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Chapter Four

The Descent of the Higher Powers
The descent of Peace, the descent of Force or Power, the descent
of Light, the descent of Ananda, these are the four things that
transform the nature.
Light, Peace, Force, Ananda constitute the spiritual consciousness; if they are not among the major experiences, what are?
Presence, Peace, Force, Light, Ananda, these are five things that
most commonly come down.
The being is not supposed to remain always empty. When the
calm and peace of the pure existence is established, Force also
has to descend as well as Light, Ananda and other things.
Wideness is only the first step - there must be the descent of
light, knowledge, peace, force or power and the settling of these
things and their constant development.
There is no rule, but the most normal course is for a certain
Peace and Force and Light which is above the mind to descend
and as the result of its workings the cosmic consciousness opens
and in it higher and higher levels above mind. Many people
get an opening into the cosmic consciousness first but without
the basis of the higher Peace and Light it brings only a mass of
unorganised experiences.


Letters on Yoga - III

It is not really the plane that descends, it is the Power and Truth
of it that descends into the material and then the veil between
the material and it no longer exists.

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