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The Ignorance can act from above the head - but not as part
of the higher planes - it comes from outside. The higher planes
just above the head are not however the absolute Truth; that
you only get in the supermind.
Absolute certitude about all things can only come from the supermind. Meanwhile one has to go on with what knowledge the
other planes give.
The Truth manifesting on all the planes is one thing, the Supramental is another, although it is the source of all Truth.


Letters on Yoga - III

To go into the supermind is impossible for the human mind. One
has to rise into the higher planes of consciousness above human
mind and transform the human mind into that; only afterwards
can we hope to touch the supermind.
One has to go by stages, and to reach and be conscious on the
higher planes between mind and Overmind is already sufficiently
difficult without insisting on Supermind as the immediate goal.
One has to know about Overmind and Supermind but there
should be no ambition to reach them - it should be regarded
as a natural end of the sadhana which will come of itself. The
concentration should be all on the immediate step - whatever
is being done at the time. So have the working of the Power and
let it work all out step by step.

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