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planes :::
Mixing of Worlds
Savitri's Tower
the permanent dwelling-place of Sri Aurobindo ::: which exists in the subtle physical (what Sri Aurobin
do called the true physical).
the Heavens
the Garden
the Palace
the Castle
the Playground
the City
the Training Grounds
the School ::: the Student, the Teacher, the Curriculum, the Books, the Study
the Academy
the Passage
the Forest
the Labyrinth
the Maze
the Maze of Nightmares
the Path
the Tower
the Tower of MEM ::: the first floor
the Place where ... comes from ::: She, visions, beauty
the Place where ... is ::: She, truth, good, love, peace, the Psychic Being, the Future
the Place where ... are ::: the Gods
the Place where Sri Aurobindo is ::: the subtle-physical
the wish-granting Place
the Sanctuary ::: the Door, the Key
the Refuge
the Circle
the Island
the Temple ::: the Altar, the Priest, the Sacrifice, the Book, the Word, the Inner Sanctum
the Inner Sanctum ::: the Psychic Being, the Mother
the Library ::: the Complete Catalog, the Librarian
the Library ::: cwsa, mcw, media, dictionaries, lib
the World, the Worlds
the Battlefield
the Cave
the Underground
the Prison ::: the Prisoner, the Cell
the Cell
the Dungeon
the Ruins
the Graveyard
the Crypt
the Abyss
the Void
the City of Pyramids
the Place

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places (list)
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