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The Self and the Sense of Individuality
Yes, the sense of individuality can disappear altogether when all
is peace and wideness. One feels that the peace and wideness are
oneself, but not in an individual sense - for it is the "Atman"
of everybody else also. Afterwards there can come an experience
of another kind of I, but it is a universalised I which contains
everybody else and is in unison with everybody else and is itself
contained in the Divine. This is what Yogins sometimes call the
"large" as opposed to the small Aham. I have written of it as
the true Person.
The Self is essentially universal; the individualised self is only
the universal experienced from an individual centre. If what
you have realised is not felt to be one in all, then it is not the
"Atman"; possibly it is the central being not yet revealing its
universal aspect as Atman.
The Self is felt as either universal, one in all, or a universalised
individual the same in essence as others, extended everywhere
from each being but centred here. Of course centre is a way of
speaking, because no physical centre is usually felt - only all
the action takes place around the individual.

Experiences of the Self, the One and the Infinite


All is in the self; when identified with the universal self, all is in
Also, the microcosm reproduces the macrocosm - so all is
present in each, though all is not expressed (and cannot be) in
the surface consciousness.
There is the experience of the microcosm (the universe in oneself)
in which all that is in the macrocosm (the larger universe) is
present. All these things are for experience, for knowledge and
must be taken as such. No merely personal turn should be given
to them.

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