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30 Jul 1936

Jyoti says formerly she used to aspire for beautiful things, etc. instead of letting herself go. Now she remains passiveand this poem is the result. Any answer?

There is no incompatibility between aspiring and letting the thing come through. The aspiration gives the necessary intensity so that what comes has a better chance of being a true transcription. In this case probably the pain she felt in the neck etc. was a proof of some fatigue in the physical parts which spoiled the transmission.

30 July 1936
22 May 1934

Dilip had to work in spite of your Grace. My aspiration for your Grace in this mental occupation is as great as for spiritual progress.

Aspire for the opening to the right plane of inspiration. You forget that Dilip got his opening by grace and never lost itall his work only helps him to utilise and develop what is already there.

22 May 1934

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