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--- TOC
Letters on Yoga - II. - Practice of the Integral Yoga
Section One - The Path and the Goal
1.1.01 - Seeking the Divine
The True Object of Spiritual Seeking, Motives for Seeking the Divine, Dedication to the Spiritual Life
1.1.02 - The Aim of the Integral Yoga
A Yoga of Divine Life, A Yoga Not for Ourselves, Not Liberation But Transformation, Divinisation and Transformation

Section Two - Basic Requisites of the Path
1.2.01 - The Call and the Capacity
The Call, Turning towards the Divine, Spiritual Destiny, Capacity for Yoga, Fitness for Yoga, Capacity of Westerners for Yoga
1.2.02 - Qualities Needed for Sadhana
Indispensable Qualities, Conditions of the Yoga
1.2.03 - Purity
Purification of the Nature, The Meaning of Purity
1.2.04 - Sincerity
The Meaning of Sincerity, Sincerity in Sadhana, Earnestness and Straightforwardness
1.2.05 - Aspiration
The Value of Aspiration, The Meaning of Aspiration, The Object of Aspiration, No Need of Words in Aspiration, The Necessity of Aspiration, Intensity of Aspiration and Vital Impatience,
Aspiration and Desire, Aspiration and Pulling, Lack of Aspiration, Aspiration and Conversion
1.2.06 - Rejection
Rejection of the Lower Impulses
1.2.07 - Surrender
The Meaning of Surrender, A Free Surrender, The Will to Surrender, The Inner Surrender, The Central Surrender, Complete or Absolute Surrender, The Surrender of the Vital, Surrender and the Psychic,
Surrender and Bhakti, Surrender and the Brahmic Condition, Surrender and Transformation, Passive or Tamasic Surrender, Surrender and Tapasya, Surrender and Personal Effort
1.2.08 - Faith
Faith, Belief, Confidence, Trust, A Problem of Faith, Faith and Knowledge, Faith and Experience, The Gospel of Faith, Faith and Doubt, Types of Faith, Faithfulness, Keep Firm Faith
1.2.09 - Consecration and Offering
Consecration, Offering
1.2.10 - Opening
The Meaning of Opening, Opening to the Divine
1.2.11 - Patience and Perseverance
Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Endurance, Resolution, Firmness
1.2.12 - Vigilance
Vigilance, Discrimination, Control

Section Three - The Foundation of the Sadhana
1.3.01 - Peace - The Basis of the Sadhana
Peace Is the First Condition, Peace, Calm, Wideness, Difficulties, Disturbances and Peace
1.3.02 - Equality - The Chief Support
Equality or Samata
Samata and Loyalty to Truth
Samata and Ego
Equality and Detachment
Equality in Times of Trouble and Difficulty
1.3.03 - Quiet and Calm
Quiet, Calm, Peace, Silence
Quiet Mind
Vacant Mind
1.3.04 - Peace
Peace Is Something Positive
Peace Comes Little by Little
A Settled or Established Peace
Peace in the Mind, Vital and Physical
Peace in the Inner Being
Passive Peace
Peace and Inertia
Peace and Force
Peace, Love and Joy
Peace, Happiness, Joy, Delight, Ananda
1.3.05 - Silence
Freedom from Thoughts
Silence and True Knowledge
Silence and Quietness of Mind
Silence, Peace and Calm
Silence and True Activity

Section Four - The Divine Response
1.4.01 - The Divine Grace and Guidance
The Divine Grace
The Grace and Personal Effort
Strength and Grace
Grace and Tapasya
No Insistence on the Grace
Trust in the Divine Grace
Withdrawal of Grace
The First Responses of the Divine
The Divine Guidance
1.4.02 - The Divine Force
The Nature of Spiritual Force
The Divine Force Works under Conditions
Writing about Spiritual Force
Use and Misuse of the Divine Force
The Action of the Divine Force
Allow the Divine Force to Act
1.4.03 - The Guru
Acceptance of the Guru
The Guru in the Supramental Yoga
Surrender to the Guru
Other Gurus
The Guru's Help in Difficulty
The Knowledge Given by the Guru
The Capacity of the Guru
The Bhakta and the Disciple


Section One - A Yoga of Knowledge, Works, Bhakti and Self-Perfection

2.1.01 - The Central Processes of the Sadhana
Four Necessary Processes
The Need for Plasticity
Work, Meditation and Bhakti
Surrender and Self-Giving
Aspiration and Will of Consecration
Sadhana, Tapasya, Aradhana, Dhyana
2.1.02 - Combining Work, Meditation and Bhakti
The Place of Work in Sadhana
A Defence of Works
Work and Meditation
No Competition between Work and Meditation
The Time Given to Work and Meditation
Concentration, Meditation and Prayer
Bhakti and Knowledge

Section Two - Sadhana through Work
2.2.01 - Work and Yoga
Work as Part of Sadhana
Work without Personal Motives
The Karmayoga of the Gita
No Vital Demand in Work
The Utility of Work
Right Attitude in Work
Equanimity in Work
The Impersonal Worker
Service of the Divine
All Work Equal in the Eyes of the Spirit
Interest in Work
Joy in Work
Loss of Inspiration in Work
Thoughts of Sadhana during Work
2.2.02 - Becoming Conscious in Work
Working from Within
Working with a Double Consciousness
Absorption in Work
Remembering the Presence in Work
Inner Guidance about Work
Knowing the Divine Will
Freedom in Work
2.2.03 - The Divine Force in Work
Receiving the Divine Power or Force
The Working of the Force
The Force and the Peace in Action
Drawing upon the Force for Energy
Avoiding Overstrain
2.2.04 - Practical Concerns in Work
Order and Rhythm
Rules, Discipline, Regularity, Thoroughness
Avoiding Harshness, Severity, Anger
Working with Subordinates and Superiors
Overcoming the Instinct of Domination
Avoiding Disturbance
Avoiding Restlessness, Worry and Anxiety
Compliments and Criticism
Thinking about Work
Dealing with Physical Things
2.2.05 - Creative Activity
The Arts and the Spiritual Life

Section Three - Sadhana through Concentration, Meditation and Japa
2.3.01 - Concentration and Meditation
The Meaning of Concentration and Meditation
The Role of Concentration and Meditation (Dhyana) in Sadhana
The Object of Meditation
Meditation Not Necessary for All
Methods of Meditation and Concentration
Concentration on the Idea
Centres for Concentration
Postures for Concentration or Meditation
Regularity, Length and Other Conditions
Coming out of Concentration or Meditation
The Difficulty of the Mechanical Mind
Surface Thoughts and Imaginations
Straining and Concentration
Relaxation and Concentration
Passive Meditation and Concentration
Inertia, Laziness, Tiredness in Meditation
Meditation, Sleep and Samadhi
2.3.02 - Mantra and Japa
The Word
The Mantra OM
The Mantra So'ham
The Gayatri Mantra
Mantras in the Integral Yoga
Namajapa or Repetition of the Name
Verses of the Gita Used as Japa
Success in Japa

Section Four - Sadhana through Love and Devotion
2.4.01 - Divine Love, Psychic Love and Human Love
Divine Love and Its Manifestation
Divine Love and Psychic Love
Psychic Love
Universal Love and Psychic Love
Love for the Divine
Human Love in the Sadhana
Human Love and Divine Love
The Vital and Love for the Divine
2.4.02 - Bhakti, Devotion, Worship
Turning the Emotions towards the Divine
Bhakti or Devotion
Bhakti and Love
Emotional Bhakti
Vital Bhakti
Viraha or Pangs of Separation
Enmity to the Divine
Contact with the Divine
Contact and Union with the Divine
Outer Worship

Section One - A Yoga of Transformation
3.1.01 - Distinctive Features of the Integral Yoga
The Meaning of Purna Yoga
This-Worldliness and Other-Worldliness
The Importance of Descent in the Yoga
The Inclusiveness of the Yoga
3.1.02 - Asceticism and the Integral Yoga
Not an Ascetic Path
Asceticism and Detachment
Two Methods of Living in the Supreme
The Human Approach to the Divine
3.1.03 - A Realistic Adwaita
The World Not an Illusion
Shankara, Buddhism, Evolution
3.1.04 - Transformation in the Integral Yoga
The Meaning of Transformation
Towards a Transformation of Earth Life
Spiritualisation and Transformation
The Attempt at Physical Transformation

Section Two - Other Spiritual Paths and the Integral Yoga

3.2.01 - The Newness of the Integral Yoga
Old and New Truth
Spiritual Realisation and the Supramental Transformation
Depreciation of the Old Yogas
The Old Lines and This Line
3.2.02 - The Veda and the Upanishads
The Vedic Rishis
The Veda and the Greeks
No Incarnation of the Vedic Gods
Terms and Verses of the Upanishads
The Vedantin
3.2.03 - Jainism and Buddhism
Buddhist Nirvana
Different Kinds of Buddhism
Buddhism and Vedanta
3.2.04 - Sankhya and Yoga
Patanjali's Yoga
The Yoga-Vasishtha
Asanas and Pranayama
3.2.05 - The Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita
The Teaching of the Gita
Apparent Contradictions in the Gita
The Gita, the Divine Mother and the Purushottama
The Gita and the Integral Yoga
3.2.06 - The Adwaita of Shankaracharya
Shankara's Mayavada
Mayavada and Nirvana
The Illusionist Metaphors
3.2.07 - Tantra
Tantra and the Integral Yoga
Kundalini, the Chakras and the Integral Yoga
Levels of Speech (Vak)
3.2.08 - Bhakti Yoga and Vaishnavism
The Vaishnava Theory and Sadhana
Vaishnava Bhakti and the Integral Yoga
The True Vaishnava Attitude
The Sunlit Way of Yoga
Ordinary Life, Vaishnava Traditions and the Supramental Yoga
Different Approaches through Love and Bhakti
Love and Bhakti for Krishna
Love of Krishna and This Yoga
3.2.09 - The Teachings of Some Modern Indian Yogis
Ramana Maharshi
Swami Ramatirtha
Swami Ramdas
3.2.10 - Christianity and Theosophy


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