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  God :::
  Names ::: God, Sri Aurobindo, The Mother
  Persons :::
  Beings ::: the Gods, the Witness, the One who helps one Remember,
  Archetypes ::: the Student, the Hero, the Traveller of the Worlds, the Disciple, the Teacher
  Personalities ::: the Child
  Titles ::: the Guide, the Adventurer, the Master, the Fool, the Prisoner, the Hunter, the Playmate
  Aspects :::
  Professions ::: the Teacher,
  Formations :::
  Entities ::: thought-forms, Hostile Forces
  Places ::: the permanent dwelling-place of Sri Aurobindo, the Tower of MEM, the Temple, the School, the Library, the Garden, the Labyrinth, the Prison, the Path, the Sunlit Path
  Planes ::: the Inconscient, the Physical, the Vital, the Mental, the Psychic, the Higher Mental
  Powers ::: the Beauty, Grace, Peace, Will, Knowledge, Light, Truth, Power
  Elements ::: aspiration, concentration, effort, faith, inspiration, openness, rejection, sincerity, surrender, trust
  Forces :::
  Capacities ::: imagination, contemplation, visualization, concentration, meditation, intuition, lucid dreaming, knowledge, realization, memory, vision, will, discernment, reflection
  Capablities (Skills + Faculties) :::
  Attributes ::: Needs,
  Parts of the Self ::: the Body, the Mind, the Psychic, the Vital
  Qualities :::
  States :::
    Statuses :::
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  Injunctions ::: Read Savitri, 132, Prayer, Study, Programming, Balance Training, Ballet,
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  Movements :::
    Lower Movements ::: smoking, masturbating, drug use?, porn, wasting money,
  Verbs :::
  Objects ::: the Book (books), the Computer, the Ring, the Whiteboard (the Tablets of MEM)
    Books :::
  Subjects ::: Integral Yoga, Computer Science, Game Dev, Education, Integral Theory, Psychology, Occultism, Philosophy, Cybernetics, Yoga, Gymnastics, Dance, Music
    Integral Yoga ::: Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Savitri
    Computer Science ::: Programming is Magic, Lisps, racket, BASH, AI, Game Dev
  Mental :::
    Concepts ::: Sin, what are concepts?
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  Integral Yoga
  Computer Science ::: AI, Game Dev, Hacking, programming
  Game Dev ::: OWRPGVRSS, Game Analysis, Game Concepts
  Integral Theory
  Cybernetics ::: Biology, Engineering, Multidisciplinary
  Yoga ::: Integral, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, Guru, Dream, Raja, Hatha,
  Story Telling ::: Characters, Worlds,

  The Life Divine(1.19, 2.19)
  The Synthesis Of Yoga(1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.4, 2.19)
  Isha Upanishads,
  Hymns to the Mystic Fire,
  The Mother With Letters On The Mother
  Record of Yoga
WILBER ::: Sex, Ecology and Spirituality(7, 8, 14)
NIETZSCHE ::: Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil
CARROLL ::: Liber Null
KOESTLER ::: The Act of Creation
AVILA ::: The Interior Castle(1.i 1.ii 2.i 3.i, 3.ii, 4.i 4.ii 4.iii)

  - Core Integral, BFP

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  God ::: is God?, God is ..., verbs with God as noun, Divine Powers, Divine Relations
  Integral Yoga ::: Sri Aurobindo, The Mother powers, difficulties, elements
  Injunctions ::: meditation, old d20, experiments, study, daily minimum offering, ballet, gymnastics, new d20, prayer, lucid dreaming, programming
  Subjects ::: Integral Yoga, Philosophy, Psychology, Robotics, Cognitive Science
  Concepts/Theos ::: attributes, Ideal Forms, injunctions, NOUNS, planes, The Way of Effective Action, The Ignorance, VERBS, the source of inspiration
  Nouns ::: God, The Bookshelf, Sri Aurobindo, the Path, projects, POW, todo, truth, The World, priority, the Temple
  Verbs ::: concentration, remember, study, think, contemplate, progress, learn
  Books ::: cwsa, mcw, Integral Life Practice, Kena and Other Upanishads, The Synthesis Of Yoga, Savitri, A Brief History of Everything, Kosmic Consciousness, Liber ABA
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  Classes ::: chapter, book, subject, concept, reading list, project, injunction, attribute, text, Yoga, fictional character, plane or world, person, summary, power or capacity, philosopher, anime, power, place, movie, meta, program, gateway, tv show, theory, poet, obstacle, object, medium, main, MAIN, game, database, author, videogame, test, subject, status of being?, spiritual teacher, show, scripture, sage, process, part, new, mystic, metaobject, magician, magazine, list, guru, field, difficulties, dance style, action
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434 - Maps of Meaning
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dharmapedia TLD Summary
Maps of Meaning
The Dhammapada


map ::: 1. (mathematics) function.2. (programming) In functional programming, the most common higher-order function over lists. Map applies its first argument to each element of its second argument (a list) and returns the list of results. map :: (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b] map f [] = [] (1997-11-05)

map ::: 1. (mathematics) function.2. (programming) In functional programming, the most common higher-order function over lists. Map applies its first argument to each element of its second argument (a list) and returns the list of results. map :: (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b]map f [] = [] (1997-11-05)

mapach ::: n. --> The raccoon.

map: Also known as a mapping.

1. {function}.
2. In {functional programming}, the most common
{higher-order function} over lists. Map applies its first
argument to each element of its second argument (a list) and
returns the list of results.
map :: (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b]
map f []   = []
map f (x:xs) = f x : map f xs
This can be generalised to types other than lists.

maple ::: n. --> A tree of the genus Acer, including about fifty species. A. saccharinum is the rock maple, or sugar maple, from the sap of which sugar is made, in the United States, in great quantities, by evaporation; the red or swamp maple is A. rubrum; the silver maple, A. dasycarpum, having fruit wooly when young; the striped maple, A. Pennsylvanium, called also moosewood. The common maple of Europe is A. campestre, the sycamore maple is A. Pseudo-platanus, and the Norway maple is A. platanoides.

maplike ::: a. --> Having or consisting of lines resembling a map; as, the maplike figures in which certain lichens grow.

map ::: n. 1. A representation, usually on a plane surface, of a region of the earth or heavens. 2. A maplike delineation, representation, or reflection of anything. maps, concept-maps. v. 3. To depict as if on a map. 4. To sketch or plan out. maps, mapped.

map ::: n. --> A representation of the surface of the earth, or of some portion of it, showing the relative position of the parts represented; -- usually on a flat surface. Also, such a representation of the celestial sphere, or of some part of it.
Anything which represents graphically a succession of events, states, or acts; as, an historical map. ::: v. t.

mapped ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Map

mappery ::: n. --> The making, or study, of maps.


mapping ::: p. pr. & vb. n. --> of Map

mapping: The generalised form of a function - with arguments (inputs) and values (outputs) where an argument may have more than one value.


map ::: The ordered projection of axons from one region of the nervous system to another, by which the organization of the body (or some function) is reflected in the organization of the nervous system.

Mapai ::: Israel's major labor party, Mapai (Mifleget Poalei Eretz Israel — Land of Israel Worker’s Party), was established in 1930 as a Zionist-socialist party and served as the dominant political party in the pre-state and early post-state years. The left-of-center Mapai led every coalition and owned the Premiership from 1948 until the party merged into the Labor alignment in 1968.

Mapam ::: A pioneering. left-wing labor-Zionist Israel party, founded in 1948, when Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir merged with Ahdut ha-Avodah-Po'alei Zion.

1. {Manufacturing Automation Protocol}.
2. {Mathematical Analysis without Programming}.

{Messaging Application Programming Interface}

Maple ::: A symbolic mathematics package by B. Char, K. Geddes, G. Gonnet, M. Monagan and S. Watt of the University of Waterloo, Canada and ETH Zurich, Switzerland in 1980. Version: Maple V.E-mail: . Mailing list: (1994-10-21)

A {symbolic mathematics} package by B. Char, K. Geddes,
G. Gonnet, M. Monagan and S. Watt of the {University of
Waterloo}, Canada and {ETH} Zurich, Switzerland in 1980.
Version: Maple V.
E-mail: . Mailing list:

MAPM 9636 195


QUOTES [33 / 33 - 500 / 4424]

KEYS (10k)

   5 Sri Aurobindo
   4 Jordan Peterson
   3 Ken Wilber
   2 Robert Anton Wilson
   2 Peter J Carroll
   2 Alfred Korzybski
   2 Aleister Crowley
   1 William S Anglin
   1 Wikipedia
   1 Tom Butler-Bowdon
   1 Terry Pratchett
   1 Rosch
   1 Oscar Wilde
   1 Marcel Proust
   1 Julian Huxley
   1 Frank Visser
   1 Essential Integral
   1 Daniel C Matt
   1 Allen Ginsberg
   1 Albert Einstein


   39 Robert Mapplethorpe
   20 Dhammapada
   10 Marla Maples
   10 Anonymous
   8 William Mapother
   6 Peter Turchi
   5 Terry Pratchett
   5 Seth Godin
   5 Mary Mapes Dodge
   5 Ken Jennings
   5 Catherynne M Valente
   4 Jo Ann Mapson
   4 Herman Melville
   4 Erin Hunter
   3 Rick Riordan
   3 Jodi Picoult
   3 Isabel Allende
   3 Ernest Cline
   2 William Shakespeare
   2 William Carey

1:Boundary lines, of any type, are never found in the real world itself, but only in the imagination of the mapmakers. ~ Ken Wilber,
2:Dwell far above the laws that govern men
And are not to be mapped by mortal judgments. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Plays and Stories, Act II,
3:The final mystery is oneself. When one has weighed the sun in the balance, and measured the steps of the moon, and mapped out the seven heavens star by star, there still remains oneself. ~ Oscar Wilde,
4:For millennia magicians, philosophers and scientists and various other explorers have sought The Map of reality. This map has grown exponentially larger with the passage of time.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, The Octavo,
5:Two important characteristics of maps should be noticed. A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness.
   ~ Alfred Korzybski,
6:A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness. ~ Alfred Korzybski, Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics,
7:Its glimmerings lighted with the abstract word
A half-visible ground and travelling yard by yard
It mapped a system of the Self and God.
I could not live the truth it spoke and thought. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Satyavan and Savitri,
8:A map of subtle signs surpassing thought
Was hung upon a wall of inmost mind.
Illumining the world's concrete images
Into significant symbols by its gloss,
~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Yoga of the King The Yoga of the Spirits Freedom and Greatness,
9:Mathematics is not a careful march down a well-cleared highway, but a journey into a strange wilderness, where the explorers often get lost. Rigour should be a signal to the historian that the maps have been made, and the real explorers have gone elsewhere.
   ~ William S Anglin,
10:By thee I have greatened my mortal arc of life,
But now far heavens, unmapped infinitudes
Thou hast brought me, thy illimitable gift!
If to fill these thou lift thy sacred flight,
My human earth will still demand thy bliss.
Make still my life through thee a song of joy
And all my silence wide and deep with thee.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Return to Earth,
11:The danger of ceremonial magick-the subtlest and deepest danger-is this: that the Magician will naturally tend to invoke that partial being which most strongly appeals to him, so that his natural excess in that direction will be still further exaggerated. Let him, before beginning his Work, endeavour to map out his own being, and arrange his invocations in such a way as to redress the balance.
   ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA,
12:The Copenhagen Interpretation is sometimes called 'model agnosticism' and holds that any grid we use to organize our experience of the world is a model of the world and should not be confused with the world itself. Alfred Korzybski, the semanticist, tried to popularize this outside physics with the slogan, 'The map is not the territory.' Alan Watts, a talented exegete of Oriental philosophy, restated it more vividly as 'The menu is not the meal.'
   ~ Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger,
13:In other words, all of my books are lies. They are simply maps of a territory, shadows of a reality, gray symbols dragging their bellies across the dead page, suffocated signs full of muffled sound and faded glory, signifying absolutely nothing. And it is the nothing, the Mystery, the Emptiness alone that needs to be realized: not known but felt, not thought but breathed, not an object but an atmosphere, not a lesson but a life. - Ken Wilber ~ Frank Visser, Ken Wilber Thought as Passion, Foreward,
14:Fantasy imposes order on the universe. Or, at least, it superimposes order on the universe. And it is a human order. Reality tells us that we exist for a brief, beleaguered span in a cold infinity; fantasy tells us that the figures in the foreground are important. Fantasy peoples the alien Outside, and it doesn't matter a whole lot if it peoples it with good guys or bad guys. Putting 'Hy-Brasil' on the map is a step in the right direction, but if you can't manage that, then 'Here Be Dragons is better than nothing. Better than the void. ~ Terry Pratchett,
15:Whenever we moderns pause for a moment, and enter the silence, and listen very carefully, the glimmer of our deepest nature begins to shine forth, and we are introduced to the mysteries of the deep, the call of the within, the infinite radiance of a splendor that time and space forgot - we are introduced to the all-pervading Spiritual domain that the growing tip of our honored ancestors were the first to discover. And they were good enough to leave us a general map to that infinite domain, a map called the Great Nest of Being, a map of our own interiors, an archeology of our own Spirit. ~ Ken Wilber, Integral Psychology, p. 190,
16:So one of the things I do when a client comes is I just do a rough walk through of those dimensions its like does anybody care if youre alive or dead, you know, do you have any friends, do you have anybody that loves you, do you have an intimate relationship, how are things going with your family, do you have a job, are you as educated as you are intelligent, do you have any room for advancement in the future, do you do anything interesting outside of your job and if the answer to all of those is no.. its like your not depressed my friend you just are screwed. really. ~ Jordan Peterson, 015 Maps of Meaning 4: Narrative, Neuropsychology & Mythology II / Part 1,
17:Theres another class of people and I would say this is one of the pathologies of being creative so if your a high open person and you have all those things its not going to be enough. you are going to have to pick another domain where you are working on something positive and revolutiony because like the creative impulse for someone who is open we know it is a fundamental personallity dimension, ... and if the ones who are high in openness arent doing something creative they are like dead sticks adn cant live properly. And I think those are the people who benefit particularly from depth psychological approaches, especially Jungian approaches. ~ Jordan Peterson, 015 Maps of Meaning 4: Narrative, Neuropsychology & Mythology II / Part 1,
18:Jordan Peterson's Book List
1. Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
2. 1984 - George Orwell
3. Road To Wigan Pier - George Orwell
4. Crime And Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky
5. Demons - Fyodor Dostoevsky
6. Beyond Good And Evil - Friedrich Nietzsche
7. Ordinary Men - Christopher Browning
8. The Painted Bird - Jerzy Kosinski
9. The Rape of Nanking - Iris Chang
10. Gulag Archipelago (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, & Vol. 3) - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
11. Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl
12. Modern Man in Search of A Soul - Carl Jung
13. Maps Of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief - Jordan B. Peterson
14. A History of Religious Ideas (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3) - Mircea Eliade
15. Affective Neuroscience - Jaak Panksepp ~ Jordan Peterson,
19:so you distill these stories great authors distill stories and we have soties that are very very very old they are usually religious stories they could be fairy tales because some people ahve traced fairy tales back 10 000 years ... a story that has been told for 10000 years is a funny kind of story its like people have remembered it and obviously modified it, like a game of telephone that has gone on for generations and all that is left is what people remember and maybe they remember whats important, because you tend to remember what's important and its not necessarily the case that you know what the hell it means ... and you dont genereally know what a book that you read means not if its profound it means more than you can understand because otherwise why read it? ~ Jordan Peterson, Maps of Meaning 2017 - 1,
20:Two general and basic principles are proposed for the formation of categories: The first has to do with the function of category systems and asserts that the task of category systems is to provide maximum information with the least cognitive effort [("cognitive economy")]; the second has to do with the structure of the information so provided and asserts that the perceived world comes as structured information rather than than arbitrary or unpredictable attributes [("perceived world structure")]. Thus maximum information with least cognitive effort is achieved if categories map the perceived world structure as closely as possible. This condition can be achieved either by the mapping of categories to given attribute structures or by the definition or redefinition of attributes to render a given set of categories appropriately structured.
   ~ Rosch, 1978, p. 28,
21:But it was enough if, in my own bed, my sleep was deep and allowed my mind to relax entirely; then it would let go of the map of the place where I had fallen asleep and, when I woke in the middle of the night, since I did not know where I was, I did not even understand in the first moment who I was; all I had, in its original simplicity, was the sense of existence as it may quiver in the depths of an animal; I was more bereft than a caveman; but then the memory - not yet of the place where I was, but of several of those where I had lived and where I might have been - would come to me like help from on high to pull me out of the void from which I could not have got out on my own; I passed over centuries of civilization in one second, and the image confusedly glimpsed of oil lamps, then of wing-collar shirts, gradually recomposed my self's original features. ~ Marcel Proust,
22:She sets the hard inventions of her brain
In a pattern of eternal fixity:
Indifferent to the cosmic dumb demand,
Unconscious of too close realities,
Of the unspoken thought, the voiceless heart,
She leans to forge her credos and iron codes
And metal structures to imprison life
And mechanic models of all things that are.
For the world seen she weaves a world conceived:
She spins in stiff but unsubstantial lines
Her gossamer word-webs of abstract thought,
Her segment systems of the Infinite,
Her theodicies and cosmogonic charts
And myths by which she explains the inexplicable.
At will she spaces in thin air of mind
Like maps in the school-house of intellect hung,
Forcing wide Truth into a narrow scheme,
Her numberless warring strict philosophies;
Out of Nature's body of phenomenon
She carves with Thought's keen edge in rigid lines,
Like rails for the World-Magician's power to run, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri,
23:From above to below, the sefirot depict the drama of emanation, the transition from Ein Sof to creation. In the words of Azriel of Gerona, "They constitute the process by which all things come into being and pass away." From below to above, the sefirot constitute a ladder of ascent back to the One. The union of Tif'eret and Shekhinah gives birth to the human soul, and the mystical journey begins with the awareness of this spiritual fact of life. Shekhinah is the opening to the divine: "One who enters must enter through this gate." Once inside, the sefirot are no longer an abstract theological system; they become a map of consciousness. The mystic climbs and probes, discovering dimensions of being. Spiritual and psychological wholeness is achieved by meditating on the qualities of each sefirah, by imitating and integrating the attributes of God. "When you cleave to the sefirot, the divine holy spirit enters into you, into every sensation and every movement." But the path is not easy. Divine will can be harsh: Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac in order to balance love with rigor. From the Other Side, demonic forces threaten and seduce. [The demonic is rooted in the divine]. Contemplatively and psychologically, evil must be encountered, not evaded. By knowing and withstanding the dark underside of wisdom, the spiritual seeker is refined.~ Daniel C Matt, The Essential Kabbalah, 10,
24:The great men of the past have given us glimpses of what is possible in the way of personality, of intellectual understanding, of spiritual achievement, of artistic creation. But these are scarcely more than Pisgah glimpses. We need to explore and map the whole realm of human possibility, as the realm of physical geography has been explored and mapped. How to create new possibilities for ordinary living? What can be done to bring out the latent capacities of the ordinary man and woman for understanding and enjoyment; to teach people the techniques of achieving spiritual experience (after all, one can acquire the technique of dancing or tennis, so why not of mystical ecstasy or spiritual peace?)...
   The zestful but scientific exploration of possibilities and of the techniques for realizing them will make our hopes rational, and will set our ideals within the framework of reality, by showing how much of them are indeed realizable. Already, we can justifiably hold the belief that these lands of possibility exist, and that the present limitations and miserable frustrations of our existence could be in large measure surmounted. We are already justified in the conviction that human life as we know it in history is a wretched makeshift, rooted in ignorance; and that it could be transcended by a state of existence based on the illumination of knowledge and comprehension, just as our modern control of physical nature based on science transcends the tentative fumblings of our ancestors, that were rooted in superstition and professional secrecy. ~ Julian Huxley, Transhumanism,
25:As Korzybski and the general semanticists have pointed out, our words, symbols, signs, thoughts and ideas are merely maps of reality, not reality itself, because "the map is not the territory." The word "water" won't satisfy your thirst.

   But we live in the world of maps and words as if it were the real world. Following in the footsteps of Adam, we have become totally lost in a world of purely fantasy maps and boundaries. And these illusory boundaries, with the opposites they create, have become our impassioned battles.
   Most of our "problems of living," then, are based on the illusion that the opposites can and should be separated and isolated from one anotheR But since all opposites are actually aspects of one underlying reality, this is like trying to totally separate the two ends of a single rubber band. All you can do is pull harder and harder-until something violently snaps. Thus we might be able to understand that, in all the mystical traditions the world over, one who sees through the illusion of the opposites is called "liberated." Because he is "freed from the pairs" of opposites, he is freed in this life from the fundamentally nonsensical problems and conflicts involved in the war of opposites. He no longer manipulates the opposites one against the other in his search for peace, but instead transcends them both. Not good vs. evil but beyond good and evil. Not life against death but a center of awareness that transcends both. The point is not to separate the opposites and make "positive progress," but rather to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering a ground which transcends and encompasses them both. And that ground, as we will soon see, is unity consciousness itself. In the meantime, let us note, as does the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita, that liberation is not freedom from the negative, but freedom from the pairs altogether:
   Content with getting what arrives of itself
   Passed beyond the pairs, free from envy,
   Not attached to success nor failure,
   Even acting, he is not bound.
   He is to be recognized as eternally free
   Who neither loathes nor craves;
   For he that is freed from the pairs,
   Is easily freed from conflict.

   ~ Ken Wilber, No Boundary,
26:higher mind or late vision logic ::: Even more rare, found stably in less than 1% of the population and even more emergent is the turquoise altitude.

Cognition at Turquoise is called late vision-logic or cross-paradigmatic and features the ability to connect meta-systems or paradigms, with other meta-systems. This is the realm of coordinating principles. Which are unified systems of systems of abstraction to other principles. ... Aurobindo indian sage and philosopher offers a more first-person account of turquoise which he called higher-mind, a unitarian sense of being with a powerful multiple dynamism capable of formation of a multitude of aspects of knowledge, ways of action, forms and significances of becoming of all of which a spontaneous inherient knowledge.

Self-sense at turquoise is called Construct-aware and is the first stage of Cook-Greuter's extension of Loveigers work on ego-development. The Construct-aware stage sees individuals for the first time as exploring more and more complex thought-structures with awareness of the automatic nature of human map making and absurdities which unbridaled complexity and logical argumentation can lead. Individuals at this stage begin to see their ego as a central point of reference and therefore a limit to growth. They also struggle to balance unique self-expressions and their concurrent sense of importance, the imperical and intuitive knowledge that there is no fundamental subject-object separation and the budding awareness of self-identity as temporary which leads to a decreased ego-desire to create a stable self-identity. Turquoise individuals are keenly aware of the interplay between awareness, thought, action and effects. They seek personal and spiritual transformation and hold a complex matrix of self-identifications, the adequecy of which they increasingly call into question. Much of this already points to Turquoise values which embrace holistic and intuitive thinking and alignment to universal order in a conscious fashion.

Faith at Turquoise is called Universalising and can generate faith compositions in which conceptions of Ultimate Reality start to include all beings. Individuals at Turquoise faith dedicate themselves to transformation of present reality in the direction of transcendent actuality. Both of these are preludes to the coming of Third Tier. ~ Essential Integral, L4.1-54, Higher Mind,
27:reading :::
   Self-Help Reading List:
   James Allen As a Man Thinketh (1904)
   Marcus Aurelius Meditations (2nd Century)
   The Bhagavad-Gita
   The Bible
   Robert Bly Iron John (1990)
   Boethius The Consolation of Philosophy (6thC)
   Alain de Botton How Proust Can Change Your Life (1997)
   William Bridges Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes (1980)
   David Brooks The Road to Character (2015)
   Brené Brown Daring Greatly (2012)
   David D Burns The New Mood Therapy (1980)
   Joseph Campbell (with Bill Moyers) The Power of Myth (1988)
   Richard Carlson Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (1997)
   Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936)
   Deepak Chopra The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1994)
   Clayton Christensen How Will You Measure Your Life? (2012)
   Paulo Coelho The Alchemist (1988)
   Stephen Covey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (1989)
   Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (1991)
   The Dalai Lama & Howard Cutler The Art of Happiness (1999)
   The Dhammapada (Buddha's teachings)
   Charles Duhigg The Power of Habit (2011)
   Wayne Dyer Real Magic (1992)
   Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance (1841)
   Clarissa Pinkola Estes Women Who Run With The Wolves (1996)
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   Benjamin Franklin Autobiography (1790)
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   John Gray Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (1992)
   Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life (1984)
   James Hillman The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling (1996)
   Susan Jeffers Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway (1987)
   Richard Koch The 80/20 Principle (1998)
   Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2014)
   Ellen Langer Mindfulness: Choice and Control in Everyday Life (1989)
   Lao-Tzu Tao-te Ching (The Way of Power)
   Maxwell Maltz Psycho-Cybernetics (1960)
   Abraham Maslow Motivation and Personality (1954)
   Thomas Moore Care of the Soul (1992)
   Joseph Murphy The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (1963)
   Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking (1952)
   M Scott Peck The Road Less Traveled (1990)
   Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within (1991)
   Florence Scovell-Shinn The Game of Life and How To Play It (1923)
   Martin Seligman Learned Optimism (1991)
   Samuel Smiles Self-Help (1859)
   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin The Phenomenon of Man (1955)
   Henry David Thoreau Walden (1854)
   Marianne Williamson A Return To Love (1993)
   ~ Tom Butler-Bowdon, 50 Self-Help,
   The ultimate invocation, that of Kia, cannot be performed. The paradox is that as Kia has no dualized qualities, there are no attributes by which to invoke it. To give it one quality is merely to deny it another. As an observant dualistic being once said:
   I am that I am not.
   Nevertheless, the magician may need to make some rearrangements or additions to what he is. Metamorphosis may be pursued by seeking that which one is not, and transcending both in mutual annihilation. Alternatively, the process of invocation may be seen as adding to the magician's psyche any elements which are missing. It is true that the mind must be finally surrendered as one enters fully into Chaos, but a complete and balanced psychocosm is more easily surrendered.
   The magical process of shuffling beliefs and desires attendant upon the process of invocation also demonstrates that one's dominant obsessions or personality are quite arbitrary, and hence more easily banished.
   There are many maps of the mind (psychocosms), most of which are inconsistent, contradictory, and based on highly fanciful theories. Many use the symbology of god forms, for all mythology embodies a psychology. A complete mythic pantheon resumes all of man's mental characteristics. Magicians will often use a pagan pantheon of gods as the basis for invoking some particular insight or ability, as these myths provide the most explicit and developed formulation of the particular idea's extant. However it is possible to use almost anything from the archetypes of the collective unconscious to the elemental qualities of alchemy.
   If the magician taps a deep enough level of power, these forms may manifest with sufficient force to convince the mind of the objective existence of the god. Yet the aim of invocation is temporary possession by the god, communication from the god, and manifestation of the god's magical powers, rather than the formation of religious cults.
   The actual method of invocation may be described as a total immersion in the qualities pertaining to the desired form. One invokes in every conceivable way. The magician first programs himself into identity with the god by arranging all his experiences to coincide with its nature. In the most elaborate form of ritual he may surround himself with the sounds, smells, colors, instruments, memories, numbers, symbols, music, and poetry suggestive of the god or quality. Secondly he unites his life force to the god image with which he has united his mind. This is accomplished with techniques from the gnosis. Figure 5 shows some examples of maps of the mind. Following are some suggestions for practical ritual invocation.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
29:Ekajaṭī or Ekajaṭā, (Sanskrit: "One Plait Woman"; Wylie: ral gcig ma: one who has one knot of hair),[1] also known as Māhacīnatārā,[2] is one of the 21 Taras. Ekajati is, along with Palden Lhamo deity, one of the most powerful and fierce goddesses of Vajrayana Buddhist mythology.[1][3] According to Tibetan legends, her right eye was pierced by the tantric master Padmasambhava so that she could much more effectively help him subjugate Tibetan demons.

Ekajati is also known as "Blue Tara", Vajra Tara or "Ugra Tara".[1][3] She is generally considered one of the three principal protectors of the Nyingma school along with Rāhula and Vajrasādhu (Wylie: rdo rje legs pa).

Often Ekajati appears as liberator in the mandala of the Green Tara. Along with that, her ascribed powers are removing the fear of enemies, spreading joy, and removing personal hindrances on the path to enlightenment.

Ekajati is the protector of secret mantras and "as the mother of the mothers of all the Buddhas" represents the ultimate unity. As such, her own mantra is also secret. She is the most important protector of the Vajrayana teachings, especially the Inner Tantras and termas. As the protector of mantra, she supports the practitioner in deciphering symbolic dakini codes and properly determines appropriate times and circumstances for revealing tantric teachings. Because she completely realizes the texts and mantras under her care, she reminds the practitioner of their preciousness and secrecy.[4] Düsum Khyenpa, 1st Karmapa Lama meditated upon her in early childhood.

According to Namkhai Norbu, Ekajati is the principal guardian of the Dzogchen teachings and is "a personification of the essentially non-dual nature of primordial energy."[5]

Dzogchen is the most closely guarded teaching in Tibetan Buddhism, of which Ekajati is a main guardian as mentioned above. It is said that Sri Singha (Sanskrit: Śrī Siṃha) himself entrusted the "Heart Essence" (Wylie: snying thig) teachings to her care. To the great master Longchenpa, who initiated the dissemination of certain Dzogchen teachings, Ekajati offered uncharacteristically personal guidance. In his thirty-second year, Ekajati appeared to Longchenpa, supervising every ritual detail of the Heart Essence of the Dakinis empowerment, insisting on the use of a peacock feather and removing unnecessary basin. When Longchenpa performed the ritual, she nodded her head in approval but corrected his pronunciation. When he recited the mantra, Ekajati admonished him, saying, "Imitate me," and sang it in a strange, harmonious melody in the dakini's language. Later she appeared at the gathering and joyously danced, proclaiming the approval of Padmasambhava and the dakinis.[6] ~ Wikipedia,
30:Death & Fame

When I die

I don't care what happens to my body throw ashes in the air, scatter 'em in East River bury an urn in Elizabeth New Jersey, B'nai Israel Cemetery

But I want a big funeral St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. Mark's Church, the largest synagogue in Manhattan

First, there's family, brother, nephews, spry aged Edith stepmother 96, Aunt Honey from old Newark,

Doctor Joel, cousin Mindy, brother Gene one eyed one ear'd, sister-in-law blonde Connie, five nephews, stepbrothers & sisters their grandchildren, companion Peter Orlovsky, caretakers Rosenthal & Hale, Bill Morgan--

Next, teacher Trungpa Vajracharya's ghost mind, Gelek Rinpoche, there Sakyong Mipham, Dalai Lama alert, chance visiting America, Satchitananda Swami Shivananda, Dehorahava Baba, Karmapa XVI, Dudjom Rinpoche, Katagiri & Suzuki Roshi's phantoms Baker, Whalen, Daido Loorie, Qwong, Frail White-haired Kapleau Roshis, Lama Tarchen --

Then, most important, lovers over half-century Dozens, a hundred, more, older fellows bald & rich young boys met naked recently in bed, crowds surprised to see each other, innumerable, intimate, exchanging memories

"He taught me to meditate, now I'm an old veteran of the thousandday retreat --"

"I played music on subway platforms, I'm straight but loved him he loved me"

"I felt more love from him at 19 than ever from anyone"

"We'd lie under covers gossip, read my poetry, hug & kiss belly to belly arms round each other"

"I'd always get into his bed with underwear on & by morning my skivvies would be on the floor"

"Japanese, always wanted take it up my bum with a master"

"We'd talk all night about Kerouac & Cassady sit Buddhalike then sleep in his captain's bed."

"He seemed to need so much affection, a shame not to make him happy"

"I was lonely never in bed nude with anyone before, he was so gentle my stomach shuddered when he traced his finger along my abdomen nipple to hips-- "

"All I did was lay back eyes closed, he'd bring me to come with mouth & fingers along my waist"

"He gave great head"

So there be gossip from loves of 1948, ghost of Neal Cassady commin-gling with flesh and youthful blood of 1997 and surprise -- "You too? But I thought you were straight!"

"I am but Ginsberg an exception, for some reason he pleased me."

"I forgot whether I was straight gay queer or funny, was myself, tender and affectionate to be kissed on the top of my head, my forehead throat heart & solar plexus, mid-belly. on my prick, tickled with his tongue my behind"

"I loved the way he'd recite 'But at my back allways hear/ time's winged chariot hurrying near,' heads together, eye to eye, on a pillow --"

Among lovers one handsome youth straggling the rear

"I studied his poetry class, 17 year-old kid, ran some errands to his walk-up flat, seduced me didn't want to, made me come, went home, never saw him again never wanted to... "

"He couldn't get it up but loved me," "A clean old man." "He made sure I came first"

This the crowd most surprised proud at ceremonial place of honor--

Then poets & musicians -- college boys' grunge bands -- age-old rock star Beatles, faithful guitar accompanists, gay classical con-ductors, unknown high Jazz music composers, funky trum-peters, bowed bass & french horn black geniuses, folksinger fiddlers with dobro tamborine harmonica mandolin auto-harp pennywhistles & kazoos

Next, artist Italian romantic realists schooled in mystic 60's India, Late fauve Tuscan painter-poets, Classic draftsman Massa-chusets surreal jackanapes with continental wives, poverty sketchbook gesso oil watercolor masters from American provinces

Then highschool teachers, lonely Irish librarians, delicate biblio-philes, sex liberation troops nay armies, ladies of either sex

"I met him dozens of times he never remembered my name I loved him anyway, true artist"

"Nervous breakdown after menopause, his poetry humor saved me from suicide hospitals"

"Charmant, genius with modest manners, washed sink, dishes my studio guest a week in Budapest"

Thousands of readers, "Howl changed my life in Libertyville Illinois"

"I saw him read Montclair State Teachers College decided be a poet-- "

"He turned me on, I started with garage rock sang my songs in Kansas City"

"Kaddish made me weep for myself & father alive in Nevada City"

"Father Death comforted me when my sister died Boston l982"

"I read what he said in a newsmagazine, blew my mind, realized others like me out there"

Deaf & Dumb bards with hand signing quick brilliant gestures

Then Journalists, editors's secretaries, agents, portraitists & photo-graphy aficionados, rock critics, cultured laborors, cultural historians come to witness the historic funeral Super-fans, poetasters, aging Beatnicks & Deadheads, autograph-hunters, distinguished paparazzi, intelligent gawkers

Everyone knew they were part of 'History" except the deceased who never knew exactly what was happening even when I was alive
February 22, 1997
~ Allen Ginsberg,
31:For instance, a popular game with California occultists-I do not know its inventor-involves a Magic Room, much like the Pleasure Dome discussed earlier except that this Magic Room contains an Omniscient Computer.
   To play this game, you simply "astrally project" into the Magic Room. Do not ask what "astral projection" means, and do not assume it is metaphysical (and therefore either impossible, if you are a materialist, or very difficult, if you are a mystic). Just assume this is a gedankenexperiment, a "mind game." Project yourself, in imagination, into this Magic Room and visualize vividly the Omniscient Computer, using the details you need to make such a super-information-processor real to your fantasy. You do not need any knowledge of programming to handle this astral computer. It exists early in the next century; you are getting to use it by a species of time-travel, if that metaphor is amusing and helpful to you. It is so built that it responds immediately to human brain-waves, "reading" them and decoding their meaning. (Crude prototypes of such computers already exist.) So, when you are in this magic room, you can ask this Computer anything, just by thinking of what you want to know. It will read your thought, and project into your brain, by a laser ray, the correct answer.
   There is one slight problem. The computer is very sensitive to all brain-waves. If you have any doubts, it registers them as negative commands, meaning "Do not answer my question." So, the way to use it is to start simply, with "easy" questions. Ask it to dig out of the archives the name of your second-grade teacher. (Almost everybody remembers the name of their first grade teacher-imprint vulnerability again-but that of the second grade teacher tends to get lost.)
   When the computer has dug out the name of your second grade teacher, try it on a harder question, but not one that is too hard. It is very easy to sabotage this machine, but you don't want to sabotage it during these experiments. You want to see how well it can be made to perform.
   It is wise to ask only one question at a time, since it requires concentration to keep this magic computer real on the field of your perception. Do not exhaust your capacities for imagination and visualization on your first trial runs.
   After a few trivial experiments of the second-grade-teacher variety, you can try more interesting programs. Take a person toward whom you have negative feelings, such as anger, disappointment, feeling-of-betrayal, jealousy or whatever interferes with the smooth, tranquil operation of your own bio-computer. Ask the Magic Computer to explain that other person to you; to translate you into their reality-tunnel long enough for you to understand how events seem to them. Especially, ask how you seem to them.
   This computer will do that job for you; but be prepared for some shocks which might be disagreeable at first. This super-brain can also perform exegesis on ideas that seem obscure, paradoxical or enigmatic to us. For instance, early experiments with this computer can very profitably turn on asking it to explain some of the propositions in this book which may seem inexplicable or perversely wrong-headed to you, such as "We are all greater artists than we realize" or "What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves" or "mind and its contents are functionally identical."
   This computer is much more powerful and scientifically advanced than the rapture-machine in the neurosomatic circuit. It has total access to all the earlier, primitive circuits, and overrules any of them. That is, if you put a meta-programming instruction into this computer; it will relay it downward to the old circuits and cancel contradictory programs left over from the past. For instance, try feeding it on such meta-programming instructions as: 1. I am at cause over my body. 2. I am at cause over my imagination. 3.1 am at cause over my future. 4. My mind abounds with beauty and power. 5.1 like people, and people like me.
   Remember that this computer is only a few decades ahead of present technology, so it cannot "understand" your commands if you harbor any doubts about them. Doubts tell it not to perform. Work always from what you can believe in, extending the area of belief only as results encourage you to try for more dramatic transformations of your past reality-tunnels.
   This represents cybernetic consciousness; the programmer becoming self-programmer, self-metaprogrammer, meta-metaprogrammer, etc. Just as the emotional compulsions of the second circuit seem primitive, mechanical and, ultimately, silly to the neurosomatic consciousness, so, too, the reality maps of the third circuit become comic, relativistic, game-like to the metaprogrammer. "Whatever you say it is, it isn't, " Korzybski, the semanticist, repeated endlessly in his seminars, trying to make clear that third-circuit semantic maps are not the territories they represent; that we can always make maps of our maps, revisions of our revisions, meta-selves of our selves. "Neti, neti" (not that, not that), Hindu teachers traditionally say when asked what "God" is or what "Reality" is. Yogis, mathematicians and musicians seem more inclined to develop meta-programming consciousness than most of humanity. Korzybski even claimed that the use of mathematical scripts is an aid to developing this circuit, for as soon as you think of your mind as mind 1 , and the mind which contemplates that mind as mind2 and the mind which contemplates mind2 contemplating mind 1 as mind3, you are well on your way to meta-programming awareness. Alice in Wonderland is a masterful guide to the metaprogramming circuit (written by one of the founders of mathematical logic) and Aleister Crowley soberly urged its study upon all students of yoga. ~ Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising,
32:SECTION 1. Books for Serious Study
   Liber CCXX. (Liber AL vel Legis.) The Book of the Law. This book is the foundation of the New Æon, and thus of the whole of our work.
   The Equinox. The standard Work of Reference in all occult matters. The Encyclopaedia of Initiation.
   Liber ABA (Book 4). A general account in elementary terms of magical and mystical powers. In four parts: (1) Mysticism (2) Magical (Elementary Theory) (3) Magick in Theory and Practice (this book) (4) The Law.
   Liber II. The Message of the Master Therion. Explains the essence of the new Law in a very simple manner.
   Liber DCCCXXXVIII. The Law of Liberty. A further explanation of The Book of the Law in reference to certain ethical problems.
   Collected Works of A. Crowley. These works contain many mystical and magical secrets, both stated clearly in prose, and woven into the Robe of sublimest poesy.
   The Yi King. (S. B. E. Series [vol. XVI], Oxford University Press.) The "Classic of Changes"; give the initiated Chinese system of Magick.
   The Tao Teh King. (S. B. E. Series [vol. XXXIX].) Gives the initiated Chinese system of Mysticism.
   Tannhäuser, by A. Crowley. An allegorical drama concerning the Progress of the Soul; the Tannhäuser story slightly remodelled.
   The Upanishads. (S. B. E. Series [vols. I & XV.) The Classical Basis of Vedantism, the best-known form of Hindu Mysticism.
   The Bhagavad-gita. A dialogue in which Krishna, the Hindu "Christ", expounds a system of Attainment.
   The Voice of the Silence, by H.P. Blavatsky, with an elaborate commentary by Frater O.M. Frater O.M., 7°=48, is the most learned of all the Brethren of the Order; he has given eighteen years to the study of this masterpiece.
   Raja-Yoga, by Swami Vivekananda. An excellent elementary study of Hindu mysticism. His Bhakti-Yoga is also good.
   The Shiva Samhita. An account of various physical means of assisting the discipline of initiation. A famous Hindu treatise on certain physical practices.
   The Hathayoga Pradipika. Similar to the Shiva Samhita.
   The Aphorisms of Patanjali. A valuable collection of precepts pertaining to mystical attainment.
   The Sword of Song. A study of Christian theology and ethics, with a statement and solution of the deepest philosophical problems. Also contains the best account extant of Buddhism, compared with modern science.
   The Book of the Dead. A collection of Egyptian magical rituals.
   Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, by Eliphas Levi. The best general textbook of magical theory and practice for beginners. Written in an easy popular style.
   The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. The best exoteric account of the Great Work, with careful instructions in procedure. This Book influenced and helped the Master Therion more than any other.
   The Goetia. The most intelligible of all the mediæval rituals of Evocation. Contains also the favourite Invocation of the Master Therion.
   Erdmann's History of Philosophy. A compendious account of philosophy from the earliest times. Most valuable as a general education of the mind.
   The Spiritual Guide of [Miguel de] Molinos. A simple manual of Christian Mysticism.
   The Star in the West. (Captain Fuller). An introduction to the study of the Works of Aleister Crowley.
   The Dhammapada. (S. B. E. Series [vol. X], Oxford University Press). The best of the Buddhist classics.
   The Questions of King Milinda. (S. B. E. Series [vols. XXXV & XXXVI].) Technical points of Buddhist dogma, illustrated bydialogues.
   Liber 777 vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticæ Viæ Explicandæ, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicam Sanctissimorum Scientiæ Summæ. A complete Dictionary of the Correspondences of all magical elements, reprinted with extensive additions, making it the only standard comprehensive book of reference ever published. It is to the language of Occultism what Webster or Murray is to the English language.
   Varieties of Religious Experience (William James). Valuable as showing the uniformity of mystical attainment.
   Kabbala Denudata, von Rosenroth: also The Kabbalah Unveiled, by S.L. Mathers. The text of the Qabalah, with commentary. A good elementary introduction to the subject.
   Konx Om Pax [by Aleister Crowley]. Four invaluable treatises and a preface on Mysticism and Magick.
   The Pistis Sophia [translated by G.R.S. Mead or Violet McDermot]. An admirable introduction to the study of Gnosticism.
   The Oracles of Zoroaster [Chaldæan Oracles]. An invaluable collection of precepts mystical and magical.
   The Dream of Scipio, by Cicero. Excellent for its Vision and its Philosophy.
   The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, by Fabre d'Olivet. An interesting study of the exoteric doctrines of this Master.
   The Divine Pymander, by Hermes Trismegistus. Invaluable as bearing on the Gnostic Philosophy.
   The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians, reprint of Franz Hartmann. An invaluable compendium.
   Scrutinium Chymicum [Atalanta Fugiens]¸ by Michael Maier. One of the best treatises on alchemy.
   Science and the Infinite, by Sidney Klein. One of the best essays written in recent years.
   Two Essays on the Worship of Priapus [A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus &c. &c. &c.], by Richard Payne Knight [and Thomas Wright]. Invaluable to all students.
   The Golden Bough, by J.G. Frazer. The textbook of Folk Lore. Invaluable to all students.
   The Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine. Excellent, though elementary, as a corrective to superstition.
   Rivers of Life, by General Forlong. An invaluable textbook of old systems of initiation.
   Three Dialogues, by Bishop Berkeley. The Classic of Subjective Idealism.
   Essays of David Hume. The Classic of Academic Scepticism.
   First Principles by Herbert Spencer. The Classic of Agnosticism.
   Prolegomena [to any future Metaphysics], by Immanuel Kant. The best introduction to Metaphysics.
   The Canon [by William Stirling]. The best textbook of Applied Qabalah.
   The Fourth Dimension, by [Charles] H. Hinton. The best essay on the subject.
   The Essays of Thomas Henry Huxley. Masterpieces of philosophy, as of prose.
   ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA, Appendix I: Literature Recommended to Aspirants
33:You can't use an old map to explore a new world. ~ Albert Einstein,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

~ Albert Samain
2:Taoists don’t have any maps. ~ Osho
3:Keyboarding Mapwork ~ Sarah Mackenzie
5:I have always loved maps. ~ Ken Jennings
6:maple-flavored whale shit. ~ Kevin Hearne
7:A map shows maybes. ~ Catherynne M Valente
8:There's no map to human behaviour. ~ Bjork
9:I wisely started with a map. ~ J R R Tolkien
10:semaphore of the palps. ~ Adrian Tchaikovsky
11:Sorrow is the daughter of evil. ~ Dhammapada
12:We were just looking at maps. ~ Rick Riordan
13:Folk Music is the map of singing. ~ Alan Lomax
14:The map? I will first make it. ~ Patrick White
15:We were just looking at maps... ~ Rick Riordan
16:A novel is a tricky thing to map. ~ Reif Larsen
17:I wish I could be elegant. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
18:Number forty-nine has been mapped. ~ Rick Yancey
19:The map is not the territory. ~ Alfred Korzybski
20:The mind map will change your life. ~ Tony Buzan
21:There's no map for being an artist. ~ Seth Godin
22:Why are old maps always burnt? ~ Chelsea Peretti
23:You can’t map a sense of humor. ~ Terry Pratchett
24:Y un horario es un mapa del tiempo, ~ Mark Haddon
25:A map, it is said, organizes wonder. ~ Ellen Meloy
26:Believe the terrain, not the map ~ Brian Kernighan
27:She was a road trip without a map. ~ Georgia Clark
28:Strive forcefully, cross the current. ~ Dhammapada
29:A language is a map of our failures ~ Adrienne Rich
30:I didn’t know the map of prestige. ~ Elena Ferrante
31:The World is a Treasure Map. ~ Roger James Hamilton
32:What is it but a map of busy life, ~ William Cowper
33:Science's job is to map our ignorance. ~ David Byrne
34:There is no fire that can equal desire. ~ Dhammapada
35:True places are not found on maps. ~ Herman Melville
36:Geography is the art of the mappable. ~ Peter Haggett
37:In spring when maple buds are red, ~ Phyllis McGinley
38:So, if I looked him up on google maps- ~ Rick Riordan
39:The maple leaves grow restless. ~ Sarah Addison Allen
40:I carried recipes in my head like maps. ~ Joanne Harris
41:Israel must be wiped off the map. ~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
42:Put down that map and get wonderfully lost. ~ Anonymous
43:Art is the act of navigating without a map. ~ Seth Godin
44:Map out your future, but do it in pencil. ~ Jon Bon Jovi
45:You can't use an old map to see a new land. ~ Gary Hamel
46:Life is a journey I don't have a map for. ~ Delta Goodrem
47:Thought maps existence; fantasy colors it. ~ Mason Cooley
48:Ones vision is not a road map but a compass. ~ Peter Block
49:There’s just something hypnotic about maps. ~ Ken Jennings
50:Happiness? No, it's not there for me. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
51:I would stare at maps of Delaware for hours. ~ Ken Jennings
52:Sometimes the best map will not guide you, ~ Bruce Cockburn
53:Somewhere there is a map of how it can be done. ~ Ben Stein
54:There is no Google maps app for your life. ~ Mishka Shubaly
55:Life was a big thing to live without a map. ~ Melissa Albert
56:Mapping out a campus that can embrace the future ~ Anonymous
57:My name’s Mapo,” the boy says. “Mesa Jar Jar. ~ Chuck Wendig
58:To ask for a map is to say, “Tell me a story. ~ Peter Turchi
59:The map appears to us more real than the land. ~ D H Lawrence
60:There is no happiness so great as peace of mind. ~ Dhammapada
61:To ask for a map is to say, "Tell me a story." ~ Peter Turchi
62:All I ever wanted was a world without maps. ~ Michael Ondaatje
63:Beauty and the devil are the same thing. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
64:Cross force-fully the torrent flood of the world. ~ Dhammapada
65:Principles are the territory. Values are maps. ~ Stephen Covey
66:I believe that life is a journey without maps. ~ K Natwar Singh
67:Our losses become the road maps for our future. ~ Jill Bialosky
68:Sometimes it is safer to read maps with your feet. ~ Kelly Link
69:This relationship is going to be built on trust. ~ Marla Maples
70:All maps are distorted, they are not literal fact. ~ Paula Scher
71:Because there is no map for where we are going... ~ Ernest Cline
72:It isn't down in any map; true places never are. ~ Hermann Hesse
73:My first occupation was to map the country. ~ John Hanning Speke
74:Scotland has no unity except on the map ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
75:The desert wasn’t mappable. It ate map-makers. ~ Terry Pratchett
76:the unknown breeds dragons in map margins ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
77:Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn. ~ William Shakespeare
78:When I’m behind a camera I forget I exist. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
79:If you want Neil Gaiman I could draw you a map. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
80:I hunt in the refrigerator and find some maple syrup. ~ E L James
81:I just try to live my life and do my thing. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
82:Quintana of Charyn's body was a map of hatred. ~ Melina Marchetta
83:Read the Bible; it is your roadmap through life. ~ George Foreman
84:Scars are the maps to the story of where we’ve been. ~ Vi Keeland
85:excoriated and burned, mapped and measured and meted ~ M L Stedman
86:Google Maps are phenomenal. Yep, ask an Apple user. ~ Eric Schmidt
87:I'm a mapmaker. I'm not even a very good mapmaker. ~ Leigh Bardugo
88:It's not down in any map; true places never are. ~ Herman Melville
89:Life is a mystery as deep as ever death can be. ~ Mary Mapes Dodge
90:Okay, welcome to Creepy Territory. Here's your map. ~ Cate Tiernan
91:You can't use an old map to explore a new world. ~ Albert Einstein
92:I have cuts and bruises that do not map a course. ~ Margo Jefferson
93:I really don't map out my life. There's no big plan. ~ Sean Hannity
94:It is not down in any map; true places never are. ~ Herman Melville
95:It is not down on any map; true places never are. ~ Herman Melville
96:There is a great deal of unmapped country within us. ~ George Eliot
97:If you don t know where you are, a map won't help. ~ Watts Humphrey
98:Tattoos are a road map of the bearer’s personal journey. ~ Tami Hoag
99:The map is more interesting than the territory. ~ Michel Houellebecq
100:There are no maps. You can't map a sense of humor. ~ Terry Pratchett
101:To stay on the map, you've got to keep showing up. ~ Peter Gallagher
102:Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps. ~ Eric Bentley
103:I'm very much of a germaphobe, by the way, believe me. ~ Donald Trump
104:I want to see something I've never seen before. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
105:She is off the heart's map and her compass is spinning. ~ Mark Haddon
106:She was too small and the space covered by maps too big. ~ John Green
107:Sleep is just a good idea. I bow to the god caffeine. ~ Jo Ann Mapson
108:That’s what a map is, you know. Just a memory. ~ Catherynne M Valente
109:The National Bank at profit sells road maps for the soul. ~ Bob Dylan
110:El mapa electoral de Europa está cambiando aceleradamente, ~ Anonymous
111:the girl with the maps and the travel books and the plans. ~ Jenny Han
112:I'm just the smallest dot in a big map of human history. ~ Ben Casnocha
113:It's just an inch from me to you depending on what map you use. ~ Jewel
114:Its just an inch from me to you, depending on what map you use. ~ Jewel
115:I've never lied. I think I've lived a moral life. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
116:Maple-trees are the cows of trees (spring-milked). ~ Henry Ward Beecher
117:My personal life was fair game. And that's what hurt me. ~ Marla Maples
118:Put your 'yes' on the table and let God put it on the map. ~ Ed Stetzer
119:The strings that bind you tight to the map of your life, ~ Stephen King
120:War on nations changes maps. War on poverty maps change. ~ Muhammad Ali
121:When darkness envelops you, do you not seek for a lamp? ~ Dammapada 146
122:Braised pork on a bed of polenta drizzled with maple syrup. ~ Anne Tyler
123:For men, life is a highway. For women it is a roadmap. ~ Allison Pearson
124:I was homecoming queen. I was star of my basketball team. ~ Marla Maples
125:Leaders have to figure it out when there is no road map. ~ Bill Hybels
126:"One should never dogmatize, but always analyze." ~ Anagarika Dharmapala
127:Problems don’t need a map. They’ll follow you everywhere. ~ Aly Martinez
128:The world is not in your books and maps, it's out there. ~ J R R Tolkien
129:When I work, and in my art, I hold hands with God. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
130:For some reason the most devoted mapheads seem to be kids. ~ Ken Jennings
131:I felt the weight of unmapped worlds, unborn language. ~ William Finnegan
132:I just hope I can live long enough to see the fame. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
133:I just want to be written about as a normal artist. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
134:I tried to visit Albania but I couldn't find it on the map. ~ Oscar Wilde
135:Não há mapas. Não é possível mapear o sentido de humor. ~ Terry Pratchett
136:semaphoring a ‘hello’ to someone with his eyebrows. “Let’s ~ Celina Grace
137:The "Updating fonts" - Map screen was shown after few minutes ~ Anonymous
138:This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you. ~ Hafez
139:To make pictures big is to make them more powerful. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
140:It is you who must make the effort; the sages can only teach. ~ Dhammapada
141:Own your words. Your words are the maps to your intentions. ~ Chris Brogan
142:What a dreadful thing it must be to have a dull father. ~ Mary Mapes Dodge
143:When I create art, it's like holding hands with God. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
144:Your product roadmap is the prototype for your strategy. ~ C Todd Lombardo
145:Begin to look at maps with the narcotic tingle of possibility. ~ Rolf Potts
146:Finland must not be allowed to disappear off the map. ~ Neville Chamberlain
147:saw Gamache shaking his head he reconsidered. “Not the maps? ~ Louise Penny
148:semaphored warning as well as I could. He took the hint. ~ Elizabeth Peters
149:We have better maps of Mars than we do of our own seabeds. At ~ Bill Bryson
150:When you have seen your aim, hold to it, firm and unshakeable. ~ Dhammapada
151:Contents Dedication   List of Illustrations List of Maps ~ Christopher Clark
152:Every map intends not simply to serve us but to influence us. ~ Peter Turchi
153:I am an iceberg drifting towards the edge of the map ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
154:I am an iceberg drifting toward the edge of the map. ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
155:I don't think any collector knows his true motivation. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
156:Mapu-ché, «gente de la tierra», así se llaman ellos mismos, ~ Isabel Allende
157:My hair's been every color. My hair's been all over the map. ~ Katie Cassidy
158:There are those who follow maps, and those who make them. ~ Alberto Villoldo
159:We live by a perceptual "map" which is never reality itself. ~ Carl R Rogers
160:Data gathered on the Shuttle and ISS help power Google Maps; ~ Chris Hadfield
161:If I have to change my lifestyle, I don't want to live. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
162:In thy face I see the map of honour, truth and loyalty. ~ William Shakespeare
163:There would be no moon maps in Frank Borman’s house, however ~ Jeffrey Kluger
164:The two men used their arms to semaphore greetings and good-byes. ~ Anonymous
165:This AIDS stuff is pretty scary. I hope I don't get it. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
166:We semaphore from ship to ship, but they're sinking, too. ~ Mignon McLaughlin
167:What avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map? ~ Aldo Leopold
168:Across the land, the semaphore towers stood deathly still. ~ Alastair Reynolds
169:I was a sitting duck myself, and Arthur had a map of my nerves. ~ Tobias Wolff
170:Ones vision is not a roadmap but a compass. ~ Peter Block Business Philosopher
171:She checked herself in the mirror. She was a roadmap of violence. ~ Simon Wood
172:...there is no map of the soul because we make it up as we go... ~ John Geddes
173:Every novelist should possess a hermaphroditic imagination. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
174:My destiny doomed me to be in this desert land. I will map it. ~ David Grossman
175:My father wants me to be like my brother, but I can't be. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
176:My home is a little more complicated than coordinates on a map. ~ Jay Crownover
177:One day the 'Maple Leaf' will make me King of Ragtime Composers. ~ Scott Joplin
178:The Bible does not provide a map for life - only a compass. ~ Haddon W Robinson
179:To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map. ~ William Carey
180:Bitmap display is media compatible with dot matrix or laser printers. ~ Bill Joy
181:Patterns cannot be weighed or measured. Patterns must be mapped. ~ Fritjof Capra
182:Homeland is not a blot on a map but the living essence of man ~ Witold Gombrowicz
183:One must ease the public into it - that's an art in itself. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
184:The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps ~ Bob Black
185:the sprawling branches of the maple tree were plush with autumn. ~ Kristin Hannah
186:trying to map the brain has often been called “cartography for fools. ~ Anonymous
187:When I was born I became the visible corner of a folded map. ~ Jeanette Winterson
188:I created a production company. Right now I am so happy in my work. ~ Marla Maples
189:I recited and followed this song-of-the-places-in-between as a map. ~ Rory Stewart
190:I've never had a clear road map. When things come along, I benefit. ~ Greg Kinnear
191:That's like comparing apples with hermaphroditic ground sloths. ~ Chuck Klosterman
192:The map was just an accessory. She knew exactly where she was. ~ Galt Niederhoffer
193:What is a fantasy map but a space beyond which There Be Dragons? ~ Terry Pratchett
194:What joy is there in this world which is everywhere a prey to flames? ~ Dhammapada
195:Writing a novel resembles a journey with only the sketchiest of maps. ~ Ian Mcewan
196:You read me,” Myron said, “like Vasco da Gama reads a map.” Dimonte ~ Harlan Coben
197:Here in our mountains, the snow falls even on the maple leaves. ~ Yasunari Kawabata
198:If you want a blank spot on the map, you gotta leave the map behind. ~ Jon Krakauer
199:I think the Macintosh proves that everyone can have a bitmapped display. ~ Bill Joy
200:La vida se hace caminando sin mapa y no hay forma de volver atrás. ~ Isabel Allende
201:Burn all the maps to your body. I'm not here of my own choosing. ~ Richard Brautigan
202:Every Christian should live life with an open Bible and an open map. ~ William Carey
203:Every life is complicated, every mind a kingdom of unmapped mysteries, ~ Dean Koontz
204:Every life is complicated, every mind a kingdom of unmapped mysteries. ~ Dean Koontz
205:Goodbye is the waving map of your palm, is a stone on my tongue. ~ Natasha Trethewey
206:Halloween put me on the map, and I'm very sad to hear of his death. ~ John Carpenter
207:If you are a hermaphrodite, it is physically impossible to be gay. ~ Stephen Colbert
208:Retire into thyself as into an island and set thyself to the work. ~ Dhammapada. 236
209:The problem with losing your anonymity is that you can never go back. ~ Marla Maples
210:Whether it's an orgy or a cocktail party, I know how to do it. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
211:A map is not the territory and is not as interesting as the territory. ~ Amit Goswami
212:But brain maps for the fingers, often used in precise ways, are huge. ~ Norman Doidge
213:Every epic, my friend Jack used to say, should start with a burning map. ~ Hal Duncan
214:I am selfish, but that's an attribute that all artists possess. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
215:I have an existential map. It has 'You are here' written all over it. ~ Steven Wright
216:I'm a great mummy. I've mapped out all the fun spots in every city. ~ Sarah McLachlan
217:So the unknown breeds dragons in map margins, she reflected... ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
218:The first thing that put me on the map was my Sherlock Holmes novel. ~ Nicholas Meyer
219:You must name a thing before you can note it on your hand drawn map. ~ John Steinbeck
220:150.97768 WEST 164 At first, I think they might be coordinates on a map. ~ Riley Sager
221:don’t waste your precious life only dreaming, but not mental mapping ~ Jesse Duplantis
222:I'd lost the mark on the psychic map that says 'You Are Here'. ~ Gregory David Roberts
223:Legend says this map is unobtainable,” Poe noted. “How’d you do it? ~ Alan Dean Foster
224:Let yesterday be a map that guides your steps today, and tomorrow.” “The ~ Lucian Bane
225:Luxuries unfit us for returning to hardships easily endured before. ~ Mary Mapes Dodge
226:The letters from the ink in my pen are an absurd map of magic signs. ~ Fernando Pessoa
227:The map of what we call reality is an ever-shifting mosaic of ideas. ~ Marcelo Gleiser
228:The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
229:There’s something both threatening and enticing about the end of a map. ~ Phil Brucato
230:To explore a woman who’s never been touched is like finding a treasure map ~ Ker Dukey
231:Autumn, whispering through the maples,
Pleaded: 'Die here with me! ~ Anna Akhmatova
232:Do not take the agenda that someone else has mapped out for your life. ~ John C Maxwell
233:Scars are just a treasure map of pain we've buried too deep to remember. ~ Jodi Picoult
234:Security is the essential roadblock to achieving the road map to peace. ~ George W Bush
235:Everything in life belongs to God. Our purpose has already been mapped out. ~ David Luiz
236:God’s Word is a map you can safely follow as you travel through life. ~ Elizabeth George
237:Ideologies do not map the complete living processes of a World. ~ William Irwin Thompson
238:I stand naked when I draw. God holds my hand and we sing together. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
239:Let a man make haste towards good, let him turn away his thought from evil. ~ Dhammapada
240:Let him repulse lust and coveting, the disciple who would lead a holy life. ~ Dhammapada
241:Literature is not only a mirror; it is a map, a geography of the mind. ~ Margaret Atwood
242:Phoney: Here's your problem Fone Bone! We're off the map! Get a bigger map! ~ Jeff Smith
243:Popular and unpopular don’t necessarily map to shit and shinola, of course. ~ Hal Duncan
244:These are the ruins
I mapped onto my body so I might always be lost. ~ Traci Brimhall
245:We are our own terra incognita, the country on maps where dragons lurk. ~ Margot Livesey
246:Geez, what do I need to do, use semaphore? I told you I was unclaimed. ~ Katie MacAlister
247:He peered gloomily into a folio of maps. 'I always think Brazil is too big. ~ Jude Morgan
248:I don't think he cheated on me. During the marriage, I think he was there. ~ Marla Maples
249:In the nineteenth century, maps often indicated watering holes for horses. ~ Peter Turchi
250:Intuitions are like migratory birds, they come without a map without a reason. ~ Amit Ray
251:I recorded that because it happened to me. I wasn't making a point. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
252:I've got stories untold & maps to unfold, but everyday I get where I'm going ~ Debby Ryan
253:Scares are just a tresure map for pain you've buried too depp to remember. ~ Jodi Picoult
254:Scars are just a treasure map for pain you've buried too deep to remember. ~ Jodi Picoult
255:I’d won the world
but like a
forsaken explorer,
I’d lost
my map. ~ Anne Sexton
256:I have a little baby. She knows who I am. My friends know. My family knows. ~ Marla Maples
257:I'm a clean freak and a germaphobe - I have hand sanitizer in my pocket. ~ Brittany Murphy
258:Maybe I'm a serial regional writer. First here, then there, across the map. ~ Richard Ford
259:Mothers are only human, you turn it over to God and then you just wing it. ~ Jo Ann Mapson
260:Ever the collector of treasure maps that promised the world but led nowhere. ~ Justina Chen
261:"The most powerful, smallest and largest thing in the universe is the mind." ~ 16th Karmapa
262:There is only one map to the journey of life and it lives within your heart ~ Willie Nelson
263:These are the routines that originally 'put me on the map' in the magic world. ~ Jay Sankey
264:The she-cat carried on walking without looking back. “Mapleshade,” she mewed. ~ Erin Hunter
265:If there is a God, there is a map. If God has a map, his map is the true map. ~ Peter Kreeft
266:If you do not meet a sage following the same road as yourself, then walk alone. ~ Dhammapada
267:If you never open a map until you're lost, you're missing out on all the fun. ~ Ken Jennings
268:Like you helped my kits?” Mapleshade growled. “Never! I hope you die in agony! ~ Erin Hunter
269:She tries to search her heart, but the map is old and the compass is faulty. ~ Nicola Barker
270:The first lie of a map—also the first lie of fiction—is that it is the truth. ~ Peter Turchi
271:The map was the key to opening the door, and it was still at Oskar’s shop. ~ Andrew Peterson
272:When it rains, even the most insignificant puddle is a map of the universe. ~ Simon Van Booy
273:All I desired was to walk upon such an earth that had no maps. —Michael Ondaatje ~ Shobha Rao
274:¿Qué es un mapa sino una forma de destacar ciertas cosas y disimular otras? ~ Jeff VanderMeer
275:The asanas are useful maps to explore yourself, but they are not the territory. ~ Donna Farhi
276:The president of Iran should remember that Iran can also be wiped off the map. ~ Shimon Peres
277:A drawing should be a verdict on the model. Don't confuse a drawing with a map. ~ Robert Henri
278:And maps can really point to places
Where life is evil now:
Nanking. Dachau. ~ W H Auden
279:As Riley looked, she saw that the three locations formed a triangle on the map. ~ Blake Pierce
280:Did she want to follow a well-worn trail, or did she want to become a mapmaker? ~ Hazel Gaynor
281:Don't know how to make a glaze? No problem. Just pour maple syrup on that thing. ~ Hannah Hart
282:I was a woman and did not yet think of myself as a writer. I was a mapmaker. ~ Shay Youngblood
283:Map and Territory and How to Actually Change Your Mind by Eliezer Yudkowsky. ~ Timothy Ferriss
284:[On The Netherlands:] ... the entire country is a kind of saturated sponge. ~ Mary Mapes Dodge
285:Soil mapping is one of the pillars to the challenge of sustainable development ~ Jeffrey Sachs
286:the Collection of Aphorisms (sometimes referred to as the Tibetan Dhammapada). ~ Thupten Jinpa
287:When we first started, we were a band from Athens and that was so off the map. ~ Michael Stipe
288:Cut away in thee the love of thyself, even as in autumn thy hand plucks the lotus. ~ Dhammapada
289:Every bird you downed bore pebbles in its gizzard from a land the maps ignored. ~ Julian Barnes
290:God's mapmakers rely on Christ not cheap human tricks, to draw people to the truth. ~ Eric Ludy
291:He found it was as easy to hurl beauty as anything else. (On Robert Mapplethorpe) ~ Patti Smith
292:If it's not 100 per cent pure maple syrup, it can't be called 'pure maple syrup. ~ Nancy Greene
293:I guess every actor has certain emotions they can access easier than others. ~ William Mapother
294:One should guard oneself like a frontier citadel well defended—without and within. ~ Dhammapada
295:There are maps in me but I am lost, and there are skies in me but they are dead. ~ Laini Taylor
296:What is a map, but a thing that gets you where you're going?
-Mr. Map ~ Catherynne M Valente
297:Design implies a sense of mapping something out and then you follow the plan. ~ Andy Goldsworthy
298:Ish #109 "If MapQuest says make a right, go straight. You'll get there quicker. ~ Regina Griffin
299:People are Gods masterpieces, created for the purposes that God has already mapped out. ~ LeCrae
300:The future is a map drawn in the sand, and the tide can wash it away in a moment. ~ Terry Brooks
301:To learn how to read any map is to be indoctrinated into that mapmaker’s culture. ~ Peter Turchi
302:"We must recognize that without taming oneself, one cannot possibly tame others." ~ 17th Karmapa
303:We're all pilgrims on the same journey but some pilgrims have better road maps. ~ Nelson DeMille
304:You shall wander in the darkness and see not till you have found the eternal Light. ~ Dhammapada
305:An opening statement is like a guide or a road map. It's a very delicate thing. ~ Johnnie Cochran
306:I don't know why my pictures come out looking so good. I just don't get it. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
307:If you want to find the way forward, then stop looking for maps and start walking. ~ Chuck Wendig
308:I love classical music and often listen to symphonies or opera in the morning. ~ William Mapother
309:I should try to get some sleep as one doesn't know what tomorrow may bring. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
310:It's not an old book, or a treasure map. Nope. Staring up at me was a pile of rocks. ~ Wendy Mass
311:Jana était mapuche, fille d'un peuple sur lequel on avait tiré à vue dans la pampa. ~ Caryl F rey
312:My work is about seeing - seeing things like they haven't been seen before. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
313:People who know and love the same books as you, have the road map to your soul. ~ Cassandra Clare
314:There are more than 200,000 people in Maputo who are nothing more than parasites. ~ Samora Machel
315:A man I knew once told me that freckles were a map for kissing. A path to pleasure. ~ Megan Chance
316:But it’s no surprise; lost people everywhere and none of them accepting my free maps. ~ Tim Dorsey
317:but remember, nothing comes without a price. Our paths are not mapped; they’re made. ~ Priya Ardis
318:My dad used to say that life's a journey, but somebody screwed up and lost the map. ~ Rachel Caine
319:Sometimes I imagine a map composed only of the places I’d like to see once more. ~ Andrzej Stasiuk
320:the proper natural mapping requires no diagrams, no labels, and no instructions. ~ Donald A Norman
321:The words are purposes. The words are maps. ADRIENNE RICH, “Diving into the Wreck ~ Cheryl Strayed
322:Human nature is to need a map. If you’re brave enough to draw one, people will follow. ~ Seth Godin
323:I committed to doing everything I could to put compassion on the scientific map. ~ Richard Davidson
324:... I love walking my feet off. Gimme a map and a box of Band-Aids and I'm all set! ~ Fran Drescher
325:I'm somewhere she can't find, and I don't have the map to give her that leads to me. ~ Jandy Nelson
326:I was just getting acquainted with the wood. I wanted to see if it was maple or pine. ~ Kurt Rambis
327:She is neither an explorer nor a mapmaker, but she can always find her way to my heart. ~ Anonymous
328:En un lugar más allá del borde del mapa de la sociedad, el Piloto siempre vive y muere ~ Ally Condie
329:I make the road. I draw the map. Nothing just happens to me...I'm the one happening. ~ Denis Johnson
330:I'm looking for the unexpected. I'm looking for things I've never seen before. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
331:Less a point on a map and more a region of the soul, but it is a path I can follow. ~ Jessica Khoury
332:All that we are is the result of what we have thought,” according to the Dhammapada. ~ Richard Restak
333:If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country. ~ Barack Obama
334:I was an English major, so I love discussing possibilities and alternate theories. ~ William Mapother
335:Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them. ~ Seth Godin
336:She was going to be lost if she wasn’t able to use his skin as a roadmap back to sanity. ~ Elise Kova
337:Some of us are always in the borderlands no matter where we might be on the map. ~ James Carlos Blake
338:When I was 18, I joined the Screen Actors Guild, and after college I came to New York. ~ Marla Maples
339:When thou art enfranchised from all hate and desire, then shalt thou win thy liberation. ~ Dhammapada
340:Whoever designed this frigging map was having a laugh. Just around the corner, my arse. ~ Freya Stark
341:Canvas, then you must define the Bitmap upon which drawing will actually be performed. The ~ Anonymous
342:[Donald Trump] has a pretty sizable electoral map win, much more than anybody thought. ~ Rudy Giuliani
343:I don't believe in dogmas and theologies. I just believe in being a good person. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
344:I don't use recreational drugs, except for cocaine, hallucinogens, and nitrates. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
345:I just know when I quit looking to other people for directions, I found my own map. ~ George Ella Lyon
346:In five years, if the oil map continues to shift, the tribe may have to go back to work. ~ David Grann
347:I would like my personal reading map to resemble a map of the British Empire circa 1900. ~ Nick Hornby
348:A little maple tree in the swamp heard the cricket song and turned bright red with anxiety. ~ E B White
349:It is by gentleness that one must conquer wrath, it is by good that one must conquer evil. ~ Dhammapada
350:Leaders in an execution culture design strategies that are more road maps than rigid paths ~ Ram Charan
351:Pasear, paradójicamente, hace posible la quietud. Pasear es trazar un mapa con los pies. ~ Lauren Elkin
352:problem of simultaneous localization and mapping, which they refer to as SLAM. SLAM ~ Erik Brynjolfsson
353:The photographs that are art have to be separated from the rest - then preserved. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
354:This map was one of those dangerous magical objects Mr. Weasley had been warning against. ~ J K Rowling
355:Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change. ~ Muhammad Ali
356:When we allow ourselves to explore, we discover destinations that were never on our map. ~ Amie Kaufman
357:You'll learn more about a road by traveling it than by consulting all the maps in the world. ~ Ray Kroc if I were only a flower after all and not the map of the country in which it grows. ~ John Ashbery
359:I chose the path less traveled but only because I was lost. Carry a map. - Phoebe Traeger ~ Jill Shalvis
360:I'm just one molecule of plastic in the composition of a little pin on a very large map ~ Ashok K Banker
361:Listen to me. When a physicist starts talking about souls, we are officially off the map. ~ Claudia Gray
362:Maples are such sociable trees ... They're always rustling and whispering to you. ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery
363:What was a really private and nice relationship was judged and made to be something ugly. ~ Marla Maples
364:"You offer joy and happiness to another person, and it reflects back into your own life." ~ 17th Karmapa
365:I drink maple syrup. Then I'm hyper so I just run around like crazy and work it all off. ~ Rachel McAdams
366:In the summer of 2009, I was at the Shakespeare lab at the public theater in New York. ~ William Mapother
367:Just as she had promised to Reedshine, Mapleshade’s desire for vengeance would never sleep. ~ Erin Hunter
368:On mobile, what are the core apps? It's basically messaging, mapping and review data. ~ Jeremy Stoppelman
369:Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry. This ~ Gene Kim
370:Therefore we set out diligently to explore and map these untrodden regions of the mind. ~ James Wasserman
371:not the map that should make sense of the land, but the land that will make a map for us. ~ Tristan Gooley
372:The highest achievers in the world have all succeeded because they mapped out their visions ~ Darren Hardy
373:you couldn’t find
your way out of a small shed with a map, lighted signs, and an
escort ~ Penny Reid
374:You're never going to get anywhere in life if you don't live up to your obligations. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
375:All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. ~ Earl Nightingale
377:But I believe that God is overheadAnd as life is to the living, so death is to the dead. ~ Mary Mapes Dodge
378:..his tone, like warm maple syrup, drizzled down her spine and licked all the way back up. ~ Jasmine Haynes
379:Platypus? I thought it was pronounced platymapus. Has it always been pronounced platypus? ~ Jessica Simpson
380:Beneath all the wealth of detail in a geological map lies an elegant, orderly simplicity. ~ John Tuzo Wilson
381:for what was a map but a way of emphasizing some things and making other things invisible? ~ Jeff VanderMeer
382:Generally a wise actor will be very careful about the person to whom he gives that power. ~ William Mapother
383:I am told there are people who do not care for maps, and I find it hard to believe. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
384:It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region. ~ Ali Khamenei
385:Lies are complicated, Ivy. The truth is easy. It flows like maple sap on a warm spring day. ~ Cynthia Ruchti
386:maps of the way things are, or realities, and maps of the way things should be, or values. ~ Stephen R Covey
387:My lifestyle is bizarre, but the only thing you need to know is where the darkroom is. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
388:Now of all voyagers I remember, who among them Did not board ship with grief among their maps? ~ Mary Oliver
389:The more time you spend mapping out an approach, the more likely you are to get attached to it. ~ Ed Catmull
390:I looked at the paper. Maps were more accurate back when they thought you could sail off them. ~ Matt Abraham
391:It was evening and would be when I woke. No matter. From the maple tree the Red-tail spoke. ~ Cameron Conaway
392:Edwin, I'm so lost a map and a compass and a whole pack of bloodhounds couldn't find me again. ~ Tiffany Reisz
393:He who regards the body as a milage or as a flake of foam on the waves, shall no longer see death ~ Dhammapada
394:My theory about creativity is that the more money one has, the more creative one can be. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
395:shouldn’t do anything suspicious, like trying to map out the entire city in the first week. ~ Antonio J M ndez
396:The covetous map explores the whole world in pursuit of a subsistence, and fate is close at his heels. ~ Saadi
397:Thyself stimulate and direct thyself; thus self-protected and clairvoyant thou shalt live happy.— ~ Dhammapada
398:What is a house but a bigger skin, and a neighborhood map but the world's skin ever expanding? ~ Annie Dillard
399:A reading life... is an adventure without maps where you meet unexpected soulmates along the way. ~ Joe Queenan
400:Between 1941 and 1945, maps of Pacific typhoon lanes may as well have been marked “Here Be Dragons. ~ Bob Drury
401:If a novel was a map of a country, a story was the bright silver pin that marked the crossroads. ~ Ann Patchett
402:Maybe it's fate Hound ate the map. Maybe we'll discover something wonderful while we're lost. ~ Jeanne Birdsall
403:People who know and love the same books you do have the roadmap of your soul. I believe that. ~ Cassandra Clare
404:Start with a “discussion map” of where to prioritize different concerns, such as customer feedback. ~ Anonymous
405:The walls were smooth and whitewashed a pig-blood pink. Pascal folded the map he’d been studying ~ Jeremy Bates
406:Women hoped harder than men, he thought, sometimes hard enough to change the outcome of things. ~ Jo Ann Mapson
407:You can't work on that scale without trust. I learned that from working with Robert Mapplethorpe. ~ Patti Smith
408:Estos devaneos son inútiles. La vida se hace caminando sin mapa y no hay forma de volver atrás. ~ Isabel Allende
409:I can't have just anybody assisting me, I need somebody who I can really communicate with. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
410:I want to find something else, unknowable, some place that's not on the map. A real adventure. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
411:Language is like looking at a map of somewhere. Love is living there and surviving on the land. ~ Simon Van Booy
412:Many of us who walk to and fro upon our usual tasks are prisoners drawing mental maps of escape. ~ Loren Eiseley
413:Memphis is in a very lucky position on the map. Everything just gravitated to Memphis for years. ~ Steve Cropper
414:Sell the public flowers... things that they can hang on their walls without being uptight. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
415:The map isn't always the territory, and you have to kind of walk through it to get a feel for it. ~ Barack Obama
416:The past informs the present. Memory makes the map we carry, no matter how hard we try to erase it. ~ Cara Black
417:You are all over the map, figure out the top 5 things you want to focus on and get rid of the rest. ~ Steve Jobs
418:His body was worn and weathered, his skin scratched with lines mapping the miles of his life. ~ Laura Hillenbrand
419:I had a map on my wall, and every time I read about a place I wanted to go, I marked it on the map. ~ Kami Garcia
420:I played around with the flowers and the lighting, so that was a good way to educate myself ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
421:It’s as if that map they gave us is nothing to do with the actual experience of being here, she said. ~ Ali Smith
422:Sorry, I didn't see the big X with the words Top Secret Government Laboratory on the map, did you? ~ Julie Kagawa
423:The body is the vehicle, consciousness the driver. Yoga is the path, and the chakras are the map. ~ Anodea Judith
424:The map is not the territory (coined by Alfred Korzybski), and the name is not the thing named. ~ Gregory Bateson
425:We also sold books, creating several best sellers and helping to put unknown authors on the map. ~ Howard Schultz
426:We’re looking for places that aren’t on a map. If we put them on one, then anybody could find them. ~ Pat Cadigan
427:And it seemed to me that Dante’s face was a map of the world. A world without any darkness. ~ Benjamin Alire S enz
428:Fear of living without a map is the main reason people are so insistent that we tell them what to do. ~ Seth Godin
429:Glory sipped her second glass of red wine, impatient for the slight buzz that made her edges blur. ~ Jo Ann Mapson
430:Hallelujah might be putting itself on the map, but that mark would be made in blood, as well as iron. ~ Devon Monk
431:I love sci-fi, especially when it thrives on a thought-provoking story, rather than explosions. ~ William Mapother
432:Il volto umano non mente mai: è l'unica mappa che segna tutti i territori in cui abbiamo vissuto. ~ Luis Sep lveda
433:No giant two-headed hermaphrodite demon unicorn avatars were allowed. Not on school ground, anyway. ~ Ernest Cline
434:What is love, in the beginning, if not this mapping out, this settling into the other's undulations? ~ Luke Davies
435:...a sad sort of vulnerability was wafting from her, making the night smell like maple syrup. ~ Sarah Addison Allen
436:I always thought I was good. That's why it was so frustrating when other people didn't agree. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
437:I can be a bit of a science geek. I tend more towards reading about brain science, neuroscience. ~ William Mapother
438:Let us act towards others as we would that they should act towards us: let us not cause any suffering. ~ Dhammapada
439:Whilst my physicians by their love are grown Cosmographers, and I their map, who lie Flat on this bed. ~ John Donne
440:I see a government completely out of control, and money is number one. Integrity isn't even on the map. ~ Neil Young
441:Let's not pretend that mental phenomena can be mapped on to the characteristics of billiard balls. ~ Gregory Bateson
442:Life is merely a fracas on an unmapped terrain, and the universe a geometry stricken with epilepsy. ~ Emile M Cioran
443:Mattie was in love with Daniel, of course; this was the X within the circle on her map: I love Daniel. ~ Anne Lamott
444:she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. She took down a jar from one of the shelves as she passed; ~ Lewis Carroll
445:… What’s the map of?” “It provides detailed directions to the Empire of None of Your Fucking Concern. ~ Jay Kristoff
446:Courage implies action. like you are going somewhere or going to do something. Courage. Maps.Movement ~ Annie F Downs
447:He was intolerant of quiet,” says Walter Map, “and did not hesitate to disturb almost half of Christendom. ~ John Guy
448:I am my best work - a series of road maps, reports, recipes, doodles, and prayers from the front lines. ~ Audre Lorde
449:I don’t work that way.”  Bleak eyes met his.  “I need a map.  A sign that says where the beginning is. ~ Debora Geary
450:I find reading screenplays difficult, as they're only a roadmap for what a movie might end up being. ~ Daniel Handler
451:Music explains itself...It is the road and it is the map that shows the road. It is both together. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
452:Skating was put on the map, supposedly from me Everybody made a life and a livelihood, um, except me. ~ Tonya Harding
453:That's what a map is, you know. Just a memory. Just a wish to go back home - someday, somehow. ~ Catherynne M Valente
454:Writing makes a map, and there is something about a journey that begs to have its passage marked. ~ Christina Baldwin
455:You can't study the map forever. At some point it's time to start walking; there is only so much daylight. ~ Rob Lowe
456:Focalizá en soluciones y estarás construyendo nuevas alternativas, nuevos mapas neuronales para el cambio. ~ Anonymous
457:Good,” Mapp said. “That’s very good. Eat some crabs. Grab Pilcher and smooch him on his face, go wild. ~ Thomas Harris
458:I'm doing a Dylan Thomas film, Map of Love, with Mick Jagger producing again. It's a wonderful script. ~ Dougray Scott
459:I'm not from a maple producing area and so my maple syrup credentials are very much of the eating side. ~ Nancy Greene
460:I think that is what film and art and music do; they can work as a map of sorts for your feelings. ~ Bruce Springsteen
461:Space can be mapped and crossed and occupied without definable limit; but it can never be conquered. ~ Arthur C Clarke
462:That’s not what feelings are for. If I wanted to be guided, I would open Google Maps or consult a Sherpa. ~ Penny Reid
463:The art of biography is different from geography. Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps. ~ E C Bentley
464:The Savages’ Cockney roots are so well buried by now you’d need a map and a deep-sea drill to find them. ~ Lucy Parker
465:The world is poor because her fortune is buried in the sky and all her treasure maps are of the earth. ~ Calvin Miller
466:When that man wants something, he'll stop at nothing to get it. And I also believed in the good of him. ~ Marla Maples
467:Women, are a map, Avik. You've got to understand their longitude, and how much latitude you can take. ~ Walter Russell
468:"Conquer the angry man by love. Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness. Conquer the liar with truth." ~ The Dhammapada
469:He is not a man of religion who does ill to another. He is not a disciple who causes suffering to another. ~ Dhammapada
470:I'm not photographing anything naked these days. I haven't been concentrating on bodies recently. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
471:[…] in dark rooms, mapping out
each other’s bodies,
claiming whole countries
with their mouths. ~ Warsan Shire
472:It's a sad thing when you map the borders of a friendship and find it's a narrower country than expected. ~ Randy Ribay
473:I would never have done what I'd done if I'd considered my father as somebody I wanted to please. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
474:Just because I was out at the bars all the time didn't mean I wasn't looking for someone to love. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
475:No giant two-headed hermaphrodite demon unicorn avatars were allowed. Not on school grounds, anyway. You ~ Ernest Cline
476:She likes things orderly and predictable and feels secure when her time is mapped out well in advance. ~ A S A Harrison
477:… That’s what a map is, you know. Just a memory. Just a wish to go back home—someday, somehow. … ~ Catherynne M Valente
478:The big blank spaces in the map are all being filled in, and there's no room for romance anywhere. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
479:Unfortunately, there is always an unmapped area of dangerous fallibility between a policy and its pursuit. ~ Paul Scott
480:don’t ever try to teach me about good and evil. I’ve been there, and you’ve seen nothing but the map. ~ Orson Scott Card
481:Having a little girl has been like following an old treasure map with the important paths torn away. ~ Heather Gudenkauf
482:If we think of our brains as a map, those early roads are like grooves, tram tracks, easy to fall into. ~ Philippa Perry
483:Roland found the crude map of the Algul and put it on the floor of the cave. They all gathered around it. ~ Stephen King
484:Scars are the key to power. Scars are the map of beauty... Each of us is the sum of our scars. ~ Matthew Woodring Stover
485:There is no map that can show you how to leap. The map for this is somewhere in our own imagination. ~ Swami Paramananda
486:There’s nothing like sharing menarche with a billion hermaphrodites. I think it was everyone’s first time. ~ John Scalzi
487:Why do you ask The Rock stupid questions? Why are you an ugly hermaphrodite? Nobody knows, Kevin Kelly. ~ Dwayne Johnson
488:Detective Norman M. Chapman, Jr., was on call that night. Chapman is a man with a voice like warm maple syrup. ~ Ann Rule
489:I am alone here in my own mind. There is no map and there is no road. It is one of a kind just as yours is. ~ Anne Sexton
490:I’ve become convinced that the Way of the Will is, in fact, the Start Here point on Charlotte Mason’s map. ~ Anne E White
491:Maps of Time attempts to assemble a coherent and accessible account of origins, a modern creation myth. ~ David Christian
492:Rage swelled inside Mapleshade’s head until the sounds of the forest faded away and her vision blurred. She ~ Erin Hunter
493:The faces of most American women over thirty are relief maps of petulant and bewildered unhappiness. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
494:The product supply chain, from source material to store, is an organizing map for delivering human rights. ~ Julia Ormond
495:Who doesn't want to just disappear, at some point in the day, in a year, to just step off the map and float? ~ Nick Flynn
496:You're jeans are full of crap. You're full of beans, you're in you teens. You've lost your mama's road map. ~ John Lennon
497:Actually, every time we begin, we wonder how we did it before, Each time is a new journey with no maps. ~ Natalie Goldberg
498:Every actor has their own method, so I'm not suggesting what works for me will work for everybody else. ~ William Mapother
499:Her eyes like the ideal
geography book:
maps of pure nightmare.

"The Ghost of Edna Lieberman ~ Roberto Bola o
500:Is that all we have left? Is that all we are? Lights on a map that are slowly dying, hanging on for nothing? ~ Carrie Ryan


   42 Poetry
   35 Integral Yoga
   20 Fiction
   18 Occultism
   9 Psychology
   6 Philsophy
   6 Christianity
   5 Philosophy
   4 Science
   3 Mythology
   2 Zen
   1 Yoga
   1 Mysticism
   1 Integral Theory
   1 Hinduism
   1 Alchemy

   32 Sri Aurobindo
   21 H P Lovecraft
   14 Satprem
   12 The Mother
   12 Aleister Crowley
   10 William Wordsworth
   10 Jorge Luis Borges
   9 Walt Whitman
   9 Nolini Kanta Gupta
   6 Ralph Waldo Emerson
   6 Jordan Peterson
   5 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
   4 Robert Browning
   4 Carl Jung
   3 Ovid
   2 Taigu Ryokan
   2 Sri Ramakrishna
   2 George Van Vrekhem
   2 A B Purani

   21 Lovecraft - Poems
   13 Savitri
   10 Wordsworth - Poems
   8 Whitman - Poems
   7 Magick Without Tears
   6 Maps of Meaning
   6 Emerson - Poems
   5 Liber ABA
   5 Labyrinths
   4 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
   4 Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness
   4 Browning - Poems
   3 The Secret Doctrine
   3 The Future of Man
   3 Metamorphoses
   3 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 07
   3 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03
   3 Borges - Poems
   3 Agenda Vol 08
   2 Walden
   2 The Life Divine
   2 The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
   2 Sex Ecology Spirituality
   2 Ryokan - Poems
   2 Preparing for the Miraculous
   2 On the Way to Supermanhood
   2 Letters On Yoga II
   2 Evening Talks With Sri Aurobindo
   2 Essays On The Gita
   2 Agenda Vol 03

0.00 - Introduction, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
  The Qabalah is a trustworthy guide, leading to a comprehension both of the Universe and one's own Self. Sages have long taught that Man is a miniature of the Universe, containing within himself the diverse elements of that macrocosm of which he is the microcosm. Within the Qabalah is a glyph called the Tree of Life which is at once a symbolic map of the Universe in its major aspects, and also of its smaller counterpart, Man.

01.02 - The Issue, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Her life's broad highways and its sweet bypaths
    Lay mapped to her sun-clear recording view,
    From the bright country of her childhood's days

01.04 - The Secret Knowledge, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Immobile, seeing the millenniums pass,
  Untouched while the long map of Fate unrolls,
  They look on our struggle with impartial eyes,
  Beyond earth's longitudes and latitudes,
  His goal is fixed outside all present maps.
  But none learns whither through the unknown he sails

01.05 - The Yoga of the King The Yoga of the Spirits Freedom and Greatness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Wrote clear the letters of its glowing code:
      A map of subtle signs surpassing thought
    Was hung upon a wall of inmost mind.

02.02 - The Kingdom of Subtle Matter, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Attempted vainly now or won in vain,
  Already were mapped and scheduled there the time
  And figure of her future sovereignties

02.05 - The Godheads of the Little Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A touch of friendship mid indifferent crowds
  Draw his heart-plan on life's diminutive map.
  If something great awakes, too frail his pitch

02.06 - The Integral Yoga and Other Yogas, #The Integral Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  (3) Because a method has been preconised for achieving this purpose which is as total and integral as the aim set before it, viz. the total and integral change of the consciousness and nature, taking up old methods but only as a part action and passing on to others that are distinctive. I have not found this method (as a whole) or anything like it in its totality proposed or realised in the old Yogas. If I had I should not have wasted my time in hewing out a road and in thirty years of search and inner creation when I could have hastened home safely to my goal in an easy canter over paths already blazed out, laid down, perfectly mapped, macadamised, made secure and public. Our
  Yoga is not a retreading of old walks, but a spiritual adventure.

02.10 - The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Little Mind, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  At will she spaces in thin air of mind
  Like maps in the school-house of intellect hung,
  Forcing wide Truth into a narrow scheme,
  Its brute unconscious accurate device
  Unrolls an unerring march, maps a sure road;
  It plans without thinking, acts without a will,

02.14 - The World-Soul, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Prophetic of new personality
  Arranged the map of their coming destiny's course:
  Heirs of their past, their future's discoverers,

03.03 - The House of the Spirit and the New Creation, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  In her ingenious ardour of caprice,
  In her transfiguring mirth she mapped on Time
  A fascinating puzzle of events,

04.03 - The Eternal East and West, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   This view finds its justification because of a particular outlook on spirituality and non-spirituality. If the Spirit and things spiritual are taken to mean something transcending and rejecting the world and the things of the world, something exclusive of life and its fulfilment here on earth, if on the other hand, the world and its life are given only their face value emptying them of their deeper and transcendent contentsin the manner of the great Laplace who could find no place for God in his map of the world which seemed to be quite complete in itself, if this trenchant division is made in the very definition of the terms, in our primary axioms and postulates, then, of course, we cannot avoid a scission and an eternal struggle. If you consider the Spirit as only pure spirit, an absolute without any relation, as, an ever-fixed and static entity and if we view Matter as purely material and the law of mechanics as supreme and inviolable, then there cannot be a reconciliation or even a meeting between the two. There are some who have a great goodwill, who wish to avoid clash and quarrel and are for concord and harmony. They have tried the reconciliation, but failed. The two positions being fundamentally exclusive of each other can, at best, be juxtaposed, but not unified or fused together.

05.03 - Satyavan and Savitri, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A half-visible ground and travelling yard by yard
  It mapped a system of the Self and God.

05.04 - The Measure of Time, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   There is very little sense in the common notion that everything is predetermined as to the time when it will happen, that the universal scheme has been all unalterably arranged and mapped out from beforehand, that nothing can change it, all goes according to plan. This is only a human conception, a construction of the mind, a wrong translation in the brain of some fact which is otherwise and elsewhere. The mind divides where there is no division, puts things against each other where there is perfect compatibility and harmony. Determinism and Indeterminism, Free-Will and Mechanism are contradictions set up by the mind and have no real objective existence. From a certain view-point, on a certain level of consciousness things appear to move in a rigid frame of mechanistic determinism; from another view-point, on another level, things seem to possess absolute freedom.

06.02 - The Way of Fate and the Problem of Pain, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Unfinished which his aeoned flight unrolls
  Were mapped already in that world-wide look.

06.13 - Body, the Occult Agent, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Such being the case, a wholly conscious body governed and inspired by the supreme Consciousness lives and moves in the cosmic rhythm: not only does it register in itself the world happenings, but also possesses an active power to control and even to change those happenings by its individual movement. We may imagine the body to be a kind of map or chart of the earth. Each spot on the earth is represented by a particular spota certain group of cells, for examplein the body. If the consciousness ruling the body concentrates itself upon that point and induces a change there, a corresponding change can be brought about automatically on a larger scale in the part and conditions of the earth with which it is connected. Thus without going out and moving about, without being the man on the spot to know things at first hand, one can, sitting, in one's room, by switching on a key, as it were, in one corner of the body, set in movement a whole process of happenings in a particular region of the earth. By a conscious re-disposition of a few cells in your body, you can bring about a desired change in world circumstances. The body is thus a control room for the consciousness in respect of happenings upon earth. Naturally, anybody cannot do that, but only a body destined and trained for that purpose.

07.04 - The Triple Soul-Forces, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  I know the goal, I know the secret route;
  I have studied the map of the invisible worlds;
  I am the battle's head, the journey's star.
  I am silence mid the noisy tramp of life;
  I am Knowledge poring on her cosmic map.
  I have mapped the heavens and analysed the stars,
  Described their orbits through the grooves of Space,

07.19 - Bad Thought-Formation, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   What is instinct exactly? It is Nature's consciousness. Nature is conscious of her action; it is not an individual consciousness. It is a global or collective consciousness. There is also a consciousness of the species. Each species has its consciousness which is called sometimes the spirit of the species, that is to say, a conscious being presiding over a particular species. Nature is conscious in the sense that she knows what she wants, she knows her whither and her how, her end and the way to go towards it. To man much of Nature seems incoherent, because his consciousness is narrow and he has not an overall vision. When you look at the small details, the little fragments, you do not understand; you do not find any link, sequence, sense. But Nature has a conscious will, she is a conscious being. Perhaps the word being is too human. When we speak of Nature's being, we naturally think of the human being, only a little bigger, or perhaps much bigger but working more or less in the same way. But it is not so. Instead of the word being, I would prefer the word entity. The conscious entity that is Nature has a conscious will and it does things much more deliberately and purposively than map, and it has formidable forces at its disposal. Man speaks of blind and violent Nature. But it is man who is blind and violent, not nature. You say an earthquake is a terrible affair. Thousands of houses crash into dust, millions of people are killed, whole cities devastated, entire portions of earth are swallowed up etc., etc. Yes, from the human point of view Nature seems monstrous. But what has she done after all? When you get a knock on your body somewhere there appears a blue patch. Are you worried about it? Your earthquake is nothing more than a reshuffling of a cell in your body. You destroy thousands of cells every moment of your life. You are monstrous! That is the relative proportion. And consider, we are speaking of earth alone and earthly events. But what is this earth itself in the bosom of the universe? A point, a zero. You are walking on the ground and are not looking down. You place one step forward and then another and you trample thousands of innocent ants under your feet. If you were an ant you would have cried out, what a cruel and stupid force! Imagine other forces stalking about much bigger than yourself and under their casual steps millions of creatures like you are crushed, continents are pressed down and mountains kicked up. They do not even notice such catastrophic happenings! The only difference between man and ant is that man knows what happens to him and the ant does not. But even there are you sure?

10.03 - The Debate of Love and Death, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Lost is the pilgrim's wallet and the scrip,
  She fails to read the map and watch the star.

10.04 - The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Where leads the march, whither the pilgrimage?
  Who keeps the map of the route or planned each stage?
  Or else self-moved the world walks its own way,

1.00g - Foreword, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
    "This plan has been put into action; the idea has been to cover the subjects from every possible angle. The style has been colloquial and fluent; technical terms have either been carefully avoided or most carefully explained; and the letter has not been admitted to the series until the querent has expressed satisfaction. Some seventy letters, up to the present have been written, but still there seem to be certain gaps in the demonstration, like those white patches on the map of the World, which looked so tempting fifty years ago.

1.00 - Gospel Preface, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  He was an educationist all his life both in a spiritual and in a secular sense. After he passed out of College, he took up work as headmaster in a number of schools in succession Narail High School, City School, Ripon College School, Metropolitan School, Aryan School, Oriental School, Oriental Seminary and Model School. The causes of his migration from school to school were that he could not get on with some of the managements on grounds of principles and that often his spiritual mood drew him away to places of pilgrimage for long periods. He worked with some of the most noted public men of the time like Iswar Chandra Vidysgar and Surendranath Banerjee. The latter appointed him as a professor in the City and Ripon Colleges where he taught subjects like English, philosophy, history and economics. In his later days he took over the Morton School, and he spent his time in the staircase room of the third floor of it, administering the school and preaching the message of the Master. He was much respected in educational circles where he was usually referred to as Rector Mahashay. A teacher who had worked under him writes thus in warm appreciation of his teaching methods: "Only when I worked with him in school could I appreciate what a great educationist he was. He would come down to the level of his students when teaching, though he himself was so learned, so talented. Ordinarily teachers confine their instruction to what is given in books without much thought as to whether the student can accept it or not. But M., would first of all gauge how much the student could take in and by what means. He would employ aids to teaching like maps, pictures and diagrams, so that his students could learn by seeing. Thirty years ago (from 1953) when the question of imparting education through the medium of the mother tongue was being discussed, M. had already employed Bengali as the medium of instruction in the Morton School." (M The Apostle and the Evangelist by Swami Nityatmananda Part I. P. 15.)

1.00 - INTRODUCTION, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  as Sri Aurobindo experienced them and described them to his disciples in his integral yoga, until they take us to the threshold of a new, still unknown experience that may have the power to change life itself.
  For Sri Aurobindo is not only the explorer of consciousness, he is the builder of a new world. Indeed, what is the point of changing our consciousness if the world around us remains as it is? We would be like Hans Christian Andersen's emperor walking naked through the streets of his capital. Thus, after exploring the outermost frontiers of worlds that were not unknown to ancient wisdom, Sri Aurobindo discovered yet another world, not found on any map, which he called the Supermind or Supramental, and which he sought to draw down upon Earth. He invites us to draw it down a little with him and to take part in the beautiful story, if we like beautiful stories. For the Supermind, Sri Aurobindo tells us, brings a dramatic change to the 3

1.01 - DOWN THE RABBIT-HOLE, #Alice in Wonderland, #Lewis Carroll, #Fiction
  The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down what seemed to be a very deep well.
  Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, for she had plenty of time, as she went down, to look about her. First, she tried to make out what she was coming to, but it was too dark to see anything; then she looked at the sides of the well and noticed that they were filled with cupboards and book-shelves; here and there she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. She took down a jar from one of the shelves as she passed. It was labeled "ORANGE MARMALADE," but, to her great disappointment, it was empty; she did not like to drop the jar, so managed to put it into one of the cupboards as she fell past it.
  Down, down, down! Would the fall never come to an end? There was nothing else to do, so Alice soon began talking to herself. "Dinah'll miss me very much to-night, I should think!" (Dinah was the cat.) "I hope they'll remember her saucer of milk at tea-time. Dinah, my dear, I wish you were down here with me!" Alice felt that she was dozing off, when suddenly, thump! thump! down she came upon a heap of sticks and dry leaves, and the fall was over.

1.01 - Economy, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  To know this I should not need to look farther than to the shanties which every where border our railroads, that last improvement in civilization; where I see in my daily walks human beings living in sties, and all winter with an open door, for the sake of light, without any visible, often imaginable, wood pile, and the forms of both old and young are permanently contracted by the long habit of shrinking from cold and misery, and the development of all their limbs and faculties is checked. It certainly is fair to look at that class by whose labor the works which distinguish this generation are accomplished. Such too, to a greater or less extent, is the condition of the operatives of every denomination in England, which is the great workhouse of the world. Or I could refer you to Ireland, which is marked as one of the white or enlightened spots on the map. Contrast the physical condition of the Irish with that of the North American Indian, or the South Sea
  Islander, or any other savage race before it was degraded by contact with the civilized man. Yet I have no doubt that that peoples rulers are as wise as the average of civilized rulers. Their condition only proves what squalidness may consist with civilization. I hardly need refer now to the laborers in our Southern States who produce the staple exports of this country, and are themselves a staple production of the
  Every New Englander might easily raise all his own breadstuffs in this land of rye and Indian corn, and not depend on distant and fluctuating markets for them. Yet so far are we from simplicity and independence that, in Concord, fresh and sweet meal is rarely sold in the shops, and hominy and corn in a still coarser form are hardly used by any. For the most part the farmer gives to his cattle and hogs the grain of his own producing, and buys flour, which is at least no more wholesome, at a greater cost, at the store. I saw that I could easily raise my bushel or two of rye and Indian corn, for the former will grow on the poorest land, and the latter does not require the best, and grind them in a hand-mill, and so do without rice and pork; and if I must have some concentrated sweet, I found by experiment that I could make a very good molasses either of pumpkins or beets, and I knew that I needed only to set out a few maples to obtain it more easily still, and while these were growing I could use various substitutes beside those which I have named. For, as the Forefa thers sang,

1.01 - MAPS OF EXPERIENCE - OBJECT AND MEANING, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  author class:Jordan Peterson
  The world can be validly construed as forum for action, or as place of things.
  precedes development of the latter. Something must have emotional impact before it will attract enough
  attention to be explored and mapped in accordance with its sensory properties. Those sensory properties
  of prime import to the experimentalist or empiricist are meaningful only insofar as they serve as cues for

1.01 - Our Demand and Need from the Gita, #Essays On The Gita, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
   comprehensiveness. Its aim is precisely the opposite to that of the polemist commentators who found this Scripture established as one of the three highest Vedantic authorities and attempted to turn it into a weapon of offence and defence against other schools and systems. The Gita is not a weapon for dialectical warfare; it is a gate opening on the whole world of spiritual truth and experience and the view it gives us embraces all the provinces of that supreme region. It maps out, but it does not cut up or build walls or hedges to confine our vision.

1.02 - MAPS OF MEANING - THREE LEVELS OF ANALYSIS, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  author class:Jordan Peterson
  Human beings are prepared, biologically, to respond to anomalous information to novelty. This
  lead have adopted this central assumption, at least implicitly. This position requires some modification. We
  do model facts, but we concern ourselves with valence, or value. It is therefore the case that our maps of
  the world contain what might be regarded as two distinct types of information sensory, and affective. It is
  about that. But we model facts to keep track of meaning. We may model facts, and it is no doubt useful to
  do so. We must model meanings, however, in order to survive. Our most fundamental maps of experience
   maps which have a narrative structure portray the motivational value of our current state, conceived of in
  highly than point a that it is a place more desirable, when considered against the necessary contrast of
  the current position. It is the perceived improvement of point b that makes the whole map meaningful
  that is, affect-laden; it is the capacity to construct hypothetical or abstract end points, such as b and to
  explication (as the extremes of a continuum might be regarded as opposites, for the sake of argument).
  The domain mapped by a functional narrative (one that, when enacted, produces the results desired)
  might reasonably be regarded as explored territory, as events that occur there are predictable. Any
  to what we desire to be not merely to what we cold-bloodedly expect.)
  The maps that configure our motivated behavior have a certain comprehensible structure. They contain
  two fundamental and mutually interdependent poles, one present, the other, future. The present is sensory
  We solve the problem of contradictory meanings by interpreting the value of things from within the
  confines of our stories which are adjustable maps of experience and potential, whose specific contents are
  influenced by the demands of our physical being. Our central nervous systems are made up of many hardwired or automatized subsystems, responsible for biological regulation for maintaining homeostasis of
  all theoretically aspire, is a complex (and oft-implicit) fantasy a vision or map of the promised land. This
   map, this story this framework of reference, or context of interpretation is the (ideal) future, contrasted
  strategies or frameworks of reference must be generated, in their presence.
  Anyway: the elevators are broken; the stairs are blocked. The map I was using to evaluate my
  environment has been invalidated: my ends are no longer tenable. In consequence, necessarily, the means
  of exploration of the unpredictable or unexpected that all knowledge and wisdom is generated, all
  boundaries of adaptive competence extended, all foreign territory explored, mapped and mastered. The
  eternally extant domain of the unknown therefore constitutes the matrix from which all conditional
  can be eaten, and what might eat us.
  When we explore a new domain, we are mapping the motivational or affective significance of the things
  or situations that are characteristic of our goal-directed interactions within that domain, and we use the
  defines the experimental situation (nothing punishing, satisfying, threatening or promising), and ceases to
  react. He has not merely habituated to the stimuli. He has mapped its context-dependent significance,
  which is zero. This process appears trivial because the experimental situation makes it so. In real life, it is
  cage, with increasing confidence. It is mapping the new environment for affective valence. It wants to
  find out is there anything here that will kill me? Anything here I can eat? Anyone else here someone
  the kinds of surprising circumstances they might encounter, in real life. The appearance of a predator, in
  previously safe space (space previously explored, that is, and mapped as useful or irrelevant) constitutes
  one type of realistic surprise. Blanchard and colleagues describe the naturalistic behavior of rats, under
  course of actual action, which is to say that they construct their worlds by shifting their positions and
  changing their actions in the face of the unknown, and by mapping the consequences of those shifts and
  changes in terms of their affective or motivational valence. When an animal encounters an unexpected
  distance, monitoring the thing for its reactions to these cautious exploratory activities. Perhaps the animal
  sniffs at the thing, or scratches at it trying to determine what it might be good (or bad) for. It maps the
  utility and valence of the object, conceived in relationship to its ongoing activity (and, perhaps, to possible
  The body is specifically represented in the neocortex. This representation is often given schematic form
  as the homunculus, or little man. The homunculus was discovered by Wilder Penfield,140 who mapped
  the surface of the cortices of his neurosurgical patients, by stimulating them electrically, painstakingly,
  produce visions, sometimes elicit memories other times, produce movement or sensations. Penfield
  determined, in this manner, how the body was mapped onto the central nervous system how it was
  incarnated, so to speak, in intrapsychic representation. He established, for example, that homunculi come in
  most of our interactions are social in nature. We spend most of our time around others and, when we are
  alone, we still wish to understand, predict and control our personal behaviors. Our maps of the understood
  part of the world are therefore in large part maps of patterns of actions of behaviors established as a
  consequence of creative exploration, and modified in the course of endless social interactions. We watch
  derive from repeated observations of behavior images of action patterns that the verbal left can arrange,
  with increasingly logic and detail, into stories. A story is a map of meaning, a strategy for emotional
  regulation and behavioral output a description of how to act in a circumstance, to ensure that the
  of phenomena. However, we can also shift levels of abstraction which means, can voluntarily focus our
  attention, when necessary, on stories that map out larger or smaller areas of space-time (excuse the
  Einsteinian reference, but it is in fact accurate in this case, as our stories have a duration, as well as an
  comprehend context of the present, will produce the results desired in the future. The affective
  significance of the phenomena that comprise explored territory have been mapped. This map takes the
  form of the story, which describes the valence of present occurrences, the form of the desired future, and
  necessarily means, therefore, where human activity has been rendered predictable, as well as where the
  course of natural events can be accurately determined. The maps that make territory familiar
  consequently consist in large part of representations of behavior personal behavior, which we manifest,
  and the behavior of others, which we constantly encounter, and to which we have adjusted our personal
  actions. Likewise, we map our own behaviors, and those of others because such behaviors comprise a
  large part of the world. We do not always understand what we do, however our actions cannot be said to
  We imitate and map adaptive behaviors behaviors that efficiently reach a desired end so that we can
  transform the mysterious unknown into the desirable and predictable; so that the social and non-social
  organized into a coherent unit, shared with others, constitute our cultures; constitute the manner in which
  we bring order to our existence. Our maps of adaptive behavior contain descriptions of the world in which
  that behavior is manifested contains descriptions of explored and unexplored territory as well as

1.02 - The 7 Habits An Overview, #The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #Stephen Covey, #unset
  Effectiveness Defined
  The Seven Habits are habits of effectiveness. Because they are based on principles, they bring the maximum long-term beneficial results possible. They become the basis of a person's character, creating an empowering center of correct maps from which an individual can effectively solve problems, maximize opportunities, and continually learn and integrate other principles in an upward spiral of growth.

1.02 - The Eternal Law, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  neuroses of an unbalanced society: we must implicate ourselves.
  Indeed, if we brought as much sincerity, meticulousness, and perseverance to the study of the inner world as we do to the study of our books, we would go fast and far the West also has surprises in store for us but it must first get rid of its preconceptions (Columbus did not draw the map of America before leaving Palos). These simple truths may be worth repeating, for the West seems to be caught between two falsehoods: the overly serious falsehood of the spiritualists, who have already settled the question of God in a few infallible paragraphs, and the not-serious-enough falsehood of the rudimentary occultists and psychics, who have reduced the invisible to a sort of freak-show of the imagination. India, wisely, refers us to our own direct experience and to experimental methods. Sri Aurobindo would soon put this fundamental lesson of experimental spirituality into practice.
  But what kind of men, what human substance, was he going to find in that India he did not know? Once we have set aside the exotic facade and the bizarre (to us) customs that amuse and intrigue tourists,

1.02 - The Vision of the Past, #Let Me Explain, #Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, #Christianity
  is, at this present moment, man. Man, no doubt, can be de-
  fined on the non-relief map of systematics as a family of
  primates recognizable by certain details of skull, pelvis and


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Wikipedia - 16th Gyalwa Karmapa
Wikipedia - 16th Karmapa
Wikipedia - 17th Karmapa
Wikipedia - 2000 Dharmapuri bus burning -- Bus burned by AIADMK cadres killing three people
Wikipedia - 2012 Dharmapuri violence -- Caste related violence against Dalits in Tamil Nadu
Wikipedia - 2Fort -- Video game map in the Team Fortress series
Wikipedia - 5-MAPB
Wikipedia - 8b/10b encoding -- line code mapping 8-bit words to 10-bit symbols
Wikipedia - ABMAP -- Collection of metric data on domestic animals
Wikipedia - Abraham Allard -- Dutch map engraver
Wikipedia - Acer beckianum -- Extinct species of maple
Wikipedia - Acer diabolicum -- | Species of plant in the maple family
Wikipedia - Acer rubrum -- Maple tree native in North America
Wikipedia - Acer shirasawanum -- Species of maple
Wikipedia - Adeline Dumapong -- Filipina Paralympic powerlifter
Wikipedia - Aeolis quadrangle -- One of a series of 30 quadrangle maps of Mars
Wikipedia - Ahom kingdom -- Kingdom in the Brahmaputra Valley in Assam, India
Wikipedia - Alec Mapa -- American actor, comedian and writer
Wikipedia - Amapanesia exotica -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Amapa -- State of Brazil
Wikipedia - Amapedia
Wikipedia - Amapiano -- genre of Electronic dance music
Wikipedia - Amapola Flyg -- Swedish airline
Wikipedia - Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Wikipedia - America Mappillai -- 2018 Tamil Language web series
Wikipedia - Anagarika Dhammapala
Wikipedia - Anagarika Dharmapala -- Sri Lankan Buddhist revivalist and writer (1864-1933)
Wikipedia - Analogical Constraint Mapping Engine
Wikipedia - Angele Grenier -- Canadian maple syrup producer
Wikipedia - Animated mapping -- The application of animation to add a temporal component to a map displaying change
Wikipedia - Anna K. Mapp -- American chemist
Wikipedia - Anna van Westerstee Beek -- Dutch publisher of maps
Wikipedia - Antilinear map -- Mathematical map
Wikipedia - Apparaopeta -- Village in Dammapeta Mandal, Bhadradri Kottagudem District, Telangana, India
Wikipedia - Apple Maps -- Map application operated by Apple inc.
Wikipedia - Apply -- The function that maps a function and its arguments to the function value
Wikipedia - Apu Nahasapeemapetilon -- Character from The Simpsons
Wikipedia - ArcMap -- Main component of geospatial processing programs suite
Wikipedia - Argument map
Wikipedia - Arnold's cat map -- Chaotic map from the torus into itself
Wikipedia - Arthur Franklin Mapes -- American poet
Wikipedia - Arthur Mapp -- British judoka
Wikipedia - Arvind Dharmapuri -- Member of the 17th Lok Sabha
Wikipedia - Aspen Movie Map
Wikipedia - Associative containers -- Group of class templates in the standard library of the C++ programming language that implement ordered associative arrays: std::set, std::map, std::multiset, std::multimap
Wikipedia - Associative map
Wikipedia - Astronomical survey -- General map or image of a region of the sky with no specific observational target.
Wikipedia - Athinumappuram -- 1987 film
Wikipedia - Atlas -- collection of maps
Wikipedia - Automap
Wikipedia - AUV Abyss -- An autonomous underwater vehicle for mapping of the seabed and water column data collection
Wikipedia - Awala-Yalimapo -- Commune in French Guiana, France
Wikipedia - Baker's map
Wikipedia - Bamapada Mukherjee -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Barak-Brahmaputra Express -- Express train in India
Wikipedia - Barhmapur -- Village development committee in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Barratt-Priddy theorem -- Connects the homology of the symmetric groups with mapping spaces of spheres
Wikipedia - Bathymetric chart -- Map depicting the submerged terrain of bodies of water
Wikipedia - Battle of Jemappes
Wikipedia - Battle of La Paz -- Battle between the U.S. and Mexico as part of the Pacific Coast Camapaign
Wikipedia - Beatus map -- Cartographic work of the European Early Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Bianco world map -- 15th-century map created by Andrea Bianco
Wikipedia - Big Maple Leaf -- Canadian gold coin
Wikipedia - Bilinear form -- Scalar-valued function of two variables that becomes a linear map when one coordinate is fixed
Wikipedia - Bilinear map
Wikipedia - Bing Maps
Wikipedia - Bitmap image
Wikipedia - Bitmap index
Wikipedia - Bitmap (musician) -- British singer
Wikipedia - Bitmapped
Wikipedia - Bitmap -- Data structure for mapping from some domain (for example, a range of integers) to bits
Wikipedia - Block availability map
Wikipedia - Bochner identity -- An identity concerning harmonic maps between Riemannian manifolds
Wikipedia - Brahmapura
Wikipedia - Brahmapuri, Rautahat -- Village development committee in Narayani Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Brahmapurisvarar Temple, Esanur -- Temple in Tamil Nadu, India
Wikipedia - Brahmapurisvarar Temple, Perambur -- Temple in India
Wikipedia - Brahmaputra Degree College -- College in Assam
Wikipedia - Brahmaputra River -- River in Tibet, India, and Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Brain mapping
Wikipedia - BrainMaps
Wikipedia - Brommaplan metro station -- Stockholm Metro station
Wikipedia - BSAVE (bitmap format)
Wikipedia - Bump mapping
Wikipedia - Bump map
Wikipedia - Business decision mapping
Wikipedia - Business process mapping
Wikipedia - Call-map proteomics
Wikipedia - Canadian Gold Maple Leaf -- Gold bullion coin of Canada
Wikipedia - Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment -- Canadian radio telescope
Wikipedia - Canonical map
Wikipedia - Cantino planisphere -- Earliest surviving map showing Portuguese geographic discoveries in the east and west
Wikipedia - Carta Pisana -- 13th century map
Wikipedia - Carte de l'Egypte (Description de l'Egypte) -- 19th century map
Wikipedia - Cartogram -- Map in which geographic space is distorted based on the value of a thematic mapping variable
Wikipedia - Cartographic censorship -- Deliberate modification of publicly available maps
Wikipedia - Cartography of the United States -- Maps of the United States
Wikipedia - Cartography -- The study and practice of making maps
Wikipedia - Cassini Grid -- Coordinate system used on British military maps
Wikipedia - Catalan Atlas -- 1375 world map
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Wikipedia - Category:Maplesoft
Wikipedia - Category:Nyingmapa Buddhists
Wikipedia - Category:Pages using infobox settlement with image map1 but not image map
Wikipedia - Celina Runeborg -- Swedish painter and map engraver
Wikipedia - Chama Cha Mapinduzi -- Political party in Tanzania
Wikipedia - Changchub Dorje, 12th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Character Map (Windows)
Wikipedia - Chdrak Gyatso, 7th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Chimaphila -- Genus of flowering plants in the heath family Ericaceae
Wikipedia - Chying Dorje, 10th Karmapa
Wikipedia - CmapTools -- Software for concept mapping
Wikipedia - CodedColor PhotoStudio Pro -- Bitmap graphics editor
Wikipedia - Coggle -- Mind mapping application
Wikipedia - Cognitive map
Wikipedia - Coimbatore Mappillai -- 1996 film by C. Ranganathan
Wikipedia - Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo - Dharmapedia Wiki
Wikipedia - Color mapping
Wikipedia - Comfort Maple -- An old sugar maple tree in Pelham, Ontario, Canada
Wikipedia - Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit -- DoD standard mapping toolkit for C2I software
Wikipedia - Compass rose -- Figure on a compass, map, nautical chart, or monument used to display the orientation of the cardinal directions
Wikipedia - Completely positive map
Wikipedia - Concept mapping
Wikipedia - Concept Map
Wikipedia - Concept map -- Diagram showing relationships among concepts
Wikipedia - Connectome -- Comprehensive map of neural connections in the brain
Wikipedia - Connectomics -- Study of mapping wiring diagrams
Wikipedia - Conus mappa -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Cortical stimulation mapping
Wikipedia - Corynebacterium alimapuense -- species of prokaryote
Wikipedia - Cosmography -- Science that maps the general features of the cosmos or universe
Wikipedia - Coupled map lattices
Wikipedia - Coupled map lattice
Wikipedia - Craig retroazimuthal projection -- Map projection intended to help Muslims find their qibla
Wikipedia - Crematogaster amapaensis -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Crime mapping
Wikipedia - Critical cartography -- Mapping practices and methods of analysis grounded in critical theory
Wikipedia - Cross-layer interaction and service mapping
Wikipedia - Cultural mapping
Wikipedia - Cyber geography -- Mapping networks of broadband cables
Wikipedia - Cyril Ramaphosa -- 5th President of South Africa
Wikipedia - Data2map -- Presentation mapping service provider
Wikipedia - Data mapper pattern
Wikipedia - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection -- One of the world's largest private map collections
Wikipedia - David Thompson (explorer) -- British-Canadian fur trader, surveyor, and map-maker
Wikipedia - Death by GPS -- Death of people attributable, in part, to following satellite navigation directions or maps
Wikipedia - DeepMap -- American self-driving vehicle mapping software company
Wikipedia - Deshin Shekpa, 5th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Device mapper
Wikipedia - Dhammapada
Wikipedia - Dhammapala
Wikipedia - Dhammapala -- Name of two or more great Theravada Buddhist commentators
Wikipedia - Dhammika Dharmapala -- American tax economist
Wikipedia - Dharmapala (emperor)
Wikipedia - Dharmapala of Nalanda
Wikipedia - Dharmapala Raksita
Wikipedia - Dharmapala -- Gods who protect or defend Buddhism
Wikipedia - Dharmaprabhu -- Film by Muthukumaran
Wikipedia - Dharmapriya Dias -- Sri Lankan actor and director
Wikipedia - Dharmapuri Arvind -- Indian cricketer and politician
Wikipedia - Dharmapuri, Parbhani -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Dharmapur Union, Fatikchhari -- Union council of Fatikchhari Upazila in Chittagong District
Wikipedia - Diamond-square algorithm -- Method for generating heightmaps for computer graphics
Wikipedia - Dieppe maps -- Series of 16th-century world maps made in Dieppe, Seine-Maritime
Wikipedia - Digital mapping -- Compiling data to create a visual image
Wikipedia - Dihammaphora -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Dihammaphoroides -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Dimitri Nalivkin -- A Soviet geologist known for mapping the geology of the USSR
Wikipedia - Directory service -- Service that maps the names of network resources to their respective network addresses
Wikipedia - Doctrine (PHP) -- Object-relational mapping for PHP
Wikipedia - Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Dimapur
Wikipedia - Draft:Alternate Future Mapping -- Genre of alternate future
Wikipedia - Draft:Destro Daz -- South African DJ and Amapiano producer
Wikipedia - Draft:List of places depicted in the Mao Kun Map -- 15th-century sailing map from China to India, Arabia, and Africa
Wikipedia - Draft:Oregon-Maple Street Bridge -- Concrete girder bridge
Wikipedia - Draft:Snow Deep -- South African DJ and Amapiano producer
Wikipedia - Dsum Khyenpa, 1st Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Dudul Dorje, 13th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Duffing map
Wikipedia - Dust II -- Video game map in the Counter-Strike series
Wikipedia - Dymaxion map -- Projection of a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron
Wikipedia - Early world maps -- List of early depictions of the world
Wikipedia - Earth Point -- Idaho real estate listings mapping system
Wikipedia - Ecotope -- The smallest ecologically distinct landscape features in a landscape mapping and classification system
Wikipedia - Edmonton/Calmar (Maplelane Farm) Aerodrome -- Airport in Alberta, Canada
Wikipedia - Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi -- British businessman
Wikipedia - Edward Brooke-Hitching -- English writer and map-collector
Wikipedia - Edward Maplesden -- English politician
Wikipedia - Elektra (2010 film) -- 2010 film by Shyamaprasad
Wikipedia - Elisa Bravo -- 19th-century female rumoured to have been captured by indigenous Mapuche
Wikipedia - Eli Sheldon Glover -- American artist and mapmaker (b. 1844, d. 1920)
Wikipedia - Ellis Martin -- Ordnance Survey map and book cover illustrator
Wikipedia - Emap International Limited
Wikipedia - EMAP
Wikipedia - Emap
Wikipedia - Emmanuel A. Mapunda
Wikipedia - Emmanuel Mapunda -- Tanzanian Roman Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Environment mapping
Wikipedia - Equivariant map -- Maps whose domain and codomain are acted on by the same group, and the map commutes
Wikipedia - Escape and evasion map -- Maps made for soldiers caught behind enemy lines
Wikipedia - Europa regina -- 16th-century map-like depiction of the European continent as a queen
Wikipedia - Exponential map (discrete dynamical systems)
Wikipedia - Facsimile -- Copy or reproduction of an old book, manuscript, map, art print, or other item of historical value
Wikipedia - Fantasy map -- A visual representation of an imaginary or fictional geography
Wikipedia - Fast mapping
Wikipedia - Fiber (mathematics) -- The set of all points in a function's domain that all map to some single given point.
Wikipedia - Finn's weaver -- A species of weaver bird found in the Ganges and Brahmaputra valleys in India and Nepal
Wikipedia - First Karmapa
Wikipedia - Flag semaphore -- Telegraphy system conveying information at a distance by means of visual signals
Wikipedia - Flight traffic mapping -- Use of animation to depict flight traffic
Wikipedia - Flow map -- Mix of maps and flow charts
Wikipedia - Forma Urbis Romae -- Massive marble map of ancient Rome
Wikipedia - Forwarding information base -- Dynamic table that maps network addresses to ports
Wikipedia - Free space bitmap
Wikipedia - FreeType -- Software development library to render text onto bitmaps, and other font-related operations
Wikipedia - Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer -- Proposed satellite to determine positions of stars
Wikipedia - Function (mathematics) -- Mapping that associates a single output value to each input
Wikipedia - Fundamental theorem of linear algebra -- Name for certain results on linear maps between two finite-dimensional vector spaces
Wikipedia - Gall isographic projection -- Map projection
Wikipedia - Gall-Peters projection -- An equal-area, rectangular map projection
Wikipedia - Gall stereographic projection -- Cylindrical map projection
Wikipedia - Garry Mapanzure -- Zimbabwean singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Gauss iterated map
Wikipedia - Gene mapping
Wikipedia - Gene map -- Spatial arrangement of genes on a chromosome
Wikipedia - Generative topographic map
Wikipedia - Generic Mapping Tools -- Open source collection of about 80 command-line tools for manipulating geographic and Cartesian data sets
Wikipedia - Genetic map
Wikipedia - Geological survey -- Systematic investigation of the geology in a region for the purpose of creating a geological map or model
Wikipedia - Geologic map
Wikipedia - Geophysical survey (archaeology) -- Non-invasive physical sensing techniques used for archaeological imaging or mapping
Wikipedia - Germaphobia
Wikipedia - GIF -- Bitmap image file format family
Wikipedia - Gigapixel image -- Digital image bitmap composed of one billion pixels
Wikipedia - Gingerbreadman map
Wikipedia - GNOME Character Map
Wikipedia - GNOME Maps
Wikipedia - Godunov map -- 1667 ethnographic map of Siberia
Wikipedia - Google Earth -- 3D globe-based map program owned by Google
Wikipedia - Google Map Maker -- Collaborative mapping tool
Wikipedia - Google Maps Navigation
Wikipedia - Google Maps pin -- Graphic icon
Wikipedia - Google Maps Road Trip -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - Google Maps
Wikipedia - Google My Maps
Wikipedia - Google Street View -- Feature of Google Maps which provides views from the street
Wikipedia - GRACE and GRACE-FO -- Joint American-German space mission to map Earth's gravitational field
Wikipedia - Gramapanchayath (film) -- 1998 film directed by Ali Akbar
Wikipedia - Graphics address remapping table -- I/O memory management unit for graphics
Wikipedia - Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer -- ESA satellite intended to map in the Earth's gravity field. Part of the Living Planet Programme
Wikipedia - Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist -- 2011-2012 theft
Wikipedia - Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area -- Transfrontier conservation area in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe
Wikipedia - Group concept mapping -- A method of organizing groups of related concepts
Wikipedia - Gumapang Ka sa Lusak (TV series) -- 2010 Philippine television series
Wikipedia - Gyalwa Karmapa
Wikipedia - Haemaphlebiella strigata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Hanumappa Sudarshan
Wikipedia - Han unification -- Effort by Unicode/ISO 10646 to map Han characters into a single set, ignoring regional variations
Wikipedia - Hash function -- Type of function that maps data of arbitrary size to data of fixed size
Wikipedia - Hash map
Wikipedia - Heat map
Wikipedia - Heatmap
Wikipedia - Help:Menu/Site map
Wikipedia - Hemapala Perera -- Sri Lankan musician and flautist
Wikipedia - Here be dragons -- Phrase used on maps to indicate uncharted areas
Wikipedia - Hereford Mappa Mundi -- Map of the known world dating from c.1300
Wikipedia - Here Technologies -- Netherlands-based mapping data company
Wikipedia - Here WeGo -- Web mapping and navigation service
Wikipedia - Hermaphrodite (Nadar) -- 1860 series of photographs by Nadar
Wikipedia - Hermaphrodite -- An organism that has complete or partial male and female reproductive organs
Wikipedia - Hermaphroditus -- Son of Aphrodite and Hermes in Greek mythology
Wikipedia - Hex map -- Map subdivided into a hexagonal tiling, small regular hexagons of identical size
Wikipedia - Hey Jude (film) -- 2018 film directed by Shyamaprasad
Wikipedia - History of cartography -- The development of cartography, or mapmaking technology
Wikipedia - Hjelmslev's theorem -- Collinearity of midpoints of segments that map 3 point on a line isometrically to another
Wikipedia - -- Hong Kong live web mapping service
Wikipedia - Homapoderus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Homomorphism -- Structure-preserving map between two algebraic structures of the same type
Wikipedia - Homotopy -- Continuous deformation between two continuous maps
Wikipedia - Hopf theorem -- Topological degree is the only homotopy invariant of continuous maps to spheres
Wikipedia - Horseshoe map
Wikipedia - Hugh de Mapenor -- 13th-century Bishop of Hereford
Wikipedia - Hydrogen energy vision and technology roadmap
Wikipedia - Hypsometric tints -- Use of color to mark elevation in a map
Wikipedia - Identification (information) -- Mapping of a known quantity to an unknown entity so as to make it known
Wikipedia - Identity map pattern
Wikipedia - Ihara's lemma -- On when the kernel of the sum of the two p-degeneracy maps is Eisenstein
Wikipedia - Ikeda map
Wikipedia - Image map
Wikipedia - IMAP4
Wikipedia - IMAP
Wikipedia - Imelda Dimaporo -- Filipino politician
Wikipedia - Index mapping
Wikipedia - Information mapping
Wikipedia - Integral transform -- Mapping involving integration between function spaces
Wikipedia - Interlacing (bitmaps)
Wikipedia - InterMapper -- Network mapping program
Wikipedia - Intermodal mapping -- Biomedical framework
Wikipedia - International HapMap Project
Wikipedia - International Roadmap for Devices and Systems
Wikipedia - International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Wikipedia - Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe -- planned NASA heliophysics mission
Wikipedia - Iridomyrmex mapesi -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Irish grid reference system -- System of geographic grid references used for mapping in Ireland
Wikipedia - Isaac Lesiba Maphotho -- South African anti-apartheid activist
Wikipedia - Isidoran map
Wikipedia - Isochrone map
Wikipedia - Jacobian conjecture -- A polynomial map is invertible if and only if its Jacobian determinant is a nonzero constant
Wikipedia - Jao Mapa -- Filipino actor
Wikipedia - Java ConcurrentMap
Wikipedia - Jennifer Mapplethorpe -- City Homicide fictional character
Wikipedia - John Blundell Maple -- British politician
Wikipedia - John Maples (cricketer) -- English cricketer and British Army officer
Wikipedia - John Maples -- British politician and life peer
Wikipedia - John Rocque's Map of London, 1746 -- Outstanding 18th-century map of London
Wikipedia - John Speed map of Canaan -- 1595 map of the Land of Israel
Wikipedia - Jordan-Wigner transformation -- A transformation that maps spin operators onto fermionic creation and annihilation operators
Wikipedia - Kabza De Small -- South African DJ and Amapiano producer
Wikipedia - Kadungure Mapondera -- Shona chief
Wikipedia - Kammapatha
Wikipedia - Karmapa Controversy
Wikipedia - Karmapa controversy
Wikipedia - Karmapa International Buddhist Institute
Wikipedia - Karma Pakshi, 2nd Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Karmapa
Wikipedia - Karnaugh map -- graphical method to simplify Boolean expressions
Wikipedia - KartaView -- Website that provides free street view imagery for mapping
Wikipedia - Katleho Ramaphakela -- South African actor and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Katz-Lang finiteness theorem -- On kernels of maps between abelianized fundamental groups of schemes and fields
Wikipedia - Keyhole Markup Language -- Notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based maps
Wikipedia - Khakyab Dorje, 15th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Kid Pix -- Bitmap drawing program designed for children
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Mapungubwe
Wikipedia - Klismaphilia
Wikipedia - KPPO -- Radio station in Mapusaga, American Samoa
Wikipedia - Landmap -- Former spatial data download service
Wikipedia - Laura Schirmer Mapleson -- American operatic singer
Wikipedia - Lautaro -- 16th-century leader of the Mapuche people
Wikipedia - Lefschetz fixed-point theorem -- Counts the fixed points of a continuous mapping from a compact topological space to itself
Wikipedia - Linear function -- Linear map or polynomial function of degree one
Wikipedia - Linear maps
Wikipedia - Linear map -- Mapping that preserves the operations of addition and scalar multiplication
Wikipedia - Lines on a Map -- 2018 book by Frank Wolf
Wikipedia - Linguistic map
Wikipedia - Linux Software Map
Wikipedia - List of Award of Garden Merit maples -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of chaotic maps -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of concept- and mind-mapping software -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Dermapterans of Australia -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Dermapterans of Sri Lanka -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of educational institutions in Dharmapuri district -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of foods made from maple -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Governors of Amapa -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of historical maps -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international presidential trips made by Cyril Ramaphosa -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Japanese map symbols -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Lepidoptera that feed on maples -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Maple Town episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Mapua University people -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of object-relational mapping software -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of satellite map images with missing or unclear data -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Toronto Maple Leafs award winners -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Toronto Maple Leafs draft picks -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Toronto Maple Leafs head coaches -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Toronto Maple Leafs players -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Toronto Maple Leafs records -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Toronto Maple Leafs seasons -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of wins by Mapei and its successors -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - LM Radio -- Radio station in Maputo, Mozambique
Wikipedia - Locator map -- Simple map used in cartography to show the location of a particular geographic area within its larger and presumably more familiar context;can be used on its own or as an inset or addition to a larger map
Wikipedia - Logarithm -- Inverse of the exponential function, which maps products to sums
Wikipedia - Logistic map -- Simple polynomial map exhibiting chaotic behavior
Wikipedia - Lomaptera -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Louise Maple-Brown -- Australian endocrinologist and clinical researcher
Wikipedia - Lovemap
Wikipedia - Lucy Mapena -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Lunae Palus quadrangle -- Quadrangle map in Mars
Wikipedia - Maadi Veettu Mappilai -- 1967 film
Wikipedia - Madaba Map -- 6th-century mosaic map of Palestine
Wikipedia - Magnetoencephalography -- Mapping brain activity by recording magnetic fields produced by currents in the brain
Wikipedia - Mahasthamaprapta
Wikipedia - MAP11 -- Human protein-coding gene on chromosome 7
Wikipedia - Mapa de Cuauhtinchan No. 2 -- 16th-century map
Wikipedia - Mapai
Wikipedia - Mapantsula -- 1988 film
Wikipedia - Mapanuepe Lake -- Freshwater lake in the province of Zambales, Philippines
Wikipedia - Mapa pintado en papel europeo y aforrado en el indiano -- Mesoamerican document
Wikipedia - Mapat L. de Zatarain -- Mexican TV producer
Wikipedia - MapBasic
Wikipedia - Mapbox -- American provider of custom online maps for websites and applications
Wikipedia - Map (butterfly) -- Butterfly of the family Nymphalidae
Wikipedia - Map collection
Wikipedia - Map coloring problem
Wikipedia - Map (computer science)
Wikipedia - Mape River -- river in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - Mapes Hotel -- Former hotel casino in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Map folding
Wikipedia - MapGuide Open Source
Wikipedia - Maphack
Wikipedia - Map (higher-order function)
Wikipedia - Maphrian
Wikipedia - Mapia Grande River -- River in Amazonas, Brazil
Wikipedia - Mapia-Inauini National Forest -- National forest in the state of Amazonas, Brazil
Wikipedia - Mapillary
Wikipedia - Mapita CortM-CM-)s -- Puerto Rican actress
Wikipedia - MAPK/ERK pathway -- Cell signaling pathway
Wikipedia - Maple computer algebra system
Wikipedia - Maple custard pie -- Custard pie made with maple syrup
Wikipedia - Mapledurham House -- Elizabethan stately home located in the civil parish of Mapledurham in the English county of Oxfordshire
Wikipedia - Mapledurham Watermill
Wikipedia - Maple Grove Park -- Large park in St. Vital (Winnipeg), Canada
Wikipedia - Maple Grove Raceway -- Dragstrip near Mohnton, Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Maple Grove Township, Crow Wing County, Minnesota -- Township in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Heights, Ohio -- City in Ohio, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Island, Freeborn County, Minnesota -- Unincorporated community in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Lake, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Leaf Gardens -- Former indoor arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, later re-built into grocery store and athletic centre
Wikipedia - Maple Leaf Publishing -- Defunct Canadian comics publisher
Wikipedia - Maple Leaf Rag -- Ragtime composition for piano by Scott Joplin
Wikipedia - Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment -- Canadian sports and real estate company
Wikipedia - Maple Leaf (train) -- International passenger train operated by Amtrak and Via Rail
Wikipedia - Maple Mill, Oldham -- Cotton spinning mill in Greater Manchester, England
Wikipedia - Maple, Minnesota -- Unincorporated community in Minnesota, US
Wikipedia - Maple Pictures -- US film distribution company
Wikipedia - Maple Plain, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Ridge Township, Isanti County, Minnesota -- Township in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Ridge Wind Farm -- Wind farm in New York, USA
Wikipedia - Maples Group -- Offshore magic circle tax law firm
Wikipedia - Maple Shade High School -- High school in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Shade School District -- School district in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Shade Township, New Jersey -- Township in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - MapleSim
Wikipedia - Maple (software)
Wikipedia - Maple software
Wikipedia - Mapleson Cylinders -- Cylinders used to record live opera in the early 1900s
Wikipedia - Maples Pavilion
Wikipedia - Maple Springs, Minnesota -- Unincorporated community in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - MapleStory 2 -- video game
Wikipedia - MapleStory Adventures -- Social network game
Wikipedia - MapleStory (anime)
Wikipedia - MapleStory DS -- Video game
Wikipedia - MapleStory (TV series) -- 2007 Japanese anime
Wikipedia - MapleStory -- 2D fantasy MMORPG
Wikipedia - Maple sugar
Wikipedia - Maple syrup urine disease -- Metabolic disorder affecting branched-chain amino acids. It is one type of organic acidemia.[2] The condition gets its name from the distinctive sweet odor of affected infants' urine
Wikipedia - Maple syrup -- Syrup made from the sap of maple trees
Wikipedia - Maple taffy -- Candy made from maple sap
Wikipedia - Maple T.A.
Wikipedia - Mapleton Communications -- American media company
Wikipedia - Mapleton Township, Blue Earth County, Minnesota -- Township in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Mapleton, Utah -- City in Utah, United States
Wikipedia - Maple Township, Ida County, Iowa -- Township in Iowa, USA
Wikipedia - Maple Township, Monona County, Iowa -- Township in Iowa, USA
Wikipedia - Mapletree Investments -- Singaporean real estate company
Wikipedia - Maple Valley, Washington -- City in Washington, United States
Wikipedia - Mapleview, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Maplewashing -- To sanitize and hide undesirable qualities about Canada
Wikipedia - Maple -- genus of flowering plants, trees in the lychee family Sapindaceae
Wikipedia - Maplewood Flats Conservation Area -- Conservation area in Canada
Wikipedia - Maplewood, Houston
Wikipedia - Maplewood, New Jersey -- Township in Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Maplewood station -- NJ Transit rail station
Wikipedia - Maplin (retailer) -- British electronics retailer
Wikipedia - Map (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Mapna Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company -- Rolling stock manufacturer
Wikipedia - Map of the Human Heart -- 1992 film by Vincent Ward
Wikipedia - Map of the Soul: 7
Wikipedia - Map of the Soul: Persona -- 2019 EP by BTS
Wikipedia - Map of the Soul Tour -- 2021 concert tour by BTS
Wikipedia - Map of the Sounds of Tokyo -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - Mapo Hall -- City hall in Ibadan, Nigeria
Wikipedia - Maponics -- American company
Wikipedia - Maponos -- Ancient Celtic deity
Wikipedia - Mapo tofu -- Sichuan cuisine dish
Wikipedia - Mappae clavicula
Wikipedia - Mappa Mundi
Wikipedia - Mappa mundi -- Medieval European map of the world
Wikipedia - Mapp and Lucia (series) -- Series of novels by E. F. Benson
Wikipedia - Mapp and Lucia -- 1931 novel by E. F. Benson
Wikipedia - Map (parallel pattern)
Wikipedia - Map (parallel programming)
Wikipedia - MAPPER
Wikipedia - MAPP gas -- A fuel gas based on a stabilized mixture of methylacetylene and propadiene
Wikipedia - Map Phra Chan railway station -- | railway station in Thailand
Wikipedia - Mappillai (2011 film) -- 2011 film directed by Suraj
Wikipedia - Mappin & Webb -- British jewellery company
Wikipedia - Mappin baronets -- Title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - Mapping class group -- Group of isotopy classes of a topological automorphism group
Wikipedia - Mapping controversies
Wikipedia - Mapping Festival -- Live visuals, installation art and VJing international festival held in Switzerland
Wikipedia - Mapping Imaging Spectrometer for Europa -- Near infrared spectrometer
Wikipedia - Mapping (mathematics)
Wikipedia - Mapping of Venus -- Process and results of human description of the geological features of the planet Venus
Wikipedia - Mapplewell -- Village in South Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Map projection -- Systematic representation of the surface of a sphere or ellipsoid onto a plane
Wikipedia - Mappusakshi -- film
Wikipedia - Mappu Station -- Railway station in Numata, Hokkaido, Japan
Wikipedia - Mappy -- 1983 Namco video game
Wikipedia - MapQuest
Wikipedia - MapReduce
Wikipedia - Maprik-Wora Rural LLG -- Local-level government in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - Maprotiline
Wikipedia - MapR
Wikipedia - Map seed -- Number or string used to procedurally generate a game world
Wikipedia - Maps (manga)
Wikipedia - Maps (Maroon 5 song) -- 2014 song by Maroon 5
Wikipedia - Maps of manifolds
Wikipedia - Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief
Wikipedia - Maps of Meaning
Wikipedia - Maps of present-day countries and dependencies
Wikipedia - MAPS Perak -- Theme park in Malaysia
Wikipedia - MAPS (software)
Wikipedia - Maps to the Stars -- 2014 film
Wikipedia - Map symbol
Wikipedia - Map-territory relation -- The relationship between an object and a representation of that object
Wikipedia - Mapuche language -- Language isolate spoken in Chile and Argentina by the Mapuche people
Wikipedia - Mapuche religion
Wikipedia - Mapuche -- Ethnic group in South America
Wikipedia - Mapudungun language
Wikipedia - Mapule's Choice -- 2008 Mosotho short film
Wikipedia - Mapungubwe National Park -- National park in Limpopo, South Africa
Wikipedia - Mapusaurus -- Cacharodontosaurid dinosaur genus from the Late Cretaceous period
Wikipedia - Maputaland coastal forest mosaic -- Subtropical moist broadleaf forest ecoregion on the Indian Ocean coast of Southern Africa.
Wikipedia - Maputaland-Pondoland bushland and thickets -- Montane shrubland ecoregion in South Africa
Wikipedia - Maputaland -- Natural region in South Africa in northern KwaZulu-Natal
Wikipedia - Maputeoa -- Monarch of Mangareva and the other Gambier Islands
Wikipedia - Maputo Province -- Province of Mozambique
Wikipedia - Maputo Railway Station -- Train station in Mozambique
Wikipedia - Maputo -- Capital and chief port of Mozambique
Wikipedia - Map -- A symbolic depiction of relationships between elements of some space
Wikipedia - Map-winged swift -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Marash Maple -- Maple tree in Kosovo
Wikipedia - Margaritifer Sinus quadrangle -- One of a series of 30 quadrangle maps of Mars
Wikipedia - Maria Amapola Cabase -- Filipino singer, actress, musician, television and radio host
Wikipedia - Marinobacter segnicrescens -- Species of Gammaproteobacteria
Wikipedia - Mark Crispin -- Father of IMAP protocol
Wikipedia - Marla Maples -- American actress and television personality
Wikipedia - Mary Mapes -- American television producer and journalist
Wikipedia - Matrix function -- Function that maps matrices to matrices
Wikipedia - Memory-mapped file
Wikipedia - Memory-mapped I/O
Wikipedia - Memory map
Wikipedia - Mercator 1569 world map -- first map in Mercator's projection
Wikipedia - Mercator projection -- Map projection for navigational use that distorts areas far from the equator
Wikipedia - Michael McCain -- Chief Executive Officer of Maple Leaf Foods
Wikipedia - Microsoft Research Maps
Wikipedia - Miky Dorje, 8th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Mimapatelarthron -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Mimapomecyna -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Mimapriona -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Mind maps
Wikipedia - Mind map -- System or map used to visually organize information
Wikipedia - Minimaphaenops -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Mini-map
Wikipedia - Mipmapping
Wikipedia - Mipmap -- Memory-saving rendering technique in which resolution of farther-away images is lowered
Wikipedia - Miss Mapp -- 1922 novel by E. F. Benson
Wikipedia - Mitchell Map -- Historic map of the United States of America
Wikipedia - Miura map fold
Wikipedia - Mmap
Wikipedia - Module homomorphism -- Linear map over a ring
Wikipedia - Moira Millan -- Mapuche and feminist leader in Argentina
Wikipedia - Mokgadi Maphoto -- South African naval officer
Wikipedia - MountainsMap
Wikipedia - Mount Okishimappu -- mountain
Wikipedia - Multibeam echosounder -- A type of sonar used to map the seabed
Wikipedia - Multimap
Wikipedia - Myrmaplata -- Genus of spiders
Wikipedia - Nallampalli taluk -- Taluk in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India
Wikipedia - National Geographic Maps -- Division of the National Geographic Society
Wikipedia - National mapping agency
Wikipedia - National Public Toilet Map
Wikipedia - NATO Joint Military Symbology -- NATO standard for military map marking symbols
Wikipedia - Natural mapping (interface design)
Wikipedia - Nautical chart -- Topographic map of a maritime area and adjacent coastal regions
Wikipedia - Naval flag signalling -- Flag signalling, such as semaphore or flaghoist, used by various navies
Wikipedia - Naval Oceanographic Office -- U.S. Office that prepares and publishes maps, charts, and nautical books required in navigation
Wikipedia - Nemapogon agnathosella -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Nemapogon clematella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogon cloacella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogon granella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogoninae -- Subfamily of fungus moths
Wikipedia - Nemapogon meridionella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogon picarella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogon quercicolella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogon reisseri -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogon variatella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Nemapogon -- Genus of fungus moths
Wikipedia - Nepenthes mapuluensis -- Tropical pitcher plant endemic to Borneo
Wikipedia - Netert Mudat Egyptian Scarab Map -- Ancient Egyptian Scarab Map
Wikipedia - Network mapping -- Study of a computer network's physical connections
Wikipedia - New York City Subway map -- Map of New York City rapid transit
Wikipedia - Nmap -- Network scanner
Wikipedia - Nokia Maps
Wikipedia - Normal mapping
Wikipedia - North Korea Uncovered -- A comprehensive mapping of North Korea
Wikipedia - Nyingmapa
Wikipedia - Object-relational mapper
Wikipedia - Object-Relational Mapping
Wikipedia - Object-relational mapping
Wikipedia - Old Saraighat Bridge -- Rail-cum-road bridge over Brahmaputra River in Assam
Wikipedia - OMAP
Wikipedia - OpenLayers -- JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers
Wikipedia - Open mapping theorem (functional analysis)
Wikipedia - Open map
Wikipedia - OpenStreetMap -- Collaboratively edited world map available under free Open Database License
Wikipedia - OpenWeatherMap -- UK-based online weather service
Wikipedia - Operator (mathematics) -- Mapping from one vector space or module to another in mathematics
Wikipedia - Order of Mapungubwe -- South African National award
Wikipedia - Ordnance datum -- Vertical datum used as the basis for deriving altitudes on maps
Wikipedia - Ordnance Survey Ireland -- National mapping agency of Ireland
Wikipedia - Ordnance Survey -- National mapping agency of the UK for Great Britain
Wikipedia - OsmAnd -- Offline maps & navigation Android and iOS app
Wikipedia - Outline of brain mapping
Wikipedia - Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan? -- Philippine television show
Wikipedia - Padmapadacharya
Wikipedia - Padmapada
Wikipedia - Padmapara High School -- School in Padmapara, Barpeta district, Assam, India
Wikipedia - Padmapur -- Town in Odisha, India
Wikipedia - Paleomap -- Map of continents and mountain ranges in the past based on plate reconstructions
Wikipedia - Paperbark maple
Wikipedia - Paramapadham Vilayattu -- Indian Tamil political thriller film directed by K. Thirugnanam
Wikipedia - Parc Natural Comunal de les Valls del Comapedrosa -- National park in Andorra
Wikipedia - Patent map -- Graphical model of patent visualisation
Wikipedia - Paul Sandby -- English map-maker and painter
Wikipedia - PEF Survey of Palestine -- 1872-1877 and 1880 map surveys
Wikipedia - Perceptual mapping
Wikipedia - Perfect map -- A continuous closed surjective map, each of whose fibers are also compact sets.
Wikipedia - Pershing Map -- Map
Wikipedia - Photon mapping -- Two-pass global illumination rendering algorithm
Wikipedia - Phymaphora -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Pictorial map -- Map that uses pictures to represent features
Wikipedia - Pink Map -- Portuguese diplomatic document
Wikipedia - Piri Reis map -- 1513 nautical chart
Wikipedia - Pixmap
Wikipedia - Plat -- Map showing a piece of land, drawn to scale, with details such as nearby properties, boundaries, land size, flood zones, the surrounding neighborhood, easements, and monuments
Wikipedia - Polynomial mapping -- Function such that the coordinates of the image of a point are polynomial functions of the coordinates of the point
Wikipedia - Portal:Maps
Wikipedia - Praca de Touros Monumental de Lourenco Marques -- Bullring in Maputo, Mozambique
Wikipedia - Preimage theorem -- On the preimage of points in a manifold under the action of a smooth map
Wikipedia - Principal ideal theorem -- Theorem in class field theory on mappings induced by extending ideals
Wikipedia - Probabilistic Roadmap Method
Wikipedia - Probabilistic roadmap method
Wikipedia - Probabilistic roadmap
Wikipedia - Psalter world map -- Medieval world map
Wikipedia - Ptomaphagini -- Tribe of beetles
Wikipedia - Ptomaphaginus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Ptomaphagus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Pumapunku -- Oasis and part of a temple complex in Bolivia
Wikipedia - Quantization (signal processing) -- Process of mapping a continuous set to a countable set
Wikipedia - Quasi-open map -- A function that maps non-empty open sets to sets that have non-empty interior in its codomain.
Wikipedia - Quilapan -- Mapuche tribal chief
Wikipedia - RADI RiverMap -- Unmanned aerial vehicle series
Wikipedia - RAFOS float -- Submersible device used to map ocean currents well below the surface
Wikipedia - Railway semaphore signal -- Form of fixed railway signal
Wikipedia - Raised-relief map -- Three-dimensional object representing a real terrain
Wikipedia - Ramapada Chowdhury -- Indian writer
Wikipedia - Ramapati Ram Tripathi -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Ramapo College -- Public college in New Jersey
Wikipedia - Ramapo High School (New Jersey) -- High school in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Ramapo High School (New York) -- High school in New York
Wikipedia - Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District -- School district in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Ramapo Mountain State Forest -- Forest in New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Ramapo Mountains
Wikipedia - Ramaprasad Banik -- Bengali actor, director and playwright
Wikipedia - Ramapura, Gauribidanur -- Village in Chickballpur District
Wikipedia - Ramavarmapuram
Wikipedia - Rangjung Dorje, 3rd Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Rangjung Dorje, 3rd Karmapa
Wikipedia - Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapa
Wikipedia - Rank-nullity theorem -- The dimension of the domain of a linear map is the sum of the dimensions of its kernel and its image
Wikipedia - Rational mapping -- A kind of partial function between algebraic varieties
Wikipedia - Regular map (algebraic geometry) -- Morphism of algebraic varieties
Wikipedia - Regular map (graph theory) -- Symmetric tessellation of a closed surface
Wikipedia - Rethabile Ramaphakela -- South African actress and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Retinotopy -- Mapping of visual input from the retina to neurons
Wikipedia - Rheumaptera cervinalis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Rheumaptera subhastata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Rheumaptera undulata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Richard Maponya -- South African businessman
Wikipedia - Robert Mapplethorpe -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Robinson projection -- A compromise map projection for world maps
Wikipedia - Robotic mapping
Wikipedia - Rolpe Dorje, 4th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Roundcube -- Open-source web-based IMAP email client
Wikipedia - Samapti Chatterjee -- Former judge of Calcutta High Court
Wikipedia - Scale (map) -- Ratio of distance on a map to the corresponding distance on the ground
Wikipedia - Schwarz alternating method -- Iterative method in conformal mapping
Wikipedia - Schwarz triangle function -- Conformal map in complex analysis
Wikipedia - Scopula mappata -- Species of geometer moth in subfamily Sterrhinae
Wikipedia - Seafloor mapping -- The measurement and presentation of water depth of a given body of water
Wikipedia - Second Cabinet of Cyril Ramaphosa -- Second cabinet of Cyril Ramaphosa
Wikipedia - Seemapuri (Vidhan Sabha constituency) -- Constituency of the Delhi legislative assembly in India
Wikipedia - Self-organizing map -- Type of artificial neural network
Wikipedia - Semantic mapper
Wikipedia - Semantic mapping (statistics) -- Method in statistics
Wikipedia - Semaphore Corporation (company) -- American software company (1982-2017)
Wikipedia - Semaphore (programming) -- Variable used in a concurrent system
Wikipedia - Semaphore
Wikipedia - Semaprochilodus -- Genus of fishes
Wikipedia - Sensory Maps
Wikipedia - Sensory maps -- Areas of the brain
Wikipedia - Set inversion -- mathematical problem of finding the set mapped by a specified function to a certain range
Wikipedia - Shear mapping
Wikipedia - ShoreZone -- Mapping program that uses oblique aerial images acquired at low altitude
Wikipedia - Shyamaprasad Mukherjee
Wikipedia - Shyamaprasad -- Indian filmmaker
Wikipedia - Simapo Island -- Island in the Nandu River, China
Wikipedia - Simplicial approximation theorem -- Continuous mappings can be approximated by ones that are piecewise simple
Wikipedia - Simultaneous localization and mapping -- computational problem of constructing a map while tracking an agent's location within it
Wikipedia - Sir Frederick Mappin, 1st Baronet -- British politician
Wikipedia - Sitemap Protocol
Wikipedia - Sitemaps
Wikipedia - Site map
Wikipedia - Sitemap
Wikipedia - Sitmapinar, SavaM-EM-^_tepe -- Village in Turkey
Wikipedia - -- A wiki and interactive sky map that covers more than half a billion celestial objects
Wikipedia - Software map
Wikipedia - Solly Afrika Mapaila -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Somapala Dharmapriya -- Sri Lankan actor
Wikipedia - Somapala Rathnayake -- Sri Lankan music director
Wikipedia - South Orange-Maplewood School District -- School district in Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Space Atlas: Mapping the Universe and Beyond -- Book by James Trefil
Wikipedia - Space mapping
Wikipedia - SportsMap -- Sports radio network
Wikipedia - Sprite (computer graphics) -- Term in computer graphics; two-dimensional bitmap that is integrated into a larger scene
Wikipedia - Squeeze mapping
Wikipedia - S. Senthilkumar (Dharmapuri) -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Standard map
Wikipedia - Star chart -- Map of the night sky
Wikipedia - Statistical parametric mapping
Wikipedia - Stereographic projection -- Particular mapping that projects a sphere onto a plane
Wikipedia - Stigmaphyllon -- Genus of flowering plants
Wikipedia - Structure mapping engine
Wikipedia - Structure-mapping theory
Wikipedia - Structure (mathematical logic) -- Mapping of mathematical formulas to a particular meaning, in universal algebra and in model theory
Wikipedia - Sue Mapstone -- British pentathlete
Wikipedia - Suhas Vitthal Mapuskar
Wikipedia - Supervised learning -- Machine learning task of learning a function that maps an input to an output based on example input-output pairs
Wikipedia - Suraj Mapa -- Sri Lankan film actor
Wikipedia - Surface weather analysis -- A type of weather map
Wikipedia - Surjection of FrM-CM-)chet spaces -- A theorem characterizing when a continuous linear map between FrM-CM-)chet spaces is surjective.
Wikipedia - Survey of Bangladesh -- National mapping authority of Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Survey of Palestine -- Mapping agency of Palestine during mandatory period
Wikipedia - Syamaprasad Institute of Technology & Management -- College in west Bengal
Wikipedia - Syrtis Major quadrangle -- One of a series of 30 quadrangle maps of Mars
Wikipedia -
Wikipedia - Tabula Peutingeriana -- Map of the road network in the Roman Empire
Wikipedia - Tabula Rogeriana -- Medieval map
Wikipedia - Ta' Kenuna Tower -- 1848 semaphore tower in Malta
Wikipedia - Tam, kde hnizdi M-DM-^Mapi -- 1975 film
Wikipedia - T and O map -- Type of medieval world map
Wikipedia - Tau protein -- Group of six protein isoforms produced from the MAPT gene
Wikipedia - Technology roadmap
Wikipedia - Ted Mapes -- American actor (1901-1984)
Wikipedia - Teixeira planisphere -- 1573 world map by Domingos Teixeira
Wikipedia - Template talk:English official language clickable map
Wikipedia - Template talk:InfoMaps
Wikipedia - Tencent Maps -- Chinese desktop and web mapping service application
Wikipedia - Tent map
Wikipedia - Terra incognita -- 'Unknown land', area not mapped by cartographers
Wikipedia - Texel (graphics) -- Fundamental unit of a texture map
Wikipedia - Texture mapping unit
Wikipedia - Texture mapping
Wikipedia - The Destiny Map -- Cross-genre tabletop role-playing game supplement
Wikipedia - Thedi Vandha Mappillai -- 1970 film by B. R. Panthulu
Wikipedia - The Island of the Mapmaker's Wife -- 2001 film by Michie Gleason
Wikipedia - Thekchok Dorje, 14th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - The Longaberger Company -- American manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted maple wood baskets
Wikipedia - The National Map Corps -- Volunteers who devote time to provide cartographic information to the U.S. Geological Survey
Wikipedia - The Pentagon's New Map -- 2004 book by Thomas P.M. Barnett
Wikipedia - The Uncensored Library -- Minecraft server and map containing banned reporting
Wikipedia - Thomas Mapfumo -- Zimbabwean musician
Wikipedia - Thongwa Dnden, 6th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Tinkerbell map
Wikipedia - Tolkien's maps -- Use of cartography in J. R. R. Tolkien's world-building
Wikipedia - T-O map
Wikipedia - Tone mapping -- Image processing technique
Wikipedia - TOPEX/Poseidon -- Satellite mission to map ocean surface topography
Wikipedia - Topic Maps
Wikipedia - Topic map
Wikipedia - Topographic map (neuroanatomy) -- Ordered projection of a sensory surface o one or more structures of the central nervous system
Wikipedia - Topographic map -- Medium to large scale map that shows a precise map of the terrain
Wikipedia - Topological map
Wikipedia - TOXMAP -- GIS of the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Wikipedia - Transit map
Wikipedia - Transpose of a linear map
Wikipedia - Transversality theorem -- Describes the transverse intersection properties of a smooth family of smooth maps
Wikipedia - Treasure map -- Map to find treasure
Wikipedia - Treemapping -- Visualisation method for hierchical data
Wikipedia - Treemap
Wikipedia - True hermaphroditism -- Human disease
Wikipedia - Turgot map of Paris -- 18th-century map of Paris
Wikipedia - Turin Papyrus Map -- Old Egyptian map of mines
Wikipedia - Typography (cartography) -- Form of typography used for maps
Wikipedia - Uati Maposua -- Samoan weightlifter
Wikipedia - Udaka Ramaputta
Wikipedia - Uddaka Ramaputta
Wikipedia - Ugland House -- Headquarters of Maples and Calder
Wikipedia - Umapathy Films -- Indian film production house
Wikipedia - Umapathy Ramaiah -- Indian actor
Wikipedia - U-matrix -- Self-organizing map
Wikipedia - Unicode font -- Computer font that maps glyphs to code points defined in the Unicode Standard
Wikipedia - Uniform Map -- Taiwanese school uniform website
Wikipedia - United States Hydrographic Office -- U.S. Office that prepares and publishes maps, charts, and nautical books required in navigation
Wikipedia - Ursescu theorem -- A theorem that simultaneously generalizes the closed graph, open mapping, and Banach-Steinhaus theorems.
Wikipedia - Uv mapping
Wikipedia - UV mapping -- The process of projecting a 2D image to a 3D model's surface for texture mapping
Wikipedia - Value stream mapping
Wikipedia - Vector Map -- Vector-based collection of geographic information system (GIS) data about Earth
Wikipedia - Veettoda Mappillai -- 2001 film
Wikipedia - Vegayammapeta Estate -- Indian administrative division
Wikipedia - Ventilator (2016 film) -- 2016 film by Rajesh Mapuskar
Wikipedia - Victor Mapes -- American playwright and director
Wikipedia - Vietoris-Begle mapping theorem -- On the homology of continuous maps between compact metric spaces
Wikipedia - Villa Mapelli Mozzi -- Villa in Ponte San Pietro, Italy
Wikipedia - Vinland map -- Map
Wikipedia - VirM-EM-+pakM-aM-9M-#a -- One of the Four Heavenly Kings and a dharmapala
Wikipedia - Virtual channel -- Method of remapping a digital program stream to a channel number
Wikipedia - Virtual Mappa -- Medieval map editing project
Wikipedia - Waldseemller map
Wikipedia - Wallen Mapondera -- Zimbabwean artist
Wikipedia - Wallmapuwen -- Political organization in Chile
Wikipedia - Walter Map -- Medievel writer and coutier
Wikipedia - Wangchuk Dorje, 9th Karmapa Lama
Wikipedia - Wardley map -- A map of the structure of a business or service, mapping the components needed to serve the customer or user
Wikipedia - Waterloo Maple
Wikipedia - Wayne Mapp -- New Zealand politician
Wikipedia - Weather map -- Table of weather elements
Wikipedia - Webbed space -- Topological vector spaces for which the open mapping and closed graphs theorems hold
Wikipedia - Web mapping -- Process of using the maps delivered by geographic information systems (GIS) in World Wide Web
Wikipedia - Weight-balanced tree -- Type of self-balancing binary search trees that can be used to implement dynamic sets, dictionaries (maps) and sequences
Wikipedia - WerkM-CM-)n -- Traditional tribal leader in the Mapuche Culture of Southern South America
Wikipedia - Whitehead theorem -- When a mapping that induces isomorphisms on all homotopy groups is a homotopy equivalence
Wikipedia - Wigner-Weyl transform -- Mapping between functions in the quantum phase space
Wikipedia - WikiMapia
Wikipedia - Wikimapia -- Multilingual open-content collaborative map
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:WikiProject Indian maps -- Wikimedia subject-area collaboration
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:WikiProject Maps -- Wikimedia subject-area collaboration
Wikipedia - Willard and Maple -- Literary magazine
Wikipedia - William Mapother -- American actor
Wikipedia - William R. Maples
Wikipedia - William Smith (geologist) -- Geologist credited with the first nationwide map
Wikipedia - Windows Maps
Wikipedia - Winkel tripel projection -- Compromise map projection defined as the arithmetic mean of the equirectangular projection and the Aitoff projection
Wikipedia - Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap Format
Wikipedia - WMAP
Wikipedia - Woodcut map of London -- earliest proper map of London
Wikipedia - Woodville Karst Plain Project -- A project and organization to map the underwater cave systems of the Woodville Karst Plain
Wikipedia - World map -- Map of most or all of the surface of the Earth
Wikipedia - WRPR -- Campus-run radio station at Ramapo College
Wikipedia - X BitMap
Wikipedia - XHATV-FM -- Radio station in M-CM-^Alamo Temapache, Veracruz
Wikipedia - XHCRA-FM -- Radio station in M-CM-^Alamo Temapache, Veracruz
Wikipedia - XHMAI-FM -- Radio station in Mapastepec, Chiapas
Wikipedia - XHMAP-TDT -- Independent television station in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico
Wikipedia - XMind -- Mind-mapping software
Wikipedia - X PixMap
Wikipedia - X-SAMPA -- Remapping of the IPA into 7-bit ASCII
Wikipedia - Yabim-Mape Rural LLG -- Local-level government in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - Yahoo! Maps -- Website
Wikipedia - Yandex Maps
Wikipedia - Yellow River Map -- Ancient Chinese diagram
Wikipedia - Yeshe Dorje, 11th Karmapa
Wikipedia - Zaslavskii map
Wikipedia - Zhumapu Formation -- Late Cretaceous geologic formation in China
Wikipedia - ZMapp -- Experimental treatment for Ebola virus disease
Wikipedia - ZMap (software) -- free and open-source network scanner
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (1999 - 2001) - Maggie creates her own map of her imaginary world called Nowhere Land that, in reality, takes the characters nowhere. She imagines that characters Beast and Hamilton Hocks are her friends. The show also features friends like mice, cows, and rabbits.
Maple Town (1986 - 1993) - Mapletown was about a town filled with animals. Rabbits, Bears, Foxes, etc. Wild Wolf was the antagonist in town.
Maple Town (1986 - 1987) - The Maple Town Tale
Dora the Explorer (1999 - 2015) - Dora The Explorer is a Nick Jr. show about young Dora Marquez. In each episode she goes out on an adventure to help someone in need. She always asks the viewers for help as well as her talking backpack which has all you'd ever need and her talking map which always knows the way. She values her famil...
Space Kidettes (rebroadcast) (1970 - 1970) - The Space Kidettes were a group of 4 kids named Scooter, Snoopy, Countdown, Jenny and their dog Pup Star. They all belonged to a club called, of course, The Space Kidettes. They were constantly being chased by Captain Skyhook and his sidekick Static who were trying to steal the kid's treasure map....
The Chevy Chase Show (1993 - 1993) - Fox's ill-fated late night talk show, not even comedic great Chevy Chase could compete with the established late night contenders, Leno and Letterman. The show was cancelled before making its mark on the map.
Nick Jr. (1988 - Current) - Nick Jr. was a block of programming for preschoolers on Nickelodeon which would air weekdays from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The block first began in 1988 and the very first show it aired was Pinwheel, the very program to put Nickelodeon on the map. In its first few years, the block aired mostly foreign an...
Yuri on ice (2016 - Current) - a Japanese sports anime television series about figure skating. The series was produced by MAPPA, directed by Sayo Yamamoto and written by Mitsur Kubo. Character design was by Tadashi Hiramatsu, and its music was composed by Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba. The figure skating was choreographed...
Inspector Gadget's Field Trip (1996 - 1998) - Grab your maps and hang on to your luggage, because in this History Channel spin-off of the classic cartoon, tour guide Inspector Gadget takes us around the world in search of adventure, with plenty of laughs, thrills and fun facts along the way. Go Go Gadget Field Trip!
6teen (2004 - 2011) - 6teen is an animated sitcom for children, pre-teens, and teenagers. The plots take place almost entirely in a gigantic shopping mall. The mall could be based on any big mall in Canada and some fans suspect West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta but as there are frequent references to the Toronto Map...
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade(1989) - Indiana Jones returns again, and again this time, to save the world from the Nazis. In this film, the Nazis have kidnapped Indy's father, Professor Henry Jones, for his diary, which contains maps and first-hand accounts of many of the world's most sacred and hidden items. One of these such items, th...
Escape to Witch Mountain(1975) - In this Disney classic, orphaned brother and sister Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia (Kim Richards) have supernatural powers, which eccentric millionaire Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) intends to exploit with the help of his cronie Lucas Deranian (Donald Pleasence). But the discovery of a map under the p...
Herbie Goes Bananas(1980) - While Pete Stanchek and his friend, Dave Johns, are transporting a VW (Herbie) via ocean liner from Puerto Vallarta to Brazil for an auto race, their lives are complicated by a stowaway in Herbie's trunk--a lovable Mexican orphan, Paco, who's made the msitake of stealing a map of golden Incan ruins...
I Wanna Hold Your Hand(1978) - It's February, 1964 and America has come down with Beatlemania. Six friends from Maplewood, New Jersey make the wildest road trip to New York City in the hopes to catch The Fab Four's big debut on The Ed Sullivan Show and everyone has their own agenda...Grace wants to gets exclusive photos of The Be...
Lewis & Clark & George(1997) - Three makes for a dangerous crowd in this darkly comic crime story. Convicted murderer Lewis (Salvator Xuereb) breaks out of prison with Clark (Dan Gunther), who is doing time for computer fraud. The escapees are heading to New Mexico in search of a secret map to a gold mine that was hidden by a pri...
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad(1974) - Sinbad and his crew intercept a homunculus carrying a golden tablet. Koura, the creator of the homunculus and practitioner of evil magic, wants the tablet back and pursues Sinbad. Meanwhile Sinbad meets the Vizier who has another part of the interlocking golden map, and they mount a quest across the...
Tom & Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers(2006) - Tom & Jerry are chasing each other upon a pirate ship belonging to Red Pirate Ron and his jolly old crew. It turns out Red is after the legendary Lost Treasure of the Spanish Mane. Tom hides the map leading to the treasure after they crash land on the island so he can find the treasure for himself b...
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens(2015) - In this thrilling continuation of the epic space opera, which takes place 30 years after "Return of the Jedi", ex-stormtrooper Finn, scrappy desert dweller Rey, and droid companion BB-8 get caught up in a galactic war when they come across a map containing the whereabouts of the vanished Luke Skywal...
Lost Treasure(2003) - Jay Andrews' action-adventure film "Lost Treasure" stars Stephen Baldwin and Nicolette Sheridan. Brian McBride and his brother have possession of a treasure map of an island in the Caribbean. When bad guys kidnap his brother, Brian enlists the help of a female helicopter pilot to rescue the brother...
Map Of The Human Heart(1992) - Fantastic improbabilities, happenstance and the undying bridge of love are part of this romantic fantasy about an Inuit who crosses years, oceans and the ravages of WWII to find his childhood love, a Metis girl, but finds that their cultures are the most difficult spaces to gap.
The Beach(2000) - Twenty-something Richard travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map. Rumours state that it leads to a solitary beach paradise, a tropical bliss - excited and intrigued, he sets out to find it.
The Love Guru(2008) - Darren Roanoke, the star player of the Toronto Maple Leafs, is suffering from stress because his wife, Prudence, has left him for Jacques "Le Coq" Grand, who is the goaltender of rival team Los Angeles Kings, his nickname apparently a nod to being exceedingly well-endowed. Roanoke's stress causes h...
Glen Or Glenda(1953) - A psychiatrist tells two stories: one of a transvestite (Glen or Glenda), the other of a pseudohermaphrodite (Alan or Anne).
I Bury The Living(1958) - Through a series of macabre "coincidences," the newly-elected director of a cemetery begins to believe that he can cause the deaths of living owners of burial plots by merely changing the push-pin color from white (living) to black (dead) on a large wall map of the cemetery that notes those plots
The Road To El Dorado(2000) - The movie begins in 16th century (1519) Seville (in the south of Spain) and tells about two men named Tulio and Miguel. During a dice game using loaded dice, they win a map that supposedly shows the location of El Dorado, the legendary city of gold in the New World. However, their cheating is soon d...
Treasure Island(1950) - Disney's first full length live action film based on Robert Louis Stevenson's book. Bobby Driscoll stars as Jim Hawkins who inherits a map leading to Captain Flint's treasure.
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Goodreads author - Creston_Mapes -- Slice of Life, Fantasy -- Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Space, Comedy, Shounen -- -- Slice of Life, Comedy -- Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Space, Drama, Shounen -- Action, Game, Comedy, Magic -- Slice of Life, Fantasy
A Map of the World (1999) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 2h 5min | Drama | 21 January 2000 (USA) -- A woman's life falls apart after she's blamed for an accident on her property. Director: Scott Elliott Writers: Jane Hamilton (novel), Peter Hedges (screenplay) | 1 more credit
Brigadoon (1954) ::: 6.8/10 -- Passed | 1h 48min | Fantasy, Musical, Romance | 8 September 1954 (USA) -- Two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland become lost. They encounter a small village, not on the map, called Brigadoon, in which people harbor a mysterious secret, and behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past. Director: Vincente Minnelli Writers:
Faust (1994) ::: 7.4/10 -- 1h 37min | Animation, Comedy, Drama | 7 April 1995 (USA) -- An ordinary man is lured into a strange puppet theatre by a map and finds himself embroiled in a production of the Faustian legend. Director: Jan Svankmajer Writers: Christian Dietrich Grabbe (novel), Christopher Marlowe (play) | 2 more
Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002) ::: 7.7/10 -- R | 1h 56min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | 10 September 2003 -- Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road Poster Neal Oliver, a very confused young man and an artist, takes a journey of a lifetime on a highway I60 that doesn't exist on any of the maps, going to the places he never even heard of, searching for an answer and his dreamgirl. Director: Bob Gale Writer: Bob Gale
Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (2014) ::: 6.6/10 -- Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (original title) -- Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Poster -- A jaded Japanese woman discovers a hidden copy of Fargo (1996) on VHS, believing it to be a treasure map indicating the location of a large case of money. Director: David Zellner Writers:
Lucky (2017) ::: 7.4/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 28min | Comedy, Drama | 29 September 2017 (USA) -- Lucky follows the spiritual journey of a 90-year-old atheist and the quirky characters that inhabit his off the map desert town. Director: John Carroll Lynch Writers: Logan Sparks (screenplay), Drago Sumonja (screenplay)
Mackenna's Gold (1969) ::: 6.8/10 -- M | 2h 8min | Action, Adventure, Romance | 10 May 1969 (USA) -- A bandit kidnaps a Marshal who has seen a map showing a gold vein on Indian lands, but other groups are looking for it too, while the Apache try to keep the secret location undisturbed. Director: J. Lee Thompson Writers:
Map of the Human Heart (1992) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 1h 49min | Adventure, Drama, Romance | 14 May 1993 (USA) -- Arctic, 1965: Avik tells his story starting 1931. A mapmaker flies Avik, then a preteen Eskimo boy with TB, to a hospital in Montreal, where he meets Albertine. They meet again when Avik joins WWII in UK. Director: Vincent Ward Writers:
Off the Map (2003) ::: 7.2/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 45min | Drama | 4 April 2007 (Australia) -- An eleven-year-old girl watches her father come down with a crippling depression. Over one summer, she learns answers to several mysteries, and comes to terms with love and loss. Director: Campbell Scott Writers:
Off the Map ::: TV-14 | 42min | Action, Adventure, Drama | TV Series (2011) -- 1 -- A trio of doctors seek a new start. Creator: Jenna Bans
Outer Banks ::: TV-MA | 50min | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2020 ) -- A group of teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks stumble upon a treasure map that unearths a long buried secret. Creators: Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) ::: 7.1/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 49min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 25 May 2007 (USA) -- Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, find Jack Sparrow, and make their final alliances for one last decisive battle. Director: Gore Verbinski Writers:
The Good the Bad the Weird (2008) ::: 7.3/10 -- Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (original title) -- The Good the Bad the Weird Poster -- The story of two outlaws and a bounty hunter in 1940s Manchuria and their rivalry to possess a treasure map while being pursued by the Japanese army and Chinese bandits. Director: Jee-woon Kim (as Kim Jee-woon) Writers:
The Goonies (1985) ::: 7.8/10 -- PG | 1h 54min | Adventure, Comedy, Family | 7 June 1985 (USA) -- A group of young misfits called The Goonies discover an ancient map and set out on an adventure to find a legendary pirate's long-lost treasure. Director: Richard Donner Writers:
The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021) ::: 6.8/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 38min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | 12 February 2021 (USA) -- Two teens who live the same day repeatedly, enabling them to create the titular map. Director: Ian Samuels Writers: Lev Grossman (based on the short story by), Lev Grossman (screenplay
The Road to El Dorado (2000) ::: 6.9/10 -- PG | 1h 29min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | 31 March 2000 (USA) -- Two swindlers get their hands on a map to the fabled city of gold, El Dorado. Directors: Bibo Bergeron (as Eric 'Bibo' Bergeron), Don Paul | 1 more credit Writers: Terry Rossio (screenplay), Ted Elliott (screenplay) | 2 more credits
The Road to El Dorado (2000) ::: 6.9/10 -- PG | 1h 29min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | 31 March 2000 (USA) -- Two swindlers get their hands on a map to the fabled city of gold, El Dorado. Directors: Bibo Bergeron (as Eric 'Bibo' Bergeron), Don Paul | 1 more credit Writers: Terry Rossio (screenplay), Ted Elliott (screenplay) | 2 more credits
Truth (2015) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 2h 5min | Biography, Drama, History | 30 October 2015 (USA) -- Newsroom drama detailing the 2004 CBS 60 Minutes report investigating then-President George W. Bush's military service, and the subsequent firestorm of criticism that cost anchor Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes their careers. Director: James Vanderbilt Writers:,_Stripes_and_Maple_Syrup_Tour's_Maple_Leafs'sakat_(AL1)/map;_World_War_3_Map_Game's_Map_Game)!_(Map_Game)!_(Map_Game),_No_Nukes_(Map_Game)'s_Lamentable_Loss_(Map_Game),_Sir!_(Map_Game),_Sir!_Revised_(Map_Game)!:_Europe_(Map_Game)!_(Map_Game)"Strategy"_(Map_Game)!_(Map_Game)!_(Map_Game)!_(Map_Game)'s+Armband's_Gate_City_Interactive_Map,_the_Magmapede,+Florida