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      Letters on Yoga - III. --- Experiences and Realisations in the Integral Yoga
        1. The Place of Experiences in the Practice of Yoga
        2. The Opening of the Inner Senses
        3. Experiences of the Inner Consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness
        4. The Fundamental Realisations of the Integral Yoga

Letters on Yoga - III. ::: Experiences and Realisations in the Integral Yoga


    Section One - The Nature and Value of Experiences
      Experiences and Realisations - The Difference between Experience and Realisation - The Yogi and the Sadhak - Subordinate and Great Experiences - Feelings as Experiences - Love, Joy and Experience - Imagined Experiences - Mental Knowledge and Spiritual Experience - Mental Realisation and Spiritual Realisation - Spiritual Experience as Substantial Experience

      The Value of Experiences - Experience and Development of Consciousness - The Importance of Small Beginnings

      Inner Experience and Outer Life - Subjective Experience and the Objective Existence - Experience and the Change of One's Nature - Inner Attitude and Outward Things - The Power of Creative Formation

      The Danger of the Ego and the Need of Purification - Spiritual Experiences and the Ego - Purification and Preparation of the Nature - Mixed and Confused Experiences - Purification and Positive Experience - Purification and Consecration - Purification and Transformation - Conditions for the Coming of Experience

      Suggestions for Dealing with Experiences - Letting the Experiences Develop Naturally - Thinking about Experiences - Observing Experiences without Attachment - Observing Experiences without Fear or Alarm - Speaking about Experiences - The Difficulty of Keeping Experiences

    Section Two - Vicissitudes on the Way to Realisation
      Variations in the Intensity of Experience - The Up and Down Movement in Yoga - Alternations, Oscillations, Fluctuations of Consciousness - Fluctuations in the Working of the Force - Lulls, Pauses, Interim Periods - Drops or Falls of Consciousness - Fatigue, Inertia and Lowering of the Consciousness - Variations during the Day - The Need for Periods of Assimilation

      Emptiness, Voidness, Blankness and Silence - Periods of Emptiness - Emptiness - A Transitional State - Voidness - Blankness - Emptiness, Blankness and Silence - Emptiness, Voidness and the Self

    Section One - Visions, Sounds, Smells and Tastes
      The Value of Visions - Vision, Experience and Realisation - Sensing Supraphysical Things - The Importance of Visions - Visions Not the Most Important Thing - No Reason to Fear Visions - Wrong Visions and Voices

      Kinds of Vision - The Inner Vision - Stages in the Development of the Inner Vision - The Diverse Nature and Significance of Visions - Representative and Dynamic Visions - Seeing Forms of the Divine and Other Beings - Cosmic, Inner and Psychic Vision - Mental Visions - Vital Visions

      Subtle Physical Visions - Subtle Sights, Sounds, Smells and Tastes - Sights and Sounds of Other Planes - Subtle Sounds - Subtle Smells and Tastes

    Section Two - Lights and Colours
      Light - Seeing Light
        Light and the Illumination of the Consciousness
        Different Forms of Light
        Two Visions Explained

      Colours - The Symbolism of Colours
        White Light
        White Light with Light of Other Colours
        Whitish Blue Light
        Blue Light
        Violet Light
        Golden Light
        Gold-Green Light
        Golden Red or Red Gold Light
        Orange Light
        Yellow Light
        Pink or Rose Light
        Green Light
        Purple and Crimson Light
        Red Light
        Red and Black

    Section Three - Symbols
      Symbols and Symbolic Visions - Different Kinds of Symbols - The Effect of Symbolic Visions - Some Symbolic Visions and Dreams Interpreted

      Sun, Moon, Star, Fire - Sun
        Fire and Burning

      Sky, Weather, Night and Dawn - Sky
        Rain, Snow, Clouds, Lightning, Rainbow
        Night and Dawn

      Water and Bodies of Water - Water
        Sea or Ocean
        Pond, Lake, River

      Earth - Mountain
        Earth and Patala

      Gods, Goddesses and Semi-Divine Beings - Agni - Shiva - Parvati-Shankara - Narayana, Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ananta - Krishna - Hanuman - Narada - Mahakali and Kali - Durga on a Lion - Ganesh - Kartikeya - Sanatkumar - Buddha - Apsaras

      The Human World - Child
        Parents and Relatives
        Robbers - Journeying
        Running Away
        Being Dead

      The Animal World - Cow
        Deer and Antelope
        Black Cat
        Snake or Serpent
        Swan or Hansa
        Dove or Pigeon
        Crow, Eagle, Kite
        White Ants

      The Plant World - Aswattha or Peepul Tree
        Other Flowers
        Building - Workshop - Temple - Pyramid and Sphinx

      Objects - CrownCross and Shield - Crown - Diamond
        Pearl - Flute
        Conch - Bells
        Wheel, Disc or Chakra
        Bow and Arrow - Key - Book - Mirror, Square and Triangle - Incense Stick and Tobacco

      Numbers and Letters - Numbers - Letters (Writing) - OM

    Section One - Experiences on the Inner Planes
      Experiences on the Subtle Physical, Vital and Mental Planes - Subtle Physical Experiences - Vital Experiences - Influence or Possession by Beings of Other Planes - An Experience on the Mental Plane

      Exteriorisation or Going Out of the Body - The Experience of Exteriorisation - Going Out in the Vital Body

    Section Two - Experiences of the Inner Being and the Inner Consciousness
      The Inward Movement - The Importance of Inner Experiences - Becoming Aware of the Inner Being - The Piercing of the Veil - The Movement Inward - The Inner Consciousness and the Body - A Transitional State of Inwardness - The Growth of the Inner Being and the Inner Consciousness - Living Within - Living Within and the External Being - Acting from Within on the Outer Being - The Double Consciousness - The Inner Being and Calmness, Silence, Peace - The Inner Being and the Inmost or Psychic Being

      Inner Detachment and the Witness Attitude - Inner Detachment - The Witness Attitude - The Witness Purusha or Witness Consciousness - The Purusha and Change of the Prakriti

      Inner Experiences in the State of Samadhi - Samadhi or Trance - Trance Not Essential - Kinds of Samadhi - Samadhi and the Waking State - Samadhi and Sleep - The Trance of Mediums

      Three Experiences of the Inner Being - Opening into the Inner Mental Self
        The Awakening of the Inner Being in Sleep
        A Touch of the Inner Self

    Section Three - Experiences of the Cosmic Consciousness
      The Universal or Cosmic Consciousness - The Terms "Universal" and "Cosmic"
        The Nature of the Cosmic Consciousness
        The Cosmic Consciousness and the Overmind
        The Cosmic Consciousness and the Transcendent
        Spiritual, Cosmic and Ordinary Consciousness
        The Widening of the Consciousness
        The Cosmic Consciousness and the Cosmic Self
        The Cosmic Consciousness and Self-Realisation

      Aspects of the Cosmic Consciousness - The Cosmic Ignorance and the Cosmic Truth
        The Cosmic Harmony and Discords
        The Cosmic Will
        Opening to the Cosmic Mind
        Opening to the Cosmic Life
        The Cosmic Consciousness and the Physical

      The Universal or Cosmic Forces - The Nature of the Universal or Cosmic Forces
        The Universal Energies and the Divine Force
        The Cosmic Force and the Overmind
        The Entry of the Universal Forces
        The Universal Forces and the Individual
        Time Vision and the Cosmic Movement

    Section Four - The Dangers of Inner and Cosmic Experiences
      The Intermediate Zone - The Nature of the Intermediate Zone
        The Dangers of the Intermediate Zone
        Avoiding the Dangers of the Intermediate Zone

      Inner Voices and Indications - The Nature of Voices - The Danger of Following Inner Voices

    Section One - Three Stages of Transformation: Psychic, Spiritual, Supramental
      The Psychic and Spiritual Realisations

      Conditions of Transformation

    Section Two - The Psychic Opening, Emergence and Transformation
      The Psychic Being and Its Role in Sadhana,_Vital_and_Physical_Nature

      The Psychic Opening"Opening"_and_"Coming_in_Front"

      The Emergence or Coming Forward of the Psychic"Coming_to_the_Front"'s_Coming_Forward's_Emergence

      Experiences Associated with the Psychic

      The Psychic and Spiritual Transformations

    Section Three - Spiritual Experiences and Realisations
      Experiences of the Self, the One and the Infinite,_Calm,_Silence_and_the_Self"I"_Sense,_Oneness,_Unity

      Experiences on the Higher Planes

    Section Four - The Spiritual Transformation
      Ascent and Descent

      Ascent to the Higher Planes

      The Descent of the Higher Consciousness and Force

      The Descent of the Higher Powers,_Force,_Light,_Ananda,_Calm,_Quiet_as_a_Basis_for_the_Descent

      Descent and Other Kinds of Experience

      Feelings and Sensations in the Process of Descent
        Flow or Stream
        Drizzle or Shower

      Difficulties Experienced in the Process of Descent - Alternations in the Intensity of the Force
        The Need of Assimilation
        Pulling Down the Force
        Shaking or Swaying of the Body
        Headaches Due to Resistance
        Talking Loudly
        Fear of the Descending Force
        Desires and Descent
        Tiredness, Inertia and Sleep
        Mixing with the World

      Descent and the Lower Nature - The Resistance of the Lower Nature
        Descent into the Mind and Vital
        Descent into the Physical Consciousness and Body
        Experiences in the Subtle Body and the Physical Body
        Descent into the Subconscient and Inconscient


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Letters On Yoga III
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