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object: - The Psychic and the Relation with the Divine
book class:Letters On Yoga III
author class:Sri Aurobindo

The psychic knows that the Divine is and affirms its knowledge against all appearances.

The direct relation with the Divine can only grow from within
- it is there in the soul and it has to come out by sadhana - that is indeed the reason for doing sadhana. The natural mind of man follows its own ideas, the vital clings to its own desires, the physical follows its own habits - these divide from the Divine.

It is only when the psychic being grows and comes forward and governs the mind and vital and physical and changes them that this veil of personal ideas, desires and habits can fall - then the direct relation and nearness grows in the being till the whole consciousness is united with the Divine. When you go deep into the psychic, then you begin to feel the Mother near - when the mind or vital is under the influence of the psychic this sense grows in them also. That is the way in which it must come.

The realisation of the psychic being, its awakening and the bringing of it in front depend mainly on the extent to which one can develop a personal relation with the Divine, a relation of bhakti, love, reliance, self-giving, rejection of the insistences of the separating and self-asserting mental, vital and physical ego.

It may be either way [that the psychic comes to the front - before the realisation of the Divine or after it]. There is a touch and the realisation comes and the psychic takes its proper place as the result; or the psychic may come to the front and prepare the nature for the realisation.

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