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I finally start added journal entries to wordlist, this is a test of the +wl command which works with ewl; seems to work well enough.

But the notes for today? idk meh for now.

02:03AM at this point I have had two cigarettes and read from 38-59
also had added +wl, which is very nice.

05:32AM starting canto 1-5. it looks / I recall it being a bit harder than 1.3 but it seems sufficiently marked.
05:55 - also drinking coffee same time, also smoked weed prior to starting.

6:43 - finally have a potential working wikit rip of wikipedia underway using a list of wikipedia links, wikit and a xdotool loop to hit return every 100 seconds to keep it going. yay! finally.

7:21 - seems a sad problem that when certain wikits cant be found it auto opens firefox. its possible a null pointer may stop it but I just started the process from AA instead as it was seemingly an address that caused the problem (which started with a number) let us see how this goes.

830am; finished book 1, had smoke, had rice. made rice extra spicy in hopes of curing this nasal resonance bullshit which occured in the readings where whenever I spoke the letter n (outloud) I would hear a annoying vibraton in my nasal cavity. it was annoying enough that I ended up reading much more quietly to stop the words from reaching that space. which worked but id on occasion forget, speak too loudly hear it and then remember.

9:22; finished 2-1 the world stair.

11:26; finally got wikit properly working by making incloopr to cover broken cases. too bad I missed some from not before such as "Abraham". but I can also rerun from the beginning and remove duplicates since it is at least a exact method. this will solve the previous numbers issue. whoop!

12:00; okay.. finally finally I think I got wikit runner working. it took 3 loops, one to do all the wikit stuff, one to press enter on occasion incase it gets stuck and finally a third to check whether firefox or chrome it ended up being was open and if it was kill it. this disconnects the loop and then it should move on. okay.

12:22; alright.. already had to properly upgrade 3rd loop to fireloop and chromeloop; but I can forsee another problem already that of any of the 3 loops breaking. but I dont really want to try to solve that preemptively but I can see it happening. If I predict max 100k entries per day.. I can forsee the whole process taking 2 months ayah.

there does look to be some 5million entries I want to hit.. its about 50 days.. there is probably a bunch of special worth removing
it says 8.5m when grepping for wikipedia but 6.8 when rg'ing Special. so thats probably worth it. maybe file too?

so "cat wikipedia_9.3M | grep wikipedia | rg Special | rg File | rg Category | lc === 5593906"
is probably my best bet and I should set that up but it will distort the location. looks like 2 months minimum and thats running all the time. hmmmmmm.

1:00pm; cat wikipedia_9.3M | grep wikipedia | rg Special | rg File | rg Category | rg "minor_planet" | rg "Talk:" | rg "Portal:" | rg List_of | rg ISO | rg Template: | getright "" | lc ==== 4.75 million. thats the best I am going to get.

though it may be some interest to aim only at certain terms, like Saint, or User:.

questions, comments, take-down requests, reporting broken-links etc.
contact me @ integralyogin at gmail dot com






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1:How to remember the Mother during work? One starts by a mental effort - afterwards it is an inner consciousness that is formed... it is always conscious of her. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Correspondences 2020-08-17,

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