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Yes, there is a psychic sorrow of that kind [tears of longing for the Mother] - but psychic tears need not be sorrowful, there are also tears of emotion and joy.

The tears probably come from the inner psychic being (behind the heart) which is touched in this state of quietness and peace.

It is the sign of an aspiration and devotion in the soul which is trying to come to the surface. If the psychic being can come to the surface and a harmony be established in the nature, all of it being turned towards the Divine, this kind of expression will cease.

The weeping that comes to you comes from the psychic being - it is the tears of psychic yearning and aspiration. At a particular stage it so comes to many and is a very good sign. The other feelings and tendencies are also from the same source. They show that the psychic is exercising a strong influence and preparing, as we say, to come in front. Accept the movement and let it fulfil itself.

A weeping that comes with the feeling you speak of is the sign of a psychic sorrow - for it translates as an aspiration of the psychic being. But depression and hopelessness ought not to come. You should rather cling to the faith that since there is a true aspiration in you - and of that there can be no doubt - it is sure to be fulfilled, whatever the difficulties of the external nature. You must recover in that faith the inner peace and quietude while at the same time keeping the clear insight into what has to be done and the steady aspiration for the inner and outer change.

It is quite correct that [ordinary] weeping brings in the forces that should be kept outside - for the weeping is a giving way of the inner control and an expression of vital reaction and ego. It is only the psychic weeping that does not open the door to these forces - but that weeping is without affliction, tears of bhakti, spiritual emotion or Ananda.

Your experience was a very beautiful one - the inner being realises by such experiences that which must be established in the waking state as the foundation of the spiritual consciousness and spiritual life.

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