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Arya : A Philosophical ReviewVol. 01 - 15th August 1914The Eternal WisdomWisdom and the Religions
1914 Sat 15 August
Wisdom and the Religions

1) All wisdom is one: to understand the spirit that rules all by all.


2) Being but one, she is capable of all; immutable in herself, she renews all things; she diffuses herself among the nations in saintly souls.

-The Book of Wisdom.

3) The dayspring from on high has visited us, to give light to them that sit in the darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet in the way of peace.

-St. Luke.

4) Whatsoever things were written afore time, were written for our learning.

-Epistle to the Romans.

5) True knowledge does not grow old, so have declared the sages of all times.

-Buddhist Canons in Pali.

6) May the partisans of all doctrines in all countries unite and live in a common fellowship. For all alike profess mastery to be attained over oneself and purity of the heart.

-Inscriptions of Asoka.

7) There is only one Ethics, as there is only one geometry. But the majority of men, it will be said, are ignorant of geometry. Yes, but as soon as they begin to apply themselves a little to that science, all are in agreement. Cultivators, workmen, artisans have not gone through courses in ethics; they have not read Cicero or Aristotle, but the moment they begin to think on the subject they become, without knowing it, the disciples of Cicero. The Indian dyer, the Tartar shepherd and the English sailor know what is just and what is injust. Confucius did not invent a system of ethics as one invents a system of physics. He had discovered it in the heart of all mankind.


8) The sage's rule of moral conduct has its principle in the hearts of all men.


9) There is a primary law, eternal, invariable, engraved in the heads of all; it is Right Reason. Never does it speak in vain to the virtuous man, whether it ordains or prohibits. The wicked alone are untouched by its voice. It is easy to be understood and is not different in one country and in another; it is today what it will be tomorrow and for all time.


10) Language is different but man is the same everywhere. That is why spoken Reason is one, and through its translation we see it to be the same in Egypt, in Persia and in Greece.


11) But in what circumstances does our reason teach us that there is vice or virtue? How does this continual mystery work? Tell me, inhabitants of the Malay Archipelago, Africans, Canadians and you, Plato, Cicero, Epictetus! You all feel equally that it is better to give away the superfluity of your bread, your rice or your manioc to the indigent than to kill him or tear out his eyes. It is evident to all on earth that an act of benevolence is better than an outrage, that gentleness is preferable to wrath. We have merely to use our Reason in order to discern the shades which distinguish right and wrong. Good and evil are often close neighbours and our passions confuse them. Who will enlighten us? We ourselves when we are calm.


12) In order to live a happy life, man should understand what life is and what he can or cannot do. The best and wisest men in all nations have taught it to us from all times. All the doctrines of the sages meet in their foundation and it is this general sum of their doctrines, revealing the aim of human life and the conduct to be pursued, that constitutes real religion.


13) The man who does not think about religion, imagines that there is only one that is true, the one in which he was born. But thou hast only to ask thyself what would happen if thou wert born in another religion, thou, Christian, if thou wert born a Mahomedan, thou, Buddhist, a Christian and thou, Mahomedan, a Brahmin. Is it possible that we alone with our religion should be in the truth and that all others should be subjected to falsehood? No religion can become true merely by thy persuading thyself or persuading others that it alone is true.


14) No man has a right to constrain another to think like himself. Each must bear with patience and indulgence the beliefs of others.
-Giordano Bruno.

15) To compel men to do what appears good to oneself is the best means of making them disgusted with it.


16) As one can go up to the top of a house by means of a ladder, a bamboo or a flight of stairs, so are there various means for approaching the Eternal and each religion in the world shows only one of such means.


17) A truly religious man ought to think that the other religions are also paths leading towards the Reality. We should always maintain an attitude of respect towards other religions.


18) Decry not other sects nor depreciate them but, on the contrary, render honour to that in them which is worthy of honour.

-Inscriptions of Asoka.

19) The Catholic is our brother but the materialist not less. We owe him deference as to the greatest of believers.

-Antonie the Healer.

20) At a certain stage in the path of devotion the religious man finds satisfaction in the Divinity with a form, at another stage in the formless Impersonal.


21) The man who proclaims the existence of the Infinite accumulates, in this affirmation, more of the supernatural than there is in the miracles of all the religions. So long as the mystery of the Infinite weighs upon human thought, temples will be raised for the cult of the Infinite.


22) Bow down and adore where others bend the knee; for where so great a number of men pay the tribute of their adoration, the Impersonal must needs manifest Himself, for He is all compassion.


23) The ordinary man says in his ignorance "My religion is the sole religion, my religion is the best." But when his heart is illumined by the true knowledge, he knows that beyond all the battles of sects and of sectaries presides the one, indivisible, eternal and omniscient Benediction.

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Wisdom and the Religions
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  Life and Yoga View Similar Wisdom and the Religions
  Arya : A Philosophical ReviewVol. 01 - 15th August 1914The Eternal WisdomThe Song of Wisdom
  42) Eternal wisdom builds: I shall be her palace when she finds repose in me and I in her. ~ Angelus Silesius
  Life and Yoga View Similar Wisdom and the Religions
  The Song of Wisdom View Similar The Soul of a Plant
  Arya : A Philosophical ReviewVol. 01 - 15th August 1914The Eternal WisdomWisdom and the Religions
  1914 Sat 15 August
  Wisdom and the Religions

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