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07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries
1.099 - The Entry of the Eternal into the Individual
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entry ::: 1. The act or an instance of entering. 2.* Something that provides access to get in or get out. Also fig. *3. Permission or right to enter; access. entry’s, entries. :::

entry ::: n. --> The act of entering or passing into or upon; entrance; ingress; hence, beginnings or first attempts; as, the entry of a person into a house or city; the entry of a river into the sea; the entry of air into the blood; an entry upon an undertaking.
The act of making or entering a record; a setting down in writing the particulars, as of a transaction; as, an entry of a sale; also, that which is entered; an item.
That by which entrance is made; a passage leading into a

entryng ::: n. --> Am entrance.

Entry Sequenced Data Set
(ESDS) An {IBM} straight sequential flat file (like
{QSAM}) but externally managed via {IDCAMS}. ESDS is used in

entry ::: n. --> The act of entering or passing into or upon; entrance; ingress; hence, beginnings or first attempts; as, the entry of a person into a house or city; the entry of a river into the sea; the entry of air into the blood; an entry upon an undertaking.
The act of making or entering a record; a setting down in writing the particulars, as of a transaction; as, an entry of a sale; also, that which is entered; an item.
That by which entrance is made; a passage leading into a

entryng ::: n. --> Am entrance.

Entry title, Puerto del Cielo, X86-H 42Q. An edition

Entry Sequenced Data Set ::: (database) (ESDS) An IBM straight sequential flat file (like QSAM) but externally managed via IDCAMS. ESDS is used in VSAM. (1999-01-11)

Entry - Part of a transaction recorded in a journal or posted to a ledger.

Entry barrier - Any natural barrier to the entry of new firms into an industry, such as a large minimum efficient scale for firms, or any firm created barrier, such as a patent.

entry ::: 1. The act or an instance of entering. 2.* Something that provides access to get in or get out. Also fig. *3. Permission or right to enter; access. entry’s, entries. :::

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   30 Sri Aurobindo
   1 Shadowgate
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   1 Nolini Kanta Gupta
   1 Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger
   1 Kabir
   1 Joseph Campbell
   1 Elizabeth Clare Prophet


   21 Amy Gentry
   10 Anonymous
   7 Kate Brian
   6 Donald Trump
   5 Colleen Hoover
   4 William Gibson
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   2 Dean Koontz
   2 Daron Acemo lu
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   2 Ashlee Vance
   2 Antoine de Saint Exup ry
   2 Anthony Doerr

1:Wherever you are is the entry point ~ Kabir,
2:Here was a quiet country of fixed mind ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
3:Dreams that are hints of unborn Reality, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
4:Man, human, follows in God’s human steps. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
5:Each soul is the great Father’s crucified Son, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
6:An entry into the gnostic consciousness would be an entry into the Infinite. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine 2.28 - The Divine Life,
7:The Serpent of the threshold hissing rose,A fatal guardian hood with monstrous coils, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
8:In Supermind is the integrating Light, the consummating Force, the wide entry into the supreme Ananda. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine 1.23 - The Double Soul in Man,
9:The circumstances that provoke our first entry into the path are not the real index of the thing that is at work in us. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga Faith and Shakti,
10:The meeting of man and God must always mean a penetration and entry of the divine into the human and a self-immergence of man in the Divinity. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays In Philosophy And Yoga ,
11:Nabhi-Padma (Navel-lotus)Out of the dreadful press she dragged her willAnd fixed her thought upon the saviour Name. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
12:Mind’s voices mimicked inspiration’s stress,Its ictus of infallibility,Its speed and lightning heaven-leap of the Gods. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
13:The sacred Book lay on its sanctified deskWrapped in interpretation’s silken strings:A credo sealed up its spiritual sense. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
14:Who help men’s drab and heavy ignorant livesTo wake to beauty and the wonder of thingsTouching them with glory and divinity. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
15:For body without mind has not the light,The rapture of spirit sense, the joy of life;All then becomes subconscient, tenebrous. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
16:There in the silence few have ever reached,Thou shalt see the Fire burning on the bare stoneAnd the deep cavern of thy secret soul. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
17:Here in Life’s nether realms all contraries meet;Truth stares and does her works with bandaged eyesAnd Ignorance is Wisdom’s patron here: ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
18:They enter the valley of the wandering GleamWhence, captives or victims of the specious Ray,Souls trapped in that region never can escape. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
19:A schoolman mind had captured life’s large space,But chose to live in bare and paltry roomsParked off from the too vast dangerous universe. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
20:Only if God assumes the human mindAnd puts on mortal ignorance for his cloakAnd makes himself the Dwarf with triple stride,Can he help man to grow into the God. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
21:Only if God assumes the human mindAnd puts on mortal ignorance for his cloakAnd makes himself the Dwarf with triple stride,Can he help man to grow into the God. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
22:Poured its maze of tangled charmAnd heady draught of Nature’s primitive joyAnd the fire and mystery of forbidden delightDrunk from the world-libido’s bottomless well. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
23:Mind’s quick-paced thoughts floated from their high necks,A glowing splendour as of an irised mane,A parure of pure intuition’s light;Its flame-foot gallop they could imitate: ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
24:A human thing on earth,A lump of Matter, a house of closed sight,A mind compelled to think out ignorance,A life-force pressed into a camp of worksAnd the material world her limiting field. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
25:At the dim portal of the inner lifeThat bars out from our depths the body’s mindAnd all that lives but by the body’s breath,She knocked and pressed against the ebony gate.The living portal groaned with sullen hinge: ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
26:A schoolman mind had captured life’s large space,But chose to live in bare and paltry roomsParked off from the too vast dangerous universe,Fearing to lose its soul in the infinite.Even the Idea’s ample sweep was cutInto a system, chained to ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.03 - The Entry into the Inner Countries,
27:The chief mystical text of Kabbalah, the Zohar, says that Malkhut is "the way to that great and powerful tree... 'If one does not enter through this gate, one cannot gain entry to the worlds,' the worlds of the sefirot. As we climb the Tree of Life-from the bottom to the top-we begin with Malkhut, the Mother. ~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Kabbalah: Key To Your Inner Power ,
28:The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard Lakmir as he gestured wildly and chanted in an archaic tongue. Now you find yourself staring at an entryway which lies at the edge of a forest. The Druid's words still ring in your ears: "Within the walls of the Castle Shadowgate lies your quest. If the prophecies hold true, the dreaded Warlock Lord will use his dark magic to raise the Behemoth, the deadliest of the Titans, from the depths of the earth. You are the seed of prophecy, the last of the line of kings, and only you can stop the Warlock Lord from darkening our world FOREVER. Fare thee well. ~ Shadowgate,
29:The full recognition of this inner Guide, Master of the Yoga, lord, light, enjoyer and goal of all sacrifice and effort, is of the utmost importance in the path of integral perfection. It is immaterial whether he is first seen as an impersonal Wisdom, Love and Power behind all things, as an Absolute manifesting in the relative and attracting it, as one's highest Self and the highest Self of all, as a Divine Person within us and in the world, in one of his-or her-numerous forms and names or as the ideal which the mind conceives. In the end we perceive that he is all and more than all these things together. The mind's door of entry to the conception of him must necessarily vary according to the past evolution and the present nature. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga 1.01 - The Four Aids,
30:I looked at the jail that secluded me from men and it was no longer by its high walls that I was imprisoned; no, it was Vasudeva who surrounded me. I walked under the branches of the tree in front of my cell but it was not the tree, I knew it was Vasudeva, it was Sri Krishna whom I saw standing there and holding over me his shade. I looked at the bars of my cell, the very grating that did duty for a door and again I saw Vasudeva. It was Narayana who was guarding and standing sentry over me. Or I lay on the coarse blankets that were given me for a couch and felt the arms of Sri Krishna around me, the arms of my Friend and Lover. This was the first use of the deeper vision He gave me. I looked at the prisoners in the jail, the thieves, the murderers, the swindlers, and as I looked at them I saw Vasudeva, it was Narayana whom I found in these darkened souls and misused bodies. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Karmayogin ,
31:A silence, an entry into a wide or even immense or infinite emptiness is part of the inner spiritual experience; of this silence and void the physical mind has a certain fear, the small superficially active thinking or vital mind a shrinking from it or dislike, - for it confuses the silence with mental and vital incapacity and the void with cessation or non-existence: but this silence is the silence of the spirit which is the condition of a greater knowledge, power and bliss, and this emptiness is the emptying of the cup of our natural being, a liberation of it from its turbid contents so that it may be filled with the wine of God; it is the passage not into non-existence but to a greater existence. Even when the being turns towards cessation, it is a cessation not in non-existence but into some vast ineffable of spiritual being or the plunge into the incommunicable superconscience of the Absolute. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine 2.28 - The Divine Life,
32:To enlarge the sense-faculties without the knowledge that would give the old sense-values their right interpretation from the new standpoint might lead to serious disorders and incapacities, might unfit for practical life and for the orderly and disciplined use of the reason. Equally, an enlargement of our mental consciousness out of the experience of the egoistic dualities into an unregulated unity with some form of total consciousness might easily bring about a confusion and incapacity for the active life of humanity in the established order of the world's relativities. This, no doubt, is the root of the injunction imposed in the Gita on the man who has the knowledge not to disturb the life-basis and thought-basis of the ignorant; for, impelled by his example but unable to comprehend the principle of his action, they would lose their own system of values without arriving at a higher foundation. Such a disorder and incapacity may be accepted personally and are accepted by many great souls as a temporary passage or as the price to be paid for the entry into a wider existence. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine ,
33:5. Belly of the Whale:The idea that the passage of the magical threshold is a transit into a sphere of rebirth is symbolized in the worldwide womb image of the belly of the whale. The hero, instead of conquering or conciliating the power of the threshold, is swallowed into the unknown and would appear to have died. This popular motif gives emphasis to the lesson that the passage of the threshold is a form of self-annihilation. Instead of passing outward, beyond the confines of the visible world, the hero goes inward, to be born again. The disappearance corresponds to the passing of a worshipper into a temple-where he is to be quickened by the recollection of who and what he is, namely dust and ashes unless immortal. The temple interior, the belly of the whale, and the heavenly land beyond, above, and below the confines of the world, are one and the same. That is why the approaches and entrances to temples are flanked and defended by colossal gargoyles: dragons, lions, devil-slayers with drawn swords, resentful dwarfs, winged bulls. The devotee at the moment of entry into a temple undergoes a metamorphosis. Once inside he may be said to have died to time and returned to the World Womb, the World Navel, the Earthly Paradise. Allegorically, then, the passage into a temple and the hero-dive through the jaws of the whale are identical adventures, both denoting in picture language, the life-centering, life-renewing act. ~ Joseph Campbell,
34:I have spoken of Sri Aurobindo's life as a series of radical turns that changed the movement, the mode of life, almost radically every time the turn came. The turn meant a break with the past and a moving into the future. We have a word for this phenomenon of radical and unforeseen change. You know the word, it is intervention. Intervention means, as the Mother has explained to us more than once, the entry of a higher, a greater force from another world into the already existent world. Into the familiar established mode of existence that runs on the routine of some definite rules and regulations, the Law of the present, there drops all on a sudden another mode of being and consciousness and force, a Higher Law which obliterates or changes out of recognition the familiar mode of living; it is thus that one rises from level to level, moves out into wider ranges of being, otherwise one stands still, remains for ever what he is, stagnant, like an unchanging clod or at the most a repetitive animal. The higher the destiny, the higher also the source of intervention, that is to say, more radical - more destructive yet more creative - destructive of the past, creative of the future. I have spoken of the passing away of Sri Aurobindo as a phenomenon of intervention, a great decisive event in view of the work to be done. Even so we may say that his birth too was an act of intervention, a deliberate divine intervention. The world needed it, the time was ripe and the intervention happened and that was his birth as an embodied human being - to which we offer our salutation and obeisance today. ~ Nolini Kanta Gupta,
35:64 Arts 1. Geet vidya: art of singing. 2. Vadya vidya: art of playing on musical instruments. 3. Nritya vidya: art of dancing. 4. Natya vidya: art of theatricals. 5. Alekhya vidya: art of painting. 6. Viseshakacchedya vidya: art of painting the face and body with color 7. Tandula­kusuma­bali­vikara: art of preparing offerings from rice and flowers. 8. Pushpastarana: art of making a covering of flowers for a bed. 9. Dasana­vasananga­raga: art of applying preparations for cleansing the teeth, cloths and painting the body. 10. Mani­bhumika­karma: art of making the groundwork of jewels. 11. Aayya­racana: art of covering the bed. 12. Udaka­vadya: art of playing on music in water. 13. Udaka­ghata: art of splashing with water. 14. Citra­yoga: art of practically applying an admixture of colors. 15. Malya­grathana­vikalpa: art of designing a preparation of wreaths. 16. Sekharapida­yojana: art of practically setting the coronet on the head. 17. Nepathya­yoga: art of practically dressing in the tiring room. 18. Karnapatra­bhanga: art of decorating the tragus of the ear. 19. Sugandha­yukti: art of practical application of aromatics. 20. Bhushana­yojana: art of applying or setting ornaments. 21. Aindra­jala: art of juggling. 22. Kaucumara: a kind of art. 23. Hasta­laghava: art of sleight of hand. 24. Citra­sakapupa­bhakshya­vikara­kriya: art of preparing varieties of delicious food. 25. Panaka­rasa­ragasava­yojana: art of practically preparing palatable drinks and tinging draughts with red color. 26. Suci­vaya­karma: art of needleworks and weaving. 27. Sutra­krida: art of playing with thread. 28. Vina­damuraka­vadya: art of playing on lute and small drum. 29. Prahelika: art of making and solving riddles. 30. Durvacaka­yoga: art of practicing language difficult to be answered by others. 31. Pustaka­vacana: art of reciting books. 32. Natikakhyayika­darsana: art of enacting short plays and anecdotes. 33. Kavya­samasya­purana: art of solving enigmatic verses. 34. Pattika­vetra­bana­vikalpa: art of designing preparation of shield, cane and arrows. 35. Tarku­karma: art of spinning by spindle. 36. Takshana: art of carpentry. 37. Vastu­vidya: art of engineering. 38. Raupya­ratna­pariksha: art of testing silver and jewels. 39. Dhatu­vada: art of metallurgy. 40. Mani­raga jnana: art of tinging jewels. 41. Akara jnana: art of mineralogy. 42. Vrikshayur­veda­yoga: art of practicing medicine or medical treatment, by herbs. 43. Mesha­kukkuta­lavaka­yuddha­vidhi: art of knowing the mode of fighting of lambs, cocks and birds. 44. Suka­sarika­pralapana: art of maintaining or knowing conversation between male and female cockatoos. 45. Utsadana: art of healing or cleaning a person with perfumes. 46. Kesa­marjana­kausala: art of combing hair. 47. Akshara­mushtika­kathana: art of talking with fingers. 48. Dharana­matrika: art of the use of amulets. 49. Desa­bhasha­jnana: art of knowing provincial dialects. 50. Nirmiti­jnana: art of knowing prediction by heavenly voice. 51. Yantra­matrika: art of mechanics. 52. Mlecchita­kutarka­vikalpa: art of fabricating barbarous or foreign sophistry. 53. Samvacya: art of conversation. 54. Manasi kavya­kriya: art of composing verse 55. Kriya­vikalpa: art of designing a literary work or a medical remedy. 56. Chalitaka­yoga: art of practicing as a builder of shrines called after him. 57. Abhidhana­kosha­cchando­jnana: art of the use of lexicography and meters. 58. Vastra­gopana: art of concealment of cloths. 59. Dyuta­visesha: art of knowing specific gambling. 60. Akarsha­krida: art of playing with dice or magnet. 61. Balaka­kridanaka: art of using children's toys. 62. Vainayiki vidya: art of enforcing discipline. 63. Vaijayiki vidya: art of gaining victory. 64. Vaitaliki vidya: art of awakening master with music at dawn. ~ Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger, Sexual Secrets ,
36:Coded LanguageWhereas, breakbeats have been the missing link connecting the diasporic community to its drum woven pastWhereas the quantised drum has allowed the whirling mathematicians to calculate the ever changing distance between rock and stardom.Whereas the velocity of the spinning vinyl, cross-faded, spun backwards, and re-released at the same given moment of recorded history, yet at a different moment in time's continuum has allowed history to catch up with the present.We do hereby declare reality unkempt by the changing standards of dialogue.Statements, such as, "keep it real", especially when punctuating or anticipating modes of ultra-violence inflicted psychologically or physically or depicting an unchanging rule of events will hence forth be seen as retro-active and not representative of the individually determined is.Furthermore, as determined by the collective consciousness of this state of being and the lessened distance between thought patterns and their secular manifestations, the role of men as listening receptacles is to be increased by a number no less than 70 percent of the current enlisted as vocal aggressors.Motherfuckers better realize, now is the time to self-actualizeWe have found evidence that hip hops standard 85 rpm when increased by a number as least half the rate of it's standard or decreased at ¾ of it's speed may be a determining factor in heightening consciousness.Studies show that when a given norm is changed in the face of the unchanging, the remaining contradictions will parallel the truth.Equate rhyme with reason, Sun with seasonOur cyclical relationship to phenomenon has encouraged scholars to erase the centers of periods, thus symbolizing the non-linear character of cause and effectReject mediocrity!Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which as been given for you to understand.The current standard is the equivalent of an adolescent restricted to the diet of an infant.The rapidly changing body would acquire dysfunctional and deformative symptoms and could not properly mature on a diet of apple sauce and crushed pearsLight years are interchangeable with years of living in darkness.The role of darkness is not to be seen as, or equated with, Ignorance, but with the unknown, and the mysteries of the unseen.Thus, in the name of:ROBESON, GOD'S SON, HURSTON, AHKENATON, HATHSHEPUT, BLACKFOOT, HELEN,LENNON, KHALO, KALI, THE THREE MARIAS, TARA, LILITHE, LOURDE, WHITMAN,BALDWIN, GINSBERG, KAUFMAN, LUMUMBA, Gandhi, GIBRAN, SHABAZZ, SIDDHARTHA,MEDUSA, GUEVARA, GUARDSIEFF, RAND, WRIGHT, BANNEKER, TUBMAN, HAMER, HOLIDAY,DAVIS, COLTRANE, MORRISON, JOPLIN, DUBOIS, CLARKE, SHAKESPEARE, RACHMNINOV,ELLINGTON, CARTER, GAYE, HATHOWAY, HENDRIX, KUTL, DICKERSON, RIPPERTON,MARY, ISIS, THERESA, PLATH, RUMI, FELLINI, MICHAUX, NOSTRADAMUS, NEFERTITI,LA ROCK, SHIVA, GANESHA, YEMAJA, OSHUN, OBATALA, OGUN, KENNEDY, KING, FOURLITTLE GIRLS, HIROSHIMA, NAGASAKI, KELLER, BIKO, PERONE, MARLEY, COSBY,SHAKUR, THOSE STILL AFLAMED, AND THE COUNTLESS UNNAMEDWe claim the present as the pre-sent, as the hereafter.We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the sun.We are not afraid of the darkness, we trust that the moon shall guide us.We are determining the future at this very moment.We now know that the heart is the philosophers' stoneOur music is our alchemyWe stand as the manifested equivalent of 3 buckets of water and a hand full of minerals, thus realizing that those very buckets turned upside down supply the percussion factor of forever.If you must count to keep the beat then count.Find you mantra and awaken your subconscious.Curve you circles counterclockwiseUse your cipher to decipher, Coded Language, man made laws.Climb waterfalls and trees, commune with nature, snakes and bees.Let your children name themselves and claim themselves as the new day for today we are determined to be the channelers of these changing frequencies into songs, paintings, writings, dance, drama, photography, carpentry, crafts, love, and love.We enlist every instrument: Acoustic, electronic.Every so-called race, gender, and sexual preference.Every per-son as beings of sound to acknowledge their responsibility to uplift the consciousness of the entire fucking World.Any utterance will be un-aimed, will be disclaimed - two rappers slainAny utterance will be un-aimed, will be disclaimed - two rappers slain ~ Saul Williams,
37:[an Integral conception of the Divine ::: But on that which as yet we know not how shall we concentrate? And yet we cannot know the Divine unless we have achieved this concentration of our being upon him. A concentration which culminates in a living realisation and the constant sense of the presence of the One in ourselves and in all of which we are aware, is what we mean in Yoga by knowledge and the effort after knowledge. It is not enough to devote ourselves by the reading of Scriptures or by the stress of philosophical reasoning to an intellectual understanding of the Divine; for at the end of our long mental labour we might know all that has been said of the Eternal, possess all that can be thought about the Infinite and yet we might not know him at all. This intellectual preparation can indeed be the first stage in a powerful Yoga, but it is not indispensable : it is not a step which all need or can be called upon to take. Yoga would be impossible, except for a very few, if the intellectual figure of knowledge arrived at by the speculative or meditative Reason were its indispensable condition or a binding preliminary. All that the Light from above asks of us that it may begin its work is a call from the soul and a sufficient point of support in the mind. This support can be reached through an insistent idea of the Divine in the thought, a corresponding will in the dynamic parts, an aspiration, a faith, a need in the heart. Any one of these may lead or predominate, if all cannot move in unison or in an equal rhythm. The idea may be and must in the beginning be inadequate; the aspiration may be narrow and imperfect, the faith poorly illumined or even, as not surely founded on the rock of knowledge, fluctuating, uncertain, easily diminished; often even it may be extinguished and need to be lit again with difficulty like a torch in a windy pass. But if once there is a resolute self-consecration from deep within, if there is an awakening to the soul's call, these inadequate things can be a sufficient instrument for the divine purpose. Therefore the wise have always been unwilling to limit man's avenues towards God; they would not shut against his entry even the narrowest portal, the lowest and darkest postern, the humblest wicket-gate. Any name, any form, any symbol, any offering has been held to be sufficient if there is the consecration along with it; for the Divine knows himself in the heart of the seeker and accepts the sacrifice. But still the greater and wider the moving idea-force behind the consecration, the better for the seeker; his attainment is likely to be fuller and more ample. If we are to attempt an integral Yoga, it will be as well to start with an idea of the Divine that is itself integral. There should be an aspiration in the heart wide enough for a realisation without any narrow limits. Not only should we avoid a sectarian religious outlook, but also all onesided philosophical conceptions which try to shut up the Ineffable in a restricting mental formula. The dynamic conception or impelling sense with which our Yoga can best set out would be naturally the idea, the sense of a conscious all-embracing but all-exceeding Infinite. Our uplook must be to a free, all-powerful, perfect and blissful One and Oneness in which all beings move and live and through which all can meet and become one. This Eternal will be at once personal and impersonal in his self-revelation and touch upon the soul. He is personal because he is the conscious Divine, the infinite Person who casts some broken reflection of himself in the myriad divine and undivine personalities of the universe. He is impersonal because he appears to us as an infinite Existence, Consciousness and Ananda and because he is the fount, base and constituent of all existences and all energies, -the very material of our being and mind and life and body, our spirit and our matter. The thought, concentrating on him, must not merely understand in an intellectual form that he exists, or conceive of him as an abstraction, a logical necessity; it must become a seeing thought able to meet him here as the Inhabitant in all, realise him in ourselves, watch and take hold on the movement of his forces. He is the one Existence: he is the original and universal Delight that constitutes all things and exceeds them: he is the one infinite Consciousness that composes all consciousnesses and informs all their movements; he is the one illimitable Being who sustains all action and experience; his will guides the evolution of things towards their yet unrealised but inevitable aim and plenitude. To him the heart can consecrate itself, approach him as the supreme Beloved, beat and move in him as in a universal sweetness of Love and a living sea of Delight. For his is the secret Joy that supports the soul in all its experiences and maintains even the errant ego in its ordeals and struggles till all sorrow and suffering shall cease. His is the Love and the Bliss of the infinite divine Lover who is drawing all things by their own path towards his happy oneness. On him the Will can unalterably fix as the invisible Power that guides and fulfils it and as the source of its strength. In the impersonality this actuating Power is a self-illumined Force that contains all results and calmly works until it accomplishes, in the personality an all wise and omnipotent Master of the Yoga whom nothing can prevent from leading it to its goal. This is the faith with which the seeker has to begin his seeking and endeavour; for in all his effort here, but most of all in his effort towards the Unseen, mental man must perforce proceed by faith. When the realisation comes, the faith divinely fulfilled and completed will be transformed into an eternal flame of knowledge. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga 1.02 - Self-Consecration,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:which is an entry ~ Michael Connelly,
2:stand sentry in prayer ~ Karen Kingsbury,
3:entry fee of two pounds. ~ Lauren St John,
4:Wherever you are is the entry point ~ Kabir,
5:Wherever you are is the entry point. ~ Kabir,
6:Wherever you are, that's the entry point. ~ Kabir,
7:Entry is not equivalent to possession. ~ Stephen Fry,
8:Every exit is an Entry somewhere else. ~ Tom Stoppard,
9:Every exit is an entry somewhere else. ~ Tom Stoppard,
10:It was the brightest entry into darkness. ~ Julianna Baggott,
11:Most English talk is a quadrille in a sentry-box. ~ Henry James,
12:most abducted children are taken by people they know; ~ Amy Gentry,
13:there are laws of inevitability at work in our lives. ~ Amy Gentry,
14:gentry could love one another just as ordinary people ~ Anna Jacobs,
15:The only entry level position on a movie is director. ~ Colin Hanks,
16:An accent in a way can be an entry into a character. ~ Toni Collette,
17:only superficially rebellious, on the level of hair dye. ~ Amy Gentry,
18:BLAIRE: ......Night, Chaos.
GENTRY: Night, Trouble..... ~ T S Joyce,
19:But there are laws of inevitability at work in our lives. ~ Amy Gentry,
20:Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness. ~ Yann Martel,
21:The worst doesn’t unhappen, but just like that, I am home. ~ Amy Gentry,
22:I'll love you forever. Even when I can't. - Owen Gentry ~ Colleen Hoover,
23:through the entryway with the stone staircase. She stopped ~ Laura Howard,
24:Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. ~ Gabriel Garc a M rquez,
25:Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
26:entry from three years ago, gave her tag as WineBitch and ~ John Lescroart,
27:But who will bang on their doors demanding entry? ~ Antoine de Saint Exup ry,
28:every man on the planet ought to take lessons from Cord Gentry. ~ Cora Brent,
29:Nothing but blues. It means nothing but lies. - Owen Gentry ~ Colleen Hoover,
30:Hello, 12.02-year-old!” called Mr. Dunwoody from the entry. ~ Jacqueline West,
31:I enjoyed carpentry, and it was very good to me for 12 years. ~ Harrison Ford,
32:In coding, as in carpentry, you need the right tool for the job. ~ Russ Olsen,
33:można by powiedzieć: ekscentryczne, mają szansę powodzenia – tego ~ Anonymous,
34:You’ll still need to offer something in exchange for vaginal entry. ~ Roosh V,
35:A story has no beginning and no end, only points of entry. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
36:what I’d done was allow my own reentry into the physical world. ~ Gary Ferguson,
37:Go is to Western chess what philosophy is to double-entry accounting. ~ Trevanian,
38:I don't believe in the glory and the dream. I believe in statistics. ~ Amy Gentry,
39:Day One – T-Minus four hours before departure – Talbot Journal Entry 2 ~ Mark Tufo,
40:The minimum wage is mostly an entry-level wage for young people. ~ Mitch McConnell,
41:Chapter 1 A Shrouded World - Whistlers Michael Talbot - Journal Entry 1 ~ Mark Tufo,
42:The entry of a child into any situation changes the whole situation. ~ Iris Murdoch,
43:We upgrade URZ to a Buy; we see an entry opportunity with investors. ~ David Talbot,
44:His list of fears consisted of a single entry: “Everything,” he said. ~ Dave Itzkoff,
45:If there's an honest man in this world, I haven't seen his carpentry. ~ Rodney Gomez,
46:There is no place on you I can’t love, and love grants me entry . . . ~ Eileen Wilks,
47:In California there are more than 4,800 barriers to re-entry, ~ Patrisse Khan Cullors,
48:This is why people need God—because people are awful, even the good ones ~ Amy Gentry,
49:This is why people need God—because people are awful, even the good ones. ~ Amy Gentry,
50:To gain direct access to any concordance entry in the ESV Bible: Press the ~ Anonymous,
51:Basic Carpentry in the afternoon, and Sadomasochism 101 in the evening. ~ Tymber Dalton,
52:Repulsion is the sentry that guards the gate to all that we most desire. ~ Salvador Dal,
53:Repulsion is the sentry that guards the gate to all that we most desire. ~ Salvador Dali,
54:The feeling of leaving: a perfect feeling, better than any safety in the world. ~ Amy Gentry,
55:Churchill War Rooms: £18, daily 9:30-18:00, last entry one hour before closing. ~ Rick Steves,
56:Relevance is not a substitute for the Gospel, but an entry point for it ~ Edward John Carnell,
57:It is much harder to retain your position at the top than to get to the top. ~ Kirsty Coventry,
58:Ruby on Rails is a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. ~ Tim O Reilly,
59:The only barrier to entry you can create is to consistently build a great product. ~ Aaron Levie,
60:Courtesy dictates that we offer fellow wizards the opportunity of denying us entry. ~ J K Rowling,
61:Simplicity isn’t just an attribute of enterprise disruption — it’s the price of entry. ~ Anonymous,
62:The loss of reason seems to me honorable, like the death of a sentry at his post. ~ Leonid Andreyev,
63:The number of places in paradise is limited; only in hell is entry open to all. ~ Dmitry Glukhovsky,
64:An interesting one, this boy who looks like a Shadowhunter and speaks like gentry. ~ Cassandra Clare,
65:As the world becomes more digitalized, there are more entry points for hackers. ~ Michael Demon Calce,
66:There is an important distinction between barriers to entry and barriers to imitation. ~ C K Prahalad,
67:a body on the sand. My journal gets very spotty here, with only a single detailed entry ~ Paul Monette,
68:Becoming a junior usher at a black church was my entry into the wonder of worship. ~ Isaiah Washington,
69:Croatia did not want Europe to be divided as to the start of Croatia's EU entry talks. ~ Stjepan Mesic,
70:Science exacts a substantial entry fee in effort and tedium in exchange for its insights. ~ Carl Sagan,
71:Whenever an expense is recorded prior to its being paid for—such as in the above entry—the ~ Mike Piper,
72:Look, I tried to get a paper route instead, but the newspapers keep burning up on reentry. ~ Steven Gould,
73:For most girls, not being a priority is a pretty good reason to end things. - Owen Gentry ~ Colleen Hoover,
74:I hold the gun & wonder if an entry wound in the night would make a hole wide as morning ~ Ocean Vuong,
75:Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys
Entry Nine

Observation #1: Boys suck. ~ Kate Brian,
76:Readiness is a student’s entry point relative to a particular understanding or skill. ~ Carol Ann Tomlinson,
77:That morning on sentry duty, before Percy showed up, Frank had almost told Hazel his secret. ~ Rick Riordan,
78:There is a divinity awaiting entry into human history at the threshold of our heart's doors. ~ Wendy Wright,
79:Word-carpentry is like any other kind of carpentry: you must join your sentences smoothly. ~ Anatole France,
80:It's up to the national associations and their leagues to limit the entry of foreign players. ~ Sepp Blatter,
81:Does anything really matter? We all end up in the same place. All that's left is our Wikipedia entry. ~ Lorde,
82:Before 1919, Mexicans who entered the United States at the border did not need to apply for entry. ~ Jill Lepore,
83:I retain the opinion that council entry is inconsistent with non-co-operation as I conceive it. ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
84:I saw her more like one of the fat pillars in the entryway. Solid, unyielding. And always there. ~ Ellen J Green,
85:I have always stayed out of politics, I don't believe it would be appropriate to talk about it. ~ Kirsty Coventry,
86:I promise, Marianne Daventry," he began.
"I promise that I do not love you for your money ~ Julianne Donaldson,
87:Under his (Marc Chagall, ed.) sole impulse metaphor made its triumphal entry into modern painting. ~ Andre Breton,
88:But it was I, yes I, who discovered the link between excessive masturbation and entry into politics! ~ Woody Allen,
89:I have rock climbed but not in awhile. Love all sports, reading, cooking, some carpentry, gardening. ~ Scott Cohen,
90:Maybe once you’ve been left by the most important person in your life, you can never be unleft again. ~ Amy Gentry,
91:Reduce barriers to entry; use targeted media and platforms to bring your first users on board. STEP ~ Ryan Holiday,
92:I'm waiting for the time when I fail - because we all fail - and I'm ready, I'll take up carpentry. ~ Ade Edmondson,
93:But it was I - yes I - who discovered the link between excessive masturbation and entry into politics! ~ Woody Allen,
94:the failed states in Latin America needed double-entry bookkeeping more than they needed any ideology, ~ Clive James,
95:Howard then made Seabiscuit’s entry for the Santa Anita Handicap. He left the jockey space blank. ~ Laura Hillenbrand,
96:Kafka's diary entry for August 2, 1914: "Germany has declared war on Russia - Swimming in the afternoon". ~ Anonymous,
97:My father was very much a handy person round the house, and I learnt a lot of carpentry from him. ~ John Henry Carver,
98:One door away from heaven And the key is ours to lose. One door away from heaven But oh, the entry dues. ~ Dean Koontz,
99:Was U.S. entry into World War I such an act of genius that criticizing it is necessarily perverse? ~ Thomas E Woods Jr,
100:It is the "threat of entry", not whether "entry" actually occurs, that holds down profitability. p.26 ~ Michael E Porter,
101:I don't believe in Heaven or anything. But I want to be the kind of person that qualifies for entry anyway. ~ Nick Hornby,
102:Resurrection" does not mean resumption of previous existence but entry into a different kind of existence. ~ Marcus J Borg,
103:I supported myself by delivering the 'Wall Street Journal' and doing odd jobs. I love plumbing and carpentry. ~ David Lynch,
104:MEDITATION is not to get out of society, to escape from society, but to prepare for a reentry into society ~ Thich Nhat Hanh,
105:Fear is the main factor in Arab politics... There is no Arab who is not harmed by Jews' entry into Palestine. ~ Moshe Sharett,
106:I don’t think that kids starting out with computers today get as welcome of an entry to programming as I did. ~ Walter Isaacson,
107:I wonder if anyone will ever know the emptiness of my life. Personal Diary -- Last entry Oh whats the point? ~ Kenneth Williams,
108:He offered a better paraphrase one day when I was complaining about an entry: “Words are stubborn little fuckers. ~ Kory Stamper,
109:Insecurity twists meanings and poisons trust. In a closely beleaguered city every sentry is a potential traitor. ~ Graham Greene,
110:Once more Isambard looked completely terrified. Twice in one night! This was going to be a diary entry for the ages. ~ Lia Habel,
111:The most important function of a bibliographic entry is to help the reader obtain a copy of the cited work. ~ Daniel J Bernstein,
112:...Jesus Christ might simply have returned to his carpentry following the use of modern psychiatric treatments. ~ William Sargant,
113:The coaching profession has a problem that is two-fold: there is a low bar for entry and a high bar for success. ~ Steve Chandler,
114:There was the girl, screaming like an angry bird,
When it finds its nest left empt and little ones gone." - Sentry ~ Sophocles,
115:If you are afraid of someone, you immediately give them an advantage and give them entry to your awareness field. ~ Frederick Lenz,
116:One door away from heaven
And the key is ours to lose.
One door away from heaven
But oh, the entry dues. ~ Dean Koontz,
117:Raising kids isn't carpentry," he said "Forget measuring twice and cutting once, You measure over and over everyday ~ Rachel Simon,
118:As I write this entry, I touch a saber-tooth tiger skull in my office. Without stars there could be no skulls ~ Clifford A Pickover,
119:Coventry are fuck all. They've got a shit team and shit support. Hitler had the right idea when he flattened the place. ~ John King,
120:I was always into film, but theater was my entry point. I always felt like film didn't make sense to me, as a kid. ~ Patrick J Adams,
121:If a book isn’t at least somewhat polarizing, it didn’t say anything of value.

[Blog entry - November 1, 2014] ~ Ilona Andrews,
122:Voice recorder entry #6B (4:51am, Saturday, July 12, 2017) (Mumbling) I can’t. I don’t want to. They’re…my friends. ~ Richard Chizmar,
123:Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys
Entry Four

Observation #1: Boys don’t know when to keep it down. ~ Kate Brian,
124:God too, had sacrificed his Son, Jesus. Always sons, never daughters. Were daughters too important? Or was it the opposite? ~ Amy Gentry,
125:I didn’t draft the entry for “surfboard,” but I have reviewed it more times than I’ve actually seen a surfboard in the wild. ~ Kory Stamper,
126:Rock art sites were symbolic vaginas, and entry into the wall of a rock art site was thus akin to intercourse. ~ James David Lewis Williams,
127:You can tell a lot about a country by observing how much better they treat themselves than foreigners at the point of entry. ~ Michael Lewis,
128:Congress in the immigration law gives the president the power to restrict or suspend the entry of people he may deem appropriate. ~ John Yang,
129:flattening him against the entry’s wall. Me he urged forward with a flick of his tail. I didn’t check my hubby for boo-boos. ~ Hailey Edwards,
130:In the center of the house stood the disco, a rectangular marble space accessed from adjacent rooms through arched entryways. ~ Cinelle Barnes,
131:Dullard: Someone who looks up a thing in the encyclopedia, turns directly to the entry, reads it, and then closes the book. ~ Philip Jos Farmer,
132:I wanted to write about the Korean War, but I had no entry into it that made the kind of sense it needs to make for a novelist. ~ Chang Rae Lee,
133:Dullard: Someone who looks up a thing in the encyclopedia, turns directly to the entry, reads it, and then closes the book. ~ Philip Jose Farmer,
134:She had a point. My vagina was sealed tighter than Fort Knox. A proverbial “do not pass go” zone for all cockbandits begging entry. ~ Max Monroe,
135:I keep trying to find the before. But once something like that happens to you, there is no before anymore. It takes the before away. ~ Amy Gentry,
136:Now Gentry went to the big display unit, the projection table. “There are worlds within worlds,” he said. “Macrocosm, microcosm. ~ William Gibson,
137:But who will watch my lilies, When their blossoms open white? By day the sun shall be sentry, And the moon and the stars by night! ~ Bayard Taylor,
138:Traders focus almost entirely on where to enter a trade. In reality, the entry size is often more important than the entry price ~ Jack D Schwager,
139:Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
140:A captivated heart, a bridled tongue, a limited curiosity, and a slow reentry after prayer are necessary disciplines of simplicity. ~ Gary L Thomas,
141:Today, the most common use of SWAT teams is to serve narcotics warrants, usually with forced, unannounced entry into the home. ~ Michelle Alexander,
142:As for the repelling equipment she had used to gain entry, it disappeared in a flash once she pressed the detonator’s trigger. ~ Philippa Ballantine,
143:I spend a lot of time doing carpentry. Sometimes there is nothing that gives me the contentment that sawing a piece of wood does. ~ Abbas Kiarostami,
144:Tom starts the engine, puts on his blinker, and forces the car out into the Houston traffic. He’s a wonderfully aggressive driver. When ~ Amy Gentry,
145:Hell must be a pretty swell spot, because theguys that invented religion have sure beentrying hard to keep everybody else out.— Al Capone ~ Anonymous,
146:I like to eat one half at a time, in case I want to take the rest home,” he said. “And I find triangles aesthetically pleasing.” “That’s ~ Amy Gentry,
147:My gaze darted to the entry of the grocery store, trying to determine the distance if I had to make a run for it. I wasn’t much of a runner. ~ J Lynn,
148:At the lower end of the social scale, as well as among the gentry, enterprise and social mobility were part of the pattern in England. ~ Thomas Sowell,
149:I’d known what the Gentry brothers were.  A set of fraternal triplets born to a depraved family, they were rough, sexy and wild as wolves. ~ Cora Brent,
150:The click [of a light switch] is the modern triumphal clarion proceeding us through life, announcing our entry into every lightless room. ~ Ben Katchor,
151:Leigh [Bowery] would make up stories about people committing suicide or going on hunger strikes because they were refused entry at the door. ~ Boy George,
152:There must be an open space in the paintings - an entry space for the viewer, or even for me. Just white space where you can get into it. ~ Norbert Bisky,
153:A shaman’s activities as a sorcerer, or his own conscious act of entry into the supernatural world, were a kind of “killing”. ~ James David Lewis Williams,
154:Digital disruption accelerates competing ideas even as it facilitates the entry of a previously impossible number and magnitude of ideas. ~ James McQuivey,
155:In athletics, older runners tend to go for longer races, but it's the opposite in swimming because your body can't handle the endurance. ~ Kirsty Coventry,
156:Prayer is the only entryway into genuine self-knowledge. It is also the main way we experience deep change—the reordering of our loves. ~ Timothy J Keller,
157:And he was always aware of this fall of silence on his entry, the shutting off of life, the unwelcome. But now it was gone too far to alter. ~ D H Lawrence,
158:Forcible sodomy and illegal entry, you put them both down and you get a jury confused. They figure it’s two ways of saying the same thing. ~ Lawrence Block,
159:I don't think I have ever met a lady like you, Miss Marianne Daventry, and I would feel very sorry to forget anything about this evening ~ Julianne Donaldson,
160:Here the work had a beginning and an end, like house painting or carpentry, and if she didn’t want to talk to anyone, she didn’t have to. ~ Jacqueline Sheehan,
161:If one weapon doesn’t work, switch to something else and try to shove it sideways through an orifice far too small to allow for comfortable entry. ~ Anonymous,
162:The meeting of man and God must always mean a penetration and entry of the divine into the human and a self-immergence of man in the Divinity. ~ Sri Aurobindo,
163:The thing about dancing is that no matter how good it feels when you're doing it, it's always extremely awkward when it's over. - Owen Gentry ~ Colleen Hoover,
164:Oddest of all, there is this entry: “Go every Saturday to the hot bath where you will see naked men.”10 We can imagine Leonardo wanting to do ~ Walter Isaacson,
165:Somewhere deep down, I thought Julie was perfect. Now I wonder: Was I so afraid of finding out she wasn’t perfect that I almost killed her?   When ~ Amy Gentry,
166:Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness--how can I not dwell on this brief, cramped view of things? This peephole is all I've got! ~ Yann Martel,
167:Correction of Earlier Entry: 8/01/12We read over the shoulders of giants; books place us in dialogue not just with an author but with other readers. ~ Leah Price,
168:I do not do schtick. What I do are organized routines and connected schtick— schtick upon schtick upon schtick until we have a piece of carpentry ~ Stanley Elkin,
169:If that doesn’t seem dominant enough, consider the fact that the word “google” is now an official entry in the Oxford English Dictionary—as a verb. ~ Peter Thiel,
170:I swore that I wouldn't be one of those parents who leaves a Bugaboo pram parked in the communal entry hall. Well guess what, ours is there right now. ~ Tom Ford,
171:some choices you make with your heart some with your head but when in doubt choose head over heart.... it will keep you alive. -merry gentry ~ Laurell K Hamilton,
172:After the whole universe is directed by Shiva tattva, there is the entry of the director into His own play, as one of many actors in the act. ~ Shailendra Gulhati,
173:But the truth is, it's not the idea, it's never the idea, it's always what you do with it."

(Online journal entry for January 31, 2009) ~ Neil Gaiman,
174:It was the beginning of a Jane Austen novel, if Mr. Darcy was a grieving son/HBO enthusiast from Perth and Elizabeth an entry-level cremationist. ~ Caitlin Doughty,
175:Take it from someone who's read the Wikipedia entry: this is how the Ottoman Empire was won: madden horsemen fueled by lethal jet-black coffee-mud. ~ Cory Doctorow,
176:Alex looks quickly around for signs of trouble," his journal records. "But his entry of Mexico is either unnoticed or ignored. Alexander is jubilant! ~ Jon Krakauer,
177:For anyone but the landed gentry to refer to a room in their house as "the library" might seem affected. But there really was no other word for it. ~ Alison Bechdel,
178:I look around the strange entryway, allowing myself one moment of longing for my grandma and her home, where we lived until her death a month ago. ~ Cindy C Bennett,
179:My passion is interior decorating. My goal for the next years is to get into carpentry, because I really want to learn how to make my own furniture. ~ Anne Hathaway,
180:some choices you make with your heart some with your head but when in doubt choose head over heart.... it will keep you alive.
-merry gentry ~ Laurell K Hamilton,
181:Which to you have?' Mel asked, blocking the entry with his body. 'Talent or issues?' I paused for a moment, thought about this. 'Both,' I said at last. ~ Leila Sales,
182:entry. Even with proof so many times over of how big, strong and fabulous he felt inside, she still gasped with shock when, his hands braced on her hips, ~ Tawny Weber,
183:I learned construction and carpentry from my father at a young age, so I felt very comfortable and I felt very satisfied when I worked in that field. ~ Michael Cudlitz,
184:Trapped in the entryway was an old man, dead, hungry, and beating on the interior door. It was kind of funny that he still clung to his library book. ~ Rhiannon Frater,
185:We prepare to die by pushing ourselves to love less narrowly. In that sense, readying ourselves for death is really an ever-widening entry into life. ~ Ronald Rolheiser,
186:I run through the dark entry corridor toward the light on the other end, wondering if this is a birth canal or the tunnel to Heaven. Am I coming or going? ~ Isaac Marion,
187:Piper had a new entry in her top-ten list of Times Piper Felt Useless.
Fighting Shrimpzilla with a dagger and a pretty voice? Not so effective. ~ Rick Riordan,
188:If you want to prove yourself to God, improve yourself. Words of guidance are so simple, yet so deep - anybody can win, if he be the soul entry. ~ Chinmayananda Saraswati,
189:We rounded the corner to the door of the building, and I came to a dead stop. Lounging on a bench beside the main entry to the Psychology building was Holden. ~ Ivy Layne,
190:Once more a red fire blows steeply upwards...the factory will do no more work for Herr Churchill...tomorrow morning Coventry will lie in smoke and ruins. ~ Joseph Goebbels,
191:Shades of its former grandeur were still evident in the curving staircase, the chipped marble entryway floor, and the wide single-paned skylight overhead ~ Cassandra Clare,
192:Tell you now children—you’re all gonna die. No hand stamp reentry, no refund, no lie. —Found written on a bathroom stall in Disneyland, June 6th, 1988 ~ Seth Grahame Smith,
193:With double-entry accounting, each transaction results in two entries being made. (These two entries collectively make up what is known as a “journal entry.”) ~ Mike Piper,
194:But the perception of life as an organic unity is a slow achievement, and depends for its growth on a people's entry into the main current of world-events. ~ Muhammad Iqbal,
195:Cities have a psychogeographical relief, with constant currents, fixed points and vortexes which strongly discourage entry into or exit from certain zones ~ Ivan Chtcheglov,
196:There are days now where I think, "Oh man, that would've been a great entry," but I'm putting the pen down until I clear my head, or think of another book idea. ~ Andy Cohen,
197:Making love to Aurelia was like rummaging through a card catalog in a deserted library, searching for one very obscure, little-read entry on Hungarian poetry. ~ Marisha Pessl,
198:Abby took the box, and then tugged on my hand until we were in the entryway. It smelled like a combination of cleaner, candles, and kids. It smelled like home. ~ Jamie McGuire,
199:But when she turned at the entryway and looked back at him, he left the table and followed, as if she were a magnet, drawing him away from his better judgement. ~ Hannah Tinti,
200:...I can’t stop squirming. If fidgets were Wikipedia edits, I would have completely revamped the entry on guilt by now, and translated it into five new languages. ~ Robin Sloan,
201:Russia and Ukraine are candidates for the entry to the WTO and their dispute would be easy to understand and tackle if they are both members of this organization. ~ Pascal Lamy,
202:He would say her name over and over until it devolved into meaningless sounds - mah REI kuh, mah REI kuh - it became an entry in a dictionary of loneliness. ~ Audrey Niffenegger,
203:I have a Guinness Book of World Records entry as the most-watched person on television; now I have a new entry as the only man who has a crab named after him. ~ David Hasselhoff,
204:We lack the analogies’ was itself somehow deficient as a diagnosis, linguists burning up during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere after encountering Area X. ~ Jeff VanderMeer,
205:It is vitally important for me, both personally and for my writing, to be able to return to China freely, so being barred entry has caused me deep concern and distress. ~ Ma Jian,
206:He knew Champ was dead, the faithful golden retriever’s body in the garage entry, a blood-sodden and twisted mess that didn’t resemble his closest friend of five years. ~ Joe Hart,
207:The president stopped and turned. "You are a soldier of fortune."
Gentry pushed him forward. "After expenses, I'm really more like a soldier of the middle class. ~ Mark Greaney,
208:If you want to build a flotilla of ships you don’t sit around and talk about carpentry. You set the saws ablaze with visions of exploring distant shores. ~ Antoine de Saint Exup ry,
209:Strange Angels, we will become more and more numb to life. We will remain unchanged. If we allow the Angels entry, we will open the door to change and evolution. ~ Elizabeth Lesser,
210:If you’re a recent college graduate in an entry-level job, for example, you’re much more likely to hear “go change the water cooler” than you are “go change the world. ~ Cal Newport,
211:It's not equality that counts, it's reprocity that counts. Love is not like a balance sheet. There's no such thing as double-entry accounting when it comes to love. ~ Debra Ollivier,
212:Novelists do not write as birds sing, by the push of nature. It is part of the job that there should be much routine and some daily stuff on the level of carpentry. ~ William Golding,
213:The notion of art as the dearly purchased outcome of an immense spiritual risk, one whose cost goes up with the entry and participation of each new player in the game. ~ Susan Sontag,
214:Few women have both taste and truth; and indeed, this special bit or moral mosaic is just the most difficult piece of carpentry in the whole of the human workshop. ~ Eliza Lynn Linton,
215:Its entry on the scene was not generally peaceful. A flood of mistrust, sometimes of hatred, above all of moral indignation, regularly opposed itself to the first innovator. ~ Max Weber,
216:A good column 3 entry also shows how column 2 behaviors productively accomplish some form of self-protection (while simultaneously working against the initial commitment). ~ Robert Kegan,
217:Hitler’s scholastic failure rankled in him in later life, when he heaped ridicule on the academic “gentry,” their degrees and diplomas and their pedagogical airs. Even ~ William L Shirer,
218:I think the brain has a special box where it keeps crappy memories. It stays shut, but everytime a new entry has to be added, it opens and you can look at what is inside. ~ Chetan Bhagat,
219:Rather than spend my life on data entry and typing, I also take photos on my iPhone of business cards, wine labels, menus, or anything I want to have searchable on-the-run. ~ Tim Ferriss,
220:She was even grateful at first for this backdoor entry into the New York art scene, although rather quickly she came to think of it as entering a peacock through its rectum. ~ Tom Robbins,
221:He pressed the entry for the relevant page. The screen flashed and swirled and resolved into a page of print. Arthur stared at it. “It doesn’t have an entry!” he burst out. ~ Douglas Adams,
222:It is not that the gospel is the entry-level truth, which one leaves behind once it has been understood. It is the foundation and the core, so we must continually return to it. ~ Anonymous,
223:Please, I do not wish to be rescued by a gentleman. Could you find a farmer or a shopkeep - anyone not of the gentry - and then do me a great favor of forgetting you saw me? ~ Cindy Anstey,
224:I do not plan my fiction any more than I normally plan woodland walks; I follow the path that seems most promising at any given point, not some itinerary decided before entry. ~ John Fowles,
225:In keeping with the methodical scientist he was, he had been jotting daily notes on his work. But underneath the entry for May 5, he had written two words only: HOLY SHIT! ~ Douglas Preston,
226:Minds are in limited supply, and each mind has a limited capacity for memes, and hence there is considerable competition among memes for entry in as many minds as possible. ~ Daniel Dennett,
227:The truth is, I've always been afraid of letting anyone get too close. I built a wall around me, a barricade to hide behind those few times someone wanted entry to my heart. ~ Ellen Hopkins,
228:Another real problem was over putting our helmets on for re-entry, because we all had severe head colds. They couldn't come up there and make us. Houston, you have a problem! ~ Wally Schirra,
229:For a few years, more people have been leaving our country than entering it. Wherever it is possible, we must lower the entry hurdles for those who bring the country forward. ~ Angela Merkel,
230:[Margaret Thatcher] is a woman who, when she wrote her entry for "Who's Who," didn't include her mother. Now whether that was corrected in subsequent editions, I do not know. ~ Hilary Mantel,
231:There are younger, stronger swimmers coming up and they are hungry. I can't influence what they do, I only know what I can do and I know how greedy I am to defend my title. ~ Kirsty Coventry,
232:Ty didn’t just lower himself, though. He rolled his hips and arched his back, rubbing his ass against the head of Zane’s cock but always missing the entry, making a show of it. ~ Abigail Roux,
233:Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys
Entry Twelve

Observation #1: Guys make absolutely no sense.
I thought he liked me, Trace. I really thought he liked me. ~ Kate Brian,
234:I waited for the train at Coventry; I hung with grooms and porters on the bridge, To watch the three tall spires; and there I shaped The city's ancient legend into this. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson,
235:She could feel him taking in, for the first time, her lack of a coat, her lack of a purse. Now was the moment when he would also surmise, correctly, that he was buying her dinner. ~ Amy Gentry,
236:You get the feeling that many of my guests feel that the French language gives them entry into a more cultivated, more intelligent world, more highly civilised too, with rules. ~ Bernard Pivot,
237:I think it's important to not have some sort of one-size-fits-all program in Washington, which has downsides, like killing entry-level jobs. But pulling people into the workforce... ~ Paul Ryan,
238:My entry into the environmental arena was through the issue that so dramatically - and destructively - demonstrates the link between science and social action: nuclear weapons. ~ Barry Commoner,
239:Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others ... Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth."

(Journal entry, 14 October 1922) ~ Katherine Mansfield,
240:I began to realize how this fire department was a means of reentry, of rediscovering the place I had left a decade before, of recapturing my sense of place one tragedy at a time. ~ Michael Perry,
241:The longer you work in this business [movie], the more you start to be able to see the carpentry. You can see where things are going, and it's harder to surprise you, as a reader ~ David Benioff,
242:This is why I decided to work with Nike, too, because it is even more mass-market than Givenchy and could make entry-price shoes and make people dream to be part of the journey. ~ Riccardo Tisci,
243:Water the fruit trees, and don't water the thorns. Be generous to what nurtures the spirit and God's luminous reason-light. Don't honor what causes dysentry and knotted up tumors. ~ Coleman Barks,
244:It was as though a deed of conveyance of her narrow loins had been drawn and sealed. I was making my first entry as the freeholder of a property I would enjoy and develop at leisure. ~ Evelyn Waugh,
245:Luce,' she says, 'I don't want my diary entry tomorrow to be: Stayed out all night. Went to prison. I have this urge to go home and watch TV with my parents and be completely boring. ~ Cath Crowley,
246:One of the most important things as a writing instructor is to provide a lot of different entry points to subjects. To not impose your own personal experience as the One True Way. ~ Jeff VanderMeer,
247:Some day, on the corporate balance sheet, there will be an entry which reads, "Information"; for in most cases, the information is more valuable than the hardware which processes it. ~ Grace Hopper,
248:Stage One is simply being able to sit down and work, if only for a single hour. Don’t laugh. Ninety-nine out of a hundred can’t do it. This stage is entry-level. It’s kindergarten. ~ Jocelyn K Glei,
249:A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent 'post' (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom. ~ Darren Rowse,
250:When you're shy, a camera becomes an entry into life. It was a kind of shield I could hide my shyness behind, and it allowed me to become an active observer rather than a passive one. ~ Lynn Johnston,
251:Why should injustice, the darkness of justice, exist and not be an imperfect entry in a book unread for centuries? Until it is so forgotten, that no one remembers it was ever there. ~ Constantina Maud,
252:my stomach aches a new. blasted inconvenience. What do young men have to mark their entry into adulthood? Trousers, that's what. Fine, new trousers. I despise absolutely everyone just now. ~ Libba Bray,
253:Nar,” a gravely voice answered. “We was told exactly where the beacons were placed, wasn’t we? This section’s clean. Sentry’s all we have to worry about. If you don’ see him, then move in. ~ J K Rowling,
254:How do you judge a good hammer? By how effective it is. Sure, even in carpentry, opinions of quality differ, but what really matters is what gets the job done.  The same is true for writing. ~ Jeff Goins,
255:When I finished grad school, I sort of fell into journalism. Someone mentioned that there was an entry level job at the Reuters News Agency. I applied, and, to my amazement, I got the job. ~ Wolf Blitzer,
256:but now that I’d had the fact pointed out to me I could recognize that indefinable quality, the faint hint of horses and hounds, that marked a certain segment of the Anglo-Irish gentry. ~ Susanna Kearsley,
257:Are you familiar with the Eastern concept of karma?’ ‘I’ve heard of it, yes. An old sergeant of mine when I was new to the force used to talk about it. “Double Entry Bookkeeping for the Soul”, ~ T E Kinsey,
258: The Kiss
'I saw you take his kiss!' ''Tis true.'
'O, modesty!' ' 'Twas strictly kept:
He thought me asleep; at least I knew
He thought I thought he thought I slept.'
~ Coventry Patmore,
259:I'm a serious aficionada of country music - Reba McEntire, Toby Keith, Montgomery Gentry. I've even written some songs. They haven't done anything of mine yet. But it's only a matter of time. ~ Maya Angelou,
260:Just as, when we touch a live wire, the electric force infuses itself into our body, when we deeply meditate on God the power of the whole universe seeks entry into our personality. ~ Krishnananda Saraswati,
261:One hundred years after the entry of American forces into World War I, the transatlantic bond between the United States and Europe is as strong as ever and maybe, in many ways, even stronger. ~ Donald Trump,
262:The pressure suit helps if something goes wrong during launch or re-entry - astronauts have a way to parachute off the shuttle. The suits protect you from loss of pressure in case of emergency. ~ Sally Ride,
263:Marry Gentry Swallowing Darkness (Laurell K. Hamilton):Pick any fairy tale that’s based on older stories, and the heroine of the piece has a miserable, dangerous, nightmarish time of it. ~ Laurell K Hamilton,
264:A palindrome,” I said the first time she told me. She looked at me, perplexed, and that’s when I knew I could never love her. What a waste of a palindrome she was, that Hannah.
-Owen Gentry ~ Colleen Hoover,
265:Death to a good man is but passing through a dark entry, out of one little dusky room of his Father's house into another that is fair and large, lightsome and glorious, and divinely entertaining. ~ Adam Clarke,
266:The one art subject that we could easily afford is drawing, the skill that is basic to training visual perception and is therefore the entry-level subject—the ABCs—of perceptual skill-building. ~ Betty Edwards,
267:If heads of states fail to seize the opportunity of our entry into the third millennium to provide for a better government of planet Earth, history will not forgive them - if there is a history. ~ Robert Muller,
268:Since the princes take the Earth for their own, it's fair that the philosophers reserve the sky for themselves and rule there, but they should never permit the entry of others. ~ Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle,
269:I'll just have them change the entry in the demonology textbook from 'almost extinct' to 'not extinct enough for Alec. He prefers his monsters really, really extinct.' Will that make you happy? ~ Cassandra Clare,
270:The so-called ancien régime prided itself on its continuity and stability. Entry by entrepreneurs and talented individuals into new occupations would create instability and was not tolerated. If ~ Daron Acemo lu,
271:There can be no doubt that Samuel Marchbanks is one of the choice and master spirits of this age. If there were such a volume as Who Really Ought To Be Who his entry would require several pages. ~ Robertson Davies,
272:You will find your Island here.
But how can it be here in the middle of the city?
-It needs no place. It is everywhere and nowhere. It refuses entry to none who asks. It is an Island of the Soul. ~ C S Lewis,
273:Frame after aluminium frame had replaced the casements. The gesture by which you push a window open was now unnecessary. ... It was as if a part of us that was air and breeze had been denied entry. ~ Amit Chaudhuri,
274:Germany could not gain complete air superiority unless she could knock out our Air Force, and the aircraft industries, some vital portions of which are concentrated at Coventry and Birmingham. ~ Winston S Churchill,
275:He could have anything in there,” Gentry said, pausing to look down at the unconscious face. He spun on his heel and began his pacing again. “A world. Worlds. Any number of personality-constructs … ~ William Gibson,
276:...Instruments of God. We are the hammer, but our Father is the carpenter. Do not thank the hammer for a carpentry job well done.
Snelling, Lauraine. An Untamed Heart (Red River of the North) ~ Lauraine Snelling,
277:For every man, there is a way to happiness in every point of his life! The door to happiness is always open; there is no such a thing to miss the entry! All points are entry points to happiness! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
278:In office buildings and retail premises in which entry is through double doors and one of those doors is locked for no reason, the door must bear a large sign saying: “This Door Is Locked for No Reason. ~ Bill Bryson,
279:Lightstone's Convolution Principle: The concurrent development of multiple features operating on intersecting componentry will take longer to complete than the sum of the schedule estimations for each. ~ Scott Meyers,
280:Mindfulness of impermanence in any of the four foundations is the entry point. Seeing anicca leads you to seeing dukkha and anatta. Seeing these three marks of existence leads you to liberation. ~ Henepola Gunaratana,
281:GENTRY: ......I can load up your groceries for you.”
BLAIRE: Maybe I don’t need the help.
GENTRY: ....Fine, I’ll stand back and stare at your ass while you unload the groceries into your car. Better? ~ T S Joyce,
282:A lot of time, with stories, I'll start out with a title and try to dream myself into the story that it evokes - a kind of subconscious exercise in which I'm trawling for some kind of entryway into fiction. ~ Dan Chaon,
283:I assume as a child Jesus had to learn how to do carpentry, learn Torah, learn all the things a human child had to learn. If He was human in all ways except that He did not sin, this must have been the case. ~ Anne Rice,
284:There are people who are saying that they voted twice for Mr. Obama and they are now feeling a great sense of regret, not only over Guantanamo, etc., but now perhaps the entry into a new war in West Asia. ~ Vijay Prashad,
285:Ah, Galen! Late as always, I see," Steldor said as he took note of his friend's entry into the room.
"I'm never late," Galen returned. "You should know by now that the party doesn't begin until I'm here. ~ Cayla Kluver,
286:We have to tell people how images are made. And, the first step is to abandon the idea we're looking at photographs. We're looking at entry points to information and to the world in which the image was made. ~ Fred Ritchin,
287:We work in a first-draft culture. Type an e-mail. Send. Write a blog entry. Post. Whip up some slides. Speak. But it’s in crafting and recrafting—in iteration and rehearsal—that excellence emerges. ~ Harvard Business Review,
288:Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the muscles seize up. ~ Jane Yolen,
289:Hogarth ranks among those pictorial creators who have discovered the expressive force of the brushstroke as well as of color and its harmonies. He makes his entry into art as a reflection of Hals and Velasquez. ~ Rene Huyghe,
290:executive assistant. “Mrs. Albrecht, how are you today?” “Very well. I just got here and thought maybe I had missed you.” “Nope. I just got here too.” “Come in, please.” The house had a two-story entry area ~ Michael Connelly,
291:The stuff of thought is the seed of the artist. Dreams form the bristles of the artist's brush. As the eye functions as the brain's sentry, I communicate my innermost perceptions through the art, my worldview. ~ Arshile Gorky,
292:Hatred. There was so much of it. Westron hated Eastron; the farmers and townies hated the gentry; the ConFeds hated the Secos; the gentry hated the Temple; and everyone hated the witches—and the Frost Giants. ~ L E Modesitt Jr,
293:President Trump and his administration are right to be concerned about national security, but it's unacceptable when even legal permanent residents are being detained or turned away at airports and ports of entry. ~ Jeff Flake,
294:The ancient nobility and gentry of the kingdom... have been thrust out of all public employment... a race of merchants, and manufacturers and bankers and loan-jobbers and contractors have usurped their place. ~ William Cobbett,
295:In the cave's innermost entryway, a band of four stood tall and thick, shouldered and heavily weaponed.

Members of the Brotherhood.

He knew this quartet by name: Ahgony, Throe, Murhder, Tohrture.
~ J R Ward,
296:Every coercive monopoly was created by government intervention into the economy: by special privileges, such as franchises or subsidies, which closed the entry of competitors into a given field, by legislative action. ~ Ayn Rand,
297:When it comes to rock music, I'm not much of a player, but I do have entry-level chops. I'm more knowledgeable as a listener, and Revival gave me a way to write about rock and roll without being preachy or boring. ~ Stephen King,
298:I now argue that entry into Upper Palaeolithic caves was probably seen as virtually indistinguishable from entry into the mental vortex that leads to the experiences and hallucinations of deep trance. ~ James David Lewis Williams,
299:When I go to American cities and speak to American audiences about Karachi, I am able to draw their own wonder and consternation about the cities they live in as an entry point to this other faraway, instant city. ~ Steve Inskeep,
300:And so it was, if you were blind and had no taste in either gowns or women. Christ, but she looked like one of those marble statues the gentry fussed over. Every other woman would look like gaudy rubbish beside her. ~ Cat Sebastian,
301:One of the most common mistakes for an entry-level job interview is to take the position: 'What is this job going to do for me?' You should be saying 'Here's what I can do and here's what I want to do to help you. ~ Norah O Donnell,
302:I am a mage,” she replied with every ounce of haughtiness three years in a competitive doctoral program had taught her. “We bend the rules of the universe on a daily basis. Presumptuousness is the base line for entry. ~ Rachel Aaron,
303:Now I’ve resigned myself to sitting at the front desk, but I can’t stop squirming. If fidgets were Wikipedia edits, I would have completely revamped the entry on guilt by now, and translated it into five new languages. ~ Robin Sloan,
304:God, being altogether too large an order, did not worry him: he could not conceive of any censure being more terrific than, say, Joey Fetherstonhaugh’s, who kept in the rooms below, or of any Hell as bitter as Coventry. ~ E M Forster,
305:When women can support themselves, have entry to all the trades and professions, with a house of their own over their heads and a bank account, they will own their bodies and be dictators in the social realm. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
306:I was in the Justice Department for three years. I remember my entry briefing by the CIA. I can tell the date of it. I remember my exit interview from the CIA. And I remember that "C" in parentheses meant confidential. ~ Rudy Giuliani,
307:A good journal entry ought be a love letter to the world. Leave home, leave the country, leave the familiar. Only then can routine experience—buying bread, eating vegetables, even saying hello—become new all over again. ~ Anthony Doerr,
308:Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys
Entry Eight

Observation #1: Boys do tell you how they really feel.
I think you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Or maybe be the right person. ~ Kate Brian,
309:from the earliest passages to the diary’s final entry, in which she talks about her “dual personality,” the lighthearted, superficial side that lies in wait to ambush and push away her “better, deeper, and purer” self. ~ Francine Prose,
310:In the labyrinth of a difficult text, we find unmarked forks in the path, detours, blind alleys, loops that deliver us back to our point of entry, and finally the monster who whispers an unintelligible truth in our ears. ~ Mason Cooley,
311:Invisible corners can exist anywhere, large or small, hidden or exposed. You may have them in your refrigerator, in a closet, in the middle of the living room, in your front entryway, at the foot of your bed, anywhere. ~ Rachel Hoffman,
312:I would there were no age between sixteen and three-and-twenty, or that youth would sleep out the rest; for there is nothing in the between but getting wenches with child, wronging the ancientry, stealing, fighting ~ William Shakespeare,
313:I remember when the grief was so potent I would lie on the sofa with the television on drinking vodka gimlets, one after the other, just waiting to pass out, staying as still as possible, teaching myself the art of numbness. ~ Amy Gentry,
314:SATURDAY, MAY 31—11:15 P.M. IN MY BEDROOM Okay, I think this is probably going to be my LONGEST diary entry EVER! First of all, I didn’t have the slightest idea if Brandon was even going to show up at Queasy Cheesy. ~ Rachel Ren e Russell,
315:Tria questioned the morality of even that type of illicit entry. But her need and the enthusiasm of Rehanne and Lina persuaded her to agree to the attempt, despite her strong mistrust of spells. The room door was locked, the ~ E Rose Sabin,
316:As is obvious, the English scientific stars were overwhelmingly from the bourgeois, while more than half of the European stars were from the ‘leisure class’, gentry and the nobility – only 16 per cent were from the bourgeois. ~ Rodney Stark,
317:I paid every effort to seek deregulation throughout FEDEX's start-up and expansion periods, because the biggest impediment to our growth was the government regulations that restricted new entry into the air cargo market. ~ Frederick W Smith,
318:Only one entry supplied an adequate definition, and she circled it with red ink, and referred to it nightly. Life: a constellation of vital phenomena—organization, irritability, movement, growth, reproduction, adaptation. If ~ Anthony Marra,
319:One-man-one-vote combined with "free entry" into government-democracy--implies that every person and his personal property comes within reach of-and is up for grabs by-everyone else: a "tragedy of the commons" is created. ~ Hans Hermann Hoppe,
320:There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness;....and, to know, rather consists in opening out a way where the imprisoned splendor may escape, then in effecting entry for a light supposed to be without. ~ Robert Browning,
321:I anticipate with joy the approaching period when the stigmas of poverty and pride so liberally bestowed on the highlanders by our southern gentry will be as inapplicable to the inhabitants of that country as of any in the island. ~ James Hogg,
322:We must grow out of religion. It is either bugaboo, formalism, or hysteria. Besides, what proof is there that "the churches" know more about "God" than the Cockney sentry on duty outside the camp? We have only their say-so. ~ Richard Aldington,
323:A fast food job, for most people, should be an entry level position. If you see no path for advancement beyond that, it's time to take a real fast look at your human capital and learn a skill that will make you more money. ~ William J Bernstein,
324:In California there are more than 4,800 barriers to re-entry, from jobs, housing and food bans, to school financial aid bans and the list goes on. You can have a two-year sentence but it doesn’t mean you’re not doing life. ~ Patrisse Khan Cullors,
325:One of these days it was going to become too much.  I would break under this torturous dating-but-not-dating limbo, jump on Stone Gentry’s sexy, aloof ass, and start riding like I was galloping toward a Kentucky Derby golden trophy.  ~ Cora Brent,
326:THE MEGACHURCH HAD PARKING for perhaps a thousand cars, and on this Sunday morning, there were probably twelve hundred jammed into the lot. Lucas walked into the entry and saw Smalls standing at a rostrum at the front of the church. ~ John Sandford,
327:There is no 'love of God' for you unless you have repented or unless you do repent. Make no mistake about this. Do not rely or bank on God's love. It is only for the penitent; there is no entry into the kingdom of God except by repentance. ~ Martyn,
328:I am absolutely convinced that there are weapons...I saw evidence back in 1998 when we would see the inspectors being barred from gaining entry into a warehouse for three hours with trucks rolling up and then moving those trucks out. ~ William Cohen,
329:I'm a great supporter of the European Union. I didn't support entry to the Euro, not because I'm against it in principle but because I didn't think it was economically right for Britain. But that doesn't make me any less pro-European. ~ Gordon Brown,
330:Capitalism designates an economic system significantly characterized by the predominance of "capital." Capitalism and double entry bookkeeping are absolutely indissociable; their relationship to each other is that of form to content. ~ Werner Sombart,
331:He remained, weeks after awakening, in that period of early-morning consciousness that allows easy re-entry to dreaming. His limbs still tingled with the residue of sleep, and most days he wanted badly to allow it to overtake him again. ~ Dave Eggers,
332:Money is low bandwidth,” he said, during a speech at Stanford University in 2003, to describe his thinking. “You don’t need some sort of big infrastructure improvement to do things with it. It’s really just an entry in a database.” The ~ Ashlee Vance,
333:On my first day in office, I am going to ask Congress to pass Kate`s Law, named for Kate Steinle to ensure that criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry receive strong mandatory minimum sentences - strong. And then we get them out. ~ Donald Trump,
334:Frictionless entry is the ability of users to quickly and easily join a platform and begin participating in the value creation that the platform facilitates. Frictionless entry is a key factor in enabling a platform to grow rapidly. ~ Geoffrey G Parker,
335:What's to stop the populace from decrying you as a witch and rising against you?"
"I don't know. A couple hundred years of social evolution, combined with a general failure to believe in anything that doesn't have a Wikipedia entry? ~ Seanan McGuire,
336:The Coventry School Committee has been ahead of the curve in addressing the nutrition needs of our students. This committee is an extension of a process begun more than a year ago to ensure the foods we offer had high nutritional value. ~ Michael Reeves,
337:The influential 1911 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica goes to the opposite extreme from the Encyclopédie: social history is buried within biography. So to read about the post-Roman world you must look up the entry on Attila the Hun. ~ Matt Ridley,
338:If you work hard and stay in line, the machines feed you and keep you warm and alive. You learn to ignore the sharp crack of the sentry guns. Force yourself to forget what the sound means. You look for the carrot. Stop seeing the stick. ~ Daniel H Wilson,
339:I have a long-standing interest in what I like to think of as "forbidden knowledge": methods of unarmed killing, lock picking, breaking and entry, spy stuff, and other things that the government wants only a few select individuals to know. ~ Barry Eisler,
340:In the name of the Clave,” he said, “I ask entry to this holy place. In the name of the Battle That Never Ends, I ask the use of your weapons. And in the name of the Angel Raziel, I ask your blessings on my mission against the darkness. ~ Cassandra Clare,
341:Kate was reading through a long diary entry about the first time Katherine
and Matthew had met. Katherine had apparently fallen deeply in lust on the very spot. The entry used the words “delectable,”“buttocks,” and “I want to bite them. ~ Lauren James,
342:Those who have left to seek entry under this new system - and it will be an efficient system - will not be awarded surplus visas, but will have to apply for entry under the immigration caps or limits that will be established in the future. ~ Donald Trump,
343:Walking through suffering is a work that is bound by limitation. Often it isn't that the afflicted are unwilling to let others in. It is just that there comes a certain point in a person's suffering where there is no apparent port of entry. ~ Russ Ramsey,
344:Yes. He. Was. Just. Here. Spreading his goodwill and love all around Max’s entryway. It’s a wonder there aren’t cherubs flying around sprinkling rose petals and rainbows erupting through the windows, an aftermath of his delightful visit. ~ Kristen Ashley,
345:[Final diary entry:] Occupation is essential. And now with some pleasure I find that it's seven; and must cook dinner. Haddock and sausage meat. I think it is true that one gains a certain hold on sausage and haddock by writing them down. ~ Virginia Woolf,
346:Impossible stories, stories with No Entry signs on them, change our lives, and our minds, as often as the authorized versions, the stories we are expected to trust, upon which we are asked, or told, to build our judgements, and our lives. ~ Salman Rushdie,
347:There is an entry in Baudelaire’s Journal Intime that is fearful in the precision of its cynicism: “One must work, if not from taste then at least from despair. For, to reduce everything to a single truth: work is less boring than pleasure. ~ Josef Pieper,
348:What I put forward was an amendment that would have temporarily halted immigration from high-risk terrorist countries, but would have started it up, but I wanted them to go through Global Entry, which is a program where we do background checks. ~ Ted Cruz,
349:A good journal entry- like a good song, or sketch, or photograph- ought to break up the habitual and life away the film that forms over the eye, the finger, the tongue, the heart. A good journal entry ought to be a love letter to the world. ~ Anthony Doerr,
350:Knowledge of God can be compared to a man while Love of God is like a woman. The one has his right of entry to the outer chambers of the Eternal, but only love can penetrate into the inner chambers, she who has access to the mysteries of the Almighty. ~ id,
351:And if so, I could fill my time with the new entry on my rather exclusive social register, whoever had created the Howling Vegetable of N.W. 4th Street, and the fact that this sounded rather like a Sherlock Holmes title made it no less urgent. ~ Jeff Lindsay,
352:It is difficult to reconstruct an emotion. At times it is difficult even to admit to one. I have practiced long and hard at denying entry to such twin imposters as triumph and disaster, or love and hate, but sometimes the barriers are breached. ~ Simon Mawer,
353:The lights drifted farther away the faster he ran and his feet moved numbly as if they carried him nowhere. The tide of darkness seemed to sweep him back to her, postponing from moment to moment his entry into the world of guilt and sorr. ~ Flannery O Connor,
354:There was a time when I feel that I need to take time to know more about the industry, the workings of it. I was doing my modeling, which I really wanted to do at the time. So that's why even my entry into films was later than people expected. ~ Katrina Kaif,
355:For those here illegally today, who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for reentry like everybody else, under the rules of the new legal immigration system that I have outlined above. ~ Donald Trump,
356:The bottom line is there is large uncertainty because nobody has a very good handle on aerodynamics at those altitudes and at those speeds. Given that large degree of uncertainty, life could be normal during entry or some bad things could happen. ~ Wayne Hale,
357:The story goes that a public sinner was excommunicated and forbidden entry to the church. He took his woes to God. 'They won't let me in, Lord, because I am a sinner.' 'What are you complaining about?' said God. 'They won't let Me in either. ~ Brennan Manning,
358:Things of themselves cannot touch the soul at all. They have no entry to the soul, and cannot turn or move it. The soul alone turns and moves itself, making all externals presented to it cohere with the judgements it thinks worthy of itself. ~ Marcus Aurelius,
359:If someday I make a dictionary of definitions wanting single words to head them, a cherished entry will be "To abridge, expand, or otherwise alter or cause to be altered for the sake of belated improvement, one's own writings in translation. ~ Vladimir Nabokov,
360:People were, in good faith perhaps, writing history books about the Indian working class, Indian peasantry, et cetera, and at no point did Communists make an entry, not even to be criticized. They were essentially being whitewashed from history. ~ Vijay Prashad,
361:We all learned in kindergarten that the beginning is a very good place to start. As we have this debate on illegal immigration and illegal entry into this country, let's begin at the very beginning by sealing the borders to this great Nation. ~ Marsha Blackburn,
362:For people choosing to use a network marketing system to build a business in the B quadrant, the price of entry is a lot lower, the risks are lower, and the education and support are there to guide you through this personal development process. ~ Robert Kiyosaki,
363:Like many others, I'm deeply sympathetic to the huge numbers of people looking to come here today to escape suffering and poverty in their own lands. But as a country, we cannot afford to have a total open-door policy without any restrictions on entry. ~ Ed Koch,
364:Maybe once you've been left by the most important person in your life, you can never be unleft again. Maybe you're destined to be abandoned even by your own guts, maybe your foot walks off with your thighbone, why not, stranger things have happened. ~ Amy Gentry,
365:Turkey is not a part of Europe and will never be part of Europe ... The universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigor with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey. ~ Herman Van Rompuy,
366:Damnation. She needed him inside her. All the way. Now. "If you don't take me now I'm going to be forced to rape you." Trulie slid her hand down between them, grabbed his cock and aligned it for immediate entry.
"As you will it," Gray chuckled. ~ Maeve Greyson,
367:If we have a biometric exit-entry system, we know on the day after six months has exceeded his visa.And with that exit- entry system, we can then send ICE, the law enforcement agents that exist, to go and get John and say, OK, you're here illegally now. ~ Ted Cruz,
368:All people lie, in their writing as much as in their lives. It frustrates me that I hold on to an unrealistic belief: there is some irrefutable truth in each mind, and the truth is told without concealment or distortion in a letter or in a journal entry. ~ Yiyun Li,
369:I jogged down the corridor, but when I got to the other end, no one was there. I opened a door and found myself back in the main entry hall. I had gone full circle. I didn’t see Dr Thorn anywhere, but there on the opposite side of the room were the di ~ Rick Riordan,
370:Jessica's hand flew to her mouth. If she had any doubt, the next entry settled it.
She read on, cool beads of sweat trickling down the back of her neck, hardly daring to breathe as the black heart of Ormsby Island came closer and closer into focus. ~ Hunter Shea,
371:Lords and ladies who walk unseen, lords and ladies all in green, three times I stamp upon the earth..." Hazel hesitated and then gave the only reason she could think of why the Folk might grant her entry to their revel."Let me in for the sake of mirth. ~ Holly Black,
372:The entryway in which we stood was lit on a major scale that made my pockets hurt just thinking of the electric bill this place must have every month. Funny how growing up can change your opinion of being afraid of the dark and afraid of the bills. ~ Amelia Hutchins,
373:The story goes that a public sinner was excommunicated and forbidden entry to the church. He took his woes to God. 'They won't let me in, Lord, because I am a sinner.'

'What are you complaining about?' said God. 'They won't let Me in either. ~ Brennan Manning,
374:Professor, why couldn't we just Apparate directly into your old colleague's house?' 'Because it would be quite as rude as kicking down the front door,' said Dumbledore. 'Courtesy dictates that we offer fellow wizards the opportunity of denying us entry. ~ J K Rowling,
375:We can cherish nothing less than our random understanding of death and the earth-shaking love that draws us to one another ... Cleanliness and valor will be our watchwords. Nothing less will get us past the armed sentry and over the mountainous border. ~ John Cheever,
376:In London, almost all Jewish shops in the Whitechapel district were displaying placards denying entry to German salesmen and affirming their anti-Nazi boycott. Teenagers patrolled the streets distributing handbills asking shoppers to boycott German goods. ~ Edwin Black,
377:Professor, why couldn't we just Apparate directly into your old colleague's house?'
'Because it would be quite as rude as kicking down the front door,' said Dumbledore. 'Courtesy dictates that we offer fellow wizards the opportunity of denying us entry. ~ J K Rowling,
378:I thought the idea Jim [Carrey] had, which was to do a comedic version of movies like The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and Unlawful Entry, was really funny. The movie was a little lighter when we first came on, a little more like What About Bob? or something. ~ Judd Apatow,
379:Markets are as old as the crossroads. But capitalism, as we know it, is only a few hundred years old, enabled by cooperative arrangements and technologies, such as the joint-stock ownership company, shared liability insurance, double-entry bookkeeping. ~ Howard Rheingold,
380:Much later, she would go back and read the entry, and think to herself that memories were that way, too. When you wanted to forget, everything would return in raw, brutal focus. When you wanted to remember, the details would slip away like a dream at dawn. ~ Emily Giffin,
381:Since most software industries have relatively low barriers to entry—especially today, when startup costs are lower than ever—it’s practically guaranteed that a competitor will come along and offer customers similar software that’s either better or cheaper. ~ Alex Moazed,
382:Prince Asaka had joined the army only about ten days before its entry into Nanking and in view of the short time he was connected with this army I do not think he can be held responsible. I would say that the Division Commanders are the responsible parties. ~ Iwane Matsui,
383:Wherever you are is the entry point,” and this is always true with writing. Wherever you are is always the right place. There is never a need to fix anything, to hitch up the bootstraps of the soul and start at some higher place. Start right where you are. ~ Julia Cameron,
384:When you see deeply, as a real experience, with your own wisdom-eye, that all conditioned things are impermanent, your mind state changes. Your superficial understanding of impermanence becomes a deep understanding and you attain the stream-entry path. ~ Henepola Gunaratana,
385:Speaking of Twitter, I don't even know if I composed a blog entry in 2009, as I was too busy parceling my every thought into cute 140-character sound bites. I used to only worry about being pithy for a living; now some of my best lines are wasted on a free app! ~ Diablo Cody,
386:He must have had this Wall Street gentry in mind, or at least their prototypes, for in every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the people. ~ Eugene V Debs,
387:Mr. Grey.” I nod at him. Moving with lithe athletic grace to the door, he opens it wide. “Just ensuring you make it through the door, Miss Steele.” He gives me a small smile. Obviously, he’s referring to my earlier less-than-elegant entry into his office. I blush. ~ E L James,
388:At Murry Bergtraum [High School] if you were really funny you sat at this table at with all of the funniest dudes, the toughest, the coolest - everybody sat at that table. It was like the ghetto Algonquin Round Table. [Comedy] was my entry, my membership card. ~ John Leguizamo,
389:Remember, it is not the snake bite that kills, but the venom which circulates afterwards that is fatal. Do not let the snake bite of another person release any venom inside of you. You can control its entry and you are responsible for every thought in your mind. ~ Robin Sharma,
390:No! No! No! My suffering does matter. I want to live! I can't help but mix my life with that of the universe. Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness - how can I not dwell on this brief, cramped view I have of things? This peephole is all I've got! ~ Yann Martel,
391:Scarlett, when you are forty-five, perhaps you will know what I'm talking about and then perhaps you, too, will be tired of imitation gentry and shoddy manners and cheap emotions. But I doubt it. I think you'll always be more attracted by glister than by gold. ~ Margaret Mitchell,
392:Eric was incensed, to use a good entry from my word of the day Calender. In fact his eyes were almost throwing sparks he was so angry. "This woman has been mine, and she will be mine" he said in tones so definite I thought about checking my rear end for a brand. ~ Charlaine Harris,
393:Had he not suffered unscathed the fearful dooms of all the offended gods, of all the histories, fire, brimstone, and yawning earthquakes, plague, and pestilence? Had he not stood, like the Pompeian sentry, while the Citadels of the Plain fell to ruin about his ears? ~ Evelyn Waugh,
394:I am firmly convinced that there is life after death, not in a primitive sense but as the entry of my completely finite person into God's infinity, as a transition into another reality beyond the dimension of space and time that pure reason can neither affirm nor deny. ~ Hans Kung,
395:Now, more then ever, we have the ability to make films for almost nothing and that's broken down all barriers of entry. I think it's a new golden age of film-making. With that, there needs to be the ability to recoup investment dollars, people need to make money. ~ Matthew Lillard,
396:After the Second World War, San Francisco was the main point of re-entry for sailors returning from the Pacific. Out at sea, many of these sailors had picked up amatory habits that were frowned upon back on dry land. So these sailors stayed in San Francisco . . . ~ Jeffrey Eugenides,
397:If there is something missing—if I am afraid to love her quite as much as before—it is only because the potential for love feels so big and so intense that I fear I will disappear in the expression of it, that it will blow my skin away like clouds and I will be nothing. ~ Amy Gentry,
398:I have a problem with the fact that when it's brought up, it's not really discussed. It's all that's brought up. So-and-so is an Arab American or a Palestinian or Muslim or a doctor with or without borders and there's really no meaningful entry into those hyphenations. ~ Fady Joudah,
399:Carpentry, too, as a sacred process, belongs to this canon. Wood, like milk and wine, was thought to be a life-principle of Horus-Osiris (cf. Blackman, op. cit., p. 30), and cedar oil with its preservative and hardening qualities played an important part in embalming. ~ Erich Neumann,
400:Leaving out trifles such as ricochets and grazes, I was hit at least fourteen times, these being five bullets, two shell splinters, one shrapnel ball, four hand-grenade splinters and two bullet splinters, which, with entry and exit wounds, left me an even twenty scars. ~ Ernst J nger,
401:I'm into 'The Walking Dead,' 'Shaun of the Dead,' obviously, and I've seen all the Romero movies. I am a classic zombie queen. And I love the White Walkers on 'Game of Thrones.' Weirdly, it wasn't until pretty late in life that I found my entry point into horror films. ~ Anna Kendrick,
402:It is impossible for the mind to remain undisturbed by thoughts, but anyone serious about the matter can certainly permit them entry or drive them away, and although their origin does not lie entirely under our control we can choose to approve of them and to adopt them. ~ John Cassian,
403:Regarding race or gender or sexuality, one of the great things about art and music is that they can provide people with very little else in common with a similar entry point for discussion, but the discussions still need to happen for life to get more interesting. ~ Babatunde Adebimpe,
404:How quickly the world plows us under, she thought with a pang. For two generations, maybe three, we lived on. After that, we're nothing more than a name, or—her eye fell on one of Great-Aunt Minerva's chairs standing like a sentry against the wall—a part of the furniture. ~ Sarah Blake,
405:passed through the entry hall, Karras heard footsteps coming up rapidly behind him. “Father Karras!” Karras turned and saw Karl with his sweater. “Very sorry,” said the houseman as he handed it over. “I was thinking to finish much before. But I forget.” He handed ~ William Peter Blatty,
406:She looks at her wrist, those thin scars like an entry stamp for some horrible concert. 'All the shitty stuff people do to themselves... it can all be the same thing, you know? Just a way to drown out your own voice. To kill your memories without having to kill yourself. ~ Isaac Marion,
407:A diplomatic passport for a Tal Zahavi, with a current photo of Yael-1. The same birth date as in the other passport. The interior must have had fifty entry stamps for European and South American countries, plus the U.S., Japan, and South Korea. The woman traveled a lot. ~ John Sandford,
408:And, of course, millions of us cross the border to work in US homes and gardens and factories and carpentry shops and restaurants, and if you go to a restaurant pretty much anywhere in the United States, the chances are that the dishes will be washed by a Mexican. ~ Alma Guillermoprieto,
409:How exciting to believe in your own ability to defy the world’s expectations of you even as you fulfill them, one cliché after another. I have spent my own life looking to my left and right and finding only the well-worn tracks of my own thoughts and behavior hemming me in. ~ Amy Gentry,
410:I got that experience through dating dozens of men for six years after college, getting an entry level magazine job at 21, working in the fiction department at Good Housekeeping and then working as a fashion editor there as well as writing many articles for the magazine. ~ Judith Krantz,
411:Chankaya is referring there to the probibition of entry of the untrustworthy in the counsel-room. Disloyal persons foolishly speak out the secrets of the counsel not knowing the harmful effects of the same. Disclosing the secrets of the counsel mars the welfare of the country. ~ Chanakya,
412:I get up at sunrise. I'm a Buddhist, so I chant in the morning. My wife and I sit and have coffee together, but then it's list-making time. I have carpentry projects. We have roads we keep in repair. It's not back-breaking, but it's certainly aerobic and mildly strenuous. ~ Patrick Duffy,
413:Now a human caught in an impossibility often responds by a retreat from reality: by entry into a world of delusion, or by taking to drink, going of into hysteria, or jumping off a bridge. It all comes to the same thing-a refusal or inability to face the situation squarely. ~ Isaac Asimov,
414:Roosevelt understood that the political costs of any public condemnation of Nazi persecution or any obvious effort to ease the entry of Jews into America were likely to be immense, because American political discourse had framed the Jewish problem as an immigration problem. ~ Erik Larson,
415:I run through the dark entry corridor toward the light on the other end, wondering if this is a birth canal or the tunnel to Heaven. Am I coming or going? Either way, it's too late to reverse. Hidden in the gloom under a red evening sky, I step into the world of the Living. ~ Isaac Marion,
416:The Christian religion and morality extols the glory of the Hereafter, and therefore remains indifferent to the horrors of the earth. Indeed, the idea of self-denial and of all that makes for pain and sorrow is its test of human worth, its passport to the entry into heaven. ~ Emma Goldman,
417:The gentry’s jurisdiction over the peasantry was restored. The universities were closed to the children of the lower classes; the radical literary periodicals were banned; the nation, including the intelligentsia, was to be forced back into mute submission. Revolutionary ~ Isaac Deutscher,
418:The Primal Essential Movements offer a simple, entry-level way to include strength training in your lifestyle. They entail conducting pushups, pullups, squats, and planks on a regular basis, with more attention to paid to formal workouts during the intensity training phases. ~ Mark Sisson,
419:The works of John Stuart Mill, Herbert Spencer, and Karl Marx had been forbidden. Students’ libraries and clubs had been closed; and informers had been planted in the lecture halls. Entry fees had been raised fivefold to bar academic education to children of poor parents. ~ Isaac Deutscher,
420:With each iteration he was learning new things. He was seeing what worked. Most of the time he was failing. “A cyclone has a number of variables: size of entry, exit, angle, diameter, length: and the trying thing is that if you change one dimension, it affects all the others. ~ Matthew Syed,
421:But Roosevelt understood that the political costs of any public condemnation of Nazi persecution or any obvious effort to ease the entry of Jews into America were likely to be immense, because American political discourse had framed the Jewish problem as an immigration problem. ~ Erik Larson,
422:We will finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system which we need desperately. For years Congress has required biometric entry-exit visa tracking systems, but it has never been completed. The politicians are all talk, no action, never happens. Never happens. ~ Donald Trump,
423:After their bout with the pirates, they decided to fly the rest of the way to Rome. Jason insisted he was well enough to take sentry duty, along with Coach Hedge, who was still so charged with adrenaline that every time the ship hit turbulence, he swung his bat and yelled, “Die! ~ Rick Riordan,
424:But collecting mountains of data when our entire civilization was falling in shards around us … ? When an unseen Enemy had leveled most of the cities? When every freeman’s hand was set against education and knowledge and the gentry whom they held responsible for the disaster? ~ L E Modesitt Jr,
425:It means something that combines strength and sweetness. That’s you. That’s what I found out tonight, Georgie. You’re the definition of oenomel . . . with a dash of sass.” Turning away from me, he writes the definition in my book and signs the bottom, “Entry by Racer for George. ~ Meghan Quinn,
426:There may not be time.’ Strax said, ‘to conduct a full surveillance regime according to prescribed regulations in order to formulate a coherent strategy of the best method to effect entry.’
‘That’s true,’ Madame Vastra agreed. ‘So I suggest you simply break down this door. ~ Justin Richards,
427:What brought me to Disney was the new regime, which is now the old regime, came over with Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and all these people really wanted to reinvigorate the animated musical, so they came to Howard Ashman and me. That was my entry into Disney. ~ Alan Menken,
428:Tears are part of the leeway of the common areas of a hospital, since so many have to do their crying away from the patient's bed. You don't care who sees you cry in the lobby: it was port of entry for all the sorrows, and one gave up all one's previous citizenship at the border. ~ Paul Monette,
429:I have grown comfortable having these Dead for company, and find them agreeable companions, over there in their Soil & cold stone Houses. In “Wartime Washington: The Civil War Letters of Isabelle Perkins,” compiled and edited by Nash Perkins III, entry of February 25, 1862. ~ George Saunders,
430:The first step to take is to become aware that love is an art, just as living is an art; if we want to learn how to love we must proceed in the same way we have to proceed if we want to learn any other art, say music, painting, carpentry, or the art of medicine or engineering. What ~ Erich Fromm,
431:The upside potential was so high—you could get a good payday with just one thirty-two-bar hit song—and the barrier to entry so low. Anyone could offer his wares—that is, anyone who could handle the indignity of knocking on door after door and being summarily rejected time and again. ~ Ben Yagoda,
432:The parallels between preserving food and preserving mummies were apparently not lost on posterity. In the nineteenth century, when mummies from Saqqara and Thebes were taken from tombs and brought to Cairo, they were taxed as salted fish before being permitted entry to the city. ~ Mark Kurlansky,
433:The result will be gradual transmutation of heritable forms, and adaptation to circumstances, by a process of selective culling. Eventually he gave the crank a name: natural selection. Twenty years passed after the E notebook entry. The world heard nothing about natural selection. ~ David Quammen,
434:This “holy man,” a peasant from Siberia, had somehow gained entry to the highest levels of St. Petersburg society by preaching that people should sin as much as possible to find their path to God. He fully embodied his mantra by drinking to excess and hosting orgies at his home. ~ Gwendolyn Womack,
435:To be successful in the world of art you must, of course, have talent, although very small talents have gone very far in this age. Just as the microphone gave volume to voices that had none, so does the science of press-agentry magnify limited skills into highly saleable properties. ~ Marya Mannes,
436:In the tunnel where I was raped, a tunnel that was once an underground entry to an amphitheater, a place where actors burst forth from underneath the seats of a crowd, a girl had been murdered and dismembered. I was told this story by the police. In comparison, they said, I was lucky. ~ Alice Sebold,
437:When Lady Godiva took her famous ride, the townspeople of Coventry all agreed they wouldn’t watch as she passed by. But supposedly there was one fellow, a tailor named Tom, who violated their agreement by peeping at her through an open shutter. Peeping Tom paid for his lecherous ways. ~ Alan Russell,
Subject: Boy Guide

Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys
Entry Thirteen

Observation #1: Boys are unpredictable.
This may not be news, but I’m starting to think it’s one of the best things about them. ~ Kate Brian,
439:Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys
Entry Eleven

Observation #1: Boys are vulnerable.
Even the ones that seem like total, complete jerks.

Observation #2: Boys don’t know when to call a truce already.
Especially the ones that seem like total, complete jerks. ~ Kate Brian,
440:Do you ... still believe?'

'Our very presence here, a Polynesian goddess sitting next to a Zulu thunder god, listening to the song of a Greek siren, should be proof enough that religions can and do coexist.' He looked back at the cross over the entryway. 'And I still do not know. ~ Karsten Knight,
441:So you’re saying that my entry camera has a glitch, which happened to show up exactly when you did, and which spontaneously resolved as soon as you were no longer in front of it?” He shrugs, but still can’t meet my eyes. “This is possible, is it not? Correlation does not prove causation. ~ Edward Ashton,
442:Has ‘jump the shark’ jumped the shark?” (“Granted, Jump the Shark is a brilliant cultural concept.… But now the damn thing is everywhere.”) Like any good meme, it spawned mutations. The “jumping the shark” entry in Wikipedia advised in 2009, “See also: jumping the couch; nuking the fridge. ~ James Gleick,
443:By the end of an intense four years at UCLA, I had co-authored a new math proof, which the media, in fact, loved. As it turned out, math itself blazed my entry back into the spotlight and consequently into wonderful acting jobs like 'The West Wing' and others. You just never know, do you? ~ Danica McKellar,
444:I certainly think there are things that impressed me as a child about the church. The smells and the sounds and the pagaentry of it remained with me. The aesthetic I really love. I think a lot of my sense of melody comes from singing those hymns and doing the renaissance music and stuff. ~ Jonathan Meiburg,
445:If no forces interfere with the process of entry by competitors, profitability will be driven to levels at which efficient firms earn no more than a “normal” return on their invested capital. It is barriers to entry, not differentiation by itself, that creates strategic opportunities. ~ Bruce C N Greenwald,
446:The registering of doubts hath two excellent uses: the one, that it saveth philosophy from errors and falsehoods; when that which is not fully appearing is not collected into assertion, whereby error might draw error, but reserved in doubt: the other, that the entry of doubts are as so many ~ Francis Bacon,
447:influence on banking with a relatively small investment. “Money is low bandwidth,” he said, during a speech at Stanford University in 2003, to describe his thinking. “You don’t need some sort of big infrastructure improvement to do things with it. It’s really just an entry in a database.” The ~ Ashlee Vance,
448:I sometimes wonder whether century-old ruins look so beautiful to us beacause they were *meant* to ruin in a beautiful way. There was a Romantic facination with structural decay; wealthy gentry had custom-built ruins erected on their estates, their own little Country Churchyards to elegize in ~ Paul Collins,
449:Any satirist writing a futuristic novel who had imagined a President Reagan during the Eisenhower years would have been accused of perpetrating a piece of crude, contemptible, adolescent, anti-American wickedness, when, in fact, he would have succeeded, as prophetic sentry, where Orwell failed. ~ Philip Roth,
450:From a dramatic viewpoint, there are few professions that grant their members entry into other lives, high among them cops, doctors, clergymen, journalists and prostitutes. Perhaps that explains why they figure in so much television and cinema. Their lives are lived in the midst of human drama. ~ Roger Ebert,
451:This region [North Carolina] used to be the furniture manufacturing hub of the world. I know because I bought plenty. But the NAFTA deal and then China's entry into the World Trade Organization, another Bill[Clinton] and Hillary[Clinton] backed disaster, have sent those jobs to other countries. ~ Donald Trump,
452:Making coffee has become the great compromise of the decade. It's the only thing "real" men do that doesn't seem to threaten their masculinity. To women, it's on the same domestic entry level as putting the spring back into the toilet-tissue holder or taking a chicken out of the freezer to thaw. ~ Erma Bombeck,
453:That men, who might have tower'd in the van
Of all the congregated world, to fan
And winnow from the coming step of time
All chaff of custom, wipe away all slime
Left by men-slugs and human serpentry,
Have been content to let occasion die,
Whilst they did sleep in love's Elysium. ~ John Keats,
454:When Union litter-bearers climbed out of their trenches, four days after the assault, they found only two men still alive amongst the piles of stinking corpses. One burial party discovered a dead Yankee with a diary in his pocket, the last entry of which read: “June 3. Cold Harbor. I was killed. ~ Tony Horwitz,
455:Every woman I know has gone through something. Raped, assaulted, harassed, forced out of jobs. Trapped in abusive relationships. We talk about it with each other when the guys aren’t around. And since most of us aren’t out there making revenge pacts, I don’t know what the incentive would be to lie. ~ Amy Gentry,
456:Y-Y-Yeah, and I d-do my own carpentry work, too.” I was embarrassed because I was stammering. “That’s what I wanted to hear. I understand you’re a brother of mine.” “That’s right.” I was keeping my sentences short and my words few. “Local 107. Since 1947.” “Our friend speaks very highly of you. ~ Charles Brandt,
457:In my eye, men appear at their most powerful when they strain to reach that momentary perfection. Every muscle and sinew is taut, and for them there is nothing else except their bodies and the sensations. Fighting in concert, side by side, it is as if they storm the gates of Heaven demanding entry. ~ W A Hoffman,
458:Not real gentry, Mosca thought with a certain snobbish relish as she watched Beamabeth's guests recline and sip and confide. Just pretty names rising to the top like bubbles in a soup. At least Mandelion had real nobility. Well, at least they did till we toppled 'em., ~ Frances Hardinge,
459:This transaction could be recorded as a journal entry as follows: DR. Equipment   40,000          CR. Cash            40,000 As you can see, when recording a journal entry, the account that is debited is listed first, and the account that is credited is listed second, with an indentation to the right. ~ Mike Piper,
460:I believe we must resolve the problem at our southern border with full regard to the problems and needs of Mexico. I have suggested legalizing the entry of Mexican labor into this country on much the same basis you proposed, although I have not put it into the sense of restoring the bracero program. ~ Ronald Reagan,
461:We do not compete in our careers with people who lack the requisite intelligence to enter and stay in our field—but rather against the much smaller group of those who have managed to jump the hurdles of schooling, entry exams, and other cognitive challenges to get into the field in the first place. ~ Daniel Goleman,
462:Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys
Entry Six

Observation #1: Boys are moody.
Like PMS moody.

Observation #2: Boys are fickle.
Like Tracy-Dale-Franklin-at-the-MAC-counter fickle.

Observation #3: Boys are hard to read.
As if we didn’t know that already. ~ Kate Brian,
463:Do you press the "pause" button - the "until" button in life by saying "I can't be happy until..."? All this accomplishes is a delay in your entry into your innate state of happiness, which is independent of outer circumstances. So press the "play" button and rejoice in the now-ness of the moment! ~ Michael Beckwith,
464:In the speech sound wave, one word runs into the next seamlessly; there are no little silences between spoken words the way there are white spaces between written words. We simply hallucinate word boundaries when we reach the end of a stretch of sound that matches some entry in our mental dictionary. ~ Steven Pinker,
465:Sentry: King, may I speak?

Creon: Your very voice distresses me.

Sentry: Are you sure that it is my voice, and not your conscience?

Creon: By God, he wants to analyze me now!

Sentry: It is not what I say, but what has been done, that hurts you.

Creon: You talk too much. ~ Sophocles,
466:Some, no doubt, would simply dismiss it as a by-product of barbarism. Given Russia’s long, heartless winters, its familiarity with famine, its rough sense of justice, and so on, and so on, it was perfectly natural for its gentry to adopt an act of definitive violence as the means of resolving disputes. ~ Amor Towles,
467:why do we personify time? Is it because we’re afraid to admit that our lives are measured by an abstract force that neither knows nor cares about our entry into existence? Or our departure into death? Time is our mysterious master giving it a face and hands we attempt to transform it into our servant. ~ Robert Bloch,
468:You can learn how to be an aristocrat by following a few rules in a very short book. There is nothing to it.” He gave the boy a small copy of a book called Manners for the Perfect Gentry. He taught Pierrot to hold his chin up higher and to cry out that he didn’t know why on earth he wasn’t in Italy. ~ Heather O Neill,
469:I'm not interested in scoring points or being over-critical of the US administration. I want to find the entry points to try and get it back on track so that the United States can get out of the present disastrous situation it's in, and back into being a constructive force for human rights in the world. ~ Mary Robinson,
470:On the road, he was alive, vibrant, moving. It didn’t afford the freedom of a jet plane flying through a clear sky, but a highway offered something almost as profound, an entry into the secret regions of the earth where towns with foreign, unrecallable names were violated once, then forgotten for all time. ~ Pat Conroy,
471:.. or a saint who had spent all his years preparing for his grand entry into heaven, only to discover on his deathbed that heaven was not some blue expanse full of angelic string quartets and opalescent clouds, but an eternity granted for reliving one's happiest moments, and that he had none to remember; ~ Olga Grushin,
472:His eyes glow in the shadows as he slides the soft liquid semen dripping down my thigh in a path leading back into my swollen entry, as if he doesn't want to come out of my body. "Sticky?" he asks in a gruff murmur, bending his head and licking my shoulder as he pushes his semen back inside with one finger. ~ Katy Evans,
473:The point is simple: The feds can mandate a higher wage, but some jobs don’t produce enough economic value to bear the increase. If government could transform unskilled entry-level positions into middle-income jobs, the Soviet Union would be today’s dominant world economy. Spain and Greece would be thriving. ~ Anonymous,
474:The thing a Saxon warrior fears most is a death which is not in battle and without a sword in his hand. They believe that their god Woden will only allow then entry in their Otherworld, their Hall of Heroes ... they call it Wael-haell. If they die bound and without a sword, then they have no after life. ~ Peter Tremayne,
475:If you write a post and put it on a blog, that's a historical document. If you change your template, then that entry looks completely different. It's the same words, but not the same meaning. This all depends on what historical questions that people will be asking and we can't know what they will want. ~ Joshua Greenberg,
476:Slick stayed where he was, looking up at Gentry’s pale eyes, gray in this light, his taut face. Why did he put up with Gentry anyway? Because you needed somebody, in the Solitude. Not just for electricity; that whole landlord routine was really just a shuck. He guessed because you needed somebody around. ~ William Gibson,
477: Sentry
Starry sky.
To restrain the beast
my rifle glows,
to fix the black barrel
to the milky moon.
The cry of the Snowy Owl.
A baby whimpers in the village.
The bullet,
treacherous wolf,
bursts into the sleeping house.
The night smells of lime-tree blossoms.
~ Ernst Toller,
478:I figured I’d spend my first thousand years of Hell in some entry-level position, but after that I wanted to move into management. Be a real team player. Hell is going to see enormous growth in market share over the next millennium. I wanted to ride the crest. The agent said that sounded pretty realistic. ~ Chuck Palahniuk,
479:To be inclusive, economic institutions must feature secure private property, an unbiased system of law, and a provision of public services that provides a level playing field in which people can exchange and contract; it also must permit the entry of new businesses and allow people to choose their careers. ~ Daron Acemo lu,
480:In the event of defeat,” he wrote in the February 1914 memorandum to Nicholas II, “social revolution in its most extreme form is inevitable.” Durnovó specifically forecast that the gentry’s land would be expropriated and that “Russia will be flung into hopeless anarchy, the issue of which cannot be foreseen. ~ Stephen Kotkin,
481: Ma Belle
Farewell, dear Heart! Since needs it must I go,
Dear Heart, farewell!
Fain would I stay, but that I love thee so.
One kiss, ma Belle!
What hope lies in the Land we do not know,
Who, Dear, can tell?
But thee I love, and let thy 'plaint be, ‘Lo,
He loved me well!’
~ Coventry Patmore,
482:Overall do I believe exchange with other cultures is good, people going back and forth is good, trade is good. Yes, all of these things are good. But I think you have to make sure the system's working. We need to know, virtually 100 percent of the time, when you come and when you leave. It's called entry and exit. ~ Rand Paul,
483:Anything that restricts entry works in the interests of the suppliers and against the interests of the buyers; so, it is not at all surprising that businesses lobby government aggressively for assistance in retarding entry with patents, copyrights, zoning laws, occupational licensing, environmental regulations, etc ~ Anonymous,
484:At its most basic we are only discussing a learned skill, but do we not agree that sometimes the most basic skills can create things far beyond our expectations? We are talking about tools and carpentry, about words and style...but as we move along, you'd do well to remember that we are also talking about magic. ~ Stephen King,
485:Symbols are not signs, pointing to something else. They presuppose the difference between familiar and unfamiliar and they operate in such a way as to enable the re-entry of this difference into the familiar. In other words, symbols represent the distinction between familiar and unfamiliar within the familiar world ~ Anonymous,
486:Now Gentry went to the big display unit, the projection table. “There are worlds within worlds,” he said. “Macrocosm, microcosm. We carried an entire universe across a bridge tonight, and that which is above is like that below.… It was obvious, of course, that such things must exist, but I’d not dared to hope.… ~ William Gibson,
487:a man, with his face half-covered by a black beard, and who, concealed behind the sentry-box, watched the scene with delight, uttered these words in a low tone: "Be happy, noble heart, be blessed for all the good thou hast done and wilt do hereafter, and let my gratitude remain in obscurity like your good deeds. ~ Alexandre Dumas,
488:Author says that, while Eisenhower had other intellectual mentors, he learned how to lead men from Gen. Walter Krueger. Krueger was the first American enlisted man to rise to four-star general, and he so identified with those he led that he once invited a sentry out of the rain and gave him his own dry uniform. ~ Jean Edward Smith,
489:It's born of sheer laziness. My signature dishes are salads, hamburgers and popcorn. That's not the kind of stuff that gets you an entry in the distinguished book of culinary records. Being known for great soufflé is one thing but a good hamburger? What would they say? "Yeah, he really knew how to put the cheese on." ~ Paul Newman,
490:You have to know accounting. It's the language of practical business life. It was a very useful thing to deliver to civilization. I've heard it came to civilization through Venice which of course was once the great commercial power in the Mediterranean. However, double entry bookkeeping was a hell of an invention. ~ Charlie Munger,
491:At its most basic we are discussing a learned skill (writing), but do we not agree that sometimes the most basic skills can create things far beyond our expectations? We are talking about tools and carpentry, about words and style... but as we move along, you'd do well to remember that we are also talking about magic. ~ Stephen King,
492:The poem is not, as someone put it, deflective of entry. But the real question is, 'What happens to the reader once he or she gets inside the poem?' That's the real question for me, is getting the reader into the poem and then taking the reader somewhere, because I think of poetry as a kind of form of travel writing. ~ Billy Collins,
493:You know all those TV shows where the perky twenty-something advertising assistant nabs a swell apartment with a flower planter, bright purple walls, and a reading nook on the Upper West Side? Or when the wet-behind-the-ears dude with an entry-level post at a magazine lands a swank bachelor pad in Tribeca? They lie. ~ Lauren Blakely,
494:For every transaction, a journal entry must be recorded that includes both a debit and a credit. Debits increase asset accounts and decrease equity and liability accounts. Credits decrease asset accounts and increase equity and liability accounts. Debits increase expense accounts, while credits increase revenue accounts. ~ Mike Piper,
495:gun in the front waistband of my jeans. The heated air of the store blew down on me as I walked through the entry, a pleasant feeling to counteract the chill. We stopped inside and the smell of roasting chicken hit my nose. My mouth started to water; Mom hadn’t shopped for at least a week before she disappeared. Last ~ Robert J Crane,
496:At first, we both miss a few sharp bursts of wild punches and then, BANG! I catch him with a full swing left hook and he goes down like a ferret down a hole after a rabbit. When that punch landed, I broke my hand, again, and simultaneously broke his jaw. I wonder if that is an entry into the Guinness Book of records? ~ Stephen Richards,
497:I worked in a steel mill, I worked in a foundry, I worked in a paper mill, I worked in a chemical refinery, construction, I did all that. It was great work, it was good. I learned welding, mechanic, carpentry, but it saved me from going back to prison because that's helpful. It's really sad because those jobs are gone. ~ Luis J Rodriguez,
498:...what about the millions of poor in this country who desperately need assistance and services to help bring them out of poverty? Shall they go to the back of the line? and shall those who have made a dramatic illegal entry, who would normally not be entitled to government assistance, or even entry itself, be put at the front? ~ Ed Koch,
499:But even in Mill's very early formulation, both the totalitarian nature of social justice as well as its orientation towards entryism were apparent. Note that Mill declares that the efforts of the entire virtuous citizenry “should be made” to converge to that goal and that “all institutions” should be directed toward it as well. ~ Vox Day,
500:Cardan tucks my arm firmly through his before striding into the entryway, and I feel a rush of warmth as I match his step. I can't afford to be less than ruthlessly honest with myself. Against my better judgment, despite the fact that he is terrible, Cardan is also fun.
Maybe I should be glad of how little it will matter. ~ Holly Black,

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01.05_-_The_Yoga_of_the_King_The_Yoga_of_the_Spirits_Freedom_and_Greatness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Beginnings of the half-screened Invisible.
    A magic porch of entry glimmering
    Quivered in a penumbra of screened Light,

02.01_-_The_World-Stair, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Were near to heart's contact, felt by spirit-sense.
    Asking for entry at his nature's gates
    They crowded the widened spaces of his mind,

02.07_-_The_Descent_into_Night, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Ambush lurked in a smile and peril made
    Safety its cover, trust its entry's gate:
    Falsehood came laughing with the eyes of truth;

03.04_-_The_Vision_and_the_Boon, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  In the dumb figure of a material world,
  His passport of entry false and his personage,
  He is compelled to be what he is not;

07.03_-_The_Entry_into_the_Inner_Countries, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  object:07.03 - The entry into the Inner Countries
  The entry into the Inner Countries
  AT FIRST out of the busy hum of mind

1.01_-_Economy, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  By surveying, carpentry, and day-labor of various other kinds in the village in the mean while, for I have as many trades as fingers, I had earned $13.34. The expense of food for eight months, namely, from July
  4th to March 1st, the time when these estimates were made, though I lived there more than two years,not counting potatoes, a little green corn, and some peas, which I had raised, nor considering the value of what was on hand at the last date, was

1.01_-_THAT_ARE_THOU, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  It is through this central door, and just because it is central, that we shall make our entry into the subject matter of this book. The psychology of the Perennial Philosophy has its source in metaphysics and issues logically in a characteristic way of life and system of ethics. Starting from this midpoint of doctrine, it is easy for the mind to move in either direction.

1.01_-_The_Four_Aids, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  20:The full recognition of this inner Guide, Master of the Yoga, lord, light, enjoyer and goal of all sacrifice and effort, is of the utmost importance in the path of integral perfection. It is immaterial whether he is first seen as an impersonal Wisdom, Love and Power behind all things, as an Absolute manifesting in. the relative and attracting it, as one's highest Self and the highest Self of all, as a Divine Person within us and in the world, in one of his -- or her -- numerous forms and names or as the ideal which the mind conceives. In the end we perceive that he is all and more than all these things together- The mind's door of entry to the conception of him must necessarily vary according to the past evolution and the present nature.

1.01_-_The_Path_of_Later_On, #Words Of Long Ago, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  author class:The Mother
  class:note, #Isha Upanishad, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  as eternal. The Self in Nature becomes, it changes its states and
  forms. This entry into various states and forms in the succession
  of Time is Birth in Nature., #Isha Upanishad, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The enjoyment of beatitude in a heaven beyond is also not the supreme consummation. But Vedantic thought did not envisage rebirth as an immediate entry after death into a new body; the mental being in man is not so rigidly bound to the vital and physical, - on the contrary, the latter are ordinarily dissolved together after death, and there must therefore be, before the soul is attracted back towards terrestrial existence, an interval in which it assimilates its terrestrial experiences in order to be able to constitute a new vital and physical being upon earth. During this interval it must dwell in states or worlds beyond and these may be favourable or unfavourable to its future development. They are favourable in proportion as the light of the Supreme Truth of which Surya is a symbol enters into them, but states of intermediate ignorance or darkness are harmful to the soul in its progress. Those enter into them, as has been affirmed in the third verse, who do hurt to themselves by shutting themselves to the light or distorting the natural course of their development. The Vedantic heavens are states of light and the soul's expansion; darkness, self-obscuration and self-distortion are the nature of the Hells which it has to shun.

1.02_-_Self-Consecration, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  19:But on that which as yet we know not how shall we concentrate? And yet we cannot know the Divine unless we have achieved this concentration of our being upon him. A concentration which culminates in a living realisation and the constant sense of the presence of the One in ourselves and in all of which we are aware, is what we mean in Yoga by knowledge and the effort after knowledge. It is not enough to devote ourselves by the reading of Scriptures or by the stress of philosophical reasoning to an intellectual understanding of the Divine; for at the end of our long mental labour we might know all that has been said of the Eternal, possess all that can be thought about the Infinite and yet we might not know him at all. This intellectual preparation can indeed be the first stage in a powerful Yoga, but it is not indispensable : it is not a step which all need or can be called upon to take. Yoga would be impossible, except for a very few, if the intellectual figure of knowledge arrived at by the speculative or meditative Reason were its indispensable condition or a binding preliminary. All that the Light from above asks of us that it may begin its work is a call from the soul and a sufficient point of support in the mind. This support can be reached through an insistent idea of the Divine in the thought, a corresponding will in the dynamic parts, an aspiration, a faith, a need in the heart. Any one of these may lead or predominate, if all cannot move in unison or in an equal rhythm. The idea may be and must in the beginning be inadequate; the aspiration may be narrow and imperfect, the faith poorly illumined or even, as not surely founded on the rock of knowledge, fluctuating, uncertain, easily diminished; often even it may be extinguished and need to be lit again with difficulty like a torch in a windy pass. But if once there is a resolute self-consecration from deep within, if there is an awakening to the soul's call, these inadequate things can be a sufficient instrument for the divine purpose. Therefore the wise have always been unwilling to limit man's avenues towards God; they would not shut against his entry even the narrowest portal, the lowest and darkest postern, the humblest wicket-gate. Any name, any form, any symbol, any offering has been held to be sufficient if there is the consecration along with it; for the Divine knows himself in the heart of the seeker and accepts the sacrifice.

1.03_-_Self-Surrender_in_Works_-_The_Way_of_The_Gita, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  There are certain semblances of an equal spirit which must not be mistaken for the profound and vast spiritual equality which the Gita teaches. There is an equality of disappointed resignation, an equality of pride, an equality of hardness and indifference: all these are egoistic in their nature. Inevitably they come in the course of the sadhana, but they must be rejected or transformed into the true quietude. There is too, on a higher level, the equality of the stoic, the equality of a devout resignation or a sage detachment, the equality of a soul aloof from the world and indifferent to its doings. These too are insufficient; first approaches they can be, but they are at most early soul-phases only or imperfect mental preparations for our entry into the true and absolute self-existent wide evenness of the spirit.

1.045_-_Piercing_the_Structure_of_the_Object, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  Whatever be our effort in meditation, the conviction that things are outside us and that they are completely out of our control will repeat itself so vehemently and forcefully that we will be unhappy. Doubts will arise in the mind. "After all, am I going to succeed? How can I control this mountain? What right have I over this mountain?" But we will realise, after repeated practise, that we have some say in the matter of the existence of even a mountain, though it may look that it is irrelevant to the question at hand. Ultimately there is nothing that is disconnected from us and, therefore, there is nothing which cannot be converted into an object of meditation. In fact there is nothing, anywhere in this world, which cannot become an avenue for the entry of consciousness into the Universal Reality. Any object, for the matter of that, can be taken as a suitable object for the purpose of meditation, because prakriti is permanently present, pervading everything in one form or the other, and so whatever be the object that we take for meditation, it is a form of prakriti, this pradhana of the Samkhya. So, there is no need to worry oneself about the choice of the object of meditation. It depends upon the predilection of the mind, the tendency of the mind, and the suitability of the relationship one has with the object that has been chosen.

1.04_-_The_Paths, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
  Order of the Silver Star. Since the Path of Gimel or the
  Moon links the Supernal Triad with Tipharas, serving as the means of entry to the Inner College, it will be observed that the Tarot symbols are consistent. Yet some students have allocated this card to Bes.

1.04_-_To_the_Priest_of_Rytan-ji, #Beating the Cloth Drum Letters of Zen Master Hakuin, #Hakuin Ekaku, #Zen
  The Chronological Biography entry for 1742 refers to this meeting without adding much to what is already known: "During the summer the master acceded to a request from Rytan-ji and went to
  Ttmi Province to lecture on Precious Lessons of the Zen School."

1.052_-_Yoga_Practice_-_A_Series_of_Positive_Steps, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  Thus, a thing in this world is neither good nor bad. We cannot make any remark about any object in this world wholly, unlimitedly or unconditionally; all remarks about things are conditional. Things are useful, helpful and contributory to the freedom of the soul under a given set of circumstances, but they are the opposite under a different set of circumstances. Not knowing this fact, the mind flitters from one thing to another thing. This is the character of what is known as rajas the principle of diversity and distraction. The remedy for this illness of distraction of the mind is austerity, or self-restraint. The great goal of yoga that has been described all this time will remain merely a will-o-the-wisp and will not be accessible to the mind if the condition necessary for the entry of consciousness into the supreme goal of yoga namely, freedom from distraction is not fulfilled.

1.05_-_Solitude, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  Some of my pleasantest hours were during the long rain storms in the spring or fall, which confined me to the house for the afternoon as well as the forenoon, soothed by their ceaseless roar and pelting; when an early twilight ushered in a long evening in which many thoughts had time to take root and unfold themselves. In those driving north-east rains which tried the village houses so, when the maids stood ready with mop and pail in front entries to keep the deluge out, I sat behind my door in my little house, which was all entry, and thoroughly enjoyed its protection. In one heavy thunder shower the lightning struck a large pitch-pine across the pond, making a very conspicuous and perfectly regular spiral groove from top to bottom, an inch or more deep, and four or five inches wide, as you would groove a walking-stick. I passed it again the other day, and was struck with awe on looking up and beholding that mark, now more distinct than ever, where a terrific and resistless bolt came down out of the harmless sky eight years ago. Men frequently say to me, I should think you would feel lonesome down there, and want to be nearer to folks, rainy and snowy days and nights especially. I am tempted to reply to such,This whole earth which we inhabit is but a point in space. How far apart, think you, dwell the two most distant inhabitants of yonder star, the breadth of whose disk cannot be appreciated by our instruments? Why should I feel lonely? is not our planet in the Milky Way? This which you put seems to me not to be the most important question. What sort of space is that which separates a man from his fellows and makes him solitary? I have found that no exertion of the legs can bring two minds much nearer to one another. What do we want most to dwell near to? Not to many men surely, the depot, the post-office, the bar-room, the meeting-house, the school-house, the grocery, Beacon Hill, or the Five
  Points, where men most congregate, but to the perennial source of our life, whence in all our experience we have found that to issue, as the willow stands near the water and sends out its roots in that direction.

1.05_-_Some_Results_of_Initiation, #Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, #Rudolf Steiner, #Theosophy
   p. 161
   permits intercourse with beings of higher worlds, though only when their existence is manifested in the astral or soul-world. The development of this lotus flower, however, is not advisable unless the student has made great progress on that path of esoteric development which enables him to raise his spirit into a still higher world. This entry into the spiritual world proper must always run parallel with the development of the lotus flowers, otherwise the student will fall into error and confusion. He would undoubtedly be able to see, but he would remain incapable of forming a correct estimate of what he saw. Now, the development of the six-petalled lotus flower itself provides a certain security against confusion and instability, for no one can be easily confused who has attained perfect equilibrium between sense (or body), passion (or soul), and idea (or spirit). And yet, something more than this security is required when, through the development of the six-petalled lotus flower, living beings of independent existence are revealed to his spirit, beings belonging to a world so completely different from the world known to his physical senses. The development
   p. 162

1.05_-_The_Belly_of_the_Whale, #The Hero with a Thousand Faces, #Joseph Campbell, #Mythology
  the two rows of teeth of the whale. They illustrate the fact that the
  devotee at the moment of entry into a temple undergoes a meta
  morphosis. His secular character remains without; he sheds it,

1.06_-_Dhyana, #Raja-Yoga, #Swami Vivkenanda, #unset
  18:But, whatever it may be, the result on the mind of the student is tremendous; all his thoughts are pushed to their greatest development. He sincerely believes that they have the divine sanction; perhaps he even supposes that they emanate from this "God." He goes back into the world armed with this intense conviction and authority. He proclaims his ideas without the restraint which is imposed upon most persons by doubt, modesty, and diffidence; footnote: This lack of restraint is not to be confused with that observed in intoxication and madness. Yet there is a very striking similarity, though only a superficial one. while further there is, one may suppose, a real clarification.
  19:In any case, the mass of mankind is always ready to be swayed by anything thus authoritative and distinct. History is full of stories of officers who have walked unarmed up to a mutinous regiment, and disarmed them by the mere force of confidence. The power of the orator over the mob is well known. It is, probably, for this reason that the prophet has been able to constrain mankind to obey his law. I never occurs to him that any one can do otherwise. In practical life one can walk past any guardian, such as a sentry or ticket-collector, if one can really act so that the man is somehow persuaded that you have a right to pass unchallenged.
  20:This power, by the way, is what has been described by magicians as the power of invisibility. Somebody or other has an excellent story of four quite reliable men who were on the look-out for a murderer, and had instructions to let no one pass, and who all swore subsequently in presence of the dead body that no one had passed. None of them had seen the postman.

1.070_-_The_Seven_Stages_of_Perfection, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  Likewise the forces of nature, which are really what are meant by the powers of nature, cannot enter into the personality of an individual on account of the very presence of individuality. What we call individuality is nothing but the closed house of the asmita, where every avenue of entry of cosmic force is closed completely due to the intensity of self-consciousness. One is so intensely aware of oneself as an individual that it is impossible for cosmic forces to enter that person, so that one begins to rot from within due to this ego, and undergoes intense suffering which is the direct outcome of the absence of freedom which is equivalent to the harmony of oneself with nature.

1.07_-_Hui_Ch'ao_Asks_about_Buddha, #The Blue Cliff Records, #Yuanwu Keqin, #Zen
  you come to enter my room?" Tse replied, "Didn't you know,
  Teacher, when I was at Ch'ing Lin's place, I had an entry." Fa
  Yen said, "Try to recall it for me." Tse said, "I asked, 'What is

1.07_-_The_Ego_and_the_Dualities, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  4:Certainly, the practical values given us by our senses and by the dualistic sense-mind must hold good in their field and be accepted as the standard for ordinary life-experience until a larger harmony is ready into which they can enter and transform themselves without losing hold of the realities which they represent. To enlarge the sense-faculties without the knowledge that would give the old sense-values their right interpretation from the new standpoint might lead to serious disorders and incapacities, might unfit for practical life and for the orderly and disciplined use of the reason. Equally, an enlargement of our mental consciousness out of the experience of the egoistic dualities into an unregulated unity with some form of total consciousness might easily bring about a confusion and incapacity for the active life of humanity in the established order of the world's relativities. This, no doubt, is the root of the injunction imposed in the Gita on the man who has the knowledge not to disturb the life-basis and thought-basis of the ignorant; for, impelled by his example but unable to comprehend the principle of his action, they would lose their own system of values without arriving at a higher foundation.
  5:Such a disorder and incapacity may be accepted personally and are accepted by many great souls as a temporary passage or as the price to be paid for the entry into a wider existence. But the right goal of human progress must be always an effective and synthetic reinterpretation by which the law of that wider existence may be represented in a new order of truths and in a more just and puissant working of the faculties on the lifematerial of the universe. For the senses the sun goes round the earth; that was for them the centre of existence and the motions of life are arranged on the basis of a misconception. The truth is the very opposite, but its discovery would have been of little use if there were not a science that makes the new conception the centre of a reasoned and ordered knowledge putting their right values on the perceptions of the senses. So also for the mental consciousness God moves round the personal ego and all His works and ways are brought to the judgment of our egoistic sensations, emotions and conceptions and are there given values and interpretations which, though a perversion and inversion of the truth of things, are yet useful and practically sufficient in a certain development of human life and progress. They are a rough practical systematisation of our experience of things valid so long as we dwell in a certain order of ideas and activities. But they do not represent the last and highest state of human life and knowledge. "Truth is the path and not the falsehood." The truth is not that God moves round the ego as the centre of existence and can be judged by the ego and its view of the dualities, but that the Divine is itself the centre and that the experience of the individual only finds its own true truth when it is known in the terms of the universal and the transcendent. Nevertheless, to substitute this conception for the egoistic without an adequate base of knowledge may lead to the substitution of new but still false and arbitrary ideas for the old and bring about a violent instead of a settled disorder of right values. Such a disorder often marks the inception of new philosophies and religions and initiates useful revolutions. But the true goal is only reached when we can group round the right central conception a reasoned and effective knowledge in which the egoistic life shall rediscover all its values transformed and corrected. Then we shall possess that new order of truths which will make it possible for us to substitute a more divine life for the existence which we now lead and to effectualise a more divine and puissant use of our faculties on the life-material of the universe.
  6:That new life and power of the human integer must necessarily repose on a realisation of the great verities which translate into our mode of conceiving things the nature of the divine existence. It must proceed through a renunciation by the ego of its false standpoint and false certainties, through its entry into a right relation and harmony with the totalities of which it forms a part and with the transcendences from which it is a descent, and through its perfect self-opening to a truth and a law that exceed its own conventions, - a truth that shall be its fulfilment and a law that shall be its deliverance. Its goal must be the abolition of those values which are the creations of the egoistic view of things; its crown must be the transcendence of limitation, ignorance, death, suffering and evil.
  7:The transcendence, the abolition are not possible here on earth and in our human life if the terms of that life are necessarily bound to our present egoistic valuations. If life is in its nature individual phenomenon and not representation of a universal existence and the breathing of a mighty Life-Spirit, if the dualities which are the response of the individual to its contacts are not merely a response but the very essence and condition of all living, if limitation is the inalienable nature of the substance of which our mind and body are formed, disintegration of death the first and last condition of all life, its end and its beginning, pleasure and pain the inseparable dual stuff of all sensation, joy and grief the necessary light and shade of all emotion, truth and error the two poles between which all knowledge must eternally move, then transcendence is only attainable by the abandonment of human life in a Nirvana beyond all existence or by attainment to another world, a heaven quite otherwise constituted than this material universe.

1.08_-_The_Ladder, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
  One may profitably confirm this theory in the Exercises of
  St. Ignatius of Loyola. By this exercise some thoughts are barred altogether from forcing entry into consciousness, and those which do come into the mind do so more slowly than before, giving the practitioner sufficient time to per- ceive their falsity and consequently destroy them. In short, there is undoubtedly a real connection between the rate of respiration and the condition of the brain or the state of mind, as even a little experimentation will go to prove.

1.094_-_Understanding_the_Structure_of_Things, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  This is what is done in samyama on any particular object. It is this variety that troubles us and entangles us, confuses us, deludes us, and consequently makes us attached to variety, which is really not there. Thus, attachment of any kind is a kind of confusion of thought. It is a blunder that the mind commits due to not being able to gain entry into the basic substance which has taken this variety of shape in the form of these objects to which the mind is attached.

1.096_-_Powers_that_Accrue_in_the_Practice, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  Thus, this grahsya samapatti, or the mastery one acquires over the object, brings such powers as these. Incidentally, it has a result on the body of the person also. There is a perfection that follows in respect of ones own body, which is described in another sutra: rpa lvaya bala vajra sahananatvni kyasapat (III.47). It appears that one becomes very handsome in ones personality, beautiful in complexion, radiant in the skin, and so on; these are qualities described. Apart from that, great strength follows. One becomes vajrasamhana adamantine in ones energy so that one will become indefatigable and unapproachable by the forces of nature. These perfections of the body are subsidiary consequences that follow the mastery one gains over the elements. The third result that follows, as the sutra tells us, is that the elements do not any more obstruct the person. We will not sink into water, or get burnt by fire, etc. These are the non-obstructing characters revealed by the elements. One can pierce through a wall and pass through it, by the entry of the subtle body through these apparently gross objects. The non-obstructive character of the elements in respect of the yogi is the third aspect.
  The powers are not really miracles as most people think. They are revelations of the forces of nature which are hidden, through which one passes when one rises from one realm to another realm. In each realm a particular law operates, just as different laws operate in different countries. When one gains entry into a particular realm, one becomes one with the law that operates in that realm; and to a lower realm, that upper law looks like a miracle. The aim of yoga is the liberation of the spirit. The highest perfections are not control of the elements, or bodily perfection, etc., as mentioned. The eight siddhis etc. are not the aim of yoga. Rather, they are obstacles if they are independently aimed at. The purpose is Cosmic-consciousness, which also is an incidental experience to the last stage which is called liberation, or moksha. Omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence are the last powers that come to a person. That is Ishvara shakti: entering into the mind of a yogi. That is the last perfection, and is connected with the Pure Spirit, or the purusha.

1.099_-_The_Entry_of_the_Eternal_into_the_Individual, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  object:1.099 - The entry of the Eternal into the Individual
  author class:Swami Krishnananda
  Chapter 99: The entry of the Eternal into the Individual
  How this happens is mentioned in the next sutra: jtyantara parima praktyprt (IV.2). The powers of nature are permanently there in a uniform state. There is neither an increase nor a decrease in the powers of nature. As scientists tell us, there is what is known as the system or the principle of conservation of energy, which states that the energy the total power or force of nature is constant. It does not increase or decrease day by day by external factors. Factors outside nature do not exist. And so, what appears to be an increase of power or capacity is only an entry of certain forces of nature into the system of a human individual. Any kind of transformation in a positive degree is the flowing of the powers of nature into ones system. Prakriti-apuratis the term used in the sutra. The filling up by prakriti is what is known as prakriti-apurat.
  When the system is emptied of all impeding factors, prakriti fills that vacuum that has been created thereby. We are not to struggle hard to draw energy from nature, just as we do not struggle to enjoy the light of the sun provided, of course, we are ready to come out of our house and stand in the open. Likewise is the way in which nature operates. There is a uniform and equally distributed energy of nature everywhere, in every level of manifestation, whether it is subhuman, human, or superhuman. For nature, there is no such thing as these levels. They appear to be there on account of the difference in the degree of the manifestation of the powers of nature. The difference in the degree of this manifestation is, again, due to other factors. These factors are to be removed. The whole of the practice of yoga is nothing but an elimination of the obstructing factors which prevent the entry of the powers of nature into ones system.
  Thus, what is yoga? Yoga is nothing but an endeavour in the direction of the increase of sattva in oneself and a decrease of rajas. The methods have already been described in the earlier sections. The sutra merely tells us of a principle of how prakriti acts namely, that it fills a vacancy wherever a vacancy is created. Empty thyself, and I shall fill thee. This great statement is similar to the principle of this sutra. When we empty ourselves of all those conditioning factors of our individuality, the universal forces will enter us. The universal is not outside us. It is, on account of its being universal by itself, everywhere. But it is not allowed to operate, just as we do not allow the sunlight to enter a house by closing the windows and doors. The vehemence or the force with which the ego-principle, or the I-principle, works in us prevents the entry of universal forces into us. Yoga is the technique of the diminution of the intensity of this I-principle.
  The powers, or the siddhis, which the Vibhuti Pada speaks about are not creations, inventions, etc., but are only spontaneous actions of prakriti just as there is a spontaneous movement of water in the fields. What does yoga practice do? It does exactly what the farmer does in the fields. Instead of blocking the passage of water and not allowing it to flow into the field for the purpose of irrigation, the farmer opens up a stream, creates a channel, and allows the water to flow. This is what yoga does. At present the movement of energies, which flow of their own accord, are blocked. The movements are blocked due to there being no passage for the entry of the forces of nature. What is it that blocks the entry of these forces? There is only one thing which is the principal obstruction of the operation of natural forces in us. That is the I-principle, the ego, the asmita, which has various other accompaniments raga, dvesa, etc. Raga, dvesa, abhinivesa all these things mentioned earlier are accompanying features of the single impediment which is asmita. We are so powerful in our ego that nothing from outside can enter it. It is hard like flint, and it is, therefore, incapable of allowing the entry of any force into itself, just as any amount of water poured on hard rock will not enter the rock.
  To sum up the teaching of these two sutras cited just now, the present state of existence of a human individual is unnatural, and we should not make the mistake of thinking that we are living a normal life. Our present way of life is abnormal in the sense that it does not harmonise with what eternally exists. The temporal features that we are manifesting in our personal lives are the opposites of the eternal features of prakriti. Hence, yoga is an instrumental agent in bringing about conditions by which there is a spontaneity of entry of eternal laws into our personality. And in this process of the entry of the eternal characters of prakriti into us, we develop various powers. Thus, the powers, or siddhis, are nothing but experiences which are incumbent upon our gradual proximity to the ultimate nature of prakriti. This is what the sutra tells us.

1.09_-_The_Guardian_of_the_Threshold, #Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, #Rudolf Steiner, #Theosophy
  Without preparation, no one could endure the sight of what has here been indicated. But the higher training which makes it possible at all for the student to advance up to the Threshold simultaneously puts him in a position to find the necessary strength at the right moment. Indeed, the training can be so harmonious in its nature that the entry into the higher life is relieved of everything of an agitating or tumultuous character. His experience at the Threshold will then be attended by a premonition of that felicity which is to provide the keynote of his newly awakened life. The feeling of a new freedom will outweigh all other feelings; and attended by this feeling, his new duties and responsibilities will appear as something which man, at a particular stage of life, must needs take upon himself.

1.107_-_The_Bestowal_of_a_Divine_Gift, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  The process of recession of the effect into the cause is one of the methods prescribed in the earlier sutras. It is a discriminative analysis of the causes of the activity of these vrittis which have come to the surface of consciousness at the present moment, and is a very difficult thing to practice because we cannot find out the causes when they are actually operating. Nevertheless, this is one of the methods prescribed in the sutra. When we are overwhelmed from all sides by the vrittis, we will not be allowed even to think of the causes which have given rise to this circumstance. But this overwhelming will not continue for a long time. There is an ebb and a flow of these vrittis; they are not always in the same condition. The force of the samskaras, the impressions of past experience which have been held in check for a long time by the practice of yoga, gains entry into the realm of consciousness and acts in respect of its own desired object.

1.10_-_Conscious_Force, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  16:Not only is this probable but, if we will consider things dispassionately, it is certain. In ourselves there is such a vital consciousness which acts in the cells of the body and the automatic vital functions so that we go through purposeful movements and obey attractions and repulsions to which our mind is a stranger. In animals this vital consciousness is an even more important factor. In plants it is intuitively evident. The seekings and shrinkings of the plant, its pleasure and pain, its sleep and its wakefulness and all that strange life whose truth an Indian scientist has brought to light by rigidly scientific methods, are all movements of consciousness, but, as far as we can see, not of mentality. There is then a sub-mental, a vital consciousness which has precisely the same initial reactions as the mental, but is different in the constitution of its self-experience, even as that which is superconscient is in the constitution of its selfexperience different from the mental being.
  17:Does the range of what we can call consciousness cease with the plant, with that in which we recognise the existence of a sub-animal life? If so, we must then suppose that there is a force of life and consciousness originally alien to Matter which has yet entered into and occupied Matter, - perhaps from another world.3 For whence, otherwise, can it have come? The ancient thinkers believed in the existence of such other worlds, which perhaps sustain life and consciousness in ours or even call it out by their pressure, but do not create it by their entry. Nothing can evolve out of Matter which is not therein already contained.
  18:But there is no reason to suppose that the gamut of life and consciousness fails and stops short in that which seems to us purely material. The development of recent research and thought seems to point to a sort of obscure beginning of life and perhaps a sort of inert or suppressed consciousness in the metal and in the earth and in other "inanimate" forms, or at least the first stuff of what becomes consciousness in us may be there. Only while in the plant we can dimly recognise and conceive the thing that I have called vital consciousness, the consciousness of Matter, of the inert form, is difficult indeed for us to understand or imagine, and what we find it difficult to understand or imagine we consider it our right to deny. Nevertheless, when one has pursued consciousness so far into the depths, it becomes incredible that there should be this sudden gulf in Nature. Thought has a right to suppose a unity where that unity is confessed by all other classes of phenomena and in one class only, not denied, but merely more concealed than in others. And if we suppose the unity to be unbroken, we then arrive at the existence of consciousness in all forms of the Force which is at work in the world. Even if there be no conscient or superconscient Purusha inhabiting all forms, yet is there in those forms a conscious force of being of which even their outer parts overtly or inertly partake.

1.10_-_Life_and_Death._The_Greater_Guardian_of_the_Threshold, #Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, #Rudolf Steiner, #Theosophy
   p. 255
   forth as a liberator of thy fellows. Until today thou hast striven as an individual, but now seek to coordinate thyself with the whole, so that thou mayst bring into the supersensible world not thyself alone, but all things else existing in the world of the senses. Thou wilt some day be able to unite with me, but I cannot be blessed so long as others remain unredeemed. As a separate freed being, thou wouldst fain enter at once the kingdom of the supersensible; yet thou wouldst be forced to look down on the still unredeemed beings in the physical world, having sundered thy destiny from theirs, although thou and they are inseparably united. Ye all did perforce descend into the sense-world to gather powers needed for a higher world. To separate thyself from thy fellows would mean to abuse those very powers which thou couldst not have developed save in their company. Thou couldst not have descended had they not done so; and without them the powers needed for supersensible existence would fail thee. Thou must now share with thy fellows the powers which, together with them, thou didst acquire. I shall therefore bar thine entry into the higher regions of the supersensible world so long as thou hast not applied
   p. 256

1.11_-_Oneness, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  grating that did duty for a door and again I saw Vasudeva. It was Narayana132 who was guarding and standing sentry over me. Or I lay on the coarse blankets that were given me for a couch and felt the arms of Sri Krishna around me, the arms of my Friend and Lover. . . .
  I looked at the prisoners in the jail, the thieves, the murderers, the swindlers, and as I looked at them I saw Vasudeva, it was Narayana whom I found in these darkened souls and misused bodies. 133 That experience would never again leave Sri Aurobindo. During the six months the trial lasted, with its two hundred-odd witnesses and four thousand pieces of evidence, Sri Aurobindo was locked every day in an iron cage in the middle of the courtroom, but it was no longer a hostile crowd or judges that he saw: When the case opened . . . I was followed by the same insight. He said to me, "When you were cast into jail, did not your heart fail and did not you cry out to me, where is Thy protection? Look now at the Magistrate, look now at the Prosecuting Counsel." I looked and it was not the magistrate whom I

1.17_-_The_Transformation, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  gardens; rice fields; workshops for cars, tractors and trucks; an X-ray department and an operating room. Every conceivable human activity was represented. The Ashram was a microcosm. One could be a baker,
  too, or wash dishes, or try one's hand at carpentry, if one believed in the virtues of simple work. But there was no hierarchy among these activities; none was remunerated, nor was any considered superior to any other. All the practical necessities of life were provided for by the Mother to each person according to his or her needs. The only essential task was to discover the truth of one's being, for which the external work was merely a pretext or a means. It was remarkable, in fact, to observe people changing activities as their consciousness awakened; soon, all the values attached to the former profession would fall away, and because money no longer had any meaning, one who considered himself a doctor, say, found that he was really more comfortable as an artisan, while a man with no particular education might discover that he had a talent for poetry or painting, or might

1.18_-_The_Importance_of_our_Conventional_Greetings,_etc., #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  The practice of Liber III vel Jugorum*[AC26] is the complement of these grouped customs. By sharp physical self-chastisement when you think, say, or do whatever it is that you have set yourself to avoid doing, you set a sentry at the gate of your mind ready to challenge all comers, and so you acquire the habit of being on the alert. Keep this in mind, and you will have no difficulty in following the argument of this letter.

1.20_-_The_Hound_of_Heaven, #The Secret Of The Veda, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The Secret of the Veda
   seven seers set them moving forward (or upwards towards the supreme), they found the entire path (goal or field of travel) of the Truth; knowing those (supreme seats of the Truth) Indra by the obeisance entered into them," satr abhi dhra atr.ndan, praca ahinvan manasa sapta viprah.; visvam avindan pathyam r.tasya, prajanann it ta namasa vivesa. This is, as usual, the great birth, the great light, the great divine movement of the Truthknowledge with the finding of the goal and the entry of the gods and the seers into the supreme planes above. Next we have the part of Sarama in this work. "When Sarama found the broken place of the hill, he (or perhaps she, Sarama) made continuous the great and supreme goal. She, the fair-footed, led him to the front of the imperishable ones (the unslayable cows of the
  Dawn); first she went, knowing, towards their cry." It is again the Intuition that leads; knowing, she speeds at once and in front of all towards the voice of the concealed illuminations, towards the place where the hill so firmly formed and impervious in appearance (vl.u, dr.d.ha) is broken and can admit the seekers.
   own doors," pra sunr.ta disamana r.tena duras ca visva avr.n.od apa svah.; that is to say, he opens the doors of his own world,
  Swar, after breaking open by his entry into our darkness (antah. gat) the "human doors" kept closed by the Panis.

1.21_-_Chih_Men's_Lotus_Flower,_Lotus_Leaves, #The Blue Cliff Records, #Yuanwu Keqin, #Zen
  different? If you can see this way, I'll grant that you've had an
  entry. Nevertheless, if you say it's the same, you confuse your
  buddha-nature and becloud true thusness. If you say it's differ

1.23_-_The_Double_Soul_in_Man, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  4:That term is something in us which we sometimes call in a special sense the soul, - that is to say, the psychic principle which is not the life or the mind, much less the body, but which holds in itself the opening and flowering of the essence of all these to their own peculiar delight of self, to light, to love, to joy and beauty and to a refined purity of being. In fact, however, there is a double soul or psychic term in us, as every other cosmic principle in us is also double. For we have two minds, one the surface mind of our expressed evolutionary ego, the superficial mentality created by us in our emergence out of Matter, another a subliminal mind which is not hampered by our actual mental life and its strict limitations, something large, powerful and luminous, the true mental being behind that superficial form of mental personality which we mistake for ourselves. So also we have two lives, one outer, involved in the physical body, bound by its past evolution in Matter, which lives and was born and will die, the other a subliminal force of life which is not cabined between the narrow boundaries of our physical birth and death, but is our true vital being behind the form of living which we ignorantly take for our real existence. Even in the matter of our being there is this duality; for behind our body we have a subtler material existence which provides the substance not only of our physical but of our vital and mental sheaths and is therefore our real substance supporting this physical form which we erroneously imagine to be the whole body of our spirit. So too we have a double psychic entity in us, the surface desire-soul which works in our vital cravings, our emotions, aesthetic faculty and mental seeking for power, knowledge and happiness, and a subliminal psychic entity, a pure power of light, love, joy and refined essence of being which is our true soul behind the outer form of psychic existence we so often dignify by the name. It is when some reflection of this larger and purer psychic entity comes to the surface that we say of a man, he has a soul, and when it is absent in his outward psychic life that we say of him, he has no soul.
  5:The external forms of our being are those of our small egoistic existence; the subliminal are the formations of our larger true individuality. Therefore are these that concealed part of our being in which our individuality is close to our universality, touches it, is in constant relation and commerce with it. The subliminal mind in us is open to the universal knowledge of the cosmic Mind, the subliminal life in us to the universal force of the cosmic Life, the subliminal physicality in us to the universal forceformation of cosmic Matter; the thick walls which divide from these things our surface mind, life, body and which Nature has to pierce with so much trouble, so imperfectly and by so many skilful-clumsy physical devices, are there, in the subliminal, only a rarefied medium at once of separation and communication. So too is the subliminal soul in us open to the universal delight which the cosmic soul takes in its own existence and in the existence of the myriad souls that represent it and in the operations of mind, life and matter by which Nature lends herself to their play and development; but from this cosmic delight the surface soul is shut off by egoistic walls of great thickness which have indeed gates of penetration, but in their entry through them the touches of the divine cosmic Delight become dwarfed, distorted or have to come in masked as their own opposites.
  6:It follows that in this surface or desire-soul there is no true soul-life, but a psychic deformation and wrong reception of the touch of things. The malady of the world is that the individual cannot find his real soul, and the root-cause of this malady is again that he cannot meet in his embrace of things outward the real soul of the world in which he lives. He seeks to find there the essence of being, the essence of power, the essence of conscious-existence, the essence of delight, but receives instead a crowd of contradictory touches and impressions. If he could find that essence, he would find also the one universal being, power, conscious existence and delight even in this throng of touches and impressions; the contradictions of what seems would be reconciled in the unity and harmony of the Truth that reaches out to us in these contacts. At the same time he would find his own true soul and through it his self, because the true soul is his self's delegate and his self and the self of the world are one. But this he cannot do because of the egoistic ignorance in the mind of thought, the heart of emotion, the sense which responds to the touch of things not by a courageous and wholehearted embrace of the world, but by a flux of reachings and shrinkings, cautious approaches or eager rushes and sullen or discontented or panic or angry recoils according as the touch pleases or displeases, comforts or alarms, satisfies or dissatisfies. It is the desire-soul that by its wrong reception of life becomes the cause of a triple misinterpretation of the rasa, the delight in things, so that, instead of figuring the pure essential joy of being, it comes rendered unequally into the three terms of pleasure, pain and indifference.
  13:Even as between the other divided and opposed terms of manifested Being, so also a supramental consciousness-energy could alone establish a perfect harmony between these two terms - apparently opposite only because of the Ignorance - of spirit status and world dynamism in our embodied existence. In the Ignorance Nature centres the order of her psychological movements, not around the secret spiritual self, but around its substitute, the ego-principle: a certain ego-centrism is the basis on which we bind together our experiences and relations in the midst of the complex contacts, contradictions, dualities, incoherences of the world in which we live; this ego-centrism is our rock of safety against the cosmic and the infinite, our defence. But in our spiritual change we have to forego this defence; ego has to vanish, the person finds itself dissolved into a vast impersonality, and in this impersonality there is at first no key to an ordered dynamism of action. A very usual result is that one is divided into two parts of being, the spiritual within, the natural without; in one there is the divine realisation seated in a perfect inner freedom, but the natural part goes on with the old action of Nature, continues by a mechanical movement of past energies her already transmitted impulse. Even, if there is an entire dissolution of the limited person and the old ego-centric order, the outer nature may become the field of an apparent incoherence, although all within is luminous with the Self. Thus we become outwardly inert and inactive, moved by circumstance or forces but not self-mobile,9 even though the consciousness is enlightened within, or as a child though within is a plenary self-knowledge,10 or as one inconsequent in thought and impulse though within is an utter calm and serenity,11 or as the wild and disordered soul though inwardly there is the purity and poise of the Spirit.12 Or if there is an ordered dynamism in the outward nature, it may be a continuation of superficial ego-action witnessed but not accepted by the inner being, or a mental dynamism that cannot be perfectly expressive of the inner spiritual realisation; for there is no equipollence between action of mind and status of spirit. Even at the best where there is an intuitive guidance of Light from within, the nature of its expression in dynamism of action must be marked with the imperfections of mind, life and body, a King with incapable ministers, a Knowledge expressed in the values of the Ignorance. Only the descent of the Supermind with its perfect unity of Truth-Knowledge and Truth-Will can establish in the outer as in the inner existence the harmony of the Spirit; for it alone can turn the values of the Ignorance entirely into the values of the Knowledge.
  14:In the fulfilment of our psychic being as in the consummation of our parts of mind and life, it is the relating of it to its divine source, to its correspondent truth in the Supreme Reality, that is the indispensable movement; and, here too as there, it is by the power of the Supermind that it can be done with an integral completeness, an intimacy that becomes an authentic identity; for it is the Supermind which links the higher and the lower hemispheres of the One Existence. In Supermind is the integrating Light, the consummating Force, the wide entry into the supreme Ananda: the psychic being uplifted by that Light and Force can unite itself with the original Delight of existence from which it came: overcoming the dualities of pain and pleasure, delivering from all fear and shrinking the mind, life and body, it can recast the contacts of existence in the world into terms of the Divine Ananda.

1.240_-_1.300_Talks, #Talks, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Its entry into the Heart is signified by a peculiar sensation perceptible to the Mahatma - similar to the tinkling of a bell.

1.240_-_Talks_2, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Heart to rest in eternal Peace, which is the same as Liberation.
  Its entry into the Heart is signified by a peculiar sensation perceptible to the Mahatma - similar to the tinkling of a bell.
  When Maharshi attended on Palaniswami on his death-bed, He took away His hand after the above signal. But Palaniswamis eyes opened immediately, signifying that the spirit had escaped through them, thereby indicating a higher rebirth, but not Liberation.

1.28_-_Supermind,_Mind_and_the_Overmind_Maya, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  2:Still there is one aspect of this problem which must be immediately considered; it is the gulf created between Mind as we know it and the supramental Truth-Consciousness of which we have found Mind in its origin to be a subordinate process. For this gulf is considerable and, if there are no gradations between the two levels of consciousness, a transition from one to the other, either in the descending involution of Spirit into Matter or the corresponding evolution in Matter of the concealed grades leading back to the Spirit, seems in the highest degree improbable, if not impossible. For Mind as we know it is a power of the Ignorance seeking for Truth, groping with difficulty to find it, reaching only mental constructions and representations of it in word and idea, in mind formations, sense formations, - as if bright or shadowy photographs or films of a distant Reality were all that it could achieve. Supermind, on the contrary, is in actual and natural possession of the Truth and its formations are forms of the Reality, not constructions, representations or indicative figures. No doubt, the evolving Mind in us is hampered by its encasement in the obscurity of this life and body, and the original Mind principle in the involutionary descent is a thing of greater power to which we have not fully reached, able to act with freedom in its own sphere or province, to build more revelatory constructions, more minutely inspired formations, more subtle and significant embodiments in which the light of Truth is present and palpable. But still that too is not likely to be essentially different in its characteristic action, for it too is a movement into the Ignorance, not a still unseparated portion of the Truth-Consciousness. There must be somewhere in the descending and ascending scale of Being an intermediate power and plane of consciousness, perhaps something more than that, something with an original creative force, through which the involutionary transition from Mind in the Knowledge to Mind in the Ignorance was effected and through which again the evolutionary reverse transition becomes intelligible and possible. For the involutionary transition this intervention is a logical imperative, for the evolutionary it is a practical necessity. For in the evolution there are indeed radical transitions, from indeterminate Energy to organised Matter, from inanimate Matter to Life, from a subconscious or submental to a perceptive and feeling and acting Life, from primitive animal mentality to conceptive reasoning Mind observing and governing Life and observing itself also, able to act as an independent entity and even to seek consciously for self-transcendence; but these leaps, even when considerable, are to some extent prepared by slow gradations which make them conceivable and feasible. There can be no such immense hiatus as seems to exist between supramental Truth-Consciousness and the Mind in the Ignorance.
  3:But if such intervening gradations exist, it is clear that they must be superconscient to human mind which does not seem to have in its normal state any entry into these higher grades of being. Man is limited in his consciousness by mind and even by a given range or scale of mind: what is below his mind, submental or mental but nether to his scale, readily seems to him subconscious or not distinguishable from complete inconscience; what is above it is to him superconscious and he is almost inclined to regard it as void of awareness, a sort of luminous Inconscience. Just as he is limited to a certain scale of sounds or of colours and what is above or below that scale is to him inaudible and invisible or at least indistinguishable, so is it with his scale of mental consciousness, confined at either extremity by an incapacity which marks his upper and his nether limit. He has no sufficient means of communication even with the animal who is his mental congener, though not his equal, and he is even capable of denying mind or real consciousness to it because its modes are other and narrower than those with which in himself and his kind he is familiar; he can observe submental being from outside but cannot at all communicate with it or enter intimately into its nature. Equally the superconscious is to him a closed book which may well be filled only with empty pages. At first sight, then, it would appear as if he had no means of contact with these higher gradations of consciousness: if so, they cannot act as links or bridges and his evolution must cease with his accomplished mental range and cannot exceed it; Nature in drawing these limits has written finis to his upward endeavour.
  4:But when we look more closely, we perceive that this normality is deceptive and that in fact there are several directions in which human mind reaches beyond itself, tends towards selfexceeding; these are precisely the necessary lines of contact or veiled or half-veiled passages which connect it with higher grades of consciousness of the self-manifesting Spirit. First, we have noted the place Intuition occupies in the human means of knowledge, and Intuition is in its very nature a projection of the characteristic action of these higher grades into the mind of Ignorance. It is true that in human mind its action is largely hidden by the interventions of our normal intelligence; a pure intuition is a rare occurrence in our mental activity: for what we call by the name is usually a point of direct knowledge which is immediately caught and coated over with mental stuff, so that it serves only as an invisible or a very tiny nucleus of a crystallisation which is in its mass intellectual or otherwise mental in character; or else the flash of intuition is quickly replaced or intercepted, before it has a chance of manifesting itself, by a rapid imitative mental movement, insight or quick perception or some swift-leaping process of thought which owes its appearance to the stimulus of the coming intuition but obstructs its entry or covers it with a substituted mental suggestion true or erroneous but in either case not the authentic intuitive movement. Nevertheless, the fact of this intervention from above, the fact that behind all our original thinking or authentic perception of things there is a veiled, a halfveiled or a swift unveiled intuitive element is enough to establish a connection between mind and what is above it; it opens a passage of communication and of entry into the superior spiritranges. There is also the reaching out of mind to exceed the personal ego limitation, to see things in a certain impersonality and universality. Impersonality is the first character of cosmic self; universality, non-limitation by the single or limiting point of view, is the character of cosmic perception and knowledge: this tendency is therefore a widening, however rudimentary, of these restricted mind areas towards cosmicity, towards a quality which is the very character of the higher mental planes, - towards that superconscient cosmic Mind which, we have suggested, must in the nature of things be the original mind-action of which ours is only a derivative and inferior process. Again, there is not an entire absence of penetration from above into our mental limits. The phenomena of genius are really the result of such a penetration, - veiled no doubt, because the light of the superior consciousness not only acts within narrow limits, usually in a special field, without any regulated separate organisation of its characteristic energies, often indeed quite fitfully, erratically and with a supernormal or abnormal irresponsible governance, but also in entering the mind it subdues and adapts itself to mind substance so that it is only a modified or diminished dynamis that reaches us, not all the original divine luminosity of what might be called the overhead consciousness beyond us.
  Still the phenomena of inspiration, of revelatory vision or of intuitive perception and intuitive discernment, surpassing our less illumined or less powerful normal mind-action, are there and their origin is unmistakable. Finally, there is the vast and multitudinous field of mystic and spiritual experience, and here the gates already lie wide open to the possibility of extending our consciousness beyond its present limits, - unless, indeed, by an obscurantism that refuses to inquire or an attachment to our boundaries of mental normality we shut them or turn away from the vistas they open before us. But in our present investigation we cannot afford to neglect the possibilities which these domains of mankind's endeavour bring near to us, or the added knowledge of oneself and of the veiled Reality which is their gift to human mind, the greater light which arms them with the right to act upon us and is the innate power of their existence.
  5:There are two successive movements of consciousness, difficult but well within our capacity, by which we can have access to the superior gradations of our conscious existence. There is first a movement inward by which, instead of living in our surface mind, we break the wall between our external and our now subliminal self; this can be brought about by a gradual effort and discipline or by a vehement transition, sometimes a forceful involuntary rupture, - the latter by no means safe for the limited human mind accustomed to live securely only within its normal limits, - but in either way, safe or unsafe, the thing can be done. What we discover within this secret part of ourselves is an inner being, a soul, an inner mind, an inner life, an inner subtle-physical entity which is much larger in its potentialities, more plastic, more powerful, more capable of a manifold knowledge and dynamism than our surface mind, life or body; especially, it is capable of a direct communication with the universal forces, movements, objects of the cosmos, a direct feeling and opening to them, a direct action on them and even a widening of itself beyond the limits of the personal mind, the personal life, the body, so that it feels itself more and more a universal being no longer limited by the existing walls of our too narrow mental, vital, physical existence. This widening can extend itself to a complete entry into the consciousness of cosmic Mind, into unity with the universal Life, even into a oneness with universal Matter. That, however, is still an identification either with a diminished cosmic truth or with the cosmic Ignorance.
  6:But once this entry into the inner being is accomplished, the inner Self is found to be capable of an opening, an ascent upwards into things beyond our present mental level; that is the second spiritual possibility in us. The first most ordinary result is a discovery of a vast static and silent Self which we feel to be our real or our basic existence, the foundation of all else that we are. There may be even an extinction, a Nirvana both of our active being and of the sense of self into a Reality that is indefinable and inexpressible. But also we can realise that this self is not only our own spiritual being but the true self of all others; it presents itself then as the underlying truth of cosmic existence. It is possible to remain in a Nirvana of all individuality, to stop at a static realisation or, regarding the cosmic movement as a superficial play or illusion imposed on the silent Self, to pass into some supreme immobile and immutable status beyond the universe. But another less negative line of supernormal experience also offers itself; for there takes place a large dynamic descent of light, knowledge, power, bliss or other supernormal energies into our self of silence, and we can ascend too into higher regions of the Spirit where its immobile status is the foundation of those great and luminous energies. It is evident in either case that we have risen beyond the mind of Ignorance into a spiritual state; but, in the dynamic movement, the resultant greater action of Consciousness-Force may present itself either simply as a pure spiritual dynamis not otherwise determinate in its character or it may reveal a spiritual mind-range where mind is no longer ignorant of the Reality, - not yet a supermind level, but deriving from the supramental Truth-Consciousness and still luminous with something of its knowledge.
  7:It is in the latter alternative that we find the secret we are seeking, the means of the transition, the needed step towards a supramental transformation; for we perceive a graduality of ascent, a communication with a more and more deep and immense light and power from above, a scale of intensities which can be regarded as so many stairs in the ascension of Mind or in a descent into Mind from That which is beyond it. We are aware of a sealike downpour of masses of a spontaneous knowledge which assumes the nature of Thought but has a different character from the process of thought to which we are accustomed; for there is nothing here of seeking, no trace of mental construction, no labour of speculation or difficult discovery; it is an automatic and spontaneous knowledge from a Higher Mind that seems to be in possession of Truth and not in search of hidden and withheld realities. One observes that this Thought is much more capable than the mind of including at once a mass of knowledge in a single view; it has a cosmic character, not the stamp of an individual thinking. Beyond this Truth-Thought we can distinguish a greater illumination instinct with an increased power and intensity and driving force, a luminosity of the nature of Truth-Sight with thought formulation as a minor and dependent activity. If we accept the Vedic image of the Sun of Truth, - an image which in this experience becomes a reality, - we may compare the action of the Higher Mind to a composed and steady sunshine, the energy of the Illumined Mind beyond it to an outpouring of massive lightnings of flaming sun-stuff. Still beyond can be met a yet greater power of the Truth-Force, an intimate and exact Truth-vision, Truth-thought, Truth-sense, Truth-feeling, Truthaction, to which we can give in a special sense the name of Intuition; for though we have applied that word for want of a better to any supra-intellectual direct way of knowing, yet what we actually know as intuition is only one special movement of self-existent knowledge. This new range is its origin; it imparts to our intuitions something of its own distinct character and is very clearly an intermediary of a greater Truth-Light with which our mind cannot directly communicate. At the source of this Intuition we discover a superconscient cosmic Mind in direct contact with the Supramental Truth-Consciousness, an original intensity determinant of all movements below it and all mental energies, - not Mind as we know it, but an Overmind that covers as with the wide wings of some creative Oversoul this whole lower hemisphere of Knowledge-Ignorance, links it with that greater Truth-Consciousness while yet at the same time with its brilliant golden Lid it veils the face of the greater Truth from our sight, intervening with its flood of infinite possibilities as at once an obstacle and a passage in our seeking of the spiritual law of our existence, its highest aim, its secret Reality. This then is the occult link we were looking for; this is the Power that at once connects and divides the supreme Knowledge and the cosmic Ignorance.

1.3.01_-_Peace_The_Basis_of_the_Sadhana, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The depression and vital struggle must have been due to some defect of over-eagerness and straining for a result in your former effort - so that when a fall in the consciousness came it was a depressed, disappointed and confused vital that came to the surface giving full entry to the suggestions of doubt, despair and inertia from the adverse side of Nature. You have to move towards a firm basis of calm and equality in the vital and

1.3_-_Mundaka_Upanishads, #Kena and Other Upanishads, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Kena and Other Upanishads: Part One
  into which the life-force has made its fivefold entry: all the
  conscious heart of creatures is shot through and inwoven

1.40_-_Coincidence, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  Everything that happens, no matter what, is an inconceivably improbable coincidence. You remember how you had to begin when you first came to me for help. I said to you, "Here are you, and no other person, come to see me, and no other person, in this room, and no other room, at this time, and not other time. Hod did that come about?" The answer to that question is the first entry in your Magical Diary: and, with a slightly different object in view, the first step in the practice of Liber Thisharb and the acquisition of Magical Memory.

1.42_-_This_Self_Introversion, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  The original key-entry also contained a transcription of a handwritten note which was made completely unintelligible by a number of omissions, either of illegible words or of symbols which could not be rendered in ASCII. It ran thusly:

1.49_-_Thelemic_Morality, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  Who is going to balance that entry in his Karmic account? Might not even his willingness to give up his prospects of advance justify his title to go forward? The curious, complex, obscure and formidable path that he has chosen may quite conceivably be his best short cut to the City of the Pyramids!

1.51_-_How_to_Recognise_Masters,_Angels,_etc.,_and_how_they_Work, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  The ground was completely cut away from under my feet. I remained for two whole days meditating on the situation in performing, in fact, a sort of supplementary Sammasati to that of 1905. Having the knack of it, I reached a very clear conclusion without too much difficulty. The essence of the situation was that the Secret Chiefs meant to hold me to my obligation. I understood that the disaster and misery of the last three years was due to my attempt to evade my duty. I surrendered unconditionally, as appears from the entry of July 1.
  The next entry is dated Sunday, February 1.
    Kindly read over the entry of January 12 with care exceeding. Now then: On Friday, January 30, I went to Paris, to buy pencils, Mandarin, a palette, Napoleon Brandy, canvases and other appurtenances of the artist's dismal trade. I took occasion to call upon an old mistress of mine, Jane Chron, concerning who see Equinox Vol. I, "Three Poems." She has never had the slightest interest in occult matters, and she has never done any work in her life, even of the needlework order. I had seen her once before since my escape from America, and she said she had something to show me, but I took no particular notice, and she did not insist. My object in calling on this second occasion was multiple: I wanted to see the man with whom she is living, who has not yet returned from Russia; I wanted to make love to her; and wanted to smoke a few pipes of opium with her, she being a devotee of that great and terrible God.
    For observe, how closely the Words of my entry of January 12 describe the sign, "the omnipresence of my body." And there She was in the last place in the world where one would have sought Her.

1.57_-_Beings_I_have_Seen_with_my_Physical_Eye, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  I hailed them cheerfully at first I thought they were some of the local nobility and gentry of a type I had not yet encountered; but they took no notice, just went on playing about. They were still at it when I reached my cousin, sheltering behind some boulders at the foot of the slope; and I saw no more of them.

2.01_-_Indeterminates,_Cosmic_Determinations_and_the_Indeterminable, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  At the stage when from the mental it has to move towards its supramental status, one most liberatingly helpful, if not indispensable experience that may intervene is the entry into a total Nirvana of mentality and mental ego, a passage into the silence of the Spirit. In any case, a realisation of the pure Self must always precede the transition to that mediating eminence of the consciousness from which a clear vision of the ascending and descending stairs of manifested existence is commanded and the possession of the free power of ascent and descent becomes a spiritual prerogative. An independent completeness of identity with each of the primal aspects and powers - not narrowing as in the mind into a sole engrossing experience seeming to be final and integral, for that would be incompatible with the realisation of the unity of all aspects and powers of existence is a capacity inherent in consciousness in the Infinite; that indeed is the base and justification of the overmind cognition and its will to carry each aspect, each power, each possibility to its independent fullness. But the Supermind keeps always and in every status or condition the spiritual realisation of the Unity of all; the intimate presence of that unity is there even within the completest grasp of each thing, each state given its whole delight of itself, power and value: there is thus no losing sight of the affirmative aspects even when there is the full acceptance of the truth of the negative. The Overmind keeps still the sense of this underlying Unity; that is for it the secure base of the independent experience. In Mind the knowledge of the unity of all aspects is lost on the surface, the consciousness is plunged into engrossing, exclusive separate affirmations; but there too, even in the Mind's ignorance, the total reality still remains behind the exclusive absorption and can be recovered in the form of a profound mental intuition or else in the idea or sentiment of an underlying truth of integral oneness; in the spiritual mind this can develop into an ever-present experience.

2.02_-_Meeting_With_the_Goddess, #The Hero with a Thousand Faces, #Joseph Campbell, #Mythology
  one, to look for water. Fergus was the first: "and he lights on a
  well, over which he finds an old woman standing sentry. The
  fashion of the hag is this: blacker than coal every joint and seg

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