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the bookshelf, authors(people)
Integral Yoga
Integral Theory
YOGAs [the Chakra Model]
self knowledge - journal entries and reviews
my philosophies? [Life as an RPG, value ease time]
my works[evernote, big book,
my practices[lock picking, ballet, dance, song]
English+language [Quotes (to be interpreted), GODWARD INQUIRY, Words of Power, Q+A] POETRY
technology: [computer science, my program / DEFINE
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 1, MIT
computer shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts for evernote
OS [Ubuntu, Command Prompt / Terminal, programs, Windows, windows 10 programs - SSD,
wildcards, , kvm switch, data mining / macros, future
expressive + art:, dance, acting? song, ballet, gymnastics, martial arts
science: (objectifying behavior)
biology to chemistry, to math, physics, poly science, philosophy and lingusitics, mechanical engineering, to even mu
sic and theatre arts and neuroscience
Mind Maps, VALUE OF ALL SORTS TO BE SORTED, PURPOSE, Contemplation, INJUNCTIONS: This is , here the fucking magic ha
ppens, Wikipedia
on desire> DESIRE-VITAL
on the lower nature
On willpower, On sex and premature ejaculation, On drugs, On women, on pornography, On waking, INJ: MASTURBATION
MOTIVATION: hijacking desire, TIME, AUROBINDO, BOOKS, Chakra Model, contemplate, Daily Topics and Articles, GODWARD
MAGICK, Life as an RPG, Mind Maps, PURPOSE, QOL, QUOTES, Realizations, SPIRITUALITY, Words of Power, value ease time
, YOGA, essential verses (not necc auro?) DAILY RECITATION, places? COMMITMENT: The Power of Choice/Decision and Sacr
ifice+ THE NEXUS POINT? + obstacles (about me? shadow?) THE SYNTHESIS OF YOGA) Video Games + l&l center + DWD
Main article: List of Dewey Decimal classes
(From DDC 23[41])
000 - General works, Computer science and Information
100 - Philosophy and psychology
200 - Religion
300 - Social sciences
400 - Language
500 - Pure Science
600 - Technology
700 - Arts & recreation
800 - Literature
900 - History & geography

extended table of contents, not of study but of all of theory?
on effective drug use
Ideas: can form concepts
lojong - buddhist mind training
Breath and the body-mind connection
Subjective Harmony
neuroscience, business,
see favorite wikipedia page
Each section must be my favorite
for there are some concepts
(collection of interconnected ideas) that
are so fantastic, so wonderful it
is ridiculous.
May I be aware of this always.
The Journey -
ATTRIBUTES: Lines of Development
LEVELS: Divine Human Potential
THEOS: Key Concepts and Ideas

Concentration and Renunciation
on consciousness and on energy
technology and spirituality(exploring the technium)
the singularity
moving toward the casual

key concepts:highest value
Topics / articles
Breath and the body-mind connection
Subjective Harmony
Holonic Theory - everything is a whole and a part
chakra model
moving toward the casual
on effective drug use
Ideas: can form concepts
Quotations to be interpreted
life as an RPG - objectifying behavior
Integral Theory - all perspectives are true but partial
lojong - buddhist mind training
see favorite wikipedia page
Each section must be my favorite
for there are some concepts
(collection of interconnected ideas) that
are so fantastic, so wonderful it
is ridiculous.
May I be aware of this always.
The Journey -
value ease time
Concentration and Renunciation
on consciousness and on energy
technology and spirituality(exploring the technium)
the singularity
life coaching
3rd Life: augmentation, neuroscience and biofeedback
learning and education
nutrition and yoga
passport / profile
proper social networking/ kijiji/ dating websites
integral theory
on intention and on consequence
on involution and on evolution
on commitment and on freedom
the synthesis of yoga
sleep and dream yoga
cultivate burning motivation
alchemy: conscious chemistry
learning how to learn
book summaries
my injunctions (ILP) my journey towards being
state changing
a modern day polymath with:
math, physics, chemistry,
biology, psychology,
philosophy, nutrition, programming,
language, engineering, drama, web design
Topics/ articles
Drugs, dreams and death.
Any injunction or attribute or element of the way

subjective harmony:
If I want to achieve subjective harmony then I must be a master of chaos which includes an openness to more. What ha
rmony is already present?
Jnana yoga for right perception. Equanimity with experience. Mastery of the mind. Detachment from feeling.
Awareness of thoughts, feeling, language and all attributes to understand their interaction.
Application of knowledge gained to test it.
No thought exists completely independently, thus any thought may be a reflection of the whole of my being.
Can subjective harmony exist without harmony in the other four quadrants?
Define words.
Harmony is functional fit, relating to wholeness and order.
Does happiness relate to harmony? Does suffering? Harmony exists in the relative and absolute?
How can I learn to hold all of the primary attributes in my awareness?
Can I have subjective harmony if my mind and body don't properly communicate. Harmony is a relational quality becaus
e it has to do with how components work together. Wholeness can't exist without the collective. Do I want order to th
e exclusion of disorder? Witnessing allows for detachment from the chaos? Or perspective or belief?
Seeing the selfishness of my self allows me to see it in others more. Which is disgusting in others which means it's
disgusting in myself.
Holonic Theory
The concept of a holon came from the writings of Arthur Koestler. He observed that it seems every entity and concept
shares a dual nature: as a whole unto itself, and as a part of some other whole. For example, a cell in an organism
is a whole and at the same time a part of another whole, the organism.
Another example is that a letter is a self-existing entity and simultaneously an integral part of a word, which then
is part of a sentence, which is part of a paragraph, which is part of a page; and so on. Benefits can come from taki
ng this perspective towards anything from quarks to matter to energy to ideas in this way.
For if everything is a holon, then the universe is infinite in depth and span. Span; because galaxies are a part of
the universe and the universe part of the multiverse. and it is possible the multiverse is a part of another whole. I
n regards to depth because the smallest known thing (or part) that we are aware of often changes to smaller forms of
The tendency many people have is to see only a single variable in any complex whole and reduce it down to just one v
ariable. My favorite example of this reductionism are scientists that reduce all thoughts, relationships and systems
into pure physical objects.
meta-theories > theories > concepts > ideas

Ideas: can form concepts :
on effective drug use
"this too will end"
highs and lows are opportunities to touch into witnessing presence.
weird ass shit will happen, but what is it a distraction from?
drug combos
what drugs provide, as i see it, are temporary buffers and limitations on different parts of ones being. These chang
es allow for certain things to be done more easily or difficultly. Drugs like methamphetamine (speed) for example, gi
ve one a near unlimited supply of energy, willpower and if smoked euphoria. This makes for focused work very easy and
teaches one how hard one could potentially work. Drugs like MDMA for example, give one a boost of energy and intense
overwhelming feelings of bliss, peace, love and ecstasy. This allows one to give oneself and others love easily, mak
es for any activity to be enjoyable and allows for potentially safe and highly effective psychotherapy.
if the brain develops emotionally first then do dogs have a primarily emotional relationship? also we can make frien
ds without the rational. should they be worked inside out or inside out?
BUSINESS (see work in attributes)
3d printing? hiring someone else who has a 3d printer
getting a line of credit and paying someone 10-20 per hour to work on my book? ie 500-5000 hours of man labour :O
cell phones
math training software based on my exponents book
Masculine and feminine:
The switching back and forth based on the other.

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