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object: - The Self and the Cosmic Consciousness
book class:Letters On Yoga III
author class:Sri Aurobindo
One has first to become aware of the Self and its wide silence
and eternal peace and acquire the cosmic consciousness in which
one is aware of the whole universe as one with oneself and to
live in that. One has at the same time to be aware - it becomes
possible when one lives in the cosmic consciousness, cosmic Self
and cosmic Nature, - of the different beings in oneself, psychic,
mental, vital, physical, and then there appears also the central
being which stands above all of them and is the source of all
the surface personalities. It is only then that one can know the
aspect or bhava one is intended to manifest.
The Cosmic Spirit or Self contains everything in the cosmos -
it upholds cosmic Mind, universal Life, universal Matter as well
as the Overmind. The Self is more than all these things which
are its formulations in Nature.

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