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28 Jul 1938

I never heard of anyone getting genius by effort. One can increase ones talent by training and labour, but genius is a gift of Nature. By sadhana it is different, one can do it; but that is not the fruit of effort, but either of an inflow or by an opening or liberation of some impersonal power or manifestation of unmanifested power. No rule can be made in such things; it depends on persons and circumstances how far the manifestation of genius by Yoga will go or what shape it will take or to what degree or height it will rise.

28 July 1938
13 Feb 1936

Of course it is quite possible to be an idiot and a genius at the same time one can, that is to say, be the medium of a specialised and specific force which leaves the rest of the being brute stuff, unchanged and undeveloped. Genius is a phenomenon sui generis and many anomalies occur in its constitution by Nature.

13 February 1936

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