a friend. He knows your sorrows, he has shared them, he has suffered like you from the ills of the earth; like you he has crossed many deserts under the burden of the day, he has known thirst and hunger, solitude and abandonment, and the cruellest of all wants, the destitution of the heart. Alas! he has known too the hours of doubt, the errors, the faults, the failings, every weakness.
   But he tells you: Courage! Hearken to the lesson that the rising sun brings to the earth with its first rays each morning. It is a lesson of hope, a message of solace.
   You who weep, who suffer and tremble, who dare not expect an end to your ills, an issue to your pangs, behold: there is no night without dawn and the day is about to break when darkness is thickest; there is no mist that the sun does not dispel, no cloud that it does not gild, no tear that it will not dry one day, no storm that is not followed by its shining triumphant bow; there is no snow that it does not melt, nor winter that it does not change into radiant spring.
   And for you too, there is no affliction which does not bring its measure of glory, no distress which cannot be transformed into joy, nor defeat into victory, nor downfall into higher ascension, nor solitude into radiating centre of life, nor discord into harmony - sometimes it is a misunderstanding between two minds that compels two hearts to open to mutual communion; lastly, there is no infinite weakness that cannot be changed into strength. And it is even in supreme weakness that almightiness chooses to reveal itself!
   Listen, my little child, you who today feel so broken, so fallen perhaps, who have nothing left, nothing to cover your misery and foster your pride: never before have you been so great! How close to the summits is he who awakens in the depths, for the deeper the abyss, the more the heights reveal themselves!
   Do you not know this, that the most sublime forces of the vasts seek to array themselves in the most opaque veils of Matter? Oh, the sublime nuptials of sovereign love with the obscurest plasticities, of the shadow's yearning with the most royal light!
   If ordeal or fault has cast you down, if you have sunk into the nether depths of suffering, do not grieve - for there indeed the divine love and the supreme blessing can reach you! Because you have passed through the crucible of purifying sorrows, the glorious ascents are yours.
   You are in the wilderness: then listen to the voices of the silence. The clamour of flattering words and outer applause has gladdened your ears, but the voices of the silence will gladden your soul and awaken within you the echo of the depths, the chant of divine harmonies!
   You are walking in the depths of night: then gather the priceless treasures of the night. In bright sunshine, the ways of intelligence are lit, but in the white luminosities of the night lie the hidden paths of perfection, the secret of spiritual riches.
   You are being stripped of everything: that is the way towards plenitude. When you have nothing left, everything will be given to you. Because for those who are sincere and true, from the worst always comes the best.
   Every grain that is sown in the earth produces a thousand. Every wing-beat of sorrow can be a soaring towards glory.
   And when the adversary pursues man relentlessly, everything he does to destroy him only makes him greater.
   Hear the story of the worlds, look: the great enemy seems to triumph. He casts the beings of light into the night, and the night is filled with stars. He rages against the cosmic working, he assails the integrity of the empire of the sphere, shatters its harmony, divides and subdivides it, scatters its dust to the four winds of infinity, and lo! the dust is changed into a golden seed, fertilising the infinite and peopling it with worlds which now gravitate around their eternal centre in the larger orbit of space - so that even division creates a richer and deeper unity, and by multiplying the surfaces of the material universe, enlarges the empire that it set out to destroy.
   Beautiful indeed was the song of the primordial sphere cradled in the bosom of immensity, but how much more beautiful and triumphant is the symphony of the constellations, the music of the spheres, the immense choir that fills the heavens with an eternal hymn of victory!
   Hear again: no state was ever more precarious than that of man when he was separated on earth from his divine origin. Above him stretched the hostile borders of the usurper, and at his horizon's gates watched jailers armed with flaming swords. Then, since he could climb no more to the source of life, the source arose within him; since he could no more receive the light from above, the light shone forth at the very centre of his being; since he could commune no more with the transcendent love, that love offered itself in a holocaust and chose each terrestrial being, each human self as its dwelling-place and sanctuary.
   That is how, in this despised and desolate but fruitful and blessed Matter, each atom contains a divine thought, each being carries within him the Divine Inhabitant. And if no being in all the universe is as frail as man, neither is any as divine as he!
   In truth, in truth, in humiliation lies the cradle of glory! 28 April 1912 ~ The Mother, Words Of Long Ago, The Supreme Discovery,


1:I think confidence will come back. ~ warren-buffet, @wisdomtrove
2:Confidence comes from being prepared. ~ john-wooden, @wisdomtrove
3:Who has self-confidence will lead the rest. ~ horace, @wisdomtrove
4:Without confidence, there is no friendship. ~ epicurus, @wisdomtrove
5:You defeat defeatism with confidence. ~ vince-lombardi, @wisdomtrove
6:Towering is the confidence of twenty-one. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
7:Confidence is the present tense of hope. ~ soren-kierkegaard, @wisdomtrove
8:Let your confidence reflect your contentedness. ~ criss-jami, @wisdomtrove
9:Without education, confidence does not come. ~ b-k-s-iyengar, @wisdomtrove
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11:Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence. ~ brene-brown, @wisdomtrove
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13:Courage is a mean with regard to fear and confidence. ~ aristotle, @wisdomtrove
14:Preparedness is the ultimate confidence builder. ~ vince-lombardi, @wisdomtrove
15:Confidence brings joy when we let God be God. ~ charles-r-swindoll, @wisdomtrove
16:We don't need self-confidence we need God-confidence ~ joyce-meyer, @wisdomtrove
17:Fellowship in treason is a bad ground of confidence. ~ edmund-burke, @wisdomtrove
18:Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. ~ vince-lombardi, @wisdomtrove
19:Faith is a living, daring, confidence in God's grace. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
20:person has a desperate confidence that they won't. ~ f-scott-fitzgerald, @wisdomtrove
21:The greatest step toward accomplishment is self-confidence . ~ jim-rohn, @wisdomtrove
22:People are slow to claim confidence in undertakings of magnitude. ~ ovid, @wisdomtrove
23:The basis of effective government is public confidence. ~ john-f-kennedy, @wisdomtrove
24:All imposture weakens confidence and chills benevolence. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
25:Confidence is the feeling we have before knowing all the facts ~ john-dryden, @wisdomtrove
26:I have nothing but confidence in you, and very little of that ~ groucho-marx, @wisdomtrove
27:The comfort zone is the great enemy of courage and confidence. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
28:I lose confidence in other people, all kinds of institutions. ~ warren-buffet, @wisdomtrove
29:Maturity: the confidence to have no opinions on many things. ~ alain-de-botton, @wisdomtrove
30:Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
31:The quality of wit inspires more admiration than confidence ~ george-santayana, @wisdomtrove
32:This is true faith, a living confidence in the goodness of God. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
33:To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. ~ mark-twain, @wisdomtrove
34:Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge. ~ charles-darwin, @wisdomtrove
35:Confidence is a plant of slow growth; especially in an aged bosom. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
36:Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. ~ confucius, @wisdomtrove
37:The foundation of confidence in virtually every field is preparation. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
38:Having talent is fantastic. Having confidence is even more important. ~ robin-sharma, @wisdomtrove
39:Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment. ~ thomas-carlyle, @wisdomtrove
40:I have not a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming vices. ~ mark-twain, @wisdomtrove
41:Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. ~ dale-carnegie, @wisdomtrove
42:Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
43:Confidence turns into pride only when you are in denial of your mistakes. ~ criss-jami, @wisdomtrove
44:Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try. ~ zig-ziglar, @wisdomtrove
45:Confidence, clarity and compassion are essential qualities of a teacher. ~ b-k-s-iyengar, @wisdomtrove
46:I have great faith in fools,‚ self-confidence my friends will call it. ~ edgar-allan-poe, @wisdomtrove
47:If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me. ~ ralph-waldo-emerson, @wisdomtrove
48:My younger years were filled with fear; my todays are filled with confidence. ~ louise-hay, @wisdomtrove
49:Stop being afraid of getting older. With age comes wisdom and confidence. ~ robin-williams, @wisdomtrove
50:Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
51:All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence and then success is sure. ~ mark-twain, @wisdomtrove
52:If one's actions are honest, one does not need the predated confidence of others. ~ ayn-rand, @wisdomtrove
53:I have a great confidence in the revelations which holidays bring forth. ~ benjamin-disraeli, @wisdomtrove
54:Hold it more important to have the players' confidence than their affection. ~ vince-lombardi, @wisdomtrove
55:Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative. ~ dwight-eisenhower, @wisdomtrove
56:It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help. ~ epicurus, @wisdomtrove
57:Self-confidence carries conviction; it makes other people believe in us. ~ orison-swett-marden, @wisdomtrove
58:Taking delight in the journey takes confidence. It pushes the envelope of design. ~ seth-godin, @wisdomtrove
59:The four Cs as secret of my success-curiosity, confidence,courage and constancy. ~ walt-disney, @wisdomtrove
60:I hold it more important to hold the player's confidence than their affection. ~ vince-lombardi, @wisdomtrove
61:It’s pretty thin, the wall separating healthy confidence and unhealthy Pride. ~ haruki-murakami, @wisdomtrove
62:Confidence in the goodness of another is good proof of one's own goodness. ~ michel-de-montaigne, @wisdomtrove
63:Confidence in others' honesty is no light testimony of one's own integrity. ~ michel-de-montaigne, @wisdomtrove
64:Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back. ~ criss-jami, @wisdomtrove
65:The four Cs of making dreams come true: Curiosity, Courage, Consistency, Confidence. ~ walt-disney, @wisdomtrove
66:The man of genius inspires us with a boundless confidence in our own powers. ~ ralph-waldo-emerson, @wisdomtrove
67:A feeling of continuous growth is a wonderful source of motivation and self confidence. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
68:Every small positive change we make in ourselves repays us in confidence in the future. ~ alice-walker, @wisdomtrove
69:Self-confidence comes naturally when your inner life and your outer life are in harmony. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
70:Build wisdom and confidence in others by forcing them to think and decide for themselves. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
71:Fear and fatigue block the mind. Face both, then courage and confidence flows into you. ~ b-k-s-iyengar, @wisdomtrove
72:Have confidence in your ability to do it right, and work hard to do the best possible job. ~ walt-disney, @wisdomtrove
73:The truly educated can listen to any view without losing their temper or self-confidence. ~ robert-frost, @wisdomtrove
74:Tis a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults; greater to tell him his. ~ benjamin-franklin, @wisdomtrove
75:Man cannot live without a continuous confidence in something indestructible within himself. ~ franz-kafka, @wisdomtrove
76:A feeling of confidence and personal power comes from facing challenges and overcoming them. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
77:If confidence is a plant of slow growth, credit is one which matures much more slowly. ~ benjamin-disraeli, @wisdomtrove
78:Clarity is essential. Knowing exactly what you want builds your self-confidence immeasurably. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
79:If you are a professional and have confidence, then I would advocate lots of concentration. ~ warren-buffet, @wisdomtrove
80:No one is born with self confidence. Self confidence is learned and earned with experience. ~ denis-waitley, @wisdomtrove
81:The foundation of lasting self-confidence and self esteem is excellence, mastery of your work. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
82:Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence. ~ bruce-lee, @wisdomtrove
83:Motivation fuels the attitude that builds the Confidence necessary   to  sustain the Persistence. ~ zig-ziglar, @wisdomtrove
84:Confucius say... politician is one who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after. ~ confucius, @wisdomtrove
85:Piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence or purpose. ~ ronald-reagan, @wisdomtrove
86:Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ~ hellen-keller, @wisdomtrove
87:The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it armed with self confidence and good humour. ~ charles-dickens, @wisdomtrove
88:In the bottle discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness for confidence. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
89:In war you see your own troubles; those of the enemy you cannot see. You must show confidence. ~ napoleon-bonaparte, @wisdomtrove
90:Self-confidence results, first, from exact knowledge; second, the ability to impart that knowledge. ~ napoleon-hill, @wisdomtrove
91:Contentment is the greatest treasure. Health is the greatest possession. Confidence is the greatest friend. ~ lao-tzu, @wisdomtrove
92:Your self-confidence increases when you know you are living your life according to your highest values. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
93:Avoid negative people at all costs. They are the greatest destroyers of self-confidence and self-esteem. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
94:Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self-confidence you will have. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
95:Brisk Confidence still best with woman copes: Pique her and soothe in turn-soon Passion crowns thy hopes. ~ lord-byron, @wisdomtrove
96:Confidence: The feeling that makes one believe a man, even when one knows that one would lie in his place ~ h-l-mencken, @wisdomtrove
97:Do not put too much confidence in experimental results until they have been confirmed by theory. ~ sir-arthur-eddington, @wisdomtrove
98:Every act of self-discipline increases your confidence, trust, and belief in yourself and your abilities. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
99:I was afraid to let other make any decisions, because I had no confidence they would be concerned for me. ~ joyce-meyer, @wisdomtrove
100:Your self-confidence is directly connected to how much you feel you are making a difference in the world. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
101:A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
102:Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. ~ robert-frost, @wisdomtrove
103:If a general shows confidence in his men but always insists on his orders being obeyed, the gain will be mutual. ~ sun-tzu, @wisdomtrove
104:With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.   ~ dalai-lama, @wisdomtrove
105:Find yourself for courage and confidence are as easy as breathing to the person who really knows who he is. ~ vernon-howard, @wisdomtrove
106:We need to put no confidence in the arm of flesh, but rather trust ourselves entirely to the arm of the Lord. ~ joyce-meyer, @wisdomtrove
107:A man should cultivate his mind so as to have that confidence and readiness without wine, which wine gives. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
108:Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
109:If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. ~ abraham-lincoln, @wisdomtrove
110:When we can identify a problem and face the problem with confidence and enthusiasm, the solution is on the way. ~ zig-ziglar, @wisdomtrove
111:The easy confidence with which I know another man's religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also. ~ mark-twain, @wisdomtrove
112:We have plenty of Confidence in this country, but we are a little short of good men to place our Confidence in. ~ will-rogers, @wisdomtrove
113:In order to be a leader a man must have followers. And to have followers, a man must have their confidence. ~ dwight-eisenhower, @wisdomtrove
114:From the self-confidence with which he spoke no one could tell whether what he said was very clever or very stupid. ~ leo-tolstoy, @wisdomtrove
115:Because I have confidence in the power of truth, and of the spirit, I have confidence in the future of mankind. ~ albert-schweitzer, @wisdomtrove
116:Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. ~ george-washington, @wisdomtrove
117:Difficulties are God's errands; and when we are sent upon them, we should esteem it a proof of God's confidence. ~ henry-ward-beecher, @wisdomtrove
118:Faith implies four things: self-renunciation, reliance with utter confidence on Christ, obedience, and a changed life. ~ billy-graham, @wisdomtrove
119:We operate by faith, which means that we have confidence in what God says, whether we fully understand it or not ~ aiden-wilson-tozer, @wisdomtrove
120:Deep, contended joy comes from a place of complete security and confidence [in God] - even in the midst of trial. ~ charles-r-swindoll, @wisdomtrove
121:I finally made up my mind I wanted to be an actress and I was not going to let my lack of confidence ruin my chances. ~ marilyn-monroe, @wisdomtrove
122:Leave everyone you meet better than you found them. Become an encourager of potential versus a destroyer of confidence. ~ robin-sharma, @wisdomtrove
123:Single-minded concentration in the direction of your dreams intensifies your desires and increases your self-confidence. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
124:An artist, under pain of oblivion, must have confidence in himself, and listen only to his real master: Nature. ~ pierre-auguste-renoir, @wisdomtrove
125:Out of every difficulty Omnipotence can bring us, only let us in childlike confidence cast our burden upon the Lord. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
126:Confidence means non-paralysis, a willingness to act, and act decisively, to start new things and cut failing ventures off. ~ tom-peters, @wisdomtrove
127:It is not so much that I have confidence in scientists being right, but that I have so much in nonscientists being wrong. ~ isaac-asimov, @wisdomtrove
128:I have the absolute confidence not to be number two, but then I have enough sense to realize that there can be no number one. ~ bruce-lee, @wisdomtrove
129:When you want something badly enough, you will develop the confidence and the ability to overcome any obstacle in your way. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
130:For a wrongdoer to be undetected is difficult; and for him to have confidence that his concealment will continue is impossible. ~ epicurus, @wisdomtrove
131:Those who think themselves secure are more exposed to danger than any others. The armor-bearer of sin is self-confidence . ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
132:The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. ~ charles-bukowski, @wisdomtrove
133:Each struggle, each defeat, sharpens your skills and strengths, your courage and your endurance, your ability and your confidence. ~ og-mandino, @wisdomtrove
134:Act with purpose, courage, confidence, competence and intelligence until these qualities &
135:We should always go before our enemies with confidence, otherwise our apparent uneasiness inspires them with greater boldness. ~ napoleon-bonaparte, @wisdomtrove
136:A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves. ~ eleanor-roosevelt, @wisdomtrove
137:Fundamentally, what everyone needs is mental strength and confidence, to manage the mind, just as we manage the outside world. ~ mata-amritanandamayi, @wisdomtrove
138:My confidence is in the idea that I may be wrong on this or that. No man in this life should ever have to bear the burden of perfection. ~ criss-jami, @wisdomtrove
139:Confidence breeds confidence and negativity breeds negativity. Treat those around you with respect and dignity and they will thrive. ~ richard-branson, @wisdomtrove
140:Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that the believer would stake his life on it a thousand times. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
141:If we feel secure In the depths of our heart, We shall not challenge anybody, For inner confidence Is nothing short of Complete satisfaction. ~ sri-chinmoy, @wisdomtrove
142:I find C major to be the key of strength, but also the key of regret. E major is the key of confidence. A-flat major is the key of renunciation. ~ bob-dylan, @wisdomtrove
143:I have terrible periods of lack of confidence. I just don't believe I can do it and no evidence to the contrary will sway me from that view. ~ douglas-adams, @wisdomtrove
144:If you face life without confidence in your own powers, you succumb too easily to setbacks and adversity; you lack the will to persevere. ~ nathaniel-branden, @wisdomtrove
145:In general I esteem it a good maxim, that the best way to preserve the confidence of the people durably is to promote their true interest ~ george-washington, @wisdomtrove
146:The basis of effective government is public confidence, and that confidence is endangered when ethical standards falter or appear to falter. ~ john-f-kennedy, @wisdomtrove
147:One word can give comfort and confidence, destroy doubt, help someone avoid a mistake, reconcile a conflict, or open the door to liberation. ~ thich-nhat-hanh, @wisdomtrove
148:If you shamefully misuse a cat once she will always maintain a dignified reserve toward you afterward. You will never get her full confidence again. ~ mark-twain, @wisdomtrove
149:The prediction I can make with the highest confidence is that the most amazing discoveries will be the ones we are not today wise enough to foresee. ~ carl-sagan, @wisdomtrove
150:There can be no failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self respect, or his self-confidence. He is still a King. ~ orison-swett-marden, @wisdomtrove
151:For if Freedom and Communism were to compete for mans allegiance in a world at peace, I would look to the future with ever increasing confidence. ~ john-f-kennedy, @wisdomtrove
152:Happiness and self-confidence come naturally when you feel yourself moving and progressing toward becoming the very best person you can possibly be. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
153:I lack self-confidence. I don't know whether I shall ever get it. Perhaps it is better to be unsure of your self, as I am. But it is very tiring. ~ audrey-hepburn, @wisdomtrove
154:It is also a good rule not to put overmuch confidence in the observational results that are put forward until they are confirmed by theory. ~ sir-arthur-eddington, @wisdomtrove
155:She lacks confidence, she craves admiration insatiably. She lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She does not dare to be herself. ~ anais-nin, @wisdomtrove
156:The requisites of government are that there be sufficiency of food, sufficiency of military equipment, and the confidence of the people in their ruler. ~ confucius, @wisdomtrove
157:Gratitude is confidence in life itself. In it, we feel how the same force that pushes grass through cracks in the sidewalk invigorates our own life. ~ jack-kornfield, @wisdomtrove
158:There can be no great courage where there is no confidence or assurance, and half the battle is in the conviction that we can do what we undertake. ~ orison-swett-marden, @wisdomtrove
159:Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ~ norman-vincent-peale, @wisdomtrove
160:It gave a tremendous level of self-confidence, that through exploration and learning one could understand seemingly very complex things in one's environment. ~ steve-jobs, @wisdomtrove
161:Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ dale-carnegie, @wisdomtrove
162:After every mistake, we need to understand that we can look back and learn-so that we can move forward with confidence and avoid making the same mistake again. ~ zig-ziglar, @wisdomtrove
163:The institution of delegated power implies that there is a portion of virtue and honor among mankind which may be a reasonable foundation of confidence. ~ alexander-hamilton, @wisdomtrove
164:Action is a high road to self-confidence and esteem. Where it is open, all energies flow toward it. It comes readily to most people, and its rewards are tangible. ~ bruce-lee, @wisdomtrove
165:Confidence is key. You're not going to put your money - you're not going to leave your money with me unless you're confident I'm going to give it back to you. ~ warren-buffet, @wisdomtrove
166:What is the use of praying if at the very moment of prayer, we have so little confidence in God that we are busy planning our own kind of answer to our prayer? ~ thomas-merton, @wisdomtrove
167:Though a wide ocean separates the United States from Europe, yet there are various considerations that warn us against an excess of confidence or security. ~ alexander-hamilton, @wisdomtrove
168:Philosophy had supplied Socrates with convictions in which he had been able to have rational, as opposed to hysterical, confidence when faced with disapproval. ~ alain-de-botton, @wisdomtrove
169:We repose an unwise confidence in any government, or in any men, when we invest them officially with too much, or an unnecessary quantity of, discretionary power. ~ thomas-paine, @wisdomtrove
170:A humble man is not afraid of failure. In fact, he is not afraid of anything, even himself, since perfect humility implies perfect confidence in the power of God. ~ thomas-merton, @wisdomtrove
171:The secret of making dreams come true can be summarized in four C's.They are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy; and the greatest of these is Confidence. ~ walt-disney, @wisdomtrove
173:People have faith in &
174:We wonder why we don't have faith; the answer is, faith is confidence in the character of God and if we don't know what kind of God God is, we can't have faith. ~ aiden-wilson-tozer, @wisdomtrove
175:It is also a good rule not to put overmuch confidence in the observational results that are put forward until they are confirmed by theory. Arthur S. Eddington ~ sir-arthur-eddington, @wisdomtrove
176:If you want to inspire confidence, give plenty of statistics. It does not matter that they should be accurate, or even intelligible, as long as there is enough of them. ~ lewis-carroll, @wisdomtrove
177:It is in books, poems, paintings which often give us the confidence to take seriously feelings in ourselves that we might otherwise never have thought to acknowledge. ~ alain-de-botton, @wisdomtrove
178:Remember all the times you were a winner; the times when you did something you were proud of, even small things. Hold these feelings close to you, this joy and confidence. ~ louise-hay, @wisdomtrove
179:The confidence with which a Sovereign is invested, is solid only when it is sanctioned by the suffrages of the people, who clothed him with the supreme magistracy. ~ napoleon-bonaparte, @wisdomtrove
180:I hope the people on Wall Street will pay attention to the people on Main Street. If they do, they will see there is a rising tide of confidence in the future of America. ~ ronald-reagan, @wisdomtrove
181:We learn early on that, in order to be a winner, you have to believe in yourself. You have to have the confidence to make things happen. And you have to have personal pride. ~ alan-cohen, @wisdomtrove
182:A big ego isn't necessarily a bad thing. A big ego means that you have some confidence in your abilities, really, and that you're prepared to take the risk of trying them out. ~ brian-eno, @wisdomtrove
183:When one treats people with benevolence, justice and righteousness, and reposes confidence in them, the army will be united in mind and all will be happy to serve their leaders. ~ sun-tzu, @wisdomtrove
184:And saying no' gets easier with practice, especially as you gain confidence that sticking to the essential is something that will have great benefits to you in the long term. ~ leo-babauta, @wisdomtrove
185:The speed, accuracy and devastating power of American Artillery won confidence and admiration from the troops it supported and inspired fear and respect in their enemy. ~ dwight-eisenhower, @wisdomtrove
186:With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will set bigger goals, make bigger plans and commit yourself to achieving objectives that today you only dream about. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
187:In a war everybody always knows all about Switzerland, in peace times it is just Switzerland but in war time it is the only country that everybody has confidence in, everybody. ~ gertrude-stein, @wisdomtrove
188:The body of all true religion consists, to be sure, in obedience to the will of the Sovereign of the world, in a confidence in His declarations, and in imitation of His perfections. ~ edmund-burke, @wisdomtrove
189:If a man has been his mother's undisputed darling he retains throughout life the triumphant feeling, the confidence in success, which not seldom brings actual success along with it. ~ sigmund-freud, @wisdomtrove
190:Never sell tomorrow short. There's plenty to get excited about. Be filled with expectation, hope and confidence. Believe something good is going to happen - and it usually will. ~ robert-h-schuller, @wisdomtrove
191:Steady faith is stronger than destiny. Destiny is the result of causes, mostly accidental, and is therefore loosely woven. Confidence and good hope will overcome it easily. ~ sri-nisargadatta-maharaj, @wisdomtrove
192:The old cross slew men; the new cross entertains them. The old cross condemned; the new cross amuses. The old cross destroyed confidence in the flesh; the new cross encourages it. ~ aiden-wilson-tozer, @wisdomtrove
193:To ignite your confidence and reclaim your courage, you must step into the highest vision of who you are. The only way to do this is to make the journey back into the arms of the Divine. ~ debbie-ford, @wisdomtrove
194:It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in, and new lessons to learn – which is what life is all about. ~ oprah-winfrey, @wisdomtrove
195:Mutual caring relationships require kindness and patience, tolerance, optimism, joy in the other's achievements, confidence in oneself, and the ability to give without undue thought of gain. ~ fred-rogers, @wisdomtrove
196:Success in politics demands that you must take your people into confidence about your views and state them very clearly, very politely, very calmly, but nevertheless, state them openly.   ~ nelson-mandela, @wisdomtrove
197:The thing I love about Dickens is the omniscient, omnipotent narrator, and the great confidence of the narrator, which marks 19th-century novelists in general and Dickens in particular. ~ elizabeth-gilbert, @wisdomtrove
198:Confidence - Poise and confidence are not possible unless you have prepared correctly. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Poise and confidence are a natural result of proper preparation. ~ john-wooden, @wisdomtrove
199:Every boy wants someone older than himself to whom he may go in moods of confidence and yearning. The neglect of this child's want by grown people . . . is a fertile source of suffering. ~ henry-ward-beecher, @wisdomtrove
200:Marketing isn't done by computers, it's done by people. And people who sense opportunity and have the confidence to be remarkable will always defeat defensive actions by people who have given up. ~ seth-godin, @wisdomtrove
201:What if the key to unlocking your true authentic power, to opening up your heart deeply to love, to finding the confidence to go after everything you want in your life lies hidden in your shadow? ~ debbie-ford, @wisdomtrove
202:To acknowledge our faults when we are blamed, is modesty; to discover them to one's friends in ingenuousness, is confidence; but to preach them to all the world, if one does not take care, is pride. ~ confucius, @wisdomtrove
203:Your identity is not equivalent to your biography. There is a place in you where you have never been wounded, where there's a seamlessness in you, and where there is a confidence and tranquility. ~ john-odonohue, @wisdomtrove
204:Sensual pleasure passes and vanishes, but the friendship between us, the mutual confidence, the delight of the heart, the enchantment of the soul, these things do not perish and can never be destroyed. ~ voltaire, @wisdomtrove
205:The confidence that God is mindful of the individual is of tremendous value in dealing with the disease of fear, for it gives us a sense of worth, of belonging, and of at homeness in the universe. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
206:Delayed answers to prayer are not only trials of faith; they also give us opportunities to honor God through our steadfast confidence in Him, even when facing the apparent denial of our request. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
207:Suffering is part of the human condition, and it comes to us all. The key is how we react to it, either turning away from God in anger and bitterness or growing closer to Him in trust and confidence. ~ billy-graham, @wisdomtrove
208:Trying to build myself up with the fact that I have done things right that were even good and have had moments that were excellent but the bad is heavier to carry around and feel have no confidence. ~ marilyn-monroe, @wisdomtrove
209:Whoever commits a fraud is guilty not only of the particular injury to him who he deceives, but of the diminution of that confidence which constitutes not only the ease but the existence of society. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
210:I believe that singing is the key to long life, a good figure, a stable temperament, increased intelligence, new friends, super self-confidence , heightened sexual attractiveness, and a better sense of humor. ~ brian-eno, @wisdomtrove
211:Being an artist means, not reckoning and counting, but ripening like the tree which does not force its sap and stands confidence in the storms of spring without fear that after them may come no summer. ~ rainer-maria-rilke, @wisdomtrove
212:Real greatness is often hidden, humble, simple, and unobtrusive. It is not easy to trust ourselves and our actions without public affirmation. We must have strong self-confidence combined with deep humility. ~ henri-nouwen, @wisdomtrove
213:Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. ~ charles-darwin, @wisdomtrove
214:If you're in a workplace you don't like right now, be encouraged because God will use it for your good. Think about it this way: He wants you to be a light in the darkness - and He's putting His confidence in you! ~ joyce-meyer, @wisdomtrove
215:No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit. ~ amsel-adams, @wisdomtrove
216:No man is beaten until his hope is annihilated, his confidence gone, As long as a man faces life hopefully, confidently, triumphantly, he is not a failure; he is not beaten until he turns his back on life. ~ orison-swett-marden, @wisdomtrove
217:When Monarchs abuse the rights with which they have been invested by the confidence of the people, and bring down upon their heads the calamity of war, the people have the right to withdraw their allegiance. ~ napoleon-bonaparte, @wisdomtrove
218:Not only the adoration of images is idolatry, but also trust in one's own righteousness, works and merits, and putting confidence in riches and power. As the latter is the commonest, so it also is the most noxious. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
219:We observe with confidence that the truly strong mind, view it as intellect or morality, or under any other aspect, is nowise the mind acquainted with its strength; that here the sign of health is unconsciousness. ~ thomas-carlyle, @wisdomtrove
220:Unfortunately, unless we're focused on building up our courage, which gives us our self-confidence and all that we need to make quantum change in our lives, the voice of fear will always take the lead inside our minds. ~ debbie-ford, @wisdomtrove
221:The warrior woman is filled with the courage, confidence, and inner strength to leave the past behind. She knows that there is no way to express herself fully when she is still carrying burdens that need to be released. ~ debbie-ford, @wisdomtrove
222:No married woman ever trusts her husband absolutely, nor does she ever act as if she did trust him. Her utmost confidence is as wary as an American pickpocket's confidence that the policeman on the beat will stay bought. ~ h-l-mencken, @wisdomtrove
223:Practice, practice, practice in speaking before an audience will tend to remove all fear of audiences, just as practice in swimming will lead to confidence and facility in the water. You must learn to speak by speaking. ~ dale-carnegie, @wisdomtrove
224:A positive self-image and healthy self-esteem is based on approval, acceptance and recognition from others; but also upon actual accomplishments, achievements and success upon the realistic self-confidence which ensues. ~ abraham-maslow, @wisdomtrove
225:Confidence; as a teenager? Because I knew what I loved. I loved to read; I loved to listen to music; and I love cats. Those three things. So, even though I was an only kid, I could be happy because I knew what I loved. ~ haruki-murakami, @wisdomtrove
226:If a child has been able in his play to give up his whole loving being to the world around him, he will be able, in the serious tasks of later life, to devote himself with confidence and power to the service of the world. ~ rudolf-steiner, @wisdomtrove
227:Pain can be endured and defeated only if it is embraced. Denied or feared, it grows in perception if not in reality. The best response to terror is righteous anger, confidence in ultimate justice, a refusal to be intimidated. ~ dean-koontz, @wisdomtrove
228:It is also true that the less competent a person is in a given domain, the more he will tend to overestimate his abilities. This often produces an ugly marriage of confidence and ignorance that is very difficult to correct for. ~ sam-harris, @wisdomtrove
229:All individuals have moral deficiencies, and when introducing these to reality one not only strengthens himself but also the confidence of others in the human exigency for Christ due to a reflection throughout the body of Christ. ~ criss-jami, @wisdomtrove
230:As television beamed the image of this extraordinary gathering across the border oceans, everyone who believed in man's capacity to better himself had a moment of inspiration and confidence in the future of the human race. ~ martin-luther-king, @wisdomtrove
231:In the end, the most important thing is not to do things for people who are poor and in distress, but to enter into relationship with them, to be with them and help them find confidence in themselves and discover their own gifts. ~ jean-vanier, @wisdomtrove
232:There is nothing more beautiful than a warrior woman standing in her power, courage, and confidence. From this place of strength, she is capable of loving the world in a way that transforms pain into promise…and hell into heaven. ~ debbie-ford, @wisdomtrove
233:I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking. ~ dwight-eisenhower, @wisdomtrove
234:Go forth in confidence and go forth in peace. For there are angels to your left and angels to your right; angels in front of you and angels behind you; angels above you and angels below. You are loved, and you are not alone. ~ marianne-williamson, @wisdomtrove
235:When love is our guiding light, we can break through barriers to be of loving service to the world. Gaining the courage and confidence to stand up for what you believe in is not always easy, but it's fully within your reach. ~ marianne-williamson, @wisdomtrove
236:No men can act with effect who do not act in concert; no men can act in concert who do not act with confidence; no men can act with confidence who are not bound together with common opinions, common affections, and common interests. ~ edmund-burke, @wisdomtrove
237:You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, &
238:In adultery, there is usually tenderness and self-sacrifice; in murder, courage; in profanation and blasphemy, a certain satanic splendour. Judas elected those offences unvisited by any virtues: abuse of confidence and informing. ~ jorge-luis-borges, @wisdomtrove
239:Truth is the key to unlocking the door to divine confidence. This is a truth that can be felt only when you get out of your head and into your heart. When you’re blind to this truth, you’re left to the limited power of your human will. ~ debbie-ford, @wisdomtrove
240:The voters selected us, in short, because they had confidence in our judgement and our ability to exercise that judgement from a position where we could determine what were their own best interest, as a part of the nation's interest. ~ john-f-kennedy, @wisdomtrove
241:Fear is a great robber of power. It paralyzes the thinking faculties, ruins spontaneity, enthusiasm, and self confidence. It has a blighting effect upon all one's thoughts, moods, and efforts. It destroys ambition and efficiency. ~ orison-swett-marden, @wisdomtrove
242:I see before me the statue of a celebrated minister, who said that confidence was a plant of slow growth. But I believe, however gradual may be the growth of confidence, that of credit requires still more time to arrive at maturity. ~ benjamin-disraeli, @wisdomtrove
243:When we arrive at dilemmas in life and we are unable to decipher the right direction to go, if we hope to maintain our confidence in the process, we must (repeat must) allow the Lord to be our Guide, our Strength, our Wisdom - our all! ~ charles-r-swindoll, @wisdomtrove
244:If you think about disaster, you will get it. Brood about death and you hasten your demise. Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience. ~ sivananda, @wisdomtrove
245:I recently had double-bypass surgery. As they wheel you in, the doctor always gives you a last look. You know that look. That look of confidence to make you feel good. I always say to every doctor, If I don't make it, I'll never know it. ~ rodney-dangerfield, @wisdomtrove
246:When we approach fundraising in a spirit of gratitude, our confidence in our mission does not depend on how the person we are with responds to our request! We are free to remain secure in God's love with our hearts set joyfully on the kingdom. ~ henri-nouwen, @wisdomtrove
247:Fear is the result of a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence is the result of not knowing what you can do. A lack of knowing what you can do is caused by a lack of experience. A lack of experience is caused by a lack of doing something new. ~ dale-carnegie, @wisdomtrove
248:Life for both sexes is arduous, difficult, a perpetual struggle. More than anything... it calls for confidence in oneself... And how can we generate this imponderable quality most quickly? By thinking that other people are inferior to oneself. ~ virginia-woolf, @wisdomtrove
249:There are cases in which a man would be ashamed not to have been imposed upon. There is a confidence necessary to human intercourse, and without which men are often more injured by their own suspicions than they would be by the perfidy of others. ~ edmund-burke, @wisdomtrove
250:This is what I found out about religion: It gives you courage to make the decisions you must make in a crisis, and then the confidence to leave the result to a higher Power. Only by trust in God can a man carrying responsibility find repose. ~ dwight-eisenhower, @wisdomtrove
251:Confidence in markets and in institutions, it's a lot like oxygen. When you have it, you don't even think about it. It's indispensable. You can go years without thinking about it. When it's gone for five minutes, it's the only thing to think about. ~ warren-buffet, @wisdomtrove
252:If you think about disaster, you will get it. Brood about death and you hasten your demise. Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience. ~ swami-vivekananda, @wisdomtrove
253:Deceit and falsehood, whatever conveniences they may for a time promise or produce, are, in the sum of life, obstacles to happiness. Those who profit by the cheat distrust the deceiver; and the act by which kindness was sought puts an end to confidence. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
254:We have full confidence in Jesus Christ. Our confidence rises as the character of God becomes greater and more trustworthy to our spiritual comprehension. The One with whom we deal is the One who embodies faithfulness and truth-the One who cannot lie. ~ aiden-wilson-tozer, @wisdomtrove
255:I respect everything in change and the solemn beauty of life and death... and therefore, while man is amidst the immense beauty of objective bodies, he must possess the capacity of self-perfection and must observe and represent his world with full confidence. ~ amsel-adams, @wisdomtrove
256:When you allow yourself to begin to dream big dreams, creatively abandon the activities that are taking up too much of your time, and focus your inward energies on alleviating your main constraints, you start to feel an incredible sense of power and confidence. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
257:When we consider a project, we really study it-not just the surface idea, but everything about it. And when we go into that new project, we believe in it all the way. We have confidence in our ability to do it right. And we work hard to do the best possible job. ~ walt-disney, @wisdomtrove
258:Morality is a neat cover for foul venom, but it does not alter the fact that the heart is vile, and the man himself is under damnation. Men will be damned with good works as well as without them, if they make them their confidence (rather than Jesus Christ). ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
259:What are the conditions that make for the superiority of an army? Its internal organization, military habits in officers and men, the confidence of each in themselves; that is to say, bravery, patience, and all that is contained in the idea of moral means. ~ napoleon-bonaparte, @wisdomtrove
260:Lions don't have to roar. There is power in silence, confidence, and persistence. Those who work don't talk, and those who talk don't work. Handle your business. Measure your efforts by results. Focus your time, energy, and activity on mastering and executing a plan. ~ les-brown, @wisdomtrove
261:We cannot rely on ourselves, for we have learned by bitter experience the folly of self-confidence. We are compelled to look to the Lord alone. Blessed is the wind that drives the ship into the harbor. Blessed is the distress that forces us to rest in our God. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
262:I have never had much confidence in my own work, and even now when I am assured (still much to my grateful surprise) that it has value for other people, I feel diffident, reluctant as it were to expose my world of imagination to possibly contemptuous eyes and ears. ~ j-r-r-tolkien, @wisdomtrove
263:It is pleasant to be transferred from an office where one is afraid of a sergeant-major into an office where one can intimidate generals, and perhaps this is why history is so attractive to the more timid among us. We can recover self-confidence by snubbing the dead. ~ e-m-forster, @wisdomtrove
264:You need someone who has a really good way of enabling trust in the cast and crew, or the cast particularly, to allow them the confidence to stretch themselves to get the performance that you're going to need to provide all of the emotional up and downs in the film. ~ nicholas-sparks, @wisdomtrove
265:The architects who benefit us most maybe those generous enough to lay aside their claims to genius in order to devote themselves to assembling graceful but predominantly unoriginal boxes. Architecture should have the confidence and the kindness to be a little boring. ~ alain-de-botton, @wisdomtrove
266:Even when I was in the orphanage, when I was roaming the street trying to find enough to eat, even then I thought of myself as the greatest actor in the world. I had to feel the exuberance that comes from utter confidence in yourself. Without it, you go down to defeat. ~ charlie-chaplan, @wisdomtrove
267:Marriage is the strictest tie of perpetual friendship, and there can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity; and he must expect to be wretched, who pays to beauty, riches, or politeness that regard which only virtue and piety can claim. ~ samuel-johnson, @wisdomtrove
268:A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labor exploitation and disease, and given them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to reach their full potential. ~ audrey-hepburn, @wisdomtrove
269:Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all. ~ norman-vincent-peale, @wisdomtrove
270:We who follow Christ are men and women of eternity. We must put no confidence in the passing scenes of the disappearing world. We must resist every attempt of Satan to palm off upon us the values that belong to mortality. Nothing less than forever is long enough for us. ~ aiden-wilson-tozer, @wisdomtrove
271:No man ever quite believes in any other man. One may believe in an idea absolutely, but not in a man. In the highest confidence there is always a flavor of doubt&
272:The confidence you need is belief in your potential. If you see world-class potential in yourself, you'll put in the effort. If you don't see the potential, you won't put in the effort and you'll wait for the performance, and the performance always follows the belief in self. ~ denis-waitley, @wisdomtrove
273:Our deep spiritual confidence that this nation will survive the perils of today - which may well be with us for decades to come - compels us to invest in our nation's future, to consider and meet our obligations to our children and the numberless generations that will follow. ~ john-f-kennedy, @wisdomtrove
274:There is genius in persistence. It conquers all opposers. It gives confidence. It annihilates obstacles. Everybody believes in a determined man. People know that when he undertakes a thing, the battle is half won, for his rule is to accomplish whatever he sets out to do. ~ orison-swett-marden, @wisdomtrove
275:Faith has a saving connection with Christ. Christ is on the shore, so to speak, holding the rope, and as we lay hold of it with the hand of our confidence, He pulls us to shore; but all good works having no connection with Christ are drifted along down the gulf of fell despair. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
276:The fundamental trouble with marriage is that it shakes a man's confidence in himself, and so greatly diminishes his general competence and effectiveness. His habit of mind becomes that of a commander who has lost a decisive and calamitous battle. He quite trusts himself thereafter. ~ h-l-mencken, @wisdomtrove
277:Character is a quality that embodies many important traits, such as integrity, courage, perseverance, confidence and wisdom. Unlike your fingerprints that you are born with and can't change, character is something that you create within yourself and must take responsibility for changing ~ jim-rohn, @wisdomtrove
278:In Venice in the Middle Ages there was once a profession for a man called a codega&
279:Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence. ~ og-mandino, @wisdomtrove
280:If the idea of having to change ourselves makes us uncomfortable, we can remain as we are. We can choose rest over labour, entertainment over education, delusion over truth, and doubt over confidence. The choices are ours to make, but while we curse the effect, we continue to nourish the cause ~ jim-rohn, @wisdomtrove
281:If any man is not sure that he is in Christ, he ought not to be easy one moment until he is sure. Dear friend, without the fullest confidence as to your saved condition, you have no right to be at ease, and I pray you may never be so. This is a matter too important to be left undecided. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
282:Accidents will occur in the best-regulated families; and in families not regulated by that pervading influence which sanctifies while it enhances... in short, by the influence of Woman, in the lofty character of Wife, they may be expected with confidence, and must be borne with philosophy. ~ charles-dickens, @wisdomtrove
283:If you feel inadequate to face challenges, unworthy of love or respect, untitled to happiness, and fear assertive thought, wants, or needs- if you lack basic self trust, self-respect, and self-confidence- your self-esteem deficiency will limit you, no matter what other assets you possess. ~ nathaniel-branden, @wisdomtrove
284:I know so many who have married in the full expectation and confidence of some one particular advantage in the connection, or accomplishment, or good quality in the person, who have found themselves entirely deceived, and been obliged to put up with exactly the reverse. What is this but a take in? ~ jane-austen, @wisdomtrove
285:Prayer requires that we stand in God's presence with open hands, naked and vulnerable, proclaiming to ourselves and to others that without God we can do nothing. As disciples, we find not some but all of our strength, hope, courage, and confidence in God. Therefore, prayer must be our first concern. ~ henri-nouwen, @wisdomtrove
286:Ability is all right but if it is not backed up by honesty and public confidence you will never be a successful person. The best a man can do is to arrive at the top in his chosen profession. I have always maintained that one profession is deserving of as much honor as another provided it is honorable. ~ will-rogers, @wisdomtrove
287:Whatever else history may say about me when I'm gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty's lamp guiding your steps and opportunity's arm steadying your way. ~ ronald-reagan, @wisdomtrove
288:After I graduated from high school, one of the former workers on our farm asked if I would be willing to join him in selling Fuller brushes through the summer. It seemed like a perfect way to make some money for college. And being away from my parents and learning to make my own way gave me self confidence. ~ billy-graham, @wisdomtrove
289:Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that a man would stake his life on it one thousand times. This confidence in God's grace and knowledge of it makes men glad and bold and happy in dealing with God and with all creatures; and this is the work of the Holy Ghost in faith. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
290:God be thanked when the Law so works as to take off the sinner from all confidence in himself! To make the leper confess that he is incurable is going a great way toward compelling him to go to that divine Savior, who alone is able to heal him. This is the whole end of the Law toward men whom God will save. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
291:Now I am not unpatriotic, and I want to do my bit, so I hereby offer my services to my President, my country and my friends to do anything, outside of serving on a commission, that I can in this great movement. But you will have to give me some idea of where "confidence" is. And just who you want it restored to. ~ will-rogers, @wisdomtrove
292:We are all of us not merely liable to fear, we are also prone to be afraid of being afraid, and the conquering of fear produces exhilaration.…The contrast between the previous apprehension and the present relief and feeling of security promotes a self-confidence that is the very father and mother of courage. ~ malcolm-gladwell, @wisdomtrove
293:Because I have confidence in the power of truth and in the spirit, I believe in the future of mankind. Affirmation of the world and of life contains within itself an optimistic willing and hoping which can never be lost. It is, therefore, never afraid to face the dismal reality and to see it as it really is. ~ albert-schweitzer, @wisdomtrove
294:The libraries of America are and must ever remain the home of free and inquiring minds. To them, our citizens-of all ages and races, of all creeds and persuasions-must be able to turn with clear confidence that there they can freely seek the whole truth, unvarnished by fashion and uncompromised by expediency. ~ dwight-eisenhower, @wisdomtrove
295:A writer like me must have an utter confidence, an utter faith in his star. It's an almost mystical feeling, a feeling of nothing-can-happen-to me, nothing-can-touch-me... . I once had it. But through a series of blows, many of them my own fault, something happened to that sense of immunity and I lost my grip. ~ f-scott-fitzgerald, @wisdomtrove
296:It always grieves me to contemplate the initiation of children into the ways of life when they are scarcely more than infants. It checks their confidence and simplicity, two of the best qualities that heaven gives them, and demands that they share our sorrows before they are capable of entering into our enjoyments. ~ charles-dickens, @wisdomtrove
297:Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. So start each day by thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for. Your future will depend very largely on the thoughts you think today. So think thoughts of hope and confidence and love and success. ~ dale-carnegie, @wisdomtrove
298:If we do have realistic confidence ... if we feel secure within ourselves, we tend to experience the world as open to us and to respond appropriately to challenges and opportunities. Self-esteem empowers, energizes, motivates. It inspires us to achieve and allows us to take pleasure and pride in our achievements. ~ nathaniel-branden, @wisdomtrove
299:As long as I can remember I feel I have had this great creative and spiritual force within me that is greater than faith, greater than ambition, greater than confidence, greater than determination, greater than vision. It is all these combined. My brain becomes magnetized with this dominating force which I hold in my hand. ~ bruce-lee, @wisdomtrove
300:Men talk of "the mistakes of Scripture." I thank God that I have never met with any. Mistakes of translation there may be, for translators are men. But mistakes of the original word there never can be, for the God who spoke it is infallible, and so is every word he speaks, and in that confidence we find delightful rest. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
301:When a warrior is present and awake to all that she is, she is able to take on any challenge, any project, or any future that she desires. Her daily prayer is to have the strength to love all of herself, the courage to listen to what she is guided to do and the confidence to go out, stand tall and deliver her gifts to the world. ~ debbie-ford, @wisdomtrove
302:You have, at the same time, placed your confidence in me, and in my ability to render a free, fair judgment&
303:But the man who is not afraid to admit everything that he sees to be wrong with himself, and yet recognizes that he may be the object of God's love precisely because of his shortcomings, can begin to be sincere. His sincerity is based on confidence, not in his own illusions about himself, but in the endless, unfailing mercy of God. ~ thomas-merton, @wisdomtrove
304:It requires courage not to surrender oneself to the ingenious or compassionate counsels of despair that would induce a man to eliminate himself from the ranks of the living; but it does not follow from this that every huckster who is fattened and nourished in self-confidence has more courage than the man who yielded to despair. ~ soren-kierkegaard, @wisdomtrove
305:Worry is a state of mind based upon fear. It works slowly, but persistently. It is insidious and subtle. Step by step it “digs itself in” until it paralyzes one’s reasoning faculty, destroys self-confidence and initiative. Worry is a form of sustained fear caused by indecision therefore it is a state of mind which can be controlled. ~ napoleon-hill, @wisdomtrove
306:But I noted with real satisfaction how well ex-footballers seemed to have leadership qualifications . . . I believe that football, perhaps more than any other sport, tends to instill in men the feeling that victory comes through hard - almost slavish - work, team play, self-confidence, and an enthusiasm that amounts to dedication. ~ dwight-eisenhower, @wisdomtrove
307:The greatest step toward success is self confidence. The greatest builder of self confidence is self esteem, and self esteem comes from doing the daily things you know you should do. Your self esteem will start to soar when you make some critical decisions - decisions to walk a new road, to start a new direction, to start a new discipline. ~ jim-rohn, @wisdomtrove
308:... the reason for [this age's] anxiety and unrest is because in one direction, &
309:You either choose this method of passing the evening because you are in each other's confidence, and have secret affairs to discuss, or because you are conscious that your figures appear to the greatest advantage in walking;— if the first, I should be completely in your way, and if the second, I can admire you much better as I sit by the fire. ~ jane-austen, @wisdomtrove
310:I've always thought New Year's Day was an especially American tradition, full of the optimism and hope we're famous for in our daily lives - an energy and confidence we call the American spirit. Perhaps because we know we control our own destiny, we believe deep down inside that working together we can make each new year better than the old. ~ ronald-reagan, @wisdomtrove
311:If human life is in fact ordered by a beneficent being whose knowledge of our real needs and of the way in which they can be satisfied infinitely exceeds our own, we must expect a priori that his operations will often appear to us far from beneficent and far from wise, and that it will be our highest prudence to give him our confidence in spite of this. ~ c-s-lewis, @wisdomtrove
312:This Government, the offspring of your own choice, uninfluenced and unawed, adopted upon full investigation and mature deliberation, completely free in its principles, in the distribution of its powers, uniting security with energy, and containing within itself a provision for its own amendment, has a just claim to your confidence and your support. ~ george-washington, @wisdomtrove
313:The confidence and faith of the heart alone make both God and an idol. If your faith and trust be right, then is your god also true; and, on the other hand, if your trust be false and wrong, then you have not the true God; for these two belong together faith and God. That now, I say, upon which you set your heart and put your trust is properly your god. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
314:For there is no virtue, the honour and credit for which procures a man more odium from the elite than that of justice; and this, because more than any other, it acquires a man power and authority among the common people. For they only honour the valiant and admire the wise, while in addition they also love just men, and put entire trust and confidence in them. ~ plutarch, @wisdomtrove
315:But being overborne with numbers, and nobody daring to face about, stretching out his hands to heaven, [Romulus] prayed to Jupiter to stop the army, and not to neglect but maintain the Roman cause, now in extreme danger. The prayer was no sooner made, than shame and respect for their king checked many; the fears of the fugitives changed suddenly into confidence. ~ plutarch, @wisdomtrove
316:The God of Christians is a God of love and comfort, a God who fills the soul and heart of those whom he possesses, a God who makes them conscious of their inward wretchedness, and his infinite mercy; who unites himself to their inmost soul, who fills it with humility and joy, with confidence and love, who renders them incapable of any other end than himself. ~ blaise-pascal, @wisdomtrove
317:Let us keep before us the fact that, almost without exception, every race or nation that has ever got upon its feet has done so through struggle and trial and persecution; and that out of this very resistance to wrong, out of the struggle against odds, they have gained strength, self-confidence, and experience which they could not have gained in any other way. ~ booker-t-washington, @wisdomtrove
318:Self-esteem is reliance on one's power to think. It cannot be replaced by one's power to deceive. The self-confidence of a scientist and the self-confidence of a con man are not interchangeable states, and do not come from the same psychological universe. The success of a man who deals with reality augments his self-confidence. The success of a con man augments his panic. ~ ayn-rand, @wisdomtrove
319:Anyone who expects to create, be it as a scientist or artist, scholar or writer, needs self-confidence, even bravado. How else can one dare to imagine understanding what no one else has understood, discovering what no one else has discovered? Where does this confidence come from? Fortunately, every young person is blessed with some of it. It is part of human character. ~ john-wheeler, @wisdomtrove
320:America already holds the record for freak movements. Now we have a new one. It's called "Restoring Confidence." Rich men who never had a mission in life outside of watching a stock ticker are working day and night "restoring confidence." Writers are working night shifts, speakers' tables are littered up, ministers are preaching statistics, all on "restoring confidence." ~ will-rogers, @wisdomtrove
321:When we place our dependence in God, we are unencumbered, and we have no worry. In fact, we may even be reckless, insofar as our part in the production is concerned. This confidence, this sureness of action, is both contagious and an aid to the perfect action. The rest is in the hands of God - and this is the same God, gentlemen, who has won all His battles up to now. ~ vince-lombardi, @wisdomtrove
322:Because of the lingering discrimination, many women still lack confidence. They live in fear of stepping beyond what they feel is acceptable &
323:Somehow, I can't believe that there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. The special secret it seems to me is summarized in four C's. They are Curiosity, Courage, Confidence and Constancy. And the greatest of all is Confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably. ~ walt-disney, @wisdomtrove
324:Your mental diet largely determines your character and your personality and almost everything that happens to you in life. When you feed your mind with positive affirmations, information, books, conversations, audio programs, and thoughts, you develop a more positive attitude and personality. You become more influential and persuasive. You enjoy greater confidence and self-esteem. ~ brian-tracy, @wisdomtrove
325:Gratitude is the confidence in life itself... As gratitude grows it gives rise to joy. We experience the courage to rejoice in our own good fortune and in the good fortune of others... We can be joyful for people we love, for moments of goodness, for sunlight and trees, and for the very breath within our lungs. Like an innocent child, we can rejoice in life itself, in being alive. ~ jack-kornfield, @wisdomtrove
326:But the problems of perpetuating a hierarchical society go deeper than this. There are only four ways in which a ruling group can fall from power. Either it is conquered from without, or it governs so inefficiently that the masses are stirred to revolt, or it allows a strong and discontented Middle group to come into being, or it loses its own self-confidence and willingness to govern. ~ george-orwell, @wisdomtrove
327:I believe confidence is all about being positive concerning what you can do - and not worrying over what you can't do. A confident person is open to learning, because she knows that her confidence allows her to walk through life's doorways, eager to discover what waits on the other side. She knows that every new unknown is a chance to learn more about herself and unleash her abilities. ~ joyce-meyer, @wisdomtrove
328:It's quite clear that stocks are cheaper than bonds. I can't imagine anybody having bonds in their portfolio when they can own equities, a diversified group of equities. But people do because they, the lack of confidence. But that's what makes for the attractive prices. If they had their confidence back, they wouldn't be selling at these prices. And believe me, it will come back over time. ~ warren-buffet, @wisdomtrove
329:The source of love is deep in us, and we can help others realize a lot of happiness. One word can give comfort and confidence, destroy doubt, help someone avoid a mistake, reconcile a conflict, or open the door to liberation. One action can save a person’s life or help him take advantage of a rare opportunity. If love is in our heart, every thought, word, and deed can bring about a miracle. ~ thich-nhat-hanh, @wisdomtrove
330:The poor are always prophetic. As true prophets always point out, they reveal God's design. That is why we should take time to listen to them. And that means staying near them, because they speak quietly and infrequently; they are afraid to speak out, they lack confidence in themselves because they have been broken and oppressed. But if we listen to them, they will bring us back to the essential. ~ jean-vanier, @wisdomtrove
331:All students, members of the faculty, and public officials in both Mississippi and the Nation will be able, it is hoped, to return to their normal activities with full confidence in the integrity of American law. This is as it should be, for our Nation is founded on the principle that observance of the law is the eternal safeguard of liberty and defiance of the law is the surest road to tyranny. ~ john-f-kennedy, @wisdomtrove
333:He was a volatile mixture of confidence and vulnerability. He could deliver extended monologues on professional matters, then promptly stop in his tracks to peer inquisitively into his guest's eyes for signs of boredom or mockery, being intelligent enough to be unable fully to believe in his own claims to significance. He might, in a past life, have been a particularly canny and sharp-tongued royal advisor. ~ alain-de-botton, @wisdomtrove
334:There are 3 elements essential in the matters of the State, Food, Military equipment, and Confidence of the people in the ruler. Of these 3, Military Equipment is the least important, Food being the 2nd important, and Confidence of the people being the MOST important. All men rather die of starvation than in war, but nevertheless all men do die of old age. Lacking in Confidence from the people, a state cannot survive. ~ confucius, @wisdomtrove
335:Bunny slippers remind me of who I am.You can't get a swelled head if you wear bunny slippers. You can't lose your sense of perspective and start acting like a star or a rich lady if you keep on wearing bunny slippers. Besides, bunny slippers give me confidence because they're so jaunty. They make a statement; they say, &
336:Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests. ~ george-washington, @wisdomtrove
337:The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered they lack any of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude, such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display. ~ h-l-mencken, @wisdomtrove
338:I write in spurts. I write when I have to because the pressure builds up and I feel enough confidence that something has matured in my head and I can write it down. But once something is really under way, I don't want to do anything else. I don't go out, much of the time I forget to eat, I sleep very little. It's a very undisciplined way of working and makes me not very prolific. But I'm too interested in many other things. ~ susan-sontag, @wisdomtrove
339:He looked at her. She was pretty still, with thick hair and soft eyes, and she moved so gracefully that it almost seemed as though she were gliding. He'd seen beautiful women before, though, women who caught his eye, but to his mind, they usually lacked the traits he found most desirable. Traits like intelligence, confidence, strength of spirit, passion, traits that inspired others to greatness, traits he aspired to himself. ~ nicholas-sparks, @wisdomtrove
340:The beauty of nature insists on taking its time. Everything is prepared. Nothing is rushed. The rhythm of emergence is a gradual, slow beat; always inching its way forward, change remains faithful to itself until the new unfolds in the full confidence of true arrival. Because nothing is abrupt, the beginning of spring nearly always catches us unawares. It is there before we see it; and then we can look nowhere without seeing it. ~ john-odonohue, @wisdomtrove
341:Probably the worst thing that has happened in America in my time is the decay of confidence in the courts. No one can be sure any more that in a given case they will uphold the plainest mandate of the Constitution. On the contrary, everyone begins to be more or less convinced in advance that they won't. Judges are chosen not because they know the Constitution and are in favor of it, but precisely because they appear to be against it. ~ h-l-mencken, @wisdomtrove
342:The child, in danger of the fire, just clings to the fireman, and trusts to him alone. She raises no question about the strength of his limbs to carry her, or the zeal of his heart to rescue her; but she clings. The heat is terrible, the smoke is blinding, but she clings; and her deliverer quickly bears her to safety. In the same childlike confidence cling to Jesus, who can and will bear you out of danger from the flames of sin. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
343:How can we not believe in the greatness of America? How can we not do what is right and needed to preserve this last best hope of man on Earth? After all our struggles to restore America, to revive confidence in our country, hope for our future - after all our hard-won victories earned through the patience and courage of every citizen - we cannot, must not, and will not turn. We will finish our job. How could we do less? We're Americans. ~ ronald-reagan, @wisdomtrove
344:Acquisition of [higher] knowledge is not the end, but the means to the end; the end consists of the attainment, thanks to this knowledge of the higher worlds, of greater and truer self-confidence, a higher degree of courage, and a magnanimity and perseverance such as cannot, as a rule, be acquired in the lower world.For every one step that you take in the pursuit of higher knowledge, take three steps in the perfection of your own character. ~ rudolf-steiner, @wisdomtrove
345:Observation and theory get on best when they are mixed together, both helping one another in the pursuit of truth. It is a good rule not to put overmuch confidence in a theory until it has been confirmed by observation. I hope I shall not shock the experimental physicists too much if I add that it is also a good rule not to put overmuch confidence in the observational results that are put forward until they have been confirmed by theory. ~ sir-arthur-eddington, @wisdomtrove
346:Your corn is ripe today, mine will be so tomorrow. &
347:Although I am fully convinced of the truth of the views given in this volume under the form of an abstract, I by no means expect to convince experienced naturalists whose minds are stocked with a multitude of facts all viewed, during a long course of years, from a point of view directly opposite to mine... I look with confidence to the future, to young and rising naturalists, who will be able to view both sides of the question with impartiality. ~ charles-darwin, @wisdomtrove
348:The soft bonds of love are indifferent to life and death. They hold through time so that yesterday’s love is part of today’s and the confidence in tomorrow’s love is also part of today’s. And when one dies, the memory lives in the other, and is warm and breathing. And when both die - I almost believe, rationalist though I am - that somewhere it remains, indestructible and eternal, enriching all of the universe by the mere fact that once it existed. ~ isaac-asimov, @wisdomtrove
349:No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition and both are necessary. I am not asking your newspapers to support the Administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed. ~ john-f-kennedy, @wisdomtrove
350:To accept struggle as part of life, to accept all of it, even the darkest moments of anguish; to be motivated by love rather than fear, by confidence rather than insecurity: these are the benchmarks of high self-esteem. The wish to avoid fear and pain is not the motive that drives the lives of highly evolved men and women; rather, it is the life force within them, thrusting toward its unique form of expression-the actualization of personal values. ~ nathaniel-branden, @wisdomtrove
351:To be beautiful means to be yourself.You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. When you are born a lotus flower, be a beautiful lotus flower, don't try to be a magnolia flower. If you crave acceptance and recognition and try to change yourself to fit what other people want you to be, you will suffer all your life. True happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself, accepting yourself, having confidence in yourself. ~ thich-nhat-hanh, @wisdomtrove
352:We know when we are following our vocation when our soul is set free from preoccupation with itself and is able to seek God and even to find Him, even though it may not appear to find Him. Gratitude and confidence and freedom from ourselves: these are signs that we have found our vocation and are living up to it even though everything else may seem to have gone wrong. They give us peace in any suffering. They teach us to laugh at despair. And we may have to. ~ thomas-merton, @wisdomtrove
353:It is human self-renunciation when a man denies himself and the world opens up to him. But it is Christian self-renunciation when he denies himself and, because the world precisely for this shuts itself up to him, he must as one thrust out by the world seek God's confidence. The double-danger lies precisely in meeting opposition there where he had expected to find support, and he has to turn about twice; whereas the merely human self-resignation turns once. ~ soren-kierkegaard, @wisdomtrove
354:Men are very apt to run into extremes, hatred to England may carry come into an excess of Confidence in France... I am heartily disposed to entertain the most favourable sentiments of our new ally and to cherish them in others to a reasonable degree; but it is a maxim founded on the universal experience of mankind, that no nation is to be trusted farther than it is bound by its interest; and no prudent statesman or politician will venture to depart from it. ~ george-washington, @wisdomtrove
355:Faith is a living, bold trust in God's grace, so certain of God's favour that it would risk death a thousand times trusting in it. Such confidence and knowledge of God's grace makes you happy, joyful and bold in your relationship to God and all creatures. The Holy Spirit makes this happen through faith. Because of it, you freely, willingly and joyfully do good to everyone, serve everyone, suffer all kinds of things, love and praise the God who has shown you such grace. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
356:I am one of those who like to stay late at the cafe," the older waiter said. "With all those who do not want to go to bed. With all those who need a light for the night." "I want to go home and into bed." "We are of two different kinds," the older waiter said. He was now dressed to go home. "It is not only a question of youth and confidence although those things are very beautiful. Each night. I am reluctant to close up because there may be someone who needs the cafe. ~ ernest-hemingway, @wisdomtrove
357:Then they began to say: &
358:What you and I might rate as an absolute disaster, God may rate as a pimple-level problem that will pass. He views your life the way you view a movie after you've read the book. When something bad happens, you feel the air sucked out of the theater. Everyone else gasps at the crisis on the screen. Not you. Why? You've read the book. You know how the good guy gets out of the tight spot. God views your life with the same confidence. He's not only read your story... he wrote it. ~ max-lucado, @wisdomtrove
359:If you trust in Nature, in the small Things that hardly anyone sees and that can so suddenly become huge, immeasurable; if you have this love for what is humble and try very simply, as someone who serves, to win the confidence of what seems poor: then everything will become easier for you, more coherent and somehow more reconciling, not in your conscious mind perhaps, which stays behind, astonished, but in your innermost awareness, awakeness, and knowl ~ rainer-maria-rilke, @wisdomtrove
360:Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats. Yet each struggle, each defeat, sharpens your skills and strengths, your courage and your endurance, your ability and your confidence and thus each obstacle is a comrade-in-arms forcing you to become better... or quit. Each rebuff is an opportunity to move forward; turn away from them, avoid them, and you throw away your future. ~ og-mandino, @wisdomtrove
361:You should not take old people who are already dead seriously. It does them injustice. We immortals do not like things to be taken seriously. We like joking. Seriousness, young man, is an accident of time. It consists, I don't mind telling you in confidence, in putting too high a value on time. I, too, once put too high a value on time. For that reason I wished to be a hundred years old. In eternity, however, there is no time, you see. Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke. ~ hermann-hesse, @wisdomtrove
362:Let us become thoroughly sensible of the weakness, blindness, and narrow limits of human reason: Let us duly consider its uncertainty and endless contrarieties, even in subjects of common life and practice... . When these topics are displayed in their full light, as they are by some philosophers and almost all divines; who can retain such confidence in this frail faculty of reason as to pay any regard to its determinations in points so sublime, so abstruse, so remote from common life and experience? ~ david-hume, @wisdomtrove
363:Some people are called to be a good sailor. Some people have a calling to be a good tiller of the land. Some people are called to be a good friend. You have to be the best at whatever you are called at. Whatever you do. You ought to be the best at it – highly skilled. It's about confidence, not arrogance. You have to know that you're the best whether anybody else tells you that or not. And that you'll be around, in one way or another, longer than anybody else. Somewhere inside of you, you have to believe that. ~ bob-dylan, @wisdomtrove
364:When people say they do not care what others think of them, for the most part they deceive themselves. Generally they mean only that they will do as they choose, in the confidence that no one will know their vagaries; and at the utmost only that they are willing to act contrary to the opinion of the majority because they are supported by the approval of their neighbours. It is not difficult to be unconventional in the eyes of the world when your unconventionality is but the convention of your set. ~ william-somerset-maugham, @wisdomtrove
365:Whilst a man is persuaded that he has it in his power to contribute anything, be it ever so little, to his salvation, he remains in carnal self-confidence; he is not a self-despairer, and therefore is not duly humbled before God, he believes he may lend a helping hand in his salvation, but on the contrary, whoever is truly convinced that the whole work depends singly on the will of God, such a person renounces his own will and strength; he waits and prays for the operation of God, nor waits and prays in vain ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
366:This was the shocking thing; that the slime of the pit seemed to utter cries and voices; that the amorphous dust gesticulated and sinned; that what was dead, and had no shape, should usurp the offices of life. And this again, that that insurgent horror was knit to him closer than a wife, closer than an eye; lay caged in his flesh, where he heard it mutter and felt it struggle to be born; and at every hour of weakness, and in the confidence of slumber, prevailed against him, and deposed him out of life. ~ robert-louis-stevenson, @wisdomtrove
367:Once you can say with confidence born from direct experience: &
368:When we are in touch with our universal Self, we are immune to criticism, but responsive to feedback. This means that on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels, we feel neither beneath nor superior to anyone else. This doesn’t mean we are arrogant or cocky, but a quiet confidence and dignity radiate from us that result in a fearlessness and readiness to creatively take on any challenge. It also means we are never the victim of self- importance, knowing that all self- importance is a form of self- pity in disguise.    ~ deepak-chopra, @wisdomtrove
369:And we're also remembering the guiding light of our Judeo-Christian tradition. All of us here today are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, sons and daughters of the same God. I believe we are bound by faith in our God, by our love for family and neighborhood, by our deep desire for a more peaceful world, and by our commitment to protect the freedom which is our legacy as Americans. These values have given a renewed sense of worth to our lives. They are infusing America with confidence and optimism that many thought we had lost. ~ ronald-reagan, @wisdomtrove
370:I will say broadly that I have more confidence in the spiritual life of the children that I have received into this church than I have in the, spiritual condition of the adults thus received. I will even go further than that, and say that I have usually found a clearer knowledge of the gospel and a warmer love of Christ in the child-converts than in the man-converts. I will even astonish you still more by saying that I have sometimes met with a deeper spiritual experience in children of ten and twelve than I have in certain persons of fifty and sixty. ~ charles-spurgeon, @wisdomtrove
371:There are three ways in which a ruler can bring misfortune on his army: By commanding the army to advance or to retreat, being ignorant of the fact that it cannot obey. This is called hobbling the army. By attempting to govern an army in the same way as he administers a kingdom, being ignorant of the conditions which obtain in an army. This causes restlessness in the soldier's minds. By employing the officers of his army without discrimination, through ignorance of the military principle of adaptation to circumstances. This shakes the confidence of the soldiers. ~ sun-tzu, @wisdomtrove
372:For myself the delay [in assuming the office of the President] may be compared with a reprieve; for in confidence I assure you, with the world it would obtain little credit that my movements to the chair of Government will be accompanied by feelings not unlike those of a culprit who is going to the place of his execution: so unwilling am I, in the evening of a life nearly consumed in public cares, to quit a peaceful abode for an Ocean of difficulties, without that competency of political skill, abilities and inclination which is necessary to manage the helm. ~ george-washington, @wisdomtrove
373:An atheist is someone who is certain that God does not exist, someone who has compelling evidence against the existence of God. I know of no such compelling evidence. Because God can be relegated to remote times and places and to ultimate causes, we would have to know a great deal more about the universe than we do now to be sure that no such God exists. To be certain of the existence of God and to be certain of the nonexistence of God seem to me to be the confident extremes in a subject so riddled with doubt and uncertainty as to inspire very little confidence indeed. ~ carl-sagan, @wisdomtrove
374:Because the Holy Spirit is God, we feel Him as He controls our circumstances and transforms our lives. When He does that, He uses us. He melts us in relationships. He molds us in the pursuit and the direction of His will. He fills us with power and the perseverance to keep at it. He uses as He controls our circumstances and transforms our lives. Ask the Spirit of God to use you, just as you are, with the gifts and abilities that He's given you. Secure in the confidence that God is in control of your life, you will be free to serve Him with joy and effectiveness. ~ charles-r-swindoll, @wisdomtrove
375:The fatuous idea that a person can be holy by himself denies God the pleasure of saving sinners. God must therefore first take the sledge-hammer of the Law in His fists and smash the beast of self-righteousness and its brood of self-confidence, self wisdom, and self-help. When the conscience has been thoroughly frightened by the Law it welcomes the Gospel of grace with its message of a Savior Who came-not to break the bruised reed nor to quench the smoking flax-but to preach glad tidings to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, and to grant forgiveness of sins to all the captives. ~ martin-luther, @wisdomtrove
376:Place no hope in the feeling of assurance, in spiritual comfort. You may well have to get along without this. Place no hope in the inspirational preachers of Christian sunshine, who are able to pick you up and set you back on your feet and make you feel good for three or four days-until you fold up and collapse into despair. Self-confidence is a precious natural gift, a sign of health. But it is not the same thing as faith. Faith is much deeper, and it must be deep enough to subsist when we are weak, when we are sick, when our self-confidence is gone, when our self-respect is gone. ~ thomas-merton, @wisdomtrove
377:Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the power of all philosophers. But, in fact, a man’s sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy on life. Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself. No matter what corruption he’s taught about the virtue of selflessness, sex is the most profoundly selfish of all acts, an act which he cannot perform for any motive but his own enjoyment–just try to think of performing it in a spirit of selfless charity!–an act which is not possible in self-abasement, only in self-exaltation, only in confidence of being desired and being worthy of desire. ~ ayn-rand, @wisdomtrove

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:self-confidence, ~ M Louisa Locke,
2:Part 2: Confidence ~ Howard Schultz,
3:Confidence begets confidence. ~ Plautus,
4:Carry the confidence. ~ Diane Chamberlain,
5:Confidence is the greatest friend. ~ Laozi,
6:Exude unconditional confidence. ~ Tim Gunn,
7:Success breeds confidence. ~ Beryl Markham,
8:Art helped give me confidence. ~ Jeff Koons,
9:humble self- confidence. ~ Patrick Lencioni,
10:Confidence is a horrible thing ~ Paul Merson,
11:I had a lot of self-confidence. ~ Bowie Kuhn,
12:It's all about the confidence. ~ Denise Bidot,
13:Kindness in words creates confidence. ~ Laozi,
14:Bitcoin faces crisis of confidence ~ Anonymous,
15:Confidence is just entitlement. ~ Mindy Kaling,
16:Confidence is seen, not heard. ~ Kelly Clarkson,
17:Knowing who you are is confidence. ~ Mila Kunis,
18:Shooting is all about confidence. ~ Tubby Smith,
19:Confidence in nonsense is required. ~ Burt Rutan,
20:Gain confidence and you banish fear. ~ Ed Parker,
21:I lack confidence as an actor. ~ Charles Durning,
22:The Keys to Courage and Confidence ~ Brian Tracy,
23:Who has magnificent self-confidence ~ Dalai Lama,
24:Confidence is preparation in action. ~ Ron Howard,
25:Go forward with joyful confidence. ~ George Eliot,
26:His confidence was a wall of wind. ~ Lauren Groff,
27:Self-confidence is contagious. ~ Stephen Richards,
28:confidence. He contained worlds. ~ Julie Anne Long,
29:Confidence is not arrogance. ~ Sheila Renee Parker,
30:Ego is stolen. Confidence is earned ~ Ryan Holiday,
31:I wish I had more confidence. ~ Sean William Scott,
32:She had the confidence to be humble. ~ James Comey,
33:I think confidence will come back. ~ Warren Buffett,
34:Faith is active confidence in God. ~ James MacDonald,
35:Light fell, and so did my confidence. ~ Ruta Sepetys,
36:Self-confidence can be crippling. ~ Leonard Michaels,
37:Unrelenting confidence was necessary. ~ Ben Horowitz,
38:Who has self-confidence will lead the rest. ~ Horace,
39:All reluctance is a lack of confidence. ~ Todd Duncan,
40:Confidence and hope do more good than physic. ~ Galen,
41:confidence is acquired, developed. ~ David J Schwartz,
42:Confidence is essential, but ego is not. ~ Sam Mendes,
43:when they both have equal confidence. ~ Arthur Golden,
44:Confidence is a plant of slow growth. ~ Anna Leonowens,
45:crossed the threshold of confidence, ~ Charlotte Bront,
46:Nothing builds confidence like live ammo. ~ Tim Dorsey,
47:Without confidence, there is no friendship. ~ Epicurus,
48:You defeat defeatism with confidence. ~ Vince Lombardi,
49:All of management is about self-confidence ~ Jack Welch,
50:Confidence is the best proof of love. ~ Maria Edgeworth,
51:Especially with music, people want confidence. ~ Grimes,
52:My confidence level is a tremendous high. ~ Vince Young,
53:Our confidence comes from our preparation. ~ Ronaldinho,
54:Confidence is the stain they can't wipe off. ~ Lil Wayne,
55:False confidence is nobody's friend. ~ Alexandra Christo,
56:False confidence is nobody’s friend. ~ Alexandra Christo,
57:I love the confidence that makeup gives me. ~ Tyra Banks,
58:Confidence is its own security. ~ Letitia Elizabeth Landon,
59:Confidence is the public face of competence. ~ Ron Suskind,
60:Have the confidence to be your own person. ~ Olivia Hussey,
61:I have lost confidence in myself. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson,
62:The difficulty comes from our lack of confidence. ~ Seneca,
63:Towering is the confidence of twenty-one. ~ Samuel Johnson,
64:As is our confidence, so is our capacity. ~ William Hazlitt,
65:I think confidence is the sexiest thing to have. ~ Jessie J,
66:Productivity is the only path to confidence. ~ Stephen Koch,
67:Confidence is one of the sexiest things. ~ Katherine Jenkins,
68:Confidence is the only bond of friendship. ~ Publilius Syrus,
69:Confidence is the present tense of hope. ~ Soren Kierkegaard,
70:Fear corrodes our confidence in God's goodness. ~ Max Lucado,
71:Let your confidence reflect your contentedness. ~ Criss Jami,
72:Self confidence for me is a fragile fleece. ~ Sylvia Kristel,
73:the confidence of the untested. ~ Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni,
74:Without education, confidence does not come. ~ B K S Iyengar,
75:Competence is a great creator of confidence. ~ Mary Jo Putney,
76:Confidence is key, if you don't have it, fake it! ~ Lady Gaga,
77:Confidence is the prize given to the mediocre ~ Robert Hughes,
78:Danger breeds best on too much confidence. ~ Pierre Corneille,
79:Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence. ~ Brene Brown,
80:We have confidence but no dignity. ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,
81:Confidence is the sexiest accessory. - Kailin Gow ~ Kailin Gow,
82:Confidence without skill is just emptiness. ~ Erik Weihenmayer,
83:Skill and confidence are an unconquered army. ~ George Herbert,
84:A lot of people need an infusion of confidence. ~ Rush Limbaugh,
85:confidence is like respect; you have to earn it. ~ Mindy Kaling,
86:I have great confidence in Taiwan's democracy. ~ Chen Shui bian,
87:Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence. ~ Morris Kline,
88:Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ~ Helen Keller,
89:Reading won't have the confidence to be confident ~ Paul Merson,
90:Take the Divine alone into your soul’s confidence. ~ The Mother,
91:To pull off any look, wear it with confidence. ~ Audrey Hepburn,
92:Use action to cure fear and gain confidence. ~ David J Schwartz,
93:Bravery come with confidence in one's own abilities. ~ L A Banks,
94:Charisma often flows from total self-confidence. ~ Peter Heather,
95:Confidence comes from discipline and training. ~ Robert Kiyosaki,
96:Confidence is about knowing you can make it right. ~ John Scalzi,
97:Confidence without clarity is always a disaster. ~ Jaggi Vasudev,
98:Have the confidence to fail. Persistence is key. ~ Jessica Walsh,
99:I have more confidence than I ever have before. ~ Carlos Beltran,
100:My mind may be sober, but my confidence is high! ~ Habeeb Akande,
101:No exchange rate for the confidence of youth. ~ Elizabeth Strout,
102:Sincerity is the surest road to confidence. ~ David Lloyd George,
103:Build confidence. Destroy fear through action. ~ David J Schwartz,
104:Clothes can transform your mood and confidence. ~ Alice Temperley,
105:Courage is a mean with regard to fear and confidence. ~ Aristotle,
106:Have confidence in your ideas before they even exist. ~ Biz Stone,
107:Preparedness is the ultimate confidence builder. ~ Vince Lombardi,
108:Self-confidence is the expression of stupidity. ~ Kari Hotakainen,
109:Confidence cannot find a place wherein to rest in safety. ~ Virgil,
110:I had very little confidence in myself as an actress. ~ Maud Adams,
111:People die of fright and live of confidence. ~ Henry David Thoreau,
112:Put your faith in God and confidence in yourself. ~ Alberta Hunter,
113:We don’t need self-confidence we need God-confidence ~ Joyce Meyer,
114:You have to have confidence in what you're doing. ~ Walter Schloss,
115:Being awesome really comes down to having confidence. ~ Jason Ellis,
116:Confidence is simply knowing what you’re able to do. ~ Lolly Daskal,
117:Fellowship in treason is a bad ground of confidence. ~ Edmund Burke,
118:His confidence fit on him like well-tailored clothing. ~ Elise Kova,
119:I can say with confidence I know a fair bit about LSD. ~ Dan Rather,
120:I had a fantastic mother who taught me self-confidence. ~ Anna Torv,
121:Innocence gave me confidence to go up against reality. ~ Neil Peart,
122:Like, like, like. My confidence grew with each click. ~ Keren David,
123:Never forget the first three letters of confidence. ~ Anthony Marra,
124:Our greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence. ~ Angela Ahrendts,
125:The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. ~ Blake Lively,
126:Whatever you do without confidence will be done badly. ~ James Cook,
127:Be confident enough to encourage confidence in others. ~ Ron Kaufman,
128:Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. ~ Vince Lombardi,
129:Cultivate confidence, and eradicate the need to control. ~ T F Hodge,
130:It was the age of confidence. Arrogance was epidemic. ~ David Laskin,
131:There's no job too immense, when you got confidence. ~ Elvis Presley,
132:Confidence is a plant of slow growth in an aged bosom. ~ William Pitt,
133:Confidence, the sexiest thing I put on in the morning. ~ Miranda Kerr,
134:Do not mistake confidence and self-awareness for egotism. ~ Anonymous,
135:Faith is a living, daring, confidence in God's grace. ~ Martin Luther,
136:If you focus on people’s weaknesses, they lose confidence. ~ Tom Rath,
137:Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence. ~ Joseph Wood Krutch,
138:My resolve, my anger, even my grief gave me confidence ~ Rick Riordan,
139:Power without a nation's confidence is nothing. ~ Catherine the Great,
140:Stature comes from your demeanor, your self confidence. ~ V C Andrews,
141:Take a stand. Be known for your courage and confidence. ~ Indra Nooyi,
142:Being beautiful is all in the attitude, it's about confidence. ~ Ciara,
143:Being on stage is about self esteem and self confidence. ~ Jake Miller,
144:Confidence is 10 percent hard work and 90 percent delusion. ~ Tina Fey,
145:confidence is a choice ... to act, or to do, or to decide. ~ Katty Kay,
146:He had the calm confidence of a Christian with four aces. ~ Mark Twain,
147:The longer your gevity is, the more confidence you build. ~ Kanye West,
148:True confidence comes from realizing the view. ~ Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche,
149:true confidence stems from the knowledge that you are safe ~ Anonymous,
150:We walk into the future in God-glorifying confidence, ~ Kevin DeYoung,
151:With confidence, you have won before you have started. ~ Marcus Garvey,
152:Without the confidence, nothing can be accomplished. ~ Sathya Sai Baba,
153:And a leader has to command confidence, and consent. ~ John Christopher,
154:a surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence. ~ Anonymous,
155:Because confidence is like respect; you have to earn it. ~ Mindy Kaling,
156:Confidence is a fine trait. Over-confidence isn't. ~ Laurell K Hamilton,
157:Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. ~ Vince Lombardi Jr,
158:Einstein's was a beautiful mix of confidence and awe. ~ Walter Isaacson,
159:logic is an organized way of going wrong with confidence. ~ David Weber,
160:No one who deserves confidence ever solicits it. ~ John Churton Collins,
161:The greatest step toward accomplishment is self-confidence . ~ Jim Rohn,
162:The line between confidence and arrogance is very fine, ~ Michael Scott,
163:Violence is not confidence, and terror is not mastery. ~ Timothy Snyder,
164:Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot. ~ Truman Capote,
165:Beauty is in being who God made you to be with confidence. ~ Joel Osteen,
166:Confidence gives a fool the advantage over a wise man. ~ William Hazlitt,
167:Confidence is the illusion born of accidental success. ~ Thomas a Kempis,
168:Delay is a gun pointed at the temple of confidence. ~ Augusten Burroughs,
169:He had the confidence of a man who had never been wounded. ~ Victor Hugo,
170:I feel like our future is our confidence and self-esteem. ~ Tupac Shakur,
171:Independence is earned by a few words of cheap confidence ~ Albert Camus,
172:I never knew I lacked so much confidence until I met you ~ Karuho Shiina,
173:People are slow to claim confidence in undertakings of magnitude. ~ Ovid,
174:Right now I have more confidence in myself. I grew up. ~ Amelie Mauresmo,
175:sometimes, the only confidence one can depend on is his own. ~ Anonymous,
176:The basis of effective government is public confidence. ~ John F Kennedy,
177:There is a great power in the simple confidence of a child. ~ The Mother,
178:To tell the truth, I just lost confidence in Joe Hooker. ~ Joseph Hooker,
179:True confidence stems from the knowledge that your are safe. ~ Anonymous,
180:All imposture weakens confidence and chills benevolence. ~ Samuel Johnson,
181:Arrogance is false confidence. It is born from insecurity. ~ Tahereh Mafi,
182:Calmness is the graceful form of Confidence. ~ Marie von Ebner Eschenbach,
183:One can't measure how a mood of confidence comes about. ~ Nadine Gordimer,
184:Over-confidence is as evil as undue anxiety. ~ Thomas Chandler Haliburton,
185:Stupid people will mistake your confidence for arrogance. ~ Habeeb Akande,
186:The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence. ~ Beyonce Knowles,
187:There is only one source of authentic self-confidence: reason. ~ Ayn Rand,
188:We are as often duped by diffidence as by confidence. ~ Lord Chesterfield,
189:When I was younger, I really struggled with confidence. ~ Jurnee Smollett,
190:Arrogance needs advertising, confidence speaks for itself. ~ Vitor Belfort,
191:A true creator researches how to have confidence in nonsense. ~ Burt Rutan,
192:Confidence imparts a wonderful inspiration to the possessor. ~ John Milton,
193:Confidence, it’s the fuel that drives the capitalist machine. ~ Max Brooks,
194:Confidence lets you pull anything off, even Tevas with socks ~ Lena Dunham,
195:Confidence tends to minimize the magnitude of the choice. ~ Susan Meissner,
196:Find your confidence, lead with love... the rest will follow. ~ Vin Diesel,
197:He had confidence where most men had no more than their cocks. ~ C D Reiss,
198:It takes confidence and guts to intentionally create tension. ~ Seth Godin,
199:My confidence wavers between being genuine and being insecure. ~ Bob Saget,
200:No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence. ~ S Truett Cathy,
201:Style is about confidence. That's the real beauty. ~ Diane von Furstenberg,
202:The big gap between the ability of actors is confidence. ~ Kathleen Turner,
203:With confidence, he open the door of life presented to him. ~ Paulo Coelho,
204:Alas, my lord, your wisdom is consumed in confidence. ~ William Shakespeare,
205:Coaches can teach you two things: confidence and technique. ~ Didier Drogba,
206:Confidence lets you pull anything off, even Tevas with socks. ~ Lena Dunham,
207:I have a great deal of confidence in myself and in my faith. ~ Jimmy Carter,
208:I’ll just borrow confidence from a future version of myself. ~ Eddie Izzard,
209:Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises. ~ Elizabeth Zimmermann,
210:The dinosaurs invented Jesus to test our confidence in science. ~ Karl Hess,
211:Confidence is one of the sexiest things in guys and girls. ~ Danica McKellar,
212:Confidence is the feeling we have before knowing all the facts ~ John Dryden,
213:Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem. ~ Woody Allen,
214:Confidence you haven't earned always has the brightest glow. ~ Dennis Lehane,
215:I have no confidence in a man whose faults you cannot see. ~ Edward Dahlberg,
216:Life, on confidence, is an extraordinary and powerful thing ~ Claire Shipman,
217:My message to you all is hope, courage and confidence. ~ Muhammad Ali Jinnah,
218:Passionate intensity may serve as a substitute for confidence. ~ Eric Hoffer,
219:Beware of over-confidence; especially in matters of structure. ~ Cass Gilbert,
220:Confidence in nonsense is a requirement for the creative process. ~ Epictetus,
221:Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear ~ Taylor Swift,
222:I can tell women's confidence levels rise when they wear heels. ~ Eric Mabius,
223:I think you can look at the British economy with confidence. ~ George Osborne,
224:It takes so little to undermine public confidence in a man. ~ Agatha Christie,
225:my opponent's self-confidence is usually my best asset. ~ Megan Whalen Turner,
226:To conquer fear is the best way to gain your self-confidence. ~ Roy T Bennett,
227:To succeed in life you need two things: Ignorance and confidence ~ Mark Twain,
228:Union of religious sentiments begets a surprising confidence. ~ James Madison,
229:You can live each day in the confidence of God’s promises. ~ Elizabeth George,
230:All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure. ~ Mark Twain,
231:He is safe who admits no one to his confidence. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
232:If you don’t have confidence you will always find a way to lose. ~ Peter Voogd,
233:I lose confidence in other people, all kinds of institutions. ~ Warren Buffett,
234:Maturity: the confidence to have no opinions on many things. ~ Alain de Botton,
235:Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. ~ Samuel Johnson,
236:Statisticians do it with confidence, frequency and variation ~ Lillian Hellman,
237:The quality of wit inspires more admiration than confidence ~ George Santayana,
238:We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. ~ Marie Curie,
239:We need to restore the confidence in the country, first of all. ~ Rafik Hariri,
240:A lie with confidence is more powerful than a truth without it. ~ M F Moonzajer,
241:Because confidence is like respect; you have to earn it. (P.220) ~ Mindy Kaling,
242:Confidence believes you are able. Competence knows you are able. ~ Lolly Daskal,
243:Confidence is directness and courage in meeting the facts of life. ~ John Dewey,
244:Confidence shared is better than confidence only in yourself. ~ Mike Krzyzewski,
245:Courage and confidence are what decision making is all about. ~ Mike Krzyzewski,
246:If you don't have confidence, you'll always find a way not to win. ~ Carl Lewis,
247:I Have Great Faith In Fools; Self-Confidence My Friends Call It. ~ Kelly Creagh,
248:I want girls to feel the confidence you get from being smart. ~ Danica McKellar,
249:Let the degree of egotism be the measure of confidence. ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater,
250:Logic is a system whereby one may go wrong with confidence. ~ Charles Kettering,
251:Not confidence—I understand confidence. What he had was knowledge. ~ Leif Enger,
252:People who lack confidence rarely win anything . - John Puller ~ David Baldacci,
253:Self-confidence grows on trees, in other people's orchards. ~ Mignon McLaughlin,
254:There's nothing like confidence. Your bosses will appreciate it. ~ Mary Carillo,
255:there’s only a razor’s edge between self-confidence and hubris. ~ Carol S Dweck,
256:This is true faith, a living confidence in the goodness of God. ~ Martin Luther,
257:To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. ~ Mark Twain,
258:What makes you think that I give a shit about your self-confidence? ~ Toba Beta,
259:You have to have a hell of a lot of confidence in what you're doing. ~ Jon Hamm,
260:Confidence is the best accessory. It can make or break an outfit. ~ Stacy London,
261:Confidence is the purity of action produced by a mind free of doubt. ~ Katty Kay,
262:...confidence went much further than a small ass in tight jeans. ~ Alice Clayton,
263:False humility is thinly veiled ego disguised as self confidence. ~ Dov Davidoff,
264:Getting out of bed in the morning is an act of false confidence. ~ Jules Feiffer,
265:Have confidence in the inventions and transformations of chance. ~ Andre Kertesz,
266:I have 100 percent confidence in the German judicial system. ~ Bernie Ecclestone,
267:Like most fedora wearers, he had a lot of inexplicable confidence. ~ Aziz Ansari,
268:My message to you all is of hope, courage, and confidence. ~ Muhammad Ali Jinnah,
269:Part of the problem is that he lacks confidence. He is nervous. ~ Charles Clarke,
270:Self-confidence goes a long way and is very attractive to others. ~ Adriana Lima,
271:There’s only one person to blame for lack of self confidence ~ Benny Bellamacina,
272:The ultimate ground of faith and knowledge is confidence in God. ~ Charles Hodge,
273:Weakness leaves, pride comes in. Confidence grows. Successful life. ~ Greg Plitt,
274:Confidence could be applied like makeup. I knew that for fact. ~ Barbara Delinsky,
275:Forget about self-confidence; it's useless. Cultivate God-confidence. ~ Anonymous,
276:Getting picked gives you half that confidence, or 50 per cent of it ~ Glenn Frank,
277:Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge. ~ Charles Darwin,
278:ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: ~ Charles Darwin,
279:I have a lot of faith and confidence in Cuban democracy. ~ Alejandro Castro Espin,
280:I have watched lives change. I have seen women gain confidence. ~ Amanda Lindhout,
281:I'm the sexiest when I'm happy because it brings out a lot of confidence. ~ Trina,
282:Never put much confidence in such as put no confidence in others. ~ Augustus Hare,
283:Prayers should be full of confidence without sorrow or lamenting. ~ SRI AUROBINDO,
284:There can never be a complete confidence in a power which is excessive. ~ Tacitus,
285:When the leader lacks confidence, the followers lack commitment. ~ John C Maxwell,
286:blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. ~ Anonymous,
287:Confidence and a good sense of humor can usually win a chick over. ~ Danny McBride,
288:Confidence is a plant of slow growth; especially in an aged bosom ~ Samuel Johnson,
289:Do not fear, keep your confidence, all these troubles will leave you. ~ The Mother,
290:Every time I rise up, I have confidence that I'm going to make it. ~ Stephen Curry,
291:Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
292:Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”4 ~ Denise Minger,
293:Lack of confidence is stunting if it stops us from achievement. ~ Stephen Richards,
294:The most vital quality a soldier can possess is self-confidence. ~ George S Patton,
295:There needs to be nationalist and republican confidence in unionism. ~ Gerry Adams,
296:Confidence,” he told us, “is the stuff that turns thoughts into action. ~ Anonymous,
297:Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation. ~ Anonymous,
298:Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. ~ Confucius,
299:Faith is a spirit. It is an attitude. It is confidence in the heart. ~ Phil Pringle,
300:Have faith and unshaken confidence. The Divine Grace will do the rest. ~ The Mother,
301:I'm always impressed by confidence, kindness and a sense of humour. ~ Tamara Mellon,
302:I sometimes have an over-confidence that can be viewed as arrogance. ~ James Corden,
303:I think it takes a lot of confidence to be comfortable in being vulnerable. ~ Ciara,
304:Leaders have self-confidence (not to be confused with being cocky) ~ Hannah Raybans,
305:Men have no confidence in an officer who doesn't know his own mind. ~ Napoleon Hill,
306:Nothing wounds a friend like a want of confidence. ~ Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire,
307:People of the cross? A symbol of shame has become our confidence. ~ Stephen Nichols,
308:Self confidence plays an important part in every aspect of man's life. ~ Dalai Lama,
309:When you don't win games, yeah, you lose confidence. That's normal. ~ Didier Drogba,
310:You are whatever and whoever your self-confidence allows you to be, ~ Carolyn Brown,
311:You need the confidence to fail in order to take risks in your work ~ Jessica Walsh,
312:Your approval gives others the confidence to serve, to learn, to try. ~ Ron Kaufman,
313:A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
314:A sense of achievement improves general confidence and self-esteem. ~ Philippa Perry,
315:Confidence comes not from always being right but not fearing to be wrong ~ Anonymous,
316:Confidence has a lot to do with interviewing - that, and timing. ~ Michael Parkinson,
317:Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good. ~ Diane von Furstenberg,
318:Confidence is inspiring. Yet so often misplaced. (Robert Thornhill) ~ David Baldacci,
319:Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. ~ Confucius,
320:Even back then, I exuded self-confidence, and that drives women crazy. ~ Larry David,
321:Have confidence. Return. Invoke our Lady and you'll be faithful. ~ Josemaria Escriva,
322:Having talent is fantastic. Having confidence is even more important. ~ Robin Sharma,
323:I have confidence that we can form this kind of national community. ~ Barbara Jordan,
324:I have so much more confidence in myself now than I ever did before. ~ Janet Jackson,
325:I've learned what works and what doesn't, which gives me confidence. ~ Brian Johnson,
326:Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
327:Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence. ~ George Clinton,
328:The point we emphasize is strong confidence in our original nature. ~ Shunryu Suzuki,
329:When people have an inner sense of confidence, they're more beautiful. ~ Amy Carlson,
330:Your wisdom is consum'd in confidence. Do not go forth to-day. ~ William Shakespeare,
331:Arrogance and confidence are not the same, but both will get you killed. ~ Elise Kova,
332:I breath wrestling. It's in my blood. I have kind of a confidence when I walk. ~ Kane,
333:I developed a great sense of self-confidence when I was very young. ~ Christie Hefner,
334:I have derived enormous confidence from being a husband and father. ~ Julian Fellowes,
335:I have great confidence in the common sense of mankind in general. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
336:Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. ~ Dale Carnegie,
337:Inaction breeds fear and doubt. Action breeds confidence and courage. ~ Dale Carnegie,
338:Live your life in a sublime spirit of confidence and determination. ~ Neville Goddard,
339:ps.118.8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. ~ Anonymous,
340:Rational confidence [is] the just result of knowledge and experience. ~ Edward Gibbon,
341:you will discover that your greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence. ~ Anonymous,
342:Being a child of God means confidence, but it never means complacency. ~ Kevin DeYoung,
343:Confidence, like the soul, never returns whence it has once departed ~ Publilius Syrus,
344:Confidence turns into pride only when you are in denial of your mistakes. ~ Criss Jami,
345:Fake confidence on the outside often trumps truthful turmoil on the inside. ~ Rob Lowe,
346:False charges of fraud can undermine public confidence in elections— ~ Steven Levitsky,
347:Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try. ~ Zig Ziglar,
348:...ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge... ~ Charles Darwin,
349:I have confidence that God is with us in all things, both tender and tough ~ Jan Karon,
350:I think just being on 'One Tree Hill' has given me a lot of confidence. ~ Kate Voegele,
351:Legislators need to support privacy to establish consumer confidence. ~ Marc Rotenberg,
352:Practice makes perfect" is true. "Practice makes confidence" is truer. ~ Annie F Downs,
353:The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money. ~ James Madison,
354:There's a confidence you find when you finally feel right in your body. ~ Ariel Winter,
355:There's boldness in being assertive; there's strength and confidence. ~ Bryan Cranston,
356:35Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has  x a great reward. ~ Anonymous,
357:Absolute confidence or clarity is the privilege of fools and fanatics. ~ Ronald Dworkin,
358:Confidence in conversation has a greater share than wit. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
359:Credit . . . is the only enduring testimonial to man's confidence in man. ~ James Blish,
360:I'm confident. Some people don't like confidence. They resent confidence. ~ Adam Levine,
361:I think it's important to be an absolute believer and have that confidence. ~ Jon Jones,
362:Shraddha means self-confidence and self-confidence means faith in God. ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
363:Sometimes young men need their confidence boosted, but never their egos. ~ Lisa Shearin,
364:The 3Ss of Winning in business are speed, simplicity, and self-confidence. ~ Jack Welch,
365:The team should have implicit confidence in the captain's decisions. ~ Lord Mountbatten,
366:To lose confidence in one's body is to lose confidence in oneself. ~ Simone de Beauvoir,
367:To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself. ~ Simone de Beauvoir,
368:Being the youngest of five, you're adored, you're fueled with confidence. ~ Martin Short,
369:burning with energy, the sort of tireless guy who radiates total confidence. ~ Lee Child,
370:But with knowledge comes confidence. And with happiness comes creativity. ~ Karina Halle,
371:Confidence and negativity do not go together. They are like oil and water; ~ Joyce Meyer,
372:Confidence, clarity and compassion are essential qualities of a teacher. ~ B K S Iyengar,
373:Confidence is closely linked to how well our perceptions match reality ~ Matthieu Ricard,
374:Confidence is key in any situation when trying to maintain power. ~ Michelle A Valentine,
375:Confidence is more attractive than anything you could put on your body. ~ Sophia Amoruso,
376:Have confidence. Even if it's a perilous road, one day you will reach your goal. ~ Yunho,
377:I can say this much with confidence - that I now have a sound of my own ~ Shreya Ghoshal,
378:I have great faith in fools - self-confidence my friends will call it. ~ Edgar Allan Poe,
379:I have great faith in fools,— self-confidence my friends will call it. ~ Edgar Allan Poe,
380:I love confidence in a guy. I don't have it, but there's nothing sexier. ~ Todd Phillips,
381:Im a combination between extreme insecurity and extreme confidence. ~ Alexandra Daddario,
382:I think that glamour is about confidence and really owning the look. ~ Monique Lhuillier,
383:I understand how important hair is to a woman's self-esteem and confidence. ~ Cat Deeley,
384:May infinite wisdom cure us of the madness of self-confidence! ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon,
385:May infinite wisdom cure us of the madness of self-confidence. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon,
386:People who lack confidence in their judgement lack confidence in themselves ~ Marie Kond,
387:The best book I've probably ever read. THis book gave me more confidence and ~ Jay Asher,
388:What I find powerful is a person with the confidence to be her own self. ~ Oprah Winfrey,
389:Whoever puts his confidence in men or in any creature is very foolish. ~ Thomas a Kempis,
390:All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure. ~ Mark Twain,
391:Be confident and the world responds to your confidence, rewards your faith. ~ Jess Walter,
392:Confidence is always the best accessory. Own the moment. Own your space. ~ Andrena Sawyer,
393:Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation. ~ Janice Thompson,
394:his unwavering confidence - but now, it feels like a brand of indifference ~ Emily Giffin,
395:I think preppy stands for optimism, confidence, energy and authenticity. ~ Tommy Hilfiger,
396:I think that's what helped us: confidence, respect, the desire to work hard. ~ Ed O Brien,
397:Jay Z and President Bush have a lot in common, that same brash confidence ~ Saul Williams,
398:People will not follow a leader who does not have confidence in himself. ~ John C Maxwell,
399:The law was given to crush our self-confidence and drive us to Jesus. ~ Elyse Fitzpatrick,
400:There is nothing that saps one's confidence as the knowing how to do a thing ~ Mark Twain,
401:Things said to a reporter in confidence should be kept in confidence. ~ Dorothy Kilgallen,
402:Two men are equals—true equals—only when they both have equal confidence. ~ Arthur Golden,
403:Confidence by itself, unless it has a valid basis, can get us into trouble. ~ Peter Schiff,
404:Faith is the confidence, the assurance, the enforcing truth, the knowing. ~ Robert Collier,
405:He had tried rather unsuccessfully to cheer her up and give her confidence ~ L Ron Hubbard,
406:I do still have dips of confidence or [can think] everything I do is rubbish. ~ David Toop,
407:If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
408:I've always felt that I did well as a student because I lacked confidence. ~ Denton Cooley,
409:My younger years were filled with fear; my todays are filled with confidence. ~ Louise Hay,
410:Only one man ever betrayed my confidence, and that only in a minor matter. ~ Harry Houdini,
411:There's no such thing as lack of confidence. You either have it or you don't. ~ Rob Andrew,
412:The secret to renewal and true confidence is simple: Get back to the basics. ~ Tim Sanders,
413:At its core, I believe leadership is about instilling confidence in others ~ Howard Schultz,
414:Confidence in duration is the antidote to panic and the tonic of demagogy. ~ Timothy Snyder,
415:Determination, courage and self-confidence are the key factors for success ~ Dalai Lama XIV,
416:For if you train hard and responsibly your confidence surges to a maximum ~ Floyd Patterson,
417:I have not the slightest confidence in 'spiritual manifestations.' ~ Robert Green Ingersoll,
418:I love my fans very much. They give me the confidence to continue things in life. ~ Bow Wow,
419:Presence is a result of confidence. Presence... when we see it we feel it. ~ John C Maxwell,
420:Racing ultras requires absolute confidence tempered with intense humility. To ~ Scott Jurek,
421:self-confidence should always ride side by side with a strong sense of humility. ~ Xenophon,
422:To me, the definition of sexy - at any age - is strength and confidence. ~ Mariska Hargitay,
423:You just have to be yourself and go full with confidence and be courageous! ~ Gabby Douglas,
424:At its core, I believe leadership is about instilling confidence in others, ~ Howard Schultz,
425:At its core, I believe leadership is about instilling confidence in others. ~ Howard Schultz,
426:Be yourself, know your power, have confidence in what you have to contribute. ~ Nancy Pelosi,
427:Confidence comes from victory, but strength comes from the struggle. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger,
428:Confidence is the most important quality in all athlete-coach relationships. ~ Franz Stampfl,
429:If one's actions are honest, one does not need the predated confidence of others. ~ Ayn Rand,
430:If you don’t have confidence you will always find a way to lose.” - PeterVoogd ~ Peter Voogd,
431:I have a great confidence in the revelations which holidays bring forth. ~ Benjamin Disraeli,
432:In rest shall you be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be your strength. ~ Isaiah XXX,
433:I take a deep breath, as if the key to confidence is an extra dose of oxygen. ~ K E Ganshert,
434:I think that you do get a little extra jolt of confidence when you win an Emmy. ~ Edie Falco,
435:kept my confidence in a little citadel, high on a hill inside my own heart. ~ Michelle Obama,
436:Self-confidence is about what you can do. While self-esteem is about who you are ~ Elin Peer,
437:Sometimes people don't know whether to interpret silence as confidence or fear. ~ Kiera Cass,
438:The best gift to give : is to build another persons self confidence through encouragement. ~,
439:There was nothing more respectable and dangerous than a woman of confidence. ~ Hafsah Faizal,
440:When aerobic running becomes a daily habit, strength and confidence follow. ~ Arthur Lydiard,
441:Winning was such as confidence boost, and fashion is a lot about confidence. ~ Patrick Grant,
442:Because Great Britain has self-confidence, it doesn't need a monumental Olympics. ~ Ai Weiwei,
443:Confidence is something you feel before you truly understand the situation ~ Julie E Czerneda,
444:Education must award self-confidence, the courage to depend on one's own strength. ~ Sai Baba,
445:Fighting's given me confidence but it's also broken me down and kept me humble. ~ Gina Carano,
446:Handle your present with confidence. Face your future without fear. ~ Nicholas Sansbury Smith,
447:Hold it more important to have the players' confidence than their affection. ~ Vince Lombardi,
448:I am convinced that through these measures we have reestablished confidence. ~ Herbert Hoover,
449:If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life ~ Marcus Garvey,
450:I have gained self-confidence, courage and the support of my people. ~ Velupillai Prabhakaran,
451:I have great confidence in Rene and high expectations for our squad to respond. ~ Shahid Khan,
452:Imagine you were flowing with energy and confidence, free of doubt and fear. ~ Shawn Phillips,
453:I sometimes lack confidence in public, although I am proud enough inwardly. ~ Robert Schumann,
454:Let us not close our hearts, let us not lose confidence, let us never give up. ~ Pope Francis,
455:No one would ever guess I was beginning to have more questions than confidence. ~ Gwenda Bond,
456:Over-confidence is the way to give your soul to the devil an inch at a time. ~ Joe R Lansdale,
457:There is no confidence in the Arab world today in the United States of America. ~ John McCain,
458:26 For the LORD shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken. ~ Anonymous,
459:Be patient under all conditions and place your whole trust and confidence in God. ~ Bah u ll h,
460:By mutual confidence and mutual aid - great deeds are done, and great discoveries made ~ Homer,
461:Confidence is sexy! I'm comfortable with my body and not afraid to show it off ~ Sofia Vergara,
462:Every person has his or her own ideology about life that gives them confidence ~ Ajay K Pandey,
463:I always try to set a positive example for my generation and promote confidence. ~ Keke Palmer,
464:If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. ~ Marcus Garvey,
465:It had been easier to present a self in full possession of pride and confidence. ~ Colm T ib n,
466:It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help. ~ Epicurus,
467:purposeful play builds self-confidence and real-world problem-solving skills. ~ Jane McGonigal,
468:Self-confidence carries conviction; it makes other people believe in us. ~ Orison Swett Marden,
469:Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings." Samuel Johnson ~ Samuel Johnson,
470:Strength, confidence, humility and love. Hector Ricardo's four tenets of life. ~ Pittacus Lore,
471:Taking delight in the journey takes confidence. It pushes the envelope of design. ~ Seth Godin,
472:The actors have confidence in me to let me lead them to unexpected things. ~ Christophe Honore,
473:The confidence Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson exuded from stage, I'm a fan of. ~ Bruno Mars,
474:The four Cs as secret of my success-curiosity, confidence,courage and constancy. ~ Walt Disney,
475:We really damage our own confidence when we put ourselves down, so I try not to. ~ Emma Watson,
476:You’ve got to have a little more confidence in us than that. It’s insulting. ~ Stephenie Meyer,
477:Confidence is very sexy. You could be not cute at all and have such confidence. ~ Kirsten Dunst,
478:Faith is the courageous confidence that trusts in the Source of all gifts. ~ David Steindl Rast,
479:It is best to act with confidence, no matter how little right you have to it. ~ Lillian Hellman,
480:It is hard to know whether an air of self-confidence precedes or follows success. ~ Jane Smiley,
481:It’s pretty thin, the wall separating healthy confidence and unhealthy Pride. ~ Haruki Murakami,
482:It was a calm confidence which had not covered the ugly distance towards arrogance. ~ Anonymous,
483:Just be confident. I think confidence is the most attractive part of a person. ~ Curtis Jackson,
484:Pretty really comes from inner confidence; it's when you feel good about yourself. ~ Jay Manuel,
485:There is something about leaving things undone that wears away your confidence, ~ Camille Pag n,
486:Use kindness and coaching, not fear, to build team members’ confidence and passion. ~ Anonymous,
487:You gain courage and confidence from doing the things you think you cannot do. ~ Lois P Frankel,
488:A leader with confidence is a leader who brings out positive changes in people. ~ John C Maxwell,
489:Be lamps unto yourselves; be your own confidence. Hold truth within yourselves. ~ Gautama Buddha,
490:Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. Jeremiah 17:7 ~ Anonymous,
491:Confidence in the goodness of another is good proof of one's own goodness. ~ Michel de Montaigne,
492:Confidence is your most powerful asset; knowledge is your most powerful weapon. ~ Marissa Carmel,
493:Confidence pumped to the level of giving zero fucks was portable, at least in theory. ~ T E Grau,
494:Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative. ~ Dwight D Eisenhower,
495:Don't let others put thoughts into your mind that takes away your self-confidence. ~ Katori Hall,
496:For an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
497:He who prays without confidence cannot hope that his prayers will be granted. ~ Francois Fenelon,
498:If women have confidence in themselves, they will have confidence in other women. ~ Nancy Pelosi,
499:I have a confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet. ~ Jane Fonda,
500:I have a lot of confidence in my shot and I'm willing to shoot it no matter what. ~ Derrick Rose,
501:Most people are about as happy as their self confidence will allow them to be. ~ Shannon L Alder,
502:Self-confidence is a terrible, terrible thing; it's also the most attractive thing. ~ Guy Branum,
503:Sometimes confidence is worn like a mask to shield people from seeing insecurities. ~ Vi Keeland,
504:Temptations are a file which rub off much of the rust of our self-confidence. ~ Francois Fenelon,
505:The line between confidence and arrogance can be not only thin but also vague. ~ Henry Mintzberg,
506:Then the guests620 entered the palace, bringing lamb and wine that gives one confidence. ~ Homer,
507:Why would people have confidence in a female director when there are so few? ~ Jennifer Lawrence,
508:Women continue to reward bold moves made by men because of the confidence it displays. ~ Roosh V,
509:You’d be amazed at how similar arrogance and confidence look at first glance. ~ Patrick Rothfuss,
510:All you need in life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure… MARK TWAIN ~ Julia London,
511:American style is about confidence, independence, diversity and free expression. ~ Tommy Hilfiger,
512:As an athlete, confidence makes me more competitive and helps me perform better. ~ Marlen Esparza,
513:Confidence did more to enhance a woman’s beauty than any kohl or rouge could manage. ~ Tessa Dare,
514:Confidence in others' honesty is no light testimony of one's own integrity. ~ Michel de Montaigne,
515:Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back. ~ Criss Jami,
516:Confidence is one thing, disrespect is quite another. (Justice Elizabeth Knight) ~ David Baldacci,
517:Have confidence in Me as your Savior-God!
Praise Me regardless of your feelings. ~ Sarah Young,
518:Have confidence in the young people, give them a chance, and they will surprise you. ~ Kofi Annan,
519:I had some envy of the man who could use the word "chicanery" with such confidence. ~ Brian Friel,
520:My first world title gave me the confidence to go and do bigger and better things. ~ Ricky Hatton,
521:Real happiness provides you the confidence that you never thought was obtainable. ~ Asa Don Brown,
522:You lack self confidence, think about a lot of things and pick the safest option. ~ Karuho Shiina,
523:Confidence is like anything else. The more you do it, the more you believe it. ~ Mary Rose MacColl,
524:Confidence, not paper or digital money, is the key currency in a capitalist system. ~ Mal Fletcher,
525:If you're presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything. ~ Katy Perry,
526:If you think we'll get in, we'll get in. It's all about confidence, trust me. ~ Melissa de la Cruz,
527:My team - an actor, a drunk, and a sociopath - didn't exactly inspire confidence. ~ Veronica Rossi,
528:one of the magical effects of tidying is confidence in your decision-making capacity. ~ Marie Kond,
529:Please, don't spare my self-confidence, sir. I never take it with me when I leave home. ~ Max Frei,
530:Rule 1: The actions of confidence come first; the feelings of confidence come later. ~ Russ Harris,
531:Some people have the kind of confidence that lets them get away with being clueless. ~ Lynne Kelly,
532:The four Cs of making dreams come true: Curiosity, Courage, Consistency, Confidence. ~ Walt Disney,
533:The man of genius inspires us with a boundless confidence in our own powers. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
534:What's the worst thing that can happen to a quarterback? He loses his confidence. ~ Terry Bradshaw,
535:Working as a solo artist has given me a confidence that I didn't have with Blondie. ~ Debbie Harry,
536:You must welcome tests because it gives you confidence and it ensures promotion. ~ Sathya Sai Baba,
537:A writer without confidence is like a metaphor without something to compare itself to. ~ Neil Simon,
538:Both sides had more confidence in their opponents' weaknesses than their own strength. ~ H W Brands,
539:Confidence and Hard-work is the only medicine to kill a disease called failure! ~ A P J Abdul Kalam,
540:Confidence in the human capacity for problem solving, for invention, for innovation. ~ George Takei,
541:Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you. ~ Zig Ziglar,
542:If you want a confidence, act as if you already have it. Try the "as if" technique. ~ William James,
543:Respect costs you nothing, and nothing gets a man killed quicker than confidence. ~ Joe Abercrombie,
544:Still, I had that ignorant confidence derived from the encouragement of mothers. ~ Ta Nehisi Coates,
545:The very pinnacle of fashion is to wear the hideous with great confidence. - Ironfist ~ Brent Weeks,
546:Who is sure of their own motives can in confidence advance or retreat. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
547:By my estimation, dating was 1 percent confidence and 99 percent troubleshooting. ~ Ophira Eisenberg,
548:Confidence is sexy. So if you're confident in who you are, that's sexier than anything. ~ Nina Agdal,
549:Don’t compare yourself to others. That’s when you start to lose confidence in yourself. ~ Will Smith,
550:he said. He was surprised his voice didn't tremble. He took some confidence from that. ~ Aaron Pogue,
551:It took a while to grow the confidence to say, 'This is who I am, take it or leave it.' ~ Coco Rocha,
552:Learning is impossible without humility. We encourage confidence, not cockiness. ~ Patrick Van Horne,
553:Never mishandle hope or self-confidence - those are elements of life, not just a game. ~ John Kessel,
554:Sports can do so much. It's given me confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and motivation. ~ Mia Hamm,
555:There are many ways to knock a child’s confidence, and none of them justifiable. ~ Jussi Adler Olsen,
556:There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity. ~ Samuel Johnson,
557:There's a certain confidence that comes with being sure about the way the world works. ~ John Legend,
558:True prosperity is the result of well-placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man. ~ Ben Burtt,
559:You would be amazed at how similar arrogance and confidence look at first glance. ~ Patrick Rothfuss,
560:A lack of faith is what condemns you, but confidence in God is what makes you worthy. ~ Martin Luther,
561:Beauty is really all about confidence. If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful. ~ Sofia Vergara,
562:Building confidence and constructive relations between Sudan and South Sudan is urgent ~ Jimmy Carter,
563:Confidence and stupidity are a very dangerous combination, but they generally go together. ~ Sadhguru,
564:Dig deep and believe in yourself and have the self-confidence you need to forge ahead. ~ Katie Couric,
565:Failure to converge. Confidence limits exceeded.

Further predictions unreliable. ~ Peter Watts,
566:Go with it. Be confident and the world responds to your confidence, rewards your faith. ~ Jess Walter,
567:I have no confidence whatsoever in BP. I think that they do not know what they are doing. ~ Ed Markey,
568:I haven't a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming petty vices whatsoever. ~ Mark Twain,
569:I have the confidence of a killer whale, but being shot down by these losers stings. ~ Victoria Scott,
570:I really like guys who have confidence, but not the cocky over-the-top confidence. ~ Carly Rae Jepsen,
571:It is courage based on confidence, not daring, and it is confidence based on experience. ~ Jonas Salk,
572:I went to stage school with a neighbor to build confidence because I was quite shy. ~ Alexandra Roach,
573:No one is going to pay much attention to the person who has no confidence in himself. ~ Napoleon Hill,
574:Once you accept the fact that you're not perfect, then you develop some confidence. ~ Rosalynn Carter,
575:she was old, she would have total confidence, finally. But look at her: still uncertain. ~ Anne Tyler,
576:The night always is full of promises and we must face it with full faith and confidence. ~ The Mother,
577:There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity. ~ Stephen R Covey,
578:The sun is shining, and I am in the mood to make mistakes through over-confidence. ~ Dorothy L Sayers,
579:What is it but my ahimsa that draws thousands of women to me in fearless confidence? ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
580:With confidence we shall advance; with certitude we shall wait. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
581:Women were quite terrifying until I was older. I think that's partly down to confidence. ~ Jimmy Carr,
582:A great leader has the ability to instill within his people confidence in themselves. ~ John C Maxwell,
583:"Compassion reduces our fear, boosts our confidence, and opens us to inner strength." ~ Dalai Lama XIV,
584:Complete self-confidence is not merely a sin; complete self-confidence is a weakness. ~ G K Chesterton,
585:Construction is a matter of optimism; its a matter of facing the future with confidence. ~ Cesar Pelli,
586:Every retreat is a kind of funeral cortège, and the thing that has died is confidence. ~ Frederik Pohl,
587:Every small positive change we make in ourselves repays us in confidence in the future. ~ Alice Walker,
588:Have confidence, I am near you.
With all my tender love. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother I, [T5],
589:I do have insecurities. I don't know if you can tell. I'm not brimming with confidence. ~ Andy Kindler,
590:it is far better to earn the confidence of the people than to rely on fortresses. ~ Niccol Machiavelli,
591:It’s really that simple: love gave me confidence and adversity gave me purpose. ~ Kate Clifford Larson,
592:Nurture your own confidence and make it real; don't pretend to be someone you're not. ~ Tom Hiddleston,
593:Persuasion occurs when trust and confidence meet belief, risk tolerance, and safety. ~ Jeffrey Gitomer,
594:Pride in office without competence is as much a sin as competence without confidence. ~ Peter Tremayne,
595:There are people out there who want to say yes. That gave me confidence to keep asking. ~ Debbi Fields,
596:There is a close connection between lack of confidence and the passionate state of mind. ~ Eric Hoffer,
597:This hour I tell things in confidence/ I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you. ~ Walt Whitman,
598:When people have poor confidence in the future, you can be confident of a poor future. ~ Bryant McGill,
599:You have confidence in yourself, which is valuable, if not an indispensable quality. ~ Abraham Lincoln,
600:Acne may be good at destroying self-confidence, but Proactiv+ is good at destroying acne. ~ Adam Levine,
601:Business, investor, and consumer confidence is shaken and the contraction phase begins. ~ Philip Kotler,
602:Confidence is something you're born with. I know I had loads of it even at the age of 15. ~ Hedy Lamarr,
603:Elegance is a statement, an attitude. Elegant women are women of character with confidence. ~ Elie Saab,
604:Fear and fatigue block the mind. Face both, then courage and confidence flows into you. ~ B K S Iyengar,
605:Go on - but don't think you can kill my confidence. I've had experts doing it for years. ~ John Osborne,
606:Her stare was direct and unwavering, full of confidence earned from painful experience... ~ Dean Koontz,
607:If you find confident women intimidating, then grow some confidence yourself. - Kailin Gow ~ Kailin Gow,
608:I have full confidence in the IMF. It is a very strong international institution. ~ Jose Manuel Barroso,
609:I'm playing one of the principal roles, which gives you more clout and more confidence. ~ Charles Dance,
610:It’s never about price; it’s about love or confidence that the product will solve problems. ~ Anonymous,
611:The illusion of confidence is far more important than actually possessing the feeling. ~ Aprilynne Pike,
612:There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence in our own intelligence. ~ John Calvin,
613:The secret of confidence is focusing on what you can control, not on what you can't. ~ Mira Kirshenbaum,
614:TV has lost a lot of its self-confidence as its power has been eroded by the internet. ~ David Walliams,
615:You can have all the potential in world, but unless you have confidence, you have nothing. ~ Tyra Banks,
616:you cannot fend off the enemy if you do not have confidence in those who stand behind you. ~ Robin Hobb,
617:am going to master this fear. I am overcoming it now. I speak with poise and confidence. ~ Joseph Murphy,
618:Compassion instills a sense of calm, inner strength, and a deep confidence and satisfaction ~ Dalai Lama,
619:Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt,
620:Have confidence in your ability to do it right, and work hard to do the best possible job. ~ Walt Disney,
621:Her small tits don’t offer even a handful, but the confidence dripping off her is hella sexy ~ Ker Dukey,
622:I have a confidence because my research shows that I should just really trust my instincts. ~ Katy Perry,
623:I have no confidence in any religion that can be demonstrated only to children. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll,
624:Steel toes tend to bolster a girl’s confidence in her ability to kick some serious ass. ~ Jennifer Estep,
625:The truly educated can listen to any view without losing their temper or self-confidence. ~ Robert Frost,
626:Tis a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults; greater to tell him his. ~ Benjamin Franklin,
627:To walk around with an ego is a bad thing. To have confidence in yourself is a great thing. ~ Fred Durst,
628:True freedom comes about through confidence in liberating any and all thought states. ~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche,
629:When you go to home plate with a lot of confidence, you feel that you can hit any pitch. ~ Adrian Beltre,
630:Winning becomes easier over time as the cornerstones of confidence become habits. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter,
631:A great figure or physique is nice, but it's self-confidence that makes someone really sexy. ~ Vivica Fox,
632:All that weak people learn from disappointment, is less confidence in future enterprise. ~ Norm MacDonald,
633:And how devastating would it be to confide in someone and have the confidence disappear? ~ David Levithan,
634:Approach My throne of grace with bold confidence, receiving My Peace with a thankful heart. ~ Sarah Young,
635:Bad writers tend to have self-confidence, while the good ones tend to have self-doubt. ~ Charles Bukowski,
636:Having confidence is so important, because how you see yourself, is how others will see you too. ~ Fergie,
637:I find myself going out on the road to get my confidence back, because I lose it at home. ~ Lionel Richie,
638:It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self-confidence is useless. ~ Giacomo Casanova,
639:Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. ~ Sasha Azevedo,
640:Man cannot live without a continuous confidence in something indestructible within himself. ~ Franz Kafka,
641:Recite your Rosary with faith, with humility, with confidence, and with perseverance. ~ Louis de Montfort,
642:The development of self-confidence starts with the elimination of this demon called fear. ~ Napoleon Hill,
643:The Self-confidence of the ignorant is one of the biggest disasters of the humanity! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
644:What God has for you, is for you. We can move forward with peace and confidence in that. ~ Andrena Sawyer,
645:Beauty is grace and confidence. I've learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me. ~ Lindsay Lohan,
646:Confidence quickly curdles into arrogance; smarts turn to smugness, charm turns to smarm. ~ Jeffrey Kluger,
647:Do not let your confidence or love be easily removed or frightened by the rage of a warrior ~ Ronie Kendig,
648:For many things are not as they appear. Discipline must come from trust and confidence. ~ Ernest Hemingway,
649:Have confidence in who you are and don’t be afraid to go for what you really want in life. ~ Holland Roden,
650:If confidence is a plant of slow growth, credit is one which matures much more slowly. ~ Benjamin Disraeli,
651:Makeup can give you the confidence to...change your job, move abroad, get a pay raise. ~ Charlotte Tilbury,
652:Once [a cat] has given its love, what absolute confidence, what fidelity of affection! ~ Theophile Gautier,
653:Our sole hope, our sole confidence, our
only assured promise, is your mercy. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
654:The Egyptians have grown in confidence, theyve tasted freedom, and theres no way back. ~ Mohamed ElBaradei,
655:To be a good model, I'd need a lot more confidence... and more confidence to be more bare. ~ Jill Hennessy,
656:True freedom comes about through confidence in liberating any & all thought states. ~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche,
657:We put great confidence in the Holy Rosary for the healing of evils which afflict our times. ~ Pope Pius X,
658:All the happiness, self-confidence, and support you're seeking is already within you. ~ Gabrielle Bernstein,
659:Any simpleton can speak with confidence. Sometimes the greatest fools have the most bravado. ~ Brandon Mull,
660:Be Safe: Be Suspicious
Suspicion Breeds Confidence
Don't suspect a friend, report him ~ Terry Gilliam,
661:Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health. ~ Dalai Lama,
662:Her confidence is extraordinary, her impertinence unforgivable, her words terribly true. ~ Philippa Gregory,
663:I do this to feign confidence, because the more I fake it, the more it's supposed to feel true. ~ Jenny Han,
664:No, I am not afraid; the Lord said he would protect me, and I have full confidence in His word. ~ Sam Smith,
665:Prayer is the way to experience a powerful confidence that God is handling our lives well. ~ Timothy Keller,
666:The trust of the people in the leaders reflects the confidence of the leaders in the people. ~ Paulo Freire,
667:We have to restore confidence that the marketplace can deliver services as well as it can goods. ~ Ron Paul,
668:who was never seen drunk, a man whose power rested in quiet confidence and calm deliberation ~ Jonathan Eig,
669:Would a bird build its nest if it did not have its instinct for confidence in the world? ~ Gaston Bachelard,
670:Yes, I thought. Confidence. More than equity, more than liquidity, that’s what a man needs. I ~ Phil Knight,
671:Yet you should practice the greatest possible love and confidence in treating with Him. ~ Alphonsus Liguori,
672:You know, when someone prefers their own brother over you, it isn't a confidence booster. ~ Cassandra Clare,
673:You need an incredible amount of self-confidence to go digging around in someone's brain. ~ Benjamin Carson,
674:Basketball is not played simply with X's and O's. It's played with both trust and confidence. ~ Isiah Thomas,
675:Be who you are and don't allow anyone to affect the confidence you have in your individuality. ~ Demi Lovato,
676:But confidence can carry you a long way. Believe in yourself, and other people will, too. ~ Jessica Sorensen,
677:Confidence is key. Sometimes, you need to look like you're confident even when you're not. ~ Vanessa Hudgens,
678:Confidence, to my way of thinking, generally is all the magic needed to work miracles. ~ Evalyn Walsh McLean,
679:If we start without confidence, we have already lost half the battle and we bury our talents. ~ Pope Francis,
680:If you are a professional and have confidence, then I would advocate lots of concentration. ~ Warren Buffett,
681:In fact, the first time I ever got naked on TV was the biggest confidence booster of my life. ~ Lizzy Caplan,
682:I once thought losing my confidence was the worst thing that could happen; then I lost my faith. ~ Bobby Vee,
683:It doesn't matter if you are model or not; confidence is something that comes from inside. ~ Erin Heatherton,
684:I think a show can work anywhere if it's done honestly, with integrity, and with confidence. ~ Joey McIntyre,
685:My style has changed and evolved mainly because I've grown to have more confidence in myself. ~ Kevin Durant,
686:Nothing is too high for a man to reach, but he must climb with care and confidence ~ Hans Christian Andersen,
687:Players draw confidence from a poised, alert coach who anticipates changing in game conditions ~ Jack Ramsay,
688:Small choices add up and each positive choice you make increases confidence and dispels fear. ~ Urijah Faber,
689:There's one blessing only, the source and cornerstone of beatitude: confidence in self. ~ Seneca the Younger,
690:We need self-confidence in our ability to build Africa. I trust in Mali and I trust in music. ~ Rokia Traore,
691:We shall not be afraid of their terror. Our confidence is in the Lord Almighty and not in man. ~ Leo Tolstoy,
692:You can't have self confidence without some real skills that enable you to be successful. ~ Erik Weihenmayer,
693:Your practical results will improve when you play what you know, like and have confidence in. ~ Edmar Mednis,
694:Your teammates give you the confidence. They give me the confidence all year, all postseason. ~ LeBron James,
695:Confidence isn’t about knowing you’re right. Confidence is about knowing you can make it right. ~ John Scalzi,
696:confidence was cash. You had to have some to get some. And people were loath to give it to you. ~ Phil Knight,
697:Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strange confidence. ~ Bruce Lee,
698:Experience. Skill. Confidence. These things surface in a man’s eyes when he regards a woman. ~ Pepper Winters,
699:His gentleman's hesitation in the car earlier is gone, replaced with a confidence that provokes. ~ K A Tucker,
700:Humility comes from how you come at the world. Confidence comes from how you come at yourself. ~ Greg Jackson,
701:If you don't have confidence in the diagnosis, you won't have confidence in the prescription. ~ Stephen Covey,
702:Make your world extraordinary! Step out into this world with confidence and treasure yourself. ~ Alli Simpson,
703:Our society has lost confidence in the power of reason, except perhaps scientific reason. ~ Timothy Radcliffe,
704:same confidence that can lead to daring and creativity can lead to self-worship and arrogance. ~ David Brooks,
705:So much of starting a business or affecting change is the confidence and courage to simply try. ~ Simon Sinek,
706:To be cautious, one should not take high confidence as any absolute guarantee of anything. ~ Elizabeth Loftus,
707:Too little confidence, and you're unable to act; too much confidence, and you're unable to hear. ~ John Maeda,
708:Unbelievers enjoy the security of their unbelief; there is great confidence in ignorance. ~ Stephen R Lawhead,
709:We should remember it wasn't so long ago that confidence in New York was in short supply. ~ Michael Bloomberg,
710:You have to have confidence. You can't be someone who's so insecure that she's a basket case. ~ Kate Bosworth,
711:You will discover who you were meant to be only after you have shown confidence being yourself. ~ Suzy Kassem,
712:Be generous in nature and thought; for this wins respect and gives confidence and power. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche,
713:Confidence is ignorance. If you're feeling cocky, it's because there's something you don't know. ~ Eoin Colfer,
714:Confidence is not 'they will like me'. Confidence instead is 'I'll be fine if they don't'. ~ Christina Grimmie,
715:Confidence is the universal attractor, and nothing says confidence like not having a pickup line. ~ A G Riddle,
716:Every great risk in God’s name begins with confidence in the goodness and trustworthiness of God. ~ J D Greear,
717:Financial crises—and most other failures of prediction—stem from this false sense of confidence. ~ Nate Silver,
718:If you have a great self-confidence in your own style, you become a style for others too! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
719:I'll leave here with my head held high and with confidence that history will judge my time here. ~ Eric Holder,
720:Investor confidence in Adani is fairly high, and most of our investors are long-term investors. ~ Gautam Adani,
721:Self-confidence is an important ingredient that makes for a successful physicist. ~ Victor Frederick Weisskopf,
722:Self-confidence is nothing more than belief in one’s ability to decide and in one’s decisions. ~ L Ron Hubbard,
723:Self-confidence may be mistaken for egotism if it is not accompanied by humility of the heart. ~ Napoleon Hill,
724:The most essential factor to economic recovery today [1932] is the restoration of confidence. ~ Herbert Hoover,
725:To be a preacher requires two apparently contradictory qualities: confidence and humility. ~ Timothy Radcliffe,
726:Badassery, I’m discovering, is a new level of confidence—in both yourself and those around you. ~ Shonda Rhimes,
727:Confidence in the natural world is self-reliance; in the spiritual world, it is God-reliance. ~ Oswald Chambers,
728:Confucius say... politician is one who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after. ~ Confucius,
729:Gather the five virtues (Dignity, Confidence, Courage, Compassion, and Faith). Then you are a man. ~ Kofi Annan,
730:I get a lot more confidence winning games playing defense than winning the run-and-gun game. ~ Chauncey Billups,
731:I'm just taking advantage of good pitches. I am seeing the ball well and my confidence is high. ~ Jose Bautista,
732:I think I got people confidence because I was not looking at them like insects that I would film. ~ Agnes Varda,
733:I think the best way to have confidence is not to allow everyone else's insecurities to be your own. ~ Jessie J,
734:It's one thing to have a good idea, but it'a another to have confidence in a person to execute it. ~ Brad Stone,
735:It takes courage with true humility and steadfastness to win confidence and admiration ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah,
736:On the court, I'm not afraid of anything. I try to have confidence and have a belief in myself. ~ Stephen Curry,
737:Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence. ~ Helen Keller,
738:Subtlety is the mark of confidence and is thus by far the hardest thing for a writer to achieve. ~ Noah Lukeman,
739:Unfortunately in our world, ignorance more frequently begets confidence than knowledge does. You ~ Jeff Wheeler,
740:You can go home again, and you can also leave again. Once more, with confidence, into the world. ~ Suketu Mehta,
741:Advances are made by those with at least a touch of irrational confidence in what they can do. ~ Lillian Hellman,
742:A leader's ability to convey confidence and his ability to communicate effectively are similar. ~ John C Maxwell,
743:A moment of doubt passed across the boy’s face, Milton’s sudden equanimity shaking his confidence. ~ Mark Dawson,
744:Arrogance is thinking you are above someone else,
Confidence is knowing no one is above you. ~ Habeeb Akande,
745:As a young boy, scouting gave me a confidence and camaraderie that is hard to find in modern life. ~ Bear Grylls,
746:Concentration, Full Confidence, Pure Will. With these 3, what cannot be accomplished? ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj,
747:Confidence is the bridge connecting expectations and performance, investment and results. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter,
748:Having talent isn't merely about being competent; confidence is actually a part of that talent. ~ Claire Shipman,
749:I can say with confidence that we will be able to destroy the major part of an invading force. ~ Yoshijiro Umezu,
750:I just think that when my confidence meets other people's insecurity, that equals Kanye's arrogant. ~ Kanye West,
751:In my early work I didn't use much colour. I had no confidence about how I could do this. ~ Michael Craig Martin,
752:It is in the center of a stable self-love that you will find the confidence and safety you want. ~ Bryant McGill,
753:I wish you to judge for me entirely,’ was the reply. ‘I have lost confidence in myself. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson,
754:Only in Xanth would parents see a dragon looming over their children and depart with confidence. ~ Piers Anthony,
755:Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ~ Helen Keller,
756:Piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence or purpose. ~ Ronald Reagan,
757:Rule 2: Genuine confidence is not the absence of fear; it is a transformed relationship with fear. ~ Russ Harris,
758:Self-defence, self-confidence, discipline and self control. The values you learn are priceless. ~ Rickson Gracie,
759:The Achilles Heel of the Americas was the lack of cultural confidence typical of new settlers. ~ Arthur Erickson,
760:The ways suited to confidence are familiar to me, but not those that are suited to familiarity. ~ Joseph Joubert,
761:You gain strength, courage, and confidence by doing the thing which you think you cannot do. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
762:Consistency breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales. ~ Jay Conrad Levinson,
763:He knew that to be careless in dress and manner required more confidence than to be careful. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald,
764:His confidence was like a special sort of aphrodisiac. I wanted to wrap myself in it like a blanket ~ Celia Aaron,
765:I also feel stronger than I ever have. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself. ~ Elin Nordegren,
766:I have confidence that whatever I set in my mind will happen. Everything I strived for I reached. ~ Mark Teixeira,
767:It is our confidence in the sovereign grace of God that gives us any hope of success in missions. ~ Kevin DeYoung,
768:Just remember that, ultimately, dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable and confidence ~ Kate Moss,
769:Love is fostered by confidence and constancy; he who is able to give much is able also to love much. ~ Propertius,
770:Loyalty is in most people only a ruse used by self-interest to attract confidence. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
771:Miracle Message #22: I speak with confidence because the world needs my light. #MiraclesNow ~ Gabrielle Bernstein,
772:moral that it is far better to earn the confidence of the people than to rely on fortresses. ~ Niccol Machiavelli,
773:Once you feel nice about yourself, you have planted the first seed to develop self-confidence. ~ Stephen Richards,
774:Yet you should practice the greatest possible love and confidence in treating with Him. ~ Saint Alphonsus Liguori,
775:All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.’ Mark Twain, you know. ~ Laini Taylor,
776:I love a red lip - it's such a powerful statement. It exudes confidence and makes for a bold look. ~ Prabal Gurung,
777:Knowledge of life brings confidence, and Knowledge of death makes you fearless and centred. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,
778:One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. ~ Arthur Ashe,
779:Smile, for everyone lacks self-confidence and more than any other one thing a smile reassures them. ~ Andr Maurois,
780:The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it armed with self confidence and good humour. ~ Charles Dickens,
781:This was not just money wasted but the construction of a false confidence based on an erroneous focus. ~ Anonymous,
782:Affliction is a school of virtue; it corrects levity, and interrupts the confidence of sinning. ~ Francis Atterbury,
783:A great awareness of one’s sinfulness often stands side by side with great joy and confidence in God. ~ Dave Harvey,
784:A great hitter isn't born, he's made. He's made out of practice, fault correction, and confidence. ~ Rogers Hornsby,
785:Constraints can spur creativity and incite action, as long as you have the confidence to embrace them. ~ Tom Kelley,
786:Do not put too much confidence in experimental results until they have been confirmed by theory. ~ Arthur Eddington,
787:Eventually, the tribe developed so much confidence in me that they invited me to be their chieftain. ~ Roland Joffe,
788:In the bottle discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness for confidence. ~ Samuel Johnson,
789:In war you see your own troubles; those of the enemy you cannot see. You must show confidence. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte,
790:It's called a confidence game. Why? Because you give me your confidence? No. Because I give you mine. ~ David Mamet,
791:I've had confidence in myself all along. It was just a matter of getting the pieces back in place. ~ Dale Earnhardt,
792:Most of my confidence came from being with ladies, because I certainly wasn't getting any acting jobs. ~ Vin Diesel,
793:Nobody questions anything if you have confidence, intelligence, and you are proud of your product. ~ James Altucher,
794:Pessimism is a losing strategy. Leadership demands both confidence and optimism in abundance. ~ Toyotomi Hideyoshi,
795:Quality effective leaders have the confidence to trust others to try, succeed, and sometimes to fail. ~ Simon Sinek,
796:Real beauty comes from confidence and being who you are, not aspiring to look or be someone else. ~ Philip DeFranco,
797:Self-confidence results, first, from exact knowledge; second, the ability to impart that knowledge. ~ Napoleon Hill,
798:Smile, for everyone lacks self-confidence and more than any other one thing a smile reassures them. ~ Andre Maurois,
799:To kill someone, even treacherously is more manly than to wound a friend by betraying his confidence. ~ Italo Svevo,
800:You’ll observe that some people command confidence, loyalty, and admiration while others do not. ~ David J Schwartz,
801:7Because of his grace he declared us righteous and gave us confidence that we will inherit eternal life. ~ Anonymous,
802:Confidence is the immaterial residue of material actions. Confidence is the public face of competence. ~ Ron Suskind,
803:Don't put your confidence in big names When they die and return to the dirt they can't do anything for you. ~ LeCrae,
804:I always say wear what makes you feel most confident, and confidence doesn't always come over night. ~ Ashley Graham,
805:I do think that the Republican Party is in a crisis right now, a crisis of confidence about who we are. ~ Jeff Flake,
806:I think self-confidence doesn’t come so much from knowing you’re great as just knowing who you are. ~ Penelope Trunk,
807:It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures. ~ Oprah Winfrey,
808:It was one thing to go into battle with confidence, another to believe the foe so easily defeated. ~ Richard A Knaak,
809:Ninety-two percent of the stuff told you in confidence you couldn't get anyone else to listen to. ~ Franklin P Adams,
810:When Hollywood sees a good story about a man who sells confidence, they see themselves and they like it. ~ Ben Stein,
811:Younger colleagues tended to draw untested self-confidence from their bonuses and prestigious degrees. ~ Ron Suskind,
812:You've got to take the initiative and play your game. In a decisive set, confidence is the difference. ~ Chris Evert,
813:And for a while they were happy in their own manner; they had the animal confidence money affords. ~ Douglas Coupland,
814:Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. ~ Lao Tzu,
815:It will level the playing field, ... It will give American workers choice, confidence and also control. ~ Elaine Chao,
816:Prince Vasili took the first opportunity to gain his confidence, flatter him, become intimate with him, ~ Leo Tolstoy,
817:Psychologically, you have to have confidence in yourself and this confidence should be based on fact. ~ Bobby Fischer,
818:Religion is the possibility of the removal of every ground of confidence except confidence in God alone. ~ Karl Barth,
819:So know what you like, know what makes you happy, stick with your guns, and state it with confidence. ~ Connor Franta,
820:The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you'll be amazed at the results. ~ Josemaria Escriva,
821:The rising cult of ethnicity was a symptom of decreasing confidence in the American future. ~ Arthur M Schlesinger Jr,
822:To ensure victory the troops must have confidence in themselves as well as in their commanders. ~ Niccolo Machiavelli,
823:With accomplishments comes confidence and with confidence comes belief. It has to be in that order. ~ Mike Krzyzewski,
824:An individual who expresses high confidence probably has a good story, which may or may not be true. ~ Daniel Kahneman,
825:Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self-confidence you will have. ~ Brian Tracy,
826:Brisk Confidence still best with woman copes: Pique her and soothe in turn-soon Passion crowns thy hopes. ~ Lord Byron,
827:Build confidence and momentum with each good decision you make from here on out and choose to be inspired. ~ Joe Rogan,
828:Even though godlike in his imagination, he still lacks the earthy self-confidence of a simple shepherd. ~ Karen Horney,
829:Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you cannot understand at the time. ~ Oswald Chambers,
830:I don't lack confidence. I don't sweat. I don't want to get too Zen on you, but I have to run my own race. ~ Brad Grey,
831:I had gained so much confidence through my college achievements that I wanted to tackle the world. ~ Donna Rice Hughes,
832:Maturity turns out to be a question you can never answer with confidence, despite advanced age and wage. ~ Brian Doyle,
833:My friend Doris Bry says now that I’ve ruined her spelling because I misspell with such confidence. ~ Georgia O Keeffe,
834:Never yield to gloomy anticipation. Place your hope and confidence in God. He has no record of failure ~ Lettie Cowman,
835:People have a limitation in their minds: an excessive confidence in what they think they know.   ~ Instaread Summaries,
836:Since I've started fighting it has taught me a lot about self respect, self confidence and self control. ~ Gina Carano,
837:The key to cultivating confidence in ourselves is understanding our right to make the truth our own. ~ Sharon Salzberg,
838:There's nothing better for building confidence than learning you can do something you thought you couldn't. ~ Amy Chua,
839:What is rare is not raw talent, skill, or even confidence, but humility, diligence, and self-awareness. ~ Ryan Holiday,
840:Where confidence is wanting, the most beautiful flower in the garland of love is missing. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
841:Confidence: The feeling that makes one believe a man, even when one knows that one would lie in his place ~ H L Mencken,
842:Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time. ~ Oswald Chambers,
843:Forget about self-confidence; it’s useless. Cultivate God-confidence. —1 CORINTHIANS 10:11–12 THE MESSAGE ~ Joyce Meyer,
844:Great leaders don't need to act tough. Their confidence and humility serve to underscore their toughness. ~ Simon Sinek,
845:It is only prudent never to place complete confidence in that by which we have even once been deceived. ~ Ren Descartes,
846:I was afraid to let other make any decisions, because I had no confidence they would be concerned for me. ~ Joyce Meyer,
847:Love was temporary. So was lust. And happiness, confidence, trust. And marriage. Especially that ~ Victoria Helen Stone,
848:Maybe the supreme self-confidence I envied in Pepe was nothing more than cleverly masked insecurity. ~ Megan McCafferty,
849:My friend made me a leather dress for the MTV awards. It gives you confidence, wearing something you love. ~ Cat Deeley,
850:My parents weren't extremely successful financially, but they were happy people. They gave me confidence. ~ Jack Wagner,
851:Nothing gives you confidence like being a member of a small, weirdly specific, hard-to-find demographic. ~ Mindy Kaling,
852:Sometimes his confidence made me want to smack him. Apparently other times it made me want to strip naked. ~ Vi Keeland,
853:Style is the instrument you can pick back up when you want to regain some of the confidence you've lost. ~ Stacy London,
854:The desire to be pitied or to be admired often forms the greater part of our confidence. ~ Fran ois de La Rochefoucauld,
855:The law, in so far as it leads men to put their confidence in it, consigns them necessarily to death. The ~ John Calvin,
856:The number one thing that you have to do as a leader: to bolster the confidence of the people you lead. ~ Satya Nadella,
857:Tim has given me confidence and strength and my foundation. He makes me feel like I can conquer the world. ~ Faith Hill,
858:When we are eager to be shy and humble about our accomplishments, we lose confidence in our abilities. ~ Claire Shipman,
859:When you win, you don't get carried away. But if you go step by step, with confidence, you can go far. ~ Diego Maradona,
860:Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ~ Norman Vincent Peale,
861:Without Self-confidence there cannot be God. So, first there must be Self-confidence and love of God. ~ Sathya Sai Baba,
862:A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. ~ Brian Tracy,
863:A man can wear pink if he has confidence, if he believes in himself and knows he's man enough to do it. ~ Clinton Portis,
864:been able to plan his future with the irrational confidence of someone who hasn’t really suffered. He’s ~ Isabel Allende,
865:Develop confidence in your innate qualities and believe that these qualities will be brought to fruition. ~ Tenzin Palmo,
866:Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. ~ Robert Frost,
867:Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act. ~ Jack Welch,
868:Great writing requires great doubt and great self-confidence. One without the other inspires mediocrity. ~ Chloe Thurlow,
869:If you don't have the confidence, it doesn't matter what you do, you're always second-guessing yourself. ~ Chris Jericho,
870:It’s this: Confidence isn’t about knowing you’re right. Confidence is about knowing you can make it right. ~ John Scalzi,
871:Love was temporary. So was lust. And happiness, confidence, trust. And marriage. Especially that. ~ Victoria Helen Stone,
872:May you gain more and more confidence in what is difficult and in your solitude among other people. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke,
873:People shouldn’t be ashamed of what they are. And it will help them, to gain self esteem and confidence. ~ M F Moonzajer,
874:pushing yourself to take simple actions creates a chain reaction in your confidence and your productivity. ~ Mel Robbins,
875:The most effective leaders lead with confidence, keep their sense of humor, and make it look easy. This ~ Janet Lansbury,
876:The only way to ever truly get your confidence and swagger back, I've learned, is to fight for them. ~ Georges St Pierre,
877:The sickness of the heart is most easily got rid of by complaining and soothing confidence. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
878:When you practice yoga, first your personality changes, the faith increases, then confidence improves ~ Bikram Choudhury,
879:With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world. ~ Dalai Lama,
880:You are blessed with a good mind. You just have to have confidence in it and talk when people call on you. ~ Ned Vizzini,
881:You need to have confidence in your people, and enough self-confidence to let them identify a better way. ~ Eric Schmidt,
882:A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. ~ Brian Tracy,
883:But as you can imagine, their confidence is more fragile since setbacks and even effort can undermine it. ~ Carol S Dweck,
884:Civilizations rise and fall on confidence. America had figured out a way to borrow money to manufacture it. ~ Ron Suskind,
885:Confidence could easily become arrogance. A sense of humor was only ever a few rungs away from cruelty. * ~ Anna Pitoniak,
886:How many people have been thus led, through lack of self-confidence, to stifle their most justified doubts? ~ Simone Weil,
887:I approach most things in life with a dangerous level of confidence to balance my generally low self-esteem. ~ Roxane Gay,
888:I’m not good with pickup lines or flirting. I don’t have that kind of self-confidence or natural charisma. ~ Steve Carell,
889:I think widespread, online displays of female self-confidence are good for people, especially men, to see. ~ Mindy Kaling,
890:It is my belief that nearly any invented quotation, played with confidence, stands a good chance to deceive. ~ Mark Twain,
891:Kindness in words creates confidence.Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao Tzu,
892:Life wants you to have peace of mind, inner joy, confidence, and an abundance of self-worth and self-love. ~ Louise L Hay,
893:One of life's sorest tragedies is that the people who brim with confidence are always the wrong people. ~ Charlie Brooker,
894:People of faith should be able to have confidence in their right to freely express and live their beliefs. ~ Donald Wuerl,
895:Success gave me confidence as an artist. And now I'm able to do what I want without anybody thinking it's dumb. ~ Amy Lee,
896:Thanks to President Bush and Republican principles, businesses now have more confidence to hire workers. ~ John Doolittle,
897:The best way of meeting difficulties is a quiet and calm confidence in the Grace.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
898:The churches have no confidence in each other. Why? Because they are acquainted with each other. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll,
899:The Holy Spirit lives inside you and repeatedly whispers, “Have confidence—you’re part of God’s family now. ~ Bill Hybels,
900:The resources of the scholar are proportioned to his confidence in the attributes of the intellect. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
901:There was much about him that was fine and beautiful, but he could never find the confidence he needed. ~ Haruki Murakami,
902:The young compliment their greatness on the number of their friends; the old, on the confidence of them. ~ Norm MacDonald,
903:We need cooperation based on trust and self-confidence to create an open, compassionate, harmonious society. ~ Dalai Lama,
904:When God brings deep conviction and I agree with Him about my condition, God restores my confidence in Him. ~ Johnny Hunt,
905:Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth. ~ Gautama Buddha,
906:Being successful at a very young age gave me the confidence and the capability to try out other things. ~ Joshua Lederberg,
907:But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.” JEREMIAH 17:7 NLT ~ Various,
908:Confidence and superiority: It's the usual fundamentalist stuff: I've got the truth, and you haven't. ~ Jeanette Winterson,
909:Confidence in ourselves has very limited potential, but confidence in Christ brings limitless possibilities. ~ Renee Swope,
910:For investor confidence, it is important that there is certainty about the future of Ireland in E.U. ~ Jose Manuel Barroso,
911:He had total confidence in the people he hired. This was something I admired and, later, sought to do myself. ~ Ed Catmull,
912:I don't really care about clothes, but it's about wearing something that gives you social confidence. ~ Julian Casablancas,
913:If a general shows confidence in his men but always insists on his orders being obeyed, the gain will be mutual. ~ Sun Tzu,
914:I've got confidence that most people in America still have a decent sense of manners, propriety, morality. ~ Rush Limbaugh,
915:Lately I feel the haters eatin' away at my confidence. They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments. ~ Drake,
916:Love from within, be determined and let your self-confidence take you to heights you never experienced before. ~ Arsi Nami,
917:That is what I liked about being on stage. I was comfortable there, and I could be myself with confidence. ~ Gloria Gaynor,
918:The harder you work, the more confidence you get. But you may be working hard on something that is false. ~ Charlie Munger,
919:These days, the only security you have is the confidence in yourself and your ability to make things happen. ~ Peter Voogd,
920:We believe in the fundamental strength of Israel's economy and have confidence in its long-term potential. ~ Ari Fleischer,
921:Analysis gave me great freedom of emotions and fantastic confidence. I felt I had served my time as a puppet. ~ Hedy Lamarr,
922:Children are wonderfully confident in their own imaginations. Most of us lose this confidence as we grow up. ~ Ken Robinson,
923:Confidence in help from outside brings with it distress. Only self-confidence gives force and joy. ~ Fo-tho-hing-tsang-king,
924:Confidence is not a virtue I possess, but it’s almost like it came along with the heels and makeup tonight. ~ Kandi Steiner,
925:Early success gives people the resources, confidence and connections that can be used to create later success.  ~ Anonymous,
926:Ed Sullivan brought me to TV first in 1952, then Garry Moore's program gave me a lot of confidence and freedom. ~ Alan King,
927:Fake it, fake your confidence until it's real. I think it's a good way to live most of your life. ~ Marina and the Diamonds,
928:Fear is the paralyzing emotion that inhibits or restricts normal feelings of love, confidence, and well-being. ~ Tim LaHaye,
929:Find yourself for courage and confidence are as easy as breathing to the person who really knows who he is. ~ Vernon Howard,
930:He who closes his ears to the views of others shows little confidence in the integrity of his own views. ~ William Congreve,
931:I actually love modeling clothing and showing women that clothing and style can help your confidence shine. ~ Ashley Graham,
932:I don't possess a lot of self-confidence. I'm an actor so I simply act confident every time I hit the stage. ~ Arsenio Hall,
933:I have overlived the generation with which mutual labors & perils begat mutual confidence and influence. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
934:I've always had confidence. It came because I have lots of initiative. I wanted to make something of myself. ~ Eddie Murphy,
935:Jealousy according to his notions was an insult to one's wife, and one ought to have confidence in one's wife ~ Leo Tolstoy,
936:Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao Tzu,
937:Nothing gives you confidence like being a member of a small, weirdly specific, hard-to-find demographic. The ~ Mindy Kaling,
938:Not that Seddon gives me much confidence. He’s so confoundedly gloomy.’ ‘It is a habit, that, of lawyers. ~ Agatha Christie,
939:Ryan Murphy just gives new people a shot, and it takes a lot of confidence and generosity to do that. ~ Alfonso Gomez Rejon,
940:Some people call it fearless, some people call it confidence. And I feel I'm confident of whatever I do. ~ Sachin Tendulkar,
941:The balance between confidence and humility is best learned through extensive experience and mistakes. ~ Michael Steinhardt,
942:The errors of women spring, almost always, from their faith in the good, or their confidence in the true ~ Honore de Balzac,
943:The problem with learning the truth about things is that you lose the confidence that comes from being dumb. ~ D B C Pierre,
944:Thérèse’s word in Letter 197 that “it is confidence and nothing but confidence that must lead us to Love. ~ Michael Gaitley,
945:To maintain the supreme sense of self-confidence I have cultivated, I repeat, ‘I am strong, able and calm. ~ Robin S Sharma,
946:True self-confidence is “the courage to be open—to welcome change and new ideas regardless of their source. ~ Carol S Dweck,
947:We have lost confidence in reason because we have learned that man is chiefly a creature of habit and emotion. ~ John Dewey,
948:Your confidence is inspiring,” said the captured weapon master. “Because it is always backed by cleverness. ~ R A Salvatore,
949:Don?t back down just to keep the peace. Standing up for your beliefs builds self-confidence and self-esteem. ~ Oprah Winfrey,
950:I always try to keep the confidence of the actors, and try my best to make them feel comfortable or confident. ~ Sean Durkin,
951:If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. ~ Abraham Lincoln,
952:If you serve well, your volleys are going to be so much easier. It has got to do with confidence, obviously. ~ Stefan Edberg,
953:It is so hard that one cannot really have confidence in doctors and yet cannot do without them. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
954:I've always found that beauty and confidence are synonymous. If you feel confident, that's what people see. ~ Cindy Crawford,
955:Leadership was partly showmanship, and Westy neglected no means of projecting confidence, strength, and moxie. ~ Mark Bowden,
956:No activity I know is more of a confidence builder and at the same time more 'humility training' than wrestling. ~ Jim Leach,
957:Soon became convinced I was right and undertook the task with all the fire and boundless confidence of youth. ~ Nikola Tesla,
958:The girl doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence. Funny how it was always the pretty, capable ones who didn’t. ~ Milly Johnson,
959:The most effective teacher will always be biased, for the chief force in teaching is confidence and enthusiasm. ~ Joyce Cary,
960:The Pulitzer Prize is an idea; it's a vote of confidence. Like literature, it exists purely in the mind. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides,
961:With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world. ~ Dalai Lama XIV,
962:A lot of fights in my life have been avoided through confidence and demeanor, so that's pretty masculine also. ~ Urijah Faber,
963:By the way, the secret of speaking French is confidence. Whether you are right or wrong, you don't hesitate. ~ Joseph Epstein,
964:Doing the right thing causes us to stand taller, dance more often, and step into life with more confidence. ~ Patsy Clairmont,
965:Evolving is not arrogance. It is confidence that won't be pulled backwards, by those that feel left behind. ~ Shannon L Alder,
966:Give the people - confidence. Give the people - delight. Give the people - hope. Give the people - the best. ~ Gautama Buddha,
967:If that's what it takes". Jack had the confidence of a man who knew he had all the exits guarded. "Location 1044 ~ Sophie Oak,
968:I had no confidence at school. I was not a good student and I really thought I was pretty stupid. Just dumb. ~ Tommy Hilfiger,
969:"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." ~ Lao Tzu,
970:ne thing you have to develop as an artist is a confidence in what you're doing and that you're right about it. ~ Robert Barry,
971:No problem,” I said with all the confidence of a lemming who thinks he’s headed for a nice day at the seashore. ~ Neil Gaiman,
972:The confidence which we have in ourselves give birth to much of that, which we have in others. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
973:The confidence which we have in ourselves gives birth to much of that which we have in others. ~ Fran ois de La Rochefoucauld,
974:The easy confidence with which I know another man's religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also. ~ Mark Twain,
975:The first internal relation that is essential to a secret society is the reciprocal confidence of its members. ~ Georg Simmel,
976:With every animal, you have to build its confidence around people because people do some crazy and stupid things ~ Ian Dunbar,
977:Writing is the perfect balance between self-confidence and self-doubt, with a bit of self-delusion thrown in. ~ Judith Kelman,
978:Excessive administration secrecy... feeds conspiracy theories and reduces the public's confidence in government. ~ John McCain,
979:Have confidence, do your own thing, find your talent, and work at it to be the best. And always, always have fun! ~ Coco Jones,
980:He had spoken with such absolute confidence that I knew he had to be blowing this out of his rectal orifice. ~ Neal Stephenson,
981:His quiet confidence in his authority and abilities left him free to treat everyone around him with calm respect. ~ T E Kinsey,
982:It all comes down to confidence: your body can do great things only if it believes it can accomplish them. ~ Georges St Pierre,
983:Kate was the ultimate bad influence. One-hundred percent sexy confidence wrapped in a blonde bombshell package. ~ Eden Summers,
984:Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Mao Zedong,
985:No farmer-sportsman group is stronger than the ties of mutual confidence and enthusiasm which bind its members. ~ Aldo Leopold,
986:The difference between the child and the man lies chiefly in the unlimited confidence and buoyancy of youth. ~ Clarence Darrow,
987:There is no country in the world with the diversity, confidence and talent and black pride like Nigeria. ~ Binyavanga Wainaina,
988:Whoever has the most energy wins. Energy gives one confidence, power, self-esteem and new possibilities. ~ Mark Victor Hansen,
989:Work ethic, confidence, a laser focus and commitment to accomplish a goal that most people can never imagine. ~ Daniel Cormier,
990:Accept your past without regrets. Handle your present with confidence. Face your future without fear. ~ Nicholas Sansbury Smith,
991:A crisis of confidence is so common that it should be considered a universal part of the adoption process. ~ Patricia McConnell,
992:Be courteous to all, but intimate with a few and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. ~ Shiv Khera,
993:Belief, confidence in yourself.. the world’s your playground. Limitless. My question is... will you be remembered? ~ Greg Plitt,
994:But one of the responsibilities of leadership is to mask one’s own fears, to project confidence at all times. ~ Neal Stephenson,
995:Go on in courage and confidence, keeping your face toward the East, from whence comes the rising Sun. ~ William Walker Atkinson,
996:Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist. ~ Mary Kay Ash,
997:I always thought that I was an important musician. If you don't have that confidence, why would you go on and do it? ~ Yoko Ono,
998:It is absurd to ask for help and yet to have no trust; on the contrary with confidence everything becomes so easy. ~ The Mother,
999:Over time, I’ve come to see that so much of a personality boils down to confidence: whether you have it, or not. ~ Harriet Lane,
1000:Rob’s confidence was communicated with a simple look that said, If you want to, and you don’t, then that’s on you. ~ Jeff Hobbs,
1001:She'd smelled of confidence and lilies. She was my age, and yet she had what I did not - a lack of care or fear. ~ Megan Chance,
1002:Sometimes, some lies that spoken with high confidence
could be more receptive than facts that spoken with doubt. ~ Toba Beta,
1003:"The way you speak to others can offer them joy, happiness, self-confidence, hope, trust, and enlightenment." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh,
1004:To be around someone whose self-confidence is more than what our first glance led us to expect is seductive. ~ Abraham Verghese,
1005:Anxiety must go. It must be replaced by faith and solemn confidence in the outworking of the divine plan. ~ Count of St Germain,
1006:Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. ~ Jeff Wheeler,
1007:Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It's black and white - dramatic. You have to be strong. ~ Catherine Zeta Jones,
1008:For all that I lack in confidence, I'll make up for it ten times, a hundred times more, by forever trying my best. ~ Io Sakisaka,
1009:Hold up your head! You were not made for failure, you were made for victory. Go forward with a joyful confidence. ~ George Eliot,
1010:If only someone had told me about the confidence-boosting nature of guns, I’d have been shooting them all my life. ~ Amor Towles,
1011:I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time. ~ Anna Freud,
1012:Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. ~ Marie Curie,
1013:Most of the confidence which I appear to feel, especially when influenced by noon wine, is only a pretense. ~ Tennessee Williams,
1014:[People] will be reminded of the integrity of our election systems and the confidence that they deserve to have. ~ Audie Cornish,
1015:Self confidence is the ability to exercise restraint in the face of disrespect and still show respect in response. ~ Simon Sinek,
1016:She [Hillary Clinton] exudes leadership, confidence and - importantly - empathy, compassion, and understanding. ~ Chrissy Teigen,
1017:Smell remembers and tells the future. ... Smell is home or loneliness. Confidence or betrayal. Smell remembers. ~ Cherrie Moraga,
1018:The beauty of trust is that it erases worry and frees you to get on with other matters. Trust means confidence. ~ John C Maxwell,
1019:The greater and more persistent your confidence in God, the more abundantly you will receive all that you ask. ~ Albertus Magnus,
1020:The line between confidence and arrogance is very fine, and the line between arrogance and stupidity even finer. ~ Michael Scott,
1021:This is the confidence we have before Him: whenever we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14 ~ Beth Moore,
1022:To do his best, one needs a confidence that says, "I can do anything, and if I can't do it, I know how to get help. ~ Ben Carson,
1023:We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face. ~ Susan Wiggs,
1024:What I'm mostly good at is sleeping, he once told me in confidence, but he added, I don't see much future in it. ~ Brian Andreas,
1025:And I love kick boxing. It's a lot of fun. It gives you a lot of confidence when you can kick somebody in the head. ~ Alicia Keys,
1026:Any lack of confidence in the economic future or the basic strength of business in the United States is foolish. ~ Herbert Hoover,
1027:Anyone can face ease and success with confidence. It is the way we face trouble and misfortune that defines us. ~ Joe Abercrombie,
1028:Confidence is half the battle. You have to believe things will go according to plan, until events prove otherwise. ~ Lisa Wingate,
1029:Considering how little we know, the confidence we have in our beliefs is preposterous—and it is also essential. ~ Daniel Kahneman,
1030:Experience alone can give, even to the greatest talent, that confidence in having done all that could be done. ~ Eugene Delacroix,
1031:From the self-confidence with which he spoke no one could tell whether what he said was very clever or very stupid. ~ Leo Tolstoy,
1032:have the confidence to be who you are, and allow others the courtesy of being who they are, without judgement. ~ Monica Alexander,
1033:If you feel irritated or threatened by others' beliefs,
it's a sign that you're experiencing crisis of confidence. ~ Toba Beta,
1034:I have confidence that the government of Luxembourg will not make any decision that frustrates this transaction. ~ Lakshmi Mittal,
1035:I like the feeling that I'm giving young women self-confidence. It sounds so cliched, but it can be very moving. ~ Shirley Manson,
1036:In order to be a leader a man must have followers. And to have followers, a man must have their confidence. ~ Dwight D Eisenhower,
1037:Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence. ~ Saint Francis de Sales,
1038:Our understanding of cognitive ease and associative coherence locates subjective confidence firmly in System 1. ~ Daniel Kahneman,
1039:successful career at the District Attorney’s office, but today none of these things gave her comfort or confidence. ~ Marie Astor,
1040:Taking the obedience of the soldier for the consent of the nation--such a confidence is the destruction of thrones. ~ Victor Hugo,
1041:The mark of a truly civilized man is confidence in the strength and security derived from the inquiring mind. ~ Felix Frankfurter,
1042:The wisdom, the strength, the confidence - the awakened heart and mind are always accessible -- here, now, always. ~ Pema Chodron,
1043:Through first-class education, a generation marches down the long uncertain road of the future with confidence. ~ Wynton Marsalis,
1044:True self-confidence is “the courage to be open—to welcome change and new ideas regardless of their source.” Real ~ Carol S Dweck,
1045:We must have perserverence and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something. ~ Marie Curie,
1046:Whatever isn’t born out of deep confidence in God is sin. That includes our personality and our approach to life. ~ John Eldredge,
1047:And this is the confidence* that we have toward him, that no matter what we ask according to his will, he hears us. 15 ~ Anonymous,
1048:Confidence is overrated. It's when we're uncomfortable and looking for answers that we learn and grow the most. ~ Barbara Corcoran,
1049:Don't be afraid to assert yourself, have confidence in your abilities and don't let the bastards get you down. ~ Michael Bloomberg,
1050:"He speaks the truth, is devoted to the truth, reliable, worthy of confidence ... fhis is called right speech." ~ Anguttara Nikaya,
1051:I am consumed with the fear of failing. Reaching deep down and finding confidence has made all my dreams come true. ~ Arsenio Hall,
1052:If you have money and you have fame, but you don't have any confidence in your blackness, then it's all for nothing. ~ Paul Mooney, God's economy, to lack confidence in yourself is the first and necessary stage in gaining confidence in God. ~ Matt Chandler,
1054:I think with actors, if you just don't set about trying to crush their confidence immediately, you're usually OK. ~ John Malkovich,
1055:I thought I'd take style to its limit... My philosophy is a belief in magic, good luck , self-confidence, and pride. ~ Grace Jones,
1056:It is a fundamental fact that if you know your job well, naturally you have all the confidence to do it well. ~ Rajendra B Aklekar,
1057:I've enjoyed the conversations that we've had. [Donald Trump] is somebody who I think is not lacking in confidence. ~ Barack Obama,
1058:My lyrics say I have morals, I have confidence, I have weaknesses, I have strong points, that I am a human being. ~ Kendrick Lamar,
1059:Speaking with kindness creates confidence, thinking with kindness creates profoundness, giving with kindness creates love. ~ Laozi,
1060:Strengthening our identity is one way or reinforcing people's confidence and sense of citizenship and well-being. ~ David Blunkett,
1061:The result of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quiet confidence forever. Isaiah 32:17 ~ Beth Moore,
1062:The strongest predictors of who got the money were these traits: confidence, comfort level, and passionate enthusiasm. ~ Amy Cuddy,
1063:We may have doubts, but we control the present. We always have the choice to move forward with hope and confidence. ~ Teri Hatcher,
1064:What Douglas had once seen as the attractive over-confidence of youth, now looked more like unyielding selfishness. ~ Len Deighton,
1065:Your confidence grows as you get older, particularly when you're in a loving relationship. Everything strengthens. ~ Nicole Kidman,
1066:You’ve gotta love yourself enough to look INSIDE you & not BESIDE you for your joy, confidence, & self worth. ~ Mandy Hale,
1067:Because I have confidence in the power of truth, and of the spirit, I have confidence in the future of mankind. ~ Albert Schweitzer,
1068:But it remains the case that you know what is wrong with a lot more confidence than you know what is right. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
1069:Cling to liberty and right; battle fro them; leed for them; die for them, if need be; and have confidence in God. ~ Abraham Lincoln,
1070:Confidence and Hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you successful person. ~ Abdul Kalam,
1071:Confidence is everywhere the parent of despotism. Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
1072:God’s sovereignty does not negate our responsibility to pray, but rather makes it possible to pray with confidence. ~ Jerry Bridges,
1073:He felt like part of himself had been taken away, an inward prop that was holding up his courage and confidence. ~ Orson Scott Card,
1074:I did a lot of ridiculous television. Between 1980 and '85 I had no confidence, so I did everything I was told to do. ~ Dana Carvey,
1075:I learned that not being ashamed is the first step towards complete confidence about one’s self, one’s bones and flesh. ~ Anonymous,
1076:I was a pretty insecure kid, didn't have a lot of friends, and was picked on a lot, and music gave me confidence. ~ Sarah McLachlan,
1077:My doctrine is as I've described, which is confidence in our cause, clarity in our purpose, and resolve in our might. ~ Mitt Romney,
1078:My self-confidence can be measured out in teaspoons mixed into my poetry, and it still always tastes funny in my mouth. ~ Sarah Kay,
1079:Right View is to have faith and confidence that there are people who have been able to transform their suffering. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh,
1080:"True happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself, accepting yourself, having confidence in yourself." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh,
1081:What could be more important than inspiring a child to read her first book and giving her the gift of confidence? ~ Kathy L Patrick,
1082:Why should we worry about what others think of us, do we have more confidence in their opinions than we do our own? ~ Brigham Young,
1083:young children are wonderfully confident in their own imaginations ... Most of us lose this confidence as we grow up ~ Ken Robinson,
1084:Captain or mate, M. Morrel, I shall always have the greatest respect for those who possess the owners’ confidence. ~ Alexandre Dumas,
1085:Don't take anything for granted. If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will. Have a little more confidence. ~ Cathy Moriarty,
1086:Faith is the solid, unshakable confidence in God which is built upon assurance that He is faithful to His promises. ~ David Jeremiah,
1087:I believe that if corporate America expects consumer confidence to be restored, they must first be honest with us. ~ Bennie Thompson,
1088:I'd be lying if I said I had confidence in every choice I've made, that I have faith in every film I do on every shot. ~ Ethan Hawke,
1089:I don't have confidence in my instincts, and I feel like I have to go through a very right-brain and left-brain process. ~ Tom Kenny,
1090:I have a confidence in my understanding of formal aesthetics and I don't want to be aware of it or make that my problem. ~ Eva Hesse,
1091:I love creepy old dudes. I love that they have so much self-confidence, despite having no evidence whatsoever to back it up. ~ Kesha,
1092:I think the main thing over time is that you gain confidence and are able to tell your story better and stronger. ~ Roksanda Ilincic,
1093:Quote from the pope: “If we start without confidence, already we have lost half the battle and we bury our talents. ~ James Altucher,
1094:Subjective confidence in a judgment is not a reasoned evaluation of the probability that this judgment is correct. ~ Daniel Kahneman,
1095:The need for bold and aggressive federal action to create jobs and restore confidence in our battered economy is clear. ~ Nita Lowey,
1096:There is a great power in the simple confidence of a child. With my blessings.
   ~ The Mother, Mantras Of The Mother, November 17th,
1097:We have high confidence that they have weapons of mass destruction. That is what this war was about and it is about. ~ Ari Fleischer,
1098:When I was growing up, I always knew I'd be in the top of my class in math, and that gave me a lot of self-confidence. ~ Sergey Brin,
1099:With just a touch more self confidence and a liberal helping of ignorance I could have been a famous evangelist. ~ Robert A Heinlein,
1100:7[Most] blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, and relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is. ~ Anonymous,
1101:Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. ~ Norman Vincent Peale,
1102:Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. ~ George Washington,
1103:But now he was losing confidence and control. His paintings were hiding from him because Irene was hiding something. ~ Louise Erdrich,
1104:Confidence equals contentment with self; contentment is knowing you have all you need for the present circumstances. ~ John C Maxwell,
1105:Confidence is ignorance,” advised the centaur. “If you’re feeling cocky, it’s because there’s something you don’t know. ~ Eoin Colfer,
1106:Confidence was a seed that could grow in any soil, no matter how impoverished. She had seen as much again and again. ~ Steven Erikson,
1107:Difficulties are God's errands; and when we are sent upon them, we should esteem it a proof of God's confidence. ~ Henry Ward Beecher,
1108:Experience gives us confidence, but we never get experience unless we step out and try things we have not tried before. ~ Joyce Meyer,
1109:Faith implies four things: self-renunciation, reliance with utter confidence on Christ, obedience, and a changed life. ~ Billy Graham,
1110:Genuine confidence is what launches you out of bed in the morning, and through your day with a spring in your step. ~ James C Collins,
1111:Invite me in,” I said again. “I’m finding your confidence both appalling and appealing, and it’s a real mindfuck.” I ~ Megan Erickson,
1112:I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities. ~ Tina Fey,
1113:Not knowing doesn’t mandate anxiety; rather, it instills confidence, and confidence is crucial to good performance. ~ John Ortberg Jr,
1114:On every page, confidence fights with self-doubt. Every sentence is an act of faith. Why would anybody want to do it? ~ David Morrell,
1115:Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition of benevolence, confidence, justice. ~ Baruch Spinoza,
1116:People never have confidence in a Big Talker. They know his statements must be cut down, but they can never tell how much. ~ E W Howe,
1117:self-confidence becomes arrogance, assertiveness becomes obstinacy, and self-assurance becomes reckless abandon.” This ~ Ryan Holiday,
1118:Success produces confidence; confidence relaxes industry, and negligence ruins the reputation which accuracy had raised. ~ Ben Jonson,
1119:There are no mistakes, Eden, just different outcomes to our flawed expectations,' Gabriel recited with confidence. ~ Rachel Higginson,
1120:There's a level of confidence in the actor you're working with that really helps a lot. It makes all the difference. ~ Christian Bale,
1121:The Spirit is the reason we can build a church and have confidence that we will get it at least a little bit right. ~ Lauren F Winner,
1122:the world who fails, and it is she who has enough confidence to define success and failure for herself who succeeds. ~ Sophia Amoruso,
1123:When you see yourself succeed, you develop more confidence in your ability to succeed at bigger and bigger things. ~ Benjamin P Hardy,
1124:Where there are low consequences and you have very low confidence in your own opinion, you should absolutely delegate. ~ Keith Rabois,
1125:You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
1126:Deep, contended joy comes from a place of complete security and confidence [in God] - even in the midst of trial. ~ Charles R Swindoll,
1127:Eight shows a week is daunting, and it can be terrifying. But it just instills such a sense of confidence and growth. ~ Brooke Shields,
1128:Grace, my friends, demands nothing from us but that we shall await it with confidence and acknowledge it in gratitude. ~ Philip Yancey,
1129:If a child cannot place implicit confidence in his parent, most assuredly no confidence can be reposed in the child. ~ John S C Abbott,
1130:I finally made up my mind I wanted to be an actress and I was not going to let my lack of confidence ruin my chances. ~ Marilyn Monroe,
1131:I think the most important thing about coaching is that you have to have a sense of confidence about what you're doing. ~ Phil Jackson,
1132:It takes pride and a tiger’s drive to build up the confidence, the ego, the power to defeat an opponent in the ring. It ~ Muhammad Ali,
1133:Leave everyone you meet better than you found them. Become an encourager of potential versus a destroyer of confidence. ~ Robin Sharma,
1134:Not the confidence that we know exactly what to do at all times but the confidence that, together, we will figure it out. ~ Ed Catmull,
1135:Slowly but surely, we are decreasing unemployment and we are restoring confidence to the future of the Greek economy. ~ Alexis Tsipras,
1136:substitute thoughts of courage, power, self-reliance and confidence, for those of fear, lack and limitation.    The ~ Charles F Haanel,
1137:Teaching for creativity aims to encourage self-confidence, independence of mind, and the capacity to think for oneself. ~ Ken Robinson,
1138:Think about how much it costs to learn more. Sometimes you want to build confidence by knocking off the easy things. ~ Scott D Anthony,
1139:Well, laddie, if you've let an old buzzard like me hurt you confidence, you couldn't have had much in the first place. ~ Tamora Pierce,
1140:With age comes wisdom and confidence, and I don't feel like I'm seeking approval as much as I used to from other people. ~ Terri Clark,
1141:An artist, under pain of oblivion, must have confidence in himself, and listen only to his real master: Nature. ~ Pierre Auguste Renoir,
1142:Design is about crafting an experience that is unfamiliar enough to feel novel, yet familiar enough to instill confidence. ~ John Maeda,
1143:Every time we choose action over ease we develop an increasing level of self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence. ~ John C Maxwell,
1144:First, the constitution [of Ukraine] has to be reformed. Only then can confidence building and border security follow. ~ Vladimir Putin,
1145:He spoke with such self-confidence that his hearers could not be sure whether what he said was very witty or very stupid. ~ Leo Tolstoy,
1146:I don't even know how to speak up for myself, because I don't really have a father who would give me the confidence or advice. ~ Eminem,
1147:I feel comfortable in Spanish, I chat like a parrot, but I don't have the confidence in Spanish that I do in English. ~ Sandra Cisneros,
1148:If someone else doesn't like your confidence, that's their problem.
Why? You always come before they do, that's why. ~ Sherry Argov,
1149:I wouldn't describe myself as lacking in confidence, but I would just say that - the ghosts you chase you never catch. ~ John Malkovich,
1150:Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. —LAO TZU ~ Robyn Carr,
1151:May Christ be our joy, our confidence, our all. May we daily be made more like to Him, and more devoted to His service. ~ Matthew Henry,
1152:My confidence allows me to do things my way and help people make a decision. People like the idea of me just being me. ~ Curtis Jackson,
1153:My self-confidence was a battered, flimsy thing and he’d just taken the tiny scrap I had left and stomped all over it. ~ Pepper Winters,
1154:Nobody is more of a patriot than I am, but I’ve very little confidence in politicians and even less confidence in wars. ~ Susan Howatch,
1155:Only reckless confidence in a Source greater than ourselves can empower us to forgive the woulds inflicted by others. ~ Brennan Manning,
1156:Out of every difficulty Omnipotence can bring us, only let us in childlike confidence cast our burden upon the Lord. ~ Charles Spurgeon,
1157:Self-confidence depends on environment: one does not speak in the same tone in the drawing room than in the kitchen. ~ Gustave Flaubert,
1158:The only result of a horse race which historians can tell us with absolute confidence is one that has already been run. ~ Eric Hobsbawm,
1159:These women need to feel that we're all aware of what they may be going through, to give them the confidence to speak out. ~ Anna Friel,
1160:They were also shoes that would give the wearer confidence: a person could speak with authority in such shoes. ~ Alexander McCall Smith,
1161:When you put on a new cloth that fits you well, you put on a new confidence that improves your confidence well ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah,
1162:You can't make yourself feel positive, but you can choose how to act, and if you choose right, it builds your confidence ~ Julian Smith,
1163:Your confidence kills your fears when they appear. Your competence makes them not to appear at all. Be bold; do it. ~ Israelmore Ayivor,
1164:A general never shows despair. He instills confidence in his troops. He leads them forward, even into the mouth of death. ~ Rick Riordan,
1165:Confidence means non-paralysis, a willingness to act, and act decisively, to start new things and cut failing ventures off. ~ Tom Peters,
1166:Cooking is 80 percent confidence, a skill best acquired starting from when the apron strings wrap around you twice. ~ Barbara Kingsolver,
1167:He spoke with such complete self-confidence that no one could tell whether what he said was very clever or very stupid. He ~ Leo Tolstoy,
1168:I actually like pole dancing! It gives you so much confidence. I never thought I'd do it, but now I'm really into it. ~ Taylor Schilling,
1169:I can't say I have any confidence in confidence. I have confidence that God is with us in all things, both tender and tough. ~ Jan Karon,
1170:I do not want any guys to hit on me. Innocent flirting, fine -- it does wonders for my confidence -- but not douchebags. ~ J A Redmerski,
1171:I feel like it's me singing back to myself as a younger person and saying have confidence in being a bit different. ~ Corinne Bailey Rae,
1172:It is not so much that I have confidence in scientists being right, but that I have so much in nonscientists being wrong. ~ Isaac Asimov,
1173:It takes an enormous amount of self-confidence to tell others about your struggles while you are still struggling. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
1174:I want to try doing sportier things, kite surfing and paddle surfing - I think it would give me that extra confidence. ~ Vanessa Hudgens,
1175:My confidence is that there will for a long time be virtue and good sense enough in our countrymen to correct abuses. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
1176:seal of approval from an outside auditor, usually a nonprofit, is the easiest way for consumers to shop with confidence, ~ Larry Olmsted,
1177:She was a part, an evidence, of some pure uncracked unfissured confidence in the good which was never there for me again. ~ Iris Murdoch,
1178:We can have confidence in the long-term foundation of our economy ... I think the system basically is sound. I truly do. ~ George W Bush,
1179:You can't make yourself feel positive, but you can choose how to act, and if you choose right, it builds your confidence. ~ Julien Smith,
1180:You may have noticed that the less I know about a subject the more confidence I have, and the more new light I throw on it. ~ Mark Twain,
1181:Being funny, it turns out, is like being a bank. It's a confidence trick. As long as everyone believes in you, you are fine. ~ Evan Davis,
1182:Faith is a living, unshakable confidence in God's grace; it is so certain that someone would die a thousand times for it. ~ Martin Luther,
1183:high subjective confidence is not to be trusted as an indicator of accuracy (low confidence could be more informative). ~ Daniel Kahneman,
1184:Hollywood is a suction for your confidence or your faith or your togetherness. Just walking on the street you can feel it. ~ Robin Wright,
1185:I have the absolute confidence not to be number two, but then I have enough sense to realize that there can be no number one. ~ Bruce Lee,
1186:I think when one's working, one works between absolute confidence and absolute doubt, and I got a huge dallop of each. ~ Malcolm Gladwell,
1187:I've always said that the most important thing is job creation. Jobs will earn people money and build self-confidence. ~ Aung San Suu Kyi,
1188:Once you find that peace, that place of peace and quiet, harmony and confidence, that's when you start playing your best. ~ Roger Federer,
1189:One thing I was used to seeing from young white people, it was confidence, an easy sense that the world belonged to them. ~ Ben H Winters,
1190:Success is the result of clear goal, unshakable confidence, proper planning, enthusiastic ACTION and consistent persistence. ~ James Caan,
1191:The confidence is there, the game is there, but physically you can't fight nature sometimes. You can't do much about it. ~ Novak Djokovic,
1192:The greater the artist, the greater the doubt; perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize. ~ Robert Hughes,
1193:The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity. ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
1194:The man was walking power and confidence, and he was all mine. “Seriously,” Lindsey whispered, “well done.” “I know, right? ~ Chloe Neill,
1195:There's nothing quite so irritating to an author as a family member's easy confidence that, of course, the book will come. ~ Carolyn Hart,
1196:Through the triumphs there has come a greater confidence and through the challenges has come a greater clarity of purpose. ~ O J Brigance,
1197:Who can see twenty-five years into the future?” she had asked. “Your guess is as good as theirs. Confidence is everything. ~ John Perkins,
1198:Although you feel tepid, approach with confidence, for the greater your infirmity the more you stand in need of a physician. ~ Bonaventure,
1199:A marvelous thing it would be to stand with confidence, unafraid, unashamed, and unembarrassed in the presence of God. ~ Gordon B Hinckley,
1200:And I don’t want to turn actress. I want to do both. I wouldn’t have built the confidence to do acting if I didn’t model. ~ Dree Hemingway,
1201:Confidence cannot change my appearance."
"It may not change your appearance, but it can change how you are perceived. ~ Matthew J Kirby,
1202:Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality. ~ Shannon L Alder,
1203:Confidence is the willingness to be as ridiculous, luminous, intelligent, and kind as you really are, without embarrassment. ~ Susan Piver,
1204:Develop Self-confidence, then love will fol­low; it will come naturally from within. And that way the love will be pure. ~ Sathya Sai Baba,
1205:For a wrongdoer to be undetected is difficult; and for him to have confidence that his concealment will continue is impossible. ~ Epicurus,
1206:For the most part people went about their business with an entirely irresponsible confidence in the stability of the universe. ~ H G Wells,
1207:Great communication, Character, Competitive drive, Consistency, Compassion, Confidence -- skills successful leaders share. ~ Avery Johnson,
1208:HEBREWS 10:35: You can have confidence in God and His Word. Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward ~ Anonymous,
1209:I had it in my heart. I believed in myself, and I had confidence. I knew how to do it, had natural talent and I pursued it. ~ Muhammad Ali,
1210:It wasn't until later that I realized Paul's quietness was a result of his confidence. He didn't need to shout to be heard. ~ Mindy Kaling,
1211:My intent is simply to know my material so well that I'm very comfortable with it. Confidence, not perfection, is the goal. ~ Scott Berkun,
1212:somehow or other, there is a genial sunshine about you that warms every creeping thing into heart and confidence. Your ~ Washington Irving,
1213:That you’ve got to have either gray hair or no hair at all in order to gain an investor’s confidence is plain nonsense. ~ David J Schwartz,
1214:The jobs left, and the factories closed... the wealth, strength and confidence of America has disappeared over the horizon. ~ Donald Trump,
1215:The mage, Tessera decided finally, felt like someone who had stepped with confidence onto a stair that wasn't there. ~ Patricia A McKillip,
1216:The onset of a crisis is usually triggered by a spectacular failure which shakes confidence in fictitious forms of capital. ~ David Harvey,
1217:The presence of confidence can make an unable man appear able. While its absence can make an able man appear unable. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
1218:Throughout the season, I look into my players eyes to gauge feelings, confidence levels, and to establish instant trust. ~ Mike Krzyzewski,
1219:Unbelievers enjoy the security of their unbelief; there is great confidence in ignorance. But I had seen the Cythrawl. ~ Stephen R Lawhead,
1220:we learn best by placing our 'confidence in men and women whose examples invite us to love what they love'(Robert Wilken). ~ Michael Dirda,
1221:When you constantly push your mind and body in your chosen field and never give up your confidence will be unshatterable! ~ David McIntosh,
1222:Your confidence in the people, and your doubt about them, are closely related to your self-confidence and your self-doubt. ~ Khalil Gibran,
1223:Action without promises is presumption, not faith, but when you have God’s promises, you can go forward with confidence. ~ Warren W Wiersbe,
1224:Act with purpose, courage, confidence, competence and intelligence until these qualities 'lock in' to your subconscious mind. ~ Brian Tracy,
1225:Confidence has brought them out into the light, but they seem to have forgotten - light's no good for creatures of the night. ~ Darren Shan,
1226:Everybody wants to be somebody. The thing you have to do is give them confidence they can. You have to give a kid a dream. ~ George Foreman,
1227:Finding your own style is not easy, but once found it brings complete happiness. It gives you self-confidence, always. ~ Yves Saint Laurent,
1228:Guys who lack confidence in so many ways still manage to delude themselves into thinking they are irresistible to all women. ~ Harlan Coben,
1229:I allow myself to be guided by the work which is in the process of being born. I have confidence in it. I do not think about it. ~ Hans Arp,
1230:I never had the confidence to say I was going to be in front of the camera as a comedian until I saw Eddie Murphy years later. ~ Chris Rock,
1231:It is simply not consistent with either my character or my confidence in my God-given athletic ability to cheat in any way. ~ Justin Gatlin,
1232:It's good to be a little nervous. God compensates those with a lack of talent with an overabundance of self-confidence. -Gigi ~ Karen White,
1233:I would certainly use my voice to try and avoid anything that undermines confidence, so that parents are using vaccines fully. ~ Bill Gates,
1234:Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. ~ Anonymous,
1235:Liberals do not appear to address potential solutions with anything like the far right's aura of God-given self-confidence. ~ Eric Alterman,
1236:Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbors you are doing well. ~ Karl Lagerfeld,
1237:No, no. Don't make that face. Every time I propose to you, you make that twisty, unhappy face. It wears on a man's confidence. ~ Tessa Dare,
1238:The best way to develop rational, well-balanced confidence is to go after a few victories immediately following a failure. ~ John C Maxwell,
1239:• The key muscles fueling positive emotional energy are self-confidence, self-control, interpersonal effectiveness and empathy. ~ Anonymous,
1240:The unutterable violence of the Holocaust shook our confidence in the possibility of telling any story of faith at all. ~ Timothy Radcliffe,
1241:We can with confidence set a goal to make this Christmas brighter than the last and each year that follows brighter still. ~ Henry B Eyring,
1242:You must arrange your days so that you are experiencing deep contentment, joy and confidence in your everyday life with God. ~ John Ortberg,
1243:You need self-confidence and determination: feeling depressed and losing hope will never really help to correct any situation. ~ Dalai Lama,
1244:After watching wrestling for 20 years, I thought I had enough confidence to do it. There were no wrestling schools at the time. ~ Hulk Hogan,
1245:A leader who sows confidence will reap excellency and legacy. A leader who sows fear will reap stagnancy or complacency. ~ Israelmore Ayivor,
1246:All you really have when you're acting is the confidence and your ability to manage and tell a story by creating a character. ~ Billy Crudup,
1247:Any advice?

   Be steady and confident.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II, Elements of Yoga, Faith and the Divine Grace, Confidence,
1248:As for me, I have just enough confidence about the multiverse to bet the lives of both Andrei Linde and Martin Rees’s dog. ~ Steven Weinberg,
1249:faith is belief without reason; we operate on reason and nothing but. I have zero faith in my crew, just absolute confidence. ~ Iain M Banks,
1250:I placed the Marines where the hardest work was to be accomplished, and I never once found my confidence in them misplaced. ~ Winfield Scott,
1251:Leaders relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence. ~ Jack Welch,
1252:Take every opportunity to inject self-confidence into those who have earned it. Use ample praise, the more specific the better. ~ Jack Welch,
1253:The self-confidence one builds from achieving difficult things and accomplishing goals is the most beautiful thing of all. ~ Madonna Ciccone,
1254:The word hope first appeared in English about a thousand years ago, denoting some combination of confidence and desire. But ~ Paul Kalanithi,
1255:We can learn to move into the unknown with the confidence that we have a guiding force within us that is showing us the way. ~ Shakti Gawain,
1256:We must go beyond being reactive and defensive. As Europeans we must regain our self-confidence and realize our own strengths. ~ Donald Tusk,
1257:When leaders offer a right-size challenge, people contribute quickly, build confidence, and are readied for bigger challenges. ~ Liz Wiseman,
1258:When you add good habits into your life, it illuminates another possible path, restores your confidence, and gives you hope. ~ Stephen Guise,
1259:Without training, they lacked knowledge. Without knowledge, they lacked confidence. Without confidence, they lacked victory. ~ Julius Caesar,
1260:You could fall flat on your face as easily as anyone else. Forget about self-confidence; it’s useless. Cultivate God-confidence. ~ Anonymous,
1261:All life is related. And it enables us to construct with confidence the complex tree that represents the history of life ~ David Attenborough,
1262:Because of the self-confidence with which he had spoken, no one could tell whether what he said was very clever or very stupid. ~ Leo Tolstoy,
1263:Confidence is important, but if it is not based on a realistic appraisal of who you are, it is mere grandiosity and smugness. ~ Robert Greene,
1264:Confidence is the sweet spot between arrogance and despair-consisting of positive expectations for favorable outcomes. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter,
1265:Confidence makes you willing to try harder and attracts the kind of support from others that makes "winning" possible. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter,
1266:Happiness and self-confidence can be the by-products of other things, but they cannot really be goals unto themselves. ~ Julie Lythcott Haims,
1267:I appreciate the confidence, Your Imperial Psychologist, but we're way beyond that. Cress if over me's for the best. ~ Marissa Meyer,
1268:I felt surrounded by the warmth of Annette’s friendship, by her confidence in me. I wondered if that had been her plan all along. ~ Jean Kwok,
1269:If you can do it, it ain't braggin'... it's a matter of self-confidence. I got where I did because I wasn't no shrinking violet. ~ Dizzy Dean,
1270:If you really want to strengthen your confidence account, don’t wait on life to challenge you. Start challenging yourself. Like ~ Peter Voogd,
1271:I think confidence is the most appealing quality in any human being or any artist; that's what really attracts us to people. ~ Marilyn Manson,
1272:I tremble for my country when I hear of confidence expressed in me. I know too well my weakness, that our only hope is in God. ~ Robert E Lee,
1273:Music has given me a career. But even if it doesn't become yours it teaches you confidence and allows you to express your creativity. ~ Jewel,
1274:My hopes are that I can give my children security, health, and the confidence to create the life they want and serve others. ~ Mallika Chopra,
1275:No man has greater confidence than I have in the spirit of the people, to a rational extent. Whatever they can, they will. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
1276:Oh, how great peace and quietness would he possess who should cut off all vain anxiety and place all his confidence in God. ~ Thomas a Kempis,
1277:Politics is an act of faith; you have to show some kind of confidence in the intellectual and moral capacity of the public. ~ George McGovern,
1278:So we can say with confidence,   “The LORD is my helper,        so I will have no fear.        What can mere people do to me?”[*] ~ Anonymous,
1279:Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald's, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence and seduction. ~ John Galliano,
1280:Thank you, Jane Birkin, for providing me with infinite outfit ideas and the confidence to dress like a boy but act like a girl. ~ Alexa Chung,
1281:The completeness of a child is the most fragile and most powerful thing in the world. A child’s confidence is the world’s wonder. ~ Teju Cole,
1282:The confidence in another man's virtue is no light evidence of a man's own, and God willingly favors such a confidence. ~ Michel de Montaigne,
1283:The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid one are full of confidence". ~ Charles Bukowski,
1284:The rose has told
In one simplicity
That never life
Relinquishes a bloom
But to bestow
An ancient confidence. ~ Nathalia Crane,
1285:Those who think themselves secure are more exposed to danger than any others. The armor-bearer of sin is self-confidence . ~ Charles Spurgeon,
1286:With training and self discipline; clear focus and confidence; problems can be overcome and even lead to unexpected gains ~ Georges St Pierre,
1287:You cannot rush God’s timing.
When the Lord speaks a word into your life, it is like a seed. Is your confidence in God’s seed? ~ T D Jakes,
1288:A cherished cause and a general who inspires confidence by previous success are powerful means of electrifying an army. ~ Antoine Henri Jomini,
1289:Companies pay amazing amounts of money to get answers from consultants with overdeveloped confidence in their own intuition,’ he ~ Tim Harford,
1290:Confidence is 10 percent hard work and 90 percent delusion, just thinking foolishly that you will be able to do what you want to do ~ Tina Fey,
1291:Confidence is a reduction of your own interest in whether others are thinking about you and if so, what they're thinking. ~ Augusten Burroughs,
1292:Confidence isn't optimism or pessimism, and it's not a character attribute. It's the expectation of a positive outcome. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter,
1293:His confidence was something that I admired—he wasn't cocky or arrogant, but pragmatic. He simply knew what he was capable of. ~ Bella Forrest,
1294:If you become more concerned for the welfare of others, you will experience a sense of calm, inner-strength, and self confidence. ~ Dalai Lama,
1295:I love those films where I feel the director's confidence - where he doesn't need to overdo it with the shots and the cuts. ~ Jean Marc Vallee,
1296:I never had the chutzpah to just come to L.A. and make it. I didn't have that confidence. I'm always surprised when I get a job. ~ Isla Fisher,
1297:In his prime, the young comic walked onto a stage with the confidence of a man who owned it, and by the time he walked off, he did. ~ Bob Hope,
1298:It is all about confidence: 90% mental and 10% physical, that is what basketball is. I live by that and it seems to be working. ~ Michael Redd,
1299:Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and look forward to the future with confidence. ~ Pope John Paul II,
1300:Obviously, success breeds more confidence. And it's pretty easy to be confident if you're getting a hit almost every time at bat. ~ Troy Glaus,
1301:Once you’ve discounted your own moral authority, once you’ve undermined your own country’s moral self-confidence, you cannot lead. ~ Anonymous,
1302:Self-confidence is something caught and not taught. And, risk-running and chance-taking are the only ways to catch it. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger,
1303:Surviving a failure gives you more self-confidence. Failures are great learning tools - but they must be kept to a minimum. ~ Jeffrey R Immelt,
1304:The big mother knows!” one said. “It is impossible!” Unless you look around the room, Annabeth thought, her confidence growing. ~ Rick Riordan,
1305:The black church often has reinforced certain self images that are damaging to black peoples' beauty, black peoples' confidence. ~ Cornel West,
1306:The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. ~ Charles Bukowski,
1307:There is nothing like a person with confidence, male or female, not conceitedness, but confidence. That inspires other people. ~ Queen Latifah,
1308:The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you. ~ William Jennings Bryan,
1309:When you change one small thing32 and it works, it can help breed the confidence to change other things—including bigger ones. ~ Warren Berger,
1310:Whether we had a great family or not, our hearts will only find lasting confidence when we find our identity as children of God. ~ Renee Swope,
1311:All wars signify the failure of conflict resolution mechanisms, and they need post-war rebuilding of faith, trust and confidence. ~ Abdul Kalam,
1312:A rich sense of confidence comes from three different types of belief: confidence in yourself, trust in others, and faith in God. ~ Tim Sanders,
1313:A smile can reassure another, provide comfort to uncomfortable situations, and display personal self-confidence for all to see. ~ Asa Don Brown,
1314:Confidence is this: Wearing your triumphs with humility, and wearing your scars with pride. Many of us do precisely the opposite. ~ Umair Haque,
1315:Each struggle, each defeat, sharpens your skills and strengths, your courage and your endurance, your ability and your confidence. ~ Og Mandino,
1316:Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times ~ Martin Luther,
1317:If your personality is negative, it means that you do not have the confidence in God and in yourself that is your birthright. ~ Norman W Walker,
1318:I had a terrible marriage the first time around because I had no self-confidence, even though I had tremendous self-confidence. ~ Lynn Johnston,
1319:I have far more confidence in the one man who works mentally and bodily at a matter than in the six who merely talk about it. ~ Michael Faraday,
1320:In a photo shoot, you have to be very comfortable in your own skin. It's all about confidence-boosting and putting on armor. ~ Adelaide Clemens,
1321:I think I can do it,” Lulu said. She had a lot of confidence, and, as long as it wasn’t me forcing it on her, she loved a challenge. ~ Amy Chua,
1322:I think my confidence has developed over the years, in terms of the speed at which I will reveal how collaborative I want to be. ~ Olivia Wilde,
1323:I think the great thing about theatre, and if you start in theatre, is that it does build a confidence in poetic themes and ideas. ~ Abi Morgan,
1324:It requires writers to do two things that by their metabolism are impossible. They must relax, and they must have confidence. ~ William Zinsser,
1325:I’ve worked in television for 10 years straight. If I were a man, it wouldn’t be considered strange [to have confidence] at all. ~ Mindy Kaling,
1326:Only a psychological freak could approach a 100-mph fastball aimed not all that far from his head with total confidence. “Lenny ~ Michael Lewis,
1327:Research suggests when it comes to understanding our feelings, we humans have an odd mix of low ability and high confidence. ~ Leonard Mlodinow,
1328:There is no place like Calvary for creating confidence. The air of that sacred hill brings health to trembling faith. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon,
1329:This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us” (1 John 5:14 NASB). ~ Renee Swope,
1330:Unemployment is down, confidence is up, DOW 5,000 above Bush - or as Republicans put it, let's talk about gay people and abortion! ~ Bill Maher,
1331:We've played with a lot of confidence and that's been the key so far. Hopefully, we can take more confidence into the playoffs. ~ Teemu Selanne,
1332:Your assignment of confidence limits each of the evidences, which allows for building a cumulative case for God's existence. ~ Russell Stannard,
1333:A parent does not do everything for their kid. A parent that does everything for their kid produces a kid with no self-confidence. ~ Simon Sinek,
1334:Believing in yourself you gain confidence, which allows you to relax. Relaxation is one of the most important parts about acting. ~ Emile Hirsch,
1335:Encourage your trillions of faithful little cells through joy, happiness and confidence. Thank them, talk to them, sing to them. ~ Robert Muller,
1336:If world problems feel too big to tackle, think small. Step by step. Small wins build confidence, lead the way to change. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter,
1337:If you worry about what other people think of you, then you will have more confidence in their opinion than you have in your own. ~ Andy Andrews,
1338:I need you to stand by me, not chip away at my confidence. Do you know the only person who's never made me feel inadequate? Judd. ~ Nalini Singh,
1339:In sorrow and suffering, go straight to God with confidence, and you will be strengthened, enlightened and instructed. ~ Saint John of the Cross,
1340:Politics is like theatre. An actor has confidence when he knows he is perfectly constumed, made-up and lit for the boards or film. ~ Roger Stone,
1341:rootless, homeless, dispossessed in their own land, their confidence as well as their livelihoods carried away on the wind. ~ Daniel James Brown,
1342:Saying goodbye is less fraught this time. They have done it now once, like normal people: leave, come back. It builds confidence. ~ Gayle Forman,
1343:The best of life is conversation, and the greatest success is confidence, or perfect understanding between sincere people. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
1344:The British ruled nineteenth-century India with unshakeable self-confidence, buttressed by protocol, alcohol and a lot of gall. ~ Shashi Tharoor,
1345:The mutual confidence on which all else depends can be maintained only by an open mind and a brave reliance upon free discussion. ~ Learned Hand,
1346:They had a confidence that we lacked. And much better hair. So many colors. And we regretted that we could not be more like them. ~ Julie Otsuka,
1347:America wielded her huge power in the world with a brash confidence that reminded him of a toddler who has got hold of a hammer. ~ Helen Simonson,
1348:Conceit and confidence are both of them cheats; the first always imposes on itself, the second frequently deceives others too. ~ George Zimmerman,
1349:Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero,
1350:Getting your points across solidly requires a combination of clarity of thought, confidence, vocabulary and lucid speech delivery. ~ Sameer Kamat,
1351:In fact, you’re my favorite person in the world. You have confidence in there, but sometimes I think you just misplace it. ~ Deirdre Riordan Hall,
1352:In sorrow and suffering, go straight to God with confidence, and you will be strengthened, enlightened and instructed. ~ Saint John of the Cross,
1353:No woman is entirely plain or entirely beautiful. It is the confidence with which you hold yourself that affects how others see you. ~ Emma Locke,
1354:Our not in the competence of our own knowing, but in the faithfulness and reliability of the one who is known. ~ Lesslie Newbigin,
1355:The once-unthinkable loss of the AAA rating will constitute a further hit to already fragile business and consumer confidence. ~ Mohamed El Erian,
1356:These five years as a couturier have really changed my way of seeing fashion and my confidence with fashion. Couture is a dream. ~ Riccardo Tisci,
1357:women tend to underrate their achievements, and have less confidence in their abilities than their line managers have for them. ~ Jeffrey Pfeffer,
1358:All fiction for me is a kind of magic and trickery, a confidence trick, trying to make people believe something is true that isn't. ~ Angus Wilson,
1359:As I've matured, I've developed more confidence in pattern mixing and in having a slimmer fit and in taking some risks, and I enjoy it! ~ Tim Gunn,
1360:A writer must have all the confidence in the world when writing the first draft and none whatsoever when editing subsequent drafts. ~ T Davis Bunn,
1361:But at the time I had that strange confidence, born of watching a good movie, that I could be something different from what I was... ~ Lydia Davis,
1362:Confidence, not cockiness. Knowing who you are is confidence. Cockiness is knowing who you are and pushing it down everyone's throat. ~ Mila Kunis,
1363:Everything in life will attack you if it senses your fear; animals, people — but faithful confidence wards off all manner of evil. ~ Bryant McGill,
1364:Good leaders inspire people to have confidence in their leader. Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
1365:Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy. ~ Laozi,
1366:Health is the greatest possession, Contentment the greatest treasure, Confidence the greatest friend, Non-being the greatest joy. ~ Matthew Reilly,
1367:Hesitate in August.
Be shy.
Let your toes tremble in their sandals.
However, pick the grape
and eat with confidence. ~ Anne Sexton,
1368:How strange that discovering the doctrines of grace should translate into haughty self-confidence and a notable lack of charity. ~ James K A Smith,
1369:I never did learn to spell. My friend Doris Bry says now that I’ve ruined her spelling because I misspell with such confidence. ~ Georgia O Keeffe,
1370:In my experience, it tends to be a real reflection of someone's intelligence, confidence and sensitivity when they can just be real. ~ Chris Bauer,
1371:In the book of Gaga, fame is in your heart, fame is there to comfort you, to bring you self-confidence and worth whenever you need it. ~ Lady Gaga,
1372:Know your value. Confidence breeds success. Act like the person you want to become, and people will start seeing you as that person. ~ Mark M Ford,
1373:The key to building powerful confidence is to decide specifically what you can be confident about right now, and build from there. ~ Stephen Guise,
1374:The more confidence I have in each one of my stock picks, the fewer companies I need to own in my portfolio to feel comfortable. ~ Joel Greenblatt,
1375:Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude. ~ Michelle Obama,
1376:After a certain age, we put on a mask of confidence and certainty. In time, that mask gets stuck to our face and we can't remove it. ~ Paulo Coelho,
1377:After a certain age, we put on a mask of confidence and certainty. In time, that mask gets stuck to our face and we can’t remove it. ~ Paulo Coelho,
1378:After you stop and pay attention, the next step is to assume an attitude of confidence, and trust the information you are receiving. ~ Sanaya Roman,
1379:Almost 4.25 lakh toilets were built in 2.62 schools nationwide in one year; this gives self-confidence that we can do what we want. ~ Narendra Modi,
1380:A powerful woman is someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind. And also knows how to get what she wants. ~ Jennifer Lawrence,
1381:Confidence, darling." He leans across the table and touches a finger to my cheek. "You could learn something from me, you know. ~ Stephanie Perkins,
1382:Despair can be altered by one simple smile offered by a stranger; confidence can become fear by the arrival of one uneasy presence. ~ Cecelia Ahern,
1383:Do you have regrets that we were so overwhelmed? Do you ever wish to live those hours over again and differently, with more confidence. ~ Ana s Nin,
1384:He was a bloody genius with these people, slicker than any confidence artist, more popular than whisky in a room full of Irishmen. ~ Meredith Duran,
1385:If you’re going to wear a dress like that you need to wear it with confidence. You need to fill it out mentally as well as physically. ~ Jojo Moyes,
1386:Indeed, I have found that confidence is one of the most consistent traits exhibited by the successful traders I have interviewed. ~ Jack D Schwager,
1387:In terms of relationships, women often completely over-estimate the confidence of men, and forget about needing to feel validated. ~ Matthew Hussey,
1388:I think that's kind of indicative of a type of self-confidence that people develop when they recognize their own ability to create. ~ Kehinde Wiley,
1389:Nor is faith meritorious; it is simply confidence in the goodness of God, and the lack of it is a reflection upon God’s holy character. ~ A W Tozer,
1390:People have no confidence that Washington, both sides of aisle, are coming together to try and do what's right for the economy. ~ Michael Bloomberg,
1391:That surge of power and delight, of confidence, of control. That sudden sense of the richness of the world. Its infinite possibility. ~ Donna Tartt,
1392:The irony, thought, is that that very desire for confidence is precisely what ends up undermining the accuracy of their decision ~ Malcolm Gladwell,
1393:The more credible you are, the more confidence people place in you, thereby allowing you the privilege of influencing their lives. ~ John C Maxwell,
1394:The World Cup gave me a lot of confidence - just to know that I can play at the highest level and not only complete but play well. ~ Lauren Holiday,
1395:This is the beauty that emerges from self-confidence, class confidence. That says, I am not born to please. I am born to be pleased. ~ Susan Sontag,
1396:Though confidence is very fine, and makes the future sunny; I want no confidence for mine, I'd rather have the money ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
1397:We should always go before our enemies with confidence, otherwise our apparent uneasiness inspires them with greater boldness. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte,
1398:when confidence is undermined or ruptured, it can be difficult to do the simplest things, or to take any enjoyment even in trying. ~ Nigella Lawson,
1399:You achieve strength, braveness and confidence by each experience in which you really halt to search dread during the deal with ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
1400:A good bra is fine, but a great bra is life changing. It gives you the confidence of a homecoming queen. It’s a tiara for your ta-tas. ~ Helen Ellis,
1401:Confidence is believing in yourself. Arrogance is telling others you’re better than they are. Confidence inspires. Arrogance destroys. ~ Simon Sinek,
1402:Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy. ~ Lao Tzu,
1403:He shook out a copy of The Manchester Guardian. He had noticed that conservative newspapers sometimes inspired confidence in the shy. ~ John Cheever,
1404:I do strive to think well of my fellow man, but no amount of striving can give me confidence in the wisdom of a congressional vote. ~ Agnes Repplier,
1405:I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence. ~ Yves Saint Laurent,
1406:I love to have confidence, but that confidence doesn't come from myself. It comes from God, and that's what I wanted America to see. ~ Ashthon Jones,
1407:In climbing, having confidence in your partners is no small concern. One climber's actions can affect the welfare of the entire team. ~ Jon Krakauer,
1408:I never suffered for lack of confidence. I knew I would succeed; you have to. I think I couldn't go into any venture any other way. ~ Brian Williams,
1409:It is not because God, in His anticipating Mercy, has preserved my soul from mortal sin that I go to Him with confidence and love. ~ Michael Gaitley,
1410:Only the flexibly creative person can really manage the future, Only the one who can face novelty with confidence and without fear. ~ Abraham Maslow,
1411:Our levels of desire, patience, persistence and confidence end up playing a much larger role in success than sheer reasoning powers. ~ Carmine Gallo,
1412:Our Lord speaks of many coming up to His door confident of admission, whom He yet sends away. Faith is obedience, not confidence. ~ George MacDonald,
1413:Research suggests that when it comes to understanding our feelings, we humans have an odd mix of low ability and high confidence. ~ Leonard Mlodinow,
1414:Some forty years of experience in my field as a scholar and as a teacher have given me great confidence mixed with greater humility. ~ George Sarton,
1415:The runner's greatest asset, apart from essential fitness of body, is a cool and calculating brain allied to confidence and courage. ~ Franz Stampfl,
1416:Timidity and shyness are fears of this sort. Unimportant, perhaps, but they are crippling to self-confidence and to achievement. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt,
1417:when people overtly display some trait, such as confidence or hypermasculinity, they are most often concealing the contrary reality. ~ Robert Greene,
1418:When relationship failures, job losses, and unexpected life-changes come, our confidence may be shaken—but it doesn’t have to crumble. ~ Renee Swope,
1419:Anger and hatred lead to fear; compassion and concern for others allow us to develop self-confidence, which breeds trust and friendship. ~ Dalai Lama,
1420:Chen Lian looked suspicious. Professor Cheng Lian inspired confidence. The logic of racism was no more complicated than that. ~ Jonas Jonasson,
1421:Europe has certainly lost confidence in itself. This was something that, when I was a young man, we never imagined would happen. ~ Bernard Henri Levy,
1422:Fundamentally, what everyone needs is mental strength and confidence, to manage the mind, just as we manage the outside world. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi,
1423:He liked confidence in a woman. And intelligence. And apparently he liked sass, all wrapped up in a straight-laced, tight-lipped bodyguard. ~ J K Coi,
1424:He wore the evidence of thinking all over his face, open and easy to read. Leah envied him that confidence to show what he was feeling. ~ Lauren Dane,
1425:I can always pray to God with confidence because my righteous state is a gift given through grace in faith on the cross by Jesus! ~ Alisa Hope Wagner,
1426:I knew then that my shaky faith in myself was starting to dig a hole in hers, and Emma’s confidence was what held everything together. ~ Ransom Riggs,
1427:[In] the national and religious conflict of the [Byzantine and Saracen] empires, peace was without confidence, and war without mercy. ~ Edward Gibbon,
1428:In tribulation immediately draw near to God with confidence, and you will receive strength, enlightenment, and instruction. ~ Saint John of the Cross,
1429:It’s such a confidence trick, writing a novel. The main person you have to trick into confidence is yourself. This is hard to do alone. ~ Zadie Smith,
1430:Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you're in control, they're in control. ~ Tom Landry,
1431:Men of stainless character and self purification will easily inspire confidence and automatically purify the atmosphere around them. ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
1432:My confidence is in the idea that I may be wrong on this or that. No man in this life should ever have to bear the burden of perfection. ~ Criss Jami,
1433:Now I realized what a sadistic game drinking played. It built up your confidence at the very moment you were looking your worst. After ~ Sarah Hepola,
1434:Our levels of desire, patience, persistence, and confidence end up playing a much larger role in success than sheer reasoning powers. ~ Robert Greene,
1435:The beauty of trust is that it erases worry and frees you to get on with other matters. Trust means confidence.” —Stephen M.R. Covey ~ John C Maxwell,
1436:The way to develop self-confidence, he said, is to do the thing you fear to do and get a record of successful experiences behind you. ~ Dale Carnegie,
1437:This, perhaps is true self-confidence: the ability to look at the world without the need to find signs that stroke one's ego. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
1438:Who are to be the objects of popular choice? Every citizen whose merit may recommend him to the esteem and confidence of his country. ~ James Madison,
1439:Why should there not be a patient confidence in the ultimate justice of the people? Is there any better or equal hope in the world? ~ Abraham Lincoln,
1440:Working with great people makes you great; you learn a lot and it also gives you the experience and confidence to move on with your own career. ~ Nas,
1441:Better than money and fame, teaching martial arts to your children; giving them your time and confidence, is the best inheritance ~ Soke Behzad Ahmadi,
1442:Confidence breeds confidence and negativity breeds negativity. Treat those around you with respect and dignity and they will thrive. ~ Richard Branson,
1443:Fear will get you hurt and arrogance will get you knocked the fuck out. But confidence? Confidence will get you keep you in the game. ~ Scott Hildreth,
1444:If you have faith and confidence, it is not the human form of the guru that you worship, but the Supreme Lord who manifests through him. ~ The Mother,
1445:Nothing gives such a blow to friendship as the detecting another in an untruth. It strikes at the root of our confidence ever after. ~ William Hazlitt,
1446:The nation which reposes on the pillow of political confidence, will sooner or later end its political existence in a deadly lethargy. ~ James Madison,
1447:There is no need for a long, persuasive introduction about self-confidence. If you are not a confident person, you already know it. ~ Stephen Richards,
1448:To believe in God starts with a conclusion about Him, develops into confidence in Him, and then matures into a conversation with Him. ~ Stuart Briscoe,
1449:To spread a nice and good message to restore confidence among the fans around the world, because the fans are the most important thing. ~ David Ginola,
1450:True confidence means you’re prepared to work hard enough and smart enough to make your own thunder. You don’t need someone else’s. ~ Lisa Renee Jones,
1451:Using the comma well announces that you have an ear for sense and rhythm, confidence in your style and a proper respect for your reader, ~ Lynne Truss,
1452:You can't really fake confidence. You know what I mean? Just be confident in who you are when you walk into a room, feel like you own it. ~ Nina Agdal,
1453:You have never had any confidence in him. And if he has no confidence in himself it is because he sees himself through your eyes. ~ Simone de Beauvoir,
1454:Anything you can do to protect the public and allow it to have the confidence that our financial controls are good is very, very positive. ~ Jeff Koons,
1455:But you can't just sit around the fireplace and sip Cokes and eat pretzels and get an attitude of confidence. You have to put in hard work. ~ Lee Haney,
1456:By placing confidence in violent means, one has chosen the very type of struggle with which the oppressors nearly always have superiority. ~ Gene Sharp,
1457:Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that the believer would stake his life on it a thousand times. ~ Martin Luther,
1458:He looked like a man who had gained confidence through exposure to a hostile environment; like one who no longer owed anything to anyone. ~ Amor Towles,
1459:... if you're going to wear a dress like that you need to wear it with confidence. You need to fill it out mentally as well as physically. ~ Jojo Moyes,
1460:In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
1461:Instead of giving in to cynicism and division, let's move forward with the confidence and optimism and unity that define us as a people. ~ Barack Obama,
1462:I think when you write an enigmatic character into a film, you have to have real confidence that the audience are going to go with it. ~ Gemma Arterton,
1463:I thought highly of myself growing up. I still do. There's not really much somebody can say to me to bring down my confidence or anything. ~ ASAP Rocky,
1464:I would say that foreign policy is a place where intelligence, resolve, clarity, and confidence in cause, is of extraordinary importance. ~ Mitt Romney,
1465:No one knew who he was. No one knew where he came from. He’d become Kaz Brekker, cripple and confidence man, bastard of the Barrel. The ~ Leigh Bardugo,
1466:Surveys proved that people had less confidence in overweight public figures, who were subconsciously perceived to be lacking in self-control. ~ Jo Nesb,
1467:That combination of thought and action defines creative confidence: the ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out. ~ Tom Kelley,
1468:This, perhaps, is true self-confidence: the ability to look at the world without the need to find signs that stroke one’s ego.* ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
1469:What I discovered is powerful: pushing yourself to take simple actions creates a chain reaction in your confidence and your productivity. ~ Mel Robbins,
1470:When a country has the skill and self-confidence to take action against its biggest problems, it makes outsiders eager to be a part of it. ~ Bill Gates,
1471:While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence, which, I believe, does make the woman. ~ Mary Kay Ash,
1472:Confidence is a characteristic of a positive attitude. The greatest achievers and leaders remain confident regardless of circumstances. ~ John C Maxwell,
1473:Everyone was someone else’s instrument. But she would have to take him into confidence and use him as a trusted instrument nonetheless. ~ Seth Dickinson,
1474:he just seemed to be comfortable with himself and not particularly shy. Like most fedora wearers, he had a lot of inexplicable confidence. ~ Aziz Ansari,
1475:I have ultimate confidence’ or • ‘I have regained the huge amount of self-esteem I was born with’ • ‘I like myself and I believe in myself ~ Marisa Peer,
1476:Isaiah’s final announcement was that their confidence that God would not judge them was a delusion (Isa. 28:21–29). “But God defended ~ Warren W Wiersbe,
1477:I think all girls in the world wish they were a Parisian girl - that sort of effortless chic confidence and comfort in their own skin. ~ Natalie Portman,
1478:Jesus to me is somebody I can think about for security and confidence. Somebody I can revere in terms of bravery and in terms of courage. ~ Donald Trump,
1479:Lies can boost your confidence, they can get you accepted by a group of friends..., but anything that's not the truth is going to fade. ~ Ryan O Connell,
1480:...shame makes us silent. It strips us of the few words we might have. It mutes our life and our love. It's the pickpocket of our confidence. ~ Bob Goff,
1481:She wondered how all this information could be contained in one head, how all this confidence could be exuding from one breath. ~ Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani,
1482:Tell no one the secret that you want to keep, although he may be worthy of confidence; for no one will be so careful of your secret as yourself. ~ Saadi,
1483:Without training, they lacked knowledge.
Without knowledge, they lacked confidence.
Without confidence, they lacked victory ~ Gaius Julius Caesar,
1484:You're gorgeous, you old hag. If I would give you anything in this world it would be this. Confidence. Either that or a scented candle. ~ David Nicholls,
1485:A lot of people have strong beliefs, but they don't have the confidence to really stick to them. I really respect Kanye [West] for that. ~ Kim Kardashian,
1486:And you are very capable. Don't let a tiny group of people with no idea of how to reasonably voice their opinions undermine your confidence. ~ Kiera Cass,
1487:A religion that needs state power to enforce obedience to its beliefs is a religion that has lost confidence in the power of its Deity. ~ Russell D Moore,
1488:Confidence comes from creating something and knowing what I'm supposed to be doing and feeling like I'm good at what I'm supposed to be doing. ~ Issa Rae,
1489:Confidence is often misconstrued as arrogance. You’re a strong young woman, and most people prefer the fairer sex to be malleable and meek. ~ Darcy Burke,
1490:confidence was not leavened with a whole lot of humility. The cost of that imbalance was that there was very little oxygen left for others. ~ James Comey,
1491:I’d been dominant because I knew myself, and in knowing myself, I had the confidence to bind and hit and hurt, because I’d know when to stop. ~ C D Reiss,
1492:If the confidence of children can be gained, and they are led to speak freely, it is surprising how many claim to have seen fairies. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle,
1493:i hear a thousand kind words about me and it makes no difference yet i hear one insult and all confidence shatters - focusing on the negative ~ Rupi Kaur,
1494:It’s well to have such a comfortable assurance regarding the worth of those we love. I only wish you may not find your confidence misplaced. ~ Anne Bront,
1495:Life is easier in black and white. It's the ambiguity of a world defined in grays that has stripped me of my confidence and left me powerless. ~ Amy Plum,
1496:Living in New York, you get a lot of confidence; when I go back to Michigan, I realise how obnoxious and demanding and straightforward I am. ~ Angel Haze,
1497:my body, my work, my voice, my confidence, my power, my determination to demand a life as potent, vibrant, public, and complex as any man's. ~ Lindy West,
1498:Self-esteem is reliance on one's power to think... The man of authentic self-confidence is the man who relies on the judgment of his own mind. ~ Ayn Rand,
1499:Should Americans begin to hate foreigners wholeheartedly, it will be an indication that they have lost confidence in their own way of life. ~ Eric Hoffer,
1500:The damage to their prestige and confidence would have been immense, and Churchill might not have survived as prime minister through 1941. ~ Max Hastings,

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   2 Bokar Rinpoche
   2 A B Purani

   28 Letters On Yoga IV
   18 Prayers And Meditations
   17 Wordsworth - Poems
   17 Record of Yoga
   17 Letters On Yoga II
   16 Lovecraft - Poems
   14 Magick Without Tears
   11 The Synthesis Of Yoga
   9 The Bible
   9 City of God
   8 Words Of The Mother II
   7 The Mother With Letters On The Mother
   7 Some Answers From The Mother
   7 Agenda Vol 01
   6 Shelley - Poems
   5 The Perennial Philosophy
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   2 Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 04
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0.00 - The Book of Lies Text, #The Book of Lies, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
    mission was to rouse him to Confidence and action.
    humbly, yet with Confidence-as a means of redemption to
    the world of sorrowing men.

0.02 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  "One must know how to soar in an immutable Confidence; in the sure flight is perfect knowledge."9 I don't
  understand this sentence. How can one soar? What is
  courage and Confidence at the slightest setback, when things are
  not, by my own doing, exactly as you had planned? I think it is
  arising from an affectionate Confidence must come in: if there is
  something you are unsure of, you must ask me about it; if you
  of Confidence.
  My blessings are with you.

0.03 - Letters to My little smile, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Keep your Confidence and your faith, my little smile, and
  everything will be all right.
  and with it your faith and Confidence in me; in this condition, if
  all the divine forces were to concentrate on you, it would be in
  and having Confidence - all of these are bad perhaps.
  Because I see that they have disappeared, at least for the

0.05 - Letters to a Child, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  You must never lose Confidence in my unvarying love.
  30 August 1934
  and the more you keep Confidence, the quicker it will come.
  With my love and blessings.

0.06 - Letters to a Young Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  it with Confidence and you will receive it.
  Yes, my help is with you to master all the movements which are
  unshakable faith and Confidence and in one's head the certitude
  of victory. Drive away these shadows which come between you
  calm Confidence, have faith in the Divine Grace, and you will
  overcome all your difficulties.
  Yes, it is in a calm and patient Confidence that lies the certitude
  of victory.
  2nd: One loses Confidence, begins to criticise, is not satisfied.
  3rd: One revolts and sinks into falsehood.
  One has only to persist with a calm Confidence and the vital will
  stop going on strike.

0.07 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  I know, it is only to give her Confidence.
  No, I always mean what I say.

0.09 - Letters to a Young Teacher, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Have Confidence, my child; everything will be all right.
  5 June 1960

0.10 - Letters to a Young Captain, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  discourage me, for I have full Confidence in You.
  Yes, you must persevere with courage and sincerity. You are sure
  I still lack Confidence in my work. I am too shy.
  I think that in order to progress one should be a little
  Let those who have Confidence in doctors do as they advise
  and see if it helps them to suffer less!

0 1955-10-19, #Agenda Vol 01, #unset, #Zen
   3) To nestle in His arms, to melt in Him in a tender and absolute Confidence.
   These movements may be accompanied by three formulas, or any one of them, depending upon the case:

0 1957-11-12, #Agenda Vol 01, #unset, #Zen
   For the spiritual tests: aspiration, Confidence, idealism, enthusiasm and generosity in self-giving.
   For the tests stemming from the hostile forces: vigilance, sincerity and humility.

0 1958-12-24, #Agenda Vol 01, #unset, #Zen
   I love you, my child, and I am near you with Confidence and tenderness.
   Doubt not of the Victory, it is certain.

0 1959-01-06, #Agenda Vol 01, #unset, #Zen
   I have followed the vicissitudes of your struggle step by step and I know that it has been terrible, but my Confidence in the outcome has not wavered for I know you are in good hands. I am so happy that X is taking good care of you, teaching you Sanskrit, speaking to you of the Tantra. It is just what I wanted.
   His action here has been very effective and really very interesting. I still do not know whether someone has really done black magic, and the villain has yet to appear before me. But already several days ago the malefic influence completely disappeared without leaving any trace in the atmosphere. Also their mantric intervention did not stop at that, for it has had another most interesting result. I am preparing a long letter for Swami to explain all this to him

0 1959-06-03, #Agenda Vol 01, #unset, #Zen
   This was a first, hasty conversation, and we did not discuss things at length. I said nothing. I have no Confidence in my reactions when I am in the midst of my crises of complete negation. And truly speaking, at the time of my last crisis in Pondicherry, I do not know if it was really Xs occult working that set things right, for personally (but perhaps it is an ignorant impression), I felt that it was thanks to Sujata and her childlike simplicity that I was able to get out of it.
   In any event, since I left Pondicherry, I have been living like a kind of robot (it began in the train); I am empty, void of the least feeling for whomever it may be. I keep going by a kind of acquired momentum, but actually I feel completely anesthetized.

0 1959-06-11, #Agenda Vol 01, #unset, #Zen
   But I did not want to wait any longer to express my gratitude. I am still not so sure how all this will turn out nor how this destiny that he predicts for me can be realized, but I want to repeat to you, with all my Confidence: I am your child, may your will be done now and forever.
   Signed: Satprem

0 1960-07-23 - The Flood and the race - turning back to guide and save amongst the torrents - sadhana vs tamas and destruction - power of giving and offering - Japa, 7 lakhs, 140000 per day, 1 crore takes 20 years, #Agenda Vol 01, #unset, #Zen
   S.M came the other day Hes quite informed about events as only the government knows them. He brings me government newsnot what they feed to the public. It doesnt look good. But as he has Confidence, he wanted to know (so much Confidence that he goes and tells Nehru and others, Oh, Mother said this, Mother said that. And it turns out true, fortunately!). So after describing things at some length, he asked my opinion.
   Logically, according to reason, war seems unavoidable. But as he asked, I looked I looked at my nights, precisely, as well as other things. And then I said, I dont feel it. I dont feel any war.

0 1961-01-24, #Agenda Vol 02, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   The remainder of the evening passed as usual. I went to bed, and at exactly a quarter to twelve I got up with the feeling that this presence in me had increased even further and really become rather formidable. I had to instill a great deal of peace and Confidence into my body, which felt as though it wasnt so easy to bear. So I concentrated, I told my body to be calm and to let itself go completely.
   At midnight I was lying in bed. (And I remained there from midnight until I oclock fully awake. I dont know if my eyes were open or closed, but I was wide awake, NOT IN TRANCEI could hear all the noises, the clocks, and so forth.) Then, lying flat, my entire body (but a slightly enlarged body, exceeding the purely physical form) became ONE vibration, extremely rapid and intense but immobile. I dont know how to explain this, because it did not move in space but was a vibration (that is, it wasnt motionless); yet it was motionless in space. And the exact form of my body was absolutely the most brilliant white Light of the supreme Consciousness, the consciousness OF the Supreme. It was IN the body and it was as though in EACH cell there was a vibration, and it was all part of a single BLOCK of vibration. It extended this much beyond the body (gesture indicating about six centimeters). I was absolutely immobile in my bed. Then, WITHOUT MOVING, without shifting, it began consciously to rise upwithout moving, you understand: I remained like this (Mother holds her two joined and motionless hands at the level of her forehead, as if her entire body were mounting in prayer)consciously like an ascension of this consciousness6 towards the supreme Consciousness.

0 1961-02-25, #Agenda Vol 02, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Its a rather amusing sensation, a combination of sensation and feeling, that the ordinary human attitude towards things multiplies and magnifies the difficulties to FANTASTIC proportions; while if they simply had the true attitudea NORMAL attitude, quite simple, uncomplicatedahh, all life would be much easier. For the body feels the vibrations (those very vibrations which concentrate to form a body), it feels their nature and sees that its normal reaction, a peaceful and confident reaction, makes things so much easier! But as soon as this agitation of anxiety, fear, discontent comes in, the reaction of a will that doesnt want any of it oh, right away it becomes like water boiling: pff! pff! pff! like a machine. While if the difficulty is accepted with Confidence and simplicity, its reduced to its minimum, and I mean purely materially, in the material vibration itself.
   Almost (I say almost because the body hasnt had every experience), but almost all pains can be reduced to something absolutely negligible. (Of course, some pains it hasnt had, but it has had a sufficient number!) Its this anxiety resulting from a semi-mental vibration (the first stirrings of Mind) that complicates everything, everything! For example, take this difficulty I mentioned of climbing the stairs: in the doctors consciousness or anyone elses, pain causes it. According to their ordinary reasoning, pain is what tenses the nerves and muscles so one can no longer walk but this is absolutely FALSE. Pain does not prevent my body from doing anything at all. Pain isnt a factor, or rather its a factor that can be easily dealt with. Its not that: it is Matter; Matter (probably cellular matter, or) losing its capacity to respond to the will, to will-power. But why? I dont know! It depends upon the particular disorganization; but why is it like that? I dont know. Now each time I climb the stairs, I am trying to find the means of infusing Will in such a way that this lack of response doesnt last but I still havent found it. Although theres all this accumulated force and power and will (a tremendous accumulation, I am BATHED in it, the whole body is bathed in it!), yet for some reason it doesnt respond. Here and there, groups of cells fail to respond, and the Force cannot act. So what must be found is.

0 1961-03-27, #Agenda Vol 02, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   So this episode with X is probably part of the same process. What has been affected is a certain Confidence in the REALITY of the Power, the REALITY of spiritual action; there seems to be no communication between here (above) and there (below).
   Does that mean youre breaking all contacts with the earth?

0 1961-06-02, #Agenda Vol 02, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   the sublime joy of a perfect Confidence,
   an absolute serenity, a surrender total and

0 1962-03-06, #Agenda Vol 03, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   But theres nothing to show that youre progressing, to give you Confidence: Ah, yes, Im on the way. Nothing.
   This in itself has to be conquered; I mean, the state in itself represents something to be conquered. Because you remember, I told you the other day about having such a tremendous experience in the body-consciousness1this this dull consciousness in the material world, which really gives the feeling of something inert, unchanging, incapable of responding; you could wait millions and millions of years and nothing would budge. And that experience came at the end of a rather critical passageit takes catastrophes to get it moving, thats whats so strange! And not only that, but the wisp of imagination it does have (if you can call it imagination) is invariably catastrophic. Whatever it anticipates is always for the worst the pettiest, meanest, nastiest kind of worstalways the worst. Its really, its the most sickening condition human consciousness and matter can be in. Well, I have been swimming in it for months, and my way of being in it is to go through every possible illness and to have every possible physical aggravation, one after another.

0 1962-03-11, #Agenda Vol 03, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   I can tell you the result: a lot of people will lose all Confidence in what they see. Then it becomes impossible to work with them. I cant even teach them to receive what I tell them in silence any more; they instantly start wondering, Oh, is it Mother or a spirit of falsehood? They really have no sense of discrimination, you see, they dont KNOW! So if they have to come every time, wondering Was it you or was it? And when theyre in that state they dont listen properly. Theres a whole range of work I cant do any more, because they lack the necessary discrimination. So I normally dont say anything.
   I really prefer to say nothing.

0 1962-08-18, #Agenda Vol 03, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   I have often seen him in his supramental light; he has come very often (he used to come when I went to the balcony; sometimes he was above the Samadhi; he came very often). But that first of all, the proportions were enormoussitting down, I tell you, he extended beyond the compound; and he materialized in a way that could be PHYSICALLY felt. And there was such Confidence, such joy, such certainty; everything was so sure, so altogether certain, as though all had been accomplished. There was none of that anguish, that tension for things to get done.
   It lasted about three quarters of an hour; afterwards things returned to normal.

0 1962-09-08, #Agenda Vol 03, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   I could see something almost like the fire of battlean interesting spectacle! The body was very conscious of the Help it was getting, and that gave it a lot of Confidence: it came out of the battle with a kind of increased certainty that it was being led just as it had to be in order to do the thing something nobody knows how to do externally, nobody! Nobody can knownei ther the process nor anything. Its entirely new.
   Of course, the supreme Consciousness knows what Its doing and whats going to happen, in that It knows what It wants; but it isnt something that operates from cause to effect, and from events or circumstances to consequences, the way ordinary consciousness operates; its not like that at all, and thats why were unable to express it outwardly for the moment. Maybe later we will be able to spell something out, but it will never be more than (how can I put it?) just a story, right? Not THE thing itself.

0 1963-06-15, #Agenda Vol 04, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   The other day, I had asked S.M. to come while Nehru was here (he is a friend of Nehrus and has his Confidence), and S.M. did all the talking. But I saw that if he had been silent, if Nehru had been sitting in his armchair with me saying nothing and no one to listen to, he couldnt have stayed! He would have left. It would have been too strong, he couldnt have stayed. Whereas listening to S.M., he didnt pay attention, and slowly, slowly, I was able to do my work. Which means it can be done only in a COMPLETELY roundabout way, completely.
   After he left, there was almost an invasion a totally unexpected invasion [of Nehrus retinue]. When I saw that, I thought, Well, well! Thats how I am protected! If anyone of those people had had some mischief in mind, he could have just walked in! An invasion of the whole Pondicherry government: the councilors. Like a crush of I dont know, if I say a rough sea, I give them a compliment! I hesitated, I was about to say a herd, but a herd doesnt have the vulgar skepticism of those people; a herd is harmlessly unconscious, while these are unconscious but harmful.

0 1963-12-21, #Agenda Vol 04, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   The body consciousness is still very timid, very timid in the sense that it doesnt have Confidence in itself. It feels that if it isnt constantly vigilant, watching, watching, observing, discerning, some things (gesture below) may get through that shouldnt get through. Thats what hinders. And that is why this certainty comes more and more: no criticism, no criticism at all, none at all, dont see what shouldnt besee only WHAT SHOULD BE.
   Its a great victory to be wona great victory.

0 1967-02-18, #Agenda Vol 08, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   The nature (of Mother) was rather shy, and as a matter of fact, there wasnt much Confidence in the personal capacity (although there was the sense of being able to do anything, if the need arose). Till the age of twenty or twenty-one I spoke very little, and never, never anything like a speech. I wouldnt take part in conversations: I would listen, but speak very little. Then I was put in touch with Abdul Baha (the Bahai), who was then in Paris, and a sort of intimacy grew between us. I used to go to his gatherings because I was interested. And one day (when I was in his room), he said to me, I am sick, I cant speak; go and speak for me. I said, Me! But I dont speak. He replied, You just have to go there, sit quietly and concentrate, and what you have to say will come to you. Go and do it, you will see. Well then (laughing), I did as he said. There were some thirty or forty people. I went and sat in their midst, stayed very still, and then I sat like that, without a thought, nothing, and suddenly I started speaking. I spoke to them for half an hour (I dont even know what I told them), and when it was over everybody was quite pleased. I went to find Abdul Baha, who told me, You spoke admirably. I said, It wasnt me! And from that day (I had got the knack from him, you understand!), I would stay like that, very still, and everything would come. Its especially the sense of the I that must be lost thats the great art in everything, for everything, for everything you do: for painting, for (I did painting, sculpture, architecture even, I did music), for everything, but everything, if you are able to lose the sense of the I, then you open yourself to to the knowledge of the thing (sculpture, painting, etc.). Its not necessarily beings, but the spirit of the thing that uses you.
   Well, I think it should be the same thing with language. One should be tuned in to someone in that way, or through that someone to something still higher: the Origin. And then, very, very passive. But not inertly passive: vibrantly passive, receptive, like that, attentive, letting that come in and be expressed. The result would be there to see. As I said, we are limited by what we know, but that may be because were still too much of a person; if we could be perfectly plastic it might be different: there have been instances of people speaking in a language they didnt know, consequently

0 1967-10-14, #Agenda Vol 08, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   The workers arent asked anything, that is, they dont have to pay: they can come and work, on condition that they prove they are useful. But those who want a piece of land or a house to live in have to pay. And then, some have limited Confidence (laughing) and say, Ill give you a little money right now and I will pay the rest little by little, in installmentsthose I generally turn down. Some are so eager to come that they send money in advance, and when theres some life or something in them, I accept them. But to nearly all, except two or three, I say, Under observationwell see how they react!

0 1968-12-25, #Agenda Vol 09, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   And as regards the quality of vision, there was quite a curious story. K.s mother had come here with a married daughter who had just lost her son (a young man who died suddenly). They came here, she was quite unhappy, and when she came to see me, I saw her son in her own atmosphere. I told her, Your son is with you. If you have the true attitude, you can come into contact with him and feel his presence there. She left from here, went to see X, and as they always do, asked him what he knew about her son. X told her authoritatively, Your son has gone into a shepherd. So naturally, shes lost all Confidence in me, because I dont tell her things with a dogmatic authority, while he spoke like that, with assurance; so she felt sure he was right! There may be a small part of her son that went into a shepherd (!), I have no idea; as for me, what I saw was the psychic part. But shes lost all Confidence, shes never come to see me again. So thats troublesome. It proves hes quite shut inside himself and inside his own conception.
   Never mind..

0 1969-04-05, #Agenda Vol 10, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Oh, you know, I concentrated a lot, but a lot, and I found the Pope extraordinarily receptiveonly, imprisoned. Thats it, you understand, a rather remarkable receptivity, but (gesture under a bell-jar) imprisoned in his action. But where he can probably act, he has placed his Confidence in P.L. Which means they want to use what he knows rather than try to stifle him. Its adroit. And it can be useful.
   Have you written to him already?

0 1969-09-20, #Agenda Vol 10, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Because it gives people Confidence, it makes them believe that they know.
   G. S. Pathak.

0 1970-04-04, #Agenda Vol 11, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   My health problem [serious heart attacks] has led me to reveal many hidden elements in the body, like Mothers love, grace, and Mother herself with me. My body seems no more at the mercy of old beliefs. Thus, my Confidence in the body is increasing more and more day by day, and I feel and see clearly that the body can throw away any kind of difficulty in it by coming in the contact with Mothers love and grace. One day, I asked Mother from within not to allow more such attacks which bring me almost to a condition of collapse every now and then and, Mother, it never came afterwards since about ten days!2
   (Mother remains silent)

0 1970-09-09, #Agenda Vol 11, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   "We insisted on the dangerous remedies...," confesses one of the doctors who were looking after Sri Aurobindo (Nirodbaran, Sri Aurobindo"I Am Here, I Am Here!", 1951, p. 20). Sri Aurobindo refusedonce. Mother refused. Then they stopped saying anything. "He knew that [one such remedy] would be of no avail and he emphatically ruled it out, but as we had not the insight nor the proper appraisement of the value of words when they are clothed in the common language we are habituated to use, we insisted on the dangerous remedies in which we had faith and Confidence." (Ibid.) Let us note that the same phenomenon was to recur with Mother.
   "A voice cried, 'Go where none have gone! Dig deeper, deeper yet Till thou reach the grim foundation stone And knock at the keyless gate.'... I left the surface gods of mind And life's unsatisfied seas And plunged through the body's alleys blind To the nether mysteries."

0 1972-01-15, #Agenda Vol 13, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   And if you concentrate the Force. Just offer your leg to the Divine, morning and evening! (Laughing) I have more Confidence in that method!
   Yes, Mother. There are so many obstinate obscurities in me. One offers them, of course, but they just dont budge.

02.07 - The Descent into Night, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    And slew the native Confidence in her heart
    And put fear's crooked look into her eyes.

02.13 - In the Self of Mind, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The builder Reason lost her Confidence
  In the successful sleight and turn of thought

03.01 - The New Year Initiation, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   But we do not expect such a catastrophe. We have hope and Confidence that the secret urge of Nature, the force of the Mahashakti will save man, individually and collectively, from ignorance and foolishness, vouchsafe to him genuine good sense and the true inspiration.
   The hour has come when a choice has to be made, radical and definitive. Lord, give us the strength to reject the falsehood and emerge in Thy truth, pure and worthy of Thy victory1943

05.10 - Children and Child Mentality, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   What is the very central character of the child consciousness? It is Confidence in life, the surety that nothing can baulk the fulfilment of life's purpose, the trust that overrides all set-backs and stumbles, gaily passes through dangers and difficulties. This Confidence, this assurance the very body shares in and impels it to movements of daring and adventure. It is this that is the cause of the body's growth, and so long as it is maintained, keeps the body young. So the poet says:
   AA simple child
   There are two failings which a teacher must guard againstto which he is usually proneif he wishes to secure respect and obedience and trust from children: (I) telling a lie and (2) losing temper. A child can easily find out whether you are spinning a long yarn or not. He is inquisitive, irrepressively curious and, above all, he has his own manner and angle of looking at things. He puts questions about all things and subjects and in all ways that seem queer to an adult view. His answers too to questions, his solutions of problems are very unorthodox, bizarre. But it is all the more the task of the elder not only to put up with all these vagaries, but also with great sympathy and patience to appreciate and understand what the child attempts to express. If you get irritated or angry and try to snub or brush him away, it would mean the end of all cordial relation between you and him. Or, again, if you try to hoodwink him, give a false answer to hide your ignorance, in that case too the child will not be deceived, he will find you out and lose all respect for you. It is far better to own your ignorance, saying you do not know than to pose as a knowing man; although that may affect to some extent his sense of hero-worship and he may not entertain any longer the unspoilt awe and esteem with which he was accustomed to look up to you, still you will not lose his affection and Confidence. Infinite patience and a temper that is never frayed or ruffled are demanded of the teacher and the parent who wish to guide and control successfully and happily a child. With that you can mould in the end the most refractory child, without that you will fail even with a child of goodwill.
   Wordsworth: We Are Seven

06.09 - How to Wait, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   And then there is a time, a propitious time for everything. A thing cannot be done at any time, it has its own appointed hour; you cannot succeed even if you attempt a hundred times before that hour strikes. But when the time is ripe, how easily a thing seems to get done! In what does this ripeness of time consist, what are the marks of the propitious hour? It is when you are in complete possession of the right instruments and when the disposition of circumstances is such that they concur to help and execute and not mar and obstruct. But how to find out or recognise when such conditions are available? Not by your mind or external reasoning. You must have the intuition, and instinctive perception of the situation. Always the indication is there in the very poise of your consciousness. That is to say, when it is filled with a great calm, trust and Confidence, a luminous concentration.

08.26 - Faith and Progress, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   One must aspire, it is indispensable; but there are people who aspire and yet with so much conflict within them, between faith and want of faith, trust and distrust, between optimism that is sure of victory and pessimism that is just waiting for the catastrophe to come etc., etc. If such is the state of your being, you may aspire but nothing will come out of it. You say, "I aspire and I get nothing"; that is because you are demolishing your aspiration all the while by your want of trust. But if truly you have the trust, things would be different. Children, for example, when they are left to themselves, when they have not been deformed by elderly people, have a great Confidence that everything will be all right. When they have an accident they never think that it will be anything serious. They have the spontaneous conviction that it will be set right soon and that helps things to get right soon. When you aspire for the Force, ask for the Divine's help, if you do it with an unshakable certitude that the thing will come, in that case, it is impossible for it not to come. In fact, as I say, such a conviction is in itself an inner opening. There are people who are naturally and automatically in this condition. Whenever or wherever there occurs an opportunity to receive something from above they are there present. And there are others who always fail to be on the spot when there is an occasion for the descent: they close themselves at the right moment. But they who have the childlike reliance they never miss an opportunity. It is a very curious phenomenon. Apparently there may not be much difference between the two types. Both may have the same goodwill, the same aspiration, the same desire to do one's best, but he who has a happy Confidence in him, who does not question, who does not ask if he will have the thing or not, whether the Divine will answer or notfor, to him that is not the question, it is understood and taken for granted: "The thing I need I shall be given," he says, "if I pray my prayer will be granted, in am in difficulty and I ask for help, the help will come, it will not only come but settle everything"I say, the person who has such a spontaneous, candid, unquestioning reliance gets the best conditions under which an effective descent can take place; its action then is marvellous.
   It is with your mental contradictions and doubts that you spoil everything, with this kind of ideas that enter into you when you are in difficulty: "It is impossible, I shall never come to the end of it, supposing the situation gets worse, supposing I am to roll down etc., etc... " In this way you build up a wall between yourself and the Force that you want to receive.

1.00 - Main, #The Book of Certitude, #Baha u llah, #Baha i
  Promote ye the development of the cities of God and His countries, and glorify Him therein in the joyous accents of His well-favoured ones. In truth, the hearts of men are edified through the power of the tongue, even as houses and cities are built up by the hand and other means. We have assigned to every end a means for its accomplishment; avail yourselves thereof, and place your trust and Confidence in God, the Omniscient, the All-Wise.

1.00 - PREFACE - DESCENSUS AD INFERNOS, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  My religious convictions, ill-formed to begin with, disappeared when I was very young. My Confidence
  in socialism (that is, in political utopia) vanished when I realized that the world was not merely a place of

1.01 - Appearance and Reality, #The Problems of Philosophy, #Bertrand Russell, #Philosophy
  The same thing applies to the texture. With the naked eye one can see the grain, but otherwise the table looks smooth and even. If we looked at it through a microscope, we should see roughnesses and hills and valleys, and all sorts of differences that are imperceptible to the naked eye. Which of these is the 'real' table? We are naturally tempted to say that what we see through the microscope is more real, but that in turn would be changed by a still more powerful microscope. If, then, we cannot trust what we see with the naked eye, why should we trust what we see through a microscope? Thus, again, the Confidence in our senses with which we began deserts us.
  The shape of the table is no better. We are all in the habit of judging as to the 'real' shapes of things, and we do this so unreflectingly that we come to think we actually see the real shapes. But, in fact, as we all have to learn if we try to draw, a given thing looks different in shape from every different point of view. If our table is 'really' rectangular, it will look, from almost all points of view, as if it had two acute angles and two obtuse angles. If opposite sides are parallel, they will look as if they converged to a point away from the spectator; if they are of equal length, they will look as if the nearer side were longer. All these things are not commonly noticed in looking at a table, because experience has taught us to construct the 'real' shape from the apparent shape, and the 'real' shape is what interests us as practical men. But the 'real' shape is not what we see; it is something inferred from what we see. And what we see is constantly changing in shape as we move about the room; so that here again the senses seem not to give us the truth about the table itself, but only about the appearance of the table.

1.01 - Economy, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  The soil, it appears, is suited to the seed, for it has sent its radicle downward, and it may now send its shoot upward also with Confidence. Why has man rooted himself thus firmly in the earth, but that he may rise in the same proportion into the heavens above?for the nobler plants are valued for the fruit they bear at last in the air and light, far from the ground, and are not treated like the humbler esculents, which, though they may be biennials, are cultivated only till they have perfected their root, and often cut down at top for this purpose, so that most would not know them in their flowering season.
  I do not mean to prescribe rules to strong and valiant natures, who will mind their own affairs whether in heaven or hell, and perchance build more magnificently and spend more lavishly than the richest, without ever impoverishing themselves, not knowing how they live,if, indeed, there are any such, as has been dreamed; nor to those who find their encouragement and inspiration in precisely the present condition of things, and cherish it with the fondness and enthusiasm of lovers,and, to some extent, I reckon myself in this number; I do not speak to those who are well employed, in whatever circumstances, and they know whether they are well employed or not;but mainly to the mass of men who are discontented, and idly complaining of the hardness of their lot or of the times, when they might improve them. There are some who complain most energetically and inconsolably of any, because they are, as they say, doing their duty. I also have in my mind that seemingly wealthy, but most terribly impoverished class of all, who have accumulated dross, but know not how to use it, or get rid of it, and thus have forged their own golden or silver fetters.

1.01 - Tara the Divine, #Tara - The Feminine Divine, #unset, #Zen
  to her with Confidence.
  There is another interpretation of the eight great

1.01 - The Four Aids, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  24:The surest way towards this integral fulfilment is to find the Master of the secret who dwells within us, open ourselves constantly to the divine Power which is also the divine Wisdom and Love and trust to it to effect the conversion. But it is difficult for the egoistic consciousness to do this at all at the beginning. And, if done at all, it is still difficult to do it perfectly and in every strand of our nature. It is difficult at first because our egoistic habits of thought, of sensation, of feeling block up the avenues by which we can arrive at the perception that is needed. It is difficult afterwards because the faith, the surrender, the courage requisite in this path are not easy to the ego-clouded soul. The divine working is not the working which the egoistic mind desires or approves; for it uses error in order to arrive at truth, suffering in order to arrive at bliss, imperfection in order to arrive at perfection. The ego cannot see where it is being led; it revolts against the leading, loses Confidence, loses courage. These failings would not matter; for the divine Guide within is not offended by our revolt, not discouraged by our want of faith or repelled by our weakness; he has the entire love of the mother and the entire patience of the teacher. But by withdrawing our assent from the guidance we lose the consciousness, though not all the actuality-not, in any case, the eventuality -- of its benefit. And we withdraw our assent because we fail to distinguish our higher Self from the lower through which he is preparing his self-revelation. As in the world, so in ourselves, we cannot see God because of his workings and, especially, because he works in us through our nature and not by a succession of arbitrary miracles. Man demands miracles that he may have faith; he wishes to be dazzled in order that he may see. And this impatience, this ignorance may turn into a great danger and disaster if, in our revolt against the divine leading, we call in another distorting Force more satisfying to our impulses and desires and ask it to guide us and give it the Divine Name.
  25:But while it is difficult for man to believe in something unseen within himself, it is easy for him to believe in something which he can image as extraneous to himself. The spiritual progress of most human beings demands an extraneous support, an object of faith outside us. It needs an external image of God; or it needs a human representative, -- Incarnation, Prophet or Guru; or it demands both and receives them. For according to the need of the human soul the Divine manifests himself as deity, as human divine or in simple humanity, -- using that thick disguise, which so successfully conceals the Godhead, for a means of transmission of his guidance.

1.01 - What is Magick?, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
    (Illustration: The Banker should discover the real meaning of his existence, the real motive which led him to choose that profession. He should understand banking as a necessary factor in the economic existence of mankind, instead of as merely a business whose objects are independent of the general welfare. He should learn to distinguish false values from real, and to act not on accidental fluctuations but on considerations of essential importance. Such a banker will prove himself superior to others; because he will not be an individual limited by transitory things, but a force of Nature, as impersonal, impartial and eternal as gravitation, as patient and irresistible as the tides. His system will not be subject to panic, any more than the law of Inverse Squares is disturbed by Elections. He will not be anxious about his affairs because they will not be his; and for that reason he will be able to direct them with the calm, clear-headed Confidence of an onlooker, with intelligence unclouded by self-interest and power unimpaired by passion.)
    28. Every man has a right to fulfill his own will without being afraid that it may interfere with that of others; for if he is in his proper path, it is the fault of others if they interfere with him.

1.02 - MAPS OF MEANING - THREE LEVELS OF ANALYSIS, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  cage, with increasing Confidence. It is mapping the new environment for affective valence. It wants to
  find out is there anything here that will kill me? Anything here I can eat? Anyone else here someone
  generalization. Play allows for the permanent extension of competence and Confidence through pretence,
  which means through metaphoric and symbolic action (which is semantic use of episodic representation),
  the increased general Confidence and capabilities that tends to accompany exposure training. The
  reclassification and behavioral adjustment, attendant upon therapeutic exposure, places the previously

1.02 - The 7 Habits An Overview, #The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #Stephen Covey, #unset
  Either way -- authoritarian or permissive -- you have the golden egg mentality. You want to have your way or you want to be liked. But what happens, meantime, to the goose? What sense of responsibility, of self-discipline, of Confidence in the ability to make good choices or achieve important goals is a child going to have a few years down the road? And what about your relationship? When he reaches those critical teenage years, the identity crises, will he know from his experience with you that you will listen without judging, that you really, deeply care about him as a person, that you can be trusted, no matter what? Will the relationship be strong enough for you to reach him, to communicate with him, to influence him?
  Suppose you want your daughter to have a clean room -- that's P, production, the golden egg. And suppose you want her to clean it -- that's PC, Production Capability. Your daughter is the goose, the asset, that produces the golden egg.

1.02 - The Divine Is with You, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Take the Divine alone into your souls Confidence.
  Think of the Divine alone and the Divine will be with you.

1.02 - The Stages of Initiation, #Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, #Rudolf Steiner, #Theosophy
  For the present, only these two examples can be given to show how enlightened insight into human nature may be achieved; they will at least serve to point out the way to be taken. By gaining the inner tranquility and repose indispensable for such observation, the student will have undergone a great inner transformation. He will then soon reach the point where this enrichment of his inner self will lend Confidence and composure to his outward demeanor. And this transformation of his outward demeanor will again react favorably on his soul. Thus he will be able to help himself further along the road. He will find ways and means of penetrating more and more into the secrets of human nature which are hidden from our external senses, and he will then also become ripe for a deeper insight into the mysterious connections between human nature and all else that exists in the universe. By following this path the student approaches closer and closer to the moment when he can effectively take the first steps of initiation. But before these can be taken, one
   p. 74

1.03 - Preparing for the Miraculous, #Preparing for the Miraculous, #George Van Vrekhem, #Integral Yoga
  outside we must have Confidence in the magic of the Magi-
  cian, inevitably working for a new and better world. From

1.03 - The Divine and Man, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Have Confidence.
  17 December 1969

1.03 - The Human Disciple, #Essays On The Gita, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  They are those, as we might say, of the practical or the pragmatic man, the emotional, sensational, moral and intelligent human being not habituated to profound and original reflection or any sounding of the depths, accustomed rather to high but fixed standards of thought and action and a confident treading through all vicissitudes and difficulties, who now finds all his standards failing him and all the basis of his Confidence in himself and his life shorn away from under him at a single stroke. That is the nature of the crisis which he undergoes.
  Arjuna is, in the language of the Gita, a man subject to the action of the three gunas or modes of the Nature-Force and habituated to move unquestioningly in that field, like the generality of men. He justifies his name only in being so far pure and sattwic as to be governed by high and clear principles and impulses and habitually control his lower nature by the noblest

1.04 - A Leader, #Words Of Long Ago, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The fact that our attitude towards him had not changed gave him Confidence and he began his story:
  You have heard about recent events in Russia, so I will not say anything about that. But perhaps you do not know that at the centre of the revolutionary activity there is a small group of men who call themselves students, to which I belong. Occasionally we meet to take decisions together, but more often we are scattered, firstly so as not to attract attention to ourselves, and secondly to be able to direct the action personally at close quarters. I am their connecting link; when they want to consult together, they meet at my home.
  I am happy, Madame, he said, turning towards me, to see a woman concerned with such matters. Women can do so much to hasten the coming of better days! There, in Russia, their services have been invaluable to us. Without them we would never have had so much courage, energy and endurance. They move about among us, going from town to town, from group to group, uniting us to one another, comforting the disheartened, cheering the downcast, nursing the sick and everywhere bringing with them, in them, a hope, a Confidence, an enthusiasm that never tire.
  So it was that a woman came to assist me in my work, when my eyes were overstrained by my long vigils spent writing by candle-light. For during the day I had to have some kind of occupation so as not to attract attention. It was only at night that I could prepare our plans, compose our propaganda leaflets and make numerous copies of them, draw up lists and do other work of the same kind. Little by little my eyes were burnt up. Now I can hardly see. So a young woman, out of devotion for the cause, became my secretary and writes to my dictation, as long as I wish, without ever showing the slightest trace of fatigue or boredom. And his expression softened and grew tender at the thought of this humble devotion, this proof of self-abnegation.
  His kind, sad eyes looked at us full of Confidence and hope, while he clasped our hands firmly in his.
  And as we accompanied him to the door he turned and once more warmly shook our hands, saying in his grave voice:

1.04 - Magic and Religion, #The Golden Bough, #James George Frazer, #Occultism
  troubled sea of doubt and uncertainty, his old happy Confidence in
  himself and his powers rudely shaken, our primitive philosopher must

1.04 - On blessed and ever-memorable obedience, #The Ladder of Divine Ascent, #Saint John of Climacus, #unset
  Let us trust with firm Confidence those who have taken upon themselves the care of us in the Lord, even though they order something apparently contrary and opposed to our salvation. For it is then that our faith in them is tested as in a furnace of humiliation. For it is a sign of the truest faith if we obey our superiors without any hesitation, even when we see the opposite of what we had hoped for happening.
  From obedience comes humility, as we have already said earlier. From humility comes discernment as the great Cassian has said with beautiful and sublime philosophy in his chapter on discernment.2 From discernment comes insight, and from insight comes foresight. And who would not follow this fair way of obedience, seeing such blessings in store for him? It was of this great virtue of obedience that the good Psalmist said: Thou hast in Thy goodness prepared for the poor3 obedient soul, O God, Thy presence in his heart.

1.04 - On Knowledge of the Future World., #The Alchemy of Happiness, #Al-Ghazali, #Sufism
  Once more, if an astrologer should say to you, "if you will drink this bitter and disagreeable medicine, you will not, be attacked with illness during the whole of this coming year, for the moon is in such a station among the heavenly bodies," notwithstanding the lie of the astrologer should be very clear to your mind, and you have no Confidence in what he says, you would reply, "well, let me [102] drink it and see; if it do me no good, it will do me no harm." And with the fancied hope of advantage from it, you swallow down the bitter and unpalatable potion as if it were sugar.
  Now come and be candid with yourself; you give credit to a false physician, to a false writer of charms and to a false astrologer, for the sake of being delivered from a day or two of illness in this world, and you even undergo suffering for the sake of it. But the learned in religion, for the sake of saving you from the malady of stupidity and rebellion and bringing you to everlasting health and felicity, have exerted themselves to make the verses of the Koran and the holy traditions to serve as a medicine to deliver you from bitter torment. Still you attach no credit to their words. You treat the Koran and the traditions with entire disregard, neither clinging to the commandments of God, nor avoiding forbidden things. You follow the bent of your own inclinations, instead of following the example and law of the prophet of God, and you indulge in many acts of transgression. Nor do you call to mind what will be your condition in the end of it all, nor how long a time you have yet to live in the world, nor what eternity is compared with this world. Do you not know that by choosing a very little pain in the business of religion during this short life and in this worthless world, you may gain eternal felicity, and riches that cannot be taken from you ? The pain which we may suffer in this world, however severe, yet does not weigh the amount of an atom in comparison with the pains and torment of the other world. This world is a fading shadow, but the future world is abiding and eternal.

1.04 - The Praise, #Tara - The Feminine Divine, #unset, #Zen
  profound Confidence, prays for the deity to protect us
  from all suffering and all fears of samsara and to

1.05 - On painstaking and true repentance which constitute the life of the holy convicts; and about the prison., #The Ladder of Divine Ascent, #Saint John of Climacus, #unset
  Most terrible and pitiful was the sight of their last hour. When his fellow-defaulters learnt that one of their number was ready to precede them by finishing his course, they gathered round him while his mind was still active and with thirst, with tears, with love, with a tender look and sad voice, shaking their heads, they would ask the dying man, and would say to him, burning with compassion: How are you, brother and fellow criminal? What will you say? What do you hope? What do you expect? Have you accomplished what you sought with such labour or not? Has the door been opened to you, or are you still under judgment? Have you attained your object, or not yet? Have you received any sort of assurance, or is your hope still uncertain? Have you obtained freedom, or is your thought clouded with doubt? Have you felt any enlightenment in your heart or is it still dark and ashamed? Has any inner voice said: Behold thou art made whole,1 or: Thy sins are forgiven thee, 2or: Thy faith has saved thee?3 Or, have you heard a voice like this: Let the sinners be turned into hell,4 and: Bind him hand and foot, and cast him into the outer darkness,5 and again: Let the wicked man be removed that he may not see the glory of the Lord?6 What, quite simply, can you say, brother? Tell us, we beg you, that we too may know in what state we shall be. For your time is already closed, and you will never find another opportunity. To this some of the dying would reply: Blessed is God who has not turned away my prayer, nor His mercy from me. 7Others again: Blessed is the Lord, who has not given us for a prey to their teeth.8 Others said dolefully: Will our soul pass through the impassable water9 of the spirits of the air?not having complete Confidence, but looking to see what would happen in that rendering of accounts. Others still more dolefully would answer and say: Woe to the soul that has not kept its vow intact! In this hour, and in this only, it will know what is prepared for it.
  But when I had seen and heard all this among them, I nearly despaired of myself, seeing my own indifference and comparing it with their suffering. For what a place and habitation theirs was! All dark, reeking, filthy and squalid. It was rightly called the prison and house of convicts. The very sight of the place was sufficient to teach all penitence and mourning. But what is hard and intolerable for others becomes easy and acceptable for those who have fallen away from virtue and spiritual riches. For the soul that has lost its former Confidence; that has lost hope of dispassion; that has broken the seal of chastity; that has allowed its treasury of gifts to be robbed; that has become a stranger to divine consolation; that has rejected the commandment of the Lord; that has extinguished the beautiful fire of spiritual10 tears, and is wounded and pierced with sorrow by the remembrance of this will not only undertake the above-mentioned labours with all readiness, but will even devoutly resolve to kill itself
  1 St. John v, 14.

1.05 - Qualifications of the Aspirant and the Teacher, #Bhakti-Yoga, #Swami Vivekananda, #Hinduism
  Religion, which is the highest knowledge and the highest wisdom, cannot be bought, nor can it be acquired from books. You may thrust your head into all the corners of the world, you may explore the Himalayas, the Alps, and the Caucasus, you may sound the bottom of the sea and pry into every nook of Tibet and the desert of Gobi, you will not find it anywhere until your heart is ready for receiving it and your teacher has come. And when that divinely appointed teacher comes, serve him with childlike Confidence and simplicity, freely open your heart to his influence, and see in him God manifested.
  Those who come to seek truth with such a spirit of love and veneration, to them the Lord of Truth reveals the most wonderful things regarding truth, goodness, and beauty.

1.05 - THE HOSTILE BROTHERS - ARCHETYPES OF RESPONSE TO THE UNKNOWN, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  I tried to take one of the old prisoners into my Confidence. Approaching him furtively, I pointed to
  the roll of paper in the inner pocket of my coat and said, Look, this is the manuscript of a scientific
  your capacity to rectify such error. Advance in Confidence and faith; do not shrink back, avoiding
  inevitable contact with the terrible unknown, to live in a hole that grows smaller and darker.

1.05 - THE MASTER AND KESHAB, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  "It is as if the Divine Mother said to the human mind in Confidence, with a sign from Her eye, 'Go and enjoy the world.' How can one blame the mind? The mind can disentangle itself from worldliness if, through Her grace, She makes it turn toward Herself. Only then does it become devoted to the Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother."
  Whereupon Sri Ramakrishna, taking upon himself, as it were, the agonies of all householders, sang a song complaining to the Divine Mother: Mother, this is the grief that sorely grieves my heart, That even with Thee for Mother, and though I am wide awake, There should be robbery in my house.

1.05 - War And Politics, #Twelve Years With Sri Aurobindo, #Nirodbaran, #Integral Yoga
  "She said something to this effect: 'One should leave the matter of the Cripps' offer entirely in the hands of the Divine, with full Confidence that the Divine will work everything out. Certainly there were flaws in the offer. Nothing on earth created by man is flawless, because the human mind has a limited capacity. Yet behind this offer there is the Divine Grace directly present. The Grace is now at the door of India, ready to give its help. In the history of a nation such opportunities do not come often. The Grace presents itself at rare moments, after centuries of preparation of that nation. If it is accepted, the nation will survive and get a new birth in the Divine's consciousness. But if it is rejected the Grace will withdraw and then the nation will suffer terribly, calamity will overtake it.
  "'Only some months ago, the same Grace presented itself at the door of France, immediately after the fall of Dunkirk, in the form of Churchill's offer to her to have joint nationality with England and fight the enemy. Sri Aurobindo said that it was the right idea, and it would also have helped His work immensely. But France could not raise herself above the ordinary mind, and rejected it. So the Grace withdrew and the Soul of France has gone down. One doesn't know when the real France will be up again.

1.066 - Prohibition, #Quran, #unset, #Zen
  3. The Prophet told something in Confidence to one of his wives. But when she disclosed it, and God made it known to him; he communicated part of it, and he avoided another part. Then, when he informed her of it, she said, “Who informed you of this?” He said, “The All-Knowing, the All-Informed, informed me.”
  4. If you repent to God, then your hearts have listened. But if you band together against him, then God is his Ally, as is Gabriel, and the righteous believers. In addition, the angels will assist him.

1.06 - Dhyana, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  19:In any case, the mass of mankind is always ready to be swayed by anything thus authoritative and distinct. History is full of stories of officers who have walked unarmed up to a mutinous regiment, and disarmed them by the mere force of Confidence. The power of the orator over the mob is well known. It is, probably, for this reason that the prophet has been able to constrain mankind to obey his law. I never occurs to him that any one can do otherwise. In practical life one can walk past any guardian, such as a sentry or ticket-collector, if one can really act so that the man is somehow persuaded that you have a right to pass unchallenged.
  20:This power, by the way, is what has been described by magicians as the power of invisibility. Somebody or other has an excellent story of four quite reliable men who were on the look-out for a murderer, and had instructions to let no one pass, and who all swore subsequently in presence of the dead body that no one had passed. None of them had seen the postman.
  26:Now the man who has experienced any of the more intense forms of Dhyana is thus liberated. The Universe is thus destroyed for him, and he for it. His will can therefore go on its way unhampered. One may imagine that in the case of Mohammed he had cherished for years a tremendous ambition, and never done anything because those qualities which were subsequently manifested as statesmanship warned him that he was impotent. His vision in the cave gave him that Confidence which was required, the faith that moves mountains. There are a lot of solid-seeming things in this world which a child could push over; but not one has the courage to push.
  27:Let us accept provisionally this explanation of greatness, and pass it by. Ambition has led us to this point; but we are now interested in the work for its own sake.

1.06 - On Thought, #Words Of Long Ago, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  I have just said that we always look upon ourselves with great indulgence, and I think in fact that our defects very often appear to us to be full of charm and that we justify all our weaknesses. But to tell the truth, this is because we lack self- Confidence. Does this surprise you?.. Yes, I repeat, we lack Confidence, not in what we are at the present moment, not in our ephemeral and ever-changing outer beingthis being always finds favour in our eyes but we lack Confidence in what we can become through effort, we have no faith in the integral and profound transformation which will be the work of our true self, of the eternal, the divine who is in all beings, if we surrender like children to its supremely luminous and far-seeing guidance.
  So let us not confuse complacency with Confidence and let us return to our subject.
  When you are able by methodical and repeated effort to objectivise and keep at a distance all this flood of incoherent thoughts which assail us, you will notice a new phenomenon.

1.06 - The Ascent of the Sacrifice 2 The Works of Love - The Works of Life, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Descent finds a being, a nature prepared and conditioned for its complete rule and its all-encompassing presence. But if the equality and the psychic light and will are already there, then this process, though it cannot be dispensed with, can still be much lightened and facilitated: it will be rid of its worst dangers; an inner calm, happiness, Confidence will support the steps through all the difficulties and trials of the transformation and the growing Force profiting by the full assent of the nature will rapidly diminish and eliminate the power of the opposing forces. A sure guidance and protection will be present throughout, sometimes
  The Ascent of the Sacrifice - 2

1.070 - The Seven Stages of Perfection, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  The second stage is the discovery that there is a cause of this pain, that it has not come suddenly from the blue. How has this pain come this suffering, this sorrow? What is the reason for this defect behind everything? There is a reason. Without a cause, there is no effect. The discovery of the cause of this troublesome situation is the second stage of knowledge. That is a greater control that we gain over our situation. When we know that there is some trouble, and we do not know how the trouble has arisen, we are in a difficulty. But the difficulty is a little bit ameliorated when the cause of it is known, because we feel a Confidence that, after all, this is the cause, and we shall try to tackle it. So, in the second stage of awareness there is a recognition of the causal background of the troubles of life, the pains of experience.
  The third stage is the recognition of a way out of these causative factors. Even if we know the causes of the trouble, is there a way out of it, or is it impossible to do anything? That must be seen first. We will find out that there is a way. We can get over these causes of pain and trouble. This gives greater Confidence and a satisfaction that, after all, we are not going to suffer like this for all time; there is going to be an end to it. That is the discovery that there is a possibility of getting over the causes of pain. But this stage comes very late, because while everyone can feel the pain and can sometimes attribute the pain to certain causes, they cannot find the way out. Not finding the way out is samsara, the essence of suffering. When the way is discovered, there is an effort that automatically arises in oneself to work out this way which is the redemption of the sorrows of life. The awareness that there is a state which is beyond the sufferings of life is itself a great solace.
  These stages directly correspond to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, what the Buddha taught originally as his gospel. The stages of yoga are nothing but these, mentioned here in a new language altogether.

1.07 - Cybernetics and Psychopathology, #Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine, #Norbert Wiener, #Cybernetics
  tion where an a priori theory can command any Confidence. I
  therefore wish to disclaim in advance any assertion that any

1.07 - On Our Knowledge of General Principles, #The Problems of Philosophy, #Bertrand Russell, #Philosophy
  British philosophers, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume--maintained that all our knowledge is derived from experience; the rationalists--who are represented by the Continental philosophers of the seventeenth century, especially Descartes and Leibniz--maintained that, in addition to what we know by experience, there are certain 'innate ideas' and 'innate principles', which we know independently of experience. It has now become possible to decide with some Confidence as to the truth or falsehood of these opposing schools. It must be admitted, for the reasons already stated, that logical principles are known to us, and cannot be themselves proved by experience, since all proof presupposes them. In this, therefore, which was the most important point of the controversy, the rationalists were in the right.
  On the other hand, even that part of our knowledge which is _logically_ independent of experience (in the sense that experience cannot prove it) is yet elicited and caused by experience. It is on occasion of particular experiences that we become aware of the general laws which their connexions exemplify. It would certainly be absurd to suppose that there are innate principles in the sense that babies are born with a knowledge of everything which men know and which cannot be deduced from what is experienced. For this reason, the word 'innate' would not now be employed to describe our knowledge of logical principles. The phrase
  This illustrates the difference between general propositions known _a priori_ such as 'two and two are four', and empirical generalizations such as 'all men are mortal'. In regard to the former, deduction is the right mode of argument, whereas in regard to the latter, induction is always theoretically preferable, and warrants a greater Confidence in the truth of our conclusion, because all empirical generalizations are more uncertain than the instances of them.
  We have now seen that there are propositions known _a priori_, and that among them are the propositions of logic and pure mathematics, as well as the fundamental propositions of ethics. The question which must next occupy us is this: How is it possible that there should be such knowledge? And more particularly, how can there be knowledge of general propositions in cases where we have not examined all the instances, and indeed never can examine them all, because their number is infinite?

1.07 - The Psychic Center, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  without prejudices, as Sri Aurobindo did, armed with an open truth and total Confidence in the integral possibilities of man, we may achieve an integral knowledge, and therefore an integral life.
  Seen from the viewpoint of an evolution of consciousness,

1.07 - TRUTH, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  And so, having triumphantly urinated on the proffered hand of Wisdom, the Monkey within us turns back and, full of a bumptious Confidence in his own omnipotence, sets out to re-fashion the world of men and things into something nearer to his hearts desire. Sometimes his intentions are good, sometimes consciously bad. But, whatever the intentions may be, the results of action undertaken by even the most brilliant cleverness, when it is unenlightened by the divine Nature of Things, unsubordinated to the Spirit, are generally evil. That this has always been clearly understood by humanity at large is proved by the usages of language. Cunning and canny are equivalent to knowing, and all three adjectives pass a more or less unfavourable moral judgment on those to whom they are aplied. Conceit is just concept; but what a mans mind conceives most clearly is the supreme value of his own ego. Shrewd, which is the participial form of shrew, meaning malicious, and is connected with beshrew, to curse, is now applied, by way of rather dubious compliment, to astute business men and attorneys. Wizards are so called because they are wisewise, of course, in the sense that, in American slang, a wise guy is wise. Conversely, an idiot was once popularly known as an innocent. This use of innocent, says Richard Trench, assumes that to hurt and harm is the chief employment, towards which men turn their intellectual powers; that where they are wise, they are oftenest wise to do evil. Meanwhile it goes without saying that cleverness and accumulated knowledge are indispensable, but always as means to proximate means, and never as proximate means or, what is even worse, as ends in themselves. Quid faceret eruditio sine dilectione? says St. Bernard. Inftaret. Quid, absque eruditione dilectio? Erraret. What would learning do without love? It would puff up. And love without learning? It would go astray.
  Such as men themselves are, such will God Himself seem to them to be.

1.09 - A System of Vedic Psychology, #Vedic and Philological Studies, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The successes of European science have cast the shadow of their authority & prestige over the speculations of European scholarship; for European thought is, in appearance, a serried army marching to world-conquest and we who undergo the yoke of its tyranny, we, who paralysed by that fascination and overborne by that domination, have almost lost the faculty of thinking for ourselves, receive without distinction all its camp followers or irregular volunteers as authorities to whom we must needs submit.We reflect in our secondh and opinions the weak parts of European thought equally with the strong; we do not distinguish between those of its ideas which eternal Truth has ratified and those which have merely by their ingenuity and probability captivated for a short season the human imagination. The greater part of the discoveries of European Science (its discoveries, not its intellectual generalisations) belong to the first category; the greater part of the conclusions of European scholarship to the second. The best European thought has itself no illusions on this score. One of the greatest of European scholars & foremost of European thinkers, Ernest Renan, after commencing his researches in Comparative Philology with the most golden & extravagant hopes, was compelled at the close of a life of earnest & serious labour, to sum up the chief preoccupation of his days in a formula of measured disparagement,petty conjectural sciences. In other words, no sciences at all; for a science built upon conjectures is as much an impossibility & a contradiction in terms as a house built upon water. Renans own writings bear eloquent testimony to the truth of his final verdict; those which sum up his scholastic research, read now like a mass of learned crudity, even the best of them no longer authoritative or valid; those which express the substance or shades of his lifes thinking are of an imperishable beauty & value. The general sentiment of European Science agrees with the experience of Renan and even shoots beyond it; in the vocabulary of German scientists the word Philologe, philologist, bears a sadly disparaging and contemptuous significance & so great is the sense among serious thinkers of the bankruptcy of Comparative Philology that many deny even the possibility of an etymological Science. There is no doubt an element of exaggeration in some of these views; but it is true that Comparative Philology, Comparative Mythology, ethnology, anthropology and their kindred sciences are largely a mass of conjectures,shifting intellectual quagmires in which we can find no sure treading. Only the airy wings of an ingenious imagination can bear us up on that shimmering surface and delude us with the idea that it is the soil which supports our movement & not the wings. There is a meagre but sound substratum of truth which will disengage itself some day from the conjectural rubbish; but the present stage of these conjectural sciences is no better but rather worse than the state of European chemistry in the days of Paracelsus.But we in India are under the spell of European philology; we are taken by its ingenuity, audacity & self- Confidence, an ingenuity which is capable of giving a plausibility to the absurd and an appearance of body to the unsubstantial, an audacity which does not hesitate to erect the most imposing theories on a few tags of disconnected facts, a Confidence which even the constant change of its own opinions cannot disconcert. Moreover, our natural disposition is to the intellectuality of the scholar; verbal ingenuities, recondite explanations, far-fetched glosses have long had a weight with us which the discontinuity of our old scientific activities and disciplined experimental methods of reaching subjective truth has exaggerated and our excessive addiction to mere verbal metaphysics strongly confirmed. It is not surprising that educated India should have tacitly or expressly accepted even in subjects of such supreme importance to us as the real significance of the Vedas and Upanishads, the half patronising, half contemptuous views of the European scholar.
  What are those views? They represent the Veda to us as a mass of naturalistic, ritualistic & astrological conceits, allegories & metaphors, crude & savage in the substance of its thought but more artificial & ingenious in its particular ideas & fancies than the most artificial, allegorical or Alexandrian poetry to be found in the worlds literaturea strange incoherent & gaudy jumble unparalleled by the early literature of any other nation,the result of a queer psychological mixture of an early savage with a modern astronomer & comparative mythologist.
  Is there or can there be a system of Vedic psychology? To us who are dominated today by the prestige of European thought and scholarship, the Vedas are a document of primitive barbarism, the ancient Vedanta a mass of sublime but indisciplined speculations. We may admit the existence of many deep psychological intuitions in the Upanishads; we do not easily allow to an age which we have been taught to regard as great but primitive and undeveloped the possibility of a profound and reasoned system in a subject in which Europe with all her modern knowledge has been unable to develop a real science. I believe that this current view of our Vedic forefa thers is entirely erroneous and arises from our application to them of a false system of psychological and intellectual values. Europe has formed certain views about the Veda & the Vedanta, and succeeded in imposing them on the Indian intellect. The ease with which this subjugation has been effected, is not surprising; for the mere mass of labour of Vedic scholarship has been imposing, its ingenuity of philological speculation is well calculated to dazzle the uncritical mind and the audacity & self- Confidence with which it constructs its theories conceals the conjectural uncertainty of their foundations. When a hundred world famous scholars cry out, This is so, it is hard indeed for the average mind and even minds above the average, but inexpert in these special subjects, not to acquiesce. Nor has there been in India itself any corresponding labour of scholarship, diligence & sound enquiry which could confront the brilliant and hazardous generalisations of modern Sanscrit scholarship with the results of a more perfect system and a more penetrating vision. The only attempt in that direction the attempt of Swami Dayanandahas not been of a kind to generate Confidence in the dispassionate judgment of posterity which must be the final arbiter of these disputes; for not only was that great Pundit and vigorous disputant unequipped with the wide linguistic & philological scholarship necessary for his work, but his method was rapid, impatient, polemical, subservient to certain fixed religious ideas rather than executed in the calm, disinterested freedom of the careful and impartial thinker and scholar. Judgment has passed on the Veda & Vedanta by default in favour of the scholastic criticism of Europe which has alone been represented in the court of modern opinion.
  Nevertheless a time must come when the Indian mind will shake off the paralysis that has fallen upon it, cease to think or hold opinions at second & third hand & reassert its right to judge and inquire with a perfect freedom into the meaning of its own Scriptures. When that day comes, we shall, I think, discover that the imposing fabric of Vedic theory is based upon nothing more sound or lasting than a foundation of loosely massed conjectures. We shall question many established philological myths,the legend, for instance, of an Aryan invasion of India from the north, the artificial & unreal distinction of Aryan & Dravidian which an erroneous philology has driven like a wedge into the unity of the homogeneous Indo-Afghan race; the strange dogma of a henotheistic Vedic naturalism; the ingenious & brilliant extravagances of the modern sun & star myth weavers, and many another hasty & attractive generalisation which, after a brief period of unquestioning acceptance by the easily-persuaded intellect of mankind, is bound to depart into the limbo of forgotten theories. We attach an undue importance & value to the ephemeral conclusions of European philology, because it is systematic in its errors and claims to be a science.We forget or do not know that the claims of philology to a scientific value & authority are scouted by European scientists; the very word, Philologe, is a byword of scorn to serious scientific writers in Germany, the temple of philology. One of the greatest of modern philologists & modern thinkers, Ernest Renan, was finally obliged after a lifetime of hope & earnest labour to class the chief preoccupation of his life as one of the petty conjectural sciencesin other words no science at all, but a system of probabilities & guesses. Beyond one or two generalisations of the mutations followed by words in their progress through the various Aryan languages and a certain number of grammatical rectifications & rearrangements, resulting in a less arbitrary view of linguistic relations, modern philology has discovered no really binding law or rule for its own guidance. It has fixed one or two sure signposts; the rest is speculation and conjecture.We are not therefore bound to worship at the shrines of Comparative Science & Comparative Mythology & offer up on these dubious altars the Veda & Vedanta. The question of Vedic truth & the meaning of Veda still lies open. If Sayanas interpretation of Vedic texts is largely conjectural and likely often to be mistaken & unsound, the European interpretation can lay claim to no better certainty. The more lively ingenuity and imposing orderliness of the European method of conjecture may be admitted; but ingenuity & orderliness, though good helps to an enquiry, are in themselves no guarantee of truth and a conjecture does not cease to be a conjecture, because its probability or possibility is laboriously justified or brilliantly supported. It is on the basis of a purely conjectural translation of the Vedas that Europe presents us with these brilliant pictures of Vedic religion, Vedic society, Vedic civilisation which we so eagerly accept and unquestioningly reproduce. For we take them as the form of an unquestionable truth; in reality, they are no more than brilliantly coloured hypotheses,works of imagination, not drawings from the life.

1.09 - BOOK THE NINTH, #Metamorphoses, #Ovid, #Poetry
  Her page, a youth of Confidence, and skill,
  (Secret as night) stood waiting on her will;

1.09 - Fundamental Questions of Psycho therapy, #The Practice of Psycho therapy, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  mutual Confidence, on which the therapeutic success ultimately depends.
  The patient, that is to say, can win his own inner security only from the

1.09 - Saraswati and Her Consorts, #The Secret Of The Veda, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Life-breath. In the lesser gods the naturalistic interpretation has less ground for Confidence; for it is obvious that Varuna is not merely a Vedic Uranus or Neptune, but a god with great and important moral functions; Mitra and Bhaga have the same psychological aspect; the Ribhus who form things by the mind and build up immortality by works can with difficulty be crushed into the Procrustean measure of a naturalistic mythology. Still by imputing a chaotic confusion of ideas to the poets of the Vedic hymns the difficulty can be trampled upon, if not overcome.
  But Saraswati will submit to no such treatment. She is, plainly and clearly, the goddess of the Word, the goddess of a divine

1.09 - SKIRMISHES IN A WAY WITH THE AGE, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  loss to find words for such Confidences. Those things for which we find
  words, are things wehave already overcome. In all speech there lies

1.09 - Sri Aurobindo and the Big Bang, #Preparing for the Miraculous, #George Van Vrekhem, #Integral Yoga
  the Confidence. Statements like this, by the arch-scientific-
  materialist and fertile popular author Peter Atkins, belong

1.10 - The Secret of the Veda, #Vedic and Philological Studies, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  We should realise that these so-called Sciences of Comparative Philology and Comparative Mythology on which the European interpretation of Veda is founded are not true Sciences at all. They are, rather, if Sciences at all, then pseudo-Sciences. All the European mental sciences, not excluding Psychology, though that is now proceeding within certain narrow limits by a sounder method, belong to a doubtful class of branches of research which have absorbed the outward method of Science, without its inward spirit. The true scientists in Germany, the home of both Science & Philology, accustomed to sound methods, certain results, patient inquiry, slow generalisations, have nothing but contempt for the methods of Philology, its patchiness, its haste, its guesswork, and profess no Confidence in its results; the word Philologe is even, in their mouths, a slighting & discourteous expression. This contempt, itself no doubt excessive, is practically admitted to be just by the great French thinker, Renan, who spent the best part of his life in philological & kindred researches, when he described apologetically his favourite pursuits as petty conjectural sciences. Now, a Science that is conjectural, a Science that proceeds not by fixed laws and certain methods, but by ingenious inference & conjecture, & this is in truth the nature of Comparative Philology & Comparative Mythology,is no science at all; it is a branch of research, a field of inquiry & conjecture in which useful discoveries may be made; it may even contain in itself the germs of a future science, but it is not yet itself worthy of that name & its results have no right to cloak themselves falsely in the robe of authority which belongs only to the results of the true Sciences. So long as a science is conjectural, its results are also conjectural, can at any moment be challenged and ought at all times even in its most brilliant & confident results to be carefully and sceptically scrutinised.
  Among such branches of research which can even now be used in spite of new & hostile conclusions as a sort of side support to the modern theory of the Veda stand in a curious twilit corner of their own the researches of the ethnologists. There is no more glaring instance of the conjectural and unsubstantial nature of these pseudo-Sciences than the results of Ethnology which yet claims to deduce its results from fixed and certain physical tests and data. We find the philological discovery of the Aryan invasion supported by the conclusions of ethnologists like Sir Herbert Risley, who make an ethnological map of India coloured in with all shades of mixed raciality, Dravidian,Scytho-Dravidian, Mongolo-Dravidian, Scytho-Aryan. More modern schools of ethnology assert positively on the strength of [the] same laws & the same tests that there is but one homogeneous Indo-Afghan race inhabiting the whole peninsula from theHimalayas to Cape Comorin. What are we to think of a science of which the tests are so pliant and the primary results so irreconcilable? Or how, if the more modern theory is correct, if a distinct homogeneous race inhabits India, can we fail to doubt strongly as a philological myth the whole story of the Aryan invasion & colonisation of Northern India, which has been so long one of the most successful & loudly proclaimed results of the new philology? As a result perhaps of these later conclusions we find a tendency even in philological scholarship towards the rise of new theories which dispute the whole legend of an Aryan invasion, assert an indigenous or even a southern origin for the peoples of the Vedic times and suppose Aryanism to have been a cult and not a racial distinction. These new theories destroy all fixed Confidence in the old without themselves revealing any surer foundations for their own guesses; both start from conjectural philology & end in an imaginatively conjectural nation-building or culture-building. It is exceedingly doubtful whether the Vedic terms Aryan & unAryan at all refer to racial or cultural differences; they may have an entirely different and wholly religious & spiritual significance & refer to the good and evil powers & mortals influenced by them. If this prove to be the truth, and the close contiguity & probable historical connection between the Vedic Indians & the Zoroastrian Persians gives it a great likelihood, then the whole elaborate edifice built up by the scholars of an Aryan invasion and an Aryan culture begins to totter & seek the ground, there to lie in the dust amid the wrecks of other once confident beliefs and triumphant errors.
  The substance of modern philological discovery about the Vedas consists, first, in the picture of an Aryan civilisation introduced by northern invaders and, secondly, in the interpretation of the Vedic religion as a worship of Nature-powers & Vedic myths as allegorical legends of sun & moon & star & the visible phenomena of Nature. The latter generalisation rests partly on new philological renderings of Vedic words, partly on the Science of Comparative Mythology. The method of this Science can be judged from one or two examples. The Greek story of the demigod Heracles is supposed to be an evident sun myth. The two scientific proofs offered for this discovery are first that Hercules performed twelve labours and the solar year is divided into twelve months and, secondly, that Hercules burnt himself on a pyre on Mount Oeta and the sun also sets in a glory of flame behind the mountains. Such proofs seem hardly substantial enough for so strong a conclusion. By the same reasoning one could prove the emperor Napoleon a sun myth, because he was beaten & shorn of his glory by the forces of winter and because his brilliant career set in the western ocean and he passed there a long night of captivity. With the same light Confidence the siege of Troy is turned by the scholars into a sun myth because the name of the Greek Helena, sister of the two Greek Aswins, Castor & Pollux, is philologically identical with the Vedic Sarama and that of her abductor Paris is not so very different from the Vedic Pani. It may be noted that in the Vedic story Sarama is not the sister of the Aswins and is not abducted by the Panis and that there is no other resemblance between the Vedic legend & the Greek tradition. So by more recent speculation even Yudhishthira and his brothers and the famous dog of theMahabharat are raised into the skies & vanish in a starry apotheosis,one knows not well upon what grounds except that sometimes the Dog Star rages in heaven. It is evident that these combinations are merely an ingenious play of fancy & prove absolutely nothing. Hercules may be the Sun but it is not proved. Helen & Paris may be Sarama & one of the Panis, but itis not proved. Yudhishthira & his brothers may be an astronomical myth, but it is not proved. For the rest, the unsubstantiality & rash presumption of the Sun myth theory has not failed to give rise in Europe to a hostile school of Comparative Mythologists who adopt other methods & seek the origins of early religious legend & tradition in a more careful and flexible study of the mentality, customs, traditions & symbolisms of primitive races. The theory of Vedic Nature-worship is better founded than these astronomical fancies. Agni is plainly the God of Fire, Surya of the Sun, Usha of the Dawn, Vayu of the Wind; Indra for Sayana is obviously the god of rain; Varuna seems to be the sky, the Greek Ouranos,et cetera. But when we have accepted these identities, the question of Vedic interpretation & the sense of Vedic worship is not settled. In the Greek religion Apollo was the god of the sun, but he was also the god of poetry & prophecy; Athene is identified with Ahana, a Vedic name of the Dawn, but for the Greeks she is the goddess of purity & wisdom; Artemis is the divinity of the moon, but also the goddess of free life & of chastity. It is therefore evident that in early Greek religion, previous to the historic or even the literary period, at an epoch therefore that might conceivably correspond with the Vedic period, many of the deities of the Greek heavens had a double character, the aspect of physical Nature-powers and the aspect of moral Nature-powers. The indications, therefore,for they are not proofs,even of Comparative Mythology would justify us in inquiring whether a similar double character did not attach to the Vedic gods in the Vedic hymns.
  The real basis of both the Aryan theory of Vedic civilisation and the astronomical theory of Aryan myth is the new interpretation given to a host of Vedic vocables by the comparative philologists. The Aryan theory rests on the ingenious assumption that anarya, dasyu or dasa in the Veda refer to the unfortunate indigenous races who by a familiar modern device were dubbed robbers & dacoits because they were guilty of defending their country against the invaders & Arya is a national term for the invaders who called themselves, according to Max Muller, the Ploughmen, and according to others, the Noble Race. The elaborate picture of an early culture & history that accompanies and supports this theory rests equally on new interpretations of Vedic words and riks in which with the progress of scholarship the authority of Sayana and Yaska has been more & more set at nought and discredited. My contention is that anarya, dasa and dasyu do not for a moment refer to the Dravidian races,I am, indeed, disposed to doubt whether there was ever any such entity in India as a separate Aryan or a separate Dravidian race,but always to Vritra, Vala & the Panis and other, primarily non-human, opponents of the gods and their worshippers. The new interpretations given to Vedic words & riks seem to me sometimes right & well grounded, often arbitrary & unfounded, but always conjectural. The whole European theory & European interpretation of the Vedas may be [not] unjustly described as a huge conjectural & uncertain generalisation built on an inadequate & shifting mass of conjectural particulars.
  Nor does the philological reasoning on which the astronomical interpretation of Vedic hymns is supported, inspire, when examined, or deserve any more certain Confidence. To identify the Aswins with the two sons of the Greek Dyaus, Kastor and Polydeuces, and again these two pairs conjecturally with two stars of the constellation Gemini is easy & carries with it a great air of likelihood; but an air of likelihood is not proof. We need more for anything like rational conviction or certainty. In the Veda there are a certain number of hymns to the Aswins & a fair number also of passages in which they are described and invoked; if indeed the purport of their worship is astronomical and the sense of their personality in the Veda merely a fiction about the stars and if they really bore that aspect to the Vedic Rishis, all these passages, & all their epithets, actions, functions & the prayers offered to them ought to be entirely explicable on that theory; or if other ideas have crept in, we must be shown what are these ideas, how they have crept in, in what way these are in the minds of the ancient Rishis superimposed on the original astronomical conception and reconciled with it. Then only can we accept it as a proved probability, if not a proved certainty, that the Aswins are the constellation Gemini and, in that known character, worshipped in the sacred chants. For we must remember that the Aswins might easily have been the constellation Gemini in an original creed & yet be worshipped in a quite different character at the time of the Vedic Rishis. In the Vedic hymns as they are at present rendered whether by Sayana or by Roth, there is no clear statement of this character of the Aswins; the whole theory rests on metaphor and parable, and it is easy to see how dangerous, how open to the flights of mere ingenuity is the system of interpretation by metaphor. There ought to be at least a kernel of direct statement in the loose & uncertain mass of metaphor. We are told that the Aswins are lords of light, ubhaspat, and certainly the starry Twins are luminous; they are rudravartan, which interpreted of the red path, may very well apply to stars moving through heaven; they are somewhere described as vrisharath, bull-charioted, & Gemini is next in order & vicinity to Taurus, the constellation of the bull; Sry, daughter of the Sun, mounts on their chariot & Sry is very possibly such & such a star whose motion may be described by this figurative ascension; the Aswins get honey from the bees and there is a constellation near Gemini called by the Greeks the Bees whose light falls on the Twins. All this is brilliant, attractive, captivating; it does immense credit to the ingenuity of the human intellect. But if we examine sceptically the proofs that are offered us, we find ourselves face to face with amass of ingenious & hazardous guesses; it is not explained why the Aswins particularly more than other gods, should have this distinctive epithet of ubhaspat, as peculiar to them in the Veda as is sahasaspati to Agni; rudra in the sense of red is a novel & conjectural significance; vrisharatha interpreted consistently as bull-charioted in connection with Taurus, would make hopeless ravages in the sense of other passages of the Veda; the identification of Sry, daughter of the Sun is unproved, it is an airy conjecture depending on the proof of the identity of the Aswins not itself proving it; madhu in the passage about the Bees need not mean honey and much more probably means the honeyed wine of Soma, the rendering bees is one of the novel, conjectural & highly doubtful suggestions of European scholarship. All the other proofs that are heaped on us are of a like nature & brilliantly flimsy ingenuity, & we end our sceptical scrutiny admiring, but still sceptical. We feel after all that an accumulation of conjectures does not constitute proof and that a single clear & direct substantial statement in one sense or the other would outweigh all these ingenious inferences, these brilliant imaginings. To begin with a hypothesis is always permissible,it is the usual mode of scientific discovery; but a hypothesis must be supported by facts. To support it by a mass of other hypotheses is to abuse & exceed the permissibility of conjecture in scientific research.
  I have thus dwelt on the fragility of the European theory in this introduction because I wish to avoid in the body of the volume the burden of adverse discussion with other theories & rival interpretations. I propose to myself an entirely positive method,the development of a constructive rival hypothesis, not the disproof of those which hold the field. But, since they do hold the field, I am bound to specify before starting those general deficiencies in them which disqualify them at least from prohibiting fresh discussion and shutting out an entirely new point of departure. Possibly Sayana is right and the Vedas are only the hymn-book of a barbarous & meaningless mythological ritual. Possibly, the European theory is more correct and the Vedic religion & myth was of the character of a materialistic Nature worship & the metaphorical, poetical & wholly fanciful personification of heavenly bodies & forces of physical Nature. But neither of these theories is so demonstrably right, that other hypotheses are debarred from appearing and demanding examination. Such a new hypothesis I wish to advance in the present volume. The gods of the Veda are in my view Nature Powers, but Powers at once of moral & of physical Nature, not of physical Nature only; moreover their moral aspect is the substantial part of their physiognomy, the physical though held to be perfectly real & effective, is put forward mainly as a veil, dress or physical type of their psychological being. The ritual of the Veda is a symbolic ritual supposed by those who used it to be by virtue of its symbolism practically effective of both inner & outer results in life & the world. The hymnology of the Veda rests on the ancient theory that speech is in itself both morally & physically creative & effective, the secret executive agent of the divine powers in manifesting & compelling mental & material phenomena. The substance of the Vedic hymns is the record of certain psychological experiences which are the natural results, still attainable & repeatable in our own experience, of an ancient type of Yoga practised certainly in India, practised probably in ancient Greece, Asia Minor & Egypt in prehistoric times. Finally, the language of the Vedas is an ambiguous tongue, with an ambiguity possible only to the looser fluidity belonging to the youth of human speech & deliberately used to veil the deeper psychological meaning of the Riks. I hold that it was the traditional knowledge of this deep religious & psychological character of the Vedas which justified in the eyes of the ancient Indians the high sanctity attached to them & the fixed idea that these were the repositories of an august, divine & hardly attainable truth.

1.11 - The Broken Rocks. Pope Anastasius. General Description of the Inferno and its Divisions., #The Divine Comedy, #Dante Alighieri, #Christianity
    And him who doth no Confidence imburse.
    This latter mode, it would appear, dissevers

1.1.1 - The Mind and Other Levels of Being, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is very usual for intuitive suggestions to come like that and the mind to disregard them. It is because the mind is too accustomed to follow its own process and cannot recognise or have Confidence in the intuition when it comes. The mind has to learn to look at these things when they come and give them value if experience confirms their truth.

1.11 - The Soul or the Astral Body, #Initiation Into Hermetics, #Franz Bardon, #Occultism
  The melancholic temper in its active form: respectability, modesty, compassion, devotion, seriousness, docility, fervour, cordiality, comprehension, meditation, calmness, quick to give ones Confidence, forgiveness, tenderness, and so on. In the negative form: indifference, depression, apathy, shyness, laziness, etc.
  The phlegmatic temper in its active form: respectability, reputation, endurance, consideration, resolution, firmness, seriousness, scrupulousness, thoroughness, concentration, sobriety, punctuality, reservedness, objectivity, infallibility, responsibility, reliability, circumspection, resistance, self-assurance, and so on. In the negative form: insipidity, unscrupulousness, misanthropy, dullness, tardiness, laziness, unreliability, laconism, and so on.

1.1.2 - Commentary, #Kena and Other Upanishads, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Full of Confidence he rushes towards the object of his search
  and is met by the challenge "Who art thou? What is the force in

1.1.3 - Mental Difficulties and the Need of Quietude, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Who does not feel the confusion or ignorance somewhere in himself so long as the full light and the true force have not come? Your mistake is to be always thinking about the confusion and struggling with it, dwelling on it, magnifying it by thinking about it, treating it as if it were the only thing real and true. When you feel the force, turn to the force and let it actit is that force and not you or your brooding and struggles that can get rid of the confusion and darkness. What is the use of examining whether your faith and Confidence are of the true kind or not? To feel the force, be quiet, let it act is all that is needed.

1.14 - The Secret, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  Something radically different is needed another type of consciousness. All the poets and creative geniuses have known these swings of consciousness. Even as he experienced his Illuminations, Rimbaud visited strange realms that struck him with "terror"; he, too, went through the law of dark inversion. But instead of being unconsciously tossed from one extreme to another, of ascending without knowing how and descending against his will, the integral seeker works methodically, consciously, without ever losing his balance, and, above all, with a growing Confidence in the Consciousness-Force, which never initiates more resistance than he can meet, and never unveils more light than he can bear. After living long enough from one crisis to the next, we will ultimately discern a pattern in the action of the Force, and will notice that each time we seem to leave the ascending curve or even lose something we had achieved, we ultimately retrieve the same realization, but on a higher, more expanded level, made richer by the part that our "fall" has added; had we not "fallen," this lower part would never have become integrated into our higher ones. Perhaps it was the same collective process that brought about Athens' fall, so that some old barbarians, too, might be exposed to Plato. The integral yoga does not follow a straight line rising higher and higher out of sight, toward a smaller and smaller point, but, according to Sri Aurobindo, a spiral that slowly and methodically annexes all the parts of our being in an ever vaster opening based upon an ever deeper foundation. Not only will we observe a pattern behind this Force, or rather this Consciousness-Force, but also regular cycles and a rhythm as certain as that of the tides and the moons. The more we progress, the wider the cycles, and the closer their relationship with the cosmic movement itself until the day when we can perceive in our own descents the periodical descents of consciousness on earth, and in our own difficulties all the turmoil, resistance and revolt of the earth. Eventually, everything will become so intimately interconnected that we will be able to read in the tiniest things, the most insignificant events of daily life or the objects nearby, the signs of vaster depressions that will sweep over all men and compel their ascent or descent within the same evolutionary wave.
  Then we will understand that we are unfailingly being guided toward a Goal, that everything has a meaning, even the slightest thing nothing moves without moving everything and that we are on our way to a far greater adventure than we had ever imagined. Soon, a second paradox will strike us, which is perhaps the very same one.

1.15 - Prayers, #Words Of The Mother III, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
      My heart is at peace, my mind is free from impatience, and in all things I rely on Thy will with the smiling Confidence of a child.

1.16 - Man, A Transitional Being, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  Nevertheless, he was no philosopher. And philosophy! Let me tell you in Confidence that I never, never, never was a philosopher although I have written philosophy which is another story altogether. I knew precious little about philosophy before I did the Yoga and came to Pondicherry I was a poet and a politician, not a philosopher. How I
  managed to do it and why? First, because Paul Richard proposed to me to cooperate in a philosophic review and as my theory was that a Yogi ought to be able to turn his hand to anything, I could not very well refuse; and then he had to go to the war and left me in the lurch with sixty-four pages a month of philosophy all to write by my lonely self. Secondly, because I had only to write down in the terms of the intellect all that I had observed and come to know in practising Yoga daily and the philosophy was there automatically. But that is not being a philosopher!301 And so it was that Sri Aurobindo became a writer. He was forty-two. Typically, he himself had decided nothing:

1.18 - FAITH, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  The core and spiritual heart of all the higher religions is the Perennial Philosophy; and the Perennial Philosophy can be assented to and acted upon without resort to the kind of faith, about which Luther was writing in the foregoing passages. There must, of course, be faith as trust for Confidence in ones fellows is the beginning of charity towards men, and Confidence not only in the material, but also the moral and spiritual reliability of the universe, is the beginning of charity or love-knowledge in relation to God. There must also be faith in authority the authority of those whose selflessness has qualified them to know the spiritual Ground of all being by direct acquaintance as well as by report. And finally there must be faith in such propositions about Reality as are enunciated by philosophers in the light of genuine revelationpropositions which the believer knows that he can, if he is prepared to fulfil the necessary conditions, verify for himself. But, so long as the Perennial Philosophy is accepted in its essential simplicity, there is no need of willed assent to propositions known in advance to be unverifiable. Here it is necessary to add that such unverifiable propositions may become verifiable to the extent that intense faith affects the psychic substratum and so creates an existence, whose derived objectivity can actually be discovered out there. Let us, however, remember that an existence which derives its objectivity from the mental activity of those who intensely believe in it cannot possibly be the spiritual Ground of the world, and that a mind busily engaged in the voluntary and intellectual activity, which is religious faith cannot possibly be in the state of selflessness and alert passivity which is the necessary condition of the unitive knowledge of the Ground. That is why the Buddhists affirm that loving faith leads to heaven; but obedience to the Dharma leads to Nirvana. Faith in the existence and power of any supernatural entity which is less than ultimate spiritual Reality, and in any form of worship that falls short of self-naughting, will certainly, if the object of faith is intrinsically good, result in improvement of character, and probably in posthumous survival of the improved personality under heavenly conditions. But this personal survival within what is still the temporal order is not the eternal life of timeless union with the Spirit. This eternal life stands in the knowledge of the Godhead, not in faith in anything less than the Godhead.
  The immortality attained through the acquisition of any objective condition (e.g., the conditionmerited through good works, which have been inspired by love of, and faith in, something less than the supreme Godheadof being united in act to what is worshipped) is liable to end; for it is distinctly stated in the Scriptures that karma is never the cause of emancipation.

1.19 - Equality, #Essays On The Gita, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  'mr.tam asnute. The tamasic unwillingness to accept the pain and effort of life is indeed by itself a weakening and degrading thing, and in this lies the danger of preaching to all alike the gospel of asceticism and world-disgust, that it puts the stamp of a tamasic weakness and shrinking on unfit souls, confuses their understanding, buddhibhedam janayet, diminishes the sustained aspiration, the Confidence in living, the power of effort which the soul of man needs for its salutary, its necessary rajasic struggle to master its environment, without really opening to it - for it is yet incapable of that - a higher goal, a greater endeavour, a mightier victory. But in souls that are fit this tamasic recoil may serve a useful spiritual purpose by slaying their rajasic attraction, their eager preoccupation with the lower life which prevents the sattwic awakening to a higher possibility. Seeking then for a refuge in the void they have created, they are able to hear the divine call, "O soul that findest thyself in this transient and unhappy world, turn and put thy delight in Me," anityam asukham lokam imam prapya bhajasva mam.
  Still, in this movement, the equality consists only in an equal recoil from all that constitutes the world; and it arrives at indifference and aloofness, but does not include that power to

1.19 - The Act of Truth, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  This, let me say at once, is very difficult, especially at first, until one has gained Confidence in the efficacy of the Formula; and it is very nastily easy to "fake." Going through the motions (as they say) is more futile here than in most cases, and the results of messing it up are commonly disastrous.*[AC28]
  You must invent your act to suit your case, every time; suppose you expect a cable next Friday week, transferring cash to your account. You need $500 to make up an important payment, and you don't know whether they will send even $200. What are you going to do about it? Skimp, and save your expenses, and make yourself miserable and incapable of vigorous thought or action? You may succeed in saving enough to swing the deal; but you won't get a penny beyond the amount actually needed and look at the cost in moral grandeur!

1.201 - Socrates, #Symposium, #Plato, #Philosophy
  Perhaps the Confidence of her answer was thought characteristic of sophists (see sophistes).
  A line of poetry from an unknown source. 185 Or courage; see arete. arete. 187 doxa. 188 The verb supplied is missing in the Greek.

1.2.01 - The Call and the Capacity, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Turn from these dark thoughts and look to the Mother only, not with impatience for the result and desire, but with trust and Confidence and let her workings bring you quietude
  The Call and the Capacity

12.01 - The Return to Earth, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Restored to all their Confidence in light
  Took seeingly this imaged outer world;

1.2.02 - Qualities Needed for Sadhana, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Humility before the Divine is also a sine qua non of the spiritual life, and spiritual pride, arrogance, or vanity and selfassurance press always downward. But Confidence in the Divine and a faith in one's spiritual destiny (i.e. since my heart and
  Qualities Needed for Sadhana

1.2.05 - Aspiration, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Intense aspiration is always good, but let there also be calm and peace and joy in the mind and heart, and a Confidence that all will be done in its due time.
  There can be an intense but quiet aspiration which does not disturb the harmony of the inner being.

1.2.07 - Surrender, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  All can be done by the Divine, the heart and nature purified, the inner consciousness awakened, the veils removed, if one gives oneself to the Divine with trust and Confidence - and even if one cannot do so fully at once, yet the more one does so, the more the inner help and guidance comes and the contact and the experience of the Divine grows within. If the questioning mind becomes less active and humility and the will to surrender grow in you, this ought to be perfectly possible. No other strength and tapasya are then needed, but this alone.
  Surrender cannot be made at once - it is not so easy; for there is much in the being that resists. But one must have the will to surrender. It is the same with becoming an instrument. If one has the will and calls on the Mother and opens oneself as much as possible to her, then gradually these things develop in the nature.
  What I wrote was in answer to your statement about your former idea of the Yoga that if one wanted the Divine, the Divine himself would take up the purifying of the heart and develop the sadhana and give the necessary experiences. I meant to say that it can and does happen in that way if one has trust and Confidence in the Divine and the will to surrender. For such a taking up involves one's putting oneself in the hands of the
  Divine rather than trusting to one's own efforts alone and it implies one's putting one's trust and Confidence in the Divine and a progressive self-giving. It is in fact the principle of sadhana that I myself followed and it is the central part of the Yoga as
  I envisage it. It is, I suppose, what Ramakrishna meant by the method of the baby cat in his image. But all cannot follow that at once; it takes time for them to arrive at it - it grows most when the mind and vital fall quiet.
  The core of this inner surrender is trust and Confidence in the
  Divine. One takes the attitude, "I want the Divine and nothing else." I do not know why you should think that you can be asked to give up that - if there is not that, then the Yoga cannot be done. "I want to give myself entirely to him and since my soul wants that, it cannot be but that I shall meet him and realise him. I ask nothing but that and his action in me to bring me to him, his action secret or open, veiled or manifest. I do not insist
   here - but an absolute Confidence and a persistence in clinging to the Divine under all conditions. That is what I wanted you to have; it is the only basis in which one is free from troubles and reactions and goes steadily forward.
  Not to impose one's mind and vital will on the Divine but to receive the Divine's will and follow it, is the true attitude of sadhana. Not to say, "This is my right, want, claim, need, requirement, why do I not get it?" but to give oneself, to surrender and to receive with joy whatever the Divine gives, not grieving or revolting, is the better way. Then what you receive will be the right thing for you.
  The power of experience is not gone - but what is most important now is to develop the psychic condition of surrender, devotion, love and cheerful Confidence in the Mother an unshaken faith and a constant inner closeness, and also to bring down from above the peace, wideness, purity etc. of the higher
  Self which is that of the Mother s consciousness. It is these things that are the basis of the siddhi in this Yoga - other experiences are only a help, not the basis.

1.2.08 - Faith, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Faith, Belief, Confidence, Trust
  Faith is a general word = sraddha - the soul's belief in the
  Divine's existence, wisdom, power, love and grace - Confidence and trust are aspects of faith and results of it.
   Confidence is a feeling of sureness that the Divine will hear when sincerely called and help and that all the Divine does is for the best.
  Faith is a feeling in the whole being, belief is mental; Confidence means trust in a person or in the Divine or a feeling of surety about the result of one's seeking or endeavour.
  You have seized the right principle again, to be all for the Mother and to have full Confidence that one has only to go on quietly in that Confidence and all will come that needs to come and all be done that the Divine wills to be done. The workings of the
  Faith in its essence is a light in the soul which turns towards the truth even when the mind doubts or the vital revolts or the physical consciousness denies it. When this extends itself to the instruments, it becomes a fixed belief in the mind, a sort of inner knowledge which resists all apparent denial by circumstances or appearances, a complete Confidence, trust, adhesion in the vital and in the physical consciousness, an invariable clinging to the truth in which one has faith even when all is dark around and no cause of hope seems to be there.
  Faith in the spiritual sense is not a mental belief which can waver and change. It can wear that form in the mind, but that belief is not the faith itself, it is only its external form. Just as the body, the external form, can change but the spirit remains the same, so it is here. Faith is a certitude in the soul which does not depend on reasoning, on this or that mental idea, on circumstances, on this or that passing condition of the mind or the vital or the body. It may be hidden, eclipsed, may even seem to be quenched, but it reappears again after the storm or the eclipse; it is seen burning still in the soul when one has thought that it was extinguished for ever. The mind may be a shifting sea of doubts and yet that faith may be there within and, if so, it will keep even the doubt-racked mind in the way so that it goes on in spite of itself towards its destined goal. Faith is a spiritual certitude of the spiritual, the divine, the soul's ideal, something that clings to that even when it is not fulfilled in life, even when the immediate facts or the persistent circumstances seem to deny it. This is a common experience in the life of the human being; if
  I have only to walk forward in all Confidence and his own hand will be there secretly leading me to him by his own way and at his own time." That is what you must keep as your constant mantra and it is besides the only logical and reasonable thing to do - for anything else is an irrational self-contradiction of the most glaring kind. Anything else one may doubt - whether the supermind will come down, whether this world can ever be anything but a field of struggle for the mass of men, - these can be rational doubts - but that he who desires only the Divine shall reach the Divine is a certitude much more certain than that two and two make four. That is the faith every sadhak must have in the bottom of his heart, supporting him through every stumble and blow and ordeal. It is only false ideas still casting their shadow on your mind that prevent you from having it.
  Push them aside for good and see this simple inner truth in a simple and straightforward way - the back of the difficulty will be broken.

1.20 - Tabooed Persons, #The Golden Bough, #James George Frazer, #Occultism
  some Confidence that the rule of continence imposed on the
  poison-maker himself is also a simple case of sympathetic magic, and

1.2.10 - Opening, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is by Confidence in the Mother that the opening needed will come when your consciousness is ready. There is no harm in arranging your present work so that there will be time and energy for some meditation, but it is not by meditation alone that what is needed will come. It is by faith and openness to the

1.2.11 - Patience and Perseverance, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is true that a great patience and steadfastness is needed. Be then firm and patient and fixed on the aims of the sadhana, but not over-eager to have them at once. A work has to be done in you and is being done; help it to be done by keeping an attitude of firm faith and Confidence. Doubts rise in all, they are natural to the human physical mind - reject them. Impatience and overeagerness for the result at once are natural to the human vital; it is by firm Confidence in the Mother that they will disappear. The love, the belief in her as the Divine to whom your life is given, - oppose with that every contrary feeling and then those contrary feelings will after a time no longer be able to come to you.
  It is an impatience and restlessness in the vital which makes it feel as if it were no use staying here because things are not moving forward. Sadhana is a thing which takes time and needs patience.
  There are often periods of quiescence in which a working is going on behind of which the mind is not aware - all seems then to be inert and dull; but if one has patience and Confidence, the consciousness passes through these periods to new openings and things which seemed to be impossible to effect at that time, get done. The impulse to rush away is always a mistake - perseverance in the path is the one rule to cling to and with that finally all obstacles are overcome.
  Impatience is always a mistake, it does not help but hinders. A quiet happy faith and Confidence is the best foundation for sadhana; for the rest a constant opening wide of oneself to receive with an aspiration which may be intense, but must always be

1.2.1 - Mental Development and Sadhana, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  To be interested in outward things is not wrong in itselfit depends on the way in which one is interested. If it is done as part of the sadhana, looking on them from the true consciousness, then they become a means for the growth of the being. It is that that matters, to get the true consciousness and it is this that comes in you when you have the sense of the Peace and the working of the Force in it. There is no real reason for discontent or dissatisfaction with yourselfsince progress is being made in spite of the resistance of the lower forces. The pressure which is translated by the heaviness in the stomach has to be got rid ofit is there that there is the chief resistance still. Peace within and a cheerful Confidence and gladness without is what is wanted then this kind of nervous pressure and disorder would cease.

1.21 - The Spiritual Aim and Life, #The Human Cycle, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  For nothing can be more fatal to religion than for its spiritual element to be crushed or formalised out of existence by its outward aids and forms and machinery. The falsehood of the old social use of religion is shown by its effects. History has exhibited more than once the coincidence of the greatest religious fervour and piety with darkest ignorance, with an obscure squalor and long vegetative stagnancy of the mass of human life, with the unquestioned reign of cruelty, injustice and oppression, or with an organisation of the most ordinary, unaspiring and unraised existence hardly relieved by some touches of intellectual or halfspiritual light on the surface,the end of all this a widespread revolt that turned first of all against the established religion as the key-stone of a regnant falsehood, evil and ignorance. It is another sign when the too scrupulously exact observation of a socio-religious system and its rites and forms, which by the very fact of this misplaced importance begin to lose their sense and true religious value, becomes the law and most prominent aim of religion rather than any spiritual growth of the individual and the race. And a great sign too of this failure is when the individual is obliged to flee from society in order to find room for his spiritual growth; when, finding human life given over to the unregenerated mind, life and body and the place of spiritual freedom occupied by the bonds of form, by Church and Shastra, by some law of the Ignorance, he is obliged to break away from all these to seek for growth into the spirit in the monastery, on the mountain-top, in the cavern, in the desert and the forest. When there is that division between life and the spirit, sentence of condemnation is passed upon human life. Either it is left to circle in its routine or it is decried as worthless and unreal, a vanity of vanities, and loses that Confidence in itself and inner faith in the value of its terrestrial aims, raddh, without which it cannot come to anything. For the spirit of man must strain towards the heights; when it loses its tension of endeavour, the race must become immobile and stagnant or even sink towards darkness and the dust. Even where life rejects the spirit or the spirit rejects life, there may be a self-affirmation of the inner being; there may even be a glorious crop of saints and hermits in a forcing-soil of spirituality, but unless the race, the society, the nation is moved towards the spiritualisation of life or moves forward led by the light of an ideal, the end must be littleness, weakness and stagnation. Or the race has to turn to the intellect for rescue, for some hope or new ideal, and arrive by a circle through an age of rationalism at a fresh effort towards the restatement of spiritual truth and a new attempt to spiritualise human life.
  The true and full spiritual aim in society will regard man not as a mind, a life and a body, but as a soul incarnated for a divine fulfilment upon earth, not only in heavens beyond, which after all it need not have left if it had no divine business here in the world of physical, vital and mental nature. It will therefore regard the life, mind and body neither as ends in themselves, sufficient for their own satisfaction, nor as mortal members full of disease which have only to be dropped off for the rescued spirit to flee away into its own pure regions, but as first instruments of the soul, the yet imperfect instruments of an unseized diviner purpose. It will believe in their destiny and help them to believe in themselves, but for that very reason in their highest and not only in their lowest or lower possibilities. Their destiny will be, in its view, to spiritualise themselves so as to grow into visible members of the spirit, lucid means of its manifestation, themselves spiritual, illumined, more and more conscious and perfect. For, accepting the truth of mans soul as a thing entirely divine in its essence, it will accept also the possibility of his whole being becoming divine in spite of Natures first patent contradictions of this possibility, her darkened denials of this ultimate certitude, and even with these as a necessary earthly starting-point. And as it will regard man the individual, it will regard too man the collectivity as a soul-form of the Infinite, a collective soul myriadly embodied upon earth for a divine fulfilment in its manifold relations and its multitudinous activities. Therefore it will hold sacred all the different parts of mans life which correspond to the parts of his being, all his physical, vital, dynamic, emotional, aesthetic, ethical, intellectual, psychic evolution, and see in them instruments for a growth towards a diviner living. It will regard every human society, nation, people or other organic aggregate from the same standpoint, sub-souls, as it were, means of a complex manifestation and self-fulfilment of the Spirit, the divine Reality, the conscious Infinite in man upon earth. The possible godhead of man because he is inwardly of one being with God will be its one solitary creed and dogma.

1.22 - How to Learn the Practice of Astrology, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  When you have got your sea-legs at both these parts of your astrological education, you may (I think) put out to sea with some Confidence. Perhaps a fair test of your fitness would be when you got three people right out of four, in a total of a score or so. Well, allow for my being in a "mood" to-night; call it two out of three. If it were guesswork, after all, that means you are bringing it off at seven to one. Obviously, when you do go wrong, set up the figure, study it more carefully than ever, and find out what misled you.
  Remember constantly that the Statistical Method is your one and only safeguard against self-deception.

1.23 - THE MIRACULOUS, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  Those who are holy in virtue of being selfless channels of the Spirit may practise psychic healing with perfect safety; for they will know which of the sick are ready to accept forgiveness along with the mere miracle of a bodily cure. Those who are not holy, but who can forgive sins in virtue of belonging to an institution which is believed to be a channel of grace may also practice healing with a fair Confidence that they will not do more harm than good. But unfortunately the knack of psychic healing seems in some persons to be inborn, while others can acquire it without acquiring the smallest degree of holiness. (It is possible to receive such graces and yet be in mortal sin.) Such persons will use their knack indiscriminately, either to show off or for profit. Often they produce spectacular cures but lacking the power to forgive sins or even to understand the psychological correlates, conditions or causes of the symptoms they have so miraculously dispelled, they leave a soul empty, swept and garnished against the coming of seven other devils worse than the first.
  next chapter: 1.24 - RITUAL, SYMBOL, SACRAMENT

1.25 - SPIRITUAL EXERCISES, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  When you are walking alone, or elsewhere, glance at the general will of God, by which He wills all the works of his mercy and justice in heaven, on earth, under the earth, and approve, praise and then love that sovereign will, all holy, all just, all beautiful. Glance next at the special will of God, by which He loves his own, and works in them in divers ways, by consolation and tribulation. And then you should ponder a little, considering the variety of consolations, but especially of tribulations, that the good suffer; and then with great humility approve, praise and love all this will. Consider that will in your own person, in all the good or ill that happens to you and may happen to you, except sin; then approve, praise and love all that, protesting that you will ever cherish, honour and adore that sovereign will, and submitting to Gods pleasure and giving Him all who are yours, amongst whom am I. End in a great Confidence in that will, that it will work all good for us and our happiness. I add that, when you have performed this exercise two or three times in this way, you can shorten it, vary it and arrange it, as you find best, for it should often be thrust into your heart as an aspiration.
  St. Franois de Sales
  The Way of Tranquillity. The purpose of this discipline is twofold: to bring to a standstill all disturbing thoughts (and all discriminating thoughts are disturbing), to quiet all engrossing moods and emotions, so that it will be possible to concentrate the mind for the purpose of meditation and realization. Secondly, when the mind is tranquillized by stopping all discursive thinking, to practise reflection or meditation, not in a discriminating, analytical way, but in a more intellectual way (cp. the scholastic distinction between reason and intellect), by realizing the meaning and significances of ones thoughts and experiences. By this twofold practice of stopping and realizing ones faith, which has already been awakened, will be developed, and gradually the two aspects of this practice will merge into one another the mind perfectly tranquil, but most active in realization. In the past one naturally had Confidence in ones faculty of discrimination (analytical thinking), but this is now to be eradicated and ended.
  Those who are practising stopping should retire to some quiet place and there, sitting erect, earnestly seek to tranquillize and concentrate the mind. While one may at first think of ones breathing, it is not wise to continue this practice very long, nor to let the mind rest on any particular appearances, or sights, or conceptions, arising from the senses, such as the primal elements of earth, water, fire and ether (objects on which Hinayanists were wont to concentrate at one stage of their spiritual training), nor to let it rest on any of the minds perceptions, particularizations, discriminations, moods or emotions. All kinds of ideation are to be discarded as fast as they arise; even the notions of controlling and discarding are to be got rid of. Ones mind should become like a mirror, reflecting things, but not judging them or retaining them. Conceptions of themselves have no substance; let them arise and pass away unheeded. Conceptions arising from the senses and lower mind will not take form of themselves, unless they are grasped by the attention; if they are ignored, there will be no appearing and no disappearing. The same is true of conditions outside the mind; they should not be allowed to engross ones attention and so to hinder ones practice. The mind cannot be absolutely vacant, and as the thoughts arising from the senses and the lower mind are discarded and ignored, one must supply their place by right mentation. The question then arises: what is right mentation? The reply is: right mentation is the realization of mind itself, of its pure undifferentiated Essence. When the mind is fixed on its pure Essence, there should be no lingering notions of the self, even of the self in the act of realizing, nor of realization as a phenomenon.
  The Way of Wisdom. The purpose of this discipline is to bring a man into the habit of applying the insight that has come to him as the result of the preceding disciplines. When one is rising, standing, walking, doing something, stopping, one should constantly concentrate ones mind on the act and the doing of it, not on ones relation to the act, or its character or value. One should think: there is walking, there is stopping, there is realizing; not, I am walking, I am doing this, it is a good thing, it is disagreeable, I am gaining merit, it is I who am realizing how wonderful it is. Thence come vagrant thoughts, feelings of elation or of failure and unhappiness. Instead of all this, one should simply practice concentration of the mind on the act itself, understanding it to be an expedient means for attaining tranquillity of mind, realization, insight and Wisdom; and one should follow the practice in faith, willingness and gladness. After long practice the bondage of old habits becomes weakened and disappears, and in its place appear Confidence, satisfaction, awareness and tranquillity.
  What is this Way of Wisdom designed to accomplish? There are three classes of conditions that hinder one from advancing along the path to Enlightenment. First, there are the allurements arising from the senses, from external conditions and from the discriminating mind. Second, there are the internal conditions of the mind, its thoughts, desires and mood. All these the earlier practices (ethical and mortificatory) are designed to eliminate. In the third class of impediments are placed the individuals instinctive and fundamental (and therefore most insidious and persistent) urges the will to live and to enjoy, the will to cherish ones personality, the will to propagate, which give rise to greed and lust, fear and anger, infatuation, pride and egotism. The practice of the Wisdom Paramita is designed to control and eliminate these fundamental and instinctive hindrances. By means of it the mind gradually grows clearer, more luminous, more peaceful. Insight becomes more penetrating, faith deepens and broadens, until they merge into the inconceivable Samadhi of the Minds Pure Essence. As one continues the practice of the Way of Wisdom, one yields less and less to thoughts of comfort or desolation; faith becomes surer, more pervasive, beneficent and joyous; and fear of retrogression vanishes. But do not think that the consummation is to be attained easily or quickly; many rebirths may be necessary, many aeons may have to elapse. So long as doubt, unbelief, slanders, evil conduct, hindrances of karma, weakness of faith, pride, sloth and mental agitation persist, so long as even their shadows linger, there can be no attainment of the Samadhi of the Buddhas. But he who has attained to the radiance of highest Samadhi, or unitive Knowledge, will be able to realize, with all the Buddhas, the perfect unity of all sentient beings with Buddhahoods Dharmakaya. In the pure Dharmakaya there is no dualism, neither shadow of differentiation. All sentient beings, if only they were able to realize it, are already in Nirvana. The Minds pure Essence is Highest Samadhi, is Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi, is Prajna Paramita, is Highest Perfect Wisdom.

1.27 - CONTEMPLATION, ACTION AND SOCIAL UTILITY, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  He who is strong in faith, weak in understanding, will generally place his Confidence in good-for-nothing people and believe in the wrong object. He who is strong in understanding, weak in faith, leans towards dishonesty and is difficult to cure, like a disease caused by medicine. One in whom both are equal believes in the right object.
  He who is strong in concentration, weak in energy, is overcome by idleness, since concentration partakes of the nature of idleness. He who is strong in energy, weak in concentration, is overcome by distractions, since energy partakes of the nature of distraction. Therefore they should be made equal to one another, since from equality in both comes contemplation and ecstasy.

1.28 - On holy and blessed prayer, mother of virtues, and on the attitude of mind and body in prayer., #The Ladder of Divine Ascent, #Saint John of Climacus, #unset
  6. The attitude of prayer is one and the same for all, but there are many kinds of prayer and many different prayers. Some converse with God as with a friend and master, interceding with praise and petition not for themselves but for others. Some strive for more (spiritual) riches and glory and for Confidence in prayer. Others ask for complete deliverance from their adversary.1 Some beg to receive some kind of rank; others for complete forgiveness of debts. Some ask to be released from prison; others for remission of accusations.
  7. Before all else let us list sincere thanksgiving first on our prayer-card. On the second line we should put confession, and heartfelt contrition of soul. Then let us present our petition to the King of all. This is the best way of prayer, as it was shown to one of the brethren by an angel of the Lord.

1.28 - The Killing of the Tree-Spirit, #The Golden Bough, #James George Frazer, #Occultism
  this Confidence in the stability of nature is bred only by the
  experience which comes of wide observation and long tradition; and
  faded, would their Confidence again be dashed by doubts and
  misgivings at symptoms of decay, which told how vain were all their

1.29 - Continues to describe methods for achieving this Prayer of Recollection. Says what little account we should make of being favoured by our superiors., #The Way of Perfection, #Saint Teresa of Avila, #Christianity
  giving our minds Confidence, so that we may readily understand what we are saying, and with
  Whom we are speaking, we must recollect our outward senses, take charge of them ourselves and

1.29 - What is Certainty?, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  We may then with some Confidence reaffirm that our certainties do assert our limitations; but this kind of limitation is not necessarily harmful, provided that we view the situation in its proper perspective, that we understand that membership of the of-all-Truth class does not (as one is apt to think at first sight) deepen the gulfs which separate mind from mind, but on the contrary put us in a position to ignore them. Our acts of "love under will," which express our devotion to Nuit, which multiply the fulfillments of our possibilities, become continually more efficacious, and more closely bound up with our Formula of Initiation; and we progressively become aware of deeper and vaster Images of the of-all-Truth class, which reconcile, by including within themselves, all apparent antinomies.
  It is certain without error that I ought to go to bed.

1.3.01 - Peace The Basis of the Sadhana, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Have Confidence in the final result and give time for the
  Power to do its work.

1.35 - The Tao 2, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  It is therefore not altogether without Confidence that I present this translation of the Tao Teh King to the public. I hope and believe that careful study of the text, as elucidated by my commentary, will enable serious aspirants to the hidden Wisdom to understand (with fair accuracy) what Lao Tze taught. It must however be laid to heart that the essence of his system will inevitably elude intellectual apprehension, unless it be illuminated from above by actual living experience of the truth. Such experience is only to be attained by unswerving application to the practices which he advocates. Nor must the aspirant content himself with the mere attainment of spiritual enlightenment, however sublime. All such achievements are barren unless they be regarded as the means rather than the end of spiritual progress; allowed to infiltrate every detail of the life, not only of the spirit, but of the senses. The Tao can never be known until it interprets the most trivial actions of every day routine. It is a fatal mistake to discriminate between the spiritual importance of meditation and playing golf. To do so is to create an internal conflict. "Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt." He who knows the Tao knows it to be the source of all things soever; the most exalted spiritual ecstasy and the most trivial internal impression are from our point of view equally illusions, worthless masks, which hide, with grotesque painted pasteboard false and lifeless, the living face of truth. Yet, from another point of view, they are equally expressions of the ecstatic genius of truth natural images of the reaction between the essence of one's self and one's particular environment at the moment of their occurrence. They are equally tokens of the Tao by whom, in whom, and of whom, they are. To value them for themselves is to deny the Tao and to be lost in delusion. To despise them is to deny the omnipresence of the Tao, and to suffer the illusion of sorrow. To discriminate between them is to set up the accursed dyad, to surrender to the insanity of intellect, to overwhelm the intuition of truth, and to create civil war in the consciousness.
  From 1905 to 1918 the Tao Teh King was my continual study. I constantly recommended it to my friends as the supreme masterpiece of initiated wisdom, and I was as constantly disappointed when they declared that it did not impress them, especially as my preliminary descriptions of the book had aroused their keenest interest. I thus came to see that the fault lay with Legge's translation, and I felt myself impelled to undertake the task of presenting Lao Tze in language informed by the sympathetic understanding which initiation and spiritual experience had conferred on me. During my Great Magical Retirement on Aesopus Island in the Hudson River during the summer of 1918, I set myself to this work, but I discovered immediately that I was totally incompetent. I therefore appealed to an Adept named Amalantrah, which whom I was at that time in almost daily communication. He came readily to my aid, and exhibited to me a codex of the original, which conveyed to me with absolute certitude the exact significance of the text. I was able to divine without hesitation or doubt the precise manner in which Legge had been deceived. He had translated the Chinese with singular fidelity, yet in almost every verse the interpretation was altogether misleading. There was no need to refer to the text from the point of view of scholarship. I had merely to paraphrase his translation in the light of actual knowledge of the true significance of the terms employed. Any one who cares to take the trouble to compare the two versions will be astounded to see how slight a remodeling of a paragraph is sufficient to disperse the obstinate obscurity of prejudice, and let loose a fountain and a flood of living light; to kindle the gnarled prose of stolid scholarship into the burgeoning blossom of lyrical flame.
  I completed my translation within three days, but during the last twenty years I have constantly reconsidered every sentence. The manuscript has been lent to a number of friends, scholars who have commended my work, and aspirants who have appreciated its adequacy to present the spirit of the Master's teaching. Those who had been disappointed with Legge's version were enthusiastic about mine. This circumstance is in itself sufficient to assure me that Love's labour has not been lost, and to fill me with enthusiastic Confidence that the present publication will abundantly contri bute to the fulfillment of my True Will for which I came to earth. Let us wring from labour and sorrow the utmost of which humanity is capable. Fulfill my Will to open the portals of spiritual attainment to my fellowmen, to bring them to the enjoyment of that realization of Truth, beneath all veils of temporal falsehood, which has enlightened mine eyes and filled my mouth with song.
  So there you are.

1.39 - Continues the same subject and gives counsels concerning different kinds of temptation. Suggests two remedies by which we may be freed from temptations.135, #The Way of Perfection, #Saint Teresa of Avila, #Christianity
  she renders, however good it may be, seems to her fruitless. She loses Confidence and sits with her
  hands in her lap because she thinks she can do nothing well and that what is good in others is wrong

1.4.03 - The Guru, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It has always been held in Indian yoga that the relation between Guru and disciple must be one of full Confidence and full acceptance of the Guru by the Shishya. The latter was supposed to accept unquestioningly the guidance and to follow the instructions of the Guru without criticism or questioning; he was not supposed to criticise, to blame or to refuse adhesion or to follow in a questioning or grudging spirit: for that would stand in the way of his advance. The Indian disciple of those days would not have expected the Guru to suit his directions or instructions or ways of leading to the mental demands or vital ideas of the
  I do not know if his Guru falls far short in any respect, but with the attitude he has taken, her deficiencies, if any, do not matter. It is not the human defects of the Guru that can stand in the way when there is the psychic opening, Confidence and surrender. The Guru is the channel or the representative or the manifestation of the Divine, according to the measure of his personality or his attainment; but whatever he is, it is to the
  Divine that one opens in opening to him, and if something is determined by the power of the channel, more is determined by the inherent and intrinsic attitude of the receiving consciousness, an element that comes out in the surface mind as simple trust or direct unconditional self-giving, and once that is there, the essential things can be gained even from one who seems to others than the disciple an inferior spiritual source and the rest will grow up in the sadhak of itself by the Grace of the Divine, even if the human being in the Guru cannot give it. It is this that Krishnaprem appears to have done perhaps from the first; but in most nowadays this attitude seems to come with difficulty after much hesitation and delay and trouble. In my own case I owe the first decisive turn of my inner life to one who was infinitely inferior to me in intellect, education and capacity and by no means spiritually perfect or supreme; but, having seen a Power behind him and decided to turn there for help, I gave myself entirely into his hands and followed with an automatic passivity the guidance. He himself was astonished and said to others that he had never met anyone before who could surrender himself so absolutely and without reserve or question to the guidance of the helper. The result was a series of transmuting experiences of such a radical character that he was unable to follow and had to tell me to give myself up in future to the Guide within with the same completeness of surrender as I had shown to the human channel. I give this example to show how these things work; it is not in the calculated way the human reason wants to lay down, but by a more mysterious and greater law.

1.40 - Coincidence, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  A waited impatiently, and rang up once more. Again the series of nonsense-difficulties about getting the connection. At last the answer came. This time yet one more girl friend D. "Oh, what a pity! You've just missed her; she left the box not five minutes ago." "Box," screamed A, "what box? Have I got mixed up in a Trunk Murder?" "Why, this box," replied D, calmly. "What box?" shouted A. "Isn't that her flat?" "Her flat! are you crazy? This is a call-box in Shaftesbury Avenue." Collapse of A's Confidence in the sanity of Nature.
  One may note that there was no similarity in the names of the exchanges, or in the numbers.

1.41 - Speaks of the fear of God and of how we must keep ourselves from venial sins., #The Way of Perfection, #Saint Teresa of Avila, #Christianity
  ourselves, and, the more determined we are, the less self- Confidence we should have, for Confidence
  must come from God. But, when we find ourselves in this state, we need not feel constrained or

1.439, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  Suka had no Confidence in his brahmacharya whereas Sri Krishna was sure of his brahmacharya. Self-Realisation is designated by so many different names, satya, brahmacharya, etc. What is natural to the state of Self-Realisation forms the disciplinary course in the other state. I-am-the-body idea will become extinct only on
  Self-Realisation. With its extinction the vasanas become extinct and all virtues will remain ever.
  There was a king who treated his subjects well. One of his ministers gained his Confidence and misused the influence. All the other ministers and officers were adversely affected and they hit upon a plan to get rid of him. They instructed the guards not to let the man enter the palace. The king noted his absence and enquired after him.
  He was informed that the man was taken ill and could not therefore come to the palace. The king deputed his physician to attend on the minister. False reports were conveyed to the king that the minister was sometimes improving and at other times collapsing. The king desired to see the patient. But the pandits said that such an action was against dharma. Later the minister was reported to have died.

1.450 - 1.500 Talks, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  Suka had no Confidence in his brahmacharya whereas Sri Krishna was sure of his brahmacharya. Self-Realisation is designated by so many different names, satya, brahmacharya, etc. What is natural to the state of Self-Realisation forms the disciplinary course in the other state. "I-am-the-body" idea will become extinct only on
  Self-Realisation. With its extinction the vasanas become extinct and all virtues will remain ever.

1.45 - Unserious Conduct of a Pupil, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  For one thing, you acquire also the habit of dishonourable failure; and you very soon convince yourself that "the whole thing is nonsense." Confidence comes from exercise, from taking risks, from picking your- self up after a purler; finding that the maddest gambles keep oncoming off, you begin to suspect that there is no more than Luck in it; you observe this closely, and there forms, in the dusk dimly, a Shape; very soon you see a Hand, and from its movements you divine a Brain behind the whole contrivance.
  "Good!" you say quietly, with a determined nod; "I'm watched, I'm helped: I'll do my bit; the rest will come about without my worrying or meddling."

1.49 - Thelemic Morality, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  All the same, I say NO. I should never be the same man again. I should have lost that Confidence in myself which is the spine of my work. No need that the fraud should be discovered openly: it would appear in all my subsequent work, a subtle contamination.
  But suppose that it were not the matter of gulling a moribund half-wit; suppose that the price was a straightforward honest-to-God Bank Robbery under arms on the highway, should I hesitate then? Here I should risk my head, and the dice are loaded against me; nor does the deed imply "moral turpitude." Stalin's associates regarded him as a martyred hero when the law of the country, less cogent that Thelema, sat heavily on his devoted head.

1.50 - Eating the God, #The Golden Bough, #James George Frazer, #Occultism
  uncertain, it is impossible to build with Confidence; but it seems
  worth suggesting that the loaves in human form, which appear to have

1.51 - How to Recognise Masters, Angels, etc., and how they Work, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  We drove on a few yards. Then the chauffeur made up him mind to revolt, and stopped the car. On the left was a wide open gate through which we could see a gang of workmen engaged in pretending to repair a ramshackle villa. Virakam called the foreman and asked in broken Italian if the place was to let. He told her no; it was under repair. With crazy Confidence she dragged him within and forced him to show her over the house. I sat in resigned disgust, not deigning to follow. Then my eyes suddenly saw down the garden, two trees close together. I stooped. Their tops appeared. They were Persian Nuts! The stupid coincidence angered me, and yet some irresistible instinct compelled me to take out my note book and pencil and jot down the name written over the gate Villa Caldarazzo. Idly I added up the letters.[108] Their sum struck me like a bullet in my brain. It was 418, the number of the Magical Formula of the Aeon, a numerical hieroglyph of the Great Work. Ab-ul-Diz had made no mistake. My recognition of the right place was not to depend on a mere matter of trees, which might be found almost anywhere. Recognition beyond all possibility of doubt was what he promised. He had been as good as his word.
  I was entirely overwhelmed. I jumped out of the car and ran up to the house. I found Virakam in the main room. The instant I entered I understood that it was entirely suited for a temple. The walls were decorated with crude frescoes which somehow suggested the exact atmosphere proper to the Work. The very shape of the room seemed somehow significant. Further, it seemed as if it were filled with a peculiar emanation. This impression must not be dismissed as sheer fancy. Few men but are sufficiently sensitive to distinguish the spiritual aura of certain buildings. It is impossible not to feel reverence in certain cathedrals and temples. The most ordinary dwelling houses often possess an atmosphere of their own; some depress, some cheer; some disgust, others strike chill to the heart.

1.52 - Family - Public Enemy No. 1, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  A sound scheme: that is, provided that one has full Confidence in the General Theory. But we Caucasians happen not to believe in the Vedas, at least not in the dyed-in-the-wool sense which comes natural to the budding Brahmin; as to "our own" why our own? scriptures, no intelligent person takes them seriously any more. Some folk whittle away merrily, and fashion a Saviour in their own images; others strain the text and concoct a symbolic interpretation which is more or less satisfying as can be done with any bunch of legends. But such devices leave us without Accepted Authority, and without that nobody is going to gamble away his life. Thus the Path for men of spiritual integrity begins with absolute scepticism. Our methods must be exclusively inductive.
  "Gamble away his life," did I say? Indeed I did. If there is any truth at all in anything, or even any meaning in life, in Nature herself; then there is one thing, one thing only paramount: to find out who one is, what is one's necessary Way.

1.550 - 1.600 Talks, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  There was a king who treated his subjects well. One of his ministers gained his Confidence and misused the influence. All the other ministers and officers were adversely affected and they hit upon a plan to get rid of him. They instructed the guards not to let the man enter the palace. The king noted his absence and enquired after him.
  He was informed that the man was taken ill and could not therefore come to the palace. The king deputed his physician to attend on the minister. False reports were conveyed to the king that the minister was sometimes improving and at other times collapsing. The king desired to see the patient. But the pandits said that such an action was against dharma. Later the minister was reported to have died.

1.60 - Knack, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Of course, the worst of it is that failure in these early stages is liable to destroy their Confidence in the teacher, and I think it would be a very wise plan on your part to warn them about that.
  I ought incidentally to mention that this sudden illumination that is not quite the right word but I cannot think of a better one is quite different to the sudden Confidence which takes hold of one in the Yoga practices, the more I think of it the more I feel that the question of sensitiveness is of the greatest importance.
  In Yoga practices one does not, at least as far as my experience goes, come against the delicacy that one does in all magical and astral practices. The reason for what is, I think, quite obvious. All the Yoga practices are ultimately of the protective type, whereas with magical and astral practices one is exposing oneself to the contact of exterior (or apparently exterior) forces. In neither case however is there any sort of reason at all for discouragement; and as I said above the cure in all cases is apparently the same.

1.63 - Fear, a Bad Astral Vision, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Mohammed set off sadly for Bassorah. Indeed, as the days passed, the incident preyed upon his mind, until at last he resolved to risk the breach of professional Confidence and warn his friend. He sent accordingly a letter of condolence and farewell.
  But Isaak was a man of action. Prompt and stealthy, on the day appointed he saddled his best horse and so passed through the silent streets of the city in search of a refuge.

1.67 - Faith, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  What is the other kind of faith? Like its hostile twin, it must have no truck with reason, at least no conscious truck, or it ceases to possess a moral meaning. It is that Confidence*[AC50] in oneself which assures one that the long shot at the tiger will fly true to the mark, that the tricky putt will go down, that the man one never beat before will go down this time; also its horrid contrary, the moral certainty that something will go wrong, even with the easiest problems, with one hundred to one in one's favour.
  I think the official answer is that one's certainty is in reality based upon subconscious calculation, so that faith has nothing whatever to do with it. If there is any answer to this, I don't know it.
  * [AC50] " Confidence" = cum, with; fidere, to trust = to trust fully. This Confidence of which I write is usually a sort of "hunch".
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1.69 - Farewell to Nemi, #The Golden Bough, #James George Frazer, #Occultism
  inspire us with a cheerful Confidence in the soundness of its
  method. Here at last, after groping about in the dark for countless

1.72 - Education, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
    Now in this training of the Child is one most dear Consideration, that I shall impress upon thee as is Conformity with out holy Experience in the way of Truth. And it is this, that since that which can be thought is not true, every Statement is in some sense false. Even on the Sea of Pure Reason, we may say that every Statement is in some Sense disputable. Therefore in every Case, even the simplest, the Child should be taught not only the Thesis, but also its opposite, leaving the Decision to the child's own Judgment and good Sense, fortified by Experience. And this Practice will develop its Power of Thought, and its Confidence in itself, and its Interest in all Knowledge. But most of all beware against any Attempt to bias its Mind on any Point that lieth without the Square of ascertained and undisputed Fact. Remember also, even when thou art most sure, that so were they sure who gave Instruction to the young Copernicus. Pay Reverence also to the Unknown unto whom thou presumest to impart thy knowledge; for he may be one greater than thou.

1912 11 02p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   How many times a day, still, I act without my action being consecrated to Thee; I at once become aware of it by an indefinable uneasiness which is translated in the sensibility of my body by a pang in my heart. I then make my action objective to myself and it seems to me ridiculous, childish or blameworthy; I deplore it, for a moment I am sad, until I dive into Thee and, there losing myself with a childs Confidence, await from Thee the inspiration and strength needed to set right the error in me and around me,two things that are one; for I have now a constant and precise perception of the universal unity determining an absolute interdependence of all actions.

1912 11 19p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   But all this is still in embryo and will continue to grow towards perfection. What an appeasing assurance there is in this serene Confidence in Thy All-Might!
   Thou art all, everywhere, and in all, and this body which acts is Thy own body, just as is the visible universe in its entirety; it is Thou who breathest, thinkest and lovest in this substance which, being Thyself, desires to be Thy willing servant.

1912 12 03p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   I listened to Thee as Thou spokest in me, and I would have liked to write down what Thou saidst so that the formula in all its precision might not be lost,for now I should not be able to repeat what was said. Then I thought that this care for conservation was again an insulting lack of Confidence towards Thee, for Thou canst make of me all that I need to be, and in the measure in which my attitude allows Thee to act on me and in me, Thy omnipotence has no limits. To know that at each instant what must be surely is, as perfectly as is possible, for all those who know how to see Thee in everything and everywhere! No more fear, no more uneasiness, no more anguish; nothing but a perfect Serenity, an absolute Confidence, a supreme unwavering Peace.

1912 12 10p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   O Supreme Master, Eternal Teacher, it has been once more granted me to verify the unequalled effectivity of a full Confidence in Thy leading. Thy Light was manifested through my mouth yesterday and it met no resistance in me; the instrument was willing, supple, keen of edge.
   It is Thou who art the doer in each thing and each being, and he who is near enough to Thee to see Thee in all actions without exception, will know how to transform each act into a benediction.

1913 05 11p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   O Lord, Lord, a boundless joy fills my heart, songs of gladness surge through my head in marvellous waves, and in the full Confidence of Thy certain triumph I find a sovereign Peace and an invincible Power. Thou fillest my being, Thou animatest it, Thou settest in motion its hidden springs, Thou illuminest its understanding, Thou intensifiest its life, Thou increasest tenfold its love; and I no longer know whether the universe is I or I the universe, whether Thou art in me or I in Thee; Thou alone art and all is Thou; and the streams of Thy infinite grace fill and overflow the world.
   Sing O lands, sing O peoples, sing O men,

1914 03 07p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   [This morning my prayer rises to Thee, always with the same aspiration: to live Thy love, to radiate Thy love, with such potency and effectiveness that all may feel fortified, regenerated and illumined by our contact. To have power to heal life, to relieve suffering, to generate peace and calm Confidence, to efface anguish and replace it by the sense of the one true happiness, the happiness that is founded in Thee and never fades. O Lord, O marvellous Friend, O all-powerful Master, penetrate all our being, transfigure it till Thou alone livest in us and through us!]1
   Translated by Sri Aurobindo or revised and published under his guidance.

1914 03 08p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   In front of this calm sunrise which turned all within me into silence and peace, at the moment when I grew conscious of Thee and Thou alone wast living in me, O Lord, it seemed to me that I adopted all the inhabitants of this ship, and enveloped them in an equal love, and that so in each one of them something of Thy consciousness would awake. Not often had I felt so strongly Thy divine power and Thy invincible light, and once again total was my Confidence and unmixed my joyful surrender.
   O Thou who relievest all suffering and dispersest all ignorance, O Thou the supreme healer, be constantly present on this boat in the heart of those whom it shelters that once again Thy glory may be manifested!

1914 03 18p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   That is why, Lord, our heart is light, our thought in repose. That is why we turn to Thee in all Confidence and say peacefully:
   May Thy will be done, in it true harmony is realised.

1914 03 21p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Oh, why be restless and want that for oneself things should turn out in one way and not another! Why decide that a particular set of circumstances will be the expression of the best possibilities and then launch into a bitter struggle so that these possibilities may be realised! Why not use all ones energy solely to will in the calm of inner Confidence that Thy law may triumph everywhere and always over all difficulties, all darkness, all egoism! How the horizon widens as soon as one learns to take this attitude; how all anxiety vanishes giving place to a constant illumination, to the omnipotence of disinterestedness! To will what Thou willest, O Lord, is to live constantly in communion with Thee, to be delivered from all contingencies, to escape all narrowness, to fill ones lungs with pure and wholesome air, to get rid of all useless weariness, be relieved of all cumbrous loads, so as to run briskly towards the only goal worth attaining: the triumph of Thy divine Law!
   O Lord, with what joy and trust I greet Thee this morning!

1914 04 19p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   But my heart is in peace, my thought free from impatience, and I entrust myself to Thy will with the smiling Confidence of a child.
   May Thy peace reign over all.

1914 06 15p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   One must know how to soar in an immutable Confidence; in the sure flight is perfect knowledge.

1914 06 27p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   In this deep and steadfast Confidence that Thy work will be done and that Thou hast created and appointed those who have to accomplish it, why strain ones energy uselessly and want what is already realised? Thou hast given me, O Lord, the sovereign peace of this Confidence; Thou hast granted me the incomparable boon of living in Thy love, by Thy love, of being Thy love ever more and more; and in this love is complete and unchanging beatitude.
   I address but one prayer to Thee, which I know to be granted in advance: Always increase the number of elements, atoms or universes, capable of living integrally in and by Thy love.

1914 08 18p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Let me turn to Thee in a profound and silent contemplation; let me place this integral being and its multiple activities at Thy feet as an offering; let me stop all the play of these forces, unify all these consciousnesses, so that one alone may persist, the one which is able to hear Thy comm and and understand it; let me plunge again into Thee as in a sovereignly beneficent sea, that which purifies from all ignorance. I feel as if I have gone down very deep into an unfathomable abyss of doubt and darkness, as if I am exiled from Thy eternal splendour; but I know that in this descent is the possibility of a higher ascent which will enable me to span a vaster horizon and draw a little nearer to Thy infinite heavens. Thy light is there, steady and guiding, shining without intermission in the depths of the abyss as in the luminous splendours; and a serene Confidence, a calm indifference, a tranquil certitude dwell permanently in my consciousness. I am like a boat which has long enjoyed the delights of the port and, despite the dark storm-laden clouds which hide the sun, unfurls its sails to launch forth into the great unknown, towards shores unheard of, towards new lands.
   I am Thine, Lord, without any restriction or preference; may Thy will be done in all its rigorous plenitude; all my being adheres to it with a joyous acceptance and a calm serenity.

1914 11 15p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Of this, O Lord, Thou hast given us the assurance, an assurance which has been accompanied by the most powerful promise that Nature, the universal Consciousness can possibly make. Thus we have the certitude that what must be done will be done and that our present individual beings are in reality called upon to collaborate in this glorious victory, this new manifestation. What more do we need to know? Nothing. So it is with the greatest Confidence that we can witness the formidable fight, the onslaught of the adverse forces, which, unknowingly, finally serve in the realisation of Thy plan. We would be wrong to feel anxious because it is not given to us to know how it serves Thy plan and by what means Thou wilt triumph over all resistances; for Thy triumph is so perfect that every obstacle, every ill-will, every hatred raised up against Thee is a promise of a still vaster and more complete victory.
   From the sum of resistances, one can gauge the scope Thou wouldst give to the action of that among Thy pure forces which is coming to manifest upon earth. What opposes is just that upon which it is the mission of these forces to act; it is the darkest hatred which must be touched and transformed into luminous peace.

1916 12 30p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   I feel, I see my soul living deep within my being, and my soul sees Thee, recognises Thee and loves Thee in all things, in everything that is; it is fully conscious of this, and as the outer being is surrendered to it, it too is conscious; the mind knows and never forgets; the purified vital being no longer has any attractions and repulsions, and more and more does it taste of the joy of Thy Presence in all things and always. But the heart seems to have fallen asleep in a slumber of exhaustion, and the soul no longer finds sufficient activity within it to respond fully to its impulsion. Why? Was it so poor that the struggle could thus wear it out, or so deeply wounded that it has become quite stiff? And yet it would like to answer the inner call; it wants this with a faith and ardour which have never wavered; but it is like an old man smiling benevolently at the games of youth but unable to take part in them. And yet it is full of joy and Confidence, it overflows with gratitude for all the treasures of affection which Nature has so generously lavished upon it; it would like, in exchange for these precious gifts, to pour out in inexhaustible streams the golden wine of tenderness which restores and fortifies, enlivens and consoles, the true wine of life for human beings. It would like to and tries but how poor is what it does beside what it dreams of doing, how mediocre what it is able to do beside what it hopes, for it hopes always. It knows that Thy call is never heard in vain, and it has no doubt it can one day realise the splendours of which Thou hast given it a glimpse.
   Who will open these closed flood-gates?

1917 01 14p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   It is with the Confidence of a child that my heart implores Thee this evening.

1917 03 30p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Thou hast willed that for me the future should be uncertain and that I should go forward with Confidence without even knowing where the road would lead.
   Thou hast willed that I should put the care of my destiny utterly in Thy hands, and abdicate altogether all personal preoccupation.

1918 07 12p, #Prayers And Meditations, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Thou hast made me know the supreme, the sublime joy of a perfect Confidence, an absolute serenity, a surrender total and without reserve or colouring, free from effort or constraint.
   Joyous like a child I have smiled and wept at once before Thee, O my Well-Beloved!]3

1929-05-05 - Intellect, true and wrong movement - Attacks from adverse forces - Faith, integral and absolute - Death, not a necessity - Descent of Divine Consciousness - Inner progress - Memory of former lives, #Questions And Answers 1929-1931, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  A great deal depends upon the stage of development of your consciousness. At the beginning, if you have no special occult knowledge and power, the best you can do is to keep as quiet and peaceful as possible. If the attack takes the form of adverse suggestions try quietly to push them away, as you would some material object. The quieter you are, the stronger you become. The firm basis of all spiritual power is equanimity. You must not allow anything to disturb your poise: you can then resist every kind of attack. If, besides, you possess sufficient discernment and can see and catch the evil suggestions as they come to you, it becomes all the more easy for you to push them away; but sometimes they come unnoticed, and then it is more difficult to fight them. When that happens, you must sit quiet and call down peace and a deep inner quietness. Hold yourself firm and call with Confidence and faith: if your aspiration is pure and steady, you are sure to receive help.
  Attacks from adverse forces are inevitable: you have to take them as tests on your way and go courageously through the ordeal. The struggle may be hard, but when you come out of it, you have gained something, you have advanced a step. There is even a necessity for the existence of the hostile forces. They make your determination stronger, your aspiration clearer.
  The only way to fail in your battle with the hostile forces is not to have a true Confidence in the divine help. Sincerity in the aspiration always brings down the required succour. A quiet call, a conviction that in this ascension towards the realisation you are never walking all alone and a faith that whenever help is needed it is there, will lead you through, easily and securely.
  Do these hostile forces generally come from outside or inside?

1929-05-19 - Mind and its workings, thought-forms - Adverse conditions and Yoga - Mental constructions - Illness and Yoga, #Questions And Answers 1929-1931, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Where does Yoga begin and where does it end? Is not the whole of your life Yoga? The possibilities of illness are always there in your body and around you; you carry within you or there swarm about you the microbes and germs of every disease. How is it that all of a sudden you succumb to an illness which you did not have for years? You will say it is due to a depression of the vital force. But from where does the depression come? It comes from some disharmony in the being, from a lack of receptivity to the divine forces. When you cut yourself off from the energy and light that sustain you, then there is this depression, there is created what medical science calls a favourable ground and something takes advantage of it. It is doubt, gloominess, lack of Confidence, a selfish turning back upon yourself that cuts you off from the light and divine energy and gives the attack this advantage. It is this that is the cause of your falling ill and not microbes.
  But has it not been found that by improved sanitation the health of the average citizen improves?

1929-06-16 - Illness and Yoga - Subtle body (nervous envelope) - Fear and illness, #Questions And Answers 1929-1931, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  To whatever cause an illness may be due, material or mental, external or internal, it must, before it can affect the physical body, touch another layer of the being that surrounds and protects it. This subtler layer is called in different teachings by various names,the etheric body, the nervous envelope. It is a subtle body and yet almost visible. In density something like the vibrations that you see around a very hot and steaming object, it emanates from the physical body and closely covers it. All communications with the exterior world are made through this medium, and it is this that must be invaded and penetrated first before the body can be affected. If this envelope is absolutely strong and intact, you can go into places infested with the worst of diseases, even plague and cholera, and remain quite immune. It is a perfect protection against all possible attacks of illness, so long as it is whole and entire, thoroughly consistent in its composition, its elements in faultless balance. This body is built up, on the one side, of a material basis, but rather of material conditions than of physical matter, on the other, of the vibrations of our psychological states. Peace and equanimity and Confidence, faith in health, undisturbed repose and cheerfulness and bright gladness constitute this element in it and give it strength and substance. It is a very sensitive medium with facile and quick reactions; it readily takes in all kinds of suggestions and these can rapidly change and almost remould its condition. A bad suggestion acts very strongly upon it; a good suggestion operates in the contrary sense with the same force. Depression and discouragement have a very adverse effect; they cut out holes in it, as it were, in its very stuff, render it weak and unresisting and open to hostile attacks an easy passage.
  It is the action of this medium that partly explains why people often feel a spontaneous and unreasoning attraction or repulsion for each other. The first seat of these reactions is in this protecting envelope. Easily we feel attracted towards people who bring a reinforcement to our nervous envelope; we are repelled by those who disturb or hurt it. Whatever gives it a sense of expansion and comfort and ease, whatever makes it respond with a feeling of happiness and pleasure exercises on us at once an attraction; when the effect is in the contrary sense, it responds with a protecting repulsion. This movement, when two people meet, is often mutual. It is not, of course, the only cause of affinities, but it is one and a very frequent cause.
  There are physical movements, effects of the pressure of the Yoga, which sometimes create ungrounded fears that may do harm if the fear is not rejected. There is, for instance, a certain pressure in the head of which there has been question and which is felt by many, especially in the earlier stages, when something that is still closed has to open. It is a discomfort that comes to nothing and can easily be got over, if you know that it is an effect of the pressure of the forces to which you are opening, when they work strongly on the body to produce a result and to hasten the transformation. Taken quietly, it can turn into a not unpleasurable sensation. But if you get frightened, you are sure to contract a very bad headache; it may even go as far as a fever. The discomfort is due to some resistance in the nature; if you know how to release the resistance, you are immediately free of the discomfort. But get frightened and the discomfort may turn into something much worse. Whatever the character of the experience you have, you must give no room to fear; you must keep an unshaken Confidence and feel that whatever happens is the thing that had to happen. Once you have chosen the path, you must boldly accept all the consequences of your choice. But if you choose and then draw back and choose again and again draw back, always wavering, always doubting, always fearful, you create a disharmony in your being, which not only retards your progress, but can be the origin of all kinds of disturbance in the mind and vital being and discomfort and disease in the body.

1929-06-23 - Knowledge of the Yogi - Knowledge and the Supermind - Methods of changing the condition of the body - Meditation, aspiration, sincerity, #Questions And Answers 1929-1931, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  What should one do who wants to change his bodily condition, effect a cure or correct some physical imperfection? Should he concentrate upon the end to be realised and exercise his will-power or should he only live in the Confidence that it will be done or trust in the Divine Power to bring about the desired result in its own time and in its own way?
  All these are so many ways of doing the same thing and each in different conditions can be effective. The method by which you will be most successful depends on the consciousness you have developed and the character of the forces you are able to bring into play. You can live in the consciousness of the completed cure or change and by the force of your inner formation slowly bring about the outward change. Or if you know and have the vision of the force that is able to effect these things and if you have the skill to handle it, you can call it down and apply it in the parts where its action is needed, and it will work out the change. Or, again, you can present your difficulty to the Divine and ask of It the cure, putting confidently your trust in the Divine Power.

1950-12-25 - Christmas - festival of Light - Energy and mental growth - Meditation and concentration - The Mother of Dreams - Playing a game well, and energy, #Questions And Answers 1950-1951, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Yet there is a source of energy which, once discovered, never dries up, whatever the circumstances and the physical conditions in life. It is the energy that can be described as spiritual, that which is received not from below, from the depths of inconscience, but from above, from the supreme origin of men and the universe, from the all-powerful and eternal splendours of the superconscious. It is there, everywhere around us, penetrating everything and to enter into contact with it and receive it, it is sufficient to sincerely aspire for it, to open oneself to it in faith and Confidence so as to enlarge ones consciousness for identifying it with the universal Consciousness.
  Energy Inexhaustible, On Education

1951-02-05 - Surrender and tapasya - Dealing with difficulties, sincerity, spiritual discipline - Narrating experiences - Vital impulse and will for progress, #Questions And Answers 1950-1951, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   This is much more difficult than to sit upon a difficulty! It is much more difficult to stand back from the difficulty, to look at it as something which does not concern you, which does not interest you, does not belong to you, which belongs to the world and not to you but it is only by doing this that you can succeed. This demands a kind of liberation of spirit and a Confidence in your inner being: you must believe that if you take the right attitude, it is the best that will happen to you; but if you are afraid when something unpleasant happens to you, then you can do nothing. You must have this Confidence within you, whatever the difficulty, whatever the obstacle. Most of the time, when something unpleasant happens, you say, Is it going to increase? What other accident is yet going to happen! and so on. You must tell yourself, These things are not mine; they belong to the subconscious world; to be sure I have nothing to do with them and if they come again to seize me, I am going to give a fight. Naturally you will answer that this is easy to say but difficult to do. But if truly you take this attitude of Confidence, there is no difficulty that you will not be able to conquer. Anxiety makes the difficulty greater.
   Evidently there is one difficulty: in your conscious being something does not want the difficulty, wishes sincerely to overcome it, but there are numberless movements in other parts of your consciousness of which you are not conscious. You say, I want to be cured of that; unfortunately it is not sufficient to say I want, there are other parts of the consciousness which hide themselves so that you may not be busy with them, and when your attention is turned away these parts try to assert themselves. That is why I say and shall always repeat, Be perfectly sincere; do not try to deceive yourself, do not say, I have done all that I could. If you do not succeed, it means that you do not do all that you can. For, if you truly do all that you can, you will surely succeed. If you have any defect which you want to get rid of and which still persists, and you say, I have done all that I could, you may be sure that you have not done all that you should have. If you had, you would have triumphed, for the difficulties that come to you are exactly in proportion to your strengthnothing can happen to you which does not belong to your consciousness, and all that belongs to your consciousness you are able to master. Even the things and suggestions that come from outside can touch you only in proportion to the consent of your consciousness, and you are made to be the master of your consciousness. If you say, I have done all that I could and in spite of everything the thing continues, so I give up, you may be already sure that you have not done what you could. When an error persists in spite of everything it means that something hidden in your being springs up suddenly like a Jack-in-the-box and takes the helm of your life. Hence, there is only one thing to do, it is to go hunting for all the little dark corners which lie hidden in you and, if you put just a tiny spark of goodwill on this darkness, it will yield, will vanish, and what appeared to you impossible will become not only possible, practicable, but it will have been done. You can in this way in one minute get rid of a difficulty which would have harassed you for years. I absolutely assure you of it. That depends only on one thing: that you truly, sincerely, want to get rid of it. And it is the same for everything, from physical illnesses up to the highest mental difficulties. One part of the consciousness says, I dont want it, but behind there hides a heap of things which say nothing, do not show themselves, and which just want that things continue as they aregenerally out of ignorance; they do not believe that it is necessary to be cured, they believe that everything is for the best in the best of worlds. As the lady with whom I had those conversations used to say, The trouble begins as soon as you want to change. A great French writer has repeated this and has made out of it his pet theory: Misery begins when you want to perfect yourself; if you do not wish to perfect yourself, you wont have any misery! I may tell you that this is absolutely wrong, but there are, all the same, things in you that want absolutely to be left alone, not to be disturbed in any way: Oh! What a nuisance you are, leave us alone!

1951-03-14 - Plasticity - Conditions for knowing the Divine Will - Illness - microbes - Fear - body-reflexes - The best possible happens - Theories of Creation - True knowledge - a work to do - the Ashram, #Questions And Answers 1950-1951, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Where does Yoga begin and where does it end? Is not the whole of your life Yoga? The possibilities of illness are always there in your body and around you; you carry within you or there swarm about you the microbes and germs of every disease. How is it that all of a sudden you succumb to an illness which you did not have for years? You will say it is due to a depression of the vital force. But from where does the depression come? It comes from some disharmony in the being, from a lack of receptivity to the divine forces. When you cut yourself off from the energy and light that sustain you, then there is this depression, there is created what medical science calls a favourable ground and something takes advantage of it. It is doubt, gloominess, lack of Confidence, a selfish turning back upon yourself that cuts you off from the light and divine energy and gives the attack this advantage. It is this that is the cause of your falling ill and not microbes.
   Questions and Answers 1929 (19 May)
   One thing that is now beginning to be recognised by everyone, even by the medical corps, is that hygienic measures, for example, are effective only to the extent that one has Confidence in them. Take the case of an epidemic. Many years ago we had a cholera epidemic here it was bad but the chief medical officer of the hospital was an energetic man: he decided to vaccinate everybody. When he discharged the vaccinated men, he would tell them, Now you are vaccinated and nothing will happen to you, but if you were not vaccinated you would be sure to die! He told them this with great authority. Generally such an epidemic lasts a long time and it is difficult to arrest it, but in some fifteen days, I think, this doctor succeeded in checking it; in any case, it was done miraculously fast. But he knew very well that the best effect of his vaccination was the Confidence it gave to people.
   Now, quite recently, they have found something else and I consider it wonderful. They have discovered that for every disease there is a microbe that cures it (call it a microbe if you like, anyway, some sort of germ). But what is so extraordinary is that this microbe is extremely contagious, even more contagious than the microbe of the disease. And it generally develops under two conditions: in those who have a sort of natural good humour and energy and in those who have a strong will to get well! Suddenly they catch the microbe and are cured. And what is wonderful is that if there is one who is cured in an epidemic, three more recover immediately. And this microbe is found in all who are cured.

1951-04-05 - Illusion and interest in action - The action of the divine Grace and the ego - Concentration, aspiration, will, inner silence - Value of a story or a language - Truth - diversity in the world, #Questions And Answers 1950-1951, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   During the 1929 talk someone asked what should be done to effect the cure of an illness, whether one should exercise ones willpower or only live in the Confidence that it will be done or rely entirely on the divine Power. Mother replied:
   All these are so many ways of doing the same thing.

1953-06-10, #Questions And Answers 1953, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   You have something in you which attracts this force; take, for example (it is one of the most frequent things), the force of depression, that kind of attack of a wave of depression that falls upon you: you lose Confidence, you lose hope, you have the feeling you will never be able to do anything, you are cast down. It means there is in your vital being something which is naturally egoistic, surely a little vain, which needs encouragement to remain in a good state. So it is like a little signal for those forces which intimates to them: You can come, the door is open. But there is another part in the being that was watching when these forces arrived; instead of allowing them to enter, the part which sees clearly, which knows, which has power, which resists, says: No, I do not want that, it is not true, I do not want it, and sends them back. But you have not necessarily been cured of the little thing within you which permitted them to come. You must go very deep within, work within you persistently to be able to efface all possibility of calling. And so long as you have not completely effaced it, the attack will recur almost unexpectedly. You push it backit is like a ball you throw against the wall, back it returns; you push it back once again and again it returnsuntil the moment there is no longer anything to attract it. Then it does not return again.
   Therefore, the most important thing to do when you are attacked by an adverse force, is to say to yourself: Yes, the force comes from outside and the attack is there, but there must certainly be a correspondence in my nature, otherwise it could not have attacked me. Well, I am going to look and find within me what allows this force to come and I am going to send it back or transform it or put the light of consciousness upon it so that it may be converted, or drive it away so that it remains no longer within me. There is a way, you see? When the force comes, the adverse force, when it attacks, the part which corresponds rushes out to meet it, it goes forward. A kind of meeting takes place. If at that time, instead of being altogether overwhelmed or taken by surprise and off your guard, you observe very closely what it was within you that vibrated (it makes the sound tat, tat, tat: another thing has entered), then you can catch it. At that moment, you catch it and say to it: Get out with your friends, I dont want you any longer! You send away the two together, the part that attracted and the thing it attracted; they are sent away and you are absolutely clear.

1953-07-22, #Questions And Answers 1953, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   So there are two things you have to do when you have discovered the disorder, big or small the disharmony. Firstly, we said that this disharmony creates a kind of tremor and a lack of peace in the physical being, in the body. It is a kind of fever. Even if it is not a fever in general, there is localised fever; there are people who get restless. So the first thing to do is to quieten oneself, bring peace, calm, relaxation, with a total Confidence, in this little corner (not necessarily in the whole body). Afterwards you see what is the cause of the disorder. You look. Of course, there are many, but still you try to find out approximately the cause of this disorder, and through the pressure of light and knowledge and spiritual force you re-establish the harmony, the proper functioning. And if the ailing part is receptive, if it does not offer any obstinate resistance, you can be cured in a few seconds.
   It is not always the case. Sometimes there is, as I have said, a bad will: you are more or less on strike, at least you want the illness to have its consequences. So, that takes a little more time. However, if you do not happen to be particularly ill-willed, after some time the Force acts: after a few minutes or hours or at the most some days you are cured.
   But in ordinary life, most of the time, people are almost always illexcept a few who escape for reasons of a different order that we shall explain one day. There are very few people who are not more or less ill all the while. But even in ordinary life, if within you there is trust, goodwill, a kind of certitude, this kind of inner Confidence, oh! as there is in most children perhaps (I do not know, for, after all, those we see here are fairly exceptional, however, there is a trust in life, they are young and they have the feeling that the whole life is before them. Very few things are behind, everything is in front. So that gives them a kind of self- Confidence, that pulls them out.
   Otherwise, I do not know, in the ordinary life I have known very few people who did not complain of having at least some physical ailment which they carried always with them You know perhaps that play of Jules Romains, Doctor Knock, in which he says that a healthy man is a patient unaware of his sickness. It is usually true. When you are sufficiently busy not to be all the while occupied with yourself, you do not notice it, but it is there.

1953-10-07, #Questions And Answers 1953, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Not necessarily. One should know of what stuff the faith and the trust are made. Because, for instance, if you live normally, under quite normal conditionswithout having extravagant ideas and a depressing educationwell, through all your youth and usually till you are about thirty, you have an absolute trust in life. If, for example, you are not surrounded by people who, as soon as you have a cold in the head, get into a flurry and rush to the doctor and give you medicines, if you are in normal surroundings and happen to have somethingan accident or a slight illness there is this certainty in the body, this absolute trust that it will be all right: It is nothing, it will pass off. It is sure to go. I shall be quite well tomorrow or in a few days. It will surely be curedwhatever you may have caught. That is indeed the normal condition of the body. An absolute trust that all life lies before it and that all will be well. And this helps enormously. One gets cured nine times out of ten, one gets cured very quickly with this Confidence: It is nothing; what is it after all? Just an accident, it will pass off, it is nothing. And there are people who keep it for a very long time, a very long time, a kind of Confidencenothing can happen to them. Their life is all before them, fully, and nothing can happen to them. And what will happen to them is of no importance at all: all will be well, necessarily; they have the whole of life before them. Naturally, if you live in surroundings where there are morbid ideas and people pass their time recounting disastrous and catastrophic things, then you may think wrongly. And if you think wrongly, this reacts on your body. Otherwise, the body as it is can keep this Confidence till the age of forty or fiftyit depends upon peoplesome know how to live a normal, balanced life. But the body is quite confident about its life. It is only if thought comes in and brings all kinds of morbid and unhealthy imaginations, as I said, that it changes everything. I have seen instances like that: children who had these little accidents one has when running and playing about: they did not even think about it. And it disappeared immediately. I have seen others whose family has drummed into them since the time they could understand, that everything is dangerous, that there are microbes everywhere, that one must be very careful, that the least wound may prove disastrous, that one must be altogether on ones guard and take great care that nothing serious happens. So, they must have their wounds dressed, must be washed with disinfectants, and there they sit wondering: What is going to happen to me? Oh! I may perhaps get tetanus, a septic fever. Naturally, in such cases one loses Confidence in life and the body feels the effects keenly. Three-fourths of its resistance disappears. But normally, naturally, it is the body which knows that it must remain healthy, and it knows it has the power to react. And if something happens, it tells this something: It is nothing, it will go away, dont think about it, it is over; and it does go.
   That of course is absolute trust.

1953-12-23, #Questions And Answers 1953, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   That depends on people, I told you. There are peopleas soon as the least thing happens to their body, their mind is completely upset. There are others still who may be very ill and yet keep their mind clear. It is rarer and more difficult to see a mind thats upset and the body remaining healthyit is not impossible but it is much rarer, for the body depends a great deal on the state of the mind. The mind (I have written it there in the book) is the master of the physical being. And I have said the latter was a very docile and obedient servant. Only one doesnt know how to use ones mind, rather the opposite. Not only does one not know how to use it, but one uses it illas badly as possible. The mind has a considerable power of formation and a direct action on the body, and usually one uses this power to make oneself ill. For as soon as the least thing goes wrong, the mind begins to shape and build all the catastrophes possible, to ask itself whether it could be this, whether it could be that, if it is going to be like that, and how it will all end. Well, if instead of letting the mind do this disastrous work, one used the same capacity to make favourable formationssimply, for example, to give Confidence to the body, to tell it that it is just a passing disturbance and that it is nothing, and if it enters a real state of receptivity, the disorder will disappear as easily as it has come, and one can cure oneself in a few secondsif one knows how to do that, one gets wonderful results.
   There is a moment for choice, even in an accident. For instance, one slips and falls. Just between the moment one has slipped and the moment one falls there is a fraction of a second. At that moment one has the choice: it may be nothing much, it may be very serious. Only, the consciousness must naturally be wide awake and one must be in contact with ones psychic being constantly there is no time to make the contact, one must be in contact. Between the moment one slips and the moment one is on the ground, if the mental and psychic formation is sufficiently strong, then there is nothing, nothing will happennothing happens. But if at that moment, the mind according to its habit becomes a pessimist and tells itself: Oh! I have slipped. That lasts the fraction of a second; that doesnt take even a minute, it is a fraction of a second; during a fraction of a second one has the choice. But one must be so awake, every minute of ones life! For a fraction of a second one has the choice, there is a fraction of a second in which one can prevent the accident from being serious, can prevent the illness from entering in. One always has the choice. But it is for a fraction of a second and one must not miss it. If one misses it, it is finished.

1954-05-05 - Faith, trust, confidence - Insincerity and unconsciousness, #Questions And Answers 1954, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  object:1954-05-05 - Faith, trust, Confidence - Insincerity and unconsciousness
  Sweet Mother, I dont understand very clearly the difference between faith, belief and Confidence.
  But Sri Aurobindo has given the full explanation here. If you dont understand, then
  The whole being, yes. Faith, thats the whole being at once. He says that belief is something that occurs in the head, that is purely mental; and Confidence is quite different. Confidenceone can have Confidence in life, trust in the Divine, trust in others, trust in ones own destiny, that is, one has the feeling that everything is going to help him, to do what he wants to do.
  Faith is a certitude without any proof.
  One has given oneself totally to the divine work, one has faith in it, not only in its possibility, but faith that it is the thing which is true and which must be, and one gives oneself entirely to it, without asking what will happen. And so, therein or thereon may be grafted a certitude, a Confidence that one is capable of accomplishing it, that is, of participating in it and doing it because one has given oneself to ita Confidence that what one is going to do, what one wants to do, one will be able to do; that this realisation one wants to attain, one will attain. The first does not put any questions, does not think of the results: it gives itself entirelyit gives itself and then thats all. It is something that absorbs one completely. The other may be grafted upon it. Confidence says: Yes, I shall participate, realise what I want to realise, I shall surely take part in this work. For the other, one has faith in the Divine, that it is the Divine who is all, and can do all, and does all and who is the only real existence and one gives oneself entirely to this faith, to the Divine, thats all. One has faith in the existence of the Divine and gives oneself; and there can also be grafted upon this a trust that this relation one has with the Divine, this faith one has in the Divine, will work in such a way that all that happen to himwhatever it may be, all that happen to himwill not only be an expression of the divine will (that of course is understood) but also the best that could happen, that nothing better could have happened to him, since it is the Divine who is doing it for him. This attitude is not necessarily a part of faith, for faith does not questions anything, it does not ask what the consequence of its self-giving will beit gives itself, and thats all; while Confidence can come and say, Thats what the result will be. And this is an absolute fact, that is, the moment one gives oneself entirely to the Divine, without calculating, in a total faith, without bargaining of any kindone gives oneself, and then, come what may! That does not concern me, I just give myselfautomatically it will always be for you, in all circumstances, at every moment, the best that will happen not the way you conceive of it (naturally, thought knows nothing), but in reality. Well, there is a part of the being which can become aware of this and have this Confidence. This is something added on to faith which gives it more strength, a strengthhow shall I put it?of total acceptance and the best utilisation of what happen.
  There is a state in which one realises that the effect of things, circumstances, all the movements and actions of life on the consciousness depends almost exclusively upon ones attitude to these things. There is a moment when one becomes sufficiently conscious to realise that things in themselves are truly neither good nor bad: they are this only in relation to us; their effect on us depends absolutely upon the attitude we have towards them. The same thing, identically the same, if we take it as a gift of God, as a divine grace, as the result of the full Harmony, helps us to become more conscious, stronger, more true, while if we take itexactly the very same circumstanceas a blow from fate, as a bad force wanting to affect us, this constricts us, weighs us down and takes away from us all consciousness and strength and harmony. And the circumstance in itself is exactly the sameof this, I should like you all to have the experience, for when you have it, you become master of yourself. Not only master of yourself but, in what concerns you, master of the circumstances of your life. And this depends exclusively upon the attitude you take; it is not an experience that occurs in the head, though it begins there, but an experience which can occur in the body itself. So much so, thatwell, it is a realisation which naturally asks for a lot of work, concentration, self-mastery, consciousness pushed into Matter, but as a result, in accordance with the way the body receives shocks from outside, the effect may be different. And if you attain perfection in that field, you become master of accidents. I hope this will happen. It is possible. It is not only possible; it is certain. Only it is just one step forward. That is, this power you havealready fully and formidably realised in the mindto act upon circumstances to the extent of changing them totally in their action upon you, that power can descend into Matter, into the physical substance itself, the cells of the body, and give the same power to the body in relation to the things around it.

1954-07-07 - The inner warrior - Grace and the Falsehood - Opening from below - Surrender and inertia - Exclusive receptivity - Grace and receptivity, #Questions And Answers 1954, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  But all these things are One can learn how to do them through a kind of study and science. But they can be done without any study or science provided the aspiration and surrender are absolute and total. If the aspiration and surrender are total, it is done automatically. But you must see to it that they are total; and besides, as I was saying just now, you become very clearly aware of it, for the moment they are not total, you are no longer happy. You feel uneasy, very miserable, dejected, a bit unhappy: Things are not quite pleasant today. They are the same as they were yesterday; yesterday they were marvellous, today they are not pleasing!Why? Because yesterday you were in a perfect state of surrender, more or less perfectand today you arent any more. So, what was so beautiful yesterday is no longer beautiful today. That joy you had within you, that Confidence, the assurance that all will be well and the great Work will be accomplished, that certitudeall this, you see, has become veiled, has been replaced by a kind of doubt and, yes, by a discontent: Things are not beautiful, the world is nasty, people are not pleasant. It goes sometimes to this length: The food is not good, yesterday it was excellent. It is the same but today it is not good! This is the barometer! You may immediately tell yourself that an insincerity has crept in somewhere. It is very easy to know, you dont need to be very learned, for, as Sri Aurobindo has said in Elements of Yoga: One knows whether one is happy or unhappy, one knows whether one is content or discontented, one doesnt need to ask oneself, put complicated questions for this, one knows it!Well, it is very simple.
  The moment you feel unhappy, you may write beneath it: I am not sincere! These two sentences go together:

1954-07-14 - The Divine and the Shakti - Personal effort - Speaking and thinking - Doubt - Self-giving, consecration and surrender - Mothers use of flowers - Ornaments and protection, #Questions And Answers 1954, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Now, at that time I used to wear my watch on a chain. Wrist-watches were not known then or there were very few. And there was also a small eighteenth century magnifying-glass it was quite small, as large as this (gesture). And it had two lees, you see, like all reading-glasses; there were two lees mounted on a small golden frame, and it was hanging from my chain. Now, between the two glasses I put these petals and I used to carry this about with me always because I wanted to keep it with me; you see, I trusted this lady and knew she had power. I wanted to keep this with me, and I always felt a kind of energy, warmth, Confidence, force which came from that thing. I did not think about it, you see, but I felt it like that.
  And then, one day, suddenly I felt quite depleted, as though a support that was there had gone. Something very unpleasant. I said, It is strange; what has happened? Nothing really unpleasant has happened to me. Why do I feel like this, so empty, emptied of energy? And in the evening, when I took off my watch and chain, I noticed that one of the small glasses had come off and all the petals were gone. There was not one petal left. Then I really knew that they carried a considerable charge of power, for I had felt the difference without even knowing the reason. I didnt know the reason and yet it had made a considerable difference. So it was after this that I saw how one could use flowers by charging them with forces. They are extremely receptive.
  There was a man working in an office whose life was rather poor and who was not very successful, and one day he found a perforated coin. He put it in his pocket and said to himself, Now I am going to prosper! And he was full of hope, courage, energy, because he knew: Now that I have the coin, I am sure to succeed! And, in fact, he went on prospering, prospering more and more. He earned more and more money, he had a better and better position, and people said, What a wonderful man! How well he works! How he finds all the solutions to all problems! Indeed, he became a remarkable man, and every morning when he put on his coat, he felt itlike thisto be sure that his coin was in his pocket. He touched it, he felt that the coin was there, and he had Confidence. And then, one day, he was a little curious, and said, I am going to see my coin!years later. He was having his breakfast with his wife and said, I am going to see my coin! His wife told him, Why do you want to see it? Its not necessary. Yes, yes, let me see my coin. He took out the little bag in which he kept the coin, and found inside a coin which was not perforated!
  Ah, he said, this is not my coin! What is this? Who has changed my coin? Then his wife told him, Look, one day there was some dust on your coat. I shook it off through the window and the coin fell out. I had forgotten that the coin was there. I ran to look for it but didnt find it. Someone had picked it up. So I thought you would be very unhappy and I put another coin there. (Laughter) Only, he, of course, was confident that his coin was there and that was enough.
  It is the faith, the trust that does it, you see The perforated coin gives you nothing at all. You can always try. When one has Confidence
  There! nowand thats enough.

1954-08-04 - Servant and worker - Justification of weakness - Play of the Divine - Why are you here in the Ashram?, #Questions And Answers 1954, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Um! So! We justify all our weaknesses? It is not a positive want of self- Confidence; it is a lack of Confidence in what the divine Grace can do for us. To justify ones weaknesses is a kind of laziness and inertia.
  Well, when one doesnt want to make an effort to correct oneself, one says, Oh, it is impossible, I cant do it, I dont have the strength, I am not made of that stuff, I dont have the necessary qualities, I could never do it. It is absolute laziness, it is in order to avoid the required effort. When you are asked to make progress: Oh, it is beyond my capacity, I am a poor creature, I can do nothing! Thats all. It is almost ill-will. It is extreme laziness, a refusal to make any effort. One accepts all ones defects and incapacities in order not to have to make the necessary effort to overcome them. One says, I am like that, I cant be otherwise! It is a refusal to let the divine Grace work in you. It is a justification of your own ill-will.

1954-12-22 - Possession by hostile forces - Purity and morality - Faith in the final success -Drawing back from the path, #Questions And Answers 1954, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  I could tell you many more things, but it will come gradually. In any case, if you can keep within yourself a Confidence, a candid trust which does not argue, and the see of yes, it is truly a kind of trust that what is done for you, in spite of all appearances, is always the best thing to lead you in the quickest way possible out of all your difficulties and towards the goal if you can keep that strong in you, well, your path will become tremendously easier.
  You will tell me that it is very difficult to keep it, but children keep it very well. They must have truly come upon particularly detestable parents to lose it; but if their parents are simply good enough, they keep this very well. Well, it is this attitude; if you can tell yourself, Good, perhaps the divine Grace deserves our Confidence, simply this, nothing else, you will avoid many difficulties, many. In fact this avoids many difficulties even in ordinary life, and many worries. And particularly here, if you can do that, well, you will see things which seemed formidably difficult dissolving suddenly like clouds.
  There we are, thats all.

1955-10-19 - The rhythms of time - The lotus of knowledge and perfection - Potential knowledge - The teguments of the soul - Shastra and the Gurus direct teaching - He who chooses the Infinite..., #Questions And Answers 1955, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  And this is what gives thats what he says, doesnt he?this is what gives that kind of Confidence, of certitude, precisely, that one is predestined; and if one is predestined, even if there are mountains of difficulties, what can that matter since one is sure to succeed! This gives you an indomitable courage to face all difficulties and a patience that stands all trials: you are sure to succeed.
  And its a factin fact, it is like that: the moment you thought about it, well, you thought about it because someone thought about you; you chose because you were chosen. And once you have been chosen, you are sure of the thing. Therefore, doubts, hesitations, depressions, uncertainties, all this is quite simply a waste of time and energy; it is of no use at all.

1956-11-14 - Conquering the desire to appear good - Self-control and control of the life around - Power of mastery - Be a great yogi to be a good teacher - Organisation of the Ashram school - Elementary discipline of regularity, #Questions And Answers 1956, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Mother, when you read, it gives a great encouragement to do yoga, but when one tries to visualise the effort that must be put in, one doesnt have much Confidence in oneself.
  When I read it is all right and then it burns out! Then I must read to you about that very often in order to re-light the spark!

1956-11-28 - Desire, ego, animal nature - Consciousness, a progressive state - Ananda, desireless state beyond enjoyings - Personal effort that is mental - Reason, when to disregard it - Reason and reasons, #Questions And Answers 1956, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  What is not mentioned here is the nature of the effort, for it is a certain kind of effort which leads to the result described here, which is either a revolt or a sort ofyes, petrifaction, truly, something that becomes absolutely insensible and no longer responds at all to this effort. This happens when the effort is almost exclusively mental and quite arbitrary, in the sense that it does not at all take into account the state of the rest of the being; it has its own idea, its own will, and without any consideration for the rest of the being, it imposes this will on the being as a whole. This is what usually brings about the revolt or the petrifaction. And the only thing to do is to make the mind quiet. And this is the time to make a movement of self-giving, full of peace, quietude, Confidence. If one makes this movement of self-giving, of complete surrender to the divine Will, all the tension arising from the effort, an effort which could be called premature or unconsideredall the tension arising from this effort gives way. There is a relaxation in the being. And the progress one could not make by this purely mental effort usually comes about almost automatically, by the very fact that one has relaxed in Confidence and self-giving to the divine Will.
  And then, this is what follows:

1957-02-13 - Suffering, pain and pleasure - Illness and its cure, #Questions And Answers 1957-1958, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  But for that one must be neither cowardly nor fearful. When the physical disorder comes, one must not be afraid; one must not run away from it, must face it with courage, calmness, Confidence, with the certitude that illness is a falsehood and that if one turns entirely, in full Confidence, with a complete quietude to the divine Grace, It will settle in these cells as It is established in the depths of the being, and the cells themselves will share in the eternal Truth and Delight.

1957-03-22 - A story of initiation, knowledge and practice, #Questions And Answers 1957-1958, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Yusuf went away ashamed, head down, and from then on he had only one thought: to become master of himself. For years and years he made tireless efforts, he underwent a hard and difficult tapasya, and finally succeeded in becoming master of his nature. Then, full of Confidence Yusuf went back to his Master. The Mahatma was overjoyed to see him again and find him ready. And this is how Yusuf received from Mahatma Junun the great initiation.
  Many, many years went by, Yusuf grew in wisdom and mastery. He became one of the greatest and most exceptional saints of Islam.

1957-06-19 - Causes of illness Fear and illness - Minds working, faith and illness, #Questions And Answers 1957-1958, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  In most cases the use of medicineswithin reasonable limits, that is, when one doesnt poison oneself by taking medicinesis simply to help the body to have Confidence. It is the body which heals itself. When it wants to be cured, it is cured. And this is something very widely recognised now; even the most traditional doctors tell you, Yes, our medicines help, but it is not the medicines which cure, it is the body which decides to be cured. Very well, so when the body is told, Take this, it says to itself, Now I am going to get better, and because it says I am going to get better, well, it is cured!
  In almost every case, there are things which help a little provided it is done within reasonable limits. If it is no longer within reasonable limits, you are sure to break down completely. You cure one thing but catch another which is usually worse. But still, a little help, in a way, a little something that gives Confidence to your body: Now it will be all right, now that I have taken this, it is going to be all rightthis helps it a great deal and it decides to get better and it is cured.
  There too, there is a whole range of possibilities, from the yogi who is in so perfect a state of inner control that he could take poison without being poisoned to the one who at the least little scratch rushes to the doctor and needs all sorts of special drugs to get his body to make the movement needed for its cure. There is the whole possible range, from total, supreme mastery to an equally total bondage to all external aids and all that you absorb from outsidea bondage and a perfect liberation. There is the whole range. So everything is possible. It is like a great key-board, very complex and very complete, on which one can play, and the body is the instrument.

1957-07-31 - Awakening aspiration in the body, #Questions And Answers 1957-1958, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  This is what it should be, instead of making children ordinary, with that dull, vulgar common sense which becomes an inveterate habit and, when something is going well, immediately brings up in the being the idea: Oh, that wont last!, when somebody is kind, the impression, Oh, he will change!, when one is capable of doing something, Oh, tomorrow I wont be able to do it so well. This is like an acid, a destructive acid in the being, which takes away hope, certitude, Confidence in future possibilities.
  When a child is full of enthusiasm, never throw cold water on it, never tell him, You know, life is not like that! You should always encourage him, tell him, Yes, at present things are not always like that, they seem ugly, but behind this there is a beauty that is trying to realise itself. This is what you should love and draw towards you, this is what you should make the object of your dreams, of your ambitions.
  And so, when the first experience comes, which sometimes begins when one is very young, the first contact with the inner joy, the inner beauty, the inner light, the first contact with that, which suddenly makes you feel, Oh! that is what I want, you must cultivate it, never forget it, hold it constantly before you, tell yourself, I have felt it once, so I can feel it again. This has been real for me, even for the space of a second, and that is what I am going to revive in myself. And encourage the body to seek itto seek it, with the Confidence that it carries that possibility within itself and that if it calls for it, it will come back, it will be realised again.
  This is what should be done when one is young. This is what should be done every time one has the opportunity to recollect oneself, commune with oneself, seek oneself.

1958 10 10, #On Thoughts And Aphorisms, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   And finally, I wish that you may all have these experiences yourselves. And for that, faith, Confidence, much humaneness and great goodwill are needed.
   Open, aspire, and wait. It will surely come, the Grace is there. It asks only to be able to work for everyone.

1958-11-12 - The aim of the Supreme - Trust in the Grace, #Questions And Answers 1957-1958, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  What is necessary is not to listen to what resists, not to believe what contradictsto have trust, a real trust, a Confidence which makes you give yourself fully without calculating, without bargaining. Trust! The trust that says, Do this, do this for me, I leave it to You.
  That is the best way.

1960 04 07? - 28, #On Thoughts And Aphorisms, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   And yet in the last analysis everything really depends on the Divine Grace and we should look towards the future with Confidence and serenity, at the same time progressing as fast as we can.
   15 April 1960

1965 12 26?, #On Thoughts And Aphorisms, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Obviously, there is nothing left of what gives Confidence in life to human beings. Apparently there is no longer any support from the outer world, there is nothing but the supreme Will. To translate this into plain words, well, the body has the feeling that it lives only because the supreme Lord wants it to live, otherwise it could not live.
   Yes, but it seems to me that a state of perfection ought to embrace everything, that is to say, one could be in the supreme state without abolishing the material state.

1f.lovecraft - Ashes, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   Confidence, for I had been told stories that some men would have given
   years of their life to have heard. And yet, despite my love of the

1f.lovecraft - In the Walls of Eryx, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   Confidence. I cursed the stupidity and idle curiosity which had drawn
   me into this tangle of unseen wallsreflecting that if I had let the

1f.lovecraft - Medusas Coil, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   in strict Confidence, as soon as he was settled with her at Riverside.
   I got to staying alone in my room more and more, with my failing
   visiting, and exchanged the close Confidences which kept their
   friendship up despite the strain that jealousy imposed.
   the change himself, for there was more Confidence in his tone as he

1f.lovecraft - Out of the Aeons, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   and such their Confidence in the skill and zeal of Tyog, that all the
   protestations came to naught. Even the King, usually a puppet of the

1f.lovecraft - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   and the Confidence you have shewn in my mind and integrity, are
   things I shall never cease to appreciate.
   are no Boundes to what shal be oures. Have Confidence in what I
   saye, for you knowe O. and I have hadd these 150 yeares more than

1f.lovecraft - The Dreams in the Witch House, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  strange Confidence. Did all of this perilous sense of imminence come
  from the formulae on the sheets he covered day by day? The soft,

1f.lovecraft - The Dunwich Horror, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   and walked ahead to shew the right one. Courage and Confidence were
   mounting; though the twilight of the almost perpendicular wooded hill

1f.lovecraft - The Horror in the Museum, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   in a tone of peculiarly increasing Confidence. Obviously, Jones
   reflected, the poor fellows madness was gaining on him. From time to
   must act quickly. Counting on the madmans Confidence in his
   unconsciousness he determined to take him by surprise, while his grasp
   disorganised Jones so badly. The utter, insane Confidence and sincerity
   in that crazed whisper were damnably contagious. Imagination, with such

1f.lovecraft - The Last Test, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   James Dalton learned of his old protgs need for political
   help to obliterate confusion and restore Confidence among the people.
   But Clarendon did not reply. He only smiled, while his singular
   his half-formed plan to take Dr. MacNeil into his Confidence regarding
   Alfred, he called at once for his hat and stick, and lost not a moment

1f.lovecraft - The Lurking Fear, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   pursue; whom to select for my Confidences, and how to track down the
   thing which had obliterated two men and cast a nightmare shadow.

1f.lovecraft - The Shadow over Innsmouth, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   abnormality. The mere telling helps me to restore Confidence in my own
   faculties; to reassure myself that I was not simply the first to
   this earth, of every vestige of mental peace and Confidence in the
   integrity of Nature and of the human mind. Nothing that I could have

1f.lovecraft - The Thing on the Doorstep, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   at liberty to describe thembut he had Confidence in her powers and
   intentions. The three servants were very queeran incredibly aged
   his Confidences had abruptly ceasedwhen I had half fancied that some
   obscure telepathic wave of Asenaths mental force was intervening to

1f.lovecraft - The Tree on the Hill, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   nurses in order to speak in utter Confidence.
   SingleI saw it! His voice was strained and husky. You must destroy

1f.lovecraft - The Unnamable, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   refute them, having that Confidence in his own opinions which had
   doubtless caused his success as a teacher; whilst I was too sure of my

1f.lovecraft - The Whisperer in Darkness, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   portentous message; and again I affirm my Confidence in the sanity of
   the man who wrote it. Here is the texta text which reached me in the
   could not have the same Confidence in the depth and sincerity of that
   peace which appeared in Akeleys final and queerly different letter.

1f.lovecraft - Through the Gates of the Silver Key, #Lovecraft - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   mystic of real attainments. He says he is in the Confidence of Randolph
   Carter. Will it satisfy you if he can answer certain questions which
   could be answered only by one in such Confidence? I know Carter, and
   can ask such questions. Let me get a book which I think will make a

1.ia - With My Very Own Hands, #Arabi - Poems, #Ibn Arabi, #Sufism
  my antecedents with Confidence.
  Thus, on the one hand, I can say that I am a mortal like yourselves,

1.pbs - Oedipus Tyrannus or Swellfoot The Tyrant, #Shelley - Poems, #Percy Bysshe Shelley, #Fiction
  With Confidence upon the grunting nation,
  Has thrown herself, her cause, her life, her all,
  [Whilst the Veiled Figure has been chanting this strophe, Mammon, Dakry, Laoctonos, and Swellfoot, have surrounded Iona Taurina, who, with her hands folded on her breast, and her eyes lifted to Heaven, stands, as with saint-like resignation, to wait the issue of the business, in perfect Confidence of her innocence.
  [Purganax, after unsealing the Green Bag, is gravely about to pour the liquor upon her head, when suddenly the whole expression of her figure and countenance changes; she snatches it from his hand with a loud laugh of triumph, and empties it over Swellfoot and his whole Court, who are instantly changed into a number of filthy and ugly animals, and rush out of the Temple. The image of Famine then arises with a tremendous sound, the Pigs begin scrambling for the loaves, and are tripped up by the skulls; all those who eat the loaves are turned into Bulls, and arrange themselves quietly behind the altar. The image of Famine sinks through a chasm in the earth, and a Minotaur rises.

1.pbs - Prometheus Unbound, #Shelley - Poems, #Percy Bysshe Shelley, #Fiction
  It made its childish Confidence, and told her
  All it had known or seen, for it saw much,

1.pbs - Queen Mab - Part IX., #Shelley - Poems, #Percy Bysshe Shelley, #Fiction
   And with undoubting Confidence disclosed
   The growing longings of its dawning love,
   Woman and man, in Confidence and love,
   Equal and free and pure together trod

1.pbs - Queen Mab - Part VI., #Shelley - Poems, #Percy Bysshe Shelley, #Fiction
   Of millions butchered in sweet Confidence
   And unsuspecting peace, even when the bonds

1.pbs - The Cenci - A Tragedy In Five Acts, #Shelley - Poems, #Percy Bysshe Shelley, #Fiction
  Of death and judgement with strange Confidence
  For one so wicked; as a man believing

1.pbs - To Harriet -- It Is Not Blasphemy To Hope That Heaven, #Shelley - Poems, #Percy Bysshe Shelley, #Fiction
  Never, thou second Self! Is Confidence
  So vain in virtue that I learn to doubt

1.poe - Eureka - A Prose Poem, #Poe - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  "Nor had our forefathers any better right to talk about certainty, when pursuing, in blind Confidence, the a priori path of axioms, or of the Ram. At innumerable points this path was scarcely as straight as a ram's-horn. The simple truth is, that the Aristotelians erected their castles upon a basis far less reliable than air; for no such things as axioms ever existed or can possibly exist at all. This they must have been very blind, indeed, not to see, or at least to suspect; for, even in their own day, many of their long-admitted 'axioms' had been abandoned: -'ex nihilo nihil fit,' for example, and a 'thing cannot act where it is not,' and 'there cannot be antipodes,' and 'darkness cannot proceed from light.' These and numerous similar propositions formerly accepted, without hesitation, as axioms, or undeniable truths, were, even at the period of which I speak, seen to be altogether untenable: -how absurd in these people, then, to persist in relying upon a basis, as immutable, whose mutability had become so repeatedly manifest!
  "But, even through evidence afforded by themselves against themselves, it is easy to convict these a priori reasoners of the grossest unreason -it is easy to show the futility -the impalpability of their axioms in general. I have now lying before me" it will be observed that we still proceed with the letter -"I have now lying before me a book printed about a thousand years ago. Pundit assures me that it is decidedly the cleverest ancient work on its topic, which is 'Logic.' The author, who was much esteemed in his day, was one Miller or Mill; and we find it recorded of him, as a point of some importance, that he rode a mill-horse whom he called Jeremy Bentham: -but let us glance at the volume itself!
  The process of thought, at this point, may be thus roughly sketched: -I say to myself -"Unity, as I have explained it, is a truth -I feel it. Diffusion is a truth -I see it. Irradiation, by which alone these two truths are reconciled, is a consequent truth I perceive it. Equability of diffusion, first deduced a priori and then corroborated by the inspection of phaenomena, is also a truth I fully admit it. So far all is clear around me: -there are no clouds behind which the secret -the great secret of the gravitating modus operandi -can possibly lie hidden; -but this secret lies hereabouts, most assuredly; and were there but a cloud in view, I should be driven to suspicion of that cloud." And now, just as I say this, there actually comes a cloud into view. This cloud is the seeming impossibility of reconciling my truth, irradiation, with my truth, equability of diffusion. I say now: -"Behind this seeming impossibility is to be found what I desire." I do not say "real impossibility;" for invincible faith in my truths assures me that it is a mere difficulty after all -but I go on to say, with unflinching Confidence, that, when this difficulty shall be solved, we shall find, wrapped up in the recess of solution, the key to the secret at which we aim. Moreover -I feel that we shall discover but one possible solution of the difficulty; this for the reason that, were there two, one would be supererogatory -would be fruitless -would be empty -would contain no key -since no duplicate key can be needed to any secret of Nature.
  And now, let us see: -Our usual notions of irradiation -in fact our distinct notions of it -are caught merely from the process as we see it exemplified in Light. Here there is a Continuous outpouring of ray-streams, and with a force which we have at least no right to suppose varies at all. Now, in any such irradiation as this -continuous and of unvarying force -the regions nearer the centre must inevitably be always more crowded with the irradiated matter than the regions more remote. But I have assumed no such irradiation as this. I assumed no Continuous irradiation; and for the simple reason that such an assumption would have involved, first, the necessity of entertaining a conception which I have shown no man can entertain, and which (as I will more fully explain hereafter) all observation of the firmament refutes -the conception of the absolute infinity of the Universe of stars -and would have involved, secondly, the impossibility of understanding a reaction that is, gravitation -as existing now -since, while an act is continued, no reaction, of course, can take place. My assumption, then, or rather my inevitable deduction from just premises -was that of a determinate irradiation -one finally dis continued.

1.rb - Bishop Blougram's Apology, #Browning - Poems, #Robert Browning, #Poetry
  "Blougram, or The Eccentric Confidence"
  Or better simply say, "The Outward-bound."

1.rb - Caliban upon Setebos or, Natural Theology in the Island, #Browning - Poems, #Robert Browning, #Poetry
   In Confidence he drudges at their task,
   And it is good to cheat the pair, and gibe,

1.rb - Pauline, A Fragment of a Question, #Browning - Poems, #Robert Browning, #Poetry
  In which I trust; I have no Confidence:
  So, I will sing on fast as fancies come;

1.rmr - The Spanish Dancer, #Rilke - Poems, #Rainer Maria Rilke, #Poetry
  Till, moving with total Confidence and a sweet
  exultant smile, she looks up finally

1.wby - At Algeciras - A Meditaton Upon Death, #Yeats - Poems, #William Butler Yeats, #Poetry
  Can with a fitting Confidence reply.

1.wby - His Confidence, #Yeats - Poems, #William Butler Yeats, #Poetry
  object:1.wby - His Confidence
  author class:William Butler Yeats

1.wby - The Gift Of Harun Al-Rashid, #Yeats - Poems, #William Butler Yeats, #Poetry
  Her Confidence in mine, or even lose
  Its first simplicity, love, voice and all,

1.whitman - Song of Myself, #Whitman - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  This hour I tell things in Confidence,
  I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.

1.whitman - Song Of Myself- XIX, #Whitman - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  This hour I tell things in Confidence,
  I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.

1.whitman - To One Shortly To Die, #Whitman - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  Strong thoughts fill you, and Confidenceyou smile!
  You forget you are sick, as I forget you are sick,

1.ww - Book Eleventh- France [concluded], #unset, #Arthur C Clarke, #Fiction
  Yet, in me, Confidence was unimpaired;
  The Senate's language, and the public acts

1.ww - Book First [Introduction-Childhood and School Time], #unset, #Arthur C Clarke, #Fiction
  A cheerful Confidence in things to come.
   Content and not unwilling now to give
  Whom I, in perfect Confidence, might hope
  To summon back from lonesome banishment,

1.ww - Book Fourteenth [conclusion], #unset, #Arthur C Clarke, #Fiction
  Deriving cheerful Confidence, shall blend
  Their modulation with these vocal streams--

1.ww - Book Ninth [Residence in France], #unset, #Arthur C Clarke, #Fiction
  Encouraged with a martyr's Confidence;
  Even files of strangers merely seen but once,
  Was not this single Confidence enough
  To animate the mind that ever turned

1.ww - Book Second [School-Time Continued], #unset, #Arthur C Clarke, #Fiction
  A more than Roman Confidence, a faith
  That fails not, in all sorrow my support,

1.ww - Book Tenth {Residence in France continued], #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  With evil expectations; Confidence
  And perfect triumph for the better cause.        

1.ww - Book Thirteenth [Imagination And Taste, How Impaired And Restored Concluded], #unset, #Arthur C Clarke, #Fiction
  By gratitude, and Confidence in truth.
  Long time in search of knowledge did I range

1.ww - Character Of The Happy Warrior, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   His breath in Confidence of Heaven's applause:
   This is the happy Warrior; this is he

1.ww - Guilt And Sorrow, Or, Incidents Upon Salisbury Plain, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  Which by degrees a Confidence of mind
  And mutual interest failed not to create.

1.ww - Ode to Duty, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
   Oh! if through Confidence misplaced
   They fail, thy saving arms, dread Power! around them cast.
   The Confidence of reason give;
   And in the light of truth thy Bondman let me live!

1.ww - Ruth, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  When I, in Confidence and pride,
  Had crossed the Atlantic main.

1.ww - The Excursion- IV- Book Third- Despondency, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  Images in the Valley--Another Recess in it entered and described--Wanderer's sensations--Solitary's excited by the same objects--Contrast between these--Despondency of the Solitary gently reproved--Conversation exhibiting the Solitary's past and present opinions and feelings, till he enters upon his own History at length--His domestic felicity--Afflictions--Dejection--R oused by the French Revolution--Disappointment and disgust--Voyage to America--Disappointment and disgust pursue him--His return--His languor and depression of mind, from want of faith in the great truths of Religion, and want of Confidence in the virtue of Mankind.
  A HUMMING BEE--a little tinkling rill--
  Yielded, that day, a Confidence sublime
  In what I had to build upon)--this Bride,

1.ww - The Excursion- V- Book Fouth- Despondency Corrected, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  When wanted most; a Confidence impaired
  So pitiably, that, having ceased to see
  The loss of Confidence in social man,
  By the unexpected transports of our age
  Could e'er for such exalted Confidence
  Exist; so, none is now for fixed despair:
  Yet, should this Confidence prove vain, the wise
  Have still the keeping of their proper peace;

1.ww - The Excursion- VII- Book Sixth- The Churchyard Among the Mountains, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  This mutual Confidence; if, from such source,
  The practice flow,--if thence, or from a deep

1.ww - The Excursion- X- Book Ninth- Discourse of the Wanderer, and an Evening Visit to the Lake, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  Cannot subsist, nor Confidence, nor peace.
  Thus, duties rising out of good possest,

1.ww - The Happy Warrior, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
    His breath in Confidence of Heaven's applause:
    This is the happy warrior; this is he

1.ww - The Recluse - Book First, #Wordsworth - Poems, #unset, #Zen
  Inflicted upon Confidence so pure.
  Ah! if I wished to follow where the sight

2.01 - Habit 1 Be Proactive, #The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #Stephen Covey, #unset
  Circle of Influence with the field laborers. A ground swell of support, of trust, of Confidence followed him through the countryside. Though he held no office or political position, through compassion, courage, fasting, and moral persuasion he eventually brought England to its knees, breaking political domination of 300 million people with the power of his greatly expanded Circle of Influence.
  --- The "Have's" and the "Be's"

2.01 - On Books, #Evening Talks With Sri Aurobindo, #unset, #Zen
   Then with an air of inviting Confidence he asked M, "Does he fly away?" (Laughter)
   20 DECEMBER 1939 (Evening)

2.01 - The Ordinary Life and the True Soul, #Questions And Answers 1929-1931, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Indeed the very act of genuine self-giving is its own immediate rewardit brings with it such happiness, such Confidence, such security as nothing else can give. But till the self-giving is firmly psychic there will be disturbances, the interval of dark moments between bright ones. It is only the psychic that keeps on progressing in an unbroken line, its movement a continuous ascension. All other movements are broken and discontinuous. And it is not till the psychic is felt as yourself that you can be an individual even; for it is the true self in you. Before the true self is known, you are a public place, not a being. There are so many clashing forces working in you; hence, if you wish to make real progress, know your own being which is in constant union with the Divine. Then alone will transformation be possible. All the other parts of your nature are ignorant: the mind, for instance, often commits the mistake of thinking that every brilliant idea is also a luminous idea. It can with equal vigour trump up arguments for and against God: it has no infallible sense of the truth. The vital is generally impressed by any show of power and is willing to see in it the Godlike. It is only the psychic which has a just discrimination: it is directly aware of the supreme Presence, it infallibly distinguishes between the divine and the undivine. If you have even for a moment contacted it, you will carry with you a conviction about the Divine which nothing will shake.
  How, you ask me, are we to know our true being? Ask for it, aspire after it, want it as you want nothing else. Most of you here are influenced by it, but it should be more than an influence, you should be able to feel identified with it. All urge for perfection comes from it, but you are unaware of the source, you are not collaborating with it knowingly, you are not in identification with its light. Do not think I refer to the emotional part of you when I speak of the psychic. Emotion belongs to the higher vital, not to the pure psychic. The psychic is a steady flame that burns in you, soaring towards the Divine and carrying with it a sense of strength which breaks down all oppositions. When you are identified with it you have the feeling of the divine truth then you cannot help feeling also that the whole world is ignorantly walking on its head with its feet in the air!

2.01 - War., #The Interior Castle or The Mansions, #Saint Teresa of Avila, #Christianity
    1.: Souls in the second mansions. 2. Their state. 3. Their sufferings. 4. They cannot get rid of their imperfections. 5. How God calls these souls. 6. Perseverance is essential. 7. Temptations of the devil. 8. Delusion of earthly joys. 9. God alone to be loved. 10. Reasons for continuing the journey. 11. War fare of the devil. 12. Importance of choice of friends. 13. Valour required. 14. Presumption of expecting spiritual consolations at first. 15. In the Cross is strength. 16. Our falls should raise us higher. 17. Confidence and perseverance. 18. Recollection. 19. Why we must practise prayer. 20. Meditation kindles love.
  1.: Now let us consider which are the souls that enter the second mansions, and what they do there: I do not wish to enlarge on this subject, having already treated it very fully elsewhere,1' for I could not avoid repeating myself, as my memory is very bad. If I could state my ideas in another form they would not weary you, for we never tire of reading books on this subject, numerous as they are.

2.02 - Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind, #The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #Stephen Covey, #unset
  We are limited, but we can push back the borders of our limitations. An understanding of the principle of our own growth enables us to search out correct principles with the Confidence that the more we learn, the more clearly we can focus the lens through which we see the world. The principles don't change; our understanding of them does.
  The wisdom and guidance that accompany Principle-Centered Living come from correct maps, from the way things really are, have been, and will be. Correct maps enable us to clearly see where we want to go and how to get there. We can make our decisions using the correct data that will make their implementation possible and meaningful.
    Correct principles help you understand your own development, endowing you with the Confidence to learn more, thereby increasing your knowledge and understanding.
    Your source of security provides you with an immovable, unchanging, unfailing core enabling you to see change as an exciting adventure and opportunity to make significant contri butions.

2.02 - On Letters, #Evening Talks With Sri Aurobindo, #unset, #Zen
   How do you expect villagers to trust every young irresponsible man who claims to do good to them? If you go on working for years then you may get into their Confidence and may be able to achieve something. All these ideas of theatrical success and lightning flash-like work are most impracticable. You have to stick on to your work through all difficulties. It requires patience.
   Disciple: At Sajod, in Broach District of Gujarat, educated young men have gone and settled in the village and after nearly 15 years they are able to inspire Confidence in the villagers about their work.
   Sri Aurobindo: That is the only way if one wants to work in the villages. Then only a new life can gradually grow in them. They can then combine into organised units.

2.03 - Karmayogin A Commentary on the Isha Upanishad, #Isha Upanishad, #unset, #Zen
  the Confidence of the Scientist in his modern methods of analysis
  and observation. To a certain extent Hindu philosophy goes

2.04 - Positive Aspects of the Mother-Complex, #The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  him with Confidence, a factor not to be underrated and one that
  is absent from the relationship between a man and a woman

2.05 - The Cosmic Illusion; Mind, Dream and Hallucination, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Our mind works best and with a firm Confidence when it
  The Cosmic Illusion

2.06 - Reality and the Cosmic Illusion, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  This side then of the problem has to pass under consideration before we can examine with Confidence the solutions that rest on a relative or partial reality of the universe. There is indeed a line of reasoning which gets rid of the problem by excluding it; it affirms that the question how the Illusion generated, how the universe manages to be there in the pure existence of Brahman, is illegitimate: the problem does not exist, because the universe is non-existent, Maya is unreal, Brahman is the sole truth, alone and self-existent for ever. Brahman is not affected by any illusory consciousness, no universe has come into existence within its timeless reality. But this evasion of the difficulty is either a sophism which means nothing, an acrobacy of verbal logic, the logical reason hiding its head in the play of words and ideas and refusing to see or to solve a real and baffling difficulty, or else it means too much, since in effect it gets rid of all relation of Maya to Brahman by affirming her as an independent absolute nonreality along with the universe created by her. If a real universe does not exist, a cosmic Illusion exists and we are bound to inquire how it came into being or how it manages to exist, what is its relation or non-relation to the Reality, what is meant by our own existence in Maya, by our subjugation to her cycles, by our liberation from her. For in this view we have to suppose that Brahman is not the percipient of Maya or her works, Maya herself is not a power of Brahman-consciousness: Brahman is

2.07 - The Mother Relations with Others, #Words Of The Mother I, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
    Have Confidence, I am near you.
    With all my tender love.
    Now nothing stands in the way between us, between X and his Mummy, and if my love for you could be greater, it would be so now that you have shown full Confidence in me.
    Be very careful to let no influence diminish your Confidence in me and allow nothing or nobody to separate you from me.

2.09 - The Pantacle, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  20:Do not refuse anything merely because you know that it is the cup of poison offered by your enemy; drink it with Confidence; it is he that will fall dead!
  21:How can I give Cambodian art its proper place in art, if I have never heard of Cambodia? How can the Geologist estimate the age of what lies beneath the chalk unless he have a piece of knowledge totally unconnected with geology, the life-history of the animals of whom that chalk is the remains?

2.0 - THE ANTICHRIST, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  with love and Confidence. How can one possibly place in the hands of
  children and women, a book that contains those vile words: "to avoid

2.10 - THE DANCING SONG, #Thus Spoke Zarathustra, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  And when I talked in Confidence with my wild wisdom she said to me in anger, "You will, you want, you
  love-that is the only reason why you praise life." Then

2.11 - The Guru, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
    If you have faith and Confidence, it is not the human form of the guru that you worship, but the Supreme Lord who manifests through him.
    Be not troubled and give yourself unreservedly to the Supreme Lord through whatever channel helps you.

2.1.1 - The Nature of the Vital, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A quiet and even basis [for sadhana] means a condition of the sadhana in which there is no tossing about between eager bursts of experience and a depressed inert or half inert condition, but whether in progress or in difficulty there is always a quiet consciousness behind turned in Confidence and faith towards the Divine.
  *** - Students, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  There is a great power in the simple Confidence of a child.
  17 November 1954
  When a child lives in normal conditions, it has a spontaneous Confidence that all it needs will be given to it.
  This Confidence should persist, unshaken, throughout life; but the limited idea, ignorant and superficial, of its needs which a child has, must be replaced progressively by a wider, deeper and truer conception which culminates in the perfect conception of needs in accordance with the supreme wisdom, until we realise that the Divine alone knows what our true needs are and rely upon Him for everything.
  19 November 1954 - Conduct, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   full of Confidence in the divine Grace,
   full of deep respect for the Divine.

2.1.3 - Wrong Movements of the Vital, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It would make it easier if you could get rid of certain fixed ideas and of the habitual reaction of depression or despair when these recurrences come. For instance, you ought to throw away once for all this idea of Xs malediction; it is a thing of the past and it is only the physical minds memory of it that gives it some appearance of survival. The difficulties we are now meeting have nothing to do with X; they are part only of the necessity of conquest over the habits of the physical consciousness and he has nothing to do there and no influence of any kind whatever. Also dismiss any question about the possibility of conversion of your vital being; you should see rather that it is certain and not merely possible. This idea of identification with the dark Shakti is also another old notion which you ought to root out without cherishing any least trace of it. It has no meaning on the plane of the physical and vital physical consciousness where the whole work is now going on and to nourish any such ideas can only hamper your progress. Finally, when there are these recurrences, do not allow yourself to be depressed by them, but simply observe and stand back and call in the higher force with the full Confidence that these are mechanical recurrences and in substance nothing morehowever strong they may seem in appearance. The principle of mechanical repetition is very strong in the material nature, so strong that it makes one easily think that it is incurable. That however is only a trick of the forces of this material inconscience; it is by creating this impression that they try to endure. If, on the contrary, you remain firm, refuse to be depressed or discouraged and, even in the moment of attack, affirm the certainty of eventual victory, the victory itself will come much more easily and sooner.
  *** - Teaching, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The calmer you are, the more Confidence you have, the more attentive you are, the more clearly it comes. A time comes when one has only to do that (gesture of opening). The student asks a question. You remain (same gesture).
  And above all, do not think actively: I want to know What should I say to him? No!

2.1.4 - The Lower Vital Being, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  What is needed is to be quiet and more and more quiet, to look on these influences as something not yourself which has intruded, to separate yourself from it and deny it and to abide in a quiet Confidence in the Divine Power. If your psychic being asks for the Divine and your mind is sincere and calls for liberation from the lower nature and from all hostile forces and if you can call the Mothers power into your heart and rely upon it more than on your own strength, this siege will in the end be driven away from you and strength and peace take its place.
  *** - Arts, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Two other details can be noted with interest. One is the snow shower that saves the party from the influence of the wicked witch who by her black magic has stopped their advance towards the emerald castle of beneficent vitality. In the vital world, snow is the symbol of purity. It is the purity of their feelings and intentions that saves them from the great danger. Note also that to go to the castle of the good wizard they must follow the broad path of golden bricks, the path of luminous Confidence and joy.
  The second is: when Dorothy throws water on the straw man to save him from burning, some water falls on the face of the wicked witch who lit the fire and at once she gets dissolved and dies. The water is the symbol of the power of purification and no hostile being or force can resist this power handled with goodwill and sincerity. - Comments on Specific Lines and Passages of the Poem, #Letters On Poetry And Art, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Uncertainty would mean that the thought was confident but uncertain of itself, which would be a contradiction. Incertitude means that its truth is uncertain in spite of its proud Confidence in itself. I dont think the repetition of the sound is objectionable in a technique of this kind.
  12 November 1936

2.18 - The Evolutionary Process - Ascent and Integration, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  To each grade in this series achieved by the evolving Consciousness belongs its appropriate class of existences, - one by one there appear material forms and forces, vegetable life, animals and half-animal man, developed human beings, imperfectly evolved or more evolved spiritual beings: but because of the continuity of the evolutionary process there is no rigid separation between them; each new advance or formation takes up what was before. The animal takes up into himself living and inanimate Matter; man takes up both along with the animal existence. There are furrows left by the transitional process or separating demarcations settled by the fixed habit of Nature: but these distinguish one series from another, serve perhaps to prevent a fall back of what has been evolved, they do not cancel or cut the continuity of the evolution. The evolving Consciousness passes from one grade to another or from one series of steps to another either by an imperceptible process or by some bound or crisis or, perhaps, by an intervention from above, - some descent or ensouling or influence from higher planes of Nature. But, by whatever means, the Consciousness secretly indwelling in matter, the occult Inhabitant, is able thus to make its way upward from the lower to the higher gradations, taking up what it was into what it is and preparing to take up both into what it will be. Thus, having first laid down a basis of material being, material forms, forces, existences in which it seems to be lying inconscient, though in reality, as we know now, always subconsciently at work, it is able to manifest life and living beings, to manifest mind and mental beings in a material world, and must therefore be able to manifest there supermind also and supramental beings. Thus has come about the present status of the evolution of which man is the now apparent culmination but not the real ultimate summit; for he is himself a transitional being and stands at the turning-point of the whole movement. Evolution, being thus continuous, must have at any given moment a past with its fundamental results still in evidence, a present in which the results it is labouring over are in process of becoming, a future in which still unevolved powers and forms of being must appear till there is the full and perfect manifestation. The past has been the history of a slow and difficult subconscious working with effects on the surface, - it has been an unconscious evolution; the present is a middle stage, an uncertain spiral in which the human intelligence is used by the secret evolutionary Force of being and participates in its action without being fully taken into Confidence, - it is an evolution slowly becoming conscious of itself; the future must be a more and more conscious evolution of the spiritual being until it is fully delivered into a self-aware action by the emergent gnostic principle.
  The first foundation in this emergence, the creation of forms of Matter, first of inconscient and inanimate, then of living and thinking Matter, the appearance of more and more organised bodies adapted to express a greater power of consciousness, has been studied from the physical side, the side of form-building, by Science; but very little light has been shed on the inner side, the side of consciousness, and what little has been observed is rather of its physical basis and instrumentation than of the progressive operations of Consciousness in its own nature. In the evolution, as it has been observed so far, although a continuity is there, - for Life takes up Matter and Mind takes up submental Life, the Mind of intelligence takes up the mind of life and sensation, - the leap from one grade of consciousness in the series to another grade seems to our eyes immense, the crossing of the gulf whether by bridge or by leap impossible; we fail to discover any concrete and satisfactory evidence of its accomplishment in the past or of the manner in which it was accomplished. Even in the outward evolution, even in the development of physical forms where the data are clearly in evidence, there are missing links that remain always missing; but in the evolution of consciousness the passage is still more difficult to account for, for it seems more like a transformation than a passage. It may be, however, that, by our incapacity to penetrate the subconscious, to sound the submental or to understand sufficiently a lower mentality different from ours, we are unable to observe the minute gradations, not only in each degree of the series, but on the borders between grade and grade: the scientist who does observe minutely the physical data, has been driven to believe in the continuity of evolution in spite of the gaps and missing links; if we could observe similarly the inner evolution, we could, no doubt, discover the possibility and the mode of these formidable transitions. But still there is a real, a radical difference between grade and grade, so much so that the passage from one to another seems a new creation, a miracle of metamorphosis rather than a natural predictable development or quiet passing from one state of being to another with its well-marked steps arranged in an easy sequence.

2.2.01 - Work and Yoga, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  What you find happening [a loss of inspiration] is a common experience in all work. Mother says it is due to the fact that in beginning the work there is an inspiration of what to do and the mind at first acts as a channel for it and all goes well. Afterwards the mind begins to be acting on its own account, without ones noticing it usually unless one is very conscious and accustomed to scrutinise oneself and do the thing without the original inspiration by its ordinary means. This is felt very clearly in work like poetry and music for there one feels the inspiration coming and feels it failing and getting mixed up with the ordinary mind. So long as it goes on, everything is done easily and well, but as soon as the mind begins to interfere or to work in its place, then the work is less well done. In work like cooking one does not directly and vividly feel the inspiration, only a brightness and perceptiveness and Confidence perhapsso also one does not notice when the physical mind becomes active. In a thing like poetry one can break off till the inspiration comes again, but in cooking one cant do that, the work has to be finished there and then. I suppose this can be remedied only by ones becoming more conscious within as one does in sadhana, till one can see and counteract the wrong movement of inferior mental activity by bringing down of ones will again the right inspiration and perception.

2.2.02 - Becoming Conscious in Work, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Your difficulty is that you worry yourself and think you have made mistakes when you have made none. If you want to get the right guidance, you must have more Confidence and not always think that what comes to you is wrong and your work is bad and ugly. You generally get things right. If you do make a mistake here and there, it does not matter; everybody makes some mistakes; but by making them one can learn better.
  Another thing is that, as I have told you, a thing can be done in several ways, all of which are good but your mind seems to go on the feeling that one thing is good or true and all the rest is bad or false and, as it were, is seeking for the one only good way and then in everything it does it feels dissatisfied. When you have found a way of doing the work, it is better to do it and not always be worrying yourself for something better.

2.2.04 - Practical Concerns in Work, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is better whether with work or with sadhana to go on quietly, allowing the Force to act and doing your best to let it work rightly, but without this self-tormenting and constant restless questioning at every point. Whatever defects there are would go much sooner, if you did not harp on them too much; for by dwelling on them so much you lose Confidence in yourself and in your power of openness to the Forcewhich is there all the same and put unnecessary difficulties in the way of its working.

2.20 - The Philosophy of Rebirth, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  All the known circumstances and results of birth presuppose an unknown before, and there is a suggestion of universality, a will of persistence of life, an inconclusiveness in death which seem to point to an unknown hereafter. What were we before birth and what are we after death, are the questions, the answer of the one depending upon that of the other, which the intellect of man has put to itself from the beginning without even now resting in any final solution. The intellect indeed can hardly give the final answer: for that must in its very nature lie beyond the data of the physical consciousness and memory, whether of the race or the individual, yet these are the sole data which the intellect is in the habit of consulting with something like Confidence. In this poverty of materials and this incertitude it wheels from one hypothesis to another and calls each in turn a conclusion. Moreover, the solution depends upon the nature, source and object of the cosmic movement, and as we determine these, so we shall have to conclude about birth and life and death, the before and the hereafter.
  The first question is whether the before and the after are purely physical and vital or in some way, and more predominantly, mental and spiritual. If Matter were the principle of the universe, as the materialist alleges, if the truth of things were to be found in the first formula arrived at by Bhrigu, son of Varuna, when he meditated upon the eternal Brahman, "Matter is the Eternal, for from Matter all beings are born and by Matter all beings exist and to Matter all beings depart and return," then no farther questioning would be possible. The before of our bodies would be a gathering of their constituents out of various physical elements through the instrumentality of the seed and food and under the influence perhaps of occult but always material energies, and the before of our conscious being a preparation by heredity or by some other physically vital or physically mental operation in universal Matter specialising its action and building the individual through the bodies of our parents, through seed and gene and chromosome. The after of the body would be a dissolution into the material elements and the after of the conscious being a relapse into Matter with some survival of the effects of its activity in the general mind and life of humanity: this last quite illusory survival would be our only chance of immortality. But since the universality of Matter can no longer be held as giving any sufficient explanation of the existence of Mind, - and indeed Matter itself can no longer be explained by Matter alone, for it does not appear to be self-existent, - we are thrown back from this easy and obvious solution to other hypotheses.

2.2.1 - Cheerfulness and Happiness, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The change noted by X evidently indicates a great progress in the vital and physical being. There is nothing spiritually wrong in being glad and cheerful, on the contrary it is the right thing. As for struggles and aspiration, struggles are really not indispensable to progress and there are many people who get so habituated to the struggling attitude that they have all the time struggles and very little else. That is not desirable. There is a sunlit path as well as a gloomy one and it is the better of the twoa path in which one goes forward in absolute reliance on the Mother, fearing nothing, sorrowing over nothing. Aspiration is needed but there can be a sunlit aspiration full of light and faith and Confidence and joy. If difficulty comes, even that can be faced with a smile.

2.2.2 - Sorrow and Suffering, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The gloom and other difficulties come from a resistance of inertia in the lower vital and physical consciousness. What you have to do is to prepare the consciousness by getting rid of the inertia. A sattwic gladness and calm and Confidence is the proper temperament for this Yoga; gloom, depression and weeping should not be indulged in, as they stand in the way of the opening, unless the tears are the psychic weeping of release or adoration or a moved love and bhakti. The progress made in controlling the sex and other rajasic movements of the lower vital is a good preparation, but not enough; by itself it is only the negative side, though indispensable. Aspire for a positive sattwic opening for strength, for light, for peace and do not worry or repine if the progress is slow at first, nor grudge the time and labour of preparation necessary before there can be a rapid advance in the Yoga.

2.2.3 - Depression and Despondency, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is incorrect to say that the wrong key with which you were trying to open the faery palace has been taken away from you and you are left with none at all. The true key has been given to you in the right kind or condition of meditationa state of inner rest, not of straining, of quiet opening, not of eager or desperate pulling, a harmonious giving of oneself to the Divine Force for its working, and in that quietude a sense of the Force working and a restful Confidence allowing it to act without any unquiet interference. Now that condition is the beginning of the psychic opening; there is of course much more that afterwards comes to complete it but this is the fundamental condition into which all the rest can most easily come. In this condition there may and will be call, prayer, aspiration. Intensity, concentration will come of themselves, not by a hard effort or tense strain on the nature. Rejection of wrong movements, frank confession of defects are not only not incompatible, but helpful to it; but this attitude makes the rejection, the confession easy, spontaneous, entirely complete and sincere and effective. That is the experience of all who have consented to take this attitude.
  Now as to the tension and stiffness. I may say in passing that consciousness and receptivity are not the same thing; one may be receptive, yet externally unaware of how things are being done and of what is being done. But for such an external unconsciousness there must be a reason, and in you it was the stiffness created by a tension and a straining which made the consciousness thus rigid and closed it up. Not that it closed you to the Force or that it took away the inner receptivity, but it did close you to the surface consciousness of what is being done. When that happens, the Force works, as I have repeatedly written, behind the veil; the results remain packed behind and come out afterwards, often slowly, little by little, until there is so much pressure that it breaks through somehow and forces open the external nature. There lies the difference between a mental and vital straining and pulling and a spontaneous psychic openness, and it is not at all the first time that we have spoken of the difference. It is not really a question of the right or the wrong key, but of putting the key in the lock in the right or the wrong way, whether because of some difficulty you try to force the lock turning the key this way and that with violence or confidently and quietly give it the right turn and the door opens.
  I find it rather surprising that you should regard what the Mother said to you or what I wrote as a recommendation to relax aspiration or postpone the idea of any kind of siddhi till the Greek Kalends! It was not so intended in the leastnor do I think either of us said or wrote anything which could justly bear such an interpretation. I said expressly that in the way of meditating of which we spoke, aspiration, prayer, concentration, intensity were a natural part of it; this way was put before you because our experience has been that those who take it go quicker and develop their sadhana, once they get fixed in it, much more easily as well as smoothly than by a distressed, doubtful and anxious straining with revulsions of despondency and turning away from hope and endeavour. We spoke of a steady opening to the Divine with a flow of the force doing its work in the adhar, a poised opening with a quiet mind and heart full of trust and the sunlight of Confidence; where do you find that we said a helpless waiting must be your programme?
  As for light-heartedness and insouciance, the Mother never spoke of insouciancea light dont-care attitude is the last thing she would recommend to anybody. She spoke of cheerfulness, and if she used the word light-hearted it was not in the sense of anything lightly or frivolously gay and carelessalthough a deeper and finer gaiety can have its place as one element of the Yogic character. What she meant was a glad equanimity even in the face of difficulties and there is nothing in that contrary to Yogic teaching or to her own practice. The vital nature on the surface (the depths of the true vital are different) is attached on the one side to a superficial mirth and enjoyment, on the other to sorrow and despair and gloom and tragedy,for these are for it the cherished lights and shades of life; but a bright or wide and free peace or an nandamaya intensity or, best, a fusing of both in one is the true poise of both the soul and the mind and of the true vital alsoin Yoga. It is perfectly possible for a quite human sadhak to get to such a poise, it is not necessary to be divine before one can attain it. All this is nothing new and original; I have been saying it ever since I began speaking at all about Yoga and I cannot see anything in it resembling a gospel of helpless waiting or of light careless insouciance or anything contrary to our own practice. I do not think that we have either of us become relentlessly grim and solemn or lacking in humour or that the Mother has lost her smile! I am afraid you are looking at her and things as through a glass darkly and seeing them in too sombre colours. As for instance what you say about the music,she came up straight to me from it and spoke at once about your music and the presence of Krishna there, and she was in a very different mood from what you describe.
  Do not allow yourself to be overborne by the dejection; it can only be an incident in the ups and downs of the sadhana, and, as an incident, it should be made as short as possible. Remember that you have chosen a method of proceeding in the sadhana in which dejection ought to have no place. If you have a growing faith that all that is happening has somehow to happen and that God knows what is best for you,that is already a great thing; if you add to it the will to keep your face always turned towards the goal and the Confidence that you are being led towards it even through difficulties and apparent denials, there could be no better mental foundation for sadhana. And if not only the mind, but the vital and physical consciousness can be imbued with this faith, dejection will become either impossible or so evidently an outer thing thrown from outside and not belonging to the consciousness that it will not be able to keep its hold at all. A faith of that kind is a very helpful first step towards the reversal of consciousness which makes one see the inner truth of things rather than their outward phenomenal appearance.
  As for the causes of the dejection, there were causes, partly general in the shape of a resistance to a great descending force which was not personal to you at all, and, so far as there was a response to it in you, it was not from your conscious being, otherwise you would not have had it in this way, but from the part in us which keeps things for a long time that have been suppressed or rejected by the conscious will. It is the conscious will that matters, for it is that that prevails in the end, the will of the Purusha and not the more blind and obstinate parts of Prakriti. Keep the conscious will all right and it will carry on to the goal,just as the resistance in universal Nature will yield in the end before the Divine Descent.
  If you accept Krishnaprems insistence that this and no other must be your path, it is this that you have to attain and realise; any exclusive other-worldliness cannot be your way. I believe that you are quite capable of attaining this and realising the Divine and I have never been able to share your constantly recurring doubts about your capacity or the despair that arises in you so violently when there are these attacks, nor is their persistent recurrence a valid ground for believing that they can never be overcome. Such a persistent recurrence has been a feature in the sadhana of many who have finally emerged and reached the goal; even the sadhana of very great Yogis has not been exempt from such violent and constant recurrences; they have sometimes been special objects of such persistent assaults, as I have indeed indicated in Savitri in more places than oneand that was indeed founded on my own experience. In the nature of these recurrences there is usually a constant return of the same adverse experiences, the same adverse resistance, thoughts destructive of all belief and faith and Confidence in the future of the sadhana, frustrating doubts of what one has known as the truth, voices of despondency and despair, urgings to abandonment of the Yoga or to suicide or else other disastrous counsels of dchance. The course taken by the attacks is not indeed the same for all, but still they have strong family resemblance. One can eventually overcome if one begins to realise the nature and source of these assaults and acquires the faculty of observing them, bearing, without being involved or absorbed into their gulf, finally becoming the witness of their phenomena and understanding them and refusing the minds sanction even when the vital is still tossed in the whirl or the most outward physical mind still reflects the adverse suggestions. In the end these attacks lose their power and fall away from the nature; the recurrence becomes feeble or has no power to last: even, if the detachment is strong enough, they can be cut out very soon or at once. The strongest attitude to take is to regard these things as what they really are, incursions of dark forces from outside taking advantage of certain openings in the physical mind or the vital part, but not a real part of oneself or spontaneous creation in ones own nature. To create a confusion and darkness in the physical mind and throw into it or awake in it mistaken ideas, dark thoughts, false impressions is a favourite method of these assailants, and if they can get the support of this mind from over- Confidence in its own correctness or the natural rightness of its impressions and inferences, then they can have a field day until the true mind reasserts itself and blows the clouds away. Another device of theirs is to awake some hurt or rankling sense of grievance in the lower vital parts and keep them hurt or rankling as long as possible. In that case one has to discover these openings in ones nature and learn to close them permanently to such attacks or else to throw out intruders at once or as soon as possible. The recurrence is no proof of a fundamental incapacity; if one takes the right inner attitude, it can and will be overcome. The idea of suicide ought never to be accepted; there is no real ground for it and in any case it cannot be a remedy or a real escape: at most it can only be postponement of difficulties and the necessity for their solution under no better circumstances in another life. One must have faith in the Master of our life and works, even if for a long time he conceals himself, and then in his own right time he will reveal his Presence.
  I have tried to dispel all the misconceptions, explain things as they are and meet all the points at issue. It is not that you really cannot make progress or have not made any progress; on the contrary, you yourself have admitted that you have made a good advance in many directions and there is no reason why, if you persevere, the rest should not come. You have always believed in the Guruvada: I would ask you then to put your faith in the Guru and the guidance and rely on the Ishwara for the fulfilment, to have faith in my abiding love and affection, in the affection and divine goodwill and loving kindness of the Mother, stand firm against all attacks and go forward perseveringly towards the spiritual goal and the all-fulfilling and all-satisfying touch of the All-Blissful, the Ishwara.

2.2.4 - Sentimentalism, Sensitiveness, Instability, Laxity, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It was indeed a microscopically small cause for so strong an upsetting, but really it is the whole difficulty of this raw and unreasonable sensitiveness which cropped up with this very infinitesimally small excuse and that sensitiveness is one of the most persistent obstacles of many sadhaks here. There are two remedies for it the psychics Confidence in the Mother and the surrender that goes with it, i.e. whatever she wills is best for me, and the vastness which you feel now,it is the wideness of the true self, of the true mental, vital, physical being also, from which such things fall off like dust, for they are of no importance to it whatever.
  It is the one thing to do, to get permanently into the wideness, peace and silence and let the ego dissolve in it and the attachments fall away.

2.3.01 - Aspiration and Surrender to the Mother, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  But of the three the most important is surrender of which the first necessary form is trust and Confidence and patience in difficulty.
  There is no rule that trust and Confidence can only remain if aspiration is there. On the contrary, when even aspiration is not there because of the pressure of inertia, trust and Confidence and patience can remain. If trust and patience fail when aspiration is quiescent, that would mean that the sadhak is relying solely on his own effort - it would mean, "Oh, my aspiration has failed,
  These ideas of breakdown and personal frustration are again wrong suggestions and the dissatisfaction with yourself is as harmful almost as dissatisfaction with the Mother would be. It prevents the Confidence and courage necessary for following the path of the sadhana. You must dismiss these suggestions from
  8 October 1936 you.

2.3.02 - Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is a mistake to exercise the mind about these things and try to arrange them with the ordinary mind. It is by Confidence in the Mother that the opening needed will come when your consciousness is ready. There is no harm in arranging your present work so that there will be time and energy for some meditation, but it is not by meditation alone that what is needed will come.
  It is by faith and openness to the Mother.
  The Mother's grace is there always; open yourself to it in quietude and Confidence.
  I don't feel Mother's grace as before. Sometimes I get the suggestion that I am not fit for her service and for Yoga.
  Make yourself quiet and open - have complete Confidence and
  9 October 1933 you will feel the Mother's presence with you.

2.3.03 - The Mother's Presence, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  For nobody would understand her action - the sadhaks living in the physical mind would state her action unfounded and those affected would deny loudly - as many have done in the past - their secret thoughts, feelings and actions. I tell you all this in Confidence so that you may understand what is the real cause of
  10 September 1936
  What you have seen as the thing to do is quite correct. To remember the Mother always and to offer up to her all that comes is just the thing to do. There must come a condition in which you live within in the psychic consciousness with the feeling of the Mother's constant presence, while all the outer activities go on only on the surface and the Mother's Force acts on them to change them into more and more true psychic and spiritual action. The way you speak of is the best for bringing about that condition. Offer all to the Mother in complete Confidence and do not be troubled or anxious about the difficulties that rise, but
  28 March 1936 go on calmly and patiently till they pass.

2.3.04 - The Mother's Force, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Quietude first; with it Confidence in the Mother's Force that is working on you. When the physical mind is obliged to be quiet, it has this impression of inactivity and dullness at first.
  When it opens more and more to the Force, that impression will
  Put yourself completely into her hands, have entire Confidence, observe carefully and accurately all that happens and write that here. There is no need of special instructions since what is needed is being done for you.
  (2) The first pressure was on your mind. The centres of the mind are (a) the head and above it, (b) the centre of the forehead between the eyes, (c) the throat and the vital mental (emotional) and sensational mind centres from the breast downward. It is this latter which is the first pran.a of which you became aware.
  Is it so difficult to have faith and Confidence in the Mother? Even with a little of that attitude, the descent was taking place in you.
  If you want to get back your faith and keep it, you must first quiet your mind and make it open and obedient to the Mother's force. If you have an excited mind at the mercy of every influence and impulse, you will remain a field of conflicting and contrary forces and cannot progress. You will begin to listen to your own ignorance instead of the Mother's knowledge and your faith will naturally disappear and you will get into a wrong condition and
  What you should do is to have Confidence and try to remain always confident and cheerful. If you feel depressed call for the
  Mother's Force to remove the depression. If you fall ill, call the
  The vital defects and difficulties are the same in all and also the shortcomings of the mind. One has to open in faith and Confidence to the Divine; the Mother's Force will gradually put
  15 September 1933 everything right.
  If one remains in full Confidence in the Mother and psychically open, then the Mother's force will do all and one has only to give
  12 November 1935 consent and keep oneself open and aspire.
   of the Force working and a restful Confidence allowing it to act without any unquiet interference. And she asked you if you had not experienced that condition and you said that you had and knew it very well. Now that condition is the beginning of psychic opening and, if you have had it, you know what the psychic opening is; there is of course much more that afterwards comes to complete it but this is the fundamental condition into which all the rest can most easily come. What you should have done was to keep the key the Mother gave you present in your consciousness and apply it - not to go back and allow sadness and a repining view of the past to grow upon you. In this condition which we term the right or psychic attitude, there may and will be call, prayer, aspiration. Intensity, concentration will come of themselves, not by a hard effort or tense strain on the nature.
  Rejection of wrong movements, frank confession of defects are not only not incompatible, but helpful to it; but this attitude makes the rejection, the confession easy, spontaneous, entirely complete and sincere and effective. That is the experience of all who have consented to take this attitude.

2.3.05 - Sadhana through Work for the Mother, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  You should do your work simply in the Confidence that it is accepted and appreciated by the Mother, as indeed it is, - for your work has been very good and helpful to her. Let the psychic movement express itself simply and spontaneously in action without allowing the outer mind to interfere; that would very likely release the tension and then your sadhana could proceed in a quiet cheerfulness, confident of its own truth and the
  6 December 1943
  Since yesterday I have always been in touch with the Mother during work. Not only do I remember her but the connection with her remains during work. Her Force constantly flows into the Adhar and the work is done automatically, but swiftly, perfectly, unhesitatingly - without personal anxieties and responsibilities; instead, there is Confidence, sureness, strength, calmness. I feel that if I can do work in this attitude, it will be perfect, flawless, the work of the Mother's child, not of an egoistic man. Kindly let me know if I am correct.
  Yes, it is a very good progress and the first step towards the right

2.3.07 - The Mother in Visions, Dreams and Experiences, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  All that you write on this page is entirely sound and accurate; it shows that you are getting the true knowledge. Most in fact of the day's experiences are signs of the true consciousness coming. The Mother's consciousness with the wideness of the light, the white light in the vital, the golden light in the silence of the outer mind, the change in the vital, the quiet and natural trust and Confidence are all signs and circumstances of this opening to the true consciousness. As you say, there must be established
  The Mother in Visions, Dreams and Experiences

2.3.08 - The Mother's Help in Difficulties, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Once something of the Truth has shown itself within you, it will always, even if for a time heavily clouded over with wrong movements, shine out again like the sun in heaven. Therefore persevere with Confidence and never lose courage.
  14 March 1932

2.3.3 - Anger and Violence, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The reason why quietness is not yet fixed and anger returns is that you allow your physical mind to become active. In regard to the sadhana it begins to think there is this defect in you and that defect and therefore the sadhana does not become immediately effective and perfect. This makes the vital nervous or despondent and in the despondency a state of irritation arises. At the same time this mind becomes active as it has now with regard to X or begins to judge and criticise and this too leads to nervousness and irritation. These things belong to the old mind you are trying to leave and therefore stand in the way of concentration and quietude. They should be stopped at their root by rejecting the suggestions of the physical mind as soon as they begin. A new consciousness is coming based upon inner silence and quietude. You must wait quietly for that to develop. True knowledge, true perceptions of people and things will come in that new silent consciousness. The minds view of people and things must necessarily be either limited and defective or erroneousto go on judging by it is now a waste of time. Wait for the new consciousness to develop and show you all in a new and true light. Then the tendency to anger which arises from this mind and is a violent impatience directed against things the mind and vital do not like, would have no ground to rise at allor if it rose without cause could be more easily rejected. Rely for the sadhana on the Mothers grace and her Force, yourself remembering always to keep only two things, quietude and Confidence. For things and people, leave them to the Mother also; as you have difficulties in your nature, so they have too; but to deal with them needs insight, sympathy, patience.

2.3.4 - Fear, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  You can write to her that to get rid of fear is the first necessity. Yoga can only be done on a basis of faith and Confidence in the Divine.
  At the same time one must be on guard against undesirable movements or phenomena in the sadhana. The motion of her head is not a result of the descent of Force, or a sign that it is too much for her, but a wrong movement of the body which she must check and get rid of altogether.
  You should throw away fear as well as anger and go quietly on your way putting your Confidence in the Mother.

2.4.01 - Divine Love, Psychic Love and Human Love, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  And first about human love in the sadhana. The souls turning through love to the Divine must be through a love that is essentially divine, but as the instrument of expression at first is a human nature, it takes the forms of human love and bhakti. It is only as the consciousness deepens, heightens and changes that that greater eternal love can grow in it and openly transform the human into the divine. But in human love itself there are several kinds of motive-forces. There is a psychic human love which rises from deep within and is the result of the meeting of the inner being with that which calls it towards a divine joy and union; it is, once it becomes aware of itself, something lasting, self-existent, not dependent upon external satisfactions, not capable of diminution by external causes, not self-regarding, not prone to demand or bargain but giving itself simply and spontaneously, not moved to or broken by misunderstandings, disappointments, strife and anger, but pressing always straight towards the inner union. It is this psychic love that is closest to the divine and it is therefore the right and best way of love and bhakti. But that does not mean that the other parts of the being, the vital and physical included, are not to be used as means of expression or that they are not to share in the full play and the whole meaning of love, even of divine love. On the contrary, they are a means and can be a great part of the complete expression of divine love,provided they have the right and not the wrong movement. There are in the vital itself two kinds of love,one full of joy and Confidence and abandon, generous, unbargaining, ungrudging and very absolute in its dedication and this is akin to the psychic and well-fitted to be its complement and a means of expression of the divine love. And neither does the psychic love or the divine love despise a physical means of expression wherever that is pure and right and possible: it does not depend upon that, it does not diminish, revolt or go out like a snuffed candle when it is deprived of any such means; but when it can use it, it does so with joy and gratitude. Physical means can be and are used in the approach to divine love and worship; they have not been allowed merely as a concession to human weakness, nor is it the fact that in the psychic way there is no place for such things. On the contrary they are one means of approaching the Divine and receiving the Light and materialising the psychic contact, and so long as it is done in the right spirit and they are used for the true purpose they have their place. It is only if they are misused or the approach is not right because tainted by indifference and inertia, or revolt or hostility, or some gross desire, that they are out of place and can have a contrary effect.
  But there is another way of vital love which is more usually the way of human nature and that is a way of ego and desire. It is full of vital craving, desire and demand; its continuance depends upon the satisfaction of its demands; if it does not get what it craves, or even imagines that it is not being treated as it deserves for it is full of imaginations, misunderstandings, jealousies, misinterpretationsit at once turns to sorrow, wounded feeling, revolt, pride, anger, all kinds of disorder, finally cessation and departure. A love of this kind is in its very nature ephemeral and unreliable and it cannot be made a foundation for divine love. There has been too much of this kind in the relations of the sadhaks with the Motherapproaching her, I suppose, as a human mother with all the reactions of the lower vital nature. For a long time it was perforce tolerated and this was the concession made to human weaknesseven accepted in the beginning as a thing too prominent in the human being not to be there to some extent but to be transformed by degrees; but too often, it has refused to transform itself and has made itself a source of confusion, disorder, asiddhi, sometimes complete disaster. It is for this reason that we discourage this lower vital way of human love and would like people to reject and eliminate these elements as soon as may be from their nature. Love should be a flowering of joy and union and Confidence and self-giving and Ananda,but this lower vital way is only a source of suffering, trouble, disappointment, disillusion and disunion. Even a slight element of it shakes the foundations of peace and replaces the movement towards Ananda by a fall towards sorrow, discontent and Nirananda.
  In your own case you often write in your wrong moods as if human love, even with some of these lower ingredients, were the only thing possible to you. But that is not so at all, for it contradicts your own deepest experiences. Always what your inner being has asked is Love, Bhakti, Ananda and whenever it comes to the surface it is, even if only in a first elementary form, the divine love which it brings with it. A basis of deep and intense calm and stillness, a great intensity of emotion and Bhakti, an inrush of Ananda, this is in these moments your repeated experience. On the other hand when you insist too much on the love which exists by external cravings, what comes is the other movementfits of despondency, sorrow, Nirananda. In stressing on the psychic basis, in wishing you to conquer this other movement, I am only pointing you to the true way of your own natureof which the psychic bhakti, the true vital love are the real moving forces, and the other is only a superficial immixture.

2.4.02 - Bhakti, Devotion, Worship, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Selflessness, self-giving, entire faith and Confidence, absence of demand and desire, surrender to the Divine Will, love concentrated on the Divineare some of the main signs [of true love and bhakti].
    These are probably the names of two roses named by the Mother according to their significance.Ed.
  Pangs of separation belong to the vital, not to the psychic; the psychic having no pangs need not express them. The psychic is always turned towards the Divine in faith, joy and Confidencewhatever aspiration it has is full of trust and hope.
  Prayers should be full of Confidence and without sorrow or lamenting.

2.4.3 - Problems in Human Relations, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Naturally, praise and blame may have that effect1 (the human nature is more sensitive to these than to almost anything else, more even than to real benefit or injury), unless either equanimity has been established or else there is so entire a Confidence and happy dependence upon someone that both praise and blame are helpful to the nature. There are some men who even without Yoga have so balanced a mind that they take and adjudge praise and blame calmly for what they are worth, but that is extremely rare.
    The correspondent remarked that praise may lead to pride and vanity, just as blame may lead to resentment and revolt.Ed.

3.01 - Sincerity, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
      It is through ignorance and stupidity that the being is insincere. But with a persevering will and an absolute Confidence in the Divine Grace, one can cure this insincerity.

3.01 - Towards the Future, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  That is true. Besides, even in the strongest of women, there is a deep need for affection and protection, for an all-powerful strength that leans over her and enfolds her in comforting sweetness. This is what she seeks in love, and when she has the good fortune to find it, it gives her Confidence in life and opens up for her the door to every hope. Without that, life for her is like a barren desert that burns and shrivels up the heart.
  I am happy... happy... (She rests her head on the Poet's lap in a movement of childlike Confidence.)

3.03 - Faith and the Divine Grace, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Faith Confidence in the Divine and the unshakable certitude of the Divines Victory.
  It is good to have this unshakable faith it makes your path easier and shorter.
  The night always is full of promises and we must face it with full faith and Confidence.
  18 October 1954
  There is a great power in the simple Confidence of a child.
  17 November 1954
  It is with the Confidence of a child that our heart implores the
  The best way of meeting difficulties is a quiet and calm Confidence in the Grace.
  13 August 1966
  Keep faith and Confidence and remain cheerful.
  Any advice?
  One must have entire Confidence in the Victory of the Divine and this general Victory will include in itself the personal victory of all who will have remained faithful and confident.
  With Confidence we shall advance; with certitude we shall wait.
  The Grace and the help are always there for all who aspire for them and their power is limitless when received with faith and Confidence.
  The Grace is always there ready to act but you must let it work and not resist its action. The one condition required is faith.
  It is for the growth of this faith and Confidence that I have been working for many years.
  Obviously the resistance is obstinate.
  Faith and total Confidence in the Divines Grace.
  2 November 1956
  It is when all seems lost that all can be saved. When you have lost Confidence in your personal power, then you should have faith in the Divine Grace.
  28 January 1970
  Grace and we should look at the future with Confidence and serenity, progressing at the same time as quickly as we can.
  In an ardent faith lies salvation.
  Have faith and unshaken Confidence. The Divine Grace will do the rest.
  New Year Message of 1947, CWM, Vol. 15, pp. 168 69.
  It is absurd to ask for help and yet to have no trust; on the contrary with Confidence everything becomes so easy.
  With trust in the Divines Grace all obstacles can be surmounted.
  It is only by remaining perfectly peaceful and calm with an unshakable Confidence and faith in the Divine Grace that you will allow circumstances to be as good as they can be. The very best happens always to those who have put their entire trust in the Divine and in the Divine alone.
  9 February 1930
  In any case, the only thing which is really effective is to will what the Divine wills, and to keep an unshakable Confidence in the supreme compassion of the Divine Grace, for through that it is always the best that happens; not the best according to human ideas but the best according to the supreme Truth.
  Be calm and full of a solid and pure faith.

3.03 - On Thought - II, #Words Of Long Ago, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Still others, more sentimental, in order to come into contact with thought, need a master who should be the perfect incarnation of the ideal human standard constructed by their imagination. But they are bound to be sorely disappointed, for they forget that they alone are capable of realising their own ideal, that the one in whom they have placed their Confidence has a duty to realise his own ideal which, consequently, however great it may be, may very well differ considerably from their own. So, most often, when they become aware of these divergences, since they had attached themselves to the ideas only for the sake of the man, they will reject both man and ideas together.
  This is absurd, for ideas are worth what they are worth regardless of the individuals who have expressed them.

3.03 - The Godward Emotions, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
     All the feelings with which religion approaches the worship, service and love of God, the Yoga admits, if not as its final accompaniments, yet as preparatory movements of the emotional nature. But there is one feeling with which the Yoga, at least as practised in India, has very little dealing. In certain religions, in most perhaps, the idea of the fear of God plays a very large part, sometimes the largest, and the God-fearing man is the typical worshipper of these religions. The sentiment of fear is indeed perfectly consistent with devotion of a certain kind and up to a certain point; at its highest it rises into a worship of the divine Power, the divine Justice, divine Law, divine Righteousness, and ethical obedience, an awed reverence for the almighty Creator and Judge. Its motive is therefore ethico-religious and it belongs not so strictly to the devotee, but to the man of works moved by a devotion to the divine ordainer and judge of his works. It regards God as the King and does not approach too near the glory of his throne unless justified by righteousness or led there by a mediator who will turn away the divine wrath for sin. Even when it draws nearest, it keeps an awed distance between itself and the high object of its worship. It cannot embrace the Divine with all the fearless Confidence of the child in his mother or of the lover in his beloved or with that intimate sense of oneness which perfect love brings with it.
     The origin of this divine fear was crude enough in some of the primitive popular religions. It was the perception of powers in the world greater than man, obscure in their nature and workings, which seemed always ready to strike him down in his prosperity and to smite him for any actions which displeased them. Fear of the gods arose from man's ignorance of God and his ignorance of the laws that govern the world. It attributed to the higher powers caprice and human passion; it made them in the image of the great ones of the earth, capable of whim, tyranny, personal enmity, jealous of any greatness in man which might raise him above the littleness of terrestrial nature and bring him too near to the divine nature. With such notions no real devotion could arise, except that doubtful kind which the weaker may feel for the stronger whose protection he can buy by worship and gifts and propitiation and obedience to such laws as he may have laid upon those beneath him and may enforce by rewards arid punishments, or else the submissive and prostrate reverence and adoration which one may feel for a greatness, glory, wisdom, sovereign power which is above the world and is the source or at any rate the regulator of all its laws and happenings.

3.1.02 - Asceticism and the Integral Yoga, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  4) Unfortunately, there is the resistance, a very obscure and obstinate resistance. That necessitates a negative element in the Yoga, an element of rejection of things that stand in the way and of pressure upon those forms that are crude and useless to disappear, on those that are useful but imperfect or have been perverted to attain or to recover their true movement. To the vital this pressure is very painful, first, because it is obscure and does not understand and, secondly, because there are parts of it that want to be left to their crude motions and not to change. That is why the intervention of a psychic attitude is so helpful. For the psychic has the happy Confidence, the ready understanding and response, the spontaneous surrender; it knows that the touch of the Guru is meant to help and not to hurt, or, like Radha in the poem, that whatever the Beloved does is meant to lead to the Divine Rapture.
  5) At the same time, it is not from the negative part of the movement that you have to judge the Yoga, but from its positive side; for the negative part is temporary and transitional and will disappear, the positive alone counts for the ideal and for the future. If you take conditions which belong to the negative side and to a transitional movement as the law of the future and the indication of the character of the Yoga, you will commit a serious misjudgment, a grave mistake. This Yoga is not a rejection of life or of closeness and intimacy between the Divine and the sadhaks. Its ideal aims at the greatest closeness and unity on the physical as well as the other planes, at the most divine largeness and fullness and joy of life.

3.1.3 - Difficulties of the Physical Being, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The difficulty of the physical nature comes inevitably in the course of the development of the sadhana. Its obstruction, its inertia, its absence of aspiration or movement have to show themselves before they can be got rid ofotherwise it will always remain undetected, hampering even the best sadhana and preventing its completeness. This coming up of the physical nature lasts longer or less according to the circumstances, but there is none who does not go through it. What is necessary is not to get troubled or anxious or impatient, for that only makes it last more, but to put entire Confidence in the Mother and quietly persist in faith, patience and steady will for the complete change. It is so that the Mothers force can best work in the being.
  It is necessary to have a great patienceso as to go through these conditions and not get apprehensive or restlessand a Confidence that all difficulties will be overcome.
  In a certain part of the physical consciousness and in the subconscious there is always the human and animal fear of death and of anything that has to do with death. It is from there that these dreams are rising along with the fear felt by those parts of the nature. These things rise up in order to be rejected and the mind is rejecting them; for all fear must go and there must be in the physical the full Confidence in the Divine.

3.18 - Of Clairvoyance and the Body of Light, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  To the Adept divination becomes therefore a secondary consideration, although he can now employ it with absolute Confidence,
  pertinent to mention in this connection that one must not expect absolute information as to what is going to happen. Fortune-telling is an abuse of divination. At

3.2.03 - Conservation and Progress, #Essays In Philosophy And Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The future repels us even while it irresistibly attracts. The repulsion lies partly in our own natural recoil from the unknown, because every step into this unknown is a wager between life and death; every decision we make may mean either the destruction or the greater fulfilment of what we now are, of the name and form to which we are attached. But also it lies in the future itself; for there, governing that future, there are not only powers which call us to fulfil them and attract us with an irresistible force but other powers which have to be conquered and do not desire to yield themselves. The future is a sphinx with two minds, an energy which offers itself and denies, gives itself and resists, seeks to enthrone us and seeks to slay. But the conquest has to be attempted, the wager has to be accepted. We have to face the futures offer of death as well as its offer of life, and it need not alarm us, for it is by constant death to our old names and forms that we shall live most vitally in greater and newer forms and names. Go on we must; for if we do not, Time itself will force us forward in spite of our fancied immobility. And this is the most pitiable and dangerous movement of all. For what can be more pitiable than to be borne helplessly forward clinging to the old that disintegrates in spite of our efforts and shrieking frantically to the dead ghosts and dissolving fragments of the past to save us alive? And what can be more dangerous than to impose immobility on that which is in its nature mobile? This means an increasing and horrible rottenness; it means an attempt to persist on as a putrid and stinking corpse instead of a living and self-renewing energetic creature. The greatest spirits are therefore those who have no fear of the future, who accept its challenge and its wager; they have that sublime trust in the God or Power that guides the world, that high audacity of the human soul to wrestle with the infinite and realise the impossible, that wise and warrior Confidence in its ultimate destiny which mark the Avatars and prophets and great innovators and renovators.
  If we consider carefully we shall see that the past is indeed a huge force of conservation, but of conservation that is not immobile, but on the contrary offers itself as material for change and new realisation; that the present is the constant change and new actual realisation which the past desires and compels; and that the future is that force of new realisation not yet actual towards which the past was moving and for the sake of which it lived. Then we perceive that there is no real opposition between these three; we see that they are parts of a single movement, a sort of Trinity of Vishnu-Brahma-Maheshwara fulfilling by an inseparable action the one Deity. Yet the human mind in its mania of division and opposition seeks to set them at strife and ranges humanity into various camps, the partisans of the past, the partisans of the present, the partisans of the future, the partisans of all sorts of compromises between the three forces. Nature makes good use of the struggle between these partisans and her method is necessary in our present state of passionate ignorance and egoistic obstinacy; but none the less is it from the point of view of a higher knowledge a pitiably ignorant struggle.

3.2.05 - Our Ideal, #Essays In Philosophy And Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The idea by which the enlightenment of Europe has been governed is the passion for the discovery of the Truth and Law that constitutes existence and governs the process of the world, the attempt to develop the life and potentialities of man, his ideals, institutions, organisations by the knowledge of that Law and Truth and the Confidence that along this line lies the road of human progress and perfection.
  The idea is absolutely just and we accept it entirely; but its application has been erroneous. For the Law and Truth that has to be discovered is not that of the material world - though this is required, nor even of the mental and physical - though this is indispensable, but the Law and Truth of the Spirit on which all the rest depends. For it is the power of the Self of things that expresses itself in their forms and processes.

3.2.07 - Tantra, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Sri Aurobindo1 cannot undertake to guide you as your Guru, for the reason that he takes as disciples only those who follow his special path of Yoga; your experiences follow a different line. In his Yoga there may be an occasional current in the spine as in other nerve channels or different parts of the body, but no awakening of the Kundalini in this particular and powerful fashion. There is only a quiet uprising of the consciousness from the lower centres to join the spiritual consciousness above and a descent of the Divine Force from above which does its own work in the mind and body the manner and stages varying in each sadhak. A perfect Confidence in the Divine Mother and a vigilance to repel all wrong suggestions and influences is the main law of this Yoga. Your opening having once been so powerful on the more usual Tantric lines (even without your own will intervening), it is hardly probable that it could now change easily to other linesany such effort might create a serious disturbance. In speaking of a competent Guru Sri Aurobindo meant one who had himself practised this opening of the centres and become siddha in that line of Yoga. It should not be impossible to find onewhen one has the call for the Guru, the Guru sooner or later comes. Meanwhile to put away fear and have Confidence in the Divine working is indispensable but no effort should be made to force the pace by concentrated meditation unless you have a guide whom you can trusta clear guidance from within or a guide from without. The inspiration about the Ida nadi and the subsequent waking of the Shakti show that there was an intervention at a critical moment and that the call to it whenever needed is likely to be effective.
  In the experiences proper related in your first letter there is absolutely nothing that should have disturbed youall was quite normal, the usual experiences of the Yogin at such a juncture and very good and powerful, such as do not come except by the grace of the Divine. Probably the opening came after slow invisible preparation as a result of the meditation on the lotus at the top of the head; for that is always an invitation to the Kundalini to awake or for the lower consciousness to rise and meet the higher. The disturbing factor came with the feeling of discomfort in the heart due to some resistance in the physical being which is very often felt and can be overcome by the working of the Force itself and the fear that came afterwards in the seats of the vital Nature, heart, navel etc. But that was no part of the experience, it was an interference by a wrong reaction from the lower or exterior consciousness. If you had not allowed yourself to be disturbed, probably nothing untoward would have disturbed the process. One must not get frightened by unusual states or movements or experiences, the Yogi must be fearless, abh; it is absurd to have a fear because one can control ones states; that is a power very much to be desired and welcomed in Yoga.

3.2.08 - Bhakti Yoga and Vaishnavism, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is not either because I have myself trod the sunlit way or flinched from difficulty and suffering and danger. I have had my full share of these things and the Mother has had ten times her full share. But that was because the finders of the Way had to face these things in order to conquer. No difficulty that can come on the sadhak but has faced us on the path; against many we have had to struggle hundreds of times (in fact that is an understatement) before we could overcome; many still remain protesting that they have a right until the perfect perfection is there. But we have never consented to admit their inevitable necessity for others. It is in fact to ensure an easier path to others hereafter that we have borne that burden. It was with that object that the Mother once prayed to the Divine that whatever difficulties, dangers, sufferings were necessary for the path might be laid on her rather than on others. It has been so far heard that as a result of daily and terrible struggles for years those who put an entire and sincere Confidence in her are able to follow the sunlit path and even those who cannot, yet when they do put the trust find their path suddenly easy and, if it becomes difficult again, it is only when distrust, revolt, abhiman, or other darknesses come upon them. The sunlit path is not altogether a fable.
  But you will ask what of those who cannot? Well, it is for them I am putting forth all my efforts to bring down the supramental Force within a measurable time. I know that it will descend but I am seeking its near descent and, with whatever dark obstruction of the earth-nature or furious inroads of the Asuric forces seeking to prevent it, it is approaching the terrestrial soil. The supramental is not, as you imagine, something cold, hard and rocklike. It bears within it the presence of the Divine Love as well as the Divine Truth and its reign here means for those who accept it the straight and thornless path on which there is no wall or obstacle of which the ancient Rishis saw the far-off promise.
  In this later Vaishnava tradition the sadhana takes the form of an application of human vital love in all its principal turns to the Divine; viraha, abhimna, even complete separation (like the departure of Krishna to Mathura) are made prominent elements of this Yoga. But all that was only meantin the sadhana itself, not in the Vaishnava poemsas a passage of which the end is milana or complete union; but the stress laid on the untoward elements by some would almost seem to make strife, separation, abhimna, the whole means if not the very object of this kind of prema-yoga. Again, this method was only applied to the inner, not to a physically embodied Divine and had a reference to certain states and reactions of the inner consciousness in its seeking after the Divine. In the relations with the embodied Divine manifestation, or, I may add, of the disciple with the Guru, such things might rise as a result of human imperfection, but they were not made part of the theory of the relations. I do not think they formed a regular and authorised part of the relations of the bhaktas to Chaitanya or of the disciples at Dakshineshwar towards Ramakrishna! On the contrary, the relation of the disciple to the Guru in the Guruvada is supposed always to be that of worship, respect, complete happy Confidence, unquestioning acceptance of the guidance. The application of the unchanged vital relations to the embodied Divine or the Guru may lead and has led to movements which are not conducive to the progress of the Yoga.
  Ramakrishnas Yoga was also turned only to an inner realisation of the inner Divine,nothing less but also nothing more. I believe his sentence about the claim of the sadhak on the Divine for whom one has sacrificed everything was the assertion of an inner and not an outer claim, on the inner rather than on any physically embodied Divine: it was a claim for the full spiritual union, the God-lover seeking the Divine, but the Divine also giving himself and meeting the God-lover. There can be no objection to that; such a claim all seekers of the Divine have; but as to the modalities of this Divine meeting, it does not carry us much farther. In any case, my object is a realisation on the physical plane and I cannot consent merely to repeat Ramakrishna. I seem to remember too that for a long time he was withdrawn into himself, all his life was not spent with his disciples! He got his siddhi first in retirement and when he came out and received everyonewell, a few years of it wore out his body. To that, I suppose, he had no objection; he even pronounced a theory, when Keshav Chandra was dying, that spiritual experience ought to wear out the body! But at the same time, when asked why he got his illness in the throat, he answered that it was the sins of his disciples which they threw upon him and he had to swallow! Not being satisfied, as he was, with an inner liberation alone, I cannot accept these ideas or these results, for it does not sound to me like a successful meeting of the Divine and the sadhak on the physical plane, however successful it might have been for the inner life. Krishna did great things and was very clearly a manifestation of the Divine. But I remember a passage of the Mahabharata in which he complains of the unquiet life his followers and adorers gave him, their constant demands, reproaches, their throwing of their unregenerate vital nature upon him. And in the Gita he speaks of this human world as a transient and sorrowful affair and, in spite of his gospel of divine action, seems almost to admit that to leave it is after all the last solution! The traditions of the past are very great in their own place,in the past; but I do not see why we should merely repeat them and not go farther. In the spiritual development of the consciousness upon earth the great past ought to be followed by a greater future.
  As for Krishna, why not approach simply and straight? The simple approach means trust. If you pray, trust that he hears. If the reply takes long in coming, trust that he knows and loves and that he is wisest in the choice of the time. Meanwhile quietly clear the ground, so that he may not have to trip over stone and jungle when he comes. That is my suggestion and I know what I am saying for whatever you may say, I know very well all human difficulties and struggles and I know of the cure. That is why I press always on the things that would minimise and shorten the struggles and difficulties,the psychic turn, faith, perfect and simple Confidence and reliance. These, let me remind you, are tenets of the Vaishnava Yoga. Of course, there is the other Vaishnava way which swings between yearning and despairardent seeking and the pangs of viraha. It is that you seem to be following and I do not deny that one can arrive by that as one can by almost any way, if followed sincerely. But then those who follow it find a rasa even in viraha, in the absence and the caprice of the Divine Lover. Some of them have sung that they have followed after him all their lives but always he has slipped away from their vision and even in that they find a rasa and never cease following. But you find no rasa in it. So you cannot expect me to approve of that for you. Follow after Krishna by all means, but follow with the determination to arrive: dont do it with the expectation of failure or admit any possibility of breaking off half-way.

3.2.3 - Dreams, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The dreams are very significant and show a great progress in the inner being. The first dream means that to call the Mother is not enough; by that the immediate difficulty is dispelled, but the full victory which will prevent any return of the attack is not won; for that you must cease to be helpless before the attack, you must be able to fight and repel it (of course with the Mothers Force near whether manifest or veiled and supporting you). At present you have got so far that you can sometimes repel it with your safety pin, that is, by a small action supported by the peace behind; but the strength, Confidence, courage to leap on the attacking force and drive it out (hands and feet) is not yet there.
  In the second dream the servant is the outer physical consciousness while you are your own inner being. The inner being awakes in the darkness of the physical obscurity but is not troubled. It knows and writes the mantra of the Truth and Light and that brings the beginning of the white Light, the highest True Light in the darkness which once begun is sure to increase.

3.2.4 - Sex, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is not right once you have turned to the Divine, to allow despondency of any kind to take hold of you. Whatever the difficulties and troubles, you must keep this Confidence that by relying on the Divine, the Divine will take you through. Now I answer the questions you put to me in your letter.
  1) If to follow the spiritual path is your resolve, marriage and family life can only come across it. Marriage would be the right thing only if the sexual push was so strong that there was no hope of overcoming it except by a controlled and rational indulgence for some time during which it could be slowly brought under subjection to the will. But you say its hold on you is diminishing, so that does not seem indispensable.

33.06 - Alipore Court, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 07, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Well, let me now explain how the pistols came. They came precisely the way Sri Aurobindo's writings went. When the police found that we were not such ferocious beasts after all, they gave us permission to have a chance sometimes of meeting our friends and relatives. These meetings took place in a room next to the entrance through the main gate of the jail. They erected a partition of iron bars through the middle of the room. On one side of this barrier stood the visitors and friends and we stood on the other: No doubt there were some sentries about, but they did not particularly bother to watch, for on the whole there had grown up an amount of Confidence in our good faith. But it wets very easy to pass on anything across this barrier, for with a shawl or heavy chuddaron, one could easily touch the person on the other side of the bars - out of an excess of feeling, one would normally imagine. I remember how my uncle once burst into tears on meeting me in this manner. Anyhow, the pair of revolvers used by Kanai and Satyen had changed hands through the bars in this manner.
   I referred just now to our good faith. In fact our laughter and fun, our mirth and play, and our sweet simplicity had astonished them all. We had a Court Inspector, an elderly Muslim gentleman, who would almost burst into tears as he looked on us. "How dare you laugh and play?" he used to say, "you have not the least idea of the terror you have to face. You do not know what kind of life it is in the Andamans.

33.07 - Alipore Jail, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 07, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The case dragged on for quite sometime, for several months in fact. And then, the trial once over, came a period of utter loneliness. We could do nothing but await the results his state of dark night lasted nearly two months. I too had occasional fits of depression during this period. "Why, and what, and where, and which way?" These were questions at came up and clouded the mind. There was a sense of wariness. The one solace I found - it came towards the end - was in the company of Vivekananda. That was 1en his book, Colombo to Almora,came to my hands. What faith and Confidence, what strength, what courage breathed through his words and his manner! All seemed to get cleared up, especially when I read aloud the Vedic and Upanishadic mantraslike,
   vedaham etam purusam mahantam

3.3.1 - Illness and Health, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Faith, Confidence and Cure
  Most of them [illnesses] can be got rid of almost at once by faith and calling in the force. Those that are chronic are more difficult, but they too can be got rid of by the same means if persistently used.

3.3.2 - Doctors and Medicines, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  You are very much behind the times. Do you not know that even many doctors now admit and write it publicly that medicines are an element but only one and that the psychological element counts as much and even more? I have heard that from doctors often and read it over reputable medical signatures. And among the psychological elements, they say, one of the most important is the doctors optimism and self- Confidence, (his faith, what? it is only another word for the same thing) and the Confidence, hope, helpful mental atmosphere he can inspire in or around his patient. I have seen it stated categorically that a doctor who can do that is far more successful than one who knows Medicine better but cannot.

3-5 Full Circle, #unset, #Arthur C Clarke, #Fiction
  "The more I have brooded upon the events which I have lived through myself," Lippmann wrote in 1955, "the more astounding and significant does it seem that the decline of power and influence and self Confidence of Western democracies has been so steep and so sudden. [It has been steeper yet in the years since he wrote this presage.] We have fallen far in a short space of time... What we have seen is not only decay--though much of the old structure was dissolving--but something which can be called an historic catastrophe."19,30 p.15.
  And what is this catastrophe? "In the effort to understand the malady of democratic government," Lippmann replies some forty pages later on, "I have dwelt upon the underlying duality of functions: governing, that is, the administration of the laws [which cyberneticians call control] and representing the living persons who are governed, who must pay, who must work and, it may be, die for the acts of the government (which we call feedback to the controller from the output of the work component]. I attribute the democratic disaster of the twentieth century to the derangement of these primary (cybernetic] functions.
  These insights, being correct, permit us to complete and sharpen Lippmann's diagnosis: the breakdown of the democracies--their executives' loss of self Confidence, authority and power, and their electorates' loss of equally important power to believe in and follow the executives--is due to the break-up of what Lippman calls the public philosophy, and what poets more powerfully call the Circle.
  "The Circle of Perfection," says Marjorie Nicholson, "from which men had long deduced their metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics, was broken during the seventeenth century. `Correspondence' between macrocosm (the universe] and microcosm [the human mind], which man had accepted as basic to faith, was no longer valid in [his incorrect and unintegrated picture of] a new mechanical universe and mechanical world."31
  Into this leadership vacuum rush the ideologists--people such as the totalitarian democrats and various fascistic racists, whose worldviews were prematurely unified in the nineteenth century; unified before the rise of modern physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, or any other modern science; and by non-scientists at that. Their misinterpretations of history, genetics, psychology, and so forth are, however, systematic and mutually reinforcing. This gives them the Confidence which our traditional leaders lack, and therewith the power to mislead the Majority disastrously.44
  How have we found out that they are misleading our education and our culture a In the same way that physical and biological scientists find out when they are misled: by making theoretical models and subjecting them to experimental verification. "The verification of a model such as occurred with Rutherford's nuclear atom can greatly extend the range and scope of the physicist's understanding," say physicists Kendall and Panofsky. "It is through the interplay of observation, prediction, and comparison that the laws of nature are slowly clarified."45
  "Mr Haskell," she burst out, "I don't know what to do! The whole world has changed!--I didn't have any hope before; but now I have hope, even Confidence! Now I know that the world has a future! I want to help you!--I'll do anything: scrub your floors, type your manuscripts--anything!" Tears were running down her beaming face.
  I knew her only as a student who chose to sit in a back row and hardly ever spoke in class. Her papers had never struck me as exceptional. Yet here, suddenly and without warning, she was showing me the deepest understanding of them all! She had undergone even more than a Copernican change of understanding.--I asked her to sit down and let me think about what she had said.
  Genesis of civilization (Ref. Toynbee, A. J.) The state of a human society in which the prevalent subjective coaction (q.v.) between Majority or work component (q.v.) and Minority or controller (q.v.) is positive (q.v.): the state called trust, Confidence, class cooperation (q.v.). During genesis, a society is characterized by stability and upward development (q.v.). Genesis of society is always characterized by a public philosophy (q.v.) with a positive value bias (q.v.).
  Geoid (adj.) (Term coined by W. V. Quine, 1969) The class of systems (the Major Stratum q.v.) occupying the position in the System hierarchy (q.v.) between molecules and plant ecosystems. Among its members are inter-stellar gas clouds, stars, meteors and solar systems. A Periodic table of geoid systems is predicted.
  Mimesis (n.) (Ref. Toynbee, A. J., A Study of History) Simulation, within a Systems-hierarchy (q.v.), of the behavior of higher members by lower members of the hierarchy. Since lower members by definition lack the structure which enacts the system's highest levels of abstraction (q.v.), mimesis is confined to those aspects of behavior which lie beneath their abstraction ceiling (q.v.). Mimesis is seen by higher members of the hierarchy as inept, valuable, dangerous, ludicrous, cute, etc. depending upon the situation. None the less, mimesis is essential to the coherence and operation of societies in all human Periods: Even in the lowest, it characterizes much activity of children and young people (lower Sub-strata).--Understanding of mimesis by the top Strata is important to society's control, Confidence and trust (q.v.), which are necessary conditions for social stability and Omega-ward development. C.f. Class cooperation, Symbiosis, vertical Front.
  Minority, creative A controlling class in a society which cooperates with the society's working class, thereby either transmuting the whole society to a higher Period (q.v.) or forming a vertical front (q.v.) and transforming predation and parasitism (q.v.) into symbiosis (q.v.). Term coined by Arnold Toynbee. C.f. Minority, dominant, Control, function.

3.6.01 - Heraclitus, #Essays In Philosophy And Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Does the thought of Heraclitus admit of any such hope as the Vedic seers held and hymned with so triumphant a Confidence? or does it even give ground for any aspiration to some kind of a divine supermanhood such as his disciples the Stoics so sternly laboured for or as that of which Nietzsche, the modern Heraclitus, drew a too crude and violent figure? His saying that man is kindled and extinguished as light disappears into night, is commonplace and discouraging enough. But this may after all be only true of the apparent man Is it possible for man. in his becoming to raise his present fixed measures? to elevate his mental, relative, individual reason into direct communion with or direct participation in the divine and absolute reason? to inspire and raise the values of his human force to the higher values of the divine force? to become aware like the gods of an absolute good and an absolute beauty? to lift this mortal to the nature of immortality? Against his melancholy image of human transiency we have that remarkable and cryptic sentence, "the gods are mortals, men immortals", which, taken literally, might mean that the gods are powers that perish and replace each other and the soul of man alone is immortal, but must at least mean that there is in man behind his outward transiency an immortal spirit. We have too his saying, "thou canst not find the limits of the soul", and we have the profoundest of all Heraclitus' utterances, "the kingdom is of the child." If man is in his real being an infinite and immortal spirit, there is surely no reason why he should not awaken to his immortality, arise towards the consciousness of the universal, one and absolute, live in a higher self-realisation. "I have sought for myself" says Heraclitus; and what was it that he found?
  But there is one great gap and defect whether in his knowledge of things or his knowledge of the self of man. We see in how many directions the deep divining eye of Heraclitus anticipated the largest and profoundest generalisations of Science and Philosophy and how even his more superficial thoughts indicate later powerful tendencies of the occidental mind, how too some of his ideas influenced such profound and fruitful thinkers as Plato, the Stoics, the Neo-platonists. But in his defect also he is a forerunner; it illustrates the great deficiency of later European thought, such of it at least as has not been profoundly influenced by Asiatic religions or Asiatic mysticism. I have tried to show how often his thought touches and is almost identical with the Vedic and Vedantic. But his knowledge of the truth of things stopped with the vision of the universal reason and the universal force; he seems to have summed up the principle of things in these two first terms, the aspect of consciousness, the aspect of power, a supreme intelligence and a supreme energy. The eye of Indian thought saw a third aspect of the Self and of Brahman; besides the universal consciousness active in divine knowledge, besides the universal force active in divine will, it saw the universal delight active in divine love and joy. European thought, following the line of Heraclitus' thinking, has fixed itself on reason and on force and made them the principles towards whose perfection our being has to aspire. Force is the first aspect of the world, war, the clash of energies; the second aspect, reason, emerges out of the appearance of force in which it is at first hidden and reveals itself as a certain justice, a certain harmony, a certain determining intelligence and reason in things; the third aspect is a deeper secret behind these two, universal delight, love, beauty which taking up the other two can establish something higher than justice, better than harmony, truer than reason,-unity and bliss, the ecstasy of our fulfilled existence. Of this last secret power Western thought has only seen two lower aspects, pleasure and aesthetic beauty; it has missed the spiritual beauty and the spiritual delight. For that reason Europe has never been able to develop a powerful religion of its own; it has been obliged to turn to Asia. Science takes possession of the measures and utilities of Force; rational philosophy pursues reason to its last subtleties; but inspired philosophy and religion can seize hold of the highest secret, uttamaṁ rahasyam. - The Significance of Rebirth, #Essays In Philosophy And Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  There are other statements or colourings of the idea of rebirth which admit a more positive sense for existence and nourish a robuster Confidence in the power and delight of being which are its secret fountains; but they all stumble in the end over the limitations of humanity and an inability to see any outlet from their bondage in the order of the universe, because they suppose this to be a thing fixed from of years sempiternalvatbhya sambhya, not an eternally developing and creative, but an immutable cycle. The Vaishnava idea of the play of God, striking as it does into the secret of the hidden deligh the core of things, is a luminous ray shot into the very heart of the mystery; but isolated it cannot solve all its enigma. There is more here in the world than a play of secret delight; there is knowledge, there is power, there is a will and a mighty labour. Rebirth so looked at becomes too much of a divine caprice with no object but its playing, and ours is too great and strenuous a world to be so accounted for. Such chequered delight as is given to our becoming, is a game of disguises and seekings with no promise here of any divine completeness; its circles seem in the end not worth following out and the soul turns gladly to its release from the games unsatisfying mazes. The Tantric solution shows us a supreme superconscient Energy which casts itself out ere into teeming worlds and multitudinous beings and in its order the soul rises from birth to birth and follows its million forms, till in a last human series it opens to the consciousness and powers of its own divinity and returns through them by a rapid illumination to the eternal superconscience. We find at last the commencement of a satisfying synthesis, some justification of existence, a meaningful consequence in rebirth, a use and a sufficient though only temporary significance for the great motion of the cosmos. On lines very like these the modern mind, when it is disposed to accept rebirth, is inclined to view it. But there is a too minor stress on the souls divine potentialities, a haste of insistence on the escape into superconscience; the supreme Energy constructs too long and stupendous a preparation for so brief and so insufficient a flowering. There is a lacuna here, some secret is still missing.
  There are certain limitations of our own thought over which all these solutions stumble, and the chief of these obstacles are our sense of the mechanical nature of the universe and our inability to see forward to a greater than our present type of humanity. We see the superconscient Spirit in its effulgence and freedom and we see the universe in its inconscient bondage to the cycle of its mechanical recurrences, or we see existence as an abstract entity and Nature as a mechanical force; the conscient soul stands between as a link between these opposites, but it is itself so incomplete that we cannot find in this linksecret or make of it a strong master of reconciliation. Then we pronounce birth to be an error of the soul and see our one chance of liberation in a shaking off of these natal shackles and a violent reversion to supracosmic consciousness or the freedom of abstract being. But what if rebirth were in truth no long dragging chain, but rather at first a ladder of the souls ascension and at last a succession of mighty spiritual opportunities? It will be so if the infinite existence is not what it seems to the logical intellect, an abstract entity, but what it is to intuition and in deeper soul experience, a conscious spiritual Reality, and that Reality as real here as in any far off absolute Superconscience. For then universal Nature would be no longer a mechanism with no secret but its own inconscient mechanics and no intention but the mere recurrent working; it would be the conscient energy of the universal Spirit hidden in the greatness of its processes, mahimnam asya. And the soul ascending from the sleep of matter through plant and animal life to the human degree of the power of life and there battling with ignorance and limit to take possession of its royal and infinite kingdom would be the mediator appointed to unfold in Nature the spirit who is hidden in her subtleties and her vastnesses. That is the significance of life and the world which the idea of evolutionary rebirth opens to us; life becomes at once a progressive ascending series for the unfolding of the Spirit. It acquires a supreme significance: the way of the Spirit in its power is justified, no longer a foolish and empty dream, an eternal delirium, great mechanical toil or termless futility, but the sum of works of a large spiritual Will and Wisdom: the human soul and the cosmic spirit look into each others eyes with a noble and divine meaning.

4.02 - Difficulties, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Never grumble. All sorts of forces enter you when you grumble and they pull you down. Keep smiling. I seem always to be joking but it is not mere joking. It is a Confidence born from the psychic. A smile expresses the faith that nothing can stand against the Divine and that everything will come out all right in the end.
  28 May 1954
  Anxiety is a lack of Confidence in the Divines Grace, the unmistakable sign that the consecration is not complete and perfect.
  Dont foresee difficulties it does not help to surmount them and helps them to come.
  I have always the same thing to say: quiet Confidence and courage is the only way of getting out of difficulties.
  Perfect mental balance: indispensable for facing the difficulties of life.

4.03 - Mistakes, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Even if things are not as they ought to be, worry does not help to make them better. A quiet Confidence is the source of strength.
  11 November 1936
  Do not fear, keep your Confidence, all these troubles will leave you.
  With my love and blessings.

4.04 - Weaknesses, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Do not fear, keep your Confidence, all these troubles will leave you.
  With my love and blessings.
  All fear must be overcome and replaced by a total Confidence in the Divine Grace.
  6 June 1955
  When your psychic is active, you feel a delight without any apparent reason. It continues for some time and again the same mental or vital reactions come in and you go back to the darkness. This will continue. The brighter days will become longer and the dark periods will come after longer intervals and for shorter duration till they finally disappear. Till then you must know that the sun is there behind the clouds and you need not worry. You must have the Confidence of a child a Confidence that there is someone who takes care of you and you can entirely depend on him.

4.06 - RETIRED, #Thus Spoke Zarathustra, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  "Speaking in the Confidence of three eyes," the old

4.07 - Purification-Intelligence and Will, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The Buddhi itself is burdened with a mixed and impure action. When we reduce it to its own proper forms, we find that it has three stages or elevations of its functioning. First, its lowest basis is a habitual, customary action which is a link between the higher reason and the sense-mind, a kind of current understanding. This understanding is in itself dependent on the witness of the senses and the rule of action which the reason deduces from the sense-mind's perception of and attitude to life. It is not capable of itself forming pure thought and will, but it takes the workings of the higher reason and turns them into coin of opinion and customary standard of thought or canon of action. When we perform a sort of practical analysis of the thinking mind, cut away this element and hold back the higher reason free, observing and silent, we find that this current understanding begins to run about in a futile circle, repeating all its formed opinions and responses to the impressions of things, but incapable of any strong adaptation and initiation. As it feels more and more the refusal of sanction from the higher reason, it begins to fail, to lose Confidence in itself and its forms and habits, to distrust the intellectual action and to fall into weakness and silence. The stilling of this current, running, circling, repeating thought-mind is the principal part of that silencing of the thought which is one of the most effective disciplines of Yoga.
  But the higher reason itself has a first stage of dynamic, pragmatic intellectuality in which creation, action and will are the real motive and thought and knowledge are employed to form basic constructions and suggestions which are used principally for effectuation. To this pragmatic reason truth is only a formation of the intellect effective for the action of the inner and the outer life. When we cut it away from the still higher reason which seeks impersonally to reflect Truth rather than to create personally effective truth, we find then that this pragmatic reason can originate, progress, enlarge the experience by dynamic knowledge, but it has to depend on the current understanding as a pedestal and base and put its whole weight on life and becoming. It is in itself therefore a mind of the Will to life and action, much more a mind of Will than a mind of knowledge: it does not live in any assured and constant and eternal Truth, but in progressing and changing aspects of Truth which serve the shifting forms of our life and becoming or, at the highest, help life to grow and progress. By itself this pragmatic mind can give us no firm foundation and no fixed goal; it lives in the truth of the hour, not in any truth of eternity. But when purified of dependence on the customary understanding, it is a great creator and in association with the highest mental reason it becomes a strong channel and bold servant for the effectuation of Truth in life. The value of its work will depend on the value and the power of the highest truth-seeking reason. But by itself it is a sport of Time and a bond-slave of Life. The seeker of the Silence has to cast it away from him; the seeker of the integral Divinity has to pass beyond it, to replace and transform this thinking mind intent on Life by a greater effectuating spiritual Will, the Truth-Will of the spirit.

4.0 - NOTES TO ZARATHUSTRA, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  and must create for themselves the profound and absolute Confidence
  of those they rule. Their new holiness, their renunciation of

4.0 - The Path of Knowledge, #Theosophy, #Alice Bailey, #Occultism
   which he must prescribe for himself. Then he treads the paths of the spiritual world, his whole being becomes penetrated by these laws. He becomes free from all compulsion from the sensible world; his Spirit-man raises itself out of the sensible sheath. Thus he makes actual progress on the path toward the spiritual, and thus he spiritualizes himself. One cannot say, "Of what use to me are all my resolutions to follow purely the laws of the True when I am perhaps mistaken as to what is the True?" The important thing is the striving and the spirit in which one strives. Even he who is mistaken possesses in his very striving after the True a force which turns him away from the wrong road. This force seizes him should he be mistaken and guides him to the right road. The very objection, "But I can be mistaken," is itself harmful unbelief. It shows that the man has no Confidence in the power of the True. For the important point is that he should not presume to decide on his aims and objects in life in accordance with his egotistical views, but that he should selflessly yield himself up to the guidance of the spirit itself. It is not the
   p. 215

4.1.1 - The Difficulties of Yoga, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The only thing to do with such depressing thoughts is not to indulge them, to send them away at once. Vital difficulties are the common lot of every human being and of every sadhak they are to be met with a quiet determination and Confidence in the Divine Grace.

4.1.2 - The Difficulties of Human Nature, #Letters On Yoga IV, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Accept this divine possibility in you; have faith in your inner being and its spiritual destiny. Make its development as a portion of the Divine your aim in life,for a great and serious aim in life is a most powerful help towards getting rid of this kind of disturbing or disabling nervous weakness; it gives firmness, balance, a strong support to the whole being and a powerful reason for the will to act. Accept too the help we can give you, not shutting yourself against it by disbelief, despair or unfounded revolt. At present you cannot prevail because you have not fixed in yourself a faith, an aim, a settled Confidence; the black mood has been able to cloud your whole consciousness. But if you have fixed this faith in you and can cling to it, then the cloud will not be able to fix itself for any long period, the inner being will be able to come to your help. And even the better self will be able to remain on the surface, keep you open to the light and maintain the inner ground for the soul even if the outer is partly clouded or troubled. When that happens, the victory will have been won and the entire elimination of the vital weakness will be only a matter of a little perseverance.


--- Overview of noun confidence

The noun confidence has 5 senses (first 3 from tagged texts)
1. (13) assurance, self-assurance, confidence, self-confidence, authority, sureness ::: (freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities; "his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular"; "after that failure he lost his confidence"; "she spoke with authority")
2. (6) confidence ::: (a feeling of trust (in someone or something); "I have confidence in our team"; "confidence is always borrowed, never owned")
3. (3) confidence ::: (a state of confident hopefulness that events will be favorable; "public confidence in the economy")
4. confidence, trust ::: (a trustful relationship; "he took me into his confidence"; "he betrayed their trust")
5. confidence ::: (a secret that is confided or entrusted to another; "everyone trusted him with their confidences"; "the priest could not reveal her confidences")

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun confidence

5 senses of confidence                        

Sense 1
assurance, self-assurance, confidence, self-confidence, authority, sureness
   => certainty
     => cognitive state, state of mind
       => psychological state, psychological condition, mental state, mental condition
         => condition, status
           => state
             => attribute
               => abstraction, abstract entity
                 => entity

Sense 2
   => security
     => fearlessness, bravery
       => feeling
         => state
           => attribute
             => abstraction, abstract entity
               => entity

Sense 3
   => hopefulness
     => condition, status
       => state
         => attribute
           => abstraction, abstract entity
             => entity

Sense 4
confidence, trust
   => friendship, friendly relationship
     => relationship
       => state
         => attribute
           => abstraction, abstract entity
             => entity

Sense 5
   => secret
     => information, info
       => message, content, subject matter, substance
         => communication
           => abstraction, abstract entity
             => entity

--- Hyponyms of noun confidence

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun confidence

5 senses of confidence                        

Sense 1
assurance, self-assurance, confidence, self-confidence, authority, sureness
   => certainty

Sense 2
   => security

Sense 3
   => hopefulness

Sense 4
confidence, trust
   => friendship, friendly relationship

Sense 5
   => secret

--- Coordinate Terms (sisters) of noun confidence

5 senses of confidence                        

Sense 1
assurance, self-assurance, confidence, self-confidence, authority, sureness
  -> certainty
   => assurance, self-assurance, confidence, self-confidence, authority, sureness
   => certitude, cocksureness, overconfidence
   => reliance, trust

Sense 2
  -> security
   => confidence

Sense 3
  -> hopefulness
   => confidence
   => anticipation, expectation

Sense 4
confidence, trust
  -> friendship, friendly relationship
   => blood brotherhood
   => company, companionship, fellowship, society
   => confidence, trust

Sense 5
  -> secret
   => confidence
   => open secret
   => trade secret

--- Grep of noun confidence
confidence game
confidence man
confidence trick
vote of confidence

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