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"The knowledge of this nether world -Say, friend, what is it, false or true?
The false, what mortal cares to know?
The true, what mortal ever knew?"

[[Vol. 2, Page 644]]

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Plastidular Souls, and Conscious Nerve-Cells ... 670

Western Evolutionism: the comparative Anatomy of Man and Ape ... 680

Darwinism and the Antiquity of Man: the Anthropoids and their Ancestry ... 685 (1 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1


Modern Scientific Speculations thereon ... 694
On Chains of Planets and their Plurality ... 699
Esoteric Geological Chronology ... 709
The Origin and Evolution of the Mammalia ... 734

The European Palaeolithic Races ... 738



WHENEVER the question of the origin of man is offered seriously to an unbiassed, honest, and
earnest man of science, the answer comes invariably: -- "WE DO NOT KNOW." De Quatrefages, in
his agnostic attitude, is one of such anthropologists.
This does not imply that the rest of the men of science are neither fair-minded nor honest, as in such
case our remark would be questionably discreet. But, it is estimated that 75 per cent. of European
Scientists are Evolutionists. Are these representatives of modern thought all guilty of flagrant
misrepresentation of the facts? No one says this -- but there are a few very exceptional cases.
However, the Scientists in their anti-clerical enthusiasm and despair of any alternative theory to (2 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

Darwinism, except that of "special creation," are unconsciously insincere in "forcing" a hypothesis the
elasticity of which is inadequate, and which resents the severe strain to which it is now subjected.
Insincerity on the same subject is, however, patent in ecclesiastical circles. Bishop Temple has come
forward as a thorough-going supporter of Darwinism in his "Religion and Science." This clerical
writer goes so far as to regard Matter -- after receiving its "primal impress" -- as the unaided evolver of
all cosmic phenomena. This view only differs from that of Haeckel, in postulating a hypothetical deity
at "the back of beyont," a deity which stands entirely aloof from the interplay of forces. Such a
metaphysical entity is no more the Theological God than that of Kant. Bishop Temple's truce with
Materialistic Science is, in our opinion, impolitic -- apart from the fact that it involves a total rejection
of the Biblical cosmogony. In the presence of this display of flunkeyism before the materialism of our
"learned" age, we Occultists can but smile. But how about loyalty to the Masters such theological
truants profess to serve, Christ, and Christendom at large?
However, we have no desire, for the present, to throw down the gauntlet to the clergy, our business
being now with materialistic Science alone. The latter answers to our question, in the person of its best
representatives "We do not know;" -- yet the majority of these act as though Omniscience was their
heirloom, and they knew all things.
For, indeed, this negative reply has not prevented the majority of Scientists from speculating on that
question, each seeking to have his

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 646 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

own special theory accepted to the exclusion of all others. Thus, from Maillet in 1748 down to Haeckel
in 1870, theories on the origin of the human Race have differed as much as the personalities of their
inventors themselves. Buffon, Bory de St. Vincent, Lamarck, E. G. St. Hilaire, Gaudry, Naudin,
Wallace, Darwin, Owen, Haeckel, Filippi, Vogt, Huxley, Agassiz, etc., etc., each evolved a more or
less scientific hypothesis of genesis. De Quatrefages arranges them in two principal groups -- one
holding to a rapid, and the other to a very gradual transmutation; the former, favouring a new type
(man) produced by a being entirely different; the latter teaching the evolution of man by progressive
Strangely enough, it is from the most scientific of these authorities that the most unscientific of all the
theories upon the subject of the origin of man has hitherto emanated. This is so evident, that the hour is
rapidly approaching when the current teaching about the descent of man from an Ape-like mammal
will be regarded with less respect than the formation of Adam out of clay, and of Eve out of Adam's
rib. For -"It is evident, especially after the most fundamental principles of Darwinism, that an
organized being cannot be a descendant of another whose development is in an inverse
order to his own. . . . Consequently, in accordance with these principles man cannot be
considered as the descendant of any simian type whatever."*
Lucae's argument versus the Ape-theory, based on the different flexures of the bones constituting the (3 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

axis of the skull in the cases of Man and the Anthropoids, is fairly discussed by Schmidt ("Doctrine of
Descent and Darwinism," p. 290). He admits that "the ape as he grows becomes more bestial; man . . .
more human," and seems, indeed, to hesitate a moment before he passes on: e.g., "This flexure of the
cranial axis may, therefore, still be emphasized as a human character, in contradistinction to the apes;
the peculiar characteristic of an order can scarcely be elicited from it; and especially as to the doctrine
of descent, this circumstance seems in no way decisive." The writer evidently is not a little disquieted
at the argument. He assures us that it upsets any possibility of the present apes having been the
progenitors of mankind. But does it not also negative the bare possibility of the man and anthropoid
having had a common -- though, so far, an absolutely theoretical -- ancestor.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "The Human Species," p. 111, by de Quatrefages. The respective developments of the human and

Simian brains are referred to. "In the ape the temporo-spheroidal convolutions, which form the middle

lobe, make their appearance and are completed before the anterior convolutions which form the frontal

lobe. In man, the frontal convolutions are, on the contrary, the first to appear, and those of the middle

lobe are formed later." (Ibid.)


Even "Natural Selection" itself is with every day more threatened. The deserters from the Darwinian

camp are many, and those who were at one time its most ardent disciples are, owing to new

discoveries, slowly but steadily preparing to turn over a new leaf. In the "Journal of the Royal

Microscopical Society" for October, 1886, one can read as follows: -"PHYSIOLOGICAL SELECTION. -- Mr. G. J. Romanes finds certain difficulties in

regarding natural selection as a theory for the origin of adaptive structures. He proposes

to replace it by what he calls physiological selection, or the segregation of the fit. His

view is based on the extreme sensitiveness of the reproductive system to small changes
in the conditions of life, and he thinks that variations in the direction of greater or less
sterility must frequently occur in wild species. If the variation be such that the
reproductive system, while showing some degree of sterility with the parent form,
continues to be fertile within the limits of the varietal form, the variation would neither
be swamped by intercrossing nor die out on account of sterility. When a variation of this
kind occurs, the physiological barrier must divide the species into two parts. . . . . The
author, in fine, regards mutual sterility, not as one of the effects of specific
differentiation, but as the cause of it."*
An attempt is made to show the above to be a complement of, and sequence to, the Darwinian theory.
This is a clumsy attempt at best. The public will soon be made to believe that Mr. C. Dixon's
"Evolution without Natural Selection" is also Darwinism -- expanded, as the author certainly claims it
to be!
But it is like splitting the body of a man into three pieces or various portions of man, and then (4 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

maintaining that each portion is the identical man as he was before; only -- expanded. Yet the author
states on p. 79: -- "Let it be clearly understood that not one single syllable in the foregoing pages has
been written antagonistic to Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. All I have done is to explain certain
phenomena . . . . the more one studies Darwin's works, the more one is convinced of the truth of his
hypothesis." (!!)
And before this, on p. 48, he alludes to: -- "the overwhelming array of facts which Darwin gave in
support of his hypothesis, and which triumphantly carried the theory of Natural Selection over all
obstacles and objections."
This does not prevent the learned author, however, from upsetting this theory as "triumphantly," and
from even openly calling his work
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* To this an editorial remark adds that an "F.J.B.," in the Athenaeum -- (No. 3069, Aug. 21, 1886, pp.

242-3) points out that naturalists have long recognised that there are "morphological" and

"physiological" species. The former have their origin in men's minds, the latter in a series of changes

sufficient to affect the internal as well as the external organs of a group of allied individuals. The

"physiological selection" of morphological species is a confusion of ideas; that of physiological

species "a redundancy of terms."

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 648 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

"Evolution without a Natural Selection," or, in so many words, with Darwin's fundamental idea

knocked to atoms in it.

As to Natural Selection itself, the utmost misconception prevails among many present-day thinkers

who tacitly accept the conclusions of Darwinism. It is, for instance, a mere device of rhetoric to credit

"Natural Selection" with the power of originating species. "Natural Selection" is no Entity; but a

convenient phrase for describing the mode in which the survival of the fit and the elimination of the
unfit among organisms is brought about in the struggle for existence. Every group of organisms tends
to multiply beyond the means of subsistence, the constant battle for life -- the "struggle to obtain
enough to eat and to escape being eaten" added to the environmental conditions -- necessitating a
perpetual weeding out of the unfit. The elite of any stock thus sorted out, propagate the species and
transmit their organic characteristics to their descendants. All useful variations are thus perpetuated,
and a progressive improvement is effected. But Natural Selection, in the writer's humble opinion,
"Selection, as a Power," is in reality a pure myth; especially when resorted to as an explanation of the
origin of species. It is merely a representative term expressive of the manner in which "useful
variations" are stereotyped when produced. Of itself, "it" can produce nothing, and only operates on
the rough material presented to "it." The real question at issue is: what CAUSE -- combined with other
secondary causes -- produces the "variations" in the organisms themselves. Many of these secondary
causes are purely physical, climatic, dietary, etc., etc. Very well. But beyond the secondary aspects of
organic evolution, a deeper principle has to be sought for. The materialist's "spontaneous variations," (5 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

and "accidental divergencies" are self-contradictory terms in a universe of "Matter, Force and
NECESSITY." Mere variability of type, apart from the supervisory presence of a quasi-intelligent
impulse, is powerless to account for the stupendous complexities and marvels of the human body for
instance. The insufficiency of the Darwinists' mechanical theory has been exposed at length by Dr.
Von Hartmann among other purely negative thinkers. It is an abuse of the reader's intelligence to write,
as does Haeckel, of blind indifferent cells, "arranging themselves into organs." The esoteric solution of
the origin of animal species is given elsewhere.
Those purely secondary causes of differentiation, grouped under the head of sexual selection, natural
selection, climate, isolation, etc., etc., mislead the Western Evolutionist and offer no real explanation
whatever of the "whence" of the "ancestral types" which served as the starting point for physical
development. The truth is that the


differentiating "causes" known to modern science only come into operation after the physicalization of
the primeval animal root-types out of the astral. Darwinism only meets Evolution at its midway point -that is to say when astral evolution has given place to the play of the ordinary physical forces with
which our present senses acquaint us. But even here the Darwinian Theory, even with the "expansions"
recently attempted, is inadequate to meet the facts of the case. The underlying physiological variation
in species -- one to which all other laws are subordinate and secondary -- is a sub-conscious
intelligence pervading matter, ultimately traceable to a REFLECTION of the Divine and DhyanChohanic wisdom.* A not altogether dissimilar conclusion has been arrived at by so well known a
thinker as Ed. von Hartmann, who, despairing of the efficacy of unaided Natural Selection, regards
evolution as intelligently guided by the UNCONSCIOUS (the Cosmic Logos of Occultism). But the
latter acts only mediately through FOHAT, or Dhyan-Chohanic energy, and not quite in the direct
manner which the great pessimist describes.
It is this divergence among men of Science, their mutual, and often their self-contradictions, that gave
the writer of the present volumes the courage to bring to light other and older teachings -- if only as
hypotheses for future scientific appreciation. Though not in any way very learned in modern sciences,
so evident, even to the humble recorder of this archaic clearing, are the said scientific fallacies and
gaps, that she determined to touch upon all these, in order to place the two teachings on parallel lines.
For Occultism, it is a question of self-defence, and nothing more.
So far, the "Secret Doctrine" has concerned itself with metaphysics, pure and simple. It has now
landed on Earth, and finds itself within the domain of physical science and practical anthropology, or
those branches of study which materialistic Naturalists claim as their rightful domain, coolly asserting,
furthermore, that the higher and more perfect the working of the Soul, the more amenable it is to the
analysis and explanations of the zoologist and the physiologist alone. (Haeckel on "Cell-Souls and
Soul-Cells.") This stupendous pretension comes from one, who, to prove his pithecoid descent, has not
hesitated to include among the ancestors of man the Lemuridae; which have been promoted by him to
the rank of Prosimiae, indeciduate mammals, to which he very incorrectly attributes a decidua (6 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The "principle of perfectibility" of Nageli; von de Baer's "striving towards the purpose"; Braun's

"Divine breath as the inward impulse in the evolutionary history of Nature"; Professor Owen's

"tendency to perfectibility, etc.," are all veiled manifestations of the universal guiding FOHAT, rich

with the Divine and Dhyan-Chohanic thought.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 650 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

and a discoidal placenta.* For this Haeckel was taken severely to task by de Quatrefages, and criticised

by his own brother materialists and agnostics, as great, if not greater, authorities than himself, namely,

by Virchow and du Bois-Reymond.**

Such opposition notwithstanding, Haeckel's wild theories are, to this day, called scientific and logical

by some. The mysterious nature of Consciousness, of Soul, Spirit in Man being now explained as a

mere advance on the functions of the protoplasmic molecules of the lively Protista, and the gradual

evolution and growth of human mind and "social instincts" toward civilization having to be traced

back to their origin in the civilization of ants, bees, and other creatures, the chances left for an
impartial hearing of the doctrines of archaic Wisdom, are few indeed. The educated profane is told that
"the social instincts of the lower animals have, of late, been regarded as being clearly the origin of
morals, even of those of man" (!) and that our divine consciousness, our soul, intellect, and aspirations
have "worked their way up from the lower stages of the simple cell-soul" of the gelatinous Bathybius -(See Haeckel's "Present Position of Evolution" Notes), -- and he seems to believe it. For such men, the
metaphysics of Occultism must produce the effect that our grandest orchestral and vocal oratorios
produce on the Chinaman: a sound that jars upon their nerves.
Yet, are our esoteric teachings about "angels," the first three pre-animal human Races, and the
downfall of the Fourth, on a lower level of fiction and self-delusion than the Haeckelian "plastidular,"
or the inorganic "molecular Souls of the Protista"? Between the evolution of the spiritual nature of
man from the above Amoebian Souls, and the alleged development of his physical frame from the
protoplastic dweller in the Ocean slime, there is an abyss which will not be easily crossed by any man
in the full possession of his intellectual faculties. Physical evolution, as modern Science teaches it, is a
subject for open controversy; spiritual and moral development on the same lines is the insane dream of
a crass materialism.
Furthermore, past as well as present daily experience teaches that no truth has ever been accepted by
the learned bodies unless it dovetailed
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Vide infra, M. de Quatrefages' expose of Haeckel, in ii., "The Ancestors Mankind is offered by


** Strictly speaking du Bois-Reymond is an agnostic, and not a materialist. He has protested most (7 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

vehemently against the materialistic doctrine, which affirms mental phenomena to be merely the

product of molecular motion. The most accurate physiological knowledge of the structure of the brain

leaves us "nothing but matter in motion," he asserts; "we must go further, and admit the utterly

incomprehensible nature of the psychical principle which it is impossible to regard as a mere outcome

of material causes."


with the habitual preconceived ideas of their professors. "The crown of the innovator is a crown of
thorns": -- said G. St. Hilaire. It is only that which fits in with popular hobbies and accepted notions
that as a general rule gains ground. Hence the triumph of the Haeckelian ideas, notwithstanding their
being proclaimed by Virchow, du Bois-Reymond, and others as the "testimonium paupertatis of
natural Science."
Diametrically opposed as may be the materialism of the German Evolutionists to the spiritual
conceptions of Esoteric philosophy, radically inconsistent as is their accepted anthropological system
with the real facts of nature, -- the pseudo-idealistic bias now colouring English thought is almost more
pernicious. The pure materialistic doctrine admits of a direct refutation and appeal to the logic of facts.
The idealism of the present day, not only contrives to absorb, on the one hand, the basic negations of
Atheism, but lands its votaries in a tangle of unreality, which culminates in a practical Nihilism.
Argument with such writers is almost out of the question. Idealists, therefore, will be still more
antagonistic to the Occult teachings now given than even the Materialists. But as no worse fate can
befall the exponents of Esoteric Anthropo-Genesis than being openly called by their foes by their old
and time-honoured names of "lunatics" and "ignoramuses," the present archaic theories may be safely
added to the many modern speculations, and bide their time for their full or even partial recognition.
Only, as the existence itself of these "archaic theories" will probably be denied, we have to give our
best proofs and stand by them to the bitter end.
In our race and generation the one "temple in the Universe" is in rare cases -- within us; but our body
and mind have been too defiled by both Sin and Science to be outwardly now anything better than a
fane of iniquity and error. And here our mutual position -- that of Occultism and Modern Science -ought to be once for all defined.
We, Theosophists, would willingly bow before such men of learning as the late Prof. Balfour Stewart,
Messrs. Crookes, Quatrefages, Wallace, Agassiz, Butlerof, and several others, though we may not
agree, from the stand-point of esoteric philosophy, with all they say. But nothing could make us
consent to even a show of respect for the opinions of other men of science, such as Haeckel, Carl
Vogt, or Ludwig Buchner, in Germany; or even of Mr. Huxley and his co-thinkers in materialism in
England -- the colossal erudition of the first named, notwithstanding. Such men are simply the
intellectual and moral murderers of future generations; especially Haeckel, whose crass materialism
often rises to the height of idiotic naivetes in his reasonings. One has but to read his "Pedigree of Man,
and Other Essays" (Aveling's transl.) to feel a desire, in the words of Job, that his (8 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 652 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

remembrance should perish from the earth, and that he "shall have no name in the streets." Hear him
deriding the idea of the origin of the human race "as a supernatural (?) phenomenon," as one "that
could not result from simple mechanical causes, from physical and chemical forces, but requires the
direct intervention of a creative personality. . . "
. . . . "Now the central point of Darwin's teaching," . . goes on the creator of the mythical Sozura, "lies
in this, that it demonstrates the simplest mechanical causes, purely physico-chemical phenomena of
nature, as wholly sufficient to explain the highest and most difficult problems. Darwin puts in the
place of a conscious creative force, building and arranging the organic bodies of animals and plants on
a designed plan, a series of natural forces working blindly (or we say) without aim, without design. In
place of an arbitrary act of operation, we have a necessary law of Evolution . . . . " (So had Manu and
Kapila, and, at the same time, guiding, conscious and intelligent Powers). . . "Darwin had very wisely .
. . put on one side the question as to the first appearance of life. But very soon that consequence, so full
of meaning, so wide reaching, was openly discussed by able and brave scientific men, such as Huxley,
Carl Vogt, Ludwig Buchner. A mechanical origin of the earliest living form, was held as the necessary
sequence to Darwin's teaching . . and we are at present concerned with a single consequence of the
theory, the natural origin of the human race through ALMIGHTY EVOLUTION" (pp. 34, 37).
To which, unabashed by this scientific farrago, Occultism replies: in the course of Evolution, when the
physical triumphed over, and nearly crushed under its weight, spiritual and mental evolutions, the great
gift of Kriyasakti* remained the heirloom of only a few elect men in every age . . . . Spirit strove
vainly to manifest itself in its fulness in purely organic forms (as has been explained in Part I. of this
Volume), and the faculty, which had been a natural attribute in the early humanity of the Third Race,
became one of the class regarded as simply phenomenal by the Spiritualists and Occultists, and as
scientifically impossible by the materialists.
In our modern day the mere assertion that there exists a power which can create human forms -- readymade sheaths for the "conscious monads" or Nirmanakayas of past Manvantaras to incarnate within -is, of course, absurd, ridiculous! That which is regarded as quite natural, on the other hand, is the
production of a Frankenstein's monster, plus moral consciousness, religious aspirations, genius, and a
feeling of one's own immortal nature within one's self -- by "physico-chemical forces, guided by blind
Almighty Evolution" ("Pedigree of Man").
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* For explanation of the term Kriyasakti, see Com. 2 in Stanza 26.


As to the origin of that man, not ex-nihilo, cemented by a little red clay, but from a living divine Entity

consolidating the astral body with surrounding materials -- this conception is too absurd even to be (9 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

mentioned in the opinion of the materialists. Nevertheless, Occultists and Theosophists are ready to

have their claims and theories -- however unscientific and superstitious at first glance -- compared as

to their intrinsic value and probability, with those of the modern evolutionists. Hence the esoteric

teaching is absolutely opposed to the Darwinian evolution, as applied to man, and partially so with
regard to other species.
It would be interesting to obtain a glimpse of the mental representation of Evolution in the Scientific
brain of a materialist. What is EVOLUTION? If asked to define the full and complete meaning of the
term, neither Huxley nor Haeckel will be able to do it any better than Webster does: "the act of
unfolding; the process of growth, development; as the evolution of a flower from a bud, or an animal
from the egg." Yet the bud must be traced through its parent-plant to the seed, and the egg to the
animal or bird that laid it; or at any rate to the speck of protoplasm from which it expanded and grew.
And both the seed and the speck must have the latent potentialities in them for the reproduction and
gradual development, the unfolding of the thousand and one forms or phases of evolution, through
which they must pass before the flower or the animal are fully developed? Hence, the future plan, if
not a DESIGN, must be there. Moreover, that seed has to be traced, and its nature ascertained. Have
the Darwinists been successful in this? Or will the Moneron be cast in our teeth? But this atom of the
Watery Abysses is not homogeneous matter; and there must be something or somebody that had
moulded and cast it into being.
Here Science is once more silent. But since there is no Self-consciousness as yet in either speck, seed,
or germ, according to both Materialists and Psychologists of the modern school -- Occultists agreeing
in this for once with their natural enemies -- what is it that guides the force or forces so unerringly in
this process of evolution? Blind force? As well call blind the brain which evolved in Haeckel his
"Pedigree of Man" and other lucubrations. We can easily conceive that the said brain lacks an
important centre or two. For, whoever knows anything of the anatomy of the human, or even of any
animal, body, and is still an atheist and a materialist, must be "hopelessly insane," according to Lord
Herbert, who rightly sees in the frame of man's body and the coherence of its parts, something so
strange and paradoxical that he holds it "to be the greatest miracle of nature." Blind forces, "and no
design" in anything under the Sun; when no sane man of Science would hesitate to say that, even from
the little he knows and has hitherto discovered of the forces at work in Kosmos, he sees very plainly

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 654 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

that every part, every speck and atom are in harmony with their fellow atoms, and these with the
whole, each having its distinct mission throughout the life-cycle. But, fortunately, the greatest, the
most eminent thinkers and Scientists of the day are now beginning to rise against this "Pedigree," and
even Darwin's natural selection theory, though its author had never, probably, contemplated such
widely stretched conclusions. The remarkable work of the Russian Scientist N. T. Danilevsky -"Darwinism, a Critical Investigation of the Theory" -- upsets it completely and without appeal, and so
does de Quatrefages in his last work. Our readers are recommended to examine the learned paper by
Dr. Bourges -- read by its author, a member of the Paris Anthropological Society at a recent official
meeting of the latter -- called "Evolutionary Psychology; the Evolution of Spirit, etc." in which he
reconciles entirely the two teachings -- namely, those of the physical and spiritual evolutions. He (10 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

explains the origin of the variety of organic forms, made to fit their environments with such evident
intelligent design, by the existence and the mutual help and interaction of two principles in (manifest)
nature, the inner Conscious Principle adapting itself to physical nature and the innate potentialities in
the latter. Thus the French Scientist has to return to our old friend -- Archaeus, or the life-Principle -without naming it, as Dr. Richardson has done in England in his "Nerve-Force," etc. The same idea
was recently developed in Germany by Baron Hellenbach, in his remarkable work, "Individuality in
the light of Biology and modern Philosophy."
We find the same conclusions arrived at in still another excellent volume of another Russian deep
thinker, N. N. Strachof -- who says in his "Fundamental Conceptions of Psychology and Physiology": -"The most clear, as the most familiar, type of development may be found in our own mental or
physical evolution, which has served others as a model to follow . . . . If organisms are entities . . . then
it is only just to conclude and assert that the organic life strives to beget psychic life; but it would be
still more correct and in accordance with the spirit of these two categories of evolution to say, that the
true cause of organic life is the tendency of spirit to manifest in substantial forms, to clothe itself in
substantial reality. It is the highest form which contains the complete explanation of the lowest, never
the reverse." This is admitting, as Bourges does in the Memoire above quoted, the identity of this
mysterious, integrally acting and organizing Principle with the Self-Conscious and Inner Subject,
which we call the EGO and the world at large -- the Soul. Thus, gradually, all the best Scientists and
Thinkers are approaching the Occultists in their general conclusions.
But such metaphysically inclined men of Science are out of court and will hardly be listened to.
Schiller, in his magnificent poem on

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 655 THE ONE UNPARDONABLE SIN.

the Veil of Isis, makes the mortal youth who dared to lift the impenetrable covering fall down dead
after beholding naked Truth in the face of the stern goddess. Have some of our Darwinians, so tenderly
united in natural selection and affinity, also gazed at the Saitic Mother bereft of her veils? One might
almost suspect it after reading their theories. Their great intellects must have collapsed while gauging
too closely the uncovered face of Nature, leaving only the grey matter and ganglia in their brain, to
respond to blind physico-chemical forces. At any rate Shakespeare's lines apply admirably to our
modem Evolutionist who symbolizes that "proud man," who -"Dress'd in a little brief authority;
Most ignorant of what he's most assured,
His glassy essence -- like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven,
As make the Angels weep! . . . . "
These have nought to do with the "angels." Their only concern is the human ancestor, the pithecoid
Noah who gave birth to three sons -- the tailed Cynocephalus, the tailless Ape, and the "arboreal"
Palaeolithic man. On this point, they will not be contradicted. Every doubt expressed is immediately
set down as an attempt to cripple scientific inquiry. The insuperable difficulty at the very foundation of (11 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 1

the evolution theory, namely, that no Darwinian is able to give even an approximate definition of the
period at which, and the form in which, the first man appeared, is smoothed down to a trifling
impediment, which is "really of no account." Every branch of knowledge is in the same predicament,
we are informed. The chemist bases his most abstruse calculations simply "upon a hypothesis of atoms
and molecules, of which not one has ever been seen isolated, weighed, or defined. The electrician
speaks of magnetic fluids which have never tangibly revealed themselves. No definite origin can be
assigned either to molecules or magnetism. Science cannot and does not pretend to any knowledge of
the beginnings of law, matter or life, . . ." etc., etc. (Knowledge, January, 1882.)
And, withal, to reject a scientific hypothesis, however absurd, is to commit the one unpardonable sin!
We risk it.

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Contents (12 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:37:25]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 656 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

--------------------"The question of questions for mankind -- the problem which underlies all others, and is
more deeply interesting than any other -- is the ascertainment of the place which man

occupies in Nature, and of his relations to the Universe of things." -- HUXLEY.

--------------------THE world stands divided this day, and hesitates between divine progenitors -- be they Adam and Eve
or the lunar Pitris -- and Bathybius Haeckelii, the gelatinous hermit of the briny deep. Having

explained the occult theory, it may now be compared with that of the modem Materialism. The reader

is invited to choose between the two after having judged them on their respective merits.

We may derive some consolation for the rejection of our divine ancestors, in finding that the

Haeckelian speculations receive no better treatment at the hands of strictly exact Science than do our

own. Haeckel's phylogenesis is no less laughed at by the foes of his fantastic evolution, by other and

greater Scientists, than our primeval races will be. As du Bois-Reymond puts it, we may believe him

easily when he says that "ancestral trees of our race sketched in the 'Schopfungs-geschichte' are of

about as much value as are the pedigrees of the Homeric heroes in the eyes of the historical critic."
This settled, everyone will see that one hypothesis is as good as another. And as we find that German
naturalist (Haeckel) himself confessing that neither geology (in its history of the past) nor the
ancestral history of organisms will ever "rise to the position of a real exact Science,"* a large margin
is thus left to Occult Science to make its annotations and lodge its protests. The world is left to choose
between the teachings of Paracelsus, the "Father of Modern Chemistry," and those of Haeckel, the
Father of the mythical Sozura. We demand no more.
Without presuming to take part in the quarrel of such very learned naturalists as du Bois-Reymond
and Haeckel a propos of our blood relationship to "those ancestors (of ours) which have led up from
the unicellular classes, Vermes, Acrania, Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia to the Aves" -- one may put in a
few words, a question or two, for the information of our readers. Availing ourselves of the
opportunity, and bearing
[[Footnote(s)]] ------------------------------------------------- (1 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

* "Pedigree of Man." -- "The Proofs of Evolution," p. 273.


in mind Darwin's theories of natural selection, etc., we would ask Science -- with regard to the origin

of the human and animal species -- which theory of evolution of the two herewith described is the

more scientific, or the more unscientific, if so preferred.

(1). Is it that of an Evolution which starts from the beginning with sexual propagation?

(2). Or that teaching which shows the gradual development of organs; their solidification, and the

procreation of each species, at first by simple easy separation from one into two or even several
individuals. Then follows a fresh development -- the first step to a species of separate distinct sexes -the hermaphrodite condition; then again, a kind of Parthenogenesis, "virginal reproduction," when the
egg-cells are formed within the body, issuing from it in atomic emanations and becoming matured
outside of it; until, finally, after a definite separation into sexes, the human beings begin procreating
through sexual connection?
Of these two, the former "theory," -- rather, a "revealed fact" -- is enunciated by all the exoteric Bibles
(except the Puranas), preeminently by the Jewish Cosmogony. The last one, is that which is taught by
the Occult philosophy, as explained all along.
An answer is found to our question in a volume just published by Mr. S. Laing -- the best lay
exponent of Modern Science.* In chapter viii. of his latest work, "A Modern Zoroastrian," the author
begins by twitting "all ancient religions and philosophies" for "assuming a male and female principle
for their gods." At first sight, he says "the distinction of sex appears as fundamental as that of plant
and animal." . . . . "The Spirit of god brooding over Chaos and producing the world," he goes on to
complain, "is only a later edition, revised according to monotheistic ideas, of the far older Chaldean
legend which describes the creation of Kosmos out of Chaos by the co-operations of great gods, male
and female . . " Thus, in the orthodox Christian creed we are taught to repeat "begotten, not made," a
phrase which is absolute nonsense, an instance of using words like counterfeit notes, which have no
solid value of an idea behind them. For "begotten" is a very definite term which "implies the
conjunction of two opposite sexes to produce a new individual."
However we may agree with the learned author as to the inadvisability of using wrong words, and the
terrible anthropomorphic and phallic element in the old Scriptures -- especially in the orthodox
Christian Bible -- nevertheless, there may be two extenuating circumstances in the case. Firstly, all
these "ancient philosophies" and "modern
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Author of "Modern Science and Modern Thought." (2 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 658 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

religions" are -- as sufficiently shown in these two volumes -- an exoteric veil thrown over the face of

esoteric truth; and -- as the direct result of this -- they are allegorical, i.e., mythological in form; but

still they are immensely more philosophical in essence than any of the new scientific theories, socalled. Secondly, from the Orphic theogony down to Ezra's last remodelling of the Pentateuch, every

old Scripture having in its origin borrowed its facts from the East, it has been subjected to constant

alterations by friend and foe, until of the original version there remained but the name, a dead shell

from which the Spirit had been gradually eliminated.
This alone ought to show that no religious work now extant can be understood without the help of the
Archaic wisdom, the primitive foundation on which they were all built.
But to return to the direct answer expected from Science to our direct question. It is given by the same
author, when, following his train of thought on the unscientific euhemerization of the powers of
Nature in ancient creeds, he pronounces a condemnatory verdict upon them in the following terms: -"Science, however, makes sad havoc with this impression of sexual generation being the original and
only mode of reproduction,* and the microscope and dissecting knife of the naturalist introduce us to
new and altogether unsuspected (?) worlds of life. . . ."
So little "unsuspected," indeed, that the original a-sexual "modes of reproduction" must have been
known -- to the ancient Hindus, at any rate -- Mr. Laing's assertion to the contrary, notwithstanding. In
view of the statement in the Vishnu Purana, quoted by us elsewhere, that Daksha "established sexual
intercourse as the means of multiplication," only after a series of other "modes," which are all
enumerated therein, (Vol. II., p. 12, Wilson's Transl.), it becomes difficult to deny the fact. This
assertion, moreover, is found, note well, in an EXOTERIC work. Then, Mr. S. Laing goes on to tell us
that: -. . . . "By far the larger proportion of living forms, in number . . . . have come into existence, without
the aid of sexual propagation." He then instances Haeckel's monera . . . . "multiplying by selfdivision." The next stage the author shows in the nucleated cell, "which does exactly the same thing."
The following stage is that in "which the organism does not divide into two equal parts, but a small
portion of it swells out . . . . and finally parts company and starts on separate existence, which grows
to the size of the parent by its inherent faculty of manufacturing fresh protoplasm from surrounding
inorganic materials."**
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Vide Part I. of this volume, page 183, Stanza VIII.

** In this, as shown in Part I., Modern Science was again anticipated, far beyond its own speculations

in this direction, by Archaic Science. (3 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2


This is followed by a many-celled organism which is formed by "germ-buds reduced to spores, or

single cells, which are emitted from the parent". . . . when "we are at the threshold of that system of

sexual propagation, which has (now) become the rule in all the higher families of animals" . . . . It is

when an "organism, having advantages in the struggle for life, established itself permanently" . . . .

that special organs developed to meet the altered condition . . . . . when a distinction "would be firmly
established of a female organ or ovary containing the egg or primitive cell from which the new being
was to be developed." . . . . "This is confirmed by a study of embryology, which shows that in the
HUMAN and higher animal species the distinction of sex is not developed until a considerable
progress has been made in the growth of the embryo . . . . " In the great majority of plants, and in
some lower families of animals . . . the male and female organs are developed within the same being .
. . . . a hermaphrodite. Moreover, in the "virginal reproduction -- germ-cells apparently similar in all
respects to egg-cells, develop themselves into new individuals without any fructifying element," etc.,
etc. (pp. 103-107).
Of all which we are as perfectly well aware as of this -- that the above was never applied by the very
learned English popularizer of Huxleyo-Haeckelian theories to the genus homo. He limits this to
specks of protoplasm, plants, bees, snails, and so on. But if he would be true to the theory of descent,
he must be as true to ontogenesis, in which the fundamental biogenetic law, we are told, runs as
follows: "the development of the embryo (ontogeny) is a condensed and abbreviated repetition of the
evolution of the race (phylogeny). This repetition is the more complete, the more the true original
order of evolution (palingenesis) has been retained by continual heredity. On the other hand, this
repetition is the less complete, the more by varying adaptations the later spurious development
(caenogenesis) has obtained." (Anthrop. 3rd edition, p. 11.)
This shows to us that every living creature and thing on earth, including man, evolved from one
common primal form. Physical man must have passed through the same stages of the evolutionary
process in the various modes of procreation as other animals have: he must have divided himself; then,
hermaphrodite, have given birth parthenogenetically (on the immaculate principle) to his young ones;
the next stage would be the oviparous -- at first "without any fructifying element," then "with the help
of the fertilitary spore"; and only after the final and definite evolution of both sexes, would he become
a distinct "male and female," when reproduction through sexual union would grow into universal law.
So far, all this is scientifically proven. There remains but one thing to be ascertained: the plain and
comprehensively described

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 660 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

processes of such ante-sexual reproduction. This is done in the Occult books, a slight outline of which
was attempted by the writer in Part I. of this Volume. (4 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

Either this, or -- man is a distinct being. Occult philosophy may call him that, because of his distinctly
dual nature. Science cannot do so, once that it rejects every interference save mechanical laws, and
admits of no principle outside matter. The former -- the archaic Science --allows the human physical
frame to have passed through every form, from the lowest to the very highest, its present one, or from
the simple to the complex -- to use the accepted terms. But it claims that in this cycle (the fourth), the
frame having already existed among the types and models of nature from the preceding Rounds -- that
it was quite ready for man from the beginning of this Round.* The Monad had but to step into the
astral body of the progenitors, in order that the work of physical consolidation should begin around
the shadowy prototype.**
What would Science say to this? It would answer, of course, that as man appeared on earth as the
latest of the mammalians, he had no need, no more than those mammals, to pass through the primitive
stages of procreation as above described. His mode of procreation was already established on Earth
when he appeared. In this case, we may reply: since to this day not the remotest sign of a link between
man and the animal has yet been found, then (if the Occultist doctrine is to be repudiated) he must
have sprung miraculously in nature, like a fully armed Minerva from Jupiter's brain. And in such case
the Bible is right, along with other national "revelations." Hence the scientific scorn, so freely lavished
by the author of "A Modern
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Theosophists will remember that, according to Occult teaching, Cyclic pralayas so-called are but

obscurations, during which periods Nature, i.e., everything visible and invisible on a resting planet -remains in statu quo. Nature rests and slumbers, no work of destruction going on on the globe even if

no active work is done. All forms, as well as their astral types, remain as they were at the last moment

of its activity. The "night" of a planet has hardly any twilight preceding it. It is caught like a huge

mammoth by an avalanche, and remains slumbering and frozen till the next dawn of its new day -- a

very short one indeed in comparison to the "Day of Brahma."

** This will be pooh-poohed, because it will not be understood by our modern men of science; but

every Occultist and theosophist will easily realize the process. There can be no objective form on

Earth (nor in the Universe either), without its astral prototype being first formed in Space. From

Phidias down to the humblest workman in the ceramic art -- a sculptor has had to create first of all a

model in his mind, then sketch it in one and two dimensional lines, and then only can he reproduce it

in a three dimensional or objective figure. And if human mind is a living demonstration of such

successive stages in the process of evolution -- how can it be otherwise when NATURE'S MIND and

creative powers are concerned?

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 661 WHERE ARE THE "MISSING LINKS"?

Zoroastrian" upon ancient philosophies and exoteric creeds, becomes premature and uncalled for. Nor
would the sudden discovery of a "missing-link" -- like fossil mend matters at all. For neither one such
solitary specimen nor the scientific conclusions thereupon, could insure its being the long-sought-for
relic, i.e., that of an undeveloped, still a once speaking MAN. Something more would be required as a (5 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

final proof (vide infra, Note). Besides which, even Genesis takes up man, her Adam of dust, only
where the Secret Doctrine leaves her "Sons of God and Wisdom" and picks up the physical man of the
THIRD Race. Eve is not "begotten," but is extracted out of Adam on the manner of "Amoeba, A,"
contracting in the middle and splitting into Amoeba B -- by division. (See p. 103, in "The Modern
Zoroastrian.") Nor has human speech developed from the various animal sounds.
Haeckel's theory that "speech arose gradually from a few simple, crude animal sounds . . . ." as such
"speech still remains amongst a few races of lower rank" (Darwinian theory in "Pedigree of Man," p.
22) is altogether unsound, as argued by Professor Max Muller, among others. He contends that no
plausible explanation has yet been given as to how the "roots" of language came into existence. A
human brain is necessary for human speech. And figures relating to the size of the respective brains of
man and ape show how deep is the gulf which separates the two. Vogt says that the brain of the largest
ape, the gorilla, measures no more than 30.51 cubic inches; while the average brains of the flat-headed
Australian natives -- the lowest now in the human races -- amount to 99.35 cubic inches! Figures are
awkward witnesses and cannot lie. Therefore, as truly observed by Dr. F. Pfaff, whose premises are as
sound and correct as his biblical conclusions are silly: -- "The brain of the apes most like man, does
not amount to quite a third of the brain of the lowest races of men: it is not half the size of the brain of
a new-born child." ("The Age and Origin of Man.") From the foregoing it is thus very easy to perceive
that in order to prove the Huxley-Haeckelian theories of the descent of man, it is not one, but a great
number of "missing links" -- a true ladder of progressive evolutionary steps -- that would have to be
first found and then presented by Science to thinking and reasoning humanity, before it would
abandon belief in gods and the immortal Soul for the worship of Quadrumanic ancestors. Mere myths
are now greeted as "axiomatic truths." Even Alfred Russel Wallace maintains with Haeckel that
primitive man was a speechless ape-creature. To this Joly answers: -- "Man never was, in my opinion,
this pithecanthropus alalus whose portrait Haeckel has drawn as if he had seen and known him, whose
singular and completely hypothetical genealogy he has even given, from the mere mass of living
protoplasm to the man endowed with speech and a civilization analo-

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 662 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

gous to that of the Australians and Papuans." ("Man before Metals," p. 320, N. Joly. Inter. Scient.
Haeckel, among other things, often comes into direct conflict with the Science of languages. In the
course of his attack on Evolutionism (1873, "Mr. Darwin's Philosophy of Language"), Prof. Max
Muller stigmatized the Darwinian theory as "vulnerable at the beginning and at the end." The fact is,
that only the partial truth of many of the secondary "laws" of Darwinism is beyond question -- M. de
Quatrefages evidently accepting "Natural Selection," the "struggle for existence" and transformation
within species, as proven not once and for ever, but pro. tem. But it may not be amiss, perhaps, to
condense the linguistic case against the "Ape ancestor" theory: -Languages have their phases of growth, etc., like all else in nature. It is almost certain that the great
linguistic families pass through three stages. (6 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

(1) All words are roots and merely placed in juxtaposition (Radical languages).
(2) One root defines the other, and becomes merely a determinative element (Agglutinative).
(3) The determinative element (the determinating meaning of which has long lapsed) unites into a
whole with the formative element (Inflected).
The problem then is: Whence these ROOTS? Max Muller argues that the existence of these readymade materials of speech is a proof that man cannot be the crown of a long organic series. This
potentiality of forming roots is the great crux which materialists almost invariably avoid.
Von Hartmann explains it as a manifestation of the "Unconscious," and admits its cogency versus
mechanical Atheism. Hartmann is a fair representative of the Metaphysician and Idealist of the present
The argument has never been met by the non-pantheistic Evolutionists. To say with Schmidt:
"Forsooth are we to halt before the origin of language?" is an avowal of dogmatism and of speedy
defeat. (Cf. his "Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism," p. 304.)
We respect those men of science who, wise in their generation, say: "Prehistoric Past being utterly
beyond our powers of direct observation, we are too honest, too devoted to the truth -- or what we
regard as truth -- to speculate upon the unknown, giving out our unproven theories along with facts
absolutely established in modern Science." . . . . "The borderland of (metaphysical) knowledge is best
left to time, which is the best test as to truth" (A Modern Zoroastrian, p. 136).
This is a wise and an honest sentence in the mouth of a materialist. But when a Haeckel, after just
saying that "historical events of

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 663 PROOFS OF OUR "NOBLE DESCENT."

past time . . " having "occurred many millions of years ago,* . . . are for ever removed from direct
observation," and that neither geology nor phylogeny** can or will "rise to the position of a real exact
science," then insists on the development of all organisms -- "from the lowest vertebrate to the
highest, from Amphioxus to man" -- we ask for a weightier proof than he can give. Mere "empirical
sources of knowledge," so extolled by the author of "Anthropogeny" -- when he has to be satisfied
with the qualification for his own views -- are not competent to settle problems lying beyond their
domain; nor is it the province of exact science to place any reliance on them.*** If "empirical" -- and
Haeckel declares so himself repeatedly -- then they are no better, nor any more reliable, in the sight of
exact research, when extended into the remote past, than our Occult teachings of the East, both having
to be placed on quite the same level. Nor are his phylogenetic and palingenetic speculations treated in
any better way by the real scientists, than are our cyclic repetitions of the evolution of the Great in the
minor races, and the original order of evolutions. For the province of exact, real Science, materialistic
though it be, is to carefully avoid anything like guess-work, speculation which cannot be verified; in (7 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

short, all suppressio veri and all suggestio falsi. The business of the man of exact Science is to
observe, each in his chosen department, the phenomena of nature; to record, tabulate, compare and
classify the facts, down to the smallest minutiae which are presented to the observation of the senses
with the help of all the exquisite mechanism that modern invention supplies, not by the aid of
metaphysical flights of fancy. All that he has a legitimate right to do, is to correct by the assistance of
physical instruments the
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* It thus appears that in its anxiety to prove our noble descent from the catarrhine "baboon," Haeckel's

school has pushed the times of pre-historic man millions of years back. (See "Pedigree of Man," p.

273.) Occultists, render thanks to science for such corroboration of our claims!

** This seems a poor compliment to pay Geology, which is not a speculative but as exact a science as

astronomy -- save, perhaps its too risky chronological speculations. It is mainly a "Descriptive" as

opposed to an "Abstract" Science.

*** Such newly-coined words as "perigenesis of plastids," "plastidule Souls" (!), and others less

comely, invented by Haeckel, may be very learned and correct in so far as they may express very

graphically the ideas in his own vivid fancy. As a fact, however, they remain for his less imaginative

colleagues painfully caenogenetic -- to use his own terminology; i.e., for true Science they are

spurious speculations so long as they are derived from "empirical sources." Therefore, when he seeks

to prove that "the origin of man from other mammals, and most directly from the catarrhine ape, is a

deductive law that follows necessarily from the inductive law of the theory of descent"

("Anthropogeny," p. 392) -- his no less learned foes (du Bois-Reymond -- for one) have a right to see

in this sentence a mere jugglery of words; a "testimonium paupertatis of natural science" -- as he
himself complains, calling them, in return, ignoramuses (see "Pedigree of Man," Notes).

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 664 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

defects or illusions of his own coarser vision, auditory powers, and other senses. He has no right to
trespass on the grounds of metaphysics and psychology. His duty is to verify and to rectify all the
facts that fall under his direct observation; to profit by the experiences and mistakes of the Past in
endeavouring to trace the working of a certain concatenation of cause and effects, which, but only by
its constant and unvarying repetition, may be called A LAW. This it is which a man of science is
expected to do, if he would become a teacher of men and remain true to his original programme of
natural or physical sciences. Any side-way path from this royal road becomes speculation.
Instead of keeping to this, what does many a so-called man of science do in these days? He rushes into
the domains of pure metaphysics, while deriding it. He delights in rash conclusions and calls it "a
deductive law from the inductive law" of a theory based upon and drawn out of the depths of his own
consciousness: that consciousness being perverted by, and honeycombed with, one-sided materialism.
He attempts to explain the "origin" of things, which are yet embosomed only in his own conceptions.
He attacks spiritual beliefs and religious traditions millenniums old, and denounces everything, save (8 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

his own hobbies, as superstition. He suggests theories of the Universe, a Cosmogony developed by
blind, mechanical forces of nature alone, far more miraculous and impossible than even one based
upon the assumption of fiat lux out of nihil -- and tries to astonish the world by such a wild theory;
which, being known to emanate from a scientific brain, is taken on blind faith as very scientific and
the outcome of SCIENCE.
Are those the opponents Occultism would dread? Most decidedly not. For such theories are no better
treated by real (not empirical) Science than our own. Haeckel, hurt in his vanity by du Bois-Reymond,
never tires of complaining publicly of the latter's onslaught on his fantastic theory of descent.
Rhapsodizing on "the exceedingly rich storehouse of empirical evidence," he calls those "recognised
physiologists" who oppose every speculation of his drawn from the said "storehouse" -- ignorant men.
"If many men," he declares -- "and among them even some scientists of repute -- hold that the whole
of phylogeny is a castle in the air, and genealogical trees (from monkeys?) are empty plays of
phantasy, they only in speaking thus demonstrate their ignorance of that wealth of empirical sources
of knowledge to which reference has already been made" ("Pedigree of Man," p. 273).
We open Webster's Dictionary and read the definitions of the word "empirical": "Depending upon
experience or observation alone, without due regard to modern science and theory." This applies to
the Occultists, Spiritualists, Mystics, etc., etc. Again, "an Empiric -- One who confines himself to
applying the results of his own observations" (only)


(which is Haeckel's case); "one wanting Science . . . . an ignorant and unlicensed practitioner; a quack;
No Occultist or "magician," has ever been treated to any worse epithets. Yet the Occultist remains on
his own metaphysical grounds, and does not endeavour to rank his knowledge, the fruits of his
personal observation and experience, among the exact sciences of modern learning. He keeps within
his legitimate sphere, where he is master. But what is one to think of a rank materialist, whose duty is
clearly traced before him, who uses such an expression as this: -"The origin of man from other mammals, and most directly from the catarrhine ape, is a deductive
law, that follows necessarily from the inductive law of the THEORY OF DESCENT."
("Anthropogeny," p. 392).
A "theory" is simply a hypothesis, a speculation, and no law. To say otherwise is only one of the
many liberties taken now-a-days by scientists. They enunciate an absurdity, and then hide it behind
the shield of Science. Any deduction from theoretical speculation is no better than a speculation on a
speculation. Now Sir W. Hamilton has already shown that the word theory is now used "in a very
loose and improper sense" . . . . "that it is convertible into hypothesis, and hypothesis is commonly
used as another term for conjecture, whereas the terms 'theory' and 'theoretical' are properly used in
opposition to the term practice and practical." (9 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

But modern Science puts an extinguisher on the latter statement, and mocks at the idea. Materialistic
philosophers and Idealists of Europe and America may be agreed with the Evolutionists as to the
physical origin of man -- yet it will never become a general truth with the true metaphysician, and the
latter defies the materialists to make good their arbitrary assumptions. That the ape-theory theme* of
Vogt and Darwin, on which the Huxley-Haeckelians have composed of late such extraordinary
variations, is far less scientific -- because clashing with the fundamental laws of that theme itself -than ours can ever be
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The mental barrier between man and ape, characterized by Huxley as an "enormous gap, a distance

practically immeasurable"! ! is, indeed, in itself conclusive. Certainly it constitutes a standing puzzle

to the materialist, who relies on the frail reed of "natural selection." The physiological differences

between Man and the Apes are in reality -- despite a curious community of certain features -- equally

striking. Says Dr. Schweinfurth, one of the most cautious and experienced of naturalists: -"In modern times there are no animals in creation that have attracted more attention from the scientific

student than the great quadrumana (the anthropoids), bearing such a striking resemblance to the

human form as to have justified the epithet of anthropomorphic being conferred on them. . . . But all

investigation at present only leads human intelligence to a confession of its insufficiency; and nowhere

is caution more to be advocated, nowhere is premature judgment more to be deprecated than in the

attempt to bridge over the MYSTERIOUS CHASM which separates man and beast." "Heart of

Africa" i., 520.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 666 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

shown to be, is very easy of demonstration. Let the reader only turn to the excellent work on "Human
Species" by the great French naturalist de Quatrefages, and our statement will at once be verified.
Moreover, between the esoteric teaching concerning the origin of man and Darwin's speculations, no
man, unless he is a rank materialist, will hesitate. This is the description given by Mr. Darwin of "the
earliest ancestors of man."
"They were without doubt once covered with hair; both sexes having beards; their ears were pointed
and capable of movement; and their bodies were provided with a tail, having the proper muscles.
Their limbs and bodies were acted on by many muscles which now only occasionally reappear in man,
but which are still normally present in the quadrumana. . . . The foot, judging from the condition of
the great toe in the foetus, was then prehensile, and our progenitors, no doubt, were arboreal in their
habits, frequenting some warm forest-clad land, and the males were provided with canine teeth which
served as formidable weapons. . . ."*
Darwin connects him with the type of the tailed catarrhines, "and consequently removes him a stage
backward in the scale of evolution. The English naturalist is not satisfied to take his stand upon the (10 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

ground of his own doctrines, and, like Haeckel, on this point places himself in direct variance with
one of the fundamental laws which constitute the principal charm of Darwinism . . . " And then the
learned French naturalist proceeds to show how this fundamental law is broken. "In fact," he says, "in
the theory of Darwin, transmutations do not take place, either by chance or in every direction. They
are ruled by certain laws which are due to the organization itself. If an organism is once modified in a
given direction, it can undergo secondary or tertiary transmutations, but will still preserve the impress
of the original. It is the law of permanent characterization, which alone permits Darwin to explain the
filiation of groups, their characteristics, and their numerous relations. It is by virtue of this law that all
the descendants of the first mollusc have been molluscs; all the descendants of the first vertebrate
have been vertebrates. It is clear that this constitutes one of the foundations of the doctrine. . . . It
follows that two beings belonging to two distinct types can be referred to a common ancestor, but the
one cannot be the descendant of the other"; (p. 106).
"Now man and ape present a very striking contrast in respect to type. Their organs . . . correspond
almost exactly term for term: but these
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* A ridiculous instance of evolutionist contradictions is afforded by Schmidt ("Doctrine of Descent

and Darwinism," on page 292). He says, "Man's kinship with the apes is not impugned by the bestial

strength of the teeth of the male orang or gorilla." Mr. Darwin, on the contrary, endows this fabulous

being with teeth used as weapons!

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 667 A WALKER OR A CLIMBER.

organs are arranged after a very different plan. In man they are so arranged that he is essentially a

walker, while in apes they necessitate his being a climber. . . . There is here an anatomical and

mechanical distinction. . . . A glance at the page where Huxley has figured side by side a human

skeleton and the skeletons of the most highly developed apes is a sufficiently convincing proof."

The consequence of these facts, from the point of view of the logical application of the law of

permanent characterizations, is that man cannot be descended from an ancestor who is already

characterized as an ape, any more than a catarrhine tailless ape can be descended from a tailed

catarrhine. A walking animal cannot be descended from a climbing one.
"Vogt, in placing man among the primates, declares without hesitation that the lowest class of apes
have passed the landmark (the common ancestor), from which the different types of this family have
originated and diverged." (This ancestor of the apes, occult science sees in the lowest human group
during the Atlantean period, as shown before.) . . . "We must, then, place the origin of man beyond the
last apes," goes on de Quatrefages, thus corroborating our Doctrine, "if we would adhere to one of the
laws most emphatically necessary to the Darwinian theory. We then come to the prosimiae of
Haeckel, the loris, indris, etc. But those animals also are climbers; we must go further, therefore, in
search of our first direct ancestor. But the genealogy by Haeckel brings us from the latter to the
marsupials. . . . From men to the Kangaroo the distance is certainly great. Now neither living nor (11 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

extinct fauna show the intermediate types which ought to serve as landmarks. This difficulty causes
but slight embarrassment to Darwin.* We know that he considers the want of information upon
similar questions as a proof in his favour. Haeckel doubtless is as little embarrassed. He admits the
existence of an absolutely theoretical pithecoid man."
"Thus, since it has been proved that, according to Darwinism itself, the origin of man must be placed
beyond the eighteenth stage, and since it becomes, in consequence, necessary to fill up the gap
between marsupials and man, will Haeckel admit the existence of four unknown intermediate groups
instead of one?" asks de Quatrefages. "Will he complete his genealogy in this manner? It is not for me
to answer." ("The Human Species," p. 107-108.)
But see Haeckel's famous genealogy, in "The Pedigree of Man," called by him "Ancestral Series of
Man." In the "Second Division"

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* According even to a fellow-thinker, Professor Schmidt, Darwin has evolved "a certainly not

flattering, and perhaps in many points an incorrect, portrait of our presumptive ancestors in the dawn

of humanity." ("Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism," p. 284.)

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 668 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

(Eighteenth Stage) he describes "Prosimiae, allied to the Loris (Stenops) and Makis (Lemur) as

without marsupial bones and cloaca, but with placenta." And now turn to de Quatrefages' "The

Human Species," pp. 109, 110, and see his proofs, based on the latest discoveries, to show that "the

prosimiae of Haeckel have no decidua and a diffuse placenta." They cannot be the ancestors of the

apes even, let alone man, according to a fundamental law of Darwin himself, as the great French

Naturalist shows. But this does not dismay the "animal theorists" in the least, for self-contradiction

and paradoxes are the very soul of modern Darwinism. Witness -- Mr. Huxley. Having himself shown,

with regard to fossil man and the "missing link," that "neither in quaternary ages nor at the present

time does any intermediary being fill the gap which separates man from the Troglodyte"; and that to

"deny the existence of this gap would be as reprehensible as absurd," the great man of Science denies
his own words in actu by supporting with all the weight of his scientific authority that most "absurd"
of all theories -- the descent of man from an ape!
"This genealogy," says de Quatrefages, "is wrong throughout, and is founded on a material error."
Indeed, Haeckel bases his descent of man on the 17th and 18th stages (See Aveling's "Pedigree of
Man," p. 77), the marsupialia and prosimiae -- (genus Haeckelii?). Applying the latter term to the
Lemuridae -- hence making of them animals with a placenta -- he commits a zoological blunder. For
after having himself divided mammals according to their anatomical differences into two groups: the
indeciduata, which have no decidua (or special membrane uniting the placentae), and the deciduata,
those who possess it: he includes the prosimiae in the latter group. Now we have shown elsewhere
what other men of science had to say to this. As de Quatrefages says, "The anatomical investigations
of . . . Milne Edwards and Grandidier upon these animals . . . place it beyond all doubt that the (12 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

prosimiae of Haeckel have no decidua and a diffuse placenta. They are indeciduata. Far from any
possibility of their being the ancestors of the apes, according to the principles laid down by Haeckel
himself, they cannot be regarded even as the ancestors of the zonoplacental mammals . . . and ought
to be connected with the pachydermata, the edentata, and the cetacea"; (p. 110). And yet Haeckel's
inventions pass off with some as exact science!
The above mistake, if indeed, one, is not even hinted at in Haeckel's "Pedigree of Man," translated by
Aveling. If the excuse may stand good that at the time the famous "genealogies" were made, "the
embryogenesis of the prosimiae was not known," it is familiar now. We shall see whether the next
edition of Aveling's translation will have this important error rectified, or if the 17th and 18th stages

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 669 A PITHECOID MAN WANTED.

as they are to blind the profane, as one of the real intermediate links. But, as the French naturalist
observes -- "their (Darwin's and Haeckel's) process is always the same, considering the unknown as a
proof in favour of their theory." (Ibid.)
It comes to this. Grant to man an immortal Spirit and Soul; endow the whole animate and inanimate
creation with the monadic principle gradually evolving from the latent and passive into active and
positive polarity -- and Haeckel will not have a leg to stand upon, whatever his admirers may say.
But there are important divergences even between Darwin and Haeckel. While the former makes us
proceed from the tailed catarrhine, Haeckel traces our hypothetical ancestor to the tailless ape, though,
at the same time, he places him in a hypothetical "stage" immediately preceding this: "Menocerca
with tails" (19th stage).
Nevertheless, we have one thing in common with the Darwinian school: it is the law of gradual and
extremely slow evolution, embracing many million years. The chief quarrel, it appears, is with regard
to the nature of the primitive "Ancestor." We shall be told that the Dhyan Chohan, or the "progenitor"
of Manu, is a hypothetical being unknown on the physical plane. We reply that it was believed in by
the whole of antiquity, and by nine-tenths of the present humanity; whereas not only is the pithecoid
man, or "ape-man," a purely hypothetical creature of Haeckel's creation, unknown and untraceable on
this earth, but further its genealogy -- as invented by him -- clashes with scientific facts and all the
known data of modern discovery in Zoology. It is simply absurd, even as a fiction. As de Quatrefages
demonstrates in a few words, Haeckel "admits the existence of an absolutely theoretical pithecoid
man" -- a hundred times more difficult to accept than any Deva ancestor. And it is not the only
instance in which he proceeds in a similar manner in order to complete his genealogical table; and he
admits very naively his inventions himself. Does he not confess the non-existence of his sozura (14th
stage) -- a creature entirely unknown to science -- by confessing over his own signature, that -- "The
proof of its existence arises from the necessity of an intermediate type between the 13th and the 14th
stages"! (13 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

If so, we might maintain with as much scientific right, that the proof of the existence of our three
ethereal races, and the three-eyed men of the Third and Fourth Root-Races "arises also from the
necessity of an intermediate type" between the animal and the gods. What reason would the
Haeckelians have to protest in this special case?
Of course there is a ready answer: "Because we do not grant the presence of the monadic essence."
The manifestation of the Logos as individual consciousness in the animal and human creation is not

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 670 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

by exact science, nor does it cover the whole ground, of course. But the failures of science and its
arbitrary assumptions are far greater on the whole than* any "extravagant" esoteric doctrine can ever
furnish. Even thinkers of the school of Von Hartmann have become tainted with the general epidemic.
They accept the Darwinian Anthropology (more or less), though they also postulate the individual Ego
as a manifestation of the Unconscious (the Western presentation of the Logos or Primeval Divine
Thought). They say the evolution of the physical man is from the animal, but that mind in its various
phases is altogether a thing apart from material facts, though organism (as an upadhi) is necessary for
ITS manifestation.
But one can never see the end of such wonders with Haeckel and his school, whom the Occultists and

Theosophists have every right to consider as materialistic tramps trespassing on private metaphysical
grounds. Not satisfied with the paternity of Bathybius (Haeckelii), "plastidule souls,"** and "atomsouls" are now invented by them, on the basis of purely blind mechanical forces of matter. We are
informed that "the study of the evolution of soul-life shows that this has worked its way up from the
lower stages of the simple cell-soul, through an astonishing series of gradual stages in evolution, up to
the soul of man." ("Present Position of Evolution," p. 266.)
"Astonishing" -- truly, based as this wild speculation is on the Consciousness of the "nerve cells." For
as he tells us, "Little as we are in a position, at the present time, to explain fully the nature of
consciousness,*** yet the comparative and genetic observation of it clearly shows that it is only a
higher and more complex function of the nerve cells." (Ibid, note 22.)
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Of course the Esoteric system of Fourth Round Evolution is much more complex than the paragraph

and quotations referred to categorically assert. It is practically a reversal -- both in embryological

inference and succession in time of species -- of the current Western conception. (14 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

** According to Haeckel, there are also cell-souls; "an inorganic molecular soul" without, and a

"plastidular soul with (or possessing) memory". What are our esoteric teachings to this? The divine

and human soul of the seven principles in man must, of course, pale and give away before such a

stupendous revelation!

*** A valuable confession, this. Only it makes the attempt to trace the descent of Consciousness in

man as well as of his physical body from Bathybius Haeckelii still more humorous and empirical, in
the sense of Webster's second definition.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 671 HAECKEL CREATES SOULS.

Mr. Herbert Spencer's song on Consciousness -- is sung, it seems, and may henceforth be safely stored
up in the lumber room of obsolete speculations. Where, however, do Haeckel's "complex functions" of
his scientific "nerve-cells" land him? Once more right into the Occult and mystic teachings of the
Kabala about the descent of souls as conscious and unconscious atoms; among the Pythagorean
MONAD and the monads of Leibnitz -- and the "gods, monads, and atoms" of our esoteric teaching;*
into the dead letter of Occult teachings, left to the amateur Kabalists and professors of ceremonial
magic. For this is what he says, while explaining his newly-coined terminology: -"Plastidule-Souls; the plastidules or protoplasmic molecules, the smallest, homogeneous parts of the
protoplasm are, on our plastic theory, to be regarded as the active factors of all life-functions. The
plastidular soul differs from the inorganic molecular soul in that it possesses memory." ("Pedigree of
Man," Note, p. 296.)
This he develops in his mirific lecture on the "Perigenesis of the Plastidule, or the wave-motions of
living particles." It is an improvement on Darwin's theory of "Pangenesis," and a further approach, a
cautious move towards "magic." The former is a conjecture that certain of the actual and identical
atoms which had belonged to ancestral bodies "are thus transmitted through their descendants for
generation after generation, so that we are literally 'flesh of the flesh' of the primeval creature who has
developed into man in the later . . . period" -- explains the author of "The Modern Zoroastrian" (in
"Primitive Polarities," etc.). The latter (Occultism) teaches that -- (a) the life-atoms of our (Prana) lifeprinciple are never entirely lost when a man dies. That the atoms best impregnated with the lifeprinciple (an independent, eternal, conscious factor) are partially transmitted from father to son by
heredity, and partially are drawn once more together and become the animating principle of the new
body in every new incarnation of
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Those who take the opposite view and look upon the existence of the human soul, -- "as a

supernatural, a spiritual phenomenon, conditioned by forces altogether different from ordinary

physical forces," . . . "mock," he thinks, "in consequence, all explanation that is simply scientific."

They have no right it seems, to assert that "psychology is, in part, or in whole, a spiritual science, not a

physical one." . . . The new discovery by Haeckel (one taught for thousands of years in all the Eastern

religions, however), that the animals have souls, will, and sensation, hence soul-functions, leads him (15 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

to make of psychology the science of the zoologists. The archaic teaching that the "Soul" (the animal

and human souls, or Kama and Manas) "has its developmental history" -- is claimed by Haekel as his

own discovery and innovation on an "untrodden (?) path"! He (Haeckel) will work out the

comparative evolution of the soul in man and in other animals. . . . "The comparative morphology of
the soul-organs, and the comparative physiology of the soul-functions, both founded on Evolution,
thus become the psychological (really materialistic) problem of the scientific man." (Cell-souls and
Soul-cells, p. 137, "Pedigree of Man.")

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 672 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

the Monads. Because (b), as the individual Soul is ever the same, so are the atoms of the lower
principles (body, its astral, or life double, etc.), drawn as they are by affinity and Karmic law always
to the same individuality in a series of various bodies, etc., etc.*
To be just, and, to say the least, logical, our modern Haeckelians ought to pass a resolution that
henceforth the "Perigenesis of the Plastidule," and like lectures, should be bound up with those on
"Esoteric Buddhism," and "The Seven Principles in Man." Thus the public will have a chance, at any
rate, of judging after comparison which of the two teachings is the most or the least ABSURD, even
from the standpoint of materialistic and exact Science!
Now the Occultists, who trace every atom in the universe, whether an aggregate or single, to One
Unity, or Universal Life; who do not recognize that anything in Nature can be inorganic; who know of
no such thing as dead matter -- the Occultists are consistent with their doctrine of Spirit and Soul
when speaking of memory in every atom, of will and sensation. But what can a materialist mean by
the qualification? The law of biogenesis, in the sense applied to it by the Haeckelians -- "is the result
of the ignorance on the part of the man of science of occult physics." We know and speak of "lifeatoms" -- and of "sleeping-atoms" -- because we regard these two forms of energy -- the kinetic and
the potential -- as produced by one and the same force or the ONE LIFE, and regard the latter as the
source and mover of all. But what is it that furnished with energy, and especially with memory, the
"plastidular souls" of Haeckel? The "wave motion of living particles" becomes comprehensible on the
theory of a Spiritual ONE LIFE, of a universal Vital principle independent of our matter, and
manifesting as atomic energy only on our plane of consciousness. It is that which, individualized in
the human cycle, is transmitted from father to son.
Now Haeckel, modifying Darwin's theory, suggests "most plausibly," as the author of the "Modern
Zoroastrian" thinks, "that not the identical atoms, but their peculiar motions and mode of aggregation
have been thus transmitted" (by heredity).
If Haeckel, or any other Scientist, knew more than any of them does of the nature of the atom, he
would not have improved the occasion in this way. For he only states, in a more metaphysical
language than Darwin, one and the same thing. The life-principle, or life energy,
[[Footnote(s)]] ------------------------------------------------- (16 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

* (See "Transmigration of the Life Atoms," "Five years of Theosophy," p. 533-539). The collective

aggregation of these atoms forms thus the Anima Mundi of our Solar system, the soul of our little

universe, each atom of which is of course a soul, a monad, a little universe endowed with

consciousness, hence with memory (Vol. I., Part III., "Gods, Monads and Atoms.")


which is omnipresent, eternal, indestructible, is a force and a PRINCIPLE as noumenon, atoms, as

phenomenon. It is one and the same thing, and cannot be considered as separate except in


Further, Haeckel enunciates concerning the Atom Souls that which, at first sight, appears as occult as
a Monad of Leibnitz. "The recent contest as to the nature of atoms, which we must regard as in some
form or other the ultimate factors in all physical and chemical processes," he tells us -- "seems to be
capable of the easiest settlement, by the conception that these very minute masses possess, as centres
of force, a persistent soul, that every atom has sensation and the power of movement."
He does not say a word concerning the fact that this is Leibnitz's theory, and one pre-eminently occult.
Nor does he understand the term "Soul" as we do; for, with Haeckel it is simply, along with
consciousness, the production of the grey matter of the brain, a thing which, as the "cell-soul, is as
indissolubly bound up with the protoplasmic body as is the human soul with the brain and spinal
cord." (Ibid.) He rejects the conclusions of Kant, Herbert Spencer, of du Bois-Reymond and Tyndall.
The latter expresses the opinion of all the great men of science, as of the greatest thinkers of this and
the past ages, in saying that "the passage from the physics of the brain to the corresponding facts of
Consciousness is unthinkable. Were our minds and senses so . . . illuminated as to enable us to see and
feel the very molecules of the brain; were we capable of following all their motions, all their
groupings . . . electric discharges . . . we should be as far as ever from the solution of the problem . . .
The chasm between the two classes of Phenomena would still remain intellectually impassable." But
the complex function of the nerve-cells of the great German EMPIRIC, or, in other words, his
Consciousness, will not permit him to follow the conclusions of the greatest thinkers of our globe. He
is greater than they. He asserts this, and protests against all. "No one has the right
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* In "The Transmigration of the Life-Atoms," we say, to explain better a position which is but too

often misunderstood: -- "It is omnipresent . . . . though (on this plane of manifestation) often in a

dormant state -- as in stone. The definition which states that when this indestructible force is

disconnected with one set of atoms (molecules ought to have been said) it becomes immediately

attracted by others, does not imply that it entirely abandons the first set (because the atoms themselves

would then disappear), but only that it transfers its vis viva, or life power -- the energy of motion, to

another set. But because it manifests itself in the next set as what is called Kinetic energy, it does not

follow that the first set is deprived of it altogether; for it is still in it, as potential energy or life latent,"

etc., etc. Now what can Haeckel mean by his "not identical atoms but their peculiar motion and mode (17 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

of aggregation," if it is not the same Kinetic energy we have been explaining? He must have read
Paracelsus and studied "Five Years of Theosophy," without properly digesting the teachings, before
evolving such theories.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 674 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

to hold that in the future we (Haeckel) shall not be able to pass beyond those limits of our knowledge
that to day seem impassable"; and he quotes from Darwin's introduction to the "Descent of Man" these
words, which he modestly applies to his scientific opponents and himself: "It is always those who
know little, and not those who know much, that positively affirm that this or that problem will never be
solved by Science."
The world may rest satisfied. That day is not far off when the "thrice great" Haeckel will have shown
(to his own satisfaction) that the consciousness of Sir I. Newton was, physiologically speaking, but the
reflex action (or minus consciousness) caused by the peri-genesis of the plastidules of our common
ancestor and old friend, the Moneron Haeckelii. The fact that the said "Bathybius" has been found out
and exposed as a pretender simulating the organic substance it was not; and since, among the children
of men, Lot's wife alone (and even this, only after her disagreeable metamorphosis into a salt pillar)
could claim the pinch of salt it is, as her forefather -- will not dismay him at all. He will go on
asserting, as coolly as he has always done, that it was no more than the peculiar mode and motion of
the ghost of the long-vanished atoms of our "Father Bathybius," which, transmitted across aeons of
time into the cell-tissue of the grey matter of the brains of every great man, caused Sophocles and
AEschylus, as well as Shakespeare, to write their tragedies, Newton, his "Principia," Humboldt, his
"Cosmos," etc. etc. It prompted Haeckel to invent Graeco-Latin names three inches long, pretending
to mean a good deal, and meaning -- nothing.
Of course we are quite aware that the true, honest evolutionist agrees with us; and that he is the first to
say that not only is the geological record imperfect, but that there are enormous gaps in the series of
hitherto discovered fossils, which can never be filled. He will tell us, moreover, that "no evolutionist
assumes that man is descended from any existing ape or any extinct ape either," but that man and apes
originated probably aeons back, in some common root stock. Still, as de Quatrefages points out, he
will claim as an evidence corroborating his (the evolutionist's) claim, even this wealth of absent
proofs, saying that "all living forms have not been preserved in the fossil series, the chances of
preservation being few and far between," even primitive man "burying or burning his dead" (A.
Wilson). This is just what we ourselves claim. It is just as possible that future should have in store for
us the discovery of the giant skeleton of an Atlantean, 30ft. high, as the fossil of a pithecoid "missing
link": only the former is more probable.

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The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 2

Contents (19 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:31]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition



THE data derived from scientific research as to "primeval man" and the ape lend no countenance to
theories deriving the former from the latter. "Where, then, must we look for primeval man?" still
queries Mr. Huxley, after having vainly searched for him in the very depths of the quaternary strata.
"Was the oldest Homo sapiens Pliocene or Miocene, or yet more ancient? In still older strata do the
fossilized bones of an ape more anthropoid, or a man more pithecoid than any yet known, await the
researches of some unborn palaeontologist? Time will show . . . ." ("Man's Place in Nature," p. 159).
It will -- undeniably -- and thus vindicate the anthropology of the Occultists. Meanwhile, in his
eagerness to vindicate Mr. Darwin's Descent of Man, Mr. Boyd Dawkins believes he has all but found
the "missing link" -- in theory. It was due to theologians more than to geologists that, till nearly 1860,
man had been considered a relic no older than the Adamic orthodox 6,000 years. As Karma would
have it though, it was left to a French Abbe -- l'abbe Bourgeois -- to give this easy-going theory even a
worse blow than had been given to it by the discoveries of Boucher de Perthes. Everyone knows that
the Abbe discovered and brought to light good evidence that man already existed during the Miocene
period; for flints of undeniably human making were excavated from Miocene strata. In the words of
the author of "Modern Science and Modern Thought": -"They must either have been chipped by man, or, as Mr. Boyd Dawkins supposes, by the
Dryopithecus or some other anthropoid ape which had a dose of intelligence so much
superior to the gorilla, or chimpanzee, as to be able to fabricate tools. But in this case the
problem would be solved and the missing link discovered, for such an ape might well
have been the ancestor of Palaeolithic man."
Or -- the descendant of Eocene Man, which is a variant offered to the theory. Meanwhile, the
Dryopithecus with such fine mental endowments is yet to be discovered. On the other hand, Neolithic
and even Palaeolithic man having become an absolute certainty, -- and, as the same author justly
observes: "If 100,000,000 years have elapsed since (1 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 676 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

the earth became sufficiently solidified to support vegetable and animal life, the Tertiary period may
have lasted for 5,000,000; or for 10,000,000 years, if the life-sustaining order of things has lasted, as
Lyell supposes, for at least 200,000,000 years" -- why should not another theory be tried? Let us carry
man, as an hypothesis, to the close of Mesozoic times -- admitting argumenti causa that the (much
more recent) higher apes then existed! This would allow ample time to man and the modern apes to
have diverged from the mythical "ape more anthropoid," and even for the latter to have degenerated
into those that are found mimicking man in using "branches of trees as clubs, and cracking cocoa-nuts
with hammer and stones."* Some savage tribes of hillmen in India build their abodes on trees, just as
the gorillas build their dens. The question, which of the two, the beast or the man, has become the
imitator of the other, is scarcely an open one, even granting Mr. Boyd Dawkins' theory. The fanciful
character of his hypothesis, is, however, generally admitted. It is argued that while in the Pliocene and
Miocene periods there were true apes and baboons, and man was undeniably contemporaneous with
the former of those times -- though as we see orthodox anthropology still hesitates in the teeth of facts
to place him in the era of the Dryopithecus, which latter "has been considered by some anatomists as
in some respects superior to the chimpanzee or the gorilla" -- yet, in the Eocene there have been no
other fossil primates unearthed and no pithecoid stocks found save a few extinct lemurian forms. And
we find it also hinted that the Dryopithecus may have been the "missing link," though the brain of the
creature no more warrants the theory than does the brain of the modern gorilla. (Vide also Gaudry's
Now we would ask who among the Scientists is ready to prove that there was no man in existence in
the early Tertiary period? What is it that prevented his presence? Hardly thirty years ago his existence
any farther back than 6, or 7,000 years was indignantly denied. Now he is refused admission into the
Eocene age. Next century it may become a question whether man was not contemporary with the
"flying Dragons;" the pterodactyl, the plesiosaurus and iguanodon, etc., etc. Let us listen, however, to
the echo of Science.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* This the way primitive man must have acted? We do not know of men, not even of savages, in our

age, who are known to have imitated the apes who live side by side with them in the forests of

America and the islands. We do know of large apes who, tamed and living in houses, will mimic men

to the length of donning hats and coats. The writer had personally a chimpanzee who, without being

taught, opened a newspaper and pretended to read in it. It is the descending generations, the children,

who mimic their parents -- not the reverse.


"Now wherever anthropoid apes lived, it is clear that, whether as a question of (2 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

anatomical structure, or of climate and surroundings, man, or some creature which was
the ancestor of man, might have lived also. Anatomically speaking, apes and monkeys
are as much special variations of the mammalian type as man, whom they resemble,
bone for bone, and muscle for muscle, and the physical animal man is simply an
instance of the quadrumanous type specialised for erect posture and a larger brain* . . . .
If he could survive, as we know he did, the adverse conditions and extreme vicissitudes
of the Glacial period, there is no reason why he might not have lived in the semi-tropical
climate of the Miocene period, when a genial climate extended even to Greenland and
Spitzbergen . . . " ("Modern Science and Modern Thought," p. 152.)
While most of the men of Science, who are uncompromising in their belief in the descent of man from
an "extinct anthropoid mammal," will not accept even the bare tenability of any other theory than an
ancestor common to man and the Dryopithecus, it is refreshing to find in a work of real scientific value
such a margin for compromise. Indeed, it is as wide as it can be made under the circumstances, i.e.,
without immediate danger of getting knocked off one's feet by the tidal wave of "science-adulation."
Believing that the difficulty of accounting "for the development of intellect and morality by evolution
is not so great as that presented by the difference as to physical structure** between man and the
highest animal," the same author says: -"But it is not so easy to see how this difference of physical structure arose, and how a
being came into existence which had such a brain and hand, and such undeveloped
capabilities for an almost unlimited progress. The difficulty is this: the difference in
structure between the lowest existing race of man and the highest existing ape is too
great to admit of the possibility of one being the direct descendant of the other. The
negro in some respects makes a slight approximation towards the Simian type. His skull
is narrower, his brain less capacious, his muzzle more projecting, his arm longer than
those of the
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* It is asked, whether it would change one iota of the scientific truth and fact contained in the above

sentence if it were to read: "the ape is simply an instance of the biped type specialized for going on all

fours, generally, and a smaller brain." Esoterically speaking, this is the real truth, and not the reverse.

** We cannot follow Mr. Laing here. When avowed Darwinists like Huxley point to "the great gulf

which intervenes between the lowest ape and the highest man in intellectual power," the "enormous

gulf . . . between them," the "immeasurable and practically infinite divergence of the Human from the

Simian stirps" (Man's Place in Nature, pp. 102-3); when even the physical basis of mind -- the brain -so vastly exceeds in size that of the highest existing apes; when men like Wallace are forced to invoke

the agency of extra-terrestrial intelligences in order to explain the rise of such a creature as the

Pithecanthropus alalus, or speechless savage of Haeckel, to the level of the large-brained and moral

man of to-day -- it is idle to dismiss Evolutionist puzzles so lightly. If the structural evidence is so

unconvincing and, taken as a whole, so hostile to Darwinism, the difficulties as to the "how" of the

Evolution of the human mind by natural selection are tenfold greater. (3 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 678 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

average European man. Still he is essentially a man, and separated by a wide gulf from
the chimpanzee or the gorilla. Even the idiot or cretin, whose brain is no larger and
intelligence no greater than that of the chimpanzee, is an arrested man, not an ape."
"If, therefore, the Darwinian theory holds good in the case of man and ape, we must go
back to some common ancestor from whom both may have originated . . . . But to
establish this as a fact and not a theory we require to find that ancestral form, or, at any
rate, some intermediate forms tending towards it . . . . in other words . . . . the missing
link! Now it must be admitted that, hitherto, not only have no such missing links been
discovered, but the oldest known human sculls and skeletons which date from the
Glacial period, and are probably at least 100,000 years old, show no very decided
approximation towards any such pre-human type. On the contrary, one of the oldest
types, that of the men of the sepulchral cave of Cro-Magnon,* is that of a fine race, tall
in stature, large in brain, and on the whole superior to many of the existing races of
mankind. The reply of course is that the time is insufficient, and if man and the ape had
a common ancestor, that as a highly developed anthropoid ape, certainly, and man,
probably, already existed in the Miocene period, such ancestor must be sought still
further back at a distance compared with which the whole Quaternary period sinks into
insignificance . . . . It may well make us hesitate before we admit that man . . . is alone
an exception. . . . This is more difficult to believe, as the ape family which man (?) so
closely resembles . . . . contains numerous branches which graduate into one another, but
the extremes of which differ more widely than man does from the highest of the ape
series. If a special creation is required for man, must there not have been special
creations for the chimpanzee, the gorilla, the orang, and for at least 100 different
species of ape and monkeys which are all built on the same lines?" (p. 182, "Modern
Science, etc.")
There was a "special creation" for man, and a "special creation" for the ape, his progeny; only on other
lines than ever bargained for by Science. Albert Gaudry and others give some weighty reasons why
man cannot be regarded as the crown of an ape-stock. When one finds that not only was the "primeval
savage" (?) a reality in the Miocene times, but that, as de Mortillet shows, the flint relics he has left
behind him were splintered by fire in that remote epoch; when we learn that the Dryopithecus, alone of
the anthropoids, appears in those strata, what is the natural inference? That the Darwinians are in a
quandary. The very manlike Gibbon is still in the same low grade of development, as it was when it coexisted with Man at the close of the Glacial Period. It has not appreciably altered since the Pliocene
times. Now there is little to choose between the Dryopithecus and the existing anthropoids -- gibbon,
gorilla, etc. If, then, the Darwinian theory is all-sufficient, how are we to "explain" the evolution of
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* A race which MM. de Quatrefages and Hamy regard as a branch of the same stock whence the

Canary Island Guanches sprung -- offshoots of the Atlanteans, in short. (4 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 679 MATERIALISM IS PUZZLED.

ape into Man during the first half of the Miocene? The time is far too short for such a theoretical

transformation. The extreme slowness with which variation in species supervenes renders the thing

inconceivable -- more especially on the Natural Selection hypothesis. The enormous mental and

structural gulf between a savage acquainted with fire and the mode of kindling it, and a brutal

anthropoid, is too much to bridge even in idea, during so contracted a period. Let the Evolutionists
push back the process into the preceding Eocene, if they prefer to do so; let them even trace both Man
and Dryopithecus to a common ancestor; the unpleasant consideration has, nevertheless, to be faced
that in Eocene strata the anthropoid fossils are as conspicuous by their absence, as is the fabulous
pithecanthropus of Haeckel. Is an exit out of this cul de sac to be found by an appeal to the
"unknown," and a reference with Darwin to the "imperfection of the geological record"? So be it; but
the same right of appeal must be accorded equally to the Occultists, instead of remaining the monopoly
of puzzled materialism. Physical man, we say, existed before the first bed of the Cretaceous rocks was
deposited. In the early part of the Tertiary Age, the most brilliant civilization the world has ever known
flourished at a period when the Haeckelian man-ape is conceived to have roamed through the primeval
forests, and Mr. Grant Allen's putative ancestor to have swung himself from bough to bough with his
hairy mates, the degenerated Liliths of the Third Race Adam. Yet there were no anthropoid apes in the
brighter days of the civilization of the Fourth Race; but Karma is a mysterious law, and no respecter of
persons. The monsters bred in sin and shame by the Atlantean giants, "blurred copies" of their bestial
sires, and hence of modern man (Huxley), now mislead and overwhelm with error the speculative
Anthropologist of European Science.
Where did the first men live? Some Darwinists say in Western Africa, some in Southern Asia, others,
again, believe in an independent origin of human stocks in Asia and America from a Simian ancestry
(Vogt). Haeckel, however, advances gaily to the charge. Starting from his "prosimiae" . . . "the
ancestor common to all other catarrhini, including man" -- a "link" now, however, disposed of for good
by recent anatomical discoveries! -- he endeavours to find a habitat for the primeval Pithecanthropus
alalus. "In all probability it (the transformation of animal into man) occurred in Southern Asia, in
which region many evidences are forthcoming that here was the original home of the different species
of men. Probably Southern Asia itself was not the earliest cradle of the human race, but LEMURIA, a
continent that lay to the south of Asia, and sank later on beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean.
(Vide infra, "Scientific and geological proofs of the former existence of several

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 680 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

submerged continents.") "The period during which the evolution of the anthropoid apes into apelike
men took place was probably the last part of the tertiary period, the Pliocene Age, and perhaps the
Miocene, its forerunner." (Pedigree of Man, p. 73.)
Of the above speculations, the only one of any worth is that referring to Lemuria, which was the cradle
of mankind -- of the physical sexual creature who materialized through long aeons out of the ethereal (5 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

hermaphrodites. Only, if it is proved that Easter Island is an actual relic of Lemuria, we must believe
that according to Haeckel the "dumb ape-men," just removed from a brutal mammalian monster, built
the gigantic portrait-statues, some of which are now in the British Museum. Critics are mistaken in
terming Haeckelian doctrines "abominable, revolutionary, immoral" -- though materialism is the
legitimate outcome of the ape-ancestor myth -- they are simply too absurd to demand disproof.

We are told that while every other heresy against modern science may be disregarded, this, our denial
of the Darwinian theory as applied to Man, will be the one "unpardonable" sin. The Evolutionists stand
firm as rock on the evidence of similarity of structure between the ape and the man. The anatomical
evidence, it is urged, is quite overpowering in this case; it is bone for bone, and muscle for muscle,
even the brain conformation being very much the same.
Well, what of that? All this was known before King Herod; and the writers of the Ramayana, the poets
who sang the prowess and valour of Hanuman, the monkey-God, "whose feats were great and Wisdom
never rivalled," must have known as much about his anatomy and brain as does any Haeckel or Huxley
in our modern day. Volumes upon volumes were written upon this similarity, in antiquity as in more
modern times. Therefore, there is nothing new whatever given to the world or to philosophy, in such
volumes as Mivart's "Man and Apes," or Messrs. Fiske and Huxley's defence of Darwinism. But what
are those crucial proofs of man's descent from a pithecoid ancestor? If the Darwinian theory is not the
true one -- we are told -- if man and ape do not descend from a common ancestor, then we are called
upon to explain the reason of: -(I.) The similarity of structure between the two; the fact that the


higher animal world -- man and beast -- is physically of one type or pattern.
(II.) The presence of rudimentary organs in man, i.e., traces of former organs now atrophied by disuse.
Some of these organs, it is asserted, could not have had any scope for employment, except for a semianimal, semi-arboreal monster. Why, again, do we find in Man those "rudimentary" organs (as useless
as its rudimentary wing is to the Apteryx of Australia), the vermiform appendix of the coecum, the ear
muscles,* the "rudimentary tail" (with which children are still sometimes born), etc., etc.?
Such is the war cry; and the cackle of the smaller fry among the Darwinians is louder, if possible, than
even that of the scientific Evolutionists themselves! (6 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

Furthermore, the latter themselves -- with their great leader Mr. Huxley, and such eminent zoologists
as Mr. Romanes and others -- while defending the Darwinian theory, are the first to confess the almost
insuperable difficulties in the way of its final demonstration. And there are as great men of science as
the above-named, who deny, most emphatically, the uncalled-for assumption, and loudly denounce the
unwarrantable exaggerations on the question of this supposed similarity. It is sufficient to glance at the
works of Broca, Gratiolet, of Owen, Pruner-Bey, and finally, at the last great work of de Quatrefages,
"Introduction a l'Etude des Races humaines, Questions generales," to discover the fallacy of the
Evolutionists. We may say more: the exaggerations concerning such similarity of structure between
man and the anthropomorphous ape have become so glaring and absurd of late, that even Mr. Huxley
found himself forced to protest against the too sanguine expectations. It was that great anatomist
personally who called the "smaller fry" to order, by declaring in one of his articles that the differences
in the structure of the human body and that of the highest anthropomorphous pithecoid, were not only
far from being trifling and unimportant, but were, on the contrary, very great and suggestive: "each of
the bones of the gorilla has its own specific impress on it that distinguishes it from a similar human
bone." Among the existing creatures there is not one single intermediate form that could fill the gap
between man and the ape. To ignore that gap, he added, "was as uncalled-for as it was absurd."**
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Professor Owen believes that these muscles -- the attollens, retrahens, and attrahens aurem -- were

actively functioning in men of the Stone Age. This may or may not be the case. The question falls

under the ordinary "occult" explanation, and involves no postulate of an "animal progenitor" to solve


** Quoted in the Review of the "Introduction a l'Etude des Races Humaines," by de Quatrefages. We

have not Mr. Huxley's work at hand to quote from. Or to cite another good authority: -- "We find one

of the most man-like apes (gibbon), in the [[Footnote continued on next page]]

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 682 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Finally, the absurdity of such an unnatural descent of man is so palpable in the face of all the proofs

and evidence of the skull of the pithecoid as compared to that of man, that even de Quatrefages

resorted unconsciously to our esoteric theory by saying that it is rather the apes that can claim descent

from man than vice versa. As proven by Gratiolet, with regard to the cavities of the brain of the

anthropoids, in which species that organ develops in an inverse ratio to what would be the case were
the corresponding organs in man really the product of the development of the said organs in the apes -the size of the human skull and its brain, as well as the cavities, increase with the individual
development of man. His intellect develops and increases with age, while his facial bones and jaws
diminish and straighten, thus being more and more spiritualized: whereas with the ape it is the reverse.
In its youth the anthropoid is far more intelligent and good-natured, while with age it becomes duller;
and, as its skull recedes and seems to diminish as it grows, its facial bones and jaws develop, the brain
being finally crushed, and thrown entirely back, to make with every day more room for the animal
type. The organ of thought -- the brain -- recedes and diminishes, entirely conquered and replaced by
that of the wild beast -- the jaw apparatus. (7 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

Thus, as wittily remarked in the French work, a gorilla would have a perfect right to address an
Evolutionist, claiming its right of descent from himself. It would say to him, "We, anthropoid apes,
form a retrogressive departure from the human type, and therefore our development and evolution are
expressed by a transition from a human-like to an animal-like structure of organism; but in what way
could you, men, descend from us -- how can you form a continuation of our genus? For, to make this
possible, your organization would have to differ still more than ours does from the human structure, it
would have to approach still closer to that of the beast than ours does; and in such a case justice
demands that you should give up to us your place in nature. You are lower than we are, once that you
insist on tracing your genealogy from our kind; for the structure of our organization and its
development are such that we are unable to generate forms of a higher organization than our own."
This is where the Occult Sciences agree entirely with de Quatre[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] tertiary period, and this species is still in the same low

grade, and side by side with it at the end of the Ice-period, man is found in the same high grade as today, the ape not having approximated more nearly to the man, and modern man not having become

further removed from the ape than the first (fossil) man . . . these facts contradict a theory of constant

progressive development." (Pfaff.) When, according to Vogt, the the average Australian brain = 99.35

cub. inches; that of the gorilla 30.51 cub. in., and that of the chimpanzee only 25.45, the giant gap to

be bridged by the advocate of "Natural" Selection becomes apparent.


fages. Owing to the very type of his development man cannot descend from either an ape or an

ancestor common to both, but shows his origin from a type far superior to himself. And this type is the

"Heavenly man" -- the Dhyan Chohans, or the Pitris so-called, as shown in the first Part of this

volume. On the other hand, the pithecoids, the orang-outang, the gorilla, and the chimpanzee can, and,

as the Occult Sciences teach, do, descend from the animalized Fourth human Root-Race, being the

product of man and an extinct species of mammal -- whose remote ancestors were themselves the
product of Lemurian bestiality -- which lived in the Miocene age. The ancestry of this semi-human
monster is explained in the Stanzas as originating in the sin of the "Mind-less" races of the middle
Third Race period.
When it is borne in mind that all forms which now people the earth, are so many variations on basic
types originally thrown off by the MAN of the Third and Fourth Round, such an evolutionist argument
as that insisting on the "unity of structural plan" characterising all vertebrates, loses its edge. The basic
types referred to were very few in number in comparison with the multitude of organisms to which
they ultimately gave rise; but a general unity of type has, nevertheless, been preserved throughout the
ages. The economy of Nature does not sanction the co-existence of several utterly opposed "ground
plans" of organic evolution on one planet. Once, however, that the general drift of the occult
explanation is formulated, inference as to detail may well be left to the intuitive reader. (8 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

Similarly with the important question of the "rudimentary" organs discovered by anatomists in the
human organism. Doubtless this line of argument, when wielded by Darwin and Haeckel against their
European adversaries, proved of great weight. Anthropologists, who ventured to dispute the derivation
of man from an animal ancestry, were sorely puzzled how to deal with the presence of gill-clefts, with
the "tail" problem, and so on. Here again Occultism comes to our assistance with the necessary data.
The fact is that, as previously stated, the human type is the repertory of all potential organic forms, and
the central point from which these latter radiate. In this postulate we find a true "Evolution" or
"Unfolding" -- a sense which cannot be said to belong to the mechanical theory of natural selection.
Criticising Darwin's inference from "rudiments," an able writer remarks: "Why is it not just as
probably a true hypothesis to suppose that Man was created with the rudimentary sketches in his
organization, and that they became useful appendages in the lower animals into which man
degenerated, as to suppose that these parts existed in full development in the lower animals out of
which man was generated?" ("Creation or Evolution?" Geo. T. Curtis, p. 76.)

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 684 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Read for "into which Man degenerated," "the prototypes which man shed in the course of his astral
developments," and an aspect of the true esoteric solution is before us. But a wider generalization is
now to be formulated.
So far as our present Fourth Round terrestrial period is concerned, the mammalian fauna are alone to
be regarded as traceable to prototypes shed by Man. The amphibia, birds, reptiles, fishes, etc., are the
resultants of the Third Round, astral fossil forms stored up in the auric envelope of the Earth and
projected into physical objectivity subsequent to the deposition of the first Laurentian rocks.
"Evolution" has to deal with the progressive modifications, which palaeontology shows to have
affected the lower animal and vegetable kingdoms in the course of geological time. It does not, and
from the nature of things cannot, touch on the subject of the pre-physical types which served as the
basis for future differentiation. Tabulate the general laws controlling the development of physical
organisms it certainly may, and to a certain extent it has acquitted itself ably of the task.
To return to the immediate subject of discussion. The mammalia, whose first traces are discovered in
the marsupials of the Triassic rocks of the Secondary Period, were evolved from purely astral
progenitors contemporary with the Second Race. They are thus post-Human, and, consequently, it is
easy to account for the general resemblance between their embryonic stages and those of Man, who
necessarily embraces in himself and epitomizes in his development the features of the group he
originated. This explanation disposes of a portion of the Darwinist brief. "But how to account for the
presence of the gill-clefts in the human foetus, which represent the stage through which the branchiae
of the fish are developed;* for the pulsating vessel corresponding to the heart of the lower fishes,
which constitutes the foetal heart; for the entire analogy presented by the segmentation of the human
ovum, the formation of the blastoderm, and the appearance of the 'gastrula' stage, with corresponding
stages in lower vertebrate life and even among the sponges; for the various types of lower animal life
which the form of the future child shadows forth in the cycle of its growth?" "How comes it to pass (9 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

that stages in the life of fishes, whose ancestors swam" -- aeons before the epoch of the First RootRace,
[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "At this period," writes Darwin, "the arteries run in arch-like branches, as if to carry the blood to

branchiae which are not present in the higher vertebrata, though the slits on the side of the neck still

remain, marking their former (?) position."

It is noteworthy that, though gill-clefts are absolutely useless to all but amphibia and fishes, etc., their

appearance is regularly noted in the foetal development of vertebrates. Even children are occasionally

born with an opening in the neck corresponding to one of the clefts.


-- "in the seas of the Silurian period, as well as stages in that of the later amphibian, reptilian fauna, are

mirrored in the 'epitomized history' of human foetal development?"

This plausible objection is met by the reply that the Third Round terrestrial animal forms were just as

much referable to types thrown off by Third Round man, as that new importation into our planet's area - the mammalian stock -- is to the Fourth Round Humanity of the Second Root-race. The process of

human foetal growth epitomizes not only the general characteristics of the Fourth, but of the Third

Round terrestrial life. The diapason of type is run through in brief. Occultists are thus at no loss to
"account for" the birth of children with an actual caudal appendage, or for the fact that the tail in the
human foetus is, at one period, double the length of the nascent legs. The potentiality of every organ
useful to animal life is locked up in Man -- the microcosm of the Macrocosm -- and abnormal
conditions may not unfrequently result in the strange phenomena which Darwinists regard as
"reversion to ancestral features."* Reversion, indeed, but scarcely in the sense contemplated by our
present-day empiricists!

The public has been notified by more than one eminent modern geologist and man of science, that "all
estimate of geological duration is not merely impossible, but necessarily imperfect; for we are ignorant
of the causes, though they must have existed, which quickened or retarded the progress of the
sedimentary deposits."** And now another man of Science, as well known (Croll), calculating that the
tertiary age began either 15 or 2 1/2 million of years ago -- the former being a more correct
calculation, according to Esoteric doctrine, than the latter there -- seems in this case, at least, no very
great disagreement. Exact Science, refusing to see in man "a special creation" (to a certain degree the (10 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

Secret Sciences do the same), is at liberty to ignore the first three, or rather two-and-a-half Races -- the
Spiritual, the semi-astral, and the
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Those who with Haeckel regard the gill-clefts with their attendant phenomena as illustrative of an

active function in our amphibian and piscine ancestors (Vide his XII. and XIII. stages), ought to

explain why the "Vegetable with leaflets" (Lefevre) represented in foetal growth, does not appear in

his 22 stages through which the monera have passed in their ascent to Man. Haeckel does not postulate

a vegetable ancestor. The embryological argument is thus a two-edged sword and here cuts its


** "Physiology," Lefevre, p. 480.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 686 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

semi-human -- of our teachings. But it can hardly do the same in the case of the Third at its closing

period, the Fourth, and the Fifth Races, since it already divides mankind into Palaeolithic and

Neolithic man.* The geologists of France place man in the mid-miocene age (Gabriel de Mortillet),

and some even in the Secondary period, as de Quatrefages suggests; while the English savants do not

generally accept such antiquity for their species. But they may know better some day. For "If we
consider," says Sir Charles Lyell in "Antiquity of Man," p. 246 -"the absence or extreme scarcity of human bones and works of art in all strata, whether
marine or fresh water, even in those formed in the immediate proximity of land
inhabited by millions of human beings, we shall be prepared for the general dearth of
human memorials in glacial formations, whether recent, Pleistocene, or of more ancient
date. If there were a few wanderers over lands covered with glaciers, or over seas
infested with icebergs, and if a few of them left their bones or weapons in moraines or in
marine drifts, the chances, after the lapse of thousands of years, of a geologist meeting
with one of them must be infinitesimally small."
The men of Science avoid pinning themselves down to any definite statement concerning the age of
man, as indeed they hardly could, and thus leave enormous latitude to bolder speculations.
Nevertheless, while the majority of the Anthropologists carry back the existence of man only into the
period of the post-glacial drift, or what is called the Quaternary period, those of them who, as
Evolutionists, trace man to a common origin with that of the monkey, do not show great consistency in
their speculations. The Darwinian hypothesis demands, in reality, a far greater antiquity for man, than
is even dimly suspected by superficial thinkers. This is proven by the greatest authorities on the
question -- Mr. Huxley, for instance. Those, therefore, who accept the Darwinian evolution, ipso facto
hold very tenaciously to an antiquity
[[Footnote(s)]] ------------------------------------------------- (11 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

* We confess to not being able to see any good reasons for Mr. E. Clodd's certain statement in

Knowledge. Speaking of the men of Neolithic times, "concerning whom Mr. Grant Allen has given . . .

a vivid and accurate sketch," and who are "the direct ancestors of peoples of whom remnants yet lurk

in out-of-the-way corners of Europe, where they have been squeezed or stranded," he adds to this: "but

the men of Palaeolithic times can be identified with no existing races; they were savages of a more

degraded type than any extant; tall, yet barely erect, with short legs and twisted knees, with

prognathous, that is, projecting ape-like jaws, and small brains. Whence they come we cannot tell, and

their 'grave knoweth no man to this day.' "

Besides the possibility that there may be men who know whence they came and how they perished -- it

is not true to say that the Palaeolithic men, or their fossils, are all found with "small brains." The oldest
skull of all those hitherto found, the "Neanderthal skull," is of average capacity, and Mr. Huxley was
compelled to confess that it was no real approximation whatever to that of the "missing link." There
are aboriginal tribes in India whose brains are far smaller and nearer to that of the ape than any hitherto
found among the skulls of Palaeolithic man.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 687 GRANT ALLEN'S ILLUSIONS.

of man so very great, indeed, that it falls not so far short of the Occultist's estimate.* The modest
thousands of years of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the 100,000 years, to which Anthropology in
general limits the age of Humanity, seem quite microscopical when compared with the figures implied
in Mr. Huxley's bold speculations. The former, indeed, makes of the original race of men ape-like cavedwellers. The great English biologist, in his desire to prove man's pithecoid origin, insists that the
transformation of the primordial ape into a human being must have occurred millions of years back.
For in criticising the excellent average cranial capacity of the Neanderthal skull, notwithstanding his
assertion that it is overlaid with "pithecoid bony walls," coupled with Mr. Grant Allen's assurances that
this skull "possesses large bosses on the forehead, strikingly (?) suggestive of those which give the
gorilla its peculiarly fierce appearance,"** (Fortnightly Review, 1882,) still Mr. Huxley is forced to
admit that, in the said skull, his theory is once more defeated by the "completely human proportions of
the accompanying limb-bones, together with the fair development of the Engis skull." In consequence
of all this we are notified that those skulls, "clearly indicate that the first traces of the primordial stock
whence man has proceeded, need no longer be sought by those who entertain any form of the doctrine
of progressive development in the newest Tertiaries; but that they may be looked for in an epoch more
distant from the age of the ELEPHAS PRIMIGENIUS than that is from us"*** (Huxley).
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The actual time required for such a theoretical transformation is necessarily enormous. "If," says

Professor Pfaff, "in the hundreds of thousands of years which you (the Evolutionists) accept between

the rise of palaeolithic man and our own day, a greater distance of man from the brute is not

demonstrable, (the most ancient man was just as far removed from the brute as the now living man),

what reasonable ground can be advanced for believing that man has been developed from the brute,

and has receded further from it by infinitely small gradations." . . . . "The longer the interval of time

placed between our times and the so-called palaeolithic men, the more ominous and destructive for the (12 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

theory of the gradual development of man from the animal kingdom is the result stated." Huxley states

("Man's Place in Nature," p. 159) that the most liberal estimates for the antiquity of Man must be still

further extended.
** The baselessness of this assertion, as well as that of many other exaggerations of the imaginative
Mr. Grant Allen, was ably exposed by the eminent anatomist, Professor R. Owen, in "Longman's
Magazine," No. 1. Must it be repeated, moreover, that the Cro-Magnon Palaeolithic type is superior to
a very large number of existing races?
*** It thus stands to reason that science would never dream of a pre-tertiary man, and that de
Quatrefages' secondary man makes every Academician and "F.R.S." faint with horror because, TO
what de Quatrefages has twitted the Darwinists with, adding, that on the whole there were more
scientific reasons to trace the ape from man than man from the anthropoid. With this exception science
has not one single valid argu- [[Footnote continued on next page]]

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 688 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

An untold antiquity for man is thus, then, the scientific sine qua non in the question of Darwinian
Evolution, since the oldest Palaeolithic man shows as yet no appreciable differentiation from his
modern descendant. It is only of late that modern Science began to widen with every year the abyss
that now separates her from old Science, that of the Plinies and Hippocrateses, none of whom would
have derided the archaic teachings with respect to the evolution of the human races and animal species,
as the present day Scientist -- geologist or anthropologist -- is sure to do.
Holding, as we do, that the mammalian type was a post-human Fourth Round product, the following
diagram -- as the writer understands the teaching -- may make the process clear: --

The unnatural union was invariably fertile, because the then mammalian types were not remote enough
from their Root-type* -- Primeval Astral
[[Footnote(s)]] ------------------------------------------------- (13 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] ment to offer against the antiquity of man. But in this case

modern Evolution demands far more than the fifteen million years of Croll for the Tertiary period, for

two very simple but good reasons: (a) No anthropoid ape has been found before the Miocene period:

(b) man's flint relics have been traced to the Pliocene and their presence suspected, if not accepted by

all, in the Miocene strata. Again, where is the "missing link" in such case? And how could even a

Palaeolithic Savage, a "Man of Canstadt," evolve into thinking men from the brute Dryopithecus of the

Miocene in so short a time. One sees now the reason why Darwin rejected the theory that only

60,000,000 years had elapsed since the Cambrian period. "He judges from the small amount of organic

changes since the glacial epoch, and adds that the previous 140 million years can hardly be considered

as sufficient for the development of the varied forms of life which certainly existed toward the close of
the Cambrian period." (Ch. Gould.)
* Let us remember in this connection the esoteric teaching which tells us of Man having had in the
Third Round a GIGANTIC APE-LIKE FORM on the astral plane. And similarly at the close of the
Third Race in this Round. Thus it accounts for the human features of the apes, especially of the later
anthropoids -- apart from the fact that these latter preserve by Heredity a resemblance to their AtlantoLemurian sires.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 689 THE INCUBUS OF ETHNOLOGY.

Man -- to develop the necessary barrier. Medical science records such cases of monsters, bred from
human and animal parents, even in our own day. The possibility is, therefore, only one of degree, not
of fact. Thus it is that Occultism solves one of the strangest problems presented to the consideration of
the anthropologist.
The pendulum of thought oscillates between extremes. Having now finally emancipated herself from
the shackles of theology, Science has embraced the opposite fallacy; and in the attempt to interpret
Nature on purely materialistic lines, she has built up that most extravagant theory of the ages -- the
derivation of man from a ferocious and brutal ape. So rooted has this doctrine, in one form or another,
now become, that the most Herculean efforts will be needed to bring about its final rejection. The
Darwinian anthropology is the incubus of the ethnologist, a sturdy child of modem Materialism, which
has grown up and acquired increasing vigour, as the ineptitude of the theological legend of Man's
"creation" became more and more apparent. It has thriven on account of the strange delusion that -- as
a scientist of repute puts it -- "All hypotheses and theories with respect to the rise of man can be
reduced to two (the Evolutionist and the Biblical exoteric account) . . . There is no other hypothesis
conceivable . . . " !! The anthropology of the secret volumes is, however, the best possible answer to
such a worthless contention.
The anatomical resemblance between Man and the higher Ape, so frequently cited by Darwinists as
pointing to some former ancestor common to both, presents an interesting problem, the proper solution
of which is to be sought for in the esoteric explanation of the genesis of the pithecoid stocks. We have
given it as far as was useful, by stating that the bestiality of the primeval mindless races resulted in the
production of huge man-like monsters -- the offspring of human and animal parents. As time rolled on, (14 von 15) [06.05.2003 03:37:35]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 3

and the still semi-astral forms consolidated into the physical, the descendants of these creatures were
modified by external conditions, until the breed, dwindling in size, culminated in the lower apes of the
Miocene period. With these the later Atlanteans renewed the sin of the "Mindless" -- this time with full
responsibility. The resultants of their crime were the species of apes now known as Anthropoid.
It may be useful to compare this very simple theory -- and we are willing to offer it even as a
hypothesis to the unbelievers -- with the Darwinian scheme, so full of insurmountable obstacles, that
no sooner is one of these overcome by a more or less ingenious hypothesis, than ten worse difficulties
are forthwith discovered behind the one disposed of.

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The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 690 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

MILLIONS of years have dropped into Lethe, leaving no more recollection in the memory of the
profane than the few millenniums of the orthodox Western chronology as to the origin of Man and the
history of the primeval races.
All depends on the proofs found for the antiquity of the Human Race. If the still-debated man of the
Pliocene or even the Miocene period was the Homo primigenius, then science may be right (argumenti
causa) in basing its present anthropology -- as to the date and mode of origin of "Homo sapiens" -- on
the Darwinian theory.* But if the skeletons of man should, at any time, be discovered in the Eocene
strata, but no fossil ape, thereby proving the existence of man prior to the anthropoid -- then
Darwinians will have to exercise their ingenuity in another direction. And it is said in well-informed
quarters that the XXth century will be yet in its earliest teens, when such undeniable proof of Man's
priority will be forthcoming.
Even now evidence is brought forward that the dates for the foundations of cities, civilizations and
various other historical events have been absurdly curtailed. This was done as a peace-offering to
Biblical chronology. "No date," writes the well-known Palaeontologist, Ed. Lartet, "is to be found in
Genesis, which assigns a time for the birth of primitive humanity"; but chronologists have for fifteen
centuries endeavoured to force the Bible facts into agreement with their systems. Thus, no less than
one hundred and forty different opinions have been formed about the single date of "Creation"; "and
between the extreme variations there is a discrepancy of 3,194 years, in the reckoning of the period
between the beginning of the world and the birth of Christ.** Within the last few years, archaeologists
have had to throw back by nearly 3,000 years also the beginnings of Babylonian civilization. On the
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* It may here be remarked that those Darwinians, who with Mr. Grant Allen, place our "hairy

arboreal" ancestors so far back as the Eocene Age, are landed in rather an awkward dilemma. No

fossil anthropoid ape -- much less the fabulous common ancestor assigned to Man and the Pithecoid -appears in Eocene strata. The first presentment of an anthropoid ape is Miocene.

** Ed. Lartet, "Nouvelles Recherches sur la co-existence de l'homme et des Grands Mammiferes

Fossils de la derniere periode Geologique." Annales des Soc. Nat., t. XV., p. 256. (1 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4


foundation cylinder deposited by Nabonidus, the Babylonian king, conquered by Cyrus -- are found

the records of the former, in which he speaks of his discovery of the foundation stone that belonged to
the original temple built by Naram-Sin, son of Sargon, of Accadia, the conqueror of Babylonia, who,
says Nabonidus, lived 3,200 years before his own time."
We have shown in Isis that those who based history on the Jewish Chronology (a race which had none
of its own and rejected the Western till the XIIth century) would lose themselves, for the Jewish
account could only be followed through Kabalistic computation, and with a key to it in the hand. . .
We had characterised the late George Smith's chronology of the Chaldeans and Assyrians, made by
him to fit in with that of Moses, as quite fantastic. And now, in this respect at least, later
Assyriologists have corroborated our denial. For, whereas G. Smith makes Sargon I. (the prototype of
Moses in his legend) reign in the city of Akkad about 1600 B.C. -- probably out of a latent respect for
Moses, whom the Bible makes to flourish 1571 B.C. -- we now learn from the first of the six Hibbert
lectures delivered by Professor A. H. Sayce, of Oxford, in 1887, that: "Old views of the early annals
of Babylonia and its religions have been much modified by recent discovery. The first Semitic
Empire, it is now agreed, was that of Sargon of Accad, who established a great library, patronized
literature, and extended his conquests across the sea into Cyprus. It is now known that he reigned as
early as B.C. 3750." "The Accadian monuments found by the French at Tel-loh must be even older,
reaching back to about B.C. 4,000," in other words, to the fourth year of the World's creation
agreeably with Bible chronology, and when Adam was in his swaddling clothes. Perchance, in a few
years more, the 4,000 years may be further extended. The well-known Oxford lecturer remarked
during his disquisitions upon "The origin and Growth of Religion as illustrated by the Babylonian
Religion" that: "The difficulties of systematically tracing the origin and history of the Babylonian
Religion were considerable. The sources of our knowledge of the subject were almost wholly
monumental, very little help being obtainable from classical or Oriental writers. Indeed, it was an
undeniable fact that the Babylonian priesthood intentionally swaddled up the study of the religious
texts in coils of almost insuperable difficulty." That they have confused the dates, and especially the
order of events "intentionally," is undeniable, and for a very good reason: their writings and records
were all esoteric. The Babylonian priests did no more than the Priests of other ancient nations. Their
records were meant only for the Initiates and their disciples, and it is only the latter who were
furnished with the keys to the true meaning. But Professor

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 692 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Sayce's remarks are promising. For he explains the difficulty by saying that as -- "the Nineveh library
contained mostly copies of older Babylonian texts, and the copyists pitched upon such tablets only as
were of special interest to the Assyrian conquerors, belonging to a comparatively late epoch, this
added much to the greatest of all our difficulties -- namely, our being so often left in the dark as to the
age of our documentary evidence, and the precise worth of our materials for history." Thus one has a
right to infer that some still fresher discovery may lead to a new necessity for pushing the Babylonian (2 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

dates so far beyond the year 4,000 B.C., as to make them pre-Kosmic in the judgment of every Bible
How much more would paleontology have learned had not millions of works been destroyed! We talk
of the Alexandrian literary lore, which has been thrice destroyed, namely, by Julius Caesar B.C. 48, in
A.D. 390, and lastly in the year 640, A.D., by the general of Kaliph Omar. What is this in comparison
with the works and records destroyed in the primitive Atlantean Libraries, wherein records are said to
have been traced on the tanned skins of gigantic antediluvian monsters? Or again the destruction of
the countless Chinese books by command of the founder of the Imperial Tsin dynasty, Tsin Shi
Hwang-ti, in 213 B.C.? Surely the brick-clay tablets of the Imperial Babylonian Library, and the
priceless treasures of the Chinese collections could have never contained such information as one of
the aforesaid "Atlantean" skins would have furnished to the ignorant world.
But even with the extremely meagre data at hand, Science has been able to see the necessity of
throwing back nearly every Babylonian date, and has done so quite generously. We learn from
Professor Sayce that even the archaic statues at Tel-loh, in Lower Babylonia, have suddenly been
assigned a date contemporary with the fourth dynasty in Egypt. Unfortunately, dynasties and
Pyramids have the fate of geological periods; their dates are arbitrary, and depend on the respective
whims of the men of science. Archaeologists know now, it is said, that the afore-mentioned statues are
fashioned out of green diorite, that can only be got in the Peninsula of Sinai; and "they accord in the
style of art, and in the standard of measurement employed, with the similar diorite statues of the
pyramid builders of the third and fourth Egyptian dynasties. . . . . Moreover, the only possible period
for a Babylonian occupation of the Sinaitic quarries must be placed shortly after the close of the epoch
at which the pyramids were built; and thus only can we understand how the name of Sinai could have
been derived from that of Sin, the primitive Babylonian moon-god." This is very logical, but what is
the date fixed for these "dynasties"? Sanchoniathon's and Manetho's Synchronistic tables and their
figures have been rejected, or whatever


remained of these after holy Eusebius' handling of them; and still we have to remain satisfied with the
four or five thousand years B.C. so liberally allotted to Egypt. At all events one point is gained. There
is, at last, a city on the face of the earth which is allowed, at least, 6,000 years, and it is Eridu.
Geology has found it out. According to Professor Sayce again, -"They are now also able to obtain time for the silting up of the head of the Persian Gulf,
which demands a lapse of between 5,000 and 6,000 years since the period when Eridu,
now twenty-five miles inland, was the seaport at the mouth of the Euphrates, and the
seat of Babylonian commerce with Southern Arabia and India. More than all, the new
chronology gives time for the long series of eclipses recorded in the great astronomical
work called 'The Observations of Bel'; and we are also enabled to understand the
otherwise perplexing change in the position of the vernal equinox, which has occurred
since our present zodiacal signs were named by the Earliest Babylonian astronomers.
When the Accadian calendar was arranged and the Accadian months were named, the (3 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

sun at the vernal equinox was not, as now, in Pisces, or even in Aries, but in Taurus.
The rate of the precession of the equinoxes being known, we learn that at the vernal
equinox the sun was in Taurus from about 4,700 years B.C., and we thus obtain
astronomical limits of date which cannot be impugned."*
It may make our position plainer if we state at once that we use Sir C. Lyell's nomenclature for the
ages and periods, and that when we talk of the Secondary and Tertiary age, of the Eocene, Miocene
and Pliocene periods -- this is simply to make our facts more comprehensible. Since these ages and
periods have not yet been allowed fixed and determined durations, 2 1/2 and 15 million years being
assigned at different times to one and the same age (the Tertiary) -- and since no two geologists and
naturalists seem to agree on this point -- Esoteric teachings may remain quite indifferent to whether
man is shown to appear in the Secondary or the Tertiary age. If the latter age may be allowed even so
much as 15 million years' duration -- well and good; for the Occult doctrine, jealously guarding its
real and correct figures as far as concerns the First, Second, and two-thirds of the Third Root-Race -gives clear information upon one point only -- the age of "Vaivasvata Manu's humanity." (Vide Part
I., Vol. II., "Chronology of the Brahmins.")
Another definite statement is this: It is during the so-called Eocene period that the continent to which
the Fourth Race belonged, and on which it lived and perished, showed the first symptoms of sinking.
And it was in the Miocene age, that it was finally destroyed -- save the little island mentioned by
Plato. It is these points that have to be checked by the scientific data.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* From a Report of the "Hibbert Lectures, 1887. Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion, and

Illustrated by the Religion of the Ancient Babylonians." By A. H. Sayce. (London: Williams and


[[Vol. 2, Page]] 694 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.




May we not be permitted to throw a glance at the works of Specialists? The work on "Comparative

Geology: the World-Life," by Prof. A. Winchell, furnishes us with curious data. Here we find an

opponent of the Nebular theory, a reverend gentleman, smiting with all the force of the hammer of his

odium theologicum on the rather contradictory hypothesis of the great stars of Science, in the matter

of sidereal and cosmical phenomena based on their respective relations to terrestrial durations. The

"too imaginative physicists and naturalists" do not fare very easily under this shower of their own
speculative figures when placed side by side, and cut rather a sorry figure. Thus he shows: -- (4 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

"Sir William Thomson, on the basis of the observed principles of cooling, concludes that no more than
ten million years (elsewhere he makes it 100,000,000) can have elapsed since the temperature of the
Earth was sufficiently reduced to sustain vegetable life.* Helmholz calculates that twenty million
years would suffice for the original nebula to condense to the present dimensions of the sun. Prof. S.
Newcomb requires only ten millions to attain a temperature of 212 [[degrees]] Fahr.** Croll estimates
seventy million years for the diffusion of the heat, etc.*** Bischof calculates that 350 million years
would be required for the earth to cool from a temperature of 2,000 [[degrees]] to 200 [[degrees]]
Centigrade. Read, basing his estimate on observed rates of denudation, demands 500 million years
since sedimentation began in Europe.**** Lyell ventured a rough guess of 240 million years; Darwin
thought 300 million years demanded by the organic transformations which his theory contemplates,
and Huxley is disposed to demand a 1,000 millions" (!!).
To this Prof. Winchell observes that "some biologists . . . . seem to close their eyes tight and leap at
one bound into the abyss of millions of years, of which they have no more adequate estimate than of
infinity."***** Then he proceeds to give what he takes to be more correct geological figures: a few
will suffice.
According to Sir W. Thomson "the whole incrusted age of the world is 80,000,000 years"; and
agreeably with Prof. Houghton's calculations of a minimum limit for the time since the elevation of
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Nat. Philos. App. D., Trans. Royal Soc., Edin.

** "Popular Astronomy," p. 509.

*** "Climate and Time," p. 335.

**** Read. Address, "Liverpool Geolog. Society, 1876."

***** "World-Life," p. 180.


Europe and Asia, three hypothetical ages for three possible and different modes of upheaval are given:

varying from the modest figures of 640,730 years, through 4,170,000 years to the tremendous figures

of 27,491,000 years!!

This is enough, as one can see, to cover our claims for the four continents and even the figures of the


Further calculations, the details of which the reader may find in Prof. Winchell's work,* bring

Houghton to an approximation of the sedimentary age of the globe -- 11,700,000 years. These figures (5 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

are found too small by the author, who forthwith extends them to 37,000,000 years.
Again, according to Croll,** 2,500,000 years "represents the time since the beginning of the Tertiary
age" in one work; and according to another modification of his view, 15,000,000 only have elapsed
since the beginning of the Eocene period;*** which, being the first of the three Tertiary periods,
leaves the student suspended between 2 1/2 and 15 millions. But if one has to hold to the former
moderate figures, then the whole incrusted age of the world would be 131,600,000 years.****
As the last glacial period extended from 240,000 to 80,000 years ago (Prof. Croll's view), therefore,
man must have appeared on earth from 100 to 120,000 years ago. But, as says Prof. Winchell, with
reference to the antiquity of the Mediterranean race, "it is generally believed to have made its
appearance during the later decline of the continental glaciers." Yet, he adds, this "does not concern,
however, the antiquity of the Black and Brown races, since there are numerous evidences of their
existence in more southern regions, in times remotely pre-glacial" (p. 379).
As a specimen of geological certainty and agreement, these figures also may be added. Three
authorities -- Messrs. T. Belt, F.G.S.; J. Croll, F.R.S.; and Robert Hunt, F.R.S., -- in estimating the
time that has elapsed since the Glacial epoch, give absolutely different figures, namely: -Mr. Belt ... 20,000 years.
Mr. J. Croll ... 240,000 "
Mr. R. Hunt ... 80,000 "
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "World-Life," pp. 367-8.

** "Climate and Time."

*** Quoted in Mr. Ch. Gould's "Mythical Monsters," p. 84.

**** According to Bischof, 1,004,177 years -- according to Chevandier's calculations 672,788 years -were required for the so-called coal formation. "The tertiary strata, about 1,000 feet in thickness,

required for their development about 350,000 years." See "Force and Matter," Buchner, J. F.

Collingwood's edition.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 696 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

(But see "The Ice-Age Climate and Time," Popular Science Review, Vol. xiv., p. 242.)

No wonder if Mr. Pengelly confesses that "it is at present and perhaps always will be IMPOSSIBLE

to reduce, even approximately, geological time into years or even into millenniums" (Vide supra, footnote). A wise word of advice from the Occultists to the gentlemen geologists: they ought to imitate the (6 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

cautious example of Masons. As chronology, they say, cannot measure the era of the creation,
therefore, their "Antient and Primitive Rite" uses 000,000,000 as the nearest approach to reality.
The same uncertainty, contradictions and disagreement reign on all other subjects.
The scientific authorities on the Descent of Man are again, for all practical purposes, a delusion and a
snare. There are many anti-Darwinists in the British Association, and "Natural Selection" begins to
lose ground. Though at one time the saviour, which seemed to rescue the learned theorists from a final
intellectual collapse into the abyss of fruitless hypothesis, it begins to be distrusted. Even Mr. Huxley
is showing signs of truancy to "Selection," and thinks "natural selection not the sole factor": -"We greatly suspect that she (Nature) does make considerable jumps in the way of
variation now and then, and that these saltations give rise to some of the gaps which
appear to exist in the series of known forms" (Review of Kolliker's Criticisms).
Again, in "Fallacies of Darwinism," (p. 160), C. R. Bree, M.D., argues in this wise in considering the
fatal gaps in Mr. Darwin's theory: -"It must be again called to mind that the intermediate forms must have been vast in numbers. . . . . Mr.
St. George Mivart believes that change in evolution may occur more quickly than is generally
believed; but Mr. Darwin sticks manfully to his belief, and again tells us 'natura non facit saltum' " -wherein the Occultists are at one with Mr. Darwin.
Esoteric teaching fully corroborates the idea of nature's slowness and dignified progression.
"Planetary impulses" are all periodical. Yet this Darwinian theory, correct as it is in minor particulars,
agrees no more with Occultism than with Mr. Wallace, who, in his "Contributions to the Theory of
Natural Selection," shows pretty conclusively that something more than "natural selection" was
requisite to produce physical man.
Let us, meanwhile, examine the scientific objections to this scientific theory, and see what they are.
Mr. St. George Mivart is found arguing that -. . . . ". . . . it will be a moderate computation to allow 25,000,000 for the deposition of
the strata down to and including the Upper Silurian. If,

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 697 MIVART'S BILLIONS OF YEARS.

then, the evolutionary work done during this deposition only represents a hundredth part
of the sum total, we shall require 2,500,000,000 years for the complete development of
the whole animal Kingdom to its present state. Even one quarter of this, however,
would far exceed the time which physics and astronomy seem able to allow for the
completion of this process. Finally, a difficulty exists as to the reason of the absence of (7 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

rich fossiliferous deposits in the oldest strata -- if life was then as abundant and varied,
as on the Darwinian theory it must have been. Mr. Darwin himself admits 'the case at
present must remain inexplicable'; and this may be truly urged as a valid argument
against the views entertained in his own work. . . . .
"Thus, then, we find a wonderful (and on Darwinian principles all but inexplicable)
absence of minutely transitional forms. All the most marked groups . . . . . appear at
once upon the scene. Even the horse, the animal whose pedigree has been probably best
preserved, affords no conclusive evidence of specific origin by infinitesimal fortuitous
variations; while some forms, as the labyrinthodonts and trilobites, which seemed to
exhibit gradual change, are shown by further investigation to do nothing of the sort. . . .
All these difficulties are avoided if we admit that new forms of animal life of all
degrees of complexity appear from time to time with comparative suddenness, being
evolved according to laws in part depending on surrounding conditions, in part internal - similar to the way in which crystals (and perhaps from recent researches the lowest
forms of life) build themselves up according to the internal laws of their component
substance and in harmony and correspondence with all environing influences and
conditions." ("Genesis of Species," p. 142.)
"The internal laws of their component substance." These are wise words, and the admission of the
possibility, a prudent one. But how can these internal laws be ever recognized, if Occult teaching is
discarded? As a friend writes, while drawing our attention to the above speculations: "In other words,
the doctrine of Planetary Life-Impulses must be admitted. Otherwise, why are species now
stereotyped, and why do even domesticated breeds of pigeons and many animals relapse into their
ancestral types when left to themselves?" But the teaching about planetary life-impulses has to be
clearly defined and as clearly understood if present confusion would not be made still more
perplexing. All these difficulties would vanish as the shadows of night disappear before the light of
the rising Sun, if the following esoteric axioms were admitted: (a) the enormous antiquity (and the
existence) of our planetary chain; (b) the actuality of the Seven Rounds; (c) the separation of human
races (outside the purely anthropological division) into Seven distinct Root-Races, of which our
present European Humanity is the fifth; (d) the antiquity of Man in this (Fourth) Round; and finally
(e) that as these Races evolve from ethereality to materiality, and from the latter back again into
relative physical tenuity of texture, so every living (so-called) organic species of animals with
vegetation included, changes with every new Root-Race. Were this admitted, if even only

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 698 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

along with other, and surely, on maturer consideration, no less absurd, suppositions, if Occult theories
have to be considered "absurd" at present, then every difficulty would be made away with. Surely,
Science ought to try and be more logical than it now is, as it can hardly maintain the theory of man's
descent from an anthropoidal ancestor, and deny in the same breath any reasonable antiquity to that
man! Once Mr. Huxley talks of "the vast intellectual chasm between the man and ape," and "the
present enormous gulf between the two,"* and if he admits the necessity of extending Scientific
allowances for the age of man on earth for such slow and progressive development, then all those men (8 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

of Science, who are of his way of thinking, at any rate, ought to come to some approximate figures, at
least, and agree upon the probable duration of those Pliocene, Miocene, and Eocene periods of which
so much is said, and about which nothing definite is known -- if they dare not venture beyond. But no
two scientists seem to agree. Every period seems to be a mystery in its duration, and a thorn in the
side of the geologists; and, as just shown, they are unable to harmonize their conclusions even with
regard to the comparatively recent geological formations. Thus, no reliance can be placed on their
figures when they do give any, for with them it is all either millions or simply thousands of years!
That which is said may be strengthened by the confessions made by themselves and the synopsis of it,
found in that "Circle of Sciences," the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which shows the mean accepted in
the geological and anthropological riddles. In that work the cream of the most authoritative opinions is
skimmed off; nevertheless, we find in it the refusal to assign any definite chronological date, even to
such, comparatively speaking, late epochs as the Neolithic era, though, for a wonder, an age is
established for the beginnings of certain geological periods; at any rate of some few, the duration of
which could hardly be shortened any more, without an immediate conflict with facts.
Thus, it is surmised in the great Encyclopaedia (Vol. X., art. "Geology," p. 227), that "100 million
years have passed . . . . . since the solidification of our Earth, when the earliest form of life appeared
upon it.**"
But it seems quite as hopeless to try to convert the modern Geologists and Ethnologists as it is to
make Darwinian Naturalists perceive their mistakes. About the Aryan Root-Race and its origins,
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "Man's Place in Nature," p. 102, note.

** "100,000,000 of years is probably amply sufficient for all the requirements of Geology," says the

text. In France, some savants do not find it nearly "sufficient." Le Couturier claims for the same 350

million years; Buffon was satisfied with 34 millions -- but there are those in the more modern schools

who will not be content under 500 million years.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 699 THE ADEPT-ASTRONOMER.

Science knows as little as of the men from other planets. With the exception of Flammarion and a few

mystics among astronomers, even the habitableness of other planets is mostly denied. Yet such great

adept astronomers were the Scientists of the earliest races of the Aryan stock, that they seem to have

known far more about the races of Mars and Venus than the modern Anthropologist knows of those of

the early stages of the Earth.

Let us leave modern Science aside for a moment and turn to ancient knowledge. As we are assured by

Archaic Scientists that all such geological cataclysms -- from the upheaval of oceans, deluges, and
shifting of continents, down to the present year's cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic (9 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

eruptions, tidal waves, and even the extraordinary weather and seeming shifting of seasons which
perplexes all European and American meteorologists -- are due to, and depend on the moon and
planets; aye, that even modest and neglected constellations have the greatest influence on the
meteorological and cosmical changes, over, and within our earth, let us give one moment's attention to
our sidereal despots and rulers of our globe and men. Modern Science denies any such influence;
archaic Science affirms it. We may see what both say with regard to this question.

Did the Ancients know of worlds besides their own? What are the data of the Occultists in affirming
that every globe is a septenary chain of worlds -- of which only one member is visible -- and that these
are, were, or will be, "man-bearing," just as every visible star or planet is? What do they mean by "a
moral and physical influence" of the sidereal worlds on our globes?
Such are the questions often put to us, and they have to be considered from every aspect. To the first
of the two queries the answer is: -- We believe it because the first law in nature is uniformity in
diversity, and the second -- analogy. "As above, so below." That time is gone by for ever, when,
although our pious ancestors believed that our earth was in the centre of the universe, the church and
her arrogant servants could insist that we should regard as a blasphemy the supposition that any other
planet could be inhabited. Adam and Eve, the Serpent, and the Original Sin followed by atonement
through blood, have been too long in the way, and thus was universal truth sacrificed to the insane
conceit of us little men.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 700 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Now what are the proofs thereof? Except inferential evidence and logical reasoning, there are none for
the profane. To the Occultists, who believe in the knowledge acquired by countless generations of
Seers and Initiates, the data offered in the Secret Books are all-sufficient. The general public needs
other proofs, however. There are some Kabalists and even some Eastern Occultists, who, failing to
find uniform evidence upon this point in all the mystic works of the nations, hesitate to accept the
teaching. Even such "uniform evidence" will be forthcoming presently. Meanwhile, we may approach
the subject from its general aspect, and see whether belief in it is so very absurd, as some scientists
along with other Nicodemuses would have it. Unconsciously, perhaps, in thinking of a plurality of
inhabited "Worlds," we imagine them to be like the globe we inhabit and peopled by beings more or
less resembling ourselves. And in so doing we are only following a natural instinct. Indeed, so long as
the enquiry is confined to the life-history of this globe we can speculate on this question with some
profit, and ask ourselves what were the "Worlds" spoken of in all the ancient scriptures of Humanity,
with some hope of at least asking an intelligible question. But how do we know (a) what kind of
Beings inhabit the globes in general; and (b) whether those who rule planets superior to our own, do (10 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

not exercise the same influence on our earth consciously, that we may exercise unconsciously -- say
on the small planets (planetoids or asteroids) in the long run, by our cutting the Earth to pieces,
opening canals, and thereby entirely changing our climates. Of course, like Caesar's wife, the
planetoids cannot be affected by our suspicion. They are too far, etc., etc. Believing in esoteric
astronomy, however, we are not so sure of that.
But when, extending our speculations beyond our planetary chain, we try to cross the limits of the
solar system, then indeed we act as do presumptuous fools. For -- while accepting the old Hermetic
axiom: "As above, so below" -- we may well believe that as Nature on Earth displays the most careful
economy, utilizing every vile and waste thing in her marvellous transformations, and withal never
repeating herself -- we may justly conclude that there is no other globe in all her infinite systems so
closely resembling this earth that the ordinary powers should be able to imagine and reproduce its
semblance and containment.*
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* We are taught that the highest Dhyan Chohans, or Planetary Spirits (beyond the cognizance of the

law of analogy), are in ignorance of what lies beyond the visible planetary systems, since their essence

cannot assimilate itself to that of worlds beyond our solar system. When they reach a higher stage of

evolution these other universes will be open to them; meanwhile they have complete knowledge of all

the worlds within and beneath the limits of our solar system.


And indeed we find in the romances as in all the so-called scientific fictions and spiritistic revelations

from moon, stars, and planets, merely fresh combinations or modifications of the men and things, the

passions and forms of life with which we are familiar, when even on the other planets of our own

system nature and life are entirely different from ours. Swedenborg was pre-eminent in inculcating

such an erroneous belief.

But even more. The ordinary man has no experience of any state of consciousness other than that to

which the physical senses link him. Men dream; they sleep the profound sleep which is too deep for
dreams to impress the physical brain; and in these states there must still be consciousness. How, then,
while these mysteries remain unexplored, can we hope to speculate with profit on the nature of globes
which, in the economy of nature, must needs belong to states of consciousness other and quite
different from any which man experiences here?
And this is true to the letter. For even great adepts (those initiated of course), trained seers though they
are, can claim thorough acquaintance with the nature and appearance of planets and their inhabitants
belonging to our solar system only. They know that almost all the planetary worlds are inhabited, but
can have access to -- even in spirit -- only those of our system; and they are also aware how difficult it
is, even for them, to put themselves into full rapport even with the planes of consciousness within our
system, but differing from the states of consciousness possible on this globe; i.e., on the three planes
of the chain of spheres beyond our earth. Such knowledge and intercourse are possible to them (11 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

because they have learned how to penetrate to planes of consciousness which are closed to the
perceptions of ordinary men; but were they to communicate their knowledge, the world would be no
wiser, because it lacks that experience of other forms of perception which alone could enable them to
grasp what was told them.
Still the fact remains that most of the planets, as the stars beyond our system, are inhabited, a fact
which has been admitted by the men of science themselves. Laplace and Herschell believed it, though
they wisely abstained from imprudent speculation; and the same conclusion has been worked out and
supported with an array of scientific considerations by C. Flammarion, the well-known French
Astronomer. The arguments he brings forward are strictly scientific, and such as to appeal even to a
materialistic mind, which would remain unmoved by such thoughts as those of Sir David Brewster,
the famous physicist, who writes: -"Those 'barren spirits' or 'base souls,' as the poet calls them, who might be led to believe that the Earth
is the only inhabited body in the universe, would have no difficulty in conceiving the earth also to

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 702 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

have been destitute of inhabitants. What is more, if such minds were acquainted with the deductions
of geology, they would admit that it was uninhabited for myriads of years; and here we come to the
impossible conclusion that during these myriads of years there was not a single intelligent creature in
the vast domains of the Universal King, and that before the protozoic formations there existed neither
plant nor animal in all the infinity of space"!*
Flammarion shows, in addition, that all the conditions of life -- even as we know it -- are present on
some at least of the planets, and points to the fact that these conditions must be much more favourable
on them than they are on our Earth.
Thus scientific reasoning, as well as observed facts, concur with the statements of the seer and the
innate voice in man's own heart in declaring that life -- intelligent, conscious life -- must exist on other
worlds than ours.
But this is the limit beyond which the ordinary faculties of man cannot carry him. Many are the
romances and tales, some purely fanciful, others bristling with scientific knowledge, which have
attempted to imagine and describe life on other globes. But one and all, they give but some distorted
copy of the drama of life around us. It is either, with Voltaire, the men of our own race under a
microscope, or, with de Bergerac, a graceful play of fancy and satire; but we always find that at
bottom the new world is but the one we ourselves live in. So strong is this tendency that even great
natural, though non-initiated seers, when untrained, fall a victim to it; witness Swedenborg, who goes
so far as to dress the inhabitants of Mercury, whom he meets with in the spirit-world, in clothes such
as are worn in Europe.
Commenting on this tendency, Flammarion in his work "Sur la Pluralite des Mondes habites," says: - (12 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

"It seems as if in the eyes of those authors who have written on this subject, the Earth were the type of
the Universe, and the Man of Earth, the type of the inhabitants of the heavens. It is, on the contrary,
much more probable, that, since the nature of other planets is essentially varied, and the surroundings
and conditions of existence essentially different, while the forces which preside over the creation of
beings and the substances which enter into their mutual constitution are essentially distinct, it would
follow that our mode of existence cannot be regarded as in any way applicable to other globes.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Since no single atom in the entire Kosmos is without life and consciousness, how much more then

its mighty globes? -- though they remain sealed books to us men who can hardly enter even into the

consciousness of the forms of life nearest us?

We do not know ourselves, then how can we, if we have never been trained to it and initiated, fancy

that we can penetrate the consciousness of the smallest of the animals around us?


Those who have written on this subject have allowed themselves to be dominated by terrestrial ideas,

and fell therefore into error." ("Pluralite des Mondes," p. 439.)

But Flammarion himself falls into the very error which he here condemns, for he tacitly takes the

conditions of life on earth as the standard by which to determine the degree to which other planets are

adapted for habitation by "other Humanities."

Let us, however, leave these profitless and empty speculations, which, though they seem to fill our

hearts with a glow of enthusiasm and to enlarge our mental and spiritual grasp, do but in reality cause
a factitious stimulation, and blind us more and more to our ignorance not only of the world we inhabit,
but even of the infinitude contained within ourselves.
When, therefore, we find in the Bibles of Humanity "other worlds" spoken of, we may safely conclude
that they not only refer to other states of our planetary chain and Earth, but also to other inhabited
globes -- stars and planets; withal, that the latter were never speculated upon. The whole of antiquity
believed in the Universality of life. But no really initiated seer of any civilized nation has ever taught
that life on other stars could be judged by the standard of terrestrial life. That which is generally meant
by "earths" and worlds, relates (a) to the "rebirths" of our globe after each manvantara and a long
period of "obscuration"; and (b) to the periodical and entire changes of the Earth's surface, when
Continents disappear, to make room for Oceans, and Oceans and Seas are violently displaced and sent
rolling to the poles, to cede their emplacements to new Continents.
We may begin with the Bible -- the youngest of the World-Scriptures. In Ecclesiastes, chap. i., we
read these words of the King-Initiate: -- "One generation passeth away and another generation
cometh, but the earth abideth for ever," and again, "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; (13 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

and that which is done, is that which shall be done, and there is no new thing under the sun." Under
these words it is not easy to see the reference to the successive cataclysms by which the Races of
mankind are swept away, or, going further back, to the various transitions of the globe during the
process of its formation. But if we are told that this refers only to our world as we now see it, -- then
we shall refer the reader to the New Testament, where St. Paul speaks (in Hebrews i.) of the Son (the
manifested Power) whom (God) hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* This relates to the Logos of every Cosmogony. The unknown Light -- with which he is said to be coeternal and coeval -- is reflected in the "First-Born," the Protogonos; [[Footnote continued on next


[[Vol. 2, Page]] 704 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

This "Power" is Hokhmah or (Chochmah) the Wisdom and the Word. We shall probably be told that

by this term "worlds," the stars, heavenly bodies, etc., were meant. But apart from the fact that "stars"

were not known as "worlds" to the ignorant editors of the Epistles, if even they must have been known

to Paul, who was an Initiate ("a Master-Builder"), we can quote on this point an eminent theologian,

Cardinal Wiseman. In Vol. I, p. 309, of his work treating of the indefinite period of the six days -- or

shall we say "too definite" -- period of the six days of creation and the 6,000 years, he confesses that

we are in total darkness upon the meaning of that statement of St. Paul, unless we are permitted to

suppose that allusion is made in it, i.e., the period which elapsed between the first and second verses

of chapter i. of Genesis -- to those primitive revolutions, i.e., the destructions and the re-productions

(of the world) indicated in chapter i. of Ecclesiastes; or, to accept, with so many others, and in its
literal sense, the passage (Hebrews i. 1,) that speaks of the creation of worlds -- in plural. . . . . It is
very singular, he adds, that all the cosmogonies should agree to suggest the same idea, and preserve
the tradition of a first series of revolutions, owing to which the world was destroyed and again
Had the Cardinal studied the Zohar his doubts would have changed to certitude. Thus saith Idra Suta
(in the "Zohar," iii., 292, c.): "There were old worlds which perished as soon as they came into
existence; worlds with and without form called Scintillas -- for they were like the sparks under the
Smith's hammer, flying in all directions. Some were the primordial worlds which could not continue
long, because the 'aged' -- his name be sanctified -- had not as yet assumed his form,* the workman
was not yet the 'Heavenly man.' "** Again in the Midrash, written long before the Kabala of Simeon
Ben Iochai, Rabbi Abahu explains: -- "The Holy One, blessed be his name, has successively formed
and destroyed sundry worlds before this one*** . . . Now this refers both to the first races (the "Kings
of Edom") and to the worlds destroyed."**** "Destroyed" means here what we call
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] and the Demiurgos or the Universal Mind directs his (14 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

Divine Thought into the Chaos that under the fashioning of minor gods will be divided into the seven

oceans -- Sapta samudras. It is Purusha, Ahura Mazda, Osiris, etc., and finally the gnostic Christos,

who is in the Kabala, Hokhmah or Wisdom the "Word."

* The form of Tikkun or the Protogonos, the "first-born," i.e., the universal form and idea, had not yet

been mirrored in Chaos.

** The "Heavenly man" is Adam Kadmon -- the synthesis of the Sephiroth, as "Manu Swayambhuva"

is the synthesis of the Prajapatis.

*** Bereshith Rabba, Parsha IX.

**** This refers to the three Rounds that preceded our fourth Round.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 705 WHO ARE THE KINGS OF EDOM?

"obscurations." This becomes evident when one reads further on the explanation given: -- "Still when
it is said that they (the worlds) perished, it is only meant thereby that they (their humanities) lacked
the true form, till the human (our) form came into being, in which all things are comprised and which
contains all forms. . . . * -- it does not mean death, but only denotes a sinking down from their status .
. ." (that of worlds in activity).**
When, therefore, we read of the destruction of the worlds, this word has many meanings, which are
very clear in several of the Commentaries on the Zohar and Kabalistic treatises. As said elsewhere, it
means not only the destruction of many worlds which have ended their life-career, but also that of the
several continents which have disappeared, as also their decline and geographical change of place.
The mysterious "Kings of Edom" are sometimes referred to as the "Worlds" that had been destroyed;
but it is a "cloak." The Kings who reigned in Edom before there reigned a King in Israel, or the
"Edomite Kings," could never symbolize the "prior worlds," but only the "attempts at men" on this
globe: the "pre-Adamite races," of which the Zohar speaks, and which we explain as the First RootRace. For, as, speaking of the six Earths (the six "limbs" of Microprosopus) it is said that the Seventh
(our Earth) came not into the computation when the Six were created (the six spheres above our globe
in the terrestrial chain), so the first seven Kings of Edom are left out of calculation in Genesis. By the
law of analogy and permutation, in the "Chaldean Book of Numbers," as also in the "Books of
Knowledge" and of "Wisdom," the "seven primordial worlds" mean also the "seven primordial" races
(sub-races of the First Root-Race of the Shadows); and, again, the Kings of Edom are the sons of
"Esau the father of the Edomites" (Gen. xxxvi. 43); i.e., Esau represents in the Bible the race which
stands between the Fourth and the Fifth, the Atlantean and the Aryan. "Two nations are in thy womb,"
saith the Lord to Rebekah; and Esau was red and hairy. From verse 24 to 34, ch. xxv. of Genesis
contains the allegorical history of the birth of the Fifth Race.
"And the Kings of ancient days died and their chiefs (crowns) were found no more," says Siphrah (15 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

Dzenioutha (3). . . . "The Head of a nation that has not been formed at the beginning in the likeness of
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* This sentence contains a dual sense and a profound mystery in the occult sciences the secret of

which if, and when, known -- confers tremendous powers on the Adept to change his visible form.

** Idra Suta, Zohar, iii. 136, c. "A sinking down from their status" -- is plain; from active worlds they

have fallen into a temporary obscuration -- they rest, and hence are entirely changed.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 706 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

White Head: its people is not from this Form," states the Zohar (iii.). . . . "Before it (the White Head,

the Fifth Race or Ancient of the Ancients) arranged itself in its (own, or present) Form . . . all worlds

have been destroyed; therefore it is written: And Bela, the Son of Beor, reigned in Edom" (Gen.

xxxvi.). Here the "worlds" stand for races. "And he (such or another King of Edom) died, and another

reigned in his stead" (ibid 31 et seq.).

No Kabalist who has hitherto treated of the symbolism and allegory hidden under these "Kings of

Edom" seems to have perceived more than one aspect of it. They are neither the "worlds that were

destroyed," nor the "Kings that died" -- alone; but both, and much more, to treat of which there is no
space at present. Therefore, leaving the mystic parables of the Zohar, we will return to the hard facts
of materialistic science; first, however, citing a few from the long list of great thinkers who have
believed in the plurality of inhabited worlds in general, and in worlds that preceded our own. These
are, the great mathematicians Leibnitz and Bernouilli, Isaac Newton himself, as can be read in his
"Optics"; Buffon, the naturalist; Condillac, the sceptic; Bailly, Lavater, Bernardin de St. Pierre, and,
as a contrast to the two last named -- suspected at least of mysticism -- Diderot and most of the writers
of the Encyclopaedia. Following these come Kant, the founder of modern philosophy; the poet
philosophers, Goethe, Krause, Schelling; and many astronomers, from Bode, Fergusson and Herschell
to Lalande and Laplace, with their many disciples in more recent years.
A brilliant list of honoured names indeed; but the facts of physical astronomy speak even more
strongly in favour of the presence of life, even organised life, on other planets. Thus in four meteorites
which fell respectively at Alais in France, the Cape of Good Hope, in Hungary, and again in France,
there was found, on analysis, graphite, a form of carbon known to be invariably associated with
organic life on this earth of ours. And that the presence of this carbon is not due to any action
occurring within our atmosphere is shown by the fact that carbon has been found in the very centre of
a meteorite; while in one which fell at Argueil, in the south of France, in 1857, there was found water
and turf, the latter being always formed by the decomposition of vegetable substances.
And further, examining the astronomical conditions of the other planets, it is easy to show that several
are far better adapted for the development of life and intelligence -- even under the conditions with
which men are acquainted -- than is our earth. For instance, on the planet Jupiter the seasons, instead (16 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

of varying between wide limits as do ours, change by almost imperceptible degrees, and last twelve

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 707 WHAT FLAMMARION TELLS US.

as long as ours. Owing to the inclination of its axis the seasons on Jupiter are due almost entirely to
the eccentricity of its orbit, and hence change slowly and regularly. We shall be told, that no life is
possible on Jupiter, as it is in an incandescent state. But not all astronomers agree with this. For
instance what we say, is said by M. Flammarion: and he ought to know.
On the other hand Venus would be less adapted for human life such as exists on earth, since its
seasons are more extreme and its changes of temperature more sudden; though it is curious that the
duration of the day is nearly the same on the four inner planets, Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Mars.
On Mercury, the Sun's heat and light are seven times what they are on the Earth, and astronomy
teaches that it is enveloped in a very dense atmosphere. And as we see that life appears more active on
earth in proportion to the light and heat of the sun, it would seem more than probable that its intensity
is far, far greater on Mercury than here.
Venus, like Mercury, has a very dense atmosphere, as also has Mars and the snows which cover their
poles, the clouds which hide their surface, the geographical configuration of their seas and continents,
the variations of seasons and climates, are all closely analogous -- at least to the eye of the physical
astronomer. But such facts and the considerations to which they give rise, have reference only to the
possibility of the existence on these planets of human life as known on earth. That some forms of life
such as we know are possible on these planets, has been long since abundantly demonstrated, and it
seems perfectly useless to go into detailed questions of the physiology, etc., etc., of these hypothetical
inhabitants, since after all the reader can arrive only at an imaginary extension of his familiar
surroundings. It is better to rest content with the three conclusions which M. C. Flammarion, whom
we have so largely quoted, formulates as rigorous and exact deductions from the known facts and laws
of science.
I. The various forces which were active in the beginning of evolution gave birth to a great variety of
beings on the several worlds; both in the organic and inorganic kingdoms.
II. The animated beings were constituted from the first according to forms and organisms in
correlation with the physiological state of each inhabited globe.
III. The humanities of other worlds differ from us, as much in their inner organization as in their
external physical type.
Finally the reader who may be disposed to question the validity of these conclusions as being opposed
to the Bible, may be referred to an Appendix in M. Flammarion's work dealing in detail with this
question; since in a work like the present it seems unnecessary to point out the (17 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 708 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

logical absurdity of those churchmen, who deny the plurality of worlds on such grounds.
In this connection we may well recall those days when the burning zeal of the Primitive Church
opposed the doctrine of the earth's rotundity, on the ground that the nations at the Antipodes would be
outside the pale of salvation; and again how long it took for a nascent science to break down the idea
of a solid firmament, in whose grooves the stars moved for the special edification of terrestrial
The theory of the earth's rotation was met by a like opposition -- even to the martyrdom of its
discoverers -- because, besides depriving our orb of its dignified central position in space, this theory
produced an appalling confusion of ideas as to the Ascension -- the terms "up" and "down" being
proved to be merely relative, thus complicating not a little the question of the precise locality of
According to the best modern calculations, there are no less than 500,000,000 of stars of various
magnitudes, within the range of the best telescopes. As to the distances between them, they are
incalculable. Is, then, our microscopical Earth -- a "grain of sand on an infinite sea-shore" -- the only
centre of intelligent life? Our own Sun, itself 1,300 times larger than our planet, sinks into
insignificance beside that giant Sun -- Sirius, -- and the latter in its turn is dwarfed by other luminaries
in infinite Space. The self-centred conception of Jehovah as the special guardian of a small and
obscure semi-nomadic tribe, is tolerable beside that which confines sentient existence to our
microscopical globe. The primary reasons were without doubt: (1) Astronomical ignorance on the part
of the early Christians, coupled with an exaggerated appreciation of man's own importance -- a crude
form of selfishness; and (2) the dread that, if the hypothesis of millions of other inhabited globes was
accepted, the crushing rejoinder would ensue -- "Was there then a Revelation to each world?"
involving the idea of the Son of God eternally "going the rounds" as it were. Happily it is now
unnecessary to waste time and energy in proving the possibility of the existence of such worlds. All
intelligent persons admit it. That which now remains to be demonstrated is, that if it is once proven
that there are inhabited worlds besides our own with humanities entirely different from each other as
from our own -- as maintained in the Occult
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* In that learned and witty work, "God and his Book," by the redoubtable "Saladin" of Agnostic

repute, the amusing calculation that, if Christ had ascended with the rapidity of a cannon ball, he

would not have reached even Sirius yet, reminds one vividly of the past. It raises, perhaps, a not illfounded suspicion that even our age of scientific enlightenment may be as grossly absurd in its

materialistic negations, as the men of the middle ages were absurd and materialistic in their religious

affirmations. (18 von 19) [06.05.2003 03:37:40]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4


Sciences -- then the evolution of the preceding races is half proved. For where is that physicist or

geologist who is prepared to maintain that the Earth has not changed scores of times, in the millions of
years which have elapsed in the course of its existence; and changing its "skin," as it is called in
Occultism, that the Earth has not had each time her special humanities adapted to such atmospheric
and climatic conditions as were entailed. And if so, why should not our preceding four and entirely
different mankinds have existed and thrived before our Adamic (Fifth Root) Race?
Before closing our debates, however, we have to examine the so-called organic evolution more
closely. Let us search well and see whether it is quite impossible to make our Occult data and
chronology agree up to a certain point with those of Science.
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The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition


[[This page continued from previous section]]
It seems, however, possible to calculate the approximate duration of the geological periods from the
combined data of Science and Occultism now before us. Geology is, of course, able to determine
almost with certainty one thing -- the thickness of the several deposits. Now, it also stands to reason
that the time required for the deposition of any stratum on a sea-bottom must bear a strict proportion to
the thickness of the mass thus formed. Doubtless the rate of erosion of land and the sorting out of
matter on to ocean beds has varied from age to age, and cataclysmic changes of various kinds break
the "uniformity" of ordinary geological processes. Provided, however, we have some definite
numerical basis on which to work, our task is rendered less difficult than it might at first sight appear
to be. Making due allowance for variations in the rate of deposit, Professor Lefevre gives us the
relative figures which sum up geological time. He does not attempt to calculate the lapse of years
since the first bed of the Laurentian rocks was deposited, but postulating that time as = X, he presents
us with the relative proportions in which the various periods stand to it. Let us premise our estimate by
stating that, roughly speaking, the Primordial rocks are 70,000 ft., the Primary 42,000 ft., the
Secondary 15,000 ft., the Tertiary 5,000 ft., and the Quaternary some 500 ft. in thickness: -"Dividing into an hundred parts the time, whatever its actual length, that has passed since the dawn of
life on this earth (lower Laurentian strata), we shall be led to attribute to the primordial age more than
half of the whole duration, say 53.5; to the Primary 32.2; to the

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 710 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Secondary 11.5; to the Tertiary 2.3; to the Quaternary 0.5 or one-half per cent." ("Philosophy," p.
Now, as it is certain, on occult data, that the time which has elapsed since the first sedimentary
deposits = 320,000,000 years, we are able to infer that the: -ROUGH APPROXIMATIONS. (1 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:45]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

Primordial lasted 171,200,000 years.
Primary lasted 103,040,000 years
Secondary lasted 36,800,000 years
Tertiary lasted 7,360,000 years (probably in excess)
Quaternary lasted 1,600,000 years (probably in excess).
Such estimates harmonise with the statements of Esoteric Ethnology in almost every particular. The
Tertiary Atlantean part-cycle, from the "apex of glory" of that Race in the early Eocene to the great
mid-Miocene cataclysm, would appear to have lasted some 3 1/2 to four million years. If the duration
of the Quaternary is not rather (as seems likely) overestimated, the sinking of Ruta and Daitya would
be post-Tertiary. It is probable that the results here given allow somewhat too long a period to both the
Tertiary and Quaternary, as the Third Race goes very far back into the Secondary Age. Nevertheless,
the figures are most suggestive.
But the argument from geological evidence being only in favour of 100,000,000 years, let us compare
our claims and teachings with those of exact science.
Mr. Edward Clodd,* in reviewing M. de Mortillet's work "Materiaux pour l'Histoire de Homme,"
which places man in the mid-Miocene period,** remarks that "it would be in defiance of all that the
doctrine of evolu[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Knowledge, March 31, 1882.

** And who yet, in another work, "La Prehistorique Antiquite de l'Homme," some twenty years ago,

generously allowed only 230,000 years to our mankind. Since we learn now that he places man "in the

mid-Miocene period," we must say that the much respected Professor of Prehistoric Anthropology (in

Paris) is somewhat contradictory and inconsistent, if not naif in his views. (2 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:45]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont


tion teaches, and moreover, win no support from believers in special creation and the fixity of species,

to seek for so highly specialized a mammalian as man at an early stage in the life-history of the globe."

To this, one could answer: (a) the doctrine of evolution, as inaugurated by Darwin and developed by
later evolutionists, is not only the reverse of infallible, but it is repudiated by several great men of
science, e.g., de Quatrefages, in France, and Dr. Weismann, an ex-evolutionist in Germany, and many
others, the ranks of the anti-Darwinists growing stronger with every year;* and (b) truth to be worthy
of its name, and remain truth and fact, hardly needs to beg for support from any class or sect. For were
it to win support from believers in special creation, it would never gain the favour of the evolutionists,
and vice versa. Truth must rest upon its own firm foundations of facts, and take its chances for
recognition, when every prejudice in the way is disposed of. Though the question has been already
fully considered in its main aspects, it is, nevertheless, advisable to combat every so-called "scientific"
objection as we go along, when making what are regarded as heretical and "anti-scientific" statements.
Let us briefly glance at the divergences between orthodox and esoteric science, on the question of the
age of the globe and of man. With the two respective synchronistic tables before him, the reader will
be enabled to see at a glance the importance of these divergences; and to perceive, at the same time,
that it is not impossible -- nay, it is most likely -- that further discoveries in geology and the finding of
fossil remains of man will force science to confess that it is esoteric philosophy which is right after all,
or, at any rate, nearer to the truth.

[[First Column]]
Science divides the period of the globe's history, since the beginning of life on earth (or the Azoic
age), into five main divisions or periods, according to Haeckel.**
[[First Column continued on next page]]
[[Second Column]]
Leaving the classification of the geological periods to Western Science, esoteric philosophy divides
only the life-periods on the globe. In the present Manvantara the actual period is separated into seven
Kalpas and seven great human races. Its first Kalpa, answering to the "Primordial Epoch," is the age of (3 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:45]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

the -[[Second Column continued on next page]]
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The root and basic idea of the origin and transformation of species -- the heredity (of acquired

faculties) seems to have found lately very serious opponents in Germany. Du Bois-Reymond and Dr.

Pffuger, the physiologists, besides other men of science as eminent as any, find insuperable difficulties

and even impossibilities in the doctrine.

** History of Creation, p. 20.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 712 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

[[First Column continued from previous page]]

PRIMORDIAL EPOCH (Laurentian System, Cambrian System, Silurian System)

The Primordial Epoch is, science tells us, by no means devoid of vegetable and animal life. In the

Laurentian deposits are found specimens of the Eozoon Canadense -- a chambered shell. In the

Silurian are discovered sea-weeds (algae), molluscs, crustacea, and lower marine organisms, also the

first trace of fishes. The primordial Epoch shows algae, molluscs, crustacea, polyps, and marine

organisms, etc., etc. Science teaches, therefore, that marine life was present from the very beginnings
of time, leaving us, however, to speculate for ourselves as to how life appeared on earth. If it rejects
the Biblical "Creation" (as we do), why does it not give us another, approximately plausible
PRIMARY (Devonian***, Coal, Permian)
[[First Column continued on next page]]
[[Second Column continued from previous page]]
"PRIMEVAL"* (Deva or Divine men, the "Creators" and Progenitors.**)
The Esoteric Philosophy agrees with the statement made by science (see parallel column), demurring,
however, in one particular. The 300,000,000 years of vegetable life (see "Brahminical Chronology")
preceded the "Divine Men," or Progenitors. Also, no teaching denies that there were traces of life
within the Earth besides the Eozoon Canadense in the Primordial Epoch. Only, whereas the said
vegetation belonged to this Round, the zoological relics now found in the Laurentian, Cambrian, and
Silurian systems, so called, are the relics of the Third Round. At first astral like the rest, they
consolidated and materialized pari passu with the NEW vegetation. (4 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:45]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

"PRIMARY" -- Divine Progenitors, SECONDARY GROUPS, and the 2 1/2 races. "Fern-forests,
Sigillaria, Coniferae, fishes, first trace of reptiles." Thus saith modern science; the esoteric doctrine
repeats that which was said above. These are all relics of the preceding Round.**** Once, however,
the prototypes are projected out of the astral envelope of the earth, an indefinite amount of
modification ensues.
[[Second Column continued on next page]]
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The same names are retained as those given by science, to make the parallels clearer. Our terms are

quite different.

** Let the student remember that the Doctrine teaches that there are seven degrees of Devas or

"Progenitors," or seven classes, from the most perfect to the less exalted.

*** It may be said that we are inconsistent in not introducing into this table a [[Footnote continued on

next page]]


[[First Column continued from previous page]]

SECONDARY (Triassic. Jurassic. Chalk or Cretaceous.)

This is the age of Reptiles, of the gigantic Megalosauri, Ichthyosauri, Plesiosauri, etc., etc. Science

denies the presence of man in that period. If so, it has to explain how men came to know of these

monsters and describe them before the age of Cuvier? The old annals of China, India, Egypt, and even

of Judea are full of them, as demonstrated elsewhere. In this period also appear the first (marsupial)
mammals***** -- Insectivorous, carnivorous, phytophagous; and (as Prof. Owen thinks) an
herbivorous hoofed mammal.
Science does not admit the appearance of man before the close of the
[[First Column continued on next page]]
[[Second Column continued from previous page]]
SECONDARY -- According to every calculation the Third Race had already made its appearance, as
during the Triassic there were already a few mammals, and it must have separated.
This, then, is the age of the Third Race, in which the origins of the early Fourth may be perhaps also (5 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:45]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

discoverable. We are, however, here left entirely to conjecture, as no definite data are yet given out by
the Initiates.
The analogy is but a poor one, still it may be argued that, as the early Mammalia and pre-mammalia
are shown in their evolution merging from one kind into a higher one, anatomically, so are the human
races in their procreative processes. A parallel might certainly be found between the Monotremata, the
Didelphia (or Marsupialia) and the placental Mammals, divided in their turn into three orders******
[[Second Column continued on next page]]
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] Primary-Age Man. The parallelism of Races and

geological periods here adopted, is, so far as the origin of 1st and 2nd are concerned, purely tentative,

no direct information being available. Having previously discussed the question of a possible Race in

the Carboniferous Age, it is needless to renew the debate.

**** During the interim from one Round to another, the globe and everything on it remains in statu

quo. Remember, Vegetation began in its ethereal form before what is called the Primordial, running

through the Primary, and condensing in it, and reaching its full physical life in the Secondary.

***** Geologists tell us that "in the secondary epoch, the only mammals which have been (hitherto)

discovered in Europe are the fossil remains of a small marsupial or pouch-bearer." (Knowledge, March

31, 1882, p 464.) Surely the marsupial or didelphis (the only surviving animal of the family of those

who were on earth during the presence on it of androgyne man) cannot be the only animal that was

then on earth? Its presence speaks loudly for that of other (though unknown) mammals, besides the

monotremes and marsupials, and thus shows the appellation of "mammalian age" given only to the

Tertiary period to be misleading and erroneous; as it allows one to infer that there were no mammals,

but reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fishes alone in the Mesozoic times -- the Secondary.
****** These Placentalia of the third sub-class are divided, it appears, into Villiplacentalia (placenta
composed of many separate scattered tufts), the Zonoplacentalia (girdle-shaped placenta), and the
discoplacentaIia (or discoid). Haeckel sees in the Marsupialia Didelphia, one of the connecting links
genealogically between man and the Moneron!!

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 714 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

[[First Column continued from previous page]]
Tertiary period.* Why? Because man has to be shown younger than the higher mammals. But Esoteric
philosophy teaches us the reverse. And as science is quite unable to come to anything like an
approximate conclusion as to the age of man, or even the geological periods, therefore, even accepted
only as a hypothesis, the occult teaching is more logical and reasonable. (6 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:45]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

No man is yet allowed to have lived during this period: -***Tertiary -- Eocene. Miocene. Pliocene.
Says Mr. E. Clodd, in Knowledge: -- "Although the placental mammals and the order of Primates to
which man is related, appear in Tertiary times and the climate, tropical in the Eocene age, warm in the
Miocene and temperate in the Pliocene, was favourable to his presence, the proofs of his existence in
Europe before the close of the Tertiary epoch . . . . are not generally accepted here."
[[First Column continued on next page]]
[[Second Column continued from previous page]]
like the First, Second, and Third Root-Races of men.** But this would require more space than can be
now allotted to the subject.
Tertiary age -- The Third race has now almost utterly disappeared, carried away by the fearful
geological cataclysms of the Secondary age, leaving behind it but a few hybrid races.
The Fourth, born millions of years before**** the said cataclysm took place, perishes during the
Miocene period,****** when the Fifth (our Aryan race) had one million years of independent
existence. (See "Esoteric Buddhism," pp. 53-55. Fourth Ed.) How much older it is from its origin -who knows? As the "Historical" Period has begun, with the Indian Aryans, with their Vedas, for their
multitudes,****** and far earlier in the Esoteric Records, it is useless to establish here any parallels.
[[Second Column continued on next page]]
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Those who feel inclined to sneer at that doctrine of Esoteric Ethnology, which pre-supposes the

existence of Man in the Secondary Age, will do well to note the fact that one of the most distinguished

anthropologists of the day, M. de Quatrefages, seriously argues in that direction. He writes: "There is

nothing impossible in the supposition that he (Man) may have appeared on the globe with the first

representatives of the type to which he belongs in virtue of his organism." This statement approximates

most closely to our fundamental assertion that man preceded the other mammalia.

Professor Lefevre admits that the "labours of Boucher de Perthes, Lartet, Christy, Bourgeois,

Desnoyers, Broca, de Mortillet, Hamy, Gaudry, Capellini, and a hundred others, have overcome all

doubts and clearly established the progressive development of the human organism and industries

from the Miocene epoch of the Tertiary age." ("Philosophy," p. 499, chapter on Organic Evolution.)

Why does he reject the possibility of a Secondary-Age man? Simply because he is involved in the

meshes of the Darwinian Anthropology!! "The origin of man is bound up with that of the higher

mammals;" he appeared "only with the last types of his class"!! This is not [[Footnote continued on

next page]] (7 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont


Geology has now divided the periods and placed man in the -[[First Column continued from previous page]]
Quaternary (Palaeolithic man. Neolithic man, and Historical Period.)
[[Second Column continued from previous page]]
If the Quaternary period is allowed 1,500,000 years, then only does our Fifth Race belong to it.
[[End of Columns]]
Yet, mirabile dictu! -- while the non-cannibal Paleolithic man, who must have certainly antedated
cannibal Neolithic man by hundreds of thousands of years******* is shown to be a remarkable artist,
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] argument, but dogmatism. Theory can never

excommunicate fact! Must everything give place to the mere working-hypotheses of Western

Evolutionists? Surely not.

** This inclusion of the First Race in the Secondary is necessarily only a provisional workinghypothesis -- the actual chronology of the First, Second, and Early Third Races being closely veiled by

the Initiates. For all that can be said on the subject, the First Root-Race may have been Pre-Secondary,

as is, indeed, taught. (Vide supra.)

*** The above parallels stand good only if Professor Croll's earlier calculations are adopted, namely,

of 15,000,000 years since the beginning of the Eocene period (see Charles Gould's "Mythical

Monsters," p. 84), not those in his "Climate and Time," which allow only 2 1/2 million years', or at the

utmost three million years' duration to the Tertiary age. This, however, would make the whole duration

of the incrusted age of the world only 131,600,000 years according to Professor Winchell, whereas in

the Esoteric doctrine, sedimentation began in this Round approximately over 320 million years ago.

Yet his calculations do not clash much with ours with regard to the epochs of glacial periods in the

Tertiary age, which is called in our Esoteric books the age of the "Pigmies." With regard to the 320

millions of years assigned to sedimentation, it must be noted that even a greater time elapsed during
the preparation of this globe for the Fourth Round previous to stratification.
**** Though we apply the term "truly human," only to the Fourth Atlantean Root-Race, yet the Third
Race is almost human in its latest portion, since it is during its fifth sub-race that mankind separated
sexually, and that the first man was born according to the now normal process. This "first man" (8 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

answers in the Bible (Genesis) to Enos or Henoch, son of Seth (ch. iv.).
***** Geology records the former existence of a universal ocean, sheets of marine sediments
uniformly present everywhere testifying to it; but, it is not even the epoch referred to in the allegory of
Vaivasvata Manu. The latter is a Deva-Man (or Manu) saving in an ark (the female principle) the
germs of humanity, and also the seven Rishis -- who stand here as the symbols for the seven human
principles -- of which allegory we have spoken elsewhere. The "Universal Deluge" is the watery abyss
of the Primordial Principle of Berosus. (See Stanzas from 2 to 8 in Part I.). How, if Croll allowed
fifteen million years to have elapsed since the Eocene period (which we state on the authority of a
Geologist, Mr. Ch. Gould) only 60 millions are assigned by him "since the beginning of the Cambrian
period, in the Primordial Age" -- passes comprehension. The Secondary strata are twice the thickness
of the Tertiary, and Geology thus shows the Secondary age alone to be of twice the length of the
Tertiary. Shall we then accept only 15 million years for both the Primary and the Primordial? No
wonder Darwin rejected the calculation.
****** We hope that we have furnished all the Scientific data for it elsewhere.
******* It is conceded by Geology to be "beyond doubt that a considerable period must have
supervened after the departure of Palaeolithic man and before the arrival of his Neolithic successor."
(See James Geikie's "Prehistoric Europe," and Ch. Gould's "Mythical Monsters," p. 98).

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 716 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

man is made out almost an abject savage, his lake dwellings notwithstanding.* For see what a learned
geologist, Mr. Charles Gould, tells the reader in his "Mythical Monsters": -"Palaeolithic men were unacquainted with pottery and the art of weaving, and apparently had no
domesticated animals or system of cultivation; but the Neolithic lake-dwellers of Switzerland had
looms, pottery, cereals, sheep, horses," etc., etc.
Yet, though "Implements of horn, bone, and wood were in common use among both races . . . those of
the older are frequently distinguished by their being sculptured with great ability, or ornamented with
life-like engravings of the various animals living at the period; whereas there appears to have been a
marked absence of any similar artistic ability** on the part of Neolithic man." Let us give the reasons
for it.
(1) The oldest fossil man, the primitive cave-men of the old Palaeolithic period, and of the Pre-glacial
period (of whatever length, and however far back), is always the same genus man, and there are no
fossil remains proving for him "what the Hipparion and Anchitherium have proved for the genus horse
-- that is, gradual progressive specialization from a simple ancestral type to more complex existing
forms" ("Modern Science," p. 181).
(2) As to the so-called Palaeolithic hatchet . . . "when placed side by side with the rudest forms of (9 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

stone hatchets actually used by the Australian and other savages, it is difficult to detect any difference"
(Ibid, p. 112). This goes to prove that there have been savages at all times; and the inference would be
that there might have been civilized people in those days as well, cultured nations contemporary with
those rude savages. We see such a thing in Egypt 7,000 years ago.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Resembling in a manner the pile-villages of Northern Borneo.

** "The most clever sculptor of modern times would probably not succeed very much better, if his

graver were a splinter of flint and stone and bone were the materials to be engraved"!! (Prof. Boyd

Dawkins' "Cave-Hunting," p. 344.) It is needless after such a concession to further insist on Huxley's,

Schmidt's, Laing's, and others' statements to the effect that Palaeolithic man cannot be considered to

lead us back in any way to a pithecoid human race; thus demolishing the fantasies of many superficial

evolutionists. The relic of artistic merit here re-appearing in the Chipped-Stone-Age men, is traceable

to their Atlantean ancestry. Neolithic man was a fore-runner of the great Aryan invasion, and

immigrated from quite another quarter -- Asia, and in a measure Northern Africa. (The tribes peopling

the latter towards the North-West, were certainly of an Atlantean origin -- dating back hundreds of

thousands of years before the Neolithic Period in Europe, -- but they had so diverged from the parent

type as to present no longer any marked characteristic peculiar to it.) As to the contrast between

Neolithic and Palaeolithic Man, it is a remarkable fact that, as Carl Vogt remarks, the former was a

cannibal, the much earlier man of the Mammoth era not. Human manners and customs do not seem to

improve with time, then? Not in this instance at any rate.


(3) An obstacle which is the direct consequence of the two preceding: Man, if no older than the
Palaeolithic period, could not possibly have had the actual time to get transformed from the "missing
link" into what he is known to have been even during that remote geological time, i.e., even a finer
specimen than many of the now existing races.
The above lends itself naturally to the following syllogism: (1) The primitive man (known to Science)
was, in some respects, even a finer man of his genus than he is now. (2) The earliest monkey known,
the lemur, was less anthropoid than the modern pithecoid species. (3) Conclusion: even though a
missing link were found, the balance of evidence would remain more in favour of the ape being a
degenerated man made dumb by some fortuitous circumstances,* than tending to show that man
descends from a pithecoid ancestor. The theory cuts both ways.
On the other hand, if the existence of Atlantis is accepted, and the statement is believed that in the
Eocene Age "even in its very first part, the great cycle of the fourth race men, the Atlanteans had
already reached its highest point . . . ." (Esoteric Buddhism, p. 64) then some of the present difficulties
of science might be easily made to disappear. The rude workmanship of the Palaeolithic tools proves
nothing against the idea that, side by side with their makers, there lived nations highly civilized. We
are told that "only a very small portion of the earth's surface has been explored, and of this a very (10 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

small portion consists of ancient land surfaces or fresh water formations, where alone we can expect to
meet with traces of the higher forms of animal life," . . . and that "even these have been so imperfectly
explored, that where we now meet with thousands and tens of thousands of undoubted human remains
lying almost under our feet, it is only within the last thirty years that their existence has even been
suspected" (p. 98). It is very suggestive also that along with the rude haches of the lowest savage,
explorers meet with specimens of workmanship of such artistic merit as could hardly be found, or
expected, in a modern peasant belonging to any European country -- unless in exceptional cases. The
"portrait" of the "Reindeer feeding," from the Thayngin grotto in Switzerland, and those of the man
running, with two horse's heads sketched close to him -- a work of the Reindeer period, i.e., at least
50,000 years ago -- are pronounced by Mr. Laing not only exceedingly well done, but, especially the
reindeer feeding, as one that "would do credit to any modern animal painter"
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* On the data furnished by modern science, physiology, and natural selection, and without resorting to

any miraculous creation, two negro human specimens of the lowest intelligence -- say idiots born

dumb -- might by breeding produce a dumb Pastrana species, which would start a new modified race,

and thus produce in the course of geological time the regular anthropoid ape.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 718 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

-- by no means exaggerated praise, as anyone may see (Vide infra). Now, since side by side with the

modern Esquimaux, who also have a tendency, like their Palaeolithic ancestors of the Reindeer period,

the rude and savage human species, to be constantly drawing with the point of their knives sketches of

animals, scenes of the chase, etc., we have our greatest painters of Europe, why could not the same

have happened in those days? Compared with the specimens of Egyptian drawing and sketching -"7,000 years ago" -- the "earliest portraits" of men, horses' heads, and reindeer, made 50,000 years

ago, are certainly superior. Nevertheless, the Egyptians of those periods are known to have been a

highly civilized nation, whereas the Palaeolithic men are called savages of the lower type. This is a

small matter seemingly, yet extremely suggestive as showing that every new geological discovery is
made to fit in with current theories, instead of the reverse. Yes; Mr. Huxley is right in saying, "Time
will show." It will, and must vindicate Occultism.
Meanwhile, the most uncompromising materialists are driven by necessity into the most occult-like
admissions. Strange to say, it is the most materialistic -- those of the German school -- who, with
regard to physical development, come the nearest to the teachings of the Occultists. Thus, Professor
Baumgartner, who believes that "the germs for the higher animals could only be the eggs of the lower
animals"; who thinks that "besides the advance of the vegetable and animal world in development,
there occurred in that period the formation of new original germs," which formed the basis of new
metamorphoses, etc. -- thinks also that "the first men who proceeded from the germs of animals
beneath them, lived first in a larva state."
Just so, in a larva state, we say, too; only from no "animal" germ, and that "larva" was the soulless
astral form of the pre-physical Races. And we believe, as the German professor does, with several (11 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

other men of Science in Europe now, that the human races "have not descended from one pair, but
appeared immediately in numerous races"; (Anfange zu einer Physiologischen Schopfungs-geschichte
der Pflanzen und Thierwelt, 1885). Therefore, when we read "Force and Matter," and find that
Emperor of Materialists, Buchner, repeating after Manu and Hermes, that "the plant passes
imperceptibly into the animal, and the animal into man" (p. 85), we need only add "and man into a
spirit," to complete the Kabalistic axiom. The more so, since on page 82 of the same work we read the
following admission: . . . "Produced in the way of spontaneous generation . . . it is by the aid of intense
natural forces and endless periods of time (that) there has progressively arisen that rich and infinitely
modified organic world by which we are at present surrounded." . . . And (page 84) "Spontaneous
generation played, no doubt,

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 719 BETWEEN TWO VOIDS.

a more important part in the primeval epoch than at present; nor can it be denied that in this way
beings of a higher organization were produced than now,"* for this is the claim of Occultism.
The whole difference lies in this: Modern Science places her materialistic theory of primordial germs
on earth, and the last germ of life on this globe, of man, and everything else, between two voids.
Whence the first germ, if both spontaneous generation and the interference of external forces, are
absolutely rejected now? Germs of organic life, we are told, by Sir W. Thomson, came to our earth in
some meteor? This helps in no way and only shifts the difficulty from this earth to the supposed
These are our agreements and disagreements with Science. About the endless periods we are, of
course, at one even with materialistic speculation; for we believe in Evolution, though on different
lines. Professor Huxley very wisely says: "If any form of progressive development is correct, we must
extend by long epochs the most liberal estimate that has yet been made of the antiquity of man." But
when we are told that this man is a product of the natural forces inherent in matter, force, according to
modern views, being but a quality of matter, a "mode of motion," etc.; and when we find Sir W.
Thomson repeating in 1885 what was asserted by Buchner and his school thirty years ago, we fear all
our reverence for real Science is vanishing into thin air! One can hardly help thinking that materialism
is, in certain cases, a disease. For when men of Science, in the face of the magnetic phenomena and
the attraction of iron particles through insulating substances, like glass, maintain that the said
attraction is due to "molecular motion," or to the "rotation of the molecules of the magnet," then,
whether the teaching comes from a "credulous" Theosophist innocent of any notion of physics, or
from an eminent man of Science, it is equally ridiculous. The individual who asserts such a theory in
the teeth of fact, is only one more proof that "When people have not a niche in their minds in which to
shoot facts, so much the worse for the facts."
As present the dispute between the spontaneous generationists and their opponents is at rest, having
ended in the provisional victory of the latter. But even they are forced to admit, as Buchner did, and
Messrs. Tyndall and Huxley still do -- that spontaneous generation must have occurred once, under
"special thermal conditions." Virchow refuses even to argue the question; it must have taken place
sometime in the history of our planet: and there's an end of it. This seems to look more natural than Sir (12 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

W. Thomson's hypothesis just quoted, that the germs of organic life fell on our earth in some meteor;
or that other
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "Force and Matter," by Dr. Louis Buchner, translated and edited by J. Frederick Collingwood,

F.R.S., F.G.S., 1864.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 720 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

scientific hypothesis coupled to the recently adopted belief that there exists no "Vital principle"

whatever, but only vital phenomena, which can all be traced to the molecular forces of the original

protoplasm. But this does not help Science to solve the still greater problem -- the origin and the

descent of Man, for here is a still worse plaint and lamentation.

"While we can trace the skeletons of Eocene mammals through several directions of specialization in

succeeding Tertiary times, man presents the phenomenon of an unspecialized skeleton which cannot

fairly be connected with any of these lines." ("Origin of the World," p. 39, by Sir W. Dawson, LL.D.,


The secret could be soon told, not only from the esoteric but even from the standpoint of every

religion the world over, without mentioning the Occultists. The "specialized skeleton" is sought for in
the wrong place, where it can never be found. It is expected to be discovered in the physical remains of
man, in some pithecoid "missing link," with a skull larger than that of the ape's, and with a cranial
capacity smaller than in man, instead of looking for that specialization in the super-physical essence of
his inner astral constitution, which can hardly be excavated from any geological strata! Such a
tenacious, hopeful clinging to a self-degrading theory is the most wonderful feature of the day. (13 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

Meanwhile, this is a specimen of an engraving made by a Palaeolithic "savage": Palaeolithic meaning
the "earlier Stone-age" man, one supposed to have been as savage and brutal as the brutes he lived


Leaving the modern South Sea Islander, or even any Asiatic race, aside, we defy any grown-up
schoolboy, or even a European youth, one who has never studied drawing, to execute such an
engraving or even a pencil sketch. Here we have the true artistic raccourci, and correct lights and
shadows without any plane model before the artist, who copied direct from nature, thus exhibiting a
knowledge of anatomy and proportion. The artist who engraved this reindeer belonged, we are asked
to believe, to the primitive "semi-animal" savages (contemporaneous with the mammoth and the
woolly rhinoceros), whom some over-zealous Evolutionists once sought to picture to us as distinct
approximations to the type of their hypothetical "pithecoid man"!
This engraved antler proves as eloquently as any fact can that the evolution of the races has ever
proceeded in a series of rises and falls, that man, perhaps, is as old as incrustated Earth, and -- if we
can call his Divine ancestor "Man" -- far older still.
Even de Mortillet himself seems to experience a vague distrust of the conclusions of modern
archaeologists, when he writes: -- "The prehistoric is a new science, far, very far, from having said its
last word." ("Prehist. Antiq. of Man," 1883.) According to Lyell, one of the highest authorities on the
subject, and the "Father" of Geology: -- "The expectation of always meeting with a lower type of
human skull, the older the formation in which it occurs, is based on the theory of progressive (14 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

development, and it may prove to be sound; nevertheless we must remember that as yet we have no
distinct geological evidence that the appearance of what are called the inferior races of mankind has
always preceded in chronological order that of the higher races." ("Antiq. of Man," p. 25.) Nor has
such evidence been found to this day. Science is thus offering for sale the skin of a bear, which has
hitherto never been seen by mortal eye!
This concession of Lyell's reads most suggestively with the subjoined utterance of Professor Max
Muller, whose attack on the Darwinian Anthropology from the standpoint of LANGUAGE has, by the
way, never been satisfactorily answered: -"What do we know of savage tribes beyond the last chapter of their history?" (Cf. this with the
esoteric view of the Australians, Bushmen, as well as of Palaeolithic European man, the Atlantean
offshoots retaining a relic of a lost culture, which throve when the parent Root-Race was in its prime.)
"Do we ever get an insight into their antecedents. . . . How have they come to be what they are? . . . .
Their language proves, indeed, that these so-called heathens, with their complicated systems of
mythology, their artificial customs, their unintelligible whims and savageries, are not the creatures of
to-day or yesterday. Unless we admit a special creation for these savages, they must be as old as the
Hindus, the Greeks and Romans (far older). . . .

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 722 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

They may have passed through ever so many vicissitudes, and what we consider as primitive, may be,
for all we know, a RELAPSE INTO SAVAGERY or a corruption of something that was more rational
and intelligible in former stages." ("India," 1883, F. Max Muller.)
"The primeval savage is a familiar term in modern literature," remarks Professor Rawlinson, "but there
is no evidence that the primeval savage ever existed. Rather all the evidence looks the other way."
("Antiq. of Man Historically Considered.") In his "Origin of Nations," pp. 10-11, he rightly adds: "The
mythical traditions of almost all nations place at the beginning of human history a time of happiness
and perfection, a 'golden age' which has no features of savagery or barbarism, but many of civilization
and refinement." How is the modern evolutionist to meet this consensus of evidence?
We repeat the question asked in "Isis Unveiled": "Does the finding of the remains in the cave of
Devon prove that there were no contemporary races then who were highly civilized? When the present
population of the earth have disappeared, and some archaeologist belonging to the 'coming race' of the
distant future shall excavate the domestic implements of one of our Indian or Andaman Island tribes,
will he be justified in concluding that mankind in the nineteenth century was 'just emerging from the
Stone Age'?"
Another strange inconsistency in scientific knowledge is that Neolithic man is shown as being far
more of a primitive savage than the Palaeolithic one. Either Lubbock's "Pre-historic Man," or Evans'
"Ancient Stone Implements" must be at fault, or -- both. For this is what we learn from these works
and others: -- (15 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

(1) As we pass from Neolithic to Palaeolithic Man, the stone implements become, from gracefully
shaped and polished instruments, rude lumbering makeshifts. Pottery, etc., disappear as we descend
the scale. And yet the latter could engrave such a reindeer!
(2) Palaeolithic Man lived in caves which he shared with hyaenas and lions also,* whereas Neolithic
man dwelt in lake-villages and buildings.
Every one who has followed even superficially the geological discoveries of our day, knows that a
gradual improvement in workmanship is found, from the clumsy chipping and rude chopping of the
early Palaeolithic haches, to the relatively graceful stone celts of that part of the Neolithic period
immediately preceding the use of metals. But this is in Europe, a few portions only of which were
barely rising from the waters in the days
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* In such a case Palaeolithic man must have been endowed in his day with thrice Herculean force and

magic invulnerability, or else the lion was as weak as a lamb at that period, for both to share the same

dwelling. We may as well be asked to believe next that it is that lion or hyaena which has engraved the

deer on the antler, as be told that this bit of workmanship was done by a savage of such a kind.


of the highest Atlantean civilizations. There were rude savages and highly civilized people then, as

there are now. If 50,000 years hence, pigmy Bushmen are exhumed from some African cavern

together with far earlier pigmy elephants, such as were found in the cave deposits of Malta by Milne

Edwards, will that be a reason to maintain that in our age all men and all elephants were pigmies? Or

if the weapons of the Veddhas of Ceylon are found, will our descendants be justified in setting us all

down as Palaeolithic savages? All the articles which geologists now excavate in Europe can certainly

never date earlier than from the close of the Eocene age, since the lands of Europe were not even

above water before that period. Nor can what we have said be in the least invalidated by theorists
telling us that these quaint sketches of animals and men by Palaeolithic man, were executed only
toward the close of the Reindeer period -- for this explanation would be a very lame one indeed, in
view of the geologists' ignorance of even the approximate duration of periods.
The Esoteric Doctrine teaches distinctly the dogma of the risings and falls of civilization; and now we
learn that: "It is a remarkable fact that cannibalism seems to have become more frequent as man
advanced in civilization, and that while its traces are frequent in Neolithic times they . . . . altogether
disappear in the age of the mammoth and the reindeer." ("Mod. Science and Mod. Thought," p. 164.)
Another evidence of the cyclic law and the truth of our teachings. Esoteric history teaches that idols
and their worship died out with the Fourth Race, until the survivors of the hybrid races of the latter
(Chinamen, African negroes, &c.) gradually brought the worship back. The Vedas countenance no
idols; all the modern Hindu writings do. (16 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

"In the early Egyptian tombs, and in the remains of the pre-historic cities excavated by Dr.
Schliemann, images of owl and ox-headed goddesses, and other symbolical figures, or idols, are found
in abundance. But when we ascend into Neolithic times, such idols are no longer found . . . . the only
ones which may be said with some certainty to have been idols are one or two discovered by M. de
Braye in some artificial caves of the Neolithic period . . . which appear to be intended for female
figures of life size" . . . . (p. 199 Ibid.)
And these may have been simply statues. Anyhow, all this is one among the many proofs of the cyclic
rise and fall of civilization and religion. The fact that no traces of human relics or skeletons are so far
found beyond post-tertiary or "Quaternary" times -- though Abbe Bourgeois' flints may serve as a
warning* -- seems to point to the truth of another esoteric statement,
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* More than twenty specimens of fossil monkeys have been found in one locality alone, in Miocene

strata (Pikermi, near Athens). If man was not then, the period is [[Footnote continued on next page]]

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 724 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

which runs thus: "Seek for the remains of thy forefathers in the high places. The vales have grown into

mountains and the mountains have crumbled to the bottom of the seas." . . . Fourth Race mankind,

thinned after the last cataclysm by two-thirds of its population, instead of settling on the new

continents and islands that reappeared while their predecessors formed the floors of new Oceans -deserted that which is now Europe and parts of Asia and Africa for the summits of gigantic mountains,

the seas that surrounded some of the latter having since "retreated" and made room for the table lands

of Central Asia.

The most interesting example of this progressive march is perhaps afforded by the celebrated Kent's

Cavern at Torquay. In that strange recess, excavated by water out of the Devonian limestone, we find a

most curious record preserved for us in the geological memoirs of the earth. Under the blocks of

limestone, which heaped the floor of the cavern, were discovered, embedded in a deposit of black
earth, many implements of the Neolithic period of fairly excellent workmanship, with a few fragments
of pottery -- possibly traceable to the era of the Roman colonization. There is no trace of Palaeolithic
man here. No flints or traces of the extinct animals of the Quaternary period. When, however, we
penetrate still deeper through the dense layer of stalagmite beneath the mould into the red earth,
which, of course, itself once formed the pavement of the retreat, things assume a very different aspect.
Not one implement fit to bear comparison with the finely-chipped weapons found in the overlying
stratum is to be seen; only a host of the rude and lumbering little hatchets (with which the monstrous
giants of the animal world were subdued and killed by little man, we have to think?) and scrapers of
the Palaeolithic age, mixed up confusedly with the bones of species now either extinct or emigrated,
driven away by change of climate. It is the artificer of these ugly little hatchets, you see, who
sculptured the reindeer over the brook, on the antler as shown above. In all cases we meet with the
same evidence that, from historic to Neolithic and from Neolithic to Palaeolithic man, things slope
downwards on an inclined plane from the rudiments of civilization to the most abject barbarism -- in (17 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

Europe again. We are made also to face the "mammoth age" -- the extreme or earliest division of the
Palaeolithic age -- in which the great rudeness of implements reaches its maximum, and the brutal (?)
appearance of contemporary skulls, such as the Neanderthal, point to a very low type of Humanity.
But they may sometimes point also to something besides; to a race of men quite distinct from our
(Fifth Race) Humanity.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] too short for him to have been transformed -- stretch it as

you may. And if he was, and if no monkey is found earlier, what follows?


As said by an anthropologist in "Modern Thought" (art. "The Genesis of Man"): "The theory,

scientifically based or not, of Peyrere may be considered to be equivalent to that which divided man in

two species. Broca, Virey, and a number of the French anthropologists have recognised that the lower

race of man, comprising the Australian, Tasmanian, and Negro race, excluding the Kaffirs and the

Northern Africans, should be placed apart. The fact that in this species, or rather sub-species, the third

lower molars are usually larger than the second, and the squamosal and frontal bones are generally

united by suture, places the Homo Afer on the level of being as good a distinct species as many of the

kinds of finches. I shall abstain on the present occasion from mentioning the facts of hybridity,

whereon the late Professor Broca has so exhaustively commented. The history, in the past ages of the

world, of this race is peculiar. It has never originated a system of architecture or a religion of its own"
(Dr. C. Carter Blake). It is peculiar, indeed, as we have shown in the case of the Tasmanians. However
it may be, fossil man in Europe can neither prove nor disprove the antiquity of man on this Earth nor
the age of his earliest civilizations.
It is time the Occultists should disregard any attempts to laugh at them, scorning the heavy guns of the
satire of the men of science as much as the pop-guns of the profane, since it is impossible, so far, to
obtain either proof or disproof, while their theories can stand the test better than the hypotheses of the
Scientists at any rate. As to the proof for the antiquity which they claim for man, they have, moreover,
Darwin himself and Lyell. The latter confesses that they (the naturalists) "have already obtained
evidence of the existence of man at so remote a period that there has been time for many conspicuous
mammalia, once his contemporaries, to die out, and this even before the era of the earliest historical
records."* This is a statement made by one of England's great authorities upon the question. The two
sentences that follow are as suggestive, and may well be remembered by the students of Occultism, for
with all others he says: "In spite of the long lapse of prehistoric ages during which he (Man) must have
flourished on Earth, there is no proof of any perceptible change in his bodily structure. If, therefore,
he ever diverged from some unreasoning brute ancestor, we must suppose him to have existed at a far
more distant epoch, possibly on some continents or islands now submerged beneath the Ocean."
Thus lost continents are officially suspected. That worlds (also Races) are periodically destroyed by
fire (volcanoes and earthquakes) and water, in turn, and renewed, is a doctrine as old as man. Manu,
Hermes, the Chaldees, all antiquity believed in this. Twice already (18 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "Antiquity of Man," p. 530.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 726 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

has the face of the globe been changed by fire, and twice by water, since man appeared on it. As land

needs rest and renovation, new forces, and a change for its soil, so does water. Thence arises a

periodical redistribution of land and water, change of climates, etc., all brought on by geological

revolution, and ending in a final change in the axis. Astronomers may pooh-pooh the idea of a

periodical change in the behaviour of the globe's axis, and smile at the conversation given in the Book

of Enoch between Noah and his "grandfather" Enoch; the allegory is, nevertheless, a geological and an

astronomical fact: there is a secular change in the inclination of the earth's axis, and its appointed time

is recorded in one of the great Secret Cycles. As in many other questions, Science is gradually moving

toward our way of thinking. Dr. Henry Woodward, F.R.S., F.G.S., writes in the Popular Science

Review (New Series in Vol. I. p. 115), Art.: "Evidences of the Age of Ice." . . . . "If it be necessary to

call in extramundane causes to explain the great increase of ice at this glacial period, I would prefer
the theory propounded by Dr. Robert Hooke in 1688; since, by Sir Richard Phillips and others; and
lastly by Mr. Thomas Belt, C.E., F.G.S.; namely, a slight increase in the present obliquity of the
ecliptic, a proposal in perfect accord with other known astronomical facts, and the introduction of
which is essential to our cosmical condition as a unit in the great solar system."
The following, quoted from a Lecture by W. Pengelly, F.R.S., F.G.S., delivered in March, 1885, on
"The extinct Lake of Bovey Tracey" shows the hesitation, in the face of every evidence in favour of
Atlantis, to accept the fact. It is a quotation in the body of the Lecture: -"Evergreen Figs, Laurels, Palms, and Ferns having gigantic rhizomes have their existing congeners in
a sub-tropical climate, such, it cannot be doubted, as prevailed in Devonshire in Miocene times, and
are thus calculated to suggest caution when the present climate of any district is regarded as normal.
"When, moreover, Miocene plants are found in Disco Island, on the west coast of Greenland, lying
between 69[[degrees]] 20' and 70[[degrees]] 30' N. lat.; when we learn that among them were two
species found also at Bovey (Sequoia couttsiae, Quercus Lyelli); when, to quote Professor Heer, we
find that "the 'splendid evergreen' (Magnolia Inglefieldi) 'ripened its fruits so far north as on the
parallel of 70 [[degrees]] ' " (Phil. Trans. clix., 457, 1869); when also the number, variety, and
luxuriance of the Greenland Miocene plants are found to have been such that, had land continued so
far, some of them would in all probability have flourished at the Pole itself, the problem of changes of
climate is brought prominently into view, but only to be dismissed apparently with the feeling that the
time for its solution has not yet arrived.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 727 NO "MISSING LINK" ANYWHERE. (19 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

"It seems to be admitted on all hands that the Miocene plants of Europe have their nearest and most
numerous existing analogues in North America, and hence arises the question; How was the migration
from one area to the other effected? Was there, as some have believed, an Atlantis? -- a continent, or
an archipelago of large islands, occupying the area of the North Atlantic. There is perhaps nothing
unphilosophical in this hypothesis; for since, as geologists state, 'the Alps have acquired 4,000, and
even in some places more than 10,000 feet of their present altitude since the commencement of the
Eocene period' (Lyell's Principles, 11th ed., p. 256, 1872), a Post-Miocene (?) depression might have
carried the hypothetical Atlantis into almost abysmal depths. But an Atlantis is apparently unnecessary
and uncalled for. According to Professor Oliver, 'A close and very peculiar analogy subsists between
the Flora of Tertiary Central Europe and the recent Floras of the American States and of the Japanese
region; an analogy much closer and more intimate than is to be traced between the Tertiary and Recent
Floras of Europe. We find the Tertiary element of the Old World to be intensified towards its extreme
eastern margin. . . . This accession of the Tertiary element is rather gradual and not abruptly assumed
in the Japan islands only. Although it there attains a maximum, we may trace it from the
Mediterranean, Levant, Caucasus, and Persia . . . then along the Himalaya and through China. . . . We
learn also that during the Tertiary epoch, counterparts of Central European Miocene genera certainly
grew in North-West America. . . . We note further that the present Atlantic Islands' Flora affords no
substantial evidence of a former direct communication with the mainland of the New World. . . . The
consideration of these facts leads me to the opinion that botanical evidence does not favour the
hypothesis of an Atlantis. On the other hand, it strongly favours the view that at some period of the
Tertiary epoch North-Eastern Asia was united to North-western America, perhaps by the line where
the Aleutian chain of islands now extends.' " (Nat. Hist. Rev. ii. 164, 1862.) See, however, "Scientific
and Geological Proofs of the Reality of Several Submerged Continents."
But nothing short of a pithecoid man, will ever satisfy the luckless searchers after the thrice
hypothetical "missing link." Yet, if beneath the vast floors of the Atlantic, from the Teneriffe Pic to
Gibraltar, the ancient emplacement of the lost Atlantis, all the submarine strata were to be broken up
miles deep, no such skull as would satisfy the Darwinists would be found. As Dr. C. R. Bree remarks
("Fallacies of Darwinism"), no missing links between man and ape having been discovered in various
gravels and formations above the tertiaries, if they had gone down with the continents now covered
with the sea, they

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 728 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

might still be found "in those beds of contemporary geological strata which have not gone down to the
bottom of the sea." Yet they are as fatally absent from the latter as from the former. Were not
preconceptions to fasten vampire-like on man's mind, the author of "Antiquity of Man" would have
found a clue to the difficulty in that same work of his, by going ten pages back (530) and reading over
a quotation of his own from Professor G. Rolleston's work. This physiologist, he says, suggests that as
there is considerable plasticity in the human frame, not only in youth and during growth, but even in
the adult, we ought not always to take for granted, as some advocates of the development theory seem
to do, that each advance in physical power depends on an improvement in bodily structure, for why
may not the soul, or the higher intellectual and moral faculties play the first instead of the second part (20 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

in a progressive scheme.
This hypothesis is made in relation to Evolution not being entirely due to "natural selection"; but it
applies as well to our case in hand. For we, too, claim that it is the "Soul," or the inner man, that
descends on Earth first, the psychic astral, the mould on which physical man is gradually built -- his
Spirit, intellectual and moral faculties awakening later on as that physical stature grows and develops.
"Thus incorporeal Spirits to smaller forms reduced their shapes immense," . . . and became the men of
the Third and the Fourth Races. Still later, ages after, appeared the men of our Fifth Race, reduced
from the still gigantic (in our modern sense) stature of their primeval ancestors, to about half of that
size at present.
Man is certainly no special creation, and he is the product of Nature's gradual perfective work, like any
other living unit on this Earth. But this is only with regard to the human tabernacle. That which lives
and thinks in man and survives that frame, the masterpiece of evolution -- is the "Eternal Pilgrim," the
Protean differentiation in space and time of the One Absolute "unknowable."
In his "Antiquity of Man," Sir C. Lyell quotes -- perhaps in rather a mocking spirit -- what Hallam
says (in Vol. iv., p. 162) in his "Introduction to the Literature of Europe": -"If man was made in the image of God, he was also made in the image of an ape. The
framework of the body of him who has weighed the stars and made the lightning his
slave, approaches to that of a speechless brute who wanders in the forest of Sumatra.
Thus standing on the frontier land between animal and angelic natures, what wonder
that he should partake of both?"
An Occultist would have put it otherwise. He would say that man was indeed made in the image of a
type projected by his progenitor, the creating Angel-Force, or Dhyan Chohan; while the wanderer of
the forest of Sumatra was made in the image of man, since the frame-


work of the ape, we say again, is the revival, the resuscitation by abnormal means of the actual form of
the Third-Round, and of the Fourth-Round Man as well, later on. Nothing is lost in nature, not an
atom: this latter is at least certain on scientific data. Analogy would appear to demand that form should
be equally endowed with permanency.
And yet what do we find: -"It is significant," says Sir W. Dawson, F.R.S., "that Professor Huxley in his lectures in
New York, while resting his case as to the lower animals, mainly on the supposed
genealogy of the horse, which has often been shown to amount to no certain evidence,
avoided altogether the discussion of the origin of men from the apes, now obviously (21 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

complicated with so many difficulties that both Wallace and Mivart are staggered by
them. Professor Thomas in his recent lectures ('Nature,' 1876), admits that there is no
lower man known than the Australian, and that there is no known link of connection
with the monkeys; and that Haeckel has to admit that the penultimate link in his
phylogeny, the ape-like man, is absolutely unknown ('History of Creation.') . . . . The socalled 'tallies' found with the bones of Palaeocosmic men in European caves, and
illustrated in the admirable works of Christy and Lartet, show that the rudiments even of
writings were already in possession of the oldest race of men known to archaeology or
geology." (See Wilson's "Prehistoric Man," op. cit., vol. ii., p. 54. "Origin of the
World," p. 393.)
Again in Dr. C. R. Bree's "Fallacies of Darwinism," on page 160, we read: -"Mr. Darwin justly says that the difference physically and, more especially mentally,
between the lowest form of man and the highest anthropomorphous ape, is enormous.
Therefore, the time -- which in Darwinian evolution must be almost inconceivably slow - must have been enormous also during man's development from the monkey.* The
chance, therefore, of some of these variations being found in the different gravels or
fresh-water formations above the tertiaries, must be very great. And yet not one single
variation, not one single specimen of a being between a monkey and a man has ever
been found. Neither in the gravel, nor the drift-clay, nor the fresh-water beds, nor in the
tertiaries below them has there ever been discovered the remains of any member of the
missing families between the monkey and the man, as assumed to have existed by Mr.
Darwin. Have they gone down with the depression of the earth's surface and are they
now covered with the sea? If so, it is beyond all probability that they should not, also be
found in those beds of contemporary geological strata which have not gone down to the
bottom of the sea; still more improbable that some portions should not be dredged from
the ocean bed like the remains of the mammoth and the rhinoceros which are also found
in fresh-water beds and gravels and drift! . . . . . . the celebrated Neanderthal skull, about
which so much has been said, belongs confessedly to this remote epoch (bronze and
stone ages), and yet presents, although it may have been the skull of an idiot, immense
differences from the highest known anthropomorphous ape."
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* And how much more "enormous" if we reverse the subjects and say during the monkey's

development from the Third Race Man.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 730 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Our globe being convulsed each time that it reawakens for a new period of activity, like a field which

has to be ploughed and furrowed before fresh seed for its new crop is thrown into it -- it does seem

quite hopeless that fossils belonging to its previous Rounds should be found in the beds of either its

oldest or its latest geological strata. Every new Manvantara brings along with it the renovation of (22 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 4 cont

forms, types and species; every type of the preceding organic forms -- vegetable, animal and human -changes and is perfected in the next, even to the mineral, which has received in this Round its final
opacity and hardness; its softer portions having formed the present vegetation; the astral relics of
previous vegetation and fauna having been utilized in the formation of the lower animals, and
determining the structure of the primeval Root-Types of the highest mammalia. And, finally, the form
of the gigantic Ape-Man of the former Round has been reproduced in this one by human bestiality and
transfigured into the parent form in the modern Anthropoid.
This doctrine, even imperfectly delineated as it is under our inefficient pen, is assuredly more logical,
more consistent with facts, and far more probable than many "scientific" theories; that, for instance, of
the first organic germ descending on a meteor to our Earth -- like Ain Soph on his Vehicle, Adam
Kadmon. Only, the latter descent is allegorical, as every one knows, and the Kabalists have never
offered this figure of speech for acceptance in its dead-letter garb. But the germ on the meteor theory,
as coming from such high scientific quarters, is an eligible candidate for axiomatic truth and law, a
theory people are in honour bound to accept, if they would be on a right level with modern Science.
What the next theory necessitated by the materialistic premises will be -- no one can tell. Meanwhile,
the present theories, as any one can see, clash together far more discordantly among themselves than
even those of the Occultists outside the sacred precincts of learning. For what is there, next in order,
now that exact Science has made even of the Life-principle an empty word, a meaningless term; and
now insists that life is an effect due to the molecular action of the primordial protoplasm! The new
doctrine of the Darwinists may be defined and summarized in a few words, in which Mr. Herbert
Spencer has defined "special creation" . . . "it is worthless. Worthless, by its derivation; worthless, in
its intrinsic incoherence; worthless, as absolutely without evidence; worthless, as not supplying an
intellectual need; worthless, as not satisfying a moral want. We must, therefore, consider it as
counting for nothing in opposition to any other hypothesis respecting the origin of organic beings."
(Principles of Biology, Vol. I., p. 345.)

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Contents (23 von 23) [06.05.2003 03:37:46]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition


IT is argued that the Universal Evolution, otherwise, the gradual development of species in all the
kingdoms of nature, works by uniform laws. This is admitted, and the law enforced far more strictly in
Esoteric than in modern Science. But we are told also, that it is equally a law that "development works
from the less to the more perfect, and from the simpler to the more complicated, by incessant changes,
small in themselves, but constantly accumulating in the required direction." It is from the
infinitesimally small that the comparatively gigantic species are produced.
Esoteric Science agrees with it, but adds that this law applies only to what is known to it as the
Primary Creation -- the evolution of worlds from primordial atoms, and the pre-primordial ATOM, at
the first differentiation of the former; and that during the period of cyclic evolution in space and time,
this law is limited and works only in the lower kingdoms. It did so work during the first geological
periods, from simple to complex, on the rough material surviving from the relics of the Third Round,
which relics are projected into objectivity when terrestrial activity recommences.
No more than Science, does esoteric philosophy admit design or "special creation." It rejects every
claim to the "miraculous," and accepts nothing outside the uniform and immutable laws of Nature. But
it teaches a cyclic law, a double stream of force (or spirit) and of matter, which, starting from the
neutral centre of Being, develops in its cyclic progress and incessant transformations. The primitive
germ from which all vertebrate life has developed throughout the ages, being distinct from the
primitive germ from which the vegetable and the animal life have evolved, there are side laws whose
work is determined by the conditions in which the materials to be worked upon are found by them,
and of which Science -- physiology and anthropology especially -- seems to be little aware. Its
votaries speak of that "primitive germ," and maintain that it is shown beyond any doubt that the
"design" and the "designer," if there be any, in the case of man, with the wonderful structure of his
limbs, and his hand especially, "must be placed very much farther back, and (the design) is, in fact,
involved in the primitive germ," from which not only all vertebrate life, but, "probably all life, animal
and vegetable, have been slowly developed" (p. 94 of "Modern Science and Modern Thought").

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 732 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

This is as true of the "primitive germ" as it is false that that "germ" is only "very much farther back"
than man is; for it is at an immeasurable and inconceivable distance (in time, though not in space) (1 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

from the origin even of our Solar system. As the Hindu philosophy very justly teaches, the
"Aniyamsam Aniyasam," can be known only through false notions. It is the "many" that proceed from
the ONE -- the living spiritual germs or centres of forces -- each in a septenary form, which first
generate, and then give the PRIMARY IMPULSE to the law of evolution and gradual slow
Limiting the teaching strictly to this, our earth, it may be shown that, as the ethereal forms of the first
Men are first projected on seven zones by seven Dhyan-Chohanic centres of Force, so there are
centres of creative power for every ROOT or parent species of the host of forms of vegetable and
animal life. This is, again, no "special creation," nor is there any "Design," except in the general
"ground-plan" worked out by the universal law. But there are certainly "designers," though these are
neither omnipotent nor omniscient in the absolute sense of the term. They are simply Builders, or
Masons, working under the impulse given them by the ever-to-be-unknown (on our plane) Master
Mason -- the ONE LIFE and Law. Belonging to this sphere, they have no hand in, or possibility of
working on any other, during the present Manvantara, at any rate. That they work in cycles and on a
strictly geometrical and mathematical scale of progression, is what the extinct animal species amply
demonstrate; that they act by design in the details of minor lives (of side animal issues, etc.) is what
natural history has sufficient evidence for. In the creation of new species, departing sometimes very
widely from the Parent stock, as in the great variety of the genus Felis -- like the lynx, the tiger, the
cat, etc. -- it is the "designers" who direct the new evolution by adding to, or depriving the species of
certain appendages, either needed or becoming useless in the new environments. Thus, when we say
that Nature provides for every animal and plant, whether large or small, we speak correctly. For, it is
those terrestrial spirits of Nature, who form the aggregated Nature; which, if it fails occasionally in its
design, is neither to be considered blind, nor to be taxed with the failure; since, belonging to a
differentiated sum of qualities and attributes, it is in virtue of that alone conditioned and imperfect.
Were there no such thing as evolutionary cycles, an eternal spiral progress into matter with a
proportionate obscuration of spirit -- though the two are one -- followed by an inverse ascent into
spirit and the defeat of matter -- active and passive by turn -- how explain the discoveries of zoology
and geology? How is it that, on the dictum of authoritative science, one can trace the animal life from
the mollusc up

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 733 THE "TO BE OR NOT TO BE" OF SCIENCE.

to the great Sea Dragon, from the smallest land-worm up again to the gigantic animals of the Tertiary
Period; and that the latter were once crossed is shown by the fact of all those species decreasing,
dwindling down and being dwarfed. If the seeming process of development working from the less to
the more perfect, and from the simpler to the more complex, were a universal law indeed, instead of
being a very imperfect generalization of a mere secondary nature in the great Cosmic process, and if
there were no such cycles as those claimed, then the Mesozoic fauna and flora ought to change places
with the latest Neolithic. It is the Plesiosauri and the Ichthyosauri that we ought to find developing
from the present sea and river reptiles, instead of giving place to their dwarfed modern analogies. It is,
again, our old friend, the good-tempered elephant, that would be the fossil antediluvian ancestor, and
the mammoth of the Pliocene age who would be in the menagerie; the megalonyx and the gigantic (2 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

megatherium would be found instead of the lazy sloth in the forests of South America, in which the
colossal ferns of the carboniferous periods would take the place of moss and present trees -- dwarfs,
even the giants of California, in comparison with the Titan-trees of past geological periods. Surely the
organisms of the megasthenian world of the Tertiary and the Mesozoic Ages must have been more
complex and perfect than those of the microsthenian plants and animals of the present age? The
Dryopithecus, for instance, is found more perfect anatomically, more fit for a greater development of
brain power, than the modern gorilla or gibbon? How is this, then? Are we to believe that the
constitution of all those colossal land and sea-dragons, of the gigantic flying reptiles, was not far more
developed and complex than the anatomy of the lizards, turtles, crocodiles, and even of the whales -in short, all those animals we are acquainted with?
Let us admit, however, for argument's sake, that all those cycles, races, septenary forms of evolution
and the tutti quanti of esoteric teaching, are no better than a delusion and a snare. Let us agree with
Science and say that man, instead of being an imprisoned "Spirit," and his vehicle, the shell or body, a
gradually perfected and now complete mechanism for material and terrestrial uses, as claimed by the
Occultists -- is simply a more developed animal, whose primal form emerged from one and the same
primitive germ on this earth, as the flying dragon and the gnat, the whale and the amoeba, the
crocodile and the frog, etc., etc. In this case, he must have passed through the identical developments
and through the same process of growth as all the other mammals? If man is an animal, and nothing
more, a highly intellectual ex-brute, he should be privileged, at least, and allowed to have been a
gigantic mammal of his kind, a

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 734 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

meganthropos in his day. It is just this, that esoteric science shows as having taken place in the first
three rounds, and in this, as in most other things, it is more logical and consistent than modern science.
It classifies the human body with the brute creation, and maintains it in the path of animal evolution,
from first to last, while science leaves man a parentless orphan born of sires unknown, an
"unspecialized skeleton" truly! And this mistake is due to a stubborn rejection of the doctrine of

Having dealt almost exclusively with the question of the origin of Man in the foregoing criticism of
Western Evolutionism, it may not be amiss to define the position of the Occultists with regard to the
differentiation of species. The pre-human fauna and flora have been already generally dealt with in the
Commentary on the Stanzas, and the truth of much of modern biological speculation admitted, e.g., (3 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

the derivation of birds from reptiles, the partial truth of "natural selection," and the transformation
theory generally. It now remains to clear up the mystery of the origin of those first mammalian fauna
which M. de Quatrefages so brilliantly endeavours to prove as contemporary with the Homo
primigenius of the Secondary Age.
The somewhat complicated problem relating to the "Origin of Species," -- more especially of the
varied groups of fossil or existing mammalian fauna -- will be rendered less obscure by the aid of a
diagram. It will then be apparent to what extent the "Factors of Organic Evolution," relied upon by
Western biologists,* are to be considered as
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The Darwinian theory has been so strained, that even Huxley was forced at one time to deprecate its

occasional degeneration into "fanaticism." Oscar Schmidt presents a good instance of a thinker who

unconsciously exaggerates the worth of an hypothesis. He admits ("The Doctrine of Descent and

Darwinism," p. 158), that "natural selection" "is in some cases . . . inadequate, . . . in others . . . not

requisite, as the solution of the formation of species is found in other natural conditions." He also

asserts the "intermediate grades are . . . wanting, which would entitle us to infer with certainty the

direct transition from unplacental to placental mammals" (p. 271); that "we are referred entirely to

conjecture and inference for the origin of the mammals" (p. 268); and the repeated failures of the

framers of "hypothetical pedigrees," more especially of Haeckel. Nevertheless he asserts on p. 194,

that "what we have gained by the Doctrine of Descent based on the theory of selection is the

KNOWLEDGE of the connection of organisms as 'consanguineous beings.' " Knowledge in the face

of the above-cited concessions, is, then, the synonym for conjecture and theory only?


adequate to meet the facts. The line of demarcation between etherospiritual, astral and physical
evolution must be drawn. Perhaps, if Darwinians deigned to consider the possibility of the second
process, they would no longer have to lament the fact that "we are referred to conjecture and
inference for the origin of the Mammals"!! (The Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism, p. 268, by
Professor O. Schmidt.) At present the admitted chasm between the systems of reproduction of the
oviparous vertebrates and mammalia, constitutes a hopeless crux to those thinkers who, with the
Evolutionists, seek to link all existing organic forms in a continuous line of descent.
Let us take -- exempli gratia -- the case of the ungulate mammals. "In no other division," it is said, "do
we possess such abundant fossil material." So much progress has been made in this direction, that in
some instances the intermediate links between the modern and Eocene ungulates have been unearthed;
a notable example being that of the complete proof of the derivation of the present one-toed horse
from the three-toed Anchitherium of the old Tertiary. This standard of comparison between Western
Biology and the Eastern doctrine could not, therefore, be improved upon. The pedigree here utilized,
as embodying the views of scientists in general, is that of Schmidt based on the exhaustive researches
of Rutimeyer. Its approximate accuracy -- from the standpoint of evolutionism -- leaves little to be
desired: - (4 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5


[[Vol. 2, Page]] 736 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

The midway point of evolution. Science comes to a standstill. "The root to which these two families
lead back IS UNKNOWN" (Schmidt).

No. I. represents the realm explored by Western Evolutionists, the area in which climatic influences,
"natural selection," and all the other physical causes of organic differentiation are present. Biology and
palaeontology find their province here in investigating the many physical agencies which contribute so
largely, as shown by Darwin, Spencer and others, to the segregation of species. But even in this
domain the sub-conscious workings of the Dhyan-Chohanic wisdom are at the root of all the
"ceaseless striving towards perfection," though its influence is vastly modified by those purely
material causes which de Quatrefages terms the "milieux" and Spencer the "Environment." (5 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

The "midway point of evolution" is that stage where the astral prototypes definitely begin to pass into
the physical, and thus become subject to the differentiating agencies now operative around us.
Physical causation supervenes immediately on the assumption of "coats of skin" -- i.e., the
physiological equipment in general. The forms of Men and mammalia previous to the separation of
sexes* are woven out of astral matter, and possess a structure utterly unlike that of the physical
organisms, which eat, drink, digest, etc., etc., etc. The known physiological contrivances in organisms
were almost entirely evolved subsequently to the incipient physicalization of the 7 Root-Types out of
the astral -- during the "midway halt" between the two planes of existence. Hardly had the "groundplan" of evolution been limned out in these ancestral types, than the influence of the accessory
terrestrial laws, familiar to us, supervened, resulting in the whole crop of mammalian species. AEons
of slow differentiation were, however, required to effect this end.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Bear in mind, please, that though the animals -- mammalians included -- have all been evolved after

and partially from man's cast-off tissues, still, as a far lower being, the mammalian animal became

placental and separated far earlier than man.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 737 THE UNITY OF TYPE.

No. II. represents the domain of the purely astral prototypes previous to their descent into (gross)

matter. Astral matter, it must be noted, is fourth state matter, having, like our gross matter, its own

"protyle." There are several "protyles" in Nature, corresponding to the various planes of matter. The

two sub-physical elemental kingdoms, the plane of mind (manas, the fifth state matter), as also that of

Buddhi (sixth state matter), are each and all evolved from one of the six "protyles" which constitute

the basis of the Object-Universe. The three "states," so-called of our terrestrial matter, known as the

"solid," "liquid," and "gaseous," are only, in strict accuracy, SUB-states. As to the former reality of the

descent into the physical, which culminated in physiological man and animal, we have a palpable

testimony in the fact of the so-called spiritualistic "materializations."

In all these instances a complete temporary mergence of the astral into the physical takes place. The
evolution of physiological Man out of the astral races of early Lemurian age -- the Jurassic age of
Geology -- is exactly paralleled by the "materialization" of "spirits" (?) in the seance-room. In the case
of Professor Crookes' "Katie King," the presence of a physiological mechanism -- heart, lungs, etc. -was indubitably demonstrated!!
This, in a way, is the ARCHETYPE of Goethe. Listen to his words: "Thus much we should have
gained . . . all the nine perfect organic beings . . . (are) formed according to an archetype which
merely fluctuates more or less in its very persistent parts and, moreover, day by day, completes and
transforms itself by means of reproduction." This is a seemingly imperfect foreshadowing of the
occult fact of the differentiation of species from the primal astral root-types. Whatever the whole
posse comitatus of "natural selection," etc., etc., may effect, the fundamental unity of structural plan
remains practically unaffected by all subsequent modifications. The "Unity of Type" common, in a
sense, to all the animal and human kingdoms, is not, as Spencer and others appear to hold, a proof of (6 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

the consanguineity of all organic forms, but a witness to the essential unity of the "ground-plan"
Nature has followed in fashioning her creatures.
To sum up the case, we may again avail ourselves of a tabulation of the actual factors concerned in the
differentiation of species. The stages of the process itself need no further comment here, being the
basic principles underlying organic development, than to enter on the domain of the biological

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 738 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.



IS Science against those who maintain that down to the Quaternary period the distribution of the
human races was widely different from what it is now? Is Science against those who, further, maintain
that the fossil men found in Europe -- although having almost reached a plane of sameness and unity
from the fundamental physiological and anthropological aspects which continues till this day -- still
differ, sometimes greatly, from the type of the now existing populations. The late Littre confesses it in
an article published by him on the Memoir called Antiquites Celtiques et Antediluviennes by Boucher
de Perthes (1849) -- in the Revue des Deux Mondes (March 1,1859). He says in it (a) that in these
periods when the Mammoths, exhumed with the hatchets in Picardy, lived in the latter region, there
must have been an eternal spring reigning over all the terrestrial globe*; nature was the contrary of (7 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

what it is now -- thus leaving an enormous margin for the antiquity of
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Scientists now admit that Europe enjoyed in the Miocene times a warm, in the Pliocene or later

Tertiary, a temperate climate. Littre's contention as to the balmy spring of the Quaternary -- to which

deposits M. de Perthes' discoveries of flint implements are traceable (since when the Somme has worn

down its valley many scores of feet) -- must be accepted with much reservation. The Somme-valley

relics are post-glacial, and possibly point to the immigration of savages during one of the more

temperate periods intervening between minor ages of Ice.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 739 AFRICA IN EUROPE.

those "periods" and then adds: (b) "Spring, professor of the Faculty of Medicine at Liege, found in a

grotto near Namur, in the mountain of Chauvaux, numerous human bones 'of a race quite distinct from

ours.' "

Skulls exhumed in Austria offered a great analogy with those of African negro races, according to

Littre, while others, discovered on the shores of the Danube and the Rhine, resembled the skulls of the

Caribs and those of the ancient inhabitants of Peru and Chili. Still, the Deluge, whether Biblical or
Atlantean, was denied. But further geological discoveries having made Gaudry write conclusively:
"Our forefathers were positively contemporaneous with the rhinoceros tichorrhinus, the hippopotamus
major"; and add that the soil called diluvial in geology "was formed partially at least after man's
apparition on earth" -- Littre pronounced himself finally. He then showed the necessity, before "the
resurrection of so many old witnesses," of rehandling all the origins, all the durations, and added that
there was AN AGE hitherto unknown to study "either at the dawn of the actual epoch or, as I believe,
at the beginning of the epoch which preceded it."
The types of the skulls found in Europe are of two kinds, as is well known: the orthognathous and the
prognathous, or the Caucasian and the negro types; such as are now found only in the African and the
lower savage tribes. Professor Heer -- who argues that the facts of Botany necessitate the hypothesis
of an Atlantis -- has shown that the plants of the Neolithic lake-villagers are mainly of African origin.
How did the latter come to be in Europe if there was no former point of union between Africa and
Europe? How many thousand years ago did the seventeen men live whose skeletons were exhumed in
the Department of the Haute Garonne, in a squatting posture near the remains of a coal fire, with some
amulets and broken crockery around them, and in company with the bear spelaeus, the Elephas
primigenius, the aurochs (regarded by Cuvier as a distinct species), the Megaceros hibernicus -- all
antediluvian mammals? Certainly at a most distant epoch, but not one which carries us further back
than the Quaternary. A much greater antiquity for Man has yet to be proved. Dr. James Hunt, the late
President of the Anthropological Society, makes it 9,000,000 years. This man of science, at any rate,
makes some approach to our esoteric computation, if we leave the first two semi-human, ethereal
races, and the early Third Race out of the computation.
The question, however, arises -- who were these Palaeolithic men of the European quaternary epoch? (8 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

Were they aboriginal, or the outcome of some immigration dating back into the unknown past? The
latter is the only tenable hypothesis, as all scientists agree in eliminating Europe from the category of
possible "cradles of mankind." Whence, then, radiated the various successive streams of "primitive"

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 740 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

The earliest Palaeolithic men in Europe -- about whose origin Ethnology is silent, and whose very
characteristics are but imperfectly known, though expatiated on as "ape-like" by imaginative writers
such as Mr. Grant Allen -- were of pure Atlantean and "Africo"-Atlantean stocks.* (It must be borne
in mind that by this time the Atlantis continent itself was a dream of the past.) Europe in the
quaternary epoch was very different from the Europe of to-day, being then only in process of
formation. It was united to N. Africa -- or rather what is now N. Africa -- by a neck of land running
across the present Straits of Gibraltar -- N. Africa thus constituting a species of extension of Spain,
while a broad sea washed the great basin of the Sahara. Of the great Atlantis, the main bulk of which
sank in the Miocene, there remained only Ruta and Daitya and a stray island or so. The Atlantean
connections of the forefathers** of the Palaeolithic cave-men are evidenced by the upturning of fossil
skulls (in Europe) reverting closely to the West Indian Carib and ancient Peruvian type -- a mystery
indeed to all those who refuse to sanction the "hypothesis" of a former Atlantic continent to bridge the
ocean (Cf. "Scientific and geological proofs of the reality of several submerged continents"). What are
we also to make of the fact that while de Quatrefages points to that "magnificent race," the TALL CroMagnon cave-men and the Guanches of the Canary Islands as representatives of one type -- Virchow
also allies the Basques with the latter in a similar way? Professor Retzius independently proves the
relationship of the aboriginal American dolichocephalous tribes and these same Guanches. The several
links in the chain of evidence are securely joined together. Legions of similar facts could be adduced.
As to the African tribes -- themselves diverging offshoots of Atlanteans modified by climate and
conditions -- they crossed into Europe over the peninsula which made the Mediterranean an inland
sea. Fine races were many of these European cave-men; the Cro-Magnon, for instance. But, as was to
be expected, progress is almost non-existent through the whole of the vast period allotted
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "Whence they (the old cave-men) came, we cannot tell" (Grant Allen).

"The palaeolithic hunters of the Somme Valley did not originate in that inhospitable climate, but

moved into Europe from some more genial region -- (Dr. Southall "Epoch of the Mammoth" p. 315).

** The pure Atlantean stocks -- of which the tall quaternary cave-men were, in part, the direct

descendants -- immigrated into Europe long prior to the Glacial Period; in fact as far back as the

Pliocene and Miocene times in the Tertiary. The worked Miocene flints of Thenay, and the traces of

Pliocene man discovered by Professor Capellini in Italy, are witnesses to the fact. These colonists

were portions of the once glorious race, whose cycle from the Eocene downwards had been running

down the scale. (9 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 5

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 741 A TARDY ADMISSION.

by Science to the Chipped Stone-Age.* The cyclic impulse downwards weighs heavily on the stocks
thus transplanted -- the incubus of the Atlantean Karma is upon them. Finally, Palaeolithic man makes
room for his successor -- and disappears almost entirely from the scene. Professor Lefevre asks in this
connection: -"Has the Polished succeeded the Chipped Stone-Age by an imperceptible transition, or was it due to
an invasion of brachycephalous Celts? But whether, again, the deterioration produced in the
populations of La Vezere was the result of violent crossings, or of a general retreat northwards in the
wake of the reindeer, is of little moment to us." He continues: -"Meantime the bed of the ocean has been upheaved, Europe is now fully formed, her flora and fauna
fixed. With the taming of the dog begins the pastoral life. We enter on those polished stone and bronze
periods, which succeed each other at irregular intervals, which even overlap one another in the midst
of ethnical fusions and migrations. . . . The primitive European populations are interrupted in their
special evolution and, without perishing, become absorbed in other races, engulfed . . . by successive
waves of migration overflowing from Africa, possibly from a lost Atlantis [?? far too late by aeons of
years] and from prolific Asia . . . all FORERUNNERS OF THE GREAT ARYAN INVASION" (Fifth
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The artistic skill displayed by the old cave-men renders the hypothesis which regards them as

approximations to the "pithecanthropus alalus" -- that very mythical Haeckelian monster -- an

absurdity requiring no Huxley or Schmidt to expose it. We see in their skill in engraving a gleam of

Atlantean culture atavistically re-appearing. It will be remembered that Donnelly regards modern

European as a renaissance of Atlantean civilization. ("Atlantis," pp. 237-264.)


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Contents (10 von 10) [06.05.2003 03:37:50]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 742 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

WHEN statements such as are comprised in the above heading are brought forward, the writer is, of
course, expected to furnish historical instead of legendary evidence in support of such claims. Is this
possible? Yes; for evidence of this nature is plentiful, and has simply to be collected and brought
together to become overwhelming in the eyes of the unprejudiced.
Once the sagacious student gets hold of the guiding thread he may find it out for himself. We give
facts and show land-marks: let the wayfarer follow them. What is given here is amply sufficient for
THIS Century.
In a letter to Voltaire, Bailly finds it quite natural that the sympathies of the "grand old invalid of
Ferney" should be attracted to the "representatives of knowledge and wisdom, the Brahmans of India."
He then adds a curious statement. "But," he says, "your Brahmans are very young in comparison with
their ancient instructors."*
Bailly, who knew nought of the esoteric teachings, nor of Lemuria, believed, nevertheless,
unreservedly in the lost Atlantis, and also in several pre-historic and civilized nations which had
disappeared without leaving any undeniable trace. He had studied the ancient classics and traditions
extensively, and he saw that the arts and sciences known to those we now call the "ancients," were
"not the achievements of any of the now or even then existing nations, nor of any of the historical
peoples of Asia." And that, notwithstanding the learning of the Hindoos, their undeniable priority in
the antiquity of their race had to be referred to a people or a race still more ancient and more learned
than were even the Brahmans themselves.**
Voltaire, the greatest sceptic of his day, the materialist par excellence, shared Bailly's belief. He
thought it quite likely "that long before the empires of China and India, there had been nations
cultured, learned, and powerful, which a deluge of barbarians overpowered and thus replunged into
their primitive state of ignorance and savagery, or what they call the state of pure nature." ("Lettres
sur l'Atlantide," p. 15).***
[[Footnote(s)]] -----------------------------------------------

* Lettres sur l'Atlantide. (1 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

** Histoire de l'Astronomie Ancienne, p. 25, et seq.

*** This conjecture is but a half-guess. There were such "deluges of barbarians" in the Fifth Race.

With regard to the Fourth, it was a bond fide deluge of water which swept it away. Neither Voltaire nor

Bailly, however, knew anything of the Secret Doctrine of the East.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 743 A MYSTERIOUS NATION.

That which with Voltaire was the shrewd conjecture of a great intellect, was with Bailly "a question of
historical facts." For "I make great case of ancient traditions preserved through a long series of
generations," he wrote. (Ibid.) It was possible, he thought, that a foreign nation should, after
instructing another nation, so disappear that it should leave no traces behind. When asked how it could
have happened that this ancient, or rather archaic, nation should not have left at least some recollection
in the human mind, he answered that Time was a pitiless devourer of facts and events. But, the history
of the Past was never entirely lost, for the Sages of old Egypt had preserved it, and "it is so preserved
to this day elsewhere." "You do not know which was the best and most handsome generation of men
which has ever lived on this earth," said the priests of Sais to Solon, according to Plato. "Only a weak
seed of it, of which you (Greeks) are the descendants,* is all that remains." "Their books," they added,
"preserved the records of a great nation, which emerging from the Atlantic sea had invaded Europe
and Asia (Timaeus). The Greeks were but the dwarfed and weak remnant of that once glorious nation. .
. ."**
What was this nation? The secret doctrine teaches that it was the latest, seventh sub-race of the
Atlanteans, already swallowed up in one of the early sub-races of the Aryan stock, one that had been
gradually spreading over the continent and islands of Europe, as soon as they had begun to emerge
from the seas. Descending from the high plateaux of Asia, where the two Races had sought refuge in
the days of the agony of Atlantis, it had been slowly settling and colonizing the freshly emerged lands.
The emigrant sub-race had rapidly increased and multiplied on that virgin soil; had divided into many
families, which in their turn divided into nations. Egypt and Greece, the Phoenicians, and the Northern
stocks, had thus proceeded from that one sub-race. Thousands of years later, other races -- the
remnants of the Atlanteans -- "yellow and red, brown and black," began to invade the new continent.
There were wars in which the new comers were defeated; and they fled, some to Africa, others to
remote countries. Some of these lands became in course of time -- owing to new geological
convulsions -- islands. Being thus forcibly
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* For a full discussion of the relations between the old Greeks and Romans, and the Atlantean

colonists, cf. "Five Years of Theosophy."

** The story about Atlantis and all the traditions thereon were told, as all know, by Plato in his

"Timaeus and Critias." Plato, when a child, had it from his grand-sire Critias, aged ninety, who in his

youth had been told of it by Solon, his father Dropidas' friend -- Solon, one of the Grecian Seven (2 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

Sages. No more reliable source could be found, we believe.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 744 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

separated from the continents, the result was that the undeveloped tribes and families of the Atlantean
stock fell gradually into a still more abject and savage condition.
Did not the Spaniards in the Cibola expeditions meet with WHITE savage chiefs; and has not the
presence of African negro types in Europe in the pre-historic ages been now ascertained? It is this
presence of a type associated with that of the negro, and also with that of the Mongolian, which is the
stumbling-block of anthropology. The individual who lived at an incalculably distant period at La
Naulette, in Belgium (Vide Dr. Carter Blake's paper "On the Naudette Jaw," Anthrop. Review, Sept.,
1867), is an example. "The caves on the banks of the Lesse, in South-Eastern Belgium," says this
Anthropologist, "afford evidence of what is, perhaps, the lowest man, as shown by the Naulette jaw.
Such man, however, had amulets of stone, perforated for the purpose of ornament; these are made of a
psammite now found in the basin of the Gironde."
Thus Belgian man was extremely ancient. That man who was antecedent to the great flood of waters -which covered the highlands of Belgium with a deposit of lehm or upland gravel 30 metres above the
level of the present rivers -- must have combined the characters of the Turanian and the negro. The
Canstadt, or La Naulette, man, may have been black, and had nothing to do with the Aryan type whose
remains are contemporary with those of the cave bear at Engis. The denizens of the Aquitaine bonecaves belong to a far later period of history, and may not be as ancient as the former.
If the statement is objected to on the ground that Science does not deny the presence of man on earth
from an enormous antiquity, though that antiquity cannot be determined, since that presence is
conditioned by the duration of geological periods, the age of which is not ascertained; if it is argued
that the Scientists object most decidedly to the claim that man preceded the animals, for instance; or
that civilization dates from the earliest Eocene period, or, again, that there have ever existed giants,
three-eyed and four-armed and four-legged men, androgynes, etc., then the objectors are asked in their
turn, "How do you know? What proof have you besides your personal hypotheses, each of which may
be upset any day by new discoveries?" And these future discoveries are sure to prove that, whatever
this earlier type of man known to Anthropologists was in complexion, he was in no respect apish. The
Canstadt man, the Engis man alike possessed essentially human attributes. (Vide de Quatrefages and
Hamy. "Cranes des Races Humaines.") People have looked for the missing link at the wrong end of
the chain; and the Neander valley man has long since been dismissed to the "limbo of all hasty
blunders" (Ibid.). Disraeli divided man into the associates of the


apes and the angels. Reasons are given in the text in favour of an "angelic theory," -- as Christians
would say -- at least as applicable to some of the races of men. At all events, if man exists only since (3 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

the Miocene period, even then, humanity as a whole could not be composed of the abject savages of
the Palaeolithic age, as they are now represented by the Scientists. All they say is mere arbitrary
speculative guess-work, invented by them to answer to and fit in with their own fanciful theories.
We speak of events hundreds of thousands years old, nay, even millions -- if man dates from the
geological periods* -- not of any of those events which happened during the few thousand years of the
pre-historic margin allowed by timid and ever-cautious history. Yet there are men of science who are
almost of our way of thinking. From the brave confession of the Abbe Brasseur de Bourbourg, who
says that: -- "Traditions, whose traces recur in Mexico, in Central America, in Peru, and in Bolivia,
suggest the idea that man existed in these different countries at the time of the gigantic upheaval of the
Andes, and that he has retained the memory of it" -- down to the latest palaeontologists and
anthropologists, the majority of scientific men is in favour of just such an antiquity. Apropos of Peru,
has any satisfactory attempt been made to determine the ethnological affinities and characteristics of
the race which reared those Cyclopean erections, the ruins of which display the relics of a great
civilization? At Cuelap, for instance, such are found, consisting "of a wall of wrought stones, 3,600
feet long, 560 broad, and 150 feet high, constituting a solid mass with a level summit. On this mass
was another, 600 feet long, 500 broad, and 150 feet high, making an aggregate height of 300 feet. In it
were rooms and cells." (Cf., the mass of evidence collected by Donnelly to prove the Peruvian colony
an offshoot of the Atlanteans.) A most suggestive fact is the startling resemblance between the
architecture of these colossal buildings and that of the archaic European nations. Mr. Fergusson
regards the analogies between the ruins of "Inca" civilization and the Cyclopean remains of the
Pelasgians in Italy and Greece as a coincidence "the most remarkable in the history of architecture." "It
is difficult to resist the conclusion that there may be some relation between them." The "relation" is
simply explained by the derivation of the stocks,
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Haeckel's "Man-ape" of the Miocene period is the dream of a monomaniac, which de Quatrefages

(see his "Human Species," pp. 105-113) has cleverly disposed of. It is not clear why the world should

accept the lucubrations of a psychophobic materialist, (to accept whose theory necessitates the

acceptance on faith of various animals unknown to Science or Nature -- like the Sozura, for instance,

that amphibian which has never existed anywhere outside Haeckel's imagination), rather than the

traditions of antiquity.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 746 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

who devised these erections, from a common centre in an Atlantic continent. The acceptance of the

latter can alone assist us to approach a solution of this and similar problems in almost every branch of

modern science.

Dr. Lartet, treating upon the subject, settles the question by declaring that: -- "The truth, so long

contested, of the co-existence of man with the great extinct species (Elephas primigenius, Rhinoceros

tichorrhinus, Hyaena spelaea, Ursus spelaeus, etc., etc.), appears to me to be henceforth unassailable
and definitely conquered by science." ("Cavernes de Perigord," p. 35.) (4 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

It is shown elsewhere that such is also de Quatrefages' opinion. "Man has in all probability seen
Miocene times* and consequently the entire Pliocene epoch," he says, and there are reasons for
believing that "his traces will be found further back still, . . . ." he adds ("The Human Species," p. 152.)
Egypt is far older than Europe as now traced on the map. Atlanto-Aryan tribes began to settle on it,
when the British Islands** and France were not even in existence. It is well known that "the tongue of
the AEgyptian Sea," or the Delta of lower Egypt, became firm land very gradually, and followed the
highlands of Abyssinia; unlike the latter, which arose suddenly, comparatively speaking, it was very
slowly formed, through long ages, from successive layers of sea slime and mud, deposited annually by
the soil brought down by a large river, the present Nile. Yet even the Delta as a firm and fertile land,
has been inhabited for more than 100,000 years. Later tribes, with still more Aryan blood in them than
their predecessors, arrived from the East, and conquered it from a people whose very name is lost to
posterity, except in Secret works. It is this natural barrier of slime, which sucked in slowly and surely
every boat that approached these inhospitable shores, that was, till within a few thousand of years
B.C., the best safeguard of the later Egyptians, who had managed to reach it through Arabia,
Abyssinia, and Nubia, led on by Manu Vina in the day of Visvamitra. (See in "Isis Unveiled," vol. 1, p.
627, what Kulluka Bhatta says.)
So evident does the antiquity of man become with every day that even the Church is preparing an
honourable surrender and retreat. The learned Abbe Fabre, professor at the Sorbonne, has
categorically declared
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The ingenious author of "Atlantis, the Ante-diluvian World," in discussing the origin of various

Grecian and Roman institutions, expresses his conviction that "the roots of the institutions of to-day

reach back to the Miocene Age." Ay, and further yet, as already stated.

** As we know them, however. For not only does Geology prove that the British islands have been

four times submerged and re-elevated, but that the straits between them and Europe were dry land at a

remote former epoch.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 747 THE SEVEN SABBATHS.

that pre-historic palaeontology and archaeology may, without any harm to the Scriptures, discover in

the tertiary beds . . . . . the traces of pre-adamite man as much as they like. "Since it disregards all

creations anterior to the last deluge but one, (that which produced the diluvium, according to the

Abbe), Bible revelation leaves us free to admit the existence of man in the grey diluvium, in Pliocene,

and even Eocene strata. On the other hand, however, geologists are not all agreed in regarding the

men who inhabited the globe in these primitive ages as our ancestors.*
The day when the Church will find that its only salvation lies in the occult interpretation of the Bible,
may not be so far off as some imagine. Already many an abbe and ecclesiastic has become an ardent (5 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

Kabalist, and as many appear publicly in the arena, breaking a lance with Theosophists and Occultists
in support of the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible. But they commence, unfortunately for them,
from the wrong end. They are advised, before they begin to speculate upon the metaphysical in their
Scriptures, to study and master that which relates to the purely physical -- e.g., its geological and
ethnological hints. For such allusions to the Septenary constitution of the Earth and Man, to the seven
Rounds and Races, abound in the New as in the Old Testaments, and are as visible as the sun in the
heavens to him who reads both symbolically. What do the laws in chapter xxiii., v. 15, of Leviticus
apply to? What is the philosophy of reason for all such hebdomadic offerings and symbolical
calculations as: "ye shall count . . . . from the morrow after the Sabbath . . . . that ye brought the sheaf
of the wave offering; seven Sabbaths shall be completed" (15), "And ye shall offer with the bread
seven lambs without blemish" (18), etc. etc. We shall be contradicted, no doubt, when we say that all
these "wave" and "peace" offerings were in commemoration of the Seven "Sabbaths" of the mysteries,
which Sabbaths are seven pralayas, between seven manvantaras, or what we call Rounds -- for
"Sabbath" is an elastic word, meaning a period of Rest of whatever nature, as explained elsewhere
(Part II, "Sections on the Septenary.") And if this is not sufficiently conclusive, then we may turn to
the verse which follows (16), and which adds, "even unto the morrow after the seventh Sabbath shall
ye number fifty days" (forty-nine, 7 x 7, stages of activity, and forty-nine stages of rest, on the seven
globes of the chain, and then
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "Les origines de la terre et de l'homme," p. 454. To this, Professor N. Joly, of Toulouse, who quotes

the Abbe in his "Man before Metals," expresses the hope that M. Fabre will permit him "to differ from

him on this last point," p. 186. So do the Occultists; for though they claim a vast difference in the

physiology and outward appearance of the five races so far evolved, still they maintain that the present

human species has descended from one and the same primitive stock, evolved from the "divine men" -our common ancestors and progenitors.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 748 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

comes the rest of Sabbath, the fiftieth); after which "ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the Lord,"

i.e., ye shall make an offering of your flesh or "coats of skin," and, divesting yourselves of your

bodies, ye shall remain pure spirits. This law of offering, degraded and materialized with ages, was an

institution that dated from the earliest Atlanteans; it came to the Hebrews via the "Chaldees," who

were the "wise men" of a caste, not of a nation, a community of great adepts come from their "Serpentholes," and who had settled in Babylonia ages before. And if this interpretation from Leviticus (full of

the disfigured laws of Manu) is found too far-fetched, then turn to Revelation. Whatever interpretation

profane mystics may give to the famous Chapter xvii., with its riddle of the woman in purple and
scarlet; whether Protestants nod at the Roman Catholics, when reading "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE
Catholics glare at the Protestants, the Occultists pronounce, in their impartiality, that these words have
applied from the first to all and every exoteric Churchianity, that which was the "ceremonial magic" of
old, with its terrible effects, and is now the harmless (because distorted) farce of ritualistic worship.
The "mystery" of the woman and of the beast, are the symbols of soul-killing Churchianity and of (6 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

SUPERSTITION. "The beast that was, and is not, and yet is." "And here is the Mind which hath
wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains (seven continents and seven races) on which the
woman sitteth," the symbol of all the exoteric, barbarous, idolatrous faiths which have covered that
symbol "with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs" who protested and do protest. "And
there are seven Kings (seven races); five are fallen (our fifth race included), and one is (the fifth
continues), and the other (the sixth and the seventh races) is not yet come. . . . And when he (the race
"King") cometh, he must continue a short space" (v. 10). There are many such Apocalyptic allusions,
but the student has to find them out for himself. These five Kings were mentioned before.
If the Bible combines with archaeology and geology to show that human civilization has passed
through three more or less distinct stages, in Europe at least; and if man, both in America and Europe,
as much as in Asia, dates from geological epochs -- why should not the statements of the Secret
Doctrine be taken into consideration? Is it more philosophical or logical and scientific too, to
disbelieve, with Mr. Albert Gaudry, in Miocene man, while believing that the famous Thenay flints*
"were carved by the Dryopithecus monkey"; or, with the Occultist, that the anthro[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "The flints of Thenay bear unmistakable trace of the work of human hands." (G. de Mortillet,

"Promenades au Musee de St. Germain," p. 76.)

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 749 THE APE LATER THAN MAN.

pomorphous monkey came ages after man? For if it is once conceded, and even scientifically

demonstrated, that "there was not in the middle of the Miocene epoch a single species of mammal

identical with species now extant" (Albert Gaudry "Les Enchainements du monde animal dans les

temps geologiques" p. 240); and that man was then just as he is now; only taller, and more athletic than

we are,* -- then where is the difficulty? That they could hardly be the descendants of monkeys, which

are themselves not traced before the Miocene epoch,** is, on the other hand, testified to by several

eminent naturalists.

"Thus, in the savage of quaternary ages who had to fight against the mammoth with

stone weapons, we find all those craniological characters generally considered as the

sign of great intellectual development" (de Quatrefages, "The Human Species, p. 312.)
Unless man emerged spontaneously, endowed with all his intellect and wisdom, from his brainless
catarrhine ancestor, he could not have acquired such brain within the limits of the Miocene period, if
we are to believe the learned Abbe Bourgeois (Vide infra, footnote**).
As to the matter of giants, though the tallest man hitherto found in Europe among fossils is the
"Mentone man" (6 ft. 8 in.), others may yet be excavated. Nilsson, quoted by Lubbock, states that "in a
tomb of the neolithic age . . . . a skeleton of extraordinary size was found in 1807," and that it was
attributed to a king of Scotland, Albus McGaldus. (7 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

And if in our own day we occasionally find men and women from 7 ft. to even 9 ft. and 11 ft. high,
this only proves -- on the law of atavism, or the reappearance of ancestral features of character -- that
there was a time when 9 ft. and 10 ft. was the average height of humanity, even in our latest IndoEuropean race.
But as the subject was sufficiently treated elsewhere, we may pass on to the Lemurians and the
Atlanteans, and see what the old Greeks knew of these early races and what the moderns know now.
The great nation mentioned by the Egyptian priests, from which descended the forefathers of the
Greeks of the age of Troy, and which, as averred, had been destroyed by the Atlantic race, was then, as
we see, assuredly no race of Palaeolithic savages. Nevertheless, already in the days of Plato, with the
exception of priests and Initiates, no one seems
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Speaking of the reindeer hunters of Perigord, Joly says of them that "they were of great height,

athletic, with a strongly built skeleton . . ." etc. ("Man before Metals," p. 353).

** "On the shores of the lake of Beauce," says the Abbe Bourgeois, "man lived in the midst of a fauna

which completely disappeared (Aceratherium, Tapir, Mastodon). With the fluviatile sands of Orleanais

came the anthropomorphous monkey (pliopithecus antiquus); therefore, later than man." (See Comptes

Rendus of the "Prehistoric Congress" of 1867 at Paris.)

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 750 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

to have preserved any distinct recollection of the preceding races. The earliest Egyptians had been

separated from the latest Atlanteans for ages upon ages; they were themselves descended from an alien

race, and had settled in Egypt some 400,000 years before,* but their Initiates had preserved all the

records. Even so late as the time of Herodotus, they had still in their possession the statues of 341

kings who had reigned over their little Atlanto-Aryan Sub-race (Vide about the latter "Esoteric

Buddhism," p. 66, Fifth Edition.) If one allows only twenty years as an average figure for the reign of
each King, the duration of the Egyptian Empire has to be pushed back, from the day of Herodotus,
about 17,000 years.
Bunsen allowed the great Pyramid an antiquity of 20,000 years. More modern archaeologists will not
give it more than 5,000, or at the utmost 6,000 years; and generously concede to Thebes with its
hundred gates, 7,000 years from the date of its foundation. And yet there are records which show
Egyptian priests -- Initiates -- journeying in a North-Westerly direction, by land, via what became later
the Straits of Gibraltar; turning North and travelling through the future Phoenician settlements of
Southern Gaul; then still further North, until reaching Carnac (Morbihan) they turned to the West
again and arrived, still travelling by land, on the North-Western promontory of the New Continent.**
What was the object of their long journey? And how far back must we place the date of such visits?
The archaic records show the Initiates of the Second Sub-race of the Aryan family moving from one (8 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

land to the other for the purpose of supervising the building of menhirs and dolmens, of colossal
Zodiacs in stone, and places of sepulchre to serve as receptables for the ashes of generations to come.
When was it? The fact of their crossing from France to Great Britain by land may give an idea of the
date when such a journey could have been performed on terra firma.
[[Footnote(s)]] ------------------------------------------------* "In making soundings in the stony soil of the Nile Valley two baked bricks were discovered, one at
the depth of 20, the other at 25 yards. If we estimate the thickness of the annual deposit formed by the

river at 8 inches per century (more careful calculations have shown no more than from three to five per

century), we must assign to the first of these bricks 12,000 years, and to the second 14,000 years. By

means of analogous calculations, Burmeister supposes 72,000 years to have elapsed since the first

appearance of man on the soil of Egypt, and Draper attributes to the European man, who witnessed the

last glacial epoch, an antiquity of more than 250,000 years." ("Man before Metals," p. 183.) Egyptian

Zodiacs show more than 75,000 years of observation! (See further.) Note well also that Burmeister

speaks only of the Delta population.

** Or on what are now the British Islands, which were not yet detached from the main continent in

those days. "The ancient inhabitant of Picardy could pass into Great Britain without crossing the

Channel. The British Isles were united to Gaul by an isthmus which has since been submerged." ("Man

before Metals," p. 184.)


It was -"When the level of the Baltic and of the North Sea was 400 feet higher than it is now;
when the valley of the Somme was not hollowed to the depth it has now attained; when
Sicily was joined to Africa, Barbary to Spain," when "Carthage, the Pyramids of Egypt,
the palaces of Uxmal and Palenque were not in existence, and the bold navigators of
Tyre and Sidon, who at a later date were to undertake their perilous voyages along the
coasts of Africa, were yet unborn. What we know with certainty is that European man
was contemporaneous with the extinct species of the quaternary epoch . . . . that he
witnessed the upheaval of the Alps* and the extension of the glaciers, in a word that he
lived for thousands of years before the dawn of the remotest historical traditions . . . . It
is even possible that man was the contemporary of extinct mammalia of species yet
more ancient . . . . of the Elephas meridionalis of the sands of St. Prest . . . and the
Elephas antiquus, assumed to be prior to the elephas primigenius, since their bones are
found in company with carved flints in several English caves, associated with those of
the Rhinoceros hemitaechus and even of the Machairodus latidens, which is of still
earlier date . . . . M. E. Lartet is of opinion that there is nothing really impossible in the
existence of man as early as the Tertiary period."**
If "there is nothing impossible" scientifically in the idea, and it may be admitted that man lived already (9 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

as early as the Tertiary period, then it is just as well to remind the reader that Mr. Croll places the
beginning of that period 2,500,000 years back (See Croll's "Climate and Time"); but there was a time
when he assigned to it 15,000,000 years.
And if all this may be said of European man, how great is the antiquity of the Lemuro-Atlantean and
of the Atlanto-Aryan man? Every educated person who follows the progress of Science, knows how all
vestiges of man during the Tertiary period are received. The calumnies that were poured on Desnoyers
in 1863, when he made known to the Institute of France that he had made a discovery "in the
undisturbed pliocene sands of St. Prest near Chartres, proving the co-existence of man and the Elephas
meridionalis" -- were equal to the occasion. The later discovery (in 1867) by the Abbe Bourgeois, that
man lived in the Miocene epoch, and the reception it was given at the Pre-historic Con[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* He witnessed and remembered it too, as "the final disappearance of the largest continent of Atlantis

was an event coincident with the elevation of the Alps," a master writes (See Esoteric Buddhism p. 70).

Pari passu, as one portion of the dry land of our hemisphere disappeared, some land of the new

continent emerged from the seas. It is on this colossal cataclysm, which lasted during a period of

150,000 years, that traditions of all the "Deluges" are built, the Jews building their version on an event

which took place later in "Poseidonis."

** The Antiquity of the Human Race in "Men before Metals," by M. Joly, Professor at the Science

Faculty of Toulouse, p. 184.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 752 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

gress held at Brussels in 1872, proves that the average man of Science will never see but that which he

wants to see.*

The modern archeologist, though speculating ad infinitum upon the dolmens and their builders, knows,

in fact, nothing of them or their origin. Yet, these weird, and often colossal monuments of unhewn
stones -- which consist generally of four or seven gigantic blocks placed together -- are strewn over
Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, in groups or rows. Stones of enormous size are found placed
horizontally and variously upon two, three, four, and as in Poitou, upon six and seven blocks. People
name them "devil's altars," druidic stones, and giant tombs. The stones of Carnac in the Morbihan,
Brittany -- nearly a mile in length and numbering 11,000 ranged in eleven rows -- are twin sisters of
those at Stonehenge. The Conical menhir of Loch-Maria-ker in Morbihan, measures twenty yards in
length and nearly two yards across. The Menhir of Champ Dolent (near St. Malo) rises thirty feet
above the ground, and is fifteen feet in depth below. Such dolmens and prehistoric monuments are met
with in almost every latitude. They are found in the Mediterranean basin; in Denmark (among the local
tumuli from twenty-seven to thirty-five feet in height); in Shetland, and in Sweden, where they are
called ganggriften (or tombs with corridors); in Germany, where they are known as the giant tombs
(Hunengraben); in Spain (see the dolmen of Antiguera near Malaga), and Africa; in Palestine and
Algeria; in Sardinia (see the Nuraghi and Sepolture dei giganti, or tombs of giants); in Malabar, in (10 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

India, where they are called the tombs of the Daityas (giants) and of the Rakshasas, the men-demons
of Lanka; in Russia and Siberia, where they are known as the Koorgan; in Peru and Bolivia, where
they are termed the chulpas or burial places, etc., etc., etc.
There is no country from which they are absent. Who built them? Why are they all connected with
Serpents and Dragons, with Alligators and Crocodiles? Because remains of "palaeolithic man" were, it
is thought, found in some of them, and because in the funeral mounds of America bodies of later races
were discovered with the usual paraphernalia of bone necklaces, weapons, stone and copper urns, etc.,
hence they are declared ancient tombs. But surely the two famous mounds -- one in the Mississippi
valley and the other in Ohio -- known respectively as "the Alligator Mound" and "the Great Serpent
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The scientific "jury" disagreed, as usual; while de Quatrefages, de Mortillet, Worsaae, Engelhardt,

Waldemar, Schmidt, Capellini, Hamy, and Cartailhac, saw upon the flints the traces of human

handiwork, Steenstrup, Virchow and Desor refused to do so. Still the majority, if we except some

English Scientists, are for Bourgeois.


Mound," were never meant for tombs* (Vide infra). Yet one is told authoritatively that the Mounds,

and the Mound or Dolmen Builders, are all "Pelasgic" in Europe, antecedent to the Incas, in America,

yet of "not extremely distant times." They are built by "no race of Dolmen Builders," which never

existed (opinion of De Mortillet, Bastian, and Westropp) save in the earlier archeological fancy.

Finally Virchow's opinion of the giant tombs of Germany is now accepted as an axiom: -- "The tombs

alone are gigantic, and not the bones they contain" -- says that German biologist; and archaeology has

but to bow and submit to the decision.**

That no gigantic skeletons have been hitherto found in the "tombs" is yet no reason to say there never
were the remains of giants in them. Cremation was universal till a comparatively recent period -- some
80, or 100,000 years ago. The real giants, moreover, were nearly all drowned with Atlantis.
Nevertheless, the classics, as shown elsewhere, often speak of giant skeletons still excavated in their
day. Besides this, human fossils may be counted on the fingers, as yet. No skeleton ever yet found is
older than between 50, or 60,000 years,*** and man's size was reduced from 15 to 10 or 12 feet, ever
since the third sub-race of the Aryan stock, which sub-race -- born and developed in Europe and Asia
Minor under new climates and conditions -- had become European. Since then, as said, it has steadily
been decreasing. It is truer therefore to say, that the tombs alone are archaic, and not necessarily the
bodies of men occasionally found in them; and that those tombs, since they are gigantic, must have
contained giants,**** or rather the ashes of generations of giants.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* We take the following description from a scientific work. "The first of these animals (the alligator)

designed with considerable skill, is no less than 250 ft. long. . . . . The interior is formed of a heap of (11 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

stones, over which the form has been moulded in fine stiff clay. The great serpent is represented with

open mouth, in the act of swallowing an egg of which the diameter is 100 ft. in the thickest part; the

body of the animal is wound in graceful curves and the tail is rolled into a spiral. The entire length of

the animal is 1,100 ft. This work is unique . . . . and there is nothing on the old continent which offers

any analogy to it." Except its symbolism, however, of the Serpent -- the cycle of Time -- swallowing

Kosmos, the egg.

** It might be better, perhaps, for FACT had we more Specialists in Science and fewer "authorities"

on universal questions. One never heard that Humboldt gave authoritative and final decisions in the
matter of polypi, or the nature of an excrescence.
*** 57,000 years is the date assigned by Dr. Dowler to the remains of the human skeleton, found
buried beneath four ancient forests at New Orleans on the banks of the Mississippi river.
**** Murray says of the Mediterranean barbarians that they marvelled at the prowess of the
Atlanteans. "Their physical strength was extraordinary (witness indeed their cyclopean buildings), the
earth shaking sometimes under their tread. Whatever they did, was done speedily. . . . . . They were
wise and communicated their wisdom to men" (Mythology p. 4).

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 754 THE SECRET DOCTRINE
Nor were all such cyclopean structures intended for sepulchres. It is with the so-called Druidical
remains, such as Carnac in Brittany and Stonehenge in Great Britain, that the travelling Initiates above
alluded to had to do. And these gigantic monuments are all symbolic records of the World's history.
They are not Druidical, but universal. Nor did the Druids build them, for they were only the heirs to
the cyclopean lore left to them by generations of mighty builders and -- "magicians," both good and
It will always be a subject of regret that history, rejecting a priori the actual existence of giants, has
preserved us so little of the records of antiquity concerning them. Yet in nearly every mythology -which after all is ancient history -- the giants play an important part. In the old Norse mythology, the
giants, Skrymir and his brethren, against whom the sons of the gods fought, were potent factors in the
histories of deities and men. The modern exegesis, that makes these giants to be the brethren of the
dwarfs, and reduces the combats of the gods to the history of the development of the Aryan race, will
only receive credence amongst the believers in the Aryan theory, as expounded by Max Muller.
Granting that the Turanian races were typified by the dwarfs (Dwergar), and that a dark, round-headed,
and dwarfish race was driven northward by the fair-faced Scandinavians, or AEsir, the gods being like
unto men, there still exists neither in history nor any other scientific work any anthropological proof
whatever of the existence in time or space of a race of giants. Yet that such exist, relatively and de
facto side by side with dwarfs, Schweinfurth can testify. The Nyam-Nyam of Africa are regular dwarfs,
while their next neighbours (several tribes of comparatively fair-complexioned Africans) are giants
when confronted with the Nyam-Nyams, and very tall even among Europeans, for their women are all
above 6 1/2 feet high. (Vide Schweinfurth's latest works.) (12 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

In Cornwall and in ancient Britain the traditions of these giants are, on the other hand, excessively
common; they are said to live even down to the time of King Arthur. All this shows that giants lived to
a later date amongst the Celtic than among the Teutonic peoples.
If we turn to the New World, we have traditions of a race of giants at Tarija on the eastern slopes of
the Andes and in Ecuador, who combated gods and men. These old beliefs, which term certain
localities "Los campos de los gigantes" -- "the fields of giants," are always concomitant with the
existence of pliocene mammalia and the occurrence of pliocene raised beaches. "All the giants are not
under Mount Ossa," and it would be poor anthropology indeed that would restrict the traditions of
giants to Greek and Bible mythologies. Slavonian countries, Russia especially, teem with legends
about the bogaterey (mighty giants)

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 755 RACES OF GIANTS.

of old; and their folklore, most of which has served for the foundation of national histories, their oldest
songs, and their most archaic traditions, speak of the giants of old. Thus we may safely reject the
modern theory that would make of the Titans mere symbols standing for cosmic forces. They were real
living men, whether twenty or only twelve feet high. Even the Homeric heroes, who, of course,
belonged to a far more recent period in the history of the races, appear to have wielded weapons of a
size and weight beyond the strength of the strongest men of modern times.
"Not twice ten men the mighty bulk could raise,
Such men as live in these degenerate days."
If the fossil footprints from Carson, Indiana, U.S.A., are human, they indicate gigantic men. Of their
genuineness there can remain no doubt. It is to be deplored that the modem and scientific evidence for
gigantic men should rest on footprints alone. Over and over again, the skeletons of hypothetical giants
have been identified with those of elephants and mastodons. But all such blunders before the days of
geology, and even the traveller's tales of Sir John Mandeville, who says that he saw giants 56 feet
high, in India, only show that belief in the existence of giants has never, at any time, died out of the
thoughts of men.
That which is known and accepted is, that several races of gigantic men have existed and left distinct
traces. In the journal of the Anthropological Institute (Vol. 1871, art. by Dr. C. Carter Blake) such a
race is shown as having existed at Palmyra and possibly in Midian, exhibiting cranial forms quite
different from those of the Jews. It is not improbable that another such race existed in Samaria, and
that the mysterious people who built the stone circles in Galilee, hewed neolithic flints in the Jordan
valley and preserved an ancient Semitic language quite distinct from the square Hebrew character -was of a very large stature. The English translations of the Bible can never be relied upon, even in their
modern revised forms. They tell us of the Nephilim translating the word by "giants," and further
adding that they were "hairy" men, probably the large and powerful prototypes of the later satyrs so
eloquently described by the patristic fancy; some of the Church Fathers assuring their admirers and
followers that they had themselves seen these "Satyrs" -- some alive, others pickled and preserved. The (13 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

word "giants" being once adopted as a synonym of Nephilim, the commentators have since identified
them with the sons of Anak. The filibusters who seized on the Promised Land, found a pre-existing
population far exceeding their own in stature, and called it a race of giants. But the races of really
gigantic men had disappeared ages before the birth of Moses. This tall people existed in Canaan, and

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 756 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

even in Bashan, and may have had representatives in the Nabatheans of Midian. They were of far
greater stature than the undersized Jews. Four thousand years ago their cranial conformation and large
stature separated them from the children of Heber. Forty thousand years ago their ancestors may have
been of still more gigantic size, and four hundred thousand years earlier they must have been in
proportion to men in our days as the Brobdingnagians were to the Lilliputians. The Atlanteans of the
middle period were called the Great Dragons, and the first symbol of their tribal deities, when the
"gods" and the Divine Dynasties had forsaken them, was that of a giant Serpent.
The mystery veiling the origin and the religion of the Druids, is as great as that of their supposed fanes
is to the modern Symbologist, but not to the initiated Occultists. Their priests were the descendants of
the last Atlanteans, and what is known of them is sufficient to allow the inference that they were
eastern priests akin to the Chaldeans and Indians, though little more. It may be inferred that they
symbolized their deity as the Hindus do their Vishnu, as the Egyptians did their Mystery God, and as
the builders of the Ohio Great-Serpent mound worshipped theirs -- namely under the form of the
"mighty Serpent," the emblem of the eternal deity TIME (the Hindu Kala). Pliny called them the
"Magi of the Gauls and Britons." But they were more than that. The author of "Indian Antiquities"
finds much affinity between the Druids and the Brahmins of India. Dr. Borlase points to a close
analogy between them and the Magi of Persia*; others will see an identity between them and the
Orphic priesthood of Thrace: simply because they were connected, in their esoteric teachings, with the
universal Wisdom Religion, and thus presented affinities with the exoteric worship of all.
Like the Hindus, the Greeks and Romans (we speak of the Initiates), the Chaldees and the Egyptians,
the Druids believed in the doctrine of a succession of worlds, as also in that of seven "creations" (of
new continents) and transformations of the face of the earth, and in a seven-fold night and day for each
earth or globe (See "Esoteric Buddhism"). Wherever the Serpent with the egg is found, there this tenet
was surely present. Their Dracontia are a proof of it. This belief was so universal that, if we seek for it
in the esotericism of various religions, we shall discover it in all. We shall find it among the Aryan
Hindus and Mazdeans, the Greeks, the Latins, and even among the old Jews and early Christians,
whose modern stocks
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* But the Magi of Persia were never Persians -- not even Chaldeans. They came from a far-off land,

the Orientalists being of opinion that the said land was Media. This may be so, but from what part of

Media? To this we receive no answer. (14 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6


hardly comprehend now that which they read in their Scriptures. See what Seneca says in Epistle 9,

and Quaest. Nat. III., c., ult.: "The world being melted and having re-entered the bosom of Jupiter, this

god continues for some time to remain absorbed in himself and concealed, wholly immersed in

contemplation. After which a new world springs from him. . . . An innocent race of men and animals
are produced anew . . . etc." Then again when speaking of periodical mundane dissolution involving
universal death, he (Seneca) says that "when the laws of nature shall be buried in ruin, and the last day
of the world shall come, the southern pole shall crush, as it falls, all the regions of Africa, and the
North pole shall overwhelm all the countries beneath its axis. The affrighted sun shall be deprived of
its light; the palace of heaven falling to decay shall produce at once both life and death, and some kind
of dissolution shall equally seize upon all deities, who thus shall return into their original chaos"
(Quoted in "Book of God," p. 160.)
One might imagine oneself reading the Puranic account by Parasara of the great Pralaya. It is nearly
the same thing, idea for idea. Has Christianity nothing of the kind? It has, we say. Let the reader open
any English Bible and read chapter iii. of the Second Epistle of Peter, from verse iii. till the xivth, and
he will find there the same ideas. . . . "There shall come in the last days scoffers . . . saying, 'where is
the promise of his coming? . . . . Since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the
beginning of creation.' For, they are ignorant . . . . that by the word of God the heavens were of old,
and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: whereby the world that then was, being
overflowed with water, perished. But the heavens and the earth that are now, are reserved unto the fire
. . . . wherein the heavens . . . . shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat . . . .
we nevertheless look for new heavens and new earth, etc., etc." If the interpreters chose to see in this a
reference to creation, the deluge, and the promised coming of Christ, when they will live in a new
Jerusalem in heaven, this is no fault of "Peter." What the writer of the Epistles meant was the
destruction of this Fifth Race of ours by subterranean fires and inundations, and the appearance of new
continents for the Sixth Root-Race. For the writers of these Epistles were all learned in symbology if
not in the sciences.
It was mentioned elsewhere that the belief in the septenary constitution of our "chain" was the oldest
tenet of the early Iranians, who got it from the first Zarathustra. It is time to prove it to those Parsis
who have lost the key to the meaning of their Scriptures. In the Avesta the earth is considered
septempartite and tripartite at one and the same time. This is regarded by Dr. Geiger, as an incongruity,
for the following reasons, which he calls discrepancies: the Avesta speaks

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 758 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

of the three-thirds of the earth because the Rig-Veda mentions "three earths." . . . . "Three strata or
layers, one lying above the other, are said to be meant by this."* But he is quite mistaken, as are all
exoteric profane translators. The Avesta has not borrowed the idea from the Rig-Veda, but simply
repeats the esoteric teaching. The "three strata or layers" do not refer to our globe alone, but to three
layers of the globes of our terrestrial chain -- two by two, on each plane, one on the descending, the (15 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

other on the ascending arc. Thus, with reference to the six spheres or globes above our earth, the
seventh and the fourth, it is septempartite, while with regard to the planes over our plane -- it is
tripartite. This meaning is carried out and corroborated by the text in the Avesta and Vendidad, and
even by the speculations -- a most laborious and unsatisfactory guess-work -- of the translators and
commentators. It thus follows that the division of the "earth," or rather the earth's chain, into seven
Karshvars is not in contradiction with the three "zones," if this word is read "planes." As Geiger
remarks, this septenary division is very old -- the oldest of all -- since the Gathas already speak of the
"septempartite earth." (Bumi haptaiti, Yasna, xxxii., 3.) For, "according to the Parsee Scriptures, the
seven Karshvars are to be considered as completely disconnected parts of the earth," which they
surely are. For, "between them there flows the Ocean, so that it is impossible, as stated in several
passages, to pass from one Karshvar to another."** The "Ocean" is space, of course, for the latter was
called "Waters of Space" before it was known as Ether. Moreover, the word Karshvar is consistently
rendered by Dwipa, and especially Qaniratha by Jambudwipa ("Neriosengh, the translator of the
Yasna.")*** But this fact is not taken into account by the Orientalists, and therefore we find even such
a learned Zoroastrian and Parsi by birth as the translator of Dr. Geiger's work passing unnoticed and
without a word of comment sundry remarks of the former on the "incongruities" of this kind
abounding in the Mazdean Scriptures. One of such "incongruities" and "coincidences" concerns the
similarity of the Zoroastrian with the Indian tenet with regard to the seven Dwipas (islands, or
continents, rather) as met with in the Puranas, namely: "The Dwipas form concentric rings, which,
separated by the ocean, surround Jambu Dvipa, which is situated in the centre" (p. 130, vol. I.), and,
"according to the Iranian view, the Karshvar Qaniratha is likewise situated in the centre of the rest . . .
. each of them (the other six Karshvars) is a
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* p. 129, "Civilization of the Eastern Iranians in Ancient Times."

** Cf., e.g., Vol. I., 4, of the Pahlavi Translation; Bdh. xxi., 2-3.

*** Footnote by Darab Dastur Peshotan Sanjana, B.A., the translator of Dr. Wilhelm Geiger's work on

the "Civilization of the Eastern Iranians."


peculiar individual space, and so they group themselves round (above) Qaniratha" (Ibid. p. 131). Now

Qaniratha is not, as believed by Geiger and his translator, "the country inhabited by the Iranian tribes,"

and the other names do not mean "the adjacent territories of foreign nations in the North, South, West,

and East" (p. 132), but our globe or Earth. For that which is meant by the sentence which follows the

last quoted, namely, that "two Vorubarshti and Voru-Zarshti lie in the North; two, Vidadhafshu and

Tradadhafshu, in the South; Savahi and Arzahi in the East and West," is simply the very graphic and

accurate description of the "chain" of our planet, the Earth, represented in the book of Dzyan (11) thus: (16 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

The Mazdean names given above have only to be replaced by those used in the Secret Doctrine to
become an orthodox tenet. The "Earth" (our World), therefore, is "tripartite," because the chain of the
worlds is situated on three different planes above our globe; and it is septempartite because of the
seven globes or spheres which compose the chain. Hence the further meaning given in Vendidad XIX.
39, showing that "Qaniratha alone is combined with imat, 'this' (earth), while all other Karshvares are
combined with the word 'avat,' 'that' or those -- upper earths." Nothing could be plainer.
The same may be said of the modern comprehension of all other ancient beliefs.
The Druids understood the meaning of the Sun in Taurus, therefore, when, while all the fires were
extinguished on the 1st of November, their sacred and inextinguishable fires alone remained to
illumine the horizon, like those of the Magi and the modern Zoroastrians. And like the early Fifth Race
and later Chaldees, the Greeks, and again like the Christians, who do the same to this day, without
suspecting the real meaning, they greeted the Morning Star -- the beautiful Venus-Lucifer.*
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Dr. Kenealy quotes, in his "Book of God," Vallancey, who says "I had not been a week landed in

Ireland from Gibraltar, where I had studied Hebrew and Chaldaic under Jews of various countries,

when I heard a peasant girl say to boor standing by her "Teach an Maddin Nag" (Behold the morning

star), pointing to the planet Venus, the Maddena Nag of the Chaldeans."

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 760 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Strabo speaks of an island near to Britannia, "where Ceres and Persephone were worshipped with the

same rites as in Samothrace (lib. iv.) and this island was Sacred Ierna," where a perpetual fire was lit.

The Druids believed in the rebirth of man, not as Lucian explains: "that the same spirit shall animate a

new body, not here, but in a different world," but in a series of re-incarnations in this same world; for

as Diodorus says, they declared that the souls of men, after determinate periods, would pass into other


These tenets came to the Fifth Race Aryans from their predecessors of the Fourth Race, the Atlanteans.

They had piously preserved the teachings, which told them how their parent Root-Race, becoming
with every generation more arrogant, owing to the acquisition of superhuman powers, had been (17 von 18) [06.05.2003 03:37:55]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6

gradually gliding toward its end. Those records reminded them of the giant intellect of the preceding
races as well as of their giant size. One finds the repetition of those records in every age of history, in
almost every old fragment which has descended to us from antiquity.
AElian preserved an extract from Theophrastus written during the days of Alexander the Great. It is a
dialogue between Midas, the Phrygian, and Silenus. The former is told of a continent that had existed
in times of old, so immense, that Asia, Europe and Africa seemed like poor islands compared with it. It
was the last to produce animals and plants of gigantic magnitudes. There, said Silenus, men grew to
double the size of the tallest man in his (the narrator's) time, and they lived to twice as old an age.
They had wealthy cities with temples, and one of such (cities) held more than a million of inhabitants
in it, gold and silver being found there in great abundance. . . .
Grote's suggestion that Atlantis was but a myth arisen from a mirage -- clouds on a dazzling sky taking
the appearance of islands on a golden sea -- is too disingenuous to be even noticed.
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* There was a time when the whole world, the totality of mankind, had one religion, and when they

were of "one lip." "All the religions of the Earth were at first One and emanated from one centre," says

Faber very truly.

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The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 760 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

[[This page continued from previous section]]
All that which precedes was known to Plato, and to many others. But as no Initiate had the right to
divulge and declare all he knew, posterity got only hints. Aiming more to instruct as a moralist than as
a geographer and ethnologist or historian, the Greek philosopher merged the history of Atlantis, which
covered several million years, into one

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 761 WHO, OR WHAT WILL BE DENIED NEXT?

event which he located on one comparatively small island 3000 stadia long by 2000 wide; (or about
350 miles by 200, which is about the size of Ireland), whereas the priests spoke of Atlantis as a
continent vast as "all Asia and Lybia" put together. But, however altered in its general aspect, Plato's
narrative bears the impress of truth upon it.* It was not he who invented it, at any rate, since Homer,
who preceded him by many centuries, also speaks of the Atlantes (who are our Atlanteans) and of their
island in his Odyssey. Therefore the tradition was older than the bard of Ulysses. The Atlantes and the
Atlantides of mythology are based upon the Atlantes and the Atlantides of history. Both
Sanchoniathon and Diodorus have preserved the histories of those heroes and heroines, however much
these accounts may have become mixed up with the mythical element.
In our own day we witness the stupendous fact that such comparatively recent personages as
Shakespeare and William Tell are all but denied, an attempt being made to show one to be a nom de
plume, and the other a person who never existed. What wonder then, that the two powerful races -- the
Lemurians and the Atlanteans -- have been merged into and identified, in time, with a few half
mythical peoples, who all bore the same patronymic?
Herodotus speaks of the Atlantes -- a people of Western Africa which gave its name to Mount Atlas;
who were vegetarians, and "whose sleep was never disturbed by dreams"; and who, moreover, "daily
cursed the sun at his rising and at his setting because his excessive heat scorched and tormented them." (1 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

These statements are based upon moral and psychic facts and not on physiological disturbance. The
story of Atlas (Vide supra) gives the key to it. If the Atlanteans never had their sleep disturbed by
dreams, it is because that particular tradition is concerned with the earliest Atlanteans, whose physical
frame and brain were not yet sufficiently consolidated, in the physiological sense, to permit the
nervous centres to act during sleep. With regard to that other statement -- namely, that
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Plato's veracity has been so unwarrantably impeached by even such friendly critics as Professor

Jowett, when the "story of Atlantis" is discussed, that it seems well to cite the testimony of a specialist

on the subject. It is sufficient to place mere literary cavillers in a very ridiculous position: -"If our knowledge of Atlantis was more thorough, it would no doubt appear that in every instance

wherein the people of Europe accord with the people of America, they were both in accord with the

people of Atlantis. . . . . It will be seen that in every case where Plato gives us information in this

respect as to Atlantis, we find this agreement to exist. It existed in architecture, sculpture, navigation,

engraving, writing, an established priesthood, the mode of worship, agriculture, and the construction

of roads and canals; and it is reasonable to suppose that the same correspondence extended down to all

the minor details." (Donnelly, "Atlantis," p. 194.)

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 762 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

they daily "cursed the Sun" -- this again has nothing to do with the heat, but with the moral

degeneration that grew with the race. It is explained in our Commentaries. "They (the sixth sub-race of

the Atlanteans) used magic incantations even against the Sun" -- failing in which, they cursed it. The
sorcerers of Thessaly were credited with the power of calling down the moon, as Greek history assures
us. The Atlanteans of the later period were renowned for their magic powers and wickedness, their
ambition and defiance of the gods. Thence the same traditions taking form in the Bible about the
antediluvian giants and the Tower of Babel, found also in the "Book of Enoch."
Diodorus records another fact or two: the Atlanteans boasted of possessing the land in which all the
gods had received their birth; as also of having had Uranus for their first King, he being also the first to
teach them astronomy. Very little more than this has come down to us from Antiquity.
The myth of Atlas is an allegory easily understood. Atlas is the old continents of Lemuria and Atlantis,
combined and personified in one symbol. The poets attribute to Atlas, as to Proteus, a superior wisdom
and an universal knowledge, and especially a thorough acquaintance with the depths of the ocean:
because both continents bore races instructed by divine masters, and because both were transferred to
the bottom of the seas, where they now slumber until their next reappearance above the waters. Atlas is
the son of an ocean nymph, and his daughter is Calypso -- "the watery deep," (See Hesiod's Theogony,
507-509, and Odyssey 1, 51): Atlantis has been submerged beneath the waters of the ocean, and its
progeny is now sleeping its eternal sleep on the ocean floors. The Odyssey makes of him the guardian
and the "sustainer" of the huge pillars that separate the heavens from the earth (1, 52-53). He is their
"supporter." And as both Lemuria, destroyed by submarine fires, and Atlantis, submerged by the (2 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

waves, perished in the ocean deeps,* Atlas is said to have been compelled to leave the surface of the
earth, and join his brother Iapetos in the depths of Tartarus. Sir Theodore Martin is right in interpreting
this allegory as meaning, Atlas "standing on the solid floor of the inferior hemisphere of the universe
and thus carrying at the same time the disc of the earth and the celestial vault -- the solid envelope of
the superior hemisphere" . . . (Memoires de l'Academie des
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Christians ought not to object to this doctrine of the periodical destruction of continents by fire and

water; for St. Peter speaks of the earth "standing out of the water, and in the water, which earth, being

overflowed, perished, but is now reserved unto fire"; (See also the "Lives of Alchemystical

Philosophers," p. 4, London, 1815).


Inscriptions, p. 176). For Atlas is Atlantis which supports the new continents and their horizons on its


Decharme, in his Mythologie de la Grece Antique, expresses a doubt as to the correctness of Pierron's

translation of the Homeric word [[echei]] by sustinet, as it is not possible to see "how Atlas can

support or bear at once several pillars situated in various localities." If Atlas were an individual it

would be an awkward translation. But, as he personifies a continent in the west said to support heaven

and earth at once (AEschylus, "Prometheus Vinctus," 351, 429, etc.) -- i.e., the feet of the giant tread

the earth while his shoulders support the celestial vault, an allusion to the gigantic peaks of the
Lemurian and Atlantean continents -- the epithet "supporter" becomes very correct. The term
"conservator" for the Greek word [[echei]], which Decharme, following Sir Theodore Martin,
understands as meaning [[phulassei]] and [[epimeleitai]], does not render the same sense.
The conception was certainly due to the gigantic mountain chain running along the terrestrial border
(or disc). These mountain peaks plunged their roots into the very bottom of the seas, while they raised
their heads heavenward, their summits being lost in the clouds. The ancient continents had more
mountains than valleys on them. Atlas, and the Teneriffe Peak, now two of the dwarfed relics of the
two lost continents, were thrice as lofty during the day of Lemuria and twice as high in that of Atlantis.
Thus, the Lybians called Mount Atlas "the pillar of Heaven," according to Herodotus (IV., 184), and
Pindar qualified the later AEtna as "the celestial pillar" (Pyth. 1, 20; Decharme, 315). Atlas was an
inaccessible island peak in the days of Lemuria, when the African continent had not yet been raised. It
is the sole Western relic which survives, independent, of the continent on which the Third Race was
born, developed and fell,* for Australia is now part of the Eastern continent. Proud Atlas, according to
esoteric tradition, having sunk one third of its size into the waters, its two parts remained as an
heirloom of Atlantis.
This again was known to the priests of Egypt and to Plato himself, the solemn oath of secrecy, which
extended even to the mysteries of Neo-Platonism, alone preventing the whole truth from being told.**
So (3 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* This does not mean that Atlas is the locality where it fell, for this took place in Northern and Central

Asia; but that Atlas formed part of the continent.

** Had not Diocletian burned the esoteric works of the Egyptians in 296, together with their books on

alchemy -- "[[peri chumeias kai chrusou]]"; Caesar 700,000 rolls at Alexandria, and Leo Isaurus

300,000 at Constantinople (viiith cent.); and the Mahomedans all they could lay their sacrilegious

hands on -- the world might know to-day more of Atlantis than it does. For Alchemy had its birthplace in Atlantis during the Fourth Race, and had only its renaissance in Egypt.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 764 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

secret was the knowledge of the last islands of Atlantis, indeed, -- on account of the superhuman

powers possessed by its inhabitants, the last direct descendants of the gods or divine Kings, as it was

thought -- that to divulge its whereabouts and existence was punished by death. Theopompus says as

much in his ever-suspected Meropis, when he speaks of the Phoenicians as being the only navigators

in the seas which wash the Western coast of Africa; and who did it with such mystery that very often

they sunk their own vessels to make the too inquisitive foreigners lose all trace of them.
There are those Orientalists and historians -- and they form the majority -- who, while feeling quite
unmoved at the rather crude language of the Bible, and some of the events narrated in it, show great
disgust at the immorality in the pantheons of India and Greece.* We may be told that before them
Euripides, Pindar, and even Plato, express the same; that they too felt irritated with the tales invented -"those miserable stories of the poets," as Euripides expresses it ([[haoidon hoide dustenoi logoi]],
Hercules furens, 1346, Dindorf's Edition).
But there may have been another reason for this, perhaps. To those who knew that there was more than
one key to theogonic symbolism, it was a mistake to have expressed it in a language so crude and
misleading. For if the educated and learned philosopher could discern the kernel of wisdom under the
coarse rind of the fruit, and knew that the latter concealed the greatest laws and truths of psychic and
physical nature, as well as the origin of all things -- not so with the uninitiated profane. For him the
dead letter was religion; the interpretation -- sacrilege. And this dead letter could neither edify nor
make him more perfect, seeing that such an example was given him by his gods. But
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Professor Max Muller's Lectures -- "on the Philosophy of Mythology" -- are before us. We read his

citations of Herakleitos (460 B.C.), declaring that Homer deserved "to be ejected from public

assemblies and flogged;" and of Xenophanes "holding Homer and Hesiod responsible for the popular

superstitions of Greece. . . . " and for ascribing "to the gods whatever is disgraceful and scandalous

among men . . . unlawful acts, such as theft, adultery, and fraud." Finally the Oxford Professor quotes

from Professor Jowett's translation of Plato, where the latter tells Adaimantos (Republic) that "the (4 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

young man (in the State) should not be told that in committing the worst of crimes, he is far from

doing anything outrageous, and that he may chastise his father (as Zeus did with Kronos) . . in any

manner that he likes, and in this will only be following the example of the first and greatest of the

gods. . . In my opinion, these stories are not fit to be repeated." To this Dr. Max Muller observes that
"the Greek religion was clearly a national and traditional religion, and, as such, it shared both the
advantages and disadvantages of this form of religious belief"; while the Christian religion is "an
historical and, to a great extent, an individual religion, and it possesses the advantage of an authorised
codex and of a settled system of faith" (p. 349). So much the worse if it is "historical," for surely Lot's
incident with his daughters would only gain, were it "allegorical."

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 765 THE GOD-BEARING LAND.

to the philosopher -- especially the Initiate -- Hesiod's theogony is as historical as any history can be.
Plato accepts it as such, and gives out as much of its truths as his pledges permitted him.
The fact that the Atlantes claimed Uranos for their first king, and that Plato commences his story of
Atlantis by the division of the great continent by Neptune, the grandson of Uranos, shows that there
were continents and kings before Atlantis. For Neptune, to whose lot that continent fell, finds on a
small island only one human couple made of clay (i.e., the first physical human man, whose origin
began with the last sub-races of the Third Root-Race). It is their daughter Clito that the god marries,
and it is his eldest son Atlas who receives for his part the mountain and the continent which was called
by his name.
Now all the gods of Olympus, as well as those of the Hindu Pantheon and the Rishis, were the
septiform personations (1) of the noumena of the intelligent Powers of nature; (2) of Cosmic Forces;
(3) of celestial bodies; (4) of gods or Dhyan Chohans; (5) of psychic and spiritual powers; (6) of divine
kings on earth (or the incarnations of the gods); and (7) of terrestrial heroes or men. The knowledge
how to discern among these seven forms the one that is meant, belonged at all times to the Initiates,
whose earliest predecessors had created this symbolical and allegorical system.
Thus while Uranos (or the host representing this celestial group) reigned and ruled over the Second
Race and their (then) Continent; Kronos or Saturn governed the Lemurians; and Jupiter, Neptune* and
others fought in the allegory for Atlantis, which was the whole earth in the day of the Fourth Race.
Poseidonis, or the (last) island of Atlantis "the third step of Idaspati" (or Vishnu) in the mystic
language of the secret books -- lasted till about 12,000 years ago.** The Atlantes of Diodorus were
right in claiming that it was their country, the region surrounding Mount Atlas, where "the gods were
born" -- i.e., "incarnated." But it was after their fourth incarnation that they became, for the first time,
human Kings and rulers.
Diodorus speaks of Uranos as the first king of Atlantis, confusing, either consciously or otherwise, the
continents; but, as shown, Plato indirectly corrects the statement. The first astronomical teacher of men
was Uranos, because he is one of the seven Dhyan Chohans of that second period or Race. Thus also in
the second Manvantara (5 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Neptune or Poseidon is the Hindu Idaspati, identical with Narayana (the mover on the waters) or

Vishnu, and like this Hindu god he is shown crossing the whole horizon in three steps. Idaspati means

also "the master of the waters."

** Bailly's assertion that the 9,000 years mentioned by the Egyptian priests do not represent "solar

years" is groundless. Bailly knew nothing of geology and its calculations; otherwise he would have

spoken differently.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 766 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

(that of Swarochisha), among the seven sons of the Manu, the presiding gods or Rishis of that race, we

find Jyotis,* the teacher of astronomy (Jyotisha), one of the names of Brahma. And thus also the

Chinese revere Tien (or the sky, Ouranos), and name him as their first teacher of astronomy. Uranos

gave birth to the Titans of the Third Race, and it is they who (personified by Saturn-Kronos) mutilated

him. For as it is the Titans who fell into generation, when "creation by will was superseded by physical

procreation," they needed Uranos no more.
And here a short digression must be permitted and pardoned. In consequence of the last scholarly
production of Mr. Gladstone in the Nineteenth Century, "The Greater Gods of Olympos," the ideas of
the general public about Greek Mythology have been still further perverted and biassed. Homer is
credited with an inner thought, which is regarded by Mr. Gladstone as "the true key to the Homeric
conception," whereas this "key" was merely a blind. Poseidon "is indeed essentially of the earth earthy
. . . . strong and self-asserting, sensual and intensely jealous and vindictive," -- but this is because he
symbolises the Spirit of the Fourth Root-Race, the ruler of the Seas, that race which lives above the
surface of the seas ([[limne]], Il. xxiv., 79), which is composed of the giants, the children of
Eurymedon, the race which is the father of Polyphemus, the Titan and one-eyed Cyclops. Though Zeus
reigns over the Fourth Race, it is Poseidon who rules, and who is the true key to the triad of the Kronid
Brothers and to our human races. Poseidon and Nereus are one: the former the ruler or spirit of
Atlantis before the beginning of its submersion, the latter, after. Neptune is the titanic strength of the
living race; Nereus, its spirit reincarnated in the subsequent Fifth or Aryan Race: and this is what the
great Greek scholar of England has not yet discovered, or even dimly perceived. And yet he makes
many observations upon the "artfulness" of Homer, who never names Nereus, at whose designation we
arrive . . . . only through the patronymic of the Nereids!
Thus the tendency of even the most erudite Hellenists is to confine their speculations to the exoteric
images of mythology and to lose sight of their inner meaning: and it is remarkably illustrated in the
case of the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, as we have shown. While almost the most conspicuous figure
of our age as a statesman, he is at the same time one of the most cultured scholars England has given
birth to. Grecian literature has been the loving study of his life, and he has found time amid the bustle
of public affairs to enrich contemporary literature with contributions to Greek scholarship which will
make his name famous through coming generations. At the same time, as his sincere (6 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* See Matsya Purana, which places him among the seven Prajapatis of the period.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 767 THE POWER OF NAMES.

admirer, the present writer cannot but feel a deep regret that posterity, while acknowledging his

profound erudition and splendid culture, will yet, in the greater light which must then shine upon the

whole question of symbolism and mythology, judge that he has failed to grasp the spirit of the

religious system which he has often criticised from the dogmatic Christian standpoint. In that future

day it will be perceived that the esoteric key to the mysteries of the Christian as well as of the Grecian

theogonies and Sciences, is the Secret Doctrine of the pre-historic nations, which, along with others,

he has denied. It is that Doctrine alone which can trace the kinship of all human religious speculations

or even so-called Revelations, and it is this teaching which infuses the Spirit of life into the lay figures

on the Mounts of Meru, Olympus, Walhalla, or Sinai. If Mr. Gladstone were a younger man, his

admirers might hope that his scholastic studies would be crowned by the discovery of this underlying

truth. As it is, he but wastes the golden hours of his declining years in futile disputations with that
giant free-thinker, Col. Ingersoll, each fighting with the weapons of exoteric temper, drawn from the
arsenals of ignorant LITERALISM. These two great controversialists are equally blind to the true
esoteric meaning of the texts which they hurl at each other's head like iron bullets, while the world
alone suffers by such controversies: since the one helps to strengthen the ranks of materialism, and the
other those of blind Sectarianism and of the dead letter. And now we may return once more to our
immediate subject.
Many a time Atlantis is spoken of under another name, one unknown to our commentators. The power
of names is great, and was known since the first men were instructed by the divine masters. And as
Solon had studied it, he translated the "Atlantean" names into names devised by himself. In connection
with the continent of Atlantis, it is desirable to bear in mind that the accounts which have come down
to us from the old Greek writers contain a confusion of statements, some referring to the Great
Continent and others to the last small island of Poseidonis. It has become customary to take them all as
referring to the latter only, but that this is incorrect is evident from the incompatibility of the various
statements as to the size, etc., of "Atlantis."
Thus, in the Timaeus and Critias, Plato says, that the plain surrounding the city was itself surrounded
by mountain chains. . . . . And the plain was smooth and level, and of an oblong shape, lying north and
south, three thousand stadia in one direction and two thousand in the other. . . . . They surrounded the
plain by an enormous canal or dike, 101 feet deep, 606 feet broad, and 1,250 miles in length.
Now in other places the entire size of the island of Poseidonis is given as about the same as that
assigned here to the "plain around the

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 768 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. (7 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

city" alone. Obviously, one set of statements refers to the great continent, and the other to its last
remnant -- Plato's island.
And, again, the standing army of Atlantis is given as upwards of a million men; its navy as 1,200 ships
and 240,000 men. Such statements are quite inapplicable to a small island state, of about the size of
The Greek allegories give to Atlas, or Atlantis, seven daughters (seven sub-races), whose respective
names are Maia, Electra, Taygeta, Asterope, Merope, Alcyone, and Celaeno. This ethnologically, as
they are credited with having married gods and with having become the mothers of famous heroes, the
founders of many nations and cities. Astronomically, the Atlantides have become the seven Pleiades
(?). In occult science the two are connected with the destinies of nations, those destinies being shaped
by the past events of their early lives according to Karmic law.
Three great nations claimed in antiquity a direct descent from the kingdom of Saturn or Lemuria
(confused already several thousands of years before our era with Atlantis): and these were the
Egyptians, the Phoenicians (Vide Sanchoniathon), and the old Greeks (Vide Diodorus, after Plato). But
the oldest civilized country of Asia -- India -- can be shown to claim the same descent likewise. Subraces guided by Karmic law or destiny repeat unconsciously the first steps of their respective motherraces. As the comparatively fair Brahmins have come -- when invading India with its dark-coloured
Dravidians -- from the North, so the Aryan Fifth Race must claim its origin from northern regions. The
occult sciences show that the founders (the respective groups of the seven Prajapatis) of the Root
Races have all been connected with the Pole Star. In the Commentary we find: -"He who understands the age of Dhruva* who measures 9090 mortal years, will understand the times
of the pralayas, the final destiny of nations, O Lanoo."
Moreover there must have been a good reason why an Asiatic nation should locate its great progenitors
and saints in the Ursa Major, a northern constellation. It is 70,000 YEARS, HOWEVER, SINCE THE
more thousand years since the seven Rishis could have been identified with the constellation of Ursa
The Aryan race was born and developed in the far north, though after the sinking of the continent of
Atlantis its tribes emigrated further south into Asia. Hence Prometheus is son of Asia, and Deukalion,
his son, the Greek Noah -- he who created men out of the stones of mother
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The equivalent of this name is given in the original.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 769 THE SONS OF COELUS AND TERRA. (8 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

earth -- is called a northern Scythe, by Lucian, and Prometheus is made the brother of Atlas and is tied

down to Mount Caucasus amid the Snows.*

Greece had her Hyperborean as well as her Southern Apollo. Thus nearly all the gods of Egypt,

Greece, and Phoenicia, as well as those of other Pantheons, are of a northern origin and originated in

Lemuria, towards the close of the Third Race, after its full physical and physiological evolution had

been completed.** All the "fables" of Greece were built on historical facts, if that history had only
passed unadulterated by myths to posterity. The "one-eyed" Cyclopes, the giants fabled as the sons of
Coelus and Terra -- three in number, according to Hesiod -- were the last three sub-races of the
Lemurians, the "one-eye" referring to the Wisdom eye***; for the two front eyes were fully developed
as physical organs only in the beginning of the Fourth Race. The allegory of Ulysses, whose
companions were devoured while the king of Ithaca was saved by putting out with a fire-brand the eye
of Polyphemus, is based upon the psycho-physiological atrophy of the "third" eye. Ulysses belongs to
the cycle of the heroes of the Fourth Race, and, though a "sage" in the sight of the latter, must have
been a profligate in the opinion of the pastoral Cyclopes.**** His adventure with the latter -- a savage
gigantic race, the antithesis of cultured civilization in the Odyssey -- is an allegorical record of the
gradual passage from the Cyclopean civilization of stone and colossal buildings to the more sensual
and physical culture of the Atlanteans, which finally caused the last of
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Deukalion is said to have brought the worship of Adonis and Osiris into Phoenicia. Now the worship

is that of the Sun, lost and found again in its astronomical significance. It is only at the Pole where the

Sun dies out for such a length of time as six months, for in latitude 68 [[degrees]] it remains dead only

for forty days, as in the festival of Osiris. The two worships were born in the north of Lemuria, or on

that continent of which Asia was a kind of broken prolongation, and which stretched up to the Polar

regions. This is well shown by de Gebelin's "Allegories d'Orient," p. 246, and by Bailly; though

neither Hercules nor Osiris are solar myths, save in one of their seven aspects.

** The Hyperboreans, now regarded as mythical, were described (Herod, IV., 33-35; Pausanias, 1, 31,

2; V., 7, 8; ad X., 5, 7, 8) as the beloved priests and servants of the gods, and of Apollo chiefly.

*** The Cyclopes are not the only "one-eyed" representatives in tradition. The Arimaspes were a

Scythian people, and were also credited with but one eye. (Geographie ancienne, Vol. II, p. 321.) It is

they whom Apollo destroyed with his shafts. (See supra.)

**** Ulysses was wrecked on the isle of AEaea, where Circe changed all his companions into pigs for

their voluptuousness; and after that he was thrown into Ogygia, the island of Calypso, where for some

seven years he lived with the nymph in illicit connection (Odyssey and elsewhere). Now Calypso was
a daughter of Atlas (Odys. Book XII.), and all the traditional ancient versions, when speaking of the
Isle of Ogygia, say that it was very distant from Greece, and right in the middle of the ocean: thus
identifying it with Atlantis.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 770 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. (9 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

the Third Race to lose their all-penetrating spiritual eye. That other allegory, which makes Apollo kill
the Cyclops to avenge the death of his son Asclepios, does not refer to the three races represented by
the three sons of Heaven and Earth, but to the Hyperborean Arimaspian Cyclopes, the last of the race
endowed with the "Wisdom-eye." The former have left relics of their buildings everywhere, in the
south as much as in the north; the latter, were confined to the north solely. Thus Apollo -- preeminently the god of the Seers, whose duty it is to punish desecration -- killed them -- his shafts
representing human passions, fiery and lethal -- and hid his shaft behind a mountain in the
Hyperborean regions. (Hygin. "Astron. Poetique," Book ii. c. 15). Cosmically and astronomically this
Hyperborean god is the Sun personified, which during the course of the sidereal year (25,868 y.)
changes the climates on the earth's surface, making of tropical, frigid regions, and vice versa.
Psychically and spiritually his significance is far more important. As Mr. Gladstone pertinently
remarks in his "Greater Gods of Olympos," "the qualities of Apollo (jointly with Athene) are
impossible to be accounted for without repairing to sources, which lie beyond the limit of the traditions
most commonly explored for the elucidation of the Greek mythology" (Nineteenth Century, July,
The history of Latona (Leto), Apollo's mother, is most pregnant in various meanings. Astronomically,
Latona is the polar region and the night, giving birth to the Sun, Apollo, Phoebus, etc. She is born in
the Hyperborean countries wherein all the inhabitants were priests of her son, celebrating his
resurrection and descent to their country every nineteen years at the renewal of the lunar cycle (Diod.
Sic. II. 307). Latona is the Hyperborean Continent, and its race -- geologically.*
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* To make a difference between Lemuria and Atlantis, the ancient writers referred to the latter as the

northern or Hyperborean Atlantis, and to the former as the southern. Thus Apollodorus says

(Mythology, Book II.): "The golden apples carried away by Hercules are not, as some think, in Lybia;

they are in the Hyperborean Atlantis." The Greeks naturalised all the gods they borrowed and made

Hellenes of them, and the moderns helped them. Thus also the mythologists have tried to make of

Eridan the river Po, in Italy. In the myth of Phaeton it is said that at his death his sisters dropped hot

tears which fell into Eridan and were changed into amber! Now amber is found only in the northern

seas, in the Baltic. Phaeton, meeting with his death while carrying heat to the frozen stars of the boreal

regions, awakening at the Pole the Dragon made rigid by cold, and being hurled down into the Eridan,

is an allegory referring directly to the changes of climate in those distant times when, from a frigid

zone, the polar lands had become a country with a moderate and warm climate. The usurper of the

functions of the sun, Phaeton, being hurled into the Eridan by Jupiter's thunderbolt, is an allusion to the

second change that took place in those regions when, once more, the land where "the magnolia

blossomed" became the desolate forbidding land of the farthest north and eternal ices. This allegory

covers then the events of two pralayas; and if well understood ought to be a demonstration of the
enormous antiquity of the human races.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 771 THE CHILDREN OF NIOBE. (10 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:00]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

When the astronomical meaning cedes its place to the spiritual and divine -- Apollo and Athene
transforming themselves into the form of birds, the symbol and glyph of the higher divinities and
angels -- then the bright god assumes divine creative powers. Apollo becomes the personification of
Seership, when he sends the astral double of AEneas to the battle field (II. 431-53), and has the gift of
appearing to his Seers without being visible to other persons present -- (Iliad, xvii., 322-36) -- a gift,
however, shared by every high Adept.
The King of the Hyperboreans, was, therefore, the son of Boreas, the north-wind, and the High Priest
of Apollo. The quarrel of Latona with Niobe (the Atlantean race) -- the mother of seven sons and
seven daughters personifying the seven sub-races of the Fourth Race and their seven branches (see
Apollodorus for this number) -- allegorizes the history of the two continents. The wrath of "the sons of
god," or of "Will and Yoga," at seeing the steady degradation of the Atlanteans was great (See "The
Sons of God and the Sacred Island"); and the destruction of the "children of Niobe" by the children of
Latona -- Apollo and Diana, the deities of light, wisdom and purity, or the Sun and Moon
astronomically, whose influence causes changes in the earth's axis, deluges and other cosmic
cataclysms -- is thus very clear.* The fable about the
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* So occult and mystic is one of the aspects of Latona that she is made to reappear even in Revelation

(xii.) as the woman clothed with the Sun (Apollo) and the Moon (Diana) under her feet, who being

with child "cries, travailing in birth, pained to be delivered." A great red Dragon, etc., stands before the

woman ready to devour the child. She brings forth the man child who was to rule all nations with a rod

of iron, and who was caught unto the throne of God (the Sun). The woman fled to the wilderness still

pursued by the Dragon, who flees again, and casts out of his mouth water as a flood, when the earth

helped the woman and swallowed the flood; and the Dragon went to make war with the remnant of her

seed who keep the commandment of God, etc. (See xii., 1, 17.) Anyone, who reads the allegory of

Latona pursued by the revenge of jealous Juno, will recognise the identity of the two versions. Juno

sends Python, the Dragon, to persecute and destroy Latona and devour her babe. The latter is Apollo,

the Sun, for "the man-child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron" of Revelation, is surely not

the meek "Son of God," Jesus, but the physical Sun, "who rules all nations"; the Dragon being the

North Pole, gradually chasing the early Lemurians from the lands which became more and more

Hyperborean and unfit to be inhabited by those who were fast developing into physical men, for they

now had to deal with the climatic variations. The Dragon will not allow Latona "to bring forth" -- (the
Sun to appear). "She is driven from heaven, and finds no place where she can bring forth," until
Neptune (the ocean), moved with pity, makes immovable the floating isle of Delos (the nymph Asteria,
hitherto hiding from Jupiter under the waves of the ocean) on which Latona finds refuge and where the
bright god [[Delios]] is born, the god, who no sooner appears than he kills Python, the cold and frost of
the Arctic region, in whose deadly coils all life becomes extinct. In other words, Latona-Lemuria is
transformed into Niobe-Atlantis, over which her son Apollo, or the Sun, reigns -- with an iron rod,
truly, since Herodotus makes the Atlantes curse his too great heat. This allegory is reproduced in its
other mystic meaning (another of the seven keys) in the [[Footnote continued on next page]]

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 772 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. (11 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:01]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

never-ceasing tears of Niobe, whose grief causes Zeus to change her into a fountain -- Atlantis covered
with water -- is no less graphic as a symbol. Niobe, let it be remembered, is the daughter of one of the
Pleiades (or Atlantides) the grand-daughter of Atlas therefore, (See "Metamorphoses of Ovid," Book
VI.), because she represents the last generations of the doomed continent.
A true remark, that of Bailly, which says that Atlantis had an enormous influence on antiquity. "If
these names," he adds, "are mere allegories, then all that those fables contain of truth comes from
Atlantis; if the fable is a real tradition -- however altered -- then the whole of the ancient history is still
in it." (Lettres sur l'Atlantide, p. 137.)
So much so, that all ancient writings -- prose and poetry -- are full of the reminiscences of the LemuroAtlanteans, the first physical races, though the Third and the Fourth in number. Hesiod records the
tradition about the men of the age of Bronze, whom Jupiter had made out of ash-wood and who had
hearts harder than diamond. Clad in bronze from head to foot they passed their lives in fighting.
Monstrous in size, endowed with a terrible strength, invincible arms and hands descended from their
shoulders, says the poet (Hesiod, in oper. and dieb. v. 143). Such were the giants of the first physical
races. The Iranians have a reference to the later Atlanteans in Yasna ix. 15. Tradition maintains that the
"Sons of God," or the great Initiates of the Sacred Island, took advantage of the Deluge, to rid the earth
of all the Sorcerers among the Atlanteans. The said verse addresses Zoroaster as one of the "Sons of
God." -- It says: "Thou, O Zarathustra, didst make all demons (i.e., Sorcerers), who before roamed the
world in human forms, conceal themselves in the earth" (i.e., helped them to get submerged).
The Lemurians, as also the early Atlanteans, were divided into two distinct classes -- the "Sons of
Night" or Darkness, and the "Sons of the Sun," or Light. The old books tell us of terrible battles
between the two, when the former, leaving their land of Darkness, from whence the Sun departed for
long months, descended from their inhospitable regions and "tried to wrench the lord of light" from
their better favoured brothers of the equatorial regions. We may be told that the ancients knew nothing
of the long night of six months' duration in the Polar regions. Even Herodotus, more learned
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] chapter just cited of the Apocalypse. Latona became a

powerful goddess indeed, and saw her son receive worship (solar worship) in almost every fane of

antiquity. In his occult aspect Apollo is patron of Number 7. He is born on the seventh of the month,

and the swans of Myorica swim seven times around Delos singing that event; he is given seven chords

to his Lyre -- the seven rays of the sun and the seven forces of nature. But this only in the astronomical

meaning, whereas the above is purely geological.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 773 THE CYCLES OF TIME.

than the rest, only mentions a people who slept for six months in the year, and remained awake the

other half. Yet the Greeks knew well that there was a country in the north where the year was divided

into a day and night of six months' duration each, for Pliny says so in his Fourth Book, c. 12. They

speak of the Cimmerians and of the Hyperboreans, and draw a distinction between the two. The former (12 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:01]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

inhabited the Palus Maeotis (between 45 [[degrees]] and 50 [[degrees]] latitude). Plutarch explains that
they were but a small portion of a great nation driven away by the Scythians, which nation stopped
near Tanais, having crossed Asia. "These warlike multitudes lived formerly on the ocean shores, in
dense forests, and under a tenebrous sky. There the pole is almost touching the head, there long nights
and days divide the year" (in Mario). As to the Hyperboreans, these peoples, as expressed by Solinus
Polyhistor (c. 16), "sow in the morning, reap at noon, gather their fruits in the evening, and store them
during the night in their caves."
Even the writers of the Zohar knew of the fact (as shown in iii., fol. 10a), as it is written: "In the Book
of Hammannunah, the Old, we learn . . . . there are some countries of the earth which are lightened,
whilst others are in darkness; these have the day, when for the former it is night; and there are
countries in which it is constantly day, or in which at least the night continues only some instants."
(Isaac Myer's "Qabbalah," p. 139).
The island of Delos, the Asteria of the Greek mythology, was never in Greece, a country which, in its
day, was not yet in existence, not even in its molecular form. Several writers have shown that it
represented a country or an island, far larger than the small dots of land which became Greece. Both
Pliny and Diodorus Siculus place it in the Northern seas. One calls it Basilea or "royal" (Vol. II., p. 225
of Diod.); the other, Pliny, names it Osericta (Book xxxvii, c. 2), a word, according to Rudbeck (Vol. I.,
p. 462-464), having had "a significance in the northern languages, equivalent to the Island of the divine
Kings or god-Kings," or again the "royal island of the gods," because the gods were born there, i.e., the
divine dynasties of the kings of Atlantis proceeded from that place. Let geographers and geologists
seek for it among that group of islands discovered by Nordenskiold on his Vega voyage in the arctic
regions.* The secret books inform us that the climate has changed in those regions more than once
since the first men inhabited those now almost inaccessible latitudes. They were a paradise before they
became hell;
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* These islands were "found strewn with fossils of horses, sheep, oxen, etc., among gigantic bones of

elephants, mammoths, rhinoceroses," etc. If there was no man on earth at that period "how came

horses and sheep to be found in company with the huge antediluvians?" asks a master in a letter.

("Esoteric Buddhism," 67). The reply is given above in the text.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 774 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

the dark Hades of the Greeks and the cold realm of Shades where the Scandinavian Hel, the goddessQueen of the country of the dead, "holds sway deep down in Helheim and Niflheim." Yet, it was the

birth-place of Apollo, who was the brightest of gods, in heaven -- astronomically -- as he was the most

enlightened of the divine kings who ruled over the early nations, in his human meaning. The latter fact

is borne out in the Iliad IV., 239-62, Vide "The Greater gods" -- wherein Apollo is said to have

appeared four times in his own form (as the god of the four races) and six times in human form, i.e., as

connected with the divine Dynasties of the earlier unseparated Lemurians. (13 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:01]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

It is those early mysterious peoples, their countries (which have now become uninhabitable), as well as
the name given to man both dead and alive, which have furnished an opportunity to the ignorant
Church fathers for inventing a hell, which they have transformed into a burning instead of a freezing
It is, of course, evident that it is neither the Hyperboreans, nor the Cimmerians, the Arimaspes, nor
even the Scyths -- known to and communicating with the Greeks -- who were our Atlanteans. But they
were all the descendants of their last sub-races. The Pelasgians were certainly one of the root-races of
future Greece, and were a remnant of a sub-race of Atlantis. Plato hints as much in speaking of the
latter, whose name it is averred came from pelagus, the great sea. Noah's Deluge is astronomical and
allegorical, but it is not mythical, for the story is based upon the same archaic tradition of men -- or
rather of nations -- which were saved during the cataclysms, in canoes, arks, and ships. No one would
presume to say that the Chaldean Xisuthrus, the Hindu Vaivasvata, the Chinese Peirun -- the "beloved
of the gods," who rescued him from the flood in a canoe -- or the Swedish Belgamer, for whom the
gods did the same in the north, are all identical as a personage. But their legends have all sprung from
the catastrophe which involved both the continent and the island of Atlantis.
The allegory about the antediluvian giants and their achievements in Sorcery is no myth. Biblical
events are revealed indeed. But it is neither by the voice of God amid thunder and lightning on Mount
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* A good proof that all the gods, and religious beliefs, and myths have come from the north, which was

also the cradle of physical man, lies in several suggestive words which have originated and remain to

this day among the northern tribes in their primeval significance; but although there was a time when

all the nations were "of one lip," these words have received a different meaning with the Greeks and

Latins. One such word is Mann, Man, a living being, and Manes, dead men. The Laplanders call their

corpses to this day manee, (Voyage de Renard en Laponie I., 184). Mannus is the ancestor of the

German race; the Hindu Manu, the thinking being, from man; the Egyptian Menes; and Minos, the

King of Crete, judge of the infernal regions after his death -- all proceed from the same root or word.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 775 WHO WERE THE NEPHILIM?

Sinai, nor by a divine finger tracing the record on tablets of stone, but simply through tradition via

pagan sources. It was not surely the Pentateuch that Diodorus was repeating when he wrote upon the

Titans -- the giants born of Heaven and Earth, or, rather, born of the Sons of God who took to

themselves for wives the daughters of men who were fair. Nor was Pherecydes quoting from Genesis
when giving details on those giants which are not to be found in the Jewish Scriptures. He says that the
Hyperboreans were of the race of the Titans, which race descended from the earliest giants, and that it
was that Hyperborean region which was the birth-place of the first giants. The Commentaries on the
sacred books explain that the said region was the far north, the polar lands now, the pre-Lemurian
earliest continent, embracing once upon a time the present Greenland, Spitzbergen, Sweden, Norway,
etc. (14 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:01]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

But who were the Nephilim of Genesis vi. 4? There were Palaeolithic and Neolithic men in Palestine
ages before the events recorded in the book of the Beginnings. The theological tradition identifies
these Nephilim with hairy men or Satyrs, the latter being mythical in the Fifth Race and the former
historical in both the Fourth and Fifth Races. We have stated elsewhere what the prototypes of these
Satyrs were, and have spoken of the bestiality of the early and later Atlantean race. What is the
meaning of Poseidon's amours under such a variety of animal forms? He became a dolphin to win
Amphitrite; a horse, to seduce Ceres; a ram, to deceive Theophane, etc., etc. Poseidon is not only the
personation of the Spirit and Race of Atlantis, but also of the vices of these giants. Gesenius and others
devote an enormous space to the meaning of the word Nephilim and explain very little. But Esoteric
records show these hairy creatures to be the last descendants of those Lemuro-Atlantean races, which
begot children on female animals, of species now long extinct; thus producing dumb men, "monsters,"
as the Stanzas have it.
Now mythology, built upon Hesiod's Theogony, which is but a poetised record of actual traditions, or
oral history, speaks of three giants, called Briareus, Kottos, and Gyges, living in a dark country where
they were imprisoned by Kronos for their rebellion against him. All the three are endowed by myth
with an hundred arms and fifty heads, the latter standing for races, the former for sub-races and tribes.
Bearing in mind that in mythology every personage almost is a god or derni-god, and also a king or
simple mortal in his second aspect;* and
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Thus, for instance, Gyges is a hundred-armed and fifty-headed monster, a demi-god in one case, and

a Lydian, the successor of Candaules, king of the country, in another version. The same is found in the

Indian Pantheon, where Rishis and the Sons of Brahma are reborn as mortals.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 776 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

that both stand as symbols for lands, islands, powers of nature, elements, nations, races and sub-races,

the esoteric Commentary will become comprehensible. It says that the three giants are three polar

lands which have changed form several times, at each new cataclysm, or disappearance of one

continent to make room for another. The whole globe is convulsed periodically; and has been so

convulsed, since the appearance of the First Race, four times. Yet, though the whole face of the earth

was transformed thereby each time, the conformation of the arctic and antarctic poles has but little

altered. The polar lands unite and break off from each other into islands and peninsulas, yet remain

ever the same. Therefore northern Asia is called the "eternal or perpetual land," and the Antarctic the

"ever living" and "the concealed"; while the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and other regions
disappear and reappear in turn, into and above the great waters.
From the first appearance of the great continent of Lemuria, the three polar giants had been imprisoned
in their circle by Kronos. Their gaol is surrounded by a wall of bronze, and the exit is through gates
fabricated by Poseidon (or Neptune, hence by the seas), which they cannot cross; and it is in that damp
region, where eternal darkness reigns, that the three brothers languish. The Iliad (viii., 13) makes of it
the Tartaros. When the gods and Titans rebelled in their turn against Zeus -- the deity of the Fourth (15 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:01]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

Race -- the father of the gods bethought himself of the imprisoned giants in order to conquer the gods
and Titans, and to precipitate the latter into Hades; or, in clearer words, to have Lemuria hurled amid
thunder and lightning to the bottom of the seas, so as to make room for Atlantis, which was to be
submerged and perish in its turn.* The geological upheaval and deluge of Thessaly was a repetition on
a small scale of the great cataclysm; and, remaining impressed on the memory of the Greeks, was
merged by them into, and confused with, the general fate of Atlantis. So, also, the war between the
Rakshasas of Lanka and the Bharateans, the melee of the Atlanteans and Aryans in their supreme
struggle, or the conflict between the Devs and Izeds (or Peris), became, ages later, the struggle of
Titans, separated into two inimical camps, and still later the war between the angels of God and the
angels of Satan. Historical facts became theological dogmas. Ambitious scholiasts, men of a small subrace born but yesterday, and one of the latest issues of the Aryan stock, took upon themselves to
overturn the religious
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The continents perish in turn by fire and water: either through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, or

by sinking and the great displacement of waters. Our continents have to perish owing to the former

cataclysmal process. The incessant earthquakes of this and the past years may be a warning.


thought of the world, and succeeded. For nearly two thousand years they impressed thinking Humanity

with the belief in the existence of Satan.

But as it is now the conviction of more than one Greek scholar -- as it was that of Bailly and Voltaire -that Hesiod's theogony was based upon historical facts (see Decharme's Mythol. de la Grece Antique),

it becomes easier for the occult teachings to find their way into the minds of thoughtful men, and

therefore are these passages from mythology brought forward in our discussion upon modern learning

in this Addendum.

Such symbolisms as are found in all the exoteric creeds, are so many landmarks of prehistoric truths.

The sunny, happy land, the primitive cradle of the earliest human races, has become several times

since then hyperborean and Saturnine*; thus showing the Golden Age and reign of Saturn from
multiform aspects. It was many-sided in its character indeed -- climatically, ethnologically and
morally. For, the Third, Lemurian Race must be physiologically divided into the early androgynous
and the later bi-sexual race; and the climate of its dwelling places and continents into that of an eternal
spring and eternal winter, into life and death, purity and impurity. The Cycle of legends is ever being
transformed on its journey by popular fancy. Yet it may be cleansed from the dross it has picked up on
its way through many nations and through the countless minds which have added their own exuberant
additions to the original facts. Leaving for a while the Greek interpretations we may seek for some
more corroborations of the latter in the scientific and geological proofs.
[[Footnote(s)]] ------------------------------------------------- (16 von 17) [06.05.2003 03:38:01]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 6 cont

* Denis, the geographer, tells us that the great sea North of Asia was called glacial, or Saturnine (v.

35). Orpheus (v. 1077) and Pliny (Book IV., c. 16) corroborate the statement by showing that it is its

giant inhabitants who gave it the name. And the Secret Doctrine explains both assertions by telling us

that all the continents were formed from North to South; and that as the sudden change of climate

dwarfed the race that had been born on it, arresting its growth, so, several degrees southward, various

conditions had always produced the tallest men in every new humanity, or race. We see it to this day.

The tallest men now found are those in Northern countries, while the smallest are Southern Asiatics,

Hindus, Chinamen, Japanese, etc. Compare the tall Sikhs and Punjabees, the Afghans, Norwegians,

Russians, Northern Germans, Scotchmen, and the English, with the inhabitants of central India and the

average European on the continent. Thus also the giants of Atlantis, and hence the Titans of Hesiod,
are all Northerners.

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The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 778 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

IT may not be amiss -- for the benefit of those who resolve the tradition of a lost Miocene Atlantis into
an "antiquated myth," to append a few scientific admissions on this point. Science, it is true, is largely
indifferent to such questions. But there are Scientists ready to admit that, in any case, a cautious
agnosticism as to geological problems concerning the remote past is far more philosophical than a
priori denial, or even hasty generalizations on insufficient data.
Meanwhile two very interesting instances, that have been lately met with, may be pointed out as
"confirming" certain passages in the letter of a Master, published in "Esoteric Buddhism." The
eminence of the authorities will not be questioned: -[[First Column]]
Extract from p. 61 of "Esoteric Buddhism."
No. 1.
"The sinking of the Atlantis (the group of continents and islands) began during the Eocene period . . . .
and it culminated in the Miocene, first in the final disappearance of the largest, an event coincident
with the elevation of the Alps, and second in the sinking of the last of the fair islands mentioned by
[[First Column continued on next page]]
[[Second Column]]
Extract from a Lecture by W. Pengelly, F.R.S., F.G.S.
No. 1.
"Was there, as some have believed, an Atlantis -- a continent or Archipelago of large islands
occupying the area of the North Atlantic? There is, perhaps, nothing unphilosophical in the hypothesis.
For since, as geologists state, 'The Alps have acquired 4,000 and even in some places more than 10,000 (1 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

feet of their present altitude since the commencement of the Eocene epoch' (Lyell's Principles 2nd Ed.
p. 256.) -- a post-Miocene depression might have carried the hypothetical Atlantis into almost abysmal
[[Second Column continued on next page]]
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Having already given several instances of the vagaries of Science, it is delightful to find such

agreement in this particular case. Read in connection with the scientific admission (cited elsewhere) of

the geologists' ignorance of even the approximate duration of periods, the following passage is highly

instructive: "We are not yet able to assign an approximate date for the most recent epoch at which our

Northern Hemisphere was covered with glaciers. According to Mr. Wallace, this epoch may have

occurred seventy thousand years ago, while others would assign to it an antiquity of at least two

hundred thousand years, and there are yet others who urge strong arguments on behalf of the opinion

that a million of years is barely enough to have produced the changes which have taken place since that

event." (Fiske, "Cosmic [[Footnote continued on next page]]


[[First Column continued from previous page]]

No. 2.

"Lemuria cannot any more be confounded with the Atlantis continent than Europe with America. Both
sank and were drowned with all their 'gods'; yet, between the two catastrophes a short period of about
some 700,000 years elapsed; Lemuria flourishing and ending her career just about that trifling lapse of
time before the early Eocene Age, since its Race was the Third. Behold the relics of that once great
race in some of the flat-headed aborigines of your AUSTRALIA." ("Esoteric Buddhism," p. 55.)
[[Second Column continued from previous page]]
No. 2.
"It would be premature to say, because no evidence has yet been adduced, that men may not have
existed in the Eocene Age, especially as it can be shown that a race of men, the lowest we know of, coexists with that remnant of the Eocene flora which still survives on the continent and islands of
Australia." (Extract from an article in "Popular Science Review," Vol. V. p. 18, by Professor Seemann,
Ph.D., F.L.S., P.A.S.).
Haeckel, who fully accepts the reality of a former Lemuria, also regards the Australians as direct
descendants of the Lemurians. "Persistent forms (of both his Lemurian stems,) are in all probability
still surviving . . . Papuans and Hottentots . . . Australians . . . one division of the Malays." (2 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

[[End of Columns]]
With regard to a former civilization, of which a portion of these degraded Australians are the last
surviving offshoot, the opinion of Gerland is strongly suggestive. Commenting upon the religion and
mythology of the tribes, he writes, "The statement that the Australian civilization (?) indicates a higher
grade, is nowhere more clearly proved than here, where everything resounds like the expiring voices of
a previous and richer age. The idea that the Australians have no religion or mythology is thoroughly
false. But this religion is certainly quite deteriorated." (Cited in Schmidt's "Doctrine of Descent of
Darwinism," pp. 301-2.) As to his other statement, namely, that the Australians are a "division of the
Malays" (Vide his ethnological theories in the "Pedigree of Man"), Haeckel is in error, if he classes the
Australians with the rest. The Malays and Papuans are a mixed stock, resulting from the intermarriages
of the low Atlantean sub-races with the Seventh sub-race of the Third Root-Race. Like the Hottentots,
they are of indirect Lemuro-Atlantean descent. It is a most suggestive fact -- to those concrete thinkers
who demand a physical proof of Karma -- that the lowest races of men are now rapidly dying out; a
phenomenon largely due to an extraordinary sterility setting in among the women, from the time that
they were first approached by the Europeans. A process of decimation is taking
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] Philosophy," Vol. II., p. 304). Prof. Lefevre, again, gives us

as his estimate 100,000 years. Clearly, then, if modern Science is unable to estimate the date of so

comparatively recent an era as the Glacial Epoch, it can hardly impeach the Esoteric Chronology of

Race-Periods and Geological Ages.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 780 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

place all over the globe, among those races, whose "time is up" -- among just those stocks, be it

remarked, which esoteric philosophy regards as the senile representatives of lost archaic nations. It is

inaccurate to maintain that the extinction of a lower race is invariably due to cruelties or abuses

perpetrated by colonists. Change of diet, drunkenness, etc., etc., have done much; but those who rely

on such data as offering an all-sufficient explanation of the crux, cannot meet the phalanx of facts now

so closely arrayed. "Nothing," says even the materialist Lefevre, "can save those that have run their

course. . . . It would be necessary to extend their destined cycle. . . . The peoples that have been most

spared . . . Hawaiians or Maories, have been no less decimated than the tribes massacred or tainted by
European intrusion." ("Philosophy," p. 508.)
True; but is not the phenomenon here confirmed of the operation of CYCLIC LAW difficult to
account for on materialist lines? Whence the "destined cycle" and the order here testified to? Why does
this (Karmic) sterility attack and root out certain races at their "appointed hour"? The answer that it is
due to a "mental disproportion" between the colonizing and aboriginal races is obviously evasive, since
it does not explain the sudden "checks to fertility" which so frequently supervene. The dying out of the
Hawaiians, for instance, is one of the most mysterious problems of the day. Ethnology will sooner or
later have to recognize with Occultists that the true solution has to be sought for in a comprehension of
the workings of Karma. As Lefevre remarks, "the time is drawing near when there will remain nothing (3 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

but three great human types" (before the Sixth Root-Race dawns), the white (Aryan, Fifth Root-Race),
the yellow, and the African negro -- with their crossings (Atlanto-European divisions). Redskins,
Eskimos, Papuans, Australians, Polynesians, etc., etc. -- all are dying out. Those who realize that every
Root-Race runs through a gamut of seven sub-races with seven branchlets, etc., will understand the
"why." The tide-wave of incarnating EGOS has rolled past them to harvest experience in more
developed and less senile stocks; and their extinction is hence a Karmic necessity. Some extraordinary
and unexplained statistics as to Race extinction are given in de Quatrefages' "Human Species," p. 428
et seq. No solution, except on the occult lines, is able to account for these.
But we have digressed from our direct subject. Let us hear now what Professor Huxley has to say on
the subject of former Atlantic and Pacific Continents.
He writes in "NATURE," Nov. 4th, 1880: "There is nothing, so far as I am aware, in the biological or
geological evidence at present accessible, to render untenable the hypothesis that an area of the mid-


Atlantic or Pacific sea-bed as big as Europe, should have been uplifted as high as Mont Blanc, and
have subsided again, any time since the Palaeozoic epoch, if there were any grounds for entertaining
That is to say, then, that there is nothing which can militate against positive evidence to the fact;
nothing, therefore, against the geological postulates of the Esoteric Philosophy. Dr. Seemann assures
us in the "Popular Science Review" (Vol. V., p. 18), article "Australia and Europe formerly one
Continent,"* that: -"The facts which botanists have accumulated for reconstructing these lost maps of the globe are rather
comprehensive; and they have not been backward in demonstrating the former existence of large tracts
of solid land in parts now occupied by the great oceans. The many striking points of contact between
the present flora of the United States and Eastern Asia, induced them to assume that, during the present
order of things, there existed a continental connection between South-Eastern Asia and Western
America. The singular correspondence of the present flora of the Southern United States with that of
the lignite flora of Europe induces them to believe that, in the Miocene period, Europe and America
were connected by a land passage, of which Iceland, Madeira, and the other Atlantic islands are
remnants; that, in fact, the story of an Atlantis, which an Egyptian priest told to Solon, is not purely
fictitious, but rests on a solid historical basis. . . . Europe of the Eocene period received the plants
which spread over mountains and plains, valleys and river-banks (from Asia generally), neither
exclusively from the South nor from the East. The west also furnished additions, and if at that period
these were rather meagre, they show, at all events, that the bridge was already building, which, at a late
period, was to facilitate communication between the two continents in such a remarkable manner. At
that time some plants of the Western Continent began to reach Europe by means of the island of
Atlantis, then probably just rising (?) above the ocean."
And in another number of the same review (Vol. I., p. 143) Mr. Duppa Crotch, M.A., F.L.S., in an (4 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

article entitled "The Norwegian Lemming and its Migrations," alludes to the same subject.
"Is it probable that land could have existed where now the broad Atlantic rolls? All tradition says so:
old Egyptian records speak of Atlantis, as Strabo and others have told us. The Sahara itself is the sand
of an ancient sea, and the shells which are found upon its surface
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Undoubtedly a fact and a confirmation of the esoteric conception of the Lemuria which originally not

only embraced great areas in the Indian and Pacific oceans, but projected round South Africa into the

North Atlantic. Its Atlantic portion subsequently became the geological basis of the future home of the

Fourth Race Atlanteans.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 782 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

prove that, no longer ago than the Miocene period, a sea rolled over what is now desert. The voyage of

the 'Challenger' has proved the existence of three long ridges* in the Atlantic Ocean,** one extending

for more than three thousand miles, and lateral spurs may, by connecting these ridges, account for the

marvellous similarity of the fauna of the Atlantic islands.*** . . . . The submerged continent of

LEMURIA, in what is now the Indian Ocean, is considered to afford an explanation of many

difficulties in the distribution of organic life, and, I think, the existence of a MIOCENE ATLANTIS

will be found to have a strong elucidative bearing on subjects of greater interest [Truly So!] than the

migration of the lemming. At all events, if it can be shown that land existed in former ages where the
North Atlantic now rolls, not only is a motive found for these apparently suicidal migrations, but also a
strong collateral proof that what we call instincts are but the blind and sometimes even prejudicial
inheritance of previously acquired experiences."
(At certain periods, we learn, multitudes of these animals swim to sea and perish. Coming, as they do,
from all parts of Norway, the powerful instinct which survives throughout ages as an inheritance from
their progenitors impels them to seek a continent, once existing but now submerged beneath the ocean,
and to court a watery grave.)
In an article containing a criticism of Mr. A. R. Wallace's "Island Life" -- a work devoted largely to the
question of the distribution of animals, etc. -- Mr. Starkie Gardiner writes ("Subsidence and Elevation,"
Geological Magazine, June, 1881): -"By a process of reasoning supported by a large array of facts of different kinds, he
arrives at the conclusion that the distribution of life upon the land as we now see it, has
been accomplished without the aid of important changes in the relative positions of
continents and seas. Yet if we accept his views, we must believe that Asia and Africa,
Madagascar and Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Europe and America, have been
united at some period not remote geologically, and that seas to the depth of 1,000
fathoms have been bridged over; but we must treat as utterly gratuitous and entirely
opposed to (5 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Cf. the published reports of the "Challenger" expedition; also Donnelly's "Atlantis," p. 468 and pp.

46-56, chap. "The Testimony of the Sea."

** Even the cautious Lefevre speaks of the existence of Tertiary men on "upheaved lands, islands and

continents then flourishing, but since submerged beneath the waters," and elsewhere introduces a

"possible Atlantis" to explain ethnological facts. Cf. his "Philosophy," Eng. Ed., pp. 478 and 504. Mr.

Donnelly remarks with rare intuition that "modern civilization is Atlantean . . . . the 'inventive' faculty

of the present age is taking up the delegated work of Creation where Atlantis left it thousands of years

ago" (Atlantis, p. 133). He also refers the origin of culture to the Miocene times. It is, however, to be

sought for in the teachings given to the Third Race-men by their Divine Rulers -- at a vastly earlier


*** An equally "curious" similarity is traced between some of the West Indian and West African



all the evidences at our command (!!), the supposition that temperate Europe and
temperate America, Australia, and South America, have ever been connected except by
way of the Arctic or Antarctic circles and that lands now separated by seas of more than
1,000 fathoms depth have ever been united. Mr. Wallace, it must be admitted, has
succeeded in explaining the chief features of existing life-distribution, without bridging
the Atlantic or Pacific, except towards the Poles, yet I cannot help thinking that some of
the facts might perhaps be more easily explained by admitting the former existence of
the connection between the coast of Chile and Polynesia* and Great Britain and
Florida, shadowed by the submarine banks which stretch between them. Nothing is
urged that renders the more direct connection impossible, and no physical reason is
advanced why the floor of the ocean should not be upheaved from any depth. The route
by which (according to the anti-Atlantean and Lemurian hypotheses of Wallace) the
floras of South America and Australia are supposed to have mingled, is beset by almost
insurmountable obstacles, and the apparently sudden arrival of a number of sub-tropical
American plants in our Eocene flora, necessitates a connection more to the south than
the present 1,000 fathom line . . . . forces are unceasingly acting, and there is no reason
why an elevating force once set in action in the centre of an ocean should cease to act
until a continent is formed. They have acted and lifted out from the sea, in comparatively
recent geological times, the loftiest mountains on earth. Mr. Wallace himself admits
repeatedly that sea-beds have been elevated 1,000 fathoms and islands have risen up
from the depths of 3,000 fathoms; and to suppose that the upheaving forces are limited
in power, is, it seems to me, 'utterly gratuitous and entirely opposed to all the evidences
at our command.' " (6 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

The "Father" of English Geology -- Sir Charles Lyell -- was an Uniformitarian in his views of
continental formation. On page 492 of his "Antiquity of Man" we find him saying: -"Professor Unger (Die versunkene Insel Atlantis) and Heer (Flora Tertiaria Helvetiae)
have admitted on botanical grounds the former existence of an Atlantic Continent during
some part of the Tertiary Period, as affording the only plausible explanation that can be
imagined of the analogy between the Miocene flora of central Europe, and the existing
flora of Eastern America. Professor Oliver, on the other hand, after showing how many
of the American types found fossil in Europe are common to Japan, inclines to the
theory, first advanced by Dr. Asa Gray, that the migration of species, to which the
community of types in the Eastern States of North America, and the Miocene flora of
Europe is due, took place when there was an overland communication from America to
central Asia between the fiftieth and sixtieth parallels of latitude, or south of Behring
Straits, following the direction of the Aleutian islands. By this course they may have
made their way, at any epoch, Miocene, Pliocene, or Pleistocene, antecedently to the
Glacial Epoch, to Amoorland, on the East coast of North Asia."
The unnecessary difficulties and complications here incurred in order to avoid the hypothesis of an
Atlantic Continent, are really too
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The Pacific portion of the giant Lemurian Continent christened by Dr. Carter Blake, the

anthropologist, "Pacificus."

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 784 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

apparent to escape notice. If the botanical evidences stood alone, scepticism would be half legitimate;

but in this case all branches of science converge to one point. Science has made blunders, and has

exposed itself to greater errors than the admission of our two now invisible continents, would lay it

open to. It has denied even the undeniable, from the days of the mathematician Laplace down to our

own, and that only a few years ago.* We have Professor Huxley's authority for saying that there is no a

priori improbability whatever against possible evidences supporting the belief. (Vide supra.) But now

that the POSITIVE EVIDENCE is brought forward, will that eminent scientist admit the corollary?

Touching on the problem in another place ("Principles of Geology," pp. 12-13), Sir Charles Lyell tells

us: "Respecting the cosmogony of the Egyptian priests, we gather much information from writers of

the Grecian sects, who borrowed almost all their tenets from Egypt, and amongst others that of the
former successive destruction and renovation of the world. (Continental, not cosmic, catastrophes.) We
learn from Plutarch that this was the theme of one of the hymns of Orpheus, so celebrated in the
fabulous ages of Greece. It was brought by him from the banks of the Nile; and we even find in his
verses, as in the Indian systems, a definite period assigned for the duration of every successive World.
The returns of great catastrophes were determined by the present period of the Magnus Annus, or great
year -- a cycle composed of the revolutions of the sun, moon, and planets, and terminating when these (7 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

return together to the sign whence they were supposed at some remote epoch to set out. We learn
particularly from the Timaeus of Plato that the Egyptians believed the world to be subject to
occasional conflagrations and deluges. The sect of the Stoics adopted most fully the system of
catastrophes destined at intervals to destroy the world. These, they taught, were of two kinds -- the
cataclysm, or destruction by water, and the Ecpyrosis, or destruction by fire (submarine volcanoes).
From the Egyptians they derived the doctrine of the gradual debasement of man from a state of
innocence" (nascent simplicity of the first sub-races of each Root-Race). "Towards the
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* When Howard read, before the Royal Society of London, a paper on the first serious researches that

were made on the aerolites, the Geneva naturalist Pictet, who was present, communicated, on his return

to Paris, the facts reported to the French Academy of Sciences. But he was forthwith interrupted by

Laplace, the great astronomer, who cried: "Stop! we have had enough of such fables, and know all

about them," thus making Pictet feel very small. Globular-shaped lightnings or thunderbolts have been

admitted by Science only since Arago demonstrated their existence, says de Rochat ("Forces nondefinies," p. 4): "Every one remembers Dr. Bouilland's misadventure at the Academy of Medicine

when he had declared Edison's phonograph 'a trick of ventriloquism! ` "

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 785 ASTRAEA FALLS ON HER HEAD.

termination of each era the gods could no longer bear with the wickedness of man, and a shock of the

elements, or a deluge, overwhelmed them; (vide degeneracy into magical practices and gross animality

of the Atlanteans) after which calamity, Astraea again descended on the earth to renew the golden

age." (Dawn of a new Root-Race.)

Astraea, the goddess of justice, is the last of the deities to forsake the earth, when the gods are said to
abandon it and be taken up into heaven by Jupiter again. But, no sooner does Zeus carry away from
earth Ganymedes (the object of lust, personified) than the father of the gods throws down Astraea back
on the earth again, on which she falls upon her head. Astraea is Virgo, the constellation of the Zodiac.
Astronomically it has a very plain significance, and one which gives the Key to the occult meaning.
But it is inseparable from Leo, the sign that precedes it, and from the Pleiades and their sisters, the
Hyades, of which Aldebaran is the brilliant leader. All of these are connected with the periodical
renovations of the earth, with regard to its continents -- even Ganymedes, who in astronomy is
Aquarius. It was already shown that while the South Pole is the pit (or the infernal regions figuratively
and cosmologically), the North Pole is geographically the first continent; while astronomically and
metaphorically the celestial pole, with its pole star in heaven, is Meru, or the seat of Brahma, the
throne of Jupiter, etc. For in the age when the gods forsook the earth and were said to ascend into
heaven, the ecliptic had become parallel with the meridian, and part of the Zodiac appeared to descend
from the north pole to the north horizon. Aldebaran was in conjunction then with the Sun, as it was
40,000 years ago, at the great festival in commemoration of that Magnus Annus, of which Plutarch was
speaking. Since that year (40,000 years ago) there has been a retrograde motion of the equator, and
about 31,000 years ago Aldebaran was in conjunction with the vernal equinoctial point. The part
assigned to Taurus, even in Christian mysticism, is too well known to need repetition. The famous (8 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

Orphic hymn on the great periodical cataclysm divulges the whole esotericism of the event. Pluto (in
the pit) carries off Eurydice, bitten by the (polar) serpent. Then Leo, the lion, is vanquished. Now,
when the Lion is in the pit, or below the south pole, then Virgo, as the next sign, follows him, and
when her head, down to the waist, is below the South horizon -- she is inverted. On the other hand, the
Hyades are the rain or Deluge constellations; and Aldebaran (he who follows, or succeeds the
daughters of Atlas, or the Pleiades) looks down from the eye of Taurus. It is from this point of the
ecliptic that the calculations of the new cycle were commenced. The student has to remember also, that
when Ganymedes (Aquarius) is raised to

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 786 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

heaven (or above the horizon of the North Pole) Virgo or Astraea, who is Venus-Lucifer, descends head
downwards below the horizon of the South Pole, or the pit; which pit, or the pole, is also the Great
Dragon, or the Flood. Let the student exercise his intuition by placing these facts together; no more can
be said.
"The connection," comments Lyell, "between the doctrine of successive catastrophes and repeated
deteriorations in the moral character of the human race, is more intimate and natural than might at first
be imagined. For, in a rude state of society, all great calamities are regarded by the people as
judgments of God on the wickedness of man. . . . In like manner in the account given to Solon by the
Egyptian priests of the submersion of the island of Atlantis under the waters of the ocean, after
repeated shocks of an earthquake, we find that the event happened when Jupiter had seen the moral
depravity of the inhabitants."
True; but was it not owing to the fact that all esoteric truths were given out to the public by the Initiates
of the temples under the guise of allegories? "Jupiter," is merely the personification of that immutable
Cyclic Law, which arrests the downward tendency of each Root-Race, after attaining the zenith of its
glory.* Unless we hold with Prof. John Fiske's singularly dogmatic opinion** that every myth "is an
explanation by the uncivilized mind, of some natural phenomenon; not an allegory, not an esoteric
symbol, for the ingenuity is wasted (! !) which strives to detect in myths the remnants of a refined
primeval science -- but an explanation. Primitive men had no profound science to perpetuate by means
of allegory [How does Mr. Fiske know?], nor were they such sorry pedants as to talk in riddles when
plain language would serve their purpose." We venture to say the language of the Initiated few was far
more "plain," and their science-philosophy far more com[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The Cyclic Law of Race-Evolution is most unwelcome to scientists. It is sufficient to mention the

fact of "primeval civilization" to excite the frenzy of Darwinians; it being obvious that the further

culture and science is pushed back, the more precarious becomes the basis of the ape-ancestor theory.

But as Jacolliot says: -- "Whatever there may be in these traditions (submerged continents, etc.), and

whatever may have been the place where a civilization more ancient than that of Rome, of Greece, of

Egypt, and of India, was developed, it is certain that this civilization did exist, and it is highly

important for Science to recover its traces, however feeble and fugitive they be." (Histoire des Vierges; (9 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

les peuples et les continents disparus, p. 15.) Donnelly has proved the fact from the clearest premises,

but the Evolutionists will not listen. A Miocene civilization upsets the "universal stone-age" theory,

and that of a continuous ascent of man from animalism! And yet Egypt, at least, runs counter to current
hypotheses. There is no stone-age visible there, but a more glorious culture is apparent, the further
back we are enabled to carry our retrospect. (Verb. Sap.)
** "Myths and Myth-Makers," p. 21.


prehensive and satisfying alike to the physical and spiritual wants of man, than even the terminology
and system respectively elaborated by Mr. Fiske's Master -- Herbert Spencer. What, however, is Sir
Charles Lyell's "explanation" of the "myth"? Certainly, he in no way countenances the idea of its
"astronomical" origin, as asserted by some writers.
The two interpreters are entirely at variance with one another. Lyell's solution is as follows. A
disbeliever in cataclysmal changes, from the absence (?) of any reliable historical data on the point, as
well as from a strong bias to the Uniformitarian conceptions of geologic changes,* he attempts to trace
the Atlantis "tradition" to the following sources: -(1) Barbarous tribes connect catastrophes with an avenging God, who is assumed in this way to punish
immoral races.
(2) Hence the commencement of a new race is logically a virtuous one.
(3) The primary source of the geologic basis of the tradition was Asia -- a continent subject to violent
earthquakes. Exaggerated accounts would thus be handed down the ages.
(4) Egypt, being herself free from earthquakes, nevertheless based her not inconsiderable geologic
knowledge on these cataclysmal traditions.
An ingenious "explanation," as all such are. But proving a negative is proverbially a difficult task.
Students of esoteric science, who know what the resources of the Egyptian priesthood really were,
need no such laboured hypothesis. Moreover, while an imaginative theorist is always able to furnish a
reasonable solution of problems which, in one branch of science, seem to necessitate the hypothesis of
periodical cataclysmic changes on the surface of our planet, the impartial critic, who is not a
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Violent minor cataclysms and colossal earthquakes are recorded in the annals of most nations -- if

not of all. Elevation and subsidence of continents is always in progress. The whole coast of South

America has been raised up 10 to 15 feet and settled down again in an hour. Huxley has shown that the

British islands have been four times depressed beneath the ocean and subsequently raised again and (10 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

peopled. The Alps, Himalayas and Cordilleras were all the result of depositions drifted on to seabottoms and upheaved by Titanic forces to their present elevation. The Sahara was the basin of a

Miocene sea. Within the last five or six thousand years the shores of Sweden, Denmark and Norway

have risen from 200 to 600 feet; in Scotland there are raised beaches with outlying stacks and skerries

surmounting the shore now eroded by the hungry wave. The North of Europe is still rising from the sea

and South America presents the phenomenon of raised beaches of over 1,000 miles in length, now at a
height varying from 100 to 1,300 feet above the sea-level. On the other hand, the coast of Greenland is
sinking fast, so much so that the Greenlander will not build by the shore. All these phenomena are
certain. Why may not a gradual change have given place to a violent cataclysm in remote epochs? -such cataclysms occurring on a minor scale even now (e.g., the case of Sunda island with 80,000

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 788 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

specialist, will recognise the immense difficulty of explaining away the cumulative evidences, -namely, the archaeological, ethnological, geological, traditional, botanical, and even biological -- in
favour of former continents now submerged. When each science is fighting for its own hand, the
cumulative force of the evidence in its collectivity is almost invariably lost sight of.
In the "Theosophist" (August, 1880), we wrote: "We have as evidences the most ancient traditions of
various and wide-separated peoples -- legends in India, in ancient Greece, Madagascar, Sumatra, Java,
and all the principal isles of Polynesia, as well as the legends of both Americas. Among savages; and
in the traditions of the richest literature in the world -- the Sanskrit literature of India -- there is an
agreement in saying, that, ages ago, there existed in the Pacific Ocean, a large Continent, which by a
geological cataclysm was engulfed by the sea,* (Lemuria). And it is our firm belief . . . that most, if not
all, of the islands from the Malayan archipelago to Polynesia, are fragments of that once immense
submerged Continent. Both Malacca and Polynesia, which lie at the two extremities of the ocean, and
which, since the memory of man never had, and never could have any intercourse with, or even a
knowledge of each other, have yet a tradition common to all the islands and islets, that their respective
countries extended far, far into the Sea: that there were in the world but two immense continents, one
inhabited by yellow, the other by dark men; and that the Ocean, by command of the gods, and to
punish them for their incessant quarrelling, swallowed them up. Notwithstanding the geographical
proof that New Zealand, the Sandwich and Easter Islands, are at a distance from each other of between
800 and 1,000 leagues, and that, according to every testimony, neither these nor any other intermediate
islands, for instance, the Marquesan, Society, Fiji, Tahitian, Samoan, and other islands, could, since
they became islands, ignorant as their people were of the compass, have communicated with each other
before the arrival of Europeans; yet they one and all maintain that their respective countries extended
far toward the West, on the Asian side. Moreover, with very small differences, they all speak dialects
evidently of the same language; and understand each other with little difficulty; have the same
religious beliefs and superstitions; and pretty much the same customs. And as few of the Polynesian
islands were discovered earlier than a century ago, the Pacific Ocean itself being unknown to Europe
till the days of Columbus, and as these islanders have never ceased repeating the same old traditions
since the Europeans first set (11 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* For the opinions of Jacolliot, after long travels through the Polynesian Islands and his proofs of a

former great geological cataclysm in the Pacific Ocean, see his "Histoire des Vierges: Peuples et

Continents disparus," p. 308.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 789 HAECKEL FOR ONCE IS RIGHT.

foot on their shores, it seems to us a logical inference that our theory is nearer to the truth than any

other. "Chance would have to change its name and meaning, were all this due but to chance alone."

"A great series of animal-geographical facts," declares Professor Schmidt, writing in defence of the

hypothesis of a former Lemuria, "is explicable only on the theory of the former existence of a Southern

Continent of which Australia is a remnant. . . . . " [the distribution of species] "points to the vanished

land of the South where perhaps the home of the progenitors of the Maki of Madagascar may also be

looked for."*

Mr. A. R. Wallace, in his "Malay Archipelago," arrives at the following conclusion after a review of

the mass of evidence at hand: -- "The inference that we must draw from these facts is undoubtedly that
the whole of the islands eastwards beyond Borneo and Sumatra do essentially form part of a former
Australian or Pacific Continent . . . This continent must have been broken up before the extreme southeastern portion of Asia was raised above the waters of the ocean, for a great part of the land of Borneo
and Java is known to be geologically of quite recent formation."
According to Haeckel: -- "Southern Asia itself was not the earliest cradle of the human race, but
Lemuria, a continent that lay to the South of Asia, and sank later on beneath the surface of the Indian
Ocean." ("Pedigree of Man," Eng. Trans. p. 73.) In one sense Haeckel is right as to Lemuria -- the
"cradle of the Human race." That continent was the home of the first physical Human Stock -- the later
Third-Race Men. Previous to that epoch the Races were far less consolidated and physiologically quite
different. (Haeckel makes Lemuria extend from Sunda Island to Africa and Madagascar and eastwards
to Upper India.)
Professor Rutimeyer, the eminent Palaeontologist, asks: -- "Need the conjecture that the almost
exclusively graminivorous and insectivorous marsupials, sloths, armadilloes, ant-eaters and ostriches,
once possessed an actual point of union in a Southern Continent of which the present flora of Terra del
Fuego and Australia must be the remains -- need this conjecture raise difficulties at a moment when
from their fossil remains, Heer restores to sight the ancient forests of Smith's Sound and Spitzbergen."
(Cited in Schmidt's "Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism," p. 237.)
Having now dealt generally with the broad scientific attitude on the two questions, it will, perhaps,
conduce to an agreeable brevity, if we sum up the more striking isolated facts in favour of that
fundamental contention of Esoteric Ethnologists -- the reality of Atlantis. Lemuria
[[Footnote(s)]] ------------------------------------------------- (12 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

* "Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism," p. 236. (Cf. also his lengthy arguments on the subject, pp.


[[Vol. 2, Page]] 790 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

is so widely accepted, that further pursuit of the subject is unnecessary. With regard, however, to the

former, it is found that: -(1) The Miocene flora of Europe have their most numerous and striking analogues in the flora of the

United States. In the forests of Virginia and Florida are found the magnolias, tulip-trees, evergreen

oaks, plane trees, etc., etc., etc., which correspond with European Tertiary flora term for term. How

was the migration effected, if we exclude the theory of an Atlantic Continent bridging the ocean
between America and Europe? The proposed "explanation" to the effect that the transition was by way
of Asia and the Aleutian islands is a mere uncalled-for theory, obviously upset by the fact that a large
number of these flora only appear EAST of the Rocky Mountains. This also negatives the idea of a
trans-Pacific migration. They are now superseded by European continents and islands to the North.
(2) Skulls exhumed on the banks of the Danube and Rhine bear a striking similarity to those of the
Caribs and Old Peruvians (Littre). Monuments have been exhumed in Central America, which bear
representations of undoubted negro heads and faces. How are such facts to be accounted for except on
the Atlantean hypothesis? What is now N. W. Africa was once connected with Atlantis by a network of
islands, few of which now remain.
(3) According to Farrar ("Families of Speech") the "isolated language" of the Basques has no affinities
with the other languages* of Europe, but with "the aboriginal languages of the vast opposite continent
(America) and those alone." Professor Broca is also of the same opinion.
Palaeolithic European man of the Miocene and Pliocene times was a pure Atlantean, as we have
previously stated. The Basques are, of course, of a much later date than this, but their affinities, as here
shown, go far to prove the original extraction of their remote ancestors. The "mysterious" affinity
between their tongue and that of the Dravidian races of India will be understood by those who have
followed our outline of continental formations and shiftings.
(4) Stones have been found in the Canary Islands bearing sculptured symbols similar to those found on
the shore of Lake Superior. Berthollet was induced
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* For further facts as to the isolation of the Basques in Europe and their ethnological relations, cf. Joly,

"Man before Metals," p. 316. B. Davis is disposed to concede, from an examination of the skulls of the

Guanches of the Canary Islands and modern Basques, that both belong to a race proper to those

ancient islands, of which the Canaries are the remains!! This is a step in advance indeed. De

Quatrefages and Hamy also both assign the Cro-Magnon men of South France and the Guanches to (13 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

one type -- a proposition which involves a certain corollary which both these writers may not care to



by such evidence to postulate the unity of race of the early men of Canary Islands and America (Cf.
Benjamin, the "Atlantic Islands," p. 130.)
The Guanches of the Canary Islands were lineal descendants of the Atlanteans. This fact will account
for the great stature evidenced by their old skeletons, as well as by those of their European congeners
the Cro-Magnon Palaeolithic men.
(5) Any experienced mariner has but to navigate the fathomless ocean along the Canary Islands to ask
himself the question when or how that group of volcanic and rocky little islands has been formed,
surrounded on every side by that vast watery space. Such frequent questions led finally to the
expedition of the famous Leopold von Buch, which took place in the first quarter of the present
century. Some geologists maintained that the volcanic islands had been raised right from the bottom of
the ocean, the depth of which in the immediate vicinity of the island varies from 6,000 to 18,000 feet.
Others were inclined to see in these groups, including Madeira, the Azores, and the islands of Cape de
Verdes -- the remnants of a gigantic but submerged continent which had once united Africa with
America. The latter men of science supported their hypothesis by a mass of evidence in its favour,
drawn from ancient "myths." Hoary "superstitions," such as the fairy-like Atlantis of Plato, the Garden
of Hesperides, Atlas supporting the world on his shoulders, all of them mythoi connected with the peak
of Teneriffe, did not go far with sceptical Science. The identity of animal and vegetable species -showing either a previous connection between America and the remaining groups of the islands -- (the
hypothesis of their having been drifted from the New to the Old World by the waves was too absurd to
stand long) -- found more serious consideration. But it is only quite lately, and after Donnelly's book
had been published several years, that the theory has greater chances than ever of becoming an
accepted fact. Fossils found on the Eastern Coast of South America have now been proved to belong to
the Jurassic formations, and are nearly identical with the Jurassic fossils of Western Europe and
Northern Africa. The geological structure of both coasts is also almost identical; the resemblance
between the smaller marine animals dwelling in the more shallow waters of South America, the
Western African, and the South European coasts, is also very great. All such facts are bound to bring
naturalists to the conclusion that there has been, in distant pre-historic ages, a continent which
extended from the coast of Venezuela, across the Atlantic Ocean, to the Canarese Islands and North
Africa, and from Newfoundland nearly to the coast of France.
(6) The great resemblance between the Jurassic fossils of South

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 792 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

America, North Africa, and Western Europe is a striking enough fact in itself, and admits of no (14 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

explanation, unless the ocean is bridged with an Atlantis. But why, also, is there so marked a similarity
between the fauna (animal life) of the -- now -- isolated Atlantic islands? Why did the specimens of
Brazilian fauna dredged up by Sir C. Wyville Thompson resemble those of Western Europe? Why
does a resemblance exist between many of the West African and West Indian animal groups? Again:
"When the animals and plants of the Old and New World are compared, one cannot but be struck with
their identity; all, nearly all belong to the same genera, while many, even of the species, are common to
both continents . . . indicating that they radiated from a common centre" (Atlantis), ("Westminster
Review," Jan., 1872).
The horse, according to Science, originated in America. At least, a large proportion of the once
"missing links" connecting it with inferior forms have been exhumed from American strata. How did
the horse penetrate into Europe and Asia, if no land communication bridged the oceanic interspaces?
Or if it is asserted that the horse originated in the New World, how did such forms as the hipparion,
etc., get into America in the first instance on the migration hypothesis?
Again "Buffon had . . . remarked in the repetition of the African in the American fauna, how, for
example, the lama is a juvenescent and feeble copy of the camel, and how the puma of the New
represented the lion of the Old World" (Schmidt, "Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism," p. 223).
(7) The following quotation runs with No. (2), but its significance is such and the writer cited so
authoritative, that it deserves a place to itself: -"With regard to the primitive dolichocephalae of America, I entertain a hypothesis still more bold,
namely, that they are nearly related to the Guanches of the Canary Islands, and to the Atlantic
populations of Africa, the Moors, Tuaricks, Copts, which Latham comprises under the name of
Egyptian-Atlantidae. We find one and the same form of skull in the Canary Islands, in front of the
African coast, and in the Carib islands, on the opposite coast which faces Africa. The colour of the
skin on both sides of the Atlantic is represented in these populations as being of a reddish-brown."
(Professor Retzius, "Smithsonian Report," 1859, p. 266.)
If, then, Basques and Cro-Magnon Cave-Men are of the same race as the Canarese Guanches, it
follows that the former are also allied to the aborigines of America. This is the conclusion which the
independent investigations of Retzius, Virchow, and de Quatrefages necessitate. The Atlantean
affinities of these three types become patent.
(8) The sea-soundings undertaken by H.M.S. "Challenger" and the "Dolphin," have established the fact
that a huge elevation some 3,000 miles in length, projecting upwards from the abysmal depths of the


Atlantic, extends from a point near the British Islands southwards, curving round near Cape de Verde,
and running in a south-easterly direction along the West African Coast. This elevation averages some (15 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

9,000 feet in height, and rises above the waves at the Azores, Ascension, and other places. In the ocean
depths around the neighbourhood of the former the ribs of a former massive piece of land have been
discovered (vide investigations of United States Ship "Dolphin" and others). "The inequalities, the
mountains and valleys of its surface could never have been produced in accordance with any known
laws for the deposition of sediment, nor by submarine elevation; but, on the contrary, must have been
carved by agencies acting above the water-level." -- (Scientific American, July 28th, 1877). It is most
probable that necks of land formerly existed knitting Atlantis to South America, somewhere above the
mouth of the Amazon; to Africa near Cape de Verde, while a similar point of juncture with Spain is not
unlikely, as contended for by Donnelly. (Vide his chart, "Atlantis," p. 47, Eng. Ed., 1884, though he
deals with only a fragment of the real continent.) Whether the latter existed or not, is of no
consequence, as the fact that (what is now) N. W. Africa was -- before the elevation of the Sahara and
the rupture of the Gibraltar connection -- an extension of Spain. Consequently no difficulty can be
raised as to how the migration of the European fauna (etc.) took place.
Enough has now been said from the purely scientific standpoint, and it is needless, in view of the
manner in which the subject has now been developed on the lines of esoteric knowledge, to swell the
mass of testimony further. In conclusion, the words of one of the most intuitive writers of the day may
be cited as admirably illustrative of the opinions of the occultist, who awaits in patience the dawn of
the coming day: -"We are but beginning to understand the past; one hundred years ago the world knew nothing of
Pompeii or Herculaneum; nothing of the lingual tie that binds together the Indo-European nations;
nothing of the significance of the vast volume of inscriptions upon the tombs and temples of Egypt;
nothing of the meaning of the arrow-headed inscriptions of Babylon; nothing of the marvellous
civilizations revealed in the remains of Yucatan, Mexico, and Peru. We are on the threshold. Scientific
investigation is advancing with giant strides. Who shall say that one hundred years from now, the great
museums of the world may not be adorned with gems, statues, arms, and implements from Atlantis,
while the libraries of the world shall contain translations of its inscriptions, throwing new light upon all
the past history of the human race, and all the great problems which now perplex the thinkers of today."*
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Donnelly, "Atlantis; the Ante-Diluvian World," p. 480.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 794 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

And now to conclude.

------We have concerned ourself with the ancient records of the nations, with the doctrine of chronological
and psychic cycles, of which these records are the tangible proof; and with many other subjects, which

may, at first sight, seem out of place in this volume. (16 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

But they were necessary in truth. In dealing with the secret annals and traditions of so many nations,

whose very origins have never been ascertained on more secure grounds than inferential suppositions,

in giving out the beliefs and philosophy of more than prehistoric races, it is not quite as easy to deal

with the subject matter as it would be if only the philosophy of one special race, and its evolution, were
concerned. The Secret Doctrine is the common property of the countless millions of men born under
various climates, in times with which History refuses to deal, and to which esoteric teachings assign
dates incompatible with the theories of Geology and Anthropology. The birth and evolution of the
Sacred Science of the Past are lost in the very night of Time; and that, even, which is historic -- i.e.,
that which is found scattered hither and thither throughout ancient classical literature -- is, in almost
every case, attributed by modern criticism to lack of observation in the ancient writers, or to
superstition born out of the ignorance of antiquity. It is, therefore, impossible to treat this subject as
one would the ordinary evolution of an art or science in some well-known historical nation. It is only
by bringing before the reader an abundance of proofs all tending to show that in every age, under every
condition of civilization and knowledge, the educated classes of every nation made themselves the
more or less faithful echoes of one identical system and its fundamental traditions -- that he can be
made to see that so many streams of the same water must have had a common source from which they
started. What was this source? If coming events are said to cast their shadows before, past events
cannot fall to leave their impress behind them. It is, then, by those shadows of the hoary Past and their
fantastic silhouettes on the external screen of every religion and philosophy, that we can, by checking
them as we go along, and comparing them, trace out finally the body that produced them. There must
be truth and fact in that which every people of antiquity accepted and made the foundation of its
religions and its faith. Moreover, as Haliburton said, "Hear one side, and you will be in the dark; hear
both sides, and all will be clear." The public has hitherto had access to, and heard but one side -- or
rather the two one-sided views of two diametrically opposed classes of men, whose prima facie
propositions or respective premises differ widely, but whose final conclusions are the same -- Science
and Theology. And now our

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 795 OLD MASONIC SYMBOLISM.

readers have an opportunity to hear the other -- the defendants' -- justification on and learn the nature
of our arguments.
Were the public to be left to its old opinions: namely, on one side, that Occultism, Magic, the legends
of old, etc., were all the outcome of ignorance and superstition; and on the other, that everything
outside the orthodox groove was the work of the devil, what would be the result? In other words, had
no theosophical and mystic literature obtained a hearing for the few last years, the present work would
have had a poor chance of impartial consideration. It would have been proclaimed -- and by many will
still be so proclaimed -- a fairy tale woven out of abstruse problems, poised in, and based on the air;
built of soap bubbles, bursting at the slightest touch of serious reflection, with no foundation, as it
would be alleged, to stand upon. Even "the ancient superstitious and credulous classics" have no word
of reference to it in clear and unmistakable terms, and the symbols themselves fail to yield a hint at the
existence of such a system. Such would be the verdict of all. But when it becomes undeniably proven
that the claim of the modern Asiatic nations to a Secret Science and an esoteric history of the world, is (17 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

based on fact; that, though hitherto unknown to the masses and a veiled mystery even to the learned,
(because they never had the key to a right understanding of the abundant hints thrown out by the
ancient classics), it is still no fairy tale, but an actuality -- then the present work will become but the
pioneer of many more such books. The statement that hitherto even the keys discovered by some great
scholars have proved too rusty for use, and that they were but the silent witnesses that there do exist
mysteries behind the veil which are unreachable without a new key -- is borne out by too many proofs
to be easily dismissed. An instance may be given as an illustration out of the history of Freemasonry.
In his "Franc-maconnerie Occulte," rightly or wrongly, Ragon, an illustrious and learned Belgian
Mason, reproaches the English Masons with having materialized and dishonoured Masonry, once
based upon the Ancient Mysteries, by adopting, owing to a mistaken notion of the origin of the craft,
the name of Free Masonry and Free Masons. The mistake is due, he says, to those who connect
Masonry with the building of Solomon's Temple, deriving its origin from it. He derides the idea, and
says: . . "The Franc Mason (which is not macon libre, or free masonry) knew well when adopting the
title, that it was no question of building a wall, but that of being initiated into the ancient Mysteries
veiled under the name of Francmaconnerie (Freemasonry); that his work was only to be the
continuation or the renovation of the ancient mysteries, and that he was to become a mason after the
manner of Apollo or Amphion. And do not we know that the ancient initiated poets, when speaking of
the foundation

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 796 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

of a city, meant thereby the establishment of a doctrine? Thus Neptune, the god of reasoning, and
Apollo, the god of the hidden things, presented themselves as masons before Laomedon, Priam's father,
to help him to build the city of Troy -- that is to say, to establish the Trojan religion." (Maconnerie
Orthodoxe, p. 44.)
Such veiled sentences with double meaning abound in ancient classical writers. Therefore, had an
attempt been made to show that, e.g., Laomedon was the founder of a branch of archaic mysteries in
which the earth-bound material soul (the fourth principle), was personified in Menelaus' faithless wife
(the fair Helen), if Ragon had not come to corroborate what we asserted, we might be told that no
classical author speaks of it, and that Homer shows Laomedon building a city, not an esoteric worship
or MYSTERIES! And who are those left now, save a few Initiates, who understand the language and
correct meaning of such symbolical terms?
But after having pointed to many a misconceived symbol bearing on our thesis, there still remains
more than one difficulty to be overcome. Most important among several such obstacles is that of
chronology. But this could hardly be helped.
Wedged in between theological chronology and that of the geologists, backed by all the materialistic
Anthropologists who assign dates to man and nature which fit in with their own theories alone -- what
could the writer do except what is being done? Namely, since theology places the Deluge 2448 B.C.,
and the World's Creation only 5890 years ago; and since the accurate researches by the methods of
exact Science, have led the geologists and physicists to assign to the incrusted age of our Globe (18 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

between 10 million and 1,000 million of years* (a trifling difference, verily!): and the Anthropologists
to vary their divergence of opinion as to the appearance of man -- between 25,000 and 500,000 of
years -- what can one who studies the Occult doctrine do, but come out and bravely present the esoteric
calculations before the world?
But to do this, corroboration by even a few "historical" proofs was necessary, though all know the real
value of the so-called "historical evidence." For, whether man had appeared on earth 18,000 or
18,000,000 years ago, can make no difference to profane History, since it begins hardly a couple of
thousand years before our era, and since, even then, it grapples hopelessly with the clash and din of
contradictory and mutually-destroying opinions around it. Nevertheless, in view of the respect the
average reader has been brought up in for exact science, even that short Past would remain
meaningless, unless the esoteric teachings were corroborated and supported on the spot -[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Vide Sir W. Thomson and Mr. Huxley.


whenever possible -- by references to historical names of a so-called historical period. This is the only

guide that can be given to the beginner before he is permitted to start among the (to him) unfamiliar

windings of that dark labyrinth called the pre-historic ages. This necessity has been complied with. It is

only hoped that the desire to do so, which has led the writer to be constantly bringing ancient and

modern evidence as a corroboration of the Archaic and quite unhistoric Past, will not bring on her the

accusation of having sorely jumbled up without order or method the various and widely-separated

periods of history and tradition. But literary form and method had to be sacrificed to the greater

clearness of the general exposition.

To accomplish the proposed task, the writer had to resort to the rather unusual means of dividing each

volume or Book into three Parts; the first of which only is the consecutive, though very fragmentary,

history of the Cosmogony and the Evolution of Man on this globe. But these two volumes had to serve
as a PROLOGUE, and prepare the reader's mind for those which shall now follow. In treating of
Cosmogony and then of the Anthropogenesis of mankind, it was necessary to show that no religion,
since the very earliest, has ever been entirely based on fiction, as none was the object of special
revelation; and that it is dogma alone which has ever been killing primeval truth. Finally, that no
human-born doctrine, no creed, however sanctified by custom and antiquity, can compare in
sacredness with the religion of Nature. The Key of Wisdom that unlocks the massive gates leading to
the arcana of the innermost sanctuaries can be found hidden in her bosom only: and that bosom is in
the countries pointed to by the great seer of the past century Emanuel Swedenborg. There lies the heart
of nature, that shrine whence issued the early races of primeval Humanity, and which is the cradle of
physical man.
Thus far have proceeded the rough outlines of the beliefs and tenets of the archaic, earliest Races
contained in their hitherto secret Scriptural records. But our explanations are by no means complete, (19 von 20) [06.05.2003 03:38:06]

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 3, ch 7

nor do they pretend to give out the full text, or to have been read by the help of more than three or four
keys out of the sevenfold bunch of esoteric interpretation, and even this has only been partially
accomplished. The work is too gigantic for any one person to undertake, far more to accomplish. Our
main concern was simply to prepare the soil. This, we trust we have done. These two volumes only
constitute the work of a pioneer who has forced his way into the well-nigh impenetrable jungle of the
virgin forests of the Land of the Occult. A commencement has been made to fell and uproot the deadly
upas trees of superstition, prejudice, and conceited ignorance, so that these two

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 798 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

volumes should form for the student a fitting prelude for Volumes III. and IV. Until the rubbish of the
ages is cleared away from the minds of the Theosophists to whom these volumes are dedicated, it is
impossible that the more practical teaching contained in the Third Volume should be understood.
Consequently, it entirely depends upon the reception with which Volumes I. and II. will meet at the
hands of Theosophists and Mystics, whether these last two volumes will ever be published, though
they are almost completed.
Satyat Nasti paro dharmah.
End of Vol. II.
[[For Index, go to Index of the Secret Doctrine, prepared by John P. Van Mater, on this site]]

Contents of Volume 2
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