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Relationship with the Divine
All is relative except the Supreme. The Supreme alone is absolute; but as the Supreme is at the centre of each being, each being carries in himself his absolute.

After all, it is very simple, we have only to become what we are in the depths of our being.

18 May 1954

There is nothing more beautiful than to unite with the divine

One is sure to find what one seeks if one seeks it in all sincerity; for what one seeks is within oneself.

None can say to the Divine, I have known Thee, and yet all carry Him in themselves, and in the silence of their soul can hear the echo of the Divines voice.

13 November 1954

One can live the Divine even though unable to express the
Divine, one can realise and be the Divines infinity though unable to define or explain the Divine.

15 December 1954

For him who is in union with the Divine, everywhere is the
Divines perfect felicity, in every place and in every circumstance it is with him.

17 December 1954


Words of the Mother II

Communion with the Divine: for him who has it, all circumstances can truly become an opportunity for it.

The joy of perfect union can come only when what has to be done is done.

To conquer the Divine is a difficult task. I think I have not understood this sentence properly.

Take conquer in the sense of acquisition or possession.

You might say the conquest of the Divines consciousness is a difficult task.

Commentary: For human beings to become conscious of the
Divine and to possess His nature is difficult.

As we progress and purify ourselves of our egoism, our friendship with the Divine becomes more and more clear and conscious.

Friendship with the Divine: delicate, attentive and faithful, ever ready to respond to the smallest appeal.

Closeness to the Divine will always grow with the growth of consciousness, equanimity and love.

God cannot be taken by violence. It is only through love and harmony that you can reach God.

Be in peace my blessings are with you.

13 July 1966


Relationship with the Divine

Attachment for the Divine wraps itself around the Divine and finds all its support in Him so as to be sure never to leave Him.

Affection for the Divine: a sweet and confident tenderness that gives itself unfailingly to the Divine.

Intimacy with the Divine: complete surrender to the Divine and total receptivity to His influence, without any conditions to this intimacy.

Intimacy with the Divine in the physical is possible only for the one who lives exclusively by the Divine and for the Divine.

Intimacy with the Divine in the vital: only a pure, calm and desireless vital can hope to have access to this marvellous state.

Intimacy with the Divine in the psychic: the natural state of the fully developed psychic.

Integral intimacy with the Divine: the entire being no longer vibrates except with the Divines touch.

It pleases Him to be like that. He is like that.

And simply, the secret is to be in the it pleases Him.

Not to be only what is objectified; to be also in That which objectifies. That is everything.


Words of the Mother II

The Omnipresent, Eternal Spirit remains immutably One. The various ways of serving and understanding It make no difference to Its Reality.

(Types of relationships)
The Lord and his Shakti
God and his devotee
The father and his child
The master and his disciple
The Beloved and Lover
The Friend and co-worker
The child and his mother
To give oneself to the Divine, to receive and be the Divine, to transmit and spread forth the Divine: these are the three simultaneous movements which constitute our total relation with the


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1.04 - Relationship with the Divine
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