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object:1.04 - Hymns of Bharadwaja
book class:Hymns to the Mystic Fire
author class:Sri Aurobindo

Hymns of Bharadwaja

(v\ V`n
Tmo mnotA_-yA EDyo aBvo d-m hotA .
(v\ sF\ vq3kZod;rFt; sho Ev
{ shs
{ 1
1. O potent Fire, thou wert the first thinker of this thought and
the priest of the call. O Male, thou hast created everywhere
around thee a force invulnerable to overpower every force.

aDA hotA ysFdo yjFyAEn0-pd iqy3FX^y, sn^ .
t\ (vA nr, Tm\
dvyto mho rAy
Ectyto an; `mn^ 2
2. And now strong for sacrifice, thou hast taken thy session in
the seat of aspiration, one aspired to, a flamen of the call, an
imparter of the impulse. Men, building the godheads, have
grown conscious of thee, the chief and first, and followed
to a mighty treasure.

v yt\ bh;EBvs&y
rEy\ jAgvA\so an; `mn^ .
zftmE`n\ dft\ bht\ vpAvt\ Ev
vhA dFEdvA\sm^ 3
3. In thee awake, they followed after the Treasure as in the
wake of one who walks on a path with many possessions,
in the wake of the vast glowing visioned embodied Fire that
casts its light always and for ever.

dv-y nmsA &yt, 2v-yv, 2v aAp3m?tm^ .
nAmAEn Ecd^ dEDr
yE.yAEn BdAyA\ t
rZyt s\dO 4
4. Travellers with surrender to the plane of the godhead, seekers of inspired knowledge, they won an inviolate inspiration,

they held the sacrificial Names and had delight in thy happy

(vA\ vDEt E"ty, pET&yA\ (vA\ rAy uByAso jnAnAm^ .
(v\ /AtA trZ
(yo B$, EptA mAtA sdEmmAn;qAZAm^ 5
5. The peoples increase thee on the earth; both kinds of riches
of men increase thee. O Fire, our pilot through the battle,
thou art the deliverer whom we must know, ever a father
and mother to human beings.

@y, s Eyo Ev#vE`nhotA mdo En qsAdA yjFyAn^ .
t\ (vA vy\ dm aA dFEdvA\sm;p .;bADo nmsA sd
m 6
6. Dear and servable is this Fire in men; a rapturous priest of
the call has taken up his session, strong for sacrifice. Pressing
the knee may we come to thee with obeisance of surrender
when thou flamest alight in the house.

t\ (vA vy\ s;@yo n&ym`n

dvyt, .
(v\ Evfo anyo dFAno Edvo a`n
bhtA rocn
n 7
7. O Fire, we desire thee, the god to whom must rise our cry,
we the right thinkers, the seekers of bliss, the builders of
the godheads. O Fire, shining with light thou leadest men
through the vast luminous world of heaven.

EvfA\ kEv\ Ev
pEt\ f
vtFnA\ Entofn\ vqB\ cqZFnAm^ .
tFqEZEmqyt\ pAvk\ rAjtmE`n\ yjt\ ryFZAm^ 8

8. To the seer, the Master of creatures who rules over the eternal generations of peoples, the Smiter, the Bull of those that
see, the mover to the journey beyond who drives us, the
purifying Flame, the Power in the sacrifice, Fire the Regent
of the Treasures!

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1.04 - Hymns of Bharadwaja
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  object:1.04 - Hymns of Bharadwaja
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