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(Or "web site") Any computer on the {Internet} running a
{web server} process. A particular website is usually identified
by the {hostname} part of a {URL}. Multiple hostnames may
actually map to the same computer in which case they are known as
"{virtual servers}".

website ::: (World-Wide Web) (Or website) Any computer on the Internet running a World-Wide Web server process. A particular website is usually identified by the hostname part of a URL. Multiple hostnames may actually map to the same computer in which case they are known as virtual servers.(2005-07-12)

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   1 website
   1 JohnyTex
   1 Editors of Discovery Magazine


   33 Anonymous
   11 Donald Miller
   4 Nir Eyal
   4 Kate White
   4 Donald Trump
   3 Tim Berners Lee
   3 Thom S Rainer
   3 Tao Lin
   3 Seth Godin
   3 Rush Limbaugh
   3 Neil Patel
   3 Kailin Gow
   3 Joe Hill
   3 Gary Vaynerchuk
   3 Eric Ries
   3 Ellen Ullman
   3 Edward Snowden
   3 Dean Baquet
   3 Bruce Schneier
   2 Thomas L Friedman
   2 Stan Lee
   2 Sloane Kennedy
   2 Sherry Turkle
   2 Peter H Diamandis
   2 Patrick Collison
   2 Nate Berkus
   2 Mike Fitzpatrick
   2 Michael Lewis
   2 Luke Harding
   2 Libba Bray
   2 Lauren Conrad
   2 Keith Ferrazzi
   2 Jonas Mekas
   2 John Green
   2 J K Rowling
   2 Jay Leno
   2 Jay Asher
   2 Hugh Howey
   2 Hillary Clinton
   2 George Carlin
   2 Evan Osnos
   2 Eva Longoria
   2 Erik Brynjolfsson
   2 David Letterman
   2 Chris Ducker
   2 Cal Newport
   2 Brad Stone
   2 Beth K Vogt
   2 Barack Obama
   2 Avinash Kaushik
   2 Austin Kleon
   2 Artie Lange
   2 Al Franken
   2 Alain de Botton

1:andai on Oct 28, 2017 | parent | favorite | on: Alan Kay on Lisp\nI wonder if LISP and LSD encourage similar ways of thinking.\n\ntempodox on Oct 28, 2017 [-]\nBased on my own experiences with both, I'd say: Yes. Although I'm sure you couldn't prove it mathematically (yet). ~ website, ,
2:Why Ubuntu: If I were you I'd just install Ubuntu into a dual-boot partition (the Ubuntu website has instructions for this) and learn as you go. Ubuntu is similar enough to Windows that you should be able to start using it right away without much difficulty. For running your Python scripts you'll want to drop into the shell (Ctrl + Alt + T If memory serves me right). As you become more comfortable with Ubuntu, you can start using the shell more and more. The shell is what gives you access to the power of Unix; every time you need to do something tedious and repetitive, try to find out how to do it through the shell. Eventually you will find yourself using the shell constantly. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it, and deride other operating systems for their lack of sensible programming tools. One day you'll realise that desktop window managers are a needless distraction. You start using xmonad or awesomewm. Eventually you realise that this, too, is a bastardisaton of the Unix vision and start using tmux exclusively. Then suddenly it hits you - every computer, every operating system, no matter how insignificant or user-friendly, has the Unix nature. All of them are merely streams from where you can ssh back into the ocean of Unix. Having achieved enlightenment you are equally content using an iPad as your main work computer, using powershell in Windows or SSH into a Digital Ocean droplet from your parent's computer. This is the Zen of Unix. ~ JohnyTex, it worth my time to learn linux while learning ,
3:science reading list ::: 1. and 2. The Voyage of the Beagle (1845) and The Origin of Species (1859) by Charles Darwin [tie 3. Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy) by Isaac Newton (1687) 4. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems by Galileo Galilei (1632) 5. De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres) by Nicolaus Copernicus (1543) 6. Physica (Physics) by Aristotle (circa 330 B.C.) 7. De Humani Corporis Fabrica (On the Fabric of the Human Body) by Andreas Vesalius (1543) 8. Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein (1916) 9. The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (1976) 10. One Two Three . . . Infinity by George Gamow (1947) 11. The Double Helix by James D. Watson (1968) 12. What Is Life? by Erwin Schrodinger (1944) 13. The Cosmic Connection by Carl Sagan (1973) 14. The Insect Societies by Edward O. Wilson (1971) 15. The First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg (1977) 16. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962) 17. The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould (1981) 18. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks (1985) 19. The Journals of Lewis and Clark by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (1814) 20. The Feynman Lectures on Physics by Richard P Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, and Matthew Sands (1963) 21. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male by Alfred C. Kinsey et al. (1948) 22. Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey (1983) 23. Under a Lucky Star by Roy Chapman Andrews (1943) 24. Micrographia by Robert Hooke (1665) 25. Gaia by James Lovelock (1979) ~ Editors of Discovery Magazine, Website.php">Website ,

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1:website Stoicism Today ~ Anonymous,
2:website, ~ Joel Fuhrman,
3:me to Munkaszolgálat websites ~ Julie Orringer,
4:This, Then That” (IFTT) website. Use this ~ S J Scott,
5:even launched a website,, ~ Jay Heinrichs,
6:Some perv lured you here via a magical website? ~ A G Howard,
7:Everybody thinks their website is above average. ~ Matt Cutts,
8:Some websites accepted each quote we create ~ Ernest Hemingway,
9:Web traffic figures for the BBC news website: ~ Alain de Botton,
10:pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things. ~ Donald Miller,
11:It was colorful and elaborate—Kayla’s website, not the puke ~ Robin Brande,
12:Mystery*File website, have revealed that Farjeon wrote no ~ Martin Edwards,
13:Snowden evidently knew of WikiLeaks, a niche transparency website ~ Luke Harding,
14:for that,’ said Nightingale. ‘The new corporate website mentions ~ Stephen Leather,
15:Social media is key to promoting the editorial posts on my website. ~ Lauren Conrad,
16:Create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback. ~ Neil Patel,
17:Never let your campaigns write cheques that your website can't cash. ~ Avinash Kaushik,
18:Wednesday, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department website, ~ Anonymous,
19:As useful as websites and journals are, there's real value in books, too. ~ Jamais Cascio,
20:hacking the website of an academic journal to change the referees’ reports. ~ Jean Tirole,
21:don’t waste money on advertising if you don’t have a mobile website to back it up. ~ Anonymous,
22:How can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work? ~ John Boehner,
23:My website's kind of fun for me. I get to do drawings on that. It's kind of fun. ~ Jeff Bridges,
24:Web analytics is a fire extinguisher. Your website is on fire and you're burning cash. ~ Jim Sterne,
25:Websites that collect quotes are full of mistakes and never check original sources ~ Randall Munroe,
26:Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting. ~ Jay Conrad Levinson,
27:You can't just place a few "Buy" buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy. ~ Neil Patel,
28:I go on The Daily Beast. The Daily Beast is one of the websites that I check out. ~ Matthew McConaughey,
29:A great website design is so much more than just delivering content and making it look good. ~ Anonymous,
30:crossover chart (these can also be found on my website) at the end of this novella that ~ Sloane Kennedy,
31:I don't like news channels so I have six websites that I check and I get the daily update. ~ Jen Kirkman,
32:I'm "crushable." That was the craziest thing. They called me "crushable" on some website. ~ Alex Shaffer,
33:Only astrophysicists new about the Internet 20 years ago. Today my cat has a website. ~ William J Clinton,
34:The State Department’s website removed “spreading democracy” from its mission statement. ~ Malcolm W Nance,
35:Put the walls up. Get the better walls. There's no reason the army website should be hacked. ~ Eric Bolling,
36:Go to the Sydney Institute Media Watch Dog website to marvel at his [Gerard Henderson's] work. ~ Mark Latham,
37:I used to have a lot of faith in humanity before the advent of the website "comment" section. ~ Jim Gaffigan,
38:Up late talking to the fans on a website, That's the only thing that send ya man off to bed right ~ Joe Budden,
39:I did not know how to use InDesign, so I designed Nasty Gal’s first website entirely via Photoshop. ~ Anonymous,
40:I don't have a computer. I don't know anything about that. I don't even know what a website is. ~ Michael Biehn,
41:In a recent Valentine's Day posting on her fan website, Britney Spears says that - oh, who cares? ~ Amy Poehler,
42:Don't think of your website as a self-promotion machine, think of it as a self-invention machine. ~ Austin Kleon,
43:My company created a platform called Modlife, this prepackaged website that runs an artist's website. ~ Tom DeLonge,
44:I've never been to the websites. It's a lot healthier for me to keep out of the conversations about me. ~ Fiona Apple,
45:She’d found a new soft porn website that morning. There were lots of interesting pictures and articles ~ Mel Sherratt,
46:Googling me, you talk about being depressed. First of all there's 18 websites that predict my early death. ~ Artie Lange,
47:I don't think that God raised up Internet bloggers to call out wolves - who have an opinion and a website. ~ Perry Noble,
48:Have you ever Googled yourself? I did, most depressing thing ever. People have websites hoping I die at 38. ~ Artie Lange,
49:Well, people who are blues purist types are usually the most vocal and the ones that pop up on the websites. ~ Jonny Lang,
50:Dweck’s website,, teaches a step-by-step approach to developing “growth mindset.”15 ~ Julie Lythcott Haims,
51:I was told having a website would help me. I have yet to figure out why my life story needs to be on the web. ~ Wally Schirra,
52:The fame stuff, the kind words from websites and things, are very flattering and lovely, but I just wanna act. ~ Matthew Lewis,
53:I should have said no, but if the tech half of the business got himself killed, who would update the website? ~ Lindsay Buroker,
54:Nobody's madder than me about the website not working as well as it should, which means it's going to get fixed. ~ Barack Obama,
55:Keeping a website or a software program afloat is like keeping a yacht afloat. It is a black hole for attention. I ~ Kevin Kelly,
56:Seven out of ten guests will go to a church website as a determinative factor in where they will choose to visit. ~ Thom S Rainer,
57:Look at [Hillary Clinton] website. You know what? It's no difference than this. She's telling us how to fight ISIS. ~ Donald Trump,
58:I am thinking about launching a wine website where there is a deal and the crowd can dictate how cheap it can get. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk,
59:No one comes to your website to be entertained. They have questions they think you can answer. Content answers questions. ~ Jay Baer,
60:Websites ask people personal questions, tell them what to do with their time, and point them in a specific direction ~ Nicole Fenton,
61:Always, he verified with the person on the phone that the girl would do the acts she had promised to do on the website. ~ Imbolo Mbue,
62:And they should be able to answer these questions within five seconds of looking at our website or marketing material: ~ Donald Miller,
63:Hey,, that's the online bookstore or whatever, right?


-What's the website for that? ~ Bryan Lee O Malley,
64:I tried to log on to the Obamacare website today. I don't think I'm doing it right. I lost 300 bucks playing Texas Hold 'Em. ~ Jay Leno,
65:My practical approach based on experience is to create a website for real Internet users, not for search engine spiders. ~ David Naylor,
66:You can offer Facebook specials and deals just for subscribers of a certain website or maybe readers of The Miami Herald. ~ Gary Halbert,
67:I read about them online after Googling: What the fuck is wrong with me? The website was a dot-org so I know it is legit. ~ Tarryn Fisher,
68:the rest of us with laundry, junk drawers, and cellulite. WEBSITE: If you enjoyed this book by Lysa, you’ll love all the ~ Lysa TerKeurst,
69:I believe that most websites suck because HiPPOs create them. HiPPO is an acronym for the “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. ~ Avinash Kaushik,
70:Well, I have a band, Sadie and the Hotheads, and we have an album that is already out that is available on our website. ~ Elizabeth McGovern,
71:You're seeing every sunrise and every sunset in the world, all at once," Phillips wrote in an article on NASA's science website. ~ Anonymous,
72:1.​Testimonials: Let others do the talking for you. If you have satisfied customers, place a few testimonials on your website. ~ Donald Miller,
73:Fire the committee. No great website in history has been conceived of by more than three people. Not one. This is a deal breaker. ~ Seth Godin,
74:Nothing you see on the Internet is mine unless it comes from one of my albums, books, HBO specials, or appeared on my website. ~ George Carlin,
75:You must maximize the probability that someone shows up at front door of your store or website and ends up with a solved problem. ~ Drew Houston,
76:Social media guidelines are shared with all employees who participate and are posted for the public to view at the company website. ~ Robert Spector,
77:To people who make moving ads that block the view of websites: Not only will we not buy from you, but we want shrews to eat your liver. ~ Dave Barry,
78:I had people that were coming on my own website and attacking me. You know, they were like Hillary Clinton supporters? It was very ugly. ~ Billy West,
79:I've never been good at self-promotion. And my URL is really obscure. And for years and years, there was nothing about me on my website. ~ David Rees,
80:Racism towards Muslims is as evil as anti-Semitism, but try to express this simple truth on a partisan Palestinian or Israeli website. ~ Chris Hedges,
81:How many sales are we missing out on because customers can’t figure out what our offer is within five seconds of visiting our website? ~ Donald Miller,
82:I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website - but on the internet, people only look at pictures of kittens. ~ Banksy,
83:People visit websites less often if they are more than 250 milliseconds slower than a close competitor, according to research from Google. ~ Anonymous,
84:The fact is, pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things. And if we haven’t clarified our message, our customers won’t listen. ~ Donald Miller,
85:Imagine the wars we would've avoided if prior generations had a website where they could debate tragedy and politics in terse sentences? ~ Eugene Mirman,
86:Create a website that expresses something about who you are that won't fit into the template available to you on a social networking site. ~ Jaron Lanier,
87:Having one of your like dumb sort of stream of consciousness tweets used against you on a right wing website is the ultimate compliment. ~ Julie Klausner,
88:It was a novelty to see a guy actually wearing a shirt in this building. Pecs aplenty. It would be a good slogan for the theatre’s website. ~ Lucy Parker,
89:I visited white-supremacist websites, designed by American racists, in which the Congo was held up as proof of the black man’s inferiority. ~ Tim Butcher,
90:My publisher conducted a website poll, and of the 678 respondents only 23 felt satisfied with the time they were spending in prayer. That ~ Philip Yancey,
91:had a hunch that people wanted to keep jellyfish as pets, so he created a test website and bought $100 in Google search ads. Lo and behold, his ~ Anonymous,
92:Though I live in a world that sells false happiness at newsstands, websites, and big-box stores, I thank God for authentic happiness in Jesus. ~ Randy Alcorn,
93:But on the contrary Wikileaks is under heavy attack by the government and corporations are participating in that by closing down their websites. ~ Noam Chomsky,
94:You may end up with a great website or mobile app, but you have learnt nothing in the process and have not taken ownership of your digital strategy. ~ Anonymous,
95:I built websites for myself. I didn't want to work for anyone else. I came from a science background, so I approached things fairly analytically. ~ Michael Birch,
96:I spend the first half of my day dealing with Europe because of the time difference. Then in the evening my website gets my undivided attention. ~ Olivia Palermo,
97:Hey, did you know that in the parking diagram on Tampa International’s website, they misspelled Lindbergh’s name? Instills that confidence in flying. ~ Tim Dorsey,
98:Keep your own list, or get an account with an email newsletter company like MailChimp and put a little sign-up widget on every page of your website. ~ Austin Kleon,
99:That's the problem with the Internet: You do a naked scene and then it's taken out of context and put on websites that have nothing to do with film. ~ Clemence Poesy,
100:Just go to [Hillary Clinton] website. She tells you how to fight ISIS on her website. I don't think General Douglas MacArthur would like that too much. ~ Donald Trump,
101:We need to build websites with celebrity speakers who talk about the ideals of fairness, sharing, democratic cooperation, and altruism in public life. ~ Deepak Chopra,
102:Jonah Berger, who conducted an exhaustive study of “most e-mailed” links on the New York Times website and wrote a book about the results, Contagious: ~ Keith Ferrazzi,
103:The only reason to build a website is to change someone. If you can't tell me the change and you can't tell me the someone, then you're wasting your time. ~ Seth Godin,
104:I'm an amateur at music and an amateur at most things. I like the idea of offering some music and some records and a website to people who feel perplexed. ~ Ezra Furman,
105:I view the art scene as an industry which is slowly developing. These days, technology has mad the world smaller. Meaning that information is a website away. ~ St Lucia,
106:I never open the newspaper, never. I never go to a website; I never turn on the T.V. hoping to find something I can attack. It isn't what I do. I defend. ~ Rush Limbaugh,
107:As an avid photographer, I also took advantage of the latest technology in photography - digital photography - to post photos on my website on a daily basis. ~ Tipper Gore,
108:Most newspapers are content to shovel yesterday’s print stories into tomorrow’s website and then port the same material into yards of gray type on mobile apps. ~ Anonymous,
109:Myspace alone has just over 80 million users and ranks as the sixth most popular English language website and the eighth most popular site in the world. ~ Mike Fitzpatrick,
110:There is a free website called EssayTyper that lets you type a topic and will write the paper for you in minutes. Always use this website with caution. 978 ~ Keith Bradford,
111:The blogosphere gives me my life, I am fortunate to have developed relationships with great websites who allow me to reach a whole ton of new people everyday. ~ Hoodie Allen,
112:Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran ... in one shot on his website he appears to be dressed only in flowers. Oh - here's the page, you'll see what I mean. ~ Eddie Mair,
113:The American Nazi party and the KKK don't really exist in a meaningful way. They may have an office or website. But they are not tens of thousands of members. ~ Tucker Carlson,
114:The White House has now put together a website for kids. It's a website to teach kids how to manage a budget responsibly. The website is called ' ' ~ David Letterman,
115:Websites are kind of useless. There's so much great web content and design out there, but the ways in which they are being experienced are not being maximized. ~ Dhani Harrison,
116:Any young person who comes to see me, I say, 'Look, forget about print. You gotta think in terms of getting going with websites and online and that sort of thing.' ~ Terry Mosher,
117:He shook his head and went on to his favourite book website at the moment: GoodReads, intending to check the entrants for his latest giveaway. His Recent Updates page ~ Anonymous,
118:It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs. ~ Reed Hastings,
119:James Heywood is an entrepreneur who has a different approach to deal with difficulties linking medical data. He created a website,, ~ Seth Stephens Davidowitz,
120:For the first time in the history of photography, we can study the real-time production of snapshot making - globally! (On Flickr and other photosharing websites) ~ Joachim Schmid,
121:Hundreds of social networks and websites such as Facebook and Twitter are trying to weaken people's morale and decrease their participation in the elections. ~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
122:Current ethos in Silicon Valley is that if you build a website that people keep coming back to and is changing the lives of millions, you can eventually make money. ~ Daphne Koller,
123:The Impossible Fortress that you can play for free at my author website, My high score is 11,358 and I hope you’ll leave me a note if you beat it. ~ Jason Rekulak,
124:optimize websites for search engines, you can optimize your lives to grow and reach your maximum potential. There are so many research studies out there that can provide ~ Anonymous,
125:Don’t forget: when you start a website, it’s not yet a trusted site. So you have to bring people from a trusted site to your site to build up the trust in your site. ~ James Altucher,
126:I always tell my fans that are closest to me, if it's not coming from my mouth, my website, or my appointed person, then it's generally not true. Or it's an exaggeration. ~ Katy Perry,
127:It wasn't like there was a dating and mating website for bear shifters. If there had been, its mascot would have been that yellow Care Bear with the heart on its stomach. ~ Lila Felix,
128:When we launched the WineLibrary website in 1996, I didn't even own a computer yet. I just understood that there was an opportunity here to market in a different way. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk,
129:And if the website you got the information from uses Comic Sans as its font, you should not only disbelieve it but vow to never go there again, because they know nothing. ~ Luvvie Ajayi,
130:I have done zero SEO on my websites and online platforms, but I still rank well on them because of the fact that I focused on content, providing value, answering questions. ~ Chris Ducker,
131:Jonah Berger, who conducted an exhaustive study of “most e-mailed” links on the New York Times website and wrote a book about the results, Contagious: Why Things Catch On. ~ Keith Ferrazzi,
132:It’s well worth reading about Netflix on, a website that lets employees anonymously review their companies. Note how many times the “culture of fear” is mentioned. ~ Anonymous,
133:According to a new report, more than 700 fake Obamacare websites have been created. Security experts say it's simple to identify the phony sites because they are easy to log on to. ~ Jay Leno,
134:As customers view our websites, commercials, or e-mails, they simply want to check off a box in the back of their minds that gives them confidence in our ability to help them. ~ Donald Miller,
135:Don’t try to plan everything out to the very last detail. I’m a big believer in just getting it out there: create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback. ~ Neil Patel,
136:You'd be surprised how many kids and young people come to the website and send me email that they are actually going into the Marine Corps because of something that I said or did. ~ R Lee Ermey,
137:Most Americans don’t think about antitrust law when they look at their cable bill, flip channels on TV, or worry about what their favorite website knows about them. But they should. ~ Al Franken,
138:Most are sold into the commercial sex trade. Human trafficking is horrific, but nonetheless real. To learn how you can help prevent these crimes, check out the Operation61 website. ~ Diane Capri,
139:That, we encourage, and I think we're doing a pretty good job with the website and also the DVD, like the first season came out and the second season's being prepared now. ~ Anthony Michael Hall,
140:If you run a website that doesn't have something that's terrible on it, you are not trying hard enough. You have to fail, fail, fail. You have to fail and fail miserably many times. ~ Erik Wemple,
141:I'm not really sure what people's preconceived notions are. I don't look at the gossip websites - it's unhealthy and I think it's a large part of what drives people in L.A. crazy. ~ Mischa Barton,
142:There are websites that any government wants to block. The truth about the Internet is that it's extremely hard to block anything - extremely hard. You'll never get perfect blocking. ~ Bill Gates,
143:I can't believe there's a website which counts down until I'm legal. It is quite sick and perverted when you think about it. These people must have a lot of time on their hands. ~ Charlotte Church,
144:It's my job to know what's available from every retailer, catalog, website, antiques mall, and craftsperson. A good designer or decorator has to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge. ~ Nate Berkus,
145:Well, if I tell Mr. Zimmerman, I can kiss the newspaper good-bye!” I groaned. “He already threatened to FIRE me if I compromised the security of the Miss Know-It-All website. ~ Rachel Ren e Russell,
146:A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent 'post' (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom. ~ Darren Rowse,
147:With our website we didn't want people to come to our site and find out about Radiohead. We wanted them to come to our site and find out about what Radiohead are finding out about. ~ Colin Greenwood,
148:I tried not to get too addicted to reading the Whedonesque website, because it could become obsessive. They were a charming and loyal bunch of people to whom I'm eternally grateful. ~ Olivia Williams,
149:My website, my email magazine, my blog, my books, my corporate seminars, and my public seminars all create the ability for social media to work and all build reputation and ranking. ~ Jeffrey Gitomer,
150:There is still a lot of misinformation being spread about higher education funding arrangements under the new Act. The students page on my website sets out the main points in the Act. ~ Anne Campbell,
151:Aren’t you capable of finding anything beautiful in the world?” I’d tell her, she’d say, “I do not want to know about those websites. Please keep those disgusting websites to yourself. ~ Joshua Ferris,
152:I find it's a very positive movement and something you can do every day in little ways. Our philosophy on the website ( is not to have green guilt, do what you can. ~ Rachel McAdams,
153:If you want to read anything nasty about me, just go to the backpacker websites. There's this kind of elitist branch where they really believe that I had no business going backpacking. ~ Cheryl Strayed,
154:I love teaching online at my website and soon I'll be writing a math book. I love to teach math. I just don't have time for a full-time teaching gig. Acting is way too time-consuming. ~ Danica McKellar,
155:The self-help books and websites haven’t come up with a proper title for spouses living in the purgatory that exists before the courts have officially ratified your personal tragedy. ~ Jonathan Tropper,
156:The main thing I want to do, is to make our website the most entertaining website there is on the Internet. I want it to be the premiere site for entertainment, for communication, and for fun. ~ Stan Lee,
157:We have taken the home page of my website,, and we've turned it into a fact-checker. So if you want to see in real-time what the facts are, please go and take a look. ~ Hillary Clinton,
158:As a result, a worldwide grand total of twenty-six websites in early 1993 mushroomed into more than 10,000 sites by August 1995, then exploded into several million by the end of 1998.6 ~ Peter H Diamandis,
159:I've laid out a very, very detailed immigration plan on my website, It's 11 pages of existing federal law and in particular the question of what to do with people who are here now. ~ Ted Cruz,
160:I would much rather have 1,000 visitors click over to my website via a podcast interview that I’ve done on someone else’s website than have 1,000 search result visitors from Google. Anyday. ~ Chris Ducker,
161:Strategy is about out-thinking your competition. Mark Zuckerberg, while at Harvard, built a website called Facemash ‘for fun’. Even today, Facebook believe that ‘done is better than perfect’. ~ Max McKeown,
162:I don't know whether machine translation will eventually get good enough to allow us to browse people's websites in different languages so you can see how they live in different countries. ~ Tim Berners Lee,
163:I love being on stage if I'm not on a set. If I'm at home, I'm usually in my office editing or reconstructing my website or whatever it may be. I just love putting creativity into a performance. ~ Dane Cook,
164:I use computers for email, staying current with my own website as well as finding important information through other websites. I also use it for creating MP3 files of new music I'm working on. ~ Clint Black,
165:You can throw - and we've seen plenty of these kinds of companies - millions of dollars in advertising for a website or a service, and in the end if it's not useful no one's going to use it. ~ Alexis Ohanian,
166:The thing about being a lifelong gamer is that my eye-to-hand reaction time is faster than average. I actually went on a website that tests your reaction time and verified this to my satisfaction. ~ Arthur Chu,
167:Your immediate environment is comprised of coffee shops, supermarkets, websites, apps and all kinds of things - none of which have an interest in your long-term or short-term financial well-being. ~ Dan Ariely,
168:The only danger about websites, you know, is people who remember something you did or said thirty or forty years ago, and bring it up against you, so you're going for a job and you don't get it. ~ Patrick Macnee,
169:You can find more of the common climate-denial myths, as well as both short and long answers debunking them, along with the associated science, at the excellent website ~ Shawn Lawrence Otto,
170:Ebay is asking all of its nearly 128m active users to reset passwords after revealing that hackers were able to access passwords, phone numbers, addresses and other personal data on the retail website. ~ Anonymous,
171:I fully support Governor Kasich's-I think it's called 'Question 2' in Ohio. Fully support that. In fact, on my website as far back as April I laid out I supported 'Question 2.' ... I support it 110%. ~ Mitt Romney,
172:If you are a big company, a big website, and lots of users come to your website, you will have attacks, and you have to deal with that. It just cannot be a reason to take actions to exit certain markets. ~ Robin Li,
173:I want to get that same feeling that everybody logging on to our website is sharing a little bit of an inside joke, and the rest of the world is oblivious to it although I want to have most of the world. ~ Stan Lee,
174:Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognized for. Share your experiences through these media. ~ Israelmore Ayivor,
175:I do a little fact checking now and then. Other than that its impact is simply that email has revolutionized communication for me, and my website has built up a community of readers, which is a lot of fun. ~ Lee Child,
176:The company states plainly on its website that “TV is a great big megaphone,” and when you can only afford to spend dozens of dollars acquiring a new customer, you need the biggest megaphone you can find. ~ Peter Thiel,
177:I think the mistake a lot of people make with new media is they just focus on one thing. But any one thing - just doing podcasts or just having a website or just doing television - isn't enough anymore. ~ Chris Hardwick,
178:the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) acknowledges on its website the multitude of definitions available for PR and PR practice, but maintains that it adopts the Institute of Public Relations‟ ~ Anonymous,
179:Wikipedia, a nonprofit, is an enormously popular website but has managed to operate without advertising. And, you know, maybe it's a little simpler than Google and YouTube, but it does show there's another way. ~ Tim Wu,
180:I buy most of my clothes online, I just sit around and look at websites and say 'oh that looks cute' - and then I just buy it and hopefully it fits because buying stuff online is always sort of risky. ~ Bethany Cosentino,
181:No matter how many red Xs we write on our hands to end slavery, as long as these same hands are clicking on pornographic websites and scrolling through sexual pictures and videos, we are frauds to the core. ~ David Platt,
182:All they need to do is to set up some website somewhere selling some bogus product at twenty percent of the normal market prices and people are going to be tricked into providing their credit card numbers. ~ Kevin Mitnick,
183:I have my website, The Ruckus, which is an Internet site, similar to the Funny or Die format, where people post funny videos. I get a chance to rate their videos; they get a chance to blog and kick it with me. ~ J B Smoove,
184:2. Action Following the trigger comes the action: the behavior done in anticipation of a reward. The simple action of clicking on the interesting picture in her newsfeed takes Barbra to a website called Pinterest, ~ Nir Eyal,
185:Yes. I don’t want anyone to know I’m running the website. Half the guys at this school have some kind of mob connection and the other half have enough spare change in their cup holders to hire a hit man." - Ruby ~ Lyla Payne,
186:You can always improve on something, the technology is different today, but I would leave it well alone. If there was something that was incomplete, that might be interesting... because I do that on my website. ~ Dave Davies,
187:your passion doesn’t have to be utterly precise. Perhaps, for starters, you just feel an urge to work with kids or organize things, or create a website. Start with an instinct, tease it into different directions ~ Kate White,
188:Celebrity is a national drama whose characters' parts and plots are written by the tabloids, gossip columnists, websites and interactive buttons. The famous don't actually have to turn up to their own lives at all. ~ A A Gill,
189:I love sharing photographs and websites, I'm for all of these things. I'm for Facebook. But to say that this is sociability? We begin to define things in terms of what technology enables and technology allows. ~ Sherry Turkle,
190:Challenging myself and pushing against my fears are two of my core values, and that won’t happen if I’m endlessly building client websites. If I don’t try new things and new directions, I feel like I’ll stagnate. ~ Paul Jarvis,
191:A travel website says that there are 280 fountains in Rome, but it seems as if there are more:...Remove them and there is no present tense, no circulatory system, nor dreams to balance the waking hours. No Rome. ~ Anthony Doerr,
192:I am very active on the Internet. In 2007, I made one film every day and posted it on my website. That was a 365-day project, really exhausting, but I still put a lot of stuff on - from life, friends, my own life. ~ Jonas Mekas,
193:I used a combination of my brand sentence and my three buzz words to create the title and tagline for my author website, which is “The Hidden World of Melissa Storm: Author of Sweet, Speculative Fiction for Women. ~ Emlyn Chand,
194:One could think of ways to defeat the censor. I could put up the answers on my Facebook page or website or Counterpunch. In today's world it's not easy to suppress information. Technology has helped us a great deal. ~ Tariq Ali,
195:The Kindle wasn’t an overnight success, of course, but an avalanche of publicity and its prominent placement at the top of the Amazon website ensured that the company would quickly run through its stock of devices. ~ Brad Stone,
196:I have to be the luckiest husband who ever lived. My wife is a sex goddess.” Sam laughed. “Make sure to post a review to my website.” “No way. I’m not telling anyone else what I have, because everyone will want it. ~ Marie Force,
197:Most people who end up being successful have good grades, but it's orthogonal - there's no extra information than if they put together a website and have bunch of fans who love coming and seeing what they're doing. ~ Gabe Newell,
198:Thumbs up or thumbs down on a website is not a conversation. The danger is you get into a habit of mind where politics means giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to a website. The world is a much more complex place. ~ Sherry Turkle,
199:Whenever you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever, they always list depression among the side effects of cancer. But, in fact, depression is not a side effect of cancer. Depression is a side effect of dying. ~ John Green,
200:My author website doesn’t provide a personal e-mail address, and I didn’t own my first smartphone until 2012 (when my pregnant wife gave me an ultimatum—“you have to have a phone that works before our son is born”). ~ Cal Newport,
201:Take Kiva. Launched in October 2005—and named for the Swahili word for unity—this website allows anyone to lend money directly to a small business in the developing world via a peer-to-peer microfinance model. ~ Peter H Diamandis,
202:Every industry has KPIs — if you’re a restaurant owner, it’s the number of covers (tables) in a night; if you’re an investor, it’s the return on an investment; if you’re a media website, it’s ad clicks; and so on. ~ Alistair Croll,
203:I had a lot of time before I actually got my break so to speak. I was building websites for other actors. I worked in a grocery store back in the little village where I grew up but I found it mind-numbingly boring. ~ Jeremy Irvine,
204:Science to write the corporate earnings previews that appear on the website. These stories are all generated by algorithms without human involvement. And they’re indistinguishable from what a human would write: ~ Erik Brynjolfsson,
205:I was really just a hard-core geek, if you will, in 1996, and was building websites as a hobby. I started doing a lot of web design and development and built my first website on the now-defunct GeoCities platform. ~ Matt Mickiewicz,
206:I have a website because it's an interesting tool, very - and quite unexpectedly - useful for my work. It's become an archive and a fairly complete on-line portfolio, as well as offering an opportunity to write a little. ~ John Howe,
207:needed to get a new laptop. The damn thing ran so slow at the most crucial times. I was trying to submit my paper to the teacher’s website when my computer decided to take a break instead. I decided to call the one person ~ E L Todd,
208:Many feminists in the academy and in the major women's groups are knocking down open doors. It's 2016, not 1950. But you wouldn't know that if you looked through a typical women's studies textbook or website. ~ Christina Hoff Sommers,
209:The Google algorithm was a significant development. I've had thank-you emails from people whose lives have been saved by information on a medical website or who have found the love of their life on a dating website. ~ Tim Berners Lee,
210:John Taylor Gatto’s extraordinary book, Dumbing Us Down. Check out Mary Griffith’s The Unschooling Handbook and Grace Llewellyn’s The Teenage Liberation Handbook. Take a look at Home Education Magazine and its website. ~ Daniel H Pink,
211:I just graduated with a degree in economics, and I worked at a hospital for my past two summers. I’d love a job at a health-related website. I know you once worked for WebMD, and I’d really welcome a personal introduction. ~ Kate White,
212:OhioColumbus: New regulations are requiring state residents to do more to get unemployment benefits: They must post their rsums on Ohio's job-search website, take three assessments and complete an unemployment questionnaire. ~ Anonymous,
213:There's the idea that people should be able to control how the information that they're giving to websites is used and monetized in a more clear and powerful way. That's something that probably will need government action. ~ Eli Pariser,
214:I'm not a fan of giving a website a simple number like an IQ rating because like people they can vary in all kinds of different ways. So I'd be interested in different organisations labelling websites in different ways. ~ Tim Berners Lee,
215:I think there is a difference between Slate and Salon. I think we both serve important functions on the Internet. As more and more Websites disappear, I'm thankful Slate is still around because it makes things less lonely. ~ David Talbot,
216:People would publish their websites; other people would read them. But there was no real back and forth other than through e-mail. Web 2.0 was what they called the collaborative web - Facebook, Twitter, the social media. ~ Edward Snowden,
217:I think a hero is someone who, if abroad or traveling, they go to the GOOP website to see what shops to go to, what restaurants to eat at, what clothes to buy, and they do that not fearlessly but in spite of their fear. ~ Robert Downey Jr,
218:After 'Punk'd,' my company Katalyst did a deal with AOL to produce short-form content for the Web. At that time it was a different game. If you got front-page coverage on any popular website, you could probably get a push. ~ Ashton Kutcher,
219:CMOs and other top executives need to be SEO advocates within their organizations. Without an understanding of what it takes, the boss will not be able to make crucial decisions that support a website's organic search success. ~ Bruce Clay,
220:The Democrats’ website is accurate when it says that the Democratic efforts for civil rights “began” with Truman in 1946, for there certainly is much about civil rights that they would rather not talk about before that time. ~ David Barton,
221:When I first started writing for television in the seventies and eighties, the Internet didn't exist, and we didn't need to worry about foreign websites illegally distributing the latest TV shows and blockbuster movies online. ~ Al Franken,
222:President Obama announced his re-election campaign, though it’s not really a surprise. He did all the things that make it official: He filed the paperwork, redesigned his website, and printed another fake birth certificate. ~ Craig Ferguson,
223:I am thrilled to become International Vogue Editor at Condé Nast International, which has a real commitment to journalistic excellence, and to have the opportunity to write for a wider global audience through the Vogue websites. ~ Suzy Menkes,
224:I actually made a website called Y2 Combinator, which was the Y Combinator that starts Y Combinator clones. There's a very clear difference in the quality between the companies that come from YC and the companies that don't. ~ Patrick Collison,
225:The James Carville "herd of cows" quote is a fabrication, posted on the website by someone going by thisoneworks. It has no attribution. Just another conservative propagandistic fabrication as far as I can tell. ~ James Carville,
226:I'm not against paying at all. What I'm against is the complexity of paying. And you very often go to a website and you try to click on something and sometimes it will even say it's free, but you have to fill out this form. ~ Nicholas Negroponte,
227:EdX will be a creating a platform which will be open source, not for profit, and a portal for a website where universities will offer their courses. For example, MIT courses will be offered as MITx and Harvard courses as HarvardX. ~ Anant Agarwal,
228:We spend so much time, these days, on forms of literature that don't rise to be literature, and I'm speaking about Twitter posts and quick and hot takes on different websites. We sort of zoom from thing to thing like a hummingbird. ~ Ben H Winters,
229:I do not think it would be appropriate to use official party resources such as the DNC website on behalf of organizations whose purpose is to reverse the current platform and/or to enact legislation that contradicts that platform. ~ Terry McAuliffe,
230:On the Paris Review website, Nicole Rudnick wrote that the stunt reminded her of a post last year on Gawker, whose writer tested TGI Friday’s “Endless Appetizers” promotion, “during which she ate mozzarella sticks for close to 14 hours. ~ Anonymous,
231:Obama said they've had some glitches with the Affordable Care website. I'll tell you something. If you order a pair of pants online and they send you the wrong color, that's a glitch. This is like a Carnival cruise, for God's sake! ~ David Letterman,
232:When I was bullied, I could go home and it would stop. Now, you can go home and get a text, or you can put up a YouTube video and 200 people say horrible crap, or someone has launched a website about you. That stuff is really terrifying. ~ Lee Hirsch,
233:I think people ought to realize that if you're doing investigative reporting, you're putting something on your newspaper or on your website that no one can get anywhere else, and theoretically at least, that should make people subscribe. ~ Mark Ruffalo,
234:The Internet is a big boon to academic research. Gone are the days spent in dusty library stacks digging for journal articles. Many articles are available free to the public in open-access journal or as preprints on the authors' website. ~ Nick Bostrom,
235:The People's Bank of China (PBOC) said on its website it was lowering its benchmark, one-year lending rate by 25 basis points to 5.1 percent from May 11. It cut the benchmark deposit rate by the same amount to 2.25 percent. "China's economy ~ Anonymous,
236:I never really enjoyed getting a portfolio together then sending it out; whereas, putting up the website is quite an enjoyable experience. The net's just a much faster and more modern way to distribute things, and you have to embrace it. ~ Anton Corbijn,
237:Though he was not legally required to do so, Svenson removed photos of the Fosters from his website and agreed not to take any new pictures or print, exhibit, or publish any of the Fosters’ photos in the future. In September 2013, the Fosters ~ Anonymous,
238:It is really hurting; how big media plagiarize everyday and no one judges them; The real heroes are those tiny and small self-funded websites and blogs that provide all primary data for them to survive and it will continue as far they exist ~ M F Moonzajer,
239:Small businesses no longer need to feel like a deer in the headlights when considering constructing or updating their Web sites. With ClickThings what you see is what you get, unlike some other competitive Web-based Website building tools. ~ Boomer Esiason,
240:I don't know anybody who doesn't hate being called It just sounds like a website. I don't mind being called Americana, I don't mind being called country noir, or independent country is fine, but the words make me insane. ~ Neko Case,
241:I really just concentrated on putting out solo stuff on my website, just trying things, but this time we thought it was time to do a proper record, where you make a bit of a fanfare about it. Something that says "listen everybody, I'm here". ~ William Orbit,
242:Content curation involves finding other people’s good stuff, summarizing it, and sharing it. Curation is a win-win-win: you need content to share; blogs and websites need more traffic; and people need filters to reduce the flow of information. ~ Guy Kawasaki,
243:She is a 13-year-old girl who shares Amanda's name, and politely explained that she could not give up the website. Why? Because the younger Amanda plans to be president of the United States, and she's going to need the website for her campaign. ~ Eva Longoria,
244:After Trump took office, DJ Patil watched with wonder as the data disappeared across the federal government. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior removed from their websites the links to climate change data. ~ Michael Lewis,
245:I don't know exactly what it is, but it looks like interconnected websites where people show their photos and write about everything going on in their lives, like whether they found a parking spot or what they ate for breakfast." "But why?" Josh asks. ~ Jay Asher,
246:Librarians and other information specialists have developed user’s guides to evaluating websites. These include questions we should ask, such as “Is the page current?” or “What is the domain?” (A guide prepared by NASA is particularly helpful.) ~ Daniel J Levitin,
247:Expand the definition of 'reading' to include non-fiction, humor, graphic novels, magazines, action adventure, and, yes, even websites. It's the pleasure of reading that counts; the focus will naturally broaden. A boy won't read shark books forever. ~ Jon Scieszka,
248:I'm close to my audience. I think I have more tools in my box than other guys who might try it. Also, I know how to do this stuff. I know how to write and shoot and edit. I'm technically adept and that helped with the website. You need a big skill set. ~ Louis C K,
249:last address listed was in a place called The Villages. After writing down the information, Bosch checked for a website and found that The Villages was a massive retirement community in Sumter County, Florida. Further searching of online records ~ Michael Connelly,
250:I made the mistake of writing something very, very short about Obama for this website that I write fiction for and my father told me never do that again. And he was right. I have nothing to add to a political conversation because it’s not my area. ~ Jesse Eisenberg,
251:I'm actually on the Twitter like all those crazy young kids are, and if I'm going to do an in-store appearance or I post something on my website, I tweet these followers, a word I don't like so much, and over 50,000 people go, like, 'Okay, I got it.' ~ Henry Rollins,
252:In other words, if you aren’t focusing resources and time on your church website, you are thumbing your nose at the Great Commission. And that’s not an overstatement. A church with a lousy website is committing the sin of Great Commission negligence. ~ Thom S Rainer,
253:Kate approached the desk. A young woman who was likely a part-timer with college classes in between looked up at them with a smile. “How can I help you ladies this morning?” “We’re looking for a man named Julio Almas,” DeMarco said. “Your website says ~ Blake Pierce,
254:The internet did not exist when I started out, the fact that bands can build a website and get all their information out there is really helpful. If you really love to play, I would say to keep doing it, because it's what you love and what you have to do. ~ Joan Jett,
255:I don't sweat the Internet. You know, it's still something I enjoy as a movie geek myself to get on and, like, look at all the websites; however, when it comes to marketing a movie, the Internet is still not the thing that gets people to the theatre. ~ Michael De Luca,
256:You will be very visible in the company photo, also the website and any other marketing materials. There's no way to avoid it. The photo will only be scheduled when you are in the office, so don't try pretending to be sick. They'll wait for you. ~ Baratunde R Thurston,
257:As an independent artist it is so easy to get caught up in websites, social media, merchandise, when I am going to put out an EP, fining a producer, finding a studio to record in and you have to remember at the end of the day you should be writing music. ~ Tyler Hilton,
258:Click-throughs on a video are often much higher than a standard website listing on the front page of Google. If you see a video in the Google results... it stands out a lot more than a regular website listing does, so [it] tends to attract more clicks. ~ Matthew Carter,
259:Every day you should also be checking job boards to track positions as they open up. In addition to the job boards on company websites, use public job boards such as Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, and any specialty sites. There’s also your alumni website, etc. ~ Kate White,
260:Online sites who allow bullying and group harassment to continue after the victim notify the site about it, will one day be held accountable for not helping end a crime. - Strong by Kailin Gow about the Consumer Websites that Should Be Socially Responsible ~ Kailin Gow,
261:Social media marketing can help with a number of goals, ·        Website traffic ·        Conversions ·        Brand Awareness ·        Creating a brand identity and positive brand association ·        Communication and interaction with key audiences ~ Vinayak Patukale,
262:I don't know exactly what it is, but it looks like interconnected websites where people show their photos and write about everything going on in their lives, like whether they found a parking spot or what they ate for breakfast."

"But why?" Josh asks. ~ Jay Asher,
263:My guilty pleasures are the websites where you can look at the fashions and see how different outfits will look. You can even take a picture of yourself and download it and play with the fashions! I love playing with these websites to see what I can learn. ~ Indra Nooyi,
264:Increasingly, companies use their power to influence and manipulate their users. Websites that profit from advertising spend a lot of effort making sure you spend as much time on those sites as possible, optimizing their content for maximum addictiveness. ~ Bruce Schneier,
265:Someone had even told him once that if his father hadn't been president, Logan might have been a good candidate for the Blackthorne Institute (whatever that was - it didn't even have a website), so it felt weird not knowing where he was or where he was going. ~ Ally Carter,
266:Digitization creates winner-take-all markets because, as noted above, with digital goods capacity constraints become increasingly irrelevant. A single producer with a website can, in principle, fill the demand from millions or even billions of customers. ~ Erik Brynjolfsson,
267:Mr Costeja González’s case started four years ago when he realised a Google search of his name threw up a link to a 1998 article on a Barcelona news website, which contained the details of a house he was forced to auction off to settle his social security debts. ~ Anonymous,
268:My website inspired me to create my book club and provides me with a creative outlet where I can write about things that interest me. It's a platform where I can present ideas or new ventures and get feedback straight from the people who mean the most to me. ~ Lauren Conrad,
269:New Rule: If we want to find a place to cut government waste, we must start with the DEA rubber duck. Yes, on the DEA's website you can buy a rubber ducky with a DEA badge and a cop's hat. Which I recommend doing, because they're a great place to hide your weed. ~ Bill Maher,
270:Writers no longer work in solitude, crafting meaningful and elegant prose. No. They have to spend most of their time selling themselves on the fucking internet. Blogging and tweeting and updating their bloody Facebook pages and their wretched narcissistic websites. ~ Mal Peet,
271:1. Trigger A trigger is the actuator of behavior — the spark plug in the engine. Triggers come in two types: external and internal.[viii] Habit-forming products start by alerting users with external triggers like an email, a website link, or the app icon on a phone. ~ Nir Eyal,
272:While looking at a website for liposuction, I learned that it was a six-to eight-week recovery period, the clincher being that, during that time, I would under no circumstances be able to use street drugs. Obviously I had to think of a more realistic approach. ~ Chelsea Handler,
273:I went to a website the other day and right at the top of the page it showed me my ip address. It was the most disturbing moment I have ever experienced. This website even told me what internet browser I was using, and what day it was. Computers can do anything. ~ Edward Snowden,
274:According to the Boston Consulting Group, 7 percent of Chinese netizens drive 40 percent of online sales. These social enthusiasts and key opinion leaders (i.e., those who spend the most time on social-media websites) can significantly influence a company's image. ~ Jeffrey Towson,
275:And that's the kind of thing people think, you know, that if you sign up to be a singer-songwriter you know how to deal with people setting up hate websites, or people being obsessed with you and crying when you touch them, but you don't, and you just have to deal with. ~ Jessie J,
276:Beyond the worries about direct threats lay the fear that religious groups, bureaucrats, left-wing politicians and newspapers would accuse critics of insensitivity or racism, and that racist groups or websites would confirm the accusation by repeating their critiques. ~ Nick Cohen,
277:You talk about a hateful bunch of people. They have this hate list. Charles Murray. He has been victimized with riots on college campus because he is depicted as a profound hater on the Southern Poverty Law Center website and the left treats that place like a Bible. ~ Rush Limbaugh,
278:Just as in writing, there are novelistic and sort of pedestrian ways of telling a story, to write a postcard with your little pocket camera and put it on websites. I think that's where the most exciting kind of imagery and content is being recorded and exchanged today. ~ Jonas Mekas,
279:When you do a cover it's a way to get attention clicking on something. At the Quiet Music Festival, The Jicks did this Nirvana song, very unrehearsed and not important, but then all the websites were like, "They covered Nirvana!" People like covers of famous people. ~ Stephen Malkmus,
280:those of you who are new to my books, there is a suggested series reading order and crossover chart (these can also be found on my website) at the end of this novella that will help you determine where to start if you end up enjoying Cruz and Elliot’s story. I’ve also ~ Sloane Kennedy,
281:Writing 'Book 1: The Maze of Bones' didn't feel much different than writing one of my other novels, but I thought it was very innovative to offer the website and trading card components as well for those readers who wanted to go more in depth with the Cahill experience. ~ Rick Riordan,
282:I mean, if this [film Age of Trump] wasn't on Netflix, it would be playing at some lovely art house theater on the West Side once or twice or for a week or maybe two weeks if I was lucky and then it would go away, and I'd be lucky if I could sell the DVDs off my website. ~ Ava DuVernay,
283:My golden time is after I drop the kids off at school. I'm usually working on my website (lifestyle site Goop) and checking emails but I try to do something at least once a week - like a facial or a visit to the osteopath - something to bring myself back into my body. ~ Gwyneth Paltrow,
284:She wanted to start a website, a public-awareness campaign, a newsletter, to get the word out that if you were a woman and you had a child, you lost everything, you would be held hostage by love: a terrorist who would only be satisfied when you surrendered your entire future. ~ Joe Hill,
285:Take control of your own life and make something of yourself. Get your ass in shape and build up your confidence. Buy the fast sports car. Write that book. Start your website. Don't let anyone hold you back with their self doubt and disbelief. That is why they are average. ~ Ryan Felman,
286:When a human being becomes a set of data on a website like Facebook, he or she is reduced. Everything shrinks. Individual character. Friendships. Language. Sensibility. In a way it’s a transcendent experience: we lose our bodies, our messy feelings, our desires, our fears. ~ Zadie Smith,
287:I also love lifestyles of the rich and famous and guess what? It's not unusual for me to sit in bed with my laptop and glass of wine, clicking through real estate slide shows on the New York Times website; looking at ungodly expensive homes I could not ever possibly afford. ~ Chris Hayes,
288:we released a free PDF called “5 Things Your Website Should Include,” and thousands of people downloaded it. At the back of the PDF we placed an ad for our StoryBrand Marketing Workshop. In the next twelve months, we doubled revenue without spending a dollar on marketing. ~ Donald Miller,
289:When we start our elevator pitch or keynote address, or when somebody visits our website, they’re burning calories to process the information we’re sharing. And if we don’t say something (and say something quickly) they can use to survive or thrive, they will tune us out. ~ Donald Miller,
290:Well we'd just seen Gerry. I think he wanted somebody who had that authority and was handsome. The thing is, he's a big hunk isn't he? All I can say, if you look at his chat line, or the Phantom website, it's quite worrying. Because the girls really seem to love him. ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber,
291:Your website shows only one booking in that time period.” “Really? I need to update that. So, that’s the price.” “You drive a hard bargain, Mr. MacCormick.” “Captain.” “Captain.” He glanced around. “Let’s get a table.” “Why?” “There are some other details you need to know. ~ Nelson DeMille,
292:So what advice does your website offer?"
"According to this, newly engaged couples touch all the time. They can’t bear to be next to each other and not feel each other. Does that mean I have permission to stroke your breasts in public? Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. ~ Sarah Morgan,
293:I had so many songs that were actually sort of finished. And I deleted them. I wrote on my website that I'd put them on the shelf, but that wasn't true. I actually deleted them from my computer. I got sort of trigger-happy and I think I deleted about 200 songs from my computer. ~ Jens Lekman,
294:I'm estranged from social media and I don't really deal with it. I tried to work on a website and it took up all my time. People wanted me to have a Twitter account and I spent the whole day figuring out what would be the first message. I still haven't wrapped my head around it. ~ Patti Smith,
295:Internet safety begins at home and that is why my legislation would require the Federal Trade Commission to design and publish a unique website to serve as a clearinghouse and resource for parents, teachers and children for information on the dangers of surfing the Internet. ~ Mike Fitzpatrick,
296:There was malware you could download from pirate websites, malware that you could send to other people’s cellphones to find out their GPS locations.  It could be sent to other people invisibly, attached to text messages.  If he could get his hands on another cellphone and download ~ Mike Wells,
297:Fan clubs and websites in praise of Boris were springing up all over the place – run by both Home Counties mothers and northern university students. (The Durham University Fan Club was just one that had as its mission ‘the admiration, promotion and discussion of Boris Johnson.’) ~ Sonia Purnell,
298:I feel I'm able to serve my customer by knowing what she or he wants. One of the ways I'm able to do this is through my website, and email: people give me great ideas, tell me what they want, what they don't want. It's really instrumental, and helps me stay in touch with people. ~ Kathy Ireland,
299:Well, politics is much more severe than entertainment. You have to hit those points, in politics, word for word. You have to remember the date. You have to remember the website. You have to rehearse stories that might be asked, have anecdotes ready for questions that might come up. ~ Matt Walsh,
300:Hillary Clinton, told a reporter that she and Bill aren't truly well-off, even though they're incredibly rich because they pay income taxes like everybody else. In fact, she says, they were so poor when they left the White House, they could hardly afford Bill's website memberships. ~ Peter Sagal,
301:If you make good music, people believe in you, but you have to have your websites poppin', you got to be on these blogs, you got to be at all these types of events. You got to be everywhere, and doing everything, and the more they see and hear you, the more chance you have at success. ~ Jadakiss,
302:There should be a “Buy Now” button in the top right corner of your website, and it shouldn’t be cluttered with a bunch of other buttons. The same call to action should be repeated above the fold and in the center of your website, and again and again as people scroll down the page. ~ Donald Miller,
303:This is exactly why I hate Facebook. I know it's just a website, but I truly believe it has created absolute monsters out of the lot of us. If we're not bragging and showing people (people we barely care about) our Pintrest projects, we're comparing our loves with everyone else's. ~ Bunmi Laditan,
304:Web Analytics 2.0 is: the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition, to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers, and potential customers have, which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline). ~ Anonymous,
305:Whenever you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever, they always list depression among the side effects of cancer. But, in fact, depression is not a side effect of cancer. Depression is a side effect of dying. (Cancer is also a side effect of dying. Almost everything is, really.) ~ Anonymous,
306:There are a lot of people that don't scour websites regularly or read music reviews. They need whatever, the other kinds of stuff, whether it's an appearance on Lettterman or posters or ads. They need to kind of be hit more in the face and be told that there's something new out there. ~ David Byrne,
307:Whenever you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever it always list depression as one of the side effects of cancer. But, in fact, depression is not a side effect of cancer. Depression is a side effect of dying. (Cancer is also a side effect of dying. Almost everything is, really) ~ John Green,
308:For starters, websites should be required to disclose what third parties are tracking their visitors, and smartphone apps should disclose what information they are recording about their users. There are too many places where surveillance is hidden; we need to make it salient as well. ~ Bruce Schneier,
309:Other firms are working on marketing applications of machine learning that increase customer engagement. Macy’s, for example, is working with both IBM’s Watson and Cognitive Scale, an Austin-based AI vendor, to improve personalization and engagement on its website and mobile app. ~ Thomas H Davenport,
310:Perhaps the most striking of all the on-demand services is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which allows customers to post any “human intelligence task”, from flagging objectionable content on websites to composing text messages; workers on the site choose what to do according to task and price. ~ Anonymous,
311:Just because a tagline sounds great or a picture on a website grabs the eye, that doesn’t mean it helps us enter into our customers’ story. In every line of copy we write, we’re either serving the customer’s story or descending into confusion; we’re either making music or making noise. ~ Donald Miller,
312:It’s…it’s easy to have some little bitty website and use a fake name and sit there and…you know…talk bad about Jews all day and enjoy yourselves…uh, you know…getting your kicks ’cause you live in, you know…a…a one room apartment and your mad at life or whatever and wanna blame us…you know. ~ Alex Jones,
313:Client companies and advertising agencies are old-world-order places. The systems and processes and structures come from a time when you shot the TV commercial, then you did the print ads, then you did everything else - including the website. Everything has changed, but the systems haven't. ~ Cindy Gallop,
314:Frankly, if you're 26 years old and there's a war on women or there's not a war on women, you can get all wrapped up in it and get lots of traffic on your website and get into exchanges and scream and yell about it on MSNBC or Fox, and a week later no one can remember what that was about. ~ William Kristol,
315:The New York Times had a headline on its website - Trump Turning To Ultra Wealthy To Steer Economic Policy. This doesn't sound very populist to me. Today's commerce secretary, the names being talked about for treasury secretary, I think there will be populist talk but maybe no populist action. ~ E J Dionne,
316:We noticed recently that people didn't like it when Facebook "experimented" with their news feed. Even the FTC is getting involved. But guess what, everybody: if you use the Internet, you're the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site. That's how websites work. ~ Christian Rudder, reviews hundreds of charities and provides recommendations to donors about which organizations will save the most lives per dollar donated. The website was launched in 2012 to provide similar advice for donors wanting to support animal protection causes. ~ Nick Cooney,
318:I do have a website that's updated regularly. It's a great way for potential clients to check out my work anonymously. As most of my web visitors would be interested in my work, not my history, the equipment I use, my "philosophy", etc., it's my work that's predominantly featured on the site. ~ John Keltonic,
319:I like the structure of the crime story, but most of all I like the ecosystem in which the genre flourishes: the festivals, the websites, the fans, the fact that you have your own special section of the bookshop. And crime is cool, too. It’s dark and edgy and funny and intelligent. I love it. ~ Harry Bingham,
320:The queen of aggregation is, of course, Arianna Huffington, who has discovered that if you take celebrity gossip, adorable kitten videos, posts from unpaid bloggers and news reports from other publications, array them on your website and add a left-wing soundtrack, millions of people will come. ~ Bill Keller,
321:Reviews help other readers find books. If you enjoyed the book and could take a moment to post a short review on the website you brought it from, tell a friend, tweet about it or mention it on your Facebook page, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you did all four I'd be super-duper-extra grateful. ~ Robert J Crane,
322:Lisa Hendey’s website has long been a treasured internet gathering spot. The Handbook for Catholic Moms is a welcome extension of Lisa’s wisdom and energy, enriched by the experiences of the community of women who have found community, support, and strength through ~ Amy Welborn,
323:ERIN ROONEY DOLAND is editor-in-chief of, a website providing daily articles on home and office organization, and author of the book Unclutter Your Life in One Week. She is a writer, productivity consultant, and lecturer. Writing and simple living are two of her greatest passions. ~ Jocelyn K Glei,
324:I’d just like to point out that I have a serious issue with the fact that we’ve sat here all night watching Eric hack into a hundred different secure and confidential websites and databases—including some really scary federal places—yet he refuses to get us free cable TV.”

“That’d be illegal. ~ Paige Tyler,
325:You know, I run the Vegas Deluxe website and that really is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And we have more stars going through this city with shows. We have more disc jockeys playing in nightclubs here, we have more parties, more of everything than any other city in the world. So it's non-stop. ~ Robin Leach,
326:That’s what I imagined, a giant game park with comfortable lodges and roads. At a minimum, roads. According to the website, there’d be “bush camping” involved, but I pictured lovely big tents with showers and flush toilets. I didn’t think I’d be paying for the privilege of squatting in the bushes. ~ Tess Gerritsen,
327:No matter what I do, I can't help but feel that I'm under a microscope. Some of it is completely silly, and some of it is meant to be hurtful. For example, a website accumulated all of my music videos to point out perceived Illuminati images. I loved that one. Of course, it was all ridiculous but funny. ~ Steve Aoki,
328:Every case involving cybercrime that I've been involved in, I've never found a master criminal sitting somewhere in Russia or Hong Kong or Beijing. It always ends up that somebody at the company did something they weren't supposed to do. They read an email, went to a website they weren't supposed to. ~ Frank Abagnale,
329:It was no good being a mother. She wanted to start a website, a public-awareness campaign, a newsletter, to get the word out that if you were a woman and you had a child, you lost everything, you would be held hostage by love: a terrorist who would only be satisfied when you surrendered your entire future. ~ Joe Hill,
330:Stripe makes it easy for anyone, be it an individual or a small business or a large business, to accept credit card payments on the Internet. We want to give control to the user or the business to define what the experience looks like. We work on a website or a mobile app, or whatever between that. ~ Patrick Collison,
331:What's really important about WikiLeaks is that the Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans. They have hacked American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions. Then they have given that information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of putting it on the Internet. ~ Hillary Clinton,
332:A lot of times we associate Greenpeace and climate change and shrinking polar caps with heavy-handed, weighty material. It's somber stuff. But with Funny Or Die we thought we could put an interesting take on it. Make it a little more palatable, especially for young people who tune into the website. ~ Alexander Skarsgard,
333:I’d learned that Holtzer Point was a top secret facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. I’d gathered that much already, but it was nice to have it confirmed by a series of websites that appeared to have been composed by middle-school-aged conspiracy theorists with a passion for stupid-looking animated graphics. ~ Cherie Priest,
334:It was no good being a mother. She wanted to start a website, a public-awareness campaign, a newsletter, to get the word out that if you were a woman and you had a child, you lost everything, you would be held hostage by love: a terrorist who would only be satisfied when you surrendered your entire future. The ~ Joe Hill,
335:The internet makes information easier to come by, but harder to control - think of the success of blogs like ConservativeHome and Guido Fawkes. I definitely think Parliament's website can be improved - perhaps it could have better access to video feed, include interactive features or have discussion forums. ~ Theresa May,
336:In an age of guidebooks, websites, and radio waves, discovery has nearly become a lost feeling. If anything, it is now a matter of expectations to surpass—rarely a matter of unexpected wonderment. It is unusual to find a situation that appears without word, or a place that was not known to be on the road. ~ David Levithan,
337:For me, the anarchy movement is hilarious. It's all under .org, which is of course government sponsored websites, and then they're all wearing corporate clothing from the Dr.Martin's to the back sacks and the cell phones, they're all flying around on corporate jets and using corporate highways. Very anarchistic! ~ John Lydon,
338:I put that in my management's hands and my company's hands. We sit down all together, the family, D-Block, my management and I go build with KOCH, the distributor. You open up your own sites, you get your MySpace, you get your websites and get your little digital team on the side... and that's how you handle that. ~ Styles P,
339:I created my foundation as a result of that and my website, and I try to shed some light on some very topical issues right now. The idea is to try to get people to become obviously more knowledgeable about the issue and try to get corporations and individuals to contribute to these nonprofit organizations. ~ Leonardo DiCaprio,
340:The Bitcoins bought virtual prepaid cards from Visa, with the help of fake names, addresses, personal details, and occupations at fake companies, generated in seconds on the website As long as the contact address matched the billing address, no online store would question its authenticity. ~ Parmy Olson,
341:Here’s what I tell the newly elected: the truth is gonna get out—it always does—but it’s gonna blend in with all the lies.” The Senator twirled a hand in the air. “You have to deny each lie and every truth with the same vinegar. Let those websites and blowhards who bitch about cover-ups confuse the public for you. ~ Hugh Howey,
342:Those who closely watched the campaign should not be surprised by Obama’s hostility toward Israel, given his relations with pro-Palestinian, virulent critics of Israel and his voluntary membership in Reverend Wright’s decidedly anti-Semitic church. Furthermore, his campaign website featured anti-Semitic posts. ~ David Limbaugh,
343:A story bank can also help website visitors find the most helpful stories. Skype, for example, has put stories into 15 compartments including acting, art/design, beauty, education and food. And Skype for Business has its own set of over 130 signature stories that can be searched by industry, product or language. ~ David A Aaker,
344:Bummer,” Glo said. “Do you want me to say some words? I’m an ordained minister. I even have a certificate.” “What church?” I asked her. “The Church of the Barley Goddess.” “I don’t think that’s a real church.” “They have a website,” Glo said. “The World Wide Web wouldn’t allow them on there if they weren’t real. ~ Janet Evanovich,
345:However, I will say this: most teams I encounter are under-resourced. This is because many senior managers believe that once a digital asset (such as a website) is launched, it largely runs itself. As you will have gathered by now, and as will be driven home in the next chapter, nothing could be further from the truth. ~ Anonymous,
346:I do shop online! But I’m shopping online mostly in the home categories - One Kings Lane and Gilt. At a lot of architectural websites, I buy a lot of hardware for cabinetry like hinges and things like that from England. So you know for me, I shop at Net-A-Porter, but I don’t really shop that much for clothing online. ~ Nate Berkus,
347:How can a website make browsing easier? One solution popularized by digital pinboard site, Pinterest, is the infinite scroll. In the past, getting from one web page to the next required clicking and waiting. However on sites such as Pinterest, whenever the user nears the bottom of a page, more results automatically load. ~ Nir Eyal,
348:I use many different gadgets connected with computers; I use PCs, laptops and a Palm Pilot. I also use the Internet to visit websites, especially within Polish-language Internet. I usually go to political discussion groups and sites - of course, as I use my real name, people never believe that they are chatting with me! ~ Lech Walesa,
349:Despite being discredited, the studies by Kanin and McDowell named above are still routinely cited on numerous websites dedicated to advancing the notion that American society suffers from an epidemic of spurious rape allegations by malicious women, resulting in the wrongful conviction of many thousands of innocent men. ~ Jon Krakauer,
350:If everybody can author their own story, if media is democratizing because everybody can make a really good-looking website... that's the way we learn now instead of in books. It means that more people get to tell their own story in their own terms rather than having to go through publishers and editors and executives. ~ Rachel Maddow,
351:University of Hawaii Press, 1983; The Happiest Man: The Life of Louis Borgenicht (New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1942). Used by permission of Lindy Friedman Sobel and Alice Friedman Holzman. The publisher is not responsible for websites (or their content) that are not owned by the publisher. ISBN 978-0-316-04034-1 E3 ~ Malcolm Gladwell,
352:Bill Brock, the former Tennessee senator and one-time head of the Republican Party said recently that many Americans choose their favorite channel (or website) not to get just the latest information but “to get the ammo to back up their previously formed opinions.” And it was getting harder to separate opinion from fact. ~ Bob Schieffer,
353:but the benefits of featuring the potential pitfalls of not doing business with us are much easier to include than we may think. Blog subjects, e-mail content, and bullet points on our website can all include elements of potential failure to give our customers a sense of urgency when it comes to our products and services. ~ Donald Miller,
354:Therein lies the problem with most churches. Churches perceive they are a friendly church because the members are friendly to one another. But they don’t think about walking in the shoes of first-time guests. They don’t look at their facilities, their parking, their website, or their friendliness from a guest perspective. ~ Thom S Rainer,
355:People are using GPS systems to find millions of little hidden objects throughout the world - often as simple as a piece of Tupperware hidden in the woods. You go to a website, you get the latitude and longitude to get the specific location of a certain specific hiding space, and then you go there and see if you can find it. ~ Ken Jennings,
356:The gallery was a neat, pale square of white paint and glossy windows among the colorful shops of the street. The glare of the sun kept her from seeing anything of the art on display behind the glass, but the work listed on the website was nicely curated. A couple of local artists mixed in with more expensive pieces. ~ Victoria Helen Stone,
357:As much as you feel as though you need to find some relevant bit of information for your story to work, research distracts from your writing and inevitably leads you down a rabbit hole of websites and articles and, more than likely, the temptation of checking your email or your Facebook profile or the baseball scores on ESPN. ~ Clive Barker,
358:But America was built by optimists. Optimists like my friend Amanda, who recently started a small business. When she went to buy her website address-her first and last name-she found that someone already owned it, but wasn't using it. So my friend emailed the owner of the site to ask if she could buy it. The owner wrote back. ~ Eva Longoria,
359:I made my first website when I was ten. I flirted using instant messages all throughout high school. I like the Internet. I like cuddling. I like my cell phone. I like awkward eye contact with strangers. I like hearing people's voices. I like parties. I like Craigslist. These things don't seem technologically exclusive to me. ~ Chelsea Martin,
360:I started, with three friends, this website called Crowdrise that's sort of the Facebook for personal philanthropy, a place where anybody can have a permanent microsite of their own to stage creative fundraising projects for the charities and causes that they care about. And we did it with serious intent but without any ambition. ~ Edward Norton,
361:Mythographer was suggested by the man who made my website, actually. I do write a lot about myth and I do feel it's a bit pompous to state it that way, but it does distinguish me from other writers. When it was first on the web, people began to use it in an ironical and satirical way. Now, however, people tend to use it straight. ~ Marina Warner,
362:The new acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney, said he wanted to end public access to records of consumer complaints against financial institutions. Two weeks after Hurricane Maria, statistics that detailed access to drinking water and electricity in Puerto Rico were deleted from the FEMA website. ~ Michael Lewis,
363:Today Alessandro had his first meeting with a Frenchman from the “conversation exchange” website. His name is Florent, and he wants to learn Italian because he bought a plot of land in a tiny village near Lucca, in Tuscany, and he plans to build a house there. But mostly because he is in love with a waitress he met in the village. ~ Eloisa James,
364:The decentralized nature of online conversations often makes it easier to manipulate public opinion, both domestically and globally. Regimes that once relied on centralized systems of media control can now deliver ideological messages more subtly, with the help of little-known intermediaries like anonymous commenters on websites. ~ Evgeny Morozov,
365:The shift from print journalism to websites and Facebook pages doesn’t just pose a danger to the distribution and verification of news, but it also puts our historical records at risk as well. Headlines and articles can now be changed without notice and information can vanish down a memory hole with little to no trace of its existence. ~ Mark Dice,
366:Imagine, if you will, you're sitting at my desk in Hawaii. You have access to the entire world, as far as you can see it. Last several days, content of internet communications. Every email that's sent. Every website that's visited by every individual. Every text message that somebody sends on their phone. Every phone call they make. ~ Edward Snowden,
367:Online censors have stepped up their already extensive blocking or deleting of websites and postings that challenge the Communist Party’s effort to erase the public’s memory of the bloodshed in 1989, when soldiers in Beijing killed hundreds of students, workers and professionals demonstrating for greater democracy and limits on corruption. ~ Anonymous,
368:Silicon Valley companies need to be asked to bring the best and brightest, the most recent technology to the table. I was asked as a CEO. I complied happily. And they will as well. But they have not been asked. That's why it cost billions of dollars to build an [Barack] Obama website that failed because the private sector wasn't asked. ~ Carly Fiorina,
369:For me professionally as well I've built an incredible business that I'm very proud of that is my own brand and that is both creating incredible content to empower and inspire this next generation of working women through a digital platform, mainly through my website,, our email newsletters, and our social-media platforms. ~ Ivanka Trump,
370:For example, you can go on all the pro-life chat rooms and say you're an outraged right-wing voter and that you know that George Bush drove an ex-girlfriend to an abortion clinic and paid for her to get an abortion.Then you go to an anti-immigration website chat room and ask, "What's all this about George Bush proposing amnesty for illegal aliens?" ~ Moby,
371:I'm very happy with the way I look. I wake up some morning, catch myself in the bathroom mirror, and go, 'hey girl, you're alright'. But on the other hand, I find the website stuff, and the polls, something completely removed from my own personal life. You can't take anything like that too seriously, otherwise you'd end up in the loony bin. ~ Cameron Diaz,
372:The Internet's been so great, and it's so nice to have fans do nice, elaborate websites, but I think the down side is some of the things... for real fans to go on and see that 90 percent of the information isn't true or to see pictures that aren't really me, or for them to be able to sell these things, that's one of the down sides, I think. ~ Denise Richards,
373:I will tell you that Hillary [Clinton] will tell you to go to her website and read all about how to defeat ISIS, which she could have defeated by never having it, you know, get going in the first place. Right now, it's getting tougher and tougher to defeat them, because they're in more and more places, more and more states, more and more nations. ~ Donald Trump,
374:The funny thing is that some reviews are published in magazines and websites that are seen by millions of people, and other reviews are in very small publications or less popular websites, and you just have to be lucky to have the good reviews land in places where more people see them, and bad reviews land in places where they will be less seen. ~ Jeffrey Lewis,
375:But now, without leaving home, from the comfort of your easy chair, you can divorce yourself from the consensus on what constitutes “truth.” Each person can live in a private thought bubble, reading only those websites that reinforce his or her desired beliefs, joining only those online groups that give sustenance when the believer’s courage flags. ~ Ellen Ullman,
376:hear this a lot but reviews are so massively important to authors. If you’ve enjoyed ‘Safe with Me’ and could spare just a few minutes on Amazon or Goodreads to say so, I would so appreciate that. You can also connect with me via my website, on Facebook or Twitter. If you’ve enjoyed this, my debut novel, you might be interested to know that I’ve been ~ K L Slater,
377:For example, in one early experiment, we changed our entire website, home page, and product registration flow to replace “avatar chat” with “3D instant messaging.” New customers were split automatically between these two versions of the site; half saw one, and half saw the other. We were able to measure the difference in behavior between the two groups. ~ Eric Ries,
378:The Graph will be available in PDF form on the Max Emory website, as well as available in the back of the book. Might I suggest printing two copies just in case? And trust me, you really do want to get that bad boy laminated. Hell, I know a few that have it framed; it’s sacred, anything sacred deserves your tender loving care, just like your penis. ~ Rachel Van Dyken,
379:It 2001 when we started. But prior to that, I had made this website called, where me and this other photographer, Randall Michelson, could sell our images from Sundance online and it was successful. Steve Granitz, who's my main partner at WireImage, we were already working together, and I was like, "Look dude, this is it. We can do this." ~ Jeff Vespa,
380:You probably like discernment websites run from caves deep in the woods; the words illuminati, Armageddon, last days, and one-world order; not having any fun; trying to connect current events to the book of Daniel; and sketching out an end times chart on an ammo box while your wife churns butter and your kids save up enough money to run away from home. ~ Mark Driscoll,
381:This is the breaking point in a human life, right here. This is waking up on an operating table to find aliens peering down at you, this is hearing the audible voice of God telling you the date the world will end. This is seeing a family of bigfoots in the forest and being without a camera.

Welcome to freakdom, Dave. It’ll be time to start a website soon. ~ David Wong,
382:I read news websites—another distraction—and my mind couldn’t take it. The knowledge of so much suffering in the world didn’t help put my pain in perspective. It just made me feel powerless. And pathetic that my invisible woes were so paralyzing when there were so many visible woes in the world. My despair intensified. So I decided to do something. I disconnected. ~ Matt Haig,
383:For some clients, you’re not worth that much. The little old lady who wants a website for her dog walking business? You’re too expensive for her, even at $15/hour. But for the majority of businesses looking to hire a freelancer, you’re worth it. You have the ability to expand and optimize their business, and they wouldn’t be talking to you if that weren’t the case. ~ Anonymous,
384:I nodded along with the others. The ex-gay lingo had by now become familiar to me, though it had come as a shock when I’d first read it on the facility’s website, when I’d first learned that the homosexuality I’d been trying to ignore for most of my life was likely “out of control,” that I could end up messing around with someone’s dog if I didn’t cure myself. ~ Garrard Conley,
385:Measure hustle first. I think measuring the effort you’re putting in is a much more honest gauge of your progress. It’s also the only part of this process you can really control. There are a million factors that play into getting traffic on a website or closing a sale or any other sign of a “hit” for your dream. There is only one who impacts the amount of hustle. You. ~ Jon Acuff,
386:1. Decide on your product or service. 2. Set up a website, even a very basic one (you can get a free one from 3. Develop an offer (an offer is distinct from a product or service; see Chapter 7 for help). 4. Ensure you have a way to get paid (get a free PayPal account to start). 5. Announce your offer to the world (see Chapter 9 for more on this). ~ Chris Guillebeau,
387:Living under capitalism, I like learning to feel comfortable with activity that does not result in success — since non-success is the norm. Trying your best and making it is not the norm — it’s propaganda. Of course I play with notions of hype, too... The entire Comatonse website is a sarcastic hype-engine, sprawling forever, overwhelming the viewer with nothingness. ~ Terre Thaemlitz,
388:When a website run by the People’s Daily conducted a “Chinese Dream” survey, asking whether people supported one-party rule and believed in socialism, 80 percent of the three thousand respondents replied “no” to both questions, and the survey was abruptly withdrawn. People used to say that their censored work had been “harmonized.” Now they said it had been “dreamed away. ~ Evan Osnos,
389:A membership or community website that allows bullying of authors and their members to bring in traffic, is appalling and should be held accountable for hate speech, libel, and slander. It breaks down the community, condones bullying, and sets a tone for their teen members and members of any age to become bullies themselves. - Kailin Gow, October is Bully Awareness Speech. ~ Kailin Gow,
390:Start with a two-line summary of your background, and then say what you’re looking for, being as specific as possible. It could go something like this: “I just graduated with a degree in economics, and I worked at a hospital for my past two summers. I’d love a job at a health-related website. I know you once worked for WebMD, and I’d really welcome a personal introduction. ~ Kate White,
391:Over and over again we learn that Obama nor any of his people high up in whatever bureaucracy can accomplish any of these things. They can't do a website. They can't roll out Obamacare. They can't improve health care. They can't run the VA. They can't run the IRS honestly. They turn as much of it as they can into a political weapon furthering the agenda of the president. ~ Rush Limbaugh,
392:The National Endowment for Democracy, an agency created by the Reagan administration in 1983 to promote political action and psychological warfare against states not in love with US foreign policy, is Washington’s foremost non-military tool for effecting regime change. The NED website listed sixty-five projects that it had supported financially in recent years in Ukraine. ~ William Blum,
393:We, in the New York Times, have not yet figured out how to grow our international readership. We started a website in China, which the Chinese government has blocked, but it has a pretty healthy readership. The Guardian, for instance, has gotten tremendous growth through its website in the US. We have to figure out how to go after readership in different parts of the world. ~ Dean Baquet,
394:Right now, I have the video, and the prescient complaints and websites,” Vaughn answers. “That won’t be enough. But if I find more . . .” Susan sighs. “I know you want to do right by your cousin. And if you’re right about Day and Balzac, I want them to hang. But I just can’t envision a scenario where the judge won’t bind the case over for trial, no matter what you find. ~ William L Myers Jr,
395:Why do girls always feel like they have to apologize for giving an opinion or taking up space in the world? Have you ever noticed that?" Nicole asked. "You go on websites and some girl leaves a post and if it's longer than three sentences or she's expressing her thoughts about some topic, she usually ends with, 'Sorry for the rant' or 'That may be dumb, but that's what I think. ~ Libba Bray,
396:Why do girls always feel like they have to apologize for giving an opinion or taking up space in the world? Have you ever noticed that?” Nicole asked. “You go on websites and some girl leaves a post and if it’s longer than three sentences or she’s expressing her thoughts about some topic, she usually ends with, ‘Sorry for the rant’ or ‘That may be dumb, but that’s what I think. ~ Libba Bray,
397:It was not easy when I was a teenager. But today, with the new technology, with the Internet, everybody can do prostitution with two clicks. During the period of Belle du Jour, it was a very strong decision to go into the profession, but now, if you need a little bit money, you go on a website and you say, "Can I have 50 dollars?" It's easy! I wanted to show these facilities. ~ Francois Ozon,
398:PR got to be much bigger because of the emergence of digital media. Now we have hundreds of people who are, in a sense, manning embassies for Facebook and Twitter for brands. So the business in effect has morphed from pitching stories to traditional media, to working with bloggers, Twitter, Facebook and other social media, and then putting good content up on owned websites. ~ Richard Edelman,
399:Since inception, the IPL has worn its brand value like a corroboration of inner virtue. On the eve of this tournament, under the headline 'Brand IPL touches the sky', the league's website reverberated with the announcement that Brand Finance, a branding consultancy, had valued the brand value of the IPL brand at $4.13 billion worth of brand—which is a lot of brand, brand-wise. ~ Gideon Haigh,
400:I'm trying to honestly do what I want to do, in the most honest way, and not worry about the consequences, because what's the worst thing that can happen? People don't like it, I go home. I'm not going to get hung by my thumbs. And as long as I don't read the reviews or care about what people say on a website or worry about those kind of things, then I'll probably be very happy. ~ Gary Louris,
401:Not long after the earthquake, Xinhua, the state news service, published a story on its website, detailing how China’s Shenzhou VII rocket made its thirtieth orbit of the earth. The story had plenty of gripping detail—“The dispatcher’s firm voice broke the silence on the ship.” Unfortunately, the rocket had yet to be launched—the news service later apologized for posting a “draft. ~ Evan Osnos,
402:Because “pluralism is not diversity alone, but the energetic engagement with diversity,” explains the Pluralism Project at Harvard on its website, “mere diversity without real encounter and relationship will yield increasing tensions in our societies.” A society being “pluralistic” is a reality (see Syria and Iraq). A society with pluralism “is an achievement” (see America). ~ Thomas L Friedman,
403:One other specific piece of guidance we've offered is that low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings, and thus removing low quality pages, merging or improving the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages, or moving low quality pages to a different domain could eventually help the rankings of your higher-quality content. ~ Amit Singhal,
404:6.       Pinstamastic – this will help you really jazz up your images, quotes and also create images from visited websites and more 7.       Ipiccy – a photo editing tool   Subscription Tools 1.        Ecover-go – a small monthly fee where you can create pins, all types of covers, headers, buttons and more – it’s great if you are very active in creating pictures for your blogs etc. ~ Kaye Dennan,
405:Of course, technology is very important now. It's there, its available. It's there to be use however you see fit. You can use it and the jihadist can use it. In their case they have been very effective at making use of technology, particularly with websites. It's primarily through these websites that they do their recruiting. But it's not technology that makes them that way. ~ Abderrahmane Sissako,
406:The review and clean-up effort, if successful, will bring welcome relief to millions of frustrated users in search of current information. But the job will be a big one. One place to start would be the website of the agency in charge of managing government domain-names. It lists the chairman of its parent organisation as “Premier Wen Jiabao”. Mr Wen left office more than two years ago. ~ Anonymous,
407:Incidentally, I spent some time on the Purell website, where you can find a list of ninety-nine places germs lurk (in-flight magazines, movie tickets, gas-pump keypads, hotel room a/c controls, and on and on). It's hilarious and terrifying. The only place they don't mention is the Purell dispensers themselves. You know they're coated with germs. It's one of health's cruelest catch-22s. ~ A J Jacobs,
408:We have a plan and it's been put out on my website and people love it. If you're going to have a wait of six days, five days, two days, one day, we're going to give our great veterans the right to go out, go across the street to a private doctor or a private hospital or a public hospital, whatever happens to be in that community, without having to drive 400 miles to another hospital. ~ Donald Trump,
409:Website aesthetics are crucial for a number of reasons. First, people use aesthetics as a heuristic for quality; if your website is aesthetically pleasing, they’ll assume your content is above average, and vice versa. This benefit leads to a second benefit: aesthetics will influence website visitors to actually evaluate your content, a decision that’s usually made within 50 milliseconds ~ Nick Kolenda,
410:There was one fledgling PUA, in particular, whom Papa bonded with: a twenty-two-year-old Canadian who had discovered the pickup scene when his mother stumbled across a seduction website. He called himself Tyler Durden, after the seditious character in Fight Club. And like a virus or a demagogue (choose your simile), he would eventually change the course of the community and everyone in it. He ~ Neil Strauss,
411:I’d booked three nights at a hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. It would be our first vacation ever, and I couldn’t wait. The pictures on the hotel’s website showed couples lazing in hammocks, or sipping cocktails beside the pool. Also? Miami Beach was supposed to be one of the gayest vacation spots in America. And Caleb and I had never seen the ocean yet. There was just so much to look forward to. ~ Sarina Bowen,
412:We have to ensure free and open exchange of information. That starts with an open internet. I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to network neutrality. Because once providers start to privilege some applications or websites over others then the smaller voices get squeezed out and we all lose. The internet is perhaps the most open network in history, and we have to keep it that way. ~ Barack Obama,
413:He must be really smart. That must make you proud. I certainly couldn’t design a website and entice people to sign up for a cattle-drive vacation.”
Zane’s ever-so-perfect mouth tightened. “He lied, stole and committed fraud. Pride doesn’t much enter into it for me.”
Phoebe hunched down in her seat. “If you’re going to put it like that,” she mumbled and turned her attention to the scenery. ~ Susan Mallery,
414:I really can see why our criminal justice system, as curiously evolved a mongrel of a system as one might hope to find – one which, even the official website of the English and Welsh Judiciary admits, is ‘contradictory’, ‘confusing’ and which ‘it is doubtful [. . .] anyone asked to design a justice system would choose to copy’26 – is still widely regarded as one of the best in the world. ~ The Secret Barrister,
415:I don't think anything ever "needs" to happen. I don't think it's more positive to have a Twitter account, a Tumblr, and a blog. Someone without those things will use their time to do other things, like read books or swim or talk to their children or read websites or listen to music or write books or lie in bed or sit in a chair. I don't think any of these things are more positive than any other things. ~ Tao Lin,
416:She navigated away from the Parish Council message board and dropped into her favorite medical website, where she painstakingly entered the words "brain" and "death" in the search box. The suggestions were endless. Shirley scrolled through the possibilities, her mild eyes rolling up and down, wondering to which of these deadly conditions, some of them unpronounceable, she owed her present happiness. ~ J K Rowling,
417:As I wrote on the Harvard Business Review website in 2010, that’s what wisdom means to organizational psychologist (and my intellectual hero) Karl Weick. Wise people “have the courage to act on their beliefs and convictions at the same time that they have the humility to realize that they might be wrong, and must be prepared to change their beliefs and actions when better information comes along. ~ Robert I Sutton,
418:Crimes are being committed 24/7, 365 days a year. My show aired one hour a day, and then a repeat at 2 a.m. So I am launching a website, a crime-fighting website, a community. I will be writing for the website and curating content. Also, we'll have social media, Facebook Live, and a podcast. I'm really excited about it, and I believe we will help people - find missing people, solve unsolved homicides. ~ Nancy Grace,
419:Absent the net, we certainly couldn't have organized in 190 countries around the world. It's no substitution for face to face interaction - that's why we have "days of action" where people are in real contact with each other - but it's the cheap (and low-carbon) way to do an awful lot of the planning and organizing. And we can build, for $20k, a website as good as one Exxon can build for $20 million. ~ Bill McKibben,
420:I don't think I am very easy to work for because everything has to be just right or we don't put it out. But at the same time, all the people that work for me have a "no asshole" rule, if you're a jerk you're fired, so it's a great team and a lot of skillful people at the top of the game, anybody from management to the agents to the publicists to the day-to-day website stuff and it's just a great team. ~ Jeff Dunham,
421:I've always said that if you want to find out what's going on in Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya, I'll give you a choice. You can either read The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, or you can go to the NATO, ISAF, multi-national force websites where they have their own news releases. Who will give you a more accurate picture? I'll take the mainstream media. ~ Michael Hastings,
422:For example, instead of being asked to write an article, suddenly editors wanted me to make super-short videos. The assumptions of those video gigs was that kids don't read as much news and basically need to be read to, which I found really problematic and kind of insulting. I thought, Isn't it just that you don't have any money and that's why you want me to make some crappy "content" for your website? ~ Astra Taylor,
423:Take SmarterTravel, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, a travel company. When a user lands on its website an economist-designed algorithm kicks into action. Data, including the time taken between clicks, help predict whether the user is a browsing time-waster or a potential buyer. The site is adjusted in milliseconds—browsers see more adverts, buyers a simpler site to focus on their purchase—to maximise profit. ~ Anonymous,
424:She navigated away from the Parish Council message board and dropped into her favorite medical website, where she painstakingly entered the words "brain" and "death" in the search box.

The suggestions were endless. Shirley scrolled through the possibilities, her mild eyes rolling up and down, wondering to which of these deadly conditions, some of them unpronounceable, she owed her present happiness. ~ J K Rowling,
425:This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The publisher does not have any control over and does not assume any responsibility for author or third-party websites or their content. ~ Charlaine Harris,
426:Keep it simple' wasn't always the right response. Many things that boosted my happiness also added complexity to my life. Having children. Learning to post videos to my website. Going to an out-of-town wedding. Applied too broadly, my impulse to 'Keep it simple' would impoverish me. 'Life is barren enough surely with all her trappings,' warned Samuel Johnson, 'let us therefore by cautious how we strip her. ~ Gretchen Rubin,
427:I don't think it's more positive to have a Twitter account, a Tumblr, and a blog. Someone without those things will use their time to do other things, like read books or swim or talk to their children or read websites or listen to music or write books or lie in bed or sit in a chair. I don't think any of these things are more positive than any other things. I don't think having an internet presence helps financially. ~ Tao Lin,
428:In discussing one of the issues the FTC staff wanted to sue over, the report said the company illegally took content from rival websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor Inc. and Inc. to improve its own websites. It cited one instance when Google copied Amazon’s sales rankings to rank its own items. It also copied Amazon’s reviews and ratings, the report found. Spokesmen for TripAdvisor and Amazon declined to comment. ~ Anonymous,
429:The Internet, really. It's amazing what you can find. There are so many different resources on the Internet and I got into blogging because of my friend's sister who had a blog, Fashion Robot, which she stopped a few months ago just because it was too much time ... I started taking more of an interest in fashion, and going to more websites like or whatever. Eventually I made a hasty decision and made my own. ~ Tavi Gevinson,
430:Lower prices led to more customer visits. More customers increased the volume of sales and attracted more commission-paying third-party sellers to the site. That allowed Amazon to get more out of fixed costs like the fulfillment centers and the servers needed to run the website. This greater efficiency then enabled it to lower prices further. Feed any part of this flywheel, they reasoned, and it should accelerate the loop. ~ Brad Stone,
431:To see what I wanted to share with you, please search online for: - Detail of a Pictish Cross slab that shows a Pict wearing 'Pictish trousers' - The British Museum: A 'Pict' warrior; nude, body stained and painted with birds, animals and serpents carrying shield and man's head, with scimitar - The True Picture of a Woman Pict by Laemeur on a website called Deviant Art, of which he says: “This drawing is for my wife, whose ~ Jane Stain,
432:There is an antidote to this misuse of data. First, make the reports as simple as possible so that everyone understands them. Remember the saying “Metrics are people, too.” The easiest way to make reports comprehensible is to use tangible, concrete units. What is a website hit? Nobody is really sure, but everyone knows what a person visiting the website is: one can practically picture those people sitting at their computers. ~ Eric Ries,
433:Tim also hired a company to build a website to advertise and to gain donations for Gary as Senator. In a few short hours, with only spending money on the new website, Tim had nearly everyone who had access to the World Wide Web in Illinois wanting to vote for Gary, had everyone really not liking O’Brien, and he absolutely loved destroying a person’s reputation that was on the opposite end of the political spectrum from him. ~ Cliff Ball,
434:I've been in towns where there is no library, or where the library for the high school and the library for the town is one room, and it's smaller than my modest living room here. So you don't have many resources in 1950 or even 1970. This is the year, 2013, every town in America is connected to the web. Every town in America is therefore connected to all kinds of resources at the Library of Congress, at 100,000 websites. ~ James W Loewen,
435:I feel connected with people because of their sense of humor, worldview, and what they think and feel about certain existential issues (things not affected, in my view, by if someone rides a horse or drives a car or talks only IRL or only by typing), not how old they are, what they use to convey what they think and feel about certain existential issues, or if we have both watched the same TV shows or looked at the same websites. ~ Tao Lin,
436:When the Web emerged, companies, led by Yahoo, started to organize it for consumers. Yahoo began as a directory of directories. Anytime someone put up a new website, Yahoo would add it to its directory, and then it started breaking websites down into groups—finance, news, sports, business, entertainment, et cetera. “And then search came along,” said Cutting, “and Web search engines, like AltaVista, started cropping up. ~ Thomas L Friedman,
437:Denial is the secret sauce in this town,” he said. “It’s the flavor that holds all the other ingredients together. Here’s what I tell the newly elected: the truth is gonna get out—it always does—but it’s gonna blend in with all the lies.” The Senator twirled a hand in the air. “You have to deny each lie and every truth with the same vinegar. Let those websites and blowhards who bitch about cover-ups confuse the public for you. ~ Hugh Howey,
438:And The San Francisco Chronicle launched “an off-site startup-style incubator. ” As Audrey Cooper, the managing editor, explained, “We hope to eventually get to the point where instead of being a newspaper company that produces websites, we think of ourselves as a digital company that also produces a newspaper. Unless you flip that switch, I don’t think any newspaper will be truly successful at negotiating the digital switchover. ~ Anonymous,
439:The more new thinking I did, the more successful it seemed to me that I could become. When magazines are really working, and when websites are really working, they're doing new things all the time, and discovering new writers to do stories, different ways to package stories. I was always very aware that I was very lucky to be doing what I was doing, because I would get up in the morning, and go to work, and the days would fly by. ~ Terry McDonell,
440:In this universe of privately controlled education, each charter school can choose the curricula of its choice: Evolution is just a theory, the Bible is a literal history, dinosaurs and human beings simultaneously inhabited the earth, men are superior to women, white Christians to everyone else, and so on. Private and charter schools are like websites: they can foster any belief, shatter the idea that there is anything called truth, ~ Ellen Ullman,
441:Ships series is available in e-book, softcover print, and audiobook versions. Please visit my website, http://, for publication locations. You may also register at my website to receive email notification about the publish dates of my novels. If you’ve been enjoying this series, please consider posting a review on Amazon, even a short one. Reviews attract other readers and help indie authors, such as me. Alex and friends ~ S H Jucha,
442:One time I had too many Heinekens and I googled myself and realized that that was a very, very bad combination. One should not google oneself. My mother lets me know when I'm being followed by paparazzi. She's like, "There's a man who is outside your house, Ginny, and you need to be logging onto this website to see if you can find a pattern in when he follows you." But otherwise, I can't find any good reason to read my own press. ~ Ginnifer Goodwin,
443:The death of literature had been exaggerated. Whereas on dating websites, those who like books are usually bracketed into a single category, the broad selections on offer at WH Smith spoke to the diversity of individuals’ motives for reading. If there was a conclusion to be drawn from the number of bloodstained covers, however, it was that there was a powerful desire, in a wide cross-section of airline passengers, to be terrified. ~ Alain de Botton,
444:Benjamin had not dared, yet, to enquire about sales figures; as for the book's critical reception, it was non-existent. No reviews in either the national or local papers, of course, nothing on the various readers' websites and no reader reviews on Amazon - where it had a sales raking of 743,926 (or, if he wanted to cheer himself up, 493 in Bestsellers>Fiction>Literary Fiction>Autobiographical Fiction>Romance>Obsession). ~ Jonathan Coe,
445:If anyone e-mails you something "by George Carlin," there's a 99 percent chance I did not write it. I didn't write "Paradox Of Our Time." I didn't write "George Carlin On Aging." I didn't write a eulogy for my wife after she died. I didn't write the New Orleans thing. I didn't write "I Am A Bad American." None of them. You know what I've decided to do? I'm going to get a little cheap put-it-together-yourself website called ~ George Carlin,
446:It is best to be the CEO; it is satisfactory to be an early employee, maybe the fifth or sixth or perhaps the tenth. Alternately, one may become an engineer devising precious algorithms in the cloisters of Google and its like. Otherwise one becomes a mere employee. A coder of websites at Facebook is no one in particular. A manager at Microsoft is no one. A person (think woman) working in customer relations is a particular type of no one, ~ Ellen Ullman,
447:... war reporting is still essentially the same - someone has to go there and see what is happening. You can't get that information without going to places where people are being shot at, and others are shooting at you. The real difficulty is having enough faith in humanity to believe that enough people, be they government, military or the man on the street, will care when your file reaches the printed page, the website or the TV screen. ~ Marie Colvin,
448:I thanked Dr. Inferno for his help and reached out to shake his hand. I suppose I should have expected to find something palmed in his hand. The object was transferred over to me. The box of matches displayed a picture of Dr. Inferno tossing a fireball; on the back of the box were his telephone number, his Facebook page, and his website. “I perform at just about every kind of occasion.” “You do funerals?” “I’m especially good at cremations. ~ Alan Russell,
449:This impressed me when I was the editor of the Sunday Times [of London] - we had the "Bloody Sunday" killings of 13 unarmed civilians by British paratroopers. We interviewed 500 people for our report, and not one of them could give us a total picture of what was happening. It was like the Rashomon effect multiplied a million times. For a website or even a newspaper to be a collector of information flow is not the highest form of journalism. ~ Harold Evans,
450:There are so many charlatans in the world of education. They teach for a couple of years, come up with a few clever slogans, build their websites, and hit the lecture circuit. In this fast-food-society, simple solutions to complex problems are embraced far too often. We can do better. I hope that people who read this book realize that true excellence takes sacrifice, mistakes, and enormous amounts of effort. After all, there are no shortcuts. ~ Rafe Esquith,
451:There is definitely an audience for feminist-friendly porn, just a small audience and a small fraction of women overall. What is fascinating is that women commonly promote the idea of feminist porn and socially want to believe in it. Activists argue that there needs to be more of it, women support it in public and I see women start erotic websites all the time. But when it comes down to it, that is just not what they are interested in looking at, ~ Anonymous,
452:Here are the six steps you need to take: 1. Decide on your product or service. 2. Set up a website, even a very basic one (you can get a free one from 3. Develop an offer (an offer is distinct from a product or service; see Chapter 7 for help). 4. Ensure you have a way to get paid (get a free PayPal account to start). 5. Announce your offer to the world (see Chapter 9 for more on this). 6. Learn from steps 1 through 5, then repeat. ~ Anonymous,
453:What Medium does right is the “recommend” function. This is unseen on Wordpress (besides the typical website sharing buttons) and is really what makes Medium a community, not just a bunch of individual sites. Having a simple “Follow” system also makes it so that you come back to Medium even if you aren’t looking to write a blog. Medium also has an emphasis on commenting right next to the text (as opposed to a lengthy comment section at the bottom). ~ Anonymous,
454:The best advice I can give on this is, once it's done, to put it away until you can read it with new eyes. When you're ready, pick it up and read it, as if you've never read it before. If there are things you aren't satisfied with as a reader, go in and fix them as a writer: that's revision."

[FAQ - Advice to Authors on Gaiman's website,] ~ Neil Gaiman,
455:I've been doing lot of work, and hopefully will bring it to fruition in a way people can see it, really understanding - this is going to sound funny, but what does government really do, how is it really funded, and what measures exist to evaluate how it does at what it does? No forecast, no policy, no prediction, just a realistic perspective on what is. Call it like a "10k for government" we've been working on with a website, with additional data. ~ Steve Ballmer,
456:There are different types of censorship. There is the outright ban on a book type. Then there are the type where the ones who can give it voice, squash it by burying it under search engine algorithms and under other news, videos or books of their own agenda or publication. A smart consumer should be free to choose what to read and what to believe. That choice on a consumer-oriented website, is really what is best for the consumer. - Strong by Kailin Gow ~ Kailin Gow,
457:I live inside my own skin. Anything that happens outside it doesn't change who I am. This isn't something I'm proud of; as far as I'm concerned, it's a bare minimum baseline requirement for calling yourself an adult human being, somewhere around the level of knowing how to do your own washing or change a toilet roll. All those idiots on the websites, begging for other people to pull their sagging puppet-strings, turn them real: they make me want to spit. ~ Tana French,
458:[Wendy] Davis [pursued] higher education, as her campaign website says, with 'the help of academic scholarships, student loans, and state and federal grants.' Now that she is in a high-profile and hotly partisan race, it has come out that she also benefited from the moral and financial support of her second - now ex - husband. In the process, though, behavior we would expect and hardly notice in a man is being portrayed as freakish and problematic in a woman. ~ Liza Mundy,
459:Years later, on a Steve Jobs discussion board on the website Gawker, the following tale appeared from someone who had worked at the Whole Foods store in Palo Alto a few blocks from Jobs' home: 'I was shagging carts one afternoon when I saw this silver Mercedes parked in a handicapped spot. Steve Jobs was inside screaming at his car phone. This was right before the first iMac was unveiled and I'm pretty sure I could make out, 'Not. Fucking. Blue. Enough!!! ~ Walter Isaacson,
460:I can still remember the miraculous feeling of writing a sentence, then more sentences, telling a story. The first thing I wrote was a one-page summary of Robinson Crusoe and I am so sorry I do not have it any more; it was at that moment I became an author."

[As quoted in the author biography on Mankell's official website.] ~ Henning Mankell,
461:She also remade the bed with her crispest, nicest sheets. It was probably time to sleep with him. O h, yes, it was a bit clinical, but that's how it was when you were dating in your thirties. It wasn't hearts and flowers anymore. They weren't sixteen. They weren't religious. They had met on the internet: a dating website. So it was all very clear and upfront. They were both looking for a long-term relationship. They had ticked corresponding boxes to indicate this. ~ Liane Moriarty,
462:No newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, or nonmusic radio. Music is permitted at all times. No news websites whatsoever (,,,10 etc.). No television at all, except for one hour of pleasure viewing each evening. No reading books, except for this book and one hour of fiction11 pleasure reading prior to bed. No web surfing at the desk unless it is necessary to complete a work task for that day. Necessary means necessary, not nice to have. ~ Timothy Ferriss,
463:My dream right now is - and I don't know how to do it, and I don't know if it will work exactly - but just this sort of vague aspiration to start some kind of website where people send in their stories or poems, and me or perhaps some other people turn that into music. And then by the end of the year we make a record and actually put it out. Like a band, but the band is actually a combination of the musician and the fan. I think that's a very 21st-century way of doing it. ~ Eef Barzelay,
464:Buzzfeed is an entertainment website that collects an enormous amount of information about its users. Much of the data comes from traditional Internet tracking, but Buzzfeed also has a lot of fun quizzes, some of which ask very personal questions. One of them—“How Privileged Are You?”—asks about financial details, job stability, recreational activities, and mental health. Over two million people have taken that quiz, not realizing that Buzzfeed saves data from its quizzes. ~ Bruce Schneier,
465:Hurley, Chen, and Karim cobbled together a rough beta for a service that would correct these deficiencies, raised less than $ 10 million in venture capital, hired about two dozen people, and launched YouTube, a website that utterly transformed the way video information is shared online. Within sixteen months of the company’s founding, the service was streaming more than 30 million videos a day. Within two years, YouTube was one of the top-ten most visited sites on the Web. ~ Steven Johnson,
466:There's actually a time when I got cast in something and it was announced that someone else was cast. I hadn't been told yet if I had the role and I had a breakdown because I really wanted it and it was announced on this website that this other girl had gotten it. I was so sad and called my agents and said, "You guys didn't tell me this other person got the role!" They were like, "No, they haven't decided yet." Then two hours later I got the call that said I had the role. ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead,
467:You're always going to have more traffic if you're a free website. But we've always admitted that the New York Times was behind other news organizations in making our stories available to people on the web. BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post are much better than we are at that, and I envy them for this. But I think the trick for the New York Times is to stick to what we are. That doesn't mean: Don't change. But I don't want to be BuzzFeed. If we tried to be what they are, we would lose. ~ Dean Baquet,
468:And she needed to surf some of the pregnancy websites she'd found when she first realized she was pregnant. Her friends with kids said there was lots of good information available on the sites. But had they meant the slideshow labeled "Poppy seed to pumpkin: how big is your baby? Imagining her unborn child as an ear of corn was odd enough. But would she ever get used to the thought that by the end of this pregnancy, she'd be carrying around something--someone--the size of a small pumpkin? ~ Beth K Vogt,
469:And she needed to surf some of the pregnancy websites she'd found when she first realized she was pregnant. Her friends with kids said there was lots of good information available on the sites. But had they meant the slideshow labeled "Poppy seed to pumpkin: how big is your baby"? Imagining her unborn child as an ear of corn was odd enough. But would she ever get used to the thought that by the end of this pregnancy, she'd be carrying around something--someone--the size of a small pumpkin? ~ Beth K Vogt,
470:By the time he was twenty Asclepius had mastered all the arts of surgery and medicine. He embraced his teacher Chiron in a fond farewell and left to set up on his own as the world’s first physician, apothecary and healer. His fame spread around the Mediterranean with great speed. The sick, lame and unhappy flocked to his surgery, outside which he hung a sign – a wooden staff with a snake twined round it, seen to this day on many ambulances, clinics and (often disreputable) medical websites. ~ Stephen Fry,
471:I think everyone is struggling somewhat with presentation. The Internet is generally well designed, if you look at the most popular websites, so we expect our visuals to be at that level of quality. When you sit in a presentation and you're looking at nonsensical pie charts and the like, your audience does disengage. People across a range of industries, not just science, are struggling with their communication because their output doesn't compete with what people see on a day-to-day basis. ~ David Mccandless,
472:Some might question why the Midnight Mayor, usually to be found on such nights prowling the streets of the city, was sighted sneaking into a telephone exchange a few minutes before the word began to spill across the streets, spreading outwards from the website of Magicals Anonymous. Some might wonder why one or two computers, having received their messages, exploded three minutes after. But, as the Midnight Mayor was the first to point out, all this was speculation. Nothing could be blamed on him. ~ Kate Griffin,
473:It used to be, if you were a reporter, you wrote a story and then you moved on to the next one. We were used to people coming to the New York Times. We waited for them to turn on our website or to pick up our print paper and see what we have. We now understand that we have to make our stories available to our readers. A lot of people get their news from Facebook or Twitter and we want to make sure that they see some of our best stories there, too. We do this more aggressively now than we did before. ~ Dean Baquet,
474:The company’s most effective marketing tactic (besides making a great product) would never have been conceived or attempted by a pure marketing team. Instead, the engineers coded a set of tools that made it possible for every member to seamlessly cross-post his or her Airbnb listing on craigslist (because craigslist does not technically “allow” this, it was a fairly ingenious work-around). As a result, Airbnb—a tiny site—suddenly had free distribution on one of the most popular websites in the world. ~ Ryan Holiday,
475:The other night I searched (the Web) for 'self-transforming elf machines.' There were 36 hits! It surprised me. I sort of use the search engine like an oracle. I've used the phrase for DMT, 'Arabian hyperspace.' So I thought of this, and then I searched it, 'Arabian hyperspace,' in quotes. And it took me right to a transcript of the talk in which I'd said the thing! You can find your own mind on the Internet. I'm very grateful to the people who type up my talks and then post them at their websites. ~ Terence McKenna,
476:Once again, I was conscious of the paradox of the compound: that here, at the heart of the unfolding events, we could catch no more than a glimpse of them. Fires were burning all over Dili; the smell was in our nostrils from the moment we wok up, and occasionally we could see columns of smoke. But the flames themselves, and the faces of the fire starters, were invisible. At the computers in the Unamet press room, we waited in turn to log on to the news websites and learn what was happening to us. ~ Richard Lloyd Parry,
477:We have brands spending ungodly amounts of money on print, television, outdoor radio, programmatic banner ads, website takeovers. Garbage. When I say garbage, they work-ish. They're just so overpriced. I don't know what else to say. I do not believe that it is worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars in distribution and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost to make one 30-second video to tell a 29-year-old woman that your soap is great, in a world where she is not going to consume that commercial. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk,
478:When we think of design, we usually imagine things that are chosen because they are designed. Vases or comic books or architecture... It turns out, though, that most of what we make or design is actually aimed at a public that is there for something else. The design is important, but the design is not the point. Call it "public design"... Public design is for individuals who have to fill out our tax form, interact with our website or check into our hotel room despite the way it's designed, not because of it. ~ Seth Godin,
479:So, I was looking through websites about animal sacrifice on the Internet," Kami announced to distract herself. "Apparently it's a feature in Satanic rituals."
"Wow," Rusty remarked, his voice slightly muffled. "I sure hope this conversation continues over dinner."
"Wait," Angela said, expertly twisting Rusty's arm. "I thought we were dealing with kids? Are we talking about twelve-year-old Satanists?" She paused. "Actually, that makes a lot of sense. I suspect those kids from the cricket club. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan,
480:The conservative media game was neatly summarized by Matt Labash, a former senior writer for The Weekly Standard, in a 2003 interview on the website Labash explained: 'The conservative media likes to rap the liberal media on the knuckles for not being objective. We've created this cottage industry in which it pays to be un-objective. It's a great way to have your cake and eat it too. Criticize other people for not being objective. Be as subjective as you want. It's a great little racket.' ~ Matt Labash,
481:Chris Mooney documented how in just a few years Exxon Mobil had channeled more than $8 million to forty different organizations that challenged the scientific evidence of global warming. The organizations did not just include probusiness and conservative think tanks, but also “quasi-journalistic outlets like (a website providing ‘news, analysis, research, and commentary’ that received $95,000 from ExxonMobil in 2003), a columnist, and even religious and civil rights groups. ~ Naomi Oreskes,
482:Isaiah told him what he’d found on the Ruby’s Real Beauty website. Ruby’s stocked the largest, most complete inventory of human hair extensions in the South Bay area. The most highly prized were Virgin Remy. “Virgin because the girl still had her cherry?” Dodson said. “No. Virgin because the hair wasn’t chemically treated,” Isaiah said. “What’s Remy mean?” “It means the hair was carefully cut so the cuticles and roots stayed in the same direction. Otherwise, they mow it down like weeds and throw it in a bin.” Isaiah ~ Joe Ide,
483:Should we be worried? In a word, yes. If you are curious as to what kind of “education” is being taught by the dairy industry, take a look at their website. 9 When I visited the site in July 2003, one of the first bits of information to greet me was, “July is National Ice Cream Month.” Upon clicking for more information on National Ice Cream Month, I read, “If you’re wondering if you can have your ice cream and good nutrition too, the answer is ‘yes’!” 9 Great. So much for combating childhood obesity and diabetes! ~ T Colin Campbell,
484:The main problem is just that people think that other people care about them way more than they do. Anything that you do, that requires anyone to do an ounce of work that's about you, is a mistake. Because unless you are Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, or David Letterman, or just a really, really giant celebrity, or you're maybe at the center of a media storm where everyone is trying to get in touch with you, people don't want to have to do any work to remember who you are, what you're selling, or what your website is. ~ Mandy Stadtmiller,
485:Organizations and leaders are very good at talking about mission, values, and purpose. They post high-minded statements in the lobby, on their social media pages, on the home page of the company website. Many leaders wouldn’t miss a beat if asked precisely how a young accountant’s job helps their firm contribute to the social good. But this rings hollow if excessive rules, processes, or bureaucracy get in the way. Nothing separates individuals more from a sense that their work is worthwhile than the curse of complication. ~ Lisa Bodell,
486:Over the course of the year, the marketing and product teams would conceive one major initiative that would be rolled out just in time for tax season. Now they test over five hundred different changes in a two-and-a-half-month tax season. They’re running up to seventy different tests per week. The team can make a change live on its website on Thursday, run it over the weekend, read the results on Monday, and come to conclusions starting Tuesday; then they rebuild new tests on Thursday and launch the next set on Thursday night. ~ Eric Ries,
487:Triggers explain why. Even a bad review or negative word of mouth can increase sales if it informs or reminds people that the product or idea exists. That’s why a sixty-dollar Tuscan red wine saw sales rise by 5 percent after a prominent wine website described it as “redolent of stinky socks.” It’s also one reason why the Shake Weight, a vibrating dumbbell that was widely ridiculed by the media and consumers, went on to do $50 million in sales. Even negative attention can be useful if it makes products and ideas top of mind. ~ Jonah Berger,
488:My assessment of Julian Assange is a professional one, really, of what he's managed to achieve, and the idea that he came up with, which set the world alight and continues to inspire others like Snowden [NSA leaker Edward Snowden], about the secret goings-on that are done in our name with our tax dollars on behalf of big business or politics. He launched the revolutionary idea that citizens can start to claim back a paradigm for questioning power structures and those in authority through an anonymous, whistle-blowing website. ~ Benedict Cumberbatch,
489:you visit Knuth’s website at Stanford with the intention of finding his e-mail address, you’ll instead discover the following note: I have been a happy man ever since January 1, 1990, when I no longer had an email address. I’d used email since about 1975, and it seems to me that 15 years of email is plenty for one lifetime. Email is a wonderful thing for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. But not for me; my role is to be on the bottom of things. What I do takes long hours of studying and uninterruptible concentration. ~ Cal Newport,
490:During the primaries, conservative website The Washington Free Beacon commissioned Fusion to investigate Trump. The Washington Free Beacon was backed by one of Trump’s wealthy opponents, Paul Singer, a New York hedge fund billionaire and Republican donor. Singer dropped out after Trump became the presumptive nominee. Senior Democrats seeking to elect Hillary took over the Trump contract. The new client was the Democratic National Committee. A lawyer working for Hillary’s campaign, Marc E. Elias, retained Fusion and received its reports. ~ Luke Harding,
491:All the bad publicity they brought down on us, yes, it came, and yes, it hurt us—for a day. That’s how long the dirt clung, maybe a bit less. Twitter, Facebook, TV and internet news—you know how long a story stays up on a news website these days, unless it’s about some celebrity scandal? Guess. Go on—guess. Three hours. That’s how much we hurt. And then the world turned, and someone tweeted something new, and everyone retweeted it and moved on, and nothing fucking changes. That’s the world. That’s people power. That’s all it fucking means. ~ Claire North,
492:Pretty girls don’t need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family, but girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult. These kinds of girls hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness. The tragedy is, they don’t realize that as women age, they are worth less and less, so by the time they get their M.A. or Ph.D., they are already old, like yellowed pearls."

- Xinhua News Agency, 2011. Reposted on All-China Women's Federation website days after International Women's Day. ~ Leta Hong Fincher,
493:It’s difficult to remember now, but when Apple made that move back then, most people figured the company was wrong; that Apple was a company lurching toward irrelevance; and that by opening fancy stores it was positioning itself for luxury with the equivalent of a walker. How dumb was that, they thought. Couldn’t Apple see that the tech market now revolved around commodity boxes powered by Microsoft and Intel? That the boom was in e-commerce? Gap Inc., Form 10-K for the Period Ending January 31, 1998 (filed March 13, 1998), from Gap, Inc. website. ~ Scott Galloway,
494:Pretty soon all the information in the world – every tiny scrap of knowledge that humans possess, every little thought we’ve ever had that’s been considered worth preserving over thousands of years – all of it will be available digitally. Every road on earth has been mapped. Every building photographed. Everywhere we humans go, whatever we buy, whatever websites we look at, we leave a digital trail as clear as slug-slime. And this data can be read, searched and analysed by computers and value extracted from it in ways we cannot even begin to conceive. ~ Robert Harris,
495:By pouring continuous data about stocks into bars and barbershops, kitchens and cafés, taxicabs and truck stops, financial websites and financial TV turned the stock market into a nonstop national video game. The public felt more knowledgeable about the markets than ever before. Unfortunately, while people were drowning in data, knowledge was nowhere to be found. Stocks became entirely decoupled from the companies that had issued them—pure abstractions, just blips moving across a TV or computer screen. If the blips were moving up, nothing else mattered. ~ Benjamin Graham,
496:This is a perfect example of the power and ridiculousness of a website like Wikipedia. I did give a slightly contentious graduation speech, where I decided not to be funny as my classmates had hoped, which was why I was chosen. I was not valedictorian, that's for sure. Instead, I talked about the failure to communicate between the administration and the teachers and students. That's what was contentious about it. At some point, somebody wrote about that incident on my Wikipedia page. And then somebody added the bit about me exposing my genitals to the crowd. ~ Nick Kroll,
497:work. At the same time, Zakos attended conferences, making assertions that when companies ran A-B testing that compared the way the Cybertwins responded to text-based questions to the way humans in call centers responded to text-based questions, the Cybertwins outperformed the humans in customer satisfaction. They boasted that when they deployed a commercial system on the website of National Australia Bank, the country’s largest bank, more than 90 percent of visitors to the site believed that they were interacting with a human rather than a software program. ~ John Markoff,
498:But Google’s learning algorithms are much better than Yahoo’s. This is not the only reason for the difference in their market caps, of course, but it’s a big one. Every predicted click that doesn’t happen is a wasted opportunity for the advertiser and lost revenue for the website. With Google’s annual revenue of $50 billion, every 1 percent improvement in click prediction potentially means another half billion dollars in the bank, every year, for the company. No wonder Google is a big fan of machine learning, and Yahoo and others are trying hard to catch up. ~ Pedro Domingos,
499:Remember and Share - The Bible app was far less engaging as a desktop website. The mobile interface increased accessibility and usage by providing frequent triggers. - The Bible app increases users' ability to take action by front-loading interesting content and providing an alternative audio version. - By separating the verses into small chunks, users find the Bible easier to read on a daily basis. Not knowing what the next verse will be adds a variable reward. - Every annotation, bookmark and highlight stores data (and value) in the app, further committing users. ~ Nir Eyal,
500:If the boss really wants to know what’s going on, the answer is embarrassingly obvious: They have to ask! Not vague, self-congratulatory bullshit questions like “What can we do even better?” but the hard ones like “What’s something nobody dares to talk about?” or “Are you afraid of anything at work?” or “Is there anything you worked on recently that you wish you could do over?” Or even more specific ones like “What do you think we could have done differently to help Jane succeed?” or “What advice would you give before we start on the big website redesign project? ~ Jason Fried,

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