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object:places (from OWRPG)

The Academy, The Library, The Curriculum, The Temple, The Path, The Aim, Gods, God, The Player, The Character Sheet, Classes, Home, My Room, My Desk, My Wor
kshop, The Quest, The World Map, The Order, The Palace?, The Bank?, The Town Center, The City, The Call, The Marketplace, The Clubhouse*, The Underground, Th
e Forum?, The Lab?, The Playground, The Void?, The Courthouse?, The Residence, The Abyss, The Darkness, The Light, The Agency?, The World, The Heavens, Heave
n, The Infinite? Tower, The Infinite? Dungeon
heaven > world, world > heaven; + heaven, where the gods design and build the universe. help players ?!
city of darkness > the abyss/night > heaven:make city of darkness twisted and fucking scary. "welcome to heavens shadow"
space? > temple of time
minotaurs lair > labyrinth > mountain > mountain-top / air shrine > mountain-valley > the white tower + city in the air
forest? > graveyard > crypt > hidden > blood altar?
the eastern desert > the black tower > between worlds < white tower
main town (on top of mountain? (ie safer from evil?) in a cave? dwarf fortress style?)
main town > badtown > assassins guild > undertown? (maybe not in main town)
+ guilds, the castle, market, academy, library, temple, arena
+ outside of town?
+ dark underground town (less dark then the CoD)(beings is essentially slaves of a lesser demon?) (demons can manifest easiest in darkness?)
+ mages guild, alchemy guild, shrines, city of pyramids,
+ dungeonsSTORY:

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places (from OWRPG)
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