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object: - Experiences of Infinity, Oneness, Unity
book class:Letters On Yoga III
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What you felt as a strong subtle air was the concrete expression
of consciousness or conscious existence in itself independent of
the body. As yet the experience is still limited by the body, but
when it is felt without that limit then it is a sense of a wide ether
filling all space, Akash Brahman. As this grows, the body sense

Experiences of the Self, the One and the Infinite


disappears and when the mind also is quite inactive, one feels
oneself to be that spreading out to all Infinity.
The feeling you have of all being one and not this a tree or
that such and such an object, seems to be a first touch of the
realisation of all being One. For it is so that one sees things then,
- all seems to be One and not something separate like a tree or
a house. The tree or house is only a form in the One; the tree is
really that One.
It is only by feeling all things as one spiritual substance that
one can arrive at unity [of matter, energy and mind] - unity is
in the spiritual consciousness. The material point is only one
point among millions of millions - so that is not the base of
unity. But once you get the unity in consciousness, you can
feel through that the unity of mind substance, mind force, etc.,
the unity of life substance (mobile) and life force, the unity of
material substance and energies. Being - consciousness of being
- energy of consciousness - form of consciousness, all things
are really that.
The spiritual consciousness [mentioned in the preceding letter]
is that which is in contact with Sachchidananda, that is, with
the pure existence, consciousness and bliss of the Divine. Any
contact with Sachchidananda must bring either peace or bliss.

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