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Of the License to Depart
After a ceremony has reached its climax, anti-climax must
inevitably follow. But if the ceremony has been successful this anticlimax is merely formal. The Magician should rest permanently on
the higher plane to which he has aspired.1 The whole force of the
operation should be absorbed; but there is almost certain to be a
residuum, since no operation is perfect; and (even if it were so)
there would be a number of things, sympathetic to the operation,
attracted to the Circle. These must be duly dispersed, or they will
degenerate and become evil. It is always easy to do this where
invocations are concerned; the mere removal of the strain imposed
by the will of the magician will restore things to their normal
aspects, in accordance with the great law of inertia. In a badlymanaged evocation, however, this does not always obtain; the spirit
may refuse to be controlled, and may refuse to departeven after
having sworn obedience. In such a case extreme danger may arise.
In the ordinary way, the Magician dismisses the spirit with these
words: And now I say unto thee, depart in peace unto thine habitations and abodesand may the blessing of the Highest be upon
thee in the name of (here mention the divine name suitable to the
operation, or a Name appropriate to redeem that spirit); and let
there be peace between thee and me; and be thou very ready to
come, whensoever thou art invoked and called.2
Should he fail to disappear immediately, it is a sign that there
is something very wrong. The Magician should immediately
reconsecrate the Circle with the utmost care. He should then
repeat the dismissal; and if this does not suffice, he should then
perform the banishing ritual suitable to the nature of the spirit and,
if necessary, add conjurations to the same effect. In these circum

1. The rock-climber who relaxes on the face of the precipice falls to earth; but
once he has reached a safe ledge he may sit down.
2. It is usual to add either by a word, or by a will, or by this mighty Conjuration
of Magick Art.



stances, or if anything else suspicious should occur, he should not
be content with the apparent disappearance of the spirit, who might
easily make himself invisible and lie in ambush to do the Magician a
mischief when he stepped out of the Circleor even months
Any symbol which has once definitely entered your environment with your own consent is extremely dangerous, unless
under absolute control. A mans friends are more capable of
working him harm than are strangers; and his greatest danger lies
in his own habits.
Of course it is the very condition of progress to build up ideas
into the subconscious. The necessity of selection should therefore
be obvious.
True, there comes a time when all elements soever must be thus
assimilated. Samdhi is, by definition, that very process. But, from the
point of view of the young magician, there is a waystrait and difficultof performing this. One cannot too frequently repeat that what
is lawful and proper to one Path is alien to another.
Immediately after the License to Depart, and the general closing up
of the work, it is necessary that the Magician should sit down and write
up his magical record. However much he may have been tired1 by the
ceremony, he ought to force himself to do this until it becomes a habit.
Verily, it is better to fail in the magical ceremony than to fail in
writing down an accurate record of it. One need not doubt the
propriety of this remark. Even if one is eaten alive by Malkah beTarshisim ve-Ruachoth ha-Schehalim,2 it does not matter so very much,
for it is over so very quickly. But the record of the transaction is other- [141]
wise important. Nobody cares about Duncan having been murdered
by Macbeth. It is only one of a number of similar murders. But
Shakespeares account of the incident is a unique treasure of mankind.
And, apart from the question of the value to others, there is that of the
value to the Magician himself. The record of the Magician is his best

1. He ought to be refreshed, more than after a full nights deep sleep. This forms
one test of his skill.
2. [The Intelligence of the Moon. The form of the name given here does not
correspond to any of the variant Hebrew spellings of this name which are known
to me, nor (contra the editorial note in the 1994 Blue Brick) is it the erroneous form
from 777, \yqhc hwrb dow \ycycrtb alkm, Malkah be-Tarshishim ve-Aad beRuah Shehaqim, which does not add to 3321; it possibly is a corruption of a form
used in the Golden Dawn, given by Regardie as \yljc twjwr dow \ysycrtb aklm,
Malkah be-Tarshisim ve-ad Ruachoth Schechlim. See also Appendix V, Table III.]


It is as foolish to do Magick without method, as if it were anything
else. To do Magick without keeping a record is like trying to run a
business without book-keeping. There are a great many people who
quite misunderstand the nature of Magick. They have an idea that it is
something vague and unreal, instead of being, as it is, a direct means of
coming into contact with reality. It is these people who pay themselves
with phrases, who are always using long words with no definite
connotation, who plaster themselves with pompous titles and decorations which mean nothing whatever. With such people we have
nothing to do. But to those who seek reality the Key of Magick is
offered, and they are hereby warned that the key to the treasure-house
is no good without the combination; and the combination is the
magical record.
From one point of view, magical progress actually consists in
deciphering ones own record.1 For this reason it is the most important
thing to do, strictly on magical grounds. But, apart from this, it is
absolutely essential that the record should be clear, full, and concise,
because it is only by such a record that your teacher can judge how it is
best to help you. Your magical teacher has something else to do besides
running round after you all the time, and the most important of all his
functions is that of auditor. Now, if you call in an auditor to investigate a business, and when he asks for the books you tell him that you
have not thought it worth while to keep any, you need not be surprised
if he thinks you every kind of an ass.
It isat least, it wasperfectly incredible to the MASTER THERION
[142] that people who exhibit ordinary common sense in the other affairs of
life should lose it completely when they tackle Magick. It goes far to
justify the belief of the semi-educated that Magick is rather a crazy
affair after all. However, there are none of these half-baked lunatics
connected with the AA, because the necessity for hard work, for
passing examinations at stated intervals, and for keeping an intelligible
account of what they are doing, frightens away the unintelligent, idle
and hysterical.
There are numerous models of magical and mystical records to be
found in the various numbers of the Equinox, and the student will have
no difficulty in acquiring the necessary technique, if he be diligent in

1. As one is a Star in the Body of Nuit, every successive incarnation is a Veil, and
the acquisition of the Magical Memory a gradual Unveiling of that Star, of that


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Maud Petty-Fitzmaurice, Marchioness of Lansdowne
Maximilian Petty
Mojo (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album)
Norfolk Island Court of Petty Sessions
Norman Petty
Orlando Henderson Petty
Perry Petty
Petty Booka
Petty cash
Petty France
Petty France, London
Petty HarbourMaddox Cove
Petty, Highland
Petty Island
Pettyjohn Cave
Petty kingdom
Petty kingdoms of Norway
Petty morel
Petty nobility
Petty officer
Petty officer, 1st class
Petty officer, 2nd class
Petty officer first class
Petty officer second class
Petty officer third class
PettyRobertsBeatty House
Petty Romance
Petty session
Petty sessional division
Pettysville, Indiana
Petty, Texas
Pettytown, Texas
Petty treason
Petty tyranny
Petty warfare
Playback (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album)
Proceedings Between Sankey and Petty
Richard E. Petty
Richard Petty
Richard Petty Motorsports
Room at the Top (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song)
Ross Haylett-Petty
Ross Petty
Ross Petty (pediatrician)
Senior chief petty officer
Senior petty officer
Shannon Pettypiece
Ted Petty Invitational
The Life of Sir William Petty, 16231687
The Petty Girl
The Roy Petty Show
Tom Petty
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (album)
Tom Petty discography
Wildflowers (Tom Petty album)
William Petty
William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne
William Petty (disambiguation)
William Petty-FitzMaurice, Earl of Kerry

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