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02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life
1.037 - Preventing the Fall in Yoga
1.pbs - Feelings Of A Republican On The Fall Of Bonaparte - The Fall
1.wby - The Falling Of The Leaves
The Fall
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The fall of man is symbolized in the zodiacal signs of Virgo-Scorpio, and it is mankind who has become the serpent of Genesis and thus causes daily and hourly the fall and sin of the celestial Virgin, who becomes the mother of gods and devils at the same time. But karma in one of its senses would be a better word for this: “Karma . . . means, as a synonym of sin, the performance of some action for the attainment of an object of worldly, hence selfish, desire, which cannot fail to be hurtful to somebody else” (SD 2:302n).


the fallen angels listed in Enoch I, 69.

the fallen angels.

the fallen angels), he has spent 6,000 years trying

the fallen angels in the Enoch listings.


The Fall ::: As part of the allegory of the Garden of Eden, this is the Fall from non-duality into dualistic identity that gave rise to the plethora of permutations of experience that categorize consciousness.

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   12 Sri Aurobindo
   1 Terry Pratchett
   1 Peter J Carroll
   1 Jorge Luis Borges
   1 David Foster Wallace


   9 Anonymous

   7 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

   5 William Shakespeare

   5 Victor Hugo

   5 Ernest Hemingway

   4 Terry Pratchett

   4 Leigh Bardugo

   4 Blake Crouch

   3 Tana French

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   3 Neil Gaiman

   3 Henry David Thoreau

   3 Haruki Murakami

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1:A god come down and greater by the fall. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 03.04 - The Vision and the Boon,
3:In man a dim disturbing somewhat lives;It knows but turns away from divine LightPreferring the dark ignorance of the fall. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 04.02 - The Growth of the Flame,
4:The Son of God born as the Son of manHas drunk the bitter cup, owned Godhead’s debt,The debt the Eternal owes to the fallen kind ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 06.02 - The Way of Fate and the Problem of Pain,
5:Illumined theocracies of the seeing soul Throned in the power of the Transcendent's ray. A vision of grandeurs, a dream of magnitudes In sun-bright kingdoms moved with regal gait: ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life,
6:Who shall foretell the event of a battle, the fall of a footstep?Oracles, visions and prophecies voice but the dreams of the mortal,And ‘tis our spirit within is the Pythoness tortured in Delphi. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems 5.1.01 - Ilion,
7:Children of Immortality, gods who are joyous for ever,Rapture is ours and eternity measures our lives by his aeons.For we desireless toil who have joy in the fall as the triumph,Knowledge eternal possessing we work for an end that is destinedL ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems 5.1.01 - Ilion,
8:As comes a goddess to a mortal's breastAnd fills his days with her celestial clasp,She stooped to make her home in transient shapes;In Matter's womb she cast the Immortal's fire,In the unfeeling Vast woke thought and hope,Smote with her charm and beauty flesh and nerveAnd forced delight on earth's insensible frame. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life,
9:Apotheosised, transfigured by wisdom's touch, Her days became a luminous sacrifice; An immortal moth in happy and endless fire, She burned in his sweet intolerable blaze. A captive Life wedded her conqueror. In his wide sky she built her world anew; She gave to mind's calm pace the motor's speed, To thinking a need to live what the soul saw, To living an impetus to know and see. His splendour grasped her, her puissance to him clung; She crowned the Idea a king in purple robes, Put her magic serpent sceptre in Thought's grip, Made forms his inward vision's rhythmic shapes And her acts the living body of his will. A flaming thunder, a creator flash, His victor Light rode on her deathless Force; ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life,
10:At her will the inscrutable Supermind leans downTo guide her force that feels but cannot know,Its breath of power controls her restless seasAnd life obeys the governing Idea.At her will, led by a luminous ImmanenceThe hazardous experimenting MindPushes its way through obscure possiblesMid chance formations of an unknowing world.Our human ignorance moves towards the TruthThat Nescience may become omniscient,Transmuted instincts shape to divine thoughts,Thoughts house infallible immortal sightAnd Nature climb towards God's identity.The Master of the worlds self-made her slaveIs the executor of her fantasies:She has canalised the seas of omnipotence;She has limited by her laws the Illimitable. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life,
11:From these two incontrovertible premises he deduced that the Library is total and that its shelves register all the possible combinations of the twenty-odd orthographical symbols (a number which, though extremely vast, is not infinite): in other words, all that it is given to express, in all languages. Everything: the minutely detailed history of the future, the archangels' autobiographies, the faithful catalogue of the Library, thousands and thousands of false catalogues, the demonstration of the fallacy of those catalogues, the demonstration of the fallacy of the true catalogue, the Gnostic gospel of Basilides, the commentary on that gospel, the commentary on the commentary on that gospel, the true story of your death, the translation of every book in all languages, the interpolations of every book in all books. ~ Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel ,
12:Metamorphosis: The transmutation of the mind to magical consciousness has often been called the Great Work. It has a far-reaching purpose leading eventually to the discovery of the True Will. Even a slight ability to change oneself is more valuable than any power over the external universe. Metamorphosis is an exercise in willed restructuring of the mind. All attempts to reorganize the mind involve a duality between conditions as they are and the preferred condition. Thus it is impossible to cultivate any virtue like spontaneity, joy, pious, pride, grace or omnipotence without involving oneself in more conventionality, sorrow, guilt, sin and impotence in the process. Religions are founded on the fallacy that one can or ought to have one without the other. High magic recognizes the dualistic condition but does not care whether life is bittersweet or sweet and sour; rather it seeks to achieve any arbitrary perceptual perspective at will. ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber MMM ,
13:The so-called 'psychotically depressed' person who tries to kill herself doesn't do so out of quote 'hopelessness' or any abstract conviction that life's assets and debits do not square. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing. The person in whom Its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise. Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows. Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire's flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It's not desiring the fall; it's terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling 'Don't!' and 'Hang on!', can understand the jump. Not really. You'd have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling. ~ David Foster Wallace,
14:Supermind and the human mind are a number of ranges, planes or layers of consciousness - one can regard it in various ways - in which the element or substance of mind and consequently its movements also become more and more illumined and powerful and wide. The Overmind is the highest of these ranges; it is full of lights and powers; but from the point of view of what is above it, it is the line of the soul's turning away from the complete and indivisible knowledge and its descent towards the Ignorance. For although it draws from the Truth, it is here that begins the separation of aspects of the Truth, the forces and their working out as if they were independent truths and this is a process that ends, as one descends to ordinary Mind, Life and Matter, in a complete division, fragmentation, separation from the indivisible Truth above. There is no longer the essential, total, perfectly harmonising and unifying knowledge, or rather knowledge for ever harmonious because for ever one, which is the character of Supermind. In the Supermind mental divisions and oppositions cease, the problems created by our dividing and fragmenting mind disappear and Truth is seen as a luminous whole. In the Overmind there is not yet the actual fall into Ignorance, but the first step is taken which will make the fall inevitable. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - I ,
15:As far as heaven, as near as thought and hope,Glimmered the kingdom of a griefless life.Above him in a new celestial vaultOther than the heavens beheld by mortal eyes,As on a fretted ceiling of the gods,An archipelago of laughter and fire,Swam stars apart in a rippled sea of sky.Towered spirals, magic rings of vivid hueAnd gleaming spheres of strange felicityFloated through distance like a symbol world.On the trouble and the toil they could not share,On the unhappiness they could not aid,Impervious to life's suffering, struggle, grief,Untarnished by its anger, gloom and hate,Unmoved, untouched, looked down great visioned planesBlissful for ever in their timeless right.Absorbed in their own beauty and content,Of their immortal gladness they live sure.Apart in their self-glory plunged, remoteBurning they swam in a vague lucent haze,An everlasting refuge of dream-light,A nebula of the splendours of the godsMade from the musings of eternity.Almost unbelievable by human faith,Hardly they seemed the stuff of things that are.As through a magic television's glassOutlined to some magnifying inner eyeThey shone like images thrown from a far sceneToo high and glad for mortal lids to seize.But near and real to the longing heartAnd to the body's passionate thought and senseAre the hidden kingdoms of beatitude.In some close unattained realm which yet we feel,Immune from the harsh clutch of Death and Time,Escaping the search of sorrow and desire,In bright enchanted safe peripheriesFor ever wallowing in bliss they lie.In dream and trance and muse before our eyes,Across a subtle vision's inner field,Wide rapturous landscapes fleeting from the sight,The figures of the perfect kingdom passAnd behind them leave a shining memory's trail.Imagined scenes or great eternal worlds,Dream-caught or sensed, they touch our hearts with their depths;Unreal-seeming, yet more real than life,Happier than happiness, truer than things true,If dreams these were or captured images,Dream's truth made false earth's vain realities.In a swift eternal moment fixed there liveOr ever recalled come back to longing eyesCalm heavens of imperishable Light,Illumined continents of violet peace,Oceans and rivers of the mirth of GodAnd griefless countries under purple suns. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life,
16:Vijnana, true ideation, called ritam, truth or vedas, knowledge in the Vedas, acts in human mind by four separate functions; revelation, termed drishti, sight; inspiration termed sruti,hearing; and the two faculties of discernment, smriti, memory,which are intuition, termed ketu, and discrimination, termed daksha, division, or viveka, separation. By drishti we see ourselves the truth face to face, in its own form, nature or self-existence; by sruti we hear the name, sound or word by which the truth is expressed & immediately suggested to the knowledge; by ketu we distinguish a truth presented to us behind a veil whether of result or process, as Newton discovered the law of gravitation hidden behind the fall of the apple; by viveka we distinguish between various truths and are able to put them in their right place, order and relation to each other, or, if presented with mingled truth & error, separate the truth from the falsehood. Agni Jatavedas is termed in the Veda vivichi, he who has the viveka, who separates truth from falsehood; but this is only a special action of the fourth ideal faculty & in its wider scope, it is daksha, that which divides & rightly distributes truth in its multiform aspects. The ensemble of the four faculties is Vedas or divine knowledge. When man is rising out of the limited & error-besieged mental principle, the faculty most useful to him, most indispensable is daksha or viveka. Drishti of Vijnana transmuted into terms of mind has become observation, sruti appears as imagination, intuition as intelligent perception, viveka as reasoning & intellectual judgment and all of these are liable to the constant touch of error. Human buddhi, intellect, is a distorted shadow of the true ideative faculties. As we return from these shadows to their ideal substance viveka or daksha must be our constant companion; for viveka alone can get rid of the habit of mental error, prevent observation being replaced by false illumination, imagination by false inspiration, intelligence by false intuition, judgment & reason by false discernment. The first sign of human advance out of the anritam of mind to the ritam of the ideal faculty is the growing action of a luminous right discernment which fixes instantly on the truth, feels instantly the presence of error. The fullness, the manhana of this viveka is the foundation & safeguard of Ritam or Vedas. The first great movement of Agni Jatavedas is to transform by the divine will in mental activity his lower smoke-covered activity into the bright clearness & fullness of the ideal discernment. Agne adbhuta kratw a dakshasya manhana. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Hymns To The Mystic Fire 717,

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2:See you in the fall. ~ Justine Larbalestier
3:Was the
fun in the fall? ~ Ellen Hopkins
4:breathed in the fall air, tasting ~ Joe Hart
5:It is a kingly act to help the fallen. ~ Ovid
6:The fallen leaves return to the root. ~ Lisa See
7:Love likes not the falling fruit, ~ Walter Raleigh
8:Enjoy the fall, or nothing at all. ~ Pepper Winters
9:The falling leaf doesn't hate the wind. ~ Tere Liye
11:The fall of the sun, the final verse. ~ Rick Riordan
12:Now it is autumn and the falling fruit ~ D H Lawrence
13:The falling snowflakes were hypnotic. ~ Matthew Mather
14:The fall takes no time and forever. ~ Courtney Summers
15:The higher up, the harder the fall. ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
16:A radiant fellowship of the fallen. ~ Joshua Chamberlain
17:In London, I tended to hang with the fallen. ~ Ken Bruen
18:It is a kingly act to assist the fallen. ~ Mother Teresa
19:Risk the fall to know how it feels to fly. ~ Alicia Keys
20:To be human is to catch the falling person. ~ John Green
21:The Fears as bad as the Falling.... ~ William Shakespeare
22:You are strong enough to survive the fall ~ Leigh Bardugo
23:been an indispensable ally during the fallout ~ Lisa Regan
24:Smells are the fallen angels of the senses. ~ Helen Keller
25:Sophistry is the fallacy of argument. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
26:The fall of waters and the song of birds, ~ William Cowper
27:If you're at the top, then brace for the fall. ~ Tori Kelly
28:To expect reason is where the fallacy lies. ~ Richard Russo
29:but oh, by all the fallen stars, it hurt! ~ Jacqueline Carey
30:The fall of dropping water wears away the Stone. ~ Lucretius
31:The Fall will always be yours and mine… ~ Jennifer Elisabeth
32:The higher the tower, the greater the fall thereof. ~ Horace
33:Don’t major on the fall, major on getting up! ~ Jerry Savelle
34:The further the fall, the greater the hurt. ~ Publilius Syrus
35:Words are the fallen ruins of silent majesty. ~ Bryant McGill
36:I’m too ashamed to admit I’m afraid of the fall. ~ Tahereh Mafi
37:Who rise from flesh to spirit know the fall: ~ Theodore Roethke
38:And after the Fall will come inevitable barbarism ~ Isaac Asimov
39:Don't be cocky, 'Pride cometh before the fall ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
40:The falling-apart shit is going to have to wait. ~ Paula Marinaro
41:Because you are strong enough to survive the fall. ~ Leigh Bardugo
42:Down, down, down! Would the fall never come to an end? ~ Anonymous
43:From the fallen tree everybody makes firewood. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
44:I am a person who recognizes the fallacy of humans. ~ George W Bush
45:Kings were not patient. Not even the fallen kind. ~ Ruth Frances Long
46:I ain't scared of the fall / I've felt the ground before. ~ The Weeknd
47:Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
48:not the fall that kills you but the abrupt stop. ~ Matthew FitzSimmons
49:the higher the step of advancement, the heavier is the fall. ~ Heloise
50:Summer is a platform from which to think about the fall. ~ Joanna Walsh
51:The fall sky was pewter and the air pregnant with rain. ~ Debbie Herbert
52:To avoid the fall often means living a less-than life. ~ Emily P Freeman
53:I loved The Fall; I was kind of obsessed with that show. ~ Cillian Murphy
54:Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. ~ Blake Crouch
55:The fallen angel becomes a malignant devil. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
56:It isn’t the fall that will kill you, but the sudden stop. ~ Darynda Jones
57:No need to listen for the fall. This is the world's end. ~ Rudyard Kipling
58:O maternal earth which rocks the fallen leaf to sleep! ~ Edgar Lee Masters
59:But in Britannia it was a different story. Here the fall of ~ David Starkey
60:I want to fall in love, with an emphasis on the falling part. ~ Nicola Yoon
61:The fall of Constantinople must have been very disagreeable. ~ Rebecca West
62:There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow. ~ William Shakespeare
63:There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. ~ William Shakespeare
64:My life changed completely in 1989 with the fall of the wall. ~ Angela Merkel
65:The fall of the Berlin Wall was the fall of the madness! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
66:there is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. ~ William Shakespeare
67:Building up the arms did not cause the fall of Eastern Europe. ~ Michael Moore
68:Teach me the love that is evergreen after the fall leaved/Grave ~ Dylan Thomas
69:I'll never forget the fall colors on the Berkshires. ~ William Standish Knowles
70:I’m not about to take the fall for somebody else’s porn movie. ~ Justin Halpern
71:Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
72:People born in the fall and winter are more likely to be larks; ~ Daniel H Pink
73:Where there is prayer, the fallen spirits have no power. ~ Thaddeus of Vitovnica
74:If you fall out of love, remember the love and not the fall. ~ Augusten Burroughs
75:The fallow soil of loneliness is fertile ground for self-deception. ~ Dean Koontz
76:It's not the fall that kills you; it's the sudden stop at the end. ~ Douglas Adams
77:I wanted to jump, Sam, but I never once expected the fall to go up. ~ Aly Martinez
78:In the fall term of 1933-34 I was on my family farm in Maine. ~ Stephen Cole Kleene
79:It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end. ~ Randall Munroe
80:The fallow soil of loneliness is fertile ground for self-deception. ~ Dean R Koontz know you can fly. If you can't, imagine the thrill of the fall. ~ Kylie Scott
82:Nothing extraordinary happened except the falling away of the concepts ~ Rupert Spira
83:Pride goeth before the fall....but you've already fallen, haven't you? ~ Melissa Marr
84:The fall of man stands a lie before Beethoven, a truth before Hitler. ~ Gregory Corso
85:The world was fair, the mountains tall In Elder Days before the fall. ~ J R R Tolkien
86:If you want summer in San Francisco, plan your vacation for the fall. ~ John Lescroart
87:Oren Eini (Ahende Rahien): “The Fallacy of Distributed Transactions ~ Martin Kleppmann
88:They are slaves who fear to speak, for the fallen and the weak. ~ James Russell Lowell
89:We were all getting old. That much was as plain as the falling rain. ~ Haruki Murakami
90:During the fall and winter we built Fort Meade and the town of Sturgis. ~ Calamity Jane
91:I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
92:It’s the flowers that bloom last that hold best against the fall frosts. ~ Debora Geary
93:The Byrds flew off the fallout shelter, eight miles high and falling fast. ~ Don McLean
94:You’re big enough to climb the rope; you’re big enough to take the fall, ~ Lisa Wingate
95:If you accept the falling as normal, it can become its own solid ground. ~ Josh Malerman
96:I went to Princeton in the fall of 1930 as a half-time instructor. ~ Stephen Cole Kleene
97:...the fall of man in paradise has always been followed by his expulsion. ~ Adolf Hitler
98:The ground here has an air about it, a purpose: it focuses on the fallen. ~ Joanna Walsh
99:you've gotta learn to love the falling, because it's all about falling. ~ David Levithan
100:Divine spirit flows through heart
that willing to rise after the falling. ~ Toba Beta
101:In the fall the war was always there but we did not go to it any more. ~ Ernest Hemingway
102:In the fall the war was always there, but we did not go to it anymore. ~ Ernest Hemingway
103:I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel... ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
104:The Fall is where the nation is. The Fall is the locus of America. ~ William Stringfellow
105:From the fall of October, 1980 to March, 1984 I never lost a competition. ~ Scott Hamilton
106:I'm convinced the Beatles are partly responsible for the fall of Communism. ~ Milos Forman
107:Is it not when the fall is the lowest that charity ought to be the greatest? ~ Victor Hugo
108:The best sky was in Italy or Spain and in Northern Michigan in the fall ~ Ernest Hemingway
109:A god come down and greater by the fall. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Vision and the Boon,
110:My last days at MGM were like the fall of the Roman Empire in fast motion. ~ Joseph Barbera
111:The summer is cruel to its leaves, the fall to its colors, the winter to us. ~ Herta M ller
112:We ride and never worry 'bout the fall. Guess that's just the cowboy in us all. ~ Tim McGraw
113:I have been elevated to such a high status that the fall will be very steep. ~ Hrithik Roshan
114:The falling away of things we carry around with us, twilight and chimney smoke. ~ Don DeLillo
115:There is no stillness like the quiet of the first cold nights in the fall. ~ Carson McCullers
116:You don’t cook pumpkins in the summer, you don’t cook peaches in the fall. ~ Kathryn Stockett
117:How much l wanted to take scalps, but it was not my kill. - Legends of the Fall ~ Jim Harrison
118:I like to think of The Falls as my own personal encyclopedia Greenaway-ensis. ~ Peter Greenaway
119:Know that transformation sometimes begins with a fall. So never curse the fall. ~ Yasmin Mogahed
120:History is littered with the fallen empires of kings, dictators, and fools who were ~ Bobby Adair
121:There was an old joke—it’s not the fall that kills you but the abrupt stop. ~ Matthew FitzSimmons
122:What a simple thing death is, just as simple as the falling of an autumn leaf. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
123:You must get good at one of two things; planting in the spring or begging in the fall. ~ Jim Rohn
124:Bigger the risk, bigger the reward. But the higher the climb the harder the fall. ~ Greyson Chance
125:Deep friendships are often so very hard to find because this is the fallen place. ~ Sally Clarkson
126:For Case, who’d lived for the bodiless exultation of cyberspace, it was the Fall. ~ William Gibson
127:You'll feel me in the fall backwards. She'd kissed me on the mouth and walked out. ~ Tarryn Fisher
128:College football was a religion in Alabama, and Saturdays in the fall were holy days. ~ Lexi George
129:Friends give you a cushion for the fall, even when you think you don’t need or want one. ~ J D Robb
130:F. Scott Fitzgerald line: Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. ~ Blake Crouch
131:The fallen
Leaf flies
Like a
Young Icarus
Disintegrates ~ Matthew Quick
132:Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end! 'I wonder how many miles I've ~ Lewis Carroll
133:She tasted of hope. Oh. What does that taste like? Pollen and stars, the Fallen said. ~ Laini Taylor
134:The fallacy is to believe that under a dictatorial government you can be free inside ~ George Orwell
135:... the fallibility of human brains is in nothing more obvious than in proof reading. ~ George Eliot
136:The moral bent of the fallen world is not toward godliness, but definitely away from it. ~ A W Tozer
137:The path of the righteous is not determined by the fall, but by the rising after the fall. ~ Various
138:Utopias rest on the fallacy that perfection is a legitimate goal of human existence. ~ Lewis Mumford
139:All cynics are disappointed idealists. The more stars in the eyes, the harder the fall. ~ Josh Lanyon the old proverb said, The falling out of faithful friends is the renewal of love. ~ Norah Lofts
141:Gods might note the fall of a sparrow but they don’t make any effort to catch them. ~ Terry Pratchett
142:He longed for the oblivion at the end of it, but lacked the courage to face the fall ~ Melvin Burgess
143:Please don't break this heart, it's endured so very much, it survived the fall. ~ Tyler Knott Gregson
144:In the fall of 1968, I reported to Moody Air Force Base in Georgia for pilot training. ~ George W Bush
145:The falls of our life provide us with the energy to propel ourselves to a higher level. ~ Wayne W Dyer
146:the fallen leaves in the forest seemed to make even the ground glow and burn with light ~ Malcolm Lowry
147:The falling snow was like confetti made of glass." - The Chosen, by Kristina Ohlsson ~ Kristina Ohlsson
148:The fall of the Berlin Wall makes for nice pictures. But it all started in the shipyards. ~ Lech Walesa
149:The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk. ~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
150:The rule will often be here reiterated: financial genius is before the fall. I ~ John Kenneth Galbraith
151:not one escaped to tell the fall of Alamo, The hundred & fifty are dumb yet at Alamo. ~ Walt Whitman
152:At the fall, we became alienated not only from God and other people but also from ourselves. ~ R C Sproul
153:How do we know that the creation of worlds is not determined by the fall of grains of sand? ~ Victor Hugo
154:Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly. ~ Neil Gaiman
155:Stumble is worse than falling, because stumble is not as instructive as the falling! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
156:The falling flakes were random and without purpose; the snow was drunker than she was. ~ Chuck Klosterman
157:The fall is hard. You find out exactly who's real and who isn't when your grace is gone. ~ Helena Hunting
158:In discussing Barbarism and Christianity I have actually been discussing the Fall of Rome. ~ Edward Gibbon
159:Voldemort’s fury at the fall of his last, best lieutenant exploded with the force of a bomb. ~ J K Rowling
160:not one escaped to tell the fall of Alamo,
The hundred & fifty are dumb yet at Alamo. ~ Walt Whitman
161:A girl didn't get an athletic scholarship until the fall of 1972 for the very first time. ~ Billie Jean King
162:Had they seen Richard III die in the nearby battle that marked the fall of the Plantagenets? ~ Lincoln Child
163:I would ask you to come in Khadi, for Khadi links you with the fallen and the down-trodden. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
164:The beauty of the image of God marred in man through the Fall is what the Incarnation redeems. ~ Brian Zahnd
165:I couldn't stop myself from exploding, but I could at least learn to contain the fallout. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
166:I don't see Jesus as rescuing the fallen; I see Jesus as expanding the potential of life. ~ John Shelby Spong
167:I need to make it difficult for myself, not for others: those are the rules for the fallen. Not ~ Nina George
168:There is no hope the future will but turn the old sand in the falling glass of time. ~ Richard Henry Stoddard
169:It is wrong not to give a hand to the fallen. This right is common to the whole human race. ~ Seneca the Elder
170:The reason why the Son of God took upon him our nature was, the fall of our first parents. ~ George Whitefield
171:As expected: she, the daughter of the Fall, recipient of its heaviest radiation, loved atomically. ~ Junot D az
172:As expected: she, the daughter of the Fall, recipient of its heaviest radiation, loved atomically. ~ Junot Diaz
173:Don’t be morbid,’ Jordan said. ‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
175:Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape. ~ Terry Pratchett
176:The fall from your dream into reality is especially hard when you've seen that you can fly. ~ Stephen Tobolowsky
177:You nearly froze to death out there, you haven’t been fed since the fall of Rome, and I’m evil. ~ Seanan McGuire
178:Angel? Angels didn't sit on the lap of wicked scoundrels-not unless they were the fallen kind. ~ Sabrina Jeffries
179:Because everyone knows, when it comes to love, it’s not the fall that hurts… it’s the landing. ~ Rachel Van Dyken
180:One sat painfully now, among the falling chunks of rain, and the other stood next to her, waiting. ~ Markus Zusak
181:The fall of communism had more to do with prayer meetings in Poland than bombs dropped on Cambodia. ~ Brian Zahnd
182:There are two times of the year that stir the blood. In the fall, for the hunt, and now for lacrosse. ~ Oren Lyons
183:If you put your energy into thinking about how much the fall would hurt, you’re already halfway down. ~ Tana French
184:"In view of the fallibility of all human judgment, we cannot believe thatwe will always judge rightly." ~ Carl Jung
185:Sing a song of seasons; something bright in all, flowers in the summer, fires in the fall. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
186:There is one sure thing about the fall of gods: they do not fall a little; they crash and shatter. ~ John Steinbeck
187:Tolerance cannot afford to have anything to do with the fallacy that evil may convert itself to good. ~ Freya Stark
188:What happened when you gave in to temptation. When you listened to the fallen angels of your nature. ~ Louise Penny
189:You're mad," the fallen angel said.

"Get me some Alka Seltzer and I'll foam at the mouth, too. ~ Jim Butcher
190:He felt like weeping at the wrenching pleasure he derived from studying the fall of her hair, ~ Charlotte Vale Allen
191:History takes place between the Fall and the Apocalypse, with a narrow escape route called Salvation. ~ Mason Cooley
192:The falling leaf that tells of autumn's death is, in a subtler sense, a prophecy of spring. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
193:The fall of Adam and Eve (and therefore the rest of the human race) into sin has been disastrous. ~ Timothy J Keller
194:The floating vapour is just as true an illustration of the law of gravity as the falling avalanche. ~ John Burroughs
195:How can I explain purposely setting foot on a path so blatantly treacherous? Was the fun in the fall? ~ Ellen Hopkins
196:Some people should never meet. The fallout spreads too wide and gets into the ground for much too long. ~ Tana French
197:a nice landing, boys,” Bruenor called as he broke free of the fall. “Give the rocks a big kiss for me! ~ R A Salvatore
198:Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
Nor was it wise to tempt angels, even of the fallen sort. ~ Cassandra Clare
199:When you realise the mountain you've been climbing is just a heap of shit, the fall doesn't feel so far. ~ Ed McDonald
200:I began both auditioning with Pearl Jam and recording for Eleven. In the fall of 1994, I joined Pearl Jam. ~ Jack Irons
201:From thee all human actions take their springs,  The rise of empires, and the fall of kings. ~ Samuel Boyse, The Deity
202:The title of hero is bestowed by the survivors upon the fallen, who themselves know nothing of heroism. ~ Johan Huizinga
203:23    The fallow ground of the poor would yield much food,         but it is swept away through  b injustice. ~ Anonymous
204:Fallen woman." The term made a sort of poetic sense. Once the fall started, it seemed it never stopped. ~ Julie Anne Long
205:It is a denial of justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen; that is the common right of humanity. ~ Seneca
206:Nebraskans know the true meaning of life... work, spending time with loved ones, and Saturdays in the fall. ~ Jason Peter
207:Shakespeare said: "There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow." Everything happens perfectly. ~ Frederick Lenz
208:The Fall is an offense to human reason, but once accepted, it makes perfect sense of the human condition. ~ Blaise Pascal
209:I like New York in the spring and in the fall. It's one of the best cities to walk that I've ever been in. ~ Terry O Quinn
210:No one talked about the way the summer was supposed to unfold or the places we'd find ourselves in the fall. ~ Nina LaCour
211:Only the peak feels so sound and stable that the beginning of the falling is hidden for a little while. ~ William Faulkner
212:Prophecy of Amnon. Great is the fall of Gondolin. Lo Turgon shall not fade till the lily of the valley fadeth. ~ Anonymous
213:The fall of man did not introduce evil; it placed us on the wrong side of it, under its rule, needing rescue. ~ N D Wilson
214:This was worse than a retched nightmare. It was the nightmare of real things, the fallen wonder of the world ~ Don DeLillo
215:Thus men will lie on their backs, talking about the fall of man, and never make an effort to get up. ~ Henry David Thoreau
216:His old name was on the toll of the fallen, after all, and beside it was Blackdog Wood, 1159 Burn’s Sleep. ~ Steven Erikson
218:It’s a rigged game, K. Let me take the fall—that way, you survive to have a life with her. When she’s free. ~ Elaine Levine
219:Baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life. Football begins in the fall, when everything's dying. ~ George Carlin
220:I'm satisfied with a little while you haters want it all. You waitin' for the spring and I'm gettin' it in the fall. ~ Drake
221:Possibilities the closet
...itching break out
...but afraid of
...the fallout ~ Ellen Hopkins
222:Even if a thing is doomed—there is that moment of absurd hope that is worth the fall, that is worth everything. ~ Chuck Hogan
223:In the long run, the fall of one civilization is very much like the fall of another. Only the land remains. ~ Morgan Llywelyn
224:I wrote the album [Metals] in the fall. In about four months, I went from zero to finished. It usually takes forever. ~ Feist
225:We are separated from God on two sides; the Fall separates us from Him, the Tree of Life separates Him from us. ~ Franz Kafka
226:There was a crash like the falling parts of a dream fashioned out of warped glass, mirrors, and crystal prisms. ~ Ray Bradbury
227:To nature lovers, the season of new beginnings is the spring, but to people who excel in school, it's the fall. ~ Anne Fadiman
228:You were falling for me, and I was falling for you, and we were falling together into the land of the fallen. ~ Lauren Blakely
229:And our mother, our mother took pity on the child. She gave it her blood and turned it into one of the Fallen. ~ Karpov Kinrade
230:No mere man since the Fall, is able in this life perfectly to keep the commandments. ~ Book of Common Prayer, Shorter Catechism
231:What was the joke the paratroops used in jump school? It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop. ~ Chet Williamson
232:Eventually, the time that was not spent on learning skills will catch up with you, and the fall will be painful. ~ Robert Greene
233:Prophecy of Amnon. ‘Great is the fall of Gondolin’ and ‘When the lily of the valley withers then shall Turgon fade’. ~ Anonymous
234:These be Three silent things: The Falling snow. . . the hour Before the dawn. . . the mouth of one Just dead. ~ Adelaide Crapsey
235:Zoya of the lost city. Zoya of the garden. Zoya bleeding in the snow. You are strong enough to survive the fall. ~ Leigh Bardugo
236:And we were both dazed from the fallout, trying not to think too much, feel too much. Easier just to shut down. “What ~ Ruth Ware
237:But the living must fear death, or they would not struggle to stay alive.

from 'The Fallen Kings. ~ Cynthia Harrod Eagles
238:History is littered with the fallen empires of kings, dictators, and fools who were passionate, certain, and wrong. ~ Bobby Adair
239:It’s a rigged game, K. Let me take the fall—that way, you survive to have a life with her. When she’s free.” “I’m ~ Elaine Levine
240:Subtract out the impact and the fall is all you get. So here's two beers to remember why and three more to forget. ~ Ani DiFranco
241:The membranes that separate us from insanity, from the fall, the monsters, are so thin. Only paper walls. ~ John Ajvide Lindqvist
242:Always puts me in mind of that F. Scott Fitzgerald line: Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. ~ Blake Crouch
243:I had a prostatectomy in the fall and fortunately it was encapsulated and I didn't have to go through chemotherapy. ~ Steve Garvey
244:I think the fall from the farmer to the operative as great and memorable as that from the man to the farmer. ~ Henry David Thoreau
245:Live like the season is ending and the birds are leaving, fight against the winds of the fall like the last leave. ~ M F Moonzajer
246:The fallout from slavery is ongoing. I am not sure the issue of race in America will ever be completely solved. ~ Colson Whitehead
247:The roar of the falls echoed in my mind and, in the quiet of the wilderness evening, I went happily to sleep on Earth. ~ Bob Brown
248:I hear them, the fallen priest and the lady. Their footsteps sound like the soft hush of rain over the stone floors. ~ Rene Denfeld
249:Now, it’s up to you. Is he worth the fall and possible heartbreak, or is he strong enough to catch you?” Without ~ Corinne Michaels
250:The lofty pine is most easily brought low by the force of the wind, and the higher the tower the greater the fall thereof. ~ Horace
251:Bad things happened, it was how we navigated the fallout afterward that really defined what our new normal would be. ~ Jay Crownover
252:I sort of use as my guiding principle that show The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. Whenever possible, do the stupid thing. ~ Moby
253:It is a denial of justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen that is the common right of humanity. ~ Seneca the Younger
254:Oh, as the tragedies of Shakespeare have revealed, the fall of kings is but fodder for the riches entertainments. ~ Robert Alexander
255:Collin and I were fire and ice, love and hate. When you climb to soaring heights, the fall is much more deadly. ~ Denise Grover Swank
256:Words linger and words matter, I learned, and it’s not possible to predict the fallout they can have on a subject’s life. ~ Beth Macy
257:At night, lying on your back and staring at the falling snow, it's easy to imagine oneself soaring through the stars. ~ Craig Thompson
258:Rather than a great tragedy, the fall of Rome was the single most beneficial event in the rise of Western civilization. ~ Rodney Stark
259:He looked like an angel.

But only the fallen would make her feel the sudden violent lust rushing through her veins. ~ Marie Hall
260:His jaw was slack and his mouth open, and he wondered if perhaps he would drown eventually; drowned by the falling rain. ~ Iain M Banks
261:I did buy a new piece of furniture so it's like, "Oh, that's something new." But generally my goals are made in the fall. ~ Jen Kirkman
262:A little bird told me that jumping is easy and the falling is fun, right up until you hit sidewalk shivering and stunned. ~ Ani DiFranco
263:All the fallacies of human reason had to be exhausted, before the light of a high truth could meet with ready acceptance. ~ F Max M ller
264:he carefully scoured the dirt and the wet fallen leaves and the wet moss that held the weight of the fallen sky in them ~ Benjamin Myers
265:We eat the year away. We eat the spring and the summer and the fall. We wait for something to grow and then we eat it. ~ Shirley Jackson
266:And the bigger the fall, the bigger the joke. It would be better fun to throw a custard pie at a bishop than at a curate. ~ George Orwell
267:Like Samson, I am ready to pull down the white man's temple, knowing full well that I will be destroyed by the falling rubble. ~ Malcolm X
268:We are always in danger of rejecting the creational in name of the fall and of accepting the fallen in name of creation. ~ Albert M Wolters
269:A mere 400 years after our fall from the center of the universe, we have experienced the fall from the center of ourselves. ~ David Eagleman
270:Corn wind in the fall, come off the black lands, come off the whisper of the silk hangers, the lap of the flat spear leaves. ~ Carl Sandburg
271:I believe we've... we've worked very hard with the Iraqis to build a better place ever since the fall of Saddam's government. ~ John Abizaid
272:I auditioned for 'Girls' the fall after I graduated from Yale. The show has been amazing - as close to perfect as it gets! ~ Allison Williams
273:It was the fall into history that enslaved us to the labor cycle, to the agricultural cycle. And notice how fiendish it is. ~ Terence McKenna
274:Money is just one form of power, and the more centralized power becomes, the nastier the fallout when the pendulum swings back. ~ Eliot Peper
275:Our godlike self-understanding, however, keeps colliding with the facts of death and of the fallen finiteness of this world. ~ Carl R Trueman
276:The effects of sin touch all of creation; no created thing is in principle untouched by the corrosive effects of the fall. ~ Timothy J Keller
277:When the wicked are in authority, transgression increases, but the [uncompromisingly] righteous shall see the fall of the wicked. ~ Anonymous
278:Yet to give over one’s honor for that reason was so easy, wasn’t it? To excuse the fall of virtue by invoking all-powerful ka. ~ Stephen King
279:He was Gabriel now. One of the fallen. And the one who would save them all. He didn’t know how. But he would. He was determined. ~ Tillie Cole
280:People are amazed because I don't get much with the colds. Sometimes in the spring or in the fall, I'll get a little hay fever. ~ Donald Trump
281:The fall of man is written in too legible characters not to be understood: Those that deny it, by their denying, prove it. ~ George Whitefield
282:When you’re lost in the middle of a set of dominoes, you can’t see the pattern that’s forming in the falling blocks around you. ~ James Renner
283:A people who mean to be free must be prepared to meet danger in person, and not rely upon the fallacious protection of armies ~ Edmund Randolph
284:On the shelves of her uncle's shop a jar contains the powdered skull of a suicide, a well-known cure for the falling sickness. ~ Karen Maitland
285:The Hegemony had known how to treat cancer, but most of the gene-tailoring knowledge and technology had been lost after the Fall. ~ Dan Simmons
286:The winters in the latitude of Sullivan's Island are seldom very severe, and in the fall of the year it is a rare event indeed ~ Edgar Allan Poe
287:We will not refuse to help the helpless or lift up the fallen, but we will reuse to wallow in the mud because of our sympathies. ~ Ernest Holmes
288:After the fact, our hearts always go out to the fallen Goliaths. Yet we invariably root for their Davids. Until they're winners. ~ Malcolm Forbes
289:And blessings on the falling out That all the more endears, When we fall out with those we love And kiss again with tears! ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
290:If he went over the falls now, he might get to the bottom before they did.
That wasn't a good sentence, however he tried it. ~ Terry Pratchett
291:Illusions as bad as mine make people aware of the fallacies of visual information and the pleasure to be derived from such fallacies. ~ Vik Muniz
292:I wanted to dance. I wanted to be swept up in the long desert night, sending a farewell to the fallen and embracing the living. ~ Rachel E Carter
293:If you're going to care about the fall of the sparrow you can't pick and choose who's going to be the sparrow. It's everybody. ~ Madeleine L Engle
294:One of the great lessons the fall of the leaf teaches, is this: do your work well and then be ready to depart when God shall call. ~ Tryon Edwards
295:The fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9/89 unleashed forces that ultimately liberated all the captive peoples of the Soviet Empire ~ Thomas L Friedman
296:The friendship between me and you I will not compare to a chain; for that the rains might rust, or the falling tree might break. ~ George Bancroft
297:We do not make beams from the hollow, decaying trunk of the fallen oak. We use the upsoaring tree in the full vigor of its sap. ~ Sylvia Pankhurst
298:You throw a torch into a pile of buildings, and when they are consumed, you sit among the ruins and lament the fall. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
299:& I am wildly annunciatory; I am some pine tree utterance; I am a broken sonnet shattered in the fall & fitted back together. ~ Nate Pritts
300:A soothing sound enveloped them. Ombric hazarded a guess as to its origin, "It's like the falling sand from a thousand hourglasses. ~ William Joyce
301:I was a monster before the Fall and I'm a monster now. A different kind of monster, sure, but then again it's a different world. ~ Jonathan Maberry
302:It is not in the entrails of doves that the fall of empires can be read, but in the breeding of secrets and the multiplication of lies. ~ Rod Duncan
303:Joy – in the fall, winter, and always in the mountains where people are few, wildlife is abundant and there is peace in the quiet. ~ Donna Lynn Hope
304:Since the Fall, our instincts have been to withdraw from relationship when we’re in trouble, when we most need other people. (Remember ~ Henry Cloud
305:Arminianism is 'natural' in one sense, in that it represents a characteristic perversion of Biblical teaching by the fallen mind of man. ~ J I Packer
306:Love can only consist in failure...on the fallacious assumption that it is a relationship. But it is not. It is a production of truth. ~ Alain Badiou
307:He’s gorgeous and dangerous. Like the fallen angel Lucifer must have been. This could be the equivalent of a handshake with the devil. ~ Katie McGarry
308:look to the fallen leaves of this season as flowers and remember that we are here on borrowed time, that it is never too late to grow. ~ Savannah Page
309:There is a special providence in
the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, 'tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. ~ William Shakespeare
310:True happiness is impossible without privacy. The fallen angel probably betrayed God because he wanted the privacy denied to an angel. ~ Anton Chekhov
311:I don't do that kind of negativity. If you put your energy into thinking about how much the fall would hurt, you're already halfway down. ~ Tana French
312:Once you had put the pieces back together, even though you may look intact, you were never quite the same as you'd been before the fall. ~ Jodi Picoult
313:Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy. ~ William Golding
314:The grand leap of the whale up the Fall of Niagara is esteemed, by all who have seen it, as one of the finest spectacles in nature. ~ Benjamin Franklin
315:Love drips & gathers, but the fallen blood Shall calm her sores..." -Thomas, The Force that through the green fuse drives the flower. ~ Dylan Thomas
316:The falling, Bran thought, and the golden man, the queen’s brother, he scares me too, but mostly the falling. He did not say it, though. How ~ Anonymous
317:The fall of Eastern Aleppo marks a watershed in the five-year Syrian civil war. Opposition forces first took part of the city in 2012. ~ Margaret Warner
318:The fall of the Berlin Wall did more for the progress of freedom than all of the books written by myself or Friedrich Hayek or others. ~ Milton Friedman
319:The world of law was filled with the fallen, but theater wasn't. No one ever "fell back" onto theater. You had to really, really want it. ~ Meg Wolitzer
320:The world of law was filled with the fallen, but theater wasn’t. No one ever “fell back” onto theater. You had to really, really want it. ~ Meg Wolitzer
321:Who can really distinguish between the sea and what's reflected in it? Or tell the difference between the falling rain and loneliness? ~ Haruki Murakami
322:Who can really distinguish between the sea and what’s reflected in it? Or tell the difference between the falling rain and loneliness? ~ Haruki Murakami
323:    (A thrill of dread runs through the whole group; ASGARDSREIEN—the       ride of the fallen heroes to Valhal—hurtles through the air.) ~ Henrik Ibsen
324:For example, at the fall of Rome there was very extensive slavery everywhere in Europe; by the time of the “Renaissance” it was long gone. ~ Rodney Stark
325:In retrospect, the highlight of dating him had been free coffee and a particularly compelling discussion on the fall of the Roman Empire. ~ Richelle Mead
326:It’s not the fall that kills you, Emily thought, remembering one of her father’s favorite aphorisms, it’s the sudden stop at the end. ~ Paul Antony Jones
327:The fall of communism had more to do with prayer meetings in Poland than bombs dropped on Cambodia. War is, among other things, impatience. ~ Brian Zahnd
328:The fall or scrapping of a cultural world puts us all into the same archetypal cesspool, engendering nostalgia for earlier conditions. ~ Marshall McLuhan
329:And there's the fallacy of existence: the idea that one could be happy forever and age with a given situation or series of accomplishments. ~ Sylvia Plath
330:By the fall a poison was handed to mankind through a woman [Eve], by the Redemption man was given salvation also through a woman [Mary]. ~ Saint Augustine
331:Like every other mortal who has ever been touched by suicide, I had the fallacious belief that I could have done something to stop it. ~ Patricia Cornwell
332:By the fall of 1775 no one in Congress labored more ardently than Adams to hasten the day when America would be separate from Great Britain. ~ John Ferling
333:If a birth is the fall-out from the explosion caused by the union of two unstable elements, then perhaps a half-life is all we can expect. ~ Salman Rushdie
334:The falling prices of PV panels, mostly from China but also from the U.S., have coincided with the growing cost of grid power in India. ~ A P J Abdul Kalam
335:The three vertical lenses on all sides of the traffic light were dark this afternoon in the fall of 1957, and the houses were all dark, too. ~ Stephen King
336:It's not to much fun to know yourself too well or think you do - everyone needs a little conceit to carry them through & past the falls. ~ Marilyn Monroe
337:Nothing's worse than telling your family you got a pilot, hearing the pilot got picked up, and then finding out it's not in the fall lineup. ~ Dreama Walker
338:Summer is a discouraging time to work - you don't feel death coming on the way it does in the fall when the boys really put pen to paper. ~ Ernest Hemingway
339:The fallacy is that you have to hold some sort of stake in the grief or horror in order to write about it - I think the opposite is true. ~ Richard Flanagan
340:Who then can calculate the path of the molecule? how do we know that the creations of worlds are not determined by the fall of grains of sand? ~ Victor Hugo
341:Falling for someone isn’t hard. It’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s all the other things that surround the fall that make it hard. ~ Brittainy C Cherry
342:If one wants to keep one's self straight, one has to work hard at it, one way or the other.  I suppose it all comes from the fall of Adam. ~ Anthony Trollope
343:It's as though she holds to the walls of a canyon. If I move wrong she will look over her shoulder, let go, and take her chances with the fall. ~ Ally Condie
344:The Expulsion from Eden is an act of vindictive womanish spite; the Fall of Man, as recounted in the Bible, comes nearer to the Fall of God. ~ Cyril Connolly
345:Now, then, in order to understand white supremacy we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom. ~ Stokely Carmichael
346:The peculiar circumstances arising out of the fall of the Syracusan tyranny seem to have produced the first practitioners of the art of rhetorical ~ Aristotle
347:Without vanity, without coquetry, without curiosity, in a word, without the fall, woman would not be woman. Much of her grace is in her frailty. ~ Victor Hugo
348:You know what happens when you dream of falling? Sometimes you wake up.
Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly. ~ Neil Gaiman
349:But loss is a precious stone to me, a nectar Distilled in time, preaching the truth of winter To the fallen heart that does not cease to fall. ~ James K Baxter
350:True happiness is impossible without solitude. The fallen angel probably betrayed God because he longed for solitude, which angels do not know. ~ Anton Chekhov
351:We have lost our first honor and health, and we have become the subjects of pain and weakness, suffering and death. This is the effect of the fall. ~ Anonymous
352:When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the edges of your field or pick the fallen fruit. Leave these for the poor and the stranger. ~ Anonymous
353:You’re gorgeous, Gabriel. You always were, you know.”
“Nature’s cruelty— the fallen angel retains his beauty. But I’m ugly on the inside. ~ Sylvain Reynard
354:Ken Lay has, does and will continue to accept responsibility for the fall of Enron. He was the man at the controls. But failure is not a crime. ~ Michael Ramsey
355:What's really interesting and fun to explore is not just the falling in love and everything being great, but the obstacles to falling in love. ~ Patrick J Adams
356:Few things rival the torment of the once-famous actor, the fallen politician or, as Tocqueville might have remarked, the unsuccessful American. ~ Alain de Botton
357:The saint endeavors to recover a gift which he has lost; the sinner tries to obtain something which was never his. In brief, he repeats the Fall. ~ Arthur Machen
358:Love drips & gathers,
but the fallen blood
Shall calm her sores..."
-Thomas, The Force that through the green fuse drives the flower. ~ Dylan Thomas
359:Time piles up like brush. You burn it in the fall and all you remember are the glowing cinders. I got ash heaps everywhere I look. -Old of the Moon ~ Chris Offutt
360:Don’t be fooled by the few red or brown leaves you find on poison ivy in the fall—the plant is not dying; it’s just cheating with different pigments. ~ Hope Jahren
361:Echoing off the tile walls, the sizzle-splash of the falling water sounded like the hissing of serpents and the brittle laughter of strange children. ~ Dean Koontz
362:You can't recapture your past anymore than you can speed up your future. Stop lamenting summer and stop trying to hurry winter. Just enjoy the fall. ~ Debbie Vigui
363:Falling in love is like falling from a high cliff into a warm silky sea, the falling is like flying and the landing is like a glimpse of the divine. ~ Chloe Thurlow
364:I don't think you necessarily have to put away your summer closet to go into fall. You can incorporate the fall pieces into your normal summer wardrobe. ~ Elsa Hosk
365:I saw the Fall of Troy! World War Five! I was pushing boxes at the Boston Tea Party! Now I'm gonna die in a dungeon.... [disgustedly] in Cardiff! ~ Russell T Davies
366:There cannot be any 'story' without a fall - all stories are ultimately about the fall - at least not for human minds as we know them and have them. ~ J R R Tolkien
367:Tink had one eye squinted shut and his head cocked sideways. He eyed the bank above the falls the same way he studied a tree he was about to draw. ~ Andrew Peterson
368:Went looking for faith on the forest floor, and it showed up everywhere. In the sun, and the water, and the falling leaves, the falling leaves of time. ~ Neil Young
369:Long, I am woman who speaks but one language, the language of the fall--discontentment and self-condemnation, the critical eye and the never satisfied. ~ Ann Voskamp
370:Maybe the job of a mother is not to shelter but to bear witness as a child hits full force . . . and then to cushion the fall when it’s over. Mariah’s ~ Jodi Picoult
371:Remember , that I am thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
372:With the fall of the Conservative Government in 1929, Churchill’s career entered a stormy and often lonely decade, the so-called ‘wilderness years’. ~ Martin Gilbert
373:It is the sea that whitens the roof. The sea drifts through the winter air. It is the sea that the north wind makes. The sea is in the falling snow. ~ Wallace Stevens
374:The fallen angel becomes a malignant devil. Yet even that enemy of God and man had friends and associates in his desolation; I am alone. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
375:The death of a man is like the fall of a mighty nation That had valiant armies, captains, and prophets, And wealthy ports and ships all over the seas. ~ Czeslaw Milosz
376:As much as you have pride within you, you have the fallen angel alive in you. As much as you have true humility, you have of the Lamb of God within you. ~ Andrew Murray
377:The past stood at my shoulder, naked and defenseless as all dead things, as though it were time itself that had been laid open by the fall of the mountain. ~ Gene Wolfe
378:Some may say I’m an idiot for falling so quickly, but sometimes the fall happens so damn fast that you don’t even know until you’ve already fallen. And ~ Victoria Ashley
379:There is a lot of time between now and the fall term. There is a lot of time between now and the day after tomorrow if you want to put it that way ... ~ Ernest Hemingway
380:In the fall of 1998, I began my freshman year at San Diego State University, which my dad commonly referred to as 'Harvard, without all the smart people. ~ Justin Halpern
381:This was how it was supposed to feel. Like standing on a cliff high above a turquoise sea, terrified to jump but desperate for the thrill of the fall. ~ Danielle L Jensen
382:This weakness of character... suggested that he was the sort of man who was born to ache a good deal before the fall of the curtain on his unncessary life. ~ Thomas Hardy
383:Without solitude true happiness was impossible. The fallen angel was faithless to God probably only because he longed for solitude, which angles knew not. ~ Anton Chekhov
384:Pride invites you to soar to heights of personal triumph, but the wind is stronger at those heights and the footing, tentative. Farther, then, is the fall. ~ R A Salvatore
385:This weakness of character... suggested that he was the sort of man who was born to ache a good deal before the fall of the curtain on his unnecessary life. ~ Thomas Hardy
386:Why do we complain about the Fall? It is not on its account that we were expelled from Paradise, but on account of the Tree of Life, lest we might eat of it. ~ Franz Kafka
387:You and I must live temptation-aware; to fail to do so is to fail to recognize the fallenness of the world that happens to be the address where we live. ~ Paul David Tripp
388:Given the brief attention span of the American people, the liberation of tiny Kuwait eclipsed the fall of the Berlin Wall as a historical turning point. ~ Andrew J Bacevich
389:If you’re going to care about the fall of the sparrow you can’t pick and choose who’s going to be the sparrow. It’s everybody, and you’re stuck with it. ~ Madeleine L Engle
390:Nia placed a hand on Nugget’s collar, took a deep breath, then led the dog and Leeli down the rocky incline toward the falls. A great crash split the air. ~ Andrew Peterson
391:Something lay in the shadow at the foot of the ridge, as stiff as the stick of the fallen rocket; and the man who knew too much knew what is worth knowing. ~ G K Chesterton
392:For years now, I've wanted to fall asleep. The sort of slipping off, the giving up, the falling part of sleep. Now sleeping is the last thing I want to do. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
393:People don't feel so quarrelsome in warm weather. They get crotchety in the fall and begin to go to law about things after the first hard frosts. ~ Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
394:That fat freak a guarantee one hunner percen nucular bum. Shit. Drop him on somebody, everbody gettin caught in the fallout, gettin their ass blowed up. ~ John Kennedy Toole
395:That made no sense to the demon. The fallen had no duty, no allegiance. They were damned for eternity, regardless. They had nothing to lose, no stake in this ~ Larry Correia
396:What the trees can do handsomely-greening and flowering, fading and then the falling of leaves-human beings cannot do with dignity, let alone without pain. ~ Martha Gellhorn
397:Remember that I am thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed. Everywhere ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
398:the lesson of the falling leaves the leaves believe such letting go is love such love is faith such faith is grace such grace is god i agree with the leaves ~ Lucille Clifton
399:For in the wood these golden days Some leaf obeys its Maker's call. And through their hollow aisles it plays With delicate touch the prelude of the Fall. ~ Henry David Thoreau
400:Gravity and sadness yank us down, and hope gives us a nudge to help one another get back up or to sit with the fallen on the ground, in the abyss, in solidarity. ~ Anne Lamott
401:Maybe I don't really want to know what's going on. Maybe I'd rather not know. Maybe I couldn't bear to know. The Fall was a fall from innocence to knowledge. ~ Margaret Atwood
402:The cultural problem was 'the fallacy of insignificance', and it was a philosophical form of this fallacy that had somehow landed existentialism in a cul de sac. ~ Colin Wilson
403:A man-trained boy would have been badly bruised, for the fall was a good fifteen feet, but Mowgli fell as Baloo had taught him to fall, and landed on his feet. ~ Rudyard Kipling
404:Edward Gibbon, in his classic work on the fall of the Roman Empire, describes the Roman era's declension as a place where "bizarreness masqueraded as creativity. ~ Edward Gibbon
405:Huge and shadowy, with that scent and aura of heat, with the pale gleam of gray irises through dark lashes, he was Lucifer after the Fall, beautiful and primal. ~ Susan Andersen
406:oh do you remember when we were courting when my head lay upon your breast you could make me believe by the falling of your arm that the sun rose in the west ~ John Joseph Adams
407:Sales of George Orwell's 1984 have skyrocketed. It's true. So the fallout from the (NSA spying) scandal is worse than we thought. It's forcing Americans to read. ~ Conan O Brien
408:The final magnificent spark of a firework is only the last seconds of the fall. Though it’s invisible to most, it’s the way up that creates all the impact.  ~ Charlotte Eriksson
409:The word Miracle, as pronounced by Christian churches, gives a false impression; it is Monster. It is not one with the blowing clover and the falling rain. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
410:They are destroying each other; the Achaians fight in defense over the fallen body while the others, the Trojans, are rushing to drag the corpse off 175  to windy Ilion, ~ Homer
411:Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. ~ Nora Ephron
412:He kissed her.
And in that second, kissing her was everything. An explosion—a downpour—a secret. A sigh—a bolt of lightning—the feeling of flight before the fall. ~ Traci Chee
413:** The fall semester will offer such classes as Learning When to Shut Up, Asking for Directions, Chick Flicks 101 and The Art of Loading the Dishwasher (Lab Fee Extra) ~ K Larsen
414:Gwen didn't have to ask about the Fall. It happened to all old people, the Fall. They fell and then everything changed[...]They fell and never quite got up again. ~ Daniel Handler
415:I began the process of recording myself seriously in the fall of 1999. If I could finish an album of my own music, I would. Five years later I am happy to say I have. ~ Jack Irons
416:Love to the fallen, the outcasts, even the madly sinful,” she once wrote. “Love to every human being however degraded who bears the impress of the Divine image. ~ Michelle DeRusha
417:The word miracle, as pronounced by Christian churches, gives a false impression; it is a monster. It is not one with the blowing clover and the falling rain. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
418:Confess how you worship and obey Lucifer, the fallen one.”
"You fool. I worship none, and what woman with a brain in her head obeys anyone, let alone a failure? ~ Angela Slatter
419:For however deep the fall from righteousness, if but repentance holds the heart, there is a path—a stony and a cruel path—whereby the height may be climbed again. ~ H Rider Haggard
420:The fall is my favorite time of year. I love the colors. The sun is out, you get warmth on your skin but there's the coolness of the breeze. It's really comfortable. ~ Ricky Skaggs
421:Your job is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting. ~ Joel Osteen
422:He would be the object lesson, the walking warning to the cadets. What happened when you gave in to temptation. When you listened to the fallen angels of your nature. ~ Louise Penny
423:In man a dim disturbing somewhat lives;
It knows but turns away from divine Light
Preferring the dark ignorance of the fall. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Growth of the Flame,
424:sight of Clarice Starling running through the falling leaves on the forest path was well established now in the memory palace of his mind. It is a source of pleasure ~ Thomas Harris
425:Earthly majesty is always akin to the fallen angel, who is proud and unhappy, beautiful but troubled, and whose plans and efforts, though vast, are denied access. ~ Otto von Bismarck
426:It doesn't matter whether we live in the 19th or 21st centuries; we face the same basic problems that everyone who lives between the Fall and the return of Christ faces. ~ Mark Dever
427:The fall could have taken her all the way down, so deep she would not have come back the same or even close. He was going to pound her into the dark and leave her there.… ~ John Hart
428:The truth is that the whole system of beliefs which comes in with the story of the fall of man ... is gently falling out of enlightened human intelligence. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr
429:She recalled how Pauline had fallen off a bus one night, late, went skidding into Creedmoor. In a novel, it would have portended the fall they were all about to take ~ Alice McDermott
430:The past is the Jabberwock. Forget not the fallen, but beware the jaws and claws. With your vorpal blade going snicker-snack, kill the fucker, as you go galumphing on. ~ Henry Rollins
431:Everything that is bad, the falling sickness - God save the mark - or the like, should be at its worst at the full moon. I suppose because it is the leader of the stars. ~ Lady Gregory
432:It's not the fall that kills you, it's the landing. That was what people always said. And she's had no fall to speak of, but a hell of a lot of landing to make up for it. ~ Ned Beauman
433:Personal desire, age, and my health do not allow me to personally have a role in running the country [i.e. Iran] after the fall of the current system [of the Shah]. ~ Ruhollah Khomeini
434:The fallen autumn leaves were slick beneath Bod's feet, and the mists blurred the edges of the world. Nothing was as clean-cut as he had thought it, a few minutes before. ~ Neil Gaiman
435:Back the fuck up or I’ll kill you!” he yelled to those staring at the fallen men. I gripped his arm tighter and he patted my hand. “I got ya, Abby. Just watch the fight. ~ Jamie McGuire
436:Isn't the first story told in the West about the Fall? Adam and Eve were immigrants too from somewhere, a lost Eden, a paradise lost. We all now are so mobile, so nomadic . ~ Andrew Lam
437:No breath of wind disturbed the surface of the water. So as we climbed out onto the fallen stone the stars reflected themselves in double fashion; as above, so below. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
438:There should be a rule somewhere, somehow, that happiness is the default, the fallback for every situation. Every turn, every twist should lead toward a better beginning. ~ Sejal Badani
439:We had strict injunctions, however, on no account to pass the falls of Reichenbach, which are about half-way up the hill, without making a small detour to see them. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
440:But we fall only that we might rise, Alfred. All of us fall; all of us, as you say, screw up. Falling is not important. It is how we get up after the fall that's important. ~ Rick Yancey
441:grace of God in bestowing this gift is most free. It was what God was under no obligation to bestow: he might have rejected fallen man, as he did the fallen angels. It ~ Jonathan Edwards
442:Grappling with fate is like meeting an expert wrestler: to escape, you have to accept the fall when you are thrown. The only thing that counts is whether you get back up. ~ Ming Dao Deng
443:The fallout caused by denial was inherited by later generations of Armenians, linking them to the fateful days of 1915, and compelling them to set the record straight. ~ Michael Bobelian
444:The sun is set; and in his latest beams Yon little cloud of ashen gray and gold, Slowly upon the amber air unrolled, The falling mantle of the Prophet seems. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
445:Zen was a reaction. Just as Buddha came into the world and spoke against the fall of Vedanta, so Buddhism lost its essence and became ritual. Zen was a reaction to that. ~ Frederick Lenz
446:All libraries must submit to a certain order, I answered. Indeed, agreed the professor, or all will be lost. The fall of nations and empires begins with the fall of libraries. ~ Rawi Hage
447:But always think this: do not be afraid of failure. Do not be afraid of falling. In the art of walking, what is important is not avoiding the fall but not remaining fallen. ~ Pope Francis
448:Iniquum est collapsis manum non porrigere: commune hoc ius generis humani est"
(It is wrong not to stretch out your hand to the fallen: that is a common law of the human race) ~ Seneca
449:Since the Fall, man had accepted labor as a penance and for its power to work redemption. It was not a law of nature which forced man to work, but the effect of a curse. ~ Michel Foucault
450:How will you become free? With a quiet mind Come into that empty house, your heart, And feel the joy of the way Beyond the world. Look within - The rising and the falling. ~ Gautama Buddha
451:So it is, out here on this island, where we dwell with our faces to the sea and our backs to the wilderness. Like Adam’s family after the fall, we all have things to do. ~ Geraldine Brooks
452:If we knew exactly what animal life was like before the fall into sin and knew what nature was like before the law of entropy invaded it, we would already be living in heaven. ~ Walter Lang
453:If you’re somewhere new every day, you feel no accountability. You don’t care who you hurt. You do what you want and damn the rest because you won’t be there for the fallout. ~ Kim Harrison
454:I grew up during the Cold War, when everything seemed very tenuous. For many years, right up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, I had vivid nightmares of nuclear apocalypse. ~ Justin Cronin
455:It is a defeat of the spirit to learn one's arrogance causes such loss and pain. Pride invites you to soar to heights and the footing, tentative. farther, then, is the fall. ~ R A Salvatore
456:Pressed against her I can hear eternity -- hollow, lonely spaces and currents that churn ceaselessly, and the fallen snow welcomes the falling snow with a whispered "Hush". ~ Craig Thompson
457:the loss of the ability to see one’s guilt, the falling silent of conscience in so many areas, is a more dangerous illness of the soul than guilt that is recognized as guilt. ~ Benedict XVI
458:Bush does not want to go down in history as the president who lost in Iraq. His strategy to the extent he has one is to hang tough and let whoever succeeds him take the fall. ~ Eleanor Clift
459:The fallen prince is exhausting. I don't know how Mare could stand him or his inability to choose a damned side-especially when there's only one side he can possibly pick. ~ Victoria Aveyard
460:The omens had indicated continuing good fortune, of course, only the most foolish of captains would find any other sort of pattern in the fall of those metal discs on the cloth. ~ Ann Leckie
461:The work of God's Holy Spirit begins with bruising. In order to be saved, the fallow ground must be plowed up, the hard heart must be broken, the rock must be split apart. ~ Charles Spurgeon
462:Yale's greatness carries an urgent need to guard against the fall of excellence into exclusivity, of refinement into preciousness, of elegance into class and convention. ~ Benno C Schmidt Jr
463:And so we weep for the fallen. We weep for those yet to fall, and in war the screams are loud and harsh and in peace the wail is so drawn-out we tell ourselves we hear nothin ~ Steven Erikson
464:Glib tongues frill up their hash of knowledge
for mankind in polished speeches
that are no more than vaporous winds
rustling the fallen leaves in autumn. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
465:I left my job in the fall, and now I can set my life up around writing instead of squeezing writing into my day; it's amazing to have that time, and I feel very lucky. ~ Karen Thompson Walker
466:It doesn’t get any better than the first week of October. It always puts me in mind of that F. Scott Fitzgerald line: Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. ~ Blake Crouch
467:The anger came creeping back like the leak from a dripping water tank, the fall of each individual drop passing almost unnoticed until I realized I was soaked with the emotion. ~ Anthony Loyd
468:The falling is complete. It’s here. It’s happened, and now I’m in love with the woman in my arms.
But this woman needs me to be the kind of man who doesn’t fall so easily. ~ Lauren Blakely
469:the path isn’t always the one a girl has chosen, but the path they’re given. And when that path cracks and bleeds beneath her feet, it’s not the fall, it’s how she survives it. ~ Nashoda Rose
470:Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death be like autumn leaves. Rabindranath Tagore What a simple thing death is, just as simple as the falling of an autumn leaf. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
471:There are some people who wait eagerly for the fall of a just man so they can use his fall to justify their flaws, but Proverbs twenty four sixteen shall always stand! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
472:And so we weep for the fallen. We weep for those yet to fall, and in war the screams are loud and harsh and in peace the wail is so drawn-out we tell ourselves we hear nothing. ~ Steven Erikson
473:humanity is the gatekeeper through which evil passes into the world. In this metaphor, the Fall becomes the failure of the gatekeeper to maintain proper control of the gate. ~ William A Dembski
474:Since I do not believe in so many things, it is not difficult for me to disbelieve in the Fall as well, so that I am entirely convinced I will be telling the truth to the people. ~ Isaac Asimov
475:If you just look at the data, you are led to believe that things are getting better, rather than worse. That's why the fall is really precipitous, once you hit the ceiling. ~ Clayton Christensen
476:Retake the falling snow: each drifting flake Shapeless and slow, unsteady and opaque, A dull dark white against the day’s pale white And abstract larches in the neutral light. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
477:All logic texts are divided into two parts. In the first part, on deductible logic, the fallacies are explained; in the second part, on inductive logic, they are committed. ~ Morris Raphael Cohen
478:Love rips the shit out of you and puts you back together like a broken toy, with all kinds of cracks and jagged edges. It’s not about the falling in love. It’s about the landing, ~ Kristin Hannah
479:Only in the Fall of 1924 did [Joseph] Stalin discover that it is especially Russia, as distinguished from other countries, which can by its own forces build up a socialist society. ~ Leon Trotsky
480:We need leaders who can reflect theologically and help develop more robust thinking that understands how context affects our understanding of God, humankind, the fall, and redemption. ~ Ed McBain
481:And as regards Adam and Eve we must maintain that before the fall they were virgins in Paradise: but after they sinned, and were cast out of Paradise, they were immediately married. ~ Saint Jerome
482:Before the Fall Adam was endowed with two possibilities: He had the ability to sin and the ability not to sin. After the Fall Adam had the ability to sin and the inability to not sin. ~ R C Sproul
483:Draw nigh, come through the press to grips with me, so shall ye learn what might wells up in breasts of Amazons. With my blood is mingled war!” —Quintus Smyrnaeus, The Fall of Troy ~ Leigh Bardugo
484:Nowadays, many Americans have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day. At cemeteries across the country, the graves of the fallen are sadly ignored, and worse, neglected. ~ Allen West
485:No wolf falters before the bite, so strike.
No hawk wavers before the dive, so swing.
No sun pauses before the set, just strike.
No rain delays before the fall, just swing. ~ Shannon Hale
486:Of course the fall semester didn’t start for another eight weeks or so. There was always a chance we were both being overly optimistic in thinking I’d be alive when it rolled around. ~ Jenna Black
487:Ride at any fence hard enough, and the chances are you'll get over. The harder you ride the heavier the fall, if you get a fall; but the greater the chance of your getting over. ~ Anthony Trollope
488:the lesson of the falling leaves

the leaves believe
such letting go is love
such love is faith
such faith is grace
such grace is god
i agree with the leaves ~ Lucille Clifton
489:I didn't go to school for a full year until I was 12. In the summer I was a wild child in the woods, with no shoes, and in the fall it was back to the city, shoe shops and school. ~ Margaret Atwood
490:Overall employment pressure is also fading because China’s working-age population peaked in 2011 and the fall is expected to accelerate, due largely to the decades-old one-child policy. ~ Anonymous
491:Rome is a broken mirror, the falling straps of a dress, a puzzle of astonishing complexity. It is an iceberg floating below our terrace, all its ballasts hidden beneath the surface. ~ Anthony Doerr
492:Sometimes when I've thought o' my life, and the little pleasure I've had in it, I've believed that, maybe, I was one of those doomed to die by the falling of a star from heaven. ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
493:The spring is like some harlot feigning sensuality. It is not until the fall when the year gets down to its real business. I always await the Harvest Moon with enormous anticipation. ~ Alan Russell
494:This coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall and Europe coming closer together, and nightlife and techno and ecstasy culture seemed like a very powerful panEuropean movement. ~ Wolfgang Tillmans
495:If someone picks up a third party and throws him at you down at the bottom of a deep well...may you use your ray gun to disintegrate the falling body before it crushes and kills you? ~ Robert Nozick
496:In Germany I have been acknowledged again since the fall of Hitler, but my works, partly suppressed by the Nazis and partly destroyed by the war; have not yet been republished there. ~ Hermann Hesse
497:In the West, since the collapse of communism and the fall of the Soviet Union, the one discipline both the official and unofficial cultures have united in casting aside has been history. ~ Tariq Ali
498:Marissa took a sip from a glass of water. “It’s perfectly innocent.” “I’m doing a naked calendar,” the fallen angel started. “He had a jockstrap on.” “It was all done with a selfie stick. ~ J R Ward
499:Some day, Prince Kheldar, you will fall in love," the queen said with a little smirk, "and the twelve kingdoms will stand around and chortle over the fall of so notorious a bachelor. ~ David Eddings
500:You're the fall guy, Winch. You're the guy they come to when no one else will stand up and take their medicine. And they come to you because you never make them stand up and take it. ~ Liz Reinhardt

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