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  In sincerity is the certitude of victory. Sincerity! Sincerity! How sweet is the purity of thy presence! ~ The Mother

  Sincerity means to lift all the movements of the being to the level of the highest consciousness and realisation already attained. Sincerity exacts the unification and harmonisation of the whole being in all its parts and movements around the central Divine Will. - The Mother Words of the Mother - II

  To be sincere, all the parts of the being must be united in their aspiration for the Divine-not that one part wants and others refuse or revolt. To be sincere in the aspiration-to want the Divine for the Divine's sake, not for fame or name or prestige or power or any satisfaction of vanity.

  Be perfectly sincere and no victory will be denied to you.

  Be perfectly sincere in your consecration to the Divine's work. This will assure you strength and success.

  Be sincere and absolute in your consecration to the Divine and your life will become harmonious and beautiful.

  Fear not, your sincerity is your safeguard.

  If earnestly you say to the Divine, "I want only Thee", the Divine will arrange the circumstances in such a way that you are compelled to be sincere.

  Simple sincerity: the beginning of all progress.

  To reach your spiritual goal, be sincere, that is to say, make of it the single purpose of your life.

  Those who are earnest and sincere have always the Divine for companion.

  Sincerity: Open and genuine; not deceitful

  Sincerity is the key of the divine doors.

  Sincerity, Fidelity[faith] are the two guardians of the Way.

  What do I need to develop most? And what do I need to reject most? Develop-sincerity (that is, an integral adhesion to the Divine's way). Reject-the pull of the old human habits.


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sincerity ::: freedom from deceit, hypocrisy or duplicity; honesty, straightforwardness, genuineness.

sincerity ::: n. --> The quality or state of being sincere; honesty of mind or intention; freedom from simulation, hypocrisy, disguise, or false pretense; sincereness.

sincerity ::: to mean what one says, feel what one professes, be earnest in one's will; sincerity in the sadhak means that he is really in earnest in his aspiration for the Divine and refuses all other will or impulse except the Divine's; it means to allow no part of the being to contradict the highest aspiration towards the Divine.

sincerity for if one is not sincere, if one is more concerned

SINCERITY. ::: SiDcezity means to lilt all the movements of the being to the level of the highest consciousness and realisation already attained.

Sincerity exacts the unification and harmonisation of the whole being in all its parts and movements around the central Divine

Sincerity is being open to no Inlluence but the Divine’s only.

Sincerity::: One cannot become altogether this at once, but if one aspires at all times and calls in the aid of the Divine Shakti with a true heart and a straightforward will, one grows more and more into the true consciousness.
   Ref: CWSA Vol. 35, Page: 131

sincerity ::: n. --> The quality or state of being sincere; honesty of mind or intention; freedom from simulation, hypocrisy, disguise, or false pretense; sincereness.

Sincerity (temimut) :::

sincerity ::: to mean what one says, feel what one professes, be earnest in one's will; sincerity in the sadhak means that he is really in earnest in his aspiration for the Divine and refuses all other will or impulse except the Divine's; it means to allow no part of the being to contradict the highest aspiration towards the Divine.

sincerity for if one is not sincere, if one is more concerned

SINCERITY. ::: SiDcezity means to lilt all the movements of the being to the level of the highest consciousness and realisation already attained.

Sincerity exacts the unification and harmonisation of the whole being in all its parts and movements around the central Divine

Sincerity is being open to no Inlluence but the Divine’s only.

sincerity ::: freedom from deceit, hypocrisy or duplicity; honesty, straightforwardness, genuineness.

sincerity and firmness of belief. From the Arabic root a-m-n meaning to be faithful, reliable, trustworthy; to reassure, safeguard, guarantee.

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   43 The Mother
   12 Sri Aurobindo
   2 The Mother?
   2 Sri Ramakrishna
   1 Shinto-Gobusho
   1 Saadi
   1 Nirodbaran
   1 Manly P Hall
   1 Mahatma Gandhi


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   7 Oscar Wilde
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   5 Sri Ramakrishna
   5 Paramahansa Yogananda
   5 Neil Gaiman
   5 George Henry Lewes
   5 Anton Chekhov
   4 Mencius
   4 Dalai Lama
   4 Anonymous
   3 W Somerset Maugham
   3 Sri Aurobindo
   3 Ralph Waldo Emerson
   3 Nassim Nicholas Taleb
   3 Mehmet Murat ildan
   3 Mason Cooley
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   3 Lisa Kleypas
   3 Joseph Conrad
   3 John Owen
   3 John F Kennedy
   3 Haruki Murakami
   3 G K Chesterton
   3 F Scott Fitzgerald
   3 Friedrich Nietzsche
   3 Frank Lloyd Wright
   3 Daphne du Maurier
   3 Albert Camus
   3 Aesop
   2 William Hazlitt
   2 Vladimir Nabokov
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   2 Thomas Merton
   2 Thomas Jefferson
   2 Sharon Salzberg
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   2 Michel de Montaigne
   2 Malcolm X
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   2 Lao Tzu
   2 Kazimir Malevich
   2 John de Ruiter
   2 Jean Francois Paul de Gondi
   2 Jane Austen
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   2 Hattie McDaniel
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   2 Glen Keane
   2 George Santayana
   2 George Orwell
   2 George Eliot
   2 Fran ois de La Rochefoucauld
   2 Ezra Pound
   2 Erich Fromm
   2 Charlaine Harris
   2 Billy Graham
   2 Ben Lerner
   2 Anais Nin
   2 Albert Schweitzer
   2 Alan Watts

1:Sincerity ::: Open and genuine; not deceitful ~ The Mother?,
2:Self-suffering is the truest test of sincerity. ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
3:Fear not, your sincerity is your safeguard. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity,
4:Sincerity is the key of the divine doors. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity - II,
5:What pleases the Deity is virtue and sincerity, not any number of material offerings ~ Shinto-Gobusho,
6:Simple sincerity: the beginning of all progress. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity,
7:The measure of the sincerity is the measure of the success.23 April 1968 ~ The Mother, On Education ,
8:Be perfectly sincere and no victory will be denied to you. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity,
9:Sincerity in Yoga means to respond to the Divine alone. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II Sincerity,
10:Everyone is going toward God. They will all realize Him if they have sincerity and longing of heart. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
11:In sincerity is the certitude of victory. Sincerity! Sincerity! How sweet is the purity of thy presence! ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
12:Sincerity ::: To allow no part of the being to contradict the highest aspiration towards the Divine ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II Agenda Vol 5,
13:Be perfectly sincere in your consecration to the Divine's work. This will assure you strength and success. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity,
14:Be true to your true self always—that is the real sincerity. Persist and conquer. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - IV Dealing with Hostile Attacks,
15:To reach your spiritual goal, be sincere, that is to say, make of it the single purpose of your life. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity,
16:With sincerity, make an effort for progress, and with patience, know how to await the result of your effort. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Patience,
17:So long as there is complete sincerity, the Divine Grace will be there and assist at every moment on the way. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II Sincerity,
18:Be quiet always, calm, peaceful, and let the Force work in your consciousness through the transparency of a perfect sincerity. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
19:All human beings have a spiritual destiny which is near or far depending on each one's determination. One must will in all sincerity. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
20:Heroism is not what people say, it is to be completely united - and the divine help will always be with those who have, in all sincerity, resolved to be heroic. Voilà. ~ The Mother,
21:But the most important thing for purification of the heart is an absolute sincerity. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - III The Danger of the Ego and the Need of Purification,
22:Nobody is entirely fit for this Yoga; one has to become fit by aspiration, by abhyāsa, by sincerity and surrender. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - IV The Nature of the Vital,
23:For Sri Aurobindo's centenary, what is the best offering that I can personally make to Sri Aurobindo? Offer him your mind in all sincerity. 13 November 1970 ~ The Mother, On Education ,
24:What should we do to remain always in contact with the Divine, so that no person or event can draw us away from this contact? Aspiration. Sincerity. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
25:The Twelve Powers of the Mother manifested for Her Work: Sincerity, Peace, Equality, Generosity, Goodness, Courage, Progress, Receptivity, Aspiration, Perserverance, Gratitude, Humility ~ The Mother?,
26:If earnestly you say to the Divine, I want only Thee, the Divine will arrange the circumstances in such a way that you are compelled to be sincere. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity,
27:Whosoever can cry to the All-Powerful with sincerity and an intense passion of the soul has no need of a Master. But so profound an aspiration is very rare; hence the necessity of a Master. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
28:What do I need to develop most? And what do I need to reject most? Develop - sincerity (that is, an integral adhesion to the Divine's way. Reject - the pull of the old human habits. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
29:There is nothing more beautiful than to unite with the divine Consciousness. One is sure to find what one seeks - if one seeks it in all sincerity; for what one seeks is within oneself. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
30:We must not be bewildered by appearances. Sri Aurobindo has not left us. Sri Aurobindo is here, as living and as present as ever and it is left to us to realise his work with all the sincerity, eagerness and concentration necessary. 15 December 1950 ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother I ,
31:Sincerity means to lift all the movements of the being to the level of the highest consciousness and realisation already attained. Sincerity exacts the unification and harmonisation of the whole being in all its parts and movements around the central Divine Will ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II Sincerity,
32:Sincerity, Aspiration, Faith, Devotion and Self-Giving, Surrender to the Divine Will, Love, Openness and Receptivity, Purity and Humility, Gratitude and Faithfulness, Will and Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Hope and Straightforwardness, Happiness and Joy, Heroism and Bravery, Prudence and Balance, Truth and Speech ~ , toc ,
33:A part of my being has developed the bad habit of feeling miserable after Pranam. It gets jealous of certain people. Don't you think I should have the strength to reject this obstacle? Certainly - but then you must do it in all sincerity and not accept these movements of jealousy in any way. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
34:All who are not consciously fortified in the path of right are possible victims of these monsters of iniquity; all who are not consciously on the white path, and firmly established in the way of sincerity and truth, are in eternal danger of these Harpies who float like soulless specters on the tide of evolution. ~ Manly P Hall, Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics ,
35:Sincerity means more than mere honesty. It means that you mean what you say, feel what you profess, are earnest in your will. As the sadhak aspires to be an instrument of the Divine and one with the Divine, sincerity in him means that he is really in earnest in his aspiration and refuses all other will or impulse except the Divine's. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II ,
36:It is only when one gives oneself in all sincerity to the Divine Will that one has the peace and calm joy which come from the abolition of desires. The psychic being knows this with certainty; so, by uniting with one's psychic, one can know it. But the first condition is not to be subject to one's desires and mistake them for the truth of one's being. ~ The Mother, Some Answers From The Mother , do the integral yoga one must first resolve to surrender entirely to the Divine, there is no other way, this is the way. But after that one must have the five psychological virtues, five psychological perfections and we say that the perfections are 1.Sincerity or Transparency 2.Faith or Trust (Trust in the Divine) 3.Devotion or Gratitude 4.Courage or Inspiration 5.Endurance or Perseverance ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1956 ,
38:There are four conditions for knowing the divine Will: The first essential condition: an absolute sincerity. Second: to overcome desires and preferences. Third: to silence the mind and listen. Fourth, to obey immediately when you receive the order. If you persist, you will perceive the Divine Will more and more clearly. But even before you know what it is, you can make an offering of your own will and you will see that all circumstances will be so arranged as to make you do the right thing ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1950-1951 ,
39:The centre of the Mother's symbol represent the Divine Consciousness, the Supreme Mother, the Mahashakti. The four petals of the Mother's symbol represent the four Aspects or Personalities of the Mother; Maheshwari (Wisdom), Mahalakshmi(Harmony), Mahakali(Strength) and Mahasaraswati (Perfection). The twelve petals of the Mother's symbol represent; Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude, Perseverance, Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress, Courage, Goodness, Generosity, Equality, Peace. ~ , ,
40:I feel sincerely that I want the Divine and nothing else. But when I am in contact with other people, when I am busy with things without any value, I naturally forget the Divine, my one goal. Is it insincerity? If not, then what does it mean? Yes. It is insincerity of the being, in which one part wants the Divine and another part wants something else. It is through ignorance and stupidity that the being is insincere. But with a persevering will and an absolute confidence in the Divine Grace, one can cure this insincerity. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
41:Your love renders you impatient and disturbed.With such sincerity you have placed your head at her feet that you are oblivious to the world.When in the eyes of your beloved riches don't count, gold and dust are as one to you.You say that she dwells in your eyes - if they be closed, she is in your mind.If she demands your life, you place it in her hand; if she places a sword upon your head, you hold it forward.When earthly love produces such confusion and demands such obedience, don't you wonder if travelers of the road of God remain engulfed in the Ocean of Reality? ~ Saadi,
42:His most obvious obstacle, one of which he has not in the least got rid of up to now, is a strongly Rajasic vital ego for which his mind finds justifications and covers. There is nothing more congenial to the vital ego than to put on the cloak of Yoga and imagine itself free, divinised, spiritualised, siddha, and all the rest of it, or advancing towards that end, when it is really doing nothing of the kind, but [is] just its old self in new forms. If one does not look at oneself with a constant sincerity and an eye of severe self-criticism, it is impossible to get out of this circle. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings ,
43:the essential conditions for the growth of the psychic ::: In order to strengthen the contact and aid, if possible, the development of the conscious psychic personality, one should, while concentrating, turn towards it, aspire to know it and feel it, open oneself to receive its influence, and take great care, each time that one receives an indication from it, to follow it very scrupulously and sincerely. To live in a great aspiration, to take care to become inwardly calm and remain so always as far as possible, to cultivate a perfect sincerity in all the activities of one's being - these are the essential conditions for the growth of the psychic being. ~ The Mother, Some Answers From The Mother ,
44:The more complete your faith, sincerity and surrender, the more will grace and protection be with you. And when the grace and protection of the Divine Mother are with you, what is there that can touch you or whom need you fear? A little of it even will carry you through all difficulties, obstacles and dangers, surrounded by its full presence you can go securely on your way because it is hers, careless of all menace, unaffected by any hostility however powerful, whether from this world or from worlds invisible. Its touch can turn difficulties into opportunities, failure into success and weakness into unfaltering strength. For the grace of the Divine Mother is the sanction of the Supreme and now or tomorrow its effect is sure, a thing decreed, inevitable and irresistible. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother ,
45:the soul alone ensures sincerity ::: It is here that the emergence of the secret psychic being in us as the leader of the sacrifice is of the utmost importance; for this inmost being alone can bring with it the full power of the spirit in the act, the soul in the symbol. It alone can assure, even while the spiritual consciousness is incomplete, the perennial freshness and sincerity and beauty of the symbol and prevent it from becoming a dead form or a corrupted and corrupting magic; it alone can preserve for the act its power with its significance. All the other members of our being, mind, life-force, physical or body consciousness, are too much under the control of the Ignorance to be a sure instrumentation and much less can they be a guide or the source of an unerring impulse. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga The Ascent of the Sacrifice - 2,
46:PURANI: There was some effort. Only, you can say that the effort was negligible in proportion to the success. SRI AUROBINDO: It is not a question of proportion. One may have put in a great deal of effort and yet there could be no result because there was not a complete and total sincerity. On the other hand, when the result comes with little effort it is because the whole being has responded-- and Grace found it possible to act. All the same, effort is a contributory factor. Sometimes one goes on making an effort with no result or even the condition becomes worse. And when one has given it up, one finds suddenly that the result has come. It may be that the effort was keeping up the resistance too. And when the effort is given up, the resistance says, "This fellow has given up effort. What is the use of resisting anymore?" ( Laughter ) ~ Nirodbaran, TALKS WITH SRI AUROBINDO VOLUME 1 405,
47:There is nothing unintelligible in what I say about strength and Grace. Strength has a value for spiritual realisation, but to say that it can be done by strength only and by no other means is a violent exaggeration. Grace is not an invention, it is a face of spiritual experience. Many who would be considered as mere nothings by the wise and strong have attained by Grace; illiterate, without mental power or training, without "strength" of character or will, they have yet aspired and suddenly or rapidly grown into spiritual realisation, because they had faith or because they were sincere. ... Strength, if it is spiritual, is a power for spiritual realisation; a greater power is sincerity; the greatest power of all is Grace. I have said times without number that if a man is sincere, he will go through in spite of long delay and overwhelming difficulties. I have repeatedly spoken of the Divine Grace. I have referred any number of times to the line of the Gita: "I will deliver thee from all sin and evil, do not grieve." ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II ,
48:Find That Something ::: We can, simply by a sincere aspiration, open a sealed door in us and find... that Something which will change the whole significance of life, reply to all our questions, solve all our problems and lead us to the perfection we aspire for without knowing it, to that Reality which alone can satisfy us and give us lasting joy, equilibrium, strength, life. All have heard it - Oh! there are even some here who are so used to it that for them it seems to be the same thing as drinking a glass of water or opening a window to let in the sunlight.... We have tried a little, but now we are going to try seriously! The starting-point: to want it, truly want it, to need it. The next step: to think, above all, of that. A day comes, very quickly, when one is unable to think of anything else. That is the one thing which counts. And then... One formulates one's aspiration, lets the true prayer spring up from one's heart, the prayer which expresses the sincerity of the need. And then... well, one will see what happens. Something will happen. Surely something will happen. For each one it will take a different form. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1957-1958 ,
49:"Q: What is the right attitude to stick on to this path till the Supramental Truth is realised?"A: There is the psychic condition and sincerity and devotion to the Mother."What is "the psychic condition"?The psychic condition? That means being in relation with one's psychic, I suppose, being governed by one's psychic being.Sweet Mother, I don't understand very clearly the difference between faith, belief and confidence.But Sri Aurobindo has given the full explanation here. If you don't understand, then...He has written "Faith is a feeling in the whole being."The whole being, yes. Faith, that's the whole being at once. He says that belief is something that occurs in the head, that is purely mental; and confidence is quite different. Confidence - one can have confidence in life, trust in the Divine, trust in others, trust in one's own destiny, that is, one has the feeling that everything is going to help him, to do what he wants to do.Faith is a certitude without any proof.Mother, on what does faith depend?Probably on Divine Grace. Some people have it spontaneously. There are others who need to make a great effort to have it. ~ The Mother, Question and Answers Volume-6,
50:Sweet Mother, Just as there is a methodical progression of exercises for mental and physical education, isn't there a similar method to progress towards Sri Aurobindo's yoga? It should vary with each individual. Could you make a step-by-step programme for me to follow daily?The mechanical regularity of a fixed programme is indispensable for physical, mental and vital development; but this mechanical rigidity has little or no effect on spiritual development where the spontaneity of an absolute sincerity is indispensable. Sri Aurobindo has written very clearly on this subject. And what he has written on it has appeared in The Synthesis Of Yoga. However, as an initial help to set you on the path, I can tell you: (1) that on getting up, before starting the day, it is good to make an offering of this day to the Divine, an offering of all that one thinks, all that one is, all that one will do; (2) and at night, before going to sleep, it is good to review the day, taking note of all the times one has forgotten or neglected to make an offering of one's self or one's action, and to aspire or pray that these lapses do not recur. This is a minimum, a very small beginning - and it should increase with the sincerity of your consecration. 31 March 1965 ~ The Mother, Some Answers From The Mother ,
51:How can faith be increased?Through aspiration, I suppose. Some have it spontaneously... You see, it is difficult to pray if one doesn't have faith, but if one can make prayer a means of increasing one's faith, or aspiring, having an aspiration, having an aspiration to have faith... Most of these qualities require an effort. If one does not have a thing and wants to have it, well, it needs great, great, great sustained efforts, a constant aspiration, an unflagging will, a sincerity at each moment; then one is sure, it will come one day - it can come in a second. There are people who have it, and then they have contrary movements which come and attack. These people, if their will is sincere, can shield their faith, repel the attacks. There are others who cultivate doubt because it is a kind of dilettantism - that, there's nothing more dangerous than that. It is as though one were letting the worm into the fruit: it eventually eats it up completely. This means that when a movement of this sort comes - it usually comes first into the mind - the first thing to do is to be very determined and refuse it. Surely one must not enjoy looking on just to see what is going to happen; that kind of curiosity is terribly dangerous.It is perhaps more difficult for intellectuals to have faith than for those who are simple, sincere, who are straightforward, without intellectual complications. But I think that if an intellectual person has faith, then that becomes very powerful, a very powerful thing which can truly work miracles. ~ The Mother, Question and Answers Volume-6,
52:For centuries and centuries humanity has waited for this time. It is come. But it is difficult.I don't simply tell you we are here upon earth to rest and enjoy ourselves, now is not the time for that. We are here..... to prepare the way for the new creation.The body has some difficulty, so I can't be active, alas. It is not because I am old, I am not old, I am younger than most of you. If I am here inactive, it is because the body has given itself definitely to prepare the transformation. But the consciousness is clear and we are here to work - rest and enjoyment will come afterwards. Let us do our work here.So I have called you to tell you that. Take what you can, do what you can, my help will be with you. All sincere effort will be helped to the maximum.It is the hour to be the heroic. Heroism is not what it is said to be; it is to become wholly unified - and the Divine help will always be with those who have resolved to be heroic in full sincerity.There!You are here at this moment that is to say upon earth, because you chose it at one time - you do not remember it any more, but I know it - that is why you are here. Well, you must rise to the height of the task. You must strive, you must conquer all weakness and limitations; above all you must tell your ego: "Your hour is gone." We want a race that has no ego, that has in place of the ego the Divine Consciousness. It is that which we want: the Divine Consciousness which will allow the race to develop itself and the Supramental being to take birth.If you believe that I am here because I am bound - it is not true. I am not bound, I am here because my body has been given for the first attempt at transformation. Sri Aurobindo told me so. Well, I am doing it. I do not wish anyone to do it for me because.... Because it is not very pleasant, but I do it willingly because of the result; everybody will be able to benefit from it. I ask only one thing: do not listen to the ego.If there is in your hearts a sincere Yes, you will satisfy me completely. I do not need words, I need the sincere adhesion of your hearts. That's all. ~ The Mother, (This talk was given by the Mother on April 2 1972,
53:Many Blows are Needed:Mother, even when one tries to think that one is powerless, there is something which believes one is powerful. So?Ah, yes, ah yes! Ah, it is very difficult to be sincere.... That is why blows multiply and sometimes become terrible, because that's the only thing which breaks your stupidity. This is the justification of calamities. Only when you are in an acutely painful situation and indeed before something that affects you deeply, then that makes the stupidity melt away a little. But as you say, even when there is something that melts, there is still a little something which remains inside. And that is why it lasts so long... How many blows are needed in life for one to know to the very depths that one is nothing, that one can do nothing, that one does not exist, that one is nothing, that there is no entity without the divine Consciousness and the Grace. From the moment one knows it, it is over; all difficulties have gone. When one knows it integrally and there is nothing which resists... but till that moment... And it takes very long. Why doesn't the blow come all at once? Because that would kill you. For if the blow is strong enough to cure you, it would simply crush you, it would reduce you to pulp. It is only by proceeding little by little, little by little, very gradually, that you can continue to exist. Naturally this depends on the inner strength, the inner sincerity, and on the capacity for progress, for profiting by experience and, as I said a while ago, on not forgetting. If one is lucky enough not to forget, then one goes much faster. One can go very fast. And if at the same time one has that inner moral strength which, when the red-hot iron is at hand, does not extinguish it by trying to pour water over it, but instead goes to the very core of the abscess, then in this case things go very fast also. But not many people are strong enough for this. On the contrary, they very quickly do this (gesture), like this, like this, in order to hide, to hide from themselves. How many pretty little explanations one gives oneself, how many excuses one piles up for all the foolishnesses one has committed. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1954 ,
54:Fundamentally, whatever be the path one follows - whe- ther the path of surrender, consecration, knowledge-if one wants it to be perfect, it is always equally difficult, and there is but one way, one only, I know of only one: that is perfect sincerity, but perfect sincerity!Do you know what perfect sincerity is?...Never to try to deceive oneself, never let any part of the being try to find out a way of convincing the others, never to explain favourably what one does in order to have an excuse for what one wants to do, never to close one's eyes when something is unpleasant, never to let anything pass, telling oneself, "That is not important, next time it will be better."Oh! It is very difficult. Just try for one hour and you will see how very difficult it is. Only one hour, to be totally, absolutely sincere. To let nothing pass. That is, all one does, all one feels, all one thinks, all one wants, is exclusively the Divine."I want nothing but the Divine, I think of nothing but the Divine, I do nothing but what will lead me to the Divine, I love nothing but the Divine."Try - try, just to see, try for half an hour, you will see how difficult it is! And during that time take great care that there isn't a part of the vital or a part of the mind or a part of the physical being nicely hidden there, at the back, so that you don't see it (Mother hides her hands behind her back) and don't notice that it is not collaborating - sitting quietly there so that you don't unearth it... it says nothing, but it does not change, it hides itself. How many such parts! How many parts hide themselves! You put them in your pocket because you don't want to see them or else they get behind your back and sit there well-hidden, right in the middle of your back, so as not to be seen. When you go there with your torch - your torch of sincerity - you ferret out all the corners, everywhere, all the small corners which do not consent, the things which say "No" or those which do not move: "I am not going to budge. I am glued to this place of mine and nothing will make me move."... You have a torch there with you, and you flash it upon the thing, upon everything. You will see there are many of them there, behind your back, well stuck.Try, just for an hour, try!No more questions?Nobody has anything to say? Then, au revoir, my children! ~ The Mother, Question and Answers Volume-6,
55:Disciple: What are the conditions of success in this yoga?Sri Aurobindo: I have often told of them. Those go through who have the central sincerity. It does not mean that the sincerity is there in all the parts of the being. In that sense no one is entirely ready. But if the central sincerity is there it is possible to establish it in all the parts of the being.The second thing necessary is a certain receptivity in the being, what we call, the "opening" up of all the planes to the Higher Power.The third thing required is the power of holding the higher Force, a certain ghanatwa - mass - that can hold the Power when it comes down.And about the thing that pushes there are two things that generally push: One is the Central Being. The other is destiny. If the Central Being wants to do something it pushes the man. Even when the man goes off the line he is pushed back again to the path. Of course, the Central Being may push through the mind or any other part of the being. Also, if the man is destined he is pushed to the path either to go through or to get broken,Disciple: There are some people who think they are destined or chosen and we see that they are not "chosen".Sri Aurobindo: Of course, plenty of people think that they are specially "chosen" and that they are the first and the "elect" and so on. All that is nothing.Disciple: Then, can you. say who is fit out of all those that have come?Sri Aurobindo: It is very difficult to say. But this can be said that everyone of those who have come in has some chance to go through if he can hold on to it.Disciple: There is also a chance of failure.Sri Aurobindo: Of course, and besides, the whole universe is a play of forces and one can't always wait till all the conditions of success have been fulfilled. One has to take risks and take his chance.Disciple: What is meant by "chance"? Does it mean that it is only one possibility out of many others, or does it mean that one would be able to succeed in yoga?Sri Aurobindo: It means only that he can succeed if he takes his chance properly. For instance, X had his chance.Disciple: Those who fall on the path or slip, do they go down in their evolution?Sri Aurobindo: That depends. Ultimately, the Yoga may be lost to him.Disciple: The Gita says: Na hi kalyānkṛt - nothing that is beneficial - comes to a bad end.Sri Aurobindo: That is from another standpoint. You must note the word is kalyān kṛt - it is an important addition. ~ Sri Aurobindo, EVENING TALKS WITH SRI AUROBINDO RECORDED BY A B PURANI (20-09-1926),
56:The ExaminersThe integral yoga consists of an uninterrupted series of examinations that one has to undergo without any previous warning, thus obliging you to be constantly on the alert and attentive. Three groups of examiners set us these tests. They appear to have nothing to do with one another, and their methods are so different, sometimes even so apparently contradictory, that it seems as if they could not possibly be leading towards the same goal. Nevertheless, they complement one another, work towards the same end, and are all indispensable to the completeness of the result. The three types of examination are: those set by the forces of Nature, those set by spiritual and divine forces, and those set by hostile forces. These last are the most deceptive in their appearance and to avoid being caught unawares and unprepared requires a state of constant watchfulness, sincerity and humility. The most commonplace circumstances, the events of everyday life, the most apparently insignificant people and things all belong to one or other of these three kinds of examiners. In this vast and complex organisation of tests, those events that are generally considered the most important in life are the easiest examinations to undergo, because they find you ready and on your guard. It is easier to stumble over the little stones in your path, because they attract no attention. Endurance and plasticity, cheerfulness and fearlessness are the qualities specially needed for the examinations of physical nature. Aspiration, trust, idealism, enthusiasm and generous self-giving, for spiritual examinations. Vigilance, sincerity and humility for the examinations from hostile forces. And do not imagine that there are on the one hand people who undergo the examinations and on the other people who set them. Depending on the circumstances and the moment we are all both examiners and examinees, and it may even happen that one is at the same time both examiner and examinee. And the benefit one derives from this depends, both in quality and in quantity, on the intensity of one's aspiration and the awakening of one's consciousness. To conclude, a final piece of advice: never set yourself up as an examiner. For while it is good to remember constantly that one may be undergoing a very important examination, it is extremely dangerous to imagine that one is responsible for setting examinations for others. That is the open door to the most ridiculous and harmful kinds of vanity. It is the Supreme Wisdom which decides these things, and not the ignorant human will. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II ,
57:Sri Aurobindo tells us that surrender is the first and absolute condition for doing the yoga. Therefore it is not merely one of the required qualities, it is the very first indispensable attitude for commencing the yoga.If you are not decided to make a total surrender, you cannot begin. But to make your surrender total, all the other qualities are necessary: sincerity, faith, devotion and aspiration.And I add another one : endurance. Because if you are not able to face difficulties without getting discouraged, without giving up under the pretext that it is too difficult, if you are not able to receive blows and continue all the same, to "pocket" them, as it is said,—you receive blows because of your defects : you put them into your pocket and continue to march on without faltering; if you cannot do that with endurance, you will not go very far; at the first turning, when you lose sight of the little habitual life, you despair and give up the game.The most material form of endurance is perseverance. Unless you are resolved to begin the same thing over again a thousand times if needed, you will arrive nowhere.People come to me in despair : "But I thought it had been done, and I have to begin again !" And if they are told, "But it is nothing, you have to begin probably a hundred times, two hundred times, a thousand times", they lose all courage.You take one step forward and you believe you are solid, but there will be always something that will bring about the same difficulty a little farther ahead.You believe you have solved the problem, but will have to solve it again, it will present itself with just a little difference in its appearance, but it will be the same problem.Thus there are people who have a fine experience and they exclaim, "Now, it is done !" Then things settle down, begin to fade, go behind a veil, and all on a sudden, something quite unexpected, a thing absolutely commonplace, that appears to be of no interest at all, comes before them and closes up the road. Then you lament: "Of what use is this progress that I have made, if I am to begin again !Why is it so? I made an effort, I succeeded, I arrived at something and now it is as if I had done nothing. It is hopeless". This is because there is still the "I" and this "I" has no endurance.If you have endurance, you say : "All right, I will begin again and again as long as necessary, a thousand times, ten thousand times, a million times, if necessary, but I will go to the end and nothing can stop me on the way".That is very necessary.Now, to sum up, we will put at the head of our list surrender. That is to say, we accept the fact that one must, in order to do the integral yoga, take the resolution of surrendering oneself wholly to the Divine. There is no other way, it is the way. ~ The Mother,
58:Sweet Mother, how can we make our resolution very firm? By wanting it to be very firm! (Laughter) No, this seems like a joke... but it is absolutely true. One does not want it truly. There is always, if you... It is a lack of sincerity. If you look sincerely, you will see that you have decided that it will be like this, and then, beneath there is something which has not decided at all and is waiting for the second of hesitation in order to rush forward. If you are sincere, if you are sincere and get hold of the part which is hiding, waiting, not showing itself, which knows that there will come a second of indecision when it can rush out and make you do the thing you have decided not to do... [] But if you really want it, nothing in the world can prevent you from doing what you want. It is because one doesn't know how to will it. It is because one is divided in one's will. If you are not divided in your will, I say that nothing, nobody in the world can make you change your will. But one doesn't know how to will it. In fact one doesn't even want to. These are velleities: "Well, it is like this.... It would be good if it were like that... yes, it would be better if it were like that... yes, it would be preferable if it were like that." But this is not to will. And always there at the back, hidden somewhere in a corner of the brain, is something which is looking on and saying, "Oh, why should I want that? After all one can as well want the opposite." And to try, you see... Not like that, just wait... But one can always find a thousand excuses to do the opposite. And ah, just a tiny little wavering is enough... pftt... the thing swoops down and there it is. But if one wills, if one really knows that this is the thing, and truly wants this, and if one is oneself entirely concentrated in the will, I say that there is nothing in the world that can prevent one from doing it, from doing it or being obliged to do it. It depends on what it is. One wants. Yes, one wants, like this (gestures). One wants: "Yes, yes, it would be better if it were like that. Yes, it would be finer also, more elegant."... But, eh, eh, after all one is a weak creature, isn't that so? And then one can always put the blame upon something else: "It is the influence coming from outside, it is all kinds of circumstances." A breath has passed, you see. You don't know... something... a moment of unconsciousness... "Oh, I was not conscious." You are not conscious because you do not accept... And all this because you don't know how to will. [] To learn how to will is a very important thing. And to will truly, you must unify your being. In fact, to be a being, one must first unify oneself. If one is pulled by absolutely opposite tendencies, if one spends three-fourths of one's life without being conscious of oneself and the reasons why one does things, is one a real being? One does not exist. One is a mass of influences, movements, forces, actions, reactions, but one is not a being. One begins to become a being when one begins to have a will. And one can't have a will unless one is unified. And when you have a will, you will be able to say, say to the Divine: "I want what You want." But not before that. Because in order to want what the Divine wants, you must have a will, otherwise you can will nothing at all. You would like to. You would like it very much. You would very much like to want what the Divine wants to do. You don't possess a will to give to Him and to put at His service. Something like that, gelatinous, like jelly-fish... there... a mass of good wills - and I am considering the better side of things and forgetting the bad wills - a mass of good wills, half-conscious and fluctuating.... Ah, that's all, my children. That's enough for today. There we are. Only, put this into practice; just a little of what I have said, not all, eh, just a very little. There. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1954 ,
59:Sri Aurobindo writes here: "...Few and brief in their visits are the Bright Ones who are willing or permitted to succour." Why?(1 "The Way", Cent. Vol. 17, p. 40.)One must go and ask them! But there is a conclusion, the last sentences give a very clear explanation. It is said: "Nay, then, is immortality a plaything to be given lightly to a child, or the divine life a prize without effort or the crown for a weakling?" This comes back to the question why the adverse forces have the right to interfere, to harass you. But this is precisely the test necessary for your sincerity. If the way were very easy, everybody would start on the way, and if one could reach the goal without any obstacle and without any effort, everybody would reach the goal, and when one has come to the end, the situation would be the same as when one started, there would be no change. That is, the new world would be exactly what the old has been. It is truly not worth the trouble! Evidently a process of elimination is necessary so that only what is capable of manifesting the new life remains. This is the reason and there is no other, this is the best of reasons. And, you see, it is a tempering, it is the ordeal of fire, only that which can stand it remains absolutely pure; when everything has burnt down, there remains only the little ingot of pure gold. And it is like that. What puts things out very much in all this is the religious idea of fault, sin, redemption. But there is no arbitrary decision! On the contrary, for each one it is the best and most favourable conditions which are given. We were saying the other day that it is only his friends whom God treats with severity; you thought it was a joke, but it is true. It is only to those who are full of hope, who will pass through this purifying flame, that the conditions for attaining the maximum result are given. And the human mind is made in such a way that you may test this; when something extremely unpleasant happens to you, you may tell yourself, "Well, this proves I am worth the trouble of being given this difficulty, this proves there is something in me which can resist the difficulty", and you will notice that instead of tormenting yourself, you rejoice - you will be so happy and so strong that even the most unpleasant things will seem to you quite charming! This is a very easy experiment to make. Whatever the circumstance, if your mind is accustomed to look at it as something favourable, it will no longer be unpleasant for you. This is quite well known; as long as the mind refuses to accept a thing, struggles against it, tries to obstruct it, there are torments, difficulties, storms, inner struggles and all suffering. But the minute the mind says, "Good, this is what has to come, it is thus that it must happen", whatever happens, you are content. There are people who have acquired such control of their mind over their body that they feel nothing; I told you this the other day about certain mystics: if they think the suffering inflicted upon them is going to help them cross the stages in a moment and give them a sort of stepping stone to attain the Realisation, the goal they have put before them, union with the Divine, they no longer feel the suffering at all. Their body is as it were galvanised by the mental conception. This has happened very often, it is a very common experience among those who truly have enthusiasm. And after all, if one must for some reason or other leave one's body and take a new one, is it not better to make of one's death something magnificent, joyful, enthusiastic, than to make it a disgusting defeat? Those who cling on, who try by every possible means to delay the end even by a minute or two, who give you an example of frightful anguish, show that they are not conscious of their soul.... After all, it is perhaps a means, isn't it? One can change this accident into a means; if one is conscious one can make a beautiful thing of it, a very beautiful thing, as of everything. And note, those who do not fear it, who are not anxious, who can die without any sordidness are those who never think about it, who are not haunted all the time by this "horror" facing them which they must escape and which they try to push as far away from them as they can. These, when the occasion comes, can lift their head, smile and say, "Here I am." It is they who have the will to make the best possible use of their life, it is they who say, "I shall remain here as long as it is necessary, to the last second, and I shall not lose one moment to realise my goal"; these, when the necessity comes, put up the best show. Why? - It is very simple, because they live in their ideal, the truth of their ideal; because that is the real thing for them, the very reason of their being, and in all things they can see this ideal, this reason of existence, and never do they come down into the sordidness of material life.So, the conclusion:One must never wish for death.One must never will to die.One must never be afraid to die.And in all circumstances one must will to exceed oneself. ~ The Mother, Question and Answers Volume-4,
60:Education THE EDUCATION of a human being should begin at birth and continue throughout his life. Indeed, if we want this education to have its maximum result, it should begin even before birth; in this case it is the mother herself who proceeds with this education by means of a twofold action: first, upon herself for her own improvement, and secondly, upon the child whom she is forming physically. For it is certain that the nature of the child to be born depends very much upon the mother who forms it, upon her aspiration and will as well as upon the material surroundings in which she lives. To see that her thoughts are always beautiful and pure, her feelings always noble and fine, her material surroundings as harmonious as possible and full of a great simplicity - this is the part of education which should apply to the mother herself. And if she has in addition a conscious and definite will to form the child according to the highest ideal she can conceive, then the very best conditions will be realised so that the child can come into the world with his utmost potentialities. How many difficult efforts and useless complications would be avoided in this way! Education to be complete must have five principal aspects corresponding to the five principal activities of the human being: the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual. Usually, these phases of education follow chronologically the growth of the individual; this, however, does not mean that one of them should replace another, but that all must continue, completing one another until the end of his life. We propose to study these five aspects of education one by one and also their interrelationships. But before we enter into the details of the subject, I wish to make a recommendation to parents. Most parents, for various reasons, give very little thought to the true education which should be imparted to children. When they have brought a child into the world, provided him with food, satisfied his various material needs and looked after his health more or less carefully, they think they have fully discharged their duty. Later on, they will send him to school and hand over to the teachers the responsibility for his education. There are other parents who know that their children must be educated and who try to do what they can. But very few, even among those who are most serious and sincere, know that the first thing to do, in order to be able to educate a child, is to educate oneself, to become conscious and master of oneself so that one never sets a bad example to one's child. For it is above all through example that education becomes effective. To speak good words and to give wise advice to a child has very little effect if one does not oneself give him an example of what one teaches. Sincerity, honesty, straightforwardness, courage, disinterestedness, unselfishness, patience, endurance, perseverance, peace, calm, self-control are all things that are taught infinitely better by example than by beautiful speeches. Parents, have a high ideal and always act in accordance with it and you will see that little by little your child will reflect this ideal in himself and spontaneously manifest the qualities you would like to see expressed in his nature. Quite naturally a child has respect and admiration for his parents; unless they are quite unworthy, they will always appear to their child as demigods whom he will try to imitate as best he can. With very few exceptions, parents are not aware of the disastrous influence that their own defects, impulses, weaknesses and lack of self-control have on their children. If you wish to be respected by a child, have respect for yourself and be worthy of respect at every moment. Never be authoritarian, despotic, impatient or ill-tempered. When your child asks you a question, do not give him a stupid or silly answer under the pretext that he cannot understand you. You can always make yourself understood if you take enough trouble; and in spite of the popular saying that it is not always good to tell the truth, I affirm that it is always good to tell the truth, but that the art consists in telling it in such a way as to make it accessible to the mind of the hearer. In early life, until he is twelve or fourteen, the child's mind is hardly open to abstract notions and general ideas. And yet you can train it to understand these things by using concrete images, symbols or parables. Up to quite an advanced age and for some who mentally always remain children, a narrative, a story, a tale well told teach much more than any number of theoretical explanations. Another pitfall to avoid: do not scold your child without good reason and only when it is quite indispensable. A child who is too often scolded gets hardened to rebuke and no longer attaches much importance to words or severity of tone. And above all, take good care never to scold him for a fault which you yourself commit. Children are very keen and clear-sighted observers; they soon find out your weaknesses and note them without pity. When a child has done something wrong, see that he confesses it to you spontaneously and frankly; and when he has confessed, with kindness and affection make him understand what was wrong in his movement so that he will not repeat it, but never scold him; a fault confessed must always be forgiven. You should not allow any fear to come between you and your child; fear is a pernicious means of education: it invariably gives birth to deceit and lying. Only a discerning affection that is firm yet gentle and an adequate practical knowledge will create the bonds of trust that are indispensable for you to be able to educate your child effectively. And do not forget that you have to control yourself constantly in order to be equal to your task and truly fulfil the duty which you owe your child by the mere fact of having brought him into the world. Bulletin, February 1951 ~ The Mother, On Education ,
61:The Two Paths Of Yoga ::: 14 April 1929 - What are the dangers of Yoga? Is it especially dangerous to the people of the West? Someone has said that Yoga may be suitable for the East, but it has the effect of unbalancing the Western mind. Yoga is not more dangerous to the people of the West than to those of the East. Everything depends upon the spirit with which you approach it. Yoga does become dangerous if you want it for your own sake, to serve a personal end. It is not dangerous, on the contrary, it is safety and security itself, if you go to it with a sense of its sacredness, always remembering that the aim is to find the Divine. Dangers and difficulties come in when people take up Yoga not for the sake of the Divine, but because they want to acquire power and under the guise of Yoga seek to satisfy some ambition. if you cannot get rid of ambition, do not touch the thing. It is fire that burns. There are two paths of Yoga, one of tapasya (discipline), and the other of surrender. The path of tapasya is arduous. Here you rely solely upon yourself, you proceed by your own strength. You ascend and achieve according to the measure of your force. There is always the danger of falling down. And once you fall, you lie broken in the abyss and there is hardly a remedy. The other path, the path of surrender, is safe and sure. It is here, however, that the Western people find their difficulty. They have been taught to fear and avoid all that threatens their personal independence. They have imbibed with their mothers' milk the sense of individuality. And surrender means giving up all that. In other words, you may follow, as Ramakrishna says, either the path of the baby monkey or that of the baby cat. The baby monkey holds to its mother in order to be carried about and it must hold firm, otherwise if it loses its grip, it falls. On the other hand, the baby cat does not hold to its mother, but is held by the mother and has no fear nor responsibility; it has nothing to do but to let the mother hold it and cry ma ma. If you take up this path of surrender fully and sincerely, there is no more danger or serious difficulty. The question is to be sincere. If you are not sincere, do not begin Yoga. If you were dealing in human affairs, then you could resort to deception; but in dealing with the Divine there is no possibility of deception anywhere. You can go on the Path safely when you are candid and open to the core and when your only end is to realise and attain the Divine and to be moved by the Divine. There is another danger; it is in connection with the sex impulses. Yoga in its process of purification will lay bare and throw up all hidden impulses and desires in you. And you must learn not to hide things nor leave them aside, you have to face them and conquer and remould them. The first effect of Yoga, however, is to take away the mental control, and the hungers that lie dormant are suddenly set free, they rush up and invade the being. So long as this mental control has not been replaced by the Divine control, there is a period of transition when your sincerity and surrender will be put to the test. The strength of such impulses as those of sex lies usually in the fact that people take too much notice of them; they protest too vehemently and endeavour to control them by coercion, hold them within and sit upon them. But the more you think of a thing and say, "I don't want it, I don't want it", the more you are bound to it. What you should do is to keep the thing away from you, to dissociate from it, take as little notice of it as possible and, even if you happen to think of it, remain indifferent and unconcerned. The impulses and desires that come up by the pressure of Yoga should be faced in a spirit of detachment and serenity, as something foreign to yourself or belonging to the outside world. They should be offered to the Divine, so that the Divine may take them up and transmute them. If you have once opened yourself to the Divine, if the power of the Divine has once come down into you and yet you try to keep to the old forces, you prepare troubles and difficulties and dangers for yourself. You must be vigilant and see that you do not use the Divine as a cloak for the satisfaction of your desires. There are many self-appointed Masters, who do nothing but that. And then when you are off the straight path and when you have a little knowledge and not much power, it happens that you are seized by beings or entities of a certain type, you become blind instruments in their hands and are devoured by them in the end. Wherever there is pretence, there is danger; you cannot deceive God. Do you come to God saying, "I want union with you" and in your heart meaning "I want powers and enjoyments"? Beware! You are heading straight towards the brink of the precipice. And yet it is so easy to avoid all catastrophe. Become like a child, give yourself up to the Mother, let her carry you, and there is no more danger for you. This does not mean that you have not to face other kinds of difficulties or that you have not to fight and conquer any obstacles at all. Surrender does not ensure a smooth and unruffled and continuous progression. The reason is that your being is not yet one, nor your surrender absolute and complete. Only a part of you surrenders; and today it is one part and the next day it is another. The whole purpose of the Yoga is to gather all the divergent parts together and forge them into an undivided unity. Till then you cannot hope to be without difficulties - difficulties, for example, like doubt or depression or hesitation. The whole world is full of the poison. You take it in with every breath. If you exchange a few words with an undesirable man or even if such a man merely passes by you, you may catch the contagion from him. It is sufficient for you to come near a place where there is plague in order to be infected with its poison; you need not know at all that it is there. You can lose in a few minutes what it has taken you months to gain. So long as you belong to humanity and so long as you lead the ordinary life, it does not matter much if you mix with the people of the world; but if you want the divine life, you will have to be exceedingly careful about your company and your environment. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1929-1931 ,
62:Intuition And The Value Of Concentration ::: Mother, how can the faculty of intuition be developed? ... There are different kinds of intuition, and we carry these capacities within us. They are always active to some extent but we don't notice them because we don't pay enough attention to what is going on in us. Behind the emotions, deep within the being, in a consciousness seated somewhere near the level of the solar plexus, there is a sort of prescience, a kind of capacity for foresight, but not in the form of ideas: rather in the form of feelings, almost a perception of sensations. For instance, when one is going to decide to do something, there is sometimes a kind of uneasiness or inner refusal, and usually, if one listens to this deeper indication, one realises that it was justified. In other cases there is something that urges, indicates, insists - I am not speaking of impulses, you understand, of all the movements which come from the vital and much lower still - indications which are behind the feelings, which come from the affective part of the being; there too one can receive a fairly sure indication of the thing to be done. These are forms of intuition or of a higher instinct which can be cultivated by observation and also by studying the results. Naturally, it must be done very sincerely, objectively, without prejudice. If one wants to see things in a particular way and at the same time practise this observation, it is all useless. One must do it as if one were looking at what is happening from outside oneself, in someone else. It is one form of intuition and perhaps the first one that usually manifests. There is also another form but that one is much more difficult to observe because for those who are accustomed to think, to act by reason - not by impulse but by reason - to reflect before doing anything, there is an extremely swift process from cause to effect in the half-conscious thought which prevents you from seeing the line, the whole line of reasoning and so you don't think that it is a chain of reasoning, and that is quite deceptive. You have the impression of an intuition but it is not an intuition, it is an extremely rapid subconscious reasoning, which takes up a problem and goes straight to the conclusions. This must not be mistaken for intuition. In the ordinary functioning of the brain, intuition is something which suddenly falls like a drop of light. If one has the faculty, the beginning of a faculty of mental vision, it gives the impression of something coming from outside or above, like a little impact of a drop of light in the brain, absolutely independent of all reasoning. This is perceived more easily when one is able to silence one's mind, hold it still and attentive, arresting its usual functioning, as if the mind were changed into a kind of mirror turned towards a higher faculty in a sustained and silent attention. That too one can learn to do. One must learn to do it, it is a necessary discipline. When you have a question to solve, whatever it may be, usually you concentrate your attention here (pointing between the eyebrows), at the centre just above the eyes, the centre of the conscious will. But then if you do that, you cannot be in contact with intuition. You can be in contact with the source of the will, of effort, even of a certain kind of knowledge, but in the outer, almost material field; whereas, if you want to contact the intuition, you must keep this (Mother indicates the forehead) completely immobile. Active thought must be stopped as far as possible and the entire mental faculty must form - at the top of the head and a little further above if possible - a kind of mirror, very quiet, very still, turned upwards, in silent, very concentrated attention. If you succeed, you can - perhaps not immediately - but you can have the perception of the drops of light falling upon the mirror from a still unknown region and expressing themselves as a conscious thought which has no connection with all the rest of your thought since you have been able to keep it silent. That is the real beginning of the intellectual intuition. It is a discipline to be followed. For a long time one may try and not succeed, but as soon as one succeeds in making a mirror, still and attentive, one always obtains a result, not necessarily with a precise form of thought but always with the sensations of a light coming from above. And then, if one can receive this light coming from above without entering immediately into a whirl of activity, receive it in calm and silence and let it penetrate deep into the being, then after a while it expresses itself either as a luminous thought or as a very precise indication here (Mother indicates the heart), in this other centre. Naturally, first these two faculties must be developed; then, as soon as there is any result, one must observe the result, as I said, and see the connection with what is happening, the consequences: see, observe very attentively what has come in, what may have caused a distortion, what one has added by way of more or less conscious reasoning or the intervention of a lower will, also more or less conscious; and it is by a very deep study - indeed, almost of every moment, in any case daily and very frequent - that one succeeds in developing one's intuition. It takes a long time. It takes a long time and there are ambushes: one can deceive oneself, take for intuitions subconscious wills which try to manifest, indications given by impulses one has refused to receive openly, indeed all sorts of difficulties. One must be prepared for that. But if one persists, one is sure to succeed. And there comes a time when one feels a kind of inner guidance, something which is leading one very perceptibly in all that one does. But then, for the guidance to have its maximum power, one must naturally add to it a conscious surrender: one must be sincerely determined to follow the indication given by the higher force. If one does that, then... one saves years of study, one can seize the result extremely rapidly. If one also does that, the result comes very rapidly. But for that, it must be done with sincerity and... a kind of inner spontaneity. If one wants to try without this surrender, one may succeed - as one can also succeed in developing one's personal will and making it into a very considerable power - but that takes a very long time and one meets many obstacles and the result is very precarious; one must be very persistent, obstinate, persevering, and one is sure to succeed, but only after a great labour. Make your surrender with a sincere, complete self-giving, and you will go ahead at full speed, you will go much faster - but you must not do this calculatingly, for that spoils everything! (Silence) Moreover, whatever you may want to do in life, one thing is absolutely indispensable and at the basis of everything, the capacity of concentrating the attention. If you are able to gather together the rays of attention and consciousness on one point and can maintain this concentration with a persistent will, nothing can resist it - whatever it may be, from the most material physical development to the highest spiritual one. But this discipline must be followed in a constant and, it may be said, imperturbable way; not that you should always be concentrated on the same thing - that's not what I mean, I mean learning to concentrate. And materially, for studies, sports, all physical or mental development, it is absolutely indispensable. And the value of an individual is proportionate to the value of his attention. And from the spiritual point of view it is still more important. There is no spiritual obstacle which can resist a penetrating power of concentration. For instance, the discovery of the psychic being, union with the inner Divine, opening to the higher spheres, all can be obtained by an intense and obstinate power of concentration - but one must learn how to do it. There is nothing in the human or even in the superhuman field, to which the power of concentration is not the key. You can be the best athlete, you can be the best student, you can be an artistic, literary or scientific genius, you can be the greatest saint with that faculty. And everyone has in himself a tiny little beginning of it - it is given to everybody, but people do not cultivate it. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1957-1958 ,
63:The whole question. The whole question? And now, do you understand?... Not quite? I told you that you did not understand because it was muddled up; in one question three different ideas were included. So naturally it created a confusion. But taken separately they are what I explained to you just now, most probably; that is to say, one has this altogether ignorant and obliterated consciousness and is convinced that he is the cause and effect, the origin and result of himself, separate from all others, separate with a limited power to act upon others and a little greater capacity to be set in movement by others or to react to others' influence. That is how people think usually, something like that, isn't that so? How do you feel, you? What effect do you have upon yourself? And you? And you?... You have never thought about it? You have never looked into yourself to see what effect you exercise upon yourself? Never thought over it? No? How do you feel? Nobody will tell me? Come, you tell me that. Never tried to understand how you feel? Yes? No? How strange! Never sought to understand how, for example, decisions take place in you? From where do they come? What makes you decide one thing rather than another? And what is the relation between a decision of yours and your action? And to what extent do you have the freedom of choice between one thing and another? And how far do you feel you are able to, you are free to do this or that or that other or nothing at all?... You have pondered over that? Yes? Is there any one among the students who has thought over it? No? Nobody put the question to himself? You? You?... Even if one thinks over it, perhaps one is not able to answer! One cannot explain? No. It is difficult to explain? Even this simple little thing, to see where in your consciousness the wills that come from outside meet your will (which you call yours, which comes from within), at what place the two join together and to what extent the one from outside acts upon that from within and the one from within acts upon that from outside? You have never tried to find this out? It has never seemed to you unbearable that a will from outside should have an action upon your will? No? I do not know. Oh! I am putting very difficult problems! But, my children, I was preoccupied with that when I was a child of five!... So I thought you must have been preoccupied with it since a long time. In oneself, there are contradictory wills. Yes, many. That is one of the very first discoveries. There is one part which wants things this way; and then at another moment, another way, and a third time, one wants still another thing! Besides, there is even this: something that wants and another which says no. So? But it is exactly that which has to be found if you wish in the least to organise yourself. Why not project yourself upon a screen, as in the cinema, and then look at yourself moving on it? How interesting it is! This is the first step. You project yourself on the screen and then observe and see all that is moving there and how it moves and what happens. You make a little diagram, it becomes so interesting then. And then, after a while, when you are quite accustomed to seeing, you can go one step further and take a decision. Or even a still greater step: you organise - arrange, take up all that, put each thing in its place, organise in such a way that you begin to have a straight movement with an inner meaning. And then you become conscious of your direction and are able to say: "Very well, it will be thus; my life will develop in that way, because that is the logic of my being. Now, I have arranged all that within me, each thing has been put in its place, and so naturally a central orientation is forming. I am following this orientation. One step more and I know what will happen to me for I myself am deciding it...." I do not know, I am telling you this; to me it seemed terribly interesting, the most interesting thing in the world. There was nothing, no other thing that interested me more than that. This happened to me.... I was five or six or seven years old (at seven the thing became quite serious) and I had a father who loved the circus, and he came and told me: "Come with me, I am going to the circus on Sunday." I said: "No, I am doing something much more interesting than going to the circus!" Or again, young friends invited me to attend a meeting where we were to play together, enjoy together: "No, I enjoy here much more...." And it was quite sincere. It was not a pose: for me, it was like this, it was true. There was nothing in the world more enjoyable than that. And I am so convinced that anybody who does it in that way, with the same freshness and sincerity, will obtain most interesting results.... To put all that on a screen in front of yourself and look at what is happening. And the first step is to know all that is happening and then you must not try to shut your eyes when something does not appear pleasant to you! You must keep them wide open and put each thing in that way before the screen. Then you make quite an interesting discovery. And then the next step is to start telling yourself: "Since all that is happening within me, why should I not put this thing in this way and then that thing in that way and then this other in this way and thus wouldn't I be doing something logical that has a meaning? Why should I not remove that thing which stands obstructing the way, these conflicting wills? Why? And what does that represent in the being? Why is it there? If it were put there, would it not help instead of harming me?" And so on. And little by little, little by little, you see clearer and then you see why you are made like that, what is the thing you have got to do - that for which you are born. And then, quite naturally, since all is organised for this thing to happen, the path becomes straight and you can say beforehand: "It is in this way that it will happen." And when things come from outside to try and upset all that, you are able to say: "No, I accept this, for it helps; I reject that, for that harms." And then, after a few years, you curb yourself as you curb a horse: you do whatever you like, in the way you like and you go wherever you like. It seems to me this is worth the trouble. I believe it is the most interesting thing. ...You must have a great deal of sincerity, a little courage and perseverance and then a sort of mental curiosity, you understand, curious, seeking to know, interested, wanting to learn. To love to learn: that, one must have in one's nature. To find it impossible to stand before something grey, all hazy, in which nothing is seen clearly and which gives you quite an unpleasant feeling, for you do not know where you begin and where you end, what is yours and what is not yours and what is settled and what is not settled - what is this pulp-like thing you call yourself in which things get intermingled and act upon one another without even your being aware of it? You ask yourself: "But why have I done this?" You know nothing about it. "And why have I felt that?" You don't know that, either. And then, you are thrown into a world outside that is only fog and you are thrown into a world inside that is also for you another kind of fog, still more impenetrable, in which you live, like a cork thrown upon the waters and the waves carry it away or cast it into the air, and it drops and rolls on. That is quite an unpleasant state. I do not know, but to me it appears unpleasant. To see clearly, to see one's way, where one is going, why one is going there, how one is to go there and what one is going to do and what is the kind of relation with others... But that is a problem so wonderfully interesting - it is interesting - and you can always discover things every minute! One's work is never finished. There is a time, there is a certain state of consciousness when you have the feeling that you are in that condition with all the weight of the world lying heavy upon you and besides you are going in blinkers and do not know where you are going, but there is something which is pushing you. And that is truly a very unpleasant condition. And there is another moment when one draws oneself up and is able to see what is there above, and one becomes it; then one looks at the world as though from the top of a very very high mountain and one sees all that is happening below; then one can choose one's way and follow it. That is a more pleasant condition. This then is truly the truth, you are upon earth for that, surely. All individual beings and all the little concentrations of consciousness were created to do this work. It is the very reason for existence: to be able to become fully conscious of a certain sum of vibrations representing an individual being and put order there and find one's way and follow it. And so, as men do not know it and do not do it, life comes and gives them a blow here: "Oh! that hurts", then a blow there: "Ah! that's hurting me." And the thing goes on like that and all the time it is like that. And all the time they are getting pain somewhere. They suffer, they cry, they groan. But it is simply due to that reason, there is no other: it is that they have not done that little work. If, when they were quite young, there had been someone to teach them to do the work and they had done it without losing time, they could have gone through life gloriously and instead of suffering they would have been all-powerful masters of their destiny. This is not to say that necessarily all things would become pleasant. It is not at all that. But your reaction towards things becomes the true reaction and instead of suffering, you learn; instead of being miserable, you go forward and progress. After all, I believe it is for this that you are here - so that there is someone who can tell you: "There, well, try that. It is worth trying." ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1953 199,
64:[The Gods and Their Worlds] [...] According to traditions and occult schools, all these zones of realities, these planes of realities have got different names; they have been classified in a different way, but there is an essential analogy, and if you go back far enough into the traditions, you see only the words changing according to the country and the language. Even now, the experiences of Western occultists and those of Eastern occultists offer great similarities. All who set out on the discovery of these invisible worlds and make a report of what they saw, give a very similar description, whether they be from here or there; they use different words, but the experience is very similar and the handling of forces is the same. This knowledge of the occult worlds is based on the existence of subtle bodies and of subtle worlds corresponding to those bodies. They are what the psychological method calls "states of consciousness", but these states of consciousness really correspond to worlds. The occult procedure consists then in being aware of these various inner states of being or subtle bodies and in becoming sufficiently a master of them so as to be able to go out of them successively, one after another. There is indeed a whole scale of subtleties, increasing or decreasing according to the direction in which you go, and the occult procedure consists in going out of a denser body into a subtler body and so on again, up to the most ethereal regions. You go, by successive exteriorisations, into bodies or worlds more and more subtle. It is somewhat as if every time you passed into another dimension. The fourth dimension of the physicists is nothing but the scientific transcription of an occult knowledge. To give another image, one can say that the physical body is at the centre - it is the most material, the densest and also the smallest - and the inner bodies, more subtle, overflow more and more the central physical body; they pass through it, extending themselves farther and farther, like water evaporating from a porous vase and forming a kind of steam all around. And the greater the subtlety, the more the extension tends to unite with that of the universe: one ends by universalising oneself. And it is altogether a concrete process which gives an objective experience of invisible worlds and even enables one to act in these worlds. There are, then, only a very small number of people in the West who know that these gods are not merely subjective and imaginary - more or less wildly imaginary - but that they correspond to a universal truth. All these regions, all these domains are filled with beings who exist, each in its own domain, and if you are awake and conscious on a particular plane - for instance, if on going out of a more material body you awake on some higher plane, you have the same relation with the things and people of that plane as you had with the things and people of the material world. That is to say, there exists an entirely objective relation that has nothing to do with the idea you may have of these things. Naturally, the resemblance is greater and greater as you approach the physical world, the material world, and there even comes a time when the one region has a direct action upon the other. In any case, in what Sri Aurobindo calls the overmental worlds, you will find a concrete reality absolutely independent of your personal experience; you go back there and again find the same things, with the differences that have occurred during your absence. And you have relations with those beings that are identical with the relations you have with physical beings, with this difference that the relation is more plastic, supple and direct - for example, there is the capacity to change the external form, the visible form, according to the inner state you are in. But you can make an appointment with someone and be at the appointed place and find the same being again, with certain differences that have come about during your absence; it is entirely concrete with results entirely concrete. One must have at least a little of this experience in order to understand these things. Otherwise, those who are convinced that all this is mere human imagination and mental formation, who believe that these gods have such and such a form because men have thought them to be like that, and that they have certain defects and certain qualities because men have thought them to be like that - all those who say that God is made in the image of man and that he exists only in human thought, all these will not understand; to them this will appear absolutely ridiculous, madness. One must have lived a little, touched the subject a little, to know how very concrete the thing is. Naturally, children know a good deal if they have not been spoilt. There are so many children who return every night to the same place and continue to live the life they have begun there. When these faculties are not spoilt with age, you can keep them with you. At a time when I was especially interested in dreams, I could return exactly to a place and continue a work that I had begun: supervise something, for example, set something in order, a work of organisation or of discovery, of exploration. You go until you reach a certain spot, as you would go in life, then you take a rest, then you return and begin again - you begin the work at the place where you left off and you continue it. And you perceive that there are things which are quite independent of you, in the sense that changes of which you are not at all the author, have taken place automatically during your absence. But for this, you must live these experiences yourself, you must see them yourself, live them with sufficient sincerity and spontaneity in order to see that they are independent of any mental formation. For you can do the opposite also, and deepen the study of the action of mental formation upon events. This is very interesting, but it is another domain. And this study makes you very careful, very prudent, because you become aware of how far you can delude yourself. So you must study both, the dream and the occult reality, in order to see what is the essential difference between the two. The one depends upon us; the other exists in itself; entirely independent of the thought that we have of it. When you have worked in that domain, you recognise in fact that once a subject has been studied and something has been learnt mentally, it gives a special colour to the experience; the experience may be quite spontaneous and sincere, but the simple fact that the subject was known and studied lends a particular quality. Whereas if you had learnt nothing about the question, if you knew nothing at all, the transcription would be completely spontaneous and sincere when the experience came; it would be more or less adequate, but it would not be the outcome of a previous mental formation. Naturally, this occult knowledge or this experience is not very frequent in the world, because in those who do not have a developed inner life, there are veritable gaps between the external consciousness and the inmost consciousness; the linking states of being are missing and they have to be constructed. So when people enter there for the first time, they are bewildered, they have the impression they have fallen into the night, into nothingness, into non-being! I had a Danish friend, a painter, who was like that. He wanted me to teach him how to go out of the body; he used to have interesting dreams and thought that it would be worth the trouble to go there consciously. So I made him "go out" - but it was a frightful thing! When he was dreaming, a part of his mind still remained conscious, active, and a kind of link existed between this active part and his external being; then he remembered some of his dreams, but it was a very partial phenomenon. And to go out of one's body means to pass gradually through all the states of being, if one does the thing systematically. Well, already in the subtle physical, one is almost de-individualised, and when one goes farther, there remains nothing, for nothing is formed or individualised. Thus, when people are asked to meditate or told to go within, to enter into themselves, they are in agony - naturally! They have the impression that they are vanishing. And with reason: there is nothing, no consciousness! These things that appear to us quite natural and evident, are, for people who know nothing, wild imagination. If, for example, you transplant these experiences or this knowledge to the West, well, unless you have been frequenting the circles of occultists, they stare at you with open eyes. And when you have turned your back, they hasten to say, "These people are cranks!" Now to come back to the gods and conclude. It must be said that all those beings who have never had an earthly existence - gods or demons, invisible beings and powers - do not possess what the Divine has put into man: the psychic being. And this psychic being gives to man true love, charity, compassion, a deep kindness, which compensate for all his external defects. In the gods there is no fault because they live according to their own nature, spontaneously and without constraint: as gods, it is their manner of being. But if you take a higher point of view, if you have a higher vision, a vision of the whole, you see that they lack certain qualities that are exclusively human. By his capacity of love and self-giving, man can have as much power as the gods and even more, when he is not egoistic, when he has surmounted his egoism. If he fulfils the required condition, man is nearer to the Supreme than the gods are. He can be nearer. He is not so automatically, but he has the power to be so, the potentiality. If human love manifested itself without mixture, it would be all-powerful. Unfortunately, in human love there is as much love of oneself as of the one loved; it is not a love that makes you forget yourself. - 4 November 1958 ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III 355
65:The Science of Living To know oneself and to control oneself AN AIMLESS life is always a miserable life. Every one of you should have an aim. But do not forget that on the quality of your aim will depend the quality of your life. Your aim should be high and wide, generous and disinterested; this will make your life precious to yourself and to others. But whatever your ideal, it cannot be perfectly realised unless you have realised perfection in yourself. To work for your perfection, the first step is to become conscious of yourself, of the different parts of your being and their respective activities. You must learn to distinguish these different parts one from another, so that you may become clearly aware of the origin of the movements that occur in you, the many impulses, reactions and conflicting wills that drive you to action. It is an assiduous study which demands much perseverance and sincerity. For man's nature, especially his mental nature, has a spontaneous tendency to give a favourable explanation for everything he thinks, feels, says and does. It is only by observing these movements with great care, by bringing them, as it were, before the tribunal of our highest ideal, with a sincere will to submit to its judgment, that we can hope to form in ourselves a discernment that never errs. For if we truly want to progress and acquire the capacity of knowing the truth of our being, that is to say, what we are truly created for, what we can call our mission upon earth, then we must, in a very regular and constant manner, reject from us or eliminate in us whatever contradicts the truth of our existence, whatever is opposed to it. In this way, little by little, all the parts, all the elements of our being can be organised into a homogeneous whole around our psychic centre. This work of unification requires much time to be brought to some degree of perfection. Therefore, in order to accomplish it, we must arm ourselves with patience and endurance, with a determination to prolong our life as long as necessary for the success of our endeavour. As you pursue this labour of purification and unification, you must at the same time take great care to perfect the external and instrumental part of your being. When the higher truth manifests, it must find in you a mind that is supple and rich enough to be able to give the idea that seeks to express itself a form of thought which preserves its force and clarity. This thought, again, when it seeks to clothe itself in words, must find in you a sufficient power of expression so that the words reveal the thought and do not deform it. And the formula in which you embody the truth should be manifested in all your feelings, all your acts of will, all your actions, in all the movements of your being. Finally, these movements themselves should, by constant effort, attain their highest perfection. All this can be realised by means of a fourfold discipline, the general outline of which is given here. The four aspects of the discipline do not exclude each other, and can be followed at the same time; indeed, this is preferable. The starting-point is what can be called the psychic discipline. We give the name "psychic" to the psychological centre of our being, the seat within us of the highest truth of our existence, that which can know this truth and set it in movement. It is therefore of capital importance to become conscious of its presence in us, to concentrate on this presence until it becomes a living fact for us and we can identify ourselves with it. In various times and places many methods have been prescribed for attaining this perception and ultimately achieving this identification. Some methods are psychological, some religious, some even mechanical. In reality, everyone has to find the one which suits him best, and if one has an ardent and steadfast aspiration, a persistent and dynamic will, one is sure to meet, in one way or another - outwardly through reading and study, inwardly through concentration, meditation, revelation and experience - the help one needs to reach the goal. Only one thing is absolutely indispensable: the will to discover and to realise. This discovery and realisation should be the primary preoccupation of our being, the pearl of great price which we must acquire at any cost. Whatever you do, whatever your occupations and activities, the will to find the truth of your being and to unite with it must be always living and present behind all that you do, all that you feel, all that you think. To complement this movement of inner discovery, it would be good not to neglect the development of the mind. For the mental instrument can equally be a great help or a great hindrance. In its natural state the human mind is always limited in its vision, narrow in its understanding, rigid in its conceptions, and a constant effort is therefore needed to widen it, to make it more supple and profound. So it is very necessary to consider everything from as many points of view as possible. Towards this end, there is an exercise which gives great suppleness and elevation to the thought. It is as follows: a clearly formulated thesis is set; against it is opposed its antithesis, formulated with the same precision. Then by careful reflection the problem must be widened or transcended until a synthesis is found which unites the two contraries in a larger, higher and more comprehensive idea. Many other exercises of the same kind can be undertaken; some have a beneficial effect on the character and so possess a double advantage: that of educating the mind and that of establishing control over the feelings and their consequences. For example, you must never allow your mind to judge things and people, for the mind is not an instrument of knowledge; it is incapable of finding knowledge, but it must be moved by knowledge. Knowledge belongs to a much higher domain than that of the human mind, far above the region of pure ideas. The mind has to be silent and attentive to receive knowledge from above and manifest it. For it is an instrument of formation, of organisation and action, and it is in these functions that it attains its full value and real usefulness. There is another practice which can be very helpful to the progress of the consciousness. Whenever there is a disagreement on any matter, such as a decision to be taken, or an action to be carried out, one must never remain closed up in one's own conception or point of view. On the contrary, one must make an effort to understand the other's point of view, to put oneself in his place and, instead of quarrelling or even fighting, find the solution which can reasonably satisfy both parties; there always is one for men of goodwill. Here we must mention the discipline of the vital. The vital being in us is the seat of impulses and desires, of enthusiasm and violence, of dynamic energy and desperate depressions, of passions and revolts. It can set everything in motion, build and realise; but it can also destroy and mar everything. Thus it may be the most difficult part to discipline in the human being. It is a long and exacting labour requiring great patience and perfect sincerity, for without sincerity you will deceive yourself from the very outset, and all endeavour for progress will be in vain. With the collaboration of the vital no realisation seems impossible, no transformation impracticable. But the difficulty lies in securing this constant collaboration. The vital is a good worker, but most often it seeks its own satisfaction. If that is refused, totally or even partially, the vital gets vexed, sulks and goes on strike. Its energy disappears more or less completely and in its place leaves disgust for people and things, discouragement or revolt, depression and dissatisfaction. At such moments it is good to remain quiet and refuse to act; for these are the times when one does stupid things and in a few moments one can destroy or spoil the progress that has been made during months of regular effort. These crises are shorter and less dangerous for those who have established a contact with their psychic being which is sufficient to keep alive in them the flame of aspiration and the consciousness of the ideal to be realised. They can, with the help of this consciousness, deal with their vital as one deals with a rebellious child, with patience and perseverance, showing it the truth and light, endeavouring to convince it and awaken in it the goodwill which has been veiled for a time. By means of such patient intervention each crisis can be turned into a new progress, into one more step towards the goal. Progress may be slow, relapses may be frequent, but if a courageous will is maintained, one is sure to triumph one day and see all difficulties melt and vanish before the radiance of the truth-consciousness. Lastly, by means of a rational and discerning physical education, we must make our body strong and supple enough to become a fit instrument in the material world for the truth-force which wants to manifest through us. In fact, the body must not rule, it must obey. By its very nature it is a docile and faithful servant. Unfortunately, it rarely has the capacity of discernment it ought to have with regard to its masters, the mind and the vital. It obeys them blindly, at the cost of its own well-being. The mind with its dogmas, its rigid and arbitrary principles, the vital with its passions, its excesses and dissipations soon destroy the natural balance of the body and create in it fatigue, exhaustion and disease. It must be freed from this tyranny and this can be done only through a constant union with the psychic centre of the being. The body has a wonderful capacity of adaptation and endurance. It is able to do so many more things than one usually imagines. If, instead of the ignorant and despotic masters that now govern it, it is ruled by the central truth of the being, you will be amazed at what it is capable of doing. Calm and quiet, strong and poised, at every minute it will be able to put forth the effort that is demanded of it, for it will have learnt to find rest in action and to recuperate, through contact with the universal forces, the energies it expends consciously and usefully. In this sound and balanced life a new harmony will manifest in the body, reflecting the harmony of the higher regions, which will give it perfect proportions and ideal beauty of form. And this harmony will be progressive, for the truth of the being is never static; it is a perpetual unfolding of a growing perfection that is more and more total and comprehensive. As soon as the body has learnt to follow this movement of progressive harmony, it will be possible for it to escape, through a continuous process of transformation, from the necessity of disintegration and destruction. Thus the irrevocable law of death will no longer have any reason to exist. When we reach this degree of perfection which is our goal, we shall perceive that the truth we seek is made up of four major aspects: Love, Knowledge, Power and Beauty. These four attributes of the Truth will express themselves spontaneously in our being. The psychic will be the vehicle of true and pure love, the mind will be the vehicle of infallible knowledge, the vital will manifest an invincible power and strength and the body will be the expression of a perfect beauty and harmony. Bulletin, November 1950 ~ The Mother, On Education ,
66:It does not matter if you do not understand it - Savitri, read it always. You will see that every time you read it, something new will be revealed to you. Each time you will get a new glimpse, each time a new experience; things which were not there, things you did not understand arise and suddenly become clear. Always an unexpected vision comes up through the words and lines. Every time you try to read and understand, you will see that something is added, something which was hidden behind is revealed clearly and vividly. I tell you the very verses you have read once before, will appear to you in a different light each time you re-read them. This is what happens invariably. Always your experience is enriched, it is a revelation at each step. But you must not read it as you read other books or newspapers. You must read with an empty head, a blank and vacant mind, without there being any other thought; you must concentrate much, remain empty, calm and open; then the words, rhythms, vibrations will penetrate directly to this white page, will put their stamp upon the brain, will explain themselves without your making any effort. Savitri alone is sufficient to make you climb to the highest peaks. If truly one knows how to meditate on Savitri, one will receive all the help one needs. For him who wishes to follow this path, it is a concrete help as though the Lord himself were taking you by the hand and leading you to the destined goal. And then, every question, however personal it may be, has its answer here, every difficulty finds its solution herein; indeed there is everything that is necessary for doing the Yoga.*He has crammed the whole universe in a single book.* It is a marvellous work, magnificent and of an incomparable perfection. You know, before writing Savitri Sri Aurobindo said to me, WIKI am impelled to launch on a new adventure; I was hesitant in the beginning, but now I am decided. Still, I do not know how far I shall succeed. I pray for help.* And you know what it was? It was - before beginning, I warn you in advance - it was His way of speaking, so full of divine humility and modesty. He never... *asserted Himself*. And the day He actually began it, He told me: WIKI have launched myself in a rudderless boat upon the vastness of the Infinite.* And once having started, He wrote page after page without intermission, as though it were a thing already complete up there and He had only to transcribe it in ink down here on these pages. In truth, the entire form of Savitri has descended "en masse" from the highest region and Sri Aurobindo with His genius only arranged the lines - in a superb and magnificent style. Sometimes entire lines were revealed and He has left them intact; He worked hard, untiringly, so that the inspiration could come from the highest possible summit. And what a work He has created! Yes, it is a true creation in itself. It is an unequalled work. Everything is there, and it is put in such a simple, such a clear form; verses perfectly harmonious, limpid and eternally true. My child, I have read so many things, but I have never come across anything which could be compared with Savitri. I have studied the best works in Greek, Latin, English and of course French literature, also in German and all the great creations of the West and the East, including the great epics; but I repeat it, I have not found anywhere anything comparable with Savitri. All these literary works seems to me empty, flat, hollow, without any deep reality - apart from a few rare exceptions, and these too represent only a small fraction of what Savitri is. What grandeur, what amplitude, what reality: it is something immortal and eternal He has created. I tell you once again there is nothing like in it the whole world. Even if one puts aside the vision of the reality, that is, the essential substance which is the heart of the inspiration, and considers only the lines in themselves, one will find them unique, of the highest classical kind. What He has created is something man cannot imagine. For, everything is there, everything. It may then be said that Savitri is a revelation, it is a meditation, it is a quest of the Infinite, the Eternal. If it is read with this aspiration for Immortality, the reading itself will serve as a guide to Immortality. To read Savitri is indeed to practice Yoga, spiritual concentration; one can find there all that is needed to realise the Divine. Each step of Yoga is noted here, including the secret of all other Yogas. Surely, if one sincerely follows what is revealed here in each line one will reach finally the transformation of the Supramental Yoga. It is truly the infallible guide who never abandons you; its support is always there for him who wants to follow the path. Each verse of Savitri is like a revealed Mantra which surpasses all that man possessed by way of knowledge, and I repeat this, the words are expressed and arranged in such a way that the sonority of the rhythm leads you to the origin of sound, which is OM. My child, yes, everything is there: mysticism, occultism, philosophy, the history of evolution, the history of man, of the gods, of creation, of Nature. How the universe was created, why, for what purpose, what destiny - all is there. You can find all the answers to all your questions there. Everything is explained, even the future of man and of the evolution, all that nobody yet knows. He has described it all in beautiful and clear words so that spiritual adventurers who wish to solve the mysteries of the world may understand it more easily. But this mystery is well hidden behind the words and lines and one must rise to the required level of true consciousness to discover it. All prophesies, all that is going to come is presented with the precise and wonderful clarity. Sri Aurobindo gives you here the key to find the Truth, to discover the Consciousness, to solve the problem of what the universe is. He has also indicated how to open the door of the Inconscience so that the light may penetrate there and transform it. He has shown the path, the way to liberate oneself from the ignorance and climb up to the superconscience; each stage, each plane of consciousness, how they can be scaled, how one can cross even the barrier of death and attain immortality. You will find the whole journey in detail, and as you go forward you can discover things altogether unknown to man. That is Savitri and much more yet. It is a real experience - reading Savitri. All the secrets that man possessed, He has revealed, - as well as all that awaits him in the future; all this is found in the depth of Savitri. But one must have the knowledge to discover it all, the experience of the planes of consciousness, the experience of the Supermind, even the experience of the conquest of Death. He has noted all the stages, marked each step in order to advance integrally in the integral Yoga. All this is His own experience, and what is most surprising is that it is my own experience also. It is my sadhana which He has worked out. Each object, each event, each realisation, all the descriptions, even the colours are exactly what I saw and the words, phrases are also exactly what I heard. And all this before having read the book. I read Savitri many times afterwards, but earlier, when He was writing He used to read it to me. Every morning I used to hear Him read Savitri. During the night He would write and in the morning read it to me. And I observed something curious, that day after day the experiences He read out to me in the morning were those I had had the previous night, word by word. Yes, all the descriptions, the colours, the pictures I had seen, the words I had heard, all, all, I heard it all, put by Him into poetry, into miraculous poetry. Yes, they were exactly my experiences of the previous night which He read out to me the following morning. And it was not just one day by chance, but for days and days together. And every time I used to compare what He said with my previous experiences and they were always the same. I repeat, it was not that I had told Him my experiences and that He had noted them down afterwards, no, He knew already what I had seen. It is my experiences He has presented at length and they were His experiences also. It is, moreover, the picture of Our joint adventure into the unknown or rather into the Supermind. These are experiences lived by Him, realities, supracosmic truths. He experienced all these as one experiences joy or sorrow, physically. He walked in the darkness of inconscience, even in the neighborhood of death, endured the sufferings of perdition, and emerged from the mud, the world-misery to breathe the sovereign plenitude and enter the supreme Ananda. He crossed all these realms, went through the consequences, suffered and endured physically what one cannot imagine. Nobody till today has suffered like Him. He accepted suffering to transform suffering into the joy of union with the Supreme. It is something unique and incomparable in the history of the world. It is something that has never happened before, He is the first to have traced the path in the Unknown, so that we may be able to walk with certitude towards the Supermind. He has made the work easy for us. Savitri is His whole Yoga of transformation, and this Yoga appears now for the first time in the earth-consciousness. And I think that man is not yet ready to receive it. It is too high and too vast for him. He cannot understand it, grasp it, for it is not by the mind that one can understand Savitri. One needs spiritual experiences in order to understand and assimilate it. The farther one advances on the path of Yoga, the more does one assimilate and the better. No, it is something which will be appreciated only in the future, it is the poetry of tomorrow of which He has spoken in The Future Poetry. It is too subtle, too refined, - it is not in the mind or through the mind, it is in meditation that Savitri is revealed. And men have the audacity to compare it with the work of Virgil or Homer and to find it inferior. They do not understand, they cannot understand. What do they know? Nothing at all. And it is useless to try to make them understand. Men will know what it is, but in a distant future. It is only the new race with a new consciousness which will be able to understand. I assure you there is nothing under the blue sky to compare with Savitri. It is the mystery of mysteries. It is a *super-epic,* it is super-literature, super-poetry, super-vision, it is a super-work even if one considers the number of lines He has written. No, these human words are not adequate to describe Savitri. Yes, one needs superlatives, hyperboles to describe it. It is a hyper-epic. No, words express nothing of what Savitri is, at least I do not find them. It is of immense value - spiritual value and all other values; it is eternal in its subject, and infinite in its appeal, miraculous in its mode and power of execution; it is a unique thing, the more you come into contact with it, the higher will you be uplifted. Ah, truly it is something! It is the most beautiful thing He has left for man, the highest possible. What is it? When will man know it? When is he going to lead a life of truth? When is he going to accept this in his life? This yet remains to be seen. My child, every day you are going to read Savitri; read properly, with the right attitude, concentrating a little before opening the pages and trying to keep the mind as empty as possible, absolutely without a thought. The direct road is through the heart. I tell you, if you try to really concentrate with this aspiration you can light the flame, the psychic flame, the flame of purification in a very short time, perhaps in a few days. What you cannot do normally, you can do with the help of Savitri. Try and you will see how very different it is, how new, if you read with this attitude, with this something at the back of your consciousness; as though it were an offering to Sri Aurobindo. You know it is charged, fully charged with consciousness; as if Savitri were a being, a real guide. I tell you, whoever, wanting to practice Yoga, tries sincerely and feels the necessity for it, will be able to climb with the help of Savitri to the highest rung of the ladder of Yoga, will be able to find the secret that Savitri represents. And this without the help of a Guru. And he will be able to practice it anywhere. For him Savitri alone will be the guide, for all that he needs he will find Savitri. If he remains very quiet when before a difficulty, or when he does not know where to turn to go forward and how to overcome obstacles, for all these hesitations and incertitudes which overwhelm us at every moment, he will have the necessary indications, and the necessary concrete help. If he remains very calm, open, if he aspires sincerely, always he will be as if lead by the hand. If he has faith, the will to give himself and essential sincerity he will reach the final goal. Indeed, Savitri is something concrete, living, it is all replete, packed with consciousness, it is the supreme knowledge above all human philosophies and religions. It is the spiritual path, it is Yoga, Tapasya, Sadhana, in its single body. Savitri has an extraordinary power, it gives out vibrations for him who can receive them, the true vibrations of each stage of consciousness. It is incomparable, it is truth in its plenitude, the Truth Sri Aurobindo brought down on the earth. My child, one must try to find the secret that Savitri represents, the prophetic message Sri Aurobindo reveals there for us. This is the work before you, it is hard but it is worth the trouble. - 5 November 1967 ~ The Mother, Sweet Mother The Mother to Mona Sarkar,

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1:Sincerity is technique. ~ W H Auden,
2:The fake missed sincerity. ~ Toba Beta,
3:Sincerity is the way to heaven. ~ Mencius,
4:My sincerity is my credentials. ~ Malcolm X,
5:Sincerity is the way of heaven. ~ Confucius,
6:Scare People with Sincerity ~ Patrick Lencioni,
7:Sincerity is moral truth. ~ George Henry Lewes,
8:"Spontaneity is total sincerity." ~ Alan Watts,
9:Sincerity? I can fake that. ~ William J Clinton,
10:Sincerity is the gate to Divinity. ~ The Mother,
11:Adversity tests the sincerity of friends ~ Aesop,
12:Sincerity is almost love. ~ Jos Eduardo Agualusa,
13:Sincerity is Self-evident. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi,
14:Technique is the test of sincerity. ~ Ezra Pound,
15:Teach French and unteach sincerity. ~ Leo Tolstoy,
16:Holiness sincerity, and faith. ~ Swami Vivekananda,
17:Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends. ~ Aesop,
18:People trust me. I sell sincerity. ~ George Foreman,
19:Faithfulness and sincerity first of all. ~ Confucius,
20:Sincerity increases willingness to care. ~ Toba Beta,
21:Misfortune tests the sincerity of friendship. ~ Aesop,
22:Sincerity does not equal competence. ~ Isaac Bonewits,
23:Intelligence makes sincerity difficult. ~ Mason Cooley,
24:Sincerity is always subject to proof. ~ John F Kennedy,
25:Sincerity is the key of the divine doors. ~ The Mother,
26:We have nothing to fear but insincerity. ~ Qiu Miaojin,
27:Sincerity guarantees nothing but itself. ~ Mason Cooley,
28:Sorrow makes for sincerity, I think. ~ Tennessee Williams,
29:Sincerity is glass, discretion is diamond. ~ Andre Maurois,
30:The sincere alone can recognize sincerity. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
31:If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. ~ Neil Gaiman,
32:if you can fake sincerity, you've got it made. ~ Neil Gaiman,
33:Simple sincerity: the beginning of all progress ~ The Mother,
34:Believe in the character; animate with sincerity ~ Glen Keane,
35:Originality is... a by-product of sincerity. ~ Marianne Moore,
36:Sincerity is sexy, and my cynical heart notices ~ Nicola Yoon,
37:Sincerity is the most compendious wisdom. ~ Lord Chesterfield,
38:The worst vice of the fanatic is his sincerity. ~ Oscar Wilde,
39:Faithfulness and sincerity are the highest things. ~ Confucius,
40:Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. ~ Confucius,
41:Sincerity is sexy, and my cynical heart notices. ~ Nicola Yoon,
42:Sincerity is never having an idea of oneself. ~ Nadine Gordimer,
43:Sincerity: willingness to spend one's own money. ~ Mason Cooley,
44:That's what show business is, sincere insincerity. ~ Benny Hill,
45:Clearness marks the sincerity of philosophers. ~ Luc de Clapiers,
46:Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. ~ Confucius,
47:Sincerity is the first casualty of capitalism. We ~ John Burdett,
48:Sincerity is the surest road to confidence. ~ David Lloyd George,
49:Sincerity is the eventual deception of all great men. ~ Rembrandt,
50:The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. ~ George Orwell,
51:Sincerity, Fidelity are the two guardians of the Way. ~ The Mother,
52:Sincerity: if you can fake it, you've got it made. ~ Daniel Schorr,
53:Thanks, Lyle. It’s good to be here.” Mr. Sincerity. ~ Robert Crais,
54:In art there is a need for truth, not sincerity. ~ Kazimir Malevich,
55:It is painful to doubt the sincerity of those we love. ~ Anne Bront,
56:Never be sincere - sincerity is the death of writing. ~ Gordon Lish,
57:A weakling is incapable of sincerity. ~ Fran ois de La Rochefoucauld,
58:It is painful to doubt the sincerity of those we love. ~ Anne Bronte,
59:Once you can fake sincerity, you can fake anything. ~ Mary Jo Putney,
60:Constantly observe sincerity and fidelity and good faith. ~ Confucius,
61:Nothing is more disgraceful than insincerity. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero,
62:Sincerity is the highest complement you can pay ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
63:Children go where they find sincerity and authenticity. ~ Eric Cantona,
64:For you, Anastasia, I will try.” He’s radiating sincerity. ~ E L James,
65:Politeness is sometimes a great tax upon sincerity. ~ Charlotte Lennox,
66:Sincerity is romantic. I don't think you need gestures. ~ Simon Cowell,
67:Sincerity is the foundation of the spiritual life. ~ Albert Schweitzer,
68:When sincerity fails, the offer of money usually works. ~ Mark Fuhrman,
69:I never find sincerity offensive... so, be sincere. ~ Christopher Meloni,
70:An artist will betray himself by some sort of sincerity. ~ G K Chesterton,
71:A silent address is the genuine eloquence of sincerity. ~ Oliver Goldsmith,
72:Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity. ~ Glen Keane,
73:She reeks of insincerity, like dirty bathwater and pond salt. ~ Stacey Lee,
74:The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
75:The quality of gifts depends on the sincerity of the giver. ~ Ann Patchett,
76:Greatness of spirit is accompanied by simplicity and sincerity. ~ Aristotle,
77:Each one is responsible only for the sincerity of his aspiration. ~ The Mother,
78:When perfect sincerity is expected, perfect freedom must be allowed. ~ Tacitus,
79:An artist will betray himself by some sort of sincerity. ~ Gilbert K Chesterton,
80:Beyond a certain age, sincerity ceases to feel pornographic. ~ Douglas Coupland,
81:The face of poverty is a mixture of sincerity and sadness! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
82:Each one is responsible only for the sincerity of his aspiration. ~ ~ The Mother,
83:Great advertising is the expression of deep emotional sincerity. ~ Storm Jameson,
84:No one knows that better than I,” she said with utter sincerity. ~ Shelley Adina,
85:The way of the warrior is based on humanity, love and sincerity ~ Morihei Ueshiba,
86:Unless you can fake sincerity, you'll get nowhere in this business. ~ Roger Stone,
87:What does sincerity mean if it is chosen as deliberate strategy? ~ Rick Perlstein,
88:It's a man's sincerity and depth of vision that makes him a poet. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
89:You're a poster boy for sincerity. You have all the guile of a lamb. ~ Dean Koontz,
90:All salesmen are actors: their priority is persuasion, not sincerity. ~ Peter Thiel,
91:Good manners without sincerity are like a beautiful dead lady. ~ Sri Yukteswar Giri,
92:The English think that incompetence is the same thing as sincerity. ~ Quentin Crisp,
93:Crystal sincerity hath found no shelter but in a fool's cap. ~ Gerard Manley Hopkins,
94:Ethel wrote with steady, stalwart sincerity of Uncle Joe’s gout and her ~ Penny Reid,
95:In her presence I could dare everything: sincerity, emotion, pathos. ~ Milan Kundera,
96:Sincerity carries the soul in all simplicity to open its heart to God. ~ John Bunyan,
97:Sincerity may not help us make friends, but it will help us keep them. ~ John Wooden,
98:Only a spirit of artistic sincerity can console the souls of humankind. ~ Qiu Miaojin,
99:Profound sincerity is the only basis of talent as of character. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
100:Sincerity: that’s the hard part. If you can fake that, the rest is easy. ~ Steve Krug,
101:The sincerity with which you do things, that's what shapes your life. ~ Blake Griffin,
102:George Burns line? ‘Sincerity—if you can fake that, you’ve got it made. ~ Barry Eisler,
103:Good manners without sincerity are like a beautiful dead lady, ~ Paramahansa Yogananda,
104:We ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his sincerity. ~ Thomas Fuller,
105:In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing. ~ Oscar Wilde,
106:Sincerity is the way to heaven; to think how to be sincere is the way of man. ~ Mencius,
107:The only thing I can really offer the Filipino people is my sincerity. ~ Corazon Aquino,
108:We ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his sincerity. ~ G K Chesterton,
109:Nothing else is necessary but these - love, sincerity, and patience. ~ Swami Vivekananda,
110:Sincerity is not a spontaneous flower nor is modesty either. ~ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette,
111:The important thing is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”) ~ Jim Holt,
112:Insincerity is always weakness; sincerity even in error is strength. ~ George Henry Lewes,
113:I adore the struggle you carry in yourself. I adore your terrifying sincerity. ~ Anais Nin,
114:I adore the struggle you carry in yourself. I adore your terrifying sincerity. ~ Ana s Nin,
115:If Tanith’s insincerity were gold, Caius thought, I’d be a rich man indeed. ~ Melissa Grey,
116:In life, sincerity is always the best strategy to win people’s heart! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
117:The English love an insult. It's their only test of a man's sincerity. ~ Benjamin Franklin,
118:Sincerity causes the smallest of good deeds to become the largest. ~ Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi,
119:Sincerity means that the appearance and the reality are exactly the same. ~ Oswald Chambers,
120:With sincerity and earnestness one can realize God through all religions. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
121:As everything in this world is but a sham, Death is the only sincerity. ~ Yamamoto Tsunetomo,
122:There is no greater delight than to be conscious of sincerity on self-examination. ~ Mencius,
123:When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people's hearts. ~ Laozi,
124:Beauty is sincerity.There are so many different ways someone can be beautiful. ~ Taylor Swift,
125:Insincerity was taxing once you’d breathed the refreshing air of artless candor. ~ Penny Reid,
126:Doing or not doing something - they are similar. Both involve an action and sincerity. ~ CLAMP,
127:EPH6.24 Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen. ~ Anonymous,
128:My mom, she sometimes resided in the space between irony and sincerity. ~ Benjamin Alire S enz,
129:Opening is a thing that happens by itself by sincerity of will and aspiration. ~ Sri Aurobindo,
130:Wearing love beads and touting our sincerity will not make this a safer world. ~ Ronald Reagan,
131:When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people's hearts. ~ Lao Tzu,
132:Sincerity and competence is a strong combination. In politics, it is everything. ~ Peggy Noonan,
133:Sincerity with oneself is very difficult, for a thick crust has grown over essence. ~ Gurdjieff,
134:The Grace is equally for all. But each one receives it according to his sincerity. ~ The Mother,
135:In times of upheaval, people wish for nothing more than composure and sincerity. ~ Martin Schulz,
136:@ O Lord,give me a perfect sincerity. O Lord,let me be perfectly yours for ever. - ~ The Mother,
137:Sincerity, even if it speaks with a stutter, will sound eloquent when inspired. ~ Eiji Yoshikawa,
138:There are many justifications of silence; there can be none of insincerity. ~ George Henry Lewes,
139:The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made. ~ Jean Giraudoux,
140:We need some honesty and sincerity instead of corrupt government in Washington. ~ Jack Kevorkian,
141:Genuine sincerity opens people's hearts, while manipulation causes them to close. ~ Daisaku Ikeda,
142:Never worry. Do with sincerity all you do and leave the results to the Divine's care ~ The Mother,
143:Originality is independence, not rebellion; it is sincerity, not antagonism. ~ George Henry Lewes,
144:The more ridiculous the character is, the more sincerity you have to bring to it. ~ James Marsden,
145:A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. ~ Oscar Wilde,
146:If you can sell sincerity to a woman, you’re halfway home. Not to be cynical about it. ~ Anonymous,
147:Living in a very cynical age, we’re not used to such unabashed, guileless sincerity. ~ Brett McKay,
148:I don't doubt the sincerity of my Democratic friends. And they should not doubt ours. ~ John McCain,
149:I meet the sincere man with sincerity and tie insincere also with sincerity. ~ Lao-tse: Tao-te-king,
150:Sincerity is the end and beginning of things; without sincerity there would be nothing. ~ Confucius,
151:The smiles that encourage severity of judgment hide malice and insincerity. ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater,
152:If knowledge and foresight are too penetrating and deep, unify them with ease and sincerity. ~ Xunzi,
153:There is no passion so much transports the sincerity of judgment as doth anger ~ Michel de Montaigne,
154:It's true what they say, thought Shadow. If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made. ~ Neil Gaiman,
155:It’s true what they say, thought Shadow. If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. ~ Neil Gaiman,
156:For the right guy, a girl doesn't need extravagance. Just sincerity ~ Ronie KendigJolie ~ Ronie Kendig,
157:We’ll get you another day,” Gavriel said, with such odd sincerity that she had to smile. ~ Holly Black,
158:All I can do is engage with complete sincerity. Then whatever happens, there is no regret. ~ Dalai Lama,
159:Mortification is the soul's vigorous opposition to self, wherein sincerity is most evident. ~ John Owen,
160:Mortification is the soul’s vigorous opposition to self, wherein sincerity is most evident. ~ John Owen,
161:She may doubt your sincerity or turn a cold shoulder to your attempts at sacrificial love. ~ Tony Evans,
162:I'll be there for you, as long as it works for me. I play a game, its called insincerity. ~ Trent Reznor,
163:There is no passion so much transports the
sincerity of judgement as doth anger ~ Michel de Montaigne,
164:The test of sincerity of one's prayer is the willingness to labor on its behalf. ~ Saint John Chrysostom,
165:Your desire that people know your particular distinction is a proof of insincerity in your servanthood ~,
166:It’s true what they say, thought Shadow. If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.   T ~ Neil Gaiman,
167:The true artist and the sane collector never will tolerate insincerity and impudence. ~ Walter J Phillips,
168:God cannot honor anything, no matter its degree of sincerity, if it is contrary to His Word. ~ Leslie Ludy,
169:The first question at that time in poetry was simply the question of honesty, of sincerity. ~ George Oppen,
170:...expressing one's reality in words, as truthful as they might be, goads one to insincerity. ~ Orhan Pamuk,
171:For a creative writer possession of the 'truth' is less important than emotional sincerity. ~ George Orwell,
172:Smiling away your troubles requires a clear conscience that harbors no insincerity. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda,
173:We want deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action. ~ Sarojini Naidu,
174:He who with sincerity seeks his real purpose in life is himself sought by that purpose. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan,
175:His carefully calculated sincerity is almost entirely indistinguishable from the real thing. ~ Richard Russo,
176:The secret of life is sincerity and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made. ~ Michael Hudson,
177:To praise great actions with sincerity may be said to be taking part in them. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
178:The value of an idea has nothing whatever to do with the sincerity of the man who expresses it. ~ Oscar Wilde,
179:Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite. ~ Charles Spurgeon,
180:The basis of insincerity is the idealized image we hold of ourselves and wish to impose on others. ~ Anais Nin,
181:The man grinned back at me with that perfect sincerity we fear and call simple-minded. ~ Gregory David Roberts,
182:Simplicity and sincerity generally go hand in hand, as both proceed from a love of truth. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft,
183:‎Sincerity is the biggest part of selling anything -- including the Christian plan of salvation. ~ Billy Graham,
184:Sincerity on its own is always inadequate before God. But faith without it is impossible. ~ Sinclair B Ferguson,
185:We will make every effort with utmost sincerity to achieve a peaceful reunification of the country. ~ Hu Jintao,
186:What a spoilsport,” she said gently. “I try to mock you, and you ruin the moment with sincerity. ~ Lisa Kleypas,
187:‎"Sincerity is the biggest part of selling anything -- including the Christian plan of salvation. ~ Billy Graham,
188:The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity. ~ Andr Gide,
189:The merit of originality is not novelty, it is sincerity. The believing man is the original man. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
190:The more complete your faith sincerity and surrender the more will grace and protection with you. ~ Sri Aurobindo,
191:The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity. ~ Andre Gide,
192:Whatever impeacheth the universality of obedience in one thing overthrows its sincerity in all things. ~ John Owen,
193:As he spoke there was in his heart that tremulousness that we take for sincerity in ourselves. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald,
194:I seek forgiveness from Allah for the lack of my sincerity when I say I seek the forgiveness of Allah ~ Rabia Basri,
195:Of all the evil spirits abroad at this hour in the world, insincerity is the most dangerous. ~ James Anthony Froude,
196:The classical artist can be recognized by his sincerity, the romantic by his laborious insincerity. ~ Charles Peguy,
197:The most common lie uttered without thought, sincerity, resolve, or guilt: I love you. ~ Richelle E Goodrich,
198:Deep are the foundations of sincerity. Even stone walls have their foundation below the frost. ~ Henry David Thoreau,
199:Our path, our sense of spirituality demands great earnestness, dedication, sincerity & continuity. ~ Sharon Salzberg,
200:Sincerity is a soul quality that God has given to every human being, but not all express it. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda,
201:Sincerity seems to be a problem today. I'd rather be true and hated than be false and fool people. ~ Kristen Stewart,
202:We all respect sincerity in our friends and acquaintances, but Hollywood is willing to pay for it. ~ Hattie McDaniel,
203:I’ll work my way from irony to sincerity in the sinking city, a would-be Whitman of the vulnerable grid. ~ Ben Lerner,
204:No eloquence could have been so withering to one's belief in mankind as his final burst of sincerity. ~ Joseph Conrad,
205:Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon,
206:When we are alone, we must act with the same sincerity as if ten eyes observed and ten fingers pointed to us ~ Ta-hio,
207:Everyone is going toward God. They will all realize Him if they have sincerity and longing of heart. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
208:I'm telling you lady I'm only human, not looking for impossibility. Just a genuine woman with sincerity. ~ Buju Banton,
209:In all of its vulnerability, profound sincerity does, in its relationship to knowledge, find its way. ~ John de Ruiter,
210:One cannot realize God without sincerity and simplicity. God is far, far away from the crooked heart. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
211:One is sure to find what one seeks-if one seeks it in all sincerity; for what one seeks is within oneself. ~ The Mother,
212:One is sure to find what one seeks—if one seeks it in all sincerity; for what one seeks is within oneself. ~ The Mother,
213:West paused. “My God, I can feel sincerity rising in my chest like a digestive disorder. I have to stop. ~ Lisa Kleypas,
214:A man is morally free when...he judges the world, and judges other men, with uncompromising sincerity ~ George Santayana,
215:Our path, our sense of spirituality demands great earnestness, dedication, sincerity & continuity. ~ Sharon Salzberg,
216:Patience. Kindness. Generosity. Humility. Courtesy. Unselfishness. Good temper. Guilelessness. Sincerity. ~ Paulo Coelho,
217:Sincerity is that whereby self-completion is effected, and its way is that by which man must direct himself. ~ Confucius,
218:The artist himself may not think he is religious, but if he is sincere his sincerity in itself is religion. ~ Emily Carr,
219:With sincerity, make an effort for progress, and with patience,know how to await the result of your effort. ~ The Mother,
220:I needed overall sincerity. I needed intimacy. I didn’t need a sex doll, no matter how good the sex was. ~ Pepper Winters,
221:Perfect sincerity and transparency make a great part of beauty, as in dewdrops, lakes, and diamonds. ~ Henry David Thoreau,
222:Sincerity is an easy target, but I don’t want to excise sincerity from my life—that’s a lonely way to live. I ~ Lindy West,
223:Sincerity is an easy target, but I don’t want to excise sincerity from my life – that’s a lonely way to live. ~ Lindy West,
224:The sincerity of feeling that is possible between a writer and a reader is one of the finest things I know. ~ Willa Cather,
225:The sincerity of intellectual affirmation has nothing to do with the naturalness of spontaneous emotion. ~ Fernando Pessoa,
226:Concerned we're in a time where politicians can't even fake sincerity. Aren't they supposed to be good at that? ~ Bob Saget,
227:Men are convinced of your arguments, your sincerity, and the seriousness of your efforts only by your death. ~ Albert Camus,
228:Perfect wisdom, Perfect tranquility,Perfect compassion,arise fromOur love,Our sincerity.Our understanding. ~ Gautama Buddha,
229:Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity and truth accomplishes no victories without it ~ Edward Bulwer Lytton 1st Baron Lytton,
230:I found this hardly comforting, and wondered if there was not some virtue in the quality of insincerity. ~ Daphne du Maurier,
231:It does not matter whether you are a theist or atheist, what matters is sincerity, forgiveness, and compassion. ~ Dalai Lama,
232:Sincerity, a profound, grand, ingenuous sincerity is the first characteristic of all men who are in any way heroic. ~ Carlyle,
233:Sincerity is the indispensable ground of all conscientiousness, and by consequence of all heartfelt religion. ~ Immanuel Kant,
234:The Two Most Important Words In The World Are Honesty And Sincerity, If You Can Fake These You've Got It Made. ~ Groucho Marx,
235:A man is morally free when … he judges the world, and judges other men, with uncompromising sincerity. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
236:He cupped my face, sincerity written all over his. “I just don’t want to hurt you.”
“Then don’t,” I simply said. ~ J L Berg,
237:Technique is the test of sincerity. If a thing isn't worth getting the technique to say, it is of inferior value. ~ Ezra Pound,
238:The only real and reliable guarantee for khadi would be honesty, truthfulness and sincerity of khadi workers. ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
239:Your insincerity is natural and in the order of things. If people agreed together and suddenly became sincere, ~ Anton Chekhov,
240:I advocate speaking words of love with all the sincerity that can be mustered, as frequently as possible. ~ Mary Anne Radmacher,
241:Selfless love is the elevator that leads you up the great heights of sacrifice to prove your depth of sincerity. ~ Shubha Vilas,
242:Sincerity doesn't mean anything. A person can be sincere and be more destructive than a person who is insincere. ~ Edward Albee,
243:When I hear a critic speaking of an author’s sincerity I know that either the critic or the author is a fool ~ Vladimir Nabokov,
244:I do not think you want too much sincerity in society. It would be like an iron girder in a house of cards. ~ W Somerset Maugham,
245:Let us never lose sight of this, my brothers, that when we depart from sincerity, we depart from the Truth. ~ Antoine the Healer,
246:While sincerity is to carry the weight of knowledge in the self, it is also to be the lightness of being clean. ~ John de Ruiter,
247:for only the eye of sincerity can see. The eye of curiosity has the cataract of doubt, and is blind already. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan,
248:It is not honest inquiry that makes anarchy; but it is error, insincerity, half belief and untruth that make it. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
249:Sincerity has to do with the connexion between our words and thoughts, and not between our beliefs and actions. ~ William Hazlitt,
250:The first great requisite is absolute sincerity. Falsehood and disguise are miseries and misery-makers. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
251:And the second as an old man might say it about the weather; not without sincerity but certainly without fervour. ~ G K Chesterton,
252:Is insincerity such a terrible thing? I think not. It is merely a method by which we can multiply our personalities. ~ Oscar Wilde,
253:Only dull and impotent artists screen their work with sincerity. In art there is need for truth, not sincerity. ~ Kazimir Malevich,
254:I can say with sincerity that I like cats... A cat is an animal which has more human feelings than almost any other. ~ Emily Bronte,
255:Sincerity that thinks it is the sole possessor of the truth is a deadlier sin than hypocrisy, which knows better. ~ Sydney J Harris,
256:When great assurance accompanies a bad undertaking, such is often mistaken for confiding sincerity by the world at large. ~ Juvenal,
257:I can only say with deeper sincerity and fuller significance what I have always said in theory - Wait God's will. ~ Charlotte Bronte,
258:I should say sincerity, a deep, great, genuine sincerity, is the first characteristic of all men in any way heroic. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
259:My great panacea for making society at once better and more enjoyable would be to cultivate greater sincerity. ~ Frances Power Cobbe,
260:he loved sincerity, but only as he might love a pimp who could keep him in touch with the daily life of his mistress. ~ Marcel Proust,
261:The test of a civilized person is first self-awareness, and then depth after depth of sincerity in self-confrontation. ~ Clarence Day,
262:I am not commanding you, but I want to test the sincerity of your love by comparing it to the earnestness of others. ~ Nicholas Sparks,
263:Sincerity is a great but rare virtue, and we pardon to it much complaining, and the betrayal of many weaknesses. ~ Henry David Thoreau,
264:The only guide to a man's conscience, the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and sincerity of his actions. ~ Winston Churchill,
265:Men are never convinced of your reasons, of your sincerity, of the seriousness of your sufferings, except by your death. ~ Albert Camus,
266:The damnable thing about bad art is that the insincerity which lies at its roots is not perceived by the artist himself. ~ Quentin Bell,
267:Those who are sincere, I can help and turn easily towards the Divine. But where there is insincerity I can do very little. ~ The Mother,
268:It is a mark of insincerity of purpose to spend one's time in looking for the sacred Emperor in the low-class tea-shops. ~ Ernest Bramah,
269:There is but one thing without honor, smitten with eternal barrenness, inability to do or to be,-insincerity, unbelief. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
270:A Russian imbues his polite things with a heartiness, both of phrase and expression, that compels belief in their sincerity. ~ Mark Twain,
271:Seriousness is the very thing wherein consisteth our sincerity. If thou art not serious, thou art not a Christian (279). ~ Richard Baxter,
272:Taking sides is the beginning of sincerity, and earnestness follows shortly afterwards, and the human being becomes a bore. ~ Oscar Wilde,
273:That’s what the myrtle means. Myrtle for marriage, ivy for faithfulness, ferns for sincerity, and rosemary for remembrance. ~ Jude Knight,
274:Be quiet always, calm, peaceful, and let the Force work in your consciousness through the transparency of a perfect sincerity. ~ The Mother,
275:Levity and sincerity are not antonyms. We take pleasure in playing chess, but that does not mean we make wasteful moves. You ~ Claire North,
276:The scientist only imposes two things, namely truth and sincerity, imposes them upon himself and upon other scientists. ~ Erwin Schr dinger,
277:The scientist only imposes two things, namely truth and sincerity, imposes them upon himself and upon other scientists. ~ Erwin Schrodinger,
278:Any person who, with all the sincerity of heart, is in search for God, on land or in the sea, is worthy of respect. ~ Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi,
279:A person has no need of sincerity, nor even of skill in lying, in order to be loved. Here I mean by love reciprocal torture. ~ Marcel Proust,
280:Pure hands must be lifted up without wrath, and all our gospel feasts kept with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. ~ Matthew Henry,
281:When you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it. That's what I think. It's just a form of sincerity. ~ Haruki Murakami,
282:I honestly think that my sincerity lies with my country and each and every individual who knows me will agree with this fact. ~ Shahid Afridi,
283:I write about wounds, the eternal treasons of life. It's not very funny, but it's sincere. My commitment is to sincerity. ~ Tahar Ben Jelloun,
284:The only guide to a man is his conscience, the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and sincerity of his actions. ~ Winston S Churchill,
285:We should cultivate the serenity, because in the substance of sincerity germinate the most beautiful flowers of the Spirit. ~ Samael Aun Weor,
286:But words spoken can never be taken back. They can only be measured for and judged on the strength of their sincerity and need. ~ Terry Brooks,
287:However much we may distrust men's sincerity, we always believe they speak to us more sincerely than to others. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
288:I'd rather know a man's sincerity than his love. Whereas I have never needed the latter, one can always count on the former. ~ Donna Lynn Hope,
289:In your sadhana what is important is sincerity at every point.If that is there, mistakes don't matter much they can be rectified. ~ The Mother,
290:Six essential qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity. ~ William C Menninger,
291:Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood - the virtues that made America. ~ Theodore Roosevelt,
292:Enlightenment is playing every ball of life with perfection, sincerity and love without perturb by the blame or praise of the world. ~ Amit Ray,
293:I like to have strong opinions with nothing to back them up with besides my primal sincerity. I like sincerity. I lack sincerity. ~ Kurt Cobain,
294:My Emma, does not every thing serve to prove more and more the beauty of truth and sincerity in all our dealings with each other? ~ Jane Austen,
295:To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. ~ Douglas Adams,
296:George Santayana: A man is morally free when … he judges the world, and judges other men, with uncompromising sincerity. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
297:Remember, any lie you are told, even deliberately, is often a more significant fact than a truth told in all sincerity. ~ Halld r Kiljan Laxness,
298:Sincerity is impossible, unless it pervade the whole being, and the pretence of it saps the very foundation of character. ~ James Russell Lowell,
299:The great man fights the elements in his time that hinder his own greatness, in other words his own freedom and sincerity. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche,
300:We acknowledge our faults in order to repair by our sincerity the damage they have done us in the eyes of others. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
301:[Hollywood] is obviously so fake, but then comedy is this little carve-out of sincerity. I love it. I get to be funny and do this. ~ Ilana Glazer,
302:The hole on the face of an acoustic guitar is called the sound hole. The one of the face of its player is called the sincerity hole. ~ Dana Gould,
303:The instant her voice broke off ceasing to compel my attention, my belief, I felt the basic insincerity of what she had said. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald,
304:True sincerity works more than a magnet. It attracts, bond and take people farther far better than mere action and words! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah,
305:When we face problems with compassion, sincerity, and good motivation, our solutions may take longer, but ultimately they are better. ~ Dalai Lama,
306:He combed a hand through his tousled brown hair, and Camille noticed how handsome he was. Beneath the dirt and insincerity, anyway. ~ Angie Frazier,
307:If she began by admitting defeat, then something was possible: sincerity, perhaps, or at least the avoidance of appearing ludicrous. ~ Edmund White,
308:If you have to make an unpopular speech, give it all the sincerity you can muster; that's the only way to sweeten it. ~ Jean Francois Paul de Gondi,
309:In all unimportant matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential. In all important matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential. ~ Oscar Wilde,
310:It was all that vain, egotistical insincerity of self-reproach. By blaming ourselves we take away the right of others to do the same ~ Irvine Welsh,
311:Never try to look into both eyes at the same time. Switch your gaze from one eye to the other. That signals warmth and sincerity. ~ Dorothy Sarnoff,
312:So let us begin anew - remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof ~ John F Kennedy,
313:The sincerity of the art worker must permeate the song as naturally as the green leaves break through the dead branches in springtime. ~ Alma Gluck,
314:Where the questions of religion are concerned people are guilty of every possible kind of insincerity and intellectual misdemeanor. ~ Sigmund Freud,
315:Insincerity had never come easily to her, but good manners required it on occasion, even if a superhuman effort was needed. ~ Alexander McCall Smith,
316:Meditation requires courage. It requires the basic integrity, sincerity, respect towards your own being. At least don't deceive yourself. ~ Rajneesh,
317:Our challenge is to live with all the sincerity that is in our hearts, and hope that those who doubt will come to see the truth. ~ Stephen P Kiernan,
318:When I smiled my relief and surprise, the man grinned back at me with that perfect sincerity we fear and call simple-minded. ~ Gregory David Roberts,
319:For my part I have never avoided the influence of others. I would have considered it cowardice and a lack of sincerity toward myself. ~ Henri Matisse,
320:Love would never b a promise of a rose garden unless it is showered with a light of faith, water of sincerity, and an art of passion. ~ Jack Canfield,
321:My Emma, does not every thing serve to prove more and more the beauty of truth and sincerity in all our dealings with each other?" Emma ~ Jane Austen,
322:Sincerity must be bought at a price: the humility to recognize our innumerable errors, and fidelity in tirelessly setting them right. ~ Thomas Merton,
323:What is the thing that Hollywood demands most? Sincerity. No place in the world will pay such a high price for this admirable trait ~ Hattie McDaniel,
324:I did what I came here to do. What I've done I've done with sincerity and to the best of my ability. You can't expect much more from life. ~ Bruce Lee,
325:No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. ~ Haruki Murakami,
326:So let us begin anew - remembering on both sides that civility is not a
sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof ~ John F Kennedy,
327:You don't have to be sincere yourself to recognize sincerity when you see it. Any more than you have to be insane to recognize insanity. ~ Susan Moody,
328:In contrast with the law, which imposed giving as a divine requirement, Christian giving is voluntary, and a test of sincerity and love. ~ C I Scofield,
329:convinc'd that truth, sincerity and integrity in dealings between man and man were of the utmost importance to the felicity of life; ~ Benjamin Franklin,
330:The essential element in personal magnetism is a consuming sincerity - an overwhelming faith in the importance of the work one has to do. ~ Bruce Barton,
331:But such occasions of excellence became less and less frequent. As her technique became sounder, [her] sincerity became less necessary. ~ Thornton Wilder,
332:I have found that in this business, one of the most important things is sincerity. If you can fake that, you can do just about anything. ~ Kinky Friedman,
333:Through love and sincerity continuously beautify your inner life in every way, by daily looking into the mirror of introspection. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda,
334:When a man talks with absolute sincerity and freedom he goes on a voyage of discovery. The whole company has shares in the enterprise. ~ John Jay Chapman,
335:Who wants a bag of bones?” he said, with absolute sincerity. “I don’t want to hurt myself on the sharp edges of the woman I’m bedding. ~ Charlaine Harris,
336:However we distrust the sincerity of those whom we talk with, we always believe them more sincere with us than with others. ~ Fran ois de La Rochefoucauld,
337:If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn't matter a damn how you write. ~ W Somerset Maugham,
338:It is not for minds like ours to give or to receive flatter; yet the praises of sincerity have ever been permitted to the voice of friendship ~ Lord Byron,
339:Logic is the necessary product of intelligence and sincerity. It cannot be learned. It is the child of a clear head and a good heart. ~ Robert G Ingersoll,
340:Our vitality, and the vitality of each nation, rests on the sincerity and depth of the faith in the ideas which it announces, or pronounces. ~ Erich Fromm,
341:we all crave appreciation and recognition, and will do almost anything to get it. But nobody wants insincerity. Nobody wants flattery. Let ~ Dale Carnegie,
342:Did ever a man try heroism, magnanimity, truth, sincerity, and find that there was no advantage in them? that it was a vain endeavor? ~ Henry David Thoreau,
343:Did ever a man try heroism, magnanimity, truth, sincerity, and find that there was no advantage in them - that it was a vain endeavor? ~ Henry David Thoreau,
344:I think if you're too concerned with being cool or hip or liked, you can't really make good TV because sincerity and coolness are opposites. ~ Michael Schur,
345:Very gratefully, with grateful appreciation, with sincere appreciative gratitude, in appreciatively grateful sincerity of regret, he declined. ~ James Joyce,
346:Sincerity in personal advertisements is a code word for commitment, used by women to screen out men seeking casual sex without any commitment. ~ David M Buss,
347:Every achievement, every step forward in knowledge, is the consequence of courage, of toughness towards oneself, of sincerity to oneself ~ Friedrich Nietzsche,
348:It isn't necessary to be socialists in order to love Pertini. Whatever he says or does, smells of cleanliness, of loyalty and of sincerity. ~ Indro Montanelli,
349:The desire of talking of ourselves, and showing those faults we do not mind having seen, makes up a good part of our sincerity. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
350:the property that grounded the self in Romanticism was sincerity, and in modernism was authenticity, then in postmod ernism it is visibility.10 ~ Chris Hedges,
351:To practice with an end in view is to have one eye on the practice and the other on the end, which is lack of concentration, lack of sincerity. ~ Alan W Watts,
352:With those who are sincere
the sage is sincere
With those who are insincere
the sage is also sincere
because the way of Tao is sincerity ~ Lao Tzu,
353:I grew convinc'd that truth, sincerity and integrity in dealings between man and man were of the utmost importance to the felicity of life; ~ Benjamin Franklin,
354:I'm profoundly convinced that the only antidote that can make the reader forget the perpetual I's the author will be writing, is a perfect sincerity ~ Stendhal,
355:I want to be remembered as someone who was sincere. Even if I made mistakes, they were made in sincerity. If I was wrong, I was wrong in sincerity. ~ Malcolm X,
356:My driving philosophy about making music is that you can reduce it all down to one note if that note is played with the right kind of sincerity. ~ Eric Clapton,
357:I feel that there's hardly any irony in my work; if there's anything, there'll be sincerity, which people sometimes find hard to deal with. ~ Patricia Piccinini,
358:It is proof of sincerity, which I value above all things; as, between those who practice it, falsehood and malice work their efforts in vain. ~ Thomas Jefferson,
359:said, without sincerity, but with absolute truth, “It is a marvelous thing indeed for them as well, the coming to a new world, a new mankind. ~ Ursula K Le Guin,
360:Your insincerity is natural and in the order of things. If people agreed together and suddenly became sincere, everything would go to the devil. ~ Anton Chekhov,
361:For me, the times I always regret are missed opportunities to say farewell to good people, to wish them long life and say to them in all sincerity, ~ Kevin Hearne,
362:The egoism which enters into our theories does not affect their sincerity; rather, the more our egoism is satisfied, the more robust is our belief. ~ George Eliot,
363:A man is morally free when, in full possession of his living humanity, he judges the world, and judges other men, with uncompromising sincerity. ~ George Santayana,
364:But love is like that. When you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it. That's what I think. It's just a form of sincerity. ~ Haruki Murakami,
365:It is important to explain fully to the local areas with sincerity. We will also think, of course, about the development promotion of the communities. ~ Shinzo Abe,
366:Love is the virtue of the Heart, Sincerity is the virtue of the Mind, Decision is the virtue of the Will, Courage is the virtue of the Spirit. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright,
367:RITE, n. A religious or semi-religious ceremony fixed by law, precept or custom, with the essential oil of sincerity carefully squeezed out of it. ~ Ambrose Bierce,
368:With sincerity from the depths of your heart to do the best you can, just keep going and don't worry too much that you're not Milarepa or Rechungpa. ~ Tenzin Palmo,
369:None will be able to resist truth and love and sincerity. Are you sincere? Unselfish even unto death, and loving? Then fear not, not even death. ~ Swami Vivekananda,
370:There are moments of sincerity. Those moments float away like bubbles but he takes the trouble to dip the wand in the soap and blow them through. ~ Carole Radziwill,
371:How could sincerity be a condition of friendship? A liking for the truth at all costs is a passion that spares nothing and that nothing can withstand. ~ Albert Camus,
372:... kindness, and sincerity, and ― if I may say so ― modesty are worth far more to a man, to a husband, than all the wit and beauty in the world. ~ Daphne du Maurier,
373:Martyrdom, as a rule, establishes the sincerity of the martyr, never the correctness of his thought. Things are true or false in themselves. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll,
374:The combination of physical strength and moral sincerity combined with tenderness of heart is exactly what is wanted in a husband.--Ameila Peabody ~ Elizabeth Peters,
375:For the egoism which enters into our theories does not affect their sincerity; rather, the more our egoism is satisfied, the more robust is our belief. ~ George Eliot,
376:However greatly we distrust the sincerity of those we converse with, yet still we think they tell more truth to us than to anyone else. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
377:Sincerity” is detrimental to one’s job, until the rules of salesmanship and business become a “genuine” aspect of oneself. —C. Wright Mills ~ Arlie Russell Hochschild,
378:Never has there been one possessed of complete sincerity who did not move others. Never has there been one who had not sincerity who was able to move others. ~ Mencius,
379:The foundation of living a simply luxurious life is made up of substance, passion, quality, sensibility, sincerity, appreciation, and continual growth. ~ Shannon Ables,
380:A LONELY WOMAN IS a dangerous woman.” Doktor Messerli spoke with grave sincerity. “A lonely woman is a bored woman. Bored women act on impulse. ~ Jill Alexander Essbaum,
381:I am satisfied that every man or woman who goes to the temple in a spirit of sincerity and faith leaves the house of the Lord a better man or woman. ~ Gordon B Hinckley,
382:It is not enough that a man has clearness of vision, and reliance on sincerity, he must also have the art of expression, or he will remain obscure. ~ George Henry Lewes,
383:To practice five things under all circumstances constitutes perfect virtue; these five are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness. ~ Confucius,
384:Wherever there is sincerity & talent, people do recognize them. It may take some time but we should have some patience and hold on to our passion. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,
385:You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a fruit fly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer's heart. ~ Fred Allen,
386:Charles Gould did not open his heart to her in any set speeches. He simply went on acting and thinking in her sight. This is the true method of sincerity. ~ Joseph Conrad,
387:The artist striving for truth or sincerity had to guard his spontaneous vision against distortion or alteration by aesthetic conventions or preconceptions. ~ Linda Nochlin,
388:Love is the virtue of the Heart,
Sincerity is the virtue of the Mind,
Decision is the virtue of the Will,
Courage is the virtue of the Spirit. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright,
389:With all his sincerity and devotion, the authentic, absolute atheist is after all only an abortive saint, and at the same time, a mistaken revolutionist. ~ Jacques Maritain,
390:I really strongly feel that when you approach a drama, you have to approach it with energy, honesty, sincerity, and absolute commitment, or don't do it. ~ David Gordon Green,
391:It is important to the peace of the world to understand each other and have full faith in each other's sincerity. That is all we ask; that is all we want[...] ~ Harry Truman,
392:It is necessary to rouse the heart to pray, otherwise it will become quite dry. The attributes of prayer must be: love of God, sincerity, and simplicity. ~ John of Kronstadt,
393:Timidity is a form of vanity. When you are timid it means that you attach more importance to the opinion others have of you than to the sincerity of your action. ~ Anonymous,
394:An inward sincerity will of course influence the outward deportment; but where the one is wanting, there is great reason to suspect the absence of the other. ~ Laurence Sterne,
395:God knows our situation; He will not judge us as if we had no difficulties to overcome. What matters is the sincerity and perseverance of our will to overcome them. ~ C S Lewis,
396:Real affection comes from the face. Those political leaders, when they meet, they are always hugging, but not very genuine. Deep, sincerity comes from face and eye. ~ Dalai Lama,
397:Sincerity is not test of truth-no evidence of correctness of conduct. You may take poison sincerely believing it the needed medicine, but will it save your life? ~ Tryon Edwards,
398:He alone knows the law of life. Whoever does not seek out clearly what is the true good, cannot correct himself with sincerity and does not arrive at true perfection. ~ Confucius,
399:If you want the Kingdom speeded, go out and speed it yourselves. Only obedience rationalizes prayer. Only Missions can redeem your intercessions from insincerity. ~ William Carey,
400:I think about the sincerity of my writing. I try to be true, to pose questions. Shake people up a bit and make them look in a direction they wouldn't normally. ~ Philippe Claudel,
401:Science and technology were the only keys to opening the door to the future, and people approached science with the faith and sincerity of elementary school students. ~ Liu Cixin,
402:'Alms in secret extinguish the wrath of the Lord' means you are so immersed in sincerity and in preserving that sincerity that you have no pleasure in giving alms. ~ Shams Tabrizi,
403:It is a very trying task for deceitful people, always to have to cover up their lack of sincerity and to repair the breaking of their word. ~ Madeleine de Souvre marquise de Sable,
404:Sincerity and gravity, in Magnus's opinion, were highly overrated, as was being forced to relive unpleasant memories. He would much rather be amused and amusing. ~ Cassandra Clare,
405:Whatever distrust we may have of the sincerity of those who converse with us, we always believe they will tell us more truth than they do to others. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
406:Perfect sincerity, holiness, gigantic intellect, and all-conquering will. Let only a handful of men work with these, and the whole world will be revolutionized. ~ Swami Vivekananda,
407:I am afraid of people with too much charm. They devour you. In the end you are made a sacrifice to the exercise of their fascinating gift and their insincerity. ~ W Somerset Maugham,
408:Sincerity is an openness of heart; we find it in very few people; what we usually see is only an artful dissimulation to win the confidence of others. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
409:Do not treat others as you would not like to be treated' frees one from hypocrisy. 'Treat others as you would like to be treated' enslaves one with insincerity. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
410:Everyone who works with love and with intelligence finds in the very sincerity of his love for nature and art a kind of armor against the opinions of other people. ~ Vincent Van Gogh,
411:The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity. The believing man is the original man; whatsoever he believes, he believes it for himself, not for another. ~ Thomas Carlyle,
412:I can say with full sincerity that I am happy. I'm happy because I'm doing what I love and I'm not selling out. And I can sleep at night because I'm at peace with it. ~ Columbus Short,
413:Sincerity of conviction and purity of motive will surely gain the day; and even a small minority, armed with these, is surely destined to prevail against all odds. ~ Swami Vivekananda,
414:The man up there raged aloud in two languages, and with a sincerity in his fury that almost convinced me I had, in some way, sinned against the harmony of the universe ~ Joseph Conrad,
415:When men think and believe in one set of symbols and act in ways which are contrary to their professed and conscious ideas, confusion and insincerity are bound to result. ~ John Dewey,
416:I want you so much, he said with such heart-tugging sincerity that to be fair, a translation from Turkish to English would have to flip a coin between "want" and "love. ~ Bob Shacochis,
417:all men have a vague general veneration for God, but very few really reverence him; and wherever there is great ostentation in ceremonies, sincerity of heart is rare indeed. ~ Anonymous,
418:Oh, I am not challenging your sincerity," Ernest continued. "You are sincere. You preach what you believe. There lies your strength and your value—to the capitalist class. ~ Jack London,
419:Remember sarcasm is forbidden and sincerity the order of the day. You are country folks now, and it will do you good to try their simple, honest ways for a few days. ~ Louisa May Alcott,
420:Sincerity is the certitude that we speak the truth (and who can be certain of that?), but there are many kinds of honesty, and they do not always agree with one another. ~ Me a Selimovi,
421:...but I should say that kindliness, and sincerity, and if I may say so--modesty--are worth far more to a man, to a husband, than all the wit and beauty in the world. ~ Daphne du Maurier,
422:To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness. ~ Confucius,
423:Insincerity in a man's own heart must make all his enjoyments, all that concerns him, unreal; so that his whole life must seem like a merely dramatic representation. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne,
424:Cultivate a sympathetic heart, humility in dealings, and selflessness in action. If these are practiced with earnestness and sincerity, then you will win the race of life. ~ Baba Hari Dass,
425:One of the more ignominious features of love was that you could only express it with made you sound like a fraud at a time when you were blazing with sincerity. ~ Lisa Kleypas,
426:Truth and sincerity have a certain distinguishing native luster about them which cannot be perfectly counterfeited; they are like fire and flame that cannot be painted. ~ Benjamin Franklin,
427:The Force which has to be called down from above must be pure and quiet because there are all kinds of forces - it will not do to call them all. And one must have sincerity. ~ Sri Aurobindo,
428:Truth and sincerity have a certain distinguishing native lustre about them which cannot be perfectly counterfeited; they are like fire and flame, that cannot be painted. ~ Benjamin Franklin,
429:We swim, day by day, on a river of delusions, and are effectually amused with houses and towns in the air, of which the men aboutus are dupes. But life is a sincerity. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
430:How many people do you know believe they're going to heaven because, they're not trusting so much in Christ as they are the sincerity of the decision they made a long time ago? ~ Paul Washer,
431:I have all my life long been lying in bed till noon; yet I tell all young men, and tell them with great sincerity, that nobody who does not rise early will ever do any good. ~ Samuel Johnson,
432:Lucy was suffering from the most grievous wrong which this world has yet discovered: diplomatic advantage had been taken of her sincerity, of her craving for sympathy and love. ~ E M Forster,
433:Practice meditation sincerely and you will understand His infinite grace. God wants sincerity, truthfulness and love. Outward verbal effusions do not touch Him. ~ Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi,
434:Be guided by feelings alone. Abandon yourself to your first impression. If you really have been touched, you will convey to others the sincerity of your emotion. ~ Jean Baptiste Camille Corot,
435:He counted thirteen virtues: temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquillity, chastity, and humility. Soon ~ Jill Lepore,
436:I ask people to renounce mentally. I do not ask them to give up the world. If one lives in the world unattached and seeks God with sincerity, then one is able to attain Him. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
437:I felt the basic insincerity of what she had said. It made me uneasy, as though the whole evening had been a trick of some sort to extract a contributory emotion from me. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald,
438:Welcome to the family, Zane,” she said, and the sincerity in her voice made his throat tighten. “I wish I’d known earlier, but if wishes was dollars, I’d be the Queen of Sheba. ~ Abigail Roux,
439:I believe everyone should have an opportunity to search for truth their own way. Humility, peace, child-like enthusiasm, acceptance, and sincerity is the true infinity engine! ~ Akiane Kramarik,
440:Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, a thirteenth century scholar, said that it is possible for anyone to have sincerity in what one does and in what one believes, irrespective of creed. ~ Hamza Yusuf,
441:So the cluviel dor was a test of Eric’s sincerity, in Niall’s eyes. And the cluviel dor was a test of my love for Eric, in Eric’s eyes,” I said. “And we both failed the test. ~ Charlaine Harris,
442:This is the age of insincerity. The movies had the misfortune to come along in the twentieth century, and because they appeal to the masses there can be no sincerity in them. ~ Lionel Barrymore,
443:Because only savage women and animals are sincere. Once civilization has introduced a demand for such comforts as, for instance, feminine virtue, sincerity is out of place. . . . ~ Anton Chekhov,
444:Sunrise is beautiful, sunset is beautiful and there is something as beautiful as these two: The sincerity of an elderly feeding birds with a happy face shining like the Sun! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
445:To claim that theft or adultery or lying are "evil" simply reflects our degraded idea of good-—that it has something to do with respect for property, respectability, and sincerity. ~ Simone Weil,
446:Truth and sincerity have a certain distinguishing native luster about them which cannot be perfectly counterfeited; they are like fire and flame, that cannot be painted.” While ~ Walter Isaacson,
447:If we make a great show of respect and love to God, in the outward actions, while there is no sincerity in the heart, it is but hypocrisy and practical lying unto the Holy One. ~ Jonathan Edwards,
448:Inspire people very selectively with sincerity and with respect. You want to increase your energy? Then want, inside your heart, to inspire others. It will lift you tremendously. ~ Frederick Lenz,
449:I sat at a table where were rich food and wine in abundance, and obsequious attendance, but sincerity and truth were not; and I went away hungry from the inhospitable board. ~ Henry David Thoreau,
450:The more our feelings diverge, the more deeply felt they are, the greater is our obligation to grant the sincerity and essential decency of our fellow citizens on the other side. ~ Edward Kennedy,
451:Chess problems demand from the composer the same virtues that characterize all worthwhile art: originality, invention, conciseness, harmony, complexity, and splendid insincerity ~ Vladimir Nabokov,
452:The effect of sincerity is to give one's work the character of a protest. The painter, being concerned only with conveying his impression, simply seeks to be himself and no one else. ~ Claude Monet,
453:I believe that none can "save" his fellow man by making a choice for him. To help him, he can indicate the possible alternatives, with sincerity and love, without being sentimental and ~ Erich Fromm,
454:Lift your worship off the ground to a higher ground where love abounds. One thing that hinders sincerity in the worship of God among brethren is insincere love among one another! ~ Israelmore Ayivor,
455:To every Armageddonist, every earth lover must keep saying with all the sincerity and affection we can muster, “May God make this world as beautiful to you as it has been to me. ~ David James Duncan,
456:When we advocate a thing which we believe will be successful we are not compelled to raise a doubt as to our own sincerity by trying to show what we will do if we are wrong. ~ William Jennings Bryan,
457:All my conversations with Pyle seemed to take grotesque directions. Was it because of his sincerity that they so ran off the customary rails? His conversations never took the corners. ~ Graham Greene,
458:Most of us start from that position of irony now and what I wanted to do - really felt like I had to do if I was going to write another novel - was move towards something like sincerity. ~ Ben Lerner,
459:The measure of its nobility and its continuity is its depth of feeling and its sincerity. And if it has that quality, it stands.

"Toward a New architecture" July 14, 1957 ~ Frank Lloyd Wright,
460:In following the Way, the noble-minded treasure three things: a manner free of violence and arrogance, a countenance full of sincerity and trust, a voice free of vulgarity and impropriety. ~ Confucius,
461:Venetia had no guile, and no affectations; she knew the world only by the books she had read; experience had never taught her to doubt the sincerity of anyone who did her a kindness. ~ Georgette Heyer,
462:After all, isn't the purpose of the novel, or of a museum, for that matter, to relate our memories with such sincerity as to transform individual happiness into a happiness all can share? ~ Orhan Pamuk,
463:I love being down at Occupy Wall Street. The sincerity, the youth involvement, the desire for better, is palpable and moving. There is true caring, sharing, and refreshingly naïve hope. ~ Elayne Boosler,
464:So on May 1, 1987, at Gary's invitation, I agreed to see him one last time - to confront him face-to-face about his sincerity and with the intention of ending our brief relationship. ~ Donna Rice Hughes,
465:When you are obliged to make a statement that you know will cause displeasure, you must say it with every appearance of sincerity; this is the only way to make it palatable. ~ Jean Francois Paul de Gondi,
466:But in my life, in my personality, there is an essence of falseness and insincerity. A thin, fine vapor of fraud hangs always over me and dampens and injures some things in me that I value. ~ Mary MacLane,
467:[The five cardinal virtues of the Chinese are (1) humanity or benevolence; (2) uprightness of mind; (3) self-respect, self- control, or "proper feeling;" (4) wisdom; (5) sincerity or good faith. ~ Sun Tzu,
468:Cinderella studied the colonel. “Haven’t you tired of history, or my voice?” she asked, her tone closer to sincerity than the stiff politeness she usually used. “Not yet,” he smirked. Cinderella ~ K M Shea,
469:How much rationality and higher protection there is in such self-deception, and how much falseness I still require in order to allow myself again and again the luxury of my sincerity. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche,
470:It may be that this autobiography [Aimee Semple McPherson's] is set down in sincerity, frankness, and simple effort. It may be, too, that the Statue of Liberty is situated in Lake Ontario. ~ Dorothy Parker,
471:However a man who was honest and clever was always, ALWAYS more difficult to scam than someone who was both dishonest and clever. Sincerity. It was so difficult , by definition, to fake. ~ Brandon Sanderson,
472:In the presence of an overwhelming sincerity on the part of the disinherited, the dominant themselves are caught with no defense [...] They are thrown back upon themselves for their rating. ~ Howard Thurman,
473:Not less strong than the will to truth must be the will to sincerity. Only an age, which can show the courage of sincerity, can possess truth, which works as a spiritual force within it. ~ Albert Schweitzer,
474:Our natures are, indeed, elusively insubstantial—notoriously less stable and less inherent than the nature of other things. And insofar as this is the case, sincerity itself is bullshit. ~ Harry G Frankfurt,
475:It is woven with the most powerful paradoxes in the Nine Worlds—Wi-Fi with no lag, a politician’s sincerity, a printer that prints, healthy deep-fried food, and an interesting grammar lecture! ~ Rick Riordan,
476:"Lacking self-acceptance, we are always at odds with our point of departure, always doubting the ground on which we stand, always so divided against ourselves that we cannot act with sincerity." ~ Alan Watts,
477:The confession of our failings is a thankless office. It savors less of sincerity or modesty than of ostentation. It seems as if we thought our weaknesses as good as other people's virtues. ~ William Hazlitt,
478:Thirteen virtues necessary for true success: temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, and humility. ~ Benjamin Franklin,
479:Whosoever can cry to the All-Powerful with sincerity and an intense passion of the soul has no need of a Master. But so profound an aspiration is very rare; hence the necessity of a Master. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
480:Brothers and sisters, never hesitate to bear your testimony with sincerity and love. The power of personal testimony cannot be denied and often ignites in others the interest to know more. ~ M Russell Ballard,
481:@ Sri Aurobindo is an emanation of the Supreme who came on earth to announce the manifestation of a new race and a new world: the Supramental. Let us prepare for it in all sincerity and eagerness. ~ The Mother,
482:The greatest politeness Is free of all formality. Perfect conduct Is free of concern. Perfect wisdom Is unplanned. Perfect love Is without demonstrations. Perfect sincerity offers No guarantee. ~ Thomas Merton,
483:The sincerity of many people’s racial beliefs is what led Martin Luther King Jr. to declare, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. ~ Michelle Alexander,
484:I come from a place of sincerity. I write about what I see and feel. I write about what I want, I don't have a political agenda. Politics may enter into a song but it always comes from the heart. ~ Brett Dennen,
485:Making others happy, through kindness of speech and sincerity of right advice, is a sign of true greatness. To hurt another soul by sarcastic words, looks, or suggestions, is despicable. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda,
486:and he said if anyone should leave the home they had built it was him. But as he said this he felt he was acting, or if not acting then so confused as to be incapable of gauging his own sincerity. ~ Mohsin Hamid,
487:Hypocrisy is saying we believe something, then living as if we didn’t. Hypocrisy is preaching and not practicing. It says do as I say not as I do. It’s insincerity wearing a mask of sincerity. ~ Stephen Altrogge,
488:Do you expect sincerity in man when hypocrisy is the very keynote of human nature? We are nurtured on it; we are schooled in it, we live by it; and we rarely realize it.’
– Book 3, Chapter 16 ~ Rafael Sabatini,
489:Florence Farr once said to me, If we could say to ourselves, with sincerity, 'this passing moment is as good as any I shall ever know,' we could die upon the instant and be united with God. ~ William Butler Yeats,
490:I have a pleasant voice, but I have no great range. I will say that I know how to make a song come alive and I guess I do have a sincerity that comes across. But I do alot of things better than sing. ~ Irene Cara,
491:ADMIRABLY BOLD. There's something grand about the film's sincerity and the intensity of its emotions and something fresh and bold about the way director Gray uses the conventions of romantic melodrama. ~ A O Scott,
492:Compromising is condoning. The only modern dictum I follow is one by George Santayana: A man is morally free when … he judges the world, and judges other men, with uncompromising sincerity. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
493:There should be more sincerity and heart in human relations, more silence and simplicity in our interactions. Be rude when you're angry, laugh when something is funny, and answer when you're asked. ~ Anton Chekhov,
494:There should be more sincerity and heart in human relations, more silence and simplicity in our interactions. Be rude when you’re angry, laugh when something is funny, and answer when you’re asked. ~ Anton Chekhov,
495:To maintain your integrity, just maintain your words in sanctity, and your works in sincerity. You can't be really trusted when your works of today are standing against your words of yesterday! ~ Israelmore Ayivor,
496:an admitted insensibility or immorality simplifies life as much as does easy virtue; it converts reproachable actions, for which one no longer need seek any excuse, into a duty imposed by sincerity. ~ Marcel Proust,
497:It would be a kind of ferocity to reject indifferently all sorts of praise. One should be glad to have that which comes from good men who praise in sincerity things that are really praiseworthy. ~ Jean de la Bruyere,
498:She frowned. "I don't understand"
"You can't love me. No one does" The sincerity in his voice and expression was heart-wrenching. He truly couldn't fathom anyone caring about him. Not even her. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
499:Economy is the basis of society. When the economy is stable, society develops. The ideal economy combines the spiritual and the material, and the best commodities to trade in are sincerity and love. ~ Morihei Ueshiba,
500:It is too late in the day for men of sincerity to pretend they believe in the Platonic mysticisms that three are one, and one is three; and yet that the one is not three, and the three are not one. ~ Thomas Jefferson,

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00.01_-_The_Mother_on_Savitri, #Sweet Mother - Harmonies of Light, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  My child, every day you are going to read Savitri; read properly, with the right attitude, concentrating a little before opening the pages and trying to keep the mind as empty as possible, absolutely without a thought. The direct road is through the heart. I tell you, if you try to really concentrate with this aspiration you can light the flame, the psychic flame, the flame of purification in a very short time, perhaps in a few days. What you cannot do normally, you can do with the help of Savitri. Try and you will see how very different it is, how new, if you read with this attitude, with this something at the back of your consciousness; as though it were an offering to Sri Aurobindo. You know it is charged, fully charged with consciousness; as if Savitri were a being, a real guide. I tell you, whoever, wanting to practice Yoga, tries sincerely and feels the necessity for it, will be able to climb with the help of Savitri to the highest rung of the ladder of Yoga, will be able to find the secret that Savitri represents. And this without the help of a Guru. And he will be able to practice it anywhere. For him Savitri alone will be the guide, for all that he needs he will find Savitri. If he remains very quiet when before a difficulty, or when he does not know where to turn to go forward and how to overcome obstacles, for all these hesitations and incertitudes which overwhelm us at every moment, he will have the necessary indications, and the necessary concrete help. If he remains very calm, open, if he aspires sincerely, always he will be as if lead by the hand. If he has faith, the will to give himself and essential Sincerity he will reach the final goal.

0.05_-_1955, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  In all Sincerity, I must say that when I was at Brewster's place in Almora, I felt very near to that state in which the Light must surge forth. I quite understand the imperfection of this process, which involves fleeing from difficulties, but this would only be a stage, a strategic 'retreat,' as it were.
  2. To unfold one's being before Him, to open entirely one's body from head to toe, as one opens a book, spreading open one's centers so as to make all their movements visible in a total Sincerity that allows nothing to remain hidden.

0.06_-_1956, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Sweet Mother, with all the Sincerity of which I am capable, I am putting before you an important problem (important to me) so that you may help me resolve it. I feel that I am coming to a decisive turning point, but something is preventing me from going any further.
  I am not speaking of people from outside who have never thought about it, who have never felt concerned and who do not even know that there may be something like the Supermind to receive, in fact. I am speaking of people who have built their lives upon this aspiration (and I don't doubt their Sincerity for a minute), who have worked - some of them for thirty years, some for thirty-five, others somewhat less - all the while saying, 'When the supermind comes ... When the supermind comes ...' That was their refrain: 'When the supermind comes ...' Consequently, they were really in the best possible frame of mind, one could not have dreamt of a better predisposition. How is it, then, that their inner preparation was so ... let's just say 'incomplete,' that they did not feel the
  Vibration immediately, as soon as it came, through a shock of identity?
  I hasten to tell you that some did recognize it, but they were so few ... But as for those who ask these questions, who even took the trouble to come here, who took the train to gulp this down as you gulp down a soft drink, how can they possibly feel anything whatsoever if they have not prepared themselves at all? Yet they are already speaking of profiting: 'We want to benefit from it ... '
  After all, if they have even a tiny bit of Sincerity (not too much, it's tiring!), a tiny bit of Sincerity, it is quite possible (I am joking), it is quite possible that they might get a few good kicks to make them go faster! It is possible. In fact, I think that's what will happen.

0.07_-_1957, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  These three categories of tests are: those conducted by the forces of Nature, those conducted by the spiritual and divine forces, and those conducted by the hostile forces. This latter category is the most deceptive in its appearance, and a constant state of vigilance, Sincerity and humility is required so as not to be caught by surprise or unprepared.
  For the tests stemming from the hostile forces: vigilance, Sincerity and humility.

01.02_-_The_Issue, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Ardent was her self-poised unstumbling will;
    Her mind, a sea of white Sincerity,
    Passionate in flow, had not one turbid wave.

02.03_-_The_Glory_and_the_Fall_of_Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  To rob creation of its native truth;
  All was Sincerity and natural force.
  There freedom was sole rule and highest law.

04.01_-_The_Birth_and_Childhood_of_the_Flame, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  That woke a wider sight than earth could know.
  Outlined in the Sincerity of that ray
  Her springing childlike thoughts were richly turned

09.02_-_The_Journey_in_Eternal_Night_and_the_Voice_of_the_Darkness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  And known from what the dream thou art was made?
  In this stark Sincerity of nude emptiness
  Hopest thou still always to last and love?"

1.00_-_Gospel, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  At the age of nine, Gaddhar was invested with the Sacred Thread. This ceremony conferred upon him the privileges of his brhmin lineage, including the worship of the Family Deity, Raghuvir, and imposed upon him the many strict disciplines of a brhmin's life. During the ceremony of investiture he shocked his relatives by accepting a meal cooked by his nurse, a udr woman. His father would never have dreamt of doing such a thing. But in a playful mood Gaddhar had once promised this woman that he would eat her food, and now he fulfilled his plighted word. The woman had piety and religious Sincerity, and these were more important to the boy than the conventions of society.
  Mathur begged Sri Ramakrishna to take charge of the worship in the Kli temple. The young priest pleaded his incompetence and his ignorance of the scriptures. Mathur insisted that devotion and Sincerity would more than compensate for any lack of formal knowledge and make the Divine Mother manifest Herself through the image. In the end, Sri Ramakrishna had to yield to Mathur's request. He became the priest of Kli.
  He was profoundly moved by the young priest's devotion and Sincerity. He realized that Sri Ramakrishna had transformed the stone image into the living Goddess.
  Mathur had faith in the Sincerity of Sri Ramakrishna's spiritual zeal, but began now to doubt his sanity. He had watched him jumping about like a monkey. One day, when Rni Rsmani was listening to Sri Ramakrishna's singing in the temple, the young priest abruptly turned and slapped her. Apparently listening to his song, she had actually been thinking of a lawsuit. She accepted the punishment as though the Divine Mother Herself had imposed it; but Mathur was distressed. He begged Sri Ramakrishna to keep his feelings under control and to heed the conventions of society. God Himself, he argued, follows laws. God never permitted, for instance, flowers of two colours to grow on the same stalk. The following day Sri Ramakrishna presented Mathur Bbu with two hibiscus flowers growing on the same stalk, one red and one white.
  Keshab's Sincerity was enough for Sri Ramakrishna. Henceforth the two saw each other frequently, either at Dakshinewar or at the temple of the Brhmo Samj. Whenever the Master was in the temple at the time of divine service, Keshab would request him to speak to the congregation. And Keshab would visit the saint, in his turn, with offerings of flowers and fruits.
  It broadened their religious views and kindled in their hearts the yearning for God-realization; it made them understand and appreciate the rituals and symbols of Hindu religion, convinced them of the manifestation of God in diverse forms, and deepened their thoughts about the harmony of religions. The Master, too, was impressed by the Sincerity of many of the, Brhmo devotees. He told them about his own realizations and explained to them the essence of his teachings, such as the necessity of renunciation, Sincerity in the pursuit of one's own course of discipline, faith in God, the performance of one's duties without thought of results, and discrimination between the Real and the unreal.
  Harish, a young man in affluent circumstances, renounced his family and took shelter with the Master, who loved him for his Sincerity, singleness of purpose, and quiet nature.
  When they returned to the room and Narendra heard the Master speaking to others, he was surprised to find in his words an inner logic, a striking Sincerity, and a convincing proof of his spiritual nature. In answer to Narendra's question, "Sir, have you seen God?" the Master said: "Yes, I have seen God. I have seen Him more tangibly than I see you. I have talked to Him more intimately than I am talking to you." Continuing, the Master said: "But, my child, who wants to see God? People shed jugs of tears for money, wife, and children. But if they would weep for God for only one day they would surely see Him." Narendra was amazed. These words he could not doubt. This was the first time he had ever heard a man saying that he had seen God. But he could not reconcile these words of the Master with the scene that had taken place on the verandah only a few minutes before. He concluded that Sri Ramakrishna was a monomaniac, and returned home rather puzzled in mind.

1.00_-_INTRODUCTION, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  There is Sri Aurobindo the philosopher, and Sri Aurobindo the poet, which he was essentially, a visionary of evolution; but not everyone is a philosopher or a poet, much less a seer. But would we not be content if he gave us a way to believe in our own possibilities,
  not only our human but our superhuman and divine possibilities, and not only to believe in them but to discover them ourselves, step by step, to see for ourselves and to become vast, as vast as the earth we love and all the lands and all the seas we hold within us? For there is Sri Aurobindo the explorer, who was also a yogi; did he not say that Yoga is the art of conscious self-finding? 3 It is this exploration of consciousness that we would like to undertake with him. If we proceed calmly, patiently, and with Sincerity, bravely facing the difficulties of the road and God knows it is rugged enough there is no reason that the window should not open at some point and let the sun shine on us forever. Actually, it is not one but several windows that open one after another, each time on a wider perspective, a new dimension of our own kingdom; and each time it means a change of consciousness as radical as going from sleep to the waking state. We are going to outline the main stages of these changes of consciousness,
  as Sri Aurobindo experienced them and described them to his disciples in his integral yoga, until they take us to the threshold of a new, still unknown experience that may have the power to change life itself.

1.00_-_Main, #Book of Certitude, #Baha u llah, #Baha i
  To none is it permitted to mutter sacred verses before the public gaze as he walketh in the street or marketplace; nay rather, if he wish to magnify the Lord, it behoveth him to do so in such places as have been erected for this purpose, or in his own home. This is more in keeping with Sincerity and godliness. Thus hath the sun of Our commandment shone forth above the horizon of Our utterance. Blessed, then, be those who do Our bidding.

1.01_-_How_is_Knowledge_Of_The_Higher_Worlds_Attained?, #Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, #Rudolf Steiner, #Occultism
  No doubt a great effort is required in many stations of life to provide these moments of inner calm; but the greater the effort needed, the more important is the achievement. In spiritual science everything depends upon energy, inward truthfulness, and uncompromising Sincerity with which we confront our own selves, with all our deeds and actions, as a complete stranger.

1.01_-_The_Science_of_Living, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  that you may become clearly aware of the origin of the movements that occur in you, the many impulses, reactions and
  conflicting wills that drive you to action. It is an assiduous study which demands much perseverance and Sincerity.
  For man's nature, especially his mental nature, has a spontaneous tendency to give a favourable explanation for
  difficult part to discipline in the human being. It is a long and exacting labour requiring great patience and
  perfect Sincerity, for without Sincerity you will deceive yourself from the very outset, and all endeavour for
  progress will be in vain. With the collaboration of the vital no realisation seems impossible, no transformation

1.01_-_The_True_Aim_of_Life, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  live for ones soul.
  And the true Sincerity
  To live for the Divine without expecting any benefit from

1.02_-_Meditating_on_Tara, #How to Free Your Mind - Tara the Liberator, #Thubten Chodron, #unset
  started out in kindergarten just like us. They are good examples for us
  because they show us what we can become when we practice with Sincerity
  and perseverance.

1.02_-_The_Eternal_Law, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  neuroses of an unbalanced society: we must implicate ourselves.
  Indeed, if we brought as much Sincerity, meticulousness, and perseverance to the study of the inner world as we do to the study of our books, we would go fast and far the West also has surprises in store for us but it must first get rid of its preconceptions (Columbus did not draw the map of America before leaving Palos). These simple truths may be worth repeating, for the West seems to be caught between two falsehoods: the overly serious falsehood of the spiritualists, who have already settled the question of God in a few infallible paragraphs, and the not-serious-enough falsehood of the rudimentary occultists and psychics, who have reduced the invisible to a sort of freak-show of the imagination. India, wisely, refers us to our own direct experience and to experimental methods. Sri Aurobindo would soon put this fundamental lesson of experimental spirituality into practice.
  But what kind of men, what human substance, was he going to find in that India he did not know? Once we have set aside the exotic facade and the bizarre (to us) customs that amuse and intrigue tourists,

1.03_-_Questions_and_Answers, #Book of Certitude, #Baha u llah, #Baha i
  106. He is God, exalted be He, the Lord of majesty and power! The Prophets and Chosen Ones have all been commissioned by the One True God, magnified be His glory, to nurture the trees of human existence with the living waters of uprightness and understanding, that there may appear from them that which God hath deposited within their inmost selves. As may be readily observed, each tree yieldeth a certain fruit, and a barren tree is but fit for fire. The purpose of these Educators, in all they said and taught, was to preserve man's exalted station. Well is it with him who in the Day of God hath laid fast hold upon His precepts and hath not deviated from His true and fundamental Law. The fruits that best befit the tree of human life are trustworthiness and godliness, truthfulness and Sincerity; but greater than all, after recognition of the unity of God, praised and glorified be He, is regard for the rights that are due to one's parents. This teaching hath been mentioned in all the Books of God, and reaffirmed by the Most Exalted Pen. Consider that which the Merciful Lord hath revealed in the Qur'an, exalted are His words: "Worship ye God, join with Him no peer or likeness; and show forth kindliness and charity towards your parents..." Observe how loving-kindness to one's parents hath been linked to recognition of the one true God! Happy they who are endued with true wisdom and understanding, who see and perceive, who read and understand, and who observe that which God hath revealed in the Holy Books of old, and in this incomparable and wondrous Tablet.

1.03_-_Self-Surrender_in_Works_-_The_Way_of_The_Gita, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A simple rule in appearance, and yet how difficult to carry out with anything like an absolute Sincerity and liberating entireness! In the greater part of our action we use the principle very little if at all, and then even mostly as a sort of counterpoise to the normal principle of desire and to mitigate the extreme action of that tyrant impulse. At best, we are satisfied if we arrive at a modified and disciplined egoism not too shocking to our moral sense, not too brutally offensive to others. And to our partial self-discipline we give various names and forms; we habituate ourselves by practice to the sense of duty, to a firm fidelity to principle, a stoical fortitude or a religious resignation, a quiet or an ecstatic submission to God's will. But it is not these things that the Gita intends, useful though they are in their place; it aims at something absolute, unmitigated, uncompromising, a

1.03_-_The_Armour_of_Grace, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  subject:Integral Yoga
  1:To walk through life armoured against all fear, peril and disaster, only two things are needed, two that go always together - the Grace of the Divine Mother and on your side an inner state made up of faith, Sincerity and surrender. Let your faith be pure, candid and perfect. An egoistic faith in the mental and vital being tainted by ambition, pride, vanity, mental arrogance, vital self-will, personal demand, desire for the petty satisfactions of the lower nature is a low and smoke-obscured flame that cannot burn upwards to heaven. Regard your life as given you only for the divine work and to help in the divine manifestation. Desire nothing but the purity, force, light, wideness, calm, Ananda of the divine consciousness and its insistence to transform and perfect your mind, life and body. Ask for nothing but the divine, spiritual and supramental Truth, its realisation on earth and in you and in all who are called and chosen and the conditions needed for its creation and its victory over all opposing forces.
  2:Let your Sincerity and surrender be genuine and entire. When you give yourself, give completely, without demand, without condition, without reservation so that all in you shall belong to the Divine Mother and nothing be left to the ego or given to any other power.
  3:The more complete your faith, Sincerity and surrender, the more will grace and protection be with you. And when the grace and protection of the Divine Mother are with you, what is there that can touch you or whom need you fear? A little of it even will carry you through all difficulties, obstacles and dangers; surrounded by its full presence you can go securely on your way because it is hers, careless of all menace, unaffected by any hostility however powerful, whether from this world or from worlds invisible. Its touch can turn difficulties into opportunities, failure into success and weakness into unfaltering strength. For the grace of the Divine Mother is the sanction of the Supreme and now or tomorrow its effect is sure, a thing decreed, inevitable and irresistible.

1.03_-_The_Gods,_Superior_Beings_and_Adverse_Forces, #Words Of The Mother III, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Hostile forces are tolerated in the world only because they put mans Sincerity to the test. The day that man becomes integrally sincere, they will pass away, for there will no longer be any reason for their existence.
  My sleep has completely vanished. I pray to you with utmost Sincerity to liberate me from the clutches of these furies. They attack my abdomen, thighs and knees. Pray
  This is what I meant when I spoke, but very few people understood what I meant by Be careful. I meant: Do always the best you can and make as far as possible no spiritual mistake.
  On the contrary, most of them started fearing and that in itself is already a big spiritual mistake. Instead of being more vigilant and more faithful, most of them at once opened the door to the hostile suggestions and aggravated the situation. Some went even so far as to blame me for having spoken, not understanding that if I cannot warn the people here and advise them to keep firm in the right attitude, it means that they are not true sadhaks and have no Sincerity in their attitude.
  As for your opening upward fear nothing; it all depends on your Sincerity. If it is the Divine alone that you want and not some personal advantage, it is the Divine alone who will answer
  Now there is only one solution, to go beyond all human representations and approach the Supreme directly with the utmost Sincerity you are capable of, and... await the result.

1.040_-_Re-Educating_the_Mind, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  Any particular object can be taken for the purpose of concentration, because any particular has the elements of the universal present in it. For instance, we can approach the government through any officer. He may be an officer from Madras, or from Punjab, it makes no difference. He is an officer of the government of India. So to touch the government we need not run about from place to place in search of it, because a government is like the universal it is pervading everything, and it is everywhere. We can contact this universal, called the government, through an individual or a particular that is the officer he may be any officer. Through him we can find our way to that universal principle called the government. When that officer expresses a view, is it the officer's view or is it the government's view? It is not his individual view, but it is the expression of the universal that is behind him. It is the force of the government that works through the individual, and at that time he is not an individual he is a representation of the universal. Likewise, even an idol, or an image, or a picture, or a concept can become a representation of the universal characters behind it, provided we are able to visualise these characters with Sincerity of purpose.

1.04_-_Relationship_with_the_Divine, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  One is sure to find what one seeks if one seeks it in all Sincerity; for what one seeks is within oneself.

1.04_-_Religion_and_Occultism, #Words Of The Mother III, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  (About pranam, the gesture of obeisance to the Divine)
  This gesture, when one makes it in all Sincerity, is the consecration to the Divine in the whole creation. It is that, that is the origin of the thing... Like a recognition, a recognition and a submission to the Divine in the creation.
  This morning after Pranam, Thou blest me with four flowers of Sincerity. I feel that there is special significance
   in it, but I am unable to find out the same. May I know it?
  When I picked up the flowers to give you, I felt that several were coming and I willed: Let it be the number of the states of the being in which the Sincerity (in the consecration to the Divine) will be definitively established. Four means integrality: the four states of being, mental, psychic, vital, physical.

1.04_-_Sounds, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  Then_that I never had been bor-r-r-r-n!_ echoes another on the farther side with tremulous Sincerity, and_bor-r-r-r-n!_ comes faintly from far in the Lincoln woods.

1.04_-_To_the_Priest_of_Rytan-ji, #Beating the Cloth Drum Letters of Zen Master Hakuin, #Hakuin Ekaku, #Zen
  It was a convention to address letters of this type to the attendant rather than to the head priest himself. Hakuin also mentions that this is the third time he has received a letter from the attendant, alluding to a famous episode from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history when the warlord
  Liu Pei paid three visits in person to the wise scholar Chu-ko Liang to solicit his aid in establishing his reign. The "three visits" became proverbial for the Sincerity one should evince when seeking someone's help.

1.05_-_CHARITY, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we do not love. Love is a mode of knowledge, and when the love is sufficiently disinterested and sufficiently intense, the knowledge becomes unitive knowledge and so takes on the quality of infallibility. Where there is no disinterested love (or, more briefly, no charity), there is only biased self-love, and consequently only a partial and distorted knowledge both of the self and of the world of things, lives, minds and spirit outside the self. The lust-dieted man slaves the ordinances of Heaventhat is to say, he subordinates the laws of Nature and the spirit to his own cravings. The result is that he does not feel and therefore makes himself incapable of knowledge. His ignorance is ultimately voluntary; if he cannot see, it is because he will not see. Such voluntary ignorance inevitably has its negative reward. Nemesis follows hubrissometimes in a spectacular way, as when the self-blinded man (Macbeth, Othello, Lear) falls into the trap which his own ambition or possessiveness or petulant vanity has prepared for him; sometimes in a less obvious way, as in the cases where power, prosperity and reputation endure to the end but at the cost of an ever-increasing imperviousness to grace and enlightenment, an ever completer inability to escape, now or hereafter, from the stifling prison of selfness and separateness. How profound can be the spiritual ignorance by which such enslavers of Heavens ordinances are punished is indicated by the behaviour of Cardinal Richelieu on his death-bed. The priest who attended him urged the great man to prepare his soul for its coming ordeal by forgiving all his enemies. I have never had any enemies, the Cardinal replied with the calm Sincerity of an ignorance which long years of intrigue and avarice and ambition had rendered as absolute as had been his political power, save only those of the State. Like Napoleon, but in a different way, he was feeling heavens power, because he had refused to feel charity and therefore refused to know the whole truth about his own soul or anything else.

1.05_-_Morality_and_War, #Words Of The Mother III, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Discussions are generally sterile and without productive value. If each one makes a personal effort of perfect Sincerity, uprightness and good-will, the best conditions for the work will be realised.
  Service to the Divine exacts a Sincerity of self-sacrifice unknown to any morality.

1.05_-_The_Ascent_of_the_Sacrifice_-_The_Psychic_Being, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
     A wider formula has been provided by the secular mind of mall of which the basis is the ethical sense; for it distinguishes between the emotions sanctioned by the ethical sense and those that are egoistic and selfishly common and mundane. It is the works of altruism, philanthropy, compassion, benevolence, humanitarianism, service, labour for the well-being of man and all creatures that are to be our Ideal; to shuffle off the coil of egoism and grow into a soul of self-abnegation that lives only or mainly for others or for humanity as a whole is the way of man's inner evolution according to this doctrine. Or if this is too secular and mental to satisfy the whole of our being, since there is a deeper religious and spiritual note there that is left out of account by the humanitarian formula, a religio-ethical foundation can be provided for it -and such was indeed its original basis. To the inner worship of the Divine or the Supreme by the devotion of the heart or to the pursuit of the Ineffable by the seeking of a highest knowledge can be added a worship through altruistic works or a preparation through acts of love, of benevolence, of service to mankind or to those around us. It is indeed by the religio-ethical sense that the law of universal goodwill or universal compassion or of love and service to the neighbour, the Vedantic, the Buddhistic, the Christian ideal, was created; only by a sort of secular refrigeration extinguishing the fervour of the religious element in it could the humanitarian ideal disengage itself and become the highest plane of a secular system of mental and moral ethics. For in the religious system this law of works is a means that ceases when its object is accomplished or a side issue; it is a part of the cult by which one adores and seeks the Divinity or it is a penultimate step of the excision of self in the passage to Nirvana. In the secular ideal it is promoted into an object in itself; it becomes a sign of the moral perfection of the human being, or else it is a condition for a happier state of man upon earth, a better society, a more united life of the race. But none of these things satisfy the demand of the soul that is placed before us by the integral Yoga.
     Altruism, philanthropy, humanitarianism, service are flowers of the mental consciousness and are at best the mind's cold and pale imitation of the spiritual flame of universal Divine Love. Not truly liberative from ego-sense, they widen it at most and give it higher and larger satisfaction; impotent in practice to change mall's vital life and nature, they only modify and palliate its action and daub over its unchanged egoistic essence. Or if they are intensely followed with an entire Sincerity of the will, it is by an exaggerated amplification of one side of our nature; in that exaggeration there can be no clue for the full and perfect divine evolution of the many sides of our individualised being towards the universal and transcendent Eternal. Nor can the religio-ethical ideal be a sufficient guide, -- for this is a compromise or compact of mutual concessions for mutual support between a religious urge which seeks to get a closer hold on earth by taking into itself the higher turns of ordinary human nature and an ethical urge which hopes to elevate itself out of its own mental hardness and dryness by some touch of a religious fervour. In making this compact religion lowers itself to the mental level and inherits the inherent imperfections of mind and its inability to convert and transform life. The mind is the sphere of the dualities and, just as it is impossible for it to achieve any absolute Truth but only truths relative or mixed with error, so it is impossible for it to achieve any absolute good; for moral good exists as a counterpart and corrective to evil and has evil always for its shadow, complement, almost its reason for existence. But the spiritual consciousness belongs to a higher than the mental plane and there the dualities cease; for there falsehood confronted with the truth by which it profited through a usurping falsification of it and evil faced by the good of which it was a perversion or a lurid substitute, are obliged to perish for want of sustenance and to cease. The integral Yoga, refusing to rely upon the fragile stuff of mental and moral ideals, puts its whole emphasis in this field on three central dynamic processes -- the development of the true soul or psychic being to take the place of the false soul of desire, the sublimation of human into divine love, the elevation of consciousness from its mental to its spiritual and supramental plane by whose power alone both the soul and the life-force can be utterly delivered from the veils and prevarications of the Ignorance.
     It is the very nature of the soul or the psychic being to turn towards the Divine Truth as the sunflower to the sun; it accepts and clings to all that is divine or progressing towards divinity and draws back from all that is a perversion or a denial of it, from all that is false and undivine. Yet the soul is at first but a spark and then a little flame of godhead burning in the midst of a great darkness; for the most part it is veiled in its inner sanctum and to reveal itself it has to call on the mind, the life-force and the physical consciousness and persuade them, as best they can, to express it; ordinarily, it succeeds at most in suffusing their outwardness with its inner light and modifying with its purifying fineness their dark obscurities or their coarser mixture. Even when there is a formed psychic being, able to express itself with some directness in life, it is still in all but a few a smaller portion of the being -- "no bigger in the mass of the body than the thumb of a man" was the image used by the ancient seers -- and it is not always able to prevail against the obscurity and ignorant smallness of the physical consciousness, the mistaken surenesses of the mind or the arrogance and vehemence of the vital nature. This soul is obliged to accept the human mental, emotive, sensational life as it is, its relations, its activities, its cherished forms and figures; it has to labour to disengage and increase the divine element in all this relative truth mixed with continual falsifying error, this love turned to the uses of the animal body or the satisfaction of the vital ego, this life of an average manhood shot with rare and pale glimpses of Godhead and the darker luridities of the demon and the brute. Unerring in the essence of its will, it is obliged often under the pressure of its instruments to submit to mistakes of action, wrong placement of feeling, wrong choice of person, errors in the exact form of its will, in the circumstances of its expression of the infallible inner ideal. Yet is there a divination within it which makes it a surer guide than the reason or than even the highest desire, and through apparent errors and stumblings its voice can still lead better than the precise intellect and the considering mental judgment. This voice of the soul is not what we call conscience -- for that is only a mental and often conventional erring substitute; it is a deeper and more seldom heard call; yet to follow it when heard is wisest : even, it is better to wander at the call of one's soul than to go apparently straight with the reason and the outward moral mentor. But It is only when the life turns towards the Divine that the soul can truly come forward and impose its power on the outer members; for, itself a spark of the Divine, to grow in flame towards the Divine is its true life and its very reason of existence.

1.05_-_The_True_Doer_of_Works, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  3:But a time will come when you will feel more and more that you are the instrument and not the worker. For first by the force of your devotion your contact with the Divine Mother will become so intimate that at all times you will have only to concentrate and to put everything into her hands to have her present guidance, her direct command or impulse, the sure indication of the thing to be done and the way to do it and the result. And afterwards you will realise that the divine Shakti not only inspires and guides, but initiates and carries out your works; all your movements are originated by her, all your powers are hers, mind, life and body are conscious and joyful instruments of her action, means for her play, moulds for her manifestation in the physical universe. There can be no more happy condition than this union and dependence; for this step carries you back beyond the border-line from the life of stress and suffering in the ignorance into the truth of your spiritual being, into its deep peace and its intense Ananda.
  4:While this transformation is being done it is more than ever necessary to keep yourself free from all taint of the perversions of the ego. Let no demand or insistence creep in to stain the purity of the self-giving and the sacrifice. There must be no attachment to the work or the result, no laying down of conditions, no claim to possess the Power that should possess you, no pride of the instrument, no vanity or arrogance. Nothing in the mind or in the vital or physical parts should be suffered to distort to its own use or seize for its own personal and separate satisfaction the greatness of the forces that are acting through you. Let your faith, your Sincerity, your purity of aspiration be absolute and pervasive of all the planes and layers of the being; then every disturbing element and distorting influence will progressively fall away from your nature.
  5:The last stage of this perfection will come when you are completely identified with the Divine Mother and feel yourself to be no longer another and separate being, instrument, servant or worker but truly a child and eternal portion of her consciousness and force. Always she will be in you and you in her; it will be your constant, simple and natural experience that all your thought and seeing and action, your very breathing and moving come from her and are hers. You will know and see and feel that you are a person and power formed by her out of herself, put out from her for the play and yet always safe in her, being of her being, consciousness of her consciousness, force of her force, ananda of her Ananda. When this condition is entire and her supramental energies can freely move you, then you will be perfect in divine works; knowledge, will, action will become sure, simple, luminous, spontaneous, flawless, an outflow from the Supreme, a divine movement of the Eternal.

1.06_-_MORTIFICATION,_NON-ATTACHMENT,_RIGHT_LIVELIHOOD, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  In the world, when people call anyone simple, they generally mean a foolish, ignorant, credulous person. But real simplicity, so far from being foolish, is almost sublime. All good men like and admire it, are conscious of sinning against it, observe it in others and know what it involves; and yet they could not precisely define it. I should say that simplicity is an uprightness of soul which prevents self-consciousness. It is not the same as Sincerity, which is a much humbler virtue. Many people are sincere who are not simple. They say nothing but what they believe to be true, and do not aim at appearing anything but what they are. But they are for ever thinking about themselves, weighing their every word and thought, and dwelling upon themselves in apprehension of having done too much or too little. These people are sincere but they are not simple. They are not at their ease with others, nor others with them. There is nothing easy, frank, unrestrained or natural about them. One feels that one would like less admirable people better, who were not so stiff.

1.06_-_Psychic_Education, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  It is also important to note that to say good words, to give wise advice to a child has very little effect, if one does not show by one's living example the truth of what one teaches.
  The best qualities to develop in children are Sincerity, honesty, straightforwardness, courage, disinterestedness, unselfishness, patience, endurance, perseverance, peace, calm and self-control, and they are taught infinitely better by example than by speeches, however, beautiful.
  The role of the teacher is to put the child upon the right road to his own perfection and encourage him to follow it watching, suggesting, helping, but not imposing or interfering. The best method of suggestion is by personal example, daily conversation, and books read from day-to-day.

1.06_-_The_Ascent_of_the_Sacrifice_2_The_Works_of_Love_-_The_Works_of_Life, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is here that the emergence of the secret psychic being in us as the leader of the sacrifice is of the utmost importance; for this inmost being alone can bring with it the full power of the spirit in the act, the soul in the symbol. It alone can assure, even while the spiritual consciousness is incomplete, the perennial freshness and Sincerity and beauty of the symbol and prevent it from becoming a dead form or a corrupted and corrupting magic; it alone can preserve for the act its power with its significance. All the other members of our being, mind, life-force, physical or body consciousness, are too much under the control of the Ignorance to be a sure instrumentation and much less can they be a guide or the source of an unerring impulse. Always the greater part of the motive and action of these powers clings to the old law, the deceiving tablets, the cherished inferior movements of Nature and they meet with reluctance, alarm or revolt or obstructing inertia the voices and the forces that call and impel us to exceed and transform ourselves into a greater being and a wider Nature. In their major part the response is either a resistance or a qualified or temporising acquiescence; for even if they follow the call, they yet tend - when not consciously, then by automatic habit - to bring into the spiritual action their own natural disabilities and errors. At every moment they are moved to take egoistic advantage of the psychic and spiritual influences and can be detected using the power, joy or light these bring into us for a lower life-motive. Afterwards too, even when the seeker has opened to the Divine Love transcendental, universal or immanent, yet if he tries to pour it into life, he meets the power of obscuration and perversion of these lower Natureforces. Always they draw away towards pitfalls, pour into that higher intensity their diminishing elements, seek to capture the descending Power for themselves and their interests and degrade it into an aggrandised mental, vital or physical instrumentation for desire and ego. Instead of a Divine Love creator of a new heaven and a new earth of Truth and Light, they would hold it here prisoner as a tremendous sanction and glorifying force of sublimation to gild the mud of the old earth and colour with its rose and sapphire the old turbid unreal skies of sentimentalising vital imagination and mental idealised chimera. If that falsification is permitted, the higher Light and Power and Bliss withdraw, there is a fall back to a lower status; or else the realisation remains tied to an insecure half-way and mixture or is covered and even submerged by an inferior exaltation that is not the true Ananda. It is for this reason that Divine Love which is at the heart of all creation and the most powerful of all redeeming and creative forces has yet been the least frontally present in earthly life, the least successfully redemptive, the least creative. Human nature has been unable to bear it in its purity for the very reason that it is the most powerful, pure, rare and intense of all the divine energies; what little could be seized has been corrupted at once into a vital pietistic ardour, a defenceless religious or ethical sentimentalism, a sensuous or even sensual erotic mysticism of the roseate coloured mind or passionately turbid life-impulse and with these simulations compensated its inability to house the Mystic Flame that could rebuild the world with its tongues of sacrifice. It is only the inmost psychic being unveiled and emerging in its full power that can lead the pilgrim sacrifice unscathed through these ambushes and pitfalls; at each moment it catches, exposes, repels the mind's and the life's falsehoods, seizes hold on the truth of the Divine Love and Ananda and separates it from the excitement of the mind's ardours and the blind enthusiasms of the misleading life-force. But all things that are true at their core in mind and life and the physical being it extricates and takes with it in the journey till they stand on the heights, new in spirit and sublime in figure.

1.06_-_Wealth_and_Government, #Words Of The Mother III, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  But the external union of mankind depends on mans goodwill and Sincerity.

1.07_-_A_Song_of_Longing_for_Tara,_the_Infallible, #How to Free Your Mind - Tara the Liberator, #Thubten Chodron, #unset
  Hook me with your great love and kindness, were expressing our interest
  and Sincerity. Thats part of the equation. The Buddhas actions dont work
  independently of us. Theres a cooperative process, so we have to come forth
  the meaning of the teachings.
  The third quality is earnestness or Sincerity, that is, a pure motivation.
  Having a pure motivation at the beginning of our practice is difcult. It takes
  time to develop it; we start with the earnestness, Sincerity, and genuine spiritual longing that we have now, and then we build upon them.
  Some people automatically think they have a pure motivation and are
  centration and Sincerity. Training our mind by generating the thoughts and
  feelings expressed in this prayer creates the causes to be reborn in a pure

1.09_-_Equality_and_the_Annihilation_of_Ego, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  12:An entire removal of this separative ego-sense is an essential aim of our Yoga. If any ego is to remain in us for a while, it is only a form of it which knows itself to be a form and is ready to disappear as soon as a true centre of consciousness is manifested or built in us. That true centre is a luminous formulation of the one Consciousness and a pure channel and instrument of the one Existence. A support for the individual manifestation and action of the universal Force, it gradually reveals behind it the true Person in us, the central eternal being, an everlasting being of the Supreme, a power and portion of the transcendent Shakti.2
  13:Here too, in this movement by which the soul divests itself gradually of the obscure robe of the ego, there is a progress by marked stages. For not only the fruit of works belongs to the Lord alone, but our works also must be his; he is the true lord of our actions no less than of our results. This we must not see with the thinking mind only, it must become entirely true to our entire consciousness and will. The sadhaka has not only to think and know but to see and feel concretely and intensely even in the moment of the working and in its initiation and whole process that his works are not his at all, but are coming through him from the Supreme Existence. He must be always aware of a Force, a Presence, a Will that acts through his individual nature. But there is in taking this turn the danger that he may confuse his own disguised or sublimated ego or an inferior power with the Lord and substitute its demands for the supreme dictates. He may fall into a common ambush of this lower nature and distort his supposed surrender to a higher Power into an excuse for a magnified and uncontrolled indulgence of his own self-will and even of his desires and passions. A great Sincerity is asked for and has to be imposed not only on the conscious mind but still more on the subliminal part of us which is full of hidden movements. For there is there, especially in our subliminal vital nature, an incorrigible charlatan and actor. The sadhaka must first have advanced far in the elimination of desire and in the firm equality of his soul towards all workings and all happenings before he can utterly lay down the burden of his works on the Divine. At every moment he must proceed with a vigilant eye upon the deceits of the ego and the ambushes of the misleading Powers of Darkness who ever represent themselves as the one Source of Light and Truth and take on them a simulacrum of divine forms in order to capture the soul of the seeker.
  14:Immediately he must take the further step of relegating himself to the position of the Witness. Aloof from the Prakriti, impersonal and dispassionate, he must watch the executive Nature-Force at work within him and understand its action; he must learn by this separation to recognise the play of her universal forces, distinguish her interweaving of light and night, the divine and the undivine, and detect her formidable Powers and Beings that use the ignorant human creature. Nature works in us, says the Gita, through the triple quality of Prakriti, the quality of light and good, the quality of passion and desire and the quality of obscurity and inertia. The seeker must learn to distinguish, as an impartial and discerning witness of all that proceeds within this kingdom of his nature, the separate and the combined action of these qualities; he must pursue the workings of the cosmic forces in him through all the labyrinth of their subtle unseen processes and disguises and know every intricacy of the maze. As he proceeds in this knowledge, he will be able to become the giver of the sanction and no longer remain an ignorant tool of Nature. At first he must induce the NatureForce in its action on his instruments to subdue the working of its two lower qualities and bring them into subjection to the quality of light and good and, afterwards, he must persuade that again to offer itself so that all three may be transformed by a higher Power into their divine equivalents, supreme repose and calm, divine illumination and bliss, the eternal divine dynamis, Tapas. The first part of this discipline and change can be firmly done in principle by the will of the mental being in us; but its full execution and the subsequent transformation can be done only when the deeper psychic soul increases its hold on the nature and replaces the mental being as its ruler. When this happens, he will be ready to make, not only with an aspiration and intention and an initial and progressive self-abandonment but with the most intense actuality of dynamic self-giving, the complete renunciation of his works to the Supreme Will. By degrees his mind of an imperfect human intelligence will be replaced by a spiritual and illumined mind and that can in the end enter into the supramental Truth-Light; he will then no longer act from his nature of the Ignorance with its three modes of confused and imperfect activity, but from a diviner nature of spiritual calm, light, power and bliss. He will act not from an amalgam of an ignorant mind and will with the drive of a still more ignorant heart of emotion and the desire of the life-being and the urge and instinct of the flesh, but first from a spiritualised self and nature and, last, from a supramental Truth-consciousness and its divine force of supernature.

1.1.02_-_The_Aim_of_the_Integral_Yoga, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  (4) To talk about the supramental and think of bringing it down in yourself is the most dangerous of all. It may bring an entire megalomania and loss of balance. What the sadhak has to seek is the full opening to the Divine, the psychic change of his consciousness, the spiritual change. Of that change of consciousness, selflessness, desirelessness, humility, bhakti, surrender, calm, equality, peace, quiet, Sincerity are necessary constituents. Until he has the psychic and spiritual change, to think of being supramental is an absurdity and an arrogant absurdity.

1.1.05_-_The_Siddhis, #Essays Divine And Human, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  There was no such weakness in the robust temperament of our forefathers. Our great Rishis of old did not cry out upon
  Siddhis, but recognised them as a part, though not the most important part of Yogic accomplishment, and used them with an abundant and unhesitating vigour. They are recognised in our sacred books, formally included in Yoga by so devotional a Purana as the Bhagawat, noted and some of their processes carefully tabled by Patanjali. Even in the midnight of the Kali great Siddhas and saints have used them more sparingly, but with power and effectiveness. It would be difficult for many of them to do otherwise than use the siddhis since by the very fact of their spiritual elevation, these powers have become not exceptional movements, but the ordinary processes of their thought and action. It is by the use of the siddhis that the Siddhas sitting on the mountains help the world out of the heart of their solitude and silence. Jesus Christ made the use of the siddhis a prominent feature of his pure, noble and spiritual life, nor did he hesitate to communicate them to his disciples - the laying of hands, the healing of the sick, the ashirvada, the abhishap, the speaking with many tongues were all given to them. The day of Pentecost is still kept holy by the Christian Church. Joan of Arc used her siddhis to liberate France. Socrates had his siddhis, some of them of a very material nature. Men of great genius are usually born with some of them and use them unconsciously. Even in natures far below the power and clarity of genius we see their occasional or irregular operation. The West, always avid of knowledge, is struggling, sadly hampered by misuse and imposture, to develop them and gropes roughly for the truth about them in the phenomena of hypnotism, clairvoyance, telepathy, vouched for by men and women of great intellectuality and Sincerity. Returning
  Eastwards, where only their right practice has been understood, the lives of our saints northern and southern are full of the record of Siddhis. Sri Ramakrishna, whose authority is quoted against

1.10_-_The_Methods_and_the_Means, #Bhakti-Yoga, #Swami Vivekananda, #Hinduism
  Cleansing the external body and discriminating the food are both easy, but without internal cleanliness and purity, these external observances are of no value whatsoever. In the list of qualities conducive to purity, as given by Ramanuja, there are enumerated, Satya, truthfulness; rjava, Sincerity; Day, doing good to others without any gain to one's self; Ahims, not injuring others by thought, word, or deed; Anabhidhy, not coveting others' goods, not thinking vain thoughts, and not brooding over injuries received from another. In this list, the one idea that deserves special notice is Ahimsa, non-injury to others. This duty of non-injury is, so to speak, obligatory on us in relation to all beings. As with some, it does not simply mean the non-injuring of human beings and mercilessness towards the lower animals; nor, as with some others, does it mean the protecting of cats and dogs and feeding of ants with sugar with liberty to injure brother-man in every horrible way! It is remarkable that almost every good idea in this world can be carried to a disgusting extreme. A good practice carried to an extreme and worked in accordance with the letter of the law becomes a positive evil. The stinking monks of certain religious sects, who do not bathe lest the vermin on their bodies should be killed, never think of the discomfort and disease they bring to their fellow human beings. They do not, however, belong to the religion of the Vedas!

1.12_-_Sleep_and_Dreams, #Words Of The Mother III, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Then with all the Sincerity at your disposal, offer yourself to the Divine in a complete relaxation, and... thats all.

1.15_-_Prayers, #Words Of The Mother III, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
      Will You please elucidate?
      With humility and Sincerity.
      It goes without saying that all bargaining spirit is an inSincerity that takes away all value from the prayer.
      8 May 1968
      O Lord, give me a perfect Sincerity.
      O Lord, let me be perfectly yours for ever.
      My Lord, every day, in all circumstances, let me repeat with the full Sincerity of my heart, May Thy Will be done and not mine.
      5 November 1941
      Lord, give me the strength of a total and perfect Sincerity that I may be worthy of Thy Realisation.
      15 August 1950
      I aspire to be delivered from all egoistic weakness and all unconscious inSincerity.
      31 December 1950
      Lord, give me perfect Sincerity, that Sincerity which will lead me straight to Thee.

1.2.01_-_The_Call_and_the_Capacity, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  There is only one logic in spiritual things: when a demand is there for the Divine, a sincere call, it is bound one day to have its fulfilment. It is only if there is a strong inSincerity somewhere, a hankering after something else - power, ambition, etc. - which counterbalances the inner call that the logic is no longer applicable. Supramental realisation is another matter: I am speaking now of the realisation of the Divine, of the contact with the
  Divine, through whatever lever, heart or mind, or both. In your case it is likely to come through the heart, through increase of bhakti or psychic purification of the heart: that is why I was pressing the psychic way upon you. I do not mean that nothing can come through meditation for you, but probably - barring the unexpected - only after the heart-experience.
  Letters on Yoga - II
   into contact with the inner being and change the outer view and consciousness from the inner - that is the work of the sadhana and it is sure to come with Sincerity, aspiration and patience.
  It is difficult to say that any particular quality makes one fit or the lack of it unfit. One may have strong sex impulses, doubts, revolts and yet succeed in the end, while another may fail. If one has a fundamental Sincerity, a will to go through in spite of all things and a readiness to be guided, that is the best security in the sadhana.

1.2.02_-_Qualities_Needed_for_Sadhana, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Indispensable Qualities
  It goes without saying that the qualities you speak of are helpful in the approach to the spiritual path, while the defects you enumerate are each a serious stumbling-block in the way. Sincerity especially is indispensable to the spiritual endeavour, and crookedness a constant obstacle. The sattwic nature has always been held to be the most apt and ready for the spiritual life, while the rajasic nature is encumbered by its desires and passions. At the same time, spirituality is something above the dualities, and what is most needed for it is a true upward aspiration. This may come to the rajasic man as well as to the sattwic. If it does, he can rise by it above his failings and desires and passions, just as the other can rise beyond his virtues, to the Divine Purity and
  Light and Love. Necessarily this can only happen if he conquers his lower nature and throws it from him; for if he relapses into it, he is likely to fall from the path or at least to be, so long as the relapse lasts, held back by it from inner progress. But for all that the conversion of great sinners into great saints, of men of little or no virtue into spiritual seekers and God-lovers has frequently happened in religious and spiritual history - as in
  Such qualities as faith, Sincerity, aspiration, devotion etc. make up the perfection indicated in our language of the flowers.1 In ordinary language it would mean something else such as purity, love, benevolence, fidelity and a host of other virtues.
  But it can be carried through if one has a central Sincerity and a fidelity to the Divine. These are the two necessary conditions.
  The first conditions of this Yoga are:
  (1) A complete Sincerity and surrender in the being. The divine life and the transformation of the lower human into the higher divine nature must be made the sole aim of all the life.
  1 The Mother named the Plumeria flower "Psychological perfection" and said that its five elements were faith, Sincerity, aspiration, devotion and surrender. - Ed.

1.2.04_-_Sincerity, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  object:1.2.04 - Sincerity
  The Meaning of Sincerity
  There is one indispensable condition, Sincerity.
  What is meant by "sincere"? Sincerity means to accept the
  Divine influence only and not that of lower forces.
  Sincerity means to be turned wholly to the Divine and accept only the Divine impulses - it means also the true and constant will or effort to be like this.
  Sincerity means more than mere honesty. It means that you mean what you say, feel what you profess, are earnest in your will. As the sadhak aspires to be an instrument of the Divine and one with the Divine, Sincerity in him means that he is really in earnest in his aspiration and refuses all other will or impulse except the
  [Sincerity:] To allow no part of the being to contradict the highest aspiration towards the Divine.
  Sincerity in Sadhana
  Men are always mixed and there are qualities and defects mingled together almost inextricably in their nature. What a man wants to be or wants others to see in him or what he is sometimes on one side of his nature or in some relations can be very different from what he is in the actual fact or in other relations or on another side of his nature. To be absolutely sincere, straightforward, open, is not an easy achievement for human nature. It is only by spiritual endeavour that one can realise it
  It is true that a central Sincerity is not enough except as a beginning and a base; the Sincerity must spread as you describe through the whole nature. But still unless there is a double nature (without a central harmonising consciousness) the basis is usually sufficient for that to happen.
  I do not think there is any reason for anxiety about your sadhana. We feel always a great depth and Sincerity of aspiration in you which keeps you in constant and close relation with us, and where there is this depth and Sincerity and this closeness the progressive opening of the being is assured; for the openness already exists.
  You speak of inSincerity in your nature. If inSincerity means the unwillingness of some part of the being to live according to the highest light one has or to equate the outer with the inner man, then this part is always insincere in all. The only way is to lay stress on the inner being and develop in it the psychic and spiritual consciousness till that comes down in it which pushes out the darkness from the outer man also.
  It is not Sincerity to express only what the adverse forces suggest or what you feel when you are in a bad condition full of obscurity and a wrong outlook. When you are in the Truth, you feel quite the opposite and it is not inSincerity to cling to that and recall it. It is only by bringing it back that the Truth can grow in you.
  All need vital Sincerity, it is the most difficult to have and the most needful.
  To perceive one's own weaknesses is one result of Sincerity.
  One cannot be perfect in discrimination at once or in rejection either. The one indispensable thing is to go on trying sincerely till there comes the full success. So long as there is complete Sincerity, the Divine Grace will be there and assist at every moment on the way.
  Sincerity in Yoga means to respond to the Divine alone and if he has no devotion he cannot do it.
  It is difficult for the ordinary Christian to be of a piece, because the teachings of Christ are on quite another plane from the consciousness of the intellectual and vital man trained by the education and society of Europe - the latter, even as a minister or priest, has never been called upon to practise what he preached in entire earnest. But it is difficult for the human nature anywhere to think, feel and act from one centre of true faith, belief or vision. The average Hindu considers the spiritual life the highest, reveres the Sannyasi, is moved by the Bhakta; but if one of the family circle leaves the world for spiritual life, what tears, arguments, remonstrances, lamentations! It is almost worse than if he had died a natural death. It is not conscious mental inSincerity - they will argue like Pandits and go to Shastra to prove you in the wrong; it is unconsciousness, a vital inSincerity which
  That is why we insist so much on Sincerity in the Yoga - and that means to have all the being consciously turned towards the one Truth, the one Divine. But that for human nature is one of the most difficult of tasks, much more difficult than a rigid asceticism or a fervent piety. Religion itself does not give this complete harmonised Sincerity - it is only the psychic being and the one-souled spiritual aspiration that can give it.

1.2.05_-_Aspiration, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  I mean by the measure of the soul's Sincerity a yearning after the

1.2.07_-_Surrender, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Surrender everything, reject all other desires or interests, call on the divine Shakti to open the vital nature and bring down calm, peace, light, Ananda into all the centres. Aspire, await with faith and patience the result. All depends on a complete Sincerity and an integral consecration and aspiration.

1.2.10_-_Opening, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Opening is a thing that happens of itself by Sincerity of will and aspiration. It means to be able to receive the higher forces that come from the Mother
  Whether one is open or not is shown by two things. If one is conscious of the force working in one, then one is open. But even if one is not conscious, yet if results of the working happen, then that also means that in the inner being some opening has been made. Aspiration, Sincerity and the quietude of the mind are the three best conditions for opening.
  In this Yoga all depends on whether one can open to the Influence or not. If there is a Sincerity in the aspiration and a patient will to arrive at the higher consciousness in spite of all obstacles, then the opening in one form or another is sure to arrive. But it may take a long or a short time according to the prepared or unprepared condition of the mind, heart and body; so if one has not the necessary patience, the effort may be abandoned owing to the difficulty of the beginning. There is no method in this
  Yoga except to concentrate, preferably in the heart, and call the presence and power of the Mother to take up the being and by the workings of her force transform the consciousness; one can concentrate also in the head or between the eyebrows, but for many this is a too difficult opening. When the mind falls quiet and the concentration becomes strong and the aspiration intense, then there is a beginning of experience. The more the faith, the more rapid the result is likely to be. For the rest one must not depend on one's own efforts only, but succeed in establishing a contact with the Divine and a receptivity to the Mother s Power and Presence.
  Open with Sincerity. That means to open integrally and without reservation: not to give one part of you to the divine working and keep back the rest; not to make a partial offering and keep for yourself the other movements of your nature. All must be opened wide; it is inSincerity to hold back any part of you or keep it shut to the Divine.

1.2.11_-_Patience_and_Perseverance, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  His Sincerity must enable him to persevere always - for it is a longing for the Divine that nothing can quench, neither delay nor disappointment nor difficulty nor anything else.

1.240_-_Talks_2, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  D.: Still I do not feel Grace.
  M.: Sincerity is wanting. Surrender should not be verbal nor conditional.
  Passages from St. Justinian were read out to illustrate these statements.
  D.: What is the starting point for one in my stage of development.
  M.: Each one has some method of upasana or japa. If that is pursued in all Sincerity with due perseverance, it will automatically lead to the investigation of the Self.
  [The writer of these notes was not present and the above was gathered from one of the attendants of Sri Maharshi.]

1.300_-_1.400_Talks, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  M.: Sincerity is wanting. Surrender should not be verbal nor conditional.
  M.: Each one has some method of upasana or japa. If that is pursued in all Sincerity with due perseverance, it will automatically lead to the investigation of the Self., #Essays Divine And Human, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  In the hour of God cleanse thy soul of all self-deceit and hypocrisy and vain self-flattering that thou mayst look straight into thy spirit and hear that which summons it. All inSincerity of nature, once thy defence against the eye of the Master and the light of the ideal, becomes now a gap in thy armour and invites the blow. Even if thou conquer for the moment, it is the worse for thee, for the blow shall come afterwards and cast thee down in the midst of thy triumph. But being pure cast aside all fear; for the hour is often terrible, a fire and a whirlwind and a tempest, a treading of the winepress of the wrath of God; but he who can stand up in it on the truth of his purpose is he who shall stand; even though he fall, he shall rise again, even though he seem to pass on the wings of the wind, he shall return. Nor let worldly prudence whisper too closely in thy ear; for it is the hour of the unexpected, the incalculable, the immeasurable. Mete not the

1.4.01_-_The_Divine_Grace_and_Guidance, #Letters On Yoga II, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  There is nothing unintelligible in what I say about strength and
  Grace. Strength has a value for spiritual realisation, but to say that it can be done by strength only and by no other means is a violent exaggeration. Grace is not an invention, it is a fact of spiritual experience. Many who would be considered as mere nothings by the wise and strong have attained by Grace; illiterate, without mental power or training, without "strength" of character or will, they have yet aspired and suddenly or rapidly grown into spiritual realisation, because they had faith or because they were sincere. I do not see why these facts which are facts of spiritual history and of quite ordinary spiritual experience should be discussed and denied and argued as if they were mere matters of speculation. Strength, if it is spiritual, is a power for spiritual realisation; a greater power is Sincerity; the greatest power of all is Grace. I have said times without number that if a man is sincere, he will go through in spite of long delay and overwhelming difficulties. I have repeatedly spoken of the Divine
  Grace. I have referred any number of times to the line of the Gita:

2.01_-_The_Path, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  One must will in all Sincerity.

2.02_-_Habit_2_Begin_with_the_End_in_Mind, #The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #Stephen Covey, #unset
  That's why creating an organizational mission statement takes time, patience, involvement, skill, and empathy. Again, it's not a quick fix. It takes time and Sincerity, correct principles, and the courage and integrity to align systems, structure, and management style to the shared vision and values. But it's based on correct principles and it works.

2.05_-_Aspects_of_Sadhana, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Three things indispensable to begin with:
  Absolute Sincerity in the whole being and all its activities.
  The three types of examination are: those set by the forces of Nature, those set by spiritual and divine forces, and those set by hostile forces. These last are the most deceptive in their appearance and to avoid being caught unawares and unprepared requires a state of constant watchfulness, Sincerity and humility.
  Vigilance, Sincerity and humility for the examinations from hostile forces.

2.05_-_THE_MASTER_AND_KESHAB, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  "Karmayoga is very hard indeed. In the Kaliyuga it is extremely difficult to perform the rites enjoined in the scriptures. Nowadays man's life is centred on food alone. He cannot perform many scriptural rites. Suppose a man is laid up with fever. If you attempt a slow cure with the old-fashioned indigenous remedies, before long his life may be snuffed out. He can't stand much delay. Nowadays the drastic 'D Gupta' mixture is appropriate. In the Kaliyuga the best way is bhaktiyoga, the path of devotion-singing the praises of the Lord, and prayer. The path of devotion alone is the religion for this age. (To the Brahmo devotees) Yours also is the path of devotion. Blessed you are indeed that you chant the name of Hari and sing the Divine Mother's glories. I like your attitude. You don't call the world a dream like the non-dualists. You are not Brahmajnanis like them; you are bhaktas, lovers of God. That you speak of Him as a Person is also good. You are devotees. You will certainly realize Him if you call on Him with Sincerity and earnestness."

2.06_-_Works_Devotion_and_Knowledge, #Essays On The Gita, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  This integral turning of the soul Godwards bases royally the Gita's synthesis of knowledge and works and devotion. To know God thus integrally is to know him as One in the self and in all manifestation and beyond all manifestation, - and all this unitedly and at once. And yet even so to know him is not enough unless it is accompanied by an intense uplifting of the heart and soul Godwards, unless it kindles a one-pointed and at the same time all-embracing love, adoration, aspiration. Indeed the knowledge which is not companioned by an aspiration and vivified by an uplifting is no true knowledge, for it can be only an intellectual seeing and a barren cognitive endeavour. The vision of God brings infallibly the adoration and passionate seeking of the Divine, - a passion for the Divine in his self-existent being, but also for the Divine in ourselves and for the Divine in all that is. To know with the intellect is simply to understand and may be an effective starting-point, - or, too, it may not be, and it will not be if there is no Sincerity in the knowledge, no urge towards inner realisation in the will, no power upon the soul, no call in the spirit: for that would mean that the brain has
  He is the enemy of none and he is the partial lover of none; none has he cast out, none has he eternally condemned, none has he favoured by any despotism of arbitrary caprice: all at last equally come to him through their circlings in the ignorance. But it is only this perfect adoration that can make this indwelling of God in man and man in God a conscious thing and an engrossing and perfect union. Love of the Highest and a total self-surrender are the straight and swift way to this divine oneness.9
  The equal Divine Presence in all of us makes no other preliminary condition, if once this integral self-giving has been made in faith and in Sincerity and with a fundamental completeness.

2.08_-_THE_MASTERS_BIRTHDAY_CELEBRATION_AT_DAKSHINESWAR, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  (To the goswami) "With Sincerity and earnestness one can realize God through all religions. The Vaishnavas will realize God, and so will the Saktas, the Vedantists, and the Brahmos. The Mussalmans and Christians will realize Him too. All will certainly realize God if they are earnest and sincere.

2.1.03_-_Man_and_Superman, #Essays Divine And Human, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Nothing has the value of truth for the supramental if it is only thought or understood with the intelligence. That is a shadow or reflection and shadows can always distort, at best only adumbrate; reflections can always misform or mistranslate and at best have not the truth-substance. It is only when the object is entered into, seen with an inner and surrounding vision, possessed in experience, taken into our living universal & identifying individual consciousness, made one with us in the Truth that is, holds, comprehends, actuates all things, - only then is there the characteristic process of the supermind, the way of directness, the Sincerity and power, the magnificence and general wholeness of the gnosis[.]

2.11_-_The_Guru, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
    The western mind always finds it difficult to submit totally to a Guru and without total and unquestioning surrender to the Guru his help to you is paralysed. That is why generally I advise westerners to find the guidance and the Presence within themselves; it is true that this process is very often open to uncertainty and self-deception, mistaking some voice of the ego in disguise for the Divines guidance.
    In both cases, it is only an absolute Sincerity and an unmixed humility that can be your safeguard.
    With my blessings.

2.20_-_2.29_-_RULES_FOR_HOUSEHOLDERS_AND_MONKS, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  "The Brahmos insist that God is formless. Suppose they do. It is enough to call on Him with Sincerity of heart. If the devotee is sincere, then God, who is the Inner Guide of all, will certainly reveal to the devotee His true nature.
  From one Ghat the Hindus take water in jars and call it 'jal'. From another Ghat the Mussalmans take water in leather bags and call it 'pani'. From a third the Christians take the same thing and call it 'water'. (All laugh.) Suppose someone says that the thing is not 'jal' but 'pani', or that it is not 'pani' but 'water', or that it is not 'water' but 'jal'. It would indeed be ridiculous. But this very thing is at the root of the friction among sects, their misunderstandings and quarrels. This is why people injure and kill one another, and shed blood, in the name of religion. But this is not good. Everyone is going toward God. They will all realize Him if they have Sincerity and longing of heart.
  Keep your mind on God. Don't forget Him. God will certainly reveal Himself to you if you pray to Him with Sincerity. Another thing. Sing the name of God at the end of each performance. Then the actors, the singers, and the audience will go home with the thought of God in their minds."
  Pundit Shashadhar, a man of fair complexion and no longer young, had a string of rudraksha beads around his neck. He was one of the renowned Sanskrit scholars of his time-a pillar of orthodox Hinduism, which had reasserted itself after the first wave of Christianity and Western culture had passed over Hindu society. His clear exposition of the Hindu scriptures, his ringing Sincerity, and, his stirring eloquence had brought back a large number of the educated young Hindus of Bengal to the religion of their forefathers.
  MASTER: "You are generous and artless. One cannot realize God without Sincerity and simplicity. God is far, far away from the crooked heart."
  "I ask people to renounce mentally. I do not ask them to give up the world. If one lives in the world unattached and seeks God with Sincerity, then one is able to attain Him.

2.2.02_-_The_True_Being_and_the_True_Consciousness, #Letters On Yoga I, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  There is no inSincerity in asking me again and again for the right
  condition - the feeling of connection and the true consciousness

2.25_-_The_Triple_Transformation, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The outer nature has to undergo a change of poise, a quieting, a purification and fine mutation of its substance and energy by which the many obstacles in it rarefy, drop away or otherwise disappear; it then becomes possible to pass through to the depths of our being and from the depths so reached a new consciousness can be formed, both behind the exterior self and in it, joining the depths to the surface. There must grow up within us or there must manifest a consciousness more and more open to the deeper and the higher being, more and more laid bare to the cosmic Self and Power and to what comes down from the Transcendence, turned to a higher Peace, permeable to a greater light, force and ecstasy, a consciousness that exceeds the small personality and surpasses the limited light and experience of the surface mind, the limited force and aspiration of the normal life consciousness, the obscure and limited responsiveness of the body.
  Even before the tranquillising purification of the outer nature has been effected or before it is sufficient, one can still break down the wall screening our inner being from our outer awareness by a strong force of call and aspiration, a vehement will or violent effort or an effective discipline or process; but this may be a premature movement and is not without its serious dangers. In entering within one may find oneself amidst a chaos of unfamiliar and supernormal experiences to which one has not the key or a press of subliminal or cosmic forces, subconscient, mental, vital, subtle-physical, which may unduly sway or chaotically drive the being, encircle it in a cave of darkness, or keep it wandering in a wilderness of glamour, allurement, deception, or push it into an obscure battlefield full of secret and treacherous and misleading or open and violent oppositions; beings and voices and influences may appear to the inner sense and vision and hearing claiming to be the Divine Being or His messengers or Powers and Godheads of the Light or guides of the path to realisation, while in truth they are of a very different character. If there is too much egoism in the nature of the seeker or a strong passion or an excessive ambition, vanity or other dominating weakness, or an obscurity of the mind or a vacillating will or a weakness of the life-force or an unsteadiness in it or want of balance, he is likely to be seized on through these deficiencies and to be frustrated or to deviate, misled from the true way of the inner life and seeking into false paths, or to be left wandering about in an intermediate chaos of experiences and fail to find his way out into the true realisation. These perils were well-known to a past spiritual experience and have been met by imposing the necessity of initiation, of discipline, of methods of purification and testing by ordeal, of an entire submission to the directions of the path-finder or path-leader, one who has realised the Truth and himself possesses and is able to communicate the light, the experience, a guide who is strong to take by the hand and carry over difficult passages as well as to instruct and point out the way. But even so the dangers will be there and can only be surmounted if there is or there grows up a complete Sincerity, a will for purity, a readiness for obedience to the Truth, for surrender to the Highest, a readiness to lose or to subject to a divine yoke the limiting and self-affirming ego. These things are the sign that the true will for realisation, for conversion of the consciousness, for transformation is there, the necessary stage of the evolution has been reached: in that condition the defects of nature which belong to the human being cannot be a permanent obstacle to the change from the mental to the spiritual status; the process may never be entirely easy, but the way will have been made open and practicable.
  One effective way often used to facilitate this entry into the inner self is the separation of the Purusha, the conscious being, from the Prakriti, the formulated nature. If one stands back from the mind and its activities so that they fall silent at will or go on as a surface movement of which one is the detached and disinterested witness, it becomes possible eventually to realise oneself as the inner Self of mind, the true and pure mental being, the Purusha; by similarly standing back from the life activities, it is possible to realise oneself as the inner Self of life, the true and pure vital being, the Purusha; there is even a Self of body of which, by standing back from the body and its demands and activities and entering into a silence of the physical consciousness watching the action of its energy, it is possible to become aware, a true and pure physical being, the Purusha. So too, by standing back from all these activities of nature successively or together, it becomes possible to realise one's inner being as the silent impersonal self, the witness Purusha. This will lead to a spiritual realisation and liberation, but will not necessarily bring about a transformation; for the Purusha, satisfied to be free and himself, may leave the Nature, the Prakriti, to exhaust its accumulated impetus by an unsupported action, a mechanical continuance not renewed and reinforced or vivified and prolonged by his consent, and use this rejection as a means of withdrawing from all nature. The Purusha has to become not only the witness but the knower and source, the master of all the thought and action, and this can only be partially done so long as one remains on the mental level or has still to use the ordinary instrumentation of mind, life and body. A certain mastery can indeed be achieved, but mastery is not transformation; the change made by it cannot be sufficient to be integral: for that it is essential to get back, beyond mind-being, life-being, body-being, still more deeply inward to the psychic entity inmost and profoundest within us - or else to open to the superconscient highest domains. For this penetration into the luminous crypt of the soul one has to get through all the intervening vital stuff to the psychic centre within us, however long, tedious or difficult may be the process. The method of detachment from the insistence of all mental and vital and physical claims and calls and impulsions, a concentration in the heart, austerity, self-purification and rejection of the old mind movements and life movements, rejection of the ego of desire, rejection of false needs and false habits, are all useful aids to this difficult passage: but the strongest, most central way is to found all such or other methods on a self-offering and surrender of ourselves and of our parts of nature to the Divine Being, the Ishwara. A strict obedience to the wise and intuitive leading of a Guide is also normal and necessary for all but a few specially gifted seekers.

2.3.01_-_Aspiration_and_Surrender_to_the_Mother, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  I can only say - it is your vital you have to change. Make it perfectly straight and clear and pure. Make it free from all selfishness, blindness, inSincerity, anger, abhiman, self-indulgence, vital desire - and give it as a pure offering to the Mother.

2.30_-_2.39_-_THE_MASTER_IN_VARIOUS_MOODS, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  MASTER: "Well, then give God the power of attorney. If a man entrusts his affairs to a good person, will the latter do him any harm? With all the Sincerity of your heart resign yourself to God and drive all your worries out of your mind. Do whatever duties He has assigned to you. The kitten does not have a calculating mind. It only cries, 'Mew, mew!'
  What faith a child has! When a child's mother says to him about a certain man, 'He is your brother', the child believes he really is his brother. The child believes it one hundred and twenty-five percent, though he may be the son of a brahmin, and the man the son of a blacksmith. The mother says to the child, 'There is a bugaboo in that room', and the child really believes there is a bugaboo in the room. Such is the faith of a child! One must have this childlike faith in the guru's words. God cannot be realized by a mind that is hypocritical, calculating, or argumentative. One must have faith and Sincerity.
  GIRISH: "I have no Sincerity. Please give it to me."

2.3.02_-_Opening,_Sincerity_and_the_Mother's_Grace, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  object:2.3.02 - Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  The Meaning of Opening
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  That is the first step towards opening.
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Letters on the Mother
  There is only one thing needed to make anyone fit for the
  Mother's grace - it is a perfect Sincerity and a truthful openness
  2 February 1934 to the Mother in all the being.
  It depends not only on the will of the Mother but on the Sincerity of the sadhak. I do not see that you have any sincere will to do
  13 July 1934
  X once said to the Mother that if the Sincerity was perfect there would be transformation in a day; to this the Mother replied "Yes". I do not understand how that could be possible
  - a long process of conversion of consciousness compressed into one day's work. Perhaps the Mother said yes to emphasise the importance of Sincerity.
  By Sincerity Mother meant being open to no influence but the
  Divine's only. Now, if the whole being were sincere in that sense even to every cell of the body, what could prevent the most rapid transformation? People cannot be like that, however much the enlightened part of them may want to, because of the nature of the Ignorance out of which the ordinary Prakriti has been built
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace
  Opening, Sincerity and the Mother's Grace

2.3.03_-_Integral_Yoga, #Essays Divine And Human, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Victory in this effort depends upon the Sincerity within you, the purity of your aspiration, the burning core of your faith, the absoluteness of your will and surrender[.]

2.3.03_-_The_Mother's_Presence, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is quite possible for you to do sadhana at home and in the midst of your work - many do so. What is necessary at the beginning is to remember the Mother as much as possible, to concentrate on her in the heart for a time every day, if possible thinking of her as the Divine Mother, to aspire to feel her there within you, offer her your works and pray that from within she may guide and sustain you. This is a preliminary stage which often takes long, but if one goes through it with Sincerity and steadfastness, the mentality begins little by little to change and a new consciousness opens in the sadhak which begins to be aware more and more of the Mother's presence within, of her working in the nature and in the life or of some other spiritual experience
  22 February 1937 which opens the gate towards realisation.

2.3.04_-_The_Mother's_Force, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is certain that one's own effort is necessary, though one cannot do the sadhana by one's own effort alone. The Mother's Force is needed, but the sadhak must open himself to it, reject what opposes the Force, put his full Sincerity, aspiration, will power into the sadhana. It is only when all is open and there is the full surrender that the Divine Power takes up the sadhana so entirely that personal effort is no longer necessary. But that cannot happen at an early stage - one must go on opening oneself, consecrating oneself, making the surrender till that later stage comes. This has been explained in the book The Mother.
  All these questions are met by my answer. One cannot be perfect in discrimination at once or in rejection either. The one indispensable thing is to go on trying sincerely till there comes the full success. So long as there is complete Sincerity, the Divine
  Grace will be there and assist at every moment on the way.
  If ego-sense comes back upon you so strongly, it must be because something in you admits it. The Mother's force is there always and can help you to get rid of these things, but you on your part must with faith and Sincerity accept the Mother and put yourself entirely on her side so as to make it possible for the
  Force to work with effect. When bad thoughts come, you must reject them, not assent to them in your mind, not give voice to them in your speech, not believe in them or their suggestions.
  It can only be done by discrimination, care, Sincerity, a constant control with regard to the mind's movements and the growth of a certain kind of psychic tact which detects any mental imitation
  27 April 1933 or false suggestion of its being the Mother's.
  I don't know whether Mother is sending force in the accepted sense; I haven't asked her. In any case anyone can receive the force who has faith and Sincerity, whose psychic being has begun to wake and who opens himself, - whether he knows or not that he is receiving. If X even imagines that he is receiving, that may open the way to a real reception, - if he feels it, why question his feeling? He is certainly trying hard to change and that is the first necessity; if one tries it can always be done, in more or less
  28 June 1943 time.

2.3.05_-_Sadhana_through_Work_for_the_Mother, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Those who do work for the Mother in all Sincerity, are prepared by the work itself for the right consciousness even if they do not sit down for meditation or follow any particular practice of
  Yoga. It is not necessary to tell you how to meditate; whatever is needful will come of itself if in your work and at all times you are sincere and keep yourself open to the Mother.

2.3.07_-_The_Mother_in_Visions,_Dreams_and_Experiences, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  One hears the voice or the thought speaking inwardly and one answers inwardly. Only it is not always safe for the sadhak if there is any inSincerity of ego, desire, vanity, ambition in him
  - for then he may construct a voice or thought in his mind and ascribe it to the Mother and it will say to him pleasing and flattering things which mislead him. Or he may mistake some

2.3.08_-_The_Mother's_Help_in_Difficulties, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The play of the mental and vital defects in the human nature which belongs to the Ignorance is allowed - as also the attacks and suggestions of the Asuric forces - so long as there is anything in the nature which responds to these things. If they rise in you in the presence of the Mother, it is because then a strong pressure is put on them so that they have either to go out or to put up a fight for existence. The remedy is to open to the Mother only and to reject entirely and at all times all other forces, and to reject them most when they become most active. Faith, Sincerity, perseverance will do the rest.

2.40_-_2.49_-_THE_MASTER_AT_THE_HOUSES_OF_BALARM_AND_GIRISH, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  MASTER: "Your boy is quite guileless. One day Sambhu's face became red as he said, 'God will surely listen to a man's prayer if he prays to Him with Sincerity.'

3.01_-_Sincerity, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  object:3.01 - Sincerity
      Sincerity is the key of the divine doors.
      Be sincere.
      Sincerity is the gate to Divinity.
      Sincerity means to lift all the movements of the being to the level of the highest consciousness and realisation already attained.
      Sincerity exacts the unification and harmonisation of the whole being in all its parts and movements around the central Divine Will.
      21 February 1930
      Fear not, your Sincerity is your safeguard.
      22 November 1934
      Simple Sincerity: the beginning of all progress.
      An uncompromising Sincerity is the surest way to spiritual achievement.
        Do not pretend be.
      In Sincerity is the certitude of victory.
      Sincerity! Sincerity! How sweet is the purity of thy presence!
      The only salvation is in an absolute Sincerity and truthfulness.
      25 March 1963
      Absolute Sincerity is required.
      Sincerity, Fidelity are the two guardians of the Way.
      21 February 1965
      We want to be sincere in spite of all contrary opinions; Sincerity is our safeguard.
      19 December 1967
      What do I need to develop most? And what do I need to reject most?
        Develop Sincerity (that is, an integral adhesion to the Divines way).
        Reject the pull of the old human habits.
      InSincerity leads on the path to ruin.
      In your sadhana what is important is Sincerity at every point; if there is that, mistakes can be rectified and do not so much matter.
      If there is any inSincerity, that pulls down the sadhana at once.
      But whether this constant Sincerity is there or there is any falling off from it at any point, is a thing you must learn to see in yourself; if there is the earnest and constant will for it, the power to see will come.
      Sincerity does not at all depend on satisfying others it is an inner matter and lies solely between you and me.
      12 May 1939
      Those who are sincere, I can help and turn easily towards the Divine. But where there is inSincerity I can do very little.
      I feel sincerely that I want the Divine and nothing else.
      But when I am in contact with other people, when I am busy with things without any value, I naturally forget the Divine, my one goal. Is it inSincerity? If not, then what does it mean?
      Yes. It is inSincerity of the being, in which one part wants the Divine and another part wants something else.
      It is through ignorance and stupidity that the being is insincere. But with a persevering will and an absolute confidence in the Divine Grace, one can cure this inSincerity.
      As long as there is within a person the possibility of an inner conflict, it means that there is still in him some inSincerity.
      Any inner conflict is the sign of a lack of Sincerity.
      When you are sure that you have attained absolute Sincerity, you may be certain that you have plunged into falsehood.
      All division in the being is an inSincerity.
      The greatest inSincerity is to dig an abyss between your body and the truth of your being.
      When an abyss separates the true being from the physical being, Nature fills it up immediately with all kinds of adverse suggestions, the most formidable of which is fear, and the most pernicious, doubt.
      Allow nothing anywhere to deny the truth of your being this is Sincerity.
      7 July 1957
      Before the Eternal Consciousness a drop of Sincerity has more value than an ocean of pretension and hypocrisy.
      I need not appear to be good if my Sincerity is perfect.
      It is better to be than to seem.
      Human beings for the most part have the inveterate habit of deceiving themselves. They deceive themselves in hundreds of different ways, each more slyly tricky and subtle than the other, and all this with at once a perfect candour and a perfect inSincerity.
      The important point is to be more and more sincere, always more sincere so that you never deceive yourself in the integrality of your aspiration.
      This Sincerity brings the sure help of the divine Grace.
      It is easy to see that the mistakes are due to a lack of Sincerity in the being the only way out of it is to become sincere. You have been given the power of will and of knowledge for that purpose.
      9 March 1968
      The greatest enemies of a perfect Sincerity are preferences (either mental, vital or physical) and preconceived ideas. It is these obstacles that must be overcome.

3.01_-_Towards_the_Future, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Yes, I have always enjoyed making fun of current ideas and social conventions. But in all fairness you must admit that I have never said anything against true love, the love that comes from a deep affinity and is marked by an identity of views and aspirations. I always dreamt of a great love that would be shared, free from all animal activity, something that could physically represent the great love which is at the origin of the worlds. This dream accounts for my marriage. But the experience has not been a very happy one. I have loved deeply, with great Sincerity and
  True, but sometimes I feel such an emptiness in my life! It may have been to fill this emptiness that I gave myself entirely and in all Sincerity to that marvellous cause which is so dear to me: to relieve suffering humanity, to awaken it to its capacities and its true goal and ultimate transformation.

3.02_-_Aridity_in_Prayer, #The Interior Castle or The Mansions, #Saint Teresa of Avila, #Christianity
  14.: This will be best explained while writing of the fourth mansion, which comes next, when I must speak of the consolations received there from our Lord. The subject may appear futile, yet may prove useful by urging souls who know what each mansion contains to strive to enter the best. It will solace those whom God has advanced so far; others, who thought they had reached the summit, will be abashed, yet if they are humble they will be led to thank God.
  15.: Those who do not receive these consolations may feel a despondency that is uncalled for, since perfection does not consist in consolation but in greater love; our reward will be in proportion to this, and to the justice and Sincerity of our actions. Perhaps you wonder, then, why I treat of these interior favours and their nature. I do not know; ask him who bade me write this. I must obey Superiors, not argue with them, which I have no right to do.
  16.: I assure you that when I had neither received these favours,17' nor understood them by experience, or ever expected to (and rightly so, for I should have felt reassured if I had known or even conjectured that I was pleasing to God in any way), yet when I read of the mercies and consolations that our Lord grants to His servants, I was delighted and praised Him fervently. If such as myself acted thus, how much more would the humble and good glorify Him! I think it is worth while to explain these subjects and show what consolations and delights we lose through our own fault, if only for the sake of moving a single soul to praise God once.

3.02_-_Aspiration, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  It is to the Sincerity of your aspiration that the Love answers spontaneously.
  Each one is responsible only for the Sincerity of his aspiration.

3.02_-_The_Great_Secret, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    No, it is not too late, it is never too late.
    Let us unite our wills in a great aspiration; let us pray for an intervention of the Grace. A miracle can always happen. Faith has a sovereign power. And if indeed we are to take part in the great work to be done, then an intervention will come and prolong our lives. Let us pray with the humility of the wise and the candid faith of a child; let us invoke with Sincerity this new Consciousness, this new Force, Truth and Beauty which must manifest, so that the earth may be transformed and the supramental life realised in the material world.
    They all concentrate in silence. The Unknown Man continues:

3.03_-_Faith_and_the_Divine_Grace, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Who can stand before Thee, Lord, and say in all Sincerity,
  I have never made a mistake? How many times in a day we commit faults against Thy work, and always Thy Grace comes to efface them!
  The Grace is equally for all. But each one receives it according to his Sincerity. It does not depend on outward circumstances but on a sincere aspiration and openness.
  Right use of the granted Grace: no deformation, no diminution, no exaggeration a clear Sincerity.
  Whenever there is Sincerity and goodwill, the Divines help also is there.
  Everyone is given his chance and the help is there for all but for each the benefit is proportionate to his Sincerity.

3.03_-_On_Thought_-_II, #Words Of Long Ago, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The first attitude to be taken, the most indispensable, is the most perfect mental Sincerity it is within our power to acquire.

3.06_-_Charity, #Words Of Long Ago, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   in all Sincerity to the great work. For he alone knows that no contrary will, no unexpected impulse can ever again come to impede his action, to check his effort by setting him at variance with himself.

3.18_-_Of_Clairvoyance_and_the_Body_of_Light, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  adapted to his Neschamah will find them lucid and reliable.
  2. Malicious or pranksome elementals instinctively avoid the austere Sincerity of
  the Figures of Fu and King Wn.

3.2.05_-_Our_Ideal, #Essays In Philosophy And Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  On the other hand, the exaggerated spirituality of the Indian effort has also registered a bankruptcy; we have seen how high individuals can rise by it, but we have seen also how low a race can fall which in its eagerness to seek after God ignores His intention in humanity. Both the European and the Indian attempt were admirable, the Indian by its absolute spiritual Sincerity, the
  European by its severe intellectual honesty and ardour for the truth; both have accomplished miracles; but in the end God and

3.20_-_Of_the_Eucharist, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Magician who is himself sworn to the service of humanity may count upon the
  heartiest help of these Orders. Their Sincerity may always be assured by putting
  them to the test of the acceptance of the Law of Thelema. Whoso denies Do what, #Essays In Philosophy And Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is the possibility of the universal Nature and her law that determines his natural being and action, but it is part of her law to be subject to the spirit, and she will develop in reply to an insistent call; for then she must respond, she must supply the needed energy, she must determine the acts in that direction, she must assure its issue. His past and his present nature and the environment he has secured may present constant obstacles, but they must still yield in the end to the evolutionary will in him in proportion to its Sincerity, wholeness and insistence. All the possibility of the All-being is in him, all the power of the AllWill is behind him. This evolution and all its circumstances, his life, its form, its events, its values arise out of that urge and are shaped according to the past, present or future active will of his spirit. As is his use of the energy, so was and will be the return of the universal energy to him now and hereafter. This is the fundamental meaning of Karma.

4.02_-_Difficulties, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The difficulties are always due to a resistance, some part or several parts of the being refusing to receive the force, the consciousness and the light put upon them and revolting against the divine influence. It is rare that somebody can surrender entirely to the Divines Will without having to face one or another of these difficulties. But to keep steady ones aspiration and to look at oneself with an absolute Sincerity are the sure means to overcome all obstacles.
  He who wants to advance on the path of perfection must never complain about the difficulties on the way, for each is an opportunity for a new progress. To complain is a sign of weakness and inSincerity.
  Where the two extremes meet, to complain of anything at all, of oneself, of others or of circumstances, is a weakness and an inSincerity towards ones supreme Self.
  Do with Sincerity all you do and leave the results to the
  Divines care.
  If you do that always with faith and Sincerity, you will find something opening in you which will always remain calm and peaceful in spite of all superficial disturbances.
  Those who are sincere I can help and turn easily towards the
  Divine. But where there is inSincerity I can do very little. And as I have told you already, we have only to be patient and wait for things to become better. But surely I do not see why you should get disturbed and in what way your disturbance would help things to be better. You know by experience that there is only one way of getting out of confusion and obscurity; it is to remain very quiet and peaceful, firm in equanimity and to let the storm pass away. Rise above these petty quarrels and difficulties and wake up once more in the light and the power of my love which never leaves you.
  To keep steady ones aspiration and to look at oneself with an absolute Sincerity are the sure means to overcome all obstacles.

4.03_-_Mistakes, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  One must not torment oneself over errors that one may commit, but one must keep a perfect Sincerity in ones aspiration and in the end everything will be all right.

4.04_-_Weaknesses, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Dont you think I should have the strength to reject this obstacle?
  Certainly but then you must do it in all Sincerity and not accept these movements of jealousy in any way.
  We speak of union and say we are working for it. But the spirit of quarrelling is in our midst. Shall we not conquer this inSincerity?
  I am here to ask you to do it. And the best way is to join in the service of the Divine., #Letters On Yoga III, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  If there is any kind of egoistic turn or inSincerity of motive, if the Yoga is done under a pressure of vital demands, or partly or wholly to satisfy some spiritual or other ambition, pride, vanity or seeking after power, position or influence over others or with any push towards satisfying any vital desire with the help of the Yogic force, then the psychic cannot open, or opens only partially or only at times and shuts again because it is veiled by the vital activities; the psychic fire fails in the strangling vital smoke. Also, if the mind takes the leading part in the Yoga and puts the inner soul into the background, or, if the bhakti or other movements of the sadhana take more of a vital than of a psychic form, there is the same inability. Purity, simple Sincerity and the capacity of an unegoistic unmixed self-offering without pretension or demand are the conditions of an entire opening of the psychic being., #Letters On Yoga III, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The psychic being is often seen or felt within in the form of a child, - it is perhaps that that you are feeling within you; it is calling for a complete Sincerity, but Sincerity is used here in the sense of opening to nothing but the divine influences and impulses. It does not mean that you have committed any fault, but only that the psychic in you wants you to be completely under its sole government, so that all in you may be for the
  Divine only. The feeling of sorrow is probably a response of the vital in you to this demand - thinking that it must have erred; but such a feeling of sorrow is not necessary. The vital can quietly wait for the psychic working to do all that is needed in due time., #Letters On Yoga III, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  of time - so if you take it up it must be with a firm resolve to
  carry it through to the end with a whole-hearted Sincerity, faith,
  patience and courage.

5.1.03_-_The_Hostile_Forces_and_Hostile_Beings, #Letters On Yoga I, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is again true that those who have a complete and living faith in the Divine and a perfect Sincerity in their vision of the
  Divine everywhere and a pure sattwic nature need not trouble themselves about the hostile forces - for from them the forces of the Ignorance fall back and cannot take possession of their nature.

7.02_-_The_Mind, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Birth of true mental Sincerity: with its birth the mind will understand that it is only a means and not an end in itself.
  Action perverted by such a twist looks like inSincerity. Be always on your guard against this persistent defect. This is my gift for the New Year.

7.04_-_The_Vital, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Sincerity in the vital: the sure road to realisation.

7.07_-_The_Subconscient, #Words Of The Mother II, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Power of the truth in the subconscient: it can act only when Sincerity is perfect.

Agenda_Vol_10, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  It's for my own satisfaction. These, and the "New Birth," 5 oh, these two fragrances are so clean....
  (Pointing to the bunch of daisies) This is "Simple Sincerity" You know, a Sincerity that doesn't make
  any fuss!
  And here's the end:
  "The service of the Divine exacts a Sincerity in the surrender unknown to all moralities."
  FAITH. The faith that there lies the raison d'etre of the makeup of individuals, and the aspiration to
  become THAT in all one's intensity and all one's Sincerity... That's the only thing needed.
  That's the only thing needed, the ONLY thing; the only thing that subsists. All the rest...
  Trust, you know: being aware that it's a higher intervention - trust first of all. Then, perfect
  surrender: "What You will" - let the body, in full Sincerity, be ready for anything. And then, that sort

Agenda_Vol_11, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  you stories at the desired moment in order to help you its like this, as it is (gesture like an immutable
  presence), in its absolute simplicity and Sincerity. So you see very well, you know very well, but...
  The body sees very well, it also sees that its sensations are evidently... almost made up, which
  conditions to be an organizer should be these: no more desires, no more preferences, no more
  attractions, no more repulsions a perfect equality for all things. Sincerity, of course, but that goes
  without saying: wherever inSincerity enters, poison enters at the same time. And then, only those who
  are themselves in that condition can discern whether another is in it or not.
  This Consciousness which came more than a year ago (a year and a half now), it seems to be working
  very, very hard, very positively for Sincerity. It doesnt admit pretenses, people pretending to be
  something they arent. It wants it to be the TRUE THING.

Agenda_Vol_12, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Oh, you know, the body, the whole body really wants, it wants the transformation, and it is.... There is
  such a world of inSincerity there, its frightening in the cells, in the... oh!... And so there is such an
  urgency, an urgency the urgency FOR that... frightening.... Day and night theres the will, the will to
  preferences. Otherwise we mistake for Gods will our own limited ideas and principles.
  It is in the wide peace of an absolute and devoted Sincerity free from fixed ideas and
  preferences that we can realize the conditions required to know Gods Will and it is with a
  into a blissful state. I had the experience several times. And for me it is only a question of a certain
  Sincerity having to do with intensity in the realization that everything is the work of the Divine and His
  action is moving towards the swiftest realization possible, given the present conditions. Something like
  One must rely on the Divine and yet do some enabling sadhana the Divine gives the
  fruit not by the measure of the sadhana but by the measure of the souls Sincerity and its
  aspiration. Also, worrying does no good I shall be this, I shall be that, what shall I be?
  Division is very strong.
  But an ABSOLUTE Sincerity is required for those who want to work.
  Yesterday I had some experiences that showed me how the usual habit of thinking that things will
  I had an experience.... Thats all right, I was happy, I was very happy because that requires some
  integrality, you know an absolute Sincerity and integrality otherwise.... But the experience itself was
  So, of course, we are being accused of all sorts of things which are absolutely untrue, but.... Its
  published in the newspapers.106 Although that is.... Thats it, one feels the need for a growing Sincerity.
  Divine. Desire, for example, insistence on ones likes and conveniences, all movements of
  hypocrisy and inSincerity and falsehood, are great obstacles standing in the way of the Divines
  protection. If you seek to impose your will upon the Divine, it is as if you were calling for a
  So, its going well.
  But first there must be an absolute Sincerity, that is, a CONVICTION: I am nothing, nothing I can
  do nothing, I know nothing, I have absolutely NOTHING... (Mother raises an index finger) except the

Agenda_Vol_2, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  'Others turn to art, others to science; some choose a social or a political life, etc., etc.
  'But here also, all depends on the Sincerity and the endurance with which the chosen path is
  followed. Because here also, there are difficulties and obstacles to surmount.
  that.... It asks only to change - to know and to change!
  It is attached to nothing: none of its habits, none of its ways of being-nothing. It says in all Sincerity,
  J ask only for the Light, only to change.' That is its state. it has never, never said, 'Oh, I'm tired, I've
  depends on the orientation. If I really started talking, you know, I would seem like... I don't know what,
  something like a lunatic, because with equal Sincerity and equal truth, I could say the most opposing

Agenda_Vol_3, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  what they see, not bluffers - see with perfect precision and exactness.
  Ultimately, absolute Sincerity is the great deciding factor for those who predict or foresee.
  Unfortunately, because of people's curiosity, their insistence and the pressure they exert (which very
  saw it was merely certain bad habits.
  The only thing to do is not torment yourself and to say to the Lord (in all Sincerity, of course), "It's
  up to You. Rid me of this." And it is very effective. Very effective. At times I have had old things like
  naturally brings about a certain vibration, which in turn brings about the state.
  But to say it's these particular Words exclusively would be ridiculous. What counts is the Sincerity
  of the aspiration, the exactness of the expression and the power; that is, the power that comes from the
  It will come.
  And you mustn't be impatient - impatience leads to imitation: and unwittingly, in all Sincerity, you
  imitate things within yourself, within your own experience, you imitate the realization - that's what
  It's very interesting.
  Yet you get the feeling that with the kind of Sincerity Westerners have, they would progress very
  quickly once they understood.
  Because they're sincere.
  Yes, they have a Sincerity, on one level, which is not the same as spiritual Sincerity. They have a
  material Sincerity, a material HONESTY, and with that, once they understood, they would progress
  very quickly.
  Nothing. Or do pranam180 to him, that's all, it doesn't matter. Personally, I could do pranam before a
  puppy dog, mon petit, in all Sincerity - seeing the Lord in it. You have only to think of the Lord, no?
  In fact, that's what I always do.

Agenda_Vol_4, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  outside.) But here, the response is very erratic. And to distinguish between the proportion that comes
  from faith, Sincerity, simplicity, and what comes from the Power... Some people I am able to save
  (naturally, in my view, it's because they COULD be saved), this is something that for a very long time I
  human goodwill, in the sense that they think their political organization is the best from a human point
  of view, and therefore would like the whole world to adopt it - there is a Sincerity in their conviction,
  they believe it's the best way of life. They are not entirely ill-willed. And they are very intelligent.
  contact, you only see this much [gesture on the surface]). The thing that struck me most is a sort of
  inSincerity. A benevolent and ecclesiastical inSincerity - if you know what I mean?
  Very well.
  There was also the photo of the cardinal of India (the first and only cardinal in India), a straightforward
  man and a wholehearted believer - he must be a fanatical Catholic, but with a Sincerity, a fervor. The
  other fellow is very intelligent - oh, he has a mouth I cannot look at, dreadful.
  It was her Sincerity that made her see the spots. And it was because she disclosed what she had seen
  that the guard was unable to stop her, because it was the sign of a power of inner Sincerity.
  It left me a bit pensive... in the sense that I don't find it quite admissible that some persons [the false
  You know, in such cases, for occult danger, the ONE THING that's absolutely indispensable is
  Sincerity. It's the safeguard and security. Sincerity is security. For example, in the presence of that
  being, insincere people would have said, Oh, it's the Mother. They WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN, you
  understand. But she saw - it's her Sincerity that saw.
  The only thing... (but it doesn't matter, it will come) is that if instead of trying to escape she had
  cleanse the area a little. But I tell you, there are too many, too many insincerities, that's what opens the
  doors - inSincerity is just like a sentry who opens the door, it's nothing but that. And unfortunately,
  there are lots and lots of insincerities....
  arms"80 of the workers here. And they threw all their woes on me, asking to be protected, relieved and
  so on - there is a sort of spontaneous Sincerity in those people, and I answered straightforwardly,
  without protecting myself. I didn't even think for a minute of protecting myself: I answered all of them
  several months ago, and ever since then there has been a Response - an ever-increasing Response.
  Yet I can't say in all Sincerity that the Truth has manifested!
  Perhaps the preparation is sufficient?
  the divine simplicity of the experience and the realizing power of the expression is what gives the
  measure of perfect Sincerity - the ratio between the two must be perfectly true.
  I saw in that almost a key to assess Sincerity.
  The same goes for a teaching, in the sense that you have a certain power, which acts with a view to
  exactly the appropriate words that will clothe the power (in a mentally receivable way), that will be a
  vehicle of the power. And the proportion between the two gives the exact measure of the Sincerity.
  I don't know if I can make myself understood, but for two days I was engrossed in that work of
  establishing an absolutely true ratio - which in fact can be true only in a complete simplicity and
  complete Sincerity. I saw the power that acts in the words and the power that acts without words, and
  the proportion between the two powers must be exact, entirely correct, to have a complete Sincerity.
  You follow?
  quantity of the Power - which acts DIRECTLY, not through the mind. It was very interesting, a very
  painstaking work. And it was the key - one of the keys to perfect Sincerity.
  That was my preoccupation these last few days.
  It would succeed with any ordinary medium, or with a faker. A faker, someone insincere, would be
  immediately taken in, because in such cases IT IS Sincerity THAT SAVES. Going by appearances
  it's very, very difficult to make out the difference. It is Sincerity that saves (it's the same thing I said to
  Sujata127 ). I remember how Madame Thon, after I told her several of my experiences, said to me,
  "Nobody can deceive you because you are perfectly sincere" (occultly, I don't say outwardly: occultly).
  And it's true, it depends on the Sincerity. Consequently, that X should attempt this shows he has a
  peculiar opinion of me!
  But I don't want him to know, because I take it for the best, as a goodwill, as if to show me that he
  127Who had seen a "false Mother" with dark spots all over her - her Sincerity made her see the spots. Others would have
  seen a "dazzling" Mother.
  Because inwardly, even if I were told that everything would be demolished in the most tragic
  manner, I would say, "Very well." And in all Sincerity, you know, nothing anywhere in me starts
  protesting or vibrating, nothing at all. I say, "All right." But I see - I do see that in that tension, a
  that's where illnesses are formed. You see swarms of completely crooked formations - a lack of
  Sincerity. And it expresses itself in images: I see all kinds of people and do all kinds of things in a
  special zone - the same people who are elsewhere are here too under a special aspect. It's a mixture of

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