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object:the Bad
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what is bad?
is there bad?
depending on the view id imagine. but ultimately it is God manifesting himself for his joy but there are potentially infinite hells to make into heavens, and infinite heavens to build in and of many worlds.


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the Bad


QUOTES [8 / 8 - 500 / 3521]

KEYS (10k)

   4 The Mother
   1 Velimir Khlebnikov
   1 Sri Aurobindo
   1 Chogyam Trungpa
   1 Abd Al-Qadir al-Jilani


   7 Anonymous
   6 Sherrilyn Kenyon
   5 Stephen King
   4 Terry Pratchett
   4 R J Palacio
   3 Seanan McGuire
   3 Scott Hall
   3 Ralph Waldo Emerson
   3 Mehmet Murat ildan
   3 Kristen Ashley
   3 Friedrich Nietzsche
   3 Chuck Palahniuk
   3 Cassandra Clare
   3 Abraham Lincoln
   2 William Shakespeare
   2 Tom Stoppard
   2 Sylvia Day
   2 Stephenie Meyer
   2 Rick Yancey
   2 Publilius Syrus

1:The bad news is you're falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there's no ground.
   ~ Chogyam Trungpa,
2:Desire is the badge of subjection with its attendant discord and suffering. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Isha Upanishad: The Inhabiting Godhead, Life and Action,
3:But every line we write breathes victory and challenge, the bad temper of a conqueror, underground explosions, howls. We are a volcano. We vomit forth black smoke.
The heavens open and out comes an imposing
Pile of garbage; it looks a lot like Leo Tolstoy ~ Velimir Khlebnikov,
4:A part of my being has developed the bad habit of feeling miserable after Pranam. It gets jealous of certain people. Don't you think I should have the strength to reject this obstacle?

   Certainly - but then you must do it in all sincerity and not accept these movements of jealousy in any way.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
5:Certainty [of faith] will remain incomplete as long as there is an atom of love of this world in the heart. When faith has become certitude, certitude has become knowingness, and knowingness has become Knowledge, you will become an expert in distinguishing between the good and the bad in the service of Allah (mighty and glorified is He). ~ Abd Al-Qadir al-Jilani, Purification of the Mind (Jila' Al-Khatir), Second Edition,
ONE AFTERNOON, in a large town in a rainy country, I saw seven or eight vehicles full of children. That morning, they had been taken into the country to play in the fields, but the bad weather had made them return home early in the rain.

And yet they were singing, laughing and waving merrily to the passers-by.

They had kept their cheerfulness in this gloomy weather. If one of them had felt sad, the songs of the others would have cheered him. And for the people hurrying by, who heard the children's laughter, it seemed that the sky had brightened for a moment.

~ The Mother, mcw, 2:189,
7:10000 :::
   The Only Way Out:

... Once you have no more desires, no more attachments, once you have given up all necessity of receiving a reward from human beings, whoever they are - knowing that the only reward that is worth getting is the one that comes from the Supreme and that never fails - once you give up attachment to all exterior beings and things, you at once feel in your heart this Presence, this Force, this Grace that is always with you. And there is no other remedy. It's the only remedy, for everybody without exception. To all those who suffer, for the same thing that has to be said: all suffering is the sign that the surrender is not total. Then, when you feel in you a 'bang' like that, instead of saying, 'Oh, this is bad' or 'This circumstance is difficult,' you say, 'My surrender is not perfect.' Then it's all right. And then you feel the Grace that helps you and leads you, and you go on. And one day you emerge into that peace that nothing can trouble.
You answer to all the contrary forces, the contrary movements, the attacks, the misunderstandings, the bad wills, with the same smile that comes from full confidence in the Divine Grace. And that is the only way out, there is no other.

But where to get such a strength?

   Within you. The Divine Presence is in you. It is in you. You look for it outside; look inside. It is in you. The Presence is there. You want the appreciation of others to get strength - you will never get it. The strength is in you. If you want, you can aspire for what seems to you the supreme goal, supreme light, supreme knowledge, supreme love. But it is in you - otherwise you would never be able to contact it. If you go deep enough inside you, you will find it there, like a flame that is always burning straight up. And don't believe that it is difficult to do. It is because the look is always turned outside that you don't feel the Presence. But if, instead of looking outside for support, you concentrate and you pray - inside, to the supreme knowledge - to know at each moment what is to be done, the way to do it, and if you give all you are, all you do in order to acquire perfection, you will feel that the support is always there, always guiding, showing the way. And if there is a difficulty, then instead of wanting to fight, you hand it over, hand it over to the supreme wisdom to deal with it - to deal with all the bad wills, all the misunderstandings, all the bad reactions. If you surrender completely, it is no more your concern: it's the concern of the Supreme who takes it up and knows better than anybody else what is to be done. That is the only way out, only way out. There, my child
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III, [T1],
8:Sweet Mother, how can we make our resolution very firm?

   By wanting it to be very firm! (Laughter)

   No, this seems like a joke... but it is absolutely true. One does not want it truly. There is always, if you... It is a lack of sincerity. If you look sincerely, you will see that you have decided that it will be like this, and then, beneath there is something which has not decided at all and is waiting for the second of hesitation in order to rush forward. If you are sincere, if you are sincere and get hold of the part which is hiding, waiting, not showing itself, which knows that there will come a second of indecision when it can rush out and make you do the thing you have decided not to do...

   [] But if you really want it, nothing in the world can prevent you from doing what you want. It is because one doesn't know how to will it. It is because one is divided in one's will. If you are not divided in your will, I say that nothing, nobody in the world can make you change your will.

   But one doesn't know how to will it. In fact one doesn't even want to. These are velleities: "Well, it is like this.... It would be good if it were like that... yes, it would be better if it were like that... yes, it would be preferable if it were like that." But this is not to will. And always there at the back, hidden somewhere in a corner of the brain, is something which is looking on and saying, "Oh, why should I want that? After all one can as well want the opposite." And to try, you see... Not like that, just wait... But one can always find a thousand excuses to do the opposite. And ah, just a tiny little wavering is enough... pftt... the thing swoops down and there it is. But if one wills, if one really knows that this is the thing, and truly wants this, and if one is oneself entirely concentrated in the will, I say that there is nothing in the world that can prevent one from doing it, from doing it or being obliged to do it. It depends on what it is.

   One wants. Yes, one wants, like this (gestures). One wants: "Yes, yes, it would be better if it were like that. Yes, it would be finer also, more elegant."... But, eh, eh, after all one is a weak creature, isn't that so? And then one can always put the blame upon something else: "It is the influence coming from outside, it is all kinds of circumstances."

   A breath has passed, you see. You don't know... something... a moment of unconsciousness... "Oh, I was not conscious." You are not conscious because you do not accept... And all this because you don't know how to will.

   [] To learn how to will is a very important thing. And to will truly, you must unify your being. In fact, to be a being, one must first unify oneself. If one is pulled by absolutely opposite tendencies, if one spends three-fourths of one's life without being conscious of oneself and the reasons why one does things, is one a real being? One does not exist. One is a mass of influences, movements, forces, actions, reactions, but one is not a being. One begins to become a being when one begins to have a will. And one can't have a will unless one is unified.

   And when you have a will, you will be able to say, say to the Divine: "I want what You want." But not before that. Because in order to want what the Divine wants, you must have a will, otherwise you can will nothing at all. You would like to. You would like it very much. You would very much like to want what the Divine wants to do. You don't possess a will to give to Him and to put at His service. Something like that, gelatinous, like jelly-fish... there... a mass of good wills - and I am considering the better side of things and forgetting the bad wills - a mass of good wills, half-conscious and fluctuating....

   Ah, that's all, my children. That's enough for today. There we are.

   Only, put this into practice; just a little of what I have said, not all, eh, just a very little. There.

   ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1954,

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1:Say the BAD GUY! ~ Scott Hall
2:Only the bad man is alone. ~ Denis Diderot
3:The Tale of Hammad the Badawi. ~ Anonymous
4:The bad boy: always more fun. ~ Ian McShane
5:The bad guy wins? Fuck him. ~ Gillian Flynn
6:The badge of honesty is simplicity. ~ Novalis
7:NOBODY messes with "The Bad Guy"! ~ Scott Hall
8:The bad guys are the best parts. ~ Brion James
9:The bad guys have all the fun! ~ Richard Armitage
10:Don’t let the bad elves get you. ~ Haruki Murakami
11:Doubt afflicts the good, not the bad. ~ Fay Weldon
12:You have to kill the bad guy. ~ Dino De Laurentiis
13:Life is not about dwelling on the bad. ~ Lara Logan
14:Survey says: one more for the bad guys. ~ Scott Hall
15:The bad reviews get to me, believe me. ~ Daniel Craig
16:Cherish the good, learn from the bad ~ Brittany Murphy
17:If this were a movie I'd be the bad guy. ~ Johnny Cash
18:It was the bad luck of eating patient zero. ~ Sam Kean
19:maybe the bad boys aren’t good enough for you ~ R H Sin
20:You can’t dress rehearse the bad moments. ~ Brene Brown
21:The bad blood rose in me, just like wine. ~ Sarah Waters
22:The bad-boy label is just an assumption. ~ Russell Brand
23:As a kid I didn't root for the bad guys. ~ Robert De Niro
24:He who spares the bad injures the good. ~ Publilius Syrus
25:I'm the baddest among the bad guys. ~ Kareem Abdul Jabbar
26:Men feel the good less intensely than the bad ~ Anonymous
27:...the bad dreams are the way I bleed... ~ Peter S Beagle
28:Awards are merely the badges of mediocrity. ~ Charles Ives
29:I am going to the bad place, as is my wont. ~ David Rakoff
30:The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal. ~ Banksy
31:Relax, the bad guys don’t knock. (Romeo) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
32:Sometimes the bad guys don't win. ~ Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
33:So you have to take the good with the bad. ~ Candace Parker
34:The bad poet is a toady mimicking nature. ~ Edward Dahlberg
35:Pardoning the Bad, is injuring the Good. ~ Benjamin Franklin
36:Watch out when the bad treats you well! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
37:Funny always makes the bad things go away. ~ Candace Bushnell
38:They say the good die young, so the bad die old. ~ Jon Connor
39:Both of us. We're the bad ones. Together.” She ~ Stylo Fantome
40:Every memory was valuable; even the bad ones ~ Cassandra Clare
41:I would always play the baddie, incidentally. ~ Tom Hiddleston
42:Jimmy Ford is the baddest white man on the planet. ~ Sly Stone
43:You must ignore the bad and adopt the good. ~ Gichin Funakoshi
44:Every memory was valuable; even the bad ones. ~ Cassandra Clare
45:I turn the good parts up and the bad parts down ~ Jim Dickinson
46:I was taking the bad boy off the market for good. ~ Abbi Glines
47:Keep the soil healthy and the bad seed won't grow. ~ David Agus
48:Sufferance is the badge of all our tribe. ~ William Shakespeare
49:When the bad bleeds, then is the tragedy good. ~ Cyril Tourneur
50:You learn from the good, you learn from the bad. ~ Carson Palmer
51:Good boys are nice - don't go for the bad ones! ~ Vanessa Hudgens
52:Most people didn’t want to see the bad thing coming ~ C J Roberts
53:The Good, The Bad,.. I'm the one with the gun! ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
54:The shy ones tend to be the baddest after all. ~ Penelope Douglas
55:All the bad things happen to us when we are alone. ~ M F Moonzajer
56:Brotherly love is the badge of Christ's disciples. ~ Matthew Henry
57:Carbohydrate is the bad guy. You have to see that. ~ Robert Atkins
58:I keep the bad-boy image just to make my fans happy. ~ Sanjay Dutt
59:Remembering the good has also resurrected the bad. ~ Siobhan Davis
60:He who laughs last has not yet heard the bad news. ~ Bertolt Brecht
61:I've been too many places. I'm like the bad penny. ~ Jack Nicholson
62:I was the bad kid in school. I was usually in trouble. ~ Scott Caan
63:I won't say I'm the baddest, or portray that role, ~ Big Daddy Kane
64:New Orleans is like the bad-kid island in 'Pinocchio.' ~ Jonah Hill
65:PERSEVERANCE is the badge of true saints. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
66:role of Amidala, Queen of Naboo, the Bad Hair Planet, ~ Clive James
67:the bad things you do become part of you, literally. ~ Megan Abbott
68:into crates, but threw the bad ones away. 49 That is the ~ Anonymous
69:I was meant to play the bad guy, for always and ever. ~ Cam Gigandet
70:Low tide exposed the good and the bad, she supposed. ~ Denise Hunter
71:There is something majestic in the bad taste of Italy. ~ E M Forster
72:all the bad things I do will go up in smoke
and so will I ~ Ikkyu
73:Aristocracy: government by the badly educated. ~ Gilbert K Chesterton
74:I never remember nice dreams; only the bad ones stick. ~ Ransom Riggs
75:To die without killing is the badge of a satyagrahi. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
76:We make too much of the good and too much of the bad. ~ Robert Altman
77:You have to feel the bad to be able to feel the good. ~ Stephen Dorff
78:A plaque and platinum status is whack if I'm not the baddest. ~ Eminem
79:Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence. ~ Thomas Paine
80:It's the bad place I always come back to in my dreams. ~ Charles Burns
81:Never underestimate the bad taste of the American public ~ H L Mencken
82:The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that? ~ J F Lawton
83:The good, the bad, the in between. It’s ours. We own it. ~ Gail McHugh
84:..we'll deal with it, because the good outweighs the bad. ~ E Lockhart
85:On the last day, the bad days seem so difficult to recall. ~ John Green
86:Shoot the bad guys and I'll gladly sing a tune for you. ~ Scott Weiland
87:The bad things can't matter more than the good things ~ Cassandra Clare
88:What if I'm not a superhero. What if I'm the bad guy? ~ Stephenie Meyer
89:People forget the good, because the bad has more punch. ~ Louise Erdrich
90:Say all the bad things you can imagine so they won't happen. ~ Anonymous
91:The only way to get to the good is to walk through the bad. ~ Kiera Cass
92:Blaming the government for all the bad things that happen. ~ Paulo Coelho
93:Leave the bad memories behind and have faith in a greater tomorrow ~ Zane
94:Love isn't just about the good. It's fortified by the bad. ~ Caisey Quinn
95:People tend to believe the bad rather than the good. ~ Giovanni Boccaccio
96:Yes, I always played the bad woman. I actually did. ~ Barbara Billingsley
97:Don’t start from the good old things but the bad new ones. ~ Benjamin Noys
98:I always like playing the bad guys. They have more fun! ~ James Badge Dale
99:It's not the bad ideas that do you in, but the good ones. ~ Charlie Munger
100:The bad news motivated the drill instructors that much more. ~ R Lee Ermey
101:The bad things are some of my favorites," Peter said. ~ Jodi Lynn Anderson
102:The gospel is only good news when we understand the bad news. ~ R C Sproul
103:We go through the good, the bad and the ugly all together. ~ Emily Robison
104:A good cop, a smart cop, closes cases and locks up the bad guys. ~ J D Robb
105:all the bad things I do will go up in smoke and so will I if ~ Stephen Berg
106:I take the good with the bad. I can't love people in slices. ~ Sean Connery
107:It passed, though. That was the bad thing. It always passed. ~ Sarah Dessen
108:ladies are not responsible for the bad manners of fools. ~ Charlaine Harris
109:The bad jazz that a cat blows wails long after he’s cut out. ~ Lord Buckley
110:The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. ~ Richard Rohr
111:Those who look for the bad in people will surely find it. ~ Abraham Lincoln
112:We are not important to the universe. That's the bad news. ~ Sean M Carroll
113:You can't appreciate the good times without the bad ones. ~ Beyonce Knowles
114:I have to humbly say people really like the bad guys. ~ Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa
115:Was an American archetype, the bad guy with the big heart. ~ Waylon Jennings
116:can’t help ourselves. We spot the baddest man in the room... ~ Shayne Silvers
117:Going after 'the bad guy' has not been a real issue for me. ~ Jennifer Garner
118:I always think that there is the good and the bad of it all. ~ Barry Levinson
119:My favorite driver is always either the bad guy or the underdog. ~ Bo Jackson
120:To be at other people's orders brings out all the bad in me. ~ George Gissing
121:War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. ~ Benjamin Franklin
122:When it comes to memories, the good and the bad never balance. ~ Jodi Picoult
123:Even on the bad days, there’s always something good you can do. ~ Bill Clinton
124:God gives sleep to the bad, in order that the good may be undisturbed. ~ Saadi
125:It’s the bad days that make the good ones so much better. ~ Brittainy C Cherry
126:Smart; always pimp-slap the bad guy when they’re monologuing. ~ Rick Gualtieri
127:The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. ~ Brian D McLaren
128:The philosopher has to be the bad conscience of his age. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
129:You forget the bad things. Why would you want to remember them? ~ James Smythe
130:He who cannot endure the bad will not live to see the good. ~ Jennifer Donnelly
131:I don’t know why the bad have to happen to the goodest ones, ~ Kathryn Stockett
132:Stop focusing on the bad stuff because life is too damn short. ~ Simone Elkeles
133:The bad guys don't wear signs. And all of us are only human. ~ Barbara Nickless
134:This infidelity thing is too easy. It is the good and the bad. ~ Katherine Owen
135:Advertising is the insidious whisper of the bad angel of commerce. ~ Leo Babauta
136:A master sees the bad in the good, and the good in the bad. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
137:Black, dark, morose, whatever web it is that the bad guys use. ~ Michael Anderle
138:I've inherited the bad poetry genes, but not the inventor genes. ~ Kit Harington
139:I want you. All of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I love you. ~ B N Toler
140:Love itself draws on a woman nearly all the bad luck in the world ~ Willa Cather
141:Yes, bad. Look at Daddy ripping the bad man to pieces. Go Daddy! ~ Ilona Andrews
142:Add in the good stuff - eventually it will crowd out the bad stuff. ~ David Wolfe
143:Despite of all my Sunday learnin', toward the bad I kept turning. ~ Merle Haggard
144:Repeat the good. And the bad. Do it all...and pile on the years. ~ Natsuki Takaya
145:The way to mend the bad world is to create the right world. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
146:To truly know what is good in life you must experience the bad as well. ~ Various
147:When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't see the bad guy. ~ Patrick Heusinger
148:And just so you know, the invaders are always the bad guys. Always. ~ Laini Taylor
149:I always like the bad ones. I know he's a bad one of some sort. ~ Ernest Hemingway
150:righteousness is not a shield. The good die more quickly than the bad. ~ Glen Cook
151:The bad man is continually at war with, and in opposition to, himself. ~ Aristotle
152:The test of good manners is to be patient with the bad ones. ~ Solomon Ibn Gabirol
153:Whatever happens to you, embrace it, the good and the bad equally. ~ Kate Atkinson
154:If there were angels, would they be the good guys or the bad?” Lindsay ~ Sylvia Day
155:I’m not going anywhere. The good, the bad, and the ugly . . . remember? ~ B N Toler
156:I've learned sometimes you just have to take the bad from people. ~ Darrell Hammond
157:Never walk into a fight when the bad guys are the ones who set it up. ~ Jim Butcher
158:One day, I’ll take you away from your father and all the bad things. ~ Logan Chance
159:The good news is, we're not bankrupt. The bad news is, we're close. ~ Richard Codey
160:Doobie always wanted to see the badge. It was shiny, and he was eight. ~ Eoin Colfer
161:Faith is trusting in the good. Fear is putting your trust in the bad. ~ Rhonda Byrne
162:I am the result of the good choices I've made and the bad choices. ~ Madonna Ciccone
163:Take me. Take all of me. The good and the bad. Everything. Take it all. ~ Sylvia Day
164:Taking away the good is even more lethal than pointing out the bad. ~ Gloria Steinem
165:Wine is a grand thing," I said. "It makes you forget all the bad. ~ Ernest Hemingway
166:I will fear no evil for I am the baddest beast in the land. (Nick) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
167:The bad end unhappily, the good unluckily. That is what tragedy means. ~ Tom Stoppard
168:The bad things that happen to you don’t have to mean anything at all. ~ Marisha Pessl
169:We always take credit for the good and attribute the bad to fortune. ~ Charles Kuralt
170:We’re both travelling bad roads and all bad roads lead to the bad town. ~ Ian Fleming
171:You know, it's always fun to play the bad guy at the end of the day. ~ Julian McMahon
172:Bastard had the bad manners to die before we were through talking to him. ~ Maya Banks
173:knew nonpoisonous snakes from the baddies, a lesson she still remembered ~ Sandra Hill
174:negativity instinct: our tendency to notice the bad more than the good. ~ Hans Rosling
175:The bad end unhappily; the good, unluckily. That is what tragedy means. ~ Tom Stoppard
176:The good needs fear no law, It is his safety and the bad man's awe. ~ Philip Massinger
177:The heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good. ~ Gabriel Garc a M rquez
178:The heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
179:The only kind of calls you get this early in the morning are the bad ones. ~ Jenny Han
180:Those are the bad guys, right?”
“Depends on who wins, I guess. ~ Shannon A Thompson
181:When you are a pessimist and the bad thing happens, you live it twice, ~ Michael Lewis
182:your life is what you make of it, with God’s grace, the good and the bad. ~ Lisa Carey
183:Humor is a social lubricant that helps us get over some of the bad spots. ~ Steve Allen
184:If we don’t understand the bad news, we will never grasp the good news. ~ Matt Chandler
185:If you don’t look at the bad thing, the bad thing can’t see you, right? ~ Dot Hutchison
186:I'm one of these people that always looks on the bad side of the fence. ~ Ozzy Osbourne
187:In conclusion, the good can be made better; the bad remains bad. ~ Carlo Michelstaedter
188:It's always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting. ~ Jean Paul Gaultier
189:It takes no more time to see the good side of life than to see the bad. ~ Jimmy Buffett
190:Right. But because I have different thoughts about justice, I’m the bad guy ~ V F Mason
191:Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad to get what you need. ~ Patrick Carman
192:The bad part is life continues. The good part is that the pain goes away. ~ Mary Balogh
193:The great thing about this game is that the bad days are wonderful. ~ William J Clinton
194:Then she told me all about the bad place, and I said I wished I was there. ~ Mark Twain
195:I got a story, ain't no moral, I let the bad guy win every now and then. ~ Billy Preston
196:it’s kind of nice if all the bad can somehow make the good that much better. ~ T R Ragan
197:Keep an idea log where you write everything down, even the bad ideas. ~ Joshua Schachter
198:Since all the maids are good and lovable, from whence come the bad wives? ~ Charles Lamb
199:sufferance is the badge” of all who have to deal with the Kremlin. ~ Winston S Churchill
200:The bad moments always have a way of coming around again, way too soon. ~ Jennifer Niven
201:The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means. ~ Oscar Wilde
202:When things get bad, they don't stop until you stop the badness-or die. ~ Nnedi Okorafor
203:..."ya gotta be one of the good guys...'cause there's too many of the bad. ~ Garth Ennis
204:I just want to get the bad guys but if I can’t see them, I can’t shoot them. ~ Chris Kyle
205:It ain't only the bad ones, nor yet the dumb ones that gets sucked under. ~ James Baldwin
206:Put a good person in a bad system and the bad system wins, no contest. ~ W Edwards Deming
207:The Bad Man isn’t lurking in playgrounds, kiddies. He lives in your house. ~ Harlan Coben
208:The last thing I need is to get involved with the bad boy of the ice planet. ~ Ruby Dixon
209:A good person is the bad person's teacher. A bad person is the good person's task. ~ Laozi
210:But if you kill all the bad will be the only bastard left. ~ Tsugumi Ohba
211:Do I play tennis? Man, I had one of the baddest overhead rights of anyone. Bam! ~ Don King
212:If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will. ~ Abraham Lincoln
213:If you're playing the bad guy, you have to find what you like about them. ~ Mads Mikkelsen
214:Mind you, I've been here during the bad times too - one year we came second. ~ Bob Paisley
215:No one you'd really like to see in public office has the bad taste to run. ~ F Paul Wilson
216:She was the bad habit I’d never broken, because I didn’t fucking want to. ~ Tammara Webber
217:The good butterflies started to beat the shit out of the bad butterflies. ~ Kristen Ashley
218:The good sleep better, but the bad seem to enjoy the waking hours much more. ~ Woody Allen
219:There were good times or goodish times, only the bad times were so—crucial. ~ Iris Murdoch
220:You tended to quit doing things after the bad times, and not the good times. ~ Jeff Strand
221:a proof that good books, no more than good men, do always survive the bad. ~ Henry Fielding
222:Being the good daughter that everyone thinks of as the bad daughter sucks. ~ Seanan McGuire
223:But that’s not the way love goes. You show the good, disguise the bad. ~ Eric Jerome Dickey
224:Even the bad pieces, the parts that are jagged and don’t work quite right. ~ Willow Winters
225:Just like the breakthroughs, the bad stuff always takes you by surprise. (121) ~ Gail Giles
226:One must renounce the bad taste of wishing to agree with many people. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
227:When you are a pessimist and the bad thing happens, you live it twice, Amos ~ Michael Lewis
228:When you live in a world that likes bad guys, the bad guys don't go away. ~ Frank E Peretti
229:All the goodness of a good egg cannot make up for the badness of a bad one. ~ Charles A Dana
230:Funny how sometimes the good memories hurt worse than the bad ones. ~ Rebecca Patrick Howard
231:He's the badass motherfucker the baddest badass motherfucker wished he was. ~ Kristen Ashley
232:How was I supposed to not believe the bad stuff if he never said the good stuff? ~ Anonymous
233:I find that the most interestingly written parts happen to be the bad guys. ~ Liev Schreiber
234:If you want to keep the bad guys in check, make sure the good guys are armed. ~ Anne Fortier
235:It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time. ~ Tallulah Bankhead
236:That's the trouble about the good guys and the bad guys! They're all guys! ~ Terry Pratchett
237:That’s the trouble about the good guys and the bad guys! They’re all guys! ~ Terry Pratchett
238:The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means. ~ Richard Dawkins
239:To approach the badlands is to find a gap in the known and expected world. ~ Robert Kroetsch
240:Daemon was the pissy pink elephant in the room with the bad attitude. ~ Jennifer L Armentrout
241:I don't know if I was the baddest. People kind of saw me in that light. ~ Kareem Abdul Jabbar
242:Sports, politics, and religion are the three passions of the badly educated. ~ William H Gass
243:The bad feeling is the body knowing and pushing toward what good would be. ~ Eugene T Gendlin
244:The mad King, the bad King, the sad King. Ring-a-ding-ding, all hail the King! ~ Stephen King
245:You have to embrace the good times or the bad times will always overwhelm you. ~ Aly Martinez
246:Having benefited from happy days, should I not share with them the bad days? ~ Helen Rappaport
247:I durst not laugh for fear of opening my lips and receiving the bad air. ~ William Shakespeare
248:It is a scale of proportions which makes the bad difficult and the good easy ~ Albert Einstein
249:It's not the bad memories that tear a person apart. It's the good ones. ~ Jennifer Lynn Barnes
250:Put out the good and keep the bad - don't believe all you read in the Bible. ~ Freddie Mercury
251:Repose and cheerfulness is the badge of the gentleman; repose in energy. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
252:Sometimes I'd like to play the bad guy and sometimes I'd like to die in a movie. ~ Jackie Chan
253:The bad can be found in anything. It is so much easier to find than the good. ~ David Levithan
254:The bad thing of war is, that it makes more evil people than it can take away. ~ Immanuel Kant
255:The best of men cannot defend their fate: the good die early, the bad die late. ~ Daniel Defoe
256:The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away. ~ Linus Pauling
257:What are movies for if not to have the good guys triumph over the bad ones? ~ Margaret Carlson
258:When others hurt you, Accept that it hurts, Have faith in the bad and the good. ~ Stuart Ayris
259:Almost everyone who has gone to the bad early in life has had a deceitful mother ~ Henrik Ibsen
260:As we start looking for the good, our focus automatically is taken off the bad. ~ Susan Jeffers
261:Drinking more often brings out the best in the good than the worst in the bad. ~ Malcolm Forbes
262:Exchange the bad habit of worrying with the excellent habit of trusting God. ~ Elizabeth George
263:If you help them (the crew) create good memories, they'll forget all the bad stuff ~ Geoff Dyer
264:She must have a really wonderful dream often enough to make the bad ones worth it. ~ Kiera Cass
265:The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas, and throw the bad ones away. ~ Linus Pauling
266:When the bad imitate the good, there is no knowing what mischief is intended. ~ Publilius Syrus
267:You fed it.' The badger sighed. 'Sometimes I think you'll feed anything. ~ Tamora Pierce
268:Almost everyone who has gone to the bad early in life has had a deceitful mother. ~ Henrik Ibsen
269:happen to us, even the bad stuff, can often teach us a little bit about ourselves. ~ R J Palacio
270:If the bad stuff didn’t exist, the good stuff wouldn’t seem so incredibly good. ~ Allie Everhart
271:I learned the bad guys are not always bad, the good guys are not always good. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
272:It was perfect moments like that that made all the bad ones worth living through. ~ Keary Taylor
273:on my right Baker Creek has cut a steep-banked gash into the badlands to the west. ~ Barry Lopez
274:The badness of a movie is directly proportional to the number of helicopters in it. ~ Dave Barry
275:The real problem is not the bad guys; it is that good guys have gone to sleep. ~ Maynard Jackson
276:Usually, I play the bad guy, so it's been a pleasant break to play a good guy. ~ Mariana Klaveno
277:Were you here in the bad old days? ... That's why you can't read and write then! ~ Prince Philip
278:You'll always get the good news; it's how fast you get the bad news that counts. ~ Harvey Mackay
279:Because if we the storytellers don't do this, then the bad people will win. ~ Christiane Amanpour
280:I require myself not to be equal to the best, but to be better then the bad. ~ Seneca the Younger
281:I think I'm not really into the handsome, chivalrous knight; I like the bad boys. ~ Sophie Turner
282:Many of the bad things that happen in companies are a function of impulsive behavior. ~ Anonymous
283:People always want a reason for the bad things in life. Sometimes there ain't one. ~ Stephen King
284:people always want a reason for the bad things in life. Sometimes there ain’t one. ~ Stephen King
285:The bad guys dont always get punished and the good guys are not necessarily pure. ~ Sam Waterston
286:The bad news is that only the bad people reach the news because they are noisier. ~ Javier Bardem
287:The bad people trying to make the world worse never take a day off, so why should I? ~ Bob Marley
288:The Bad Seeds are a band I will travel a great distance to see whenever possible. ~ Henry Rollins
289:The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the pleasure, the pain. I want that. ~ Colleen Hoover
290:I can critique the bad; I can take the good, and I can add whatever I want. ~ Justine Larbalestier
291:I think we're seriously screwed when the men with guns decided to help the bad guys. ~ Rick Yancey
292:My new job description is making you laugh and chasing away the bad dreams.” “I ~ Rachel Van Dyken
293:No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man. —Peter Townsend, “Behind Blue Eyes ~ Stephen Hunter
294:What do the good know?’ he said. ‘Except what the bad teach them by their excesses? ~ Clive Barker
295:When life is a DUMPSTER, don’t get MAD! EMBRACE the good, and TOSS the BAD! ~ Rachel Ren e Russell
296:With today's movies, if we took out all the bad language, we'd go back to silent films. ~ Bob Hope
297:You can be born in a fucking sewer and still be the baddest motherfucker on earth. ~ David Goggins
298:For me, the biggest thing is someone who's kind. I'm not into the bad-boy thing. ~ Carrie Anne Moss
299:He had a way of making you think the bad things he did to you were your own fault. ~ Sheila English
300:Horror is the badge of humanity, worn proudly, self-righteously, and often falsely. ~ Poppy Z Brite
301:It's not the bad people who are brave I fear, it's the good people who are afraid. ~ Terrance Hayes
302:Life isn't always predictable. But it's how we survive the bad weather that defines us. ~ K K Allen
303:The bad gains respect through imitation, the good loses it especially in art. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
304:The bad man desires arbitrary power. What moves the evil man is the love of injustice. ~ John Rawls
305:The bad scorn the good . . .
and the crooked despise the straight." ~Greville ~ Dick Francis
306:The best of men cannot suspend their fate; The good die early, and the bad die late. ~ Daniel Defoe
307:The good news is that Jesus is coming back. The bad news is that he's really pissed off. ~ Bob Hope
308:The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live. ~ George Carlin
309:Thinking is a great joy for a good writer and a great torture for the bad one! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
310:Today is already the tomorrow which the bad economist yesterday urged us to ignore. ~ Henry Hazlitt
311:We have to embrace the good over the bad. That has to be one's personal project. ~ Yusef Komunyakaa
312:Well, if it comes down to it, you can just crush the bad guys with your enormous ego. ~ Jus Accardo
313:Every good and right decision that we make helps overturn the results of the bad ones. ~ Joyce Meyer
314:The bad one is that way because of the ignorance, therefore he can be healed with wisdom. ~ Socrates
315:The bad things that happen to you don’t have to mean anything at all. -Nora Halliday ~ Marisha Pessl
316:These days she simply did the best job she could, accepting the good with the bad. ~ Nicholas Sparks
317:Consciousness of the bad is an essential prerequisite to the promotion of the good. ~ Khushwant Singh
318:Fame is very agreeable, but the bad thing is that it goes on 24 hours a day. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
319:The real worth of a person came from how he acted during the bad times. (John Fiske) ~ David Baldacci
320:There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides. ~ Terry Pratchett
321:They smiled at the good, and frowned at the bad, and sometimes they were very sad. ~ Ludwig Bemelmans
322:To know the good is to react against the bad. Indifference is the mark of deprivation. ~ Marya Mannes
323:With all the easy money that came from hustling you better be prepared to accept the bad. ~ Deja King
324:You know your goals and what you need to do to get better-just eliminate the bad plays. ~ Eli Manning
325:Your grandmother’s going to hell—the bad one where nobody remembers you, just so you know. ~ Amy Lane
326:You wanted to be treated like grown-ups? Well, that includes both the good and the bad. ~ Ally Carter
327:If the Barbarians are destroyed, who will we then be able to blame for the bad things? ~ Angela Carter
328:It was important to dream. Dreaming tells us who we are and scrubs away the bad days. ~ Claire Legrand
329:People like to wear blinders, so they don't have to cope with the bad things in life. ~ Katie Hamstead
330:Sometimes, you have to take the good with the bad…otherwise ours is a pitiable existence. ~ H D Gordon
331:The deepest thing in any one is the conviction of the bad luck that follows boasting. ~ Gertrude Stein
332:To will is human, to will the bad is of fallen nature, but to will the good is of Grace. ~ John Calvin
333:Young ghetto boys thought that in this society, the good guys lost and the bad guys won. ~ Eartha Kitt
334:I'm often painted as the bad guy, and the artistic part of me wants to hand out the brush. ~ Criss Jami
335:I trust you to find the good in me, but the bad I must be sure you don't overlook. ~ Gail Carson Levine
336:It was always easier to believe the bad stuff people thought about you than the good. ~ Barbara Freethy
337:Many of the good things would never have happened if the bad events hadn't happened first. ~ Suze Orman
338:Okay, I'm guessing you're gonna give us the bad news first because there's no good news? ~ Cindy Gerard
339:...people always want a reason for the bad things in life.
Sometimes there ain't one. ~ Stephen King
340:The good news is, President Obama was born in America. The bad news is, so was Donald Trump. ~ Jay Leno
341:Your teammates see you through the good and the bad. They see where your foundation lies. ~ Tobin Heath
342:A relationship is about appreciating the good, the bad, and the ugly. No one is perfect. ~ Penelope Ward
343:Avoid the eye that discovers with rapidity the bad, and is slow to see the good. ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater
344:Because sometimes in life, sweetheart. The bad guys win

-Ford 'Blame It on the Pain ~ Ashley Jade
345:Cholesterol to go with alcohol; all the bad things in English-speaking life end in -ol. ~ Padgett Powell
346:I know all the bad things that happened in that war. I was in uniform four years myself. ~ Ronald Reagan
347:I love him. The good, the bad, the violent, the brutal, and the bloody. I love all of him. ~ T M Frazier
348:In short, boundaries help us keep the good in and the bad out. They guard our treasures... ~ Henry Cloud
349:Liberty is equally desirable to the good and to the bad, to the brave and to the dastardly. ~ John Major
350:love isn’t static. If it’s big enough, it changes to accommodate the good and the bad. ~ Tibby Armstrong
351:Some people only look at the good stuff and some people only look at the bad stuff. ~ Dustin Lance Black
352:(The bad thing about having emotions is, you know, OH SHIT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME.) ~ Martha Wells
353:The greatest gift is the ability to forget - to forget the bad things and focus on the good. ~ Joe Biden
354:The only thing I know for certain is that everything passes. The good times, the bad times. ~ Jane Green
355:We are convinced that certain people have all the bad qualities we do not know in ourselves. ~ Carl Jung
356:We tend to overstate and to understate, to glorify the good and ignore the bad in ourselves. ~ J D Vance
357:Where the good and the bad and the worst and the best have gone to their eternal rest. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
358:You can't speak up for your right to be silent. That's letting the bad guys win. ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
359:You don’t have to primp for God. He thinks you’re gorgeous, even on the bad hair days. ~ Janice Thompson
360:Do you want me to sing to you? I'll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away. ~ Stephenie Meyer
361:If you don't visit the bad neighborhoods, the bad neighborhoods are going to visit you. ~ Thomas Friedman
362:It is as hard for the good to suspect evil, as it is for the bad to suspect good. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
363:Nine runs to the bad, doomed, insanely hopeful, they pleaded raucously for the impossible. ~ Roger Angell
364:The bad news is we don't have any control. The good news is we can't make any mistakes. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
365:The good news is hopeful doesn't mean dumb. The bad news is cynical doesn't mean smart. ~ Sarah Silverman
366:who suffers more, the gentleman in the badly tied cravat or those who must look upon him? ~ Gail Carriger
367:With Ed, I always pushed away the good and only heard the bad. Today, I let in the good. ~ Jenni Schaefer
368:You never know what a day will bring, which is both the good news and the bad news of life. ~ Deb Caletti
369:You prepare as best you can for the bad times- then live every moment with joy. ~ Shirley Rousseau Murphy
370:Denial is often the first line of defense: refusing to accept that the bad news is true. ~ Paul Fleischman
371:If Anderson was the good cop, and Blake was the bad cop, Jamaal was the complete psycho cop. ~ Jenna Black
372:I've seen you around. You liken yourself a bad ass, and darlin', you are. Minus the bad. ~ Donna Lynn Hope
373:You might be throwing somethin’ away that could be good because you can’t see past the bad. ~ Becky Monson
374:Don’t worry about me,” I said flippantly. “I’m the bad thing that happens to other people. ~ Seanan McGuire
375:If you analyze the bad times you find that it's because you wanted to have a bad time. ~ Marianne Faithfull
376:If your tank battalion has the choice of a good highway or a bad road, take the bad road ~ Edward N Luttwak
377:It seems like the good guys turned out to be the bad guys, and the bad guys weren’t all that bad. ~ C J Box
378:The world in all doth but two nations bear- The good, the bad; and these mixed everywhere. ~ Andrew Marvell
379:With any advent in technology, any technological innovation, there is the good and the bad. ~ Henry Rollins
380:Anyone can have a happy ending, even the bad guys, but girls like me never get an easy one. ~ Seanan McGuire
381:Most human beings will not stand in front of a stage and tell you about the bad things they did. ~ Spike Lee
382:No kids should see that kind of violence where Batman is killing as many people as the bad guys. ~ Burt Ward
383:The bad news is we don't have any control.
The good news is we can't make any mistakes. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
384:The bad news is we don’t have any con­trol. The good news is you can’t make any mis­takes. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
385:Things that happen to us, even the bad stuff, can often teach us a little bit about ourselves. ~ R J Palacio
386:We killed the bad guys and brought the leaders to the peace table. That is how the world works. ~ Chris Kyle
387:Whether you look for the good or look for the bad in a person, you'll find it." A. Lincoln ~ Abraham Lincoln
388:And grant the bad what happiness they would / One they must want, which is to pass for good. ~ Alexander Pope
389:Are you too bad to receive grace? How could you be too bad to receive what is for the bad? ~ David A Powlison
390:but if you get a chance to be the baddest and strongest, always be the baddest and strongest. ~ Richelle Mead
391:Done up. The good news? A lot rhymes with “done up.” The bad news? A lot rhymes with “done up. ~ Angie Thomas
392:If only life were that simple; if one could jump to the good parts and flick through the bad. ~ Jasper Fforde
393:Most good police officers are very open-minded. The bad ones are the ones who are close-minded. ~ Peter James
394:Most people are far more prone to let the bad experiences shape their views than the good ones. ~ Rick Joyner
395:Sports kept me off the streets. It kept me from getting into what was going on, the bad stuff. ~ Michael Vick
396:The bad kids and the good kids and all kids... They're just people, who deserve to be cared for. ~ John Green
397:The bad memories always waited until the water was calm before they floated back to the surface. ~ D J Molles
398:The bad spirits followed us like smoke, creeping into our house and into my dreams at night. ~ Brandon Hobson
399:The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before. ~ N M Facile
400:The good and the bad. It always happens together, and all you can do is press on. Press on. ~ Marjorie M Liu
401:The SILENCE of the good people is more DANGEROUS than the BRUTALITY of the bad people ~ Martin Luther King Jr
402:When people censor themselves they're just as likely to get rid of the good bits as the bad bits. ~ Brian Eno
403:If only life were that simple; if one could jump to the good parts and flick through the bad — ~ Jasper Fforde
404:I’m not in court, because crime has taken a holiday, and I already locked up all the bad guys. ~ Fern Michaels
405:I see beauty and pain. Joy and sorrow. I see the good and I see the bad . . . and I love it all. ~ A L Jackson
406:I think all the bad blood started when Geffen released a greatest hits package of my solo stuff. ~ Sammy Hagar
407:Now y'all know it's to many of y'all. GS told me to bring up the baddest female in the house. ~ Sister Souljah
408:Oh judge! Your damn laws! The good people don't need them, and the bad people don't obey them. ~ Ammon Hennacy
409:You know, sometimes you have to remember the bad things so that you can learn from them. ~ Monica Denise Brown
410:Crimes are not to be measured by the issue of events, but by the bad intentions of men. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
411:I always root for the bad guy and I don't think you have a great movie without a great villain. ~ Mark Wahlberg
412:Just give me more, better memories to replace the bad ones. I’ll be back to normal before we know it. ~ A R Von
413:The good are innocent and create justice. The bad are guilty, which is why they invent mercy. ~ Terry Pratchett
414:The nice thing about Farscape is that you got to be the good guy and still do the bad guy things. ~ Ben Browder
415:watched the close-cropped, long-legged policeman with the bad back stride quickly out of the canteen. ~ Jo Nesb
416:You can tell when you have crossed the frontier into Germany because of the badness of the coffee. ~ Edward VII
417:I think we're doing pretty well. It's clear the media, of course, always gives you the bad news. ~ Freeman Dyson
418:Now that it's over, I wish I could have all the bad stuff back... just so I could have the good. ~ Jamie McGuire
419:The bad scorn the good . . .
and the crooked despise the straight." ~ Dick FrancisGreville ~ Dick Francis
420:The bad stuff never stops happening: it lives in its own dimension, repaying itself over and over. ~ Tim O Brien
421:We cannot allow the badness to be triumphant on earth because we do not have a spare world! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
422:You just have to have faith, child. The bad times will pass. There’s only good coming your way ~ Barbara Freethy
423:all the bad things that had happened to him were necessary if the intended outcome was to occur. ~ Jonathan Sacks
424:Being able to discern the good decisions from the bad decisions, in advance, would be priceless. ~ Scott Hildreth
425:Filipinos don't wallow in what is miserable and ugly. They recycle the bad into things of beauty. ~ Imelda Marcos
426:I want to be cleansed—I want to burn away all of the bad memories and everything bad inside of me. ~ Ava Dellaira
427:The bad ideas kind of just drop out of the mix. You forget about them. The good ones stick around. ~ Stephen King
428:Which in turn reminded you that the bad you had was your choice, and better than the alternative. ~ Camille Pag n
429:You never know how things will work out. After all the bad reasons in the world, some good came out. ~ John Lydon
430:A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. Each should have its own reward. ~ George R R Martin
431:but as long as he keeps the bad people rich and the good people scared no one will touch him ~ Christopher J Nolan
432:Even from the brother there is no comfort in the bad hour, in the dark at the foot of the wall. ~ Ursula K Le Guin
433:In the movies, it was always the bad guys that got killed, and the good guys lived happily forever. ~ Fannie Flagg
434:It’s the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time.” —Tallulah Bankhead ~ Debbie Macomber
435:I want the good, the bad, and the in-between. All of it is what's going to make us amazing together. ~ Gail McHugh
436:My mission is to kill the bad guy, save the world, and hopefully end up with the girl. (Steele) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
437:Scores only matter if they’re very good, no one pays much attention to the bad or mediocre ones. ~ Suzanne Collins
438:See, this was why I liked coffee. You couldn’t screw up making coffee. Even the bad stuff was good. ~ Kim Harrison
439:She shrugged: just like him to think of all the bad things that could happen. “Someday is not today, ~ Imbolo Mbue
440:That was one of the bad things about being able to read: people could nag you from a great distance. ~ Ruth Downie
441:The bad news is that this orchard has suddenly developed very dishonourable intentions toward us. Run! ~ Anonymous
442:the best thing to do was let the water flow; in time the river would carry the bad blood away. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n
443:There aren't many poster children for cool angst. Everybody thinks it's cool if you're the bad girl. ~ Fiona Apple
444:You can love the good in us and hate the bad but the bad is in us too. Without it we wouldn't be us. ~ Rick Yancey
445:Being the bad guy breaks the ice over conversations people don’t realize they aren’t having ~ Christy Leigh Stewart
446:Everything will be okay. Good things last, and the bad things will fade away. So, go find your good. ~ Jessica Park
447:every uprising took place because of this doubt, this feeling, that we’re in the bad place right here. ~ Hugh Howey
448:Human beings as a whole cannot be good for long before the bad creeps back in and poisons us again. ~ Veronica Roth
449:I don't feel that as an artist my job is to offer PR propaganda, whether for the good or for the bad. ~ Ayad Akhtar
450:ignore the bad habit and put your energy toward building a new habit that will override the old one. ~ Daniel Coyle
451:I think you just have to take the bad with the good and you're going to get hurt more, but it's worth it. ~ Amy Ray
452:I've always been, in games, the bad guy. If there was ever cops and robbers I was always a robber. ~ Jake M Johnson
453:just change the channel. You are in control of the clicker. Don’t replay the bad, scary movie. ~ Arianna Huffington
454:Screw pretty. I'd rather be strong. Pretty fades over time. Strength gets you through the bad shit. ~ Thea Harrison
455:...sometimes we have to find the courage to take off our shoes and feel it all. Even the bad stuff. ~ Denise Hunter
456:Tad socked him. Hard. Twice.

Someday the bad guys would realize monologues were a bad thing. ~ Vivian Arend
457:The bad guys are not typical, they are not just bad, they are interesting. They might be good or bad. ~ Jan de Bont
458:The good news is we had this idea of cloud computing. The bad news is we were 10 years too early. ~ Marc Andreessen
459:There's a million what-ifs in life. You just have to keep yourself from thinking about the bad ones. ~ Juliette Fay
460:You Change Your Valley Into A Peak When You Find And Use The Good That Is Hidden In The Bad Time. ~ Spencer Johnson
461:You never know what even the bad situations will lead to, which I guess is true with anything in life. ~ Emma Stone
462:Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
463:Good news, they found Nemo! The bad news is, they found him in one of Wolfgang Puck's puff pastries. ~ Billy Crystal
464:I just want that, the way I feel when you kiss me. Just having it makes all the bad things better. ~ Brenna Yovanoff
465:It's complicated, being an American, Having the money and the bad conscience, both at the same time. ~ Louis Simpson
466:Men often think it's the bad boys who get the hot chicks. But I'm living proof that the good guys win. ~ Carson Daly
467:My fiction-writing career owes it start to the bad navigation of an 18th century pirate. For it was ~ Paul Kemprecos
468:The whole point of life is learning to live with the consequences of the bad decision we've made. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
469:Women should stop going for the bad guys, stop looking so far when the good ones are right there. ~ Jennifer Aniston
470:For as Oscar Wilde once said, “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means. ~ Cat Grant
471:Its not a contest about whose days suck the most. The point is we all have to put up with the bad days. ~ R J Palacio
472:Let me in. Let me be here for everything, all the good, all the bad. All your light and all your dark. ~ Karina Halle
473:The bad doesn’t always erase the good,” I whisper. “No.” His eyes cut to mine. “I think it just blends. ~ Ashley Jade
474:I cannot forget two things in my whole life; the bad days I have suffered and good days I have enjoyed ~ M F Moonzajer
475:If we believe the good we read about ourselves, we have to believe the bad we read about ourselves. ~ Anthony Anderson
476:I take the good with the bad, and I try to face them both with as much calm and dignity as I can muster. ~ Arthur Ashe
477:It's not a contest about whose days suck the most. The point is we all have to put up with the bad days. ~ R J Palacio
478:Kings are more prone to mistrust the good than the bad; and they are always afraid of the virtues of others. ~ Sallust
479:She made me sympathise rather than fear. She made me believe in good rather than recognise the bad. I ~ Pepper Winters
480:You can bluff the good players, but not the bad players. Against the bad players, you have to have a hand. ~ Sam Farha
481:At his words, the good butterflies trounced the bad butterflies and the bad ones retreated to Siberia. ~ Kristen Ashley
482:...bad neighborhoods no longer plague only urban ghettos; the bad neighborhoods have spread to the suburbs. ~ J D Vance
483:Because with time blocking out the bad, memory is always bound to be a bit naive and stupidly optimistic. ~ Guy Delisle
484:For Ben, watching the bad guys blow up buildings and try to shoot down airliners just never got old. ~ Mary Kay Andrews
485:I don't need someone that sees what's good about me. I need someone that sees the bad and still wants me. ~ Wiz Khalifa
486:Is a man who chooses the bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him? ~ Anthony Burgess
487:It's about having's not about being the bad guy, it's about entertaining people. ~ Floyd Mayweather Jr
488:It still is. The good. The bad. The sea of ugly in between—as long as it’s us, it will always be perfect. ~ Jewel E Ann
489:let it judge that nothing is either bad or good which can happen equally to the bad man and the good. ~ Marcus Aurelius
490:My mom says crying is just your body expelling all the bad stuff. Like a sneeze. Like your soul sneezing. ~ Jeff Garvin
491:Part of that Power, not understood, Which always wills the Bad, and always works the Good. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
492:The good news is that the president gets another chance. The bad news is that he'll be two weeks older. ~ Johnny Carson
493:To know the good from the bad, study a man or woman's history of actions, not their record of intentions. ~ Suzy Kassem
494:All that mattered was the blood. She had to bleed out the badness, bleed until she could breathe again. ~ Jackie Kessler
495:Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated. ~ G K Chesterton
496:I am a firm believer that the pull for human beings is towards the good, generally outweighing the bad. ~ Neill Blomkamp
497:I don't want to stay in the bad place, where no one believes in silver linings or love or happy endings. ~ Matthew Quick
498:I'm always happy to play the bad girl. I just get to have fun, and it's obviously all done with a smile. ~ Nicole Kidman
499:She wished all her memories could be of the good times, but the bad times kept coming back to haunt her. ~ Cecelia Ahern
500:That's the trouble with good writers. Only the bad ones make you want to do the human thing and look away. ~ Nick Hornby


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   2 Aldous Huxley
   2 A B Purani

   10 City of God
   8 The Golden Bough
   8 Lovecraft - Poems
   7 Letters On Yoga IV
   5 Thus Spoke Zarathustra
   5 Some Answers From The Mother
   5 Questions And Answers 1957-1958
   5 Questions And Answers 1953
   5 On Thoughts And Aphorisms
   4 Wordsworth - Poems
   4 The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
   4 Questions And Answers 1956
   4 Questions And Answers 1954
   4 Magick Without Tears
   4 Browning - Poems
   4 Agenda Vol 10
   4 Agenda Vol 06
   3 Yeats - Poems
   3 Words Of Long Ago
   3 Whitman - Poems
   3 The Secret Doctrine
   3 Questions And Answers 1950-1951
   3 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03
   3 Agenda Vol 01
   2 Walden
   2 Twilight of the Idols
   2 The Perennial Philosophy
   2 The Ladder of Divine Ascent
   2 The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
   2 Tagore - Poems
   2 Schiller - Poems
   2 Raja-Yoga
   2 Poetics
   2 Poe - Poems
   2 On Education
   2 Mysterium Coniunctionis
   2 Metamorphoses
   2 Evening Talks With Sri Aurobindo
   2 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 07
   2 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 06
   2 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04
   2 Agenda Vol 07
   2 Agenda Vol 05

0.02 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  enough room to keep things in order and separate, the good
  things on one side and the Bad on the other, it is better to get rid
  of the Bad things. But this should be done with great care so as
  not to go to the other extreme and throw away things that may

0.03 - Letters to My little smile, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The nature is complex, and always the true and the false,
  the good and the Bad are mixed together. It is very useful to
  see one’s faults and weaknesses clearly, but one should not see
  But this little heart is full of love. Mother, we are
  going to burn all the Bad things in this little heart. Then
  in my heart there will only be a very, very sweet love for

0.05 - Letters to a Child, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  to be steady.
  But with discrimination one can distinguish the Bad from
  the good influences and reject persistently the Bad ones.
  Love from your mother.

0.10 - Letters to a Young Captain, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  on recurring. Please help me to get out of it.
  You must continue to fight against the Bad thoughts until you
  gain a total victory. My help is always with you as well as my
  Sweet Mother,
  I have formed the Bad habit of nearly always being
  late everywhere.

0.13 - Letters to a Student, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The vital is the receptacle of all the Bad impulses, all wickedness,
  cowardice, weakness and avarice.

03.14 - Mater Dolorosa, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Is that the whole truth? We, for ourselves, do not subscribe to this view. Truth is a very complex entity, the universe a mingled strain. It is not a matter of merely sinners and innocents that we have to deal with. The problem is deeper and more fundamental. The whole question is, where, in which world, on which level of consciousness do we stand, and, what is more crucial, how much of that consciousness is dynamic and effective in normal life. If we are in the ordinary consciousness and live wholly with that consciousness, it is inevitable that, being in the midst of Nature's current, we should be buffeted along, the good and the evil, as we conceive them to be, befalling us indiscriminately. Or, again, if we happen to live in part or even mainly in an inner or higher consciousness, more or less in a mood of withdrawal from the current of life allowing the life movements to happen as they list, then too we remain, in fact, creatures and playthings of Nature and we must not wonder if, externally, suffering becomes the Badge of our tribe.

05.07 - Man and Superman, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   When we speak of the superman we refer to a new racealmost a new species that will appear on earth as the inevitable result of Nature's evolution. The new race will be developed out of the present humanity, there seems to be no doubt about that; it does not mean however that the whole of humanity will be so changed. As a matter of fact, humanity in general does not ask for such a catastrophic change in itself or for itself. But Supermanhood does mean a very radical change: it means giving up altoge ther many and some very basic human qualities and attri butes. It does not aim merely at a moral uplift, that is to say, a shedding of the Bad qualities, what are considered, for example, as predominantly animal and brutish in man; it signifies also a shedding of some at least of the good qualities or what are considered as such. The superman is not a purified moralised man, even as he is not a magnified glorified animal man; he is a man of a different type, qualitatively different. Let us take an analogy. What was the situation at the crisis when man was about to come out of (or be superimposed upon) an ape race? We can imagine a good part of that old race quite unwilling to go in for the new type that would appear to them queer, outlandish, even if not inferior on the whole or in some respects at least. They would not envisage with equanimity the disappearance of many of their cherished characteristics and powers: the glory of the tail, for example, the infinite capacity to swing and jump, the strength to crack a nut with the sheer force of the jaws. And who knows whether they would not consider their intelligence sharper and more efficacious than the type of reason, dull and slow, displayed before them by man! They would lose much to gain little. That would most probably be the general verdict.

07.19 - Bad Thought-Formation, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   There are many things in the world you do not approve of. Some people who, as they put it, wish to have the knowledge, want to find out why it is so. It is a line of knowledge. But I say it is much more important to find out how to make things otherwise than they are at present. That is exactly the problem Buddha set before himself. He sat under a tree and continued till he found the solution. The solution, however, is not very satisfactory: You say, the world is bad, let us then do away with the world; but to whose profit, as Sri Aurobindo asks very pertinently? The world will no longer be bad, since it will exist no more. The world will have to be rolled back into its origin, the original pure existence or non-existence. Then man will be, in Sri Aurobindo's words, the all-powerful master of something that does not exist, an emperor without an empire, a king without a kingdom. It is a solution. But there are others, which are better. We consider ours to be the best. There are some who say, like the Buddha, evil comes from ignorance, remove the ignorance and evil will disappear. Others say that evil comes from division, from separation; if the universe were not separated from its origin, there would be no evil. Others again declare that it is an evil will that is the cause of all, of separation and ignorance. Then the question is, where does this bad will come from? If it were at the origin of things, it must have been in the origin itself. And then some question the Bad will itself,there is no such thing, essentially, fundamentally, it is pure illusion.
   I do not think so. Things spoken of in relation to animals as monstrous are not really due to a bad will. Let us take for example the insect world. Of all animals it is this species which seems to have most the attri bute of wickedness, something akin to a bad will. It may, however, be simply that we are applying our own mode of consciousness to theirs, we impute bad will to an action which is not really of the kind. For example, there are insects whose larva can live only upon a living being; they have to feed upon a living creature, they do not get nourishment from dead flesh. So the parent insect before laying the eggs that are to become larvae first prepares the ground: it finds another insect or a small animal, stings into a nerve centre and paralyses it; then safely lays eggs in that paralysed body, which not being dead feeds the larvae when they come out of the eggs. All this looks very much Machiavellian. But nothing is reasoned out there, it is pure instinct. Would you call it bad will? It is simply the will to propagate. You can say perhaps that these insects are moved by a spirit of the species which is conscious and has a conscious will and that this will is an evil will. These beings that create or form the various species of the insect worldmany working in a much more monstrous way than the example I have givenmust then truly be frightful, inspired by a perverse and diabolic imagination. Quite possible. For it is said that the origin of the insect world is in the vital; the builders of that world belong to the vital and not to the material plane of consciousness; in other words, they not only symbolise, but they represent and live the evil will. They are fully conscious of their evil will and they exercise that will deliberately and with a set purpose. Man's bad will is often only a reflection, an imitation of the Bad will of vital beings which is a will clearly hostile to created world and whose express intention it is to make things as painful, as difficult, as ugly, as monstrous as possible. It is these beings, some say, that have created the insects. Even then, the insects cannot be described as representing the evil will, since they do not do mischief purposely, they are moved by an unconscious will in them. the Bad will is really that will which does evil for the sake of doing evil, which seeks to destroy for the sake of destroying, that takes pleasure in doing wrong. In the animal I do not think there is this kind of evil will, especially in the higher species. What is there is the instinct of self-preservation, obscure and violent reactions, but not the kind of evil that human will shows in the perverse human mental. I believe it is the human mind under the direct influence of vital beings that begins to work in the perverse way. Titans, Asuras are the beings of ill-will, they belong totally to the vital world and when they manifest themselves in this world of ours, they mean mischief, they do evil for the sake of doing evil, they destroy for the sake of destroying, they have the delight of negation.

1.00 - Preliminary Remarks, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  In fact, there are three main classes of stroke; the Bad stroke, which we associate, and rightly, with wandering attention; the good stroke which we associate, and rightly, with fixed attention; and the perfect stroke, which we do not understand, but which is really caused by the habit of fixity of attention having become independent of the will, and thus enabled to act freely of its own accord.

1.01 - Adam Kadmon and the Evolution, #Preparing for the Miraculous, #George Van Vrekhem, #unset
  Zoroastrians. In such a cosmic constellation individual be-
  ings can be saved when lost in the Bad world, but never that
  world itself. What is explained as a plunge of the Godhead

1.01 - BOOK THE FIRST, #Metamorphoses, #Ovid, #Poetry
  The sun his annual course obliquely made,
  Good days contracted, and enlarg'd the Bad.
  Then air with sultry heats began to glow;

1.01 - Economy, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  And when the farmer has got his house, he may not be the richer but the poorer for it, and it be the house that has got him. As I understand it, that was a valid objection urged by Momus against the house which
  Minerva made, that she had not made it movable, by which means a bad neighborhood might be avoided; and it may still be urged, for our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed in them; and the Bad neighborhood to be avoided is our own scurvy selves. I know one or two families, at least, in this town, who, for nearly a generation, have been wishing to sell their houses in the outskirts and move into the village, but have not been able to accomplish it, and only death will set them free.

1.01 - SAMADHI PADA, #Patanjali Yoga Sutras, #Swami Vivekananda, #Hinduism
  wickedness one wicked, if joyfulness one becomes happy.
  The only remedy for bad habits is counter habits; all the Bad
  habits that have left their impressions are to be controlled by

1.01 - The Lord of hosts, #Sefer Yetzirah The Book of Creation In Theory and Practice, #Anonymous, #Various
  God has also set the one over against the other; the good against the evil, and the evil against the good; the good proceeds from the good, and the evil from the evil; the good purifies the Bad, and the Bad the good; the good is preserved for the good, and the evil for the Bad ones.

1.02.1 - The Inhabiting Godhead Life and Action, #Isha Upanishad, #unset, #Kabbalah
  Desire is the Badge of subjection with its attendant discord and suffering. That which is free, one and lord, does not desire, but inalienably contains, possesses and enjoys.

1.02 - Where I Lived, and What I Lived For, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  All that I could say, then, with respect to farming on a large scale,
  (I have always cultivated a garden,) was, that I had had my seeds ready. Many think that seeds improve with age. I have no doubt that time discriminates between the good and the Bad; and when at last I shall plant, I shall be less likely to be disappointed. But I would say to my fellows, once for all, As long as possible live free and uncommitted. It makes but little difference whether you are committed to a farm or the county jail.

1.03 - THE STUDY (The Exorcism), #Faust, #Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, #Poetry
  Part of that Power, not understood,
  Which always wills the Bad, and always works the Good.

1.04 - GOD IN THE WORLD, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  God who, in his simple substance, is all everywhere equally, nevertheless, in efficacy, is in rational creatures in another way than in irrational, and in good rational creatures in another way than in the Bad. He is in irrational creatures in such a way as not to be comprehended by them; by all rational ones, however, he can be comprehended through knowledge; but only by the good is he to be comprehended also through love.

1.04 - Magic and Religion, #The Golden Bough, #unset, #Kabbalah
  where gypsies lodge of nights, and where toads squat under the
  desecrated altar. Thither the Bad priest comes by night with his
  light o' love, and at the first stroke of eleven he begins to mumble

1.05 - Some Results of Initiation, #Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, #Rudolf Steiner, #Occultism
  The fourth requirement is forbearance (tolerance) toward persons, creatures, and also circumstances. The student suppresses all superfluous criticism of everything that is imperfect, evil and bad, and seeks rather to understand everything that comes under his notice. Even as the sun does not withdraw its light from the Bad and the evil, so he, too, does not refuse them an intelligent sympathy. Should some trouble befall him he does not proceed to condemn and criticize, but accepts the inevitable, and endeavors to the best of his ability to give the matter a turn for the best. He does not consider the opinions of others merely from his own standpoint, but seeks to put himself into the other's position.

1.05 - THE HOSTILE BROTHERS - ARCHETYPES OF RESPONSE TO THE UNKNOWN, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  Most people of our class pursue this second means of escape. The situation in which they find
  themselves is such that it affords them more of the good things in life than the Bad; their moral stupidity
  enables them to forget that all the advantages of their position are accidental, that not everyone can have

1.07 - The Three Schools of Magick 2, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  Western philosophy has on occasion approached this doctrine. It has at least asserted that no known form of existence is exempt from sorrow. Huxley says, in his Evolution and Ethics, "Suffering is the Badge of all the tribe of sentient things."

1.08 - The Four Austerities and the Four Liberations, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  When a thought is expressed in speech, the vibration of the sound has a considerable power to bring the most material substance into contact with the thought, thus giving it a concrete and effective reality. That is why one must never speak ill of people or things or say things which go against the progress of the divine realisation in the world. This is an absolute general rule. And yet it has one exception. You should not criticise anything unless at the same time you have the conscious power and active will to dissolve or transform the movements or things you criticise. For this conscious power and active will have the capacity of infusing Matter with the possibility to react and refuse the Bad vibration and ultimately to correct it so that it becomes impossible for it to go on expressing itself on the physical plane.

1.09 - Concentration - Its Spiritual Uses, #Raja-Yoga, #Swami Vivkenanda, #unset
  The mind, to have non-attachment, must be clear, good, and rational. Why should we practice? Because each action is like the pulsations quivering over the surface of the lake. The vibration dies out, and what is left? The Samskras, the impressions. When a large number of these impressions are left on the mind, they coalesce and become a habit. It is said, "Habit is second nature", it is first nature also, and the whole nature of man; everything that we are is the result of habit. That gives us consolation, because, if it is only habit, we can make and unmake it at any time. The Samskaras are left by these vibrations passing out of our mind, each one of them leaving its result. Our character is the sum-total of these marks, and according as some particular wave prevails one takes that tone. If good prevails, one becomes good; if wickedness, one becomes wicked; if joyfulness, one becomes happy. The only remedy for bad habits is counter habits; all the Bad habits that have left their impressions are to be controlled by good habits. Go on doing good, thinking holy thoughts continuously; that is the only way to suppress base impressions. Never say any man is hopeless, because he only represents a character, a bundle of habits, which can be checked by new and better ones. Character is repeated habits, and repeated habits alone can reform character.

1.09 - SKIRMISHES IN A WAY WITH THE AGE, #Twilight of the Idols, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  self-complacently she must have lain there, this prolific ink-yielding
  cow. For she had something German in her (German in the Bad sense),
  just as Rousseau, her master, had;--something which could only have

1.09 - The Ambivalence of the Fish Symbol, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  equally, envisaged a paradoxical God-image in which the good
  and the Bad aspects appertain to the same divine being in a way
  that bears comparison with the views of Clement of Rome.
  34 One of the Bad qualities of the north wind ("The north wind numbs with
  cold" = the numbness of the evil spirit, who "hardens the hearts of the wicked"),

1.11 - BOOK THE ELEVENTH, #Metamorphoses, #Ovid, #Poetry
  Yet mov'd, howe'er, she made the cause her own.
  Took the Bad omen of a shipwreck'd man,
  As for a stranger wept, and thus began.

1.11 - ON THE NEW IDOL, #Thus Spoke Zarathustra, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  Escape from the Bad smell Escape from the idolatry
  of the superfluous!
  Escape from the Bad smell Escape from the steam
  of these human sacrifices!

1.11 - Powers, #Raja-Yoga, #Swami Vivkenanda, #unset
  The misery that we suffer comes from ignorance, from non-discrimination between the real and the unreal. We all take the Bad for the good, the dream for the reality. Soul is the only reality, and we have forgotten it. Body is an unreal dream, and we think we are all bodies. This non-discrimination is the cause of misery. It is caused by ignorance. When discrimination comes, it brings strength, and then alone can we avoid all these various ideas of body, heavens, and gods. This ignorance arises through differentiating by species, sign, and place. For instance, take a cow. The cow is differentiated from the dog by species. Even with the cows alone how do we make the distinction between one cow and another? By signs. If two objects are exactly similar, they can be distinguished if they are in different places. When objects are so mixed up that even these differential will not help us, the power of discrimination acquired by the above-mentioned practice will give us the ability to distinguish them. The highest philosophy of the Yogi is based upon this fact, that the Purusha is pure and perfect, and is the only "simple" that exists in this universe. The body and mind are compounds, and yet we are ever identifying ourselves with them This is the great mistake that the distinction has been lost. When this power of discrimination has been attained, man sees that everything in this world, mental and physical, is a compound, and, as such, cannot be the Purusha.

1.12 - On lying., #The Ladder of Divine Ascent, #Saint John of Climacus, #unset
  I have seen some who, priding themselves on their skill in lying, and exciting laughter by their jests and twaddle, have pitiably destroyed in their hearers the habit of mourning.
  When the demons see that in the very beginning we intend to keep aloof from the witty lecture of a coarse leader, as from an infectious disease, then they try to catch us by two thoughts, suggesting to us: Do not offend the story-teller, or: Do not appear to love God more than they do. Be off! Do not dally, otherwise at the time of your prayer the jokes will recur to your mind. And not only run, but even piously disconcert the Bad company by offering for their general attention the thought of death and judgment. For perhaps it is better for you to be sprinkled with a few drops of vainglory, if only you can become a channel of profit for many.
  Hypocrisy is the mother of lying and often its purpose. For some define hypocrisy as no other than meditation on falsehood, and an inventor of falsehood which has a reprehensible oath twisted up with it.


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Santa Claus: The Movie(1985) - Santa Claus comes around only once a year and gives toys to all the good children of the world for Christmas. As for the bad children Santa gives them nothing but lumps o
Class(1983) - The good news is, Jonathan's having his first affair. The bad news is, she's his roommate's mother!
Badlands(1973) - Kit Carruthers, a young garbage collector and his girlfriend Holly Sargis from Fort Dupree, South Dakota, are on the run after killing Holly's father who disagreed with their relationship. On their way towards the Badlands of Montana they leave a trail of dispassionate and seemingly random murders....
The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training(1977) - Sequel to 1976's "The Bad News Bears." The Bears are the California champs, and take off for Houston - unchaperoned - for a play-off game in the Astrodome.
The Good, The Bad and the Huckleberry Hound(1988) - Another part of the Hanna-Barbera Superstars series which is a series of TV movies shown in the late 80s featuring Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound an
Payback(1999) - Mel Gibson takes the bad guy role and turns it on its ear for this gritty & darkly funny tale of vengence, adapted from Donald Westlake's novel "The Hunter" which in turn became the basis for the 60s Lee Marvin classic, "Point Blank". "Payback" has Gibson taking on the role of Porter, a ruthless thi...
Airplane II: The Sequel(1982) - Years have passed since Ted Striker heroically saved many lives by avoiding a plane crash. Working as a test pilot for a new Lunar Shuttle (the XR-2200, not to be confused with the XR-2300), he gets innocently sent into a mental ward after a crash of the badly constructed, computer-navigated spacesh...
The Bad Pack(1997) - Ralph Moeller and Roddy Piper star in this action drama about a team of soldiers of fortune hired to defend a small town after an underground militia group tries to claim the community as their own.
Operation Delta Force II: Mayday(1998) - In this action thriller, a group of terrorists take over an ocean liner with 3,000 passengers on board, but what the bad guys don't know is that the captain of the ship is one Halsey Long (Dale Dye). The good captain's son is Skip Long (Michael McGrady), leader of the crack anti-terrorist squad the...
Girlfriend from Hell(1989) - With its catchy title and over-the-top premise, this fairly amusing horror comedy plays like a kinder, gentler variation on the type of fare offered by the bad-taste moguls at Troma Studios. The story begins in the thick of a metaphysical battle between a decidedly female Satan (Lezlie Deane) and on...
Darkman III: Die Darkman Die(1996) - Dr. Westlake/Darkman (Arnold Vosloo) is up to his old tricks, stealing from the bad and keeping for himself while still trying to perfect his synthetic skin which only lasts 99 minutes in the light. After stealing from industrialist and mobster/drug dealer Peter Rooker (Jeff Fahey), Westlake is appr...
Ashanti(1979) - Dr. David Linderby and his wife Anansa are carrying out a medical mission in a small African village when Anansa is kidnapped by a slave trader. From this moment, her husband will do anything by traveling across the desert to find and recover her and to punish the bad guys, but that will be not an e...
Hanky Panky(1982) - An architect accidentally gets caught up in a web of intrigue and murder when he ends up on the run on false murder charges. Kate is a woman out to find her brother's killer. The two team up, but not before first thinking each other are the bad guys. The duo end up on a wild cross-country ride from...
The Bad News Bears Go To Japan(1978) - A crooked promoter(Tony Curtis),hoping to make some easy money,manages the Bears as they head to Japan.The third,and final,film of the series.
The Bad And The Beautiful(1952) - The Bad and the Beautiful is a 1952 MGM melodramatic film that tells the story of a film producer who alienates all around him. It stars Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Walter Pidgeon, Dick Powell, Barry Sullivan, Gloria Grahame and Gilbert Roland. The film was directed by Vincente Minnelli and written b...
Amos & Andrew(1993) - When Andrew Sterling, a successful black urbanite writer buys a vacation home on a resort in New England the police mistake him for a burglar. After surrounding his home with armed men, Chief Tolliver realizes his mistake and to avoid the bad publicity offers a thief in his jail, Amos Odell a deal....
The Bad Seed(1956) - A mother named Christine Penmark lives with her husband (currently away on military duty) and their daughter, Rhoda. Rhoda is a well, proper and sweetheart, Later it turns out a young boy has drowned at Rhona's school, Christine start to unravel that Rhoda may not be the good girl everyone think she...
Carnage(1968) - A doctor goes to extreme lengths--even murder--to restore the badly burned face of his fiance.
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly(1966) - A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.
The Spirit(2008) - Rookie Cop Denny Colt Return's From The Beyond As The Spirit, A Superhero Whose Mission Is To Fight Off Against The Bad Forces In Central City.
The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock(1998) - Grandpa tells Littlefoot about their mythical hero called the Lone Dinosaur. Cera gets a niece and nephew to take care of. Later, the kids accidentally chip the lucky Saurus Rock, and need to fix it before the bad luck hits.
L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach(1998) - A stolen computer disk contains the location of a hidden tresaure trove. It's up to the sexy ladies of LETHAL (Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law) to find the treasure before the bad guys do. Will the forces of evil be able to overcome LETHAL's powerful combination of bullets, brains, and boobs?
Wreck-It Ralph(2012) - When Litwak's Arcade closes at night all the characters are free to come out of their own games to visit others. Wreck-It Ralph, the main bad guy in the game Fix-It Felix Jr. vows to change his role and stop being the bad guy in the video game. He may soon find his chance in the saccharine racing ga...
The Bad Seed(1985) - Christine Penmark is a single mother raising her daughter Rachel Penmark. Everybody loves and adores Rachel however everything may not be as it seems. A series of deaths start centering around Rachel and Christine begins to question Rachel's childhoo
White House Down(2013) - Capitol police officer John Cale (Channing Tatum) has just been denied his dream job of protecting President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) as a member of the Secret Service. Not wanting to disappoint his young daughter with the bad news, Cale takes her on a tour of the White House. While he and his daug...
Angel and the Badman (1947) ::: 6.9/10 -- Passed | 1h 40min | Romance, Western | 15 February 1947 (USA) -- Quirt Evans, an all round bad guy, is nursed back to health and sought after by Penelope Worth, a Quaker girl. He eventually finds himself having to choose between his world and the world Penelope lives in. Director: James Edward Grant Writer:
Appleseed (2004) ::: 7.0/10 -- Appurushdo (original title) -- Appleseed Poster -- In a utopian society created at the end of the third world war, a female warrior who has been plucked from the badlands begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have planned for the rest of humankind? Director: Shinji Aramaki
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009) ::: 6.6/10 -- The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans (original title) -- Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Poster -- Terence McDonagh is a drug- and gambling-addled detective in post-Katrina New Orleans investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants. Director: Werner Herzog Writer:
Into the Badlands ::: TV-14 | 42min | Action, Adventure, Drama | TV Series (20152019) -- A mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons. Creators: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Into the Badlands ::: TV-14 | 42min | Action, Adventure, Drama | TV Series (2015-2019) Episode Guide 32 episodes Into the Badlands Poster -- A mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons. Creators: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Lovesick ::: TV-MA | 24min | Comedy | TV Series (20142018) -- After finding out he has an STD, Dylan must get back in touch with every girl he has ever had sex with to let them know the bad news. Creator: Tom Edge
Nash Bridges ::: TV-14 | 1h | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (19962001) -- A smart alecky San Francisco, California cop and his get rich quick scheme of a partner keep tabs on crime and take down the bad guys in the Bay Area. Creator:
Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys (2008) ::: 7.9/10 -- G | 47min | Comedy | TV Movie 7 December 2008 -- It has been one year since the boys have become rich. Julian decided to keep the money safe, but when it comes time for everyone to get their share, the money is lost forever. Director: Mike Clattenburg Writers: Mike Clattenburg, Timm Hannebohm Stars:
The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) ::: 7.8/10 -- Passed | 1h 58min | Drama, Romance | 9 February 1953 (Brazil) -- An unscrupulous movie producer uses an actress, a director and a writer to achieve success. Director: Vincente Minnelli Writers: Charles Schnee (screenplay), George Bradshaw (story)
The Bad News Bears (1976) ::: 7.3/10 -- PG | 1h 42min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 7 April 1976 (USA) -- An aging, down-on-his-luck ex-minor leaguer coaches a team of misfits in an ultra-competitive California little league. Director: Michael Ritchie Writer: Bill Lancaster
The Bad Seed (1956) ::: 7.5/10 -- Approved | 2h 9min | Comedy, Drama, Horror | 12 September 1956 (USA) -- A housewife suspects that her seemingly perfect eight-year-old daughter is a heartless killer. Director: Mervyn LeRoy Writers: John Lee Mahin (screenplay), Maxwell Anderson (play) | 1 more credit
The Good the Bad the Weird (2008) ::: 7.3/10 -- Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (original title) -- The Good the Bad the Weird Poster -- The story of two outlaws and a bounty hunter in 1940s Manchuria and their rivalry to possess a treasure map while being pursued by the Japanese army and Chinese bandits. Director: Jee-woon Kim (as Kim Jee-woon) Writers:
We Were Soldiers (2002) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 2h 18min | Action, Drama, History | 1 March 2002 (USA) -- The story of the first major battle of the American phase of the Vietnam War, and the soldiers on both sides that fought it, while their wives wait nervously and anxiously at home for the good news or the bad news. Director: Randall Wallace Writers:,_The_Bad_and_The_Cuddly,_the_Bad_and_the_Snotty's_Legends_of_Tomorrow_(TV_Series)_Episode:_The_Good,_the_Bad_and_the_Cuddly,_the_Bad,_and_the_Crispy,_the_Bad,_and_Chieftess,_the_Bad,_and_A_Pup_Named_Scooby-Doo,_the_Bad,_and_Huckleberry_Hound:_Hokey's_Story/Trailer_transcripts,_the_Bad,_and_Huckleberry_Hound:_Sheriff_Yogi_Goes_West,_the_Bad,_and_Otto_Hound,_the_Bad,_and_Scuttlebutt,_the_Bad,_and_Sheriff_Yogi:_Stinky,_We_Shrunk_Ourselves!,_the_Bad,_and_Sheriff_Yogi/Trailer_transcripts,_The_Bad_&_El_Tigre,_The_Bad,_and_the_Tigre,_Book_One,_Book_Two,_Part_I,_Part_III,_Part_IV,_the_Bad,_and_the_Dead,_Really_Bad,_The_Bad_and_The_Tightwad,_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly_(CON_episode),_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly),_the_Bad_and_the_Alien_(novel),_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly_(documentary),_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly_(comic_story),_the_Bad,_and_The_Badass,_The_Bad_&_The_Hendy
Candy Candy -- -- Toei Animation -- 115 eps -- Manga -- Slice of Life Drama Shoujo -- Candy Candy Candy Candy -- This story is about a girl, Candy, who is an orphan. She is a nice and optimistic girl and she has a warm heart. When she was a child, she lived in an orphanage called Pony's Home. She had a good friend called Annie. And she met the "Prince of the Hill" who is a important person in her life, on the hill behind the orphanage. -- -- She was adopted by the Leagan's family. What's awaiting her are the bad-hearted Neil and his sister, Eliza. One day, in the rose garden, she met a boy, who is identical to the "Prince of the Hill" who she had met in her childhood. The boy is called Anthony. Thereafter, a fantastic story that she has never expected begins. -- -- (Source: AnimeNfo) -- TV - Oct 1, 1976 -- 22,866 7.52
Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen -- -- Kyoto Animation -- 1 ep -- Visual novel -- Drama Romance School Slice of Life -- Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen -- Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen is set in an alternate reality where Tomoya Okazaki dates his junior, Tomoyo Sakagami. -- -- Tomoyo has been elected to be the school's next Student Council President. This is great news as she can now work toward her goal of preventing the school's cherry blossom trees from being axed. Although Tomoya is ecstatic for her, given his reputation as a delinquent in school, his relationship with Tomoyo is making them the subject of gossip around the campus, which can potentially compromise her standing as Student Council President. The school community's disapproval of their relationship becomes more apparent when the Student Council's Vice-President and even the school's administration warn Tomoya to distance himself from Tomoyo. -- -- With the bad atmosphere widening the rift between Tomoya and Tomoyo, will Tomoya succumb to societal pressure and do as they say, or will their love for each other rise above it all? -- -- -- Licensor: -- Sentai Filmworks -- Special - Jul 16, 2008 -- 262,192 7.98
DRAMAtical Murder: Data_xx_Transitory -- -- NAZ -- 1 ep -- Visual novel -- Sci-Fi Psychological Drama Shounen Ai -- DRAMAtical Murder: Data_xx_Transitory DRAMAtical Murder: Data_xx_Transitory -- Data xx Transitory is the thirteenth and bonus episode of the DRAMAtical Murder animation. It features all of the bad endings from the original game. -- -- (Source: DRAMAtical Murder Wiki) -- -- Licensor: -- Sentai Filmworks -- Special - Dec 24, 2014 -- 26,626 6.05
DRAMAtical Murder: Data_xx_Transitory -- -- NAZ -- 1 ep -- Visual novel -- Sci-Fi Psychological Drama Shounen Ai -- DRAMAtical Murder: Data_xx_Transitory DRAMAtical Murder: Data_xx_Transitory -- Data xx Transitory is the thirteenth and bonus episode of the DRAMAtical Murder animation. It features all of the bad endings from the original game. -- -- (Source: DRAMAtical Murder Wiki) -- Special - Dec 24, 2014 -- 26,626 6.05
Inferno Cop -- -- Trigger -- 13 eps -- Original -- Action Comedy Police -- Inferno Cop Inferno Cop -- Jack Knife Edge Town is as edgy as it sounds, and it's up to Inferno Cop to stop that edge from tearing his city apart. He's both law and outlaw, dispensing ungodly justice to evildoers like a candy machine. Lowlifes, gangsters, and even hellspawn all infest Inferno Cop's hunting ground, but that's the good news. The bad news? Prior to the story, his family was brutally murdered by Southern Cross, a shady organization that made the worst mistake imaginable by doing so. Now, Inferno Cop's limiters have been removed and his mercy rung more dry than the entrails of his victims. -- -- Something is welling up in Inferno Cop's city, however, and soon he'll face the most daunting gauntlet of his life involving him literally falling into and escaping from Hell. A flaming head won't be enough to ward off the true evil that's rapidly approaching—Inferno Cop must call upon all his allies and his own wacky antics to conquer the trials that await him. -- -- ONA - Dec 25, 2012 -- 86,755 7.28
Kekkaishi (TV) -- -- Sunrise -- 52 eps -- Manga -- Action Adventure Comedy Demons Supernatural Shounen -- Kekkaishi (TV) Kekkaishi (TV) -- Yoshimura Sumimura comes from a long line of "Kekkaishi," individuals who have supernatural abilities and are able to destroy evil creatures called Ayakashi that venture into the human realm from time to time. The Ayakashi are demons that look to feast on the power emanating from the land of Karasumori, which also happens to be where Yoshimura's high school is located. Now, Yoshimura must fight to protect his beloved school and hometown. Although, if it were up to him, he would rather be baking cakes than fighting off the ugly characters that show up at night. -- -- Thankfully, Yoshimura isn't the only one helping to keep the baddies at bay. His childhood friend and neighbor, Tokine Yukimura, joins him in this righteous battle. Despite the fact that they are from rival clans, these two make a fantastic team. And teamwork is something vital to fighting the evil that is closing in, as the Ayakashi attack in waves, looking to claim the land as their own, and a shadowy organization looks on, ready to pounce when the time is right... -- -- Licensor: -- VIZ Media -- TV - Oct 16, 2006 -- 94,335 7.62
Kekkaishi (TV) -- -- Sunrise -- 52 eps -- Manga -- Action Adventure Comedy Demons Supernatural Shounen -- Kekkaishi (TV) Kekkaishi (TV) -- Yoshimura Sumimura comes from a long line of "Kekkaishi," individuals who have supernatural abilities and are able to destroy evil creatures called Ayakashi that venture into the human realm from time to time. The Ayakashi are demons that look to feast on the power emanating from the land of Karasumori, which also happens to be where Yoshimura's high school is located. Now, Yoshimura must fight to protect his beloved school and hometown. Although, if it were up to him, he would rather be baking cakes than fighting off the ugly characters that show up at night. -- -- Thankfully, Yoshimura isn't the only one helping to keep the baddies at bay. His childhood friend and neighbor, Tokine Yukimura, joins him in this righteous battle. Despite the fact that they are from rival clans, these two make a fantastic team. And teamwork is something vital to fighting the evil that is closing in, as the Ayakashi attack in waves, looking to claim the land as their own, and a shadowy organization looks on, ready to pounce when the time is right... -- TV - Oct 16, 2006 -- 94,335 7.62
Tenchi Muyou! GXP -- -- AIC -- 26 eps -- Original -- Action Comedy Harem Mecha Police Sci-Fi Shounen Space -- Tenchi Muyou! GXP Tenchi Muyou! GXP -- From crashing his bike to falling in lakes, Seina Yamada just cannot shake the bad luck that follows him. But his fortune begins to change when he is forcibly recruited into the Galaxy Police and ends up capturing the most pirates in the force. -- -- Now, Seina is no longer just the unfortunate boy from Earth; he is a man that pirates have come to fear. Despite his reputation, Seina is still the same clumsy guy, but at least he has Amane Kaunaq, a former model, and Kiriko Masaki, his long time friend, to keep him together. With their help, Seina sets out on an adventure in the hopes of becoming a great Galaxy Police Officer. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- TV - Apr 2, 2002 -- 26,510 7.17
Tong Ling Fei -- -- Haoliners Animation League -- 16 eps -- Web manga -- Comedy Historical Drama Romance -- Tong Ling Fei Tong Ling Fei -- When Qian Yunshang's marriage to Ye Youming is arranged by the emperor, she is terrified that the bad blood between their families will lead to her being treated miserably in the Ye household. Torn between duty and concern for his daughter, Qian Aotian devises a reckless plan. He summons his firstborn daughter—her existence unknown to all but his own family—to be the stand-in for her younger sister. -- -- Due to her unusual powers, Qian Yun Xi was exiled by her family when she was a child. Deprived of filial affection, she made a life of her own amid the wilderness on Mt. Ling Yun. However, everything begins to change when she marries Ye Youming in her sister's stead. -- -- Harboring immense contempt for the family of Qian, Ye Youming refuses to acknowledge Qian Yun Xi as his wife and treats her coldly, going so far as to banish her from his palace grounds. But he can only resist her childlike charm and boldness for so long... -- -- ONA - Nov 30, 2018 -- 20,014 7.71
Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon! -- -- Studio Hibari -- 172 eps -- Manga -- Kids Adventure Fantasy Magic Comedy Romance School Drama Shoujo -- Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon! Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon! -- Kaede is a cheerful and energetic eighth grader. When it comes to boys, however, she is hopelessly shy. -- -- One day, on her way home from school, Kaede walks into a mysterious shop and buys a colorful cocoa mug. When she reaches home, she casually peeks into the bottom of the mug and discovers an engraved note, which says, "If you read this message aloud while pouring hot cocoa into the mug, a love fairy ("muglox") will appear and grant your every wish." The skeptical but curious Kaede follows the directions and announces her wish to date Yuuki, the class heartthrob. Suddenly, the adorable blue Mirumo appears! We soon find out, however, that this cute little muglox would rather eat chocolate and create mischief than help Kaede. -- -- Mirumo, it seems, is prince of the muglox world. Horrified at the prospect of having to marry Rirumu, his princess bride-to-be, Mirumo has escaped the muglox world. Hot on his heels, however, are Rirumu, Yashichi the bounty hunter, and a cast of hundreds of muglox ranging from the good to the bad to the nutty. This gang of adorable troublemakers will see to it that school life for Kaede and her friends is never the same... -- -- (Source: mirmo-zibang) -- -- Licensor: -- VIZ Media -- TV - Apr 6, 2002 -- 15,504 7.30
Weiß Kreuz -- -- Magic Bus, Plum -- 25 eps -- Original -- Action Drama Shounen -- Weiß Kreuz Weiß Kreuz -- Aya, Yoji, Ken, and Omi are the four young men who comprise Weiss Kruez (WK), an assassin group who eliminates certain menaces to society. Each member has his own trademark fighting style. Aya is adept at fighting with a katana, Yoji has mastered the art of strangulation via strings, Ken is lethal with his metal claws, while Omi specializes in a wide array of projectiles. Under the command of a mysterious man known only as "Persia", the WK is dispatched to take care of drug rings, terrorist factions, and the like. But as things go along, they discover that most, if not all, the bad elements they have dealt with are somehow connected to the Takatori family. The Takatori family is rich, powerful, and influential. It seems if the problem is to be nipped in the bud, the WK would have to put an end to one of Japan's most prominent clans. -- -- (Source: AniDB) -- -- Licensor: -- Media Blasters -- TV - Apr 9, 1998 -- 16,739 6.72
Weiß Kreuz -- -- Magic Bus, Plum -- 25 eps -- Original -- Action Drama Shounen -- Weiß Kreuz Weiß Kreuz -- Aya, Yoji, Ken, and Omi are the four young men who comprise Weiss Kruez (WK), an assassin group who eliminates certain menaces to society. Each member has his own trademark fighting style. Aya is adept at fighting with a katana, Yoji has mastered the art of strangulation via strings, Ken is lethal with his metal claws, while Omi specializes in a wide array of projectiles. Under the command of a mysterious man known only as "Persia", the WK is dispatched to take care of drug rings, terrorist factions, and the like. But as things go along, they discover that most, if not all, the bad elements they have dealt with are somehow connected to the Takatori family. The Takatori family is rich, powerful, and influential. It seems if the problem is to be nipped in the bud, the WK would have to put an end to one of Japan's most prominent clans. -- -- (Source: AniDB) -- TV - Apr 9, 1998 -- 16,739 6.72
Alias the Bad Man
All Hands on the Bad One
Amazing Grace (The Badlees album)
Angel and the Badman
Booth and the Bad Angel
B-Sides & Rarities (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds album)
Day of the Badman
Durand of the Bad Lands
Girl All the Bad Guys Want
Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go
Into the Badlands
Into the Badlands (TV series)
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Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage
List of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds members
List of songs recorded by the Badlees
Live: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds discography
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Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135
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Star Wars: The Bad Batch
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The Bad Batch
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The Bad Boy (film)
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The Bad Bunch
The Bad Child's Book of Beasts
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The Baddest Female
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The Bad Dog Theatre Company
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The Bad Kids (TV series)
The Badlees
The Bad Life
The Bad Life (film)
The Bad Lord Byron
The Bad Man
The Bad Man of Brimstone
The Bad Man of Cheyenne
The Bad Man: Rare & Unreissued Ike Turner Produced Recordings 19621965
The Bad Mother's Handbook
The Bad News Bears
The Bad News Bears Go to Japan
The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
The Bad News Bears (TV series)
The Bad One
The Bad Place
The Bad Plus
The Bad Poet
The Bad Popes
The Bad Seed
The Bad Seed (TV series)
The Bad Shepherds
The Bad Sleep Well
The Bad Spellers
The Bad Street Boys
The Bad Taste of the Town
The Bad, the Worse, and the Out of Print
The Bad Touch
The Best of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
The Good and the Bad
The Good, the Bad & the Live
The Good, the Bad & the Queen
The Good, the Bad & the Queen (album)
The Good, the Bad & the Queen (song)
The Good, the Bad, and the Argyle
The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly
The Good, the Bad, and the Dead
The Good, the Bad, and the Funky
The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1979 TV series)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (disambiguation)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (soundtrack)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (theme)
The Good, the Bad, the Average and Unique
The Good, the Bad, the Sexy
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (Frankee album)
The Good, the Bad, the Weird
The Punk, the Bad & the Ugly
The Rite of Spring (The Bad Plus album)
Word to the Badd!!

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