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object:the Good

  the good seems to be also beautiful.
  the good seems to have a relation to truth.

  to do good. more and more everyday.
  there are countless people who seem to have done much good. all good has passed through people.

  so somewhere i was wrote of productive, actualization, and transcendence as @grades of movement.
  and there seems a relation between grades of movement and goodness.
  there seems to be doing good and becoming good.. what is the difference between them?

  what is the good?
    qualities of goodness?

    what are potential examples? (instances)
      reading Savitri surely,
      helping others?
      making and keeping vows/offering series to God.
      abstaining from lower movements?      

  Do I do good?
  how often?
  of what calibre of goodness?

  is a good balanced by evil still good or is only good over average good?

  Who does good?
  What kind of person can do good?

  the way something is done vs what is done?

  consciously vs unconsciously good?

  can something be objectively good?

  what is good for one man, is perhaps evil for another.

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the Good


QUOTES [40 / 40 - 500 / 11022]

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   14 Sri Aurobindo
   4 The Mother
   1 Voltaire
   1 Thomas Merton
   1 The Book of Thomas
   1 Swami Vivekananda
   1 Sri Ramana Maharshi
   1 Sri Ramakrishna
   1 Socrates
   1 Sappho
   1 Saint Thomas Aquinas
   1 Saint John of the Cross
   1 Saint Augustine of Hippo
   1 Meister Eckhart
   1 Ken Wilber
   1 G K Chesterton
   1 Fyodor Dostoevsky
   1 Dr. John Dee
   1 Daphne du Maurier
   1 Chogyam Trungpa
   1 Chamtrul Rinpoche
   1 Bill Hicks
   1 Agrippa
   1 Abd Al-Qadir al-Jilani


   12 Anonymous
   7 Voltaire
   7 Plato
   5 Victor Hugo
   5 Marcus Aurelius
   5 Aristotle
   4 Paulo Coelho
   4 Mark Twain
   4 Louise Hay
   3 Sue Monk Kidd
   3 Stephen King
   3 Sophocles
   3 Ray Bradbury
   3 Mahatma Gandhi
   3 Jane Austen
   3 Horace
   3 Confucius
   3 Alex Haley
   2 W Somerset Maugham
   2 Wayne Dyer

1:The best is the enemy of the good. (Le mieux est lennemi du bien.)
   ~ Voltaire,
2:For the man who is beautiful is beautiful to see but the good man will at once also beautiful be ~ Sappho,
3:Apparent evil is often the shortest way to the good. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays in Philosophy and Yoga, The Strength of Stillness,
4:The bad news is you're falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there's no ground.
   ~ Chogyam Trungpa,
5:The evolutionary intention acts through the evil as through the good. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, The Origin and Remedy of Falsehood, Error, Wrong and Evil,
6:26. When I see others suffer, I feel that I am unfortunate, but the wisdom that is not mine, sees the good that is coming and approves.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine And Human, Jnana,
7:Sin exalted
Seizes secure on the thrones of the world for her glorious portion,
Down to the bottomless pit the good man is thrust in his virtue. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, Ilion,
8:The psychic and spiritual attitude is also not dependent on the good and bad in beings, but is self-existent. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - III, The Emergence or Coming Forward of the Psychic,
9:The good man, though a slave, is free; the wicked, though he reigns, is a slave, and not the slave of a single man, but- what is worse - the slave of as many masters as he has vices. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
10:See that you are not suddenly saddened by the adversities of this world, for you do not know the good they bring, being ordained in the judgments of God for the everlasting joy of the elect. ~ Saint John of the Cross,
11:If you really want the good of others, the whole universe may stand against you and cannot hurt you. It must crumble before your power of the Lord Himself in you if you are sincere and really unselfish. ~ Swami Vivekananda,
12:He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas,
13:To man’s righteousness this is his cosmic crime,
Almighty beyond good and evil to dwell
Leaving the good to their fate in a wicked world
And evil to reign in this enormous scene. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real,
14:For whatever desires still trouble his being, he must, if he accepts the high aim of Yoga, put them away from him into the hands of the Lord within us. The supreme Power will deal with them for the good of the Sadhaka and for the good of all.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga,
15:In the same Upanishad, Agni is invoked for purely moral functions as the purifier from sin, the leader of the soul by the good path to the divine Bliss, and he seems to be identified with the power of the will and responsible for human actions
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Secret Of The Veda, [7],
16:If you could take the bliss and happiness that comes from meditation, and put it into a bottle, it would be the most popular drink in the world. Of course, this is not possible. But the good news is that it is free, it is good for your health, and it is always available. ~ Chamtrul Rinpoche,
17:Certainty [of faith] will remain incomplete as long as there is an atom of love of this world in the heart. When faith has become certitude, certitude has become knowingness, and knowingness has become Knowledge, you will become an expert in distinguishing between the good and the bad in the service of Allah (mighty and glorified is He). ~ Abd Al-Qadir al-Jilani, Purification of the Mind (Jila' Al-Khatir), Second Edition,
18:Sometimes it's a sort of indulgence to think the worst of ourselves. We say, 'Now I have reached the bottom of the pit, now I can fall no further,' and it is almost a pleasure to wallow in the darkness. The trouble is, it's not true. There is no end to the evil in ourselves, just as there is no end to the good. It's a matter of choice. We struggle to climb, or we struggle to fall. The thing is to discover which way we're going. ~ Daphne du Maurier,
19:Watch and pray that you not come to be in the flesh, but rather that you come forth from the bondage of the bitterness of this life. And as you pray, you will find rest, for you have left behind the suffering and the disgrace. For when you come forth from the sufferings and passions of the body, you will receive rest from the good one, and you will reign with the King, you joined with Him and He with you, from now on, for ever and ever, Amen. ~ The Book of Thomas,
20:What is the good of words if they aren't important enough to quarrel over? Why do we choose one word more than another if there isn't any difference between them? If you called a woman a chimpanzee instead of an angel, wouldn't there be a quarrel about a word? If you're not going to argue about words, what are you going to argue about? Are you going to convey your meaning to me by moving your ears? The Church and the heresies always used to fight about words, because they are the only thing worth fighting about. ~ G K Chesterton,
21:States of consciousness there are in which Death is only a change in immortal Life, pain a violent backwash of the waters of universal delight, limitation a turning of the Infinite upon itself, evil a circling of the good around its own perfection; and this not in abstract conception only, but in actual vision and in constant and substantial experience. To arrive at such states of consciousness may, for the individual, be one of the most important and indispensable steps of his progress towards self-perfection.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine,
22:The Good, the True, and the Beautiful, then, are simply the faces of Spirit as it shines in this world. Spirit seen subjectively is Beauty, and I of Spirit. Spirit seen intersubjectively is the Good, the We of Spirit. And Spirit seen objectively is the True, the It of Spirit....And whenever we pause, and enter the quiet, and rest in the utter stillness, we can hear that whispering voice calling to us still: never forgot the Good, and never forgot the True, and never forget the Beautiful, for these are the faces of your own deepest Self, freely shown to you. ~ Ken Wilber, Marriage of Sense and Soul, p. 201,
23:  But we now come to speak of the holy and sacred Pentacles and Sigils. Now these pentacles, are as it were certain holy signes preserving us from evil chances and events, and helping and assisting us to binde, exterminate, and drive away evil spirits, and alluring the good spirits, and reconciling them unto us. And these pentacles do consist either of Characters of the good spirits of the superiour order, or of sacred pictures of holy letters or revelations, with apt and fit versicles, which are composed either of Geometrical figures and holy names of God, according to the course and maner of many of them; or they are compounded of all of them, or very many of them mixt. ~ Agrippa, A Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy,
24:If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for . . . To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything He has given us - and He has given us everything. Every breath we draw is a gift of His love, every moment of existence is a grace, for it brings with it immense graces from Him.

Gratitude therefore takes nothing for granted, is never unresponsive, is constantly awakening to new wonder and to praise of the goodness of God. For the grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience. And that is what makes all the difference. ~ Thomas Merton,
25:O DIVINE Force, supreme Illuminator, hearken to our prayer, move not away from us, do not withdraw, help us to fight the good fight, make firm our strength for the struggle, give us the force to conquer!
   O my sweet Master, Thou whom I adore without being able to know Thee, Thou who I am without being able to realise Thee, my entire conscious individuality prostrates itself before Thee and implores, in the name of the workers in their struggle, and of the earth in her agony, in the name of suffering humanity and of striving Nature;
   O my sweet Master, O marvellous Unknowable, O Dispenser of all boons, Thou who makest light spring forth in the darkness and strength to arise out of weakness, support our effort, guide our steps, lead us to victory.
   ~ The Mother, Prayers And Meditations, 211,
26:what is meant by the psychic :::
What is meant in the terminology of the yoga by the psychic is the soul element in the nature, the pure psyche or divine nucleus which stands behind mind, life and body (it is not the ego) but of which we are only dimly aware. It is a portion of the Divine and permanent from life to life, taking the experience of life through its outer instruments. As this experience grows it manifests a developing psychic personality which insisting always on the good, true and beautiful, finally becomes ready and strong enough to turn the nature towards the Divine. It can then come entirely forward, breaking through the mental, vital and physical screen, govern the instincts and transform the nature. Nature no longer imposes itself on the soul, but the soul, the Purusha, imposes its dictates on the nature. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - III,
27:A disciple asked his teacher, 'Sir, please tell me how I can see God.' Come with me,' said the guru, 'and I shall show you.' He took the disciple to a lake, and both of them got into the water. Suddenly the teacher pressed the disciple's head under the water. After a few moments he released him and the disciple raised his head and stood up. The guru asked him, 'How did you feel?' The disciple said, 'Oh! I thought I should die; I was panting for breath.' The teacher said, 'When you feel like that for God, then you will know you haven't long to wait for His vision.'

Let me tell you something. What will you gain by floating on the surface? Dive a little under the water. The gems lie deep under the water; so what is the good of throwing your arms and legs about on the surface? A real gem is heavy. It doesn't float; it sinks to the bottom. To get the real gem you must dive deep. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
28:And He will judge and will forgive all, the good and the evil, the wise and the meek . . . And when He has done with all of them, then He will summon us. 'You too come forth,' He will say, 'Come forth ye drunkards, come forth, ye weak ones, come forth, ye children of shame!' And we shall all come forth, without shame and shall stand before him. And He will say unto us, 'Ye are swine, made in the Image of the Beast and with his mark; but come ye also!' And the wise ones and those of understanding will say, 'Oh Lord, why dost Thou receive these men?' And He will say, 'This is why I receive them, oh ye wise, this is why I receive them, oh ye of understanding, that not one of them believed himself to be worthy of this.' And He will hold out His hands to us and we shall fall down before him . . . and we shall weep . . . and we shall understand all things! Then we shall understand everything! . . . and all will understand ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky,
29:the best we can conceive as the thing to be done :::
   The work itself is at first determined by the best light we can command in our ignorance. It is that which we conceive as the thing that should be done. And whether it be shaped by our sense of duty, by our feeling for our fellow-creatures, by our idea of what is for the good of others or the good of the world or by the direction of one whom we accept as a human Master, wiser than ourselves and for us the representative of that Lord of all works in whom we believe but whom we do not yet know, the principle is the same. The essential of the sacrifice of works must be there and the essential is the surrender of all desire for the fruit of our works, the renunciation of all attachment to the result for which yet we labour. For so long as we work with attachment to the result, the sacrifice is offered not to the Divine, but to our ego...
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, Equality and the Annihilation of Ego,
30:It is necessary to observe and know the wrong movements in you; for they are the source of your trouble and have to be persistently rejected if you are to be free.
But do not be always thinking of your defects and wrong movements. Concentrate more upon what you are to be, on the ideal, with the faith that, since it is the goal before you, it must and will come.
To be always observing faults and wrong movements brings depression and discourages the faith. Turn your eyes more to the coming Light and less to any immediate darkness. Faith, cheerfulness, confidence in the ultimate victory are the things that help, - they make the progress easier and swifter. Make more of the good experiences that come to you; one experience of the kind is more important than the lapses and failures. When it ceases, do not repine or allow yourself to be discouraged, but be quiet within and aspire for its renewal in a stronger form leading to still deeper and fuller experience. Aspire always, but with more quietude, opening yourself to the Divine simply and wholly. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - IV,
31:Many are God's forms by which he grows in man;
   They stamp his thoughts and deeds with divinity,
   Uplift the stature of the human clay
   Or slowly transmute it into heavens gold.
   He is the Good for which men fight and die,
   He is the war of Right with Titan wrong;
   He is Freedom rising deathless from her pyre;
   He is Valour guarding still the desperate pass
   Or lone and erect on the shattered barricade
   Or a sentinel in the dangerous echoing Night.
   He is the crown of the martyr burned in flame
   And the glad resignation of the saint
   And courage indifferent to the wounds of Time
   And the heros might wrestling with death and fate.
   He is Wisdom incarnate on a glorious throne
   And the calm autocracy of the sages rule.
   He is the high and solitary Thought
   Aloof above the ignorant multitude:
   He is the prophets voice, the sight of the seer.
   He is Beauty, nectar of the passionate soul,
   He is the Truth by which the spirit lives.
   He is the riches of the spiritual Vast
   Poured out in healing streams on indigent Life;
   He is Eternity lured from hour to hour,
   He is infinity in a little space:
   He is immortality in the arms of death.
   These powers I am and at my call they come.
   Thus slowly I lift mans soul nearer the Light.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
32:"Who does not understand should either learn, or be silent."
"Perspective is an Art Mathematical which demonstrates the manner and properties of all radiations direct, broken and reflected."
"Neither the circle without the line, nor the line without the point, can be artificially produced. It is, therefore, by virtue of the point and the Monad that all things commence to emerge in principle. That which is affected at the periphery, however large it may be, cannot in any way lack the support of the central point."
"Therefore, the central point which we see in the centre of the hieroglyphic Monad produces the Earth , round which the Sun , the Moon , and the other planets follow their respective paths. The Sun has the supreme dignity , and we represent him by a circle having a visible centre."
There is (gentle reader) nothing (the works of God only set apart) which so much beautifies and adorns the soul and mind of man as does knowledge of the good arts and sciences . Many arts there are which beautify the mind of man; but of all none do more garnish and beautify it than those arts which are called mathematical , unto the knowledge of which no man can attain, without perfect knowledge and instruction of the principles, grounds, and Elements of Geometry." ~ Dr. John Dee, The Hieroglyphic Monad,
33:I examined the poets, and I look on them as people whose talent overawes both themselves and others, people who present themselves as wise men and are taken as such, when they are nothing of the sort.

From poets, I moved to artists. No one was more ignorant about the arts than I; no one was more convinced that artists possessed really beautiful secrets. However, I noticed that their condition was no better than that of the poets and that both of them have the same misconceptions. Because the most skillful among them excel in their specialty, they look upon themselves as the wisest of men. In my eyes, this presumption completely tarnished their knowledge. As a result, putting myself in the place of the oracle and asking myself what I would prefer to be - what I was or what they were, to know what they have learned or to know that I know nothing - I replied to myself and to the god: I wish to remain who I am.

We do not know - neither the sophists, nor the orators, nor the artists, nor I- what the True, the Good, and the Beautiful are. But there is this difference between us: although these people know nothing, they all believe they know something; whereas, I, if I know nothing, at least have no doubts about it. As a result, all this superiority in wisdom which the oracle has attributed to me reduces itself to the single point that I am strongly convinced that I am ignorant of what I do not know. ~ Socrates,
34:Why God sometimes allows people who are genuinely good to be hindered in the good that they do. God, who is faithful, allows his friends to fall frequently into weakness only in order to remove from them any prop on which they might lean. For a loving person it would be a great joy to be able to achieve many great feats, whether keeping vigils, fasting, performing other ascetical practices or doing major, difficult and unusual works. For them this is a great joy, support and source of hope so that their works become a prop and a support upon which they can lean. But it is precisely this which our Lord wishes to take from them so that he alone will be their help and support. This he does solely on account of his pure goodness and mercy, for God is prompted to act only by his goodness, and in no way do our works serve to make God give us anything or do anything for us. Our Lord wishes his friends to be freed from such an attitude, and thus he removes their support from them so that they must henceforth find their support only in him. For he desires to give them great gifts, solely on account of his goodness, and he shall be their comfort and support while they discover themselves to be and regard themselves as being a pure nothingness in all the great gifts of God. The more essentially and simply the mind rests on God and is sustained by him, the more deeply we are established in God and the more receptive we are to him in all his precious gifts - for human kind should build on God alone. ~ Meister Eckhart,
35:The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly colored, and it's very loud, and it's fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, "Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, "Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." And we ... kill those people. "Shut him up! I've got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real." It's just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok ... But it doesn't matter, because it's just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace. ~ Bill Hicks,
36:At the basis of this collaboration there is necessarily the will to change, no longer to be what one is, for things to be no longer what they are. There are several ways of reaching it, and all the methods are good when they succeed! One may be deeply disgusted with what exists and wish ardently to come out of all this and attain something else; one may - and this is a more positive way - one may feel within oneself the touch, the approach of something positively beautiful and true, and willingly drop all the rest so that nothing may burden the journey to this new beauty and truth.

   What is indispensable in every case is the ardent will for progress, the willing and joyful renunciation of all that hampers the advance: to throw far away from oneself all that prevents one from going forward, and to set out into the unknown with the ardent faith that this is the truth of tomorrow, inevitable, which must necessarily come, which nothing, nobody, no bad will, even that of Nature, can prevent from becoming a reality - perhaps of a not too distant future - a reality which is being worked out now and which those who know how to change, how not to be weighed down by old habits, will surely have the good fortune not only to see but to realise. People sleep, they forget, they take life easy - they forget, forget all the time.... But if we could remember... that we are at an exceptional hour, a unique time, that we have this immense good fortune, this invaluable privilege of being present at the birth of a new world, we could easily get rid of everything that impedes and hinders our progress.

   So, the most important thing, it seems, is to remember this fact; even when one doesn't have the tangible experience, to have the certainty of it and faith in it; to remember always, to recall it constantly, to go to sleep with this idea, to wake up with this perception; to do all that one does with this great truth as the background, as a constant support, this great truth that we are witnessing the birth of a new world.

   We can participate in it, we can become this new world. And truly, when one has such a marvellous opportunity, one should be ready to give up everything for its sake. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1957-1958, [T1],
Hasten towards the good, leave behind all evil thoughts, for to do good without enthusiasm is to have a mind which delights in evil.

If one does an evil action, he should not persist in it, he should not delight in it. For full of suffering is the accumulation of evil.

If one does a good action, he should persist in it and take delight in it. Full of happiness is the accumulation of good.

As long as his evil action has not yet ripened, an evildoer may experience contentment. But when it ripens, the wrong-doer knows unhappiness.

As long as his good action has not yet ripened, one who does good may experience unhappiness. But when it ripens, the good man knows happiness.

Do not treat evil lightly, saying, "That will not touch me." A jar is filled drop by drop; even so the fool fills himself little by little with wickedness.

Do not treat good lightly, saying, "That will not touch me." A jar is filled drop by drop; even so the sage fills himself little by little with goodness.

The merchant who is carrying many precious goods and who has but few companions, avoids dangerous roads; and a man who loves his life is wary of poison. Even so should one act regarding evil.

A hand that has no wound can carry poison with impunity; act likewise, for evil cannot touch the righteous man.

If you offend one who is pure, innocent and defenceless, the insult will fall back on you, as if you threw dust against the wind.

Some are reborn here on earth, evil-doers go to the worlds of Niraya,1 the just go to the heavenly worlds, but those who have freed themselves from all desire attain Nirvana.

Neither in the skies, nor in the depths of the ocean, nor in the rocky caves, nowhere upon earth does there exist a place where a man can find refuge from his evil actions.

Neither in the skies, nor in the depths of the ocean, nor in the rocky caves, nowhere upon earth does there exist a place where a man can hide from death.

People have the habit of dealing lightly with thoughts that come. And the atmosphere is full of thoughts of all kinds which do not in fact belong to anybody in particular, which move perpetually from one person to another, very freely, much too freely, because there are very few people who can keep their thoughts under control.

When you take up the Buddhist discipline to learn how to control your thoughts, you make very interesting discoveries. You try to observe your thoughts. Instead of letting them pass freely, sometimes even letting them enter your head and establish themselves in a quite inopportune way, you look at them, observe them and you realise with stupefaction that in the space of a few seconds there passes through the head a series of absolutely improbable thoughts that are altogether harmful.
Conversion of the aim of life from the ego to the Divine: instead of seeking one's own satisfaction, to have the service of the Divine as the aim of life.
What you must know is exactly the thing you want to do in life. The time needed to learn it does not matter at all. For those who wish to live according to Truth, there is always something to learn and some progress to make. 2 October 1969 ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1929-1931,
38:There is no invariable rule of such suffering. It is not the soul that suffers; the Self is calm and equal to all things and the only sorrow of the psychic being is the sorrow of the resistance of Nature to the Divine Will or the resistance of things and people to the call of the True, the Good and the Beautiful. What is affected by suffering is the vital nature and the body. When the soul draws towards the Divine, there may be a resistance in the mind and the common form of that is denial and doubt - which may create mental and vital suffering. There may again be a resistance in the vital nature whose principal character is desire and the attachment to the objects of desire, and if in this field there is conflict between the soul and the vital nature, between the Divine Attraction and the pull of the Ignorance, then obviously there may be much suffering of the mind and vital parts. The physical consciousness also may offer a resistance which is usually that of a fundamental inertia, an obscurity in the very stuff of the physical, an incomprehension, an inability to respond to the higher consciousness, a habit of helplessly responding to the lower mechanically, even when it does not want to do so; both vital and physical suffering may be the consequence. There is moreover the resistance of the Universal Nature which does not want the being to escape from the Ignorance into the Light. This may take the form of a vehement insistence on the continuation of the old movements, waves of them thrown on the mind and vital and body so that old ideas, impulses, desires, feelings, responses continue even after they are thrown out and rejected, and can return like an invading army from outside, until the whole nature, given to the Divine, refuses to admit them. This is the subjective form of the universal resistance, but it may also take an objective form - opposition, calumny, attacks, persecution, misfortunes of many kinds, adverse conditions and circumstances, pain, illness, assaults from men or forces. There too the possibility of suffering is evident. There are two ways to meet all that - first that of the Self, calm, equality, a spirit, a will, a mind, a vital, a physical consciousness that remain resolutely turned towards the Divine and unshaken by all suggestion of doubt, desire, attachment, depression, sorrow, pain, inertia. This is possible when the inner being awakens, when one becomes conscious of the Self, of the inner mind, the inner vital, the inner physical, for that can more easily attune itself to the divine Will, and then there is a division in the being as if there were two beings, one within, calm, strong, equal, unperturbed, a channel of the Divine Consciousness and Force, one without, still encroached on by the lower Nature; but then the disturbances of the latter become something superficial which are no more than an outer ripple, - until these under the inner pressure fade and sink away and the outer being too remains calm, concentrated, unattackable. There is also the way of the psychic, - when the psychic being comes out in its inherent power, its consecration, adoration, love of the Divine, self-giving, surrender and imposes these on the mind, vital and physical consciousness and compels them to turn all their movements Godward. If the psychic is strong and master...
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - IV, Resistances, Sufferings and Falls, 669,
39:The Science of Living

To know oneself and to control oneself

AN AIMLESS life is always a miserable life.

Every one of you should have an aim. But do not forget that on the quality of your aim will depend the quality of your life.

   Your aim should be high and wide, generous and disinterested; this will make your life precious to yourself and to others.

   But whatever your ideal, it cannot be perfectly realised unless you have realised perfection in yourself.

   To work for your perfection, the first step is to become conscious of yourself, of the different parts of your being and their respective activities. You must learn to distinguish these different parts one from another, so that you may become clearly aware of the origin of the movements that occur in you, the many impulses, reactions and conflicting wills that drive you to action. It is an assiduous study which demands much perseverance and sincerity. For man's nature, especially his mental nature, has a spontaneous tendency to give a favourable explanation for everything he thinks, feels, says and does. It is only by observing these movements with great care, by bringing them, as it were, before the tribunal of our highest ideal, with a sincere will to submit to its judgment, that we can hope to form in ourselves a discernment that never errs. For if we truly want to progress and acquire the capacity of knowing the truth of our being, that is to say, what we are truly created for, what we can call our mission upon earth, then we must, in a very regular and constant manner, reject from us or eliminate in us whatever contradicts the truth of our existence, whatever is opposed to it. In this way, little by little, all the parts, all the elements of our being can be organised into a homogeneous whole around our psychic centre. This work of unification requires much time to be brought to some degree of perfection. Therefore, in order to accomplish it, we must arm ourselves with patience and endurance, with a determination to prolong our life as long as necessary for the success of our endeavour.

   As you pursue this labour of purification and unification, you must at the same time take great care to perfect the external and instrumental part of your being. When the higher truth manifests, it must find in you a mind that is supple and rich enough to be able to give the idea that seeks to express itself a form of thought which preserves its force and clarity. This thought, again, when it seeks to clothe itself in words, must find in you a sufficient power of expression so that the words reveal the thought and do not deform it. And the formula in which you embody the truth should be manifested in all your feelings, all your acts of will, all your actions, in all the movements of your being. Finally, these movements themselves should, by constant effort, attain their highest perfection.

   All this can be realised by means of a fourfold discipline, the general outline of which is given here. The four aspects of the discipline do not exclude each other, and can be followed at the same time; indeed, this is preferable. The starting-point is what can be called the psychic discipline. We give the name "psychic" to the psychological centre of our being, the seat within us of the highest truth of our existence, that which can know this truth and set it in movement. It is therefore of capital importance to become conscious of its presence in us, to concentrate on this presence until it becomes a living fact for us and we can identify ourselves with it.

   In various times and places many methods have been prescribed for attaining this perception and ultimately achieving this identification. Some methods are psychological, some religious, some even mechanical. In reality, everyone has to find the one which suits him best, and if one has an ardent and steadfast aspiration, a persistent and dynamic will, one is sure to meet, in one way or another - outwardly through reading and study, inwardly through concentration, meditation, revelation and experience - the help one needs to reach the goal. Only one thing is absolutely indispensable: the will to discover and to realise. This discovery and realisation should be the primary preoccupation of our being, the pearl of great price which we must acquire at any cost. Whatever you do, whatever your occupations and activities, the will to find the truth of your being and to unite with it must be always living and present behind all that you do, all that you feel, all that you think.

   To complement this movement of inner discovery, it would be good not to neglect the development of the mind. For the mental instrument can equally be a great help or a great hindrance. In its natural state the human mind is always limited in its vision, narrow in its understanding, rigid in its conceptions, and a constant effort is therefore needed to widen it, to make it more supple and profound. So it is very necessary to consider everything from as many points of view as possible. Towards this end, there is an exercise which gives great suppleness and elevation to the thought. It is as follows: a clearly formulated thesis is set; against it is opposed its antithesis, formulated with the same precision. Then by careful reflection the problem must be widened or transcended until a synthesis is found which unites the two contraries in a larger, higher and more comprehensive idea.

   Many other exercises of the same kind can be undertaken; some have a beneficial effect on the character and so possess a double advantage: that of educating the mind and that of establishing control over the feelings and their consequences. For example, you must never allow your mind to judge things and people, for the mind is not an instrument of knowledge; it is incapable of finding knowledge, but it must be moved by knowledge. Knowledge belongs to a much higher domain than that of the human mind, far above the region of pure ideas. The mind has to be silent and attentive to receive knowledge from above and manifest it. For it is an instrument of formation, of organisation and action, and it is in these functions that it attains its full value and real usefulness.

   There is another practice which can be very helpful to the progress of the consciousness. Whenever there is a disagreement on any matter, such as a decision to be taken, or an action to be carried out, one must never remain closed up in one's own conception or point of view. On the contrary, one must make an effort to understand the other's point of view, to put oneself in his place and, instead of quarrelling or even fighting, find the solution which can reasonably satisfy both parties; there always is one for men of goodwill.

   Here we must mention the discipline of the vital. The vital being in us is the seat of impulses and desires, of enthusiasm and violence, of dynamic energy and desperate depressions, of passions and revolts. It can set everything in motion, build and realise; but it can also destroy and mar everything. Thus it may be the most difficult part to discipline in the human being. It is a long and exacting labour requiring great patience and perfect sincerity, for without sincerity you will deceive yourself from the very outset, and all endeavour for progress will be in vain. With the collaboration of the vital no realisation seems impossible, no transformation impracticable. But the difficulty lies in securing this constant collaboration. The vital is a good worker, but most often it seeks its own satisfaction. If that is refused, totally or even partially, the vital gets vexed, sulks and goes on strike. Its energy disappears more or less completely and in its place leaves disgust for people and things, discouragement or revolt, depression and dissatisfaction. At such moments it is good to remain quiet and refuse to act; for these are the times when one does stupid things and in a few moments one can destroy or spoil the progress that has been made during months of regular effort. These crises are shorter and less dangerous for those who have established a contact with their psychic being which is sufficient to keep alive in them the flame of aspiration and the consciousness of the ideal to be realised. They can, with the help of this consciousness, deal with their vital as one deals with a rebellious child, with patience and perseverance, showing it the truth and light, endeavouring to convince it and awaken in it the goodwill which has been veiled for a time. By means of such patient intervention each crisis can be turned into a new progress, into one more step towards the goal. Progress may be slow, relapses may be frequent, but if a courageous will is maintained, one is sure to triumph one day and see all difficulties melt and vanish before the radiance of the truth-consciousness.

   Lastly, by means of a rational and discerning physical education, we must make our body strong and supple enough to become a fit instrument in the material world for the truth-force which wants to manifest through us.

   In fact, the body must not rule, it must obey. By its very nature it is a docile and faithful servant. Unfortunately, it rarely has the capacity of discernment it ought to have with regard to its masters, the mind and the vital. It obeys them blindly, at the cost of its own well-being. The mind with its dogmas, its rigid and arbitrary principles, the vital with its passions, its excesses and dissipations soon destroy the natural balance of the body and create in it fatigue, exhaustion and disease. It must be freed from this tyranny and this can be done only through a constant union with the psychic centre of the being. The body has a wonderful capacity of adaptation and endurance. It is able to do so many more things than one usually imagines. If, instead of the ignorant and despotic masters that now govern it, it is ruled by the central truth of the being, you will be amazed at what it is capable of doing. Calm and quiet, strong and poised, at every minute it will be able to put forth the effort that is demanded of it, for it will have learnt to find rest in action and to recuperate, through contact with the universal forces, the energies it expends consciously and usefully. In this sound and balanced life a new harmony will manifest in the body, reflecting the harmony of the higher regions, which will give it perfect proportions and ideal beauty of form. And this harmony will be progressive, for the truth of the being is never static; it is a perpetual unfolding of a growing perfection that is more and more total and comprehensive. As soon as the body has learnt to follow this movement of progressive harmony, it will be possible for it to escape, through a continuous process of transformation, from the necessity of disintegration and destruction. Thus the irrevocable law of death will no longer have any reason to exist.

   When we reach this degree of perfection which is our goal, we shall perceive that the truth we seek is made up of four major aspects: Love, Knowledge, Power and Beauty. These four attributes of the Truth will express themselves spontaneously in our being. The psychic will be the vehicle of true and pure love, the mind will be the vehicle of infallible knowledge, the vital will manifest an invincible power and strength and the body will be the expression of a perfect beauty and harmony.

   Bulletin, November 1950

   ~ The Mother, On Education,
40:Some young men who had come with an introduction from the Ramakrishna Mission at Madras asked Bhagavan, “Which is the proper path for us to follow?”

Bhagavan: When you speak of a path, where are you now? and where do you want to go? If these are known, then we can talk of the path. Know first where you are and what you are. There is nothing to be reached. You are always as you really are. But you don’t realise it. That is all.

A little while after, one of the visitors asked Bhagavan, “I am now following the path of japa. Is that all right?”

Bhagavan: Yes. It is quite good. You can continue in that. The gentleman who asked about creation said, “I never thought I was going to have the good fortune of visiting Bhagavan. But circumstances have brought me here and I find in his presence, without any effort on my part, I am having santi. Apparently, getting peace does not depend on our effort.

It seems to come only as the result of grace!” Bhagavan was silent. Meanwhile, another visitor remarked, “No. Our effort is also necessary, though no one can do without grace.” After some time, Bhagavan remarked, “Mantra japa, after a time, leads to a stage when you become Mantra maya i.e., you become that whose name you have been repeating or chanting.

First you repeat the mantra by mouth; later you do it mentally.

First, you do this dhyana with breaks. Later, you do it without any break. At that stage you realise you do dhyana without any effort on your part, that dhyana is your real nature. Till then, effort is necessary.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Day By Day,

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231:The good, the bad, the in between. It’s ours. We own it. ~ Gail McHugh
232:The good thing about flying solo is it's never boring. ~ Steve Fossett
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234:..we'll deal with it, because the good outweighs the bad. ~ E Lockhart
235:When everything is for 'fun' nothing is for the good. ~ Anne Stevenson
236:Even the good guys,' she said, 'can't win all the time. ~ Witi Ihimaera
237:Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.” Such ~ Sue Monk Kidd
238:I ain't really sure, but it seems I remember the good times ~ Tom Petty
239:In all things God works for the good of those who love Him. ~ Anonymous
240:I thought clay must feel happy in the good potter's hand. ~ Janet Fitch
241:It's like he's determined not to see the good in anything. ~ Jojo Moyes
242:Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor. ~ Anonymous
243:Looks like the good Lord got your ass and face mixed up. ~ John Marston
244:Seek not the good in external things;seek it in yourselves. ~ Epictetus
245:Someone has to spread the good news that we survived. ~ Stephenie Meyer
246:The bad things can't matter more than the good things ~ Cassandra Clare
247:the good life doesn’t knock on the door. Joy is a job. ~ Lionel Shriver
248:The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow. ~ Bob Marley
249:The good we do today becomes the happiness of tomorrow. ~ William James
250:Writers, all the good ones, are Natural Born Liars. ~ Daniel Keys Moran
251:Don’t long for “the good old days.”        This is not wise. ~ Anonymous
252:Get beyond love and grief: exist for the good of Man. ~ Miyamoto Musashi
253:In the good old days when I was a senator, I was my own man. ~ Joe Biden
254:I see myself in everything I write. All the good guys are me. ~ Stan Lee
255:I worked hard, and if you work hard you get the goodies. ~ Steve McQueen
256:People forget the good, because the bad has more punch. ~ Louise Erdrich
257:Potential is the good of life -- action the secret key. ~ Deron Williams
258:The good chair is a task one is never completely done with ~ Hans Wegner
259:The good news is you get to choose what follows the “I am. ~ Joel Osteen
260:The good watercolors take a lifetime - plus a half an hour. ~ Toni Onley
261:The only way to get to the good is to walk through the bad. ~ Kiera Cass
262:The way prices are rising, the good old days are last week. ~ Les Dawson
263:War never takes a wicked man by chance, the good man always. ~ Sophocles
264:We change for the good so long as good exists around us. ~ Michael Lewis
265:You don't need to be the good guy to get a good message out. ~ LL Cool J
266:You’re all the good things I didn’t know I was missing. ~ Helena Hunting
267:24No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.† ~ Anonymous
268:As Voltaire once wrote, “The best is the enemy of the good. ~ James Clear
269:Find the good. Seek the Unity. Ignore the divisions among us. ~ Aristotle
270:Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being ~ Plato
271:Let's face it, all the good stuff happens after midnight. ~ Matt Groening
272:Love isn't just about the good. It's fortified by the bad. ~ Caisey Quinn
273:No man is an island. To fight the good fight we need help. ~ Paulo Coelho
274:People tend to believe the bad rather than the good. ~ Giovanni Boccaccio
275:The best which entailed from parents to children, is the good behavior. ~
276:The Good Gardener planted each of us here for a reason. ~ Seth Adam Smith
277:The good God would not inspire unattainable desires. ~ Therese of Lisieux
278:The good lord tripped me up behind the line of scrimmage. ~ George Carlin
279:there is a fundamental messiness to the nature of the good. ~ Tyler Cowen
280:We must always seek the good which is hidden in everything. ~ Max Heindel
281:Adversity is a misperception as all works toward the good. ~ Julia Cameron
282:as Voltaire put it, the perfect is the enemy of the good. ~ Rutger Bregman
283:Don’t start from the good old things but the bad new ones. ~ Benjamin Noys
284:It's always great to perform at home in the good ol' U.S.A. ~ Dolly Parton
285:It's not the bad ideas that do you in, but the good ones. ~ Charlie Munger
286:Jesus does not just bring good news; he is the good news. ~ Timothy Keller
287:Moments are so fleeting; I want to hold on to the good ones. ~ Alicia Keys
288:Remember the goodness of God in the frost of adversity. ~ Charles Spurgeon
289:The best -- or chasing it -- is the worst enemy of the good. ~ Tom Sedl ek
290:The good face pain. But the great? They embrace it. ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
291:The good leader serves others and leads others to maturity. ~ Eric Metaxas
292:The good thing about me is I just don't shop high-end. ~ Russell Westbrook
293:This is a struggle between good and evil and we're the good? ~ Howard Dean
294:We go through the good, the bad and the ugly all together. ~ Emily Robison
295:What's the good of being alive if you don't do anything? ~ Kirsten Hubbard
296:When the good Lord put a burden on his heart, he listened. ~ Mary Connealy
297:When were the good and the brave ever in a majority? ~ Henry David Thoreau
298:All things good come to those for whom the Good is all things. ~ Guy Finley
299:Every soul pursues the good and does whatever it does for its sake. ~ Plato
300:I take the good with the bad. I can't love people in slices. ~ Sean Connery
301:It’s the eternal struggle, Pudge. The Good versus the Naughty. ~ John Green
302:Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever. ~ Chris Jericho
303:The good life doesn't knock on the door.
Joy is a job. ~ Lionel Shriver
304:The good thing about this game? There's always tomorrow. ~ Andrew McCutchen
305:The only good thing about the good old days is they're gone. ~ Dick Gregory
306:The rarest of the good qualities in human beings is courage ~ Dennis Prager
307:The Way to Heaven has no favorites. It is always with the good man. ~ Laozi
308:What's the good of living if you don't try a few things? ~ Charles M Schulz
309:You can't appreciate the good times without the bad ones. ~ Beyonce Knowles
310:You Make Your Mistakes To Learn How To Get To The Good Stuff ~ Quincy Jones
311:Everyone looks for the good, therefore everyone looks for God. ~ Saint Basil
312:God save us always,' I said 'from the innocent and the good. ~ Graham Greene
313:Hal and Richard show all the good will of Cain and Abel. ~ Sharon Kay Penman
314:I am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life. ~ Louise Hay
315:If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff. ~ Loic Remy
316:It's easy to be a saint when all you've known is the good. ~ Donna Lynn Hope
317:It's important to focus on the good in life and appreciate it. ~ Geneen Roth
318:Just like osmosis, the goodness in you will always attract evil. ~ G P Ching
319:Let's get this show on the road and move on to the good part. ~ Chloe Jacobs
320:The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge ~ Bertrand Russell
321:The power of evil men lives on the cowardice of the good. ~ Saint John Bosco
322:We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. ~ Mother Teresa
323:What's the good of resisting temptation? There'll always be more. ~ Mae West
324:Why do you have to risk the good things for the better things? ~ Nina LaCour
325:Carpe Rectum. Seize the hot ass the good Lord has provided. ~ Valerie Z Lewis
326:Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. ~ John D Rockefeller
327:Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. ~ Mikhail Prokhorov
328:Don't let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you. ~ Maeve Greyson
329:Forget bad deeds, even the good we do are full of mistakes. ~ Nouman Ali Khan
330:How you feel should be secondary to the good you can do. ~ Laura Schlessinger
331:I always think that there is the good and the bad of it all. ~ Barry Levinson
332:I'm not the sort to wallow in nostalgia about the good old days. ~ Kabir Bedi
333:In chess there’s a saying: “Only the good players are lucky. ~ James Altucher
334:In football, the good thing is things can change in a second. ~ Didier Drogba
335:I want to give moral relativism the good spanking it deserves. ~ Peter Kreeft
336:The good-byes you refuse to say must be the hardest of all. ~ Craig Lancaster
337:The good thing about a jail show is nobody gets up and walks out. ~ Jeff Ross
338:The power of the Good has taken refuge in the nature of the Beautiful ~ Plato
339:When it comes to memories, the good and the bad never balance. ~ Jodi Picoult
340:Dear Artificer, I’ve blown my quanta and gone to the Good Place! ~ Diane Duane
341:God gives sleep to the bad, in order that the good may be undisturbed. ~ Saadi
342:I didn't find my friends; the good Lord gave them to me. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
343:I'm a would-be rebel. The good girl who'd like to be a bad one. ~ Helen Mirren
344:I realised all the good ideas were taken before I was even born. ~ Jeff Kinney
345:It is his nature, not his standing, that makes the good man. ~ Publilius Syrus
346:It’s the bad days that make the good ones so much better. ~ Brittainy C Cherry
347:Philokalia (which literally means love of the good and beautiful), ~ Anonymous
348:The abuse of something good does not diminish the good itself. ~ Matthew Kelly
349:The good leader repeats the good news, keeps the worst to himself. ~ Sophocles
350:The good thing about hugs: when you give one, you get one too. ~ Diana Rowland
351:When you think of the good old days, think one word: dentistry. ~ P J O Rourke
352:But that doesn't mean that the good parts get any less good. ~ Jessica Sorensen
353:By letting go of the good, she’ll experience the great. ~ Genevieve Parker Hill
354:Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil. ~ Baltasar Gracian
355:Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil. ~ Baltasar Graci n
356:God bless the good-natured, for they bless everybody else. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
357:He who cannot endure the bad will not live to see the good. ~ Jennifer Donnelly
358:I don’t know why the bad have to happen to the goodest ones, ~ Kathryn Stockett
359:If we repay evil with good, then how do we repay the good? ~ Henryk Sienkiewicz
360:I had the good fortune of having a happy, closely knit family. ~ Carlos Fuentes
361:I'm very skeptical about the good intentions of Milosevic. ~ Warren Christopher
362:Playing a bad guy is always more fun than playing the good guy. ~ Margot Robbie
363:The good God would not inspire unattainable desires. ~ Saint Therese of Lisieux
364:The goodness of the mother is written in the gaiety of the child. ~ Victor Hugo
365:the goodness of the mother is written in the gayety of the child; ~ Victor Hugo
366:the goodness of the mother is written on the gaiety of the child. ~ Victor Hugo
367:This infidelity thing is too easy. It is the good and the bad. ~ Katherine Owen
368:This is true faith, a living confidence in the goodness of God. ~ Martin Luther
369:A master sees the bad in the good, and the good in the bad. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
370:Give bad news swiftly, and spread out the good news. Machiavelli. ~ Louise Penny
371:God or the Good, what is it but the existence of that which yet is not? ~ Hermes
372:I read 'The Good Soldier' by Ford Madox Ford again every so often. ~ Ned Beauman
373:I've always depended very heavily on the good opinion of others. ~ Joseph Heller
374:I want a man who had the good sense to marry Michelle Obama. ~ William J Clinton
375:I want you. All of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I love you. ~ B N Toler
376:Just remember all the good lies have an element of truth to them. ~ John J Davis
377:Just see how idiotic one can be! One reckons without the good God. ~ Victor Hugo
378:Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best. ~ John C Maxwell
379:Let you look sometimes for the goodness in me, and judge me not. ~ Arthur Miller
380:Pray: O Lord, make my eyes see only the good in everyone. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
381:Providence ever turns bad to the good, if you have eyes to see it. ~ D M Cornish
382:So the good has been well explained as that at which all things aim. ~ Aristotle
383:Stop talking about what the good man is like, and just be one. ~ Marcus Aurelius
384:The best is the enemy of the good. (Le mieux est lennemi du bien.)
   ~ Voltaire,
385:The good old days, when each idea had an owner, are gone forever. ~ Paulo Coelho
386:The good point is when you combine excitement and calm together. ~ Lyoto Machida
387:The good thing is, we have household formation in this country. ~ Warren Buffett
388:The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. ~ Mother Teresa
389:Truth cannot be partial; it is for the good of all. Finally, ~ Swami Vivekananda
390:Add in the good stuff - eventually it will crowd out the bad stuff. ~ David Wolfe
391:Death and love are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven. ~ Michelangelo
392:I am an optimist and I always think the good will come out ~ Roger Meddows Taylor
393:Increase your joy by doing the good you wish to have done to you. ~ Daisaku Ikeda
394:Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien. (The perfect is the enemy of the good.) ~ Voltaire
395:Men in general desire the good and not merely what their fathers had. ~ Aristotle
396:Pride is said to be the last vice the good man gets clear of. ~ Benjamin Franklin
397:Repeat the good. And the bad. Do it all...and pile on the years. ~ Natsuki Takaya
398:The enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution. ~ Sun Tzu
399:The good fight is the one that’s fought in the name of our dreams. ~ Paulo Coelho
400:The Good Fight is the one that we fight in the name of our dreams. ~ Paulo Coelho
401:The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. ~ Bertrand Russell
402:The Good Lord made all the integers; the rest is man's doing. ~ Leopold Kronecker
403:The good thing about it, is that there will be plenty of make-up sex. ~ Lia Davis
404:There it was again, the good and bad all rolled into a meatball. ~ Pam Mu oz Ryan
405:Tranquility is nothing else than the good ordering of the mind. ~ Marcus Aurelius
406:We're all alive. We're all health. These are the good times. ~ Susan Beth Pfeffer
407:Wonder is the beginning of the desire to know the beautiful and the good. ~ Plato
408:You get to me all of the time. Always have. In all the good ways. ~ Helen Boswell
409:As an actor, I go where the good writing is. That's the bottom line. ~ Glenn Close
410:as the Good Book says. I'm a laying up sin and suffering for us both, ~ Mark Twain
411:Everyone suffers, even the good Lord suffered when he was on Earth. ~ Wilson Rawls
412:In every man’s life there comes a time when the good Lord tests him, ~ James Comey
413:Jesus is the culmination of the greatness and the goodness of God. ~ Matt Chandler
414:No one in his right mind, the good Lord knows, would have children! ~ Ray Bradbury
415:One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it ~ Jane Austen
416:righteousness is not a shield. The good die more quickly than the bad. ~ Glen Cook
417:Self-actualized people are independent of the good opinion of others. ~ Wayne Dyer
418:Tell people the good news from a heart of love and a life of service. ~ John Piper
419:The art of the good art is to reach the beyond of the beyond! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
420:The good governor should have a broken leg and keep at home. ~ Miguel de Cervantes
421:The good life is not about avoiding fear. Just the opposite. ~ Frances Moore Lappe
422:Therefore, the good of man must be the end of the science of politics. ~ Aristotle
423:The trust of a people comes from the goodness of their leaders. ~ Melina Marchetta
424:tranquillity is nothing else than the good ordering of the mind. ~ Marcus Aurelius
425:We don't need the Good Life. The Pretty Good Life would be just fine. ~ Charles Yu
426:We're all alive. We're all healthy. These are the good times. ~ Susan Beth Pfeffer
427:Whatever happens to you, embrace it, the good and the bad equally. ~ Kate Atkinson
428:What is the good of religion without personal spiritual direction? ~ Thomas Merton
429:Why settle for the ‘get by’ when in the long run the good costs less? ~ Zig Ziglar
430:Emma was all the good in him, he thought, all that burned bright. ~ Cassandra Clare
431:Harshness is for the good of a boy, soft-heartedness will ruin him. ~ Ihara Saikaku
432:I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe. ~ Louise Hay
433:If there were angels, would they be the good guys or the bad?” Lindsay ~ Sylvia Day
434:I’m not going anywhere. The good, the bad, and the ugly . . . remember? ~ B N Toler
435:It is through good education that all the good in the world arises. ~ Immanuel Kant
436:It's hard to make strangers care about the good things in your life. ~ Stephen King
437:One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it. ~ Jane Austen
438:Seeking the good is not primarily about rules and commandments. ~ Timothy Radcliffe
439:The good news is, we're not bankrupt. The bad news is, we're close. ~ Richard Codey
440:The good thing about being explosive is that no one can beat you. ~ Neal Shusterman
441:The key to success in life is using the good thoughts of wise people. ~ Leo Tolstoy
442:These things take time. If it's rushed then where's the good in goodbye? ~ P B Kerr
443:The ultimate test ... to see the good in evil and the evil in good. ~ Frank Herbert
444:They can't get their head around 'the better is the enemy of the good. ~ John Ringo
445:Tomorrow is nothing, today is too late; the good lived yesterday. ~ Marcus Aurelius
446:To stop talking about what the good man is like, and just be one. ~ Marcus Aurelius
447:You have to understand the good in things, to detect the real evil. ~ J R R Tolkien
448:All the good things a man can do for a woman is against her religion ~ M F Moonzajer
449:All the good you've ever done does not make it permissible to sin now. ~ Johnny Hunt
450:An idle reason lessens the weight of the good ones you gave before. ~ Jonathan Swift
451:Contemplate the good things in your life and be grateful for them. ~ Rebecca Pidgeon
452:"Do the good that's in front of you, even if it feels very small." ~ Sharon Salzberg
453:Faith is trusting in the good. Fear is putting your trust in the bad. ~ Rhonda Byrne
454:Here's to the good Nuns for telling me what books NOT to read! ~ Robert Anton Wilson
455:Here's to the good nuns for telling me what books NOT to read! ~ Robert Anton Wilson
456:He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own. ~ Confucius
457:He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own. ~ Confucius
458:I am the result of the good choices I've made and the bad choices. ~ Madonna Ciccone
459:I choose to open my arms to all the good that life has in store for me. ~ Louise Hay
460:I desire the good-will of all, whether hitherto my friends or not. ~ Ulysses S Grant
461:I think everyone wants for their kids the good things that they had. ~ Kirsten Dunst
462:I think the nature of faith is love an love of the goodness in man. ~ Tobsha Learner
463:It's the good minds that find difficulty in committing themselves ~ James A Michener
464:It takes writing a billion bad words before you get to the good ones. ~ Ray Bradbury
465:Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win ~ Samuel Johnson
466:Plot is the good writer's last resort and the dullard's first choice. ~ Stephen King
467:Power always protects the good of some at the expense of all others. ~ Thomas Merton
468:Take me. Take all of me. The good and the bad. Everything. Take it all. ~ Sylvia Day
469:Taking away the good is even more lethal than pointing out the bad. ~ Gloria Steinem
470:The Christian publishing world has embraced the safe over the good ~ J Mark Bertrand
471:The good thing about the IMF is there is no European politics involved. ~ Mark Rutte
472:The reward of the good man is to be allowed to worship in truth. ~ S ren Kierkegaard
473:When we are accomplishing the good, the greatest opposition comes. ~ Joseph Smith Jr
474:You don’t fall in love with just the good parts, and I know that now. ~ Amy Spalding
475:And what about all the good I have in my heart - does it mean anything? ~ Saul Bellow
476:A poet is one who can call forth the good latent in the human beast. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
477:I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe. ~ Louise L Hay
478:Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances. ~ Wayne Dyer
479:No one ever talks about the good in me; they just say that I'm spoiled. ~ Petra Stunt
480:once you become rich you find out all the good things in life are free. ~ Amy Schumer
481:Really a bad guy is more interesting, dramatically, than the good guy. ~ Kirk Douglas
482:Suspicion is a Virtue, if in the interests of the good of the people. ~ Patrick Henry
483:The bad end unhappily, the good unluckily. That is what tragedy means. ~ Tom Stoppard
484:The fate of the world depends on the triumph of the good people! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
485:The good of other times let people state; I think it lucky I was born so late. ~ Ovid
486:The good thing about breaking up is that you have nothing else to lose. ~ Sammy Hagar
487:The good thing is I picked a profession that I'm passionate about. ~ Ainsley Earhardt
488:The great government lie is that it exists for the good of its victims. ~ Adam Kokesh
489:This is what the good guys do. They keep trying. They don't give up ~ Cormac McCarthy
490:This is why people need God—because people are awful, even the good ones ~ Amy Gentry
491:Truth is an homage that the good man pays to his own dignity. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
492:We always take credit for the good and attribute the bad to fortune. ~ Charles Kuralt
493:what is the good of a man being honest in his worship of dishonesty? ~ G K Chesterton
494:When you finally learn how to do it, you're too old for the good parts. ~ Ruth Gordon
495:Beautiful is greater than Good, for it includes the Good. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
496:Everyone can be sick in their soul and still think they’re the good guys. ~ Alex White
497:I close my eyes, think positive thoughts, and breathe goodness in and out ~ Louise Hay
498:If you know exactly what you're going to do, what's the good in doing ~ Pablo Picasso
499:I'm a positive person, and I try to look at the good side of everything. ~ Leona Lewis
500:[Marriage] made the hard moments easier and the good moments better. ~ Jeannette Walls


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00.03 - Upanishadic Symbolism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   But Yama did answer and unveil the mystery and impart the supreme secret knowledge the knowledge of the Transcendent Brahman: it is out of the transcendent reality that the immanent deity takes his birth. Hence the Divine Fire, the Lord of creation and the Inner Mastersarvabhtntartm, antarymis called brahmajam, born of the Brahman. Yama teaches the process of transcendence. Apart from the knowledge and experience first of the individual and then of the cosmic Brahman, there is a definite line along which the human consciousness (or unconsciousness, as it is at present) is to ascend and evolve. The first step is to learn to distinguish between the Good and the Pleasurable (reya and preya). The line of pleasure leads to the external, the superficial, the false: while the other path leads towards the inner and the higher truth. So the second step is the gradual withdrawal of the consciousness from the physical and the sensual and even the mental preoccupation and focussing it upon what is certain and permanent. In the midst of the death-ridden consciousness in the heart of all that is unstable and fleetingone has to look for Agni, the eternal godhead, the Immortal in mortality, the Timeless in time through whom lies the passage to Immortality beyond Time.

0.02 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  of keeping all materials without throwing anything away
  is not above reproach. the Good materials get spoiled
  under a pile of useless things, because one cannot take
  care of them.
  If only the Good materials had been kept, it would
  have been easier to take care of them. Am I right, Sweet
  and order which causes all this waste. Certainly, if there is not
  enough room to keep things in order and separate, the Good
  things on one side and the bad on the other, it is better to get rid
  It is very good, my child; I was quite sure that it would end this
  way, for I know the Goodness of your heart.
  My blessings are with you.

0.05 - Letters to a Child, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  no interest in doing anything. Now I feel that after the
  music lesson, the Good things that were developing in me
  have been broken to pieces. Is it true?

0.06 - Letters to a Young Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  My heart is full of compassion for others and I am not
  insensible to their suffering, but what’s the Good of this
  feeling if I cannot come to their aid in their suffering?

0.07 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  be possible only for those who have gone beyond all
  egoism. But if my Mother chooses to see only the Good
  in her child, that only speaks of the Goodness of the
  Mother’s heart.

01.04 - The Poetry in the Making, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   But the more truly modern mind looks at the thing in a slightly different way. the Good and the evil are not, to it, contrary to each other: one does not deny or negate the other. They are intermixed, fused in a mysterious identity. The best and the worst are but two conditions, two potentials of the same entity. Baudelaire, who can be considered as the first of the real moderns in many ways, saw and experienced this intimate polarity or identity of opposites in human nature and consciousness. What is Evil, who is the Evil One:

01.04 - The Secret Knowledge, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Above joy and sorrow is that grandeur's walk:
  They have no portion in the Good that dies,
  Mute, pure, they share not in the evil done;

01.05 - The Nietzschean Antichrist, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Nietzsche as the apostle of force is a name now familiar to all the world. The hero, the warrior who never tamely accepts suffering and submission and defeat under any condition but fights always and fights to conquersuch is the ideal man, according to Nietzsche,the champion of strength, of greatness, of mightiness. The dominating personality infused with the supreme "will to power"he is Ubermensch, the Superman. Sentiment does not move the mountains, emotion diffuses itself only in vague aspiration. The motive power, the creative fiat does not dwell in the heart but somewhere higher. The way of the Cross, the path of love and charity and pity does not lead to the kingdom of Heaven. The world has tried it for the last twenty centuries of its Christian civilisation and the result is that we are still living in a luxuriant abundance of misery and sordidness and littleness. This is how Nietzsche thinks and feels. He finds no virtue in the old rgimes and he revolts from them. He wants a speedy and radical remedy and teaches that by violence only the Kingdom of Heaven can be seized. For, to Nietzsche the world is only a clash of forces and the Superman therefore is one who is the embodiment of the greatest force. Nietzsche does not care for the Good, it is the great that moves him. the Good, the moral is of man, conventional and has only a fictitious value. The great, the non-moral is, on the other hand, divine. That only has a value of its own. the Good is nothing but a sort of makeshift arrangement which man makes for himself in order to live commodiously and which changes according to his temperament. But the great is one with the Supreme Wisdom and is absolute and imperative. the Good cannot create the great; it is the great that makes for the Good. This is what he really means when he says, "They say that a good cause sanctifies war but I tell thee it is a good war that sanctifies all cause." For the Goodness of your cause you judge by your personal predilections, by your false conventionalities, by a standard that you set up in your ignoranceBut a good war, the output of strength in any cause is in itself a cause of salvation. For thereby you are the champion of that ultimate verity which conduces to the ultimate good. Do not shrink, he would say, to be even like the cyclone and the avalanche, destructive, indeed, but grand and puissant and therefore truer emblems of the BeyondJenseitsthan the weak, the little, the pitiful that do not dare to destroy and by that very fact cannot hope to create.

01.11 - Aldous Huxley: The Perennial Philosophy, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   "'Listen to this!' shouted Monkey. 'After all the trouble we had getting here from China, and after you specially ordered that we were to be given the scriptures, Ananda and Kasyapa made a fraudulent delivery of goods. They gave us blank copies to take away; I ask you, what is the Good of that to us?' 'You needn't shout,' said the Buddha, smiling. 'As a matter of fact, it is such blank scrolls as these that are the true scriptures. But I quite see that the people of China are too foolish and ignorant to believe this, so there is nothing for it but to give them copies with some writing on.' "

01.12 - Three Degrees of Social Organisation, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It might be objected here however that actually in the history of humanity the conception of Duty has been no less pugnacious than that of Right. In certain ages and among certain peoples, for example, it was considered the imperative duty of the faithful to kill or convert by force or otherwise as many as possible belonging to other faiths: it was the mission of the Good shepherd to burn the impious and the heretic. In recent times, it was a sense of high and solemn duty that perpetrated what has been termed "purges"brutalities undertaken, it appears, to purify and preserve the integrity of a particular ideological, social or racial aggregate. But the real name of such a spirit is not duty but fanaticism. And there is a considerable difference between the two. Fanaticism may be defined as duty running away with itself; but what we are concerned with here is not the aberration of duty, but duty proper self-poised.

02.01 - The World War, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   When man was a dweller of the forest,a jungle man,akin to his forbear the ape, his character was wild and savage, his motives and impulsions crude, violent, egoistic, almost wholly imbedded in, what we call, the lower vital level; the light of the higher intellect and intelligence had not entered into them. Today there is an uprush of similar forces to possess and throw man back to a similar condition. This new order asks only one thing of man, namely, to be strong and powerful, that is to say, fierce, ruthless, cruel and regimented. Regimentation can be said to be the very characteristic of the order, the regimentation of a pack of wild dogs or wolves. A particular country, nation or raceit is Germany in Europe and, in her wake, Japan in Asiais to be the sovereign nation or master race (Herrenvolk); the rest of mankindo ther countries and peoplesshould be pushed back to the status of servants and slaves, mere hewers of wood and drawers of water. What the helots were in ancient times, what the serfs were in the mediaeval ages, and what the subject peoples were under the worst forms of modern imperialism, even so will be the entire mankind under the new overlordship, or something still worse. For whatever might have been the external conditions in those ages and systems, the upward aspirations of man were never doubted or questioned they were fully respected and honoured. The New Order has pulled all that down and cast them to the winds. Furthermore in the new regime, it is not merely the slaves that suffer in a degraded condition, the masters also, as individuals, fare no better. The individual here has no respect, no freedom or personal value. This society or community of the masters even will be like a bee-hive or an ant-hill; the individuals are merely functional units, they are but screws and bolts and nuts and wheels in a huge relentless machinery. The higher and inner realities, the spontaneous inspirations and self-creations of a free soulart, poetry, literaturesweetness and light the Good and the beautifulare to be banished for ever; they are to be regarded as things of luxury which enervate the heart, diminish the life-force, distort Nature's own virility. Man perhaps would be the worshipper of Science, but of that Science which brings a tyrannical mastery over material Nature, which serves to pile up tools and instruments, arms and armaments, in order to ensure a dire efficiency and a grim order in practical life.

02.07 - The Descent into Night, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Or only it repeated lessons taught,
    While mitred, holding the Good shepherd's staff,
    Falsehood enthroned on awed and prostrate hearts

02.14 - Panacea of Isms, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   So the cry is for greater human values. Man needs food and shelter, goes without saying, but he yearns for other things also, air and light: he needs freedom, he needs culturehigher thoughts, finer emotions, nobler urges the field and expression of personal worth. The acquisition of knowledge, the creation of beauty, the pursuit of philosophy, art, literature, and science in their pure forms and for their own sake are things man holds dear to his heart. Without them life loses its charm and significance. Mind and sensibility must be free to roam, not turned and tied to the exclusive needs and interests of physical life, free, that is to say, to discover and create norms and ideals and truths that are values in themselves and also lend values to the matter-of-fact terrestrial life. It is not sufficient that all men should have work and wages, it is not sufficient that I all should have learnt the three R's, it is not sufficient that they should understand their rightssocial, political, economic and claim and vindicate them. Nor is it sufficient for men to r become merely useful or indispensablealthough happy and I contentedmembers of a collective body. The individual must be free, free in his creative joy to bring out and formulate, in thought, in speech, in action, in all the modes of expression, the truth, the beauty, the Good he experiences within. An all-round culture, a well-developed mind, a well-organised life, a well-formed body, a harmonious working of all the members of the system at a high level of consciousness that is man's need, for there lies his self-fulfilment. That is the ideal of Humanismwhich the ancient Grco-Roman culture worshipped, which was again revived by the Renaissance and which once again became a fresh and living force after the great Revolution and is still the high light to which Science and modern knowledge turns.

03.01 - Humanism and Humanism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It goes without saying that in the East too there is no lack of such sympathy or fellow-feeling either in the saint or in the man of the world. Still there is a difference. And the critics have felt it, if not understood it rightly. The Indian bhutadaya and Christian charity do not spring from the same source I do not speak of the actual popular thing but of the idealeven when their manner of expression is similar or the same, the spirit and the significance are different. In the East the liberated man or the man aiming at liberation may work for the Good and welfare of the world or he may not; and when he does work, the spirit is not that of benevolence or philanthropy.
   Indian spirituality precisely envisages such a transcendence. According to it, the liberated soul, one who lives in and with the Brahman or the Supreme Divine is he who 'has discarded the inferior human nature and has taken up the superior divine nature. He has conquered the evil of the lower nature, certainly; but also he has gone beyond the Good of that nature. The liberated man is seated above the play of the three Gunas that constitute the apar prakti.Human intelligence, human feeling, human sentiment, human motive do not move him. Humanism generally has no meaning for him. He is no longer human, but supra-human; his being and becoming are the spontaneous expression of a universal and transcendent consciousness. He does not always live and move externally in the non-human way; but even when he appears human in his life and action, his motives are not humanistic, his consciousness lies anchored somewhere else, in the Divine Will that makes him be and do whatever it chooses, human or not.

03.04 - The Body Human, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The human frame is the abode of the gods; it is a temple of God, as we all know. But the most significant thing about it is that the gods alone do not dwell there: all being, all creatures crowd there, even the ungodly and the undivine. The Pashu (the animal), the Pishacha (the demon), the Asura (the Titan), and the Deva (the god), all find comfortable lodging in itthere are many chambers indeed in this mansion of the Lord. Man was made after the image of God and yet Lucifer had access into that tabernacle and all his entire host with him. This duality of the divine and the undivine, the characteristic mark of human nature as it is, presents a field and a labour through which man's progress has to be worked out. The soul, the divine flame, has, been placed in Ignorance, that is to say, what is apparent Ignorance, the frame of Matter, just because this Matter in Ignorance is to be smelted, purified, given its original and intrinsic substance, shape and character. The human person in its actual form is not obviously something absolutely perfect and divine. The type, the norm it represents is divine, but it has been overlaid with all obscure and base elementsit has to be washed and cleaned thoroughly, smelted and reconditioned. The dark ungodly elements mar and vitiate; they must be removed on the one hand, but on the other, they point out and test the salvaging work that has to be done and is being done. Man is always at the crossroads. This is his especial difficulty and this is also his unique opportunity. His consciousness has a double valency, in contradistinction to the animal's which is, it can be said, monovalent, in that it is amoral, has not the sense of divided loyalty and hence the merit of choice. The movements of the animal follow a fixed stereotyped pattern; it has not got to deviate from the beaten track of its instincts. But man with his sense of the moral, of the Good, of the progressive is at every step of his life faced with a dilemma, has to pause at a parting of the ways, always looks before and after and is puzzled at a cas de conscience. That, we have said, has been made for him the condition of growth, of a conscious and willed change with an ever-increasing tempo towards perfect perfection. That furnishes the occasion and circumstance by which he rises to divinity itself, becomes the Divine. He becomes the Divine thus not merely in the own home of the Divine, but on all the levels of the manifestation: all the planes of consciousness with all the hierarchy of beingspowers and personalitiesfind a new play of harmony, a supreme and global fulfilment in the transfigured human vehicle. The frame itself that encases the human consciousness acts as a living condenser: the very contour in its definiteness seems to exert a pressure towards an ever larger and higher synthesis, it may be compared to a kind of field office (Einsteinian, for example) that controls, regulates, moves and configurates all elements within its range. The human frame even as a frame possesses a magic virtue.

03.04 - Towardsa New Ideology, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It may be answered that there does not seem to be any special virtue in the word "duty"; for, the crimes committed under that ensign are not less numerous or violent than those inspired by the ideal of Rights. It was once considered in some religions to be the duty of the faithful to kill or coerce or convert as many as possible of another faith; it was the bounden duty of the Good shepherd to burn and flay the heretic. And in recent times the ceremony of "purge" be-speaks of the same compulsion of the sense of duty in the consciousness of modern Messiahs. But the true name of the thing in all these cases is not duty, but fanaticism.
   The real truth is that a group has the soul the spiritual being that is put into it. How can that be done? It is done by the individual, in and through the individual. Not a single individual perhaps, but a few, a select body, a small minority who by their conscious will and illumined endeavour form the strong nucleus that builds up automatically and inevitably the larger organisation instinct with its spirit and dharma. In fact all collective organisations are made in the same way. The form that a society takes is given to it by the ideology of one man or of a few men. All depends upon the truth and reality, the depth and fecundity of the inspiration and vision, whether it will last a day or be the eternal law of life, whether it will be a curse for mankind or work for its supreme good. Naturally, the higher the aim, the more radical the remedy envisaged, the greater the difficulty that has to be surmounted. An aggregate always tends to live and move on a lower level of consciousness than the individual's. It is easy to organise a society on forces and passions that belong to the lower nature of manalthough it can be questioned whether such a society will last very long or conduce to the Good or happiness of man.

03.06 - Divine Humanism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It goes without saying that, in the East too, there is no lack of such sympathy or fellow-feeling either in the saint or in the ordinary man of the world. Still there is a difference. And the critics have felt it, if not understood it rightly. Indian bhta day and Christian charity do not spring from the same source I do not speak of the actual popular thing, but of the ideal and ideology; even when the manner of expression is similar or the same in both, the spirit and the significance are different. In the East the liberated man, or the man aiming at liberation, may work for the Good and welfare of the world, but also he may not; and, what is more important, when he does so work, the spirit is not that of benevolence or philanthropy, nor is there the ethical sense of duty.
   Indian spirituality envisages precisely such a transcendence. According to it, the liberated soul, one who lives in and with the Brahman or the Supreme Divine, is he who has discarded the inferior human nature and has taken up the superior divine nature. He has conquered the evil of the lower nature, certainly; but also he has gone beyond the Good of that nature. The liberated man is seated above the play of the three Gunas that constitute the inferior hemisphere of manifestation, apar prakti, Human intelligence, human feeling, human sentiment, human motive, even at their best and purest, do not move him. Humanism has naturally no meaning for him. He is no longer human, but supra-human; his being and becoming are the spontaneous expression of a universal and transcendent consciousness. He may not always live and move externally in the non-human way; but even when he appears human in his life and action, his motives are not humanistic, his consciousness lies anchored somewhere else, in the transcendent Will of the Divine that makes him be and do whatever it chooses, human or otherwise.

03.07 - Some Thoughts on the Unthinkable, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The actual manifestation, the world as it stands, is in the hands of the Undivine. The Divine has to establish his reign through a working out of struggling and combating forces. The evil that man does or suffers from comes from his slavery to the Undivine: likewise the Good that he is capable of doing or receiving is the sign of his freedom from that slavery and of his openness to the secret Divine.

03.07 - The Sunlit Path, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Like the individual, nations too have their sunlit path and the path of the doldrum as well. So long as a nation keeps to the truth of its inner being, follows its natural line of development, remains faithful to its secret godhead, it will have chosen that good part which will bring it divine blessings and fulfilment. But sometimes a nation has the stupidity to deny its self, to run after an ignis fatuus, a mymrga, then grief and sorrow and frustration lie ahead. We are afraid India did take such a wrong step when she refused to see the great purpose behind the present war and tried to avoid contri buting her mite to the evolutionary Force at work. On the other hand Britain in a moment of supreme crisis, that meant literally life or death, not only to herself or to other nations, but to humanity itself, had the Good fortune to be led by the right Inspiration, the whole nation rose as one man and swore allegiance to the cause of humanity and the gods. That was how she was saved and that was how she acquired a new merit and a fresh lease of life. Unlike Britain, France bowed down and accepted what should not have been accepted and cut herself adrift from her inner life and truth, the result was five years of hell. Fortunately, the hell in the end proved to be a purgatory, but what a purgatory! For there were souls who were willing to pay the price and did pay it to the full cash and nett. So France has been given the chance again to turn round and take up the thread of her life where it snapped.

03.09 - Art and Katharsis, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Art, we all know, is concerned with the Beautiful; it is no less intimately connected with the True; the Good too is in like manner part and parcel of the sthetic movement. For, Art not only delights or illumines, it uplifts also to the same degree. Only it must be noted that the uplifting aimed at or effected is not a mere moral or ethical edificationeven as the Truth which Art experiences or expresses is not primarily the truth of external facts and figures in the scientific manner, nor the Beauty it envisages or creates the merely pleasant and the pretty.
   Art does not tend towards the Good in the manner of the moralist. It does not teach or preach that virtue is to be pursued and vice to be shunned, that a good deed is rewarded and a wrong one punished. Poetic justice, of the direct and crude style, is a moral code or dogma, and, if imposed upon the sthetic movement, serves only to fetter and curb and twist it. Art opens the vision to a higher good than what the conventions of moral idealism can frame. Great art does not follow the lines laid down by the ethical mentality, not only because this mentality cannot embody the true truth, but also because it does not give us the Good which art should aim at, that is to say, the purest and the highest good.
   even if they make us sad do not depress the soul; it is a divine sadness fraught with a profound calm and a strange poignant sweetness of secret delight. The rhythm and the sound and the suggestions so insinuate themselves into our nerve and blood that these seem to be sublimatedas if by a process of oxygenationto a finer substance, a purer and more limpid and vibrant valency. A consciousness opens in our very flesh and marrow that enables us to pierce the veil of things and pass beyond and understandsee and experience the why and the how and the whither of it all. It is a consciousness cosmic in its purview and disposition, which even like the Creator could contemplate all and declare it all as good. Indeed, this is the Good which Art at its highest seeks to envisage and embody the summum bonum that accompanies a summit consciousness. It is idle to say that all or most poets have this revelatory vision of the SeerRishi but a poet is a poet in so far as he is capable of this vision; otherwise he remains more or less either a moralist or a mere sthete.

03.10 - Hamlet: A Crisis of the Evolving Soul, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Hamlet is the third stage; it is a vision of sattva-guna and a creation attempted by that vision. The human consciousness that was imprisoned in the vital mind, is released here into the higher or pure mind. The soul escapes from its sheath of sheer hunger and desire and egoism and self-aggrandisementyearns for light, more light. Lear is a dark mass of unconsciousness, crude and violent, even like the naked and raging elements into whose arms he is thrown; Macbeth is the beginning of consciousness in which one is conscious of one's own self alone, and keenly and deliberately attached to it,here light has dawned, but a lurid light. Hamlet is consciousness that is seeking to transcend the barrier of the little self and its narrow and vulgar appetites and impulses. Man here comes into touch with something that is impersonal, other-regarding, afar; he has grown interests that are not merely mundane, utilitarian, pragmatic, self-centred, but abstract, metaphysical, beyond the individual's own and immediate concern: he has now ideals and aspirationshe is a seeker of the true, the Good, the beautiful. He has been initiated into the divinedaivanature. Culture, refinement, sensibility, understandingall the graces of a truly rational being make Hamlet the very flower of an evolving humanity.

03.12 - TagorePoet and Seer, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Tagore is modern, because his modernism is based upon a truth not local and temporal, but eternal and universal, something that is the very bed-rock of human culture and civilisation. Indeed, Tagore is also ancient, as ancient as the Upanishads. The great truths, the basic realities experienced and formulated by the ancients ring clear and distinct in the core of all his artistic creation. Tagore's intellectual make-up may be as rationalistic and scientific as that of any typical modern man. Nor does he discard the Good things (preya)that earth and life offer to man for his banquet; and he does not say like the bare ascetic: any vco vimucatha, "abandon everything else". But even like one of the Upanishadic Rishis, the great Yajnavalkya, he would possess and enjoy his share of terrestrial as well as of spiritual wealthubhayameva. In a world of modernism, although he acknowledges and appreciates mental and vital and physical values, he does not give them the place demanded for them. He has never forgotten the one thing needful. He has not lost the moorings of the soul. He has continued to nestle close to the eternal verities that sustain earth and creation and give a high value and purpose to man's life and creative activity.
   In these iconoclastic times, we are liable, both in art and in life, to despise and even to deny certain basic factors which were held to be almost indispensable in the old world. The great triads the True, the Beautiful and the Good, or God, Soul and Immortalityare of no consequence to a modernist mind: these mighty words evoke no echo in the heart of a contemporary human being. Art and Life meant in the old world something decent, if not great. They were perhaps, as I have already said, framed within narrow limits, certain rigid principles that cribbed and cabined the human spirit in many ways; but they were not anarchic, they obeyed a law, a dharma, which they considered as an ideal, a standard to look up to and even live up to. The modernist is an anarchic being in all ways. He does not care for old-world verities which seem to him mere convention or superstition. Truth and Beauty and Harmony are non-existent for him: if at all they exist they bear a totally different connotation, the very opposite of that which is normally accepted.

03.14 - Mater Dolorosa, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Is that the whole truth? We, for ourselves, do not subscribe to this view. Truth is a very complex entity, the universe a mingled strain. It is not a matter of merely sinners and innocents that we have to deal with. The problem is deeper and more fundamental. The whole question is, where, in which world, on which level of consciousness do we stand, and, what is more crucial, how much of that consciousness is dynamic and effective in normal life. If we are in the ordinary consciousness and live wholly with that consciousness, it is inevitable that, being in the midst of Nature's current, we should be buffeted along, the Good and the evil, as we conceive them to be, befalling us indiscriminately. Or, again, if we happen to live in part or even mainly in an inner or higher consciousness, more or less in a mood of withdrawal from the current of life allowing the life movements to happen as they list, then too we remain, in fact, creatures and playthings of Nature and we must not wonder if, externally, suffering becomes the badge of our tribe.

03.16 - The Tragic Spirit in Nature, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   There runs a pessimistic vein in Nature's movement. Due to the original Inconscience out of which she is built and also because of a habit formed through millenniums it is not possible for her to expect or envisage anything else than decay, death and frustration in the end or on the whole. To every rise there must be a fall, a crest must end in a trough. Nature has not the courage nor the faculty to look for any kind of perfection upon earth. Not that within her realm one cannot or should not try for the Good; the noble, even the perfect, but one must be ready to pay the price. Good there is and may be, but it is suffered only on payment of its Danegeld to Evil. That is the law of sacrifice that seems to be fundamental to Nature's governance.

04.01 - The Divine Man, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   But there is a still closer mystery, the mystery of mysteries. There has not been merely a general descent, the descent of a world-force on a higher plane into another world-force on a lower plane; but that there is the descent of the individual, the personal Godhead into and as an earthly human being. The Divine born as a man and leading the life of a man among us and as one of us, the secret of Divine Incarnation is the supreme secret. That is the mechanism adopted by the Divine to cure and transmute human illshimself becoming a man, taking upon himself the burden of the evil that vitiates and withers life and working it out in and through himself. Something of this truth has been caught in the Christian view of Incarnation. God sent upon earth his only begotten son to take upon himself the sins of man, suffer vicariously for him, pay the ransom and thus liberate him, so that he may reach salvation, procure his seat by the side of the Father in Heaven. Man corrupted as he is by an original sin cannot hope by his own merit to achieve salvation. He can only admit his sin and repent and wait for the Grace to save him. The Indian view of Incarnation laid more stress upon the positive aspect of the matter, viz, the role of the Incarnation as the inaugurator and establisher of a new order in lifedharmasasthpanrthya. The Avatar brings down and embodies a higher principle of human organisation, a greater consciousness which he infuses into the existing pattern, individual or collective, which has -served its purpose, has become otiose and time-barred and needs to be remodelled, has been at the most preparatory to something else. The Avatar means a new revelation and the uplift of the human consciousness into a higher mode of being. The physical form he takes signifies the physical pressure that is exerted for the corroboration and fixation of the inner illumination that he brings upon earth and in the human frame. The Indian tradition has focussed its attention upon the Goodreyasand did not consider it essential to dwell upon the Evil. For one who finds and sees the Good always and everywhere, the Evil does not exist. Sri Aurobindo lays equal emphasis on both the aspects. Naturally, however, he does not believe in an original evil, incurable upon earth and in earthly life. In conformity with the ancient Indian teaching he declares the original divinity of man: it is because man is potentially and essentially divine that he can become actually and wholly divine. The Bible speaks indeed of man becoming perfect even as the Father in Heaven is perfect: but that is due exclusively to the Grace showered upon man, not because of any inherent perfection in him. But in according full divinity to man, Sri Aurobindo does not minimise the part of the undivine in him. This does not mean any kind of Manicheism: for Evil, according to Sri Aurobindo, is not coeval or coterminous with the Divine, it is a later or derivative formation under given conditions, although within the range and sphere of the infinite Divine. Evil exists as a stern reality; even though it may be temporary and does not touch the essential reality, it is not an illusion nor can it be ignored, brushed aside or bypassed as something superficial or momentary and of no importance. It has its value, its function and implication. It is real, but it is not irremediable. It is contrary to the Divine but not contradictory. For even the Evil in its inmost substance carries or is the reality which it opposes or denies outwardly. Did not the very first of the apostles of Christ deny his master at the crucial moment? As we have said, evil is a formation necessitated by certain circumstances, the circumstances changed, the whole disposition as at present constituted changes automatically and fundamentally.

04.03 - The Eternal East and West, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   And yet mankind has always sought for an integral, an all comprehending fulfilment, a truth and a realisation that would go round his entire existence. Man has always aspired, in the midst of the transience and imperfection that the world is, for something stable and perfect, in the heart of disharmony for some core of perfect harmony. He termed it God, Atman, Summum Bonum and he sought it sometimes, as he thought necessary, even at the cost of the world and the life, if it is to be found elsewhere. Man aspired also always to find this habitation of his made somewhat better. Dissatisfied with his present state, he sought to mould it, remake it, put into it something which his aspiration and inspiration called the True, the Beautiful, the Good. There was always this double aspiration in man, one of ascent and the other of descent, one vertical and the other horizontal, one leading up and beyondtotally beyond, in its extreme urge the other probing into the mystery locked up there below, releasing the power to reform or recreate the world, although he was not always sure whether it was a power of mind or of matter.

04.06 - To Be or Not to Be, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   This is a way of cutting the Gordian knot. But the problem is not so simple as the moralist would have it. Resist not evil: if it is made an absolute rule, would not the whole world be filled with evil? Evil grows much faster than good. By not resisting evil one risks to perpetuate the very thing that one fears; it deprives the Good of its chance to approach or get a foothold. That is why the Divine Teacher declares in the Gita that God comes down upon earth, assuming a human body,2to protect the Good and slay the wicked,3 slay not metaphorically but actually and materially, as he did on the field of the Kurus.

05.05 - In Quest of Reality, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Positivists are those who swear by facts. Facts to them mean naturally facts attested in the end by sense-experience. To a positivist the only question that matters and that needs to be answered and can be answered is whether a thing is or is not physically: other questions are otiose, irrelevant, misleading. So problems of the Good, of the Beautiful, of God are meaningless. When one says this is good, that is bad, well, it is a proposition that cannot be related to any fact, it is a subjective personal valuation. In the objective world a thing simply is or is not, one cannot say it is good or it is bad. The thing called good by one is called bad by another, the same thing that is good to you now will appear bad at another time. This is a region absolutely of personal and variable idiosyncrasy. The same with regard to the concept of beauty. That a thing is beautiful or ugly is a subjective judgment; it is not and cannot be an objective statement. Beauty is a formula in your mind and imagination, it is a changing mode of your apprehension. The concept of God too fares no better. God exists: it is a judgment based upon no fact or facts of sense-experience. However we may analyse it, it is found to have no direct or even indirect but inevitable rapport with the field of actual reality. There is between the two an unbridgeable hiatus. This is a position restated in a modern style, familiar to the Kantian Critique of Pure Reason.

05.06 - The Role of Evil, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The advent or the presence of evil upon earth has introduced certain factors in human life that have enriched it, increased even its value. Certain experiences would not have been there, intimate and revelatory experiences, but for this Dark Shadow. One can, of course, conceive a line of growth and development in which it is all light and delight, everything is good and for the Good. But then a whole domain of experience and realisation would have been missed. There are certain experiences that one would not like not to have had at all, even though that may mean paying and paying heavily.

05.07 - Man and Superman, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   When we speak of the superman we refer to a new racealmost a new species that will appear on earth as the inevitable result of Nature's evolution. The new race will be developed out of the present humanity, there seems to be no doubt about that; it does not mean however that the whole of humanity will be so changed. As a matter of fact, humanity in general does not ask for such a catastrophic change in itself or for itself. But Supermanhood does mean a very radical change: it means giving up altoge ther many and some very basic human qualities and attri butes. It does not aim merely at a moral uplift, that is to say, a shedding of the bad qualities, what are considered, for example, as predominantly animal and brutish in man; it signifies also a shedding of some at least of the Good qualities or what are considered as such. The superman is not a purified moralised man, even as he is not a magnified glorified animal man; he is a man of a different type, qualitatively different. Let us take an analogy. What was the situation at the crisis when man was about to come out of (or be superimposed upon) an ape race? We can imagine a good part of that old race quite unwilling to go in for the new type that would appear to them queer, outlandish, even if not inferior on the whole or in some respects at least. They would not envisage with equanimity the disappearance of many of their cherished characteristics and powers: the glory of the tail, for example, the infinite capacity to swing and jump, the strength to crack a nut with the sheer force of the jaws. And who knows whether they would not consider their intelligence sharper and more efficacious than the type of reason, dull and slow, displayed before them by man! They would lose much to gain little. That would most probably be the general verdict.


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Sunrise (1927) ::: 8.1/10 -- Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (original title) -- Sunrise Poster An allegorical tale about a man fighting the good and evil within him. Both sides are made flesh - one a sophisticated woman he is attracted to and the other his wife. Director: F.W. Murnau Writers: Carl Mayer (scenario), Hermann Sudermann (from an original theme by) | 2 more credits
The Americanization of Emily (1964) ::: 7.3/10 -- Approved | 1h 55min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 27 October 1964 (USA) -- An American Naval Officer's talent for living the good life in wartime is challenged when he falls in love and is sent on a dangerous mission. Director: Arthur Hiller Writers: Paddy Chayefsky (screenplay), William Bradford Huie (novel)
The Goodbye Girl (1977) ::: 7.4/10 -- PG | 1h 51min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 30 November 1977 (USA) -- After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend, an unemployed dancer and her 10-year-old daughter are reluctantly forced to live with a struggling off-Broadway actor. Director: Herbert Ross Writer:
The Good Cop ::: TV-PG | 1h | Comedy, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2018) -- A disgraced former NYPD officer lives with his son, an earnest, obsessively honest NYPD detective. Creator: Andy Breckman
The Good Dinosaur (2015) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG | 1h 33min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | 25 November 2015 (USA) -- In a world where dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side, an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend. Director: Peter Sohn Writers: Bob Peterson (original concept & development by), Peter Sohn (story by)
The Good Doctor ::: TV-14 | 41min | Drama | TV Series (2017 ) Next Episode Monday, March 22 -- Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. Creator:
The Good Earth (1937) ::: 7.5/10 -- Passed | 2h 18min | Drama, Romance | 6 August 1937 (USA) -- Although married Chinese farmers Wang and O-Lan initially experience success, their lives are complicated by declining fortunes and lean times, as well as the arrival of the beautiful young Lotus. Directors: Sidney Franklin, Victor Fleming (uncredited) | 2 more credits Writers:
The Good Fight ::: TV-MA | 45min | Crime, Drama | TV Series (2017 ) -- When Diane Lockhart's life savings are lost, she must start from scratch at a new firm. Creators: Michelle King, Robert King, Phil Alden Robinson
The Good Guys ::: TV-14 | 1h | Action, Comedy | TV Series (2010) Jack is a by-the-book detective whose habit of undermining himself has resulted in a dead-end position with the Police Dept. His partner Dan, a drunken, lecherous veteran hangs onto his job only because of one heroic act years ago. Creator: Matt Nix
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The Good Lie (2014) ::: 7.4/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 50min | Biography, Drama | 7 November 2014 (South Africa) -- A group of Sudanese refugees, given the chance to resettle in the U.S., arrive in Kansas City, Missouri, where their encounter with an employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives. Director: Philippe Falardeau Writer:
The Good Place ::: TV-PG | 22min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | TV Series (20162020) -- Four people and their otherworldly frienemy struggle in the afterlife to define what it means to be good. Creator: Michael Schur
The Good Shepherd (2006) ::: 6.7/10 -- R | 2h 47min | Drama, History, Thriller | 22 December 2006 (USA) -- The tumultuous early history of the Central Intelligence Agency is viewed through the prism of one man's life. Director: Robert De Niro Writer: Eric Roth Stars:
The Good Son (1993) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 27min | Drama, Thriller | 24 September 1993 (USA) -- A young boy stays with his aunt and uncle and be friends with his cousin, a boy of the same age who shows increasing signs of violent and psychopathic behavior. Director: Joseph Ruben Writer:
The Good the Bad the Weird (2008) ::: 7.3/10 -- Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (original title) -- The Good the Bad the Weird Poster -- The story of two outlaws and a bounty hunter in 1940s Manchuria and their rivalry to possess a treasure map while being pursued by the Japanese army and Chinese bandits. Director: Jee-woon Kim (as Kim Jee-woon) Writers:
The Good Thief (2002) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 49min | Action, Crime, Drama | 25 April 2003 (USA) -- An aging gambler on a losing streak attempts to rob a casino in Monte Carlo. But someone's already tipped off the cops before he even makes a move. Director: Neil Jordan Writers:
The Good Wife ::: TV-14 | 43min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | TV Series (20092016) -- Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) has been a good wife to her husband, a former state's attorney. After a very humiliating sex and corruption scandal, he is behind bars. She must now provide for her family and returns to work as a litigator in a law firm. Creators:
The Good Witch (2008) ::: 7.2/10 -- TV-PG | 1h 29min | Drama, Family, Fantasy | TV Movie 18 January 2008 -- A darkly beautiful and mysterious woman comes in to town and inhabits the local haunted mansion, making everyone wonder if she's a witch or "The Grey Lady". Director: Craig Pryce Writer:
We Were Soldiers (2002) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 2h 18min | Action, Drama, History | 1 March 2002 (USA) -- The story of the first major battle of the American phase of the Vietnam War, and the soldiers on both sides that fought it, while their wives wait nervously and anxiously at home for the good news or the bad news. Director: Randall Wallace Writers:'_Sorrows)!)!),_The_Bad_and_The_Cuddly,_the_Bad_and_the_Snotty's_Legends_of_Tomorrow_(TV_Series)_Episode:_The_Good,_the_Bad_and_the_Cuddly,_the_Bad,_and_the_Crispy,_the_Bad,_and_Chieftess,_the_Bad,_and_A_Pup_Named_Scooby-Doo,_the_Bad,_and_Huckleberry_Hound:_Hokey's_Story/Trailer_transcripts,_the_Bad,_and_Huckleberry_Hound:_Sheriff_Yogi_Goes_West,_the_Bad,_and_Otto_Hound,_the_Bad,_and_Scuttlebutt,_the_Bad,_and_Sheriff_Yogi:_Stinky,_We_Shrunk_Ourselves!,_the_Bad,_and_Sheriff_Yogi/Trailer_transcripts,_The_Bad_&_El_Tigre,_The_Bad,_and_the_Tigre's_Quest_Chapter_V:_The_Good_Knight,_the_Bad,_and_the_Dead,_The_Bad_and_The_Tightwad!,_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly_(CON_episode),_the_Bad_and_the_Alien_(novel),_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly_(documentary),_Second_Base",_the_Bad,_and_The_Badass,_The_Bad_&_The_Hendy
Amaenaide yo!! -- -- Studio Deen -- 12 eps -- Manga -- Comedy Ecchi Harem Romance Supernatural -- Amaenaide yo!! Amaenaide yo!! -- Satonaka Ikkou, a 16 year old boy, is a first year trainee at the Saienji Buddhist Temple. He was sent there by his parents to be trained by his grandmother, the Saienji Priestess. At the temple he finds himself surrounded by beautiful female priestesses-in-training. Upon seeing a girl naked, Ikko has the ability to turn into a super-monk, performing massive exorcisms for the good of the temple. -- -- (Source: ANN) -- -- Licensor: -- Media Blasters, Nozomi Entertainment -- TV - Jul 1, 2005 -- 66,401 6.49
Amaenaide yo!! -- -- Studio Deen -- 12 eps -- Manga -- Comedy Ecchi Harem Romance Supernatural -- Amaenaide yo!! Amaenaide yo!! -- Satonaka Ikkou, a 16 year old boy, is a first year trainee at the Saienji Buddhist Temple. He was sent there by his parents to be trained by his grandmother, the Saienji Priestess. At the temple he finds himself surrounded by beautiful female priestesses-in-training. Upon seeing a girl naked, Ikko has the ability to turn into a super-monk, performing massive exorcisms for the good of the temple. -- -- (Source: ANN) -- TV - Jul 1, 2005 -- 66,401 6.49
Angel Cop -- -- D.A.S.T. -- 6 eps -- Original -- Action Sci-Fi Police -- Angel Cop Angel Cop -- Sometime in the future, terrorism in Japan has become commonplace, and the police have become almost as brutal as criminals. A member of the Special Security Force known as Angel, is the best of the best, stopping at nothing in her fight for justice. -- -- Things get interesting for Angel and her partner, Raiden, when they begin investigating a series of murders in which the victims were known criminals, killed in very unpleasant ways. This trio of killers known as Hunters, is a group of psychics that have banded together to hunt down the lowest scum in the city and bring them to justice. -- -- After a couple of encounters between the cops and the psychics, two of the psychics begin to think that maybe they're not the good guys after all; but the third prefers killing to morality. Augmented by cybernetics from a mysterious source, this third hunter heads out on a killing spree, with the Special Security Force as the first target. -- -- Even with help from the other two psychics and her newly cyborged partner (after an unfortunate accident), Angel is going to have her work cut out trying to find the rogue psychic and the organization behind the Hunters. -- -- Licensor: -- Discotek Media, Manga Entertainment -- OVA - Sep 1, 1989 -- 13,655 5.94
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen Prologue - Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma -- -- Madhouse -- 1 ep -- Manga -- Fantasy Romance Shoujo -- Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen Prologue - Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen Prologue - Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma -- After the conclusion of the Sakura Card Arc, life is going back to normal. There are no more mysteries, no more disturbances of evil, no more tests of strength. Everyone is moving on with their lives and Sakura feels a sadness in her heart. Even through the goodbyes, Sakura perseveres to keep everyone and a special someone, dear to her heart. -- OVA - Sep 13, 2017 -- 33,717 7.80
Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation -- -- Bibury Animation Studios -- 2 eps -- Visual novel -- Action School -- Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation -- Following the Heath Oslo incident, the existence of the US-Japanese anti-terror organization CIRS has become a matter of public knowledge. CIRS has been rebuilt from the ground up, and its most covert functions spun off to a new agency: SORD (Social Ops, Research & Development). -- -- The goal of SORD is to train a new generation of operatives to defend the country against future threats. To that end, the organization has established a series of schools up and down the country. Mihama Academy, more-or-less left to rot after its abrupt closure, has been given new purpose as one such 'specialist training school'. -- -- This new incarnation of Mihama Academy is home to a diverse group of students, who every day work to polish their unusual skills – sometimes on the job. Mihama now entrusts the misfit girls who attend it with guns and live ammunition. -- -- Paying their own safety no heed, these students are again and again plunged into dangerous extrajudicial missions - all for the good of the realm. -- -- "We've been provided with a place in the world. That alone isn't enough - there wouldn't be any meaning in living, if that was all we had... It's not enough just to be made use of by others. I live by my own strength, and I fight to survive. That's the only way those of us who actually make it through can find forgiveness..." -- -- No matter how much life grinds them down, what future awaits these girls, who've themselves chosen the path of the gun? -- -- (Source: Kickstarter) -- Movie - Mar 15, 2019 -- 60,507 6.97
Inazuma Eleven Go -- -- OLM -- 47 eps -- Game -- Shounen Sports Super Power -- Inazuma Eleven Go Inazuma Eleven Go -- Tenma Matsukaze is a new student at Raimon Junior High. Due to his love for soccer, he decides to join the school soccer team, which gained its reputation after the amazing performance shown ten years earlier in the Football Frontier International, a tournament that hosts the best youth teams the world has to offer. Unfortunately, the once renowned school doesn't have the soccer spirit it once enjoyed. -- -- This is primarily due to the fact that soccer in Japan is now controlled by a dark entity known as the "Fifth Sector." They alone decide the fate of every match, instructing teams to either win or lose. The actions of the Fifth Sector have beaten down the country’s soccer teams, who no longer have a love for the game. -- -- Tenma and his teammates will look to shift this paradigm and fight back against their evil oppressors. Thankfully, they will not be alone in this battle, as they will get help from a group known as the "Resistance." Cheer on the boys of Inazuma Eleven Go as they fight the good fight! -- TV - May 4, 2011 -- 57,397 6.96
Inferno Cop -- -- Trigger -- 13 eps -- Original -- Action Comedy Police -- Inferno Cop Inferno Cop -- Jack Knife Edge Town is as edgy as it sounds, and it's up to Inferno Cop to stop that edge from tearing his city apart. He's both law and outlaw, dispensing ungodly justice to evildoers like a candy machine. Lowlifes, gangsters, and even hellspawn all infest Inferno Cop's hunting ground, but that's the good news. The bad news? Prior to the story, his family was brutally murdered by Southern Cross, a shady organization that made the worst mistake imaginable by doing so. Now, Inferno Cop's limiters have been removed and his mercy rung more dry than the entrails of his victims. -- -- Something is welling up in Inferno Cop's city, however, and soon he'll face the most daunting gauntlet of his life involving him literally falling into and escaping from Hell. A flaming head won't be enough to ward off the true evil that's rapidly approaching—Inferno Cop must call upon all his allies and his own wacky antics to conquer the trials that await him. -- -- ONA - Dec 25, 2012 -- 86,755 7.28
Kaibutsu Oujo -- -- Madhouse -- 25 eps -- Manga -- Action Comedy Supernatural Horror Vampire Shounen -- Kaibutsu Oujo Kaibutsu Oujo -- When Hiro Hiyorimi tries to save a beautiful young woman from certain death, he ends up a dead hero himself! However, since the drop-dead girl is Hime, daughter of the King of the Monsters, his "reward" is to come back as a not-quite-living soldier in her honor guard of horror! That means helping fight off the army of supernatural monstrosities Hime's siblings are unleashing against her in hopes of moving up the ladder of succession. -- -- And if facing off with vampires and zombies isn't bad enough, how can anyone be prepared for the REALLY weird ones, like were-sharks, pandas and killer dumplings? This sure as hell isn't the afterlife Hiro was hoping for, but the really sad part is that Hime is the good girl in all of this... or at least as close to good as you can come when you're on the wrong side of the gates of hell! -- -- (Source: RightStuf) -- 68,782 7.01
Kaibutsu Oujo -- -- Madhouse -- 25 eps -- Manga -- Action Comedy Supernatural Horror Vampire Shounen -- Kaibutsu Oujo Kaibutsu Oujo -- When Hiro Hiyorimi tries to save a beautiful young woman from certain death, he ends up a dead hero himself! However, since the drop-dead girl is Hime, daughter of the King of the Monsters, his "reward" is to come back as a not-quite-living soldier in her honor guard of horror! That means helping fight off the army of supernatural monstrosities Hime's siblings are unleashing against her in hopes of moving up the ladder of succession. -- -- And if facing off with vampires and zombies isn't bad enough, how can anyone be prepared for the REALLY weird ones, like were-sharks, pandas and killer dumplings? This sure as hell isn't the afterlife Hiro was hoping for, but the really sad part is that Hime is the good girl in all of this... or at least as close to good as you can come when you're on the wrong side of the gates of hell! -- -- (Source: RightStuf) -- -- Licensor: -- ADV Films, Sentai Filmworks -- 68,782 7.01
Kuro no Danshou -- -- - -- 4 eps -- - -- Hentai Horror -- Kuro no Danshou Kuro no Danshou -- While vacationing with his adopted daughter, Private Detective Susuki becomes trapped in a secluded ski resort with a few other vacationers after a storm closes the place down. All is well until one of the guests is found brutally murdered. Being the good investigator he is, Susuki gets to work to find the killer. While digging for the killer, Susuki uncovers a lot of dirt on the other guests and even finds out a thing or two about his own past. But, as Susuki struggles to find the killer, the other guests start to point the finger at him. -- -- (Source: AniDB) -- OVA - Oct 29, 1999 -- 2,308 5.74
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials -- -- AIC Build -- 4 eps -- Light novel -- Slice of Life Comedy -- Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials -- The true end arc of Ore no Imouto. These four episodes branch out after the 11th episode of the main TV series and present an alternative version to the end of the TV series. These episodes contrast with the good end arc of the TV series, which was an original ending written for the anime, and instead closely follows the original story from the light novels. -- ONA - Feb 22, 2011 -- 165,230 7.40
Trigun: Badlands Rumble -- -- Madhouse -- 1 ep -- Manga -- Action Adventure Comedy Drama Sci-Fi Shounen -- Trigun: Badlands Rumble Trigun: Badlands Rumble -- Vash the Stampede is a contradiction. He has a notorious reputation as "The Humanoid Typhoon," laying anything he comes across to waste on the desolate planet of Gunsmoke. However, Vash is in fact very non-confrontational and kind-hearted, living by a code of pacifism. -- -- Twenty years ago, a high-profile bank heist went sour. The ringleader, Gasback Gallon Getaway, swore to get back at his backstabbing crew and the man who stopped him from killing them: Vash the Stampede. In the present day, the traitorous crew has been living the good life as successful entrepreneurs and politicians. Although two decades have passed, Gasback's bitterness has not waned as he aims to take them down one by one, by any means necessary. -- -- Just in time to foil Gasback's plot, Vash has arrived in Macca City. Teaming up with the mysterious Amelia Ann McFly, along with the insurance agents Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe, Vash is ready to rumble. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- Movie - Apr 2, 2010 -- 114,200 7.97
Trigun: Badlands Rumble -- -- Madhouse -- 1 ep -- Manga -- Action Adventure Comedy Drama Sci-Fi Shounen -- Trigun: Badlands Rumble Trigun: Badlands Rumble -- Vash the Stampede is a contradiction. He has a notorious reputation as "The Humanoid Typhoon," laying anything he comes across to waste on the desolate planet of Gunsmoke. However, Vash is in fact very non-confrontational and kind-hearted, living by a code of pacifism. -- -- Twenty years ago, a high-profile bank heist went sour. The ringleader, Gasback Gallon Getaway, swore to get back at his backstabbing crew and the man who stopped him from killing them: Vash the Stampede. In the present day, the traitorous crew has been living the good life as successful entrepreneurs and politicians. Although two decades have passed, Gasback's bitterness has not waned as he aims to take them down one by one, by any means necessary. -- -- Just in time to foil Gasback's plot, Vash has arrived in Macca City. Teaming up with the mysterious Amelia Ann McFly, along with the insurance agents Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe, Vash is ready to rumble. -- -- Movie - Apr 2, 2010 -- 114,200 7.97
Versailles no Bara -- -- Tokyo Movie Shinsha -- 40 eps -- Manga -- Military Historical Drama Romance Shoujo -- Versailles no Bara Versailles no Bara -- In 1755, Marie Antoinette is born in the royal family of Austria and raised in luxury. However, the fate of the future queen of France is set in stone—at the young age of 15, she has to leave her family and marry the crown prince of France. -- -- At the same time in France, a girl is born in the family of the Commander of the Royal Guards. Upset at not having a male heir, her father decides to raise her as a man and names the girl Oscar. Oscar is trained from a young age to become the leader of the Royal Guards, but she is yet to discern that the will of the queen sometimes does not equal the good of the people. -- -- Based on the critically acclaimed manga by Riyoko Ikeda, Rose of Versailles depicts the fateful meeting of Marie Antoinette and Oscar, which is bound to influence history and change the life of the people facing the French Revolution as the clock ticks toward the end of the French royalty. -- -- 70,973 8.33
Versailles no Bara -- -- Tokyo Movie Shinsha -- 40 eps -- Manga -- Military Historical Drama Romance Shoujo -- Versailles no Bara Versailles no Bara -- In 1755, Marie Antoinette is born in the royal family of Austria and raised in luxury. However, the fate of the future queen of France is set in stone—at the young age of 15, she has to leave her family and marry the crown prince of France. -- -- At the same time in France, a girl is born in the family of the Commander of the Royal Guards. Upset at not having a male heir, her father decides to raise her as a man and names the girl Oscar. Oscar is trained from a young age to become the leader of the Royal Guards, but she is yet to discern that the will of the queen sometimes does not equal the good of the people. -- -- Based on the critically acclaimed manga by Riyoko Ikeda, Rose of Versailles depicts the fateful meeting of Marie Antoinette and Oscar, which is bound to influence history and change the life of the people facing the French Revolution as the clock ticks toward the end of the French royalty. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Discotek Media, Nozomi Entertainment -- 70,973 8.33
Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon! -- -- Studio Hibari -- 172 eps -- Manga -- Kids Adventure Fantasy Magic Comedy Romance School Drama Shoujo -- Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon! Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon! -- Kaede is a cheerful and energetic eighth grader. When it comes to boys, however, she is hopelessly shy. -- -- One day, on her way home from school, Kaede walks into a mysterious shop and buys a colorful cocoa mug. When she reaches home, she casually peeks into the bottom of the mug and discovers an engraved note, which says, "If you read this message aloud while pouring hot cocoa into the mug, a love fairy ("muglox") will appear and grant your every wish." The skeptical but curious Kaede follows the directions and announces her wish to date Yuuki, the class heartthrob. Suddenly, the adorable blue Mirumo appears! We soon find out, however, that this cute little muglox would rather eat chocolate and create mischief than help Kaede. -- -- Mirumo, it seems, is prince of the muglox world. Horrified at the prospect of having to marry Rirumu, his princess bride-to-be, Mirumo has escaped the muglox world. Hot on his heels, however, are Rirumu, Yashichi the bounty hunter, and a cast of hundreds of muglox ranging from the good to the bad to the nutty. This gang of adorable troublemakers will see to it that school life for Kaede and her friends is never the same... -- -- (Source: mirmo-zibang) -- -- Licensor: -- VIZ Media -- TV - Apr 6, 2002 -- 15,504 7.30;_or,_Memoirs_of_the_great_and_the_good_of_all_nations_and_all_times;_comprising_sketches_of_eminent_statesmen,_philosophers,_heroes,_artists,_reformers,_philanthropists,_(14595536730).jpg
Adventures in the Land of the Good Groove
After All the Good Is Gone
All of the Good Ones Are Taken
All the Good
All the Good Girls Go to Hell
All the Good Pilgrims
All the Good Shit
Animals (The Goodies)
An Inquiry into the Good
Aristodemus the Good
Big Foot (The Goodies)
Bon Bon Vie (Gimme the Good Life)
Camelot (The Goodies)
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps
Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
Caught in the Act (The Goodies)
Cecily (The Goodies)
Change of Life (The Goodies)
Chapel of the Good Shepherd (Roosevelt Island)
Charles the Good
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Good Shepherd (Beverly Hills, California)
Church of the Good Shepherd (New York City)
Church of the Good Shepherd (Rosemont, Pennsylvania)
Church of the Good Shepherd (Taipei)
Closing Time: The True Story of the Goodbar Murder
Coalition for the Good of All
Come Dancing (The Goodies)
Commonwealth Games (The Goodies)
Community of the Companions of Jesus the Good Shepherd
Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
Delivering the Goods
Down Fall the Good Guys
Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
Farm Fresh Food (The Goodies)
Fight the Good Fight
Form of the Good
For the Good of Others
For the Good Times
For the Good Times: A Tribute to Ray Price
For the Good Times (Rusty Bryant album)
For the Good Times (song)
For the Good Times (The Little Willies album)
For Those in Peril on the Sea (The Goodies)
Free Church of the Good Shepherd
General Union for the Good of Macau
Get on the Good Foot
Get on the Good Foot (album)
Glass House: The Good Mother
Glinda the Good Witch
Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days)
Haakon the Good
Here's to the Good Times
Holiday (The Goodies)
Home of the Good Shepherd
House of the Good Shepherd
How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix
If the Good Lord's Willing and the Creek Don't Rise
Inn of the Good Samaritan
Institute of the Good Shepherd
In the Good Old Country Way
In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)
In the Good Old Summer Time
In the Good Old Summertime
Jan II the Good
John the Good
John the Good (bishop of Milan)
Let the Good Times Roll
Let the Good Times Roll (film)
List of awards and nominations received by The Good Wife
List of The Goodies episodes
List of The Goodies guest stars
List of The Good Place episodes
List of The Good Wife and The Good Fight characters
List of The Good Wife episodes
Live: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Magnus the Good
Malambo, the Good Man
May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)
Odo the Good Marquis
Only the Good...
Only the Good Die Young
On the Good Ship Enterprise: My 15 Years with Star Trek
On the Good Ship Lollipop
(Open Up the Door) Let the Good Times In
Our Lady of the Good Event
Our Lady of the Good Event (Paraaque)
Parable of the Good Samaritan
Ptracu the Good
Philip the Good
Pollution (The Goodies)
Rathergood Radio
Robot (The Goodies)
Scotland (The Goodies)
Sigeberht the Good
Sisters of the Good Samaritan
Skip the Goodbyes
Snooze (The Goodies)
South Africa (The Goodies)
Superstar (The Goodies)
Talk:The Good Old Days (British TV series)
That Old Black Magic (The Goodies)
The End (The Goodies)
The Good Album
The Good and the Bad
The Good Bad Guy
The Good Bad-Man
The Good Bandit
The Good Book (book)
The Good Book Company
The Good Brothers
The Good Brothers (professional wrestling)
The Good Buy Girls
The Goodbye Girl
The Goodbye Girl (album)
The Goodbye Kiss (film)
The Goodbye Kiss (Jacky Cheung album)
The Good Catholic
The Good Companions (1933 film)
The Good Companions (1957 film)
The Good Companions (disambiguation)
The Good Companions (musical)
The Good Comrade
The Good Cop
The Good Cop (Israeli TV series)
The Good Days Lost
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor (1939 film)
The Good Doctors
The Good Doctor (TV series)
The Good Earth
The Good Earth (disambiguation)
The Good Earth (film)
The Goodees
The Goode Family
The Good Fairy
The Good Fairy (1935 film)
The Good Father
The Good Feeling
The Good Fight
The Good Fight (disambiguation)
The Good Fight for Harmony
The Good Fight (Oddisee album)
The Good Food Guide
The Good Food Institute
The Good Gardens Guide
The Good Girl (2004 film)
The Good Girls (film)
The Good Girls Revolt
The Good Guys
The Good Guys (2010 TV series)
The Good Guys (Australian company)
The Good Guys (British TV series)
The Good Guys (comics)
The Good Hope
The Good Hope (novel)
The Good Hotel Guide
The Good Humor Man
The Good-Humoured Ladies
The Good Huswifes Jewell
The Goodies
The Goodies Almost Live
The Goodies and the Beanstalk
The Goodies discography
The Goodies (film)
The Goodies Rule O.K.?
The Goodies Sing Songs From The Goodies
The Goodies (TV series)
The Goodies videography
The Good Immigrant
The Good Judgment Project
The Good King
The Good Left Undone
The Good Liar
The Good Lie
The Good Life
The Goodlife
The Good Life (1962 song)
The Good Life (1971 TV series)
The Good Life (1975 TV series)
The Good Life (1994 TV series)
The Good Life (2008 film)
The Good Life (band)
The Goodlife Recipe
The Good Life (Three Days Grace song)
The Good Life (Weezer song)
The Good Lord Bird (miniseries)
The Good Love
The Good Lovelies
The Good-Luck Horse
The Good Luck of a "Souse"
The Good Luck of Right Now
The Goodman's Croft
The Good Man of Nanking
The Good Master
The Good Men Project
The Good Mother
The Good-Natur'd Man
The Good Neighbor (film)
The Good Neighbour
The Good News (album)
The Good News Club: The Christian Right's Stealth Assault on America's Children
The Good New Stuff
The Good News Voice
The Good Night
The Good Night Show
The Good Ol Boys Alive and Well
The Good Old Days
The Good Old Days (British TV series)
The Good Old Days (Hong Kong TV series)
The Good Old Days: The Love of AA
The Good Old Naughty Days
The Good Old Song
The Good Old Stuff
The Good Parts
The Good Person of Szechwan
The Good Place
The Good Pope: Pope John XXIII
The Good Postman
The Good Pub Guide
The Good Rats
The Good Reputation
The Goodrich Silvertown Orchestra
The Good Samaritan
The Good Samaritan (Seinfeld)
The Good Samaritan Window, Chartres Cathedral
The Good Sex Guide
The Good Shepherdess and the Evil Princess
The Good Shepherd (film)
The Good Shepherd (novel)
The Good Side
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
The Good Society
The Good Soldier
The Good Soldier (disambiguation)
The Good Soldier Schweik (1931 film)
The Good Soldier Schweik (1956 film)
The Good Soldier Schweik (1960 film)
The Good Soldier vejk
The Good Soldier vejk (disambiguation)
The Good Son
The Good Son (film)
The Good Son (Frasier)
The Good Son (Jeong novel)
The Good Son: The Life of Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini
The Good Son (TV series)
The Good Student
The Goods (TV series)
The Good Terrorist
The Good, the Bad & the Live
The Good, the Bad & the Queen
The Good, the Bad & the Queen (album)
The Good, the Bad & the Queen (song)
The Good, the Bad, and the Argyle
The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly
The Good, the Bad, and the Dead
The Good, the Bad, and the Funky
The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1979 TV series)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (disambiguation)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (soundtrack)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (theme)
The Good, the Bad, the Average and Unique
The Good, the Bad, the Sexy
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (Frankee album)
The Good, the Bad, the Weird
The Good, the Sad and the Drugly
The Good Thief
The Good Thief (film)
The Good Thief (soundtrack)
The Good-Time Girl
The Good Times Are Killing Me
The Good Times Bonspiel
The Good Times (short story collection)
The Good War
The Good Wife
The Good Wife (South Korean TV series)
The Goodwill
The Goodwin Games
The Good Witch's Garden
The Good Witch of the West
The Good Women of China
The Goodwood
The Great and the Good
The Idea of the Good in Platonic-Aristotelian Philosophy
The Lost Tribe (The Goodies)
The Movies (The Goodies)
The Music Lovers (The Goodies)
The Order of the Good Death
The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good
The Race (The Goodies)
These Are the Good Times People
The Stone Age (The Goodies)
Tora-san, the Good Samaritan
Tower of London (The Goodies)
Valentin the Good
War Babies (The Goodies)
Wendy the Good Little Witch
What's the Good of Being Good
When the Good Guys Win
When the Good Times Come
Where Have All the Good Times Gone
Why Are We the Good Guys?
William the Good (short story collection)
Winter Olympics (The Goodies)
Women's Lib (The Goodies)

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