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Undated 1951
(This note, originally written in English, was meant for the officials who had wanted to present
Mother with the Nobel Peace Prize proposed for Sri Aurobindo in 1951)
I am only realizing what He has conceived.

I am only the protagonist and the continuator of His work.

March 14, 1952
Since the beginning of the earth wherever and whenever there was the possibility of manifesting a ray of consciousness, I was there.2

1In an 'official' version, Mother had omitted 'and the behavior of Sri Aurobindo's disciples.'
2Original English. In another version, Mother wrote, 'a ray of the Consciousness.'

August 2, 1952
Only when it is no longer necessary for my body to resemble the bodies of men in order to make them progress will it be free to be supramentalized.3
Only when men shall depend exclusively upon the Divine and upon nothing else will the incarnate god no longer need to die for them.4

Undated 195(?)
(Concerning a letter from the Government of India)
I had an intense experience.

I saw, felt, perceived that despite all appearances to the contrary, the world is on the way towards the true, towards the day when governmental powers will belong to those who have the true power, the power of Truth.5

3Note written by Mother in French.

4Note written by Mother in French.

5Note written by Mother in French.

April 1954
(A few experiences of the body consciousness6 )
With the same accuracy, one can say that all is divine or that nothing is divine. Everything depends upon the angle from which one looks at the problem.

Likewise, it can be said that the divine is a perpetual becoming and yet also, that it is immutable for all eternity.

To deny or affirm God's existence is equally true, but each is only partially true. It is by rising above both affirmation and negation that one may draw nearer the truth.

It can further be said that whatever happens in the world is the result of divine will, but also that this will has to be expressed and manifested in a world that contradicts or deforms it; these are two attitudes having, respectively, the practical effect of either submitting with peace and joy to whatever happens or, on the contrary, ceaselessly fighting for the triumph of what should be. To live the truth one must know how to rise above both attitudes and combine them.

Keep your own conviction if it helps you to build your life; but know that it is only one conviction and that the others are as good and true as yours.

Tolerance is full of a sense of superiority; it should be replaced by total understanding.

Because truth is not linear, but global, and not successive, but simultaneous, it can therefore not be expressed in words: it must be lived.

To acquire a total and perfect awareness of the world as it is in all its details, one must first have no more personal reactions in regard to any of these details, nor even any spiritual preference as to what they ought to be. In other words, a total acceptance with a perfect neutrality and indifference is the indispensable condition for a knowledge through integral identification. If one detail, no matter how small, escapes this neutrality, this detail also escapes identification. The absence of personal reactions, whatever their end, even the most exalted, is thus a basic necessity for total knowledge.

So we could say, paradoxically, that we can only know a thing when we are not interested in it, or rather, more precisely, when we are not personally concerned with it.

Whenever a god has donned a body, it was always with the intention of transforming the earth and creating a new world. Yet until now, he always had to give up his body without being able to complete his work; and it has always been said that the earth was not ready, that mankind did not fulfill the conditions necessary for the work to be accomplished.

6The following texts were written by Mother in French.

But it is the very imperfection of the incarnate god that makes the perfection of those about him indispensable. If the god incarnate realized the perfection needed for the progress to be made, this progress would not be conditioned by the state of the surrounding matter. However, interdependence is doubtlessly absolute in this world of utmost objectification, and a certain degree of perfection in the general manifestation is indispensable before a higher degree of perfection can be realized in the divine, incarnate being. It is the need for a certain perfection in the environment that drives human beings to progress; it is the insufficiency of this progress, whatever it may be, that impels the divine being to intensify his effort for progress in his own body. Thus both movements for progress are simultaneous and complementary.

August 1954
(Further experiences of the body consciousness7 )
When we look back upon our lives, we almost always feel that in some circumstance or other we could have done better, even though at each minute the action was dictated by the inner truth this is because the universe is in perpetual motion, and what was perfectly true at one time is only partly so today. Or, to express it more precisely, the action necessary at the time it was carried out is no longer so at the present time, and another action might more fruitfully take its place.

When we speak of transformation, the meaning of the word is still vague to us. It gives us the impression of something that is going to happen which will set everything right. The idea more or less boils down to this: if we have difficulties, the difficulties will vanish; those who are ill will be cured of their illness; if the body has infirmities or incapacities, the infirmities or incapacities will fade away, and so forth ... But as I have said, it is very vague, it is only an impression. Now, what is quite remarkable about the body consciousness is that it is unable to know a thing with precision and in all its details except when it is just about to be realized. Thus, when the process of transformation becomes clear, when we are able to know by what sequence of movements and changes the total transformation will take place, in what order, by which path, as it were, which things will come first, which will follow - when everything is known, in all its details, it will be a sure indication that the hour of realization is near, for each time you perceive a detail accurately, it means that you are ready to carry it out.

In the meantime, one can have an overall view. For example, it is quite certain that under the influence of the supramental light, the transformation of the body consciousness will take place first then will come a progress in the mastery and control of all the movements and workings of all the body's organs; afterwards this mastery will gradually change into a kind of radical modification of the movement and then of the constitution of the organ itself. All this is certain, although rather vague to our perception. But what will finally take place - once the various organs are replaced by
7The following texts were written by Mother in French.

centers of concentration of forces, each with a different quality and nature and each acting according to its own special mode - is still a mere conception, and the body does not understand very well, for it is still very far from the realization, and the body can really understand only when it is on the point of being able to do.

The supramentalized body will be sexless since the need for animal procreation will no longer exist.

It is only in its outward form, in its most superficial appearance - as illusory for the latest discoveries of today's science as for the experience of spirituality in former ages - that the body is not divine.

Supreme Reality, Supramental Truth, this body is all-vibrant with intense gratitude. You have given it, one by one, all the experiences that can lead it most infallibly towards You. It has reached a state where the identification with You is not only the sole thing desirable, but also the sole thing possible and natural.

How to describe these experiences that are at extreme opposite ends? At one end, I can say,
'Lord, to be truly near, truly worthy of You, must one not drink the cup of humiliation to the dregs, yet not feel humiliated? The contempt of men renders one truly free and ready to belong to You alone.'
At the other end, I would say, 'Lord, to be truly near, truly worthy of You, must one not be transported to the summits of human appreciation, yet not feel glorified? It is when men call one
Divine that one feels best his own inadequacy and the need to be truly and totally identified with
The two experiences are simultaneous, one does not negate the other; on the contrary, they seem to complement each other and become intenser thereby. In this intensity, the aspiration grows tremendously; and in response, Your presence becomes evident in the cells, giving the body the appearance of a multicolored kaleidoscope whose myriad luminous particles in constant motion are sovereignly reorganized by an invisible, all-powerful Hand.

August 25, 19548
(Mother reads to the disciples an excerpt from Sri Aurobindo's THE MOTHER, in which he describes the different aspects of the Creative Power - what is India is called the 'Shakti,' or the
'Mother' - which have presided over universal evolution.)
' ... There are other great Personalities of the Divine Mother, but they were more difficult to bring
8The following text is an extract from a 'Wednesday Class,' when every Wednesday Mother would answer questions raised by the disciples and children at the Ashram Playground.

down and have not stood out in front with so much prominence in the evolution of the earth-spirit.

There are among them Presences indispensable for the supramental realization, - most of all one who is her Personality of that mysterious and powerful ecstasy and Ananda 9 which flows from a supreme divine Love, the Ananda that alone can heal the gulf between the highest heights of the supramental spirit and the lowest abysses of Matter, the Ananda that holds the key of a wonderful divines" Life and even now supports from its secrecies the work of all the other Powers of the universe.'
Sri Aurobindo, The Mother
(A disciple:) Sweet Mother, what is this Personality and when will It manifest?
My answer is ready.

I knew you would ask me this question because it is indeed the most interesting thing in the whole passage - so my answer is ready, along with my answer to another question. But first let me read you this one. You asked, 'What is this Personality and when will She come?' Here is my answer (Mother reads):
'She has come, bringing with Her a splendor of power and love, an intensity of divine joy heretofore unknown to the Earth. The physical atmosphere has been completely changed by her descent, permeated with new and marvelous possibilities.

But if She is ever to reside and act here, She has to find at least a minimal receptivity, at least one human being with the required vital and physical qualities, a kind of super-Parsifal gifted with an innate and integral purity, yet possessing at the same time a body strong enough and poised enough to bear unwaveringly the intensity of the Ananda She brings.

Thus far, She has not found what is needed. Men remain obstinately men and do not want to or are unable to become supermen. All they can receive and express is a love at their own dimension: a human love - whereas the supreme bliss of divine Ananda eludes their perception.

At times, finding the world unready to receive Her, She contemplates withdrawing. But how cruel a loss this would be!
It is true that at present, her presence is more rhetorical than factual, since so far She has had no chance to manifest. Yet even so, She is a powerful instrument in the Work, for of all the
Mother's aspects, She holds the greatest power to transform the body. Indeed, those cells which can vibrate at the touch of the divine Joy, receive it and bear it, are cells reborn, on their way to becoming immortal.

But the vibrations of divine Bliss and those of pleasure cannot cohabit in the same vital and physical house. We must therefore TOTALLY renounce all feelings of pleasure to be ready to receive the divine Ananda. But rare are those who can renounce pleasure without thereby renouncing all active participation in life or sinking into a stern asceticism. And among those who realize that the transformation is to be wrought in active life, some pretend that pleasure is a form of Ananda gone more or less astray and legitimize their search for self-satisfaction, thereby creating a virtually insuperable obstacle to their own transformation.'
Now, if there is anything else you wish to ask me ... Anyone may ask, anyone - anyone who has something to say - not just the students.

Mother, even if we have not previously succeeded, can't we still try?
What? (the disciple repeats his question) Oh! You can always try!
9Ananda: Divine Joy.

The world is recreated from minute to minute. If you knew how - I mean if you could change your nature - you could recreate a new world this very minute!
I didn't say She HAD gone. I said She was CONTEMPLATING it ... at times, now and then.

But Mother, if She came down, She must have seen a possibility!
She came down because there WAS a possibility - because things had reached such a stage that it was her hour to come down. But in truth, She came down because ... because I thought it was possible for her to succeed.

Possibilities are still there - only they have to materialize.

This is borne out by the fact that her descent took place at a given moment and for two or three weeks the atmosphere - not only of the Ashram but of the Earth - was so highly charged with such a power of such an intense divine Bliss creating so marvelous a force that things difficult to do before could be done almost instantly.

There were repercussions the world over. But I don't believe that a single one of you noticed it ... you cannot even tell me when it happened, can you?
When did it happen?
I don't know dates. I don't know, I never remember dates. I can only tell you this ... that it happened before Sri Aurobindo left his body, that he was told about it beforehand and that he ... well, he acknowledged the fact.

But there was a formidable battle with the Inconscient, for when I saw that the level of receptivity was not what it should have been, I blamed the Inconscient ... and tried to wage the battle there.

I don't say it was ineffectual, but between the result obtained and the result hoped for, there was a considerable difference. But as I said, you who are all so near, so steeped in this atmosphere ... who among you noticed anything? - You simply went on with your little lives as usual.

I think it was in 1946, Mother, because you told us so many things at that time.


(A child:) Sweet Mother, now that She has come, what should we do?
You don't know?
Try to change your consciousness.

Now you may ask me the questions you wanted to ask ... That's all?
Mother, there is not even one single man?
I don't know.

Mother, you are wasting your time with all these Ashram people.

Oh! ... But you see, from an occult standpoint, it is a selection. From an external standpoint you could say that there are people in the world who are far superior to you (and I would not disagree!), but from an occult standpoint, it is a selection. There are ... It can be said that without a doubt the
majority of young people here have come because it was promised them that they would be present at the Hour of Realization - but they just don't remember it! (Mother laughs) I have already said several times that when you come down on earth, you fall on your head, which leaves you a little dazed! (laughter) It's a pity, but after all, you don't have to remain dazed all your lives, do you?
You should go deep within yourselves and there find the immortal consciousness - then you can see very well, you can very clearly remember the circumstances in which you ... you aspired to be here for the Hour of the Work's realization.

But actually, to tell you the truth, I think your lives are so easy that you don't exert yourselves very much! How many among you have truly an INTENSE need to find their psychic beings? To find out truly who they are? To find out what their roles are, why they are here? ... You just let yourselves drift. You even complain when things aren't easy enough! You just take things as they come. And sometimes, should an aspiration arise in you and you encounter some difficulty in yourself, you say, 'Oh, Mother is there! She'll take care of it for me!' And you think about something else.

Mother, previously things were very strict in the Ashram, but not now. Why?
Yes, I have always said that it changed when we had to take the very little children. How can you envision an ascetic life with little sprouts no bigger than that? It's impossible! But that's the little surprise package the war left on our doorstep. When it was found that Pondicherry was the safest place on earth, naturally people came wheeling in here with all their baby carriages filled and asked us if we could shelter them, so we couldn't very well turn them away, could we?! That's how it happened, and in no other way ... But, in the beginning, the first condition for coming here was that you would have nothing more to do with your family! If a man was married, then he had to completely overlook the fact that he had a wife and children - completely sever all ties, have nothing further to do with them. And if ever a wife asked to come just because her husband happened to be here, we told her, 'You have no business coming here!'
In the beginning, it was very, very strict - for a long time.

The first condition was: 'Nothing more to do with your family ...' Well, we are a long way from that! But I repeat that it only happened because of the war and not because we stopped seeing the need to cut all family ties; on the contrary, this is an indispensable condition because as long as you hang on to all these cords which bind you to ordinary life, which make you a slave to the ordinary life, how can you possibly belong to the Divine alone? What childishness! It is simply not possible.

If you have ever taken the trouble to read over the early ashram rules, you would find that even friendships were considered dangerous and undesirable ... We made every effort to create an atmosphere in which only ONE thing counted: the Life Divine.

But as I said, bit by bit ... things changed. However, this had one advantage: we were too much outside of life. So there were a number of problems which had never arisen but which would have suddenly surged up the moment we wanted a complete manifestation. We took on all these problems a little prematurely, but it gave us the opportunity to solve them. In this way we learned many things and surmounted many difficulties, only it complicated things considerably. And in the present situation, given such a large number of elements who haven't even the slightest idea why they're here (! ) ... well, it demands a far greater effort on the disciples' part than before.

Before, when there were ... we started with 35 or 36 people - but even when it got up to 150, even with 150 - it was as if ... they were all nestled in a cocoon in my consciousness: they were so near to me that I could constantly guide ALL their inner or outer movements. Day and night, at each moment, everything was totally under my control. And naturally, I think they made a great deal of progress at that time: it is a fact that I was CONSTANTLY doing the sadhana10 for them. But then, with this baby boom ... The sadhana can't be done for little sprouts who are 3 or 4 or 5 years old!
10Sadhana: yogic discipline or effort.

It's out of the question. The only thing I can do is wrap them in the Consciousness and try to see that they grow up in the best of all possible conditions. However, the one advantage to all this is that instead of there being such a COMPLETE and PASSIVE dependence on the disciples' part, each one has to make his own little effort. Truly, that's excellent.

I don't know to whom I was mentioning this today (I think it was for a Birthday 11 ) ... No, I don't know now. It was to someone who told me he was 18 years old. I said that between the ages of 18 and 20, I had attained a constant and conscious union with the Divine Presence and that I had done this ALL ALONE, without ANYONE'S help, not even books. When a little later I chanced upon Vivekananda's Raja Yoga, it really seemed so wonderful to me that someone could explain something to me! And it helped me realize in only a few months what would have otherwise taken years.

I met a man (I was perhaps 20 or 21 at the time), an Indian who had come to Europe and who told me of the Gita. There was a French translation of it (a rather poor one, I must say) which he advised me to read, and then he gave me the key (HIS key, it was his key). He said, 'Read the
Gita ...' (this translation of the Gita which really wasn't worth much but it was the only one available at the time - in those days I wouldn't have understood anything in other languages; and besides, the English translations were just as bad and ... well, Sri Aurobindo hadn't done his yet!).

He said, 'Read the Gita knowing that Krishna is the symbol of the immanent God, the God within.'
That was all. 'Read it with THAT knowledge - with the knowledge that Krishna represents the immanent God, the God within you.' Well, within a month, the whole thing was done!
So some of you people have been here since the time you were toddlers - everything has been explained to you, the whole thing has been served to you on a silver platter (not only with words, but through psychic aid and in every possible way), you have been put on the path of this inner discovery ... and then you just go on drifting along: 'When it comes, it will come.' - If you even spare it that much thought!
So that's how it is.

But I'm not at all discouraged, I just find it rather laughable. Only there are other far more serious things; for example, when you try to deceive yourselves - that is not so pretty. One should not mix up cats and kings. You should call a cat a cat and a king a king - and human instinct, human instinct - and not speak about things divine when they are utterly human, nor pretend to have supramental experiences when you are living in a blatantly ordinary consciousness.

If you look at yourselves straight in the face and you see what you are, then if by chance you should resolve to ... But what really astounds me is that you don't even seem to feel an intense
NEED to do this! 'But how can we know?' Because you DO know, you have been told over and over again, it has been drummed into your heads. You KNOW that you have a divine consciousness within you. And yet you can go on sleeping night after night, playing day after day, doing your lessons ad infinitum and still not be ... not have a BURNING desire and will to come into contact with yourselves! - With yourselves, yes, the you just there, inside (motion towards the center of the chest) ... Really, it's beyond me!
As soon as I found out - and no one told me, I found out through an experience - as soon as I found out that there was a discovery to be made within myself, well, it became THE MOST
IMPORTANT thing in the world. It took precedence over everything else!
And when, as I told you, I chanced upon a book or an individual that could give me just a little clue and tell me, 'Here. If you do such and such, you will find your path' - well I charged into it like a cyclone ... and nothing could have stopped me.

And how many years have you all been here, half-asleep? Naturally, you're happy to think about it now and then - especially when I speak to you about it or sometimes when you read. But THAT -
11Mother received each disciple individually on his birthday.

that fire, that will which plows through all barriers, that concentration which can triumph over

Now who was it that asked me what you should do?
(The child:) Me!
Well, that's what you have to do, my child. I have just told you.

Mother, what was the other thing you wrote?
I thought someone might ask me, 'Why doesn't She12 stay for your sake? Since She came here because you called Her, then why doesn't She stay for your sake?'
But no one asked me that.

Tell us, Mother - we really want to know, Sweet Mother!
For Her, this body is but one instrument among so many others in an eternity of ages to come, and for Her its only importance is that attributed to it by the Earth and mankind - the extent to which it can be used as a channel to further Her manifestation. If I find myself surrounded by people who are incapable of receiving Her, then for Her, I am quite useless.

It is very clear. So it is not I who can make Her stay. And I certainly cannot ask Her to stay for egotistical reasons. Moreover, all these Aspects, all these Personalities manifest constantly - but they never manifest for personal reason. Not one of them has ever thought of helping my body - besides, I don't ask them to because that is not their purpose. But it is more than obvious that if the people around me were receptive, She could permanently manifest since they could receive Her - and this would help my body enormously because all these vibrations would run through it. But She never gets even a chance to manifest - not a single one. She only meets people ... who don't even feel Her when She's there! They don't even notice Her, they're not even aware of her presence. So how can She manifest in these conditions? I'm not going to ask Her, 'Please come and change my body.' We don't have that kind of relationship! Furthermore, the body itself wouldn't agree. It never thinks of itself, it never pays attention to itself, and besides, it is only through the work that it can be transformed.

Yes, certainly ... had there been any receptivity when She came down and had She been able to manifest with the power with which She came ... But I can tell you one thing: even before Her coming, when, with Sri Aurobindo, I had begun going down (for the Yoga) from the mental plane to the vital plane, when we brought our yoga down from the mental plane into the vital plane, in less than a month (I was forty years old at the time - I didn't seem very old, I looked less than forty, but I was forty anyway), after no more than a month of this yoga, I looked exactly like an 18 year old! And someone who knew me and had stayed with me in Japan 13 came here, and when he saw me, he could scarcely believe his eyes! He said, 'But my god, is it you?' I said, 'Of course!'
Only when we went down from the vital plane into the physical plane, all this went away - because on the physical plane, the work is much harder and we had so much to do, so many things to change.

12The Mother of Ananda, or the Creative Power's aspect of Joy.

13W.W. Pearson, a friend of Rabindranath Tagore, who had come from Tagore's Ashram in 1923; Mother had met him with Tagore in 1916 in Japan.

But if a force like Hers could manifest and be received here, it would have INESTIMABLE results! ...

Well, I am only telling you all this because I thought someone might ask me about it, but otherwise ... I don't have that kind of relationship with Her. You see, if you consider this body, this poor body, it is very innocent: it in no way tries to draw attention to itself nor to attract forces nor to do anything at all except its work - as best it can. And that's how it stands: its importance is proportionate to its usefulness ... and to the significance the world attributes to it - since its action is for the world.

But in and of itself, it is only one body among countless others. That's all.

(To the disciple handling the microphone:) It's over now.

(Mother gets up to go, but while leaving, She says to the children around her:) If you had made just one little decision to try to feel your psychic being, my time would not have been wasted.

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