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object:The Book of Light
object:The Sepher Ha-Zohar
object:The Zohar

--- WIKI
The Zohar (, lit. "Splendor" or "Radiance") is the foundational work in the literature of Jewish mystical thought known as Kabbalah. It is a group of books including commentary on the mystical aspects of the Torah (the five books of Moses) and scriptural interpretations as well as material on mysticism, mythical cosmogony, and mystical psychology. The Zohar contains discussions of the nature of God, the origin and structure of the universe, the nature of souls, redemption, the relationship of Ego to Darkness and "true self" to "The Light of God". Its scriptural exegesis can be considered an esoteric form of the rabbinic literature known as Midrash, which elaborates on the Torah.

--- TOC
    The Lily
    The Occult Origin of Alhim
    The Mysticism of the Alphabet
    The Initiation of Rabbi Hiya
    The Mysterious Stranger
    Abundant Goodness
    Exposition of Bible Mysteries
    The Fourteen Precepts
    Chapter I.
    Chapter II.
    Chapter III.
    Chapter IV.
    Chapter V. The King's Palaces
    Chapter VI. On Israel or the Children of Light
    Chapter VII. The Prayer of Rabbi Simeon
    Chapter VIII. Previous Worlds and Races
    Chapter IX.
    Chapter X. Symbolisms of Man
    Chapter XI. The Strange Visitor
    Chapter XII. Symbolism of the Divine Life and Human Destiny
    Chapter XIII.
    Chapter XIV. A Kabbalistic Symposium by Rabbi Simeon's Students
    Chapter XV.
    Chapter XVI. A Symposium of Rabbi Simeon's Students
    Chapter XVII. The Devachanic or Heavenly Spheres
    Chapter XVIII. Higher Devachanic or Heavenly Spheres
    Chapter XIX. Rabbi Simeon's Discourse on Prayer
    Chapter XX. Devachanic Spheres and Mansions.
    Chapter XXI.
    Chapter XXII.
    Chapter XXIII.
    Chapter XXIV. Further Kabbalistic Expositions of the Six Days Of Creation
    Chapter XXV.
    Chapter XXVI.
    Chapter XXVII.
    Chapter XXVIII. Rabbi Simeon's Analogies of the Divine Life in Man
    Chapter XXIX.
    Chapter XXX. The Two Serpents, Astral Fluid and the Animal Nature
    Chapter XXXI. A Further Symposium of Rabbi Simeon's Students
    Chapter XXXII.
    Chapter XXXIII. Traditions Concerning Adam
    Chapter XXXIV. Male and Female Created He Them.
    Chapter XXXV. The Antediluvians and Their Magical Arts
    Chapter XXXVI.
    Chapter XXXVII. Of the Patriarch Henoch and the Sin of the Antediluvians
    Chapter XXXVIII. The Divine Compassion
    Chapter XXXIX.
    Chapter XL. Traditions Concerning Noah
    Chapter XLI.
    Chapter XLII.
    Chapter XLIII.
    Chapter XLIV.
    Chapter XLV. Kabbalistic Explanation of the Feast of Tabernacles and The Loulab
    Chapter XLVI. The Occultism of Sacrifices
    Chapter XLVII. A Vexata Questio In Biblical Philology
    Chapter XLVIII. Kabbalistic Explanation of the Goat Azazel
    Chapter XLIX. Rabbi Simeon's Reflections on the Supreme and Its Union with Human Souls
    Chapter L
    Chapter LI. The Occult Meaning of the Six Hundred Years of Noah's Life
    Chapter LII. Adam Sitting at the Gate of the Garden of Eden
    Chapter LIII. Remarks on the Destroying Angel and the Antediluvians
    Chapter LIV. Kabbalistic Remarks on the Covenant or Union of the Higher and Lower Self
    Chapter LV. Various Kabbalistic Expositions of Biblical Texts
    Chapter LVI. The Divine Lehaerot On Ezechiel's Visions.
    Chapter LVII. The Mystery of the Bow in the Cloud
    Chapter LVIII. Rabbi Jehuda's Discussion with the Merchant, on Jacob's Pillar
    Chapter LIX. The Symbolism of the Foundation Stone
    Chapter LX. Rabbi Simeon on Mysteries and the Higher Life
    Chapter LXI. Symbolism of the Colors of the Bow in the Cloud
    Chapter LXII. The Mystery Of The Cursing Of Canaan By Noah
    Chapter LXIII. Remarks on Predestination
    Chapter LXIV.
    Chapter LXV. The Thaumaturgical Erection of Solomon's Temple
    Chapter LXVI. The Mystery of the Logos
    Chapter LXVII. The Idolatry Of The Postdiluvians
    Chapter LXVIII. The Tower of Babel
    Chapter LXIX. A Comparison Between Noah and Moses
    Chapter LXX. Why the Animal was Destroyed by the Deluge
    Chapter LXXI. The Gilgal Or Revolution Animarum
    Chapter LXXII. And Every Living Substance Was Destroyed. . .
    Chapter LXXIII. What Two Rabbis Learned From a Youth
    Chapter LXXIV.
    Chapter LXXV. Comparison Between Adam and the Postdiluvians
    Chapter LXXVI. Rabbi Simeon on the Closing of the Sanctuary
    Chapter LXXVII. The Object of Building the Tower of Babel
    Chapter LXXVIII. The Primeval Language and the Book of Adam
    Chapter LXXIX. On Words and the Philosophy of Sound
    Chapter LXXX. Section Lekh Lekha or the Call of Abram
    Chapter LXXXI. Interlocutory Explanations
    Chapter LXXXII. Abraham's First Studies in Occultism
    Chapter LXXXIII. Abraham's Initiation into the Lesser Mysteries
    Chapter LXXXIV. Abraham's Descent into Egypt for Initiation into the Higher Mysteries
    Chapter LXXXV.
    Chapter LXXXVI. Kabbalistic Cosmology
    Chapter LXXXVII. Kabbalistic Philosophy of the Soul
    Chapter LXXXVIII. Abraham's Initiatory Probation
    Chapter LXXXIX. The Esoteric Explanation of Lot's Parting from Abraham
    Chapter XC. Remarks on the Schekina
    Chapter XCI. Rabbi Eleazar and Rabbi Hezekiah, and Their Nocturnal Studies
    Chapter XCII. Rabbi Jose on the Seven Heavens or Firmaments
    Chapter XCIII. Kabbalistic Remarks on Marriage
    Chapter XCIV. On the Study of the Secret Doctrine
    Chapter XCV. Rabbi Abba's Visit and What Occurred
    Chapter XCVI. A Feast of the Circumcision
    Chapter XCVII.
    Chapter XCVIII.
    Chapter XCIX. A Feast of Circumcision (Continued)
    Chapter C
    Chapter CI. Rabbi Abba's Punishment

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The Book of Light
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