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  so this place, is meant to be a place where I can just copy over everything from the smaller temp whiteboard to make space on there for more notes, and they will be here so I can send them where they need to go later. if you are looking for just a place to write anything that could be temp or "journal" or "log", or could all be grouped under "records". though maybe also here is also just fine. hmm


--- 2021-07-29
(while working on "index table")

--- 2021-06-24
oath m2 p dly
o the lib
o SA + SAV + TM
o triple path
o God + soul
aint no sunshine
- knowledge
- training
o studentship
if I had a child, its education (as if for self)
integral theory
signs and symbols

--- 2021-05-01
- catalog
- riddles + paradoxes + koans
- word as riddle
- each thing belongs to each category at some level

--- 2021-02-17
the secret of this labyrinth is that it is not so much where you go, it is who you are.


--- 2020-02-10
relating to getting a job; can I just build a hut in the woods and be a witch?

--- 2020-01-30
- Life an RPG ::: there is the urge to play and explore in good games, but what of the game of life of travelling the world? does it not entice?
- spellbooks in games, vs spellbooks in life?
- game difficulty and complexity. there are no easy found staffs of +25% magic power. Besides if there are, being priceless, none would let others know of it. the stats are hidden, there is no right click, only complicated commands. We dont even know what commands there are, or only the common ones we see others use or read about.
- there are listed countless impressive siddhis, skills, spells and feats, known and unknown.

--- 2020-01-29
reinstalled OS today. fixed speed issues. (it was bash_history mainly though also .bashrc, midori, audacious, the OS itself. etc)
0 - God
1 - The Mother
2 - Sri Aurobindo + Savitri
3 - Future Josh + Project 0001
4 - Present Josh + Pyramid of Works
5 - Lower and Past Josh and the Ignorance

- God & Life as an RPG
- Purify Self as Yearly Comp OS reinstall. backups (what makes it into the future and does not)

--- 2020-12-28
7th Level spellcaster
in dream - check your character screen for level, class, location, stats, inventory, spells, skills?

--- 2020-12-23
physical inspiration > beauty, strength, grace, dexterity
feed eth
add extended toc
add images
apprenticeship in Savitri
grades of mental experience experienced.

--- 2020-11-07
- Discipline
- talk to a read adult (the master)
- trying ot be fucking productive

--- 2020-11-05 (big board) (this was the folding standing board that had both a daily checklist and a monthly log)
rules - everyday - oath
today - todo
2 pages / d = 1 read / y
MoM course
132 + others
exercise (physical)
remember + offer (Yoga)
how to make money?
read Mage
103 pages / d = 1 read / 7 days (7 day in a row check box)

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the School
(sketch of a map editor screen layout, with different shapes tiles or images you can draw with.)
text based game?
switch db?
extra filter
incarnation place

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the Stack
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when you remember you are an immortal wizard

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Erra areyah
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need search bar or a-z
live playing lecture (living place)

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the need for body of light
astral travelling
give ever page a quote?

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--- 2020-06-22
  - breath centered monk
  - the fucking serious potential need for will or alt? ($)
  - mother on photographic memory / subliminal (as means for mental whiteboard capacity)
  - grades of dialogues with imagined beings
    what level council am I currently welcomed to?
  - fast, clean, clear, intuitive, enjoyable, powerful and empowering, profound
  - 4H prayer + RULES, oath

--- 2020-06-20
  Magic is associated with Will
    professor - make lectures
  The Unitive Subject
  toggle sidebars
  moms drinking
  post "e" is sooo slow
  silk road
  smoking 06-19 - 1245, 245, 508, 627, 800, 1048, 1215, 230, 350
  awk, perl
  4h prayer + rules / Magical Oath

--- 2020-16-14
  - read Savitri()
  - when the urge to smoke comes I need counter objectsion to "why not smoke", some type of shield.
  - rejection: if you cant give up practice holding off at least.
  - I cant smoke without turning away?
  - when ypu contact the soul, the battle begins
  - reject everything that keeps us apart, that makes you turn away
  - why isnt every movement offered to the Divine?

  - if I am really with you, I need not smoke.
  - how is one not filled with overwhelming joy at the sight of the Mother?
  - prayer will work for rejection.
  - why dont I pray for strength to reject cigs? insincere? illwill?
  - to effectively keep the Mothers image shuold protect or defend against lower urges, when the urge comes image the Mother and see how it works. it seems to work.
  - "The Mother" that would join me for a smoke is not like The Mother.

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whiteboard (potential)




audiographic teleconferencing ::: (communications) (Or electronic whiteboarding, screen sharing) A form of teleconferencing in real time using both an audio and a data connection. The blackboard, overhead projector or still video projector. Some systems allow for sharing software also. (1995-10-06)

audiographic teleconferencing "communications" (Or "electronic whiteboarding", "screen sharing") A form of {teleconferencing} in {real time} using both an {audio} and a data connection. The computer screen is shared by more than one site, and used as an electronic blackboard, overhead projector or still video projector. Some systems allow for sharing software also. (1995-10-06)

electronic whiteboarding ::: Audiographic Teleconferencing

electronic whiteboarding {Audiographic Teleconferencing}

multicast backbone (MBONE) A {virtual network} on top of the {Internet} which supports {routing} of {IP} {multicast} {packets}, intended for {multimedia} transmission. MBONE gives public access {desktop video} communications. The quality is poor with only 3-5 frames per second instead of the 30 frames per second of commercial television. Its advantage is that it avoids all telecommunications costs normally associated with teleconferencing. An interesting innovation is the use of MBONE for audio communications and an electronic "whiteboard" where the computer screen becomes a shared workspace where two physically remote parties can draw on and edit shared documents in {real-time}. (1994-10-27)

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   6 Anonymous
   3 Walter Isaacson
   3 Jake Knapp
   3 Cal Newport
   2 Graeme Simsion
   2 Ellen Ullman
   2 Brad Stone


*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

2:You need to simplify the value proposition in the company's metrics for success on a whiteboard. ~ Keith Rabois,
3:I grin back and breathe in the sweet smell of sweat, whiteboard marker and fear. The smells of high school. ~ Charlie Human,
4:Second, even when you retreat to a spoke to think deeply, when it’s reasonable to leverage the whiteboard effect, do so. ~ Cal Newport,
5:You could tell Glover was a nice guy because a To Do list on a whiteboard on his office wall said, Maria Lopez. Brain for daughter. Science fair. ~ Mary Roach,
6:Can we get a whiteboard,like on Law and Order?" Andrea asked.

Dick nodded. "I was thinking official 'Keep Jane from Being Murdered Task Force' T-shirts. ~ Molly Harper,
7:In our office, we have a whiteboard with all of our ideas and things we want to write on it - great ideas we have that we haven't had the time to get around to yet. ~ Erich Hoeber,
8:By 2001 Apple had revived its personal computer offerings. It was now time to think different. A set of new possibilities topped the what-next list on his whiteboard that year. ~ Walter Isaacson,
9:When a speaker sets up a PowerPoint presentation, often that’s the cue to take a quick nap, because slides are passive. Interactive selling with colorful markers and a whiteboard grabs attention. ~ Anonymous,
10:You considered me as a partner?’ ‘Sure,’ she said. ‘Except for the fact that you have no idea of social behaviour, your life’s ruled by a whiteboard and you’re incapable of feeling love – you’re perfect. ~ Graeme Simsion,
11:Training sessions in which one slide presentation follows another don’t convey information effectively and seldom teach the conversational skills salespeople need to use when closing. Use whiteboard training instead. ~ Anonymous,
12:They agreed on five core values and wrote them down on a whiteboard in a conference room: customer obsession, frugality, bias for action, ownership, and high bar for talent. Later Amazon would add a sixth value, innovation. ~ Brad Stone,
13:In September 1998, one month after they met with Bechtolsheim, Page and Brin incorporated their company, opened a bank account, and cashed his check. On the wall of the garage they put up a whiteboard emblazoned “Google Worldwide Headquarters. ~ Walter Isaacson,
14:A very loud popping sound echoed across the seminar room. Each graduate student gazed in complete and utter shock as they realized that Professor Emerson had snapped the whiteboard marker in two. Black ink spread across his fingers like a starless night, and his eyes ignited into an angry blue fire. ~ Sylvain Reynard,
15:Bezos scrawled I am not my stock price on the whiteboard in his office and instructed everyone to ignore the mounting pessimism. “You don’t feel thirty percent smarter when the stock goes up by thirty percent, so when the stock goes down you shouldn’t feel thirty percent dumber,” he said at an all-hands meeting. ~ Anonymous,
16:Good engineering estimates are possible only if you have two things: good information and good engineers. If the specs are crap, and a programmer is asked to conjure up a number based on an incomprehensible whiteboard scribbling, everyone should know exactly what they’re getting: a fuzzy scribble of an estimate. ~ Scott Berkun,
17:But I like maps. I’ve got maps all over my house. I’m going to suggest to you that the skills and knowledge we have all been developing in our work—especially pertaining to the Internet—have applications out here.” He taps the whiteboard. “In the real world. You know, the big round wet ball where billions of people live. ~ Anonymous,
18:whiteboard effect. For some types of problems, working with someone else at the proverbial shared whiteboard can push you deeper than if you were working alone. The presence of the other party waiting for your next insight—be it someone physically in the same room or collaborating with you virtually—can short-circuit the natural instinct to avoid depth. ~ Cal Newport,
19:the whiteboard effect. For some types of problems, working with someone else at the proverbial shared whiteboard can push you deeper than if you were working alone. The presence of the other party waiting for your next insight—be it someone physically in the same room or collaborating with you virtually—can short-circuit the natural instinct to avoid depth. ~ Cal Newport,
20:Only 5 percent of entrepreneurship is the big idea, the business model, the whiteboard strategizing, and the splitting up of the spoils. The other 95 percent is the gritty work that is measured by innovation accounting: product prioritization decisions, deciding which customers to target or listen to, and having the courage to subject a grand vision to constant testing and feedback. ~ Eric Ries,
21:Alec crossed the floor to where Magnus stood considering the whiteboard. Carefully, since Magnus was still holding a bubbling jar, Alec slid his arms around Magnus’s waist, linking his hands together over the embossed buckle of Magnus’s belt. The T-shirt Magnus was wearing had a dramatic scoop neckline, so Alec put his face down in the smooth bare expanse of skin and breathed in the smell of sandalwood and spell ingredients. ~ Cassandra Clare,
22:List sprint questions You’ll list out your sprint questions on a second whiteboard (if you have one). We have a few prompts for getting teams to think about assumptions and questions: • What questions do we want to answer in this sprint? • To meet our long-term goal, what has to be true? • Imagine we travel into the future and our project failed. What might have caused that? An important part of this exercise is rephrasing assumptions and obstacles into questions. ~ Jake Knapp,
23:Whiteboarding keeps your prospects’ attention because drawing engages them and forces you to offer data in chunks in a process of “progressive disclosure,” which is easier for people to absorb. Your audience becomes involved in your creation of your story. The basic sales steps – “listen, diagnose, ask questions, consult, adapt” – stay the same, but whiteboarding takes them to a new level. Whiteboard sellers have to know their buyers’ business and the trends in their markets. ~ Anonymous,
24:Okay,” Dr. Mital said. “Okay.” Dr. Mital was a young Indian woman with dramatic eye makeup and an engagement ring. “Do you know what your thoughts were, when he pushed you?” “I was thinking What the fuck you do that for, I’m gonna cut you.” “Okay. So”—reaching over to write illegibly on her whiteboard—“What the blank did you do that for, I want to cut you. Is that accurate?” “Yeah that’s it.” “And your feelings were anger, I think we can say. Would you say there was some fear in there? ~ Ben Dolnick,
25:As I completed dinner preparation, Rosie set the table—not the conventional dining table in the living room, but a makeshift table on the balcony, created by taking a whiteboard from the kitchen wall and placing it on top of the two big plant pots, from which the dead plants had been removed. A white sheet from the linen cupboard had been added in the role of tablecloth. Silver cutlery—a housewarming gift from my parents that had never been used—and the decorative wineglasses were on the table. She was destroying my apartment! ~ Graeme Simsion,
26:Separate out the creative act from the act of editing and execution. Make it a two-step process. First, let ideas flow and encourage EVERY idea to make it to the whiteboard. Don't criticize, judge, edit, budget, or worry. An idea on the wall can't hurt anyone, so let them rip without restriction. After any and all ideas have the opportunity to "come out to play", only then should you apply your analytical and logical side to the effort. Don't mix the creative process with the editing process or you'll kill your ideas before they even get a fighting chance. ~ Josh Linkner,
27:I’m glad you’re going,” Catya said as she erased the night roster from the whiteboard.
“Considering you’re my boss, that makes me nervous. I’d rather have you happy to see me coming into the clinic.”
“No, it’s not about work. I’m glad you’re going out tonight.”
Ehlena frowned and looked around. By some miracle, they were alone. “Who says I’m going anywhere but home?”
“A female going home doesn’t change out of her uniform here. And she doesn’t worry about how her footwear goes with her skirt. I’ll spare you the who-is-he.”
“That’s a relief.”

-Catya & Ehlena ~ J R Ward,
28:the accepted standard: as an independent, objective journalist, she was never to take a side. Her own personal prejudices and desires and fears didn’t matter – they couldn’t matter. There were always two sides to every story. Everyone has their own truth. She could hear her journalism professor saying it over and over again, could see him scrawling the words with the squeaky marker on the whiteboard. There was no right or wrong. Like Justice holding the scales, she too had to remain blindfolded to judgment, while keeping her eyes wide open, seeing and uncovering as much of the truth as she could possibly find. ~ Quent Cordair,
29:The Ryland website showed a few nominal photos of students in goggles doing something with a torch in a laboratory, or squinting over a whiteboard jammed with calculations, but the rest of the photos were social, cornball: an afternoon of ice skating on a frozen pond, a classic “three in a tree” shot of students chatting beneath a spreading oak. In fact, the campus only had one such tree, which had been over-photographed into exhaustion. In daylight, students straggled to class along the paths of the inelegant campus, occasionally even wearing pajamas, like the members of a good-natured bear family in a children’s book ~ Meg Wolitzer,
30:Between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, I broke into a total of six offices, one penthouse suite and a small bank, and cursed them all. I cursed the stones they were built on, the bricks in their walls, the paint on their ceilings, the carpets on their floors. I cursed the nylon chairs to give their owners little electric shocks, I cursed the markers to squeak on the whiteboard, the hinges to rust, the glass to run, the windows to stick, the fans to whir, the chairs to break, the computers to crash, the papers to crease, the pens to smear; I cursed the pipes to leak, the coolers to drip, the pictures to sag, the phones to crackle and the wires to spark. And we enjoyed it. ~ Kate Griffin,
31:Show me,” I say. “I want to see this thing.” “The virus?” “Yes, Casey, the virus. The one that’s going to destroy our country, if you weren’t sure which virus I meant.” Everyone’s on edge, frazzled, an air of desperation in the room. “Sorry, sir.” She drops her head and goes to work on a laptop. “I’ll use the smartscreen,” she says, and for the first time I notice that the whiteboard is really some kind of computer smartboard. I look over at the smartscreen. A long menu of files suddenly appears. Casey scrolls down until she clicks on one. “Here it is,” she says. “Your virus.” I look at it, doing a double take: Suliman.exe “How humble of him,” I say. He named the virus after himself. ~ Bill Clinton,
32:Once a year Jobs took his most valuable employees on a retreat, which he called " The Top 100." They were picked based on a simple guideline: the people you would bring if you could take only a hundred people with you on a lifeboat to your next company. At the end of each retreat, Jobs would stand in front of the whiteboard( he loved whiteboards because they gave him complete control of a situation and they engendered focus) and ask, " What are ten things we should be doing next?" People would fight to their suggestions on the list. Jobs would write them down, and then cross off the ones he decreed dumb. After much jockeying, the group would come up with a list of ten.Then Jobs would slash the bottom seven and announce, " We can only do three. ~ Walter Isaacson,
33:We had beautiful documents and everyone was really prepared,” Jones says. Bezos read the paper, said, “You’re all wrong,” stood up, and started writing on the whiteboard. “He had no background in control theory, no background in operating systems,” Jones says. “He only had minimum experience in the distribution centers and never spent weeks and months out on the line.” But Bezos laid out his argument on the whiteboard and “every stinking thing he put down was correct and true,” Jones says. “It would be easier to stomach if we could prove he was wrong but we couldn’t. That was a typical interaction with Jeff. He had this unbelievable ability to be incredibly intelligent about things he had nothing to do with, and he was totally ruthless about communicating it. ~ Brad Stone,
34:When the ancient Romans would conquer a new place or a new people, they would leave the language and the customs in tact – they would even let the conquered people rule themselves in most cases, appointing a governor to maintain a foothold in the region.” Wilson leaned against the whiteboard as he spoke, his posture relaxed, his hands clasped loosely.“This was part of what made Rome so successful. They didn't try to make everyone Romans in the process of conquering them. When I went to Africa with the Peace Corp, a woman who worked with the Corp said something to me that I have often thought about since. She told me 'Africa is not going to adapt to you. You are going to have to adapt to Africa.' That is true of wherever you go, whether it's school or whether it's in the broader world. ~ Amy Harmon,
35:Our definition of ‘myth’ in common parlance: a widely believed, but false story. That’s the definition Anant so helpfully illustrated. But that’s not how the Greeks defined it.” Theo turned to the whiteboard behind him and scrawled “μῦθος: muthos” in large blue letters. “Muthos just means ‘story.’ No connotation of fictitiousness. The Greeks didn’t question whether Persephone had actually been abducted by Hades, or whether Artemis truly turned the hunter Acteon into a stag. On one level, they understood that these stories certainly weren’t meant to be taken literally, but on another level they believed that the stories held ultimate truth. Ways to understand their society, their own behavior, their relationship and duties to the gods. That’s something that fundamentalists in our own day have trouble grasping. ~ Jordanna Max Brodsky,
36:● You and your co-worker sit together in a conference room and draw design alternatives on a whiteboard. ● You and your co-worker sit together at the keyboard and do detailed design in the programming language you’re using. ● You schedule a meeting to walk through your design ideas with one or more co-workers. ● You schedule a formal inspection with all the structured described in Chapter TBD. ● You don’t work with anyone who can review your work, so you do some initial work, put it into a drawer, and come back to it a week later. You will have forgotten enough that you should be able to give yourself a fairly good review. We try to solve the problem by rushing through the design process so that enough time is left at the end of the project to uncover the errors that were made because we rushed through the design process.—Glenford Myers ~ Anonymous,
37:One day Jobs came into the cubicle of Larry Kenyon, an engineer who was working on the Macintosh operating system, and complained that it was taking too long to boot up. Kenyon started to explain, but Jobs cut him off. “If it could save a person’s life, would you find a way to shave ten seconds off the boot time?” he asked. Kenyon allowed that he probably could. Jobs went to a whiteboard and showed that if there were five million people using the Mac, and it took ten seconds extra to turn it on every day, that added up to three hundred million or so hours per year that people would save, which was the equivalent of at least one hundred lifetimes saved per year. “Larry was suitably impressed, and a few weeks later he came back and it booted up twenty-eight seconds faster,” Atkinson recalled. “Steve had a way of motivating by looking at the bigger picture. ~ Walter Isaacson,
38:If you were to zoom way out and look at the six steps of my forecasting method, you would see this duality in play. It’s not a happy accident. Scientific and technological advances depend on both ingenuity and rigorous evaluation. The future of our culture—how we communicate, work, shop, play games, and take care of ourselves—necessarily intersects with the future of science and technology. Daydreaming alone won’t bring new ideas to market; ideas require process engineering and budgeting before they can become tangible. However, too much emphasis on logic and linear thinking will kill moonshots while they’re still on the whiteboard. That is why it’s important to afford equal treatment to each hemisphere, alternating between broad creative thinking and more pragmatic, analytical assessment. When executed completely, the forces are balanced, allowing for innovation while ensuring a check-and-balance system for the future. ~ Amy Webb,
39:It is fun to be around really, really creative makers in the second half of the chessboard, to see what they can do, as individuals, with all of the empowering tools that have been enabled by the supernova. I met Tom Wujec in San Francisco at an event at the Exploratorium. We thought we had a lot in common and agreed to follow up on a Skype call. Wujec is a fellow at Autodesk and a global leader in 3-D design, engineering, and entertainment software. While his title sounds like a guy designing hubcaps for an auto parts company, the truth is that Autodesk is another of those really important companies few people know about—it builds the software that architects, auto and game designers, and film studios use to imagine and design buildings, cars, and movies on their computers. It is the Microsoft of design. Autodesk offers roughly 180 software tools used by some twenty million professional designers as well as more than two hundred million amateur designers, and each year those tools reduce more and more complexity to one touch. Wujec is an expert in business visualization—using design thinking to help groups solve wicked problems. When we first talked on the phone, he illustrated our conversation real-time on a shared digital whiteboard. I was awed. During our conversation, Wujec told me his favorite story of just how much the power of technology has transformed his work as a designer-maker. ~ Thomas L Friedman,
40:Better if I do. The Nadir know me. "Death-walker." I'm part of their legends. They think I'm an ancient god of death stalking the world.' 'Are they wrong, I wonder?' said Rek, smiling. 'Maybe not. I never wanted it, you know. All I wanted was to get my wife back. Had slavers not taken her I would have been a farmer. Of that I am sure - though Rowena doubted it. There are times when I do not much like what I am.' 'I'm sorry, Druss. It was a jest,' said Rek. 'I do not see you as a death-god. You are a man and a warrior. But most of all, a man.' 'It's not you, boy; your words only echo what I already feel. I shall die soon . . . Here at this Dros. And what will I have achieved in my life? I have no sons nor daughters. No living kin . . . Few friends. They will say, "Here lies Druss. He killed many and birthed none." ' 'They will say more than that,' said Virae suddenly. 'They'll say, "Here lies Druss the Legend, who was never mean, petty, nor needlessly cruel. Here was a man who never gave in, never compromised his ideals, never betrayed a friend, never despoiled a woman and never used his strength against the weak." They'll say "He had no sons, but many a woman asleep with her babes slept more soundly for knowing Druss stood with the Drenai." They'll say many things, whiteboard. Through many generations they will say them, and men with no strength will find strength when they hear them.' 'That would be pleasant,' said the old man, smiling. ~ Anonymous,
41:On the wall next to the door we’d entered through was a huge floor-to-ceiling bulletin/whiteboard combo and hanging from a thumbtack on the bulletin board amongst pictures and other various sorts of memorabilia was my bra. It’d been washed but it still had
a good many blotches of pink on it. If that wasn’t shocking enough, the dialogue written over the last two weeks on the whiteboard pertaining to said bra certainly was. I’ll include the copy just so you can truly appreciate what I’m dealing with here.
Tristan’s Mom: What’s this?
Tristan: A size 34B lace covered slingshot.
Jeff: Nice!
Tristan’s Mom: Do I want to know?
Tristan: I don’t know, do you?
Tristan’s Mom: Not really. Are you planning on returning it or did you win some kind of prize?
Tristan: I plead the fifth.
Tristan’s Dad: Well done son.
Jeff: Ditto!
Tristan’s Mom: Don’t encourage him.
Tristan: Gee, thanks Mom.
Tristan’s Dad: Can’t a father be proud of his only child?
Tristan’s Mom: He doesn’t need your help…obviously.
Tristan’s Dad: That’s because he takes after me.
Tristan: Was there anything else I can do for you two?
Tristan’s Mom: Tell her I tried to get the stains out, but I’m afraid they set in before I got to it.
Tristan: I’m sure she’ll appreciate your effort, but if I’m any judge (and I’d like to think I am) its
size has caused it to become obsolete and she needs to trade up.
Jeff: I’m so proud.
Tristan: Thanks man.
Tristan’s Mom: A name would be nice you know.
Tristan: Camie.
Tristan’s Mom: Do we get to meet her?
Tristan: Sure. I’ll have my people call your people and set it up.
Tristan’s Mom: I don’t know why I bother. Do you want anything from the store?
Tristan: Yeah, Camie’s sleeping over tonight and I promised her bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Jeff’s got the eggs covered but could you pick up some bacon for us and maybe a box of Twinkies
for the bus? Thanks, you’re the best.
Jeff: I have the eggs covered?
Tristan’s Dad: He gets his sense of humor from you.
Tristan’s Mom: Flattery will get you everywhere. How would you like your eggs prepared dear? ~ Jenn Cooksey,
42:You guys could handle this on your own. Why risk getting kicked out of your He-Man-Monster-Haters Club?"
"Because we can't handle this on our own. At least I don't think we can."
"You said yourself you already have some Prodigium working with you. Why not go to them?"
"We have a handful," he said, frustration creeping into his voice. "And most of them suck. Look, just consider it a peace offering, okay? My way of saying I'm sorry for lying to you. And pulling a knife in your presence, even if it was just to open a damn window to get out before you vaporized me."
Most girls got flowers. I got a dirt put used for demon raising. Nice.
"Thanks," I replied. "But don't you want in on this?"
He looked at me, and not for the first time, I wished his eyes weren't so dark. It would have been nice to have some idea of what was going on in his head. "That's up to you," he said.
Mom always liked to say that we hardly ever know the decisions we make that change our lives,mostly because they're little ones. You take this bus instead of that one and end up meeting your soul mate, that kind of thing. But there was no doubt in my mind that this was one of those life-changing moments. Tell Archer no,and I'd never see him again. And Dad and Jenna wouldn't be mad at me, and Cal...Tell Archer yes, and everything suddenly got twistier and more complicated than Mrs. Casnoff's hairdo.
And even though I'm a twisty and complicated girl, I knew what my answer had to be.
"It's too much of a risk, Cross. Maybe one day when I'm head of the Council, and you're...well, whatever you're going to be for L'Occhio di Dio, we could work on some kind of collaboration." That brought up depressig images of me and Archer sittig across a boardroom table, sketching out battle plans on a whiteboard, so my voice was a little shaky when I continued. "But for now, it's too dangerous." And not just because basically everyone in our lives would want to kill us if they found out, I thought. But because I was pretty sure I was still in love with him, and I thought he might feel something similar for me, and there was no way we could work together preventing the Monster Apocalypse/World War III without that becoming an issue.
Not that I could say any of that.
Archer's face was blank as he said, "Cool. Got it."
"Cross," I started to say, but then his eyes slid past me and went wide with horror. At the same time, I became aware of a slithering noice behind me. That just could not be good; in my experience, nothing pleasant slithers.
Still, I was not prepared for the nightmares climbing out of the crater. ~ Rachel Hawkins,
43:The Ladder Of Creation
‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’
(i) Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
At lunch in the Clarence Corner Hotel,
Mark, Misbah, Redhoune & Baldwin
sit amongst the elderly, released from
the Mater, clutching x-ray/E.C.G
results like U3A Diplomas.
Outside, the muted flow of traffic
is harnessed to a spine of impurities.
On Stanley Street everything
seems brittle as a career in IT.
The bitumen laid down over
an Aboriginal pathway from West End
to Woolloongabba, liquefies.
A simulacra of industry occupies
space & time like a TARDIS.
Culture rematerialises as a pot plant,
a Pokie machine or a jukebox.
At the counter, the barmaid in
tight Jim Beam t-shirt & blue jeans
pours drinks down the day’s throat.
Mark & Baldwin hug their third beers.
Misbah & Redhoune sit on their water.
Barflies call her ‘Michelle my Belle’
& murmur something about, ‘there’s only
two left on that friggin’ submarine!’
Near the front door, two plainclothes
detectives from Dutton Park CIB
frisk the jukebox for hits or prints.
Interview a young woman who can’t
keep her eyes from going walkabout
& protests about ‘doin’ nuthin wrong’.
U2 mouths Sunday Bloody Sunday
as the Manager, backed by the cops
asks her to leave – one way or another.
The Job Search trainees watch her
migrate up the street, out of sync
with contemporary conditioning theory.
The shadow of the Mater Hospital falls
on her like a fifty ton cartoon weight.
She is press-ganged by animation.
The dead certainty of her role,
in the flimsy ladder of creation
preserved by formaldehyde clouds.
She takes aim at a phone box & misses.
The volcanic ash of her anger petrifies,
her spirit doused in the gutter;
a cigarette butt with a trace
of red lipstick flicks out
of a tinted car window.
Hits her square in the afternoon.
(ii) England, 1831 AD.
In the naturalists’ mouth
the rare beetle perches
like an English toffee;
stuffy Victorian juices
start to pierce its hard
exoskeleton (see the hunter
/seeker ‘squids’ in Matrix.)
Like Pythagoras’ warm cave,
the only pocket to hand
as the specimens piled up
around his feet, trekked
under his suit sleeves
& started to irritate
the powers that be.
(iii) The Origin of Species, 1859 – 2002 AD
The Howardian edict:
The preservation of favoured races
in the struggle for life,
or the White Australia Policy
reinvented circa 1960’s.
Crouched behind its Kennedy era
tortoise-shell desk, cumbersome
as a Magnavox, the blood-drinking
vampire finch of Kirribilli House
(once found only in the Galapagos
Islands) but now firmly entrenched
in Canberra, dips its razor beak
into the popular inkwell & smears
some more theories on who should
come to New Holland & how over
the plush Menzies upholstery.
The little dicky bird
summoning all the charisma
of a marine iguana, shuffles
along its antique perch
& chicken-marks its surface
with pictograms of reactionary
Malthusian policy.
‘We decide who enters
my fortress of plenitude,
it chirps to a mirror,
made of that radioactive
element Hansonite
(like kryptonite
it renders powerful
men helpless).
After all, it only
takes what it needs to survive,
& lets the host animal
(see scapegoat) live.
To be bled before another
(s)election day.
(iv) The Lash of Primordial Milk
Job Club finally gets to Baldwin.
At the mock interview he makes
sure he turns it into a friendly chat.
Determined not to use those words
from the ‘negativity bin’ (still
up there on the whiteboard, albeit
a bit smudged).
Makes sure to ask pertinent questions.
‘So, Helen, I see you don’t wear
a wedding ring. Is there room
for a Mister Job Network Member
in your life?’
For ten minutes Baldwin
is the ‘star’ jobseeker selected
from his unemployed species.
The others fail to adapt to
the changing job search climate;
fail to grow the extra long tongue
they need for arse-licking.
~ B. R. Dionysius,



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